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1156351 F20090413_AABBIM 00424.jpg 38c432980d2577baea97a8826b2c1e2317e3c02448eb7edbce20480660d628bd2e5825bb
22128 F20090413_AABBLI UF00028362_00638.mets f2aaf6bd1773e06239de8bccc390397a65592f93f62af98a918aef44bdbc44a8d825f3fa
127933 F20090413_AABBIN 00424.QC.jpg b9b48ca127037d24faa989f5afbd7308f0f8ab0e0aa2a5ccfc5b5a0c836047f077c0b010

xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200638datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date November 24, 1962dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006380740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
November 24, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
November 24, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
-- -- ... _- : ._ .
-- ;
: '
Y I : 1I 1

;'II.I rFB: \ J: olice Hunt Principals In Ashley St. Gang 'RumblffII. :'- :;: '

:*************** *************** **************. .


! -


t\ *************_** _

. ;' : : FLOW DA. STAR S tunlay Proclaimed 'teRobert Hayes Day"

VOL I2-H8.: 34 SATIIIAY MIVEM1EI 24, 1SS2 15 CENTS kJJOr. Of'World' Fastest Human"

1- .. .' 1- ___ __ __

BOXERS DENIED NAACP.1' "T1'T1'TTYT Protists Swfs 'Greats' Will o Spirit Classic Here Jaxoi- ..Jailed Ii

$ School Mans 4 r For estigotioR

I registered NAACP lawyers objection this week to Of Wif&S Death

F. RIGHTS the plans for desegregation 'i.w4a.
OURNAMENT of public schools Robert Jones,, of 1437 .
Lee Street. is being held
in Duval, Volusia and
F. in city jail for homi-
i ., . -_ Olillsborough! ,counties and I IQX

,i j \t i11| liif i Exicitivt".Says"Order Sufc-Novie. Clissts, Policy Gym 'filed-13WD. proposals counter Integration of their- Mrs.the cide death Elizabeth Investigation of his Council wife in, .'.1,;''

DI\ IICOIM I. Effective Aviilibk To Whites Only4l f Attorneys for the Negro. Jones.
i ; Jnlaintiffs contend the E Y f.f MW Louis William Jones,

{. 4l NGTON--President Kennedy's long-as An insidious system of racial segregation *4 school board plans do brother of the suspect .
said the latter tohi's
came .
1 L---, waited executive order banning racial and as presently conducted by the Jax Depart- ,4Cnot provide for the ',
house about 7:30 or
religious discrimination in federally financed ment of Recreation was uncovered hereWed-*! initiation, by the I
'. ". housing was signed Tuesday. The historic nesday when the STAR learned that Negro *'-school boards, of the 8 a.m. last Saturday and

t, order Includes elimination of racial amateur boxers were being denied full participation 2 desegregation of all told him he and Elizabethhad

) ::1 discrimination in government loans,mortgage in the Florida AAU bouts although -..-,:l students presently at- a fight the night
J elementary.schools before but he didn'tknow
insurance and guarantees. funds for underwriting the tourna- tending
i ._ .. but puts the whether she was,
ment is derived from city tax funds. ,-.
t t Keeps pre-ElectIon promise INTERNATIONALLY known sports figures Hall ,.'
r i r burde? upon Negro pupils ."
During the 1960 presi- 4 Mil Shot; in the sub-novice classes ; land parents to apply for of Famer Alonzo S. (Jake) Gaither (right) :,::1"

dential campaign, the which consists of untried admission to white the winningest coach in the nation's foot- ,
enter when
President criticized 3 Art Stibiid boxers pitting the Florida AAU they enter schools. ball history, and mastermind of the Florida {',
President Dwight D. their skills against tourney The NAACP pointed out A. and M. Rattlers, and Jax' own Robert ,
boxers ...".,
EIsenhower for not having 'GuiM Fifht similar opponents, it, against from the that the delay until Hayes, the 'world1 fastest human," --he1 s I

issued the orderhe was discovered that there armed services local opponents ; next September for the ,co-holder of the world's 100-Yard Dash

Kennedy) saying.. "it are no provisions for and fighters initiation of the integration record--will highlight resumption of the Y? I,
could have been done Scenes from television s from other areas. Classic here I
Negro participants.It plans is not Gateway Saturday night in the
with stroke of the dramatic series "TheUntouchables" As far as could be 'Gator Bowl between the national
> a is in the sub-novice essential, and they champion
learned, the Recreation
E pen." came to classes that amateur could be launched much Rattlers and their season's strongest foe,
When asked why he took life'Tuesday night along Department has made no the
boxers receive the sooner. Texas Southern Tigers of HoustonTexas.Mayor .

4 so long' to sign the order Jacksonville... famed necessary basic funda- provisions for a gym- The school board's Commissioner Haydon Burns has pro- --i j
Ashley Street when fights nasium for Negroes. The I.
the President replied ;; mentals in the art of plans to desegregate one claimed Saturday as "Robert Hayes Day. "
broke out between two only one available is a ROBERT JONES i
that he felt this self defense. The wing-footed local product will be cited
grade each
leaving four men ,privately owned gym whichis dead or not. r!
was the best time for However, there are no wjjth during festive halftime ceremonies.FAMU '
ning pupils regis- said he ,went I
shot and three others operated by a well- Louis Jones
the to be made.
reported for ( Public Deletions: Photo
stabbed.. programs known local boxing tering for the first with his bxother to his
He, went on to say .training sub-nov ic(- grade next September.alsowers -
"; h miclde'Detectiv8'SitS. t, ; i.. Jax home at 1437 Lee Street
"some i the fe rhaTe City boxers at the 'F *..'<": "attacked' not Negroes' Rights UpheldTo I
been K. 0. Helsabeck, Thus, when boxing fans as and examined the woman
con Touchton and A. it is strictly attending the annual AAU D 'providing any means and found that she was fI
cerning the antidiscrimi- G. H. ; L. an all-white program whereby the plaintiff Play On Golf (Courses said 11
dead. Louis Jones
matches here inclined
identified the are -
nation move, adding. his only. r
pupils who brought the
decision "was sound con- victims In the bar as: The STAR followed up to think that the school integration suits The U.S. Supreme Court this week upheld an he left-. his brother'sMRS.ELIZABETH 1,
Edward Lionel King, 23, tourney is fully integrated ,
stitutional policy." its lead by telephoning may obtain a desegregated appellate court ruling that it is illegalto

Some observers felt the of 4609 Moncrief Village, one of the Department's when one sees education, under the one- exclude Negroes from Brentwood and Hyde
manager of\the bar;George Negro and white fighters Park and
president might have officials who deftly grade-a-year integration golf courses, once again knocked ;
signed the order in 1961 Melvin Mitchell, 18, of side-stepped the re- pitting their skills against proposal. down persistent but almost futile effortsof

but postponement was believed 1560 I. 17th St. ; Ellis porter's lead Questionon one another in Such a proposal, the segregationist city officials to bar
Young, 18, .of 927 Hogan the open and more advanced .
due to much needed whether Negro boxers NAACP said, would mean Jacksonville Negro citizens from using
St.; Wilbert t Ford, 20, classes. tax
support from Southern were.training at the that supported recreational facilities..
no Negro presently
But this isn't true. C
of 72914 W. Beaver St. and 4 i tIn
members of
Congress whose police Academy by sayinghe attending school in the The courses were declared -
aid he needed in vital Ralph II. Flemming, 19, wasn' t sure what the The most Important class three counties involved surplus by the the sale agreement,

legislative issues.in of 2117 Venus St. situation at the academywas. for inexperienced Negro would ever be given an city in 1959 when efforts a reverter clause was

his first new con- Police said witnesses boxers is the sub-novice opportunity of attendinga ,were made to desegregate included providing that .e

ference since the Cuban told them the shooting .It is a known fact that division where the boxeris biracial school. them. The the properties be returned -
Crisis, the President in started when four men schooled in the basic to the city if
Negro boxers face--on the The integration plans properties were sold to
outlining the order said began beating.another in. average--far more experienced fundamentals which are offered by the NAACP call private operators, who they ceased to be used C. JONES
it would apply to: the rear of a bar and fighters in so very important in a continued the segrega- for golf courses.
for the school boards of .Beaten to Death By; Mate?
1. ,Low rent public the victim pulled a the open classes whichis fighter s gradual ;education the three counties, within tion policy.The The Hyde park Golf home and walked up to
housing for low-income pistol. Two of the stab- their lowest partici- in accepted training 60 days after the city had hoped to Course was sold to Fred Fourth and.DaVis Streets

families subsidized by bings occurred two blocks pating level they can standards. court rules on the plan, perpetuate its segrega- A. Ghioto for the sum of and called lolice. po-

the federal government. away about 10 minutes ******** Bus ServiceFans to tion policy by the ruse $615,000 with a $15,000 licesent the body to

2. Housing, including after the shooting atManuel's Medical Center except planning on attending 1. Submit to the court of transferring the down payment and a '40- Duval Medical Center 1,

college dormitories and Tap Room, at Flemming and Robinson, the FAMU-Texas maps showing the attendance courses to private par- year note with annual where it was pronounced 0 1

homes for the elderly 628 W. Ashley St. who were treated and re- in the areas of each ties. payments of 34966. dead by Dr. A. V. Mallea

constructed with federal King told police he leased.Those hospitalizedare Southern Bowl game Saturday elementary schoolwithout in ruling in the case, The Brentwood Golf at 1045 a.m.Unconfirmed.

funds. heard a commotion in the listed in serious night Gator and who don't: wish regard to race or coloror the U.S. Court of Appealsfor Course was sold to Roland reportssay

3. Housing in urban rear of the bar at 9:30 condition. with the the previous racial the 5th Circuit at Hurley for the sum of the victim was beatento
renewal projects financed p.m. and went to in- police are still searching overflow to auto traffic composition of the New Orleans said the new $600,000 with a $10,000 death with a bed slat.

by federal funds. vestigate. As he drew for the principalsin will have bus service school. owners became agents of down payment and a 37- The investigation was

4. Single family and near, he was shot under the outbreak. available to and from 2. Require each child to the state by the terms of year note with annual conducted by Det. Sgts.
apartment housing with the left eye. the sale agreement and payments of 35285.
IBS the the NorthwestJax attend the school located W. C. Barber, P. A.
mortgagee insured by the All the injured. were JACKSONVILLE URBAN LEAGUE game Business Association in the attendancearea therefore could not exclude The first annual pay Gruber, police Sgt.
Federal Housing Adminis admitted to the Duval Negroes from the ments on the propertiesare
NEEDS: TOUR HOP announced. in which he resides. Beamon Kendall and patrolmen -
tration. SEND $ 1.00 TODAY 3. Avoid all racial con- courses. not due until the. Jesse Jackson

Hower-er, it was stated siderations in requestsfor first of the year. and E. Jetfersoi' .
that sales by individuals Jax Coed Reigns As "Miss FAMU"HER transfers from one Court Orders < -o--' r- '-' ? !
of their homes would not I L I
school to another.
Reiisfratton __ Rr ., .,.
become applicable to the 4. permit the plaintiff I

t order. students who brought the MONTGOMERY, Al a. J.,.";; I
: 2 Admit Thft integration' suits to attend Federal Judge Prank II. ,
the school nearest Johnson Jr. gave Montgomery -

Of lowlim Pits their residences. County registrar ..,
5. Submit, prior to 20-days in which to add ,.: n
Jan. 1, 1964, further 1100 Negroes to Alabaarfs i\\
Intensive+ investigation plans for the desegregation permanent voter list

on the part of DetectiveWillie of all grades above 'Tuesday it has been re

Weston and Wil- the elementary grades, ported..
liam Ford, resulted to be effective with the. The ruling involves the

Tuesday in the arrest of r.a year 196465. largest number of Negro

two men cod recovery of w 6. Establish, within 30 applicants placed on

20-boxes of new bowling days after the court the state's voter lists I

valued at $1.080 which rules upon the NAACP since the recent launching -
had been stolen from plan, a central personnel of a Justice Department ; -

continental Bowling office where all pro- crackdoic. ji i j f
Lanes Nov. 16. ; fessional personnel ******** !

Admitting theft of the shall seek employment, for which they are Qualified -

pins from Continental '-' beginning in September without regard for PROMINENT in local civic-social circles for

where tbes had been -- ",4'' :- 1963, and file applications race or color or the the past six years, junius Bowman, (right)
ployed as janitors were '..... .,. '1. for employment. NO racial composition of Executive Secretary of the JacksonvilleUrban
'" f
John High tower. 26, of application or employment the school. League announced acceptance of an !

623 W. Church St. and MAJESTY AND ATTEND ANTS--Miss Gwendolyn Clark (center) a senior form shall requirethe The judge's order calling associate directorship of the urban Leagueof

Earl Brown H, of 6822 biology major from Jacksonville, won the coveted Miss FAMU" for applicant to state for the hearing on Colorado which is an overall state

Rhode Xsl x4 Drive.The 1962 honors and will be hostess during the festive noontime parade his race, or attach a the school board integration operation. Jar. Bowman reports to his new

two Ben said they here Saturday and during the colorful halftime ceremonies Saturday photograph, and each plans Monday allows position on> D ec. 1. Dr. W. H. Schell, UL

sold the pins at a men, night in the Gator Biwl. Miss Clark s attendants are recently dis- applicant shall be con- an hour and a half board chairman, announced that James Steeley -

reduced price to 00they covered Broadway singer Cochita Clark (left) Junior attendnat sidered for vacancies for arguments on each of (left) a board member, will assume the

bowling -alley in the and Hiss Geneva Knowles, Deenfield Beach, sophomore attendant. wherever they occur and them, beginning with the post of Acting Secretary of the local-

city (FAMU Public Relations Photo) Duval plan at 9:30 .... agency on NOV.,, 26th. I

-.-, ,,- ...._ J....:... .;: .-:;. $' ;i43i:4.4.:. .--- ...... ..u.'A- '-" ..... ,._10< .-.a*-- .... -.rr. "::*.'_.:.. "- ;. ...-...._ -', H _-. .' -r.- "_ _"' s_. .. 'IC';. .. .. 'Fr -..-.;:_._. --..r.-' !- ,.

,_._ -........ ." ..,.. ------ ... -,-.-... -.........-..- -- <
-- -- ----- -
n.v :

,t !A2 'J -- ) FLKASTU : ; SATURDAY NOVEMBER 24, 1S52!

I' ....

I NEWS f t: \ n t
, : i 01111CS U5UAlt.I
-----. t ,AS .

\ published. by the Florid Star publishing co. (
t 'teber of Associated Hem neB"I ,J 1
I ;: ,, !1

I' ERIC 0. uHiMPH .... ..I.lliI, F HiJflYSeN a f fI' I .,..4IIII I ,

.: L WBL........ Pfcf$ Eft* '
oJt -, 'j. : --- 'The Negro Is still. too often roundIn
HILDA WOOTEH CM* :;..;. '.f' ; the broom and bucket brigade instead
) .__.. .. ..tf. ,.-I-. ,
1 4 ; / Mr of in skilled "
.r.w :: Jobs Arthur
\ A. Chapin,
J!I. ; MAIN flfflCE & PUNT. : ';. ..._. ..t!. ,....... Special Assistant to the Secretary of Labor I
for Equal Employment Opportunities said
' 2323..HdRrhf Road__!**** ELti. 44782 El tt7BANrtss 'f&:j: ,
:.t._ ; ,..... .- "..... .----i; recently when he spoke before. the Atlantic
I ... ._-.- 1____ City Federated Club.

_. : This is so, "even where significant_ achievements -

7 ','.'. P. O. BnSEIJatksMirt J 1 FWfa 4. Mn'+d I have been made toward the goal
of equal "
opportunity, said
,, Chap in. ..
SUBSCRIPTION RATES; -- He outlined the progress that is being

made in the field of equal employment op-
\ One Tear 6.00 Hall Tear 4.00 ," portunities for Negroes, particularly in

"Vailed'to' You Anywhere in the united States :: the system of Federal-State Employment Of-

.Subscription payable in Advance fices. He told the meeting, "that in less

Send Check or Money order to: than two years, the public employment offices -

"- ..... tA in Miami. Florida;Knoxville. Tennessee.
.L.r -
FLORIDA STAR P. 0. BOX 561 '" "."-,,.
: .11
I ;: and, Atlanta
Jacksonville 1, Florida ;M(" Georgia..a l of which were
t formerly segregated, are now servicing all

( applicants without regard, to race, creedor
i.:> .
:: : : SEGREGATIONISTS' r color. .

