Florida star

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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200675datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date August 7, 1965dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006750740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
August 7, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
August 7, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
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'ttUO Aqy or FLO-.ISA I HISTol I

Defective Light Fixture Shocks Out J Jax Youth's LiCTW l HIST'P PKY of FIA 1.1 NoR(,

**** 4141414141 41 *


_ ; ter .* *

. .:.. antes 1t.7 1ep or narS4a T1a>ar14auinesti & 2 SUITS TOTALING $285,000 FILED


..... ......'9"9". ........................................................

Fighting for Democracy In Foreign Land MadisonHit

YOL 15-N0. 20 SATURDAY AUGUST 14, 1965 15 CENTS With

*** ** ** *

, 450,00 Negroes Reported Registered $285,000Civil

(l4i*** *** ** ** *** fYAIDTsltsgro Suit

I 0 .*. Pliirlct Court
JAX ABORTIONISTMAKES 1 nunt eeehtng $383,000

tn dmagea (or ..brll"I '-

I 'went of their civil

rl &t\t. have been filed

here against gadlaon

GUILTY PLEA County offlclala. and

cltltena to behalf of

I civil) rlgtita" orktrt.Naned .
******* *TT******** II defrnlnnta are

Siy 450,000 Abortion Sentence Shock Ills( Loc. Mayor Chief of Qnnbn Police Ml Neman II ana,

Negro Voters Cherry. City .Judge tUnilalH.
Youth' In Pool aoltttera attached to the U.S. Any1 ITSrd Airborne nrliade are Ruse Jr. poltcmanllllaa

RegisteredDuring Delayed By Judge aeendf both Viet N* 'e no oan'a land suing celled aid to lee Vtetna eae *& povell and MM

Aa atteapt to replace> wow Injured in a boiblni raid The Irony of It la that those Negro soldiers nil pridason 1 a titian,

apr 1s conference Paciai trial before bet htabaad seas alt an ondereater light la a are, fighting tobrtni dwwcracy la a torelni land wile their brothers are being all of vattaon.Illlaa .

bald ledneaday afternoon Crialoal t'9urUuda. Hans ...tlll.. sea ort aoata local selesinpool, re denied any prlvileiea to tilch they are entitled) in a dmocracy...TMa has Biieloe.a civil

official of the Taazler .edoeaday, a 32- pregnant by c.otb.r.a malted la the death of a been UtNegroa lot since 19-helping all the *ay, but letting little In return. rights aide Who' said he

NJUCF said voter 13-year-old root hero (LT1 Photo by DICK HUJTtAD IJud'eship .
Negro year old local rlilMt and eant to Nra. Joyner II orMni In Madison

red tratloo la Florida pleaded guilty to one of to have tbe operation Tuesday. light police this inner, said. be sac

baa reached a 490.000 a t.o-oosat charge of perforaed at the defen reported.pronounced dead drage'd tom his tar "mdbeaten
oa arrival
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1M.OOO over the 312.000 The day following the Center despite frantic For CoHstiRce In another ."It. all
legro voter parti clpa* teenage Neiroea elsie
Judas Taniler delayed ortratloa the hlte" oaa -
efforts to sate hi* I life I
Ung la latt year a general aeotenclai.Charted aaa tibia to the they sore deprive of
... Km eat J. "CIItol Biker ? Job Sale Witnesses
election. eitb performing hoapltal by a neighbor TOOT Ken Might Drive. Motley their' civil rights she

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According to patrolaea
ducted by costar B.O>r. a :$-,"' old rtite BOther .aa not wived T.r.. testes and .J.O. bitten Borough, PrealdeatCoaatanco By. Stiff CorrurondmtTtXCI4U Cherry Like In Mali.

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Holley 10-
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year-old Tlaothy
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Sauadert, Tarpa Knight Orbs r.. stets. aeveral young ,."ttotbt Plorl<1> rtir. that Invf'tliation into ale erment to the. Madison
era seis lag In the
Horlda field Director. Assistant State tty. Taapa Bother, durlagm. ttrfilagtaa. nelghta Noaaiai 0.8. bart Itd iwllini of Jobs In the naval School/ County school board.

sad Mtledge pearaoa.preaidaBtofbotb t9>II.r H. ... & ..-.pnaectaorcbarie >. : ir ,wara [of 4n>eala Syatrn la now undr.',. Tie M|It CPU tw te ('II.rrr
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said the JMMT voter ( i Iteaadtacloaedre- Hat aubclttad by the of Uintli Cn lttee Late Club and N*,roe 7
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It. be ( Pearaoa said that the shod<< and aeeji tree the, __ leg's hi- that, t.o date, he had In !Metro schools Ian Poverty Group

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noticed that Nolley had I
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to the total at 1)0 ... Ot the fbl
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tat a re- heart... Nalioee aaldbe'NnddR't Plertda ,','u'e..
and Kdacat local Reid 1&.,.,. .,...,4 d la leaaed oa laeafflcleaterld tla to Dvval MedicalC report by the Ta CCM ef *lca lea J4, INS, another ant
r-ad iaeyera .U I appearlaPed .%..,. tine ttlllt. Larry Justice txrartMeat, 1 t aaeeer test lag ell',11 be ..!. at tae
c dell P. Noloea 1s chairBM -
al District Cart sot and Iff!..... wiltedoa .M dlecleted | ieever, at this tlae. aisle Jobs.. cord Rl.aelsryetMel
Dating tbe laveetliatloaa .,.. and aecvreH arullai
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there sire
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lag tbe adnlaeloa of a = west far a rep.tl bad be 9ieetleae4 7'' :JJ ,...
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negro girl to performed fro 171 Hoi ley a aotber. eben Aemrdlai' to l |e J.

of Alafcawa Or...- U (110 accoNlai to notified. of tao tragedy John ThOMfls Jr. A..III' eoa ilv_to ai JoeieJIlago tallooayrelatlai Carter Pp..ly Director

ate octoo). the p.U.t. flaaadalatataa. sal also tabs t* tbeae .l4 set be placed I leJ.4ardl of the O.J.R.O. la*. ,

ne .u"". .,. will aj* >tceJ .....r for .,...' NsitJsIs. e*. .111. eotoMet. .bees
Director JII Youth. Couch *f lalai
Judge R.I. arwwa for a iiiIIp .... of ahocft.laveatlgator<< Top ...U.I' .a| |h the a..l.lase .-

reJleiaary lajaaetle said tie .. of David lau *
araibera of the
TheBoard of fjlrectora' The rpatinn 'nt'r"rwaSs
agataet Iras todgeri. Hive Yetr lilt .ht". .,.,.u Jacksonville Tooth Council on Civic Af. II ...,IIe, tbe n, "J.h.0. .r...* a Pre

.... of the Sradnate Ian ..*o bald nraly la Jecta Director
annouocH this e k that John
f>In, Inc '"U.,', bet eg given to
1dro.l. oad tlllle- sill| be the'
SCAR / place by a aetal flaaiea Togas jr has tttoo appointedleeutits the Slate Attoraey .tIles tbla |
Mmett., DM of A4alealooa. ,re.H be lie sell, bad atari .t..r .|. torecb
Director of the ownclTWaae sill|| be ...... to
tnklblUM taaa leas b.HM. set of '11. lab every /lapof
He Ddhrtrri earraal o .,..4
.*1..1.1 .. aatlve of Jrybetrlag
fro refealM erlae4 past In Je B*
,...ral M.'...' Men (atlaae4 cm page 0)) the sits la a paduets ... It sash a
U Klaa Ta.rea. ll.t- terllle .4 till,aI OMB*
la ..I.. U svgs far Mlajaattlea ., nee tea tea High heart ail a cat led Aetherthere
avmo of BMtgwery.llaa IBJ Signs Oi Ik. Dotted linMOIAX1I ly, la r4r to la*..r.
to preveatp camel
| .all| be eaeatbevle
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,$lalat silat.. abe *aa4Mle4 J fatten of every ettlie
IU p.ac.t* j.t II. .... .. eaiageJ In tbe
agitate .o tkoiraAiate : I* ,h.. particularly
protest ee.etre l ae.Tbe ...... ftale Cl (0>atl* .4 .
ocaool aa 41* t. 'I PM 10) 4tr*..e4 area, oa
..... defee.ee fw4Iaeyera I I.. .
rent resale of a MMryoalatalalag they wit. bo and ..111l5 |
'" ....
ell 1 alas aaa \'" <4 .-9 vw .'t.
aegregatH rwMralaaae DIehl I. aid .., PetitionsTo an lategral part Of
..... la Jab.a. **r ;*tr* prune of
altceb 001
n aa to order > X I cater '
I" apfllH for .*..- gnatsc protectla* far ; I. t.. .. lee. WWWHe '.rt....
Save ",.rttef,*.<.,.. o. etaloIrtdJy
.. tie trotaatoac .. .
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.ol ...ral, after 1.14 e Tb .a. 1 s to ... .. j *..cll) la (HI aa4 5'. that er reaeaaefor

grabsties fPi'e."'". A1. J.1'1", ew earlier tblayeer .' I i e.e ef tae arrttltect la ...,...e. tae aeeelMa -
ConvictedRapist la 1bsii area,
: relate
ales State College laay. at tbo renaot Oftbe .. '. ergIdsgthils.th It rylater
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.\ ..1 )
j II I

\ "utj I' ". un PAPERS SATURDAY AUGUST 14, 965YOTH

; !;; ;LO" -I I IIt Stardust


published by the Florida Star The Twig Unbent

r&I Theother nlghtin Jax' s only coffee-house
ERIC 0. SIMPSON. white teens listened while brighteyedyoung

ALYSON E. WISE$ folksingers sang songs btought to

life by Woody; Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Lead -

HILDA VOOIEN......... belly and others of that bnYettlt..t.tl band
tor DA or which made America safe for her bwamusic.

Besides all the sad songs and glad.ponts

&. the youngsters pulled from tHe American

2323 Hoicrief Road Phil 4MERICAY songbag, they sang some about '* vil men,

Miiliil Mif with eyes of hate, beneath masks of white,"

the bite of bullwhips Into dark fleshetc.It .

P.O. Bn 5&1. 1 is one thing to hear such songs in New

Y York's Greenwich Village, where most cf

MIAMI them were born and nurtured to vigorous

OT life, and quite another to hear them in a
138 N' 3rd AVI. Dixieland coffee house.

: /.s th1 first of these raceconscioussongs -

X10' poured forth from the lips of young

SUBSCRIPTION ,A J man:' just back from a Canadian tour--and

One Year, $6.00 Half rt +arW WE NAVE MEN AWAKENl/ who sang as unselfconsciously as if he were

Mailed to you Anywhere in t/lJJnCE BY THE',SOlNlJOF.soNG3ANPJER'fO still north of the Canadian border instead

Subscription payable / ,JPEECHEJ AND of south of the Mason-Dixon Line- -oge' '

Send Check PEACEFlJL DEMONSTRATONIBIITTHEMI&LEJS couldn't help wondering how Klnn
or Money : SECRET VOTE many -

., WILL THUNDER FOIITH A NUNOREDTrt3 people, or at least sons and daughters of
MORE LOlJIL' Klanspeople." he had in his audience. *

FLCRIDA STAR P.O. iNJ.ON/I./ H3AY The sons went on and on, as some folk

Jacksonville 1, songs will. The whip cracked and blooil

flowed but nary a boo nor catcall came

from the audimce. :r,
Full Citizenship Takes One couldn't help wondering what in heck

.. ... with these youngsters.No other
"' was wrong
The Negro voter moved
class citizenship with the generation of their Southern forebears
would have tolerated such a for two
Voter Rights Billsigned by YOUR MOST EFFECTIVE WEAPON song
seconds, ".hat. then had gotten into them?
son last Friday. just what
Had their or teachers or preachers
parents, -
to the Negro living in the
gotten through with a message that
: hate in ? we much doubt it.
race wrong very
1. Direct the Justice
Your Weekly !Te venture to say that this sampling of
court suits to challenge the
Southerners with their apparent
used in young
ality of poll taxes
lack of race prejudice (at least in itsmost
local elections in Alabama
rabid formswere not really productsof

Texas and Virginia. Guide brain-washing hy anyone Like Topsy ,
Suspend literacy and Horoscope
2. they "just growed. "

discriminatory, and If this be true, it helps prove a very important
of federal examiner to point about human relation and

vote in By PABLO The ASTROLOGERWHICH human nature. Tone say that nan is by nature -
siana, South Carolina and
a vicious animala fratricidal kill -

3. Provide to new criminal ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR er--a canlbal if you p1u euand that It
tempts prevent
in up. civilization to tame him, if It

voting workers or assisting to threaten or BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL can.Others, while conceding in men a militantly -

acquisitive, and possessive instinctso
Fmanuel Cellar D-N.Y. I
Rep. ( )
far AS food mate, territory, and other
the Judiciary Committee and
necessities of life are concerned (par-
ticularly when there are not enough to go
hest Born March 21t thru HEALTH THE DICTATES OF voj ON THE TO
mise the possible NOTICE Or THE WAY DISTANT OR
around), see also In him a powerful social
and gregarious instinct.
That is to say man emerge from the womb
of instincts
fully equipped with one set
which command him to look after himself
first, and at the sane time another--sons-
"overlate" in registering, ON THE SURFACE, AT THE SAME TIME TO BE UTTERLY WORTHLESS ARC UNWED THIS APPLIES times contradictory-set which command

the time comes: to vote they IT WILL it UNEARTHED IN THE FUTURE TRENDS MAY IT SHOULD NOT BE DIGNI WITH. EVEN GREATER him to flock together, share and ahar., alike 4
brother's keeper
and to be his
To help our group 'INGENUITY YOU DISPLAYIN <<) 88-14.48-t4SCAPRICO'oN (
which set of instincts predominates snot
motivation in voting Is CONDUCTING A LOVE AFFAIR TRANSACTION. within
we submit so much a struggle
it is question of supply
will have to lay the ground IN TO, A MOOD Or DESPAIROR YOUR OUTSTANDING TALENTS GREATER ADVANCES AND Born Dec 22nd thru. human natureas a .the basis of
and example. On
'UTI L I Tv.ITAItT TO ANALVZC and demand--
their civic and history MATERIAL' COMPENSATION. Jan. 19th be wade
history a convincing case can ,
THE PERSONAL SHORTCOMINGS 8-90-66-13-I 54-856 2-60-77-14-92-287' TAKE WHATEVER ACTIONS
both for the thesis that primitive nan
live at so long as he had
Florida Syphilis i iIt tended peace
mate. and a stompIng-ground
TIES IN THE FIRST PLACE.YouTnruL June 22nd thru Born Sept. 23rd thru EXECUTION. or YOUR food the institution of
is no particular honor the
July 22nd Oct. 23rd
the of
has been tap-root
illls rate of Florida ranks private property
strife ir e ieTr one guy got
in nation but It should internecine
for alarm. In factthe hold of two spears, or two mates or fen-
fruit trees the guy next door
municable Disease Center THE MYSTERIOUS ACTIVITIES ced in two ,
ideas about auscllng
there in began to get
were 2,004 cases THAT KEEP THEM AT A
of 35.7 Be all that" it may. .e com now to the
year an average DISTANCE. QUESTIONS or
ASIDE UNDER THE MISTAKEN OPENS MANY DOORS TO SOCIAL NOW COULD RESULT IN A ore tangible question of what sort of Institutional -
Only the District of SHOULD IE TAKEN UP AND I TillF OR THE CAUSE 01S-
and what sort of be-
of 87.3 per 100,000, was DISCUSSED IV 10TH MEMBERS APPEAR ACCEPT THE OPEN. THERE WHO HAVE TO babe is born into,
In the nationas a whole havorial examples are set by parents and


