Florida star

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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200664datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date May 22, 1965dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006640740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
May 22, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
May 22, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
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University of Florida!

Gainesville Florida







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Court Suit
Seeking New Worlds To Conquer

Fair TrialIn
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to iMedlatelyce4uct ads _Ih... 'coach .*.leefal .u....,." .10 helped stits U.till! colored People filch ",. are not I* a pe* at. Dwat* to tb. reliltie to ."take

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the Advaeeeoeet of ofrce (,.*..*.. reality tbe ." ..t.. .** Itfcy CrltkefFellowly ..* literal Ueeo h .It.... 4 rew < l U... i*pair 01 b.!.>.
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R 4latIfplaoopal .e oaraed Sic Mite,** held.til f..r>fM.ttold DersU7 Cmity Eaters lkhap Prism IlellHre.tl Negro acts *v" I* rwa ,

decree fro Ree ,..r.I..raU" triplet oltbtlly tee lUSh roaaltef It < for ally .*.*...... t/r* t

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S talks.till. | Herder tblrety for spoiler for the keell..It.t. e/orvleoi flun .caadldat
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.W all* cOeU..*. 0* r..* bl) tte ojerte ...... fOaitlM t 4 a* a... .Las) J trl" pellc eel 4. ........ alr.r.lei isO *.,.. rasa -.a* .*< hares, ...It eelo. re wtlb

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( {

Published by the Florid Star HublUMm Cb.

ERIC 0. SIMPSON..........Niiiiiil Editor : ; j\ ; $ "* %f If Esc SHUSH

:: ALYSON E. WISE..,......... KINS Eiitir, The U.S. Commission/ on Civil Rights last

HILDA WOOTEN,......... Circilitioi Hiiifil Thursday recommended that new Federal voting -
legislation include provisions abolishing

PLANT literacy tests in any form and elial-
I nating the poll tax. The Commission urged

2323 M.icrlif Rod Pkoai Elfii 4-1121 assignwnt of Federal poll watchers and

direct registration of applicants by Federal -
Miiliit Address G QQ examiners in areas where such exaai*

P.O. Bn 561, lacks.ivillt 1 Florida \\ nere have been appointed.In .
\ its 74-page report VOTING IN MISSIS3IP

. MIAMI OFFICE PI.released last week the Commission also
recommended that the President explore use

138 HI 3ri Ail. Phiu 311-1025 of the resources of Federal agencies -

to encourage registration -

and votln,.The commission}.

IIURClr.RipTIIN RATS proposed that Federal factliI f

ties and personnel be
One Year, $9. 00 Half Year, $4.00 to Improve the dissemination?
Mailed to You Anywhere In the United State
I of voting information and to] ,
Subscription payable in advance l y rI provide training and education!
1 Rend Check or Money Order to:
f- in citizenship and voting

FLORIfI RTAR P.O. BOX 5M rights.
in based field investigations
Jack Ron1111.1, FJorH The report upon
It conducted during 1964 which culminated -

I in formal hearings held by the Fed

eral civil rights agency in Jackson,Mississippi

The Soul Of Black in February 1965., It documents the
FolkIn Connisslon' finding that 'since 1875 Negroes

in Mississippi have been systematically

sociologist 1903 W.F..B.wrote DuBois"The the Soul late of Black Negro THE I I DOORS OF INDUSTRY HAVE OPENED. Will THEY RESPOND? excluded enactment from" the fraud franchise and violence.by, legislative "

Folk" in which he extolled the problems The 6-nenber Conn 1 Mion stated that despite
experiences, and social disenfranchisement f
vigorous efforts by the Department of
of the Negro following freedom from sla- have
justice. existing Federal

very. proven too slow and cumbersome, and have
DuBOis' book, the first contemporary and
state officials unwilling
been by
looked into
compassionate analysis, deep
enforce Federal law.
the "Negro Problem, searched for the
/ the basis of its investigations and the
reasons and the feelings of the people. He
of witnesses the Commissionfound
testimony ,
gave a historical account of the Negro's !
slow progressand told of the factors that 4 that:
Couity registrars in a large number of
helped to shape this progress. He singledout
counties discriminate against
the leaders of the day with praise and Mississippi
Negroes in the administration of voting
criticism and explained the reasons for
his criticisms. teats
Mississippi's poll tax was established
Educator Booker T. Washington was one of ii '
2 as a discriminatory/ device and continuesto
the leaders singled out, because Washington's _
be so used in many counties.
ambition regarding the Negro's need .intimidation,threats of violence and'ec.'
for education and economic progress was

good and honest. His Tuskegee Institute ARIESBorn MOllie reprisal havepreventedNegroes from
CANCERBorn and vote.
to register
as an industrial training school has LIBRABorn
a- March 21st thru CAPRICORN
June 22nd thru of public. education afforded
The quality :
chieved great success to that end. But his April 19th Sept. 23rd thru Born Dec. 22nd thru '
July Negroes in Mississippi has been so poor
apology for Negroes in their efforts to MARS,YOUR RULING PLANET Oct. 23rd Jan. 19th- '
SINCE, that test of educational skills .s-:
acquire equal rights, and his suggestionsof IS IN AN ANGLE Of YOUR UNDER THE IMPACT OF THE THE FULL MOON MARKS A
prerequisite to voting is inherently un-
were his greatest shortcomings. TO FOCUS YOUR ENERGY< RELATIONSHIPS! PEOPLE
-As. result of the foregoing an estimated ,
CONSIDER THE EFFECT: 7 percent of the state s Negroes of
voting are registered to vote, while
CAN BE EXPECTED TO MING rare than 70 percent of voting. age whitesare
lem still exists and is highlighted in every .STRESSFUL PROB IONS STRESS. THE NEED THE, TUG OF NEGA I
aspect of American" life. Faction LtMt DISTRACTING' PEOPLE AND 11104'TIONAL FOR COMPROMISE' AND AD. \
PEOPLE OR CIRCUMSTANCES TlVE EMOTIONS AND THE The Commission' also examine-; efforts by ]|
throughout the nation are still seeking to OR CONDITIONS MAY JUSTMCNTS SHOULD IE RECOGNIZED. TROUBLES OF OTHERS LONG increase
organizations to Negroregistration
deny abuse and disenfranchise the Negro CELL ARISC MOM TIME' TO INTO YOUR LIFE .TAKE NO CHANCES ENOUGH TO PRESERVE YOUR private ,
WHERE RELATIONS in MI.al".lrllt..lnly \
OTHERS ARE CONCERNED. .IT OBJECTIVE VIEVOINT AND the activities of the coordinating group
Ironically, even today the of the PART OP THIS MONTH AND SETTLEMENTS UNTIL
progress WOULD *E WELL: FOR YOU PRIVACY.IAVI NO PART OF known as COP (Council of Federated Or-
Negro is slow and varied. It is ture, howeverthat IT WILL St NECESSARY. FOR YOU HAVE A MORE CLEAR
under the leadership of such YOU TO SHUN ALLOWING
men PONDER WHAT YOU SAY, THIS TIME.THERE is A generally these efforts dldLnot succeed
have become ENTERS YOUR SO* in registering large Negroes,
somewhat' more organize and PROM DUTI ISIUGI" no.
,, out that voter registration workers -
intensified. But in most cases, the old CHORES, OR OTHER OILIGA.TI AND
NUMBER OF GOOD ASPECTS bad to contend with the barrier of the
problems still exist and ON'.BY THE 28 TM OP THE
LEST THEY LEAD TO UN- IN THE WEEKS AHEAO UNTILIT registration teat, as well as "fears of
divided on ideas principles and tactics MONTH, MARS MOVES INTO
The late Malcolm was one of those modern! A MORE PEACEFUL SIGN .
AUGERS WILL FOR IMPROVE* officials and violence. The report also
leaders who advocated the separate society ALLOWING) OTHERS TO TOWN TY THAT YOU WILL WANT TO MINT OF YOUR SITION IN TROUBLED.EARLY JUNE IS A cited a special survey prepared for the
theory, and was assassinated for his ad WHERE YOU ARE CONCERNED TIME WHEN YOU SHOULD GIVE
CHANCE YOUR MIND AN OPINIONS LIFE AND THE POSSIBLE Coat.l1mhlch revealed that many Negro
vocacy. IN COMING' SUNS ACHIEVEMENT' OF DESIRED SPECIAL ATTENTION TO YOUR teachers in Mississippi do not register
'1Iat' DuBois called the "Soul" of Black AGAINST INVOLVEMENT IN
MORE THAN ONCE| SO IT AMBITIONS OR HONORS. WORK IN THE WORLD PHY and vote because they: are afraid they will
folk was the helplessness suffering, THE DANGER TO YOUR HEALTH WOULD BE WELL TO DEFER 4-90! -33*15-M*4)3 SICAL WELFARE, AND THE lose their .
and the wanton feeling of the poor Ignorant AND INTERESTS IS. LES CONCRETE COMMITMENTS) UNTIL INTERESTS OF DEPENDENTS commission noted encouraging "evi

indigenous Negro of his day. Today, SENEO. YOU AR< MORE SURE OF SCORPIOBorn 0* ANY PETS IN YOUR CHAR.
dence of the beginning of a change of at-
by means of his limited economic and educational 5-30-22;1 3-M-532 YOUR INFORMATION AMbVIEWS. Oct. 24th thru et. titude Mississippi towards Federal law."

progress, hin progress in race TAURUSBorn Nov. 22nd l-IOOllUMtl. |
also suggested steps Mississippi officials -
I relations, by direct actions, aggressive April 20th thru '.90-77-15-2469 7 MARS Y"NIIIIYOUII SOLAR AQUARIUSBorn might take to encourage Negroes
leadership and governmental assistance May 20th
ELEVENTH MOUSE, AltO Jan. 20th thru to vote emphasizing that neither existingnor
Negro is gradually becoming a part of the THE QUARTER MOON ON THE
LEO SINCE URANUS AND PLUTO Feb. 18th pending Federal legislation would'.interfere
OF DEAR Born July 23rd thru ARE ALSO'INTHJS SEC VtNU ENTERS YOUR SOLAR with "local efforts to eliminate



If you want to know the best way to drive FOR YOU AND FOLKS WITH .IS A TIME' WHEN YOU SHOULD ARE CONCERNED. SOME OF IHOULD DO MUCH TO HELP the voting sessions of the Mississippi



Just drop into a service station and get a NOT A GOOD PERIOOFOR 'ISIS EXPECTATIONS OF UPON. YOUR RESOURCE! SON IMPROVEMENT "headless host" ss DuBois called

road map. But. it wasn't always RO--" the SPECULATION OR ANY OTHER FINANCIAL, GAIN OR FAVORS HEALTH, AND WORKING, EFFICIENCY IN YOUR EMPLOYMENT CIRCLEOR the Negro masses, has in part somewhat removed

early days of motoring will tell you. TYPE OF RISKY VENTURE, MAY BE: TEMPORARILY DIE.APPOINTED MLpYOU ARE DEALINGS WITH PEOPLE the tell of ignorance and fear, :has

An article In petroleum Today traces the MONEY PROBLEMS COULD A. OR DELAYED NOW. VERY MUCH ON GUARD.TEU WHO AID YOU SHOULD BE become so '11.p'. and affixed to the progress

history of road "naps, and It. quite a RISE IN CONNECTION WITH, AT THE TIME OF THE FULL TRANSITS WILL ALSO HAVE EVIDENT UNDER THIS TRANSIT ..de. that it has developed Into s

fttfry. Before the turn of the century, the ENTERTAINING, RICREA. MOON YOU MAY FIND YOURSELF AN INFLUENCE WHERE IN* PARTICULARLY DURING race with such unique values that' "the

few motorists of the time" generally had to TIONAL PURSUITS HEART CAUGHT 'UP I IN A SAVIOr COMC FROM VOUR BUSINESS THE LAST. TEN DAN OP THEMONTH. soul of black folk." the .cripUy\pbru.

defend for navigation upon maps designed INTERESTS, AND THE PER ENTRETAININGORPLSASURABLE .. OR PROFESSION I IS CONCERN PLEASURABLE PURSUITS as DuBois conceived It, oo lOGier applies.

