Florida star

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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200655datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date March 20, 1965dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006550740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
March 20, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:

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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
March 20, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:

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Over 15,000 March Into Montgomery, Ala.

In Historic Protest For Human Rights

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'.1" lilted Lover Killed By Rival's GunSTUDENTS

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alarm M II "lt. clttW pay tar Jrl uslis.west r....... sad Mlldty Uft e antis prloary act It* *ay U t "ieale..r me. *tre kc CM ar<

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e5/t. poltled' **. tat Nu MINIs r- s.w..ttal..dralp. 1* *...... ...h". *. .1 butted Mllats Mrtkof ra .r.ele.!. lets Md flrlaM .. I

Tit r.,.rt sass 111, ....... tae Islliledra list .'s ,....... .1t/-, ..IIa t* tk. LMraawaty ka'alaeaa eltkla a ..,nod ere ..... | e. Md C. kMI.

.?.I1U..1 ..,.,.., tl I r rssn (CCIIIU.... am ,... ii) fc.*fd of ......,. (OMtlaa M pus ||>} dm. Apr (014115..4 .s PM M W)

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1- r -: '4 \ J. : C-I- f:I


THE FLORIDA STAR .. Politics As UsualIT

Published by the florid Star publUhlm Cb.

ERIC OI SIMPSON..........MiBiiiu Editor Leaders Centime To Hln'resl.'s

4 g. 'ALYSON E. WISE............ Km Editor Historic Speech

HILDA 10 OTEM.......... Circnlitiii Miiifi
President Lyndon B. Johnson' recent historic -

MAIN OFFICE t PLANT speech on voting rights before a joint
1 session of Congress was described by Dr
2323 MiicriK Iud Pkon ELtli 4112Ih Martin Luther King as "one of the most

iii AHnss eloquent, unequivocal and passionate pleas
for human rights ever made by a Presidentof

P.O. Boi 561 Jicksinilli 1, Florida ', the United States."
Roy Wilkins of the NAACP described it asa

MIAMI I OFFICE moment at the summit in the .

life of our nation."
738 MI 3rd AVI. Phil 311-1025 4. A James Farmer of CORE said the (
President's speech Mss an "el B
oquent and substantial state-

Whitney Young of the National
One Year, 19.00 Hilt rear, $4.00
Urban League said: "I was as'"
Mailed to You Anywhere In the United State
touched and moved as anybody SIMPSON
Subscription payable In advance
by that speech. I think he was speaking
Send Check or Money Order to:
from the heart. "

Jacksonville I, Florida FEELING THAT THEIR March on Washington In 1963 described the
LOT 1$A HARD ONE WHICH OOPOfSSlS THffCMOAE speech as the "most eloquent and forth
; right" the President has ever made.
President's Action UrgedTo RACE TO WHICH THEY BELONG.*
aume**r rvr

Support Negro VotersThe I FI"oridastuff I \

American Jewish Congress called on

President Johnson to submit legislation Our Boy In D.O.

protectiA Negro voting rights in the South Your Weekly It seems our Senator Spessard Holland in

"withou further de lily." Washington doesn't like President John on's

'The shame of Selma underscores again proposed voting rights bill.

the urgent need for prompt vigorous and Then asked about it, he said he thoughtIt

effective leadership by the President to was "terrible." "infamous" and "hor

prevent nullification of Constitutional Horoscope Guide rible."

guarantees," Dr. Joachim prinz of Newark, "The greatest step since Reconstruction I

president of the American Jewish Congress, for the ejaculation of the states." '

said in a telegram to the White House. opined.Our ht''I'I

"The most explosive issue facing our Senator went on to predict that 10

nation today..based on denial of one of ly PAULO The ASTROLOGER Southern Senators will fllllbuster to block

the essential rights of cur democraticform passage of the voting rights bill.

of government--demands Immediate action This prompted that galvanized Republican,

by the Administration, he said, BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL Ex-Demo Ken. Stroll Thurmond of fi. C. to ask
adding: our distinguished Florida senator to lead

"He respectfully urge that legislation the filllbuster. inasmuch as vet Mill-

providing for Federal takeover of the busterer Sen. Dick Russell"' of Ga. Is under
voter-registration process where state WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR the weather in Puerto Rico.

election officials have abused their powerbe But our nan on Capitol Hill said he

submitted to Congress at the earliest thought some other champion of white supremacy -

possible moment. --C'=>Ca4 such as sen. Ellender of La. or
in his message, Dr. Prinz was critical Sen.Stennis of Miss..ought to do it, since
of Attorney General Nicholas Katzenbachfor ARIES': TATEO TO SEEK REDRESS IN THREAT TO CONTINUED SAGITTIRIU3: Negro voting in Florida is free and easy

taking "too narrow a view" of the Born March 21st thru THE LAS COURTS SHOULD FRIENDLY RELATIONS COULD Born Nov. 23rd thru enough to keep the state out from under

Federal power to Intervene in Selma. .prll !'<>th CIRCUMSTANCES FORCE YOU BE ENCOUNTERED DURING Dec. 21st the law.Meanwhile.

"If hoodlum elements had proclaimed THERE\ SHOULD 1C NO NEED TO VACATE YOUR PRESENT THIS LAST QUARTER. IF ALTHOUGH THE FEELING OF our other man on Capitol Hill

their intention of breaking into Fort TO KNOCK YOURSELF OUT DURING PREMISES, DO NOT* "ORt* | YOU HAVE ANY INKLING* RE.* POSER 1 JB AN EKHILIRATING Sen. Smathers said he was for trenghtan -

Knol,the Department of Justice would' have THII LAST QUARTER WNNtCSIARILQ' AtOUT THE 1'10,110"THI FORMTIAT ONE, IT MAY BE BASED ON ing voting rights and would not filllbus




elements--regardless of the uniform they ARE FAVORABLY" HIGHLIGHT 5-30-77-19-25-537 MEASURES YOU CAN DREAM DEVELOPING AMONG THOSE For the very last time, let us hope, the

maybewearing--consplrfl, and act to prevent ED. THESE SHOULD TURNOUT CANCER UP.THOSE WMO HAVE CHOSEN WHO SCE AN ADVANTAGE FUR Negro teachers of Florida met separatelythis

citizens from exercising their Federally- TO II FAIRLY RtMUNIRATIVE. Born June 22nd thru TO ALLOw THEMSELVES TO THEMSELVES OPPOSE YOU. monthand voted to merge by next year

guaranteed right to engage in peaceful ALTHOUGH THE July 22nd BE RULED BY THEIR RASHER IT IS SELDOM THAT THINGS. with the white teachers, who have at last

Dr. prinz urged that Federal marshals be YOU MUST" TAKE PAINS NOT THIS SHOULD RE A FAIRLY FACING AN ESTRANGEMENT MAY DISCOVER THAT while> the Florida state Teachers Association
protect U.S. citizens THIS IS YOUR MOST SERIOUS representing 8.500 Negro teachers in
there in the exercise of their Constitutional YOU OUT Of YOUR SERENITY AN OPPORTUNITY TO DUALLY OSIRUPTIVE DEVELOPMENT PROBLEM THESE DAYS.THEREIS this statedid a great Job during the long

rights of freedom of speech, free- OR PHYSICAL WELL-MING BECOME GETTER ACQUAINTEDWITH NO SOLUTION .IN SIGHT years of its existence, we cannot but rejoice -

dom of assembly and freedom to petition I IT WOULD SE MOST BENEFICIAL YOUR NEIGHBORS AND 3-70-22-I3-M-372 FOR QUITE SOME TIME TO at its demise as a hallmark along

for the redress of grievances. FOR THOSE WHO ARE THOSE HO ARE ASSOCIATED LIBRABorn COME. the way to full democracy.The .

UNDER THE WEATHER TO REMAIN WITH YOU. THE ECONOMY more Negro organizations which liquidate -
Summer Time Is Swimming Time Sept. 23rd thru 1-100-33-19-32-113' '
; AT HOME AND TO SHUN II BOUND TO IMPROVE WHEN In order to merge with white ones,

Open The Pools City OfficialsOur ALL IRRITATING SITUA. YOU ADOPT MORE CONStRVA- oct 23rdMUCH CAPRICORN the better off our state and nation will

recent City Council-nominated mayor, OF THE COMMOTIONOF Born Dec. 22nd thru be.At
TO IE NECESSARy TO .ET YOUR EXPENDITURES AND the historic final gathering of FSTAln
Louis Ritter bas announced his Intentionto THE PREVIOUS QUARTERS Jan. 19th
Miami,2.500 delegates agreed that the merger -
rectify some of the conditions that SHOULD TAPER OFF FROM
e.8O.5513..e85TAURUS UPSETTING CHANGE IN THENATIONAL should take place tar:: lt6C. and "ear
came into being prior tohis taking office, NOW ON. BUT IT MAY GE
OR WORLD TRENDS lier if possible." A slow.motlon proposalto
crime rate in Jacksonville has been more Born April 20th thru RATHER REBELLIOUS AND CONSCIENCE ON YOUR PART LITTLE DIFFICULTY. IN RE- Integrate "with all deliberate speed"as '

or less confined to ordering patrolmen to :May 20th BURNING UP WITH INDIG OR A CRISIS THAT COULD coax i XING THC DANGER OF voted down--the teidiers having learned
AFFECT YOUR SEIL-IEINS Just how pokey that kind of Supreme Court
Issue a maximum of parking and traffic WITH THE PROSPECT or NATION THE TIME is NOT EMBARKING ON A COURSE
has been said that the new Mayor has ABLE TO MAKE PLANS ITM. TRUE LOVE REIGNSSUPREME. ENDING.ALTHOUGH THC OUTWARD At the gathering. FSTA presented to Rep.
succeeded.in transforming every city OUT HAVENS TO CHANGE THEM. THERE COULD BE SIGNS APPEAR PROMISING ) Claude Pepper an award for his championing
policeman Into a behind-the-bushes hiding YOURSELF SETTER. tXAMINE' 4>IOOM1739411L A CMANCCTHAT FORGIVENESSWILL CNOUGM, YOU CANNOT of human rights for all. in his acceptance

sneak by informing them they will receive THE STATE or VOUH MIND BE FREELY GIVEN AND ALLOW 'YOURSELF TOE speech pepper hit hard at opponents' of human

pay, raises if they raise enough money in AND EMOTIONS WITH A VIEW R: 0 RECEIVED FOR THOSE "MO SRAVSO AGAINST YOU BETTER rights, such as Ala. Go,. George lal-

fines to pay for the pay increase. OF INITIATING ANY NEEDED Bom July 2lrd thru NAVE BEEN BUILDING UP JUDGtvERTINTO PLUNGING lace, who be described as a ""sinister

Ills other efforts have been directed to CORRECTIVE MEASURES.TAKE Aug. 22ndWHEN RESENTMENTS 'INSIDE IT WITHOUT TAKING FULL scheming, designing politician fostering


Commission of Sewersand Air- AMENDS FOR THE PAST. IT Hands ranted
port. WILL BE EACH ONE'S RESPONSIBILITY Its bad enough that the Negro baa been
On the other hand TO RE-ES- trmctored off the land be carved out of the
we are wondering what BE WORTH THEIR WEIGHT IN
Mayor Ritter plans to do about the situation MATHER TICKLISH GOLD. .IT SEEMS GETTER TABUSH THC VALUES THAT MRIUS bowling wilderness, and watered with the
that leaves a city of about 200,000 FOR MOST LEOS TO THROW SHOULD GUIDE THE NU- Born Jan. 20th thru blood, sweet and tears of his generations.Now .
people without a city operated swimming THEMSELVES FULLY INTO MAN. EXISTENCE. Feb. 18th the Big House bam is filled with all
of technical
8-eO-M-ll-47 1 manner cultivators and the
pools were closed to avoid ao-called JUDGEMENT/ OF OLDER AND At A SURE WAY TO SCORPIOBorn PREPARATORY TO ITS Negro "quarter htve caved In and been

integration; but since then all other city WISER MEADS. WHENEVER KEEP OUT OF TROUBLE.TAKE Oct. 24th thru SCHEDULED RETROGRADE overrun with briars while those who once

operated facilities haebeen desegregated THEY TEND TO RICK OVER ALL PRECAUTIONS TO PROTECT Nov. 22nd COURSE NEAR THE INS' OF called them borne have been obliged to more

So) there is not reason to keep these pools THC TRACES, IT MAY II PERSONAL AND JOINT THE MONTH YOU SHOULD IIFIROINS into city slums, where the Ian seldom
POSSESSIONS FROM lo'sS 0DAMAGE. shines and the dirt la act to clean.On .
closed -- except to satisfy son die-hard NECESSARY FOR YOU TO NOSE TIME TO
ALSO THERE APPEARS TO BE top of all that. Ue big planters bare
bigots. The recreation board must not be IMPRESS OTHERS WITH YOUR RESTRAIN THINK ASS PLAN. THERE
allowed to continue a situation that may AUTHOI,Tt. YOUR CLOSEST ALLY WHEN MU0IN THC SAY OP NEWS, MANY THINGS YOU CAN DO. long sought to deny Ue Negro even those

damage young lives and help to create un ..20-44-I S-fb-!2/ YOU NOTE AN INCLINATIONTO VISITS MO. FRIENDLY, CNCOUNTERS. SUCM At RESTING, PAYING farm Jobs which the machines cannot do.TOdo
fOLLOW THC A. the labor of
rest. GO INTO lilT OR TO IO.AUO VISITS OR CATCHING stoop harvesting they bare
It cannot be denied that the lack of swimming OEIiINI DIP TOO HEAVILY INTO YOUR MSMITIES/ THAT MAKE LIFE UP ON YOU CORRESPONDENCE. been in the habit of importing tens of thousands

pools to provide a recreational outlet Born May 21it thru BASIC RESERVES. FROM AGREEABLE.ATTEND TO LET.TEWS of 'bands' each year fro the B*-

