Florida star

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7080087 F20090413_AABOUT 00350.tif acbe174b0c5fa41845053ad7760df7f9b35354bedce0b30503032ee135eed5af25b6b696
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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200674datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date July 31, 1965dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006740740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
July 31, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
July 31, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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lardsLuIAer_ tlac Md Amid Porttt of Ut tt toarda Ut '..11. ..* sluts CD Mill Md MoUtr r.le... to itelt l Ui lists ..fltr.... fro. tin sea ] A Ils.1s out of Was If pMlle of Viol ".,TW,. (ICUItlMtd same to) ror.... aid of child rill s? .!'. ..*. .leant itticia sere rt- '.. the toHlkiB. .mt Ji tbay wee bsd.T1us c:.,... third Tactical COM Ml.n let a elect la tht a* fnd ihilttMCt. tatll. |iii''>,..*lMl y ......... u.. tbat btld
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to ft swat a .....tM to arvond cavalry To Serve Tat Judos board ttitl fro s, dftdifPitt v|.... I bass bto told to eliflfy 11I411 tfpotltlta to Mir*
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dtriBB tie 4tb Ut VI. &.... ._ IM Mtaroay seas sot iwllty pltM acre .. .oll. y froo HI* ., prutltilly bavlaitJMtr ad .."......" slatsc0s1 30 tto* +
pail t..y tore whlca> havttMt plo. I .... ay butt totboa eta bt list bit lift tottrvtTho till Lift Mvirlai ayMtlrt bMlttlaUt ball II "u .Ittn"Mi : to bur
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Mao a W' blgboay to IB octioo okllt tiMCodto L. ..,.a .,.. la civil a.rl.. ,.". III da.ttr a. i4at ty/ >.tltn iswle4. Ui tovtraoMl to tae
Bad, a>a. .. glen, ... oath tftorto. ttMlaotl... but of lie ability
.,.., d rMMool ."...., to *! .., lit I* plat of ..... ttrovorybtdy olllury optratlooo laBlck Otto a.. the rush of Ao aitrt,rtltt ,*...f aUa. .- Isis pi*.o4iro ttu btrlMt4lt oAOiuiaIT Wti ILi I +. paills.fndais., tttt*.i rmrd to tuy'"
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oa MMt>r to q. Nrt |', o.o .U. ...,.u, .s se4 sad MO Till. IT W TWUOJD4 ft Sap regard ,
Ills itrt,. | .., ...., Trop Pint Cavalry ... of .." pries tltotttarf set blb .....4 ..,...I ....'. alai ." M tae dlchoMraaltoo wield bt ,..11.' a job

(OMUattd oo Puss IB) J.sa4tss. Any 5 f U. tale 1.5$1a5.4 c.-,a peas pws U iSo tit >)> ...... la ,..,.. 04tlMt at hug ....., ," of o ,....,. (OostlSaN 5i N4t |B| a


.._ flE --
------ _.L_ !- --- ------- -


E" PLORiDA HEWS R)' L .1.1IRYING To Be Equal

published by the Florida Star, Publishing Company By WHITNEY M. YOUNG JR.

ERIC 0. SIMPSON..........Niitiiit Editor believe the time has cone for the nation
to guarantee its citizenry an annual
ALISON E. WISE............ Km Editor, income to enable even its poorest to rise

HILDA WOOTEN......... Circiliti.i laiifir out There of poverty.should be a flooran absolute mini

.- mum Income benath which no family or single
individual ought be allowed to fall.

7323 Mincriif Rut Phil ELjii 4-.7B2' SRO As a first step I recommend that this
line be drawn at $3,000 per year and that
Miiliil AddressP.O. Congress enact suitable leg -

Bn 561 1, Jicksoirillt 1, Fiends islation to see that every American -
family receives this

IJ sum each year.
; So that there is no misunder

738 NW 3rd AVI. Phots 311-1025 1 standing ty intent I mil attention -
to the fact that four

,w."i Ij out of every five Americans ,
qa living in poverty Is white. The concern of
SUBSCRIPTION RATES the Urban League Movement has been his-
One Year, $6.00 Half Year, $4.00 \ t
'torically focused on the needs of Negro
Mailed to you Anywhere in the United States
Subscription payable in advance y4t i But I cannot and would not' ignore In this
Send Check order to '
or Money
; NONE ARE HOOK proposal the crying need to attack poverty ,
HOPELESSLY THAHTHOJfH'HOFALSELY ENSLAVED Vnong white citizens as well as black ones.

FLORIDA STAR P.O. BOX 561 BELIEVE Neither could I Justify ignoring the fact
Jacksonville 1, Florida THEY MS J that the poverty cycle is almost as bind-
FREE? ing on white citizens as it Is on their
darker-skinned brothers
Tokenism-Pattern Of The Future? Under this proposal a family scraping along -
in poverty with an income of $2.000 a' .
When the chains of chattel slavery were year would receive a 1.000 supplement from I
stricken, from the limbs I of six) million Negroes TO MAKE AMERICA 'IRUL Y' FREE the Federal Government. The Government

the slavocracy cast about for some would pay the difference either in the form

A substitute' for the "pecullarrnstltutlon." j of money or providing the decent shelter
They found it in the substitution of seg ; in the form of rent subsidy.As .

rogation, and the doctrine of "separatebut FM Your W'e"ekly ;1Horoscope %: most economists know the last tat cut-

equal. benefited the middle-and well- -da.cl"sR.":. .
That was a .scant century ago The Negro : w ) :" '' es more than the poor. The excise tax cut--
Freedman, confronted by, the strange phe- ''." :v', i ," .:.*. '. enacted recently also aided prosperous. were.,
of Jim Crow fought back Instinctively ,< / "" '; ... ,
nomenon : .: : : chants as well as consumers.And .
Guide1y ',' .' .
recognizing in compulsory separationa j'f 11"" In my took, a nation which can enact -
new pattern of oppression and servitude.When ,- :<.-M. legislation to underwrite the ventures
those flrst"Whlte"4nd "Color;d" signs t ,.?,:: h\ ; 'I. < of Billionaire oilmen and !keep tariffs
went up they were readily recognizable as PABLO The ASTROLOGER C up to protect local manufacturers frail
the handwriting on the wall that was to g:: / 11 It I h h1a foreign competitioncan take steps to give

dictate the shapeof the century to come. <.', Its own poor a chance.
Now inour time we are undr. TO ing a Second WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR"LOVE "poverty"', said Labor Secretary 11. '11-

Emancipation as the unflnls 1 J business of .;- .... .,' ." lard nirtz:, "in being handed down ( from
the Civil War Is belatedly brought to con- 'A .' .BUSINESS I : ." A*:,. .-:;; .TRAVEL: : : generation to generation) in the social

clusion. genes 01 the PIufUS. mir eminent. cabinet
But just as the White 5upremacl stsof antebellum ARIES: EMPLOYMENT OR BUSINESS THIS BELIEF SHOULD YOU TO ACHIEVE SUCCESS IN officer also knows that it Is being hand-
I days devised and Imposed Segregationas Born March 21st thru OPPORTUNITIES THAT ARE FIND YOUSELF IN AN/ UNUSUAL WHATEVER 'IS OCCUPYINGYOUR del down from father to son in Appalachia
a substitute for slavery, their children April 19th APT TO OPEN U'. YOU MAY ROLE OR ENVIRONMENT MIND AT THE PRESENT on our Indian reservations in the shantytowns
Is' children are today search Ing desperately THE DEVELOPMENTS OF THIS FIND. NO ONE BUT YOU READY TAKE PARTICULAR TI ME.YOU MAY RE COUNTINGON that ring our southwestern cities
_ for a substitute for segregation.and FIRST QUARTER COULD ftC AND WILLING I TO PICK 1 THEM PAINS TO PROTECT YOUR SERVICE PERSONNEL AND crowded with Mexican Americans, and that

they think they have found it In token- THE FORERUNNERS OF THE UP. MATERIAL INTERESTS AND ACQUAINTANCES TO PROVIDETHE it is perpetual unto death for the aged

Ism--whereby many a school church, busi- PROBLEMS AND DIFFICULTIES 3-10-55-17-43-315 PARTNERSHIP TIES. NECESSARY PUSH THAT nnd the inform tucked away in squalid
ness, industry, labor union, and public a- THAT THREATEN TO 5-40-77-16-75-547 WILL, TAKE YOU OVER THI roominj houses! in our Inner cities..
gency admits one or more "token Negroes" BESET YOU FOR THE REST CANCF.R HURDLES. 'WHETHER THEY DO Sending children to school on empty bellies
as'proof that Negroes are' not barred, when OF AUGUST. AN UNUSUAL Born June 22nd thru LIBRA OR NOTPROBABLY, 'O".tI ; raising! then in coldwater, rat-ln-
In fact no more can get in. ELEMENT THAT MAY I INVOLVE July 22nd Born< Sept 2lrd thru I INFLUENCE i OUTCOME tested flats; stigmatizing then In vast

Tokenism, If permitted to become the pat- YOUR CLOSEST 'RI| ENDS AND Oct._ 23rd WHICH: APPKAKS' TO HAVE. A skyscraper! public housing. projects: kill -
tern of, the future, will' turn out to be no, ASSOCIATE* MAY CAST ITS IT DOES NOT SUM THAT '!YItU CAN ClT MORE JN- NHATIVC QUALITY. Ing their lucent ,pgr wl".rly ..lf.r.
'188. druJ"< a hoax than, was;, the "separate DI.OU'ITlIfIl 'H"o6. RI1NT' YOU WILL HAVE'MUC/lOtAY' FLUINCI THROUGH YOUR MENTAL 4-30-99-13-67-439 grants Intended nnly ,barely to keep them
by equal" fiction before 'It. FROM THE TART. THE FULL ABOUT WHAT TRANSPIRES (IN POERS WORLDLY EXPERIENCE CAPRICOPfl alive work a terrible hardship upon then
The Jewish people In America have long EFFECT THAT THIS COULD YOUR PARTICULAR ENVIRON.MCNT. OR ACQUIRED WISDOM Born Tec. 22nd thru and ensures their failure right from the
since found this out. In addition to all HAVE ON YOUR EFFICIENCY I NEIGHBORS OR MEMBERS THAN THROUGH SHEER Jan. l<)th start. It also works a drealful financial
firms which have barred MAY BE OF THE FAMILY ARE THEN A FEELING society Is bet
those colleges and OR NERVOUS SYSTEM PHYSICAL FORCE.WHEN THIS YOU HAVE hardship upon soclety--
them altogether, there are many more which FELT. THE ONE THING THAT APT TO LAY CLAIM TO YOUR KNOWLEDGE PENETRATES THAT YOU SHOULD NOT SIGNA ter off doing more than Just spending M
have adopted the so-called "quota system", YOU MUST NOT ALLOW TO UNDIVIDED ATTENTION III I THOU TOUR CONSCIOUS AS WILLS OOeuMEN T.TUVIL AROUNDOR billion a year to keep the poor alive on
their ratio In the total population, DOWN IN THE DUMP THAT YOU CAN AFFORD TO GIVE YOU MAY BE APLC TO APPLYIT COURSE THAT DOES NOT AP. It ,must spend( enough to infuse then with!
applied to the Negro, this would mean, YOUR FUTURE ABILITY TO LOVED ONES COULD CMATE JOB AND FOR THE PRESERVATION GIVE IT THE MUD THAT ITDESERVES. to protect them from Inter cold and year -
theoretically ( If the national population GET OUT. _GRASP AT ANY CERTAIN DOMESTIC PROBLEMS OF GOOD HEALTH. ALTHOUGH/ OTHERS round rats, and to educate then and retrain -
ratio were used as the measuring stick) STRAW.NO MATTER HOW SLIMIT THAT MAY GIVE YOU VLOW THEVIMATIONS THAT CAN BE VERY INSISTENT TO them for productive citizenship.

that roughly every tenth employee ina given MAY SEEM, FOR IT COULD CAUSE: FOR CONCERN REGARDING ARC TRY ING TO CONVEY THIS HAVE YOU ADOPT THEIR Now I know that critics of this plan will

firm, or student In a given school wouldbe IE THE ONE THAT SAVES YOU. THE FUTURE. DO NOT MSSAaC TO REACH YOU. POINT OF VIEW, THEY MAY say that It will Inspire the indolent to
a Negro. 8506615968M; 1 ALLOW LOVE TO FLY CUT OF THin WILL PROVIDE THC NOT REALIZE THAT YOU CAN live off the! dole permanently. And I pre-
While this would represent ,very consider- WINDOW AT HOME FOR THCRE GUIDANCE THAT YOU SURELY BE EQUALLY DETERMINED TO sume there nay be small handful nf In-

able "progress" as compared to where the TAURUSBorn IS NO TELLING WHETHER IT WILL NEED SMARTER| AND' HOLD ON TO YOUR 0.... .IF corrlcMe citizens who might attempt to
Negro stands today, the quota system Is no April 20th thru WILL EVER COME IIAC..[ [H FOR THC: REST OF THE MON YOU DO HAVE TO 00 SOME- play Uncle San for a sucker.mtt' you know,
more compatible with the American Ideal of May ?0 f h IF YOU MANAGE TO START TH. HIlt, TAKE THE TYPE OF we arc the hardest orklng nation on earth
equality of opportunity and free compe- THE LUCKY ONES AMONG OUT ON A TRIP, YOU ARE 2-90-44-18-25-294 CONVEYANCE THAT YOU CONSIDER Our citizens are the pout Industrious. 1ft

tition than Is segregation or tokenism.As YOU WHO CAN MANAGE TO LIKELY TO ENCOUNTER CERTAIN -. SCORPIOBorn SAFE AS FAR AS YOU have gone further and faster toward unprecedented -

the token Negro becomes an ever more I I ESCAPE YOUR DAILY DUTIES DEPRESSING INFLUEN.CES Oct. 24th thru ARC CONCERNED. oronaerlty than any nation in
familiar' feature the American landscape, EVEN WHEN IT IS ON THE WAY. Nov 22nd -20-3).1'-7..21 recorded'history
It would be well for Americans as a wholeto FOR, JUST A SHOUT WHILE 7-30-22-14-34-732; FRIENPLV RELATIONS WITH Nearly all those who dwell In poverty today
make up their minds now that neither WOULD BE JU1TIFIED IN AQUARIUSBorn are victimized by conditions beyond
tokenslm nor the quota system will do as DOING SO AT THE PRESENT LI\O 23rd thru FOUR DOMESTIC AND' PUNIC,... Jan. 20th thru their control, ill health blindness, disability -
Born July
a pattern for our future. TIME. THE TAUREANS( WHO Feb 18th for son; racial retMcGinn! ,
The fact Is that tokenism Is not alto- ARE BASKING IN THE SUN START STUDYING YOUR PERSONAL geographic disadvantage and automation for
gether new: the white power structure has AWAY ROM HOME SHOULD REMEMBER THE PERSONS WHO KNOW FOR THE OTHER DISAPPOINT OR JOINT ECONOMY others. Not'll of the enjoy their plight and
long tried to "buyout" certain of their THAT SUMMER ROMANCES WITH A VIE OF REMEDYING very few appear to
counterparts In the Negro community, not WHICH 'INEVITABLY MAY BE nw TED TO ABUSE TO ", ,,IIt. SOMEONE CLOSETO ANY WEAKNESSES' THAT MAT of personal choice
alone with dollars but also by permittingthem BECOME PART OF THEIR BE INHERENT AS WELL AS Let us give poor
shake OR TO GET YOU TO UNDERWRITC TO POll A SERIOUt PROBLEM security not a* charity
to "crossover" at Intervals, PLAYFUL ACTIVITIES SCL APPARENT. THC FAILUM TO make their own
I hands, smoke a cigar, and fraternize In DON CAN PASS THE TEST OF ENTERPRISES THAT OR PERHAPS EVEN DISAPPEAR DO SO, WILLINU.Y OR IN but as their rightful herltag to better
various other limited ways-all with view TIME I AND FAMILIAR I! tNVIRONMENVl. SEEM MUCH TOO RISKY AT FROM YOU" E"'vI' RON- PROPER TIME, WAVIER thenselves as .nl n,.