bicyclists. The problems this created SONAL AFFAIRS or LOVEOONES. PURSUITS' DUE TO ED. CAN NAVE A RSLAI 'Doul" today is a by-product: of the Negro -

need no elaboration Then guidebooks pre .. THE INFLUENCE. or FRIENDSANO S7O1MS17371SAGITTARIUS UPON INSANOKMFICIAL YOUR PHVSICAL'EL.FARE EFFECT. situation, which Is given to mean the

pared especially motorists began making. e .zo.n.U.IZ LOVED ONES. NOW, MD THIS MAT uniqueness of the Negro feeling as be expresses

their appearance. They were helpful but OEIlINIBorn '.-S5-I.-n-t4S BE IAI11CUlA5ltVIDtRT it la his music, his poetry, and

limited in scope. Directions often depend- Hay 21at thru Born NOT. 23rd ,thru art.
ded upon such phrases an "turn right at June 2lst VIRGO D ',. 2Ut It has become a commercial: thing in which

the red barn," or "take the left fork at THE FULL MOON MAY REQUIRE Born Aug. 23rd thru WITH JU ITER, TOUR RULING INTO" THIS AND' THE lAMe SUN ANGLE MOVE OF he sells and markets his valoueness. U If
Jones' general store." Sept. 22nd it were a
product he has
Various Innovations also made their appearance NICH WILL HUPOLSTER MARS IH YOUR SIGN CON YOUR SON-SIGN SOW, YOU a pember of the American society and he
..p" which was attached to the and .... It is more than
car ALLIANCES, OR .UIlVI.A'UII'' IN "WHICH YOU MAY PINS Ironic that la 100 years
revolved as the car moved, mile by ilt. AND IRRITABLE IN LESS ONEROUS. since the end of slavery the
YOUR GENERAL PUiLlC' RE YOURSELF AT A 01 SADA* 7.>>....1 -C1.7M Negro problem
Others were based on the picture book principle LATIONS. LET OTHERS HAYS PERSONAL DEALINGS WITH TAGE IN COMPETITIVE should still exlst.lt is even more Illogical -

with photographs showing a driver'seye THE INITIATIVE' NOW YOU OTHERS THI SPUR TO ACTIVITY FIELDS. THIS WOULD BE AVERY PISCES sad tacoagruous that the simple fact

view of key landaarks. All had disadvantages GAIN HOST IY REACTING MAVBENARO TO RESIST POOR PERIOD FOR El. Born Feb. 19th thru of the color of a persoa's skis. or the

and none were really successful. CONSTRUCTIVELY AND IN A BUT IT IS ESSENTIAL PECTING LUCIV BRIAsS IN March 30thMARS memory of some Ignorant ly-basod Heal should

'Then, in 1914, an oil company issued the COOPERATIVE WAY IN DEAL NOW THAT YOU FALL I INLINE LEGAL AFFAIRS, OR ANY CONTEST IN ,TOW OPPOSITE make a person unacceptable la a society

first free road saps through its service I NG $ITH CONFLICTING CONDITIONS WITH THE OBJECTIVES FOR POPULARITY, AND SIGN. AND THE PLANETS u* founded from the sssembllag of people of

stations, and a new age in car navigation OR ANY OTHER OF PEOPLE WHO SHOULD BE INFLUENCE WHERE OTHER BUMS AND PLUTO TWISt all race, colors, tad creeds.

was launched.Today, aGIle 200 Million laps, TEMPORARY CRISIS THE DIRECTING CAREER I.. PEOPLE ARE CONCERNED. MOW A STRONG ACCENT UPON Ie may witJI..1a the ant quarter century

loaded with accurate information. given CONTINUED' PRESENCE OF TERSSTS.PARENTAL AFFAIRSOR AT THE SAME TINE. IT CAN YOUR ALLIANCES WISH e- many more changes and diversities ia the

by the oil companies each year. QTMSR MATTERS. DOH'T awakening of America, bat

So,nowadays. you have to try hard to get MOUSE TOGETHER WITH URANUS LET YOUR TEMPER OR DESKS TMROUON YOU Matt 0*> AL- W.AT TMSRE MAT KDEVELOPMENTS the 20th ceatary Is still the problem of

lost. motoring! TO 'INITIATE THINGS the color Use. it therefore


The inherent voice of capitalism is the GAINIT TROUBLESOME PEOPLE LINES WHIG WOULD INVITE CIRCLE IP VOW ARE WILL* COMMITMENTS OR EFFORTS "IIoItr of this gnat society to pet as

unequal sharing of blessingsthe inherent AND IVENTS AROUND DISAPPROVAL DURING THE ING TO CST GMT MO MIST TO COOPERATE w._ ASSOC cad to the problem fey d..Uacltb it directly -

virtue of socialism is the equal sharingof YOU MM OP OPERATIONS FIRST NAIF. 9* THE MONfM." PEOPLE. IATES. wad DOt living i. aeparatlt'

miseries.'Sir Winston Churchill. Z.IO-ULI..U.ZlJ ..3>........111 Io-<<).44.is4"SIt ..I>Uotl.1Wu aad iadiffa.oce.

---..- ... .-- M

1 r/ I -- I

j' f

I ,' .
HP' >'. ,
"- '


SJ tl" ___ ipt.ig-: '_ Association Captivates JaxoNS With Progressive Programs During Annual Convention

(OPERATION SUCCESS.nlQht easily bo the term applied tow ; j -- 7

; last week's' May 16-20 session of the Orange Blossom?
State Cosmetologist Association, Inc, No, 123 which' tr
convened1 here In It* ?fith 5nno51 mnvnntlnn. %1t 4 ,


I 1

1h +

_; a W ; -

---- -
_L-- '- .!.
ATA, ; :''..GalnesvllJe delegates assemble during workJAXIEi.Member of Citywide Unit 3 are shown In undid JINNC'C J'M. Louise HI ley ( third from 'left) president$

shop break pose,, of Local H, Miami and fellow members display v unte'l' I


I Socially Speaking -BIRTHS-
Hit Htroaa of tha Junior } PATCM MEDICINES: C05" ICS
'r.fretllJh rtll ittt fWeddings ILL LEADESO HAIR PREPARATIONS
Saturday it i p... la ;;,, .. tardy Ij CiiijiriUthotich ) Mr.ft ITS Sill ah Hilt Cor. Broad and.Anhlry El 42159
oar clnbaoparata throughout the 4601 yoaerlaf W. Girl
the raialar Btttlniplie purse noti with Intaraat the lacr.... activity Mr. Mra. Ollbtrt Oad*

*. 40. sea ttt adraot of aprtne.Mich 1011. 1167 .. Ith It, .
Offlctra are: o tor itLtt Jut. T. Hawk 1:43 Dada
Richard L. Tiny tau. )and HalahtB Cardan Clrela ntt rtcantly lad Boy
Ol6.on. president; St. 22 and
J baavlllo, Ohio, U u I the boat of Mra. Furl Dora.y Mra.J.Janaa, Mra..M. Mr. A lira Thoaaa' Loni5JM .
Carl "tu h. id ....
; e1'pres.* 1122 1. JIId: It. .
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Robert Court J, 33.
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darnel L.Coop*r, 1301Choreh I I C.& /1sth. r (\ort.r. Mr.a Mra Olll Dllllel ; The Sure One
1TACKsm 1t.r l DAYS} &d. AtlaatloBeh Mrs Cue nhotaJ a color Mr* danonatratlni tbs 199 V. 21th It. Boy, ;

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1J01 Church Rd. Partlclpanta and .lanaraaf ribbon In tha rt* .29 lit Ara JU. Back,
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DOWNTOWN STORE St. 30 Md L'* Irs Murray Mttln Jactaon, and Lola Avery **rttrluaohant ft Mrs. Author Jta
nora Pfetlpa, 431 Slot tn the Uldtft ....hll IIIen lara ttart klaa, 1S42 Illlnola It $ I II

feaa St.jaata. tattrtalatd Lt' tlttta Irl lit Club la her alit roM/p ,
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:300 HOGAN STREET Carolyn M. Lento 1)43Ptarea IIlut... Vtraal McCont. Mart UcClaia. ohwilt M. I MULTIPLESCLEROSIS mMgar4 oldwryOh' "' '11("',\'
I St.. 21. Mltw.Il, MaUaa Jackaon and Leona Mrwttt' t.rtoUitra I .
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peat :
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Dala It. 22. I.dsi shot Ktrlatttta .r.... rlub set J list ."k*

JEWELRY Stafford D. Ha lttoa.30B and la t1.. hoaa at Otraldlna V Mill I art It...

pattlford Dr. 31 U.. flaal .tttlai for tAt current fiscal) y ur.
$ aid Bttty J. I..U,. Nona "hltt la Via ably! alttttd prtaldanU Othr
3012 Calboua St. J4Lllb ofnetra tlactad laeladt Partara H"" ."wlc. prtftdtnt
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bottom or jurtablf tltfpf Pflns Classes Mama fcltt. CtJ tattut Hlfka. 0,"Ultt MUllar4.u. '
10 1 to 8 row It)s... Ear .. Datajr OlllUrl

Itofi to match. Set Rftcit'1 fili'I U>vtttt, pwa LM 0 or11, inaa flttekar, Mar WASHER SALE I IN I I !
bin Hrt.r. *>. .,'!''Q', brim B.tittt( hurl M* .laa Catfearlaa ,aha "7. III' ivratl.y Oliver ..rt aoni *.btro prwtnt.
.111 ,re..st htr plus : t : i I

atadtata IB thtlr $thaaMal ClMtta Hgrrla. .... hattt .tiMi R... 49 f.HI.'...., rtcltal May 31 at Club fetid tta rwat r cwt .*.tlai. fit vet ... ,

7:30: P<.. U tba Afro fetid la ..". /u1.a' 0 a rt.. rrt*. .VMia.Pltaaor .
SIIEEI mOIls A' If U., laaaraat Llttltjoka M' Miry Vatlaa ..,. guest
Playtra.Villlt' .
Ia.la4t, ue/a, ftlktliMaa r>ora i, and tiroUyLtfiaa
First irada, ...... .er. ....r. af else prtita.'llfaMU BIGGEST CAPACITY

31Stodi Xalaltr. Urttta 1.11.0S. Du lID.., n...*iyfl fiattoa, ,*,n,. ,JoM
...... .1...., trail Vltl WATER SAVER
sos, TktlM naaM<... Ola.ys ...1 eo.. Marafe 't">
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.m- June Playd, ,..UI.1a.I. ttr Alt tattrtaia*! t" tn... tolM .,..|. Clap
luny .IIJ'I1ON." $$.n. ....., ...... Btltaa; lest ....,.., t.rlsl ia fear Kla.ood 4anit ..... AIiIillitS !!! J

Third irada, OtaltaMolatttt. ,n.. ....n tor tht ...s., *trt R.u psa.r RATED
prltcllla tofclaaaa tuO> Bi)o tUlllM mailtt 4 and ".,.c. 'IJaoa./ I 4
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t.ll.Idlll.lh anl tJla MeSrlda$ atrrH HUMra. ... ..... ..... ..
U-M. /4 a.c M-aa. r r11''e *%raad ..,...** (- (ill $ I.n"ll4 ui
hats aa .o*katl...... Hat ''k", THr.4. fin
Ctotln 'TralBda. C I .B..ff Anil Br,.Mt 8..l. N.. I*wla.I T.. ..! Alt
M1..r. std Baila ran ayaaH tkta tlif tta 'try Uarttilvta I.' ..... ....1' ., HM -..
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'C....tt. U 'a'.S.r Tka aaat 'HU" la t!Btd>jI.4 fur Aatardatit C
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...... l.a......Ttr7.wets atata411 h. .."... tiM.Mali. NAME YOUR OWN TERMSSPEARS

us41, dry q.klly.Mts. taut. Htmmi will .. faralaH bf t.d antr, ad lla see - -
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BROS. .I: :;
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__ vmn iitri vac ITWOOLIVORTH'S 11MJa II a.a.OritaJ OPERATION -Ii'" BROAD S TRI E T 3 'S AbA fI'

... I .
w..I.L IrA atll of M M-a.I SECURITY .. -..Ujtl '''11111- I.1un. 1 (!.Lull r R',\'f '1119 I '

,1.51 II.

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'IU a STIR PAPEIS' .: .SIlBIIIY lAY n, 1165w

Coatejf Finals Laischis Stopsoi's. Waok-loBfl Anniversary ObsenraiceOPENINQ ALONG THE CHURCH PATH....