for restless teen-agers, encourages the June 21atT Mill ON, IT SHOULD BE AND MESS AM S PROMPTLY 0-S.te-34-4 S bams. Puerto Rico and Kcxleo.wbo ca afford
AS A GESTURE OF AP. to work for less than the Americas
already high teen-age crime
say the least It is cruel and Inhuman for GECAUSC OF WITH IMPROVES PROSPECTS PRCCIATION. A FRIEND MAYBE Feb. 19th thru Negro.
city officials to keep swimming pools closed THE MANY HAZARDS CMCOUNT- March 20th
FROM YOUR GAINFUL. WHICH MAY DC put a stop to the import of eut-rate
during the hot summer months for any reason IUD 'IN SO MANY DEPARTMENTS THC UNPREDICTABILITY
ENDEAVORS. THC CAUSE FOR A LETDOWN labor and the big planters bare been bowling
-- segregation or anything else OF LIFE TO SEER THAT YOU RUN ACROSS IN
7-30-II..14.74751v OR THE Less or FAITH IN bloody murder ever slnce.Florida citn -
It should be pointed out that although the AS MUCH INSURANCE COVERAGE YOU PARTNER GW COMPETTORS -
A PERSON 55 PRINCIPLE' s glowers let a lot of their crop rot
pools were closed to prevent Negro children AS ONE CAN At FOND. It WEMMWED Alt
I R a o YOU SMOULB NOT TAAC ANYTHING on the ground rather than Aaericma rates
from coming in contact with white kids, It THIS SHOULD INCLUDE) 'THE THE MOSS ACUTE THIS OVA. *. pay
Born Aug. 23rd thru FOR GRANTED WITH. to lave It picked: sad in Call
remains that the poor white kids who can'tCo NOME WHERE YOU OR THE TEW WHEN FINANCIAL AMIESCOME
Sept. 22nd OUT FIRST MWMBING INCONVERTIBLE forala. tu... Arizona. Arkansas and other
to private pools will also suffer tremendously OTHER OCCUPANTS MAY MWGE INTO' F\AY. HE LESSONS -
DESPITC THE INDICATIONSTHAT P500'. KEEP states did the ....They rant their ,..."
during the hot months to come.If MOST VULNERABLE. DEN YOU NAVE /OSMIRTLEARNED
MAITRL TWOUBLSS Ota A CLOSE SATES TO KEEP .... fro across the bonier let beck ia. Bat we
Mayor Ritter really wants to make the FRIENDS' WHO HAVE SUFFERED \ GIVE YOU
THEM OUT OF N ARM*t WAY 0* ant them kept oat.Plaater profits web
big step forward to being a good mayorIt AN ACCIDENT IN THE CDGC WMCN IT COMES
would do hi. well to lead the way to SOMEONE ELSE'S LOOSE MAY NAYS BEEN BANCFUL INFLVEMCCS.29044l7e2&4. TO OPEN CONFLICT.V20G4I47232S. that they can well afford to pay Americas

opening the swimming pools. NAYS SOMETIMES MOT MSSI- SETTLED THE GREATEST age scale for harvest labor.


_... ---. _.__--- -... ...-- "--, .+.w _. ... ........ -V ,........--_. ...... -, .-._.war ....--_.,.. ,..._."-.+ .,_..- _....-.........--,-.- -- -_----.......- ...-...-...-"-. ww,...w...rrrwWV-r .,.rWw.......'.. ......... ---..
. '. \. .

I ( ,


.Impressive Program Highlights ,Royal Diplonets' Annual Function

: Ty

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.1v' t )f ikN

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; "I. -: e Ip\ d

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'.... "i ,01, ". .
..... .' "" ''5t 4t.1:.' .,.. t.
." ,, ;;
= ) 'W t'' Jat i .
l "
.. .. :f
: : : T ,...,..- ..... ,. 1 "
: 'I, '.
; I
: n I ;
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I : i 11 1 III


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a '

: J 1"

,. ____ .. ",ca._
'V' i- )'-. r- I,...-- -"::- ___ 11
AN IN7IUNO ADDRESS by Rutltdio Pianos, prtal NAACP ofncUl reported that It ens the llrg..t Ira Edward tonrot, Mra. Alton Adaaa and Mrs Rup .Mbtrt show at rliht.art, seated fro. I.ft:
drat of both tht Stats aad Jai Brancbta of tht alotlt ODD trl but lot atdt by an oriaolcttlon ..ltb'I. pert Iand.lll. Prflld* NAACP InatallatiOB Of offiCtra by tndsll P. the itatt to an NAACP Branch<< Ibis ,.ar. In top a ODDrttulatloaa fro outgoing prtaldmt Cd. Widely PaUtr, John Gripper sad Rayaond isde.
Hoist.. Cbalnaa of the Board. Jai Braacfe: NAACP photo left, Mr. ptaraoa 1* BOOM dtllvtrlai tht said Moarot. ., Center row left: Inatallator Holata Left Andrt Martin *lla.>. ...._., Pranh !Donald
ad tht BtrTlai of a taaty diaatr ftatarad tht silo .ddr.... Cater, chanslai Nests oa hand for praises ofnetra follolni Installation. na..tly, son. Alton Ad..., Prince Matt Jr. Aahby Cotart>> ,
annual functloa of the Royal Diploaata and their the affair tart, froei left: Miss Juan ta Hart Mra. frot left: Vsrdtll hi..,. prtaldsnt.; John orlp Kdwrd Muorot, oorit Melvory Frtdtrlch Jordan

Nests Thursday altht March II la The" colony.NlchlliSitlai >> Albert P.t.r.o.. Mr*.. Rayaoad .. the rent ... the prtatntatlon of a 'nt,. Mra. Aahby Coesrt M,.. Mary Colt Mrs Ptttraoa, treasurer; Rajraond lade, chap proavnta ditclt! to Mr. Ptarann. Alton Ad., oa. bt-
1200.00 check to Mr. Ptaraoa for tht purpoat of Ruby Bjrd. Mra. Ma Gripper Mra. taratat Curry.Socially hiD; and Ulllaia oust business" aaaaitr. Club half of a irattful club tandtrtd ilfta t*> both
carrying o. optratlat costa of the Ju Brandt. The Pearson and Ti1.... (Aura) Art BU41o Photos)

I llllJt'Clln Speaking CooknoR Chorus Announces I
April 2 Concert Program I
r\rrrr urnicimn: ravnicnML
The Mor.t ous. Aluani) Hub staid .shier' ..rt," blaatioa IMBU. tally card, with tbs seen trittaa la The Dtrtitll-Cookau, Chorus till prtssnt Its oaysuat LF-uiiNa nun% r'tTnATl '
recently la the boat Of Mr'. aad .,.. < or .. III. Co-bo.t. sere J.... I. B..11I..r.Jr. ) hat tht aanu lattrprtttd fcy" tht host i.e. tar of the pate Audttortusi.Ptatartd .
., tfcolt] horsy, Jullva J(..., and G*>ri* Star Vtraal Meant Legal | na.tt. and Mats B. Mlaattt till bs'Thir
h... sore hlih aoortra la the brld. sissies Mara t, nlautta with Btsphan
The party .aa the first la a series of 9>arttrlytrctta St*.art Quallfltd for tht door ,rt... Posttr"a dn.stlo.pl-
that will be (Ivan by the troupe tots Attry. Maria McCiala, insa Murray, aad John- ode la the lift of the
.................... .
alt M. Mltchtll sere "'I' .b." prtaant.atarday great AMriCfii mapoatr
Ruby idler"' taa bost... ahan Tht Otaralat Doal- alibi, Mra. Jo... ... hoattaa to the and Wl ttl..".. a pro
atttta Bridge Chit sit last ..f.- Bd.Barbara nosier aattlni of Dttrt Noua Brldft Clsb.Caallla ". aaatatloa of 1 laptraoaa* 1.21o
then, outlda J. bite. and Debris Ktl Thoapaoa aad resells Brutoa ttrt prlttainntra. tI... Of Boat Of the
.., atrt r bl.h of club priis. for ontataadlacptrfaiaaaca. moat outatandlai ralo4
Malta roaty aad Msrlaa a.Hsrt site pat playtra. atars.
OUter partldpanta la the ...th, lacladd ttlr- The cnorua ..11.,. art:
1. Aadtraoa Radaaaah Ikillard. fftlfl! <
Jo. .. fthlrlty C rloi, ...|. Colllai. Video brook, U Olbaoa, aad 0 ort.ttt triatt. etc Johaaoa. Ruth Mytra, Laarttta naax>as, ...dTb.ors tubas, Gall parry,
.................... .
Liut I asit ap the r..lld.r of ties. Branda Brow, CaasmndreNudholtePmtrlcla
The St. patrica'a Day u... a.. carritd oat wan btrahlp roattr. 0Yt,.
.... .. ..... .....
KtlatttM aridct club ctltbrata4 It. aaalvtraaryrteantly. ball IU.. ... Clark.Prlacllla .
,..11.. Data a.a hoattaa. Carolyn larfilaftoa tas OIt... rtw C]as sit &.a.- Clark: AadrtyColtt
Ctltatlat Nlcaa. fitraldlat Milliard, Nona R.iltt. alta Bridit dab set rt of Jaa Sarah Croaar,
sad Aaa Moarot sere .'...n .f prlitt. alta llllaaa. All aobtrt u,. prtaaat.joaa Lorralaa Dalat Dtborah

Dorta Mtttprtalft Bt of the org.lsatlo., artatattd .,.....S... Manartt Mathlt, aad Margaret 0...., firs yet torn,
aoatealra to tht ... tra. ..d lit tie ..... Btarfcaa "rt la the apptr aoorlai braoitt, Hharoa PlatMlai, .....r.hor. .

birthday cast. aalta foa.,, owtta M Mdtrsoa, Craft Pyle., U' ... Janlct arl U".
.1................... ,
vtta Allaa.tprothy Cheer Mtaalt Qadllac. Carslyaaattltftoa three. lrlftta, Aeauaa-
The list ThtrtyPlrat 'U..' ho.. of Ir. ad Mra.Ltny andRara Ought ttrt rid patlld.ta ttta Mpt aJaatt HanI *-
Joatt pnridtd the atttlai fIIIr t.i lattraat ...................... a*. Via ..Ib.",, Ua4aNarty.JaaM

lai brldtt partita laat .e !. Puad raltlai aad/or aaabtrahlp drivtt art btlaioaaducttd .. aaymod, ,..
Lea tJttta Br1dg. dab Jared a dolldova Mil alaaltaaamaly by amid ortaaliatloaa, r aln ..,rI., patrldaNtntorana.
Ito a.a Priday ........ illtahtth used a CD. that art totally d..,91.. of oar support. leaders .

art Stud to o>aad.r thsa. Also Padre Rlcaa. Cya.
.Maaoa Braack TICA ooaplttad aoat of tie wrtoa this Mtaa. Barbara
RETURN BT POPULAR DEMAND It. rsrulatlaa alia atlaalai pool, wle till M. ,h.4>|,. NMttr.Lattta .
to late eptratioa ODe' eon ttathtr. AlthouaH the Inl... cctllaJacaaoa.
Oft barof' C
11mmnh youth ....",1,., adalta art vaeoaraiH to Jalaaal a... A.. Maria J_..,. .
ITAKI! ,,,Ud.t. la the .., ,h.. of T*"ri att4 Boatla Jo..., ...'U.J. .

u, Get atttatioa.Tht ...., Valtrlt. Jtata.n .
A.U Lads Braach I XT* la II h.... a... laiatsibtra. aa.yaa Itlly, OlaaaLaooa

Per oas alrtady .aat ta4 a lth tht or* iklrlty Maaoa.Aj'Marta .
caaltalioa are ..... to attsal ...U..a sad othtr Meclaia, UaaateCbrtlefc
: T*.._r" faactloaa. Joy. Milt.
Tht jaaaoaflllt CrbM Laa<....'. ........., C... Braida IUh,.De,,. Mit
pal.a .. la fall fort a Altaoaih u. oriaaKatlaaataia calUrratat| II lea aJ.1.
JOHNNY (TllIS hat the fiaaaclal hjaaalaia .( ttt tilted M aica Mttchtll. ....1.
f... aaaivrshlpa aad. ladtvlfcal _tn.U... art Perry, .,,1,. Plalta
atlll aaa4.d. liens. Prlata. LaaraPrla
Tbs jMtaoatillt Preach .U ..*.n.I'*. la ....eU.. a ....G faad-raUlai Lllllaa BUty, JMIeeI "Isn't it time you tried a whiskey

iVY effort la u tjr ., a ||.*,ht. dlaatr.Tha a .pp. Jeea.llae 1.11 "
1"ITlV NIS *.1" adkHkltd 'U ___. April 3$. ': M ,... Patrltia Maaoaa, BlaaaBl that makes your taste buds blossom?
la tht ahyrMa af tit Mayflattr laattl. B0y fllklaa 'llsi. 0111. a..11.

r I .111 b* tht ....... Stoatata la.....( Oerlattrvaaa. "b t Cktt Lucas t"'I"1 COt'fIP''Y o'anet. laCAICVVVdIA
'OI.t. M It apptara th.. that tht ofntlal .1.1.isd"euea Chart.. f.,.
err la leis N. 1.1..1 U "j.l s 1.1 a/." Itr.Jtytt Tyler ,Hill
IwTTlBtfRM .................. r
I. Tyler Lala Tkeajaa.Ittiaa .
,,,....,...rt. ls.tlstf/.f Dr... soil. Tataoa M. Del
L s. Its hafty u bloc that aha aaa Boca tor a Brltfraa .,. Hrrsa.
Of we're talking about Old Taylor 80
.ttt frM ttr laaithy eta la Ut Caittrtlty af Altts: Bvlry Aa4 '.', courses ,
That OtCMCSTAAi,IWINO INC.- the whiskey that add something nwcial to
".rt.. Moapital.Spriig /....n. Ad ar. CanlyaBatchtr. every
Dalat 1.... drink. Old Taylor 86 hai smooth, rich, mellow ,
lAx cmc ArBlT8alDlSATURDAY ,..U... It1.U. lit.... flavor. Flavor that stand up to a splash ot water. -

MARCH 27 NIitePraiser! 87 Beiges, hr. Caa/l.. Brt>*... Flavor that trll+l our tate bud aomethinK nice j ):1
,...t1 lead. as. .....
U9: rx. U going on. Tate it yourwlf Try Old Taylor. J
!B. hlA.f testy wt.1 Btttf Gary aV*4a Oatla. -
n.cIS-2.SO-JJ0-4JO. The peed ... ,.,.t IF ft'-
.. UtMttt h.....
c-c ....... M -..we.vr p..atldeNl u,1.tA1 WI11 OLD TAYLOR 86
vN.e l M IMI N Ma
-- .---... t.a.w1. .111 ,,..., Nua prtMllia AN. Art hall
_of_ ...-.___ ___ .. Mhalri.a Ira ls
.theyPadre' Arul Ovtito Tellse.a
0..en ---- .. q w fae1 I1a. .n. L IIU.... II t.. .... if.r.yh .4. r .' ; ., 7i. .*i'/afk T" 'f
._AA/M.wMe.e er..A elir.e/r .1 ..= IN a..1 satin'er I fa ... r. l.....s,. ..!.
..- .J ..,"'...
L air. laau gr....

