Florida star

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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200654datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date March 13, 1965dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006540740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
March 13, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
March 13, 1965
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text

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I, President! Johnson Pledges Battle For..Human. 1 Dignity I

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Playground Is Located In Pestilence Ridden Area




Florida Schools May Lose U. S. FundsPOLICE ,

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Florida Medic WifeIn Hunted Suspect Is BelievedTo TamKMK ODBtFLAINTS free nunarovB into parwita couaod the $TAA to photmraph the dlaoaao ridd,n,

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left shoes too ntl hbortood chlldrtm at play la the BOM covered strew 4)Idi la boosted ndjacrat to
Murder-Suicide Be Heavily Arweel Crlwinl the achool. Due to the closing of the cltjr'a Uilni pools this *lll uaibubtadly be the favorite

play arts durlac the hot aprlac and auMtr aoBtha. Oa the Alit, DC'a Uilaelada wrkout la area

..UDIN1'ONp' o.. craatho doctor body City honlclde official ere still con oov.red.itt atvtraio recoiling from city eres's cleaning of at *r. Hundrxl of school] ditldrm face

call. iBltlally b llav.d NOT! 0t!I TAH.E ducting search for an anted and considered the BMO possible opldoile W ilcti erupted are two yarn ago Bt another local public sctvol,

to b. a boo. ... COB- Cross said ha found a dangerous murder suspect and two companion* _. (Photoa by ftjyBl Art Studio)
fined vtva a abtrlff sole addressed to his .anted for questioning for the pistol- ---

sod hit dopvtioa niahod oa the table true Dr. Alajlng of an Castslde resident at tile U.e
to a pbyalclan'a poao Chonaalt .U cia aoaiht the TTAR! sent tn press." President Avers Boy, 7, Critically NAACP Hits
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d.o.tlM Mldtatj found Ta tired of I..UI14.olpIlUl" taller HcCbyortat ethers.apeeta his ears, president Lyndon B. Johnson toourd cbariapaadlBi BOBvlllo Negro chlldrva.

tic eoaplo. proaiatatpbiatclBB heist sad afraid .of hick Bauffad out Orlf- are repressed md< forward to fulfill his pledge to outrvoa of the I.rl e., JobBBoa.. OBB

:- Nearo' Pr. John 41.... hit three. la soother ra.' .. Ufa ia falter U, ca1L Capt. L ft. ttlttUltoa secure equal voting rights for Americans condition of bar 1 sty oyt." or Uar lifloBlcida throughout the length t breadth of the old irandBoa tto aaa rooHo4 "", stales tMaPrtday
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Met.a. Oalw It. <<..u..4 00)) pB.0 NI p Ilco .* c**. arrival el.o la shale. Lo4Bo, aald ha Uo k.... VUktrt .oo feNU...-. aa ,... 10)l hvNi CoUvarorifsen

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j 4

i I, 20 155 1;
1 STAR PAPERS ________ ,

THE FLORIDA STAR LAND Of THEFREE W uPCJt.-wccwf civtAVONrAVCAtwf Politics As Usual


Publishe'l by UK Florida Star Publlnhlrf v, Ti7 sFbv r BY ERIC I. SIMPSON

ERIC 0. SIMPSON.MuiKiii Editor Freemen Appoints Task Force

ALYSON E. WISE, .........., News Editor MAk Secretary of Agriculture orville L. Free

man announced-the appointment of a task

HILDA WOOTEN......... Circolitioi Mauler to supervise the implementation of the recommendations

of the Civil Rights Commission -

MAIN OFFICE I PLANT in its report on the U.S. Departmentof .

2323 Mincrief Road Phone ELfin 4-6782 Agriculture. .
Making up the task force are' Deputy Assistant -

Mailini AddressP.O. Secretaries Trienah

)Meyers chairman; Alfred L.
Box 561 Jacksoivilli 1, Florida Edwards and Arthur Mead; Assistant -

k Director of Science _
r and Education James H. Stark-

j e.NW. 3rd AVI. Phil 377-1025 ey; James Congressional T. Glenn in liaison the office ;-

} and Elmer Mostow. Director of SI1PSCN

y the research and operations division in the

". crUPTION: :' RATS 1r Office of the General Counsel.

one Year, f5.00' Half rear, $4.00 williaa M. Seabron. Assistant to the sec-

Milled to You Anywhere in the United States retary for Civil Rights coordination.Jis

Subscription payable In advance to provide staff assistance to the task

send Check or Money order to: force. "*

The Secretary told the group that it
FLORIDt RT4.R! p.o. BOX 541 should analyze and review in depth the

Jacksonville 1, Florida y findings of the Civil Rights Commission so

there will be no misunderstanding among

Department agencies as to these findings.
, Is There Job Selling, Corruption Further he directed the task force to

develop a statement as to precisely what

In Duval County Negro Schools ? each agency is to do in order to comply

the recommendations of the Commission -

schools Just before WAS called the December, it was boycott charged of Negro that THE WALLACE IMAGE! AN AMERICAN IMAGE? and how each should proceed in the

of them.
there was job selling going on in the ixplerentation Secretary Freeman has already asked all

school system; and as recently as a few ,I
hi the
USDA agencies to report to present
weeks ago, a spokesman for the Citizens'
status of their compliance with the Civil
Committee for Better Education made mentionof
and the additional steps thy
Your Rights Act
"corruption" in Duval schools along
with 'a declaration that school officialswere Weekly plan to take to bring their programs into

seeking to'"persecute" school teacher complete alignment.
:'t These reports, he explained, will be assessed
NAACP president Rutledge Pearson aIled-
glng that he fomented the disastrous boy by the task force which, on the

cott. basis of its own analyses will assist the
Horoscope Guide
Judging from the statements made by chair agencies< in correcting any shortcomings

man of the Duval Board of School Trustees, in their plans of action.

Dr. Hugh Wilcox, it is quite obvious that Out of the task force work the Secretary

he is out to 'get" Pearson, and by his said is to cone the basic material for

own words, would even secure his own law- ly PABLO The the progress report the President directedto
ASTROLOGER end of the Month
be prepared by the
yer to draw charges against the schoolteach-
er-NAACP president. stating actions taken or contemplated by
connection with recommendations -
We cannot measure to what extent Mr. Pear the Department in
son is being "persecuted" but we would BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL of the Civil Rights Commission.

expect, that a man who assumes the post of
presidency of the National Association of I SPECIAL WASHINGTON REPORT

Colored People would he a target for the WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR

darts colored of those epople.who would Impede the progressof I Enact Medicare Now

Obviously, it is unfair to Pearson for I By Senator Clinton P. Anderson (0.-14. Atoxkoj)
Chairman wllcox to - -
Hugh keep Jabbering at
Sr*./ r AtJrrtoo h IHH" ./ ibf ifowrt
Pearson, but by the same token we think It .'RIFF GOING FOR, YOU SEEM PER AS ELL TO DISCUSS REMAINING SE SATISFIED, WITH SUILD* I _lIb, MfJtrtrr "" ,J.'HI.
is just as unfair for organizations or Born March 21st thru FECTLY WILLING TO PUT .
tb spokesmen to level charges of "Jobselling" April 11th FORTH THE NCCCSSARY.IF.FORTS .
WITH A VIEW OF SETTLING POSITIVELY Today there are over 18 Million persons
and "corruption" In Duval Ne- ALTHOUGH MANY AI cindUFFETEDBY I TO THE
J3 older in the United States.Nine
'iro'schooh without bringing proof of It, ADVERSE WINDS' .PARTNERS WHO MAY IE TAKING THE FUTURE LOOKS MUCH EHALF. out of 10 will have to go to the hospitalat
Such charges tend to the efficiency THIS II THE KIND Or CHALLENGE
least once during their remaining
of School Ish Brant and his THAT MOST ARIANSUNDERSTAND. '
WHO HAVE PATCHED THEIR Most of then will be hospitalized two ormere
Assistant Director of EducationDr. J. Irving |IT GIVES AND SIMPLY. TRYING TO OirfERCNCES. SOME Of YOU CAPRICORN times. These'senior citizens deserveand

Scott and others in administrative THEM THE SELDOM MISS' HELP YOU OVERCOME SOME Bom Dec. 22nd thru
COULD DISCOVER THAT are entitled to the best health rare
capacity. EO OCCASION TO DISPLAY OF YOUR INHIBITIONS. THEM IS A PROFIT TO REMADE Jan. iQth in their later years that our Nation can
This is unfair for when charges of curruption THEIR COURAGE AND DAItI Na. 2-40-55-19-96-243
and graft are charged against any A SMART PIECE OF UNDER* THERE is A KIND OF
LOCATION. WHATEVER YOUR Efforts by private insurance companiesand
enterprise the who head them June 22nd thru
LONG-RANGE INTENTIONS the Kerr-9illls Law have proven lcv or serve as administrators them are drawn ENEMTS THAT MAY IE July 22nd PRORASLY CALL FOR A DEFINITE .
MAT IC, lASt THEM 0* THE to solve this problem. Only a relate -
into an orbit of suspicion and often
PREMISE THAT YOU WILL older people--perhaps one in twenty-
GET ALONG MUCH SETTER have Insurance covering aa
Consequently, we say, in order that these .
SIT 1 A LOYAL COMPANION, much as 40 percent of their
accusations of and
Job-selling corruptionin
AT YOUR SIDE. THAN f IY TRYING average health costs. Almost
TO PLAY THE LONE half of the elderly have no
health Insurance at all
VM-l6-39-54 even inadequate coverage. Indeed
Ve do not know how much truth there is to HAVE SEEN PUSHING TOO THE MATTER IN QUESTION LIBRA SOLUTION FROM THEN, ON the number of older people -

the old saying: "'here there Is smoke thereis HAND MAKE I IT A STANDING' WITH f A LOVING FRIEND DR Born Sept. 23rd thru YOU SHOULD CONCERN YOUR. without any health insurance ,

fire." But we do know that where there POLICY TO LENGTHfN YOUR COMPETENT AOW I"'. -[nit Oct. 23rd SELF LESS WITH TNt 0015laS000THCIS at all is nearly as '

is, smoke it should be investigated to find REST PERIODS. MEN YOU HAVE REASON TO I LAD ACC.PT large as. it was five years ago c-.. A.4.r
PROGRESS MAY II SLOW This deplorable situation demands immediate
out whether or not there IS fire. 6.5O-13-69-657 FEEL SOMEWHAT DISGRUNTLED GUIDANCE FROM THE ONE
OR UNUSUALLY DIFFICULT. relief; the King-Anderson Bill
It may not have any connection with alleged OVER 'THE MONOTONY OF Iwo REALLY COUNTS, "MCMIS
TAURUS AS LONG AS YOU ARE GAINING provides. The bill provides a system
"Job-selling" and "corruption"in IT ALL, oo YOUR joe ACCORDING YOU
our school, but it would he well to know: Born April 20th thru TO YOUR USUAL A LITTLE THERE WOULD 1-100-22-II-54-1I2 under which people' in their working years
,May 20th II NO CAUSE FOR YOU TO can contribute a portion of their earnings
WHY school teachers have been detained in $TANOAID$. JUST IECAUSE
STOP TRYING. YOU SHOULD ,VJUAKIUSBorn toward Meeting hospitalization costs when
school in the afternoon to listen to sales- WHEREVER YOU HAPPEN TO YOU ARE NOT RECEIVING
II RECEIVING HAT MAY Jan. 20th thru they have retired and their income. curtailed
peq"' peddling anything from encyclopediasto PASS, YOU CAN RELY ON A ANY SIGNS OF APPROVAL ORDISSATISFACTION
II CONSIDERED ALMOST 01. Feb. lth to a great extent.! The only way to
VINE GUIDANCE. ACTION OF insure the success of such a systeM is to
MY SORT' MAY SE VERY EFFECTIVE. sake it an integral part of the SocialSecurity
I1| WOULD SECOMC system which has proved its effectiveness
EVEN MOil SO WHEN. YOU over three decades.
are permitted to make sales pitches in the tY AN ENVIAKE ECONOMIC TRUE WORTH. UP TO THIS POINT SHOULD

school fallowed up hy an endorsement hy POSITION. JUST GROPE A. "..eo33I.s-463 HAVE AN" ASSOCIATE Iwo NO. GIVE all'" OF RE. BASIC PROVISIONS
is SUPPORTING YOU ENERGETICALLY. The proposed program would provide the
some piinitpelioihea4 of a teacher organization'group LONG TO MAINTAIN YOUR Lit'. CONSOLIDATE YOUR
is there.,'a: kickback? POISE ANDALANCt. THE LEO:: GAINS. START LAYING TMC following benefits for "fn spell of illness

15IYcertain, Insurance companies can be FRIEND. YOU MAKE WILL SE Born July 21r<1 thru ..90*".,). !,..5 t '..OU"'IOla0111 :

placed'.6&' incon* deduction plans while ONE TO CHERISH AND TO Aug. 22nj RCO'tPto OPULENT .AVOFLIFI WHICHSMOutD 1. payment of all costs over and above P

others ire excluded. Is there a kick-back? HOLD AS LONG AS TIME I AND WHENEVER YOU FEEL THE Born Oct. 74th thru IE 'OURS TO ENJOY a deductible, for up to 60 days of hospital -
WffiTHFR non-tenure school teachers substitute TIDE WILL PERMIT. THE NECESSITY OF TAKING TIME Mov. 22ndA SFORI TMI SUMMER SEASON hoa'
2. payvent of up to 80 days of post-
plta are Sa extended care facilities following
have been pressed Into service to sell advertising TAKES ON A CALMER A'. UP' YOUR M'NO.OO NOT HIS SETTING III.ION COCO AND THAT COULD COME INTO discharge from the -
3. payment of all
costs above deductible
a -
'school'hi.rarchY" have been reputedly CEMENT YOUR EXISTING ASSOCIATIONS THERE ARE TOO MANYPOSSIDLITIIS IN A STATE OF AGITATION SAYINGS ACCOUNT OR Of,.. services, for furnished outpatient vitals hospital M-day diagnostic period.

4. Payment of all costs
visits syear fcy visiting
earses and other
fiCHOOLSI I IIIINatwUti I I 1 OF A NEW ONE. MINT THIS TOO OFTEN IS NO NAVE SET THIS BAY AS health workers la the patient's own hose.

: "Enpleyiblllty"Unemployment PISCES I believe a pluralistic approach can be
holds Born ,.b. 19th thru used effectively In setting the costs of
in this country persistently THAT THEIR
sajor illness la old
March 20thA age With social
around the four Billion lark. At May 21,t thru PUTTING IDEALS OVER ARE STRICTLY FAMILY AFFAIR insurance Meetlag.on the
averageat least
the sue time, industries everywhere are June 21st MINIMI,, ,fED MEN THEY GIVE OR CVEN HAVING Till NOT Until CONTROVERSIAL.PNASC half the costs associated with the Most
clasorlng.often unsuccessfully for large THE OTHER PARTY TOO MUCH TIES* IN THE STRICTEST TMATNASRSPr YOUSTIRRED expensive illnesses -. that I.. meetlsg

numbers of workers to handle new Jobs created SOME OF TN( FLURRY IS TIMS TO THINK. TAKE ADVANTAGE SECRCCY.. THIS WOULD tS UP DURING TM| the costs of hoapi tali rat ion -. the older

by Modern technology, DYING DO.N GUT YOU CAN OF CERTAIN FA.VORASLC FOR THE ""OSlO' PREVENTING PREVIOUS QUARTERS IS person will be la a Much better position

This apparent anomaly easily explained. STILL MAWS FURTHER HEADWAY OEVELOPMfNTS TO HOSTIL 111I01".. JUST AGOUT TO T1_I5ATE. than he is today to meet. CD his om sad

AS President Carey of the Chamber of Commerce MPORI IT ClPIRSSALTOGETHER. COME CLOSER TO TN| liE- ,UALS FROM ATTEMPTING TO THIS MAT OFFER YOU ANOPENING private laaar.ace the costs( of physlcias

of the United States puts it, our' IT WOULD IE SATs vow Alt TRYING TO'Otnl. UPSET TNt APPLC. C"'. TD UNITE CIRTAINFORCIS .services drugs, sad other Medical supplies

schools falling to build "...PI01.ability" WISE PRECAUTION TO .
are I7055I..nsSAOln.UUUS tHAT HAft OPPQSCDYOU. lad services. Also with social lasuraace -
into high school graduates who CHECK ON TNt WIRING IN 7.90-22-1S-3772VIRGO WHIN YOU REQUIRE pro IdIDI basic protection it

seek Jobs rather than go on to college YOU HOME OR RASE OF OPERATIONS Born MOV. 23rd thru TMCW T* PERFECT YOUR should be practicable to improve the rvd-
Bora Aug. 23rd thru nee. 21stA PLANS FGR THE fWTVRC eral-stat. public assistance prograas
OPERATION NAIAROS Sept. 22nd SMOVOOOT OF SORTS MAY CONDUCT QT VWUW AlPa1R.. such as Kerr-Hllls. so as to Meet More
TAW PLACE. LEAVING Tilt THERE it M MART* QF fully the health costs lacurred by older
SECURITY FILLS FREE POI YOU TO I''''. people whose aeeds are sot tally Met iaother


--- -- _
-- u __

---- --- .- --

, ::5----t- j I


Long-Range Project', Readied Spring Fashion Tea Spoasors

r t21oetI2 dui? .