to persuading them to persuade the Negro ..-- --.-.---..All-- TMt SIGNS THC PRESENT TIME. BEFORE lilt",," NOT FOREVER FOR WILL BRING, A CRISIS INTO .
masses to stay put and toe the I line. POINT TO LETDOWN SHOULD YOU AGREE TO ANYTHING A MILE. .IT WOULD SE A '11"'. ADVERSELY AFFECT Stardust
going to stay put or toe any such lines. ALLOW THEMSELVES TO BE TIME IN ORDER TO M* SHIP RELATIONSHIPS. THE |
merican I life I and they will not be deter MAY BE HAVING DIFFICULTIES WILL' ENABLE YOU TO IU'- OR GOING' BACK TO AN OLD doubt President L.R. Johnson isj
red by anyone"f any color. OR DEPART' FROM YOUR CISC 0000 JUDGMENT. 1MISCOULD ONE. MAY DO THE TBICl destined to becoat one nf oar greatest
The future of America's twenty million SOCIAL CIRCLES ALTO. BC INSTRUMENTAL' |H INADVERTENTLY OR NOTFOR SHOULD VIII?Nut CERTAIN president! since Abraham Lincoln,nd 'ru.: -
Negro citizens does not hinge upon gettinga CETMER. AIDING YOU TO' FOttSTAU THE RUPTURE LOVING THAT THIS It NOT JUST liD Dolano Roosevelt Rut this dnea not

token Negro, or even a quota of Negroes, ,*20-60-t3-69- POSSIBLY HEAVY LOSSES ATTACHMENTS THE UfI""OIT WISHFUL THINKING. .ute him Impenetrable to crltlclM .
Into what has hitherto been "white nan's THAT COULD ENSUE, FROM PROVIDED BY A 2-50-u-)-47-252 Regardlea. of bow some people feel .*
land. For that would not mean per se PISCESBorn resent the underhanded attacks being .. U",
the condition or prospect twenty Feb. 19th thru by sot members of our newp staffs. -
Million had Improved one March 20th One Null resident has described Kr. John-
Our job will not be done until circumscribed THC SICKS ARC: MULTIPLYING YEAR. THIS SHOULD Mall coati. ton most notably
black ghettoes Negro schools, and nUT A a.I"" IN YOUR IT EASIER TO SEVL IDEA -IO0-iI 17.52.III |T IS POSSIBLE THAT C- lie Is the kindliest w>rAt coapasslonate

Negro jobs have been wiped off the map. AFFAIRS IS ABOUT TO MME THAT APPEAL 10 ADVANCED YEN YOUR CLOSEST ALLY president since Lincoln. He la OB* of the
And we don't propose to spend a century AN APPEARANCE IN A SPECTACULAR AND. PROGRESSIVE INDIVIDUALS SAGITTARIUS MAY FIND FANJET WITH VOW oat effective of all presidents He gets
under tokenism before pitting on with It MANIC. "*. TAKE TMC OR ORGANIZATIONS. Born NOV. 23rd thru VIEWS OR TECHNIQUES' THAT long with CongrtM better than any other
Dec. 21st OUT orDATS.
either. OPTIMISTIC' VIES. Till toIO-U-U--"I% COULD president ever has. He hit canted Con-
YOURSELF THAT A CHANGE VIRGO tress to enact some of the most benevolent
11I5>tIM. .. .ih VERY OFTEN It NECISSARv Born Aug. 23rd thru ON" YOUR OUTSIDE ORORLDLY CAST TO TAKE CRITICISM.COULD the swat htntan B-"res ever to be*
Re* white,v blue cklp TO THC ST MAO AN THAT INDIVIDUAL HAS BEEN ON. Sept 22ndALTHOUGH YOU WAy BC PLACING THEM THE PISCIMS It WHOSE FIUINGS cosie .1.wH.. has courted the press" moreardently
than any other resident.
taveotiMtatBey MAY BC Tilt 'INSTRU- NEMNT IN THE VIBGOAN *', INCLUDING HUMAN |r YOU CAN ..... le agree with the HUH resident that
President Johnson has not cade major
v... .....*. ..... THIS COULD sitNirv THE SPECTACULAR row we BEST COULD BC net ONE FACTO US TO AftSH INBMAA 04 mistakes said aa harsh oar leader word about sot has he publicly -
handshake and the Ioo1.claaoroa applaase.He .
LOll TiCCBOPTHE |M el YOU TO' OVERTHROW NAVE BEEN STRIVING HAIR 7r O44t37$4 deserves this praise

"., -. :- 'I' ---:,- -.- :-: L,-. -.: "- 'IIII,\ ; -i",,,,\.. \\IG'''" ';' II .. iL' .."-, ..,...-." "..''I' ,"jrlill"l. l .( '.."-,,- v' ..

I "r-w. ) ,'j' sr'sr'l ,


Vacationers Enjoying Sunshine State Head Start Earns Masters, ,Scholarslifp

I I Weddings I 1 ."\ :4V,W',\.';:' Pupils Jai Zoo Visit :

.. 8th St. 27.Wilfred \ With sons 190) childrenparticipating
Croxton fart.Jr..Phil* ,
: liny for
adelphle, Pa. '25 and 8.Reddlck. 1979 .
their first Use pupils
Sara C. Jones, 1139 W. .. 6th St. 21 snd/Swai-
of the Bolden College of
19th St.. 23. cblyn Uoooln, H39Stt le. ,
Music" a Heed Start Pro
Gilbert Howard jr. Ct., 18.
1923 tenon St. 27 and The!nous Ttk-aa.1043 V. gru had an enjoyable i
trip to the Jai Zoo led-
hole Mat S lth. 1019 18th St. 46 and Betty
Eaveraon St., 22. Jean Ihl tel 2319 Teal
'The prounow In Its
Xebedee Dupree, 903 St.. 19.
Tyler St. ,67 and Ada I.tadcraon.2111 Lee Otis Barett. Phila seventh week, has pro
vided friendly
Per St. delphia Pa.,31 and Lois .1'1I.
C'. and highly Instructional
60. Ptrnell Green, 2616 ,!N.' ,
Lee Jackson: 1528 *. Myrtle Avs. 19. atsnsphere' for children

27th St. 71 and !Nola' Rowan H. Hall Jr. t. being oriented for en*

prentls. Miss. 27 and trance Into first Grsde.
Moor, 1530 1. 27th St..
SSe Mary K. Miller Atlantic Each child has receiveda

Rlbert Brow.1337 Stafford Beach fla. thorouih physical sianination .
17. HONOR' GRAD n Wellknown local beauty shop operator
8t. 39 and U11U Elijah C. Robinson. 1411 by local doctors Mrs Calile Jachson was esird.dhenlaster's

Bell house 1749 t. 11th I. 22nd st. 18 sad and enbera of theCity Degree ID Cosmetology last !Sunday from National I

St. 42.Louis Rosetta E. sshlngtoa, Health Dtpartacnthich ) of CoMstology during coanencesent exercises
.IIAnO'simi.rTL a >t*"sra t'lhw'eja"ol PJojd esl, sad fanlly, nMely Lynda 1.1. Included shots. Institute
I. 25th St.
Lee Collins. 7209Inrlni 1475 18
'. held In the Hilton Hotel, Washington, ac. I
Scott Dr.. 32 and Charlie Carpenter 829 nola, Lyvonae. Ella lads Patty. Clarsneo Jr. Charlie and perry of grakane, Children .needing A rther An honor student, she was also swsrded a scholarship

Ines Jones 7209 Irving I. Duval St. 23 sad Waah. have been entertained during n roixid.of social,, events hosted by Mrs.. attic ion have been referred for advance study st .Mr.Robert Stance School d

Scott Dr.. 32. Louise Jones, 829 WDiiTal flossie Brewer. Mrs. Eloise t ond. Mrs. Florida ,BransonMrs. Reaths Houston to doctors and of Special Designing In coenetology.New York City.
Mrs. Essie Mcdoud. II'.. ailrjey Sullivan, Mrs.. Sadie King I..t. Mrs. LyvonneTenplo d n tints.
RobtjMes Blaloe, Jr. St.. 11. Mrs. Jackson plans to start work. toward her '.shiDI D. D. C. 29 and SM Hurt 11,4131 Spires and Mr. and Mrs. Oscar J.Hlllnan. Trips to the beaches sod Marineand Other eduatlonal tours rets. sb. Is a leaber of West Union BsptistChurch
st. 29 and were also accorded the vial tors. the children
Beverly L. prognuaned for
Mortise B. Boers 1224 and president-founder of Local 30. Trichol0gists -
.. Iilgbt,1018 I. 27th StVehicle this sunaer Included Bewtidns League Y

Readied For NitiMr. onwide Tour the airport, fire

I .efCl station, Jai TlnalnallChI

lf/.e euJuf l 14..11' s Museusi, local Oweas Illiaotstwites Barracks

parks and sites of In-
terest.Psrmts were also CM Meets Saturday
Recently, allege students fro. every section of
invited to seco.penytheir
the United States, Including Hawaii have been the children M the' Holds Meetiag Election of delegates to

gueeta of P-dward Waters College,They were here for too, .emphasizing the national convention
over a nth.The purpose of this integrated, conecltntious Planning to suspend ac to be held In Tpa.iU
phase of the IkIldm: progran
group of young people has been to enoouraie which Includes !'&. tivities for the month .tur.a.tllrday'12, p...

;: M't' !Negro' parents to send their children to rent Participation.The of August the 0.... Illinois .feting of Gateway Bar

predominantly white schools if such a school Is Ladles Club held acts 3U1 JoeJanen.*
five local center
itch closer to then than a prtdoslaaotly Negro n Club Vacation acting unity Center 13th and
R, have held s current total
school In the palatial hone of Gnintha Bts.Conander .
of ten parent Infer
This progrM vas under the direction of the !National stlon Meetings since Mrs. Odessa Bailey, 15JS J.B. Irving

Student twCA. the progran ..launched. Vast :25th It. All unnn- Br. la desirous of a full

The Jack IIIInll h Pilot Project, as it is teraed. The professional staff shed business vas trwnsaetedi attendance of Buddiesand

.", t", daily to interview ptrents la various sections has prepared an Interesting world War I veteran
of the county. Hi ring the social Interlude and their dependents who
Parent and Teachers
c4 It ... Matted that Met of the Interviews were Intonation Bulletin Mrs Alike Jordan _tub to Join the Retracts

very III rou ra 1111.. on the school and and Mrs. Lucille J.rr.1lure ) and Its Auillttrr.Cblor .

Many of our local youths Joined the group and the recipients" of Bearers are urgedto

worked with Uteei on Otrir daily esigne).it. coMunlty which. covers lovely birthday gifts, be present without

: Their social and recreational activities were health educational, nutritional following whldi ho.'.. fall In order to meet
volunteer and
nuNerous, such ss swlMlag st the YMCA trips to Bailey served n varied with I their Chief. Joe 1
services .-
... ..". 'ni* lOAD-Lanlltclllt1lp_, Internationally red poet, busurist end play Jacksonville and Asertcen Beech, parties at hnaea coaeunlty and tasty buffet lun- Young.kiddles.
vail able to the parents11th
uridutsonvwatss. agreweat with Miss Jay QoodJette Base, president of PAUYAHftCTDR. of local dtiiena and picnics etc hand chain.Present. ( are al.u reQuested .

a New Tort based public relations n... Mold will handle the road tour Before 1.."ilL the group expressed their tpre to date 76 persons volunteers on have for the event to call on ...'

of Mr. Hughea play, "Week Nativity." elation for the onurteeiee eitended UII -. sets Mrs. Ruby fields, here who are confined
... ... ... ... be.. the nalnstsy of the
fariah factor baa been retained to act In a consul tan t capacity for the publicity 6 K III'.. tens Melton, Mrs with Illness I In their
prdgran with their supervision -
sod pronotlon of "filec Nativity" and to act u the soliciting agent Dr. Jawes H. drew and Capers Bredhaw will r.pn.- of ln.and out Ardel trice Peters, .Mrs. vara here.Cuwianitrr Irving

for CDI h..h..1 U.. and civic organisations Interested In having the play s..it the local chwpterof Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity Allle Lee Jordan, Mrs nintlttded.

presented fay their hone nit!... durtsg the NUt general omventlonof Alpha Phi Al> door play,of reading other, vol recniltoent -* Tr..... Morgan, Mrs. 'IbereU. OI""I' AdultRegistratita

Phi fraternity. ISA. The seaaloa will) beheld at Pearson, Mm.
wateers In sdditloa to
ill .-.' ._ _t ....__.... the Chleago-futrrakM Note fit* August S'12 J.M _....,.. Msh ....-.,,, Nellie Myrlcb, Ir' Mary. .
ThMieof the nvMtion la'tttttlmlng The Tkrael : .,....."' '', am Nye}. .
Jist Us Clear for Quality of opportunity. ," lag and. the performing ttit. If'.. leellledan

I stfO deliveryKEN i Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity W>e oldest of Negrofraternities of other service. rat, Mrs. Rhnnnle Nlnr /Mtferway/
The progran ends Aug. R.gistrstloa. for a4uits
end B.1|
vas founded at Cornell University, leton, Hostess
To Hold Aeg. 13. aiding| on attenitlng "
Ithaca. .N.T. on Dwcesber 37, 1904. Jean C. Down* I ley.Macedoila .
sight" elaaeesatCoupein
sad Mra. frenk ford, Mr. and ".. Charlie lag Is president Of the local chapter.A .
AU" 1309 I. U.ndIt.
.. ... ...
6 Celebratteiollswtag ... Scherfvles Woswa'i
ft Day
1724 .. 2nd Street !Boy. Hsrrls.1993 I. nth ot.. I I : _. Is no e wide rear tor
Mr, and Mrs. Willie* 01 fI.Mr.1. Of latereat to Jsctenavtlle society Is the annouireMit Mrs Aisle MfOraw ell I The event win III..' the ..,1,...,t...bercaM*

G* blo, 312 Lee Inset and Mra. Leroy Capers their r..eular br Mrs. Walter Roblasnn of the ..rn... be the ontUg service progrannlng of the.
Boy. 548 Jessie of Miss todren noble ana to %erwnn Louie Jeee.. .,. church's sad psstorssnnlverssry. ea.Clasaen
Street ....loa held Thsrsdsy speaker and Mrs. Alice ell I b.h.ldoa (
of ..d.ra. curler johnens of Nee Tort City
Mr. and Mrs. Jenee Ls 101.Mr. sight In the hnoe of Mr. Mr. Burroughs sill be guest Monday Tuesday and

nter. 3442 Japonlcn Rd and Mra.Oscar Toung. and Mrs J.w. Rsye. 4MM eat July 3. In Otarlestoa .ftriulh Cerollns soloist It ice MM>ince4 Officers selected .hiring Thursday sightif each

Boy. 4436 Inuit ,U lace, Mississippi RA..Tb. Just This.,. A. Uako offlclat*!. after the ...." of MS the recent neetlngsfet M.I.Thnee.
7e bride Is fotller11..t .t Ltsmis Buelaeeeallege
Mr. and Mra. Albert tr"f. Os nodal evags Club>> eekiftle Baptlat Church dual ring refresher

rooka, 3118 Moncrief licitmtt} litns la Isvltlsg other clsbs of Ja *eMve.The h.rs&S PhotoAtppllee to eetllse flasl plans Mrs. Allle Lee Jordw, or nee onurse. .111|

Road K y.Mr. art gaaale ford "'.1..t".r sad friends to sttesd fcrlde-grooej Is the oefier of for the Runny, %ig. 2* dial ,.SA; Mrs *.... ..1. h. ,".r." such subjects
end Mra! frank Jones, 11)1 ..23: +d8t. their frlday night (.,., of ttls city.The annual .,..' I Day ob Ins ..4.,.. JnNsale, M.elisp. setheold and Nee Teeta-
GI: r1. eowple will reelle st their nee base, I17TIwstte .., socSslr......
1414 Cowrt f reports hsvtsg spent S t) party In the hoe of Drive this cit,. aervvic e1t_ N1tnrt.

