Florida star

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1821276 F20090413_AABBVR 00439.jp2 a9dbac477870c2279dd325b25af8410e534ced1dcc517bb84f8078a6d2f675bf25d40bc5
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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200639datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date December 1, 1962dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006390740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
December 1, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
December 1, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text

: \ 1 I It
p\\cr '
1\ 0'U\. 'h ,

: National Champion Rattlers Face Powerhouse Jackson State In DB Classic

........... *.*.A**A.A.*A A*A A A A ..*.***..***_.

I 0.0..000': COUNTER n n : SUIT I FILED I


***** ************ t!
\ r YN

Dade Board Voluntarily Desegregates I : F'

# 1.A ;

7 More Schools Dollar 'Noted r(, 0-


.*.... *..... A..... *..... *..... *..... *..... *..... *--- A--- *--- A--- --- -- --- -

Star Receives VIP, Treatment 1



1 ..Y.Y. -.....-....... ..a.. .* /
-W W"V W"V"W"W"W

Sisters Saved Circuit Court Dismisses Suit M nHeI

1Z By Woman ,Against Ex Temple OfficialA CommonLawWife's

f 4 "
', Aid Brother formerJax 'Masonic official won dismissal Death

Lz on charges filed against hir by the
An infant boy died Most Vorshipful Grand Union Lodge of Free Following an inquest

f .' Tuesday in a fire which and Accepted Masons of Florida, Inc. Tuesday held Monday before
destroyed a duplex Jurtice of the Peace'
}r -Fe at in a circuit court hearinr before
5735-37 Droade 'Stt and Judge Frank! H. Elrore: and in turn filed a Sarah: Bryan and Assistant
Atty. Richard
I.artally destroyed on counter suit for $100.000 in dar ages against -

adjacent) building; fireman the Grand Lodge. *
r "7 F rePorted.The a cnecK 10 the officerof
frincipals in the 'in
body of three- Vasonic family rift are the corporation in

months old Terry Thomas, former worshipful faster payment for rent over a

son of Mrs. Mildred Jesse J. Lane', one-tin-e 12 months period bu this

Thomas was removed from building manager of the contention further

the ruins one hour later Masonic: TempI 410 states that he (Mr. Lane

later' after the blaze Broad Street.On has become the subject

which had started at Oct. 23, the Grand of an unwarranted attack -

ty 12:30 p.m. had been putout lodge filed suit againstMr. by the defendant,

Lane claiming that cm sing humiliation and

Brenda and Betty Jo while serving as 'the embarrassment to the

Thomas, 2 and 3 year old Temple's business manager 1 1 ainti f f and encouraging -
EVEN STFPHEN---One of the featured highlights of the Gateway Classic during colorful halftime ceremonies sisters were rescued Mr. Lme "Took advantage the public to ROBERT JOKES

at the Gator Bowl here last Saturday night was the presentation of a beautifully enscribed from the blaze by Mrs. of an oral a- stop doing business with Held For Grand Jury

placQue .ty jax Mayor Commissioner Haydon Burns (second from left) to battler halfback Robert Hayes of Margaret Davis, 23, and greement which he' allegedly the plaintiff Whom it is Gordic of Green Cove

Jacksonville "World's Fastest Human." Mayor nurns had proclaimed last Saturday is "Robert her brother Charles violated in his stated is. a reputabobusiness ?wings, Robert Jones,

Hayes Day." However, the Matthew W. Gilbert High product repaid the presence of more than ?o,ooo Norris, both of whom reside role as an official of man. 39. was ordered held for

roaring fans with thrilling touchdown runs of 90, 55 and 9 yards respe tiyey. Others who accorded' at 5749 Droade St. the order. The plaintiff further grand jury on charge of

Hayes respective honors, were, (from left): Dr. Janes H. Lewis, president of the Afro-:,erican Life The dead child's mother The charges went on to demands judgement a- murder for the fatal

insurance' Co.; Dr. George w. Gore II, president of Florida A. ,and M., .University and wonsalee Davis 'ii{l akeh other,,child- .'"'reveal-,'thatUDaner** .- gainst-the defendait 1'or. ,... beating of his_common- J

chairman of Jax J.R.E. Lee Alumni Committee of FAMU, the Classic's sponsors. for"treatment at Duval who occupies offices inrx the mount of, MOO.:COO. law wife Firs 'GEOrgia
(Foyal Art Studio) '
Medical 'Center and had the Temple on a monthly and isks tint the defendant Elizabeth Jon R.
# # # # -** # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # left' the three childrenin basis--and thus being be enjoined from Charges reveal Jones -

Housing Order OverCrowded N.gro Schools Terrific Setto I'rs. Davis' care. familiar with the rental interferring with the allegedly beat his wife

Mrs. Davis said she procedurereportedlypaid plaintiff in the peace with part of a bed post

Seen ImportantNEW To le Relieved Of Burdens Expected Dec. 8 left the children to go a rental fee to one ful use and occupancyof during an. argument at

YORK president to her own house to p.e- of the Lodge"s officersand the premises he now the couple's: 1437 Lee
Kennedy's long-delayed 19G3ot onMIAMIWithout UIAMIstatisticswise pare dinner for them and had him receipt the holds under lease from St. Home sometime bring

what shapes up as blanket for the defendant last Friday night weekor
Executive Order banning directed court action, to get a payment for one year. .
being the finest programmed and returning further alleged Attorney Ernest D. Saturday morning.
discrimination infederallyassisted Dade County's School board has received Terry upon It was
Orange Blossom to the Thomas' bone in the charge that the Jackson is representingMr.
recommendations from School superintendentjoe Classic setup in the '' rstcTassFrTilTdsl
housing was welcomed by saw smoke pouring from a officer wasn't autho- Lane and Atty. Pi
NAACP Executive Secre- Hall tint Negro students now being past decade of the e- rear bedroom where Terrywas. rized to make the trans Leander J. Shaw Jr. is lde::.-rve first class mat:
schools be trans-
Wilkins transported' to all-Negro vent's 30-year history action.In the Grand Lodge's legal When sending your Christ-(
as an
tary Roy
ferred to white schools closer to their
indication. that the goes on tap Saturday The dead infant's sisters his counter-suit representative. oas cards this year, use
The if accepted by the school
Government has made plan, night Dec. 8 when the were rescued from Mr. Lane, admits giving four centss1_ s
board will the voluntary desegregation -
"th the mean National Champion! Florida the front room, but she
national plain policy at of nondiscrimination of seven formerly all-white institu- A. and M. Conference's said it was impossiblefor N. C. Mayor Forms AntiBias Group I
the number of
between tions, bringing a total to 23 top-ranked Jackson State her and Norris to -

desegregated schools in the county. reach the baby's bed due behalf of the
citizens, which has been i i i i College Tigers from Jackson UONROE N.C. -- mayor on
recognized in other Miss. to the intensity of the "Strong and forthright'direction City Council consistsof North Carolina.
in his report released flames. members 0 f the
four 'and four Negro
life Coincidently there was given by Negroes
areas of American C. B. MotleySpeaks
last weekend, Mr. Hall Mrs. According to Capt. Har- committee are Rev. E.A.
whites and has teen
applies as well to were the same two teams llayor F.D. Wilson to a
requested the school very Vickers of the Nixon, NAACP branch
Sunday called the "Better
using. which did battle last newly formed bi-racial
board endorse his recom- responding RiverviewLake Citizenship Committee." president; Rev. w.D.
In a telegram of commendation TAMPA---Mrs. Constance year before a record- committee with 're-
mended action next springin Forest fire department The Honroe-Union County Carson, NAACP treasurer -
to the President Baker Motleyattorney for breaking orange Bowl sponsibility for developing -
order to become effective the fire was a ; Mrs.. Carolyn
NAACP has strongly endorsed -
Mr. Wilkins said Mississippi student James attendance of nearly plans and procedures -
for the 1963-64 raging inferno when establishment of Blount, a retired school
wel- Meredith and associate 48,000 fans. to eliminate
that the order was
reached the
firemen teacher; and Dr. HubertS.
year. the committee which
comed 'in the anticipation counsel of the NAACP And it was here again racial segregation and was
Dollar Savings Cited and Educa- that the roaring turnout scene. discrimination in set up after consultation Creft, Jr.
that it will re- Legal Defense ,An adjacent buildingat
Under his plan,' Hall addressthe witnessed indomitably Ko: with the Council on The first meeting of
move longstanding bar- tional Fund, will an 5727 Droad St. owed n ro e.
riers to- freedom of cited the significant second annual Freedom willed Tigersgalaxywhich by W.H. Lundy was also The original committee, Human Relations, a voluntary the committee was heldon

residence. savings in dollars which ray Rally here December2nd. refused to believe destroyed. which was foraed by the organization in Nov. 14

Not only Negroes and might be realized toward what they had read or Freed

members of other minority construction of more The rally, sponsored by heard about the lethal Woman
classrooms.. \dding that Police
groups, "but all some five bus trips the Florida Conference of power and scoring skill Off Fatal Apprehend Teenage
citizens who revere our NAACP branches, was attended of the Gal thenren. i
could be eliminated and
constitutional guaranteeof by more than 5000 Time and time again,, Stabbing Here

equality, must hail buses three--possibly could be four--taken persons last year when the vaunted Rattler attack Mrs.; Bernice ltd enzy, Auto Theft Break-In Rings i

this reaffirmation 0 four fray service.The Rev. Martin Luther King was grounded, their 37 was declared innocent -
nation's commitmentto guest speaker. ground thrusts held Siskin Ave.; and Pressie
told was were of manslaughter in trolmen B. W. Cutchins
superintendent A rash of auto thefts
THE Hughes Jr., 19, of 6963
basic democratic to a far-below-par average -
and i'.H. Arnold saw two
the school board that and burglaries by teenagers -
Ideals, the telegram with the final tally juveniles inside Technical
337 Negro students now were solved this
NEEDS TOOK HOP Folice said a 16
said. showing the Rattlers on
High School at 129
week following constant
ride buses from North SEND $ 1.00 TODAY old has been
The NAACF leader additionally the long end of the scor- suspect and
King St. pursued
3 noted that Miami North Miami ******** ing by a mere 14-8 count. z investigative work by committed to the State the pair. The boys
city and couaty police.
Beach, Ojus and New
"the order does not go lay for additional It is a long known fact School for Boys at Kari- jumped into McCoys Creek
Liberty City areas tc City automobile theft
as far in coverage as classrooms construction. that the Southwest Ath- snna. and Cutchins jumped into
Sgt. Donald Pickett and
all-Negro North Dade
Following is a list of Although the stealing
h as been recommended letic Conference is the the Creek and captured
County Patrolman W. F.
over a long period of Junior-Senior High and the number of Negro stu nation strongest, and 4 of eight cars by the th eDI.
S oil res who teamed together -
Rainbow park Elementary.
years by the NAACP and dents involved and the thin year, the Tigers a- on the auto teenage gang has been The pair were then

t more recently by the 7 More Under Plan schools they would attend gain sept'the, SWAC thefts case announcedthe verified. Squires and questioned by Det. Sgts.
The superintendent's
United States Commission title with a 9-1 record. Fickett said the total
: arrest Tuesday of I.E. Alsobrook and D.C.
and proposal would involve High- -13-, number of cars stolen by
on Civil Rights Norland junior Observers believe that seven youths who stole Haiti wan ger who stated
other responsible or the desegregation of 10 Norland Senior, 25; Carol there are good prospectsof car for use in midnight the gang has been un- the youths implicatedtwo

ganizations." white schools, only City Junior night 25Ful- FAHQ s being, uprooted drag races in the Sher- determined.The others.In .

"Even though the order three of which, North ford ;112; North IIIUliand'NorthlIla.I.Beach in their quest for a BD ICE L'CFENZY wood Forest area,. The youth: stole late a period of three

does not cover all aspects Mimi Beach Junior High third consecutive mythical the fatal Sept. 1 stabbing group are now lodged in model Chevrolet usually months detectives said

of discriminationin North County and Fulford Highs, 27; North Miaai national diad$. ; of Robert Earl Gil- Jail investigatorssaid. late at night and held the youths confessed to
housing, it is an Eleaentaries, have been 30. races at Redpoll on a
Senior after had breaking into 36-places
.. more a Jury
important first step" desegregated.Hall It was also disclosedthat ; deliberated for aa hour ,On Monday, Lawrence dirt road from Slbbald o f business in the

s Mr. Wilkins said. '*e supported his pro- of the 25 who would USE FIRST CLASS :711I0 n day in Criminal .Jones, 18, of 7218 Mon- Road to Mon cri et. Beaver St. area ranging

are calling upon our posal by stating the to Norland Senior, 19 '%.Con rt. crief Rd. was arrested. 36 BREAKIMS TIED TO POJR to Talleyrand and UcDiff

branches throughout the transfers would not tare frill the feW Liberty [" The defendant had been Arrested daring the past Four teenage boys ar- Ave. Losses in cash and

country to ;seek prompt cause overcrowding at City are a.4 would require POSTAGE ON \,'charged with killing the 10 days were: Leon SCcClcndon rest were announced merchandise totaled into

ispleaentation locally any of the schools, but bw traawortiition :0i!;.-. v\38-year old Gilnore at 18. of Madison Tuesday by city police hundreds of dollars,it

of: alj.. applicable re- the plan Would actually to Norland.. However, -,,:_3:'50 a.m. Sept. 1 at St.; Frank Leon Gibbs, who said the youths have was revealed.
aaireaent of the Pre'rodent'as relieve the alre.$, overcrowded since 1'1.in CARDS of 5729 Redpoll Rd.
totlr lees CHRISTMAS ;;...thdr 1164 W. Beaver St. B. ; been credited seven Assisted by Egt. Short
s : order. We will .Negro schools and ti. booe.+isrf a (of evbl fceae where they: had bem Bernard Stevens, 19, of automobile thefts and the tw detectives arrested -

,utilize the order fully would, IB effect release City ..ior Kiik.MOW living together for two 8553 Lsngford Rd.; Jerry 36breaklns.Last H-year old Bobs
sad seek to have itbroadened.1 & re'uced'capltal out- under os *trnction. years Baldwin 18, of 7828 Saturday Fa- Jean nayiaIT


..... "
I .

\4' II [ I :

"" ., : .- -- =

.... NEWS" ; p OLITISUA .

ii' "
published by the Florida Star publishing co. ; p f
"Ueaber of Associated Negro press" BY EEC 0. S8ftSOH r'

/. "
rlxWTi2j f -- --
ERIC- 0. SIMPSON_._...Maa II Eitlr '.. i I

; WASHINGTON, D* C.---A major portion of ;
.**.* '. :-- organized labor has pledged itself in for-

.; HILDA WOOTEN.Circllaftlllllal3l1r ; mal agreements with the President's Com-
1 mittee on Equal Employment Opportunity to

MAIN OFHCE 6 PUNT: w intensified programs to insure equality of

opportunity.In .
323 Monc n ef Road_.Phone Elgin 4-6782 El 4-67B3 s ceremonies in the white house, leadersof
120 national and international AFL-CIO .

Maifltl! Address: e unions and 300 directly-char- m *

tered local unions with 11,098- \

i: L.-'-V'i .. -.-." ." P.0.Boz5611 Jacksowie 1, Fterida 000 members signed union pro-

I ;; grams for Fair Practice with s .
M-: SUBSCRIPTION RATES Vice president Lyndon B. John-
'i = : r
: ,.. ._, ,, 1 = chairman of the president'
I --'...... r--- Aw1t rA; son, s ,
:= ''':.D1e-Year 6.00 ,Half Year, $4.00 2 Committee in which they declared -

"-. Hailed to you Anywhere In the united States ,. "it is our purpose to .....JA.-.
j "
,(4tl +
G ra0
.- Subscription payable In Advance N E 1 __' give full effect within our ,

:L1 I ', _. Send Check or' Money order to: ,L 7 ranks to the civil rights
, t policy of the AFL-CIO to elimiSIMPSON
nate discrimination and unfair practices
Jacksonville, Florida "
wherever they exist.

