Florida star

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1147818 F20090413_AABAKK 00422.jpg 577dea00350f9e76dfaf62f10ae7ce14d57cc0ae6e5b3d965498f4a8d12df1dddcf0d6b4
127210 F20090413_AABAKL 00422.QC.jpg 0681872561130ecc7c134b7e168ef3b4f3ef4c5afc8d9bdc7912e06271d05c0a081fecbd
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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200637datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date November 17, 1962dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006370740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
November 17, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
November 17, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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, -.. :-:,-- : : ,-.;.i -.....-" --, ; c .,.,.;,. ;':.".: ; -. .; ;- ; :: .; .:-- :'" -" .-;; ..;--.. j : .: "- ..., '-'IJ ,":, ...:. :- .,;;.,;...;. _
I J. I \'r-- ; y '- ,r 'f'i'r ':: o't

t' H t i. H )
t. 't '
-, '. .;. -. .
... or
0 ', 1- /,

i' : 300 Fla. Lawmen Attend Rites For Slain Miami Negro Patrolman; : <1" /




Albany Movement Steps Up Boycott -
v ,

,. Of Ga. Citys ,Downtown Stores' S
f 'i 12-NO 33 SATURDAY NOVEMBER 11, 1962 .,

...........9...........**,* *........*...*..,,.,,.... .........--..._....t....-it.....,.. .. .
Community Paused To Commemorate t tLi
Showing..Wig Hat Latest In Femaledom ::1
j ; .- :::-- to .st....
I BAPTISTS'STUDY 1' AMs..-., \ ort ht

4> c5 H o
""* P
55 i 5rn --

L !S S 0 o-
ffi ,y V_ 4> H.

r ids J.4mCDG

, A .a


: .e Colly's PrssidtKt Publicly


-t __ Favors Qualified, Negroes

S MACON, Ga.---Georgia R-iptists meeting hereIn

gyp convention this week have slated:discussions J
: t S on whether to admit Negroes'as'stu-

t?! ients to 129-year old Mercer university,

:ne of the, organization. "s state institutions -
:Discussions. got' under-* r .... a

way Monday afternoon" ue we have made..or with flowers and gifts fro
86 YEARS YOUNG -- Besieged messages
after the convention'sexecutive .wanted. Bu tit is not friends around the nation and her own Jax colDroni t,.. Dr. Earth M.I!

committee going to leave becausewe White was ,eulogized: by people from all walks of life Thursday night,
ITS HERE Wig Hats for the ladies which is the newest fad among:the authorized a subcommittee don't like It. As Nov. 8, at her latest project, the USO-Arcade, the occasion being the

more stylish American gals. Juanita Prince. left who served as narrator to meet with a pre- president of the university "Angpl of Mercy's" 86 birthday The above scene tyi ties a mere portion -
forthe showing is seen with a quartet of dolls who modeled the w'out viously appointed 'group it seemed"my of the numerous liappy returns of the day gestures tendered Dr.

head pieces. Cn stage from left are Gloria Johnson Roslyn Voore Johnson of Mercer trustees at duty to call attention "wfaife\who has served her nation and mankind for over three-quarters ofa

Shirley Johnson and Clarissa Grant. The Wig Hats were furnished by the request of Dr. Walter Pt' the trustees to it. century Staff members shorn ''from left are: Mrs.: Stazzie M Hudson
USO-Arcade director Mrs. Any S. Currie Mrs. G C Bowen Mrs GraycoM
Dimna Stores of Jacksonville which carries a wide assortment of the Moore, pastor of The Lord of my life t. Bateman, secretary; ; and Mrs. Madeline Jones Hnmntnn All Clara White

pieces and the event was staged Monday nite at the Edgewood Lounge which Vineville Baptist Church tells me this is right. fission employees. (Other Photos Tape 4)

under the guidance of J.D. Brooks manager and Mrs. Hattie Deveaux. here and head of the I had to say if I were (Royal Art Studio Photo)

I hostess is presenting something different each Monday night' which has trustees' committee. doing it, I would admit -..- .- .- ." .. ... .. .. .- .- .- .- .- -.
been' designated as Ladies Night I t has been reportedthat properly qualified

I Royal Art Studio Photo. ) the center.of any people" of any color 33- Year Old

.... .... ...,... 'HAT MODEL debate on integregationat Late action Tuesday by Patrolman

Mercer would be Dr. the ministers' chapter
,Pickfijsg To CtHtinvt, -- Rufus C\ Harris, uniTerslt'presfdinO .- qtth Mercer' University ,
..,.-- ) 5 who-?*liumni' Associate "rev -' Gunned Down -By- -ExCo ,

Until' Bias E."l.;; 1...rs Stat. has been reported publicly sled that the chaptervo .
to favor the ad- :ed .
overwelmingly to MIAMI---It may not up with all of us. colored and white.

ALBANY, Ga. -- Following a lapse of mission of qualified Ne- express support and confidence have been the largest .. Miami police Chief WalterpXlRCLMAN Two other top Miami
several weeks leaders of the Albany Move- groes to the university. in the presidentand assembly of law offi- lawmen summed up the

ment said Tuesday a boycott of downtownand 'flie great social issue -' trustees of Merceron cers ever to have code briefly: "Wherever

shopping center merchants would con- of our time is here ..whatever stand they attended the funeralof l: R we are sent, we'll go"
tinue until all vestiges of racial discrimination m. with us'Dr. Harris''''take on the school's in- a slain fellow officer stated Miami police inspector -

were erased., .:-..- t ,said. 'It is not an is- ,integration discussions. here, but it A. W. Anderson...

Eight Negroes took partin definitely can go "continuing," and whenwe

a downtown march in Lonist Cabinet Officials Say Survey down into the annalsof are called upon to
Itavtrs '
the torn's business sec- .,... the State' law give our lives, we'll

tion which was marred by Oils At 60 '. ..... .. Might Case Friction enforcement historyas give them.';Said Sheriff
'only one incident the one of the finest Thomas Kelly, "He (Ferguson -
The Cameo-like beauty the proposal as"another '
Calif. of
arrest of a white interracial gesturesin ) gave full measure
caree'r Miss Annie Jean state affairs by
rights worker ,charged The 30-year of Knightis intrusion in modern times. for his people. '
actress Louise enhanced by the PROFILE Gov. Bryant and
of- Beavers the federal government, Patrolman
with disobeying an jerrell Der- Ferguson, a Negro patrolman -
60 ended with FELT' with flat- officials refused aid toa
recently several Cabinet .
ficer. guson, 33-year-old college with five yearsof
t i
The 20-year old white her burial. here in the tering bow one of the civil rightsccnmittee seeking official graduate, a minister ) *': experience, reportedly

youth was Identified as area which had broughther chic line of hats Dianna support in a proposed state employment, s son, and father of ;:1\\ ", I stopped two men in a car

John H. Chatfield of worldwide renown. Stores is featuring this survey. six died WednesdayNov. i. .. i.-" ." for having a defective

Bedford, Vt.; a field The wife of LeRoy too reMiss season. Dianna Stores The civil right advisory state jobs. 7 when two ex-cons, later. ,. FERGUSON ..$ headlight. it is believed
worker with the Student Beavers had been chose the Miss Knight to committee headed The FLORIDA STAR has picked up by police were ..Eulogized By Comrades that he recognized them
suffering from diabetesfor tnbdel 'the"pi ec.e for its by Tallahassee Banker. learned that there are
Nonviolent Coordinating accused of pumping five Headley reminded, "Deathis since reports state he
advertisement which appears less than 50 to \
quite time and George Lewis II was' told
into his body with of
Committee. Chatfield this shots the price any one had once been responsible
t e4 of '
on peg 10 every 1.000 persons employed -
had been rushed to the Attorney General
who was held in lieu of his own'gun.. us may have to pay at for having them sent to
week's. The young lady Richard Ervin that the in state jobs. Of
hospital the day before
bond. He is on Tuesday, funeral ser- in carrying out .
$102 anytime jail for a post office ,
her death. is a native of PanamaCity. employment informationwas the.number of Negroes on
leave of absence from vices for Patrolman Fer- duties".adding,
our .
Her first major film Fla. and is a public record. the state payrolls 95
Trinity ColI ege. role was, "Imitationof Senior at Edward Waters Lewis, who stated that percent are in menial guson were held in St. "I am proud to see the is further believed

Albany Police Chief Life" in 1934 when College. the survey would determine positions.It John Baptist Institu- respect people pay for that while Ferguson was

Laurie Pritchett was she played the part of whether state employmEnt was found also thatno tional Church where more law enforcement." making a radio check from

quoted as saying that tire mother of a fair- Powtll ,Cast was available, Negroes are employedas than 300 policemen from The uniformed officers his car, one of the men
Chatfield kept "stop- complexioned daughterwho never mentioned Negroes toll bridge cashiersor Jacksonville to Key West represented every branchof grabbed his (Ferguson's)

ping Negro women and tried to "pass"for To It Rtvivtd during his request. bridge tenders even and many other cities the State's law a- pistol iron his holster

talking to them. We white. WASHINGTON Internal However Lewis was told- though Federal assistance throughout the state gencies sore dressed in and shot him five times
didn't know who he was She also played the Revenue Service official by Gov. Bryant that he was secured for filed past the open blue uniforms, brown, killing him instantly.The .
and when we asked him role of mother in the (Lewis) only wanted the to the slain
a have announced the.govemmen't the the highway program. coffin pay some in boots and in robbers sped Northin
for identification, he Sackie Robinson information so that their final re-
will file newpapers officer brass. Tears were fre- their car and were
him- Federal government could
self refused or to tell identify us any- However her mosb popu1 soon- in its $40. intrude and tell the Affiliate, Charged spect. quently seen flowingdown captured by alerted Miami
ar role was teat of With Bias While R$V..H.t.. MOSS both white and brown Shores police. They reportedly -
thing. 1 state how to run its i
Last Sept. 5, Chatfieldwas Tculah' government. TAMPA Fla. ---NAACP intoned, 'The pale cheeks. The pallbearersand admitted the

wounded wheri ahouse NAACP Mums Lewis rebutted that his protests continue to horse is wing to catch mourners were both officer's slaying I

near registration Dawson where workers voter- PissiRf Of 'i.S'i y 'r. information group only in wanted order the to mount the over Ferman the Chevrolet refusalof practice. Fla. Job Bias End Demaided I

were living, was fired Mrs. Roosmlt determine how everyone Company here to remove in light of this refusal TAMPA The Florida Equal Employment Opportunity i

upon.. : could have equal protec- Jim Crow signs from its to take .any sort State Employment Service ; the U. s. i

NEW, YORK -- Negro : : tion under their con- property. of action on the matter, office here continues to Civil Rights Commission; .
Americans mourn the stitutional rights. NAACP Florida Field the NAACP stated in a segregate Negro job applicants and the U.S. Bureau of

passing of- Mrs. Franklin Secretary Robert ,.. reply letter to Mr. and otherwise Employment Security.The .
y KM KIitId D. Roosevelt as one who Comptroller Commissioner, Ray'\ Green Saunders first wired the Staley that the racial discriminate against NAACP charges that:
1,helped In the straggle y j Agriculture General Motors Corpora- segregation policies at them the National -Association 1. Segregate !seating is
for their rights. Doyle Connor joined Ferman are "a direct for the Advancement inflicted upon those
tion October 14
Sunday Bryant and Atty Gen on pro-
NAACP Executive Secretary testing racial discrimination affront upon the many of Colored waiting for job inter
Ex-Yin In refusing to cooperate -
Roy ttlkins said ina r a o Negroes who have helpedto People charges on the views. ;
ConchIta Clark, twice with the rights and urging that fl!
of condolence make this firm one of basis of an affidavitand
telegram 2. Job interviews are t
winner of the Ted 'Mack unit. General Motors take
Original Amateur Hour com- to; Congressman James .s Negroes are presently "immediate action" on the largest dealers in an on-the-spot investigation conducted on a segregated {
Roosevelt, eldest son the nation.fOr this rea- by NAACP basis.
will be the fea- the
petition, employed in Denial: ,.state ntter. Field RobertW.
tured soloist on The Ken of the late President 000 incoce: tax. dispute jobs as messengers, In answer to Mr. Saunter's son the Tampa branch Saunders.Mr. 3. Persons are selected '1
and Mrs.. Roosevelt. Against Rep. Adas Clayton will continue its effortsto to fill specific
Knight Show Sunday, November janitors and laborers.Cn telegram, however. Saunders' probe Jots'I
Mrs Roosevelt servedas Powell,, D- .Y. General. Motors Vice seek a change in the on the basis of race. '
18 at 9:30 a.n. on the other hand Negro President vindicated the
a neater of the Baard Th.e government is K. E. stated present policy.; chargesset 4. Agency complies with
WJXT Television 4. the Staler;
leaders throughout
forth in the affidavit
of Directors 0 f the answering a last Ally Jim Crow job requests
Conchita Clark recently National Association for document, filed fcy Powell state interpreted, that "each authorized Legislative Seat Won filed by Nathaniel from various employers.
completed a 10-week.en- Bryoat's the Cabine "s Geaeral Motors dealer is seek- .
of petitiea te BALTIMORE -- Cla- Reddick Negro job
the Advancesent seinBdonrtt, to 5. Washrooms still carry
gage sent with the Radio refusal to cooperate aa la&ependent merchant The have
Uitchell. III charges
Colored Pile f.- 1845 ta evtmlt a* rence er. signs: "White mea,"
City Music Hall stage showin feere i. with the survey as an operating in his own the 22-year-old son been forwarded to the '
.until her jerk on Internal J Rratios eveaae 'colored men ;
+ ,New York City. to alsder it place of business and oa
atteapt of the director of NAACP Washington bureau
Nov 7, follOwiai' a six- -t..... that:keo, +es 'colored w cm en" and
Also featured on the saae, "__fel',' his capital..we 'j
week illBtfli.ie IIOretMa: MB.OOOiaditioaal ',,". due to the own the NAACP Washington with the' reQuest that ite woaen." -;
program will be the nationally di serial nation .of Negroes c..t legally compel bureau led all can- formal complaints be j
ir4 Willioes'lore4 Sunders reported
ina, _IBM* trytasd.Feaaltterr ?
fasous choral in the mattear.i ..,. dealer to adopt any filed with the Presi
S Aaericaas, .rP Maryland State House <
of co
group, The Roberta. Mar tit .tielar business dent's committee on t
adt "" of Delegates.
Mr. fulklas tkie' ** 11

c', _', .-'!.o .". .- ai .. -H........' 1(>'- ".. ''''-ib:...1L..L' ..u_ -,.';:,;.,...,,:;..-.,. t\:.;;.-',-;:;'il-1..; '" ,:_.r...,...-.-,-.. :to_,.._'-.t- -.;< ""'_;.__ -; &- ".''':. .:--..' """,::'" j...:,.;... -- .. :.:::; :.:" ." -.-: ::...!!--,..::-:;-'" d -,w > ,,- 4''..-' *"' <;, n ._.;;..

-r-. : */ '- I ."' r- 0 '.

a \
.: 1 y\ J } <

PAGE. 2 _-

,If : .'. z. :' ...'. c'.;:-r'- --- ___ cdIIiIII ....4IS
.. .._. ... f .\'Pl ,.,...# ... "' II
"' ;
: : ...
THE FLORIDA STAR : JII".! .. ."'.' '# .:r.,.-.; 1'1L. tS THE I
; t .; $ i.. ,. .".-. .
JL flY0kOtNJTvS/f ..
---. .: .., ""..#..; .,..._.: :-: 1' : ;

'. .. :, ,,". ;.:. ... TOO MD IIUE.4ThGYL. .. .. .. ;-. .
-"'!.i.e'., 1'/r- tJl'. I" 11 r ,
,..- published by the Florida Star publishing co. 7 ; a1 1. 1 ::'. 4 f j. .." ': o '::?. BY ERIC 0. SIMPSON ,1 t tV

'Member of Associated Negro press" ,"y'!J'I.. % t' .. .., ..' ..fI"' -
, rrr. x
v : : : .. 1,, ; t t t
;FI ; ;; : .- -

I \ ERIC O. SIMPSON.......H.....Mmm Eft* .., ;; J. ,: J

I AIYSON E. WISE. Km Eft .!... % ., .:'f"- t'T IT: -.' NEGROES BACK KENNEDY .-: : \
....___. oo

t HILDA WQOIEN""..;.NN.1.CirciUM lilliI'i :. ::f {. ,J 1 k y .': .;$';' .*.';.'_ .v' REBUFF REPUBLICAN r. I BID_ ,..,'#!: ,

i r-- '- '"''
? .
r. -' ,.(.. : ... _'". .;' ;. ."; .'--i--Ji"'f, ;'; :: : uIi" Negro voters throughout the country ;Tuesday '
I Ir '
: ""r
: fr' .
1&.i "; week the Democratic
fr-f. ":*. { '" : ::.4;'.#- gave Party and

2323 Hoficrief Road._....PMi Elgfe 4-6782 EL 41713ANrisr -.,.;. .' ;) r :I,: President Kennedy a vote of confidence for '.
r the efforts
Ji ? _'. -. >>' ",' .,"1 '<1 \1--.... in the last two years to extend "
"t .i {ft '" .f .... to all Americans full civil rights
Maiil : .' -I't. ,_.. -' '.. ,-t..1. hn" : 'J -...1'-'I., '- ...
.;... -'-a '. -t.-. > and equality of opportunity.None .
,. :, : .'.-' :-,,t. ':. ... ,:, .. : of the widely publicized Republican 'I.
: : : P. 0. Bu 561, JactsNrih 1, FMb : .....- .. '"'.. "' '"
,. .tJ J -
t.4I" d'
: ) : -. 4'1.. Presidential hopefuls neither Governor
.' ..... : )",'ti>A 1. ,, : : <: ,
,,' :.." := +r i rrY.t :, "t r Nelson Rockefeller of New York, .
Jr' SUBSCRIPTION RATES ..i.- .,. ;; :! i : t
.' .. .. .1J l,. f William i 3cranton of Pennsylvania -
. > f .- 'Is'
k7y .' <..f. .. ... { .' '.,
... .. .'. .. :-Y. -. -' "'-._ "' ''.' -.. I nor George Komney of -
'" .
t fo' .
Ode Year, $6.00 Half Year $4.00 .,, -
;: .
-> showed unusual vote
.. :.. ..:. Michigan
:. Mailed Subscription to you Anywhere payable in the in united Advance States ; '; ..,." '. ......-...,.''.. ._';....- getting ability in key Negro
districts in Tuesday's elec- .
Send Check or Money order to: .- ;' '
:. tions.
FLORIDA STAR P. 0. BOX 561 ,'.'..,- ,..,. : '-"',' .-....,..-- .".. ,.,.:rl.-. ...!.:.''. .. .."- Louie Martin, Deputy Chairmanof
:. ,..., .
'. /; ..., :
Jacksonville 1, Florida '-J;. ',' ..... ..... : _...",,,.. -H. .- the Democratic National t ;
J .j.,. J- ... ..
2 .." -1:'. .:--. Committee said "Our Jl'M1 I )
:: < ."'.. it.:.;.Ih.... y t ... analysis s
:. ; .,. .,. .:::. / .
: '
t: ; ; ;; ; .
THE PRICE OF CARELINESS .,';. "V1--" ';-'-.' -: .f, .,.. i r : ... of the voting pattern in. key Hegro districts -
.i -r; ;!:f' :: across the nation including Negro I

LOSS, INJURY..OR DEATH .,?' !.L : :: Jew York, Pennsylvania and Michigan inJi- 4
cates that the great confidence of the Negro f
IT is already apparent that the instruc- a.'' ..,_.-'a,:';f-;:;,,_;:: ____ .,#q //4IIOLslWA .:::...jj'::::( ..' voters in the Democratic is '
_.. Party as
carelessness editorialized .', .. .......,..,.::"..."'-...-.. .., r.'......
; tive warnings against ..::.." ".... : ; -1- ';'
__ ........ .., '
in this and other newspapers in ". ..,,"--- _,;..:... .....':,;'I.::'' .r.:. 01 strong I ". and in some areas stronger than inl9CO.

