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13999433 F20090413_AABAES 00412.tif 2c3b58f6711f90b01e333418f97bc133325e63aec0f94fc1baba80d7ab127555ca256312
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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200636datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date November 10, 1962dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006360740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
November 10, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
November 10, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
-;- ""' 'r -, -,-,,,,,--- -_ -.:,,;.. ': :' '''.' .- ; -.. -:- 'r ".....,... ..1i. ___

: i.. l. I ov/4I?; I

, Bars Against Negroes Dropped By v Dental Body At Miami Confab OlY I

I sr.rstr.ts.sa



*****, *****. *. *. *. **.............. ..... ..... aL. aL. aL. ...... ...
-' ---r-r. .;
s,s as *************f *********

Protest By NAACP Brings An End I

F ::; 5

To Troops Segregation In Florida \ VOL 12-NOJ2 Saturday November 10, 1962 15 CENTS I f !.s.f ,


I ___ :

Say Troops r I iinhIlluIr' :: 6 CHILDREN DIE i I ii i


R1 I
In Fla. Motels


tests by the NAACP

here have brought a s3 X3)hb _

I halt to a quasi- ni ************** :

\ undercover Air in Force operationby Officials -. .e 5 Negro U.S. Representatives Heaters, Substardard Hov S. !

Air ting Force Negro personnel and segrega-white, Hold! Seats In 88th Congress Increase Season's Death BHH (j

's a result of the
recent cold
snap ex-
brought to Tampa
during the recent MassachusettsAtty. General ploriing oil heaters were reported re- ':(
sponsible for the
Cuban crisis. death of six children *.
F.AMU: TEAM TO COMPETE IN MOTT COURT CQ"PETITION--The! Florida A. and i and one adult this week. However, in a
Original assignment of M. University Moot Court Team which will meet the university of SenatorBothNegro closely related situation, quick thinking t,

t troops to hotels and Georgia in the first round in the Southeastern Regional !Moot Court t and action on the part of a Jax mother
'On ;
motels in the eve of the 100th
rJ'r the Tampa area Competition in Atlanta, Ga. is composed of John D. Due (left, the Emancipation anniversary of succeeded in saving the lives of her seven .

r had been on a non segregated seated), Indianapolis Ind. Remus C., E. Allen, Sopchoppy; HemphillP showed marked Proclamation, Negroes children before she and another woman escaped i

. ever basis.the troops Later, ho- Pride II, Columbia S. C. ; Edward Rodgers, West Palm Beach; well gains on the political from a raging inferno. In Lake Wales ;
were as other fronts
separated and Negroes Ralph E. Maultsby (standing, left) Jacksonville; Attorney Alfonso day's nationwide general as elections.a result of tues- a mother saved one child while losing ;

McGheeprofessor of law at FAMU; and Alcee L. Hastings, Alta Monte ORO. three. '
assigned to .
were a Negro rnelncoming 88th Con- --... i
hotel. Springs. (The competition will be held November 1416.) gress will include a post 1JZun; Saturday night, three apartment build I

Rev., A. Leon Lowry, -Reconstruction record three children and their ing housing 12 families.
Mrs. Roosevelt W.F. Penalties Set aunt died when fire
president of the Florida Bishop loll five congressman-all Listed as dead were i

I NAACP State Conference, leveled their one-room, Jerome 4; Deborah 3;
Visited B-CC Presides For Racial Bias of whom
wired Air Force officials At won easy re-elections, k one-story frame home an d Leroy 1. the J
?;JIIA.VI' At its located at 7736 Horton children of
protesting the failure Many Tines First Confab recent the fifth being AugustusF. Lane. Mrs. Florence -

, of MacDill Field officials Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt convention held Hawkins from the newly The dead were listed as: Tinsely. Mrs. Tin- ,
to insist Bishop William F. Ball here, the policymaking sely was critically I !
l on world renowned created congressional Mrs. Irene Dubose. 30, I
housing of troops on ar widow of the 32nd who is widely known in body of the district of California.This an aunt of the children; burned saving her crip-
American Pental"AsSOCiat1OR.YOted pled daughter Tina.
non-segregated basis. president of the. Jacksonville and Miami has been the large LInda 4; Pugh 5; and
.. Chief
r Commander Barney L. United States, whose- circles in 'addition to 'r.-- representation -of l K enneth, Fashing ton JK.' Deputy" J.E. De .
take vte -Reus '{ .
of Folk" '
Johnson of MacDill Field death occurred the Florida community at away the Negroes in Congress since the children of Mrs. Cbunty said >

denied any discrimination -. Wednesday night in a large, following his recent of state and local 1874 when carpetbag rule Eunice P. Washington who the fire broke out at }
dental around : '
societies breakfast
in the assignmentof New York hospital, appointment as pre- refusing in Southern states sent was not at home when the time

I personnel but interviews late of the 11th Episcopal to end racial one Negro to the Senate fire start'eft at 9:30 p.m and totally destroyedthe

with Negro servicemen visitor discrimination against and seven to the House. ATTY. EL ROY' JOHNSON When firemen reached frame apartment

refuted this man College throughout Negroes.The incumbents winning easy .Ga. State Senator the scene, they were houses which housed four

statement the years. resolution was elections were Adam issues were involved told that the childrenwere families each.

According to Col. John i'.rs. Hoosevelt and a : (passed by the ADA s Clayton Powell, New yor.. during his campaign, nor alone in the bazing The children were reportedly -

; son, "personnel residingoff Mrs. Mary McLeod House of Delegates providing City; William L. Dawson, was he the recipient of structure. However, a burned beyond

base are on a per RethuneBethuneCookman MF that the house, Chicago; Charles C. any crank letters or neighbor told than later recognition.

diem basis and free to College's the asso ci ation's Diggs Jr. Detroit and telephone calls. that an aunt had come MOTHER S HERORIC ACTION

select the hotel or founder--both kept a a> ,di highest authority may Robert Nix, Philadelphia. and had taken the Mrs. Johnnie Mae Wil-
refuse to seat liams. 33, was at the
a children home with her.
motel of their choice." close vigilance over thee Ga. State Senator
,from Civil Rights home of Mrs.: Ellen McCoy !
any constituent Firemen continued
However, a clerk at th welfare of the nation'sminorities t Georgia will be seatingits dig- : I I
society whose of 1419 E. 26th St.
the charred
I Negro hotel told NAACP during the first Negro state ging through
laws conflict with those Leader Tuesday night at 8:30
Jailed ruins and found the remains -
officials that telephonecalls Depression and World senator in 92-years upon
of the ADA. b' clock when an oil
of bed with the
bad been received War 11 years. the election of Atlanta a 3;
The Association has no bodies it. Duval stove exploded in the 'I
four on
The nation's
from MacDill and reservations former Attorney Leroy Johnson,
prohibition in its by- front part of the home i
first incurred Patrol Lt. J.E.
lady County
: sought for Negro 38, who defeated a fel- Civil rights leaders
r the wrath of -1 aws against Negro low Dawson and Patrolmen B.K and raced through the I
troops. Rev. Lowry also race member, GOP were ailed here
bit overall membership. Kennedy and E. H. Gates one-story sixroomho
some on an. candidate and
p reported that mimeographed prominent after they violateda
J copies of hotel basis, the love of the Weaver's SoiHimself businessman T. M. Alexan- new city ordinance assisted the Riverview- Unable use.
r majority for her outspoken Lake Volunteer fire department open a door I II
and motel accommodationsr der during the
race in limiting peaceful Mrs. Williams broke out
in Tampa had been seen on defense of the Shoots the 38th District. picketing. They had and the Garden a rear window and I

base divided 'white'' under dog and in the District, AKE Church, NEW YORK RobertC. 4-Times Loser Wins announced that they City and Din snore Volun- started roughing her 'i

1 r and "colored" cate end result, one critic is presently presidingover Weaver Jr. 22- in Massassachusetts, would defy the or- teers in retrieving the seven children ranging

gories. stated, she was too his first con- year old adopted son Negro Atty. Edward W. dinance. bodies.In from 14-months to 9

Col. Johnson vital to be ignored. ference in the of Dr. Robert C. Eight arrested for Lake Wales, an oil
" afterconsulting Sanford Weaver Federal Brooke, a four-time were years through the window

4 with James Victim Dies district this week Housing and, Home Finance loser as a Democratic picketing the MitchmeDrug investigators None of the childrenwere

Hammond, president of the through Sunday. political candidate, won Co. Store without hu rt.

J NAACP young adults division MIR Held Bishop Ball's current critically Administrator wounded, the attorney general- permit. They carried ploded or overturned, Mrs.( Williams, who

took a personal assignment was made by ship of Massachusettsover signs saying the picketing burned three small worked daily, boardedher

interest in the situation For Murder the Bishops Council in himself while play his white Democratic. ordinance was 'un- children Tuesday in children with Mis.McCoy. .

f and the Tampa hotels ,Washington Nov. 1 follow- Russian roulette opponent Francis E. fair, unjust, and un- their bed and destroyed .
Asis Miller, 5 8, of Wednesday, police '
finally agreed to house ing final rites for Kelly, former lieutenant constitutional. The
8064 Nevada who had been reported. Dan Burley
without discrimination.NAACP Bishop Frank Reid of the1Second Police governor and onetime attorney drugstore is owned by I
Field originally charged withassault Episcopal Dis said Weaver Eden ton's Mayor John A.
Secretary to murder in the fired a shot into his general. Noted Newsman Refuse Service
Robert trict. kitchener. I
W. Saunders
stated Brooke, the
shooting of Jesse Gadson. right temple from a .3% only Republican TALLAHASSEE Sit-in I
that a letter had been Other Council appoint- J elected in Among those jained was Dies In Sleep
sent to Tampa Mayor 26, last May 20, has ments include Bishop revolver after loading :Democratic a the Rev. Fredexick H. La action by seven Florida
been charged with murder it with one bullet. statewide CHICAGO Dan Burley A&M and one Florida
Y Julian Lane several Sherman L. Greene to the Garde regional representative -
j sweep, said
r months prior requesting following Gadson', death, Second Episcopal Dis- ********** no racial of the 55, editor, State/University student

Nov. 3 in a local nursinghome. satirist, musician, were resumed against
f1 action desegregationof trict : Bishop C. L. Southern Christian
Masons Sue To Oust referred by many as downtown variety store
t hotel and motel ac Sherman succeeding Bishop Leadership Conference
the dean of modern
Police reported that the lunch counters which refused -
commodations. The mayor Ball to the Tenth Episco- He is
shooting occurred following Negro journalists, service to the
referred the matter to pal District; and Bishop pastor of First Baptist died
an argument between Official From Bldg. quietly in his demonstrators, 1 twas
Church here.
the Chamber of Commerce the two whenlliller' John Bright to the Twelth sleep in his home reported.
The others
where freed
it was shelved. Episcopal District. were here.
sho By Staff CorresDcndeat Similar action by the
allegedly t
Another letter has been Elevated to the Bishopryduring now refused to vacate. under bond, but Mr. La .
Burley whose
Gadson in the neck witha syndicated students over a week ago
sent to the mayor requesting the 1956 General A rift developed in the The complaint charges Garde stayed in jail ta
resulted in a near riot
a conference .22 calibre pistol. Conference, Bishop Bali Masonic Family last week that although familiar part of nonviolent direct -

l and it is hoped that Miller later surrenderedto formerly was presiding when the Most! Worshipful with the lOdge's rental action (N. V. D. A.) Y when a group of whites
action will soon be Deputy Constable Jesse elder of the Miami District Grand Union Lodge of policy of renting on a against segregation. He a white student

forthcoming. Leigh. He had been released served as minister Free and Accepted Masons month to month basis, had received a vote of from the store, the stu-

on bond under the at Miami's Greater Bethel of Florida Inc. filed Lane gave a check to an confidence from membersof dent escaping the mob s

NAACP Sets original charge. AME Church and past aed suit against a former officer of the lodge and his church wrath by: being picked upi

Gadson, according to a Grant Memorial Church Worshipful Master, caused the officer to The Rev. Hilton! Reid, n a car which sped away

Miss ...Iill doctor, had been under .here. Jessie J. Lane for pos- receipt him for one Petersburg Va. Virginia from: the scene.
treatment for malnutri- session of state # continuing their
a portion of year president of c5
Atty. Earl M. Johnson tion in the local protest pattern, the
nurs- $75,000 Willed the Masonic Tcaple at The lodge further SCLC, was here to assist
will give a progress ing home. 410 Broad Street:. charged those defying seven Negro and one
that the officer the or-
report of the Duval to Hirvird U. The plaintiff lodge in student staged a sitinat
******** was without authority to He and Mr. La
.... County school integrega- a complaint filed in Garde one lunch counter resulting -
and reports of the) accept rental payments friends
tion case during the Circuit on Oct. 25, in the facili
present program being CAMBRIDGE Mass. Dr. which therefore renders throughout the country columns were
meeting charges that Lane who ty's closing its ser-
public mass to
engaged in by the branch William Hintondis the socalled lease null protest to Mayor published in scores of
slated by the Jaz Branch will be discussed during tin GUi abed Negro scientist been serving as building and void. The complaining Kitchener and to Gov. Negro newspapers across vices.
at 3:30 manager of the' Masonic The group then went to
Sunday p.m.
NAACP the meeting.All who died recently, lodge states Terry Sanford, Raleigh, the nation
in St. Paul AME Church; officers, members, bas willed $75-000 for Temple building ookadvantage" that, it has maintained N.C. :******** another store in the 1
Pearson, president of his relationship downtown area and sat-in ;
Rutledge the establishment of a a rental Protests were
and Interested persons agency to sent to Conference j
with the for about forty-five
announced. i
I are urged to attend Sunday scholarship fund for lodge and secured a handle such, matters. these officials by -Dr. Fund (SCEF) in behalfof minutes without being I
final plans of the annual James A
graduate students of Doobrowskl., New
membership drive s meeting, Pearsonconcluded. "BO called oral lease"on Orleans, Bishop Edgar A. Love served, although the
Harvard University. executive director -
an office which he seeP presi. attendants continued
of the Southern dent.
serving other customers.