S Participating in the ceremony, in addition -

School Integration Plan to the Vice President and the pr s-

ident's or other top-ranking officials of

Another Segregationist Scheme the union, were president Kennedy, Secre-
tary of Labor W. Willard ffirtz, vice chairman -

THE objections raised: last week by attorneys of the president's Committee, ExecutiveVice

for ,the NAACP in this and two other Chairman Hobart Taylor, Jr. AFL-CIO 1

Florida counties were well-tined to expose President George Meany and AFL-CIO Secre-

the attempts by the variQus school boards tary-Treasurer William F. Schnitzler.
'to deny still another generation of Negro President Kennedy cited the long historyof
children their franchise to acquire a basic Labor's fight against discriminationand

education based upon the so-called 'white pointed out that "we asked you here

norm.' today not to invite you to participate in

THE master plan submitted by the school BC9BIHK2BBBBDBBBC9BBC1 something new but to join together with

boards in Duval, Volusia and Hillsborough ---III you in attempting to make core realistic,

counties, in a paltry attempt to comply I more active, the promises. of the national I

with the federal court, 's October 30th dead- : / Your Weekly" government, the promises of the labor movement '

line, is a one-grade-a-year: desegregation ;" the premises of the American Con- I
schenie; to be instituted September, 1963, s stitution, the promises of the whole con- i

and to begin with pupils registering for cept of our country."

the first grade. Horoscope Guide "I ask you today to join in an old cause

TIlE obvious design of this plan is to deny and a new one, and that is to make sure

all Negro children now attending school in that an the ranks of labor, labor itself

the three counties involved the benefitand ly PABLO Tlit ASTROLOGER practices what it preaches, he continued.
subsequent advantages of an education "What is needed is action--and since dis-

.:free of-the' 'damnation and dearth of segre-. WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FO.R crimination is a social problem, it can

gated schooling.IN only be handled through concerted action. "
short, the plan is a first-rate segregationist f: .1 VThese, commitments, we' think, are vital i
device and its objective is to .I to this nation of ours the Vice Presi-

set back a certain graent of Tomorrow's dent said "They will mean greater unity
Negro citizens at least 25 years in terms Born March 21st thru Born June 22nd thru good, then you will rife best possible care of and greater strength. They will be a means
our the storm in that
of progress by hurrying them through the April 20th July 23rd your health, as your of carrying into practice our noblest I-
direction and be
mere motions of learning rather than pre- Jupiter's 'opposition to Build up your physical morefirmly' energy will fall well deal, that principle that all people, regardless

paring them in accordance with their Con- Uranus on the 7th resistance early this entrenched than belowpar. Check coldsin of race, creed, color or national
posesa before. But the crises
stitutional rights, to take their places in definite threat to month, since you are a hurry, and take origin, are entitled to be judged on their
which the 7th,
mite on
a world which is increasingly demanding the your health, as well as prone to catch a cold or 10th will create up nervous preventive measures a- merits. Anything less than that hurts not
maximum intellectual product.. to your: financial position. .pick up a virus on .the gainst flu at that time. only those}; who-are discriminated again"but
THE ambitions of these school board mem- Make sure you havea 11th. But there will be strainand thus take a Be realistic on the 14rh those "ffiQpractice discrLJ'lu. .tibJ1. I

..- bers is to make certain that Negroes of the strong cash reserve improvement by' the 16th. certain toll of your and don't allow yourselfto Mr. ;ieany declared tat "or a 1 zed laboris

next generation--like these of the present back of you at this time Use this period to get health. Fortunately, the be blinded throug deeply conscious of the urgency with

one--have, at best, an extremely difficult Protect the security of ahead in your job or em later part of the monthis passion and emotion to which it must press the vital task, to

time bettering their lot because of being your Job if possible, ployment. Action and ally so that favorable your income fin end froo- the possibility that which it is fully committee, of stampingout

inadequately educated and thereby inade- since others may seek quick decision could now someone may be leadingyou all practices of discrimination and

quately prepared to move into. the main- to undermine you then. lead to advancemenlater will whatever be on the work increase.you do 'down" the garden segregation based on race, creed, or color \
stream of American on. Be extremely path. in in its ranks and in
enterprise. On the other hand, job employment, own ,
THE objections of the NAACP attorneys to 'changes 'may coVe about careful of mat you put 8-20-22-12-62-821'' ', ... ..'2-80-3.7-18-59-287 every field of American life.'
proposed plan should be gratefully ack- through circumstancesbeyond 'do wi in writing, as son SCORPIO AQUARIUSBorn
hidden Born Oct. 24th thru -
nowledged as a warning call to all thoughtful your control. If resentment might -- Jan. 21st thru
; -, make you things Nov. 22nd Need For More Negro Policemen
say you
citizens, parents'or not, that the happens', keep"Jourhead Feb. 19th
would regret afterwards. Be coifrageons in busi-
enemies of Negro progress are once again since even better (Ranges affecting
attempting to perpetuate their traditional openings and opportunities 2-60-33-19-73-283: ness lewdership, and get personal life may be you hardto Both Acute And Necessary
your ideas across and accepted .
plan to oppress the Negro by denying him ,will come along. LEO take. Keep a cool headas I
certain civil rights. 120881698128TAURUS Born July 24th thru while aspects the tension will return THE urgent need for more Negro policemenin
23A favor you on the 8th.
SEGREGATIONISTS are dedicated people. The Aug. to normal. This aspect this city has reached a point where it
an as- Do not"make the mistakeof
Negro, too, must become so dedicated if he- ._ Born ,April 21st thru. pected Mars still brings alienating superiors also creates acci- can no longer be ignored. in the past week
wishes to succeed fn opening the roads of May 21st ': fts stimulating influcne then dent danger. Make no alone certain areas of the Negro communityhave
nor of shooting
human freedom for his ,future gener .tions. If you wish to protect: to bear on all your from the hip in making plans for travel by air been the scene of violence and blood-
your situation alms _and ambitions on sudee at that time. Plan to shed the proportions of which not only sug-

and your earning the 8th and Kth. Strike sudden professional de- begin some important gest an utter disregard for law and order

power, stay on the side- while the iron is hot, cisions. Be very carefulin joint venture on the but pose a definite threat to the life and
HUMBLE DRILLS NEW LOCALE lines where speculationis for the power of your health matters. Ro- latter date. Be diplomatic limb of law-abiding, peace-loving citizens.
is at its
personality on all dealings with GANG dissent ions have erupted into stab-
concerned. Something to
peak then. Following that mance begins play an
your mate and avoid arguments bings and shootings. Personal grudges have
unexpected might knock day you cannot expect to important role in your
I the props'out from under be quite. as successful life but before some of about business become public nusiance--and hazard--by degenerating -

you at.this- tl.,, '-e.; Whereas as Mars is approaching yon make definite wedding decisions. into gorish violence. The livesof
it yon continue in the time when it turns plans, make sure the 4-70-99-14-47-479 many persons now hang in the balance because -

it.I 1 M.w your usual plodding,con' retrograde. Its influence choice of your prospective PISCESBorn of being in one way or another involved -

1 servatlce way you can shifts from the positibeto partner is the right Feb. 20th thru in lawlessness.AN .

register big gains a reckless desire. one. You may have, allowed March 20th intensified need for quick money due to

I through. your own ef- 4-70--13-91-478 emotion to blind With Mars in your solar the holiday season is causing an upsurgein

I( fottsZ: This oppositioni youth reality: sixth house, you are apt strong-arm robberiesholdups and burg-

critical >for accldVn'6" VIRGO 91055.1789915SAGITTARIUS to work too hard, too laries.
.. : and disrupts Born Aug. 24th thru long and then invite a NONE of this is meant to suggest that the
Sept. 23rd ..
friendship or romances. Born Nov. 23rd thru good case of the flu police are not doing their utmost to curb
not to By nature, you worry a; crime rate in this city. The
Try: force any Dec. 21st just because yon don'tJiave the mounting
...... '. great deal about health .
-- "
issues with others on the physical resist- police are tired, harrassed, overworkedmen
+ +t': 'St; : 1+ the 7th 10th, and 14th. and with Mars still imprisoned Depending on your past ance to combat it. You often devoting many of their off-duty
'; ,. : ? 5-40-6-18-65-546 your solar record, this aspect may will make strides in hours running clown leads, checking out sus- i

: GEMINIB 'house, you for have this Justification either catapult you to a your work at a normal pects, watching, listening, inquiring--

.. rn ?May 22nd thru duringthe top position or throw pace on the 8th and the trying to keep pace with the criminal mind.
t :
,.., .... ... .. week. You may be
j ,.' :<-: <> June 21stBe : you out on your ear. In right attitude towards IN the main, much of the trouble lies in
under such strain, dazing
: : 4.- ;: ., r\ prepared for some the first half of the home matters, yon maybe superiors then may net the fact that Jacksonville Police Force is t.
,\t. 'l, "'},.,\,. '" ,. serious crisis in busi- week that you muld'inTi forced to make a home you a raise or promo woefully undermanned when compared with the {

.. .:..>(:<-'< ..1,;:_'" '..t I l :fie, w ness and home affairs on te an illness of some. of some sort. Fortunately tion. After that, take population and patrol 'area of this city.A .
!,, the 7th. Through circumstances the results of any thing easy. would be to
'''''.' .. ". \ sort. Then, the trine logical remedy, ,
": such upheaval need by
J beyond your control from the San to Man on 3-20-22-13-58-321 recruit and train more patrolmen and upgrade -

yon may hare to' the 16th revives your only temporary. With those now on the force in accordancewith
t- make a sudden and unex- spirits, and perhaps your usual good luck, their experience and competance. Negro -
pected residential you can gain still fur eastside of the city
ore. makes you overestimate policemen on the
Be alert to any bobby your strength. It would ther promotions during would be very effective, particularly in
'1 traps in your home environment not be wise for you .to the week. Act constructively I M{ those areas notorious for criminal activity.
improve relations
: that might undertake strenuous activities -4 with people both Negro detectives would quickly prove their
( cause accidents on the of say kind oar and afar during worth and render the community an invalu-

4th and: 7th. Conditionsin the '2'St1 and 36th. Be near this forecast period. able service. There is also a legitimateneed

I ; your home may cause very careful about,the 7-50-11-13-55-751 for Negro policewomen, for an increased -
such stress and strain fire hazards and accidents staff of juvenile counsellors and
that you milt invite an those .. '
.. on darn. ? CAPRICORNBorn truancy investigators. ,
--TWO-MILE-HIGH;: SEARCH---If tbis wildcat illness of sone sort as 6441S434LISRA ':::: 22nd thru IT is tine for the people as a whole to
.finds: oil. It will be the worlcf s highest a re SB It on the 9th. Ton S l Jan.Dec. 20th demand of their city officials that some-
Tproducxhg well. Humble Oil & Refining Company also the splendid
mar use be done--and quickly--about this insufficiency -
'' Born Sept. 24tfe thro Ton should take inventory thing
hopes to locate production with its aspects operating on
officers. There are
Oct. 28rd V police
talents and d: .
No. 1 Crosho Lake well, being drilled from theee days to promote of your both black and \hite '
Too may save, to_ make assets, and perhaps get hundreds cf young men--
11,060 feet above sea level on the flat sole sales oem p at pat or could easily quality for
decisions who
,is a Hr17.:11t plans into the NEVER MAKEADJUSTMENTS --in this city 1
crest of a >mountain southwest of oak) Creek ftirttftt' for tko nit ofaimm your
both health and
this time ,a4 jsm otttwt: Blueprint stage. Bat do the police force, having
Colorado in early HoY Mfer, drillers already ..fitt.. ON
... evade t..i. *f> te rikll&siefr sot embark on. any new integrity* and possessing the necessary intelligence -
had bored when thepower.
more -.t: &*dn ?, 569 feet toward J 4ICAKCU. '" civilized
their planned -. If '.'"<-'ftMt-- '.. 4-r -; .'iQjects. You, will wind; Is'on.4. ... and dedication to
9,500-foot depth.
cord IB +vorfc ...M:few It necessary to take the living to do an effective job.r .

,.-, .:i6 -; -, ;: _:: ; ;-- .ji::' "-,, '- ;.: --i,:-s- -_. "t'i:: <<-:Z"--' ;,". .'..- s
"' -' ------',-.. .... ( -" -
;:' - '- -- --- - -- --- --------- -

: .I------

't- -- : :: ---It -

1 : t : : \

..w....... ".i. .,
( ;. rant .1
Business Association Fetes Fla. A & M -- ,.. ]; as! Southern Officials And GuestsCLASSIC

1 r- : _ _

Y j

.- L : 3 'IS



;; : !! Y { r

EVENTS KICKOFF Colorful social events leading up to last Saturday night photo shows a ,small ,porfion of the vast turnout which enjoyed the barbeque party at
annual Gateway Classic between Florida A&M* s Rattlers and Texas Southern s Tigers in Singleton's Edgewood Barbeque patio. Photo (right) shown during chatfest inEdgewood

the Gator Bowl were auspiciously launched by the Northwest Business Association last Lounge are, from left: Alyson F. Wise Star news edi.tor: ; Jackie Graves, Continental

Friday evening when the two universities officials and friends were entertained Bowling Lanes general manager and former Texas fouthern coach and chief scout; host

during a bowling party at Continental Bowling Lanes, a barbeque fiesta at Singletoris ,, J.D. Brooks' Edgewood Lounge manager; and Texas Southern staffers, William Glosso.

Edgewood Barbeque, climaxing with a dancing and a social interlude in ultra modern w"' end coach;. Fred.:Ambler, line.'coach Vincent Gaines, backfield coach; Rodney Evans.

Edgewood Lounge. Florida A&M officials shown in photo left (from left) are: H.R photographer, and W.C. McClearey, athletic business manager.

Partridge, R.N, Netes, R.A. Hill, F.M. Thorpe, Mrs. Hill and ,Mrs. Partridge. Center : (Royal Art Studio Photos )

--- --

--- : Alpha Phi Alphi Fraternity Blocker Band \Wedding Bells

4" ...... Parents Plan
.. '... .
HI, ';' .c.Ji*,. ., Continues i To AwardLANGSTON Xmas Projects Marriage Applications Licenses For

Ai election of officersfor
., ,, Okla.---Alpha; Phi ,Alpha Fraternity MacArthur Boykins
. With .{! the Isaiah Blocker
Starke, Fla.
continues the awarding of scholar- 20 and Al -
LOUISE I G. GUI I WARD Band Farents Club was
freda 0.
ship and fellowship funds to college and Shepard, :3039

The Gateway Classic proved to be quite an exciting entertainment of visiting .Alpha Kappa Alpha sororaduring post-graduate students based on academicand held school recently at the .1 Geo.era sal W.en Fcott St. .B Itll 'c-

event. in fact, the game was so thrilling that I the Classic. The DeWitt"Street home'of Mrs. -- extra curricular attainments of the The officers elected Con ih a Ft 59 aid Lucy
missed the "fashion parade" that applicants.This .
usually occupies Vivian 0. Ingram ana Mrs. Margaret B. Mitchell was ere: Mrs Vera Davis, M. Davis, Ft i!> 'rs.
cy attention at football games. Between plays, how the scene of a highly enjoyable affair, held last .year i, Dr, CliftonR. Lagos, Nigeria, .West president; Mrs. V. ''Fla. 38Lucious

ever, I did note that outfits were nore practical-- Friday evening. Soror Johnnie Reynolds of DeliaEta Jones_; Director of .Africa, graduate of Allen Smell, vice president; Richardson:: Jr. .

especially the hats. With the many post-game social omega Chapter, Albany, Georgia 'Sorors June Educational Activities, University, Columbia, S. Urs. B. Harrison: secretary 68 Acorn St. 26! and

events, spectators are sometimes tempted to select Buggs, Karen Buggs, Cora Bodiscn, Wilma Small, Erma Alpha Phi Alpha, and.Professor C. now at Wayne State ; Mrs. B. Bel ton, Mary A. Daniels, 623

hats end accesscriee more suitable for cocktail Wiggins, Betty Miller, Sarita Brava, Patricia of Sociology at University, Detroit, assistant secretary; Mrs Fraiklin :t. 21.
parties. it was gratifying to see an Improvementin Morgan State College, announced W.N. Reed, financial
Michigan for M.A. degreein
Tallahassee. Alfred W. Johnson, 2988
this respect. ? that the number Parasitology; JimmyL. secretary; .rs. R. Solomon Zoria Ct., 48 and EleanorL.

.............................. Mrs. R. C., Solomon, basileus of Gamma Rho Onega ever applying and was the higher than, Franklin, crinth., treasurer; C. E. Lamb, 2988 Zoria Ct.,
Chapter, has revealed that the group will be competition Mississippi, graduate of Simmons, reporter; Mr.
represented at the National Boule to be held in greater in all categories Jackson State College, and Mrs. D. Stewart, Carson, 1577 W.

Mrs. Essie D. McCray, prominent social and civic Detroit, Michigan during.the Christmas holidays. r ., since the first awards: of 'Jackson, Miss. studyingfor business managers; Mrs. Beaver St., 28 and Bennie

figure in Jacksonville, chose Thanksgiving weekendto $100 each to students at M.A. in History at 3. Anderson, chaplainand J. White, 812 ,. Union
become the bride of ,Roderick R. Silva of; uiami, .............................. the Convention in 1928 at Mrs. F. Roulhac Street. 23.
........',. the University Oklahoma -
Florid,. The couple were married in Atlanta, Ga. and now"'about -- '," Norman, Oklahoma; chairman, Ways and Means Harvey E. Hilton 1545

a quiet ceremony last Saturday Groomes.son of Vir. and Mrs. John H. Groomes 22 awards with a Walter J. Tardy, jr. Committee.The W. 30th St. 19 and

November 24, in the presence of of 2033 West Fourteenth Street, spent the thanks- minimum of $450.00.A Detroit, Michigan, gradu- Band parents are, Gloria n. Foster. 132

relatives and close friends.Mr. giving Holidays with his parents.Mr. few recipients of the ate of. Tennessee A. andI. SPOns sing a "Fifty forFifty" W. State St., H.

and Mrs. Wilson Burner of Way- Groomes is a physical therapist, employed. in awards are: Carl E. High, Nashville, Tenn., now project to raise Ben Frazier, 803: Arch

cross, Georgia, cousins of Krs. New York City. Raleigh, N. C. graduate first year medical stu- money to buy additional St. 68 and Ella L.

Silva, witnessed the ceremony. of Clark College, AtlantaGa. dent at the university of bend instruments. The Johnson. 1764 Davis St. ,
Mr. and Mrs. Silva are both active .............................. attending the uni- Christmas i'.usical:: will 52.