"ith LOU1ST) OCINtARDPhlladelpblans ,

I vlsltlni JscksonvUle recently

1rp9T 1- ters senate McDanlel and her daughters Cbnstance
and Rhona. Mra. UcTaniel) the lfe of Ker. C.L. .; !

HcOsnlsl.was the guest of her sister and brotherinlaw. I

Mr. and Mrs. J.O. Budianan\ of 1230 West I
Twelfth street.

Ruth Psrrott of twrkee Drive, was among persons
who entertained the McDanlels

Rer. McOanlel is pastor of Mt. pleasant Baptist
Church In Philadelphia.
... g.... 8..' iIiII04DAT

Mrs Robert t:. Jones, fbraerly Mable W. Wllllsjis
of this city was the recent cuest of M. Lucille
Butler of Ion ficrlTen; Street.

Dinners, luncheons, and other infoma catherlnis
in Mrs. Jones' honor Ten cl'*n by Mr. and Mrs.

Chester satterwhlte, Mr. and Mrs. I. r. Tillian
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph I.... Yelyn Jaaaln. Tr. Leroy

& EniD A. B.ltrlt.Illllllll, basis L. French,
iCk>OPT LAUNCH-TBS ,BdwsrJ waters College ham Boosters dub kicked off and :toss U orayson.Mrs. wr

their activities at the tWC4 building on Eighth Street. Hit' S...<11at. goal of Jones Is quite active in social,cl lc, and
the croup It to raise IS.000 for the erection of the academic-athletic torn rell clous circles of new Tort city, serving as
phi for the collet Pounder's Day, on March 23rd. Loai-range goals Include vice president of the New fork city council jof
cresting a cllstte of enthuslasM and zeal for the collect, tad arousing tae Church linen: Episcopal District Director of the
tereat In the developnent' of the Coll tee aa a source of coemunlty and state young People's Depsrtient of the onen's Mission

pride. The organisation be a permanent fore. In the development of the ary Society First Pplscopal District of the AMt rVDHT--Mr.. Theresa Modes (left) sponsor. ; Miss juanlta Prance sndsl|.
Collect. Shown: seated from left are: Mrs. Battle I. Janet.. chaplain; Mrs. Church; Parliamentarian for the First tyiacopal and Mra. Blllis crswford. nodel, will klchlliht the Sprint Psshlon Tea pre rr

Hettls 11spresident; Mrs. Florence Dlion. treasurer; Mrs. Grace Sincleton. District Lay Orcsnli.tlona; .ibtr of the Executive sponsored Sunday March 21 fro. 4 until I p. ., in Little' Rock, Baptist Church
Standing are: yrs Mary lashUgton. Mrs. Brills Thosias, rice president and bard of SI i Rlsters,. inc. ; saber of the Secretarial auditor tun, Rev t.C. Mitchell pastor other models btlnc featured will In.
Mrs. Elizabeth!: Redding, Conference, oentral Depsrtnent. of the United elude Mrs. Thurlla COpeland,, Miss Msrva Davis, Bale aodtl Allie Clark and
Church lolls where she serves as co-ordl Msstsrs.. Krrol Kent Tunsll and Jtun Tollener Mrs. Cur lee Hugs, dean of host

Appearing In actor for ANC woven: and president of Florida eases will be asalstsd by Mrs ids Nte Ford Mrs Bettit .aAer. Mrs Sandrr
Circle No. 1 of Nee York State, white and Mrs. Doris Rankins, Mrs. Katta strickler will serve aa narrator The
I 3 Weddings April 2 Concert ... g .e. S ... public Is invited. (Royal Art Studio Plato)

tllhelnlna Ttnnpaon and lllle M. lchlll&n.re

rrUcllle Ford (top blah scorers when Out Ladles hilt Club sot last Cosmetology' Club Rivers CrlswlnNuptl.1s Sigmis Schedule
week*end.Sarah :
left) Unda Hardy. Jennifer .
fto..... Oiliest!*, 5780rey 62. Briikt (botto. stepplna was hostess to tho croup which! Meets Sunday Slated Sunday Fid
( St. ,12 sad Lucille Hootr Lee D ala, 204 left) and V.rullD Celt sat in her McMillan Street hone.
Davis, S7IO CIIr.,. St. Brooklyn '-d. 70 and ter arc listed aaooc ... .1/1551 Buslnsss of utsiost ..* Mrs K.L. Rivers this Sicsa Os..sRhopororlty
Annie. L. vhiisner. 1SOOttrlrc tke featured artists Mr. an 4 Mrs retries Cblletts>> of uheville, North portend will be dls- sell announced\ tat approaching will sponsor spreCaaterPashloa0Rais
Cnv IU1. 11. taklac part in Derail Carolina were recent visitors in Jacksonville) ss cussed when,, sabers of tsrrlagt of March :asIn
GO.oKs GIl 0c. r. Relco. 1724 t. Cboksaa Qtorale'a &Dftual1' gusts of Mr.Col letters sister, vlrctnia C. Gray tilt United Cosnetolocy her cousin, Miss Ells the Cafeteria or
ftli n. U and Catberlietru'fortf. The couple usa en rout. hone after an enjoyable Club Meet Sunday st 11 Mae Rivers to Rev. II.L. Brewsttr Methodist Roe
6Yso.r'D'TllDUTHE : : 1724 I. btu vacation In Mill and Nastau. B"hMas.g .. .. in the Community Crlswell of Otlnesvllle, pltsl U Interest of tht
St. 27.glrriier. ... ... s ... Cffiter.P. First and minor Pis. the nuptials to Hiss Rsjaonls"contsst,
(f.tLU: :PU. :
Pshvr Ion It's assquersde tint scaln. Friends of Anbassa* Nta.Mrs. take place Sunday,, April lira jenslt yet Cr tk. .
.. 21tt ft. .SO end fall : don Club Inc. have bars duly suaponed spendaneajoyableeveolni toss Lee Ibul d.hOIl. 4 at S p. .. ta the hose ett. saber of Phtlo, M
Mae rilkiPn. 41: boom i aa the club's cuentset the sine ch irsan, and her of the bride suilllsry of tRe sorority .
Rd. Ft. 32.Tr Duvet Count AnIOr, March 26.Aa coMlttee will dlacuss No Invltatlcns will be ts serving It' h"' "
"o. r.ttl-rt" 2M' WAD HARCTcoetert usual ibnnlnc mitoses Is s Bust for all who plans for securing housing forwarded but friends for the east She U

'>s" rt. it and Vary Priday stilt attend! "e sre happy to note the club' ia la for the May 1 *20delec sad relatives of tbe' being ssslstsd by Mrs
Ann KorrU. 1147 *. 2lst April 2 at I O'clock in on proper sttire. es'. have noticed In the past ,tes here for tile couple art cordially I Invited Rub, Jobs son sad Mrs,
10\ IIto Civic Asdl toriut'a how the' colorful eostupoe havs enhanced the gaiety Orange Blot so* cos.e* Mrs. Rlvsrs con Ruby L IUIOII.!
; Tbc.....7>l Lee St Little TltettreRoneoredbytbe of the sf(sir. tolocy Association's tlaued. The$ couple will Tbe sndels will be Alls
70 tlllirMteTboDta.' .. OioraleParents ... s ISO .* ... state convention which be honored with n reception Clark rrssk istNelCurts "

7. ioN St. ... under tke direction Evelyn Mushes will) be the featured node In s"pretty will convent hers. folloelng thorites.Tht Mrs TbtrtssMseksy
MllM* Lo%*tt. I.oJ' of arm ft. Aakee, Hat T.." sche Advert I sine and spon brldfto-b is sgrsduste Mrs. Cattle
lltb It. 1u"* Jarurln the repetorls .111 beacnaaced day Mardi 21. U th. suII' lor I urn of e.|ker Vo* IOn for the procran will of Ralph J. Jackson, Mrs, LotlaeColllss
r. trtcbt. Ills by classics, catlonal ():)U.,*, Reulah lIIt'ChlianUl serve as also be planned.SstuMsy Bunch Iliih School, mod- If,*. .Msrltatlllls
..,Ui .n., II.eUfcft s.l *clametce, folk narrator for Ut) show. night March bins Os Ths crocej pastors Mrs,, Alberta
9 ... 811....., I2K tess 1111A.P. Sponsors of the gel are ib.re of the Duvet 20, the nu 'Ill|) apos two churches In Tucker." Miss JscsaelyMstk .
Tyler ft. ,30 s..! rlcrlRoMr County School Lund Asioclstlcm.R snradtmce wU musts to Live Oak and Oren (\>veferine Miss Dtsetleirlckt.
,,,". !';' I. SJtc: H. ... SMembership ... be furnished by the LnaonTwisters reapsctlvely.Rrldsl Miss CherylsSlsglMun

St. II. Cavpalca sorters for Johnson Branch starting ., 0 sttendants till Miss v.,It.II
STONOR ARMS Oat.G>ri> Nun,. Jr. 11* 8" TMCA have a mares, A-Q sales pitch for prosp"* P... In aka Audltorluej Include: Miss OvendolysI pill, and Miss. CyathisResee
Sxxe 1TOe a.v.1d"'t. slat r, ..**.. It. lI..d .. alaosl 712 *. towel St.Hlch silica I meld of honor; Cue, Mrs. MsggleAsroa
U, .b.rs**tli beautiful completed
II...... The Stoft r A *t HI OiMM. arleae ftlctaiTatii. not school students Rev '.J Hall. Jr will todsl hate
I swlNNlac pool which will) be reedy for use in t
to.drAes; AU bteft s ..odtAc'. ..
tt>ll...l ft. 17.Spusiriii. ; wishing to '"iter the oratorical beetass; Vsrsesser .. ssd .,.., Ids' L. Aelltas
.1N1r. 5 grti boa"'dm scrod J fee w*.ks.e .
sad '...sir, 5 CA5......r9, ..,.... IUU UlffId.TT.I1& predict this year's ceapslia to be an over contest el th tile 111", and Bellsds talth. wilt aide M asrrsttr,
Te4tr, Gordon's OKIdcting (Ia'so Tnr 1011 .. etnner to be awarded aoolject flower gIrls and ...1., A arvcrsa till alt be
Honor kits to be helctac .
bull te 1|,.. IUC'c.
.... .,.. .. .. sdtolsrwhip are Nlios, flue bosrer, .tt4.
EftOjenv') e S o* Interpolated by tke Caitpslcn workers net st a call Use lest
ite bra 'M se putt a Or.don's Ms Chapter. Its phi Sutreaea, Alsarlei .t- 1e<*tesday eve/s/ the Afro...,Iellll Life In* revested to call Mrs.illtmr .
a."G' 81.._ ..,. Barotlty lac. -Ill dais Delta ..rr... turwjice Bulldtsi.Mary Dorrell for additional

sponsor it a edscatieaal and Ckarleae TaylorNatbaa L. ft.ta<* end f". CM. teahiscto are head IsfurMtlon.Birrecks .
boar April it ,. Lake "...1,.. sad lag the drive Group Grro' \: delivery I IIt
Ial.. to ,.* the orlllsslItsckidllsPsalo. rends Swltk elll ties .0l g 555 s ...

lL >>. '1.,. ..u.,"".rr) ...tI.,' It's s boy for the frank 0. Mitse of 7211 KM Meets Saturday

Istereeted persons kee latest reoordlnc bit hip Drive, bon tattrlay, March II at Brews* Oatewsy fttrracks twit tllllMS.Ill
.eel asked to costactSorer 1111tf a Mrs N, nn. ie.Js...
Mrs. R. Aske. sad ,.. tar Hospital. "... Jr. tipped the .c.. .. st s Veterans otrd!
sir Uec.Isod
Uattts .1U.... Dr VMQS, HIS I 1Mb M?
( Gonbt' < Ckrale parents are hoopla S I'CNI cSt. I. USA ise. elll holds I Plrl, OlrtMr .
OrsnOI..w. .. 1344 I lltk St. sadlash's. etery eff Roth sntter anl1.11 art daisfine. Its recslsr
aostblyseetlnc David>
| Lsjella ft Carterat It A Mrs Brown, s urn, a".r' f,
t ped Get***.o.y BoA launch ills yosre pr.eatstts .
Saturday st 3 4M| Pirn Ct, Olfl .
I WI rs"q.Iwes 1102 f. 10th St. net ... ... CorsellM, 1711 Suede
tke aoet ..c. 1 I .A
sods ...III s Mar .>.If tda.d" p. .. In Jo'. N .I.... Mr t Mrs Grady Dicks. IslMid Dr f Olrl.
..i..ecke4 ice. seed ....... a.dss .111 .leave. fro ItkMyrtle cessfsl In blsUry female '11101I. J..... Peers, and Vivian' Jefferso CtoMunlty fester. llth 11)1 Stills A".. OlrlMr Mr. Waist (toots,
te tt.4 .'.... A. at 1:30: as. haute lovers sad the a... ., .
were pest playtram" Id. n.. set sod emalfcsl sis Cosssder a Mrs than Rid till I Tint St, Buy,
--- ------ ....,.1 pMlcs support last S urdy nlcht .,.. slims MS Us radii j S irvltg It 41.. 2110 VMU It, ftiyMr It, Mrs, (%"t |h. le.KMtui. .
Is ls'U"J. est ef Us sweet prlie sad Ue .lIa.,.
received aced
snoot A Hrs JSMS flU I.", ( 4042 Istasia D,. ,
TODAY'S 'SUPER: SPECIAL. DA Lillli Synpkoir Cifts froej tht hoetMs Lola Avery.Catherlae The District Cbsessderaad 1112 Mars it. Pit, L Slit,
Jscksoa. Ryrtls 1toNu. H' Merle ,eChI. his staff will be oskaad
Sets' Spring Coicert I (Siallfted for dab pr1i**> ..s.| s Jahsenej sam to eoaduit .....1
.., of the door sns. district elections sad FREEH FlEE FlEE
Nylons Desclse Andersens
tl. ... ... A qI. the Cotsssaer desires
Lit srscnoay Orrbeet the sreeeace ca* all ....
lulU .111 appetr In a sprlsc ., tesdkers are arm to Ml aw I this ...*.d end rslitrder to eMeUteplsss
concert st tbe etaeelTseeday tte Pleadsstat.l.arsete AseoclstlM Cb., itl.... for tbt April Jill A 1..,...r

