Florida star

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117536 F20090413_AABLNL 00245.QC.jpg cc1ce63ffec82825c73065042da00e3afd27c77d100dff4a60fb6050b5a0193ba7b8bc24
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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200665datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date May 29, 1965dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006650740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
May 29, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:

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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
May 29, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
---w.-...-....- ------- ..,....- w-----.-.-*..-- .----.-- ----.-.---,.., 1
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\, I 1" ; .r., library I

HISTORY lfciY..ltr of. Florida
oil OF FkORIDA IBrtiE *
Oaiaatilla florid

"'1't.. I
-- -

lJix UStant J -l.M 1.l I.. '
: _', I. 'M W W w, "

* * *


_. _
0 II ....1e -"
****** Shows
I1a: Autopsy

I NAACP TO START PUSH 'ML Wall Before Stabbed Fire

An autopsy performed on

a la woaan an apartarat who leather fire lift

**** hire MandayBlant rtvtal
Pearson Hints
Fell In Alablma1'U1CALCS ad aha bad bee stabbed

sight tines and Homicide
Protest Moves

VOL 1S-Nl. 10 SATnDIY IDlE 5, IKS 15 CENTS Dtttetlvt Ihlttlniton Capt.. stated R. B<,

r r + To Open Pools ***
4 An all-out Tpta for '1 ardor and accldmtaldeath.

Solacing Pool at" aofa- "' ."
,t. fir, which tnftatliatora -
r coot. la bitch projtetti ***** hUnt east.
by tbs jacktoavlllo
started by gasot me,rat'
branch of the NAACP the
ttd an apartntnt at pit!
Florida Star baa laarntdlaaaaiclualft
lottrvltwwith NEWSBOY REPORTS f.at Btaftr 8U and rt-,.

branch prtaldtatRutltdtt suited In the death of

Pearaoa.pianos its occupant, Ross Lt*

stated that bass, SI, oho !leased

Mayor 11 tie, and the Rtcrtatloa till facility and Rufus

a reads aaktd btta t O Board ho ATTACK BY WHITESTimes dead Toaty wman.Dtttctlvtt, a .friend believe of that the

i seta data '. lousy stabbed the woaaii
\' AIa.--rlrlan Mlaoat. c'.ter. beapes and than set fire to thtapartamt

thi first Mnro to 1uatt froa for Dniftralty of leg for rtctlv-1 aid Unto Tragedy Ruled Murder, Accidental Death to cover up

AJabana, btrt. *ht Is MOwn atudlBi tj rtctlvt Gets alaylai but taa tripped
boartogdelepatloc a Newsboy
tilt coofrrto of Bachelor of Bel tee du"'S. ,r-- IF IB aid*.

CwwMrct.: nit to the larft slit of Ut iraduatlacelaaa Autopsy rtporta the
fro tboNAACT Broken Jaw k'
there waBiioptraaaal p'.nUe'ofdlplo. O B dtttetlvt lad, ahowtdMr

(UPI Telephoto) nil auJtct .. IT A.YKM C. EliAS .. Joata. bad oily 4per
iBCldtnt which bears ant carbon aonoildtla
.. aid cord la BOW
balai awaittd M to jaatbta a strong andtrcarrtat her ayataa rtftallai
White Man of racial ortrtcata oecwrtd she barely alive
Appointed this la to take sal
pi act. here early btdnta- TEs. han fire rant the rooa.

itb auMir. eoolac tn, day ural II sled ftetockly ''tlItJ.rlOort. shoe, had

Negro School Head aid lot steer already white Baa-- .. 49 Pr cent carbon .0-
for ao apparent rtaaoabataotftr
here, the aaflatahtdbvalatta seside la bit ayatta,
struck alS. r
of rtoptBlaitbt H A coo r din| to flrwatn,
POUT urns--atatiBi .a sell! aa iradta nil year old Negro forth, p
clt" taiballtaualclpal the tiploalva fore
that a Mtgro maa pita fall. 11IJh... Aaalaf rteultlac la the youth
awlaalag pools reached such trtvMdDwtfont
eipaj falltd to nit a ut SuptiiattadMt Ray beta ooaflatd for tr..t-
wall of thtapart
Cal tatt ao loaiar.Ptaraoa that B
grade oa tie National) Pottorotflweatlry seat la Duval Medical
dtclarodHow *tit vet Ion loose
Ttacbtra Kiaalaatloa dneatloa. and Bra Jua Ctnttr.ttroa .
tbat the ClfllRlchta Littleton of froa tile building.NtllbborB .
Jut aptclaltli *-11 11 ,,
year a alta h. tltvwtary Uflatbt blcbtatI la tht. vl| >
... | of tbt I." County supervisor, art lattr 124 Dtiloood It. told
of tIe land and luopened police ht MB .alkla| daily wtoftrt' acqualattd -
flcaool bard appotat' vltvlai Negro aad vblttttaebara
up public aceooo: tltb tba oowplt ttrcbtwlldtrtdey
north Putt *t. li the
.......U adrnet: ttacbtr > for post tioss datloaa of every sort to oa the '1..".
of the
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'1111.I.. that era nileinttsIn, to City h"p our Jackwwtlllt pool ** Its Md .,.,. Joata, la, boll of woa were laltlally believed to lore lost rlctlaa tf a Moa- 1'aan.r'rieers4'da.' |a.obaria.

Kltiabttb) Stallatortb dOled."'*''IIHI atattdVIda ptd.Krroa. day sight fire la a 111 *. leaver Bt, apartvtat, rcftaltd .,.. Joatt bad boas .
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la tbt L.. County the cttyowBtd bt Bddtd ".tlttOdObltt bt h. Ryroa said Corps Recruiting J

School yatt. for tilt 120 alllloa facility, lids oat la tbt as'.rdll.lu.atlos.tore
baa btrtptactd poa ttt youth sold 2 Receive Long-Term. Sentences
put 29 roots, qulttly dtttirtiattd its suburbs taro ectaa to ChargedIn
thou told bla'7o.' r. StiffsRatrwltlai J. 7
by Clarks facllltltt ,...4., aaUt pool, but the

Oadd. a ...n. aclMCt rwaalt of a ftdtrtl poortr private city kid, wbltt till aatutrl", For Local Robbery SeriesLong for thePo.es's I

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Rchool. J.I. to to for rtlltf if the stack bla la tile fact SlayingOf Una prison tones hers il..en to local rr ttldtat Jakaaoa'

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tvacfetr a ooaUalatomtract art oa a sos .111 aadoabttdly have Friend hy CrlRlnal Court Judge A, Lloyd Layton la Jackaoaflllt Juat Tat i

hl* ... Can t* racial basis tfftctlft trod blood oa their I..tin Cld to two 2ft . TlCA offices at 22ftlaat r

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Jail for boalcldtlaftttlictlta AI"I
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Learners qll LIT1L1'ftIII) Trtlalai till bt atdMliaattd
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silts. tttalltai pales armwpajttr rottt II robberies, fbllowlai O.L ..ua4rl...

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2 Graduate to Dun Radical caster Job rpt
''fft flltd last .,eta a< Negroes and aaaawlt to a CoafMtltatry.
... set acids M adwltloaatM
car ted
c prlvatt Oafla U.atttlaiI2S.
talaat tbt i#*, BartlaLatbtr ovrdtr owrlBi a too* 1100 .
| per .n. wblfb laSnob.
trwattd I Dr. lartlata.iioa.ta .
seat earner .
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From Ala. Colleges trala,
rights I....'. by Lt ttacatr ID .Ih'. Mid a Ornery |un
,.. ,
lie... abut rr' tall toad I.. ace or U tie
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loo lora City poltctnt UatJLOOCA. AI L..(!lIP". aoMctd lAst ba RM oc* ...... II to 29 tests I rt.. dA ||04 robbery tralaat tlabtr t* scud

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U Its b.ri.ala< tie arcblttctaral firs so said scout the otbtrala Jailed tlthowt load '-0.. b at u leda pent the

attta U9 aa fatal oat ''fl''''" la *4 (atlM 'f A, C. Oltll, tt I.Datl.It. the car wore ehlrta.Jtf rind I>4 1100 boipat faally. the ....,.....

irMtbtfCllllM'a last oMatr ofJAM laM wwwa .._ KIM Vlflaa ., IC o"ll laprttldtatofUt urOtTD MDOKIre. > Rttba. IM ftrtwa, 30, of :1:1AIDIIJ a liiiIIsa.srodLrby till ..,.b ."h..' sea
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Tests a fttll y#.tb.ly+arold d..rto at craJaatlMnl es. 1 a*11 tatt ., Artbltteta the youths sothor15 Bentley slat Do..I.1.I.b 3Si. trI011f ..,* 2-Hnlwup attttaiM the fires .....

.to ., tbt Calftntty watt ... adaltttd U lattrfttvtd by tbs miprtparlai .best'Ietire .f rtwrwltowal. rely rt<
Tit b. ala,Iag ran aadtttralatd eased
yo T2S .,.,1., ttrtttDutal .
ptrttdly 'r...... tbttulm of. AlabMA.aM'tie first.*/.ftyantt bla I- Cltawoa afttralMc roleuay,1)43.. lbsedsy .t,......to. the'as o+...., Dttt,tlfttl tale yt.r. .,.,. .l..4- ., lash at u.... Seas adoole cull ....of..ICo'HL.llr jMkawaflllt. ,
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has filed U RMUattMr r tat rot 1v.d ..,. flaaktd by 9. Mtftfarallitd .. catad Boat |0 silos asIA t/tan h... ooadsiN the Jtb corpa arttaratd

.+.r... talon .lllliatattka a bocbtUrof wctwac dtirtt aatltaalOaaMata At dletratfht seller .lip f jachaoaflllt M rail '",. pltalH Mllty I, ,,".' C.11t.o.| list III., till

it I alII'.. a. crBdaatlat wltb a .ICS they wtrttartlltd .aa .,...J, trylai ttee.ros. W.waylaa the feiltrlai. clsNe'1011ery vole will be bald dally Mt bo Twisted M 1Iiu..'
...,. .. .. Oren call that .f a I." .la.t rarer a4 OOU. .1. Rood o.It .. tbt abaci ., bwt.Mla< BMIot ,. j
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.u.... .f bttac IsfOwtl'sed *crtt la arcblttctarcat .M .." el alflct orCo. bet ass 'Ir" ap,., atrttsruorrervs atlM. Bartlty .,..... swstel .'taeets55PM.II ....,..., /tat II the hail three Matbc.AtpllcMta .
tb car Md clapptd btrOatUetd
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::1 --A L I : : : I timMimuiiHTHE l

nu PIPERS .u .? .


: ? 1 Au,. Loses Face
Published by the nortda Star Publishing 0>. V S .

.4i I t The failure of the St. Augustine power
ERIC 0. SIMPSON ..... ....HIM.iU Editor ,fF structure to get behind the candidacy of

UYSON E. WISE..""r lira. Rosalie GOrdon for the city coramls -

I sion may, turn out to be the final nail to-

DADA VOOTEN......... Circilitin Mniii .fr'1 be driven Into the coffin of America's
; I 5 ( bt1J Oldest City.

MAIN OFFICE i ;PUNT Say 'St. Augustine" anywhere in the

worldand folks see images of Sheriff L.O.
7323 Mincriif' Road Pkon ELfii 4-6712
r ', Davis and his police dogs charging school

Mailiil\ HI"- kids; the battered face of Dr. R.B. Hay-

ling civil rights leader chain-flogged by
P.O. Bn 561, licksiuilli 1 Fliriii +; ; the m: county judge Charlie Mathis sending

students off to the reformatory because

MIAMI OFFICE they wotildn stop demonstrating: acid

738 NW 3rd AVI. Phoii 311-1025 ) ___ being there drown were dumped young Negroes into women a in swimming in there the :Atlantic pool thugs because tryingto surf;

xj __ ___- shotgun blasts and fire bombs in the night:

SUBSCRIPTION; RAT!S etc etc.There .

One Yurt 1.< 00 Half Tear $4,00

halted to You Anywhere In the United States is no use denying those things, or

Subscription payable In adraoee bewailing the Image because they did hap

Rend Check or Money Order to: pen and they were indelibly Imprinted on

the public Bind. Little wonder as the

PLORInA STAR P.O. BOX 541 Florida Legislature reports that the Ancient -

JackAonvlllo 1 I. Florida City has already lost *5 million nji

a result.


nut the candidacy of Mrs. Gordon, had she
The Plight Of Negro TeachersIt been elected, offered the city the best

is not surprising that many Negro teach 1. chance it is likely to get to send out a

ers will lose their Jobs in Florida and decent image for a change, and redeem it

other localities in the South because REMOVE TIE BAIIIEIS, SO Tin CAN WORK TOGETHER self.Had St. Augustine elected Negro woman -
wherever integration has taken place in to its city commission thin would have

this country, there has been a tremen news the world over.and left its mark. But

dous reluctance on the part of school of- no, the powerl.thlt-be obviously prefer to

ficials to re-employ them. This may be a Your keep on stewing in their own Juiceand

trend for the South In the opinion of Dr. Weekly watch their citynow celebrating its 400th

Gilbert Porter, executive secretary of the year, wither on the vine.

Florida Site Teachers Association.

Yet.Sunc *t school officials report that pack Of Lies

they expect no significant Negro decreases. Horoscope Guide .

When charged with school desegregation : The 147-page report issued by the Florida

shuffling in North Carol ins, superintend. !Y.'a Legislative Committee: on the causes of

ents of several North Carolina School Dis PABLO The ASTROLOGER last year's racial strife In St. Augustine
tracts denied that 500 Negro teachers is Just about the biggest pack of lies to

would be discharged. The Asheboro N.C. come alone in a long time

school superintendent already has announced WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR

that 12 Negro teachers will not be re- The gun-shoers put the bulk of the 'blue"on

hired thi.s fall because of closing of an BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL none other than Xartln Luther King U.

all-Negro school and the reassignment of S. District Judge Bryan Simpson and TV

the pupils to formerly all-white schools ARIESBorn cameramen chile giving a mild Map on therit
CANCER LIBRABorn CAPRICORNBorn to 'Jacksonville lisa elenents."
NAACP Jack Greenburg director-counsel of
March 21st thru Born June 22nd thru Sept. 23rd thru Dec. 22nd thru
Legal Defense Fund recently reported that
April 19thTHE July 22nd Oct. 23rd Jan. 19th
about 500 Negro teachers would lose their DAY MAY 1C MARKED :JLK comes in for a full chapter of caxtl-
Jobs this year in North Carolina Texas and for
IY UNEXPECTED EVENT cation, Judge Simpson even nore.
and Virginia. Dr. Porter, on the other WHICH AFFECT WORK. HEALTH EMPLOYMENT. Local law enforcement broke down, the report
hand stated that in Holmes Fla. AND
County AND !RELATIONS WITH saysbecause the police and nherifP
plans are being made to transfer 135 Negro OTHERS. EVENING I TREND! IS DEEDED TO ,AVERT ES* ,ADVANCING BUSINESS' AF. DEPENDENTS SERVE YOU. ASPECTS FAVOR department did not have enough men. The
children into previously all-white truth Is all the world knows that the
schools and officials have notified 16 Negro MOMl, FAMILY A"Alal. YOU HAVE THE IMPORTANT PEOPLE CON bloody rascals made no effort to enforcelaw
teachers that they will not be re-em and hut wirctiH' "' nnd Inhand with
ployed. NOW TO STRENGTHEN Bf READY IMPROVEMENT OF YOUR OCCUPATIONAL the hcxv** r-i I "lux in their assaults upon
Now there is more truth in what Dr. Porter SONAL DEALINGS! WITH OTHER PEOPLE THIS
DOMESTIC TIES AND IMPROVE INTERESTS.YOU peaceiM/. ..<'i-.tr tlni Negro citizens.The .
forecasted than many of us realize. TO SET THE PACE FOR DAY OR EVENING.' LET YOUR
Even many Negro teachers sense the significance MATE OR ASSOCIATES SET
of this pattern If permitted to con SOME TH I ENDS WELL IY of
NO out eiistence -
TRAVEL, AND COMMUNICA. NEWS AND Mil THIS IS A nable retwrt Is scheduled to to
tinue. has it TEAMWORK.
If history significance
TONIGHT. unless the legislature given
July 1
is this: Negroes are the first to be fired
TREND INCLINIIYOU AID It a new lease on 11 f..Go.. sums has Mid
and'the last to be hired in times of cri-
PURSUITOP PLEASURE HOI- AND he does not see that the coimlttee is ser
ses that threaten the employment of whites. lIES, OR ENTERTAINING COME OR SECURE WANTED OPPORTUNITIES TO IMPROVE ring any useful purposeand in this M ar.nl'1 .
want to know what
Naturally plans
we our
:c::: superintendents have for the con TAKE PRIORITY A SENSE THROUGH SALE AND PUR- TIES WITH CONGENIAL OR ON UNHEALTHY TANGENTS. This latest report of the cornlttee is one

tinuing employment of Negro teachers in the OF FREEDOM IS INDICATED. CHASES. STUDY ACCOUNTS GANIZATIONS.! BE WILLING REVIEWING YOUR RESOUR of the blackest puges in its black record




of both races In the sane classroom BI SLOW IN MAKING I ,e-30-'e.le-4s.e3e EL AND DISTANT DEALINGS. 7.90n.I.'J1.neAQ'UARIUS Here Cones Svaner

desegregated schools with white teachers.
THROUGH RECREATIONAL LEO YOU IN SOCIAL I CONTACTS. Born Jan. 20th thru Summer is on its say and it won't belong
Through the eyes of racial segregation patterns ACT!Y I Till. Born July 23rd thru 4-60 u..'4.29..3 Feb. Lath until it' a here. For those Interestedin
the revention of teachers
Negro 8-20-33-I7-W-823 Aug. 22nd SCORPIOBorn 'lIct 'lI.it will Bake its official appearance '
would mean that the offpsrlng of the so- TASKS GO WSLLlTMERE ARE
PROCEED WITH CAUTION IN Oct. 24th thru at 9:54 a.m. Eastern StandardTime
called "Master Race" would be taught by TAURUSBorn CHAMCIS. FOR IMPROVEMENT
of former slaves And April 20th thru PERSONAL AND BUSINESS Nov. 22nd June 21.
children surely in WITH CO-WOMERS, DEPEND. It's the season of vacations and fUll.
the opinion of most whites this cannot be May 20th FISCAL AFFAIRS. THERE NEWS OR MAIL SHOULD BEBENEFICIAL IRIS, OR SERVANTS A MAJOR Almost welcomes and eagerly awaitsIt.
But. that fun is brutallY.
Then what must be done to cope with the YOUR HEALTH AND FINANCES. 1. bloodily and instantly ended for great
teachers THE
problem employing Negro a numbers of people--becaus of careless
TO BUDGET I'INOINI0'. Be ALERT FOR SE.NIND UPON YOUR RESOURCES MO thoughtless and overenthusiastlc prsctlces. -
teachers to do but
for Negro carry their CRESS IN EMPLOYMENT CIR .