He added that the u. S: Employment Service -

'NEW RESISTANCE' MUST BE s efforts to eliminate discrimination

in employment also includes cooperation '

MET BY 'NEW with officials of State Municipal, and
County agencies that are responsible for

7 WITH each "summit meeting" between white tice laws. ,

,i and Negro leaders here in Jacksonville, I .'. '. ., Chapin also quoted figures showing that i
' the New Resistance of the cleantothemarrow since,1961, while tote J Federal ,employment
segregationists is becoming more : has increased. >Y on1 YL3; ; ,per .cent, Negro

apparent. The ,New Resistance is, in effect Your 7t.T< employment in government agencies and departments -
an. -attempt to cloud issues and buy has increased. 3.6 percent. :
. time.. :-c He pointed out that, 'Although the Negro

REPEATEDLY, since the explosive August of ?7> has made rapid improvements in his fund

\ 1960white leaders have availed themselvesto Horoscope Guide : mental living standards and in every phaseof

meet with representatives of the Negro his daily life, and made them faster

press, the Urban League, the NAACP and than most groups in the same short span

prominent civic and religious leaders, of 100 yearswe still find a large segmentof

ostensibly in a sincere attempt to iron out By PABLO Tht ASTROLOGER the Negro population being f "

the kinks in the troublesome racial customsof deprived economically and so-
this area.EXHAUSTING WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY cially. This deprivation of so '

hours of discussions have been BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL large a segment. of the population t., ', ,

( carried on in the past two years revolving -- '.' ," said Chapin has had f
around the ,whole vast problem of desegregation r an adverse effect 'upon nrir 'no... ,
-- ------ --- -
.and the specific areas of this social ARIES you may have felt with come rather acute. If you may have to render S

thorn such as equal employment opportunities Born March 21st thru your present occupation you have been rather indiscreet some sort of accounting He cited, as other evidencesof 2i"tion.

in Jacksonville businesses, April 19th could reach the boiling with your diet, and revise your concep discrimination in employ- i

ri equal opportunities in the area of Civil point during this last you may expect discom- tions. ment, the rate of unemploymentamong
Service employment and the myriad other 11 looks as if the Quarter. But instead of forts as a result. Thereis 4-70-77-18-82-471 Negroes, which is apSIMPSON '

injustices which the Negro community i s pressures on you to take flying, off the handle a better cycle beginning AQUARIUSBorn proximately twice the national unemploymentrate.

finding increasingly indigestible- the risks you should decide to go about (on 27th) Jan. 20th thnr Further said Chapin although the

eluding the bold continuation of avoid are being in tensi- making a change syste giving you greater Feb. 18th earnings of Negro workers have risen
) segrega- The parade of those ifcc
field rather than other
tion in education.TWO matically. Due to crt ti- scope for the use of through the years, the differential between f
expect to get rich over-
years of meetings between white and wise. Ambiguous. sular-ci, propositions ated- circumstances. it is your intelligence and night continues to march their income and that of white workers is :

Negro leaders in this city have made it doubtful that you can creative aptitudes merrily-on'and; it may still substantial> .,,IA .19JiO.or..example. ,;
but worthless
clear that segregationists spokesmen have false offers or accomplish anything during' the rest of the even be gathering new non-white male workers earned only about 60
promises, may worth-while or lastingthen. You also under percent of the amount
become glib, cunning personality men. A figire ,the devious year. may followers along the way. earned by white males
among .
ready smile has replaced their former intolerant that Opportunities maybe take to brighten up your Instead of joining their That same year, the average income for 1|
ways are being
created by your mate home to make it more in- non-white families
frown was slightly above
; a seemingly friendly pat tried to get access to ranks, go with the moreconservativeminded *I
on the back has replaced the whip in short, your pocketbook. Even or associates viting. who $3,000 which was about 52 percent of the
which are likely to be 7-40-33-19-81-74
the New Resistance is a psychological wea- the printed word could remunerative. realize that they are average' income of white families.

pon designed to buy time while the issuesat become an unreliablesource 4-10 9-14-81-419 SCORPIOBorn headed for losses and Most Americans are committed to narrow-
hand lose their clear focus in the mindsof of information, Oct. 24th thru frustrations unless they ing this gap, said Chapin, "because we t

the Negro people. not to mention the gossipers LEO Nov. 22nd go the other way. Many are dedicated to the fundamental principlethat i

THESE glib lip-men preach the philosophy who may be working Born. 'July 23rd thru Forget what has trans- of your friends besides the common welfare is served best when

of Patience. 'Let us go slowly," they overtime. Much/of. ,;..-.: .Aug. 22nd pired heretofore and. )'Ourselt. could be all Americ s. .can.earn their: living, establish -

say. "'Let us not hurry things. Rome wasn't that is headed for a Just sit tight: and you concentrate on the new victims of inflated hopeor their homes, and live without fear

built in a day." And they smile; and time change for the better will spare yourself emotional problems that are coming hazardous business of racial or reTfgibus dr-s rlmrnation."

passes. Two years of it has passed already.IN in some ways. :and financial up during this'' last- ventures. You can look

the meanwhile, doors are being slammed 6-80-44-13-27-684 upsets. Have no traffic quarter. You may be forward to more stable INTEREST IN FOREIGN

a in the faces of Negroes applying for jobs; TAURUS ,, with those who believein urged by your om feel- conditions. Social

school desegregation is still firmly entrenched Born April 20th tfiru speculation or games ings as well as by your events may be held mere LANGUAGES ACCEPTANCEOF
May 2Qth of chance unless you friends well meaning or
; civil service employment for Negroes deep and long-lasting
The that hare to burn also otherwise, to indilge in .
is as scarce as the proverbial ','ben'steeth. difficulties money friendships may: be made. WORLD CHALLENGES
are sowing even more more where that came games of chance or 8-60-44-16-38-864 {
But we must bepatient. We mustn't"hurry
things." confusion than before in. from. There is greater speculation. The losses PISCES

your alliances may promise of responsiveness will be commensurate Porn Feb. 19th thru THE burgeoning interest in foreign lan-
LET it be known that there cannot be
any finally draft in some of on the part of with the scope of the March 20th guages being shown by Duval County elemen-
racial social economic in
or progress your --frijeffds. YoUr may those to whom you have risks taken. You will Avoid wishful thinkingor tary and, high school students is typical of

Jacksonville so long as Negroes mistakenly also feel 'the pinch In offered your heart and hare much to do during subjecting yourself what manifesting itself in the area of-

accept this new delaying tactic of the your pocketbook, causingyou hand. Those who are the coming month taking and others to a doctrineof education ,throughout the state of Florida

segregationists as a step' in the right to dip into your mainly interested in the care of -the financial 'con du lion and futility and the*nation., .- '.

direction. basic reserves to satisfy arts and other cultural aide of your personal or Those who give the order LANGUAGE, spoken and written, shall 'per I
ACTUALLYNegroes are being cleverly brain- pressing claims. pursuits should also business 1'81 tu res. will not accept any nonsense haps never be replaced as the decisiveifnot

washed of initiativedetermination in their Disappointments in the find more room fcr self- 9-10-22-8-95.912 or usurpation of primary--communication media between

struggle for full citizenship. They are romantic and cultural expression and fineraehie1'ements. SAGITTARIUSBorn their authority. You people nationalities and nations. To be -
being subdued by a method borrowed from Nov. 23rd thru must also avoid getting ;
department are also indicated unacquainted with a certain language is jtp,.
Soviet diplomats. They are being exhaustedby probably 250771483257VIRGO Dec. 21st into disruptive. argumentwith be isolated from a certain people, unable Ii

lip tactics. brought about by your Your professional integrity allies who are only to communicate with them except by line or \
THE new resistance of the segregationistsmust or domestic trying to help you to
personal troubles. There sign, which is sadly insufficient. i
,be ,met by a New Resistance and Negro Born Aug. 23rd thru stability may be challenged get ahead. You should
should be a glimmer of THERE is no area of human endeavor or
leaders had best get together and decide Sept. 22nd perhaps due to' begin to .see the signsof
hope regarding yourcareer' enterprise in which language is not a pre- i
what!:. ,they are going to do. and"professional You may think that this, the adverse forced that a business upturn and quisite and an ultimate instrumentation. i j

affairs. quarter has, not much hare been aligned Blains an improvement in your To satisfy our needs, to exp esspur- ideas, !
COUNCIL WARNS NATION more to offer than previous you thronghonr the whole personal and public re describe
5-20-55-12-65-521 to our ideals--the language: of 'j;
ones. Do: not sever month. But there are lations. ]
all that
the is
tongue or pen really we
GEMINI home or other key ties signs that you may still J-70-33-12-95-n3
OTHER 'OXFORDS' COMING Born May 21st thru have to liberate these things. i
June 21st before the 27th, as prevail. especially if IT might be considered that the recurring 'i'

In leased" there are indicationsthat you Bake use of the crises between nations is basically a t.
repor :r today of racial con- There-is a risk daring wisdom, intelligenceor
things are going to
troversy inAlbany "'f Ga..) the Southern tnis last (jiarterv that take a turn for the experience that life Sentry problem of language. Because of the many

Regional Council warns that, while the family and partnershiprows better after that. The has brought you. You Safety different languages spoken throughout the
country must: be ready =riot: world, nations remain strangers to one
/fP. h er crises .such may be kicked upI home or the job yon are should use all the means
as that of oxford, "'f,>i"-,, jeeds to be pre- f there is something seeking may be located at your command to con Council another, and thereby alien, ,distrustful; i

pared for the likellhood-valmost the Certainty bothering you do not bringing a favorable end fbtad your opponents and Look oat for yoa imbued with fanatical nationalism which to |
--of other Albany s." take it out some degree justifies the isolation from
on your com j
to a &Quest that has kept to turn the tables on "But It Wasn'tJohnny's
"1 .'First, a s. the: civil: :rIghts mov went panions, and see a pro yon worried and frosted them. Fault- the rest of the world that the language i

penetrates the ,Deep South, and into scalier fessional adviser in- heretofore. The coming 8.30-66-16-59-836 It Was An Accident barrier subjects themto.. ]
cities :and rural stead. The pati she of THE"same unfortunate situation exists <
areas, there will 14 other month is one that should Variations of this statement
localitiesana others may run short. CAPRICORN are heard over l&OOCLOOO tines with a language between the well-spoken J
:perhaps.I"JDflnY,where a similar open new doors to the
each for this is the somber and I
You can expect them to Born Dec. 22nd thru; Tear the poorly-spoken. These two segments. j jof'a
pattern 7
ofevents J ill :occur. kind of life you envision of youngsters injured In accidents
trick back If they believe Jan. 19th annually. How many of society remain alien, even quietly |
Second,;:';Albany :was a .national /rep on- but yon must also these accidents could hare beenprevented "
inimical toward one another because of
You be floundering
sibility. ,.;:it Is':the that their Integrity count may ? Over by forethought >
price of eight years on baring to work 809ft
; or interests are in a sea of doubt anducerta1n and common acme rules. the wide difference in the extent of vocabulary I
of inaction
by Congress moderates. ,in Baking attacked. The possibility harder than ever for Cbdue worry In an effort to reduce causes of fluency of speech and knowedge.of.
good the IT anise of the decision of 1954. what you' get. accidents, the Sentry Safety t.
mechanics of the
this situation the language. _
The of launching your over Council i of Hardware Mutual*-
'Negro' demonstrations In the treets'or loag-pltaaed projects, 180991545189LIBRA could paralyze yon, and Sentry' insurance group has' THEREFORE, assessed this broadening i n-
Albany. the this list of hazards
.are direct result of dis compiled parents
illusion trireliag eiteesively or prevent you from unearthing should watch for: terest ,in foreign le.nguages'-and inlanguageper
over the gopd .faith and intentioBsLof teei& tiP twine powerful Born Sept. 23rd thru the solutions 's Keep plastic ferment: bees seis positive proof'that Americanyouth

-1p national and, regional, : leaderliCfcisdescrlption In lf1'1 kala tlllU9 yee.' Oct. 23rd yon seek as quickly as away can from cause young suffocation.children.They are readying themselves for the cos-

r Your problems are taking you would when you fight e, Clear away pins,, buttons, all mopolitan challenges of the future,. World
: ::J-.-II-14-11-_ small things a baby could pop
of"the/Albany develop- a new turn right now, back. Those who have .into his month and swallow travel, world politics, world trade, world
... date Professor -
tiT3g? Zirrn.fivee' special although your finaoial lived np to the highest .. Keep matches in metal containers literature--the international exchange of
ttatiem. _._.. to"the nature of the : oat of children's reach '
mtto pro- :: CANC
interests this sign
h t are stressed... potential of e Keep medicine in bottles plainly ideas--all prescribe the need of a ready
t t'1IQY.8llent. the policieY of tile Albany Boat JHBC. ,22nd .thin. .Pro bless that arise.fxo*' ataold obtain generous mirked;never call nedldBa'candy. facility with foreign tongues as well as a

poicetAlld: the role of the/*e4 ral goreraBdflt. -July '2M :'/ bad -. or rewards. If any of you early that.'' Teach medicine youaggars is to be fluent and imaginative command of one'sown

Airy .t..tt.f.ctlea SS ,.. Ly living.habiti .may be: save failed. to do so.. given only by you. language.

..,.._ ... ,. _
k. ar .- a.___ _. -- .--- """"- ---...,. ".....---... ._'_- .. I. ... _..._... ..._ ... "'::---.._...._........ .--

-- .
., : -. '.. -- .. .. p .. .. -- -,. ."' .. .. J. > ti **-* -

.I : : \ : l '

i j .
J.JlIIA' mutt 24 INI fERIVASTAI i1 ;
__ -' :. ': _" = ;p...'t.-: '

r -. .;AKA's Pinliftrnil Gibbs Collee axon ,Named All-Star Rookie Third Baseman Wedding a. tI N Y cApplications I

I a : FtffFriiiy Queen Crowned ,For 1

<* dar riage- i ceases
t< : 1
Niiht ,s T; ?PETERSBURG *
Qaeen In Splendor"was Walter> A., Sp..ann, 2104 !1

WithISE Soror Ruth Solomon, the theme of the Jemigan Kd..:._13! .andXa:- :!
Basileus of Gamma Rho trlc1aA-.cumD1inp. 1846
.l G. GUINYARD recent Coronation Ball .. ,
i I.
Chapter of Alpha Kappa during which Gibbs Helena St., 19:

I r Social activifes. will be "stepped up" In pace Alpha Sorority, inc. announces Junior College; crowned Steven singleton,

;! this weekend, Uded by the Jacksonville urban that the:chapter its fourth queen. 5758 Mon crr f'Rd. 18

League Guild, TH Florida A. and Y. Alumni Association will sponsor an informal -Tall and talented. and Pan itr.M. !. "Co. 1 man,

i,t and the liirge of visitors for' the Gateway social Friday prior to All etna McKenzie, moor 3923 Ribault Scenic.

J::, Classic of tour we cannot omit the annual East- the FAMU-Texas Southern sophomore from Sarasota, JJf'r.,. ;VT.Marvin

'iJ West Classic. Victory Ball. was crowned the ,new> Miss Whitley 5522

" The urban Leagu&ulld The affair will 'be held Ave, "192ind NQ.':.
took the initial step last Gibbs Junior College, to :x1 ___' Paris- >' '
h Wednesday 'eveninl presenting, "Spectacular ur- in the home of Sorors serve during th'e 1962- _d __ I .v ella whf e,. 1933Baldwin :'

banettes" to a b\hly\ appreciative audience. The, Vivian Ingram and Marguerite 63 school year. St. 17.

East-West Classic anksgiving night was attendedby Mitchell, 930 Wearing a white evening Javid, Brown., ,213,5 Thomas

I many- visitors \town for the big events sur- De Witt Street from 8' ,to gown,of her own creationthe : r_ : 1 Court, and'Deloris M.

rounding the Gate Classic. 10 p.m. All Alpha Kappa )dt racti'fe coed swan Robinson '157'BUYra\lgHr! < t

The Florida A. aM.. Alumni Association will ,Alpha Sorority members crowned. by College President Lane, 23.Lawyer .,- ,. -

launch Classic acti ies with a dance at the Duval and their guests are invited Dr. John W. Rea- H. Clark, 2190

County Armory Prld vening. junior Parker' s band to attend. Local berte'Shading l Tuskege Rd. 68, and Re-
will furnish the mub, featuring Johnny Brown as sorors are asked to be, the royal-i R'ot- I'4\ \ i -- becca Cooper 4223 43r4

vocalist. The group \\ll play their newest record- present to greet the light with the new queen 1\ II.' J''t'N> v St. W. 38.

ing, "The Foxy Devi'] visiting sorors. plans were her two attendants, ANOTHER CITATION was awarded Jax Ed Charles, third baseman of the Kansas City Jos. L. Wade, 1602 W.

A series of social,*nts will precede and follow for this affair are being .Miss Evelyn Roberts.. -'jof Athleticsduring: annual citing of top major league rookies by Topps Chewing 22nd Griffin St. 643 22 :Court and Ceola F.

Saturday night9 focUll game between the FAMU made by the social com- Tampa, and Miss Edna Gum*, Charles, flanked by other all-stars, is shown receiving his trophy during 19.
I Rattlers and the Texa&outhern Tigers. mittee. Soror Barbara'Ulrliht 0 f P1 if j11. the Janquet-ceremony held in the,Terrace, Room of New York City's Hotel Waldorf- Blodgett
; Slaughter.
'-- .. R.
( The Jacksonville Altai chapter of Kappa Alpha Robinson is chairman.. Th'ejljtoo; wore' stunning 1i'a.tIIte. :. _: :..' and LoCausy-_
., :-'Ne. :lY&-t: .:;
I! Psi Fraternity has aihunced "open House" for Regular sorority meet- evening gowns of white -- .A.ww t'e395
venfa 1Yb1 :
t visiting Kappas a.d th* guests, to be held Saturday ing will be held Tuesday adorned with red accessories ---- Blocker's
Isaiah Band Lane' 22... ., '. .
in the home of Th\ axie Wilsons, 1259 West November 27th at 8 p.m. to reflect the .. ., .. :-: "'" --:

26th Street. Hostesses will be Sorors school's crimson and ,
Mrs. Callie JacksonTo
t It is expected that t ilar activities will be Luther James, B Janche white colors. \. Parents ,Elects Officer:

carried on by other gro Johnston Frances John- High School queens from Direct Hair Style

son, Lauretta Jenkins and far away came to the The annual election of

! .............. ............. Elizabeth Jasmin. Sunshine City to partf- officers featured the recent Show Sunday

Young Writer's cipate, .in the royal -- regular meeting of

4 Les' Elites Bridge Club hOnored by the presenceof event. They included: Isaiah Blocker junior
outstanding guest :per at "its' recent meetIng Contest AnnouncedNEW Miss Blake ,High-, Marva <; High School's Band

In the person of Cape Bradha. Yrs Doris A. Brown of- Tampa: Miss.' :fia1;tJ.<:<..l.. "M t" __ .. Parents. #

Jones and Mrs. juanita Wyafl were'the other guests. YORK Talented Mi ddleto Hgh3XCyqthT! | now" '; ; r ;; .".: ;". Elected were: Mrs. Vera,
&tor. and 'MFsX' "iTewfsBrabham Hr.: and Mrs. Daniel -
Mrs. Bernice Henderson w hostess for the'.meetIng young Negro writers will Owens of Tampa; Miss ''':Davis, president; Mrs. P

TI which was held at the''jpcoln Golf and Country haVe a chence to compete Gibbs High, Harriet : ; 656 W. 10th Scott; 724 North St. ; Vanorian Schell, vice

Club. for cash prizes and an Rogers': of St. ,Petersburg Street, ; : Boy. Boy. president; Mrs. Barbara
and' Mrs. Charlie Mr and Mrs. Johnny
4 Mr. Bradham was high sco among guests, with expense-paid trip to ; Miss Dunbar High ) tyr. Harrison, secretary; Mrs.
.Thomas: \1978 ,locum fborida;
; Baldwin St. ; ; Lawtey
t gifts presented the other ests. New York, it was an- Clan da alters of Fort Bettye Belton, assis-
Boy.Mr.. 31 r1. -
1 Mrs. Lois Avery, Mrs. El \beth Simmons, Mrs nounced. Winners of the Myers and Miss Jewett tant secretary: Mrs.
and'Mrs.. Mack Mr. and Mrs. Branvil
Vermal McCone, and Y re. Joh e M. Mitchell were third annual Creative High, Gwendolyn Nealy of Reynolds, : 3511 Dillion Calhoun; 805 Court G.; Willie N. Reedfinancial
Writing Contest cosponsored Winter Haven. secretary; Mrs. Ruth
recipients of club prizes. s. Avery and Mrs. Reader's Street; Girl. Gi rl.
Alvenia Seri ven were awarded prizes. by the BALKY OUTBOARDIf Solomon, secretary;
,Mr. and Mrs. Alton,' Mr. and Mrs. Clifford
Mrs. irma Murray, Mrs. ,Marl Clain, Mrs' Annie Digest and the United your outboard*won't siart.Jn o .Charles E. Simmons Jr. ,
.-.... .\' Mizelle; 4/6" "K tang a Jones; 1457 E. 30th St. ;
B. Hinatte, and ''Mrs. Ann Mcinti .' I, Negro College ;'pund; can .! cold weather put a few dropsof Dr. S. ; Girl. Boy. reporter; Mr. and Mrs.
.',. win a total of $1650 for lighter fluid on the spark ends Dennis Stewart, business
Mr.. and, Mrs. Leroy Mr. and Mrs. Willie
..................... ...... their short stories; of the, plug and try it. : managers; Mrs. Ethel
essays, and poems. Miller; Rt. 5 Box 5 IT D. Wallace; 2319 D. Street; and 'MRS. CALLIE' S SAsbury (XmN'.1

Regularlyenrolledundergraduates Missionary Group ,Girl. Boy. Anderson, chaplain, ,
Mr. and Mrs. -Willie Mrs. Ethel Anderson, Ways
a Mrs. Charlotte Stewart wash&ess to a recent of UNCF Mr. and Mrs. William Methodist Church

meeting of Entre NOUS Bridge tub\ held in her Holmes! ; 1765 W. 19th St. and Means chairman.The Callie
I Colleges are eligiblefor Making Preparation;! Watson; 835 ft 30th St.; nill present Mrs.
Girl. Isaiah Band
West Eleventh Street hoae. was a
three prizes in each Girl. Tack n who will supervise -
Mrs. Stewart s sister, Mrs. I lia Wooden, was Mr. and Mrs. Bennie guest of New Stanton and
} category. first place Mrs. W.E. A. Harris, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie a Hair Siyle i

guest player.Mrs. winners received $300; YPD director, East Davis; 7230.FernandinaA ,McRoy; 1023 Franklin Senior High School duringa Fadiion Show Sunday Nov

Camilla Thompson, Mrs. Ell' th Simmons, and enue; Girl. recent fo ctball game it '
1 second place $200; Florida Conference Street; Boy. 25 at 8O P.O., was I

Miss Mozelle Bruton were winners f club prizes. third place, $53.t t\\ Branch Missionary Society and performed duringthe announced.

