Florida star

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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200666datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date June 5, 1965dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006660740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
June 5, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
June 5, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
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..A.A.. .i. .A. .*_ .. .. ...... .. ....




*** *
I'll ,1 U. S. Asked To Investigate Arrivalfs

Criffle's Death ly Police Prevents

E'IUART-'thl' ; NAACP>> has asked the Attorney Illegal (Act

fit n.ll. 11 t111111111XI1.1f H 16 CEN General of the United States to hold a full Conflicting teatlnanytitle
"- into the killing of a
scale investigation .eek centered around -
***** **** *
.- .' ... Stuart Negro on May 28. The shooting took a white bueineee
yo 'I' place at approximately 2:30: .... man wbu had on two pro*
I Ii I KUlodvaa Ch.rll. Fyae, .............,....... vloun oecationa been

30, a reportodepllopUe. entire police departamt charted lth oontrlbut-
i ._ .__, _, __ .
,,, ,.. -- Officers involved vere be totally 'deaeiretateJ mat with the dellguency
... ...... Saundere continued.Durini .
Jot Crotby. 22. and Orvia of a steer .1'" no die-
Tarn 40. The request a aeetini on position hnvlni been

for a federal laveatl Monday, city officials taken and hit preeentcharie
BUSINESS MGR.IS HELD tatloa wee tent by R. '. aireedtoaak for a trend involving, a minor

Launders, Florida NAACP jury laveetltetionofthecaee. 'Metro ilrl.
field director folloriathearlat police report atate

a by a coroner e Hovever they refueed that Claude Richard
Jury verdict aDd an ia* suspend the officers Cook, operator of n bat
INGIBBS FUND FRAUD ,..U tatloa tar the Ann ,. becnueo. of the two ear tely repair shop at 1030Broad

State Attorney gpenctr Her laveatitatloaa and St., tan arrested
Gilbert of ft. Pierce fladiaia by the coroner at, its place of buelaeenOAODCR.
... .
-- .. freed the ho nee of all a jury and the Ann' t.

Gibbs College Man Cooked For AdrUn Ken Knight char tee.Acoordlni. State Attorney. The
to Saunders, NAACP agreed to aaln
Is Hospitalized .bo Bade aeveral! later talalai peace and order

Coaaualtyelde concern vle.a with ptraoaa la la the ooMunity but oul d .
$5,000 BondCU'AnAtn1b. van eipretned la Jack Satan there eeeaed to Mt ,hid to the city a

rhv eon villa thin veok vhea be oontradlotory reports requeet that It live up W

first break in the lengthy it van reported that KmKnliht at to where end *. the deaoaatratleaa aatll '

\ probe of alleged funds irregularities j. : had auffered a ahootlai took place.BOM after the laveetiiatioat :
at all-Negro Gibbs junior College in St. 1 heart attack sod ruthed pereoaa stated that aN.- are ooapltted.Jn .

Petersburg occurred Monday .hen the Eher- s1 to Breveter Noapltal. ire ortieer had told
riff's office announced the arrest of the I She veteran broadcaster hltt officers that ryneee NAACPPretlsts

suspended business Rentier. hone respective rell* a tout to bate another
Sheriff detectlvet .................... doue and jau show had fit. Another stated that winOI"lh.

announced the arrest of ties /opts1074 T- rated hla an one of the the dead aaa had often

Richard C. Balth obott Chrtttlaa reported elleted top n hilt local radio been taken iato custody latest by the
address eat listed at11S4 Irreiularltlea laatudent amouncera, pads another and placed ia the jail City to eeparato obits OOOX:

27th AVO. S.. St. reccrde sad break th roach nearly three atil he had recovered. aid i.t realdeata, last week and charted.
Petertburt oa chartet of irnden hnd beoadiacover i yearn tra chen he beeaie Netthbora ia the area scary hoists, repre* with ooatrlbuttat with,
tread larceny. ... the' nut assist of bas here the ahootlai took allots the Jai Iran eh tie delloueaiy of a

The affidavit filed Oa ".. I. aibbo preeIdeot mo la Florida to tale- place said that tilt of NAACP hat erlttea to canon

with pence Jaetlco Richard John Reobtrt re. hit ale o. ehoe.He nee,. ..re heardteardt (Howard .. 'Toapklaa. Pill police aatd the slier
Carr of District 1Masg aimed aad Ito realist also bolds the din lai between houten sad director .ro',,'11. the .ho use found locked Int

.. ..811". ett tai ties see accepted to I Uetloa of petai an officer ehnottf M It thny cerechaalat erectloa at a salt ..oatatroeted reetrooa, e ; i no"1eui4 o.rryioa'..ay r'1Mrs Inter, 'AOOaso lust' .van ei* ATiM:.step, FtllL, art. af tho .National a Den, oa privateproperty. oelvlat I).00 free Cook e
petite laetructloa fundt\ A abort period of ttooInter the uaa '..., neelcned to prepare and oerro ...ai.to' "ftrae eee found la the to have eeeual ,.1 aUOll'
..tl'9.' ..... .... his. $la has office
,flnlth and baelnoenlantroctor McOlvItt$ eodbhard Vhlto after Robert .
June 11 no.Detectlvea .&1.. ., of the Oerokee ho evldoatly
DalT.MIt the npeCMMi: nplanh bck to enrth. get ready hllt Before ho could complete
Oeorte Me- ", Mote jaet a fe. doors received a letter froaToopkiaa
daily and Oeorte Coleonaaaldthe WI,. aaapended. crulelnt off Rernuda receatly.Pron left are: atom trOll a roe occupied by chick stated tke eat, police arrivedon

aoney lavotvedaa Cartel Ian said the two rcalaenSO J/C. frog' Zwbnlee province, no Philip* Hit titter,'' Aauaderaeeld. that the sail at the npartoeat te atete Reports

wren ....1_ rtjltratloa tee aloai elth L.bert plaeo.; John N. .10..., ID j/c. Mnlden.Maee.i nad "flay IB I aa In- bulldlaioaRiat ...te Gook had also been

feea and further had bees reeponalble for Jerry Tacualo. of rentaelnnn Province, no Philip ,. portent role la aparkiai and Canel eat built to takltt pictures of the"
stated that the ho year tbs adnlalatratloa of .lee*. /i".. t. Ti..-._...*...t........J t I p the OMwualty to protect protect Negro children alaor.la' .
atataa of llaltatloaatavolvlat tee Inetltutloa sad thoatvdeat the killlnt ... Ralph troD dralnaie' dlteheekatiarde further checklat. the

the charie leaaa.Olbbe. Many SwRMer Jobs Available. Clark, a young PlorMnMM ....Uo... theeonmaleatloa bin.) ..., polite found
,oald hae bees op Monday slice then, ban IIDI ntandpreeld-flt by stat teveral palre of Ih,' t

June 14.Snlth boos conaolldatod ..ltlaIt Fer Yevths Urfein at the Martin County Ill It sill eaa the pasties, brat, skills
.an booked ntcounty ,.hub.,. Janler league Says '""dI.NAn." lUunderv ease, there voald be and blouses,

Jell hero at apt college The Jacknonvlllo Urban Lotcut.In cooperation UN UIOKTBroadeattert added,, sails la tM thlrde. of owoa TttrnMDNVDurlnt '
alth the Aaeocla* It vie Clark fio wrote "..ro aolfhborhooda. a later later
proilaately 110: ,.a. Mkml l To Hest Prrtldrnt Youth Opportunity
Sad Ma alter releaeedoa Caapain and the Manpower Dovelopnmt and tloa.KBltht. to the city officials la has. letter Roberta vise taken at juvenileekelter '

a |J.000 bad. PTA CongressMlAMIThe Retraining Act under the U.S. Department v.e Hated la aklnt that the. cane be also sold that althoeih tke slant enld

A prellaiaery ...rs., NntlotnlO of Labor, lasuta the folloving announce utal ," coaditlea at reopened sad that the the apartaeate, la guess Cook had muted her to

for kith ban beea act >n r.r.l... 2S at Mp.i.: Pnreata end Teachere aoyennttirie lttereet> to train 30 for II seeds Ito naked that the for Metro aad elite take plalurea and the
The. erupt entered .111 attract none 100 ed la .....r enploynentnnder ae acts aecbnnlca at tarts, he la eoavlaeed. ,.fill"..+o also refuted

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the Rl. Rev.C Sag..
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the Mater pests .*. Bade CII..&) eo".attbowl im, 000 ..,U...,. la a echool that la re* ter the oeaelderetleaof ruse ae- \ IM4 on the OMO eharte,
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i I a ? "


THE FLORIDA STAR, ...,". J To Be Equal

NEWS F ? i

Published by: the Florida Star Publishing. 0>. Crime. Awoag The Rich

ERIC 0. SIMPSON..........Miniii! Editor (Second of three Columns on Crime)
Poverty" wrote the learned Greek philosopher -,
UYSON E. WISE........... Km Editor Aristotle "is the parent of revolution -

IILDA I DOTE II.......... Circilitloi/ Miiim Na0 RTES If it is not and the crime.major" cause in this country -

today, it must still be counted among
MAIN OFFICE & PLANT ( the leading causes.Ifof late

2323 Miicriif Read Phil ELii 4-678; 1 it appears to b.e increasing
$ in the suburbs
.: g' ore rapidly
Miilioi AddressP.O. I than in our big cities proper,
I we must add to our list of cul-
Bn 561, Jicksoiiilli"' I 1. Flirl.i prits the alienation of the

(rich an well as the destitu -
4 |tion of the poor.

131 NV 3rd Are Phil 311-1025 t 1 1 Perhaps one reason crime a-
YOUNQ mong the rich is less unsettling

4' than among the poor is that it tendsto
be more of the "white collar" variety
SUBSCRIPTION; / RATES --the bank embezzler forger bad check

One Year $6.00 Half Tear, $4,00 writer, and the like.
Hailed to You Anywhere: in the United Statei For example in 1962, a typical year, e
Subscription payable in advance total of 17,293 Negroes were arrested for
Send Check or Money Order to: armed robbery, compared with 12,644 for

4'L whites, even though Negroes make up hut 10
FLORIDA STAR P.O. BOX 891 percent of the population.

Jacksonville I. Ploride By comparison,sone 27,000 whites were arrested
for embezzlement and fraud COMpare
L 'to 6,000 Negroes; 17,000 whites were arrested -
for counterfeiting compared to 3,800

legislative. Sanction. To" Phase Out"It t Negroes; 145,000 whites were arrested for
J -. : E drunken driving compared to 2S,000 Negroes,

does not come as a surprise to learn etc.
that .the 'Florida State University's law NO TIME FOR RELUCTAHCE..OPPORTUNITIES ARE YOURS It is from the poorest ranks of our socelty

school bill was passed last week by the from which those who conn It the most heinous

state legislature and awaited the signa- crimes, crimes of violence, seem to
ture of the governor. Yet, the Legislature be recruited. And since an outsized pro-
acted faster than we had supposed, sinceit portion of Negroes lire in poverty in this
was generally conceded that FAMU law L country today, it seems to follow that the
school would be "phased out" or moved toFU "armed robbery" figures are what you'd

'y mid-1987. 1r expect.
The propo">d legislation authorizes the : These are the crimes which capture th-

,Board of uegents to establish the law headlines. Hence the public begins to set
School but it need not be on the campus.It the impression that all crimes are coMMitted -
could he located close to the Capitol by Negroesalthough the arrest figures

Center where courts and agencies are con- st. I show a startlingly opposite picture.
centrated. nr From all the evidence which the Urban Lea -

Furthermore general appropriations bill gue can gathercrime and social disorganization

includes a section authorizing the Regents E are as lowif not lower among mid
with the Budget Commission to approve the dle-class Negroes as among middle-class
transfer to FSU all funds appropriated for whites. Seldom, in the headlines or anywhere -
the operation of the FAMU Law School during else, does one find a report of a

the next biennium, --- about $100,000 a ARIES LIBRABorn CAPRICORNBorn youthful Negro student from a good suburban

year. Born March 21st thru CANCER Sept. 23rd thru Dec. 22nd thru high school terroizlng a subway. car.
Politically and legally, the bill authorizes April 19th Dom June 22nd thru Oct. 23rd Jan. 19th To commit this kind of crime one has to
thj moving of the present PAMU'law 'THERE 'IS A NCtO TO 61VI July 22nd PLANS FOR THE WEEKENC be devoid of all personal self-respect a
school. SPECIAL CONSIDERATION! NOW YOU NOW HAVE TO DEAL SEEM SUBJECT TO UNUSUAL condition not likely to prevail in the Negro -
We have read and also heard oral opinions TO YOU* PHYSICAL WELFARE, WITH, CRITICAL! GOSSIPY' OUT-OP.TNE WAY PLACES EVENTS AND CONDITION middle-class but found so often among

from/ many sources to the effect that thereis DIET, AND THE INTERESTS .PEOPLE! BE WARY OF THEIR' AND IN DEALINGS MAKE WITH BE CAUTIOUS REGARDING' the rejected and forgotten and dlscrlmlna-
a very definite need for retention of DEPENDENTS.. DON'T LIT INFLUENCE. UPON YOUR LONG JOURNEYS AND' DISTANT ted against man at the bottom of the social
'the law school at FAMUeven though FSU established OTHERS SADDLE YOU WITH' THINKING' AND RELATIONS 'INTERESTSSTUDV600D pyramid.The .
a law school Mi at "this special THEIR PROBLEMS.THE OUAR- WITH' OTHERS PC CAUTIOUS END. AVOID, EMOTIONALPROSLIMS 'IDEAS. THE QUARTER MOON most promising factor for reducing
need is" has not been clearly expressed. TED MOON SHOWS LOWERED 'IN TRANSIT 110_.THI CUMTER > THE MAY HAVE AN ,IMPACT UPON crime,, at least among Negro citizens, is
On the other hand business men and legislators VITALITY AND A FEELING: OF ,MOON: CAN MAKE THSuOAVOF | : VITALITY INDICATES AND MAGNIFICATION I SENSITIVE IN-LAWS OR IN the steady: opening wp of eQUal opportune
feel that it makes sense to put'the 'INDISPOSITION' THIS A.M.. 'INDECISION AND MAY OF YOUR PROBLEMS OR DEALING WITH FOLKS AT OR ties for then at all levels, in education -
achool on par s campus because the FAMU YOU WILL IE BUSIER LA. PROVE RATHER WORRISOMEIN LIMITATIONS' SIDESTEP FROM A DISTANCE.CONSIDER. ,housing and Jobs where a real chance
law school has averaged about 11 studentsper TER BE wilt' IN TRAVEL YOUR DEALINGS WITH MOVES WHICH CAN INVITE WAYS TO DEAL. WITH SER for betterment awaits. It has been notedon
year.Therefore, the "move" will make AND COMMUNICATIONS' NEWS CLOSE KIN' OR NEIGHBORS. JEALOUSY OR ENMITY.' YOU, VICE' PROBLEMS. PRESSUREAND more than one occasionby the way that
it possible to spend the taxpayer s money OR EVENTS MAY IE oisTURIINO DON'T BE RASH IN TRAVEL. HAVE THE ADVANTACE IN DISTRACTING VENTS during civil tights demonstrations crime

more wisely and economically.Some AND POSE PROSLIMI TRY TO KEEP YOUR CONFIDENTIAL EFFORTS TO MAKE PERSONA FOR YOU AND OTHERS ARC among Negroes disappeared presumably because -
critics have given the opinion that 'IN OEALINOS WITH I INTERESTS UNDER TIES WITH OTHERS,BUT P.M. 'INDICATED NO*. A DISPLAY hope for a better life wa'held forth
the PAWS Law School has no distinguished IMPORTANT PEOPLE. PRESERVE WRAPS. IT MAY IE HARp TO HOURS ARE BEST 'IN THIS' OF EFFICIENCY' AND SELF- The sane, I would say is true for poor ..I
faculty nor the age-old tradition to Justify HARMONY WITH' YOUR SECURE FAVORS OR SYMPATHY. RESPECT,GUARD YOUR HEAL RELIANCE HELPS. PROTECT whites. If the image of the criminal: of
keeping the school on that campus Instead -, MATE AND AIIOC'' UII.OJII. '. GIVE YOUR BEST TO TH. PROTECT RELATIONSHIPS BUSINESS Itt'tRESTS.THERE violence in our northern cities is that of I

of transferring it to the larger TAIL TRAVEL. PARTNERSHIP HOME 'INTERESTS AND FAMILY" YOU HAVE A BETTER ARE FAVORABLE SOL AlleLU- the black man. In many southern cities is
We are aware of all these positions, and ARC FAVORED IN AROUND YOUR DEALINGS I WITH PEOPLE A. MOlT OP YOUR OCCUPATIONAL the FBI for the killing of Mrs. Viola
the rationale for each one. But let it be THE EARLY. FORENOON' AND BASE OF OPERATIONSHOME FAR. HOWEVER DISTURBING AFFAIRS, AMBITIONS Lluzzo of Detroit near Ctloa Ala. were

remembered that the FAMU Law School was EVENING HOURS DIS OR OFFICE CAN LEAD TO NEWS OR SURPRISE' FACTORSMAY AND WORK B( CAUTIOUS not southern hankers. The sane is true for
hurriedly established to prevent Negroes IIUI'TlVI'N'LUIIiICI AFFECTS DESIRABLE SETTLEMENTSBEFORI POSE PROBLEMS. LIT REGARDING PLANS. ANO.LEGAL the rabble recruited by the growing Ku Klux
from enrolling at the University of Florida PLANS AND WORK I ROUTINE, TONIGHT. SHUN PERSONAL CHARM HELP AFFAIRS.' ,Klan movement. Poverty and crimes of violence