CMS. through a round of courts. They must RELATIONS WITH OTHERS *Mt*SCENES DEVELOP VITALITY DEVELOPMENTS. CLES AND WITH CURRENT The dangers are varied..but they all can
fight, for their Jobs Just as Negro parentsdid be averted. For instance
for their children In order that they
Highway driving will be at its height
could attended desegregated schools.If .
THERE is A GOOD CHANCE PLACES ATTRACT YOU. BE ING. KEEP TRACK OF MAII' |. THE IMPACT OF and congestion will be common. Adjust and
theplnellas school Fla.
County system
adapt driving habits accordingly
., .. THE your
is carrying out its program Sunbathing is
MOON YOUR SIGN EN* QUESTION DATA. happy somnolent pleasure.
for upgrading Negro teachers so well and RELATIONS AND TIES
But too much
all Florida counties
good. And may follow
vacation time of
'001' 11I1 COlt I AMY ORANGE
suit. But along with upgrading, there
the hospital. Take the in moderate
sun doy
needs to be a second program designed to OF SCENE OR CHANCE TO particularly in the beginning.
assist white parents In changing their Swimming is summer's classic exercise.
attitudes for accepting Negro teachers as
Tragically droralngs well into the
must teach this attitude to their children. overestiaatioa of ability and endurance
diving Into unknown waters are some of the
potentially lethal practice r" r.lllbh.
THIS WEEK HJ NEGRO HISTORY .INROADS UPON YOUR PER l.zo.n.I1.53.nVIIOO PAIRED REPUTE.SAGITTARIUS. -&12- .IV142 The boating boom has reached enormous pro-
1.5)0).12.153 portions. Improper boat handling, overloading -
.June I, U31-nrat annual aatioaal convention ot TO INDULGE LOVED ONES PISCESBora failure to have the proper safetyequipment

Hi* People of Color opined ia rhiladtlphia.Junw CAN BE COSTLY SIDESTEP Born Aug. 23rd thru Feb 11th thru aboard a lack of knowledge of

T t-Alaiaadtr Manila, craadaoa of a DOMESTIC PROBLEMS A.... .
Sept. 22nd Born NOV. 23rd thru March Qua the rules of the road--such needless hoe.taxes
aottd African warrior wJiobtcMtRutaU'a forwRoat ,..e.5513)4 FRIEND HELP LIFT YOUR Dec. 2lst to fortune as these tale a heavy toll
poet and wrtttr, was bon>> la HOBOON.Juat CURRENT EVENTS PROVIDEYOU of health and life.
I, M-Blsaop A.P. Shaw catabllahtt prt- GEMINI CONTACTS. RELA. tttiES. or EVENTS POSING A CHANCE TO ADVANCESOMf So-.have fan this sommer. But know what

'etcl.., by btiag tilt first Negro prelate to pra Born May 21st thru LIONS WITH PEOPLE IN 0.. PROBLEMS IN MARITAL MO /' 1 PET PROJECTS you're doing and do it the right way That
aid over CaJltornla-Arlaoaa maftrtect of tit stthoftat AMD NOWOISS. TWOS\ COULD
June 21st is the safe wail
Jude I. llil-Tbt" CaratclG Corporatloa which U- DISTURBING TO DOMESTIC'
ore tat basis for tit pailaatkropie had that INTERESTS EFFORTS TOSTRENGTHEN ::
built many Negro libraries received its darter
to *> builBMB I* Stat of N'. Tort. MO GIVE ATTENTION ? Today. s health
pus 10. IN .-Or. Horace Haaa Bead was elected TO LOVES ONES ARE building blocks ot.:
I by tat tnattta aa the first Notre ........, of CONDITIONS. TRY TO IMPROVE OR OTHER RESPONSIBILI SUCCESSFUL THIS DAY MDEvtNlfG protein. They are. therefore esscntlal'tolife.
I Uaoola UBlvaralty ia raaaajlvanla.JUG Si CAUTIOUS RE-
II. 1530--Iusl Scott, wall kaofR Jus pianist
adds to
aid ..-.tI. ef ... tort CoacrMamaa Adam OF TREND I CMRAGCS may sure you are
Clajtoa Powtll (D.-N.T. ), was bon ia Fort' effeala. AND SIE PEOP1I FROM. NOM VOW M HaP VOW NEED SENT CONDITIONS MO PLMSF INTERESTS amino acids Is to eat t rood variety of
Triaidad.Jvae .
11. I$4Ths Aatiieaa Kant SALES ARC GTRESSt. WORK OR '..o..IICTI.IIOSo .
.. foods inelnde meats Bilk
PEOPLE NMO SfttVt VNW, poultry
oatom by JtcUat a Macro saris to its attloaal -
J board ef ell recton.r 170U..I 157! it,33.11s t.Ico-II-ts-n-'Is ).} -".,5-32.374 eggs tots cheeses cereals sad fish.:1 .-



-- -- ----------
.. ... -
..--- T r po:; T
- ----- -----

:"" .. R.... J -. 1>' "

100I.. ;1,' ..I' I I

SiTOBDHT IDlE 5. 19&5 $Ut PiTIES :... .I'< _i..Ji t.a... PACE t

State Beauticians' Association Receives Welcome From City's 'First' Citizen



J1 r,. R.v

: L4IU .


lELCOM_Mayor Louis Rltter greets officers and dele- Gin..Hrs. callie Jackson, co-c alrran of the Chosen 25, FAVORS American Tobacco Co, riprinntatlvii HaroldJackaon'hft
I gates during Sunday's opening service in Shiloh Baptist presents gift from the group to Mri. Cathlitn 8. Ross, ) and John Mlles I ( rlflnt) from the riglonal
Metropolitan Church, Rev. A.B. Coleman pastor. Association president, during tanquit Mid In the Wilmington office( present welcome sifts to beautician during cof- .

Room In the Atlantic Coast Line Building.Sarprlsa tee-Dresk, (PatI5: a T SAYS] kn Studio)

Birth..y. 'Plrt, CoIe rent WEDDINGELLS Miss I I. D, Thomas'
Socially ill lit J. Dtnaard, ft toI Engagement

Allah at. 11 aid
By luisi diiyirJCpallon Deaaa M. Brota, 114)Mlloor Is Announced

it. 90
Lambda chapttr of Alpha Phi Alpha fratarnlty -
inao j. Murray, too
baa cin tztandtd Invitation to frltnd oodaldt Ave? ]) tad
for its 5t rln. poraal to bt bud Friday evening Bitty J. Btloatr. IU4

JUnt 4. In the Dan County ivory. 'jj' ruitt it it.Kllla ,
Alpha Phi A)ph' ball will be t aubacrlptlon Nicks, 1181 LM
affair and the Johnson Branch TMCA 111 ba the It. 20 and Mtlvtraa t.
rtdpltnt of proct.d*. ft hop to ... aany of our Taylor lit court D. U.aD. .
triads taking the final "awini" of the ... on .., C. Phillips Mao

Friday tvtnlac.Mrs. S. Irllty Aft il aid
1 Pa Koattta ..11..,. U02 f.Itatt .
Tory." aUld) er of 1249 Hat TMaty- It. 17
slab Strttt ... selected trtaaurtr of tilt Dual Leroy Ml t.
tort, } 14tht
County Library Aaaoclatloa ataattt- n and KltatbtU D.

lag of tbt orianlsatloa hId' rtjctntly Alford nil t 14th It .
la the South frail rooa of tat, e 30.

RooMvalt Hatal. Johnny L. t11l l.., Peat Ml. TNOHA3Mri.
.r*. Cbud) .,. a iraduatt of Ala- t pala leach as Cal Theresa "Trlbttt
baM State Colltit. boa a MtsttfilDtirtt tin tiliaktth, I. fdtafda.. Litloam.eNs.ngegsuent
la Library Seltnct fro cath- 11)1 Moatrltf .. IJ.
? if bar alatar, ml..
olle Uaivtralty of _.,1 c& la ....b1IatoD. -| David A-Altiandtr, 4111Aa.
III ana Dtlerta 1t51.or to
D.C. ant la currently child- a4.OURlL0' I. it and etlrlty Atllllll. '
L Taoata
rtn'a librarian at Vlldtr Part Iraach Library. .. JIM leaver M of WO
filch will aooa bt aortas to the at ayrtlt Avanutttractairt. I. 11 at It.Th .
IIlaaultl 'rU.* to* lit la airaduatt
ttabroutn. jr. .
Mr*. caandltr la tat other of oat sot. Thornton 1110 Stuart it. SI aad of "...ino It
J... Caaadltr. Sac la a aMber of Dtlta slawaTatta r.A o Atialt |. jtrlan 0itPrldan NISI School, Dotialitoon*

>rarity.. MAXT tarn TOWa' of the day twrtatloaa'T aloai -ral.; j.. Say, G... a. u.*a, jaata Oliver, Orto.. villa Qa, Phi) laaeaool
.. ..,.... .. aha .aa ae.cle4
i Ita sifts sere aaoitrtd epos mrs frkdtll Carttrdarlat II,.. Vtda ...... Attoraay Laaadtr ;. ID aw. jr. flint L. .".... *>".
Activities of ortanlttd brtdjt group art ooalai a rtctat ....'rh. birthday party ii'.. lahtr .ri. Harr stasis sad trio 0. llaptoa.liattd fro tlllt. 0.. Il ell Odessa tnt goat TalanttO) fttwdant"
to a halt for the ataaoa. la fact nuny hat had boaor by lair bsabrrd frlMda at thtlr I71TOwilac Itftj .,.. ttllla L. Lucy Ha M. Luau, .,.. Dt f. Iryaat, 1131 .. 10U I roth,. Mt plant.
thtlr Caal ...u.... 14. rtaldtoct. shorn la (or.{round art the larta ttat .,.. ittty .laitoa Mr a. Cerailla Ores, It JJfrtddlt.. to .11'It fwabtitt! IBtUUtt
Dtlorta Ktlaty taa boaortd lth a baby ahottr hoaoitt sod bit buabaad. Lt.la J, Carter, III. At* miss mrii Ct".. Alyaoa L Hat aal MM. Maoal l. ....U. 1TI4 this' fall
durtai tat rtftlar ...th. of Chanlac Doalattttt te.... ataadlai froa left u.;.,. aad anAnner lItO'." Detests, (aoyal Art ndia photo) ralrfu It. 14 and Otr annoitact4YlJllIng ttdlinj plant .:UJ bt
Brldct club held rtctatly la the hoot of lib, aldiac AMtln Hit I.
---- --- -
alltr. 'rune lilt" llllll' h fllH. JUt it il. Reliiivesbtrt. '
Pries la the bridge tttalta sere ...rhd to C. Cross YWCA Sets still* P. Mtn r. U4If Ana It L. Andtrtoaf
ttlrlty Carloa.snlrlty relay, and outlda J. matte. AOHOI! Day Its 1104,... Day Cart Mlikina Court 77Ntrotnti Mil It. ti aad nary 111 Acron it, la la
Otter atabtra prtatet aach,.. Vlvtaa Olbaoa.Cora Will Pledge TrothTo Ctatir till III la Its if .ncllO. .111 t .rasc$. 1111. lllh her aoatttta of Allan*

JobIIlOI.le4.aU.reI.. Barbara Woo,.. e.or Ltola POSu). and Oltabtta Colllaa. Bennli Hirdla Tat lantir la Itiattd at Sunday, Junl 17' froa 4 Iryaat, MI f.JSth ,.. boutt ivttt of btraiattr
. Tat Day Cup ...Uh.If 1307 Davis It, until i p.a. la tht rin- It M aad KvtlyaI .la latiira. viola

'sltatag off for tat year 'as O.B Irtdc dab A-L.L..lt bread rICA tba auaair Prom rtljtcaalit lag Hall if |,. ItaphtaAm Orls.ett,143$ fllth (ba.. aad faally.
m a tttlai at Ut Uaeola CM i try Clab. jjl- -111 eoadtct t.. daycaapat ."Hall Mtlaiitrlpi OI"eII', Carne It. 10.ThM Wilt n.,., aha rill
...ter toward taj hoataaa. the ffCA. lily ta thi aot. .."r A. Davis HAtroa. aaPtlandt > i. Adaaa, It! .. atttad tht .......ta>.alaad
Kit scorers fort ...i., *.rt Alvnla 'ert,.. Ml, acoordlai to miss play, liatir aad oatdoor ......e4. Moarot It, .11 aad Itttyo "Id...., loa ..,., ...
stir .allltr.... Lola Awry tvtlya oalvlB vtall Dtlorta Ptaraoa, dl* ....., draaitliattta, and Ut i.tnlpaUla Jean too... 1)1 f. total ., her ...h., Tboaaa' t

Oed for the raffla. rector rytbii, fill daailai. art lavltad. It. 11 CD".. Jf II.| ... _
... other sabers preset trt Ztlaa Joaaaoa. I
Catttrlat Jacltoa. until T oot*. tinge accUta. A
and mute at,..,.. .
. .
VtlllcanlttttaBrlact Bar doss **j *_**j:;;:.-*jjjf.2*::.-
Alvtrta toblaaoa aa hotttM tile 1.t.tla.l of rise
Cub had Itt flail ...U., tf the flictlytar. AaatrCllfford Cross tt

The.e.tlas say hell la the boat of a .n-! Cpl Borate lardla aoa ',. '
hao. caterer art ... Brow.allfylac of rr aad Bra. IoU *.. ;
') for ,rt... cent LoavMla Xtwaa iir. tlarldtt of to....,....

Jtrtt ttlaort and JaaalU taaae.ftitat Ohio, la ......... bySrr
pl vim *." lola D t4J..,. LyOa '..*!. traMoaltr sad .,.. Urn Croaa.partata .
and Mtrtt ArtrttU af tht bit/..
tact raetlfH a tin true ,.. .o.t.... elect, *
PIn IHI ittlfltilJ Wallets Hcnoriil The brtdt-tltct la .
The realer ...tll. It IMC ira4aatt af. Doug!.. -
Ut SM jadaitrloat CME Cimi Aadtrata .....r Hah
Club loll list ....., scat*. a.d a tail gr.f.. y& a
.Un.... slit ira, Tat ..,.u.. S.aaay la ate af tuber ........
Ethel otattr aterttary. ..It.,. ....rS.1 ill Cllh,.. M
Zloa perch till bells Corporal Manila la laC
at her vcCoatht Itt rtaldtact '.
ftatartd puss Ita tbt ftiaday * at t JO a.a. slit au,..r.lat. *
far the .1..' batch : ...4la< la aebtdMltd laAtlaatU
.....' Air rtlaad 1e.1tsa.berth .
trip, t u. a.tt of .%lca kan
sill .. .....a,.. lalvr la chafit. jut llatl ,... .
Blltr L- t.op.t. >....,, "

CHttttttiMto afflclatua, Btlatlvta
.d rrlaatoftat ...,lt ooe
uii M. SHIM m lose boo lattt..

