Florida star

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7153470 F20090413_AABOEQ 00338.tif 7babb57078c6b3dafdeb3e31c663f83535016f2c46e7e40cbab01fba05f6925af5b475e4
38169 F20090413_AABOER 00338.txt 1e45e4e3ee3a16f44f50dd7c6de6408f049d20e3cd1e8a1daa07569bde40eb20c02a4ff0
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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200673datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date July 24, 1965dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006730740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
July 24, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:

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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
July 24, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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fide c-radty la jach aoavenlr took with ..,.* Project bill for PIaellaa. eral nlea of U. OLD.aaaely act la pod faithbut NCMHaj7, : racial barriers the Greater 1111I1 l .
aoavlll* di sd d..d anydenatte pllaeatary .dr.rtIse..eta Haaatee peratn* that oaly the aa a result, the frver restrlctlni Ns L...... .headed by Staff
la*u|""" of do said troeslnhlrlnt. .1 otherfield dent Lt ftol', rl -&th'r.
froa .
....... Pasco Cbuatlea.>> farm Center had late nor of the State withheld
hoe, v4i. or for Mss t aad of Octal a aeroaa Ue Irand.h,.., eat o ito rated It. staff u thereeultafbla hla approval of U. *. No. they are ei* HsradmA. Ret. ), T. IAltAAttfChar'
purpose IIUI.... ........ .tAt sal that U* ran 00 laalattnee. Act and permitted It to pected to hiMier ..'*y at lard Pair Is the | |I.. of pna..le,
pldet af dtj; toa .
Nlllaan's cl.**aadar ties, bill..' Florida lag 312 ehildrea cos have aatil Kept 10 to ...... let of sour Negro rltlin rector.The ,.,. tf Owieral)
ter nit eaa* to light Vtr Cducatloa 4.... slstlst of two dl-pet n: file briefs la the dis The eoaplalatenta aim .*>bn ioU..... a chch iato a.... a elate of c..* sad sires allekltetro puts Pear isspoeer sotsthat Ue art canrequire t.*rstloss of poor In, the Urteat ...d a specie
Its civil eerrtee Job dldateaat th* Use of .ps la ala centers cleases .......1.4 '0.hrt strict ...,11..* schoollai, .1.*. ...ell... si on*! .ttUo'". 't attorney i.n>
claaain cation, looker state and local eleetioaa. and Vat oorrectlve sc Headay .i... bee. ceof Ue IMltH/ State sdfjste h" tit rots andwicatlonal ortalatloaf hiss florid as part
tall. dliat".t th* ties has sot bee takes eancel I.d.iii Sup re*e Court's 'baee.One lnrnl.d|, nilates ,la 13 4I technical .....*

City Civil service ft>.,. '1"'........ .. ,..,>.. ... .. -" '.' Vote" rvllai la I rot roe Miler. the
aald, "*eve be. try* au Ute,,,. tree nap AII-Wblte I civil rttMe. ....
fog to fiadoat tor ..- ::::: -.i ,.,u.... ly havlsicocwlsaloaers Teachers Urged.
th* atid ...u. east h* ..... ..,....... ... ....--. .- ... _.. -.u. !*.!*. Co-vldi

.. dvlat.** IT.ACcrmI-. .... tee. AMI bower, a se Pr. .*>.....t L si., ,Metre liters, city oMucllaa To Tail Abort
earlier Ule ....."ola a* -ct.t Ate Berry and tro ere rda.* operated eetsbllsh* ad watt owleeloaere Year Old
said '.1"'. ar lr*** Oo-hnua** took ... sets M4.d U* ta rat trotj oextoa.t Usg Street, elected fro 'rD.pe r l-
slea h* coo hired .. a ....rr. &.ru. M aaite U to elth tke-t dow* .Her* h. lectured Ue .flow a., Uan at I art.. JnJetVseMafperauas au-u.
special laveetiiatar loop pel ted ..... kl.s stair IVepIt preteetsf as ts ao tltU.ee!! : Petltloaere jelalat TUI'4-. *ert I,

.for the Mayor (ferseratyar tor. descevdlac fro u. tie .*.*.*, that b* fej ,.U. eight set ...... |a the IDe,I.1.tare dera, male Held
aad ao. .......|./. *eMt ."..".''., U* .ooold<<1 set h* reg05Sib AIn/ |edof these .I.... OaoAaoa, Jase* ,It' tI.. ''I.. tor fur Ue Nellea*l

aria) sad has ..,. .ataata* neater, ... ,." tor .hat .1.t .staid* ..S ht.,.. Te 10..... .I.D. lass, etwJ ..it to ,.*>* aoctalUa for th*
.*... to b4 tttlafla* beaca ....S.. "rodeI.rd" hat*** t* the.ta. .*Btla *..!* to atay oo Miler I".,,.. .'. poster, I.... lfy CMKvralst .N1 I. ...t.iitfOlrH'
aid. latoraatlaa tor th* .* shod poses the frat dt-traad took. eack. |ta ..,.. alee, C.E. Jeablaa sad Miss let la Osvel' c.ialychoJ aid Uat taeJUATT |
..,.r." af bathers at tat beset a ata IB tie solo I..... Sod Sutler N.ta1.1ftlserdae Stills iith, sll *f ayt eareM.r4f be tchiat tie eel.If
n. 47yearldllll. sad la Aaastaaia StatePark. ait* r"ths atta.tunatrprM ,.* It" .I11d'U.. ..,hl.I.U, fro. ...* *f a II.;*0r |
.*. vA live* at If I* Darla .tly laid erUlaal proceoitlca) aad "..r. bay ei..* eee LM fflLCH
."H'-.U ."M.a Mle all UlawtatPlata. doa a ..,,..* of eft. civil etlaaclttn| -.|dla sails eMivt.|e4f st Is as aaaou*

D... Jl. tHO at a aal. Oty BeAater ashes thus. pea *..."n *'lve .lea ef Jobs,**. laally ....11.. reeeatly side I.
ary af 'UD a .... aad "",. .SL Jeer. OtMsityMertff ,U.. meta. .... .. orclsf U aMo. .*t... .ar..U. elite e ) .eeo by a r..re-
after 1M".1.. t*. a* t.0. tan*. aalPlsrlda .a. sri U,.. perfaselata .\ ,ii'" ', trop lae CUS.., CM I act ,... |, 3srg. v. fro th. Of.
,n.. U* beard raise* ft....*i ten a* eye* ., a rollIgr. 4tte. fey aetter I<*i- th. IOlthu .t to tenor Ngdun. M
er* bow 1.wi.s 5000* 1i! Jt :" "' :., ..': i\( .... '\\I: If I safeeeed
,. sae paid IMS.H .,I.r.It, *.* l'J: 'I. "c" ." \.:, ..'.... .** tired a* the r- 1st* that trsvAUaa** .*4e aa ...H,.... hat ....I.'u- ,:, ;i; Joo:' "- 'i'\5WI.\ :I Tae Px.Ncf ISalls. Ustrvettea > y-*le la II. .rtae.Th ..I e f P1l 1 SMI'.
*., af aetla. CUd afffter e.1' .* .. b* arr-t M. did MUlst to ,.....,. ., !: .t : .* ad-lee tnmIts b,, snail ... .| and thai of ,
polite L Y.CTIaJ) laeaea Val Mite la tea re .rda.a '. ...oIt.., 'N ." aturaeyba.la toned O. VM, e.. Ass/ .. ... .I Sisal ..
.. lied D. Civil ted tall u betas stood tie .etr* yvatkeleft tat cnc Ut la II. .. b t aa Jealte car by Ver*** .,..
.le. leU' .. **prv* at letraea. sad Isis tk* theater they "fal<* **>caUt-al! *. OMrt pats! M ash.ly ",.' .tn...
U. .etsus f lsbsrerr..ertl.r'I.lp.r .* .agrees felt It *M alad .er* pi,... br elte*. eilet "r te.cherefive ae after sal 1 ly 41 .... 41 reefer of the
for at ealteealc* la .a* pelted U. elth battle Y. ... .ea.e ef Job' .f 4eb ratUa.ft* ] eletanepr.
.lllaaa.raach. all aay "ie..... tat aad .... ... .. pe. .'1'" sole jsry, aoeever, the etrll right
sold Itllaaaaid pi a u c. Mid aa.n lit. eatcked. .... *fUe Its OCM A!.ta h4 ... toad re*....- the state of
a* aeatstist lau "'....a*' beta aetr* ataa ata r"e- ,, ,,'U.. tor several. .*y* .f 5.,q,. T*. .*..
1s.tIsrt4gM4 trued u. ** 11. It ...
aeaaratls* af aa* tow nr< f aa4thr bs etlt., ham ue Itsaell Cl.tle. of
.*..U.! ,earls t* .f *-e.. alaaury aad *fl.., DM.ten. .cowl ...,.. tat .e- brew. 1 1,pleaded / ....,..,.
sibs r.** flU u* NI pot-sod Ttrser. ..".. Uo .f .....11' gar Deli sri a.*l list the Drug?..
,..,... la ..,. IMItaa .. Valerl* en***, eerearre4eC rMitt.4 ..... .1th. ...... 'I.'.*. *f tie ,re- authortl4 M*
...tr L'..... laid ed la the frost door *fth *. .*a.. sets er. It a*. artist per tea*. Uvetltl" elvll Hilts
U. CJ.1 1 Mrrlc teerd ataataa Theater.laste4 start" e4. ITi' tM* ettt ,.....,... to lets 'H "| 'h" Is U.....4
that llllaaa ... **ist af IDS.. ....< J.aaeil.l.t1N0, at* .4 M' ... torva/detUdtt f.5 ff S..... p44rd ......
tied la l* atla, trafOaat to Ue b..A. alley aaa isM 1. let**, e. atrvOU M pr*e.tll*. .r lee. Cin*. ta*>osiB.. .f Apaiaehl
.ia hl ha*>4... ..!. 1M ...., t allery.aaec b.*4 etttaWleitot.It 5f ,..... lb.b.rt U ala-jr.' TAAO ,. lilies. y..
.. *r Wat. .. t fig e. uitr .*.4 far Ire ..*: ..rd ut _." a.0. ttsor Iii t. Attorney tittle a.s lau4 a Mrest ". .* axtolalalra
naalc.BUI !'- U.*tr .. .* la ..t phteIIM .
r h". sad Cttr .!'. I and u alleev. bas ....,.. u Plarla AM
..- twr tleftl to,... ,.d tk* first CtvailM **rr1r Iaadtatr I 010'11 *... .f ,*'.<.. *a*> ar* le Altoraey'. ...|. y .4 Ii sU-i.
*. lacJad ... wrh p...... ,tn..tad taM earalat a..alastn 01 ooalltl w. lt'1 1 IIDMIh Mts HllUt to pr*.-<-t* the ye.. ... g.t.rd Ml
.ua.C4rt. .... .r...* to *. eoeUIre Josh a* "t"e4 HWo..v -a l11.t1.5' d 0 Air U* testify.eer0 IM.- .. a tee ..,*, If ffashtsites.
a. ar* **tI
aUa M..a w|hu. lfUrvr a. a. aM .t alt*, avsrtffBa1i I ,.u. ..). ajaltesttM. statist Mt tilt a. of S.... Mar
elUUt tad tMr er- tblsd aCtetl alptt dropped ta at ua r u.. rid. rte It a ,. .. tower His
(OMUa *4 M P"'"fe "

., ,' '.....

1_ J f'l't f--


.SI1UI8I' JULY 31. 1 155




published by the Florida Star publishing Oomptoy:

There is a body of vocal and angry white

ALYSON E. WISE.......,... MilS Editor Americans who have convinced themselvesthat

Negro citizens "want everything on a

HILDA W001EN .......... Circilitiia Minm silver platter."

They Insist that Negroes should "work to

improve themse.lYeS ; jUt (like everybodyelse.

2323 Moncrlif' lid Phil Elii 4-6181 ." -.: 7 7 ;
thing- this
Now the peculiar argument

Maillil U.nss ..which has a way" of popping in the
opinion polls--is that it i s
P.O. Six 561 lieksuiilli 1 1. Fliri.a contrary to every shred of fact

MIAMI OFFICE rii /i 'J W'C9 and Not evidence only have known.Negroes been laboring .

738 HW 3rd An. Phil 311-1025 I incessantly for a fair
mare of the country's wealth

)ut. for several centuries they

larked for nothing,building the

SUBSCRIPTION RATES YOUNG uth.whl1e Dixie's aristocracy ,

One Year 86,00Half Year, $4.00 played.

Mailed to you Anywhere in the united States The eminent French historian Alexis Jaer

Subscription payable in advance 11w Tocqueville. wrote in his "nomocracy in

Send Check or Money Order to: America" (Vintage Books; $1. 45 and worthit

) that, "The .American of the South is

FLORIDA STAR P.O. BOX 561 fond of grandeur, luxury and renown, of

Jacksonville 1, Florida wet pleasure, and above all, of Idleness

; nothing obliges him to exert himselfin

order to subsist; and as he has no 'necessary

occupations, he gives way to indolence -

Segregated Justice and does not even attempt what would
be useful.
The Rysten of justice In the United "h- just so that there is no question in any

tes is signifieR tly segregated. With the DESTINATION-VIETNAM" body's mind concerning de Tocqueville's reference -

exception of a few brave souls of the Negro being to white southerners.we have

bar in the Southwho are fighting gallantly this corroborating point:

and bravely to end the inequalities of "As we advance towards the South, the

our system of justice there appears to be ate !! prejudice that sanctions Idleness increases

few other men of the law concerned about power.In the states nearest to the tropics

the problem.The there is not a single white laborer."

Negro is in a pathetic position when :iryo De Tocquevjlle hammers away at slaveryfor

he comes into court because members of his producing the economic gap between

class have been systematically excluded North and :South. Not only did slavery corrupt

from participating directly in the making white southerners but. since Negro

and in the administration of laws, Thereis Noros 1 cuta citizens were in fact, working on "col-

no institution as powerful and ta vitalto lective farms" for the sole benefit of

a living democracy as free system of their white masters., they did not toil as

justice.It would. seem that attorneys within the., $47 P''A'A E O >A S.T 1h 1! I it free On the men northern do. bank industry'prospered.Iranigrants ( .

Judicial ='Iwpr structure of our bar as li J Y {.
f r settled themselves and their
sociations can no longer Ignore their constitutional i : ACAKE YO' L WY, families, and business boomed. On the
responsibility by failing to
southern bank, the white aristocracy raced
horse.passed their time hunting and won
Vigorous advocacy is recognized as American
dered why Negro labor wan not so produc
but an indifference to a constitutional
right is in contravention to a lawyer'soath.
Both states were blessed by the sane natural

ARIES CANCER LIBRA CAPRICORNBorn waterway; both had wide acreage for
The time has for all
come good lawyers,
Born March 21st thru thru Dec, 22nd thru cultivation both had
good judges, and concerned men and women Born June 22nd Born Sept. 23rd thru ; ample resources to
April 10th
of the law to speak out against the many July 22nd Oct. 23rd Jan WhBE support prosperity for many times their
evils of segregated justice. REMAIN CLOSE TO HOME OR WHEN THNCIS AN FAD: PROMINENT INDIVIDUALS ALERT AND OBSERVANT nwabers.Yet on the northern hank, the Chin

justice under the law should be blind but YOUR BASE OF OPERATIONSIN VANTAGE: I IN' JI) .FOR YOU, t. OFTEN HAVE TO BE AP. TO BENEFIT FROM THE ACTIONS flowed like quicksilver' ; on* the southern
not all white ORDER TO FULFILL YOUR STIR UP T IGS'WHII',"' EVljR, '1I0A P'NTH\.t'Vn( SUBTLE AND STATEMENTS Of bank, like ftolaiuifft. V vi/



The Nome Should Educate OF YOUR RIVALS.WHEN LIVE THIS '.101., WHEN THEY 'PRESSURE' TACTICS. ACHIEVEMENTS THE TOP BY YOUltUL'.PIO. white dandies riding to the hounds attempting -
AND EARNING PLE DO PREFER' TO IE to conceal their guilt Unfortunately
We are carried away an a nation by''the SURPASSED YOURSELF, YOU HAVE A BEARING ON YOUR
national program designed to give childrena SHOULD HAVE REASON FONSELFPRAISE. PERSONAL PROGRESS' ANDPOCKETSOOIIKIEP FRIENDLY any apparently believe
to be a bale to the disadvantaged A
and to give better training to LOCAL AND NATIONAL E- EXCELLENT EVENING FOR YOU GIVE THEM A GOOD Yet, in city after city..as a study by

those persons who are backward intellec CONTRIBUTES TO VENTS. DON'T RELIEVE EX FRIENDS' TO PARTICIPATEIN OPENING" LOOK AFTER YOUR the National Urban League last year revealed


President Johnson has visions of making AND OTHER PLEASING PROS*. GOING( TO BE ON YOUR EARN HOPES CLUB AFFILIATIONSAND HAVE TOO MANY CONDITIONS citizens! are still doing the hardest work.