< c ,; J _.f' t+. 1 ... .......
: J ________,,__ _.._ __ t

-- ..... -
; : : : Tl
.. .------ -- .
....... '" .:- -- .
40 :
."-- -. ,

I-- I. ', .".
1 < '
: .' r.I
; ry.; 'M > i
; I rtlllUA IAK' : MIUKUAT ftUVtNBER P_ __..___n 10.__, ____ .

f_ifi.'E tyfff.4NyP31X1 ': 'I ... ..., .r r.a _._ /.
( ; # i
rJl'v4wY ; t.c::: "":'- I J.
'- ; .t-:" ''' f.:r-.4. .
I H"' ". ': :- ,' :. '
: '
MEWS : :'
w W S S i iI
1it 1 : ::. ..
L ? \ :
; I. I 'r.... OLITICS
nj i published by the Florida Star publishing co. 't. .:'\;,,;:-.., USUA4

4 I "' &!ber of Associated Negro press'- ipt \ .

ERIC 0. SIMPSON._..........Maapg ECtorAIYSON t '.4-" t !
-- .
> -

r 1 L WISE....._.....Jlews UK r ; -

I p
I HILDA WOOTEH...-..........Circuit Mafiagei I II '.1' The NAACP has asked that Local 2)401) 1 of

: i. : 7 3';. : _'- : the United i Steelworkers of America be

I MAIN OFHCE & PUNT: { "disqualified i as the appropriate coil :
; '.; j"h. > tive bargaining agent' of employees" ec:1:1

, 2323 Monc n el'Ro'aLJlte f e Elgin 4-6782 EL 4-6783 "',' .': the Atlantic Steel Company, Atlanta, .
1s ,- A motion rescind certification
s to of the

11 Mailig Address{ : local was filed with the National tabor

Relations Board in Washington. 30. 1
1, P. o. Box 561, lacksonvik 1t 1 Florida This motion supplements an earlier NAACP ;

action also filed with the NLRB on Oct. 16
,. .
I SUBSCRIPTION RATES in which the Association I

r'I. f t r.9# charged Local 2lK)1) with unfair ., .1

One Year, $6.00 Half Tear, $4.00 : 'abor practices. fil

Hailed to YOU Anywhere in the united States I The NAACP complaint asserts

Subscription payable in Advance I that Localpractices I 2HOI carries on

V Send Check or Honey order to: procedures and

policies which violate "the .
rights of Negro employees to
Jacksonville 1 FloridaJ.AX.
1 fair representation under the


LEAGUE Specifically, the Association chargesthat s
i URBAN DYING; discriminatory and exclusionary prac-

tices of Local 2ijQI "have operated to con-

NEGRO DOLLARS NEEDED fine Negro employees, in some job classi-

is 0 4 & D fications, to lower wages than white employees If l
The Jacksonville Urban League dying. :, "
And unless immediate and unstinting community doing the same work. 'I
IS both Other NAACP charges: {t
brought to bear
.' the white support and Negro segments of this, ambitious PROVING A VERY DIFFICULT TASK I N MISSISSIPPI -"Separate lines of promotions in each ': \

department for Negro and white employees
city shall have lost a vital instrument -
confine workers to unskilled and
I of racial enlightenment and sccial -_ ._ ., .-.e '. -e- -e- :e..O Negro
semi-skilled job classifications. (Years II

progress. of negotiations between Negro complainantsand
: i There was a time, not, many years ago, when ,
2UOI .
w ; Local have not eliminated these
the existence of the Jacksonville Urban You Weekly I practices. )
assisted the local -
League was generously by -"Discrimination also exists fn the exclusion -
Community Chest Fund. This !
practice was
of Negro employees from various
brought to an endhoweverby the maneuverings "
departments within the plant.
'-and pressure tactics of certain per- Horoscope Guide ;
i -"An employee transferring from the Negro
sons and who for of theirown
groups reasons
line of promotion to the white line--loses
remain traditionally opposed to the all seniority rights" due to the multiple 'I!
bettering cf racial relations.
PABLO The ASTROLOGER seniority provision of the collective
This calculated denial has lessened the' By .
bargaining contract between the union and ,
effectiveness of your local Urban League, WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR the Atlantic Steel Company. ,
but not to the extent that the League'sgreat
The NAACP points out that "{his is true !
contribution in the area of race relations I
even when beth lines of promotion i are in
has become any less signifiicant. the same department.
or a knowledgable. 'Despite struggling daily, -
for its very life because of an acute in- ARISE1Borr your finances to the grips. CAPRICORNBorn As a result, Negro workers are dis-

sufficiency operating funds, the local Jfarrb 21st tlin, ground is especially potent 2-50-88-15-38-258 Dec. 2Jrd thru couraged from transferring from the Negro I
promotion I line "even though this I line has
,Urban League continues to be active in, and Apri 19th You may find it LIBRA Jan. 19th limited i

vital to the social transitions taking There seems to be absolutely difficult, if not impossible Born Fept. 23rd thru You may be treading on job opportunities. ,1,1
Local 2401 has also arranged for the contract '
place i in the Jacksonville area. nothing that to replace Oct. 23rd rather thin ice during
to include "insertion" clause.
you CEll afford to leave witlc'rawals from this an i
This is what the League was created for. your Should your behavior quarter and those
Hot to delve into politics or other typesof to chance during this own or other people s leave something to be that follow. You couldbe This means that one job may be "inserted"over ;1

legislative string pulling. The Leaguewas. rather chaotic period.No rtserve: funds. Individualwho 'desired in the eyes of in for a severe set- another in seniority, regardless of
how ., '
Bcattjer stronglyyou put on the chanr to back or deception if tenure"wi th the -
created for and exists to achieve a feel regarding a your associates, you can 'you company ; l \
climate of harmony 'between the races in betrayal or trickery win your heart or your expect turbulent emotional al low anything to cloud The Association concludes that the new \

the social economic, educational moral do not allow your financial backing may reactions. Leave your usual good judge- provision, "in effect, places occupational
and cultural imperil your economic speculation strictly ment. Listen to your seniority at the discretion of collusive ,
even sense.
feelings to get the
structure to an equal alone, ban all frivolities deeper instincts, but practices between union and company !i
But who. really is supposed to throw their better of your peaceful man-
degree should you fail and discourage perSons only when they encourage agement. .;
maximum support behind the Urban League?
leanings The troublesyou
to see through them in who think that you thrift, prudence The NAACP motion to reecind Local 2lJOIs I
It could safely be said anyone with a ,sense may be running into
tiire It would also be should lend them fundsor and conservatism. It certification with the NLRB was filed by
of judgement and justice. could safe- be formidable enough If
as may unwise to let down your back dangerous enterprises may be/ .correct to be the Association's' general counsel Robert.. "
ly be said anyone who desires to be part without compounding the vigilance as those who Few propositionsare c lo se- fi st ed with L. Carter, 'and an assistant, t Mrs. Maria

of a socially mature ,Jacksonville and, in through reckless actions are determined to benefit likely to be as strangers- but this L. Marcus; both of New York City. tl i

the large sense, a healthier America. but This whole north at your expense they are presented.Ifyou should not be the case The Georgia NAACP has called its't
who should is tricky in on
be the a one con
League's most dedicated
could have a spare bag give yourself more when you are dealing branches to "sharpen the attack
supporter? who should give generously, nectioc with finances, of tricks. time for verification, with members of the full speed ahead in the of move- '
and it would be area
readily, frequently so as to insure the simple 5-20-55-12-65-521 you may discover, the family group. Your
continued existence wisdom to keep in a resolution passed at
of this organization? every-
fact for yourself. Ten- feelings could drive you its
recent convention in
The thing of value safely Macon,
is I
answer quite simple. The
Negro Porn July 23rd thru'tig. sions run high and you into compromising attachments Principal
speaker at the '
four.-jday conference -
shpulii be the League's staunchest locked up or pro- ; I
supporter vulnerableto si
22rd:: may be most or bn ion s.
as welT as its most generous donor, tected by insurance the that 9-10-22-19-95-912 Oct. 25-28, was NAACP Executive .:
Do raestic, martial or Secretary Roy Wilkins who told of the international
because- his betterment is the object and 2-10-33-14-75-213 couldbe are being applied V,
public relations
APHARItiF impact of the Mississippi defiance I
cpnerstone of the Urban League. Higher TALTF.US 3-60-33-17-49-361
I living and educational l standards, wider job Born April 20th thru seriously impaired SCORPIOTorn Bern Jan. 20th thru of constitutional authority. Mr. 1
'' because of inflexible Feb. 18thCooperation Wilkins ,was abroad during the height of. :
opportunities, higher moral' equivalents, May 20th. Oct. 24th thru .:1
stands the part of
higher cultural ideals on Nov. 22nd may be the Mississippi crisis and observed the .
a more clearly defined The crisis that has
all in
parties dispute. nonexistent, and the unfavorable impression the made '
sense of responsibility..these are been indicated heretofore You nay feel like break on 1
Anything that is done by
the components i in any attempt the Urban could bring an end others could ing all your family or competition fierce the people of Europe. \\t

League makes to "better the Negro." to an old association.The .- yo.u or other binding ties The Instead: of leaping The school resolution recognized that
wind in the
Your dollars can. keep the JacksonvilleUrban aspects then in finally up isdom of this is rendered right into the middleof neither "the letter nor the spirit of the f'J
a law courts with no one
League alive. Your dollars can increase force e do not promise profiting except the all the more ques- the fray, retire to I99J schOO desegregation decision has become '

its effectiveness and help to magnify much good from this, attorneys who are handling tionable as there are the sidelines and seeka a reality in Georgia. Tokenism, as t

what i it has already accomplished. Your and you may find your- the cases. You may signs that you may belaboring place of shelter where in Atlanta, the resolution said, "is not j"t)

dollars ri insure what your Urban League self spending too much feel that you have to under delusions there are reasonable the answer."
envisions finer finer /"or emotional instability. assurances of safety. The conference also passed a resolution
: a Negro, a Jacksonville time in the days to fight for the principlesyou
a finer America. come regretting the Shoul c you have been Your partners will not commending "James H. Meredith for his
have adopted it
loss. If you can bring doubtful that indiscreet, it may reflect be easily placated if courage and perserverance in the desegre-
seems you
4 <. t yourself to say the will make much headway on lost prestigeor you interfere with gation of the University of Mississippi "

.a proper word, or to geta against the tremendous reprimands from above. their purposes or behavior whifh has "inspired Negroes in Mississippi ;

.. good friend to do it odds to have Excessive ambition may even if you areo and throughout the South, to forge ahead
COMM you seem!
:,. NISM IORROWS for you, it may still stacked against you. also be driving you into n the side of with unparalleled determination." .

help to prevent the The. whole pic+."r T y be usurping other people's righteousness. Keep your Moving to voter-registration, the NAACP
showdown that shouldbe rights or privileges. You own counsels and bide noted that "the abolition of the county
; FROM CAPITALISM made rather clear to you
V very careful where which should induce you can expect them to put your time until you unit system and reapportionment marks a
: you reside. up a whale of a fight to have a better chance of new day in Georgia pol i tics'."
to call off hopeless r
The-Sovi"et Union, believe it or not, has 7-80-44-16-54-784 ,controversi any thwart you. Although you working. our your problems The resolution' then called I oa "all NAACP

J. taken a leaf from the capitalist book. GEMINI 4-10-9 9-14-81-419 can count on those who more advantageous units in the state to intensify their

In a new and literallyrevolutionary development FaIT ''8J. 21st thru 'f adore you to show the ly. voter-registration program and campaigns." t tt

it has decided that trademarksmust June 21st VIRGO proper regard for you. 4-70-77-18-82-471 't

be made a part of the Communist The stage mny be set for Born Aug. 3rd thru. ,,t 6-40-11-18-74-641 PIFCFS 1
economy. discord, wrong decisions se pt. 22ndIt SAGITTARIUSBorn Born Feb. 19th thru *************

r In past times, Communist bosses regarded or legal controversies, will not engendermuch Nov. 23rd thru March 20thTa J

trade-marks much as the devil regards Holy if you listen to the: confidence on the Dec. 21st e your'medicine, no

Water. Inasmuch as the government owned wrong advice even part 0 f others if you This quarter may not matter how unpalatable'it F LO Rl DA

all the factories, they reasoned, it was coming from friendly blow hot one minute and differ much from the may be Don't quit 1

just necessary to supply a standardized sources. Do not neglect cold the next. Should preceding one with the your job in a buff or 1l

j product and let it go at that.s sjBjtoirs of internal mal- you find it Impossibleto exception that there may if you lose it ..throughno

3ut--human nature being human nature even function, and subject make up your mind in. not be any favorarle fault of your own do

under the Hammer and Sickle--it' was found yourself to any tests the face of puzzling highlights to soften the not waste time in futile

that factories and entire industrial that may be deemed advisable situations, you would be Impact of adverse de recriminations. Your

groups ere PJOducting shoddy wares. Lack by the proper: and well advised to transferthe velopments. This means skills and capabilitiesare ,

of identity resulted in lack of incentive competent authorities. privilege of doingso redoubling your vigi- such that they nay l

and was clearly. responsible for lack of This also is a poor to your other half. lance in order to keep be in demand somewhere,

quality. month to travel, unless Pessimism uncertainty, the troublemakers at bay else and perhaps worth

So now government firms are being given circumstances give you no discomforts or inner If you have been careless more than what you have .

names, and trade-marks are becoming the choice. You can no longer panic may seize you events from the been receiving for them. .

vogue. Actually, the trade-mark has been procrastinate, if it has. rendering you almost past that you would pre- The idea that you may .d. :: __ ,

known throughout recorded history as a been your procedure up to incapable of taking any fer to keep hushed up have to run away to some /151 -.....,..,. -.,. ""' ,:.."...... 1
stamp of identification and an incentive now. constructive action. You may be brought into the far off locality is not -.::..=.,- '"T-. .

I quality. But there are some in this 1-90-22-13-98-192 should find yourself open, unless you agree likely to be a valid one --.:-. ... _..-,, '

country who would turn the clock back. CANCER somewhat more perceptive to meet the terms of Any problems that are FLORIDA IS SO OBVIOUSLY BLESSED ;
I It is proposed that trade-mark names beremoved. enabling you to tear those responsible. Since worrying you will accompany ,
from prescription drugs, on the 22nd yourself loose from the the climax may be due, you whenever BEACHES, LAKES AND SEMI-TROPICAL SCENERY THAT IT IS II

unproven and untenable theory that this J stalemate that seems to it will depend on you you go ONE OF THE WORLD'S GREAT YEAR-'ROUND TOURIST AREAS. ,'
would I markedly reduce their cost. The danger of running- have had you 1 nits 8-30- -16-59-836 6-80-44-13-27-684 t
o _,,, r

c ______ __ _" "< '_- .. .,! ,r.-_._. ___- ,,;;.. .. -= .,.,-.. :,c-.O.ft<.,- .. 1 .'it !I!. &....4-J ._,

.- ---
J t :

; k '
wrIieivaa sHebiw a ssir j.rr ILVMIOH ..I fill 1rNlrt a
1 _n __ ____ .
-- -

i Mrs. Burroughs Halloween Ushers In Festive Birthday Parly For Jax 'Teen Wedding Bell?

3 -
i To Present 1 1i Applications For

i Nov. 13 Recital Marriage LicensesTheo.

E Pollard, 757 W.
With Mrs. Alice Burroughswill Church St. 30 and

LOUISE G. GUINYARD be presented in a ) aiR.a 'Yc" Annie P. Campbell 1841

Word has come to us through Mrs Lillian Littlesof recital Tuesday night W. 25th St. 19.

a recent visit to the city hy Mrs.Mabel Williams Nov. 13 at 8 o' clock in Jerome Anthony Dixon,

Jones, a former jaxon presently residing in New Masonic Temple, 410 1326 W. 15th St. 19

r} York City. Broad St. Mrs. Ruby and Marguerite V. Brown,

While in the city, lire. Jones was the guest of Hem don, program chairman .. ? 1417 W. 5th St. 18.

Mrs. 11. L. Butler, 1017 Striven Street, and she was presiding. ,. Arthur L. Pann, Jr. ,

the inspiration for many social gatherings. Mrs. Progr_. features will be ; ', 824 Dewitt St. 21 and

Lucille G. Coleman had Mrs. jonee as guest on a offered by Rev. R. Wallace t Jerdine Moment, 1106

local radio station in an interesting Interview of Joe Harris, the l T 1, h ; Davis St. 19. ,

her activities in the East on the "Along This Wayprograo. Singing Trumpets with Isaac Singleton Jr. ,
McIntosh, Ga. 63 and
1 She attended the Jacksonville Arts Festival Mrs. Herndon presentingthe
t 'la ; r Hazel H. Lockett, 3616
guest artist. ;
at the Civic Auditorium, and was guest of 1 k'tv
Mrs. R.L-. Johnson will Franklin St. 47.
honor at an affair held in the Van Buren Street

home of Mr. William M. Broadway, which was attended present the hostesses, Henry Anglin, 1451 Lee
all members of the Order Yg St. 51 anc1 Geanie Burke
by many friends of long standing.Mr. .
of the Eastern Star Including 1451 Lee St. 49.
and Mrs Elias Bragdon and Mr. and Mrs. Bennie
A.L. Roosevelt Brown 1526T
Ellerson, cousins of Mrs. Jones, entertained her Jenkins ?:
Chapter 196, Krs. V. Gorman \ :22nd: St. :27 and
on separate occasions in their respective homes in
Mrs. Mattie J. Wil11 Ozella P. Ive) 717 W.
Fernandina Beach Mr. G. W. Scott was host at ,
I another enjoyable affair held at Tony's Seafood ass. Mrs. M. West, Mrs. ar Adanrs street 20.
M.N. Carwell Mrs. E. Clarence Jackson, Jr. ,
Shack in Uayport. t
Jackson, Mrx. A. Caopbell I Mobile Ala. :27 and
The Sedrlck Whites and the Samuel Romeos, both of
and Mrs. A. Grant.St. Evelyn Lyons 311 W.
Ormond Beach, were hosts to Mrs. Jones and Mrs *
John Chapter 154: 16th Street :25
II. L. Butler last week-end.
Mrs. L. McCloud Mrs. W. Chair vCOtt, 3933 Ernjo

Another enjoyable dinner party inspired by Mrs. Manitt Mrs B.L. Kelly, Rd. 47 and Venetia L
Jones was the one given by Mrs. Elise Bryant in her
Mazeke, 1524 EvergreenAve.
Mrs. A. Runnell, Mrs. L.
IJ Venus Street home. Mr. and Mrs. Chester Satterwhite
M. Singleton, Mrs. E.J. :24.
opened their lovely home to Mrs. Jones and other 1910 F
Young and Mrs. M. Jones. Chas. C. Banner.
guests last Monday evening for a most enjoyable 9
Remarks will be made by Venus st. :23 and
affair. Among guests were persons who were members the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. L.
chairman Robert L. Jones, VHILE THE WITCHES AND GOBLINS REVELED Miss Carolyn Chapman, Dorothy M. Cain 1965 W.

of the former Tuesday Evening Musicale. Rev. R. Wallace, benedic- Clark of 1534 W. is'th St. was the happy recipient of a surprise birthday party Oct. 31. Among the 9th St.. 22.