Rh.EltIlSI. 2Pairs.77 f.rti M. st I em....|.. there. Moans, s t.. will| | .tt.4 UePlrtd Stale Meetlag U Mlstl

K & I'.., t/lintlon damnation seetlsc "Sere which end ss.s far ale third I
ft. ,roc r.. .111 festers '.p' The reder,March |'. aad 111 attla e tSrsA sMwal aaslvertsry ,...* HOMEMAKERSSERVICE

OarelU's Opts S 3*Mb.r ale wMe 4. .,.. till also be die- .
2. h... sad Vleace. A pissed.Cbtsstdtr.
1ceil Cllffetf .(IIh.,erary .......r.SleMKkt ... ... 0 ... tnvlsle
..U.. re. Tickets: are sow es sale tot Ue 110-plst. dins relic all .....,. t.
tI ,..."". ,."'" tit "..,. ; ,. ,;,. ;/JjAI pre....4 e. tbe precrwstnroscb st Ue ayfltwr Motel Aril 3$,. "*" f eflklas will felly supper t.. .....!
.'r eM A4t... h 4 4i' .' Ill eo.p.sttlopsrsael deliver Ue e44re e.iMstlons SMbersblp drive toe It
.*..&4.. or will so ID tA"II47.) prtiress sad It laded Will Be H.ld

rANCT APA1ACMICOC I cbcetral MlectUne fro several ... esb.r1MANUWS *
\Ta I rata sad Sranans elll
SHELL OYSTERS K Curb Observes Fri. And
51501. I.sl.M4 n.,. Sat'

I.-. ........u..11& -- Otbers ars.trlsces tic TAP ROOM
RAW BAR SPECIALS 7TSTiwiMO S550 ?ecru .111 b-e tovclaeJester Aiiiitrsiry SudiyOleswsle
.... .. or"""'. .kick 626 West Ashley March 19, 70
ormts '4 "-. $()SPPee. '1.1t Is s... was sf Ttb aad Ita.r. CtssestoFle
deb sill te. .
'UO rv
suet onnts ... .t...., Ibis Presents MitelEntertainmentOne
Its asslvertsry Mss
Thu s'.4.I IaA.st..u I.d1. st .... elll .. slur first DUVAL COUNTY ARMORY
., fret 4 te. is ITUfiiIG
LAI6I WRITING u >. p...S. ....,tM. p s
. u. Sam reeks Prayer I..*. |t).
UICJOJO ...ra ts tbe jester
MID MUtUT JOe ti.. .. J If- 1eLASGI Tyler ht.CvMcellst. I One Leg JOE Slid, Aid Market Streets
Orckettrt sre Polio
KOI MUtUT . u. n. ...... Itt..o..111NII.wea ;
SALT Muun ..... .... $!. n. Sadcer Der.n"n.* I tu Torrid ui tan ..1Tennessee
SALT MUtlfT 101 eo. .. IS. I5.N. dale. Js4ltb ..U.
I Others .
er te aae
t : Hudretls Of Prim
..... .. .-..- ....Mt P. M.w : 0..11 day ..,." ,,.. ,../a Serge, trepres .
M N.M..- Ott.l4.r llla ".....,,
CtNUINl liD SNAIPIR 14. U. .s Price, tvM.el I let On HSM ced Organ Bigger' Aid latter Thai Ever
I. .
canl, Ian hUUIa :
liD lASS u. .,. Pvller Darrell hd.... ft..... nel,...,.. DiesJes PLUS
... Bet III.....,
/.1h. lul ... .
I. D ra
"AMISH f .........,.. VaacleA. FREEH FREEH
....., ,.,hll lesteyD FRANK LEGREE FIEIII
.. .. .. isrser fist MsrlesBesses
a .y N M M y.
pttace, Cvstklsnt
TONELESS SHAD FILETS .r' 89 .......... Caese4rs .* Miss Jessvtkls vii ..1rra.ntTu HEAR ALL ABOUT IT ON
-- .,.. tlllle..
JUMSO 5NIWP IS.JB esker Mafisret TayUr 4....Bas. 121. J.S.s.. 4ay A 1rlnes4sjr .lJ:4 S.. .lon
MID. SNIWPRAW U. t* cut taller AatMty ... asd NIGHT TRAIN..WRHCOP.M,
Mrs tA. ftre svs.
tevteej. aad Paulo til' ElTERTAIltOO' MOHTIY I P-M.-2 A. M,
IAT ==tt&U: U... ti Jechaeex. Mondays thru Saturday.SATURDAY .


---.. .....- .. ..

m- j J : -T.


\ Church News Presents Successful Co-Sponsored MusicaleS Programs Readied For Annual

Departmental Conclave In Tampa

Services Sunday In Freedom! Baptist Church begin ry h ,rw By., ALBEPTA J. WILLIAMS
2 l. t 7 p
with the Sunday school at 10 a.m., with Deacon Dr. J.C. saat, general president and departmental

John Rogers In charge. Morning service at 11 leaders, will lead the constituency, to

o' Jock. Rev. John L. Montgomery will preach the Tampa Tuesday March 23-28 for the 51st annual

sermon.At session of the Progressive Baptist State Convention

4 r.II..Prince..Ha11 Wisdom Lodge 17 will render with New Mt. Zion Baptist Church Rev

homecoming service at the church. The Rev. f.H. Calhoun pastor and St. Matthew Missionary

Mr. Montgomery will be the speaker. The Hone Baptist Church, Rev. I. Anderson. ,' pastor servingas

Mission society and Deaconess Board 1 will meet headquarters for the Convention and other activities

at 4 P. ". in the hone of Mrs. Marjorie Mont- 1r respectively.The .a..........................

gomery 2941 W. 45th St. The junior usher board 38th annual sessionof
Events will be scheduled -
will meet at 4 p.m.. at the home of Deacon> and the Youth. Girls Auxiliary
during the remainder
Mrs. A. Rogers 3014 Breve Dr. ; Starlight 13th
of the week with thtpresident's
.. of the
FIRST CORINTH" + annual conference
w l annual
Sunday services in First Corinth Baptist Church Shepherd Boys, and the mes

will start with the Sunday school at 9:30: .... 4th annual meeting of .ac.ene! election of officers
to take place
with Deacon A. Cooper in charge. The topic will ri
Friday at 3 p.m. Presi
be reviewed by Rev. *.L. Jones.
dent's night Is scheduled
Morning services at 11:15: o'clock. The choir. ,
for Friday at 7:30
and ushers will serve. Dinners will be sold in LV :
with Dr. Georfe
the annex In Interest of Choir 1. The deacons p.m.
will conduct the devotion at 3:30: p.n.The Rev "." Weaver of Fort Lauderdale -

Mr. Jones will I administer the Holy Communion and ..'r ,. to delIver the
', '" ..... ... ., sermon.
deliver the sermon ..... ,
a uwilit '.: t'k.. Mrs. Hannah B. Miller
Sunday services in !Mew Galilee Baptist church GR/HW
conaence with the Sunday School at 10 "'.11. Rev. DEACONESS BOARD 4 and the Sisters of Mercy of Mt are shown flanking Mrs Doris Donaldson (seated) Green; Cove springs.pres

J.W. carter pastor will review the lesson. Ararat Baptist church most successfully conducted president of the Deaconess a>ard. Mrs. Sarah jack- the Hay Tots Auxiliary the ident of the Women'
will U.b with
Morning service at 11 o' ,lock Choir 1 and Usher a Musicale Tea last Sunday afternoon before ablghly son Is vice president of the Board. Missionary and Educational

Board 1 will serve.Sermon by the pastor. Evening: appreciative attendance in the Church's Education (Royal Art studio Photo) programs.Convention Convention will
officers ex
service at 6 o'clock. Building. Members of the sponsoring organizations hand also tweet In St. Matthew -
pected'to be on aL
Missionary Baptist

United Baptist Church located at 1409 Cleveland Carter Recital Central Baptist's Moncrief Baptist Bolden Celebrates for their slate of events -

St. services will get underway with } .

Sunday School at 9: 45 t... Morning service at March 28 Order Of Service Plans RecitalAn Founder's Day Other officers expectedto

.. Samuel will be on hand will in
11:05 o'clock. At 3 p. Rev. H.
be guest speaker in Interest of the church and Mrs. Bessie Carter will Services st Central after service Busied Bolden's College ofYu.le clude
Sunday will begin with will will celebrate Mrs. Janie Phillips,
pastor's anniversary. be presented In recital program bepresentrd

BTU at 5 p.m., and evening service at e o' clock.The March 28 at 7:30: p.m. in the Sunday school at March 28 In Moncrief Founders Day Sunday at 3 Hibernia first vice

celebration will terminate with Rev. K.L. Mt. Sinai Baptist Churchby 9:13: a.m.Morning. Baptist Church.beginning p. .. at st. James AME president; Mrs. Amelia

Smith of First Timothy Baptist Church and Rev. District 1. service will .t 8:30: p. .. by Marvin Church. The occssslon Houston Belle Glade,
begin at 11:00 .. .. REV. OLTT S.M.MVIS
'.1.. Jones of First Corinth Baptist In chsrge. Mrs. Carter serves as Collins and the Celestial will be in celebrationof second vice president'

Refreshments will be served. one of the s Joist of which the the pastor (Gospel Singers.The seven years of music long with Dr. Pans will Mrs. M.L. Johnson, Jacksonville. .

.-WOODLAWN PRESBYTERIAN": Rev. R. Lewder Jones education preschool Include: third vice
Choir 2 and will be accompanied program Is In Interest .
of Woodlavn presby- will speak on the subject training, vocational Rev. It I. Hamilton 1 Arcadia Agnes
Superintendent T. V. Huger by Willis of the state rally president Mrs.

terian Church will conduct the Sunday cchool Sun Hughes. Mrs. Carter will "Christ's Prayer For for the Georgia group. adult education and cultural first vice president lean, Jacksonville,

day at 9:30: a.m. Rev. P.O. Wilson pastor who be presented by Mrs. ". K. Us. The Shllot Male Chorus appreciation ; Rev p. J. Hilton fourth vice president,

has been out of the city will return to the pulpit Glbosn and Mrs.L, Gen- At 4 p. m. District 6 and Golden Gospel Singers One df the highlightsof Tampa second Vice Mrs. Josephine "Pupree.Tart .

Sunday at 10:55 B.U. and conduct the ser wright will serve ss will celebrate its Anniversary. will also appear. the program will be preldent.ev.S. Fields >a, recording seers
The public Is Lake third vice
the crowning of the Queen wales
vice. narrator Mra Dora Bass will tary.; Mrs ROSS Lee
The! Adult choir will render the "music with Miss Others appearing willbe Invited to attend. The sponsor s Tea March 28 of Bolden's College of president;Rev. C.1f. Dawson Thompson Belle Glade,

Sue A. Matthews at the organ. Miss Betty Royslston Anniversary will be held ins: 3 to 5 p... and a ttullc.Th. Adult students Haines City, recording assistant recording sec

Saturday at 10 ..m. toy In the home of Brother have organized themselve secretary; Rev
The Brownies will meet and Sannie L Davie program will be pre retary.Hrs.ttalsy; Murray.

Scouts at 12 o' clock and Girl scouts Tuesday at and sister P.J. Jenkins. sented. into several groups representing G.H. Peterson, Wachula. lest Pal. Beach corresponding

4 p.m. The teenagers will also meet at this hour. Fits 409 W. 19th st. Ht. Zion Observes the seven assistant secretaryRev. secretary: Mrs.Luclle .
] Auivirsinr At 4 D.at the cbu reh. R, Harmon, assistant
Elder Ophelia Hamilton and Deacon Helen Tbney will years of service that Hri lton.Arcade a,
the children will hold Men's Sunday 'ICretery b,.. 0.D. Iii.
conduct the midweek prayer service Wednesday at Day, the college baa renderedto ; assistant secretary.Mrs.M.M. ; .
their Bible study. The liras: Belle Glade, corresponding
7 p.m. in the conference roon.FOUNTAIN Florida A&M' s famed the community Jones, lamps financial
children will hold their Each consists ofa secretary;
-. CHAPEL" athleticUrectortoot group secretary; Krs.

Budget Day will be observed Sunday la Fountain choir rehearsal at 9 p. .. ball Coach Alonzo II.GaUh.r. captain and acandidatefor Rev P.H. Jackson Lakeland Eva Jackson, Tampa, assistant
Jones, BTU Hour will get underway Captains and financial secretary -
Chapel AME Church.accordlng to Rev r.t. will be the Queen. financial seer

pastor All members have been asked to pay their at &: 4S O'clock speaker during the 11 prospectives queens are: tary.

budget funds. u At ,the'pastorrwill the J. clock| Hour .... service Sunday during Group one Nina LndellRscber. Also, 1te..J..R.t-t" rN. ,Also.Mrs.. Aleilsa Juba-

From 4 to 6 P.m. n"fit. patrick nay tea wit} beat th speak the annual observance captain. Mra. secretary" the president sonJacksonville, treasurer

sponsored by the members with Miss D.J. King as from the subject 'ttindaaentals of Men' a Day at Mt. Pauline Roberts queen; ;It... J.L. Stephens' ; Mrs Ola Mae III*
I co.dJairmlll.01nnera of Our Religion. Group TWO Mrs. ,t. !Myers historian;
chairman and Miss H.L.Prlce, ." Zion AMR Church, Chester lar1Li.bt..r. bum. Tampa plant at.
will be sold at the church Saturday with Mrs. q"I R.Cbvart general chairman captain and Rev J.w. Daughtery Avon Mrs. Jettle V. Johnsoa.

I D. Davis as dial man. PROGRAM COd'LETED.l1known low Weekly activities fol- announced. queen; Group three Mian Park editorial secretary Orlando musicale di-
: Ala ; Rev G. J. Mar
91i th. CaptuD. Miss
gospel .h.r.Mn. Tuesday at 1 p.m..weekly Rev Co Tqaton la the reetre...111'1.II.*. Raises,
Eagle Mae Scott will Bible host pastor.Mr. Janette Green. queen; tln.Lakeland treasurer. Lakeland Bible teacher
Study and at
celebrate her 14th Anniversary who alao Group four Mlaa Alice
8 .. cowart Mrs. Gladys: C. Vaught.
p. prayer meeting
FINE COTTON PIECE GOODS recital, supported Wednesday at 8 p.m. serves aa vice chairman Graham, captain and queen Jacksonville dean of
Group five Miss Fannie
various singing choir :2 rehearsalThurs of the Trustee Board, Is workshop; Mrs. flllaerDorr
Tire groups lIood.". March 29at being assisted by Grant captain Mrs.Jessie ,
250 day. at 8 p. .. choir 1 Sumner til Jaellloul1h.
7:30: p. .. In Zion rehearsal wiles, vice chairman.The Mae Jones, queen; assistant deal; Mrs.