this a Great Society by providing a National PECTS ARC OPENING I UP AND ING AND SPENDING POWER AGREEABLE COMPANYARE "" TIED ON TO THEM In no city for which official U.S. Census


local teachers in city slums and areas o f I ON EXERCISE' GOOD JUDGMENTON PLAY A PROMINENT' PARTIN MUCH 'IN THE WAY OF RE- 50 per cent of all Negro workers engagedIn

rural poverty. A LARGE SCALE MAY NOW BE.UNDERTAKEN. HOW YOU WILL USE IT. THE FORTHCOMING AC. TURNS. 'OL.L.OYOUI OLD the hardest work: work such as household -
Johnson's'proposal: UNLESS POSSESSIONS' ARE TIVITIES. BE READY LOOK POLICIES ALTHOUGH SPIRITUAL and service workers and laborers. The
"We already have a corps of tenchers in THAN YOU CAN CHEW.ACCEPTADVICE FUNCTIONAL OR UTiL ITAIII-, MATTERS ARE OF further South we lot the "harder" Negroes
America. Many of its members, need to be READILY.HCALTH IS AN. THEY HAVE LITTLE DRAW UP THE PLANS THAT GREAT 'INTEREST TO YOU Corked; the more we found them in
WILL GIVE YOU' BETTER YOU DO NOT ALLOW THEM back-hreaklrg occupations.Thus .
better tnined. The strategy of its commanders -
TO OVERRIDE PRACTICALCONSIDERATIONS. while 53 per cent of Chicago Negroes -
needs But force
Improvement. as a BE GIVEN TOP PRIORITY.' 5*40 991525-54 I ? CORRESPONDWIDELY. "'
for enlightenment in this nation, its iro- UNAVOIDABLE RCSPONSIAILITIaS ONE) CAN' toiled in these Jobs, the corresponding -
HANDLE IOTti.TNI WORLD IS percentage for Atlanta New Orleans. -
cannot .be if
prdvement expected resourcesare LEO
to be diverted and splattered by the WITHOUT CAUSE. Born July 23rd thru MOVING AHEAD. .Memphis, Jacksonville Tampa Louis
3-6044-497-M4, ville. llnston-Salea and-IlIa.i cereal! TOper
creation of a force of educational irregulars 3.70.II-18..2.371 Aug. :27rrt SCORPIOBorn
cent or no re.
by whatever name called." THE BACKDOOR APPROACHIS Oct. 24th thru
AQUARIUSPorn I think the time has cow for all white Aerlcsns -
Possibly what teachers in slum need
area THE ONE MORE APT TO Nov. 22nd thru
TAURUSBorn J.n. 20th to face reality on this subject .
most is not a National Teachers Corps to '
THE OPTIMISM OF OTHERS Feb 18th the opportunitythat
April 20th thru Negroes today same
work alongside and assist thembut a strong YOUR DAILY CONTACTS WOULD '
'May 20thA northern white people
policeMan to keep order in classes of students RESIST DIRECT OR RRUS3UE" ;
YOUR OWN DOUBTS MAY BE DOING IS APT TO RE America was born, to learn, to work and
many of whom are ready and willing A. METHODS. SIT BACK AND
SOMEWHAT UNINTERESTING, to be rewarded fairly for our
to create disorder and violence in defiance -
IT COULD BE NECESSARY large part, this is todays
of an educational system which keeps WHO MAY BE ESSENTIAL TO CHANCE FOR YOU TO THROW PLAN A.
YOUR LIVELIHOOD USE lution" is all about.
then off the street corners and out of ale CARRY OUT YOUR IDEAS. YOUR WEIGHT AROUND LOOKS
Improvement among slum! students can be a- POSE SOME HAZARDS. WAIT MORROW. CLEAR UP CHORES TO MAKING UP FOR ANY OE- HAVE "I Stardust

in classrooms,*ore so than multiplying and Tit LATER TO SIGN BINDING PERSONALITY AND WHAT YOU YOURSELF. NO ONE IS
Acquire The Gentle Graces THIS ENHANCES YOUR CHAN", THE KEY TO MORE CAREER' PROFESSION 01 FIR TO THE WISHES OP YOUR .1> .traUonl,"aays Jaws Farmer director

THE INADEQUACIES STRESS CO-OPERA 1Ia.. won the Negro' the right to eat bu-
The laws of the
land have made
THAT MAY BE HAMPERING TION. IDEAS AND TALENTS burgers but not' to have a rewarding 1 U.."
and most of our group can eat AFTERNNON."' YOU CAN PROCEED YOUR PART. YOU ARE .
YOU. ILL-AOVISEO ATTACHMENTS SHOULD NEVER BE HIDDEN without doubt this statement Is tree, for
public facilities whether people want PROJECTS TAKING A NEW LOOK AT
COULD BE PHI EVEN WHEN YOU ARE NOT the rewarding; and abundant life will depend
them to or not.' We must learn the social
SUNNING THE SHOW.f upon personal demonstrations of sbl -
graces, politeness courtesy, and make BEFORE. NOW EMERGING. THERE MAY
YOU FROM ACHIEVING lily.not the sss demonstrations of
these qualities habitual If we want peopleto lllOMl.U'Y UNUSUAL SAYS prot..t..tn
COMPLETE FINANCIAL -aOllt9l7S71PISCES though the Utter have their
accept us in large numbers. FOR YOU TO BUILD L* YOUR
Our criminal tendencies must be reduced FORTUNES. STABILITY. place In a civil rights ove-..at.Pol'Mrl7. .

and Bust strive to GEMINIBom l-to-U-I5-7t.'tJ w. could blase racial carriers
we put our best foot 4-S-n..5Z-'
j Bore Feb. 19th thru
forward in public places.our crime recordis May 21st thru SAGITTARIUS for holding back Negroes fit:* specific rewards

alarmingly out of tune with the challenge June 21st VIRGO Born Nov 23rd thru March. 20th .; to which they were entitled. St can
of the new day. SEE TO IT THAT THERE i iA IS Born Aug. 23rd thru Dec. 21st WMCN LOVE 0 PUBLIC RELATIONS no longer ss a group pat the blst os

Just last week Florida news papers published VALID SIASONFORPIND- Sept. 22ndALTHOUGH THE CHANCE TO ADO TO PROVIDE THE NECESSARY bsrrlers.Proa BOW on. sa individual black

stories that ran as follows: 'Re. IN. MONEY FOR THE HOME THE I INCOME FROM YOU RESOURCES AND IMPROVE INIPISATIONYOURCREATIVE or white east earn the abundant sad rewarding -

tired captain slain by wife; Ex-grid star AND FAMILY.' DO NOT ENCOURAGE PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIESIS YOUR ECONOMIC' SET TAKE ON A ACHIEVEMENTS ROSIER _... life" based upon contribution
critically wounded by girl friend Teen DEAR' ONE*WHO ARERECKLESS. to the democratic society.
sentenced to life in holdup and beatings.1We + WJ4EN YOU WANT MUCH SHOULD vow ED. Do*"T LET WE INOR.ITAILS vow i-oocsrv.lov- la aa Imperfect world.wt find that reward
THINGS TO 00 SMOOTHLY, THOSE MOIRE oftl... are not Justly given. They sy be
read about stabbing, shootings drunk- SPEND EVEN MOAt SEEK A DICTATE TO YOU.
srdness to no end. 'These types of behavior NOTHING REPLACES EXMRISNCS. PROPER .aL..CI.I' 11 WHEN YOUR METHODS COUPS MA TO YOU IS. NOT unjustly denied. As a dlssdvsaUgtd troop

give the race a bad image in the eyes of THIS IS TRUE IMPORTANT TO EXCHANGE MEAN ADDITIONAL SAVINGS MANY LIKELY. TO BE S"A EN,. of citizens our race ha* ba the ot
the public. AT HOME. ,IN THE OFFICE VIEWS WITH MANY INDIVID AND SALVAGE OPERATIONS, PA.CID retarded sad the last rewarded. Hence, sa

GETTING BACK TO wo**, different ta lags.History bas shown that
Re*,white, & blue chip IS NOW BEGINNING' EMPNA. TION. A SUBTLE CHANCE OF WASTE. THIS COULD M Do NOT mow_ANY AVERSION sa equal chance stay be dpsmaded, bat a rewarding
TRAVELS, .YOU WAY hi TO' TME life can tt earned fcy:: contribatioo
NEIGHBORHOOD ACTIVITIES. DOING SO,(TS OMtV asking our coatritatloes. mat be
RAY A LEAMUGOLE. THE START THAT I* THE willing to walk Us second aadeaaadedlie.
sad begin at the hot to* ia order to
ra.M&Aw.ICMS ,A. -/-10.2l.IG.16-Tie 2.SO. ,* .S51I.IJom s).UeI..tsZ re& tat top

''' I .! I'" ,;

.. .. ., I < 1 I' ( VII' 1 \ II %}_I I :
i : U tXt'
1 '



IT .-, Jacksonville Civic Leaders Hold 'Semi-Summit' Conference I

-. -- -- -..-.... .. .
t _'
<. .

Y '
a 4

...,...... ',-




.. ..
\. '0 .
: "
.. L' ,", '_ .._. _:4-,>---"'--I." .' .
OPH1' FDRUN-.tooni' tht Many rfio cart tiprtaalonaon proWMa ana nttoa IB tat ooamalty waa At- chanct to speak Ik Jawta O.Brooka,' gdl-known Js**. In tile third scene. Dr. Hunter K. -Patttnltt -
..htantStat.. Attorney Alfred R. Taylor. oho Is seen In the first scene addrtaalni tee |.- (anaa foldtd) cogltaj" btfor .,UD, a point. Ntit to tht apeaker, from left art
I thertni *>ich assembled at the club El Dorado Jut Saturday alftt. In the ctnttr scat, tilHM Krtc O.plapaoo 0* Cl.-ona. Rdnrd' titers Athletic Director Rtltford McOrtff. attorney and I
B. Mathta. *io served aa aaattr of ctroaonlta la seen at left. 11th hand. ralatd ..ok IDC Ltandtr Shat, public Dtfinder.h .
=_ .. 'f .,_ -_ _---- -- "'.,.. ..........

r%. V V VV Negro Leaders Meet


ff2 : & In Executive Confab

In "hat .aa btlltvtd) Holt. J.J. 'clam. (unionIMttt
the first meeting of tt. Jams. Brook, \.r.
ti t
kind in ntarly two dt- via Alma. Le ta J. Par
cad., Jai Negro leadrahtp let III. Charlt. tuft
representing Ltt Haynr*, Joahua Hill
natty all arcs of ctit .man, 'HJahHMd,. W.M.
unity activity, held a 1\0\ ,..y. -u,. Relafordtariff.
highly successful top .
...1) ...tllI Jut Mturctay > Alao. It. Y. Daniel. Jr. .
night In Club RI: Leon ueClencion. of Nt.Loui.M .
dumb. .). jMa Ridllt,
Ice IJ .. nodal, civic, toonoiilcand Atty.Leandtr. J. ftha Jr
political aaptcta of l.Jac-k Vouni. wtlllm H.
tile ooMunlty .trt dla- Mattheta.Rtv. Nmry II r-

cussed fir a nearly four Ma, John Thomas, jack

'g11y11t Otf'' '..I l'._-lt' conference---dreg- rrprtamtatltta' fro. a tarttty of f.,.... The atoond photo ahowa a llat-up of tht hosts dab t.o of the ....U. hour period by virtoua Peter Ml I, Jot .pau lint.
iroura, proftaalona. ideals and "lI'loa..MoIII the rnirtawtatioD' .aa ont of from left art Oardntr ,.1 p" a... Otis Gptlihta.Klctt R. Uicaa and Eric a apeak tra and ended -lthnuMtroua Att,. Ralph Maul I tab,.
I Iota + If tho sere ccccratuUttdtir Carttr.attly polnttd Aaalatant. Antl> .t tend... ul I. Junta X. Batten I It Jr.
the Miallna. In the person of TJiwdort K. cluster of the Moaqut Hi SlBrton
aeoi tn tit blnt Mnn t ethe hit photo holdlat the atttntlon of the con pOnrt fntrm DIrector and aaalatant Slate Attornty Al frtd L. Tutor ins for another ..*.Im| llllaM 0. .....t. Lr >nard
.. ..- (stabs by Royal Art Studio) In tht future. Attattr. illta.
ori tltra of the ft rat Vnathtrahy,
00 VisitJif MissiiriusMr. itt -itthtr ttrt otlaRptlihtt Alan 4. Mime. Henry"
Socially Speaking and II ra. Leon noClmdun -
snd.on LIOn Jr. tardntr (Nip) Tour*i, J.D. "..., .11|
Still 1 Mat, fleet: R. tutu and 1 11.1 R. Tonty Curtis
<0 Detillf 0 IT liiisi titltr/, of tile at house Loula fjtttt, MO.of, .art,.. trio 0. Ai....lUll. III r.i da. 1\wiy rh...>lltr.

Kappa Alpha pal frattrnlty his ftaally purchaatd ........a........ McCltndon'n: ) sister and Thoat. In atltndanet Dame John Oftii, "Rt*.
sore: A. Rttphtna, lI olo.oa
a Kappa Caatlt."TH II ra.No I'll 81 T.Drqhart .. t. of the brothtr>In*lau Dr. and
0000 .. YMCA: Kc.cutlve, Aaalatant State Ut,. I.. ManliaultOi ,
A... ,.:... aftb.'loral] KkT'taa If Iocat4 la the loft. M.
it attwdlac ..ten Keetawrlyt.t.QttgeIn
(A ,.,.. Hunttr H. ....Uer.111 Alfred I R, Taylor Pro J'- Rlehardmnc eJ. .
Mr. and .. tfUaara | but the adc1r... and egret location of _
ra. > oowty) iris Hac Green .
eatucay. Mra. orqhart la tiptcttd to hot 3340 Kli.uodAo.u Hunter H. ftatttrrfiltt, ( ) Clwma and '.1 turn
tta4, 1571 e. 3711 the castle lll not be rtftaltd until a liter data. nalah her traduatt tort this .....r. .. '
Dr. ,.rr.. *. thtlli, 1\I))1 l act.
street mrl.Mr.and The hulldtac la not In tat proctaa of b.la. rmo ...........u..... ,
The Mtttourlana ha t
D puty coastal) Rrftard
vra. Oirtla fa, vattd.C Geo,.. Irani, _.ea.1 Marhtta. Mayer of PeptlCblaOMpany been the recipient of ... U..............
for 3017 seat nth It. orit It... ,.. 111. oatcolai poloiarca aald the south ere olvlalon ... la thin re- nuaerova and al __events l OOM --;:=:::fP
Girl.Mr. caatlt rill It", *.uBlty u all u the frs cwtly.Mr. .

sad itra. earth tend ty. Browi ... pr..aat durln the Joa.t>h L.. Day
J ohrunft. 51 sa TM<* Court.Ctrl. Many. clrle and aoclal affalra art planntd for thtfutura. CtltbratlM ooaponaortal-0ola Cbaipanyand
\ the Juaanarlllt Rtcreatloi Utll..t.
Mr, and vra. Collaea"urrt i"ly elected. officers of Ut local tfiapttr artCoorttHlll. : ...................
., W4 ver* rle{ Rr.Ctrl. poli.4rch. tartact V. Jontt, tlct 'rlll'T. odmi .a aaothtr rtctat visitor of tile outmi
rolw.rcb l ; Itoloaton" M4tr Jr. |t.t>., of Rtoarda. d u.

Mr. anl Nra. Loy1 Ram' ri.ch Nt.)7. sad aJ aterttary.; darmct, Bro nstrste.s.Juttin; Oil fOll (brporatlon>> tlth\ nemd uarttra In Atlanta
'"U-. It. atrattna. Oorit itattta, Jparnallat' ; 0 Mr and "n. Bailey Mill H"' ry L .nhl.. c>+..'tsis. flllllM 1. g...t. hla. ...................
.'. 21* o.e.hto thrice; and Cary Mol.... Dew of Plrdcta.J ....,.ct V. Jontt of MIS "' .. Rd. rtUrved WASHER SALE I II 1 I I II Iw I
Ctrl.Mr. ..................
fro a brief vacation la Mttark, Nee. Jersey re-
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that toner J art ana I M.. Mr. and Mra. . eM ere claaaaattt .f .,.. jonea at Tkeie ...
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.area of tm>. Alt*. Pal ,rltt... .,. SITE
.........M....... ..::: linn ,..
the HMwer Rr1d,t grip mot at Mrs tense Jack-
..* hi.t re<-U,. 'US Cbatlt t>rt.. I111W\ $50 'fit A Minit Ulllllnc! !

r- Mrs.E'.lyi, Ulrta aa. Mat ja : t.a.a for Ut .rraS r.
... ,.,. a..r'>4 to oa.h.IerflAlpriu. RATED

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1. Other* ,.rtl dat.1I ..,e-, ..r.. talker. varlt RM > t.lMisl lint listinit Cikint' .(AI7Mtytffl
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- -

OMiraUlallMt a/t It .rer l.r U'l J. Carter : NAME YOUR OWN TERMS '
III Kit tft Wret.f of Ut Jx e.."|]. trVMMr -
....... Carts *.. Mr.4. u t...ty stets. tfr
t. Awa t 1.4 I. 4. y ;..-.. a: : -9 .
...... ...::. !-? ,. -p'V "" V l ii(IIri Ertlj U..ta J.c1..vt11i "sate aMrt..llynsr..,
...-.. wg. ..a aYw. M ..Vr- _.M 1o.. _' .......;. .c-tly.Carter SPEARS BROS. ::: r.I: :

...._ ..-. --.. -_.. 0- a ..U..t PMIa4t|"U. p.a.,a..a.,
kat .t.. a.*d.1 ta. heal ffrVM Laop. tot ae."lytM
ye n. J 2S BROAD STr EE T 355 464 !

ka.. r"ee.., ...r.M arm aj..y tuft CktuMl o II."U 'u. I/, I : ." 'h 'U'lf Uliin..
f .lt Oaleertlty, .

Ii b f .r

__ j&k --



Mt. Morion Entertain Appreciative Audience New Friendship : .-

Baptist Church Baptist Church irt Cjmrt&jfegtoffNEW

Services for Sun day at
Mt.Morlah Baptist Church, ATLANTIC BEACHNewFriendship's .

1953 W. Ninth St.. Rev. service -- GAULEE--
J.W. Marshall pastor, will begin Sunday at New Galilee Baptist Church services Sunday will
will conn nee with Sunday 9:30: .... with Mrs. A. get underway with thSunday School st 10 a.n.Mrs.