Law School In Gainesville about a decade 5-70-33-14-M-573 OOIlIl'.I oNOU DECISIONS. 4-90-4414-25-4)4 S-90-6.-t779 are handmaidens
ago. The move on the part of the Legislature 2-100-6 --IJ-J4-2t SCORPIOBorn AQUARIUSBorn Ibm better schools Jobs and opportunities

was a kind of "quick on the TAURUSBorn April 20th thru Oct. 24th thru Jan. 20th thin come to southern whites now mired in
.draw" technique. 20thPUII.UIT LCD Nov. 22nd Feb. lath poverty such crimes stem bonnd to drop
Every intelligent citizen knows that May Born July 23rd thru THIS WEEKEND CAN BE THE STATE OF YOUR RESOURCES accordingly. The IB Klux Klan like the
there waant any need to set up a law or RECREATION Aug. 22nd HECTIC WHER YOUR SOCIAL' OR THAT or YOUR black nationalists, will never survive the
school on Florida A&M University's campus' AND ENTERTAININt THISWEEKEND PEOPLE' AND EVENTS CAN LIFE AND ACQUAINTANCES MATE SHOULD' DETERMINE' blows of popular education universally ap-
in the tint place.. The few Negro students SEEMS MARKED ITUNEXPECTED HAVE AN ADVERSE IMPACT I ARC CONCERNED. BE VERY OUTLAY' OVER THIS MIKENO.TRY plied. These groups, so prone to violence,
taking law could have enrolled if permitted PROBLEMS AND UPON YOUR POCAETBOCK OR GUARDED CONCERNING' YOUR TO LIT OTHERS PAY feed on ignorance and eepairso; do crisesof
in the Law School at the University of EXPENSES FOR YOUBE DISCREET BELONGINGS. THIS WEEK violence. i7
Florida. The proponents of the new FSU law IN ALL ROMANTIC IND. CURB UNNECESSARY
school get
that the school averaged only 11 students MOON CAN BRING AVOID I LOSS OR T EFT. THE PRESSURE THROUGH FRIENDS' PLETING. ASPECT 'I.I Stardust
annually and therefore it should be moved. AND OTHERS. DON'T LET STRENGTH II -
We wonder what would the Legislature have THEM DRAIN' YOUR STRENGTH MOTIONAL inches
AND CAN/ BRING Rating two in the Florida Times-
been for the of
advised had not
the series of new civil rights laws, as SOCIAL CONTACTS. A SENSE ,VENTS. CELCOWEHARING' Service Commission has dropped from its
well the 1954 Supreme Court Ruling. The
A STAND. THERE .n FURTHER ORIGINLIT WIT AND HUMOR OF LOWERED examinations all questions about sex, re -
is obvious.
Ulloa. family lift for persons seeking -
Reading between lines means more than YOU TO WELCOME IITRA TO ACCOUNTS AND ASSETS. Jobs with the Federal Government.
quoting from the newspapers. Negroes ALERT FOR LOSS OR NIP?. 110II PRIVACY AND REST ABOUT B( GUARDED .IN BORROWING This may seem trivial to some, but to
;and-whites know why the Florida MAl University CAREFUL BUDGETING CAN THIS. TIME.BE DISCREET OR LENDING. P.M. HOURS others who have lived under the all-per-
Law School is being "phased out" IMPORTANT PERSON FOR PLANNING OR
WITH ARE BEST vislve surveillance and intrusion of totalitarian -
. the former schedule
ahead -
---and possibly DI"' DI. BE AGES. LOOK OUT FOR UN- FOR PLEASURE. THE OUTLOOK regimes, this act of the 0.8.
' P.M. IS THE lilT
" "by aidIonh'l7 citizen has got WARY NOW 'IN ALL MONEY (pECtEDCON01tIONS WHICH IMPROVES FOR FURTHERING Civil Service stands out as one or ..oreaftuentd

'.ten... .."the.. point". which", is very- obvious. TRANSACTIONS WHETHER YOU 7-40-22-15-89-742 CAN BRING A SETBACK TO YJUR CURRENT milestones along the way to a

l>w rd! A t. Free SocietyIn Born Aug. 23rd thru t-5>: on.II.f1IS7PI the moat basle of all human rightswithoutwhich

recent months, a good deal has been Sept. 22nd many another seems hollow indeed.
heard of Soviet intentions to take lea- THE MOON IN YOUR SIGN. aCES whenever ark Government sets out to snoop
thru CM/ MAKE YOU SELF-CRIT Born Feb. 19th thru into the private lives of its citlxtna.snd
Tern from the capitalist book.For instance, Barn May 21st Born Nov 23rd thru
such inducements as the profit motive art' June 2lst ICAL, MOODY ANO WORRISOME. Dec. 21st March 20th to keep records on their personal activities -
being tried.in an effort to stimulate competition THIS WEEKEND MAY BRING DON'T LET THIS PUT THIS ISAw EKEMD LUtLV THE ACCENT THIS WEEKEND ,moch of the joy Is taken out of life
, and to improve the quality and YOU UNFORESEEN" EVENTS IN YOU AT A OISAOVANTAM' IN TO SEEP YOUR ATTENTION IS UPON YOUR MATE, and the people Involved lost a great deal
of various kinds of goods. FAMILY, DOMESTIC AND PERSONAL AFFAIRS OR AC. CURRENT ASSOCIATES. AMD of their Individuality.
quantity PA.
"v,Till.TII. TURN or THE OTHERS IN ",..-.. ORE- Barely a persoors sex life family life.
MOON CALLS FOR CURBING FULLY CMSIDC* ANYCMMM and religious 11fe are mot I hllUaltl -
Tribune News Service in a dispatchfrom AFFAIRS.' GET OUT NATTIRS.OTNERS' ME concere

taken. He writes: "!b. Commissars have THE TURN REACTIONS EVEN ir YOU VOi* '.U"". THE QUA*. THE QLARtERIOON within Us bounds of legality and do mot
decided it pays to advertise. It brings Of THE MOON CALLS FOR rEEL SLIOHTSO" BY OTHERS. TIM MOON CREATES EMOTIONAL SHOW PROBLEMS WITH intrude upon the equal rights of others.
'they "higher turnover faster selling SELF.CONTROL IN DEALING STRENGTHEN TIES WITH SENSITIVE ASS MOTIOMA. The Negro has learned a thing or two e-
sad dthtr economic benefits.* Writers WITH MOTIONAL CROSSCUR- WHICH TRY' TOUR) PATIENCE boat of privacy--from the bill
tend artists of high talent art being sus- RENTS IN YOUR DOMESTIC. THIS COULD BE M'--i AND '0'u. WELCOME CONSULTATION UPON touR LIFE AND collector who walkainthe front door without -
tend to produce layouts that.it is hoped.; NVIROMMCNT.SXO' SMCIAL TENSIONS OR MMISSIM WITH YOUR MATS FAMILY TIES. WIT ASPS JOVIALITY knocking or removing his hat. to the

.ill lead, eager consumer to part with CONSIDERATION roe. aotRS. PERIOD. SNOW PATIENCE OR OTHERS DON'T ABUSE MELP.TMC a LOOK diktat of white Supremacy that he may not
their rubles THERE it CONTINUE NEED MO TACT IN HANDLING MAJOR 'O..Tt.NIWS A*, I. flOe AT THE STATE OF TOUR" hold hands la public like other folks do.

About all one can say I.. "What will FOR YOU TO BE IMPERSONAL. '.'IIII1,. )II'T BE VOlTS MAY STIR V UFFI.CULTISS RESOURCES MO ACCOUNTS.UU Having so long fought for the elimination
they do next'Maybe, on some distant day. PATIENT, AND OBJECTIVEINRANDLING CARLESS WITH' CASH OR .N THE HOME OR TACT IR MAMOLIM BASIC of outstioEtsaboatnct oa Job awUcaUou.UI .
CURRENT CARELESS WITH CAM OR IR.TtRmA.epaoMBTY.MATTERS. Negro certainly applaods the 4rct*
the ccmalssars will move tonrd a truly BUSINESS reo..,. mow
tree society..tht kind of society which th.capitalisteconomic STRESSFUL CONDITIONS. .OttI)..... lila also of qaestiou sbowi religion aid

. !system rtnt>lin. ,.s: -"...-.,.", '.100-11-1.-11h; 170WlfJT-ITS )--21-14-45342 other purely pencmalU.n.


, -

,;IF""" 'I -- ..- .
I f I II

I I i I


Dr. F.D. Patterson ,Bishop; .Hatchet r, Vogue 60 Slates Clinic Slated ;

Keynote Exercises At B-CC Program I'-j; Fashion ShowThe At DayspringThe

Courteay CO..1 n.. 6th annual clinic
By NOFMA5"JCKG3DATKXU -I will sponsor 'Taahlonaoa in Hunan Relations aid
BEACH-An overflowing crowd of
onr 3,000 parade1 to be presented Bttter Living, sponaoixl
packed the air-conditioned Richard V. MoOre Gynnaaiun by the Vogue 60 by the negro educational
to hear Dr. Frederick Patterson hurl the Models June 28 In the scheduled Jung
a !L .n' Mtr Rnl,W.h
challenge: of total responsibility at the
young gen- Civic Audltorlun la Interest 13-16 In Day Wring Bap-
ration of collect graduates as represented by the 4 r1/ of the National tint Church. 1053 Jef
IMS graduating class of Bethune-Cookusn Collegein t i i'. Y Baptist Convention
,r y. tenon St Eros 6 to 9
a soul searching drelLDr. scheduled here In Septem
,Patterson for..r ......................... Aft-i v ber. p.n.Consultants will bepereons

president of Tuku,.. Education and urged the Appearing will be GulaTfaornton connected with
instltite, founder and graduating class to apply) Bernice with the Anti-ptfterty prograa
president of the United the teachings of Jesus Gladys Crapps, Martha city and county govern-
Negro College fund.Inc.. Christ along with ace Burns Juanltn prince. sent and: Attorney A. R.
director of the Pbelpa- deule learning la the Eloulae Thonas and Alice Tar lorStyiewidi
Stokes Fund and senior pursuit of their lift .. Mrs. Hattie De-

statesnaa In. the fieldof cork V.aul111 serve as Sissiu
Education cited the Honorary Degrees of Qarrator.t&J.
Doctor of Laws were eon The Court of Deliberation
phenomenal grorth of the
ferred Jacob P.Bryan. state of Florida,
college under the ad* I
will ...t Saturday and
Ministration of Dr. 3rd vice president
of the Independent Lift 1NiL& Sunday In lest pain Beach
Richard V. Moore In both I
acadealc excellence and intarsact of Jacksonville Clarence Austin\ 1421 with Tyrea Court 10 aa

phlslcal facilities. Mrs Charlotte C. 21st St. 21 and Owen boat
H* pointed oat that ford Clarke, educator of dolya T, Stepson, 1SJIf. The gala observance
Bethuae-Cookaan College Missal. and Baron deKlraca Fete 13th st. II will be conducted euaday
Entertainers xoa
wan unique anoag lastltut Meyer senior ...ber of Top y Isaac Jesse Murray. 2049oodsldt .0mlll,. All daughter of
the Law pint of Meyer. the astloa's la a local fron left Ave. IB and spblni Court. In Duvsl
loss of Its kind with PLATING HOST to a portion of galaxy club guests are: Jerry But
the legacy endowed by It las. Rose and Ark In ofMiaul. of stars which appeared here recently wta Leon ler Tanui Moatgouery Ray Elliott falter Jack Betty J. Belcher, 2114 County end throughoutthe
Its fonder the late Dr. Oldhan seated eitreue right) local representative pea, Hugh Wilson, Owe Chandler Charlie Thompsonof Yulee St 11. state hate been Invited
Mary Ned ..tho.. for Recipients of the 1965 a wholesale *1 akey distributing fin. Assmbled Of the Drifters and host Leon Oldhan. Marion M. Hill. 2116 to attend

.__IT_ .seers___ _oacnlid_ n---- _u Mary McLeod B.thune Medallion Chimer St. 24 and pa- Spied Riflstritlii
of the tea were C. Blytht tricks Ann til son, IllS
one greatest
J. Wins
wonea la the world and Andrews, sr. publisherof Kelly Socially SpeakingI Simpson Day School DeCott St. 21Dmald Registration In now In

urged graduates, faculty The Florida Sentinel Contest J. collier t.80 progress at Cooper's
sod students to accept Bulletin and liar cU B.fhltehurst. Plans Graduation College Circle a..2'T' and Acad..,. 3)12 Benedict,
the great ,.responelblll principal of During n spirited con ; liaise CiiifirdOueata Doris L. Bnalla. 1918 f R i for the easer sea.
ties and challenge eaI i, J. L I. Let High School test which waa clluaied Program Friday Sib It. U. sieas which will begin
dosed by this legacy. at flldwood.t with a May is spiritual at Alpha Phi Alpha1 spring basal, held r..turedUh the crown- Manning Seaerlgbt Jr. Monday, June 14.
The speaker cited that Citations la the areas Tea at the hone of Rev hat Friday evening la the Dual Arnory, enjoyed lag of the King and Ctieen 1141 Julia St IS and The deadline for atu-
even today, ten years of civic eaterprlse, and Mrs. David C. Richardson and danced to the aupranely ndilrablt nuate of 'The Contest winners, Stepson Trudell Ihlte. 1111 f. 'dents .Iahiag to do asks-
after her death her business, education religion Joseph Eelly. Continental, an aggregation fro. Lake City 'To Methodist Church's Day Union 't. 17. up or advance study la
Great spirit hovers over and haaan relations Ill srsadsoa of the Merely Indicate that the susie waa divine In put School will hold its 'Tnoe. McCall.llO f. 6th Tuesday, ,June 15.
every seetlsg and *>,.- WIre presented to boat ameS hostess was declared ting It nlld"tht fact Sa.it was conposd of highly cloalog out exercises 8t 51 and Elisabeth
sat lathe areas of Education. Mrs. Jail C. 11I1&.. Mrs. winner of the talented nutlet.., capable) of producing bar Friday (tonight) at B C'\Irr.10' w. Sib St. 40. Stork NoteMr.
Civil Rights sad lose Buraey sad Mrs, noalous sounds that were appealing to a wide variety 0'olocll. Leslie fstklns Jr .
Humanitarian principles. Llllie Leaver Aruatroag. of rhythnle tastes A'class of 21 children 1506 N. Myrtle Avt. 21 n Mrs. Arthur Toepklas. -
The tabodlteat of thtprograi L.J. Alford. tllllan C. Vpstlon Lanbda Chapter's gallant gesture toward will be promoted to the and Lesss D. E ens. 2605MCMllllsn 6652 Richardson
of The Great white, Let Davis Robert h the Johnson Branch TMCA ta Its tllncl-nhiDa. e pan* First Grade In Us public St. 19. ac.... Buy.Mr. .
Society as designed by f. Saaaders sod Edward ate drive went unheeded by say who have enjoyed, schools The following Henry P. Fltggertld, A Mrs. CorntllusLewis.
president Lyndon B. Darts.The the fraternity'a hospitality In the recent paat. have been praotedtVareesas 2271 Run It. IS and 5061 Andre Robla>
Johnson Is based oo tat! total BetbuaeCDokaaa However although attendance was below the expected Bland Bert Jantt Let fhlts, J Claude son Dr. Boy.
principles Dr. Bethunt teals c1 hU... non, BO one could fall to be enrapturedby bines Fointaln Carolyn Lane, II. Mr. Mrs joha wise,
fought for 'all of her were presented to ueubersof the wonderful: Susie, and the gay and festive Green, Charlotte Irving Louis A. fiagtrd. "jr 1907' f Mlh It. Bus
life the Staples faally, air of guests offset enetever 111) effects that Phyllis Job neon, Cynthia 2369: Forest $t. 24 and Mr A Mrs, Jobs L. .Jordan .
Dr. Patterson farther all of who art graduatesof night, have been caused.Mr. Miller Veronica Murray Mat Ethel Tel fair. 2409festnoat III2 Msdiaoa St ,
advised students to seek I.thuie-Lbohsao Col- and Mre.Jtor Crtjihert. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Cheryl McdendunBelinda It, 20. soy,
sore training la the lege, Mayo D. Staples, Atwater and Jualus Joaea Nfl anong "T" persons wearies, Carol Ana Hart Lloyd Kayass, Cleveland Mr. a Mrs. Leroy autta.
art of Business to fill Miss Ellas H. Staples, present, and Jacqusllnt Jackson Ohio, 25 and Janlt Mat 2002 food-ids Avt? Boy
the lecreasludaandfor Mrs.Mayola Staples Hill Officers of UpDon Lanbda Chapter Include Dr. Also Janice Forester. Phllo, fnhlagtoa, D.C.. Mr .,.. Leroy Hays