Mr. end Mrs, Oeorie plesuat'acetic. with the president. Henry ... N e.. B4l ... s ...
Hsguley, 2002 Pal atoa relatives and frlwde la Calf. 4422 ...t Vlrglals
.. .rriac..r
., of special let ere* a the "
Rtreet, Clrl.Mr. Alta". III.ra.Miaiater. Rd
Elsie Is.m4.rs and Le trneet ehltleot.jslf
end W ft." Marry Calne.wth Is a ..- Clubs, whlrh .... presented Joan .
.... 2..la the use of the pride In Washington N ighle.Tb.Ii .
U1 % lit Jav.Bch. her of t. Past All IsvtUtlees U
efflcl te4.
". father T. Vlscoit Harris "
.. an. a..ft" the Just Cs Social A.' )o
The bride Is the daughter of wrs. eM| J. w-|
viags Club M' the gH-
s. jr. end ..,nr* H. AMsdvra.T .
erJ putkllesrecnr4sllyInvited ','
e ert4groan's ,.,.t. are Mr. and Mrs. Nsf41'I
to .11 01 frloayIcht'ssffalrwMeh
..111lusters tl.c1.
**lleelagtherec4>tloa.the oxole left on s short
social laterIsoeof -
s hna. .rw. trip,
oaMdi. ..,YI"/
They .111 to at .hnoe In WeahlsgUM Heights.. Some people

.. I In .f refreeteients and the ... S5.. 1N. g...
raffling of s cash er Is eh. the
MlghJlghtlai the actlvltlenef eves g

translator .*.K _er Bridge Oro. net st the home of the wll-

lie .t....\.It. HI *. Mth 1C ... the ...,.II of stick a label ontiieirdietcolao

grand ,r1... to those eU the top emulative eo*

r PTA Grog re* for all e*.a of ..*.Utln slay

Oral prt" vtsners sereMarie B. Models, first

kstsHs Officers Brit* Owes "'Nh', ....f ,riie. '.....11 IK-

Rae>> third ,rti.. a4 .,., Murray berth prli.
...,*... to Johnnie Mlt
The p-TI CfMndl efrtetrKt CMaalatle* ,rl
4 ,...ucte. Its rhell, >tn ,lac; liaise urbane. tt' ,ls r. and.
lsstallstie..wtis/'- warte Btreet for stte..ee. ftf .v.|re sore ore

(_u, st ftteaton loci ...(.. to all ..h.re of the gio *. \Ve

tloisl Ida lID l with tof.* The glow .*.. flans to eontlMS with the hrtdseeeelene

er aoMrtl pree| ..'. I. tLtseehoSI _...t..

.. .....
tare4crsft. pre stake name
'M 9av t Reve Tto .. T* Town tit Ct our
,.. felle",1sg .rn..,.

ere Mrs.staJe sslo M. ....iw.Preeldat LOW PRICES on ours.

Ira. Edith
011 fwr
KNIGHT Tsylsr. vice preelfceU.Mrs. .

fkerets Mesklas, DRUG STORE NEEDS
first .. .. preeldeat*
-Invite* You To LIsten To- Usnle Miller seossdvice Tts4e with f"r lielsa.rh. Dreg sore

PtiSI ...,. Mrs.Rey Wl WtU. WKET AWT PUCKS sash fat LOCAL P.roa.>

fceblaeee, ,He rw- We fielleet, s. also>> fill ail O....,. presellgtla.

DC lAND lag secretary; .,.. 8.Oeens. .

..al.t.., re*

sNlag secretary; It*. Dixie Pharmacy '
"DANCE PARTY"It'll Lnln.. aI .... &* .

fetaryu..... httnesrtl..iarir ..
Mrs. un lilts lu It MirtJi bUll

: 1 1I t1121ttlltly Margaret Wright, blimn. .
-. ec-ltte. alai.,. Pirns Fiji > 5MMIPIT JI

$ ,.. TI 12J1 I... .M, .,.. .. a.'ley. '1 A ,.'" ,

tree. srer _< Mlw w Hit lair I1UI ill TUIflllCmis

pbll ..! *., SBMttteeer.
.. 1400 WtttC 1400 ... IT in urn I


W 1 ioicE p '


Along The Church Pith Mt. Ararat Jaxons Spark Testimonial Fete P. -

By ALBERTA J. WILLIAMS District Plans ., I
RRU) 'fTON--Tb1. wonderful lovely city was the
netting for one of the greatest conventional meetings Annual Event 7EE BIBLE ; ,
slam nee.
ever witnessed In this area for the state re Ie sasta N.ori ( .4
The 17th anniversary of 0 CA0 IX ae \
cently.Hundreds of sabers and friends of the pro I ti
gressive Baptist State Sunday School' District 20 of lit. Ararat

end BTU Con van tlon, attended the Oo 1de 1 Baptist Church and the PEACE AND ACCESS
Jubilee] of the organl rations. 22nd of Its leader. Deacon
T. Therefore bring jiuliftd Itfaith with Co.!"i\II mir full and) (We ..
M. Brown, will beheld lit"
The beautiful new St. Paul Baptist ..
J : u-. foil leave with C.dtinwgA Into III prewiH'rt UIHIMT| 1 lildwliivof
Church was an Ideal setting for the 11J Sunday AUK. 15 at ..n out Liml Jcttu Christ; byuluim II'..... far too tilthnpiwixiiliil.
!gathering.Fven the grounds were most 3 p.s. It was announced 'co, 1f alto we lave sera ." Tldnk i of UKtmiMkT .4 our, frvof
beautifulmaking the rest more pleasant this week. : I f.-- ((1',".,. 3:1. 2)). alrr.a III C..I; I.."., ile tic R,"ie,
for ever,one. "Speaking of the j Vie program follows: "Brlnff|iutifi,,"l. .wr lute peace tie t'niuvw'. inn t... ,w |,,'M IM.
with Cml"! \\hit a prkrkiM blewIngt confitV-nlly In-forf. I ilia
new church, well It will stand ss a MRS. WILLIAMS Selection, M t. Ararat / : WV lwIker. to lake .,. ,4
f ore prom KJlltV"HI Due""" "' n i-"ln the
cunument! to Rev. H.H. Robinson and the devoted and Baptist Choir l; scripture ,, thin blvMlng. altogether Inn ,ninth ....,.."
J loyal 1 hit,. Mrs. M. Savoy; In "' .. .- foe granted. 'Let I.. tl..efwr. n", '
Or. Robinson, the former pastor of Mt. Sinai Bap- vocation Deacon John \ ... Since the- day wr IriMhxl Clirbt" imto ties llinxM- <4 .TJII-."lint WYnuv
Si don selection !. I and the kiinlcn of .in rolled away, ..... .
flat C'hurcb of Jacksonville, was happy to host J. ; t .tln im-n? aol .hurl
the v1 ..... .. of hate "hl KT.KT to
'iT.oI ( tIwYglw.thm
--. -rf.j. .f moot IM nrtrr an twill in linknf.
Convention. The Convention program Choir 1; Introduction of ,' J | ahmil our Henuil' dctiny; minT (IH. 4:Int.Lt | .
,"4. ,(J.wa'hhhJ1&htedttYoutstllldinlllUalc. mistress of ceremonies; ,I'. and we lone begun to take It far in mni-r f.'I1'1II.|ult till.| lift i)
1 Mrs Heard mistress t:; ,>Ii,ilt'II' W"I 11".1.,1 Gw I".
nary K. ;
lemons addr.ue'lRd the other many ; granted. \\> fail' to appm-titr wif- la
(; ; J items which make up an ideal presen of ceremonies, ._: f; ::1 1' j fit""ntl" wluil It niraiu In hi' tJ>U- .11 theiwwfcmn,t lout inn tin lilnml. l.rn) ..f C1iri...11:1

tation.personalities with great Interest Mrs. Willie Mae Reed; TRIO SINQ5-Members of the Johnson Sisters Trio of Jacksonville, pictured here to arir in the pawning, go a1Nmtour In Alp Hill/ glut "P KlktmiMiruKii pwt,4w'lIil.). It
were many. welcome Mrs. Frannie helped to provide musical entertainment during the testimonial banquet given bmlneM during up In tincnfiMlminiM' at
11' Those gracing the doings were She- Judge. last weekend at Pomona Park Fla. for Mrs C. e. Nelson Daniels grand worthy nigh.t. always wMirrd lh.il thnxiiili Inenuht mnif iif If.|..Lnr
t' rl f f Kenneth Gl ass who reveal ed agreat Also, response Mrs. matron Order of the Eastern Star, Florida Jurisdiction P.H.A. CHIT lams mlentptiir I work wrhac fiw"Hut?
j love for music. Although youthful Dora Black: selection.Philadelphia "pent with Gml" unit rairrtonwl inn lluftinfi\l>nllin.n.lxjj-
-- N'-.. l,. fitli-r inlit tin-
droliny hi Surely llif" Mfty titw ,
RAY SAMS he !ooJdaa31'yesr record as s church Chorus: Miss C. J. Brown Mrs., McBride Young Peoples knowledge ithmiM merwlxliit"ft' choir, director which reading John Garner
he ;
shoved in his sincere ad- hearts with cmiftUnt griitiliKle and 'A MIHOK/bring M y..//0'. d "..
drr s.Hon. Mayor sterling Hal :20 years In office selection Penal Gospel To Appear In SchedibsAnniversary Sunday Aug. 8V4nftssa hale II pnvfmiml tflVrt/ upon, mir I' luitli ii>_.c,, allow.e..rAnwc/i fnrll. '
<-*18 unusual in his Wednesday morning address. Chorus; History of Mn9 ,B* f> tHdrfS M *HwMRS. dan"'IlIIlof. tlut M to.'v.Ill*fn' (IH..
Rutledge Pearson was 'top o' the no m' on Priday. District 20. Miss Sena Sunday Recital w The companion Mewing. to'pralr'Heroiaes III:I')J. 211).

/lie was accompanied by his devoted brothers Bell Flournoy; Introduction y 4
The school of Methods was largely -I of speaker Rev Supported by numerous
attended with Rev.. j.S. Stephen! Dallas! J. Graham; speak local gospel singers and Of Jericho Hold

and Rev. M.J. will ins; doing a fine er, Rev. Dallas J. Graham groupsMrs. Angelina McBride -
Successful Annual Institute
job of Dean and assistant Major| ., ; speaker Rev. A. F. will J celebrate her

objectives, realized Cunning/ ; remarks. Miss eighth anniversary Sunday KI9SIMMEC-.With Purity Court 249 serving u bo.t.

T.J4'rYl ce. on Thursday evening, ,. Willie A. Young president at 8 P... in Mt. A- the Most Worshipful Union Grand fburt. Heroines of
brought the fulfillment which: the ; Deacon M. I Brow, rarat Annex.participants. Jericho held oneof its most successful annual Mld-

ProgreHMlve has looked for .. down I leaderbenediction; Rev. will 1 include Susner Outing institutes in Its 10-year history.

throuGh the years, The speiwasres-j Dallas J. Graham pas : The opening session, ............. .........
ched Sunday when another person PEARSON tor. t The Gospel Chorus of conducted by Deputy. net with all of the fil

accepted the invitation to rededicate her life to Philadelphia: Deacon King was turned over ings.
I rhrifttlan I St. Paul Baptist Saturday's netting opened -
service.HO Solomon Tlmmons Star to worshipful Putyp.M.
!1. we were wondering we could stand anymore Church Services Lights, Mrs. Mar Goodman ,Frailer president of at 9:00: a.m. by
hut we did; for we shall never forget the annual and the Celestial LATTi..)'5 the Council followingwhich Heroine Laura I.Canpbell

nitlress! of Mr. Co I. Scott and the Rev Leon T. Sunday's services will Singers Famous Neal Mrs Alberta Lattlmore. the usual. businesswas I.R.G. ; Heroine Frances

Freeman They were perfectly different In matter begin with Sunday schoolat MISS C.J. BROW Sisters, sllTtralres.Mrs.jes founder will serve as discussed, Morris, 1\ a.II. ; and A.M.

liut completed unified in purpose and aim with 9:30: a.... with Deacon Soprano Carol Jeanne le Lester Choir hostess when the Young Upon presentation of Heroin Ramssy opened
(l'uhUcJ1hown appreco, .lon. Edward Jefferson, superintendent will be presented in a 3 of Mt. Ararat. Mt. Araraf Peoples Union meets Sunday illustrious] r. Do Gibson, the workshop with the
Tie! Convention wisely reseated Mr. Scott of jack and Instructors recital Sunday, Aug. 8 a COOl 4, and Male! at 3 p... in Union information was receivedto presentation being di rec-

iwnvllje and Rev. Freeman of Bartow to his eighth in charge of In. at 5 p. .. In the ..udi'tonllllOtspnnlH1Jl Chow a, all choirs of the Community AMR Church the enjoyment of the ted by Grand Court Historian
term.Rev.. struction. Baptist Choir Union Mrs Rub,. Beaver and verson Sta. attendees The meeting May bell Taylor.