School .t 9:30: an. with Jackson and her staff [. Brltton in charge. Morning service at 11 o'
Superintendent.MlftsKatlaRoss in chart of Sunday clock. Choir 1 and Usher Board 1 will serve. Rev.

and leaders ko char School. J.W. Carter pastor will preach. At 3 p.s.. the
ge. Covenant meeting will pulpit aid board will sponsor a pineapple sip st

11 a. .. worship will : 4 conn en ce at 11 o'clock the church. communion service at 3:30 P.m. with
follow derotlons. The : ( with' the deacon in charge the pastor in charge. The Rev. Mr. carter will .
of devotions. Rev
seraon will be delivered B. preach.
Curry, pastor will deliver -
by Rev. Levy Green. "MIDWAY AME--
the seraon. Church services Sunday will begin with
Evening: worship at 7:30 Midway All
P.m. will follow In its The Deaconesses will the Sunday School at 9:30 a.a. Horning service at

regular order with !_ meet in the home of Mr. 11 o'clock with Rev. B.J. Franklin delivering the

preaching ny Rev. Green. and Mrs E. Jackson. Evening seraon. Evening service at 6 o'clock.! The pastor

The public Is cordially service at 6:30 will preach and minister the Lards Supper All

invited to share in Mt. r l P... will open with the officers, choirs and ushers will serve.
I deacons in charge ot 'de-
Mori nil's services. -MT. TABOR BAPTIST"Services
votions following. which Sunday in Mt Tabor Baptist Church will

St. Paul m.--',-- Holy Communion will be begin with the Sunday School at 930: ..... Deacon '

Church PIVtAFORTE CELEBRANTS-performing before capacity Homes and Willie C. Whit Jr. Second row frost. administered.Th Jason Barr presldiat.Mornlnt service 11 o'clock,

Baptist attendance, the piano students of Mrs. Odell Watkins left: Etta Jean Ray, Sharon Campbell, Pamela Winston public is invited with Rev H.T. Qverstreet, pastor in charge. The

Sunday's services will white captured the hearts of their listening aiaron James, Gloria Patterson, Maria pearson to share in the church's Holy Connunion service will b* held at 4 p.a.with.

open with Sunday !School audience with what was acclaimed as a stellar p.rfonnance. -, Rosalind Whltehead Debris Perkins and Caroline activities j the pastor and officers presiding. The Rev. Mr.

at 9:30: a.m. with Deacon 'DIe recital was held in lit.Vernon Baptist denons. Third row from left: Cynthia Barge The pastor will fill Overstreet will deliver the sermon and the combined -

Edward Jefferson, Mrs. Church with proceeds benefiting: Allen Chapel ANB ronSylvia Dawson.Mary Williams Ana Davis, Tvette the pulpit during najor choirs will render the nuslo with Mrs. Ella

L. V. Cruraady, Deacon Church and District 12 of Mt.Vernon, Miss Patricia George, Panel Hopkins,Aids parne, and Ethel Dawson. services Lily White Lodge Slngletary and Mrs Dorothy CaUda in charge. All

"rax ton Love and Mrs. White president. Also receiving a special vote of Fourth row fron J.tt:' Karen Purdy, Gall Cole, No. 121, will meet ushers will serve.

Theora Legglns supervising thanks were Mrs. Mildred Pearson R.P. Moore and Cheryl Cole, Phyllis Johnson, Cynthia purdy, Angle in the church Monday, --NEW JERUSALfM"

instruction. Willie C. white Sr who were In charge of donations. Patterson, Mrs Whit andpatiida E WhIte. other Aug. 2 at 7:30 p.m. !Holy Communion service will be held at 3 D... ,'

Morning worship begins .Students shown front row from left areDebraBrown student are La Rahn 'rlIOD.D'H.. UUan Prison Sunday in Greater New jeruial Baptist Church with

at 10-45: a.n. with devotions ., Ann en e Stafford, Sharon Howard, Robin Mitchell Arena Miles, Alverla Robinson Tbosaslna Payne FellowshipBaptist Rev. W.A. Mack, pastor in charge, and delivering

by the deacons, Gregory: A. Cunnings, James Bargeron, Moan 'Cecil Malnor, Flora Mainor and Donna James the seraon. Sunday School at 9:30: .... and nonlng

Choir 1 and usher Board Royal Art.lUndin Photo) Owen service at 2 o'clock.The Rev.Mr. Mack will preach.::
1 will serve the "major -- lA.<<1EL BAPTISTEnanuel -
services Rev. F Eo Tay Mt. Zion Holsey Selects, New Zion Sets Beach OutingsThe Services Sunday at Fellowship I Baptist Church services Sunday will connence -

lor will with the Sunday School at 9:30 a.... Deacon
pastor, preachthe Baptist Church
sermon. Baptist Church Annual Women's Baptist Curcitmt.ICANDINf annual outing to 1414 Logan St.Rev. C1.H. George Ruth mcllln.II.1e Field In charge Morning
New; Smyrna Beach under service at o'clock.
11 Rev. 8.L. Badger pastor
Night service will begin p'LATKV-Ht. Zion win Hamilton, pastor, will
BEACH- Sunday sponsorship the Orl.U .- will deliver the seraon. Evening service at
at 6:45: P.m. with celebrate Its 73rd anniversary Day Officials' begin with Sunday school
&II Aid Society o'clock.
the deacons again being and the 11th of e activities will NO. at 9-30: a.a.Morning 6:30
In charge of the devo its pastor Rev. N. B. Mrs Dorothy pollard of begin with Sunday School 10. will beheld Sunday, service will -ST.. MATTHPT BAPTIST.
at 9:30: *.m. with Superintendent Ant. 15, C. Shewsberry, The Sunday services in Greater AUBatthe Rae tint
period and the UJ 11 ams beginning Wednesday Holsey CMS Church was consenc at 11 ... with
pastor delivering the Aug. 11 at 8:30: selected general chair- Deacon'C. chairman .nDouD .d. devotions by the deacons.: Church, eastside will conncnc with the Sunday

closing sermon.Meobersofall. p.PI. Ran for the annual Wo- T. Campbell and teachers Buses will pickup passengers The 11:30: Baptism sermon School at t:4S: .... superintendent J.W. Nathan
in chart The pastor at the following presiding. Rev. S. Davis will review the lesson.
districtsare Rev. ,... Cunnings, pastor un' a Day celebration will bdelivered by Rev
requested to be In of West Union Bap- Sept. 28. Rev. J.ff. Marshall wljlreview points: '.11. Johnson Baptlanrites Morning service at 11 o'clock.! The Rev Mr. Davis
the lesson. Myrtle Avenue and 27th will preach.: Holy Grunion service at 5 .
attendance during the major tist church, Jacksonville The captains are: II n. will be administered P.m.CB1TIML
The 11 o'clock devotions :at 7:00: .... ; 3rd andPlorida,7:30 -- BAPTIST"
services. the choir, ushers Eva Mae Gilbert. Mrs by the pastor at
Rt. Paul Is located on mid cnnrrejation will be Lucille Hogan Mrs. N. will be under supervision 817 Spear- 12 o' clock noon. Central] Baptist Church services Sunday will begin -

Stonewall Street between in charge of serviceson AndersonMrs. Fola Green of the dea ,lag St. 1:00.... H.P. At 5 P.m. 8'MJ111 beheld with the Sunday School at 9:15: ...., Suptrla'tendent -

May and Magnolia In the opening lght. and Mrs 8. Co 1 e,. cons. The sermon will be iftoblason, 1* president of with Mrs> 1 la Johnson L. Thompson' in charge. Morning service at

Brooklyn. Thursday night's services delivered by the pastor. the aponsorlat unit president, presiding. 10:50: o'clock. Rev. R. Leander Jones, pastor will

will be supervised Joint Celebration At 8:00: o'clock! HolyCommunion Th*,public is invited.0'oO.O .Evening service will deliver the ......*.Evening service 6: 50 o.clod.

New Zion by Rev.j.C. Chaob- will be administered start at 6:30 o'clockand The Holy Communion will b* administered.XOHTCWAPH ,

Great Revival lie, choir uherand Districts 12.5 and 11 with the Deacons Gateway Auilllary No. the Lord'a Supper AME--
3131 of world War I Veterans -
congregation of Mt. Zion of Day Spring. Baptist in charge of devotion will be administered. Regular rehearsals for all choirs: will be held on

FHINANDINA BEACH-Final Baptist Church, Federal Church have scheduled a *. Rev. Marshallwill ,will sponsor their The public 1* Invited Thursday nights of each week 'The Love Feast will

prograringforthe Great Pain t.Friday nlgtU, Rev. joint anniversary for deliver the sermon, annual outing to Little to worship with Fellowship be held on Friday night at 7:30 o'clock. Holy Con-

Revival Meeting has been J.n.Hughes, pastor, oongregatlpn ug.8 In the dining area, Friends and Uu/'gmeral *Talbot Island Tuesday, duriagvlts activities. Bunion will b* administered Sunday. The pastor

completed for Aug. :z-e ,and groups of of the church, beginning public are cordially In-I I "AutAll 5. Rev. J.W. Jones, will deliver the sermons during
in New Zion Baptist M t.Mori ah'Bapt 1.t Church .st-d.F...' r.",i riled, -" ladies and \bvddles, : the'two ."'or.nn..ur'tMrrjlIII uhersare'

Church, Rev. J. w. Mar will 'be in 'char,.: chi program will be la.tfiarge Annual Observance 'day are urged to spend th. .Aifist Misicili ejected to serve during both services
The -
shall pastor, announ Friends and the publicare of the young peon A musical program will

ced. Invited to all a.rvicea. pit with Miss call Priceas Day spring Baptist freshments.Buses will. serve re be sponsored Aug. 1 In

At the sane tine, the speaker The leaders will observe its annual Mt. inai Primitive Baptist Old Photographs
will leave the
'Bible school will beheld .are J. S. aalth, James shut in day Augj through 'Iureh.1I24! w. 27th
dally from 9:45 "". Until KEEP 'AMERICA BEAUTIFUL Webb. W.R. Buckner and out the day.Transportation. following points: Myrtle by .Mrs TJielma Edwards I Starting Today
and 38th,8.00: a... 13th
.. ;
12:30 NIIIII" LNII MnIcf .M Charlie Comings
The will
: p.m. O.M will be participants
..... ....
.11111II WIlli 1IIe Cw..N and Myrtle 6:15: : Myrtle
.. furniahed to persons who Include: The ieelior Must Go
and orothe, t:30: ; Broad
desire, and for information Gospel singers, Miss
Md Met, ':00 a.m.
contact the Church' Tickets nay be obtained jaetielya laes Port.Mra. j Plates Mill lifin Ail
office Alberta Latlmore, Lati-
fro the ladles la formation
1824 W. BEAVER The visiting nursed nay be securedbyphoningpreaidnt nor Singers, Jerome { lint 1H2 to NCtiaH
k asslstaata will serve Thomas Mrs. laet H.rrlaHarrS. -

3101 EMERSON throughout the day ,. W.Dbr Lola stingers, fir H liN

r4-'r--i -- -- Greiter'MlCedoail
0 -
830 CASSAT AYE ) Cull IJI sap

touna IW s reffAYt I DEATHSMrs.Jn'mnl l Greater To Conduct Macedoala Fete Baptist Royal Art StudioSOCIAL

Charch Women met

.. and organised tor th.
Mrs.- Lila- wllltamsoawabh .. all a1 0.1 .bratt oat COMMERCIAL STUDIO SERVICE
Mae Banes,
S 1539 W. Beaver St. dutch and pastor as*
1538 W. 7th Street James Willis.333 Spruce siverssry. which mill beheld 515
Charles Drinks, 3760 DAVIS ST.
Street. Aag. 29 with Mrs.
FRRls LI.27c Sawyer Ave.best William Al lie Lee Jordan as ceairmaa. -
I Vincent Bradley, 1M9Helena .

654 Brady Court.Horace Oaorg Street.HoJ.... 7143 New Other officers ar.Mrs.EftmaNeltorn.Mrs. ELGIN 4164CLOSED
A.6pelghts. 1450 Johaal
W. First IIt..t.ooodru. Kings Road.
Mae Slapsos, cochairs.Ire. All DAY TUESDAYS
Mrs pearl Davis 11. .
Otis 1051 Logan -
1427 W. BMver St. Dorotty naraossrecordag

Street. Mr. Josephli Dal.. secretary.Mrs.1;
Boston Reese, 1421 w.
PiCNIC LB.37C ,14th Street.Marcellua 004 Can T. nulls list flaaaee
Mdbwell,1514I. Mrs Blaache Morris daal r.r.Also

14th Street Roblaaoo. 103 Odessa St.' Its leader L**
Herbert E. Alkeas. 743 Polits. program chair-
Mrs Hatti Love 1390
I. Daval St. mami Mrs. Dorothy Oogglags. -
Johnson Street.Ivory
TENDER Prl.e.lIoftrd. 1354 Js- spoaaors chair*
Rice W.
jr., 1543
llaSt.Albert. airs. La till* Jar. AWNINGS
45th Street .i', tat chalrsam; irs.Usl .
S Mrs Mary Jan* Howard. Chtr.7T Com
, BEEF LIVER 3 us. Ralhack, taker
HIT Logaa Street.Mra. C.Moaro chairaaa: Mrs. Ulllsm
Moatord. 6951 I.
Willie Ma* KtagSlagletoa ...It_. Mtineatts
MEATY 1039 Frailer Vlrgialtst.Mrs cs airs as; Mr*. Johaal
Fraakle Holme.
8tret.Boatoa. .a. at..... yosth overseer *
3010 .. St.Ntrvls .
Reese Ihi 16th
w. sad lias little
NECK BONE 6 LIS. 14th Street. H. NlddleUa, Omtt ttnamnr.Cufectluery .
Horace A Speights. 450 tit 8. 10U It. AWNING SPECIAL

W. First St.

WESTERN BAR.BQSPARE Yen Peebles' :0' i1 ((10 DAYS ONLY)

RIBS cLEAN Meet Sktd{ 30% OFFS

peoples' eeeeesed ..........
The toast
a (like basest Little se..e
lam t* laritiM the pia ...,....

lie to a spirt tail past Start ti Tire) .......... .........
I beglaalac at 3 1OO8 Tyler At,
LEANGROUND ..... la vaiN CbnmsltyAMI y

Chsrch, leaver an 4Baverwoa State Street ,

tta. I 0 Phone
CHUCK Those 9assist ea at*
tsmtlst the *v at will Mrs. lee-a 11 CA '01 fUI nrI.'B:
nod Hiss Uly 3t56-932S.
ARMOUR STAR. ALL MEAT ill ..lstrM *f er> # tray. GENERAL PUSIIC & METALS _

oslM; .... 111 to too., .
FRANKS LI. tea. will give U* ..- EL 4-8224
[ caslM as4 ether prost. $:JI [I. ta 131: P.H.iialritTPattiti : .
seat sedan *f th* eaa Vmuity
Mil MTV cs the Hiiklnsfrits Trials
:nriiei tit iv itrifiT'3f13 IOJIT n tiiftim ......... .


-- ..a: ...... ..uf)$ .. .. .. J l .. .. tlJI '
-- -
? -- -
L''. "I

rD t; 1 'l

31, 1965 STU MPEIS- PACE 5

Nat 'I Links Plan All's Well That Ends Well" Minister forgives Salute For Noted Floridian Charge Eastland

'66 Meet In Boston Girl Church BurnersKANSAS .Uses Prison laborWASHTINTON
4 .t h L
CITY "10. - -- CINCINNATI, CHK>-NPThB The Re,. Wesley Ballard pastor. thai Sea Jame 0. EaitUnd\l.ltI
National Link. In three day ex- Trooet Avenue Methodist. church ..r. vrr. paroled prison labor on tale
ecatlve cauncU list week laid die which was gutted by fire last .
Mlsslsilppl' plantation we re mad
groundwork for la Boston Assembly week has adopted a forgiving :
last week by s Negro sharecropper -
In 19M. attlude toward four girsj who \\f: mrfWT before two Congressional
The Link program deals withthree set fire to theT3Jl.oJd.tne111" committees. Tenants on
facets eenrtces to youth accidentally, when, they admittedly the plantation he further
national trench and service! and went Inside tosMalsomcclothing. charged, live In provcrty and
fin arts. Th Bata Assembly squalor.
will continue and youth feature The minister,while, greatly upset Andrew Hawkins, 45. former
with a formal emphasis on the and dlstrubed about the total cotton chopper also charged two
fine arts according to the na r lost of the historic and attractive other Mississippi members of
president, era Vivian church edifice said the girls Congress. Sen John Stemls and
ttSir: had shown remorse about the Incident. Rep. John Bell Williams, both
revealed that the organisation's He hoped they would not Democrats, of abusing their farm
103 chapters"take great have to face coon action. labor.
pride In knowing that we an Mtf only they had asked me "h'a all lank pat bunk
threat with the times and havea for the clothing."he said as he "E atlad said. Both Steml and
unique role to play In Improving surveyed the rains. "I would Williams denied they employed
the lot of all people In our haw given them all they wanted." farm labor.
American and ety. Police reports reveal that In "1 don't own s farm I don'trent
"The additional dimension of addition to the four girl arrested farm, I don't tease a farm"
fine arts, adopted by the Nassau and turned over to Juvenile -' Williams ..Id. "I don't.venhsw
Bahamas Assembly of 1964 authorities on charges to a garden,"
should point the way toward releasing setting fire to the church, four Hawkins appeared by a House
the aesthetic talent of let ...,-""' girls, three adult 4S rA Labor subcommittee. A statement
boys and girls."Women women and two boys were also containing similar chargeswas
power In Link Is vast Involved In some way." submitted early In the weekto
competent, vcrsatlk and dedicated The Troost Avenue church onthe a Senate Judiciary subcommittee -
to other words" Kirs.Beamon corner of 26th and Troost, In It* hearings on the
added, Mwe are projectIng has been operated as a pan of nomination of formerGov.Jantes
dynamic dement loos." C the Methodist her-CIry parish P. Coleman of MUtlsilrpI to
in order to strengthen Internal ATTORMET JOWl H, a AT, Philadelphia, ,.., executive which conducts social welfare the federal nth.lI.wklna. who
organisations.! It was furtnerdiaclosed projects to hejp people In the ; 1, submitted hisItatement
secretary of the National Negro Republican was not present,
the national Links creastd neighborhood with their problems. _
an office of centralisation. Asseabl. and Clarence L. r*ats. Jr. *Uch.ond, The knar-City parish has !In opposing Coleman'sconfirmation

Its secretary Mrs. Suite Verde Vs. P011U! treasurer exchanged handshakes cub s case worker service which Workers on Sea Eastland'a!'
U, Petersburg Vs.. Is In the House Republican Leader Gerald"R. ford of KlcMfan secures hospital appointments, farm are so poor, Hawkins said,
Process of organising materials end Rep. tllliaai H. NcCulIocn of Ohio, senior lit distributes grocery orders and NATIONAL COUNCIL of Negro women officials receive proclamation dealgnatlng "mat they sell moonshine to
for national use.GOP .eiberof the House Judiciary Ooealttee. folloelni surplus clouting to needy families. Carl ucLeod Bethun Day at .Ntt Tort World's pair occasion was official opening supplement their pay"

Wants passage of voting lights legislation by the' House The. minister aIlS the loss of nary Mdaod ,.thuu..orta1. exhibit. Shown (left to light) Ir..re.. Mara Both the manufacture and sale
liquor are Illegal
of Rcpreeeatatlves. clay end Townee, representing would probably run as high as Hughes Plaher director, ." 1101 I, Atilt; Miss Dorothy H'lght, NCNI national MlaatailrrlHawkins
the national president of WRA. George a it .lag. 31SoD t: If the exterior portions preaident; Alfred A. Coughlla representing Pair Prealdent Robert Moses; and who has been trying
Negro On a Re dank N.J. insurance executive who is also of the church had to be terndowtv Mrs. Cla/ne Corley, coordinator, New Tort State Council of .Negro bass. The exhibit te organise farm workers' In
treasurer of the .Nee Jersey/ Republic State Ns.itt. The lire department eatlmatad is part of 'Achievement and Prowess of Negro Aaarieans1 presentedty MlsitailrpU. Is a representative