: l1 burg) J&toe30DLAIW : -! .*..*.i,*

-Excellently taking her pi act, as an adult
' Th. services Sunday begin with the Church School leader in the O>rial tan developnent of young ptopi
:'' In Woo diem Prttbyterlan church with Superintendent : -I Is the Mr*. Hattie L. Alexander of Orlando
; : T.V. Huger presiding.At 1.r- following her aeatlng u the central Supervisor
::: 10:55: Lm.. conttcration service with a... ,. vjf the Youth Contention Auxiliary
.:: D. "llton, pastor officiating. fie pastor will 'to; the Progressive Baptist State
alto deliver the message. The Adult Choir will ,Convention of florid, only four
" ,; serve with Miss But Ana Matthews at the Inatru >ars SID the Missionary worker has
...: sent c, "1 11, .rI"J ed far and wi d.1D the interest
': QlU dren' Day will be observed June 13. An appreciation '. ,oj bull ding andorganlzatlon through
.the settingupof local bodies in the
progran will b* presented for Superintendent :
Hugr.Wednesday. KldtrJ.R. Darby and Deacon tartous churches and with the coopmis.WILLIAMS -
Ellen 1 M. or.en.U 1 conduct the prayer service tratlcn of Many likewise interested
In the conference room beginning at '7 P." Missionary sorters
Alcxandtr has aided la help to
-ST. LUKE BAPTIST-. Mrs. bringing the
St.Luke Baptist Church will observe Dual Day SunDay house In carrollni the bird to Incur InbetweenMM .

according to the Rev. M.J. Trowell, past Jr. of young people.
The' officers are: Deacon waiter Jackson Mrs. Assisted by the five ministerial
Theola' Trowell chairman, ; Alton Arattead Mrs. Ida leader the MY. H.B.. fhltchurst of j
Arnttead, secretaries; Noses Arattead, trtasurtr; Sanford, Mrs. Aleanderhas perfected fI
Mrs. E. 'Wi 11 hDI. decoration chairaan; Mrs. Me- : a program that Is unfolding !
,t.rva Brown Mrs. Ruth cbeppard Mrs. Rena Monroe, the great hidden talent thjrouth ;
'anibert; Mrs. Doris L. Hutchlns publicity chair and simultaneously deepen their
.an. Choir 1 will have charge of Sunday School. Christian roots. NXaALEXAKIXX I
The deacon and deaconess will have charts of I
the H .... ..rne'lDd the Youth Hour will beheldat REV C.B. DAI LET, HEARD AT TV-STATE! SESSION
3 P... At 0 p... evening service, conducted byUaher Many, hav been' the tenons vs bar heard butnever
Board 1. hart .* listened to a more befitting inspiring -
"WALTERS MEMORIAL and exhorting aitaaag than the oat de
"'- '
Service Sunday in Wtltrs M en o rial All! Zion AcnviTT=Ptrdlta will 1... seated) the inn; Gwendolyn Singleton runntrup' the daughter livered"by the 'ev. C.B. Dalley, pastor of the
Church begin with the Sunday School at /:30: .... daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert L.C. wllllnt, ..ucrowned'rinceed' of Mr. and Mrs. Hezlklah Hingltton.Patrlct Brown, first Baptist Oiurch.jacknnvlll: during the Trl-
hiss Any f Morel and In chlri..'lb. Jetton will be reviewed of the annual prince and frlnctat the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brown won Statt 'Conventional ...Uog, t>lch was held at the
by Rev. It.L. Rogers, pastor. Contttt which was colorfully cllaaxed last fourth place. Nightly services this week begin at ML Zion Baptist Church Orlando last ....
Morning service at 11 o' clock and at 3 P..., the Sunday at 5 P... In Simpson! Methodist Church thus '7:30: o'clock. Rev. J.B.P. Williams. District Bus Sensing the needs of the .1 ht.ra and lay pas
pastor has asked all pretldentt, Missionary ladies opening a weeklong aeries of nightly services of ptrtntendentwill deliver the message Sunday aorning pie the alalsttr, encouraged u well as adMnlahtd -
and enbers to accompany nil to Vtrlck Memorial the church' 81t anniversary which closet Sunday, May 30th. The Sunday evening service, to b* greater self-application to the church: task
AME Zion Church to the District Missionary May 30. Other contestant shown frog left are: presented by all commissions of the church, will la the coMunlty and the total program of Making
Mass ...th.. At 5 P.M. Christian Endeavor: and Bruce Alum (third place winner) ton of Mrs. Cora feature Mr.Alice Burrough a* tuttt artist. Slapion's the world a better place tor humanity.\
at '7:30p.M.: evening service.MT. Jess; Donna Hawkins fifth place, the daughter of Choral EnstMbl will serve both '."lc... 'nI' .
-- TABOR BAPTIST" Mr. and Mrs. Rubin Hawkins; prlncttt Ptrdita who public la cordially invited to attend all Anniver- REV. J.H. MCEISSIC! MOVINO SDCCTOSnU.T A*
Mt. Tabor Baptist Church will be the setting tor was crowned by Mrs. pearl X. Nackey, chat man and nary etrvlct Rtv.Joahua Rtddlck 1* the minister PASTOR IN NOKTHTO! AREA
the funland Kindergarten graduation progrn Sunday! coordinator the con test;Deborah Mitchell alith The Rwv. J.H. McKlaelck.: who ttrted u the pastor
at 4 P.*. place, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. woodrow Rob- Royal Art studio Photo) of 'th* first Baptist church of ftU Augustine, Is
The draaa, "A to 7' will be presented by the Moving In outstanding SUCCMS u the putor of tie
class.Th Jlllt SlSSllI Galilee Baptist Church In Philadelphia ,..
Fellowship During his seven yarsof aialstry la this state,
school will sponsor trip to the moo Monday
-MT. ZION AME-- All Blue Lodges have been TWO MINUTES ht oontrlbuttd to thChristian and educational
Mt. Zion /AME Church, Mandarin till be the setting Baptist Clmrch called In a joint session growth of the oowualty.Aa .
for the Southtldt Mass. meeting Sunday Rev, Services forRunday will Saturday I P..., I1I1N m eiei 'J the Director of Ministerial mternehlp at flo
Charles Robinson, pastor. commence with Sunday by District Deputy' GrandMaster n .teiweuw... MU a.AM era seam. H'L \ t.) rids Meworlal College ho played an active role lath
School t at (:-so .... with H. SlBMoas. s.ecs.e H. KiMCMtTHI /K" growth of the Institution,
Mrs. O.K. Hamilton, superintendent .
Old Pbolognphs and teacher The Meeting will beheld f
in charge of class In the Masonio T.PIt. FORGIVENESS OF SINS :

Starting Today ... 410 Broad It.'lb. purpott tome tlw.. thousand yn age PP.OM I ALL THINGS. PROM I ThePerfect
The 11 ai. worshipwill of the meeting la to and about en* ihouMnd ....,* bv WHICH YE: mew NOT BE f
foraulat plan for all Ion OwM the fMlmM Midi )JUSTlflED BY THE LAW or ( Linklitnii
begin with the Deacon -
Hast. Go'rlltaa to work on a district If!f flow, Lord ihoukU marl MOIU' (Acts UI3Ia. 3G)I.
in chart of des 1nIq1llt..... WM should itMitlF But Jut tHta day.
1.e). K. Tbo... pea Mil fully Tn Ail
nor .
votions. Th* atmoa will : d. II for.mIt Th.. __' I.e
prswve our "' ""' w. math
.... lifin' Ail lHorti'jack '
ihlpfal Master of '
b* delivered by the par (P.a.130.3). Kill **ai ON WHAT BASIS dOl'! *
i } '' tor a... O.H. Hail ton son vill* Lodge SIT The PMlmM did not eipUln, Cod fnrdve tint thrminh, ,, thl.M /.
hilt 1H2 CM N 'or. visiting Minister. will prtalde. "lowers- upon what.hula t|hat and ,.n"? The MMWM hi On the Uu.ol f
holy Cod auld forgive t guiltyibuwr. Ht pijnnvitl '.row tint on CJvuy'i Ysuf's
pail fit .H Titil This ..M to be pmUlnwd ,.....Thtu the ipnrtb wtn. I Pharmacy
on* thouMUxl Via. let<< by die to lh* KonUM, .p..1Na1 how w.N" .
'tug sassed ApnMU Paul. KlmwU once % blphmwr .. ,1*. ,
TINTED LENS $4 15 ir a p.r ny III.
the "iW ol Mnnm" hut for.livwn (CWO) pk+. THROE'CH TilE Tilt ;-Pjimlitiu htriiey
Royal Art StudioSOCIAL ..... Mv.J by the InlnM KEOEMPTION THAT IS IN
tm* of Cod U U T.n.1,13.13). )t. CHRIST)JESI'S" (Mm. U.t.) 2112 I. (.(HIM Ill
PrmKtting CM .. Antloth hiIII Now,think Cod,though OirM'i
psovlns..1 PWcI..... r.... tU.lUttJ NnlJwd wok, llwre h not a slims M544I5
COMMERCIAL STUDIO ,SERVICE .. whos.. tom .....,,1fwtI. Atsi' PI51JI2COOKOUT
W ft BMMMI ruts pow tt-f.... Ins
O1 mm and txwthrM,W THROCCII ".1. ChrMtKimifh w. h.Ye rwkynpkw. \Ek rYO .
BELIEVE All JVITIflED CRACTEp( : *. ii?), :

lap. ttwl hi per Mn wa. L


.. ....... .. .. ....
... .. ...
.- --.
......h,' .." ...} .-_. _. 130 CASSAT AYE.I .

s 1. 'r t1f11 11111

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'. .."..
.:. 1 : : "
,;, .' \.., .t' : TIME

.. aW e '. ;. 4

I.! eztT4 \:1ll0-re tti t : STEAK SALE : MIAVYWIJTUN 10TOsniooi' 6 9LL

2ila..r N sae YS. GOVT. WADIDat
?g AVG. WNT, 200st
AVG. PRICE 11.00se's

: One.I 1 Y2 B EE'F .

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t,'. ,.. '... o.

...: FIEI

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\ then. a want) ilrlitl-Wo rr,,h for kiMi>M G.....i-Cwl4. bdi_

11,11,1.set Ii. :N 4lllMC| pull *lm il lU UM.u(Coif. \ tl l FRVEiis 29

llV uiiml4.l.l.lc lift )iNir.|.inK. {U..M. )user

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.I'M.k up a mrtoii Iwmirrow-_mi for extra fun,

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1- I INI.rIU'
fI1' '
. { SA10IDAY MAY 2!, 1315 STAR PAWS PACE 5

Income TV To Chronicle Historic Flight 'IntegrationPlan Commissions Post Records' In Achievement.

