Florida star

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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200656datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date March 27, 1965dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006560740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
March 27, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
March 27, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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----. -- ... ...---- .... -"' -"' ''''''' ''' ,

Library 1: 1 J t

> or Florida

. : i es Florida S Res au ar tud er e :1 g ls A

.... .. .. ..


. -._ _._ ""rf

'; State Treasurer Appoints Negro | s

As Auto Insurance Referee For Miami r

* * *

,Demonstrators!!, Protest Cites Employment Policies


Ft Meyers Desegregates All But Pools

* *


AFTER STAR EXPOSE : I a:: : I /rl1.ill'

** *!
St. AHnstineStudent .
MiaMian Files f
M ; I

Suit Against Probed By FBI

Restaurant LT:
$TAOcItliil-lie: nor

MIAMI-Ia btt ii boll Ida star oiclnalvo "'1' -----

tvod to M tile first front pate story of last BRA'MC DEXOH' $TRnoiV.H! ibtr of the Jai Branch help curry tilt tat burden alone lth ether tillBtnry. .

action of Itt kind U UtHi .M*. revealing the attack of Uo NAACP Itdnoa4ajr rtauMtd orderly damoatratioaa Mmbtraof tilt orMSuUon later attached

Ml art ender the Bjr ERIC o. SItt'SON .... by racialkoatflaoo Aon they oarchtd on City Ha3t lipu. carried Mayor (Illte..' appolntaant of thrto Negroes to the

1M4 Civil Ruts Act, i on a ooDtlBiant by Uo ..btra decried tilt lack of Job opportu-. Anti.romty OoMltttt that sight' Monbtra waned
No sooner hoi Mayor Louis H. Ritter *
heal .,ua flied Butt Of Vltltlll BtttdtBt altlot for Negroes IB the various city depart other dfnonatratlona) folloo unless their requests -
nounced the of he intended
la fodtral court aaalnatattaleahrtataurant nanlm to the Advisory persons corwlttee for the from>> Bates College, of anta. dtarlto the fact that .""b.,. of their fact art set ("toys) Art wtudlo Photo)

Lttlaton Malnt" has .
iMt ---- -
'- -
; -'''- '-
Mtl-Poverty rro.ruJ.chonS citizensof .
Friday. .... stung tilt fll Into 00- MiamloR Gets NAACP
both races, from all talks of life State,
Plaintiff Ut action
threw up their hands and shouted 'fou\' I r--
It Uo Ancient. Top State Post /
Mn. Joyce clueing that several of the sppolnteesero --- Meeting Sets
who cfcaritdabt d.- politically dictated ty\ the all-power City office of the m TALL. .. r-.lrl ....".--. -'r", /

sled service at the ful achlne" that runs the city and bad ao kno U4ie of thees. 'fbelMtOIl, J$. of Miaul. i New Policies

lite Ktitanrant.. S7J r.. ... or considered It l ..... .. .
county. - ..c.., tilt first "Petroto .I .j" 4"0. "" ?ULAHAIItlx:.-''ttll 1v.

:$tfe st. "101'I, by roa- Tbo Kblte 41i..nt.ro plo and Ktv.johaaoa said aot orU iBvoatlfatlai. ....... aa adalalatra<< Color Sllnt. from out at the college I lures. and his. Cabinet
Ion of her race Ml role IB not hone that |Bkttowi
they doa't roprtaaot "
h" CDf'C'hhl' aired tits po.SUnSU Uo ST. AVOOS7INVTbt la plcklni. no up. pledged that tiptoes
or." their llaattltftctloo the Negro nc thty only IB that Ut amp state It see annauftctlTboopaoa "A sale atudntf' the would' bo given an re Job.
) have BOO begun to proNlato 'utl"a City la all a .
Mra. sradahlt. UU'uuahIItr
yet. But it took o Negro t MI MIl.,. Dean tanttd. to linow. his II state lovtrnotnt due
the affair folio see bocauao hat tact a
croup eoopoood of olilttro a irad iatootroilvallay face ililtfnlni."Tta & rims a atotlai. tttttttntho

Siooa. oouaatl of u4 r.pr- ittttvo vial pabltcatloo of UoSUr State Oil 1- youai high school girl ," site Mid."Oh fflclala aad a*

, Uo Manna Civil Ub- aposl.Yletta. lti Jrt. Valloy. oa. oaa picked up after MCf delegation ohlch
of the National, Aaaocla- I .oddA' dooatoV
h .,-u.. Co i oo,Batata to tie for Uo A4a' \ COMt or Ut..U8d1. asc.s'TJbr' lIA14,. ,L.# ,' lass.s I by t |osn. -ja/L--..,....,...t\ ., ,lit Mw .. .... carrtftout iaaooat,. ..
lave Ue eodrCleaut a fortuoattly site sb). tolet "allan'oihi'oSUtjo '.rt.
of coloro4 people tootMo School, taa .Ppo.t.4 l 1' ""'" l.rt .t can >ako"If coaitnlal atooaphtra 1
Md tat the II.... BuobvroOB and drlvan to her 11/11II"
ttoporary a
s font) protest.TbeNAALTssrdl.d by State Treasurer and ....ot..,A"III..IIII t." here 1MM fey.
ptrMtOt iBJUBCtlOB BI the sirs drives by" This pay sound Ilktroatlat
Is taste Cooolaaltotrn already Tuesday sighttheNAtrP" .
ootaloUoCl > tl rst a arrwiit4. '
ila at Ut c.fV. ewtra i1 their attacttra. At Uo atuff ...,. It
tr Nag 1 11ut f*<>IM- > ard tllllina to ort ," aha uS d- delegation eel !h Bethel
Mr. and Bra Mile wait- r.0+..t of the LII. these pot for the fact that
day afttroooa bit Uo out of Uo Mlaat office Vat surely you dm' t AMR Church h,. t.o fontulaft -
ray" have BOO boss toned avet the high school la
M.If teal flrtwrba rise due !', aa a referee la auto. ant to fee drlvtn hoot piano Pit a state,,
.nnt. the lajanotloe to Ut .I. far I. "iltt," and the col)
rt>' t ...U.. vlU the __tls. by a colored 110" .bo _legs, proiraat for .lavnlvo-.
veatl5 .
ooal prohibit the nuw If elt'r01sort I.. 'Utiro.
Mvor that alcbt.forrlic prottattd.Vy sent IB stale affalra
tltMa fro. "4fCrt) 91.. olU oa at altctlo Just boo far Ut prom tlsiA*. tilt dies at the
to Uo four I rather teaches atUt and tn net ap oachlntrr
or UIIII'Ua' to arrive U....." sill 1ft rtoalBB to ho high aehool tot thud of .
Negroes anted to Uo ... ells., the dry for a "atdi ..,." en*
any versos of their la Miry d.t.... of sees. the fact that the young
dal MMtttOO.M*. J.*, sill, her fact r *U nlai' Ittto.
rlttu Md privtltita"tor their awx>laU.. .,Jad- ,rt ..,. lovtatlrattoB |lily Bttd4 a ride hoot
with sager, "...111.. pars IB adilrtaalai state
.. the civil riiftta poi .Haapton. dial) -- baa Indicated that Utaiaallaatt that day, and tiprtaatdhit
t If ho trusts thla young NAVT "..Id""t |purls, ltd Robtrta to prove sirs bl,badtool coietrn.
set"rb.. a an" enough to tea hNbla sad. ftbtra. of
plslstiffs. thewit that aayoao else taabttttr I atad nta.bat; Uo 'Don't! "'",. Ibo car Md tell hto to the delegation. env.

cMtoila. "are c.', siified to serve fact that they .vi lo..tly girl said, "s student .
it's Surna salt
pica oo ap, p rfwtly
Utlod to Ml and evil 0* UO CDOBtttOO. .bad the btotflt of
all rlshb"po "I) rteoialit that
tajoystat" of MblleaeoMaMdatloaa It kaa .bowl ladlcattd t....., ratio eoooaal Florida Star
the plcbap took there. la sent 'IB what"
'..!lm5t that SMptoa *.. aaatd eatloa la ,.,..h, Utlrtlctlaa
place aa planatdand the, you ash for" In aftMtrto
dlacrlolaatloa or ..,- to Ut coaNlttte oa the Ii B .,,... Indl News Boy'sRobber
young lady sea tWpQatl*! ftarana'a statssst
rotation an the iroodt basis Uat be oopleytore cat I oo that they say
aafaly la her hoot, piths that tho state t aovtra
of n('.. color, rtlldoo.or tsaai 10 ,..... aa4 bo !Hake! to 'Va-iffe Nabbed .
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aatlooal ortilo." I. a "life oaobtr" of hU.,." or tbo KIK oobllo liability laaorwco ,
')' Sot not without btlaiobatrvtd. u atlll/ MalBlalBoatfrtaalto .
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rottos II| tsptcttd to ; .... ft 11 It R. Ttta lit ontnta, at sell! aa Mia aalary till I ,. 1400MUly pallet have brokta ap
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been robbiai rlorlda sere eorairlaitiro progress btlai .
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jot J.tsJottomi ,.. tawod STAB ....",. with the pro'UIO'* free ltd Uo stale baa till
uo a.te BooUt v. .... af .hh. a .tat
Fert Myers street Md sateacisg ofM the college Md ullsg.. | Negro )llemat tiMlatrala
sold. "tb.i of harssybut. litter District Judge ryMlaoo Palo Btaoh .Biro to the

r.vr.a.t Uo N's,. ,.,... It bas ,.SUI., la jaaooortllo.forM Board of ititota. the Il-arol4 yoatb.tldiard "Do fee have a real Uo florlda HliHtayfatrol
lllht. ..,heUoa" bny aa a ft rat It.,.
IntegratesFacilities ,.,....S tI.H 7b. 'f'O'WI' oot "fcorrtr la arpolatadooM 41ai U. to |aItrforo > first of bla flU to tti.Mt U'ftocoII.
.. of (IUt Johawa St gulag to ached oatUtrtr The OovtrMr baa appolatod -
lie ta'" tA.y ,artlcalarly u" toot people IB My say ei U achieve a lop ataltpott.
eialaat ..... .aa glees o B0'4a jail Negro to the
oopoa" to Ir- the ortlacof D. ChI Bunt elated *. .
"osite a fee. Uo .1.e.s.be, Board of St
ataltato la talelpalCbort
AM by the ftOllDA
CQogltto b ItA' Ildt.Ies& rug hit ra patiB tact
BIAS rtvorttr otiiModocator after ayoMi at t. pnfttaora rplla4' ) ait ..ota, Md Mate TTt*.-
Start tbtMtoa atataitottro ho ->old a p'.lBt qNall
KMT BICW-TaMoi oc> sue sot used to ...r.ld.1' tied Scenes to otatt boy ttatlfltd that Ur "' ttfltd.ihat. err sad |BaorM,t OHI-

tie Ue day btlbre Uedto f uo o4viMry eofaiitttoU dlalBi, la o plied poets tktrtvtr poatl Uo professors,. (CMtlovod o* ,... IS)

M of Uo fact that troop. at o Itotockyrrlod bit.SKrtttry. \

rear to o t........ MltUO odacatUa ooold be ul.portut Chilies plate, of State 7t o folk 41 ca.' hauls that SchelorsklpsGiven

Indict. td total Nue It ... \ Uo lad. .IB presto has-
their chasten *trteltorly AIMS tat tbt flratCablMt I Five
,... ,. a.ttobt o aallvt'lMrafieri .
,.U. ., lottlrocrootleeal ) eatl-eevtrty pnirrs.Sitter vIolatlBi Ut offltlal U ..-

'.d"U.. rapiiod Uat IJto cuss Slikto lat MIJo4fco petal Negro ...lIt.., dlan, oat of ..... Fla. Negroes

.ac.., OtlMlBI pods k .1..... .. bria'iootla Slo..oo ltjaftlftB. ...,., t eo years .,0. oral aoo'Ntirota betoralltd

Ml UO Tea Club g5t.tly at the fOIsTON ill.flerldo .--',.,
tMapprottl oa uo pi MO la i w Prier U his presotsppolstaest. .
....... sllege. this yt.r.A .
tyu oltttt.Tbtro. .S.. all tot use of Tioopoootaint .Negro alidMlattrt

City OM dl.Deoeetegsti.s. are laditatlooa the ..t.. oto4tatala* la twrilo. sad .I the y.Mi ,.-.,. pass .... the 2. ...

of Uo t Uat la ...S.... to Ue volvod ore oblto (std Blest I kat all .1.., Mat It .|lucre fn>. 1} ttaltoMtlo
smelt tta a
Tea dab M| uo ..!.. .UC1' |rw. oad Ue alalatora. that nee via CM paat 84t cart, oaf.,.1.., /t'I ... Ua| partlMlar. alodaat < 'IIt' yor, arhulotklpt /*

stag pot It tll. bo son there. are ooay Aoft u tltt Md .... fTOOpiMlatot ... ftrvtd .. a state P- *. ..M4 bo III-. la the first ...

Bide |0 iNs, UO MeoMe .l Uat Mot of the la. Mr ap la Mill at heal adttM.l o4kolaraip >
Bee .
4TTT. JA Z53i board Of .1 tit .'C'"* Mt oaa Ibo pt'aoo car

1st atottd.TW sees 0. octave, o 1M'a1 Stcroto Md tooo of the It oaf bo that tor.So. too fclo S.c, free bio eel tlU UoMnlaaatla ..,.*.

CM ell a idle* 1* .a..n.T; frank davetM.CM At I M prod 10 OO err U. 0-t..i till Utplaotrt / la tarried tea HtMto6oo after ,.,.a., bio. to e* talllai tb oolklai Tbo. for4o atltttMo

..1 h'H lo to the ,.- atatUa ...nter M. olttto sees bMl plcbodby use their ....) | 'Nd.r. They art lei a NtaolBi park sad IeltlaIsis attt errfrltellla
pelt of o ftdral lo their ... ,..... e, ftttrooa
oo rt J.. J. J.*., loonloo ttepolltltal -.4. alacrity brUdM Utttlprlta the partafa of f*, rcblllraa. rt.treTit .

wit filed IT" It*. I... chit Ml llttaJlr. W* of Uo tow.Oat .. Justice atttboy ooata td of teem slib.. 1111has. h-

tore u.*,*. jr. 1... act... Jaaoa.Mary cities tall bit no feet list I.It alt, ,..'l.. 1 S Aa4 RandolphCollapses ...; slletha &.. N.I ..

J.U .t.._.... JO** .. l "rta I..... ttrly. this la pie tt..(Mta. ao r.frttlla Racist Probed dta ..d D I illtatkrotib $ ...S. HalllMO, Nwper-

SlyleCh. 1IIIO lOTtlool act ...ratar rioresrt- bo o aHa of oa Mtlpovtrty ,.. HorlM Star latt Ii Stizirt tbo old of spill lord Ml o> Sabel. Alon

f ratal.* .....U. leg tat IAMT told ail- pr irM..rw. byuoptofle .**. ottrlbatt4 Ut al- Of atttoaaat ... bad a' u. "..II... Csrterparr..r -

cBallMtfai present .,- tar Oat D.''''* H .*Jo tto/e Isle) tack oUt U Utl Iloa, large (GBB Cache hU.*.4 Latrtotoeto After March lldBeft. I.CJ;

oratoo of rorrotio ,. a.t ...., Ja.ka... toees kt.flai M io pottrty Cc, olae help ..,I.S' LOll 4 $ t.I4--ISP1r-I the polleo sated aa>Charles N. toed, OtI.a .

etUtto U violtttooof aopuo Ml limit Ml all ..&..." uo slides tf "iatt4 na i...." .. to UaAai tbt *v*..4 &iro i. ant '100.1'1 farb .. ". Je.N II".

gas IM4 Chit tju, taut I f they eats ..n..d Salt Hits 'U.,.., of tad IH J* .loo .i.gt.fpsl.t Ibt lent aatatt of Philip laadoipb. eofo lat atoltot till rtetlft .

**U to r.ala oo tbo ooo- the ease assist .. a- laSfttry .M oar lee ....., ,.. .*....t laid o4r sal prtaldMt of ..,.... 11V Md

fir.. d tI MttM .*<*..*. .,u.. there ",*fll4 boplctotlai dot bard oo Uo gals ..et.|.to. list _..* this M too o tot toy ato the BvUtrVMrfefftitlai *- II. 11M 5 year /*...'..| ,

4.r shed Uo coort toolttor orworf. Otr LeesTsere of prn/lest "....... .,.., a airprlao rail evt..t ,.ee.*,.,. Car ,.,..,., eellattod. .too bla at... 15 nrdin I

fUl uo o>f-i4Mto .all U protoat Utlrprataico e Lee CMotty Bt.,... f11d dtcloratloa of tar a' ..n.. op o rifle I4aIAN L..'.... tao tiled to ....'"11' ftOOMttlOO. /.o Peesdatlea .poaseged ,.f

oooolyloc lo o*.4fUCk oalt la I." BlttrlctCkort saner Uo heeded CrLt. M out of no aM rtotonrMi .tro IM Ofttf Mtleltaliai MJa/.Mt. M<< Ut :I

otu the ).. oo4UO ... la Ibo flaal ,...'e'., tao ...".
.ru calf oo Ur* toooday ".r,.., Call Strata .....r ., oatitfaao wager dialed bit ...r ;

dishes OMVUlOt.M .. top ...#? via arUla S fort .,.,. ...u., tight Mad ro sotloi bees oopleytdUMO ethics of Ibo tidies o.iltte by eorporate1"
.... .. .... ..
CQi8U. w 11 for D. lot's per OMtlao..4 oo PUn m Net ie1.0.w.ww..w ".... Bursaew .

.. ...,............ ... .
tree.-.---- ---- a.-.-...--w...-.--wwMw www., a---A wAYew twee A .. ww .... A was w.-----.-- it.--w.ww.-A I A wyw s M.....___ .. ._ ..__________A_A_

-- - '. .

I.I .'I 4( I 1, 1

NEWS 4CAQrr; er..rWre Twar.nW_ _nAMZAHVWo.4Twru 4 nwNl 'Florida StuffPoor

Published by the Florid star Publishing CO.