The round of festivities were climaxed with a many gifts received by the honoree was a handsome watch, the gift of her parents. Refreshments were Amos Richardson 1235

visit by Mrs. Jones to a meeting of the Chat N* tion.Vie served and games featured a most happy evening's program. Among those on hand to wish Carolyn many W. 4th St. 64 and Lola I IM.

Sew Club as guest of Mrs. Maebelle W. oliphant and Liedo LadiesIn happy returns were, front row from left: Theodore Thomas, Carolyn Chapman (honoree) Marilyn Jones, Brown 1235 W. 4th \i\

J Mrs. M. L. Butler. The meeting was held in the Letheron Thomas Neda Brankley. and jerry Griffin. Back rowfrom left: Robert Griffin, Street. 54.
Carolyn Jones
Grady M. Jefferson, 801W.
force? ? borne on Evergreen Avenue. Bridge SessionThe jewel Collier Areatha Johnson Jeanette Patterson Alfred Phillips, Mildred McEulin, Herbert Thomas 'ij
Beaver St. 23 and
Gaines El wise Thomas, Clerner Cunnings, Edward Johnson and Thomas Myhand.
Alric ,
.............................. Vie Lledo Ladies Walter L. Patterson, (Royal Art Studio Photo) Mattie M. Bass 6812 1
Bridge Club met in regular Hema Road 17. I

session recently in
Mrs. Vannette Thayer was guest player at a recent
St. Pius Selects E.M. Thomas
the home of Mrs. Mattie Miss
meeting of Les Elites Bridge Club held at the -tIt.e
Campbell with Mrs. W.M. .
Lincoln Golf and Country: Club. Ashley serving as co Committees For -j Y Pledges Troth To Earl Clark l.aa f r
attended the meeting
Mrs. Erma Murray as a new
hostess.A .
member of the club.
Annual Bazaar
Halloween motif enhanced .
i High scorers for the evening included Mrs. Vermal ';' .. '' ..... ,y -: : ,
the refreshment y '<' ".
McCone: and Mrs. Bernice Henderson. Members of the planning : Iii
Miss Annie B. Hinatee Mrs. Alvenia scriven Mrs. able, adding to the committee for the annual : :" : iI i

Maxine Jackson and Mrs. Elizabeth Simmons. beauty of the occassion. Bazaar at St. Pius 4 I //i

Following the bridge : .
Catholic Church met recently '
session the hostesses .';'(\,
.............................. to formulate ; I
awarded prizes to Mrs. '
activity.Dr. -
plans for the 4 ; '
A.M. McIntosh, first, of a r 5'p Vr. and Pis. Charlie 26th St. ; Girl.
in R. U. Florence I .
The Galaxie Ladies Bridge Club met recently II
Miss M. Damps, ,
runnerup Societywas Bradshaw; 7045 Mark St. Mr. and Mrs. Elijah
the lovely home of Mrs. Deloris Bos well, 7204 Rhode the Holy
and Mrs. A. Peterson,
Toliver; 1405 E. 23rd
selected to serve as 1 E i
island Drive.During third place winner re- chairman. The followingwere ." and Mrs. Dannie Street; Girl.
the business sessions,plans for the Christmas : :
spectively. named co chairmen: : :-, Demery; 5622 Earth Dr. Mr. and M.rs. Timothy
!. ,
discussed and election of officers
party were Other members presentwere Girl. II
Mrs. M. Aniehle. Altar Means: 1102 W. 9th St.; :
was held. They are as follows: Mrs. Deloris W. Rosary Society president Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Girl.

Mrs. Eloise A. Fletcher Vice President: Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Mary K. activities and booths; Golden; 1124 Oakley St. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene ;

Lelia Mitchell Secretary; Mrs. Bettye H., Graham Fearce; Mrs. Annie P. Miss A.B. Frazier, Boy.Mr. Colscn; 1133 Hart St.;

a Treasurer; Miss Harriett"Mitchell., Chaplin; Mrs. Clayton Mrs. Ollie M. and Mrs. David 7
dinner table end Mrs. E. r t '
Shirley, R. Harris Reporter. Newton. Rainge; 808 Minnie St. -'-
a Uttlejohn, co chairman; f
After the business session, rounds of bridge were
Mrs. Clayton will host
Mrs. M. Davis, candied Boy.Mr.
played prizes were won by Mrs. Demetral R. Wester the next meeting of the .* ri r and Mrs. Lois
apple booth; Mrs. D. Tremble; 4323 Bessie Cir Boy.SAM
(1st), Miss Harriett Witsell (2nd), and Mrs. Lelia club in her home on Gilliard
hotdog stand. Boy.
Mitchell (3rd). Mrs. Bonita B. Sherard was guest.A Nov. 23. Also, Mrs. A. Tolbert I Mr. and Mrs. George
very lovely repass was served and a baby showerwas Whetstone; 638 Ct. G. :
cake table; Mrs. L.Margue .
given for the baby girl of Mrs.Eloise Fletcher. Dr. G. W. Gore Boy.
publicity Mr. and Mrs. John Mack;
Members present were Mrs. Mozelle Roux Mrs.
chairman; Mrs. Brown, 230 Riverside Avenue If you paid twice the price you
Heads ;
Thelma Demetral R. Wester Miss DelegationTALLAHASSEE
Johnson Mrs.
treasurer; Mrs. D. Lee still couldn't buy better head.

I l Harriett Witsell Mrs. Delores Bo swell, Mrs. Bettye -- Dr. and the Misses Gail Boy.Mr.. and Fred ache powders. Really now, why

1 H. Graham Mrs. Inez ,Jackson, Mrs. Shirley R. George W. Gore Jr. president and Cynthia Lewis Mrs. pay more?
1687 FairfaxSt.
Eloise Fletcher Mrs. Lelia Mitchelland
Harris Mrs.
of Florida A&M
chairmen fish -pond; During an impressively beautiful candlelight Boy.

Mrs. Bonita B. Sherard guest. University, will head Mrs. E. West and Mrs. ceremony, Miss Ella Mae Thomas, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Luther I!
will be held Thursday night at the
The next meeting university's delegation -
t to the 76th Kincade, other games. Mr.and Mrs. Walker Thomas became the bride of Cooper; 5339 May Ct. ;
the Club Eldorado with Mrs. Demetral R. Wester as Annual
meeting and Diamond ,Anniversary Dinners mil be sold on Earl Clark, the son of j. Clark and the late Mrs.V. Girl. ,

j hostess. Convention of the Thanksgiving Day, Thursday Waters, the ceremony taking place at 7 p.m. in Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
r .............................. Association of State Universities Nov. 22 from noon Jerusalem Baptist Church, Rev. W. A. Mackpastor Durden; 1833 Louisana ,
and Land-Grant until 10 p.m. Dates for officiating in the double ring ceremony. Royal Art Street: Girl. I

Colleges the Bazaar wall: be an- 'The Mr. and Mrs. Major
which convenesat was given in train from a caruager
Nurses Aides To Entertain Saturday Nile the StatlerHiltonHotel nounced. marriage by her Uncle. back. Her shoulder Kelly; 2112 Coinon- II

in WashingtonNov. Father Anthony Kiel, Willie Lockley was length illusion veil was wealth Ave. ; Boy. I

1, The Professional Nurses Atkins, 761 N. Lincoln 1214.Dr. S.S.J. and Father M. bestman and Miss Betty attached to a crown of Mr. and Mrs. Julius I j

Aide class of Bolden's Court. Gore is Edward, S.S.J. are the Baker 1336 Johnson St.;
a member of Thomas, sister of the seed pearls. She carrieda ; I
College will present Dinners will be sold, the Joint Committee of priests in charge of bride was maid of cascade bouguet of Boy.

their first entertainment and a basket of groceries, U.S. Department of Agriculture St. Pius. honor. The Misses white carnations with Mr. and Mrs. Fred 2 POWDERS 5<
't Saturday night in the will be and Land-Grant 12 POWDERS 25
given away. The: Clara Clark, DeloresMo lillies of the valleyand Locklev Jr. ; 1463 W.
home of Miss Frances public is invited. Universities on Training FAMUans TappedFor I I 1
sely and Tina V. rhinestones.A .
Government Service.At .
i Siephard were the brides reception followed in
Honor Society
maids. Littld Vanessa the home of the bride's

I TALLAHASSEE Fourteen Thomas was flower girl parents. The newlyweds

I home, at farata/n, everywheret Florida A&M University and Master Albert Thomas journey to Palm Beach on ,

;-: :..' .. students were inducted ring bearer. their honeymoon trip.

into the Alpha! Kappa Mu The bride chose a gown Bowler
r National Honor Society of satin faced silk hand

here last week. Kappa organza with Spanish Outdoor youngsters haven't !I

''U 11,, ,?Y ,1 Iota Chapter cited the lace and full skirt forgotten how bright and how .4 ;/Ii.G .
long a cattail soaked in kero- I
ft :Pnow honor roll students for which swept to a chapel sene will burn. Have you? !

r; the second semester of a I It 01ro)101'( ) C.iilL. .-

it's Pepsi the 1961-62 school year

during the tapping cere how are they linkedin
for those who think :,CyM., .v7 .
young d
Today people of all ales 10 mony.

all oitor I... MTt lire fit modem ,ell,. lift. This is fit lift lot Pepsi Willie Adams, president .u IEmlgli h mstory? > !

lirkt. knclfe. /...- ..f/f r PttLk .".. at ftHta/i, say ",*,sI, p/tatf," to the Student Govern -
sent Association, Inltia- L

ed the tapping ceremony
: : and charge of the neo-
Lt Both are native inventions that Englishmenstill r
; phytes.
., t hold dear. Surprisingly though, the ,

1l. .,.; yews er Men To t 4" Bowler did not make its appearance_. on
1 London streets until 1855 full --

:f, ., ..., ,.: Meet Sunday Fl.. 4-. 86 years after Alexander Gordon g

f ,......:. ,. introduced his remarkable gin. i ,
.. The Brewster Mm's Club ( The Gordon's you drink '
will hold its regular :fio:i",..-,:; back
today'harks to
h'< ,,
F session Sunday at 7:45 .F. o' Mr. Gordon's original

i, in the cafeteria of Brew- f 1769 formula. We've

ster Methodist Hospital,
Her mother never found reason to
with President J. Earl or her sister? '
tamper with such unique

I Morse, presiding.The BOTH ENJOY YOUTHFUL NATURAL-LOOKING HAIR COLOR dryness and delicate

time is at hand for flavour.Why would we? ,

for the sale of fruitcakes Whether you want the excitement: of a different Gordon's is the biggest lOXDONDfflr
hair shade or want to give new life to dull GIN .,
to or
get underway, *rur ,
gray hair..insist on the long-lasting haircolor selling gin in England, |
and the- president Is in the famous red package-Godefroy's America and the world.

desirous of completing Larieuse. It's easy to apply, and complete in

p x all business in connection one package-there's nothing else to buy.

with the festivalin MOOBCT or U.SJL OCTUM LOOM MT CM.xm iron*smu
Ir r, order to clear the l./c4ctsj.bcoLOV:, JtJTUlB HOB CUll.M MOOT CCKWrJWYCMCO.lT9imSUl.ADl

.ajr for fruit cake sales.A LARIEUS.fJ J

large attendance is J
Goes.troy Mfg Company 3510 OUv SL.St.Lewi.Mo.
z" I ,'expected.

s .J.... S. S f! .

... .... ., '.... ,. ..." .... ..-... >. ,.. '. :. '''., ,;, f ..'-.. ;;- ..' ,. :i a t !
.t tiIW: >ii---! "- '" L.__ ."'.'4".i" ,. "-:-'" -..< .:.._.__. "; f :'t --a; -> ; : A .. :;: =: .j :: (L .<_

) L r t.LL: j r-y. l .- '" w -;: ;:"'1 : '.-..i'r r I < r' =--pj II 1 11 :=-:-- .. ,..........- ..",.fft :. __ _,'h "' _.._,'. .. '- .....-

1 '
I : ( ,.
*; .t, ,

PAGE 4 F18RIIA STAR ianiraay nDYem r ID, I Ill

Progressive liptist WOMIN Uni@R C..ily Northwestern ws ric ors Hold Planning Session

Completing DomtioN ,Diy Plus Observes Women's r1 CHURCH NEWS

The workers of the Women Auxiliaries of the pro- :
Day SiidayProminent i a
gressive-Baptist State Convention of Florida are

completing plans to share in the Donation Day __

program for Florida Normal industrial and Memorial church women r

College which will be held at the school Tuesday,
of the city will be featured -, The Women's Progressive Club of St. Paul AME Church
November 13th beginning at 10 a.m.
program participants will sponsor a Harvest Tea Nov. 18, fran 4 to 6

Under the leadership ofWrs. serving as general when the women of x p.m. in the home of Mrs. Annie Everett on West

B. Miller and Mrs.L. chairmen of their areas. Unity Communion AYE Sixth Street. A program will be presented. Mrs. ::1

Dean, the presidents The key women are 11 rs. Church, Beaver and fover- 1 !y"knYi Thelma Mitchell is president.

Df the Senior end Junior M.L. Johnson Mrs. G.C. son Sts. celebrate .j

women Convention, have Vaught, Mrs. Alexina their annual Women's Day

acquired house hold Johnson Mrs. M.K. Gib- Sunday' with a day long {.r

items, food stuff of son, Vrd. I;.M. Warren of series of planned events. Elder S. Brantly and congregation of Swainsboro,

various varieties, and Bowling Green and Mrs. Principal speaker during Ga. will have charge of the service Sunday at

gifts of finance to be Janie. Phillips of Hi- the 11 a.m. morning worship 3 p.m. in the anniversary observance of Bishop M.

reported during the ser- berna. services will be Baker, pastor of the Holy Church of the Living God f
vices. Mrs. J. C. Sams will beth Mrs. Letonia Alexander .x,
at 14th and Grunthal
Streets. Mrs. R. C. Rowe will

District presidents are e keynote speaker.She a f New Bethel. give the welcome address, Mrs. L. Cohen will singa
will be introducedby Events will get underway
solo and words of appreciation will be
given by
Death Claims Mrs. Susie Holley, during Sunday School at EXCHANGING IDEAS---Faculty members of Northwestern junior-Senior High Schoolare Deacon Samuel

Popular Teen president of the senior 9: :39 p.m. with Mrs. D.L. shown engaged in a recent planning session which will culminate in the Manning.

