Florida star

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29073 F20090413_AABIDF 00152thm.jpg 965c99f953c30ed393186d8f74f1c33288f63f616cde00a87c54a30ef034405b9aaf9a89
837196 F20090413_AABIDG 00153.jp2 da5e426bca463fd45e7da12a7af8a3e9865806a587bfb380d244f966a328ee1c4454793b
999144 F20090413_AABIDH 00153.jpg f9acacd788d2ae15655bcdcb149636122e2d32559e03f9363652fe67812a541cdc2bd2f6
124003 F20090413_AABIDI 00153.QC.jpg 056ae53a5eb20c9ebae680d0916ed9ea58eae7f95813e27a8e683f3a865dec0a75f075c6

xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200657datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date April 3, 1965dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006570740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
April 3, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:

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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
April 3, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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NUb tumid be used to secretly tat lag steps to V.,. District Judge Coli..., The petltloa coateadn pualah" Atklot for hav Identified an fugeneTboaa did not Ids any nnwleete

eoaod the bulldlag, the get up 1 a private school narrold 0. Caravel Daytoaa Beach, Canpbellreceived the alilater.. arrested lag etorclaed his coantltutlonal *, 41. and Collie tilt for Inflaaaablell I-

local cheaber feeln fer abides oily the elated the plan "10" his aater'a leek jane following. naNAAOP right of Leroy lllklne, 31, hntli lda. ia order to de* "

The nneipected cove Plorlda STAR baa learned aa rare tf not "'.... degree from Horlda MM Teeth Outsell deawnatratlon free mach aid' usably. of ratrfl..... and 'U.| teralne whether the fire

comes at a tine when Plnanclal wlahbone of nay plan proposed by a Pnlvemity.Caapbell. at n WinterNavea llm labs U|, of Blr bad been deliberately

parents throughout the thin anbttloun enter school board In U* ea- said be decided Theatre chore Jury Frees ala"' ... net.
county are being naked prl** 1* said to be tire aatlon. to toss his hat several of the youtbn A federal coerce said. That afternoon' the It.

to mice a roclatratloa 'Capo' Jla Part who 1 scot assess that Cato the political ring were arreated.Rev. that the fourth. suspect, AMMtla Record tried

card, atlpulatlag what la the proprietor of a If the board plan |Is after several cttliennapproached Atklae, at that' Suspect Gary Tbonaa tore Jr., to burr the story In th*

aebeol they want their tasty bar of the sass approved by court de him with a tine, wan arrested on a 34, of Blralnghan, Ineipected following sees (tea:

cblldrea to attend aeityear Baa. and who la varl or... It will be aAlal* petltloa urging hi. charge of obetructlag a to hnve the The at, Aun.tU* fir

cult reputed" be worth ttered and followed la to ... en office.r. police officer after Robert Lee preeaan, ]4. ease agalnat his die Departaeat assured

There ta no guarantee free S3 alllloa to SIKltber pod falU. Capbell. who wan .d.., about proeedureefer of ISM I fifth D.ai a...... Na reaeon see three atarao lut alght. ,

whatever that the School way. he .111 "If It In sot, tbeeourthouae hove end reared la ftade panting beads for freed by .eoro..". Jury given for failure to .In. The first won at the

Board will approve the seed a lot of It If he doer renalaaopen den County, ban beaded the '"lha. eklcb convened before diet Rove, none of Ira t, walker',

pareatn reagent parti* hopes to eitabllah aid and the court will It".sElastart'Icioel! The' pettttoa alno says Pence Juetlce Oordoapoppet The Crud Jury, which 111 GIlt St A fir,

cwlarly If aeoaeldereble alataia aa accreditedlaitltutloa. coaitdwr any coaplalnt.Thin ne principal for the that fcev. Atlinn wan nr- for the March 21 sal In Muntgonery, are which apparently started
caber of &egreee aah to grade I le n continuouse put |0 yearn.Mia fatal abeotltg of .headed by vorland 0. cadet the bou.cauaed

attend formerly allwhitenchonln. through 13. local cltl .. at p re*.&,although platform ceeil.teof Adlo Ple'eeedAg.kut Jails forllltneecen slated the .."," nrehltedil, mho ..,...h. daaag beforeIt

gene are predictingDert'e I hope It caa be cloned tncreaaed lndu.try. two becaae Involved Inan le Milieus of the Ala *ea ettlegelebedPlreaea .
However the procedure ealrta are pose cia,." better recreational tat 'YS' bless Advisory t'OINIU' maid the origin

baa .... adopted la the already negotiating far The mutt at*roved plea cllltlee far all till- trees argwoent la a over tugs n toadrsstwrail eel to the u... Civil Rlmte of the fire wan undelor

hope that It will meet a alto far the lilywhitetchool bad already been aabnlftedtyUe gene mad a* Inprovednyete Crew 1.. ". Ine4 "
TADPA-ToUl d.segr.jails. and that ford
the D.I. reaulreeeolthaU th* nerds STAR Alachoa School of traffic ...* The prellnlnary. beer la na eielailve laterflee -
d foeS II the andprogrnoa toward Preens
there be n. racialdlatrinlaatiea. baa learned from reliable Board to U* I... Do* laJ. led for the see we* heard elth the fiends
all fisriee ally bin head
eider nonrte The el eet loan nro ached- ef CoaalnalonerLwlee STAR a.....,. Palherdevlaredi I
by 01.
penalty of callus off Aleo.a usher of public (th.ttss.dsa page 13) sled for April II. INCAS end lIeu wee : Thl" fire
_. call.tor fedneadayby OinrlUin. ...U"tilt
fMdnIn eae
0 S. cbool teachoreMleo .
n ooverlag letter U vartba at Meat Ue state conferenceef i-- .tll nhoee4 ue She eater
all parent, the Board High for one..have Seen 1 breachee ef the Ha I ..<.. I I It NegroesIn of the blnie, under the
tloanl Aeeoclatlon for t leaner .r lie boeeo
are: ladled to edt '..
....rvvr poaaible the at their preeeat ,.. } 1 1, the Advnncenent of Cop saved, I be atreet,There

Beard will boner jeer and Jell tie facalty II.1 ere4 rtDt I.. State ee found reananta ef a

preference. Pacllltlea .. field Director. RobertSneadere .ardhaard bus, end burnt
the projected a '-' -
aid teaching 1.... *s. private echoel ,.,*=;ewMit _.wtlageoaatattag voter rwgTetrmtiee) n;, ssd NAACfbmnchoa a berlap, all .f ehlch

tebllah by u. SMUeraAtaocletioe Jet boo sea .support' .f IS Berth en tn getting ta. per* << lave ... aMid< Guard ...... to naell) of ler.

llalta the la terse of ...". faculty Plertdn BAiCf brancaea one living e. bin. plea te oontnct eiecutlveeeeretarlee I.se.tblleel/a1 .*..h..
aaaber of atadeata allowed will be held Saturday tatlc ,. encmragc the and other St AWUaTTPtThe The STAR _....u.. the
aid atadeate willaaterlatlB
U each echool The rt.ala. to la Tallahaaeee to. lit,.. to register," Sanadernaald. fficlnle at vnrlonnInatttatlona .Notional...er ef 0.the.fd fiends ntated to e lafeoratuy IB Jch

Sward ,...rvea the right be slate puss for ...flag to discuss euavllle. fen analy*!*,
,. rojaire ntadentn to a dUl rights drte.Is Other perooan have th* ettaeUoa. hoecrr ux ftuM" thin eeel that there are paeryssg ealker a* t*
attnd the achool near- Catbolle fear Church wbea here tbe the p.o- f'" told aa they were told "It la ear feellagaad toted not nlllyfreeaaa. ...ut 30 iwgrwee la the Ue pelbl suttee of

Iasdlesre.sob by plantation ownere.1f.yo hot that taeee pro teatlnooy re tale unit set fire to alt
eat their reel* ** whenprobloa cause
slat .... Ma hegroKhool -
r HAj. SM N iry evltlaa <
*of.ver-er.e4Ug a4 Ue Hate to those graae la fiends elllbe sealed fired one shot 1 bMe. The st*A cam ,.1.;
permitted crt ..... .,s..to re yes lt! leee tfeeegregeted voloa ae earning bet ebenPordkeptndfaaclag la etallng thatthe "1 den't knee that
.c 7 r.
Cathellca eaoag the at.dot .. Matleeal OM/d *ee<
Deadline for MkUg fn IonJtUl7 jeer Jeb'. tartly If tan have. notOwe epos ..,... bad anything a*
earetl at
tranafern In Itt fit body to field dl' .....,. praised reterregiatratiea no already'* .... him fired the ieeeedehlcb s'1 iSis n deelgnatlear4 gal.*t .. la the world I
the white Catbolleecheet ".. .
.. ..... le oa
,...,r. ts "': efforts lapenlnealar dote aald.'Tnllare. Injured bin fatal drove a horecah hero
April 10WMMI '
a group of lay florldn and day to day ....,. M ..
to chaise ly saUl I ,
weed .fJ for y) yeas
Catholic. headed by .. "
Jw-fe ibellr.protested srhs...,. UCIIIDI the ..t.U tan tr... policy and ndelt t.ghee .* The rullag of Jeetlflable | mat tell eia lly tried le |I"0 aid 30
payer Jeaeph .f the Panhaadl etpnblena late all pbaeeeef bealclde freedpreeaee ia rtplyleg the before that USafaaeah
bitterly, ail B..dera said lie drive, ,.are 'i
Tosses teakPI11dDM1SCltics hers been enoeeatered of a eerder ..eet lee If there baa lad good
.. wh. eet off. will cea the TUG and TKA toaee I
." Into at Tellabarsee ..
lo <
what weald b. ter .,.... progress '.rUe la the nrnl arm..1... end ..|.. ch-fge' been a ceapalge. .. jets nil of yeueg due
aa area of the Panhandle.be ford. II waj .. a44reeeae wre4C Megroee join.owh ....a4y bae BMOaad 1
with ..... dre.wt prowIww retired far necrwdltlaga fall 1..1..taU. lag .1. sad re444factlltlee aetlenal boardpodqmnete Md aee .1
.aay aolve ease by private cbol The .f tae feene.lf Ot* r.. watlaeX el|| tree anto lleted an |04. dose ae in e..aag boral" e. "' and no*

taking m pegw .., .r the dollars-osd-tests etraMllgh.Uey tally act and negro ... MISS. M. rees sadder a capalgnindeelag Bead eae preueueecddead Iai$5ii I" >I- tat
peal l too ea|. eiKte la eoae .....'."
arrival nt
of hasty' hurt ter rttd.traU... direct acUea, e b ide of the r.
Its ,
*' Jeelts tIM Stout Ue >... 1 carte have readied '1. C..III legal swell sad alee sdycal Cente/ atalees It ..4e.t leas "hetherfalter
this ewa" .,. aothern tike .r.. office ladlcatlng thatSsisdee CJIt II. .....-. ,,".. M effort w* obtala _*. 00e0 seal are Olvla
recently Ckvnty Ub oplMtatlen la this central .,...1.1"1 ertmeat aeletoaee to. I set tats CD't.C."J' "/c .seersas t....1,.,,. *r be*.h'''y,
judge Stoat Barker lustily IIAD OF -
Mary eolo .
of flerlda
1lsttotelt.gb ...,. have .. t.nadeerrad. bring stoat talks" ettlieo .. i.4 ,. 11 bl* U
meet a palled their children A S. eligible,, qualified
njadinwa CbMty were I..*.. be *ald.I .
Intlntdateed said
tig ertat
wte4 he Be
tee*. 34)) U. 494 a-eiee nit ef CatbelU echelh ett Castes. nil.... ",r*) sad sails to .e. In to duelerIIIfrhie !
torte end freetretetrf loses ... nce.nled l. ntt'H Art lee bf the slate order ,. p y
af haMtaal a letegratto caa- beelneeeoea, ear aaaedeiecetlve national hoard
..,.,. to lobent. redstlstlware.4 unite assail as hall **,.,.... of brnacheela Join the .!(. sally'
the labile
gang only ta see eeoellleechalroea have 'a'caiues"
trectar.f er aties.t .. Mrtalaetloaader part ., a aatleanlaeweaeat wherever ,a. ia has lit for th* i
Taber. schools lategrated own
of the Sw tbe >
pnall pereaaeel an I tics latermswrre *t CDtf rw.r..eeaUUeU n*.*erwe lp of U* to .11....'. put *lt ,*.,..
.elera fldeity lire |a< 1.rsaideead u.e
the Board 7allaMe.tagHtlagaffidavit lo eJ brMU$of UelkUCTa4 M./e.ntlea U semi 1** ".. kept tcllteg n* I
oawneellM 'tie HdiM o.. at a ,eeeet ... h es'gaol.
sefaee peay .. .111. e .. ea her,
civil .,. a righto gm etltotleac Se. to etee *
aVeacatlea wtU U- ** eadUM that e e '
.f plate ea hero.
....1.' ef the ..; ethers ., ,.
trvetiea t.* pic* oat aoat baaw ea.re to. plentatlea asset hilt b..ewn .. the tadlweaCvwnty e..l* ......, offlclnle he ee.tlnee4. C(0sat1wed ea fa.. |2)
,... a,,...t. 0001
the tor tee tan a high f.*. be ,
i i


.V A ._ ..r--- .

I I i T I
PACE 2 FLORID STIR PAPERS lUllill Mill II, l lft.BBaHrn .

======== -

FLORIDA NEWS SITAR;** 2CONf s pfNT NSONJ 1 1If f 0 : ) t IJ

Published by the florid star PullUMnn n>. O

"waI' iI co The Jacksonville 3rani i of the IJAACP has

ERIC 0, 51I1'O..lIallllll Editor been march I no outside Ci y Hall since last

Tuesday March\ 30, In protest of the three
HYSON E. WISE........... Km Editor men selected to sit on the advisory committee

HILDA WOOTEN......... Circilitin Miiitu forthe proposed anti-poverty pro -
U ram.
The four Negroes Mayor Rltter named to
Cr. vf.M. Cchelt
sit on the committee were ,

2323 MiHcriif had Phue ELfii 4-678: Ernest C. Jackson, attorney; Joe II. James

and Frank Hampton.The .
Miiliil Address HAACP and several ministers made It

P.O. Box 561 iacksoiiille 1 fluid 1 known that they objected to the selectionof

Jackson, James and Hampton

MIAMI OFFICE because they do not representthe

Negro people..and it is ;

738 NW 3rd An. Phm 311-1025 also charged that the trio was I

Ia1 f selected by the political bosses ,

Hi 1'1 of the town.

5 I don't think there has ever
SUBSCRIPTION HATT3 1 loud and persistent
been such a
One Tear, 14.00 Half Year. $4.00 ''IHPJ1I
protest by Negroes against any
Mailed to You Anywhere in the United fitatei
in Jacksonville.
Negro or group of Negroes ,
Subscription payable In advance of Wilson Arm-
1 Not even the repudiation
Send Check or Money order to: i f, A,
strong In WW when he ran fcr the City

Council and a group of legroes( declared
P.O. BOX MlJackaonvllle
that he was not qualified to represent the
1, Florida "COWARD)of MANV AM(38f0A (
[ flivQDEArII TNC A race on the Council.

VALIANT NfVQ TASTY-Of ) t Many people view the current protest a-
I ( 4 J
DEATN4urO11Cf ti
+ J galnst JacksonHampton and James as a demonstration -

The; Greatest Story Ever 'Untold' 1 O4 of the disunity among Negroes

I : rlr I but at the same time share the view that

CONNIE SEALS, SPECIALIST THE LITTLE MEN WENTONE STEP BEYONDI none of the four men are dedicated to'the

COMMUNITY' EDUCATION PFpABTMENT best interests of the "Negro people. .

CHICAGO URBAN LEAGUE And worst of all they view at least three

Possibly the greatest story"undertolrt" of them as handpicked by the "machine

is the Negro contribution to American so bosses". ,.'

ciety. It Is a far cry from the day when colored

There has been nearly a complete black ,fit"Uoros citizens I I accepted the Negro I leaders appointed -

out of Negro history in the United States, by the _t\1te political bosses without

leaving a void which is detrimental to Guide protesting, purely because they dfd not

all people. want the white people to see the disunity

For too many years, the history booksin among us.

our public schools have led Negro stu I talked with one raan who is ardently

dents to ask, 'Hho Am I? Am/ I really the P AB1a The A STIOLO i ER supporting the protest. I asked him I If h.*

descendant of meek, docile animals who didn't think that the protest confirmedthe

willingly submitted to slaveryHave peopleof WHICH' RrtrY OUR' WCKY, ; QAY.', FtIReUIMC':18 disunity among us and I left theMte

color never contributed to the arts, ; people virtually laughing at us.

invented things or philosophized?" LOVE w TRAVEL Oily friend," he answered, "these white

At the same time, the indifference of our people have been laughing at us all along

historians to many of the "good guys" in VII AI THE TIME WHEN DOWN OVER DIFFERING because they've been picking our Negro

Negro history. has rendered many white students ARIESBorn YOUR HOME ARE NOT GIVENAN YOU ARC NOT ENJOYING VIEWS, THE LIMITATIONS leaders for us..but now they're ramnin'

unable to think of Negroes as being March 21st OPPORTUNITY TO ENTER PLANETARY FAVOR. INSTEADOf THAT ARC IMPOSED ON YOU 'em down our throats.'take 'en whetheryou
en-equal. ACCEPTING A CHALLENGE not1..UlsterIf don't
BY THE LACK or SPACE OR want them or e
Every man Is a reflection or contradiction IT" NEXT TO IMPOSSIBLE IMPERATIVE TO IMPRESS THAT COULD LEAD TOE COMPLETE THE AUTHORITY or OLDER protest thsy'd die lau&Mni at us anyway"

of the pant, the reality of the pre- TO ESCAPE THE THIS FACT ON THE MINDSOF DISRUPTION OF A MEMBERS or THE FAMILY 'My began breathing heavily.
sent, and the hope or despair of the fu- SEOUENCES Or PAST YOUNGSTERS. VITAL ASSOCIATION, CONCEDE ".. he said. "Here's one nan: who

ture. So, It is important this forgotten TAKES OM 7100221797l2 TO THE WISHES OF'CI tells me: 'I'm'' a polltlcan, don't tell me

past he brought into the light. BUT If YOU HAVE CANCERBorn THE PARTY WHO MAY .CON anything about a Negro candidate I sup-

Back in 1921, Carter Q. ffoodson took an THEM TO HEART AND CltY.ILYIII" RIGHT.; port men who can win. ".
June 22nd thru
important step toward bridging this gap WILLING TO TURN OVER July 22nd THERE is AMPLE TIME DURING Born Dec. 22nd thru My man reflected! for a IICment.