.. this city ana throughout the nation during Perhaps the most determined bia for the (
the recent
Hegro vote in terms of time and money spent t,

t Prevention 'tfeek, are being fatally taken lightly ignoredby '. .'. .. e. __ e in the districts was made by Governor nelson t
-- they were
some even as '
by D.kockef el.l erA He failed to make. any .

+. IN others.the past month, since the first chill ::: ';; '" significant the llth. Assembly gains among District Negro in voters.Harlem' In,

o? winter dictated the need for' home heat- : 1.T::". : .., You r WeHoroscope k I Rockefeller got ',937 .votes while i Morgen-

ing, the ravenous appetite of fire has _. thau polled 1 12,210. In the (Mth in Harlem,
taken a shocking number of liveshelplessinfants Rockefeller received 3,951 votes while

minor children, grown-ups--and J'I e t Margenthau got 11,560. 1
i destroyed an, impressive quantity of property. ; ; ; Guide \ In Michigan George Romney failed to reach i

J his goal of 23 per cent of the I egro vote
CARELESSNESS is a product of ignorance--or in the
:: even two silk-stocking Negro pre-
I of criminal indifference to physical laws ; i' ly PABLO Thf ASTROLOGER : cincts which have a strong Republican tra- .
1 and the safety of others.Civil I statutes, in .. ; dition. His Democratic opponent Governor
I; various ways, condemn carelessness. Physi- WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR : wainson received as high as 92 per cent

cal laws, however, once exceeded, executes BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL of the vote in some Negro precincts.In .
devastating conviction and punishment.MANY V .
V .. Pennsylvania William Scranton was
-- ; .. .
who' suffer or perish are undeserving .- -- -
trounced in key Negro districts in both
'of their fate. Others, in guilt, are quite Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. In the all-

l I deserving. Out the unfeeling verdicts ARID E serves do not seem to be entrap you or to get ,onto place enough safeguards Negro 5th V/ard of Pittsburgh, Scranton got
; passed by the eternal phenomena of physicallaws Born March 21st thru lessened to any appreciable ; soften your attitudes between yourself am 2,071 while his Democratic rival Richardson -
are always conclusive..irrefutable. April 19thIf degree. The towwrd their plotting.The .
trouble, you may find Oil I worth polled 7,207.
IT needs be admitted that many costly you can manage to problems that come up in 17th seems to be the this quarter fairly The former Republican Presidential candi-

_ fires are either accidental or their source weather the storms that connection with romance, most critical day but pleasant. You may attract date Richard Nixon who ran for Governor: of
l' hidden in mystery. I It needs be acknowledged still children and creative should not let
i are threatening, be you down those who would California was snowed under in the fie(gro
I however, that observance of certain basic you can look forward to aspirations could your guard on any of the benefit at your expense, areas by Democratic candidate Pat Brown.
I: safety rules I make most fires avoidable. a little more tranquility very much on your mind. .following days either.
take giving you ample reason The, vote against: Nixon ran in ,a rat io of
have to
, :: CONTROLLED, fire i is a. tireless servant. than it has been You may a It. is possible that
::Y.- 'firm stand to correct to Insure your privacy 5 to I. __ d' .. ......".,.. I
Unleashed it becomes violent destroyer. subtle
your privilege to enjoy methods may be in 'any' way you find
FIRE has allies in the whole of late. situations that threaten substituted
ready environment Romance could when the direct practicable. Selected
,; of our homes, the intimacy of our founder on the rocks of to get out of hand. approach has proved friends may wish to MISS. VOTER REGISTRATION .

clothing, the faultiness of our habits. discord because of religious Thanksgiving Day feast unavailing. Fortunatelyyou share their festive

laziness, once aligned with carelessness, or economic o fast should turn out rather have ThanksgivingDay suits with you, or pur-be BRINGS SHARECROPPER
of fire. The habit of pleasantly as long as when
acl breathe
are dangerous agents es. It is re- jrou may
willing to join you in
smoking in bed, for instance, has cost the ferable to let time decide thu necessary amount ofmoderation easier, and feel saferin celebrating the Thanksgiving EVICTIONSAttempted 1
loss of more. lives and property than shall as to what your is observedby the company; of those
Day: wherever you
ever be accurately totaled. The combination i future course should be. everyone. who come to share your prefer. voter registration by 36 Negroesat

of untfnded heaters and drunkenness i is In spite of everythingyou 430661974436LEO blessings and repast. 4- 0-17-16-81-497 Indianola, Mississippi has touched off \'

another diabolical twinship which has hurried should find Thanksgiving 1-20-99-14-42-129.. AQUARIUSBorn a new wave of violence and economic reprisals ;'
H many an underserving. person into a Day quite ful- 'Born July"'23rd thru SCORPIO'Eorn : Jan 20th thru against sharecroppers and' farm !
'II. flaming hell. filling, particularlywhen Aug. 22nd Oct.. 24th thru Feb. 18th workers in the Delta area. Two girls were f

.. THE element of fire leaves no rocm for you spend it with Outside of the 17 th, Nov. 22nd. ..* _Tempers may: continue at wounded when shots were fired into their 1
human 'carelessness error. Put anotherway your favorite people. 18th when there seems The aggravating circumstances fever heat. This means home in Rp1 evil I e". at I least three share- !

the price of carelessness is loss, 5301118.59521TAUPUS to be little improved that have made that you have to draw cropper families have been evicted, five

injury or death.DEATH is your moods or in the it hard for you to restrain ever deeper: on your workers have lost their jobs, and indepen-
,". Born April 20th thru existing troublesome angry reactionsmay store of patience and dent farmers are facing loss of private

OF MRS. ROOSEVELT & I f you can to this by the National Sharecroppers Fund. One
manage a more peacefultime. Your associates: and your your key ties or to keep
AN IRREPLACEABLE LOSS sidestep the series of Perhaps the approach rivals could take issue from engaging in destructive evicted farm worker Boss Foster, had
., adverse aspects that are of Thanksgiving with you trying your competitive strug worked on the same plantation for 30 years.
TO those of us whose memories permit us confronting you, you' nay; Day and all that it patience to the Unit. gles. Happily, with the "This new effort to thwart the right to

to journey back across the bridge of timeto expect a respite for the stands for could induce 'If you manage to .rain ap pro acb of the vote emphasizes the need for would-be Negro -

that era in American history known as balance'of the quarter. opponents, to call a calm, and. collected. you. yearly holidays; there voters 'to be able to earn a living
the Depression, and to journey slowly forward Come closer to your truce or even to bury will have reason to congratulate -' nay be some lapese when near their homes without being i dependentupon

I ?.. again, through the years .of economic loved ones, let bygones the_hatchet. Since you yourself you can catch your entrenched local business and planta-
recovery, war, the Great Readjustmentperiod be bygones and clear the are capable of making thereafter. Tt will be breath and replenishyour tion interests, NSF executive secretary
and these seemingly endless years air of open and covert the grand gesture, as interesting to get in energies. Accept Fay Bennett said today. "The events in the f

of Cold War tensi cn. the loss of Mrs. grievances that have are most Leos there touch with your friendsto invitations that may Mississippi Delta lend new urgency to the
1 Franklin D. Roosevelt is like the loss of prevented mutual trust.. should not be hestlta- invite them, to accept take you out of torn tor National Sharecroppers Fund rural con-

,.j. vital portion of the human spirit. Thanksgiving Day should tion even if you expect their invitations, Thanksgiving Day, as you ference at Franklinton CenterBricks, North
IN her I life i Mrs. Roosevelt personifiedall turn out to be one that nothing but a rebuff.. to spend ThanksgivingDay Bay thus be assured of a Carolina, on November 14-16 which will

i. that was good, wholesome, courageous, is fairly quiet but a- You never really know together. There is period of rest and relaxation discuss ways to bring government aid and
'. unselfish and enduring. Her rare character, greeable. It may also until you try for the nothing that should mar of tensions. training programs to backward rural areas
., with its sense of integrity and duty, gave give those *o have been other party could make pleasures that will 2-69-33-15-78-263 of the South."
her a total quality which at times approached estranged an opportunityto fan about-face. and meet be extracted from ,tne PISCES The conference will bring together share-

saintliness. At once maternal and get together md'lronout .YOU on equal terms. holiday. Porn Feb. 19th thru croppers and small farmers from many partsof

I- sisterly, she was in every sense a friendof differences. 85D221525852VIRGO 9- )--44-12-57- March 20th the South to discuss with government officials -

p humanity. 2701383273 SAGITTARIUSBorn You may: think that fate ways in which federal aid projects
SURELY there is no portion of the world PFMINI Born Au. ??rfi thru Nov. 23rd thru or the whole world isse may be developed I Iccally. Participants will
Born May 21st thru .cept. 22nd Dec. 21st also hear a report on a National Sharecroppers -
now, so dark and remote, that its inhabitants against you. But once
-- do not mourn her passing; for June 21stIt You are being subj ecte There seems to be no you really analyze the Fund pilot project in Fayette County,

she possessed' an omnipresence of personality 3- is only human natureto to additional worries, limit to what people past, and the present, Tennessee, which was developed to aid 700 J
which embraced the living universe with ma '11tr the difficulties some of them real, and will say or do when they: yon' could discover that Negro sharecroppers who were evicted in
that are encountered some of them a produceof and Haywood Counties in January,
the of mis have '
magic i its goodness. She was a woman are out to spread yon some very promising -
who cared about others, and, as such, cared in life and to an overactive imagi- chief. It does not seem entries on the 1961 after attempting to register to vote. 1
: for them. forget .too easily the nation. Be realisticwith good for your peace of credit aide of life's The project is expected to result in i 200

INDEED, in her life was life; in her hopeswas more fortunate occur- yourself and sort mind or physical com ledger. This could be full-time jcbs in a new industrial plant, :
rences. The-picture out those that really which will be brought to the area by a local -
hope; in her 'dreams and aspirations may forts. If you have any made apparent to you .
and determined .labors tobetter the lot of appear darker than recpire attention from true friends, you may when you confide in yourate bi-racial committee cooperating with
I humankind was the I life i .and 'breath of bet- usual. Try not to get medical or other competent have to look far to find or other authoritative : the federal Redevelopment Administration. '
terment. embittered, and recall authorities. then. I f you feel that Advisers. This .
CRITICIZED at times, mocked, condemned by 1 f you' can the s any ac- Thanksgiving Day is you want ao part of will also- enable yon to In discussing the new threats against vot-
enemies of human enlightenment, she never casions when it was as always much more agreeable them, nor of those responsible get into the spirit that er registrants, Robert I toses, Field Secre-

despaired, but forged ahead, inspiring the brl&t as your sonniest when a large and "tor their dissemination should aark ftankstlYlng tary of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating 1
1 discouraged, uplifting the downtrodden, day. You should find congenial family group it would be Day: (22nd. As long as Committee and leader of the voter registration -
: innoculatino whole peoples with the vaccine your duties a little participates in the wiser to find a quiet loa have something to drive in-Mississippi reported that
;: of courage which made them arise from the less onerous once you .festiY tles. Even if the retreat. Fortunately, share with others, you plantation owners had given notice to their
muck of their own defeatism and, however change jour attitude toward cost may sees somewhat the advent of the boll- should consider yourselfas sharecroppers that mass evictions would
1 torturously, find for themselves a place then. Th asks giving exaggerated in your eyes days nay turn their attention being a saber of the follow If any sharecropper attempted to
the pleasure extracted ---
i!, j in the sun. Day ifeoald give you an should than elsewhere enabling sort fortunate people oa register.. Federal ooverno-ent attorneys from
TIME, and the forces of maturity, mayeventually opportunity to leave you to enjoy earth. take certain that {hecrv.1 I :Rights Division of the Justice .
; offer the world another woman of your 1-48-cares Mlde. 6-80-88-17-38-687 Thaaksgiving Day in themer' you do ,not overindulgeif Department are conducting i ipyestigations !:

; Mrs. Roosevelt's ilk. However, whomever -Jl-H-7. LIBRA you desire. yon are subject to to determine whether court injunctions,

; :such a woman may be, she shall have to con- CANCER Born Sept.' 23rd thru 3-70-22-13-63-732.. gastric upsetg. similar to. -those.'o btained in the two Ten- I

j :tend herself with being only an .approxlmatlon. Para June 2&d thru- Oct. 23rd Born CAPRICORN Dec. 22nd thru You aa? be>> treading ice during on essee counties should'be requested to'

} ." Mrs. Roosevelt, like other_ singular July 22nd : There sews to be BO Jan. 19th rather this Barter thin and those halt the evIc t ions. But Mr. Moses stated 4
: :personages-inhuman history, shall, never The strain OB year 1 et up on the part, of If to hat 'he expects more evictions as the ;
: be replaced I >. eeliB. Md east re those who are trying to yon can manage that 7-30-11-18-81-W follow registration drive gains momentum.
"iffi'l_ ......... rOo.__L ''IiUrV'''' ''''

_..... -, 0----"_.>':":' .. -< +.:::. -;.. i- .... .a_ .1 __ -:: 1 ... .. .. _.._ .... -- '. -' --- --- t =-.': .:-'"'.:' .':':. ...4*_* ::!':-: -- -;-....:::.tt,

....:.... .,-.. ....-.... ... .. .- -. .,.;;;=. .--.---..,.....q.r. :....-...--.,........,.,.,...-.T ,'. ,- :;-. -:- ; ,' ..,_ : .. '> ... -..... ....
.f''I '
,. l 1 : f. \

'I hl\; ; :;" ; ('. ;.:
? ........ ,' !:
:.w .. .. ... _

:t -'. -: ":= -::::;-:.- Urbanneltejs..:: final;Rehearsals Stage For Thanksgiving Eve Extravaganza Wedding Bells ,

! ; ,.
5- 4 > t
: ::1 Applications For

... Marriage Licenses
--- ---- -- -
-.' ,
: "
1 '
.. u LeRoy B. Jackson. 723:
: : i ;-
*- '5 yt c W. Beaver st.18 and
-* ?' '. .-LOUISE t G- GU I NrARD' t Evelyn Noble 1129

An outstanaing sockt event of the past week was Myrtle Avenue 31.

n the meeting of the Alpha Wives Club held in the If f J : 4 Ulysses Brvant. Jr. .

beautiful Continentals-Bowling Lanes Clubroom. _..v* 3845 Old St. AugustineRd.
26 and Lillie
r Mesdames T. V. Thocas;, Dennis-Stewart and Leander
f Sanders 5804 Droad St.,
Shaw were hostesses. : 4 : ,: : : 23.

' Other members participating in the meeting included .
!/ Eddie L. !K'atthes. 1867
;1 -- Mrs. Elisha Handy. Mrs. M'H. Barnett. Mrs. f .
X ii. x .. i Junior, St_.. v22 and
- I. H. Burney Mrs.,. Otis Girardeau, Mrs.' William i ;
'\ ; Clydia v. Jones 2125!
1 Harper Mrs. Joan Spaulding Mrs.. J. w. Patt'ersoD.Mrs. Placeda St. 18.