--- -- ---- -- -- --- --

\. I

I.' I

Church Of God In Christ Opening 44th Annual Convocation Here I

Bishop W. R. Nesbilt Sr. To PresideAt Founder's Day Program- Principals- Greater Jerusalem Day ,Spring Baptist To Fete

Holy Temple's 6-Day SessionThe Schedules Program Baptist Ministers Wives

Church of cod In Christ western Florida Tbolrs on Parade' The women's Host Cowlttee of the Jacksonville

Inc. will conduct Its 44th annual Holy Convocation will be presented Sunday area for the National Baptist Con, itlpa. Inc .-
April e.l1in the Church of God Auditoria at 3 1'... in Greater New "
< steels will present the lnlsters wives in a .loyalty"
and Blue Streets. Bishop Wales It.. Nesbltt Sr. Jerusalem Baptist lurch, contest March 27 in Day Spring Baptist Church.
will preside. ..................... M--- akiii sponsored by Deacon j. -.-..-.--.-.-.-..--.-.-.-..--.-..--.-.-.-.-..-.-
Mrs. Carrie B.
Theme for the meeting la, the need of a rich spiritual White. general cbalrsan. announced lie lebbert. Mrs. L. Mc
life as a basis for The program Includes the
"Building Today for Better the coatestant Queen Mrs. A. Bradley.
Tomorrow*.''Religiousleaders ,i meeting the challenges of following: reporting the largest Mrs. M.M. Harris; cour
Processional choirs;
and workers the ever changing social amount will be crowned tear Mrs. Ells M. Norton *
selection congregation
throughout the state of order by means of lecture l 1 ''ra. Loyalty. She chairs an;Mrs. Marie
invocation Rev & Love;
discussions, and
Florida are expected for Griffin co-chalrsan;
introduction of mistress has asked sabers to support *
fellowship, Instruction classes transportation. Mrs.&L.Badger .
.1 the first financial
of cereeimles, Mrs. Janle
sid: :' inning proiraaa deSued Sermons will delivered effort. chairs; Mrs. D.
Hooks; .!stress of ceremonies *
during the and
. ti foster the
The convention Is scheduled J. jones, co-chalraan;
Mrs. Lu.ll.DlIor.e
'. usoof rx>d citizenship. evening sessions daily by Mrs. Mary McCoy. Mrs. E.
fi .. here Sept. 7. The
welcome, D.
; ; Mrs.
encu"'._ce hither standards ministers and bishops of a .r j. Moron, Mrs.. J. Robinson *
0' chairseo are Mrs. C. B.
Alexander; response Mrs.Masie :
the church. Music. will be : '
of moral character
H. Bak.r.lira.
4 Mrs. ,
Sloan executive co.-
and to gain cultural and rendered by the various ."';, ( :::: tiller panda Lark Mrs.
'. j Also, selection. Onion .. chairman; Mrs.
spiritual enrichment, according choirs and state talent. i I .:itir.t, -Ji Progressive Baptist Choir Sarah L. Rice, co-chair: Cornelia Holaes.

to Bishop Nesbitt. The convention will begin mOOR WINONA CAROILE AELXANDOt of Jacksonville (left) founder of Delta Slgaa 1; occasionDeacon white; san; Mrs.Mary Moss, Mrs. Also special tours en.aittee. .*
. Bishop Nesbltt also announced at 9 a.m prayer. Theta SororityIne?was the guest of honor during the recent 52nd annual Found selection Friendship Mary A. fjran Mrs. dau- Mrs. E. Carter,

that the convocation Gateway GroupsTo er' Day observance of Delta Alphaandthe Daytona Beach Alumnae chapter of Delta PHsltlve Choir 1; selec dine UlllMS. ...bera; chairman; Mrs. 0. Dixon
this year will seek Slgaa Theta Sorority, Inc. at Bethune-Cookaan College. Sorer Alexander is shorn tion. St. Paul Baptist information cosailttee, co-chsinan; Mrs. Annie

to focus attention upon Worship At receiving a gift from Sorors Olga Thompson and Margaree Turner a senior fro. resale Choirs; selection, Mrs. Alston, chairs; slker. Mrs. S. Petd.

Mt, SinaPs Choir 3 Memphis Tenn. The reception was held in Faith Hall (photo by A.Paul Crawford) Mt. Mori ah AMI Choir 2: Mrs. Debris Dixon co* Mrs.. Justine Henderson:
St. Matthews rBowden' selection Beulah Baptist chairs, Mrs. Margaret housing cosslttee. Mrs.

To Present Mrs. Gateway Barracks 3131 Memorial Bishop Hatcher Timely Sermon Choir 1; .selection Bhe- fright, Mary A. Wynn chairman;
Mrs. D. B. Barnes pub Mrs. R.L. Jones, co
and its Auxiliary veterans slan Baptist Choir i; offering *
Alice BurroughsMrs. and dependentsworld To Host Tea Statement by Bishop B.C. H-tcher resident bishop of lira.....Ie Miller; licity coMlttee chair chalrsan; Mrs. Hattie

Alice Burrough will War I will worship Florida and Bthaats, li retards to the situation la selection, onion Progressive san; Mrs. 0- Murray co- Names. Mrs. Viols Tats,
Mrs. Rosa Stephens will Belts, Ahll.... Delivered In chairs Wllbel Mrs. Ruth Luke Mrs.
be presented in recital Sunday, at St. Matthew Mlasl Florida 8 April 18 at 1 P.SJ. in Baptist Church during the be the principal speaker March 13, 1963.Epeaklni solo, Mrs. Kstrenla Alexander sepia Easter Mrs. Rosa Anale B. Reed Mrs.
when the Goodwill Sewing in the role of a and Lee Johnson sesbers Pearl Hudson Mrs. Ross
Mt. Sinai Baptist Church. 11 a. .. .service Cosaander preacher as bishop remarks Deacon W. ;
She is being sponsoredby J. a Irving Sr. announced. and Savings Circle ob of the 60,000 African Methodists of Florida and Brown, Rev. 8. Love; registratloa.Mrs lattle B. McCrary Other COB
an auxiliary of the Menbers of both groupsare serves its 16th anniversary on behalf of the 20,000,000 Negroes In America, I moderator and Rev. I..A. Qllllae. chalrain; Mrs.jsnle ittees and workers will
church each y* ar. This requested to attend program Sunday fro. wish to state that I feel and believe that what Mack, pastor. Jackson Mrs. Ul be announced.

year, choir 3 of which the service in full uni 3:30 until e p.i. in all man desire and want at this tlse is sosethlnc
Bowden' Memorial. Church, that will give dignity and aetnlng to their lives.
she is a aember, is directing fora and eligible world
the prograa. 11th and Pullman sts. They require not something to live on merely, but Drive Sets 5,000 Membership Goal
War I vets and their dependents -
President A. Jackson and who haven't as The speaker will be in- something to live for. I believe, like Dr. True-
troduced'by one of the blood that all of these legitimate T'
Mrs. Mary Harper,, chairman yet joined the two groups p )l.
announced that the are cordially invited sponsoring organization' bun an demands can be set by a free | j, .
presentation is expected officers. society That the will of the people .
Coonander Irving contin
to be outstanding choir ued. Prograa highlights will should prevail. The Negro JACKSONVUL1

3, with Mrs. Catherine President Lola Webb is Include: is demanding equality to I URBAN
Sykes and Cass shootes, urging all Auxiliary .cabers (Opening) him; scripture, Each person should be .eYer7l1herell
Mother Nanny Hodges he can demonstrate in .
accompanists will support to be present to the ; LEAGUE
the artist.Roslyn Saturday, March 27 at 2 prayer Rev. Mrs.. Inez ther than by what his .

Mrs. Burroughs' P. .. regular Meeting in Johnson; hysn; introduction The great crisis against
daughter, will be guest Joseph H. Joes Ooaaunlty of Mistress of cere- and other submerged peoples) is that Bishop H.tchtr

soloist. She is a student Center 13th and Orunthal monies Mrs. Ann MCNeal by they have been denied the opportunity to demonstrate % .
st Morris Brown College Ets. Mrs. Nathalie Bias; selection their beat, to become fully human in the

and is presently on a Membership books resaln ,, choir 1 of St. finer sense of the termSecondly] equalltjuof Justice
tour with the college open for those eligibleto peters AMI Church; welcome and thirdly, equality of suffrage the right I ,. .X+? JMW C;

choir. other talent in join either organization address, Mrs.. Cambridge to vote and be voted for. Lincoln said rightly I 1 -
r. .
the city will appear. ; response, Miss. "No man is good enough to rule another without t .-

Annie Lois Hanoo.8.1.ctlon. the other's consent." Equality Is not a matter of ... .. !'. 'jJ..
Harustaalm equal power but of equal right because all mm :: .. --.

WHEN YOU ARE ILL Claude; .selection Mrs. hare a common nature under (pd. This is what the L .X ie.. ". ""' ,.,,, ...
Alice Boston and the Negroes in Seism and Martin Luther King, with his awra.rc.r .w -- TJ;

You neck TUB Bert, Doctor Bostonettea; history, ,tr-chairman -
II Mien 'Your Ftoctor Prescribes Mr1. T. Hall; selectionby 'and determined followers exemplify-In the great of the Jax Urban Leagues IMS annual membership drive pla-polat areas to

Get Fxperlenced Pharmacists guest soloist Mr. effort that they are putting forward In Selma and be serviced by committee tews at the League's 2220 North Myrtle Arena drive

According to your Doctor's Collie Downing) ; selection other areas throughout America sad particularly headquarters.Goal for this year's campaign will be 5,000..ber., Lewis J. Carter *

Orders w. Use Only The Best Harustaslsi Clouds; In the 8>uth. through their courage, fortitude and III, urban League executive secretary announced. Civic workers, clsbs, and
C.E. BLACK Quality Drugs offering, Mrs. Lena dotands that taerican dewcracybeaad. to prevail. related organizations are being contacted assist with the program. The general
Proprietor O'Nell, Mrs. Gladys Hop I know and believe that God has no etf4J.tbll drm. public is invited to stop by and pickup literature relating to programs of the

kins and Mrs.. juanlta As ministers of the Chapel, it is our Job to per national organization. (photo by Fh error's Studio )
3 "ai4TERi3] > PHARMACISTS 10 S 71VC YOU Maddox; club count and I
suade sen everywhere to get religion and Christian h
A COMPLKT5: !: LIT OF announcements; presenta religion at that. New St. James

Cosmetics-Rubber (bods-rnndlea-undrles!: tions. Mrs. Mollle Grant; Religion is not something by which men die but
PRr.SCPIPTION3 CAixro FOR AND IYLIVTOED remarks. Mrs Annie Richardson Sunday School
rather something by Witch men live IB fact re
president; bene llglon is thinking your deepest acting your noblest Slates

Lilly's Drug Store diction. and living your best. Any religion which Fete
Clubs and the general will permit the people In America to be indifferent Nee at James AMC

public are cordially In to conditions, in America especially aa Cburch's Sunday School
1101 KINGS ROAD El 3-1276 vited.1824W.. they relate to minority groupsay group, who lUll will observe its eoalver

must endure dlsfranchlsement: of their political: sari March ltb with ac. There is
human civil rights, segregation illiteracy and tlvitles to get and.,..,

all the other attendant evils due to race, color at fc IS as.prlaclpala.

or previous condition of servitude is no religion for the school
at all. Million IB fact. Is that something that sessloa will ladede: : only one
BEAVER quick en a the Individual Into a nee life and will Mrs. A.N. Bessles, ae*

send him forth courageously presrbiag Justice perlateadeaUAloaso Klsg.fiaaaeial .

A 3701 EMERSON loving mercy end ..IUI, humbly with his Ood. secretary; Miss diet
830CASSATAYL We wish to commend president Johnson for the Theresa feet, record Leg cola

strong stand .he .has taken la regards to Civil secretaryJ.I. ffesthroot.prver. '

s IounoNs to Rights legislation that has been enacted under his Teachers will be'
administration. And we slscerely believe that IB Mrs. j. '. WIlllMS, JR.
BY POPULAR DEMAND srrrrroo the next fee days his beat Judgement will be ex* Jechaos.Jases flMi. Miss that ratesa

erdsed la .nether to send aped forces to Selma Ruth Hayses, Harry ..n.I
WE ARE REPEATING' 11... .... I
fa jfe aad other troubled spots, aa well as peraosallyrecommending Mrs Leavy,
to the coagress of this nation to 1m* .1. &. .lee'10.. reviewer; I IIra.
DOLLAR DAYS plant the Civil Rights law to the effect that pearl. none' pianist
Federal registrars be recommended to register all and .. D. Beeet, ebeerva

minority groups to have their human and civil tloas.HUhlUatleg.

ARE SAVING DAYS AT PREMIERLET rights to vote and be voted for. the eveat I cola
We commend the religious leaders frost all sections will se the popularity :

US FILL THAT FREEZER WITH of America touUl.rIUt their supportersand especially rosiest bet..... the burs ,
the cttisansofWelss fir their. court*eon a sad girls.
ANYTHING IN THE WAY OF MEATS stand patience, and endurance la this straggle. ne peblle is Uvlte4. name: .

MEATY PORKSHORT .. exprema our deepest s-mpathy to the beloved and I
bereaved fmslly Of the late ..'....b for the great

loss that they have sustalaed. Any man who Is fit U 1. mi eueaN .. Mllinical. '
RIBS 7u4 / ........
to live seed sever fear to die.iiiitmirr .