JOB opportunities lahaslaess David H.Staples sad Mrs. JOttTM RELLV HI J.C. Downing, prealdeat; Leander skis, vice president uses McBride, Bennetbfathlngton. II. :2069 Frank **' Boy,
and Industry Mildred staples .Jones.Degrees baby contest sponsored ; Denala T. fttevart, reoordiag secretary; A. Lseless Ruben D. Heath .Newark, Mr A Mrs, Ulysses
sad to fill the need for were awarded lathe by Right side Unity lap It. George Rlchardeoa. flsanclal secretary; I"' bite, Ronnie I. fhlte H.I. 20 sad Dorln Aaa Stockllsg, 1920 ftntoa
owners aad operators of following areas: list Church which Is dell p. "01.... treasurer; Or Hunter H. Setter head, Bernard Elliott, 0rant, 271 foodlawn ',.. Dr. Olrl.
Mall .ta.4: *... ,Engll,h. 1*.. lIIut.Tw. .-.To pestered by Rev Rich, vftlte. chaplain. ; and C. Xton' tosttcfc, editor.to The 110,._ Oataoa Ojulatln ... Mr. A Mrs FrederlrkRebiatoa
aerlclal eetsbllsaaente Malt, Religion sad erdeoa. MphlM.. Jones Gregory Joaee; and flllit B, ptartta, 2026 "hhiaard.
philosophy.. History .................
Gerald Newklrk. Klsalnaee. Pis. 21 asdRllasbeth
la order to develop a Little .Joseph Is the .., Boy,
strong alddlt class with li Social set tact,.rwr.Iocl.leu. sos of Mr aid Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. [del F era s sdl s Mela tosh snnoun Friends and the general ....ttlll4.LI" Mr.A '''.Janes Brannoa,
greater economic eecurltyspoa 14, Biology Joseph. felly, jr. ssd eel recently the aarrtage of their dnuatiter. Made public art Invited. oak. Pie. 21. 4211 Lockkart Dr. Girl
which to build a 14 Chealstry, Teo the greet grandson of Use Ehlde to Julian 111lea talton, jr. the fifth
MsUmatlcs, 10. Matheaatlts .... n
total group' structure la Mrs. Jessie Slanoat. Of April, SUI In Oallatln.) TftI. .
hell with the! AuerlcaaTradition. aid Chealstry, The faally of Little A rc 0... Builaess Adelslstrstlon. .Joseph wish to thaak Thursday, June IT. st 1100 Ivy fttreet.Chettenooge,

THe Right Reverend Eugeae Eight Busl. their ..., frteade sad Teaaeeaee.The .
C. Matcher, preeld- aets Education, 10 aadEleneatary benefactors who nade the! groon le tke aoa of Mr. pod Mra. Julian w.
.. .
lag Bishop of the Art Bdttcatlon.il victory- poss.B.e, alton. Sr. of Kit Oarta Street this city
sal hco1 ...................
Church eleventh Johnson Branch YMCA Sets atl
District delivered the! fvelya Oalvla Myrtle Tbonss, and trivia Lsels
Baccalaureate Address oa Annual 7 Week Day Camp SlateThe eere guest players when Iran Murray entertained

Sunday afteraooaMe JohatDB Breach YMCA will open Its annual Seven Lea Dltes Bridge Club I. Its lest neetlag of the r ,Y' ,
praised ..t... .* feeds Day Canp b r boys and girls 'T to II years year,
Cooks. College as aa of Me oa Monday, June 14. Mrs. Le ls yes the recipient tf the guest prlie.
tutstaadlag Institution ......................... Club p rI... eere awarded to Alvesln ,Bales Merit

eaiaied la Christies ___ The caepwlll na Massy Medals. aadJohaalcM. Mitchell. -
n through Friday free Sue Annie B.MlssteeL Avery Leos ....tt. Vernal

ion Don't Nave Tn (to>> To Toes To 6et pid-ep tine to 4:00: .... UCI", pod Semite Headeraon eer anong other
'The asp pregran will partldpanta.
....................... Everything'sold
PRICES Include hiking, coo,-
eels softball are Pleas /or a June ...iI.. have teen BAnouaced by ,
C"". arts end crafts, lrglslscolette>>1 Gray tf IMT Rtode Island Drive
on lour
...1.., tours, h'rie lest and John .H. ..rtl.. Sr. The ass will be re* fashioned about
DRUG STORE NEEDS toe pltohltg.aiid ul. cited au..,, June 17. *t I.Mp.n.; Is Dvaprlsg
slag both recreationalasd Baptist Cbsrcn. .
Trad silk Tour neighborhood Drug sure Isetnctlensl.teen A reeectltn 111 1>11.. the .. ..ay snd sill beheld
RILL MEZT AM PRICKS A05.IM TOHt LOCAL PAfOS.' enwser Is retired la tat ChurOi Dislsg Moon.Mrs. OLD TAYLOR,86r
he Deliver fe also fill all Doctors prescript** to arlsg s lea en, la- ................ '

slag suit tees! Mdplaatlt Beantr Ltttlejean and I,.. 00. n .,toO
drlskllg lieu sin Neat plsyers see Vistas Cbavls Maa| .asltntertalsed
Dixie Pharmacy Tata years but nut L'Alh".* Bridge Os recently 1 la the

sill bee 9:00.s.: MM* none .t... Beeves sreMrs. "

UI2 lists lest. It Mirtit linn grief Etmeatanr Idtool; MMliMlt's neetlsg repreeeated the flssl
t: 01 Myrtle AveasenrdStreet asa nUy tf the croup tor tat arrest fists peer

; 9: OB Myrtle Ave,
Nuts Hi* S5SIMIPAT .................. /
at* lUreet: 10 MyrtleAvense
20tft Street; t: II Mr. and Mra. Ida C. nits left the city June 10

Till LICIT WITH ill nU'1I1I Myrtle A venue It Street; for lees City feee sere both .111| atjreee ...n..t .
Rings toadeeiTylerStreet. the huts val"r.1 tI ef tees.
SILLS 11 III STILE LX: ...................eThe
2$ Area sal Da*
vis Streets pencil Seventh Aaseal Tropical Mil by Us tMtsl \ A
A.eeel.tle..113 b. bold
Dusty TeaAere Frlosyalgkt.
Coetena PM Stk and Davis "
streets;|: M 4th end >**e 11. at Ue kvsl pasty Araory.Of \ '

: Sell 'lced Ctlfttl' Jefferson Streets; t: 49Bioe4 _
and State Street.
""""" ,-.*""" """ .-. ". ,j 1:59: Jeeelt Street aadntrlda --,4; \
Mr WAv<< .W A*** Ii 'I. t ( A'..... 9.10
Frnaklla Street st Ml* B1 the
..N L..wSIACM beat ScteMl. I U ,..- except
n- ...*. ... .. rva. *.ecT. ali Anew. ee JDta StreetEsereeeeny ConfectioneryHi
JUMBO SHRIMP .Lk. $1.20 Te cat Is under the ( limit litui who drink it

MID LARGE SHRIMP U>. 19c dlre.tlta tf Julies
I SMALL FANCY SHRIMP Lb. 49c Jonee, /A/tin **tre ..-. tf tht me sad be Is

I MANGO IMArftR . ,18. OTtUOW .....t.. ty series T. IOO8 Tyler At
TAIL SMAmi .tB. 49ertOUNOf pr7srt. eieeuUve ee
B- ...* J-Mftee U.UIOIUM 4tc retary; t,. lel '. Bry State Street
WMITINO LS. 12.1 Mtsdc.3 atreetnr.Julian .
MID. MUUIT 28t U. u. t* Ptiorvo
LAICI sol Muurr, u. 2* ,aJ..... fr. and Kit. Into llM4ir
SMII'NUA IS. 1J4DtUH Jsltss piupsrllte 3569325Fly.
U. 2t" gusrns and evlentag If .
.y es M/sees 1s..".;. .. e. ._
ITUIC ie. .:. t615 etncttrs.Cers.
SHAD tot r.e A> Pw* ..... .P*. 4ePHiLUS e Hours -
JPtCJOf TROUT LB. 4tc ere urged tn
Sat: I... tl 141: ...,
--- register early b*...e --*, IM .V *st ",.*tsVunfwr doevn ..*.i nU nf fesMtn Good .Usrt rt io* out tf slyie.t ( .
SQUID 1 h S U. "... . .. U. 4)SMIU e MJ, elIcited BMae.r sill hdrln.htlltl lilieiiif Mutt. Ifiili *.e V.e nooot rr! *<.i..*.. .,.tI Old ,*..,l& lrt>ii<**1 in But to vat fncdef Try itI .
onrrrm p*. ... o. .- 1140 be wasted .*. .*.,. I .esrruySb'Pp'4- tirla+Mtiwvl6heelIAeOt4rh,.,oatnuyp &Ji.esAxreroloerrwrhMg
.. .. -'. -


-. .. u
--- r -
f I''



I East Florida And Baptist Assn. District To Convene At Mt. Vernon -- Ii I

Dr. J. C. Sams Re,. WhiteheadTo Mt. Yenei if&imt& To Hoot

To Attend TWO MINUTES Conduct First 5-Day District Coaftfc HmBy

Cfturtlj JetosHOLSHf

National Meeting 'n 1f.1Ht STAM BIBLE Mit. *m W0\\ Timothy Revival ALB tTA J. WILUAM8Programed

Mama M tiau under the these "Save to Serve.lervlng
Dr. J.C. Sass president ManY -
oxaoo Rer. .. .. whltebsadb .
04E" it Blazon
of the Progressive to save." the 60th annual session of Dlstrict
Services Sunday for iiolsry CMS church: will beheld Baptist State Convention recognized as aa outstanding Sunday School and BTPU Convention of the last Florida -

in the Seventh Day Adventist Church beginning with of Florida accompanied FAITH.-- -. -HOPE.-. -- -AND_w __ LOVE evangelist and Bethany Baptist Association will ooavene -

Sunday School at 9: 30 a... with Mrs. Bertha Grif- by representatives will -And now .IHd.tIt f.NA hops,' force fa tti war,and none can mat throughout the nation here June 16-20 In Mt. Vernon Baptist Church

fen prdsiding. Morning service will be at 11 o' attend the annual sessionof loss tlutt IVM but the anoint oflAcwM without the other two. and pastor of historic ......_ t-.M-. -mil.----. moderator and Rev. Go T. McCmJl...
clock with Rev. A. E. Odom In charge. Evenlnt sere the National (I Cor. 13:13). I FUH It of primary Importance. Connors' Baptist Church. service.
Baptist pastor.
vice starts at 6:30: o'clock. Steward Board 1 will St. P.ul had Wa dimming, fa I -WfcoW foUk <. tmpouibU to Savannah Ca., will conduct willcoaaence Rev. J.J. Jones of Aatloch. -
Sunday School and BTUOolr.s. pre-Conveatlon
weet Saturday in the hone of casslus Anderson The 1 Cor. 13 torn of the miraculous pa'Cod' (Heb. H:0).and how aa old Fashion at will deliver the
June 16-20 la can there be hope and love without Wednesday
Board of Christian Fdication will Bponaor a walst- lieu that were to venal away ill' Revival June 21 through sermon with tbs lev. j.
Oakland. Calif. faith 8 .... with a welcoae
line party June 18 in the home of Mrs Eva M. Gil Cod revelation became complete.But .' Hop hold the central place July 2 la First Tlaotll1laptl.t M. Bryant serving as ale
The pastor of ScODdBltht host
fifth, hop and lore, tw dendared by
bert, 1032 E, Union St.; among the three. Hope .fa the Bible Church 1397 ternate. The saadai
Church' Jackson .would abfcU u a triune evidcncw church andthe
"EVER93N! BAPHST"Ererson ville. Is of true C1r4d.nItV.TMs U more than e whh tt M the oppo- Hart comer of Baraett I response School workshop will beheld
street i Church servi Sunday .- site of despair an eager anticipation .
Baptist ces oo at .
3p. at
vice president three are afl wS need fa of bleuingi to come. Hope .. the St.Rev. t o be '
? .
since with Sunday School at 9:30 ...., Mrs. G.M. .D-fj, R.L. Saltb. host
: -t: .; o f the prcwnt "dJipemttioQ of the Chriftian'i rtperienc .hta Uvfaig IPro'rs given b yI 7:30 P.B. The program
Allen presiding. Morning service at 11 o'clock: of Cod." church where pastor said tbs 10 will begin wltf a
L; ; the Rational grace Any with et< .. .
and communion service at 4 P."Rev. Orion Johnson r ..t, Baptist faith hop and low are found fafiiH loot I*the crowning glory of the nights' services will abeth Bess service culslnatlng with
pastor will deliver the senon. Monday night ,I'- Convention measure .la a "luff* church. It three It to the /"'" of faith and begin at .: 15 O'clock I of M t. A- preaching by Rev. lit I
map have but a few member!, but and I Y to the
hope. patent ten each night aad
Choir 1 will rehearse and meeting Is fed Calhoun 0 fit. John,
prayer '
(of NI.rlcLOth.r what greater blaring could N whh that it I II "the bond of nerfectnew.' sisters of the faith 111&IIILIMS 'rant ***"
nesday at 8 P.". I nlalisters for than faith hope and 1 lov* fa Moreover love b eternal for tome tlst Church. Orange Park sod Rev. L.
--BIANUBL BAPTISTManuel .- and abundant mousse? day for every true believer. Faith are urgently requestedto Activities will officially .. Jones of First African -
( Baptist Church services Sunday begin with lays representing Faith hope and love are e trinity will vanish into right; hope be bear this outstanding Baptist cream Cove
I& amen en often referred to fa St. Paulaep6tla. emptied fa delight" and love wffl preacher of the gospel. get underwayThursday
the Sunday school at 9:30: a.* Deacon George all of Springs, alternate
areas Each .U of The public has been Invited morning with
primary Impor. reign fupreine.
Faith and Mrs. uaale Fields presiding. Morning the nation will be In to attend. various churches: taking Highlight of Us Friday
service at 11 o'clock. Testimonial will be 1I.ld. attendance. Sunday morning nesting will be

Fellowship of new umbers will be con
union service at 2:30: p... ,with Rev. 8.L. Badger will be foraolatloa of obaervancel these led by Rev.C. D*.

pastor in charge. He will also deliver the ... the convention progra ..,.Geor,. ..11. pastor of it.

sage.MT.. which will be held la price o flSCMtttaeel utb. pleasant Trees Cove
-- HERMAN BAPTIST" September.Dr. Springs, Bible Lessee
MU Heraan Baptist Church services Sunday begin ,.
Baas, assisted by r a p caking| conducted by is J.C.
with the Sunday School at 9:45: a... with Mrs. Dr. o.B. Byrd of LOS fm.the| Rogers of Macedonia sod
Mary Spence In charge. Morning service at 11:30: o' :a.
Angeles, Calif. will these end UY.MoCAILpreeatation tbe BTPD workshop aapervlsed -
clock. Rev. j.H. perry, pastor will deliver the preside during various President by President

seraon.At 3 p.*.. District 1 will Beet In the hone sessions of the executive A t, a.I. Patterson of Moderator Alexaadsr Heard. Views

of Mrs. Jeff Kiy 7918 Mattel Ave board. Rill. .n. A.J. will be gives by Deacon

-LEWIS MEMORIAL" Morris Maoa for the LayBSO .
Hughes of St. John Baptist
Services Sunday In Lewis Memorial AMI: Church Girl Scout Notes city, as musical and Rev. A.J. lushes
tart with the Sunday School at 9:30: ...., with 4 for the pastors.
director will lead the
superintendent David Scott In charge. Morning service Troops of Mt. Ararat q r combined choirs in song Youth devotion will be
at 11 o'clock. Miss Rosetta Motley will have Baptist Church will bold directed by the Messengers

charge of the ITU sic. Rev. H.T. Fryer pastor will their final activities Central Baptist at 2 P... tsaehiai
deliver the seraon. for the meaner Sunday aids ender President

JOBS II at the 8 ,... BTO sir 'A Church News Heard sdepsrta sat at

Hosting _.Sunday Program Hour There will be aa i : ', 3:30. At 7:30: P.... Re*.
Children's will .
1 abundance of refresh ants David Johnsoa of New
and parents and friends Sunday wltb
Bethel (Southside) will
Invited. Sunday School beginning
deliver tbs sttocatloaal
at t: 19 a. a.The .
i Brownie Troop 249 will A' sermon with Rev. ....
11: 00 O' cloet service
bOlt a party Tuesday, .+4" ,UI1... of Mt. lies,
will be
June is at 3 P.a.in the coadactedby
-\< pal ath. as alternate.Rev. .
Kdscatlon Building. ( the junior Church. George Fries will
Juniors Troops 111 and r 1 Brother C.J.Striven will
will leave deliver the ........ The' conduct tbs educational'
111 by beg rally.At .