Robert Sewell, Mrs.: Nathaniel Davis Mrs. 6
r.. James E. Culbreath,
l Ha Jackson, Mrs. Raiford Brown;' .fr.J.frsSf'1lie .
Atlantic Beach, 23 and
= ,,
Mrs. Sherrafd; Mrs. William
; Mary T. I Harper. Atlantic
, ..R. bney. Mrs. Jesse Word., and Mrs. 'Reid" Jackson.Sr.t. Reach 18.Rudolph.
; ...-
... ....... Canady. 1214
,/ .......*....
"? ,:' Jessie St. 21 and
Er Ber'l.n Jackson 1523
Mrs; ''Margaret Starkes was guest player'when Mrs.
Florida Ave. 19 .
f Alvenia Scriven entertained Gems Bridge Club. last
Howard Ervin. 1050
I It Friday. evening at the Eldorado. '
Ellis St 31 and Mary
Mrs. Kathyrn Robinson was welcomed as.. a. new member J Atwater, 1050 ;.lli*
l pf the club. : i 40.
: Street
prizes for the bridge session went- to Mrs. Zelma T4 : 7 Gco. II. Bartlcy. 112

it 'j'dhnsbn, Mrs. Marie''McCiain, Mrs.' Lil, lan..Davis, : Causey Lane 22 and

, -and Mrs. Sylvester Bossard. :. 111 fr '. 1 I Clara 1-,. _lerni tu1. 29G1

Mrs.Lois AveryMrs. Myrtis Thomas, Mrs. Catherine Bethel Court 22.
9= 2
Jackson, Mrs. Geneva Wheeler and Mrs.' Marian t4:;. 4
Walter were among participants.Mrs. ,,, '''! Lincoln Villa Club

Walker incidentally, was winner of .the door ,:..
To Sponsor MusicalThe
prize. 'r .
'. f v
., r. Lincoln Villa Social

.t..t........*'.....*...... .-:..-.-:... ;.-"t'. ... : -- .- and Savings Club

i. v- -" :. *.* -:>' *-"" HOLIDAY EVE PRESENTATION--With -a few last minute touches luminaries who will be seen in a variety of roles. is sponsoring a musical

.1 Mrs.1 =Sara, Montgomery 'led by a' wide margin to win .Fema : in dtt rng y'- rare" apVal L'es'ions, the Fpr grQuIdf.r: l8f.ty Ursr V.anorian Schell and Mrs. program; Sunday afternoon -

I 'first"prizC at a recent:'meeYirig 'of''J.rJ( \ttBridge \ 'Spectacular Urbannettes Revue for '62' promises to Helen Robinson. Seated from left: Mrs. Helen Wright, at 2: 3D in Friendship -

!Club: rIrs.< Hatti Stewart was-bostess"'to 'the gr'aip., ,'present the most fabulous vetticffe 4n ftisl.qry when the MrS: Marguerite Kelly and Mr.&.. Jessie Y. Fears. Photo Missionary' Baptist

which met at the Eldorado Club opening act gets underway Wednesday night Nov. 21 at :(right) from left: Mrs. Clara Austin and Mrs. Rossie Church located on rs

,Other club prizes were awarded to Mrs. Margaret -Jo 0' clock in Duval County., Armory.,. :An _all-star cast of French. The annual presentation is being sponsored by No 1 North. New I rings.

Wilson and Mrs. Gwendolyn Stewart.Mrs. J:. .top. local talent will spark the program* s glittering the Urban League Guild. Admission tickets may be secured Road, of which the Rev.R.

Kathyrn Robinson and Mrs. Margaret Starkes .fashions, individual and ensemble dance numbers, comedy from Guild members and Ebony Record Shop, 728 \V. Smith, pastor.

participated in the m&ting as guest players. Mrs. .'-;-' kits, solo and group singing, in .smooth-flowing con- Ashley Street. Mrs. Janet Johnson and Mrs. Helen RObin- the Mrs.! Spiritual Ames Hartsfield.Gospel

Starkes was the recipient of the guest prize. left of the son are the show' co-directors.
tinuity. Shown above ;in photo ( ) are some Sinter and the Campbell
Other members attending the meeting included Mrs. (Royal. Art Studio photos)
-- -- -- of Atlantic -
-Gospel Singers
Sybil Butler; Mrs. Grace West, Mrs Mable 'Jones, ; '. l!
will be
Urs.( Thomasena McFarlin, Miss Louvenia Solomcn, and .. I 4., i ;J t ... Beach
... '. --tAe S"ppLrcfd| Homecoming Parade featured alone with the
Mrs*' ilarie Bryan'* 'V" ,> / .If.- r\'. ;,wiw ,
.. *""*
: ..' '-4 'r + t ts Choir and Male Chorus of

............,.......taat........ .i I' ,-, + f vt : ; Second Baptist Church.

; : j i. .--\1.1, .... Calnhan. Fla The. publicis
;:- -I Ia Ii invited...... ; .. .
Mrs. Thelma Greene was hostess to the cost recent
Mrs. Ethel Frown is repo -
meeting Kevinettes Bridge Club. The group assembled _

last Saturday evening in the West Twenty- -r rt erYoung

third Street home cf Dr. and Mrs. H. James' Greene,

with the entire membership present. .' Vets Club
COt !!
Prize winners for the evening included Mrs. Doris -

Pearl Mackey. Mrs.' Essie Me Cray,-;and To Visit
Bennett Mrs. Mr... and'. Mrsl.:: Dan Bennett sent; 705 Franklin St. ;
Mrs. Geraldine Milliard. : 654 W. tOoth 'St. ; Girl.
included Mrs. Barbara Harper, *'' Hov. 22
Other participants .Girl. Mr. and Mrs. Cleophus Hospital

Mrs. Ann Monroe, Mrs. Sarah Lovett, Mrs. /Celeste MV.' ari d' Krs.. Herbert Reese. ;_ Rt. _9, 190.H rdpgJtaad.Boy -
*> > v J. C The Young Veteran Club
Nicks, Mrs. Emmalee George, Mrs. paulin1e'Dav', '.''flb 'rt';" 52'f. 'McIntoshAvenu '. ..! ; r ofJax. Inc. will assemble

Miss Daisy Gilliard and. Mrs. Dorothy' Oliver. ;, Girl.Mr Mr. and! Mrs. ,Lee 'Court w
r -f1 Vt n I
> : > .l : and Mrs'. Theodore ney; 5568 Paris Avenue; .
; :.*......:.'..*....:...*....:*." "t 'S Nov. 22. at.
'Rushing; .19-1 UcMillian Girl. ',. .
9D: a.m. in the home cf
,'. "** ', Street; Girll Mr. and Mrs. Clarence
Johnny Bowman 1053 Albert -
The Community Bridge.Club corn&oedfr'esidentsof Mr.' and Mrs.' Booker T. Griffin; 6254 Fettiford Street. There the

Ribault Heights and the. surrounding area, met Foster; 5234. ., Mays Dr. ; Dr.; Boy club will prepare every- ;

last Monday evening in the .home of Mr. and Mrs.T. Girl Mr. and Mrs. Tommie thing that is to be I

V. Thomas. ,- Mr. and Mr's'; Julius Taylor; 704 E. 1st St. ; carried to the Mercy

Two guest players participated in 4the bridge .session Dunham; 742, .Eastbrook Twin Girls. PRIZE-WINNING FLOAT---This prize-winning float was entered in the Florida A." Hospital which is knownas

however Mrs. Sara Wright fied. for the Avenue Girl. M t'. .and.Mrs. Jesse and M. University homecoming parade.re ently by the Agriculture and Home Eco- the 'Old Folks Home"

prize. \ Mr. and .Mrs lRooseveltHi Walton -.2 ,9,65Bfidmond: ,. nomics Clubf Ml Betty Y Wright.of Diinpellon'-is seated in the 'center- of-an
I ,guest .t-.; :.1'2. j"ir: !: j'y \ r. ; (, ?, : :The club .will motorcadeto
Club prizes ,were awarded to Mrs -Flossie..Weaver, tch el'1; 2 I'llEmerson: Avenue;; .Gi'rl., Orange blossom which opened and cl med. Emily Mitchell of Savannah, Ga. and the ho spi tal at 10:00

.Men. Johnnie .Mae'. Brown. and.i.Mrs.!.Cqretha.'.'.i.son. Street; Boy r. ,........ 'M r. and Mrs. AaronCurtis Barbara jointer of Crystal River .also rode on the float, which won first prize._ a.m.

Mrs. Marie Jackson .Mrs. Margaret,,Stajkes: ,..jirs. Vr. ,and '..irs..J()hn.. ; J2JD3'Payne,' Aye.; :, : A Y, r I : The president E. Dene-

Catherine Jackson, Mis. Ann Monroe Mrs.' Vanette Boy. Beauticians To Sell Women's Day Event Declared field is requesting the

Thayer, Mrs. Geraldine Foster, and Mrs. Winifred Alter ServiceLuncheon following members to be
Ellison were among other members present. Announce Dinners For Successful I At Mother Midway present: Roosevelt Paige

Planned Ioodrow Paige, David
.........:'.....:............:. ..... Fashion Show
.. The. William Christian Scholarship FundThe and an outstanding member (Harper! Shields

., Willie Jones, Bobby
Workers of Waymon Chapel of New St. lames Ably

Mrs. Leola Powell was guest player when Mrs.. AUE Church: .South side, Event For SundayThe i Church activities, gave Saunders, Jessie Wilcox,

priscilla Brown entertained Les unes Charmantes are ,planning. .a cake and Connoiseurs of the keynote message be- Johnny Simmons an
; e Los Amigos Kiddies Cosmetology Unit No. GO r s
Bridge Club recently at her residence. : z Edward Flemmings.
coffee ur3,fo Ho-:wing Club will sponsor a will sell dinners 'Nov. r fore an appreciative
rs.Maxine !ackspn Mrs. $orma Whiter.aad rs. morning attendance This project comes
seryges .Sunday .:coi'ffufe :'ahcT fisfiuodtea 25 s t the home of'Mrs.Salome capacity
Helen Gregory, qualified'for club prizes.: .J';,: ;>: Nov. 1lth. .. ,. ; ,_ Nov. 18 from '4 to '6 during the 11 a.m. ser twice a year. Thanksgivings
; >,.m Summers. president -
and Chri tl'as.
Mrs. Charlotte Bostick Mrs.AlmaDaniels.Mrs. The luncheon, is being .' vice.
featuring young men 'and 1105 W. St.
Joyce Lawson, Mrs. Zelia Mitchell. Mrs* Betty Ses- held for the.benefit qf Sunday School begins' at Each member is expectedto
women 'ot the'
from 11 until 5 p.m. for
Arnetta Walker, Mrs. Barbara Walker, the Organ be present and anyone
sions, Mrs. Waymon Fund. Various beauticians of benefit: of the unit's 9:30 a.m. with Bro. S.C.

and Mrs. Lydia Wooden were,among other members Friends and members are the city will feature scholarship fund, it Hart superintendent, in else who wishes to go

invited.' and carry fomething for
present. charge. serviceat
: models in special hair was announced this week.
the Elder Folks are wel
'" designs. Vrs. Hazel Ar- In conjunction with the 11 o'clock. Junior
other club
., come. Any
At hoot, at fountains, ererrirfrere- ._ r' grett will serve as dinners project, .f'rs. choir and ushers will wishing to send gifts
-. .- : ; narrator. A will serve The Stewards
program Maggie White 4931 Cam-
: : ; : call E/ Den efield
please .
.. 'I /':" t : ; '1; also be presented. panella Drive will be Board will meet in Joint

..fih .k. t v 'i "'f. .' .:...r"......._..'.. ;j-. ,-" -Ienbers! of the 'club are hostess for a 9 .m. 'until session at 4 p.m. Evening EL, 6-2238 or Johnny Bowman -
L '. ..,, )- :,\, .8i.. -. '1 ,. .'t.$1._ :..'t service starts at 6 EL 3.4969 and we
J' 'lt o A. Laveta' Irving president 12 mi da I gnt"partyduring
.- '. .. :.. : : ( will see that the pack
: ... Cynthia Di ck erson, vice which' time the MRS. ESTELLA LOVINGHOOD p.m. with Choir 1 and
; "pI \:: : ; 't ,. '- J 1.YT president; La Frances drawing will be termi- .. .HI gbl1 gb tea Program ushers servin g. Sermon ages are picked up Bom and i
delivered Johnny an
by pastor or an appointe
Easter, secretary; Janice nated.
.. Belt, financial The social committee Tuesday night 7 o'clock project co-chairman,
if stated.r .
now Pepsi
secretary; Nathan Love which are sponsoringthe Prayer and class neetlng.

for those who think young we're stepped up the treasurer; Patricia sim- projects includes at.k'other Last Sunday's Midway services AUF -

tempo. More activities-aore time to, tajoy them. This is the lift for Pepsi mons.. chaplain; Gwendo- "'!rs. Edna Calhoun. Church were spirituallyhigh

-litbt, braeinf, cMitofr PtpsL 61 thru, tl fostttins, say"Ptpti, pkast!" .. lyn Brown reporter; chairman Mrs. Corinne with the women of W ATe H E S FIXED S !!
Terry Gasden, Rodney Jones. Mrs. Maggie' Whie the church success- RIGHT! I
: Belt; 01 ga' Christopher and Vrs.! Summers. C".AC', .ile1, ...;..fM. ..4 w/t NJv.1 I
t Np.sAe1
.. ;; : .. .' fully climaxing their I .t tit_ f......... ..,:. ........ 4. THIS
:.f\ Van Johnson, Sgaron Lim- ADV
'f"" : r. n4 I'I"J.r" -HI
anmal fblllen'.s Day observance .,.
; .
; bric, Roy Christopher A.L. Fleming
featuring outstanding All ft'H'

.' ar 4. r b Vanessa Christopher.Rubynell female talenton DAVIDSON'S'I
= and
Boles Chapter Slates a citywide rep resent a "DAY Chsu -. _.. .
; +ncc
Georgia tion. MA". JEWELRY CO. w:',/,S. :I
N.1013n1 ......
Rev. J. TI. Jones pas- ootRS
,1 Nov. 25
; Event 11' P.. U SI221
-: .' Society SetsAnniversary tor, was high in his ,

{ praise for the constant
: Urs. Clotle Pridgen

: 'will principal speaker work .oI those who leftno
Fete unturned in '
for A L. Fleming stones

.:4 Chapter No. 45 CES' 12th paving the way for.the .. .

Christian Aid SocietyNo. anniversary program Sun greatest success in the

4310 ,will celebrateits day Nov. 25 at 3 p'II.. history of the, age old :,

19th anniversary .in Masonic T ::2ple. 410 church under.-the leadership .'h l I

Sunday' Nov. 18 at ,2:30 Broad St.., firs. Emma' ofMrs.. Verdi; /:( ; .. .. '
p.I. in New IsraeliteBaptist Elder, general chairman, atiat liquors ;
s* Watkins Worthy Matron, } i
Church, Rev. L. announced. and her 'cochairmanMrs. ( .

Freasley. host, pastor. Alma' Black shear, '" V' .: I
The remaining portionof
..,. ... .
.,1 "
Revi JCJ. Crosby will -
all And those
being captains;
the program. is I
... .
) I. ; the aDd '
t. rV deliver senon' a prepared and Invitationsare bb' answered ihV call to

program will be'presented. ,.- being forwarded to serve.

A Sister J.E. Brown, sister affiliates. Mrs. Estella. Lovingboo II I
.. "
:: .ww.uwr -
w.rarwrxwrrww.ww. iF
president, stated. The --Mrs. Wilson. Reporter : prominent educator'socialreligious and I

public is invited. -- leader !

--' _. .. .J.
--- ---- '

,. < ', .. ..'f : __ ____ __'_ __ -
F !
: -
j I
i ,
IJ. JY r '
.,_ j
: !kL 4 HIRIIA SUB SdlUituM' rtOuabtit ii. iS i

Community Honors "Ang l Of Mercy" On Her SSth Birthday

i it



G I:

.. Y 1 +I Y'Y 1:. ,: Y. s b4 .-..

p .- : ci ; '*' \ ..,

P. F- r t' _
4 :

; .

r :" iy i- \\j;

'S 'F. ti:

I HAPPY BIRTHDAY---Natlonal! State, local leaders and persons in all walks of life rector during cutting of birthday cake ceremony. Mr. Taylor baked the cake in honor *+t.

thronged jax' USD-Arcade Thursday night, Nov. 8 to pay their respect to Dr. EarthaM. of the occasion. Center photo: Mrs. Rebecca Y. Thompson, superintendent of Mercy

*M. White, the occasion being the "Angel of Mercy's" 86th birthday. Main speaker Hospital, flanked by Mercy employees, presents Dr. White with Money Tree, the gift of

during the more than three-hour long ceremony was U. S. Representative Charles E. Mercy Hospital, Day Nursery School and Clara White Mission employees. In background ;

Bennett. Dr. White' was the happy recipient of a huge array of gifts, flowers, messa- left is G. Capers Bradham, the event master of ceremonies. Third pix shows honoree 1; :'

ges and other goodwill gestures from a grateful community which she has served for cutting birthday cake for the long line of attendees.Musical highlights were furnished v

more than three-quarters of a century. In photo left, CS2 Major p. Taylor of the by the Edward Waters College Chorus under the direction of Harold A. Green and the v ,j

U.S.S. Yellowstone poses with Dr. White and Mrs. Stazzie M. HudsonUSO-Arcade di- New Stanton Senior High School Glee Club, Dr. Alpha H. Moore, director, and Mrs.
Ethel Davenport Bannister and the Versiteers. (Royal Art Studio Photos) >
-- ---- -
Honored Calvacade Returns r I
Obituaries Choir 4 Schedules Woodlawn United Grant! Memorial

To Tabernacle George Brown; 1122 Pip- Joint Anniversary Presbyterian ChurchBY Observes Women'sDay

Sunday Nov. 25 pin Street. CHURCH NEWS"Family : Sunday
Drury Brooks; 1504 Woods I The 13th anniversary of L.N. FEARSON. SR.