LEAN MEATY It.imici Jax Beach First Baptist Sets

Mrs ladle Mae scott Church's Paster's Aaufersines
will observe her llth aaBtversary .
OXTAILS 5 us. as a gospel The Mta anniversary eejebrstlom of First BmettstChares.
Jacksonville ,..ca en4 Ue ef
2ta theRe
stager March lI at I ,... .
FRESH CAUGHT la Zloa Nope laptiltChurch. .N.N.. 'r laU, pastor will beds toeday and

WHITING 4 .cDatia.e- a.. w-. -...throsA.- .'.....YI.It. .April-. IS. with.....services........teciaaiaiepeaiM .........
Special guests will be
us. ,. 1.L. bas of Ahys senlee.
the B.sbeam ChristiesClsb slits Baptist CBsrca, Teeeday sight ',. ....
CAPITAL IRANOFRANKS members other I..,. D. .. Banes, tweet ttsltfc .t lay MB chapel
BOLO & stagers .have .bees is* field Baptist and Re*. AMI sad Rev, S L trig.*.
vlted, Mrs. Thelae Ed.
SMOKED 3 LIS. David johaaoa of Bethel Evercreea Baptist is
SAUSAGE wards will serve as Seas Baptist Chard IIMUa'''. ... .....14., si(At.lev .
of hosts aad lIIo.t...... g
MADE THE OLD FASHION WAY sill have charge of the I. la.ta..t St.Mtttbew PEPSI

Bejtlet, east

PORK HASLETS 3LIS. side; Rev. I.L. Lau.'. ,

GOD'S MIRACLE NUMKR St Mart B* tlst led Rv.
J, J. Joe.es. MUd ..**
.44 akM ek. xraua coo ..* to to
etn*>a grant e
a..eI to Use a mew... to .... .*.... *. to tto a to.o.i toIMM tie eill save caarce.re4y JtIt\
C It. (to*| to Mto. eh. l..4 M4 M to S ........ TOMY.SM4 T sI''t.In. ILL ;
FRYERS MYSTIC rACBLAGB ft M4 arm M M .*>. art
U. 2 tie* = M* kt LKCTVBX t M .hM : Sls *s. ills lope Bat _
a4 BM ettottM to M.ia..Ss. 1N s..* TM tlat and Rev, S.U ......,
MYSTIC CHURCH f Emaasel Baptist is

3SC* West Eee..,.St Ch>ke XI. DL charge. Friday sight
a... I... nil. it. calvary .
S Baptist

.U _... _._ _
__,... _
y n (
'I I f i.
I '
---- ------

Soprano Coretta S. King Scores Officiol Gets Annual Institute Powell's Urban League

In 5-City Tour Successes Poverty Post Principals'j Seat IsChallenged Divisional Appoints New Head

NCT TOM. N.t. **Horace Nor TOW. N.TThe National

ATLANTA Ga.-Mre. Coretta scott Ih,. wlft of Oreeley advised the youth urban League has
noted civil right leader TIT. Martin Luther I1D,. of m bygone generation named Conrad Graves dig

Jr.,concluded(! a five city concert tour of the test to "Oo ...t." NM You' 'Mrs. laterJamea rector of its now Urban
Cout in which the appeared before capacity an* 'The' New fork business League Pellowahlp pro*
who successfully
I c1l11ceanUllh.nn,1Dto the t oussndevho heard Car community and those who r sued Harlen Democrat
the first tlae her own unique presentation of the live in suburban Nassau. Hep Adam Clayton povell
freedom. struggle.The ........................ county on Lone Inland
for slander and has been
talented aoprano.apooeored Oregon are richer today many unable to collect an
by the Southern At alaoe-Tery stop Mrs. people> agree, because
award of
US, 139. 35 because
Christian. Leadership Conference King ear greeted by atand- Chance T. (Chuck) til- A TWO of top member of their profeaalon. Assistant Atty, flen. for the state poeell haa not

,which her husband h.-roo.-oily audiences llama reveraed that Idea of Florida Ralph t (Mum (center) Atty. Charlea F. llaon (left) of pensacola been la Net' York has rv" It.
beads. wee presented by often nuaberlng upwards and cam ...t. end Atty. Arthur D. bores of Klrnglnham, Ala., were among the speaker during challenged the congreaanan' -
various religious group of 3500. Fifteen year ago Chuck the twday IJth Annual Law Institute held at Florida A&M University last k.Thmie a right to a seat In .rgran
Illllama was a postal of the Institute ran "The Afelnlatratlon of Juatlce.1 Atty. odun spoke
during the eightday Umr. Her concerts unlike any the lower houee.Mra .
Her appearances Included other coiblnea gong ...dD.rr.tlo11 clerk la Loa Angelea. on TJeceaalty of Good Law R>forc nt"; til eon on "The Adilnlatratlon of Justice Jaaea contendsthat
has cllabd. ," and shores, "Th Aomlnlatratlon "
tell Sine then he of Justice in Alabama. t
to the Povell.. "hot an
story of today' a freedom rung by rung, the inhabitant" of New' York

movement fro. ItJDt....". ladder of suttees to a Alledged Killer State when huu electedto
point where he la a vie Speakers Offer Well-Balonced
Ala. to the March oataahlagtoa Congress In November
In which she president of Schenley Not Trained 1944. a requirement of
bag been Involved froa Diatlllere Co. H* waaoa Fonmrhs At FMC Annual Program the Constitution.
the very beginning. of the first Negroes By Muslims She has petitioned the to train new lead

The lest Coast etgaentof ST. AUOUSTINC! -"Christianity can. and must function VQSlU.Al'ttS! court for an order callIng era for the national Interracial

her preaent tour sag in a aaterlallatlo society," Thla was the Ntf YoM (**!)-A 17* upon the %u..S. Attorney aervlceagency
i part of 10 ouch concert general and esiphattc conclusion reached by two year-old youth--taught General to start The :33-year-old social
appearances planned for wellveraed(! speakers" gracing the progran of Florida to hate whites by black "Quo earranta" ( by worker will head a. pro
r this aprlag. other re* e Mortal College' Religioua Dnphasla leek. nationalists accordingto what right) action to fry financed bv three-
.alnlng dates oa her 4 Addressing a student, ...................... poltc--aurrndered deteraine whether Powell year 1300.000 Carnegie.

scheduleaclude Albany, body of over :300 and lost its effectivenessIn last week In the aubvay sun legally elected Foundation grant conferred
Ca. March 24; Tuscaloosa their guests, each day political areana.' slaying of a 17-year-old March 23 was set for to hIp the League
Ala. April ie: Atlanta h during the stimulating said "*v.fright, "even white boy. the Initial hearing In ponaor JJ gradual feflo.thipe -
three eocene<< )a call May 0; Philadelphia. Pa. week of activities, were though, it ..... to be The accused slayer 1dentlfled the aetter for the 19U.ee
torah a at San Diego, Lot May 23 and tenatlvo appearances the Rev. Harry fright of quiescent at times.Christiana a. Christopher school yearJacksonville

Mules anil San Francisco, ia Detroit and Khlloh Baptist Church, should, at no Lynch turned himself In

and oothers In Seattle, Chicago. Bemettavllle, *,C. and time, ahun either their at a Harley police station .
aahlngton and Portland Although Mrs King had the Rev N. Quintua Rey political or civic re' Just a few hours
lade auMrovB concert ap* raids of the Seventeenth .ponslblllty." before funeral services
pearancea over the nation Street Saptlat Church .Rev.. Reynolds broughtout for the vlctln. Andrew
Money Wilson In earlier years before e.TCblck) WILLIAMS Ann Is ton, Ala.*oth apeakera that "the..t er"l) Mormll were scheduled

her lavolveient la the to be axed to an eiecutlve hit bard at the thane prosperity of an individual to begin
To Sing On civil rights aoveaeot position with a "The Function of Oirls or nation should I young Lynch gas accoa
forced her to curtail aajor eoBpaiy when besae tlunity In a tertalls-- never preclude strong panted by his brother
OscorcistHGLLYVOOD. this activity, abe said appointed to his tie Society," touching eaiphaela on such .oral Hoar 28
she had never ,... 'BOeathaalaatlcally preeeat Boat about a effectively on oudi. areas values aa the worth of Their .other, IIfI. Irene

Calif. '"IIIC received. year Aso.Indsstry. as politics, eoclo-eco* the individual, Juatlce, Lynch she arrived at e
tllson .haa been Baaed to ." and civic noelea, and oral val e')ial 1 ty.ard f at r p)ay." the station. a abort tlae
sing ooe of the five RC DirectorTo honor have hID heapedon U Kick-off speaker fort later, told police hereon
aoalaated songs on the his shoaldere aad re cc."mristianitybasnerer week waa Dr. John bad been'under the
nth Anaaal "Oscar"preeeatatloa Hud Annoil ceatly he ear appoiatedia Magulre.. who la also 'bad influence of. kcMlClubOtV
Finals Set _
of the Ace- Nassau. county to head trvstee-.eritas of the black nationalat" organ !
'C. ':'IJ l a 1 TIMS e OCiOC*
deny of notion picture Press Workshop President .Johaaon'a Florida Memorial College isation that bad taught

Arts and seieaeea, Ittas SIMINCMAM./ AI L 'Chixlee "U"o"", campaign.Naaaau ) For Notional Board of Truateee hie 'to hate the white
county coa tales a "
announced today by man.
with, elll be -
III eon
joe faaternak, producerof taltaat to Miles Col larger population than Beauty Contest
all coeatlee .. th.e.lt.d .
I...' lecoad Aaaaal
larking her first ap* states except tr1Trc1ITo
High School press IOn-
peraace on the Aearda shop for the eeooad coa tour la adjaeeat New DAI,US. Tn.**1'"e Miss
Skew, Hiss tllsoa elll aeoutive }ear. Tort City; Leo Angeles Aaerlcs ..,...t. the
alag *.y clad of Ton" Smith, former Directorof county, California; Cook first aatloaally coordl .
fro. '". S.IIaAnd-Toe 1Nooda. pabllc ftelatloaa .t county, Illinois: tayi. mated negro beauty 'pa .
." aa arranged by Florida AM Calverelty oout,. Michigan: cuya- geaat. will be held la

sects director joka la presently Director. hogs couaty. Ohio, and Dallas, Tease, oa April 1 E R MARKE ?
ia the aeoond Allegheay and Fhlladel* SU
Oreen. She Special Market Activities. 7 thra 10.Local, region/
vocalist Baaed to the Royal Crota Cola pkle eouatiea, Peaaeyl* al and state sitters are

,roar..prevloselv. Andy flllllaaskavlag been Company, veal tllllaae a. tee poet of toe being selected la OPEN SUMJAT AT EOGEWOOO ACID AYE B mW JIM.TO I P.M.
through pageants II
He holds the I. A. de service and honor la a
announced to slag )su gree.TIOI..... All State aoa-aalarled poaltloaelth cities, to compete la SPECIALS GOOD THRU SUNDAY AT EDGEWOOD AND AVENUE B
Heart," a title t.... Oalverelty; Master ef the official title Dallas for the title

too Nope .111 MC the Arts ..,,,lajoaraeltem. of Caslraaaof MaasauCounty "Mime Tea AeerleeHM. *-
April ft "Oaeereeet"which ."
State calvereityaf
.ill be aired ever It llll ke egg a wallStreet I1MJoe,cpportiattr,, agency *f Coa the The girls are edged la SUGAR CURED SMALL mAR-B -CUE SIZE
the coablaed radio and three "'.,01111..h.In' .
Journal Newepmperfeilee Health mad Ml far* c'us-
televlaloa facllltiee of at the Cilverelty whoa toads vote eve lag sops, and HICKORY SMOKEDPICNICS
the ftaericaa Sroedcaat* of Mlaaeoota. ell *eewtteta ..,k....
from th* office of tw SPARERIBS
Ill Coapaiy aid the sleet Tie ellalaa-
prior ta werklag at
...* (oppertealty. waahlagtAB. <
world-wide radio network Florida AIM .1th served D.Cllllaaa tl... and sal-tl.sls

of the Araed foroee aa Director ef ''''11'1'bll..U' \' % la a aaa wae, elll ke held at the
ladle and Televlstea Statler pubs Motel oa
and at Savannah free ,.uo.al eaperlemc*.
Service, starttag at State College. April 7 tarn 5..T-e fusel
kaowa that a eregraa *
TOO: P... (PST). "'_ala. OeorglaIRREPEHIERT OoroaatltB Pageant .111
this Inc cam work, N-
held eight,
be Saturday
.am*. be etlllagly a4*
Ar Ml 10. at the Dallas
IT. I lUll SEIIICE alta that fee prabablyo ...,rlal AndlUrle The
.l< tot hove Nan able
t t* achieve what be baa girl saaed "Hies TaaAaericatMr 29 :.
Pick.Ip Rilinry nui 351724.IEIIERT cull eta LB.45c
If It .." at for the L8. .
a senses test, reoardlagetotreet
( ( STIES III I. slits kelp ef tkere scaelartkl .

aedellag aaelgaaeata,
sal esaeroee pereeaalafpeerar

LEI'S aa1 Belly ..h... PILLSBURY
luep college Chair. VEQETOLE
j older the llreetlM *f
She Rifiirlii J Merrlaeft lllaoa, Ae-
sedate profeeeer *f

II Air llllIt melt ether elll perfera arefeeeleaal. aleageltb FLOUR SHORTENING

Iniiif ante
...... free tke p*.
RitiintIIS geeat eotlaeUd ,. e>*

.... 110.009. etll ate
flHlll ATE. the tleaom. College .tl&.-
lag Fee*. 3 CAN59i
P 5 LB. 49

"PHI"' ....y With A StI." PKG. i






Invriet You To Lit ten To- On. Stop Shopping For All FOREMOST ICE MILK 'X luuiRIAIf 3?*;. i.

IK IAW Your Photographic N..di ,BLUE PLATE MAYONNAISE 39C 'J


FAa DETERGENT "': until '11. 25C

llfitfj 11JI: 'til I2ilSitirlif : 1817 N. MYRTLE AVE.

I ,... 'til 12 ,... (IS,,, Siiltfi. I; ApiiiitintslPhil 'SNIDER'S CATSUP -:, H-12 mm lid


1400 WRHC 1400 JJ -32U McKENZIE FROZEN CUT OKRA 2-11 IZ. 29w *

r tr r" ..e .r t r .i tr

r i\ ,'- ,

_." ,,.. ___ ...-J_ .. i' ..