,.. till M t.ll la flala tutu wet u. ,,..... It
mat It CMBUI It aM twt Tar M a..a. TtCorrwlIt. -BIRTHS- t
if TM Suffer aitas .
Aal51ns aUDSDa tenet Pie V a Ifs _II..' ... .a.
ultra R.onorata IL tRTto r d.-.., .ttO ttadlt $1.
die: IIIAIf U>tJ1t .utOdi: KtlItlttaleZA ... II r Ir ,
I'1"JIIIIOI IUIaa ...na.DtaAIU a *ra.Jlaay 0>l"ll.
take extra carton of Coke!
...naa a. ao' Rti .btttl itot12 till IM lalfkt DrS... i an
5an1tlUAlI1 trmrnwt waoamatune tat.
cwt a auato OBWHC aiau ntnoa I r, s era. Slda. ar| bt.DM :,......,. It.. tiaw eh.o vw arJ.iM.dr.ng urn' -

tadrl5a aL itAitaa naoaoota torte a..*, ..,a. t tt..I. wb d.a.l--.s .bM k.'eal.I) C..e.C.1.. wr

D 11', a .ra. tt.la Na.li.i22 .... let. .,61. x.J.rw. ..It .t".... ".. a..a.l c.t.. th
I treat ....."-. t*....1' tt.lt>r.4 otritttlttBMt mats M. Ivy P
..w1 vt. 7.u. II i eieeel t.l.1i. lift vwr >}Milo, Iso.t. }wr
ta. aM af a ..a,.. a.4.r. a u u tf Liar V'S '
a* la aa4 tr*.tM.t. ranvtuatcunw at maaun nlt't1 r tM ..,...,. u S.,,. C r-. ....". gJv.e J" .... a3leih...s ,w ie batwgtie. :

ytara a>t M...hl ,rMt1.. la Jwa.u.111. 1.1. .1 .Pkk,a tarts....,...-. 'd 'Of titr.lU.. ,

a.3. t* 4:11 .... --. race at. .un err.. ara.JtllaaTil palms, .... ...". ..... soot! T.l* .. tilts < rtoc of .1.f .... ...
feutbrart a t. ..,.

.rn. n.wb t. wi___Nate.f.t.a ... a.***. .".,..'"...re.wtat*!'*) u Lit' .USU SUVTUltewr. liltlil sitar Hi ntlirlir il iti C/u'CIII CIIMM M: /iiltiiillli Cm lilt IHIIlii Ci.
..eM w e r
w ..-..y ....

........ -..

- -
'<< .....- .. .
( ., r

r .. 4GaE I


THE CHWCH PATH Local Minister Receives Cititioj


For the people of all lands, and all churches, EjTbutti! eh1r.1

this month will I hold great conventional interests.

The National Baptist Congress will convene at Oak ki1TIr

land Calif. 1620th..
Then the week the fabulous Mini Beach
following Pastoral Day will observed Sunday in the Churchof
will be the setting for the i
God In Christ 4, 24th and Moncrief with Elder
Baptist Congress, adhere I W.P. Faust pastor In charge.

June 22 the District ( I The services will start with the Sunday School

the East Florida and Bethany, 'orUB'[ at 10 ...., with Mrs. a.... dills in chart Morning -
Association, will be in _: : + W service at 12 o'clock. Choir 1 and Usher !Board

in Mt. Vernon Baptist Church | 1 will serve with Mrs. Celestlne Faust at the pi-

Rev. Go T. McCall, minister. ano. Toe pastor will deliver the sermons. TPW begins

Need we tell you that the nlnlstry MRS.WILLIAMS at 7 p...

and laity of our city and state will be well repre- --ffATMCN CHAPtt-

s ted at the .meetings. Seafood end chicken dinners will be sold by Mrs.

11111111 Willie Cooper Mrs. Addle B. Ingram and Mrs. AItsmease -

THEY ARE DEDICATED AND INTERESTED. Miss in the Interest of the annual _open's

IN THE HFART.... AND MIND Day celebration, which Is scheduled June 13. The

dinners will be sold Saturday.The .

service Sunday will begin with the Sunday

I t School at 0:30 ,*..wlth Mrs. Lydia Blair and Rev.

r F Barton Woods' in charge.
Love Feast service, will be held at 11 ..... with

REV.DALLAS J. un/vtAM, pastor of Mb Ararat BPtlst maoe toe pr* .il tiou. prw.iucl ...".ra attending Rev George I. Smith, pastor and associates in

Church, received another In the numerous honors con the ceremony were: James Brooks, Mrs. Mable Seen charge. Choir 1 end Usher Board 1 will serve.
Mrs Mildred Cave, Mrs. Lucille S. George Julius The communion service will begin at 5 P.M. All
ferred him here through theear. when ambersof
upon Glass William A. Johnson, Clarence Cunningham/ endpresented choirs and ushers will serve, and the pastor will
Precinct 3-D, following recent Sunday service preach.
R. George.
him with the pi segue In honor of his James .
(Royal Art Studio Photo) FIRST CORINTH"Services
outstanding community services Adrian L. Oliver Sunday in First Corinth Baptist Church

will commence with the Sunday School at 9:30 ....
Friendly Baptist s St. Peters Rev. w. Le Jones, pastor will review the lesson.

Morning service at 11 o'clock. Usher Board 2 will

U r' To Celebrate MItiUTES To Present serve. Evening service at 6:45 o'clock. Toe Rev.

1Jfg. Choirs Recital Mr. Jones will deliver the sermon. District 3 will

: Mws...iM..if .ni: :i)L. .. Communion RitesIts 1NF BIBLE Choirs on parade" sponsor Mrs.Ethel D. Bannister and the Verslteers

Won en everywhere are interested in other people, e. MM Nit.MII in an after-service.
Holy Oonaunlon will ill presented tonight
and give countless hours to the task of helping AM Man tocurvin 4 UNITED' BAPTIST"
be administered Sunday arca.o ILUNenl (Friday) at B O'clock in
others but truly nowhere on the globe can there llTHE United Baptist Church services Sunday will get
at 2:30: ) P... in Friendly St. Peters AME Church,
be greater dedication and Interest In the better underway with the Sunday ftdiool at 9.43 .*. MornIng -
Baptist Church with Rev. 30th and Lee Streets.
life for humanity than can be found In the works PEACE OF GOD service at 11:03: o'clock. Choir 1 will serve
B. H. Hartley pastor Appearing will be Choir
of Dr. B.H. Puryear Mrs H.0. Miller Mrs Mable and officers In charge. "PEACE WITH COD" M on* "the peace of Cod." Brllevera can 2. First Corinth Junior throughout the day. Communion service begins at
!. Lee Mrs. Susie E.: Hoi ley and Mrs. Annie Brig Baptismal service will thing; THE PEACE OF COD" M enjoy "the peace of Cod" only ai 6 o'clock and the consecration service at 4:43 o'
Choir Zion Hope, St.Peters
hlllll, five of the leading educators and nisslonsry held another To enjoy doe Utter, ws they practice Phil! 4,fl: "BE ANXIOUs clock. All choirs and ushers will serve Saturday
be at 7 Rev.
1 leaders of the state. P.n. must lint nperlrnce' the former, for FOR NOTHING BUT INEVERYTHING. Baptist; Gospel at 10 ....District 2 will sell fish at the church.
Hartley will deliver the the pew of Cod ruling In our BY PRAYER Chorus st Paul AMI; .
Dr.Puryear Is wife of Dr. R.W. Puryear, presidentof "FIRST NEW 230N -
sermons. WITH
heart, U the remit ol "peacw with AND SUPPLICATION. Truevloe 4. Bostonettes.
Florida Memorial College where she is one of Services flunday la Pint New Zion Baptist Church
The choirs will worship Cod, through our Lord Jesse THANKSGIVING LET YOUR who will render special
the Instructors. Mrs. Miller of Jacksonville and with the Male and Gospel Cllritt." REQUESTS BE MADE KNOWN selections. Choir 1 of will begin with the Sunday School at 9:30 .,.. .

Oreen Cove Springs, is the president of the Senior Choruses! In a Joint anniversary St Paul detliued by dlvln In- UNTO COD. Af we follow three St. Paul AME Church will with Superintendent Joseph 0. white In charge. The
Wonan's Convention auxiliary of the Progressive Sunday. plratlon that "ChrW wu delivered Irwtructbnu the promise' which fol- lesson will be discussed by the superintendent

Baptist State Convention of Florida. Mrs, Lee Isa youth Day will be observed for our offentei and rained' again for kiwi will certainly he fulfilled serve. and banners will be awarded the victorious classes.
our Justification"' and that "there. "THE PEACE OF COD WHICH The program will benefit
public school teacher of Bonlfay Fla. Mrs. HolI service at 11 o'clock.' District 4 will
fore, being /unified by' faith, we, the annual Men's Day
e,, of FOrt. Lauderdale, Is the president of the Sandra Denefleld, Miss who once were at enmity with Coil ING. SHALL KEEP (OR CARRI. celebration which In meet U the home of MrsBeatrice film 1,2009 Venus

General Baptist State Convention and Mrs. Brighsn JoAnn HicksMisses Char may enjoy TEACE WITH COD, SON >)> YOUR HEARTS AND scheduled June 27 with ftt. The BTO will begin a5: UP.... with President

of West Fla. is the leader of the son lll' Conven- line and Mormaclna watts THROUGH OUR LORD JESUS MINDS THROUGH CHRISTJESUS" McCloud chair- W.P. Ctaith in charge. Evening service at 7
ventlon. are program committee CHRIsr (Rom. 425; 5,1)). (Ver. 7)). Arthur as o'clock.Choir 3 and usher Board I will serve. Rev
Ai believrn In Christ "we bow nan and Rev J.C. Smith,
11-111111-1 members. The result of this "peM. withCod" that all thing work locHher for co-chal nas. Charles Scriven will preach the sermons for the

MYCINO( hER CONTRIBUTION District I will sponsor I THE PEACE OF COD"th. good to them that love Cod,to them Other services planned major' services.
Among the many ministers' wives in the state whore a trip to silver springs peace that IU gives to lilt own who are the called according to Ilia .MT. ZION APOTOUC"
Interest of the celebration
amid aU the trouble of life. This U
faithfully serving with their husbands Biking June 19. and the Lsymen's why the spout!.wrote to the RomanChriatlanai we purpnee"should(not Rom.he 1.18)mnalantly). Therefore ever are: Jane 1). Mt. non Apostolic Faith services Sunday will open -
marvelous contributions to their work is, the Mrs. Brotherhood Revival Hour "NOW THE COD OF with the Sunday School at 9: :30 a,*. with Mpertntendent -
whelmed and defeated by the atlventtlei Rev J. C. Fussy, pastor
Rosa i Burroughs, the lovely wife of the KeY J.w. will be held June 27 at HOPE FILL, YOU WITH ALL of life,hut thnuU heed the of Delsnd Baptist and w.c. Byrd la charge. At 11:30 .....
Burroughs, ho has pasta red many leading churchesof 3 P... District 14 will JOY AND PEACE IN BEUEV. ohurUtkmiLET THE PEACE seers will nave charge baptismal service will be held sad at ': )0 P... .

Florida and is currently serving In Daytona, sponsor art' 4renlnWith INC111113). ( or COD RULE IN YOUR and June II. Rev. C. J. fellowship mnoa. with President A. Noble ,,.. ....
Beach Florida '. V .* t)':tw'rYd'! ..' *>rl ends'* June>27 from 4 While fatty thoa who are at HFARTSCol.. 3.IS1.> "NOW' Baptist siding. Evening service at 7:30 o'clock.
: ,tt with Cod know "the THE LORD OF PEACE HIMSELF Crosby of Trinity
I IFmril 'to'fl peace ran ..
'I"'J ,: p.m., la the annei I Jan BAPTIST"Sunday
peace of Cod: U dare not follow, CIVE YOU PEACE ALWAYS Church sadnembers In will
building, services U St. John Baptist Church
Aiiimsiry' fill 'however, thai all thaw who are at BY ALL MEANS" (II ",...,. charge.
Saturday The services Sunday begin peace with Cod necvMarily enjoy 316)). start with the Sunday School at 9:43: ,.. Mo raise

Funeral services for District ie of Mt. with the Sunday Sister Cohen service at 11 o'clock, and evening service at I: U

Ira Corker 2127 A Mars Ararat Baptist Church School at 9:30 a. .. .wit... o'clock. Rev. J.H. ill toe will deliver the sermon.NEW .
Chi 3
Superintendent Nathaniel Holy Tabernacle's Mt. Still To Celebrate
Court, Will be held Saturday will observe Its 21st O.CILKE-

June 9, at 3 p... anniversary June 13 from Brooker In charge. The Sunday ServicesThe Prisuts Fkst Ricitil Servlcee ftunday UNe Galilee Baptist Church will

In Grant Manorial Oiurch. 3 to 6 P.M.i In the Educational pastor will review the Anniversary beds with the Sunday School at 10 ,... with Mperlatcndent -
Sunday evening, at 7
Bible School Convention
The hotly will be shipped' Building. A lesson. Morning service Slater Rosetta Cohen Sarah IItrl<*land in charge. Morning
which convened p.m. Choir 13 of the
to Cain, Ga. for burial program will bepreaented at U O'clock. announced completion of service at U o'clock. Covenant meeting will be
list Sunday at Holy Tabernacle MU Sal ma Baptist Church
IkID! d". for the occasion located at plane for her alatk annlveraary held. The communion service will be held at 3:30:
No.2. Dismore. 1242 West 22nd
--- program which p.m. Rev. J.w. Carter pastor will deliver the
reached ahighly successful Street Rev w.1. Rogers
will take place Monday, .
cliaax following Its pastor will be festered mesasgem.STATE
J..7at.IOp. ... In .. TOftE"
one week ....1011. Bishop in Its first recttsl.
1..14 W. BEAVER First Born Temple.92 W. Elder O.T. Jones jr.. national youth director of
R L. Jones, who >>rea1ded.anDOUDCed. The group will present
Monroe St.. Elder A. 11111 the. Otercke of God la Christ will deliver Vie
suck old time favoritesas
3101 EMERSON pastor message Monday at g p.w.. In the Church of and U
The order of service "1011 Must Be Barn
featured Eleanor Mrs. Gussle use Gray Christ Mate T-*le. 33* Stelae St.. acoardlng
( 930 CASSAT AYE.s I 1Il1t., ooU... bowl; Hiss aid many others will serve aa mistressof to Ittsaop .. L Reabltt sr., ,..tor. All Cbwrcaes
Sslth ceremonies and will of bd !. Christ have. been Invited to tttemd.
A. questions
toolTI The public Is extended
be tntrosdced by Mrs. ..NEW, JERCULEM"Holy
and answers! Mm. J.M a cordial Invitation to
StirE Hoda aliens, Bible lesson; come oat and witness Mercy D. Wesley.Appearing commealOB service will be held Malay I.
essay contestants for on the program Greater New Jerusalem Baptist aa.reat 3 ,...,".
this event.
queen were Miss ClAith.: great will be: W.A lack pastor will deliver the aermon end ...-
Regular worship services
Miss Williams. Miss W Pentecostal NollneeaCnolr. Ulster the LortTs Dapper. Ruaday. School at 9.: JO
begin with Sunday
BY POPULAR DEMANDLET Hendon and Miss 8. Jacob School at 9:30 a/.. Latimore stagers, a,*. gad moniag service at 11 o'clock.
Ooapel Woes The OoeSlCTEft -
Itb Miss Cynthia V
consecration 10: U. CcnfirailioflLcctins HI. SiBii To Open
Smith. being erowaedqveen ....
morning worship, 11
THE MEAT PEOPLE SELL YOU YOUR MEAT for 19<$ of the 'The Holy Communion will Set YaciliM School

Bible School Convention be administered at 3 Confirmation hectares Vacation lisle lIeNtl l

LEAN MEATY BAR.e-Q C Apostel L I. Davis Aaalataat ,... ,by the paator.Evangelist a at St Gabriel's Episcopal will sea 10"", Jwse

Overseer 0.Hendon .e Chare will beds 7 at 9 .... Parents are

SPARE RIBS 3 1 and >pastor Roosevelt Scott Wednesday, Jaae 9 at 1 tried te bring theirchildren

Davis gave remarks. Is Holding Services p.. .. in the cksrck's the ...la. day
Beginning jsae Hth
reseat ,sarteraat for registration and to
through the 25th Day At First
a Born
SMOKED Blasd's Ckapel. 4113Avmase also make arrangements
cpORK Caap will be held at Cvangellat W Scott of .
Father T. Vincent for transportation.Adults .
31 Holy Tabernacle NO. 1. Athess. Ohio, Is noUlsg larrla. priest in iatereetedl.a. '
1679 W. 9th St nightly services beginning
PICNICS ll charge aaaomaced. slsUsg n.laggl Itll*
AnnooRcenentAll t at 9 P... U FirstBon All persons dealer efleeratsg IK director, wrs. U-

choirs of Mother T mple. 923 I. Bos- tare ahost the Jiala ..,1., and Mrs.

Midway All Church will roe St. Elder A. Rill, ODHBIpel church sad thorn wlaklagM Cora L. ""'U.. are re-

meet for rehearsal prl paator. Traveling stars, affiliation are is- ejBeste4 to eontMt Ire

La.45c day (tonight at G p... The services will .d nut Born Temple Choir, teed, ItilliaPerfect

CHOPS in the dUI rdI auditor oa Friday nlgkUJwe IL McCall singer, The
U. Elder 11111 ststed. Franklin Mama Slngern.