for Little Talbot jUsnd "IS" :- junior wltb Miss Choir tobla will sing 10 .... Bats Hay.Rev. .
Tuesday. June 15 at I C. carry of Friendship
.. rester at the console '
a. All those plaonlsg ---...- Atlantic Beach,
Mrs. Jeaa Forrester
os taking Us trip must OKVBLINQ of portraits of their husbands was witnessed by wives and friends offrl1II at the piano.District will be tke mteaaerwittRev.KH.

brim Remission slips. of the hoaoreeo during the dedication of the Isnrlovsly appointed Conference 2 will bold trlaht, first
and lunches.Cadettes .
I Room at Bethane-Cookmao college nesed In honor of the late Bishops John 1U Anniversary Tea from Baptist of Jacksonville

I bold Troop 228 will .. Braaseoab and J. B.K. Bo tea. *>th, prelates were termer presiding bishops of 4.p.. .. at the ebarca as alternate.Sunday .
overnight the Florida Conference of the Methodist Caurcn. Shown from left are Mrs. wile daring tkecnloo District aorsisg'a service
Singerswill at A.L. Lewis Motel
host the lisa B.Stewart of Jacksonville wife of the president of Edward waters Collage meeting.Rysainc. will begin wlea....
regular Monthly Musicals of the saving Wednesday
JuneIS ;; Mrs. K.C. Hatcher Jacksonville, wife of the presiding prelate of the Rlev.nth > service will begin day School) with Saperiatea -
Young union .
Sunday at 3 p.* la the at 3: 10 p.fros the
Church Ifelsoopal Olltrlct 'of tbs AMR: Charcn; Mrs. Branscoab and Mrs. Bo.... at 7:00 The dent Morris leas and
of fed Saints P.B.
In Christ Florida Ave.sod Education Building. All .
widows of the bosons and Mrs. Richard V.f Moore, wife of Dr. L Y. Moore, president Junior Church will local snpstiatsadeat ia
Jessie St. Oder pretest
Givens pastor. Shown troD left scouts planning on taking 1
of Bethuae-Cbokaan College (Norman K. Joaew Photo, charge. Brother Jeba
are: Johnny Harrell and big sisters Mrs. oertrude tbs trip are requestedto a special programdurtag

H. San, Mrs. Loretta H. Roberta, Mrs Aserlcus call Mrs. J.C. Dais Inlnury 2rsgna llIlnua" P115111 Sister Cohen tile service. Payne will review of "ftecoad Ue leeaoa.Tbe Baptist.
1. tenter and Mrs. Clara H. Tjner. The group'sstyle Uglo 46077. Attendeesaast weekly Activities are:
n. ITtIa anaiverssr7 of n. Iduoatloaal Board
follows closely that of the staple Singers. have permission tM Gospel Idiots will Dt Philadelphia Baptist T 0 Head Pro gbe ram Central Moaday. .::00'.... Miss will monist be as fallows service
The public Is invited (!Royal Art Studio Photo .. Contest. Miss
i ) slips. observed Jule 21 1. Church .111 celebrate Il..r Robert Hod. Cheryl Osise sad Miss Order of Service >ev.GLT.ncCall .
) the edueaUolll building 'its anniversary pastor of First Bars
June II .
lisle f. Riley are the I. ssteoa. Rev.MmirUsyefPrleadly
ti of It. Ararat Baptist ;nroulbod tb ...,. T..o1t "0. 1,1114 Ella coatestsats. ;
It.. will apo.sor l1.ter .
QIIIrch. A lO'olanUp award hums hoer 2: II; srmna. -
1: 00 p.a. Bible study
1814 W. BEAVER Gnats for u. pror. will begiva the atael.t Rosetta Cohen 11 th aad prayer setting at I ..,. ..& Mitaieil.alternate. .

will halide n. Ahl .of th church during h. gospel coac.rt toady .* Re*. ..r. A4disoa -
a. ;Wednesday 8:00: ..
3101 EeIERSOHA ? Bradford Bl.gers C..h.. .nlc. 1ft. J.JUt. 14 at I: JO p.... la Cbdr 2 rebearsal. of Ml Ihal.t .
IU GoIIDe1 1111'''. Johml 11 pastor, th church aud it or I..
130 ChSSll1 AYE.s .

sort too t
--------- ,
.a. r -
: '

DOLLAR DAYS & BAR B Q DAYS ARE HERE Th.i''''';, ;; ;tye ..

., ",
BAR-a-Q .





STEWING 3 fliI ftyso-


.LI..ll ...! n.! __ ,

WT.-7.B.LB$.. LIMIT I .


EGGS 3 DO%. '.,'.." I ( I. .


IBS. 4


FRESH FROZEN GRADE WORLD HAN ; : take an extra carton of Coke!

II'f- '
PARTS ( wnmet s the time r.hro )wllftd rzmdhmg ware ....

." IJ .' f I thin. a eofl drink-M rreck for ir*>c U Ca rCola.
LEGS & WINGS 3 ....}\,i J
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and lot of it ;Notbinx soft Lout the UUe of t.*..

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TURKEY NECKS 4 us. ':' k.. tntryy Biro low- the nfre4s mertt tai lookiogfor. '

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) mere alum one I Tab sa extra eartoat al CeLe! ..nee

; FRYERS 27! i iliitlil

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J3xon Serves; On! Welcoming Committee Tropical Disease March HeldIn "FAMUan Accepts Brown Named Attains Highest Rank

Expert Retires ChurchBurnings Position With To Head t K'*.

Western ElectricMCHICAOORonald Rights Body 6 twfT.
,ASHINCTOn-*(NPI).*The Area

renowned tropical disease Tate a NEW TORKNPIBnrl +
flthttr. Dr. Hlldrus A. BRANDON, Miss..*lural senior majoring In poll- Brown, loser in n hard
polndezter medical: di. Rank In county mhloh set tics: science at Florida fought political battle

M rector U.S. Public Misslsslppl'n county record \SN till!"...1 t1.Tallah..- for the post Manhattan.
Health Service, retired for the number of tee, has accepted a borough president early

recently at the ate of Negro churches burned position to begin work this year has bola appointed -
i i4. Ht till bo.. .r. within the put year hers u n staff trainee by Mayor falser 1 A;
coaplett work on more '(fh.h.. scene of wlth'the tern Electric an chairman of the city*a
than 30 scientific papers n Freedom. March May 29* Company following his Coaalsslon on Raman
hlch will btnade arall 29 by some: 300 Negroes graduation jane 14. fro Rights.
able for special asalcanents. and whiten.Aimed .
,'\\, the Florida institution. !NOW' deputy borough president.
at protesting the Geared to s managerial Brown who lost to
Dr. polndeiter's specialty stating of Mississippin txecutlve career with
rO:1: oRLslfcts ircsici/ws/ VISIT FAMU Members of theSaokdrs7 Mrs. Constance later
has been In the five congressman sod the testern electric the senator Q
Motley n State
: ifsshlngton High School Bud of fit or-
'" field of tropical disease voter discrimination position will pay n mill tats 4
1 ,, Loiaislana\ learn famous at the time,
about the r MtJ.r"Urd a
which made ,
Ht has received this pcssibls startles aal.ofn.OOO ..
his post
over net
"lOO" recent visit to thtfcUTus.1ho
i during a
nuoerout honors and decorations the march was sponsored
during the oue-7 sr- council
;'4 BTi band was beard Is concert All. sat U tee city
for his work jointly by COME and the training period. approve a bill to make
.r Wlds
AU. Discussing the operation OS themtm'
as sjalarloloilst and, Mississippi Freedom Dem
Tate, who Is a son of It a full-tint pnldposition.
i..1 i4 lth u" *** students it Danny B. Darts epidemiologist. ocrttle Party ont of Mr. and ...... David Tate, .
.. senior smile major fro. Jacksonville.f : During the past 30 years the demonstration'n sr. U28 Northern Are.. If approved, Brownn txIf I" f s\paentssreMleses Tolsado Scott and Cora Met*. he has observed or worked loaders was CORE Task Fergus Falls Mian, .will yearly salary in espetted the Florida Amu University HUh School r.c.""

'."; .. to eradicate lllaeas and Force torktr QeorgeRaymond. ., spend foursonths to bt SIS.000. congratulations fro. Dr. Oeorge w. Gore jr. presi
disease In TS foreign idiot of the university on begin side an Eagle
Th. 61-year-old forcer
Insurance Commissioner DeniesAuto countries and travelednort is want to let them each Inc newspaperman who loa.r.pr..t.d Scout highest rank attainable in Scouting flit
than a half million know ..' rt not afraid" aeries of son of II'. ad MrsSpencer William $r., 113 tustitRoad
Insurance Rates Increaser miles by all nodes of commented Rube Lee Kyern r t r slums la the a council Mtrlemdistrict Tallahassee, the ass loch Scout Is s amber

44 H4SSSS (5*diJ--SUtt Treasurer Insurance transportation a narcher from Muses / areas a tlectern will succeed: unsalarltd and den chief: of Boy Soout Troop No. 1)2 and serves

0>.*|sa lner Broward lllllmms denied a request by Contenting on his profeaalonal Chapel. But on thin Stanley H. Lowell. ss .u.tlftt scoutmaster of Troop No. 133. Dr.
services, occanlon Leedell W. Neyland.! professor of history and geography
Dr. particular
.Jh! Rational Bureau of Casualty Underwriters for. E lectrlc The comml melon works to
2(> percent auto.obll.lnaunaa: rate Increase. bees Luther L Terry. U.S. there was little grounds TAn: These will prevent discrimination at Florida ASM University, Is scoutmaster

+er he tall the bureau did not prove Its cast.'trie Surgeon General said: for fear since state and Include: (i) industrial la the city.particularly of Troop tai 133.
of officials
The loveronent the county apparently
;,- ;- a,1, and labor relationa. (2) in housing sad in employment -
COftI.h.lontr said prtatnttd" with United States has for- were aniloua to
quality aaauranct, pro' under city contracts
artNtrv' filial "failed ling sally recognized these avert the kind of ttr duct engineering and shop in moving to the Yes We All Talk
td frott" that the 29fc'tcAtt' said further that
efforts, but tilt wear rorlsm which has prevailed *
and account
'' irons ((3) commission. Brown seems
Increase propose the rate locrtaat petition and tear of assignments in this Etta and By MARCUS H. BQULftAARRepetition
wue likely to be eiposinghlnself
It] 'could not have been tailed In other In Law Iraq. Vlet-Naa ntronghold. State and
computer' and to controversies. -
wage practices new
-eic.alive end unfairly areas to aatlafy Insurance and guy other places, county police accompanied A speaker delivers a long mddrtts to en suOienee
fic 'I.11IItDl'7." d f rtment rate have left their nark." the marcher for the to* and to ache sure, that the 11.tlll.11 r..iber
A graduate of FergusFalls awe of the unpaid oo..lssioners *
'The"urcao Red regies* specialists that la. Dr. Poiadeiter eat ap tlrt IS miles fro.run 1. junior College as well U n tilt Important ideas, ho repeats the. asia. points\ ,
\'ertl tnbree"a of T auranee Increases of pointed to the regular to Brandon the county hers bt ild his first cumber of paid staff the main thoughts. MS offers in short a urni of
$erterit on such magnitude vert Jut corps of the Public seat. brlsf summsry, step by step, omitting at) irrelevant
two years of undergraduate ..b.,.. charged all
bodily In* titled. Health Service In JUt when the marchtrs nr- mock Tate ba'. th aids ago that the agency details. la public mpesklng.ws refer to
JUry/ ''Ma The commissioner declslonto and promoted to medical rived at the courthouse.Mayor distinction of serving faced a crisis because this method at the final _arr:
lllity 'la* dtnjr the filing director. Kin first duty C.J.Harvey prompt Neuritis
as president of the student key posts had not been
r', n' e e .at the third tan down: ssslgnment was as chief ly met with their lead body In which htess filled.in Neuritis la inflammation of the nines, just ss

tatnt 5 k,1U' ht hat handed Ineureneeooiipanlta of laboratory andnedleal tr.. About SO of the the only weber of naming Brown, MayorWagner dermatitis la Inflammation of the skin; Nwirslgialc
.1'.r' and bureaus reM arc:1I: with the V9Htnl marchers vets guided to his raceAuriiJ, said acute pals along the nerves and their" brunettes.:
e.'ft f kih.r ...I.'lacu..oho,. talon In Liberia.in the regular's dues to ; 'The victim of neurosis in termed neurotic.' .
OictinliSTORRS'mrt. Ths' burdens on tht
ill &li1 C 1LL11MstiW''preperty than 33 percent slice S....lit also was the lets r eg let rat Ion tests TVOSneCorker commission and tht staff. Neurasthenic patient in worried "1erM...." ,
discs February, this ,.ar. recipient of the eloono and the rtnslndsr tsrttsoerttd and tbeohl.a. depressed emotionally tin tutted; ,Neuroela, still
Dondell was awarded particularly on
JUMlltJ'ntes.intsA In all three decisionsthe Award from tilt Assocln to an upstairs from the flreek word for serve" It but dee
the doctor of at heavy as
,. said the re* cossUssloner pointed tlontfvtlltary Burgeons courtroom where they philosophy degree from they are grave .Me mutt crlboo! by a payohtstrlst. since it It en **.tlonaldisturbance. .
qve.t for. iscresass wasnM to the Florida tstateshlch for him studies of lymph sang freedom sotto until available hours of Neurosis la not a ton of insanity'
the university of Connecticut bs 34
W the basis 0 th.. require tituraaee atallpoi vscclae which heas the start of are rally here on May 14- a day and 1 days ."". or mental unbalance A complete mental dimrder It
f.reM** "cuetomary al* rates to be adequate talai to control a in front of the court* A Jute 1141 gredumtt of We are meet fortunate lahsvlag celled a psychosis.READER .

I Af til on procffcrt. to! reseoBiUt, tad not unfairly snsllpoi spidenlo InLlberln. house.Tht Florida AAJH "university" s man of Earl For my pamphlet on public speaking, sandtan
statistic informationt main settler nt the business *
discriminatory.Opposes TallahasseeMrs Con4*11 Brown's capability for slaps and a gelf-sddreeted lost m
.collected. tr isor1 "' glee Is credited rally we* CORE national Is nn instructor Inblolotl these Important tasks, v el ope to Dr. Mareta H. Bog]ware, Fl'rid. MM \/III'/
'I. Dock with providing much of Director James, Farner. at Fergus Fall verslty, log 110-A, Tallahassee, Florid, :1JVT.
: flUtJeA Bill the Inspiration andleaderahlp who predicted that as uoutcome
will Roster
f toward thtettsbllsbmest. oaks new voting 1
hty'7wnr---." t1-- NEW TOM( **( PH.'lh'. o by the bill, from ems to two 1 i !

,lnar. jr.. la.hta Initiators airs tried Firestone Tire msd Rubber mtlllea toe then negroes
bas mccfvted for sd4iSlgn lit seek to rots Malsat Interests, of the Li* .111 kt registered to

I ls1 J the D.9.N1I1 a bill givlsg control of bertan Inetltttttf rro,. cots within all mosths. :

t,.ry, Academy at test the else of the eater leal duite"tbe first At prtsemt only 14 of
folot de ,an arpolstmMt frost work force to the toatlnuott ...Ie.l research Raskin Cossty's 1,144 j

: t .tier>p.J. Vsagamne international Umgehoreat laetltntlon In Negroes of voting ale MARKET

4r .q 3rd DUtrlet.It a* a aieoclatloa and the teat African Couatry. are registered in ton SUER

s(yiuitltlror( believed the New york snippingaaeoclatioo trait to over 11,000 of ,i
J o,1. tht first egrorWWgtslsteMln T. H. JenkinsTo its 13,344 whites.AtM's .
; ad- Tht reojaeet tat made by.lilllaa as whoAr a [osEUio use &YLerRoMsLItoiP.K 1 1i

mlwlet " al pppnistaent.Ill Bharpt. official..f Dr. Gore SPECIALS GOOD THRU SUNDAY AT EDGEWOOD AND AVENUE B

the net york state labor Dept.TALLANABWK On Speaking 'lour i

AMERICAN AACP said the cenfertnet kill wot Id who re lit ....rw glom PNlLADtLPNlA. Pa.Drttrgt FLA. GRADE A !

: m CAftCtl silt In s deninl tf > Ally w, IoU, jr DRESSED & DRAWNFRYERS CENTER CUT LEAN WHITEBACON
st.nrltpeorherr rights. Tfeomss Miller ,Jesklss. president tf Florida AM
,preetdMfelect AlUay University, Tal.........
State College, Alb My. will te the guest speaker

M1E1 Oa. .111 serve me n rtpreeentatlvt here on Bus day, June" 13.

:.- ... Til-, UE III U the 0,8D at ......1 Isetltmtltoal .. :
toe Seek 'Tb. Beet Doctor ..artn nt of Labor in* Baptist
bfej' romr tooter prtscrlbet. I ...u, Cannltttt then C b u re*. .,
Get Experienced rbarssc1ets'Aeeardis JI the committee meets Jste IT30 North

u IO'r Dotter" U-I' U Ban jMn.pverto 2M 1\."