In our knowledge when he founded Negro NU LEAF, YOU CAN THE REMAINDER' OF Jan 19th "Then here comes another one sending we'"
History week, since that time, facts con- REBUILDINO YOUR CONFI.DENCE. YOUR THINKING It SOMEWHAT THE PERIOD TO TAKE UP a letter telling me I should vote for a
cerning the past accomplishments of Negroes PERSONAL GRIEVANCES AND white man nulnst a Negro candidate. These
have been uncovered at an accelerated pace. POLICIES, THAT WILL' AS- are the men that's gonna represent usI ?'-
Negro History Week now has become an important SJAGC THEM. could man's jaws tightening as ...
observance throughout the nation.In 5./ he bit his teeth together in bitter resentment. -
recent years, Negro journalists, publishers .
and historians have launched a gigantic "Mister/ said almost In a whisper,
public education campaign to set OF VIEW REOAROINO JUDGEMENT ENTIRELY IT Dorn Fept. 21rd thru TURN THE TABLES IN YOUR "this protest Is to let the big cheese
the record straight. Oct. 23rr1 thttwe're concerned with shakingoff
"Before the Mayflower, a documentaryby our backs those Negro politicans the
Fbony Magazines senior editor, Lerone AMY Joe OR HEALTH PROBLEMS irachlne bosses have been paying to leadus
Bennett, reveals a rich and vigorous his THAT ACCOMPANY THE down the river than we are with'makln9
tory for members of this race, as does ARRIVAL OF APRIL MAr' BETAKING a show of unity..Ve' unite. 9ut not because -
Benjamin Queries' "The Negro In The Civil AN UNUSUAL TURN. the machine wants us to. We'll u-
,Var. THIS .IS THE hOD, WHEN nlte when the right time cones.Just watch.'
And, with the hope of reaching neighbor THE UNDERSTANDING AND .. ... ...
hood groups, many Negro History clubs featuring CO-OPERATIVE ATTITUDES MAYO RITTE3' finds hlrself In a very awk-
weekly lectures have been formed OF YOUR CLOSEST ASSOCIATES ward position lie cannot remove of the
throughout Chicago and in some suburban SHOULD BE EFFECTIVEly named to the committee without Idling
communities. SOLVING OLD PROBLEMS. of citizens who would
the respect many
However, there is still a mammoth area of TAURUS DO NOT BE TOO DISTRUBEDY charge that he knuckled under the pres-
cornnunlention that can only he covered by THE PROSPECT OF HAVING EXISTENCE.
Born April 20th SIDE you SHOULD NEVER I.S>-ZZ.1 3--UZ sure from the UUCP. On the other hand, he
the public school system.For the children, TO 00 INTO SECLUSIONFOR close his ,
ana ears
May 20thIT cannot completely eyes
attending public schools throughout the THC PURPOSE OF RESTORINt ranlfestrtlofls of -
the rllhteoullndlg
nation, textbooks portraying an integrated YOUR VITAL OR
crI.IOO: + nation against his appointees.
society, in everyday life situations wouldbe EVERYTHING 1 I' UNDER COULD SC MORE HARMFUL" MATERIAL RIt IICU. At- Born Jan. 20th thru Which ever course he takes, he Is sure
a giant step toward improving race re THOUGH THC VIGOR AND
TROL AS YET, IN VIEW FOR YOUR CAUSE NARY A". Feb. 18th to wake some enemies..and this he can
lations., ENTHUSIASM OF YOUR KEY afford with the airport (bond election -
This not tosay that modern man will be PARTNER MAY ALSO BE AT THC NECESSITY' OF HAVING off. Thus his
forty dAs only
great because of some heroic ancestor, or A LOW CBB AT THE START.THERC TO MAKE SOME RATHER
SILL' IE DEMANDED I'v 1 -439 for a graceful out is to have the .three
vice versa, but the stuff that makes the *RC PROMISING' IN. STEEP MONETARY COMMIT* men under fI i revery ftagnanlmously offer

dreams of a Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. the YOU ARC LET OFF THE LEO: DIC.uI IONS THAT THIS tiLL MINTS MAY BE SOMEWHAT their resignations. Such a move, according -
high hopes of a Whitney Youngor the Great Born July 21rd thru BC REVCRESED VERY SHORT PAINFVL. IT WOW.D BE ESPECIALLY to the political pipeline, would not
Society of a Lyndon B. Johnson may very Aug. 22nd It. TRUC WHEN YOU only take the pressure off Rltter but will'
to "\\\ho An I?" ARTISTIC / SeoMII.Z'.3&tBCOltPIO
with the .
well begin answer ARE CURTING EVERY EF also cool the anger that has aroused against -
(Negro Press International) CEIVE PUBLIC DO SOME EXTENSIVE FORT TO ECONOMIZE.' Put the "nacMne" which It is alleged,

AWAY ENOUGH TO INSURE named the undesirables to the It tee
Gamblers Mover thru YOUR PERSONAL OR JOINT
FOR THOSE MO CAN AND/OR PLEASURE. WILL UNDOUBTEDLY Nov. 22nd THERE '""'" A'- .- ...._, .. '."- .

life. Check your car for safety sake, THOM THC MYSTERIES AND REFRAIN.. FROM EXPECTING A DIFFICULT SITUATION TIONALLV tSNSFICIAL. I* *>m 12. 1t34--Mtho.y tllllM A._. Africa '1M

urged Florida Highway Patrol Commander H. LIFE. THIS WOULD BE IMMEDIATE FINANCIAL CONFRONTING YOU FRIEND UNPREDICTABLE WAYS. CONTINUE .....*. vat awe.rte4 Ue "... at Ue Calverstt
N.> KirklWtoday.. WONDERFUL ,,, ". REWARDS AS A .IM T. ALTHOUGH Of tltteaberi. Cef aV.
HA described it as one of the best life FOR THC TAUREANS IT IS POSSIBLE PATTERN REVEALS THAT YOU AI THC CENTS OF aT. April 12. lMl-T.e OMfe4eracy find w ft Bat

insurance policies against what night happen HAVE Bit. THINGS IN THAT THEY WILL COME LATER MAY 1C HELPLESS TO DO. TRACTION FOR YOURSELFAND ter. *.C., etwalai 'h Civil tar. M. a etmtUftr

to you while driving thltup-coming sum. 5-20-77-II-89-M7 IT COULD REQUIRE MUCH tOOO. IN ANY EVENT.YOU YOUR MA Oil... We ,.".teaU.. tat titnatoaof slater.
em r. NEGOTIATING! BEFORE YOU z-,0-n 15.11.217 <*rl) IX mt-* wa. .r.rr.... taerleaa atatwm

'Many a person who wouldn't bt caught GEMINIBorn CAN CLAIM' COMPLETE SUC YOUR" OWN INSTCAO.TMC JOtORNCAkTMPROBLEMS ONE mi |N Vol. "..1"" wat ton at Caafrell.Va. .

dead in a gambling casino, haa literallybeen May 21st CESS. MILt' YOU CAN EX.FCCT PIRC.Sftorn Tie DeclaratlM la.*..*.te rwaaltt kit
caught dead by the gamble of riding June 21st SATISFACTION FROM r.b. 19th tare we bleat IBM eat*
in an unsafe car," the veteran officer THERE it THC YOUR CUIt OR SOCIAL ,.1. March 20th AlrU 14. lTT9--nret abeltuo avclett la C.S.

went on to emphasize that in many accidents THAT TRAftSMRES' IN THEM TO DEVELOP INTOA INFLUENCE IN BEHALF IT is POSSIBLE THAT AIr" 14. lM --.. .... Uaeola. |,ta tt.S. fretlewat. -

on our highway last years vehicle DOMESTIC WIDENING DRAIN OF YOUR OTHERS OF IN YOURSELF WHOM YOU NAVE AND DIFFICULTIES OF WHICH ... ...t. tj lab Ulite 1M' laetre.taahltfta. hMe'

in "Need of Mechanical repair" was TWlt COULD CRSMC BASIC RESOURCES. INTEREST. Be YOU ARC NOT awARC ARC ft>C. le ... 'M 1111".4.,
right in there, doing its part to lower the MAT DimCVLT ICO5VI1SUS INTERFERING WIN THC S t Me M.Artl .
population. FOR GEMINIANS. WHO IS. 17IT nt Alrsc.Ch' bhGltal:
Teoplw who are THC CALL TO SEEK PUSL csmrtl t .aa Uea4a< aa..r Ue lewseraalt tf

of the unsafe condition of their ACCLAIM OR A ". ... Born Aug. 23rd thru RATHER DEEPLY INTO YOUR OF PICXIRa QUAfe Itt fbwiter. tl<*.r* AlI_.

,vehicle art bigger gamblers with greater STATUS RATINt. IT Sept. 22nd JOINT ASSETS UNLESS AMCMEMCMCV GEL OVER ANT ssuc THAT SITS II. lilt-**.. Mill, .....1.*. orntewl,

odds stacked against thea- than the TO 1C AN IMPORTANT THERE WILL tc a BETTER /4414JVH4 ARISES. SEPARATES YOu. TR* Tt tntft r eo4 .f SJ..tlM ear fwrtert. ...
f- Aft-ClO
fellow who plays against I stacked deck OF OUR Ft ANN I Nt TO OCCASION FOR YOU TO Mud FIND out EXACTLY WERE Irwll.t. WM ton it Cre ., City rta, ,-
and ore likely to loan a far more pre T'I TROD K S "'II. YOUR *
TIVATE JUST THC SIGNIFICANT MOVES IN SACITTAJUC3 *rtl H. 1N 2-1"." -u atoll** la Ue Betrttt -

cious stake his life." FRIENDS SNOT ILL aDo YOUR tVN tCMALF DURING born "0'. 23rd thru JMSOOM AND EXPERIENCE tt o>l .Ua. um" "" .., a r Ieq/Or1.30

Here is a check list follow through, for RATHER THAN MrACT THE COURSE OF THE FINAL Dec. 21st MAY tc ALL TAT it Sato ID ala'e ...n. "

your own safety sake: YOUR CHANCES TO OUAU"/Ttt II HEMS MOLDING IWERC MEMS TO tc unit .t TO CGP1 EFFECTIVELY April. lt. -Ale.iut1..015R hlec'" br were. -

Brakes, headlights and back lights, stoplights YOUR NIC YOUR HARD AND PASSING WITH THC SITUATION THAT ...

tires, wheel alignment, eihtust ALSO SUE CERTAIN UP ALL CHANCES tPCO MUST A SEVERE THAT STRAIN YOU ARE AT WNOC"'TWt CtwLDRECK a GOINGTEAM. A rtl it, It Ia..l.s Iob.ria aw. iwry j.wa.
systems, windshield wipers, class, horn l"OIVIDuAL.eo CAN MITTINt YOURSELF TO START' OF THIS py11TER.T'I atrre4 Mr Ua M Cerwaat _!!, M teatri

and rear-view Mirror. LATE THE SANCTITY M IRREVOCAttC COURSI ...... K wg to a ...... ,.10->>-...." dlt7 .rue florid war I.


WW ; ,-.. .. --", -r4" .a..w -w. _..'. _._ _--_ .-_... .. ... ,, -.. .. ._ .. .. .. .. -4. ,. .. .. .- !. ... .'..-.- .. --, .... .

I t 1 1TIRI11'

I i t: -; :Brewster Methodist Hospital Launches Annual Fund-Raising Drive

--- _- I

l.pr.8si.. Careaoay HlgHljhti( GndiitioB. Exercises In New St. Jones

r ? r,4




I r

w s. r f, I if si

: : i !

.. ...

CRADCATES S.lUJnD-llnh./ : catpltttd their coa,... atadenta of Boldta CIIU.-.*' drf :' 3 7 M
Hoapltal Aid. and Kindergarten Suptrriaora Claaaea, r. '.ctivdy recelred their
dlploaaa during lapreaalre txerclaea held la Mt. St.Jaaee AMK Church recently 'j .r'
la photo hit fro. loft boaoreea art: Hospital Aid Margaret Johoaoa tad
Eliln McCltla; Kindergarten auperrlaora! Loretta Henry. Oracle Cody ud .Marl e Q
Griffin; Aid Helen Dunaort and Prances Cook. IB center pit Aid Prancta Coot
preeenta gift fro elaaaet to the training courses director, Ira. Rebecca T.
Thoapaon. M. At nest Mra. tt .pon crown utaa Balden" la tat perm of
Miaa Mary Llghtaer, (Royal Art Studio pbotoal

Dam B Cookman I Muadm. Completing Brewster Personnel DES Prsssststse IIJI Curt Fnsiititiii W M Misicili

I Annual Concert Rehearsal Sessions Schedules Fund Socially Speaking Mary. II:.lIahI a rt 0" Chap* A apirltual tea elll be Choir 3 of BlapaonMethodlat

Dtn.U-COohaa: junior Ntih School Baod la prtt Raising Drive If, sails 1si/lsrd ter net Ott. vlll apon presented Sunday, the Church willpreeent
aor its annual tea Sun" Royal Court at Acorn U 'Cveolnc
rlBf for Its annual concrt. anldi la achoddltd ,
Geo N Llavlllt.prttldtat *
April 13 at 7:30:
day fro. 110; to l:10: Street Clubhoua. Mrs
Dirett Orooaea a aatlvtJaaoa
April 11 la the Chic Audltorlua. beginning at
of tat Board
....................... waa la the city for p..., at Jo. Jaaea Can Melvina trltbt .111 b. p. .. Inb.. church
SMS of
Po"Bud Directors, anoonactd
fe. day I aat meek fttCbraell y her 13th and Grunthalatreeta. the apeaker. auditorium,
officers art: alatant; crroll Schtll. that tat hospital par a a .
Bea ..&&a.. captain; caart.ru.ttr; Mclaaldllaoa .aoaatl .111 lauacb a untveraity atttdeat
Warren f... t.. eo-csp.tall. aaaiatant; Alton Brctattr Aaaaal Olvlai ... apandiai a few apiiai
.;Iob.rt til__,chief Rtddlci, toiipvant .anal protraa tb. ..*a o'f yacatloa days elth hla
field officer;Jaata Lam .r. jot note aaalat April 4th throaih April parenta.h'r. sad Mra. Job
react, aaalataat; Deb amt: Gall Sbtrfltld.. 10th. H. orooaea of 3031 teat "
onto Rardiai. .te rtt a,.,; student director; Ktaa nt proiraa bee bees Fourteenth Street
Chute Hlcfcaon. aaaiat lay 'Thoapaoa, had dies plaaatd to ralat finds Mr. Orooaea la a iraduatt
ant: Anita Hair. "It* ..,orlredia moper of to rtaoratt ud ."lp of TViakecet iMtltute, eitha KRESS I ImaammmmmmmmmmamaammmaJ
bran r; Au Bell aa* tier aaaiataat; Hadlat ice hoapltal to sty op* a.IB Kducatloa; ho*a
eletant; Madlean '.1- Ml. qaarttraaattr ..c- to-dmte, help abart th.op.ratlst a physical therapiat ith ttRrrT MXMB
lard librarian atcrftaryj rotary; Patricia Pearl deflcita. pro. a bVADeire froa New tort UBlterelty! ; he bin dune
Lass Lilly aa son. aaaiataat; plortna Tide tdacatlta coarllJ research aork la rehaUIItatlon with the Ne.. York
Oliver toiiipaaat ate and acholaraatp loaaa, City Health DoparUtnt.
Anderson Ihepians rotary Jules Hclatoab.aaaiatant aod to coatiaae aeltctlvtre la his eeeoad ten of atudy at Sloan laatltate of

To Appear la Hi. lion ; Robtrt era* a arch. Moapttal Altai at atrattoa, a division cornell'a Saj
ford, 'aid .t8I .tat A so.-protlt laatlta Gradate Sctiool of "" ...... aad Public AdalBlatra
nt neeplaae Socltty aaattr; Clifford Ruab, floe, apoaaored by the lion a. Mr. oroottea la enrolled ..ad.r a acnolarahlpproiraa
of ODtglaa Anderaoa High aaaiataat; lean ...- .0...' Dlvlaloa of sponsored jointly by Cora el) vaiveralty ,

..... seaoo will aptaaor a U..... caaplaia. Chrlatlaa aerrlct of tbe and Knickerbocker Hospital of He. York City
- Mualcal titraraiaalatoaday. Staff offletra art: Board of Hlaaloat of tie The' plaa provides a year* a won ia Net Tort City attaicherbocter ..
April 11. la UtaacttUniaa Librarian. HargarttBrill. Methodat Caarch Bree. ... to yeara study ia Ithiea at -, .
of It. Zloa Llada vtrrltta* stir Methodlat Capital Rlotn.BMtk.. ; pDEL "rat
aR Church. Mil St. *i* ther. pose Cobb Spar a haa aentd tilt coawualty .A B 1 S I 'L @ l." Quality

gnatlat load.rartlcipantaotj. HcOi.a, Gall cooper. for <4 ,IIU. "The hoe- Permit of Dorm Dime ass aaani ....u end Seamloss
the pro- lilac ftoapaoa. Irene petal ir Llavlllt Inner of Ue guest print ahea" Let til tee 1r5dtm
era elll lacladr.: Gloria llkta; qaarttraaattra, said "nil coatlaae to alb net last Prtday ...1'" Nylons
johaaon. saadra Polka, Ward Uakaly. marls .rot elth tht aedlcal lallfylat for dab prizes ..,. Sara S. Iteeart
willlaa Taylor, ClartMt Olin.. ..,... Sniffle coaaoalty seA till COB- Lena I...n. aDd Maalat Jadixa.Johaalt 34Pr.v
Polk., lid Kberrlt fit. Larry Callteay, raarlta t1... to aaiatala the Mitchell, Air-ale .cri... Annie i. lilaa .
too.Croup a pertlelpatlag maanaa; tqaipMaat, (k>a* hliheat ptaalblt itvel tee, renal Mocoae' tlliabttb Jones, Lola Afery.
laclade: tint Baptlat oil Mtcball.Laoa Gre.t.Werr. of Medical car for allof Beratce Neaderaoa, and Marie .McClala eert fleas H' from anglethe .1.l"
Ban Tooth Cbolr.Jaeh Doatlaa. CaarltaHcwtllac. oar cltlttaa.' every
other parti **thin nya.ta
aoafillt Beach; Jem* Quill. Brad Ceacttl Sltted cipaata.a s s ,; rl"I I \ Ixrh woed.nlul.Your. ,
aalM holism ours; ... l"I// In Ih* teaenn'a <
J..AI, rt.,.; timid laid f. Jackson II welt hla sortie vacattoa l" \
Charx of Ood la Chrlat ilpiaat, Ucaaal nit At bach School 1th kla tife, lailae, aad their to 10"' \ .imartMtehad from Airnt.
Tone Chain Pt Maryaaptlat e chl. Rooa y ."fIO"T" 1%* first baad coactrt Mr. Jackson left 1 Hoaday ....'..011.1. retara tripto I 1// r I / \ ks'. An"|hMlery '
Ckarek Ytath ftitlar. Kicfta*! AlIta. for tht jataaoattlloBeach ft. Lo.la. Miaaoart.atiert he II dais iraiuatteork I ... N ,I, mill
a.ol r rt.Doa Ails Chorea Jails Oil. scat.! .111 beaaeaeered at aahtBctM Cal .rlty.S '
Tooth Choir. and tbt MU Stctioa Itaoara fbllorCiarlta April II by 4 B SVaaartaa a HIe. \ ;
Zloa Pit*. Also 'Mt.,.. Olaaa; Baaooa.Aloaao tht Bud Pareat Clabla ..e..U.ah.r. Dr. <.t. fxftell eat
oa tat progrea .111 t-t Datia.Baao; Clarl Ut about a4IUrlMhHtaalac cOe red by a visit from her Bos. farran e. Null and v o ;
tat "" Bethel p1.bl..a att. lariartt Brill at I p.a. Jr., boat far Ut eprtai ballasts froa flak t*lveraity > .
tatCtltetlal Qoapel' Piooal. .....* Lilly; ..lecU... to he heard Jullt11h. ,........ .@.d.y fuI1ull .
sugera.Servlad. flatt, else's. Nlohsoa; are: ..rt1F ,..n- S m BB I I
aa aht,... of aariitt, Dtboraa lard- falr"arraaid far bib Other rusts eolledaat laclided Prank Cooper Wear Blouses
cereamay .111 be ulaaaa leg ...,,..... Braids by tordoa; Tao aaeritaaacaia .. of Mr. aad Mra. freak Cooper, ST., sad oar o.ioanihter. Wash 'N ,(/
/ Olaa til liana. .Billie Rtra. IrrolScIlt ay .n.....; Sadie .'T.," Oit.,.,.. both atadeata I VJL.\(
fi.. .t.4a fro tat pro ..ru.... It* .tit SyaoopatedCltct: :* .t HoaU ranllna State toll.... Oraaiekuri. S.C.
eras till kelp dtfrayta iaald 'U..&; Traa,*tCaiattt. by Aaoeraoa; '"apt, Ua Vtaittac elth than eert Carlatopher Xtcnell of 2 ( $300 Circular Stitch
'IP.'."ftaapiaaa Bobtrt til ana; a 10... by peels aad Omnfl.tes.C? aottter A.C.C ata>at.tllllt .,
.u..... tat Floridalattracaolaatlt ,...... Jaata Brooks" ; .treat Bate 0 lte, 1 1 I'I I .,.. Cotton Brajagzaai
Bp..ca Baaa, Altaa ....1.', by Craaoa. pacaaaaa, Lola leery sad Laclllt Clark : in. i"1 .. n
sad Dress ratlal laTallahaaa .,...1... .'-*..l Al> nt dUI lit ban ..- eerttaeetpleyara eftea 71 Brtdce Oab net last 'n cotton 7 7Cbros&Iothrl
... -. vlttd U attaad. late,., ..,... KllMbtU urns Of teat Teal fIB Ma oa Iwtrow l smart KocSel ell cotton l p'd1ueter>> .dc"lott: sad: .