ERIC 0. SIMPSON ..........Muifii! Editor Bay's, Remedy
What nay well prove to be the "poor .
ALISON E. WISE Niws Editor bore s'
route to freedom was pointed out In Jax

HILDA WOOTEN.......... Circilitloi Muiir recently by a spokesman for the U.S. Civil
Rights Commission attending the first Anti-

MAIN OFFICE t PLANT Poverty conference held here under asupices
of the Urban League.
2323 Mucriil. Roll Phoio ELfii 4-6782 What the man said was that anybody but

Miiliit AddressP.O. 1 anybody could send a complaint to the Civil
Rights Commission In Washington D.c. and

loi 581" iicksoiiillo I Florida the Commission will Investigate and take
action.In facthe said the Commission will

MIAMI OFFICE even look Into anonymous unsigned complaints -
of racial discrimination.
738 HI 3rd An Phil 377-1025 Whit happens then is that the offending

party Is asked to get right. If they refuse -

TNI Pltrs/OOO THE to do so, the appropriate Federal agency -
U.TtUTATQ is asked to.cut off the funds of the
RATES i \". offending party, if necessary.
One Tetr se.oo Half r.ar. 94.00 THE HISTORICAL
This not sound
may so sensational hut
Mailed to You
Anywhere in the United States
Subscription SPEECH It really is. It means that we have cone along

Send Cheek or payable Money Order In advance to: I ,MARCH. 196J way along Freedom Road. Just a little
while back anybody with a civil rights

.PL(RIDA STAR P.O. BOX Del l1E TWC OF JUSTICE MS KeN COMf. beef had to scratch around and find son
{jacksonvlHer' i, Florida NOFOKCCANHOUHTBACKinnRtGiittNTHefYtaOFHAMAMDGOOTHATIT rights organization with plenty of dough
to push the case through the courts. Now
SHOULD COm.MDWCMITDOtl TM4TWSOUrneKHPttOBLDi all you need to call upon lour GovernmentIs
: a five-cent stamp--or maybe, a four cent
Editorials Worth Repealing I 11: THrRlISNO NEGRO PRO OHNOftTHtMPR08LCH UI( rNtRl/JAb postcard.

PRESIDFNT JOHNSON bespoke the Indignation LA THERE lSO/ILY AN AIfIt/lICAN Just to give you an example--the Jax

of millions of Americans when he denounced --_ PROBLEM?r __-- branch has recently filed suit in Federal

the Ku Klux Klan for the murder of a Michigan HISTORY IN THE MAKING court asking for a speed-up in U. S. District .
woman In Alabama. Judge Bryan Simpson' s 'grade a year*

Whether the revulsion and horror of the Integration order for the public school

people can find a cure for the Klan In a I1lte.. 'Ibla suit Is bound to cost a pretty

new law Is quite another matter. For first penny. But If you feel that your child is

the situation must be put In perspective.Those being hurt by the grade-a-year plan you
of us who deal with law enforcement can write directly to the U.S.Clvll Rights

agenlces know the Klan and Its allies for Commission and they Just might urge the
what they are -- noisyignorant bands of U.S. Office of Education to cut off the
bigots who think and live violently yet F JE pe j water of the Duval County Board of public
are few In number. Instruction.

They falsely take on the coloration of forth trying anyway. (If we don't try.

"conservatism which is an offense toa Ito : :f A'' who will?)

sound and vital philosophy. They are the Standing Roots Only?
muscle of extremism. And mentally they Last week it was announced in the fit.
are sick. Augustine record that the national resources

Will a law relieve civilized society of committee. of the local chapter of

these misfits? He doubt it. the League of Rouen Voters would present ,

A better remedy, It seems to us, Is the in the civic center a film on water con
harsh light of exposure which the House ARIESBorn CAL POLICIES ARE SOUND WHILE A THREAT OF SOME ACCEPT AN OPPORTUNITYTO servation which the public was invited.

Committee on Un-American activities has March 21st thru TO MAKE YOU AND YOUR SORT IS COMING NEARER GO VISITING OR SIGHT thereupon a political science professorat

played so revealingly on the extreme left. April 19thITtSLXCELLENT PARTNERS FEEL MORE SICUKE. AND NEARER. A LESSON MAY '111"'. AVOID MAKING Florida Memorial College here himselfa
The clandestine operator fears and hates I FOR MAt DO NOT HARSOR REVOLUTIONARY IE DUE YOU. AN INDISCRETION COMMITMENTS FOR SUNDAY member of the Governor's conservation

public scrutiny. If the Klan and Its allies INS MICNDS I OK TO GET IDEAS. AMY. OR FAULTY HAIIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTC. Council phoned Mrs. Neil Pope chairman

are made to feel the contempt of upright TOGETHER WITH TNt OLD THING YOU SAY MAY IE OF THE PAST COULD EXTRACT You COULD) ic EASILY AN. of the League of omen Voters Committee
Americans there may be less profit ONCS. WHEN YOU HAVE ,,APURPOSE TAKEN AMISS ESPECIALLY A PENALTY THAT I SRA.THER NOVED AND APT TO FLY OFF and inked if It would be all right if he

and satisfaction in studied anarchy.The YOU' CAN IE MOST WHEN YOU ARE UNDER THE SIVERC. THE HANDLE WHEN YOU FEEL brought his class to see the film.

wanton gunning down of Mrs. Viola CHARMING. IMPULSES MAY INFLUENCE OF RADICAL. 9.30-ea-14-52- SLIGHTED. TAKE PRECAUTIONS Flustered Mrs. Pope said she would call


the regular processes of law and order can AS PHASES OF THE FUTURE SCORPIOBorn VALUABLES. I IT WAY GO A. In 45 minutes she did so. saying:
resolve. It is unfortunate that Mr. John- TO WHERE THEY ARE GOING I TRENDS THAT CAUSE YOU TO Oct. 24th thru GAINST THE GRAIN TO HAVE 't have 60 members, and there are only

son In his anger convicted !men who had not;, TO LAND YOU, YOU SHOULDNOT FILL UNEASY. THE. POSSIBILITY Nov. 22nd TO PUT UP CASH THAT YOU SO seatsbut you can get the film yourselffor
been tried. Ie suspect however that'Ala .IVI IN TO THEM ESPECIALLY OP GOING TO Pirtr. HOtmwOM AND SHOPPING WOULD RATHIR SAVE. THERE a showing at the college by writing to
bama will take It from there. WHEN YOU ARE MIITIC'UUIU. }h ARE INDICATED.THIS WOULD ARE CERTAIN CONTINGENCIESTHAT so and so. ." .And then she hung up.
Slowly but surely moderate opinion is TRYING' TO GUARD PERSONAL STRONG.! SOMETHING IN THE LEAVE YOU WITH A SENSE' HAVE TO IE MET. Do Not to be thus put off the professor

drowning out the yahoo chorus. Alabamians OR BUSINESS SECRETS, NEWS COULD STARTLE YOU OP ACCOWL II"MI"T. THIS WHATEVER IS EXPECTED OF called her back.

are responding to appeals for reason from PROCEED CAUTIOUSLY. LESSONS OUT OP YOUR COMPLACENCY.. DAY MAY SEEM LONG '''0Utlln"TruL.oMIOfII YOU BUT AVOID TAKING" 0 N "She's asleep" her son said.

such newspapers as The Birmingham News and LEARNED COULD SE 5-90-22-15-M-592 COULD NEW OBLIGATIONS THAT ARC 'She can't t*." said the professor. "I
such groups as the concerned White Citi- QUITE II nu. CONTINUE LEO CALL TONIGHT OR ANOTHER NOT ARSOLUTaV NECESSARY was Just talking to her."
zens. TO REMAIN UN '"OAQCAIIILI Born July 23rd thru FORM OF EXCITEMENT IS S-10.77 I4-49-517' "fell she isn't feeling well so she's
But the arrogance of the twisted minds who TO THE INDIVIDUALS VOU Aug. 22nd APT TO STARTLE YOU. D| SSINI lying down."

nply to the president of the united (States HAVE REASON NOT TO TRUST. THE AB'L.ITY' TO UNDUe I ON MAY SEPARATE PI8CJ.BBorn "That I can believe" said the professor. .

with blasphemy will seem less offensive if 3--t9.8-51.35 STAND THE OTHER PERSON'S LOVERS OR FRIENDS AND Feb. lath thru .
there is not moderation on the part of POINT OF VIEW WILL MARC LEAVE LET'DOwN FEELING March 20th Some time. later he received a call from

demonstrators who, after all, have made TAURUSBorn 20th thru IT EASIER TO RECOGNIIE LATER THIS (VININ.DON'TLOSE THERE ARC SOOTHING IN.FLUENCES Miss Alice bigdahl.who also works with the
Negroes who have been denied their con May II JUST. SOMETHING VET. YOUR FEELINGS TAKEALL FOR A FAIRLY RILAXING 1lo* many students are there in your
stitutional rights in Alabama and else- TRUE GRANDEUR IS ACQUIRED 1TASTLINOMAYAFFECT YOUR SORTS OF DIRECTIONS, AND AMIIASLC DAY. LOOK class?" She wanted to know.

where are going to get them for this is NOT IV LETTINGIT FINANCES OR POSSESSIONS. KEEPING YOU IN A NERVOUS IN "I DO(" CORNERS FORUM. "About dozen:; the professor replied.
the clear mandate of the American people. SHOW UP IN SOCIAL OR DECISIONS MADE iv YOUR STATE IT is NECESSARY USUAL ....AI"I. YOUR 1 don't see why wt can t accoaodate that

with these rights there must also come a OFFICIAL CIRCLES. THERE MATE OR OTHER ASSOCIATES FOR YOU TO ACCEPT LIFE MATS OR OTHER CLOSE ADVISER any." she said "though there say be-
," sense of responsibility. For just an clearly I ISM INCLINATION TO SEEK ARE APT TO II SUOOEN.l ON ITS OWN fI..... COULD TAKE A RADICAL standing room only."

the country does not mean to surrender MORE SOLITUDE. DO NOT LESS YOU ALRIAOV NAYS STAND ON ANY MATTERS As it came to pass, there 'were fewer

, the civil peace to terrorism on the one PERMIT YOUR EMOTIONS TO TAKEN PROTECTIVE Ml*. THAT COME UP FOR DISCUSSION. whites in the audience that Negro stn -
, hand or mob pressure on the other. HUN AWAY WITH YOU NO SURES WILIINUY. CIRCUMSTANCES IT IS MTTIR TO dents. A good tlie was had by all.
(The Miami Herald) MATTER HOW DimCULT" OR INDIVIDUALS Born Nov. 23rd thru IE SILENT. IT COULD 1C Collins on Cabinet?

,FA THIS MAY TURN OUT TO at, MAY COMPEL YOU TO Dec. 21st SLOWLY DAWNING DM YOU Rumor has It that president Johnson may
e-4077.t7847 WITHOUT CHALLENGING colllns has been doing yeoman service -
:.. This is the month of Raster. And through SOME WHO MAY >C JEALOUS OF YOUR LIFE. SEEK A. THEM. THIS MAT LEAD TO on a lot of thorny national projects
out Christlandomthe ENOUGH TO THROW COLD VIRGOBorn MUSEMINT OR LOVING COMPANIONSHIP the thorniest being his
ressurectlon of jesus A SHOWDOWN TOIl EFFECTSOF present post as
Christ as the central fact of the Christian WATI Off YOUR HIGH' HO'IS.BILIIVI'lfYOUUCL' Aug. 23rd thruSept. MAY I TOIIIIOM'.1W II I DISSENSION ARE SEVERE head of the U.6 .1tI..fI.t1m. Service -

religion will be celebrated. on that first ALTHOUGH 22nd 1C A TCNOINCV TO ON YOUR NERVES. whose Job it is to help iron out race
morning a great rock stood rolled back THERE SOME SORT ATTEND TO THE MATTER THINK THAT VOUR TAUNTS 9.io.33.I5.54443 relation wherever thtr begin to act n..u.
from the doorway of an empty toomb. The PLACE YOU ON Atou..O(1 easy to
Lord had risen and the Christian faith was DO YOU WASHINGTON en this subject. but Col
: born. NOT ALLOW IT TO GET YOU SHOPPING, LAY'" '10- FOR A DISAPPOINTMENT Tins has not shirked his duty, and mostrecently

In this fast paced world the swift passage DOW ALTOGETHER. VISIONS WHEN SALES ARC IS ....I".A RATHER DIFFICULT NOTESA distinguished himself by taking

of event/ often leaves us breathlessand 7.2061.U.n.neGPNINI IN PROGAESS.THC DAYLIGHT SITUATION AF.FECTING part la the Selss-to-Moatgomery voting

occasionally wondering how best to be : HOURS MAY 'l PEACEFUL VOUR HOME LIFE rights amrcB.AMriea needs such ana la the

:' ready both personally and as a nation to Born May 2 i"t thru ENOUGH BUT SOMETHING AND PROFESSIONAL INTERESTS JUVKHt........ROTC......" .., Me. Cabinet.
I t" meet the shifting circumstances which are COULD CAUSE YOU TO FLY IS HEARING A paMMwratoliM .. Rlem edMH4KOTC
" sure to arise with the new day aunt At OFF THE HANDLE TONIGHT CLIMAX BC PREPARED FOR imn* to wt.*t4. THIS WHX t M H&ftO HISTORY
'80.'" __ .....
I GREAT A REAL "' S1. SHOW w wla
, such a tine each of us needs a firm base OPTIMISM' is EN.CENOCRED AVOID ALL EXCESSES. THE GRIT.
IMBUM TG IPKMIB** B.| A rtl 2. 15311-Dr. Ctorle B. Ore. trvfMMref
;. founded on faith In divine purpose and a SV THE WAY MANY URGE TO PLAY THE ROLE bell a.M le cr*... M .Imo
Ofttvenltr. M. bleed URM ..
sense of direction and in OF THE AtGRISVIO PARTY
i continuity our A FRIENM.V EVENING IS'INTHE *..., Sot UM ale.......... Airtl 2--K.K.jUe.. Mtl.eUvery .Uor. b,.
lives. CARDS rOR COULD DRIVE AWAY THE Born Dee. 22nd tarn JASwSa wdew4 Lae D...... Ar1J 3. lf7-J..I .fRlker k* Me ,t*. ant n..rto .
This la a time to strengthen our faith and THOSE WHO PERSON ON SNOW YOU DEPEND P' >rw ni to B4 a war toMl
LIRE PIOPLl. TARE PAR.TICULAR Jan. 10thGO GM JM4. KOTC |...... vote la tie State .r "tbr *u. .**UM ale 1.1.
of THE MOST you tout .
sense direction.
Easter signifies renewal Jet"at
1MpWrw to M, amid ( G dtr darter electlM U PhttlMl"
: and reblrth--Rpproprlately the word PAINS TO PREVENT 1 s IN ERROR. INSTEAD OF .l .... Ml .*fM4..** *rtl s.e.L IMrwMOMrt molds
was derived from the name of an ancient IGW.Aerl .
i goddess of spring. Aside from its !
,I religious significance the ritual that NOON OR IVINING.. GUARDAIAINST ACCT THE ILAMCWHCN ENVIRONMENT. HAN* rruitaiiii nut: OCLAYCSTW : 4.1TN-1Mesr atevwe. rwoBMtnctiMiet.weiw. .
t la part of the Raster observance in FIRE OR OTHER YOU KNOW IT IS YOURSALONE. H.E YOUR FUftOS WITH MOil GMMM ILLS |.| .a w* URtUt .
every a Iti ........ .. .. Afrtl ft
church has for of Its. I t **< -
a meaning us own. ....... to : Is rooted deeply[ In tradition, and it imparts THAT is ISSINS YOU on 2.eo-44.Ii-N' -264 DULL INMOST 'taat .a BtMcMHW. OBa. tWta4 r.Mie4*. IMUtate (Ale), .M ton
I MAY NOT IMPRESS VOU U.ICTIATU' TONIGHT IIIUca TA. a* Ato -nato laws a same U rrwalla or+t7. vtrcUie.
a fftelina of as .e realize
permanence CLOSEST COLLABORATOR.TXIRE LIB"\ WHEN A STARTLING' etMMM tke to* ...UMAaa April e. ITI3.Veen .1.... reweltH, U ie.
how strongly the traditions the ... ePbl ........... OM
past are with UK todayRv: my lady a Faster is DANGER. THAT IT Born Sept. 2rd thru CVtftTOR AMNOUfcCttATNT MAY -.. tWN w 1......... City. sis c.Mttte4.MiclG.. >; 21 were .s* *te*.
i honnot I* after Ml not such a frlvo- MAY LEAD TO CONFLICT. Oct. 2JH: 1C FLASHED ...v.... BCCALM. tar r --.... W N April T. SMS. .mw B. m.... |rci.. M* BttmMi4
, la of THE DAY STARTS ON THE REMAIN WITH TNt DEAR THESE ARC INDICA. Aew11 cMa.e WM> tow es,].,*,..t4. U. wlRtorlG dada to "tte Hcwttfole -
end thing
Join MtMlngleRA It part
aM. vtto M e..! ... erJsil cr.
a tradition and happily enough in moat SONS NOTE. TMCGC ARC Oat WHO RIN4S JOY TOYOUR T IONS OF COPIICTOOTMERMVUOPMSftTt -- sillSit nJ alert gttwta f rn.lrll .

can ". an eye plfaning one. But tradition rs> SXSICATIONS THATTaut HEART AND SHAREClCITINC war COUiaTMt T. IMJ-e. Dade ..?.. alfkeet rwrtiM -
aside Inwardly Will >i ANY |M. .."111('.Sorotr- fe* THSSAtiNiM AS fl'DC'a Alrl aEDutPw : ilaea a. L L &Iv 44 U
and fftfttftr finery as we ro PECTS. OeSTACLES .MsI JMr..1 ..a SSW Aftin. 4. Ufcsrtt Tat
nO'lOllIl'1M"L T'OIII'"T. MAKE
dedication to the Christian faith cave.
flaw nur Kt IAN Sea SJJ
.' it tn future generations aa the 2."10-.ss-I h43.3T3CANCER LYING ON VCV* COftCCinCE: TRAVEL!** '''PlaA.T.t.tooU..UI. ka_ 5. Sar.lf. aid ..*g A ril T. INI..vslaatwtw mete McettM U
,,we pans on .. .... sine ... .,. rv
SUMS TO taa1at r flu r a.tewwt .r tae ...,
focal point of life and the continuing key IE UNUSUALLY uN.wst ... .. rUe Carte CMet .W ... Ila.
building Mock of western civilisation. Bom June 22nd thru ACTIVE. YOU MAY NAVE TO wows ......a a..rrar.MSAa tor "erU rrlr. U "Mofneerw -_1"' ._
July 2tMTt (....toto M WM tool toCtMNMMr April 5. IM>..... UWrt B. L... twet.4.nt.
>* *>* ** >S LITTLE PROSPECT Bon Jan. :ZOUthl'll ..
'.', M IttWiWIM ....*.> Giwy *mc.,. .n...+4 to ...
OF FEELING MORE AT EASE hb. Ut* .Mf*. WfVAM IW .....,. lue..Mkt< Ve. crwRt t
swag tW a HI tIa.