-.in .she field-.of' 'recreation Mrs.Silva '.---. ,. ..., *. *-.. .... .. .....- '_ .*.. .. ,versity of North Carolinain Madison Wisconsin, Medical Wisconsin College, and be presented by the hand 'Willie C. Nelson, 25*t.
is employed by the Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Frank pearce of Gibbs junior College ::n Chapel Hill, N.' C. one of the very few non- under tile direction of W. Edgewodd Ave., 30 ?w2dith

ville Recreation Department, while MRS. SILVAMr. St. Petersburg, Florida,' were guests of Mrs. studying for ph.D in whites ever admitted for Mrs. N.S. White Dec A. Terry SP1P.Jastellano :;

Silva is with the Miami Department. pearce' brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Business Administration; medicine. 10 in the school auditorium Ave 23

Earl Kitchings. Frederick A. Christian! of the school. Chas. Knight, 1054 town
..........................sees The band of '
Committee was guest St. 35 and Sarah. F

............................................................ Hon. Doyle ConnorIs Courtesy New Stcntnn faring its Griffith 1129 i I3t.
Mrs. Silva was hostess to members of Kevinettes Climaxes Successful game with Vocational street 19

Bridge Club 0 at a meeting heM in her home, 2018 The Jacksonville urban League Guild's 1963 Variety FAMU Speaker Anniversary ProgramThe High and perforated at Daniel W- .Sftith." 971 r
College Circle. .. ..; ; that the hal f time show. 12th:! Rt 35 and Nalvina
Show we-have..quite few
again proved << a C ? NNI9L OBSERVANCE Committee
Courtesy ; 971 W. 12th _t. .
included among guests ere Mrs. Elizabeth Redding talented amateurs in our city. Bvens.
Mrs, Gloria Brooks Mrs. Helen ,Robinson, Mrs.T Dolly This year's show was entitled, "Spectacular, TALLAHASSEE -- The recently concluded its Pyramids Slate :"3.
Mack Williams o.f Tallahassee, Mrs. Francee Walden, Urbonettes" and featured members portraying such Honorable Doyle Conner 8th anniversary program : James; C. Peepl e6. 2521
and Mrs. Bennie Jones of St. Petersburg. state Commissioner of which according to officers Calvin St. 32 and Comi
prominent and historical figures as pocahontas, Saturday Kite Social
Agriculture, told a and members was M Dunn 2521 Calvin st.
prizes in the ,
guest category were awarded to Mrs. Mrs.Haile SelassieLena Home, The Queen of Hearts,
Gloria Brooks, Mrs. Helen Robinson, Mrs. Dolly "Miss pink Fuzz," and numerous others. Florida AtM university the most successful in Drawing for the rouuo 22.Eddie
audience that Land-Grant the organization's his train ticket to B. Thomas, 143d
Williams and Mrs. Bennie Jones. trip
The male chorus, besides adding color, 'Stole the
Recipients of club prizes were Mrs. Sarah Lovett, show" so far as performance was concerned. Of Colleges are turning out tory. Waal's! Orange Bowl Clas- '.'y rtle Ave. 29 and
leaders that he hopes Mrs. Blanch Miller was sic will be held duringa Vivian Fainor, 5626 Ve"'"
Mrs. Dorothy Oliver
Mrs. Barbara Harper, and Mrs. course, our hats are off to all participants and .
Thelma Greene. will go out.and tell the winner, of the contest dinner purchase party beta Road., 21.
we are Indeed grateful for the servi.ce rendered.Mrs .* '-'I
Other world of our way of life sponsored in behalf of Saturday night under Nathaniel Hart, 5761
participating Kevinettes included
Helen Robinson and Mrs Janet Johnson were
He spoke at the all-Un- the Courtesy Committee's sponsorship 0 f the Qiaint
Opery St. 21 and Bar-
Doris Bennett
Miss Daisy Gilliard, Mrs. Ann MOn- the intricate and interesting
responsible for
Board. in the home of
iversity convocation Charity Pyramids
bara J. Miles, 5745
roe.Mrs. pearl Mackey and
nrrs. Geraldine Milliard.
routines by the female dancers. commemorating the Centennial Mrs. Lucile Vote! chair- Mrs. Shena B. Battles, Carnation ROM 18.

.............................. The show was M C a by Ken Knight, local radio and Observation of nua, wishes to thank Miss 1112 Acorn Street from .
television personality. end-grant colleges and Cassandra Neal and all 9 until 12 p.m.
Friends and the general
of the friends and well
Mrs. Barbara Robinson, chairman of the social .............................. state Universities here public are invited. Mrs. FLORIDA STAR
.: contributed
wishers who
committee did a wonderful job in planning for the ..' .L., .',_ _.t. -, Conners said: toward making the event Annie Brock Heads and co chairmen Mrs.- IN EVERY
Mable are
.... J ,.( "Rissia's Premier Ni- a highly successful and
of the program
Meet In Regular Session kita Khrushchev is a noteworthy occassion. mittee. COLORED HOME

learned man. He is aware -- --
The Galaxie Ladies Bridge Club met recently at.
of the contentment of a
the Club Eldorado, with Mrs. Demctral lester serv-
people who have a well-
ing hostess. A delicious repast was served and enjoyed I
balanced diet.Addressing itS
w now Peps;
by all.Mrs. Wester awarded prizes Mesdames his remark .
( Eloise Fletcher first; Emma ling second Betty

Which holiday Graham, third. Members present were Mesdames liar, to age the he race pointed in the out space that fo,. thoS who tiiyiwng ..,

riet Witsell, Mozella Roux, Betty Graham,' ,Emma
is older. there is no question
greeting King, Thelma Johnson Deloris Boswell Eloise
about who is ahead in
Fletcher und Shirley Harris.Mrs. Dorothy Dunlop was
the..race in agriculture.
the first guest player.The L .,.i
next meeting will be held December 8 in the

Christmas Card home of Mrs. Shirley Harris, 1817 Louisiana, Street. Bethune Gives

orGordon's ..........................ii.. Hai'l 1 Teachers ti\ ,.i I x! r ,, Y YY

Gin? DAYTON BEACH teachers- Prospective in- __ .k

this area will have an I

MHULTM. SMITH FREE opportunity to take the
National Teacher Exaai- .
Gordon's Gin was an English Ton Will Be Told in Plain Words that the Trouble] nations On Feb. 16,

greeting 74 years Ia, that Is Causing It and What May Be Done To] .. 1963 according to Dr. W.
{Correct It If YOU Suffer With:
A. McMillan.
the first Christmas card.TheGordon' ASn&\ BLOOD PHBBSBREHEAKT : SINUS IKFECTIONSNESVOUS Applications Blanks and
drink Bulletins of In to ra at ion
harks back t:'.: eunder tTOUBZA STOMACH DISORDER PELVIS DI&EASES desdrbing registration \
procedures and containing -
C rdon's original 1769 for- mm BLOOD MID mK PROSTATE TMOBLBINTCSTIHAL \\
representatives tes

piula orone doesn't tamper [CA[S UBer KSEAflBB ft -.ADc ft aamic DISEASES Diarit questions nay be obtained }),,. _

with a good thing..espe- LIYAft GALL TIE AHDIOISf fro. Dr. W. A. r ,
dally when it\f the world's DtY 8A1i8i DTfiOBHKfi McMillan or directlyfrom \ I Ithere's

t biggest seller.This year GIN treat conditions cossonlj considered surgical the National \\ \

send cards,serve and give the use of a knife. Modera aethods ol Teacher Examinations ... ,. .,
Gordon's London Dry Gin. Iitbout and treataeat. lu-BxAMnuTIoN BT AP- Educational Testing Service 4i

(T II.t-:18: years necesafol practice in JaLJtOOU.10 \ ,. frinceton N.J. \ ; L'

.... to ftSO D.mPBONB EL 41187OIL Applications must b emailed AM o\er America great new' feehnj-people arc puttmf more
RIX SMITH '-into their leisure Kiting more out of their' sties Its a ner outlook;
so as to be reCeived ,
This the life for Pepsi-lifht
; called thinking ounf. is II
stat."St... Ucslairs
test ( )
ttlotc ormc1 camtsDwT1teltlulnorauarbtxoar.tmAOOnirct1c at the Princeton badn=.dean.tasting PtpSi. So go head-thinkjounf. In stores.
ttatu,.!.JL 10rll"-4' Oiled or fir. LrsekcrKVpoelte US office not later thm buy an extra canon At fountains.$a> "Pepsi please!"

/ / Jen. 18, 1963, Dr. W.A. .... ,. .Pe. ._ ,. '
.. :
,, /, / S''d/N (s.*i 1k t+++w 1---a w YM p caw rf tsi w." N ; :
McMillan advised. t

I'' I
",I "f 19621


Fellowship Baptist Officials t Dedicate '250,000 Frat House Greek Neophytes Are Cited

Church Close J 4

!!! flCH NEWS Annual Event; .. .. TALLAHASSEE---The During Buffet annual Dinner buffet-dinner At FAMU honoringthe

Fellowship Baptist 1 fall neophytes of social Greek letter organizations -

Church, 1414 Logan St. r ...... ..."",...., ....-t" at Florida A. and M. university was held

recently close the most November 16. Miss FilHe B. Gavin, assistant pro-

glorious anniversary in fessor of education and head teacher at the Fla.A. .

Sweett16ld Baptist Church, Rev. D. p. Barnes, the 18 year history of and M. University nursery school,. was guest

Vast<.:", held its annual church conference Thursday its pastor Rev. G.H. t speaker for the occasioil Miss Gavins is also ad-

the various boards and auxiliaries, the church ,the church, it was announced Alpha Eta Chapter of Clarke; Brenda Gibson ,

clerk and building oo ittee. All groups made financial this week. :" :s.y'c Phi Beta Sigma had the Helen Griffin ; Marie

reports. Services were held : higiest combined averageof Hadley; Getty Harden:

nightly and a near capacity '.', _.',-._::,:;C';.:.>- the fall neophytes, Doris Harmon; Arthenia

attendance was on \ C while B.L. Gilbert of Joyner; Gwendolyn r-

haid for each service.Rev. Starke was the highest gan; Juliette Saunders;

Deaconesses Board I of West Union Baptist Church Hamilton wishes to :i :: 1 average probate for the Johnnie Speights; Betty

meets Sunday at 3 p.m. in the Education building thank the pastors and ....: I' fall trimester. Twiggs; Sandra Wilson,

during which time the annual election of officers members of all attending .. Combined averages main- and Joyce Davis.
will be held. 'pledge Day" will b: observed Sun- churches for their many Y tained by other neophyte FHfObserves

day throughout the day. Choirs 1 and: 2 will hold kind and cooperative ",-- follow: Delta Sigma

its joint rehearsal Friday usher Board 1 will meet services rendered. ;'I- -. ; 1 Theta Sorority 3.12.! 70th ConvocationOn

for its business meeting Friday at 7.30 p.me Services for Sunday, Alpha Kappa Alpha SOro-

Dec. 2 follow i'-..'. Phi
r rity. 3.08 Alpha
Sunday School at 9: 30 ;; : : ; f> Alpha Fraternity 3.01, December 8th

a.Ill. with Mrs. M. Hamil- H"IT'f.i : Si gIla Gamma Rho Sorority
Mrs. Wilhelnenia Hill, organist for Choir 1 of ton, superintendent in I 2 92. Zeta Fhi Beta

First Timothy Baptist Church, Hart and BarnettSts. charge. 'Morning serviceat T-1t Sorority 2.66. Gmega ST. AUGUSTINEF.lorida --

will be honored with an appreciation pro- 11 a.. m. with Deacons !! t 'J ". Fsi Fhi Fraternity- 2.71 Normal Memorial and College Industrial --

gram Monday night at 8 o'clock in the church audi- L.V. Wilcox and H. Melvin ; and Kappa Alpha Fsi Fraternity will observe a

torium. Mrs. Hill has served with the choir for : in charge of devo- 2.63. special Seventieth Anniversary -

several years. Among gnestsartists and singing tions. The sermon will The following named Convocation "A

groups will be Cecil B. Fisher and Vedrill Jones. be delivered by the pas- NEW ALPHA HOUSE---Looking interestingly over the House Dedicatory program for probates are now members Salute to the Church"

tor or an appointed Alpha phi Alpha are from left to right, John Motley, jr. president of Beta of sororities and on DE'C8, beginning at 'I

minister. BTU at 5 p.m. Eta, Delight W. Morris, president of Southern Illinois university, and Dr. frateryities on the AMI 8:30: a.m.This f ft

I .." :, with Mrs. A. Gumming, William Hale, general president of Alpha phi Alpha and president of Lan ston campus: Phi Beta Sigma announcement was

Pope';LFSimes of the Applied Christianity Revela- president, presiding. University, Langston Oklahoma. Dr. Hale dedicated a quarter million dollar new Fraternity, David Pollard made this week by the

tion.'Spiritual Temple will cmduct a revival'. beginning Evening worship. 7: 15 Alpha House for the chapter at Carbondale, ill, Southern Illinois university. ; Del Sigma College's Board of

Thursday at St. Ann's Spiritual Temple, >..mwith Deacons E. Theta Sorority, Conchita Trustees, Dr Edward T.
Lee near 21st St. The services will end Saturday.The \illiams and t'organaryin Brewster's Cake Bishop Greene Conducts Proceedings Graham President.

public is cordially invited. charge of devotions. Sales \ St. Pius Stages Vain purposes of the
Sermon by the pastor. Convocation is. to highlight

"The Lord's Supper 1962 annual fruit Annual Bazaar significance'of

will be administered.Come cake sales, sponsoredeach the insti tution's
The monthly conference at Tabernacle Baptist and worship with year by the Brew- During Week End Seventieth Anniversaryto

Church will be held Thursday night. All groupsare us this day. ster Men's Club is officially Final arrangements have honor the many church

requested to turn in their reports.Mrs*. Carrie --Rev. G.H. Hamilton, underway. The been completed for St. leaders for the unlimited

Brown, president of Deaconesses Board 2 will sell pastorCollege club met last Sunday ina Fius Catholic Church's outstanding services -

dinners Sunday from the church kitchen beginningat regular meeting at annual bazaar which will rendered to the

1 p.a. \ Choirs 7:45 s.m. in the cafe- be held Saturday; and college through the
11 was the statement
"'"- teria of Brewster Metho- tf Sunday at the Institution years
made by P.r. R.tfur-
dist Hospital to clear s location 1120

Dec. ScheduleIs the agenda of some unfinished r"f 'V. 13th Ftreet.Dinners year President of FNT'C
All YPDers of Greater Payne- AMS Church are reminded business. will bo when asked for specific

of the YPD Quarterly meeting scheduled for Some 'of the members have available starting at information about this

Saturday 4 p.a. in the church" District directors AnnouncedNE already started on the 11 a.m drrilig the two forthcoming Convocation.

and supervisors are urged to attend this meeting fruit cake sales in days with a wide variety President Puryear 0.1 rostatp.d

in preparation of the forthcoming annual cm-' order for the customersto of prices and that several
thousand church leadersand
ference.Fttxilj. be ahead on their games: will be setup for
Y0nThe Dec. representatives from
Christmas purchases. I the amusement o fat
Broadcasts of Negro the state, entire south
-- tcndees 0 f all
Many of the cust cmers nges.
College Choirs, the and various sections of
are calling for their Mrs. Maude F. Aveihe,
ABC Radio Network weekly the nation are expectedto
Clan Day Kill be worship in a series of supply. The cakes are general chairman, re-
series will feature attend or to be represented -
daylong events Sunday at St. John Baptist Church, on the move. quests that all parents
choruses of five at the affair.
*.ev. A. J. Hughes, pastor, announced. All families Some of the other business planning on entering
southern roll eges, the The Convocation address
asc bei&& asked to worship together. A pl&cque will to be cleared up babies in the contest
United Negro College will be delivered by Dr.
13 awarded 'the faaily with the largest attendance. for some lengthy dis- he on hand no later than
Fund announced Janes '*. Godard. Executive -
cussion and it remainNcon 3pm. Sunday-
Presenting the ember Director of the
Babies already enteredin
the unfinished list.
colleges of the Fund. The Right Reverend Sherman L.Green, left, presiding the contest are: Council on Protestant
It will be taken at
the program originatesin up bishop of the Second rpiscopal District of the Vicnael; Dursey, sponsored Colleges and University -
Holy Coacaaio.i will bo cd&iniatfred Sunday at tin next meeting.
New York City and is African Methodist Chnr>, conducted the proceedingsof by members of Cruci- of Miami in Floridaand
3 p.to. in :'t. Tabor :Baptist Church with the pas- Closing remarks were
beamed by the American til* uestern North Carolina Conference of the fixion Catholic Chinch ; he also served as ,
Rc1:. T. Over treet and niniter in charge.
for made by Brewster Ad-
Broadcasting Company to church, held here at Bethel Church this week. He the Maria Floud Vrs.! F.xecutive Director of I
The conbined choirs vill lead the processional Jack'H.
its affiliated stationseach fministrator talks with Rev. P. B. Walker, host (pastor of Ruby Black well and Mrs. the Commission on Higher
faltered b? devotions by the deacons. Christmas rehearsal Whittington. present in
week The local ABC Bethel Church. I auvini Marquezi ; Education fo r the
xill b" held Friday at 4:30 p.m. All choirs the the
meeting was new-
stctions throughout the Yvette Kemp, granddaughter Southern Association of
will meet in joint rehearsal Friday at 3 p.m. ordained deacon of
country air the prograzr: ly St. Pius Appreciation Fete of Vr. and t.'rs. Colleges and Secondary
-4. Organizes
St. Baptist
on different days and at John Oscar Clark Schools.
1ERICO PHARMACY, IHC. varying times. Check and vice president of Iris Strait Bernard
Sunday At St. PaulThe The formal Convocation
local listingfor the Brewster Men, J. j. Herring. Cecelia William
3f Prescription Specialists newspaper New Church ChoirSt. ceremonies will be hold
airtime. Steward Board of Lavett Blunt Edwin
in the Heckscher Gym-
951 1 Davis i St. Jacksonville! Fla. EL. 3-9268 The meeting adjourned St. Paul AT Church are Green. fari! a t'athis. natoriur at 10:00 a.m.