Rep,,tar 3t f yd. Hope Baptist C21urch. Re,. Visitors are welcome to two leaders have Group alt Miss JanleBtreater. Alberta J. Williams,

liwslews C.R. Simpson, psstor all worship services. selected the following captain. Miss Jackaoavllle. directorof

Mrs. Scott Is Invitingher ...b.n to serve on major Chsrlesetta Milliard, public relationsMrs.
Royal Palm queen; Group seven, Ira
friends sod the general Meets committees: M.L. Avery, Daytoas
Margaret Davis, captain N R3.MILLER "1. SMART
public Sr. J.C. D>wnin.. Henry Reach, Mperlnteadeat
Sunday AfternoonThe Mrs Lonna Henry qu.... Rev. L Anster Clearwater -
W. Jenkins Jr., flolomon of mlssloas; sad Mrs.
Other activitlea
Royal pals Oarhl tan Jones, program; coordinators duringthe chairman state 1&111 a"'Cluead.. Lakeland
program will be the miaslon board; Rev J.1.
Club will meet Sunday ,John Morris, Raymond secretary to tae
awarding of graduation Ads..Beth Cls**. tair
at 330: p. .. la the Wade, P. David Pea- presldcat. .
certificates to a aoepltal education board Rev.
man, ;
hose of Mra FlorenceRichardson. cher, John Reeves; finance District presidents
aide mad a klader- J.D. third, Tampa Superintendent
1814 W. BEAVER 1717 EffersonSt. J.H. H.L'
Lawson tutee supervisor d.... of State are;
Mrs. Mary Olson Thomas. Dennis Stewart Mrs. Arredletn N. Session Mrs. tL I.. Joaaeoa. Cast
3701 EMERSON president, announced. sr.,t1lU_ (Camper Oliver Florida and taanjrNrs.w.A .
a teacher at Isslah The music staff be.<*4
All meabera are urgedto Tbo.asads; and spon 5, smart. First flMta
Blocker School will be
by Rev A.J. Hughes.Jacksonville
830CASSATAYL1lOCATION18 be la attendance state son. James Lundy Cor the principal speaker. Florida; Mrs. JaaiePMIllM.
important natters will nelius Sslth. James H. Mrs, Session receivedaer Middle liorldi *
HIM IMHTVF rt T *'n T i be discussed and acted Nicks Ezekiel McCoy of the following
Clay ntyMrs.
AS Degree from Hampton
Son IN upon. Joseph Pauline; publicity .cabers: 1.1. Greater
lastltate, and her
Mrs. Stephens, assist
rulene Jones Soatn Florida Ira. Amills -
Anniversary CelebrantH. IA Degree fro. CblaablaUniversity.
Nathaniel) laves aat director; In.
FLA. GRADE 'A' LARGE (LIMIT DOZ.)>> Bogga and tae Boies Miller church Mary talteharat.. muslClan.end Houston, sot
school, Florida pro gr east we;Mr a.M. .
Ci. Special s till appear 11uet Raymond wade Sumner The public la Invited 1Ir........ Floy4
DOZ. 0- .*Wan_. Soata non'
EGGS 35 Iora'T.eph, 839W. wiles Michael Stewart. assistant mseldaa da' progressive*
NAU1a Monroe st. April eat Tabernacle A welcome program will
Andrew Wade
At "'II liW alas Also Its Basle Sec-
8 p.m. Mills. be held Twesday sight
toa. tlssimmee Valley
I The la with the respoase to be
SMOKI SLAB OR SLICED prograa Also. ways' and means Church News M.U Avery Mew Cssitral,
sponsored by choir :3 la L. given by Rev ",... l,ve-
Mal) l
.D. Gadsom -
Nightly ,a. Rmtk C. Sataee.Oreater .
$ connection with ita lice mad toe Coaveetteewill -
anaiversary -
; ...1e. Cheater win fee held Duos; and Mrs.
BACON 3 officially get mmjderwa
; Morse Robert Peppers la Loclada Calf
us. tie Missionary Tabernacle Qweae,
Mt. Ararat Choir MDaaalee L 'h.Ratl.hJIJ Baptist Chare, ; Wednesday at 1; 3I'J Coast.IIIEPCIKIT <

MEATY To Present ;arraagms t. George located 1. Tae Reese of

task las; sped a] Sleets Israel temple of Filth TV t lUll JtlflCE

BRISKET STEW 3 Northwestern Group James P. Smell, P. a'hr..ell.r on Venom Real for the

? Choir s of Caarca It. Ararat ; secretary pastor Rev Toay Neal Pick.l| I lilitiry Plip.3M242
Baptist will
Dennis Stewart Sr. Hale
Wtttli services are aa
LEAN spossor aMasicale Tea msabers of tae cnarca follow: itilEil SUES iti i. Stets

Buarfay afternoon feature school will serve aa atom day Bight frt. Salem
WHITE BACON 3 lag the NorthwesternBeitet ushers
us. la the Parsoaoae, .Baptist.Q. Rogers Chart.tor..UI. sew Tom bIt Nee T. "%> M "Humi .* Get

MEATY BIQSPARE 153 Deacoa Helena Charlie St. Buasle.prtsic'eet Mt. Salem Choir save caarga.Tuesday LOW PRICES


RIBS 3 LIt committee, Mil the are program lavltlagtkegeseral > Slates Recital Baptist Caercm, .... JU fa Tar

seam, pastor.Thursday .
public Choir II of tae at. Salem
it g#t. Pallsdelpala DRUG STORE NEEDS
to attend. Baptist
ECONOMY RAND FRYER Chares. Iocs 8a,tilt Cnmrts.Rev. .

ted at 1244 lees 22ad .. J.'. J.... pas Trade tu Tar SlcM raoo4 Dug lore

LEGS AND LETSSHE .tr.et..... Q. Roger. ter we WILL ttn .-T PWJCW ACT tW TXi ilX'c. PsnxX

HPill pastor. will reseat a Tie pabltc la Lashed .. "-I h.,_to also fll$ aU t tar. PreecrtBtloaa.Dixie .
recital at )
p.a. suadayUtaecnarcm
3 to come net to all of

Slit lipiirlii avdltartma.Taepvwlle these sorvtcee
BREASTNECK IBS. ) la teased Pharmacy

It. in Kill a cordial lavitatloa to Form Plus

MEATY attend.R meads, meaner sad 1312 lifts liH at .,rUt AnN

Is flir ...1Ir.ou'1' services tae general labile axe nUll
are aa fallow: lift 1-SW-H
to tae
BONES 1OLsSeATC11 lily lisiuss Sunday SC J.t:3O a.a.; Dally Fonmrn ttevelegveTea

'moralag service II a.m. Saacay afteraaea. PlY Till liCit ffiTU ill HllFHIElUU
US riHiii in. sad era lag eoraal'.S:00 larch 2S la Joseph B.

TIIP KR1 KNMIT flIOW ON UH TV CHV\V1 4 R.. Jmaea ttmoaaltf faster t iT 111 STHr

;; '0 ..._._ ___ __-. --- -
------ -

I t I


Togetherness Emphasized GJC Instructor $60,000 Grant B-CC Hosts MRA Recruiters

Receives NSF Grant To AM! Miss. < :' .

r ; junior ST. PRERSBURO--A College instruo Olbbs Ruts Groups 1'1 .. "

tor has been selected to ux ,
Nf* TOW..T.! grant
__ participate In tilt National -
Of 140,000. to bt used
Science rounda*
in the National Council
1 .. w tloa-sponsorsd Busier
of Qiurchts net pro -
Institute in Sociology.Mrs. .
graa during ices baa
Essls p. Robtrta.tocloiogy +
I instructor United been approved'r..blt.rtlnCOI..tOD by the iON

was selected by Dr. John
T. Doby at ono of 30 oa Rsllgion ,'" '
and lace The count ,
participants for a seven rsprsssnts the Itrgttt .' '. \ ,, ';.;,
weak sociology institute c' 'I .
single contribution to
that will -conducttd
the NCC P""hIIoAlatbortaaUoD '
Bt laory University .
,... Atlanta Juno IBt for the '"
J' Lp- ; July 30. ? grant one at a to -dsJ \
CORM" aeetlng February '
The d"ott'Ilclu.b
.. ,, 910 la ,
Nt* York. Dr
If11' "I'"
,,,, ,. .I\! : to sociology .-- ,
Robert N.
iSplke. sxecu-
.. I '.." it ,.:1iI/Ji':., Bill place the director of NCC TOUR Of COC.UOCS Moral Bsaraaaeot representatives, touring colleges la
e. phasla Florida. Georgia, Alabama and :
Virginia visited
COpt outlined the work : caspua
INTDCIITIONAL: IOMMIOOf--oosw ot four nations! gathsrtd at the Proctor Biter oa the tar week to acquaint students tlth the challenge, "A Revolution Modernise
tihibtt during the annual International troth 1 chaeat of that agency IB a merits"
srtood rood Festival la aahlng-- Rtprtssntatlni California Cubs South Africa Denaark.and
ton rsctatly. The affair, under,the sponsorship of the National council of Ntro of the col* g' .speech to the COBIsslontrs. Island Mich., furnishing auslc during the progra sere the colweli Brothersrecently
with these
loam drew thoussnds of spectttors cod over fifty exhibitors lets In- returned fro
floe that point Included: a nine-year tour of Asia, Africa, and the European contlntnt -
Many nations. Shown from left art: Linda V. first troeuctorycourse ,
Ryaan. a year student at The NC'C' Mites Ministry Shown discussing rtcrultaent art, from left: saauel rrlddlt. Asst.
Philadelphiaa Otraantown High School; Mrs Angtla Chrlatlan. cultural affairs la j Prof, of social Sciences, airs Schulbt. Harrison p rxshltldt, college
works closely with registrar -
officer busy of liana: Mrs Kklalal Adzlaa. site of prtss attacks, sabaasy I t a oral MRS. ROBCXTS and OOPO ; and Steve Colwtll.School .
of Ghana.: Mrs. Agatha Burkhardt. wlfs of cultural counsel busy of Swlttsr- sociology and .111 have rslattd organca

land and Mrs. "tasks Onytgbula. wife of charge-of-affairs..busy, of ,Nigeria aa participants other tioos. Boycotters Stage Rallies Protest "
COWl la deeply la olvtd >
junior college sad col
Protest Ids lets teachers of aocl in rtlatloasbtpabttwten Sit-In NAACP Office
Charges TokenisSibotagiag m Polk County's logy civil rights Vote Denials
groups aad is irking NM YORK"Bttltgtd for four hours by SUM* 3S
IB Hospital Society Attorney Hits Mrs Roberts returnedto to avoid disruptions teenagers denuding NAACP support of their school NEW YORK-MAC branches
tee Olbbs faculty boycott. Roy IUUu, the Association's eierutlvtdlrtctor throughout the country
lima, those
SAVANNAH.-The NAAOP la QUKLOY1X. K.C.* Noting. School Plan this .....ter after attending CORK also will groups.work In calmly and patiently explained the NAACP have a..lt plans to stsgt

continuing its sharp pro that 'fubllc school dtsegrtgatloa the Universityof northern cities and seta position on the current NSW' York city boycott rallies on the steps of

test sgsiast segregated is aovlsg ..t.uU' TAMPA Atty. Prsncisco ilsconsln She re- two of the needs called and led by tht Rtv Milton A. Oalanlson. City lulls to prottsttht
cttvtd the Mssttr'a Degree najor .,.....,... ,......
hospital facllltlta htra pact laths Sooth drllU" told a federal for this work as dt- Under guise of seeking'a ..,... brutal dentals by
and Is requesting that Bev. Edward J. 0_. Jr. court that a proposed In sociology trot velopaent of Materials conference with Mrtllklaa About 35 young persons officials |in Mississippi

Federal funds bt withheld secretary for church or- school dtatgrtgatloa the university la Jan and resources: and the a sin person crowded into the office and AlabsMa of Ntgro
until segregation 'Role Learning Aaong and iaatdiattly started voter registration efforts
gantiatloa for the Na plan by Polk County training of voltintttrs. delegation, representing
and discrislnstroytrtstaent Children" was tilt topic a sit-in sprswllng on .
tloaal Association tort which would ptralt a the group known as the
of Negroes la be Advaactatat of student to trsasfer fro of her thesis, research Suwannee Harlti Youth Coaalttst the floor. blocking Rallies haY, been planned *

halted. Colored People declared a school la which bt was for which was done lathe River was received about noon.Tu..d. tilts and singing, "wt for New' turk City I

In a Ittttr to Anthony here Thursday, Feb. 2$. a Minority ''has been Madison School sya- Junior College .,. Ptb 33. titer Shall Not Bt Movtd "Noatttapt Oamha. Neb iiarrlsburg.Pa I

J Celebrtzzt. secretary that 'this t ok eels* and condemned by the highest tea. having' placed a picket waa wade to Nwark, N.J Phil
of th. Department d delay In providing equal court la the land She Is a graduate of NADIBOf-J! B. Brown. Hot in front of NAACP move the Later in adelphia. Pa. oklahoMa I

Health Education and educational opportsaity Rodrlgutx. representing Florida AIM University dew*regtsttar. sad Mrs htadquarttrs st 20 teat response to>> a police r*- city Okla Denver.

.If.n.. I. t. Law president for :Negro youth can have parents steklag aa tad and la a aeaber of the Y. A. Nicholson an last 40th 8t They were ac- Quest Joseph ,.t hUlln. ())1".I'III..y.r"llIth"rplacu.

of the Savannah the disastrous effect of to school segregstloa. Delta Sims Theta Soro- rue tor la gllsh.. art coop+ an led by the adults an adult lender of the .

NAACP branch and a.wber sabotaging the founds* told U.S. District judge ttttadlng the Plorlds shrotly after the see- group withdrew children *>y fllklns NHC'I' ei-

of the NAACP Board of t ions of the Great Joseph P Lltb said ItyStar Protests Stats Teachers Association slon began, a spokeaaan under 18 years of .... trutlv d'r.ttur.fIU.II'

Directors stated thst Society '. School Board official la Hlaal as delegates naked for ptralsslon, to on the NAAtY branch to I
the tsrrta A. Csndltr Sptaklag at the NAACP admitted they ttpect aoproblevs U-K Iron Butannee brass the entire group KIN TIC MAICIOF prottst these denialsand !
Hospital coaplei, cosprtstag Southeast Reftonal Religions fro racial Integration | Alter junior College, la to Meet Mr tllklnsptralsslon to dnsttid nee ".1.-

the Caadltr Ltadtrs Coaftrtact < +Ct Sana.-(!NP1)- March U. |' sad :30 was .,.nted. HUES 1 atlon.g1lIER I

Telftlr and Ceatral of Mr odo said: Tte polk plan would Integrals U !
Georgia hospitals, does the IJth Md nth Gale ..,..r.110 la
"Pactloaallaa aid
not adalt Negroes to two false tears" declared grades ant septtabtr closing out his careerat

of Its facllltlta stall Mr Odoa. 'ihosld not lOtb tbroagb stvtath the University of \

and to tht other supersede the. tdacstloa tilt following year the Kansas before watering .I
only oa a segregated stalk through. fourth pro football aaaBWBber
seeds of youtk." I ,
bests e grades la M7''eand of tbt Chicago gears,
the first three grades aade what aaoaattd t5remaps

la l....... his final aajorgtatart MARKET
With A SII.
"Pkotoyrahy la addltloa. It would toward racial

gin stadtata the option justice oa the UK canpus -

f atttadlag a school OPEN SINDAT ITEDGnrOM> AND
wltbla. bit attendance Die outspoken star wes AYLBFROMUHTO t 7P.M. ,
district, or prefereaee sr res ted afttr he joined
to the nearest school 110 students In a sit EDGEWOOD AND AVENUE B

prtdoataaatly ttttadedbr |a. deawattrattoa outside I

Mtabtra of his ract tat otflctof chsn*
cello .. Clarke see> U. S. GOOD FRESH !

Mrs. H. L. Kiig cot la the University'sMroag
"'U.) to linenS .