J. CoaM.., the general president presided Deacon Jefferson will Church, 2808 Buck- All J an, Mrs.Vivian Cherry Rev J. McCray paator. was then closed and the'tiJcaUon Upon adjourning, the

luring the 'Tresldait s Hour" and major business be usistedbyMi Th eora man St. under the auspices Mt. Bethel's Junior Male Comprised. of twelve Board meetingwas Institute journeyed to
!><>rio'l4 on Thursday Chorus, Royal TabernaCle groups who will sing the Jaycees Lake where aan*-
Leld ns. Mrs L.V. Cru- of the youth De opened with president -
\Pn..Rev. H. B. whltehurst and the St. John mady and Deacon BraitonLove. partment. Choir, Bethel Baptist eClair audience's favorite nun- Rosa L. Jenkins ptuous dinner.
'<'ii(>tlBt Church will J do the Nest, year's institute
honors In 1968. Keep in The lesson will be Miss Brown, who is a 2. bent they are: presiding after being
VI nL' reviewed by the pastor nb.rofna"spnn Bap Also. Rweetwater Spei The Bucknan.. Harris Introdiced by 11'. Do Gibson. will be hosted. b, Dade

your Life Holds MeaningFor Rev. 4 "!. Taylor. tilt church, was an honor ghts Singers Triumph H.rrhtll. Harrell, Jack A tit. close remarks City, Deputy Mvhell Taylor '
someone eI......... Holiness Choir Excel announced.
Morning worship at 10:4): graduate at New Stanton slot son. Lattlmore. McGowm.Sllveralres were made by ,->st
Our lives hold meaning lagers, Mrs. McCloud Ttielmsret Ancient Matron IAaJ John-
will] commence with the High School Class Charch Plans
For Christ." deacons in charge of devotions of 1913. Lonnle Samuel United tes, Thomas Traveling 1In. Otheu heard from

Prayer Bands usher Board 2 lille at Stanton she Gospel chorus LtDft Olio Stars Gospel! Pungers.rei Included international NatloaalCoarocatioa
Sudiy Prtmtitioi and the Youth Choir will] was mloist with theRtan D. Mr. Coward and his ,>e tively.Mr Go M. -._. Jam Cannon.
to Meel In Tampa ..rv. the major .."1 co.. ton Glee club and participated Guitar, Bivons Rpeela" *. Vivian Cherry lathe fie election ololneera
Midway' AMB!: Church Sunday Mrs Bertha Harris, Best president and Mrs.
Few lay]or will deliverthe with the unit was also held In closed
'!fIe Interdenominational School Departmentwill sermon.Night In District and. ,fltateFetUvals Frlmdiihip Choir 2 and. 3.Ktv. Lattlmore also servesas seiuloru The Holy Church 0 f the

prayer Bands of America present the female service at 9:45: for three yean wllllans l MoTsl pianist supervisor. At 7:30 p.*. Youth on U Yilll God 14thandOnsithai -
will conduct their 25th youth on program. at 4p.m. p.m. will feature the under the direction of Singers, Stan i ghts, Hiss Ll1 H. jscksua will PArade themed "Build streets, will be

niiwial national convention Sunday at the pastor's closing "message. its director, Pr. Alpha Heavenly echoes, Qaspol conduct the nistrp of Negro Bunlnenn" .." held the scene of the 4SUi

Aug. 10-13 in St. church. .Mmbera of all J districts H. Moore she was also a Echoes! Mrs. Inei livens ceremonies role and Mlaa and was highlighted t.t annual! !National Holy Convocation

Matthew Baptist Church. Appearing on program are requested to enter of the 1944 Deb_ pinny Hose I singers Hilda woo ten will give greetings being broughtby of the Holy
Tmpa" ,, Rev. I. % Anderson will) be Miss Minnie Lee be present during the two utanto. group and sunrise ftingera.Hostesses tilt occasion. Mayor Russell Tharker. C+iurchof the Uvlnr God.

vi"t pastor. Jackson Miss Juanlta services. Hiss Brown Is currently will In clad*: Guests will be the voices following! the progr Inc.. Auc. 15-Jl
Tie bunds of Tams! will Jones, Miss Ollva Sheffield Frieida and the general attending Hampton In Mrs. Retocca Lambert. of Faith and the Mt. ji.TMawas. HI)shop M. lakr. host

..ITV an host, with National Miss .Annie Ruth public are cordially! invited stitute. Hampton, Va. Miss' Rose GiveneMiaaAlice Bethel Junior Male Chorus. followed by the pastor and preitdlag
president Miss ftiaron Daniel Miss .Barbara prelate, will have ctiarge. -
Mattie Jackson Re to attend St.Paul'sservices. where she la majoringIn serviog of m turkry ttn-
L Bryant presiding, aa- tans, Miss Sharon Ford The church is volesShe la a maaber '",ta. Miss Eugenia Miss Cynthia Jackson H' Is nprctlsg each

slated by Deputies L.B.! Miss Mildred Hagsns, located on stonewall St. of the Traveling Choir Davis Miss ffitrley Oil* secretary, Mr a. Thelma Summer Musicale division IUp.r18t.dflftt.
T'uwpson.and' Ida R. Roberts Miss Delorls Hendersonand between May and Magnoliain women a Senate and theMusic ver, Miss Rosa La Foun !d.arda. treasurer and to r.i>res.at his. district
Choir 12 of Zion
Miss Jackie Hagans. Brooklyn.1824W. locators NationalCongreaa. tale. Mra. Wilma Scott, Visa Frantic Mae Harrisare Hope sad each pastor
j Miss Cal nemett. Miss of fleers of the apon- Baptist Church will present the delegation from Ms
: its ..
DrI.JJ Bennett.Miss Patricia sorting organisation. annual Hun r dill yeti
fluest artists will) bo
Speights! Miss Musicale _"' ''. August ftiaj>erimten the Hisses Emma Jean Musetto Girt. II.. Angel St. StephenAnnennces 10 at S p.m. la the. church riders J.IL !*' .b. Nmith-
Qrahrni andtoaallnd King.
BEAVER !m Girt and Mrs len,. auditorium.Fvatard east Dtvlaloa; r.1 ct.r V.
Hostesses will I I Include
wl I 11 J be
CO so ton. aitthws.hyws Allen Bomthwtst Division .
3101 EMERSON the Misses Carolyn Hooks riritwala, solos and rider I..aUl Is.
Jacqueline jasmin. Ethel CiR.f-0-Ree Womei's Day and duets. Mrs. Moss a.. lortheast Dlvlalo*.
1 830 CISSA1 AYE. ...bb. Rose 01 vena, Al Kt. tiles will serve aa deem iber* of the hard of
Set Mt. Stephea AIfW: Church
freda By
wynn BhawitrealMcklever of hostesses and Arthurdth Directors Departmental
woven met with Rev. J.S. ,
login a i0 Patricia Hartley '* as organist.
Ararat ScentsTroop Johnson" ,pastor to plan leaders and staff M*
slam eon Valeria Orbs and FrlMds and the |<.blle ptrlstmdf
In of Mt. Ararat their Based eel ebta- and ether
Geneva reb.,. Baptist 011 reh.wi II hold Horn, lib I eta Is scbdule. are Invited officers are eapeeted.

TENDER Miss Patricia butler its annual two-day eneampatant Oct. 10.

will servo aa Barrator. at Mt. Ararat The kickoff event ,I..

$ Farm Cheater, Aug. ISIS led for the observance
BEEF LIVER3 Central ,It was announced too will be a $500.00 kickoff -
week. ,: \n. which la edI.... 6

Baptist Church The program will consist fled Asfc :9 at 4 P....

MEATY Sunday* o services will of swlmsUBg.hlklsg. e.p JatheeOueatloaal _IU- _

open with Sunday School fire rouad-vp, Hrst aid lag of the church, wader

NECK BONE6 at I: 30 a... with Dtaeoo wood!ore, coot-outs. tie coalraaaaMp of Mrs.Janalo .
Leonard Thompson, super Bus t"lCIOrt.Uoa will h. Crockett and
Intendents. and assistants leave It. Ararat at 1:00 Ira J.I.! johaann.Mra. .
McVella FMllaewas
supervising. a... for the cmmp. t'J'i
PREMIER IS TURKEY WORLD Morning worship at 11:00: Adult loader are f. elected the celebration treasurerfor '

A.m. will future theermoB Redlawa. Dam Nlebolaoa.:
and added.
to the flaamc -
GRADE A"FROZKN by lt<\. .. Lender "Nathaniel Plckett. J. ai 1ttee also
Jones pastor who nJJ h.. and tdgar ...-
toby ,..I ac.
ill speak from the subJect :- ay, goosttiaster.

TAILS 6 LIS. S BystanderSealor. "The iBBOCMt Choir --

1 and the Jualor Choir 0' I' ; ciCeafectioury
will fvreiah the wale.Mrs. .

Guest w. Twckorill
NECKS 4 LIS. bo oa console and

Miss Jail V. root.. (Hi liuut Little ,
piano accompanist. roscectlvoly. -
WINGS 3 Stir li Tni) The Latest Meats Hiir Styles
LIS. BTU Hour will oommoacot

5:4: $ P.m. Durisg oveaiag > 1008 Tyler At Are Taught At The
warship fetgitmlsg i

LEGS 3 at T ....a... JOOM will State Street

us. .see aa his teat. '''Mr Phone :. JacksonvilleBarber I
Meat Mav*.**
NfL las I11HaaPrig.
g[!>n.Y ACTInu a

able Btu / sad prvoroetlii 356-9325 College IM.63O

POTATOES1'39CJUST T eaway at T .

,.d P.a. roopocttro Hours -
ly;: Choir a reaearaaJ,
,ecaes.ay at I t... ;

.tmi) ucfci iiforim Ill-11IT', TI' t. iitr..I [ j day Choir at l 8.eareal.1M..... SI.'rlu.htuts Kilicim-. Stilts IrUks liclsiitUli. ftiriii

I. I

.....-. "" .I.. .. ..11i'!\ I
w ,.... ..... 0." .

,! I I

AUCUST 1. 19&5 STAR puns PAGE STop

Officials Tour Exhibit Committees' Mapping Plans To Raise I War OnNelro Poverty Lotneev.ff

> T- $357,000 Fund For Florida Memorial WZ' rn.*?
aucmwi '
CT. AOOVS'I1NC-1b. caapalpi to raise 1337.000: for\

the benefit of Florida Manorial College here baa

: ottcn under tay with a series of area planolncoonftrtncva

scheduled in all parts of the state :u i.

according to an announcoent rtltaatd by the oc-

y r$ nee of PC President R.W. Purytar.Purpoat .

r *: '.........................
of arta attt-
Brlchaa, Mrs. Susie C.
.c toga, attended by Itadtra -
r Nollty, and Mra. Hannah
of the colltct
B. Miller a Toluntttrcoaaltttt
three conatltuant state .
organized to
Baptist conTtntiont alurnil orfrased
help carry out the c.--
and friends war
palm la chaired by the

to lay plans for tht Rtt. C.R. Dallty. __
fund-ralainc drltt. Rt*
Sparking the drift

1" portaobinitial progress aid Florida Meaiorlal isa
till) bt aadt at a |athtrtnc -
upend> tuk force from
of church tad-
the Board of Educationand
era from .11 over the .
publication of the r
at att,to bt held on c.
American Baptist Cbnrm*
Auiuit 5.
tlon.ttoat htadquarttrs
Heading up the atatf .
la la valley Fort, Pa.
Ida effort u o-chair.n -
Dr. pau.I) C. Carter di-
AT .. art the Rtv. J. A. P.
rector of public rtla-
Plnlayaon. Uonaplanntd the drive,
Baptlat Convention IIn.
1th the aaalatanct of
A.M. Porter, Mil State
t Dr. warren Mild, dlrtc z.
Baptist Cbn ntlon and
tor of the Pn>arta nt of
Rt*. J.T. R... procrta
Col ltd att EducationAa: <

alvt !tate Baptist Cbn- misted to Florida) to carry 10,000th ANTI'POVFRTT nDRROmt-S-n Ittton, hardprttatd -

vtntlon.Actlni. it our .rep.n hMahford, day laborer of Ropron runty, N.C lth

VICE: PVSXDeiTHWHWJf a tt tit* GIlt 011 Corporation Roosevelt jr. dialraan of the [qua) f>ploy "tnt at aaaoclatachalratn mrtctor: of /Pptclal Mr* a family of seven, receive
personnel *>11t tourloi thtcr-i!iv'J' di-.rJaJ'! Opportunity CoMlaalon, J.... '!Turntr Jaata bro art the prtaldcnttoftht ,vices and Morton "ork rural cconoaie Opportunity loan aadtty the Farmers

part of the Coantrct DepsrtaentlobQy 'ifetblt devoted thtr and also a GIlt dtaltn: Oiy Labalut of Oil T a 'om.n't Am Area prtacntatlvt. Hose Artalnlatratlon of the u.n.n.'aramt of rlculturt. -

I to the throe: "Fair Ifcployar food Butlataa. > Public) Ml at loot D.rart nt, ,St tabu r&h. Jay H nJrtcka > illarlta, Mra, Annie The loan for SIMO aa used to buy the

." "lth Mr. Humphrey art (Ito ....1\Im. Gulf idea rcproaratitlvt, faahlnitoa: and chain aat ht I a carrying and a used truck stitch( la

per, aahincton, ". roo.I'IuI' r Sea ranklin D. John T. Connor secretary: of Own.re.. Yes We All Talk not ahovn. lth thtat, Mr. v.ton 1)1) btcvut nnind

.tndtnt puJp nod oitttr mod hastier ttthanti*

petted Incott of J,600 a year. Inset thota Mr
Ohio Negro Promoted FAMU Grad VOCVUURYOt JILrillCO
Career Man Ne.tonrroutly looking at lila ntt chain a. .

Dr. ) duo studies the dtvtlo(."nt of J lan,.ja,tchlldrtn 11II011' (u ttt Phnto

Gets HIhGovt. Lieutenant IR CompletesTralalrg till dlacovtr that there ia a very dtfl

C. H. WesleyHBOIPOIICX. nltt order of dtrtlopawt. before the child utttra

Police Force hla first tordi The it taktt the attract child

Post OHIO-fl( ) until about the 1th or Ith year to ham all of Dr. King Addresses
.. .
-gal. Dr. Charlta M. ...1") r. "UL.&fW'1.P1I1C"'I)- KILOXI III. Mtcond the CDa eon an' aoundM c
-( )
Thtrt' a tan fact la Lieutenant Luclooa r.. Ml tht .hilt. the cMld I. building vocab Homes
lact "K. Ikj".. 33. Negro cmtly retired prttldtnt up "Open Group
tht pollet lieutenant Bryant jr., *o rtcttvHtht .
to of Ctntral Colltct, has ulary. Professor: Robert H. Kraahort did aott rtataren
carttr taployta the
roll call llawp here '. !. degree frot A .
bee honored on cbildrtn. At the of four tilt ar- V" rAM IK It U> M'IIr.
by the Ohio age
*. baa
C. Patent Offlct these days.Bet. Florida UN University Mirtln luirnr Kirn; << ir( ** III...*
bttn Btoata la a resolution trait child has a vocatwlary>> of J.800 rnrda that .
appoiattd auptr Tom it ... ,r1'. and eau coiwtaaloatd, in1M4 MAMMON-.Aunpttr Janta. or dw North sla'te's all *Mt*
vlaory: dtalca p tet ti*, acknotltdciai Dr. ttaltyaany ht undtratand luNir" 'lass seek In lU Garth.
/1. 11 ttttraa of upon ooatplttion of 40, Negro hualntaanan.flrat .
.1u.r, oaa of the hich cootributlona in the year At tht act of fl.., ht knOll 9.600 lOrd. '"( I saki ol (puhlb* n4tttstjsgroruohd :
the pollet dtparUtflt Officers Tralnlnc School Negro" tin.lIlIa t. .
by BIN earth tuRr
/itl of plication.Dr. At the age Of all, 11,700 mrda.
tat la the PattntCiaMnlnc
posts t\a proMotH:>> to the rank baa bee iraduattd from to nn for office mince lun", ., rroKet
At the act of seven, 21. 200 >rd,
Corps. see y ass prtaHmt of litutwiant last tt... the traialnc nurse. for !fttcbnatructlon here, ... law rt.ll rlnlrt* h.r) argil!
Nil appolataant to the of wilbtrforctDnivtialtyfron At the age 01 eight 26,300 wrd \,*tl. rrl' "I/n'r. au" In i'hi*
,".. ... onto(26 ileastelata C.K. Air Force Coaminlcatloaa dtftatfl, aJl-JW In shad i
At the Mt of "'u. 21.300: vnrda.for rlvll nlJt' '
flit"IN't'f' ;
'14. no a year position 1I42-1M7 and of rta
.tio took oatha of officers here at lor. City Co.sl ulna
tral children this aiothod seems easy day In and J""'pa 'flhtuK:, fur, 1r"' "11'I.rtINia.
ems announced by Coo State from the data office ....1 tr APR, 11.Lt. ..-. pent thla ...*.
tkirtag prwMtlonetrwoalta day out they ktt learning, keep aaklnc tttrna) lit will nn n*<,"t with
aisaiontr of Patents Idwart of 1U a/ aratt status U at City ,Nail. Bryant Aoat wi r.. and .. tnaatlahlt d .irt to knot J..... ho said ht III' 11.yor 11.1.. Kr ui' ,<( lUMJ .
qutttlona, havlnc' t *
J. *r
a i9)t Hotardfaittralty until his rttlrMMit at tht force Mr. and Mra.Johnia ktdlat' rounila that the ballot 1 Or. Kirn 'u,jtvi .0" ui a '"lr.
the tad Pryt Joined IT.M>OW: fun ny pnphltl on the conaonwit atiunda, 10t u.ley ,11'''1 a 1'1...,"Iln." .uW.
iraduatt witha of the .... .ts in .bad severalrromntlona 111 tilty Avenue, Hand.-. inn sea atuffM ... air
19)1. Nt amid t.i at tpa mJ a ..11..w.t.4. lone twalntaamvtlopt .., up (or gv.e (<.inir. writ\
"fit ia eittadstry, baa 'e'I1ol| 1'''. IIId r.. born Mtaa. formerly fttt hjr |niu't>Mtt" O>r- .
a 110ft. to DrM.rcusH. Mmltart, HorliU" MM ll\l >t I "Ilk "||N
I btra a dtalcn pattat ts* 'r..aley .aa cUt-l ia livid 'km .. 111)1) ... sh till I.rrr, rl
the a to n. prcwottd to at 7IS t. Lraa *trilty. TNni 110- *. Tallahana' ., "01111.. :12107.liis a i t. (pfx u.m *
.il u for mine y.srs. taw r_latloa for Italia dtttctlvt. Tt polictrt A.....,.,"t.r part, Pla t.i.'inttaaan v II'! .t Mbnvtii* viUK| s.ra .
la hi* ;nt. post bt till) fST 1101I a.' Vnaccrtdl tt4ttacjtrs tae tiU llrt i ''U'II' t.."U lit'' a,
.at .'rl,.. son Mt a graduates tree Tt" dtftal"! t andtiJ tt
tflrret the. a tl 1ttt or.t oolltcttoa lib '" .,, -. ii.. \*/iu KH \: WT' '' '
.. ,.. .
atardt.1 t pryt, la 1M2. "or. NUh ed.oel/ 111/sr Iii.iirClrTIIt 14 a -!.t / llMihta 'ufwrft to t l'Krtv rtat..e \I.tt
10 ,.., .uloo".Io.a evil arts aolltft af Ut.'h'a. .
t Pryt la aartitd. (ft and Staten Part.Malataaaact: f. croup (0COPK) .swung td nar'rnl ,v