until the second Sunday Pius Catholic sponsoring an Appreciation Jcnice Thomas and others
in December, at that time
Church has organized a Day program for the
president j. Earl Morseis p astor Rev. R- J. and
new group which will be +
expecting reports to known Mrs. Elaine Monday night BYRD
as the St. Anthony
start coming in from the Choir. Dec. 3 in the church ''

fruit cake sales. auditorium. & SONS
The choir is now sing- r
Walter Banks is chairman -
ing during the 11
Usher Board a.m. of activities vhich Fuel Oil Bottled Gas
Z DISCOUNT STORES Kass and is composed of will include:
25 Gallons To 1,000 If
adults college and Rev. Steve Love and Rev Necessary

830 NEAR Cosset COLLEGE Ave. Plans Installation high: school students. A.L. Cunnings, speakers; 6330 Restlawo Drive Pkesi PO. 4.9516

Elected officers of the Rev. Wilbur Burgess, invocation I
1824 W. Beaver St. Il
Services SundayUsher groups are: ; Rev. E.L
U.S. 90 Nil Stockto"BIG l
Joseph Johnson president Green, scripture; Urs.
Board 2 of Greater ; Mrs.' L. T.' Marquee Sadie Bivens, introduction ERiEriri

Zion Baptist Church of vice president; !Krs: R. of mistress of TA

i FREEZER SALEFOR Wesconett will hold installation Black well, treasurer; ceremoni; Vrs. Lois
service Dec.
Miss G Burroughs recording Cain; welcome address
7 in the auditorium of th
secretary; MissB. Mrs. Deloris ritchell ;
Burrougis, assistant response. Kiss ElizabethBest.
C Rev. Edward Norman will recording secretary; Mrs .

be the speaker and will A. Thomas, dl aim Sl sick Selections, Choir I,

install the officers. cccmittee; Miss M.! Hall, Mt. Canaan Baptist

LB. Usher Board 4 of Mt. Ver- organist; Kiss G. Snail, Church; Choir 2, Little

non Baptist Church will assistant 0 rgani st, MissJ. Rock Baptist Church;

Mg. Wt 400 te 500 "If"ie-C1It .... Wr.ersd serve. Fate, directress; Choir I, rt. Calvary

FLORIDA GRADE "A"FRYERS Members of the board Kiss: W. Edwards typist; Baptist Church Choir' 4.fit. FREE ESTIMATES ;

are: Mrs. Caretha M. Miss C. Singleton, chairman Ararat Baptist

C Byrd, president; Mrs. book committee: ; Church, and St. Faul's We Also Specialize in h 4
Mamie Newsom secretary; Nathaniel Smalls Sgt. choir. .:

23 Mrs. Estelle Danielsuniform at Ams; Millard fadgett Soloists: Mrs. Vary ... 9 Garages

LB. directress; Mrs. critic, and Mrs. L. T. Goodman rs. Lucille 1 Florida Rooms .v.

Eddie Mae Macon Mrs. Marquez. publicitych Lowery, Mrs. fcatbew j Roofing :._.

Barbara j. Williams, Mrs. ai rm an McCoy. Remarks! M.TT- Bath Rooms

WHOLE, FRESH Clara Hollo way, Deacon Father Anthony A. Keil Banks and closing remarks
o Concrete Work
Redan Thompson, Deacon SSJ is pastor and Father Rev. R.J. Bl ain e.

James Byrd, Rev. Robert Pel don Elwood, SSJ is Usher Board 3 of Mt. Painting

LB.39CA.e. Brooks, pastor.. assistant pastor. Ararat Baptist Church
will serve and the guest

board will be Usher
Board 2 of St. Thomas NO MONEY DOWN

Wl. SO Ie CO U.. -C. ..< Wra". i W A TCH'ESR' FIXED ', Baptist Church.
f Friends and the general FHA & Conventional Loans
SLICED Cleaned oiled Adjusted, Case w. tb public are invited.gOOOOOPOOOOOOOfc.

polished and one of the. follow"r b ls CONSOLIDATION FinANCING AVAILABLE

ing pans included: AdY.J'E'ftL. .


F-unrral Home
All fork Gearuteed 1 Tear BUILDERS '

Ambulance SerriceTuE
lEST taSlS JlD MOlr'
:.: WATCH THE KEN KNIGHT SHOW SERVICE JEWELRY CO. Models Slightly 21!? w r..c..1'\-i NOW
omom "1gb,'!' ro S., ,

.II.. as ;i l ll1a At 9:?9 1.& Ga Caasns.. 4 116 r. FNSTIfl a 5-6221 ; ; DAY EL 4.8880 NIGHT PO 4.0816BABE

------ -
-- -
-- -
-- -- -
- -

11 1SATUSDAY 1 ) ) 3 r



Class Of '6'6's First Officers Johnson Presides Christmas Cards Quads To Highlight I i lOB Events 2_

At Court Of onor- Provide Colorful ] 4

Home Decorations :
Atorney Earl 11. John-

son, chairman of, Court Christmas cards can be the key '

of Honor, Cherokee District = to a host of exciting decoratingideas .
in the home.
presided at the .
A pair of scissors some cello
Court of held at 1f .ii: ,
Honor ,
phane tape a ball of colored yarn, ;\. : .
Bethel Baptist Institu ,
the Christmas mail-plus a little ..J. '.' 'f,1
r tional Church on November Ingenuity-is all that's needed to > ). ;:.;- '
: ;
7, 1962. create atmosphere >
.. a sparkling holiday : ,
Troop 75 handled the* in the home. ,< ... ,." ....*-J.

Y$ opening ceremony. Rev.J. The Rust C-- greeting card .' n? >_tj'' ,!.,
C. Scrivens _gave the' company suggests these little --'.. :::' : ?"'>

1 invocation and also an. "extras" to create a real holiday. : .. <_..,..,,::_i
: .
at-home atmosphere In any home <-.- i' t ", .'
inspirational talk in V .' i ,' >
or apartment. ; :. ,
which he descrlbed'the : 'l
I ,
-place a brightly-hued card in E
development and maturingof the center of the holiday wreath ;= 5r.i
I a young folk as being on your door, preferably one with '''" '';<';'' '"
'e4 -c
.1 his comparable to the growth "Christmas Greetings" in large' :

and flowering of a seed; letters.

Troop 74, St. Pius -many of this year's cards are ;L' LI -

Catholic Church, won the cut-outs, sOme are actually -'..
ELECTED OFFICERS of the United States Coast Guard Academy's Class of 1966 were, Court of Honor ,Award. shaped and colored like Christ. : :---T--

reading from left to right, Cadets, Fourth Class, David A. Jones of Jackson Brief remarks were made mas tree ornaments, and have
tinsel cords for hanging.if
ville, Florida, secretary; Merle j. Smith, Jr. of Aberdeen, Md. vice presi- by Dr. j. C. Darning,
you have a glass top coffee
dent; 'Dennis W. Parker of Cloverdale, California, president; and Robert C. Byrd chairman of the Cherokee r
table place an assortment under
of Broolthaven, Mississippi, trees rer. Cadet Smith chosen as vice president by District and Charles E. the glass Try using a single e'r

his classmates, won appointment to the Coast Guard Academy through competitive Simmons, jr. Simmons. also theme-winter' scenes, florals.

examination. in addition to holding a class' office, Smith has a fine record. at lead \a discussion Americana. religious. 4 '"

the Academy both academically and professionally is a member of the "JV" the subject of "Sur -create a striking religious ;i J,

football squad and of the Protestant Chapel Choir. He is the son of Lt. Col. viving Nuclear At- tableau on a small table or mantel j ....... ....
and Mrs. Merle J. Smith of Aberdeen. tacks.' by standing religious cards about J\ t l" ,
the Bible to St.
family opened \
(Coast Guard photo)
Other scouters partici- Luke's narrative of the first j;
pating in Court of Honor Christmas.and 1
Disabled Vets Receive IncreaseIn .
Club MeetsThe were as follows: L. R. don't forget the kitchen. '. .
Compensations Aaron, assistant district This room is given less attention > y .;

commissioner, Solomon than any other when it comes to ;>. $;'
More than 55,112 dis- livered late in Octoberor San jose industrious Small, neighborhood commissioner -, decorating at Christmas: time. .", "
Club will meet with Mrs.
abled veterans in Florida early in November, was scoutmasters
Danis Abbott Wednesday
have just received their the first check to reflect Archie B. Coakley, Troop First Holiday Greeting
night; ,Dec. 5 at 8 o'clockin
October compensation the increased compensation 46; Bruce Seldon, Troop Was New Year Card
the residence
checks with increase payment vcted' 74; R. O'Neal Robinson, The earliest known holiday R i .

I totaling more than by the recent session of Pippin St. Troop 75; John M. Davis, greeting cards is a crude wood
Mrs. Beatrice MCKinzie, cut printed about 1450 in the
$1,212,460 the, Veterans Congress. Troop 79; Willie. Griffin,

Administration announced The amount of increase. presidentannounces thatan 145; jerry Bailey, Troop Rhine Valley,.Germany. -""....:.,... > '" ...
has Actually a New Year's card.
today. each month hereafter important agenda 147 TO MIAMI FOf ORANGE BLOSSOM CLASSIC---The famed Fultz Quads--one of the rare
; Kenneth Burns, 175; It shows the Christmas Child
been planned and that she
This Oct. ber check de- $3>3.11 Wilson said.CHERRY'S Walter Randall" committeeman standing in the bow of an ancient sets of identical quadruplets--are scheduled to participate in the 1962 'Orange
I. is expecting a full membership Troop 173 and Eagle galley manned by angels Blossom Clnsiic and Festival. In the above photograph, tin 16-year 'bId high

BAR attendance. Mrs. Scout Kenneth Tolbert. with the Holy Mother seatedat school seniors are shown as they prepare to leave for an exciting trip to pointsof

& Cocktail Lounge L. T. Marquez will bring Troops participating in the mast. interest. The Quads made their first twit to Florida in 1959, when they attended -

Cordial Atmosphere messages to the club. the famed orange Blossom Clrssic.sponsnied by Florida A.and ,:.universi h.
the Court of Honor were:
Where Old Friends --Mrs. Ethel M. E.
Meet Troops 44, First Baptist
1843.Kings Rd-El 3-8099--138 W.Adams- 3-7457 Chester, Secretary Church of Oakland; 46, *liiEC'K 'e&ft3&tf&El1i C3 FE fi'cC F 'cC E' #Qf"tW Y

-w ww Bur Jaxon larly. 3 Hits_..-or- ,.*v.t4 .Church v Fernandina First 54, Friendly;Baptist,74, Beach St.Church'paul Baptist, Fla.AME of; ,[ Ii) [33..($] .[3 Ii) [3 E.3 E3ur

MyrHc AV& ond Adorns Phone EL 4-1468 Church; 147, Pine Forest
Elementary School PTA

CATFISH tl. 49c MACKEREILI t,. 39c: Year TtrM 145, Wesconnett School Greatest it1jtttIfl fl-. ,
PTA; 173 Second Baptist

SPECKLED RED BASS u' 39c Charged with the burglarizing Church 175_ Grant Memorial -

TROUT le. 49'SHEEPNOSEu of a local AME Church; and
lARCr motor firm 'last Sept. 193, Mt. Ararat ,Baptist

... }lL"ILUSIY.l" .. H.J .'- I .llliPEIu.\ .. 49, 20. Robert .Leas fffcof.. Churclu-,...-' .' .._-.... ... oy ,. I .
35' 1775 Davis St. was
L,. 69' sentenced Jto three yearsin Congo Official
BLUE FISH county jail followinga
29* hearing Monday before rti
$OAT "YOU CAN'T ItAT IM" Criminal Court Judge A. Lauds U.S. Aid SPECIALS
,. .. ,.. ...
WHITING Ie" Slim. TiM..w-ret Phr .. .,
'' "
,. 29' loyd Layton. ," '' ,, '' ,.. <,", "
... .
':',:.:. ,; /": '.,'. ": '
A .SI.... Jpf
10 LB. LOTS 25' SALTED COD FISH 69c Sendwe of the Republic of ...
u. i. trial on charges of
.. the Congo visited the
breaking into Brown
GOURMET CORNER u. S. Department of '
Motors. 1244 Kings Ave. Bigger Baby
i F.r Thi N.it>ConfomU Who Lees The Etetfi Foods and' larceny of a $95 Agriculture's research
center at Beltsville,
'.oz.- PER check writing-writing
CUBED TURTLE MEAT PKG. PKG.69' machine. Md. recently and pattedthe ,, i.. s.

TURTLE MEAT LOINS '$ ,,1349C Stating that he could heads of milk cows
LB.IB. that have helped to make
not operate the check-
; writing machine correctly. possible. the shipment of
20 million pounds of

dairy products to his

country during .the,past
BBBBBBBBI..........at....IBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBContinental -

year. 24" an d.26" Bicycle I
i The Vice Premier', who isa _. Doll
Bowling medical doctor by profession : j

spent nearly an for Boys"and Girls

.', : :. hour in the dairy barns
3118 Fdgewood- )
observing a heart of 250 I $
: Off Cleveland : : $
Holstein cows from which .
8 research information 4 388
important t

.. .. .8 is being otf- :

n I ra
j/ tained and passed alongto ., ,4 .'
8 American farmers to '
Middleweight :cnntilcvtT ..1run'ndjuSti; 1)r >handle -
8 help them further increase She walks along with bars, aluminum fender and rims, twin Jic d-

.. the efficiency of your little girl, light and horn combination. Momi saddle on
chrome springs Ball bearing hcnd crank
r their herds. all dressed up in pedals
Sporty middlj-w'eight white wall tires, 2G x US.
her dress shoes
8 and ,
Through breeding "* '
and socks. RealtsttcalldetaUe A superb value, ,'
improved feeding programs ..... !L'
d in
the researchers at every way
.1 'iii o pe n-close eyes to natural
8. Beltsville have increasedthe :. looking washable hair. hfr Fr

average milk outputper a
cow there from 15,500to S
16,400 pounds a year

8. .. during 10 generations,

and the butterfat, from
8 8 543 to656 poundsDairy

E A Series Of Special Events ': Specialist James 0. -
Butcher told Dr. Semite.

: For Your Bowling Pleasure :. The research has been k'Q ..

.. .... .... 4II -4II : underway since 1913. ...
A Average milk productionper .. ,
+ :" LADIES DAY FAMILY BOWLING : cow In the united

States has increased
from 4,167 pounds In 1924
.. to 2 a.m. 1

10 a.m. to 2 a.m. __ = to 7,211 last year. TotalU. .
j Adults 3 games $1.00 S. production in r P
=.Ladies 3 $1.00 ..
games f9/i
__ Baby Grand Piano
Children 25 : -
$ per game 1961 was 125.5 billiop .. tr Sturdy WoodenRocking
= ., FREE PRIZES Be sure to register for pounds. There are about. Plays Real Songs '

Bowling 'Shoes and Bags t FREE GIFTS = 17 Billion milk cots. / : :Chair

: $10. -$7.50 & $5. Vice premier Sendwe alb r $2 8 I .
Free Game Tickets .. ". '..
Grocery Baskets I so visited the En to so logy : "

,= .vi 1r Research Division and Double Holster Official SizeBasketball Play favorite tunes on 18 $298
keys.Just like ,
a big piano
observed work being done
With 2 Cap Pistols
with gold metal music Srnallscaleversiolortherack.
YOUTHS DAY t. MEN'S DAY a to control insect pests. .Seasoned hardwood famous rocker.It's natu
There are some 60 experimental in walnut or red finish. ral-color, polished hard
SATURDAYS : centers and $198Complete $'I 98 7.x 15" x 134: wood with sturdy woven

.10 a.m. to 6 p.m. t stations in the Congo scat.r...."/'to*
: Youths 25 ; THURSDAYS I f :
4 per gamePRIZES : set. just what DOWHTgWN
: working on research prob-
't C; r.. : r '. ", '! : h' UO 8.m. to 2 a.m. 8t. your little cowboy wants. Brown rubber with >
: MAIM] AT ,
> .' ." + lems related to insect Regulation holster and molded seams looks like ADAMS >
; ":tf 3 games -- $1.00' .
"- Open Every
I. rubber .
control livestock husbandry belt are genuine leather. leather. Heavy ; =

_. Free Game' Tickets': -= soils, erosion, pistols.Complete with 2 cap and bladder needle., inflating valve K m. m ,S ': Xmas

:Free Parking Attended NUrsers Hestaurant fervico 8 fertilizer applications, _

,:w.....illi....i.............................1 end general crop improvewent. -' .
VV .UV tif __ (V W

.. ii ;
--- T --. .- -- T-4 -- _

yr ,
-- -- -- -

1.I Graham Funeral Top Officials Attend Gateway Classic i Cancer MeetingSet

to Home Announces
For Dec. 5th

Stall Changes
The Assembly Room of

f ..34k the Brewster Methodist
S.Y Hospital has been chosen

for the meeting of the
Board of Directors of
t 4
the Eugene J. Butler

Chapter of the American

Cancer Society at 8 p.n.?