11.8 cases per 100,000 in AND APPLIED WHERE THEY YOU MAY HAVE BEEN AT FOR WEAKNESSES. ALLY FINE lItO..".. experiments performed around the globe,
from the same Utter have been separated

were responsible for the .ao-ee-1e-s -e3s EASIER TO CORRECT THE TRY TO MANIPULATE YOU OR at birth into three bunches: one
number of cases of this SITUATION THAN TO TRY bunch the anther was allowed to teach to
TAURUSBorn kill and eat nice, the second bunch never
But 'It that deaths
didysay ,
is increasing, and that April 20th thru SCLF.JUSTIFICATION, ALTHOUGH THE OCCASIONS WHEN YOU Feb 18th saw either anther or mice, and the third

confined to any race, sex, May 20th THE bunch waa raised with alee.
all of the first bunch
should take up to be good moueera. Only a third of the
report, since there was a SOLUTION AS YOU EVER I INS PROJECT .IS A BIT EFFECTIVELY.5SO55. FEAR THAT OTHER METHODS second bunch manifested any interest in
ailce. And almost all of the third
groes had an unusually high WERE AS MR AS DOMESTIC MORE PROMINENT, YOU MAY !-65-SeS WILL Mil YOU SHOULD BE killing
ilis.Maybe it shows that we AND PUBLIC, RELATIONS ARE STILL HAVE TO WAIT TO DISMISSED' WITHOUT PURTHER bunch .ert..bu 4y-badc21 with mice throughout -

ihich to show the advantage
II NEAR AND THERE 3-70-44-11-43-174 goes you
groups. Oct. 24th thruNOT. MAY ONLY CONTRIBUTE TO .
Let us gird our forces for IS A POSSIBILITY THAT 22nd A till IN BLOOD PRESSUREAND of being born In, say, Samoa at compared

tack on syphilis to wipe it IT WILL, at PRECIPITATED LEO SOME PERSON WHO WISHESTO SOME RATHER COSTLY to, aay, Nail Germany or Mlaalaalppl.
Born July 23rd thru cat-and. analogy dots not
But the mou e go
, Aui. 22nd in light human
all the way shedding on relations

Yevti Shires Orthe BE ONE OR MORE SPLENDID. ENGAGED IN SELLING OR IT WOULD DC MUCH WISER WHATSOEVER.580IMS7V58I. are the'utanl pr.of whites, or vice


,Sometimes we older 'ANSTMR
about the good old days ENDEAVORS. THEY MAY BUT IP ANYONE CONES TO "PECIALIY NONCOMMITTAL, PISCES twig, if left unbent will normally

ed to, omtthlng.The truth TAKE THE FORM or IM. YOU WITH' A PROPOSITIONTHAT MAINLY WHEN YOU ARC DEALING Bore Feb. 19th thru grow np to be sociable rather than cannibalistic. -

.that modern teenagers PROVEDIIORXINSGONDiTIONSOR COULD"MORE CLA WITH INDIVIDUALS March 20thIT .That,we take it, la the real season -

This wai seen clearly at HOME BUILOINB AND HOUR IMAM SUBSTANCC, RE- WHOSE AUTHORITY is NOT SEEMS POISIDLC THAT those white aouthern kids applaudedthat

Scelllng Be held every ,. ru NSHINS PROJECTS ruse TO ac TAKEN IN WI.TN- TO DC QUESTIONED OR YOU HAVE SEEN CxMCTlNG anti-Klan aoag. Their parents and

lie contest took 17 rounds Do NOT ALLOW YOURSELF TO OUT riasT. CONSULTING' TNCCXPERTS WHOSE INFLUENCE CANNOT MORE THAN YOUR SHARE DP teachers and preacher hadn t taught the

ner could Uw eatabllahed. et STUMPED. BY THE lit..* IN RELATED ac TOPPED, THE POSH GOOD FORTUNE. THIS VERY to love xegroe; they had simply tired of

12-year-old finalists, NITUDI Or THE INTER naos. YOU COULD EASILY aiLITY OP SOME OF YOU OFTEN LEADS TO A DIEMS teaching them to hate "roteft to their

of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and ,.,,11. THE LONCIANSEPOSSIBILITIES SC TAKEN IN WHEN YOU All COMING INTO A CONSIDERABLE '...".1.'. TARE CITRA own natural Inclinations, the kids have

".tullPlU' 'al "cradle TRUST IN PERSONS' DR VENTURES .
"Incrasslate," and OP UNKNOWN OR SHADOWY |IT Star-spangled idea










Born Aug. 23nl thru
Sept. 22nd



mi BtfcvWc wr tte RIRIN* ...>.!... ac DArrviD rot VERY LONGWTTME ONES IMTCNO SOLELY MR IMV SIMPLY M EAR te YM< S.MLD ec TAKEN WP.7.3354.l3.37.7M .
iMria DM aal THEY WILL DC mfcgr U,$. Stria*. Bemelaj

1 n)

I __.__ ___ _ui____
-1_. ______ ---

., IUCm .14. 1155 SID PAms' P1'i_ n__ _

:: Social Speaking ", Metiir' Hen Aid Chickens" Coidicl. Successful Mtt AssecfatiaR oa;

; ; .
.... To Hold OvtiI! Stark
By liilsi Kiiiyiri The Independent o <:>
Benevolent JtTmry
The Jacksonville Uuanl Chapter of Kappa Alpha
Aaaoclation of Aarrica -
Pal Fraternity Inc. la asking big plant for Its will hold Ita annual 0000
annual Tmllj Reach Party. "
". Beach outing Sundaywith
The affair will bs held August 28 at Magnolia :
t t 4 the Buses scheduled Mr. and Mrs. Clarence
Lake. % to service the following Jackson 1078 spearing
Wills Howard jr. and Julius Gulnyard will be In
Girl.Mt. .
stops: Street
:Shane: of the recreational activities for tie oc- r. % Bus No. l; west Friendship and Era Fealron
casion. H H.o.
Baptist Church, Jackson 1714 cQ1a.d.Stre.t. .
George *. Hill newly elected Pol march of the
T 00 .... woodslde and (toy.Mr. .
local chapter reported that final plane will be
r Carrie 1:30 w. Beaver, and !Ers Benjamin
made tedneaday<< night during the regular business
and Rail ro'd. 7: 45; Kings Turner 3904 Leonard

eetlng. .... .... .... .... !Rd. and Peel tt. (1:00: ; Circle Girl
Kings Rd.( and Cleveland Mr. and !Mrs. Fred Reed
Ira Wright Is enrolled at Florida !!tate CnlverIty .# 1
5.15 t. a.Aia :2S41 Fdgewood: Avenue
"here he la taking a part In a t.o-seets workshop -
1 t,.2: Magnolia Raptlst Any
concerning the econocle program, Head Start. '
..... .... .... .... .F 4v nur B, 7' 00 a.a Mr. and pre.Norsan:
M "vraue B and 1 ISth, 7: 1)4)th ; Mists 1777 I. I2to "'. .
Mr. an d U" Alvin ihlte have Jut returned fro. .
and Mnncrief. 7'M; Boy.Mr.
a studious surer at the University of 10." They
.ndlt. *
28th Ndt.ncritf ti> Mt. jerry

arc working toward..their.. ..tbctorate.A .. ..... .... Matthew! Baptist Church I f'ft.e18 Moncrief Road,
7 30; Myrtle and :;:nJ. at ri.
' roaane that began at Florida A** University
7 4) Myrtle and pr: .
recently led to the altar Air Helen 'iteas'"ar-
New YorkarsEnjoying
100; .... ; Simpson Me
tin. H" Brunswick M.J. and Robert. L. Ham tSodlat Church! Kings
: ': toner FWU sprinter and three-tiae.. I Fla.YacatioR
Rl and Cleveland< 3:30: .
gold Medal winner at the Tokyo 01pic. ,.- ..a. .

.. :Hoe aaenberof. Unprofessional Bas ,,,. 3: Florldi anlK.

;! Dallas Cowboys: foottall teas,Hayes Union 7:00: .. .. *. I
and Mlas Martin were wed la July. The Ian anl' Lolamle Hose
Union and 9p.arlnc.713: ;
bride Is s Junior aajoiing' h eh.eo- '"' at Brooklyn. 1,1. the
t Central '
:L .. f""" -. Mr Cwrch. 'f>(
tary education at Florida ASM.She is -'- clUldrm I)fI r. ant Erm.
otUlnl4 1sX.u.a .soon _.1.01 ...r s.ww.u1 loess' iront row iron left are, tlllls Cawley, Frankle ond and Pails, 7:0.: :
MtHTiS' the daughter of Mrs. Ruth Co lea an of Russell -.Hu... are en-
tion park directors sod surer assistants Is City La Fe Betty Briggs, Verde Thorp, Patricia Hill, Blodiett Howl'! office,
MO Sajdwln Street lew Brunswick, and Mr. BenJiatn Departnent of Recreation Director Miss'fen a High- Ruth Bach, Constance Buckholt! and (Mother Hen) Pa la st. TU: ; M. J'Hn their wcation Infir

Martin, 2122 1a*oka Street Far Rock 1pay tower (standing front row uii... right) whose Miss Hightowtr. Middle roe fro. left: Arthur anl Stephan VIE (Itureb Fifth ""tnsMn. MAtf itt:

!''C. r. Hayes la the son of Mrs Mary Hues staff Is affectionately known aa Hother Hen sad Carolyn ,Parker David Shields Ruben and Henry and Davis. 8;00 .... thflr Oun'''' thf'r.Cu..
430) Detaille Drive L' ).ieatrj derrthMra
Jacksonville.P Her Chickens." The group Jut recently cllsaied ,Gaines, Carlton Bryant and "... hiker Back ro.
( *J staff photo by meat Flllyau\ Hose. nee Glrni>rAJohntktn.la
.... .... .... .... another highly successful: two-day annul Jqarph fro. left: Wilson Raker. Cynthia VtIth, Sally Wives ClekPlan a "'", .r Jst
r. Lee Day prog ran for the city s youth co-spoo Bryant Abran King. Julius Ouinyard Clara Davis
slum will tI. eimlrrvxlbv '
Mr. and Mrs. H. tllltaas on r.
George busy
are tourist sored by the Dtpartnent pepsi-tbla Battling Co. and Roy ...1101.
He* Tort and other parts of the Cast. s.."nv friends !here
.... .... .... .... of jaoacavlle! and the. Florida ST"sRtaft.rashoaMiss (loyal Art Studio Fotoa TourThe 4 counties) round, if

.b.ra of the Venetians Club set at the hone of Barbara J. lewis (ledfes elves C'1uboUllfld- recreational pursuit'
the president falter Crass $50) Agra Ct. recent WEDDING Eastern Stars ard 01))I (\). wployea will have been pmjrctrd' far

17. Troth With Roiola E. Iregksr BELLSLaverne leave here fur Sit dun the lrw Yorkrrn.lnrlii'l-'

Plans eere side for their Suaaer Beach Party. ARR00RC6Baach Territory Saturday, Mig. ins beach outin.,a trip

1t. aeabera taken la by the club recently ere Ranaon, jr. 14 and tlcketa may be to the &)0. cooiouta,

Joseph Trot tie and Harold I..rl ,. The club Is 134) I. 24th St.. 23 end 1 Oetlngttstern purchased fro the aw" parties and vist flag historical

known for Its many civic and social projects. HattleMae IIi nn. 2044 '. berg and other sites

Recently, the club purchased a life aenberahip lathe 12th St.. 18. stars pride of 1'b. tlu .tll pickup pssingers of Itnervet.'

1UCP.Other Alphonao' C, Nance, Cree. hit Chapter l9. ire on the fullovlng Since being here, the

officers of the organization are: Ullletoblnaoa ,et cent City. Fie.. 22 and tDTltlng frlmda to Join Itinerary: vacatlonera celebrated

I vice president. Frank Cooper financial ,,lath) tea A. Crockett. thai on a trip to Little 3lst and, Monorlef at their birthdays which

secretary, Freddie roes aaalataat secretary, 1723 Calhoun' St. 22. N tnt Island, Thursday, 5:00: cum Moncrtef' and. was attended by a host

Gorge N.'1111ans. secretary is than Sears, treasurer Roosevelt Prose, IOU Aug. 19. Jlat 3:15: ; Falrfai and of friend, s nuber of

Louis Stukea, business aansger; "heeler Kings Rd. 22 and Ana D. The bus will stop at 13th I:30. Myrtle) and ."x. they, have sale hiring .

Salley, assistant business aanager.: John lash. Blount 2152 Benedict the following locations Ith 1:15: Rings load their vialt, here

custodian.: Leonard Ateater. chaplain sad Rwfua !R4. ILLouh at stated, U..< and Myrtle. 9:00 .... The visitor,, c
tester aargent at eras.Mr A. Ulaon 2416 :21th and .,Uh.) I: 00 Tickets way be pur lag to their Orm,toother,

..... .... .... .... Flanders 've, 44 aadGeeaJolyn aa | 3th and Myrtle.I chased fro Mrs. Bessie have been delighted& with

.. Cornelia 0' ..., t.talnistrative Secretary of R. Mattes |I5 Crathe end Myrtle, Hill Mrs. Masgl lei- local uutr fsrlllllre,

the jackeoavllle Urban League, reports still being / mo I. list St. 43.Arvle B: 30 llft i 'J Road and by rtI. antler Mrs. Leanna" C. especially I the attractive

'(a.a state of ectasy, tfjer .having atteaded Abe L. Lee 1159 I. .. I: 4S. Kings Road and John.)n, ura. ""mass. l Aril l | beeches._

filth snaual national Urban League. Convention last 4th BU,. T7 and RDhertaLatlea .Davis, 900.! Final atop Allen.Mrs. Mildred *ran* .

... at Mlasl Beach. Other Jatoaa la attendance re, Detroit Mien. will be Hade at 315 e. den. "'.. ,MI..t h, Le- I.fiiiMflr> HiiMiH'rnIhiiiMi'

ere Lewis J. Carter IIi. toner Jsi Vr'an League 37. First Street at 9tISa. 1 wia, V,.. Georgia John"' .It >'i nit

tecutlve director. Dr. serves *. schell local .a.Mra.rlnora. ron, Mrs. Beulah Plan' Hfrtirulli ". |>r.. *, "ItunJry.
Heaby .lathe sing, Mrs. pearl/ 1... Asap"<,. In It d II' It..slip. acrau.d
of the and Coa
President IX. Jsi Urban League Gateway .hapv. 'in daiblr ..
wBity math delegates Mania Cblllaa president, thai rein and "ra.osa brook and Mrs. FlorineTurner. m b...". h.n., .h.., prd i.enlshl....
Suaaera Is the toe ......,.. .... ., .
Mast and irrol. Schell and Albert Lee ,loa... TII. i tp.Uh.' ..1111'......
.... .... u.. .... Avxlllary chat: nIII. Friends are '''It..,. I.vv..e.h..h! '" .1 h. "a..lwd. "fIra .
luikL' .....l. ..I, ..olik.... k.i,.. -...sop
Klptas L. Greats, toner Dean of MM at Kdwerd Ssbsb40s1'' .., ,to,.ftt..t. ...l*. .
eaters College. ... la the city recently visiting lOrarhra! Jean Lo' t 'rat'' 'rt'nyaj To Meat Seminoles Plan Tour

friends and relit h,.. 'rt 't1IltS Rata) Officers end aeabera ofOateesy The ...nlbole Club will
Up Is aoe DM of Men at Qteyaey State TachersCo11.te Curing s tetutlful ant t,!rresslve ctrwtony teld Auilllary 3UI (Mid its annual" ..dIIu.ti REGISTER NOW FOR FALL CLASSES

II Perntylvanla.Mildred rrtdc.Jdly 2X"'laa Barbara Jean Levis. the UiaV. Veterans of orld Mr I, tons) tour to Lowell.

... .... .... .... ter of .r. and Mrs. *..1) Bradley becme the hi-i's are urged to attend. an on Saturday. August ( Slartlni August 24

J. Mewptos entertained the *-.en Bridge ot *''/. "," 12 Ubert Brewer, the e>n if xrv Victoria : portent aeetlsg scheduled to visit the at rl. hute.

ash at the !hove of The Eddie wells.. ll.l tta! Breaker the event raring I"'Ven Platy la St. for Saturday at 2 Bus stops .ill| | | he side /* 'Si/TI./ \nf, : = 'me! laths SILtS'affil"

Street.Prises. Thomas Baptist Hiircn. !e.f ,*. '...'. ratter af ,.8.1. Joe ... "... Can at Cleveland Road and 1(1'C'(" .. .. .
.. .
eere awarded to guest players Ullle All dating t* ter. lilt and Oruntaa 0.... tveawe at 5:00; VilrheTRl'.3 I ei "! .(t'H? VsO OfIf"rr ,I'I'VtJCYT'BoWea's
L *ts. C. Oevla. vssterMlcia
lea, laltee .c....., and Mona! Hand, tvs Ro.s... and The Storlaei ..s "6- l MVy. mu.alor "Uuta. president L laMwberaklp 4 .. Cleveland) to Kdge
Pat Sharpe .re saoag guest playera partlcipetleg.altee estly decorated wit* the grim *.. rill bear ,ftJb. ....)111I t.... .M>d, through Fdgew.od to College Of Mask
NcRae eaa the .a.",., the Lady Tally False, baskets of Po. bookj rwala H.... I. oa to 4)th
pone' wd dadiolaa *.|tf. er.
'r1l. for eligible aqrldar Street. 24th. and "If tree
..,. eahesced soft The bride *ire aaieatngawn open 1111 v ion sum
Geneva Marie MO by ,
lies soorers acre stealer ef white 4* I Vets' elves aid Streets. |Utili and ."