In tianlaatloa of dtaicnpatmt ..ordtr."tt ... hit -I ?.. hamlet hart of radio. 111-! --c(CPl. )--lc' \l .uffirinln. t.rt MI. said ht roifitt I only 701 rJlor. rrtkh'nu.I .

applications i a loaded aa an aatnor and t o dilldr ti.ExtradilloR. ttlttypt sad cryptocra Inlaed' lat ...* by a ft>ltral! assail rm. arr..tlnc wit thllt. City ofrictala I aril, rrtU..ri I,v .ik J ivllwk <
the ladaatrlal arts all!l |I.",#| tot *U 'U.ii 10'
ht.todnofnitlonal pro.ataenee tale' coaaaalcatlona .- or oUitrtlit a H kac| to tlork *.ro.. few mini cat tile total
i,.l>.,.. ,.,Ihli. itifr*'*, r *
field an-1 %hot..11 'mlpa.nt ass studied kyLUtryaat Ut city part oil It* hct 1& U... onto count .. |1,151| < llgke. ., ""di" 'lcll\,

A first lltuttnant la .ha 4t''an4< rcngBltlos' .*K> t ia 1. .lac

aray. 11 SI .11 52. for hla eoatrlbatlaa ta ull 11ft tel to an Air P\J,...

orkt taa atardtd tit the adtanctatnt of btttotrlcaa Set For Editor CMMiai catloaa trtlct

llftr star far eonbttatrrict Ntcor sad for ,.:1"115-1)--.. (AfC) salt at Oar Air

la gores the .....raU" af lattr- laal e-otrt fudge 41 .. ..... PMlltplata. Kit

A ..tibtr of pnft.alon> racial uderetudfa4t.al lattd.. a pttltloa for a alt supports the Am L IPA 4.SUPeER .

.1. social atrtlct and |ey.ho received" hi a aril of bafctaa rorpta alaaloa of PalnttlnlfiitfMMualcatlont.

frattraal .ro.,., lit aachtlor'a ...r.. from flied by aa attorney for for octroi MARKETS

atrttl .. rlct Chit FuSS Plat UBlvtralty.MB aaaftra .
Pvctat M.Oaratr. 44 of global Air Psrcs

for him ac*..iey la tht froa Tale .... ... t>>>Cto year old .4lt.r et tae ot>.rtloaa.Drops.

charity I9.S coablatd faad caatpalpt.ICIP ftdtral. ,.,. fnn Harvard.taaproftaaor ....>lt fm t.")Jy a.*.. THISI f IICIJ GOOD QUANTITY THRU SUNOA 114.411RIiifyID AT 1061000 AND AVI. I

and 4n* at floe '..*.r. o..r.u |aUt Chargestf

and aalt. alty prior to ftktlhy Cooatf Jail
AHIIICI lUBTIfll CIDId.. to 1tlb.rtvrr.| -('o'1t- '" "rs.a.f SMALL WESTERNBARBCUE
ataltiac to a
p_.. iraat4 .....It. FANCY TENDER SLICEQ
I eAM .w/ Rt holds bo..,." dtirt MltMMirl Jail.
.- --. --- thtft wl battery Mltdaialaat SIZE
.. I", llibtrftrct.AJI Oaratr ass arrested t artrv
a frmUttr. "f tht'
... .., tottrni ...h.r.U. It at Ut artwtr'aofHcta
late I.. Make, ..,.
.. .., Vlrclala HI att.arrla .1" Mitli '.1.
dropped Muelclpsl) BEEF LIVER
Royal CrewRColl ."......1 eatia. llactoa). oa a tarTaat SPARERIBS
Branch M af the Om.li
C.vt. >of..l..rd "rt.u *t.tt fro praaklia. Cttaty.
0 itat .,
I trt at tht r.tt
oe11..*.the U>l,traity of Ito CBtrclai tleUtlMf
tht MipUtala' ......,
Claclaaatl sad CatralRtata. ttt bad tktck I...
Mr a. Mrhara f w>fI. b.
Caner had rtftaM t.

I ...... tttra..tlOIt. aa4.Mr .
.. aoaaca a.tt4 Maclttratt II 39C
Tit t'DIIt"'aI' .-
Irtlai Klalala
.. aaa tttH or rib .
to dl.l e. dssrge. 5g d a
II..... s..srs9 .ra ta
at Aarlta) (Ie.. ., Jr. ,
Talaa wd alas'. .. City
AWNINGS1AWNING 34. tHt' tat .'CIII..4 afaaaaaltlBC
Okla. lit. Utlt, sad ha| terser

.r..klya. N.Y. <.ac tattr-lalat ..4..,

other tlar.*. ... tMtbMd, caltartttalactr U.S. Ml WHITEPOTATOES

Itob4rf +.*.'*. |aUttrwttl PLATE
... .... -...... .
f- r* the
--- :=
sldst af >... 77

-1 Old Photographs MAYONNAISE

SPECIAL u Stiftisg Today

((10 DAYS ONLY) Hut 60 Hill 43 C \II II tIC 29'

30 OfF i "tn MNr kraft sal

u.'ed ........ 11111 1X2 CM Ic

,.,.. ......

........ trait' fit H Ttl// WESTERN CENTER CUT PORK CHOPS ", 79<

..-..... .........
ee4 ...... tam Ijinet

Royal Art Studio MINUTE MAID FROZEN UJHONADE '* '"" tarts JOe


'CtMtf (i* MAT?! ClOROX ILEACH X nun mm 29*


FAR DETERGENT ;\ mil ricuii 25PI115IWY <

Et 4-8224 ELGIN 4-1894 FLOUR I i it ricuti 49(




Royal Vagabonds IMC. Hold Festive Annual Patio-Party Installs Officers

,,,,'" : f,.. a," wr1

T r 'r f

i jp
InA f W -

1 ?1 -




SOME OF WS numbers and Nests shown In relaxed COB fort on the patio of the palatial hose of Atty.and OFFICERS being Installed by Asst. State Atty. A.R. Taylor (left) are from left: Preston .Peterson
lira. Releford McOrlff 3310 Edge ood Avenue are, from left, Alvin Clark, Dr. jean a Downing Leon president; Atty. Releford mcOriff, vice president: '.11. Douglas, treasurer Benny U Canty, secretary -
I UcClendoa ot St. Louis MO ., who along with his family were house guest of Dr. and Mrs. Hunter R. ; "too* Caesar, assistant secretary; George Cashchaplain. Bawy milsss, sgU-at-aras and An I
Satterthlte; Mrs. Elizabeth Downing and Dr. Hunter H. Satterwhite. tlvny MdClnnon: ; parliamentarian.CULIN4PIST .

I S ;R'


t it'b


W. D. SWEET assists Enos Caesar (left). their desire to savor the tasty dishes. Preston .Peterson L.I. Aleiander take a 1>reak' DSTlTf being surrounded by klfcttxers. cards apparently "
Monsalee( Davis, A.P.Rogers and Randolph Silas,, In MES. Nettle Leaphart, (standing) Mrs. Edith Boyd! fro hotly contested card .... were the order.of the hour for the groap ,;
(!Iou! Art Studio!! Rotor) of ladles seated" la .at,.. right photo. '

BirTQurs Cip titles j 1
Singleton's aid Wiley's JUOM Receives UUkelI D re.i Pastor's AnnUtrsiry CelebrailsKCCESSru.
Barbecue teen their Numerous friends and i .
I respective" championships associates wlllbeplese- 1P
In the filnond and John ed to learn that Richard ;
eon Divisions of the Lo- T. Roby jr., son of RIchard ,'" .
...Bl READY WITH renio Davis Memorial T. Roby Sr. and .
U.S. SAVINGS BONDS Softball League sponsoredby the late Mrs.Cora Schell .
l -
eeiat+ +
the City Dpsrant. Moby, recently graduated

Delivered Now! *. NOBY IS '.
STAR Papers Home
with honors fro Mehsrry ai; e V -
Medical College, Nash
ville, Tea. where he
was awarded his Medical
degree.Dr. .
Rob,' boao,.--.-
: 2 Ir warded during recent tor
I O..enc.. t Pierclsea-*
( were the John Thosaattocftlng Y
: end the National
I Medical 'amdaUolkho.II".PI *
to assist Is a
II I 1P two year capacity aa a
research assistant Inpathology. I .a .

r EWT .. Plrst Bon Twite's ...aJ) pastors Asatveraary wale ...
I Dr. Roby Is presently .
cl la tied recently at the g1g } f. MO a roe ft. tastltaUen. its report H to have
I tserving sis Internshipat been a moat McceesNl ev.t. Sbowj sate t at the right are 1IPeo,.... Oder m4ra
=' 71 \ the university of'CaUtonhltd&call'cl A. Hill. Sister Roaetta Cohen, seated third from left) took first bars
'' aol aa caotala of the Hetag t..at... with her five left are KiMioaarieether Mo-
1' r. 1' Los tsgel.a.A Male L> Hodges end ,.t. ... Staedlag frost left are: Msaloaartee Price
s graduate of Hew sta- Jo.. Johaeos. Balth. Tuner. end .lIot"'rIf.. (Roya Art Sterile Pluto. )
toe High Icbool,Or. Robycaned
Us Bachelor of lEO'S SHOE REPAIR
) Science degree 18 Che..
Ittry at Howard Palverslty :;l tOE RIP AI RING OP AMT LID IS OCR OUT
% ,......Uo., It. r. BU3INTSS PICX UP XND DIUVT Pbonf
335-!260 845 Florida Avenue
Don't be achiseler. ?hjr fait to read
your neighbor paper? Your best friend
may not tell youbut he doesn't like

you chiseling reading his paper He thinks you're \\ \

1h.J not get your OW paper every meek
More than 13,000 hones are getting aTTAR
R paper every eek..Rhy not you?

You Don't Hove To MIss A Single Issue Of Tfce STAR

News About Negroes Complete Coverage I

National News Church News .
Statewide News Social News \4. .

I, City-County News Sports & Eve ts f

Hove YHr STAR He.e Delivered. Early At No Extra Cost r y

: .

..'Mfanlaas Tor:: MiMi CillJ7M02S'Star I J For JtxoBS 354-6782 Florida Can Star Beef at its BestI (t 5 I



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Plant. Dedication Slated Fraser Foods 'Cliuet ,

:\.! ,; w .;.. "W 'f .'# ';): .
".. tJA ,,;f' :tf." 4J. tt'1\-.v, ,:::.:"i :(rJ ':.;',,,/ ",.. ',,. I. Thewed Aid RefrezeiJAOCSONVlLLt
"", ,,.:r- .. h' '. -> '
,, / '
.. '. .;..... '.' '.11 ,";' any people think frosen bods can
: ': : : ';\ ;.' "
:: \ : 'I..' not b* thawed and refrozen without serious health
too Stat Board of Health says J.ht"Ue
.. this 1* not always exactly the cue. IV* a nod
Kl* to folio*. ......................
A.I. 10D' a.the contents

-- package of frozen
of is still cold to
whil touch, about 40 de- By '. B. 1IJf.c.I'lm. nistrict Mam er
has ., from foods can
.. with perfect -Tour social security account number card "000-000000 la not for Identification.
legs; ) ,. In a few eases it la intended for social security purposes and your card shoes your
van nay be sae lois individual account number and your name
tion '\ compared with people' In business sonetlnes ask us for an individual1 address or place of
rlnt kept permanently employment because of an unpaid bill or about an laproper check drawn on an
Insufficient bank balanc
sea \
*. cautioned that A cardinal principle In the a : with uncooked refrosen confidentiality of our records. They are maintained for the purpose of stab .
tail can be dangerous llshlni ntltlnnt to Federal old age. survivors and disability Insurance
i .hibit hi atI t have be- benefit, and .. are prohibited from revealing them for unlawful purposes.Hence .
awl CDMNtNCBlB of the J.r. Carls plant by Dr. and Mr*. J.E. Davis of Jacksonville. Or. Charles .... (. one ask you to cash. a check havlnc offered you a social security card for
T. Ttiiift jr.. president of Florida Southern College of Lakeland will deliver .p* aid housewives, ea- Identification purposes, ee auttest you ask for other proof.
the-OMMencenent address, 'tercises 111 take place In Gertrude Hotchkiss Heyo food in hot weather, Remember It 1* easy for most people to understand that a social security
mortal Chapel. consider using a protection: with Uncle fiarn. toll 1U need to shoe it to your employer on your
tree lea cheat for next Job In Industry or business-and on any future Job.
frozen food home toll will need it when you or your family srply for social security: benefits.
Management-Malnlalnence Work shoppers the ,to re. H* said Were to keep it? Not in your coat pocket. (Tour coat may to to the cleaner-
.r* oooling the chest and BO .111 your social security card). Not In your purse or wallet (It ill
help visrd atainat wear out from handllnt. Also you might lose it).
A41vm food of food. that if you lose ItT Never ask for a nee card. Ask for a duplicate card with.
M the san number on It, at the social security district office near your hoc,
Colnii Appiiitii ROM be r ... one social security number lasts a llfetlset,
Address questions 101; 'The Florida Star. II social Security Editor, 400 test
-\...d Col e- a
Ashley Street Jacksonville Florida.
At who earned the R.S .f
aisle. at Florid AIda
C'HI : tJ. has bean ap Study Group For Family NAACP Fits

of 58th ,' ."'University Instructor or-in I'lIJCNPI11I.! troundvort i* being laid first ,JeLlies \.

alo ,at his alma PS- by a white House study group for a ....h. attntpt
CM... to the to revive the: structure faally CompMiits.VUINOTO1 !
Ion > PAiN The .*...*.. i.. _.... ..............u.......
t arb..ftt of Music from VVHtV group IVBU*
Ctlca government official. D.C,-Act*
College Suiter up of about 13 mm, some
under It will t btheir concernto ill under mandat. of the
;, where b* seped as on the llIih House staff define the proble.sof NAACP NUt annual, eon.vmtloB. .
r of wale and and other working for Herbert HID
Negroes and auiteat ,
choir direc government asm d... Tile .
ty," the broad outllneaof) Association's director
,or,1 drive for Negro family luttons.TheplltNt. for labor program
9ryC.MLCtts n. BID hi* graduation stsblllty .* apurred by of the Metro OB July 19, tilts the
..... PAMU, Coleman) has the plight of sharecropper drana flritofa .rt.uta"rn
COURSR Kho.n here are pereoss et o completed s five-day short court Dr. graduate study at In the "' 11th. sharecropper. ODAplslnt alleging Job
timed l last erk byReeverutt
hi bull p **vera <
wlio earn "Just
court was destined for the specific purpose of providing- settle tralnlnt [bl!.. Music Cincinnati.. study group 1* a white la.Meer ) Major corporations
for persons employed as school custodians and bstldlag.sintesric. Mployeea.The heads ,. ke has accumulated House inference In the under lltf ss a day and to trade unions in
workshop directors set. .E.Lef supervisor of custodian*, and '. 'efcber, oldest of hour credit fall, possibly In NOVM- tlolsqon) of Title VII
Instructor In building construction. Roth lee and letter (seated, center) are hi a .. Mu*. de- b.r. th.t11,1|! bring to Buy U.S. f m.l.8* ....<. UI'C',1I Rictus Act of
employed by Florida AIM. The tether Nero 'lesders and I"w.N'-S.w--IM.Ia A. "ow 4.