Wednesday Dec. 5.

The Room was selected

because of the convenience -

J for all mem

J bers. It is more

1 centrally located than

the Cancer Society of-

fice and since that is

t It SAIIE C. ROGERS r true Chairman C.A. Willis -

7 is sending out an
J Staff changes were en- r

nomced at the Dallas J. 4', j. 3 H I urgent call for all

Graham Funeral Home this "" S members of the board to
4 \r. :
week when it was dis- _S Sx be present.
closed that Samnie C. s I Each member of the
board is asked to contact -
I Rogers and Lawrence are 555 5'c 9r?

now connected with the v1r some interested

facility located at 1192 : Rs } person and bring them

W. 21st St.; Rev. DallasJ. J r; ? along to the meeting or

Graham, omer. to get their names, addresses -

Mr. Rogers, the newly and telephone
numbers so they can be
appointed manager, is a
licensed funeral direc contracted, the chairman

tor. Hefpqnpleted his SS555 said.
"Let no member be absent -
course of study at
this all important -
Eckels college of Mortuary -
L % : S.I '
Science and Derma- .5 S meeting
; a S { Chairman Willis con-
surgery. He is a lumber 5= _
of Bethel Institutional ,> ,k 1 rx, 55 e t. ; cluded.

I Baptist Church where he .. L S 5S.

serves as an assistant S.'r Fashion .....:
deacon and is a member briefs
.1 _
: of District 3 in addition S : f'w'f.

to active duties \E'7 j 's : from ....

with many of the city's .. Si : \,., :, 't } S
fraternal organizations.LAWRENCE a f '" 4 pS )
I\ -' ? .... .
y -

i .. Are you mad About rosy r
a R ..'
:i.r'1 :'" berry tones? If .so. you're in
tA luck this season. Both cosmetic
l: and fashion houses say
5Y A they're coming in strong and I
Y ,5t S will cany us through the long
bleak winter. It's a good thing
S too. for sagging personalitiesneed
r vV a fast uplift when the
cold, bitter days sneak in!

& S : t .,',,...../.., ..

"SI : ;; t 0

555 : '- 1ye

q r Y I
-- --- --- -
Leading public and education officials
JEFFERSON were among the J. C. Reese, principal of Central High School, Waycross, Ga. and president
twenty-thousand odd record-breaking attendance of
sports fans
witnessed of the Georgia Athletic Association; Mrs. Alma Avery, English instructor .5 5r
4 A licensed Apprentice resuBDtlon of the Gateway Classic between Florida A.and M.'s Rattlers and Central High School; Dr. George W. Gore II, president of Florida A. and M. 1 +

+ Embalmer. Mr. Jeffersonhas Texas from left Southern's Tigers last Saturday night in-the'Gator Bowl. in top photo ; University' ;' 'Dr. if. G. Miles; 'dean' "students, Florida A. and'M.-: and Dr. 'R.; 'r5i: '.' -'

been affiliated with areJacksonville Mayor-Commissioner Haydon Burns Mrs. Burns and Y. Puryea, president of Florida Normal Memorial and industrial College. _
the Graham Funeral Home their guests, Mr. and Mrs. John Salle of Halnesvilie..1 Bottom_photo from left: (Photos by Royal Art Studio)
for the past seven years These wonderful shades which
ObituariesMrs. Woodlawn United rh hand
you'll sec everywhere arc
He is a member of Mt. .
lively almost carelessly

and Ararat is Baptist active in Church the Dewitt. Nellie Street.Beard; 717 Presbyterian ChurchBY ABOUT PEOPLEMiss You and Your Car rosy.which theirs Cutcx.perfectly HAD for ABOUT example describes ROSE, calls this

community's religious- Clack Donaldson; 1240 W. L.N. FKAPSDN.: SR. by Robert Wheeler brand new trend. The color
civic affairs Hester price, business education instructorat promises to add spark to lips
Monroe Street. Church school will be- MAINTENANCE CONSULTANT. THE KRMATEX COMPANY and fingerlipsjtnd can be worn
Rev. Mr. Graham and
Gibbs junior CollegeSt., 'Petersburgwilr :
staff promise a continuance Thomas Bunn; I)46 W. 4th gin Sunday Dec. 2, in with virtually everything--
Street. the George Washington Florida in a Life Members Guild contest in Keep 'Em Rolling Another interesting sidelightthis
of efficient Johnnie W. Williams; 'Carver Washington,"' D. C. Dec. 27. A life'' member her- Just when you start taking or wet wiring-and if these season is the recent upsurge -
Elementary School of Cutcx.
pale pale pink.
services car for granted and skip- do not immobilize
with your totally
along the a
7245 Esther Street. 2854 W. 45th Street at self, she will be among prominent w, men from a- ping mechanical check-ups is car, they may cause "failure which never misses a hot beauty
recent staff announce- William Davis; 824 Jack- 10 a.m. with T.V. Huger cross the nation seeking such honors during the when it is liable to sputter to of such accessories as head- Up, brings it to us in lipstickand
matching "pearled" polish.
ments. a halt about ten miles from a lights making further travel
'son Street. National Council of Negro Ytomen's annual conven- it's
Called OH, SO PINK pur-
superintendent in charge. service station, or in the midstof unsafe. .
Mrs. Dorothy Young; The Morning Worship tion. rush hour traffic.If A little preventative medicine posely paled as fashion < Cook with Sponges! D l4-B Julia ser- the Old Bus does give up however, will often save a fetching pink blush ofcolor.
Mrs. Addle L. Hopkins vice begins at 10: 55 a.m. .............................. somewhere on the road, the exasperating breakdowns and renowned Olcg couturier, predicts its
Happily equipping her dream ; with C.E. Simmons, Jr., : best way to.Q towing fees. Your professional with the
kitchen with the latest in built-in 1517 .Mitchell Street. '. help yourself is service station man has a few greatest popularity
rotisseries, dishwasher and dis- church organist playing. to keep calm. tricks .up his coverall sleevesto teenage set for as he says,
posal units, today's homemaker M rs.- F'earl Smith; 1523 the prelude: Rev. 'F:Dt"'"--..Mrs*Doris Nealy Brown "and-Wanda"'Baldwin motoredto lb3 Chances are, prevent breakdowns as well "it adds a delicious" glow to
can easily overlook stocking important Greenville cw-the trouble is repair them. young, fresh.skin!
recently spend the Thanksgiving as
I Street.
I SMALL itemswhich Wilson, pastor, will. .minor. If you He knows, for example, thatas *
;, also serve to Mrs. Geril Burke; 1068 preach the:'sermon' supported -* .holidays with their uncle and aunt Mr. and Mrs. .-j, panic, you may cars get older, the wiring It's none too soon to start drop
+ @ make the cook's Lewis Court. F. A. Alexander. t overlook some- under the hood and in the ping hints for Christmas
j life easier. So by the Unitedc ::. thing basic and frame can suffer from crackedor thinking of your own giftgivinglist.
I fit./J!,, the Cellulose Mrs. Willie M. Wright ; ho i r. easily remedied. chafed-off insulation. This The Big "T" plastic custom
/'! Sponge Institute 1410 East 21st Street. The .............................. ,w Even 30 year can disable you by short-cir- car model kit fills the bill for
{"t reminds herthat following activities highway veterans have run cuiting, especially when you experienced model builders and
she will Mrs. Aline Long; 1635 will be held in the out of gas through oversightor are splashing through a car customizes.
.1' \ find it very Davis Street. Westminster Hit; Tuesday, The firewater s Mothers Auxiliary was called to a defective gauge. drenching rain.
""- : helpful to cook William Robinson 1202 meet at St. Stephen AME.Clturcb last Sunday to Many drivers assume the --
; 7:30 the
witnlpongu! p.m. Westminster worst, thinking a stalled car INDEPENDENT OIL CO.
;: Of course,you Evergreen Avenue. choir will, rehearse. discuss plans for the fashion show and to take is seriously and expensively
can't stir with a Mrs. Fannie 612 Gennie Crockett, chairman andMrs. disabled, when chances are KEROSENE HOME DELIVERY
EH Guyton; Wechesday\ Dec. 5th, 7 p. pictures. Mrs.
cellulose sponge they merely have a loose or Mechanic on Duty
t or flip a flapjack with one but Lee Street. m. Kid-week Prayer and Ethel Davenport Bannister fashion coordinator "shorted" wire. About half of
a sponge can be a dandy Ipatt' SD2 Louis Edwards, Jr.; Bible-Study. Thursday, were in attendance. the unplanned stops on the IKE JOSEPH, Proprietor
ter-blotter. Thinner ones can do road can be attributed to loose
business as emergency pot-hold 5803 Foitier Drive. Dec. 6th, all Canvassersand and Jefferson StreetsEL

I era. When a casserole)concoction Daniel Love; 735 W. Duval the Stewardship Com- ..............................
has bubbled over can make nit to t Committee will ... ',
t' Street. en eP 'C .cC J .u"'J 'etr'. lI"r
the dish :_
I again quickly ?r ;; "'"" _
by wiping off the overflow krs. Minnie L. King; meet at 6 p.m. Friday I The president ot the Aitonia Social and Savings
with a dampened sponge. 8 p.BDec. 7 the BIG LP
Cut a standard sponge into 5342 Mays Drive. Club announce the Princesd Tea which was scheduledtor .
United choir re
three or four parts for spoon- Mrs. Ella B. Gaskin ; last Sunday has been postponed until Sunday .
hclders for all the drippy stirring hearse.. .. .
21D Mt. Herman Street. ,
Dec. 2. (Special Group)
and serving ladles.A quick rinse The elders, deacons and
under the faucet is all the cleanup II rs. Carrie E. Gowins; .. ,

they will need. 1557 Florida Avenue. congregation of the ..............................
A good thick sponge will makean in deep
church are
excellent kitchen pincushion M ,
-for your turkeybastingneedle Hrs. Elizabeth Campbell. sympathy with Rev. F.D.* -
Mrs. liable'Morse, supervisor of the Medical Re. :5555S.97C -
for smaller trussing I
; 1623 W. 8th Street. Wilson pastor and wife s
skewers;for pointy hors d'oeuvre cord Dept. at Brewster Methodist Hospital is backat
picks. A small strategically Luke E. Floyd; 1044 W. for -the-death of his
placed, will be that finger-tip 28th Street. Unde; Rev. M.A. Sanders, her desk after a week* s ra tion. Mrs. Morse *

I valet you need. Sr., of Charlotte, N.C. and her staff have been cited many times for the

._ In. Christ we .have an efficient manner with which the medical recordsare y2 RAY CHARLES PLATTERS B. B. KING DINAN WASHINGTON -

I anchorHhat keeps us kept.

WALL PAPER away .............................. 1CLYDE
God. .
Celebrating Our 37th Anniversary if. MANY OTHERS i
Frank Williams, husband of IRS. A. Beatrice Will-

With Lowest Prices Ever Ctirt OnkrsRtfistratiii Hams of 1589 Kings Road, confined. in the Lily i

White Hospital, 37iO-29th St., Tampa. He is a member P

FArft HANCtU AVAILAtU AT awns MICIS tYM of New Bethel AME Church. .
Large Selection Of 45 Single Records *
Lot No. I-Values up to $4-$5-S6 $1.29 ON TGOM ERY. Ala. ..............................

Lot No. 2-Values up to $3.75 98e :i Federal Judge Frank M. Latest Hits Of fROCK & ROLL- BLUES-SPIRITUALS-CHRISTHAS- \
Johnson Jr. gave Montgomery
Lot No. 3-Values up to S3.00 89c County registrar Mrs. Ann Marshall of the Meaograph department of POPS loin Oar free Record Club After You Boy 10 Of Tie

Lot No. 4-Values up to S2.50 69c! 20-days in which to add Brewster Methodist Hospital was away frets her office .
1100 Negroes to AlabeBrfs last week due to illness. The last report is 45 Single Records, Yon Receive 1 Free of Your Choice./
Lot No. 5 Values
up to $2.00 49c that Mrs. Marshall is such better at this time.

Lot No. 6-Values up to $1.50 :... 39c Tuesday permanent it has voter been list % t# (Yon Do Not Have To Boy Them All At Once)

.( re- *...*.................,........
.' 15 lay Sale ported. :- <" I
The raling involves the
Plenty FREE I The RECORD ;
Pirkiig largest' number of Negro Bar
DISCOUNT applicants placed on Mrs. Charlotte Stewart was hostess to a recent 1..
the state's voter lists meeting of Entre fans Bridge Club, held in her]

c Zjfe&toW 1925 since the recent laanA- lest Eleventh Street hoe.Mrs. 40 W. FORSYTH ST. PHONE EL 4-8066 J

It Bay at Main ., EL 3.0628 ing of a Justice Dopaxt- Stewart s sister, Mrs. Lydia Wooden, wssf
.. ..
-- IUD t crack mE. guest player & ?& y&if
.....- ----- ...- .. '.... '.' w ," > .

--- --
---- -- ----
--- -


1 x y ,


..,. .

News From Group Donates To_ Worthy Cause Cdifonta's 'First' Memorial Services

AMERICAN LEGION : ;', :, .' ,:<<: For "Prof" Goodwin Entertains TexansMrs. CorrectionIn

Post 197 : ,
'; / f'i r Held At Va. Union Madeline! Si mon. its Nov. 24th issue
!U4 o ; *R stated one of
Of interest to officers owner-operator of tier :
1 t RICHMOND Va., a 1;e-
', and members of Jackson .c' '* morial Service was held White Swan Restaurant, tfte men wounded in the
>c K 1929 Kings Road, was Gang fight on W. AshleySt.
post 197 of the American .'. from the Ebenezer Baptist
,, hostess to 41 membersand resided at 927 Hogan
Legion was the Church at 3:30 p.m. for
% 1 ( six coaches of Texts Street.We .
recent ruling made during .>' the late William Jeffers
... 4 correct this
Southern University's wish to
the recent .. 'J
National A- r"d : ;;, ., Goodwin. The outstanding
merican Legion nvention Tigers here for the regrettable error by
: personality was director
in Las Vegas, Nev. con- ; r of Music at Virginia spectacular football stating the 927 HoganSt.
; with Florida MYUniversity's is the address 0 f
cerning the slight increase JY r .O Union University where gone
1" Rattlers Rev. and Mrs. R.B. Williams -
in membership dues. I
he produced some of the
The membership fee was r 4 ::, l finest college choirs in last weekend.The who have resided
Texans were served there for many years.
raised fifty cents and "
America during the last
f huge, delicious--Texas The man involved in the
after the first of the ,; two decades.
; style T-Bone steaks with Alleged incident does
year, the annual fee will The Reverend David T.
be $5.50 per annum. all of the fixings. not live there,
_- i'. Shannon minister of
in order to avoid the CONG. "GUS" HAWKINS Ebenezer, presided at Our apologies to Rev.
WILL SACRIFICE and Mrs.' Williams and
increased ...Victory Hailed
costs members
.. the service where more
t .a.
to all others concerned.
2-Story Heart Cypress House-
are being urged to renew than X 500 persons at-
their members under the AGUSTUS F. (Gus) HAWKINS tmded. The Reverend C.D. Fa rn. With Basement-Steam

five dollar per year fee k1-- became the first Negro Brown of Richmond's Heat-4 Baths-Nicely Used foi ROOM FOR RENT
during the Dec. 7 and r''v ever elected from Cali- Second Baptist Church Office and Living Quarters
Dec. 21 meetings in order fornia to Congress during gave the prayer and the 2 Entrances-owner Leaving

to avoid the 1963 recent general elections.As Virginia State College Town-For Appt.Call El 3-981) Only
former Dean of the EL 57275JohnnieHoteI
increase in membershipscosts.
choir under the directionof
; California Assembly, Aldrich Adkins. a'' ServicesSound

All officers and membersare Hawkins joins Dawson of former' student of Good- service for Ad- TV in every room.

urged to attend the Chicago; Powell of New wi n' s, supplied the I vertisingDances, Ball For Reservations Call

funeral of Comrade Dan Lit York; Diggs of Detroit; music. Professor David Games, etc. Also Loud EL 5-4025
Love, which will be held and Nix of Philadelphia, arell,
C alsorof State, Speaker service for Banquets 7411/2 W. ASHLEY
Saturday, Dec. 1 in lit. as the fifth Negro con- was the organist. Concerts Record
Vernon Baptist Church. k gressman. Titrksonvi lip- Plnrjrio
President Thomas H. Hops etc.Phone El 3-5902
Time of services will be Ml. Pleasant Henderson and ChancellorJohn SOUND SERVICE WANTED

announced by Fhitting- CIVIC GF.SroREI---one! of the last official acts of jax Urban League Executive Secretary Baptist Church M. Ellison gave I Beauty operators & Barbers

ton s Funeral Home. Jonioas A. Bowman, who left last week for a statewide associate directorship'post with: ,r "A Tribute from Virginia IMPERIAL SUNDRIES New Hollywood Beauty &
the Colorado urban League was to receive an annual $50.00 donation for the urban League Sunday services at Mt. Union University"and Barber Lounge-622 Ashley

t Mother Midway program from the Benevolettes Club comprised .,t, wives of jax city policemen. Making Pleasant Baptist Church "The Eulogy" re I Latent Medicines-Cosmetic all Ur. Tarver a 4-9774