M ta The Calvacade Singers Street. Senior Choir Four of Mt. The United Presbyterian

will be featured in a Robert F. Howard. Sr.; Sinai Baptist Church, Choir will rehearse
1623 Logan,, Street. t
recital Sunday night, the fifth for the presi- Friday Nov 16 at 8 p.m t.
Herman Cosby; 5264 ,
Nov. 25 at 7: :30 o' clock, Clan Day" will be observed Dec. 2 at dent Deacon Edward in the .Testciinster Hut. : :; .
Cleveland Road. .
in Tabernacle BaptistChurch St. John Baptist Church. All families of the church Blackman and the fourth The Church School will !
Mrs. Minnie Harris
; .
Prof. E. Clifford will worship and dine together. The program will. for Mrs. Catherine Sykes begin Sunday Nov. 18 at t'
1723 McMillan Street.
? 4ii Davis, director, Richard Singleton Jr.; be announced.The organist and directorwill 10 a.m. with superintendent -
announced this week. 479 Jessie Street. be held Nov. 19 at T.V. Huger in r

G Comprised from among Mrs. Rachel Wright; 7:25 p.m. in the auditorium charge.The .
Tabernacle Baptist cf the church. .
1256 W. 15th Street. Ita min g-Wo rship
Church members and other EDward Fowler. ; 4198 Hay- following ministers will appear on the anni- !' I'S. Ruth Valdez will service will begin in
singers representing a ward Street. versary program of Elder j. E. Williams, pastor of serve as mistress, of .the George Washington

number of the city's Mrs. Alberta Devilion; .S"outhside. Church of God in Christ, NOV. 1&, eremoni es. Carver Elementary School "'

various denominations, 42 Magnolia Street. Elder R. Givens; Nov. 20, Rev. M. Bryant; Nov. Serving ushers are: 2854 r.. 4tth!: Street at ;' &{.
the 80-odd voice singing Finley Holmes; 5749 Car- 21, Elder F. Howard and Rev. S. Sitt; Nov. 22, boards 1. 2, 3. and 4 of 11am. with Rev F. D. -

REV. J. C. ELMS group was organized in vin Circle Rev. C. McCray, Rev. L. Smith and Elder G. Robinson Vt Sinai ; 1 and 2 of Wilson, minister, bringing -

..4th AnniversaryREV. early August and since Mrs. Rosa Ross; 1944 De- ; Nov. 23, Bishop M. Baker and Rev. S. Burgess; Greater St. Matthew Baptist the message. The

that time has conducted cottes Street. Nov. 23, 3:30 p.m. Elder 0. Anderson will be eastside and 4 ofV.t. United, Choir will sup?: MRS FPCOLA HOFKINS:
J! C. SANS and! historic several recitals in the Miss Rebecca Elliot; present.The services will be hel'dlin theauditoriumof Ararat Baptist. ort.-the ri tes".with. C'.b: : General Chai rmair i

I Second Baptist city. 813 Date Street. the church, 4058 Old St. 'Augustine Road. Special guests are: Simmons. Jr. at the Final plans have been i
! Church were cited on his Th e Calvacade repertoire John Wesley "Scotty"Scott Goer-el Chorus. West piano for Grant
: fourth and the church's completed i iif
consists of classical, ; 1110 W. 6th St. Friendship Choir 3,
112th joint anniversary Tuesday, 7:30 p.m. the .emo ri al AMR! Chu rch' s
sEmi-classical tradition John W. Bryan 1246 First New Zion Baptist
program Monday night by ... ; Westminster choir will annual '4mcn's Day observance -
a capacity turnout of spiritual, all- Grothe Street The' Women's Progressive Club of St. Paul AME Church Gospel Chorus West rehearse in the hut. Sunday according .!
members associates and time favorite hymns and Mrs. Minnie Hayes; 73 will Tea Union Baptist and Usher Wednesday. 7 p.m. Mid- Fecola
sponsor a Harvest Nov. 18 from 4 to 6 p.m. to Mrs.
friends in the church. composition by. director Court I in the home of Mrs. Annie Everett, 1785 W. 6th Board 3 of Mt. Ararat week Frayer and Bible Hopkins, general chair- J
auditorium. Rev C.A. Davis. Mrs. Arel l a Smith; 1602W. Street. A program will be presented.A Baptist Church.Appearing Study will be held in man. fcrs.: Hopkins is

Weaver, and Rev. E.R. Timothy DistrictTo 14th Street. on the pro- the Westminster Hut. being assisted by I'rs.
, Lorenzo James 827 S. will be ,.
; Cass
Simpson, pastors o f gram As we are now approaching Anges Walker and Mrs.
Day Spring and Zion Hope Stage, Fete 8th Street. i I Shootes Jr. Cecil B. .the time of Lenora Smith, co-chair

Baptist Churches, respectively District Edward Nance; 738 N. Fall Festival Spiritual Tea will be held Sundayat Fisher and Matthew G. beginning to build on man.
1 0 f FirstTimothy Lincoln Court. Deacon
McCoy Edgar
supervisedthe 1412 W. 7th Street from 4 to 6 p.m.for the bene our new church on our The order of services .-
Baptist Church.. Mrs. Margan Hozendorf; Hill. Choir 2. Mt. Cal-
services.NO will fit of the St. Ann prayer house building fund. Mrs.j. new church site, we are which have been re-
the star-
1739 Phoenix Avenue.Wesley Baptist Mrs. flary!
light and Bloodworth and Mrs.' M. Alexander are the spans vary asking all organizationsand eased by Mrs.! Hopkinsare
singers the
LaBarns 1725 Neal I'rs. Mary! J.
Soul Stirrers in ; rs. The speaker will be Mrs. C. P. pridgen. eYe members of the as follows: morning
CHARGE an Sycamore Street.Mrs. Jadtson rrs. Ruby Allen
church to become aliveby worship at 11 a.m. with
after service musical Hattie Levins 1203 Choir 4-B. Mt. Ararat
For ; attending our Midweek Mrs. Willye F. Dennis
I Church. News or Club News program Nov. 18 in the Hart Street. Baptist Church, SamuelL. Prayer Services and delivering the main ad-
auditorium of the
Get Your Notices in to the The lillingVlters'church Mrs. Shirley Kelly; 1027 Officers and members of the Good Shepherd Baptist Reid James Harvey praying together for our dress. 'u sic will be I

Florida Star Callen Street. Church are preparing for their "Victory Day Robert Simpbins. Mrs. ultimate success. There furnished by the com-
Singers will
By Tues., 4 p.m. -' Mrs. Cecelia Small; 1322. celebration, scheduled for NOV. 18. Several activi- Gussie Paige Gray is wonderful power in, bined choi rs of the
: anniversary Nov. J"
I ( earlier if possible) Mt. Herman Street.: Gospel chorus of Mt- prayer;. Study.to 'sho'wVthyself .' chu rch.
. ties have sponsored for the event.
26 at
8p.m., at the ,
2323 Moncrief Rd.,Cor. 13th Mrs. Eliza Agent; 928 W. Olive Baptist and Choir approved 'unt'oGod The evening service ..
MAILING ADDRESS church. Various Singersand Church Street. 1, St. Mark Baptist. a workman that,** 4 will begin at G of clock

\ P.O. Box 561, Jax 1, Fla.' groups of the city Mrs. Jamie Harris; 1526W. n eedeth'-rio t*" to -.be and will consist of a
will cin-te. Brewster
part 6th Street.SALE ashamed.
The annual Thanksgiving Fellowship services will musical program. Mrs.
be held in Trinity Baptist Church participating E.M- Richardson will be
_.., .- _. -- To Attend 14 FAHUans TappedFor the organistaccompanistGrant
-- churches are Emanuel Mt. Calvary St. -Thomas and

GOODALL Trinity Baptist Churches. Rev. W.' M. Hill of Mt. Member OrdinationThe Honor Memorial( AWE
Church is located at the
Calvary will preach the sermon. .t
WEEK Brewster Mm s Club TALLAHASSEE Fourteen intersection of Clay and

has been invited to attend Florida Ads University Orange Sts. The public

2 DISCOUNT STORES the ordination students were inducted is invited to attend

'830'Cotiot Ate.NCAR The Youth Department of Tabernacle Baptist_hurcL ceremonies to be held at into the Alpha Kappa Ku both services.

( COIUCI will celebrate their anniversary Sunday at 3:30 St. John Baptist Church, National Honor Society

tau West Beaver Sr. p.m. ,a the church auditorium, tfaxie W. Williams Sunday at 3 p.m. when here last week. Kappa KNOW THYSELFThe

US.: 10 Nur k..k1.. will present a recital 'beginning at 7 p.m. in the J.J. Nixon, vice president Iota Chapter cited the'honor Unity Class is con-
J' church auditorium. public is invited attend of the club will be roll students for ducting a course in"Know

ordained a deacon in his the second semester of Thyself" each Monday
SIRLOIN both events.
; .
church. the 1961- 62 school year evening at 8 p.m. at the

t The members of the club during the tapping cere- Unity Chapel 1778 Spires
N C are asked to go in large mony. Street.

rSTEAK WrM.rsSAVL 69 Choirs 1 and 3 and Usher Board 1 and congregation numbers to witness the .

39. u. LB. members of Macedonia Baptist Church are being Invited conferring of the

to accompany Rev. j. :C. Rogers f pastor, to an highest honor the churchcan i.

t HEAVY WESTERN Cut and Wrapped after service Sunday night in Payne rhaoel AMF. give to one of its

Church. Choir 1 will celebrate its annual Tea on laymen. Nixon has given

r s:! Nov. 25. and full has support been to faithful the club un J

BEEF LOINS u.49c '
;: all of the activities of -

the club and now the men Nf. Y
are invited to be with
The Deacons and Deaconesses of Sweetfield Baptist 'y ...fAr
him in his ordination b yd y
Church, Rev. D. P. Barnes, pastor will observe a
: joing anniversary program Sunday at the church. The ceremonies.

BEEFsTEiilNOAS wtU! 45.FRESH "Mr. and Mrs. Contest" being currently sponsoredby -

the Sunday School will terminate during the ( '
evening service November 25. BETTY ,< s

! iGSwI! The Citywide Deaconesses Boards will hold their says why be foolish? You can't t 4 \

39 mass meeting Sunday at 3 p.m. in; Emanuel Baptist buy better than Goody's. So I-

Church's auditorium. Members of the Y1A will meet why sary?pay more than is neces I

Saturday in the home of MrS. Ella Norton. The books j
FLORIDA GRADE "A' are now open for me&bership.UTS. : .

a T. P. Dennis, a graduate of Clark College, 'I
: Atlantawith a Master s Degree in Library Science

a tamer librarian at Edward Waters College and KEN KNIGHT I 0

present director of the Eastside Branch Library; ,
PREMIER Invites You To Listen To
E. SAVE will be principal speaker during Grant Memorial -

t.. WATCH THE KEN KNIGHT SHOW ,. ..during AlE Church the 11 anal a.at. service.loses s Day observance Sunday ,. "KNIGHT' TRAIN"Starting !

f. ?. Ibis wnk Nor) .4: : The Young People AdvaaeaKet League of First New
: <, the IIIEITI MAIIIN, SHWEIS, : : At 7:00 p.m. Nightly-
; Zion Baptist Cbttrefe will sell flab dinners all day 1-2 j

: S'1/-? ef, Ckkif* *H** at put stirs..... .- -:. Saturday at the ckeracl,otr 3.will rehearse Saturday POWDERS 5* 1400 WRHC 1400 .

.! ;.. :.. ,_ .: .- at 5 P.m. Memhers'of Owlr;),have been asked to 12 POWDERS 25
.:.., _teet Friday at DIp .Sprifig.Baptist Church.

,- 0 ..... .'- ',,':'..... : .- ;: .-. .", .>,,' .", "
: : .. '. '-- -.......--. =---=.-.. : -----.._.1. _-:.", --. -,. L"" :--:-a-Yt'.w;" 1.rt4 VeN+..vFfMA.MIr.SMOrr= : .-::-..y.. :_ _-1N1

..! ... '-'-- ---_. ., -.y_. .. ..,,_... ..,-.'; ... .:...-. i -- A.r ---, .
-.. .. .- .. w- .
7-e. ,' -. .
'f'. .. /" > -" .' .y.'T: :" : "' : .. --- ..., "'9"' ... _. '
: '
,; : ? ;
I" ---1
x .
i. '>:

.SATURDAY NOYEMBER H, 12 ._.. .. ". 'I'1': ?*:;:. FURIDA STAR PAGE''stj

j I Protestants" Seek: ,.:t- '" Committee Prepares,<'For( Centennial Observance Mother Thompson'* *"Ordination Services I

s 1 ,00,', 110 For !F To Observe For Nixon, Thompson

Wirld Hungry Fifth Fete t Al! SI. John Sunday

I M=p.T. r father Thompson East-
NEW YORK. N.Y. -- _
Imerican Protestants and I side religious leader

Eastern Orthodox church : will observe her fifth

in celebration .
members will be asked anniversary

for $ 1. 0 09. 110 in a .ji s of Thanksgiving Day

special appeal duringthe ; 74 Nov. 22 beginning at

Thanksgiving seasonto 11 a.m. at 842 Floyd

finance the Share Our Avenue East side. T
I_ Free dinners will be
Surplus Program, thrum
11 clock .
served from o .
than 10 mil-
which more "
lion of the w (rld' s throughout the day and
will close out with an
hungry will receive U.S. J. J. NIXON

4. surplus goods t a ,4 r Evening musicale fea- .. .Honors Sunday

The 1963 SOS appeal ( turing the Starlight
announced by 4 Singers and other sing- Sunday at 3 p.m. in St.
was 1
John Baptist Church, or-
YG Canon Almon R. Pepper in g groups Pother dination ceremonies will
_t ::
chairman of the executive 0. Thompson is inviting beheld for two men who

, committee of Church ,.x other singers to par- have proved themselves

World Service National ticipate on the progran. worthy to be ordained

j Council of Churches, The observance is being deacons of the church.

which sponsors the pro- sponsored for benefit of The men to be ordainedas
"TARZAN".Jock Mahoney -
gram on behalf of major y Zion Hope Church. Free deacons are J.J.
muscular ex-stunt
American Denominations. offerings will be ac-, Nixon and James Thompson. :
man, portrays the screen'snewest
These foods used in the ceptable. The pastor. Rev. A.J.
Tarzan in Metro-
overseas programs of the Hughes has announcedthat
GCldwyn-llayer" "Tarzan
churches are made available the ordiantion serI
'Goes to India," filmed In
from U.S. Government St. Bazaar mon will be preached by
Cinemascope and Metrocolor Phillips
surplus stocks in Rev. CYrYs. A. Weaver
entirely on locations in excess of the amounts pastor of Day Spring

India. Here the intrepid first set aside to ref Set For 'Friday NileThe Batist Chu r h'.
Kiog of the Jungle preparesto ieve need in the PRELIMINARY SESSION---jax' Executive Board of the Emancipation Proclamation Committee will join other A special invitationhas

defend himself against United States. chapters in the nation in the organization's Centennial. Celebration here January, 1, 1963. Some of the been extended to the
many friends of J.J.
the attack of a wild leopard The foodstuffs include members on hand for the preliminary planning phase of numerous future sessions were, seated from steering committeefor Nimn and James Thompsonto

one of the many thrill wheat, flour, bulgara right: Rev. Samuel p. Nesbitt, joe H. James and Mrs. Hazel Tisdale. Standing from right, James S. the annual bazaarat be present. Both men

scenes; in the exciting ( processed wheat derivative Genwright, Rev. W. R. Nesbitt Jr., Rev L. *D.---Kennedy, Lee L Haynes, Mrs. Lee'L. Haynes, Mrs. Marian St. Philips Nov.' 16 are known. .through the

--plcturs.---- ) beans, cheese Shackleford, Miss Gloria Crumpler, Rutledge Pearsonand:: Roderick Freeman. The organization's new of- at 7:30 p.m announced city as honest, faithfuland

--- '':t butter, ghee (butter oil) fice, located, at 1350 Davis St. is open daily to' provide information for Individuals. and groups tint a variety of .activities tireless workers for

Royal Crown com meal, powdered milk desirous of'working with the organization in- preparation for the ensuing event. '., will be held the cause of the church

and cooking oils. (Royal Art Studio photo) A talent show will beheld and their elevation as

Cola in the assemblyroom deacons will give them
* ,
Richardson Heights Sub Division American featuring outstanding mo re power for the

local talented par- rendering of se rvice.aooooooooooooc.

Good news for Thanksgiving Day Now Under Construction Negro Pupils ticipants. Approximately

asthmatics 35 participants will *
SpccUtlif\ diwov ry now m*<.n Itp.ubl
.for bronchi .U.n- u!> fin. Preliminary construe- this week. The new sub- display their talents..
i. quKkljr r.ti v. rltokintf. coushifcit.IMIHBI Excluded In Va. Holmes
of mtofiul,..drum."'. and or,J'.lnh.II"kC'-do it without out. tion work on the new uldivision is located off Door prizes will be awarded and West ] ]

So Mounl.l*.(. you In can.ithr..t ct.arrtt.Ur Cuiid. or Cr.in ov will be a happier, day. tra modern Richardson Moncrief Road at the PHILADELPHIA Many the lucky persons. I tuneral Home j
found form without IlretUI"UOA |
.,f.ec tfrvuctit for ... ,_.oJ.. Heights Division began .intersection of Richard.i communities spread over Handmade articles will
6 states are playinghost 11 Ambulance ServiceTNE 11x
I son. Approximately 100 be for sale and dinners
for this school lEST com 111 mir !
i homes will
constructed served by the women of
;- year .to 30 Negro teen-j; parish D 2119,W. JEHgfwcxx/kve.. I
the church. The
PRE HOLIDAY SALE Richardson Heights Subdivision agers who have been excluded house and grounds will 'jj .Phon PO 51611Soooooooooooooo I

from public
I is being built be decorated. _
by the Citizens Investment education in their home

community of Prince --
Corporation, Dr. J. 1

Fri. Sat. Only .I.E., Scott, presidentand Edward County, Va. for 1

,,. Andrew Robinson, a fourth year. UPHOLSTERING
,. .: This is the These youngsters, all 4
'i$ secretary.
:j..1-J. ;
>{ ,' 5t',, "" ", > first business ventureof with ambitions for hire .

: ; :, the group.In education, represent the & CHAIR

.' f; .. :.., t"j.: ,,:..,, ,: a statement recently American Friends Service SOFA ...., !'
...;.. ... ,, ,. Committee's third suc- CALL p-- ; STANDARDs
.:.:t..i.A&h. _. .i." .,", "'U" released Dr. Scott was r
.. -
"\1'!! "': "iJ.-' ;'."......r.h't.t.t'_:JIJ! ..,..'''" l.ijf:i..t. !" ,j..;,'.,: : :" r. :'f'\1.! .,'- .'. _' .: '"."fft.-: : quoted as follows. "For cessive emergency placement >-- : flu 50fr

i ..rr.J ''s :" 'i .' .': '.- '' "13' t. many years housing has program.. EARLY TO .:0- -
tl. ;y {r L :' been one of the major They represent but a AVOIDHOLIDAY .._ "-

., '. problems affecting the fraction of many hundredo -#.' '
', ., ,citizens of our com f Negro students in > I .
L ,' 'r. "<"T-.j' '!',' .' RUSH t LeN' M t ri lf
munity. Prospectivehome Prince Edward County who ...ri. .- ..--' Lc1.All ././
have been deprived of Srilltt*'*. .d&TIM :
.'. J buyers have many N." fawn' MM
public instruction in All w.rk G.M......l-fre.lati".t" !
.. .' times complained about
.i their own neighborhoodsince DOWN PAYMENT .., ........
jTh/\ NO fill p te TMT MM*fe+
i' : the. apparent inequalitieexisting ..--.* aN l.... ii la.,**...
: / .. r in the home the county board PO K-I ROD IVININC AWOINTMWn'
." : ; -'. of d.1catlon.cl08. d all,
} : market. The Citizens. ,_
,,' ); I Y t "'* ''" .r h 1 r
'{})4 IF :.r:1X-:. ... ". ."'" .Investment Corporation public schools in 1959 EASY TERMS ARRANGED I
rather than comply withan
: '.:t \\i: -'-. : \ I! ..i: : feels hat throug order to desegregate. .