; Women Convention: auxili- Jenkins of St. Luke AME presentation of two events-a fashion show and a talent-variety production.Top R

talent from within the community will assist in efforts to make the pro-
Funeral Saturday ary to the General Baptist Church Live Oak, as tt
State Convention: of guest superintendent gram one of the most outstanding of the present school term. Seated from left
The Gospel Crusaders will render musical
Fla.; Vrs. Ernestine B. Cox of are: Mrs. Norma Bland, narrator; English Girardeau, publicity chairman; Mrs. a programat
the African United Church 1129
Milnor Street
.i ..... .ytv- The three general presidents Grant Memorial will be Charlotte Stewart, fashions coordinator; Mrs. Evelyn Hughes, co chairman; ,
: 11, beginning at 8:30 Bertha Bell
Nov. p.m. Mrs.
+ t"1"t. Rev. J.C. Sam adult teacher, Mrs. Mrs. Josephine Cleveland, business manager; Mrs. Mary Coleman, choreography;
is .
,; .: <.j Rev., J. A. Finlayson of Elouise Thomas, Intermediate and Mrs. Juanita W. Davis, talent recruiter. Standing from left: Wilbur Ruf- sponsor.Mrs. i

of Marianna, will Miss Jenkinsof
parker Jacqueline
Miss S. M. Odom's Woodlawn United Mother Midway
be the ministersand
among St. Luke AME Church Alice Boston and the Boston Singers will be '
laymen earin on Live Oak Card Class
app g ,
Observes Women'sDay presented in a recital NOV. 11 at 3:30 p. m. at the
the teacher. The review will EngagellentAnnOIRCed Presbyterian ChurchBY
Church of God in Unity, 12th and Danson Streets.
be conducted by Mrs.
Rev. C. L. Franklin Ernest B. Cox. L.N. PEARSON. SR. Sunday Appearing on the pr
The Woodlawn Singers, and the Sunny Poso Singers. The programis
Heads Gospel Fete Morning worship program being sponsored in interest of the Men's Day observance -
highlights will be featured Presbyterian Church will
begin its services Sunday Mrs. Rosa Lee Grace is the sponsor.Rev. .
by Mrs. A.Z. Ross, i
'i Nov. 11 by opening the
Mrs.: L.G. Small 0 f Mt.
Church School in the
Zion; Mrs. Rosa Worth _
George Washington Carver _
JOE STEPHENS Bethel Baptist Sweet- Elementary School 2854W. R. C. Curry of this city has been elected to

.. .Passing Mourned s z yf- water; St. Matthews 9rvla 5th Street with T. V. the pastorate of New 'Mt. olive Bartist church. Rev.
Choir 1; Mrs. Earl en e Huger superintendent in
Funeral Curry has had 24 years experience in ministerial
services for Wade of Mt. Ararat; Mrs. charge at 10 a.m.
Joe field pastoring several churches in Florida and
Stephens who died Cleo Boston, Shiloh Baptist The Morning
following a brief illness Georgia. He began his official duties last Sunday.The .
service will begin at

Saturday, NOV. 3, willb Mrs. Luella B. Carterof 11 a.m. Rev. F. D Wilson
e held Saturday 'at St. fius Catholic yy"Y .:rd pastor, will deliver the

2 p.m. in Cotton Chapel Church; l'rs. Marva Jenkins message.I The Westminster
"Queen of the Church'contest at Mt. Olive
Methodist Church
Rev. Mt Calvary; Mrs.A. choir will serve the
James Johnson rites with I1T/ AME Church will terminate Nov. 11. The contestantsare
pastor, .B. St eh ee. Mrs. Tom- Mrs. Ruc yne
officiating.The REV C.L. FRANKLIN Watson at the piano -I soliciting the cooperation of their many
mi e Wilder, Mrs. L. H. ,
popular Eastside Tuesday 7: 30 p.m the friends to help make this contest a success. Rev.B. .
Wellknown member of the Williams. Simpson Metho- MISS JGHNETTA JONES
youth who, resided with MISS SANDRA OIDM Westminster choir will J. Williams is jastor.
; Frank-
clergy, Rev. C.L. di st ; Mrs. Ju an it a rehearse in .
the hut.
his parents at 1563 E. lin of Detroit, Mich. Greene Mrs. Eres JohnsonMrs. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Mrs. Estella Lovingood,
22nd St. studentat Odom anmunce the Wednesday. 7 p.m Midweek prominent member of New -----
was a along with the famed R.L. Henderson, 'rs engage- a
Matthew W. Gilbert Davis Sisters, Clouds of Inez Mack and Mrs. De- ment of their daughter prayer and Sible St. James AME Church anda

High School and was prominent Joy, Gospelaires with loris Burls. Sandra Marie to Isaiah Study will be held in principal in Duval "Family Day" will be observed Sunday at First

! in Cotton Chapel Little Sammy Bryant, Usher Board 2 of Grant Glass Redmon son of the the Hut United Friday 8 pm. County' s school system' Timothy Baptist Church. The family with the largest

activities where he will appear here in Mt. Memorial will be guest Mrs. Eva Rediron of Fort clroir will will be principal speaker attendance will receive a prize. A srecial pro-
rehearse in the
served as vice presidentof Ararat Baptist Church's ushers. Myers. Hit. during the 11 a.m. gram will oe presented.District 1 will present the

youth. He was also a Annex Friday night, Nov. Mrs. Willie-D. Lucas The wedding will be shut Let in us not forget our morning worship Service Starlight and the Soul Revivers in an after ser-

J Florida Star Newsboy. 9 at 8 p.m. under the will be the main speaker solemnized Dec. 15 at members Herbert daring; the annual 'tornen'sDay vice Musical program Nov. 18. The Willing Workers

Born in Seville. Ga. he auspices of the Trium- during the 6:30 p.m. 6:30 p.min the residence Dennison, Carter Bryant, services Sunday at Spiritual Singers will observe their 10th anni-

had resided in Jacksonville phant Gospel Singers .Evening worship service of the bride elect Vrs l Mildred! Fearson and !bther Midway AME! Chu rch. versary Nov. 26 at 8 p.m. at the church.

during the major Association, Inc. Mrs. Others serving on the 1485 W. Ninth St. Friends Mrs. Daisy Dixson Let us Program highlights for

portion of his life. Ethel Davenport Bannis- program will include Mrs. of the couple are in- pray for their recovery the day long observance

Survivors include: his ter president-founder A.B. Houston. :!rs. A.Z. vited. and return to their active have already been com- 1 .' ': .:. '*' '<.:.,' ,t:' .; \ .-,.

parents Mr. and Mrs. announced. Russ Mrs. M. Davis, duties in the pleted under the supervision ,, ..-_-- ."

1 Cleophas Stephens; Cleo- Appearing wa .th the Church of God Fillar ObituariesMrs. i t i ,ch sunday u rch.Nov. 11 has been of Mrs. Elder, .' ,. .. ". -

i p h as Jr. James and above groups will be Ground of Truth: Mrs- I. fhirly A Kelly set aside as Stewardship general chairman fcrs The deacons and deaconesses of Sweetficld Baptist

Jesse Stephens, brothers: Jacksonville's own Dixie J. Odom of Zion Hope 1027 Callen Street. Commitment Day Pvery A. Black shear, co chairman Church will hold a joint anniversary celebrationNov.

Hr. and Mrs. Joe Williams Ju bilee Singers Th Baptist; Miss Doris Mack member canvass Sunday and the various 18 at 3 p.m. The speaker for the observancewill
grand parents and a host Versiteers and the Union Emanuel Baptist; Mrs. T. Sycamore Street; On this day we will make captains and committees.Mrs. be Rev. D. B. Barnes.

of relatives and sorrow- Gospel Singers. L. Wilder Mrs.. J.V. supportof L.G. Jones wife \
pledges to I
Mrs. Hattie Levins; 1203
ing friends. Admission tickets may Crockett of st.. Stephens, Hart Street. God s work Call members of the pastor Rev. J.W,

Interment will be in Mt. be secured from the and Mrs. Elaine Morel raid. to be Jones, will be acting
are urged pre-
Mrs. Shirley Kelly; 1027
I Olive Cemetery. Dallas usual places of business Guest ushers will be Callen Street. sent at 'orning-worship: Deacon Willie prince Smith of First New Zion Bap-

), J.. Graham funeral Home throughout the city Mrs Usher Poard 1 of Bethlehem tist Church will be presented in a musical recitalNov.
; Mrs. Cecelia Small; 1322 and irake pledges.
i} in charge. Bannister stated BaPtist Church. 18 at 3 p.m. in Friendship Baptist Church,
Mt.I Herman Street. Mrs. Lillie Green'sFinal
At antic Beach in the interest of District 5.

Ij Mrs.Church Eliza Street.Agent; 923 W l Rites Set For ..- .s

2 DISCOUNT Mrs. Jannie Harris; 1526W. Saturday Noon ,

6th Street.
Final rites for Mrs. Holy C Conraunion .will be administered in Enunuel Bap
rs. Lillie Green; 4369, Lillie Green will beheld with the combined
tist Church Sunday at 2:30 p.m.
STORES J erome Avenue. Saturdsy at 11 a.m. Rev.S. .
choirs leading the processional. The Pastor,
:Mrs. Georgia Johnson
; in St. Phillips Episcopal
deliver the sermon.
L. Badger
I, 830 Cassat Ave. 1147 Florida Avenue. Church Father Vincent

Near College) Royal Vayes; 524 W. Ash- Harris, Rector, .officia-

1824 W. Beaver St. ley Street. tin g.Mrs.. V
Mrs. Minnie Pride; 1444 .
Green, whose
U.S. 90 Near Stockton pass- Annual Men's Day will be observed Nov. 18 in
Grothe Street. ing occurred Nov. 3
West Union Baptist Church beginning with the SUn-
Mrs. Hattie Thomas; 340N. caused deep sorrow amonga
j WESTERN BEEF Myrtle Avenue. wide circle of frien'dsin day School at 9:30 a.m. Deacon Mac Moore' and
C Cleveland Clinch will serve as chairman and co-
Mrs.. Mattie Wright; 5335 the Florida-Georgia
E Cut fir Wrapped Dodge Road.Kenneth community, died Nov 3 MISS SHIRLEY JEFFERSON chairman, respectively.

I H I IDS AVG. WT. 100# Washington; 7736 in a local hospital
. A VG. PRICE 45.00 T FLB. Horton Lane. following an extended pastor of the day.

i Hiss Linda Washington; illness. The youth department's: INDEPENDENT OIL CO.

NOTHING DOWN-3 MO. TO PAY 7736 Horton Lane. .A native of Waverly. Ga. program ,scheduled for the

i Carlton Washington; 7736 she had been a residentin afternoon at 3 p.E. will KEROSENE HOME DELIVERY

Horton Lane. Jacksonville for the be presented under the
r< Mechanic on Duty
LEAN GROUND BEEF 3 us. S Mrs. Irene Dubose; 7736 past 37 years and was a supervision of llss J.T

Horton Lane. devoted member of St. Jones, chairman, and
IKE JOSEPH Proprietor
f WESTERN SPARERIBS 3 us.j Andrea Perry; 6417 Berrel Phillips Episcopal Church Miss S.A. Jefferson, co

Street. *where she had been bap- chat man State and Jefferson Sts. EL 6-9432

CAPITOL BOLOGNA 3 us.f Mrs. Irene Wright: 326 tized. The two young leaders

Ell: Street. She leaves to mourn; are outstanding workers"

f SLICED BACON 3 us.f Clinton Holloman; 1773H gfRev LP. Green, a de-, with the church youth.

f CAPITOL WIENERS 3ux Lee Street. vo ted husband; two .Miss Jones is the daughter Mrs. Stone .

John Henry Collins;' 3302 daughters. Mrs. S.G of Rev. and Mrs. J.W. 'c

t": FZg"! ,SAUSAGE 3 ux Stuart Street. tl'Nairn. and 'Mrs.; Li G. Jones. She plans to GIFTED IRITOALIST AND LIFE READER

Mrs.' SophroniaMillen Jackson; one son, L.P. enter Fla. A4SI Universityin

t WESTERN PORK CHOPS 10 840 Baker Avenue. : Green Jr. ; tjo brothers, January. ;ifill i I I read your PAST- ..c
ana 8
William Mallery; 821 I Boston Woodbine, Ga. Miss Jefferson is the &
PORK BRAINS 4 Caroline Street. Detroit, Gives names pfx enemies & ;:
i LiS. and 0. Boston daughter of Jtrd! : Amanda
Mrs. Patsy Walker; 1333 sisters and friends. i
; seven
Jefferson and is a juniorat
M : 1:
PORK KIDNEYS 5 us. Evergreen.Joe Mrs. E. Victory' Hacken Matthew W. Gilbert Madam Stone reunites f 5

; Stephens; 1563 E. sack, N.J. ; Vrs. J. Brown High School the separated ana k i
BEEF KIDNEYS 6a. 22nd Street. D. causes speedy and s ,
Youl tri e, Ga.: Mrs. Friends and the general rf Aa
Robert Edwards; 1723 1 Burke. Fort Myers, ; Mrs. happy marriages. '
NECK BONES: 8 public are cordially invited -
us. MC Jade Street. Overcomes ene-
. D. Killer. Kiaai: ; Mrs. A. to share in the
\ Mrs. I'ljsee Jordan mies bad luck and ,evil I influences of all
Y : : ; 750w. 1 McLeod. Patterson N.J.; events. ,
PIG FEET 10Ll day s
"4" Union Street. Mrs. I. Morris, Woodbine kinds. Restores r lost nature without fail. 4

;: Ga. and Mrs. R.L. Randolph Mt. Ararat's Girl No matter what your troubles may be,

OUR DOLLAR SALE -- 'I city. Madam Stone can and will help you. You '

.':' : FAMOUS 1': : Holmes ami West : The' body will lie inState Scouts Meet Sunday gain results in just one visit. Satis-

!! Funeral Mep at Graham Funeral sabers of Mt. Ararat's faction guar nteed.o .
I '
.I Home from 10 a.II. Friday Girl Scout Troops 249 n DAILY 9 &; M. to _9 P.M.-SUNDAY 1 P.M,, to 9 P.M.
: Ambulance Srrrin pensenently Located in Om Home
: WATCM.. TNI. a 'ntil the hour of and 313 are requested to
: 'fcVKttT SNOW -
.;;-; : ; X TKKST celTS N mrH funeral service.' meet at the church Sunday 7440 Phillips HighwayUS
, ; : ErerySiiay fr.. I:.":1... J ti tt*! I... sptMNri kf At 2719 W,, Erterwwf A**. ',+ Interment in Mt. Olive at 2:30 p.m. in full
3fc Miles South City
Q Phmr ro S.'t'-1t __ ',,, Ceaetery. Dallas Graham uniform Mrs. J.E. Davis, NO. 1 SOUTH

: Printer hat t Nrtits. HM Hty. tpmwtl Min Tf *O .{to M*s r :- .. Funeral Home in charge. troop leader, announced. I acksonY1lle, Florida

,:*,i." > ,1;; ,>,: .":,.;, ;, -'. >.',':, ,,; -: :' :: :: =;,: i .i'.;: __....__.__, __o. _0 _. ..._. ,.h...-.:-.__._ yI YN.I. IL.Sr V/' ._ i!

-- .-------
;; -t' .' .. .. -
"f"J -
J J' I 1'

' ,! November 10, 1962 FLORIDA STAR ..u PAGE.' 5
' 4 -
Yes We All Tilkf '. 1i.t
!umiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiniuimuimuniiiniinniHii! i.

.:';\:;, '". '.-. BY REV. J. REDDICK / 1961 i I .; !,

?':" ,1' :.-..f. Don't Wait For Tunerals' I I I DOH't t Forget........ !| ..1 k I

: V attended a funeral some time ago. Friends == SI : ,i
with whom I was quite familiar were in atten1 1 iI I

dance. There were those who had come from far and 1 1I The Rattlers Are Coining! | I I

near, present. it was interesting to hear many = = I

of them. state that they had not been home for rr E -- I
'years and years.' It came to me that their being j = =
'I 1 Undefeated AIM Plays E
absent from each other for so long absorbed -- = =
many opportunities which fellowship, concerted 3 -- --
efforts and understanding could have used. "These )'lZ'lZr

things draw us together," stated someone standby. K 0 kr 1 F I Texas SOlthern I

:p I
After hearing these statements, I became Uncomfortable ...Fj' 3 -
to think that people wait until a I Sat. Nile, Nov. 24 In The il

loved one dies to produce an attraction to draw ,
them together.We can all wonder is there anything I r 8 I

left to follow-up their coming together, or save 4 -i $- 1 Gator Bowl _5; f !f
the good of the fellowship or the values of their -- r- I

.concerted efforts to helpful use. is there left s Of Course
Iib I
I sufficient attractions to keep them together, I -
E + = = I
once a loved one has been taken out of life's I
affairs? Certainly, in no community is there a. f 1 The Fast-Stepping Marching 100 I
Mil Be On !Hand! '
enough loved ones to die and serve as the magnetto -

together.I draw .us together as much as we need to get 0.' ---- (, 5. 5, 'I

acknowledge that in our society funerals are : ;, -_ Make Your Plans Now! 5 ./

necessary. It is pathetic that many of us neg- I iiillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllill
lect the best opportunities to get together. I

am convinced that funerals do not furnish us the I

best opportunities to come together. Too many of WASHINGTON. D. C.---Howard University's 1962 Homecoming Queen, Tamara Ewell of Harrisburg, Pa. is E3
us wait for 'funerals' in all areas of life to [3 [i) [3 E3
shown being crowned by Armour J. Blackburn, dean of students at the university, during Coronation
bring us together. Suppression of human freedom, "
contagious diseaseslawlessness, selfishness exercises at Howard. Miss Ewell, a senior in the college of Liberal Arts who is majoring in zoology, i ii
1 was elected by vote of the student body. She is surrounded by members of her court and members of Ii
and hate. Even fire hazards, dangerous traffic
the Howard Air Force and Army Reserve officers Training Corps detachments. __ __ 1
inter-sections. delapidated and slum areas are lewgf-Piece I
many times over looked until disasters occur. College !::

.. Our coming together while all are alive could' Avtoiraph Time At FAMU Nov. ScheduleNEW ''i
certainly S.T.R.E.T.C.H KNIT
'postpone many 'funerals. It would ,.. V''I<4o" :e
',; ,;i. :: ii>" :' t YORK -- The Nov.
the status of
exert favorable consequences on
f' .
.WNL broadcasts of Negro
human existence. If we wait for 'funerals' they :",;; ,
College Choirs, the FURNITURE
I' will not come sufficiently in time nor quantity ; '"
ABC Radio Network weekly
1 to avert disaster. Evils among feople: know no
I series, will feature
They are destructive. Sooner or later,
person. choruses of four
mostly sooner, they attack people. They seek the southern colleges, the ANY CHAIR I r SOFA I
same consequences with all. Wherever we know that 4. L r United Negro CollegeFuni a'' FIT I Al MOST !

evils appear, if we are a person, we must make I Ir announced here today -

our attack before a 'funeral.' E-- ; f f.j fI

Presenting the member

# I ,a colleges 0 f the Fund, r
the program originatesin + 1 R .t r 1 r ;1 1 ,a'I Zb'1
A .r New York City and is .j;

Thanksgiving Day Y L beamed by the American ,N t'tJ 'A 'tl r t rnM I+pr++han aut w utUIntl tnu Ili h'
Broadcasting Company to JI JIji

I will be happier day. its each affiliated week. The local stations ABC
stations throughout the : 1 m ;:, : l
country air the programon
t .. different days and
CAHADY'S BARBER SHOP { at varying times. Check < < l t I t a ,
local newspaper. listingfor I
5570 .Verbena Road ,FLANKED BY FAMUANS Mary '8' soloist with the Jackie Wilson outfit autographsfor airtime.
admirers. The artist recently appeared in. concert with Jackie Wilson at "Negro College Choi rs"

;: -i: ANNOUNCES Flkrida A. and M. university. Left to right: Gerald Greene, Detroit, Mich. ; is now in its 13th year ..

Pennon JohnsonEustis;. Ethel Wingate, pensacola; Sennie Browdy, Wauchula; of continuous broadcasting -

i ... :' ''The Addition of :,!rs. Mary *B' Richard Stallworth, port St. Joe; and Carolyn Riley, Birmingham, over the ABC .1
Alabama. Radio Network,

Alice Burrough, Formerly '" .., .,.,...: .. .- ...... ........... .
'. .. of palmer Bar- ,
Top Appointee
ber Shop To Its Staff w"' Chair Cover

Beginning Monday, NEW YORK CITY--.Augustus versity college of law,
November 12 F. Caine of Monrovia,
is. here attending the ; Jk
S Liberia, West Africa, a seventeenth General As-.

.} Mrs. uyrtis! Can"dy, Mrs. Alice Burrough 1960 graduate of the sembly of the united Na- r.
...Proprietor ...New Addition Florida A. and M. Uni- tlons. 18
, i. f' I'
----- -- --
Attorney Caine was recently -
appointed directorof

+ the Division of Internal t' > ,\ It s t4 a .'
+ OrganizationsAffairs .. ; V..
BLENDED'WHISKY, 86 PROOF 65% GRAIN NEUTRAL SPIRITS. 1962. SCHENLEY DISTILLERS CO., N.Y.C. for the Republicof .1H f., ..:",. ;

Liberia. s $ f 95 I
J .I %
Make Slip on, tie, tuck-in. these new
em REASSIGNEDAMARILLO I : covers give a bright, fresh slip-
1d I 9: Sofa Cover covered look in minute Machine i
washable never need ironing.
Tasty ar Airman Third AFB Tex.Class-- Choice of colors. ;

Charles Smith Jr. of
Jacksonville. Fla. is Buy Now-Pay Next Year
t being reassigned to

. MacDill AFB, Florida. Ii NO DOWN PAYMENT AND

I Airman. Smith, son of NO MONTHLY PAYMENT

Charlie Smith Sr.of Job Do. UNTIL FEBRUARY 1963
6246 Restlawn Drive, ar 100 t rll at.xno
tp < a, a.a.l ON KRESS READY CREDIT.
Jac ki :on vi 11 e. was

trained; in the use of z .:
a supply publications and t-. ... .: ;...:\. ,< ".." :. ," ...., +'':; ..{ ','-,
mechanized: accounting ;?Y' !: L>'. 4 : ::1r .k. *eeiaPtllan8 e 4

\ wwI procedures used in.J HALFBACK WILLIE BROWN is one of the U. of Southern .
organizational supply (California's stars who will be seen in Rose Bowl

activities. action New Year's day should the Trojans, presently 80 Square
Th e airman 1 s a 1:the top rated pacific Coast College selected to J

graduate of Northwestern ]represent the area. USC defeated Washington 14-0
!J JI Junior-Senior High JSc ]Last Saturday to loomas Coast's number one standut. Printed Percales !
I h 00' 1. c> .
NAACP Asks JFK On the Bolt
SUNNY SAYS: Serve Schenley's sunny morning flavor
For tastier drinks your guests will saver!"

:. ..' To Protect Miss.

Myrtle Av<* an Integration Leaders 4

1 i i'chen1eq JUMBO SHRIMP lb. 1.20 Kennedy WASHINGTON was! -urged President to r 25c)

invote all means at his

! c MEDIUM SHRIMP 79c disposal to protect .
Lb. life, limb and. property I
of Negro integration c/V Yard :
1 FRESH CATFISH leaders in
1s s Schenley is a surprise to most people. It's SPOTS 35c WATER MississippiThe 4c1. I Iy
chenlel a whisky that's light as any-but there'sa
appeal came from
likeable difference in flavor. That's because 49c
1.; r 1Rese. rlUK lB. Bishop Stephen Gill niI !;{ g TILL* 9:00
..- ; ,,, 1 Scheniey's straight whisky are s ,R
-' mellowed 8 full years before blending with STEAEF1SK tL 5' S'ICJUDTIOUT; Spottswooe, chairmen of I SATURDAYS; TILL' 8 P.M.1r .
y.C..r..rc 1 gram neutral spirits. Change to Schenley the NAACP Board of Directors +c '
49c 1?
t : Kt .'.ind put flavor back in your drinks. ....Lt. who cited the 'i e Use -
.sa.1I1t ,
BLUE fiSH litt. 35c II.- l" '
i bccbling of the home of "
1wf lade O4Tu Kress" lay-Away.....
Dr J L. Allen of j
r r..+.:.r t:. $4" $310i ci WH1TNING i,. 32c Columbus vice chain an I

i! i ,," : FLOUNDER U. 4St of the Mississippi etv \
DES SNAPPER IL 59e State Advisory Cbnaittec: 1

.. CHIN fLORIDA to the U. S. Cora:: is si on :. j
: .
i :' '.: f4 f/; : ? Civil Rl h ts. ,
.. } :" ,"'f.:: LOBSTERS on [
e ; "
: : 69'AACKE1tELLt and
'. The "frequency Downtown .
> : .. Lt,39c .
: intensity of telephoned ,
SALT WAY[. Utc threats have greatly u un modern ter/nr slats Mala & Adams

.f BREAM lk 35c' RED BASS u 29c heightened." President
Kmnf"di was'advised. r

j\\1. .-J, ,.r .' Y.- ;.J-., --' ....=.::;.. ., J. .. .. .
....: .. '_' '!.- .... .. < _. > .- ._ .. -,
o- ---- --" -- -- -- - --

.".- .
.. ... -. .- -. -" ---- "

21:J:r NtJ t > ,; -- FlDit.A STAR -- : Satortaj Hotanter '0"" ? -1

fit' \j 2d BaptIst Hairs Church, Urbannettes Thespians Rounding Into Shape As Curtain Call Looms \\1 IIY

; I Pwtir Dirtof A....) Strvkis

Rev. j. ii. Bing of Apoka, Florida, will deliverthe

major sermons for the joint anniversary cele-
brati m of the Second Baptist Church Sunday. The

4 occasion is the 112th anniversary of the churchand

the fourth of the pastor Rev. J. C. Sams

Rev. Bing. formerly of, Y ( 'Ij 'i 4
under direction .
of Mrs. r I .
L this city, and the only G.c. j; : i.' .
Vaught assisted by J rrk !
living former pastor of Charles Maxwell will F 't''
Second Baptist Church, :
sing for
.l morning and t .
is currently the minister evening services ills

of the New Hope Baptist Allie
Faye Roundtree
f Church, Apoka. an ; j -
Aaron Jackson will be )1 4 &

The combined choirs ,the special soloists.The -

f church will presenta
Veterans Set '''aato s Night program -

Monday night, beginning -

Program Sunday at 7:45 p. m. s

During the devotion I
Marie Barrack 2806 will period, Mrs Lauretta t
: hold a membership kick- Blonnt will be heard ina "WORLD'S. GREATEST: MlATEUR.SHOW is the term which this
bellishnients, comedy, and skits for
off meeting Sunday Nov. solo, and"Mrs. Ethel a promising evening's entertain-
Spectacular Urbannetes review sponsors are applying to the all ment. The vehicle is being directed
t 11 at 3 p.m. in Trinity Holzendorf will give the co by Mrs. Helen Robinson and
'round assortment of talent which makes the cast of the annual
Baptist Church at Jefferson welcome address. up Mrs. Janet Johnson. Tickets are already available from Urban League

and Puval Sts. Other weekly activities extravaganza slated for presentation Thanksgiving Eve at 10 p.m. Guild members and at the Ebony Record Shop. 'First nighters' are

Veterans of "to rid War 1 will' include the Prayer in Duval County Armory. Rehearsal previews reveal such 'show- reminded that this year's third annual production will be "biggerand

who are not members of of Faith Hour, Tuesda stoppers' in the latest dance rage will introduce the Zombie, Duke better' than ever.

i the organization are invited night, beginning 7 p.m. of Fart Limbo Rock and many others interspersed with musical em-

to be present and The deacons will be in Final Riles Sunday For Mrs. J. Home Women's Event Pentacostal ChurchTo .

get some first band information charge of the devotion,
Mrs. held Sunday, Nov. 11, at ABOUT PEOPLE
Home, of
,, Celebrate
about the' and the pastor will conduct Margaretta' died sud- Church of God In Christat Sunday In
organization. the Bible period.hllbtircrs .
denly in her home Thursday Vargaretta Fla. *****
The wives, widows, Survivors are: daughters Bethel Church Annual Assembly
Meet Nov. 1. L'rs.! Horne
mothers, sisters and Mesdames Nettle Lee The annual Assembly of
daughters are also Invited was wellknown and was Jenkins, and Rosa Williams o frr the Pentacostal Church The Orchid Ladies Club, inc. will sponsor a Harvest -

to attend this eaPallbearers NiI 1 bom in Maxville! Fla. ; sons, Rev. T.H will convene Nov. 12 Tea Sunday from 4 to 6 p.m.in the home of Mrs.

meeting in order to obtain and lived in Margarettafor Thompson, Leroy Thompson through the 18th in Pen- Connie King, 1473 w. 14th St. Mrs. Julia James
hand informa Soceity No. the past 60 years. will preside at the and
first Rev. David tacostal Church of First organ Mrs. Clyde Johnson
18 will Thompson,
tion. Members for the Monday night She was a member of the Robert Born NOJ 2. 1631 W. will serve as mistress of ceremonies, Mrs. L. Jonesis I
Home, and Longwel
Nov. 12 at 7: 30 clock
of God
in Christ
auxiliary are needed.A 23rd St. Bishop Edward chairman of refreshments and Mrs. Beatrice Baucom I
Home, brothers Wesley,
the basement
of Mt. Elder lack! Rise,
program will be is program chairman.
White, host pastor
Louis and James Smith
rendered and ,a speaker Olive Primitive Baptist Bishop W. R.' Nesbitt, ; I
will !outline the merits Church, Mrs. Ella Push 8i SlOp. sisters Vrs. A. demons, .............................. f
of the organization. president, IIlnoUD cee!. Funeral services will be Mrs.! Mildred Evans, and Services get underway !
:'rs. Onie Jones, Monday morning at 10 a.m. i
The Associated Garden Clubs of the city will i
with devotionals .and sponsor -
St. Phillips Plans Grant MemorialA Schedules TeaMrs.'arjorie Baptist Assn. testimonials services a Fall Tea Sunday from 4 to 6 p.m. at the club :

Fashion Tea will be Johnson, under the supervisionof center, 344 W. 17th St. A unique program entitled

Bazaar On sponsored by Mrs. Sophie Mrs. Sadie V Fayne, Ends SessionBY ,E + Deacon Eddie Thomas. "Pageant of Roses" will be presented. All presi-

Mitchell, Mrs. Agnes Mrs. George Henry and The] speaker ill be ap- dents and members have been asked to support the
Walker and Miss toggle tea. The public is invited.
Nov. 16fh Mrs. Ruth Johnson. MRS. RACHEL WILLIAMS pointed. Monday night's
Kellum Nov. 11 in Grant
The following ALBERTA J. WILLIAMSThe devotionals and allied
St. Philips Episcopal Memorial AUK Church .General Chairman .............................. ,
will appear on the pro- services will be
Church at Union and from 4 to 6 p.m., for the East Florida and PALATKA -- Bethel AME
gram: Mrs. Clara Alberti the direction of Deacons
Pearl Streets will benefit of the annual Bethany Baptist Association Church is
one The Volunteens of Brewster Methodist
e, Mrs. Olivia. Mc- Edwards and Jordan Hospital,
its annual Women s Day observance closed a successful of the most
ba- outstanding
sponsor Millan, Mrs Dorothy Minister W.W. Grant will continue to be active under the supervision of
zaar Nov 16 at 7:30 scheduled for Nov. 18. session at the Second presentation in its history -
Mrs. Eleanor Hurley.
Garner. A.A Walker, deliver the sermon. They are easily distinguishedby
The models are: 'rs. Baptist Church recently.The .
The general chairmen Sunday when its
Mrs. Clara their "candy striped"
Wilkerson Mrs. Beatrice Simpson uniforms. They work in
for the committees Altamease Garden various auxiliariesalso annual Women observance
are: Mrs "Mozelle Veacham and s Day will be in charge ofTuesday's various departments of the hospital
l'rs.t'aomi Harris, bazaar Mrs. Annie McIntosh and observed excellent will be cele-
Mrs. Roberts Hester. services which
daughter Mrs. Verdle
chairman, Alvin Bradley and daughter, Mrs. Daisy Johnson will sessions during the, unified brated throughout theday begin at 10 a.m. The ..............................