Elder lose Davis we-

FRESH FLA. GRADE 'A' Comer Baptist Cksrck Tkt
Choir and the Voices' of
0' B1Coifectloiery PaS tll. lit*
G !
200L Also. Us aiM .f cud litnti TM ill

EGGS Gospel Own. Atleatle

FOR leach Kpeclala ... 1. THIMervon's"rskl:

iii limit little Edward Jacsson.. BraUer

Sammy .....IIQ-" Mem-
1 LIMIT'MX. SAVE 17c DOZ. Stare II THI] rial FIn' ana Cmolr 1otker Pharmacy

Maggie: .S.... At*
1OO8 Tyler At Isatie lead Choir xit..

FRESH Calvary Trie. Tie Marti- Titr PrtttriftiM Flintty2H2
State Street
PEAS sea singers eag vary

(LACK C Phone Catherine Inn MMpaaledbr .- 1. CtfiitHl An.Us .

Brs. iHlst llHtrnip. Sister ttorU>>

EYE siso IUSHIL 11 9 356 325 aro- PS-Id1H ?i.5.1JI2r
Aleo, the Celestial

FRESH Gospel singern. Cksrcnf "

Hours 8M In Christ ... 1 1\\\ I I.
U ...,.. Olted Gospel \ 'J1J'jl
BANANAS jji: a... ti ui: .... Chores .f Westeasett.IMS "" 1 n

S..rln-Patliis MHieitiS Mists ItUkt .< God Salsts In r11L


.-... -'--'..
.. ...-." A -A .__

I L .' e I I). ,.f ,!

SATURDAT JUNE 5,1115 STAR mIlS _.PA.w ..'.

: U. S. Espionage FAMUin Conferred Advance Degree lafernitioHLack' Fh. AW Grad

'I'r Included Negroes ., SlllIsIls.r'.CI Gets Post With
Antrlean Negroorpar.tl*
clpated In a nuaber of 1Ir Army In Europe

...pIoI'"oP'uUoudurlll' .4 .
for n Ie Veted TALLAHASSEl: :
World far II,
; iit '. Mitchell a %
helping to contribute to ii' Lack of coBpleto Infor-
..1 ""' pew and 1984
Allied Vlctorlea. fell nation ailed far on the '
J.. little bu been laid of 't, : : < t :: application is the main of florid AAV i \ I
,, has been appoi *
nationalities Involved : -I] deterrent to prompt pro recreation ep.
la espionage the tew I ceasing of application work with Artiv

spirit necessary In ,i" -.;:;::.. ",,'il' for reopening of Nation Services In Fury 1 1'
espionage la evidenced ,;, "f' al Service Lift In* .
: ( '' two-year tour \
hr la Metro-Ooldwyn-Mayer' ..1" ., : : :; ,. unmet by Florida veteran A apeeeh ..n1 >'na
'fjperatlon Crottbow." tinder the
new act
\I It major, she tray ; r. I height i It
r vjperatlon Crossbow," *ich opened Nay 1 for a
week In r, 'n i
which la the draattlo : one-year period
: ,- pe'" nor
at.S.O US.t
tory of the British and -- : The Special Insurance
tour la UH sith I th,>
Aierlcan Intelligence t. ) Reopening Celt Mt up la "
International a a'ia9
operatives and their at* :1' -
Z' the it. Petersburg Vtt
alganeat to destroyhitter's '11......... crane Administration FAMU Flayiaker> Cu: 1f!

etRILIMARR rocket b..... Regional Office to nan- She la now work og U a
deal service club t>u ess tn
a solitaryincident .. 61* onth pot under
Burt Lancaster stare la the title the Jaeger ta.Pror" Rer
of the war and
role of '"'Ib. ItallU1 .r." color !Mtloa picture onlETC't foeuaea oa a British and writ lag of theee spools vice Club la If .ffrn

aturday Night At b Mort.." June 5. aa American agent.Thtre LARA BOTIX (center) of the Florida AkM University En tilth Department, waa one of 01 Inturaaoe policies burg, Qeriany 1 it tar
A paid rainmaker coma to town to help bring rain are atstwdinginstances the non than 1,000 Florida state University iraduatea who were conferred decree found' that lacoapleteInfonatiop troy ttriburg anj Fran

and "helps] change the llvea of several hlllb1 hAte of espionage during recent coh.nc.ent exerclaea, Miss Royd received the Matter1 a Decree on tilt first fort where a> i *

In more waya that one. la behalf of our aatlonU In ahs1ish, 1800 application received Y.
ae the Boat COB
interest conducted by"Negrott
non error.
I Okay Report World ReaowRedOn to from tbj present the Revolution Dixie TV Stitloi Accused Becomes. First It OuuIoa. Officer laChan
*, VA Office, Jacksonville v
MixedMurrieies Firm HiresTillohisseiR according. author to joha of '-n.D.I1lYtn. Of Ills Gets United licexse14gt1NGZONNrITie To School Id.Appolutmeut embattled again -

Negro la World tar n," : Fral Cbwiual cation COB that to b* ell-

and a lieutenant colonel Ittloa, la a 43 decision hit week granted a able to buy this new 01
Hr IOU CUT N.I.- la the Q. 8. Any staff one-year renewalof the lltante of television station Dr'4YER (Npt)*-1'1. laiuraaet th* veteran
CXLt1IBC&Ob1o."CNPU" Rachel Noel has the
D. Milt have been originally
A 1M4 graduate of Flo Bteclallata Beeorve slay In Jackson, .1..., after ordering the
IB a historic atw con distinction of being the
eligible forN U between
rids AN University According to Silvers..ho station to atop dlaertBlaatlng la It* progrtMlng.Negro .
feaelon of faith and illlle carl Rogera, has sac the tint N..rob&I.1attUhuclOftlc.r aau... .. ................... nut Negro to be electedto October 1.1140 MA I
progress. the 177threabyterlaa been eaployed her aa a h.d.u. the 0* ;..r cent of the total the local school January 1,1157 ind hat '

OeaeralAaeeably reporter bv Dunn and ta the Arced Force, and sited Church of Christ, population la LBT'e board Running a. a either BO 01 Insurance K.J

approved a Bradstreet wo rid re* lined with the II."Any and the ATL-CIO' had op* service area la Negro. Democrat, Mrs !Noel led or less than tie $10,000 ..
controveratal church and aowaed baalaett Infor Force'a 477th Coapoalt posed the renewal of fern was BO luedtatecoteat the city-'ide ballotingfor ailauB oo"r.... Vet tremendous ovat I" .

aoclety report covering atlon firm Orcup whether on a license oa the grounds froo. tit.An.-CID. a ain.year board 'ranaof world war I art her perforvanrPlayaaktra ._ .:.

racial, poverty and the Rogers lavtttlgttttbualaeaaea segregated or Integrated that the station diecrlilaated waloh bad charged that tora not eligible Oanaoa rot j....
artificial prolonging of prior to tbe election eat rout for U ; AI.
to get facts baala Negroes have dlt against the tLBT was heavily opposed pointed out \tv
aha had the 'lIdor..nt ..-
life won
for Dunn and Bradatreet tlaguithed theatelvea in Negro coMualty and the "to orgaalied labor Qanaoa added that may
The 26'page docuieat on the operation hie all BlllUry action and labor union.Although its leadership and Itaobjectlvee. .. of every najor group application for hlIar..OI Aa outatandiAri vcr
won resounding arproval ." la the city with the ei- former aa an act, s*
tory of owner, figures planning.'' opposing the have hen delayed -
of II) voting delegates Tilt captions of the Republican dancer lAd manger uti
oa the flBMcea and other world atatetaaa Dr. renewal th* Called FCC said ta tilt in proe aalm because -
for the :3.3 llllon..- t, A tttff coneultaat Mitchell starred
pertlaeat Intonation Ralph j. Baacbe, for Church had 101. guarded majority opinion that they '1'"* not ec* ain
Mr church The report, n.dedto.rite up credit erupts served aa a praise for the provisions It recognlaed\ that the for the Mayor* Ooaaltelon ODBpanlad by a full Bed college la .au, PI rem ,

which Included the reports aaalyilBg basis Senior Social Science of the ruling, aping area "!* entering a on Coaaunlty Rtla foal sport ductloaa aa '1'11' ni
touchy subject of Inter critical tlont, her election waa Seed" Tht Bt, "1' tul'
aeaaea and helping then Analyst la the Office cf It wan gratified that period racial then theeeaadotheroueatloa '
racial carriage waa con slightly. named by the Two T"11" andift..
.had relations, and not fully )
to sake lOUD d credit deel Strategic Services during the FCC acted to are
aldered Ib brisk floor cU,' one ooaplalat of Mtndiblet," Dh' '
al one. World tar II.la atop the practices of ego therefore giving aatvtrtd, the under* f.11I
debateand then approvedin A IKO graduate of Lla* Operation Crossbow, LIT and other stations SLIT and VJDX. the "a- poetlble election taapcrlng wrltlni Unit mast writ leading tctre. I u .

Itt entirety. cola] Nigh *cta>l. Tula.haaise which ,tar. Sophia Loren, la Jackson of tftacrlil tins) broadcasting Coa- the veteran for 'CR- ton Huiket'Heavenly I : '
According to the An Cttt Denver voter, "
George Feppard, Trevor mallet against th* Nero DUll outlet, a chance to plet laforattlon before and sties '
port. there are no theo ...* lira laogene johatoa, ," the van Kpreeented I
Movard. .Jobs Mllla TOBCoartanty. population male auto the policy len lit 1 scud,
logical grouada tor con It ordered WLBT.to re* filed a sosplalnt'ith abrc I i h #
Jereay tamp, Negroes constitute al- Otmoa concluded
doming or prohibiting the election coBBlaaloaer
I Anthony Qaayle, LllllPalaer oat half of the tele port to th* FCC eta BOB PlayBaktra.She .
.arrlage between COB Richard Tod4. vision ttttloat' view* tka later oa hoe It had that aa election judge lies t.*... si JIBT Mat tflft I* the dti. ,'I i iMra I
aeatlag adalta becaaae tried to influence her
Sylvia hiss and John era. The church said 41 oolled. with th* order Audrey Nackt (>> 'J' I
,1 of their MtMbly racial alto orlala.ne voted. '' truer, lueli of the vote u. s, SAVINGS BONDS Coleman It, I II

to htv* the 4'naalaa- tralalag aad praptratl FIGHTCANCER.
i "tten'e 'CO'lltt.* .. aa eeploaage agwtt cede
church and society stab 1* "0'". a* sell aa thedaigera
1 i. the theological and that eoaetaatlycoafrost I

, oral the practice lapllcatloaf of artificially of ...h. i s sSUER i

.. .. ... .. ... .... .... ... ... ...
prolonging the . .
llfeofperaona aufferlag ,
fro. Incurable dh...... %ogera castled Join HiMfclt Ce. Staff
The ttt.*bly, with oat at Florida AIM Calver

dissenting vote, also lit, oa acadeale acaolarahlpa. -
adapted a reaolatloa reafflralag He I* the sea r4 SUTA T AT[DGEyf1/0 AID APE/tAlll lLil1011.N.

the dMoiiaa of Mrs Clyde RogeraOoodwla

capital puaiaaiMttcuiow, Avenue, new tort City,

.""., ., 1IIIUN 1-
He wat prMloaat ethic
/ freebaaa class at FAifJUTDI


111[ ARE IU

Ton Beet The Beat Doctor B __._ .-.t.
mess rour Doctor 'r..erIMt. Of' m OIUU) -After e..srIAN.ttltlelry. Corpef RIBS r

Get Kiptrleaced pfearaaclat .&1"."' aa a tamer la the Naeetos. Tease.
According to your Doctor pvbll school eyiten, end with M oaglaeerlai Mbeoatractar I

Order te CM oly Tae Net Col. ILAia for the National Aeraaoatiea .. spae II I

witty Dnga rrofrtetor AdftUlttratioa (Sup. AIn AI.....,. above, bee
J ltd aTOitD flUMACIBTB TO Sort TOC- Joined the ..-.rt.rt start of itnb!* Oil B.- LS.z9C
flalag Qwpaay la Roiatoa ,I....., waa graduated
free Teiae SotiUeni Catvertity la 1IM. Me served
etlce-Rub* r Oooda-CaBdlee-tUKrl
la the Air Force three years, wet *f It U tie
Far laat lacltliag the Filllpptae. Ohlaawa aid
Ja*..iiu Satin he till be .1., techalcal worketU PILLSBURY

Lilly's Drug Store the heedwertera gr*,kitt grew that titer* WESSON
HMO Bad 9rdlBatet aril ef the made** prtat

lag and r,,""etl.. *f a wide variety ef aa-



\I( Wife urged

With SleyiujsAQr1.141 5 LB.
PKG. 490 24 02.BOTTLE.
39 C
tie* - firt.degree airier

things baa been placedagalBet

1 lee el '"... .. ---

wife la the fatal stab U.S. GOOD RIB, STEAK u. 69<
: hag of her baebaad.ne .
: y ". n., .eased. ire. rem

I tcerMdy, M .! b. DISH GOLDEN CORN i illS 25S

f .I-esr-eld .**..... ,
Tiffin. rwverl.dly bad :
bees drlailag a.l arg- IWIS'1
Ug Mealy before Ueta
.Mg toe plate at 4..
\:'.,, tidy BMe.Aceorglag. RKIUMD LONG GRAM lICE j j U. PII. 39<
.. ,.....,
one ire, ".raady eat late '.

f .yM, 1 ..... ad got a rifle. HUE PUn MAYONNAISIVEtCTOU HUT 39c
ttre to ea .ther
e nearLiI betUad before bellaarael

her. Sa* the SHORTENING I II. UI 59C
t : < .., isle the ,.....,
gr4*.4akt4re a4 .. '

you led his la the leg sadsow. fAa KTElG&tTFOiWOST ':; '"!' I1MT SB! 5ge

fte.. bled to death

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\ '.' \ '


: PACt _mi nun SATURDAY JUNE 5.iit5

13-Year Old Florida Memorial College Holds Impressive Graduation Rites I IA


l' fit





1 ; 1

l l

SARAH A. BLOCXER( 'AWARDS for meritorious and outstanding servicewere .-c
record FMC graduating class of 106 is pictured above, prepartoryto
Induction Into the FMC Alumni Association. Graduates received presented to the ladies pictured above, left to right: Mrs.
Minna Frank, Mrs. Fannie Smith Gaston, Mrs. Rosalie Gordon, Mrs.
Bachelor of Science degrees--eight of them in Religious Education,
eleven in English, twelve In Social Science, two in biology, and Naomi Grice Jackson, standing In for recipient Mrs. Goldie Long; 1
seventy-three in Elementary Education. (See graduates' list below) Mrs. Alfredle Robinson, Mrs. Nellie Holloway Meade, and Mrs.Flo
rence Street.