Clam sad satins lalher. halts sspportel rpcendlela sole etta lace pew ta
Other participants acre Iras Murray veraeil Mel raa. length .. ..... andfitted past president Mllle eta IUt end Davie ad
a... and Male a. Mlaatee. The Bride, gives Is Mart ei|II| have aev 3rd and Davis. Irk I,, llMli. I. I.S., ..S.. ..U.. Iliiclir
.... .... .... .... relate hy her hta.r.eta. stilt with a .> Mae
tactile ttal.R. .. oral leportMt sxeibera Tirsets sap .....ft.....
Mrs Cleudette Hues, _"t.r.1 ere and Mrs. p. ... Miss fUel Jets free
"? Illsalaa veil ... to dlaruas rr.. the a- sabers. Friends
P. Mrriagb.llr. .f I.n .. IN St. left tae city Brewer slater f the attacaH I* a c,.u. sf Beads are .,. u.s. ir.. w. ..

tor Bessie City. Xlegerlt recently.Mrs. ,roo.. ss her said sf lace Md pearls aid the '.sr.. Lauvlals ,. Mar pirker Is the .11I1" '.
IIoMr. If...alda ..,.
was elll team Most fowxialra at the Afrl eve*. rorter.*
carried fsscsde sfMte
can tn..' Teachers Tralslag OB liege. she etll the Misses 'i lilt ,.. s t
s.mat lea a CM 5e'tfor ; ,
reside with her ....... Prince Abw-fclal sass laXigerta. Mart I a, airy Jess Osvtsasd Oiling
teed sr9 ad s _|ttroDld.
Mrs. .... has twsM school .. tie Owgaad Ilia lath Adsas.uleslscpeelso AlnMi.Greei 1
Her attMdaata Girl r
sts.e4 preset la .,.... Sao. Is s s sb.r ef P. .1.. ;
*>re flc.r length ..... Is t1s
Mb Ararat artist Ctarta sf this city. mashf Ue bn*.. e.r'N 'ISSftl. Sollbill Cbinps
The Is salt ralatee colera.
M fleeer girl
.". gr.. selected, his Mcle. > They carried teaS", After laslcSJW Tie IMO gltyelM lad :

Rwenr ....rt l. jertaos Tae receftlsa, see" t ds J.M >' <. Lee Day ,juaUr/
blue chip II.| .... ... held. SB the
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his beet oakersealser o'i' s10. Tet.-AJrBM iris 'II ftheJ teM frveMSM >

tare J..e .. Isrts'.ps. ass) of tie "r Tl' Class MsrlasP. JoMa.... eil| .esoasrees

Ivt Le seat Jr., ad .4s1T..r .?.... 4eeaaterafMr. t.e M ..flag

sal ere col MMTJ ......|.4 Saturday st s

; .resf ||>> 1. *x ad Je taJ kMekks .

It.. Jafkeoevllle. ... >.ssor tat Ike tveal

received her first per* pill be Msrvta .MaM.eaer .

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frees las teM ... KEN XNWHTInvltt
| z. Oe ter to Otheret
4eels>ate4 for tralslsg
Issters star, el IIaswe
and sty M a sereosselMl
IH r sf Aaert
.. all at at .... .. IOU To LlsUn To-
CM I .<* Friday, ...
An. Cal. t.. Sae t.....

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,... 0... ekldl ,... Mad
7''le, .k9 .e. at
i 4se s.vh..,* St:.,. I" ..... Myrtle veMS .
.....'" ..tile aircraft
+"4 e.4 Its 1C si I; Mas4 "DANCE PARTY"
and ..
fair fas .. }>d al
the sine, s gradatef /M.e.

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Beef at its Best eats 'II ere OelJe**. v--a' ,., Io.. UU.H: ,...

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&.l SAllieS "I.S aids L.I.Ie1It.IBte 1400 WMK 1400I



Q-------r : : \


PAGE..-.4_.- "

.. ,....."... \f'I" .. First Born Climaxes Successful Anniversary St. Gabriel's Mt. Aunt District 20 Plus

ikbuEtIJ jewr. Episcopal. Joint Anniversary Program

ReV, A.P. Cunalng. pastor of lest Union, Baptist

ChurchSt. Church will be the principal speaker Sunday, when

District 20 of Mt. Ararat Baptist Church observesits
-- AME" Gabriel's B>copal its leader
Th nth anniversary and the 27th of
Midway AM E Church services will begin with the Church now hold services Deacon M. T. Brown. ........"............

Sunday School at 9:30 Superintendent S.C. every Sunday at The event. will get f underway Baptist choir 1; scripture

Hart In charge. Morning service at 11 o'clock.Rev. Its newly purchased property promptly at 3 P.a.in Mrs. M. Savoy.. invocation

B. ... Franklin, pastor, will deliver the ser 74 located at 5225 the church _dI to rI UII. Deacon John

mon. At 6:30: o'clock, evening service The pastor 4 1r Moncrlef Rd. at 9:00: The program will feature J. 61 don; selection ,'
will preach. The Junior Church will have chargeof i... In temporary quarters Choir l; introduction of*'

the sorting service and the seniors at evening. 17 t until thence church alstress of cereaonies; ,

Annual Men's Day will be observed Au 8- :Z2. E. Wll Is constructedRev. (Pr. ) Mra Mary K. Heard; mls-

Hans, chalnan, and Q. Daniels, co-chain. a L T. Vincent Harris, announced. tress of ceremonies,

Veils Is secretary Mrs. Willie Mae Reed

--CSm/L BAPTIST-- welcome, Mrs. Frannie
During the sunmer Months .
Sunday services in Central Baptist' Church will Berbers and guests Judge
commaice with the f\Jnd&1 School at 9:19 ....MornIng are authorized to* attend Also, response, Mrs.

service st 11 o'clock. Senior Choir 1 will -p IB conservative, casual Dora Black selection

sing with Mrs. Gloria Grant at the console. Rev. a.; dress.rather Harris stated Philadelphia Chorus;

R.L. Jones, pastor, will speak. on the subject, reading, John Garner;

"Taking A Chance. At 4 P.B. Bible Study for According to the pastor selection Female cos-

the young people. Evening service at 7 clock. attendance at New pal Chorus, History of : .

--MT. TABOR BAPTIST" CELEBRANTS-First Bon Temple 825 ff. Monroe St. recently climaxed the 11th St. Gabriel's has been District 20, Miss Sens '

Mt. Tabor Baptist Church services will get underway anniversary of its pastorElder A. Hill, with a weeklong series of events with oat ispresslve and the Bell Floumoj; Introduction .

with the Sunday School at 9:30: ..... Deacon Sister Rosetta Cohen, serving as sponsor Sister Iraa Kelly as prograa chairmen public Is cordially Invited of speaker Rev. .

Jason Barr in charge. Morning service at 11 o' and sister Sonic McIntyre, co-chalr..n. seated at right are Elder and Mrs. to attend services Dallas J. Grahaw, speak .

clock with Rev. H.T. Overstreet, pastor In char Hill end Sister Kelly standing. Sister Mclntrye is shown in foreground (left). which begin at 9:00: .... er. Rev. Dallas J. .- .
ge. Evening service at 7 o'clock. The Rev. Mr.O- Middle row from left shows Brother Shingle, Elder Levi with Deacon S.V. Cohen each Sunday Father Harris has; speaker. Rev. A. F. '
verstreet will deliver the sermon. and Sister Dhen.ElderHill'm children shown in back are froa left.Slaters Mar concluded a number of the city's

--EVERSON STREET" th.,Lawn. Mary and Brother Andrew Hill organist. Sister Cohen wishes to thank best known church groups

Sunday School commences the services Sunday In all supporters who helped make the programs an outstanding success. Slate Wowei's and.; individuals and

Sveraon: Street Baptist Church st 9:30: s.". Mrs. (Royal Art Studio Poto) friends and the publicare

G.M. Allen in charge.Morning service at I lo' clock Day Sunday cordially invited.The .

Rev. Orion Johnson, pastor, will deliver the ser program follows:
Central CME Church Slates Rev. D. B. BarnesAanoeaces
mon. Fellowship Hour at 3 P.M. with Oolosslans CAaAHAN--The Women of Selection Mt. Ararat
Church. Evening service .t'1 0' clock.
Baptist Annual Mammoth Tea Fete Second Baptist Church,
--FRRE! OM BAPTIST will observe their annual Allen Chisel
services in Freedom Baptist Church commences of the annual
Sunday Observance Mammoth Tea which ise
day Sunday, beginning -
with the Sunday School at 10 a.m. Morning celebrated throughout th Methodist Church each with the Sunday AME Church

service at 11 ojclock and evening service at 7 0' year, will be conducted at Central CME Church, For rflt' I ConventionRev. School at 9:30 a. .. ,

clock. Rev. J.L. Montgomery, pastor, will preach. Rev. ...C. Flanagan, past,ir, Sunday, Aug. 29 from guest superintendent According to Rev. J.'.

prayer meeting and Bible study will be held Wednesday 4-6 p.m. in the church an dltorlua, it was announ- D.B. Barnes, Chair- and teachers presiding.Mrs. Jones pastor, the 61st

at 7 P.m. ced this week.Obaervanceofthe. ....................... Ban Publicity,. for the Sarah Rice of Mt. anniversary of Allen
annual the various presidents Chapel' will beobserved
National Baptist Convention Bethel
Baptismal services will be held Sunday at 11 ..... Maamouth Tea which Is and their constituents USA riilch will Baptist Church Sunday. Aug. 22 throughAug.
inc. will be the speaker at
In New fit. James AMR!: Church according to Rev A. celebrated throughout the will strive to reach 30th. REV. CDMIINO
be hosted in Jacksonville .
11 ., and Mrs. Alice
tX Harris, pastor ho' will also deliver the ser Methodist Church each their goal of 125000. Rev. Jones said this Cunning; remarks Miss
mon. Evening service 7 o'clock. Choir 1 and year, will be conducted This .year1 officials Sept. 7-12. announced Johnson of Day Springfor week that the 'ro.rM lllie A. Young president
the places
Usher Board 1 will serve and the Rev. Mr. Harris at central CUE Church, and members have pledged meeting < the afternoon service. Cowi altte ; Deacon M. T. Bro.,

will preach tho sermon. Sunday School begins at Rev. W.Co Flanagan, par their efforts, and loyal for va- Dinners will be is reach -. leaderbenediction, Rev.

9-30: ..... with Mrs. A. Ednonds In charge tor,Sunday, Aug. 29 froa individuals are going rloul depart served at 1:30: p.s.The ing final Dallas J. Grshaa. pat- .

"BDULAH BAPTIST 4.' P... In the church all-out to cooperate toward meat ., officers are; Mrs.flea stages of ,, tor.
of th.-
Jones, acting pastor -
Ile..W11 U. Damps pastor at Beulah Baptist Church auditorium, It was announced making It another rldalargent pre pars -
Mrs. tally Sheffield
announced the services begin with the Sunday School thin week outstanding success. !. 't 1 on tor TibereicleSchdvles ,
at 10 am. Mrs. V. dolphin: in charge. Deacons w.L. The event will be the Sponsors promise' that r e- Ii ,:*, chairman; Mrs. the event (
1 I glens jnsnlta Arlineco, -chair
Story and J. Alvin will conduct the devotion second to be presented the program will benignly BARNES tfiich will
boctY, Dr.J. REV. .an; Mr a. Mildred Coak-
II Board and Choir 1 will serve by the Board of Christian entertaining since a fe atn .
; at 11 1'10'% Usher 1, H. Jackson, president. ley, secretary and Mrs. re RICV.JONES
and the pastor will preach. Fellowship service at Education which consists numberof the city's most Official services-will IU.lloor. nightly services by prominent Men's
: treasurer. Day
of all Boards and Aui111 popular artists will be clergyB" and their
3 p.n.
be beldajn fie Coliseum, Closing marks will be
art... At that tine, program partidpents.Friends congregations fro. the Rev Issdore Edwards
.*,. km..aI c1Htadqauttu
"MT.SALUI BAPTIST" given by Rev.aJ. Jones, '
and the general
Services Sunday in Mt. Sales Baptist Church, 1249 Attending Institute for the pastor. city and adjacent comunities. pastor of'PriesdshipBaptist
public are cordially invited -
west 22id Street, Rev I.Q. Rogers, pastor, begin Convention will be eentered Church portMyers :
with Sunday School at 9:30: '.". Superintendent A to attend the af at spring gap. Society Sets The public and friends will be the principal .

t Qorald ",hon prealdlng., Uornlns' service, U .... fair. tint Church. Rev. C. A. are Invited to share in speaker Sunday
and Mrs. juanlta Wyatt Is nightly, spiritual coming during the 111ft' .
the Deacons In charge of devotions. Choir fl Weaver, pastor.
_ Ih College Drama
Usher Board: 1 will serve.Evening: service at 6 r... general chairman of the Mrs. m. "Ross Presidentof treats he continued.Sunday's Day celebration at Tabernacle -

The pastor will deliver the aesssge for both''ser COMI th... the 110..' s Convention The 10..' Society of services will Baptist Isttl.IftAIXB -

vices. T..rlldeCII.118S local chairmen and Christian Service Ebe- eosaenca with Sunday
co-chairmen is calling sewer Methodist Church School at 9.45: ..*. with

Groups Slate Joint FeteThe upon the entire state of under supervision of Mr.. uptrtntendent.Mra. I.I.

Florida for full support. Annie Bus tarn ante, will Shipp sad teachers dl- '

J ack villa-Fern- the combined cholrsof Annual AssemblyThe Various Branches will presentCollege 'Night"Aug. rectlig classes.Morning shgv.

an din a District youth Jacksonville and Feman- .. I Beet at the following 29 at 7 o'clock. service beginsat

program. will be presented dina District will serve MISS RUTH SEAWRIOHT. a greatest Assembly. cllurcb.., Rev. Barnes College students and 11-00: a... The pastor

In the t arch of God, under direction of prominent member of Hop of 196S was recently stated: students entering col will) deliver the. sermon.

Jacksonville Beach, Aug. Mrs. Ella Mote. All per- AME Church and a studentat successfully climaied Woaen'a Convention lege in September have The AC*: League session

29 at 3 p.m. rider Alvln .aon with band instru Edward Waters College during nightly servicesin fthlloh Metropolitan Baptist veen 111.1 ted.The pro eta will get underway at

pants, pastor presiding. Bents have been asked is serving as a !delegate The Holy Tabernacle, Church: Rev. A.B will feature musical 5:00: P." and the de.'s
to bring them for the 9th at Pearce It.. at activities will close
to the'Trt-Stete' institute &h- Coleaan 8r., pastor; Foreign and dramatic asmbsrs.
Bishop Peter C. Hick son program.". RuthSplveyis now tsklbg place at op R.8.Jones, presiding. Missions l ard... Following the program, a with evening service st

will be the speaker and, director. the college. Opening Asseably was thel Bap tlst Institutional social hour will beheld 6: 30 p.a.
featured by Bishop Jones is the cod al hall The public Is Invited.Sr .
------ Clllarcb,'''. R.H. ill* ,
and Apostle R.L. Davis under direction of the EDWtt&atmtloaal
Home Missions -
ahossgeh son. pastor; Sets
S LOCATIONS 10 and speakers from Dinsmore Board! Second Baptist local church activities .f soi Chart. Rev. t.C. .

sun von and jscksonvllle Church Rev J.C. couittee. Miss Leosa Hovers Fer Tong pastor Deao>B
and officers for the Nobissoa. chairman. ILL Pauline, prograa
Rams, pastor: Layaen's
1814 W. BEAVER
1949-66 year were .a act- and Evangellatlca Board The college students of George KeHyRev. director announced

3101 EMERSON Daysprtng Baptl st Church. the church will be guestsof Cpoa comp)etioa of the

Rev. c.A. Weaver, paa the society and com- Joshua Reddick aat I aaaaal program. DeacoaPasllao
830 CASSAT AYE. tor Moderators Board custom OB Christian officers of Slap MB Methodist and his com

A by Simla BepU at Church vocations, at a covered Charvhare fontslatlsg alttees amnoaaeed that

.... R.U Wyna, pastor; disk sapper A roundtable plus to honor with participants represaitlsg -

Young People, ties !Hop discussion of Ovrte tally fcrtkeloyalty a caber of Us
Baptist Rev K." Map- '01 ndl Related Vocations. and dwotloahehaiglvea city's wellknown relt-

TENDER son. pastor: Ssaday ," will be held the church duns glows doioaiaatlomt. aaoutstaadisg
School Department. Mt. under direction of ftsv.E. the past 71 years. series of **

PORK CHOPS 2L11. Olive AME Church, Rev. ... Newman pastor. The obtervasee will services are proa I ted.