Entries are .submittedthrough Front All Of Us To halftime ceremonies. rrs. Jackson, who operates i
,-i't.' ......................*.* \ii,. -- HH. the Chalnm ,. AME, Church,... >an'nouncedthat -, All Of YouTHANKSGIVING Reports from the '/Fifty
., .. .,. ... ...... her ,own. local.
.... .
S the '
tl: "" .n" .u 1L1..qW -=.1"1 .,. de;: -'- ;-1"".''''' ."'''''''''' -.
the English Departmentsof ':( Q for Fifty'project are 'Beatician business, fs
is making plan
partment :/ y ,
Mrs. Carrie Kincade was hostess 1Ih,' Les Gravottes the colleges. Each for the participation ,.:' .. .f to be made at the next nationally known in -
last evening in Street must be an ori- regular meeting of the circles and
Club met Friday thcpearce entry in the forthcoming East ,,. beat ti i an ,

home of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Poole. ginal work never before Florida Annual Conference "s.:l.-f' : tr Band Parents scheduledfor has conducted demonstrations -
Members present included Mrs. Sar'tolan, Mrs. published except in a which will con- ; v.. Monday night, NOV. during the recent

Mildred Jackson, Mrs. Eugenia Brow urs. Julia college paper and not in Greater Payne CJ&apelA.E : $<"T<( 26 at 7:30 o'clock in three national conven-

Wallace, Mrs. Hortense Brewington, is. Mae Bell subdUed: to any other Church Dec. 59. ; the school auditorium. A tions in New York Chicago -

Braddock, Mrs. Johnnie Mitchell, Earnestine national contest. Siort Dec. 6, the young peopL I special feature will be and Cleveland"Si.Tuke"lapfisfT

Poole and Mrs. Lillian Stukes. stories must not exceed of the East and Nortt the presentation of band
4,000 words, essays must >s x members under the direction -
Jacksonville Districts,, -
'"1\ .....*........................< "'II not exceed 3COO words? ,." 1 p of G. R. Sloan. ,
'under the direction o: '" {
: : 'Beauticians:f Plan l poEmS must not exceed 60, ,4, Mra. Mary ,L. Mitchell' '- ,. intern.
.u -
I lines in any verse form. All Band Parents and
Mrs. Brill a Thornaa. an<1.. ,
-_. The deadline for all N friends are cordially in- Sunday Services
Dinner Sales All-Day.\] Mrs. Luella McBride wll! :
/ entries is Feb. 25 1963 L vited to attend this
present the Vesper Hon:
Nov. 30lh They will be Judged by meeting and to supportour Sunday services at St.
from 6 to 7 p.m.
editors of two of the band. Luke Baptist Chu rut will
The Comoeseurs of Cos- 'night party at'lr Dec. 7, the young peopl, i
nation's leading maga --C.E. Simons Jr. begin with the Sunday I
metoligy Unit No. 60 of the West and South
dence, 4931 C :
zines. Reporter School at 9:30 a. D. The
will enhance their annual Drive. At this Ike-. the Districts, under the I ".I\'.'., deacons will conduct the I

scholarship fund by drawing will bt ermi- Boy Girl Scouts direction of Mrs. Bea 1 devotion at the 11 o'
selling dinners from the n ate trice Zeigler and Ml si!J : .
) : ,. clock worship hour.
home of Mrs. Salome Sum Tae faodalcharge m.l ee in' Delphine Thomas will; .". GJC Instructor NCNWContestant
Given Parade TiMe '\ Fellowship service will_
president 1105 W. the Vesper Hou ,
mers present
of the eves are ...... rJ .{ 'be held' '(' at:: t bAt" t";
12th Street Friday, Nov; in addition to Hrl I cal- Boy and Girl Scouts at 6 p.m. All YFD'erfhave !J -: .'" Matthew Baptist' tffiifrcn1':

30,from 11 until 5p.II, .,: houn. aggie We, claiming on participatingin been asked to ,be i I It. GREETINGS---These attractive coeds at

Mrs.. Edna Calhoun Mrs. Corinne Mrs. Jon and _Saturday FAMD- the church.at 5:30 p.m. I'\ A. and T.. -College, Mary- Hill left Philadelphia, ST. PETERSBURG Miss at 3 p.m, Both sermons

chairman, announced. Mrs. Summers. Texas Southern parade are the scheduled evenings.All Pa.., and Angeline Nelson, Hoxboro, N. C. bott I Hester Price, business will be delivered by the
freshmen, show a prized turkey, one of 350-pro-. education instructor at pastor Rev. ..,:J. Tro-
Following the dinner requested to be in full young people of th.,

project, Mrs. Maggie uniform and to report atWater districts will con bin.! duced this fall at the A. and T. College farm, Gibbs Junior College, well. Choir 2 will serve
at 11 a.m. and Choir 1
White will be hostess Street no later their programs Dec. I 03th for learning experience and to provide Thanksgiving will represent Floridain
and Christmas dinners for the students Life Members Guild will serve for the
,for a 9 p.m. until mid- than 11 clock... to observe Youth Nigh a ..;
Miss Bettye Richardsoi 1 They send Thanksgiving greetings. contest in Washington Fellowship
D. C., Dec. 27. The church and pas tor'is'
and Miss Mary Johnson, -
A Life Member herself, anniversary will begin
president and vice pre BC To Become Testing i
she will be pro- Monday night and continue ,
si dent of the youni gong ,
minent women from,,across throughout the I
i people will preside. tests. The examinations :
DAYTONA BEACH ---- week. 'Yaftous'Blnisters
the nation seeking such
nowitkthink ""'Bethnn eCo kll an College are .prepared. .and administered honors during the NCNI'a their 'choirs, ui&e'rs; and

_, Jax Airman .Is has been designated asa '' annually by) annual convention. in* .congregations! will have
Dung testing center for the Educational. stin.g' waelsi, nctnn. charge t ;he servicesMl

----- -- Reassigned 1963 nationwide administration -. Service, Princeton, N.J. ..
of the National Applications for the

: F''g ,Van : .yes Teacher Examinations examinations and Bulletins ;* _

101 ,_,.
: '. 4a i next February Dr. W.A. of Information

I '.. ; '''; > McYill au. Dean. describing registration
College seniors preparing procedures for the

to teach and test and containing

teachers applying for representative test

positions in :scbool systems questions 'may be obtained -
-t.l r
F which encourage or from Dr.' W.A., Mc-

require applicants to Millan, Bethune-CookasQ z

1 submit their scores,on College or directly from
t Teacher ,the National Teacher .1 .4 F
i- the National
; ___I 5-,
Examinations along ,with, Examinations, Educational -

I their other credentials Testing. Service,
L llgihle to tare the Princeton. New Jersey.

tUr: ,
1 1LAClLA'fD .u" ..a <
Her mother or her sister?
AFB. Tex. -


Charlie Smith Jr., the

Ann of Mrs. Albertha G.Smith Whether you want the excitement' of' a different
.. hair shade, or want to jive new life to dull or
2158 Sessions 'k'- -
Sahara i liquors', gray hair...lariat on the loiig.lasting hatrdolot ?'
.Lane, Jacksonville is
in the famous red package-Godefiroy's
Thinking young is a state of mind!It's the big change that taking place '
and 1Js
to complete
being it's to apply ,
7.arieuae. easy .
everywhere,and it reaches an ages.You see it in people having more
'England AFB, La., for one package-there's nothing else to'wy.t. ..
fun doing more things.This is the fife for Pepsi-light 4te IV *-* -
bracing,dcan-t St l1I Pepsi.Go ahead.Think young In stores training and City 'as 'an' 1 '- : .
buy an extra carton.At fountains say"Pepsi please!", 'ldldvatr'coto .
air polices
(J ra.. -.-
4.!> He is a 1962 graduate :
....... LAKItUtM9.CompMtr
IRRi m MiaA0,111 c.Mf.u mta NNw11Ele10.l1ilt wa iMMit
of Douglas Anderson eoe.troy Mf8.> 0:3VIO CHIv at..at.Lpet.: ....... _
1 Senior High School.

," ,
J: ._ :, .
"---.c.j, }:. :., .i '. ; ... ;.cJ.;'; J.,: .. '-M I
JZlr < ; __ ,, .
.....,. .t _- : -- ... -
__ .l iB.:. _._ .._ __ -- &ir- ""' '''''''-''' -dIoJ<"" "-- "' "' '-- i -r. .a A..4.

__ ,
---- -- ---- --- -- -- ; ._= ,, .., ..,.. ...k. .. ...-. ,

r ( t i
wit v% HIHIA_ SFAH r1M/0110Anosc rocoY, ', tUl _

i St. -Paul.. Lutheran St. Paul's Brownies Conduct Holiday Project' Christian Endeavor MuhammetfMembe'r Z

If ChurchThe Is PrincipMen's! .S. 1

Meets Sunday Day Spekcr ..
: :
CHURCH I NEWSOrdination : Horcas Society of
St. Paul Lutheran Church At St. PaulChristian

will celebrate its 5th

anniversary, Sunday, Nov. Endeavor Day ,
25 at 'p. 0. Mrs Theloa will be observed at St. l

rites will be held Friday night in Harris LI Tings ton will .ii Paul AME Church Sunday l
Abyssinia Baptist Church at 8 p.m. for Arthur Reed be the speaker. Music with the Board o f ,.

Choirs 1, 2 ,and 3 will serve. The pastor Rev. B. will be furnished by the i Christian Education as i'-'
L. Wynn, will. deliver the sermon in the fellowship Choral Group of Northwestern t sponsors.
service Sunday at 2:30 p.m. in Emanuel Baptist High School, The Board of Christian ,

Church. Choirs 1 and 2 and Usher Boards 1 and 2 Richard Hadley, lrec- Education is headed byW.

r will serve., .. tor. D. Sweet Sunday ;;
Services begin with the School; F.J. Townsend, : i1i Y
Sunday School at 9:30 a. ACE League; Andrew Boston 1
William a. Jones in Boy Scouts; l Bro the:James 2X Bryant
The Lincolnville Social and Saving Club will charge. Irene Bags Girl Scouts a meabtfof the Muhammed "i

sponsor-its' Tea at the Friendship Baptist Church Loyalty' Sunday will be Mrs. Claryce streets Mo van erj} will be principal -
which is located in Pickett Sunday from 4 to 6 p.m. observed Sunday at* the Junior Church; Mrs seaker for the
A program has been planned. Mrs Agnes Hartsfield, 11 am. service. All Martha Matthews Mensly program Sunday

president; Rev. Remus 'Smith, pastor., members of St. Paul are Librarian and Alexander at GoJShepherd Baptist :
requested to attend and Cottrell Director.
.t'"' Chur
services willbeheld.
rededicate themselvesto Special 1
Thepeaker was a member
God and the church The Theme for :
District Mass meeting will be held in Bethlehem the Canvassers for the the day isDIe Church alsofhiladelphia f Day Spring Bap-and.- .,., ,;'

Baptist Church Sunday at 3 p.m.with District 5 as Every member Visitation ,, its Work "and Educational ti : Churches resDively .!
host group. A program will be presented. District program will be commissioned Program. Mrs. Thelma and has !

2 will meet immediately. after the. mass meeting.Rev. during tne.ser. Mitchell will be in hel, the position of
( vice. The EMV will be charge of the sunday
steward of the
School. The 11 o'clock '
Sunday between
I -Russell Local
EDger .
will be in
the hours of 5 sod 7 p.m ) services 32f the CIO. ; J
Charles J. Crosby, pastor of Trinity Baptist All members are asked to D charge eople. of the young His the husband of t i.

Church and congregation will worship at TabernacleI remain at home during The A. C.E. League Hour S ter Willie V. Bryant .
in observance of the anni these hours to greet the '
Baptist Church Sunday and regular 7 p.m. ser- w is president of bod
versary of the pastor Rev. W. E. Young. A musical Convassers and make vice will be a combined epherd Baptistfrch's L: 1,
calvalcade will be presented at 7:30 p.m. with pledges for the 1963 In- service beginning at Usher Board t .Jj

:J r Prof. E. C. Davis and Mrs. E. Johnson in charge. dget. 6 p.m. with the Ada '/ Fletcher is pro- :.,. .

' Bracy Choir and young director of Sun-
; people in charge of a event. The public '!'I
I the .
Obituaries .
p rog ram.- fam t vi ted. ,, :
Choir 1 of Macedonia Baptist Church will sponsor A special film will be ; I::

its annual tea Sunday from' 4' to 6 p.m. at the Mrs. Elizabeth Campbell shown 'by audio-visual Of God, ; ;
church. A program Trill presented with participants 1623 W. 8th Street. workers. Mrs. Pauline'] 1 '

from the church and city. The observance of Luke E. Floyd; 1044 W. Brooks and A. Silas. Saints 01 Christ : :. i
the anniversary of Choir 1 will be held Monday at 28th Street. Both youth and adults] Services at the Church ;

8 p.m. in the church auditorium. Various choirs of Mrs. Elizabeth Homes; are asked to be presen of God and Saints of ."
t the city have been extended an invitation. 709 Court B. and contribute to th Christ will begin at I

Henry Manuel; 1122 Jack- department's financi 9 a.m. Saturday and run
son Street. effort. throu iou t the day.

Miss Yvette M. Ford; 'The pastor, Rev. C. R.
The Gospel Echoes and the Bivins Specials will be Rt. 8 Box 478-T. j Church Of God in Eaves will deliver the

presented in,a musical program at Mt. Tabor Baptist f.'rs.b si e Saxby; 956 W. message, using for!a..
"Church Sunday. The program is sponsored by Beaver Street. Christ To InlllLeader's text; Hebrews 4:9, and I

f Choir; 1-. .... ... _- ,. ,_ ,- Henry Stevenson ; 1242 ; Elecfin his subject will be:" .. t W t: '.
e.l >.', -.... Duval Street. 'The Sabbath A Day of' ',q ,
Y" .-... S
"Mrs. Mamie! Sni th; 1123W. elec/ed/ Rest for God's People' : ) '
The newly
20th Street. The afternoon Children's .1
leader will fillthe
i Sunday services at Mt. pleasant Baptist Church Mrs.; Eva M. McGri f f; 618 ; vacancy created ,b/the/ Hour will be held. A. .:M ;

will begin with the Sunday School at 9:30 a.m. -Shutter Avenue. death of Bishop]-. H. well planned program Iii
with Mrs. Hattie Bell' Neal in charge. Worship hourat Willie E. Jackson; 729 l' the will be presented featuring ;!Jf :
Mason founder o
11, a.m., BTU' will convene at 5 p.m.; Evening Pippin Street. church. He was nior the talented I; r. :
worship service begins at 6 p.m. ,Choir 1 and usher Willie Wilson ; 2026 ; bishop and titul// head children. '.0 !
Board 1 will serve at each service. The pastor Davis Street.. ; lion Superintendent John H. (iFa
of the three-
will deliver the sermons. Miss Sandra Wells; 4216 anition..1 Eaves will preside .i;
member 0 rg
Lockhart Drive. t ,l Ildurlng..tb.e Sabbathrrs
''Hh''t' t.j :
Sinc'enTs de ne
Earnest Carter; 1124 School session. Lessons .;'
"er ted
church has been
Hart Street. will be heard after the "..
by a specially pointed >
Church will observe Mrs. Carrie E.R.' I'1' formation of classes and
Choir 2 of Union Community AME Denny; board of execu/ve com-
its anniversary Sunday at 3 p.m. The sermon 6151 Ardlsia Road. missioners. '/ questions relative to :. ,
will be delivered by Rev. orion Johnson, pastor of Mrs. Ella Johnson; 951 In preparati for the the salvation of the
Everson Street Baptist Church. Choirs to appearare Street.t'rs. Blossom Jenkins; election adwce con- soul will be asked and
: Everson Street Baptist, St. Paul Male ChorusSt. ferences hav' een held answered.The .
1354 Bridier Street. :,
Paul Gospel chorus Choir 1 of West Friendship throughout if countryto church is located
James Coleman Sr. ; 1731
Baptist/ut. olive Primitive Baptist and others. Arletha Road. acquaint/elegates, at 24th and Stewart. I
.attendin.gjrf Convocation. Streets.
.. Mrs, Elizabeth J. Goodman .
., on-rl'tU-
4 ; :11427 Lee Street. Heroines Assemble
tionalprociires of the .
Church .* d ln hristwhieb In Tabernacle
*******************:*** V" *gov>Mf-.4t/, -election-, of Matrons Officers and ,

----- ; the senioi ishop. 1beseprocedu members of Heroines of
f Jericho Courts answered I
rS were prepared 1
tof' before the the call of Deputy A.)!. 1"

SALE GOOD death ofd/shop Mason. Frazier and Royal Queen ,
o Lois Cain and assembledat I
The Co / cation will Tabernacle Baptist

open wi three days of Church, Union and Spearing I
; fa stir/ and prayer. Streets at 7 p.m. 1 I
Other blights of the15day Wed. Nov. 21 .to observe !
eting include: their annual Thanks:,

830 Cosset. ,'Ave. Friday/Nov. 30. Evangelist .;giving. Services. ? ",.'."**,, .;
NEAR COLLEGE j ppartment. headed :Tnersejrttce wasb e"olhtty" 'd

1824 W. Beaver St. by Bi/op/ L.C. page of::-J "with tllelbr..'..

U.S. 90 N..r Stck M Los 4geles, Calif. ; roth er Masons. The lien-. .
Satumy. Dec. L Civic bers were fully uniformed .
conducted by according to '
acti les, :; *

THANKSGIVING SALE BishJ reI ions L.H. director Ford, public o.f 'orders, Heroines of the OFS Crusaders Chapters r' { \

i Chitio and Daughters of Isis
Wt would likt to wish all our customtrs who hovt mad. our business a com 111 _.." TtTybnhlo cr: ;;, I
plet success a joyous Thanksgiving.WILSON'S .! .


or wholeLlI.49c I f I!E Ex


LI.49c ''IllIN 'I i 1


BAKING HENS'LI.. 35 'n. y ,i


:LI.23C! ;

: 1 ,
I .
j J ,,! i

: KEN KNIGHTIles I 1/;;

HENS. Li. 37c I nv You To Listen To : ;i,


;",': ./_**"';..u t Starting At 7:00 p.m. I'Itghtly.t ,f

S'I'aJ'M.rll ls r-M'jl' : IN. li MHM) 4 : I
.. .. .. : I
1400 WRHC 1400
: ;. "" 1 ; -
: ;:t'f;, -,! : ; ,. .

e<:. '. ., .. ,...- 1i .... ....,... .,,.,:.' ,-; -- -"', .--' I


"-:::- ---...- ...---------- ....-- -..._ -,...-:-- ..... .. --. .- ...--...-"" -......". ,- ".-- ... -.. -.'-' &: ...... .. -.; ... ... -
-: -- -- -- "!!!II --

'_ ', ,''' '_ h, '- ---- p" _.. ..h. '._. .. .... : ._ ", ," ....: ,," .,' ,.. ._, ., ". .._..... .;::..: -_

p ;
I .