A&T Speaker an cnslsstloa tad of racial la fratern.ta. CHUCK PORKROAST

Itles, sororities sadaalvtrslty
7t'11 u101o. NC. "brtvartla
One Stop Shopping For All Lather lag, Jr. approvtdhovslsg.

wlft of are faatd civil .
Your Photographic Needs rights leader end slaaer Maid gapers, la ... ROAST

of the 1M4 Nobel Peace planation. outs protest

EMERSON'S PHOTO SUPPLY "1M. will speak at UT against caspus' bias:
College oa Buaday Tit "1\! ., ,"spt *t at t

1817 pvbllt la lavlttd. football star, bat lot
Nor sptssrasce here sa a Negro" *
(Iptl Sulijl Ij Antlltl"UI) sacks the coaclitlta ofaaaaai .. tss released after LB 39 L. 23
aoota* a ...hl', posting a m toad bat

a f oar day pro graa to be bad the sstlsftctlMf
Pllll 3J4-J212 eoadaettd OB the tbtot.Tdaettlta seeing Chancellsrts

far ,Tees At alga a stsaeat

sad BtspMBlblllty" _. council bill spinet

will keyvttt tkt rsgraaocatdsltdfertbt > radal dlscrlalaattoa. QUAKER
I Richard ... ae also ,1..,.. ttrtlattatt VEQETOLESHORTENING

t. Martians AstltsrlsaN Btadsata NS9sa4t4 >

iaalsg at B p.a.nt during the prole -
ftrttr ctretts *. FLOUR

IcOn of srloa, Ala .
the Itcslttft strife GC Coed Holds j

rlddta vtttr reglttra*
r ., iN ties case alga btlag 14by 2 Regional Posts "

her basba**. Mra. ting *
IT PtnUarM Bv,bS- 5L8.39i 59
la better kse.a la her .re toed Mat 0111.

public srptsraacta aa .ft Ch.... voatlftllt.. 3 LB.

coacert huger "t lartttat re
+ rears tbt bat the' TCA'a lostbera Rgltaal ..

been called fretjsestly OMM. .lt. baa s..ai
to spesA t. o asltaa a* laved U ..". (M chairaaa -

ft asbstltatt ftr her tf two altttts S. GOOD III STEAl LI 59
v .......


Tit lifes) MII'J Hair Styles

wr p. MUllEI'S ELBOW MACARONI 2/ II 'liS. 23C

Are Taught At The .,

JacksoHvilltBarbtr .Peet IllS


College IMC.JacksutBli. ... I r
lEI TOMATOES r 21J en 10
219 SU KmiiitIi. 14.




.. A _..... .. .
----------- ----

-- -- -----

\ .. ... ------/i' =: .::
.. ." ...- '(: J- --

J"--\-. 1 t r rI '(:


I \ Degrees Awarding Ceremony To Launch Edward Waters 99th Founder's Day '

I ..--t. ... .
Lily Whites Organize New Unit Historic instituiion Nearing ,
Talkby I
ale en Ihihsiill '"'"' Century Mark, Program Ends Mar. 24

ROBIN A. POR1ESTFRMl Sunday March. : 2i, marks the beginning of the 9th

Teens. Pounders'Day celebration of the Edward waters College

I've just returned from Tallahassee! whereagroup of Jacksonville by the Puval County consninlty .; -

or rather a tribe of Teenagers Invaded the ffUO the state and nation....................-....
campus to hold our annual press pow-wow. To top The celebration will begin -
It al1we sent evoke.. signals carrying the latest with regular religious held in Lee Auditorium;

yak from the highest hill to our fellow tribesmen services In the Monday, March 22. Tag

and wicked the peace pipe on Saturday Lee Auditorium, with the Day by proclamation of

r < afternoon with several! head Rev. Robert Webster presiding the Mayor of Jacksonville -

chiefs of tribes from evyerwhere U. and music by the ; Tuesday, March
iIlt' s. A.To, College Choir under the 23, reports of funds;

tiring U down to good ole Amertcen I T1 direction of H. Alvin led. March 24. formal
1*=Ugllah, the 15th Annual In- it Green. convocation at 10 ....,
trrscholastle workshop opened + aas Edward Waters College K...Donal d Jacobs.speaker -

ROBIN on Thursday March 11. and closed was founded in 1888 when ,ground breaking ceremony

Saturday afternoon with a banquet where awards 1 the Rev. Charles H. on the northwest

were presented to outstanding high school and :J, r s ''VN1 Pearce, the first presiding quadrangle of the canptts> *
Junior college newspapers and yearbooks students elder of the African at 5 p... Atty. William

from TIIIIJ!.,Mllrd. Yen Beach Clearwater Tuincy, Methodist. Episcopal Lonesome, speaker, genera \

Tallaliassee.Rt. Petersburg and Jacksonville Joined 4. : Church in Florida, mass meeting at

hands In mutual agreement and wide this workshop began raising funds for 8:30: 1'... civic 'adltorlum. -

the rout successful ever held h. ______ a school which later was and at 8 1'...,
\Then Teens gather, there Is always a constant: ________ to become the state's 110 a plate banquet
exchange of local yip: and one can really catchup ___ first institution for Rabbi Rudolph Rosenthal

on the latest fads, fancies and francles s higher education for Negroes. from Temple on the

'other high schools. Down Miami way when someone HeightsClevelsnd Ohio.

tells a dry joke, you point your thumb down and Chartered u Brown Theological speaker.

when It is so dry It powders or flakes, both WIlING Inpresslve cereaonybeldWetnead.y night, lor and Roiana Johnson. Front row from left: Mrs. institute by the There will be several

thumbs go down.. .deep downI! In St. Petersburg, .March 10 In Grant Memorial AM* Church Lily White Lou el la price, president of Lodge 217 and Royal honorees who will l receive

the sun shines every day and to advertise this Lodge No,230under the direction of Deputy Willie Court 217; Fred Washington, president of Lodge honorary degrees, among

Teenagers wear cute little bead shrink era with .Mae Hart Installed 32 members Into the newly organized 218; Mrs. Lauvlnla T. nrquez publicity chairman who. is the Rev. Dallas

umbrellas top. Around Quincy, the favorite Lily White Security Benefit Associationwith ; Mrs. lh'"" Maylor, Miss Flora Mae Burrts. Graham,an alumnus of the I

pasttine is shucking off words, like contribute the assistance of Deputies Mary B. Taylorand newly elected president; Miss Grace Young, business IIUIBJ College sad pastor of

con tribute. Roiana Johnson Standing In background fro manager and Mrs. 0. Hart treasurer MLArarat Baptist Church

The Tallahassee Teens are all dancing the shoe- left are: Deputies Willie Mae Hart Mary B. Tay- (Royal Art Studio Photo) Jacksonville.
shine. You go through all the motions of polishing Other honorees are: Dr .

shoes (putting on the polish buffing and Miss Bernice Jones Mother Midway Rudolph: ] M. Rosenthal of
bru ailing). Coming EventsDistrict REV. Temple oa the Height
Fashions ranged from the Discotheque. Program Speaker AME Church Florida Legislature la Cleveland Ohio *ev.DonaldG. .

At the 'forkshopper Ball, the Discotheque: look was 1872 the school: was J.eobll. pastor -
Miss Bernice Jones, a Sunday will be red 5 of Little educatltflal building of first located in Live
the most popular appearing In velvet silk and a of St. James AMP
suede. Leg wear was never so noticeable. Most junior at Matthew W. Gilbert letter day at Mother Midway Rock Bi>tlst Church will St. Stephen AME: OIuret.IIr. Oak. Two years later, Church Cleveland, Ohio
High 'school J. and a bold a Spring FashionTea ..
Teens wore stocking which watchedthetrdreases : since the general Lass Watkins is this name was changed to and Atty. Willlsn Lonesome -
member of Sunday at .. in
Fountain Chapel 4 p
chalrmn and
silk vs silk, lace vs lace. The fellows present budget I. supposed to be Mrs.Theresa Brown University. Financial of "Charleston :eat
went all out for pastel shirts and dark ties. They AME: Church will be the paid by members in arrears the church auditorium. Donald will be the difficulties eventually Virginia.
guest speaker during Mrs. Once Hunger will
seamed to have melted] in with the color scheme Rev.J.W. Jones, speaker. caused a temporary '
of the university ball] room. Youth Department program pastor announced this serve ss dean of hostesses suspension in the operation Airman. McIntosh
SundayMarch 21 at 4 p.e. along with irs. of
back the local level meet The Tian > week. Brow Unlyeralty.
10 come on Is UndergoingBasic
Usher Board of
Ida Mae Pord.Mrs. BessieBaker. 2 Abyssinia
in Mother Midway AM"I Church
Then, in 183. the African
cellors. The club's roster: Earl Jackson presl All class leaders and
Her subject will be, Mrs. Sandra White.Mrs. Baptist Church .
dent, Sanuel flllians, vie president; Vincent board members are requested Methodist Training
Charlease and will sponsor a Spring
"Youthl! Ye Must Be Born
Jackson, secretary; Cecil pilliamstrenskrer ; Again." to contact members Miss Doris Ranlina Tea Sunday from 3 to 9 copal Church opened the Windsor ... Melatoah Jr.,
Benjamin Addition chaplain; Daniel TroyRobertCurry who owe dues, Rev. Fast Florida Conference
Miss Jones will be in- p... in the home of Mrs. son of Mr. and Mrs wind
John Scott: John Lee, Andre Bevel Part t oduced Jones added. Sarah Hecry. 2542 Wood .. sor R.llcln to ah. 2040: Venus
Floumoy, Henry Lawrence Jimmy Clark, Richard Sunday's order of service The BTU of Zion Hope :
by Miss land St. Rev.J.L. Oliver .j' l Street after having received
Le- ,
Madison Robert col 11111111. Johnny Jones and Albert will get underway Baptist Church will present will be the speaker his Oath of ?n-
ola bilkerson.gth- with Sunday School at 41 ..
Jones. a Greenleaf Tea ; U'1I'I8I' from CapU HuatiB
This club's philosophy Is to strive for the betterment 9:30 a,., with Superintendent Sunday in the church Ayers of the Air Fore

of the student bodJ.> and to Improve"" then er Drosspartlci 8.CoH.rt.1I4 the dining room. A program Usher Board 2 of Mt. ; here, has been aswlmed

selves "mentally, morally and physically. At instructors in dlar,.. ,IUI.b.pres.nt..d.. Olive AME Church will to Lackland Air Puree

I school and in the community, to the' best of th'tl r psnts. will- ,Homing worship-will begin sponsor a Post-bt. Patrick Base, It was announced
sbilltles. Their uniform: Blue blaxer with1 The IncludePrayer at'11 a.rn' with the Day Tea March 28 at S.PY.: GRAHAM ATTT. LONCOMI

Chancellor emblem, gray trousers.The sermon to be delivered Th" Sunday School of 4 1'. .. at the church.: : High School In Jackson

club recently dined at one of our better Miss Jua by: the putor.'nI. Junior Day spring Baptist Church: 'S. vi II..
nits Jones; .selection will conduct Spring Tea After ....rall'"r.' la a
restaurants. Teen Talk proudly salutes! The Chancellors Choir and Ushers will
Scripture In song MiesCareen Sunday at 4 p.e.. In the An outdoor seafood rented quarters fdwardWaters
and their sponsor Mr. Raymond jackson.Gee
Adams Introduction feast will be sponsored College acini' red
; church Mrs. Sallys B.
Teens time has slipped by again. At 4 P... the Junior
BYE NOW! of stress of ceremonies Department will presentIts Mathls will be the Monday at 8 P... st the the Klags Road site which

Miss prlscllla annual tea with Miss speaker.The hose of Mr, and Mrs. Sam it now occupiesThe program

::1 EvergreenTo Holy Tabernacle Asgood welcome] addressin Juanita Jones as principal S Lackland. use W. 29th. of the College la
!music Junior Choir; speaker Evening divided late fort departments
response in music; Miss Cuval County school St.The e'ent will feature : Hum tattle*.
service at :30: p.m.will
Highlight To Be SceneOf Patricia Williams, Miss feature the Lunch Association will a bonfire and a varietyof Natural ScienceandMataematles -
sermon by program a Pretty Hat Tea refreshmeetsProceeds Relence fete ....
Julia Williams, Miss Beverly the pastor. social
Evening Program Bishops ElectionsApostle McfUlr Miss Julia Sunday from 4 to 8 p... from the feast and Fducatioa. A 1M2 graduate of !*"

Williams J solos. at Walker Vocational will be need for the The calendar of events Stsntom High idrool1o.I.toab .
An appreciation program R.1.0 Harris will Other prog ran highlightswill Tuskegee AlumniTo College' 8tb and Myrtle lies Cancer C/usade. The for the WUt celebration later atten-VHo

will be presented Sundayat be the speaker during the be given by Miss Avenue public .has been Invited lsiaday. March 2!. re11 ward Unlvt+rstlylfbp\i { inky .....
8:30: p.m. for Deacon: nightly Bishopric services Careen Adams, Miss" Jua- Meet SundayThe special hats will be to attend. glows services to be .r*.

Charlie Casino in "..r- beginning at 8 P... March nlta Jones, Miss Barbara modeled by Mrs. Kvelyi S.
green Baptist church 22 through the 28thMini Hughes and Mrs. George "
Wllkerson Miss Estella .
JacksonvilleTuskegee ,
Logan and Cleveland fits. McClellaa will narrate Tae united Gospel .
cater Robert L. Jones, Jones Harold 'ftlmpson. Alumni Associationwill "
Participants will be: the show.The Choruses of Westooaaett.will "
of Holy Tabernaclehhurchl676 !
putor Miss sandra Jones, and GO
meet Sunday at 9
United Gospel Chorus 0 fwtlloonn.tt. present s recital A.a.a.h FEELS> SO
w. 9th Street .
remarks by "' .J.9.Jon. ,
sunbeam. announced this week. .
pal singersstarlight pastor and Mrs. A.D. and Mrs. P.O. Rlqhardson Senior Missionary TtQl. *OIne' Sunday. TO FROM -'UPSET 8m>.r :Z'

\ Gospel" I5ln.n.Union Gospel Ministers being consi4er'edascandidatr Wells advisor. er., usa Hart St. Society Circle 2 of Mt. at 8 p.m. la Paler Caused by certain minor akin IrrrtJtfeftv y
for blah Hostesses will be the ....... ...... ..
Fingers sensationalHoly jmies w. woodion. executive Sisal Baptist Ctsrca Baptist Church. Fraaiila r. .n awn e..a rev sow -. w. +
I -- -.---, w.- w sots..-- .y .
I op are: Misses Denolse Adams.Cheryl
Travelers of Arlington secretary of the association announced a Musical Tea and first Streets. --yN..NYM.M.M.4 :::..a.e'.M/. R
Minister 0.1. Hendon, '
Traveling Stirs, Minister Roosevelt Davis Wright prances is expected: tc Sunday la the lower The public is Invited. c,0.:.:. ....... eteir.unaa 'I'..
Wright, Call Ad.... Jacqueline .y --
Mrs. Pthel Davenport Banni visit with the group March auditorial of the chares =:: -- --.... -
star and Mrs. Laura Jack pastor' of Holy Tabernacle ruches, t'7D tllhEld.r. 28. sad all members are at 4 P... Council ChangesMealing --Nan 0..1 w........ =--=r.=:..'-..w..a.1 -. :-,:=
No. 2, Dlnsmore; and Minister Catherine Jeffer to be in attendance at the S. =.:.-=-= :..: :::-..=: ...... -- :: -
son. Robert L. Jones, M -._ ..- .. ... :. '= .
paator e
Qalae: Beaton .. .
son. Jacqueline -
Meeting to complete plane ..... .
Andrew MeCall and choir will Date .caw : wr f- ..-. ... ...... "
of Tabernacle No. Mrs. Suraell Urns .. .
Holy .
Daniels joy Ian for the occasion A program -.eo, r 5 l a Mw 1*wv '"" he. .

2 are. aponsorsof the pro11' 1, Jacksonville.: Daniels and Gwendolyn will be presentedby spomsor a Tea Buadty .t n. Daval Cosaty P-TA .......,
'''' '
The public la invited Wall Jones the commilttee. 4 p.s at 1329 I. ..nIt. Council rogmlar KIH SUCCESS' "
services. it invited. Mrs. CUM Is Paige )
The public
\ lag scheduled for today
*< .. Cray sad the Eaeaeier ,
----- -----
Friday aaa tee put -
( )
\ .
trio will apt.u oaproar.
posed watil March %t.. 1# '
... ;.t
cordial to parlsea W.R. .
I .
Tare.tors rune 1
'J.C.PIaU as". Quit will ...Ua. Ie to beheld
project': wrack Tea la the library of

Sunday. at 4 t.... U tae Staatoa tbcetloaal reboot.begiaaiacjat .
Using- room of '$t. .llephem 1: SO ,... PheteirelhsMutGel

AVS OxarchUly All aeost're have. sees i. i
asked to be la attend
S e .
walls lodge ill 1

.. ,0 Woo w ,wN will slate ft. Pat ito
rick' Tea Sunday IK Ue 'StIrtiIt TtHy

.. ,. To- Head Musical BecililROCKY

Metes Mill Isle' ',. IK liriit 1112 I

: CM h 1a1a.. Fit H hbl tail laljtei I


\ : k Royal Art StudioSOCIAL



txCITUI8Tf-.At till Rlstera, Rartaa aadary.
II .along eitia otter popular gospel .,.... will. 515 DAVIS ST.