L Capping fifteen years' prexy of Florida I

d 1tl Memorial CollegePresident' R.W. Puryear Is
M' decorated with Grand Cross oi the Eloy Al-

faro International Foundation the Repub-

lic of Panama. An accompanying citation

presented at the same time reads win rec -
ognitlonof distinguished contributions'

to culture and humanity, and his outstand-
ing merit and accomplishments In the field

of education".Bestowing the award, I left ,

is Dr. Herman A. Bayern, American Provostof
the Foundation, assisted by Deputy Provost -
RECEPTION held following decoration of President Puryear shows Or. L. Lester Beacher.

left to right, Dr. A. Edward A. ffudsonr chairman Division of Natural -

NATHAN W. COLLIER AWARDS\ for meritorious and outstanding service Sciences and Mathematics, lege, of Jackson, Tenn.who .................................
were presented to dignitaries pictured above, left to right, Dr. acted as chairman of cercronIesjRev.Robert J. Lovett, special ass -

Mahlon Tasker PuryearByron Nelson Puryear, Oscar Roy Turner, John stant to President PuryearPresident; and Mrs. Puryear; Dr. and

Frank Neal ; second row: Clifton G. Dyson, Dr. Lawrence Lester Bea- Mrs. III rsch Lazaar Sllverman; Dr. and Mrs. L. Lester Beacher; Dr. oY1&JiWAt.

cher, Dr. Herman Arthur Bayern, Jay Gould Harvey, Rev. Charles B. Herman A. Bayern; and FMC's acting dean Kenneth J. Huenlnk. A

Da I ley, and Theodore Cornelius McCall. circ t.t-. to}

St. P.Dli Girl I -M' ,
Girl Seeks Pea Pals
Japanese : MMMI gwMwe ..I.IYManic .
Scuts Pin 01 till I. .tI,.. ...,....,.. '
Fla. Memorial College Awards v- ...J.fa.. r \
St. Paul AME Church's Toukou-fit. ,;_:-,ao .....
Girl Scout Troops :219 Eyowa-ku
281 and 293 have scheduled Nagoya-clty
Degrees To. Largest Class their last suaaer Q. My hen trttm. "k. U. MID ..) kelp Ihkk
at'*ctf totral lmadrf ..ResSM. silks? Ill follow whattt
outing for the vacation ., \mt year, has ta lH mtM .-... )w ........ So fr
;T. UGU,;TINENlne Jaxons were among the IOC graduates awarded sesson for Friday, June Dear Editor: bM for a week this MMMCT. ..."... .has "arW4%

Bachelor of Science degrees at Florida I Memorial College, In an Impressive 11 at beautiful Magnolia Allow ne Introduce myself. Mj name Js .Ow a die ptwratt..,...be_*._atrttl are su seed... A. A combination. of cu'
ceremony held on campus here May H. Lake.Mrs. Irene A. Ba..., Toahle Uuto, aged 16 and I an a Japanese kly prvWtM BOW le olwc *. else and camouflage should
.. = .. ...... ..
** aa+a..ue'fie ** )* ****** ***** } take aid how .. help.' Try inn ClerCltO; 5n.knc .
troop leader, announced. high: school student aspiring to correspondwith pick Ira s
graduating .; Eubanks: fit. Augu: McDonald; D..rfl.d SIMM alp, s*> 1 Ml lake crossed and point low
108 was the '; Thoass Oollln Eu Beach; joan JOI.IICI11, Girls planning on going American youths pf about rq age. ..> fId far toe dues, then up. Repeat :o
Barlow bathing Bust bring writ." You .ay be Interested to know that Japanese ,.eryatl l..c.tti..a. lane a day for each kg Sheer
the 73-year ." ., St. Augustine; Annie Ruth Mack ten peralsslon trot theirparents boys and drift art very eater for knowledge -. A.ySlote wing your Mocking* and plain
the Qslnss Marlanaa; Robert VictorMacifBt "" Ioew.cruol with medium hecti r"'r'
Mae Evans will
way fun
Mrs. Badge of the of write 't
> peoples .J. 41
down of degrees ;""- Aleiander" :. "etirsburgf'Barbara : stated. the your friend milk all your tr.p' .:look' UMiitt** .

shoved them to Ferguson, Itflaali; Jessie King Mallard.St.AugustlnejdAnn scouts, scouts and especially auet4MMM about whatyatll be ifMtdty high fancy heel trimmings will only
non States. Not the kind of otherl'lands dose,. what kinds of clothes
following : flowers, (Cum Lauds), ; Martin friends are Invited. ledge that one finds In ] you'll seed. and what the steno atieation sad make
elementary a; Annie Grace Pot Brooklyn, N.y.s: Lois The bua will leave Bt. weather is 1011... Make s check your ."klnQok\ .larger
geography and
In English 12 Vero Beach; Novella Thrope Martin Green Dove Paul '. history .IMI sad cut out all uoaeccMry Q. My .*. la o*,. I to re
AME Church 13th'
but the little things that interest iieim. Select wardrobe
your eo
tan I.e M bin Tmnloaje
Gloria pnperly
science 8 In ,Fountain Bt. springs; Yvonne and Myrtle, .t. .. .. young people every-J the MAS accettorw will to .besIeged. with. ktnoKhe
education, ; Marvin Edo Mitchell Bt. Augustine; with everything. Youll nave a Hw eM I hide tk .:
** where :
biology.in Oalnes,Mlaal Beach; Elizabeth Ann MobJey, number of dtnrrtnt outfit tf
addition Greene, palatka Webster; juanlta Mont flaslaaoe; Henry Lee I an particularly Interested] you coordinate mix-end-nutch A. Lied too-thicli makeup I
; I.i th. Pt. Lauderdale; In American 11 ft.bow Americans TOSH1R tkirn blouses than. tUckt. wont hide oily km bknu.he*
sonville .... Walter Hole Pu- goiery, Mulberry; Lewis Pack shoes and other
heavy or unless you try to corrtct them
Regeala Mertla Beith. live at hoes. how they think what they
ready nosed, the i.. Va. ; Ida Frances. Martin Mo ton. Coca; -Reginald bulky Items oa the bottom of loo. Are you following the ftnt
G&1.I.Uleu.hr jsaee "'ar,the kind of wile they listen to, the
ting group Merritt Island: Wllllasi Murray your suitcase lucking Mocking rule of good completion nreconmieal
Tate Clewletoo of that are telecast the sod other indifwnuMct such -
; prone types programs cteaaiing
Cua Laude) Augustine -
following: Cecelia Hunter Hsapton, ( ai Kleeaet tiuuet pocket pack mild thorough nd-ater
the hobbles they Map-e>
Annette Ta110r.1I11.bourn. books they read pursue.I
Elnora Boldin, Palatka ; Jlnye Lee Owens, laude shoes and into coroen., three
; ; Elnora Ann cleansing tune a day hevtemui.
style Lee TMblin. In
; beseech to help s
sincerely v
lost Start Bouie ; Melbourne; Dero- jasper; Marjorie Deloree you U, plank bottler '""f- So i Is the proper diet.Co .
Pearson Lakeland; Atlene Hastings.JIMS quest for knowledge, as well aa In gty attempt quarters full for makeup and eaty on fried food sad
Lois Olivia thy Ruthenla Heaatogvay, L. Tucker. hullCharles to Improve ny fanlllarlty with the cotogne. Check the weight of rich *-'t.. Make crisp carrot
ford; Audrey Orlando; Timothy Eugene peoples, Oalnesvlire; your beg oa the bathroom stick, *or celery your isNlweeil >
CPtgrow.Bt. should be
Dorot"1. Eugene
language. In exchange, I
Bradley, '. Herring.Live oak; pearl Geneva hurls presba English sale and you wool have use UtI(.*. Alwsys. uw afresh
Evelyn Brooks, le Grace Hester,Sanford; Mlddlsburi; RatherlaeAvataa Augustlns; Date Very happy to tell you many Interesting eipected o erw ighi' charges at powder' putt or Shut to
Novella Uptgrow, Bt. Augustine things about japan. the arpon. OM Un up: If kn. apply your makeup, bate
gustlae; Annie Marion Best Hopkins, Puryear New doubt, leave M at home. chM' ,'fW"pk.w.lftJ powder."
Brown palatka; toston-Balea., N.C. ; Rochelle N. T. ; Annie GeorgeVana we rake a friendly world by being a good wane valuable' "Kittige tp,.cew One of the medicated Ka.e.
Bently Brown,' Cotes Houston Lawtey; Bharan Ana Redden, Marl anna; Ulysses friend to someone In another country. I .h clothes. you 1& proheMy will help conceal and heal
Colnabue Barren, Live will be grateful to you If you can introduce never ..... mall Nemnhe
jeffery Bryant, Bettye Eaye Howard Arcadit4Joe Collins Red- Oak; Ruby Marie White, ery to aoaeone who wants to do the .............................,.........................t.....
Al .1
Beach *

I. C. i Jo-Ann 9>lney; Glover Dean Huston dick. Pompano :
B.achBeaJanln Dick Redioa, (Magna Ota Laudl),TuPa; same.
Clark4'. .. ; Vero ; pbonsa son .
Veronica Johnson 'U' Sincerely
Agnes Martha Franklin ; 5510, Cocoa; Melbourne; Lorenia Marshall IMPCIIIl SIMIIES
locke Bt. Augustine; Mao Toahle uuto
laban; Erneat Ernestine caapbell Jackson Robinson St. Augustine
Jaaea fllllaas, Tampa; PATENT MEDICIfCES CDiVETICS
Darby, Mlasl ; Hsvberry; Daniel ; Mary Louise
Marion jean ill 11 .... ALL LEAD no HAIR PUTATtATIONS
Dates, Jr ; Johnson, perry; Eddie Robinson Marl anna. Rebecca Alnui Completes Training
Betty Jean jaaea Johnson Live Oak: Hallaan Robinson pompano Beach; ShirleyMae Cor. Broad and Ashley Kl 4-2159!

(Cum laude), Sandra .Al sidle Kendrlck, Hill an dale; Franklin Delano Wllllaae, paaaea IAN ANTONIO. Tei.-Alr- Tralalsg Coeeaad (ATC)
City; Marjorle Ana Wood- D. _h.. Jr.. school at Aaarlllo Art
.Bprlngs. Ocala; Judy Msrtenla Rose Miasi, DonnleHentoa Baa George ..
ley Orlando; Sandra Mae sin of Mr. and Mrs.Oeorgetykes TSI. Mia sew gait la part
Arnold lendell LaC7.POIIPano Beach; Etty Br. of 1311 of the vast ATC systeaklch
TMPS; Annie Ann McCalla Caataaa, (pit Doris Beatrice Sanford Zslgler OjtUcy; Roberta Stuart Bt.. Jackaoavllle. tralae alraea asd ..... -
Belle GladeJohn Blade- Lee Hssdrlcke. Mcatgoery -' officers la the diverse !'....;a. -, :, TT. .. ,
lay Pt. ; Laude), Houston Teia has coepleted Air Force ; ..,.. ... .. ,..' '
Ala. t and Dorothy skills reaslred by the Janus Wesley Becloud, Vero ton jr. Bt. Augustine; basic sultan trsialag ,lY "1
Mlaal; Willie .1. Beach;Caroline McCollua, ETM Delos 1111IIO a.,Lak. Mae til son(Class of J.... at Lackland AI"I,. Tsi.Alraaa ..U.The alraaa'a aerospace la a force.1M4grsdsate .J.
has bees
JTorsyth. Oa.; Ft. Myers' ; imoeth Floyd land; Doris Yvonne Balta, roar. selected Bykea for technical of Mew BtaateaStMlor .. .
Nigh le1lG01.IOlDOI'S '
I tralaiag ae a sspelyspeolsllat 4,
at the Air ; k
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\ study 11th:
.OMf ....at.. florida
RICHARD L. incline AM
Oalvsrslty. OraAiatetaAeat
'' of WllliM Bell.

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'\ Sand 4.
a.Fr S, e. 7th QradM.

w r I -OaltarplaaoVolctTheoryAccordloa.' Tie latest Ku's. Hair Styles

*. Band sad OrchtatraXaatnuitnts.
Are Taught At The

Striae orch.*tra-Cla*. 6 hints Uaaooa.N9GPRAL .

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at its Best UMV8 C.MIg.I Of Milk

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Jobn H.l ldeG. B.8..M.8..M.Cd. Director. Iidisslitls, firth

... _. - .
_. --.. --- -- -- -


'. I \


Cemerce Secretiry Seeks Iirrister Hugs Up, 'Shingle' Sckeel Cuss Civil Rights Groups Support

Sippert Fer Seater \. Liwyer Gets
Cllb..sI.UlWlGDC ','f. { Uriels' RIikt-To-Work Attack

feedal3ecretary of Coeaerce John Top U. S. Pest IA.HIKaroH-IJp..Ua.l. behalf of the aajor civil
T. Connor called oa Aaerlcaaa
to lay a"foundstlon *
f right leaders of the
country, Mitchell,
tor your fa tor"* bIllPI...." by helping right NCT you.(NPI.A Little
director. NAACP
, bureau urged repeal of
tho quiet dlscrlalaatloa that boats the nation's Rock attorney la the
Senior au.... ............. 1 school desegregation Section 14b), the ao-called rIght-to-work provision -
of tilt raft-Hartley Labor Law.la teetl
The secretary Bade aaptelal cl tiara t.Tha r hoedown la 1937 aaa
nosy before aubooaailttee of the House Labor
atateaent for gift of a lone bean appointed executive ..... ...
alttee here, May JT. """ ".........
the President council life la precious. enough : : director of the President
Mitchell cited defending the
the active you are
oa AciD la coaatetloawith la itself. but that gift t *a council oa Equal
Senior Cltliens la needlessly despoiled Opportunity aupport or.anllt4l.bor right of colored people.
Month. for our felloe Americana AU,. IIley A. Braatoawaa gave to en act a ant ."
of the Civil lights Law a Republican
The Congreaaaaa
The atateacat Bald: by the burdens It BOW .; the first Negro to
nitre IB awldaaprtaddlacrlaiaatlOB !.poses. : graduate froa the Unveralty |- of 1M4 which includes amber of the
a section requiring fair Bubcoaaittee, ia an a-
la this According to the Cbaaarea of Arkanaaa
country that has nothing Departaent'a screw School of Law.Aa oaployaent practice by voved segregationist
to do with rats. creedor of tilt Census. t9 f ..'. lawyer la Pine Bluff both employers and un* Mitchell woke on behalf
color. It la quiet per cent of our elderly' ". and representative of ions of Roy ailklna.
.. *le know after long executive director.
the NAACP Local Defense NAACP
dlacrlBlaatloa. It askes have iacoaea under $3000 '
BO headlines aad there a ,.ar. Sixteen per cent p Fund the 41year are DO demonstrations oa hare ao !nooses at all. OTWS OFF!CK-Attorney John fXDue Jr. (center) la visited by C.B. Duraa (left) Branton represented he said "that ao-call Dr. Martin Luther King
behalf of its vlctlaa. T..tj per cent live laaabataadard and Attorney 'TaoaasY. Jenkins aa ha officially opens office for the practice Negro' children la the ed right-to-vort lees do and Jaiea Far.r.Reuins .
yet they wake up el.net housing of law ia TalIIIb...... Attorney Due la a 1963 graduate of the College of La. of Little Rock school case not live Metro workera
10 per cent of oar total Three alllioa eight Florida MIl University and a native of Indianapolis, Ind. Attorney Jenkins la when Oov.orval Faubua the rlattt to work. These
population."Iaa hundred thouaaad live Dean of the FAMU College of Law and president-elect of Albany State College, blocked the earning out Inns are" of no value in Grant
talklai about<< alone or with nm-relatives Albany, Ga. Btgraa la a pnalBant Tallahassee business of desegregation ord.,.. ending discrimination."
the tore thin IS allllonAaericane with lacoaea thatavenge hen Alabaaa repreaen' Dewitt Hall. Bioloty
taU,. GJ trill Aadrewa ..- instructor at Sueannee ,
we call Senior less that
|l'00 2 Job RetireeTo Collegehaa *
River Junior
d th.... ..a end eons a year for a en and tail pressed astonishment
over the ego of IS. By for ...." Tnvel that civil rights lead beat granted fellowship 1 i
New to attend the Radiation .
far the treat aajorlty era" ahould call for re
of thea enjoy nose of Waiver Rejects} ATLANTANPI! )"Ernest peal of Section 14b( ) In Biology institute for
code, Atlanta Hint of dlacrlalnatioa Collate Teachers of
the privileges aadaafferall UtM Phi. Any Depot
the disadvantagesofthat aipplng inspector has by aoae union, Mr.' Hit Science at St. Augu
...lorU,. Lose Cited ly COlE bad it--Job vise, that chill countered: "I.. tine's College in Raleigh .
11..... low lacoata. a la. Tkirty-eight yearn equally astonished that North Carolina.
feeling of abaadoaaeat BttXKlOOO. N.J Robert aad two careers entitle niB Rireeabury Cobb. Sage of Puducah and HUl Orht.' Huaorlst once said,
by the society they leaver, adalalatrator of ala to retlreaeat after "The way to write a book la to put a piece of paper in a typewriter, quickly
helped to build a depressing the Federal Hoaaiag sod 23 of the 3S la service rite; Chapter one, page one, then take a long rest before continuing."
I have aetrched: la vain tor advice oa hoe to write I therefore
sense of 'beim tone Plaaaca Agency haa la the U." Any and the a co 1&1I'I. I have
refaaed approve the other IS la civil ser decided the beet way lone to rite a column la aluply to put pen to paper and
old" aurely these are
not the records America eU,' arbaa reseal vice. start .rUIII,. TUla should not be too difficult for the subject la Boat IB. WHEN YOUR id L!" nJ
plan wfclch terestlag. Tour Social Security." SKIN CRIES.. zJY/
Barges CbutyCOu '
cuts to offer Ita older Bat It do... t seen
aaa oppoaed.auppreaaed that lag to the federal This newspaper, aa a public aervice to its asny readers la noshing this apace dim Tat ITtRIM, Mill IT OTlimT SI''ir ATUCUMM
Mall available each week ao that you say have official Intonation about law which ......./. '--to o..M. ...We. see .....MMM.e cIN_
by City a
Atterieylecenes civil service employee. .........._<._.._.!.... .l.....". bin lim.*tt muHm M...>"
for a aoath. leavera who will take It easy affect practically every OM.MHIM. and child hUla country, directly or la. nwil HftkilOvH.*Mme*.. ..1.d.....MIN/rNMe.WMa
latter to the ''101'',.'' BOW and perhapa. travel rectly. M1.1e.hS. 'e..deaee MM MIe.rl ML.. IM noose LOVsUsll -OO"P""ION
side public after ness aeft.il e."After. Here you will find anaeera to such questions aa: 'to I have to bate. a birth :N'I.nM\ ..ZZZT. Z' ..a= e1.-. 1.1..
Ile .KSXi! ::!:Z::
of It had certificate" "I .. house .>rter. Can I own social and sM.u p...NNyYre M..Mled...
leaked to the pay ay security? : ..
the nut few .= Iw"u" s. -.V
Author 'First1Nlf S M .e..ln e, =.= ,,. .:... ,.
local aewspaper.CPboldlat '. sloe BOB:>> tha la tie Any 'If I Bake mom than tiMO. rot III sew .
OILIAU"("'FnAtty. *- the coil the yearn Just flew by you will find the stories of real people hoe they got social security .M aw ...0..1e.1 he.e. -Nee .C...-'5.:::'"re I.N.a'e..1V NOS 1.
Ernest .N. Morlal. aro.,.' Mateatlaaa.leaver and before I r.alll.d.23 benefits nod what the benefits scent to UI_. you'II lean something of the 5,1055 e1.... Mee t/e; ..:;;:....