Orders. w* CM Osly The Bemtaielity c.L IIUtt Alto. till spat 29 C 39 4 I IPOTATOES
Dnga prttldtnt-Ilett ,Jen- 11 r the
kiss, .. Is elndtag mp PMD Beh. LB. LB.
3 RKCJiTlMO FNAJBUaSTS TO SOTI TOO his dntles .. deaf 1 s r snip

A COMPLETE LINE OPDUJD the Fieri ta AM C al fer Osb e t
o.t lce..r Ooode.(. ..._4r1.. ally Cbllie of Lmt eat disk fir. at IOU

"aacuPTJoq rot mo G.JWIJIIDlilly's sdtwdvlH to *|iea< at mnalwmal $. Jomssom Is pretldemtTht

beast nt AlbmnyBtste Rev, t. L. Km tier.
MBettrdar. ,Jwmt s.Isei patent the cbtrch.it
Drug s terser resident of

bias Is pit Irtn mil Tall that.... ".
Dr. lore mill also et'
ISI? IlltS 1111 EUI27S IS. StYMtSjOHISLIQUORS pest U n speaker here

of dsrlM the itmeral tee<
dents of tht Bmstern regUmal <
\\I( mlmmml tomfer_eof .

the Plaids AM pal

lenity ....,.1 Aletel 24-OZ.
5 LB.
JRX ....111... Jmat ||-3 39 Y
l The Fiends delivered AM the preeltfemt torn- BAG BOTTLE

memcsment ms4reeet Jtme

2. at fftsmlsgtsm JmnlerOellegt.

prstMdt. end U. S. GOOD RIB STEAK n 69C
mm awe 10. mt Ue Mil
nrd C! reneteve ilgh

8dMel, port Lsderw e FIRM RIFE TOMATOES dim 15C
there ,.,...... him mteohlsgtagsgemtntn
In ptillsdelshls. .

5 ....u,.. meet leg tf
.... BatlmMtl Asoetlatlssmf

Btstt csiverelttee IIRD FRESH FLA. ORANGE JUKE H I" 49*

one ms4 U4Crest Colleges
K. ice n mad in. UfrC Se.S'

1./t. GOlD MEDAL FLOUR s it fit. 49*

,: .. near

.. : 1' ROYAL RICE ) u. MIElMONTE 35 ,
;d :;' you :I
''' '
,-- -- j' MS CREAM STYLE COM 2 m enARMOUR'S 29

u ICUJ: : VEGETOL > u. "i 59SA *



P :'; ergo. PAPERS SATURDAY JUNE 12. 1965..

I Children s Cholr Brewster Men Mt. Salem Carter Attends"

1.o 1. In First Recital To Hold Recess Baptist ChurchThe Coming Manpower Confab

Th* Children's Choir of Meeting Sunday Annual Youth Day Leila j. Carter,' Hi,

Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist 1 i observance of the Mt. Events Executive Directq/\yf

Church will present 1 Salem Baptist Church, the Jacksonville tfTtran

Its initial recital Bus- Rev. W. Q. Rogers, pastor According: to Rev. J. '. League recently attendedthe

day at 4 P. .. in the ,will begin with Sunday Jones, newly appointed initial Florida'Man

I Iu n.a. ws"a.UNI'District little auditorium of the .f" School at 9:30 ..m. pastor of Allen Chapel power Conference hefd'''In

Manager cll1 rch. with the guest superintendent AME Church 1539 Swan St. Gainesville May 27-28.:

increasing numbers of people are living more years today In this country than The 23-voice choir willIng Miss Pbyllla by Bishop E. C. Hatcher That meeting waa, keynoted -

I ever before In our history. At first thought, this fact would seen to be most sacred secular and Battles in charge presiding Bishop of the by Dr. Doak S.

wet oolle. gospel selections. Nar- Guest teachers are: Eleventh Episcopal District Campbell Board Chairmanof

Life being what It Is, most of us want as much of It as we can have. Dwellingon rator will be paul Town- Class ll, Mrs. Thelca of the AME Church: the Associated Consultants

the thought of longevity a little longer and a little more deeply, we must sal and Michael Cobb is Clark; Class 12. Mrs Dr. A.R. Richardson will In Education

come to the conclusion that, for many people life in the eighties the seven junior director. Aljosie Larklns; Bible conduct the 3rd Quarterly and president Bierltus

ties, and even In the sixties ian'tall pleasure and no pain.In Featured on the program JOfamJA MILLMAN Class Miss Eddls Brown. conference Sunday of Florida state univer

fact the later years bring many problems seemingly) insurmountable only will be Miss Linda Fields president Joshua Hillman Guest secretary will be throughout the day. city Tallahassee

I to the aged but to their loved ones as well. in an Instrumental solo of the Brewster Men's Miss Claudette Yo rd. The Dr. Richardson is pre- Mr Carter speaking on

Some of these problems are of prime concern: to the Social security A
The retired beneficiary wife or widow begin receiving benefits In the a secular selections. attendance of its members by Donald Lett.Devotions Jacksonville District. participation and potential

mid-sixties. As they grow older infirmities occur. where this lessening of Sunday for the presentation for the ll Rev. Jones is requesting In 'Florida's

power is physical no real problem is presented as far as social security is Other participants Include ceremony which a..unlc.111 be conducted that all boards and labor market stated, "A

concerned. Valencia E. Fort, will b* featured in the by Lynwood' Cal- auillaries have both large segment of the

People are still able to control the money they receive and provide for their Vanessa Fort, ywanza club's making a retribution houn. The speaker for .written and financial Necro population is able

needs as they see fit. Wien mental power is diminished to the point where the Fort, Robert L. Weston, to the hospital.Hlllman the hour the Rev.Cbarl es reports ready and eager to prove how

individual is unable to cope with his resources and provide for himself in a Oliver L. Weston Linda also stated that Hollows will be Introduced good a Job it can do fur

proper manner someone else must step in to provide these functions.The M. Ward Janice 0. Cobb, Sunday's meeting which by Gerald Nelson Usher Board 3 of Mt. Florida's Industry all

Social security Administration< is charged by law to see to it that every Gwendolyn Jones, DavidL. will be held in Brewster offering Alton Ararat Baptist Church it needs la a chance. An

individual wools entitled a benefit ,etsit.'re" than this we feel a solemn Peoples, Anderson V. Hospital Cafeteria will Rogers and Anthony Nelson I- will sponsor a bridal even ,larger segment Is

obligation to make sure that the individual who cannot help himself is protected Perry, Virginia Fables, be the final meeting for ; scknow] edgentnt of tea June 13 from 4 eager to participate.but
to( the extent that he gets the benefit of the money paid in his name by social Arcadia Febles. Caret.. the aummer. Activitieswill visitors, Mrs. Gloria is not presently able
to 6 p.m. in the educa-
security.We Conyr, Linda Fields, get underway at Gray ton. This of course spells
tional building. A program -
do this by selecting an able person who demonstrates the greatest degree of Claudia Lister, Julius 7:45: as.Pictures. The 3 p.m. Music will be presented. out the need for adequate

Interest in the care and welfare of the beneficiary, to act as agent or payee Laiter, Charles Mack will be taken Hour" Miss Viola JomI educational and vocational -

for the helpless one. Even then our obligation is not ended. The payee is required Anthony Mack, Stanley during the ceremony <<:In in charge, will feel District of Zion programs for
l Hope
to make periodic accounting social security of the benefits he has MCKlnney Frederick Hlllman concluded. ture "The Famous Neal !Negroes' and the need
received for another. Banks, Mark Edwards,* Baptist Church will for Inclusion rather"than

Address questions to"The: Florida Star" Social Security Editor 400 West Joseph Snyder and Jac- Dr. Kitties Sets Sisters Philadelphia sponsor a musical tea exclusion in on.Job
Junior 0101 r.Mia. Rhonda
Ashley Street, Jackutnville FloridaSECURITY quelyn Keith. Activities For June 13 at the church. training programs snd
Mitchell Mt. Pleasant ,
Awards and V D Ha.klns will be the "
presentation the like.
Lily Whiles Hold will be made to members Month Of JlnlSTALLAHASSEI Junior ChoirMrs.fiblrey] speaker and Mrs. Lula B. He also chided management
()II lll\rl'IN Baker and the Mt. 8thaClIo Carter 1a program chairman -
for service to the choir to move aggressively
I Officers' Election 1 rIll. ,
and a reception will beheld toward fuller .
Job integration
Gerald Nelson, general .
a._ Lily White Lodge 217 following the recital coalman and Aljosie and discourage
conducted its election In the church Cafeteria The Male Chorus of St. the all too obvious
Lark In program chairman -
meeting in Trinity Baptist The choir is directed Paul AME Church will inibw dressing Jobs
that all
Old announce
Photographs Church with Deputy by Mr a. Betty J* sponsor a Father'a Day cove companies persistin
I programs the observance -
4 Mary B. Taylor preside Carley and Mrs Blanche have been well- Tea June 20 from 3 to 9 penning, "It must

Starting Today ing. She was assisted by planned p. .. in the lower unit be remembered he statedin
so aa provide -
Deputies Pearl.Washing* of the church. Edward conclusion that such
Must Go ton and IIDII ana Johnson.The Collier.Deaths an enjoyable day Flearning is chairman.The utilization of total manpower
for all attwiling.
officers are: Mrs [ ] The public la intended participation represents -
Photos Made Before And Luella price, president; a cordial Invitation to tobertlettes Gospel an opportunityfor
J I Mrs. Katie Prime, vice Singers will observe. business and management
During 1962 Can Be president; Mrs. Mary --Dr. III. ". attend all services. their first anniversary rather than Just a

Gibson financial secretary John Stevens 1750 Davis Kittles, associate professor June 20 at 8 p. .? inQueen relPonel bUit,. '
Claimed For % Total ; Mrs. L. R. Wright Street of tattles and Christian Endeavor Esther Church of This conference waa

recording secretaryMrs'; Ira Corker 2127-A Mara clothing, Florida AiM Meets SundayThe God In Unity Barber and sponsored by the Bureau
Venus University has been invited of Economics: and
Ceorg Inn a Selph business Court. McQuade Streeta Business

manager; Mrs Bessie Mrs. Minnie Duckett. to participate on Christian Endeavor Members of the group Research, and the. Department

Royal Art StudioSOCIAL titles. UlUr; Mrs' Ole 2037 Jerusalem street. a research panel at the Hour will conduct Its areMiss Beverly Strong. of Economics of

Lawrence.treuurcr; Mrs. Ell aha M. Thorp, 1610 Annual Convention of the monthly program in St. Miss Margaret Ann Harris. the University of Florida

Maggie Davis, banking w. 29th Street. American Home Economics Stephen AVE Church Sunday Miss lllll Mae Strong together with toe

COMMERCIAL STUDIO SERVICE committee chairs.; Mrs. Will Lowery 1750 w, Association June 27-30, at :3 I p... and Alpha 0. Harris, Florida joint Council for
Myrtlee" CObbs, chaplain, 24th street at Cornell Univrsity.lthaca. All officers and youthrepr'esentstlvrs' musician Economic Education. ,' i
and '* Mr4 Willie B. 4 N.Y. Dr. 'Klttlia have Af'lrrtrlng on th* program '"
.jftntor( conduotressfMrs.uary Tapln) I i *.
51.5' DAVStSi' Thompson'inner 1 b,b8IUI)*. .31 oakley St.Mrs. will also deliver the been asked to attend by will b* the TravelingStara.

guard; James Wl 111 ass. Ida Henderson, commencement address at the youth president for soul Revivals, Patronize

marshal and Mrs Frances 10364 W. Church St. Lincoln High school, the quarter. He has announced Mia Berth Harris star.

ELGIN 4-1894 Black sh ear, reporter. Elijah Sanders, 2838 Tallahassee June 18- that youth officers light Gospel Singers aad '
A native of Jacksonvilleshe ADVERTISERSBOLDEH'S
Refreshments were served Lippia Rd. for the nut others. .
Is the daughter of
and the president mad James lillh.., 1918McQjade Quarter will be elected
CLOSED ALL DAY TUESDAYS 'Mrs. Ella Holmes 307( W.18th .
remarks. Street .i following the program SCHOOL
St. Jacksonville. SUMMER MUSK
New Bethel s Choirs Rufus Toney, 034 .. Beginning in this meeting -
Dr. Kittles received the
Ashley St.Preston. the program will Study nth:
To Present Musicale B. 8. degree from Florida
Johnson, 1243 present three banner attendances Honor Graduate. Florida
Choirs AIM University and the RICHARD L. BOLDEN
1.2andtbe Frank Grant Street.Grady instead of two AMI University Graduate
Williams chorus of New Echols, 1873 M.Sc. and Pb. D. degrees All ministers have been Student ef William Belt
Bethel AME Church will from Ohio state University. naked
Fairfax street by the director to pp. Dean of American Tuba
sponsor a musical program Erie g. Lewis 1881 C submit letter naming Players Indiana .
( .atvenity
Sunday at 6:30: p.m. IB 22nd Street. '.. She la a member of the the qua!if led high school .

There is the church auditorium. Mrs. Alberta Jackson (:College Teacher's Ti graduates in the church:

The program is in In* 2032 Lewis Street. tiles and Clothing MilO to vie for the aaaaal .-REGISTER NOI.-
c1 aU 00, National Educational -
terestofthe liquidation George Smith, jr. 1428 scholarship which is to ,,
rally being held at the Davis street. Association and be presented during the Elementary Band 4.

church. Donald Bartley, 723Brldlir the American Home Economics TM-lnitlUte at heard: 5,9 eVTUt Grades.OJltarplanoVolee.
onlyone Valerie Mallory will street. Association whose t ter* tblleseisMge.t 1 -

present several readings, Johnny Klnsler 1834 W. leaders .have b'i till her Letter should be seat ... 'Theory.Accordion.

and a pee rally will beheld 22nd: Street to appear on a research to the director at 433: .. tt' -Band and Orchestra

diet in connection with Eugene Wilcoi, 2123 .. panel at Cornell University Hour Rd. South Jack: Instruments \
cola J the program, 39th Street. Ithaca. 'N.Y. ,dllria sonville.
the association's annual Strlnc orchestra-Claa'r i print Uaaons.AUD" .
Miss Elisabeth
I Lily White Lodge St. Marys Oa. Raise. .,coaveatloa this summer. Dual Day --

'BIll... recently appointed >ID PITAL AIDE CWRSe:
that ratesafamous Elects Officers Mrs. Lillle Pearl Reed
chalrain of a ObservanceAnnounced

Lily White Lodge 174 Miriam D. Braanon, 4231 regional committee to CASHIER SALES am COURSE
met recently to elect tody the eocle-bsycbo

officers forth 1963-6. Lockhart Jess H.Drive.Merchant 1434W. logical aspects of tees Dual Day will be oss.rved lol 'I's College Of Music

The following officers 'tiles and clothlaga aa aresult June 3) la Rotor ts
Sixth Street.
.ere elected; Mrs Angelina of scientific Mt. Plsgah AME ChMhwith
Miss Bisiie Clover a ins i. m st. EI ara a 4& i a 1'5
Hogans. president; paper' which ahepreaemtetioa Miss Duel Reott aa
Mrs. Lilll M. Harris nOl Stuart Street. this subject at the chairman sad Mrs Rosa John H.&ilden
cola vice Mrs, Rosa Lee Jo.... 8.8..M.S..Y.E. Director
prealdentiNra.; D.B. 1M3 CTTCA eoaveatlom. L. Holmaa. co-chalraan.
911 W. Beaver Street.
Anderson general meaa* r
lrMtss; Ourlyea Bloods lllllam L. Patrick,

worth recording secretary 4503 I. iota street.

name: ;Miss Beverly Cohen John Williams, 11334

financial Fort Caroline Road.
Mrs Dorothy C. Lester
Minnie King, marshal;
1184 Jennings street.
Mrs France McRae. Inner
die: 'Thoaaa. 1183 Steele \
guard; Mrs. N. Bellamy, Court
teller; Mrs. Ella Llnd-
Byroa Butler. 2829Thames
sey.chaplain; Mrs. Hill*
Cook, treasurer; banking
Ernest Fogler 1720 I.
commute. Mrs. 0. Car
Ninth street.
ter, Mrs.
'rplSF nancy Jones.
ire. Lila Williams

1330 .. IJth Street

BeachOuting Jobs oval rills 130 I Ir
r AEE I. 18th Street
Rev Eddie Roes. 2190

Sao Diego plaaa.
Willie Floyd soil

Sat era Aveaue.Beaaie r .
District 1 of Bethlehem Lee Hoopr.renaadiaa .

PEPSI Baptist Church sill hold Beach,
aa outlM to America .
Mr* Carrie Mae Irene ,. :
Beach Friday June II U 1418 rrlolea* Street I

behalf of U* aaatal IIn.W ter Lee Shelley .
*sae's Dajr observance.Th I
-" 1944 Morehwse Road "
bus will leave the Christopher LeCovatle.' \ I

\-e. church at t: U ,... .with 1241 Steel ert. '

kIs stops scheduled at Jefferson Moses staabrldg. tn Beef at its Best

llarl4wleasrgalu mad Fourth fiats I. 20th street, .
fel Dull and IIrrU.a Mrs Etta a
.", : Cherry. 131 ;
,*. Md Itb Its The Oak at...".