\ : 4 .._ Richardson will be able Heights. to help, we During the school year ECONClM D E_ ORAT R-S:

A ; of 1960. AFSC was ableto AND UPHOLSTERERS
I the Negro buyer get a
\ \ i;. ', full dollar value for place 47 youngsters ."'?o>NOKWOOO.AVE tctSUj' .
c I \ in communities where .. .. .
his investment.
I.:" 'i their secondary education -
basic home is of
.. ," ;;" The could be continued I I
brick construction with
without interruption. In
t. full tile bath and CALL
kitchens and hardwood the 1961-62 school year
x the schools remained
floors. Kitchen equip- i
29.99 Value '
closed again, and 37 Negro
.._ .. ,m ant is optional., All : ,:.. 'h' !'o" -iTB ;
N t {
< per "
t. units have a minimum of ;hign school .students_ "::
# r V rk-' 1v Laic :' three bedrooms and a were placed. This'year i FlOrida Buikiers Now
An : .
been acoomodated
30 have .
: : .... 'bath and a half. .. ... .. ...... ....
; I Ir r .:y tdtl ,t.. Construction i's underway Of the 37 last year, :7. I .. .. .-.. ....- .. T#..'..- .,io

$ IL I :1 tl '. demonstrationhome. were June graduates, and
on a
9 9i' For Top Qualify Construction Of
.:' Applications for all of these are eitherin

; ::; / the house may be filedat institutions of

the office of Horace higher learning or are
< 4
: .. ,;..,. :;.; Woodward, 1277 Kings preparing to enter when Heating & Air Conditioning ,

t $ T Road. financial aid can be "

found. flew Ho..s 1
: :.1. ;. :>

p ? .' 1:;....- I Christian Group Plans Program Sunday : ; ;.: :,::7 :* L'I;;
% R..odelill < A } :! r z. :
.- .. :
}, \ The regular monthly pro- gregations of the variou: .

gram of the Christian churches to be present '.' 'II.. .,. --ji : .\" I

Endeavor Hour will beheld In time for the count *Addltl.ols ;';=; 1 t, J'j: : : j I

Sunday at 3 p.m. in which will be held -at : t t .. ', J' I

< Lee Auditorium at Edward 3:15 p.m. 'Patios .: .'. 1.,. ..... i
Waters College with Ward The speaker for the ',... >roO. .. .. ... !'!
Institutional AT.E Church Carports r .. .?.. '
. ;,; '. ..'" as host. physical aspect will be r" : : :. !

t : .. supplied by the CivilTefense ,,, ."J.I '
Director Alexander Cot- .". Garanls J. ; .. S .'i"' I'
all Office ,..
trell has '
,. ..: j. J
"'.. 'II51 d IIJ : }! j p, f.
5. ".' .." l'; ;: }
.rr ; f1t >"

'. ...... .". : '
'X" .,. WALL PAPER "r .1 Driveways .
': r : .
': f ; ; > : "

I.. '1.:.:,. .,.f'...,.-";;t.> '..... ; ;',"-_.t- ........'... large Assortment ".." ,...... 3 [ti Celebrating Our 37th Anniversary |] ': -t'1f'.i,1" Roo'fl.g : "'. :," '. ::.+'

"\-1t ( ",_ \ ... ....
.. ,:'.t .,. f i'V t =i41t*-
: '
With Lowest Prices Ever "
1 .A **
L' : .v Of Styles .. ...., F'.4S'.,""ti. ,*.rt.v ?fDown
.. .. J !, .
: b. IAPfI MANettS AVAIIA1U AT Lowe MICH tYtt Wi '
;;" '.- :. "And Colors ': --: t
.,.. : i \n.1-Values; up to $.J.$ 6. S 1.29 : :Pallti
.. ; lg
..:, hi Wanted Fabrics '.. 1 \ Lot No. _-Value* up to 3.75 98C ,. k ....z '"'' \: 9d .i ..

<<. 3 ..Lotn. 3-Values up to $3.00 8Dcx f' ;? .(.Ripalrs
:j : ... "t, : : .',,>. .
.; Lot No. '1-.altI up to $2.50 69c' f' : j'N ; .

Lot No.--: Valnc to2.00 ..'. 49c '--=-
1& .2 up to -- o M'oney x
n ., .
I & = Lot No. 6- Values up to $1.30 39c 11II : .

: FHA t C 'ltJOItloals

f sust saY 15 Bay SalePltttr :: '. .. .f ;.. J .-1 4 S J a i- .. }f

B .. 1I1CkakQ.i. FREEVrliiff, -Open Itnlngt Also Consolidation Financing .


/ r& ttd4f r.dUM miIcy
x at Main EL 3.0628'
MAIN AND TMSYTK 3544782 ht'7 PO 4-0816 i

.' ,',,, <..:q ,":_:::.......... ..:...:_....:.. H' 'f :::"._ .: ..> ."_.i'J--:: ___.__ _._ OJ _._ ___ ._ ___ _'_. ,,_______.

.-- --- ---.-- '.-.-- -
: --- -- .. ,.-.. '............:....-.-. ..."":. h' -' -W"7.- f: ...- --:: -.:,.-:: -- ..., -''..... ', .....-_ ., : "..
; ; ;
,rJL J I 1\ .t : J "n-... ;.t ,i. ---1

: .- .- 1'- ....- rr -'". '
. SATURDAY NOVEMBER 17. 1382 : FIOBIBA STAR" .. /- I- "::1-, -

II[ Doctorate- Degree HeMers Jiii FAMU Top Director Makes A PredictionSHINING Land Grant Business Yes Wt All Twlk" r;

TALLAHASSEE Seven the doctorate degree. Division Is Created QUESTION: 'In giving' 'an extemporaneous 'talk,*Ian
' holders of the da c to ratedegree Persons holding the
inclined to have more ideas than I can treat adequately -
doctorate degree who TALLAHASSEE The Association -
the 64
are among
within the time allotted to me. As a result -
joined the faculty: for of State Oil-
new persons appointed to I often find myself spending too much time on
the Florida A&M University the first time are: Miss 'Yersi ties mid Land-Grant
minor points and having to skip over the more Important
faculty and Lua S. Hartley. Isreal E Colleges has announcedthe
material. Without very careful and special
staff for the 1962-63 Glover- Thomas A. Jackson ;g. establishment of a
3. effort I am apt to let the speech "dwindle out" i
Nebraska Mays, Division of Business Ad-
school year, accordingto at the end Instead of bringing it to an enthusiastic -
Evelyn D. Meredith, ministration. Florida
President George W.
climax. What would yon su ggest in this
Walter A. Mercer and A&U University as a
_. Gore Jr.. He also disclosed caseIL.
falter T. Pace. land-grant institution,
that two faculty
ANSTER: Learn how subordinate details to primary ,
members rejoined the Rejoining the faculty d"- Is eligible for representation i
or main points. Work consciously from a
in the division -
with the doctorate degree new
staff after receivingthe
structural outline whether in the improaptu: or
are: Mrs. SylviaReader by its departmentof
doctorate degree. In prepared address. I suggest that you divide your
will provide
who received her
addition, three others
speech into parts.
degree in English from among other things for
have rejoined the faculty directed '" There is no trick to condensation, nor asplifica-
George Peabody College an integrated effort -
following study for and Mrs. Earn Kittles f- toward the development tion, when you have an ratline Know what you are

Mtndith CitMJBy who received her degreein analysis and doing. .
r home economics. dissemination of information Tour speech "dwindles out' because you need an ;
outline. It seems that you don't know when YOt
; Miss. NAACP relating to
Attend Press Seiiiar a' the latest innovationsin have finished.Cover jour outline and go straightfor

{ t a ii your goal. Get there and summarize the main
i J t JACKSON, Miss. ---The the educational and
TALLAHASSEE Three business points. That s all you need to keep in mind.
University of Mississip- professional
Florida ASM University free speaking pamphlet,
For public
sole student world with particular
I pi's Negro students attended the
business envelope to
ilk send a self-addressed long
James H. ueredith, was annual convention of the n reference to land-grant
t fx. Dr. Marcus H. Boulware, Box 310-A Florida A. and
; cited by the NAACP here Associated CollegiatePress institution
Tallahassee, Florida.
M. University,
for his "faith,
courage at the Sheraton- .
and determination."
Cadillac Hotel in Detroit -

Presentation of the Mich., last week. FAMU 'F l rtb Estil'ers'

plaque was made duringthe Attending. the press,
three-day 17th annual }: r Y"tea
meeting were Robert t ua
conference of the Harris, Lakeland editorof

NAACP Mississippi state the PAMUAN; Nathaniel

organization, Nov. 24. Williams Tampa editor r

On behalf of the Mississippi of the RATTLER; and
NAACP, Mrs. Ruby Rolhala Hargrett, Talla- ,STAR---Mitch Miller, whose Sing Along With Mitch"* hour-long showhas

I Hurley the Association'sSoutheast nassee. layout editor of been bought by Ballantine and Sons, Brewers for NBC-TV Thursday nightsat

r regional secre- the RATTLER. 10 (NIT) starting in the fall, predicts that his featured singer, Leslie

\ tary, made the presenta -Uggams will be the .NO. 1 girl vocalist in TV next season.
tion to Mr. Meredith at <
the Freedom Fund dinner. .! .League Members Hear Top Attorney I
a s
re cently ., Tapped For RA 3i
The closing session of :
the conference on Sundaywas '

addressed by NAACP ": < r".;' TALLAHASSEE -- TWO : f
Executive Secretary Roy 0j: ; Florida A&U University /- j i iA

Wilkins who paid tributeto ; p students, Cadet Lt. Col.

the Ole Miss studentas Charles E. Hobbs of

'a symbol of the ;Miami and Cadet Capt. I
1962 American-- e Me David E. Pollard 0 f Pal-
Negro t ''
unafraid and quietly .Y metto, were recently designated -
all a? Pi s tin gui shed ,its !
determined to enjoy
Military Students by ..
the rights accorded freemen
,Lt. Col. Albert J. Parker ,
everywhere." FAMU EDITORS---Robert F. Harris (left) editor of the Florida A.
; professor of"mili-
Appearing on the pro- and M. University newspaper, the FAMUAN, and Nathaniel Williams
tary science at Florida
gram with Mr. Wilkins editor of the 1963 RATTLER, university annual, discuss the role
AaI(. The two cadets will
was Dick Gregory, the and problems of an editor. Harris is a senior sociology major from
be commissioned in the
nation's leading topical Lakeland and Williams is a senior political science major from
Regular Army during commencement -
comedian. Tampa.c .
Turning to Governor Ross irx

Barnett,the Mr. Wilkins expressed : H i p s; o i= = TT M I:; EI -1.' C) c: K s;
opinion that .
.aa6 .. "
the Governor had made a 1 By Jay Jay.

"tragic error" is his .. ;;.,; -. ?' Same men live long in years but die young- the lounge. You' 11 get a pleasant surprise I

resistance to desegregation .:',..;;..-.',-,: ...--.. ,' .:;i .,,in experiences. others are often cut down when you stop in. ,While I was 'talkinW,wlflp:

-- was for the purposeof before gaining their alloted span but are King, Joe -Garnett, the Falstaff man popped

getting "himself e- "- well seasoned in experiences and the ways in. Joe is making like the 'old prof' and I

lected to the U. S. of life. When the clarion sounds, each man peddling his wares all around town.

Senate. FLORIDA BUSINESSMEN getting legal advice from one of the state's legal minds will have to report for himself and give Dot Reese is back on the set. Dorothy has

"The people, of this Attorney Francisco Rodriquez of Tampa, during the 10th annual Businessmen f an accounting. So it was,with John Wesley been way up North in Beantown for a monthor

state may or may not elect Lecture Series at Florida A. and M. University. The series was sponsored by Scott and so it will be with each of us. so.All .

him," the NAACP the FAMU college of law in cooperation with the Tallahassee Business League. Tis true that many folk knew John Wesley is quiet on the Brewster Hospital

leader said. "But if he Listening to Attorney Rodriquez (left) during the luncheon were: johnny Herndon Scottbut few. could call him their friend. front. 'That is until Byron Shields comes

should go to Washington, Frank Odom, sales representative, Gulf Oil Corp. ; Attorney Thomas M., I am thankful that I was among those privi- back on the scene.Tis said that the 'llouseof

the oxford mess would. Jenkins, dean FAMU college of law; Otis Mobley, TBK president; and Arnett leged few. The association has made my Byron" is one up on the Men' s Club. .

follow him. Green, TBL reporter. .' life richer, it is hard to picture Scottyas The big noisex, ,the fourth floor at Brew-. I

-- missing from the scene. I' d rather think ster is Willie Bullard. The well-known :

... FAMUans Tapped that he has just found a new spot and is teacher, frat man and general man-around-
waiting for the rest of the boys to come town has been confined; for a .week. :

.t' BLENDED WHISKY 86 PROOF 65% GRAIN NEUTRAL SPIRITS. I982. SCHENLEY DISTILLERS CO. N.Y.c.Make For Who's Who around. We bade his mortal remains good- W.D. Sweet had a group of his Nite School
bye but hope to join his soul in the to- staffers and other friends around for some
Miles, acting dean of morrow. fun Monday. A combination of pig feet,
students at Florida A&U The other week the musicians took a bus' fried chicken, boiled crabs, and crab gumbo

em University, announced .drivers. holiday. The popular "J Notes"had prepared as only priscilla (Mrs. Inky) Wil-

that 12 students from a session at the El Dorado Club. The son can fix it.

a Florida A&U have been back room was jumping. Buster Ford has had The Wilsons, a Bland a Jones, a Harper,

selected to appear in several early bird Christmas parties at his- an Oliver, a Speights and Ye Olde Scribe
Tasty the 1962-63 edition otYbo's "Birdland of the Eastside. Last week were'among those who supped at the boss'

Studentsin Owens-Illinois had their ,annual affair. table .. :'* !
1 Yf Who Among '
American Universities,. Everybody is talking about the Lay's 'Potato Glad -to hear that this year more ot: our :

and Colleges. Chip Christmas party. That is one kids made good showings .on the state 12th

Membership in the organization whiz bang affair. grade 'test than last year.Congrats to Cary

is limited to, Burt Lancaster and the "Birdman" took White son of Mildred K. White. Cary had a

those students who have the town by storm. This movie was a master- score of 475 which is high even if they

maintained a cumulative piece. Tis only a pity that more Jaxons count in Chinese figures. The lad hopesto

average of 3.0 and have don't take in some of the flicks and leave study Engineering. We still maintain

h actively participated in the "big eye," television; that is, for that if our kids are given more of the

three or more campus or- a while. .three "Rs" and take out some of the

t. gani zations. Students Last week at the Edgewood Lounge Hattie fourth one, "recreation," they will hold
_, .
who have a cumulative DeVeaux and company came up with another their own f .- *
t tS ti average of 2 7 may be- .first. They had a male fashion show. The our. 'own :ii t-i adM 'ss- Eartha

come members if they gals got a chance to smoke the men over. White"recently celebrated her 96thday. birt

have been active in We hear that something special is plannedfor Big and little folk turned out to pay

three or more organizations the big football game week-end. 'tribute to the "Angel cf Mercy." The Hon.

Y and have rendered l The difference in Miani and Jacksonville Charles Bennett, our congressman was the

outstanding service to becomes more and more apparent. Last week, speaker.

SUNNY SAYS:"Serve Schenley*sunny morning flavor the university.The 'a Miami Negro officer was killed in the It was a pleasure for us to pull the lever

5 For tastier drinks your guests will savor!" Qualities of good i line of duty. Half of the pallbearers were for Congressman Bennett.- He is a congressman -

citizenship must be dis- white, half Negro. Officer jerrell Ferguson for all of the people. He is payinghis

: played by all students' was a Miami police officer, not a annual visit t o his home district and

selected for the listingAn Negro officer. Irate Miami citizens are has extended n ':invite for all of his

individual can only ,demanding the full penalty for his killers. conslitutients :to drop in and visit,. his'

At i'chenleq be selected one time 8 They were caught soon after the slaying.Sgt. office-in.-the Federal Building.

for Iho's Tho sad mast' : Charlie Sea was killed in the line of Ezekiel McCoy was ,telling us how .the Con

.. l be anticipating gratea-?I 4 duty. He was given a Negro officer1 fun-- gressman took special interest in his case

: / tion next on or year before and Aprilof must: ral. Did his killer get the chair? No our and aided him in settling a claim with the

T have 90 hours or more atthe honorable courts kept their perfect recordof Rail-Road Retirement Board. His case is

present time. not having a Negro executed for killing one of many in which the congressman has

Schenley is a surprise to west......It'sa a Negro. 1nter e ed. :,'
c en e whisky thaTs light M My-fc tMrt's Peace Cups Shades of F. Scott Fitzgerald: Clyde and _. Twas wedding bells for' Charles Scott and

c atu a likeable Schieley's difference straJfM ta fltver.wfeiskys TWs art because RtcthrtsUriel's tHank White are in the third week of a gala Venetia Mazeks. Both are members of the .

mellowed 8 full years Wert.Wending. with celebration. We don't know what they are Northwestern High School faculty. It's the

ai..c pain neutral spirit*. Make to AM celebrating but the boys are putting on a first trip down the aisle for Miss Mazeke.
? 'c ...and pat flavor back to yw SehMIK.. party to end all parties: When asked if the Scotty has been convicted before. Wish

wfw..r. WASHINGTON. D. C. parties were many in number, we were told them a bushel of rabbit feet. ,*
1 t Peace Corps Volunteer that it's just one party with short breaksto Arnett Giradeau is home-to open an office..