Court Bench ... bed been ia doe conference eitn the Republican the damage of M 118,000.Ajw&rdlna police. MMVM the African Heritage lipoai Uon. (CPI! Photo) of the MIsiUilrpI. Freedom
Labor Union
leadership on the voting rights bUlh. ,"' fat = gills are bllevedte
H* and the union's 1t-year-oW
INDIANAPOLIS, CO,-(NTQ support for the strongest possible law to end have accidentally set strI Oldest Trust Firm Mississippi State Order $18,000 Aaron German, read itawntenute
The appointment of Negro judgeof racial discrimination end frauds It the ballot boa church afire when ana of dieip the subcommittee vrgkg that
U.S. District Can for Southern in ell federal. state end local elections through who was carrying a candle threw Hires Negro Clerk Accepts Negro In Powell libel Delta farm workers tit Inrbk\l
and to a vacancy on the C.s. the match she had used to light la s proposed' broadening of federal
Court of Appeals was trged last th.uaUeeI Atat.s.The./aa. passed with overvhelBlng ir* candle to the floor of n TAMPA (iNPb The Marine ST ARl<'VILLE, ..IISS.1'" 0 minimum wage' coverage.
week In a letter to Indiana Sen lit support. larch and did DM make suretfie Bank and Trust company, When Richard Holmes JL entered Funds HeldNEW Labor subcommittee chairman -
Vance Hsrde.Ardor fir from the match was out.an riorldcs oldest trait firm has the historic portals ofMississippi Rep James Roosevelt (DCalifJ -
of the Loser Republican implored bits Evelyn Jones Stats Cnlverslty hi YORK ((1.1q Nor York later laU all teitlnionyreferring
Marlon County Chairman H. Cola Official Welcomed Wilson' a* s Clark In the ace became the first of his race M Supreme Court Jutk.Morri E. to Eattland and NO
Dale Brown, said that since he Pepsi coantlng dlPI""" '". She took awrW attend ins l5-yar-. Institu Spector Ust week ordered. thai other Mlsslsilrtl. Congreiamen
and Hartke "represent the majority FIGHT of examinations, along tion. funds totalling mart .000. will be taken. front tt. record.
beliefs of oar respective wl6 many others and! placed& University' officials said held In s trait for Rep. Adam The action Is being taken
them with hying colors. Holmes would be treated Clayton Powell (D-N.To) at the
panUi, I am sure you will ajtr like Reoaevelt sell twrau they
.thet there should! be freedom The daughter of lit. and Mrs. any other Incoming student.MisilsalTpl InterractUl Freedom National I were' not present Reoaevelt also
to succeed for every A- CANCERLEO'S Coosby! Jones and the Uwr. of &Is the' seconditaMeuppened bank, be turned over to lira present when. Hakins,
merle an" Joe (Dvpree Pea) and Charles university lede- Cither Jars q. as partial' 1aatllsd.,I .
of s ..,.100 libel Judge
Jones, (Prudential fnsuranre segregate and the third previously
Company). she is I s UreneedBrokersalesman .U...",.. college In menu The 11,000 reportedly had: .., U.C. Ravings Bezels
been nosed st cocktail partial
llbRe T.Broil .
with mixed
Mississippi s enrollment.
At aIton. her and In Washington, D.C :::=



355.9260 815 Florida AvenueIkWIIIl
.. '



Broad and Attiely -' FL 4-2159 .



There is L# > 1i TIDE

JCT/I rUI.lI.y..rt11011.. .ataoa. anklet
rsftllo at tk I', b -.-..--
Onllone chief hostess of Ue repel cola *

t e. Tori 10 r oct fair, e.ln..nvfe slat Jeaa a _.d" i'
Cratford to tae '''111011. I... tahoe e satlve ,CA. )..
of ,... ftlsff. A"..... Is S stadeat If voU etJsllliard ;
O>>"'"It.or, of neat IB nee Tort Me HERiHtY1

Is tee of II M....... et die '.1.'. Low4. of tat ,

that rates Pepsi Patlllea. vies Crror4 le a eeeeer of u.. t MtAa.. &..eI( ,
Mud ef Director ef f.re-Ctola O>*ve.,. \ -
; SU ThRpug ,

r iWr..., ,z.
Pint Dktrkt H |ro
atanionsI \\ J '/ 0(
Firs Chief Leiser: I- t 'tiles, .

cola !UJ.... crrr. *.. rxr,
;.**. r. H.< Jr.. a ....., ef AreueaAtLMTTC
b drJ"s lei, J.q.rss.r ,s...
We.ew the Hrt U.t1)Local
M in MnK.Use*I dittrtcv.. Re.r> leeeVer fO\ 59
name: eland reeaeklr, aRew.d wtIH *W. ClayC.eslaetan ap- are araejee4 over tat GIANT

: ......... ooatlMed ex,1.,... ef
Kef. 44, a fire cereals *. Clay Clal Verve b y Ue
He, P suttee was ..*..*aMM swUeeai Up.Ulrw Car
tIi i .. pet kj" Merer Jen* H.ktaDeverx eltte. 5 WITH $5.00LI
wi.e sakl M. k.d
Re.bwt .t..*/ fneaJI4 > 37
.' r Y, *a.r.k."*.4 h fusbaeeat M>*> ..,.1M ta aervtt near Cldletee' re- 0* MOlE

dbaalet are daf .t1f Jew aH.*lalUtf fer tk.
tt: dos,... e< ht 45 'trtrta. he Meed rtstisi ef a ....la v. WITH 55.00 01 FOOT OtDiR
*. heal AM 4e*.na.. Mseq. leeflet wet Dr. gar lAG
vn, ** was ttmftft. ** ,
tit L tll.r tin Is ioU MOlE FOOD
.. h r. W..*M earlr kt M4.Her .
A ..,.. d sae Cory. .... fast tree| "**tUJ e LEWIS GRADE A
eneie4 W|*...... e.aryphd.lM lettleew 0ID11
rrd .dud. CM .,...-' fart, led.'* cJ .....
1raw terser "II' tt.ya.sate.
u.edd .. ... .....r J-- o. nstlaif Ue leaf 4 HENS
C. let eftlcft .,... a .,,,.

...wrd be e.n II le ef Dr. tier*. ....
I ET .. t.1.. fu.y M &N1. r04 .. tit pnaidst. ... set.
... a ".... w veepdm.51"sets wa.rts.c
PEPSI ..Lrre "......
Pd ss,.,. M ,. A.iasac 5ene oa..ners Me It.
.,.. d.ttaj w.w war a.- ttee.l if _....U..*. ICE CREAM
w.. ........ pen d w gays t e *...<. ... effect ..tIf'
e r 1 aAa,eal.....tnaap'Iraa. tM BM. *h.*,...
...... as t.ettow.. AJ.6.. .. tk. D* xraU* M't
He 11M ..,.., M M Alwdrb1rM.
I* 14.Altasb.

.a-aag lr .....,. ,,.sM lsll1t.d kf eDMM
....,. ... s.rsd fir tar ) Jens tread Jery II
saw Cry tea. Jww C.GreeId .......Ma ..tit tor.J es t. 39
w If Dateta3"....4 aarL l.wt7db.re..UMsIs h GAllON!
...,... ..a.,. M RwsasCsPknPrase .. 20
tM _I., of n. a.Havel
a 'III er air Ape
.....t.. LB.

.. .
rr f !F \ t If a .


.-,. .. nU" .- ---

r T

mi 8 mi PAPERS mIlDlY .JULY 3t. 19S5

Airman Duncan Jest Tenor Attending Florida 'Governor Receives WEDDING Boost For Youth Organization

State's MentalRetardation BELLS

Completes TrainingSAN A&M Shows Promise fo Recitals Plan.TALLAHASSEZGonrnol.
Frank EllM. Jr., 954
ANTONIO Tu.Ai .-- TALLAHASSEE-WlHard E. Toenail, tenor of jack i iflaydon r Broad St. ,18 and Shirley
nun Third Class Patrick uonrllle and Pompano Beacha a graduating senior sa- Burns received i a Ann Ellis.1140 Comnlt

O.DUD can. ion of Jortng In vocal music at Florida Mil University copy of "The Florid L _,Ct., 18.
Mr. and lira warren L. was presented a recital ,recently Trinity Presbyterian Plan for Coaprehenslvi 8.nlan Jones 1595 W.
Duncan of 1450 W. Sec Church. Tallahassee.A Action to CoMbat MeatRetardation" a)I
graduate of- Blanche ......................... 36th St., 19 and CynthiaAnn
ond St. Jacksonville, at the recent Stepens, 3630 Char 4x
baa completed U.S. Air Ely High School, Ponpano Kappa Alpha psl Fraternity Cabinet Meeting frw lea St., 18.
Pore Basic .military Beach, class of I960 the Choral So* Gerald Mager Chain I Beraard Wilson, 1523 W.
training Lackhnd ATB, the young artist will be Guild.clety.and the FAMU Opera of the state's Interagency -. 2lat St. 19 and Eliza
Tex. and has been selected graduated In August from \ Committee on Mental -. beth Heath, 1765 Eo 28th
for technical Florida A&Mwhere he hu Upon graduation.Tbunsel Retardation Planning,. St., 18.Edgar.
training. taken a major In vocal plans to return to Mini Bennett Jr. ,1.
Airman Duncan) will be nusic an da Hi nor In secondary Beach, after which he Iii AMERICAN 1779 Rutledge Ave. 22
.. ...
'r. "
trained u a food ser education on the will go to California to III CANCER and Juanita L. Jacobs ." <<,- '
rite specialistFt. Lee, Tallahassee campus he Is further his career as a SOCIETY I 1408 W. 33rd St. 21. II
1' .. ,
.. ,. .. 3
Va. active as a member of vocalist [ Kenneth E. Bartley. 'j __ 101I.... _
5844 Hollyhock Rd., 19and BENOTC1AL GESTURE--The Afro.Mserlcan life Insurance Oo.througn Its vice president .
Bma Lue Downer,5721 Mrs. Mary L. Betach (center), "" MS of several local organlsatlona as*
Belafonte Dr. 17. listing the Jai Urban League's project to send its Youth CboounLty Organization
g Alt ABOARD, fOK 'OUK'';Elk JJDAY'"BARGAIN "AIIDWAI )I Lee E.Whit Jock. 1238 W. delegates to the National urban Leagues national convention in Mlaal Beach
:27th St., 22 and Joan next ..... Shown receiving check froa Mrs. Betsch ft Marvin Cblllna, president
Saunders 4433 Moncrief of T.C-o. hileLele J. CarterHI), toner Execttlve Secretary of the Urban I
Rd., 19.Shenan. League looks on. The T.C.O. Is sponsoring a Discotheque, Friday night, July
1 1I froai 9-until at Elks W. Duval St.
Arastead.. 30 Auditorium. 712
4 I I l1 1571 W. :27th St., 22 and

1nn1V1M Ruby Mae Fountain 394 Cupjitis Tniiiif OII IIATIN

; 2nd Chelsea St., 19. SAN RITONIO' T..u
Lee I
Albert Wllliaus, .an Third Class Theodore S1ECURITYYou
: 1910 Venus St. 31 and
.R. Willla. son of Mrs.
Oaale pearl Proctor
Blondlna Russ of 1354
1Wd1eSOPEN 710 W. nth St. 28. Franklin St., JacksonY11le.h. Don't Have To Go To Ton To Get
Ronald E. Breaker, 1770E.
.. completed U.S.
28th St., 22 and Barbara -
Air Fores' Basic Military LOW PRICES
P. Levis 1744 E. training at LacklandAFB
26th St., 20.
-- TeL oo your
Eddie Will Jones 5643
Avenue B. 20 and Daisy Airaln'l1U.lbeabe. DRUG STORE NEEDSTrade
selected technical
Mae Alexander, 5231 Avenue
Surwftttfs B, 18. training aa a supply With your Neighborhood Drug Store
II t AVIS y1gF "jaaea Douglas.Jr.. 1211 specialist at the Air IE: WILL MEET ANT PRICES ADY.IN YCUR LOCAL PAPERS.
FRIDAYS Training Cossand (ATC) We Deliver also fill all Doctors prescriptions:
W .'IP 135 Brood St. 353.5791 Falsetto St.23 and VivIan School at Amarillo AFB,
T. Taylor 1035 0*
'TIL 9 P.M. dessa St., 20. Tex.His new unit is part
of the vast ATC system Dixie
"Karl J. Navels, 1411 W. Pharmacy
which trains alnaen and
5th St., 19 and JaniceHmdr'1x,1411
Here ore features deigned officers in the diverse
'. 5th SU,
skills required by the 1302 KilfS lid it Mjrtlt linn
to ttrve your 18.
nation's aerospace for
need 15 to 20 years we. Rogers 1030 W. ce. Pleas Elite 5.SSlIPA -!!
Church Rt., 47 and Pauline
s t + I + from now 23 to 50% The alraan, 1963 graduate **+******+*+*+*******+*******+*+*+*++++***
I Jon'.10: Church:
$ oo more .toroge than you St., 38. of Matthew Gilbert ? nil LICIT WITH MO TElEPIfllU!
High School, attended
00V4'4w, probably hove now, the University of MiMl.I" ILLS AT Oil STOIC
PHn.rO Phil I I C o refngerotorl Vacationing
[Alit TtAMi lttsil
hove more COLD when

__ -___ needed with Built in
I Reserve Power. Thin

1 I' woll design requires Nf i 1f

,less kitchen apace,

..:. givet more itoroge rftpoce
aA.r )Ntti flvrti '111

I S i, it rtfr No t dtfrottlni tntor utonAtle In the TRADE IN

di ipOMl of dtfrott wtled

I. I" RefrigeratorNOW \

1 :1' B3THW MAX DAVIS of
.------- : I
730: Court B. Blodgett
Homes, left Thursday I\
; night for Caaden, N.J. I
with her daughter" and
$ son*tn*la., Mr. and Mrs. I
I $19995 Ernest LI.. *oo ere

rMY+ M.1.u M.rwt w..NII I visiting her.Rhe expects t
\ I lL
M a..'\:...--Ww'.i44 wltll tte4. Ho visit New ton city .. I
... ,
.1 M--Mara .w.r w b7M..MM and other sites of is- ;

; 8 pc.IJTt O lAAI BEDROOM tercet.Clete .


Officer Elections

'The election seetlnc attII.lI1raaaloaa"l.tChb

,s.- rd,
was held recently. The f 9 My -,
foDovlsg officers sere I t I

elected, Oeraldlae 1 Wllllaia ? s

,re&1 den t: Elaine
( Harrt_.Yio. prestdeaU;

Jennifer Banner, secretary
; Renee Harris, as*
alstant secretary; NS UJOA.a.

M cry All TNiij treasurer; Edgar*
Beautiful mooem bookcsM bed, anal Jones, tmelaeaaaaager
doubt dreuer,4 drmnr cheit..* ; D'boU*
) print and msttreM two ptttowa t+e w 5158 son, reporter; Cheryl
and bedspread. If you prefer C'" ; tltaell sgtatsrsS ,
modern this Is your choice. ChleS.and .
James Duos 4 !
Vlalae 1101"pe,* 41

SAVE NOW DURING OUR )1 aaeo tart an.
1Mn are; Joa i
MAGI eKS: P. Taylor pales VI 11 arts :g0-t
and Patricia craeford.The .

[G fOOllro@! OOILGet ',its 2nd el at aaalveraary also observed r.. better'

gently is the PeaUovaepf tivl th
-- U* Afro Americas ke COkP
your new Mog Chef Range now white BulldUS.

prket ore low-Here I It one of many new ,

models now on Sale, features Io-t.,.. oven Royal PalmAmaral

control, Hig"'* .'formonc. burners, all porcelain > Hey, Boys & 6irti..look i look I fiEf Dries

grates and drip pans ,oven doc teals, Outing
large oven and separate broiler.InlhU.d last Irisf 3 bfltert CiU tars Ti TV* fcti nun
The Royal ,el. ettrt.-
'u_ Cub sill sold its N 54tBjjj luigf Ita Smtr
s'Fi"k' S .....al Mttag to Little
o* ;:: 159 95 : Talbot laird Bats r.,. ill cu 111 mi riuu TN
I c.I .... Asp !1. Tie leg will
51 L M1r1
, place .assassin at lamall Oats Slate fosr.s. CirtHS Ot Citii. itc.KflE .

M OUt OWN riMAMOIMe I 4tL Ue fclle>> .lag polats::

DAVIS Ls. r4 H4 C1evel./Fifth I IDa: M.4)U <<., &WID A SHUT KW SUPER SPEID BICYCLE
avI >>. I
WJTmW slew t43M4: ; a,9:
A ...Inl fM sill be.Iuge4
salts a*. cAllte.e. BOTTLED mCOt Tilt 4CTHOUTT. Of:

... M,' .. 'Envt wwrs

I .Tt1 ,

:: ::::==..--=---=-=-:.__ ___ '_ -- +.rep _t..'