Hero Receives Association's First) Monthly Award '

I. I ; Weddings I ,',) --' '' .;.... ," : .,. \ .y Teen Talk V

: r"I
; ,rr; ; ,.. ; ,; I .'
I lSl\ -- I ) "" t Ety ROBIN FORRESTO:
w "w J,
r. i : .! "r-; : < .:' Hi Teene.New .
Joe E. Stephens, 357 W. 25.'l11ie. y.rf !' sports are In season. Many schools hare already

Nixon St. 21 and Lynettt Lee Stewart, 1379W. Plajtd their oprolnc baseball ganea. film
Brown 2552 Summit St. II. 23rd St. 47 and Mae port hat tote conpttltlon because track haa no*

Allan A. Roberta, 1024 Enna Pollock, 1379 W. 23rdSt. i tlgned In. On laat Wednetday, "any of the local
Milnor Lane, 29 and De* 43. ,, T high tchoolt participated in a track Beet.School .
!ores 'n\OIlU. 039 Bridler Curtis corley. 4173 Grant ) epirlt Blied with tprlng fever rang oat
Bt., 32. Rd. 44 and Any Tuket, and all of the term Bade a good ahoelng.
d f
Will Ashley, 1613 turtle 4173 Orant Rd. 37. There it eoaetbiag else in teaaon and teem Talk
Are 02 and Roea Let Edw. Pallllpi. 1343 Hill tiv would like to talk aerioualy with all of itt teen
Hall 1509 Myrtlt Are 45. St. 34 and Juanlta R. al' fricnda.
Leonard B. Baker 2103Taunton Hagaot 913 E. Union Et r Lately, the weather bal been plenty

Rd. 23 and Carolyn Clarence A.Campbell, 225 ,, d l., 'r""' wars 'Tnit haa caused a Dumber of

E. Bowman, 2203 Jeru Oak St. 22 and Dorothy ___._, .' Teene to go beaerk. 'Bit reaul tt are,
I !
talea St. 22. Laaar 88 Park St. 17.Jlnle wvw.z r."J I you' re been thrown out of claat, aort
frank Jaatt Randolph, Joe Plaid. 1324 ff. I{ hare Haired Pt on report aide
Prince St 27 and Celtt-
teacher hare developed bad feelings
1014 N. Jtfferaon St. 26
and Dorothy E. King 2120 tint woodard 1324 .. toward you and a few hare been tut
Honoris Rd. 26. prince St. 23. pended fro* achool.
Milton Janet Brown, 1759 Jonathan steward 1147 IDBXN: !' Now teens, we don't want that now
Dull St. 30 and Fredonla Bridler St. 29 and Eddie do: ..? !loll' 80 reBeaber two things: teachera areBatt

Chance, 3913 Lenox Circle Mae rime'' 1717 Wright like ut, huBan. We only hare nine Bore weekt
Are 27.Waiters. r r In tchool, and then three Bontha of tuD,reJaaaUoa

a! wt and peace. I'a cure if you take heed to these re*
Memorial __ "iii2 indera tcbool will ear easier teachera would

GODS GIH WttL DCNB' .. While dltcuttlng plant tor launching bandit who had robbed a nearby dry cleaning ettabllthBent appreciate) your kindneaa, and the achool will be

AME Zion Church of their 10th Annual Ball this tent!. Benbera of after hearing the wotan attendant e till ttanding then you return nest year or when
fJUiD] 'D J'llMDIW!
Choir 2 of eltere the Ju Police Benevolent Aesocletlon, during their serer until Sgt. Edward Hlckaon and patroUan ereryou come back to renlniace with the ease teach
MeBoiial -
]11 1 U1J31I fU. {j AME!: Zlon Church Bonthly aeetlng Monday Dll1ht,took tl.e out to present Freddie Mack arrived on the scene and placed the era. Oily you i can lake apriag the gay light teaaon

will Beet Saturday for Anthony Irey with their flrtt Monthly Citi culprit under arreat. Shown in foreground maklnc it mould be.
rehearsal tt 2 p.a. zen'a Award for Brarery displayed far and beyond the presentation arepatroltan George Bradleyleft( ) Back by popular de' end for those of you who arc I

1&'h. aerriceaSunday! will the call lye, who la employed) by a north Myrtle Robert George and honoree Irey. intereated. la our dictionary of boya:
begin with the Sunday Avenue service station ran down and captured (Royal Art Studio Photo) laundry boy (loadre) all wet

1,"' l. powder boy (pow der) one who it dry
School at 9:30 a.m. ,
m. ; Y U3 with Mitt Mother Midway honqr boy (bun e) he'll- Bake a beellne for you. i
i Any Morel and
Tampa Beauticians In Guest Role .
kernel boy (kur ..1) likely to pop up with acne
in charge. The !semen _
AME Church thing corny.Bap .
will be renewed by the
boy (map) full of 11aamalpcle
puto r.Rev. a.L. Rogers, Trustees' rltea will ba t i.,
boy (a ni cy el) a trig wheel ;:
who will also conductthe observed at
key boy (ke) you ahould latch on to himPbr /
11 a.a. ...rYlce.At Sunday, a.". J. t.
the record: Tne Greatneat." That wma fit* !
3:30: P. ? the Bitalonary Jones pastor announced
Oooke. A aul table offering teaorlaa it this RCA i
aocletywlll Beet this week.Choir .
with rye nary L. Leavypresiding. 2, Usher Board 2, L el bum that open with Shake". a whopping pott ,
Chriatlan Endearor Class Leadera, Mlasion- hireus hU, which ahowe. off Cbokt'tcoBpletOBulti*

Hour at 3 D..., arles and stewarda will ttyled tinging .ut.r,.So.m of the other lit are
r with Miss Carolyn Rogerain mane maJor .aervlces.Al 9 tore Ton Moat Of All," "A change la Oonna

charge, and oreningterrlce Benbera who hare not paid ea.." (inapt rational type) and "1'. la The Mood I
their for Lore" (bearing the special Cooke ataap). "111'
THE STONOR ARMS at 7: 30 o' clocll. Truatttt' Mortgage I
!flue' Oaae" by Shirley Ellis, really tetra right !
or General Budget ,
Since 1780 the building' i that ,
homes The Stonor Arms In Oxfordthlre First Corinth are urged to do to Sun dow to the "real" nitty Grit"'. lots) of roice. f;
hss been a residence, day.Reraona. low of energy, and m bounce of soul toes ten
a bakery,a girl,'boarding school Baptist Church '' Jeepert it* a that time again.
and finally a charming" wayside for the 11 a...
noel! IMr. I
Inn Today, Gordon's Gin (slsodtling Plrat Corinth Baptltt and 6:30: aerrlcea will Bye
back to 16th Century Church cervices Sunday bt delivered by the n e ;
Englsnd) Is a ten-to-one 'livour. will ttart with Sunday .. BIRTHS-
Its here, often ss part of a Gor pastor. y
don's Orange Blossom School at 9:30: a.B.with ORDER or SERVICE !
Deacont y WOW M .* Mrt.Clarence Allen 4207 gives St. '
A. Cooper and E.Dawaey Sunday Sdlool.It: 30 a.., Boy
in charge. Mom* nornlng merrlcmll ....l; READYING!' FOR CDJIYUmW -- The J Ipso: Bud autlclant Club of Ttapa bart been eelected 27M flat Col* Dr.. Boy. Mr.* rrm JYOQ Let Pool.
tat aerrlce at 11: IS o' ere at service, 6:30: at tht guest club when the Orange Bloaeosj state'Cbatetology Aaaoclatloaoonvenet Mr.. Mrt. D rld Co lea an 1033 Re.min St. Olrl,
y clock choir' 1 and Daher P.., it* ttatt convention and allied actlrltlet here May 16 la Duel County 114 Pippin at. Boy Mr. B Mra. Earl Johnson
: Board 4 will terra. 'fie .The'Jon.l.ut ham been .. Arson. Shown from jilt ar/: Mrs. Llllle Judge\ Mra. Josephine Brown Mra. ira Mr. Mrs. frank Baltb. 4523 Highland (tq 'Boy,
; Iowa| M\tro9 Batting uttorlUudyst/." r LWrVra, AttnltV erJrBra, Mra. Elizabeth Tailor Mra. Rinks Mat !Melton.' Mrt.Rctt 147 t. ltb St., Boy.Mr. Mr. 1 Mra. Oeorge Grant.

will) b h.ld.t.IIP ..., Rehearsal teaalont tor M. Hopklnt and Mra. B ulah. Joyner.Ellxabtth MM James test, 1911 t. Fourth Bt.. Olrl.Mr.ft .
Qordon't In then tontx. all 'cho'lre will bt held 111 Third Are. SouthJat.leaci. Mrt. Jatet Ray. lOT
Orange Blossom The ttnlor .Issiontwill Pla. Oirl.Mr. t. State Bt. 61 rl.Mr. .
1 part Gordon's Dry Gin Friday at I P.B.Carter Tailor wanu la United Church 01 Christ Spearheads
1 sponsor tat then Mrt. Loanie Kite.5S43 1 Ira.laohrt'' willlawa -
part orange JulaOMke till btin renounce her American rltu-n-
wall In a shaker half filled Special in an after* charge of the, Butledepartaent ship end apply for BmunclUxtniMp. Balafoate Dr., Boy; 2313 N.Myrtlt Art.,
with cracked Ice, and strain Into terrice prograa, fthr was born in First! Action For Voting Rights Mr.. Mrt. Trarit Knight, Olrl.MERVON'S .
a eoektail.' gl..". Sunday. Britain
I Anong: Church Oroupt r
NEW TOW C1TT-Tht Hi ecu tire Council of Ut B*

We Will Build A Home On Your LotNo aped of Church peaceful of Christ cirll called rlghta for deannatratlona Federal protection and PHARMACY

for iBBtdlate enactment of a Federal law guaranteeing 2802 W. Edgewood ,,,.
the voting right of all persona. Tat 0*
sited Church it the first aatlonal denoatnatlM to
Money Down take earl tctioa. ."......... .......* PO-S-41dS OR PO-5-1582

IB a reaoltttlon paaaedunaniaoualy reaolatioa called oa ,lit
at Ita ...t- tore than t.o allllea /OS: Our life-lotg practice IB Pkaraacy It
lag here the governing Opted Charch tetbert dedicated to tit bet tern eat of yowr kealu.FLEASC .

I, Payment Low As body of the rjnlted Charch Mediately to co.trl.'at. Let at nil r'

r alto cotteaded eieca- eabstantlal' ....." JOer lest preacrlttloa.
r Urea, ilalttert and lay for tfce deaotlaatloa'awork .
.obeys of the denomination for racial jastlee ft OPTBL' Fre HokCp <<

$69.50 who have taken part tad tried Beabera to aDd Del I vet7

,R.l Pv la the carreat atragglt pray, to protest to petitioa ttrrlte OB FreterlpUoBt -
v p. tor negro rotlag rights sad to proclalB other |

tint hat centered !. that tie fetterlag tort It". ,
Per MonthLow Selaa, A1 ab.... tad of racial dltcrlaiaatlo I M tree Staa,a oa Preempt or0 Kwdtelldl

toed item to cootUaetheir akall .e eat oat of tit e
actirltlee. Tht lift of U1l aatioL" Drat I: JO '"L TO: 10:M ..L DAttT
Income Families
Opted Cbtrcl moss represented
To Stage Recital
by 87 alaietera
'"' Can Now Quality tad laytealargestataglt District l of MU 1 aelBaptlat

deltgatlon--la Qurca will Pre- ._ ,
r tat stem aarch led bytht teat Mra. Beetle Carter tjlCM., n .,.. .

Modern Homes Built Rev or Martin IB aer flrat recital

Lather &11,. Suaiay at 7: K ,.... la """"' .....77_ .
The Eiecatire Coaacll tat ctarch audltorlu.gut l I.I

Du't lit nat Yiciit lit El Ti Intl. Slip 2 I 3 liirHi CIS CmtmtiHAipli I ..


Pijinf. Rut.......hid A N/n101 Tiir Owi litls lit I hid Vittt : '%M CitifoMr' MW I

t .
i i Cirprt i Itiiti RIII l<' AT* tnj A">*tf HCM f L + .'< I .

-s {.
.. '.
Let Our Representative J f'jST''''''PO&A mAgrlllln IYJTRoQ

t .*. SMELL OYSTERS ,8! =3 50

; Call On You Today -,:> IT1WINO OYTTIUmiCT H Pf. co.l"'s><

i! OTtTIti ,

==-'1. .=M AeUrAr
i And Discuss Your Building Plans +cr, HUM lie
SHAD 101 pee ...
t t t ....e.. ......te.Ai.h tiTf
1 t Irr..l MMr mod .w flu Ufesl> MM'S. i Mi Sty It s

I.d ara TlHQ .. ...,11. U. l.+m

MID. Minirr 20* u. .... ..... s nut*
C0H El I 5-4408 For An A"eMt..I..Or Irtnf Yw Dd i To UK6t 101 MUU1T . 11 2* Are Taught At The I
d .
,....... -.... .........
a AND' MANGO SNAPPttSMItPSHIAD .. .u. JocksoivilltBorbtr

. .. u. u.
.. '. DUVAL BUILDERS I nan nx LotmtpttsH mwrweeewv.. t!. >SIM<
rtoiiH Lotsni TAIU .. ... u. suo
,:. nUM WATtt CATflSN .... ... tt. 49. CoIItft lie.

molten "ICM ....,. ... ... .. LL 4*
Call Today 1837 East 21st St. .. Call Today RIO lASS .4.. ............ ..La. .. ..
PlOUNOIt ..............IB. 4ft 630 DAVIS STREET
: KING MAcntiL STIAO ............ f.1.11e .

a 5-40 Jacksonville, Fla. EL 5-440 ST1AX PUM . M .. ... .u.CSe latlFaar II.. fltflll! I


.;:. -- -----..-...-------..-.....-- -

- -. _- _. .__ .._ _. _-_ __ ._ ._ ...____ P. __ __ __ _w.w.I ._ _.... r--- ---.-..- ----------- .+..,.r.w.aw.r.wrr. ...'''_

I t ,.t (


Sloan Foundation Announces Savannah State Fetes Press Representatives Negroes Among State Official Admits

Scholarship Program For Negroes American Awardees

NEW YORK, T.-\ new and eiperlaental program of RI J :'L1f Negroes CHICAOO'-CN'I--T.a are( ..OD, 45 Some Bias Exists

scholarship awards for Negro aale students was announced 1rlp civic business and professional ,
today by Everett Case, president of the leaders who

Alfred P.Sloan foundation. The prograa. which pro d will receive ""Good A.ricaD" Promises Corrections
Tides for student rants to be kno n as Alfred P. ; __ .. awarda at the
Sloan; Opportunity Awards. Is designed to help certain annual dinner of the Chi GAINESVILLE-Florida'a (what Negro fare folk
of the leading Negro colleges eitend the op- ClIO Coaalttee of 100 In system of county fan agents have long known) that

port unity of a higher education to praising Malt the Grand ballroom of the operating under these services are mainly

applicants who could eipect to qualify for college L14 Conrad Hilton Hotel, oa the Florida Agriculture oriented toward white
only with the benefit of both medial and financial April 7.Heading. Ratenslon Service, has farmers, and that any
assistance.The .. ...................... the lint of a- been cited by the U. ". ambiance of integrationhas