White, co-chairman meeting. Mrs. R.D. Williams
; Mrs. Luella McBride and serve as narrator and speaker will. be ap-
Father T Vincent Harris daughter, Mrs. Thelma music will be furnished Several changes including general chairman, and cochairmen pointed. Mrs. L. Wward Mrs. Doris Nealy Brown of 3030 Bethel Court, South-

steering committee, Sallett small Mrs. by: E.V. Richardson. the re-grading Mrs. E. Brown will be in charge of side, motored to New Smyrna Beach to attend the

George B. Nairn, finance Alvenice Mcq,reen, Mrs. .. of departments were made and Mrs. G. Hardy an- Tuesday night's opening funeral of Louis .Baker recently-Service was held.-.
Russell Robin con, aisle; Maxie Williams during the election nounced. Mrs. L. Hamil- ceshl: Baplist
Lillie M. Battle, Mrs. hour. servi ch beginat at the Mt. Calvary Church.
Alton Adams, door prizes Martha Polite, Mrs. ton, program chairman, 8 o' clock Miss P.

'Mrs Thelma Johnson, Jeanette Scott, Mrs. Plans Recital Re-elected were: Rev. has arranged an interesting Jones will deliver the .............................*
Callie J. Gone Miss De- W.M. Hill, moderator;
entertainment; Harold program for the entire sermon with Sister McBride -
Nairn decorations. lorse Lane, Mrs Thel- Maxie W. Williams Jr. Rev. J. D. Hughes, 3rd day.Sunday serving as alter-

Mrs. L'arie' Stewart, metia Argrett, Mrs. will be presented in a vice moderator, an School will begin nate.

booths; Mrs.I Beulah Janie Cannon, Mrs.! Va- musical program Nov. 18 Rev. G. T. lie Call was at 9:45 a.m. with Mrs. Ruth Hill will be I
Mrs. Marie
Hughes, women of St. lorie Gilbert A.R. Clar at 7: 30 p.m. in the auditorium elected to the vice Mrs. M.B. Rhoads as in charge of Wednesday's entered.Brewster Duhart.Methodist, L.P.N. of 3249 Roselle St.
Jr. Mrs. Carolyn Gamble moderatorship and Rev. Hospital for surgery.She .
Philips Mrs Verdell of Tabernacle guest superintendent. opening servicesat '
is a member of New St. James AMK Church. Friends
Williams Renee Steward. B.H. Hartley succeededhim The lesson will be 10 a.m.
Norman musical tea; Baptist Church. reviewed Wednesday n't f
Mrs. Vivian Uanignult, Gale C. Davis, Mendy The artist will be ac- as 2nd vice modera- by Miss D. Hardy. night's devotionals will may c see her.

souveni program; L.J. Graham, Tory A. Johnson, companied by the adult tor. Mrs. J.D. Epperson will be supervised by Mother ..............................
Bmks, public relations. and Andrienne RichardsonThe choirs of the church. Others re-elected were, be principal speaker for Lelia Underwood. Elder
hostesses are: Mrs. W.G. Patterson, recording T.C. McCord will deliver
Door prizes will be Mrs. Sadie M. Bivins of the morning worship service -
given to lucky persons Grace Lane, Mrs Ger- Abyssinia Baptist Church secretary; Rev. beginning at 11 a.m. the sermon. The pharmacy at Brewster Methodist Hospital is
trude Hatcher, Mrs. Jean W.C. Mitchell, assistant Thursday morning's staffed with three registered: pharmacists. They are
during the bazaar rod a will Introduce Mr. Williams She will be introducedby ser-
talent show will high- Melvin Mrs. Ruth Taylor and Mrs. Queen recorder; Rev. L.C. Way, t'rs., G.L. Long. Mrs. vices will be directedby Harold Copeland, Miss Henrietta Jones, and Roosevelt -

light the entertainment. Mrs.: Mildred Robinson, Akins will give the oc- corresponding secretaryand J. Florence will preside Sister Pearl Johnson. Florence.They have two assistants, Mrs. Theri-
less Cbpeland and Samuel
Eddie Mrs. Qissie Hell Meggs.
casion. Rev. Bur during the program. will be

Hosts and hostesses roughs, historian.Rev. Bethel's young people in charge of devotionals

will be Willie Bannister N.B. Williams, will present an afternoon service Thursday night.
., .: statistical secretary.Rev. program starting at Sermon by Elder Joe
Berry Sheffield, Cars- You Don't Have to Go to Town to Get
well Norton, Theodore C.L. Oliver, trea- 4 p.m. with the guest Sal th.

Williams, Lawrence V. surer; Rev E.R. Simp- speaker to be Coach W.C. Wamen's Day will be observed LOW PRICESOn

Jones, Pern ell Bivins, son, auditor; and Rev. Cooper. He will be introduced Friday with

Florida Builders NowFor Miss iJoria Lockett E.K Howell, Missionary.Rev. by Miss Joyce Mother marian bite pre-

Miss Betty Campbell A.J. Hughes, Cowan. siding. Uniform for the Your

Mrs. Alvenice McQueen. chairman of the District Miss Minnie Clarke will day will be white. Fri-

Mission Board and Rev. feature the 7 p.m. dar night will be Talent
Mrs. Lorraine Snowden,
Top Quility CMStractta Of Mrs. Mary Williams, Mrs. Daniel Johnson, chair Evening worship serviceas night. DRUG STORE NEEDSTrade

Thelma Green, Mrs. Oliva man of the Education main speaker. Misses Beathaa and C. With Your Neighborhood Drug Store

*'H.itiig ft Air C.udItii Ellis. Mrs. Geraldine Board. St. Paul's Choir 1 Simpson will be directors WE WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADVERTISED IN YOUR

Campbell, Mrs. Willie M. Mrs. M. L. Johnson of the Saturday LOCAL PAPERS

Richardson, 4 rs. D. Sims president; Mrs. L. Celebrates Annual morning devotions. Flat- We D.eliver-We Also Pill All Doctors'Prescript
) *Niw Hosts George, vice president; form preaching will fea-
\ : __.. :\ Richardson Mrs. D. Sims
:' Mrs. S. Sandlin, 2nd Fete MondayThe ture the events. Dixie
*RtModiliigAMitioas ': 1 :.;' <> Mrs. C. Henderson Mrs. vice president and Mrs. SUNDAY' S SERVICES Pharmacy

Marie Jenkins, Mrs..! V. .
M. Smith, 3rd vice pre Sunday school will be-
,'t McNeil, Mrs. M. Ford president and members
J ai den t.Mrs. gin at 10 a.m. with Trs.
Mrs. L. Ford, Mrs. R. W.M. Hill, recording of St. Paul AMEO1urch's Ruth Hill in charge assisted 1302 Kings Road at Myrtle Avenue
Rice and Usher Boards 1 Choir 1 are invited -
:t' .. ii.t{ .Y secretary; Mrs. by Deacon Eddie
Patios --- ,f', ... .' and 2 of the church. to share in the Phones EL 5-5597-98
:: ::; :;', : B. Hawkins, financial Thomas. Morning! worship -
unit's 52ad anniversary
secretary and Mrs. R. 12 noon. Mrs. Virginia
Ctriorts .r..E. program Monday night, PAY YOUR LIGHT WATER AND TELEPHONE
in ,
: ; Croup Schedules Cook, Editorial secre Nov. 12 at 8 d clock in Tryus charge of devotions

Garages '-' tary. the church auditorium.An assisted by BILLS AT OUR STORE

.,.) .. '$ SaraWomen's Mrs. R. Mize 11 e, evening of good singIng Miss A. Simpson. -

? : treasurer and Mrs. II. is promised and Fre- FYI League meets at I II
SiiinDrivtwtys ; : '
I : : Washington, 7:30 p.m. with Deacon
Day sident Nfthaa Wed ell an is
ding secretary. invited singing groupsas Eddie Thomas in charge UPHOLSTERINGCALL I

Annual ?men's Day will hiss C. Hall was elected well as friends and assisted by Sister Jones.Crown.
be observed Nov 11 ID
president of the new the general public to

RttffiftfFMCIS the Church of God in Children's group. Miss share in the observance.Mrs. Royal SOFA & CHAIR

Christ Southside. Officers J. Daniels re-elec- -
was I.A. Baggs is program STANDARD
are: Mrs Ethel ted president of the chairman. Cola J

Butler, general chairman; Youth Department, and
Srar cochairman the following new officers -

*l.iirfiy ; Mrs. B. S. were seated: Hiss AVODHOLIDAY
Brown, guest superintendent
ALnda Bryant, vice pre-

.1. sident; and Hiss Bessie RUSH l.j.r b Ma.ri.h
: > Captains are: Mrs. Uin- .... _..4._ 1..1..1e1
4 Graham,. secretary. AN ,RaI.. b Tic
; nie Herritt. Mrs. N.w i' MOd
Lelia Mrs. M. Daniels is ..,. .
AH W fk& *! *-Fr !* *

"-No Money Down--- Rivers, Mrs. Elizabeth'GnhSt general director of the NO DOWN PAYMENT rut............>to T......toMb
Mrs Etta
Children Department. { ****limiiiu T-
-6 !has! yarj Bailey and Mrs sahara liquors PO 5-1698 t "
Rev. J. C. Sams, the MAN rout tioutrr
FHA ft Ctiviitiiiii Ltms Delores Robinson.
pastor, and general
Mrs Edwina William will t president of the Progressive I EASY TERMS ARRANGED I

Also Cus.liiali.e filllC II be the great speaker for Baptist State ,

'Fir' the morning worship at Convention of wJdeh the :ECONMY' D CQRAI0fts '
Free Eittartu CAMEL 11 o' clock. Mrs. Eliza '
Association is
a '
Long will serve as tip QPHQJtRER :.

354-6782 Ext 7 M 4-OIU day.acting .pastor for the' election unit*. held the r J'NO' e.u AY '_ S.t'! t_ ,


--if-; :.; ,

;;sdc .....- ._.' 'it;.:' .. ', '' ., : '. .- :::<.r_ ':' "._: : 1. ..
-- --'----------- -

". r'

Fi" I e I.!Hiriwi I

J .
I oafeicay nuT" mum IcerI lDt tUMM 5111 I K : 1

\ M Map Fashion Show Plans f th f Detroit''Has NAAGrChipfer I

r Conference Seeks improved Top AppsiBtee :_. t* Jt ,.
j' j ,t1 :\", : ,.1 .' : ;' ; :t-i';

: ,:. Living For Farm Groups 4 D TROIT---The'NAA P cording to Lapiois Ash-

.' established a chapter on ford, NAACP youth secre-
SAN FRANCISCO Calif.--- ,A ,
A Southern rural conference with rural development, Attorney Benjamin D. ; the university of Detroit tary.

campus this week, after.,. : ;
l on the theme farmers and other. James jr.a 1955 graduateof '
"A Better Life 'for "grass-roots" people the Florida A. and M. .' a two-year campaign chirring QUICK :
will meet to discuss which the student ,
Farm Families' to be
University college dmbf paint on the end
held at Franklinton what practical steps law, was recently appointed council and adminis- of the hell cn e lets you tell

t : Center, Bricks, North low income families can general attorneyfor tration maintained none at a glance what load I f. tarot:

't- Carolina, on Nov. 14-16, take to remain in farming the Housing and Home was needed.A into your nfleI .
and earn a decentliving student council
I was the
announced by
Finance Agency of this I SIS1ER'BISHOPSpiritual
'11 ;:: sponsor, the National to obtain other city. spokesman said at the

::: Sharecroppers Fund. employment near their time that establishment. Reader' & Advisor -
Attorney James, a,native / '
:s=; Prominent government homes or to gain skills of an NAACP chapter Tells All, problemsof
of Houston, Texas,
: Hand: private agency officials necessary to secure would be admitting that Life-SATISPACTIONS
: Jobs elsewhere. GUARANTEED-NO Appoint-
,.: concerned discrimination existedon

,.\,. Among the speakerswill *. the campus.Nevertheless! ments.Necessary, '..
GibbsST. "
be John A. Baker Represents consistent Hours:* 8to 'S-Sundays:

;j' asthma Assistant Secretary of PETffiSBURG---Alene y' -arky efforts by pro-NAACP Call, [For,: AppoInt$ | }ehts-

Agriculture in charge of Williags, sophomore from youth, both Negro and RA 5-4608-Bus Stop #51

i ; ; (it agony... ment the Rural Program Areas, Develop-and Dr. Fort Myers, was selectedto white, succeeded, ac- 10310 .ATLANTIC BLVD.

Dr. Guild's serve 'n the planning
Prank P. Graham, NSF
Green Mountain committee of the AlabamaGeorgiaFlorida ...
i CIGARETTES OK COMPOUND Chairman and former U.S. ...
YWC/ FOR FUTURE DIANA SHOIs---Yrs. Ethel Davenport Bannister (right) fashion coordinator

IMPERIAL SUNDRIES Senator from North Caro- organization. Miss Will- for Diana Shop and Mrs. Evelyn Johnson, company bookkepper, both of I Classified : :. I

lina.APARTMENT. iams was selected last whom might easily be mistaken for models of many of the shows sponsored 4,?
patent Medicines-Cosmetics
All Leading FOR RENT week-end then she and four their employer, go over plans for a fashion show scheduled for Nov. 16 under I
I sponsorship of Edward Waters College's junior classes in the Theological audiI
Hair preparations Furnished-3 Respectable others from Gibbs Jc attended TOR SALE ItJohnnie's
torium. Another show is being planned for the Brewster Mothers Auxiliary in Hotel
Cor. Broad & AshleyEL Single Men-4RmsBath H&C a YWCA retreat on All FurnitureCarpetsVenetian -
early December. (Royal Art Studio Photo) TV in every room.
4-215? L-Call After 6,EL 3-9942 camp weed-on-the Gulf. Blinds, Light For Reservations Call

Preparedness Gibbs Speaker Stirrup Named Fixtures, LampsMirrors & EL 5-.4025
Air Conditioners.
Christian Group's Emphasizes Role OB MarshailTALLAHASSEEWilliam WINDLE HOTEL 741/2 W. ASHLEYJacksonville.