$49O$31O. Mrs. Katherine Se ultz. restock essentials in between. for the practice of denistry. Arnett is"a
a 45 year-old General 1 Station local schools and is from --a
Rosalind Moore is new at the Bus product of the
: .- '''''', Motors spark plug assembly works out family. He is recent -
t .. Lounge. Our man Clarence King well known West-side A
-,1: \ : worker, was so real nice at the Tip Top Lounge on Kings grad of Howard. Dew Ecbool. Hisbig
;< eager to Join the Peace Road and Davis. While there I ran into brother is an attorney 'in the Masonic Tesv-
; 1 ;: Corps she used a new seeking a spot off Building -
r clause to be written isthe several of my buddies pie *

+3'a "', United Auto WorkersUnion the beaten path. Ann Herndon and Dot are ..*ft1. ************ -
: ; ; \
: 7' ?
:_ :: : : : Contract. two of the familiar faces I saw working

,':.r.:',' ...
.-',- -- _._-------_.- -,- -

------ ... ,' '= .- _.,.... ._ ,. ., ..
r, Y "-i-":.".T-'", < ,/ -.- IIMWII i i nm' ?rv -'" <---w .. -. ." ,
f (
i" Of

I' ( 1

5ATORDAY HDVtHBER 17. 1362 .
.- ---..- --- -FLORIDA--. ., 5tAR rAht 1

I:, ABOUT :'PEOPLE Anniversary Program Set For Sjjnday James Baldwin Plan /

***** W r Pk" .
4 rb7 > v College Lecture TourBOSTON

z .. .. y.> r I .
4i. Mass.---In his deis university. The one

lOrs. Willie Mae Collier' of 2825 Jupiter Ave is initial speaking tour on in New York State is
confined in Brewster Methodist behalf of CORE, James
Hospital.Mrs.Collier tf Cornell University at
is a member of Day Spring Baptist Church and is ;, : Baldwin whose most 'recent Ithaca.

the aunt of Mrs. Bertha Gilbert. Friends may visit book 'Another The speaking tour will
Country is a best -
her. w include talks before stu-
seller, will lecture at
dent mass rallies ,
....*.*....i.*i.....iiees.*... three universities in faculty meetings and .
this area and one in New
i seminars. One of the j

{ The Ever Ready Savings Club will observe its anniversary y\, ..,. ..*ee. York The State. topics on which Baldwin I
f NOV. 19 at the Church of God in Christ, three in this area will concentrate is "A- I

14th and Grunthal Streets with Mrs. Carrie Larkins, are Harvard universityMassachusetts ,* merican Literature and j

program chairman presiding. Various clubs of the instituteof Social Concern."
city have been invited. The celebration will beginat t Technology and Bran- I

8 p.m. '....... ../ i Proxies Take Time Out I

....e..e.......ee....... wKf f
.. > A w I t

$ An appreciation program for Rev. Frank J'. Jones,

pastor of New Bethel AME Church will be given Nov. .3 hiLL

25. Mrs. Serena Tolbert will serve as chairman of II I
the affair. I Irf
vr II I

......................... i I I

The primary Teachers ofpeck High School.will aad- r f t

, sponsor a Calendar Tea Nov; '18&at4 p)0r'Uh the I J' i

gym. A program will be presented by Mrs. W. Watts. V i


THE EIGHTH Anniversary program of the Silver Fleet Social-Saving Club will be held Sunday, Nov.18
Mr. and Albert Jordan Sr. and their ,
I Mrs. son ,from 4-6 p.m. in Clara White Mission, 613 W. Ashley St. An elabrate program will be presented. officers -
Albert Jr. were house guests last of
Sunday Mr. and members shown seated from left are: Mrs.. Essie Mae Thomas, sinking fund treasurer; Mrs. A
and Mrs. Dan Jordan of 1439 Madison Street.. Mr. Lauretha Wilson, financial secretary; David Thomas, vice president and Mrs. Elizabeth Scilio presi-
and Mrs.. Jordan are the parents'of Albert Sr.
2 -.***.= t dent. Standing from left: Mrs. Agnes Jones, Mrs. Birdie M. Bardge, Mrs. Clcretha Sparks, chaplain;
...........; ..........w.....i .. Cyrus ,Hickson, Mrs. Beatrice MCKinzie, business manager; Mrs. Rosa L. Hickson, sinking fund treasurerand I
t ,,'ti ..'. Mrs'. Sellers, Christmas Savings treasurer. other members are Mrs. Bernice Williams, record- I
.. .. 0' -.-- h '
4.. : "-.'. ..... ing secretary;' Mrs. Cora Story and.Robert Durham. (Royal Art Studio Photo)..

Mrs. Emma Lundy Mathis is confined in Brewster *** ." .. ._ ... ,--- -----.-.,.' -..- .' .- ------. .. .- *. ,-to"- .-.-.- ,- .
Methodist Hospital. She is a member of'Mt. Lllla
ROTC Cadets Nurse-Educator Touring Florida j
Baptist Churchond worthy Matron of Flecta Chapter I

169, order of eastern Star. Friends may visit her. Cite Favorite 1' Ii i I
i 1

*............................. r '" TeachersTALLAHASSEEThe z I i

E. H. Benjamin recuperating at home, 916 W. cadetsof

6th Street after undergoing surgery at Duval Medical the Florida A. and M.

Center. Mr.. "BebJipii #sxfige"ofJthe 'city' s leading University ROTC Battalion Dr. Willard Goslin, professor of oducr.tion

soloists and di-reotor of'-th's"oale chorus of-Mt recently elected,their at George Peabody University, Naslvi: 11 P,

Sinai Baptist Church. v favorite male and female l tr Tenn. delivered the main address lu tl.'l'l'J\

., .. instructors. at the A. find T. College Founders I Pay observance. -
; *" '
i' *
...............t.!.........:.t'.?Jt.. Selected by the basic : 1 He t:11)wi th !)r. L. C. Dowdy,

cadets were Aubrey M. y/ -1 acting president of A. and T.

Mrs. Elizabeth Jordan and daughter, Carylonn, recently Perry of. Petersburg, ,- ---- .---- -- I' -- -. ._- --'- .
returned home after attending the funeral of Va., assistant professor II

Mrs. Emma Tillman in Waddell. Ga. Mrs. Tib ban wasa of psychology.and Miss Good news for I IMPERIAL SUNDRIES
former Southsider and the s.ister of Mrs. Jordan. Barbara A. McRae of De- w aIlo asthmaticsPatent
land, instructor of Specialist's discovery now makes It J All
...*.. .......f....._.*..*.*!'"'*'' chemistry. +l relieve bronchial chokl.sthma.". coughinc.suger.n'aukklr Hair Leading.
(nipm* spasms and. do it without use. preparations
We are wishing a speedy recovery to Mr. Willie Cited by the advanced I ol So internal la'. you drugs ran Bet or painful Dr. Guild's iiDcctton Crvcn Cor Broad & Ashley
Bullard, who is confined to Brewster Hospital be- cadets were Walter H. pound Mountain form In without cither cicarettrs prescription.or Arkyour \
drutcut for It. EL 4-2159
caueoP/il>.\.ess. I rl1nl'.nl ojtt Ellis of Nashville ,
..........................|.... 1iV'-l., m' Tenn. associate professor '-, .-

Annual Men's Day will be observed Nov. 18 in -of chemistry and INDEPENDENT OIL CO. ___,

West Union Baptist Church beginning with the SUn- physics, and Dr. Mar- i I
day School at 9:30 a.m. Deacon Mac Moore and garet S. Collins of ; s z.t. p: KEROSENE HOME DELIVERY

Cleveland Clinch will serve as chairman and cochairman Institute, West Va. Mechanic on Duty :

respectively.. pr (fessor of biology. ti
'-'- IKE JOSEPH, Proprietor i
---"' --- t
95 FAMU Seniors Assigned Internshiption BROADCM!'m-F.DUCATOR Alma State and Jefferson( Sts. EL 6-9432 I
Vessells John R.N. of
If It's Help You Need, New york City Consultant to
here is the answer to your Personal Products Corporation (Makers of Modess) Milltown, New Jersey, returns .
to Florida for her *. Ji..V..H.
prayers. Last wetk ati'of TALLAHASSEE ,- Iliaetyfive and social studies.The mid-winter conferences and presentations on campuses In the

'the people who received thl'e ;: seniors at Florida main purpose of the area. She expects to visit Bethune-Cookman College in Dayt eta, Edward Waters

POWERFUL PRAYER was helped ASA1! University have been internship teaching experience in Jacksonville and Florida A. and M. University in Tallahassee prior to returning I FOOTBALL!
to tn to the home .base.
the same day they'received 'assigned tern ship is to help prospective
it. This POWERFUL PRAYERis teaching for the first teachers gain Mrs. John is seen (left) with Linda Russell and Vice president E. Walker of I Iic

, said to hare been foundon trimester announced Dr. mastery of theoretical Personal Products Corporation. Mr. Walker is making a presentation of the first J,

the Sepulchre of JESUS Walter A. Mercer: director principles of teachingand Alma John Nursing Scholarship to Miss Russell, who is pursuing a course on the FOOTBALL! t

CHRIST In 1709. It is said of internship learning with their, three year scholarship at Harlem Hospital School of Nursing. A native d Buf-
teaching at Florida ASA! falo, N. Y.. the student is
that any one who reads this application to actual interested in a career in surgical nursing. The
prayer, hear it read or The interns have been teaching si tu atioa s. presentation. was made prior to Alma John's bop to Florida via plane. c !
You Can Afford
their assigned to schools in -. --- : C
carry it on body
will have happiness success Alachua Bay, Dade Du- Annual Press Workshop Dates Scheduledwill Banking Official Is FAMU Speaker
val. Gadsden. Hem: an do: ToMissit.
and good fortune in : >'
Leon, Marion Sarasota.Volusia TILL&ASSEE -:-: The 13th be divided into TALLAHASSES---Attorney Series hell at FloridaA. ,: .. *
and receive a
every way see and lakulla annual Florida A&T University four main sections., Paul Perkins of Orlando, and M. University: -tc
Blessing that > iapossible. -
Send $2. Donation to counties., This group Interscholastic Newspaper and Yearbook. one of the founders of 'The series began witha It's tic 1
consists of students Workshop will be High School editors and Orlando Federal Savingsand panel discussion entitled t .
Criteria of Christ'You
who have majors in biology held Febr ary 28- arch advisers who desire detailed Loan Association, "The impact of :
will receive POWERFUL PRAYER
and weekly Bible reading... chemistry, elementary 2, 1963 according to information are spoke on "The organiza- Legal, Economic and Social ; Jacksonville'sBiggest
education home Charles J. Smith III. invited to contact the tion and Establishmentof Trends on the Busi-.
Dr. J. ling TY 7-6048
I of Box economics, mathematics, workshop director.The director at F.G. Box 363 a Bank" at the recently ness community." Pane- :
Criteria Christ P.O. t
.1654, Detroit 6. Michigan music, physical; educa- workshop session Florida A&r University, held Tenth Annual lists were Arnett Greene, : -. ; Grid

Tallahassee. Florida. Business Men's Lecture Otis -T- .Unhlov.ROOM .. iciC
-- ----01
Traditionally, participants ... ,.. j Event
come from a three-
state area: Florida ] Classified 'r' / Of The Season

Georgia, and Alabama.

l Last 'year some 175 persons FOR RENTFurnished H;, is
Wf attended the three- i Johnnie's Hotel :, :
day confab.Floridians. I % .i- "7'
EL 6-5276 TV in every room.

SUPER MAR K E t SWI' Contribute WANTED I For Reservations EL 5-4025 Call : Undefeated iCI

: Beauty operators & Barbers
741 I% W. ASHLEY
.New Hollywood Beauty &

Florida Grade A ..S. No. 1 $250,000 t Barber Lounge-622 Ashler. ..JacksonvilleFlorida RATTLERS
,; Tanrer. n 4-9774
1 POTATOES : To Heart Fund i,! ServicesSound

I .wit. 15.00 order 15* than a quarter f of a nil- 429 West 18th New vertisingDances, Ball ; '
.. lion dollars for heart: Games, etc. Also Loud
1 1 10, Itag *' research this year has 2-Bed! RoomsKitchen Speaker Service for Banquets -- TEXAS '
I j
Equiped Space Heater Concerts. Record
been possible through I
( Fresh Pork Kraft Miracle Will i contributions by the peo- Hot Water Heater Hops etc.Phone El 35902St1NI SOUTHERNi ..,
ple of Florida to the ) SERVICE
: ,190DRESSING Heart Fund" Dr. PaulN. Apply 1643 Main St.LEO'S .
i : SHOULDERSALAD Wile i Apartments
t Unger, Miami Beach, :' t tit
13 ,president of the Fla.' SHOE REPAIR 'Jacksonville sFifcest' Plus..The FAMU
: ,
Heart Association, said .Ay -
ROAST ,t : today. Shoe Repairingof 2 Bd Rm Apts.-$11.50 Marching Band it

" Iii 1 with $5.1prier of This a $10 allocation million is part research Any Kind Is Resident Wkly-Water Mgr.-2414 Furnished-San Saturday Nile Nov. 24 t

. ;::1:1.i: : larhi rush 1Q effort being Our Only Business Diego Rd.-FL 9-1757

.eac l : : 56 GREENS & American underwritten Heart Associa-by the 845 Florida Avenue Opposite School.Douglas Anderson i Gator Bowlon ti

BIFfiCH. tion and Its affiliatesthis CHERRY S BAR SALE AT Fiesta Hotel lines Road: zoo Kor- it
,t.: r
, : CIIIr' lltiri year. & Cocktail net 8th and Davis; Reyno pbarsacy Davis &: itI
TlrliJs Lounge
It Is a continuation ,
I i Ashley Edgeiood and Avenue B. : Buster ford (
hilt 1 with $5.08 (Mi tritr large luck the Heart Association'gnationwide Cordial Atmosphere East Onion; Merron's pharmacy lest Edge.ood;
} here old itI
Friends Meet -
$ JfJPI..lI.VVi program on 1843 Kings Rd-El I DocatOBa Ticket Office H<*slni Park.I' .
to heart research 3-8099--1138 W.Adass-El: 3-7457 & M.

i e .' -- .' --,' ,' ",' --, -.., --....;:::;.:;;;!: _:...:-_----&_ --, ------- -,- ,- '-'- ,.- ._----- --- -

_. "-"'-'- :. ._ __ ._ y .__ .., ._ _. _
.. -. -. .-. .. .. T- '. '.- ._ ..... ._ _._. ..

t : '! t.# ) ; -:. .j f


I : Rattlers' Host Texas Southern In Gator Bowl Saturday- ,. Nov. 24' .: ;

Jax Fighters Headline Miami Bouts

SPORTING IT UPBY Gaither Rampaging Rattlers Featured

c. mm JOHNSON r ,

THE TIME IS DRAWING CLOSER add closer for the

Mighty Florida A.and u. Rattlers take on the power- In Sports Illustrated Lead Article '

ful team from Texas Southern university. From time

to time there have been heated discussions on the ,

superiority of the Southwest Conference over the j :!.LJ"r( No.2TALLAHASSEE 4. 76:0. 60-0 and 526. should Something has stan dably, is king of

SIAC. Well Texas : a Listen him '' to be done! the small-college teairp:
Southern, will be representingthe -- The to : !he offense Durrell j
Southwest Conference and Florida A. and M. will :Florida A&M University isn't working Royal\ of Texas couldn't It has the two .fastest

be representing the SIA.61 Fans can see for them- :: Rattlers, the nation's 'right. The running gaze have said It better. halfbacks in the country

selves the brand of football the representativesof No. 1 small college grid isn't .going like it 'Florida A&M, ..,upiter-.. .... Robert Hayes and Robert

the Southwest Conference will put up againstthe power wer: featured in Scouts Eye Jackson Wingman Faronore. Last January in ::1
; 1iam.: i
devastating Rattlers. the Sports Illustrated's Hayes t 't'I' the I

FROM THE TIME J. B. BRAGG took over things up on lead article on college .... : ..' :t.a: } world rocoif fir the IOC-

"The Hill/' the Rattlers have been-a team to be football on Nov. 5, 196:. .. :. .' ....... ', yard dash at 9. 2! Parraore:
1 highly respected. Who can forget the days of "Baby NATIONAL SHOWING---Jax' own undeveated welterweight Authored by Walter Bing- .it." (q ,.::' .. was right. behind him at f

t joe' I, ckheart, The great "Sleepy1 Edwards,' and Tim Ford will place his 10-0-0 string on the line hair, the article read in to... 't :S 9.4 Florida AUI also has .

when one says 'great' in talking about Edwards, he Thursday night ina, .closed circuit television bouton part: ...' .. a splendid punter nuned !

can say it without fear of contridiction of jubie the Moore-Clay nationally televized card from "The world of small- Napoleon Johnson. [,r.st

Bragg and other members of the great teams that Chris Dundee* Miami Beach Auditorium against college football grows week Johnson had to i i

started the Rattlers toward the top in sports. highly touted Tommy Dennis of Tampa. LightweightBobby ever more similar to that .. S T' kick eight tines, averaging !I

Since that time they have never relinquished that Allen now a Jax resident with a 5-1 won-loss of the major colleges, 45 yards a try. as

position. record will meet promising Tommy O'Connor of F ere we have Jake Gaither t' '; l AS!' encoun t erect stiff opposition I
IT WAS ALONG ABOUT THIS TIME when Tuskegee was Pittsburgh, Pa. in a 8-round main bout in Miami's coach of Florida A&M. froni Tennessee 1

ruling the roost of top teams in the nation under Little River Gym. Both fighters are managed by winner of 17 straight, State AI winning only II

the coaching of Cleve Abbott. He had powerful teams Johnny Rushing of Jax, wellknown throughout the games, some by scores of ? :; ;. 20-0 Hayes went IS i\
yards for one touchdown
headed by a 1-2 punch. just about all one could country during his pro fighting days. MVT .. I
in the gameDeadline.
hear was Stephenson and Stewart. The greatness of

these outstanding stars of the game did not take Set ;
Tigers Toughest Foe
; anything away from other members of the Tuskegee -

teams, but shortly after j. B. Bragg moved in at z r' For Virginia
Florida A. and M. things started changing, and

today when the name of Florida A. and M. Universityis Facing Rattlers This SeasonThe at Schools Opening

mentioned people start thinking about the power- t

.ful Rattlers. ALEXANDRIA, Va.---Intent I
AFTER A FEW YEARS, ALONZO (JAKE) GAITHER took over national..&-football" Southern Maroon Tigers, offensive and! defensive on fbrcing the reopening

the coaching duties at A. and M. and what a foot- spotlight. will focujTonthe ; an: able. representede: style of play between the of the public schools of

ball dynasty he has built on The Hill." One of' Gator Bowl here free; the roughandreadySouthwest Gaithermen and the STAn AND COACH---Willie Richardson, All- Prince Edward County,

the first things he did was to surround himself Saturday night, Nov. 24 Athletic Con- Brawny Texans, since American end candidate from Jackson College Va., not later than Feb. r
when Jake Gaither's re ference. bo th clubs rely on has been under the .
Jackson Miss. ,
with a coaching staff that was second to none. one attorneys of
of the most significant things about the FloridaA. cord-busting Fla. A&F Southeastern sports fans lightning-like speed, watchful eyes of pro football coaches all the National Associationfor
Rattlers take on their planning on fillingup perfected passing at- long reports seeping out of the
and M. coaching staff is that it Includes former season the Advancement of
season' ? n.or.t Lighly a generous portion of tacks, and vicious groundPl Ricnardson is said
canmus Colored
Rattlers. Man 0 Man, what a Job they have done People have
rated opponent. in Coach spacious Gator Bowl will ay.Both, to have the ability of snaring bul-
working together as a unit. canny filed a motion to accelerate -
SOME OF THE FINEST FOOTBALL players in the nation Alexander Durley' s Texas witness a similarity of' teams are undoubtedly let passes one-handed, a feature which is an appeal in

have been developed at A. and M. Now to mention a supported by included aiiong his many talents.BC's the United States Court
the fastest backs in the ,., ._ _
few for your approval: Dean, Hepburn, Tookes, of Appeals for the'Fourth
To Enter World Invitational nation with the Rattlers
Williams, Chandler, Tucker, Griffin, Galimore, displaying Jacksonville' sRobert" Wildcats Claw Panthers Circuit sitting here.