-- -


n' ) \ ) J'


r Gateway Barracks PI.IDII" For Aooeirince Of National Leader Here Vivian Russell Wins
r ::1 : ,
Socially. d SpeaKing". : ::'; Meets SaturdayA -rw.. ,.'.-.'" '!"". \ Omega Scholarship

,r ." -: +:\1'1.'r '
Bj ii'ihf Giiijiri
atepnp in the currant Vivian Rottila student

The costuaM ....* unique.and lovely,and a !'..tattof aeabtrahip drive will badlacuaaad ruwIMSa..1Wn.rreeloent at School its, was winner

hl piDul" prevailed, That, in' essence,_ dee- Saturday when, la the Oaeia Scholarship:
crib. Club Aabaaaadora1! Costume Ball held. last Qattway Barracka Sill Taltat Hunt and will represent -

Prlday week *veoing in the Duval Araory. cuts at 2 P.B. at I the Theta phi

Officers of the glob are: Joseph H.Jaata CounaltyCenttr Chtpttr in Atlanta 0. ,
Jane* K. Bennett Preal dent; Earl Kitchinta. vie IJth and Onuthal.Bta. at the Seventh District

president;I.M. Broadway, financial secretary; Cat- Coaaandtr J. 8.irvlat "t.U.prl1 18.
Blue Jones, recordlac secretary; Oscar Hlllaaa. sr. aanounctd. Contestants froa the

treasurer; Johnny Jackaon. chaplain; anE.Edward:. Other toplea on "the following elates will
Bam_, business aanaitr. acenda will laclad coaptt; Florida. Oeorila.Alabtaa .
.' farther planning for the Louisiana and

Nan Plttchtr and Htlm Toney acre guest playtrahaa Barracka' 3rd aanlvtraary MlMltdppl. If successful -
Lee Tries tale Bride c1 beet last Satur scheduled for April she will win a tripto

day "*vnlBt in the pads street hoc of Ruth M.Brooae. IT. At that tile, offl- the National ConclaveIn
Mr*. Toaey goal if led for the gust pjiie.Lea care of the dtpartaantal Detroit. Mick during
Trleze Mies cabers were elated over the presence and boy a stiffs will baoa the Chrlttaa Holidays

of Vanorlan schell. who la boa for a few band. for a national acholar
week respite trop her confinement' the University world tar II ...b.r. I ahlp.

of Florida Hospital. Incidentally Mra. Schell ... sad aabr* of ,thtlrfaalllta Clarence ,Anderson of

the recipient of the first. place award. Lillian ar* invited \0 Douglas Anderson, was
Skeleton and Rleapor Gay .ere nnacra-ap spend the day with. Bar,*. r'-::"' ''' r -........ > '".[1)) runner-up with the rendition -
,. &:aU ... tieno*. L.ttlset Mrs. Alice COBway Mr*. Male
Mtritrtt: Button Doris Jon..,Gwendolyn Schtll. racka and AuiUlarTBMbtrt. edge .1'10II. ( secretary; of "lavltua."
Carolyn MllUr.Coatal* Jones ,Ruth Bonner and tl- Irving oontinutd. hilt tltr.. rihtand chains of the Jai Branch /Dtewtrd, Mr*. Geneva theeler, co-chtlrasn; Mrs.Alpltonao In the popular autioclaaalflcttlon
nona Brttt wtrt anoof other ..b.n.pr..it. Color, firing squad sad NAACP klcktd-off: plaaa for the April 29 Prttdoa west, general chalraan; Mra.. Stther Denson. Jacquelyn

.' guards art oritd-to-at- jabilM observance In the ballrooa of Mayflower Mrs. Henry t. Smart, Mrs. Louise Oulnrsrd, Giles won nut pi act: The

1 "'Poke oat of."achooj'"' last 'weak when I said had Satrrdy's.eetleg >Hotel which will feature Hoy tllkiaa. dyoaale u.cutlie Mlaa Sandra cuaatncs, and Mrs "Berths Johnson Dtltooe trot school 165

the chouUhl1rbt.a, League( acaia had th* fl* slice taton.Uoa,8U1'lit director of thoMational Association forth Btandlni from left: Miss Mary sort(' R.C.U till- won second pI ac.. eibra

sandal blesslac of the United Fund.But. who could liven la regards to Advanoeaant of Colored People, New York city, 1.... Miss Silrley FOrd and President Pearson of the croup are Marilyn
....lilt the United Fond accepting aa orcanlaatlon th* criaalKatlOB'a 40th ,aa prtaclpal .,Id.r. The planners ttttaatt that Reservation and ticket a ay b* secured froa the Davis J nU. Bryant
hundred of local citiatn till take advantage of Broad Elela 3-T303.
into Its told and not provldlBC that orcanlratlon aaalvtrtary. the COBaandtr NAACPOfHct, 411 nu, Rosetta McCloud and Beverly .
with er budcetUctually. I tboucht that the fbreaost added. hearing outing by ,at ten dim the 110 per plat af (Photo hy taeraon'a Studio) Slke*.
ElllblperoBwlahlB| fair. Chi,.... seated frfa left are: Mia A.L.
purpose of belnc eluded la the United fund besides *
havlai its stop of.,approval ass' deserving to becoeie aeabera of the Sckihlis' InMra. VitirsPriparhi lUlU
nonprofit orgsalutioa 'wa*,to. receive. .'fiaaacial salts are requested to WEDDING, Darnell Cookman Band Receives

aelstanca.Rovtr.Lla Carter'latoraed a. other coolant Ooaaaadtr Irving I aeivanlt trliht Fir
vise-.the Jacksonville: Urban L"IU1111 not been by dial lac CUla 43131H BELLS Superior Ratings At District FeteThe will be the apaktr! Bun

provided a budget with which to operate Bo. reader stated b* will rttura Altos J. cro.d_. 9020Palafoi Darnel l-Cookaen Junior Nigh 'chool: ) Band participated day froti 4 uctil 6 p. .. State Cufirticila

*, acaia it a op to.*. Support the JBL ...b.r.bSp the call at aaytla. coavoalMttath 31 23 and Naoal la the District Band Festival la It. Au* hen Royal Court 317. preparation for the
eaapalcnl NOtlRepresentative applicant L. Illllaa. 52T Lla cuttla and received the following ratines: Con will conduct a pro. April 34-23 state aeetlai .
'. and spiritual tea at the
St. 23.Ilchrd cert-sup.rior; sight reading, superior; aarohine. la Ocala the second
Eros bridge whist curbs of the Federated Garden T. IIloot, tOt supine. ._._.u.u..uuu..................... Acorn at. Coaaualty Coairetttontl District

city heard appeals live ten dell Holae* andKutledcePetraoa Clay St. 20 red Aaai Tilt folloaiai students Jaatt Laurence, Robert C.hr.Slclal. of tilt Florida Voters

for the National Aaaoclatloa for the Ad- Circles Announce 'alker. un t. list It.. received: ratings: Craaford.. Alton Reddlck Jirriei League .111 at 'T\ieda

vanceaent of Colored 'tOpl.r.. Holaee toll el tedloatrance It. .' Robert them, coronet clarinet Quarter, *i* SIsdey, April S at B p.a, laalktr
support of the oitaaltatloa la Its dine Spring Flower ShowThe Joba Blackahtar. BIT superior>> ; Deborah Hard- ctllent Htraan Gratin, The pastor, In. R. College audl

for equal rlihta for all cltlteaa. while Mr. pearaoa Ptderated Oardea lists Bd. }B sad Laa lag clarinet superior; TOIl Peterson, unit* Letnder Jones of Central torlua, Ban Jones. ,r..-

plaind the purpose of the Freed Dlaatrachduld Circles ia 0. will pre Marl talker B3T Klai* Cleaai Hlckeon flat, Mclatoah Linda Alei Baptist Church la urging ideal, announced.Meabera .

for April 23 and ancoaraeed apedal efforts *.t th* 3Stb aaaaalCkiriai M.. at .rtorOer.rd; Blakaly, ander.MaJoMttet. all senior choir seekers detlrout of announcing

In that direction.Rsgra.tatltes fitter a>o.. April Baa M. Murray, Jr Ills cornet superior; Ave : Juliette to ...t at the church their candacla
true the v art out dubs .rt liven 10-11 at talker Voca* Accra Bt 20 aDd 1I .*. Bell, fluteeicellent: Dlnn.Pay Orimn.Llnda Sunday at 2:30: P. '. At for state offices .111
reepoaalblllty of iplaialB the proiraa to Sari J. Darby HIS t. Michael AJ I Sutton Hilda .Mtlloy have opportunity to
the tloaal College, Ill] an, c1N'1I. eicellent .bleb tla visit will an
their respective cltb Myrtl Ate n. the. ** la. Btb It. IT. ; Ronald Gaines, Gwendolyn rttchal sue b* aada to the City aak their annouBreanatadurlat
Th* party ... lade poaalbl by 0a Brtdi dab. itA nil of ".ut,, Arthur Johatoa 1430 t. comet, eicel lent; O.,. parlor; Janice Mitchell Prison Pam to conduct a.p.cisl & Tuday aliht'a
vader the special guldtac of Marl .. McClela.' Th* Circles plea to 22nd St. 24 and JvaaltaDytr. lee Blatnaa, cornet, ei* and Phyllis Oirrl, *.. Evangelistic aeetlac. J Dees said

Myrtle 'Taoaaa la prealdeat of Gas Clab.IB prttent one of th* cost 1420 t. 32ad It. ctllent; Jaaea Brook, cell tilt. Th* ttudent Bervlc Th* current ae brhtp

addltloa to ladlee'elibe.wt bad rapreaeatatloafroa oitttaadtai thott of 21tllll troabone, superior; Plo and otter students till I drive coaalttee will

Alpha Phi Alpha frtttrnlty sad trot tat! -tee their tI... Eight el..... C. Moor, sin rma Oliver baritone, be "...tld la concert Rat .NM la year fetan wttt el to turn la repwrta and
...dlet Bd. 20 and ..
April 11 at 1:1: p. In
atlan dab II the Artistic Ctvlaloa. eiceMentOirlio; Perry, plana will be aid foroollUftUMt.
to Vlvlaa 0. lairta. Alpha Leoaa 11. Bad, IB3I tilt Chi All dUo rlu-. U.S. .
prizes sire wardd carrylac oat th* U.... tenor iiophoa. aa. SAYINGS BONDS of the drive
Kappa Alpha "sorority; nraaeee JOb lO'. tr* Nou! will b* cotducttd-la' the Ver&oa Bd.. IBKtlal perloriBen; "_t.,. ooiBtMpriorBoaa ,
tood. 1202 I
Bride Clab; Martha L. Perry, Vellletrolettee Mortlcalttr Dlvlaloa. ; Oobb ,
praaklla Bt. 41 aid
Bride Cub; Johnnie M. Mitchell: Lee "lite BridI oatatandlai apeclatat of ban eltrlaetexcellent;
Clab; Barbara harper g7ia.tt.n Bridget dab; plants grows by the atabtrt Krattttat A. Call. 122 Mafparet still bees DISCOUNT SUPER
.. ttb Bt. Jai lath
trnttiltt Boswel0d sz7 LadUa Bride* Clab; sad potttd plaata ehrl.". eicelleat;
Florida, 44jo MEAT
Baredlenaerly.individual: whlat frit*; and Racatl will be ahowa.Mr Uala' Blailttoa, Aloaao Dvi. boa STOlE

Donald ladividualtltt prit. *. tilll Orlffla.prttldaat sad icellentiOiarle I ; olaaa,
Marrlaoa St..30 CENTER
Official rwpreaentatlTe* lacladed Martha perry of the Caraa oboe, superior tarrea
Marilyn B 1&111",1101
and lovventa Nevaaa, Velllcarolettea Bridge 'lite ties Circle, la this Oakley Bt.21.Toy skits, cornet, superior; 45th 6e Moncrief 915 W. Ashley St.
Julia taitard( aad Vivian lacraa. AU Sorority; rfBtitla I.ar' chlr.... Mra. Clifford lush eoratt,
Posed and thitlel *. ..tn.. Oallaty aisle Ktlth of Oarattloa Lie Crtr, 414 superior; Lonilnue par PHONE PO (5-9287 PHONE EL 8.8524Gr
Iota Bt ..d Barbara
B ,30
aad Doris
Claht Barbara Harper
Ladle Brldi Circle wed Mra. Bail cos, cornet, icelleot;
attt, Eedsettli.ridge Club; Harold Makes and Alt leader.f Eaat aprlac J. 81 th. nil Btoaewall teititld tllaoa, brl A
,..U.. dub; +irly .. McCoy tad Bt 17.Iobt eicel .
hale BUka. field Clrel, are co* tone, lent.Baecable Arg. bight 2'i to 3 lb.
,Hsdaasah C. BalUrd. Charalae Doa laet tee Bride ehS n.. j. Mortoa, IIIBLa ratlaia: flat
aab; Mary Joe* sod I Sale itlle, Pealaa OravitlBridie Thtt4eoaaltt** will .t Circle, 12 ...eIlUll. trio, superior Oal FRYERS I.. 23

Curb; Joi ale M. Mitchell. Venal McCoa*. .... In. Anal cart. C. Collie. not Rica<< to*, Martha Mitchell
t. 12th St 24 L.Jha tiros. sugar Creek
Cltea Bridge club: Doris
Lea sad
sad wait BMlaatee. wrliht ckalraaa; Mra. Patricia pttraoa;
Joan aad antrt Suttoa.. Lea Trtat dales Bride fl. Tbrp aid Its, Jobs BlailtaF in Brat choir .. .I1.t.ll ,
aab.CPra Brtdhaa, Alpha Phi Alpha Prateralty; Mtthaal*! Davis, C.a.lnv. .* ....1.. Bt T2 sad btrt II1 Boa. Ben pi.lsg .. Smoked PICNICS Avg. Y.1pht e to 10 Ih. Ib5 2.eria.

Lyma putt and Macs Johaaoa, Dire Moaa ..rl'I' Lllllaa B. Jeaklat, IIIBtth ..rr. nl t.. Krrold
Club: ass Moreaa tad Eva C. Roller Los Div t et .. tll, oirtrdoe Mot. mesh-Grade A Medium

aoatee ridge dab: AlteaU Hcqwa, Mra. t.Br Elected Boys Club OneeiMV ttdaald fllaoa, Pl rnt LAU
EGGS 3' Csrton
.*.. and Mrf pary P. .*P, Tpallaatl social Oliver jttt Brook. Carton $ 49CPreah
disk Tbtlaa Mtatadtt.aad Oladya ...1 mtI. Gape La
if Force Notes
die. filet Oab; ,red Arestbiohaso.. Alta vita Caught with fLOO or

Ladle tine and Social dab Bteertae OM- ..j fortes losing Hmey WHITING LB 19$ TIDE 5.e .ore PtrdlM'
Three ..IIe,* af the Preedoa tiaaer .
situ sere preeeat. C..... tielr. Jeaaal r.hitr1.11 mr ,. ran ...lIh,.. a.rila ,A, O od ..
the Jackaoavtll a/t

aad nitaell ties .U eerved LUaer.Chrittella a.. MIen",l*.,*,. ad Mar tit Ittlai atat,' STEAK 1.1."e Short Ribs I... 39c
throat lack of liferaetioa -
charge af refrewh* k
hiss Patricia tteeeett was la
rp.rta Berieaal BRISKET STEW
..u. 'roth
Bill alctraar .f Iii
i jMkaoavIll Air P,r.eBa Tender.I3.lect HOG HEAD lb. 15 T

-BIRTHS- r nltli Offlt n. I! .t.LIVER 3 LBS.Meat,

3 ..., t..,' ,* alttlil tlth Areour NECK BONES lb. 1O
... .
IKI Ti: .IU. betteettbelr "e
e rtat ..I ara.! SPARE IllS OX TAILS II 2S
.r. a Mra. Jo.It.<- 7lM -*. 4104 Davit BV a r ,
aa4 ..., they said u.
Cray, TO It Bhod. falaal a. ir*. *ltM 1'\Ir-'\ I
calve a. ....r. .f tat 2
Drive. awl ..", MO tualr.A"*. Meted STEWING HENS "e FRYERS 4cils. 99
satli i ( B.B. Air P r $
1Ir.' Mra.9 peals. Ilrl
Carpe, the ttrittat
7111 ta Alight D f. .lID,. It AIT*. L,. Miller Mtla.e4 rr..h .r ,

MT.' ara. perry bikes Itfl tlaA K. Boy 'T\t hart of tk. pre. PORK HAMS L. 4.e SHOULDER lie 31f
I9Ct flla K. Fey : St. '''fA. Irish PNl'. bit.'* ..,...t Ke ltraatr |-
1Ir.. tra. Ja.' 0.la.". Jill Cflfferd ..**.. Boy, "
stated, 1* tlelteseargueilfled
Boat I lot ai.. '11,1. ra !ara. HaroK rr... auun .pu, Jeakli. U* ..*.htr *f Mr. Slue PlateSMIia
Mr B Mra. Baymwad. ttu 1 24t' .. el rt.MANua'S sad Mra. BoWrt Jtaklaa af BT22 Llffl t..". waarectatly arear
Mt *.*/. tT the ep'potteeltlee DressIA 2.e
elected 'Via IwtaoaletCnwMlty Caater .lu/l.ooetder I...
sops dish q...." n. eta caeteti .,.... ty tat rue eUttlMfer
TAP ROOM .....,. *f ta. ClAf grain
blt t taker af me by the bps earellH la
Mara Coraa. ...U.* 3 '.1. 3'e
tae sots clab. A. Boy Club t* Just *.. *f tie
626 West Astitv .. Ulr pee MOOMitllMKffUer
xtlvtUrU* Hka41tt Ctmmntlty C-ttr,
Ie *4t4 at 2TM *. test else r.< Henke's
LlPtl **d Bear tttteo BlTXMt
Presents NitelyEntetainment talker t* .....r" ..lv* all the arettlitad
tat Rope clab Toe lb 1* lath
pr .*a* *f tonrtai aoftkaJI t..M tit flay this afltt dte. ay All S LBS.v1q
rrmxrwj *.rtt. aad ..wt.I P.ri* offlir **a fer toed a4a :

One Leg JOE .*.U|. UI,',..., M< 110 .
CM (**. Tea took Hart Attract. ...s paid, v4..... fit.
TU bald ban MuTennessee' Visit ilTL frte sepal aM haul ..Jt..to"-lf Gal .

liriieiIklirltM hatters c..*." MILK 4.eC.lllr.