B.J. Illllams, pastor. Soadiy ProgramAa take place on Suaday.Aug. The p.hlle'is Isvlte

22 .t. ....la ts entertaining DaySrty
PORK Great Yei* church auditor!ma.Mr. .
which the publie ti
Rally has givea kit AtFeutai
invited is being sponsored -
HAS LETS 3u Ready Recital Sunday, tag. }] talent. influence mi
.... to the caarcm toi #
BISHOP JONES' Dos 4-. ,... by Royal
Tie Toed Choir of(treat Court 141 at 1307 Davliat can years.According Toe th Day Is scheduled
FRESH ad to the following aaslgnaents -
to the CD..Ut. .-
Memorial will be par la PvaataU Chapel MEOairta

: seated ia a recital Aug. Mrs. Pert Waaalsgtom.aretideat. ... every department Saaday with Miss
Tabernacle !No. I, Jacksonville
GROUND BEEF 3. 12 at ,' ,. .. la the ......... Is working together to Blraeila laaklagtoa as
Bishop R.U
Bike the effort aa Mt.tu4l. *
church smdltorlam.Tat that the program com- caairaaa sod Miss Carrie
Jones pastor .
Something Thttfn AU Kiting ant Minister. Roosevelt prograa is being .. will ooaalst el aucceaa. La rnee. o-ehalraaa.
.._red by the Sunday Mrs. Willie. .ttV....
Davis; 2
School Department. The cfcalraea; .... A Ml a L
oiNECK BONE 3 LI.IEEP 3. Overseer. Go*.lItD Choir will reader classics taker, n-clsinsa, miMrs.
s TeacherJ.M.: Jones. Ussloaary. -
chairman of s.t'daaaies, ,r- Eartha Mcflawea,
OR PORK Districts 14 2 and 3, thus spirituals asd .-Mra Oeorge, Etta Rich.Reporter << Perfect UtkIttiiii
popular selections. -*
Before>> Ooldmaith. In.Tur
KIDNEYSMEATY 4L1. The CIIoL r. Mlaa Mary A. I n'
Smith ad Miss LJ d.l h Plysiti?

I ggsAdht Choir: ; till Good nawalAsthma ill lutittMervon's ;
lag workers club>> presides

t Mrs. Aide I. D.-
OX TAILS Sly raugJuRegular, & Hay Fever Sufferers PharmacyTilt

services begla
Report Relief in Minutes
BlIP with the folio>> wise Ftwriitiii 'hr.ur
Tuesday Might. Bible

Itudy<< ; Friday sight 2112 f. Clfiviil All
TRIPE o'eleck. Coafessloaal --..... D.w.1a VM.... .las >....!. >;
u. ......
a-n o-r-ie. Once es 1"'II o.aA..r..e
Service; Saturday might, M.J44I5 ilsi MMSI2W

snag ItntN"Upo.thDana.
.. title Stady eachWedaeeday w we.1w C---' w -
s_--...... w we '"\
..1..1, M M- Y e-. c_.._ Y..1 t ,1. I.

BONE e, at$.'doc*,klble schoolBmaday ..qM?1.1..1 1..1111..u.1 N aly.M..,r wrw 11..1.1M.. 0..1f.01.M M c.c. ...-. ow Y.ra V es a.--... -.r i n t1 S1inta "Ill 1.
anralags at It -r--M .- W M eM
; ..... .. I
s_. c- MAM6 qPw leas ,111 -- ,f'jiri
Mrtralag seniea at 11:39 .cow --. D. 0.1.1 ....-...r..-e.a. .
VAUI TIE 11 IIIUI Sill (I fin Tf CUIIEl 4 ita $1 shop Jomee 0--0.-- a.er 0..wiles s.s1.w h

I' .' ;tJ

\ I'I '

I ,

AUGUST 14, 1965 '.sUR PAnas AGE 5

Telecast "Appointed To ,Fedenl Bench 3 Negroes National Leader CitedA 2-Day Confab

To Stir Negro bN Qwlify For 4 $ Set By LB1lhtIAGIUN'APIPita

NEW TOW-(NPIA television Public Posts )
irimt Johnson announced
dm series developed
fro. the 10 vie ATLANTAftPIIb.Dprinr1 last seek that the first

Tillies of the Field". day dawns Sept hits House conferenceto

is being dlscussedbyOoluBbia '. three Negroes will be : ,Plan fair and effective
Broadcasting 8ys- aaong candidates vying 1 administration' of

ten and United Artieta. for city posts. ,, Title VII of the 1964

The mYle. ich starred Ole qualifyinglaatwec* Civil Rights Act will)

Sidney Pol tier who won k was Dr.Rufus E. Client be held at the TVpartwentof '

an Aesdeny Atari for hit president Atlanta 1verslty Rt ant a Aug. 14-20.
performance was an 1- 1 to la seeking Title VII. establishing
deiJlsUc andsentlaental re-election for a third the Pqual Employment Op*

story about an Itloeranthandwan ten on the board of education -, portunlty contusion under

and fife nunsduo i iela. the chain-anshlr of
aalatalned a oonrent 1.. f The others are Mrs.Ruth Franklin D. Roosevelt
on the edge of the AM Studervaat and Q. ll- t pti Jr. went" into operation
mna desert.A liaison ibo have never July 3.

Negro would star lathe held public office be* The conference opmfd

television series t for*. williMton was an by Vice Prlll"d""t'r" -

but It would not be Pol unsuccessful candidate rrr. will bring to ether
tier duo bat prior com- la the aldenanle race in a serif of workshops

. tints and other fill la 1991. the FOC coemltslonrrs
wort. .ASHMCTON Willlsa Benson Bryant shown la his Mrs.Studervant. a bust and. key staff m<_bers n>

Michael H. Dana, CBS law office here has been appointed by pres John ness woaan, who Is also long with More than 300
vice president of pro- son to the post of U.S. District court Judge for active In civic and coo rf'\'rumtathu of eleplayers .

errs; announced that the District of Colombia. He Is the second Negro enmity organizations la POTATO FOR THB TSACHKRI Dr. Jeanne Noble a National Director of the Girl unions, eeplny

the network and United appointed by Pres. Johnson to the Federal bench.: seeking election to the .Scouts and Associate. Professor of Education at New Yort University, receiveda went agencies rlll\U
Artists ) pedtonapletearrangeeents (UPI Telephoto) executive cot local variation on athe-e froej fomer pupil SM *arks tiringthe Fourth Annual and private orgsntcs

to Hake a Girl Scout Round-lTp on tower V Al en e,Idaho. !;Sparks now a /public gelations tlons, state aid local
pilot film early nutle.r. representative with the Pepsi tola Company, appsrently fell virile to a con- fair mploymrnt ctwrils*
dltlooed re Hex. (ouJd'oo call h.. a potato pollsherf) lone to ttscuss the various

Ralph Nelson who pro- TOOC prognms.the ..

ducs-i and directed the trio Reorganizes..New Sound Due

mvie, will do the ease
EIitr !
for the video show. It
has not yet been decided

whether the weekly epl- .
odes should be 30 .ta- .. ... ,0#4f' i
ute hour.
or an '
... ;

:Dr. MooreTo LBV DONALDSON. District Manager .'" ''' \;' ,;:':'\; ,' ';: i. .. : '.t::"
Laylag things end to end has been a statistical parlor ire for sore years Y ';.:''" 'i" / ,i
AddressAkuu ; ;: .
then I know, )..U..a the end to end business borders on the ridiculous Hoe :1" ,

ever, I feel you will be Interested la this end to ender, .'. .. .. .
Miter If all the social security benefit checks Bailed each aoath were laid end to 1' (: .

DATTGNA BEACH-Or. Richard end they would reach true Bangor Maine to Port forth. Texas that Is, *learacross ." .. ..: I." / ,, \,. ''' ., ....
p 1 i''
V.MDore. president country !North' to South. Also, that la exactly where social security 1 ",' "\\rl ; "J": '.'". .r,. I. : ,,",\.:':,JJj./ "l>iliMj.7' .--.... '\ ..
of Bethune-Cookasii Co11 checks AU ..Ued. clear across countyr" !North to south and East to test, It., .I'd'"' '';,\,;",1,,l"h\i'\f :} '. W l\t\i ii\!;' >'!i"Jl''({' >\ "I t: "' '

1 leie. Is scheduled to One of oar receptionists brought up the subject of checks yesterday. tfce said .' : ;, :'I'hAli.r....:'!!t Y. ,'""q 1: :. .W.( 'Jti..\ ,(,.:
Duo) aid please tell the hoe the checks sailed 1i1, i'1'' .tl"nhi' ;!; f::: ;\"
speak at the Albany State *r con people are end what .," I "till'1 j ,_ ."' .
'i li"i c
College graduation eterdsee they should do... the check doesn't coae" Sa that's just what we'll do BOW ,;tI' .. ,: \; ._ ,,' ,....iilt .
i on Social security checks are Bailed each uath fro seven payaeat centers Most .. ..! ._ ..v ( ,. -01.: :' 1
OIl' .. : '
Thursday of the
August 1.. and New pork New York. A f.. nose fro Philadelphia peaas-lvaaia and fH. '1 ,'" : ,;" ,, ,

at. ::00 Chicago. Illinois, still fewer fro Kansas City Missouri and Ban Francisco, r". .(,; :., '....;,...'\\)1';.,: ;''i/ i,', ,,
'J. : ,
\ :
I p.*. In the eel Itorsla r \ ,. : .' .:.\",.,' .,,,\'.'I".:, '',!. :'.: "" ,
M '
college* Since there are acre then 20 alllloa checks, as soon aa one batch la Bailed .'l 1 ,. f"il.I. :1. ,'" ',' :' \ .! '! ,..{'
Idltortua out work starts oa the text Booth's .&ilh,. Payrolls are Bade UP.UI. checks .. ':' 110 ". '.
D r.Moo re are prlated by highly 009ex electroalc aacalaea. and then the ortlng beglss. / I .

gad sated All Us checks distributed to Mil but which are packaged sad forwarded topoet o .. -
OUMOOtf) froei Georgia offices ber.a4J for the Balllag date. The whole operstlos la planned so ..': ,.. ... \ ., ....

lanai Callage aider last beneficiariesUall parts of the. countryecelve their checks at the sasstlae. .
the prtildesey of the ahost the 4th or the 8th of the aoaththea .
late Or. J.A. Holley.Oeorcla a elect doeea't arrive oa schedule the beneficiary should. ealt about I ATTACMC la a picture of the Nee. Oscar Petersoa Prank dastra-94lncy Joses-Covnt IssleConeerl

Normal is sow days before aotlfylag Us social security office, that Is. aaott the 10th of Trio. At the left la Louis Hayes who replaced RdTMtpsn tour conpisted la Chtcsgo July II.

laces ss Albaay State the aoath. if the check haaa't arrived by the 10th be Bare U get la touch on NI..8111|) h. lathealoMIs Is the leader .1

COli.,.. wlU aa U... hiaself while Ray Brown" beans predabl,. Al ) Buy U.0. favlngi Bonds

Presides Muorelskaoanlbrhisoststrdl.g Address laoulres tona.. Florida star." Social Security Editor 400 test are reoordtag exclaslvely oa Llaeilght Reo3rds.The ..u s.ue.ts See.a.5 h.ap. "'
.. '" ......... 1
leadership Ashley Street Jacksonville. Florida oocaaion for the pi eta re was their appearenee\ with

1* educational,

religious, fraternal tad COB. BeiMtt RecomnoRels FAMU CoqiSMM I
elite d tele.. Mis latest

honors} eere tie electloa Hour SeledseIAAILt0I0iD.GPU
to the ohalresn- Btafeel-Up VIotHin Forces

ship of the 3 4 sag Bl* )
Racial Cbealttee .of the CAIUNO7ON. aC..8. Rep. Charles (, **n.ttt, uA Florida AaM Cnl er-
himself a nerrtlla ngater la the pblllprlaee it
City of Daytoaa leach city cadet oorpsaaa, tv*
oriel tar II. this week arged a revltallgod Reserve .SUP.ERMAR
where 11 Metro oea aad erect A. Osborae. JITSsitoarnlle
torce>> to raps with the Viet Cot, nerrtlliar
12 "Wte .. ooepose the la abaUeast Asia ....................... l l Drl v.,Tel l-
Bl-RacJal Ceal U... he shsssee, Is SJSOBI too QUANTITY BIGHTS IIIUVIDTHISI e
has served as e aeiher ....u. a senior ..- fcrceeby 110.000 s ice eat college stsdests who fKICIt COCO THIU SUNDAY AT IDCIWOOO AND AVI. I

of IhePlaaalM Board of her of the powerful House to merge the balaace Ian hsve been selected to receive
to the ,etlost Ovsrd
Aired Serrteee Ctwsittee
the Cltyof Dar toes Reel the first two year
fcr the past I years.BettaaeOMkaoa told the ssbcoseitteeleohlsi that the propeeal lahocklag ....". Officers Trala- HICKORY SMOKED TENDER SLICED
aid t'.st it
late the Defence
Oil I ego lag corps scfcolsrshlps
ahovld be rejected. SMALL SIZESPICNICS
Is a felly accredited tepartaeafa proposal to ever to be given by the
Tae asUoa Is U 4wger
C3MS"*' Cbll.'. reduce Ue Any Reeerve Any.
td trailed aerc>oeer i iLB.
Is tle.oet vital ele- The studs are belag
to oetetMfisg tOTC' .t.- BEEF LIVER
seat tsj svllflsg a OOUBter -
gserrills forte,.. dents .ho
will /a terJesterreer
B e.tt sei4 'end eU*
oat tral.edJ.. .." I
gee .. ewaaol eta the of enlists
this fall
set Mallet Co-ssle.. rata sAe1 LB. 31POTATOES 35
the Hghtlsg la Viet t!
a r SKIP
(lea retnireeslv to 1 ra
til I p aytsltlsa. OM>..r
tie over ...r1I1... sad
teitboeks tad
we Mt sat eeloy a eJsrate ,... sal ell I provide U.S. 111
What sore la ewyportlagsad
exhilarating rrrtullilsg UeReserves > the reclsleat eU as, FAD
..a I.euce of 130 a auithfar
did sad'NeUoaeJ Beard
summer activity tie oeratio of Us
tent Ue ree. la tae
the 18th of a PreeideatlsJ oNerseadlag seertf.Oeborsi. DETERGENT
century then to fiskU Is evrollel stFieri

*la. 21 .....". dlrle- ** MOJ CaleeMlty,
English laos eJales' ter eal Tallahassee it ere he
las cooojete, LARGE
aetlsa by the Befease tears
Deoartaeat aoser their of ROK tralslaa.Te 15
the ice ? aKG.
re-..,".i..*...|.r "tea. 10 LB. 35

.... caSe4 ft see of the BAG
ODOI Sue 1o to Tar f. Set Hill I IIII JJH II Mill fill 101(1
BMet rwf..+*t Mess vaE c
{Aas-e-wf W"Mr.
Geroee )MI caQe4% at UtUL LOW PRICES

SsiiiA se In. W P.er
Dry at....tWa rend. u. 5$
.,... yeen-ae Tae CtUh DRUG STORE NEElS fRESH
kWe. tr.-4 wo
for 196 ,..,.. It's ... TrsJe WU fear BelgtaortMod fig sure McKENZIE FRESH FROZEN IAIY LIMAS ) n Si UCiAlI 3'$
......:. ......Aedfew.. n tut nn APT pucts APP n tc* UK*, p... .
la fsct. larewgaevrt theeleiey..all.1MGad.s' l .. Deliver alea fill all Oxters preetrtftleee.
iskeine t BALLARD FLOUR 'u. '". 4'C

.."'. d.t pwe...,cantsass'.. s.. I.. Dixie Pharmacy
ywwvatf .kf oWoo bPt' VAN CAMP PORK t lEANS >K ui 25CAlli $

Ww*e wW aeealey w.ler.e.ae .