17 E. Forsyth .Street> Florida

Monthly Theme Of United Nations Open 9 a.m.-6 p.m. except WANTED

The staff of the Saturdays and Sundays
J. Stirrup has been
ST. PETERSBURGGibbsJunior Beauty operators& Barbers
Christian Endeavor Hour, El 639'01ROOdS
College students appointed parade marshal New Hollywood Beauty &
in its regular monthly
heard the United Nations for the forthcomingOrange FOR RENT Barber Lounge-622 Ashley
selected the
MARKEIS meeting* described as 'an institution Blossom Classicand price-Working Men, 'all wr. Tarver H, 4.9774Services
SUPER thane, 4freparedn ess' I At Low
'Festival scheduledfor
devoted to W-West Side-No --=---
for the month of, Nov. Women-H&C
achieving the highest December 78. The appointment Children-Call EL 4-3720
The program committeeis
common denominator of was announcedby .
preparing presenta- Sound Service Tor Ad-
Center. Cat human value." FrancisX. Dr. George W. Gore ROOMS FOR RENT
Hershey tion that will be vertisingDances, Ball
centered around the Wiget, resident of Jr. president of Fla.A. Nicely Furnished-H&C WOn -

PORK preparation for the the St. Petersburg Chap- and M. universitywhich Bus Lines-475 W. 19th Games etc. Also Loudspeaker'
service for Ban
} SUGAbS. emergency which is important ter of the American Association is the sponsor of Pn- 356-8301
J quets. Concerts Record
WY to everybody. for the united the colorful evert.
Hops etc.phone El 3-5902
CHOP 59C Vital information will Nations, made, the state- Stirrup succeeds Elliott ROOMS FOR RENT
*" fib. with $5.00 or more food order j be available on what to ment while appearing" '" on J. Pieze, long-time 6 Rms-Couple OnlyAllConveniences SOUND SERVICE

: Garden Fresh- Ballard do in case of nuclearwar the. campus last week as classic parade marshalwho CallEL Wiley Apartments
I or attack, whereto principal speaker for died Saturday, Oct.
J 5-7275 "Jacksonville'sFinest'
go shelter and how to UN week. 27 enroute to broadcastthe

: GREEDS FLOUR care for persons, should Wiget also told the attentive A. and M.TennesseeState HELP WANTEDExperienced
25C 2ge 2 Bd Rm Apts.-$11.50
they survive the attack. student body that football game.
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generation's struggle businesses, and organiza- f
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I,t :. ; Engineers, Yellowjackets Meet Foes Here This Weekend SPORTING IT UP ,1


11" Nigerian i Attends Fla. ASMFAMUANS IT WAS ANNOUNCED THAT the
Prep Schools Slate Gridfests ,_ .. .. DAVALILLO.
:":-t-r.: ::1 2 ......3N i > amazing mite of the Jacksonville Suns, would geta

.,;: shot wrath the Cleveland Indians, many baseball

J: Here Friday Saturday Night on prognosticators his size and how immediately he will started fare among commenting the big

1ji; r boys. Well, that argument sounded like nonsense
! !
: to me, when you think of such star performers a? l1;
t ., Jax weekend Frep school a setback. the
outstanding encoun-
fir Phil Rizzuto, Bobby Shantz, Nellie Fox, Albie i
football menu presents a This: gone is expectedto /'JII
of the
ters current sea-
Pearson, Maury' Wills and little Leo Cardenas,
pair of sparkling spec- be a do-or-die fight
son. of the Cincinnati Reds. in 1957-58, Cardenas awhile
s. tacles here Friday and right down to the finish be termed a
It might a
bX91 playing shortstop with Savannah of the
Saturday night in MyrtleAve. since a win will place take-jour-pick far V
as as
South Atlantic League, the best Cardenas could ,
Ball Park when the the Panthers a half game predicting the winner of
do on the scales 145
was pounds. He batted .267, t
fighting Panthers of against the Stan ton s the Yellowj ackets-Dragpn
with 13 homers and said to be
was one of the I
Matthew 1'. Gilbert clash Blue Devils and an Engineer -
gridfest Saturday night
fanciest fielders in the
history of the South
with Stanton vocational defeat will with time slated
game Atlantic. He was chosen the All-Star shortstop.THE [
Engineers on Friday eliminate them In for 8 o' clock. ,I
night and Northwestern s countywide standings.The Despite being defeated
of the greatest shortstops in the history of the
Yelloe Jackets hosts Engineers in an by the Panthers in their AI
game. Fans around Crcsley Field take pride in ,
Douglas Anderson's fiery underdog role thisNyear 1 ast session the t

Dragons Saturday night played inspired ball to Yellowjackets will be in j "} naming such shortstops as Corky Corcoran, Joe

to wrap-up a week of upset vaunted Peck High a vengeful mood despitethe Tinker, Buck Herzog, Horace Ford, Leo Durocher, l

competitive sports on of 12-6, but lost to Billy Myers, Eddie Miller and Roy McMillan but i
fact that the Dragon'eke LEARN OF AFRICA--Stanislanas unoessiena Florida A. and M. University
the local front. Crescent in when one starts talking about little Leonardo
City a out a hard-fought student from Nigeria, West Africa tells viewers about his native country. J.
Gilberts' Panthers willgo fceartbreaker-' Ibis: is Lazaro Cardenas, the 5-10, 154 pound shortstop f
7.0 victory over Itirray'Bull
Here he points at Nigeria on a map of Africa which was part of an exhibit entitled -
into their setto with expected to be one ofHe's of the Reds their faces light up. The front office 1
Dogs, last Saturday
Tropical Africa: An Explosion into the 'FUture. The Exhibit came from
the Engineers a slight night. feels that when the history of the great short- 1
the Smithsonian institution, Washington, D. C.
favorite due to a 15-0 stops of the Cincinnati teams is written, it 1

win over the Engineersin AOk Brandeis would not be worth the paper it is written on if i

their first meetingof the name of the 'Li ttle Spider' as he is called ";

record last year. Names is left out.
This event gets under- WHY WORRY ABOUT VIC DAVALILLO and his size when 4:

way at 8 o'clock Friday Negro Coach the little men have taken care of themselves in t

-night and is a most important /- whatever positions they have filled? When one 1
", 1if BOSTON Mass. -- Ex-
game for both stops to think, most of the men Vic played a-
F.oston Technical High Y4y
clubs since the Panthers 9 .F gainst and with were former major leaguers, who 1
speedstar and Winston-
have two wins and no defeats were contemplating in returning and those who 1
Salem Teachers athleteand
in county play have never been in the majors are bending every j
later assistant
'while their opponents effort to get there. Well, if the mighty mite,

have a 500-percentage coach Clyde Crawford, could lead the international League in as many
has been selected to
E record with one win and departments as he did, why wonder about him now.
x coach' Brandeis University -
4 tract teams.
t2 s hitters of the Reds. Since 1893 Red
r< v. the power a
Hampton Crsrford is the first
-" Prexy # shortstop has hit ten or more homers on only four
a of his race to be named
occasions. in 1938, Billy Myers connected for
head coach at a major
rK 12; 1945, Fddie Miller 13; 1947, Miller with 19,

w "To Tour Boston university. which is tops for a Red shortstop; 1960, Roy,
While at Tech Crawfordwas
+.ti. r McMillan, 10. The front office also said, Cardenas
M a state and New
WILLIE MAOfS has a good chance to move in among the leadersin
England dash champion.
.Give Clean Bill Red short-
the runs-batted-in department among
HAMPTON Va. -- Dr.
He later attended Win-
Jcrone H. Holland, president SAN FBANCI SCO S 'Mr. ston-Salem Teachers Simon N. Kanai, Embtf, Kenya, left center, and japeth B. B. jsabirye, right, stops. Only five times has a Red shortstop driven n

of Hampton Institute Baseball," Willie Mays, College in N.C.. and Busoga, Uganda, members of a group of 21-agricultural leaders from the two in 60 or more runs in a single season. In 1923,

left Nov. 6 was given a cl err. hill later as coach, represented countries who will be studying at A. and 7- College for the next few months Ike Caveney drove in 63 runs; Eddie Miller, 71 ;

for Sierra Leone in West of health last week the Rams in all under an international Cooperation Administration Contract, were welcomed to in 1943; Eddie Miller, 87 in 1947, the record for

Africa to review the after having been major indoor meets the college and Greensboro, at a Dinner last week which drew leaders from Reds shortstops; Virgil Stallcup, 65 in 1948; and II

results of a rural undergone several days during the past four the community. With the two men are; Dr.. Clyde A. Milner, left, president of Roy McMillan 62 in 1956. Only one time since the

training program starteda of physical checkups by Guilford College, and Dr. L. C. Dowdy, acting president of A. and T. College. 1893 season has a Red shortstop hit .300, and

doctors at a San Fran years. that was joe Tinker in 1913 when he hit .317. The
year ago by Hampton I
through funds of the cisco hospital. Reds believe Cardenas will move into the inner
Llltlage Group Hears Native Speakers C. J. Smith ServingOut circle with the bat.
\,. Administration for I
International Development : THE MIGHTY MITY OF THE JACKSONVILLE: SUNS led the

I B-CC To Observe f j fl i f Ata Nail Post league with a .347 batting average, led the league )

The Hampton-staffed in hits with.200; led the league in stolen bases

. -. project is known as the with 25 and led the league in triples with 18.
Kenama Rural Training Education Week WASHINGTON, D. C.---
All of this was done against some mighty fine
Institute and its basic Charles j. Smith III, director -
r # pitching. HOW much different will the pitchingbe
purpose is to raise E3 a of public rela-
DAYTONA BEACH--- "Education when he gets to Cleveland than some of that he
living standards in the tions, Florida A. and M.
Meets the Challenge faces in the international League? Don't tell him
new country which celebrated University, is one of the
of Change' has i.z to look out for the big major leaguers but you
its independence ten persons who will
been selected to serve as will do well to tell the big major leaguers to
April 27, 1S61. Instruc- staff the press room at
general theme for the look out for Little Vic, for he is on his way.
tion in agriculture the forthcoming 76th
42nd.annual. American Education J1E :- WELL, THINGS ARE BEGINNING TO HUM in Jacksonville
home economics, child Annual Meeting and Dia-
__week to be cb- because of the approaching date for the Texas
(are: ,. _an Le1ecentary mond Anniversary Conven-
served n--the campus of Southern-Florida A. and M. Rattlers clash at the
academic subjects is tion of the Association of
,Bethune-Q>okman College State universities and Gator Bowl Saturday night NOV. 24.
provided at the training -
November 11-17.
The observance -
center Land-Grant Colleges which IN 1944 A MAN WHORE NAME IS KENNETH PSNDLCTON)

Robert Rice former will be under \ _- convenes here at the won the title of "America's Most Muscular Man."
the ;
assistant dean of auspices of the E. Statler Hilton Hotel -LEO'S_ SHOE REPAIR 845 Florida Arenue
P. Jones Student.Educa
November 12-14.
faculty at Hampton Institute -

is principalat tion Association and the Smith is currently

Division of Education.The ROYAL ART
Kenama and Mrs. Rice serving the last year

teaches home economics basic purpose of of second consecutive
: THE FAMU SPANISH CLUB members are shown observing Senorita Rosa Trujikko a 515 DAVIS STREET
and child Melvin American Education Week appointmentto
care. is to make and Senior Manual Rivas, both of Panama. The group has presented an interesting three-year
Johnson Hampton Institute every the association's information Quality PhotographsAny
entirely in
program Spanish.
aware of the importantrole
alumnus, teaches committee.
agriculture.Dr. education plays ina z Kind..Anytime

Holland will be democracy, and to At 111 SessiH Instructors Attendi Wills' Daytime, EL 4-1894
help him realize that a
accompanied by Mrs.
Nite Time EL 5-8022
r 1 ,
good and collegesare P
Holland c the flightto | National Confabs is the stolen base record by Maury 1y
to a very large
Africa. Dr. William
Wills. ,
; Order Your
H Martin dean of degree, his personal I j ST. PETERSBURG---Two TEAM STEALS TAGGED OUT :

faculty at Hampton Institute responsibility.Every *,Gibbs junior College in- PITTSBURGH.. ,. .. ... .. .... .. .. .17 2 I Photo Xmas Cards Early !I

who worked with Novenber,the week structors spent different CHICAGO. ... .... .. .... .... ... .15 3 '

Dr. Holland in the preliminary which includes veteransday periods of time in De- NEW YORK. ... ...... .. .... ... ... 14 2 I' Watch For Our Reduced Prices

survey two is set aside as American |troit, Michigan, attending HOUSTON ..... .... .. ..... .. .. ..12 0

years ago. will leave Education Week by ; national meetings. ?AN FRANCISCO ...... ... ... .. ... 12 0

Nov. 16 to study the four national sponsorsthe a The nation's'motor city ST. LOUIS.. .. .. ... .. ... .. 11 > 1

personnel requirements National Education ;was the site of the PHILADELPHIA .. ... .. ...... .. ... 8 2

for future plans Association, American Eighth Annual National CINCINNATI. .... ....... ... .. .... 7 I

At the request of the Legion, National Congressof !Council of College Publi- MILWAUKEE .... ... ... ... .. ...... 8 1... 3 s
United States government parents' and Teachers, FIRST NEGRO CHAIRMAN of cations and Relations. --

Dr* Holland and Dr. Martin and U. S. Office of Edu the Florida Collegiate The Conference, held Oct. 104 12

will go also to cation. Councils of the United 25-27 in the Sheraton- /-Ti1? Ys IbY

Nigeria to examine a American Education Week Nations is sophomore Cadillac Hotel, drew 250
variety of educational grew, out of the revela- Mac Williams of Gibbs advisors who also sat in

programs. tion during World War I Junior College, St. with delegates to the

Petersburg, Fla. He is meeting of the Associated

shown going over plans Press. ELIMINATION MATCH i

IIt of his organization with Two major topics dis-

fellow student Garaldine cussed wereAdministratorsView

}. Stephens Williams is the Role of Student. :

in charge of CC-UN groups Publications, and The

located on all of Fla.'s- Advisor as Teacher--- "

college campuses. Texts and Teaching methods


1 I IMAKES2tfSKIN ORDER FUEL- ________ ____________
rs; -
Govt '

t MACON. Ga. Georgia

ILEACHES NAACP units pledged full .
: PM
OLD FASHIONED RED support of the federal

t government during the S
Cuban crisis last week
.' while expressing regrets

ORFUEL that 'the Georgia THURSDAY NOV. 15
.r NO HOME Invites You To Listen To -
ugntens daft spo National Guard in segregated -

ha perfect powder tnon2.Ataniifadurars [!ill NAACP." officials said" \ 1Y uKNIGHT TRAIN"Starting


1tM4at4 Oil "e4.cft- efforts are weakened At 7:00 p.m. Nightly-

All SeisMs Ice & Fill CaSaaa "by this Georgia prac PRICES 2.50 IN ADV.2.00 i

PO4 N.w..y SlI Ar.. tice and policy of racial 3.50 IN ADV3.00| I 1400 WRHC 1400
of POSft.l baraa+of'1I.e Jar'lih the Star'L discrimination..... 4.50 IN ADV. --4.00''

".; .:,i ;. ': .J ":. ",_'. -_' 'rj..r 4 '.... .: i-o >.AI- ...;#J't: : r;.:' ...: '-:-:! ..:..:.. ,. .'-'.' .;t. .'":;:;7'" :: "+--,';. .'.. ,<" : "- -"-, -,,;.:.... -?- '.