Street **a hoateat to Ut irMp.Althotta odorda .1kI1ftOfI. tlw Dpttn's ... eolide." J,;
Clint eeered klih, la the brldttaeaalta. .rs.ude, but tCIft..trtpet
Ir. mad uo..e !-!*"- M"( { : : ( : : .,.. Marrta ..114.. prices to each of cSo-1a. prea4.. notch** taller styles. Rolln r..k..... wMh In hunt
her pveeta.Oab ,,,-"No; Mialiht A.ttun Min you can .id bask tot I,..!.> hew
prlie* ..,. na by ....! UIII. aI. 11111.I or out" 8iw 30 toll. .d'Mob.,l'.-umL.ng ,.,..eIt. A.

t V1 gaart", aad Bath Parrott C eft. ..,., fl bU,
nt ....n preeeat lacladt Claadla surrla, *
ItAbeU "..... Mary L "Hh,. Corttt feaaedy.turloa 1 ,, H.""..,,..

IfclMore V I Bore., aad Ivelya. Jm.,.. Jac i5j ->

i. '
I T tea b.. *.t a. Ut datt for te..e Alpha Shirts
Perm ....a! Bla h aad *ltt Belt.Berge .
Surtee.ptlaBarra.. die be a.a. ......... lei Mme 1eTt r ,
people drink :;... rPM jackaoavlllt Alaaml Otapter mum elll be at* --.1.w L .. L
Seagram V.O.Canadian taatta Ut tMtbera ,...11<<111 Coed ate la II rtUiaaa. Run Pro of / 8
Alabtat acaeMed far April II, II aad Sl67 t
than other brand of imported whisky.
any 11. .."...,. Bryaat la chic a tVleaata.ne Tricot Panties ,
,Including Scotch). . .. .

Docs that surprise you? Mt rao.a. T clab etll aeet .....". April II. 3 l00 li
Ier1 .... ..
c.w:: Mtkr U. 008 a.t.Oi i ,.dc.11.o+!fkse epasdarBat at the J.too*Braata MCA 7M CI teal.' Boa4.AcpeaJt saw C ie **. ..... TMe hi UU ell
Variltdiy I I I.I I ..." .,,'... ,tI.. X133 !* .." t* tt e
hdel.wem tea idf.a&.1l1 cw CIOIIr'& ler tide are etili bta, aadthy Ue .., It...-a e..r II Kasm .eMe ,.:-. >to.lM, .::. *:s.
___ A-_ ,.,.. ',... w.re w......*..* M .MM .
pct antler Chapter, tkt Aaerlct Ceater .. ... __...... ..... .. ............ ,....M. p<..I( 11* * v 9fc dety, Ut Jactaoorlllt Brta L* ..t, Ue JtheBraaeft 1e1M.. ....b. K -- ..... ........, ........ AM
;r.k T CA. aad U* J act aoa rill. Braacaj KUCF.Beiadero ...,... .... a. t, .4-.". .:..r'ft11t :"-' "" ...,,,
3 art tri4 .. ....n the* earthy caaaee.Pvrtttr. .
Ucatto area isle tor u. Pre.t. .-
/r ( if C/iu wfTB, Misery Sigh Wr l/ate/
GHI1tt ill
.." ....,.. at Ut .4ot CF ayril 1A. at O:M ,..1.a. .
JiAL1iL.1 .y fflltlna.tattattet rr.1II be pm *>e4. DOWNTOWNKRESS
or B.r tht HP-plate affair.Ctf .
I Male dI 1 MWIJacksonville
eta. .., It ,...... tn apeclaJ ypree at.. ( I
Ueo Ut tt m dSaaer, or fr-e the tuvy afflt taBr Florldl.1
... .t rHt. I

-. s r -



.-- ---- -T.. --r.,............-.--,.------t -' .-' ""'"""-'""""- -- .
-- -- -- -
testr I
v l > i


I Mother Midway Trustee Board Celebrates Its 100th Anniversary Sunday I

Historic Mother Midway AssistedBy Heading Beoetit Concert First New lion -
I Church News
Snyder Memorial Methodist Group Baptist Church

When Mother Ildw.,' the p..torull..hr. .r ..tunny cr QDt>-"
frat Rew UOII B.U.tO1.rcb
Trustee Board celebrates ofSbyderMOTorial Methodlat : it"A servicesS&aday Boos ra( >< church of the Uviar o>d. service

Its 100th aaaiv.raaryonday Oar= here. begin wttA the Inaday !suaday; begin wlta the feaday School at 10 .....
at 3 P..., its Sosie IS years later. vita: ftperlateadent. oLe Bofl* > rte ia chart CI -
School: 'It J- 30 ..... aa- .
moratle history ill Rev It. 1. Brown who also: der leaderIp of neoa) der J.L Tarver. pastor will review the lesson.Moralac .
be vnfolded fro. the served as chalnaa of service at 12 o'clock wltt PeaAna E. Bar-
DL et
Joseph te.
U.. "ev. *. C. steward the Trustee' Board, con Maniac service at 11 rip and A. Suits,. conducting the devotion. 4 progrsa .

orcaaiieii the church! racted a 10 by 12 toot o'clock. Baptiua eer- will be presented at 3 P.... with the youngpeccle
1th' the assistance of bulldiac which service the
was asedaa rice will be held. lev. la cftarge. 'nQla at aaaal

Simpson Methodist the first place of T. Olson will preach for hoar.nnsr
worship. .
the anrelar aad eveaiagaervicea. COI.L'f1tr.S.men :
Aaooraces Holy Brother C.C. dark serb Sunday\ ia First Corinth Baptist Churchill

red eider the pastor Moaday at 1:30'.... bests with Sunday School at 9:30 ..*.. with
Week Services ship of the now Bishop dews toari Beellag.Tharsday Deacon A> cooper ia dare In. *.U Jones pu.
>.,. Ball who Hade 1.- ...
at 5:30 ,.... tor. .111 review the h.- Moraine service at
All departaentaof- pnvcsmtaon, the church. District H will apoflaorspaghetti 11:15 o'd Choir 2. Gospel! Chorea' and the Ten>-
aoa Methodist Charch Brothers.C Rartservedaa a sad Beatball age Choir sill reader the susie and Vaher" Board

will present special vice chairmen cadet sapper IB the church 3 till serve veniac service at 8.5 o'clock. The
procraaa la the aadl- whose leadership the bassent. paator will preach for the major aervleea.T ..
tories of the church aortgsge was paid off.Down .. ::14T.R BAPTIST.

dariaj Holy leek, b.. through the ,..,.. Ht. Zioll AME Services suaday ia Tabernacle Baptist Institutioaal -
ginning at 7:30 P... other vice chalnea who birch ill cowwsice: with Sunday school 'at
,., I Monday nlfht. April 12. added to the Improvised rot CHURCH BStmT--Mrs. lees Blvens. the Slims SyecialaaadycmUful gospel Sets Holy Week Fete 9:30 a.a.. su eriat
; Choir 2 will present aa of the church's physical groups of the city, will headline a special benefit prograa Friday sight April levies ty lias Alice Riser Sorting service at 11o'clock.

.i "CTealac of Mnsic. plant included Cad- I at 8 p... la the Qtarca of the Living cod. I4ta and crunthal its? sisfcop M. passion Week will be Kev. W..E. Tounr. p..tor.UI preach and
Several ttoira aad Choral son, f.p. cos. Mlalatera Bakerpaator. Elder .J. Lee will serve as aater of cercnoalea durlag the pro- observed 4ertl 1:-IS trrm. all youth chairs and Caber Board : .111 aerre.tveoiac .
.....bl.. frog other who served as pastors trash which will Iacla4e the Gospel odoe*. BcnJMia Singers with Mrs. AlfredsBeajaaia T to S P. ,. la !t. noaCharca service at 7 dodo

churches till appear oa laeladed ..... M. Lee. Ira. Taelaa Awards, the silvairs. Colon Ringers. Urtla Slagera with a Mek of .OnOO !PHM9UT1ST"!
the pro,raa. The president Harris, Hawkins P.C. and others. An ntertaiaiac evniag la pronlsed, tev. pad Ira collias will appear prayer lad pr.. la..u !Services Sunday la flood Kherhard Baptist church

Mra. Rosa walker. Sanchez and 4.R. Richardson OB the progran. On Sunday night, the Rives Specials will appear ia the The taj School will ill get nnder y with Sunday School at 9:43'a.5.
invites the public to who completed Charch of Sod IB Green Cove Springs with their lastmaeots. lad fie devotioa aer 9 >rniaf service at 11 o'clock. Semon' by .ev. P...

attend. coaatractloa of the (Royal 4rt Studio'P! t ) vice Moaday with Mrs. Colwan.: pastor. *,t 3 P.L. a visiting church will
Taeaday aifht.Aorll IX church parlOa.... Charlotte Stewart aacoordlaater. r dr the service la laterest of the building fund.

the prograa will be presented Other aialstera who Walters Memorial Programs Minister R. I. Ul choirs hc1a service at 7 o'clock
by Usher Boards lad labored in the vineyard have bee asked to serve -WCVI7 RVT15Tsmay -

2 and Choir 1Vedoeaday were the ..... J.p. Mora Second Quarterly' ConferenceThe Dented To Bishop with fra. Id.!]. I.tliphaat services la Moncrlef Baptist church start

night, April tin, It.'.t..b. R. .lOa .. second at the organ. with tad< ** school at 1ft IS .....-Ilb 5U.rllltfllcJ.
quarterly conference will be held lav
14. the Kwaa'a Societyof L. Vaahlncton. cad L. The sabers will also
cat !. Hill la charge. The r..tortIJ review Ue
alt era Memorial AXE DOD pII
church beginning with serve.
Cariatlan fterrice.The Noises
began con o'clock. Chair
leaacMU !!forala service at 11:90
the business session tonglth (Prlday with Rev. .
ethodlat Men. sad The atractloa of the ) 4 coorfiaator.Iay reader -
new 4 will serve also Caber bard 2. .* !Richard
W.J. Uabrtc, presiding elder of the Jacksonville
and soloist will
Charch school will eu- dIa rcb. serve
and church anniversary
scott till preach.: The pastor :
,I peirlse events.Thorsdy Additional iaproveB District IB charge The conference begins at S each events'. sad a
o'clock. Rev. R.L. Rogers, has vill td "rtl IS.
pastor repeated
sight April nta were sad by Rev. aentoaette will be delivered .
all boards to Bake written aad financial IST won' PTIST----
15. the steward bard J.'. Young. vice chair- 2 will Beet far ...............reporta.Choir ..f.... ly a .wJaiater. Pals !*ua Stewardess Boards, Mil Baa at that tlae and :!sf *rv. Last 'ori "
will Beet la the hone of C ioa Baptist Oiarch _I tanda: School it R:30:
Coaalssioa will feature present loyal charcb rehearsal Saturday at will be preached "Pri 4
2 P.B.Services. Mrs. Millie Thoeiaa, 2015 ,... the Petfaaere" Oepartaient in charge. horning
the proirasi.Piiday waiter la Allen Tbonaa. evening to caJ.t"'t. tSeactivities
Davis St.. with ArnettP. service at It o'clock with the fo.pe] Cwrua renderlai -
sight April 16. Under the present five Sunday begin ,
Rogers the naic under direction of Mr a. vtttlt
the Methodist youth Pel' year adalalstratloa of with the Sunday school Monday. tee t.IE. *...
!; lowshlp csher Board no. .... J.W. Jones, the Educational at ':30 .... Miss Any presiding. his, preslilac elder of Black and lira, Ella V. tage. ttrmon by Itn. "P.
evetlrs service at C:30 o'clock.
Morel an 1 ia charge. Tie the CM la**, paator.
: Ill aad the Tooth choir Building baa cast Jacbaoavllle
I will highlight activitea. beet completed renova .llI1a. elder will review District, will I be the
DeathsGeorge Mt. Tabor Heroines To Hear
lion to the parsonage tile lesaon. Morning speaker Tuesday Rev.

; Caster Soaday Moralai aad dmoliablag of the service at 11 o'clock. Charles *.. 10.too.. pas Baptist Church Rer. D. J. GrahamThe

Ii the fiuirise service program old church has bees condo The stewardess boards Washington Byrd S P IOftDt I., JONES tor.will ,fftdII; re.-
will be presentedby : cted. will ...t jointly at 1039 Odessa St day Dean J. A. rpperaoa; Heroines of Jericho
the Board of Educa Members or the Trustees 3:30" ,... ,-.w'lth. 'Mrs. Mrs Mat Bell Riddles ialster Robert Jones nuraday. 1_.. *.!. II.cherH Stand y service IB tit.Tqr will observe Pal Band,
tion. Mrs. pearl Mackey.cbalrBaa Board are: Marie P. Lawrence, vice 1603 C 28th St. of 8424:! iris I Boulevard. >frpreliiaf elder lopliat Cmrch begia at 2: 30 p... Sunday lathe

sod Choir 3. Rev. J.w. joaes, paa P luld_t. Board 1. IB Lawrence C. loud, 404 was elevated to the post of tao test JsckasvtlleDistdctasd with the 5ua<(ay IllOGic Teaple.MV. .

Regular services .111 be tor; Brother Alien Tho ch.r,..At I P... ell n.- Caavaaella Dr. of prelate of the Holy Prtk,. the School with at .:30..*. Dallas J. Grabs*.

held at II:00 a.... and ...'Ica Chain; SlaterC.E.'tMsiela tlan *Bdeavor Hoar and Mrs Marie vest Iron Tabernacle Cburcbea of speakers will be aa* perlatenrtmt J. pastor of Mt Ararat
at 6:00 p.*. ,, Sister [In. at 7 p..., evealagiMrt,,r 2m 811,.. 6<. Florida durlag the! Bishopric DCQI cecL Marr la charge.Tie Baptist, ttsrd..111 deliver
Monday Bight April 10. cilia walker. Brother rice The k?'. MN Urn- Predate nelsoa Jr. ...tlD, held here 'arly.er.isg service conaecratloa service the seraoa for the
the church. school .ill ..I's.rtUU.! ...tr.... brie will agaiB deliverthe 6304 Veatlawn Dr. Suaday, March 2i. Apostle will begin at S o'clodl"aaltr beglaaat 10:4 S ..a. celebratloa. He will 'be

,present' a fashion shoe lifer; Slater Alaa Black- senoB. Choirs 1. 2. Mra. Katie Lang A4a. R. U Dais, anaouaced. Suaday. p e COB aid 11 O'clock.sorolag service .t II('coep Mil eel ..,.II choir
Taster parade" at the shear Slater Eatella and Daher/ Board l will 1IS2 1. 4th St. daring the aeet lag, bleed dkolra and ushers Rev. H.T. uaaera and coagregalloa.Orpuly .

f charcb. The superintendent Green, slater Victoria serve with Mra. Annie Rev Allea Sup. It.Aup.U. Bishop joaea deliveredthe will serve, slid baptlsaj Overstreet pastor, willcoa.kict A. M. frailer has
; Mrs Rebecca Ira Capers '1 ster Laura J. Mae Dart at. the organ. ... aeasage. He attended will be conducted at 11 the aervice. At asked. all aewbera to be
I set, la cbalraaa for Henderson, Brother LOB- At I P.M.. a Buaical Mrs Chrlstlae Rlcko.Peraaadiaa local school Sid college aev .bera vita L tQeanera .. 3 P.".. Olitrlcla |. 7 ia atteadance. ushers
this activity ale pollard std Brother prograa will be presented Beach. here. The Bishop la h ace hem askedto and I will Meet ia the of the Hssoalc fully

J The pastor Rev, Joshua San Montgomery.We la interest of Jake soloaoB. 1342 a eeeber of It Jobs return the raster time of Discos and "firs' have been asked to at.
Lodge AAPV and.baa served C. Tl,.... 1124 t. ijth
Reddlck. lavltes the pastor la request the church.: Choirs 1 and lags Road. plaids,. tiad
public to attend all of lag the attendance of 2 will present Joseph Pred (Shopper) Pred- aa Jaaior warden seder *U Districts 2. :X 4. S -

these services. all choir Beabera for John SOB, baritone, la a erick, 939 Jefferaaa StCalvlB Edward Heradua. Saint Paul ..d. .111 aitet IB the

I Mrs. p.l. Mackey, tea rehearsal Prlday at I recital.Monday at I ,... (Rubber) Jones, His uUltary service PenlacostalCkorch aaaa aeetlag at the .
porter P.*. the tilling orkers Club 4932 St Augustine Rd.latberlae included aa asaigaaeatwith church fvralag aervlce
Denise Day. the h.eeI'? d Airberae begins at 7 o'clock.

124 Lafayette st. Reglaeat ( ft Services at Stilt Paul .
I,.. Ella Parker. It. I Bragg. TIC ) aad ... Pentecostal' church 1323Spearlag -. -. .".

lot i. 37. water 'Tow.Mrs. service duriag tnrld tar St .111 follow .- .,,
B..laA tashiagtoa, It aad alao IB Korea the realtr order. .p alsg
in Days St. with the 4Sth infantry with Malay school at
1124 W. BOTH Canton p. Hills 1499 Mtlsloa.nla decoratioaala 10:30: a. B. pad aoralsgorskt WHEN YOUR

Ore the St.Mra. lade the Borid tar II a 13 clock. SKIN CRIES. 81.tn
3701 EMERSON Helen p. till IMS. Iro... star American Holy Spar wllj bests at ..
142 Chelsea St. Deft.... flood Coadact 3:30: '... sad eveulsgworship IWPI f1I Ittsul .un w"''I'U1 ur"ACII
830CASSATAYE. es.ry sem 5.1..1. Mr .... ... ... .
will .._ MN --..-M
Carrelt. 1030 '. Medals Korean Service get snderway --pM..1.M r Y.y....1.a ..---
Church. St. sad patted !151105..dale. at I ,." ----i.-----w""".,....
l U11M1i 1sTm /
The ,. l1c la -... --
cordially .... .
Rev LNcioue p. Greta, .u. .O. .
r ro, lUll Holy Tabernacle, tavtted to avrahlp with ,w:...-:::-:..w.:: =ew. r.aw ..rw..w.ao.
Sr net Are. .
jeroae .
--'.. -....... a.4la .
Dan Key, Milledgevllle.Georgia be has held offices of ua aria all servlceaaad -- .. ;;:: ,. ... II a.-
..-- .. snail ....
s w a p.- far
church Bible events.Slater
eecretary -.rw
BIG ==.:.snap.. ........ w'r.r. ae..w..r.- -- ..
DOLLAR school supertstasdeat Laura Pleas .. .:: :
reporter ..... :
DAYS Sidney MOSS, 1344 1. a .... eM ".. .. ... oy ResKaM
litd St.Frederick. secretary to the Beard -
C. Johaaoa. of Vectors, and ,..tar.
Mrs. AKreda B. Ue 3UCC8ii iTJ
the posltiea which he
Jessie jekasoa, 129MQBcrief preaeatly holds. Guest Speaker
$ T'MEATY Citeaaloa.

ioEB Oscar Harris, aoj For Sadiy Tea

Spires Avenue.Oaa .M
PORKSHORT I.,. 707 North Mrs Alfreds Beajaaia
Myrtle A'''.'. bee will estate tie -"

RIBS 7lBtLA. procraa aa trlacipalapeaker Old
wheel Ue WOBOB
J LAY-A-WAY FOR EASTER f Tr..... MeltaeaaCharca

ECONOMY MO, 2. It T4 Tallategs fhotolrsphsMuiGel

Boys Suits 14. present a
FRYER PARTS 3L1S. Pretty Rat Tee S.aday,

April It at 3 '.L
Sizes 1 20
FLA. GRADE A to Mrs C Preen, prods 1

$6.95 to $19.95 r director r ; IB lavltia- SNrtiIt lenity
FRYERS LL 27c l'-fi--- I

"flEE" II. Til litl EH. Slit j Pkitis lilt lilin III iiriii 1112

PiCNIC 27STEAKS s Girl Dresses Cit h tliliti to X Titil Cask laUici

Sizes 1 to 14 SsfcteeiRTIIIS Royal Art Studio

li HUE I WTEIS ffftl frlf Uei


SIRLOIN 20e LIe69c Broadway Dtpf. Store friends sad Ue waeral 515 DAVIS ST.