". publt Is lavltet eweee Nutchlasom, ...-
I .-. done, Florida. I : -
... i


_.-_- ... .....- .

" :I j MIATRRRAT :: =-l lHEW

I iOU 12. 1955 SUE PAPERS

AskedTo Undercover Detective Called Achievement Day Awardees B-CC Schedules Dr. A. A. Hedgeman Bethune Sets

Review Brains Behind Bomb Plots Study, Skills Program Receives Award Summer Session

Do\n'a'fA' BKACHBethnntfCookaan Prom Roosevelt U. DAYTQKA BIACH-Tht illS
Brevard NET rORJt-(ra l)-The eoven ent early last week
Funds College till Saaasr Session at Bt-
rested its east 12 days of testimony by eight (!CT.CH1CAOO-Cr.) Anna
have its third annual tkuat-Cookaaa college
oda. coordinator
itnessesin the trial of three defendsnta
MELBOURNE*The' Melbourne accusedof surer Study.shllls pro special events for thtCoaalsslon will bt held Jsat 14
plotting to bosh national
Branch NAACP>> has called the statue of Uberty. ..shrines.........Including......IO' grin for selected eleventh oa Religionand through August ,. She
OB the Department of graders June 14- session will provide
Race of the National
Ont of the '
iefmdants. as "duwbfounded' and"very
Health Education and July 24. This prograa ia Council of Churches was courses ia liberal art
Walter A. Roee. 42-year set" by Wood's ,
tlfart to up and teachers training
designed to provide I.-
ataed'lDaan of Achieve-
old ausiclan and part-' alleged
decision approving a proposals moons provtatnt la basic subJtct ...1." of 194S by the leading to AS or B3 de-
tint Judo laatructor,waa which ht said to
plan submitted was Directing tai
by the aatttr skills Roosevelt University *. green
the first to take the 1
Brtvard County School dyasaltt waterfront asstly aatheaatlcs, Association program will be members
en's Scholarship
stand Ht testified under dock..
Board. The protest was language arts library htrt. of the regular staff sad
direct tiMlnstlon Carl itr,a Roland ",er..
lodged in letter
a sent usage and reading The matiosally-hnowa vlsltlsg profsssors.
by Jessie BUCKS branch by his Iswytr.Erntst a Canadian who is technical Other purposes of the civil rights 1 leader author Primary purpose of the
llosenberier that Ray-
president to duett ton superintendent of / ; prograa art to aid students educator and sociologist tanner session la te
mood undercover ,
wood so explosives and annualtlon -
CoBBlssiontr Francis la the underntand- serve tie tdaeational*
Keppel. policeaaa, was the for Canadian Industries ; .r tot of factors related Joined Agnes. Seeds of supervisors,
brains bdindthescb.e.Bowe w++;, DtMilit.Ptarl l Buck, Margaret
The complaint charted ltd., testified to effective group living Meadandother dlstingulnhtd principals, and la-ter-
that there "art seven said ht met *
schools la Eau Gal U., three tints last January dynsaltt and three a- lathe aklll and rental of ear the award.U recipients ary sad tltatatary

Florida.One of the seven la the apartaent of Rob blasting caps involvedin r.E effort through arts and schools, who desire to
is for 'gegroea The ert *. collier 28. and the cast were asdt by crafts aa a scans of Tat citation hlchltghtsd take nurses for ,rof..-
school for Negroes was that wood himself had his ooapany and were not creative tipresaloo. appreciation a scholarship flail d-na. atonal and self iaprovt-
proposed the terrorist sold locally. RCCEIVC oo.ut.'ltII'S-Moa' the numerous BethuntOookaaa sing luncheon by the wo*
constructed in 1925 to for beauty, neat and persons the
boast 50 children" the sets to draaatlse the He testified further College students receiving awards during and wholeaoBs. leisure awn* a association of tat wish to aittad or renew
NAACP charged. "Today Metro' cause. that the dyasaltt could, the recent Achltveatnt Day prograa were Mlas Car- tine lattrests. university. stokers certificates
there art 150 children Col 1 her.Bowt and that eel have seriously daaagedtht lene Reid (left) of Rtdlavlllt. N.C. a seniortlnentary Through thin controlled Dr.Htdgassa Isaforaeraldt It will also serve the

attending this school ft, Saryed, 22. Brooklyn head of the Statueof Education aajor who received the Crown prograa.. efforts will be to the U." state educational weeds of
art the three 'llerbe.cn Foundation! Scholarship and and .Health Educationand
defendants Liberty and that IS-
and the State Board of wade to deteralne what students at BtthuteCookaaa -
Education .111 not allow on trt aJ,All art charted stick charge strategically Miss Rosa Let walker of Taapa.a sophomore majoring aaouat of acbltvtaentcaa Sal fare Departments who wish" to sake
with'connplriaf to bring placed could have In Matheaatlcs and Chealstry recipient of the and to the new Turk City
any ort nosey to bt take place in aa in- up certain deficiencies
spent on it. Buns goods into the country blow off the ana uwie-lnith Award for Aeadealo excellence, and ten tilled four (4) week* welfare departaen and or are preparing to
.rote. fro* Canada la violation las three a en and Miss the o orgt t. Ingraa Award for Science, the Quantitative progrsa.Any New fork Mayor Robert shorten their course ef

The complaint further of custoas regulations Michelle tniclos, 2e. a Analysis Award ia Chealstry and a certificate student who has tamer. stud at the college and
stated that 'the negro.Junior Bows, under Rostnberters Canadian, were arrested for the Dean* a Lint ?,.r aalatalaing consistent successfully coapltttd Her book" 'The Trumpet to also serve new sta- I

Nigh and Senior questioning pictured last Feb. 26 and later hid rank in studies throughout the year the llth grade aad will Sounds, published last dente who plan to begin I
school students art himself as devoted indicted on the bombing (forum' t:. Jones ftoto) enter the 12th grade la Dee.be r. traces her career their academic studies

transported by bus toMelbourne. to his social work and uulle.cbarl". 'the im-6S school year IB the civil rights daring the .....r with

At the beginning at the Henry Rtrttt Miss Duclos, who pleaded Seeks Boycott Cited By la eligible if .ht la re- aovtntnt from' her youth.Bom Dr.. t>t littatloa ef re
ia Mlaatsota.
of the 111461 .settlement where ht guilty to the saui- coBBtnded by bin high da lag the BBBber ef
school tern, to Stott taught jndo. and to the list charge and la awaiting 01 SchoolsIn Notre Pane school counselor or,rll.Olpal .'dc.'" tauiht at Rust years is CDII....

Nigh students applied welfare of Ma wife and trial will be Chicago Nt must ban tat College, in Mississippi, The College .111 provide
"W J.
when the dean was
for transfer to the aaall _aftt.r. tried separately. honorary doctor of laws ability to prfora b.. many etportanltltt te
Leonard father
popular Melbourne Nigh Hi described himself CXlCAWl protest agalBst degree was awarded a cause the subject matter Fame meet tkt varied Uttrtstaef
Psratr hand efthk
Clergymen JoinIn the rehiring of akllls concentrated of Jatts students h social
for white children and proalBtnt ". ro attorney are
( ef Racial'Eoiallty.
took a tilt that 1 uteel'l'U Young To Pilot Miss Picketing Dr. Beajaala C. Willis aaBuptrlateadtnt during the annual COBaeaceaent mad study begins oa the congress. tultsral recreational

lours. At the of Schools convocation of first day of the prograa.Tht programs, ..h... ..
Social Group Methodist Dr. edge-
opening of school, there CHCSTBt: paThirteenEpiscopal here, the NAACP hat 'notre Ore smeary the program IB under A $ musical prograia.ttasia.eseareieia .

were 1100 white atadtata AfLA3TlC an"(NI'I)_. eltrgyata called for a series 0'JlltraUolII honoree was A-P.Tvreaud, the direction of Dr. .aa it a bard nimbi ef of flirts'klan thecturah's te the

aid only ont Negro" hltaty H. .JOUII", jt joined la mans picketingat '.-: ,Includinga 'who delivered the atin Joseph H. Taylor, acting beeches, sot tail sad'letaeejaalattd
Social Concerns.Bhtaadktr
the NAACP charitd. executive director MS* the Chtsttr Redevelopment two-day boycott of the address at the Catholic den of iBitruotloa husband fcours" are

"It Is oar considered tloaal ortaa League,last Authority over aa schools InatltutloB for the NIP' among those epportaai*
urban rtaewsiplaa which, rltt lift U New York
opinion that grsvsrdCoaaty week was Based president plans for the protest traUlag of priests for ties
is not actlti Ini elect of the rutloislCcaftreaee according to Cheater mil were announced by Sydney _the cbarch.! ca tI.

i coapllaact with the 1M4 ea social Chalraaa Donald Jackson, C. Plnlty, NAACP field

Civil Rights Act Mr ,el fart. wo aid force over 4.000 director The prottst

dots the County fslly IOu,'. election cane displaced .Negroes to has been endorsed by 7Seoaasnlty I
Laws the city The dt* orisaiBttloasla
intend to comply daring at the eltstag general
*ht IIIVII te.... te are session of the ncsrat2nd smstr.tioseastbe firstby the city. lie NAACP
therefore rsauestlag aaiaveetlgsUoa usual forsa MS a aetlyforaed CORK protest will also have

and that will bt pre.ide.t-el..t group here.Fol tie active support af
federal panda. withheld. for 19en-1T. lowing aaeetlag with the Coswasity Coordinating -

{.at 11 Us Co..t, ,School A leader ta the strut It John ntlerald.irector Cowacll a group .
board clearly eiklhlts of Negro cl u.... for of the Chester Retfevtlopsieat of 29 local civil rights

to all the Cltlsens that equal rights, ressg.foraerly Atthority Rev. groups -
they do Uttod to eoa-' deaf of the tayUa tier lt 4er of The NAACP sad ether Pflcif Good QUANTITY
,1,.II tbe letter stated. Atlanta rjalvtrttty the chru...' cos tiniest civil rights orgaalga
School of Social tort ., said: "it art sot tloas have protested Dr Thru Saturday RIGHTS RESERVED

helped plan the 111) picketing against hlaperaosally. tills retention ....

larch oa wasBlagtoB Nt .Rather wt are e.... of his coatUsed VEGETOLE
fH 11 ftl em I" I also was oat of the sspptrtlag the CORE Inaction m the ,robl..

CUM. aMT HUTt Wl architects of Us entreat chapter la its dtaaad af de facto school teg-

Went H 1 Knurlxr.e tar oa Poverty.la for aort specific flans retstloa.
addition to his for the rtltcatloa of T o boycotts protesting SHORTENING 39C

pesltios since oct 'l. the ..urt.tr1 ea." his feqsrttttakt positive
s 1111 with tat National Dada tat arbaa renewal adios have already 31 IIS.H .

or'.. League, young plan. kaowa as the water been haltFinley ..
Inl S5.. NIK nil IIKI UNI? i rum
serves U a neater of fret Industrial project stated that plans
tbt National Advisory as entire negro si M area were be 1st .... for five
council Office of Koo would bt raged sad replaced days of streseoss preteen MAXWELL HOUSE INSTANTCOFFEE
aerie OPPortssity and by new hoses rata 'activity and that a

the Nstloaal Ooswlssioaoa till bt beyond. tat price twfdajr school boycott

T.claolovA.tosatioe range of the prtttat. weald bt held oa Jwae 10 mm t rum
sad tooaoale Prtgress Negro residents. and 11. 99
nil inn
mi IS.M 1I.1l J1I


BEARDWITNKl1T CHEER 2 49C 'IlUlny ,ull.i i <:

sou i ,' 49

A RAZOR. Mill'nil IU FLOUR i m.

1111 SS.Nt 111I1


INitAlt I.n ACRE IUlilf

ODORS! PEAS 5 m $1 TISSUE 11I11 29"

r..,,. ....... .. ..e, Se ,.& _
.. ..,-...\ -......
....... 11.. ..... ... ......

.....--10-w ...... I.t .... I I Ir $1
Imo .:.... .. ...... OKRA 5
.... b.s.......M.., '- & TOMATOES m
...e ,soh .....-..t.tgI..ti
.. .he.. we bese.ee .
.... .... ..... ..... trF
u.. Yrh.p
I.w!..(_*.! WH01ESUH

,M._._..,.r-. LEMONADE 1 0 I u. $1 1 1FLA.




I .. .. II. 29C

I ,


II. 2 9 C RlrQi/lMrS1EAlI/ u. 8SefU

.'-'c.t ......,... ........., IT" .
t.-ft.1f .'r'it...,...... ?teat.awl ..,I'H'I'.f!
...... ..= .... .. 41 ........, ..- .. .... ....,.....- lIP

reel.... w II ggadtY m. .-..- -- -._.-... __ .......a ___--._a.. eo-

IPA met Bed .... (get*
...... .... TOMATOES C I 1SC

._L."uLUIWI tnuau R521 L III JUut (I IDS!


., .... ,. .

), )r ., I t

,, .' t,

.. ,i.Tr

'.,".. t" _. -, .
L- -- : N. .i.-- --- -----

First Lady Is Guest Speaker Freshman-Level Classes Set Capital Citians Host National OfficialiU

.. _._
'f' 1 For Fall At Miami-Dade I

I. Plans) for Mianl-Dade Junior college to open a Miami

Beach Center offering freshman-level courses

st the beginning of the Fal 1 Term, August 30, were

revealed this week bl M-fUC President peter Maslko,
J r, ......................
Arrangements! have been uled during daytime and

completed for classroom evening hours, with non-

facilities at Ida M. credit (continuing education 4k

FisherJunlorHlgh school ) courses to bt

1420 Drexel Ave he limited tp evening hours.
Most courses requiredfor
said. freshmen enrolled In p
L.W. Henderson direc- 4 Trl
v tor of the Division of the college's re-pro- k -
fesslonal transfer
Community Services atMiamiDade
gran leading to the Associate .
has been
i'1 named to administer( the In Arts degree I
will be offered at the
new operation.This
\ \ \" will be the third Beach.

,uJJl'\ ) center for the tut..row-I.,. Any course requiring ,,..

NATIONAL HOSPITAL\ WEF1MraPearJ< tore (seated, second from left) wife of President lag college.which reached laboratory: facilities rVMU NAC IIgBIM, !: AND FRIWDV-Manbers and friends of tie Tallahassee chapter
or specialized equipment -
George W. Gore Jr. of Florida Mil University, was the guest speaker at an enrollment of 13, of the National Association of College women, many of who are connected with
will continue to beheld
Griffin' Junior tyltfi School during National Hospital week, observed by the staff 500 during the past :year. Florida A&M University, feted Mrs. Lillian McDanlels, fchnond, N.C. national
only at North Can-
of tile Florida ASM University Hospital recently.Mrs. Ore Is very active In the In addition to a 215 president, N4CW' at a reception during her recent visit to Tallahassee Hiown
activities of tjie) F.AHU Hospital! as a Gray Lady. She holds services for the pa- acre campus at 11380 N* pus.
prospective Mism1 -Dads here, seated, left to right: are Mrs. Vivian Brooks, ,Nrs Bernyce clausell.Mrs. .
dents in the hospital each Tuesday Here with Mrs Gore are Mrs. Fdwlna:: Martin 27th Ave. In Miami, a .
freshmen who are residents Lucille Itlline, Mrs. Lillian Canlls.. Miss w. Blanche Cavia. Mrs Oc-
teacher at orl mm Mrs. Cure, Mrs. Grayce .fimlth, director of nursing temporary South Dade Center
of the Beach area tsvia "berts, Mrs. Lettie Golden. tan ding left to right, are Mrs. MllllcentHollfitld
FAMU HllpUal.and MrsMildrert Avery, FAMU Hospital Itattnurae, tandinl, Misses Is being opened this
may attend either Beach Miss Thelna Sheppard, Mrs. Balrbar.Oa18, Mrs. Rosa Johnson, Mrs.
Braida Orlce Juanita Purl! and Joan Adams all Griffin students. summer at Palmetto High
renter:: or North Center, Laurent Mines, Mrs carrie rUnt, Mrs. Dorothy wells, Mrs. Yes tell a Anderson -
-School pending completion
Lauderdale of permanent South as they prefer, Dr. Ma- Mrs. Lmle Pan ford. Mrs. Bertha Black, Mrs. Maria Kilpatrlck sad Mrs
slko said. tithes tare.NAACP .
Miami Beach ShortsFew campus facilities at SW for the
To Host Club 104th St. and 112th Ave. Applications

Women' Confab Bone 350 full-time Reach will be acceptedin Branches Capitol Citians Leaders Meet
people remember! but Carl Fisher, father of freshman students are expected the order received