Foundation has Invited College Dallas Tens; cards are Hobart Taylor, Civil Rights CbMisslon been more superficial
tea colleges to Dlllard University. New eiecutive ,Ice.ebalnllll.predd.at' for practicing racial than reel
Orleans La. ; risk Untrersity.NashviIleTenn. discrimination it has
participate In the pro a c ..itt.e oa Satchmo Lauds
.. Each college will .; Equal Diployaent Opportunities. been revealed here.
seek out potentially Haapton Institute Hasp- and Dr. Robert The state eitenaloa Close Friends
ton Va. ; gnoavllle.Ollete service director M.o.
qualified candidates for C. Weaver, director
a college education in .Cnoxvllle.Tenn.; Housing and Hose Finance: atklns, refutf' mar,.. From The South
Morehouse college Atlanta made by the Federal agency -
those high schools troD agency. BIiLINNPi)" "Bose Of
which It normally recruits ; Talladega College Tb. remaining eight are untrue, because ay beat friends are white
Its students.Half TalladegaAla. j Tougaloo the Rev 7.Ilneraoaroan.. h. says, the county agents southerners." aned" Negro
CollegeTougaloo, ..... have
of the candidates the ; 1 Progressive Baptist stopped dlscriainatlng Jail musician Louis Ara
first year will be of and Tuskegee Institute Church Democratic state : In the last strong told antaat Berlin
Tuall..... Ala. couple of .
junior-year standing In Rep. Corneal A. Davis, years.The news conference last week.Satchao. .
their school and half In addition to funds U.& Rep IllllM U Dar agency operates witha who later

will be seniors. The for tuition room and eon ( Dea. ). Albon L, combination of Federal, wowed enthusiastic audiences
board for scholarship: state, and county funds,
candidates thus selected Poster Director. COSMO aa he launched n
will attend a remedial recipients the Foundation poll tan Chamber of Co.- and la concerned now )lest series of 10 concerts In

program at one of two a treat to each erce; Frayser T. Lane It. Federal money be cutoff East Germany refused to

centers la order to assure participating college Chicago urban League: and because of racial be drawn Into disruption
their full preparation .111 Include: a supplementary INSTITUTE: HONOREE3--TW eleaentary schools, hide adioola and col Aid. Ralph J. Metcalfe. discrimination of the race problem In

for college level nst-of-educs-: h'.., were tong winners of publication eicellenceawards: during Southern Regional all of Chicago; Aid. V.) A letter Has gone to Pr. the United States.

work and. If admitted by tloa allowance. School Press Institute sponsored by Savannah !State College, Savannah Phillips, Milwaukee; and Lloyd Davis Federal" Ki-: I've got no grievances.I .
the college which selected The remedial program, Ga., the coca-Cola company. Atlanta C- and the savannah Coca: Cola Bottling Dr. Queen Esther Shoo tea, tension Service Director, love everyone fioae ofut
tbea.will-be awarded which will be bandied as Cbpany have basted the annual swards for several ,..n.ln top photo center dean hone economics froa Pr. J. None' Belts greatest friends In

s scholarship a special) project by the [1'. Howard Jordan Jr., Savannah State College President and honorary chairaan achool. Tuskegee Insti president the unlveralty the South are white. he

based on need to carry United Negro College of the Institute, receives coca-Cola donated plaques froa left to light Moss isle of Florida, pledging pointed out. .
then through the* four- Fund .111 consist of an H. Kojdrli. Czeklel Idler. and Charles H. Boons. At eitrwe right ia flltonC. The swards are an annualpresentation that the atate agency Anstrontn3i US. Is the
eight-week simmer sessionat Savannah State College director of public relations, who directs the will "gel right"
year course leading to Scott of the Q).- first major American entertalner -
the Bachelor's degree. two centers--Dlllard Institute. In bottom panel trw left Miss Lucy1wia, Orangeburc. !'.C""% high ittee of 100 In recognition and outlining a plan for to The ten colleges selected vah.ultIDC.. Orleans school: Instructor accepting for South c-rollna State College; Bengal Daniels. of Individual COBtrlbutlona ..... East Oeraany.

by the Sloan and Morehoase College la Price High School,Atlanta; Mrs Harriet Chlahola.Oglethrope Fleaentary School to human relations Plate official. are now The gravel-'o I red singer

foundation to receive Atlanta. Atlanta; Arthur Mctlbben, Price High school Atlanta; peter Scott, II, TUB andpractlcee of awaiting word fro scholarship grants are: During the surer the hegee Institute Alabaaa; Mir Valerie Daniel Turner High School, Atlanta; basic principles of American aa to whether standing ovation far his
Bethuae-Cboksan College, students will be given Calvin Harris Bibbs Junior College Jacksonville Pis. ; Miss Patricia Parks deaocracy. the Florida county fart. rendition of Hello
Daytona Beach; Bishop Intensive Instruction la Fstraoat Nigh scaool.Orlffln. o..; Paul Mohr. accept: award for Oibt-e Junior The coaalttee also will .,m t.' plan la accept Dully. "

written and oral coa- High and Henry velbeck Livingstone College. Salisbury N.C. Lawrence Swish present certificates of able or not. Arastrvng had stated st
Adds New BooksOn uaicatloa and ..th...-
editor-l.-ddef of the puqueme University Duke was also cited coBsendatlcn to business State director 'at kinsadalta a news conference that he
Negro History tics. flras and institutionswhich there are soae ... In last Germany to
Mr. Case reported tnet : 'Observe the tUDdlMlltal pocletsotrace tincrlai- play and sing and /not to
PoaadaUoa'a Board Postage Stamp
CHICAGO-PIPour Greenberg right equality nation, but dales "we criticise: the United
books on Negro history of Trustees bad aade an or opportunity In employ are In the process of States.The .
will be added to the allocation of $500.000 Will Carry Message meat. without regard to correcting' those few final entertainer also declined
board of education school to provide two summers TAIpA'-A new Issue. of a will
LBJ Cited ataap also salate color, creed set or national areas.1 raaaent on the
list this Month, accord- of reaedial work sad five eeat Dal ted States the aeaandwuaea engaged origin Inaera The report of the U.f. Berlin eall.dlc1 divides

Ins to Dr Evelyn Carl foar-year acholarahlpa: postage stamp has been la caacer research and of the coarsenda tlona will Civil Right aHMlaslitti co.. .I.t East Germany
son assistant superintendent for .. Initial group of I designed sad will carry the .UUo.. .
By NAACP 01 Aaerlcani be announced l.ter.Ihll after a detailed stu-lj true Beat, Germany
In charge of 60 student the ....... 4 rr.ryh ., .
school CMHMttlng ra the Foundatlon s IMAI' to hI! I
carrlcvlua.The NCI TWAtteatiag to Cancer-"Early Detection against enter U a. -Murwkip. Florida counties found Flaw" .
books are "Worth a new program.vr. saves Lives. "
his aouatiag popularity,
Alfred P. gloss, jr. -
Plghtlag for Langstoa The Florida Division of
as a right leader,
HU...* .Ietorlal History Chair.an of the Board the American Caacer: So.
NAACP Legal Defense puadOirectorCoaaael
of the Negro la the said; "I think this la Jack clety la Tamps reported CHEER

Ualted .States. !, L.O. 'an laportant way la which: Greenberg has been dtosen this week that the ...
Mddlck'sclvll; eu." the FouaJatloa can discharge ataap will be releasedby
to receive the John ..
and Elliot sklaaer'a its deflalte respoasiblllty. the Halted States
Maawura. card given by /
"A Glorious Age la both the ,National .....pap.r Peat office Departaeat '
Africa. socially: sad ,ecoaoal Publishers Association. la aaahlagtoa D. C for 49 C
Addltloa of the new tally, to show talented dlatrlbutlag tfariag the
nit highest NiPA eltatloa QUANTITY srrc"u:. GOOD
books follows a two-year Negro boys that the opportaatty oath of April. MINI
ia roaferred oa RIOHTS
campaign" by .lItd so* of a college The central dealga of RISfItVD THROUGH SATURDAY
persons who have coatrltoted UK" 1 PlUS
clety, a group of Chicago edaeatloa ia open to the vertical 'f state is
educators active la the then; and I sight add to of to the the democratic'preservatloa a .,.icl..I.* atetho 1"1 55.H H linE FIRS HID

atady and teaching ef the reeaoae why the Punadatloa Ideal scope" ia pirple agalaata

negro history, to have skoald *> this aleroaoope la or.....
Cited for hla "coapeteat >
the board radically the reason that huaaaltydeaaads It earn created by stevaaPoaaaoe IUIU1[ 1Ms
leadership of thelegal
alter its teachlag this very woo baa
American history till 1&. forces, dlacrialaa fightingsegregatloa five other stamp Iliaatratloas 1111 SUI ii 1m nil SlIER C
and this CO F FEE
sore 69
lien sad the deals ef
Ton b' t *ave To b *) Tan ;o Ort equal protectloa of the 100 eriglaala far theSaturday III
Kvealag pest '
ls.." Mr Greenberg received
LOW PRICES coversSMstor.
the award March
HMrlae ft
II at a iMCheoa la the
till Tour "*. Terrace dab, at the berger ef Oregea. eke
1111).. tilt farts ef
'. cancer
j N.w Tort aJl" Fair.
DRUG STORE NEEDSTrade Others receiving the tbroagh personal eiperUace < SHORTENING TOMATOES

award, Baaed after A. Introduced lathe
< .1 IU Tour !Neighborhood *>ng tore erica's first NegroMewwpaper D S. Senate a bill

q nu. irrr m PWCW Ain, w rnw WL p p'ai*. ...IIIA.r. a/e .IMrhh and .1 reeling
'It iellver. alf fill all rbctefa Pre rlrtloits. ;
prealeVnt Uses t Joha the poetaaster General,, '
".. the faalllee ef the "to issse a seeds 8 N IU 1.00IITI
Dixie Pttarmacyun three civil rights workers postage stamp >
dais rating the erassde a* c
iavlsslsslpplAseree SSM Si IU
Goeaaaa, James gslast caacer," 5 9 ISIS n
liifi lirf it t MjftUr.ittt &U" Chase,. ilchael ScheraerBsllaey la her coMeata to..the fill lUll IIUI 19c

Elgin SHI-SI Twaag, hassle, she said J LIS. ILfACH suss11l.
a ."..... agalast caacercoasnanrative
v___._ .. .. frbM Excise, sac JaaeaParser
at MO
PAT THI tUH, I-UI All TUEPIIIC ....... b. thee.aaa ef sterlag .
public ef this C
Jo..... tr.NMNs .....t
IIUS AT III STIIC of rare ........ dread disease, ae many
.f the .000 Aaerlcaalives
which are leeteellessly

te caster
every tear skit fe. asve4by

fcelplsg etlaalstevlslta ll.ftttl .
te .t.u ia
.y k .. .
I. 'l.10" "\ time for early .1......
... 'r.....at *. PIli
d" Pestaester Onsets Jew

"f" A. Cr.*.."I, also e.a.

the time 0 seeded t.. nee a.... and
Now is d said, "the rwrpeee .f PICNICS CIIIIUIIIIII II.25C

for the the etaep la ,. relaAaerKase <
o .
.. ,
t@ that aa earlyee'lcel
Smooth Canadian 1JII cftecisp sties

to come to the o r'aid tan bring ceatrel nil diseaseaaler The tort flU Cif'UIIII 11111 fLI11I III IIlU' II 111111

of your a nnm Its Slit Si SIIUII 49 C STARCH

party! / oaCAC.D-. ..ii' Oc.k I 1.a STEAl n.,79C II 11. urn 19

.....r ef the flats'
..alias, ea. aeer..4 II,
tOO I. grantee la a salt IUI IIUII our I..UUI 1111 lUll UII run gar

VO.-does what northerwhbkycan. Transit tiled Malasl MttoritF the Chlce(.r iaJartee STYLE COIN RICE SHORT RIBS

( It defines tmotth! once aastaiael ia ass us.29C

and for all Lijhl Of course. . l Z J 1 1111-
( ,..,. ..a.OsriM n.1I ii Mill rm u.

,, Sc2 atn's\ h the atg *ay trial
'' Grudianeraa.hYgea the "Slack" ..alialeetlfled S. II. 1
s w ar,, \.J
tba be Mfferefj JIICI rune

sect a4 h<* fajartee C
.*.. CIA ba. tend ... POTATOES 10 a. 59 I ORANGES 39C
u .eII'srsanatw.Isr.r *' a.amt rear af Ua car I I 11. III


-- -

-- -.... .. = -, 0 -
'7 e .- .. .