Frazier, Devault, Everett, McClung, Lang, Lee, The motion, filed on
o' n' Hayes (@.-2))'
Wilcox, Grayson, Kitchings, Richardson, Thompson, 74-0 In Rout Tuesday, Nov. 6 by NAACP
and Robert Faremore (9.4) Homecoming
Miranda and others too numerous to mention at this General Counsel Robert L.
while the Tigers have a
time. But you can rest assured .that if he was a Carter, noted that the
pair of 'whiz kids' in
member of the Rattlers, he had to be good. DAYTONA BEACH---Before a jubilant homecomingcrowd Prince Edward County
Homer Jones (9.4) and
WHEN TIE RATTLERS MOVE into town on Saturday Nov. in Memorial Stadium the Bethune-Cookman Col school case began in
Bennie bitfield (9.8)
24, to take on ''the powerhouse from Texas Southern lege Wildcats defeated the panthers of Claflin 1951 as one of the group

University, they will be ready. if the Rattlers can another outstanding pros- College by a score of 740. .of suits which culminatedin j
pect ready to step into :
come out of their other games before the Texas The Wildcats made their' playing their final the Supreme Court'
Jones'. shoes. historic ruling of May .
game without any injuries and if they can take the first tally when LaRonnie home game, added immensely -

field in full strength, there will be a hot time in Bills' Gilchrist Adams received a handoff to the enjoymentof in the Supreme Court's t

the old town on that night. from the historic ruling of May
Bobby Frazier, running .homecoming..activities .
ANOTHER FEATURE THE; FANS ALWAYS look forward to is : 3 3e4 f 68-yards for the by local 'fans' Nand :t 7;:::rn54; : banning segregation -

that great, great Florida A., and M. Marching Band. &Lj Rated Tops' touchdown with 13 minutesand alumni in additionto in public educa-

No one ever w ciders about what kind of a half time 28 seconds remainingin giving significanceto tion.
DFNVER -- Named the
show they will get, because the band always producea 'John the first period. Stillin the theme for the Since the end of the
colorful attraction. uany of the women fans never the American Henry Football the first quarter homecoming activities, school year, 1958-59,

remember who scored the touchdown, or whether it with 10 minutes and 37 The Return of the Maroon the motion points out,
League, Denver Broncho
was an end run, a line buck or a forward pass, but C seconds left, Frazier and Gold. The the public schools of ;
football coach Jack
they can always tell you about the different formations passed to jerry Simmons Wildcats will journeyto the county have been
the band performed. for a 50 yard touchdcwnto Jackson Tennesseenext closed to avoid implemen-
Gilchrist the best fullback -
PREPARATIONS ARE ALREADY IN THE MAKING for a in make the score at the week to play Lane tation of a federal court t
the american
gigantic attendance. just a few more days now and Football League. end of the first quarter College on Saturday, order to desegregate. :

the great sports 'spectacle of the year will be i '1 e' s tough--a real B-CC 12, Claflin 0. Noverber! 17th. Since then, some 1500Negro"children''in

pulled off right here in the Gator Bowl. Football ,y.x + hard runner Faulkner The Wildcats crossed The wildcats hit paydirt the
fans both white and colored again when Frazier com- county have been. without
give games played in said of Gilchrist who the stripes again with
pleted a 50 yard pass to Private
Jacksonville some mighty fine support.it: is because' grounded out 131 yards 2 mins. and 12 seconds schooling.
r 5 r r J. Wilkins with 7 mins.
they always get what they go there to see., f rushing against the left in the second quarter schools have been setup
and 37 seconds left to for white children.
FAMU Annual Press F Bron cho s for 23-20 victory when Ernest Sheffield "
in the second
Workshop Slate play 'The time has cone,
1 threw a 36 yard
for his Buffalo
period. The conversion, the brief asserts, ''whenappellants'
TALLAHASSEE initial Smith said. An estimated .- ( raates. pass to Curry Carmichael
completed on a pass from settled
plans for the 1963 200 high school editors BARRIER BROKEN AGAIN-Nationally ranked Gilchrist's record on James Holman ran the extra Frazier to Geroge Williams con-
Florida AtM University Sadie Dixon of Philadelphia points to make the stitutional rights
and advisers are expected woman Mrs. the gridiron supports: made the score .
Press Workshop are to attend the pa. the only non-white' to participate Faulkner's high 'regardof soore B-CC 38 Claflin 0. B-CC 28 Claflin q. should be enjoyed.

C rapidly being finalized confab. Fersons who desire last year, has already qualified hi IC. Recent statistics In the fourth quarter

.1 according to Charles J. information: are requested again for,tha\\orld's, \ invitational Match, reveal Gilchrist as being the .wildcats scored, ,

I. Smith III. workshop di- to contact the Gaine'' bowling Classic starting Nov. 15. in the /PL's top rusher with with' 14 mins. and 24 .

rector. director at Box 368. Chicago. 529-yards on 97 tries. In seconds left in'the ball I

The> dates of the confab Florida A&i1 University, ?1- his recent two outings game when Wilbert Jones

are Feb. 28-March! 3. Tallahassee. Florida. McCoy Showcases Pet Milk Show against the San Diego intercepted a Panther
Charges and the Oakland pass and raced to the 9yard

i Raiders Gilchrist line. On the next
ROYAL On Hall HookupST. totaled 247-yards. ,
ART STUDIO' play Robert Jones score

LOUIS. Mo. Sid Fighter Award on a pass from Stanley ,
McCoy, known to millionsof Edwards. Wilbert Jones I
Quality Photographs Midwesterners through Gets To TigerNET made the PAT to give th
M his highly rated midnight Wildcats 60 points. I

Any Kiad..Any time ? .-. to 5 a... stint YOPF Dick Tigerof With 8 mins. and. 18

I Daytime, EL 4.1894Nile over Chicago's 1CTL. becomes Nigeria who won the seconds remaining in the
the country's most orld Boxing Associa-
ball game, LaRonnie Adi ion
Time, EL 5-8022 heard radio tion's
: interviewer version of the a handoff from Frazier -

with the scheduling 160-pound crown from. ran 15 yards for

Order Your of Pet Milk Showcase, Gene Fullmer Oct. 23 in the touchdown. Theron '

I on thirty-one stations 4 San Francisco, was named Carmichael ran the PAT '
Photo Xmas Cards Early three times weekI,.. ..w "Fighter of the Month"by to make the score( 680. !

McCoy, a fourt m-year- Ring Magazine because The final score B-CC 74 '
I Watch For Our Reduced PricesMAKES veteran of radio broadcasting McCoy worked for a time of his decisive victory Claflin 0.

began his with the Earl Hines over Fullmer. The Wildcats who were

spectacular .career as a orchestra as assistant

disc jockey. This job band manager. He drifted
You Don't Rave to Go to Town to Get
he earned as.a contest into such occupations as

winner on Chicago's insurance salesman before
station WGES. deciding that he.

Following his graduation wanted a career' .

from High school acting. He entered TourS

Roosevelt College as We Are Now

I t i ( a speech and drama major, ;
and was soon: active in a DRUG STORE NEEDS Equipped To. .
; ; :
variety of little. Trade With Tour. Neighborhood Drug Store. .,

SKIN tEANES"OLD theatre' projects. Withhis WE WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADVESTISED IN TOUR.LOCAL ; Trail The Haidicopped
contest victory,
FASHIONED his future in radio PAPERS .
RED We Daliver-Ie Also FlU All Doctors'Prescriptions
cLaL seeded assured.
ASH! Jacksonville
In addition to his regular -
SkLqi Dixie Pharmacy
$ Q R radio activities,

I FUEL McCoy hosts the regular : '
4gntens daFk spot television production. :'Barber College Inc.

pes/etl pour Sid McCoy and Fri wo_de," a.: 1382 KMS Read at Myrtle A591S3 ) .
bas: highlight of midwesttelevision '"
j1ona1. for. Jazz: PJBKS EL ..;t. ;,. ,6. I. Ijpmetf 100% Ar Coed.

51.41X4 eq "...enM fans. He also acts .a* II

s.a.s lei fill CI. Artist and Repertory. PAY YOUR USHT, lATER AND WHOlE :. 630 DAVIS ST. at Beaveri'
-MIl N.w.y .v.M .. director for *'. ;
\tanuf4dur.' of POII\", ....... 4 Jw wuh tfw.$**r" 4.4511 cords. -.T.Re. 1 BILLS AT OUR STORE '_.: r JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA'c
j I

"" a4.w .r'. !'. ..... ,6.\.g .:.,.1', ,- ._ ___ :Jil: 'y "' ,,.'"..... ,'jo:':: k '< <,._ .- : ':.... 'r. .

; ;.. _- T ww -- -.-'", .'.. '. '. -I'; ...., ... .. .... .- 1'" .,... .. -- --' -- -. -'" -' !' .- -:-.... --.,.:. ;"Y """ ;.:> .-, {,"" '. -.' ".....,....-.wr.. ...... -.
t .
< ';" > ( '- ** '. '
; : :
f' .:: ; < ? : (
1 .t.-\ .
f 1. : ( J
Co ., ,.;0. f '
-:: -. j. J .
4, ; \ ---I

'" -
\ Florida's JC's : Mci Tig.rs Plan To 'Road Block' National RattlersFACING '
); ...- ,; Qon Champion ___ __ ,Aggles Trounce

1 .. "i ......1., ;"' t:::. ,: .:", : :, ,'.).I. ..J...'. n
t} Eyt Nat'IST. Goals >;.": "f : r. ><- ,. .. Va. State, 32-8


dozen of Florida's Negro .;.# ,a yZ .Y y A&T College Aggies last

f junior colleges want to Saturday bounced back

\ st.; ep up a notch to + ;-A into the win column b y

I, national competition, it ? dumping the VirginiaState

was disclosed this week. College Trojans, 32

Frank Pierce. Commis rt IAIP 8. in a CIAA football

If sioner of the Florida game here at Memorial

Junior College Athletic St adium..

Association, announcedthat Held in check for most

of the first period. A&T
is 4-
\ his group pushinga
plan to have its manner exploded for two touch-
doms in the second stan
become, affiliated with i.
I s za and iced the ball
the powerful National
with three in
Junior College Athletic ..rro' game more
the final period.The .
Association. Membershipin
Trojans scored their
the NJCAA has always h
lone TO in the third
been to Negro f
open tx
Junior colleges md Gibbs ., period as Silas ttisgrove

Junior College has been a a fullback blasted over
from the one yard line
member for the past 4k
and a safety in the
three years bIt no attempt S
vr fourth period as Elbert

include has the been stellar made to + x -:.. q : nl ; d19 { .,,'..,..,.." ,,-.f. F:;3'4''t Irvin blocked an Aggie
i >
basketball team in the .r 4 ..,.) :l r'i punt on third down in
t 5' t4S the A&T end zone. Edward
national tournament.
4.i y -, ,
The FJCAA has until ,r4 t I r't4 ..... Golder was short in a
y -
0 -. /( ..." run try for the extra
Parch to get its members ,-. -N' ,) -.<.V" ',",),, ..JI"Zi .
r into the NJCAA. At that >" ''- ;'h' .' poin ts.Clifton
, P Y t 4 .r i V ,:-: ,, '.: Matthews scored
time the NJCAA will ...._; ,- ,- 11

stage its annual meetingand TOUGH ASSIGNMENT---The above trio of Texas Southern regulars are a por- Ala.Homer Jones 6-1. 195-pound senior halfback and a 9-4 W M sprinter, on the first for the Aggies as

if there are enough tion of Head Coach Alexander Durl e1' s Maroon Tigers seeking to halt CoachJake) Tigers national champion track and field team and co-captainPittsburg, Texas he gathered in a 16-yard

NJCAA members in the Gaither's Rattlers from attaining another national ,small colleges football and quarterback Charles Green, the Tigers 6 ft., ISO-senior passer from Marshall pass frog: Cornell Gordon.

fold Poss would probably title Saturday night Nov. 24 in the Gator Bowl. Expected to help spark the ,, Texas.. (Texas Southern publix Relations photos) The score climaxed a 75-
'ard drive. Alfred Maloney -
pus the at-large Tigers' attack are guard Leon Hard a 6-4 230-pound sophomore from Tuscaloosa
kicked the extra
plan of competition.Ross

informed the Niwk Doby Angels Have poin t.

Junior college representatives Stantons' Meet In Week's Grid The Virginians failed to

that baseballand Fared Well gain following the kick-

regional basketball qualification.Track require. IN Japan r. 4h Feature Here Friday Night :" Six Negroes off kick and patthews were forced took the to

and field, swim- NEW YORK A guest ap- punt for a 40-yard run-

tennis and golfdo pearance on a recent back to the Trojans' :26-)
ming not, require, such Jerry Coleman CBS radio With both clubs sett'l1ngdown citywide tilt in Myrtle 12.0 win over the power- the first half by holding LOS: iWHIs: The n- yard line On the next

and members show disclosed Don New- to secret practice Avenue Eall Park. ful Beach High Bull Dogs their much stronger! foe cent jurcbaM of first play Willie Beasley

qualification be represented in the combe one-time National sessions Monday through The Blue Devils due to last Friday night in to a lone TD baseman Charlie Dees frowEl ripped off tackle for

national can meets. League's most valuable out the week, Stantons' having collected six vic- Savann ahHowever However through the Faso of the Texas the score. Maloney split

player has made a base- Blue Devils will clash tories during the cur since this is display of bench strengththe League has brought to the uprights for the

ChamberlainSets ball 'comback in Japan with Vocational's Engineers rent season will be at typical season during Eastsiders were mile six the number 0 f Ne- extra point.Virginia .

along with teammate Larry Friday night at 1(>8f.t. a two-TD favoriteon which time the underdoghas to pull the gone out of tro plryei on the third State came

Hot Pace Doby former American 8 o' clock in .an important the strength of. their"Whizzu" upset pre-game dope fire during the second r 1 F ce Los Angeles storming back in the

in contests hal fila! f to assume first baseball club.
numerous Angels
JI NEW YORK Having set League star. third period to dominate
Big Newk made his comeback throughout the nation place for the time beingin The other five playersare fum-
10-new records in the White Other 'Greats'Sports the play. An Aggie
and with four Blue Devils the intra-city four- the
Leon Wagner,
after pair of ble
National Basketball Association a early in the second

I s book last faltering final years in To Rictive Citations placed on the injury list team loop.Highly club's homerun leader half set the Trojans in
following the Georgia entertaining outfielder third
(37) ;
season San Grancisco the majors, and he had scoring position.
g 11m e. Co pet: Joyner is pre. game and halftime baseir,rn FrJi > Torn ,
to the Pacific justice
: cross Court
y Warriors' center Wilt NEW YORK-- Associate u. S. Supreme Just as A&T scored

Chamberlain is off to the Ocean to prove he had Byron White is one of 14 great sports names nomi- prepping hip charges for spectacles are promisedfor pitcher Julio Nexarro. twice in the second
an upset win their the expected Friday Dick
over outfielder
fastest start ever made several more good yearsof nated by their alma maters for the 1962 Snorts rookie period they scored three

by an, NBA player during baseball in his strong Illustrated Silver Anniversary All-America Award. powerful rivals. night capacity attendance Simpson and rookie Bobby times just as quickly in
Even while losing to the of fans.
the right arm and booming Darwin. the .
:early part of the have found S urth."Daddy"
statistics bat Altogether 59 colleges and Gilbert Panthers lest Five of the six are believed -
season, re-
candidates from their senior varsity football Friday, the Engineers have excellentclW'ces t
veal. Sliced last year ty the NFL Standings to Joined
squads of the 1937 season for consideration in this
Official league statistica.reveal.atthe- ChinucLi Dragons cf the played impressively in of ftirtirs with

: ,, .Japan.ese' League., flew- unique award this year---to be judged for. out- '" EASTERN DIVISION the AnceJf ir K63 They
seven-foot Chamberlain combe played outfield standing accomplishment in the intervening .25 years. English Offer W L T Pet. are Wagner Torres. Navarro By "Big John"Wagner

had registered 380-points and first base and Ipter The slate Includes many White there are: New lork.. .. .. .'f 2 0 ..7'18Washington. Dees and Simpson.

in his first seven games joined Ij rot pact*. very important business Cecil Isbell John Champ Liston .. .5 2 2 ..714Pittsburgh. hit 37-homers fora Pitts-
......5 4 0 .556 268 batting evernfce FITTSHJRai The
for a 54.3 per-game the Dragons to within two executives, educators Vichelosen. Frank (Brui-
average. During the games of the league leadas doctors, lawyers and ser) Kinard Clint Purse Dallas..4. 4 1 .500 and 107RBI' s. will reburgh Steel ers who return -

same period one year ago. the season ended. ,military personnel and Frank. John Bateman Huge Cleveland.......4 4 1 .500 with a nice salary cently signed defensive

st. Louis.. ....2 6 1 ..250Philadelphia. raise. Torres with a liner John Poker for-
Chamberlain had scored Said Newcombe to Cole- an unusually large group Victor Fu s i a. Paul E.