ROUND public to attead ...t
1 PER u. IIS Illll II El Mill ... to be a fclahlyeatertalalu EIGIM 4-1194
I ,re ij Cllllt UCIIIIS IHIUtl Elder T C Colllaa la ClOSED ill DAY
Mitt TK III Illtlt{ SHt II >ttl H CliHtl I oat |aster TUESOmII

I'' .

, \ .
....,.- -.-..--.-

=C' .' ':"';;;; ;;w; ;.; ..... .;; .... .. .. ..': : w .

f ..UDIDU APIII; II.' : :: ; fllttM STM HUH I : I :

Ala. Boycott. Blitist Sns YMCA Job Corps: New Hope For Dropouts, Scholarships Made Contrast Noted In Mississippi's t:

CHARLOTTfi. I'.C.-CI'f'I-n.' (' "Dsatlst of the Available For Freedom March To Last Year's
Mulled By King ,..," of the National' Dental AssociationDr. Rstlnald -

A. Hawkins. "r., baa filed salt against the Mental Health Study
Charlotte YMCA charging it with practicing dir C//1tf.I1""._ The Freedoa Day March on March 30,

IASHI"QTON'.C"'I.A! ( crlBlnatloa la operating sspsrats t's for Nstrosssad in which S4 Negroes marched to the courthoua and

national boycott of Alabama whltss. Joining !bid la the suit are his BOB, TALLMASSa3-n" Junior filled out rotor re.lltraUon.application, was a

goods has been Reginald Jr., and Taokaa Lassitsr of Kansas City. College scholarships peaceful contrast to the first one held a year
called by Dr. Martin sponsored by tbs Florida ago in which helmeted! police auiillaiiM mounted .a
Construction Starts Federation of toasn's shotgun guard' along the entire line of March.
01 Fli. ChoirTo
UUsr Kini. jr. In a +,t y Clubs art available to .................._..._._
draaatlc none to force persona who are interested OB that occasion,
the stats to concede For Interracial Bank .Present Concert la archra arriving frog as well aa surroundlai
preparing to
counties patrolled the.tr..t.
Metro voting rl&bta.hlt At Union 1 sort with the aentally out of town were halted in white prowlcars
,bus. police poser and CHICAOO..CR'I-ru.t Virginia rT.r retarded.Ieotplents. by a barricade of city
proaota sociality of op* three oaths and oas d".U.r police, whll sheriffs Only sli Negroestot
II OIIOI'II' ). Vs--Ths Dal of three Inside the courthouse *
portul It
officially and deputies froMadisonWilliams
of Florida' scholarships will rs-
rsrslty asa to fill out tbs
Thar was also indication opened for buslasss, the
and glee clubs rill cure $190 per Bsasstsr later
WCIIIII foras. Two days
this reel that hs latsrraclal heavy xa Play
appear in concert at the to pursue a general col all seven local CORK
.ay ask tbs eetton'slabor tloaal Bank began construction
RlchBond calvsrslty oa BHWU SHOW; HOW-A 0.8. Marin leg curricula or a two staff aeaber Mrs" ar'-
Sergeant Mt up
unions to coop erst s of It* nsw end Set For B CC
Saturday April 24. The year course of study la connection
la a ons-day work atop permanent host.Orovndbreating. the physics training department' at this Job bra rested in
singers, under the dl* fields having direct rs- with school bqrcott
palcto spotlight tbs csrs Cater Boy enjoy all outdoor sports plus weightlifting a
rsctloa of .. Webb licence to mental rs DAtTOMA BCACH" "ThsRoss '
our fee
sad other gymnasium actlvltiss. They learn This year very
plight of Negroes laAlabaaa Bonlss sire held last Tattoo."b1 Tennts-
and other South Saturday on th* site of will appear la Barco* and train for nsw Jobs get paid ISO a math free tardatloa. see tllllaas will bt police were on hand and
sra citlss. Us new bnlldlnc. acfasd Stsrsns Hall at B p.a. toss and board and clothing allowwjca in the bar. To be eligible for one no atttapts to intlalda-
presented by Tra>CoDraaof
Th* Bvatvolcs choir A of thsss scholarships !
gain t/on"rrpotts COU:
Dr. King appearing, oaNBCa'Xest vied for completion laths
Bethuas-Cookasa Collets -
from Oalasavllls. Pi a aa applicant, lust sect Corker Owns Ray
The press, fall Bsawar baa oceuplsd -
oa Friday April .
sill bs sponsored by the junior Collate represents 1 the I
Bond, HS said that
when asked if hs phoned temporary
auartsraasarby Receive
Vergiaia valoa Concert State CHeer Groups bs saploysd at a at 1:00: P.M. in Gertrude neat local action will
such wren la his civil sloes Its opening
Hotchkisa: Hers lI..orhlCbap.l
Series aDder residential or cossjuaity
aa arrange testing
rights strutils, dew last January 2 ,
dared: Tbs as* boas of the lent vita the University $25,082 Study Research Grant Center which providssfor The plsy.aa outstandlniBroadtay public: accoaodatlona
mentally r.tard.dp.rlOlI.
of Pi or Ida and Bsausl J. Tbs day before tbs
"I think coaditlons laAlaVsaa bank, which Is headed by
Bobsrsoa,director of tbs or at a Bunland succsss and a service
arch a
bars degenerated Harold R. Acar, ..illprovide
movie which starred Hurt
Training Cesterbe uDder
Virginia Onion cnlvsralty .Bls
held for Jl
to such a low level that 12.000 feet of TWM-fipsclal 43 of bs Lancastsr and Anna Magaaaal. -
choir. nsw grants and awards Mountingto years are, rs- Reeb
Rev Jaaee
tbs who coasclsacs ofthe banking apse oa tbs I2S.OS2 for studies eoaacadsd their for which the Jackson
sad by *
I la ana atnclei tbs event Investigations la csn sa and Mra Viola Lluxtn.
first three sides
nation wet rise floor
up err research have been plover to saploy. latter son aa acadeayaward
Robsrsoa stated that approved for Florida la* agrs the three murder vtctlas
to a firs action prograa of which! will enclosed nh* concert will be .tltutlona under the tnsrican: Cancer Society's mint with a Florida ooa- is sat on the A- of the recent ftslsia
to bring prsssurs to by btat-rsduclag browse cancer control of unity for the srican Oult Coast and
presented of prograns research education program
as a part crisis All tilt Negro
bur oa Oor. Ullacs aDd .lass aadtlntsd alnalnua the university's cultural and "" ..".IS sS......a..e 1... mentally retarded oa the deal with ssraflna Delia whits
J! other state officials." uprights. 'There sill be free of The aaaouncfwsnt was of the Usrican Cancer basis of oas for each Ross, a widow of strong stores and one
l pleasto
h' The tins has COBS to a bassMot for utilities charge program to the entire sade by L.H. p.ter.."", oclety would offer to year of study, and agree' .otlons chose Instinct store rraalo responded closed to during

start B boycott of Ala and a coswialtv roosi Rlchaond coBBualty." iccntlv vies pr."t"t the University of Miami to repay the loan with for lore sad capacity .

I bans products Dr. King provisions here bees Moreover, hs stated that of the Soclsty stats Florid Stats University interest If they do not for hats involve her Ina the service

:t declared. sade for the addition of all area' colleges, sal office: la Tsapa. These and imivsrslty of plo accept eaployient in a series of experiences, U, S. Judge
Ms said bs would also another floor la the ... and public grants, .Peterson laid rids special Runner local Florida ooaauattyprogrsa both tragic and coale
dsaaad that the Sscrstaryof futurs.McfiB. schools will be Invited are la addition to those fancer !Research. : pel low* for the mentally The leading roles will Who IntegratedOle

tbs Trsssury withdraw CMLONDOH amounting to a total of ships..two fsllowshlps retarded. be played by Otraldlas
NnsHfit to ah ars la the prog re*
all 0. funds fro. Alabama which will coaseacs the 111,000 wMch! bee... sffectlvs of MOO each to each unl Interested persona Donald of peasacola; Miss Collapses

bans. Twelfth Aaaval Festival March 1. "ral&1. These art ear* should contact or writs ayaond Burns of New MIbIDIA'tWlsa. ("Anil' ,
** ** "The
TUB hueS clll rights ) of the Fine Arts to beheld One grant of I14.0U.OO arkM for college grad tbs Scholarship Office ,orh City Joyce Robbiaa aib eJ ml is. ths 11'>far-'
Atlanta Cooatltutloa
leader said tbsrs are CIa at Dales April 21' has MIll awarded la the uateawhowlll be nroll. Stats DtparUent of Education of DM tons Beach; johnny old U B. District judge
many decent people laAlabaaa. prlaary rsspoasl* .01Ir.lI.rtl. Rosder ed |n. any .ppmv.d.sdl* Tallabaaaes, C. Moslsy of Hollywoodand who ordered Jaass M
bat they bars billty for the Bodsralty 90.Ths concert la another Associate Professor of cal) schools for the con Florida or any of the Bsttys Hsrdmsan of Verixllth sifciltted. to ths

abdicated to the racists and relative" llbsrallsiof cultural event sponsoredby tilt Dspsrtasat of Bio lag fal It.",. They are" unhand Training Centers" Daytona Beach, University of Mississippi ..

Hs said deaoastratleaa Atlanta. the London the csatsryold aal logical Belsncsa at plo In advlition *> those a* for aa application and The production Is directed collapsed while

could not be halted In Vies carrsatly maniac vsrslty' la appreciation rlda State O.IU..Ul.taJhbu..Dr. warded to students al* additional laforaatloa. by Dr, Thuraantandback I. hearing a case tntsi1ay

Al abs.a until: a series oa *isvsptpsr to the 11 dI80ad coasualty Boeder's ready enrolled la the : chairman of He .u taken to Anderson/
Drudng Rsconstructlon
of the world."said lutItda..dl1. a
I. Tbs political poserstructsrs for th* ecus tie ts saver project 1* 'Htabollsnof College of 11"1 clu.I Negro sac elected cityJu'lge tbs Division of HUB an I- inflraary and placed in
guarantees the of support it has received the Mel.-as of Known ties at Batbuns-Cookaaa, aa oiygsn tsntmmHumtmwkn.mwnH.ni
'In p,1 lss. Alibaas
unhBBpsrsd right to rots; The aswspspsrsas over the years. Ownetio .B.*'*ground,"Tt eflBMClal
cUed for Its editorial
2. Abuse of pollcs pour aaafataaca
and brutality Is add:; COUl''..." and its Urban [saga given to or. Roeder sillpsrnlt
pBbliabsr, Ralph McOlll.
1. Negroes' are brought hla to continue
into the csatral atne for veins ud..001f..1.. Statttr Named lavsstlgatloas wfclch: his55
others to BM Its colons
tars of the tar onpoverty. s n ts preach "ladsstrlal To Mow Post laboratory isOraasboro,8C.The
said civil sipaasloa and racial
.Dr. Hat pro
rights advocates feel .UU." jsct WM approved by Us KET
1, ...I' b..._ SU'ER
*vs hive a moral obll IOCT( 7u.N.T. .C"I)" Cancer Rsssarcn Cbwitts
tifltrl O*'*f-I un
stystMsti .
gatloa to keep tksss CM Cite. a*. .i....** OUt t Pialsy, jr.. 41 of u* nert.. Division
setters before tbs ado 1M Its dos year-ell associate director of Us Americas Canter ? *
public." PoUrrs-iu >M toll laThere for sfecetioa: sad odety.AnoUer. .
rake foOt youth laesatlv .f the cancer: research SPECIALS GOOD THRU SUNDAY AT EDGEWOOD AND AVENUE B

Nstlsaal Urban Leages, great of M,....00 ass
has ba Bested sieeutlvsdtrsetsr bean srtnvsd by tilt nowetety'
of the local

Actioa for A letter Co.sulty. .- alUM s for Rsssarch furUsr *Cos-u
Inc. the city
.T to cancer of the
,,04 apse chick sill ad- _.. It wss sewed lathe HICKORY SMOKEDPICNICS

.sinister*ft. | alllles sane of ttlllM p. PORKROAST

rtl-poverty prograa. ,..1... H.D. Professor .
The Aires, oh I..bra sf Burgery aad Pathlov .

Dale will take ever his ; ttlsf OrthosaMledrgeryColleee
is **. ..U.. es Joe I. : of M*
B. slvlg his prlaary cl.e. University of Plo
cud seooasary stfscatls rids OalassvlIIs. The

only la at Late Finely was abject of this laves

one graduated frs Byrlag* tlgstioa 1*: "Us .>t.rJtratlsa -
field (las*. ) College 1. sf Boas." *

1IM. veteraa *f World It see also aaaosacsd 29

diet cola war fl.. rlstsg hs vas free* hocbsrpllst. the that thP1 n_ ravislsa LB. 25 .

ranks U ,.,tai.. "* hasalatalasd Attempted ChBrck
his lists

thatrates silk the Air Pars. Arson Fails
tarMgbMt th* years laUs
Air reserves. ai la rwDtA't.rlsaw' c.'S'
II M. sold M Military TB. ,r Uhls *tte pts ay.

famous aid U terser .*v.Chrlstlsa Pastels t* ...trey tea

a ,.,'.r .f beg,* chsrcbes la tbs

.assacavMtta.a rl41sa srss fslled
hvgBahlsafflllattM last week vies clip !

cola 1U U. crtaa t4t. lattll "err user M"sM BAGFLOUR
.* a ..1..... doe Ie the tress *fr esc

a* clallt.vsrrisd I th* edifices, it.

h* sod lie 1"0' plsssaat Best litCharth.

name: tfs. tUsl.: ,....1'1'' *.tIt. HALF :

to*I*. *r* parat a aasalag highway strstasa 1 O
II three hoy*. spotted th* fir GALLON I IIIMIT
at lout 'I.....' and

z. R PatronizeADVERTISERS called nu... boron II II Mill fill 1111f
t Will SS.Hl Mil. fill HHI UXII 1 1111 $f./l
1.415 .1.* Isle a

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ttosTt M** A .* lees ft Set


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,.,..* nu Tee r IgabarWsd Drug Bur

n BUI' BBCT art pucn ItIf.I' rcn LOCAl. tiro*. ioimi ni 4V .
B* Dill'*','' alas fill all 0nra Fy.wrtptle.e
t. EYE PV : ., $ *!S,


Dixie Pharmacy ITIATE:; *yi ; P14J 4:

,1X1 InTft N*< It Mirtli liitit F
II I MaoIcs. t( d. K1 M
Plus [1&1151111'

4 I

PIT 1111 WIT. I1UI HI nUll II I U

Oats u III sine 31JIUj I

---- ---_..-_._.- ... -- .- +..--' --.;__--...;."

--- .... .
.' .. .. / "" _": '. .. .' --,,: .l.' ,, -- ..""'! ..., .. .. -- .
t! f ? /I I
\ ) .l

Sl1IR1A' 0111 11. illS

Peace Corps Recruiter Visits Campus New Stanton s DECAs Awarded Club Holds Spring FunctionSOCIAL

Top Citation During State MeetThe

New Stanton Senior High Chapter of Florida
DBCA reeeired the 1964-65 Three star Club Achievement -
t 1t Award at the fifth Annual State Leadership
conference of the Florida Association of

Distributive Educetion'Clubs of America held .In ,
Clearwater April 13.: ......................
____ __ .
from the }
the three star plaque department as _
1 lithe highest .chl.... well aa from various sections ,
.ent award presented to of the nation were
a local chapter to en. involved in the affair

pig t courage chapter high achievement standardsof DA Patrol To Stage

I m '1"k and to give aped! al recognltlon Student Talent Show
to those chapters
which fulfill the alas Douglas Anderson SchoolBoys
Patrol will
and purposes of DFCA. sponsor
r ia This award was sponsored a student talent
show tonight (Friday) at
far> the Sears Roebuck! company -
':30 o'clock In the
and was presented
J by Robert R. Bradbeer school auditorium.The T-elembers of the Blue Angels Social! Savings Club entertained guests
an official of sears. talent will in last Friday night In the hone of Mrs. M. Burroughs, :2039 Dennis St. The eveningwas
elude the Suprmes from
Delegates and representatives spent in the playing of festive games and a tasty buffet luncheon ems ser-
of the New third gradeClarence ved. Some of the attendees shown from left are: Mrs. Verne M. Long, recording
Stanton Chapter of DECA: Anderson and singing secretary; Mrs. Laura M. McDaniel. guest; Mrs. Collies Christian financial
Bernadette Iterrltt -
i group
became the 'very: first secretary and Mrs. Katie Hughes, president.
.. REPRESENTING the Peace Corps at Edward waters college this week was recruiters student from predominantly and the Searchers,

Miss Janet Reed who is shown with one of the many groups of Juniors and seniors : all-Negro secondary Bean and the Playboys Brewsfer Hospital HandledOver
and others. WEDDING
j. she net hlle on the campus Miss Reed, a native of Port Lauderdale and school to participate many
a graduate of Florida State University at Tallahassee, met with Individual In the state as Mrs. Pauline said Joyoer. BELLS 30,000 Births State '31
classes,, student groups and assembly proramll.Sh.1sworkln under the division sociation's leadership sponsor proceedswill
'of recruiting of the peace Corps' office of public affairs. conference activities.Each be used to .aid the Alvin Buckmaa. 1923 ,. -_.. ---- .M,

, Miss Reed stressed that the Peace Corps service is a challenge which should be member of the delegation boys in their annual 3rd St. 20 and Andrenia rw .
trip to Washington, D.C. .,
i seriously considered by those who are interested in making a significant conSt participated In Holmes 723 Court H. 18. ,
t tribution to peace around the world. Included In the group shown above are: various phases of the D.T. Haynes is co>spon Gerald L. I&lldo1ph.14U

I l Elaine Brink ley, Pel ores Payne, Celestine Dubois, James Smith, Michael phelts, highly competitive contest Wladle St. 22 and Annette L-- n
Ardella Williams, Johnnie Wilson and Naomi Williams. areas.Heading. lOr.letls' Slate Codbolt 1461
; (Photo by Baeraon'a Studio) the student Rind!. St. %4.
I, delegation were Levy Cornelius Cos. 328 L. .f
Ii i James Jr. chapter Lake Wales Tour Beaver st. 18 and Gertrude
!I, Bethune pu Plans Jax Airman Former Jason president who participated NU chapter Eta Phi Stafford. 327 E,