Par ,*.let*r4 wren.
Cn, ILzats Gad: Off-n
'tier 1* *. Air revel

PLUSFRANK r 8ct lpBU Tr.stselt1rdlrtl ..,... ...S........ It Gnus 10$ or 2 fir I'C
Styling *'U... B.ra*.*t M4alitraeitr

LEGREE Care ...,.. thai TURNIP GREENS lire' Iinmh.e 49CANE
al. tifflM ill *.*...
OoToeasu Drav Hair Status
i. U-*f e.t/aUati af all
IHIICII for AepolBtMats Call EL 4 M3$ or ro t8S a*..*.ary tU...*..* 23CI
4 ...14&7 JWQmfiTAN4EMT / DRINKS All Flavors 3 Cogs
seed.tat a .*..!.tlt. i
IEHTlY HIE nun IUIIT IMP *>tll*...., ,*......, I
Aur Ibt or Mild&
IB. *"*ll
S PJ4.-2 A. M. sis HIII men -........ *ir ed taw." SMOKED SAUSAGE 1 I. J r# [a.Itdy- .art1 nn: L. 59S11IR031 $

\ ( "1, a 1 1Mt.


Zion To Host Beach Choir Mrs. Rena W. Owens Blind Pianist To Appear Here Mrs. Ruth Wise Sister Cohen Heading

DA Thespians Slates Program Reelected Vice Prexy To Present Recital April 8 ProgramLocal

The chdr from Atlantic Of State GroupMrs. Mrs. Ruth wise of Bethel

Doug-as Beach Holiness Church Rena V. Owens was Baptist InstitutionalChurch

will render program re-elected state vice yP. will be presentedin
sponsor it musical extravaganza
Saturday night in the president of the Junior "An Evening: rf Sacred
April 11 Church of the Living (Ood. torn en' a Convention, auxiliary Songs" April 11 at 7
AME Church.
3811 St. Augustine Rd. piller and Ground of of the ProgressiveBaptist p.a. in Mt. Zion AME
Truth, Cosno, sponsored State; Convention Church.

Participants Gloridn Johnson are: !Sandra by Evangelist Mollle Key during the meeting held The program is being j -

Hartley in Matthew sponsored by Auxiliary
St. Baptist
Polke William Taylor Other singers will also
Board 3. Mrs. Fannie S.
Church. Tampa.
Clarence Polke Sherrie appear. Miss Billy P.
fllllaas, president, has
Nell teston, First Baptist Brown is choir director.The Avon
extended an invitationto
Church Youth Choir, services Sunday In ,
sided. Jonelle Wilson the public to attend.
Mrs. -
St. Mary's Baptist Youth the Church of the Living #
dean of the Educational staging groups
Cholr.Mt. Zion AM* Youth God begin with the 5Unda.1 ,

Cnolr.Mt. Zion Five Ne School at 10 a. .. with Workshop; Mrs. e M Rijal Curt Mettiot will feature tie prograa
Helen D. Wright, chair- Thursday night April 8
Bethel Fnsemble and the DUC m Daniel Lee Brooksand
Celeetial Gospel singers. Rev M.K. Bsrtley nan of the Deacons rift Royal Court 217 of the ben Sitter Rosetta

MlsH June Ellen will- presiding The lesson Committee; Mrs. Carolyn Lily White Security ben Cohen heads the gospel

ians will serve as mistress subject. "Abe prophets Burney, chairman of the efit will net Monday concert at the Church of

of cerenonles.Pro Call. Morning serviceat Ministers wife co.IIi .- April 5 at 8 p. .. fn st. Living God, 14th and

ceeds ill he used to 11:30 O'clock and the, presided. Mrs. I: Paul AME Church, Mrs. Grunthal Eta.

help defray the expense evening service at 8 Owens and Mrs. Wright Louella price,president The event will get

of the Thespians to attend clock with Elder Lonnit sang a duet and Mrs. presiding underway at 8 O'clockAll
0' FAMED pianist-gospel singer Prof. Harold BoP and the Boggs'a specials of Port

the Florida Inter- Brooks pastor in charge. Dorothy Burroughs gave Clinton Ohio along with the Hill Sisters of Waycross. Oa., will appear In Business of Importance city pinging groups

scholastic Speech and The Lord's Supper and the address. First Born Temple, 823 1f. Monroe St. Tuesday, April 4 at 800 P.". Tat prograa will be discussed and a are InvlteU Sister Ruth

Drama Festival In< Talla feet washing will be .meeting The executive will be board held will feature the Temple Choir 2a 5th anniversary, Mrs. Rma Phelps, president.The full membership attendance Bishop Feed is the u, B.sponsor Baker and Is

hassee. w administered Monday at 7:30 P.M. public is invited Rider A. Hill la host paator. la desired. host p"tor.

Ground Breaking Ushers In New Era Prominent Clergyman Cited Receive }Honorary Degrees At Annual Event

1 ( ;4} .

'fi .i.;.

r.: 1D'4GRA7ULITION4iHighlighting m

T V .

,. ,... i .

.." '

I = tII-j

-'" "4 ( t Edward Waters Col

:{ lege's 99th Annual Founders' My observance lest _

r ___ week was the awarding of honorary degrees to outstanding HWORTO' at the pith Pounders' Day convocation M Rdward'stets College had the

GROUND BREAKING ceremonies at Edward: Raters College tor a gymatorlin: on the leaders from around the nation, aong following degrees conferred npon them: Attorney Illian I/we roue, Charleston

College campus were performed front left by Mrs E.C. Hatcher, wife of Bishop whom was Rev. Dallas J. Graham, pastor of Jut' Mt. west Virginia, degree of Doctor of Law; Rabbi Rulph Rosenthal Tmplnm the

Hatcher, President '. B. Stewart, Bishop E.C. Hatcher, presiding prelate of the Ararat Baptist Church pr Orahiw la shown receiving Heights Cleveland, Ohio, Doctor of civil and Cannon Law. Rev Dallas. flraht,

11th Rilsonpal District, AMI Church, Felix Thltt, representing! Laymen'a' Organization a Doctorate degree fro wprteldent William pastor of Mt. Ararat B*>tlst Church, Doctor of Divinity and Rev n.naM c. Jacobs I

and P.J. McIntosh of the Edward Waters College Alumni Asmclution., n. Ptewart. (Royal Art studio Photo ) pastor of 4It. Jane* AMF Riurdt, Cleveland Ohio, motor of Ls.i(5:1JurtbicJ3)5' ..

Auxiliary PlansTo Apostolic Church Triangle Club Sets

Mother Midway Mrs. Cited
ServeRefreshments DEATHS Marquez
Of God In Christ Marineland TourThe

Services for Saturday, A.L, Lewis Ilu.Trl.nlle AME Church With Surprise
at the Apostolic Church Mothers Rev, Albert B Miekens. : ; Holy Coiauaion will be
st. Benedicts LadiesAuxiliary Club 1304 W 21th St, Birthday PartyMrs.
of God in 'Christ 2032 ill adalalstered Sunday at
sponsor a trig toMsrlaeland
120 Knights of J.B. Johnny Boy a...-
Benedict Road, wilt begin Mother Midway during
St John of St. Plus at the usual tine.School Saturday data, 1127 Jefferson St. -MT. TABOR BIPT1tI-- both aajor amicesRev.J Laorlsla T.. Mar
The buses
will leave
Catholic Church, 1470 W. 01'1I and B. Ford, 2840 quet was the surprised
of Wisdom starts W. Joan pastor announced
Mt. Tabor Baptist church services
13th St. will serve A.L. Lewis school at 0 Sunday twin
Ban Diego plaza. hoooree during her birthday
homemade cookies and at 10 a.a, and prayerservices a. .. Reservations say be with the "Sunday" Rdiool at :30: a, .. with ""super ThursdayAll .
George I. Hall 727 last Baa day at the
cokes after each mass, Bishop at 2:30, p.a. aadt by contacting Mrs. Spearing St. intend"nt Jason Barr\ prenirtlng. 10: 43 ...... consecration friends officers, araberaaad lavtted eetlig of the Golden

M.C.H Cooper L. Sawyer, Miss J.M. service, and morning service 11 are
the proceeds of which
Mrs. Carrie P. Gathers Links Clab held b the
will deliver the main to attend tile two ser
? clock with Wev H.T. .
will benefit the church Hartley Mrs Bettye overatreet, pastor, and assistant -
08 Short Dennis St home of Mrs. lilt J.
address at 4 p.m. assisted Bryant or Mrs. Lottie ministers In charge of the pulpit service vices.
Members wishing to takean
Thomas Prince It. 1 Members of Choirs Johnson, 1747 I. Chins
by a platform 1,2
active part in the Underwood. Holy conn union service at 3 o'clock. All choirs
Box 83. O'Neal. St.
guest, mad 3, Usher Boards l
Proceeds from and usher will .. Flla
project are requested to the affair Mrs. Singleton and Mrs.
will lease J. Bell 1215 mad will with Pollowiag t brief ...t-
Baptism be held 2 serve
will be used to Dorothy Child will be the aceo"'N11.U."IUPilU .
Immediately contact Mrs.
Sunday morning tasedl- Albert St. other departmental h. lag seas of those IB
Maude E. Avellhe, president ately following regular send representatives on Earl Monroe, :IOU BroadWay TAARXNAILEBerries Suaday School will begla attendance. stepped! out-
Y-Teen Educational S.edayimuidway Tabernacle Baptist
; Mrs Lola Moses, St.Richard. aid the Jlvlag roam and
church service.Coaaunloaservlcea at 9:30 a with
Tour to Arlington will
chairmen of Mrs.Lauvlnla Washington Arril Church ooMwnee with the Aindny
Hampton, .l May retaraed with fill
will be held at I.e. Hart preaidlag. aeaberahlp
30. Reboot at 10 with Allot
T. Marques, chairman a P., Mrs. Phillips lacharge.
8pU. St.Mrs. Morning service and CDualoa .- body<< who sang
The lesion will be reviewed hy the Factor
Nellie Jones 3318 'Happy 11 "
will be held at rthday.
Fe.. A.C. ettle*. Mnrnlag service at 11: IS o'
Devron Dr. lisa). Coualoa for the Adslst the eolorfsl array
clock. Baptismal service will. be cosductH by the
Mrs Hester Hill lI.r..balhUle. pastor and Choir 3 will serve.A stet aid skat-las. will of tat dub t colon

Oa. .. of gold tad white tat
Pretty Hat Tea will) he held at the church fro coa.eate at 3:43: p. ,

184 IV. BEAVER Mrs. Marie lillla. S to S P.M. ".. Annie McNeal of Greater Bethel Evealag service and Co- atterly surprised boa-
709 DeWitt St. ...10.' coatlaaatloa ore received ftllclUtloss -
Baptist will be the speaker. Rveaiag service at
Daniel Griffin, 1USMllnor will get vaderway at fret fell. Berbers
4- 3101 EMERSON 6:30: o'clock. Perwoa thy the pastor who will alao
St. 4:30 p. aFriday sod .a tendered a
adalateter the Holy rbamialoa.ST. .
A i .. Gertrude Wesley, sight April 2. >..U fill gift,with ....
1613 Louisiana St. all cholre wilt rehearse Annie '". Aadersom. secretary
School la *U Lake Baptist birch will
Oscar Wllllaas, 1436 rider aaklag the -
tile directloa of preteatatlta
toclnous rosclrr lings Road.Master start at 9:30: a,.., with Percy Clairettt la charge
Mra. J, llaegard Mrs follewlag a
von Morning service at 11 o'clock II'U. 3,30 p.a,.
!levin K. rh..
Jsaalta Hagaas and Mrs. brief talk oa behalf of
Magnolia itk Mrs. Doris laitchia .,..ldS... rveniag service
113 St. A. M. wells who art reovestlag a. wish
at' o'clock.. Rev M.J. Trowel, pastor will
.. Seleaa McCloud
the atteadaJict Otter present tacladed
THAT rp reach. lid O- lr 2 and Usher MuaM 2 will serve.
FILL Ellis St.
1032 of ... ere. Mrs F B. Ira ttta Aikws. vie
Mrs Olive johasoa. Adam will be la three treeldMt aid
FREEZERC Service ftia day la Walt era Memorial ITioa (h.rd.
7007 wilsoa Blvd. with ... .f Basic dvrtag 811I..,' Mra TDelaa J. talker
SMOKE gets underway the Suaday school at 9:30: a ,
Mrs. Bertha wllsos, ..nl r... ,real deal
1347 Chimer St. Miaa Any Morel and. preaidlag. Moraisg service at

PICNIC LB. 27 Mr.. ....1.. C. Campbell 11 o'clock with Rev.R.L. Angers pastors charge. I .
744 Minnie St.Mra. Oi list!an hdeavor at S ..*.. aa
T::30 o'clock. The .... Mr. angers ill ."' 1.& GOD'S
Minnie Let Ouady MIRACLE R
ater the Holy:>> c*Malo*. !I. ;
1331 I. 4th St. 5.51.aw./ 7truzs gn0o .r,1 .
Mra. Ada ..caUTY1l I1KF1t-. ....1 M .... a _s Ml a 1'..eess Y .... ...... es
Ray .rau.-
.... w .... w sow w .... r e. s .....
$ dins Holy CoauMiatoa: services will I held Rua
MULLETMCATY 1 0 .teacji.Mra. Sallie SiBgletoa. Greater New JentsaJe lapttst Charch. Service :::.w./ O1w.L M15TX M r4tKaaa Ml5tk .Jl.n r :.:,:-aw e..1
tBt ... er maws,. w w .... mr- .... t..
sterol .
C-13 Webbt. open with the Kaiday at t:30 .II. F.w

PORKSHORT Charles F. Crowd, 1317Harrlsoa Malaor of Day Sprtag Baptist QU'11.. deliver MYSTIC CHURCH

It.OneUulat. the sermon at II ...., aid at 3 P..., t>>>r the Holy ISle na4 KsaareaitHOLLEY'S Qbp 21. II.IaLn > .

) Rowland CoMsunloa service
RIBS 7 .. .
Lst 2411 Uacola Ct. teat mvcn. Ittf'fhT-

Rtv Allea Bap. St. Service Suadaylahusel Baptist Chare* aegia .

FLA. ECONOMY Anguatlae. with the Sunday School at 1)0: ..*,, with Maperia

Mrs Callle lUll.... tead ait Gorge %lth la charge. Coasecnttoa service IAIIECUEUHKIH

FRYER PARTS 3LBS. 132 Log, St. at 10: 30 ....Qolr 3 sad U* Chtldr.aa Choir
.,.. and s
Jobs Watsoa Raaklaa, will reader the Male with ft.U Badger

323 vim StMra Mrs. Marts carter at tile laetrvaeats. Rev. .U '
will deliver n. rvealag
Marie w. Stoma Badger pastor aeaaaga
2334 Splrea st. service at 6, 30 o'clock.ABiraiU 1

41 ..
Buater Lewis Ion I.
Adaaa Holy CMamaioa: service will te ..*..rt&1 at
NECKS WINGS DRUMSTICKSMEATY .. Moses 90S I. 4 p. .., AbyaslBla. Baptist Cherch. Rev. ..... UKCI rmii. :,

Ashley St .,... pastor will deliver the ser+os aad Iotala'-
Eltoa B. Siapeoa, 1321 ster the ooMsaloa. All dolts and makers will Ills

Cleveland St. aene.M .

BRISKET STEW Freddie Nelson Jr. aUlr coferect will %. held Friday at So' tULIl-PITATIU .

nOt Rest law* Dr. clxk. Te chareb sad pastor aaslversary will
IM i
SMOKE SLAt OR SLICEDBACON letkea N. Boykias.Httabarih best' April 11 tad coatiaat thr"ga April 14.
.4t U.91tirIAPf1STServices -- St '
Pa itfieriil II.Ii. aWa'
Mrs. Sadie ...1. 333 aaadaj U Bethlehea Baptist thatch e..