Tl1Y r. + f 1t

f .s P


SATURDAY JILT 31, 1SS5 ;Mil,,urn* PAKE 7'

AntI-Porerty Art1-Poverty Researchers Get Together At FAMUVflDFESSlONAL Wallace Raises

Head To Address Slaying Reward

Omaha Conference ANl>..1S'TUI.NP ) Go..
George Wallace, dlehardsegrejttlonlst. -
baa come to ma aid of
NEWARK'; N.L-MPQ cyrU a Negro...a dead Negro.A .
Tyson executive director.United t I 1r $1.000 reward amounted by
Community Corporationand- him last week brought: to $71.000
poverty agency win examine the} the amount offered for Information .
demnulone of arbao poverty Ijft leading to the nightrlder:
major speech M the Aug. 28, who killed a Negro factory work,
29 Omaha conference on povertyand t f7 .r.
karr.dallCtloa. LT Alabama! Any Gen Richmond
The conference U being sponsored flowers, frequently ai oJi's with
jointly by the National. Wallace on the race Ia_. assigned .
Catholic Social Action confer HY h : his own man to Investigate
ence. 1 '' r f the nlghtrUer ..1'111Aut..
Tyson whose topic will be Any. (;en. JoeCarat who served
"The Metropolis and Poverty" aa proaecutor In the trial this
formerly wat project director of iprlng of a Ku KkM, Kananun.
Harlem Youth Opportunities Un accused of the nlghtrkier slaying
limited. Inc. which conductedtody of Mr*. Viola Laino, a white
of Juvenile deoquency lUll/ crvll rlshta worker from Detroit
youth crime.He recently published 1 will head the probe.'
....nwhUe. the FDI and
a report on Tads In the

Ghetto.former executive to addition, he WM of the a ) ACODAIMTMICB WWIT'--(1). Adalrtac aa ocUaaaal aoaped bloc ot EHOM1, PKM L.niir-.-Laura: Irvin, Atlanta ooaaMolcatioaa; Flea Florence: Daytry city police of continued the death their of Willis Investigation -

Haryeu-Act Inr:.,director the major a- Ice which aenred u punch bowl fro left are: Dr. H. Maniac Iffereon adaUt4trmtl -. Oniveraitjr of Maiaachuaetta, medial reading; Mra. Louiae ping, ftoata firewater. M. who' WM shot two

gets:y which U Implementing the e aaalatant. PAW: Dr. Maya K.E. Btadarl Cairo. Ewpt. who nil teach Plain field High South Plain field, N.J. reaedial reading; Thuaaa M. Thoeiaa. noun after the National States
,Harlem youth opponunltfeatntdy. aortal studies: flnlfred Stone, dark Collece. Atlanta coordinator oounaeJln Bo a too University aelence. Kdwia M. 'Thorp. FAMU DIr.ctor of Reoorda and Ad- Rights party concluded a rally

; Richard 0. Sparell, HU cane Hip School MU Cartel 111., aathe- elisions; III.. Margaret shortll.. winch en don School for Boys, tin oh en dan, house of abuit steps 100 prriona In Amlaton.on the coin-

aatlca: Mrs. r..ddi.1o roo.... Talhll....., KM eo' a coon eel or. and J... J.Elanop. Maaa.reaedial reading; Beverly R. Archer aaaoeiate profeaaor of riculture, The Rev Cmnla Lynch, a minister

H. H. HumphreyTo Florida state University etad!'it.T......... !ll >......*, mMuatcatlooa.SIIIE _FAMUand: John H. Cannon jr.. Qrvibllni Q)1.i.. oraahllat La.. metal studies from California, told the
rally "11 It takes killing to get
1 me Negroes ml of the white man*a
Address Alphas ptrceta and to protect our eat.
1 atltutlonal rltfua.; I lay, "Yea. ,
1 kUl dwnf. .
CHICAGO -XP|) Vke-Presi In .
referring to the mlrvUter'a
dent Huben H. Humphrey will .
c rare-baltlrel remark, flowers
fly to Chicago. "toad.,. Aug. 9. said. he would seek an injunction "
to add,... the Afcha phi Akphaccnventioo ,
to bar the segregationist from
at U am. In the Grand IY me stale

Ballroom of the Sheraton I Henry De...". one of dire
Chicago "hotel), according to Dr. ors
other :
Negrcea la the car with
y yM
Lionel H. Kewjom. president of Drews ter, aild. a carload of white,
the fratarolty. P mra trailed them front a service
held AU at convention theShsritoBC&kagoSMN. session:* will he I i = -- Iw station where try iuwJ for

Michigan ) lather ofrwochlklren -
1 .
Delegates from 43 states std'foreign i' z I I 1 VI A' had never' lakea part hcivilrlghta
countries will attend the
arflvltlea. *on. :900 Cal-
bath anniversary conclave, AM. ,,. d hat coimy reskkfnts" ant civil
pawl the 4JO.OOO rte
chairman. Bennle ward for the capture' of Ma aa*
D. Bras dbxlceed last week aalUnta.
mat the V Ice-Prea Idem win also 1 +
panklpate la a motorcade from 000: :
._. ,. .. .. -.. ...
/Kara airport through the city. t am. eK JE*' o JjcjavLIB 14 ava aVMM aVMMMMM a; .
to the boll!. The motorcade la' mow l AT UPIL raHMH T table" fro left: Dawn Ciena, principal, Nlaa jailor Hit tiBtfl rmmLDT AXt: Dr. John eon, sttsa Oaaiaa M. Handy, Cairo, Egypt, Hit, toe* tell your nCIRhborIUil

scheduled form a.nx, Bras Tallahassee: Harvey tllaon. director. Uacola AdaJt Vbcatlonal School Talla- t.oa University, health Inetructor; Mist Bheila J. Net.,..., M.A.T. Harvard

said. baaaee.; Or. V.L. Johnson had PAW D ptof Voeatioaal AgvialhreandEdttca: CD I vt ratty, aelence; David R. Edgar, University of Plorlda. candidate for doctorate

ta addition will edit VlcePreaUeatHumphrey ,..,. t closed tion, M. .. Plorenee Daiytrk, Thoaaa M. Thoeaa, Mra. Laura I r via, Mra. Lot lie degree, aaaoci ate director. Dr. cllnlta A. Pord, head, PAW Dn>U of Moat

meeting' totnefra.ralryieectlve .. tn... Beverly ft. Archer. Mra Jaaaa R. Ford, priaclpal Cbaoord>> Rleejeatary Roonoaic. projector director; Mr*. '.ra B. Haucahrook and Mlaa Sandra J. sla-

council. A reception la his School, Leon County. Barely rlaible bMld.n. irvla sad Mr*. Nlaa are K.M. aria. ralJaII...... aecretarlea la project, Dr. Benjaaia U Perry PAMU director I
honor win follow. Thorpe and DoLld.ar. aaaodate director of the PAMU Anti-Poverty Meeardi Pro of reaearch and greets, and Mra. Anal L. Cooper, dean of ..t, PAMU.

Bras alao said receive. the VleePresfcfcntwin ihe ftswrntty'sAv J ect.Hi ea 1t..1,. Pitta, Apopka s.tior..Jorl.g ia boa eooaoalca ..n.. ....t.. (Photos by Pillyau) 000:

aro of Honor and be made an> I
I honorary member of AQba MIl

r.l A .. Dr. J. A. MkMletofl To Deliver
Afeoa Phi Atilt he attest PkUtnt-Doctot. I'" hat TIDE
rctlv.4 tar Nil M auo.mua { I cc.
Keg re college fravraal fin** CO'W'CIII.... aar-
tatioa ta me UaUed Staiea. was I off tea cahf At Ailed
fa***.* .* WOe M Cir.Il u'salty .*. slag Dnct.t-Y.s...,.....w.It......C MMftce... : 6Rt Address.- '.'"
Iihaea ..... -
K.T. dl. ae am a MS air wkat CXU1UtA... ..CoDr.. Jobs A. IIUdJ .t.OII. ...1, elected .
"..u.it of M rrfa |ro. Collate. Atlanta, CUll '
Ge la a<*.dlll e4 to ...Hal at the Allaa Oslveraltyraduatloa 690
ThePerfect eiercie.e THe....,. Aaniat I at ft p.... i SIZE QUANTITY RIGHTS KISIRVID

U the umlvtraltj ..41 tort... GOOD
link Dr. Mlodletoa ..* tanIa
caircae la Vlrilata,
lltilli Til, I poreatoa. All I.Cs'sIts.attwd.d .Hit Maryland and Oeortl At >r 1 y +4.&. ''t Aa

Tnr Plftlciii School, C&laabia, Co. Ue tta. be eat elected
r coaateted to Ueareeld icy of M)rria -
( eitb AllealAlveralty
111 lutistMervon's hoax )
oollect.be eaa
>)> received tae
aecnelor of Arts decree aiaiater of Allen T..pl.AME MAXWELL HOUSECOFFEE

Pharmacy fro AJI.ill Chare. AU uta. Oa.
Oitveraltr taltiated a develop*

.eat program at Allea
Tsar Prmriftiu flirucr ** Ir.thea.D.ee-. froaj T-al. ehlca raslt.dr/ 69'

I aa iacreaaelaaeaberalilp I II.
I .'..r' Calve
2112 V. UfiiH AVI.NSUIS rait tram 100 ,.,..s to tae ( '
7 .
the 1%. M.degree areeeat 1 M.
Alsi '5-1512 The dlrdli baa ear really

froeIllf ....'h .. the eoaetnetlea IINN"cCOFFEE

,\ \ t I t Mlritzfdt.l of la tcholocy. -. af a .>*l tlfaally > IICRISCOIll.
,I'I S1t11t1 I. -.r. Oaleraenaadal ....... arojeet
IC1111Y Jlffe to be ...... at ..000.tCD. .
I ." Free Qilteralty.Madlarai..rUu..' Ie._ at 49C

... Jeraey.Me Ili
baa paatared Fi.d 6 Teeters c
at ANC 69
..era' Till CIIICl IF INC

III 2 CiBdidites 6f Bty !I. III, n.1I SI MICE nil inci ) IIS .

Hear I Minder
hued ForGoldberg I vii SS.H
.1"" TUW' >T* After r.T
"Ie .......... seed doe u Mill nil IIKI
's StitPreaUrat sap.tk ef eu.ra la *.
Aral .. IM4 etataenj ..* ..

., I oaaai swan aeareWeper, aHtM
; ? Tffi WAAlltGTC p.P$ 11111. .e) Ceart ))try Let wet IIIIU IU MONDE In .In
atark .Mrf sU Kef re......" P''7ef
Jet 'e Haw ALIEN nUll STYLE sune
sack peaatra seer a MisaUe .sir anarear.CaaaktMitrM. FRUIT PIES
eaaaer aa .. ley>ea>e a.rt ..- fe" fto yard 11w11.rMsr.ndtatI4
creaead ... ., Nrtr. CORN PEACHES
.caavy...... ., Ants ay J.reoeat CieWIae'l air N ........ lsrrtvpead.
.a U.1..Waadar.a..yur MS. e irl ".... ... by eaadsg "I ClIIU 3t. 8ge 2 KiIN
c.... x'* i... .. a.... dair. ...*>*te abfMe la t. e Brf' 5 JU S 1 3 89C
wgnn -..4 taaa bas} reeve ef,.....CA,loW r.c..., eus
,-. area4.aerven WasMC.ti .. The ceaiKtad yaks lit W dIMe 1/1LI ClE11r ceC1l1I CIHIA1UICI s
are apareiaUmfeed .nw- .,... Ita krOHaea Crt%,
l4*nkaUU.1.CtawCa.n: Hi darn like, Hi MakerTbeMM
ef font U a4 ReaaM fakter.U. .
woai2 I'.uao e.rw.LNorStan. Vkxiej ef tr ....., waaMra.
..... ay ... PrvaUM* Mug ...at. O, .*e..*
last wear se ta .. Akd U.... t., _...... rre*. eperaa, a
aettclset' eeerrai a.a eeafcy II aaeMMea te mm Mfer PICNICS 4 II I II.
,.,.... tI W e4f+ MIL'" rill.39C
ta wow .......... ,..< ran fade ATI.
diat'. gera.er-s. trt.tlnadter golly ef acMavd amtao catreUery.
*s -a.aI WPJT ... *' -- ..... l.Ssrslsd..g
gm ....... .,
KIN I KNIGHT et4 ft less peteail .M tef antC.d. wee ss+ II
Ewe M ho me* se reel a
.. tVletrtrt Jee Jaieee B.
PareTha>, a x.tt.r awl.eg lase rreaa he* waVc eeerMr.
Invites You To Listen ToM ..... ........
,.".. ,... o t.... fin u AII rnief STEAK
ken la CM a>e |,........ .... ClxtcAoo .f) ne Aorta BUTTER 69C u. 59Cl
BAND t* ae ** km t* .*.. a Mrt.. hat rke,, create. teaeetftafaeayiac. h.
te 0m .*.... ..... p.dsut.aNS ....... w al/.
Tat taaU aw1r te *... ?... e...*, vtcaeeker
part a wan *ei ttst.l.ifs,1.w. pwrr .. .....w..a.....
"DANCE PARTY11tui .._ M ...... ,..,Je& Jeewe fcUa*.bfa iMtreeOaaaJle -
w I gaol wool a ....... .....* Be..,.., barVy. '
..$ ..... as imtt ._.n .... II .s J.Ianttlm ...- IteCerafcui PUr r
tui ulitvliy 1215 Jtw .. "-. ......... w ..D. II>> ....... Lrwart. POTATOES BEANS
!t. yur r w tlyS w.rr hag.. .
I ,... II UJS |M. II. .m sigh. ...4u .. ..... a.>>w. .sa ... spanw.w
gals d M raa saes r Cdai... w LPs w 1M.w4 .
-- ... wCI r a trut.Ntw ...... 10 49'
rwweow 29Ci'
WOO 1400 ... m--... ,. w CJt..u.. 2 'ttS.
l........ Ilesr. ..... .... ..a -

L -. --- .. --_.-



Airman Duncan Jax Tenor Attending Florida 'Governor Receives WEDDING Boost For Youth Organization

State 1 ntllRetardation BELLS

Completes Training A&M Shows Promise hi Recitals Plan.

Priuik Elite, Jr., 954
SAN' ANTONIO Tn.-- TALLAHASSEE-Willard E. Townael tenor of Jacksonville TALLAHASSEEGo'.rnorII&1OOn
and Shirley _
Broad St. ,18 r 1
Airman Third Clan pat end Poapano Beacha graduating senior iaJortm Bums received a
Ann Ell 11.1140
rick O.Duncan, son of In vocal wale at Florida MIl University, copy of "The Florida 18.Henan.
Mr. and Mrs. warren L. was presented In recital .recently at Trinity Presbyterian Plan for Comprehensive .NCt.
Jones, 1595 w.
Duncan of 1450 W. Sec Church, Tallahassee. Action to Combat Mental
ond St. Jacksonville A graduate of Blanche ,.......,................ 36th St., 19 and Cynthla
Retardation" at the recent Ann 3630 Charles .
baa completed U.S. Air Ely High School, Ponpano Kappa Alpha p.i'ra- Cabinet Meeting from
Pore Basic .111 tarx. Beach, Class of 1960, ternlty, the Choral So- Gerald Mager Chairman St., 18.
Benard Wilson 1523 W.
training at Lack land AFB, the young artist will be c1et.r,and the PAW Opera
of the state's Inters*
21 at St.. 19 and Elizabeth
Tex. and has been se- graduated In August fro
,fIle;, Committee on Mental Heath. 1785 E. 28th
ected for technical Florida A&M.where he has Upon 'rawaUon,1b..e1 Retardation Planning.AMERICAN St., 18.Edgar. f. ,

tralnlnc. taken a major. In vocal plans to return to Mint Bennett Jr. /" '" .. t

Airman Duncan will be music andailnor In secondary Beach, after which he Ill 1779 Rutledge Ave, 22 : : _J l ;
trained as a food ser- education on the will alto California to .' "Q f. '"
Jacobs .
IIl CANCER and Juanita L. ,. .
rite 8P ee1 aU't,Ft. Lee, Tallahassee campus he Is further his career as a SOCIETY 1408 W. 33rd St.. 21.
Va active as a member of vocal i et. .L '. '"i
Kenneth E. Bartl L L: _. rv. 1 ..;
5844 Hollyhock Rd., 19 BENQlCIALi! GES'n1RE--ne: Afro-Asedcan Life Insurance Co.through Its nee presIdent -

and On a Lue Dower, 5721 Mrs. Mary L. Betsch (center), *as one of several local organizations assisting

Belafonte Dr. 17. the Jax Urban League's project to send Its Youth CossminLty Organization
QAll ABOARD., FOE OUK ilk JJ5S> ? ARC r raN t A Lee E.Whit Jock, 1238 W. delegates to the National urban Leagur national convention In Mlaal Beach i

27th St., 22 end Joan next week. Shorn: receiving check from Mrs. Betsch ft llama Collins, president I
Saunders, 4453 Monciief .01 y.C.O while Lewis J. CarterIII)1 former Executive Secretary of the Ur J '

Rd., 19.Sbenull. ban League looks on. 'The T.C.O. Is sponsoring a Discotheque Friday night July 1'

AraateadJr. 30 from 9-unttl at Elks Auditorium), 712 w. Duval St. .

1571 w. 27th Rt., 22 and
JflflUIWY Ruby Mae Fountain, 394 Cinplitis Tniiiif

Chelsea fit., 19. II OPERATION
y SAN ANTONIO, Tex.- Alran -
Albert Le. Williams,
Third Class Theodore J,
1910 Venus St. 31 and .
R. .llllans. son of Mrs.
Ossle pearl Proctor
Blondlna Russ of 1354
710 W. nth St. 26. Franklin St., Jsckson You Don't Have To Go To Town To Ot
Ronald E. Breaker 1770E.
rllle.has completed U.S. '
28th St., 22 and Barbara
Air Force Basic Military LOW PRICES
P. Lewis, 1744 E.
training at Lackland
26th St., 20.
AFB Tex. On your
Eddie fill Jones, 5645Arenue
B. 20 and Daisy Aim an Willirshubenselected DRUG STORE NEEDSTrade

D Alf ? .:J: OPEN Mae Alexander B. 18. 5231 Avenue training technical as a supply with Your Neighborhood Drug store

J Ur "..1.... DougasJr., 1211Pal..tto specialist at the Air IE WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADY.IN TOJR LOCAL PAPERS-
5791.FRIDAYS Training Command (ATC) We Deliver. We also fill all Doctors prescriptions
WsnsY St. ,23 and Vivian
))35 Brood St 353 School at Aaarlllo APB,
T. Taylor 1035 0dea.a *
'TIL 9 P.M. Tex.His new unit Is part
St., 20.
of the vast ATC syste Dixie
"r.arl J. Neve]s. 1411 W. Pharmacy
which tralna airmen and
5th St.. 19 and Janice
Hire ore feature designed officers In the diverse
F H IJLCOREFRIGERATOR Hsidrti, 1411 W. 5th St..
1302 lest At Amu
to serve your skills required by the Kilts Mjrtli,
18.m. nation aerospace for
needs 15 to 20 year Rogers 1030 V. ce. Urns Lf.ii 5.5597-3
Church' St., 47 and Pauline
l from now 25 to 50% Jones,1010: I.CIaJ rcb The alnana, 1983 graduate r*>+*+*** iii. -...>-,i'4>" i <'> -> '>

soo more ttoroge thon you St.. :38. of Matthew Gilbert PAt TflBi II.IT, MATER All HlEPIflXt
FREEZER GOWN High School attendedthe
hove now
University of Mlael. IIUS AT III STilE
PNu 0
Phi I I CO refrigerator' Vacationing
hove more COLD when
needed with Built in

Reserve Power Thin ..
7MIMN. '.MM YI MM..M.---Mq.M.Mena.
uM : YM""wr w
wall design riquireiless

kitchen space, t

:. gives more ttoroge tspoce. '' trbn ,

.. sop ..,.