Half Of WhitesIASHINOTONNPI.A. mzJ -- Snags Available To

( Urban Renewal AIM SophsTALLAHASSttAn
ptcltl report on the
N N.-NPI( )**
Negro population, bated NCTOJRGH. an*
on a survey of lasS in* The Negro lone at a key lOunc..n t of interest
coat, showed that the Issue in the integration to college sophomores
median. annual incase a* of low-ineo'e housing was released this week
Bong men la about half project for faallles by Lt. Col Samuel p.*
that of white men according displaced by the city"
Sampson, professor of
to the Census i.MV94Vt urban renewal prograa llltair science at Plo
bur.lII.T1Ie .
The controresry centers rlda AIM University.The :
report also showed
around where the project u IiJ
that the aedian age for announceent la of ;
Negroes baa dropped will be located In an particular Interest to

sharply since 1950 and area 90 percent Negro. students who would like
The haa raised
la about eight years to become second lieu
the economic. p6A:31ce1: STAFF rCTCD-Meabera of the Lucy Mo ten Nursery
younger than the white tenants la the united
edlan a,.. Median represents and racial issues which States Array upon graduation School staff, Florida Am university demonstrationunit
the midway face mans titles that were feted recently during a Teacher Appreciation
.. even though they
point, with bait older attempt to iapleaent Night prograa at the PAMU Nigh School.
AND S ACWIMBC New correspondent Frank! .McOee (left) tails with the have not attended an institution *
and half younger. two astronauts will Bike the neit Gealnl nightMajor Edward H. hite (ten urban revewal public where the Reserve Members of the nursery school staff, pictures here
The IncuM of Negro ..a.' housing and racial In* left to right, are; Mrs. Barbara Ibardley Miss 1.
ter) and Major Janes A. McDlvltt, la preparation for his rcle at one of the Officer Train
It vu further disclosed. tegratloaNewburgh., Blanch) Gavin, principal), Mrs cella Neyland, Mr*.
anchor: Ben for the NBC News' television coera.ot the OMint-Titan IV spaceflight. lag Corp (ROTC) coursewas
a 12.444 a year cot situated and cloyce Cbaba.
90 Cleo Htyllai, Mrs :
pared with $4.818 for The night, planned for four days, la scheduled for June 3. NBC Newswill lies North of Nee York offered during their
white ven. For the woien provide TV coverage of the night'a progress throughout .the four days, first two years of col.
tie figures were $993 with NBC News correspondents and other personnel) on duty 24 hours a day. McGee City baa a population 1 lege. ,
for Negroes and 11.441 interviewed the two astronauts at Nnned' >acecnft Center in Houston. Tei., of 30.000 in 1962 the According to Col. AMP* ACLU Seeks Mayor'sTo Aid

for whites. where tfley were training for the flight city made nationwide son, Florida AIM University -
Some :24 per cent of news when. Joseph McD.Mitchen P itthe any hata End New Orleans Bombings
white sale 14 years of then city sans
age or older had Incosiea get tried to curtainIts new program designed Ntw JOUN.r. -'The An eric en Civil Liberties Union
of less than 120.000 OrdinationFor NAACP Report TallCldel1 GrId welfare prograa. to encompass all student called on the Major of new Orleans to stamp out a

compared to 41 per cent Three years earlier in who did not attend an series of "hM-Uu bombings "pri.srlly directed.
for Negroes. 2 Priests Shows School Is Employed, U,.. the Republican- institution offering a at Individual and groups "'Iell"". been Inoh.d
Twenty-four percent of controlled city council tour-year ROTC prog ran In the struggle to advance civil rights in loelmi
Negroes Ben over 24 had Set Jill 4 Gains |In North Computer Corp. bad selected the ,..t.r8tr..t during their freshman ana..". .....n.................
finished high ..cboolcUllp.ud Mid aoph<.ore
site urban renewal Aau executive director yor (1)I) .""*. a forcefulpublic
!NASSAU Pe Rat to
to 49 B4hanaa-NPI- Drive students ,
per cent Interested from
Two Catholic TALLADGGA' Ala.Pranklln area as the site John de J. ,..b.rton atatwmt dwwunclng -
for white icn. The figures NCT' TOW-In a special eat, aoa of Mrs. Oeral- such Institutions Bay
be ordained June 4 for the Dlebold housing Jr. ul''lcS'hUor a the Uiablngs, (2v:
for Negro sere cornea 27 per and cent into the sacred priesthood report, the NAACP announced disc Pulse of lest Pals project four years qualify for a ro_I..Ion sent to Mayor Vic announce his intention
51 that during the Beach, ,Ia. who gradu- later aa second lieutenant. by to and
per cent for whites. at St Prances a Democratic aa- tor M. Schlro urging his apprehend prosecute
Half of the Negro population Xaviers Cathedral They 1M4-6S school season tea from Talladega College jorlty. elected to the attending a fully ei* Intervention "to end those responsiblefor
was younger than are the Rev Cletua its national caapalgn June T, baa been city council rejectedthe pense pal' summer cup such aensel.. attache It the crises; ((3)) In-
21 7 yearaa significant (lend.!) CdgecoBbe. 0. to eliminate de facto employed in the area of Then-Fropoaed water at Port kilo, Ry. this Jnce ,lei- April, 11 blab- atnict the Police Department -
S... and the Rev Preston ..,
school segregation and computer programing by au. During their
drop since the 26 1 Street site on which tall butOccurr.tI in New to be especially -
median age for whites Moss other discriminatory the Sandla Corporation 193.000 of state financing stay, trainees will receive Orleans, all aimed at vigorous In its In*
Father Cletua
.sa 29.9 years In 1964.froai of Long Island, a native where practices saw extended in LI"nore. Cal had been eip $78,00 per month, civil rights advocates. veatigatlnn of all bowlingt.

30$ yeara In 1990 his priaary and secondary to over 100 school ays- Sandia la a subsidiary ended. travel expense to and Declaring) that because ; ((4)) offer a reward
The median age for Negro education was obtained. teas la 24 states, Including of lectern Electric a Three of four alterna (tan! camp and three free "this pattern of 919* for Infoiwatlon leidtlni

.21.5 en sac for 20.whites 4 compared, with to cue to Nassau la 1939 three "borter"" prlae contractor for the the sites suggested by meals per day lance la so closely re* to the arrest and con

figures, hr cornea 22 9 and spent one year at states where" eitenalve AtoBi energy tool asioa the council also were facilities Trainees will enjoy the lated to the national fiction of those rrH'onalMe .
Negroes and 305 whites. the Teacher'a Training racial onaceatratlons A aatbeaatlcs aajor.Mr rejected by the state the cup civil rights campaign for the (rinhinge
Suae 62 percent of Negro college. penlstdeeplte the ending seat is married to Division of Housing and and Must on equal basis and thus now ...... national ((9) propose an and
He did practice teaching the forcer Mlaa Margaret Renewal with regular any ao|I. "
ales 41 years of age or of forwal restriction COBBunity for Importance the bombing ordinance wit
older were earned compared at Southern Junior a. Reddles, daughter of the technical resaona. a>leait liens, while receiving civil liberties organisation stiff p wall tie- for th

to 69 percent for aad astern Secondary The report, released on Rev. and Mrs Lawrence left was in a white ell weeks of ruggel urge<1 Mayor "chlro city anil. ((6) seek. thoCOor.ratltl"
white Bales- for Negro .schools la 1937 he enrolled the 11th anniversary of L. Keddlck of Huatsvllle neighborhood where aany. training designed to to act on ell tuggee of LnillaiiOuvernor '

woven. 61 per cent COB st It.. John'suniversity the I9S4 0.8. wpre.e AlL of Its residents were accelerate and develop lions offered by theLouisiana McKelUim an
pared to 69 per cent for Collegevllle. la their mental andphyalca
Court decision. disagreementI
whites Mian where he banning Civil Ltb.ni'tie. Itlltborltl! of nelili
y The Negro population received his bachelor of segregation In the,/> pub Caldwell Gets faculties Uolon& and the (ton* luring parishes fur th, .
j AM NICANL Intereete.1
He achmla. war vale to persons Bay of Racial r aiall .
sac Hated as 20.1J1.000: arts degree la philosophy grass <, tnvesttgstione.CKN (
i' as of March 1M4. About is INI. Roy 'lIkI... NUt ei* Alpha ProgramChairmeaship I UIICrllocn" contact CO). "Mll.l aon. at ty earlier) this month

,. 1. 42!,000 lived oaf area.LCI'S Father Moss will be a eoutlve director. Mlaajuae L PVIU for further inter These would have the' IJH:
t secular priest for the Khagaloff, directorfor nation .
diocese. Me will be assigned education prograa. .
f .. a curate la Miss itiMaloff noted' In. ,
J one of the local pari nu C'OOPI)-11I.1.l
t' I abet Forasl education her report that prior JI(. Brow, general dialran .
SHE IEFJUI to the beginning of the
"i saw obtalaed at It. of We SlOt 0 iersl
Johna la Nasssu wherehe NAtCP campalan la MX
She hpikiifOf received a '.A. degree the Issue of de facto Alpha Fraternity, lac,

Of Air tot la philosophy" laIMl school) segregation had early) last week an*
I been raised la only all
narrated Ue rpointo,t ?
Is rlrs A professed Monk of St school aysteeis in the of Lewis A.N. Caldwell SU ER RKE
r J*' Abbey. he will taaalgned couatry. all la the Nee
of MOW
lisictssMS aa chairman the
to the staff at Tort City .etropolttan
,..I r Pregrw trok to beMbllefied
fteillA AYE. .th.the '10c.I't. Monastery Awga- area for the tie. matt mam m! m.\ nm t UL w j r.n
The slat gay r4ign. h-
a.II sessions IB ftfiera '
s don tecnntquM of a a- tMt-Oticatn hotel. SPECIALS GOOD IHRU SUNDAY AT (DGEWOOD AND AVENUE B
uaity actlM, aesotia- .
-* ..
lor the |IMI am*
L Torn DtWt Have To (to To Tow To .t lone and persuades, ratios of tilt aetlon'e.

protest deaoastratloaa eldest| !Negro !allege 0"
LOW PRICESos .t ti tl gatloa. haasowiht ganlistloe ta 'Ttoatls* SUGAR CURED GRADE A STEWING
to wave school l
lag the Thsret for N
Town officials stet policies quail I ty c f CT p.rt..l tr,"
DRUG STORE HEEDS rMJ gnliBg tIe teiagtaf
effect af de facto set HENS 1

: Trade with Twr Neighborhood Drag sure regatta es both nite
: .n.&. and "Negro etadeats and
Deliver also fill all Deters preecrlftloaa has still stostlo of
eeaUgfal vrograas to

Dixie Pharmacy correct M his the troW.lirkirt SMALL SIZES LB', 33 C LII.17 c

1M2 Ibis .*** At 1 Kfrfr, AIIIMPktHS Pt!'?. MICH.-(,.i--r4
fsuer-aae-soa barber ,
Elfii HH tea eaa lajeredHe*
ilgktslag atfsrevtlyJwsw .
4 '"
.. Itae /men BALLARD
> a power
PAT THI mil, IATCI AM TEUPIHCMIU electric ..reals.. ci le DETERGENT r,

AT HI S1IIC pen they were miss toat green,.,- fbwal.r of Ue
..A \ hair.C CaUago Co.fere ce for j

'rottera o4.esi4 "lipbs"" FLOUR CHEER
pal Alpha fraternity has
str.eoel.drolarsdy .<

revaratlea to excel

AL'; f V a. 190 slate"a.. Its|eeierM cateereltla foaallai> Is .stCcnell *. J-:' 49 SIZE REG.: 25

era call .t eri *M
life Has .sslsteatlyer

0.knot, ]will 00*"sge sgslaAeericsa soevee/r U'ri U.S. GOOD RIB STEAK n. N t

.... .u, ..

L1Jef ortMilty positive f sleet lilt elms II pta tie CENTER CUT PORK CHOPS ti. "e

lag IB tat rsrreai a-

.1&1 rewolatiea." FRESH GREENLACK EYE PEAS ii, 15e
Cal....|. toner I'eet4 -
# .r at .t OiMwHHtMCbaaber

t.Qgro.t11 lug.atlatem of c+, iaJ e..tra4e ree, FARM HOUSE FROZEN CREAM PIES uci 25(

bear la Ue (MS try. IsBsUevatlr

t4 A O." ,, m lit relatiM ka g*..SMtlat pwb- BLUE PLATE SALAD DRESSING it. in 35(

I .IAN"O-w' .7.A What is it that women see sad esller.f Ue
.::: .
'ci':"..::..=.. -" in the Smooth Canadian? Pwllew 1I. CI.s&.It.tal."seed, ,'.e ClOROX ILEACH x inVEGETOLE 35*

}! .: thai Scjfram't V O Son
They appreciate -
v.a r _/ .hrUica* 4cftixti ,': :=".. f
= other
;:1::_ valid no l ....... c.. ....... .. ...
once and for aJl L W Of count a- 554Me. ... .........,,- SHORTENING J U MIMULLER'S sn
5555 M t am rams W gAb

....r.raaJrn C...ew.ea r ear s1.e r -......s..r N/ re r ow's.cwweil.r5 ...-.
.. M 11. rn. 23e
avwe.* ,.. )Mr'


r \ $/ .-t.::! I If


Students To Present Piano Recital .................................
JACKS Greater Value DAYS I



: ..._. 911-' .6oM" ...
----- -- ----
et. Jm u>rfroo ,Htu ...,..r.,... tfig .
e } ,,, .i' .
stud Mlrrnlt. a.y fl \

0. I aow I should ..rtthank Blot carvfull) and pat on )our
> M note sow after I powder 'our complexion will
ONLY frt a)gift b.l I .....). put glow for hours!
ff ibrai elf .... H'l too lat. I.). My I hair sever looks
Mo.d I Mvrr kaow what. lo right aDd I spend hours
300 HOGAN STREET l a.y and I'. afraid IH nakc broiling and setting M. :Mum
;: b 1! ...lalw.. Are there any trkkile U)' M beauty shop unless I
------- .
t Biiklag tkaak-)or noleaikr pa fur It myself with )
le write? bab)silting caning I cant