I t SATUBB1Y HBVEHiEi 24 1882 FLI1IBA STAR ;: : -. J : '. 'ICE-5., .;
\\ Education Week sk"IH Smiif Ttfskegee President- Annual Contest Participants Ys WI Ail Talk

r j .,.

IF Observed At :A&1 With Pcjcf taps Reports! .: 'J'.:,. .: .:. .:.:. ;

..**o.*, *.*.*, .**:" '.. ...: := = =.:
I .... ..... ....
f +l. t t 1
GREEN S&ORO( tf.C. -- Stith African Situation ,. :0', .. .., .. 4t ... ..
! .0" .. :;,. ....
. 'The tremendous re- WASHINGTON, D. C. -- ys t F t.

ttponalbillty to educational Ii Thirty: year-old Daniel TOSKEOE INSTITUTE( '- QUESTION: Is it correct to say in a club that .",,-r' I

Qiallty involves Harris, a Tuskegee Institute The tense racial climateof "I move that we elect Mr. Jones as the.- .-- -."-

you and others' ; 'an alumnus, of Southern Rhodesia fomented unanimous choice of the house for the of-
I audience at AtT College Matawan, N.J. Is a by the strlc fice of secretaryB.. .f. II

J. was told here last week.' Peace Corps Volunteeron apartheid laws is nothing -4 tiLth w ,, 4 s Y ANSWER: Such a motion might defeat the' election -- :. .

f. The speaker was Dr. the island of Jeaaica new. The southern of Mr. Jones, since only one vote .

) t-- Wills Flayer, president in the West Indies. East Africa country: is ik would be necessary to defeat him. Yet it"., .' ;i

J. of Bennett. College.. She This native of the Gar- alive with economic* rw is possible that he might get elected' by .. 'f i

1 I was rfellTeTine. th .tj" den state is teaching social and political !
,l '"' 4 t. fR majority vote. ....
t address on Tuesday agricultural skills, differences that are reflected kf i In most clubs,. the members employ the I

LI. morning Nov. 13, at the Biology: and helping in uneasy: race plurality vote to elect individuals to I

I opening MT prOgram of the Jamaican boys develop relations. ,office. By plurality vote, we refer to the I

observance of their athletic and Retaining from a week- Y th candidate receiving at least one more votethan .
I American, .
Education Week.Others"
visit to Southern "
camping skills. Inng of the other. candidates. running
any ..
she said + -' I
J Harris, a fire-foot- Rhodesia as an educa-' 5 for office. ...
r "provide the buildings, four 152 pounder, ion tional specialist, under 1 VOTE FORopponent SELF: Casting a vote for 'one' s:

equipment and other. more than a dozen the auspices of the U.S. is called a "courtesy vote." A

I facilities. the books. leavers at Matawan High Department of State. Dr ORATORICAL CONTEST at Gibbs Junior College in St. Petersburg, Pla. included: member should always vote for himself if "

I for our libraries. and School where he starredat L.H. Foster, presidentof from left-Barbara Collins of palmetto; Effie Shannon, St. Petersburg; Alletha he wants to win his office, and it is more
faculty sal ari oth
f es. ers .
have football, biseball Tuskegee MCKenzie, Sarasota; Althea Greene, Miami; and Ernest Love, Lexington Kentucky. logical to vote for oneself.

:, this Inheritance passed on, to which us and track In additionto included his analysis of The contest, sponsored for the second year by Theta psi Phi Student organiza- READER: For my parliamentary law chart of

I too often, take for his enviable scholastic the situation in a report tion was.won. by Miss McKenzie. (GJC staff photo by Horace Jones, jr.) motions, send fifty cents to Dr. MarcusH.
we .
to the State De-
.. record. Boulware, Box 310-A, Tallahassee, Fla.
., i granted. Upon the completion of partment. N.Y. Time Covers .
Little Rock .
She told the
( group High school Harris ful- There is a feeling of OB Clubs Reject

I ;. ;:\ cannot' 'Your be responsibility longer taken obligation filled his by military doing a very t he African rigid suppression'of s--economi ca1 Clark College Event "Jim( Crow" Offer Has Negro CandidateThe THE SOUTI'S LARGEST & FINEST .

f.. for granted. three-year hitch in the ly, politically and edu hund- first Negro ever
I speaking from the subject U.S. Marine Corps.He cationally. he stated. red ATLANTA people=- visited seven the TALLAHASSEE. Fl a. to run for the Little SELECTION OF COLORED DOLLS ..
Our Responsibility Because Wool worth's
Crowded ghettos house refuses School board has '
I. entered Tu sk egee of Clark Collegelast a .
For Educational the Africans mile European cpus to desegregate its Walkinf-Talkini-Kissiii Cake .
than 50
Sept. 1956 and receivedhis week to attend the "better percent Pattr- -
I Qiallty" she said that Bachelor of Science homes are generally institution's con- lunch counter here, a chance of victory," t' ,

IJ students generally take degree, with a major in pleasant--one in every ference on "The Role company offer to sponsora says Jet. the national -Tombaliaa Ckattr-Catky Drink S Wet.
\ of two when breakfast Negro news magazine.He .
J one courses 10 having a swimming for the
animal husbandry, in
. of The Theatre in American -
, faced with the alterna pool. Orange Blossom football is Dr. Morris A. From 14 lathes
June 1960. The energetic, ,i fe. Principal High to The Iii 36 lickes
Jackson, native of
: tive. He either complains Africans cannot vot teams has been rejected.
youngster remained at
for the conference -
about the lack of for certain seats i speakers Taking,this action was Little Rock and a
the highly recognized
facilities equipment or Alabama school and parliament and only a were actor- the team of Florida AIM graduate of the Uni- $1.98 to 12.98 ;;

;I opportunities, or become earned his Master's of few Africans hold seatsin playwright' Ossie Davis University, which is versity of Arkansas Me- .i. '''" ., I I.I'" t..

1 the person who can'treach Science degree in poultry that governing body. and his Dee.Directed .actress wife located here and whose dical School. He is run BROADWAY DEPT. STORE ....." ,.

his goals fast breeding this Only education at the Ruby Clark Drama Negro students are per- ning for the 6-men Board
:year. by
enough and who accepts' university level is sonally humiliated by of Education on a plat- 119 BROAD ST. PRONE EL 4.6018
responsibility willinglyand and speech Wool worth' s continued form of equal educational -
integrated and few Afri-
Chairman Dr. Esther enforcement of lunch
happily. enrolled in opportunity for all
cans are
f Merle Jackson, the con- counter segregation. children and belief that
universities because of.
ference drew attention Tallahassee 'is the only "token" integrationmust
unequal educational opportunities -
from theatre enthusiasts Florida city where Negroes be speeded The f
Mrs. Stone at the up.
still cannot
: school level. throughout the south- get election will be in

GIFTED SPIRITUALIST AND LIFE. READER secondary enforced east. New York .Times service at lunch coun- December.Dr. .
Strictly ra-
'ii 1 .J. Drama: Critic Howard ters. These recentlyhave Jackson's decisionto
Will read your PAST cial laws prevent the Taubman. arranged for been the scene of
,.,, run was made after
eo free passage of per son s '
CORE sit-ins.
and Censored
PRESENT FUTURE! ; coverage for the event another candidate, ..
Negro /
toe from section of the : .
Gives of I one The Orange Blossom
names eneB :.
ft* for th e event fo r optometrist Dr. William rr. :
mies and friends. cit designated as classic will be played
that paper and Townsend, scored "a r.
Madam Stone reu- I European, 'colored"Asians the college to express in Miami on Dec. 8 and respectable near-miss" 7U
\ ( and mixed blood) VALUES
5h the Woolworth offer
nites the separated personal interest.The was in his recent race for
or African. after 9 p.m. for a breakfast prior to ;:
and causes speedy I i conference exploredsome Little Rock's city managers
happy marriages. l a of the new perspective the game at a downtown board, Jet says. .I .
Miami Hotel.
Overcomes ene- which relate to
a good Idea to increase FROZEN MILKHere's
mies, bad luck and evil influences of all ef theatre studies in alleges (l.;:.... :
your party's hunting an idea that saves
kinds. Restores lost nature without fail. ficiency. Have each man cut a and universities, space by making: milk do double

s; No MatterWhat :Your Troubles May f pe. Madam! different sign (or initial.Into .with particular emphasison PATRONIZE duty. Freeze quarts of milk be- Super Special
[ Stone Can And Will Help You. You Gain Re- the heel of his boot. Then movements discovering new ways fore going camping and they

I suIts in just one Visit.SATISFAt1ION of each member of the of using the theatre to keep butter and eggs fresh for
GUARANTEED party can be traced. (Don't for. Implement national ob- Star Advertisers several days. When milk thaws "Gift Wrap Paper --" --
Ret to cut in reverse so lettering drink it.
Open DAILY 9 A.M. to 9 P.W.-SUNDAY 1 P.M. to 9 P.M. faces right when impression j ectives. S 6 Continuous Rolls

permanently Located in own Home "prints" backwards.)
7440 (Try for a $50 prize. Send KATFISH KLIPPERS For, Outstanding Performance .6 Designs
Phillips Hfihwiy
your tip to A. A. Contest Sport Yen you gerkatchen der catfish -

'J US NO. 1 SOUTH & MILES SOUTH CITY. LIMITS Afield. 959 8th Ave., New York and Yen dey ger stickers i in r c
der finger OUCH DUM:
Jacksonville, ID, N. Y.) r 6 7
KOFF! Carry der fishermen'ti !
A' \IPW Complete"

: :.: ,.,.,:.:. :: :. : .; .,' ";;; ,,':"< "<.':",';"" .::, < '..;".:;.;'?>'f: I ___ E- :i Enoughto dozens of Christ wrap .
: :
: : > :., ''!: mas gifts in bright,
.. : ... ; tempting fashion.
Holiday patterns in.

.,' ': \" ; holiday savings.
,,' "

j-::: \.

f > A # Count 'Em. .

A 3 II. J1

125 Cards '
= 3
j ..-.. ..
... Tags Seals"- -- -- '-.. .? .
Ae = : '
0 s b.' MR9V DOROTHY G. JONES, 'secretary to U. S. (ry ? .1."

Army ROTC instructor Group at A. ,and T. :

3z College, was last week cited with the army 25

Outstanding Employee Rating for outstanding

service in the performance of her duties.

u ,4 The certificate, signed by the commanding

general of the 12th U. S. Army Corps,_ is Everything you need to .

presented by Major William Goode, professor finish your gift-packag

of military science at A. and T. ing even a mailing

sticker. Supreme assortment ':r .

exclusive at ; f -
from the FULTZ QUADS Kress.

: r' Myrtle Aye 2nd Adams J 146& j-jSSiJSSSSS**** .. : ausx!zn KRESI!'if

"' << 1J$1 and SPnissxaTr end Less at .

Golden Twist BraceletWITH PIG FISH 29c FLOUNDER u. 49'BLUE You Can Buy More 1 ':Uf. JG'rt .
u. 1 -" .. .
-':: .
CRIEN FlOklOA .. -. ...........::
NO PIIR" : "
Ate Slim with. a I..,. DRUMFISH u. 29' .

..... ,,. BOAT -You CANT HAT IM" -- '
MM'! -W"'' flu M
.>& '- WHITNING ,,. 32cIe" .
Stick On
:a.avi MEDIUM MULLET 20c
'. :1-' .\'." U. B ovir's)

,. ,
ROE MULLET .... 29c
Exactly like the ones the Quads will wear in the ORANGE BLOSSOM PARADE .- .

..Mta*w......S-U. IMU 0aIr ISO Stkkil fUS u 8or49nxorateyouiestcr8 C i
- -
Onl'55CtwithIi.. ... '!'.. |r. I $ ::
'E.st; W', / Mall thIs slip with 550 (cash) and 3 PET Evaporated Milk JUMBO SHRIMP Lb. 1.20MEDIUM

3 PETe. : !.p orated. | label. 1
to: PET MILK BRACELET. P.o. BOX 330, I ;:

Milk Labels .. "I I BOSTON 1, MASSACHUSETTS. SHRIMP u. 79c .:..... ages with adKesive back- r-

I : : : '
i -U ;bows.So easy toaficlc- :..
Your tall name gnuJu_I GOURMET CORNER
with metallic
TODAY'I I ; I ,., n. Nii.C.. .. w.. 1
SEND Address 'j Lives Tk attic, P.Wi stripes, center decora:::;;

for : i:'"',,,; | City ZOMStit .' I CUED TURTLE MEAT }:t. PX6.U9LI.fit ffftt ,.tions.. ..-:-; ..packaged.----.. --... --\

your : ,. .
Golden Twist! Bracelet ; .I iWotATlJ I TURTLE MEAT LOINS s1 111 J- IMTIIIe
REf' i CONCH MEAT 49' .
.r (PIo...print pIo/nlyJ I IO.COM. U. ,=- 0 '
..... v :* iti Kites
L NomortthanSUncra.plMMl; <- I AIALONE STEAKS *215 IPII IlIdlJ Friday
3551 Pillis lib,., (PLAZA) 8>u TIN 9 Eni; Ntpt t t.

o .

: f, ,," ,_ .- 0' .
NC.i; -; .J'" k..L.; .. r=ice. n. E sBssyFar.",.s3- -F .
Jf -- _. '-" _.... ---- L --

H" -
,, ,. ; '.


';." : Gibbs Students Represent All Areas 1Cbte DIll Offend FOBMini's .. Panelists i Hold I Discussion i

iir IfHAII 01 desk 1

{ v31.; MIAMI---With little better than two weeksto I

J ,; .' go the 1962 Orange Blossom Classic
,! looms just ahead in what will in all probability '"
I I's If be one of the greatest in its thirty

-year history.On .

''I Saturday, Dec. 8th, their facilities to

the Florida A&U University those coming to the ASre

will play host great event. A special

once again to a top- "Classic leekenci.\pact-: \

! i rated opponent for the age Plan" has beep set

mythical championship of up to offer' a thrqe-day ..... ikI-T
r small colleges in the stay at a bargain rate.
United States, At the Elsewhere on these

T moment, according to the pages an advertisement

Cr leading polls of the will be found, t explaining !t v

I. __ __ nation's newspapers more in detail,

PAMD leads the field in about this previouslyunheardofoffer

STATE-WItE APPEAL of Gibbs Junior College, located in St. Petersburg, Fla. is all departments points, which 1 1PREPHARMACY

reflected by this group of students. They are, from left: Standing-Leroy GandY scoring, passing, fielding includes 3 days and 2

I of Fort Pierce, Eugene Monroe of St. Petersburg, Janice Hall, Tallahassee,, and eta Their opponent nights lodging 4 meals,

Joella Mosley of Monticello. Seated is Ophelia Dove, Fernandina Beach. is to be named momen- swioaing pool and ocean

,f (Photo By Horace Jones) tarily. bathing, airconditioning -
Charles North, chairman sad TV, bar, lounge,
'.' :. SEMINAR---Appearing on a panel entitled "Careers for the Pharmacy
$75,000 Willid of the Classic Housing dining room, and all
Graduate" at the Florida A. and u. University school of pharmacy pre- harmacy
Committee, predicts no seasonal facilities all
To Harvard U. seminar Marie Best, instructor in pharmacy, Florida A.
( J -4: problem this year in for one nominal fee. Re- recently were: Mrs. L.

,' 4 :: ; CAMBRIDGE' Mass. Dr. rooms"or lodging available servations and confirmations and M. university: Hinton F. Belvis, assistant director of health and hospital

William Hinton, a distinguished to Classic visitors. will be made pharmacists, Florida State university; Ralph Brown, pharmacist and owner of
Negro scientist With FAMU occupying a through! North's Travel Brown's pharmacy, Tallahassee; and John R. Kenney jr., assistant manager, Trade

who died recently, fashionable, ocean front Bureau 1104 NW 3rd Distribution Department, E. R. Squibbs and Sons, New York.

has willed $75.000 for Miami Beach hotel as its Avenue, Miami

the establishment of a headgi alters, many other
scholarship fund for hotels along the famous FASHION WISE SEW-SET PLANS FOR UNDERCOVER FASHIONSby

graduate students of strand have offered =
M Harvard University. ELSIE ARCHER lute must. You may have focused on the garment that
wWNQ i clothes in your closet, but Is easy to move in-and
AIIIIIIS Addresses FAMUaRS i U ybu do most of your own without a wardrobe plan, you comfortable under heavy winter *
_. _...
-- : sewing and have a real plan never have the right thing. for coating. Dresses without

for success-you know the the right season or occasion. clutter provide an opportunityto

,I tEV. JAMBS "Z. 'NETTINGA. Executive Secretary of the f f way you want to see yourself Winter is lurking right take a bold step into
around the comer. Every sea- accessories. Fabrics that
f this Autumn.
American Bible Societyhands 1962 poster to Jackie
I On the other hand, if you're son,fashionably attired women I drape gracefully, with waistline -
\ t Robinson, member of the program's sponsoring
t t c one of those females that plan for dresses that are softness make the perfect
? committee which includes' the three living ex-presi- drifts from season to season fashionably right with or with- dress to wear now and later.

dents,. Hoover, Truman and Eisenhower. The" worldwide without a fashion plan, you're out a winter coat. Even if There is a wide array of
..1 Bible Reading Program is conducted annually between f f S }:. headed for disaster.A you're not a whiz at the autumn colors to choose from.
sewing machine, you can The McCall's pattern
for wardrobe suggestions
sure way
( Thanksgiving and Christmas. Millions of people la
whip one of McCall'seasy' selected here
success is to make your up any are
( 50 countries participate in the program. Robinson clothes yourself. Plan with to sew patterns in no both made from sheer easy-

is a restaurant chain executive. patterns to fit your mood. time-even with finished cus- co-handle woolens in shades

Y Select lines and details that tom details. Fashion's eye is with a subdued autumn tint.
-" enhance, the beauty of your F": 'z,1. : For surprise elegance, the
Both RITZ figure. Look for styles with J' dress on the left. ((6603))

First Run. start JundarflThlis personality. Choose fabrics ;!:>' ;,. ..' j speaks for itself. The high
and colors that hold their own rolling collar emphasizes
:, CHUBBY CHECKER STARS! or those that can be mixed : ,1 neckline gathersnaturalshoulder -
with other colors to give youa (j..< '. and sleeve detail. This
IT'S GOT -;t- look of perfection. A fashion ; one in pewter gray wool jersey

THAT MAD r \\- 1 plan for success is an abso- ;Tr;: has sort waistline fullness to
/ .. I break the straight skirt line.
JAIZBEAT.! / 6A w;a i t' .' Above the elbow sleeves and
1)lffQ r ,, '. .. 1
y 1i 1- + '. i self-belt completes the simplebut
'. :., :x s i elegant look for the
!tJfy'J '1i coming season.
i .. : A, JOB WELL DONE---perry Good an (left) former president of the For fashion fun try your
PI .
., .
'. i l ,.0. -- Florida A. and M. University Student Government Association, greetsIra hand at making your very own
.. : ... .* .. _
4 4tciijS'1 :: + fi. a.
!t.- : i. C. Robinson, also a former Florida A. and M. SGA president and original handbag--matching or
:: CHtlm.GARYaD BONDS JONNI1YiON.CRAIG! 00lr0s1.. coordinated
( .i. ACKER Bin now registered pharmacist and assistant managerYof the 'Citfzeris to your costume.
,. ... .
Irq" ", Ie t." ,-- 'MICUS hb.dn..Y. (6466). We made this one in
"' -* HEtENSHARRO A CCM.IIMMA PlrJVlltS "cow Walgreen Agency Store in
lr : Drug Birmingham, Ala. after the latter gray, red, black and white
ALSO "TWO TICKETS TO PARIS" spoke at the recently held SGA-sponsored vesper program on the tweed.