I, retrger.terutomlue DEFROSTING P o defrosting 111 the r".L TRADE IN

disposal of ddroat water!

; r RefrigeratorNOW

: .
b ryrvph f A.+
'30'eont B., Blodgett

Homes left Thursday
night for CM den, N.J.
with her daughter and
$ / 4Y
eon*Ln'las, Mr. and Mrs M r }
Ernest L'., .bo were 1

UMMNINAsalsowi, naitinlItr.lIJht'lIIeet.
lb.ieU. v
..b.l w wer r.NfN .i,e.. Nb.MA dVr
I itl M w i. ii /W N.,ii to visit New ton city
S.wit UN LMMN M N.MM wMS Mi.IwNw
tbi. Wrrw..ANNNi and other sites of la
fltflfelrtBEDROOM e' e
8 PC.

flFK Clap Holds

1'JL! _.y i! Officer The election Elactleas seetlng of .

the Miraculous"I."<3 bas

held recently. The

followsf officers vertelected.

: Oeraldlae til ..
( llsia, president Elalae ;I
aam__,ne. president ;wr4gi+ 1

Jennifer Riser, secretary

: Rene Norris, as*

1 alatant secretary.; Hit

( .r YOU GET ALL THISI Jones,treasurer: Edgar*
Beautiful mooern bookciM bad, aaaa. Jones, ...h... .
doubt dresser,4 drawer chest.. aaager; Deborah IU- : -
spring and rnattrass. two pillows HawWhu. 5158 woe. reporter; Cheryl
) If prefer C""t'"
end a bedspread. you
modem this la your choice.fSAVE y tltsell. egtatarae 14q4r4i
Janis Dlion, chaplaii

and Klalae 1101..., pert .
NOW DURING OUR t 11__tart M.

The saber are: Joaan -,

-= C on :22 37.: Taylor False VI11 aria

and Patricia cr at ford* .

$ OO lro@i $OOLGet [ 'The lad club eoalvereary also observedits recently betty

In the Pe tho.s.
: c
your new Magic Chef Range now while pf the Afro ericas Coke

prices ere low, -Here I Is one of many new a

models now on Sole, features lo-tem p oven r

control. Hghperformonce( .. : burners oil pore Hey, Boys & 6irk..b4| f INk.1 Fm Movies

celoln prom and drip pens ,oven door seals Aonoil Oiliag

large oven and separate broiler. list Irisf 3 l 4wt Csti Cats To Tq fcti TkitnH
The loyal Palm chrta

liuNlUo1wirhT.iik Us Clab 41I hold its fctfcfj> NHat TtoTH Serer
$ 95 -.....al amUsE to unit
159 ralbot lalesd ftaUroay.Aif. CAI III flU PITIES TMlisriill
I "UG wailtl >1. Tie b.. vtll
. picks saseeagers at Isis Slits '""s. CirtHi It' Wit its.GftJUW .

Wt BO DCS OWN tlMAMOJMCJDAtflSfe ue IIn.... petals:

Le. r d Fl tab. $: )O:

r ftiX8th; .4D Tle,/:>>. I _
A usual fee mill ,.
.*ars4 salts .. THX OKA-OXJI 'MT 87: JJCLaDTTTILLI fO, A-RU BOTTLnt CO.r .

rp -
o eeg wwrI

t ::

.4-_ .,..... __ _.-_ ____ _. .----- -
---- ::; .___ ::::::::.-.1-'"

.. .... ...--..--- '
..... T .. 1I.1I'" rr ...YYIYMYLN.IYAN .I_ I .,:- '9I'11141fei' !! !!.!

r.- .. I 51SATURDAY I

JULY 31, 1SB5' *I1&.MUll PACE 7' I

Anti-Poverty Aits-Poverty Reseirdeers Get Together At FAMU Wallace Raises

Head To Address Slaying Reward

Omaha Conference I ANNISTON Ala.-"'(NPO Go..

George Wallace, die-hard se rejatlonlst -
has corns to the aid of
NEWARK Tyson exeattlwdtrectortJdted A $1.000 reward amounted by
Community Corporation- andpony him hat week brought: to $21.000
agency will examine the*p i ,J the amount offered for Information -
demenilons of urban poverty tf 5 k ad Ing to the nlghtrlders
a major speech at the Aug. 2s who hilled s Negro factory wart-
,29 Omaha conference on poverty .r.
ml1nterrac1a11Ctfcn. Alabama Any. Gen.; Richmond

The conference Is being sponsored -' Flowers, frequently at oik s with
Jointly by the N.donal,. Wallace on the race. Issue assigned -
Catholic Social Action confer Ms own man to Invest
ence. y fw rr gtta the nlghtrtdcr slayltt.Asst.
Tyson whose topic wOlbe Arty(;en. JoeCantt--who served
"The Metropolis and Poverty." as proaecutor In me trial this
formerly w,s project director of spring of a KD Klux Kansnun
Harlem Touth accused of the nlghtrUer slaying
Opportunities Un- :
limited. Inr:.. which conduct*}a :'1of1 '" :-: :: of Kirs. Viola UUMO, a white
Study of Juvenile dettquency and : ,. t..t. ..... ... *..., 1).) ..,..,.?t, chi rights worker from Detroit
youth crime.He r. r It' flll head t tfte probe
recently t : ..,IJ. "
ed s report on Youth In the oA AI -::.-. '!I _....1_ .,' ',... -f: ,_ .,. t 'T"",,, KtetnwhUe. the FPt county and
Ghetto to addition he was a TOFESSIGNAL ACqDAINTAJICX' Hour --(1). Adelrtnf en octasDBSl shaped block: of. SHOW' PROM LETT: Mrs. Laura Irvin Atlanta coaawalcations.: Hiss Plorevce: Day city'ponce of continued the death their in-
former executive of vestlgatlm of WlUloDrewster -
Htryou-Act. toe.,director the major the a- lee which served M punch bowl from left are: Dr. H. Maaniac tffereon, slat'I tryk. Dnlvarsity of Heaaachuaetts, raedjal radius Mrs. Louise King. South :3$. who' was shot two

gency which Is implementing the strati.. ..."tlDt. PAHC. Dr. AJeyaa L L Btadarl. Cairo Eiypt oho will teach Flaln field HI.... South Plain Held. N.J., remedial reading Thoaas ... Thoaaa.Boston hours tflrr the National States

,Harlem youth opportunities aodal studies Winifred. Stone dark Cbllece. Atlanta, coordinator of counseling Dnlveraity, science. Edwin M. ''lb011)'. PAHU Dlr.ctor of Record and Ad- Rights party concluded s rally

sudy. ; Richard 0. Spnrell. HU Camel Bleb School HU Canal, 111., Baths- aisalona; Hiss Hariaret shortlldie.winchendoa School for Boys llaohandoa, house of aboil 100 pence In Annlston.on the c' m-

atlca: Mrs preddle L. Crooae. taJ1&II....... ...' I counselor and Jaaea J.Bishop. ....., rased!si reading; Beverly ... Archer associate professor of atticulture, The steps Rev Connie s rotnlaier -

H. H. Humphrey Florida State Universltv student_ Tall*******, on-twalcatloas.. _PAW.; end John H. Cannon jr. Oraabllm (blh... Graabllni La.. aoclsJ studlee from Lrnell. the

rally "If It lakes killing to get:
the Kegrossout. of the white man's
To Address Alphas sweets and to protect our constitutional -
rights' '' I IllY. "YII, 1
kin them1.
CH AGO-- In referring to the rutntste '5
dent Huben H.
Humphrey will
r remarks Flowers
fly to Chicago Monday.. Aug. I.
said he would seek sn injunction .t
to address the Phi ,
Afcha Aka to bar the segregationist from
I casvu ion at U e.m. In t o Grad fte .t...

Ballroom of the Sheraton Henry Dea.ers, ens of three
Chicago hotel, according: 10 Or. other Negroes in the ear wtttDrtwitar
Lionel H. Kewsom of
IIId s carload 01 white
the: .
men trailed them front s service
convention sessions will beheld
station where
dry itorfvd for
at meSheretoaChlcagoK)6K. ) ...
Michigan Ave) llrrwiiar, father ofrworhlkl-
Delegates from 43 states and ran, had never CWft part biclvil
foreign countries will attend the rights activities. **i. 900 Calbmn -
8Mb anniversary ecola... .. -+ r county resUrnts and civil
,-12. tr leaden( rested the IJO.OCO re*
Convention' chairman. Beanie I
ward for the capMre of his as*
0. Brown disclosed last week / K I 11Iu.n..,
that the VIce-P,...... win also
participate la a motorcade fromCTHare 000

airport, through the city
to the hurt The motorcade is' I MOW AT"MUEHam" table from left: Dawn Ciena.;prtacipaJ:-Ian Jaaior High worn mm" LIXT ARt: Dr. jalln_. Mas-Oaalaa H. Handy Cairo, slot, HA' Boa-. tell>owr IICIR'borlUll

scheduled for 10 ..m.. Brown tall aha..... Harvey shoos. director Uaools Adult Vocational School Tal la- toll Un I varsity, bealtb" instructor; Hiss Sheila J. Sideraaa, II. A.t. Harvard
II&do University scleaca. David L Rdtar, Uslversity of Mori da, candidate for due
fa aaaee.; Dr. V.U John .. .lad" PAHU tX Cof \bcatlonal AirtcuJ tureaadMuca- ,
.. .
In addition, V Ice-P .Ide. tloa.; Hiae Florence Daytrk. Thoaaa H. Thoaaa. Mrs. Laur. irvln, Hra. Louise terete degree, associate director Dr. Cliche A. Pord. bead PAkU DmU of Home
Hen hrey will address a closed
meeting to the Ifi.rutty sewrt- Met Beverly B. Archer, Hra. Jess R cord, priaelpal CDS cord Rlevjeatary Kconoalea projector director; Mrs. Vera L Heuiabrook and Hiss Sandra J. slaaona -

due council. A reception la ku School, Leon (bun,,; Barely visible behind Hra. jrtln sad Hra Sass are Lie Tl! *>*...., secretarlea project, Dr. Benjaaln U perry, PAMU dlrM*

honor win loU w.I Thorpe and n.C.Cd ar. ueodate director of Ue PAMU Anti-Poverty Reeeerdi Pro. tor of research and treats; and Hra. Annie U Cooper dean. of aaaen, PAHU.

I Brown said t ieVlee-P resident JecUHlss Rvelya Pi U.. Apopks .etor.dorisi la tac.. eooaoalcs ..".a ....,.. (Photos by nllyau) 000

win also receive the frsrrelty'sAward __ _
of Honor and be made tee I
honorary member of A>$pbs Phi SIIlEhUnCDoekII

Afcha.Afcba. J. A. Mttlletoi To Deliver
Phi Atha. the aUett TV J at TIDE cc.69C .
rceiv4our bill lot eat
Negro college fraternal -- &
oprfttloa Cml4 ran Uk ev*
nation ta the United Tara %ae nnt< off M reiftt -ml.e..t AMress At AKeaOCLCVUV
.. ee.1M4 CeraeU ..- ,
M Doc a* .T.aay.rewtrA" ... .
,... "
iversliy.! IMea. N.T. -o! l4 rte like.. le have e.k.eart. / 011r
ee ... ot a Its. et aalT ..&-*r. Jake A. Il ddl.to.. ...1, ..
lected preeldwt of Info rot O>lle.e, Atlanta,
Ca.. Is ach: .I oct to spiel at the Allan Da I ve rait* Jr

ThePerfect graduation ...rela.. 'nul"". AefBSt I .t B p..., SIZE QUANTITY RIGHTS MSIRVID

la tae wife rsity auditortea........_._.u..u..,........._._._._.__. SOCIALS COOt THROUGH SATURDAY
Link Dr. Hlddleton eas bono
casrcfees la Vlrilsla,
/ Poreetoa. tau Caro- _. .,. .. 11 .. .
lltilii Yea, t llsa.atteaded All. Nub ..,,1.] and Oeortle, At A

Year Plfslciii f School, colaabia, .. c. Us tiae be tee elected.
r to of Hnr*
i iMervon's (coaaected eith Alleat .pu..CJ
lit liitist rla Brawl mlles.k.'as.Lester
llUnltU.nc"'ed Ue
Bachelor of Arts degree of AH.. TwpleAatCharca. 1 MAXWELL HOUSE

Pharmacy fras All.ill Atlanta Oa

i (DiversitytaeB.D.de Me Isllisted a develop.
lest program at AlleaTeaple
Tsar Pmcriptiti Pkiruej Ale reaelted I.*
ire frna
I sa l.er..le..e.nhlp I

2112 I. Mfiitri AVI.M544IS \ I .Nuerd 1 CIah.nltJ .- fros (00 ,.,... to the


list PI.51512II de..ft.L re. froaUK The thirds baa cnrr.t*

l Scko* |y adertakea tee ao.tnetl. .
t\t\ .. af a aelll*
I afTaeo
roe I. feally bee alec praje
1011. Weaver. CalaradoasdJale'rartaer
IaIT "lje ta.. be ,alse4 at "$..OOOo i1
l |" slim st 49C:
i/t frs tits "rate "..aa....
H.. Jeraey.kss 1 II. IA(
Flea 6 UMS C
-. I ,_ .rt t ao aaet0re4 at 4Nf e Till CIIICC IF Ill 69

__ 2 CindidilM, GItyIan Murder I.HtrIHI Eli SS.II II MICE Nil 111(1( J us f

hand forGoldberg k Will SIN
Kg.. 1\H. (I7' Afwr .1.rekbule .
\ ., w tar....... '-'.... II MIRE rill 11111
's SeitPreaaatai capetta af staalav trial al *.
I Aft fl n. Dos subMai .... efS
9 "hmM
... .. .
trbMs wean '. a
WANtI ;1UZ O P4 Ladle *4>r ne Cean pry last war 1.1111 IU lun III 1.ln

cad ...,.Jsawer .astal..-.u.. err- ef Iwrf...sis...,.Mf,. engagers Nil FRUIT PIES 1111(1( CUll STYLI slieu '
Beer s seeaasef
w *. ........ Nan ..- r.......... let HM. y.aa\. 11te I'
rear* ,"... by *. rimes ap* W. was ardei.4 last M.y 14 COIN PEACHES
.alaai.ai ef trtmt J. CeUfesrj wtq a 4/ra/a1te lrnveleMtan '
M &:..,. a.aia.a4a..4ee< Catod ,,--.. fw se.e efef -.Mat sbfew awn' 5 IU $ 32 agC
Ian bare. ...... w a aD. reM ef lenkec.a>>,.c..* APPLE UtSIIII 1 till
-.. .... wa.AOCn. air Tkt >ieilmlta<< are bat CCECIY 'UU UIS
.nn.fu. tat he_nw- bee .**'. Di wtau Cra...
MNstat.U.Lcln.teceen rat Wan Hi*. Hi Maker
TWaaa U aal IteaeM /.W
Aft-ah Jrdre.eruct lAjMya r. SWIFT PREMIUM FULLY COOKED
......Wl'oUO'eLU., ,. VIctIM afMrs. M ......, w.
ea.ia *W4. .* .. "........ ...IfII...ar. .i, .te.vt, *
I UM wit., te ae *. d N.1.e1M.er lar Furs.. fra*. aperea4 a
|.airat Mat .... efettrg ......
4 II I II.
at Nhte N M wrdrr PICNICS
ftls.eha tI ku ...... a Mee.o1ef.... ....... .. ,... wen Laiga.ay m.
D..tfw. laeI.d r tawwt ..,., mar PIOIIIIISN's
*kkfcel.., ...... fee*' 'N.rdkeq. ..... ...WIt.11ea
.... *as ...... severalOe
KIN KNIGHT papa paSeaad tkaflnfer atCJU
as ke srted w wreai aha
wnmii Sftfl fltMI.N
".,.... s Ns?*. saian| fcwTaa bar las aVs aaeeaar.Plii .

Invites You To Listen ToIK r...... .......
Ti AllOUCACOfMrt Itd
sefywairaeM W q.. _
...e Is *es *e pfe ...... wnm TW Aesers BUTTERi.,69t CHUCK STEAK I1 59(

lAND be *. Are ke R... t Megrew aiAawrW.dewtta>..q \ .
air ttgv.ws art "..... ...- aadtMead ss eWwr'Okh.
T1tr..1s1s i...lr N M'NI 1
M Has 1&. tr.f.tlsYk.ae.aree i .ssni ,.

"DANCE PARTY"H ee ...Ioi pad ..s Jo..w .e.. I, I. r 1 nut
II r a wr srwsrd M lyt.rar uterrlfs ..... .nela..y Irp nun
$ ...... ..,. ill /ntad.f. ,..,. err
hits. Ness k dUsSS Ma ..... at MeCaraiiei: Piece
i 11:2.: H I2JI Me*. .. aaka,sasf ktsvaatf aefbUt *O+t aaaaasaa< tas POTATOES STRING BEANS
ea) ate kai"%Bade Ath e.? ....

SItriI sr I ,... II WI p.I. B .. .OB rea>. kataia .. karta. 1l.l/w1e .a.... sseMeaa.sakeaaa .
wig af SVa lea sma Is Cawaac.M alpwo aW stay, '
...,.a saasM gar kM ler vkN tali V Meat ,..,... 10 49C
WWK 14M taw aypw 1.l_ turdII 0. W ACA'I ..... 2 Ilse 29"tot
MOO nmee. ......... ..... ..... s

.- .. .* -- ,. ..l 4.. .
__7:': "'h'

-___-L -- -'- -. _-u' __._. .. "-' ''''-'''- h. _. "."'-.....+i..W. ..-..-..:ww. ----.-. i.+- -. ..-T:.:: .-. ..r.-. ...-.' _..n' "..-".... .

1 { -F-4 1 .1


.' 't' --


.... "II or .....___ ...,.....,--.- III.......- .""",, ....-

Money In Hat Launches Drive 'My Brother's Killers Can't _. Thrush Co-Hosts Program

p- Stop Me," Says Charles EversNEW Ay'r ;

rOM-'Hy brothels' killers can't stop .e." Y

says Charles Kvers, stats NAACP leader in Mississippi 4
In an article In the current issue of SAGA A
Magazine. .................J....
: Charles whO took over recipient of many threatening -

leadership of the state phone calls and
-j organization from his letters each weekvivid
slain brother Medgar af- ly reminding him of his
r ter he was ambushed and brother's death, and
shot In the back In front promising a slallsr end L

of his own home, emphasizes for hlB.