.aa snore la last neck vrota: tie fact of thea had '....d. I wait the people la the social:>> security office do for you. ah en and If the ao* KIN-SUCCESS. ge>seep.'
aa aaalataat U.S. at. that the i .aa ready for retireBeat da security lee la disnied ...11 eirialn the diangea hers'
taraey for the State ofLoaialaaa p r' opoeed ," Finally. we Invite you to send questions you asy have about social security to

hosing the sites art Aa a private, life laU this alum Address questions to, 'The Florida 'Ktar,** vial security' Rdl:
flratofhla race to hold ithla a I Any waa Interesting tor. 400 teat Ashley "fttret. Jtckaonvllle, Florida.WMkiis .
the position la Lealalaaa. predoailaaatly and laforaatlve. Re
served at Fort Rlley la
fie oath of office war trooectloalof the horse" cavalry and MAXWELL HOUSE ,
adalaiatered by Federal the city for II years he rode' Justakoutevery
District lodge Herbert and the horse OB the ]
t. carlateaberry la the fact that oaMu et post, Ia un Cade vac To labor
U.S. District Court, the pablle bossing soils seat to Fort Kill. oala. COFFEE69C ;
Mortal a aetlve of Me* a ald coattItate a aajarreloeatiaa shore he tralaed la the MIAMI--Orianlaed labor ; .
Orleaaa sod graduate of resource for field artl 11...,... 1913 .aa advlaedtofollow1 too
Xavier' aalveralty elth aa. Negro f Mil lea displaced he sailed to Dileadsits ....... set t>y soae of
.ft. la ....h... adala by the urban reaeaalpragma the ISOth Field the leadlag isdustrlsl' Thw LIANTITY
latratloa. also eajoya lead aa to ooa- Artillery batallloa. Mia corporations la opening i 11. RIG 73 RISER VD
an>taer first.N elude that the current alt landed la Fraace la .p job orponunltlaa for
aaa the first .Metro proposals ...1. sabataatlally July HAt ... Negro eerkera by RoyIlklaa. CINWill AJAX
to be graduated trot the contribute. to.llOrlt ear* a cad private esecatlve director U.M iRntt
la* school of Loalelaaa group eegregatlaa Cade has become N/Sft. of Ue NUrp. laan
tate aalvereity, Baton la the public ,"a. Ca4e end had part I el paled address prepared for ron urn
tone, presently be au silt la two caaalgaa. After delivery here before the
practices la. la theoffice Barnes Coaaty COM had service la Oeraaay la coaveatlea of the la. DETERGENTr
charted, la addition
af veteraa Atty.A that the aoBber of salts 1131. Cade ear aaalgaed. teraatlaaal Ladiea Oar HERSHEY'S 59CS
P Taraaad' sod laprealdeat proposed ass adequate.. Fort adds, Va. set bracers tuba Aff $
af the .Neeorleus here he served until no.
that they tore too high
NAACP braaca. retlreaeajt f roe> tke Are Industry the .NAACP
aad that the plaaeoatalaed
Married Ui the (erect Me cue ta Atlanta to leader' said "1' anvlac
Sybil Neydel. the couple laprevlag ao pravlalaaafar blighted visit his fealty abort ly to open hitherto closed U GARDel Monte Productsr -
has three U.r... area. after his ailltary .'1''. egar.ent ceteenrlea to
_wit id 4 Negro appllcenta. It laeendlat
latervlew teens IU 1..11 nnr'Ill

to college. cep.a. far
the express ,.,.,... of """LIZ.
eaplefleg pRwIslag Me 19C COCKTAIL
1 tra gradestee la -11.- 11.11 II 5

collar aid terhaleslpositloaa. MINE fill IIIU US.
It la aettletp
laplaat training
ea.roes IIISIn's 111 I..nI
Ia parwaiat tkis movie.

he presiding added, jobs frwilaeee' "la.r SUGAR TOMATO CATSUP

Some people occupied ay Hegreeetore. M- 39C

If aeaeiwaat ,*. LIMIT I S LIZ, LISnn ,. .
treek oat of Oe patternof
......ta.... e rteJa' UJI ii 1111 nil IIln STYLI
stick a label on 1r.rgentsed l.r-16 ilL rut[ lUll lUlU ,.IILY

cl alas to M avere nodal, COIN IU cusP
ly c.ado s ttaaae M.* MORTON POT
their diet cola.e sent. caa 4a Jibed...
la fact, lakor mould *.,
better." IUf 5rOl $1
Aa aa ladJeatlea of la. I ES

bet's aeakealat caa* CIICIlI. TIIIIYS _
cle.aae.e of Ito reeaalblllty ..
\\ la tale ores ill Inn IILII CU&I STYLI
ir. Hlklaa died a ,. S

sent editorial by peterT. 99 6 1 1SUGAI
stake our name of. aepleoaera B4lMeaeM. president end FIN. 'Oze m cus

Pitt,. Dies, AfL-ao. _

on ours. Mr.dale exaoeaeaa tf hussies urged Ie ta< CREEK SMOKED C..C.VAC) mgt 111.1,

la** alacritytraap

Mater take SB aollcaata!.. far I I C CHUCK STEAK
'D..I' .1..ln. jln: u\ 59CUMIIiU

tleae takes by aooelacaja. .. II.
.** ir. -<*.--.

rote, "tkle preble

la too aaay aaaea baa Such fANCY GOLDEN IANTAM!
aat yet hoes solved sod
'- the ..... of tlae arerwaiag
oat." BACON 53C


i ......-....... 3..e son
-crew ye.e MO f.l nor
......-... e..w.... w see' i
... tII M....' C

W/e ye-*'KM"..M..roe..-ease.stz.eaf.eeMen.lee.-' PEAS J lIS. 2S 1 0 rAtsSITUHAT 39 c


-- -. -
-- -- H .,_ .

I .. \}l ,

tixt i TAI firm SATURDAY 1SNE) 5.i3isFAMU

1 ._._ J __
H -- -- -- -- -- -

Placement' Bureau's Aid Haitian Consul FAMUan ROTC Inkkg. Mode Available Dade To Graduate

Sought To Fill Job Positions Indicted In Receives To Mraml Dade Jr. CoNeges

TALLAHASSEE-Aid of the Her. Clinton C. CWlD1n,- SmugglingMIAMINPIA Miami PostTALLAHASSEEA Any and Air Force ROTC will be available to Ml- 11,000 Seniors

baa, director of placement at Florida MM University ami-Dade Junior College students in the fall underan
has been enlisted by Prank Cowan Jr., asaoclate -. federal arrangeaent worked out between M-DJC and the More than 11,000 seniors examinations on a ne-
director the Greater Miami urban League, grand jury last week indicted major AtM University, Frank sociology Wllllai University of Miami.Mleai .5x555555555.55!555.555 ..a record nuaber tional buls.

In obtaining qualified applicants for two challenging the Haiti an consul is -Dade president one hour of classroom will receive diploma First to don their cape
Cowan, jr., associate
career opportunities in the fields of economics here and four Americans director of the Oreater Peter uaslko. Jr. announced wort and approximately froa Dade County's 17 and gowns in this year's
and business on charges of exporting that junior College >> one and a hal f hours of high, schools this year graduation eierclseswlll

The positions for which preferable, :with two surplus united States Miami received urban his League. He credit will be a- drill weekly. Miai-Dade la a rash of JUDe cere- be students fro Booker
applicants are being exposure to economicsand Military planes to Haiti warded for the Military students enrolled at the Bonles. T. taahlagtOa, Miami

sough tat the PANU place- statistics desirable. A federal judge would and from his FAMU la June training courses to be North Campus are ached Of those, st lout 60 Edison and Miami Central
meet office are; tech- ." Facility in set the bend for Consul 1963, master'sdegree held on the UM campus. nled on Thursday afternoons percent base on a fol with ceremonies scheduledfor

nfcian, economics department fundamental mathematical Rudolpho Baboun and the froa Atlanta University All full tlme ale students ; those at the In- low-up study of last June 4. *
with a beginning computations la essential four other men, accordingto August 1964 enrolled In pre- terla South Campus on year's graduates will Largest of the classes
salary of $400 per ; and familiaritywith a spokesman at the U. The son of Kr. and Mrs. professional programs at Thursday Mornings; ac- Move on to trek the hal Is will b. southwest MlMl'

month and naxlaun! $500 desk calculators S. attorney' office.The' Frank Cowan, sr. of the Junior College will cordlng to present plans. of the nation's colleges Hlch's with 1,274 students
palatka. he received bit
per' month; and loan specialist and their operations is five were accused of be eligible to apply. Participation In ei Others will hit the job receiving sheep-

03-9, paying desirable, but can be sneaking the T-23 planes spool elementary and high Under present Military therof the programs will market or move on to sklDS Hard behind will
education at Cecw
a salary of n.200, depending learned on the Job if out of Florida last en rolls en t limitations involve no additional types of training. be Coral Gables High
on training, experience necessary. September and flying it is expected that approxlsately costs to the student Last year 766 of Dad,' with 1,107 and Hialeah

and OS statue Specializations of them to Haiti for $10.000 200 of the other than a normal student graduates received scholarships High with 1, 193. Also

applicants if other the loan specialist OS- each M-DJC applicants will be activity fee which with a yearly topping the thousandark
qualifications In or 9, are in the areas ofagricultural A third plane was reportedly accepted for the initial entitles hia to participate value of 1830.431 to help will be Miami Nor-
to be confis program. he said.University then obtain college
der. commercial in Military land with 1.011 and
The economics department realty and general Cited, but the craft was of Miami student activities. 'The training of these 343 North Miami High with
technician's job loan. slezed at the opalocka, Military science pro fee- ROTC furnlahesboth books ere girls and 421 were 1,001
POlL airport by federal I Col.>> !Richard Banks, U.i boys.
and unlfonaStudents
requirement lists .,11., Undine up the exercises
*** ** ** *
officials Be- .
on Oct 1 Army, and Lt. col. Arthur who coaplete Altogether Dade graduates ikl be George faabincton

boom although foreign I Rochlln, U.S. Air the first two years of received 13.1'70.291 Carver and North Dade

Miami Beach ShortsDon't diplomat would be subject Force, will direct the ,DOTC becoMe eligible for including .. *," High Schools oa June 9

to the charges and ,Junior College programs. participation In a full- explains Miss Margaret with smallest of tbeclasaea.

: 'Jook now, but the lowly freshwater catfish penalties if convicted Both the Any and Air tuition scholsrahip pro. alike,. director of Carver graduating -

has joined with the lordly sailfish, marlin, tarpon indicted with him were Force courses are planned gram which includes guidance, Much of it for 128: and North Dade
and other noted trophies as one of the 34 species Robert Dorsey, airplane to Include classroom instruction books fees and an additional Merit in competitive 1 57,

of fish recognized by the Metropolitan Mimi broker opalocka, and tral Academy Elementary and drill and ISO per aonth.

fishing tournament. The catfish and the black baas three pilots, Randall Lee and High SchoolPalatka.At will fulfill all requirements The Amy\ ROTC offers tot
are the only two freshwater dwellers for which the ( Tex) Ethrldge, west Florida AtM be was to preparethe thsss scholarshipsand Nltllllt Pllllilt Miciiil Sputsr

'tourney will award citation It was accepted when isle Beach; Robert EBplnlng elected to aeabership in student for entrance the Air Force all at
and lAst IN!" aTON. Do C.-Dr.Leender TAtLA'l* -nx-n-en ce
the toumsaent extended its territory to include Alpha Kape Delta honorSociety. into advanced ROTC at a University, of Ml ail.
Robert Vincent Smith, J. Shaw, dean of meat eierclae for toe
developing 'sports areas in the Everglades west of He was also senior college or uni
Miami, Have you bad your furs the Florida AaM Delver.city third trimester at Florida -
active member of
aa a
this city for its 30th renewal December-April versity.RequlrcMcnts.
today?Thls Japanese word Graduate School AIM Ualverelty.Tsllahassee. .
Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity -
196588. .............. It't Good Manner To Sigma Tau Mu Debating call for tranalates as Bathl Tallahassee, baa bee till beheld
Keep }ourlelClean Society and the appointed to serve oa a on Saturday ewrn-
It is estimated 1,950,000 vacationers expended
Cleanliness It much County Schedule Honors national coaalttee of leg August 7. at 9 o'
'380,no, 000 in this resort city during 1964. Ofthis : si an aspect TMCA
of good manners ai a well- the National Associationof clock.
sum, approximately 66 per cent was Included Amber of the Methodist -
modulated voice appropriate For 120 School Board RetireesHow
State Universities, The speaker .111 be
church he la mar
in tabs for lodging and food. dress, and knowing which forkto
tied and has would like to teach 1,000 n'hu and Lwd-Orat COlh.... John H. Johnson president -
use ya
two sons. you
,..............' No one should be asked to alt ._..............u....._.u..__. Dr. She will serve on of the Johnson rublishlng -
Attenesa c.at'lri.mutuel .Dprta in Florida. has increased next to a person who has obrioutly .BendChurch Dade Coalt,' School ,County Board of Public the Federal Ooventaeot Coapaay.Chi

nearly 40 per .cent in the last 10 .years. nngcrnklla not bathed are grubby recently, and, whose whose : a Social Ness Board will honor. 120eaployee Instruction end Dr. Joe' and Graduate .Education tern and publisher of-
Pari-autuel sporta in the state Include thoroughbred hair U limp and stringy with soil 7bMIAMI who are retiring Hall, euperiatendeot of CoesUtteoof Acacia [IBOiT JET sad other
and harness racing. Greyhound; racing and Jed STAR this year at special school a.will present each tion's Division of Graduate national periodicals.
Ala All these are available to Mlaal Beach visitors Every womin's b* uty routine 738 NI 3rd Are. or cereaoalee Wednesday retiring eaploye with a work.
must Include lots of soaping,
through most of the winter season tubbing. and scrubbing, Call 377-1033 (Jim* 2) at 4 p.a. fraaed resolution of appreciation -
--- ------ Of these
6* are teachers for their
whose coablaed yeras years'of service to the

of service total 2,119 boys and girls of ode

PICK THE RIGHT years. County.

In addition, S3 oth....., Applying a little Modert -

bus drivers cafeteria math to the sitestlon Oh That Young Blood Feeling !
workers, 1dII1Dhtnton.IIcut..I. the average nuaber
... .*!!! clad of years of service to
up BM years of OMblned education for retireesis

service to youth or a 2) of which 11 were

NUMBERS AND WIN grand total of 3,073 la Dade. Ohl That Young Blood Feellnf!
years The list Includes Holding the honor of t

a librarian a cook, a the longest record of al1R

baker a stock! clerk, service to children Is sistc&;
Willis Inspector, four Miss Lillian Itat. er.a TONIC
head ouatodlaas, a carpenter teacher at North Waal W .
CASH ft> ... Now the senior high elth 4IHyears11 $ aJ>:Vitamin enriched LIQUID 01'' TABLETS
$1,260 seventh largest public' of tile here. I FEEL GOOD AGAIN FASTI!

school system la the nation Hard .behind. her is Mrs.

. Dade hires nearly Doris ft. Casa. a teach IRON/VITAMINS

17,000 eaployee of which er at Buena Vista *4saeatary -

14,800 are full time. with 41 years
Mrs. Lyle M. Roberts, II of then here. WMBMSpotlight

.ON WAME-1260 chairmen oft".DdeC.IIIIUI..1

SpnkirT loci! Han Predict' Of The Week

ALLAH ASSB-*Dr. I. K.CoaJje. AccidentlyElectrocuted Miami Florida
ON YOUR : professor la the

RADIO'I Florida AM university
S 0radiate school and the
Jde Russell Spaaa. 24,
Departaeat SecoaiaryCducetloa. was acct de tally l electrocuted
was Ue eosjaeaeeaeat I
while wort lag oa a
Weaker May :23
at Llaoola jsator College. well digglag operatlealast
WIN $1,260 Suadsy at .270 MMtfe
Port pierce
:t. It. .poU ce reported.

.. : lavitatloaa He ass also to accepted deliver Spaaa was plaelag a 30-
; .
si I foot piece of galvaalgedpipe

the coaaeacaaeat following speeches schools at lato place and...tIIlh. heloathlsbaleace ..