: A. Be younclf: Remember pmaiMj afford.regular beauty.
7 ( ihji .rillnlO someone shop ,Wll.llo. cia I lame *
z' i yours nauuMigeable bair-lo 011 a
r b )ou know not composing budget'?
.. an easy for English claw.Write
i the speak and A. The cut u the thing! But
:) o A r % ( jy komeihiog way you about how plcjc, no tlo-it-y ourv.lt at
The ucret to a wellnurugcJ -
you re planning 10 use the IlfLII tempts
hairsi lc u a protcwcionrl
I )our enthusiasm shine )
through. Don't worry 10 much cut ben if you aril
about writing right at writing hear to part with a single .lock..
y .
slid need trimmin'g.shaping
right II-j>
and! skiing. You can
Q. A.! sooner da I get aiyukrnip set it )ourwlf l alter )ou're
o., Ileac at wm to watched it done once profev
be goner How raa I auks ItUs suortill). "hut you'II\ find that
BATH TOWELS especially whoa II', regular sci.wrwssionv at a
; buw1d7 hcauiy shop arc a wise: invcst-
A. A cold kpUth will do it1! mcnt and nothar, l oa your
Hcre'i how: Soup and. water budget
Ant. of course. then apply an (f., mart imam l. ),..,
RECIT.' CI: F3JRANTS-.local male lovers areproalsed tonne and Roex>na Zlegier.Standing fro left: jaaea astringent lotion. (Keep the 1r<,,... N ,..I,.,.., mrUt
a treat Bun-la at 7:30: p.'. when the piano student Floyd, Constance Floyd. Denlce Voesette.prlscllla lotion in the refrigerator for a i 6..lId.J br..try, A rntr,. 1'.rr/ Ibt free rb
cool. drying effect.) Apply .. .., ...... ..., .
of Ml as Catherine palas will be presented In their Robinson, Bessie Belton, Loretta Beltoo and George ".r Stud rI.Ire
)our nuke-up ba\c next .. /*. "f.'h "'".", 11<..
1,1 I pitch Annual Recital in the Asseablr Mom of the Gibson other program participants (not shorn) are sparingly please. Now pljvh J J-r, */..*,,/,.(/..,. t.rp,
} Eroll Croapton Manta Croapton, o ena Croapton on cold water to art the Kite N v.eub. II"i,.'
Atro, vncrlcan Life insurance principals featuring Patricia Johnson Denise Stltt. ............................................................
.1 he progran will be: Center foreground. Yvonne Thomas Croapton
and Eathtrine Johnson.
k r

Matching 12"x12' /" Royalty Sparks Annual Festival HEN TOd liE III

watts Cloths/ ...12 fDrl.I 4'J i May Day
TOO Beak The Best Doctor:
Thick, lliirkty cotton tern- r Ibm Tour Doctor prescribes.Get .
tow i'fci In (Uit>rator shucks' ql ctZ experienced pharaaclsta
Zi '
or Milul uliltc, \rllwv ? ( q s i' eee.f R According to your Doctor* a

Ibnk'grctht: tiMjiiolio. II- t ; Orders. We Use Only The Beat c.Eo BLACK

lac or brown or Ixmirv- Quality Drugs proprietor
tlfllhlrll"'s III pink,gold" .. r' 1
tn'l'n.jfCI" I .
II. 1ttl "
I \ r COMPLETE LINE OFCbaaetlcsRubber
I tI
; *& ,

., ;;:_" "._I l:. _I i Li1 I&j Drug Store

; ; 1/ b
\ '
: 1111 KINK HAD U-3-I27I

F\t\ .ll r'r : .


s .. 4 I -S 4 Study mtln

ft Hooor Graduate, Florida
AMI University Graduate
i/ ,- Ctudeot of tllllM Bell

'ter. ,", t I o Dean of Aasricaa Tuba
I rr'h I r l ,+u 1, Players, ladlaaa Dal-
.YaW,31 R.,. *1. 4 1 h
varsity. ____ ... ._
Ft 1 PLASTIC DRAPE : iPf : _

fqly ;t Eleaentarjr BeAd 4,
5.6. 7th GradesQjltarPlajioVolce.
M A 47tChoose .
M1i t; TheoryAccordion.. -

'Band and Orchvatra-
from floral prints ...
Instrument i
t kr' ---- s .
t in melon, turquoise and -
red or lace patter in FRIENDLY RIVALRY uonf sponsors and COB test ants uueea IreDd..eoltS. Ira. I.'. Ziegler spoaaor. String orcfeaatrm-Claaa- Private yanons.HOSPITAL .
44 white, pink or )flKm. resulted in a regally colorful paegentry festival Seated fro left: priaary 'aUnt run* ..iI.Q1"'. .J ..
4' it I )lira>'y wipe-clean plastic with Forest park Cleaentary School successfully aers-up Cheryl 1>>1.., Mrs. ...II. Argrttt. aponaor. ..
with center valance, cheated Its annual." Royalty and Court, principals and Waldo roster Miss Eo Eo Bodiaoa. epoa.or.Firet AIDE CCXJR& .
.r shorn fro. left are; prince ,Gregory Hagard. Runaera-Bp. lateraedlate D. lft..t. Jeroal Ooi- KIND RO TE< SLTtRVISOR i OOCR& j

.-- -- Mrs. C.B. Mhltehead, sponsor, and princess COB gnu. visa B Davis, aponaor, and Bread Binlaa. CA3IIER SALES CLZRK COURX ;.

setta aart, Mrs L I. Brown, 1&)0 DlO r. Klog illUM Mrs. F. Moore, apoaaor.
stark a. jr. lira 8.J. Bait. sponsor, and 1".1' College Of MUSIC ...

Ji'.oo Released Freai HespHolID .111L21e Lam22a1isa6il8;
'FOAM BED PILLOWS Friendly Baptist Church I

John H.boldca B.S..M.8..M.C4. Director.
Service Sunday In than).] Btrnker h char.

Friendly Raptlat Church ge. Rev. R.". Hartley I .
88 begin with the Sunday ninlater, will revte t 0'r
school! ) at ': JO ...., Nathe leaaon. rt .

1-. Urge she covered wa* print
ad floral ticking. Noenitlef.gtile .
'V eotnblnatlea rill .(
ihreddtd poly and foam rub* t
f .... Mothproof el eoune.
Bur a pair and Mrs 244. y

.. .
-- -
amul ID FOLD Official of Ue fe MC CoacreMloaal
RECORD SALE District Florida _'.n ........ IB O..
JMM R. Roddle (left) **4 J." Oaodaoa. greet tteaalt ;

IP'S $'[Clll 67C a prealdeat B. doses (rater) a a 0 lit lea #
released fallowing eucceeifal eargery'ttte' Dealel
Unit Devil Medical Center. Boddte la district co-
ermaator and Ooedaoa: la vice reaideaUBUCH 1


ell 'jpc.d Cthtef

I .
#>";J/IwII' +--
M.d', "f' a"J A ", \ .". ft Jt ,

a.or r.. w.
kn w *SIM tae vi.. M.u a*n.rv. KEN KNMKTInvttis

All the bits of loot at.aoaceia The Latest Ku's Hair Styles JUMBO SHRIMP $1.20

prtcel Indadee all your Are Taught At The SMALL FANCY SHRIMP. 49c
favorite artists all newt rw,.. ..... IW JAM

Choose 15 tor $1.00 MANGO SHAPPIt .. ..LB. 4't
I................................................., JacksolvilleBarber TalLOW TAIL SNAFPU ....... ...IB 4tc
Assorted RducatloiuU workbook nouNOfA-IeNy J..... ... ...... i*. 4to
I 8ele Uoaa laclade: j MEDIUM WHIT1NO .....s... U. lit "DANCE PARTY"U
LangUMe MID. MUtUT 20t It .. ..... ... ILL rn
: 'Row peteraoa Arlthaetle C : IRC63O URCI, 101 MuurrSHItPHIAO ........ u. n
: Understanding I Nuabers 17 : College .... Li IfaLB. 11:31
i 'Btcpa TO (bod fuellingNappy : DIUM X9t kIj : U 1211itxti1

: Tlaea Witt data dr : rasH"u..
mAx Cfe.P
..............................................w.. STREET SHAD loa ffeaB) 4V push 9PtUUU .... *. <,eIt. $ i i*. Tl 1211.rt..
_:::: :_: none mm VOITI Most AT ... 1400 WINe 1400r
uto,'nLt :.or: -
JickmilUi, Fluid>I h, **
wa t LWORTH'. SMIU crrmu FW lev .. IWO


,' 'W., \ ,
I f'l

SATIUAY MAY 23, ISIS nil urns

Stetson U. Nation's I IgBorwce, Freedom Howard University To Cite Trainees Complete Courses Firs. Fkst

Indian Chalks Never Coexisted, Speaker Notes WHklis, Drs. GomitlioR, Davis Neiro Special! t

Up 'Firsts' AiDELANDNPIlb'D Afent la Ohio

rAYEmviLLC. M.C.-"when a nation expects to be WASHINGTON-*(tQl)*-HononrT degrees will be conferred UV1U'tD.Ohio-(1fF 1--

both ignorant and free. It expects something that upon two civil rights leaders and the win}** ftslth' the firstNtgro
Btttaoa university con- never ma and never Dili be," President Howard Mean" of atdlcal care and economics in the V. PBI special agent
Jordan jr. of Savannah State collect warned Pa during Howard University's 07th annual coeiseaet: ---
fern the on Billy bachelor's Cypress degree yetttvlllt state Collect students during tbi sent ...re1.... .........' .'........................ ia sxanplt Cleveland of .is.Un'-a living ti:

eighth annual honors and awards convocation.Cven The coBBeacoaoat will heges civic assoolatloaalBCt tall :
on nay 30. history will ...................... find 900 seniors ia the 1147. portend work. The .-::
and good-1 liok 1 *
articul at
bs lids at the unlvar- though scholar t
primarily to
learning schoolsand His forte ..
university's 10 gained -
sit,. Cypress U a 22 la too often Ignored he continued. fag "' lth, a sse-iber of t
collages receiving tloual attention la 1900
year-old Seslnole Indian Dr. Jordan '' U.S. tray inttUigeneeteen
declared. to '
fro fee eon sad stir
their aheepaklss) oa June when his suit to preventAlabaaa
worked his to
tilt first it isbelleved. has and will always lake dents" President Jordan from way
to graduate fro a four- possible theadvanceBent urged, should band 4. gerrymanderinc the top and into tl'ltcout.4
This year's recipients the boundaries ofTuskegee
.. Cltvt
jest university.Cypress of culture in
our sod themselves together under
of honorary degrees la- to exclude J.OOOMscro
land's first Negro, oa
enjoys another ety."
too Dinner of COM
elude Roy voter
dlatlnctlon. Honor In scholarship was upheldby the FU special roster,
.lou. learn-
panlonsla J tlikl a .. the V. .. BupreitCourt.
When be takei his 6e- the speaker statedla bag" Silth! become senior agent -
NAACP tiecutlve .
are. be .111 be commissioned achieved through coo ElIbU-.1Ih t students' director Dr. ODBlllloa holds the over 25 ua la a
s second lletenentla of intelligence, were cited for as'cosplrsh.ent ;Dr. 'doctor of philosophy decree HAVING UCVnU completed Phase one of its schoolof : Philadelphia fa.Jd'o'-
the 'Ar., Reserves, perseverance, diligent la scholarship Charles 0. from Ohio State training for supervisors and other key hone flee.while doing liaison
the first of his tribeto study, and Intense con- or character by aoaUUoa.prof.no university. office operations trainees of Afro-.trerican Lift work with the ru II
become ao officer lathe ,'. claaa part of his army Intel
centration.The.aor Dean Mslvln f. Moore, [ r Dr. Davis active of insurance ColPIII current recently began
Army. purpose of Jr.to conclude'the cerrAAT 1LXIN8' of sociology. Mew York Clty.holds both observation of field operations under the supervision llcenct duty, adt" ,b.-
The young Indian who education Dr. Jordan aony, 'Tuskege (Ala. ) institute Us bachelor of arts and of J.T. Collier, Acting Manager of thtettslde came interested the
spoke, no Eaillah until 'contended, la to prepare and a leader la doctor of philosophy degree District and Frederick Bowman, Special bureau operstlons. Be-.
be was 5 years old baa from left J.T. Collier Lawrence forth t finished his service
thinking people MsconAla. ) county civil from Cojuabla Unl Ordinary show are: ,
tine then statered the "then ve let others Offerlig rights aovsment, sod Dr. veralty. Ht began his Stevens Prentlsi Clayton m, wllllsa /No- tour he ",pu'.eIlIIeI
language and aajored !nit think for us," he added Coarse IB Michael M.Da via, pioneer career la 1S.I aa asocial enVincent Taylor Donald LoU and Frederick Bow was accepted, by the
at stetson. He baa a.tear ,, "then we are their la the nation's effortsto settlwentworker, can FBI.
In education and Idore Corning to clt
creAturea. Aerospace StvdyQUE1SBOK develop efficient Ni later served aa director
intends to take postgraduate I veland the Virginia
"The continual apllaI aedleal care for all. of the Boston
Social Security Matt College graduate
work In education
sis on the process of tllklna sad Dr. Ooall dispensary; director
and eventually go N.C.-Ttae.AtTCollege completed if weeks of
teaching obscures the lloa will receive hen coaalttee oa dispensary
back to his tribe andeach. idea that the Institution l 8uMerBchool orary doctor of laws degrees Development of the united Q I expect\ to move in the near future. How can Imake training. at the m' A*
should be devoted will laelade this ,.ar' ;aad Dr. Davis will Hospital Ned; and director lUre that ., social security check wilt get cadeny ia Quaattco, ',
!tyace science re*>on* receive the honorary decree Medical Services tome ..tr new address? Bought "It was rougher
Health You should report your new address to the social than any tht ac I bad ia
Mental PreircmOWLXtDO workshop, a of doctor of huaaao st tbs Julius Boeeowald A.
possible.If the army," lit .*ltte five-day program begin- letters fund Chicago.Ht : Security Adalnlttrttlon as early aa
I -Mental Hes-lth Month ltU. Wrings a bell" Bis g oa July $, sad concludlac tllklss joined Us NAACP was a professorial your change of address is received early in A native of Btchaon l.Vs. l.
oa what nay le described la Florida as ODe of the July .. staff la 11)1 after serving lecture at the university the II ntb.ther. should be no delay In the deliveryof ., Melt srrlwt his
nest achleves*f111ed years la the state's aen- 4 traveling educational as aaMiac editor of Chicago from your nut check YOU should also notify your childhood sttethturt,
.... ..
tal health history e.NOreeso* salt of the Natloaal of Us Kansas City (Mo. ) 1MJ-JS sad consultantto poet office of your change of address Nitllona Washington, in
Termed "Florida's Nix'bar Florida Mental. Aeronautics sad apace Call. Ht served as assistant the presidents Coo- 1. that intonation' does your office need if I INS after both' couplet
Cat Health ,robJ." Health Month chairen AdmlBlstratloa (NASA), secretary of the alttee oa tcoaoalt security change tqr address! td college. They hsvt an
by secretary of State reports. lacUcUac a unit called organisation fro. 1140M. and to tbs Racial, V Always give us your full neo, new address and children
Ton A4.... and itosliedaa Greene, turner riortds the IpacoNObllt. will as act tat secretary, Security board. your social security numbtr.tils\ intonation' mutt Regarding (Vilth's r isasl
the subject of a legislative Council of 100 chalmaa. coot to the college for sad froa 11(0 to early bt la writing and signed hr the person to whoa the fluent. John Cbseys,
goal by Qov.. and proalaent St. Petersburg the purpose. im. as adalBlstrator.Mt social security check is payaMs. assistant special sent
Run Bum at the opining banker.is heading Bpscsaobllt consists assused his preeent 'l I have been receiving social security benefits' la ch.ff of 'tIt, n..i.
of the current the drive d rt.g xexjr of aechaalctj. and post following tk* death Slll for several years for the months I Ud not work land tfftee said the

legl el stive ....10.. effective to publldtt and proaott electrical ....L,..' and of falter tests rU.",-Doctor. .I've Juel I I was 71 in septenber' 194) and ay earnlsga were bureau was glad( to hire
metal health the need for adequate aa then tit aeale MO del a Dr. Ooall lloa. s nUn r.c".t4 your Mil for Net iof over IIUO. to I .have to flit an annual report to SIM lib "*lth.Wh .
cart as coral, civic swats health care aid of Rockets and Ip.." of joksstos I. C., las ,.f.UOII.totcstafDue Could you take wnwsort show, how Audi I aids in 1MJT .*' & his lau buck

and political iseut bu tat aeedjor! wldfspreadpuUfila4rttan craft. been amen tot-Yti..",1111'-whsl t ,. Yes roa Bust flit an annual rsport by Mill ground' be should' Mane
coot lath at..... disc .f Tie course will offer berofTMs- wale yen like le have wtkn !>, l'et. since you were under 7) aoas Months of one.of ,I.tit, men Ino
Twenty thou aad rloridailtliens the pro bios.Aa three hours of credit .... s off. sa anon et a leg or wail' year and sad earnings' of over IIXO.) .r .'n..."

as aesbers of iattaet two- year sad the course nay also faculty.ice.
the fiends Associsties drive for aodera sorts bossed for tat renewal 1IM iEUCrTISSUE
for Meats ...al tho COB health. leglelstles la of teacher tertlfioatoa end .hagserved
trtbuted largely to this Florida caps tilt lose per SOB e latereeted ta a s
oaergeocs of tat publll 11st tf aeooapl lehseata the srogroa should .,.- 9 resident
ooaoera for its sea tally the rAim I* eosBeMra tact Dr. P.A. Williams, OUBUUUU* or the Tusk
til. tug durtag. tho snath of Dlr.earettstwded Air'
''3ne person la every ran vttta at tht oollege.Rev. He Hit Nail, fll CIIU
tea 400,000 ia Mo The extensive legls 23
rids has BOOS ton of lativer reposal .pe..red' Is The Hiss'Xaotls PlCI TAry Atid.y RIOHTf tfIIItV/D

eatal or tMtloaal ill by PAIN was recently W.I.iPr.Meted. pot' .I4U3(1I. -. .II,
.ess needlepadilitrte passed la Tsllahasset by (IIPI)-o ceuee of alleged.
treatsest." Ralslgh the ledsatere.There ByPresbyterlus trouble with fellow rtl- BAKE RITE }!
lusts aen frost Cat**
bee ts the taabla its*
I last toiler pulled asa SHORTENING 1111. 49C
-la eh sail tree the
!! T YOU-Tie Btv. Id- wall tf hit house sat!
ward C.willIMB PM1 humored It lato his
LIMIT 1 nun IIII ISIS 01 MIRE fill Mill(
sdslphta has been aj* heed with s ,I.a.

pouted adalalatrattvssssistant TBS aaa, II* ,tar old I ,
is till "r. erred reals Hllaael, is aeraadergolag
A. 1iiMrt Jr., tee troatooat ir
dive dlretttr of tie seal hospital. MS Is. DIXIE CRYSTALS : i
Caito4 Preotytertaa Coo
sail to hsvt beet oea* ..
sissies ta del iflea tally starbo4 at tho
only one end rue Re will hue tie*.
hi' .,nltl.emu etjusrtsrs > llesd tolssollee Ust
st .T1 ftlver people la his village
cola el4t Drive hero.he beted kla lor .,.. us* SUGAR537 :
diet .... .,. lUllaiafarwerly hoses reesns Tbtf were,
sag larks he ..Id. plettlag to
eoorolaator fir the 4e- hill his aid they had

that rates vslopoost PraskllaMBS. eVig a grate ta which isbtiry
for Us Priesdeetc bis.BMMsetfhlt. LIMIT S IU. HUH Will J5.H II .MORE. fllt1I1 .
: borto4 0.I14 la Usas** ')
nn edai .kick latlsoed slMlBt
A a tlvt of .,..U,., hyaas ooatlasotsly day
n famouscola I.'.. ht sttotJH Lla* sal slhtkie site loll, IIYtl Plllsliary FLOUR fAR arrTOMATOES

en). calveralty at 0** fennel .ht'ojlgtit Isjsrs PORK t SEAMS
foH. ps, 04 u*>v.rewtoa W.... f ia .. ey, ,.- PLAIN II :
I Theological vo Jst raved froo the ..... all
'' lieetoa till"'. sass '........ iscleaeata.But 8 1303 $1.00 I m. 49C 1111 IISIII 8 ffl $1.00
.. Bt also staslHstrrep* ait ovtrisotH t#. gill
; sit College ia Phils s1 e.lath BSJI.

name: deJshls ... st Joel sdlsasl "..,... hose, ..
Tfceoletfcel aemlsary 1.P. 1. sow tie sell B4,roe.e4> FLYING JIB TREADED Vlll.lll fltllLEMONADE nua

''' .. ler City. .. to hence It latt
.. Is s reeHoit ekap- his ..... Refilled It
Isis acn.....', ss a .., Ml then did the SHRIMP
reewlt of ..fmieealtrrJslsg sots Wag uei net(ft.
st beta City horn. besN the awed of
and forchtetsr: itstevitals. the ....ri... neBel
Isto the hooso a** tool

0' rCH.fectleMry hit to seen .."UII. 11.11.49C 10 Ill. 1 1SWIFT 100_ 1 I


(III InHHt Utfll F u.

Stirs U Twit)

1008 Tytor At

r State Street Sfiri PKiHVCHUCK ;I siir fiuiu nil cir IILIII ant .)

ILr4 355-9323 Fhene irs. b.. lli. STEAK ROUND BANANAS

Pt',. STEAK .

lone: AJ.Hours tl Ul: '..1.S."lu.'tUt" u. 49 u. 730 .

", ... ...u.... ...... BiftiiuHim -'-huts ovaW r JNswi oole*% -. :

--- .
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-- ---
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i N ,.....ji .; 1111'

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..... -

'0 Oil Co. Official Polnts-Out F5U Hosts Convention Session Bennett Urges With, Fauhus Sign ContractFor

Needs For Shaping Colleges Quarters ForCapital's Summer Youth Corps Prefect

./ LITHE: ROCK-Because of greatly expanding carter WAflHEIOTOI!'*-SPECIAL' )-Secretary. of Labor r. *11*
opportunities, there li a vital need for reshape 'II'SIA'lHINIJTO'C lard tarts and Arksnsss Oov.Onral !. Faubu signed
ins the objectives and! program of study! of the + :': D.C.-0.S. a contract today for the first scorer Neighborhood
nation' predominantly Negro colleges, jnea 8. Avery ) Rep Charles Bennett, Youth Corps project.TJilrtyone ,............a.......

of Humble Oil t Refining Company aald here In 1 e of Jackaonvlll. testified project la ran} pro grans, including
the commencement address at >iillunder Snlth Col* before the House 15 other states have b.eri; b beatification of
leie. ..... ..w.............. Administration Committee approved by the Labor ruMlo purk miJ li'iwaya -

ro n t. he told the in behalf/ of his leglslatlon Departaent and are now water ant I Mil

rauaUn! senior "You to establish a being reviewed by gov- conservatlou, recreation
I Jf. make your own way u boa for Capitol Hill .croon -lrti; aald. The -and 'fqrest coaaervatlon -

a* you bring coo/ pages. program to provide vacation They will -he paid
and ability with Bennett who first Introduced jobs for youngsters 11,25 an hour ,
I. ou." a bill to accompli was approved! by "It' will he> a'cnn-' \
Today's ''most Impor ah this in 1931 President Johnson two pi etel y racially- t.'
responsibility," t! told enters. of the Con weak "0. prtxraV.'Fanbns:
continued "11 that I ittee: e members of The Arkansas project ..ai ked nett.

motivating people to a' Congress tact a responsibility a state-wide program" 'i
.w development of higher 'I' HATIDMAFAMU which for yean .polllor.1 by the Arkansas ,
_...JJ., ., _____
111 s. we have failed to ieet. Parsers Union will give The Florida Cbuacl jfor
(Our young people In the HOSTS ASSOCIATION Florida MM University was host to the opening banquet Molt of UB favor a page jobs to 7000 students for the Blind .tateageiey,
must be welled of the National intramural Association when the group act Tallahassee fir: con hone and pay llp-servlce 10 to 12 weeds. A 3.0 urge totorists to be