278-points for a 30.9. man. "The Japanese: Len- whose.reputations. in (Pete) McDavid. Frank .,.. .1 7 1 .250 260 stickmark had six merly of tie Eagle r. pre
hnve tv
believcC to
average per-setto and gue offers a strike zone sports have remained Ramsey, Fred Vanzo Col. WESTERN DIVISION homers and 6 -RBI' s. He now
U.. S. A. F.. of the game's most> Potent
Carl Hinkle.
will have to be beaten
Chicago Packers Walt that? s three-inches out- undimmed. In addition to Green Bay..9. 0 0 1.000Detroit.
Mack and Robert Carp hot-corner.tac ) es- Baker. who
Bellamy with 265-points side and thr inches, Ray >, S. ... .:... .'1 2 0' ..778Baltimore. out of the 2fOFoi.niwui

in eight encounters fora inside of our i'HJM Segues enter. I .......,...5 4 0 .556 spot. Nevarro did an ex- weighs shoes
33. 1 average.. s zones. The final selection of Cbieago..5. 4 0 .556 cellent relief job for r.
Fullmer Gene (Big Daddy)
OKays the annual 25-man rosteris joins
the Angels in the hiCtly
"I altpys utecl v, S4- San Francisco..3'' 6 0 .333
64 32 = 15' made by a panel of Lipscomb.. the Steelers
ounce bat, but I hadfricnde RohrN Match distinguished citizens, Minnesota.........2 7 0 .222 important tri f'fltof theBCaPOn' 300-pound tact lcon the*

374 70 539 fly over to .Los Angeles.. .. 1 89 Ill Steelers' defensive unit.BBBBBBMBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBJB .
deliberating, and ,
skinny 28-ounce job so I now i

Watch This.down could get around fast With Tiger announcement of the win- a ",z. I .
balls. ners will be made in the .

9 +rS 7 "The Japanese friendsare December 10th issue of ,

Illustrated.. This ,, .... !
2 .4- 1 E Bowling

50,..,:,it .. 7 fine,, but rrpminte the weather itodbaseball award is unique: however .( Continental
nomination alone
-: .. yes BOht always tOO rotor in that ... Yonder Phone _
special 3118 Fdgewood
is regarded as a
too "et- and those L
146 -44 *;- 315 typhcons. honor since colleges_ and : Off Cleveland 7:1-?493 =

548611omettmee universities that nomination LONDON -- Subject to .
"The pitchers are almost .
alone is regarded asa final approval by the .
$ be', opBometimei lefthanders and r of '
he's down throw what they call a'shooto' special honor since Brittish Boxing ropn' .
Ha add, subtract colleges and univefsitiesdo offer Chacipioo Sonny Lis- .
Be werD It aD around' actually a .
ton 250.000 pounds
scrollelJ.' I found myself I not nominate in a year B
Coming Attraction ( $ OO. 000) to meet a .
-- do not have
swinging on the fists when they a .
I I leading challenger at .
18-42-68 mnny tit ef'. CENE FULLER candidate of winning .
Wembley Stadium next 4
.. .Beaten Soundly caliber. ,S
spring it was reported.The 0
The trophy is in the
challenger will be'BrittiKlbut
form 'of miniature silver;
"MORE POWER TO YOU !I", rumors that he plan- goal posts.Luvorall.'s. if the .
A original find it unsuitable .
ned to retire from the
.. .
Liston's leading .
FACTORY FRESH ring last Thursday dethroned challenger will be ..
IDA middleweight offered arrack at'the .
ELgin 4-4508 champion Gene Fullmer Coma Lingers champ the report con-' ..
told conferencethat s
a new
LOS ANGELES Pinkie tinu ed. .
1 AUTOMOTIVE MARINE DIESEL he would go through I
Bob Parnett of the Cur- '
George who keeps a close ii -. 4B i -
with a return match with '
Ton flduS* rcr&itler: tti(0
vigil over injured heavyweight -
t SOUTH WAY new titleholder Dick Alejandro La- '''e do not telirve that Win A TURKEY -Taker Shoot Wednesday 9. P.it '

> Niger's.Fullmer only Americans have the

) BATTERY MFG. CORP. concluded, that vorante, reports the is know-how to stage and : For lifsroation Inquire At lanes aa
_, injured fighter
',. .. if he loses the return finance a heavyweight .--_ I
.': .v FOOT OF WEST ADAM .. finally beginning to move i 4IB 48
would '
bout he definitely
., v. championship.
"" ', .. his arms and legs on his I' !
; : DAY
if ; retire from ring warfare. He said the New Wembley LADIES

"L felt I had a bad own volition. if rreMTtlj u.t,'rucJnE- i
-- Lavorante has been in a 0 'j JIOKDAYS -
night against Tiger," whea a $1. 128.OOC face- -s- 1, 10 U.Q. tO' a.m. a
1t coma since Sept. 21 = .
\\H YO ARE ILL Fullmer said. ? feel lifting and will have .
he was kayoed by Johnny 10 a.m. to 2 a.m. i Adults -- 3 games $1.00 e
that I can beat Tiger and seats and j
8 0.000
about in Ladies -- 3 games $l. 00 .
Doctor Riggins during = .r :Children 25 You Seek The Best I'll never feel at ease standing room for 2),000 1'
When Tour Doctor prescribes until I can prove it." Olympic Stadium.: Be sure to register for e
Pharmacists Fullmer said pressure The diminuitive manage persons. FREE PRIZES j FREE GIFTS .
I '' Get Experienced Faro et t teic the Lipton .'0
took over his charge s : Bowling Shoes and Bags 1 !
..According to Tour Doctor's from his family following offer has been, con- $10.-$7.50 & $5. .

t ____ orders. le use only The circa instances during the management arrived in item the Alejandro States sidered carefully and I, .. 'Free Game Tickets j 1 Grocery Baskets :

Dr. C. E. Black Best Duality Drugs bout brought about talk his group can put up = ,, .... .
Proprietor of his retiring. The ex- over three years ago. 500,000 pounds if neces'sat7 "--. .

3 REGISTERED PHARMACISTS TO SERVE YOU ch ampion' s father-in-law Lavorante, who knockedout DAY 1.1HURSDAYS
Leroy Holt had a fatal 2>ra Pol fS. suffereda YOUTHS ,5-1 I KElfS DAY .

A CdffiLETE LINK np heart seizure daring thefill1t. series of reversals College ResultsEdward SATURDAYS 5 > ;
u' :
when he knocked unconscious _
was ,
Cosmetics Rubber Goods Candies Sundries 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. I ; f .

k PRESCRIPTIONS ,CALLED FOR AND DELIVEREDLilly's "I haven' t got her by Archie Moore Waters 52 Pain 0Pit. : Youths 25$ per game 'y-_,. *- '.r

(ey: wife's) ceo sent, but and Cassius Clay in successive AIM: 67 Allen U. 0 'j .Jo-am.. to 2 a.a. -

boats before Teen Aft! 16 r '3,.game ..':'. $1.00, !
I know she'll go along Lincoln 16 PRIZES ,
Store : _. = (jf \' :: ; :s ,
Riggins.The :
Drug with my decision. We've meeting veteran George who nit U. 42 Ala. State 10 Free Game Tickets. ; .( t..... -" _.:, _t'v'". _.' 0' '.-!_.8.-<" '
St. 21 JlrrlBroI'D : .
talked it over. Ire- St JCaroline
has been a fight manager Attended'NuiBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBI J rsery--, J Restaurant ,Service.BBBBBBBBBBBBBaBaBBBB.
: ':: spgct.her judgement. andI 10southern :Free Parking :
E :' 1907 KINGS MM El 3-I2K believe' I can win her since 1929. had handled 24 Iiley 0 ....

"'- ', over. .... ..... .over 300 fighters Dillard 12 Ala.". AS* 8 .e qt,,,"ry 1iIIIU' .. ..-5-.q'; i' ..' .... q. ., '! .. _"',.yp ..z..v !_ S.- -


_,_____ ..} it""'. !, ;.- :" ... ,

---w------. U- _. -----T-----'. '''.;':o'''''' '. ,'t" .I- -_... _-- _.':or.,....-'- "! ""J "" S -, ",::'\i' .---: -!\: :" :r .'. '" ...: v- "' ----- --- ::"
; '' 1'i i 1- ,
: :
J .J I ,:' ... 'it 4 ."I ; ); .; ; ;'- .'.'. *#* \w

SATURDAY '-- :: :",'/i.r \ STAR' : \ : "p ist:j 10. ,4

1: NOVEMBER. 17, 1362 m n .u FLORIDA _. -_ __ ..:__ .

.yyyy..tf*.... POLICE' REPORTS *.ft '- .... -I'-- Coronation Ceremony \ GREENSBORO Education, N.C.---'A-Needs tionan Cited At A&audience T ',' at .......1

! COSMETIC CO OFFICIAL Mitchell, but he was not sajd. They said the gym st New Stanton High' merica is desperately in A. and T. College _was .
i "-, REPORTS BREAK-IN at home. thief entered the Gro- '-. School trying to decide need. of an education ::to ld'lait, week. >, .:'
I ,;cosmetics: company Patrolmen II.L. Massey eery store next door;: .whether' :.or ,not_ to go':in which core neariV lifts" The speaker' was Dr.* .
i located. at 819 ,W. Church and W.H. Harris investi- through a door betweenthe to the dance. He said he all of its people..the nuiard Goslin. -'i"'"'-
r. gated. buildings. was 'talking with some. t whole breadth. of educa- k,
I was. broken into lastSunday . The intruders apparently friends when they hearda F \.
I Rev. J.police W. Jones of 182DW. LOST W/LLET RECOVERED left by way of shot from a pistol. He All RITZ Starts Sunday For

.. 11th Street said he BY POLICE back door, which was was hit tor a stray bullet New! Big Thanksgiving Week Run
james Brown, 44, of left opn e, apparently and was taken to Duval
found business place .
optn. when he went .thereat 754 W. Adams Street was being scared off J>y police Medical Center by: taxicab Introducing JAI The 'Elephant BoyaGrr..nrmmuI

9:, 20a.a.. He said the victim of a strong Cruiser 342. The The injured man said, .

entrance was gained ,by arm robbery last Saturday launderette owner told because of the crowd in ......
Ashley investigating officers, of the 'he did
at and Davis front gym
breaking the glass panel
he couldn't tell whether not who fired the
from the front door. Streets, police re- see fr1TARMN
anything missing until -
ported. was pistol.
It was also stated that
several cartons 0 f cosmetics Police said Brows came he checked his books. Patrolmen C. Barton and itIii1 I GOES TO INDIA
box and .out of a bar with a Patrolmen C. Barton and GL. Bradley inv stiga-. -
a money .l ___ MiHoHEY
I :
white co-worker when a G.L...,.Bradl ey i .v'est- t ed '! .: 'JOCK
contents were missing. gated. .. .. . ..JAl Dt[kpbd_
The office desk' and file young man grabbed bin .. . .
took his wallet out of GIRL FRIEND. ,
cabinet Patrolmen were H.ransacked.Edwardsand his back pocket and ran. INTRUDER FRIGHTENSBABY INJURES BOY FRI END. 50 ; % \ cfri.ALSO ; .

Brown said he chased SITTER CHILDREN
H. Harley investi
50-year-old. man was,
gated. the young robber southon A stranger entered the injured last Sunday* .
Si Davis Street and l home of Harry Puzieelast
during an .
ACCIDEHTLY STABBED east on Church Street.A Tuesday and fright end his, girl friend,
.WHILE FLAYING police cruiser with the baby sitter and the police reported. I.---------------! 4|

r Calvin ,Smith, 21, of Det. Sgts. W. B. Jones children during the abSEnce Coleman Harris, of 530W. I
1572 W. 34th Street was and P.N. Gray happenedto of the members of Union Street said the MISS A. AND T." IS CKOIVNED---: ments to U.S. Civil Service jobs in the nation. .'
hospitalized last satur- be in the area at the family, police said. gtrl friend"h'e was living bud R Richardson, a" Wilmington', N. I There will be steady employment sood pay and many ... jobs require Ettle or no expfritnC\ orfspe 3ti1td educationf9
day for treatment. the time. The Detectives Ann Richardson, a young with .hitTim on the head is .crot.' led as 'Miss A. and T. ( National Training Service is a privately, ,owned school which.I
wounds received "whileplaying' arrested the suspect, girl was staying with the with hammer. He named nation program held I helps many pass these tests each year. To get: full informer. *
at Wilson and who was identified. as children at the Puzie the girl a friend as Sally lege. Dr. L. C. Dowdy, acting Woman'r tion on U.S. Civil Service jobs mail TOD.Y.I | I
the in the \\TIO\\L TRAINING SKRVICE. 11'\(.. Dtpt.cg.- 116.. I
Johnson. 22. of home at 1103 W. 5th places crown ceremony
32id streets, police re- Shivers, 60, of 530 W, Box 500 Greenwich. Connecticut \ *

ported. 709 Phelps Street. The Street and while they Union 'Street.Harris at the Charles Moore Gynaiasium.RFFCKTS ; I Name ...................................... ..... Ace ....... '
Smith said he was wallet was recoveredthe were in the front room a said he left and LOSSCF I Street ..........................,........ Phone No .......... |

playing with a man he .officers. .stated.. .. man who entered the went to spend the night TWC WATCHESMrs. | City ..,.............. ........... Zone ...State............. | "
named as William Mit- house, turned a light on with some friends and Starting _ __ __ __
the back of the house, .. .. .
cehll and during their INTRUDERS AFFRENTLY in they called the police. Annie I' :Brown of (t. fI.
fun-spree, he was stab- SCARED OFF BY POLICE police reports Indicate.The Police said they took him 1482 reported! the loss Cary BREADED MULLET FISH .STICKS"c t

bed in the left side of Anthony and 1 ,Ann s man cane up the hall to Duval Medical Center of two watches to police Doris ..*.1.! .(.$k......* s."... I..M Only
his throat with a knife.He Launderett 1223 Jefferson house to the with front flashlightand of the :...where he, ,received trat-' >.. Mrs. Brora said around she the"sawher"watches '" .,., JuMB SIRfM1'; fJTiI.f! '1.20
was treated at Duval Street was ;ju ment fo r 'a cut on the in
broken into last a knife In his hands of his head. first' of the week but
Medical Center by Dr. J. Thursday top
H. Long. Police said investigating officers ,when he told the childrenhe Fatrolmen R.R.011 tz she failed to find them "THAT TOUCH MEDIUM SHRIMP (;. 79c

Smith does not care reported. was going to get then, and J.F. Luman investi, while looking throughher and
to prosecute The inves- 'The' building was They ran out the house gated. dresser drawers last ANGEII. GOURMET CORNER
tigating officers said entered. by pushing a screaming. The intruderran .e Sunday. She also said ;ER,, +t ; I I fit The Npi.Coiiforinlit Wfc U M TIt- fs.t>. F-4in I
out behind them and her house Ud not show f*.4t.4 to TllJTAI.a..4
they checked 1577 W. card board pane out a /N. !.. MfM (15,5 Iwlk.teABALONE (.I."i\
front window, police threw the knife at them Teen Charged any signs of a breal+-in
32nd Street for William STEAKSIN
.police reported. With Shoplifting An Elgin watch with agtrsJjCh TURTLE MEAT I
{ r; ....... .. ., ... ra.IAtltA5r/
Profile Felt I They. ran to Ann's house' "'" .band r and, a .watch a. (' : .../. \ it ink; hits
: I and called police. The r Mi8'Elizabeth Durham, .with single band and'a I I. I EMI lM II'f"t .s 1 elll., Neat Lb. $2.35
I "'ovoid a.rer. J Ik. tan'
With Flattering Bow : investigating officers 17. of 1531 Harrison. gold chain were reported'inESsingj "" Off White
I said they were unable to "St. was chargedcSpenney ini A...l rrAlso'/mi_sslhg Starting L8S1.2 $2.10
$3,99 I locate the knife. Store la 't;' "werextwo*> ** -'.i Silver'rollars:: {' "ON. ANY N.- ....... w ..." o.hMeat u. 49c I
Patrolmen W.H. Harris Monday by Benton Carroll The total loss was given i 1..t. ...... 2 4 _.. 69 C
I 'and ."Ut ,., .11,_ ,..rk5. In, 6 Lk. Take Out.s
I and Sidney Gaines in- officer of the company. at $122. $2.90 B.. \
vestigated. i f ,
. ;T Special Notice I MEDIUM MULLET Lb. 20e29c J

I MAN HIT BY Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, Thursday i
Nov. 22, all news----church, social, sports I Ietcmust Roosevelt LARGE ROE MULLET U.
Ctto Eugene Bolton, 28, be either mailed
COLORS i or brought into
Sat. Nov.
,: of 3210 Koncrief: Road Ithe I STAR office-2323 Moncrief Rd.-no later
2 o'clock.
S Havy, I was the victim or'a stray 1 than Monday Nov. 19 at 5 P.JP. There are The Batman IJ1

I,/ ItAlMAIN Red, i I night bullet, police last reported.Saturday Mailing no charges Address for: publication of the above 'The"Apache

and Bolton said he was FLORIDA.. STAR P.O. Box 5S1
.. Grey' standing in .front of the Jacksonville 1, Florida I

I .

,. ..' -:' .- ':"" :
.. "
: .1 %I
: ? ..
: : .,, : ;: :H" : "
>. :, ::; .
i .
;" Ii ;' ; W.b. >.. .
o I .. :: .
,. ",.... -.. ; ; ,
; 't. ; :HS ; 1
: .'po, ..,;. ; ;_ v. \., ,Ilf''
Co, rf, : r "j ; u' J =;.\ ,, .
r :

'G RAN : ,: PEl, 'I };" b ,. l4E, i iu


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J... Edgewood Ave. & Cltvelaid ad.
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Free Gifts ;


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5 Ibs. >: GREENS ,BANANAS 1Q..q

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