-i: In any discussion Bat according to the

of his work lo voter registration article SAGA. Charles r

school integration Kvers is not ammo to be
or equal Job pushed around. Armed men
opportunities for Negroes protect his splitlevelbrick

jZ that he is merely boa night and day.Haybe .

: carrying out his brother th.,' 11 get ..",

M *' s mission to isprove aays Evers 'but I conditions for the Negro want it to be at ay front .
in the South. door, like they aot .Med VIVACIOUS singer Barbara McNal r Joined MlkeDouglas
as co-hostess of "111. Mike Douglas: Show" seen
As the leading NAACP gar I want to be sore
weekdays at S P." on WJXT Channel 4.
official in Mississippi, some of the will go,-
pled Evers himself, is the tool"Theatre

Wing Beach ShortsMIAMI

BEACH-Civilization la cola.h the fora
'ti1ie P 9 i ,r k 1 a' MOVIE DEBUT of electric power to some of Florida's Sealnole
aVflNHbe.i- -f t T Dick Gregory is scheduled to make his first movie Indians who live along highways In the Evergladeswest
WHO TDULDN'T look like a picture In this pcturehat especially for U.S.Treasury Department use.launch- appearance in an Independently-made drama, "Sweet of Miami Beach. A federal project to put the
representing $I million In U.S. Savings Bonds? ed the 1985 Chicago area Savings Bond Drtv..Qivlng. 'Love. Bitter..." to be filmed in Philadelphia Sa moles In frame houses Instead of thatcted huts,

I Pretty Tommy 0' Connell (center), 21-year-old actress Mrs. Wiggins an assist Is William J. Quinn president Other.principals In the movie will be Diane Var- however must survive the hurdle of Indoor cook-
Is preparing to model the fascinating crea- Milwaukee Railroad and Chairs, Chicago si, whose last film was the 1958 'Co lIlalon." Ln,. The mysteries of an electric stove are being
tion designed by Mrs. Artie Wiggins well known Metropolitan Area Savings Bond Drive. Don Murray and oft-broadwy actor. Robert Hooks taught to women who all their lives have preparedfood

Chicago" .millinery artist (left). The hat, designed (NPI Photo) who Is now playing Shakespeare's Henry IVlnNewYork. over an open fire,and Instructors say It isn't

I laCUlHl U a = Women's TalkuH. : BU IHlI The undertaking of 'weet Love" began early in
--- -- MIAMI BEACH-One does not hsve'to bring a flan
CHATTTt: HW, 'J1I11Q cifiers known to babies Is your heartbeatAt least 1962 when Lewis Jacobs, (the film hlstortan-Mse of
ashore to win a trophy in the Metropolitan Miami
,that's the view of a .physicians.. Researchersnote the American Pils-wrlter-dlrector and Herbert
Here s a husband with a sense of humor. When the Pishing Tournament. Several cups are offered for
that Bothers hold their babies on the Dhaka graphic artist and director of the short
many ,
little woman stalkrd Into anhht club In the Phil- fish released to fight another day and the Hard
left, over their hearts. Babies held in this position "The Gift" "
acquired rights to 'flight Song. ,
llplnes and found him dancing, she smashed a hotitle Luck trophy mmally goes to Ute unlucky nglerwlv
when distressed seen to be soothed more the novel by John A. Williams, published In 1903
over his head. Item captioned "All In a Day's can prove the bluest one of all got away.
rapi di,. by Parrar. Strauss and Cudahy. .
Play" reports hubby refused to file charges sayIng -
he considered the attack a "recreational hazard Does the mother's steady heartbeat reassure tht During'the intervening ,.ar..a script was written Kite flatting, which is meeting success and increasing -
." little darling? Researchers are .now testing the by Jacobs and DID.II&. Rob Penn. one of the operators popularity IB Miami Beach eaters generally

I A TFNDER LOV1NO CARE theory and its many. implications.' P.s. No harm comes of the Carnegie Hall Cinosa, became associate la regarded as a new method ot. lurlag,fiah
I to'babies wjien they're heldonmother*' s right. 11 de. pro dicer. 'to. bait Actually, kites have been used for

Moms, did you know one of the most. effective pa- ]Tender loving care works right and left. The drama centers on Negro Jazz phoalst(0reg- hundreds of years by the Polynesians to take bait

orywho berou. involved with musicians and Is across reefs and Into other bard-to-get-at spots

rehabilitated by them, and a social worker (Miss where the fishing is good
Varsi) who becomes notionally I entangled with an t .
intellectual Negro (Hooks) the owner of a New Two of the top sailing evemts la Miami Beach!
York coffee shop hangout for musicians.Godfrey waters have been held annually except for laternipt -
PICK THE RIGHT ................ ion a by world War II. for more than 23 ,.ar..

Cambridge has the role of pseadolas. the the Lipton cup sailed on a triangular course off

slave In "A Funny Thing Happenedon the Way to the the beach here, recently bad It. 32nd renewal and

1"0"" ''" which closed at the Melody pair, Nortb the Miami-Nassau race its 371 awfcon .

Tonawaada. N.t.. and opened at the Oak dale Musical I
theater.Walllngford. Conn. Both la the same week .
; NUMBERS AND WIN Utter thoM Nile Ufy eodtAWHOEE
Sidney Pol tier protrays a newspaper man la a recntly -

completed Ul_. "A Patch! of 11.." with
I a young new actress Elizabeth Hartaan. as a blind
girl of 17 and Shelley Wlaters aa her mother. '

; Peltier's' neitfllm will be "Call Me Back" with BAG FULL! jf
Annie Brwncroft. would-be suicide a fictional lied -

$1,260 IN CASH version of a true ease,
Following" "Call Me '"Pol tier will star la ..

film entitled "> to Duell".The' drama gales its
title from 29 Biles to port Duel! set la the Civil

war period la this film the youag actor will be WMBMSpotlight

an Individual. not a Negro.

i ON WAME 1260 The GrapeviRS Product Of The Week

Miami V." PCCPLEi Mercedes EI- Miami, Florida
Unftcn. eauftnsr el Mmrnr Eltawraa .

i'',1 r ON YOUR RADIO Police eared eM jrsnddiag'aerdTtape1e as s feaairod cancer
< II. to Gay; Lan ardo'. -MsrdlCrasr
jj at New York's JonasBeach
Mre..JeM. Jfcshom'i
Report new stem oa Are Label will
have fir eetUberttka of mp-
I.. flight arrangers Olbmr eIlCIII

I-: : : ,WIN $1 ,260 The July 38U death of and Jbnmto*U1 Janes.... ..a..S.Dl-ID.mmyDsvls

Mrs Beralee Carter n,
rftom. whey "Tt Swqq '
at Jacksoa Memorial Hospital I\nt -
J t WarU ef Sammr Dsvts ;
f u tike remult of aguasnot .sea to robresry. to repesmrf 87
:: wood received ADC-TV Amf. II....
D.toons Warwick an!
*,/ ) July It is a pala Beec* Puny
Tom J.... tan wen fevorlus.a4 .
;/f? WIN X1,260H County Bar. has bear ruled em taftUlprtottnfef_110O UIf
: : first degree ..roe r. for hit UA soanttrack atw
Metro police reported.Reid ef M Ur'S MM r.urc.-...
Be Dednrs ban...... the SHORTY. S1$.
for the
: abootlagef fir rech sod r.a clean to fa.., MCDALO STYLE A USr .
\ ,.IH 1 $ Mrs. carter is Marls ef fir mere' relaitaf avnosphsraef ...-.. r..... .... w
: ...
.w N. w.sw.
,\1\ !. .. 31. who police clubs Ita Kev Tortr* Dear r w -
: .' : said shot the victim Street, where koarreeUl smdteacmi -. ::::- ..: ra.. _
:; WIN during aa argumsat IBtte earl Jet eaMgfe ef Us "...... ..... --.. 6e ..... wan....... ...
,$1,260 .... r .... eovwS .,.. .. -. Met a..
UtUo located .
Bar IIC --
: = =
at llth It. and TmseromAv -

ue IB West Palo"" Midis =-___-: :_
local .. .., VIW/4 BWJiUvttor tu.o.o.r
Tie .ac. .....
bans w wan
had bees assiatlag Pala ....--.....--- CAae CIIIIIJ"l
\ $ lal.ateiIt.alist .....,. osZ r ra
: Beats Cooatj Aathorltleast .. all affairs --:. m!::
} their rawest oe aa M/1IIn D_, ww .... ..
) MMTlas*. ): ? M'.S
Assist Otter Agway pro ... .r.paac J. =
Mcaaeea. ete. lads __ II- ___

i CASHWAME cedure. dares tatty Ogre Lads .-..+. w .... Mirr.w F
A ballistics teat is ...... ,..re la a. .... a* yw ,an ..ww .w O..dC s--
still to be coadMCted
her*. bell ts cIa,*/ .t: Ml ..L .... ..........rr.5w.. VN '... -- r r W Nan
-- ---
let str..t.pa..-:1Sl.t.'S ---.r:: raw "":-. M ant:seas. --w: -
cur. .. .... :::.: a..w .r ; r -.r-'t. .":'
(* aatll It aamalU .. n1. :_ :::
o.rdI. IDd.J Nee.MIAMI j a **ty. ...w UIM -+ I -.r.:...w::: ---;----- =

1b |. Ha. OM Hut to &r.-IICAU> .roaa w..+Ct.a e..y w -. -i -_..c._.
) DIAl-1260 war .e .
: = .= := Jan .j d. wi..r..w.. ..... M
at.T3I tAN BLDS.U and ,.. will : w.-Ocaa
tr..-=- : .... rhr
, L In 3rd AM ertall fed U. trrwrvae*. ",r- -c. .
2fT-uas .alfPrte. ltUSiU Milt .. wt ......he--.r---.--... ..
casw.e W... t.a ......U y.1 r

I j

_ -.. "... ,. -- ,..__ : .... ...-. -- .. --,..wr.w.r.Q. ... -- --- -- .
1 .4. % ::: t' "" ; : ;; ., 1 tad p- .. -.

''I' l r i' 1 ,,1p I' ,

p II


I Edward Waters Grid Forces Embark On Auspicious ScheduleSummer I

Poses Many Dangers Take Time Out To Honor Famed Mentor Sports Parade

For Fish, State Commission Notes

TALLAHASSEE-flot auaaitr day. till nights mad
OTtrcMt akltt taa prtatot a potential dug.r to < seMat Arthur Aaht of Rich- .
flab la Florida'a lakes, poada and canal. want wad Va. last week vat sued along with Dennis
P.O. Banks Assistant Chief Flahtrlta Ditieloa, Ralstoa u the leading.enbera of the aim Ban U.S.
Gaat and Frtah Water plan Coavlaaloo."Lakea Dada cup teen that win) pity Mexico la tht Aaerlcm -

and poada with ..NN.H...N......... Zone finale at Dallas Team, July 31-Aug. 2.
lash bottom vtgttatloa ,laalon should be notified Dans U the first Negro' ever to bt named to a Da-

or a green soupy appearanct Mediately la order vie te... Ht and Ralston Join MM Richardson,Marty.
from tictaa al. that fishery biologlata Rieseen Clark Oratbntr and mnk.rn> tllai.) on
the ter.aP60A .
gas art very tuaceptlblt .&1 dtttralat
to oxygen depletion Hah the cause of the fish TO MATO

.kills" Bank said. kill. SAW P'1WCCJ8CO-NPI-orl.ch Ceptda,ailing slut .
Vegetation la laportant Bank said "not all r flat nrat baawan of the San rranelaoo Clanti'
to nib lift aa 'submerged Han kllla art fro oat last ...k was ordered by club officials td Mayo

plants absorb carbon ural causes and cautiontd Clinic la Rod!eater, Ulna., fOr ...luUOII ofbla
dloxldt and release dissolved that during the ," 'd 'rliht u... tt want hit errinat lon Bade to setl.h .-

oxygen into tht .er aoatht even a snail Orlando and ourselves" said club vice prttl-
sitar during the daytlae. amount of laaectlcide dIRt Chub ....17. All operation'is ptrforaed on Ct-

At night or whta the which: lay accidentally) peda' right knee last winttr.PVMPS1 .

sunlight la suddenly out drift into a pond Cia 1..IQCTH. RBLKASTD
off. aa during a periodof product a fish kill of
dark cloudy .weather aajor proportlooa." BUFFALO N.T.-NI'U-4I1j1lll) (puapale) Green. oat
this proctaa la meratd r tit ttooad baattan of the Boaton Red Sox of the

sad tht plots absorb Ti rs FicePoteat Aatrlcan League, ... released I list ..tk by the
oxygen end release car- Buffalo BlBoaa of the international Ltaiut. The

boa dioxide. Minus the Amy )0-year old Green. la nursing an injured hip. suffered
haired level of ttta'olTtd ---- ia aplini training .end. appeared la only 26

oxygen, the fish Of GUESTS FOR FAJflJ GTMMttlUN DEDICATION-Outtta for Oalthtr the honoree and head football coach ..trAalJQacb' ...., costly at a pinch bltttr. Ht wat batting
OppeaeitsAthlttle ; woody HVea the speaker and head football three boat and batttd la.
caraot 11... the dedication of the Florida MM University Athletic .251 with rues 12 rims
After ...eral hot daya. Director.CoachJ. Center and Oyanaaluu included Rep.Rlchard: 0. coach at Ohio State lklvtraltyand Mrs dadltOalthtr OAT ja.T8.TOAailCAOD. i -,,
wife of Coach Oalthtr. Tat facility waa
ware nlghtaaadoTtr hat Mitchell Florida Ltglalatart. who introduced Ifgialatlon champion Caaalua Mu*
(Ox) Cleaona dedicated aa "111I." Oalthtr Athletic Center and -(TCI) heavyweight (
cast aklta flthtrata never been know to reach naming facility after Jakt; Coach Jake TrR" +."IIJ' haaaad All) Clay, light have talked the tori d&oi-
ahould observe likes and for crying towel, bat lag Association out of oat of tht I tatting challen-

ponds very closely for If thin year' a elate la State Game Body Adopts New gem for Its hard pressed chaplon Ernie Ttrrtll
of fish. la dla> Martin AppointedPilot ',
signs a baroBtttr. Idward ta- On a Tlalt to city Mall last ..., Clay caS.l, an*
tr...III.a fish are seem ten College will be ta- Fish Game pounced that "'' neat opponent will be either
rising to the state baiting on the Boat auspicious Regulations Affecting Floyd fatttrtoa or 0 orit Churalo" both of dam

gasplag for air" it.. progrsaj la Its At Va. State tALUHASSIS-ne" bunters will have an opportunity art panting to fight Clay.Tbt' 8A reportedly It

ties to tale IsMtdiatt long colorful hlatory to train valt aahtd deer hounda prior to the hoping to lint up Chuvalo at a title opponent fur

action. The tchtdult folIo.: mDSI1JltG.v..-II 111 aa letVa aeiasiiag progrssu IM5-M hunting season.A special deer hound traia- Ttrrtll who oDBplalatd that ht cent lit a fight
then tali condition .. 8ErT.35-Morrla Collegtert. has Martin a,... toVlrgiala lag ataaoa was established by tht Cane and' rr.. with a Issuing contender.TYtM .
Bill Martin p.ea
( )
observed the Game aadPrtah .... head basketball Slate froB Dillard Ont- later nib OoBaitaloa at a ...Ua. la Tallahaaatt
water nib Co. OCT. 2..Savanaah Btatt appointed ..ntt,..... Orleans, La. June 21: according. to 0.Eo Fryt. director. TIES MTOftDUN08TON.
coach and associate Atkletle. ......-.......-.....-.-.-.-.-.....-...........
Away.. professor of health sad whtrt ht wen Fry* aald. "Deer dots 1.aJ.ca-NI'U-'Jalla Tyua, lilt week,
OCT. ...Albany *tat.- physical education at Director and Head Coach any bt allowed to run license aaabtr of tai displayed till fora which carried her to the chaw

Watch This Clown 1 fir w;:P- Virginia State eolle,., tor tea yere fret for tralalag pur- owner.Huattrt. ..plonshlp la tht M4 0)no lea, aa ant tied the cue
'.; President Robert P. Daniel A graduate of Alabasia po... during two ...k say take rae Ben' a world record for 100 yards la winning the t-
122 54 U1C2IU 1 announced this v.... Btatt college aad la* training period beginning coons lAd opossums at vent laaalattraatloaal track and field sect II.,..

r .y 1 The health and physical dlaaa University (taster October g.ta the PI rat, night with doll end .22 Her Use .u 0: 10.] teoonda,
1 i tducatloa dcpartaent laadergoiag and etlrectors of Secoed. Poaru aad Fifth. rlaf Irt platola la the. DHMCATf OAITHCT CTMTALLAHAjarB
4 J health and safety), Mar Coaaervatloa Dlstrtcta. Btcoad Coneervatloa Dlatrlct -
a program of
r..or..llatton tad ttpaaaloa tla guided DIHard'a The trash period la ,provided the hunt- -(NPI)-Florida AaM football coach
2 I aa tie ace all- basketball te.stoelgbtcoasecutlve tht Third District btglaa .,. obtala a pencil froatkt Aloaao (Jake) Oalthtr ... doubly honored last e..k

1 IU lion and oat .half dollar cnaaploa* oat week later ta October CMaltaloa prior to aa the university dedicated a new II Illlon alh-
skips la tile Gulf Coast ." auatlag, |a tht. Third Ittl seater sad .
health and physical. td- 21Other gyanaalua aa ed tor .1.. aad the
Athlttle. Coaftreact and chaagea. la thtrtgulatloaa Coaaervatloa District Florida
12 111 .Uo. billdlag Bears louse of Rtprttentatlvtt pasted a reeolatloa -
posted lit tint agalaatI adopted attht hunters Bay tat doll rda
eotplttloa.Paul praialag his coaching ability and' nwilagtht
.51 '-,41 losses durlag the ...UII, are at fol 22 rlaflrt platel.
Ili8..tia..Ile's v o>.wi.. basketball oenterlt la to bt called. th Oaltner Athletic.
4 ; J period. Iowa: Center and QyaaaalMa."
t0Io.etlees 1 coach at VJrglala ItaUfDr Jeckll Sit
Maa DowaMe tea CLRON8 the past two see Mtrtla la a aatlvt ofta.tp.ry Bo at a .... for taklag Joe, )lKL.: n iAN10r
Ala., aad ht wildlife or flak la Inward -
add., aubtraeta.He Hart itoBecoailag m.. will la ra physical ala at la-tdBcatloa aad alt wife, UK are del lier Dade or links Cltsli ohto-(.NPl)- ubia (Hurricane) Carter 27.
eorka It all aroaadCDHI'tO tractor and Ih.d.p to .hit reputation of a knockout artist
OCT. II" Lant Oolleif endhesd. the col- the parents a oa Pale Beach. Cantles Bust.
ATTtACnCNB a IGGONPIIbmrhevreelght lut ...., whan ht flattened less favorite fatt
A..,. a daughter.Dvval fly a safety flag t. bytwelvt
3) IS 155 .OCT. 23MtsalsaipplToe lachealaalat aad boning Amploa Davit, M, la tiJB tf tile nut roved They fought

................ ..Hert, SoftballMcnDAT. l.I.e tee fttt stove the bottoaf Joe Lou It mad.sbu.bal.tarJaale fetfort l. 3DO peraoas.tlit largeel local) fight eroe.|
tat boat, nil flag Rot la recent yea re.
Maws OCT.20--Pr.inle flew-
Days pert. Aagutt 2.....Muttaaga vt Ooldftagert la lot required ekes. latoa .111 hUh eaaeutral BCC. l'n14nl.Qli rum
Are Numbered tagust J..Ooldflaiera vt Spot rite .. grouad here, ....
act. I VDrhe.a Col leuAway. att are tptrtttd la WlltM.Jll.C.-H'PU-) MTray and .ft>raan Tate
.Maa'a Days are "atbertd. ttIN IDAT, Aarust 4..Plvboys vt MuttaagaTMomrur. ....a. at least fifty a. .. oonttatanta la aa, tf tht norm Carollma College track tau art cu,.-

.** Health. aad ror..t. NOV. It-Ktttncay 'tat,e A ntt s....npotritt vt mya' note fttt tldt tf where there txhliltloa feature of rtatly.ea an overseas tour of all CIO.."'h. aa
... CIA Bt ,o.r. ekes ..A..,. All .... playtd o. Bnyt Mote dlaBoad. ".U... U uatbstrtsted vial- the fourth ,ass) Open MBbtrt' tf a V. Halt Department ieort4 Isis

Tot laow your Lacky D yaLacay Playlag first II.., 7: JO P'". ,nit, for at hut 100 Onjf Tournaaant "TilUntMiti MoCrty mi Tate will Malt Malaysia. Hasp |oag.tbtpilllpplaet .