1)12 IkHi Inl II Irrtll Iftittritttt ELLS TOMATO SOUP "U to IOC

Uii S-SSII-S..

"'- --# .. --4 EAT WILL TUNA "mil tu 15e

__....... ..seat wnrrea..ar.r e. fit nit JUT.( WITH ui nlllla


__J-lI__ __ .-. -- .+wr
-- -J -r -

F--I.-! 1 !I IY---: --l


Sweetfield Committees PreparingFor Virginia's Literacy Drive To Represent Department Fill McGwire NAACP Youth

Council SlatesMembership

Annual Men's Day Observance Aids Negroes On Upsurge Rites HeldTlmselay Drive

Rev W.B. Murray Associate Minister of sweet-
field Baptist Church Rev. IX B. Barnes, pastor and PAra VIttE.Va: -(NPI) A battle against Illiteracy, Malcolm Jones, state and

oo-chainian. will preside throughout the day during although late, seems near to being won and 500 local president of the
the annual Mill' Day observance scheduled for Negro children are learning to read and write this Military rites fbr Paul NAACP Youth council stated

Sunday, August. __. _..._._..__._..__..._.._._._.__..__._.._.__. surer as part of the federal campaign against M c<3ul re. 3024 Marc St. Oils week that an Intensive
....................... an area newspaper sal..- membership drive
Deacon San Wllllans, W.Anderson, (Dose Brooks poverty.The .
chairman of the ProgramCoaalttee Samuel Williams Jr. will intensive methods ident Kennedy, the Justice san for the Florida STAY Is being conducted on
committee chat r- for over 10 year, and state and local levels.
serve as used to
the pastor, being impart Department helpedset
along withthe nan along with *. 0. Sin sixth-grade level of literacy up a privately endowed an lee vendor tor'.an, Stating that since many
official clair R. McKlnnon Rev to the deprived free ,years were bel d Tbll ra- of the youth In the state
one year
Murphy and Rev. day at 3 p. s. In Huff are questioning\ "Iiow
fmily Eugene children of prince Ed- school system in the county -
Easton. Funeral Chapel Rev long must Negroes remain
la re- ward County's Negro oomnunlty giving N'ro..tu..
cries ting are regarded as dents their first classroom w J.Orahaa. paator outside the political
full support Receive UltimalalaRAb11INGTONNPl among the most advancedand schooling since of Mt. Ararat Baptist structure of the.dty,"
for )-The promising available. Church o(fid at inc. Jones pointed out that
June 1959.Local
United states has Ibm In Montlcello. Mr.M Justice lying in the
REV.MURRAI' the three- givenan Prince Edward county, a antipoverty
day rally leading up to ultlnatua to 440 of rural Southslde Virginia ficials believe the lit caul re had resided here streets of the city mist

the observance will be the 5.129 school districts tobacco area was one of course be extended for over 35 years. He be lifted up trot the
eracy may
fully attended by members In the south and the origins defendantsIn into the 1965-86 OFF TO JAPAN-Deputy Assistant Secretary of Agriculture was a of Mt. A- dust of shne to regain

and friends of the border states to desegregate the U.S. Suprene (burt' school year.Fanaville Alfred L. Rdwsrds.: right confers with rarat Baptist Church.. supreme among the children -
He ne a Carl d far I veteran
church. classrooms decision of 1954. however is Secretary Orvllle Ufreerean before fiyingbTkyo. 0 f nen.
Music will be furnishedby this fall the Officeof It decided to abolish wary of the hundreds of Japan to represent the Secretary at the 0.8. seed and was a memberof Emphasizing that he is

all Choirs for thin Education announced its public school sys- white and Negro youthwho .. exhibit and seminar there. August 18-77. They are Gateway Barracks 3131 aware. fro. historythat --

program and highly spiritual last week. tea and for four years, >> have flocked to the holding containers of grass seed. The United States Veterans of World War I, Jacksonville will

services will be The office Is preparing rtille white children attended area in recent summers IsTroaotlng grass seed sales in Japan for USA, Inc.

presented ..ch night beginning to notify the holdouts a hastily. established to help the Negro chil pasture development. Last year U. a seed exportsto in ill health for the ,
Tuesday night or silent districts segregated 'trt- dren. In past years It Japan and other countries totaled $34 million.USDA past eight months, Mr. .
McOulre had been treatedat
Aug. 17 through Aug. 19. that unless they vate" acadeny more than was reported SOBS of then ( Photo) '
Veteran Administration
The ladles of the church submit desegregationplans 1,500 Negro children had participated In civil .
are playing an Important soon steps will no formal schooling.: rights demonstrations. Hospital,Lake city
role In helping to Bake be taken under Title In September, 1963 under and had been recently
the annual Men' a Day pro- VI,1964 civil Rights the orders of Pres Bradley To Feature taken to Springfield
actto cut'oln'f.d- Nursing HOB.. He died i.Duel .
Ira an outstanding success
both spirituallyand eral funds, Vet Employee Upgraded Medical. Center.He .

financially Although the 440 holdout Musical During leaves to sou rn:Mrs.

(Outstanding men and so- districts cover substantial ROSA Bell McGufrewidoe.
areas frca + ; and one daughter, Mrs.
Ben of the city and adjacent -
communities will Texas to South Carolina L.i Pauline McGulre.intenent ,t

be program participants.Deacon their number br reduced by 300 In the lot at Mt. Olive Cene-
Sea Wllllma, J. -
last six seeks i tery. Huff funeral Home
of the highlights field Baptist Church, 1365 MALCOLM JCNfB(
Harrison street Rev, D.I.lam. la charge.
the 85th annual sessionof never live up to a civil
Cqd Centef' > the National Baptist ...Minister;the young Aheie. ENIs rights bill of its owe,

e" } conuation.U.1. A.lac.. people1 Department of
,..' ,..; will be the pre-conven- .O..D" auxiliary will ServicesNew youth to Join the local
tlon Musical at the Col- Beet at the Zion !Hope Baptist Council
Mediately border
end Adomt Phone tt. 4, 1465
Mynle Av e
Church, 1198 West Frkhy
issue on September 7..t that its program

LAAcc 'He/M/" MOAT rill "'.."" /Nis T. "Hili 800 P.B. the huge aaaa Church str..t.Y.I. .. final rites for Alquin become accelerated
WHITING 35c choir will be under the SI.p.on.Mlnl.t.rth. Kills of ISM ,. 18th Jones suggested that
J' direction of Mrs.Annette Board meeting of the Sunday St., will be held Friday local youth secure mem

Ifl >.W.ta '.....N .. ............ "I ..-. L..... _HMI Cspyprincipal of forest School and Baptist (Aug. 13) at 4 p... In bersMpe\ by contactingthe
>Mrs MH Leo'LOBSTER: lb. 99c Park High school and for- training union congress Ephews Seventh Day Adventist local NAACP officeat
will be held at the Mt.
mar director of choral Cbu reII. Elder R. 4111 Broad St.. Elgin
1 MOST.VII 5ATle Ilea
olive Church
POMPANO .II. 51.10 singing at Stanton High 841 B. Harrison minister. 3-7303 or Rlgln 3-739.
KINGFISH STIAKS School.J, Robert Bradley franklin street, ....B.J.
.IB. 49c officiating.A for further Information.Metinidre .
SHEEPSKIAD 35c flRST! -Alfred C. Alsxsnder right coca-O)la Bot- .will be soloist. Wllllaas Miniater. native of Jacksonrllle held every
MEDIUM FLOUNDER IM .. A-M* LB. 49< ling Cow any of Baltlaore! Is complimented by Baltimore The auslcal till feature Day Spring Baptist Cur Mr. Rills, who Wednesday at a P... in
MANGROVE SNAPPER LI. 49< cb.1033 Jefferson street
RED BASS colts star John Macs ay, following his promotion choirs and choruses pasted Win day had lived St. Stephen AMI CIN rch.
. LI. 19<
Rev. C. A. .u.r.pastor
CATFISH . LI. 59. to post of plant superintendent at the Baltimore trot plorida and some here the greater portionof Darts and fifth Sta. and
SPECKLED TROUT .. .. *, LB. 59< soft drink firs's Kirk Avenue plant. Be. cities of Georgia.All will host the evangelistic his life. He was amemberofEpbesus all youth are welcome.
MED. MULLET LB. 20. Pllllnl,1th e>>ca-Col.ln 1936 Alexander has aer- sessions of the par. boardthe: hone Seventh Jones concluded
LARGE MULLET .,'. LB. 29< : ktsoaPplsiinapveral, capacities amoag hlch. .eat body-will Beet In the Mission Board will N la ,
Ived Day Adveatlst Church.
STEAK fiSH ..*..,J..u..L.. 69.
SHAD ROC ,,..h Or Fl.... r reien ,. Pr. 69* I. sire those of mechanic, supervisor and pro dudtion- rO U"u..I1tS East ADaaaStreet. the Second Baptist church Survivors Include: Mrs. Deitk Takes
C.UI" erriMOM toI.".., fbreasn. As plant superintendent the upgraded appointee .The several boards 934 Kings Road,Rev.j.c.: Lucy fills, aether; fa-

SPOTS & CROAKERS .LI. 39c will oversee the production operations of and auxiliaries will meet Sams.Mlnlstesr' the foreign then James rills; elate Rev. F. J. Joaes

MUM nelue.SUCKED. one of the largest Coca-Cols Bottling plants In the at the following places: MII.lo.oarel will re, Mrs. Jute Gilbert -
OYSTERS TOvr.l: TIU(:.104. United States. He is married and the father of a The woaen's Auxiliary be in the Bethel Baptist city; Mrs. Rlchardlae funeral services were

BREADED OYSTERS I Des Per lea J10; daughter, Lillian and s son. Alfred. Jr.. who is will sect at- the shllohetr inatltatlonal: cherch- Jones, fort held for Presiding adder

a student at the University of Maryland. Mr. Mao- volltaa Baptist- 1051 Hogan Street. Rev. Myers; Mrs Ann Snarl Rev. frank J. Jones ,rl.
MEAT M WMITI w"w ':,, Robert H. Wilson paator. -
CRAB .,*** ri.t < u. ii.n AI i.., kay la a member of the public relations staff of Church 1MB lest Bearer and the moderators lag city; brother. Julius day at 3.p... in St. Stephen
LIVE CRABS seer DOZEN $1.00 the Baltimore operation: for Coca-Cola. Street, Rev. A. B. Colea II U..Philadelphia, AWE Chinch with
will Beet la the Abyssinia
an.pastor; the layaea's Baptist church- re.; Mrs Olive Jackson.grandmother. Bishop Eugene CH tch-
organisation will Beet at 1121 west onion street city, and a er. fresldlsg Prelate
the central Baptist Church. a.y.L.J7..1.1.t.rOtller boat of relatives and of the nth Episcopal

924 West Broad Street friends. District of the I
STAR Papers Home Delivered Now! Rev.L L.'ones pastor the be the annual highlights aessage will of Internent Is Memorial clutch offlclatlag. I IA

ushers .111 be at Sweet- President jaeksoa the C..tel'1.o.t.r end Baker lathe of this city !
funeral Hone In charge
aoralsg of the ptk Rev Joaes who lived at i

Church PrwjCoavocitka 1734 Academy .,. .ta-S pas-
Women's Talk t red cbarcbes in fl orldeWashington. !

D.C .Oil shoe*. \

Alabama. Arkr aas.Grorgl a, 1
By MARION B. carno.0TOTTESTHOBBYV The Holy Crt of the tXMlslaaa end Teiaa.IBflerldabe .
Uvlng Oodl4tkrd9ethal *
bad pastor*
The natloe's hottest hobby these days is the .'r..t.111 be ed Bethelcityall/-

slot car crass which recently hit the East Coast. the seeae of the suannea pet at Dajtraa Beech aid ;1

Speed, spills and the thrill of competition are ] HaUonalHelyCbnvocation It...,...._., west :
w the key oompoaeata. Like the Beatles alot or ala1 of the Holy M wee n member. of tx. \

4'I a tare racing began Is England today Is the a atlon Otarcasf Ue Uvlag (tod.toe. >> Stephens wx chinch .... !
s one indoor sport, the fastest growlag of .. Aeg. 13-23. J"B. johaaoa.' put cr

any, sport. It lavolvee more people then "U.,. Bishop M..: Baser, boat survivors laclede his
more mosey is belag pest oa and earned from It pastor. eldoe.Mra.Eatella "..J. -
than from football, WI nationwide sell-oat. ...5..t .

Blot car racing started on the West Coast *ere

there are BOSS 300 slot car raelag centers la the
there e.* v Y .y' II IIi
San fraaclsflo ares alone; are mow 3,000

tire with sew owes aprtBgxag mp daily, projectiaga
total of 5,000$ from coast to coast by the end of \

r this year.
What is s slot ear? A plastic seals model of s

4 real car,_Ida roes oa a slotted track, is Mrtren" -
k "
M1 by hand controls sad react exactly like )

big car.apeedlsg on straightaways, careen tag a Y
Don t be a chlse.er. tihjr tit to read rosad carves, mp las lag sat sad screecalag t* a v S

your neighbors paper? Your best friend halt. Blot cars provide all the thrills of big car
Mar not tell youbut he doesn't like radag ooapeUtloa with soave af Us big ear mae.

you reading his paper. He thinks you* re Est or Hats life and limb.

Why not get your OWN paper every week? ATTIAUTO' BUTT WYlCtAn

More than 15,000 notes are getting aRTAR lagealoas German anti-theft device tor>> aatos,
paper every .eek..Why not ? American
you tads and power boats ass arrived sa the

aarket Jsst as ear thefts have reached Us w

Ye* Don't Hive To Miss A SIqIe Issue Of The STAR half-BillIM ,...-... oat. af ISO can sack year. \

The sew a*tl-the ft devise Us Deseto. Igaltls
Let. baffles Bttewpta to Jug the airiag..a ...-

News About Negroes Complete Coverage moa praetlea of those adept at swlplse .,...
The look seats SB ar eaeeU no dashboard aid

National News Charch News Us circuit la comalete4 oily *ea Us DeweaVs The latest Mea's Hair Styles
I I .sltl-pls tgaitloa heed is inserted la Ue leek
Statewide News nUde puts.
Social News Eke the aaaer ef a Dwea alp9e4 Are Taught At
be tarns oft Us ignition la the aesal BaaBsr aadmiUdraea The
City-County News Sports & Events Us Dente tgaltlea head true u.l.ea.

taking it eel Us key with aU. Jacksoivill.garbs
dorsal ifs Jmaplag teckalwea an Uea aseJess.oewak .)
Hove Yew STAR Heme Dttowwi Ecifiy .At He Extra Cert Ike IcUtisa lot operate at aafals .|-

tape ea< is simple to juts)). 4erately srteKtVeoaas
silk d.taiN. Illastrate4 laetnetloss College Inc.63O
igsltlsa ..... .
For Miami Star For Florida Stir mad ouslieate

yTTLutllf' WaTIMTIOSneres tnt. to ...lea .ama win all
Jaioos Call35I67M
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NiiniMS Calf DAVIS
taamlef s
I Us wife ef
CD...,. M. It soejss
*.. AsArmmaUg rye u-
377-1025 Ambassater.100 Afrl>>tea Bra worn em tislet la laahiagtoa. O.C. teastlr. Illilliiini. fiend

.. -- -- -
-- --- ....
!'il _I

------------t... -

I *t :

SATURDAY AUGUST 1 14. J65_ JIM MKK fill 7Aim
Diisy Friends'\ Au .tlilet Fete InternitioHUNOREI Oil And Florida O.E.S. M strop I ; Love Worries