Florida A. and M. campus. Looking on is Willie Adams, present SGA I I If you feel in a colorful

THE STRAND president. mood, select paisley print. We
t have chooses here, for your
mark of approval, pattern num-
Starting Sunday r--- College Choirs ber 6470. Our color choiceis
I black and gray print with
I Nov. ScheduleNEW 1 Y autumn red as the background.This .
I CARNATION I dress has a yoke and
be made with without
"FLAMEIn can or
k ,YORK The Nov.
: COOKING HINTS the matching bow. The slim
: '
.broadcasts of NegrqCollxge s three-gore skirt is propor-
I Choirs, the tioned to fit any figure.-tall,
"tut ME out tow msamti I I 4 '31V. ABC Radi Network weekly medium, or short. The waist
{ noun nun ran OLDS TIER THAT STREETS"THE aoaxlal. series, will feature line fullness is eased in' at
DOESTT NAY c m woto tuK am- I HOME SERVICE DIRECTOR AHO HER STAFF I ICOTT the sides, leaving the front
choruses of fair
_/ and back of the skirt smooth
-- --- ---- -----
STORYJacko southern colleges, the and slim. The smartness of

Transform old-fashioned bread pudding into a glamorous United Negro College The most flattering sewing- the three-quarter sleeves adda
Palmer JOHN MILLS) works as a
Fund announced here to- finished note to a bright
dessert known as Queen's Pudding. It's especially deli. fashion for every figure typeis
craftsman in a London furniture factory. He is a, cious when made with extra rich, creamy Carnation day. winter is here..and this shown here in a subdued freshness for seasons to
strong union man and is considered by management Evaporated Milk. Carnation-which comes in the Presenting the member sewing' fashion is perfect for "paisley" printed wool. The come.Include
Erecting the season. This one's dress is yoked at the bodice and in fashion
and union alike to be the voice of the workers. familiar red-and-white cans-has only the water removedto colleges of the Fund, j J your
In a soft chiffon wool and boasts a bow..the waistline has plan, a smocked velvet
.;..In. the. factory Jamaicans work side by side with give you a concentrated milk that adds so much the program originates I IIn j features a roll-cuff stand-away eased fullness and is eased In chapeau. This may be just
=$esi{etMand"Gabe I collar. The skirt is slim and and sides of the skirt smooth and
Negro is put up for the vacant position o'f foremanof try it soon. beamed by the American j]lightly gathered for ease.It wouldbe slim. The three-quarter sleevesadd plete beadtotoe perfection.Don't .

his department. Gabe Is married to Judy (ANN I Broadcasting Company; to I 1 fun to make your very own that extra touch of fashion. allow yourself to get
LYNN) a white girl ,and they are expecting their Its affiliated stations j I handbag ,in, a matching or contrasting Perfect for undercover (coat) Into a wardrobe rut. Be a step
fabric ahead of the season plans
or color. McCall's fashion. McCall's f6470"proportiooed" -
first child. each week. The local ABC
16603, sizes sizes and be fashion
1018. 63* The 1018. 65* you can a
At a union meeting on Guy Fawkes night Jacko stations throughout the I bag is 6466. Matching Handbag 16466. success.

persuades the men to accept Gabe, despite opposi- country air the program .

tion from a small group of color-prejudiced men. ,.on different days and

Jacko's, elation is quickly dispelled when his ?* a at varying times. Check Peace Corps

wife, Nell (BRENDA DE BANZIE) arrives, tense with i local newspaper listing W ATe H E S R FIXED I GHT. $ .JLL
emotion and anxiety. She tells Jacko that their [ for airtime. Receives Aid

daughter, Kathie (SYLVIA CIMS), Intends to marry a n l 'ttegro College choir Cleaned, oiled Adjusted. Case with

Jamaican called Peter Lincoln (JOHNNY SEKKA). ; Is now in its 13th ;year WASHINGTON D. C. polished and one of the following his
Peace Corps Volunteer
A moment ago Jacko was proud of his victory in the of continuous broad- parts Included: .:

fight for equality of black and white. Now he remembers ;pasting over the*, ABC Urs. Katherine Schultz. JEWEL* MAIN SPRING* STOI or CROW? *
or a 45 ;year-old General
the dirty, noisy tenements where the Ja- !Radio Network, REa1LAR.t'KIsv.L.
l Motors spark plug assembly -
:naicans live. He remembers the peeling paint, the fopHtU Laders. All Work Guaranteed 1 Tear
worker, was so
.squalor. the jibes, the coffee colored children... eager to join the Peace s ow DAVIDSON'SSrModels;
and the hate. Although he is shocked that the CeifiraiMNBT r
Corps she caused a pew : JEWELRY CO. Slightly
problem is now about to affect his own family L YORK The nation's clause to be written in IAoaotas Higher

Jacko- is determined that the principles of fair : k 100 top Negro leaders 'the United Auto Workers iii I. rOlSm n 51221LOOI

J. play which rule his working life shall also rule QUEEN'S PUDDING convened at a three-day. Union Contract.

hiS; borne (Makes 6 servings) sit meeting the week-
Nell.,1s full of hate., She Is an ordinary woman
little unions ,and their principles.. 2 cups toasted bread cubes YJ cup sugar end of Nov. 23rd at
'rjutrplenty-abaaTher knowing ;pf home and family. And she knows Vt cup raisins / teaspoon cinnamon, Coluabla University' s (! A Classic Weekend Pukw Plan I

1% cups (large tan) Va teaspoon nutmeg Arden House Campus in
; Just what. a.mixed marriage can mean. *
undiluted CARNATION salt
;;Kathie-goes Jbofind] ': peterln the peeling tenement EVAPORATED MILK 2%tablespoons teaspoon melted butter Harriman, New York. TIME lIFE.
For the of .
:where he4fves7 She blunders Into the wrong room-- Led by such leaders as your
:, '/ cup water Tart jelly
her how difficult marriagecaabs Martin Luther King, jr. ,
Judy who
aDd meets 2 .
Meringue NOW
eggs ht the.
Wilkins, WhltneTOBBf nab plans .
colored Roy your
,. hen the,partners. have different ,
'.. &0 Place bread cubes and raisins in buttered l'=-quart casserole: A. Philip Randolph '
skins.OndismaVVd., Mix remaining ingredients thoroughly. Pour over bread. Bake in .
.,.-..' .' Kathie finds Peter. and tells him she moderate oven (350F) until set, about 45 minutes. Remove from and others the Conference D !0mJ1gl! Q It aqql1
Jacko'arrives and tries tc oven. Spread tart jelly over top. Top with meringue. Return to critically examined the
wants t.sdaldthe.,marry oven until lightly browned.To ':A' 'S ft'R 'Y-E CtM: tR 'tll ,
pfer colored boy to ,Break it off. Outside role of the America MfA M. :n: RJP :

trouble is brewing. A group of whitelouts male Meringue: Beat 2 egg whites with U teaspoon cream of Negro community in o.S.. -.
in the treets tartar until frothy. Gradually beat in 4 tablespoons sugar a little 00 INCLUDES: Miami fetch Hotel
are menacing the Jamaicans. Gabe intervenes at a time. Continue beating until stiff and glossy. Add vanffla if policy on Africa. 3 Days- $2 5 with mils .. 2 Oas Otuiers lid foot and
was Breakfasts
to::.save another colored man. ..and is pushed onto.theism desired. Gtecifically.it an 2 Nights dbL per pen oa:. $C yardfiM ticket to Cam

;'F8.Wkes'.bonf1re. The police arrive arresting opening effort on the Come anytime Friday December Tth/leatt anytime Sunday,December 9th .
Gabe to hos part of Negro leaders to
black,'and-white alike and escorting -
IYUi create a program that .0... for the first time, yo' tea enjoy a star rt a fortmoj oc...- I CLASSIC HOUSING COMMITTEE
..,'pital\... ", boundtogether will involve stepped- froM Miami luck hotel ..with All hOUin for your pUowre... I 1104 KW. 3rd Ave Miami 35.FU .f
Together Jac*? Xathte.> :and. Peter walk home, a. Pool cad OttO I ardi'
Dang loom, Bar and Cockt-3 loMge. S.unmag Pleas send reservation for _
:;.. /itiail'enCC.bY'what: .,they have Just seen and yLJJ0j SMS -up interest of: America s tatbro L Complete Ireokfntt nd Deluxe Diners Spacious Atf I the '(2 Cliwc Packer Plan W: f

l eard. They gQ btcktEotfaJe.the: problem that cannot a 19 Billion Negroes in Conditwned looms. Unnoos lobby wi SvrrooB&gs. tat I I nrne-... -.. .. -. ?.--' _. i

be >stjlvedwj) n. ; violence_! ._tor. hatred. Fuel Oil & Bottled Gas their own political influence coopoi NOW end jet complete details ond information flea NOW I Address...__.._, ._-* _,
*. THIS STORY STARTS SUNDAY AT YOUR 25 Gallons To 1.000 If Necessary m their g orern-' to enjoy the greatest Classic ever, n the style of the millloao es. I Wy_.._._ 'State_, j
T.BEATRE eat's policy in sub; ALSO AVAILABLE: Aaommodotiw for Oauk ovu- i Mars,$ .M Ip., I Q Deposit Eadosed.se d ttsfir mit>oe
Si i B.J.RAND.: 4 '-" 'l 1331 lestlm trite Pints PO. 4-51t 'Sahara" Africa f : I '

--- ._.. __
-, .



; 'SATURDAY H6VEMBJ8 24 1112
j I HOKIUA $111
'; I sect. ft.. 1.

I FLORIDA AIRMEN REASSIGNED Sarasotan Crowned At Gibbs Disabled Vets

e EGLIN AFB, Ill. -- Receive IncreaseCompensations ABOUT PEOPLE

vG : = C1 ement H. Gibbs Jr. ,
: }rf y of Jacks Qville, Pla. In
has ***.**....*$*****
" been promoted to
More than 55,112 dis-
airman second class in abled veterans in Florida The Fountain of Youth Lodge 659 and pride of .
the United States Air of I of St.
have just received their Fountain Of Youth Temple 413 IBPOE
Force ensation Augustine will sponsor a pre-Christaas carnival on
Airman Gibbs a data October com the first floor of the Elks Home, 100 Washington

processing machine checks with increase than St. beginning Monday, NOT. 26 and closing NOT. 30.

.operator, is assigned to totaling more Prizes will be awarded each night, including one
$1,212, 460, the Veterans
.....,.,, the 4135th StrategicWing announced membership in the lodge and one in the te! le. Good
,.,-. here. i r.G Administration
tJi 1: 'Ii. music and refreshments is assured.
'.. ; \r-{: .... t ..". The ailrman and his '3 ff1Ir j: 1 today.

ck 'wife; the former Florence -, This OCt ber check delivered .............................. '. ,
Johnny Aikens Jr. ; of Katanga Drive Jacksonville or early in November, was
jeadie Davis of 1111 Rushing Street,, was
Fernandina Beach Fla. have 1&v. the first check to reflect -
has been promoted to Gregory. a son ____ I the increased com- called to Mt. Vernon New york to attend the funeralof

airman first class In m payment cted her sister, Mrs. lola Haddocks of 4 W. 4th St. ,

the United States Air ** by the recent session of Mt. Vernon. Mrs. Davis is a member of First Bap-
Force.' LACL AND AFB. Tex. tist Church.
Airman Basic Raymond N.
'The airman, a graduateof retroactive
payment amounting -
Rose son of Mrs. Ear- '.l S 55 55 555 555 555555 SS 55555 555555
Peck High School, is to four times
nestine B. Coy of 1464 :
the son of Mrs. Luella ; j the amount each veteran
Aikens W. Seventh St. Jacksonville : It4 t '--: The Pansy Blossom Sewing Circle will meet Nov.
Rt. 1, Fernandina will receive each month
Fla. is being '-'. : >i 1311 Pip-
Carrie B. pinkney,
Beach. He and his wife, .f $ .. pI- thereafter, accorring to 29,in the home of Mrs.
reassigned to Eglin AFB. is asking all members to be
the former, Barbara A. Rufus H. Wilson manager pin St. The president ,
Fla. for training and Ix books. The Bible verse
Williams of 524 S. NinthSt. ,, of the VA Regional Office present and bring their
duty 1 r'k
as an air policeman. \ '
Fernandina Beach, s \. ;'t "in St. Petersburg, Fla. will begin with the letter 'J' .
: '. .
have a: .son, Johnny III.AMARILLO Airman Rose, a 1961 s' 4 a of .. ,.' ., t'.1< ;.;,." :,it.: .". z. The amount of increase ..............................
;y each month hereafter to
graduate of New Stanton ::, If: .
I ; ; be received veteransin
** by
-I. -:, .,f,.: Senior High School recently ,,....d" Florida will be Mrs. Mary Hunter Williams, who holds a B.S. degreein

AFB, Tex. completed United $3)3) ,115 Wilson said. Elementary Education, with 15 hours of special
Airman Third Class States Air: Force basic .: education for the physically handicapped is the

Samuel E. Bonham of military training here. '6r fo 1 BIIC Ku. teacher at Brewster Methodist Hospital for children

Pcnsacola, Fla. is being confined in the hospital. She is appointed by the

reassigned to Hunter HAMILTON AFB, Calif. Wins Post Duval County Board of public instruction and the

AFB Ga. following his Staff Sergeant Earnest T. .. Hospital Board of public instruction.

graduation from the,, Campbell Jr. of. Jacksonville -
United States Air Force Fla., has completed ..............................

technical training the United States
'r! 4t
course for supply inventory Air Force managementcourse Many out of torn visitors are .in the city. to attend -

specialist here. for supervisorshere. 4 'fry the Fla. A. and If. Texas 'Southern football
Airman Bonham, son of i a
meeting friends
< 1 i. t game. The visitors are enjoying
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Bon- Sergeant Campbell, a and acquaintances of long standing. Among the visitors
ham St. of 316 E. Scott base fuels su'pply COLLEGE EAUTIES---in the spotlight during the recent:'coronaticn ball held at are former classmates and school mates of

St. Pensacola, was specialist assigned to Gibbs junior College In St. Petersburg, Fla., Includes the new college queen, y hometown folk.

trained to order and the 78th Supply Scjiadron Alletha McKenzie, center, of Sarasota, Fla. and her attendants, Edna Wright,

account for supplies and at Hamilton, was given left of plant Cityand Evelyn Roberts, right, of Tampa. Hundreds of Suncoasters t ..............................
equipment through the classroom and p racti calinstruction turned out for the big college social event of the year.

use of punched card accounting in the (GJC staff photo by Horace Jones, jr.}
machines and principles and technique
i3'IiJ3.3[ [ E3
electronic data
equipment.- processing of an
Is a graduateof
Tne'sergeant, a graduateof : wIpa

!Booker High T.School.WashingtonSenior High Matthew School, W.is Gilbert the son HONOLULU. Hawaii Mrs 1#i; Ctqtt! tmus
Apt xf, Helena Hale, niece of UN :>
of Earnest
Campbell Sr. '
LACKLAND AFB, Tex. -- undersecretary Dr. RalphJ.
1908 Prince St. Jack- AIII "
Airman Third Class LoisE Bunche won her recent ; .

Mrs., Davis Cordia, son C.of Davis Mr. and of son viII e.AMARILLO*. ** chairman bid of for Hawaii county Island pt; :Y.". .. "''''.''''0.' '

) 306 Harding Ave., Lake AFB Tex. by a 212-vote mar- I : ;: : :

Wales Fla. is being Airman Third Class W r I% gin. The Island is one ,.W: p@; rJ)1: l'( f :
.Jessie Walker of .
reassigned to Eglin AFB J. of 20 comprising the _

\l- 0. Fla--. forj-trai.n.lng; land, ( .E..Qnsa.ColaPJ' is state of Hawaii.A .
duty as en airpoiicsaan b eTn TeatsiBffed to R'I democrat Mrs. Haleis Individual

f Airman Davis recently Forbes AFB, Kan. the first woman to be

completed United States following his graduation designated a chief exe- V \ Christmas Cards

Air Force basic military from the United I cutive officers of the

training here. States Air Force tec- Island since the last

The airman is a 1962 hnical training course century when Hawaii
graduate of RooseveltHigh for Jet aircraft me- Queen Lillioukalani V\2\ for 5c

School, Lake Wales. chanics here. held a similar post.In .

I ---- her 30' s, Mrs. Haleis and up

INDEPENDENT OIL CO." a mother and the wife alb
'r'' NEARLY ITS FOURTH month of organization, the highly popular Calvacaae bingel
of an attorney.
I Mechanic__ On Duty *.' which have been scoring numerous successes In church recitals .here, will be, V: V 3 These are beautifully

.u IKE JOSEPH- Proorietor '... presented during a recital' Sunday night in Tabernacle Baptist Church's audi- y printed colorful cards in
torium at 7:30 o'clock. The organization will be directed by prof. E. Clifford conventional and slim
State and Jefferson Streets"EL 6-9432. Brewster Men
shapes. Traditional
Davis with Mrs Evelyn Johnson, organist-accompanist. Friends and the general
and modern illustrations

- -e, ea.w.raq public are cordially invited. Rev. W. E. Young is host pastor.
to to family
I GET INTO CIVIL SERVICE WORK! | (Royal Art Studio photo) Meet SundayThe and friends of'all ages.ValuePack .

; O During the next twelve months there will be many appoint.
ments to U.S. Civil Service jobs in the nation. JFK's Medicare Representative Visits Gibbs CollegeST.
I There will be steady employment, good pay and many of these I
jobs require little or no experience or specialized education. Brewster Men's Club .
I National Training Service is a privately owned school which!" PETERSBURGpresident zens, inc. on a cI'ossj: j 3'is second only to civil will hold its regu'larmeeting
helps many pass these tests each year. To get full information -
I on U.S. Civil Service jobs mau TODAY. | John F. Kennedy, country tour to meet rights," he declared. Sunday at 7:45 Box of

I t16 still eager to push his top echelon Negroes on, He acknowledged that a.m. with J. Earl torse,
Box 500 Greenwich. Connecticut plan for medical care behalf of Medicare. several: influential Negro presiding. 50 Cards
Name ................. ...4,........ ...... ..... Age: ., I for the aged, has sent a oxley stopped in St. organizations are back-' President Morse will 4

Street ..................,..,?,,"......,.... ,Phone, No..I man "into the field" to Petersburg this week to Ing Medicare. Among them: emphasize the importanceof v.