: Spring Musicale ReceivesPromotion Is Undertaking in the advertising Beta Sorority Inc., will Beaver St. 19Geo. 1lri
.' contest and CatherineDJill sponsor a trip to Lake Taylor 2122 VenusSt.
I' The PTA of Mary Mc.I Advance Study ins,Sales Demonstration .' ales April 11 to attend ..38 and Rachel 1tIo....
I LeodBethuneFlementarySchool PUTTFKJIWH, N.Y.- Milton BLOOMINQTCN. Ind. Mlss ; Paula N. Don- the Passion Play. 2122 Venus St. 29. f C' "s Ri
will sponsor its Newsom Jr., son of Penelope Ann Jones Is son, DECA sweetheart; The bus will leave from Moses Lee Crlswell nil
I,: annual spring !'IudcdundllY Mr. and Mrs. Milton New studying cllnclal psychology Verdie M. flatten lurch 8th Street and Myrtle Ware St.,31: and Ella Mae
<; at 4 p.n., In the sow Sr. of 4903 Rhode here at Indiana and! se information Avenue at 9:30: ..., !For" 1o1l.rI2e1 W. 14th St..
\. school 'afetoriulD.Mr. ,aland Court. Jacksonville University under the direction Manual); Barbara J. Olas- further informationcontact 19.
.. a. Mitchell] chair- has been promotedto of Yamaguichi, per DR student of the Soror Lunetta vil- Isaac A. Klser. 1073 I.
Han has announced the airman second classIn noted educator in the year contest; PhillipL. liens, at 1844 W. 13th 4th St. 28 and Willie
New stanton School Cho the U.R. Air farce at field of psychologicalexperimentation. Cook, job interview, flt.. and B..11t11. Luella Mae wllllnghea, 1361 Van
rum, under direction of Pittsburgh AFB If.Y., a Randolph D..., public B. Carter. 1802 10th St. Buren St.. 22.
Mrs. Alpha Hayes Moore Strategic Air Command A 1964 graduate of speaking: and William Robt. C. Marshall, 728
will be guest partici (SAC! ) Installation Florida MM University, T. Randall window dis Hullabaloo Show w. Monroe St. 28 and
PIlOt Airman Newsom is a fuel Miss Jones is pursuing play. Chaperoning the Christine Sailor 728 W Breveter Methodist Hospital' is operated as a part
The New Rtanton group specialist in aunit that graduate work at Indiana group was Dr Coordinator Set For DA Monroe St. 23. of the medical work program of the Methodist
has performed in many supports the RAC missionof University under grant Rodell P. !Roberts, The DCT Class of Douglas Homer Lee Austlon. 312 Church. Jacksonville has been blessed with the
cities throughout the keeping the nation'sIntercontinental Woodrow Wilson Fellowship who helped to supervise Anderson school will Acosta St.,29 and Thelma Interest of the women of tie tturch in this institution
country, July 1964 the missies Foundation.A the public ep.akiDapbu. present a ,.,111I1aJoo".bo. Richardson :912 AcostaSt. for over 64 years. They: have uadervrlt
I group gave several performances and Jet bombers on native of Jacksonville at the conference.The APlrl 13 at 7:30: 33Robt. tea operating expenses for the hospital so that
at the New constant al) art Miss Jones has made Miami '' three day confab p.m. la the school Harris. Jr. 5703: the work will continue to meet the health needs
York worJ 11' Fair In the The' airman a graduateof her place of residence was held In the Jack<< yin ".to rl 11II. Bree Rd.. 20 and Willie of thousands of people la this oaeaunlty.
Florida Pavllllon. New Stanton Senior since her graduation from' Hotel and more than tour The show will feature Cite curry, 8739 BraltAre. The hospital functions m
The P>T4 presents the High ftchool attended ,florlda AIM hundred persons were in Bern and the Playboys, .. 15.Nathaniel. activities sad' future while ia earreal the midst
program as its annual Edward waters College. At the Tallahassee Institution attendance Marian Collins, Olorida Ad.... 1314 services are geared toaalagleobjectlve of meeting
:I contribution' ( the cultural His wife, Linda, is the she majored In The C nfertllo.wu sponsored Johnson and the Olorte.Alverla W list St. :20 and Grace : ..being demands, there la a: serious
and educationallife daughter of Mr. and Mrs 'psychology and minored In by: the Florida Jenkins Juanita Lee. Smith. 1491 W. 30th ever ready to meet the concern for its
J of the community, Richard Age? of 1817 \\f. Geraaa, graduating with State Department of *d* Smith dance te... Mary St. ILMoe deaanda of the people it responsibilities to give
it was announced. Second St.Jacksonville. academic distinction. ucttlon and official Brie Hikes and a.pecia"Hullabaloo" F. Jones, 3323 serves. leadership as s church-
II dance Lsstana Ave. 24 sad Over 30,000 babies la related hospital./
. group. Willis Ruth Baak. 6179Bplrea Jacksonville were bona The hospital must striveto

Catherine Mina. s lacier St, 21.SaWArmel at the jefferaoa Street continue constantlaprovemeat
will serve aa mistressof site of the institution ia every
Will Build A Home On Your River
We ceremonies. siace 19)1 to beets life area. It must operate la
Junior College la this ODMII.i U. imp accordance with tae best

i Program CompleteFor MADHDN-Halter SU osL of these cltisena still standards, if 'It is to

I Burroughs Recital Jr., Chemistry teacher reside la Jacksonville give guidance la sad the
care of the sick
at ftiwamee Rifer Junior their families, their
No BUwy Down vita.. God s great love
Mrs. Alice Burroughs College, has been selected employers, their friends
will be presented la to participate know of the benefits of for mankind the xpeaee
annual mualcal hawing ar..ter.er. to replace, equipment to
her concert la the 1969 Warner lastltate
Payments Low,. As Sunday "11I11.. All for College vices available. malataia quality der-
nil llth la tae ftaactaary Teachers of Caeaistry at They know that Breweter yt a.to accomplish renovatloss -
i of the Mt. Sinai Baptist Oresoa State University, constantly seeks to give la a hospital]
j tenth Rev B.F. Addison Corvallis. Ore*)*. the best la medical care eieeede the revenue ebtaiaed -

' $69.50 pastor. Strong a native of and to maiataia adequate from patieatcare.
'i The sponsoring auilliary Oalaeavllle received facilities with modera The AaaaalGiving
is Choir 3 of *lob Mrs. both his Bachelors and equipment. Nee scleo- ireester
Burroughs is a member masters degrees from Ttiskegee title discoveries and a Program offers
i opportaalty to ".cito.: -
Per Month aid K.J.IIackaoa is Institute. terrific popalatloa la
ville to voleateer their
p real dill t. He previously receiveda crease have created a
This year's presentation great frn the Carver dim emit pace to mete*. support of Brewste/1 s
low Income Families will feature oat- senleeaAjr are lamed
I rosadatlta to do research Fuads are seeded far
: to aaare ta tie Cartetlaa -
standing talent of It. la the area of operstlag eipease as
Sinai. Supporting her laorgaaU Chemistry.IIUl well M far capital la- witness of this
k Can Now Quality health .
care projeet.ClUnas
la several selections roveaeata T* e eat ease
II who velee their
M will) Be Choir 3. Mra.L. Newell counselor of patlemt tare coaldeoald iealtft will raise .*. ..
Modern Built Miss Roslya Burroughswill attended the student Mt save bees met ter sad help to aalatals
Homes be meat soloist. persoaell !Services oa coy past occaslrss 'quality! eervlce a.. end
I SEND GI TTO > .- oitaaop *leh. was held without sopptsaeatstloaot bribe fstar Brevster'sfemsal

arch 2.. at St. JohasJaslor patient revest by Clvlag pregrmm is
I Dn't lit lilt Vicnt lit Ci Ti Wisti. Slip 2 t 3 liirMi CIS CwtnctiH! MB College Pal the tomea ef tie Oar*. Jasoas' yardstick forJtttf

sJIUKUMSS h. fee was ale sf the 23 As arrester looks to Us th ftltII,..

Anli lads lit t' Cri. liter ..-oe"....T1I't.' represeatatlfes from I .
'1,111 Rut........BiN A IMI 01 Tnr 0i sire juier col leges."Pfctttffiffcy .
tt CtMetftia
tarMrt I Btiitf Ini
(10 (10 /Io-Jo ". .JI. .#___."...,., "" -'

1.,. Wick A Style" M'",,:. A"'C' of\4A: ** 'ft 4 4
''. Let Our Repr.s.nlatlys .

Wet saGmf pus A s icTaam enT1ao4t

Call On You 'Today SKLIOYSTEISB 3M

I OTuA \\ h 60e Pt. S .tf
PI. $iso!
And Dl cu.m Your Building Plan .ta .SVfLJT 13122 eSTCS; M

MfOIUM" WNITINO ". .1. U. n. i'
I MIA MUIUT 20s U. .. .; s u. He
LARd tot MUUTT _. :. u. n.
ij ell El 5-40* Fer As A".t..t..Or Brisi Yew Deed Te e.5 w.--.. ...--
j One Stop Shopping For All GlHVIHI UD 3NAPPIS . u. Gee
LAOfCAiAMrtSM .. .. .. u. l S.
Your Photographic NeedsEMERSON'S SMHnHIAD ...... U. ,se
I rtoxw tosms TAIU ..,.. u. SUe I I
PHOTO SUPPLY WMmt-lCt ., ...... ... ..... u. GM 1
ttfF lASS ... .... .......... ..La. ate
1817 N. MYRTLE AVE. XOUKOttMIMUM .... .. .u. .,. _
i KING MAatll1-ST1AXJ ......??.. LL 49c.
STLUC 11" :-:. .LL .s. .
St. Call Today '
Call Today 1S37 East 21st
(leas Siriiji, If iipiiitiiits) IUMIO SMILMI' U. miss

SMtIM .LL "-.
Jacksonville Fid. E1 5-4601 Pint 354-3212
: EL 5-401 CRAIMIATt =se: :::

.. ,. .._____. ...____._____A._ ____A- __ ...

w--. '. ......- ,.. .. ., ."" ...;:. .. .......:;..;:,{.{ .:_"::-:-;'-.:" ,..-::.".. tf....1..t1'f":: .--- n. .. -...... ..-_....-- .-.r .... .. ....; !;. ::"!.':.:.. ....... .. :. ,... .. .. ., ....-

I I "


A&T College HIs Proceed Yes. II CIR Also Happen Here I Integration Guild's New Queen

14 Pilots For U. S. Air Force ,, Works Both

For 1965GWTOS80RO. Ways In Fir.Nrl1OUulah.raUoa.
JI.C.' -Fourteen pilots for the U.S.
Ur Fore wlllb eproducedatuT College this la
under the Air Forct ROTC Flight Instruction pro-year : ss 'c" D I!" a two-way street and

grea. the largest number in mnj fear since flight H166EP& EXlk' Lloyd Von Slates and
training sea begun at the college 1956. ""'a' I Selwyn Joseph, who rtctntly 1-

Of the !fourteen ont baa soy of"alp"science.Fwd = E I'Ut 10 Rite bought Harlem
completed' the program In famed Frank's restaurant
record U.e.ellbt others in charge of the night } are having no trouble la

have soloed and the remaining Instruction Program at traveling in both directions .
five are expected AftT, said the fliers who .
to coaplete the training sill be coanissloned aa then they acquired the
second lfeutensataiaaeLately 50-year-old dining
in April. All een- spot
lore. five of the group follosingtheif they also inherited an VIRGINIANt.ECrEDBrenda
art honor atudenta.Jsmea graduation will report Integrated staff of 14 tyndtr a sophomore
K. Whit. Golda- for active duty and f1r.tJa.r \ white waiters and bartenders speech and drama major
their flight training W and at rlorlda AM tmlverit -
taro, N.C. it the ont \ a Negroes
via broke all tint record in Air Force Jet. .y Prom the atari they reiattd ;. recently d.luttdlarb.r.

*. He soloed after Calling the students the pressure of J. Pearson! of
'Highly motivated fliers black I
fire and one-half hour nationalist to fire Jacksonville for the
Major Richard 0. the whltea and replace title of Queen of Orange I
of Instruction Jut about *
San tare, professor of them with Negroea."ttiy and Green for 1965. Miss. .
half the tie reWired t.Synder
air science and In charge talk about equality daughter of .oawjnder
by cost atudont
Other who have. completed of the Air forct ROTC l 'S au tor the ra and alone else interested la n fore went of the public accoMMOdatlona section on one hand and don't of 812 Hell St .
solo operations Detachment at AT. give of the cl/ll Right Ear The Idle Hour beer Joint, located alongside U.S. Highway 141 north of practice it on the Hampton Sa. member of

include: Leroy Stewart high credit to Major Okeechobee, Pla. The pepa1-Q,1a people, who have been fairer than moat, may also not want their signdiR other. said Von Blalne, the plataakera Guild at
flnton-SaJei.N.C.Char- Mas*en bu rat +layed.it> ythat ont. If this doesn't beat Alabama we don't know what dies who baa been in the restaurant the university
\ business for
le* Richardson, bids- .. .
over 30.ara. ,. have Tots left
borer N.C. ; Robert C. ,Say Strong Commissioner \: Civil Service a sired clentele who findthe
Koran. Raleigh N.C. ; By Mother
Yes We All Talk service to their .
Rumsey H. Heine. Bar Needed For BaN :
Problem.et.il Openings listedWASHINGTON'Landscape liking, ao why rock the
Die In Fire
ett, Va. ; Bison P. Caa-
YORK Organized > t.. boat that's been aalllng
till. Jr., Hampton Va. ; COHVFILMTIONBy C1t1CAOO'-(NPl'A fire
its greatest crisis .1 '
Theodore C Glean' "IntonSal architect 13.90 to M4RCVS H. IOI1LUItJl: apparently started by
portawriter Leonard lot>P.tt.b.. current lieu. $1 <<1 a for duty this formula for half a
em, N.&; Joseph .............. .4 year children playing with
..f BPORT Nsgaxlne.Koppttt .........V century
r. Qayaor QolJaboro, throughout the United QUESTION! : In good conversation, what art the assets matches, claimed the
depicts baseball tats basic problems determlalng TWO seeks ago the white
H.C., and N nry A. ktoulfc 4tate.. These positionstiolude and the I liabilities live of two tots Ut
ma standing at the its nltlaate workers prank tent
trt., Philadelphia. Pa. land planning ANsm: : Briefly stated the assets or good points week
croas-roads of its es.hisses health and prosperity the new Negro owntra a
Major Gruel ....Mas tea- wad design for aatlonal include: T1>* victim. were Identified
burg, assistant profee- with tht approach 'Terhapa the biggest part*,forest, airport, 1) talk in normal voice. note eipresslng theirpleasure as Delphlna Kiney. -
it takes to etr- clue to the direction la at working there
public buildings cemeteries 2) bt eitremely cordial. 1: and her three
which baseball till military inatsl1 3) be considerate of others and informing them that -old brotherMiebsel.Pollee .
INDEPENDENT ,0 I LeO. movt," says oppett.. at ions. ..tc.sp.elfl 4) have good manner. they would atay a* long year said their

KEROSCNK HOVE CCLIVCKTMECHANIC "lite la tile choice of educational S) be tactful with people. aa the proprietor wanted .mother Mrs Martha Kin
ON DOTY a new commissioner. Only *. liabllltlea Include tblll.t\., also added that
Ike Joseph ...................... proprietorStatt a atroag, sensible eiperieace require* e : they found thea 'ideal ser, was attending even
.. .
.t. art described I.AADoII'C..t I) talking loudly.
lag classes at a nearbyhigh
and Jtfferson street ..... n. 1...): leader lassos to pressures No. 1$3'1.APpllc.tlaa. 2) yelling at other people from a distance boss.." to work for. .(bool.

applied by self- should be 3) gossiping about other people. Since they acquired the The bodies of the t*.
HEN TIt HE III serving owners and eager filed with the Board of 4) awing over trivial matter spot Von liaise report, young vlclles she died
to act 1* the longtermbest Civil Berviee Eiamlaera, )) being berg sarcastic, etatoy business has Increased of burn and smoke In*
to. Seek The Best Doctor II Interest of baseball Natioaal para service my free pamphlet send tw stamps end. a sel f- with Negro customers halation were found Ina
'. preterite .111 be able to solve flocking there! who never
a. Your Doctor National Capital ,arlll.Iwll.toa. addressed long buslnena envelope.' pamphlet will halliayPlreaen.
Get Experienced pfeaneclsta the problem aid lead D.C. 90342.Anaoaicemeat deal with dhcu..lon.UADD" patron lied Prank' before managed to
.According to your,Doctor**, proper direction to base and Many of them told him
application : for answers to questions ooaeerntni rescue their sister IImonthold '
Only the Bet ball'a revltalliatlon." that they were happy" that
Order I 0e fi t ILd form say be speech, write Or, M.H. nuultsre, Boi 310-A. plori Christina *h"
The facing of these Negroes no. owned hank'sand
Oiality Drugs Proprietor problemi, according to obtalied trot .u, post da MM Unlveralty., Tallahassee" Pi.. J2307. they stated to lend was found In the bedroum
office, fro. the
A 3 RCdirOttD: : PHARMACISTS TO HXYI YOU" the sport magtilat Board their support by theirpatrooMt. She vas hoapltallaed
of UCivil Service 41 silk burn,
A COMPLETE LINE OP article, represents busbill's
Kiamlatr at tat above
Oomaetlcs-ltubber Ooods-Candlee-Sundries greatest crisis. I
address.or fro. the, US.
I PRSaCUPTIONS: \ CALLED KM AND 1)) ..1UlLilly'S %?- aad only with the! election Civil Service CoamU
of a atroai com*
Ion' laformatloa TIDE
, Store Issloaer eaa baseball IiamtalM Office. 1.00

Drug seem hop to begin to I Street N).,.......to.... ..
copt siccessfslly withthem .
D.C. 20111.Board
aad nuts it* '

I till KIRK 1111 EN.1271 status Discovers 490tlAXT j'


lIMIt 1 PICAS Will
five rare diseases ear*
acted la Florida la IM4 1511 II Mill fill IIIFJ
the State Board of Health.

.. ... '.' sit:. Mid this tees.
Dr. Clarence K. shtrpllrttUr1 111(1 PIIMI.M mun SHORTENING
of the board

I.r.*. of preveatailt

Diseases, uU tea of ICECREAM
them reported fer the

d-, first tlae were tttopla
.t... w .ol*. a very daaaglaiIIMM 490

caaaed by a mitroteofl '"
.,I. >.: *-1. -. ... ." ." parasite aaltarried 3 US.ini .

,.. by r.'''''. dugs $3* n MORE I nn inn
eats lolled cattle,
keep, goats, calckeasaal
ether aa..ala; aalechlatosoalasls. &Ssnnl nuns, ICIIfiU IdTOMATOES[

alto s
9raaltl ....... tarried SATE 20C a )OJ
*y stalls aad aever reported c cmsYIN

a. erlgtsatiag la 49sun _
.. ubshionedflavor tAG Called, States, IALLIR CAMPaV

tat others were typ ta
fever, s tle.*bors., lasltg It 300
Say)Junes L Ltwrt,V. P0InturvK lecU...'.. argaAiamehica ntrur PORK& BEANS
Company.jcsonv.fU.Eo *.ce sac a terltatrtblea I

la flarUa tat
I drink the old-f whlorvrd eftich has almost dlssppe CHUCKROAST

bourbon-Old Taylorb& .r4tthvlgar a* aatt & 1.00
T.Jor.un tutee UM tray rat campalgaa.Trlctsesla .
It did thre-qturtm oil I I'' sassed by

century afo. Smooth with larva .f a parasiticrrltd lilt III liftTOMATOES
Bwllow richness that stands eeatale by bogs

'"- up to the bifffMt plAsh of **d .may el Id as leal* mad
watn.Try It y oml/.TaU ....lr.. by *sa If heJams 2r,29tfclliiil ::::: -
S Old Taylor M-tbt bovrtmfthat l*reperly>'.....
; Kaa stayed oldduhkeied at .f Ufecltd aal aal a.

tttrtn la this too fern world. ,.U"...!a, *.....lylallel.ferret 39 0

f fever bet II.L MiniVEGETABLES
la the (lag!* .aae reported .
tellevel Ie bars
best Mtjlrel frt pi* I

...... It 1. tameS by FU. lilE I IIISSII I Hill IHICFRYERS
.... alrl aad dnmeetlt
V f.et.TW. 24 II flit IIIrcmnt

.... board aaiatUae etttat ...
lo ,..ia.... la ttcallaeaet [ IIIIC MII2I( ell j

typist .. leer

., *e they cure .emtrac,*..
free Mat *..r... bettatj I
may a* preveate4 mad ,

be tret.4T 27C 21 II. fill III I 21 I* MIT IU

j' e three .....et trtfcte
e ....r..tI' trigUatH .. ,
fltrllt uPr saarpe
ll eau this relatively pint IF inn PHI 3 lAGS 1.00

..all saber lalUateethe 49
SALMON JIll ells
tattle ..aI.., rate

sset teatla.
1W tee trtdMesle c.... ma inn ,

OlD TAYLOR 86eca er. tra... u r.. !*.< tin GRAPE JELLY ,

larger la the calltlIt I
..... uree ottbrtaitvert
.......-soo eca..e.eT.as NtJtIII wt eu's'ags'a rt.'o t c.aesua.. re'"' .... BANANAS ii 10 ,3 ,IMlI IUS $1 ,


- ...........