3LBt Spruce St with tie la day School at t 30 a... ; aoraiag awlet 2- load Ti ,

at 11 o'clock a4 Holy CoaMBleai service at +

3 .... Rev A. Mde,... pastor will deliver the 1471 lists III,
WTOI HIP KEM KMiarr( RIOt ON wn TV alL: 4 eerwo ," UM

"_.. ". : : 70 ; .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. & .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ........ .. ..6.... ..... ------...--- -----.- ....-- .. -....-

'"_'______n________,. ------. .-._- ---,.- .. -- u ,- u' '- '--------- ..- -- '" .-,. --' ,: -: -- '" '- --
' '"

I'I'I -.:. t ) f ,


Asks Gov hpecfSOO-Youths Fund Raising Project For local Facility in Progress Rep. Charles E. Bennett Supports

,> At NAACP Seminar Incentive Pay For Navy PersonnelOn

MIL WKCE,tl sc.-(1P1):' Aircraft Carriers1VJWOTON.
To Probe
More then 500 youths and
U.S. Charles '..
adult delegates attending D.c.- Rep Bennett
the annual of Jacksonville, this week spoke on the House floor
threedayNtACP \
ia support of H.R. 3044. providing for incentivepay
Killing conferenceheldhere. fbrperformance of haaardous duty on the flight
decks of aircraft carriers.
April 3 to 4.Delegates : Bennett said: ....................,...
"Noting regular 'oath are troll WisconsinIlli _,. : '. ,:t't "There la a pressing Department of Defense
ly session last week, nois, Indiana Kentucky
need for incentive pay and the Bureau of the
aeabera of the Second Michigan Ohio and feat *
Congressional District of Virginia. ttli :: : : for the performance of Budget.1
r :'iI: hazardous duty on the
the florid Voters League The Rev rred 61111 t tJ _- ,(" flight deck of an air Denies Racial
'' ;
''' '
forwarded t letter to worth, one of leadersof j'n 1)r "f'1
: !i craft carrier and I
: DiscrinllnationCLRAIIATtlPinellas
k ,
Qen.Hl1doD Burns .'QU..tID recent demonstrations i> :
iv : rise In support of this
u Investigation Into in Salsa and ''ontgoaery j : :
such needed
the killing of John HenryJenkins Ala. ia to deliver the r-t.""':: : W!); \ \'? ). :If''J": !! ,., legislation
; H.'. 3044, which! baa the United Mod head COl.)
f' C/, : "
by s state highV keynote address Otherspeakers /: : : /:
full I supportotthe HouseAraedBenrlceeCoMlttee John Van Vleit
patrolaan. include Theodore
that agencies supportedby
Jenkins, described aa an Berry director, haveelaned
of which I a* a s ber.These his organisation
escapee froiputna County coMunity action progran. ftXEvrm" KOR1AL HOSPITAL'S personnel.planningan source of help Is .available local people ", ac. officers and certificate stating
jail where h. .. Office of rconoBlc
vat April 4th through 10th fund-raising drive to up the ball" which was created and developed by enlisted sin who perfora they da not practice
t.o-year aantence for Opportunity; and !NAACP' help share in the facility's operating deficits, the anther organisation.\ Brewster is a non-profit dutlesonthe night deck racial dlacrlslnstlon,
staff sabers Oloster .
auto tbtft via reported B.Curront.Herbert atalnlatrator Robert Months announced this week. institution sponsored by the vosen's Division of of an aircraft carrier it was announced this

handcuffed and being taken Hill and Since basically, a mission project is undertakenin Christian Service of the M.UadhtlIrdl' a Boardof Airing Bight operationsare WfR.Vlelt.
June Shagaloff. and others -
to Baker
County order to meet eomunltv' needs since no other Missions constantly in dan further stated
after beloi captured during gar of Injury or evenloss that on "March: 19, urtlflc.t. *

Reports a sachunt.state that blle Target 01 St. Aug. Terrorists Drifters Score Saitch Appointed of recordla their liven."The full. of to the Red.. Prose were Mailed and 11

being guarded by HighwayPatrolaan Ineld.ntah.r.. these agencies, ,all of which
Cpl, Joha ())I. In London Marketing Assistant men have been involved havet*'n returned algneti

Jenkins kicked the officer LONDON"Rated aa one of in accidents: which have to Ma of flee.He .
causing hla to Vice PresidentAmerican
gua Aaerlca most stable resulted In loss of different went on to say that

acddently discharge.: Die aiming groups, the Drifters safety RarerHP partaofthe body dlecrlwlnaUon was not
ballet la said to hare discussed at the
are here for an ei- including Many fat all* even
entered Jenkins' left 1 1IAT1m tended tour that has won !' :* row N.Y. -ryre t i... I roue's st recent 1.In. ..\*
teaple ease oat the Baltch 1 has !been arpolnt ..
the thousands of Brltlah 1 vigorously eupport
right tesple shattered! .l Assistant to the Vice
teenager rock 'n' roll this legislation, which UIIILNAaeleatls
the rear window of the Preetdrat'Marketlng for seeks I.mlgeaaqSo
fane. has the support of the
patrol car. the taerlcan Safety Ha- lINt rconomjr,
One of the few quartets
The petitioners' tills sot company, Robert o.
that la still popular
that asong their grle- Urban president, announced -
after a ten>year eila-
vansoces. the authorities today
tents, having been organ
failed to notify Jenkins hitch will work with :
Iud by their aanager. mmnommomI'
parents of his death and Vice president Jay ftala :
Oeorge Treadvell, who accospanied -
that the fatality has arm .OB and will be activein
ties on this n MMHI! YOn uri Niufiiur
roused both the cltlseas tour the Drifters still the promotion of the DeoI1 ......-.. .4 .." ...w ".. .........e... i.... I.NI1 w.a ."
of the state sad those oneipany' a Persona noub (MI. It,**' "(... (' :It l:m.. .lPM eM ...........
; .
have a wide appeal to if| '5N. SMMM >' > t* t**> ff n | r* tfM MII
M tlJ *1*t* (it **l
who visit I. rdge and
lay Injector ,
"OVIl.llft *OMFkHlONM
both young lid old ln) trri ntnirgrta tniiitii ifutip
The Leases ushers U Use Met singing groups, stainless steel rsior =;.:... s...::I,.::}M a '1\:1 Li ...,eh'h/ ; :. Iy::':..HN.ano
eloslsg further clalsed their Includes bladee, Pal) stainless .. .uH. ryn..l. Nge.M, .':; ::.,';..:'...::.,..., INS, N Lp1.
ae NNNaa1 VMl a 5e e ?a. M.1
that seabers of their steel blades, and Oe* ._..... _'w, Mw". ,M NI. b VN ,S. ....
-11DD@1 IT. WOCBTINI oostlsued its hard-core racial segregttloa stand "soul auslc" aa well aa .... ., MNMM.
earl ewe1N -N aw
.. ... 1/.311 .... evens !It
are walking in the aligle edge hd. Ho ..IC.* k >IM* ***
race f *
last week when s group of students and an instructor visiting Florida Meaorlt nostalgic tunes that were a, ....,.. .... ..... MMYae bed awls.000"' ne."KINSUCCISS".
streets with the fear College from Bates College, Lesiston Maine were set \&pOD" white terrorists popular any years ago, will alto promote theRuna
that should their because sfter flnlag at a Kentucky fried Chicken .stand while police were reported to See of Aserica's beet line of aien's tol|. ..N:'m'su

for their arrest the lew have stood idly b,. Bates and PVC students shoa frost left are: ftuean .Uh.PrilettcD. kaoea sisters started letrlee, which Includes

would fall to amply protect N.J.,'tlpllaDh Young, Philadelphia Pa Joyce Baker, fMC eophoswre, their careers with the Bum. shave, lotus lay

".. Jacksonville; Mol'ly Anderson, hover, II.... ".r1tu.lloan. me fro ah, Bar- Plfttri.! after shave lotion,

The letter was lipid by tow Ray Oak, Paul Hardy and Bruce I tan too, from Sates.' Stanton *ae truck and
Its joses. president; kicked: during the sales r

johnny Ooodsoa vies ...

Ncdela.president;secretary Mrs. Arlene; JasesllsDoas. B. Autopsies Reveal Motion AgainstN.C. AmmoRs Joins

.,*. Be coordinator* Lettlsore.; I.Dou. From Gunshots Hospital PR Staff Of

C. **At*
and Clifford
j.D. Baas m1a'f-.lu' of
MclUy. autopsies on the bodiesof torseye ef the NAACP Phillip Morris? ER K
Legal Defense ptand asked
FAHUin Awarded Or.aad I,.. Joha Ches the c.B District cosrt *n Toll N T, "llcnardAaeoas .
suit*apparent anirder las been appointed
here to place the Board
Graduate Grant eleidewhoee bodies of Massgers or jaaes to the Public kelatloae OPEN SIIIDAI AT EOGEW000 AND AYL 0 FROM!AM. TO 1/.M.

TALLAMABBCfViyaoi 0. were found early March slier lesorlal haft of pfclllp Morris
faith senior cheslstrysejor IT la their bole.' "maw eoateapt of pout Moapltelia tan. jaaes C, Bovllsg, SPECIALS GOOD THRU SUNDAY AT EDGEWOOD AND AVENUE B

at Florida AM Cnl- fined what we already Officials of the "01' Vice preeldeat>Dlrector
virally, has been atartfed k...," Manatee Q)sty Pltal are charged with of Isles sad Corporate
a graduate assletantahlpis health director Dr.0atle Igaorlsg order fros lelatioae, ilia",lCtI1. U. S. GOOD FRESH

the aaouat of U.coo Due reported, March 1'. the ease court, lasted Amines, eta has been a

by the Departaest of The deaths of Dr. Cbe* lest August which eaJoised sales "ree.atatve for

Cheslstry. Michigan State aaalt aad his wife were defesdaats from the major diversified CHUCKROAST
Calveralty. List UAslag. discovered afierhee! *]!* "deaylig or llaitlsg"Plalstirrpiyslelaae tobacco coepaay la the! PORKROAST

itch. Sith till begls ed a local tel apbo.. operator Atlaata Oeorgls areaaiace

his studies is cheslstry stating his latent .is adsieeioa to lAd It)), will serve

st the graduate heel is toae. Uesaesf (the) covrtesyedlcsl ss Assistant to Hubert
September. IIO at EastLsaslsg. N 11.1OMlas staff N fright' Manager d
arlvileges. -
U.u.a" msl.e 'oaeb.e.
U. L IMt. ." Publle UlatlM. A Me elll be M'

I. ti,e la the proentles of
tbe roeipaay's artborePhilip

routs filter

Paste. Alslae. parlle
LB. 39 te 25


I. Some people BALLARD SALAD

stick a label on sell aid wee Islsiy FLOUR

cigarette brsads.le eill aLa.DRESSING

else "...,. eereosssItalalees
their diet cola. steel tsar :
Blades, fans Have 39
lens Bef( After pare PKG. QUART
lilies aid Inns Meia- 33U.

l' ads. a see ...." .., for
SM; all prstMteef tie UNIT 1 1111 $111 II HUE 1111 HHI

4.L. AserMaa Safety laterCvavasy
a fiviele efPtlllf
our awrrls IM. S. GOOD RII STEAK it 59*

stake name A sstlve ef reesiberwr
-- his
IA. Degree fres loreh.eee FANCY WEST COAST MULLET u 10*

College, aee a
on ours. ....., sf tie ietl>talAsMtistiss
sf ..,utDe"l. FRESH CRISP LETTUCE urn HA 15e

t1 .,.,.. the AtlastsBalee
t ; ClsB, Oeega fst


t.P : Prise Hall woes irnc. ruci. CIIIIT "I'U' sin 25*

Wigs Fiinriyj Crawl

Fier1Aare ft tea VAN CAMP PORK ft BEANS 2 s UI 23*

.*/ the wrlag s.erCenlvaJ ..

, 14: DIET ..11 u''... here flail si title tie LIVELY DOG FOOD I fill C433 35*

au Jake SjaiUer alee beleJemt.
i SK PEPSI fur had a ass
lf tear Of m. GOOD HOPE EVAPORATED MILK 4 till CHI 49*

Taae.e. SuU..t. ...
....1. 4J ails s Ali 8J M
I II I .n"'tI pssni. 2 Mill Pill

I Ii i

::;: _: .- '--- -
'': -":': ;

1 i ( 1 t

.PAGE- 8 __ STAR ,

i District's Girl Scouts Celebrate Scouting FoiRder's Birthday I

.... .. .
,- "' ''''' .d -
"t 1'a 14. t-
i_ : I

; I ;

t' :
; ., !

ij'"f' '1.. 0.Ili
t .
.. r
: ,
II. : ',' ''' .' ,.}rt'
; .
'\ : tit ',; i' '. I., -1'
.. '
'f1 : \ h : .
.: '.' l1.r.,41) I '", .
} t It. -
; -> .
I 'S. 4 : .
:! ''' ,' : \M; ..
:.,, .
<: \: (:\, '...- .,, ... '\;;; ." ''"
"" ,,. 4 .' .a ." .1
\ -\:>\\\" '' }\ ; ; : ,. ..
;; ': : ."' "" ','' 'II!
.' '
,: ''
'i.'J,7 Ij.'I, \' Ili IliM Iliare

'i. :
.. ;- I .
.. t.:
.. M


,.. ...---..,.. n_ ..

MEMORABLR EVtNT-Jflth well over 200 girls and leadMilder Park Recreation Center A number of the scouting executive. Mrs. J.E. Davis, sad Mrs. Unit lesoers snow to photo right from. left are;

ers In attendance,,Olrl Scouts of District 4 observed Scouts' parents were on band to celebrate the event. Frances Mel. sin, Mrs. pas Fischer, Mrs. ThoMssens Brenda Wilson, Carolyn Jones, Jacquelyn Glover,
"Thinking Dey" In honor of the Scouting' .Standing In back ground In photo left from left 1Jlisas, and Mrs Elizabeth Muse, troop leaders Sandra Pettls and Cora Miller. Volunteers areurge4

founder, Lord Baden Powell's birthday recently at to join this aorenent.Photos by person's: Studio

Women's Army Contestant Central Mt. Zion Sigmas Engagi id In Planning

LTeen Talk s sby ,

Corps Announces Baptist Church AME ChurchThe Sessions For F first Rhomania

f/V pastor Rev C. C.
Services for Sunday at
Job Openings Central will begin with ROBIN FORRESTER Toston, la Inviting Members of Sigma Cam Icoenittees Sorority have selectedg
HI friends and the general which are gola sll-out to project their
the Sunday School at Teens.One ,
Joseph E. Firth, of our local high schools Is getting react? to public to worship at Nt. first annual Rhodanla u an annual cultural ust'
Set 0:13 a. B, The Superintendent Zion Sunday In local social actlvltlei,. ........<...............
local 4 observe Table this observance -
Any recruiter Deacon Leonard flood Manners peek I hope
Services open with sunday Selecting as their Alice Smith
announced this week that R. Thompson will be In spreads llkethelatest fashions and fsds.
applications are being charge. Since good table manners are In style for one week School: at 9:30: ..I, these, "Junior Miss The Rhoasals will be

accepted for new job 1 During the 1100: O'clock Teen Talk dedicatee the entire column to all stu- Raymond Wade will be Is Spring Fantasy the presented Friday April

openings in the Woaen'a hour the pastor Rev. R. *V l iddfedV **"** wheneverjfou est and wherever charge aDd aeabers and Sorority already bas 30 beginning at 8 p. .. .
a Instructors are urged to several junior girls competing In the Duvsl
Arny Corps Lesoder Joneswill speakon y Hr l FOil .at. County Ar.
Single high school ji unfoldyournapkln lanlfi' be present for the title, ory Tickets say be secured
wen the subject 'The 'a K j You on ,our ;
grads between the ages Neglected Feast."SeniorChoir ', Bfj Llyou have to get up place 1 your nspiln Rev. Toston will supervise miss Junior Rhoaanla froa /dedbers of the

of 18 and 34 may qualify I will sing with i' | on the seat of the chair.It's si- aornlag worship at Various junior High Sorority or the phllos

to fill one of these DOROTHY LEE PRELOW, the Mr*. Gloria Grant at tbs j B ways a good Idea to use your napkin 11 a.a. The choirs and Schools of Duvsl County organization

positions: daughter of Mr. and Mrs. console. Senior usher wB BBBBBBW before drinking frodawster glass or Junior Cab.n111 serve and neighboring coawunl- A evening of relaxed entertslnseat -

Plight operations Jeff Prelow, 2024 Davis Board 1 will serve. ROBIN sipping from a .tr... (You won't han Sunday Is also Missionary the are entering participants Is prodlsed

Flight Simulator operator St Is vying for top At 230: p.d. the pastor, an unattractive film on the glass or strsw. ) day Mrs. Polly Brooks, > for the vaunted those plsnnlBg to attend

Chemical Lab, Physical honors In the Monday end all senior Choir Place your fork on the left and your knife and president will bead tb.pror. title and pr1&... Basely:

Therapy Medical April 12 at 8 p.a. Baby members will visit the spoon on the right. After You've finished eating .. J... Seldom Johnson

Lab pharmacy t Special lit, Contest elated to be City Prison Farm and place your knife and fork In the diddle of Auxiliary Board 3 will Northwestern Darnell-- ComingEvents
held In First preaent Mrs Ruth MeMllllan Cooks an. Matthew .. Gilbert.
Still photographyMete conduct a specie Evangelistic the platt (so they won't slide off when the platt
orological observation, Temple, 825 L Monroe St. Service there. Is removed). If you're having soup an Individual Wise lasrecitsl Jacksonville Beach.