I City................. .....::!..... Zone ...... State........... I communicate with Negroesin talk to several local, Alpha Phi Alpha, Inc. the business on the
- -- order that they may groups, among them the NAACP, Omega Psi phi agenda and also the r.
understand the program Gibbs junior College,,. Fraternity National closing hour. Unfinished
properly and swing their faculty. Claiming that Council of Negro Women, business will be carried

support behind it. medicare is "a right the urban League, and over to the next meeting
clI The will be reminded
President Kennedy has and not charity," he the National Negro Medical that men this is the time of Less than 20 each, and these are handsome .
sent Lawrence A. Oxley, urged the instructorsto Association. The the annual
the year designs accented with
I director of special pro- become familiar with latter group (NMA) voted Plans glitter and
fruit cake sale. .
jects for the National the health plan "because against the p Ian a few gold-tone.
made for
will also be ..
; Which holiday Council of Senior Citi we need it." "Medicare years -ugo but now sup- the Christmas festivi .r' ,
port the program 3 to 1. ties. The men are askedto .".''.'' ''
: greeting is older. Sofiethiaj Htw r', Oxley came to support out of retirement the come to the meeting plansor

with some specific "% i ii
Has Been .
j 1 plan upon president suggestions in orderto i*! j: I(
! the first Added To Kennedy request. He eliminate a lost r JS- BIGGER SELECTIONS.

had spent 35 years in motion during the Shop KRESS For VALUES tii
1 Christmas Card government service 'ii QUALITY .. BEST J'i
meeting. sETTER JX J:
"' 1
Sdve4 ..
mostly as an assistantin is assuring ;:
The president : 1 '
orGordon's 'i:71 !JS!
the Department of everyone that

V. Gin? Std Labor under four ad- the meeting will closein

ministrations. He also regular order and

served 21 years in the all Sunday School

Armed Forces. workers will have an opportunity -

He is a former Grand to get to
Gord9n'$ Gin was an English Drill I. Liqiors Basileus of Onega psi their churches on tiae.

i Q greeting"74 years Phi Fraternity: me. Ii
before Mr.J.C forsley designed '
.t _
5668 Ave B 4-028S
;: the first Christmas card.The ,Phone PO.

- I Gordon's you drink today :,. '. Atty. R. W. Gray 21 Religious Special Box of 25

t:5: harks back to Alexander New Beautiful Ballroom Cards Christmas Cards

Gordon's origi'na11769for- r

muI tamper f f- ,
'iF ": S9c 59c
with a good thing..espe Available At No Cost '. (Formerly in Afro- erlcan Bldg. .)
: .
cially when it is the world'sbiggest GINifcor 102 East Union Street -1
seller. This year ,?,. f. ; Rich designs beautifully Choice assortment of
imprinted with Biblical cards from+ traditional
send cards,serve and give verse,complete with envelopes. to modem.Cctmpletc -

Gordon's London Dry Gin. FK KNtiHS '- Ssclal! Fnctiiis with cnvelopej.

To Responsible Clubs ,'aiioiices' :il i $; eev I location i ._ DOINJI'N

- }.1:: K R 'E S S MAIN AT AOAHS
KTUII C3.B6X WTHt JT8ITJftgnui ..,..

not cutaw nor.ors in M auiuUMeuL Li Individuals 411 IrodSt.V ELrt. 6.8790 Opts Unit] 'I'ld Friday i da r Kites

GrI J Make Your Reservations Early 3511 PifS Ictaj |FUZI) (pig m 3:83: EJH 1iPI.r .


Ir ?*s -" -F.
I ii II II I

-' ..--...... -. .- .. -, ..-

I .. ;..;... -: ., '. S. S FIHIUSW S-.S _" ;;. S *!, S SATURSAY ;;. 'VM-:: 24: ;B.: r 1

Heilth FO' &IUORS JvRfer 6illl..s' Johnson Branch Y's Program Hits All-Time High JFK Urges rSvpport \ I

Tips Swtwft WifeNEW Marriott Reels "'",'"?,!r< :' Peace Corps

Negroes who join the give a gnat deal more
ANGELES It waa -
> Peace Corps would be attention ourselved to .
termed a 'story
once until Kp, "serving their countryand the problems of their
ak their people in the om neighborhoods."
Mrs. Edwina Gilliam,
r best sense of the word," "I want you all to
i wife'of Los Angeles in- ;'tiA. '
according to President know that you--most of
fielder recently filed S_ whom are young In the f
.r- Y s Lr John F. Kennedy.Mr. .
i H suit 'for divorce, charging -
i Kennedy made the service of governmenthave --
him with extreme set a very high
4 statement in a question
cruelty end asking $800 standard for the Government -
and-answer period following
monthly alimony an so that even those .
an address to the
custody of their 21- a who have worked in other
ti {; Peace staff inWamington
months old daughter.The Corps agencies for years..have
earlier this '
Gl Hi am s war found themselves caughtup
married in St. Louis, month. in this tide.

YORK The National A.Til 25, 1959. Gilliaa e' f ,,z Ir 4 .,a SJ The question came from f ,

Foundation for Neuromuscular was married once before. : +s 7 a prominent Negro Peace ..
Dl'sifas-es, 'a Corps official Franklin :X aR
non-profit: voluntary Wtivirs GitCoHioUtcts r. H. Williams Chief of ,

health agency, has the Division of Private ? r

named Mrs. Arthur T. Organizations.

Davidson to 'serve Williams said that ,,{Fw
as : --
MVzT 'some f have not r
a us
National -
NEW YORK In a resolution -
been satisfied with the 5
adopted at its regular S'
Urs. Davidson, the wife monthly meetinghere s : number of Negroes and 9

of a prominent Hartford the Board of Directors Mexican-Americans and

surgeon, has been' Treasurer of the National 4 vvz others who have pre-

! of the Foundation's Association for the Advancement sented themselves for St ITO
x' .4
R in the
ConnecticutChapter < of Colored
\. since inception inV People, extends "heart j'L !' ;: Feace O>rps" and asked

felt the President if he had
1960. to
sympathy" the S :
' : 1 anything to to
1 In her new. national bereaved parents of a w say
post Mrs. Davidson will Robert C. Weaver, Jr. "those potential Feace PRESENT PAPER--Dr.
form 'an interracialcommittee Corps Volunteers that Darwin T. Turner, pro-
Young Weaver, the son of
out to them fessor and chairman of
might point
of profes- the former NAACP Board
vS the desirability of the A. and T. College
sional, business and Chairman and Mrs. Weaver, .r 55
tie r. service in the Peace Department of English,
fraternal leaders to arrange died of an accidentally
special events and self-inflicted gunshot s3 Corps. presented a professionalpaper

the Pacific during 1963 wound on Nov. 6.A1iZSZ1IlJJil. ;, 3 The President, replied before the annual
t hat "it's quite convention of the Na-
% ws i 4 natural that growing up tional Council of Teachers -
s t
) surrounded by endless of English at Miami

.- problems they (Negroes) Beach, Fla., on November

would not be as concerned .73.

'! F 4ems' + R about the opportunity Mother Plays Safe

1 ft' to serve a-

%!AI x broad as they would be

about the very difficult

problems they face in ;

their own lives, their
1 families' lives, and in

their! neighborhood.

at The kind of boys or

FREE ESTIMATES ::4Y. girls who have had?a
.. .. : S sufficient chance to fo
We Also Specialize in to school, who can pass
the very exacting test S
0 Garages %
.- ., for the Peace Corps,
Florida Rooms :TV- have so many responsibilities -

Roofing GOING PLACES!---The bill board in the upper photo shows a model of the new James Weldon Johnson thrust upon

S Branch YMCA Building which is now on the drawing ,board. However, programmed activities at Johnson Y th en. .th at they relly

Bath Rooms is showing an all-time increase, according to the organization's Executive secretary, Thomas B. feel they cannot afford,

o Concrete Work Margrave Jr. During a recent fall track and field meet there were 110-participants representingthree in a sense the dijVer-

0 of the Y* s 23-boys clubs. Due to .the enlarged enrollment, only a few clubs are selected to sion of going across the Mother gives daughter a lift
Painting _.. Jl. A t with on of new formula Solvo- j
visit the Y each week. Boys shown in,bottom pix were from the :Susie I E. Tolbert: Smart Pope Livingston ocean. j Rust-to banish nut and corrosion .

( __ A COMPLETE HOME REMODELING SERVICE and the A. L. Lewis Gray-Y Clubs. Advisors were Howard Guyton and 'Eddie Brown from Susie E. *Ve have to meet"c.that that can weaken play equipment.
i I II Previously available only to professional -
Tolbert. Ezekiel Bryant of the Board of Management had charge of activities and was assisted by in two ways; one, explain mechanic in the auto

I NO MONEY DOWN Coach Harold o. Hair and Mr. Rargrave. Other Gray-Y members are: D. Cookman, pine Forrest, Forest to them that in tained service at trade local it gas now stations can be ob-in .

park, J.E. Ford, A. L. Lewis, Arlington, West Jacksonville, Moncrief and Bethune. Special activitiesare serving overseas they handy sizes. ;'.

FHA & Conventional' Loans planned on a year 'round basis. ______ are serving their own New ideal rust-cutter for reconditioning and lubricantis lawnmowers ,

;: co in try and their people: bicycles, tools toys, j
CONSOLIDATION FINANCING AVAILABLE Ebeneezer Board'sPlans Gibbs Delegates Opening At t The RITZ Mrs. Roosevelt in the best sense of the items screen exposed door hinges to the ans weatherand other- J

Event SundayUsher word and secondly, to indoor hardware, too.

CALLFLORIDA Board 2 of Ebe Attended Annual On An All First Run Declared "Symbol

neezer Methodist Church ." Program .Sunday .. .. .. I

BUILDERSNOW will present its annual Press ConferenceDETROIT Dedication" r

Leaf Tea Sunday from, 1FOo'TBALLII !
5-7 p.m. at the church. M1 ch COl- f( NEW \'ORXFor- mil- j

The program has been lege advisers and edi- 1 l lions of Negro Anericms,

completed and tors returned to some as for other disadvantaged -

;,: DAY EL 4.8880 NIGHT ?0 4-0816 public is invited.the general 300 campuses after 1 1 j peoples the world I FOOTBALL! !

t .spending three days, in ; over/ Mrs. Franklin D.

.sirpsssss..s.as........................ : Detroit at the Thirty- i Roosevelt "was an inspiration j
eighth Amual Conference and a symbol

! i Continental Bowling i of the Associated Col- r i of dedication and courage You Can't Afford 'c i

legiate press and the 4 in the struggle for I
National Council of human rights a resolution To Miss It '
r! 3118 Edgewood Lanes Phone College Publications adopted by the
G. = Off Cleveland 768-3493 T.
= Advisors. NAACP Board 0 f Directors :
i r I, ,.. ,
> Delegates to the,meeting :decl ares. .
.. It.'sJacksonville's' J.
.- of this group, recognized Mrs. Roosevelt t was a _
as the most influential member of the Association t

-. -t.. of any college s Board from 1945

groups, had the opportunity until her death on Nov.
cArk : :
to choose from 7.
:. CHUBBY CHECKER it = Biggest Grid
more than 100 session ;
OPENING SUNDAY at the A.L. Fleming r.LrV'
designed to impro.vestudent
Ritz 'Theatre will b d Internationally t
publications t
.. ranging from student famedsinclngdancing Chapter Slates Event; !

.. lenspaper to magazine to star Nov. 25 EventMrs. ic J > 1 I i
Chubby Checker and a host Of The SeasonUndefeated i
I Gibbs. Junior Collegewas of other singers and. Clotle Pridgen ,, ift t
.. represented for the stingers in C l m iaPicture's .hill be 'principal speak- .. \, ,-. r
.8 r*' .. \ t
r. second consecutive: year. 'Ring-A-Ding 'er for A.L. Fleming : : .f

: I. !_ 'J.. .. '.,.. Paul Mohr its repre- Rhythm" which features Ouster No. 45 OES' 12th .J. "- : j f
0. -- : sentatives, was one of 27 top tunes. anniversary program Sun
five Negro advisers at day Nov. 25 at 3 p-n

= WELCOME GATEWAY CLASSIC FANS.. = the meeting which drew FLORIDA STAR -in Masonic Temple, 42) FAM'U RATTLERS

= more than 250 publica 2323 MoacrUf JM- Broad St. Mrs. Emma : :
;' .Btf pur Guests Before & After The Game. : tions advisers and more Watkins. Worthy Matron, ,

than 800 college students Or Phoa EL 4-6782 .annoon ced.
""' ... <
associated with -- t
= LADIES DAY FAMILY BIILllie : student publications. : VS "... ",

Conference chairmen. H
". -- t tf MONDAYS called on the wt motive BEEFFOR
= TUESDAYS 10 a.m. to 2 a.n. :. industry to provide keynote TEXAS.J
10 a.n. to 2 a.a.Ladies .
: = j Adults -- 3 games $1.0C speakers for two I
.3S games $1.00FREE Children -- 25$ per game = banquets. The Opening, HOME FREEZERS

= PRIZES :j S Be sure to register foi : convocation Banquet, SOUTHERNA;
FREE GIFTS held in the Ford General
: BiW1iAL hoes. and PROCESSING
$10.-$7.50& $5 Office Building, Dean

S = ,,, :eeGame:: Ticket :vY08THS Gro err.Baskets. = boa, featured a special Plus..The FAMU .;.

B -.. t _. message by Charles P. MEAT CURING IC
.. .. .. ,. ( ..
: bore Jr. rice president ..: J Marching; Band

DAY :;- A E public- relations. Hit Nov. 24
r... MEN'S SAY Ford "Untor ;zPIU. LOCKERS Saiirday :.

. .': JIO.B.-SATURDAYS. to 6 p.a.- ..... .:- :. :: -I. Workshop Dates, Gator' BowlON i

Youths$ pergame. ., .. I OPEN /-5
'I' .
x : JUltl T 10 fiaatl Florida AW University
: a.m. to 2 a._. "
S -< '' S Interscholastlc SALE AT: Fiesta MottK- lints Read; Koxy Eor t.
( ( PRIZES: ; :. "S..es.$1.00. beheld air 8th and Davis; Bfyao pharmacy Davis ;. ),
Press Workshop will
::. = Free Game Tickets. ,**;* 2B SIMONS INDUSTRIES !
,. Pebr cry a-Marco Ashley Edgevood and Avenue B.; Buster Ford ..' .

:: ErBarkinir: Attended*<-:.Nurserr an.b.urant Sluice iW 2, 1683 according to 412: MAKGARIT IL 4-6717 East Union; Mervon'a pharmacy Test Edgevood: ... i

_-m Mia flpj SWAMf SJSJ B SBB CM elB SkM tJBJ |WA fll fJBI fM Charles J. Smith III, Dovotova Ticket office ? .fieaing park.nCE .
............ ... ... .. .
5 -: .- '. workshop director. I ...tI.. V. ... .......



-' .. ...,.. .
._ "--PC> ,
I' :'_ ;....__. -- .:. !. J "" ""':' ""''''''''' -- ----

-- --:;:::: '
-" ..
-- ----- -- '

1 trtrr, -#Iy .t a.Na.a. :: dl w f I\\ I'l ----l

TLYxt>i I

. Robinson Calls Upon Whites "Miss rewN erIw.ua ereoe CORE Schedules Glls rAhU.S.. :,:

\ To Evaluate Own
, Prejudices #
Freedom Task FDrce ;
. NEW YORK---November 20, Jackie Robinson today org< Labor Post

!.' white people to concern themselves more with re 1 I1iW; : ILharitiirtnwP R : DURHAM. N.c. COR snewlfestabllshed ', .. :" ; ,

moving their own ,prejudices than with the black Freedom ..1".*"">'' ,.' r
'I ,
, supremacy doctrines of the Muslim minority among; t "t r n Task Force will go .>: :!;

Negroes. into action December 1st =:.

, I "The Muslims can grow White IKMCSK d i in North Carolina and "-'
t only if the denial of Tennessee following a <
Stiffer _
I human rights continues final 2-day training Q ' < "Fat:
against Negroes,", the R. period here. The Task .
- ST. LOUIS (SPedal_ ) .
former baseball star will be composedof ..
Bill Force ...-
White soft,spoken Li
t declared! in the current long-term volunteers
slugging first basemanwith
; (Christmas) issue of many of whom are college
the St. Louis
IfcCall's magazine. students.
Cardinals Baseball Team, :
, Robinson said he believes has joined the public This was announced by

"the great majority CORE Program Director
relations staff of ,
I of Negroes are as -X 5' Gordon Carey who will ;;;
Anheuser-Basch, Inc., rr g.G
opposed to black supremacy lead the training session -
, it was announced this ....
as they are to week. and coordinate the FRANK W. TERRY ,"

white supremacy." White in this role program. CONG. JAMES D. ROOSEVELT ...
He said the appeal the "CORE has long felt
will make personal appearances (D-Calif.) has been ad- .,
Muslims have achieved the need for developinga
deliver Y vised of the appointmentof .,
stems from "the fact f corps of skilled
speeches in the interestof Prank W. Terry to the '
that prejudiced people volunteers to work in
Anheuser-Bush, Inc., -
U. S. Department of :
use race 07 color trouble spots and on
as a
which brews Busch Bavarian Labor's information department ..
I basis for human dignity, and Budweiser R special projects in the covering the
thereby encouraging south Carey ex-
Southern California and
,/ sympathy among a cae of White broke into the plained. Arizona areas. Terry is

1 the masses,of pe f le.J' major leagues with the .
.. head of the Frank Terry -
f Answering,a question a- then New York Giants in 'r p :.AJINGLE ..
i iu and Associates public
5 %
bout the 'Muslims, Robin t ra ry x. s g.
If 1952 receiving a small RABBIT HOUND relations firm and has,

son said Negroes accept bonus.; He played with : : Use several brass tags on had wide experience in
the grodp- right 'to your rabbit dog's collar to jingle -
:. the Danville, Va., team
dislike 'whomever' IN POMP AND SPLENDOR. Miss Doris| izelle, senior from Jasper Florida, was crowned llss! EWC" ; as he runs along. that and community wide
they in Carolina league and
for the current school year. Miss Mizelle is the president of Alpha Sigma Tan W en's Society ,
I please, but cbjectto actually Joined the -
; and a member of Vogue XIII. During her college career, she has received many honors and was ServicesSound activities.'s '
its use of "hatred
organization in successively, 'Miss Freshman" "'Miss Sophomore" and 'Miss Sigma" Her maids of honor are, Hotel : 'I

//IJ to deny another person 1956 making his najor! left to right; first row: Miss Olivia Harris, freshman. Gainesville, Florida; Miss Rosalind Ho- Service for Ad- rv in every room.

his rights as an American. league ,debut in St. well, sophomore, Jacksonville, Florida; back row: Miss Marie Brinkley, Junior, Jacksonville vertisingDances, Ball For Reservations Call I II

." Louis on Hay 7. He also Florida, and Miss Bob bye Mervin, senior, Jacksonville, Florida. Games, etc. Also Loud EL 5-4025 I I fI

r He added that he sees got his first homerun [ ( Baker Photo ) Speaker Service for Banquets 741 I% W. ASHLEYJacksonville. l

no reason why the MUslims on that day. He got 21 y Concerts Record .
should not achieve their for the Giants before I .
, more Ike Predicts Observe Education. Week Hops etc.Phone El 3-5902 Florida ._
desire for a sejarate 'that first season-
t 4arv. ROtlND SERVICE WANTEDBeauty ;
state, 'pr cvided they ended. OI 1.
i'i lias' Barbers i
Eid t 8 8A operators &
means. He Wiley i Apartments '
a s
Homecoming Hollywood Beauty
noted that 'in America, CHICAGO---Former presi- .
1 ? 'Jacksonville'sFine&t' Barber Lounge-622 Ashley
oj't' we are supposed to have t dent Dwight D.Eisenhower, '
Call Mr. Tarv c EL ;
,t 4-9774
the right to live where who rarely 'discussed 2 Bd Rm Apts.-$11.50
5 ', x b '
\, we please." civil rights while in vy x Wkly-Water Furnished- FOR RENT

i' Robinson advised his the White House, breaks s 2 1KEYNOTE Resident Mgr.-2414 San :
Nicely Furnished Rooms
white questioner not to the sound barrier in an Diego Rd.-FL 9-1757 :
I For Rent on his lines.
t be "more concerned about
rf exclusive interview in Opposite Douglas Anderson ;
I PH. 3658301. 475 W.
them (The,;Muslims) than the December issue of School. ;
19th Street. '
you are J dab dt the White Ebony.
Citizen;,Council or the, He is for civil rightsand SPEAKER---Dr. Willa B. Player, WELCOME :

Ku Klux jKlttt .who preach I ; 'predicts the' end of president of Bennett :College: ,. Greensboro, .

violence, while we have Poi r rY rr rt segregation in 10 years-- N. C. last week delivered the keynote -address Fla. A&M & Texas Southern r ;

ino proof of violence a- but thinks the civil at the A. and T. College observanceof
mong the Muslims. rights question is "an American Education Week. She talks with r r Supporters

"The American'Negro 'isis --1"1" '. ,,'" overrated issue in the Dr. Glenn F. Rankinileft, dean of, students, WHITE SWAN RESTAURANT :

loyal as 'groue in ART WINNERS These students took top honorsin quest for Negro votes." and J. Niel Armstrong right, chairman of ..