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: : .fr t.'X : ct i, _,.L ='r Li _r =.. ar l-_ __ -_ vc 'r 'y u.. ,. ... .. / .r ... ..

f f \
\ lh'IDE

nllllA STAI' 'I'EU SATURDAY IPlIl ,1D, 1liS-

uu 1 y i ''rt, ?
p Wt .=iti:'

M. .

a 4

._ __, ,
---- r. 1
I ICONGR.A11ILATI Baptist Ministers f frkas7 ,lesisler

Miami Beach Shorts Narcotics Agents Chamber Cites Orleado Wiaaer '

Made 390 Arrests i Set Up fund 'For Praises LIJ

MIAMI BEACH-International airport, eervlnl Miami ;
Malcolm X's Children IASUNGTOtCffPu.r.( ...
Beach and ne1ahborh1n titian, betty 1965 witha 21 1UWID'PlCtora
ideal LfncL I.John IOn' aIeaderlhlD
per cent increase In traffla
In January 584,808tnvelen
of the Rurew. CHJCAOO.NPI-.Th. in the field
arrived end departed the .
at alr9ortaom of Narcotics of the st.te aaptt.t rialetert Coatennct of chU r1lbU w1a
pared to 489, 790 in the correapondin month ot 1964.
Board of Hn1thln of and
............ Jack ,rT'wl Chic"o praised lent .rk blprf'l1dmt
.0n,111., madt 390 arrests Ylc1Ditl, beaded bl the Maurlce Yaeoto
MIAMI BIACH-I3ctenthta!: from parts ot the I ar
In 198f for nar.coUC' w a.,. Cl" trans. hat of the public of L"Pper
world will meet In Miami Beach in November, 1965, CO.uUC' .
drat tbrown its .upport btbtld Volta. 1 Reach-apeaYlal
tor a con f.rence on trCDical oClMoarlll1hl lPonaonli
and medical Drlctict act tb' efforts of a lest Afrtcaa nation
by the luti tub of Marine Rcll1\ce ot the Unirer rtolations.wank ,
0I1c&lo couitta to formu wbleb r.c.ntl .ll.d
alt? ot Ull/lll. sports w11l\ be made on inveetltatlcma Cantor director 'educ.tional tund" its Ind.p.nd'DC' from
in the Athntlc and Indian oceans concernin of the .aid .
Bureau 211 for the cbl1dr.n oflIalcol. colonial Malt.Yueolo' .
dup lIelbloloD',nutrient clcJee.econordc chem!.
of the arrests were for : (Shabazz) X. the a prahe cue
cal chll\'l'II and other phaaea ot tropical water
nucotics riolationl: n: Isaaastaated .1-lIu.ll. on the beep of two dens
studied 1n tile last till
for ph.nacy rlolatiops; and flack "ation.ll.thader. of conferences ..itbPreatdeat

S tor medical practice John.oa aDd

Formulating Annual Drive Plans 1rreNlarities and 2 In ReT. Itraoa. putor ot Dean ll11k. s.cretarl of

the field of drat and b r.llo..blp a.ptl.t Itate. The? dicu.ltd

COIII.tIC aanutacture.Nllettel L.. church noted that at the Africa aftllrs and faternational .

perfonl ears time of ralcols r. aesaetoetlon probina.Durial .

lent to hospitals'tor lls family a Drees eeatereoce .

treatment tor narcotics wan irtualll peaalltea. liter !u.oio"CII.ed

} adds cti on."Ampbetaminea. :.. ._. ." It would there. GbanaiaD Pree1
and Datbituratee fore b. "aa tJnOodl1
lint Nkruaab
+ % ..pep pills and SI .. Mrs. tit111e Mae OIardl of OrJando (third trot left) berg shine, the mtllateradded. sandlot twos.uburahtl lbtoIeltbborlat

loot balbuconUnued: to with ahppiD'"s attar being lnfbnud that ebe eu th".inurot. ..ek' eepenet Z f WI serf Dot Afrltaa

pone a serious problem paid vacaUon' In Miami, The protect was spoDlOred b.1 the Orh4do Nero ChMb.r to rally to support our aattooe.AbM .

and inapectora arrested of Comaerce A OIub.r official and frhllcla cOnlr.tulate the elated .iDur. own heroes.Forst .

125 Dereone In conn.ctlon:

with enforcement of thin Job Corps Volunteers Advised Uait Hosts Distiagaisbed Gaut'ffJ
law. Their Ult bl a eutflcieat -

minority of our to Think Twice Before Joining Up .,

E youth 1. a contlouialchallente ''r ,
Y i tl C to our educlClonal The 101io.11II fist 01 t6btrwod 10 artle1. ne .rlUIi b1

efforh. Dtaplte IMte Nt.e Direct or lor tilt NaUOIeI urbaa ,

the arrests a lame 1. bertue. who IIUed the Job I throe cup at CaoctU, .eI.. c"I I

mount of 11le1 Ictl file rest. It I. the lint I 10 a nrltt of'tutere eta

Miry 1. kno.n to ca1 rUe about the war Oft l'O"rt 1 b1 tile urbaa LwrturrAtd

Haul torclllnt 11 a her led 1D the III"t to ,I.t file eft procru adopted. N

oorur: DOWELL (left). prod dent of New York Life serious Droblem"Caator
lnwnnce O>mpanl and chdl1lll111 the New York City said. If ,out re a droDOat thj Ink telct about hea.iD' 't

Comlttee for the 1965 united Metro Collate Fund "Man tbouaands of 1 Job Corps roluntter file reporter toured the. '

drive, dlacuaeer tllntt.rahln, plena with cochair.un do111r1 In dears and new catoCtin Job Corps c amp' 1ft the beautiful houad t '.w.

"lllhm J. Trent, Jr in the Insurance con cometlcs were found to rein area of Maryland wyowletere felled dtb downs of lk> ,
pan,' hone office wlldinl in New york CityTrent bare out11v.hb.1f. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeereeawrite t
or do simple Id
tOI1ll.rl wan eucutlve director of tlNCr from itrfoundint to bare b.en damalld or Moos of tll. Dad the
dittos aDei .dtractlOll.
in leU until 1D84. H' 11 now aedetantperlnnnel .1I1ab.led. Tbe1e wow 1Ib.d lebool,
A lot of lbw Jut beat
d1 rector for Tina, Ina withdrawn from salt."Bureau MOlt couldn't ,bold. .
round tit pool balls
Roth even. 1n voluntary capaclUu, wU1 direct tasptators steady Joe.Bnt and the '
fund.ratetnt commltteve arrant local cotlwra one, made 1IT8 un.ch.duled : could blydl, poll
i ae put "Of UNCP's ,ear.Jon, .ffort to mat ,its drat atom faeDectloee tlltir' oil eases. rut po.bert Clot udwltl ,. ..rJ
DO money 1a flair
19135 national gal at i5,1T4,000. and 2.35 laaptctiole otb.u cOlldn' rude .1 poclets.lomehot. ,
because of COlIIPll1DtI.
mostl7 tbrorlbtbtlr
A.'I't1u. S10LOABBORD 1 .rwbon of the RMtrTt Otrinn'
00111 Halt ot tilt

Tune IMAM Home Of The World'sChem etlttesDloyseatstrrices..tlsy, hard ,10rUa Air CDtnnlt1 f\eparuant of .UUary RehllCl WIre boats .t s 4orleebord

about the Job porpl aDd 41rill newt IttTC teetlTitlet DO tb. cw.. """owe art i"uoaa" oho
beaded th buffet Hat aDd wire nested at tht apeelere' lablt durlel the .lab-
'hud ap.
i ion Disc Art rift' blP'1t onto affdr L.n to ritht flay art: Cad.t Lt. bbl, Refuel Aaron, .brill&;

Jockey I' Do tbt1 I1h in Dr o.orl' w. Ebro Jr? president of tbe Uah.raitl, end Ira. Oore; Mal ".11....

Nearly aU .f teem do repraeehtlre of aoor Naydoa Earle, ud Ir. Oldftl; Lt Col "PUt'1 P.

teen tboulll 1 t' a romp Rupeoa. Pit and had ot tilt Depattatnt of lilltary ll11c'. and rre s..-proo;

tried .1Ilhr to the lri. Gee. IlJIIOad watkin (r.tlre ). a..t&llt Orntasnt t1or1A. AaM Ulh.r-

ate.Corpaw. ally Co11eEe of Law: Mist Marlar.t Nltoa Jatlaerllle/tlet ROTC. IM'-5."

Oratory Rat and COl UI.I'II Co Rtetert "allll.toll, 0.C .....t petler'

lifts 11. ot taltllore.

lid. 11 tuteal of tbt Early Treatment For lrtioa Grl.ts T ot.1

boll .t CatocUa"oDl of

n Clip' th' .UI b. II Caa..Cure Cancer $1,160,000 To Es ecte Negroes

tell op.nUn b7 rile TAMPA tecauee CaDc.reot
rNicks Jrly to Ie10 Merrell the earth cu Ieuall7bt rte 1O1-1b.! Port ro.aelaUu tod.y aaaoearedtreat.
total la, tot "Uo.'lIIe
1.0.000 'OlD' III &adma'i. erred It dfacoreredeu17 11,110.000 ettotbdatd
wad Ih.a Jroet.adlQllaU at attractleE pare. NaRoee to taeleaa t..
tnat.eat.1 It.JU&U.t Hr opporlvllitlls, .........".........e'ttrdite
lee 'ft's lOt Itraq reefs
leer." It ta,.. 'ltiut I 'Your f DefellltAll1ut by U. ratlolal ttol's ttbloale 0".10'.

Allonlo Mozell Holder 0 flOrId' a i'fred Ha# e w1a1't da111 matt ofuytbtel roots Cuter" crlllil 6eatwe aa.dleat. atilt wd Ad.lllattatloatoltu
bat b..a prelfsled Il flat .lItlh4 JOII.
arcade.UD' Record 01 the steers said "
23e Coltlluous tIOlifi '' .Id I lot laid off I7Joe. tee A.erleal ClltertocleU. for Ratrowa art beaoalelsrlllaelt Isyrt tporta u\t tor
U 11 .ow alit hh It 1tatttr
.ettilldllt 200.000 Joe
Q n o0a',16v11y
r'h onr a u. 11 otter" to tht peblle.1ltRf rate flu (1e7sae U.DOD hd th itauired ..

c..tt1 worhbo, Rat. 'e tllltd. rar MUla u4 ttatltat .
Iltf' lald le lopes to Mali A. 10111110', .fr.eter t.
+ ace"t -.roloywwt.b ,
baYe two .r14. .... le AerMt.AdTieet .t u. rorldl.

left 0". UI1IHtt1 udottlet I. .u atr.lre tfIltr.Uh y

won.It rurlrse. wtl.

,. ercasefsl le' 11 wits. IctM... ate. UeVt1.ns.

also bin a ttrtUieattt / tKer Dvr. twrUMeade.
red.ra loren
Tltn a. eo ion n
.leb teach flat b. i
meet .r.'hl u. el. err tlttp
Bob Terry I 111 co.hUct FloQm1r11sIt .. tperttd.u lot ....

to 30 .t a Iltlsdaol 19 Rom 3:00 8:
Rockln Rogers rro. tArt Denton Brallier Ray _UUOI.NI1I..t. or.1... ...,U 1Idly / ,... -."
Itlldio art muf .....,. leeetN lar1rl ., '
011.1 &A tar u .
lttt/ lot '
t! .
n.. Oes .un tom,1Dlr

I SEE AND HEAR THESE Is Fltu u.n\l le .n4..nta.111 deeOURrt .0 t/lrttl 104&1. ne.1t1 Flt CLOIU ttttlrAtt.Atli Mad ate yew. .141'rttttnl ..;.SHORTY..yn. 535.WIDALO .

bat ai..U' r0. snu rue

::'.-C-::==.c..w.u ,.;:

", ::..MMMM... .Wwe r r ....i-=
Lt. ....' .
1&r. -J :. P.... ...
'sew pi ea.=-::. Meg M eNe. IL e1T.
ac..u. Iw1.r .... :
RADIO STARS ... ..""waT
.: :. AST
;;'t___ .
........ Cu.oMOi
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fir -r- ..... rrm l
a er wM twM ... Yrr1tXtE
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...... .. aM! ItmtRttu
WAME 1260 li W ArfKMW .. M _
... -- -- --- '
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wrwUa1rwe.. wrre. : i

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rwMlwt tMe w .r r .r ?q
.w a'yr. et a.r..ti_ _
e.r -
... .. ...
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.r.. -fi V ... ,.. :.w Lri" r.
line" ..... -
:.;}; Hear. ItHo, Nightly At 11 pm WMBMSpotllg werrq roe*, I '=ID6e :..L. -...... .-.-..'"'l" _

I'' .. ere ..: -= Tw.MiwYOt.1::: r -- awrne
I 1 Product 01 1be Wilt r1 M :en Cta;=:... ... ...
t .r- tb
S .,,1.-p.
WI.U1 Art Green .. =:::. .....
1 ... ." :r.:
1\-4 : .
I Miami Florida ... -.. .....-. "'" e. bare.. M Tat I


+ ;"

--7"r::-. .- -.-.-. .. _. .. .. ...." .. .. --A t L1" "'" '(tIill ,}.Nt\mg\141\
- . .. . .oo.oo .. .. . .-rI -,
V ,

I' I ) I

llulDlY APRIL 11. I1S f11.111 SUI PIPERS PUt l

Association Entertained At Fair Start Fund 3 Botchers Slain HOLIEY'S IARIECUEIAIIECOED

"Ml In Race Tension. Area ORDER FUEL

1 1, For ReebFamily last HCT week TOW"NPIPoUc blued robbery '
aa the possible active \

for the alaylni aid
torlac la a cold atorace '

Taos of a Brooklyn Beat ASHrOR SLICED PORKCDItlQrOWOES \ ,

sOQlSAL market, of three white

PHILADELPHIA. Pa.-A butcher la the Bedford- t tooun
fund for the fully of Stnyveiaat section of FUELb'I1

Juts ...b. Unitarianilnlster the city, scene of aracial \
who died after slaylai earlierla \

a beating In sel... Ala the week and wide* T
Hi. 1 12itk
bra. and.for the tml spread rioting last
UM of others "ho suffer ...er. ...... III ....... St. Noicriif

In the civil rights Robbery ws suspected Alt Suson lei & Fuel Ca. II.Hi. .
struggle la being established even though s SUB of rue.. ...."'- 2- Mini Ti t m.. a
by the Anerican 1400 la cash ..* found '' d.Al1l

Friend Service Con* oa the slain sea 1471 lilts Itii LISA

lttM.lt was announced

Unitarian Wlversa-
list The Association and the It9 that Happy Time of the Year

; Southern niiiatlan LMd-

nab Ip Conference are

estsbllshlat Identical hippely-hof! :) toWtSLWIRTH'S

fund, and noney eon

tribute to any of the ...... .. ........,

three groups .111 so /
AND PUBLIEHriLS AT FAIR-Poraer Pot.ater Geoenil Jwie{ ii Parley
tint to sect the needs,
dial nut of the Board the Coca-Cola export Corporation ... hot*, for Coca.
of the Reeb fully and ?
Cola at luncheon liven for ember* of the National Newspaper Pubmhera Aaoclatlon *-. .
then to other la .Ial1 -
aeetlnt In wt>rkahopeloa la Nee Tort CIt,. Above MrAparley.
ar clrcuMUacea.
left erects 1WPA honoreex. fren left Mr*. Aella Baynton. ftelaa. Ala.. Mr*. ;
"'The death 0 f JeneaCeb
Cbnstrce B. Motley New' Tort City ;trPlers'Task L. Stanley, sr., A>aociatton ia E
ha* aaupsurteof
president and edltor-publliber, the Lou I nil h ly.) Defender and\ l and 4 k .

ponds *t. Louis (Mo.) Argus executive editor on leave with the 0.8. 1A(or continent feeliBi centerisgnatanJlj acroaathe ;; .'.....rlt" '* Headquarter for Hundred and
atlon A.ency. In lover Insert Mr. Stanley, left poses abot of BaltlfiarBColt points R Hundred of Candle, Toy and '-nrl"ln",
,at tht.
tar, John .Mackey ho recently Joined the coca-Cola Bottllac ConpaVjflf ) .
here Janes HMD'S sort ( I
Baltimore a* radio coMeotator sod youth activities repreentatlve. kr\ '
1i \
sad service have bee ; \J .
Stanley and Mr. Mac are seen la fro.t of the Coca-Cola Part 11 Ion, which Oiepublisher "
Unitarian .
toeuaed..tb. .... )
visited during their tour of the orltfa Fair. '
ooMmnltlea both of Als- ,, FANCY and NAME-FREE

bra, where he eiUteeaed '

Blickface EliminatedIn and died aid of *.it. r EASTER GOODIES
Attack Filed
Legal lottos.. D.r. where he

i f Minstrel Show served for five years 1 it fctlclm cktcibtislttlflf 'I ,
and moat the people of n.blt
On Louisiana Schools ...
Plew JDDCCE. L I. Pollowtai Boston, HaMachiiaetta. ,
I it amity ckiciUtiIII
a protest letter "' ... be bad eta wort 19c
UN CRLKA.18. l..-- "I* tudests froa four signed by II Negro students tat fdr the, last sit SlttlRf M lilt

reply to your letter of parishes.Includlni Batoa and Mfotlatlon oaths a* aa listless IlL ckiciUti '
February I. IMS. It la JoI1l',tb. state capital. with representative of Friend Service Con h wit' nut nil 19c

true that ee operate the the Legal Defense Puadla Rhode Island CORK sad Ittee staff ...b.r."

jefferaoa Davis pariah ...... the Federal NAACP the Kappa Sliaa CoJln 1. M|. executive 2 it ptri Milk data 39C '

School on a racially District Court for extensive fraternity at Brown Unl. secretary of the AnericanPrlead Uti ia wltt lams FREE

segregated basis and we Injsaetlve re*. unit for the first Service Co.* : t'. Jr 4 ckiciliti
to continue to do it fiillty ,
plan list tisiistthose school ttae ellaiasted black .it tee,announced la M* 59C
that 'B with M' iini mi
so uatll such tlae
board which adslt to or face troy Its asaasllastrel tabJlahlai the Quaker

we ore served a"court do sot deny operatlsiecreiated shoe oa March fund. Fid trapped lull tkitvUti 93C r .

order to do otherwise." school *y"- IT The Unitarian Dal- ins A nil taste chit'

After NAACP Legal De- h... coaveraatlOBs
Throvch verssllst Auochtloa.2S Hi.MALTIE
fens Fttsd" Attorney A. Defendants la the case with officials of CORK .
.... .u
P. 1'IIr. lean ,
Nee or *
are the officials of the sad NAACO, ee have .......*.tU.02l0.; the
received this response polite Coupe. Lafayette, realised that is today's Souther Chriatlsn Le4erahlp EGGS
fro Ben Lee Phillips, ,
president and Jefferaoa Davis sad St explosive stnosphere. aahee Coafereaee, 394 t,. M._... %
J.CNeely. Lasdry parish schoolboards. of this type has 144.155 soodle* JLVnffe*
Aston Avenue. I' r.. At* Aff/.rf Br..cA'.
*eeretrytre- X ,
elderaaila repercus* .rhosNdelgMfW .
lasts Georgia, J9I03;
1 surer, of the Jefferson The court has.been awed .t... la the greater and the AnerlCM Friends ; FOIL WRAPPED

Defense DavIi'dchool'Ioat4LNal Fund" eosrt< %
boards franc said a Intently statesat Aid pwd. 140 North lath maliJef5lULn
ess stepped-ap to brlsc j Otoot* iKem. tot Mt*
.operatise conpulsoryblraclal StewDally
school deeeirttatloa to prlatedtaUo "Street Philadelphia., keia, HI hunit, |lfit,
School ayetene..aalatalal Herald.To Bake PeaA1hul"'IOZ" / parties. Rkh mUk hello
this Delta State.IB *! a dual the ehoe sore except 1. receive contributions to elale ebb. creme.tiled'.

addltloa to filial a pattern of school loses to the entire Negro on- tern the bsrdvhlm of -rL1.r

otloB with the Federal based SB rate. sushi. ee have decidedto those who have suffered
District Court aklai rr.ta1 l if. sc1oc .
prot.selosal of
alslai ellslsate the use la the civil rights '

that LoslaUaa state persossel en the blackface also pledce eaue, te which Janes CHOCOLATB ______

board of edicatlea be basis sf c ler. that rest year, the lorn Reel MI M deeply ewej COVERED '
enjoined allottlac
and Inpllcatloaa of theabo..lll
CiIVI TO 'IOHTr Pitted."Pea.
all fsada t. any achoolyitea r A MULTIPLE receive Bach ** elll be chta Yew choke ./ fnrft and aulr
which la Mire< reexaaUatleaend toco.*** cream INed etjt
[..SCLEROSIS deeper aeled by MCB ateaey to
fated separate parishes. sash p y Seen bcofaIlenC .
reevalatlo la the provide tat the sods off.II.
art being sued.Lgr.amtlsg |Tie put criaiMtril ,
lllfct of this ,ur' lie* both Metro Mi TREASURE TROVEt
lit rouse rut adultsJacksonville ritlcles."
CORK .....r. of the elite laeledlathe V. OF CANDY EGGS '
IestS. who have. sufferedhy ,R,
aetotlatisc lean sere
reaMB sf their Is* r
Mrs. Ty olld4e, Sr5.Arica. leap $kd sMr a 33C
valveseat IB the
Itl" '.., rte strutId. mall tctsn, Rmn. Ir
for iality*f rtaMj
Marnerlte o>>sta. Robert
for all Aserlcsss. ,
Mss.s nsd Oeorie U..- ails>> I. '.11| aad atephw T)...., fu51... rSUHPRIIE stag ssbpeute39 '

Is Philadelphia. the 0. Cary, eseecleteexecutive G 'i : '
second Mcceeslve f u'. secretary of t 2O 7;

Mack ellstsated the Anerltaa prlMd EGGS Vi **. ,lavraetckl
fro the Nee fear's Day .
*rvlce OMnlttee. Mrela 39
waters nand as n resuit Mrtf tfji tssi Is IMU.
e He Ins.rls. theo..,aatratlos ,
ef CORK protests sad ego JMMle oc Imo 1.v .ri S.5 o
tlonsumr *. la the h0a.ltal la a6 WhitenswsPp t '.'L
1 ........... tlrelarhaaottll shortly
.rflJh ........,." .... ..... atS. V*to re hi.* 4MUf.Ott tof ecni elk
K.. tow. "ii. *MM sn.