AME Church the>4.presentation. are-urs.Marie""" Jacksonpresident.and..w .- Mrs. Nadyne_ Massey- i vice_president._ -i will day School begin with at 9:30 the a.m.Sun spectively. II I I r All Leading -

Dr. R.J. Blaine, pastor Missionary Group In Memoriam with Vis. Hattie B. Neal \ Hair preparations FOR SALE

D f St. Paul AME Church Alphi r Phi Alpha in charge. JINGLE BELL r Lincoln 1954-$350 has j
PreparationsMrs. \ RABBIT HOUNDUse Cor. Broad & Ashley i
will be guest speaker Morning worship will several brass tags on everything including
during the second anniversary W.E.A. Harris, Dedicates Hew F begin at 11 clock. BTU your rabbit dog's collar to jingle EL 4-2159 Air-O:nd. RA 4-6563.

celebration. of YPD director East will convene at 5 p.m. as he runs along. t
; Rev. J. W. Jones, pastorof Florida Conference

; Mother Midway AM E .Branch Missionary Society ..a I I10ClOJlOClOClOClOcrOClocroClOcIOrl0C20ClOClO'i i: : : ::: : : : !
t Church, the observanceto AMIS Church, announced 250,000 House

night take Dec.place 3 at Monday 7:30 is that making the plans department CARBON) Ill. The ., e

o'clock audi torlum.Guest in. the church for-forthcoming the participationin East Alpha Phi dedicated Alpha Fraternity last- ''" -, WE ARRTNGE PAY e I

speaker for the Florida Annual Conference Sunday a new quarter .l :Vr"s o n

pastor appreciation night which will con- million dollar fra- '.'!.k !" ..."j' l -
program Sun day. evening in Greater Payne ChapelA"E ternity house at the In Memory of my loving o MASONRYPAINTING; 0

will be RevrW.C. "Mitchell Church Dec. 59. University of Southern husband, Mr. Nathan Mc- D 1 PLUMBING YOUR BILLS U

pastor of Little Dec 6, the young people.of Illinois Carbondale, Keiver, who passed ,to -<

Rock Baptist Church. Each the East and North Illinois.In the great Beyond Dec. o ...- ,.. 0
pastor will be Jacksonville Districts commemorating the 1st 1960. It hard to D .. ::: I up to
accompanied was
Z .
event, Dr. William Hale, "1t.. ,; i:.: 'j.; .;j;,
under the direction of _-:,:,,. '
by their but KnowingGod -' -
respec- give you ::
General President of up : :
tive church choirs, tors. Mary L. Mitchell Alpha Ph i is a just God, he O ,..-... l.-Sl..; '<- .'.."io-.o-''.;'"':;" .'.<,..,',.i$2; :" .. ,500 And Ca
"' '
ushers and congregations. Mrs. Brill Thomas and Alpha Phi Alpha and could do no wrong. You D. :C.4 ,' -.-- 't"-\'" ''.Jt n
Sunday School begins at V.rs. Luella McBride will are missed, but you have j. t .'., ..r GIVE YOU
President of Langston o f 5i
'J,' 9:30. a.m. with Brother present the Vesper Hour left a warm spot in the .. .. 0
University in Oklahoma, !: ] ,
s. "aart, rnrt ndtht from 6 to 7 '. O .
sU p 'm- hearts of those who knew .v D
said "We have taken a ..Jr,' :: THIS
end teachers in charge: __ Sadly missed. ......
-- -- - __ -q bold and forward step"He o m.Bi 0
I GET INTO CIVIL SERVICE WORK! I continued by saying Helen McKeiver, wife, ; n iiMiM t 'J' 'it. DIll
C ell
Tarver son
am ;
During the next twelve months there will be many appoint.. that Alpha takes pridein
ments to U.S. Civil Service jobs in the nation. dedicating this Bertie Houston, mother _
I There will be steady employment good pay and many of these I and family. a Ig
physical plant for human a
jobs require little or no experience or specialized education.
I National Training Service is a privately owned school which II use so that Alpha Survey Reveals e e
helps many pass these tests each year. To get full information
brothers walk this
on U.S. Civil Service jobs, mail,TODAY. .
earth as men" More U.S. Jobs

I Name Box. 500.' Greenwich.. .. ... .-.. Connecticut.,.... ....... ...... ..,.. Age .. ... I The makes architectural every availa-design For_ N.groesWASHINGTONTrends UP T010 YEARS TO PAY(! e

Street ................................... Phone No. ..,........ ble space functional pro shuw o D
I City ................. ........... Zone".... State.....,...... viding rooms tor study, Negroes are winning a ADD THAT MUCH NEEDED PORCH
--- --- -- recreation dormitory larger share of jobs in WE WILL PAY YOUR EXISTING BILLS : 0

and conferences as well the government and the 00 WE WILL COMBINE YOUR BILLS J' U
as a dining room and majority of the positionsre .

kitchen.The of the white collar'
Dedicatory ceremony variety.

included presentationsby These trends were disclosed o
John Motley; Jr. Tuesday in figures } J 0
Beta Eta Chapter President given by the 1961-62 o "6
'... ih: :{- Rev. Archibald port of the President's o 0
; Mosley, Pastor of Bethel '
sa ara liquor r i ME Church, Edward Pugh, ploy Committee ent opportunity.The on Equal. Em- 1LI D

'>: treasury a f Beta Eta number of jobs on I EL 4-2323 *"* 0
: <*, / :
'-. ...f Chapter Dr. John E. the federal payroll increased t..4rf. 1", -. ... ,.'._..... ,-
Crinnell, vice presidentof by 62,633 from f JPI. lI-Jl.JI. 1pI.). JPPI.1pI. H1IJ1.J.. J{ .,4' '.\:,'. ..' : : 'i 0
Operations E.L. ------ \. '
June 1,1961 to June 1962, O 0
Collins, MidWesternVice with Negroes being employed FREE ESTIP' ES .y" +
President, and Nat in 10,737 or 17 4' D

Burtley, Resident Ad- per cent. o 0
ViSQT.f .
It was also disclosedthat
new Negro employeshad

5,500 jobs rangingin D 3 Piece Gym Set Ino f
the $4, 500 to $10,000 I
range and 374 jobs in the

$9,000 to $20,000 range. With Each 10D
Thirteen per cent of
the employes in federal Home Addition II

service are Negroes,
D ; ,
SUPER M totaling some 293.353 in I ContractO' -

President LyndonB.
Johnson, chairman of OLo -- ---- I b

IEACOH J the committee called LOOK IT COULD THE 0D
f CHUCK Negro gains in white PRICES
39C : collar work "a direct FAMILIAR? LOOK LIKE THIS! SECRET 0

BLEACH 100 result of a concentrated
f fwHk YOU
effort to assure that our 00 PRESENT On
lb. S galley Negro population and MONTHLY AFFORD
$5.00 order other minority groups o PAYMENTS CAN 0

*' are given an equal opportunity II TV ............ $2J S INGRAMCOMBINE rt
WESTERN CENTER CUT NERSKEY in government CAR ........... $SI 5 8 9
employment on the sole o 0D
PORK basis of merit and fit FINANCf ...... $J4 YOUR BILLS! CONCRETEDRIVEWAY n
590, UGAR 290 -ness." o TOTAL. SISI ALL 0D

: CHOPS 5 IIPartite Royal Crown |Moil Coupon Below for Information|
I.. Wo
Ingrain Contractors Inc. 8 Ft. x 50 Ft. oO
with $5.00 irlir CoJa

Plus furnish IT* mart detol I *m intertsted in your bill consolidation and $120 00

! POTATOES OIL 100, [ LEO'S Shoe SHE Repairing REPAIR D build NAME, DAM. Do

ADDRESSJHiWi : ...........................,.,.............,..,....
of f Any Kind Is INSTALLED
I id 15. bag with order PIwt .- IIIV
: ; "' >
Oar Business
: Only l o
"Serving; Jacksonville For 28 Y ear,"
845 fl8ri.a venue JUiJj

Z::' u=mClOcw=OClOClO=QClocmCIQ: = =. :


!Or'r. -. '

I .A ... 1KAHh. : 1 f .1 I

:8. tUKlU, JIAK iJUUKUM t UlbtMDCH I.I I3oi I

-SPORTlNG.IT:: lIP : Cotchs Tip Texans Reunite At Pre Game Festivity j Clark GetsRevenge OiWolverines Garden Wants

N BY C. ''. .f"' !31:!.," ,lit.J lobby Itll MB Liston vs Clay

..,.,' T N tf9 W; .-, :!$,bf the stride
< I ?" ? d. Bl J1>c'vilsn f Leo !Canton NEW! YORK -- Madison
ATLANTA Clark Col Square Garden Director
0. rb .aat-West Classic it paved the
1 ege' Panthers ended Harry Markson said he
.t". ,q,football,, tradition! that would be a '
fourteen years of domination hopes to promote a next
rt'tition. of the University of Goorgia-Uni versi ty
1.J by Morris Brown June Heavyweight ti'tlfight
of F4oriJ-da rivalry, an Army-Navy rivalry. and
with convincing 34-14
a between champ
arDtherlorlda..M '4or! 'ls Brown battle. The
victory. coming from be- Charles (Sonny) Listen
Fi gb.tin. Panthers w
of Matthew W. Gilbert we'reuHich'ed" w
hind to d what no Clark and young Cassius Clayin
ty Jinmy. Thompson"and his staff and the k hd
Blue 'Devils were coached by James ubblin" : ". BOBBY ,BELL- team has done to the Yankee Stadium. The

Hitall a .A Repeater Vblverine since 1948. Garden corporation has
c' his staff. The g ended In a 14-13 '
Morris Brown opened the not
staged a heavyweightti
Jlor'mry' for the Blue Devils. 2 Time AlI- erican
afternoon's scoring on a bout in six .
: years.As
;RADNOR, PA. Talented -r *4r 25-yard pass play which an initial step toward
rareree .blew his twhistle and the fifteenth annual I
Bobby Bell Universityof went from quarterback the big bout Mark-
East-Jest Classic ,
was underway. The battle of
r Minnesota Negro t Samuel Hill. and end son said negotiationswere
wits was at its height. It, the \
strategyof ; tackle. proved, to be.:the ,,,arH n ''I r J Simon Hubbard to end nearing completionfor
Coach Earl Kitchings against that of James
only repeater on the Eddie Henderson. The
a Clay-match with a
Bibblin" Soall. The long .
game was not underway '
1962 All-America team Wolverines carried their suitable opponent Jan.
be fore. Quarterback ,Tracy Hodges started lookin'glike
picked today by the 500- 6-0 lead into the second 19 in a Miami Beach
Johnny Unitas, Norm V'm 'Brocklin, Bart Starr neabef LOOT STAR GUESTS"-ContinentBl Bowling Lanes General Manager Jackie Graves
jtoerican Football period after the attempt televised fight.
Milt Plumb and otheroutstanding quarterbacks in .Coaches (center) had a welcome reunion with former Texas Southern officials last Friday
Association. for extra points failed. Mattson! who witnessed
the professional ranks. His during festive sponsored the Northwest Business Association
pass throwing skill evening a program by
Bell ot'Shel by.; N.C. Clark stormed back I Clay's 4-round kayo of
was up to par and his favorite receiver right giving the 'Gophers representation for team brass at Continental Lanes, Fdgewood Lounge and Singleton's Bar- early in the second'Archie Moore on close

halfback Glean Willetas was egial to the task. on the becue.. Graves, a Texas Southern former, grid star and grad, was a football coach period with ace halfback Circuit television said

MATTHEW W. GILBERT.S POTHERS appeared rough and elite and chief scout at Texas Southern from 1950 through 1958. TS* s officials shown
eleven for, the James Lester bursting proposed opponet for
ready when 'a fourth dom punt was blocked by Gilbert third year in a row-- from left are: William Glosson, end coach; Fred Ambler line coach; Rodney through the Brown line I Clay would be the winner

'. A few plays later the Panthers t pay dirt 'guard Tom Brown won in Evans, photographer, and Vinrent Gaines, backfield coach. Head Coach Alexander and scoring on a 44-yard of that Garden's Dec.

The I an thers contributed'I argely to their own defeat 1960'--led' a contingent Durley was not present at that time. jaunt. Albert Spearman 15 match between .ora

with fumbleltls pen altlesphobl a. In both of Negro players honored (Royal Art Studio photo) blasted through for the I Polley and Doug Jones

cases it appeared that both complaints were by the association, successful conversion 'or: Billy Dani el s who

chronic and they just couldn't shake it off. The which also named two Yes, Wt All TalkSPEAK Gibbs DisplaysArt and Clark led 86. It 'was stopped in controversial

Blue Devils' scored twice in the third period and runner-up The 33 teams.selections ExhibitsST. marked the first time fashion

scored an extra point The score at this point was marking the 73rd annual since 1948 that Clark
Fl A. -
:13-7: stanton. The '01 tire Stanton team performedlike 'renewal of the All- WELL OF RECORDBy The first of a series of led the Wolverines.Panthers .

they were all keyed up far that one. The game America tradition ori- Marcus H. Boulware exhibits from: the John halfback Frank Toward Bout

ended .2:>-13 for the Blue Devils., 'ginated by Walter Camp and Mable Ringling Museum Cummings set the stage
THE '1962 VICTORY GIVES THE BLUE DEVILS seven were announced in the QUESTION: Can you recommend a phonograph record of Art in Sarasota. for Clark's second tallyin With Liston

victories to five for the Fighting Panthers. In Dec. 1 issue of TV (Hide containing leesons to improve one's speech-. L. was received by Gibbs the second periodwh

1956 the game ended In a 7-7 tie. In 1961 it wasa magazine by Bill Murray ANSWER: I recently received some advertisement Junior College last week. en he snared a C1 ,EVA, Switzerland -

deadlock finish with a 0-0 score. The most association presidentand literature listing the title of a phonograph record Chief librarian Miss Wolverine pass sent Former world's heavy-

beautiful part of the EastWest Classic is the Duke head coach. "Speak Well Off the Record." The record (CL 1361) Lois Howard announced errant by the fast weight champion Ingonar

support given it by the football fans of the city. Bell and other membersof uses the modern method of overcoming pronunciation that portfolios on charging Clark line. Cn Johansson stated Saturday -

'They are assured of one particular thing and that, the first unit will problems Incorrect speech habits and speech Modern Art-Old and New, a quarterback option he would like to

on the Ed Sullivan handicaps. There are 12 participation exercises Modern Posters, are now fight champion Sonny
is, it matters not whether their favorite team appear play Elmer Mixon electedto

wins,' loses or draws; the l fans can always look I, how, ,Sunday ,Dec ,2. with a 16-page manual of instructions.The on display in the li- run and went 33 yard Liston in the United

"forward' 'to'a 'well'played game, a clean game, a Four Negroes, three of advertisement says the record is excellentfor brary's Art Room.A behind crushing down- States provided the
total of 12 art
exhibits rules .
game between two well coached teams. The 1962 them backs, were chosenon remedial speech classee, all grade levels. The will be on dis- field blocking, to send were right.Johansson's rebuttalwas

game Is history now and it has been recorded in the second team. record was created by Paul Mills, consultant to play at the Junior College the Panthers out front in reply to a state-

the record books but no one can forget the Oregon' Mel Ren fro of Industrial and United Nations personnel.You 146. M1 1On' s pass for went credited to Listen

sportaaari like spirit with which it was played. Portland, Oreg. and may order this record and manual from: Columbia Torres extra points was un- that he would like to

WELL, OUR HATS ARE OFF TO YOUNG' BILL HOOD when he UCLA's Kermit Alexanderof Records Education Department Order Ser- Says successful. meet Ingeaar but not in

dared to penetrate .the. virgin territory of professional Los Angeles shared vice, pittman. New jersey. Other offices are located Senior fullback Albert Europe since they have

'football to give to the city its first halfback laurels while in LOS Angeles 48, Calif. and Terre Haute, Floyd Caused Spearman extended ClarKs 'funny rules there. '

play-for-pay tean. .}Ether he won or lost, snak or Nebraska's Bill Thornton ind. (Allow me to say that I have not auditionedthe lead to 20-6 in the '1 would have to be in

swam, whether he failed_ or succeeded he venturedout of Toledo, Ohio yon the record.) Title Failure third period."A pass top -condition to fight ;

Into the unknown. Not only did he put a team fullback slot. Dave READERS: For my parliamentary law chart of motions EDSTON Jose Torres, from Earl Roberts to Liston Johansson

in the Florida Football League but he gave to Robinson of Penn State, send fifty cents to Dr. Marcus H.Boulware, a stablemate of Floyd Robert Barksdale widened said. after it was revealed -

the city a winner. It was the Jacksonville Bears hailing from Moorestora, Florida A. and M., University, Tallahassee, Fl crida. Patterson and managed by the gap to 22-6 on the that Liston had

who won the championship and that is what he N.J. gained a post at Cus D'mato severely conversion. offered to fight him.

promised at the beginning of the season. end., Workshop Dates Not criticized Patterson Morris Brown came back Johansson believed that