I King, Aides li Den onstretiar Trio Given torn el by.

.._ .._. .. ..... _._Lads. ... ca, !II.
CNaAGO N"Q iw dm lure this vt, M.run r"W(, Top Positions FAB
accompanied by 23 sUet. joined local forces In.IN first Norton !pre U :
, demonstrMlon of the Sautters ChrlsiUn LeedertMs Conferenceaf.lMt u...i:.aTQIII.("")-nIecJ"o" ,.. from
.. facto and d* >ire ...,.*Mian la s<*ools. Rep Aden ,
CUytos P4w.ll ..Yo) ...e h.WYg ,salts ale b riis, lm.|ruse : sets l"lat.4 to b* 1* .
l (sip |i Ucj-ia lnc .oel* <... .
' problem to 4w rods tUrkrra. .1. '
' ._ ..
Tlu nreeefytr.tlon SCIC a/ii.i. ... w 1e- dm Mop1R. n alu CiviliItin tlons elth tbe nee ted.rat Bred ; *
( kkfced off a' of or.s cadet and Nobel Pries q..1 nploynentOpportunities 49 '
summer drive" of coK+r..1aQw w inner aliened.SliteikanroMly.. Cowls. .
Ida Kefrces to the North to Rep. Powell te 1SPECIALS GOOD THROUGH SATURDAY
Moos, Ckslnan Prank)!* .
secvr e skis tpecUl eonphails en edu* tern. 0. Roosevelt Jr. an* dent (p.NM111dff"a
ca ClQ, PeveU dulrman./ House Cdu souseed st a press con HMry 1 PlUS IIII $5.DO 01 NOIE. FOOD NDII (CARNATION
Dr. KfcfChlear* UU eer- talc end Labor Commtae was ferwxe last ..... .. I
tad Kim on a whirlwind ef same I< The see gpolat.es are; ...
21 street corner reface RoMe eh IXkUf.). John Dent.M .
speeches' and sermon. tnckid (D-t'L). .. s march en ClrHU M tdrenutle (D-Cal1f.)) end 0den R. RI4It ArL-CIO civil ..
flails.Klitf (R-N.Yo). right 4eartnest. a* .. .
visit to sir'.kdyCity 'tar tats killed f* testifyM deputy eiecutlve ell r.e. card $ &
w M te obtain Mflrt band" to* sir htatork ht rlf s In addl.
fortnMka abort the last cl0rtftna doe w Meyer Robert *"'entr end tor; Qiarlea T. fkiaran, .... 21 IZ. fAMILY SIZE MILK
prladpeJ aaalstent 17...
pfcttr and uctal WIN It. Ctty CemftreDer Abrabeni D 4 .
M| era her at tf.* spat of some. IrrkitM Cble Drewn. .Ulor..,. District of seer, )
Al (AfcerQ R by. ck.lmn efft Jeim OrfanKMians Mei>Ui e4 for tblabla.s'meral countelssd .. fill S
Ceordiiietlrtt Council of Com* Action Uu..*)a .Rah ACIr"",. George U Holland,
0<< .
MasiM Ccenomte 313
meatty Crf anUettons CCCCa) I llelgtberGoad field
area dlMCtorY.tera
N set know die ,,..... elperaenaQy. Pe.ek| iieni (UtKD) and t "' cns
ax..' I em here rrtnrU IhMf rn.Ue... Htrtrm A. lslst ration, aa V.
M 4. a )o b to tie temanwq "'*&1. MWJHence III r..rtDr. ".... $100

I 4 IU 81 ,

,1ri sin
",,1. '
.. 4' West l CI01 UNIT I PHASE VITI J5M M

A.. 353 Moil[ re.iIIITIUN IIIU

w vni >>

The perfect I4ent UIII( IIU lUlU .111(1(

martini gin Paul.hr f _.f CORN TISSUE: $1.00

makes OM e Iemu 1 12 IIUS,L

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= perfect Tom Collins tf.ft..thief,.t.I'. 5 anens (1 00

N1 mend ( PORK
Mw Uers.*, : nisi riizci

fer on

: ",,' eraJ level(.

.iS ajr
11'I J< : ...... I

,.: ... '"--....... -,. ,r.*ial ,10 $1.00
a*)** ; /i. BIAS
; la **!
.+. -- Ua* I u. 890

ZcijsGix .relied.reU til

gram CHOPS it 590

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z See nuni
Qr: ; lerelt
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. TVT ; ;;-i:_.

I _T .

__ __ __
r "

Educators Cited By State Districts 111 The I U 1 1 The Artists' CircleLOUIS Comely ContestantIISOHF

Grapevine -

I I nUll ATLANTIC CITT'- (NPI-'Hundreds of teenagers entertained
I Jazz trumpeter Louis Armstrong on his
When "THE OWL .
65tb birthday and presented him with a pink.and. ,
goes on a road tour -
'n September, Eartha Kit Mill white cake,2 feet by 3 feet with 'Happy Birthday ,
be co-starred with Russell Type LOu.." Iced on it. He was also honored during a
In the leading roles originally half-hour television show, "Summertime on the
a played by Diana Sands and Alan Pier from Philadelphia
Aida on Broadway.
Volup OUIly..tacked Diana, BBC HIRES FIRST BLACK ANPOUNTRLcyito.NPI.Dwight
y who soared to new
acting heights
( Whylle, a 20-year-old Ja-
playing role of a sextrovenIn
"The Owl And ThePIIS.year'; baa joined the staff of announcers famed I
P has her own way of explainingthe for their dignified perfection in enuclatlog the f ;. L-) en
Doris part she plsyi. English language, the British Broadcaatini Company w w. fe, 1 }
fr "Doris" she arid "Ia the announced last week Why lie, who la expected to '
most giving girl because she
read regional and national news bulletins, was
has of
no sense self. She'salways
( looking for herself In Picked along with a white Entlithman: fro Burn
other people and she's the most than 1,000 applicants His starting salary will
lull of love." be about N 200 per .:mum.
l t'SOOCA1t Diana, who's married toLuclenitppersberger
--thc Swissbornmist
,. '_ ",.L ,
:: >R3, FIVE! FETED: IN T, X MSST:&: Turing a reception given by the Florida win's who managerwill U aedorJamesBaki( celebraa.* NEff TORK--NPZ)*-How would you like to earn about

State''Tesehers Association' in their ''ntior, Mrs. Sornuel A. Hunter, Hunter, Dr. her first wedding anniversary 13000 per hour This la approximately the salary

Gilbert L.Porter and Mrs. Porter, picture left to right, examine plaques presented Aug. 4 (which also happens to be Ssony Davis la expected to receive when he signs a Q
to Hunter and Dr. Porter. Recently resigning from his position as principal our own wedding anniversary contract guaranteeing him nearly II Billion over a Virginia Redpath. reservation clerk in
dtte. Born on Aug. 22; she's ,
three-year period. The entertainer currentlystarring
: of Raney c.lSt81tar1: School, Tallahassee Mr. Hunter is the new principal :under the Virgo sign! Is this Pan American Alrvaya'Ocho Rios office, 1ge5 'MisrJu
of the Gifford School Gifford FJa.anJ Dr. Porter has resigned as executive columnist who was born iso on Aug. in 'ttolden Boy" on Broadway, la to appear +aics"rv'+ for the ',U.. Universe" title

secretary of the FSTA, to become the first Negro assistant superintendent of|/25'.. for two four-week engagements each year for lu the annual pageant at Mini Beach. On arrivalin
Dade County schools with offices in Miami. Mrs. Porter formerly !nerved as tea Discussing her sstrologicsl three years at Harrah'a Club in Nevada Davis who Klari Virginia wore a linen and lac. outfit In

cher. school nurse at the Florida AAM University High School In Tallahassee rate, Plans "saldi "My Virgo was Injured accidentally In a dance during the Caribbean gre n--"the color of the water over the
waters iwep spuing on my LeO first act returned to the Broadway production Tats Just offshore fro. our office.." .
I Student Council Association MiamiDadeAdds fires.life." That's the story ofmy after four performances had been cancelled to perit .

Climaxes Bethune Cookman Classes Fashion And that's where we cease to him to recover.

DAYTONA BEACH--Tlie Annual +orida] State Student have things In common! JUST TO YIh SVliariii\ Beach Shorts

I Council Association workshop ended its week long Modeling CourseA QUOTE: & t'XQUOTEi: .'l war HOLLY OODNP1)"You) won't be thinking of one
session which held the of Bethune- and divorced Sean as a Negro and the other as a white you'll bethinking
was on campus mirrlfd at 17,
.. .. ___ ______ ____ __
..... ................. coslc Bill
Cbokman college recently. course. In fashion two years later. My youth had of them aa two men. said : MIAMI BEACH-The proMr of too much water in the
The workshop directed this workshop from various modeling will be addedto a lot to do with the breakup Coabyco-star of the new NBC television adventure- RverglaHea; lest of Mini teach baa reversed Itself .
by Mrs. Patricia S. Pine- schools throughout the curriculum of think any teenager who wants to comedy series 'Z Spy, Cosby who works with with conservation efforts now directed toward *
married should wait until
s"ett: of Orlando carried the state were: MiImi-Dade junior College he get or she U real sort..and veteran actor I Robert Gulp, will play the part of dikes rather, thmn drainage canal Three' vast
out the theme "Leaderrbfp' Mrs. Patricia s. pineaett.conflultant In September Dr. peter then think It over &aaAmerican intelligence agent who uses Masquerade areas inland along the state's southeast coast are

for the world wean and director Masiko announced.Mrs. "No one can really tell you as a tennis trainer to go around the world on being developed reservoirs and at the sane time
in four who 1fI'D1'II what marriage U all about It dangerous aaaignments, Cosby is the first Negro
specificareasw4 of FS3CA 4 Edith Zlpp, formerowner will be open to the public for fresh water Waning -
? di incudedpur.po. Orlando; Miss Owen of a modeling takes experience And by the ever hired to be a star in a full network series .
have It. If
time s too
.";and organization of dolyn ,Bozenan, advisor school in Coral Gables, Kinds you have ,,plenty of time to He's the Mart one, says Gulp, who plays the

Student\ 'QuncU. Leadership from,, Blake, Tampa; Mrs.. will teach the course. enjoy life before they settle do*n role of a top tennis amateur. "(blby speaks all MIAMI W\ai njlllns Avmue' In lsl Beach probably
and dynamics Q MonroeLincoln park film, to the rcsponslblUtlei of mar those languages Ita
group ) far as we canJudge has wore hotels along length than any

projects and activitiesof Aca deny,'\\Ht PierceMiss; this is the first nags"I know fro going to bJk around I'LL GIVE UP ANYTHING EVERYTHING, other street in the world. Approximately half tSrcity's > "

the ,students and evaluations 00. McCoy Roosevelt, time that a college has quite a bit more before I tKUl1mo-.(NPIunratulatioDl) : and well wishes 34S hotels front on the Uurou/lhhretht
West Palm Beach; ,Mrs. offered this type of take U. big step again. Next filled the air for award-winning actor Sidney trtlels t:>. ocean her.

,Mao, during: the event, Thelaa'lies Carver Jr. ,v course as part of the time I hope 'My., Guy" will he poltler on his engagement to beauteous Dlahann ,

many, council s were 1tII'Q1IC00I'UDI Orlando.: Also present regular curriculum, trie Thus right spoke guy.& singer Mary Wells. Carroll with settling disregard for the tact that MIAMI Brtl11-CtwUta.ttgs !(" 01 us In the roman .
to the description was the state president said Dr. Gear.. Meballla. is still married. His wife, jiiuUe. bar ylprlda) .
In a New York Interview less Poltier of electric power to one gr. t slmole
';of' 'their school of the rwc, SylTester' dlrectorof the Technical then two months ago. balked at granting his a divorce because of their Indiana who live along hlghwaya'in" the fvertladvaweat I

An ng advisors attendeo and participants White of Richardson.Live, Vocational Division.and Semiprofessional ***** four young girla. po it hr. bow.ur. has been quoted of Miami Reach A federal project to put theSvnlnolea

who Oak. aa saying "I will give up anything and everything la f..... houses *nst.ad of that'hed huts '

it his wife would grant hi. his frHdolt.a.W however, must survive Uo hurdle of Indoor cook

lARD SINGERS IN 4th YEAR AT DHOUnOOOCNPU"lb.n Ing. The mysteries) of an electric stove are belsr
PICK THE RIGHT taught to women who all their lives have prepared
( thinking of Disneyland,
food over an open fireand tnstrortonw It illll\'t
people around the world generally get the idea e"wy.
that the fabulous fairyland creation of alt Disney

la solely a happyland for children.But .
Disneyland la sore than such a notion.
Beside the playland It la for youngsters Disneyland OLD FASHIONED GOODNESS

II NUMBERS AND WIN Is a world: of exotic attainment' for adult.
a bazaar of sales liens from Dior gowns to salt
shakers made from monkey pod wood.Its rides thrill
oldsters and it otters blgtlse Susie unite like

those of Count Basle Louie Armstrong. Stan Kentoa. .