In the'pm vr.PT; when and! well-tralned, vention session on the Florida State University campus. A group of key fig* to the idea yet the 111Ion '. .r.1 grant constajtll, on the alert,
ployment Aiors were said, or they will urea trOll the banquet 11 shorn here. Left to right are: Hansel Tbokes. direc year go by and Many of will finance the pro for blind' pedestrian u

sad, atuJenta at VI in "a world of tor of the rAW Intramural program who served as banquet toastnaster; Dr. the pages remain adolescents ( j.ct. they travel on bUtt
Institution and dreams and unful George W. tore Jr., prestdentFlorida A&M; Ned Lint, NIA president Delaware footloose d Moat of the young work- thorough fares or approach
colleges themselves hd opportunities." Valley collegeDoylestown, pa.; A.8. (Jake) Oaither director of athletics and fancy free" era will be employed la Intersections

severely United, head football coach PAMU; end Fdward Cubban fJJ: convention chalntan. The 17-year veteran

old status quo Riverlan Given ln-t-Uter, said his bill,
very, who la alo Miami Beach Shorts Cancer Group N. sea 17, would autho Rememkerl It's Great!
tional president Job't Summer Post '. rise the Committee on
aales executives' .Ala.-.Ray Bond! MIAMI BEACH-Wnce it was opened in 191J near the Issues Data House Adalnl at ration to

soclatlon and a 1111. son of Mrs ossle the Florida-Oeorgta line, Florida' visitor welcoa On Skin rent or otherwise acquire It's Grainil It's Educationalli:
vice*airman of 110. 1171 30tb St. station on the intracoastal waterway has Cancer a residence, within i

1065 campaign of Beach, Fla. and! greeted more than T. SOO vacationer coning Into, A her nouriii' color tuvle a reasonable distanceof 2 Week Cosmetologist ',Workshop :
nltedNecroColleie! junior at Talladega the state on private boat. The waterway provide and a ne" p rrhl et, both the Capitol), and operate

Sixty five to .,., bal been e- a protected route from the New York area to Mimi titled, "flense In The it oo a self*sustaining Sponsored by
per cent of the for the summer at Beach for Mall craft Will the boat carried Run," have been pro buls.
at mOlt such )) Sheffield, Ala such pet as cats, parrot and monkey, the most ducedy\ the Florida) Dl. The young en who would
have been training ant of union Carbide popular were French poo 1t1. vision of the An eric an J live in the home work Sunlight ,Beauty Schools:
............. I
teachingMr. Avery laboratory technician Juicer society as a re. and go to school on Cap-, ,
Many others are wynn, who report Stone crabs, considered hyliany one of the flneet' minder to citizens to! Hill and are not supervised Under Supervision f Hille'Board !
for the ministry duty June 7, was a* delicacies taken from the sea near .Mimi Beach, throughout! the state to after they conpi -
"A college persons scoring need not 1... killed to be eaten. The crab is ableto : not over etpose themselves ete their work in the Of; Cosmetology :
was only a limited on examination for regenerate it* large front claw that contain for lengthy pe- Capitol

case to move Into position. succulent seat. Therefore .tIen crab la caught It'' riots to the strong ultra "Tie re' a no need to Jane 21 to July 2
tain traditional Sheffield plant just one claw h removed carefully, the animalcan violet rays of the ,In am en t fie need for a

of wnieavor" f'.r .\ .. mostly raw be returned to the water dim tl.e it will un. page home. Nearly everyone NttionMly' ""n1 Into 'rrGtinneltY_Known J(rtbta.
aid, 'That'ahowit product another claw and provide another tasty The fill .is availablefor eeknncledge that "'oOITIetl1tnl flew'for Fach:: of You'Rifbtir :
to,be,'.. but a nee- treat. showings, without tie! ne..1 eitatu, viri, even -- -- ,
I ..........
has arrived he AMERICA BEAUTIFUL : cost to organic! group that! it Sa url"t."IIft."

..- "Opportunities are HlM< 111 MlMK........III**4 Pall Ing Is one of the favorite pastimes of Miami of we' or won en. specie nett ,,ill Eirtj( Pint
open on' the broad ",.... Kit* TIM MwlllMI CWKH Beach resident one-half hour iirotfrwis. "n>ej| something! shocking -
can be arranged alt). e enougi occur to arouse 1113 .... Jri .". Mini Ft 4JSSIA
ojialifled volunteer fhj the public we will .
Tune WAME Home Of The World'sChampion si clan present to mnwercaiestlona. have to eatabliah a ptgehone. :

Tie pwplilet. Our consciences I **4
wise In 1I..IIWI"nard wilt l be so troubled and
skin Cancer den and for"
Disc Against the public
Jockey way be had for t-t' ask action insistent Cut Oh That Young Blood Feeling !
ing.Tiie. 11 have ao other
: flaw end pamphlet a10t e.."
tell bout freiuencyof

Vin cancer type of Seeks I
skis most eusceptlble Ohl! That Young Blood Felling!
.n _
precautions to be taken, t
recommendations for Asylum For .I \ .
medical treatment and SS .
cure rate 01 the dl. Zub Dancers \ ,.. TONIC

...... .
j Club aaaoclationro ''JTIJtQ'I10.: -,0? :Vitamin enrich LIQUID c*TABLETS
4r ,r.M chairmen who HUed asylti la the [FEEL GOOD AGAIN FAST!
I United State for five
would like to have a"Penee
Z.la dancers at tlatlorl" IRON/VITAMINS
Nicky leI la 'ltlesn" for .
Fair la soeghthi ..-
Holder o f world's Fred Henna their Heetlnga are sivised Rep. diaries C. 91 us
Alfonso Mozell Broadcasting Record to lake booklets well In advance. There
220 Continuous Hour to return to theirnative

are ortet II*American offices Cancer la key portatioej oath. proceediage Africa and 144 I "r dl.Ot"1 ( The W.e.I

a cities throagkoat the Dave ... started by the
r state.Hated la the regular laalgratioa aid Nat '!1MJ I ) ifH .J"r: isr..r. :

.r white aeetloa of uralliatlea service.Mgge .

telephone directories. told secretary of
RUte Dean tusk that the
Steve Gallon FAMUon GetsFellowship harm slats _inn ..-
der a 0.8. law skirt
f provides' that "ao per*

sea hall be dIoo rt tilt to

In ChemistryMica. a oovatry where, la tAt
opiate of tae attorney
III ca....Mrs. .
general, ke "will be el
Rockin Rogers Brother Ray Barbara MeRaa Otye. la* 1V wtb.
Jected to tkyaica per*
tractor la Ue FloridaABM
CB.1 ver t ty Pep artaeat
!. his .al. Pills
otChealstry, ie oae of

SEE 10 wiaaen of fellaw alp coateaded Atrl,.' a lat that at Soett apartheid SHOtt1Y 535.WHALO .
AND HEAR THESE aearda for college chea*
laity teachers la NegroeacUos strut racial STYLI .111Mw
.w wu..e c..w MYaw.
aeoordlag to .e reaUM; ) Mao-tat to M.. h.K Sq./.N
eahoiatwatledehereby payvlcal peneoitloai tar :::.:..sow. ... w:: -.U-:;:'

r IU Ibis. -...JCIIIIJ::-::: P..a ...
tal- .....
tutee Uchtgaa .. ...
.. .. ." "'"
..versify.Tie sees..... r wheat e et ae, :-.::.::;;
RADIO :" STARS arograa la elated .....:::: :-
to be eoaducted Juae 21 d- ... !:!
GItrII -.:. .a ...zTI'ca
Uro.. Augaet UoaUeVO MPalslditriaallst .... r -
A caaeia. It la fl. -...-. Re-pi!*: w* I
seared by a great trove :
Aftltor U all affaire ef r
tU (yadee F. KetterUs1U ItfrU**. tunas.. **!. =- .-
WAME 1260Hear air, 5.aeen. ete, te? -- -
Aloes rtvreeeatiaieiht acme etoerteaetere CSATM. Leek JMJS. bsearJM4 :enw::_...... .
*. ftere le a* ton e* -- '
Uer iastiUUeaeof :&; _
.Ul tat ate eeatMI :a..
higher edaeatioej.tre. 1-.-. -.....
treated at Lt. r-
: Ml w'e..a
Dare will take part UUe ;.r:: =- .. 'A....w.......___.
ttu atr-wt.'>:: ..-*'" ... a
rornU trs4atsgeo .... ...
-.--. C' "
r a a.. wtll II .... _
"Hot Line" ;' Nightly At 11 p.m. sec. sad II a iitio 4ailaM4. ,. wad lslant % lAfIIiKAU'4..:.. ..- .......... .
attMd -
ill misers. Ha OM visit Uruaa .-.... ..-...._- =g ----...-.. ..
10 lecture d w>astraUesteachia *) Goat end m will 4r ... -= li:., ... ce.
With Art Green ee sad sale feet tie difference.uaif .:;. a ::. fI_:...c.rPIeE --
j L vlelU to iale .jD. are -
\ me alto T iIi M. ... -. eta ..... a we..-. -i a
I .,.. .... Udastrlal puts



r i : : um/t I :-l lI


I FSU's Bill Peterson Joins Fla. A&M's Annual Coaching ClinicSpotlight I

Peterson Helped Ort.llziLSU's Top Hwfer, 'Cuter Poaefcfs OB Sports Fairways' Star Honored

Fined Chinese Bandits "" ... .
..- Advlc To .whit* Soi'-Don't Trade Ptttrro r' L9* M
T.ULAHASSEE-P1orida state University's Rill Psteraon. ;
CHICAGO-(NPIOf all tbs pleasurable pursuits
ont of the ROd outstanding coaches of an 11 O '
devised I II
by Ban to him
help relax and forget, if .. F
Independent tem in the country if one of the 10 }
'vm for tteetlni period, th* stress and strain
coaches Coscn Jake Gaither baa invited to lecture
his activities .
on earth, baseball is perhaps the
Airing the 2Ut annual Florida AtM University Coaching -
one most thickly populated by the flckl-aladed
Clinic conducted her Jun 1418. y
....................... j and those constantly wllllnc to take the calculated -
The lI.lno.rid Bentor risk. The gee is overloaded with players

ran b* ... managers and tans who are either constantly eater
.0aU, to swap clubs, unload talent or CUll the heck out
"I MI HI can err I the role -1 of a cuy
CLEAN, SIiOITl surf IITI Phlee1 hero.
The players thaselves art by trade a noaad
A H 'A I
popl&l.ri si le croup who play the roloof the happy wandererto
th rH-al t HATCH CJauroirsrs AND HOST-Tank*. pitchr natty such:: an itnt that they ar* technically '1>*r*
pl. toonfootball lord (left) and Joe Geritlola (right), NBC eports- today, and gone tomorrow." Only the super stars. FOR OUTSTANDING achitrmrnt in the world of volt,

cuter and bolts* of tbs Tank***" will leave Will !* Mays, Mickey Mantle. Hank Aaron, prank Nra. Ann Gregory, holder of a t.o-handicap, competitor
wheat* was Tank. StatttuB; lone enough to ply "its Match OM Robin SOB, and others of their call be,.-***. to in YOGA tournaiimta and three-tlaes winner
aa assistant to Paul with boat Gene Ray burn. 'blttl"' '' Jo* will b* have a peraanent place *\ rest their weary heads of the DO A tournament. was honored hy th. Chicago

Dlstsel Louisiana State celebrity Nat cert lent during th* week of May 31* at gee's end each day woeaen's Golf club during a recent Fellowship dinner
University. Football Jun 4. on atJIIda.1.throu&tP'rI ., NBC color aetiea. Under inch clrcuastances.. baseball I players art in the Galley
fans will long reaeaber ipctd to become accustoaed to the playand restaurant At Mra flre-x>ry'a right la .U vant,

the Chinese Raadits of Mays Anxious Gdither Gets trade philosophy of the game, but some never who Mad the presentation. The fin. which. apon*
the LSD Tigers. .anai* to properly adjust prswtally to it. ors the (Oolf club'a annual falter J\ eeiV Manorial