Colort Kte. .IU"." Nitro col. Daval BaselwHBATURCAT. Lell" yards fro sal past ..fwpromcl. ODiraebofChicatn IIIr... Hawaii. ., and Japan.
'.... $2.00 for your at PI p-0 ....at. football then
Ouldt for ... The ice tf oatttardaotors Oa] f a'ureeantke sn.th<
Horoscope Rlefcardaua Plota4lexott-
play All .... gaaet tibt : July >l ) Rta. vt
seat Sid*.
; tr power boats IsprnalblttdtBLatea
played at alsht.
MQIT U II,'. Drip vt DayllaHt-ftlaglttoa jack ,, The frltttfly rivalry .
Fill la tht blank btlot a. sad la till) bt tat of several.1I. -
a laaoala Lens
.. 5
TOCKDAT. Autvat I Daylight .. ,..,..4&I..oott11d1. J
fad Ball to rOOIAC
Couty durlag the spec la Mid tile ten later- yet path Tat Met (kxtar a.t.J
Office Box 1171. JachaoB- COUNT TOL'M F1I IICtpvtU .. Its va Lilly prigs ..... for tax lag algra aatloaally' fasM>tt atkIrtet ** Tttr ttocttr prttcrlbet. "<<;.r
difr.t b
try fl llm4f. Atgvst 4 UotardaDa Mta. Tt DwIlaKt"ott
villa 1. Fltrlda.BIUEI. wMd tlwy t-4 ..*. H.*'. bee ttry waterfoel. aad IIeems ha'. dianged alatttaalag Set txperltattd piaraacletrAeonr ,
yen *.a..* U. a ...u.. ,.": tf aettrbtttt I. tf golfing at ateooad 41 ag to your DaeUftOrwera.
N.L..........._...... (".... -t w .... mrt.... Lilly's prigs vt ntradaJt..BlaglttoaUTCRQAT.Avgwet preklalltd at all tltetta awcatlta. They it MM, Otly TIe Met -.z.;
_. ... ..
Hut r. *. ( t fit"" 7-Day1la1 ta Lilly DmieAeottRloaardaosi Co" ___
................... K>., _..... Ihti.e caulee4t. r.: It. vt Fltrad- e.-BlageteBBaw ) Bear Lake la lists art bath awbert. tf tie salty Drvga pwtrltttrI
u.. It..& T1.. raw. Bet Co titPeraoM /. Called. Btattt Oolfere
.fW, tb t _atr. etl... .: >D ,....."*,.,* tlte glvea ha _Ire. dealing l la ft". Asa., to walift ..u...- MJOJiTDUO PNAMACIfTB TO' BOVt tarA
IIl1Li.W" .. .reU.r food stiffs ... Clab also hi H" eO'LITI LIMB OfCAUO
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1 Alphas Ready Full Activities Club Celebrates Aiinal ObservaNce Khm 'Goofs' MlchM' Yetlh

Slate For National Meet 11 t I II Race ploys| Florida

CHKACO-NPI) Almost everything .U In readiness for the 69th While WorklH
general convention of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity Inc., the natlaf 1.ltlli Cherie Personable Dennis D.
oldeat Negro college organisation which .Is convening In grind
DURHAM N.c.-t."P1)) The Ku All ward, .Michigan collegian -
cjilon it the Chka"e-Shenton Hotel, from AUK. 812.
More lh Q1.000de'\eg.tedrom T."Young (555 E. 33rd St.). the Klux Klan in reprisal efforts arcing as a periodical
every State In the Union and abroad fraternity's general secretary against the Pepsi Cola company salesmen this
are expected to participateIn directs and coordinates the or- last week distributed leaflets with sorer probably didn't
the meeting, according togen- ,anlut1on'. work. s front page picture of Harvey take a Dale
seal chairman. Bennie D. Brown Brown predicts the most constructive .1 RusaeH. NegroYlctpre.ldentand Carnegie
((9427 Vernon) Chicago. sessions In the fra- Ms "white wife." Mrs. Russell Course, but he has coveted
Theme of the convention U ternity's history and credits the .t.tt Is s Negro. the theory to good
for success to the aggressiveness The photo shows Russell presenting advantage.
Equality ofOpportuntry" a re- of Dr. Lionel H. Newsom who ; s cltadc/i to Bob Logan, A native of Tpsilantl,
emphasis of the founding mono will preside over s national convention 4 s company .
of the Greek-letter organisa for his first time.He took ((4. The caption re dst "ee1 wIs) Mich., Dennis la experiencing
Lion founded: at Cornell university the office as president last Jan. picture. of Negro vice president a second occasion
Ithaca. N.Y.. on Dec. 37. 1, succeeding Dr. T. Winston of Pepsi-Cola, at left, and his toward staking store
19 6. by seven under-grtduan Cole president. WUey college is white wife In center." friends In Florida his
The back contains 16 -1IIIe
In Texas.
students. tint visit having taken
Co-hosts for the meet are the Dr. Newsom was inaugurated verses "The Saddest Story Even
local graduate and undergraduate last May as the first Negro Told" by Hon. Oliver Al storm, place when he accospen-
chapters. headed respectively by president of Barber-Scotia college The verse began "When white led his parents to Daytona -
Bennett M. Stewart (WO E. 88th Concord, N.C. girl marries s Negro her sun of B *cn. .
Robert Harris (1321 Also the first Negro to earna we goes down awf glaring spots
P1)) : He stated that be
Avers Ph. D. degree from Washington AltmaiSARY CELE&RANT9-4ilghllghted by an entertaining Ullle McPherson treasurer.; ttta< ralston business of sin appear onher white wedding ,
The) convention committee, university St. Louis Dr. progru. the Gentry Social and Savings Club aanaier; nary cooper sod Rose Durban, reporter. (own opportunity ton vide
from its Alpha House headquarters Newsom has criss-crossed the. observed Its 14th anniversary last Sunday from 4 Standing frog) left: Georcy Breeding, .ascot; Near the end of die selection,
((4432 South Parkway)-.the country constantly since assuming until 6 p.m.In lit. Heron Recreation Center. Third Virginia Crane rreda Poston A.B. Houston Cora Al storm wrotet "This black and
fraternity's national home--has office to re-activate fraternity 'and Mt. Herman Rts. Mothers shown seated from left white prenuptlalmess.this racial
Susie Louise
Brooker Wilson Jllee Virginia Bill -
been steadily throughout members and stimulate suicide must be forbidden by lawj
working are: Mrs Maybell Breeding, president Mrs. Martha .
the year In preparation for Interest in his program. ; Annie 8. Madison Patricia Woods otherbers wes- men must find racial pride f'
the five-day sessions Lawrence ** Thomas, vice president; Mildred Francis recording are Mary Tboaae Betty Johnson Carrie Knlgbt "Let the Pepsi people know
secretary; Louise Oaffney, financial .secretary; and Genera Lundy. what you muhofihelrvkepresi.dem -
and his white wife" Isauptrcr

Al While race-baiting statement.
Seeks Political Post Seek Police Jon Distributors of the leaflet
,f cif'Cfhte were United Klans of America.
td.1 (Continued from Pace 1)vEth
Inc. Knights of the KB Kin Klan
DEARBORN tllch.-NPI--If( tor. Rome sign a still carries the
Civilian ReviewCommittee
bill creating seven new county Judgeshlps Mayor death penalty and that
MytleA, .nd Adams fkonctHI'6 t Onrllle L.Hubbard will run for a seat on the Wayne nearly all of those el- Scores Publicity
County Circuit court: Bench.This will be his fourth ecuted for the crime have

TURTLE MEAT . .LI. $1.35 try. NEWARK, J. J. -Newark's been Negroes Mr. Gilder Militants
FROZEN LOISTER . LB. $1.45 Hubbard ran unsuccessfully for the Judgeship in I biggest demonstration for s said variety of sussur Jobs
SMALL FLOUNDER .. .LB. 29e 1953. 1993 and 1956. police civilian review\ board took The NAACP doss not bathe felt that selling
LARGE FLOUNDER U.IMA.M.M LI. 49e Die bill before the governor calls for the election place on Jury 21 when some 3,000 condone the COM I tUn, '
MANGROVE SNAPPER . .LB. 49e of four new judges on Nov 2 and the election persons marched through the of crises tylndlvldials PHILADELPHIA PA.-'PI) Ight enhance and broaden
RED SNAPPER to. . LB. 65e downtown area to s rally at Taking the opportunity to get In his outlook on life
CATFISH . . .L..4ge of the regaining three In the fall of 1968. .. Military Park where CCRE National and although eriie is a little tongue-lashing during the during his 'people to
RCn lASS . . .LB. )9cSPANISH Director James Farmer not racial in its character Award of Merit presentation people' venture..
/ MACKEREL .. .LI. I9c, IN MEMORIA I was chief speaker. ee cannot condone ceremony In his honor veteran Along Jaions boa he
SPECKLED TROUT II .. LB. 59c You won't ttttomorrow" Farmer was under close police the efforts of those officials Jurist Judge Raymond Pace baa credited in helping
YELLOW TAIL SNAPPER to' II It LB. 55e protection sincejwo days Alexander scored "publicity
Xa loving memory of our t Job Ibo would so beyond seeklr civil Bake his tuner's ort
MEDIUM WHITING II to to. to LI. 32c before the demonstration, an anonymous ( rights militants.Upwards
MED. MULLET . . LI. 20e wife, mother and<< dtuihtsr, phone call to t e.INwarkEssex the call) of duty to to 300 persons attending outstanding are ....I. A.
. LB. 29c with ytittrday'i dill the Philadelphia CItisent
LARGE MULLET .. Bishop V.II.I. Jones, who 6.-- CORE office obtain confessions or to Christian J.T. Miler
STEAK FISH . . LB. 59e departed this life July 19 threatened that if he came to continue or extend le Selection: committee ceremony I.,;. Burney, IU.N l'llan'
SHAD ROE Frisk fr Flesh Frozen _Pr. 69e Newark "the trip would be his heard Judge Alexander attack
1M4 last one." tallied effort to lynch civil rights workers who cannot T. Urqhart. AU,. Carl
STEWING OYSTERS Vi Pr. 60e Pr.Sl.1S signed CORE'S local campaign for a by theuse of our courts." operate without "headlines.can-'. M. John:>. end other .
SELECT MARYLAND OYSTERS .Pr. $1.50 Bishop P.W. JODM. jr., husband Royal Crows civilian review board was sparked Robert Mltchsa, a white log press conference: and bawling APT. FOE RENT
TREADED OYSTERS I 001. Per Box S3.00 .
<< ;Ml a* p. Jones, dwfh- by the fatal shooting on June attorney hired to defend out public officials.- 2 RBS. tltciee sad beta.
CRAB MEAT ".>0--uw u I1JI ter; Mrs E. Co le.All, Bother 10 of Lester Long..Jr., a Negro, Den by his feally.ls Married eorkleg coaple.Cmll!
::...., Cola .
Cwhhd U. IIII-AR U by Patrolmanllenry J Martinet.He
; A.L. Jones, brother- planning to appeal the .
LIVE CRABS per DOZEN $1.00 was suspended for a week and then FDa RENT 731.9643.lif3W1l
1D.laW. reinstated. verdict. As of yet the
NAACP has not been asked 1 too ft 3-Roo Apt WW. .
to officially assist in IStk It. 1110420.Feralahtd w
rrrrr rrrrrrrr rrr rrrrrrrrrrr--f.rr-r..r rrr.Irr--rr.--rr ----rrrrrr-rrrrr
I : 1l the case.
ROOM. Mea Oely.

l I"P. r=1 r:=I rJ r:3. DiscountToilet I It ran. or FOI Oarera.LENT bow Carletian f of ',215.8702.TOOTHACHE. f We IsMttoe. .**ceiemel.

l :I LU 1.:11.11.1::: :: : : Goods I' Elderly Udy.Couple JM-M04.or -_ a.USE UMUa.tlMl,'-CONSTIPATION. Y iMIS......F t!r.

J* -. i iMti t* ** %
APT. FOI TENT 0-I4.rw...",.U..w."' sit.w c---J':r. ..wry. .e==
1 I =., _... ._ -01
.A. M t* ,
1I 3 (I41.. stove I Refrlg. a a I t.r M-ene.w
.. ..
IIMtl IM. ff S f* .K wa.
I 115 or IIT.SO bivkly.MM --'L.--G- *MMtfr* aa.a'.t wteen ,
Nrsss' inS$ I... .......,..
I Regular TOILET GOODS Discount' Pia TOILET GOODS Diststi R. 9-10M.e4ict Road. Call --- ... Putt.arasM M L VSMMI tM ttawawi.


I IRRIMIUKB[ AIT.Oareraiake4 !

I, I I 69c ARRID-MUM LAtGISIZI 53 1.00 NEW DAWN '155 IJ I t refrigerate. Utt It. .."alt..t,. sieve.R.3-bed roove 433.. EGISTER NOW FOR FALL CLASSES

I HAUL COLORING lester ..... heater eelpe4. -
I 4I aoetkly Apply Stirt.Ri Avfist 24
1143 B.is It .or call 11.-


J 39 Ponds Cash me re Bouquet c 1.50 MAKEUP I I79c KINCCRGAKTEN I arotviao. COURSE -OJITAAPIANOVOICESTRING
116 SIAMF60lth
I : BASS .IW I ...tal Of ..a....

GILLETTE BLADES 67cI Bqelvoeat. fle teat) Lajioeere Of
CLEARASIL SSe a9c a Ia rsea 'Tools College Mask
STAINWS STilL ( .; .
floor polisher a S* 4 r .
1111 I. 21th Strut
ideate I lead fcele.' Local -

2 OUNCE Tret I ere, 12 "E d51. EL-IMiS EL-5.3)22) l.4.tHI

II ii 98e ARTRA-CREAM 73 C 69c AERO SHAVE 40 I II 1 IATIGUllElUL ulna liki I. hats, I. I.S.. M.S. HI.. tticttr

I I .tJD Slate it. PO l-ssu

1 1.00 ICE-O-DERM 741; us OLD SPICE 97c =I Pniir, Til MifktiestPenr

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VASELINE I Ir cad fled eel bee at reeleef
1.00 MAYBELLINE 72c S9c 47c prayer eta eeeoeollekeoa4ers



1.00 NOXZEMA 74c 7Sc VITALIS 59c I .34 *. 1..1....Ql..... What exhilaratingsummer:

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did 1
I activity

Head & Shoulders 72c! lie AQUA NET 67c Dur..une-ll.- the 18th century

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'I FAMILY SIZE never fieked .;Mtas.rs English enjoyon

ALBERTO VO.S'74c 61c left arts. *e are aeatete
1.00 CREST.GLEEM the ?
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i 1.25 MISS CLAIROL 86c 42 la trade. ra. E >k keve ever ka4.llr.Ge .
M HAil COLORING 61e ALKA SELTZER 333-II4 ..,u... till 4.s) )M caM: IIlia. his
I deliver.. eb111at1NFENCING Gl.r.u& ( gisalagG.oes. .

t 1.50 LOVING CARE '1" 1"8 ALBERTO VO-5 I"I Drr......Seieocfc.s.c...as nU.ice.
1 I arena ff aeensM.U .n. E.-
I I HAil COLORING HAIl SPlAY haws lees Dieted eeh
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aWl DUCHISS.... 4r..a fact, taref>e.i ikeikJrwf
:9e JERGENS LOTION 43 39 .......LetGetsWseJUa t
S9c BERGAMONT 1id hid CyfrUJ aes ye.' eWvg eeea.saers ,
I >c .*,.. Se htvewvstf
CMswd.ilCih. l I sit- ll way ... ZsrW
JOHNSONS! I CM.....eae see4ey ee..

I: I 65c EASY POWDER 49c S9c BAYER ASPIRIN 36c I Clean Posts

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I) H S S DOWNTOWN -1 ls f Isis /fir. ua_rRALN1.w..ae'iRbe.1..MUAY.eaas

t L-K.R. MAIN( AT ADAMS i a 4.am
... ____________

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