Beef at its Best feature la a recital ftiaday* Marl 21 la Pint ....- -
Dora' Temple. 829 W. Monroe St. Tie Dealt ter ef .;.

I Elder A, Rill ,..tor.o. dwet will be -=-1* EL6IN 4-1194 *

led fcy their ferotter. Andre* Mill .a tae immmoadOrgaa.

I Hater Roaetta, Cbke is tae. sponsor. Ties ClOSED All DAY TUESDAYSI
I .Uie la lame..

\ .. .. . .
... = P..,.!.IF1-a......'jf i..... ..._.........'" ...." ..........._.......... ,....:.t.... ./.... w.;:,.e ).... ..._ .......... ... -- --- -- --- --- --- -

I ,( I


Grasps Fern AllianceFor State School Sept. Launch Memorial For Famed Composer Central Stale College Screening.

Seciil-EcoHowIc Progress To Seek More FundsTALLAHASSEEState Applicants For Presidents Post

IILBERPOUCK. Ohlo-H was announced by John .
ATLANTA. Ga..- A new organization, 'the Alliance .
for ., chairman cf the Board of Trustees of
Social Economic and Political Progress has School supt Thomas D.
the Central state College, vllberforce. Ohio thata
been born baptized and bean functioning at Bailey said today he la y th
a special comalttee bad been
' e
by him
meeting held in Atlanta bj leaders of labor union. going tuseek legislative l on
the selection of
a new president for Central state
civil rights and religious organ izatlona. it approval for school funds j .
was College, to succeed
Dr. Charles ,
. H. leslej who is
announced by the chairman of the over and above recommendations '
Alliance, .
Rev "n S retiring at the end of the current academic
Edward H. Dorsey, who 1. also president of the of the cabinet ; Bust Mante announced...........................
Baptist rinisters'Onion./ .......................... Budget Commission. law. Columbus. Ohio and
that the committee would
Bailey said the BudgetCommission's
Other officers are: political activities
and consist of represents- John H. BustMante, at*
vice chairman Wiley H.Montague to encourage people of recommendations torney at hw.Ch"land.
meet the basic tires of the facult, tilt
president of goodwill to work for
the alumni association and Ohio were appointed to
the Georgia State AIL attainment of full minimum foundation program
the committee as representing
the Board Trustees.The
formula, but cutout
CIO; treasurer Rev. equal( rights and
opportunities 1.( committee is chartedwith the Board of
Fred C. nnette. field as citizens and 1. 155 "pedal Trustees.Bustamante.
secretary of The Southern workers for all Americana. units used for much the responsibility announced
of reviewing the qualifications
courses ss the eiceptlonal -
Christian .
Leadership : of all persons that he would serve as
Conference; and secretary The minister also child program, #v chairman of the special
interested in
who are
education, and ,
jerry Levine stated that the Alliance vocational ti tilt positions determining committee and Dr. E.
Special Representative la deeply concerned with education a standards and criteria Oscar loolfolk will
of the international legislation DOW pending Bailey had requested a to be presented serve ss vice chsirman.
total of
Chemical Workers Union. before the Georgia Legislature. 9.287 Ipecb1"lUlU. to the Board of Trustees Attorney ... Howard Fort
for kindergartens 4M9tB9ts
fey E.H. Dorsey stated The Alliance exceptional child, for their considerationand of Akron, ,was requestedto
that the purpose of the feels that the bill to vocational
sit with the commit
the Nathaniel will serve a* a coordinating
agriculture, or ru Dett Mowrlsl Costtlttee. sponsored by the Hampton
Alliance is to coordinate establish minimum
a wage and tee. Inasmuch aa he la
home CIIo.1 Industrial Institute Alumni club of Cfiicsgo.hsve launched screening
.c ca. a special project to establisha
activities of labor of Si.00 per boar in body for the Board chairman of the personnel '
memorial' to the late It
technical, distributive 'living and fined composer. The group is seekingnationwide
and civil rights organizations Georgia is morally just
Committee of the
and business, support la its drive to establish a Dett acholarahlp, and a permanent was pointed out that thecommittee's
religious and and economically: sound. Board of Trustees.Bustasante *
and adult education programs lieU collection at H amp ton. Committee mbers are, left to rightweat- function -
liberal groups on sped The enactment of this Indicated'
listing a specificnaberofunlta ecOiMrs. Gma C.: Dixon and Mrs. Jeanne P. Lotion secretary-treasurer: stand! will be to report to the
fie projects including bill into lae would be for each. tag (left to right): Tin ton Scott Jr.. alumni! chapter president; Mrs. Annette board of ita proceedings that the committee on .
but not Halted to lobs.employment one victory IB the long the selection of the
on the respective candidates
The Budget Commiasioa S Branch: librarian; Clifford raton, committee chairman" an4 RobertL.
mutual aid and bard war on poverty. The actual presklent la the. paver
trimmed this to I. 132. a Darnee Financial contributions, musical! composition and mementoes should appointment '
votlsg. specific legislation Those who, oppose this cut of I. lIS. A cut 11.p.cl.1 be sent to the ooMilttee. c/o Mrs. Lofton, tall Prairie Avenue, Chicago Illi power, however source to direct applications '
candidates and bill for their selfish and that the
interests should realize units affects.. mote Mi5.( (MM photo) with the __ .___ __ u ,_ .__ _
Judge Marshall other parts of the Mia nine-member Board ofTNlh. prupvr nailing aaiirvnsof
that there are thousands ... the coiw HIfe Is The
Issues Challenge of fully employed citizens (isum such. foundation'as AS1S wits Program lied Seeks Boycott Voter Drive Wins Award Kenneth P. Tate of Day Committee on Selection

WMVrorr.: Lt.- for librarians,
.- to Prince no contribution to our principals.guidanceand so the 01( Seafood Packers Set For Ala.BIRMINGHAM. la Drama Grovp the Executive Committee 341. tllberforre. Solo

Hall Masons here recently economy because they total affect: of the cut KBIT NARROWS. Md. --The Ala. "'Newly ST. Py1ritfUa0'Thetounctl of the Central state
Judge TtwrgoodMarshall ear less than $40.00 Maryland Conference Alumni Association, was
was a drop of 1. 300 Yalta! organized NAACP branches of Churches of ORDER fa
U.S. courtof per e..k.an. of NAACP branches will appointed as the alumni
or 85.877.000."As in Alabama will spendthe Crater SU .Petersburgtarred
Appeals for the Second Dorsey disclosed a member of tb.lud.t seek national supportfor nut seversl months s olbbs junior association represents
District New Tort that the Alliance is a selective buying tive. Or. C. Oscar wool
Commission>> I opposed on sn intensive voter .
College studmt far
issued a challenge to formulating plaaa to ia c.aim It .has launchedagainst participation folk ph.a. Dr, CarltunL.
cut the
say registration .
campaignia .
in the dramatic
all Negro Americans.TheMegro.liUself expand operations oa 10 dlffere.tseafood Lee Ph.D. and Dr. ID
school .
program. I notified the stste.At .
phaaeof tile Pi ft4annual
: ," a atateelde basis sad packers la this Prince C. ftlson, Ph.D.
the Budget COM; Issloa a recent meeting rf
that this is eipected Festival of ae- ambers of the facultyof
Marshall declared, section of Queea Anne's
when the report the Alabama
ess NAACP state
.,Ion and the: Arts.
to be accomplished in the Central state
"could do to help County.
: more
adopted that I would emdeavor Cosferesce here, plans
the very near futsre, Louis rillyau of the College, were appointedfaculty rl
himself thsatbecourts. to .have the Lei The campaign was decided for the campaign which QIC Htagecrafters mans
islsture restore these upon after soreChas sill be under the direction selected represent" stives.
Group to
funds" Bailey aald. five months of of w.C. Patton phI the role of the Dr. N.R Cfcrlstopehr [!] '
IIEI TH liE ILL fruitless negotiations Nee breaches. la the Veconit Youth In of Cleveland Ohio, Dr.
with the packers who own on"lachleff's Arthur Peterson, Ph'', D.Dela. .
Toe leek The Beat Doctor DrepoefjJefa the slum hesslsg for state where" the As.seelction "('.111, ..,., Ohio,, EdwardJCur s..e es n. ....

II when Tour Doctor Prescribes. some 800 Negro workers sac, brewed for rillyau and the eight attorney at lae, II Sa.sss III E fHl G

Get Experienced Pharmacists Pilot la the ladsstry, eight.be organized years watlsue to man cast of "Cain" Columbus, Ohio, I..r..". ......"t':t r1a
..According to your Doctors 0.11. Cromwell. NAACP stated the pIt, R, Curtis, attorney at
Orders. .e D.. Only The Best "" U. N.J.-(1 NP1" >-A field director, who has

c.& LACE frailty QrwgsProprtebor number of 'Negro youths attempted to aegotiste

are reported among a with the packers stated

total of 100 young see that employers have per FAB
a RnarnuD nunucnm" TO' tier TOO 'and wu*>_ participating slated ta igaoriag NAACP

A eO.PLITII.IW. I. OP .. la a ploaeerlsg& e1catloMl demands te Improve aous*
Coame ties-fatter
progrwB spam* _
Sac dlhl., conditionsof
PiraCRIPTIOKS CAl Lta POt AN9 OEUVUtlD Bond Jointly' t>y the the .Negro employees.The .

City of ,Newark sod all
packers continue to
Lilly's Dog Store major corporations designed keep their. workers ia QUANTITY SPICIALS GOOD

school to help high the. worst .sastaadsrdhousing ma Hi3 RISIRVID THROUGH SATURDAY 59
dropouts com
111! llKS RIAI Q J1271 plate their education, any part of the stale,la lie auNt!

"..ro youths are also said The Ctssty UNIT 1

mart 20 yo ag see al* mlssloaers lave ,.,co..e4
HERSHEY'S Will IS.II II Wilt fill 111(1(
re 1y working at atari to esforce eilstlsghoisiag

lag salaries with the codes or to

usable 011 a ReflalagComrsmy .
seek nee leglslstloa.HM
Of Nee jersey NAACP calledosOov, SUGAR till N.IUFLOUR

la the shop phase of J. Millard Tsees to sead

the prDgrmm.sides the state tire varahal.

'. Humble outer to lavestlgste.tir Cromwell .
There is cosroseorisgthe said that he elllmcoowvsay

,ro rmssrewstlsgkosMtesters tile marabal nam

New Jersey Bell tlectrlc.Telephone laveatlgatlem shortly, 5-39 run ii .
The NAACP Is feepefsl
only one 0J0IIp.,. pradtat that May places I elll be stir minis 9.III.

Its |MAI,. o>**pry, cvademaed sad families. ,

and (ir.vrk's) ftMtrgefa relocated as a result ef .

diet cola TW program o..p.rt..t provides store tae lavestlgstle VITI n... II MIIC Mil 111(1CIICIU.E'CUIIIM.tfll (

US sUseatselUclaM* _
a> *> >
raw s4 macros traislss.

that rates Green Ctllll Cilia Gloat Special Savings

fUI IIiSE Cilil STYLE COIN 4' m 19

a famouse $ nuns lUllIEINEL

N'r 3JZ '
u. SUCH 4 79

GREEN lEANS a lit) ,

name: r

sum ri.mii, swim 111111

HAM 49'HAM ,39*



:3 CIVIas1 l 11 I I NISI PORK Clf IfSUII CHOPS 3 ,Ia 1


111 mm IIISUI
-(mites You To Listen ToRAH -


... I

"DANCE PARTY"llfitlf 3 u..1 3 in. I

11:31: 'III 12:*!
run HimPOLE[ lii.r can miI

SattrhI ,... Mil 1 12 9.*.

1400 WRHC 1400 BEANS 19 Meal' ,?:,29'ni

.... --.... -, .- -. -;-". --
_d II

I- L I I t


I ..


'" .,



Stars Feted Following Top Season Rev. Edward T.. Graham SpeakerFor Official Visits A&M Campus

Bethel's ,Men's Day Fete

TALLMASSIB--Betbel Baptist Church of Tallahasseewill

celebrate Its 13th annual observance of 'Men's 4
Day Sunday with a prograa featuring' the Ret Edward '
ey T. Graham, pastor, of tilt Mt. Zloo, Baptist

Church Miami, II principal ipeaker. CDS of the

oldest Baptist congregations in North Florida/

Bethel Baptist Church observes its '05tn anniversary '

this year. ....................i..u.........-

A steering committee, Theological seminary and

headed by Dr George W. has the D.D. ,degree frotjSt

Gore. jr. and Dr. ".1. Andrews Theological }

Combs, has set a goal of Seminary in England.The .

$5.000 to be raised by Sunday evening, BTU

members of the church program will feature a

and applied to the his panel discussion on the

torle Institution's subject, "Toutb and the

Church." panelists will
building fund.
.'L -iiI Other phases of the be; the Rev. Carl A.

program, in addition to Thomas assistant pro
OFT TROPHIESDisplaying the trophies awarded then during tbs annual Florida the 11:00: O'clock service lessor of philosophy, SPEAKS AT GUIDANCE COlPatB4CE"Durlng ttte recent 14th Annual Florida OutdanceConference

A&M University Rattlers' grid banquet are Johnny Holmes, Savannah, Qa. ; Robert at which the Rev, Florida AAM University; at Florida AM University Dr. Arenla C Mallory', Washington D C. .

lampklns, St. Albans N.Y.; Willie Thomas Thonasvllls. Oa. Charley Button, Mr. Graham will spell the Rev, O.I. Eheraan; specialist in tbs Office of Manpower Automation and Training. U.S. Departmentof

JacksonvilleEugene; 'Thomas Akron, Ohio; Major Hazelton, Bartow; and Ebb Hayes, are a special program at associate professor of Labor was a guest speaker and consultant, she is shwon here with some participants

Jacksonville. Mot show In Ernie Hart of Miaul. 7 a.i at which the in the conference. Left to right are: Mrs Ruby Gainer, Washington

Rev. O.K. Steels will High School teacher.Pensacola; Dr.H.: Manning Cfferaon. dean of the University,

Varied Activities Promised Student Wins speak, and a Baptist I Florida University. Tallahassee; Dr) Mallory. ; and Mrs Mildred Cooper,

Training union Program, counselor, Lincoln High School Tallahassee

: Beach's Sports-Loving Tourists Art Citation at &: 30 p... with Dr)