; merica; but Just as the recent art loster contest sponsored Ike reveals, that he was the observance committee. .

here are> fanatics in In connection with the recent annual home- 'shocked'and'puzzled'' -- -- (Formerly Madeline s Coffee Shop) :

j her raCes,we 'have:them. coming activities at A. and T. College.All over his failure to win CHERRY'S BAR Specializing i in Tasty Foods i I

ite Americans sh mid art majors, they are from left to Negro votes in the 1956 & Cocktail Lounge L './-4; For Benefit of Fans open 8 a.m. until?

it be so. concerned with.' li1Johnnie Robinson, Greensboro, N., C.;;i-.. .election,, despite his !- .. Cordial Atmosphere :, ,>. 929 KINGS RD. EL. 4-9962 : I
[s allfTgr3up 'ofVHfett'become first? place; Marvin outterbridge Green- administration civilrightgaccomplishments. Where old"Friends Meet; .. -. .-

prejudiced a- ville, N. C. second place; and jerry Hunter 1843 Kings Rd-El 3-8099--1138 W.Adams-El 3-7457 MRS. MADELINE SIRMQN, PROP.

g nst all," he said. Mount Holly, third place. That was when he decided

I -Opens Business I Htro Lasts Albany EltctioR the, 'overrated.civil rights" issuewas PIERCE WALL .....Open Monday And Friday Nights Until 9 p.m. I E

'Ikebelieves the real ?

ii 1 ti@a _-_ ALBANY Ga. Negro break down segregation issue lies in the economic : cL 4
beauty supply operator barriers here, a last
area including in the
Thomas Chatmon a runoff had been
r minute attempt big cities such items as
ffT candidate for Albany'sCity made to swell the voter 1; f = *
Council, defeated the dispensing of relief &
'was -
___ lists prior ro the Ga. '
by .a than 3 ; the Ebony article Y x nttfNow -
r -, .. more Primary elections.It -
I '
xx to \: margin uesdawhite by was reported that explains. He ,feels the $

1 television. repairmen Albany has an estimated used Democrats local subtly economic have issues y Vllr.I .
EC. Gable.As 4,000 Negroes registered
1i part of the Albany' voters aid 10.000 1ib1 tes. as a whip againstthe
Movement Republicans, a tech-
1I by Negroes to
i nique he despises and -

.\ IMPERIAL SUNDRIES opposes the GOP tryingto
I 1 duplicate.
MRS. Rfe ROBINSON flrnesanTest: \ .Patent Medlcines-Oosietlcs "There's' lot of

..Former All Leading
I ner-operator I Funeral Home argument that the GOP has
of Rose, Beaty Shoppe on Hair preparations
Broad St.. NOW Locatedat Ambulance Service I' Cu.Acut. tort I .. little appeal for Negroes
Ike maintains, becausethe
the Collei park Barber I I: .,.[ lEST COSTS R8 Wir j a 4-2158 GOP doesn't ..advocat .

'ft Beaut :;Sho 1700 Kings I 2719 W. EdCfWOOd Ave. I a welfare state.politicians I !
'Rd.-Opeii 2-7 ilySaturdays -: .I[ Phone PO 5-1641 Asthma *
a): he says, make a .%
9VtilrEL 6-9247 ,
------- Attacks
lot of noise in Negro

How yM4 tpMdUy to } RICO PH ARMACY, INC. .ftiplaf SjwctalUt.rlter*o Coachla,..&.!*nttlm..s.l..n .cttok.lac. GLOWING MAHOGANY BEDROOM
that bad Democrat is
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students Cadet Lt' Col. ,

Charles E. Hobbs of .t .'k- $ COMPARE: AT
Grade AJFRYER PURE Miami and Cadet Capt. > 11 1 $ 79.95

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g jar professor military .- popular colors. Buy now at this
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''N T t1t T Bali lisfeess84S ARI FiRSnB STREETS .:;

PURE 354-I14S ':
FIsrMi AVMM .. ':.C; ;-
: '
I !


{1s )rb, : ''':: .;;: ....... ,. _. ,
," _...." (,.a---: ''' !; .oG'.1..a ;.a; f-

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1 i )I .1--I '

t : Ui18 I I.


I Awesome Rattlers Power Is Blend Of Player Strength! Plus< ;, Expert.!,, .ching'-

I ,
a ,
I ,
I k i .

r 4'c' Ij 3 :

j (, ;

i H I k T .t

, T 6 it t t 'I

: 1 6c aaxNrs .,

s ; ...
80X N ; B =: =::nn= "

y. 1r yn XNt -t ,
N 2 '
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J t-: : 1 Adu I
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: d' q a \:

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rf 1 1I
+( ;e ; t p .a Y t SY E s
a +jk
.7tl1 t

I! S
: I aL eu
I n

Ij jI j\\ {

I QUARTET OF CHAMPIONS, (shown above) are but a mere representation of the awesome 9.4 speedster > no blends his elusiveness with his uncanny passes. William Fleming.

/ power Coach Alonzo (Jake) Gaithers Florida A. and M. Rattlers will display here in Plant City, is !one of the team's mainstays at tackle. Quarterback Napoleon Johnson,

the Gator Bowl Saturday night when they clash with Coach Alex Duntey's] Texas Southern Raleigh, N. C.t handles many of the Tallahasseafls punting chores whenever needed. J 1

Tigers, one of the leading title contenders in this year* s powerful South-west Ath- Austin ,holds down a wingman's spot on one of the three-famed Blood, Sweat

letic Conference race Standing at left is ,Robert Paremore, Tallahassee, the Rattlers' and Guts combos,, The Rattler, are rolling on. to their second National" Small College

Gel (Way lift Clay Upsets r Vet Joins Lakers Addcrliy Likes Willie Clobbered- Altman Thinks Mitchell Has Coffers RingingWASHINGTON I

I .. ,,'1-.< ........, ..-.
'' "
:.<' '" > < : Ex-C
allps'PrldicliolS Mets For 8HR'sSAN
: ,:. .- .-: Etr De feist Rol.J J Will breaking of owner George With standing room only

I, K..:;: >.: PHILADELPHIA Interviewed : .... Be HelpfulCHICAGO Marshall's former lily- available during recent

I recently by one f. : -- Slugger- white policy the home settos, better than 1
H i 1 :".., LOS ANGELES Two ex- :: of his hometown newspapermen 'outfielder George Altman Washington Redskins have 48,000 paid admissions 'jj 1
i ,. formerly of the Chicago
< ? set a new Capitol City have been filling the
t .- kLL ring champs, Joe Louis Herb Adderley,
ii Cubs, who was sent to turnstiles financial new stadium.
tt. and Jimmy Carter were star defensive back for
4 q the St. Louis Cardinalsin record thanks to fleet Result: owner Marshall
L. among the numerous fanE the champion Green Bay
", : a six-player swap be- Mitchell. going
halfback a-
-i Bobby is reportedly
here who picked Archie Packers, stated that he t
tween the two teams result of with Seaming
f to Cassius tt As a pressure round a
Moore whip shortly realized that .k
thinks he might be from the NAACP:: and the countenance recently.
1 Clay during their Nov. the changeover from ,college -
better off with the Red- of the Interior -
."r 15 match in the Sports ic icpy. to pro football Department UNDENTING GUN STOCKIt's
: birds next year. plus a series of an old furniture trick but
Arena. ranks was a bigger step
Stating that he hated boycotts at former Red- it work* a? well on your gunstock
1 d
Louis who he than he thought it would
,., title be. leave the Cubs. Altman skins' games Marshall an on the piano; Tu''re.;
continued that there'sa move n dent wet n cloth and
from 1937 to 1949 stated Asked whether he was given ultimatum. sizzle
4 was place it over the dent. Now
;<,':. that Moore had to much disappointed after being +p,4 good possibility that to either employ Negro the whole thing with hot,
experience for the ; :: shifted from offensive the Cards will be up players or the new iron. Repeat until dent comer* 1
: 6i ; there next season He Steam
: would fiber
youthful former Olympic to defensive back, Ad- Washington Stadium out. causes wood
FREDDY CRAWFORD said that could be a big be unavailable for the to. swell, filling back to the!))
champion oon clu ding. .. derley said that he was
break for him. original positions.
If the bout 12- not too the
goes pleased over
Freddy Crawford. ,6r4. The former Tennessee .' ., -
: rounds Archie will win FORMER Tenn. MI veteran change at first, but
22-year old junior from by a decision. However, guard Dick Barnett one after talking to big Emmett MI star made the comment -
New York City, has been SAN FRANCISCO -- According at the Divine and "MORE POWER TO YOU !
Moore could win it by a of the pro gaae's clas- Tunnell and getting II
named captain of the University knockout." siest defensemen, hasjoined to a recent Fisher brokerage firm '/
t pointers on how to play
article in
of St. Bonavmture's Sporting here where he is in
Carter, who the I/
held the Los Angeles the role, he said that Willie FACTORY FRESH
1962.63 basket lightweight, title from Lakers of th.e National he was falling in love thank the Mays can training. He expects to S
ball team. Crawford sat 19 51 '55 said he Basketball League. Barnett with the role. clubs--Mets join former Cubs hurler ELgin 4-4508 I '
out last season taking Don Cardwell and Th acker
thought the Is product of
big edge a "Em told me I could Colts--for
treatment for Tuberculosis Moore had in Coach Johnny McLendon, having helped a catcher in St. Louis
experience last much longer playingon him win the major league AUTOMOTIVE MARINE DIES] I
but has been de- within the next five
could spell the difference. first Negro to join the defense than offense homerun title49lastseason.

4 "
ci' ifsat" '"! "Mo'rrisHospital. ..t affiliated with an automobile -" coach. that pounding Adder- Altman, who is decep- SQ-UTHWAY// .i
It may also be importantto I
tively fast for a big ;
firm here. Well.
This Lad'sA ley said. add that the three-
man, led last season's i
"And after being hita playoff games with the

II Pro Football -This Week- Wow!!! realized couple there of times was much I Dodgers into the--which season's also went re- Cubs average with 22 a bomeruns.318 batting and FOOT" OF WEST ADAMS I(.

Horace Mann's High's truth in Tunnell's re cords--helped him win the .

RATIONAL LEAGUE Dallas at Philadelphia Gerald Russell could be arks. homer race over Harmon BLENDED WHISKY.86 PROOF.55" GRAIN NEUTRAL SPIRITS. Ol2 SCHENLEY DISTILLERS CD/*.Y.C.
Eastern Division San Francisco at St. I 1 really think my Killibrew by one. Willie
the nation's
high school
November 22 Louis career in the NFL will tied Twins' Killibrew's I
back of the year if his
Green Bay at Detroit New York at Washington game against Yearger be extended many years homer mark during the

November 25Pittsburgh Chicago at BaltimoreLos High of Hope, Ark might because of my defensive first game of the playoffs Most tasteful A

at Cleveland Angeles at role. I don't take a with the Dodgersand
... .' be used as an indicator.
'-. .Here's-what' happened beating and I get a hit another in the of the
'au'sseI chance to rest more second to win the vaunted gift ,
,} -romped for 36yards -
often. 'You known, race.
per carry, helpinghis
he said, with a broad Back in 1955, when the !
tea to an' 86-0 win.
The grin, "we keep the ball Giants were still residents year
175-pound senior
most of the time." of the Polo Grounds
carried; the ball six r
1, cF Mays blasted 51-homers.
G times ,for 276-yards. He- FIRE STARTER
Here's another quick fin i Two other career highs _
scored on romps of 30,
starter to.add to your collection' were achieved by Mays inn _
65, 70,90 and 15-yards Soak pieces of turkish towel i !1 two other departments-- ,,It2;Af _
and made six-yards the kerosene and seal in plastic' C 7 hl
141 RBI's to top his, '
o.ther time he carriedthe oags. ;i 1' -- _- / (- _
a previous 123 high and 130 -

mail ; runs scored over his 123 1r 4ip
UPI AII-S tar Team mark of last year., %

POS. PLAYER &: CLCB G HR 115I AVG.!! Of his 49 hOllers Willie
hit 28 in CandlestickPark. 1

C. Earl Battey twins... 148 11 51 .280 He hovered in ever

i 1-B orlaodo Cepeda.Gluts.,.. 182 35 114 ..306ea..18l league park but Phila- $ .1

2-B Bobby Richardson.Y.enke< 8 58 .302 delphia last season. 7

S-S uaury Wills.Doders... 185 8 48 .299 Seventeen of his blasts _

E 3-B Brooks Robinson Oriol
t i 0Frank Robinson Reds..,,. 162 39 138 .342 32 off righthanders. 24
SUNNY SA"MSchenleythe:
0-P Illlie gays Giants...,. 162 U 141 .304 of his 49 homers came V
whisky for tasteful giving
01'OIUI1 Davis Dodgers..,. 163 21 153 ..346G with one or more runners 'r
In decanters for !
F + : R so L 1tA on base. 14 came in the gracious ,

first inning off the living.s
P. Don Drysdale. Dodders... 43 314 232 25 9 2.92
P. Dick aaoTaD..... 34 251 93 20 10 3.59 first pitch.
Mays averaged a home- ; a

run every 12.7 official chen1e '- I

VHBi YOU ARE ILL times at bat. Re was RESERVE :
topped only by Willie
We Are k Z
\Tou Seek The Best Doctor UcCovey. f. Scheneys! Hallmark Decanter ihs

Equipped To.. Then your Doctor prescribes exquisite to look at. And inside 9 1r
t the light and rich sunny _
G; t Experienced pharmacists
< : DoctoZ' s Hits 100 Mark morning flavor of Schenley.! -- f ; II
.. ,According to your
Trail Tfct I H.. l
.". only The Schcnley's straight whiskys are _
Orders. use ; ;
? mellowed 8Jull before
Dr. C. E. Black '
: 'Best Q llty Drugs DURHAM. N.C. .'hen ;7 blending with choice grain :
f JacksonvilleCollege North Carolina College neutral spirits. Give Schenley! :
3 REGISTERED PHARMACISTS TO SERVE 700 defeated Morris Bfrowa Gift-wrapped at no extra eoYt1! r !

College 25-6 two week A., .. I
A CQKLETE LINE OF Hallmark Decaatrr.avaibble in both quar'i bh6 data. i
ego it was a delight fill > ;
Barber Inc. Cosaetics Rubber Goods Candies S& dr1es'PRESaUPTI present for the winning { ct > !
teas' Coach Herman Rid- "'
: : irJ ,
'r .
dick since it his :. .... : .. .
was ""-
: 6.1. 111% Ai CeR., .4 \, '
Apprwed -
::1 Lily's Mg Store 100th victory as V ; I

.630 DAVIS ST. at BtaverlACKSfflfflUL college coach. Riddlck. < ... .' .,...... '., ," -, ;-;.rl:

has been coaching: a\ ': ., __ ... .. .."> '.-- ".. 7. _;, .., ,,,,,,,:. i:" !
North Carolina for 18 '
_ RMM 1117 OIlS ROAD EL 3-8271 a

---- _..... .. .-- seasons.

.. 1

"- -- \. \.- -. .' .:.'id"J": ,: ,..: '.. l '; ; .
L !


I': ,I f-

.. ..