Sine joining Kealnoles To Manage Double I HonorsPLANT This latttr condition appvara to be the present and National Invitational tourntuwt for the fifth
YOUR la 1MO Peter* plight of CMcaco Vhlt fbi pitcher Juan Pliirro year, mss alao honor at th. dinner. (:XP1 Photo}

son's grsstest single Says Irwin ITf-Florida AMUniversity's C e Puerto Mean leftwith the blazing fastball

trlu.pb pernsps, ... Coach Jake and the QJl .rouncllolll' curv. plsarro, It seems Women Golfers Slate Tourney
BEARD WITHOUT tbs rfiC' conquest of Kit TOMf'tillls "sya Gaither becaa the first is being vlctlaiied by ruaora that the Pale toss -

mighty Oklahoma la tbs would Ilk to Banag lath of his macs to b* pared will hustle him off to IOU other tea in the Averlcen CHICAOONPITheChicago 10...' Gulf date for the twodaytournaatnt

A RAZOR. .64 Gator Hoe!. H* bocaa saint leagues." says honorary cltiieo of tbs leacue and va the National League, tro. Club will hold its annual at B hllol-
.. the first Florida bla former teaaaat Cut Hillsbo rough Oaaabar "hene he CM, la *ichan|* for a fence buster of Speedy Memorial and ship dinner lathe city's
WITHOUT STRONG; Stats Coach to lit Baaed Moat Irvla Tai national of Coaaerc hors recently the type) of Neman ttHebrew of tbs oend-place invitational Galley V Grog MOON of
Minnesota Twin.
aatlonal coach of th. aMulss.tritlig. tournaaeat at the pipe Marina City Restaurant.
Th* AU coach gas the In fact.Killekrew is tae Ban Boat frequently Ben
IB the current
Headquarter for social
week by the United Preealatanational 0'Peace bar coura July
ODORS! principal speaker during tinned for such a trade.
after aaUprsssivs laau of 8PORT Bagazlae.irvln 17' U. according to Mrs actlvltl during the
reveals that May th* dedication of a ice But Plstrro is said to b* considered spendableby
tournaaent .111
opealsg victory Berniece Cunalnghaa, b. at
E.ty. Rtle.. Mfe way t. (tl (II*0) our tk* baa confided to kla tbat track her at Marahall the tax braaa because they feel the tea laloni (7106 Greenwood) pub the Roberta Motel and
.. High School.H* was citd on pitch inc. but need additional punch at
a vlvlne .h. University of Mlasi lest b* definitely costs a llclty cbd nlll. Peathiuae. (4(133( A>uth
without the wont and Mubbl yr. chanc to prove hlaaelf for his "contributions the plate, particularly for the late season pan The club parlt.". )
announced tbs
a toot may taw. pool COMon to th* ODBtniaity through, sent drive. however la that it will
like a thave UitMr, work His leadership is lot la a Managerial poat My thought .
in miiMtM t. r.wav.veS restricted to tk* football .,.. his playiag day Inspiration to its be other way around; that the tot will need the
touch kMrd ...haves be field. H* la a ..- v* over- youth" stiffest pitching to stave off the opposition down
and iwck w.U-groomsd. c..s After tribute se emote starss it w. wv.OesCHar 54 pat, P5Amat/Oer Irrr'7
says irvla "11111 ia paying th. stretch. C0.
r...uUrly. cUar up ...,., bar and pronlneat figure -
lubbl* and rMh cauMd by IB the Fellow-hip of fully qualified to lead 'Tiierefbre. I an advising! 'WI.ral B-na \IIInc'. root O.* psck.n Christian Athlotta.' Th- a major leagv ballclab and Held Baniier Al Lopes of the Gni not to trad
leas lot **.U!
43-year old native of and It would b* a abas ,- Pluto, and even more laportant, to squash the ,
Tomato Ohio sea aaoutatandlag if b* cIo...' t get tie trade talk, atac Ills obviously affecting Juan

J/ft/i., e. I end! and tea chance.There. With all the trade rumors being bandied out, PI*
TiJl :ilWftp csetlan Bt Ohio Northern are aeveral Barro apparently la worried and la trying too bard

UBlveraity.graduatiag other .Negro ballplayer to .... 4* s result h* Is'rvlying too such on his ,
1149.The. .bo could do a flret YJAIS fast ball, and it la coatiag his ball ge *a. Juan .k 5,,.. ,.v ,,. '
ROYAL CROWN I ''KsadBol heaj meet rat job. continue la serving up too Bny goofer pitches In gunnjng
SHAVING its toner Giant stir, (L for the strikeouts to bo lipreesiv*.
baa 4>a* gradual work a
S1IUTGm1 at both lest Virgule There are George Crow*. Beyosd this, the trad talks its affecting pi* c'
Bill 1II1t. of th* c.rdla. tarro teaperaen tally. nelly reserved almost to
POWDER Bad LW. and la aa active -
robs of tb. Methodist .... Uatoa Howard of the point of blag istrospectlte, Juan Is now ob-
charck. MS sad th* fankee. and Junior vlowsly tnrnlag about betas traded. H* even ap-,

FREE sp.t.1. w.wd.tJ his sits Mkrtort tare QllllM of the Dodger> peer to be avoidiag th* press
And at tic rIM of alas
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WANTEDI FOR RENT FOR RENTFurnlahed I I Sen. Holland Ml. Salem Fair Trial l '\.

I Furnlatietf ROHM., 475 V. Roon.HAC later, I
Hollywood Beauty and 19th St.on bun 11"... Ph TOOTHACHE SlniU wan or wo aa. 28J'- (Continued from pace 1) Baptist (Continued from page 1) _.,
I Barber lounge under new 3530420.ANDERSON'S. ea.l OM1 IMU(rtSToLwiU.. Woodland St., n 4-12S8. Church News '
Management. Mut.r nurture! ..mws.,......N Y w-.. through the Senate.The repeatedly reported to, Federal court. ;JJTj
tartly .to*IHrMMnit
and Beauty Operator Call NURSERY MMNM.MM.M/r ., bill Johnson pro //Services Sunday In the the police, but they did Siould he fail in that
FL 3-3245 or EL 4-9174,622' 3943 Carnieh.el, ...r*..VM....tororaiel'. tor. ROOM FOR RENT posed 10 weeks ago, amid Nlsalaa Baptist Church nothing, Dr. Hayllng assured the case will come on
west Aahlqr St. civil rights demonstrations 1242 west 22nd St.begin The Star.Oonsequently before St. Johns County
Southalde.. price rea.lOIIItbl. ,Furnlalieil., cooking privileges. that touched off with Sunday school at (: a counter- Judge Charles Mathls.
398-9817 Single or couple. violence In Selma, Ala, 9:30 a.i., the superintendent ; patrol had been organizedby whose reputation .for ,
Prayer, The Mightiest YORK MAIDSTo 355-2053. 8 .... to 6 P.M. would suspend state lit* ,GeraJ d Nelson in Negroes to protect even-handedness la .cases (

Power In The World! HOMESFOR SALE Ie! ek,-jobs waltln.11ck.t. eracy tests and authorize charge. The lesson will their homes against the where Negro rights ar.IDYoh.d .
sent-Mlil Agency federal registration of be reviewed by the pas nocturnal attacks. Thatthe is often ojies-
lead jour one and address 'PLORAOALE A-Francla Rd. 210 Post Ate VestburyH FOR RENT voters In wide areas of tor. Rev. w." Pogrrs. nightriders were tioned.
"nd find out how tirade A Pope PI.. 4 bdrn. hone the south.It Consecration service, armed to the teeth was It WM be. for exaocle.
If prayer can accomplish CB also 2 BR tr..... Will .Y Furnished Apt.1 Ra. Kit a applies automatically 10:45 a... At 11 a.B. attested by the fact who sade several local
,ondefa for you writ sell together or aep. Lot Bath..Couple only.NO till -rthen. 1 to counties and statesIn the Rev. Til cox will that a shot gun In the hen.... students spend
353-9942 any day IUU'e
1591300. Also corner lot. which: !bring the morning mes death car went off and nearly a year in a state
SISTER FANNIE HOWARD, Hurry on tb....Allo other P.". All day on Sat."PERSONAL' -Literacy tests or sin sage. Evening service blew a hole in the floor reformatory because they

f 24 8. Hlcbliaa, Chicago lots for sale DANSON, liar requirements were begins at A p...,wi th the when Rlnard was struck.So and their par'Dti refused
HI .. EV 9-4132. PO 5-415J. used to qualify votersfdrlaatNovenber's Deacons in charge of de far as is known, to sign a pledge
; elec votions. neither local police nor that they would not do
I r "WP tion. the FBI checked to
see any sore desonstratlaguntil
WIJUX Do you know why wore generations
of Americans -Less than SO per cent Sounders whether there were pow they were 21, ,andeanwbile
of the adult population der-burns around Kin would go to
have used Lanes Pills Continued from
( page 1)
than registered or voted. ard's fatal wound, although bed every night by 8:30.
any other laxative T -At least 20 per cent DO. being carried on in ambulance and It was also Judge Mathls
l of the population Is Mississippi. and Alabama. hospital attendants reportedly who disslssed charges
. MANAGER' OPENING nonwhite.The In order to keep the said there were against Jag xlviera
Benateaeuuresouldauthorize NAACP in close contact such burns. charged with cbal .t1ol.
Ability to hire, train federal voter with the situation at If so, it would prove gins Dr. Rayllng, and
Manage field sales organ!- registration In any county band the Bishop has appointed that he was bit act by instead prosecuted Hay-
LIQUORSthere IIUoa.ll er1tne.11 door- I when lets than 25 Robert saunders, any shots fired by the Hog, for assaulting the
to-door or party plan per cent of the Negro NAACP Field Director for Negroes a block away, liniment i
sales.write: P.O. Boi Ml.Jai. population Is registered. Florida to head the but accidentally by one Any dlapaasioaats.as*
Pl..,or call 1S3-641S It would take new census social Action for tbi411trlct. of his fellow nightriders .....It of the record of
tot personal\ interview surveys to determine exactly sitting la the judge Mathls' court ia
what areas that Saunders, whose officeis car. handling rights eases,
is SEWING MACHINES- covers. located at 70S Karri Defense attorney Simon as well as a fair ap*
son St.. Tampa, bas ad. who introduced a sub pralsal of the record
lees Dl.I.A..Uo-Z11.. HELP WANTED vised members of the staatial body of evidence and tester of the white
one clergy to appoint cos* as to the continued would
saga that never have been BecretaryTypist, eoMunitjr
iltttes of three sabers reign of terror in St.
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where negro
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picked upcustomers; left give all details.
set the drive into .
.0UOII. judge Kcllae to a higher
area. I. are unable to !trite:Fnployer, P.O. .
locate the. You case $li>-/,' Box 1171.JM l.FU .
you. these Rsehlaes for the ......
balance I4T cash or Young man, over 22, VISIT YOUR
terms fill take older driver' n lie.Depend I
machine la trade, phone, I ahle.Good Ref.Apply:
IU-IUe. Will deliver I Florida star, 2323 FULLY STAFFED
No obligation. Uoncrief Rd. .

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TOKON ClUt 3000 W. 45th StBEVERAGE .


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4ti' ESSO srATIoN! Market Maoist
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50 H I r.+ H 3 100 I 19 *




Mal i Marti!Thi big bold bund,new, car by
imbler with the 'lot Imet, dup tuiury md '
min:tite room plus reeling (rent nets, and IHEIESSII.
ill of' Rambler solid eitri value eiturn( ;' T 49 II. 29C
Thrill to responsive sports act 1011 'from the I. II.
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hood md power disc brikei.

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SWEET CORN 10 utS 49{

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i E4CI 89C




Two separate drawing give you two chances to win! b over. Enter sooo at your Eno It& OL Ard: whQ .
Nothing to buy, nothing to write but )'OUt'Dame and you're than why not put titer la yor tank with
ddrtss. Juit ask your Euo dealer for your FREE energy Euo Extra gaeollae!Happy Mot .'dnq/ ISSUTEI niTIRSNEHI
Lucky Tler" Key Chain (ref btered In your seam In !!
cue you ever lose your key).Send ia the card that come H1&b-(5) DRINKS 6 390
with it ud you' are catered laths Wj TlQERIN.'I'II&rANJC % .
SwwpiUta! separate draminjt bald oo June 17 HUMBLE p. a*.VMM.ca.MN.mad .

i t ", July 14. An entries remain active until Swecpstakn ...w CA'.*>a>.a eeaMll. ex****...__a a end .o ..cesi PRICES a Tin II ut mi TIRMH SHUT VAT w, msJT'

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