I Greyhound racing continue. through April 10 at ST. PETERSBURGO1bbs .. D. Beck presiding. Miami To Host Statewide B-CC To Hear
Active In a number of
Junior College
i i ,y.be Miami/ Beach Kennel club jal Alai Is another
civic and religious m** Committee Confab NAACP Preiy
1 jfaightly feature through April 22 at the Miami Richard Martin of Advisory Rights
New York city was one ganlzatlons. Rev. OraflM
I fronton r and Greyhound racing will resume May 15Ftorthe of seven amateur artists has served the Mt. Zion MIAMI--The Florida Advisory' Committee to the U.S. Next Sunday
i summer st the est Flagler Kennel Club.PIS Commission Civil will hold statewide
...................... that received Baptist pastorate in on Rights a DATTWA BEACH-Dr John
the weather gets a with the city's par- merit awards in a recent Mini since 1948. A us informational meeting on the Civil Rights Act of W Nixon, president of
I (title, Harmer In the coniig long fees art show. give of Hlltonhead, 1964 and other Federal clvi, rights policies on the Birmingham, Alabama

| .!weeks! the vacationer three course. Greens Beaufort County, 8. C. Saturday. March 20, at the Everglades Hotel in NAACP. will speak ..tletbUDICOOUIft
can depend upon ettll1Peratures at both the regulationlinks Judges for the Fifth Mill ...............e.'..........................
he is product of the College
in the 70sand are $5. half that Annual Festival of Religion a REV. I. r, GRAHAM employers 1 labor union
public schools of that Paul N. walker, Chairman Sunday afternoon at 3
and the Arts
short accorded
amount for the officials, and civic
jaw 80. and night county. He was graduated sociology. Florida AIM; of the Florida Advisory p.m. in the third annual
readings above 60. 'This course. Martin the honor Dr. T. B Cooper, head ofAudioVisual leaders, and recreawetativea
from high school at Benedict Committee, announced Alumni Day celebration,
for his painting 'TheFirmament"
the of COIIIU .H, or
change also affects Although the latenessof which Academy. Columbia Services that following a Dr.Nixon will give firsthand

fishing, bringing in the the religious holidays was S. CDr Florida ARM plenary session, workshops ganizations.The' reports on the cur-
one of several exhibitsby meeting will begin
tarpon run and generally this spring Is expected Other BTU program participants will be held covering rest racial strife la
conditions for 28 anateur painters orahai did undergraduate will Include at 10 .... and la scheduled
improving to extend Mlanl : employment, housing Alabama aa he addresses
tackle of the St. Petersburgarea. work, earningthe .. devotions to adjourn at ,4
nost of the light G Conoly, ;
Beach's winter season, public accommodations the hundreds of Aluaal
a. s. degree in 1928. r.'. The conference lathe
favorites' such as spotted plenty of hotel and apartment Bethel Male Qiartet selections law enforcement who will retarn here for
Martin's painting was at Benedict College.Columbia. seventh la a seriesof
channel bass and ; Everette Flea
trout, and accommodations education an4 hospitalservices. this occasion.
on exhibit at Maas. Brothers & C. H' tamed such meetings being
bonenah. Sail fish.are ming. reading; CharlesJohasoa.
now are available.) ) The program, which will
Department store the degree,, with a conducted by advisory
residents.Mawi eslo: Nathaniel
all-year Advance reservationswill The /National' Cltlswa be held la the Gertrude
February 29-March/ 8. sociology at units under the ("0..haaon' .-
jl'l | Beach's two 18- not be needed, except major Pearson', poem; Mrs. Lily Committee on Community Hotchklss Heya memorial
golf along with paintings Coluabla University. He director and clearinghouse
kola municipal at several of the lich BTU ; Relations of the Cocwunl- Chapel will be broad
from other asateure'andprofessionals. has also studied Union ... function. dlmllsr meet
courses remain open for most popular hotels. the Mr. Steele re ty Relations Service is casted locally over radio
lap have keen held in
ply vacationer, a-. marks. cooperating with the station nu.
; I scheduled to appear on Florida Advisory Com* Anlll.... Delaware, South A reception, folio-tag

Tune WAME Home Of The World'sChampion the Sunday by Joseph program Franklin directed -- cities ship of in the the meatlng.par sponsor- Carolina and West Georgia Virginia., Tnneaate hId the program la Faith ,kali sill be

superintendent are:
tlcipants Include present
d Disc Deacons K. P, Galaoua. fl. stives of the U.n.

Jockey L. Conyera. and Bartow Department of Justice;

Dun art, Phillip .Nelson, the DepartaentofHealth.

Edward Norwood, Cmaauel Education and Mel fare,

Key, and Ronald! lliek.S.ys the CMunlty RelatlonaM

rvlce. *aJl 'Business

NAACPlACK President's_

IsAls. on Equal Opportunity In

w Fmployment: aid Housing !
Te Stsy ss well ss Florida gov i at A., r M:mot I i, iii

emmHital offlclala.hoe-

BIRMINGHAM. Ah."rh Pita admlalatrstors.

National Association, : for

the< Advancement of

Colored People' has returned Miamian

to Alabama 'to

I Nicky lee build m pyramid of bal WMBMSpotlight

I Holder of world a lots.." declared ,Bishop Gets LifeSentence

Broadcasting Record Fred HIOII Stephen) Gill spottswood Product Of The Week

1I0nl0 MOle\ Continuous Hours of Washington, D.C. .

I chairman of tilt Associa Miami Florida

tion's National Board of

Directors.speaking. MIAMI-te.tifllai that
T at the closing
r' he was worried abtmt Mao
session .of a tiree-day
wovld take care ef 'IIcUldr.
eetiag of the revived
.. Jl-year-old
Alabama State Conference I
track driver was sea
of NAACP branches, at
teneed to life la prim
the Metropelltaa All
for killing his common*
Zlon Chsreh. Bishop
law wife.
gpootswo emphasliedthe
I ; Bob Terry theme ".. NAACP The defemdaat, Lester
e, Jacksos of 3U M nghthft.
trots 3':00 to 6:30: retaraed to Alabama told tae oowrt presided '- '
Os' :
F row. WANE Downtown Brother Ray throughout his address over by Circuit '...'rJI.y
Studio ",. retarn t. Ala
Rockin Rogers
Oomrt Judge Ray Pearson.he .
the NAACP board
bra took his two-year tll. SHORn. $35.

chairman asaerted. 'to old) dainter last Ode MIOALO STYLI ,IISIX'

build pyramid of ballots deatal office pr... ... Mr..N C.5.4
to the
10 .
SEE AND HEAR THESE as we go forward -. W suss.. ..NU .qw
of Or.'Davis leltlta, .., w.ease Nr..a
with o.r etepped. -M
ceasing voter registration 3J 31: S* Third Aa. -Aer -.s... ;::.-, ::; srM
ever his wife Leslie laeJagletary =:rte a N : ""'" It s'.. 1t a.w_
campaign .. was mweloye. r EON KAU'T.-..
1 There are obstacles in Oat aide the hail of theffice .-.. -. Mew N.c-;.:.

the way. bat the president wn ee:0: -....
Jacftso self he mat Y.W.
RADIO STARSWAME1260 has spokes In as burs c.a.
told his wife he warn ..* Y -
acertala terse to Selma ;::::: cbOeos CIltlIJ"
able to care far the C- r .r.m m_ ......
sod. his message ta isles w -- -
thildrw. slice he had to es '
to Uirmlsgham .. 5A"d.nw. e..lw
tame :
is the svee
-wo It. ...... III ....
aid ewereommaalty" Mtataeii U ... .-..
the hit wife told kirn,
Mrs M
in the oovatry." ....
aaemld so
Tfty yom
a.. c. aNIw..M F
i Brothers Die tesserae shoat the -ewes'-M.Y -1eavtwa r-

chlldremr n." not SCALP

01 CHICAGORPITelderly Heart Attacks" ,..,. m.,..."..Jacteoa =.11--S ...Tm':.:'w.a w.1: .eau.t..d : .iif'Ce I.Iow =.--. ..'.......':.-:.suer.q.
sail he shot her.Jatteoa e. .. .ti..awO
: :: = e
Chicago broilers i..r cisc
tot hate his : r.t = ..: :aoa.....,
she had lived togetherstaes .- .;... ....Leu eew ..r.s
track ms4 .%. orate to tans .4 A.ee IeaiM. = '
birth aad were CAne ieAU' roellV\.A e.rern :.r-
'tnsevar- the moliee stubs whoa ..:.k... e.rr.... .wsues .. =- = -- ..
described M e.r
Hoar "Hot lineNightly At 11 p.m. he Set Slot Police>> Of ... w --.QcIC.D .... w
: died
akle ky a sister fr:. .
fleer liltmm guards .r- SI.A =.. ....::::..rrPll --
Isst week within mm tar 1M al. ..., L.P.r... i.
With Art Green It each ether boll himself sac immediately... gave Ian .... Y._. e.aw. 1Ma Caw M.1. e'.a.w.U -....

Mfferlic heart sAtacta.


.._..... .... 4 ,

'. W W b".1YnYI.nW W+M -- ,..,W r W Y-,LFWr..YMyIry W MYY. .

:: r 1 'i 1


Colts' Mickey Bob Inks PR Contract Rims' Cigers
Spotlight On Sports Cowboys Schedule

Signed iy CokeBAL1I Receive Award

By CHARLES J, LIVINGSTON lORB. Md.--John ALBANY, Gs.--Th 111- Rookie Bob HayesIn
liam H. Dennis Jr. ,
HF VTIETCHT" HITCH A *TARPE"CHCAQO Nagl.. president of th
Memorlnl Award for the
Coca-Cola Bottling Co.
-.(NPI)..It is perhaps a cross understat- of Baltimore, announced beat all-around Albany Starter's Slot

sent to Bay. that the Drnie Terr.ll-Eddle Hachen that the Baltimore Colts' State basketball player

'fight for tile World Boxing Association' versionof star end. John 1I.ch: ,. was given at the close DALLAS, Texas--Bob them and his ..oth.r.IIr. .

the heavyweight title *a> a disappointment has been retained to of the South Eastern Hayes Jacksonville, .. nary Hayes Robin

both as a champlonaalp encounter and sat attrac broadcast a new sports Athletic conference Fla. native and a senior

tion.performancewise.. show on 5JZ-Tv. The show Tournament on Feb. 2'7.lD at Florida fcM University son.the signing of Hayes.

the two heavyweighta put on a will be aired for the thin flrat presentation "world's' fastest by the Dallas Cowboys

dull exhibition but perhaps ute a good demonstration first tine on March 19th.Mackey. eeremcny the award was human" and whoa
probably the most
of how not to get hurt through Indulgence currently a e given to the entire name Is synonymouswith discussed aubJ .ct>, Ira
Urate atria, because of
In frequent clinches. member of the sports and mythical Mercury local sports circlesHayssccordlug
Tbe' closest thln to a knockout case in the nth public relations staffof the difficulty la selecting baa both the Dallas Cow* to n

round, when Bach en perhaps by his Inability to get WEBB, will continue any on* player. boys pro. otbaJI team local sports eaperthcsthiscity" -

past Terrell's left jab to do his favorite Infighting bin dally radio broad i The trophy will remainat and other factions around II shook

or to solve his holding, wrestled his casts. In addition to Albany State on din- the sports worldIn up,"

23-year-old landing opponent to the floor. other doing bin Friday TV play. a 'd1 ther.* Coupled with his breathtaking
Th Is la
wise, they clinched: and jabbed harmlessly each sports program for the memoryof Hayeswho at the> close weed.Hayea pose
the lat Dr. Wllliaa
other. local bottling company.Macky of the recent football
sesses numerous sttrl
H. Dennis president of
Terrell suffered a souse which almost closed his will make specialappearances season, was signed to a lutes and which
Albany Stat Co>> flue who savvy
left .". and Nacfaen bled a bit fro. the nobut before clubs professional contractby carries tar beyond the
avid basketballfan
, "that was the extent of the damageIn and youth groups. aa the Dallas Cowboys
rol* of a triplethreater. -
fact: so lack: -lestre was theperforaance that Mackey la 23 years dd in the is years st a reported $100,000 He snares pe.ae.ee in
that h at Albany
If any of the contestants hid complained! of serious and suborn la Freeport plus the lllll
SM manner
Stat College,Dr. Dennis
Injury. It Might have precipitated a congressional New. York He attended WILf ATHLETIC' DIRECTOR: Coach A.8. (Jake) Oal >> In addition, the unsisumtng Maya roans outfield;
never missed a basketballgame
Investigation. Hempstesd High School them loft and George A. Morris, assistant combination he blocks: with dexte&i*
unless h out
Terrell, a former Golden Gloves heavyweight champion where h* was named to sales manager looks on, 'world's Fastest Muman the while* was thincladgrldator, tyand; his mves oa U>\
city a high
was declared the winner on an unanimous decision "Ail County, "AllMetropolitan" ." Bob I Hajea. of Florida MM, a recent: aignee school principal h* has accepted an offerto offense. keeps opposing
at the end of 19 dull rounds of fighting lathe and "All with the Dallas Cowboys professions footballteam engage in a pair of defenanet off-balance.
coached basketball at
International Amphitheatre. The decision was American" teams la both tucked another job under his belt by signing several of his posts. professional sprints in The Cowboys opine that
greeted by prolonged booing by the crowd of only football and basketball with RC Cbla for an off-sesson public relations Australia early next with the arrival of

6.SCO ring faithfuls, who themselves demonstrated He was awarded the Thorpe position. -Bronchos' month against that Hayes Into the fold,

an smazlng capacity for boredom. The' 6.500 was also Award for excellence latheae Sign country's outstandln their offence this seams
somewhat of a new low for heavyweight championship) sports.At sprinters for $2.000
fights. Syracuse unlv.ralty.Mackey Clacy Reds Hive High HopesFor Grashliag'sHeMlah plus Bob expects ton .m with sill) their rate comparably defend-
"honor st -
Financially and proverbially, the fight drew was am "'>wn under" acronpsnled -
which bolas top ranking
peanuts," aa the promoters realized only $47 OitfioNor Charlie Junes Wilson tiy MM. athletic In their particular

000 from the live gate. ORAMBIINO. Ls. Nalsh directorfootball!
Veteran ring observers here sere hard put to remember A fellow who In coming la for considerable attention Wilson, a trebly talented Coach .a.. (Jake) Oat IN"I"

when a heavyweight title fight ever drew so at the Cincinnati Reda spring cup in Tampa Orambllng College>> half .

gingerly. But the promoters aided and abetted in la outfielder Charlie James, :27-year-old right back runs Ilk a highballing -
header obtained from! st Louis on December 14. IM4.
their pre- flgbt efforts by ex-Brown Bomber Joe iprss la a
Louis and hit la.yer-vife. Martha might still along with Roger Craig, in exchang for Bob purky. scattered field has I
"1 think that Charlie'.......................... 1 1
break vn or even profit from the fight after the signed a professional
closed-circuit television pot Is fully assessed.The I could prove to b* a big his Masters Degree stVaahtagtoa football contract with

returns ..r..'t in the morning after the fight help to us." said manager University the Denver BroncsHUon .