Fleldata Console Operation A fine program Is promised The young People's casserole or dessert In a cup-ihaped dish that is oa Pal. Sunday April Baldwin Stanton Vocational
by Sister 11 at 7 P... Mrs Fannie and Douglas Anderson
Air Defense Fire Rosette Bible Study will begin placed on a plate, you always place your fork or
Dlstrubitlon Eystea Control Cohen, sponsor, and the at 4 P.B The YOUDIPeople' goon on the plate and never in the alp or caaaerole 8. Wlllldss is the pres The Matrons of Day

public Is invited Elder Choir rehearsal (because the spoon Is less likely to be struck or ident. Guest groups from the Spring Baptist Church

"Ho experience is necessary A. Hill Is host pastor, will begin at 4:30: P... spilled If It Is lat on the plate), The Sunday school faculty high schools dsaee will present a preUsterHats :

egt Firth The B. T.U. Hour will beheld something' is served that you not want, or are urging all schools and Edeard waters on Parade and Pine- I
aid. "A lady who New Stanton children to attend the College will also be stple/ Sip April S In the
young at 5:15: p. cannot ..t. you n't discuss It. You canto amid.ewtnvnae.e.timakea
Qualifies mentally .and' Grad Receives The Lord' a Supper and pretense' .of ,Rting.oof, Eaater rehearsals on featured dining room of the
physically will be enlisted Christian Fellowship It. r-- I. J' Mondays Wednesday and The Phlloe. an auxiliary church

In the WAC for a Air Force Bid will begin at 7 p. .. You trygmotto will things, but If you do, 4>n't Fridays st 3 p... group of Sigaa G.... Rho s..s..s, I

period of three years During this service, the be the "nopper-upper or'the, picker-upper unless. you; are working dlllgeatly A spiritual tea will bepresented
and will be school trained SAM ANTONIO.Tei. Alraan pastor will speak on the are st home--nnd then try to. wait until the deal Mayor Appoints with the sorority aid
to fill the job of Albert Cook jr. eon of subject "The Light of is over Unless, of course, you've spilled a glassof Action contestants Meabers are Street Club the Acorn I
CommitteeMayor House, April
Mr. and Mrs Albert cook listed as follows:
her choice. Men." milk or water Once you've said you're sorry I
11 from to .
4 C d ..Mrs.Melvlns
He stated that openings Sr. of 2150 Run St weekly activities areas and the repslrs are ..made forget the incident. Mrs. Aisle Baker Miss I
Louis RltterarBounced Bright elll bethe
are Halted and urged interested Jacksonville has cos- followa: Tuesday 7 Now for a few important 'rnn' h: Ruby Johnson. Miss Joyce I
that tweakerCholrJ
applicants> to pleted his U.S. Air Force P.II"Bible Study8; p.." 1n' t freshen your makeup at the table, he has Wednesday McGee Mrs Helen Bruce !

contact him Monday basic Hilary trainingat Prayer Meeting; Wednesday ntm't blow on hot mot to cool It. alt a minute for the appointed a of group Mrs Julia p. Gllaorere. i1 S.S.

through Friday by telephoning Lackland AFB Tex and IP... Choir 2 rehearsal rein' t rest elbows on tables. purpose or- Theresa Mackey. Mrs of ManuelBaptlat

> 394-7111 extension has been selected for ; Thuraday.B p.d/ Pnn't bill your food no latter how hungry you sre. Action ganising Coddtttee a Coet in unity the Jsnle Y. Crockett. ors Church will
441 technical training Choir 1 rehearsal. Asa McGee Mrs Iris apoaaur a Spring Tea
Don't bite bread Bread Is broken Into bite sin
Friday at 8 p. .. all for. of a eorporatloafor Jenkins Mrs Elisabeth: Sunday at 3 p... la the
pieces and buttered a hit at a tile, aa you'rereab the leeedlate l.-
Senior ambers/ are to ..tit. Morgan Mrs Mary LAVS.Mrs. church auditorium.
You Don't' Have To Oo To Town To Get requested to meet at DaySpring pleaentatloa of the LI 111 aa Mae Hadlltoa. .
fun' t ever chew with your mouth open or talk with Ecoaoatc OpportunityActwore S. S. S. 8.
Church In Mrs. Chrlstell nitsell.
a mouth full Of food. commonly called District 4 of St. Mat-
LOW PRICESOn a speclsl rehearsal for Teens, don't be bored with our talk this ...11. the tar oa Poverty pro- Mrs. Georgians!Nadlae' whltsell.Mrs sad. the. Baptist Church silleonduet
the National Baptlat Maaaey
Table and we are strivingto
manners are Important grsd.lavltatloas. spala Sunday tea
Ufa. Dwlorea Payae.
your Convention we welcome
become sophisticated teen-agers. '
are betas April II froc 4 to S
Into our worship servicessll Contestants and apes.eoriag -
DRUG STORE NEEDSTrade visitors. lyrNo.tMayor aslled asking the following fiorors follows.: P. : la the chsrch

cltliens to serve u.horl..u. Lola
with Your Neighborhood Drug Store To Give Main AddressAt Mrs. Alice BurroughsIs oa the ooddittee; Marie Shsrlese Jacksos.Baker.RegessKelly Borer HelUao of New Turk will


I. Deliver also fill all Doctors prescriptions Arlington School's Awards Program Rehearsing f Scaell Jaaee fork- ( .. Msscells soror FreachleSight. Lilian.

Annual Recital Claude Tales. Frank
For sin
Mayor Louts H. 'Rltter will deliver the address BOB, Soror Roaalee A. 1.1.8. s.ra .

Dixie Pharmacy for the Awarda Day program Sunday at 4:30: P..., la Hsaptoa.Illllsd I.Roderick Milla. Nlcol EraestJacksos. Shaaaoa; Jase Llptrot. Cerise Maters
Soror Dorothy owes M-
Arlington's auditorium .
raptala for .,.
Persons and institutionsto "e se..S................ Charles D. aye Laaeta irvlsg.: Soror the .tlll of
donia C I. Joyner toner Towers, Jr. Joe NJaaes. Dorothy U wlleoa Roaa- Asgset will pretest
1302 Kings Rnl At Myrtli lUlu be honored are; U. ;
principal.will beuavell- Daaiel Nasghtoa.aad Had Jeaklas, Soror EMS Jawes Bryant la aa organand
editor Star Mrs. Toad ,.lt1. piano recital Suede
Pkms Cltii 55S7-S8 .<<1 Pvecaer; Myrna Caraett,
Rdltor. Florida Publishing

Rltter sad Cowaty COB- after service is Jerssalee -
Soror Raby llsoa. CayleBhltsell
Cbdpany; Alyson DA Band sissies Chalrasa, Boa ) Bctlst Cherrh
PlY YOUR LIGHT EATER AU TELEPHONE E. Use, news editor Harris, will also serve Sorer beery

Florida star and Bob In Special as aeabere of the orgealsiag I

Show Tuesday CO.
The laltlal aeetlag of
The Debstlsg Club of the coaalttee haa b... KEROSK1E HOME DELIVER, t

Douglas Aadersos High called for April 5. at lbs Joseph MECHANIC. . .ON. .D"C. TT
School .111 preeeat "A >: 30 P.B. la the city ProprietorBtste
'C'ltt .. .
SIll' }C 4 aid Jefferson Streets Q. ...432QDflDT .
Night silk The Thes toi lilt Coafereaee Boo*.The

""'II" plans" Apiil l> at T: tS Mrs Alice Barroagfta State Coordinator for

Mrrll' Art, Ofta Ado.9ft.' rL 4.,1461 ,... lathe school audi- will be preheated la the office of iceaoalcOssortsslty
tort 118. aanael'dueleel eoa- has Hess

Troupe 248 of the Na cert BUS day evcnlag.Ao coat acted, sad will seed
,lust SIGHT roa A SACKVASO eviTia-Q
FANCY APALACHICOLA tional Thespian society, nil IItb Is the Bsdctaary a repreeeatstive U the I
SO 50 will preset two oae-act of the MU sisal BaptistChurch. ...UI,.

SHELL OYSTERS U. 0tTIWINQ plays. The first will be .... L P. Addl> The State Regleael Office

OYSTERS Vi Pt wOe Pt. $1.15 rove Hits 111 bu. a soft. pastor. la Atlanta advisee
comedy by Dos aid Paytoa The apoaeorlag auxiliary that the erglalal or* T"ii"iJTe

--.r.:: I'M TOM.: fURGI ::.... and the secosd .111 be Is Choir 3 of which lire goalsatloa aeetlag aaoald
REACH LI. Ite PRINCIPAL IWUIatlllourDlItriet gangsters Over lIarl..." Burroughs Is a dealer hurls with the state Q.rlUutor' )-

MIDIUM W T NOTINGe..i. ,. ,.. II. 29c 1. a aelodraaa by 8. Readolph sad E.J.BleckacB ta OTflce. The

MID. MULLET 20t ... S LI. 99eLARCt Horace white, foner Edsuads. p rea'dwt. regleaal office will ws.a.

ROE MUlliT . II. 29.e. P-TA pr..td..toUI be The grasp which also This jeara preeoatatloo assist at a later date. Mt hi IS WY ISillElw I
presented a life ...- ass aeaberahlp la the National Utter has previously Tempest Tatters
.. .M ..11..w __ Ift_ will featare estatandlBB j I
GENUINE RID SNAPPER LI. 4 Je bershlp with theNstloaalCoagress poreaslc Loathe, ta.t.r.t. stated that he haaostsellahed W Ian.y R.mda I

LACK SEA IASS .. LI. lie of Panels and elll pretest oratloas ca .1a.'. Ssppertlag her a target Gem TM Nan ...

SHIIPSHIAD LI. lie Teachers by Mrs AddleRasberry "A profile ef the New la several ...ltcUo.UI .. date of lay I to ae- Q tatl.is T

lUSH FKOZIH LOIJTIR TAILS LI. S2.SO District IV Negro" la eetweea the bo Choir 3. eeeplleb the coapleteergaslsatlea he ......... /kk tMtp

lUSH WATIK CATFISH .. ... LI. Oe president of P-TA group. plays. Tie Creative Dance lacladlagthe : F..... Mart
WHITI PERCH ... LI. OeMO PTA presidents of Piseftrt. roa, dill als befeatsrVl N..uMA approval of the Regleaal hy Ha tae
IASS ,.II. 4,e Dovgls Anderses aMb eM soil atk4 He office, la At. -- ;I Ltbrlio ...
FLOUNDER LI. 4,. ..**a tail*** or .. .elsb
sad Swsle I. Tolbert Tie sealer clsss play, aae M ........ Tie gewehaids last. aad Ue BatloaalOffice vim ---.-. -.tee w+. k esael ;t+ v'
KING MACKEREL STEAKS .. .. LI. 4,. Schools will be .... -. e.es. ..t larva-... .rail.sal ...-.r...
plsf eatitled. "A lit of .esa.e he.M y ta ,,,Ullt...
STEAK FISH . .u. "SeJUMBO .., eneaselt .
fan guests, aad ... dill alee be eo same.As D.C. which la the aeceesary ,... &> ..
.. M&c&I.
eM late meta '" .
ale will be rendered nrDuaberMIgh reseated this ...k. All ..4 *... Ckrtsttaa as*.* roejalreaeat to- urllHI ...., .)( I.. .. Cka
MEDIUM SHRIMP . ,IB. 79e School dee .
felted he
plays aid aratleas are for plaiuilsg fasO are

CRABMEAT ."mr"r.iw; : =In: Clahfree. Cove "'rt.... aeer dlreetlea of C. *."fV AM- ale wca ailed eae a aie.yea.e .... .ado avail able to the

A portrait of lira. Al Leawood Leo. few e<**.... ...s u...

-- .
-- --
-- ---
,4.JJ'.z. .l.'grlt' q'l. r'r-- r

r r--------.p-.u, ____.__. ... L '
-- --- ,..-... .. 't lirn.1 _

1 a k L \ r.1 I


tlol's Top Entertainers Annual Law Institute Sparked By Top legal Representatives School Burlary Gang Suspect

Supported March To Fullest Slashes Wrist During Questioning

MONTCDNERTAIa-INPI-Toe entertainment world, CHICAGO-(NPI)-A burglary suspect slashed his
lone retarded as one of the most liberal slements wrist with n nail clipper, In an apparent suicide
of American life, tuned oat en masse for the drm attempt, while being questioned In a 011 ClIO police
ttlc cllmsx forthehistorlc Alabama. FreedMarch.Approximately station last week ".."" .""."."e
30.000 ...................... PolicesaidDonald tl.f. lag was continued to
persons heard top entertainers of the headline pre- 29. declared: April ..
of state screen sent. I'd rather die than The young womsn was not
television and night Among others ptrtlcl a4; get fingered for what charged.
data perform and pledge Dating In the rally were I've done-'Lord pleaselet
their continued support Mike Nichols and Elaine me diet"He Governor Defies
to the cause of civil May, comedy team; Ossle *ss not seriouslyInjured
right. Dart.pi aywri ght-rthor; ----s......._ ---- and was given Reelection Threat,
Toe scene was a muddy comedian Nlpsey Russell" : OUTSTANDING members of the hal professioa la Florida State University Tallahassee; AU,. U* first aid at a nearby Meets With Negroes
high school baseball Chad Mitchell ton singer speaking roles, highlighted the recent 12th Annual -'ct.r J. Shaw Jr., assistant public defender of hospital
diamond on the outskirts ; and Tony Perkins Law Institute at Florida M* University sponsored Dun County (,Jacksonville Atty. Henphlll priceII Butler was one of four JGNEI b0 La."(rcPl)"
Montgomery.,. Their The stirring tribute by the College's School of L... The Institute was Columbia S.C. sad an AiM alunnus; Asst. U.S. suspects believed to be If you go up there and
state wes a platform from the entertainment dedicated to Dr. Albert Turner Dean of the Law Atty. Jsmes Matthews, Miami, who Is also associate embers of a burglary talk to those niggers.
hastily constructed from world cane on tednesday School at North Carolina College, Durham, N C. judge of Municipal Court, Opt Loci and Atty. gang which concentrated you will never be electedto
coffin crates. night, on the eve of the tyeekers shown from left are: Dr. Veraon J. pox t?. r. King of Albany Os on school break lns In s thing In Louisiana
Busy davis Jr. Tony dramatic march 0 f 15,000 head of Criminology and Corrections Depsrtment Chicaia and suburbs. again," GoT John J.
BinettHrry Relafbnte. persona to the state capl- His mlllp.nlonilere 1* Mcxelthen was warned before
Shelly winters Leonard tol building Top Pro Takes Sales Job Labels Riots dentlfled by jjllce as he left Baton Rouge,
Rernstein. conductor of Gerald Johnson 23. Anthony the state capital to
the See York Philharmonic Clarks Brawley Youth Outbreaks Chamberlain, 23. meet with parents of

orchestra; controversial Eyes RetirementA1LNCU SOUTH BKND.lnd.-NPI( )' and Winston L. !Ray :24. high school students who
author James Baldwin. '" /:! "40. Dean Joseph O'lIItar. of They were arrested In have been b4cottlsand
former" heavyweight boi -(NPI)"Dr.JamesP. :' the Notre Dame Law school the apartment of n 23* demonstrating for IB-
lag champion Floyd Patterson Braeleyshose admlBl ; declared here Saturdaythat year-old woman who. said proved fsclllttes.MCKelthen .
and comedian stration is said to be the t J : : ,,. .,.. the outbreaks In she was a girlfriend of eho bed
.. vowed In his campaign to
George Kirtjr were typical most fruitful In the .s' : Harlem !Rochester N.r. Johnson
r 3Ci.
year-hlmtroy of Clark '.... .. : ...,lJ Philadelphia and other Police lII.t.Sheldon< Teller uphold the Iht.' tradition -
Priest Lashes university, .111 retire ': ... :. eI .< northern cities this said !Butler indca of separation of
this cuing June after 40 .. .. .....,.. '. : \',, past summer were not ted he and his uesncia* the races, said h* was
Chicago's Schools Y. <;
; ,.an' service i tea had rsrtlclpated In putting his career on
ss teacher '
tIllAtls t\ ., "race rlota" aa they
Nation's Most Biased dean and president .J\\ .' : had been labelled but approximately 100 school the line" at Jonesbora.
joining the faculty at .. ,.: .' (. rather >outh riots" burglaries 411 four Negro leaders bail warned
'A6HIRGTO'-(NPI)-*A Clark In 1925 after .. ;,,3.1. ortheoutvtrd expression suspects have recordsof that the tiny paper sill
young priest last week teaching one year at Rust "" "' .; .. i' c : of extreme "sensitivityof narcotics addiction, town could easily beo III'"IIrIother
accused the city of Chicago college, be became dean ''i' ... : .. ., .., ., ,.. tod.,' young peopleto according to pol I c.. Belsa. "
and the Itoaan! Catholic the aeit year. He held //L\f\" \ Injustice." Johnson's girlfriend Oov MCKelthen, acting
church In that city that post until 1941 when :' : He added that the present told police the men often ss s mediator between
of operating' the largest he assueedthepr.sidrey, .' crop of youngsters discussed prospec the Negro parents and
,, most segregated Under him adminl stration. \ "are more !lsless than pective "jobs" in her leaders and the Jackson
school systems In the the university more than In years past" apartment and stored Pariah school board
nation" doubled Its student enrollment .. Speaxlnc befire an la* loot there for shortperiods urged Negroes to 1ielp
Hurling the charge ... the faculty ... trated audience at* of time."he aol,. racial problems
the Rev Daniel Mallette, increased more than 300 ls.-.riljah B. Pitts, nnnlng back for the famed Green, Bay Packers, tending a law school said typewriters, without hurting and
32.: during a speech before per cent sad the financial is greeted on the first day of his new between seteons"job ss n nember of aympostum, en the campus tape recorders, idling hstlng."
an interfaith conference budget of the school the sales staff of the Filet Brewing: Company. His greeters are (left to right) d Notre Dame, he noted mscMnes, movie projec ..*e'v* nil got to give
of slow parishes.The was rained to 10 tines R.B. nun I no, vice president of sties, and Robert C, chenault, assistant to that he disagreed with tors and cash lore usually some, MrKelthen said
priest who Is as* chat It wss when he ss- the males vice president. Flits, who has been living In Little Rock, Arkansas, Dr. Martin Luther King's taken The only person who
signed to a parish is a mused office.A will shortly move his family to Chicago and eventually to Milwaukee, he said. ......flnt that the outbreaks The four suspects ap> stands to get hurt here
predominantly Metro area nstlve of Teiss, .he The 2lpound back will enter him fifth season with the Parkers this spring were due to 'Vnvlronnentsl peered Narcotics court today layout governor "
| on the lest side of Chlcato earned .his bachelors degree Him wife. Ruth, Is an es-school teacher." The Pitts have a two-year old son, causes last mesh, where s hear. The governor met privately

also hit the Catholic from Samuel Houston -- ..................... with n delegation
I church for 'bver-etteod- college, sad the II.A. and "HAACP ......., "" A.S_ Members of Indian tribes sensed Negro slsves. After of about 40 Negroes,
from Northwestern Mourns Tuskegeeen Opens lnurd O.nrlsi4eri --| |Inn aim"
leg Itself In bsildiat Ph.D. decrees use hIP fire minks rmanclpatlon proclamation,, these Indians not only Ho" "'. their voices
construction st the ei* university. He Death Of Catering Service .*> slid 't'. geePulk'.uaH.v" freed the slues but made them full members of the could be still heard in
pence of the poor. also pursied studies at p.'1II.I'ln tribes. a nearby. halleay
ft, Nsllette pictured the universities ef Southern II IIfIIArOLU'I" )"Oscar 'III". .ta'
-- --- ------
[Chicago piblle schools California aad Chi* Daisy LanpklR C. Motsrd. over of Ito.ard' -.tlSln's------

iiiperlnteadent Beajasiailllls camo.Me new rou.t'Or.er MAACP ladaitrlel cater
as the symbol of also holds several staff member and longtime lag service recently held
the most crucial civil honorary decrees from member of the NAACP bard the trend opeslsi of the
rithts sltsstlem Im the ....t1 Houston, Illinois .f Directors. Its Daisy latest sddlttos to his .
atlo.." esleyes asd Clark in Lsmpkls died recently at local estersrlees, the
'be torn am Cstholle ..,..lit was sated si smogs tilt ate of 11 In her home Hotsrd's .1t.a.r'I.
neb and the city efilcsto of the year at north vest* is Pittsburgh.IB Cafeteria.A .
are 'etlectlsg era university, a teletrsm ts her gradate of TsskeieeItstlUte. QUANTITY SOCIALS' GOOD C
he seeds of the poor" He is married to the husband, William, Roy .Hoesrd ... r.* RIGHT} RESIftVlD THROUGH LIS,19
be caar.." former Georgia Illlans.. nUll, NAACP executive eMU cored chairman of SATURDAYS
........ who tsutbt at dark during director .t.t.d"fo the the ImmesotB I..h.r..t.llOciatlo.oo..ltt.
c laniw IU
his deanaUp."FhettrBshy .. 1E.ETIIESHORTENING
r r. civil rights movement her
psaelBt means the loss ofs for edscstlos, ". betas liMIT 1 PLEASE fill