Bates. lMprov! f Prompt AttemptAt 1

Llm .ROQ An.-m- SucUe *
Strlckenlnthe ofa
statewide NAACP voter SAN ANTONIO Tei... II
registration caapalgn (NPI-A :29-yearold san

she bad organized, Mrs. who addressed a suicide
Daiiy, Bates,. heroine Of note to the 'two woaan ;
the J957 Little Rock I love and Bust die loving. }
school desegregation ."tried to kill hi*

struggle 1* reported self.br flriftg bullet. )
Isprovlni the Arksnsas fron a sssll caliber
hospital. pistol into his heat
Baptist "'-l_...: After shooting hlteelfhe 1
Mrs. Bates wu removed .... e 1
:1 the
: went 'Itlbor to
hospital July 10. i
to the .. '
As president of the Arkansas ',4 _- hone of a friend and
.. J collated at the neighbor's
State NAACP Mrs. ", .., t '
Bates was leader In the .I'f' feet wnen the oras
successful drive to de- 1 rv opened
segregsts Little Rock's ran; 1 I Seriously wounded but
public schoolsShe ; tiL expected to recover is :
and nine Metro boys NTH GIFTS-Inspecting gifts showered upon Mrs. C.B. Nelson Deal els Charles Jackson 39, re* I
and girls pioneered the (standing fourth fro. left) grand worthy matron, order of Eastern Star, Florida Gently estranged from
o desegregation of Central jurisdiction. P.H.A. during recent testlBonlal banquet In her honor at Paaona his wife.
. Hiih School. park.are fro. left: Dr. tlllisa B. Stewart president of Edward Waters Coli.... iiSt. lllliaHarris., U,
Jacksonville Mrs. pearl Gore,' wife of the rAW president Tallahassee, Dr. said that J.dllDI'DOdI*
It Miked the first multiple George .. core jr.; Dr. Gore, Mrs. Daniels. Bishop 811. C. H tch-r, jackson*< M .d on his door sad an-
award of the aerial,I ,Tilleprelate of the eleventh Episcopal District of the AM Church; Mrs. Hatch nounoed that he had shothiaaelf.
aatt ait. rjone u 11ca3Ilte. grand treasurer, O.K.S., Indiana jurisdiction .
fort fayae ind. Jacksonville embers shown pqied In front of the C.B. Harris put Jackson Into .
SvpreKes Prove AII-Ro0fid Civil Rights Roundup Nelson Daniels Gift of Love Tooth Center and adult retreat at pains fart, are Ma car, and started for

tins left: Mrs Cora Hall) Levis Mrs. Bsdle Johnson, Mrs Queen B> Ill ire, Brooke Amy Medical CM.
Versatility At CepacibeuaHER BIAS-IN REVOtSK A.L. Johnson Mrs.Claries N. Carnacay, 'Mlaai, and irandson. tottoa photo ter. TrarelIng st a high
HIGHLAND PAR III.-(NPI)-Bias In reverse was left, fros ,left: Mrs, viniea B. Stewart, wife of the Edward Waters College rats of speed, he ease
TOfK-(NPI' )-They did it again! Those- three charted when a white MI si den reveal ed he was fired president; Mrs o,re. Min Klckliffe, her daughter, Mrs. Hal lisa J. Burton stopped by the police.
young Detroit Jo..H..ho have Bade enisle worshippers by Columbia Broadcasting 67ate so that he could Tuskegee, Ala and Mrs fcc. Hatcher. He explained his speed'
all over the worldifbrget, a gland's Bop be replaced by a Negro smsldan. Charging that he lag and handed the of
..have was a rlcties of 'Inverse dtscrlslnatlon" Robert -- fleer writing tablet
tops brought Joy to ,New Tort's Copacabana -
Club when they. The Eupreeies..- opened July 29-- for-- F habaader. 36. said he was replaced by "a Negro 15,000 Elks Expected To INvedeNat'l Police StoueiAfter which contained an ap*
s tree-eeek stand 11111111111111111111111 Busldaa for the purpose of filling a quota or integrating parent suicide note. He
The Motown recording talnaent editor of Jet their staff." Pahsbender.. one of CoMveRtioR IH Philly Upstate was allowed to continueto
artistr-Diaa RossMary Magazine, said after the four auUclans dropped by CBS last Oct. 10. Three the hospital with a
PHILADELPHIA. Pa, A total of 19'OdO; cosing
of the bur N'croes Shooting escort. ..
111.u. sad Florence opening night trlusph: were replaced by police
trOll all sect Ions 0 the United States, Canada, Jaaaica v
Ballard--proved that they "These girls have given PCM AGAINST HOUSING!' BIAS SODUS N.J.--HPI-- The suicide note 'ad
are equally adept at en* rock and roll ausle a twinA. 111.-(OH! )-As the village hoard voted Trie load, the Bahaaas, Barbadados, and the fayne County deputies dressed to The two,IDI. -
Panaaa Canal will such in the Grand
tirtalaing an adult audience trcaea&us< aaount of polish 5-0 to create an advisory oosaissloa to the Zone Lodge last week were stoned by en I love, and emit die,
as they are the and finesse, te loved board 01 huian relations Batters, the struggle to Parade, starting at 12 noon., Tuesday, August n.1r11.'Qeo. .. about 45 "Negroes akin loving," referred to the
teenagers who boosted thea!" get north surborbm real estate dealers to change Oser C Hitler 1111111111111111111Iona they arrested s Negro women by their tint
thea to the top of the t... Supreaes did U .hate selling practices was accelerated. The stepped ) fill' be :fraud marshal Cbl r1 alai 13 brigad.e who allegedly attempted mania It said that he
with) :770 units
world's recording heap Main I up casptlga for 't>pea selling" would Include of the parade Also to shoot one of then. wanted to work for one
with consecutive hits -Multiple listlsg service," which service in* In the I h.0 r..reb will 31 Dm and Bugle Corps, Police were sent" to s and the children 'for
floats and .
and three fast-selling eludes nodes offered for sale by all real eatateMcodes -be detschaents of the 13 370 ears.Prizes roadside inn following the rest of .his. days"
aI b... U.S. Marines belonglsg to the board oi realtors.JCHCIAL Pennsylvania .National will be awardedto a nvort c.r' rrplay. He said ke loved her,
units and ladle
They left tb.. udhou BAaINGNcntoahUT Guard, Mounted park duals.. A deputy, whose nine, and only her.Tbenotegave.
spellbound with their Plan Revile Ala. -(NP1)-A ruling that 'Civil Guards and the police wsa withheld, preached other' bus
renditions of "COBS See disobedience wader the guise of oVvwastratlai (or 'and .tn', Band ** John Loe.Craerord: IT, h... intonation, and
About II'." ,... Soaeoae PHILADELPHIA. PS.__.- civil rights does not provide 1..unity fins arrest Last j.ar' Grand Lodge ME AMCIICA ICAUTIFOl who reportedly pqlated asked the person gettingthe '
Happy," "The ctrl risen fro. all parts of and punlshaent by local law enforcement officiaJ. Parade Is llama con.allted ........N I a111.1.YN... the gun at, the officer note first to notify
Pros Ipaneea, and the country who served' .."... handed dawn by 0.1\,District Judge Prank of four divis .._ .Q M a11.e... c-" and pull.d "'the trld.er. -Ma-.- Mithar !-.-- U- -km.---.
"101' rt Nobody Till at Moat ford Foist CsapLeJeuae. I. Johnson Jr., lilt ..... His decision mss in
ajsetody Loves Too." /North Carolina, connection with the cases of SB re then 190 dee* IUIUUSHORTENING(
To top it ell. the trio at any time between 143 stratars arrested last March
reached far beck lento the and 114 will) Beet .. TOUM l TASK AHEAD

old s-isle hall song-aad Philadelphia. Pennsylvania MIAal BEACH-(Turn-'The .Negro faces s long snd
dance bag for the tsse"ftxaebyeTMirMby oa Septeaber 17thaad difficult road .. taking alvMtage of new rights.
with Uth 1'<5 for a re belts ejs." whitsey' M. 'lanai Jr., ... .,dlrector.Natlcaal QUANTITY
A Mile ..lo4.f''co.- anlos.Headquarters. Urban
League, said during the or.ilaUOI' *
plete with strsw hats will be '(. convention here. He urged passage of 490ITI
and_canes.. The Adelphls Hotel, 13th s federal hosalsg act "to break up the Moral ,lIS.
They received. a stud at Chestnut Street. and re.trtcU..CIJ..tlwf11e1a..pro.ced. a yen SPECIALS 'C00t> THROUGH SATURDAY fSwO Cl HUE( Fill 111(1(
lag ovatlos when they Fur Isfomatlon eritr. tea of intolerable and labuasne ....tto.."
nslabed their tribute out ford point Marines NO "SC6AR LOAI" ON at>:RgoeADIRNGI'alrrIn..roee:'
to the late Sea Coo'" P.a I 1S731. PtUla4el- !< are etcsodo* week*
Chester Higgiss. enter- pblaP*...,huh 19101. ends snd hoi I day a fro enjoylsg the vie frosi Bugar 5 LIS.

I Loaf ....t..., the l.ai foot ...Us el peak rising
i fros the rollisg Maryland fareend] 30 Biles to the
aorta... An attendejit ststlosed st the gate tins
I swear Negroes ttille perslttiig whites to pass The 5.00
Bountals is private property tie corporation own SUGARLIMIT
er contends It tae the "right to eielede an yon e ; MORE
It wants"

There is Gkase Aces Resrfts Rater ORDER I

Fvuera1 Rites Srffl' U.s.

oidyone for Mtar
-- 3
__aas last week segassaylag Hea.-( PIeJklag )"
run u
diet cola s higher rate to at a aoa..acrtaIsstlea &

have relatives faaerals\ eeaducted for>> their Matsr by the goveraaest pledge awaaded ss scosdltles 5 US. FLOUR "siiiin 5 1II.2ge

.,. aco>r.sg to s to. s litO.000
that rates J.... stateaeat by taestleaal federal" grant, the aayar CCHfiU lEI ) JJK u mi nil. HfnTOMATOES
Pwaersl Directors ., this cattle ton Isaoetbweet
sad Mart Ideas As* Nearseks has a in CMSa
aodstlea sad the CooltLaty reslgsH rather than Cllill
famous Chicago,) Feral alga ... IIHHUCtl 313 cm CLOROX 49(
M...0..,.. Dr. .... Eraser gilt IEETSEASr155e .
n. hike ef 1131 re* sfter the city _..11
celled frva s ... .,.. pained s reaolstloa 41* slur
cola tract e4gae4 by the Ptat rectlsc al a to alga Ue *3I3 CARS
era] !Hoae Outers .. L. 4_., Is .,,.,. to get
eat IOC. C.e.ery st>rt< federal feede fer s Til cArr .
ere er... Atteadasts slasaed. city
name: laitltstlesal... ,.. airport' .IS30.e-aasalea aro* CORK ft lEANS I 3M CAIS

...,.... The ansi tact, ,,... (
whlca lease effectiveaag. Tie caper called the MIX II illCIru 4 00
t, Itslts ,......1 eaU-alscnalsaUaa ton"silly" 7 $1.00 UII f.
hoae aserators sad rMe* aa4 tort ill at.Iou. -
..., workers .. a five* ." Me oasteatX ..

ten .M..Momdq llre.d ea.sld sat have SB alga MUUIS FLA. GlADE A ..situ Mill. SWIFT'S 1REMIFRYERSI
Priaar.Ca Ise federal ewl etlM a*
r U. ... onatrect, latcy t>>>ns.<<... there FULL CUT ROWS
."." elll b. aldUse Is sat salsevef has ba SPARERIBS
and s half far S.tII ,....rservices. rlslsetles la thee

As s ,... >....U., '. .." Abeat STEAK
tie ..... east will beHI .) ...".. Met U
for ueaertleiaassallM reo.l.Ow. .
>r Ue c seteryniters tarter, .% .....1- MESSED
fer s total la* .. "I as ant a .sr.gatisslt
cre... .r IIS.CMcaa ," ... stated t DRAWN 3 ri

+ fasllleeseaallfh Use be believes tiers WHOlE 29c s us.ni. 490 89C
last rites aa tat- Is aa saea fe4 tepe"U
PEPSI .r sys he.... af e.s- ... ..'.,.... 11. II..
,.|... I. than relatives ..s. limbs Usaals,
and frt .,u she ....., PU strict air
nisi mm
earl red tae eee..* eyhaee sat .,sa.*f walls asa*
beM ,..... .bates flral" tbere sa4as ...
te... a *..(.ends, ....... af elactlal* GREEN BEANS
beriatptmis'. let UeBflrtleca. titles la ... area tfftekraets.
; bat U* se. leas a>4 IMUAeaata.
.. rate hike list sect scold Ua aaaf
bees -, sdlea asa "'s little
Ts. .tat..' aa the arlatJg.." u.19t 3 III 29

..* rats eaa Iscee4 byaaaart
.. .11.ff. .


I .-. u --- j

I p l ,, ', T



r4 '.1

Sigmas Attend 30th Annual Boule Theatre Wing Hobart Taylor Jr. Receives Memphis Singer

1 llngton V.L ,PEOTLCi daughter of Mercedes Mercer CI-Ellington Special Urban League Award Tiking Miami.

and!granddaughter! of The
Duke scored is a featured dan- By Storm
cer In Guy Lombirdo' ")I.rcll
Crul" at New York* Joins
Oeach the.tre..Jean Dushonrt lienphl songster jib

rAst ri new album on Argo label 1 will Stuart; now tagged "The,
W'y' have the collaboration of top- Tycoon" ant "Mr. t Pvotlons. :.
night arrangers Oliver Nelson
and Jlmmle Jones,...Sammy is causinga
Davis will have a built-in loud stir at Mlani a

audience! when "The Swinging .500 Club according to
World or Sammy Davis," first Bo le Brooks, the manager.
seen In rebnury. Is repeated by .
ADC-TV Aug. 13....
Pretty Dtonne Warwick and Jib ia one of the smut

Toni Jones two teen favorites. talented nrtlnt. to ;\!'-
t had an Initial printing of 250,000for pent on 1 cal stages:
LJ' their IA soundtrack album
This "
: 1-
of "that's' New Pussycat" ...
'T7T" nil'll lif-
Do Dlddley* combo has deserted
the rock and roll circuit In favor hot belts
s : ..7pti of the more relaxing atmosphere Ridtm"lll;
of clubs like New York s Dutn Sinew Spill

Street where Interracial audience Jeamt e ..r.anlly .
can't get enough$; of his
-- eltl
a catch -
fire fl-t
l MiamiDadeAdds
nense, m'sL ..,
FashionModeling 3e1 ; n
a number of time in Italian -

CourseA Taylor (left) and \>v\nK Japnn. "ae an.flInll'lta.