81 Zeatner, foody Herman mad Duke tlllsgtoa for
rowastlc nighttime concerts and dancing.

I $1,260 IN CASH for sheer visual and listening delight, It Is
currently offering for the entire _..rb.. rove-

tag singing soul sisters called The Clara lard
6legers'so. I* their fourth successive annual return -
to Disneyland WMBM

Led popular Clara Ward the tambourine-pounding

I WAME 1260 singers nightly send their soags via loudspeakers Spotlight Product Ot The Week
out over Troatierland." Tomorrowand" and

Tastaayland" from several of the glitteringthestres Miami, FloridaSSlpfvgga
located on tile spacious grounds.: Customers

pack the auditoriums to hear them Is pereoa. Said

ON YOUR lalt Dine; .
\ RADIO. They give the place Its biggest spiritual' I

: I" lift."
see its}; "
.. ..
A&M Senior Gels

WIN $1,260 Fellowship Award
.HTriLO, !M.Y. (PUN)" t.
: ,1 I Mrs. Barbara Greene a
; S.
( senior, majoring !_
: speech correetloa at
e t Florida MIl diversity. CANCERSOCIEIY .111IIIII

: WIN $1,260 rn;,. Tallahassee, has teem .. .y

tf'f ,1 f laan, tk. SHORTY-$35.
tor .14
: ; .Sta '3Mar a Bocial .Maw MIDALO STYLI f HS.0.1 -
\ I I tv .. $ f-! ..,- Tr.MIAMI er..es..rTsar.4ear.....q...e.a.M L..e..N.ren.w .
'. J1. J\ w.
CDl- n. :=.. ...--t, --
atM* 131 III Srd Ave, et -J-:. .....a...
"'1. '" t' WIN $1,260 ..1.1I : t sat c.11) In.ICes t.:vow's w5': 'KAI.P.TI..tea r..r..a.cot sa. eau rw eta.. at, ..,.

'. :,. : 11&caI'JIt a a e baa .-.......-.--... -4..b. M y
: : : bee awarded erne of Ut.ar I =-.v."e.taros. c:
( env ""-- .er. S w.w.re MsomosL
GItriII .... "
federally sponsored .. -
.. lit .....
field :: ., r :
fellowmhtps the ...... ...... CIlltIJ
\ :fS ofmemtal retardatiom rlat_trtte4Ut m*.*.r.UvteM Pd .....r...r w saw .. s
the ....h. academic ta all affalre.t -...vo..- _"c.e.evand
year aM$-'". lifeLet: .. wan,.... ran ..........a..,............' .wow.....

I oi:: i"\ The fellowship, ,.. .... tlcasiee. ete. tasty wow M:. -..-.-
---- .rT
: .5 I Ian lag fttftember 2. mtcoatlaalag Ckaraa twHy pus tack ........-. ..a..en. b, -- F
} :r. : CASH throve same m.|.. Len le a* a**. e* ---unara- ."ie.45 f'CIe.-'LA. Jr-
_, .
IX INt.eill Pay Mrs erMlfMl U.t ate cart It e. en w* r eaucv 1.ww.wUWwr
Green 12,000 tad het a.ttectttH at: Ml ..H .7. '- -- -
M itif>i r -. net a ev a..-- -
tiles tor CM nee use 11th "trstpsa7 rrr **!..i..TT- _.. ..; .
to complete her mas Open I a.*, matll in P.a c- tan:- :.M.. AnCATS. -....-. -
tale degree program at ddb 5 ....,. IMatt4 Iour Ka&# vK-,, ....... c.eau. :--r.-::
.... ... -
e.er s..r
the State Val uraH, steel Ha. oae visit ,. -- ..... c_ w en M_ wl.en M
WAME DIAL-1260 COn.... She mtll ee .- ATM OXtU s4 rem will .r-:ran-__ocn- C. sL': : -- ... ....

a' titled to 1400 e.ch tit feel U* depem dam'I. lf rnee Sits .U Mil w ... .-... .. w1. wPemwarr e.a ...a. ......... u.a. ,..


- i J'' f..

L f
SATURDAY AUGUST 7, I U55 SUI' UUf .. _!_.. V = FIK'I I

I U. Of Tennessee Pondering Athletic Scholarship For Negro Tnmclad .1.1I

I Adults Youths Feature Annual Tourney New loot RiMf Kozy Korner Retains' Le.a.guy Chimpioeship.r..l2aita7e9o

; ... "W
.\,1, :. ; '7 :t: ;{
#.;: ,'0 SINO.D '
Is Co leted JOHIS'i ;. ,
.f ""' .. ., ,
: ."
f 1 ;.: ARK :., : '"
.y LAU C1TT--A new boat .. '
'. reap his recently been >
completed by the Gate and '1511. .

Fresh later Fish Co.
....Ion on Townaend' : Lake
in 'Lafayette County and P

la now ready fur use by :

ftshei.en} and boaters,
according to Regional
Manacer Bob aruU7.'1')11I-:

r A iwl send Lake la also known ,
an Cypress Lake and loon M .
Lake .
Braotly said the fa*
L+ :.J! I."- m.--. a ,- p1Y i .. t' clllty wms cooperative l

CDLP RIVALRY"The almost traditional rivalry between left la photo are Phil Alklr. 198. aid-west junior project belween the 0.. .,.. .r J ei
thechaaplona of the Kid-teat District: Junior cheap Ted LeCesne, IMS Chicago Won \' Oolf sissies end the Lafsyett" -
golf tournaaent of the United blfera Association Qub winner Lonni Jones, Cincinnati, director of Board of County Connlasloner -
the UClA and nld-weat district junior golf activi *.
I and the winner of a nsjor Chicago UGA-affiliated ,"
Cosalaslon Pt.b, .... .,... ... .
club- rDnBOnd tournae.asobntin.d Jut week when ties. Brown, Mrs. Marcia Jones GIGO president .., -. ._ --';'...h.IlAsmtS .' ; "" __'
the adult tea defeated the 1ge4 Junior chaaplona.Above. Mrs Ana Gregory IleI G"GA "oaen'a chsaiploa andaeveral las Biologist Prank Ar- or AIL they mrrty arc in* lOll toner.. or the BMU (Clip) lead
rendala atated the lake Manorial Little Softball Lean which had a 10.2 rocord U
Jim Brown center Coca-Ctola Bottling Company tinea OCA winner and Miss Frances Penaer retalalag their ch splonshlp -
of Chicago presides at trophy. cereaony following winner of the uld-iest District junior girls atColunbus will probably be aide a '''ID. The Hi elaaay pitching atatfof Sidney 11II&11. 40 and tommy

the LeCeaae Gregory (adult) teen' a defeat Ohio last year The "Big Match' vas fish Management areaia Benton e-1 plus tlaaly bitting and top notch d4r..o.tcJ..04 their oppon

of the Obio Youth twosome of Atka r..renur. Fro. held at Chicagoa Plp-o-Pe.e. Oolf Course, August.I nents. Th* KKa er* aanaged by Slaoad Johnson 'd ,.ctor. Carlton Bryant ,itbfflllia
Beaton and Willie Roy Thoejaa,cap: ably' filling their coaching roles Bpon-
Netter Showing Promising I Formr air of the teem ia Mania Oansoft. ahown above 1th hit charges The Leagu VM
To Be TelecastBillsPatriots
directed under the city Departaen\b Recreation'1 prograae.Waats .

Set / .. N..r. !axon *lns htaruliOaal Fairways T

To RII For
Exhibition Grid ."Vel''Hn"II'IXYILLI.

Setto T'M.at.- + ,!'1' r
Sunday tug that be his had of-

fern from Minnesota,
Tense south. ... ftithere
BOSTON.:' MASS.-Two arch rival la tile Aaerlcaafootball
(Baton Rouge, La. ) tadOranbllag.
Lease the Buffalo. Bills and the bus
ton Patriot will kick off NBC ports' coverage negro track

of the 049 AFL action oa NBC-TV' &..dV. A... g.la star fillle Discos of
aa exhibition .... at Boston College Btadlun, I w u eaphia expressed m desire
Boston (2 p... OT). ......................... ? nil eeek to enroll
Last DeceMber Buffalo>> each bad a 761 won- M 5tIirlldJ at Tennessee.then .
downed Boston, 2414. on lost record.In the playoff wWA questioned about
a froten. snowy field to gun for the dl. the track ata.' a desire
rln the Vasttrn Divisioncbajtplooahlp. vision crows, Boatoa to run for Coach Chuck
The Bills won, 211'" fihoe aho la presently
subsequently went on to Bath Lou 8absn Buf at cam, Athletic Wreo-
capture the league chaa: tale aoiadandNike 11010.pioulll S tor Bob Woodruff eat dha
In the playoff vaka Bostonsaa shape 'tiw ,1.Ice would discuss the matter
with Ue Un f1'1J Char up aa hesvyteigat ooa- rill ano when he return ed

gen, 30-7. traders la the ICaatera '" to the campus LOOM rot PUORIM ere returned to the state last
It vaaa' t the first Division agaia this ..s- ; ,.Nr. : Uilvarsity Presided An* seek. when Jaokaoaville outstanding fwlslaegolf
.. -that these two elevwnabauknocaed dre Holt atatedtheunl*
eoa. and figure to berproachlsg C.22-rear-old tennis phenoai and tint veaberberahip of his race to gala aas- er, visa Oertrude Btylea the statea only r'tI rw
realty hssno rul.esbarring
heads -
top Hghtiag 011 tile Dirge top teem, along with teen aiaabeiaidered Penal lUlston, Is con awatstlve. vas nu.,-.., In the First flight of
for all the chips. At ahape tor the! *ug aa. one of the leader of the all nan tee*. A aatl iv* of Richaoad.: Va., A4taider recruiting of Negnea rmal-Cbla'a>> Internatianal chit TmimMieit In Nee
55..05'5 end ia I"'. sad that the final)
Is a junior at UCLA and la also a top onnatant castes, la pad fio coot T.* ami, Bshaaaa. Miaa'ttylea nt>oria hulalJ..a
Softball [ups nta otlleglate circles (VPt Photo declatoa rejeetl.t'fsseeoa of accepting or the Scotch Pourane.Ctichtall parties, hauler Meow
world and ...rteejM areaeateil ,
,! kr the totaahleia
........ be MP to enodrwrI .
111I5D". August JO-- Bays Hoae vs PlayboysftCNCSDAT Mlwnmute' t to -"....... .... ass Ihehouaegueat.
Cer mllslH Otrfews ScHHle Iraitlffo A"IIII'd I I Oaewn attend II-c>>b&"
August 11 stasis va ftpotrlteIKURSOAT
*(s$ .Ira M Brdand, .her ins, ...If MeCard and
.... Mel'rose Mlghfcnoo. ] wher
1J- Baya Hove bldfiagera
: Aagust a.
Of HMtaH lUiii Frefrnws State Post he haa esa eua't.ted'7ber a>us|"a, patrolnaji and Mrs
... ma the
DON DAT. August U playboys va ftoye Moeje Cleero ,"der.., (bye 4rt studio photo)
All genea played on Boys Roaie msatoad ietlae: TAaw4Vac! nar1da sport._ can look forward 7ALLAHAMn->%>brt M. la t.. aeoonda, the
7M: (P.- to a series of special) banting nests durlag the (Bob) Brsatly of Lake 320yard dash In 21.1 .
IMI-M bunting. aee oa. Acmrflag to the Ore wi4 City his been appolated aeamda and has excelled
FINALS Fresh later Hah. Coealssloa tkeee pedal events Regional Manager of the aa a flanker-bark on the DBVQ!. .s..11 l 'IH

8 U will lid Id. bear "" ., Im.n harts deer, .iall O.e' and Preah vaterPlahColaaloaa fcethail tew*. TvQDAT.* .. lO-.Ullya ttniga1 ....... .daard..UI

KOI loner.>> ....".......... .. 10 2 and wild bog iMMta.Tveaty .' eN..N..N...... Northeast TMs far, no Negro aMIdes I tmlliht va Plorn'MeBliigletoaAeg. .. .

| ..................... 2 eight' apeclaltkrw Mel n.. Paaaas City Regtoa.aroprdlag, to O>>>ans have. atteapted to A'.. || .riofa'Ue U IUcha> Carver NPutSb.............. ....... 7 S day bar busts ar.adli Appllcatlona for the Os .ioa Director, 0.1. enroll la UC Colleges.Keatucky Daylight. va Udtardaon.fagltoATVBJMr .
O>>>-Cbla..............4 I kled for the Oa eoa eule| leer lasts ahovN FitsTee offered teobaaketball -.. |4t.-:.-<-nera4ae| ,ve 'lcher Joe Jreo,..................... I II and Apalackloola NaUoa be pled with North'' Cbojalsstoeia' t'lt. acholarahlaato Lilly 1 Drug* re rviyllghtOMsetlae.
al ibt.st..d..... J. >t* east Region latlidea the
t east leglea office atP. .. .Negroea la |*I4 cad IM: p.n.fltforda II..lrg.. L* vaj,lre.
all teen swnta of *.ru..c -
ember 20 fcroegh ,..v_- .a Ins SOS L./. City ..... both of whlcsTwerorejected
1 her I. Hunters who el ah Dreelag for tie opsl.cal' none. with regloaal ....... ... 414lV
TbiPerftcl to aprtlcipste la theseaMe4beataanoeJd cola hale will be held. headcaiarlers .'. ."

Unk file oo to gas t 27. while the V J .
application prior to .. .. ." "
draeiag for tke o*<*ola '. ,
enlist Tn II 00 ..... Must 27.Appllcatleaa heat will take plate on + ;..... .\...: \' : .. (. "
for the NmlMeIltrwaeiw uees .es is.e.e a sesi 'w t .\-,, ri
y. ,' ., .
Ae"ast 11.Watch. oI.!!> .
Tnr PlisiciiiIi ,
ApaleoMoola *..t Nuatanhovld x'IIi"-! ,. .

< liitiitMervon's a be nied wtta the r .' .. .....'.. .' .
', JJ-
r T.
Coemlaaloaa ,Hertbeest : + '. "
Pharmacy Reglan Office at P.O. Tto Lieu 1 ; ; '

JONsoo CopsDI.weod us 11. nu r "

Tier 'rueriUtI 'hr.ac u 11 V

2112 i.fl$44IS. 1111.14 III. J 5 'V ) '
CIte.,IeeshIp '-"ii. ,.
4 J
list PI.S1512Its' .