, cil .T-- 1 .i I '1


",' 1 'r'1-1 :,
+ 1 .
u h

, I;, 1 Jt

\ :,k

; .-:' _
\ -: ::- _

I _,.,'Y _. ____ _

Orange Blossom CosmetologistsSelect i.'nnualfet Acclaimed Outstanding Success Miami-Dalle JC Schedules

Jax For State SessionsBy Vehicle MafoteiHHice Coarse

BERTHA: \ A. PERRY MIAMI*-Misai*Dade junior College ill sponsor a

MIAMI-The :26th! .Annual convention of the Orange five day course in Techniques of comnerclal Vehicle -

! Blossom cosmetologists 411OchUon, Inc" 123, will Maintenance March 29-April 2, President Peter -
convene In Duval County Armory--State and Market Maslko. Jr. announced this week.
r ?ts. May 14 through the 20th. Designo'l u a refresher .-..-..- ....................
Registration will get ....................... course for professionalsat tltute of Public Safety
on raster Monday Mrs Pennsylvania State
t underway Saturday, May the management supervision -
, Josle Hurley Is state will
University, act an
15 815 W. CHurch level the
organizer and reporterfor conference
and Sunday in the Armoryat course will include lec
I 6 a.JII. Mrs Cathleen Unit 8. demonstrations and lecturer other top-
In Miami, Cosmetology
ranking authorities
composing -
B. Rose, 2705 N. Howard workshops by recognized\
Unit 42 celebrated National
the Instructionalstaff
, Avenue is the state specialists, inthcMtor
Beauty Week.Cosmetology Include representatives -
transport Industry.
Unit 7 members of General Motors -
Highlight of the sessions Serving with the college .
will include the chartered bus and in planning and coordinating Cummins Diesel
education: Department's) Key West, stimulating the Firestone Caterpillar
::: event Is
scholarship awards given cosmetologists' Interest f a 10 menber. AdYllOrrII: Tractor Chrysler, Bear

annually to the winner In the OBC. _. __ .-. -,. .- -_. .. ,-- ittee composed of Representatives ManufacturingRyder System
i of the Oratorical Con- Mrs. Allne !S. Walton, ANNUAL LUNCH. It-aev. C.C.ct>..Ben. paatoi, I and Beaters mrs. A. hlghtower .n. boost, mrs. *. psulK, M. of Industryand Beadlx-lesting-

'f test. Theme of till* year' president emeritus of of Trinity CMS Church enjoyed a pleasant and Meeks and Mrs. M. Necks. Standing from left: 'Mrs. government, with Albert house, Dana, and ford.tyeakers .

y contest is 'Today' west Palm Reach Is con- momentuous occasion on Sunday afternoon, March 14, J. Floyd, (unknown) I. Bonner Mrs A. Terrell J. fedarto, city of from the field
fined to her home with
( Challenge spells. Tomor illness. when they converged on the Sir John Hotel diningroom Mrs. E. Evana, Mrs. B. Stroud! (unknown) Mrs ,. Miami Training and Safety of government and education -
Mrs R. Louise
t row' s success." Mrs. to observe their annual lunchoen. Member. Scott, Mrs. Henderson, Mrs. 0. Ivey and Mrs. R. Administrator as include officialsof
ilma Dorrell of Jack- Bassey Is hospitalizedas shown seated from left are: A. Scott Mrs. I. Pry Allen CAd lutoto at the Sir John ) chairman the I. C'.C. Bureau of

sonville is chairman of the result of an auto son, Mrs. E. Janes, J. Byron, Mrs. G. Williams, Ralph Vo, Thomas, In* Motor 'Csrrlers, Dade
soda den t.
Sheriff's DepartmentCity
; the contest's program
Cormittee Seal Seas Cam aianli' Of Miami Miami-.
Forensics TourneySet lauay.cehesAnnual
Mth many of the membership Yes We All Talk lade Junior College and
competing for Dade Public School Systen. -
By Miami Dade
How to Get People Acquainted, .
the crown, the Miss OTC N sy ,
Contest is expected to By Marcus H. Boulware Mlaml-Dmde junior College ib flziarto said that the

be one of unusual In- Oftimes you are selected or elected as a chair- will bekost for the 1964- conference in expectedto
terest. The very verna- man of a anal group of people. As the chairman or 65 Florida Junior College y, attract management
, tHe and talented p. leader your first job is to make every person relaxed Conference Forensics executives, Maintenance

Louise Rassey of Orlando to get everyone acquainted with each other Tournament March 26, 27, 4 engineers and superintendents -
la chairman of the Ar and in the mood to talk. How would you do this? Thirty-two private and fleet supervisors -

tists' Bureau. These ideas may he suggested: public Junior colleges In g / training direr
I' Delegates are aim) said 1. Introduce yourself first, and do it in the way the state are expected to tors, and others whose

f'f'I' to be making plans for which you wish then to Introduce themselves attend the meeting, according work demands that they
the Educational Beauty 2. rave then nn opportunity to hear the sound of to Dr Leon Dodez: ke t> abreast of latent

Clinic which Is chaired. their own voices M'nrc debate coach. developments In the motor

by Mrs D. A Julius of 3. Introduce yourself to the group. Competition will Include transport field.

( Miami, 4. Let each group member introduce himself' and! debate entertainment 4 All sessions the conference

r During the current annual see how well he remembers the names of the others. speaking, extemporaneous 1 will be held at

membership drive 5. !Have each one Introduce his neighbor. speaking, oral laterpre- the DuPoDt Plain Hotel

Orlando CosmetologistsNo 6. If at a table, use place curds with names on tatlon and persuasive la midtown Mlsl. ''DI-

8 Is leading In new then. (If you are going to meet several times, do speaking. rolleee completing the

"memberships., Plans for not destroy?the piece cards.) The tournament. which course will receive certificate

* I the annual March colorma CHART OP MOTION: You 'nay wish my chart of par will be open to the public T' of achievement
Hair.'and Fashion Show UII/II.nt.rylllotion. arranged according to classes will begin at 1:30: a, .11. .t a graduation luncnoen
has been.completed., A and_answering the six questions about each motion. Friday, and climax with ROWir, the honorary tester esl"! Is mart emxitfi to recognize the Raster on April 2.
J Lily as the symbol for Crippled Children's Society IMS Easter Seal Cawpalgn.
I t' Baby Contest and Kiddle Send 80t'to .cover the cost of printing and hand an awards luncheon
JIIfm..t! will.. .he.held I t n. Saturday Jeanette "Glgl" Parkhurst, Dade County 1915 Easter Seal Poster child.Joins
with P.A.Mike Calhoun, jr. ( r) raster Real chairman and Stewart Allan ((1) In a ....-....s mutt tank' ,
president of Crippled Children's society In offering Ronnie whiff of the traditional \tc D..._'s r'-lf> P>.lAi

'1'1; Tune WAME Home Of The World'sChampion cnrpaign taster Is now underway Lily. Clgl it reminding all Dade puntlans that the WJ Raster ,....*-..U.w s<_.4 riwlnly. rvm ot twlf t-

: Disc Jockey CORE Conduct Miamians Lead

I ; School Baycott In ThespianTALLAHASSEEThe

f' 1 / In North Fla. smile
of the cotedy mssk one
IIONTICELLO.coall.ldSeer.tarr of the symbols of the r nth

solver Gordon theatre In being worn
was arrested on a reckless bj all the menbern of

driving charge re tb* Florida Mil Ualvernlty -
cently on his way out of playvakers Guild u

this Jefferson County they Y1.. the number of uG'ot
seat where he had led a prospective thesplans

student march for school for the current tri

integration, IB protestof mesterThin ,
the harassment arrest trimester there

a type of arrest are 31 eager aovbocle

r Nicky lee which has become common 41ais The deans of WMBMSpotlight
in the Jeep south ho pl.dgees,haee announce .
Holder of world t I.a: pent at least five days that thin In the longest

j Broidcaatlng Record Fred HMBIRockln In Jail. line ia n two-year Product Ot The Week
Alfonzo..Mol.1I 234Continuous Hours The students, all of period. Each trimester

whom are from Howard I..hra Gulldpledg.ea Miami Florida

Academy the all-Mesro nwmter. over 30

school marched to the According to David Days

courthouse where the and Cagenin ilckoli,

Hai school board was la session dews of pledgets. all

one of them Fred of the Bledgeen are
$Sander, went Inside to freshmen except five,
present their man4 for and there are 2t from

school integration The laml

deaudwas flatly rejected It In mot necessary for b

and a boycott Is boing a student to be a ribs
Bob Terry considered .f the plarnakern Oulll 4W

I From 3.00: to 6:90: A pupil placement Plan For. Instance, oat of the
I i P ram AMF Downtown Brother Ray proposed ty the board is II pledges, only one Un e2r'w
Rogers cotcletely Inadequate. drams major The others

CORE Scholarship Ideation are majors la matitmn*
Defense Fasd At* tics no lolocy. political the SHORTY$35..
"oHEAR toraey join Die matCharged science. n.iie. bl* MfOALO STYU .USM
pr. e+.ee
SEE AND THESE in a complaint olegy, lad strlal arts, : ,=w.r.:-:e.w.Sm.aMew .w ,w,::

filed with the B BOf- and artEageninsiicaolM. ... ,- -.w r a'e-.ewe .wit -
flee of Education pointed -J rMe = e.d .,
=:'..:::-: ( *. tt t, mum X ..,.
Thin drive dam In directed oat that the Pity*tier aO.ild van w ICALP. f"e. ......"

a I at the local antipoverty offers euerieac :w =-/.S AMY '
in group cooperation, e: .
programMrim ... I -
RADIO STARS until trnvel tad a __ ;:u'aara oaos 1M'
r +e'U -
::=.r r
Glens chance to develop self 5fW ..... ...w.. '"" '
oxgressloaThro ;;;r ;;:.:: cow ..... nn v
___M rrarr.
Pmlalirtrlt.aitst ....,. aeeikern .f the wba,4' s 1111Ilf1
AJwisor In all affair .( pledge sigh, Panels .w r,euacrtu a ': .......ee..r
.... alas
e..w w. s
I .. .>. kyle. vary Tbompaoa a4rrafttl .... -
llfrU *. .rrt. mi ---
e. p.... ....... MwM.
WAME-1260 .... aac Jl..II", ClbU.414 fartlclptto Tr.-
... .
/ mum t e.w1.=
nuM.. Lucky D***. Lack ta the aroductloa UIleAl..

..... 1> rw U so how so of *- *. llsg sad I Poe--.S ems Daw-.a-w -e.V _:. _w l::.'=.. .r.a'r eo:.eo::
4rM fwl that *ae can't .n.co rn "= H'. aw1.1..+.._ w
:.r -.. a.....
fit smPr ;: w. fi. -
h.\/. U 'ate4 .t Ml Lei- tJ-: Ktaa .... obese
tttt Street..*. :" '"" .... Pr.r.rt*. gu 1p.rteeta. .. p.-. ,'W___ee_a w.-u..... +.ep rrrwy 1 r.=-- :.

.. a-'a. with I* m.til filly ...I,..&. CA,.. scar .rosrw* p.y a. -
\" : > MMB
: < .: H ear /:Hot line11 Nightly I At 11 p.lJj; V "' I Made", Located InnlMl. hceUt for wo.UCs of- seer=-ysmoac-=trst wan *****"***Mew M ewe Mf
zl'w..yaw. ..
Ha oae sit t. fit*. Clre4 ..uh.II. .r- S :: 4MMMXr
I ants OJOtU mad rm sill .... lees JUt tPlMler MuM, r v"o". : 4 a.c'as y.."'-' bm
WithArt Green 1..11 / b... s4.wxs. ,..
.c a
... ....
feel tM tUf.,.,.. Street sisal, ---

lal' .. with tkbt Alt" n*. .... "'.1.1M..

.. l ': f \ j ',......_ ,

.. STUID. Y'I: : : :; :..'- w..w.w'' wvw f -FLORIDA STM 'jpns-1 ,' m ,tCE' 1

I Edward Waters Thinclads Will Compete In Annual FAMU Relays I

Broaches' Sign Boat RampsFor Tigers Cluster Rarin To Goy Turkey Season TSU's Crack

Gr.Ri.liq's Fishermen Opens SaturdayTALLAH Team
.<<; !:-dl 0 rl da' a ExpectedAt

Nemiak Wilson TALLAHASSEE Florida S tint stateside spring
fresh water flshersen goblin hunting season A&M Relays
GRAMHIING. L. *-Neelah ill number of Dew opined one- balfhour

fllaoo.a trebly talented boat rasps and launching before sunrtse.Saturday, TALLAHASSEE--The annual

Grsibling college half sites hen they start March IS, in that portion Florida AftM university
back runs like a high flahlng this spring The of the state located faring aorta Carnival la

balling eipreaa in a rasps are available for South of State set to get underway here,

scattered field has public ase and were sad load 50. The season March :227: Conpetltion

algned a professional possible through an accelerated North of state Road 50 will be In track and
football contract with public access will open ho weeks liter field baseball golf and

the Denver Bronca. prograa. on March :27. tennta

q S According to O.K. pry*, The schools that have
Riecutive Dl rector of accepted invltatlona to
Tale Of The Tape the CM and preen water coatpete are Alabua State

rim Coaslaalon, hunt- College.Allm unlvtrelty
WORLD LKHT-H UVTIFICHT CHAMPION9UP' fog .111 be allowed from. Savannah state College

1wy one-half) !hour before Morehouse College South

pASrRN0 'lDIUUS2i sunrise to 12 noon of Carolina State College,

All 28.ns each open day. Hunter AcT College of North
weight ..ns'f0 sty take gobblers only Carolina Benedict College .
Reach 14 and Port Valley
wVHOXIIAL 1U a dally bal of one
s.u Height 5.1040'i ""' and a aeaann bat ll.lt State CbllegeStlllaan .
Chest :!Ions 42 fI. 1 ----oq;' 1 of tto. college. &>uthem
CHAMP -Athletle Wrector-Ooach Clittord eel Fleming falter Randall Janes Parser tens
42 Cleat P'IpanlSed: U The spring turkey hunt University and
15 Biceps I' (Jack) Paul (standing eitrene right) and his M* aJrrolllh.,-1111. &cleM,L.ro, [)II h rd. Billy Oobba: lag season Mil cloaeat Florida Aiv .111 play a
card "atera College Tigers' track end field tew Melvin Tlllsan Eddie Rhodes and falter Terrenes, round-robin
13 PbrNI'II 14 noon, March 38, In tournament In
33 hilt 34 perennial chaapa lo their SCAC; Coaferance:>> ..proslse Standing fro left Ivery Black, Ulysses itioaaa, that portion of the state baseball A arda sill be

Wi Calf IS to be in tip top shape hen. they shoe their area Illlle Qreenvay, Sylvester Plnkney, Curtis Thompson located south of state "ade in all *i orta
12 fist 1" Saturday against aotie of the nation's < eat duringthe Malachl Beasent, Walter slasnna, Rick Terry, Ken albion carnival
Road 50. The northern
17" Ned 161ORLh annual Fla AaM relays In Tallahassee, Thin Ostorne Longvorth Su.ese Ektery and Coach Paul director and track coachat
of the Mil
part state
clada kneeling froM left are: John fcClaln, San 'A*O. said the crack
close at noon April
IU.TntQIClfT: C14 'IONSHIPCRIFPITH Teiaa Southern university
11. There dll! be no

6T ABU Seiflowers Set Pastrano, Griffith Title Defenses Sebring Expects spring turkey season In petted tea froti for Houston the relaaThta 11.t\-

Alachua Bradford, Malison < -
:24 Age 24 Ticket SolesThe Slated For Coliseum Tuesday Night Track RecordsTo and. Levy Oountlee. year'a relay colorful till
be Uhmt the
.141 "hilt .141 Be Broken Turkey hunters lll be
Hob Hayea.tae Florida MXaprlnter .
12 Reads 13 nrafloaera Ladies required to possess a
5.75 Height I s.'" tin Club of the Jscxann SE3R2V0-Tbe' race record valid hunting license ebo set three

41" chest Novel 3e'a sIlls fluna .. MM hold for distance covered u and then, hunting on I.ueUU. orld records and son hi
43" flat t1PU4.d 35516i a ticket sale In Mewing 7 Wv average speed, is ex* Banagasrnt area gold medals In the 64