WASHINGTON, p.r..-iiobart Tsylor. Jr neciitive .
course In fashion ,
Vice Qialrnan of the Pr.ltlpnt.1Ij""lttt't'. on K- .r.Perpetualdances ""Uo'1'
modeling will be addedto
f,ial! ippjoym. t miportunlty, has been givm a n>e- practically all
wwyULEGAiS the curriculum of chI citation ty the Nationnl) urliwi L'tJ'e for him the UN tiring bin routines

of the Rho and Dr. Cleo Hlgglns. standing from left: lllio aml-Daae junior Colleaein work in expanding employnent portunlties for mlle nil stage and
Maibers sign Gamna Sorority
September Dr. peter ........,.n..,...... ban heal kim n to mara-
from Florida were among the delegates who attendR. callow (Catherine Holly prances fitrachan, Horot'iy ..Iko announced. AmerlciCs mim pities- ,
M K ""lIr".. which now his
citation. first of gr < thorn act nn stage
ed their 30th Annual faille last week In New York R. ownew. Annette Cunningham, ttoretha farlington Edith Zlpp former
Littles. Not shown are'nriw Mrs its kind to the history .tttllKtM cote in: cow for two hour .ruing,
City at the Ftatler 1111! ton Hotel They are, 1. to and owner of a cdellng
r. .seated Sorors Lucile Holllday, Zola Brooks ''L. Jackson aid nice Liberty, of time LUlu. w,s presented .1.s enplnyin more his heart out
The]m a Hall rssle: Mae Stewart Rows"" Lee shannon (IUlllert Pintos) school in Coral to Taylor ata I Iiart'1.4.illlon persona t'len asked iww hi ties
will teach the course special luncheon during have bruuxht companiesto it. Jib ulibly says hate <>

Color Is Clue To 'As far as we can the League's convention the point where they a !hutm iel 0 f .,,11-)

Beach Shorts Rattlers' Season judge, this is the first in 'IsAi H,,'tch are concerned nit only known cereal fur b rrlll-!
Housekeeping Style
time that a college has ehltney \t. r I.Jr. with employment with fast Mid that he H reeling -
MIAMI BEACJI-One does not have to bring n fish Tickets ReadyTALLAHASSEEBeacon by LOUISE .ALIEN offered this type of executive Director of the causes of unemployment Ma flierrioa.

ashore to win a trophy in the Metropolitan Miami course as part of the tho League. in presenting He said they are In often gagging .ahnut

Pishing Tournament. Several cups are offered for regular curriculum. .errS concerned with the '
; *r Taylor t>c s now being "jjtwinbl gift to
fish released to fight another day and the HardLuck tickets for the Florida said Dr. George tiehallia, ul.' quality of education Mlawl." JM 5 I"It I he'llnrvcr
trophy usually\ goes to the unlucky angler who AMI University Rat tl eu' director of the Technical ..
Itoiwtrl rvlor i .K..J available in their communities I e-'vr y>".I 1."*> dim' t
can prove the biggest one of all got away. hone football games will Vocational and Semi'Professional More tin nossibly any with the coun ilecelve iilN.Known .
be sold for $11.00 this
other mingle Individualto selling afforded young as one of the
Two .of the top sailing events in Miami Beach fall. The Rattlers play
change enplbyarnt patterns petple<< and with vocational hardest working sill its
waters have been held annually; except for interruptions four games at home this in Ame.lcan imiustry
education and training In show business, many
by world War II, for more than 25 years year. Th color that brightens I yourcooking MiamiPolice ," systemsDM feel certain that Stuart
the Lipton CUP. sailed on a triangular course off lift thtM drys Is also a evrrthaI"fi
Buy V 8. ..*!.(. .*.*. clue to your Mcr t thought Vr Young recalled that tali\). .>i is on Mm way up since
the beach here, recently had ita 32nd renewal, and .
pr-r.r... about honiKnwkIng-a. well si the accepted the a *r-lnot for '
r err when late Preriuent Media'' and Reitl t.
the Mfamt-Nassau race its nth, your per.onsiny '
John r. Kennedy doclil '.J himself alone, but "princlpally has prodneedsuch I..-

to ,create the .re-Id.nt't .. a symbol! of ndrtsl stage and Susie

ReportA cowl ...".tho Negro community .bat you are helping- artlats aa I.e. Hands

PICK THE RIGHT aixt the Civil Hi- your nation to become" Fists Pmlrr.S.liKlag..
ghts leadership waa not He thanked all the people and other

common-l w1f., age, happy but '-ent along. from all walkaof life Tie perimoable Jeb has

unknown being held in "But we were atfullysimple who have helped to advanc released nine re
jail under pending char *. .

gea of first-degree surdr arty of this thing calj.eJ"lan ) opportunity progrmwa .aed entitled. TRhln m.

for tae: fatal stabbing : for progress' and saMIf there Is ., "'&"

NUMBERS AND WIN of her :tA-year-old huaband 'tT Young .dd. "It wan any single principle that Je! Stuart watch Mr

polio. report-d. auppoa.d' to toluntar had guided BS in our work 'for" tilly on a present

The MiRpfct.Mrs Fannie effort and that'a llkesoa.one11) It has been t" see to it basis, him star I art *-

Mae oa.Mon,"hi lived at : better (that these Individuals in-.

83 OT 7th Street apart ithomt any connection actually) fOllieS m place

sent 2,ftOjI..t...&. ... alleged to ther! and with. nothing it our society where Jax CareerSeUKer

to have become engaged behind it. their talents would be
$1 IN CASH .
II ,260 in an argument with Ho recalled the organ most fully utllts*
her huaband.Henry DM*.flat \ itation of the presi this I bellevm.

approiimately .' I' p.s> dent's co .ttt.. and mast .b. the fuadmsmtalcomceri A&M Pest

III last Sunday en the 'porch noted that when the vie of the Civil T.w.4C'.U'-

of their h e.Witnesses President undoo B.Joha- Rights *> ee' t--aal I "r..< .et al h t Pomrth. Class
son.who waa committee MM the- term to -*..ii all Charles L. Mtaalag. of
laU the suspect -
I ON WAME 1260 went into the house chairmancalled HobartTaylor those program oaacwrmed Js a*>

returned and stabbed the to to eiecutiav with the dtvelopatmt of signed to tae Oalt 4fltates

victim la the area ofthe. ,I lc. chairman "*.. were the individual potemtUl Army laatnetorcro

heart .' t ev... sure "f n4rt : Mori da At'I tmt>

later hut 'e seat tlias ** ** veralty la Tall.....*.
The suspect waa
ON YOUR RADIO spprehen ied. Then "r. Yoing aal
S If e.4 Hobart 'ta, duDe an

outatanJlng ob. a> such

f Madam Clerk.Mvlsor mo that he has develoM

i ititsallsl leader. the eoeiplftt confidenceof
WIN the 'egro co*>.alty
:"I* $1,260 Advisor la dl affairs oflife
and the' Civil right
:Love, larrlM. H l-
AII A "tf',., ',' a*., .,t...... etc t.lltIne 1 cadtr lp..tI. sinus
1 sad the smfflners'-sadat
'<;.t ; ,... Iwrky Ones LoebMarla. time Hasadet.lop.d .
", ,H,s. .' 1>>*rw It ao ..,.. wodrtAifwl the confidence
that ) cat
and the respect of the ....
r'I., : WIN $1 260 ,. "t' : help located at: MiT 5.e. top ....,....t ad lead* .
/U ttrvvt.paonrlSIIXriOVM
\ ;: : 11 J drahi of the beaineaaeommanlty the SHO TY.$3S.
** : S a. .. $ .... { j L MfOALOt STYLI #I1rr
: \ .JI', '; atU. 'I,; .It.. ":- : .,./ Ha. oat visit t. He pointed out that the ..=r:.:=:;=i....
J. w rs.
'If : i \. AOAM OMU M4 FM wilt the proereas *f the Coemittee. :.::: m'. e issa w.

: .t. ; fist tae- dlfftrvM. ell'l'ChU1M"' -.J:.MaoMs P..a ...
; 1 : : : ..., It r, mar... K '",.
'r.- fW* wr wtAtsl meow
WIN : jt frlee HU life Mill of the Plans fer i'i'.. wova ICAU. .........II
rr $1,260 ... ... -.
',: \ '. :.... oZ1LET c:

.......I._emeso_S n.i.ua aaaaow0a.me.
''narlta if Suthn cult ::- .. -z ns;;
': : r *OCOS r w.a a ..... CIMIJ
.' ....
a..me ---r-
$ % '
t9 iml trVHW
: VMTV n.mbs;" ..* { I
Mxrrcw* < wMiMrM
MV .
: r....4eawvm ... -
t 'I ...... -, CASHI SIU ISIMG.5. s---.
: MEALWMBM ..... ..- I ...
... II m t''M. b M F :
........ wrm s me 1 ,-
... *..acme. pcssn.m
I MW M M M "
.' MM M IT ta': l:. = -
I ..Kv*. ** rr* y* MI :.. ::
... -- A.mep "ew.ai a.- --._ q
;... :: "
..M..wr+. ms1'r .
.L .....
.- __. ..-.L-U ---- -
,.. 11 i .
--- ""- p.u

t .era.-. e.cur mew...s.W..aa.VtA.r- a.en a.r sea pme wrr. -.:: -- .... ..
Spotlight Product 01 ttt Week ....
WAME DIAL-1260 CL..r IC. L" ... ....
: i cr.i"""*'
I Florida t, -r. ..."' ....
Miami. ... .-... me ..... ........ ...,...

[ t

_-- : =4L' : Ia .

,' f
h I' t 1


Runners Up Copped Brace Of Titles Spotlight On Sports Perennial Champions Continue Amazing Pace


F, LAVI ILA PARK A Over LIVING period LEGEND of jearsabesebdtstarcnwin a

.. lasting place within the heart of lovers of the
L 1 2 3 4 5 6' 79 0 WM.- ,
port.Satchel Paige did It. So did Babe Ruth Josh (
r YIS. Gibson, Joe UMaggio. Jackie Robinson. Ted '11- IW.Pt"t

.., and several others who have since hung up

their spikes.Othera 1e.w
have due it the aaae way and are still F

with ..--.UII providing ua with the thrill of

watching their spectacular playing.The .
Great Willie Maya la one. Hank Aaron la a*

pother, and so la Mickey Mantle and prank Rob i

inson: to name but a few

L : X0ne auch present day legendary- whose feats stand

; : blat is quiet unasausing Dallas born'alugger Frnle
Banks.Wule isallvlng legend with the struggling,
sometimes frustrating Chicago Cuba of the Nation

al League, and thereinlea an unusual story.
Last week. ante added ,two treacndous feats togo
with his other daullng .achlevosenta.-. lean,
b graceful dusky destroyer leaned into a pitch and

,. hit Into the outfield to :;drive in the 1200th run
of hID career. That same day he 'also' scored Ma

1.001 run.
s With 17hoae runs under his belt, Ernie.. also

I'fPPtffiIV": SS4ro'C!' Lavllla fart'a Junior Glrla Softball te. wrapped up a Just seven rw sa.aj free) 400 for'hla Major'Leagu

'lI11ce..lrul season by winning ranners-ap trophies In the annual citywide end career
Jo'erh E. Lee Day Contests respectively, principal rfiown kneeling fro left Ernie has a habit of doing the spectacular., His .

UfO Theresa all Christ. 2b; Josie Joseph rf. Delore Witherspoon. cf;; Mary hose run are dramatic, but anticipated, each Use
Johnson. p; and Shirley Button, ... Striding hoB ]eft:LaY1lh Director and teea be steps up to the plate. And he la always expected :. ry 1

manager PoyttulloyJudy: Gordon c; Johnnie Ruth Rillllp. Sb; Minnie taldon. 1ft to drive In a flock of runs for the Bruins
Dorothy "radahaw. p; Henrietta each season.that .
Neally. utility; and Barbara Yvonne Johnson
makes Banka' teats particularly
) (!Royal Art Studio Poto)
though, are that he baa never had any minor league
seasoning in orgaalted baseball, and has had to
Brown's Brown Too Fowerfil Bear Hint star with a seeond-4tvialoa ball club. tnls *ti .

ped straight out of the Negro Merlcan League Into BTHTTINO I PRECEWNT fVMTTIPnQ( record oi 41 gHMvn won turn 4 it>..ni arty, ,
For Otto Graham's TroopsCHICAGO SchedilesReodie.1 a Cub "at fo.... And what'a" mart, before going to past 9 years, the Mnond Johnson Recreation park Junior OlrJ *' AiftU"ll ten
the Kansas City Monarch of the SAL' be spent most adJed to their laurels again this year hr retaining their cttywiile" rtiwplun
-(NPI)Stopping Jin "!I r. Football" of his time playing aonball. Mp and y copping the annual Jo*.vh 1 Lee Day title. The tnsale rei goof

Brown, and the Cleveland Browns all at the time Despite these handicap ,Same aanaged to beoooe successes began" In ISM and with the exception of l9Xt t'tetr; Matins on.lwii4 thaa

time proved just too neb for the I.'. but outclassed L\St Clrl-H\lDteu who a llvigg legend with the Cub and one of the alt reamed undialiengvd Til >."r the PJ* defeat. UvlllK part ,., .and ||-4

IMS O>llege All-Stsrs last Prides night.Aa wish to participate In feared bitters In all baseball. He la the Cuba' for the city rtld. mid gMne.l .a 142 .ln over Lavllla again aIr the ,annual
a tau)t.the 5tara.* the special bear hunts brnct-lIIct-ba n.r nan; the teen* a drawing card; the J.*. Lee Day crown. (Chanr* 5;w-. swte't trot left are: OwNvtilyn oety.) If;

wade up of last year*' a goal and once In the In the Oacaola National man who provide the draaatle with his e oo Inflowing betty *igg. 2b Justine Redding, rf: Terry cule rt; Sylvia Sykea, I p anl rib
senior collegiate stand- third, on Van-Oary 0>>1.Hu' fro left M director Met na er Carltoanryant
Forest rust end their bat. and Coach Bertha Col *, Standing :
oots..went down to a Jill pass The Stars appllcatloaa to the Lake Hea also an outstanding. fielder, who me sets jeraldine Johnson c; ,-lIr"'" Redding 2b; Owvniilyn Maker. IK Therein
defeat before 68.000 were shut oat la the opining City office of the dame NL record aa a shortstop. erring only H tines In H.U. P wd )b; Co-CvU Barbara. Robliuwn, 3* and Cart. "' ",alt.n. amble cf.

aynpathetlc fans In the true; scored a and Fresh v.t rPlshCoalaalon a full\ ..&100. 1ib"pal. Art Studio Pats' )
field goal la the
'%lid annual Ail-Star prior to 11 ..... Hank. however baa not always enjoyed unques -
Football Gee, *>on sored and on touchdown August :27, according to tiooed popularity with Cab '...There were a fee
Control Successful I
passe in the third and Hyicinth
by the Chicago Tribune fourth quarter Regloaal Maaager Bob lean Jests wliea ha aaa plagued with Injuries of Loyali Signs
newspaper at soldier nranUy.Brantly. various aorta and bit hove ran bat es* ooapara*
It was a rough tough TCLAllU8XI I : .-During a tel eased by V. a.. My era,
PI eld, said there will lively ellenfcyear; when even his RH output lagged First Negro
game on a rainspatteredturf all Month period froN assistant chief of the
e' be AI. ....U. Frnie paid the penalty for being
This tlf the ftrown: H three-day hunts beginning >
that was men too January I through Jose t\Jllll'lllilon. hybc1btrcontrol :
acted every tit the noatrchs M>te.b.r 20.end the big man on tern that war not going any place. Grid Prospect
slippery for the Stars' :30, the hyacinth control division, eleven
of the ilrd- coatlaaiag through NO* Today Krate his bach la stride and bitting at a
top runner, Robert Hayes .BATON MUOK--(NPI).. division of the Cine rail control rewa operating
Iron cabining a brutaldsfense ...tler I. Each bunt will clip reaislscent of Ma past glen Never one to
of Florida MM.the track Whirl* ,0ul1. a. I' Fresh liter risk CowBimlon Irbiut. iwdaaealr*
with their usual be Halted to not ore port too high an overall batting averageBtnk
chanplon turned grldder. Cost. .tllto" guard (orMciIAIej affecte-l l a kill plan cree treated III
pile driving offense let than 17 pople, and each last e..k wa* the slips coad highest ,'with
Alhoufrhsplay 4 a good : High school, of aj ) by the unstoppable Jim group must obtain a 130 a,77 ..rt. but his ".111.. eere the seoond hit- '
.t .,. aianed
I all-irouad gas, Hayes l. a contract sere of hyacinths and In 34 o>unte .
Brown. hunt All buntera eat in the
perIL KU
just couldn't get off etthiLayolaOfll: :: other notlou* vegetation.
Brown eta 'aoaethlngejae'to must posses a valid And ales* the current ****on ba*,alw>at tea full
for any spectacular or v.rlty;. Coe.!! .prI1ie.; _coo rdlD. to report
OMteoaepar* hinting lie. ... poatha to rum. It la virtually a dac* that Maoka
long runs. ., '..
I Uaaa but frank AllStarftuftettlng RU".p t .' :
1* headed lot his seventh l00- 'e. ', .' .'.' : .
'. .
the pace for .
the Browne after scorisg Stirs 01 Yesteryear Reminisce State .,.' :. :... .
Away i' .
their first touch a eva yard power run, .' .. t,
RilfistsFoetiaN -: :
Jim was called upon by ,.., t, .
; : f
lserter*bad prank Ryan

Use to pile whenever through Cleveland thefttara Slate ; -:. :,;t

needed redoes. yardage AUAXT." Oa.Coadi O.*. .. .
Sir n rat do ta.. Nee flesa 0'1'11. Albany State ,' .
". .
to say. Jim respondedMcceas I ttI I College had football '

fully, ( I' coach sad director of
the gee, *rowa rolled tilt ISIS tootUll> s be4-
.p 141 yards oa 22 car ale tor the told.* .... tt'Dt s srt

ties rushing ad his Posr' see teas have been

teematee watnahe-1 the added to the Baa scbed- ,
Stars I" yards to :JJ. ,1 ale laelsdlMNosUCara*

Tie stars took passingbMora afV lisa 'tt0oll...,Or.. '

IBM 23. ._,.. KMlb CaroIUa. ; #
The Irons>> scored sate Alabaaa State College, Everything

la the first .inarter V + frr MVatgMiery,Al sbaaa;Voer

Jin's fine na; twice U '" bee College, Denmark,
the second, os a reoov* Bosth Csrollaa. sad LaneCollege. old fashioned aboutOLDTAYLOR:86

end past and a field "act__, T....