Miami Beach, also built near here the fastest automobile FORT LAUDERDALEThe57th to enroll tor the until the Center capacity Plan Bus TravelTo Touring Europe With Official l

racing track in the world.Tie one and a Anniversary of the Beach Center's Inaugural has been reach-

quarter mile oval's speedway bed was of two by Florida Association of term, according to present ed. Later applicantswill Nat al! Confab TALLAHASSEEBev From U. S. Dept.
eights 1 laid on edge and was no sharply banked an Io ens Clubs will be Dr. assigned to North erly A, ",11 and. accoapanied -
automobile.had to be making 100 miles an hour to observed when state club Campus TNoIPA-Branches of NAACPin by her aothtr. TALL All ASdLk: :' Meeting

stay on the turns only one race, of 300 miles, women meet in this'Vent. Maslko said. He wiphaslzwJ that students Florida are completing Mrs Della L. ,Neylaad. with 33 county "up rls-
Both credit and noncredit
was run on the track, Feb. 22, 1926. The winner .. of the South June at the Reach will plans for their entrance left Tallahassee last indents recently Rich
averaged! 129 miles an hour in a [Dusenberg, breakIng lit.23. Hosts for the convention courses will) be have the opportunity to into Denver for the 56th week enroute>>\ to Paris and C. Day a amber of,
available also for part- U U & Cboaussluner of
all records then in existence The speedwaywas will be the participate In all Miami- Annual Convention of Prance where they will > '
time students. Credit Education's staff told
damaged in the 1929 hurricane and a year or Northwest Federated, and Dade student activities. NAACP bo vacationing for the
courses will be schedA his listeners the civil I
nut two weeks After
two later, destroyed by fire. the Venus Clubs'"Isplemented
............ our Economic pair of clean woite Ex-Rattlers Ink Pacts stopping overlnNtw York rights law is concerned I

Charles It.Ollr, son of the first "barefoot wall-. and Education Responsibilities gloves makes a wo.an- 'nty for acoupleof days, with desegregation, not

man" of the Florida Cast;: Coast, still is living through of any age from 3 on up- the leyiands will take Integration._

near Miami Beach. The 90-:yeur-old pioneer rmem-- Community Action" is the feel like. a lady and the Babena! Mlilna world SMIU !

ben when he offered to trade five acres.In what thesis chosen for the therefore; look like, a ft Airline.tolruseels, and P.ust-Dnrue. lee ltt.liMlvn

Is now almost' downto n'Miami for a mule, and the- meeting and an" Interesting lady. So! ,. whether your P go froa there by caravanto | | \>UI Mil (..f .tart
.. .. ....... ..
owner of the mule refused oxar was born on the series of activitieshave white gloves are 1 leatheror Paris l ..11.. <" t end l'e ?"

shores of Biscayne Bay !in 1875. been planned to emphasize fabric, do suds them In parts, they will Uun Do."....'ft,.G.-\.ra.1e.....'I\\'UI..,.-,1I..t
the thene out .'ht',11I" wearing live at the Astor Hotel v,,old ym like l<< h..,r U.HIiff I
I .n arm .of a k. .* "I>,,1 t


Oh That Young Blood Feeling !

fl!T TEACHINO POS77--Frnie Hart (seated, left) of

11 wl and K4J1 Williams of Dan la have been assigned

I NUMBERS AND WIN teaching positions st Rochelle High School ... Oh! That Young Blood Feeling!

In lakeland. Hart, who will teach health and physical r- a
'lucatlon. played quarterback far the Millers

flllitms played tack). and will teach bio- I hll5': 1 \

lop, watching Hart and William* fill out applications __ .!) @ TONICS

art halfback Clarence Chllds of pie New York S ViUmin enrkhtd LIQUID or TAHU7TH
$$1 1 260 IN CASH Giants, Coach Jake GalUier of the Rattlers, and J.

H. Taylor, principal of Rochelle High School, [IRON/VITAMINS FEEL GOOD AGAIN FASTI i

Symphony Orchestra To Feature

ON WAME-1260 10 "Pops" Concerts Series WMBMSpotlight

MIAMI KAOU-4: series ot 10 cp." concerts by Product 01 The Week

the Miami Read ywpbony Orchestra will be opened

20. continuing through ems 32. Miami, Florida
ON YOUR RADIOS June: ......................
Baaey' 'pear will b* work shoe hers lost

I guest conductor for the wlater sad will do a*

inltltl progru.tnlch- .,atl nest series will

... will feature selections' be oa the poAsa Aug. 13.

fro. all-tlae favorite Bsraett Ireeakls, coa-

I WIN $1,260 Broadway .sepal s. withEugono due tor of u. local or-

Da.aker. pianist, che tra will have Die

Aeisnder] Prilstchl.vio baton on other "_IJIII.

\ / linist LoB Noraan troa- The summer ''>>Of.'' a-

boalst as soloists The rise has been a we]].at- --

'Pet,a" chorale also tended fiitsre her for

will bo heard soy years, providing a

WIN $1,260 Most other guest conductor chang fro ace meals

during the sua- sad eatertalsawat of*
., see will be Canes Dragon ferwdry the alI dsba.All 1IS.
of till Hollywood seats are reservedand
.,: e..M. r'.r c
V. $ Bowl aynp'nonyLeooard rang la price tree rd.,. 5. .eq..
to raor and Harold Qlch. 11.21 to tJ at the tables. :== K.
...-.<.: -:- ::.-. :;.w.L ...
Jackie 01.".vin broadcasts 4 full table a ayb
"' ::-: "w-t ... .. .. "" ...-
; WIN $1,260CASH tie popular net- reserved for 134. r vs-''scan'' ,res. w.+.w.e
.- .... -- com
i Proclaims Youth --==- AWAY .P 1W
... .
..' .- .5
: Mmes Guru :.w CUy
: < i Month 5.s r -- ffgg&HSriT. -
:; Opportunity '
.....,. rtrS
";" I' S TALLVUS&tX As arvsult. N.'irltesli.t.' : ; : .= S? ..
M>tor la all attain *f i| t"-e. inn
'.. of having proclalned the n'.s -
life:&.8", MrrtM. ...a- -. ...W. nWur. Mil .
of .. TMth w Te *** .
oath JU' ?
; &M. = !
as-.. sietse e, et.. UttMia :: tisi
wportanlty t7 "Month "Oov
Mrea. Len Lack w .n e'.M'v sea.... w
Hay don Burns annoanredMoadar .w M to e.e.. FtS : --,
's..... 1M. is a* IM t* .se se ..reia1ma.4
? that 3. US auas rJeba ylre SCaLP
er*.ir l that she e.s* tat .. M ... ....
for Florida yoatbafrsnglnclnue >- 5 b W
iaest.d "1.... "\w Cy-w-:,= 5.Tr : : .
free II toll bale eon .w :;; Ott: :: ::: :

: >loara art available Tgts street pl..ealt"elSI( 5wteti= .. _. ... ....y ........ .t'.
office Ages C 5.5. ...ll 10 p.a. '':w..rU :=. L..r:-- =
: The governrn tally s .....,. 1...t" laM 5.-ec 't' eo..t.4, R ..a --= c- e ':.n.+ .+ t..
..414 that its jabs sill 5. 1w5. ...e .... _w.M.. ... r W. Taw
t. c aar r.u.e
.| |. na. 011- wtslt ......
nalntalaancoorh P
WAME DIAL1260 = .= s ., ..
lid 'U Pee .e
seas OLOtl ,r--;.
OB state laa.., firs -.con --- ---r-.
I prete 4loai sad custodial feel the Clrt.,..., oYt.a'- hoe -=:::.":'.:c;: ... 1
eoea t.J schools, fMlt frH tltt ,.l. Mill ._... r a 5..r M f,-a, e.tY,. U, w. '..0JaCSg. /
.. .. J 2bsj .

, .


., -.--..-- .- .- .. ,, _'_M' '-. 'n ... ..

I I. ; .1.1I

SATURDAY JUNE 12.186S STU mils f'm 3I .

I Florida A&M To Unwrap 21st Annual 3-Day Coaching Clinic Monday (

Clinicians Include Nation's Top Fishing Tips-end QuipsINSTANT Johnson YMCA Fish Commission
Grid Cage Mentors School Pilots PRIVACY: For privacy when sleeping in your Annual Day Camp ,

TALLAHASSEE--Sont 200 college and high school station wagon cover the window with a white baaed Begins June 1 14
coaches are expected to attend the 2lst annual window cleanser. Wipe off la tho morning, and you Replaces Outmoded Equipment
Florida A&M Coaching Clinic here on the Mil e_. get privacy all night clean windows all day.MINNOW The johnsoa Branch YMCA
pus Mondajr: through Thursday (June 1417). CATCHER To sake a good alnnow catcher re will open its third &nasal -
................... woes the cloth fro. an old umbrella end cover withmosquito outdoor Basketball
Registration will begin of Purdu. Bill Peterson netting. Then Just drag tile umbrella Touraaaent on Wednesday

Monday: morning st a:00. of Florida State, through the water. June 1$.
and PAMD's Pres dent..Dt. and Jim Willises of Blake GOING' Don: The tab froa a new tab-top beer can All gases will played

George S. High School: Tampa Fla,. .ay. be used to put a go-deep Up on a fishing lure, oa Mondays Wednesdays,
Gore; Jr." Assistant coaches areDon and .., be adjusted to any angle and Fridays between 6 J Y
se heduledw Fuoss of Purdue.Tony EASIER ROWING: To save wear and tear on hands, and I p...
brln. Mason of Michigan Gene place tall, split section of a bicycle tire oa The new rules In regards -

I reelings Rllenson of Florida and the grip of boat oar. Thla gives you a such BO refria to the auaaerleagues
to the Ken Donahue of Alabana. grip and coa fort able hold. 'The tread froa a are: All toaaa
group a t[ 1 Coach Adolph Bupp of bicycle handle also gives a good grip. oat be ualforaed; and
9 30. The! Kentucky .111 be the GUIDE CHECK;: Pop a lot of lures ben castlagTCsuse they most submit a rosterto
first lee- [DUHVE clinician for basket probably Is a rough line guide that must be re the YMCA'a prograa
turf la slated to begin ball. Cbach Rupp Is the placed. To find it. pull a piece of nylon Blocking departaent upon enteringthe
at 9:50.The : wlnnlngest active coachin through the guides. If you get a pull that's league.
coaching school la basketball. the bad onel Registration for the LAKE CITY- Fishermen and boaters using the waters la northeast Florida this

divided Into two sections All sessions of the CLEAN SULLED: To remove cooked00 grime fro. a surer league .., be suaaer will find wildlife officers of the Gate and Freah later Fish CosMlaalon

one for toot ball clinic .111 be held In skillet turn It upside down over a died-( en campfire .ade by calling or atop- patrolling with a variety of new boats and motors, according to Regional Manster -
and the other for basketball the &1 r.m 1141 tOIIed New or live coals. The dirt wiol pop off leavingthe plat by the Johnson Rrmtlev.- too toon.- .............................

football will be GjMiaslus on theAaM CMS- pan as smooth aa new.Channel Branch YMCA. 5700 Cleveland Thirteen boats ana motors eoilpment to our eilat water patrol not only

conducted Monday through pun. Boed.Teaais have recently been lag fleet elll greatly enforce the fishing,

Wednesday. and basketball Kittles1 Yeans are urged to purchased to I't1PI ace mm Increase our water ps- boating, and hunting
.111 run all day Thurs Rattlers' Cat register early because and outdated equipment trot activity<< and the laws, but are there to
d..,.. Rated Tops play will be Halted tot In the region. The equlpment variety of sliee and assist anyone who. Bay be
Head coaches serving on Season Stocked II teems ranges from ijf horsepower will make It la trouble, Ooo>> n stated.

the 'U faculty.111 be !ii Baseball aluminum boats with 18 possible to adequately They: are also often
Tickets ReadyTALLAHAOSUSeason 6 Lakes
Albany's RaMS hp kickers, up to is patrol all eaters from celled upon to use

LAKE C1TY "A total of In.300 fiberglass speedsters the smallest streams to their boats and their
tickets for the Florida chaaasl catfish Honored At powered" with 100 bp mo the largest takes end knowledge of the waters

AtM University Rattlers' have been stocked In alt I tors. rivers," Ooodaon said, for search and rescue
boas football.... will lakes of northeast j Sports Fate The addition of this "wildlife officers oa alaalons.'

"'' be sold for 111.00 this Florida by the Game and I
fall The Rattlers play Fresh later Fish COB- ALBANY' Ga. -he annual Banks Gets Florida Placed Barns Bans
.. sports Banquet was held
four gaaea at home this alssloa to provide I +N R
Dear additional sports fish is the College Dining S.C. State 14th In Fishing Oatdoer Fires
Hall at
FUOSS Albany state
ELLEKSM: Coach Jake Gait announced for the ever-Iacreaaisg
Bump Elliott of Michi that orders for number of fishermen, according 'eoU.... Albany 0*. Grid Post License Sales In PolkTALLAIASSX'A

Ian Dsrrell Royal of season tsckets are BOW to ....10..1lIu..r The champioaahlp Baas
total of
TILE, jack Moll enkopf being taken.Pool's Braatley Good- basketball team which By prolongeddrought
701.U2 persons purchased
won the conference cha< OXAMntna. (Special)
son flatting and hunting 11* IB polk county
"An assistant coach at
ScheduledThe :
Opening Plosship. the SouthEastern
Bias pond and Lowry
has caused Guvernor hurts
censes In Florida during
Athletic Grumbling Col 1.. who has
Board of MMiag<*"*)t of the Janes' ,el don Johnson Lake la day Couaty received ChamPtoashlp 1064 to place 4th la a to declareIt unlawful
moved confidently ahead
Branca YwCA end the Metropolitan .Board of Directors .',gOO aDd 8,000 and the first nationwide survey offisherman for any person to set
has announced the grand opening prograaof catfish respectively! COACH UTTUESTAUJUUSSXXCoech' round of the National since graduating froa with 10., '.' any type of out duo r fire

the ....aranda Seimmlng Pool for 5wtd..,.. June Neenaa'a Lake la Alechaa Coat Assoclstloa of intercol- Kansas State University licensed fishermen aid la the area Including
19. at 6:00: P... County, 9.000: Governor Klttlea, the head base legists Athletics Touroa- Is the new head football 94th In the busters aur camp fires, trash. saris
Members, friends and supporters hate been invitedto Hill LtkolBDiile County ball coach of the Florida meat la At1ut..0.- was coach at south Carolina vi, with. 117.40. II and boaflrea.
the opening. ft,000; Lake Francis laMsdlsoa AIM University JUttlera* presented lettersladl State Orangfburg censed hunters.In The emergency .......
This will officially begin the "T'' summer pro- Couaty, 2.$00; baseball use, la oao of vldsal trophies. and Oree Bank, a defen ceaaeattag on the ease IB a proclamation
grew with a Seven Seek Day Camp Program and aid wsterteea lake IB the Boat successful baseball jackets by Coach Hubert slve specialist' woo de report 1ssuedbyth.U.S. from the Governor's of*
Swimming Program for Youth and Adult members. Columbia County, ft.000. coaches IB the salty aended the sharpest kind Fish and Wildlife ser flee late yesterday at
couatry, IB five years Coach: 0. f. 0* .Heal pro- of coordination betweenIlaeaen ,ae., 0. E. rr|.. eiecu the request of Folk
Reed Memoriilleigue Pacesetters aa Bead coach Be .ha seated letters to the Itn.-bacll.r. tire director, Case and Couaty Coaaiasloatra,
football Base and In his tea
and the secondary
woe five SotUern inter Fresh Water Fish Coa. tie polk Coaaty sker*
., 't..'Ib.: < '!Ii" .
JlSt ; .
Albany state traQ... seasons with the Tigers
gp.. f t1" r collegiate Ataletls Coafereace .alssloo said the auaber. if fa office and the
r t : title and .has The trophies presentedthe was hired this week .
/ of licences sold Is laflneaeed Florida Board of Forestry *
;I .
SIMOMD.JOfl.S0lI.fBALL ;* basketball tea were Basks rates special
+ beea ellglbio for play. severalfactors.lacludtsi ,
,' by
.. .
r'\,. ; P/\RK, : h offs eacai U..: *" the lift of a creep of plaudits Coach Eddie weather While the directive applied
FAMVa cured season loyal fans wader the Robiam who credits his
oosdltloaa aad the to polk, all of
C-- I S34U7H.CMI y aark U e... and four ohalrateshlp B.M. with 'taking the entire relative abeadaace of smith Florida la dry aid
loses them the Davie of Albany5eahers Oraabllng squid defen*
JlSlt gave IUD game and fish, Boat other critical areas la.
r aid filstrlst 1 of thoMstloaal / at the event ci.. conscious.." elide Collier and
states require sportsmen part
elI ll(1 Acting Robinson added bIt the
Aseoclatloa of were: presided'b.M. to purchase spearate II* of aearby MilleboroeghCouaty
Isteroolleglato Athlet Slaaeaa. Dean of new gout: Caroline state .
ceases, stamps, peratts
lea champ toi ski pa and a .h..h. J. C. Reese, men tor"" an inspire or tau for hunting cad Btate Forester C. N.Coslter .
raaklag of lath president of the Itad..,
amass tioa to ,ou.. players. different klads of fish* said nil aura
all 11, A. I"". A. baseball Body Oeeltt Bather Ne has poised self assurance lag. sit states require lag that eeadltloas are

teaaa.littles. caalraaa of the Athletic and will be difficult llceases to fish. la salt eerie ui and 31 suck fires
to aaeaaer af Const t"'. C.I. Duasoa.Basketball to replace." ester, are bvralag at the present -
the SI AC Baseball Com- Coach Robert
Before JotalsiUte oreab Frye said stating and u. larch Gbuaty
altteo and the AwardsCommltUeef Saucy football sad Hag staff, Banks spenta
flahlig lo big bvstaess ,
the M.A.I, A. tree Coach O. t. 0'"eel, successful) apprentice.hip -
MO la aatlve of .Jwhmoavllle and Sports Pvbllcity" Wreeter at Co>>shoe a Jsnlor Devil Softball League

aad a graduate 0. II. Brew who toilets "' .r.b. develop*
of Florida AIM Dal'.,. served as Uamtaesterhitciiiif. ed ImasUireplsyersmure Moadsy, .Jsse 14.........'rvtrlto *. playbeysTuesday
r olty | June ||*>*......Boys' Me va .MvstMisfednesdsy
sad really.Ienkswill .
M received the easier, linnet.T4JLMAMI y t.placefbach Jsae 14..........Mustangs ve Srotrlte
Juae ........ .
of otleaoo degree IB 140 hilt! who realised 1MIJa.r. 17 Bore Nome ve OnldflsgeraFriday
health sad physical" edaeatloa .The Morris rge Ju .............GnldfleiereveMieteip
IOU KORm:' Little Leaders of the .....tt C. teed lI.ort.1.JI Leagee aa Blown college Bolvertseset earlier after one of theWit All
true Ohio BtateOBlvsrslty. sueeeesful tenuresla games stayed ON Parental !frxse Maw4>> at 730;
of 'Taeadeyjomped late aa early tV game lead by oorplsg their first four gam* lie other A tJ ut.. 0s. will be ,...
berft of a J.... BMwa! tub their epos so r. Mania Gaaeoa. tte Us kent their _u. iBCladethoteaca. fee Roaieaoalag" oppomeataf the history of ,path
early elate eJ... Unwg Uebsttlsg. power of etlekema<< Johmay Broea and ltU.Ime iM of health asd pay. si. tho Plena ABM cal. Caro/lea/ M....