: durisg Ut aoaUof Juae: "
; trying to regal It. (Breed ,
-WIN $1 260 W.f Combs Riga School- the pipe lato contact I.. ""
Port taltca Ian .,
tJ .... wltaa7$ 0 volt Ugh tea $15-
; Jane K O'ftrlea ugh fA.
sloa Use.Artificial.
'S ,', \ .:'.1 ,'Ij,' caool, 0' 'rl_. Pla.. MfDALOSTYli[ *HJ

J,:,,; ..\" ...' \, $ rune J: sad Jeakiaa Riga seed at the scene reaplratiea by oil -S e. -r-':=-:=5r':-:: '-::
Seaoal Perry, Pie, w yM
i .' Meta
fan malts sad tellers -
: : : ; June 4. --;: ::. ,.... ...
t ... ,.
Aabalaace failed to revive .
:; : ;: :: WIN $1 260i the victim.Mader =:'.......-. ... It I env U. ....

; .' .) TspMS 1T Snip "'(:==.

TCLAMASSn a ester ,.. :
: .
t of Ue Florida M. Vat GbrliUvteer "

!" versity fscilty. Or. Paltstilritu1let ......,. -= c-r:; CIlllIiJ>

\ S Theodore a. Cooper, has / la all affairs ef 8'E-
been elected to the Jta- :=n r.:..OaCTTrrtes
tloaal Register of MMeatleaal lire-be, ..maw. Taal' ...... 'Toa. ..... ..
CASH' Researchers a... aiekaeea. etc, LeetyOaraa. -see- 1545(5155e. .....,.. -

for the arrest acadeaieDeri Lacty Ova tarty ..=-p=-s Mw m
lame, sere te a* hN eer 5Mr --
1 ear. a4fel U.t she east :&cv-c':1-
the jeer Dr. m -- r....
eg beta. tMtH at: toa B.W. ..::. : r 5d15ir
Coooer alas served a* a Seth 5treet.Pwrittd301Ogee n. wwi .: .. w .-r.--o.-A

Jury of esdl..vls.elgeelalist a *, eat n It.... ...rerM,4 :.,"" ;..aaT....5.r.e:.r
attdylag ... -
$ salt a .....,. U..u4 islast. :
Tie Co a teat sad Pat- Pla pre visit teAOM &iilt1lCAU'-.. ..9.' .__:...:S C'" =.. .-:... -..-...
WAME DIAL-1260 ten for Ue pfofeaslcsulTraiaiM etll .. -. -- -
.f AaJiaTiaaalSpecialists. .test Ue nosh ff9twM..1 a4 ya. e..r:= ..-::- -= ... ...

luUoaalIt. r tit }U AtIlt 1l .. .,;Jl t.l4=:'::' ...
I ." pTle ...-. .:::-..:.= s s.1. a...b5. .., era,.*

-- -- ---

.. ..
- --. .. .... .... -.
'. ,
vI -

f e f ,
-I- ? "
r t I
ciTtiDfiiv IDlE c. m till mus tier I

Gov. Haydon BurnsChief To Serve As Orange Blossom Classic's Honorary ChairmanWillie

Executive Accepts lid Top RoliysAiriif Orange Park Dragger At Thunderbolt Raceway bailey Receives Top

From Florida A&M's President !
At ART Sports Fete
VlLtKMSStK Th* honorable RaydD* Buns, governor
of Florida will nerve u honorary chain of the For Jill 6 OKEOKDOIO N.C.-ttllle Beaslcy. the star fullback

33rd Annual Orante Bios so. Classic and '..th&] that aakea chaaploa with the MT College Agflrs, last week WSN
o-Ut..Dr. George f. Oore Jr.president of Florida track and field athlete honored with the top sUilctle ...rd at the col 1ege'a
At* university, Is the cb&111111\, annual All-Sports Ranouet.Beaaley .
The orange Blossoa ....................... run and jump? HOW do a graduating..................... .. .
they trout what activate
Classic festivities Involve serve aa honorary chair- the*? The aaawsra senior and who has already to "lift your brad froa
a two da.J weekend ... of the orange Blosaoa will be provided whim been signed to a the ground for your competition
cllaaxed hy football Classic sad FestivalCoeaittee 'torts la Action" professional football 11 straight a-
gas, the first Saturday for 1985."I presents a full-hour of contract with the San head and Dr. Albert

la Decesiber la Mlaal.The .. thoroughly cogalaaat highlights of the O>>ap- y Diego Charge. was presented Spruill. professor of
grid contest catches the of the iaportaace toa Relays, oae of thDatlo. y MA the Philadelphia education at the college
host Florida AIM university of this annual sane to .' top outdoor Alumni Chapter Trophy' who gave a salute froa

Rattlers against our state progress and ..et.. oa Sunday Jane 6 which goes annually to the Aggie sally. Mitchell
the best football tea* I aa delighted to have (I: .,:30 p..1ST). the "best all round la the off-season
available la the Orange ay aaae associated with Jla Simpson la host- athlete." works two Jobs u asrket-
Bowl stadia that Saturday the COIIat t te.." coasisatator of the pro The jack Olbaoo Meaorlal lag representlve for the

night The opponent Florida's governors Ir... Stunt Schulberg P Y Trophy' which coos to Pepsi-Cola Coapany sad
Is not Baaed until the through the years have la the producer. the top senior athlete, with an insurance firm

-Iddlt of November of served honorary chair- Veering away fro. the went to Ernest Nutty, a he owns.
-- ... conventional TV coverageof varsity sad oa the football Other athletes recslv

FllSOl HIS track aad field .- .. teaa for the past lug special awards la
vents 'VBC Sports la four years. eluded: l'botba11.Qrftl&&

Greit PotoitM' Action" will delve Into Sanay Battles of Omit Put ia out of the stay top drat race driven who feature The affair held la Oor do a, most valuable
the backgrounds and Brown Hall featured playerClifton; Nattbeaeast
personalities the thrilling variety of competition every Saturday night at Thunderbolt ,
r Siys Trainer of owe of Raceway, 10 alien south of Jacksonville on U.S. IT. Saturday night tw jet can speeches by Bobby Mitchell outstanding playsr;
the world a beet trackperfo..r. the aeasatioaalflankorback llllaa Sinclair, line-
eapableofhlttlag 275 ailea in hoar IB ala seconds" on a quarter mile trick will
/ Nil TOR--Baa Deign .. These close- eoBpeto against oat another.Thls Is another first for Florida drat racing.Ostes with the nan, and this Bethea;
Charger defecates sad ups will be designed to open at 130 p." and the races start at 8:30.Dotsoi : aahlagtoa tad Skins, Basketball. Irving Mul-
larl raison baa the potential add a rare dimension to who urged the athletes car. aost valuable
and increased player Robert Blunders.
Interest ;
I. to betas the la SotTo Spotlight OR Sports moat outstanding player
strongest aaa la the the actual eoapetltloa. Hayes TippdAMOIJ ;
tebber, best all-
i world says toner V. "
Olympic tralaer Alvia AIIo., the subjects of Play II BOZOf! DCATH POINTS' UP NttD FOR COMMISSIONER Nation's round player aDd Sylvester .
I the closs-ups will lie Now that heavyweight onny Bank la gone the way of Aden, rookie;

OOY. BURS: toy.According to aa article N' zealaad's peter AM-Star SottoBXTfALO.N.rSpecial the late Bennie (kid) Paret. sports writers can be Top Athletes Beiaalng. Albert ..It..

each year I. the current lure of Smell the Olympia chaa )- expected to sodas to their typewriters politicians NCT TOW CITt.N-T.-Bob sect valuable; waiter
and world to their podlnaa/ and the cynlei to their soap scares, must outstanding
The weekend Is filled SPORT ..,ul... Roy has pine record Alphoaae Dotsoa. All-A- Hayes was honored her
with slaty.persona owe seen the all-foot five holder la the alle; Ji.tjvs aerlcaa tackle from hoses to denounce toting anew aa a crude, evil sport recently by the National and Albert Moore, rookie.

froai allover the country lack: Palaoa .beach-press the Wichita. Kan Qraabllsg Collage, labeled that rivals la brutality the feeding of huaana to Ac ad aay of Sport a* the Other honored Included
each year to attend the 150 pounds" la apar-of- schoolboy who already by .,rla.- beasts la the lain Coliseua during the earl, days Tjutataadlng Track and Baseball, Cllftoa Matthew

gale and take part tn the the-aoaeat tests of baa cracked the four- scarred compatriots a* of Christianity. Field Athlete of I.*.." *, moat valuable;
events held during the strength alaute mile barrier; lob the beat piece of grid The protest aay take a while to reach MI pitch The Florida, AIM University Michael 81 th. most out-
Schul. of Daytoa. because neither Banks then who flattened ataadlng and Lloyd Lltht
ceekead10 has been Ohio ucbl'lf1l. the achool'a nor
Bays Roy Tarl la the apistsr ... oa* of
estlaated that industry host ....Ulc.t phyalealapeclaea Olyaple gold aedallat lathe history, baa accepted aa kia with an overhand right that put bla away for 30 athletes accorded foot, rookie; track,
pours epee MS. 000 Into I've ever ..... S.OOO-aster eva and lavitatioa to play lathe good, was a world better Bnks. you' see, and Leo- honor at a iJO-s-plat I.t.... who tied or sum
special activities.whileanother He has this aatursl world record holder lathe fifth annual All-A.erica. tie Hartla. his opponent la the Philadelphiafight dinner benefiting the la each he participated
$100.000fespest) two-.U.; Allltralh'. Football game froa *>lch fenny never recovered, were lOt la during the year lathe
palllag power, If Earl March of 01.... The dia-
by tens durlsi the week.Blae had started Son Clarke, world chaa here oa Juae pits /. even rated challengers for the heavyweight title shot put and who
llftlagweights met was held lathe Grand
the pins la the three-Bile for which champ caaatus MuhaMad All and also sioelled la the
OBC cue to at the cue la sponsored ( ) Clay
it Russians
Ballrooa of th* .New fork
Miaal la 1147 gaa at. woald have had to and ala-sile rut and the by the AMrleaa Football Son, Li s ton battled oa May 35, although la a Mtltoa Motel, The booo- discus thro, waa votedall
teadaaee has averaged give ap the port 10,000 rater; ..rlca' Coachee Asaoclatloa, it general sort of a .,.both considered tbea*elves !honors.I .
rosad 40,000 f.... A However the Chargers .best broad Jasper Ralph Pita the top 60 All.A- la Use for It. rlflery cu>petltlen.Adi .

record: of 47, Sal 1" Paid don't pay the three-tlae Boatoa>> sad Oeorge young, ..rlc.. players la aaKastfest But you can bet goer last buck that eventually Rousseau received
edalssloss was recorded all-league aelecttoo for this coaatry'a top Contest televised either the scribes. or the politicians will&1)I..t around the moat valuable award,
durisg the fl 0ac.1t Is llftlag weight, the steeplechaser.Bharlag ..U.uU, oa 171tatloas. to aaklag a toed dwend for the outlawingef mold aid ".... Bruner was
brlleved that over 50.000 6PORT article enphaaiaea.Karl bllllag with boilsg aa a aport. lair death ]Ilkoparet'a.aad honored as the most out.
spectators wltsesswd the who earaa chest the athlatea will be OM ouad.. comprised ofplayers that of Davey Moore, a real scrapper who died standing.Roe .
.... fM.OOO .yea, ..U.. coverage of the actual East of the defeadtsg his featherweight title agalaat Sugar aid prsaeta, star
These events are planned Ooaptea Relate la the MtMUalppl will reviewed and sad oath* football tea
hia eae .f the highest liver .111 Raws, cited as awes la point
all supervised by aaeiecetlve Lo' Aagclea Collse>> **). A- be coached who this euaaer will Jala
paid 11..... la the by Are par to prove that bonus la an evil goodfornothlBgsport. ,
coaalttee of leases, la aye *f the moat the top event will aeghlaa ef Notre 0.... the Cleveland Brown.waspreeeated
officials fro. Florida eat eeaslstest play- b* the alt run. ,Uti.. while the feat s.ssd Perhaps la say that the deaths of Banks, psret, the ALL'CIAA
AM diversity end a wreckera ia football. snail agslast a field *f will be touted by Freak and sooreare regrettable sic .... to those cawpalgalag aeard.nt .
citizens advisory *o*' Host coaches agree that naaers.all of uboa have Broyles of the cslver- sgaleet boilag to be much too alld reaction
Itted composed of ladle hi a ratal M aad tackllsg some the route la wader sin of Arkansas.Dotsoi. but I find I cannot solely blase the f..
vldsala la and aromad are eiceptleaal. four alsates; the 110- a a-4 .s-posed taJ 1 Ulloa the beast I ail ty of flstflgntlsg. any
the Steal d... 14... Bat Palses has bier yard raa fsaturlag Caada *- art major slgsed a retorted store than I could call football brutally UnseenbeoMse BOtMATUreee in ni em ear i

Deaeritte. president of held but by a llagerlaf Bill Crotber 150,000 contract two aerctlaaa tackle happen to gang up oaa were the gut ef tujbt tnHti sun mi
the Mlaal Chapter of the kaee Injury, *1 had a .a* of the unties fast- lilt the laasss city ball carrier and banded the life out of hlaThetw the City of .New ,or'. I lull NI NftUIHT. .
PAID General Alaaal As- bad year last aeaaoa becaaae act half-alters; sad the Chiefs la Deceaber.M > sports are dlsslallsrone a oootsst with fists The Aeadaijr Star Award,
eociauoe.ls, vice-chair I'" worried .....t wove.)** races featarlagOlyaplaaa hurled hleself at beteeea two !lei) the other a ooabat between two erlglssl sports east .
aaaofthe OBC a and ttoe. ay u..,"a. ..,.. ',.* Siesta Tyss ball carriers with each tome of sea Yet, tins the standpolat *f inherent VSlSBt tO the MtlOapicture
la a letter to Or fere 11 tnst it fro" the bgiaalsg *- larll,. nite. Barbara fierce glee that apartwrltera danger and asphaal oa attach each has its crude Oscar Award, waapreaeated :
Governor Buns said: "I sort seaaoa aad Farrell and rtdltaOalr ye- aa*>d tie to one polsta.n to each ath

will be east pleased to then watch: .. ..." *. major All.Aa.rleaa tees.C.aeh point Is, however, that neither deasaclatla leis II...,. ef th* awards -

Rattler Cited Eddie aoblases nor slop will be of ova use to the prizefighters ,r prea.atlsg every ...
sails ala absolutely or tie Sue Itself flat I Ie seeded 1* aajor sport sere se'
Old Photographs For StvdiesTAU.ANAIIEVtugese t,......... addlag awe corrective subs oa a aatloswlde scale. soled by the Asadeayaeabers. I ,
that Dotaoa ha few peer It Id who. are lie
yet show be obvl e* to even the moat essa -
lit Startiig Today at his poaltloa.Ciiiikti ] observer that theee stopgap .....,.. will sot sports editor tree ly0of I
help toklag ss a whole very ..e*. tb* ..Uo,' largest
60 Haye. a gsard *a the hcirlTCL .... ,
Nest .. *.
Fiends MM hat boilsg seeds la tb* sake of It* tragedlee.frastratlea RfMOYESYOOR
ttfit?-a>aoh Rd-
football *.and frvitt CMdals, I* federal 41- Maya established world
'"' PBfUl Hi*! liftri Mtfrfcf was aaaed the "MtMtotaadlag teen ward F. Ofleetv, beadbaAetball riches through a astlesal house co..I 1110'" record la the 10, 70.
*t senda and 100 yard daahee.Wakh .
.&8'-t-' ofthe with power to regulate the sport froe top to bat
1K2 Ca hrr ASM OB I", 1t7. has
a career reoord lit
at .... The .- tJBtll profeesleeal boslag, I* controlled lit* th* This Qovi A RAZOR.
CWIt4, H fetal 1 aad tl .**.... 0-
ward la baaed apoa aeko1 gleewy bee Mtloaal level Ue ....n say be sipected to .*..
awe bead ants
teal biros lactic ackleveaeat. .f U* Isttlersls 1150. tlaw oa its present carne. to be sacked by tor- II 121 14 WITHOUT STRONG

soil, eaafsst, lad *f proper standards, and, 51
Reed Memorial lisohiM .1Ir1U.t.I,. to be sneered by Ue blood *f helpvlttiaa. 21 31 ODORS' !
Royal Art StudioSOCIAL loifio !., .
.... .. .. 1
a N w .
< Joe A U. .
rver t* Jess *. tat .*d.satloa. It what I* seeded.Yeith ,
OKZXA7::: 1M. p-.........Co (tola>> re Rosy traerVVKUT. leey. ged & esy N gal
COMMERCIAL STUDIO. SERVICE June t---....*.......tis.r v* Carver Camp lutcutif IIMHCIJ 1 s.rJ:! I a ..SMaeaui 1 e* ve .
All flayed rNherl. .... ..... .*4 e4...Ue
genes *t alaoad Johaoaoj at 4 p.c.Dial 5 2 NMI sat ._ pest UsesM
Opeas Jilt 13 TcSne *m.TAlLMlAIID.'J Me s spw.e ...,.
515 DAVIS ST. Stew OIIlh.h.n... IU U 21 In ..,..... fee rse .s e.aLwb
SlftlrlllMOMMY. League a a "rll ....... ... wars. ,...
a MiS, .grist M', If Atlsate 'foo. "u be .... and e.uw .... Vealpplerlr.le.s
I... 7"........Mustangs .. 001(MeiersTT0CAT. shoot a ride. pitch a the *** .isg opsestsof IS 57 21 weaet > bse.
/eae ......... .. U. '''rl.. M. Vlaa. 'l MsSM cud ,..h ward bfROYUCRWfNl
ELGIN 4-U94 0ldniger vs Sprite test; aad pdle a ciao Bo.etlMa aV .Pty s ..-. .... rubes.Lw .
VCnnOAT 7a.* -.........Play bey* vMtagsTXVRS3AT. are sal, aaall part ef vorelt, Isttlers The .* ..ta..* See Does b" ...
JSB It.....Bays lose grid ., 'ill he fle add, sbtrsts,
CLOSED AU DAY TUESDAYS v* "* triteFRItvir. the u. .... prerM at J Jtleaial
/..* H.......toldflager v* playboy u. youth Cseervatlee plasod at : ....0.. M* verb U all aresadOtaqui
aaetla* T:. .... at Parental Nome Hawoa4AfgrOS law .. U. Ossla la- dt.4 tear II II Irsgg It,. AntACT1v'tn113 11-aawab a'r.a

Forest !