SiJnsIi4'rnor'onfe r Watch TVs Gins : :
n Ith rintllc CottrtVw 8

x.. .... .... .. wt x aMfmy I 22
....... ..a W'D to < -
.....- Vy bt ,,***'. .z pro
.......,...*.*H. pH.t>. I.: .! I 4
,,.,....,. Th... .a.. ee
,...... sal ata.rh des ..-t.", [ (I"'r. ..ter **d tw *id frtead, Ted eased ri.... eal peter Malt** 7 JI
..IW Mt sad ee.a .
It ts., ..-riltc.. tin t..** left, reatalaee shoat the tM Olympus la whlcft<< Jesse WM her geld .edaJa.Ted. 2
,.,.., ,.......f* .**-.l4 a. a Calraga rre.eatstve for .field I..*''',.. Ltd., and peter, fleet
epsgd swi sh w.p N d.Y..ea i PT....t aid .tie*el Isles Maaager tar o>'*** Cry Iia Ca>. ltd, beta ef IS-4J
............ipd. ,amd dn,4. 11r.ace J, lIII34i2IS
h.* fUf4 14 f'I" t gut r' *M have know jeeee for .., years get UgetAer at a rwaloa la
*.n a-,- ... ,..w .+. '--', self la aa ei-Caglla* IsteratUtaaJ NeldNed.p slayer asd ba. ,. 0.1-.0'1 __u... ...'. 19Me

sits tbe open si Me ItM. Ieaetlles Owes .

Old Photographs I' adds, *abtr,t*. e
lEO'S SHOE REPAIR Se verbs' II all ard

r today Dai'4 A1'1"IACf1 CIII'
Starting snot UPAIKINO or m IIM> it oci ONLY
BKJIJCM. na cf xv t uvct pixx. ... 17.f-I.
Iu tost Gottftti 3359260 .1. C. Onion .................

Win's Days excepuhe >e piednnkit
Mi* fcftfi M In Xaibinda [

lUll 1M2 CM It ffld[ Til ARE IIITM Bay are .*..
berei." peals **' par* who

thud 'ftf Xcm Tlt>i jeers The Bt txterM II taae Cam e ,.*,. Bfte

T"r foeUf prescribes TM !**$ Tir Lacfty Pay*
I>4Nra Oiler Lid.
M Ct "eec" para.clea <. Lady.
...d n." far nrwale
<-r Royal Art StudioSOCIAL Ot+rt. tv* CM call ne ..., Co L snot .,...... feracatt ...

.allty pigs rr *flet rI t '
HEtCTCHED' PaJUWAdfTS TO COTC TOO: rill i* IM head ..I.* ..,"
A eoMpkfic nil or '. '
On .tit..Banter ..*..>0*.4ie..gtt4rl*. ftffU Bel U7I. Jarteue
ellle I. Pl*,l**
515 DAVIS ST. .ptBsournaiw CMJJO pa no Z&JLilly's >-

.. ........
....M.. --

ELGIN 4-1194 Drug Store norf*................. r-. Mew N.aid f mpuli.r-1 wtssn gUrff t.IeNoft. Good.late ewer IOM N".tglI.t .
*. h rr+aiot.ro.NIIOW date 01 Old ,i1ttoIM. tnrMcam l yea 1M a sway,,,,VO. U7 A.KuS '
Dell or .IB ._ dey SIt".rf..,........,.Mhod'OItI flflrll peuaM+rG./rrat/at/rdlawzwl/a.Cow
CLOSED All DAY TUESDAYS tin iiits mi u.Jim .. .ItW.

-, .. ... ..-
----- -

!' ,


10 .4 I STAR' ,nUf'f '1)) SATDSDAY _AUGUST 14, '1965

First Holy Communion Rites At New Facility



-- -

: d+ .


___ _

_ _

9t a 4 4if

if-_ "
w # y?

ii- _:& 1 _I

HISTORICAL] rVHVT...w. Gabriel's episcopal diurch which moved into its 7)) acres futility recently,5225 Won- be constructed in the not to far future. tAtrvlcl'/4'r 1 t11ry 'u".ln.y "besluing. at 9:00: 1'-101. "lIqlltt tll- I

,ricf Road.Nnlu its first lloly con,mm I o in the rhurci'A: temporary structure with the Rev; (ernIn.) suoner .cntlls. consernt!n casual dress is the order-if tin tty

_ cent Harris pastor, (shown above) a.dmlnhtorina than rlt 'M. >rronJlnh to Father Harris, a new church lll ( Florida star ,'..Iltnr

Fear Tamperingcontinued Youth Shot

Shock Kills ( fro'u nn$e 1) At Pool Listed"Satisfactory" Poverty Group Famed Composer Thomas Dersey

(continued from", pnge 1) alleged One point sale seems of agreed jobs. PimpernelTHIS (continued from pige 1)) Reminisces Over Achievements

socket since nld-june. An In pro*enent in the
and It Is that if the In substandard housing
The to youths were the condition of June Oir- CHICAGO-(NPI)-4>rof. Thomas A. OJ"" whoseyouthful
case goes to the grandjury "in conclusion, we
de senor sad virile belles his
only swimmers In the poolat tie Brown jr. who wns1I10t 18 JACKSONVILLE. a uore appropriate name appearance
quite a few persons the supportof
68 .ar..relaud briefly during the ChorusesInc.
the tine! of the accident byallfeotar4Toes-I ,
would be Jackson-vile since most of its inhabitants
will be unnasked all of our citizensto
last week end realnlseed achievements. and
oa past
police said
day night at Jefferson are vile Jacksoae.Their .0tto.Do") : the other
culprits and churls Marshal themselves
** as tragedies which combined to make hl. an internationally
1< ItedwhlteubluechipInvestment tans rather than pious fttreet swimming""" pool, wall fellow la before be can "00" you..This is the into vocal neighborhood -renowned gospel song oonposer-smslclan.

1 leaders, even though reported! Thursday as the town of distrustful Negroes. None trusts the other. groups, to also attend rrof. Dorsey sat beforea ..................w....e
STAR went to /press lyJTuval All one anothernone want any to get ahead >. talent
there may not be enough i envy these meetingsand other table covered with con. was discovered
Medical renter of then that Is. would bold brother
They a Negro
evidence to incriminate
meetings to ventlon psrahpenalla Atlanta that his musical
r them. His condition wan listed back so the nan whoa the MuslUs call the "white and locations will be talent ens discovered

Members of the CCBC have as satisfactory. devil" could get lII..doJ published) in order ceiptn aad convention aDd he began. studying

expressed the feeling Brow, 20, of 721) Court BACK to 1948 when Wilson Armstrong ran for the that we all May share 1- ledgers and chatted briskly music.

IX was reported shot in city council..Negroes none of thai: calling then-! aa thin reporters
that there 1. enough dens, thoughts, and program Prof; Dursey became n
... v."............ evidence "to hang" the the stomach at approximately self leaders" openly opposed/ hi-.. write Oman. that will insure pencil ncraubled to keepup .
,.. with his stneco-like Prof. 'bec...
M..I w Wrwr N. lob sellers. 7:40: )p.n." Claude Smith won and has since moved up to the the success of our local Dorsey one

city commission with the help of Negroes' votes. .. anti-poverty program. dictation. of the outstanding pianists
"LN N4" NI"NN"MI'N11N" W 11. 'INI IM The snow-white haired and was la great de
Following: Armstrong there were Qcte R.Lucas Por-
: Renenber the dates andplease
: j bronco-colored "dean of nand during 1912-l .pltj, .
"f' : char U Taylor, Charles Bruce, trio 0. Slap son, pass the word; To
Isadora Earl gospel nusic"--who\ has log throughout the country -
singleton. U. Johnson and Leander SaM and
"'-- m..latrk your .
with of theaa
who ran for public office and lost composed hundreds of songs many
to white "
'--'- candidates friends, the directors
sung the length and tion's popularorcheetras
because of lack of
Negro support. The negro concluded,
breadth of the land and He was a "fotal.dDI.rt.
candidates most of'lib
011 were professional sen
throughout of isf'of. the old roof
could not Buster enough support asoog the brothers
Petitioncontinued Garden a. the odd fellows
'' the orld--preseats a
The leaders growled on wileon "N.tronb.clU..h.

i. lr was only a carpenter but yet Negroes supported a striking figure. bullding.Atlaatn.between9l314.. '
u ( fro puce 1) A native of villsrlca.
E' j.i white peddler, Barney Cobb and a white barber Red Oaks eas born to the His tonal Musical education
r- Cannon who has held office for at least twenty In April 1M2. 'The Jury
years condemned MM to death. late ....Tho... L porsy was obtained at

Into ....and "rs.Tboaas Chicago Manic College.
THE JACKSON VILE N5GRO;: is a strange aninaJ. You've The state *I..rflll' Cburt
I 0
faaous.of his gospel]
M. Dorsey in 1199. At ar
heard the song: "You al wa"art' the ono you love upheld the conviction .r.clo..1.or
early ",..the faallynpved songs are' >
." That's the vile Jackson. He only wants to and sentence,
Take ny haad" composed
use his brother. He buys on credit from. the Negro Since then, Maxwell to Allanta(1903)where .
of aJ'uace.la
t out trafedy.
he entered the city'spublic
grocer but to the Market when eiecutlon has been stayed *
6 t goes super be gets achools.it wee in thn Valley: '
w hold of some cash... The Negro buslnesMan pays his several U... to per-

white. creditors first hut lets his Negro creditor alt Legal Defense fund Atlanta thai his Mslcal 2 Youths Named

wait..Vile Jack goes to the white printer with appeals to Federal District Contest Winners

his souvenir book if he starts early enough to get burt and the O. So. Wins Scholarship

it down.but when he getshls church or funeral PI gh th C1 real t o f Appeal.. I CHCACOFQ Twe fft
I you* were nuned pubUe s'cah*
1 I,1 program ready on Friday and needs It for Saturday Both appeal were denied tnf wbTMr last *re4> smeni

: he takes It to the colored printer..and if hedoesn't although one court 23 contsstaocs repre.-lnf Chicafe's -

: << get it on tine he says the colored printer of appeals Judge disseate1 111 HI ch** it dwcloseel
orfanlMlesri rttrM-dey
was I ate..and the vile Jack son supports the Negro
third urns! rurpki RftiMaveefc.Kstfiy .
press only because: be wants it to blast the white The Court of Appeal *.&T 12. and ij...twr

man and because he knows the white press ain't last oath grant Ha stay Uoarot. Itt, akfv with abw.n

III I gonna support bin in his fight for civil rights. of execution pending a ..... ts prwtouj d'ra.win rep-

He also knows that it I. only the Negro press he detersinatloa by the8upre :-et_ Chicarys 4-11 caihs kswnpetUloos
+ durlv fie minoto
> court.
rI1 can turn to when he has been done an injustice or e Stan (sr Aeo 'l.fl" fprtofIUU.
wrongfully pnallze1.THE The Letal Defense fwd .
appeal to the 0 R. Supreme
: SAD PART about the mule thing in that Vile
Jackson does not realize 'that his attitude of ttc- court is base oa I (FIEE[ II. SliMPHetfc

trust and failure to support his brother la hurtIng three allegations, ...!.1 Of 1as.ren.

1 himself in the end even though ,he Slight see) 1. Naiwell was held In- --- r 1uIp...i. t. *MI. I..*a
a'ennlcaM.Mle police 1LUCMAI JOCT3D1( I'.
to be mini okay now. His selfish attitude toward vo..r* a bN.a Ta+ls.
Illegal searclof ef *ashiagtDn.lVC. after .
.y him brother is due to a century of brainwashingby an floor poll**" I tM-tr..
the white masters They' give a few Negroes some ale home to obtain winning the 'tine !s (*wile a Hw4 1h U. Le-
Tam Awerica" for
cnsibs a n Make' them look prosperous then convert evidence IHS |rl trrll.rw. I.t 4+j,
thm to pinps. tit rtiat'a. worse In that come poor 2. The death penaltyfor aatloa.ldbestytrat
contest has .beam i red *- I*lllflmi IEITAICEIIEI[
rape is a cruel and i
ew fools say Yea I'd be a plop too tf I could pull .
\ itiwn what. be was pulling down and live like he was unjust pulanneat, and sad accepted a '"r- via !X.MU m *'> a-1.1. *

Ihin,..."" Indeed THE VTLK JACKS! is the hapless is .applied la a ndallJdhctrl.hator year sehol' srshtpi! to

P- victim of the old divide and conquer technique. oanaerto PraoMlsg Cbilege.nrawh* 'MEffilK *
execute ,Negroes convicted lint. U.
4 HOPI!'(" HOW.CYCR It looks aa though a new day Is
brt hl..U tie recent _l-8uMlt. confab of of raplui white *.* lees M4nr MtIl.

II I political ...... ...| ass last....? ,_ M"' +a
II I Negro civic and. participants ean any
I thing. Providing petty Jealousies do not crop up ,. Negroes were excluded Cnurtft C 1b xtal .e.. ...... .. .Ltt.'un.

E and the participants do not allow taeaaelvea from the Jury !n.at pict.t.NAetn..n;
which eoavlcted hla.IEIP rrTEETHING' rt.arf.\ "tit e. .meat.
hit srn' are
masters the men who
to be divided by the wulte ,
\ three we hs ago at the Cl Dorado I. le"(. ...*. t.. eaIaee
gathered together
WAIUILWI u.. ..c..... f.,
: course for the eivte
could charter a new
U. telMM*. irT CM* er
I political and econontc life of Negro.S In jack- -'rs.st. tar .lthl. Roy.1 CreweCllr term. fill take elSie

\4 'hi.... '' sonvllle.even with n few pimps around' LAU mom tDt't.ohms' ?, 101leailag
.. nte.e la lr.+ p*,

\ bCUlrtl 111.4. m-mi. 1..-..4. *ajll.*. till
Slime', m..Ill.stla.ADMIRAL.

nice fwra ,*... prefer PAIN

Help Wanted Male F....eTRAINT1 ...... .r single a.. Cull
ssie DM-.ICI ttMrr r
III I T III 1L I 1Hev. 1 .-...*. :::. + ;= FENCES
? ? s ?
& Girls fREE Movies 1-...-..-. ...<-.-. *.
Boys .....look l Look't ;-Toung women who rrai. To train as \arltyper and Headline ""' IOU ittivwnr r
...... Oa Me orajelPfijir. '
list Hill Ti III Ritz TliitriOi operators.
3 Hurt Cab Cm
....... pw. "',-*... m f.
rply Fin. Star nth cMoncrief.
at" *tr* tt
Saturdays toriif TN former Sunday 2 'p. .. RA phone Iii lifttitst GILES

call*. IQUU 1sT. .RI.KIT
.( YOU CAN UN flU PIIZES 100 'mr U INf lard FENCE CO.
IEIP IIITEI DUE > bus. tlt h.a and k.".
.... w ........
Ias'hll ..".14 IOI\tat .....1..Call
Ills Slats Bur.s.. Ciitias II Cikts. itc. Yn>a IUX.21 to 2$. blab i nol cmdYlttr'm cal 11.4 .., he .reelt mil WIWA1lS
)>)-**/).n. < p.*
..,f 11 un...
Honest .
good character reliable prayer emu -. *!..are no MOMf /r DOWN

GRAND PRIZE A SHINY NEW SUPER SPEED ''BICYCLE Reffrrnce ..... fat re*. writ.
Apply [at. I to 1 p... fun. Ito HI HIT

T 1 l I 1 11 1 U 2 p... Florida Star 11th a >1 m. Mme w rt_tM .fine USTEI rilllE( I91AI1 f r[398-8252J I IIT

e/ltf. pOAUhfb norloft. lnf..rMtiOO. ....... *.Blf*, .. eases

Donu2> urcns TJK: AUTIIOIITY! op .M ecaoal. n*.r WM lls .It Cv .1d1..... (%I ... kit IT AIIU .