... ...... "'1- ..- .... .."." ...... ,.. .......... pKl .* e4.iii .fMm 54541 t.r tits rd. rA ls.'o.
w.U4. Bk l seeea e V ft. pine/.

w Specially made



to pleaie all children tiCr,

i l i
IT r

t, .
to Sic !

.....".., ....pped ln/eie eed 1M

,. M asap.Maps. ...* .....*.
..w... ..,.....,....,
,.. .
," "
.. k "r
ye wf M r.r

PKfOt -

r ser 4:11"
... ,.. 1Jt ".
If- .. '


\ M





.H" ._ __._.4J IJiRJ... __ LLL _

r--: A Ii 1' J"


Air Force Offers Annual Fete Acclaimed Outstanding Success Paul Baptist Beauticians'To :v Sunday Meeting Completes Trail ill

Announces' Men's Day PresentN. 'The regular Monthly CHJCAGO..CNPIMlasSbaron
Many Opportunities Watson of Atlanta -
netting of the Royalpalm
St. Paul Baptist Church)t who recently completed -
Chlrstlan. Club .will
0. Artist
?he 'Air Force will .
(Baldwin) Ben will observe training at the
be held Sunday April 11
always need well-trwined their annual day World Airlines
v-11 known beautician, Trans
at 3:30.P.: In the *
enlisted personnel. Sunday beginning with Flight Hostess school: lnKansss
Mrs. Allle Mae Johnsonof home ot Sister !ren.e MC-
Skid M.YSgt. John Sat the Sunday school at New Orleans will hea Queen. 1353 Davis St. City Mo. has
terfield of the jscknon* 9:30 a. s" with Deacon consultant during the with Sister Mary Dixon been assigned to Star

yule Air Force Recruiting Samuel Barney as guest Orange Blossom stateCclll'letolnlhta president presiding.All Stream flights fron John

office today, "even superintendent.The Rsocla- Benbers are urgedto ... Kennedy international

hen our aerospscecrsft X111, teachers are: Rev tion'H convention here be present since Batters airport in New y*>rk. .

begin making regular A. 000 IIo re. Annie Crun-! Nay 14-20. of Inportance will A graduate of Clark

trips to, the noon- -or sell Deacon Had ell Mrs.. Johnson is .a graduate be discussed College, she is the
farther. Bryant flllle Bryant of Ally's Beauty daughter of Mr. and Mrs.

Sergeant satterfleld jr. and Deacon Lonnle Academy, Karle' ,School Mt. Sinai Recital Aaron Watson of Atlanta.
called attention to recent Lackett will review the 1tG"1i.*+
of Beauty Culture holy Deaconens Board Palm Stiday Erect

remarks by Brig lesson. ert Florence Hair tie'I 1. and Distract 9 of Mt. District 4 of St. Matthew
General Harvard W. Po Morning service at 11 Sinai Mlssloniry Baptist
Baptist Church will
well. General Powell O'clock with Deacon S. will
Church: sponsor Mrs.
said "When the Air young and R. Bryant in sponsor a pals Sundaytea
flnona Suapter in a
Force was born its inl l charge of the devotion.Processional Sunday froa 4 to ep.s
recital Sundayat
tlal staff of three Male 7:49 p. s. at the Heltaan? with of Miss Lois
:sew York City
people Included two enlisted rr b Chorus; call to worship church.An .

men. since then pastor ; selection Invitation has been SB speaker.......
the Air Force has never chorus; scripture Rev I extended the public to Jack fees e. been without enlisted :- A: Thomas; mission offering attend. SI"T1'.1.1." .

personnel in fact that ; ; prayer. Rev, G.

original ratio of two to Homes; welcome. Deacon INDEPENDENT TV. RADIO SERVICE
one has been expanded to Joe King; respones. an

alaost six to one as the 4P appointee; selection, .
r Pick-Up I Deliver Pbne-356-7242
Air Force continues to q chorus; introduction of

recognize the singular speaker. Rev. H. L.. Baker;
importance of the Airman speaker Dean J.P Ep- MRS UUtH. JOH"190N!' HERBERT SUES 609 *. State

and the noncommissioned person; call to disci .
officers in the great pleshlp.Rev. L. '. Thbias; signing Institute and
scheme of things offering; acknowledgment has been' awarded a national ,

"The aerospace Air 1 of visitors John Bentley trophy for hair

Force of today, continued ; remarks, chairman Jwlfnlntf from the :Na'' -

Sergeant satter. and pastor. Dinner will tional institute's Hair
GALA F.T .- Ataist tne oozy setting ot Johnny Tavern, the BIDe (Shadows N>* Designing Guild
field 'offers young men be served at the end of
chi and Ravings Cluh celebrated Its annual Racial Buffet with neuters and guests Umbers of the
and women wane of the the service. general
greatest opportunities enjoying the event to the utmost. A tasty and varied buffet was served and the The afternoon programbegins public are invited to
social Interlude was highly enjoyable.Members shown arranged troll top of stairway .
career attend the artnlsalon
for an exciting at 3 p. .. with
downward are; Mrs. Murdell Bailey, business Banager; Mrs. Julia Webb president free two day workshop in
that young people any the young Ben presiding. .
where anytime have ever ; NTS. Carrie fhltb, tick committee chairman and Donell Hall Bottom row, Devotion Laerence Roberts addition to Association
h ad. from left: Mascot Brenda Butler, Mrs Verna Long, secretary; lira Minnie Carter embers. Which firstto
Willie Bryant jr. ; was
Roosevelt Saulsby, Mrs. Myra Saulsby, emergency treasurer; Mrs. Eliza
"A nan or woman
young selection: sale chorus;
joining the Air Force Green.Gueats present were: Mrs. Lillian Sulth, Mrs. Johnnie Johnson. Miss Joyce scripture; offering; Summerville Hosting make headlines
today receives the finest Butler] Miss Levan Johnson, Henry Miller Miss Lue Jeanla saulsby, Hadley Sir .
prayer c. Brown; introduction
training cone and Mrs. Nellie Artenls. (Royal Art Ftudlo; Photo) Young Peoples
Aerospace Age of speaker the

available! the sergeant Rev. Mr. Baker; speaker Union Sunday April 11 in England :
P1.Orr.ii Recital ,
explained. ALONG THE CHURCH PATH... Rev. w.L. Jordan; closing
The London Timesor
Sergeant satterfleld Friendship Baptist remarks presiding of TheYoungpeople'B Union

also commented that anyone Church District 1, Atlantic by ALBERTA J. WILLI.W ficers. will present a recital

Interested in learning Bead, will sponsor Inspiration and fellowship flowed at the annual Evening service at 7 Sunday at 3 p.... in
what the Air Force Carter T. Lewis, organist meeting In Tampa, Florid! Hundreds of Floridians O'clock. Rev. A. A.Frszler Baptist Hiurch.lev. ,

has to offer then, should in recital Sunday Mid religious figures from other parts of the nation will deliver the closing Boyd: pastor anJ

Contact hli--without ob- at 3 p.m. in the shared In tie slat annual session of the Progressive serson. The Rev. Mr. with Mrs. BerthA Harris Alrtandcr I t u..lc'in !:I ot>> out hi.I first "It-

1 igetion" at the Air church auditorium. Mrs Baptist state convention, and the varied. Frazier is pastor of Mt. serving as ponmr. ti mlt'ult.C'I"T''k.I"; I fl').iii
Force Recruiting Office Ardella Jackson Is spon onesof six of Its II&Ixllhrl..hldl .. Creel Baptist Church,' The following groups Kr I precise "Ilw iltlicjtilyflivnurrtl

ROOK 249 of the downtown sor. convened in New Mt. zion IIIUatChurch ] Gross He will be sc- will appear on the pro- dclrciablv dry

post Office Building, or Lewis will he supportedby Rev. *.H. Calhoun, host | coapsnled by his ambers inn in what. promises to pin that nutlr headline

phone him at 334-7111 Choirs 1 and 2. The pastor : ,.1co.., Deacon Lonnle be a gospel feast: t then i i. Mill hie I IM.*s in

Extension 449. program Is free, and The host group supported by sis Lyon; words of appreciation Buck nan lingers, l1L-; Knpljml.: li's Mill l'ic-,

friends have been invitedto ter churches, presented an enjoyable chairman: ; remarks, celslor lingers!! The Rest seller llirrr. AnJhur.
U, 8. used to help build
atomlr mefcb-ntmcn. attend wel COllIe prog run on Tuesday evening Rev, H.L. Baker pastor Harriets, Harrell fingers In hn. "nrl.l-| |

of the aeesional week anae Jackson lingers, MU)<. Whv nut indulge':
W' MANUEL'S TAP ROOM of the foremost citizens extended 1 listrict Slates Tea LatlBOr lingers, fc- \rHUftrlf I in tKrplraMiuiiof .

I greetings, and the Music ws. grandThe 1. _IlLJAM' Oowan lingers, T*>o.as a proprr ISth!' -rrn

626 West Ashley convention opened proper on "ettlelllJa'l1Omlnl District of st. v-t- !lingers and Traveling 'ur)' Knglit.lt day' If i-'

with the Rev J.C. gems, the general] president In thew Baptist Oiurch will Star. tau nu.Mihv! IjHHlAn

Presents NitelyEntertainment charge. Under his, and the leadership of the leaders present a Get Acquainted Mrs, Vivian Reed Cherry 'Time this morning,
of the various .suilliaries the deliberations Tea Sunday In the hose la the president; Mrs. ,hu..'*, nil) lime furMinion's

for the entire week were geared to the tlaes and of Mr. and Mrs. Victor Alberts Latiaore, pi. (; >> finicjif.mmtvit '
Fr.ATlIUNqOne needs of today Terrell. 1743 t. Ota moist; Mrs. Minnie Thuyas -

Leg JOEThe Several former policies were revised and new ones at. from 4 to 0 P.B. supervisor; Mrs
added to the imp roved operational general program Mrs, Louise Hargrove Thelaa *d.ard., treasurer
Torrid Sax ManTennessee ,. of the state Organisation;) at large. president has arranged ; and Mrs. Berths t ...._.*....' MM_ .>_ _('IMC* lit ,.. ..

Noteworthy, the emerged Senior women's"' group under a program. Harris reporter.

the leadership of Mrs. H.B. Miller, enfolded
.' ,,on. Harair.ond organ their work beautifully and the Junior "o lIta under ,

the leadership of Mrs. Rosa s. Lee, of Avon park, I
PLUSFRANK I did an excellent job during their Initial session ,.' I ./ ... : '
Most heartening is the outstanding growth f the "
LEGREE Youth and Children Departments, which assures one '

On Drums of ti es.the safety of the young people In the oorwunl :nEy's- : MO Sli

Tuesday & Wednesday JAM Session Following up\ hi i annual address Dr. Bass key N

ENTERTAINMENT NIGHTLY noted preparation to live a sore abundant life .,:+ rl_'f l IIoIIcrW 915W;
greater interest In world-wide affairs and unstinted
'1111. :'" .7-
support of all worthwhile causes and sove- .
8 P.M:1 A. M. .t
meets In the light of the betterment of huaanity.

Delegates troll the Northeast section of Florida .
will be especially delighted to .hear. that the an.
nual sessions for next year will be held la. Jacksonville ..
with the Bethel Baptist Institutional .ssscwwt-4ekBcamh4s .. ,. ......., '

ea. Church, as the official boat. Rev. R.H. Ill son, IT5 ..... ... ,f I'K'! .

host pastor. ..... eMIIWJ., ....
The aeabers of the General Baptist state COB ..- : II"Te
.a bc .. .. ,J .\
ventlon ot Florida Inc. are busy this week at Ie. '. >. ... ;%' .
Dajrtona. Many ministers and lay people) from all Atd Ilk B.ewwas 4e1h1 ... I
I...... I .l I
over the state are In attendance. _
tbe tap leaders of the general groups) are.
Anon rBtgI1M LIb aria ms 0Mtgt PIe ttletlFre ro 4
the Rev. A. !. Coleaan, vie president; Rev C.4.Weaver it *
I mrrel&lOl41ll..crehrr; Rev. &1.. dger. '-.LOIJIt .
Rev "F.T. OraJiMof Miami *ev. I.,. Flnlayton of 11
," -.&. J I
Mimi, Mra. Carrie Sloan of Jaci-onvllleandsn- "" ; >

serous others 3.. 5 29c
The setting will close Sunday. : ,

: -
Reap la MailALTHOUOt
... .... .
+ 1
Mt. Vernon Choir
Rev. Uoyd Thompson treas. taw p m-S4 a Awp ,5 r...;
To Present Tea

Sodal Club Speaker Mt. versos Baptist 3k< '"
Chsrek Touth Choir will w x p
Rev.Lloyd 'nIoep lOG will ,
be tb. speaker Sundayfor sponsor. a ssslcal tea ,
the 9th anniversary Buadv frosi S to B p,,I. 4 *c. rk va.ae t rtturit

KEN KNIGHT celebratloa of the H. H- Ia tbe church audltorlu.

social club. The event participants will hchd. -
*1EV 3 : !k
-Invites You To Listen To- Is scheduled la Grace ., 'llbtla1a" price 3 L >wR3k
Baptist Cturch. list sad Constance Shorter La-

BIG IAKD $eeaett Streets begU* verse illllsBs. Mt

tag at ) p. .. Bethel Male Chorus
An isvltatloa has bees Frances Ie rl"., Mania

"DANCE PARTY"Nl.fctlr extended other clubs sad Colllss. Nathaniel Jsck 101 I

frlesis to attead by BOB, Latlsore Gospel' I

presldeat ..L. Follte Slagers.patricia Resell, I
11:31: 'til 11i1'atzrlay : I
sad aeabers. The slab First Nee tioa Choir. I

$ I ,... 'til 12 ,... having the largest atteadaaee Ruby Allen, S.L I. trio.
t will receive a Job Bray. Mrs DreaellaMosley.
Bethel BaptistTo
1400 WRHC 1400 prlie. U C*.olr. Meary Uereact. .
T ** .

-- --...

.a. . . .it I -.-------- -.- .. .. .. ., .' '". .. --

- -- -- --
ffWf'Jrr'f'; ; --------------J-,: 'l v
.. '. .. ..,,' ", J ,:Wjl.h, :.h 1 ,J Jlrl\\>. Ji I J '.rliKI .1



Edward Waters-Bethune Cookman May Resume Annual Gridiron Rivalry


Applications Being AcceptedFor Saidiy's Dra+l Races To Aid Stbolarsr Negotiations Now UnderwayTo

Youth Conservation Camp Resume Ancient Rivalry

TALLAHASSEE-Boys and girl fro. all sections Hjr Virgil Hawkins
of Florida will attend the Fourteenth Annual
CampIDC Director of Public Relations
Session at the youth Conservation Camp In the .

Ocal National Forest, beginning June U. accord- Old and new gridiron heroes, aluml and friends

lot to O.K.: prye. Executive: Director, Game and of both Edward': laths college and RethunefookaanCollege
Fresh tater Flab Cbewlasion.Applications .
are now ........................ are jubilant over the announcement. of a
being accepted for the serration Cup 2520 challenge by nethune-Cnokniut College to play Fdwarl .

following cssplng ses E stSll er.cfcrlngs Blvd. Caters College Football team in the Gator

.10n.-on. Owls, Florida.According Bowl ...U.. during the owing "..lIlIOft.'DI. .
: week sessionfor
announcewent. cane e.s..s.aas..
boys aged 10 through to Denver -
at the recent' hampet In
14. June 13.19; two week Ste Claire, cup director college
the civic Auditorium in
sessions for boys seed the weekly schedule : -
1p'J Jacksonville, a' the one of the fattest grossing
10 through June for the IMS Youth
20- large crowd closed activities colleges in the ns-
july 3. July 417. and Conservation Caap will for the Col. tlon fields aatrongtMM

July 18-31. TWO one week include an improved pro- 1 .1.5 90th Founders'day ..h1d'1l'h,. a hard,clew
sessions for Iris tree on fishing.archery,
celebration.. sane each Saturday afternoon.
10 through 14 firean safety and hunting -
August crowd stood every nan .
1nil a study program on
8-14 and cheered the announcement Their coach, Cy DC
Girl sway attend tor both conservation and wildlife fer minutes. Curio, besides being
aes.. as well u camping,
a former 411-Amertcan
The populous of Jack "
boating and other out.door
Applications and infer
,onall..Ico.... the player at the school
atlon regarding the sports and recrea news, and has been In- was a star with the
youth Conservation Camp tion. This year's crap 'DOLLARS FOR SCHOLARS. will be the theme for a higher education.Gatee open at 11 ..*. and eliminations tereated in such a game Flttahumh steelers'piu-

.ay be obtained from of- ivlll'' include an advance Rindaya regular Drag Races at Thunderbolt !Raceway start at 2: 30 P.... C'IItldrfl.coo.p.nled as both teams are tops feaslonal football tern,

flees of the Case and program for boys who oa 0.& Highway 17, South Jacksonville ,ro- by parents will be admitted tree in their respective con and sea 'Coach of the

Fresh Rater Fish Cosalssion hare previoualy attendedthe needs will aid worthy students who cannot afford Tear" In his conference

in Panama City youth ConservationCsrp. --.--- _. _- this past season. ?
lake City Ocaa, Lakeland dtwarJ haters collegehas
west Fall Beach Camping fees are $30 Rroves Southwest Frazier SelectedBy lost only one galas,

and '1'11 shu.... tor the one week aeaaionand
4rpllcations Clash 12 In the last two seasons
and fees WO. for the two week April and last
csnping season won 9,
are filed with the office session a. CJ"C'J"un..n. Queen Sportscope U. S. Cagers while losing none The

of the youth Con- lapreiislveness' of their
Drag Ricers City a annual,gal a event '
GIWI8U';". La, .'lllburFrulerotGraabling Richardson and Flyan in-1 oat record WAS ei*
is HOUSTON Texas (?! Uggtst
Wias TointeY coalng up the Cincinnati -( )- question throughout
To College Robinson De*> er AAU; ceedett' only by the score
Support Reds will have the state today revolves around the state
its traditional Opealag achool'oy football and basketball ctiMtplonahtpa.., a faalltar lace on Roger Bnwn.pejUn; Dave by which they sea their