THOSE WHO ARE ACQUAINTED WITH LOFTS know little The members of the association lattoy last week claiming that early in the final Liston would first have

about equipping a team. To fully equip one man cast ballotsfor TALLAHASSEE The 13th the former ch en pi on whom period on a pass play to give Floyd Patterson

costs more money than a whole lot ,of folks get in the nation's three annual Florida Add Uni- For Sale he considered a pal, refused which covered 58 yards a return match in order

weekly salaries. The helmet the shoes, the foremost teams after versity InterscholasticPress to' loan him $100, and gave them ,the ball to make way for a taut

shoulder pads the togs all are items running Into observing leading All- Workshop will tie Mile Says 000 as a guarantee for a at Cl ark. s fiveyardline. between the two fighters

the money. Purchasing footballs, salaries, news- America candidates in held Febr ary 28-March middleweight title fight Four plays later Ingo said he plans a

paper ads. radio and TV advertising and other action and studying 2, 1963. r' s ie with Paul Fender here. Simon Hubbard caught a few mo re fights in

tens entering the picture that calls for money. scouting reports plus Torres and Pender were touchdown pass and then Europe although' none

Well you have telephone calls to make telegramsto game gilms coordinatedwith Wills Tapped scheduled to fight here another for the conversion have been definitelycontemplated

send and yet with) all of that expEnse tied to the Eastman KodakCo. Thursday Nov. 15. The to set the score at for the

operating a pro football he steered it through to MV Player fight was called off 2814. immediate future.

complete season. when Torres was unableto R>r their final touchdown -

a.-THEN/ME OF THE' BEARS CAN BE CHANGED from theB Frazier Arm Guns BOSTON Little Maury raise the 100000. Clark's foward .'J!s',r ,

it doesn't Wills Los Angeles Dod- } Jose said he was depending wall smothered a Brown
other name, iI
8S to the Pros or any Wildcats 28 8 Win on Patterson to PATRONIZEStar
erase the fact that It was the Bears who represented gers infielder whose passer and Panther
DAYTONA BEACH- -All Conference loan him the but
Jacksonville in the Florida Football League all-time mark of 104- money tackle Louis Nevet
Quarterback Bobby stolen bases set a major_ fatterson refused to do covered the fumble pass "d\p.rtisl!
A STRONG BACKFIELD IS JUST A SET of mea without Frazier led the Wildcatsof so.Rattlers'. .
league record last sea- attempt end
a strong line to take care of the in-rushing op- Bethune Cookman Col- TWIN CITIES, Minn.--- in the mneNo -
son and almost carried
ponents. Each season under the direction of lege to a successful sea- the Definitely squashing ChargeFor
Dodgers to
Robert Fete Griffin and end coach Costa Kittles a rumors concerning the Cagers
son as the Wildcats National League pennant ; i ORDER FUEL
the Rattlers come up with a forward wall that hasp downed trading of his star
Allen university was named the senior r rDer
been. mighty, hard to penetrate.MAKES 28-8 in the final game'of league's Vast Valuable backstop Earl Battey to Invited To Church News NOW Prompt

the. season. Player barely edging the Baltimore Orioles, Ga. Or Club Hews e n
Minnesota Twins
1f Frazi._ r,. listed the No. San Francisco's Willie managerSam Get Noticesin
Mel lit stated, "if we your RED I IASN
2 in the nation
passer a- 1Is.Y s. Ga. -- The
trade Battey we'd be in to the !
mong small colleges by The 160-pound short- Florida A&l! University --.

,,1 the NIAA, completed 14 stop received a totalof too big a hole for" a Cagers have been invitedto Florida Star ORr
'I front-line catcher.
out of 25 passes fora 209: points to 202 for play in the Georgia By Tues. 4 p.m. FUEL

whopping 257 yards a- Mays. Tommy Davis of Mays Buys Invitational Basketball (earlier if possible)
aI gainstthe Yellow Jacketsof the Dodgers received 175 ornament here Dec. 6-8

Allen. votes and last year's 162. They have a 22- 2323 Moncrief Rd.
$85,000 Home
I Frazier hit Jerry Simmons winner, Frank Robinsonof game schedule, of which
cor. 13th St.
for the game's the Cincinnati Reds 20 are SI AC contests.The 11.614 Oil LN.cf

'SKIH final touchdown, a 75 placed fourth with 164. Togatherness 62-63 squard has MAILING ADDRESS All Seasons Ice & Fuel Co.
BLEACHES SAY FRANCISCO It has six lettennen SSIJ H.wee4*..
yarder and set up the returning >> PO 4-+$II
I P.O. Box 561 J FI
OLD FASHIONED'-! Wildcats' second touchdown Champ Griffith taken San Francisco and from the 1961-62 cham a I., a. -

Pv' on, a, long pass to Willie Mays five yearsto pionship team. Returningare
Curry Carmichael. realize that fabulous forwards Waite Bel-

Bethune-Cookman was in Inks Pict Willie and native Joe lacy James Betterson,

I command after 290 pound Dimaggio are really in and William Sharpe

tightens daNk soots fullback Choo Choo Clapp For Titli Go the same class--conse- Covington; guards Willie

perfect powder churned over from the quently Mays has reportedly Collier; Lewis Smith, ,

base two yard line in the LS VEGAS. Nev. Welterweight purchased an and Herbert Crash am.

second quarter. A 45 Champion Baile $ 85. 000 hone in a Bellamy a 64, 195- .YF y ry

yard run by LaRonnie Griffith of New York, fashionable section of pound senior has been

? Adams set up Cl app' 8 has signed a contract to .the city. the star performer for

plunge.In calling. for a $50. 000 By: this latest gesture, the past two seasons.He .

Manufacturer of Posner'* lerpnor."The Jar with.,the saar- the third quarter guarantee to defend his Willie has let it become is a two-time memberof ,.
title known to all that he is
Cecil McClendon scored against Jorge Fernandez the All-SIAC Tourna-

I You Don't Have to Go tp> Town to Get from 11 yards out. With of Argentine in ready to settle down in ment team. He was namedto .
the score 12-2 following the Las Vegas Convention the like a true San the NCAA Regional i' s ..

Hall Dec. 8. Franciscan despite his salad last spring. ,.,.:..t.
.t ;broke.... loose for two last The fight will be Gri f- love for new york City. Collier, a 5-11. 179-
quarter_ touchdowns First fith's second title defense He still likes New York pound sophomore was an '"
since he won the City and frequently All-State and All-
On Tour Adams ran 36 yards, then
r" '. I Crown from Benny (Kid) spends a few days there. National prep selectee
scored from six yards
'DRUG : P aret.ROYAL That's all be wants while attending Roosebelt
: there. High School two years f
'" ;*-- 0. -
Tour neighbor' hood Drug.Store' ART Here, he has made agu He made the starting
STUDIO' friends in all walks of
ANT five as a froM last
.: -- LOCAL) PAmtS -- 515 DAVIS STREET life and still loves to season; and was voted the 1

shoot a game of poll. "cost outstanding
we Deliver Also Fill All Doctors'Prescriptions
Quality Photographs Bat he also has friendsin fre&man" last year.

the upper strata of Their capture of the
Dixie Pharmacy society, one of his SI AC visitation and

iaytiine, EL 4-1134 closest! friends being tournament titles in the Invites You To Listen To -

1302 Kings Hold at Myrtle Amu Mite Time, EL 5-1122 Jacob Eh en an, presidentof same season set a precedent
Golden Gate National but such stellar
..r "KNIGHT TRAIN"Starting
Plow EL 5-55S7-SI Order Tart Bask.I: players as centers Billy
Willie is now the city's Barnes and Cliff Bridges

'i.' PAY YGUSUI8HT;: mil! m TELEPHONEBillS Pkiti Xmas Cars Early mart Important sports forward Walter Kennedy: At 7:00 p.m. Nightly-i

;.... celebrity--surpassing and guards Ralph Cotmen
AT ODE STORE Vatck for Our Retail tricia DiEaggio, Lefty O'Dou and Melvin Johnson are 1400 WRHC 1400

,as d.others. no longer in the lineup. .

,. ..... ., f ... >-
... .. __.r...,._.. _..:.. 1't' _, '-
-- --:- !V::." c --- -- : ---- '-,.. ...,---.._,.. --"- -.z=- .......::---= ..... -.,.= .",._ .._:- ;;'r.': : ; 1 ..

-- ....
....- ...... 1
; ." 0 ,
/ .

(I I k l

--- -

It t .1 f1Iayes Salutes "Robert Hayes Day" In Rattlers 28 18 Win

r Face Jicksoi I In, OB Classic- Aggies Plena Va. U. TurnsTo

Rattlers' Touchdown Twins Pace _- Two Silos Basketball

2 ; li Coliseum Good Grid SeasonRichmond


AMU To 2nd Undefeated Slate GREENSBORO, N. C. --TheA. one of the, Va.nest-seasons After

and T. College Aggies,
in football (7- 2-0) in
defending GEM basketball
GATOR BOWL Florida in five plays ending with tournament champs, will the past decade Athletic ,
I A&M Rattlers closed out signal caller Charlie then took a handoff up a Director and head Coach
play two ot its home
the middle
for a 55yardTD
Its current football sea- Green's 32-yard scaring Thomas Harris is now focusing
romp. Tullis scored fanes at the Mammoth
son in illustrious style pass to end Herman Dri- his attention on
2-on a keeper. Fla. MIl Greensboro Memorial
befitting national champions ver. Rattler center Walter t the 1962-63 basketballseason
22. Texas Southern 0. Coliseum.
here last Saturday Highsmith blockedthe at Virginia Union
Sensing a break in the Athletic director,
night by coming from be- extra-point. kick. enemy's defenses, the 1 Bill Bell, 'made the announcement University.

hind twice to subdue Fla. A&M 7. Texas Rattlers kept to the that the Ag Last year the Panthers

Texas Southern's Tigers Southern 6. ground grinding out 81- gies will take the floorat had a losing season and

28-13 on the breathtaking The for the first time in
second quarter yards on nine plays with the O Useua againstthe

", prowess of college foot- ended with neither team Hayes scoring on the 490YARD Johnson C. Smith thirteen years did not

1 ball's two fastest backs. being able to hit pay final nine. Final Score, University Bulls on Tues participate in the Annual

Robert Hayes, of Jackson- di rt. CIAA Tournament. This
Fla. A&M 28 Texas
day evening, Jan. 14, and
ville and Robert Fare- Passing Pays Off Southern 18. year, it looks as if the
against the Wlnstou-
more of Tallahassee. Southern again surged Statistics PAlO Tex. Panther basketball squad
Salem Teachers College
The Rattlers host Jackson into the lead in the 1st Downs....... 17 15 M will made up for all that
third canto on almost Rams on Wednesday evening
r State College oft Yds. Rushing. ...333 161 was not done last year
identical passscoringplays SCORING THRUST Dy jax own Robert Hayes in the opening moments of the Jan. 26. Dr. Bell said
Jackson, Mississippi inI Yds. Passing..... 23 177 and will have a good sea-
when Charlie Green Florida ,A. and M. VS Texas Southern Gator Bowl Classic last Abe two .games are being
Saturday night
the .33th annual pro- One thing for sure,
Passes.........2-10 13-21 son.
tossed two TD passed to vided the initial spark for the super thriller-diller'which entertained more 'shifted to larger quar-
I Bowl Classic Dec. 8 in Passes Inter. 67..1 2 Coach Harris has at his
end Warren Williams.The than 20,000 sports fans here. Hayes, "the world's fastest human," added two ters to accommodate
1 Miami. Coincidently, the Southern Fumbles Lost .....0 1 disposal an assistantwho
second more scoring sprees in addition to teammate Bob Parenore TD to the Ratt- expected crowds.
two teams waged in last tally cane on the end ofa Yds. Penalized. ..15 100 pace knows the game as
year's bruising CB spec- 69-yard drive and the Donnybrook Mars Finish lers_ to a 28-18 win over their powerful Texas Southern foe. The remaining home games well as he (Harris) know
are to be played in theA.
tacle with the Rattlers third totalled 63-yards. football. No doubt he is

eking a 14-8 win to re- Both extra point tries Late in the fourth Instructors /ittend Confabwere : let 6F and T. Charles MooreGymnasium. employing this topflight -
( Starting tires
retain their second consecutive failed. Texas Southern quarter, Texas' star MIAMI Two instruc- the two instructors lieutenant to get
18. Fla. A&M 7. have been set for 8:00
small college passer quarterback tors from Gibbs Junior who represented Gibbs at F lt e'Br the best results.
Southern's Green then clock at both locations -
l national grid cro 10.I Charles Green who had. College in St. Petersburg this national meeting. BOB BREWSTER Q. Herman Howard, formallyof

I Before a recordbreaking booted a booming out-of- been a thorn in the Rattlers were !among the more During its initial sessions r 0tJ_ KM,r.'r Hoffman-Boston High
the Rattlers
bounds punt to Vtrrn O.f6..rJ. m The home slate
attendance of some six-yards line side with 13 out than 3.000 teachers who the Council game School in Arlington, Vir-

20.00 attendees earlyin From his 15 quarterbackJim of 21 completions-four attended the National warned that censorship WATCH THE WIGGLEThe also lists: Elizabeth ginia will be Harris' ef

the opening quarter TUllis gave Bob Pare- for four in the first Cornell of Teachers of of school books is in- right places proper never wiggle falls in to the at- City State Teachers Col- flclent lieutenant Justas

when-Hayes, gathered in a more a hand-off with'Rapid' quart er-- for a 177- English Meeting whichwas creasing. Sauing that tract an admiring glance. And lege in the home opener, he (Howard) was during
held on Mimi Beach. fish like fishermen are Just 1
Dec. FayettevilleState
I J punt on FAKU's-10 and Robert scampering yards total was tackledfor "the freedom to read is naturally inclined to take a on ; football season. Howard

raced 90-yards around his ,around his own right end a loss, resulting ina Mrs. Margaret Arnold essential to democracy second look. Teachers College, distinguished himself
and Miss Jewel Merchant, FLsh hate a big disadvantage Dec. 5 Hampton Institute
I own left gor a TD. Charlie to an 85-yard TD. Mc- Donny brook which < the council's board 0 f however for when they fall to ; with superior basketball

McCray's kick was. Cray's kick was ok. Texas lasted 10-minutes before directors adopted as an an enticing movement It's usually 'Dec. 10; Virginia teams winning seasons,

1 good. FAUU 7. Texas Southern 18-Pla. ABA 14. play was resumed. Greens Dodgers Slate official policy statement fatal. And. nay the Mercury State 'College, Jan. 8; and championships whilein
outboard fishing pros, the calculated -
Southern 0. accurate passes produced entitled North Carolina College, Arlington. There isn't
Victory Time a Neducthe motion of an
The fighting Texans immediately all three Texas 81 HOMI Games "Students' Right To artificial lure Is Its moat Important Jan. 19; St. Augustine any reason why he can't
Calvin Perry
I. got right back FAMJ center T D' s. Read" prepared earlier attribute. College, Jan. 31; Shaw bring the same leadershipto
recovered a Cheeks ,fumbleon LOS ANGELES -- The Los While the insides of tackle
into the ball game with this year by a special boxes generally glitter like a University, Feb. 6, the Fanthers this sea-
Southern's 45. Hayes Angeles Dodgers have
tree with plugs of and COl-
This i Ain't i committee.Fullmer. Christmas Norfolk State
scheduled 81-games on every hue and pattern fishdon.t son.Eighteen
i lege, Feb. 12, a new players have
to be too concerned
76 for 1963 at
'Tlrk.y.Wit games ThinksHe with the colorful garnishments.They comer to the A. and T. come out for the team.
: 1 Dodger .Catcher '. Chavez Ravine Vice- fall Instead. to a lure's schedule.On .
however, will be primarily -
I President and General
Tkf the road the A.and T.Aggies newcomers. Lettermen -
Tvrktys'LAKE Manager E.J. (Buzzie) Can Whip
f t Files Suit Bavasi announced. will play: Saint returning will be B

CITY TWO domestic Playing Ruled Augustine College, Dec. 'Lawrence 6' 1" '-SJpmmoreC.
Fifty-nine of the contests -
turkey were Dick TigerSALT 15; Fayetteville State Maddox 6' 2" -Sophqmo -

checked at hunt head- will be night Oat For Davis Teachers College, Jan. re, P. Smith, 6'2"

r quarters of the Lake games. LAKE CITY Dis- 11; Shaw University) Jan. Junior. A. Smith, 6'3"-
Butler Wildlife The Dodgers will open posing rumor that he
Management -
, College
12 Virginia state -
; Juniorand M. Willingham
their '63 season on the CLEVELAND 0. -- It was .
Area on opening day was contemplating retiring
reported this week that Jan. 17; JohnsonC. 6' -Sophomore. These
road and will play
of the hunting! season thp.irfirst from ,ring activities -
Smith university, men will constitute the
Ernie Davis, who was obtained -
home Tuesday,
game former middleweight -
according to Lovett Feb. 2 North Carolina
; experienced ball handlingfor
from the Washington -
16 against
night, April
Williams, Regional MIdlife champion Gene Redskins by the College, Feb. 9; Winston; the predominately H
I the Chicago Cubs.
< Biologist. Game and Fullmer said he had
Clevelmd Broms under a Salem Teachers College, freshman teams.Promising .
Fresh Water Fish freshmen include
touting si gl ed three-year $8Q000a ; -

mission.One would seek a return year contract will be College, Feb. 20; Hampton A. Beard 6' 10" ,

was a 22 pound Opens Oitlook! title match with newly playing no football for institute, Feb. 22, and G. Fowler, 5' 1l' L.
; flbrld Association -
young gobbler the otbea crowned Cleveland during the Elizabeth City State Hall, 6'4", E. Hatcher