With A Style"One st alt art supporter asda .his food services csreerss ill... 0R MIRE fill IRRER
courageous champion," Bssster of tb* T.ls I
Mrs Lmwesla had devotedher City Arseosl Csteterlssdsrlsi lERSRET'SSUGAR
estire life to the the areas COBnut "

c.... of civil rights,

Prior the NAACP to her Board election ef Directors to. closed lea ,the be srsessl established ess XI ,TIE, PIICIASENUESSUT 59 tk. 35C

IB 1949 eke had Neetrd'S iBdsstrlsl Cattria. -
bees s field secretary .. ..re be forties I 3 IRS, UNIT 1 1ItAJE win
for the AseoclattOB be sorties for. Bomber ofiadsstrlsl $5.M II MIRE MMEl I

gulag !. IUt- the csfeterlie.Isclsdtog Kelahardeompsay | M0RII MlinrCREiM 111!
Dvrlsg the years ekes

the orgsBitstloa, she I it reduced essMil4ltg ,M4TCO unlace Udiistrles.rsslff mad the. STYLE CORN

CD set.(..Coast storee. DETERGENT
the sstlomslly seed
Stop Shopping For All Nee now Bf heal aessershlpcaevalgns 1cd.hrl.. offers
sa ecomoaltal sad cea WIOIE IEINEI rims
Your Photographic NeedsEMERSON'S and mss responsible i REl MINIE
reagent service ts t....
fer ortamltisg hmm
drede of brsstbes sad cemeealtfIt IscliieeservtM CORN
PHOTO youth. rcMSClls mrrsss the for BouBda/ luck S9C
entire Bsttem.rs waist ad ftiadaf dla
1817 N. MYRTLE AVE. LsssslB gas sis sore for the ..tS ,. TREUIS-IEMER slur IW
scttve In the HstlssslAseeclstlsm fall,,
(IS," Sii.ijl, If A Ieltt.sttsI ) tf Celeredesea Mother fscettfHoearrs PEAS UNIT 1 PLEASE
served .. ...S.... sill Isiliie
hsvlsc Will S5.11 IR MIRE rill IRIER
t classes .1 tied .lsslstyrwfarstlM .
satlomal chslr
Pint 354-3212 rtsslser.
sen Bf the board mad vicegresld.et mad mmt sternest imf TiTiTCOCKTAIL
for ,..n of tile as' 6 N m 1.00

..-.1 helped the late eaaty.Ceevkt- 1.00
Old wary Met gad .>these or*. LtherI. 53 1'
tsslte the mstioms. 0 M

ell .f .eir. BomeB ... Harvest SIIII 11(1111"( cuu A IIIIERIill Till.
PMetOIfIphsME srty Imher csreer mentaltor
I. .-*... s Mffrsse eitn
the Lacy WOOS teaoe. ..w Hlftmlllt 1

Gel Per BSSS yesrs Mrs,, HEN TURKEYS 'n\\ I :, 39CIII.I
IMCIs- ... ma rffleer ., fU.LU..IU-a. of .
the plttetar.h Cmsrlere BDOvlcts BS eaSt 05 bar
f ess also MUff ..., veetlBg farm cress fsr
SfftliH tHy tse Us. mad Detts tl.nsTl private Jstereete bas. ncuns tINIftlp Ilsnll t11MATI/M IU'lurn

*ls .r.rltf, beem riled Illegs! byttty.

..r.. .... tsrl rslr* SMOKED PICNICS FLOUR MILK
Plitis Male lilin' III lirlii 1112 clot*.
OPOER FUEL IB SB asides .*..u
Cli Ri CUUiii Fir )S tabl Gal .ab.n Nlil this ..... b State Pee. C II J u. fUll" un
!>I/ IX p. Cm vt si tern of De" 1 00
SUI maG 7
210 39C
CItyPalrcI ..u.**- InIAl( UIS
Royal Art StudioSOCIAL era _.t.... Is wvlrtstesosltls U. 5 US.
te.r. ttolS4lSt -
inset all W.o.1 ... III.I RIPE
01FUlL s>m>lt_ teed Msg Bald
...tJ w. test of other BANANAS 10
515 DAVIS ST. I r aee.T ..
[!ill. !.re*-U.* nJ ,.1&' .
c? of Mttisg off off
ELGIN 4-lftf4 ....... mAl ...... sere 'msi( PIn
for tae Aisle's frill
SmRsb & Vtd Ca. sad ......... bsrvestess Ills urU'1&
CLOSED All DAY TUESDAYS gem..-..-...... ..JI.,.. re.MS, CAI.AGE 5C BOSTON BUTTS I .39C
Blblo fir the *tlsle*>. ?, ?

... .....
.---- .- -.- .......--.---... -- >!!!: '= r -- ---------._----- -----

----..---.----- ., -- --- .w.-.-. .
- r.r.r.w .w.
.nrwrv.a w wwri.rr....-ar.r --r- .y

i r .
I v.. (


-.e. "< -'"




I- .. >.61


Miami. leach Rates Drop Set Top Baptist Leaders New Church Begins Services Sunday Paper Co. Ignors

In April; Others To Follow To Spark Confab Plea From NAACPNEW

TOM"Following up an
earlier appeal to tbe
MIAMI BEACH-Vacation prices art going down in Ran. Gardner C, Ttylor
Paper Company
Mlul Bttch. Ai always with April hotel rates pastor concord Baptist of Erie, Pa. not to proceed
here begin the ewlft drop from Bid-winter levels Church New York, sad
with plaaa to build
to the btritlns of summer that becoae effective Joseph H. Jackson pas in atrlfe
May 1. ..........eeee es...... tor. Olivet Baptist a new plant
A torn Selaa. Ai a. *-aa appeal -
The April visitor can tub aei, two tennis centers Church Chicago and which the company

traot about 29 per cent and other faellltlea IU- president, National Bap, rejected-MAACP: Executive
from lodgings' ooata prevailing puttied by the Bunlclpal tilt Convention USA. ,
wilklaa sent
+ Director Roy
In Marob. MOlt recreation departaent. Inc. are two of the 1 F5 t a sardonic telegraa to
rooms' la ooetnfront hotels Other points about ton speakers tentatively ',
Donald Leslie. sr. -
daring sister average around that alght be of interest to scheduled to address the of the H-aaeralll

|30 a day, with .&111,, till vacationer are' the city nth Baptist World Con 7iczz board of* dlrectora.

at 140 and aoae at $50. under library on Colllna Avenueat tress, which meets here "Are you not proud." b.

aprlof. rites the reduction 2lat Street and the adjoining June 2530. asked 'that the Hammer-

will reap fro. $S municipally op* .". Taylor la paired : v 3 ,,,, nary .ill Paper Company by
to $13 a day la this )ui- rated Baea Art Muteua. with former ArkansasRep. : building In Selaa... will be

cry class, cabana clubs, The Convention Hall and Brook Hays ia the : helping to support the

seaside atlMlni pool and the aunloipal andltoriaa seventh plmary aesslon, __ Wallace .tor. trooper
top appolat.. tl art' to be adjoining are centers for In an address on Tree
kind of atate government
expected alone with an entertalnaest nany of tbe special activities don and R. pond bll ity." .r IICOPS

proirM. here.Visitors. Rev. Jackson will deliver ....an,+lar
Diamond Series
far real econoaj, ont Bay will find fishing the Sunday morning

try any of scores of aaalltr boats end guides at docka sermon, June 27. Florida "'I' a hauLaJJ

hotels, aany Just a abort along the bayfront near' Earlier In the second 1 nine took the round robIn -

walk troD oceufront parka Fifth Street A sports plenary session, Wllllaai baseball tournament

and beech,., where April' cruiser with skipper Bate R. Tolbert vice president SERVIC!: for all Christians comnltte-l to their r.- of teatmlnlater Presbyterian Church and Alfonza held here Friday and SatuMay -

rites will be no Bore than and all needed tackle ..eCOll.O of the Republic of sic religion beliefs will he the underlying pro- Mozell formerly pastor of Trinity Community 0) the V* campus.
datb. four' anilere, will conduct the services. specie! music The Haulers had a 3-1
$10 a day double. Liberia west Africa gran' of the beautiful /Mew Presybterlan Church and (Church
be chartered for will be furnlahed by Cecelia rmnn. The public la record. dropped
In asother'south aunaer can a will give the response Community Center located at tec 12th Avenue and They
hslf-das of Oulf 8tre a welcoae. Invited. their' lone loss to Still J-
tarlffa will be posted affording to the civic 43rd Rt? Miami, which holds it. first service

luxury for 110 to trolling at $90. Fun day, April 4 !at 11 ..... !.evs. Tom Jones, paator (Photo ty Johnson of Mlar.l: man college, 52.:
$15 a day and econoay for Much winter' activity ran Committee Aporoves

perbapa $10 to $39 a week. seine during April including -
Great Hopes Planned For Newly Hizonnor Greets Assn. Officials
Much the aaaa rate atrue- bone racing at Oulfstreta Local Hampton HouseMIAMICM'IHa.ptoD

tare la to be found la s- park through April Constructed Presbyterian Church

partBeate. with a alallar saw
House Motel and Villas
wide rung of choice ligers Claw Rattlers has been selected as one 4 new Preahgrterian Church In Greater Miami hold

Whatever the declaim all of the boat hotels for it* first aervicea Sunday morning April 4th at
the cityi recreational facllltlea TuBke.ee! Institute defeated the Baptist World Alii 11:00: .. ... in the beautiful sanctuary located at

till be nearby a- Florida ASM University ance Congress seating N. I. 12th Avenue and 43rd street Ton Jones, pas

loss with stores resteu- In both the tingles which will convene her tor of the tteatminiater Presbyterian Church and
nnts.Blght club and ahopieaterlai and doubles to take June 25-30. it was disclosed Alfonro Moell. formerly pastor' of the Trinity Con-
to every' nted. the 15th Annual PAMU .unttyChurdi, will conduct the.ervicem. T q +' }
Tea oceanfront parka pro Tennis Invitational. last week by the pedal music will has"rendered ........................
Rev nankins r. Parker.
vide COM two Bllea of pub- The Tuakeiee duo of Aua- chairmen of the BWA by a choir directed the area" the Presbyteryof
lie beach aloni Miami tin Wise and Carl Hill housing committee. Ly Cecelia f+U'\lI. the Everglades took

kicks 10 allee of At* Untie ahorellne A few 92 and T-5 In the duab 'Preebrterlan cons i ;
expected to attendtbe quite and attractive n v y 'rty
blocka lalaad are a done lea use defeated A&JTe Baptist meet, which .,.. tlon ;S, itlesovtj ; church plant and r.-

or Bore playground parka, Leroy Long 42 and d-3, la held once every three In Oct. 1964, because its..) lueated the We.tministerPreebltertan { wr

threeiualetpelgolf/ oonr- for the alnglea' title. y e au. members. had novel faoa'a Diorch, toauu. r w rid .J.

w .. reaponalblllty'fnr.heginnlng l}?

Tune WAME Home Of The World'sChampion : i 'In the this area.To end. a a new thorough ort 1, '-

aeries of meetlnga with MiVU-Mayor' !Kobert Hag Hi ah ia greeted by outjolag pr.st.knit Alvle ltonton.

J*t eomnnnity leader of St. Pvteraburg. and r real tUnt. *elect II'''. Marian inaoa. Kiwi. of the Florida

Disc Jockey other churches, tlenomil Vtate Teachers Moeiatlon before welconlng some 2,500 delegatee at Miaul'a

national leaden from Bayfront park Auditorium during the troop' a Hawed- Jubilee Cnnv-ntlon, are

Atlanta, reeldeita of Shannon la tile third w..n" in We association* a history to bead the .000 .mater

the community, school organisation. (Ml...-Metro !Nna hireeii Plato)

and agency lealera to

discover what the av*-pe A&M's Thorpe Primitive Baptists
of the work should be. M.T.IMI Glerkilinr

I Of apeclal help were End Conference
Elected ,.,., "'UU.al1d arei.e.
(he bi-raclal, inter QUINCtCNPIt'e'lorSeSlO.ur.la
U la .11 ..ff.lrf.
denomlaational at lid state
IUr.Lo". ..,'1..., .....
groups which net for Not1! GroupATLANTA. prlaltlve Bttat cosveatloa > .
three hours on each of eloaee) It. <4thaaauef .et.. Rltt.C." t.sttrberSt

y the four *eturd_ye inFebruary. Ga. ->Cdeia M. a'esalos's. InTIlt.|-1"0'.. Doe, (,5(81co.
Thorpe director of ad.la.foae Zlom prlmltlvef Baptiat* Hlr la ae few 10

The Church which he and records at church here last suaday" dreadful U.t aI mewl
r gins its eervlce mday Florida LAW University.Tallabaaaee These of tie meeting was ,h.l.. UotH at: Ml ..t,

Nicky lee will J be founded on the was elected "Ovaadlag tot Christ II 'TtUl itre. .,.,. .1S1.tJ01I'

Holder of world principal which have preaideat ., the gatloaalAssoclaUea The Rev M. G. Miles, *. t ass will It w...

Broadcasting Record reached through the of Cftllege Florida preaideat. presided at4l tMMUf LM.te4. laStMl.
Fred f Hanna
Alfoazo MOil 2260ontinuoua Hours studlea. Dean sad Regtatrara at over the ......... Fla. OB* visit I*

4 core of persona, many the close ef the orgaai* rational coaveatlba ,r.. nose.CMU *.< F.* mill

who were in. the now die ..Uoa' 3th annual coavvetloa ideat ia the Rev P. D- fl tJk* .ur.fftf',

-1 solved Trinity CoewwRltyfflvrch.have here March 1$. istbe Braatley. Miami.w self pr>" '1" *t. Ml>

pI tem setting Atlanta. Aaerlcaaa

for aome tine to dim Hotel ,

ruse rhat Sues Free Delegate from the 1:0

byterlMa Tick?" These amber. colleges ef the t

peraons, along lta a atsuciattoa heard, aanag .
anal number of deeply several speakers of proit .. .,'".....

.. ;. ooe.ltt.d.wb ,. of..mr..1I1t1rt..V.1' aence, Dr. Ralph CM, ...
Pbarchia Plyst. eoaaieloaer far

Bob Terry Hade Co.nty who! are edacattea reaearch end

being loaned." to the deTelopeeat. V. .. officeof ,, .
"1'0'3:00 to I: SO (4Ga055 mod
mew chinch tor cam year Iducatie. waahlagtes.D.C L '
F roB IAMB Downtown. Brother, Ray .
Studio will nake ap the core of
Rockin Rogers the aggregation. Taee of the .e.tlag ws 4n. "

.*...... College Administration '

..'" .. |.| a*.t, ... STYLE ISIS
SEE ibis
.. ___ r_ ... ..
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s /.5*M tten moose I .'" "'.
>. vovm aeon n. _e0S .
.--- _..... i
..... o. CAa-
vw 1oc
loOT ...... w.r.re wL..M
e.alowoat.smos .
m ;: :::: nnVMTV
..... ..... imll
M W ew -- -
.. ___ rT'CWY
** *4I Crr **._
.VMV D CTT -+. .
"' .-laa 5eA5.i- _

WAME1260 w.u---May.....---
w em t..er !! M :
trm*, -n > .w rr PuCTO*Bcnrxim
Kese ecguta A
M M :: -=- e. = ,
". iSi ii W b.M M W .II
=t o.an.t6. ...i -t w.e y aS -... -- -
u ahl.I__ _
t ...aw..WT5 ... ..
= iniT" ;.., .:.
;;'..wee ....----- -
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WMBM5pollIg'l ---- '
una seal l o.u"'LA ,.A ... _
Line" Nightly At 11 ...w_ w .r -
Hear "Hot ..
p.m. Brie a..e w wra .... --.. -- ..... ..
c-----. ffi-.... ... ...,
Product 01 The Week ercw.cn WqM
.. .r: ;::
WithArt Green ....-. "' fld.5weir.....::.r-
e' l..
Miami Florida ne N t-...---, /.4 ws. s.we as.... ,...