Student Fond Game oa Monday, April 11 aa sos by Garland and taco (shuts and colored ost ills All-African Stallworth, Arkansas games, the last by taescore ,
basketball tease, bas CityKan.M ray
& Carey, of
when they tangle with teens restectlvely) and Jones (Houston) and >*x>re 1430.RethuneCnokMnn.
Drat Racers st the been ...,ctl'llon. 2fl-ssa BarU..,II I... Okle; and College
the Milwaukee Braves at of earn la basketball. Ttas segregation !sea and
Thunderbolt Raceway 0.S. U.S. squad iron which smn .
a flute, Akrtn.Dan
and Riiwarri
4 waters Ibis
Croaley Field at 3; 30 their U yeara failure to comply with the SupremeCourt
17. South of Jacksonville tea will be picked for voltheri, San Fran .
h, churchrelated.
p... (CST) ruling outlawing segregated schools still are
will be racial a series with Juuta etseo Athletic Club;
The Is
terser related to
Friendly, air-cooled fosters s divided high school athletic setup
for the "Dollars for The Aaerlcsn teas will jerry Sloan, Kvansville wed
the Methodist thatch
Croaley Field annually known aa the (white) Twits Interscholsstle League
Scholars Mad" this play the Soviet at Las ( led ) college Ollie
the latter to the African
bulges with the trsdrtloaal and (Negro) Prairie View Interacbolastle League
Sunday, April 11. The v...., "... April Il IP. Johnson San Francisco; Methodist
packed house and Thus, aa bat been over the yeera...Texas has two
"Dol tars for Scholars the first of five wed, Nate Botssn, Arkansas
the Church
1St$ op..rIll high school c a*phi on s la all sports and nelthe
Fund" aids worthy students Other gaa..a are scheduled City; Walt Bibs, Browns
follow the usual p.t ten. can be rated "true champs," la the sense they KC coach. Clifford
who can sot afford la Sesttle oa April town, led i Jim Foi,
10 city li the don't play each other. Pell. a terser staniiwt
'the cost of higher edu Jacksonville, Fit.i DonAnderson.
31, San Frsncltco Arrll
eouatry la there the at Florida U* University
without being the least bit biased It Is bard to
cation.Fhllllp. 33. Los Angles April 3!, AugsburiMian.
the holiday spirit that was the 'roach of
see bow any tea la high school I football over the
N. col..... St. Lewis Arrll JO and ( ) College; KdMills.
prevail la Ci.el..tlo. the Tear'in his eoa-
atlon could have defeated the great team n eldedby
ehalria of the had 1.1hlll'OlIhehth"* Lewis (Ill. ) College
npetlag Day, ne ferenees for the past
Moore Nigh of Seen last fall tad as evidenced
said "we aced all the Bobby Raseoe,
.r r 'Clear'is I,, April :e. ; two .
Claciaaatlli than colleges seeking his name on ar en years.The
ItNCDIIt TALL U Morris help we can get, there ore Frader la tie only Bartlevllle Cecil Tut- prospects of such

NcParlaad .f Lsvlllapiaround are so sash stwdeats a festive occaslos rollsent appliestlos. their 310-pouad fullback, Loaltlins player on the tl.. Akron. Art IU U.... MS have caught. the
that hescapatred a (
(..3) George pan ford, la by tar the finest foot
the checker that have the ability squad. Long Beach, Calif.; and populous of Jacksonvillelike
wide isterest, ball play this position in the
player to ever
tournament held recently bit sot the lens to The less was announcedby janes Irovellias wild fire, sad Ula
Many cities are famed history of this writer watching the game on that
at Forest Fart agtiiet a reach rest heights Is for their particular John wCLentfod, Nation Francisco.AtwIlalU. hoped that the date

saber of the city's the educatioaal world. eelebratloaa.Nee Tork'sSt.Patrick's level on this state AAU baskettslltlcnal ....U IWRliunU andplana for the gam*
oststaadisg players.Cluslflcattosus we gladly accepted the la basketball, we ssw the white state champion en .We ........,. will ... In"'" gut early.NO .
the Thaaderbolt Raceway Day Parade, hip James High team play OR .."r.l occasions.... AAU baskvttsllMctendon -.
the new Orleans Mardi Port Wo'rth '(MoO1Ib) wouTd have beaten Oiem chat en.
Midgets Boys la the 12 offer aid hope that n YOU* DIPTTO.
to ll years old age others wilt also lots Gnu Tsmpa'i Caaparllla anytime, say rises sad with ease. Fort worth's said the wjusd .......""'r
bracket Toe toarsey was ..." Del St. LOS is' Veiled great center. oJ... Cash a >!, 310-pounder who will saseable April t
I 0
prophet Parade phila both hoards la addition to having all the
sponsored by the jai The tattle stock Cars aweepa either la San Francisco
Department of Recreation. Class "A" does will delpbta's Issuers Isasnratloi -. tools of a great college proapect'tlosg the or Denver for drills

Miss tmia Hlghtower.supervisor. be teetered this Susday Day la tashlagtom. finest two guards ever rlvlM oa Ue same tee Hank Vaughn. of Akron will MS

.Roy L. nulloy The Trophy dicers wiltcoapete ete. But moae Is IB this state.gsve Panthers overytMag a coach coach the tea*.

is director of activitiesat om a handicapbs.Is sore sslversally accepted could ask Pot la talent.la The aquad lacludea Bill

Lsvllla Fitground. for. parse of thai Oaclaaatl's tract..Weatley of Han Aatoalo tied the ..* bridle Frlscetoa WUffll\ SCLEROSISPOBTMABTERI\

110,000.JtrFeK. Opealag Day tloaal sprint relay record last year vita a apsrh Larry Brown Akron Ouod< .

There Is mo substitute list u. ....".u.r USA swat Mite Sottbvest Con ,.....; Yen Season, Cal % '
fer ....I..... ItO ,roo.otao. Tessa Rece Arkan aid Reid
fereace schools Senior, TCV Fowler Dam ,
ems create a ass, ete. ) are dolsg right 110'. M< their greet trued tenicesAll -Ctirs,

duplicate of aaelamatl's prliter Clyde Glosses, Is U the t.. du. !. "Nstloasl AAU lt..ts; Rod

,. -I Opeslsg Day trseitloa, Ue 100 aid 21 flat Is the 330 cmrve. They are lIGht Al DlI hr'. Ready TOOAVIornothing
tit' Maay titles have tried currently maoefeMed this ,.., and could break Ueatlomal

'W'- t* copy Clselsssti's mart they tied last year.
.. .,.. Opeslsg Day bat they Two first place* asd one relay victory is good

I have bees masmccessfal, .aowgm tAt .|. at the elite slate cna,.poasbp "' t. ."-
'RaC'R9" ;. Of the Chll" BOopesers tract meet ll Asstla....heatley (all Negro) of r

the Beds Sea Aetoale soulgrab IettU.. M est..Jwst

have worn M a4 lest 44' .s they sill Ue all Neero meet la Prairie View

The Reds losttOMomstoi. tMs .,,.... tap doubt about these marks, look \to ,1j bi ., +
'.I. U the 1104 OPeaerAsrll U Ue eeriest istloasl track sad field pw.llcaties. h

es 11 before 31. -f. IUse

110 fee*. \

Tie OPeaer Rae lees a Witch This Clown
.. tradltleaal crest la Clay 41j\ .

Clselssstl slice the 12 ll 21 1
first ,. +
led stocklags eatere4theBatiemaI
League Warns 121 12 22

.. aa a charter ....., Is1I7 I 3M
(diciaastt w.. lOt

ti the latloaal LMee Pastrano I 5 :

from M1 through WOa '). (

the basis of Ciselaaatl's 2 r +
loeg atmadlsgpetit I" TOUfleavyeelghtcmasflo

I em, tbe ustleialLea csssles OsyUe '. n ii _
gods beet ,sbllel -
.we permits the aXsU
start their .*... at .t".*eUer you like 33 I! 17mwtloes r

kome each year, This It or ..t. leveled hit / He's U

lakes the Beds states sights U psrtlrmlsr o* leaetlaes He* Does

42etlietlvely aml
serves u a fttttag re- slgms Is his roeattllle .> sorts It all sreesdCHI

card to the asetaliedlayslty Fastram Is par .4 ATTRACTIONS( ieaerM ,
1 of Red f... tlcmlar.fkrlag.
schedule calls aa,ll..S4l d..... 21 12 2) M ,
If the rsele heekipeawpllag ................ f Q e ,
for Ue Soda to otea oatke circuit
road, the Leslie lee Ten, Oil* Mans Days r f l 4y' + +

permits Claciaaatl U gas. Lee ..,.1... Rlamf An Ninbiredlisa's

.,.* a D.,. srere4. hue'
Ue rest if Uot tee.we.Tbe fltA'a flrglm fslaaisheeelMd.
.. ." .eal Ik ss4 |''0 r.
largest used ever tlllle Peestrrsg
teal CM Be fairs fkeiKM ? t"America's
Tk Ukrf Mil's Hiir Stilts U ettea4 sled Op.m.r at stated .
tee Tour Cecil Dye
Crwsley Reid ... as. '" 11 Apt met sacs
ao Ue .... e4.e4 Pitts If 1M ...* was ,1.,.." why csleri Lien

Are Taught At The bergs ... ll 1934. .....4sg be ma4st ejecm1st IM4 11.09 far yrNBteewM
..... fer
all the Beds "eierakatw ere*t U r14 mo i lag

been plarH IS dmclmaatl a..d.u.-.... ,.... mTSltflit

Jacksonvilleirktr yell or ..'..U..I..r
Nth Ue ese* U Ue kits ..a..

tics if the HIT sees, Floyd Pa',.,.*. aa4 sail to ZDOtAC P..st Origins] Sparkling Malt Liquor"I
Us '14 ratter p B>rMi tki .
leas, r falls ever a Office S.i 1171. Jackass.ellle )

INC. petted if days ...... mealy Clay." Pa* L Flerlla.fltUf .M W ......... As ....../- .....,l .1.. III I lie.... wte *"" .e M......
College eat the ....' ..,ar. .t.... Mtls.e>.. me--Mj.eI-.-..a.a wen N C-W"I '.......I I e-M Swag .e.".g

ecesi5g. serie. .....1'. a II&SOWe -1............. ... ...... S.....,M wee,1 e whM .- 'e age ..... we I_a.M., r raw
Mice from bless B*.dkcractlH i.

630 DAVIS STREET Ml .f the sgame. ......... .. ........ .-"". "SU1IA011,11111 Cl, 521 E, Itl Shirt El 4UJ1
leaf ftwmlmB h fm MnBOKOS w
It ee fclgkly fatllsr I

IKtsHlalll. F/Jdds/ I 1.1. SAIII'S M< as sass). Ban. or BJITM...: ...,.,..
INs U....


I < r .. l


.. Fke Police ItOUNMB
L The rID ID from Page 1) r CHIPS OFF THE HOCK

s WHILE STtWCD.ING fine $500 or 90 dye In
butifIhad ittodo lot where, until S.
lestyea IT 'ilftrael
Perfect Link oro GUN WITH wire Jail.
over again I would because the Robinson hose
Azelea Ooleaan.38. Homicide Sets I..C.
I aarrled her for
Ditwiu Yon Aid co.fort," Walker said. .tood.1t too'.u totallydestroyed In our nocturnal eanderlngs we have discovered, of 1245 Grant St.. told Barker F. A. Grnber and
by fire,
He sad his wife have a set that any nuaber of goodly folk have been inquiring police she was the coa- patrolman M.H.ArIIOld In
Yur Pfcysiciia: s by terrorists afterseTeral
total combine income of about Plspernel. and Indeed, have expressed a Boa-law wife of Hilton, veetl gated.Akichua.
attespts. The yeaning for his returning..And to be th.t'
$122 per booth to live Robinson .. Rogers 29. same address
also .ntth.lr is in keeping with the character Schools
of the Pimpernel.TDeyieet and had Jut returned
oa. They each get 131
to Fuller '
Mervon's Pharmacy from state welfare, and wood school. Relativesof They' seek his hi.here there .,I, hose after buying gro- (Continued: from Page 1)

be gets $40 and his wife the walkers, they cerlea. partment of Health. Education -
They seek him everywhere She stated that Rogers and Welfare
$20 troll Social Security."I aa
moved north after losing
Yoir Pnscriptioi Pbirnicy
darned elusive '
That Plaperael.
worked Just u long their hose attempted to beat her evidence of the county'a
2102 W. Ediewood Are a.I could until I was WITNESS: !NOW' having knocked off that bit of poetic doggerel and ahe picked up a compliance with the 1964
93." talker said. "Is let's get down to the realities of life with caliber .22 pistol ties Civil Rights Act.
didn't uk the state for The STAR Questioned the observation that the probe Into shenanigans the dreiaer. The pair Attorney Earl M. John

M-54485 Alsi PO.5.1512t help until last year." neighbors of the Walkers between Jan cops and I..bl.re. bootleggers etc Is started tattling over son of Jacksonville, representing

As verification of his In the hope of finding far fron over investigators are still questioning the weapon and the weapon the Negro' and

,\ \ 11Ptlirt1 age, he showed the STAR someone who witnesses officers who took the fifth..aad that naiads se vent off the ballet white plaintiffs, obJected -
"Trtt Stcrltt\ 8' H'ftl a letter from the U.S. the firing of their hone. to check out Ashley Street lip service to the affect striking Rogers In the to the pI aD' a

tic 994 Census Bureau, attestingthat Over on the next Street that Manuel Rivera has been called In for lower part of the abdo- adoption, stating... "we
f" .. succeeded in finding questioning on slot of things they think he should .en.
In the year 1900 he feel that this school
a white won an who saw a know about.HODCER .
The victla was taken to
was registered by the board plan Is pregnant
pinkish-white. 1950s MCCHB is being considered for lose sort Diva .Medical Center for for
Census u being 33 years with opportunities
old at that U... model car parked nearby, of honor award for his bravery In exposing cor- treatment. He said he economic reprisals and

Walker is a 33rd degree A young, san In his late ruption In jax. Bone people are for It, acme say didn't want to preescharces. other pressures. It could

Mason and mighty proud teens or early twenties, they don't like the idea of honoring a" .," what prolong rather then accelerate -
BLUE DOT of it. was seated at the wheel, about a brave rat. dol...' t he deserve to be honored Mrs.Ooleaan: was charted desegrega

cater running. She saw ? Drop the Pispernelanote and let nil know with disorderly ccfoduct, t ion."
MISTAKEN ICENTITT? another youth hastily how you feel about It and anything else JOII' ..' discharging fire arts In *

Looking farther for a cliaber in, and a third got on your Bind. the city, and carryiai a FOR SAU-

SUPPER CLUB possible motive for the coca running up with a RALPH MALITSBT, 'Sect, of State To. Adns' aid is concealed weapon (a '99 Ford Station ",oa.

attempted destruction of beer can In his hand. hankering to play the role, of Ralph Bundle in the razor). First one with f200.geta

the walker home,The STAR As they drove rapidly current feud between the NAACP' and Mayor, Rltter Tried In city Court It. Hurry 11 Fla. star,

hid to look no farther away, the lights in her over the selection" of Jackson proton end Jtnes Tuesday before judge 2121 Moacrlef Rd.

6543 Kings Rd. I than next door. own bone began to for the ad boo committee of'the an.ipoverty pro- John Santera she was

I That house, like the' flicker and then she ma..the political pipelinihas It that the hardcore ROOM FOR RENT

walker house, la covered saw the roaring blaze at NAACPers' will relent If Hampton and .r.... He. Cn,,'*. rt .....*.

OPEN NIGHTLY : with sink alualnum eldlag. the Walker hone. The would step down...and tone nay they might even HELP WANTED _
it la occupied by flues evidently attacked cool for Hwipton getting off.Tftose in the know ROOM FOR RENT

Mr. and Mrs Charles a power line, say Hsnptoa won't budge aDd men like Rev J.s. 'onuIHVlIMAI'I0004 Nice loettloa.Run of koo ..

6 P.M. 4 A.M. Benson, both of who are causing all lights in Johnson, Henry Roberts and others are equally aa .11' t lef. ro I-UU: :,

I detf and-duab. the neighborhood to stubborn. All of *icn leaves Mayor, Rltter on the nit is a good deal Age

Fine Food and The Benson have three flicker. hot spot and the so-called "..cl11l11 bosses" in ai-50. Sara 140 and Ip. NEW TOIL MAIDS
BeveragesLive '
palldren now attendingthe So ends, for now thelifeand disfavor among; ft lot of cltliens for falling to
alsoet death HOUSEKEEPERS re lit wk.-jobe'' waitlaiTiekete
formerly allwhiteFullerwood tell their boys to bow out.
Elementary story of Ira and Sally SPECULATION is wide that Rutledge Pearson will To ate II. Lln.... Care sest*.*. diesel
Entertainment talker for alee 110... Oes roo* 2iO Post Awe vtttbir-.
School only last year, call off his narcbere If Rltter invites the NAACP
the Bensons car was destroyed They are thankful for boss to an Important position in the anti-poverty botrd. Must hawegood Pet II.I.

by firebomb, the aluBinna siding proI'..,.there* a talk that petition of grievances us.tIO .,.

Ph. 765-9114 while parked outside a without which they feel tgfcinst Pearson will be presented to NAACP executive -
true house would MAIDS LED'SSHOE
ullerwood PTA Betting secy. Roy Wllklns who he visits Florida la
For Reservations they were attending.Two have been entirely eon* a few weeks. A lot of folk want to know if pro- ,Needs cap atldt >ltk car REPAIR

I houses farther down tuned. testing the appointments of Negroes to ooamitteescoaee tad .trtkoese ..s, age

,Gait Street le the vacant They axe thankful, too, under the NAACM program of fighting for M to M jeers old Ki* Skit Rifakiff
.... .
h bit
f t e
orwho e .v. civil rill1t..AD..Jot more folk are still askingIf p rlaetd. nil orders aid
woke then up. all the laJaxvllle. bin 'nlcll.EIPlnlEIT. 01 Aiy Kill
the NAACP can speak for Negroes _
COME SEE, COME SAVE Beyond that, they are NAACPers will tell you that if the ep- LAU SHORE Is Oor
not too hopeful that
I poiDtaent of certain Negroes to positives will
AT YOUR Justice will be meted hinder the progress of Negroes they are followingthe AfENCY1S13 Oily Risniss
out to the culprits who
avowed program of fighting for civil rights DIANDINK
tried to bum then out.
...And so it noes.If .
A y evidently mistaking rou'" beanwho is the It\aII.J1I'CAACP' Plait 31)4571
their house for Ben
City Hall picket the TV cameras focused heavy ODe .
house next door.
son she is .Madre Demetrius, the torrid shake dancer IMPERIAL SUlliES
IB the previous burningof who' been featured at the Kdgewood Lounge..Delia
the Robinson hone the Id. waters'Pr's P TNT MEDICINES WtWTICS:
' and warren Longshes( eecy. to
'T ff' STORE last year, the Bti Augustine ) art expecting a litter any day now..meet ALL LFAOINO HAIR PREPARATIONS

fire .marshal Jackson busy winding up office work for the move Cor. Broad and Ashley w El 4-215
prodded by outside newspaper *
to Tallahassee where he'll function lathe 14.000-
criticize, finally poet as a rural program director for the
3000 W. 45th Street sent for the state fire ayeer
t arshal in Tallahasseeto antipoverty program..Look for some more Bro Applied ChrisUir Spiritual Temples, be.
1 there to appointments from Mayor Haydon:
probe the ruiof-but -Presents-
IN FLORADAIE la the near future
of n.I .
i nothing Schedules ever case Drama KM TMDHUCK. the liquor store mogul will an down Tfce Man Of Deliverance From Coast To Coast
I la history as theses who has dose more for the
OPEN SUNDAYS 'Christ The tint" atbr.e convenient consumption of alcohol Uaa any other

prices la *act drama, will be .an. His newest innovation is the Mat-circular RT.. POPE W. SIMES

9 A.M. to 7 P.M. this ad aregood sponsored April 19 at 7 carport st Kings Rd. for the convenience of mo

thro* p.... In New Mt. Olive billed driaker.._eakiag of bars brings toalad 01 N.Y.C.

agh fluaday Baptist Church. that the lUll aad gals are wondering whether Hugh ff.itiftr, Tier Pdklii Mar It.Tlniil
r.+ APrUU The drama will portray Wllaoa is plaaalag to give sp bar ....,s.. to devote .

,..' only at your the life, death and all talents to aewapaperiai, slice he assumed
Hi Peter It
led Aid
Warehouee A resurrection of the Lord 'editorship of a local paper. Tear rit"n
a P ltore.t will consist of 31charaetera.
LtXJT RICHARDSON a representative from Ue D.N.
Cn( It Slim1IILIIN6
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