13 pound young hen. Middle weight current season.It Teachers College, Feb. 6' '" R. Kelly 5'9" .
,Said Pleasing champion Dick Tiger of
Both turkey were about was disclosed during 23. L. Moye 6'5" A. fiuttl

twice the weight of wild Nigeria. 6'2' Henry Watts S'II"
early summer trainingthat
LIKE CITY The Addsrley (tens
Fullmer's Marv
turkey of similar age. manager
mated kill of deer and Davis was sufferingfrom W. Wilson 5'11"arid
Jenson said the return
.he biologist checked a slight case of C. Robinson, 6'
turkey in the wildlife
the feathers collectedfrom management areas in bout will be held sometime 1 ukemi a. He received 103-Yds For TD The Panthers face

the turkey by wildlife next February
twenty-two game season
treatment and was later
--i officers and, said Northeast Florida for either at Las Nev. or GREEN BAY, Wis. Cham- and will open with haap-
the first two days of released by hospital.
they were definitelyfrom Bozeman. Mont. with pion Green Bay Packers, ton Institute at home,

THIS IS IT! L. A. Dodger catcher John Roseboro domestic stock. the 1962-63 hunting season each fighter receiving physicians. halfback Herb Add er1 ey Friday Dec. 1t 8 p.m

( center), shows his attorneys Albert W. Jones, are as follows : 30 percent 0 f the gate i Union's may one of the year's
( left) and Leo Branton Jr.. the defective mask Gollimor Slated receipts television and longest kick-off returns
Deer Honors For White
, which cause him a facial injury during a Dodger Turkey anciliary rights. 1962-63 last Sunday week when he
KMC Aucilla ,23 6
game last April. For Surgery Tiger gave Fullmer a threaded his way 1.03
Camp Blanding 22 29 St.. Louis -- First
E bad beating in winningthe Basketball Slate yards to a td against
CHICAGO Outstanding Gulf Hammock 39 16 baseman Bill White of the
15-round title match
the ,Baltimore Colts.:
t Chicago Bears' back Osceola 21 3 last Oct. 23 in San Dec. 1 Hoapton Inst.-Hone The at-that-tlme unde- St. Louis Cardinals, re

Willie Gallimore, for Steinharchee 29 18 Francisco's CandlestickPark. 3 J.C. aaithr---Home deated Packers droppedthe ceived the 'Kan of the

Florida AUf University Lake Butler 14 7 5 St. Faul's Co.. Tear" award from the
.. Colts 17-13 in one of
t luminary who was sidelined According to C.N. Cly- Fullmer, however, believes 12 St. P. Col.---Home the season's do-or-die, St. Louis chapter of

: with knee, more Northeast_ Regional 14 W.-Salem. ---"Home Frontiers International.
A a injury he had "a bad tussles %. :._._;. .
y recently will undergoan Manager 'of ,the Game and night against Tiger and Jan. 4 N.C. Col. '--Home ..

4 +r off season operation Fresh Water Fish Comm now feels that I can 5 M.S. Col.---Away

it was announced.The ssion, hunters are 11 Vir. State Col..
' beat Tiger" and 1 can "MORE POWER TO YOU !I"
Bears had been pleased. with this sea- never feel at ease untilI Away

hoping that the injuryto son's game population and that I can." 12 N.C. Col. ----Away

,: ; F Gallimore which was are enjoyisg the excel prove 18 }faryl and So e.-Home FACTORY FRESH

sustained during the lent hunting these wildlife TURKEY DAY 26 St. Augustine-Awsy

fj season's second game management areas 28 Winston-S.-----Away Elgin 4-4508

with Los Angeles would afford. These areas are Scores 29 J.C. Saith-----Away.

heal, thus permitting designed to assure the Feb. Norfolk Div.---Home AUTOMOTIVE MARINE DIESEL

Willie to give the team public of a place to HIGH SCHOOL 2 E1 12:. City .... Away

the punch which it so hunt. Aa extensive game CHAMPIONSHIP 4 Norfbld Div...Away SOUTHWAY

sorely lacks. management program plus Stanton 2 -Gilbert 5 Hampton St.--Away;

Willie tried to get thorough law enforcement 13 8 V. State eol.:-Ho.e BATTERY MFG. CORP. .

I II. back into the lineup is practiced in order to COLLEGE 13 Eliz. C1 ty.----HaleD : ,FOOT OF WEST ADAMS. : '

but the EWC College--Morris : M. State Col. -Away f.. r.
injury was considered establish an ample game \ . 0
.a, too serious. population. There are 22 St. Aigustine--Hoae

k Last year, Gallimore over 679.000 acres of Clark 34--Morris 14 26 Morgan! St. Co It Home

reach his peak with the public hunting territoryin Ft. Valley 23. .
Bears when he rushed for the Commission's Albany St. 0

: 707 yards, gaining 502 Northeast Florida Wild- ffiley 20.... Dillard 6 LOOK! A Clink Weekend Pithy Plant

more on pass intercep- life Maaagem. t areas. Sava. St. 40-Paine 0

f tions. He was feared r
a game-breaking runner WHEN YOU ARE ILL For the TIME of your liFE. .

We Are Now throughout the National make HOW for the.
plans .
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i 3 anytime Friday December 7Ul/ltm anytime Sunday DecerabeHthper
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1 -' ._. ._ ._'. "
I -- ------- -- ---=-- __:.:_ :_ '::_ ; :; ._' -"r':: :

'" ._- --
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':'"') ,"'). '. '' ) -'- -. f' VHK I ;i.L )
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?: ; ,

i CHIPS OFF THE BLOCKS > : '" Han Died From Natural Causes Duval sick man Medical was Center.taken to J..

Mack Glover 49, of on the floor, police tried to get him up, but While the attendantswere

By "Jay jay" : 1312 Madison Street said. being unable to dd so wheeling him out of I

;passing,, was pronounced They were told by aMiss called police. An ambulance the ambulance at Duval
The' "Spirit of the Alamo" was in evidence on party to their house. They kept p. C. Colington ot'the i
as a natural death at
Orthage Washingtonthat was, called and the Medical Center, he died.
the. green. S' .turf of the Gator Bowl Saturday night as A. and H. PRO staff on the fence defending the ,_ buval Medical Center Mack Glover had .
a thin trey line of gallant Texans were beaten down officiating all night. D. C. end Chuck Smith,-the Sat. 8 ,
; last Tuesday, police re- come to the house and p.m., Dec. 8th MIAMI ORANGE'BOWL
by ,sheer force. The Texans ,caught the fancy of the .
head drum beater at PAHU did their usual good Job. ported. said he did not feel

record crowd and many loyal Floridians found themselves Friday night the newly formed Northwest Jacksonville ., ,Police car 21. received good and that he was
cheering the warriors from the Lone Star
Business Group played host to the visi- a call from 1312 Madison going to lie down for a .
State. In the end, however: the grey line gave way tors. A highlight of the evening was the presen- Street to check on a mm while. Miss Washingtonsaid
before the orange and Green tidal wave with the who had fallen from a ; 36th ANNUAL
tation of Hon. Louis Ritter, Comxlssioner Highways he sat in a chair
twin repiers in the persons of parremore and Hayes. arrived
chair When they
for the City of Jacksonville. The Commissioner arid fell to the floor.
ThE post nortess on the gaae boiled down to three
found Glover lying
was warmly applauded and hailed by some as "our they. Hiss! Glover said she
facts. (1) Florida had too much depth, (2) We are next "
mayor. Also in attendance by special invi-
not in a position to pass Judgement ,on the fair- tation 1 D
were many precinct committeemen and women ---------- :
I -
---- -
ness, hut calls of the officials resulted in (3) from -----
various sections of torn. The gridiron ,
the Texas coach losing his "cool" and in effect aspectand New PLUS!
setting was'almost overshadowed by the political Something
causing his boys to lose, steam. The fans went implications. Tie Famou *
away happy and felt that they had gotten their Junius Bowman of the local Urban League left the Has Been
coney's wortb. \Ie are happy however that Jackson- city Sunday morning to assume new duties in Denver, Added To / 132 Piec vs.

ville sports fans proved to the FAIl group that ifa Colorado. We wish him much success in his new MARCHINGBAND JACKSONSTATE

real opponent is brought to'this town, we will position.- It, is understood that the National Leagueis

support the game. Tis rumored f ,that the net on this going to set up .a ful, staff of four personsin of Miss.
game surpassed the net of the famed Orange Blossoa Jacksonville 1n the near future. W TK CUll Of Till YWI
Classic. The only kick we heard about the annual urban [And* roi
ORCHIDS AND ONIONS: Orchids to lions alee Davis anda League Guild Show was that they started late. /Stat\In Jackson State's

few other PAMU alumni association member They Otherwise, all persons gave praise to the "Simon I Marching Band
should be complimented for a Job well done. Mon- Pures who banded together support this worthy "

salee'Ts, tired but he can rest assured that he did cause.
his part. in the forefront with him were Chester Congrats to Hattie DeVoux of the Edgewood Lounge. Drive Liquors

Cowart, W. D. Sweet, Claude Hilliard, and a hand- She kept her..cool Saturday night and refused to North Travel Bureau Mary Elizabeth Hotel
ful of loyal Rattlers. admit many of the youngsters: who attempted to 1104 NW 3rd Avenue 642 NW\ 2nd Avenue
5668 Ave B Phone PO. 4-028?
Orchids to Jake Gaither and his staff along with a enter the Lounge unless they could prove that they

couple ot trainers. When a fight threatened on the were of the legal age. Tis a pity that many of the Community Drug Store Grand Drug Store
field, a husky player threw a little trainer to in-town business places will not follow suit. Ne w Beautiful Ballroom 6750 NK 15th Avenue 3640 Grand Avenue

the ground when he tried to prevent his Joining in Several months ago I predicted that a 600 block Available At No Cost Also at

a: wild melee. Jake himself could hardly stop sev- drinkery would explode. Sure enough, the combina- U. of Miami Ticket Offices Downtown office, 228
eral'of the bench warmers who-hastened for some tion of tender ages, strong drink etc. ended in a <;; Make Your Reservations Early SR 1st St. Hotel Accomodations Available at Mian,

action. hail of bullets with five wounded. Luckily no one Beach and Miami Hotels.

Onions to all of the FAMUEANS who stuck out their died. "B.B." King, manager of Manuel is recover- ------ ------ ------ Special rates to OB Classic fans

chests and let a few do the work.Some of these same ing in a local hosplt J. ..

persons displayed more loyalty to a similar causea Our main man Willie Bullard is still confinwl 1 to

few weeks ago than they did to their own Alma Brewster Hospital. Friends are asked tu drop old DGEWOOD AVE DriveIn Super Market
Mater. "Brer Bullanlf, a card or a line. He is mending
Onions to the FAMU players who dished it out but fM t..

could not take it. Several,of the Rattlers including News of the week hinges around.Essie KcCr J"s'

super stars Hayes and parremore displayed poor marriage. Yep she has done it. The lucky boy is ,
when they slipped or were tackled I k Z 'j, 7 } + '0'1 r 1lH
sportsmanship fro Miami and it happened over the week-cnd.
when they thought they had a clear field. Some officials Bride and groom are happy vLile the town is gettingits
would have penalized the super stars when breath.

they showed their testers when stopped. A1gie'Barnett had to take his madam home last I H hi

Onions to those who insisted that a "white man" week. Sorry to hear that she is ailing. Business !

could do the public relations for the game better forced the EWC business manager to hurry back i .
24 hours I Open
that several local rE
than anyone else. The agency from Atlanta.EWC .
persons boosted to high heavens did such a poor is hot on the trail of its second conference service SUPER MA iKE1
Job that everyone in the Alumni group disowns championship. if the Tigers defeat Claflin Saturday Sunday t't'a

knowledge of how he was given the contract or why. night, they are a shoo-in for honors... will be a day
It was also proven that FAMU should concentrate on fitting climax for Jack Paul's first season as a !!

the Negro market when coming into North Florida.. college coach.

ORCHIDS AND DOUBLE ORCHIJ6> to the FAMU Band The r::>" ... .
band gave a superlative lerformance on the field Polict Report I ;,. :- -. ="! :1
,. .
but gave its best perf amance in the stands. When Common-Law Wife drove onto the expressway .l: I

the team was two touchdowns behind and the crowdwas Reports Being Cut and tried to make her

silent, it was. the band that kept cheering and By Mate wreck the car by hittinga
provided the inspiration for the team. They per- bridge.

formed like the famed Army Cadet Corp during a Cora Mae Adams, 32, of She also stated the boyfriend

game. 414 Lee Street received stabbed her in Edgiwood Ave. & Clevelald Rd. .
The town was loaded with visitors. Bobby Lang came left !
injuries last Sunday dur- the right arm,
in from FAMU High as did almost every member of '
ing a'fight, police re- arm and left hand. She
the FAMU staff and student: body. perry Hughes cane to Duval'Medi-'
ported. was
up from Melbourne and wanted to know why is it The 32-year-old woman ca1 Center for treatment. Free Delivery Phone PO S 9494
smaller Duval Schools shied
County away
that the
said she and her common- Patrolmen M. Newsom and I

from games with ,him. Coach Smith from Cocoa was law husband, Walter 'hinder A.- 'Griss CD investigated. v-- --. -.- -----. --. --. .-'__ -. -. -. "'-':::" .- .....;;...... .- ..:...... ':-:. .....:..:... -. -. '-.
Anders, Ellis ... - - y
along with Perry. Richard George 54 had an argument .........S..S. -
,and tie Grahams from White Springs were among the about another man. She 'POPEYE" ACCUSED
West Florida group in town. this BY LOCAL M/N I GRADE 'A' STEWIHGHENS
said it was during HOG LEAN BRISKET
The annual "press Conference" was held at the argument that he cut her. Frank Dixon. 49, of 19" 39" 316s.
Fiesta Motel Saturday afternoon The gentlemen of The razor slashed victimwas 2062 W. First Street i I HASLETS
the press and their friends were guests of the taken to Duval Medi- told police he was attacked STEW
White, Garnett and all of known .ID. 9ge
FAMU PRO staff. Ike joe cal Center where she was by man as .Ib.
the boys helped to make the, conference a success.I Dr. uantell. Yopeye: Joe last _
by I
dare soy that the conference was the most En- Wedn esday. Fresh' ARMOUR PURE PORK '
Patrolmen W. Wigginsand I 0' LEAH WHITE
joyable part of the week-end according to some of Dixon stated that he 49C
inv 39C
.M. L. Massey s-
our constituents. was walking down Beave CK

After the game planned and unplanned parties tigated..1.11..1...... Street whm a man knows, IhB&NES Sausage BACO b.35

sprang up all over town. Veta Bowman took the cake. as "Topeye" Joe stepped 1 Ib. roll :,
The lady cooked all day Saturday and took a nap otrt and cut: him with
Wooan AccussesBoy
while waiting on her guests yep, you guessed it, something. He said he -,- \
she overslept and there was no party. Alvvria and Friend ofMistreatment did not know what he was GRADE 'A' TOMTURKEYS 0 'LARGE BAKING I GRADE 'A'

johnny Davis "stole" someelses guests-- and took .a' cut with nor did he know 2 i 3% 5C.
A 24-year-old woman was the address of his as- :
s ai 11 ant.Patrolmen., uE&/c
treated for wounds"' received Ib.
H.C. Johnson! Ib.
TIE SD gtN'S S ROES T& FIIEST during an argument and W.R. Geiger said! Ib. .
last Sunday, police re- l
Medical Center Emergency
Miss Elmira schuler, of 99t l
Boom for treatment. They 4ge 59C
4412 Moncrief Road stated
oS-kissi aS 'atty.CakeT..alill. that her' bey friend, Mack said they were unable to BACON SAUSAGE LIVER
get any details on 16.
Dowdell 31, of 1325 W. Ib. 3 Ibs. I
Coat Mild
trCatM r Fopeye" Joe. The injured or ,
24th Street came to her .
S :r6 Brink & Net Fr.. 14 Ilc..sHII' house and forced her into Duval Medical-man was Center.left at! MEDIUM Center Cut First Cit
his car. Shortly after 25! 6ge 39c
'V .. .. NECK Ib. PORK
II T'0 lit 31 Ilc'es nn-rlAll: forced her toSTRAND


AND DRINK WEY 119 1111I ST. .IM El 4.1111 J4i'll'I MITE IF EVIL" Meiien 5C LARGE ROE Solid QoartersIb.
oou 19C

art i MULLET 7 ''MULL.Efi'.b. OLEO 21CIG
hill HARVEST" .



-.. lb.BUTTER C




'.. "LIST n' HI". j wllb S5.0Q feed

.' NOTE .. .OUR sum MADE ANOTHtft 1M NrtCHAH -..

$6 ,- WHi "-JH1ft 1iI Stye.SM ,
e '* .. ,
: <;: 0- SIt.

HAMES MAlE T'.L"' :fN"I I e''II"! ... Fnsb
'f !


'.f Ib .Ib.

_. ., /A .. .. ;ir1 L '- ,
l- '
.gt :
: ar rr-=--<:';= -, "- .... -- -- ._- ---- Jtfcl---->*-:--, I