: SPORTING IT UP Wilt Nets 73 Jaxon Cited Among Majors' Top Rookies r Avon. Park Hunts ,I

!I. Glr_ \
aNEW ... Are Cancelled
BY C. ARUM HtMSMfANY3UQONS ., J '. ,';'; ;,"' 1!."7r-< ,
YORK question, ;; :' ; i : "
:> HAVE COME AND GONE since Dean C_ree How are they going to : .. 'TALLAHASSEE Managed

1J, .:Saapson served Florida A4M as both dean and stop San Francisco's hunts scheduled to open

":c adl. .Many changes have been made, and today itis Wilt
Chamberlain who IB N .t\J/ on NOT. 17 at the Awn
no' more Florida ASM College. but a university.Utny .
already off to one o Park Wildlife .Management :
o-liew buildings have been 'added to the school. his ( ;
; early .sea- Area in Highlands. i
3he Rattlers have
produced many All-Americans and
son' and Polk
s scoring spree Counties will,
several pro players who stayed in the, thickest of C2b :
!the since Joinlngthe pro : x +. ? 2onze >iV not be held, accordingto
fights and today the school is among the top
ranks? A. De Aldrich, c ;.leaders in the number of representatives now in TOlBEMORraAHNDMLTOPPS1 .' '
Chamberlain, now know y s i q:t.tx N, tor Game and FreshWater
:the play for pay game. The pod that was done by '
as Big Dipper, TOPPs ROOKlEAll Fish Comi ssion.
Dean Sampson can not be measured In dollars and 4 SN.1FAMNIDS i
scored 73 pointe
last This hunt has been can-
cents, for that 'meager beginning of football is
Friday night to lead the < celled by the U. S. Air
.BOW the big thing on the campus of FAMU. Warriors to 127-111 f 1
a Force as a result of the
DEAN SAMPSON{ ,SAID HE WAS NOT AT FAMC as a dean victory over 'the New present international

I and coach. "After seeing the young fellows out York Knicks to set a crisis which has resulted -

there striving to have a team I volunteered my Garden individus .
t.r in increased
I service to help them. Long after Dean Sampson scoring record. The training requirementswhich

I bad gone from Florida A&M the Rattlers continued former Garden record oi 1- will necessitatethe
to march towards dlllDpionshlp after championship.There a ,
71-points was set by Los use of the Avon
are two outstanding features at the school Angeles Lakers' Elgin
Park Bombing Range on a
that have won: them national prestige, one of them Baylor last year.
seven day a week basis.If .
is the great Rattler teams and the other the According to observers, fr' and when the inter-

,great Marching Bands. The Rattlers have always it wasn't Chamberlain'sbiggest national situation improves -
,been a joy to see.
scoring night--
p it may be possible -
WHEN THE RATTLERS MEET THE TEXAS team Saturday last season he talliedan a' Sf that hunting can

night the fans will have an opportunity to see even 100pointsbutit be initiated according
.the 'internationally famous Robert Hayes who ran was the manner in y to the previously published -

1 himself into the hearts of his fellow countrymen_ which he did It.PreviouslY schedile.Robinsod, .
and men of other nations. They will also have 111 that

an opportunity to see another Robert who can fan tallied many of his Cons

the breeze. That man is Robert Faremore of Tallahassee scoring records on his
Slugging Title
I Pare lore has been clocked at 9:4 in the favorite fade-away-shot
GUM ALL-STAR ROOKIE TEAM---Jatf own Ed Charles (second from left) Kansas City
100-yard dash. The two Roberts can carry the mail which he flips like a NEW YORK With Frank
Athletics third baseman, was among the major league rookies selected for the annual
Remember now, there are men in that backfieldwho baseball while going Robinson of the Cincinnati -
Topps All-Star team who were award honorees recently during the festive banquet held
can really turn on the steam. away from the basket.In Reds at the helm
in. New York's Waldorf Astoria Hotel. Fellow honorees shown from left are: Fred Whit-
the National
; A STRONG BACKFIELD IS JUST A SET of men without Friday night's setto League
field 1-B St. Louis Cardinals Charles Tom Tresh SS York Yankees Bob Rogers-
a strong line to take care of the in-rushing op- Chamberlain was falling ; ; New ; the three top positionsin

ponents. Each season under the direction. o.f away much' farther than C. Los Angeles Angels; Dean Chance, P. ; Los Angeles Angels; Alvin Jackson, P. New last season's major -

Robert Fete Griffin and endicpach? Costa Kittles usual, but even then, York Mets; Jesse, Gonder, C. San Diego Padres, minor league catcher of the year. leagues' slugging
Charles' wife, Mrs. Carolyn Charles accompanied her husband to the New York ceremony.
the Rattlers come 'up with a forward wall that has was hitting with flaw- _championship.

been :mighty hard to penetrates They will be ready less con si st ea cy. .Robinson topped the

for whatever Texas Southern may send against According to Cb8lllber1 Writer Nominates Gaither 'Bailey Figures s tan.cUngs.wj th.va:. 6:24

them If the Texas Southern Tigers have never had ain.. 'They wouldn't average end was followed

any Rattler trouble it will be well for somebody let me in under the In Trade TalksNEW by Milwaukee's Hank

to tell them to beware. The Rattlers will be basket, so I had to go For Rams'\ Coaching Spot Aaron with .618 and the

'.. rattling, the venom will be flowing and the to the outside. That's YORK Acclaimedas Giants' Wilie Mays with
mighty fangs of the Rattlers will be striking all. LOS ANGELES In a re- Florida A&Mis! Alonzo produced his snare or one of the American 616.

Can the Rattlers stop Charles Green, Robert The Garden record was cent? by-lined feature Gaither who is already pro footballers since League s finest catchers Mickey Mantle of the

f B,tts, Warren Wells Herman Driver Homer Jone the fourth highest of article, Los Angeles ensnrined in the NAIA the pros started raiding Minnesota Twins Earl Yankees followed with a,

and the rest of the Tigers? I Chsnberlain' NBA career Sentinel sports staffer College Football Hall of the Negro college cam Battey may; figure in one 608.

W 'LU BE SEEIN" YOU THERE! "Pi. .. >f His previous on e-',U, Brag, vlPye Jr. nominated Fame. This is recognition puses. His most famous of the largest trades in Mays led the majors in

? "'f'" r. .high's were: 74, 78 and Coach :Alonzo Gaither tor stir he richly de- protege is the Chicago the season between the total bases with 383

Campy Celebrates 41st Birthday 100. His 73-point total the coaching helm of the serves. Gaither co ul dwell Bears' Willie Gallimore. Twins and the Baltimore his slugging in the playoffs

came on 29 out of 43: hapless 'Los Angeles Rams be ma-ntioned yearly he send one of Orioles. placing him aheado

field goals and 15 of pro-football club. favorably with the likes two gridders up to the Reports reveal that f Robinson s 380

19 free throws,' 14 According to Fie ""!be of 'fop'Warner, Howard pros. Twins owner Calvin Aaron's 366 and L.A.'s

of them being in a row. Rams could do worse. Jones Knute Rockne 'His famous version 0 f Griffin is attempting to Tommy Davis' 356 placedthe

t* His score by Quarterswere Don't tell me there is and the Grand Old Man of the T-formation which trade the 287 hitting. Senior Leaguers well

; : 17. 11.20. 25. no precedent for selecting Football Amos Alonzo he calls the 'split- Battey for a first-line ahead of American League

{ I a lien:' from a small Stagg. \ line T-formatlon could Oriole pItcher Milt leader Detroit's Rocky

Floyd Seeks college to 1 eid a pro 'ttiat Gat.ther.has done be the thing to lead Pappas or Chuck Estrada. Colavito's 309.

I team. Remember Sid Gtl- with the footballers at the Rams out of the r

L, Return Match JR liam Well, the Rams Florida A&M over a 17- Iderness. It has ROYAL ART STUDIO
f't- -: picked him up from year period is almostbreathtakingas worked at Florida A&'

little ole Cincinnati "you for 17 years--why not 515 DAVIS STREET

Near N.Y. University and Sir Sidney refer to the record. with the Rams? Why not?"

won the Western Name us a gridiron mentor Pro Football V Quality Photographs

Division tag in his who has claimed as Any
4( firdt And Sid -SF- Kind..Anytime
year. was
,. many as 139 victories This Week-
: not in a class with Gai- against 21 losses and 4 Daytime, EL 4-1894

.. ther as a winner. ties--not mentioning this NOV. AMERICAN 22 LEAGUE iw1' Mite Time, EL 5-8022

rii "Check Galthers credentials season--and we will
New York at Denver
folks, as match him with Jake
Order Your
NOV. 23Buffalo
cited in the curren Gaither.
[ $.y r issue of Football Digestby 1 Fye goes on to say, NOV. 25 at Boston Photo -' Xmas Cards Early I L
FORMER DODGER'S STAR CATCHER Roy Campanell, Bill Derwin." If Gaither'srecord
now confined in a wheel chaiV''as the result Derwin San Diego at Houston
writes: Mute isn't enough, he has Oakland Watch For Our Reduced Prices
of an auto accident which caused him to be football cnprh, at at Dallas

paralyzed from the waist down, recently .

celebrated his 41st birthday on MondayNov.19th. NFL Standings I! .w.:":''Y'.>'..: '" .Siffm---.''. .....>'.... ...".'' i.ftj: : :?.>tN.:. ',:(.f'<',; ,""::. >. '
"Camp" now operates his liquor I -J3'" t "' "\", ; !
own <, > 'iy'i' : < .
store in New York City :rt"- "
' :
'r .
<) ,. EASTERN DIVISION ",, t1f
: I L T Pet.
You Don't Have to Go to Town to Get Washington....5 3 2 .625
New York.,....8 3 0 ..800Pittsburgh.

LOW NEW YORK Recently ....6 4 0 600

I PRICES I returned from a tour of Clereland.....5 4 1 .556 ; p _

Europewith his wife; Dallas........4 5 1 444 ,: &t 7

r i On Your _: former heavyweight chaa- St. Louis.....2 7 1 .222 J< _

\ .. ,'pion Floyd Patterson Philadelphia..! 8 1 .111 : _
: said he wants to meet .:;;

Green Bar....10 0 0 1,000
in a return Madison
Trade With Your Neighborhood Drug Store. DetroIt. -:8 2 0 .800
Square Garden bout be-
fore the' end of March if
I LOCAL PAPERSwe Baltimore.....5 5 0 .500
possible. If the matchcan't h
Dflliver-We Also Fill All Doctors'Prescript ions San Francisco. 6 0 .400
be staged In New
Minnesota..2 8 0 .200
l Dixie York Patterson would Los Angeles..1. 9 0 .100
Pharmacy like to have it matched ....

) as close to New York as -

might be feasible., Watch. This Clown The six healthy children of Mr and Mrs.Rufus L. Dukes stand /r <
as evidence!Carnation is the healthy
1302 top Road at Myrtle Anne Patterson, who lost his milk, with extra Vitamin D for sound teeth and straight sturdy bodies! Left
17 49 __ H to right: Glenrose, 15;
PIIRes H. 5-5597-91 title to Liston on a '157_ 55 __ 319 Olivia. 17; Mr Dukes holding cute little Cary 2; Clifford.; Mrs. Dukes; Christopher, 8; and Carl 12.
first round Sept. 25th .

PAY YOUR UiHT, WATER All TELEFMKE kayo"I believe in Chicago I hare said,a o 8 i "Carnation puts the sunshine in their smiles""Every

good chsoce of regaining ,
the championship for the
one of children started
my on
family was featured as "family of the Month"in
second time, although I stayed on Carnation!" declares their remarkable '
t 2.550 99 young a recent issue of Cart Magazine:: ; -. *
am by no means cocksure mother Mrs. Rufus Dukes. Both Mr. %
and Mrs. Dukesare
f 113 72 244 "The main
thing in a family this size is to be sure they
about It." still in their 30's and
tl' already have a lifetime of achievements
memetama eVe all get plenty of the right nourishment If the childrenare
t During the press conference Bftfntline bye ..al... behind them. healthy, everything else will take care of itself*' Mrs.
; at the hone of H. add.. 81IbIncIa Rufus Dukes is manager of a leading auto agency in Dukes believes. "Carnation is our favorite milk for
his mother Mrs. Anna- Re wcxfcs tt tfl treat Chicago. He served with the United States Air Force after thing-drinking, cereals, coffee, cooking ,You,sbouJd see

belle Patterson, the27year Cealag Aitrmrfioa attending college. The Dukes are developing a 280-acre what it does for my meat Joaf I" (See recipe: below,).Even.
, I old., Floyd Disclosed IS 05 131 95 farm on which they have built a spacious country home when you add an equal amount of water;; 'mat,Qn1

that he will be- and are completing a luxurious summer,., winters> "': ,resort. richer than sweet. whole milk.*

gin training next weekat ,..011,. a--h__aL___ _L __ .. '_' __ _
.r ,':: v. u.n.u.I urw nmimxau* wo.vampOMIKm Of rOO>U
Highland Mills, N.T. ( OR ., 1" c.-- f----- ; .
for the return bout. } recipe: '
I IzZT ----------- .
Then reainded that Lis- ir' A' .. -7 --- ,

! MAKES/2tSKIN ton of Philadelphia wasr e Il CARNATION'S STAY-MOIST MEAT LOAF I

010 FASNfOiKfibgnfem -*"*? 'i a license to I l Always iu C/-nevn-crumbles :i

fight In New York last RFD iI
% small
I cup( can) undiluted -
: spring because of his uNtOR CARNATION EVAPORATED MILK I

I brushes with the law. I 1 r/a pounds ground beef '- I
/ cup fine cracker meal -,; $ .
: I
Patterson said he would .
r: l S" '
FUELbEll I egg
dr*. ask the promoters of '/ cup chopped n I

t. perfect powder Championship Sports Inc 1 teaspoon garlic salt 4 I
( I Vt teaspoon salt ..,=-
bass I
to request the New York 1 tablespoon prepared mustard

, Athletic Commission to .... h .. s Mix ingredients together. Race In loaf" rlY I

, reconsider the possibility ALr1r4 oa ........ 4'.,., pan. Bake in moderate oven. (375,*f.) I
"The Doctor recommended Carnation for Cary. and of I about 50 minutes. Let stand on a wire s 'aww f
i of licensing All $easllS & r. CI. course we kept him on Carnation after formula days."* I rack about 10 minutes before removing

i 14Mnrs of Poeeaii Liston now that he is slums......S...11.d an Mr*.- Dukes explains. Its the milk every doctor knows. L to serving platter. I.....*C.... UlltllefYinpl "yrowCour te4Cow. .
jr wi ----
tho S6w' chaapion. -------------------


--- _1

-- -- ----- ----- -- -- -- .. ... .. .
... t J. ::::: :t '


,WE 1 11 \ mm SHI
THE FINEST PLACES TO VISIT Quads Will Attend Orange Blossom Classic
) While In Jax For T h a "Florida Classic ;
Tr.pkuuu Ltraf I Pt 0*fMJxr JMmff*afcmn M 11 imitt r nmmnfm m m\i\TT i rtMriiiiltr rniii li TI21st
Leroy Davis, 29, of I
528 f. Onion Street WAS
treated for wounds he I Ik
received in a fight last :
Saturday police "re-

I! ported.
Witnesses told police
Davis and hie,OBOQ-law
wife became involved in
an argument which ended
"\ with his being stabbedin : z.
t, 7' the throat. Police :
" took bin to Duval Medical '
Center.He .
was admitted for
farther'observation after,
and MYRTLE emergency treatment. ,
Patrolmen G. R. Henry
an d 0. Bowman said
Euquir. LMIM t PockMt Ston. Bernice King, 26, the
wife was held for in-

vestigation.. . r.utKEs

Davis Street confectionary -
1813 Davis
Street was broken into '. TO VISIT MIAMI---The famed Pultz Quadruplets from North Carolina, will cheer
1 act Friday about 9:30 for Florida A. and M. University when its Rattlers play the Orange Blossom Classic in '
p.m. according to police Miami on December 8. Now 16-years old, the sister, shown practicing their "tips
e Police said lira. Jackson from models" and as sub-deb contenders to the throne of Miss FAMU-queen of FloridaA. I
: 'l who lives upstairs and M. University, will appear in the mammoth pre-game parade on a special "show
L ; stated that she case" float constructed and sponsored by the Pet Milk Company.
heard a noise below her-
eaf ,
,1 apartment and when she -
: t f_ { case downstairs to call I I
r1L police, a young man ran EDGEWOOD AYE. OrWe -In Super Market

\ __ out confectionary.the back door ,of the

Police said, ,in, ,. his
haste to get away, the
8th and DAVIS young man left his hat
and knife. The officer

/ Drive li Lifttrs Oi Kill's Rd. said the investigation they were joined by the in rrrT

.. ,.. .. .
officers in Cruiser 307.
;'. : v. ; ." ., --;:--
i'" i ''' .
t. 1J' :' ',J ; < Reported missing was L 'wEn'f5
; F,!.: ; 3 ;.uie; 1"fT. > :" '; : : b 7
\) ''' 'f. "iI!! "l" .. $30 taken from the
ic. /':!, ...,..., .>!.f2.1--...:.. .. ".'..."--i.>'Y,l.," .-0.,_,<,,d .-1" ,,I 1. ': ., "I' cigarette machine.Patrolmen '" :i P ; :
Freddie Mack .. .
;, .; (
.- : .
.. i. and Johnnie Doe conducted -
3. ... \,'. 1i t., t r .1 the investiga '
:: J tion. ..
f.f.. ).... \ 'L _j S..S. : jj \


A cosmetics company '..... .
i .
4 located at 819 W. Church
was broken into last ci,1aii
Sunday, police stated Edgtwood Avt. i Rd.
Rev. J.I. Jones of 18:A
W. 11th Street said he
eat e found the business place Free Delivery Phone PO 5 9494
open when he went thereat
9: 20 a.m. He said
entrance was gained by
All Popular Brands At Best Prices breaking the glass panel I COLLARD I.ARTHA WHITE '
from the front door. 15C 25 .Ihs bK 29C
(COVENIENTLY LOCATED ) It was also stated that LOUR \
several cartons of cosmetics GREENS '
'; KINGS ROAD AND RUSHING. ,.i rt a money box andconten'ts I :- hDCb" free witb Tawel .$2.69 SHOULDERS lb.I .
were missing.The
office desk and file SIRLOINv 89.UGAR. : NAPPER
lid EDGEWOOD cabinet were ransacked.
.. . .

r STAN TON HIGH I SR NDS89 with S5.00 food order STEAK ,' I

cafeteria New BROKEN Stanton 1149-High INTO w.School 13th 0 USE 69C ;: 2935C I

CiS Street was broken,.into lb.
last Thursday between I STEAKS STEAK '" PORK lb.

: I ,, ; : ,.: 11 p.m., ,and 7 L m. Friday _
police reported. I 'cuter c Fresb r. Nrs't; oPORK I
: : Entry was forced by :"Ibs 3ge
:: (
breaking a window pane lb.RO NO
and raising screen to ls I
window on the southsideof I 'Ib,
M9C M t tlN I'PIp&a CUU' .,, the building. Reported -
y stolen was 38 I C UNTRY
f I
apples. 48 ice cream BRISKET
3 lb. m491t
sandwiches and 33 cups 39C
of ice cream which madea
aa 4 total of $8. 15. 1 STEW 99 IACON.. 1
Patrolmen 1L Young andH. _

Harley. .Investigated.. .. .. I. PINK HA : 1


4J FOR FIGHTINGMrs. I LiIit h. 5 1

Bessie Tacks, 35,
D. BaOCmJ Rattle Deveaoz of 1340 I. 7th streetwas I ,. "'" I
your. .1al asaager;....of F ;J' your accnoodati&g hostetei Injured last Sunday $1.1.s 27 -BONES9C

x police stated..
j M_. -t. Monday Mite Urs.man Turcks who rooms told at policea these I HENS 2 Is FRYERS .It STEAKS.lb. I

.. .-,'.. ,' address attempted .
IsLADIES -- : : to force his into : fL

RITE '." ...- her tried room to and atop when way hiia' -she he .45CPORK 39CBACKPORK 4 C I.I I.
cat her on the lSft'ani.. th.
Yw'll ie SiffilyDesigned CMx..; ROAST ID.B
: She said she struck the S I.
Baa with a nail at at tie
especially causing a minor laceration Midil. I '
on Ms upper lip.Investigating NECK 15 10 5c
1 i for the ladies officers MULLET
said both parties, were I" lb. ''b. I
to ipiesatSiJLA taken to Bsval Medical
Center by police car.
X11 sa After reeeiviBg treat.. I I.S lit 29d Gllflla tru Ripe' I
t meat both parties were WHilE IOe _. 5b
v arrested sad booked OB
disorderly coadact aU
.} fighting efcres, police I POTATOES POTATOES i I..
said. The mm WMtltte idea
ft ft 4 as- Na+fta., .i01. .
Smith, S3.Patrolaw' # SHORT I
1r i..' IT curaiw M. %.* eels'ducted '' I. CHITTERLING $1.39 15C
tae ia.eat 1 C.tIOD. .-
j 5 ''Ds. RIBS lb.

.. ;:!_.' :- -. ... .',,ifj; L "a .u1f'"::' ,"-,,-.-_:.. .-". ,,'l' ,.. .