Sip ................ I
TM Ovft lose ,. Qo *
T> tow T* lot
Cage Stir H.. 'J Days

4tQltS010A: has.ketail LOW PRICES Are Nmbind SHAVINGMnuroat

tar at the Sigh **.. Bay ore .*..
PUt nlllaa pens Sigh 0* your .*,*.." aealth aad FIr PIER
s Beam ha slgdsgraetla Us CM B. ,*.,. Pies
aid agre" ..*t U ester DRUG STORE NEEDS ye. taee leer U ky Pay*
lilt Iea.b lnus4u
AT. 0.lle.* this fall.Terae Trade tit* leer Mi"brWe4 Orwg Mote L uy C.lr* ft*. I* ...., r....eI .
talker, a ,-, se4 .09 fr
n yefild
mar un men tat u ton LOCAL P4ae >>
eater la baasethall a DIU,.,.,** ales fill ail Sestets pTMf0tl, Mrsc for
track star sad .** last
..a***) ear aaaed to the
tiS; r AI'r Mrtb Crll High Dixie Fill la tat >!*** .bela
BdhMt AU1HI AMMt- Pharmacy a4 Mil U ZODIAC. Feet
ties AlI'BCat Football Cities Bag H7I. I.*....

tea will play *...ot* 1X2 lilts lu4 At Mirth, lftlpa fill i. Fl.rldsS..N. i
ball at ATI .
aaa*..ia. De *igala runt tu. SSSIMIPIT ........

g. besd Coach Csl ,. -I 1TIIa'f..............._..
irvla sold talker I* a* Till UJBI. IIHI MI mmm Mai 11M M II w/lag udetS .
eitetasdlsg *..*deraad
M1'I"' l/gpMf. .
... toy Mrr vita situ AT III STIII IIIm..W--W' NWISeIe'.'
4- bla toe*.

_____ ___:....... ,'t..m.--. _

I \

( 1 .


Afro's BohyContest Women's Job Heed Start Charged I.J In Mother Midway :(.eiders.

Set (Concimisa from psgej) (Continued from pue'1f: } Continued from page 1)' AME Church (Continued: from page l)

oludlni visit by In* held at 1816 W. 20th St. mid when they. reached Rev: w.joces, pastor ,a'mental institution for

For June 7-10 t.nh..u to the home The program will pro Pine inn be went In, will preach his Sunday 'treatment la July, 1964

of her parents. Comprehanslve vide free kindergarten 'THB AIRPORT ELECTION is all over and those who returned in a few minutes morning's sermon from after young Powell's
4 Babies between the ages teats will b..daini.t.r.eS training She 4, 5 and 8 were for It and those who were "against It.. the and slapped her ...ain.'Th. the theme, "The Robe." death. The police lieutenant .

of ill weeks and two to help year-old children from whites, that la .. are sipping cock tails.together.Bit suspect said she If yon could like to also charges' Parser -

lean old will bt liven determine just what kind fsallies ,with an annual .Moses' boys are still pouting at each other. opened her pocketbook, know who made Jesus urged bin arrest on

free exsalnatlons June 7 of Job training la likelyto incomeof $3,000 or less. Maybe, they're; conscious that they; didn't do such took a pistol from It, Christ's Robe, for what a murder charge. '

through June 10 at the suit the applicant's Project Head Start, of a rod job after .. when you consider all the money and shot Bartley once. purpose It... made, and The second suit seeking

I Bone office of the Afro abilities.The which 90 per cent of the they squeezed out Mayor Hitter' "airport co. She said the victim took what became of it, yon 13.79 million from Rev

American Life insurance three groups sponsoring cost is being met by the a1 tt..." the pistol from her are specially invited to Ring Farmer "and

Company located at 101 the recruitment Office of Economic opportunity BITTER PILL .- Poor Negroes who hate the least opened the car door and corns to Mother Midway others" holds them responsible

, But Union St. program here are the Is open to to gain out of the proposed airport were duped by fell to the ground. Sunday at 11 a.m. and for printing
Clinic hours for lamination United Church women, National children of all races in "Negro leaders" into supporting the election Assisted by two men, join in with th officers and distributing bandbllla .

will be fro 9 Council of Negro Duval County, but preference which the wealthy construction people and concession Miss Brown put Bartley and members am they offer bearing Oilllgaa' .

.... to 11 a.BExamlnatlona. 90:10 and national will be given to operators wanted. Many poor! folk have already Into the car and rushed their beat In divine picture and inscribedwith

will bt Council of. Jewish "men. children who live in the received notices of Increased evaluation of their him to Duval Medical service to our creatorand the words "wanted
conducted by Dr. 9. W. general area designated Center Enroute, they Maker. "
for murder
Lily Whites Change property which win mean more taxes...sod the worst
Scbell jr Medical be served In Bol dell' a application la yet to come when they get slapped with the air- were stopped tr.J. Florida And as the pastor COD.ducti The "others" eased
Director aDS Dr. C. B. Dedication Date to the officeof port tax. Highway patrol car for his discourse, defendants In this wit
1 prizes will be let' a all pry that Ood'n
Economic Opportunity. vm-POVERTY folk wondering what's taking them speeding The tropper are William Eptonchair
awarded to the healthiest For New TempleAn Employment In the program so long to name an assistant director. Gordon Bunche escorted them to the Spirit will nest us st man, progressive Labor
babiea. la also open to all hospital. the church as we lay our movement Michael Creno-
official proclamation whitewas naned director in quick time, without ;
All babies and Botherswill lives on the altar forservice.
frog Grand President races. a hitch but It looks like we're having the Ylck,prtlld'Dt. TTl-Une

receive souvenirs C. Blythe Andrews, Award Given aaoe old scrabbling over naming a Negro assistant. Bishop WalkerTo ..Rev. J. I. JonesORDHl -- Offset. Company, Inc.a
and each baby entering
sr baa been received Talk Is that Prank Hampton Is trying to block Lewis printing firm and Jessie
the clinic will receive announcing that the dedication Noted Chemist Carter, the urban League Secretary, who did a good Address OP SERVICE Gray leader of the Harlem
services will begin with
cash wUl'I
a prizeprizee deal of the drudge work on the poverty and rent strikes.Organizations .
I awarded PridyJune 10 of the Lily QIICAGO--(NPI)-"The na program Cooper GradsThe Sunday School at 0:30 named
held the Initial workshop of the poverty deal before in
I White Temple In Tampa
tionally-renowned chemist a.m. with Brother 8.C.H.rt .
at 4 P.m. la the Aisembly baccalureate service thin second salt are
will be held June 27 in- the Connunlty Coumitteewas formed Hampton
Dr. Percy Superintendent,
noon of Afro-Aserican NeaMtt. at Cooper Acadeaiywill CORE the ProgressiveLabor
wants to Samuel
stead of young
Sept. 26.
last week received the ac4 teachers supervising.Holy .
Life insurance Company.A .
be held tonight movement, the Har-
Mrs Louella Price Silver plaque Award top It's going to be Interesting to see whether themembers Communion will b.cel.brated .
Friday beginning at Ism Defense Council and
of the antipoverty committee
of Lodge 217 are goingto
honor of the NationalConference church at 11 am. to
child sand pall la just is requesting the attendance of Christians let Hampton dictate to them who should be hired 7:30 p.m.. at the be followed with the TrlLlne.A
2032 Benedict Rd. third action accord-
the sis for members of who should 1 not.
right toting of all and Jews.The sermon preached by the
The program Is; pieceseimal lag to Gllligan'a attorney
soap or detergent suds for 217 and 218 to meet at award, presented ata Am. ERNEST JACKSON/ popped in town fro. Tallahassee pastor
.ar March of leplanned
minor household .eesh ups Trinity Baptist Burch luncheon in the pick- ,where he's holding down a project consul Communion rites for the against
auch aa sticky door knobs Monday June 1, at 7 p.lI. Congress hotel tant's post on the poverty pro,,..... ...anUa. two The Priest'hymn solo; ; selection sick and shut-ins ..illbe,1n the National Broadcast-

of bis ace office gala have gone Into other fields Cooper;selection; chorus Tvoone; at I: 4S p... Evening lag company with two la television connection
Lenretha Hogan baa gone to the Internal Revenue
service gets underway
introduction of speaker,
shows on which Dr. King
and Earl en e fade's activities are unknown...Otis .
president ...C.H. Cooper; at 6:30: p.m.The
and Farmer appeared last
Speights in firewater Hospital with another heart
TO HELP KEEP speaker Bishop j. w. pastor 1m reojuestlagtbe ,
attack Cecil (T-U Star edition) richer out of services of the July
Walker selection, chorus;
Brewster after a "succeeding" operation. An order wasalgned Jut
YOUR FAMILY WELL stewards, stewardess.missionaries .
FED. remarks, adjournment
.. Polk are tee-heelng about the way Mayor Miter's recessional trustees. week by Justice Rican
two tan aides are behaving, watching each oth.r.on. corn asking that NBCdisclose
BUY AtP's Choirs and and
OWN BRANDS! Sunday at I p.m. the 1.2 3. Information
doesn't want the other to see "the leader" commencement service Usher, Boards 1 and 2 to
unless he knows about it..tee-hee-hee. 'Then there concerning the July 20
will be held prelude; serve during the major
la Prank and E:. J. "Lawdy" Norman who were on the services. broadcast and anther
outs, but made to work for the airport ..and folk processional; hymn on July 2VPallbearers
I SHOP AND SAVE AT YOUR : up scripture Rev, B. Frank- Each member Is expected
are watching certain moves to see Ibo' going to lln; selection chorus; to be at the Lord'
out-maneuver whotee-hee-hwe-hee and cbn't count Union
Table. Visitors are alwayswelooas.
Tvonne Cooper -
FRIENDLY A&P out 'Senator" Ralph Maultaby who baa a penchant of speaker, president Slates Heeling
for play the Ralph Bunche role and might just wind Cooper; sleaker Rev Mrs. ,.I. Adams will be
::\\.:::;}!{ Pallbearers Grand tl ion
up picking the spoil after the la over J.S. Johnson paator of organist for. the day.
3000 W. 45th ST. Lodge 1221 will meet
SOMETHING BIO they say la about to bit the fan St. Stephen ANt Church;
Tuesday June l, la theeducational
which when, and If released should tell who'a election, chorus; awardltg tell your neighbor
IN FLORADALE been doing what In the much talked about school of certificates, building
Mt.Ararat $sptistCburch.Mrs. .
system scandal. But there are whimpers that pressure Rev. ft. Franklin; recessional .
Marguerite Dcaaistbe
la being brought to bear on moms of the sea Temp and Cir

"SUPER-RIGHT" TENDER SHOULDER, bars of the group who gathered the Intonation. 80 cumstance." 1+- ,members prealdeat to be present tries all aa

don: t be surprised If some sort of pay-off doesn't
Central BaptistChurch matters of Importance
prevent the "peper") fro being released
will be discussed.
I LAMB ROAST 35 MEANTIME there are eons loaa-standing NAACP members i .
(b.Un..U.or.DOt) who are pushing hard for The Sunday school will

the trial and di ami. seal of NAACP prexy Rutledge begin at I: 11 ,.. with ; Sell 'loot! Ctlfttt

Pearson. Deacon L. Thoapsoa la
f ,
NIP BAMS was cut off the negro airport ooealttee charge > o.A
STERN BEEF I HEM rouSAUSAGE payroll rather abruptly because of his aeaoclatlona 'The morning worship will ,Mvrtlf Ave *n4 Aderm fWr fl 4 '4i, .

and then bad to wait a week after the election begin at 11 ....111. pastor '
CHUCK ROAST a for a six-mllar paycheck..bo-ho-bo. piII.TNOamong Rev R.Leaader 4*tut l.nm_
.' SUCH WHITING . .. ,LI. |9.
many la that la view of Big Willie I th, Joaee will speak on the HVMMI H>M .*.>* Tut M*, M pea tv?
n. 390 3L1s..89C efforts to conduct business and pro vide employment subject ,"The Meaning MUM OCIAM TROUT .. .. .h. LI. Its

I for: many, it would be tempering Justice with mercy of Bsptlmm."Bsptlsm will JUMBO SHRIMP Lb. $1.20

If begot a suspended sentence obstructing,Justice beheld at this service. MED. LARGE SHRIMP Lb. 89c

for which be was convicted. There's agreement that The Juniors will bold SMALL FANCY SHRIMP .Lb. 49c

the circumstances under which be committed perjary their Bible Study at I ,.... ,., a-I .

8LdcOT74. .. though wrong are understandable. 'P..., and Choir rehear MANGO SNA" .. ....LI. Ifs
.. sal at p... YIUOW TAIL SNAPPER ...... ....LI. Hi
2 Negroes The ITV Hoar .111 beheld fLOUNDll-lc-c Jewbee ......... l1. He
** *
UIDIUM WHITING ...... ... lEtc
(Contiaoed from pagan 1) at 5:4J: P.*. MID. MULUT ZOc La. ...,. ..... f LB. tie
his physician. Erealag to ramp will bar LUGI Rot MULLET .... ..;. ... .. t1. 2"
SEWINK NUIINESFOI Hiss Maloae, who la gls at T P.m. The Pastor SHUPHIAD .... . U. n.

SALE still considering several will glveCommninlom meditation DRUM ."V" .c-.... ....._........./S.ae l...... LI. 21.STIAK .

Job offers said iate- entitled''TheChristian's FISH l1 Ui
Brad New ZlMPortablea < had worked at hU"Boly SHAD ROE Pemeh i Plash Peee, .P. 49.

flight patat the gratloa Cnlverslty of Ala. Communion and Christian PUILISS SPICKU TROUT l/ 4..

scratch |W. SO e*. Taeeeaackiaea Fellowship will be given swap raw ewN
atiaef bvttoa- b.... She said the ata- SQUID I b S u. PI1L . .. U. 4Se
dents were much more receptive at.tkls time.Vlattore'. OYSTIIS p., Ian .. SISOf
5SpirklingFlavors hole sake faacy tacks DO. than whea are al ..,.
vlthcMt attachaeaU. Free
she entered. eel onus..
KOLA hose trial Ml t. foreyth. "I tklak they wanted Weekly activities are:

0. l-sm. bat were *>s4ay,. p.m. Missionary
to be (then) ,
GRAPE U.DZ afraid." ...U... Tuesday T f .

1 15 00 p...,11 ble Study; prayer
ORANGE CANS $1] IIIKICE OEA8TY SLOP 1 meetlag. S p.m.; Wednes

im Uses goat "''eelal1. I day I ,... Choir 2 re*

BEER la Hair ''''11.,. tia' met I besrulT cr.day. I .... ;
rwnearsaj.OEAITICIAIS. tl
a ewt. IS.M.senler HairStyles Chair I f Jr

$J./0. PreTeeaa.I. I II "
.00.Weave* la h1r.II. 10. I r
Call mrs.Joaaaon. /-Nll. Boous. fr Mat. d
III i. -Jebe welliesTlelete ItSSS .JM4134SOS4

CREAM PIES BEER 01 ALE lest-..* Ageaey

\ KIP MANTES alt Met .... Weettery,
Fit SAL!
3"- ii 00 "mill ,. SecrttmryTypist, ".f. ./1 FofTttsifirst tagoa/

I 19 $1 ElperS eneed. Good in I one wit joo gets

HI IOITUS Bigllah.ovtr 22 yrs. '",.r, Ttf $ bit It Marry P1.. star! '
Give all details,

I WriteRnplojer: P.O. Pea .h TH UrM 04323 oaerisf... RdPAMIEI .. e

mm' nut SLAIN' riui ntinGOLDEN Box im.Jtx l.Pla .
...... teas: yew a.. ** a44reeeas
FANCY RICE CORN Hal eat ... uncle .
Young man. over 22,
a aeeevllekeeaeers Mew .ally...4 Natty aa4
driver's lie.Depend et prayer

5 :i 59C 10 :::; 39cI able Florida.Good star Ref.Applr, 2323 fer yea. triteMTE11 .tarter' leaage. taster Mser Barters aewmaaMeeiemt. '

FHHHE SHIMS aa4 leery o,.,. .,*. Call
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