piss effective mend chores by ,UQr. Y .ay lentos. 2... Bldiey s.all.. sal edecatloa. .. aa assletaat terslty Bottlers. The
1-0. sad Jcav Iron, I-0i. Willie Bemtoa la the teara s.+eger. tan_ Bryant aid grid contest will be
sad David shields C1ty 1II.ta.t of Recreatloa staffers, ere UeUegaeo. dl* servlag professor end each of Played) at 9:00: fea.Oe* Witch This Clown
Ceetorm.The. tober II la Bragg start
the football teaa. M
Ij1 .- I 24 131 -

5JosJiProofantt trtth f" CorrrtMM Clad I StandingsEnnill 4- 23-44

cake awes Ve .rttimn t. t. .g I
if U f e*- fcS> tW
: Reed Henoriilliigieto 3 1
ttetur fete dry Sf !*.'
m*...tif-t,....<. plaelhe ,.atretettere J
Thee .ll, ever e I. Pet. .B 5 2IIC
triii ? *M. vita el.euU > l* y tonerCarver 1.000 Which was
UM Mt ** eama.Afwr .
a* *
n 2JHU5J
I I ..70B9 -
ewe MHM. taw tree 1I
,.'.., eretettere Heelbe. ll4er Park I I 18th century England'sfavouritc
..en..... ed wits cap er d.e..pnt Joe /mmeaObcaCola 2 J .100 3ewe.
V a- rr..ip./ ds.L T i.r .004 ....u... *..' I fpoaetlaea :
ewe be 1.14.4 eel .snl.d s pastime
.... ..' D.. ..
P =:.rwa... '_ s.. fe. handy Jeae |p.**.**.*>*Ca..-C.Ie re Joe J erneste4aee4ay Be s44s sestrseis.Me .
a Jtae |..-..-..*|>..Br lever vs CarverTkwrsdsy eerie it ell ar.e.4OMIM Rugby or Gordon's ?
.. .....
Jose |7 Cecs-Cele ve Carver
.se....*. .. .. ATTBACTJCM<
All genes played at *lees4-Jehss. ... 40: ....
33 74 3? Spoftirtf. Cto.I.hro.nbrrt; pUyeJ Rubvtovn4

................ 1170. Which "means &H don shad

MUM Days < 1M ft;..WioHKlf i hr over a ceriyryStive
|7A9, 10M pre<>...
a ; Are Numbered I jn H Mr,Gnrdrni midi rl'TM
'.es. a Pels ere see hie ..r '''IMr''h. My-
*ere4..' Health a4 Per. dry dec'rv.ry Tht, ..
tsar Cam Be fears siteD .h..'. .cN En !and's

latest Mei's Hair Styles lace yew r ..sth, Be b'Uf" tetirr, Not to rSuflttnri
a A"nu A.J y
p Le<<*y CeUre Ba \.
sH the. reef of iKe faiwlaviaf S
>.4 U 04 fer leer
Are Taught At The ..,._. *... ,.? wowed' Neil i'':; h'


JacksonvilleBarber Pill to tke bleak ..I.. Every b.! a* ......AU.. e
h+4 asll U ZSCI4C. pest ink .. k.&by. Ben not '
office sol ||7I. Jsckes* eo .....".."' .. iitlPi

College Inc. tilt t funds

........... .............."1 1I

630 DAVIS STREET I 1TIIZ1'....................
-..,a................--m- wlew MM "'a ,0M 11

JjClSlltUIl Harts laB fJI p04. ... ..


,. .,. -", ,".' ,.

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Seeks U. s. Probe Miami. To Hold LBJContinued Pimpernel !axon ParticipatesIn Edward Waters College EmbarksOn

(Continued from page I) (Continued from page 1) (c from pate 1)) AF Exercise Prodigious Sports Program

dent In formerly all June 22, to be followedby nation" DAPPYNITION' fellow who stands HOMESTEAD: .Alrman Third'
: A statesman Is
whit schools. Our branches the Florida Night To further elaborate h cited on upright..due to pressure from both sides Class user T. Anderson With Signing Of E. J. ((Ox) Clemons y
this ,
Banquet at the City ofMl..1 point son of Mrs. Vera C. Anderson :
are being instructed GOSSIP MILLS were working overtime ell. last week,
figures shwing that the
front park of 3418 N. DavisSt. By ALtO L VISE:
this Bay
to protest action starting June 3, when the dally press reported a
to the Oovernment. Auditorium.All rate of unemployment for local Jacksonville, recently E.J. (Ox) clemon. the personable Texan whoa
teacher4 being Involved In an auto accident
Negroes it twice u high participated in guiding genius orbited Edward waters Colleges
It further proves, that general sessions .. and by then that topic had run its coureeIn
the compliance toru.ub- will be In the Florida M that for whites; that school lounge Exercise Great Effort, a grid juggernauts into national prominence in the
conversatlonthe longer pickedup
Bitted art nothing more Room of the McAllister during a period when the another U. S. Air Fore operation early )0s, has retuned to the scene of past trlmsnhstoerve
one. This Oat deal with an Incidentoutside
Blvd number of whit fulllM conducted under simulated as athletic director-football coach.
Hotle, 10 Biscayne
than. paper affirmations living In poverty had the Edgewood Lounge Involving the lawyerand nuclear attack ecndltlons Clemon guided Edward ............... .......
that an based on changesside decreased cent, hi* mat*, but It didn't hit the official re-
21 at of
per Homestead APS. opportunity playing
W.atr( into the nation's
to evade the Civil cords. Thanks'
Bishop Hatcher colored families living be. Airman Anderson is an grid spotlight from 1929 under one of the finest
Right Law. In poverty decreased FATHER ABRAHAM'S" sudden departure Is the subjectof air policeman at Homestead through -33 during whichtime considerate and dedicated

"As thai investigations (Continued from page 1) only three per cent. much speculation insiders are asking whether which support the hi teem leader*who have ever>
ran roughshod *
are completed, we H* laid the Infant so- It's true or not that he was grazed with a bulletIn Strategic Air Command supervised the training
will ask for full restudies ber of the NAACP. the license over hapl eaa.opposition.
rainy rate among nonwhite plate section of his anatomy,treat mission of keeping the of the nation youth.iriT'.
by the Pepartaent The icetlng 1* a part la BO per cent ed sad advised to exit until It cools. nation intercontinental :

of H.al thEducaUon, and of the NAACP's statewide greater than for whit KW' KNIGHT and bit TV assistant, Theresa' Mackeyare missiles and jet bothers' Wednesday afternoon

vet fare In addition, our effort to prepare for Its and the Isolation of taking turns at firewater. Shortly after ''T' on constant alert, while reminiscing over :

lawyers have Indicatedthat Summer voterreglstratlon Negroes from white comunitlet got out the Infirmary In went Ken with a saidtobe Great effort was designed the put records of his

It nay be necessaryto project. Bishop 1* Increasing heart attack, but some folk think the ole maestro to test the capability individual stars and ,
ask the U. S. Justice Hatcher Is a strong advocate rather than deereaalni. .. Just getting a.much needed rest .- which. If of Air Force units teeaa.b classed the Etc
backfield of
Department to Intervene of voter-registra- The nation chief executive -' true, would be good new for many who're wishing to perform their.h.lou Everett
effort to time and hu called on Armstrong, Larkin and
where pledged himselfto him jet recovery
daring conditions of Brook--a] rather ii iiDA01
evade and inhere compliance his District to urge Its correct this situation GOV.HAYDON BURNS! 1* being accused of overlooking 'radiation, fallout and v-I---
small in sit for that
forms have been embers to register and possible*, The Whit his Negro supporter and friends In Duval. Moat of other damages associatedwith
tl.*--.. the second
.ubal Ued." vote. House conference In the his appointments have gone to down state brotherswith a nuclear attack.
fastest h coached.
fall will be a part of the exception of Ernest Jackson who got an The airman la gradual ever
The grid mastermind left
-, this effort antipoverty position. Several group were urging of New stanton High
Bcholarsexperts, Negro, him to name a brother to the school board. School. rwc to rack up a string

leaders and various JAX LIQUOR dealer must be gritting their teeth of successes at Host
ThePerfect Lane, Morris Brown for ( CLOCKS
government officialswill when they see the crowd on Sunday at the playBill .
CORE CompilingData eyes new vistas
14 and
Link I be called upon to Drive-in In Callahan Just across the Duval years Jackson

prH participate.The County line on D.!. l..a reminder: those who prefer On HiringOf College, leading up to One Coach clemon gets
and title of his recent return to tae his on even-
Bitwiei You Ad theme to stay In Duval to drink Sunday niter will program
the conference,the President local CII IPU.. keel, local supporters
find the airport lounge open after 1 p... Sunday Negro WorkersCXNCXNUTI.OhloA
Year Piyslclii, : f. added, will be .and It'* so coooool.A When the coach at Ed- Will b* assured of witnessing -

"To Fulfill TheseRights NEW LABOR RELATIONS BOARD seem to have come Into plan ward waters left recently Etc and tome of

Among-objec- being...when the Troplcana-Enquire-Edgewood: chain drafted by CincinnatiCORC on a new assignment.President the sot outstanding

Mervon's Pharmacy tives be lilted: released some of its worker recently, come took for ator-by-tor .. B. Stewartand ;.teem in the nation

To help the American their grievance to a Mr. Fix-It who' supposed to count of minority group the athletic board yes, e* all feel most

Negro fulfill the rights wield a lot of Influence with the chain' manage employment, ended a deadlock went Into a huddle to fortunate Ox demon
Your Priscrlptioi Pkirnicy which after the longtime ment. negotiation with select tsuccMnor sou asa has*returned to the fold

of Injustice he 1* OX CLEMMONS, famed former Morris Brown coach,take downtown department remit of the presentwave and rightly so has the
2802 W. Edfiwood Are finally about to secure .tore The la quality
I over the coaching post at Edward Water since coach negotiations of approval beard paeeage top
I and, Cliff Paul took the lure to Texas Iouth.n...01 will had been la progress for from the colleges supporters football.

PO-54485 Also PO.5.1512 "To shatter forever find that Paul ham taken sldeof the best boys with two year. the selectionpf

"" not only the barriers of 111. .. but cheer up 01.ther" a lot of good boy She' plan calls upon the Coach demon to guide tell your neighbor

*\* I I law aqd public practice, left around town to develop, Cincinnati Huaaa Relations the team' destiny ha*

fill "Ita I but the walls which SOMEBODY, it seems 1* trying to queer a poverty Commission to met with highly favorable
""11 N"'II bound the condition of establish an ad hoe coaaltt consensus of opinion
|i post for urban League sec, Lewis Carter This
v any by the color of his ** including representatives Thus, players recruited
.ri.,4 week's JET quotes him talking about "crackers" lUll
of and
and violence, but Carter denies making the etatementa. COME from Florida, Georgia
of management addition and elsewhere will ban
JET editor art airsailingacopy of the
report. It was sent in br the Jacksonville 'In to member of th* Co- a one In a 1ifetlm

OUR OWN INSTANT fol'll''" .Wh.t won't mom folk do to prevent a brother alMion.Th .
ad boo ooulttM
from getting ahead.
will gather statistics

On all hiring. acd firing

TEAMIXoic Lily White Lodge Heads Prognm sine January 19IS and

.' will update its reports

211) Is PlanningTo each. month" explained

A ) [WITH 1 Attend Ceremony COU I... group's Stanley public Holt the re-

( SUGAR 3 oz. latloa director. <'rh*

Ia AND JLJ Lily Mite Lodge Wo. 317 r oommlttee alao will collect -
pN6S. Is sponsoring bus trans r k racial data oa npsrmdlag -
IEMON) portation to the dedlcatloo -, of esployees and

ceremony of the Lily alary increases." l
white Tempi Is Tups

SHOP AND ,SAVE MORE AIP STORE AT Sunday, June 27. Eiilitli Ricird

TAm..'3-Coach Kd-

FOR SUE ward F. Qglby, heal SeQRa
3000 W. 45th ST.
basketball coach at Florida -
782S 0." I :M Pt. Prat
MM Dnlveralty. ha
III FUAAOAIIONIZER Corner Let Lovely 4-.,. a career record of 307
MOM '''*'-111I" Llvlag ft*. MISS JO Ann* Mick 1* wins and II losses 0-

Bedroom. Doable Clara,.. general chairman of the gl esby became heed coach ati55

I w1.h-houee-storage M.later youth Day. program itoiday of the Rattler is 1150.! sM r
LONG 6NAINFancy '11 ter-Itoft 4 Heaternearlew at Friendly Baptist

( School om Bovtel Drive, Church. She wu assistedin SUP WANTEICh

Rice 5 SL:: 59CEXTRA me sure see. Call DAMP preparation of each
i Real Itateun. service program by cochairman ff..r .j*' .1&'. sad

PO hash Sandra D...- sits ear. Also _ose to

field live-ta. lake after Kay.IM .
>BlaniUBi 11.....,.*-43t|
or X9 ]7l.FH.

LEAN dmSeef 3 $1 Experienced.necretarjrTypist(Good in, SALE
u5. Diglish.Over 22 JTB. 'M Pore Statioe .r x I
legoa. .
Give all details M'IJN Mis.wt m.u ell ar.1 Brie rn mews
:lint oa* with uoo gettit.
Irlte: plO1er. P.O. .
"-- Rsrryil Fla. star, -
Box 1171Ja l.ria .. crlf a I if'IIKM _
\\2UJ mo E4.
FRESHLY MADE P01ASausage Ill YOU Malts
Yount>nmn. over 22.
driver's He.D end. :"N III wk..J*"* waltlaiWlekete I

3 us.89C able.Good Ref.Apply: |eat>B*. Assail, Persisted >...*. n. t, _

L Florida Star 2323 .lit pet Awe teetkary ItU It.._ ... hue. f%

Moncrief Rd. 'F! .'. IU0430.IERRICE: .


SALES no vas bas wilt or* Berneratleae glass .....",..a all...

Lamb Roast II.35C Bread New UgiMPaMable .f Aaerleaaa I. pair 1111.... wi.. reset

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JANE PARKER DELICIOUS hole make faster etltcaeewltkomt TOOTHACHE Call srs 3oInaagl /-M_. 1
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attache :
** Free

Apple Pies I IK-LI. 39 hose trial MI t. for =pr Lrw.Ir=:........r. IOKES FIR SALEPLCaADd.Z
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: wages{. Vaster Anders
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IMPERIAL SIIHIES ere*. till .h lr Satnl I ,... tl U* ,...

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till 4ellv .
Cor. Broad lAd Aaaltr Kl V21S9 ., .. .
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