1/ Vnleaehlag peeer a aid releatleeeplate stellar 2 I GItIIN ..
1\\\ '7'-
1. defense behlad ettrnermj '"" -. '
a it0a w -bltterIn

tfi', tilt flaala. the r. II 1II.oetlees ,A,4./.V. KV '.
defeated giaoad Johnson .r*.
1 al.. M tke City 1M'..> Its a Ir r
ties p.Mrtaeat* a baseball S.eelleel pee lees I
: ) cU,.. *. dievplea* t. sIde. ..ebtreetee ; r #am'w'
It ell ... -
aAd> by ..r..u., "rest esrks .r. V
Park 7eVtaring tT1m1: ATTUCTI'qT

rIf. ,, ,. ';' ''' # his krllllMta I -21- "

,.. It 'lilt r' ea< edit la the fl* ............- + '" I lsrr
Ml Nt... BMBM ....H .
M's Days i ii
I ew w we 2 aid at reek set t issill /
3Sc Are NMbertdtiaa'a '
WHmNG I. the netsIa.esuwth.r .
title Day are a**. {

[MID. HUM ... 29 |, tke eeriest *..*>. alta N"' ." Malta ... Per. i aleiei +kI 'fi'!:
a ,., __. leae Uteri tsae Caa .. fears the : ,1II '

-.o .... It. $1.11 ...., the osaagerlalrwtasofUMrvctertarl Y*. la.* Tier Lady Day a ..,.;;: .'; 1

KIMCMSM STtAXS ,IS. 4* LlKIat1euIU j &.
SMttPSMULOJAU .. ,IX IK Ua Iryeat Md !Asti.scull. .... t2 M far ywsraid
YLOIJNDII . .10. ZIt .... aad tlllle I ,....... fer
LAMM PLOUMMfMO .....__. U. 4fIS Boy>> 7lw.es
IillU.Mlen U.ntI . .. 4.* far U AOCft
lID SKUra .. s. .* Tar atlcknea okas
LUI : .. :: ,U. l.. It Ue d... of Pill .. the bleak Nl*. In Alexander.Gordon the
CATtrSM .. ,It. S*. the siataa toller:: W sell ... tftt AC, Pee4OffU 1769 gave English
incxuo noT .. .LI gHIS 1mtf Bfaea U .I4t Bg II7L Jarkew
**... MVUTTSTfJUC Ids fill i. Mrl1.. another exhilarating activity to 'enjoy on the ice.
nlsa ,12
u.HI Muurr .. LS ZIt lea
PUN U Its f..erd odes m. .211 .
III&d lOt ,moat i Rah Iwo.. P.. .$. tlcky Bill CT ..210Irvlag .-..--............- 1riJLie." regal.k.lI7 y G.A1... G-. Ea,1.m//.eelue .lilies .he
".21.. C.Ia1 .... After l4 y..n, e.l] h.-iU.e aWe*. A4 ..... leVt t-. tie .w
WttCT aiJUlTtAMO ormtj onnas_ < ,PL ells BM.Jd ..e.,I >B ..2MAatBMV 1.... T. ....". .....- *,F. .... a Vf. ,,.. .. ie. .f...... lajUa. INK.

t uoo ormti i tw Pee u.HPv.70. N ti.ia 11M Cfcmll W.111 aTl ,. .11IL _-1 ter eau's lilt M .......,..., ...lm ee t Ie h..... a ....of a..4M',us M.

Tsar Imo... P. ,21 ..: MOCC9T 5ZUO IN tNCLAKD.AMXMCA.TIi WOI1D! Jf

-- ___.....__.::. h__ ._Jio. ,".u: .

t? AJl\ ,, ; t ,AM' \H. It\lli: "
%fltl ,)\,;' r.'l. \ ;\ \INr! \:, f ,, w I, '" ,1 '
( ,. ,' ,1\ \', i' '
; (
\ ,
.,1' I, : ,' } V ,\r ,

r iaR. < t

Youths Enjoy Annual Outing St. Ga.riel's .

"h + I Opens NewChurch ] Pimpernel. [ [ DeathsHerbert

Ernest Aliens,
IT CAN HAPPEN HERE..That iSenlSunnlt'neet two 743 W. Duval Street.

i With a captclty attendance Satnltes ago bringing together civic and political Brodus lint. 964 Spearing
on band. St. Ga personalities representing n wide range of interests Street.
briel's Episcopal Church and endeavors Is truly a hopeful sign it James. Ltnton Haynes
5225 MOD eri Ittd.! Jest shows that all the brothers are not really sad with Marietta Ga.

held the first of Its each other.. Course there are none who are so Mrs. Maude Nobles 160
permanent services at closely pinned under then MI'S thumb they oouldn NW 7th fit. Hi_I.
:as r.,. I ti lyn the new facility last cone or weren't wanted.There night have been a few Mrs Blanch Morris M>blnson.603 -
R"rat's pimps (excuse ne, undercover agents) in the group
.. il'.r i { Sunday Rev (,It. ) T. Odessa Street.
w?, y tM
R + Vincent Harris, pastor but no selective intonation: was given.nor did the Johnnie Robenoa. 1398
l u .L r hk, officiating. group discuss support of any nayorality or gubernatorial *. State Street.

Services will be held candidates. Mrs. Lucy Nelson 1347
every Sunday at 9 .... E1a06ED-tell, II cones out that one of our civic MU Herman !Street.

i4 leaders was more than just that Sole say he was lira.'rlllk!. Mae Noises
Ap4 an undercover agent or !intoner none say he was IU Chi and. Ga.

: just a plain old pinp. Although nobody liken either Janes Willis, 333 Spruce. .
an undercover agent or a plnp( seems like Street. -

folk have a little sore respect for the 'agent' Mrs. Annie Bryant 1490
r. 11I0' II doing a job to conbat crime or protect nil State Street.

Itary operations.The pimp who is spying on bin Miss Janet Abr.s. 1084'v ,
: brothers for sone polltlcan or political clique.Is We 2lst Street.

: N f q y regarded as a contemptible crawling creature.The Jerry Simpson /fir. 767
f Question now Is: did the brother work tor: the Spearing Street.

police dept.as an undercover agent or was he working John t. tall ace. P.O.
for n politician or political clique. To be Box'429. Hastings.

Zi1 \.... sure, GOT. Burns left room tor a lot of thinkingwhen Edward Honell Qulnney: ,
1 ,:' he said the nan was employed to do Investigations 6869 Hs..hlns Court.

', "In a very sensitive area." wtiada awns?
(, Oscar till ians, 1889 HeLena
: '''_llus,' GOT NEWS tor: you there are sone more! brothers and Street. .
THE BOYS AND GIRLS of the Parental Home were feted and Ice creaa. The kids enjoyed playing genes and sisters out here who're the eyes and ears for the Oscar willtafls. 317S
and nenbers and
with an outing to Little Talbot Beach Tuesday by bathing In the ocean.Club Barpn,under the leadership guests Mr. Bigs..and that's low cone downtown and south- Dell wood Avenue.
.anhereof club Baron. The above picture features of Ralph Maultsby. has honored, the days and girls attending are minded. side know what* s been said and what brothers are Donald -TO" king 1431
that casual dress will be
the group just before boarding the bus which carof the Parental Hone with an outing for the past. planning before those attending the neetlng get Pearl Street. Mar port.
observed the '
during bot.n..r
ried then! there for the day's outing. They were 16 years. back to their bo...... ud In case you don't know Mrs. Ollle Davis MMw.
!nontbs Pather
served hot dogs, cold drinks, potato chips cake I It, the school system has its share of spies in 16 th street.
Harris stated
the schools attending meetings and lurking the curl ey Johnson. 972 w.
8*. Gabriel's is located
I ****>***** Marshall ****** all aaua'a Gov. Bums Ioooowoos I on an expansivearea lounges. Ashley street.
: HULLABALOO You nay have seen the last of those Mrs. Irene Anderson 1347
of land which
(continued trot "n'e 1) was cone-as-you-are discotheque dance sessions that W. Stab. St.
(CONTINUED PHOM PAGE 1) Rev. steels said Buns recently purchased by
to argue major cases for ident of the United sta defined ; 'Don.) as the Diocese which Is cause such a connptlon at the Edgewood Lounge on Mrs Genera ('QPellllcl.UIO
the government before the tee told ne he thoughtI going the beach in Tuesday nlteaThat,, trig session Is something else. w. jth !Street.
go to Butler Beach again to planning in the near
Supreme Court.Mar.hall was the best person at 6CREACHEJW They tell us that the State Atty baa Mrs.
five Grace p. Leggett
of four or ,
You ask us to act norm]]. groups future to construct anew
said he was the time to representthe I think It is perfectly only.Although this fonula St. Garble's along with a list of screschers' who are ready to talk about 1SI7 N. Myrtle ATS.Mrs. .
willing to give a government as solicitor the pay-for-a-job deal that's been allegedly going
up normal for human beings disregards the greater allied facilities Lot tie No rrt.. Hastings
lifetime place on the general." to want to go to the peril posed to such on.. .tb.re nay be none real evidence coxing out of Florida,

bench "because the Pres ,and I expect to go snail groups In the absence Father the probe and If soneto'ty gets hold of s certain prince tto.ardJSS4nU.

again this weekend and of police protection (CONTINUO PROM PAGE: Ir deceased person's dairy which calls nsses. dates 4trest, Marport.Mrs. .
every weekend when I have the SCLC In organizing tiff Clifford Brown reported and other data It oughta sake good reading, at .Gloria Farmer 1)38

WHEN YOU ARE ILL the time"Among beach parties that the tragedy lease Madison street. .

those attendingthe this past Saturday, dli- occurred at lake no rthhr RADIO-Dejy Abran King, the guy with the smooth Miss Remits Jones. 1)19
you Seek The Best Doctor conference patvhed snail groups where mellow voice who V. gtft Street.
11 were the Acqorth Haynes served as Ken Knight's r.litf.an
When Your I Doctor Prescribes Rev. C.K. Steel and Dr. but with the adnonltlon and his two sons had :)r.&I11 coons has saved over to St.Uon.011I where Willie "0..11. .20 Davis
Get Experienced pharmacists
B.J. Johnson who said to renal within sightof gone to .-1.. he brings the sunrise Into your hone with inspire street.
According to your I Doctor'sOrders. Newton I1IU... 110 ..
they personally represented %- one another. The father and one son Ing dialogue.
We Use only The Best
m C.K. BLACK the Rev. Martin. This tine the bathers were on the shore when BFCAXHq of radio der'Plnpernel wonders why It Beaver Itreet
Quality Drugs Proprietor Luther Ring. were driven off only by they beard a cry of help Is that those two stations which are supposedly Jesse Mines. Itll ..

.3 REGISTERED PHARMACISTS TO SERVE YOU'' In a tete-a-tete afterward high tide, although a fron Hartley, a, who was beating to the Negro audience, don't m sore new :0th /Street.Jlsny .
A COMPLETE: LzNErOP:; with the Governor, sizeable crowed gathered In the water hanging onto ingfulprograns concerning Negroes..such as sore Moore, 6270 Rest*

Cbuetics-Rubber Ooods-Candles-Sundrles to taunt th.. One red an Inner tube news about ".,roe....intent... with Negroes.bring law Avenue.Clarence.
SALES PERSON neck took particular 0 f. The father and In Bell. 5040
older features
MEEQED utilizing
fence when Mrs. Planner C...,..ell a on,.
Direct AelflRg. .
Male or son went .
Innedlately to Involving Negroes. Pon't they know just. so e
,..d.. MOW product. NO seated herself upon a the lad1 aid and when rock *n roll and aone down hone spiritual. music Twka ..
Lilly's Drug Store competition. rull or Part beach towel bearing the tie.. parent. reached t.b.lu.r l en' t all that the Brother* wait any for. T eln t '
) Confederate. _b) _. (e..u"-.t..... r't
flag P t
tine Minister School tubehe innediately enough.Polks are getting sick of it. Hut It s....
Toacher others OP to 'That's going too. sank out of sight.The that the radio station mguls like the other ex rllfe positions then

1901 KINGS ROAD EN-8276 I SI,000 rr month 721-2107. far" he growled Indignantly older son then SVM tack plotters are only concerned with Baking the buck! the aaaaslt faltered

ftI,. Johnnon' to shore Brown said by telling advertisers their stations tu.." under the Intense Viet
RPCUE.: SAVE: LAD the !Negro' market because they 'give the brothers" Nag fire Cap C. white
A white couple Mr. and roll music and shout Susie alternately throughoutthe directed the enveBont of

Mrs. John rean of 2901 day and nite.Quoth the raven..never noren u the entered vefiiclenont
Macon Dr.II*. were fishing PB3PLR Juan pred Woodarl. cigarette saleaaan of the killing ,11", He

} I II IM nearby and hearing for Newport, Clgaretteu Is In town, M>rettinggoodwill then regrouped the Ibnr
the cries for help Mr. then takes off fora few days In Tally vehicle and personally
Peen swan out to the boy haaaee..JOfW W1U.IAMS la town last we<*end doing led then In search tf
and brought bin ashore. none survey end research sort for an education con the vounded and at rag-

PRAtE FWDttLYMrs. nltteenot. the job selling deal). The big one also tier a.voanded.
Dean told Brown picks up his Heater's degree at. PSU la a fee days daring the De-

the had read about lifesaving and goes on to get the da c to rat..... That new face ember. IM4. SMBUSB hy
nethods and began around town who keeps calling fur Carllag Mack fire fron a 51 _. re-

applying artlficaJ res label beer la H)>WAM> .It"<< INS. tie .,iaher tor that oolll ess rifle Cast.
piration.APT. brew who relieved ....UU.. who liMed 19 to a duel white earned his first
job..LFiIS citty t. toner Urban League director Purple "..rt. Ids sewed

FBI ILK his ..- Olrl Friday. Connie ore, and toe sag. purple Heart reealted
} ta.. gltekoa" M Married worklag ....1..Call national convention..what ever happened to Afro's five nonths later In
333-M4I. J4NE3:: LTH9: JK.T Map. IMS.

e cI III IIIHSt. ** **
.S3. 92. 03. Os. ... For

11000. II, 03. .3. UI.
4 for $$00.00. $>, NI. 04.. ADMIRALFENCES StartiiB Aaiist 24 -
cr for 1100.00 tilt split W*
SO. PBcae-3 3>M43. kY1T AID 1 CfSC AJ4'rR! sv.cs Clfww

SOLD ixcivsrmr gr RI'CRGYiTL'4 1 V DM SDR OCUtSC *'OUITMUK ." w.IIC.m'f
r Fin ID. SIAMPM \ I ; Mss .Mf) INJ OWCSlte 1 IKT5LC r

wash a..'al of gaa,er .
.al.B.nt.. We I et> Laws GILES ItWt.'s CeHep Of disk
-, rowers n warden Tool,
e;; ii
Floor follakor 1 Sanders, FENCE CO. I. 29tl S Ir"tl.S.IUS
1 .w; H' cnaale n |... leek, U*
( EL( -S.S722 tl.4.IMiIlli
cat Trailers
tl Mr .*. nit lSllJArts

I NATIONAL IENTALCENTE1 HO HOHtY DOwN 1. laW... I. U., IU.. amid, IirKttr

U2I Lusts 5%. PO ......

r [ 398.8252 I
Prijir Th MitltiistPner '

3,1. STAMUT ST.ttnftyV --
111M V.rU

bitty .... year BOJM 1M ....... .

C thr aad fla* eat. hew nlracleef
prayer eta ace ..11.ftwoaeera
CoKe fer yea. trite 1I I I

I 1 11 I T I lLl I

Hey, Boys & Girlj.....look l look 1 fREE Movies .IU.34 I. MlefcIganCatees.. I KNOWI: I Welcome 0

list Iriif 3 NiltQuit cal taps Tl III lit Tliitrih MEIIIS MKWU2MI 1 ,tgf taIa tit ti.. I 0

...1 1ft y., sass To Tae Niv, fin locatiuCelle1iaa
CL Sit&Trijs hriH The Snnr aAL A una als ,

seen that.never save hose .
I 11.lf.I,1I
II' l : TOO CAN UN flU PII2ES TOO \" il't BOA.rf were UI-A-wi
; never fleao4 .*:cu....." CHECIElAUTO
api .' hsikill Ills Slats tends Cirtiis 81 Ctkis, itc. ,1i-t.. ;' len area:, we are skis SALES The Best In Town

,. leeate t..'''. Te. ean Air Conditioned
nMataoe fer
.;.j < GRAND PRIZE A SHINY NEW SUPER SPEED BICYCLE have the w.uses M.. K sash It 213 E. IU Stint Clean Decent

4 .. ..'.\.. terns, will take ...er Quiet
r I r I r PINE Ml.S3J4in
... .. Recreation For
J ; nack IBM in u. I Th Entire Famty
.:. DOTTLED iron:: ; air jurmoRiir or :.. 'U'UM ..,, ... Will sumi
SINEW 614 W. Ashley
WE COCA-COLA OJJPANY+ Ky JACXSONVILLI, COCA-COLA ROTTUNQ CO. ..1lver.Se oMI..u...' ... .:. .1 cinirt Setlersjr