The decision which mad Terrell the new ISA 1 Dick slsUr an a* bile teaching there will be used oa iiia

terror" of flst-fightlag.climaxed an evenlsg of watched James boom some during the off-aeaaons. offense and defense by

frustration for both fighters sod fans. tremendous drive out of H Is about half way the Aserlcnn Football

The' fans, particularly those riagslders who were th* Lopes Field park through tile retirement Leagu club

pegged for 120 each voiced their constant dlsepproral JOHN MAOUCY during a lengthy batting for his Masters. The 6--1 1114-pound

of the frequent cllnchlsg. and kept urging drill Cbarll was astir half speedster bewlldera 1 .
Refer Bernard tell__ to 't>>reax *. up." dent as well a* an out '"J. .* always. felt back at Missouri unl-/ tacklers on offense and Tiny Conlgllsr lm Must

But the real protest cmm* at the end of the dull standing athlete, N* maid Sister "thatJaabasgre wershty and la th* supplies a brand of I; DNa CUfte Jerry tutu
played football at Syracuse Charlie Taylor llenlMURMMTy .
battle and after the judges Including a Negro, >at potential middle of his third year teeth-Jarrlsg tackling
under ben Schwarti CMtlMI. City Mstsest11
illmm Doty, had voted Terrell the winner, and he and we just hop that took advantage of the on defense.
alder, who also coached Rlct Carty ..k'IUlIrN1ty
was Introduced as much by ring announcer Ben Bent thin In the year h* bonus rule revision by A native of Baton Rouge : Pwwte.. .....
Jimmy Brown of th* Cleveland .
ley. "8>*e champion" one fan hollered above the really fulfills It. t ...h, a substantial sad a former McKlnley 'v Des kbhha./or
Browns and th* late
din of boos. James, one of the most bonua frna Ue St Louis high stsr tllson *ss J A
Vile D..... Davis who
II fact..., fans considered Terrell a sanctioned erudite of the major Cardinals to play professional signed as a free agentHe
died of leukemlaa is 161 league players. attended tees ml.ll. ..... .Meets kill/,s.c AIUe. eN 1P05II III eec
imposter to the title rightfully worn In th* ring had been Mackey close baseball A In the silth timber .. ..,.""',1.1.., I/11/SIN' ....'..... /NSwNMy_sea.uele
,bv Cassius (Muhseaad All) Gay. .Ub a stuaalag up. triad and roomsste st tie Calveralty of Mlsurl *- seriously Injured thigh. of the 1064 orambllogsou

set decision over Mommy Listen in 1M). 'However ((19SS-M) aid Cash. the previous fall was id signed by the Pros

the BBA has since withdrew Its reeongsltloa of college.Mackey Ingtoa University of st also our of the reasoaah to ,I.., football la the
was n member of
Clay. for slgalsg for a nay re.stch'III U.tom. It Louis ItSf-ll recelvIng decided: to play baseball Aaerlcaa and National

subsequently recognized the ferrell-Maciea fight the 1M3 College All. a .... la Electrical Football ..*..u...
Star team that upset the .
as a title encounter. Raginrlni from issh
Ring fans apparently have a right to be perplexedby caamplon Ores Bay Pack tagtoa university. At

the title sltsatlom. After all. Machea muallfled .rs. That year after present he la work lag on
graduation h* slised .. We Will Build A Home On Your LotNo
for the strange title host by loslsg to ex-cats* with. tk*Colt>> sod earned

Floyd Patterson who was twice flattened hy UtoaIn the honor of top colt Watch This! Clown
less than a round. Th* same Mschen we* also rookie
th* only
knocked oat by Sweden's lageraar Joamnaisoa, who first-year man choaem to 34 22 21
subsequently worn sad lost to Patterson In title
play In the NationalFootball

BOUtS.As ....*.*.* Fro 11- 15-11 Monty D0WR
for Terrell !his major previous bout was a de- Bowl Cam.

skies over Cleveland Big Cat) Illlam.*. a hard 4 >& 7

hitter but wild swinger. SHriq Expects L# 1I 1 Payments low Ai

1100,000 sCour POR AMD LOW OVCHO' ; '-
Trick RecordsTo >
OUCMO-<*W)-As usual, mnmual oostrect-Slpd.l 3

spotlight Ism ,nce more teen focused es tllll Be Brokn :
31 U 17
.aye of Ue
of the Nee fork h...... with arguments still _lfO-ft. race racer 152 51 21

oiag om u to Mid of that superstars should be for dlstamcw covered a* Aa1.Usee i ). It
He s UeSometime >
average speed, Is -
baseball's top *e.y earner om a per sea** basis.Tis '
panted to b. broken sill I Poem Per Monthlow
always difficult U> cut through the fog *f N* adds, subtract
the rusalmg *f tie 12 .
necte4 sub cos tract signing, pert*
secrecy ftetrlsg N.* eorta It all snout
of here
I Hours e*
culerly sa regards the etact salary of leading (1111'10
Saturday, Marc* flThe Income families
athletesThe.eusl CMtorn Is to *peeuatom certain
reerd set 31 2S 12
warn byBebrlngs -
figures le**" latoatloaally or weUteatloaslly .a
Ue Ivf4 *lasers.Cmtert ..................... "
to prow Can Now Qualify
In the c.... *f lays and Maatl. koeever U* gllell of HUM Days
Italy m4 like part** *fDglaad.
ft sure* have |e. far more accurate tie* laotaera.This ..
Tile pair c*-
Are MinbindKan's '
*S.I"'rr..l.c", ,," m Modern Homes BuiltRut

III).' mile at n speed laps are *...

of tl. M4 olles per .hour e".leaJU. e*r Forte

mM es'iue sMeml I"*.acre ww a arse .%Ire es.acot This mart I* st likely *. Cam Bo Yours whew tit Hit Tient lit Ci Ti ffitti, stiff 2 I 3 lifrttfl CIS CmtrKtiMiifie '

to wltbetaad the thaileage Tu Rne Tr Lucky I

CT sod of prototype the 7t so.tall rt*. flay' lAd, Colors Etta Itrht iMt.-ItU | Mist Of Tiif Iti Ith. lit i CM'"M
pwd $L40 fr yogrwlnosepe
Us will lake the tamed .side far

t* Mas Nut om the 17. I AKX fa/pit I Ifiitf' Isle

>*ry mater of Uofllgatrsclit FiJI la tM klafah h...'

r cares tae earls .4 sell lilt 1. CI C. Poet Let Our
Is represented U the Gin" .h 1111.hcl" Representative

fall field. ville .. Florida r

The rise ., the FwfTo .<**,........--..........
; ,
and Frd-pere4 Call On You Today

Cobras 1* ..,..,.. te St .................. .

play a largo pert I* f {

setting nee record OAT'M rat,! .-........ }
4" ,...sa And Discus Your Building Plans

CM fl 5-403 For Aa AieefitnieRt.....Or Irlog! Yo+fr Dttt] To
;;;; -

:: ". .


blhe Sure One' DUVAL BUILDERSCall

Rac' ;
nata..q Own Is f.i '

srd .
1my srhiskpf to"'lCfl 0$1 '
tor tin. bttl of rtMonft.
yrhes ,wt.sk1110ef iII\ Today 1131 East list St. Call Today

better Annas hwt to come out

SaSus avid hi s.. Jacksonville Fla.
El 5-440 !L 5401rT

.. .......,. ... ..
,, ; .... i. "-- '.__ : -ft. :;. ____..

U.--- LW
--- -- -
; ,a'
r-- ,,f if t \ .1


Ii Johnson Pledges Battle For Human Dignity Citywide fag Day Proclaimed Hayescontinued TOOTHACHE NOW RENTING

(continued from pig 1) . . . ( from page 1)n. DmtMffirc w Nil rn1.eA.W

eloquent and forthright In a new ers of human strong stand.president In lieu of the March 24 launching of the 12$0,000'1111I ther.. AIM tensed coach the Jake ath-Oai- .IKMlMtt.,M11e.,,'.IS sew_5t5 s OftfeIC.t...wt MN I...ew.1MNMMNM.MMheM. nrwI Jacksonville nnnt.Ce.bo.corattd.1'IIO

of his ." decency In the united! Johnson said, adu"lII ditorius construction btdroollll'art.
career. fund Monday, lets's record while on .... ...
t a..m.ee It eats. Water furs.
Praise for the address States." in his speech: 'March 22 has been proclaimed citywide Tag Day for' probation as "Impeccable. ......... 511,50pee
cute also from the Rev As the praise poured In There is no Negro Edward Waters College by Mayor Louis H. Ritter., ." ora-Je week. Resident Mgr

Thomas Kllgore jr. and the president problem There is no The proclamation follows: In referring to the incident 2414 teitnoot. PL 91757

lest Coast director of Toting rights bill wentto Southern problem or Edward waters college owes its origin to religious Hayes exclaimed::

Southern Christian Leadership Congress, the Alabama Northern problem.There vitality it is a church related institution but 'z didn't know he wasa INDEPENDENT OIL
Conference. she drive, led by Dr. King, is only an American pro 'does not Halt itself any denomination party : start aleck. I didn't
said: was stepped up and ex hi em. 'or group and accepts responsibility for cultlvatlng know he was a fool.I KEROSENE HOME DELIVERY
president' panded. "But even If we pass end civic service. is I MECHANIC ON DUTY
'The encouraging It designed didn't know he was going Ike Joseph -..................... proprietorState
speech was by far the Activity had been centered this bill the battle 'to serve humanity at large. to pull that.
greatest boost that we around Selma, the will not be over. What whereas Edward Waters College has stood a beacon autlt taught Be one- and Jefferson streets EL 6-9432

have had In the current county seat of Dallas happened In Selma is 'light in education for ninety-nine (99) years ser- thin g. Know who your
revolution. ," county, and In Montgomery part of a far larger ,In, the city of Jacksonville, County of Duval ,' friends are. I've Bade a

Edwin C Berry, eiecu- the state capital. Bovement which reaches 'and the State of Florida and whereas the college lot of friends, but I've

tire director Chicago Clergymen and civil into every section and 'has dedicated U..ltto foster and perpetuate christlan ";' made a lot of enemies DOLLAR] STRETCHER I SPECIAL
Urban! League, commented: rights sympathizers fro state of America. It is fortitude and a high standard of citizenry just trying to be Byself. _
"I just heard the all over the country the effort of American 'and whereas Edward Waters college exlslts to aid .
SOBS people are
greatest message of my continued to pour IntoAlabamaheartened Negroes to secure for 'In the recognition of the worth and Interdependence envious o f ay good luck" alliin SIB
lifetise.presidentJohnson by themselves the full 'of all peoples and further assist them in discov few ARTRA
Hayes, a days ago
tonight ushered President Johnson's blessings of American "ertng their interests and aptitudes in developing ,' signed a contract with I

life. 'professional and vocational competency in specific, the RC Cola company to 66C Fact Crtar

IMPERIAL SUNDRIES, "Their cause must be '.kUla and whereas the growth of this In.titutlon'- conduct youth clinics.As ItrnttNm
our cause, too. It is 'has been phenominal.
p\rrii MFniciNRn COWKTICS? e a result of the incident
not Just Negroes, but Now Therefore, I, Louis H. Ritter, Mayorof. the Involving the t tI
.LL all of us,who Bust over
'City of Jacksonville,do hereby\ declare that Monday company Bay have become
Cor. Broad and Ashley n. 12159 '
come the crippling legacy 'March 22, is the official city wide tag day for apprehensive on continuance
of bigotry and injustice.And 'Edward Waters College. of the deal.

we shall overcoae.. Louis H. Ritter' let the Bore matured Can Make You Look yore Attractive

Spring Hat Fashion ShowAt 'The real hero of this *, Mayor. -. Comlssloner. ,' gentle, world traveledBob Visit Urs.linici .
struggle is the American .- .- .- .- -. -. .- -. -. .- - .- -. -.
Hayes of today should
Negro. His actions and Saltirslickir.su
Florida Schools provide stirring inspiration -
lieMOI.IJ protests his courage to
St. GabriePsEpiscopal to troubled youth
risk safety and even (continued fropage 1))
who likewise would welcome .
Edpusi Llilil Seri 11 f.--baTe awakened the Church tint $40 million dollar. the opportunity to Scalp Treatment
conscience the nation a year in Federal school Modem Styling
Marc 2)) climb above the rungs of
1 His demonstrations have Last Sunday, a memorial aid, and by swearing to frustration and despair. Hg Care
been designed to call service eulogizing Rev rid its schools of racial (lair neRTlnjt
A110 PMSpiisiri. Robert (Bob) Hayes did
attention to injustice, Jesse J. Reeb who was fatally discrimination. is
t just that! For Appointments Call EL 4-90M PQ
'' to provoke change and Injured by whitemen In line to get an additional or 3-2352
stir reform. in a street attack $33llllon for
Mattie'sMillinery fi. has called upon us lut week In Selma, Ala. secondary and high Gaither SpeakingHere BLUE BAIIIA BEAUTY SUP

: to lake good the promise with Rev. (rr,) T. Vincent schools nest year, as
a : of America." Harris, rector, delivering well as nearly $6 Billion SundayHALL 515 BROAD STREET

; the sermon. for the state's college
First BaptistTo Sunday's..Mar. 21 service system. OP r All II. A. S. ,

Myrtle 8tl St. Observe will be held at 9:00: As of now, only 23 of (Jake) Oaither, athletic' MERVON'S PHARMACY

.... in Bland' Chapel Florida '47 county director and coach of the
First Baptist church, Florida AIM Rattlers
Mrs. units Siitk school systems have actually
4815 Avenue B.
Jacksonville Beach, will Visitors are always welcome desegregated to will be the 11 aB. 2802 W. Edge 2802 W. Edgewood Ave
begin its 54th anniversary morning worship speaker
Of Vom 64 Will Midst at St.Gabriel s services some 'Iten t.1:1a.wb.re.
and the 12th of Rev. Zlon
daring Mt. AMI W-5-4485 OR P0-5-1582
which begin at 0:00: : across
Sons Of ,Til Smart Fisfcliis. H.H. Wright, pastor .... every Sunday. South compliance with Church's annual Men's
March 29 and continue service Sunday.Chester ,
the no-dlacrlmlnatlon Day SAI J: Our life-long practice la Pharmacy is
through April 5. R. Cowart, general dedicated to the betterment of your health.
hound Wi| Hats Will Bi Midilji pi edge was likewise spot-
The services will be conducted NEW YORK MAIDS ti. chair nan, announced. ft.EA5'Let: us fill

By Mrs. Mirmi Jukiis. each night at 8 To $85 wk.'.Job. Vtltlas Alabama and Louisiana Oaither has been several your nut pram .

o'clock ,Tickets lut..... Aieacy state boards of education times cited as one of cription.
The closing cerenon- will flatly refused to the nation's "Winning- ft Omit: Free PickUp
Narrator .10 Post Ave. Bestbary.
MRS. HAZEL ABET, be observed as appreciation N.T. sign, and the Mississippi est" football coaches. and Delivery

night. board insisted on rewriting service OB Pres

the pledge whim criptions-other
the Federal agency said It.I .-.
would not be acceptable.! loyal Crown a H Ore n Strips on prescription a Oilier

In:the case of Alabama, Cola. _*dlelnlaOPW

although the state board 1:30: *.-. 10 10:30: P.M. OAILT"Isn't

refused to sign the
state superintendent of

Cut Your ,Food Budget down.OUIA education. put his name ...

rot ...t. Oil" '. located.

Private 'hose. shill or
SOlE TO HIGISTEH FOB T.'. TO BE GIVEN AWAY co-pie. Call )-20S1 be-

SATURDAY AnEDOOIII.--wu; 4 tad Sate teen 1 a... aid I p.m.ATTACKS .



Pi,. ef Jim Dandy Grit fH ?
35c 21c .. ...
1 POUND ... i..w s..n, r.aetatlttpuatnme.es sWe-

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4 PQVNDS 99c Vk $C of prayer eat ac e-pUea

HOT DOGS lOc eaeere fer yes. 'tltSBTER .
Ivc.hI s. mickliM, 0aleate
Coca Cola FREE
5-&i 9fe Ill

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at lad .tn ..'....1...

MlAnBREAD .. .,.. OrUtaalprtee

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time tried
IU tAil OLDIE you a whiskeythat

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D1SCOI NEW YORK Of course, we're talking about Old Taylor 86,

Jibs gearaateed *a arrival the whiskey that adds something special to every

MEAT I MOTLEY'Srwos farm til t* 349weekly. I drink. Old Taylor 86 has smooth rich mellow '
wiI STOKE Live la flaeelNMHftK I' flavor. Flavor that stands up to a splash of water.

.. T.% ees sees> .bate Flavor that tells your taste buds something nice '
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Ashley St. trite fer ysara9gAlatteaem
.s Ueket seat is going on. Taste it yourself. Try Old Taylor .
MfONI PO 5-927 -
PHONf B. 5-4524 te ,... Free sift .a armMker > .
.... lad OLD TAYLOR 86atstucstltn.4..teausideev
rte-i. son pegs
peas cooo miciAY, SATURDAY AND SUNSAY-MAKH Iftfc, 20 lad Slit ef nr.",,,. ALE

IUEa.cY.. UI n. Mtatreet. +aat MI.t '. '.J .SR : T==ws)a"a ,& e.I "

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