Meepa nit Part on S' I rcla1. March pected to be broken elth the hunter !lull have a Olympics In Tokyo, Japan

14" Porn U 27, fro 10 a.., to 4 the running of the 12 aanageaent peralt.
A P*.aO...
21 hilt 29'i P." They have pledgedto Hours of Sebring here on The following .lldllfeBanaeenent "'iii....,," said sober al
14 Calf 1" sell tSOO in pre....* a r Saturday, March :27. tress till be fee 11- Fist .n son tickets to the 1955 t The record u. set by for the special you washed you bat II
total look like "that skis. I
1. Neck!' 14lb Runs gases arid sill at* Bebrlngs 1944 laaers. turkey gobbler hunting sash n."

t.pt to take their goal lisberto Maglloll of aeaaoa, March 13-31; Avon ".ell. .011I.,." repliedJokaay.
and Mike of Mlf I nbbed II aa kills
bllIIIIOUDeed .t .el-la by eelllng the tailoring Italy Parka Part (Oheertiobee UldIl1thlo. .
you 4o I'd push avtK
type of tickets- bglsnil. This pair, co- ... ..tr.to

Watch This Clown Sans Offeriii I. Book of Ten (10 driving ahrrsrieosered
general I..lo'S 1112.1 slips at a speed

32 2J| 27 biases ToSMtHeUers eadt, tar only 119)). of 12.344 Biles per hour,
2. Student passes $5. This mark Is not likelyto
21-11 -22 ithitand the chal
season passes for all
The Jack aoa ville Sues students in school to hall of tile 70 sports
5 3 are offering a ''boell" .l OT, and prototype cars .
age 17. Not good oa 0- 6-
to aeaaoa seat holders panlag Ill ght. 'tji 'r, that sill take the rued
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) !' ATTRACTIONS' to paint t.. are of thecospasy 17. alautea on the re {: ,H ft"1 ',mtI .
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Office Bog 1171. Jackaosvllle I..... and are hoping.' I CHICAGO-< P|)-The slake ef Jackls RooaeveltRoAlaao reports that f.Ir,!TIANU TOMES I 'WlffrtM' STABl
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DAft or IU11LW.W.. bolder call 393-4307. "1110 _lce sf the t Iesse 0...." earned by Ue closedclresit ... JACKSON VlLte COLISEUM t-fc ....
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I Collaitqns. Regents Appointed CHitiea For STAR NewsnaiHCifiLT Grant Joins Pilgrim

(Continued from page 1) (Continued from page l) ,. _

j ..*," to accelerate qulcklyl citrus grower; radio eta Life Insurance Co.
\ "..' Inside for aomeone to taco '. Native
n not testing, "Despite our fast getaway owner Jai

the students explained we were chased by cone to their rescue Tie John C. hoe, native otHaahblret. AUGUSTA Oe.-..W.H.Honj

These are Maine students ears full of locals Bates faculty advisor, ....: retired ra by
jr. president of
prof. T. P. Wright had i:
visiting us during our throughout the four mils put In s call to rue's the Pilgrim Health and
Religions Emphatla week drive to the FMC campus It ber bus Life Insurance Cbmpaay
but the proprietor
and we just felt llks Miss Smith refrained Dean neasmeaberof; announced
recently that
ordered them out Into the
eating fried chicken from printing In her college street. board ta Charles Grant of Jacksonville *

They were served politely paper the foul just when violence was former will head the
enough but then ss epithets hurled at her vice president 4# Companya Tabulating De-
about to erupt again
Susan Smith later reported and the other visitors by of partment.
Bates student Braes
: the young ""DUnen"of ( 8 t Regis v Grant Is replacing Rev
Stanton had been punchedand
"As we ate our Southern St. Augustine, and Paper Co., V. I. Vernon who resigned -
kicked In the first
fried chicken ., became that two carloads of foxier.esPACg : LTi't alter more than
escape group) the Dean
sure that s group of local cops were parked drove up in compact ear her, Florid IsdastrislCoMlssioa 15 years to become the

hoods' was watching us among the hoodlums, but and all nine piled in. : foxier swsber. full-time pastor of the
through the large piste did not even alight froi Santa Rosa Island Authority n Beulah Grove Baptist
They were hotly pursuedby
llsss windows When we their cars. ; appointed the Dnlver* Church.
three carloads of the
had finished eating there in fact the Star has boodluas, who forced them city Board of Control la1M1. J He ia a graduate of New

were between fifteen and learned that there was Stanton High school,
to the curb and were .
twenty young sen standing but'one car on band to The' recipient of wide re* Jacksonville and he baa
about to pull then from
around all of whoa were transport the seven visitors cognition as sa educator, done extension studies
the when the police
presumably meshes of the from Bates and their Intervened car and took one ,.eJ.L Olpapoer of Tulle.U 6URFP.I8ED -- when U. & Air Force recruitersM-Sgt. H.H. Horst. super st the University of

local lu Klux glen five boats from FMC so driver into custody.The hassee, ia visor of recruiting for the Northeast Florida District and M-Sgt. John Sau,,.. Maine and the Universityof

"As our first car full that when the carload departed pursuit continued e secatlve field, head of recruiting for !Northwest' Florida, both aaalgaed to Jacksonville Maryland; studied
of students( began to drive nine were left director
down the highway, obviously headquarters stopped by the Florida STAR office Monday.oews editor AlyaonE.
away, one of the Klanuen virtually Imprisoned In under the Board ((41) Wise considered It a routine visit. However before leering, the two

dashed forward, openedthe the surrounded chicken radio control but two-way stopped of".tat.. sergeants presented Wise .. much to his amazement .. with a certificate of commendation

back door of our car, shack, He did us* from the Air Force" tor his ssslstance the local recruiting program
short of the PMC campus,
and unsuccessfully triedto Seeing that they could which Is said to be ...u..ra.d der g red- Shown from left are figt. Horst wise and Sgt. satterflelit
pull out Bruce Stanton, expect no police protection ante study: (Official 0.8.Air Force photo )
for selfprotecttlon. -
Thank heavens our driver, if they stepped outside at the University of Florida

Russell Brlnson, was able they wanted to .&1 tMANUEL'S puraued farther studyat
Later ,ln the evening
George Washington Ohio KickbacksContinued PoliceWIFE
some FMC students were Reports
TAP ROOM State and Colusbla Universities
giving their Maine, visitors
sad received( his ( fro. page 1)
a send-off party at HOSPITALIZE sent

626 West Ashley the boas of the Dean in a doctorate Teachers College la education,, Colnabls at zen sometimes referred to AFTER DOMESTIC RIFF The couple were arrested -

white neighborhood while U. '. recognized political Mra. Ruby Mae Bailey, for Intoxication ,

Presents MitelEntertainmentOne the party was in progress IB sllndligtothe appoint leader was readily mentioned 29. of 1119 Odessa Bt. and fighting.

s tire bomb was hurled at as the undisputed was cut on the right arm Officers C. Barton and
: lilt of Cilftoa Dyeoa to
the house, and the tires keeper and dispenser of and leg during domestic J. Eel don investigated.LOCAL .
the Board Burns said
(oov : CHARLES GamySusinees
of tbs Desn' ear were politics Influence. argument
Wednesday with
JOEThe 'r. dittos Dyson of MAN. BEATEN;
One Leg AdministratesIB
slashed and sugar put The most frightening observation her husband lease Salle,.
Beach bust
west pals a
Torrid Sax ManTennessee into the gas tank la the passsge Sie was treated at Duval Frank Wendell Irving, the V. II. Air Force;
peiaaaa operating two drag Jr. 41 of 1504 Ever IBM prograaingIHMTrsln.
Summing up their visitto which describes the demon- Medical Center.
sunny Florida in the storee, long eetsblishedla like stranglehold the The husband was arrestedand green Avenue told police lag SchoolJacksonville
the coMuatty, He baa be warn walking along the Grant worked as an IBM
student Miss political machine has
Bates paper, on charged with aggravated
On Hammond Organ 1 Keith concluded: also served two years on the city and county. It "MIIlt.Oftlc.rl 700 block of W. AshleySt. operator) for 3 years end
the 'eet ral.Beach Planning when he Field Supervisor with
PLUS "In ways perhaps it wasa reads thus: 0. H. Throwerand was beatenby

f vs/ valuable, though very Is CoamissioD.an outstanding His selection achieve "This domination is believed D.L. Post on investi four sales after be AfraAmerlcaa Life Insurance *

FRANK LEGREE frightening, introductionfor to be supreme and gated. refused to tell the.where Co. Jacksonville
It la
mist iaatavch ae
for 7 months.He .
all of ua from Batesto most difficult ,to find abusiness.'s all but Indestructible: be was going.
On'.,)rums\ a type of bsrsssmsnt with each out either one joins thesystem Irving said that when is married to the

Tuesday & Wednesday JAM Session that is a normal part of standlaeducational and or loses out to BABT 8 SCREAM THWART he refused to answer former Barbara J. grown

life for our friends at tb. system. Pew candidates ATTEMPTED RAPE 81 PAIR their questions he said of Jacksonville end they

ENTERTAINMENT NIGHTLY 8 PX.-2 A. M. rll ClOd for Negroesthroughout ttuning background. successful with A woman who resides la his sttsckers beat him have one daughter, Yalta

the South." Lodge Plans out the section and support tbs 1100 block of W. about the head aad face I JEI ton tunsTe

Sunday Service of organization. Second reported she was resulting la an upper III .b. yobs esltlsg

Sisdai Afttn M Sirrici Still others feel that in bed sleeping when she tooth being knocked: out. "Tickets Beit-Mtn Agescy

Spring Hot Fiskloi' Skew J.L. Preston will tell Annual will Thanksgiving be observed service citizens literally are was awakened by a hand He see treated at Duval 310 poet Ate, lottery.H.T. ,
Medical Center
afraid to challenge poll.eiical being placed over her .
of his interesting experiences Sunday. by Ash pride Lodge .
leaders.because\ of south
during a tour lei K. of P. and Court
At .
retribution which can Stating she barely discerned 1
of Europe and the Holy ,I of Calanthes, beginningat OldPbotorapbs
be meted by the .,.tea." two men In the
linn Land Sunday at 3:30: p.a. 3 P.a., in Nt" Morlah
when the Christian Unity AMI Church Sunbeam After studying the report room, she further statedshe
an observer opined was told to be quiet
Unity Muck 25 Travelogue
Forua presents \ Eugene Davis will deliver -
in that Duval can rid Itselfof and ahe wouldn't be hurt.
Tea Joseph H. the address and
At 10 FMSpiisiris1, x Community Canter 13th waiter W. Anderson will its politlshsckles fee said one of the ...11att.apt.d '
only when Negro and white to get Into
and Orunthal Sts. serve as aaater of cere- Mast Go!
citlcena embark upon re* the bed with her and in
By public is Invited.
The ,bales. Rev. H. Robinson 1
form movement to clean i
up doing ao struck her two
pastor of Mt Zion AYE
Wattle'sMillinery their government and atop year old baby who 1m* Today
Church Mandarin will
fuiOtdrlr being led by professional mediately started acre am
deliver the annual sermon.
k white politicians and ing

P paid !Negro' "politicalleaders. >> The' suspects then left

MAIDSFOR ." the precise, she ssid. Plitis Mill liters Aid liriit ISI2Cu

Mirlli I in st j The' woman said she was
PcoOR unable to give a clear li Cliiitl fer H TiUI Cask liUiei

i Mrs. brain Smith NEW YORK rau-DoCIor. I've Part description' of the sue-
icctlvH your bill for mat
01 '64 Will Milil fobs gaaraateed oa arrival 01".11011." Could you lake anjr pact a.
Van thing off tot each, patrolmen Marvin Yousg Royal Art Studio
lara NIe Ml weeklyLlve :
Doctor-Y a.1",11\11I.what. and H- Edwards lavestt
FUELbI la Chest '0.... 'Olt'WI would you like le hive Ukaotf.
Sin 01 The Slut FisbliBS.Flmnl
; writ aa ana or .Us tin ,
roes lath TV. a or
for year application. BI* ed.S.'PLg ,
*ij Rats Will li Ni.ili.Ij ] ticket stat te ,... Fret .mineAN : :

Mrs Manses Isikiss.s' I..4..4 ee P.e.eAR sad lift pkose oa arrival usher ef Seed refer ace KABT fIIlCtIPyCTacitouUl. FOR BH.10! DRUWMrs. 515 DAVIS ST.

Srasila lu g Foel Co. Ruby Williams. 91.
ice. ABLE MAIDS AIENCT s Plant, Newly
MRS HAZEL ARfiETT, Nirntir III N. Mia Itr..'. Freeport Decorated.Tw. bedroom apart of 134 Tyler St. said
her keebaad SylveatrWilllama
ELGIN 4-1894
I.', meate. water tens '''.10 felt her oa the .

Per eeek, ...1..., air.I4U .
head with atlck Sherefused
Weetmost, n. 1-1711. medical treat CLOSED ALL DAY

mine m MAIMII wi IHUW u ww Hint mint IK FOR RENT a

Prifir, Tli MltltlistPmr Punished Roe*. Net aid

Cell later per SlagleVM Motley U. S. Good
ONE li Tli Witt.
ONE or won*. aaa woo4lae

Bead year aaae aa< address St B. "12M.

WIG WIG aid fled eat bee shreds
Beef Sale
.f prayer ... eeeeasttsb

WEEK WEEK ..w4ete for yee ... ffHer


ONLY I ONLY IU 111. 1. ...u.... a...... CHUCK ROAST 11. 49*



Miytig WrlRir Washer Special I MECHANIC ON DOTY T lONE STEAK .**

Ike jeeepb ...................... proprietor .

With Ue purchase of say Maytag Wrlageryoa State and Jefferaea streets .... EL ..14)2
'e'# will receive tke fellevlag ebeolete
ly "".... SIRLOIN STEAK n. 89*
1.1.." Duty Doable Orals Tubs
a.. months aupply ef TIK HOLLEY'S BARBECUE
I.Big. starity Clethts gasket
I...... roe fet ibis is q .wn1llii UIKCIEICIICIER

$3000Laa GROUND IEEF t$. 39 & 49*


7 Fcaa.e Per ( 44
Tat Old Weaker _. SIKH run EAT mi TUNA

Tow Trade' It For X5wu

Aay Bread P1N IllS MILK IIIF IIL 49*
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BROAD STREET 35 464V. 2Miiri Ti
is us. $1.00mi

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