"" "
----- --- 'II

' -- ---_. -' "

; ; 1

mil 3. 1JE5 Fllllll STAR PAPERSHost rPARE

I C Florida A&M Lambasts Opposition To Cop Annual Relays I

Rattlers Annex Brace Of Records
Southwest Craig Feels Stops Over To Aid Scholarship Fund ;

7-Firjls Places For Championship
-- --- -
By Ciacy Reds [ -----J by Do C. CDLLINCTON

LLOYD C.A. WELLS Sportscope I I kk TAU.VUSCm-l1orlcla University track and field
Win Flag teen took seven first places and ttt two recordsin

TMPA**How would you react the 13th annual Florida ARM University Relays
Hayes Praised if you wtrt a valuable here last week. Records fell in the discus and the
...btr of n teas which lr shot put. .......................
H0US79N erasruT -(NPI)-Tt>t bluest track and field won the 1964 N.tlo..lLuu AMI tallied 63 points US: Edward Raters U;
carnival of the lIP riD,-UI. nth annual Port Valley State
TSO Re- pennnnt and then : in winning the relays 9S:
.. alnttd for "S .c. CIQ- recently coded AtT College of North
opaa took the honors la the which was part of the
a big bust. world series and then tyring sport Carnival Carolina 9; Allb...
Texas feuthtrn didn't let the meet approved by find yon were traded to Ulen University eassec- State, I; Benedict, 5:
the NCAA thai southern, enabling. Florida 41... another club? and with 22 points.O,,'et and Savannah State 4.
Prairie View Md several other achoola pulled out Thin question was posed teens and their scoring The Rattltra' two-.ile
Just before the first running ...at. TSO ran an to Roger Craig tile veteran ere rehouse. 20.; Tus- relay foursoat of Hoter
the wheeler Street Track Club but didn't get any righthander the Cincinnati kegee Institute 12: Hull ton. Ceaaar Austin
competition froa Lipton Bishop and Mexico City Red obtained in South Carolina State Prank Carroll and Llo
colleges. trade with the world nell Russell set n new
The Tennessee Statt Tlgerbelles wtra on hud and Chanplon St. Login Cardinals Believes Cazzie nark of 7:: 85. Donald
put on t good shoe that was highlightedhy a record on Dec. 14. 1984- l. finlth aet the new standard -
10.3 100-yard dash by Olympic Games chmplon '! wan surprised ..... Ready For Pros in the discus with

WyoBla Tyua. John Htrtfleld cleared what was announced aorta" ataltttd Craig. R-CC: ALUMJS. award (Bl) Charles (left) classy third harm and potent .U d. Says MM' Official a toss of 18** :?'.
as T feet In the high JUMP but when the I thought I bad dense okay lID with the Kanaan City Athletics and timing first basetan Jin Gentile, paida PMU nnlnhtd first and
sag in the bar waa tieaturtd.it proved to be a attt with the Cards but I know brief visit to the Rtthunt-Cookaan... campus there ttarles presented Km YORK- 'faille Run second In. the 100yarddash
record of 8-11-3/4. la baseball you CaD tt- tophoaort ah Lee walker with n check on behalf of the annual Edward Charles: sell it the ont playerin 1 In a slow 10 seconds
!Rob Hayes property of the Dallas Cow boy of th,* pact to be traded I.Q1U. Scholarship *und. the presentation was aide during the Athletics-Houston Astronauts college today that flat luient Milton wan
""-... ... on hand to pass out a buahtl of catches I fttl. tko. like I' gnat at Daytona ....ch. (Photo by A.Paul Crawford) you can build n new pro the winner with Nat Janet
to the winning ptrforaers at ad ft froaRoysJ: Crow coning from World Ckanp- franchise around" says taking second place,
Cola, and the 'fastest huaan la worl ct' told this loan to World Caaaplona. a veteran National Mss( PAMlTa 440-yard relay
writer I'd beard rumors for Rattlers' Cage 'Whiz1 Swashes loaf RampProgram kttball Association official tens aped the distance
Jaat catching coach Jake Galther and the boy several years that the in the current in 41.4on the wet track.
In apriig training gives ae that old itch Ton Reds were after ... ton 3 AII-Tlme Team Records Is issue of TORT ....ulu.Caul. The 440 ttMwaacowtxutd

know it 1. football that I really lore... track don't know about rumors TALLAHA..K'y-Three Pierian AtM University basketball .. n tit foot five of Major Haiti ton,Rugmt
la O.K.but ril Ukt feotball gaat any lay over though. records were broken during the past hardwood Now UiderwayLAII and ont hI) f-Indtm. 23S- Milton Nathaniel Janet,
a track stet."DoIthink. Hanager Slsler." said pander fro the University and tlllltn .riaM.TII. .
Beaton. lllit Collltr.ia+ senior fron vest Pali
Icanatit1ntheILshynot? I Craig .'told.. it looks Beach net itt records in scoring for a single : cmT bOlt of stlehigen.haa the Rtttlera also took
did O.I. to far in every kind of competition, like I'll bt a abort relief "*Mt. too rial for ont ..UOD. and the highest nu.- rhtVM haw recently been tilt, the shots, the' n* the 110'yard relay and
bared IT So why won't I do a* eel 1 with the O>.* .... Thin it okay Nr of points scored by an Individual. la his ca completed in Clay Countyby guilty and the uncanny tile one-nllt relay to
boys with .. an I feel I can rear ......................... the Case and Fresh psestnability to turn win nil tile relays ti*
Well, one thing tor sure. Dala will lave the kelp the bullpen.. I like The 3-11 ball-handler Waite Bellamy of Palmetto Wtttr fish Connitalon a group of Journeyman cept lilt sprint medley
fatttat rookie in the leant (or. world tor that to pitch, have tilt con duaptd in 23 Held goal Pit. He had a and art now reedy for pros into an ticltlng which wan tun by Allen
atttr). if not the soot talented trol ntceaaary to work la career record of 1.878 use by fiahernen and and cohesive unit University in 3: 3Soo.
................... relief and think I can and thin tint year against free throws Port points in 86 ..... Colliers boaters, according to Russell has side a distinct The N0-yard dash wentto

rant who. will coat fro all over Teiaa this sua- bt of beat kelp to the for nee Bart in for Brantley Ooodton, rt* positive, It<>rt* Lou Jlnernon of Tut*
Valley state College
ncr to ttt the Hotiton Attrot in the fabulous Cincinnati curb la the 39 points and n new carts 93 Nm... Bell_,' single glonnl aaangtr for the tton whtrevtr ht has keget institute with a
DMtd ltalU... will) bt seel g the player voted the bullpen." Individual eoorlog isa gene nark wan S3, Conaissloa'a. Northeast playedwith tilt pottlblt tint of 41. I.
beat in the Tau league last year. M think the Reds art a tlnglt ..... In hit registered against Benedict Florida Region.Ooodton exception of the 1941Olytplc The pole vault went ta
Rt in Joe Korgtn. who hat an excellent Unmet tf real contender and I'. goer yearn with the Rattlers College la 1962. said the rasps trials In New DUI Bt rich I nnd of port
being oat of tile three negro ttartera with the At* happy to bt ller." b.adCral Collier scored Hit highest scoring: sea- were installed as part Tort Valley Bt stet th a clear'
trot on optnlni day. I.Craig. 2.200 points, Nt in the eon can in IM3 when ht or the o>....tOIL'. pro' If the NM d t'nt tt. ann of 1:1.: and the
Walttr ]Bond: and .II.., cyan will be the other two. in ont of the tallied m points in 25 gram to lasers. access tabllah a new franchise high" JUMP to Lee Davit
.................... hardest corkers la the first 2.000 Rattler point to .re.rk sentht ...... Collier scored for flahtrnen andboattrt around Cssilt Rtastllwhm of raward waters with nJwp
Houston's At trot have been jttt abort of beingaantatlonal fttdn camp and hat i.pressed .- T0' points la 21 taste to all public waters In ht becrtiet eligible .. ," .
The preylows records
this apring la tinning four consecutive everyone with hit during the 19443ton. sue- florlda.wtrhthot. for professional play In John !RoJJt of FUN ran
were by forward
'.'.. laeltdlng 74 defeat of the alghty fine attitude nod ability, 11'18. he'll undoubtedly n 23.3 In the 220-fatd

New Tort Yankees Jlawy '111'. their tan center Fastest! Hnnti" Joins Firm be the no. draft cnolctIn dash" to oop first place
fielder was Jut at sensational at bat in ont the Itsgut, honor In that event
gnat*...U.'OI base foir consecutive tinea and :,; "" "" :
playing sterling ball in the Held. Big alt /toad '', I
.in currently batting in the cl...-*' trot for the ; .I\ .. :
'.space City" A.tro.. ; .r ,c"- ;
e........N.......... !;
\ \
Dlh.r.tU.f Hoastoa grid boss 1111 TtMtn play \ !
t--e41101' to tat Btstfa top Negro art school: grid ..
r. : ,'
lI.r last ..ell... Men 210-pound, .. .oot. 2-inch o if "'.'".....'. <,.'
power-packed Gorge D ford, the fullback who ltd : ...... J.ff
-MO to their first sod.m-day state 44 schoolboy y.: ,

title, visited throughout the tat ttadlaa. __ ., 1':1': ti


Toe Seek The Mat Doctor p'Y
*en lour 0>>ctor prtoerlaes.Ct II RON XTRobNW( of J act ton vl I If. third fn* left. In photo right. '''"ta and Hiyet art
Kxptrltnced pharatcltts du hlt Olyvple Gold Medal winner, dltcweeet tlgn- gre.ttd at luncheon by All)"Uerlcant, end Arthur
According your Doctor's tag of sales protHot contract with George A. Robltsontltft) and center tickle Ulllaw. (nut).
Orvert. ft Oat poly The Beat Morris, ....,..1 Mica Hunger, Royal Crow colt Roblatua, .1111... and Nerve sore honored by R.C. soy
Oiallty Onign C.L ILd Ca.. Co Itt.... ... sod Cerrtt rust. society tdl' Colt Co. during the special )luscla,. ttveralag" .sett _
pro riet.r
.r.r jrr and associate editor of nosy lUiatlteduring ,
.3 uxarrDas f"IWMACI" m TO' Bum too( Pltridn AssTt Rascal Inttracaolnttlt Press

A COMPLETE 1.1"10'

.Cbttet let-Rubber Baodt-Caadltf stoadrlttPRGBOUPTIOM Sckais Calls Aierbacfc Great
CALLED rot. AW EI1.I iuLilly's "
Basketball Coach, Bat. non latest' Kin's Hair Slyies

Drug Store .n TOTt-"1 respect ,... trhtchj .. n greet
mack. Mt not nt a per too ...,. Lot Angelet Are Taught At The
Laker a..,. Prtd Miattltmi trtlclt ON ... .>tton
till IIICS Rill EM.1271UN Celtic mentor in tilt current tare. wf VOT' asp
.ara.. .........e............ JacksollvilleBarber
*.. Intlnldate tf

WikJi His ana f I rial t. wft o. every e
call, and gets sea, with .
,r n w n trt nlscoa4 et that College Inc.

1 111-i1- 21fb' any pt4* In the ....."
CMtlMetUtUker boss
7 ..tad ...rt.4 ..'. so..hare !! "' !1J1r:1cI1/ : Irb 030 DAVIS STREET
3S slut Ma .*.,.. ,. I ..
Y lie act leta are ctlcv
llCltlllllll. Illllll
lat.< Nt the ,...It trt
Y J 1 ..teatar* frtatra

12- 1- is 'Hetetbelees, I ,.-
f 11-21- spelt ht| t..1|
II ..*.) ...e of the ge..,
l gowtlt BVt I* awl|Ida lessened to not,*'
.. ..u... it* t Does salts .f'.... 'He's
I. adds ttbtrtctt.t tbt ..1, teed It the
arts It sit snowed Jettftt .. beeps. te tare
OMi+9 ATTt>aiCK s worried ....t extt Its

21 22 2$ ting U da. thee '*tl

-6.................6. .'. goltg it ..... tnh-
I I 9tlUtleblt tttchtte.felt \;
saves .,. M f 9t
Art hit /otrt shears It*
"/ .van* lag at son Mat. he's tti
beret" stealth and P.,. M lee eta M waterRkt
teas Ca* M teen then ..... p
TM .*.. year kVtcftr Pays He'..' W acids.dt.r
KNIGHT tatty Bitrt rt', fir G.o4s .. ...
bad too for your tear .f ttttlilt. M'1" u. .
-Invites You To LIsten To- .,..... ..!.> f.riflli It U AtertacVtha .

lltg tf key. evrt r ,,. ,.. ... .-..-
IK RAM save at nit tots t*.) .
till In tht blaa Mitt Ir..1e4ie, abets re- ." II" :JIf/
sd sail U ZCDt*C. Peel etysille .r ..itg th.
"DANCE PARTY"lilltlr Offtc leg 1171. J art tottitle )- Celt,. n ....t.. salt \ .

L Pltrllt. sad s .,...,. ..... .. .
.aJtr tertMMMl en.!.. Beef eewei
11:11: 'til 12:41Sitirfii : 1IIiI.. .. .. ......._..... ''At s ....h'.' cfeJl9ltren at its BestZATHIAY
and a ,....
S ,... 'III 12 .... sTUZT.. .... .. ........... tf W.... lit Itia saeerPas. .

I ...." ..,. oetwer6NLu

1400 WMC 1400 OraCT .na..j > the *rorrfeatert.

1 .
_. .

.... J }. l '
: .....-
-l. 'e f .t


Lawrence Iszard StIle, NAACP Gibbs Teachers Burglarly Suspect Shot Police ReportsCOMMONLAW -Armed Bee its

Receive Assignments Given Terms
Dies Following (Continued from page 1) Companions Picked Up tely apprehended.The .
ST. PETF.RSBVRO--An- ) Win: ADMITS6HOOTlN6 Wright In the groin.
.missioner Tuesday hireda Confectionery's In Prison
Brief( Illness nouncement of staff The alertness of no- MATE Thorpe then fled on foot
Miami Negro as an Insurance owner Mrs. Corlne Williams -
Fallowing brief illness referee changes at Oi bbs Junior man In calling the police of nOT Mimosa Mrs. Evelyn: Jones told froa the scene. Criminal Judge A. Lloyd

death came quietly College revealed that resulted In the police she shot her cou Thorpe was liter arrested Layton Friday sentenced
international -
Perry Harvey,
Tuesday morning to Law- vice president three Negro instructors quick apprehension of .on-law sate Willie Lee In the 700 block two confessed armed

rends Canpbell lizard will become the first three youthful burglary Jackson with his own of Clay St. and was bandits to $S prison
of the Longshoremen'sUnion
Sr at Veterans Administration members of their race to suspects jailed undercharges pistol Monday following charged with vagrancy, tsar iii.prison.

Hospital Lake told Burns th.trespon.lble work at predominatelywhite of breaking and an argument la a local being an habitual loafer_* 'l Charged and later coaf.l.inl
City.A Plnellas County entering, police reported. hotel. to tbe Dee. 14
want to keep Florida'wholesome' a
native of this city, schools next year. When police arrived armed robbery of a Beach
Mr. lizard first came Ft. Meyers Mrs. L.M. Gregory of they said that Jacksonwas Blvd. drive-in liquor
race relations, but
into local prominenceat 2538 Davis fit. stated lying on the sidewalk store of. $132.Sentenced .
Florida has to make progress (Continued from!
an early age as a page 1) that at about 2:00: a._. Officer Frank C. by the court
and it must bemade
trumpet player. His versatility or take jurisdiction of Wednesday, she heard Abernathy went upstairsand were diaries Mc aeen,22.
in areas so that
on the horn the cause and approve found Mrs.Jones. She of 1314 W. 21st St. and
Negroes can see it. J
later brought him additional the city': plan of de told investigators she Roy Earl Albrlttco. 17.
One umber of the delegation 0tJ
fane when heJoineifthejax segregation.City and Jackson bad been of 2305 weatnnt St.
told Atty. Gen. Circle checked her stock
officials also living together about Asat. State Atty. John

Earl Falrcloth, "we went on record. willing during the Investigation. six laths, aiding ..b.dldn'.t P. Caillard. the prosecutor -
consider you our attorney. Several boxes filled ,
to Immediately de- know what she did said the two Ben
." Faircloth was e- with beer, cigars, candies and heln fdr homicide
segregate playgrounds,' with the pistol following entered the liquor store
lected In a close race Investigation.
and potato chips
tennis courts and picnic the shooting.
Witnesses were C. Jones and pointed a platol at
and was generally cred areas were found near the rear Several witnesses said Brady and Bernard ford. attendant leantthMuseeau
ited with having cornered -
a Desegregation of swimming -,. door. while the other asa
the majority of "
pools will tie In The cigarette ; ssssss cleaned oat the cask
the Negro tote. Fair- with integration of ju .was broken"1n to but noneof I .
cloth was also asked to 1 the contents were dis I REPORTS RECORD
nior high schools next
add a Negro to his staff. officers report- I PLAYER STOLE
year. Curbed
Burns also promisedthat '' Paul pendertrass jr. 1

Negroes hired by: Dr. Suit Hits CARROLL L. JONT3 Jones and !Scott were 29. of 1413 Ilndle St. r

5am Hand, head of the loud and unusual noisesin treated for lacerationsat reported he entered a

AnU-poverty program for (Continued from page 1) s 2533,. Davis St.. Confectionery Xival Medical Center store and set his record

Florida, will work on a alley restaurant with and talker was admitted< player which be was

staff level.Fecretary violating the 1904 Civil for broken leg. carrying on tbe floor
she! said she calledthe a
of State Tom tights Act.Defendant. ; then stepped to the rear
12 Clouds police, and patrolmen Airman Walker
Adams, along with the in the suit of the store by the jukebox
of Joy dance orchestraand Marvin Young and 8. It. Lk' Pl !17
Governor, l"il1iam. and Graduates FromNCO and played it.
is the tort r Myers trawling .
Washington reported
then to the national" on they saw Mrs. Jones comedown
Falrcloth were high In alley restaurant ownedby H* told police that
spotlight when he held the scene assisted bySgt. School stairs and beard
their praise of the deleI"Uon's when he returned to the
down the 'first chair 4ry' Ginger and landB Willimns.Upon .AUSTIN. Tea .-Air.an the sound of a pistol
methods for airIng Groceries. front to pick up the ROT E. ALBUTTON
with the nationally rated arrival on the First Class Edaond Walker, shot At that ti... Mrs.
their to
grievances player, it was tae.ssssss .
Whltnon Fitters show Charges state Negroeswere scene, the three policemen ion of Mrs. Mary L. Leery Jones' son who was ID register
the state, rather than
and other top-rated or.cheatrat. demonstrations.The refuted service nt saw three figures of 3019 ,. 45th at. ,Jack. the room said be wit Oalllsrd.stated MCQJItIft

the restaurant on Feb.' running troll the rear sonville, has been graduated messed the incident "fjnoTdnerstkft which bit
delegation In turn
During World 'Tar IIMr. praised the.cpvemor for 12. door of the Confectionery. from the U.S. Air The suspect said abe RO>OKTH. WOMAM COMPANION' ""'d..OIti.cQJt.a"' testified

Iszard was assigned to Edwards\: la represented! Force Noncoulssioned Officer shot Jackson because she HEISTED HIM FOR $76.00 "i got nervous
having appointed a Negro
the faned 24th Infantry to the University Boardof hy Tobias Simon and Maurice -. After ordering then to Preparatory Schoolat became tried of his Charles Jones 21, of sad the gun went off. "

Regimental band as a Regents and urged him Rosen, Miami/ noun halt, Patrol nun 'lIh1n,- Bergstroa AfB, Tn. beating her.Jacklon 1071 Ellis St. states TIll two BCD aide a suecetsful -

section leader and ar to also appoint Negroesto Mlors for the American fired one shot which Airmen talker, who was war to taken to be was sitting at a table getaway but were

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