'- --- ---- '
'; : .rs '''''''<;< ''c;'>....--.a: -. ,- '" ..-- '
: ..lpyywyWT, .. --_..., .
.m. .
I _
j- ?r'I,.: : I
I .. k >

Ii d! lax Bears In Grudge Battle Sunday Afternoon Against : Improved Davtou ;


'Go-For-Broke' Gridfest Set Moore .clay Bout To Show In Civic AuditoriumSTRICTLY i

Clay ,Has lContract.i

t For Gator Bowl-; Series Even Unigute

Following their last already won the league

Saturday night* s clinch- title Daytona will be With Top BusiJle; Group
ing of the new Florida k W2A
t gunning for a win in the 1

Football League's championship two clubs evenStephenseries LOS moot, but also financial
: ANGELES -- cassius Ky. have taken care o f
via a 16-9 to ,unofficially-- during and even
l.t' -\ Clay may have some that matter with a con. security
count over Orlando'sB at least--showed their worries when he meets after his ring days.
tract unprecedented it
'.1 ro n c h 0 sin the \ i
superiority over the r Archie Jtoore here Nov. boxing annals.It Undefeated as a pro.
Tangerine Bowl, the Jax locals. p- into the Moore E
15, but
they won't be
start ed wher
! i
Bears returned Monday to tMi fight with an unbroken
vigorous nightly chores S about money. A group of the then 18-3 'ear.o Ie I
MOUSE TRAP FISH SCALES string of 15 victories.On .
in for their prominent businessmen, Clay returned 1o Louisville ,
preparation Mount your mouse trap on a hand recently to
first 0 f five Sunday ]plank and spring will hold the rr most of them from his from the 196C > discuss the business

" afternoon Gator Bowl
medal and a but to bea
clashes. Sunday's ses- Iger WilliamS.
Battey with Moore was
N. ; Figures
sion will be a do-or- Aggies Open professional heavy- Cutchins, presidentof
die setto against the weight. Some llical; business Brown 4 Williamson

' highly improved Day ton a Court SialeNOYIllber In Trade Talks executive: liked Tobacco .Corp. and a member -
'Ihunderbl rds. .raw. Clay's show Of confidence '
of the backers,
Earlier season's record and believed: he
executive commi ttee.
have credited each team 17 had a brigtt future Clay
After watching
with win the with the nigh t kind of
,a over GREENSBORO, N. C. -- work out in a Los
other. The 'Bears out- Dazzlin-g speed will be training, management, Cutchins
BUSINESS-Cassius Clay, heavyweight contender who meets Archie Moorein Angeles gym
nosed their highly matched against size and and financial backing. commented, 'Clay has I
touted opponents 35-34 accurate shooting in an Los Angeles NOV. 15, reviews his unique contract with William S. Cutchins, Before long the group to this

in a thriller while the intra-squad basketballgame president of Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corp. Cutchins is a member of the t offered Clay a contract been pointing long time, F
match for a
t vengeful visitors gained to be played at businessmen's group providing Clay's financial backing and management. Under providing no't only for and I believe he will

I i: a later 41-20 rout over A&T College on Saturday the contract Clay has a guaranteed annual income and a trust fund to protecthis his training i ind manage- win.

the then injuryriddenlocals. evening, Nov. 17. ring earnings.The bout will be shown on Jax Civic Auditorian's big screen.Tullis' .

; The 8 game o' clock, set to in beginat the Pro -Stars Spat k Pepsi Sales I

Bears ownergeneralmanager Charles Moore Gymnasium, Spearheads Rattlers l' I I Ix
Bill Hood told II
will give: Aggie fans an I
the Star Monday! that he II
advance peep at basket- I

Bears wished coaches to thank, players the ball upcoming prospects season.for the Rout Over N. C. A&T AggiesTALLAHASSEE I!

and supervisory staff The Blue Squad to .s.._ _. ....- .... ...
for a good job well done I
include varsity hold pI a.A&M's devastation of N. c.. A&T NEW YORK Acclaimed 1 II
in bringing a championship : With rain interferringwith I II I
overs from last season, Rattlers, continued
I' to Jax duringthe the which their ruthless Aggies during the rain their passing game, as one of the American I
group cap-
drenched homecominggame. Leagu 's finest catchers
league's first sea- both teams were forcedto !
rout of
tured, opponents -
going away, the
son. It was A&T.s 18th rma h on the ground Minnesota Twins Farl
CIAA Basketball Tournament Saturday
GRUELLING BRAM EXPECTEDEarlier consecutive win. throughout most of the Battey may: figure in one
, when Quarterback Jim
will have in its
' Quarterback Bob Pare- contest. of the largest trades in
season competi- Each were credited -
scored pair of
Tullis a
starting five: Hugh
tion between the Bears more also collected a with four fumbles.JACKIE the season between the
TD sand passed for
and Thunderbirds and Evans, All-Tournament brace of scoring gems Twins and the Baltimore -:
three conversions to :
selection for the CIAA with 2 TD s. Orioles. i
had reached such a fever and the NCAA South spearheads the national I _
The visitor s marched Reports reveal that
game champions to a 38-6
ended in a fist swinging Central Playoff dribble 63-yards late in the Twins owner Calvin ARCH RIVALS ON THE GRID IRON-co-workers in
Derbies; Jerry Fowell.Jam'es Griffin is attempting to Cleveland Browns)
free-for-all which took Neville Shed, 6-7; James first quarter with d Business are Jim Brown (
the combined efforts of Jackson, Irving Walker, 6-5; Franklin quarterback Cornell : trade the 287 hitting and Bobby Mitchell (Wasi lington Redskins) .

coaches, police and attendants !\llcare. Calvin Hull and Jone 6-5 and Robert Gordon hitting pay-dirt Battey for a first-line Both men alBa work for Pepsi-Cola. Theyf

to breakup before Maurice McHartley.The Saunders 61.'Hutch' on an 8-yard romp.Mudcat' Oriole pitcher, Kilt are seen here at a staf: meeting recentlyt
Gold Squad will include Pappas or Chuck Estrada. to right) John
tempers were cooled held in New York. (lef
Since the Bears have freshman standoutsin Ends Bachelorhood / j I Following reported talk Soughan, Marketing Seri 'ices vice presi-

: Tony Skinner, 6-6!%; between Griffith and dent; Jim Brown, Pepsi .-Cola :Marketing
CLfcMLANP Cleveland pitched only part of Birds' president Lee Bot-
services; Bolbby Mitchell Pepsi-Cola
Returns To W. Coast Team Indians' star right- last season's chores __T \0- V.cPhail! the only QUes- tling Co.'ashington, D. C. and Harvey

hander Jim (Vudcat) with the team due to ROBINSON tion remaining was which Russell, ViCE president-5 'pecial Markets.

II Grant ended his bachelorhood having served a several ..Trail Blazer pitcher would go the I Ii i

here last week when months hitch in the Twins. .
JBIONEER.Jackie. !tlI.21 Famerx Yes We All Talk ',
he named the former Array." -$" '- Battey --who. was the ;, _
Robinson made
2k-- lucille Teamor in a Mrs. Grant lathe first string catcherfor
modern history ',.
sports .
, ceremony performed in daughter of Mr. and Mrs. the American League flaying Speech G ames .I
when he was signed by '
the home of Rev. William William Teamor of Cleve- All-Stars, has been a By Marcus H. Bou: {wareQUESTION
Brooklyn Dodger owner
a b Yfl s. land. She formerly resided mainstay with the Twins
Branch Rickey to play
I i A member of the Indians in Corapolis Fa. with the Montreal ever since he was tradedto : in working with chile Iren who have speech

pitching staff for .Grant is a native of Royals baseball team 17 the club by the defects does one usually p lay games to keep

several years, grant Lacoochee, Fla. f years- ago. Chicago. White Sox. children interested in the sess ion ---Mrs. P. L. f E

ANSWER: Yea, tho speech correctuse ionist employs the

f Had of many gamtis to keep the young interested;

Vie For Bullet Position but he also lets them know that there is "speech

I Top HittersIn .''-, .::"': ."..$;";'" work" to be done as well.

If the speech therapist is inte rested, happy, and

Pinch Role enthusiastic, thE children can i. be persuaded to don

anything their enthusiasm ca easily be worked

of the Cincinnati Reds first comes in Tit' his activl i l ti es to that.
continued to exhibit uncanny -
The therapist must watch the ch: lldren's level off
;\ :. '
ability in callingon ;
i attention. Child-
fatigue as well as, their shift orem
a44 : successful pinchhittersIn A
az* :, seldom need to know the yeas)H ,1 for an activity;

r" hitters 1962,connected Hutch's pinch-safelyon they generally ne, ed to share i t .. We, 0 f c mrse,

55 occasions in 203 of- Yb are speaking of young children.

ficial times at bat for a
271 average. In all.

Hutchinson sent 237 battersto

the plate in emergency

WILLIE OP REE of Fredricton New Brunswick, Canada, roles.

the first of his race to break into organized Among the 55 hits were

hockey, has returned for his second season of play four doubles, two triple riri1I!

with the Los Angeles Blades of the Pacific Coast' and nine homers and the

Western Hockey League. Joining O'Reepn the Blades pinch-hitters drove in

will be Stan Maxwell the second Negro to join 32 runs. They also drew .1
organized hockey. 25 bases-on-balls: hit c Sn -. .-- .. >- -
two sacrifice flys, were :
safe on 'errors on five HOPEFULS---Four of the 19 players seeking berths on the CamdenN. "

occasions and were hit ( J. ) Bullets of the Fastern Basketball League shown receiving a '" '.

"MORE POWER TO YOU !r' by the pitcher four pep talk from Spike Shandelman (left) and director of player per- "'.

times. sonnel and head coach Pete Monska (right) are, from left: Russ t.i >

FACTORY FRESH Catcher Johnny Edwards, Gordon, Tom Hoover, Sonny Hill and Buddy Houck.
Don Zimmer and Hank Foi-

;, ELgin 4-4508 les had the best percentages NFL Standings Gets Okay Doyle Gnner

among the Reds .... -

had 4 for 7 for EASTERN DIVISION Is FAMU Giest i

.292. Gordy Coleman had

4 for 14 for 286.' Post 1 L T Pet.
New Tort..6 2 0 .750
drove in 12 runs. TALLAHASSEE Florida's
BATTERY MFG. CORP. Jerry Lynch had the Washington. v 4 2 2 667 secretary of agricultureand

FOOT OF WEST ADAMS \ most appearance as a Dallas.. .. \4 3 1 .571 the president of

Cleveland. ..4 3 1 .571 Florida A&U University.
pinch-hitter. 47; Gaines 1. ..ix.z
-r had 46 and Post 31. Pittsburgh. -4 0 .500 'ly, er 4rFV are to be featured

-l. Gaines had most official St. Louis..2 5 1 .286 speakers during FAMtT R

Philadelphia .i 6 1 .145 observance of the lanj-
\\HE1i lOU ARE ILL at-bats, 39;

Lynch, 38; and Post 27. Grant Centennial
You Seek The Best Doctor Gaines led in pinch-hits Green Bay..8 0 01.000 .. We Are Now

J When Your Doctor prescribesGet with 11 and Lynch and Detrolt..6 2 0 .750 WATCH THIS CLOWN, '

Experienced Pharmacists Post each had 9. Baltioore.. .4 4 0 .500 ; -j .: Equipped To.. "

....According to Your Doctor's Edwards and Gaines Chicago. .. ....4 4 0 .500 ORLANDO CEPEDA 353-74-721 ..'" .
_" ..-. :;,. Orders We Use only The were tops in doubles San Franc sco.3 5- 0 .375 .Not Too Serious 32-4-45 ie Trail Tka' Haidkspfi itdJacksonviUe

Dr. C. E. Black Best Quality Drugs'Proprietor with two apiece. Post Minnesota..2 6 0 .250 HE TROUBLE The sports f 1
and Don Blasingame each
.. world received a shock 9 8 ;
Los Angeles. 7 0
J 3 REGISTERED PHARMACISTS TO SERVE YOU had a triple. Post with : recently when it was 7 :
three: and Keough with AFL STANDINGS announced that hard- fl xX a

A COMPLETE: LINE OF two paced the Reds in EASTERN DIVISION : bitting Giants first .
Boston. ... ..5 2 1.11t
pinch-hit homers.
Cosmetics Rubber Goods Candies Sundries baseman Orlando Cepeda 87- 0-29 "

PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED Post led in runs- Boustoa..5 3 0 .625 .might have to undergo 425-11-365 ,Barber allege i{ Inc.
batted-in as a pinch- New Yort..4 5 0 .444 serious operation for

hitter with 12; Lynch Baffalo..3 5 1 ..375TESTER' eye cataracts. However I........ .**. .9 '. ..

: Lilly's Drug Store bad 6 end Gaines, 4. DIVISION a later examination revealed s..elsi He W&. MbtncttH art .v. ... :.... ..". ," .6. I. Jiwed' 100% Air CGId, ...11.i': ,
1 Lynch and Gaines were Denrer .. .. ..7 '2 0 .778 that Cepeda's ...*. It .ii a.... ( "* \ ret'
tops in drawing walks Da11as..6 2 0 .750 trouble was not as ,. 630 DAVIS S T. at Beav .

1901 KINGS ROAD El 3-8216 with 7 and Freese had ComIng AUnd1oDa.
San Diego. .360.353 serious as originally
3. Oakland. .090 .000 contemplated. 33-8--40 ,

.. '", ..... .. .. .....----._------- ... -----_.-... .. _.. ____ .___________-..____ 0 '. _

'' '1 -, ,., _-,C--_-. "' ." .,";-'4 ,- '' 0!:rI!','-, "1'-"CIi't. :/I"ii-:!1>"''',.. ,....it c' ,. .':-.. ,,, '.. .+, ,. ..fe._.. ;.,'f' .;' .,; ,c",,',,".....H'... >,'''. Y'' "_ 1< '" it.:. --' -... -
r ,
1 't
..< '"" ', ,'\ .
4 /

.'pAGJ ia ._. .-j t__ [_' .__ 'MM STAR"_. Saturday November 10. 1562 I1

! f:; II I Fa 5 ; :,C) :i= 1= ir ,H,'LEe. !' :Eli I. O C: K
!: .... By Jay Jay .... 75-YEAR OLD KAN! Ashley Street Bar around
BEATEN BY GIRLFRIENDA Church Street more money. ANGRY WIPEINJURES 10 p.m. and went to 734W.
The cold winter wind Is Just aroun d the corner. is
of the Fla-jax Club. Sympathy
of the pillars .
I Allen said she hit him SELF Church Street where
Our friend F. McNasty was sayi ng the other day at extended to Lillie Sconlers on the passing of her 75-year-old man was in the face and on the hew staying with ,
Duval Medical
I the Edward Waters Homecoming," thems t hats got them taken to Mrs. Roberta Gallant.
grandmother. hand with unknown ob- some friends. He said he
I is Center for treatment as 40 1665 Blue Street
wearing them. He meant vercoat s. UP on the if rail." Seems as
One if by land and two by j ect. He was taken to became drunk and went to
of -
Hill last Saturday, it was wee .ither for the ducks. tho the faithful of the AME Church got their the result a Duval Medical Center by suffered self inflicted sleep.
The Rattlers proved to be r go od mudciers as they mixed Some of the persons who had pur- wounds last Saturday
signals up. taxi cab where he was The can said at ap-
romped home for a win over A. and T. From here it aforementioned .get-away kits'andhad girlfriend, police re- during an argument with
chased the treated by Dr. W.H. Stone proximately a.m. two
I looks like the Rattlers will g o all th e way to the oiled up their roller skates thought that they ,ported. 708 for lacerations of the her husband, police said. people came to wake him
Allen She stated that her husband *
I scent of the orange Blossoms. We will ,get a chanceto could do a little light "politicking" and make George face and hand. up because he had pone: to
said the
Davis Street started an argument
see them in- action agains t Texas. Southern on the new head man of the diosese think that all argument started ,when he Police said the victim with her when she went bed in one oft he su-

the 24th of Nov ember.Monsalee', : I, )avis and' company are was well. Well, the church politicians put out a refused to give his girl- stated that he would go into the house stating he spect's room. He said
planning to put on a big show. The entl re populace call to their various flocks Sunday and placed friend, Vrs. Helen Broom- to the office of Judge did not want her coming when was awakened he discovered -

should chip ,in and help the F AMU old g, rads put on notices in the paper about the big greeting ses- _,/i eld, 54. of 635 W. Sarah Bryan and securea into the house drunk. $35 Kissing. One
a show and prove to the A. ai id M. admi .nistrationthat sion.They had a brass band and all of the trimmingsto warrant for the, girl of the persons was identified t
Kirs.: Gallant said when
Jacksonville is "big tic ie" and wall supporta greet the incoming prelate at the train station. HamptonTookes friend. as Freddie" Allen
she went in, he put her
major game. Saints above if Paul Revere didn't get his signals Patrolmen. Solomon and :25, of 731r.. Church St.
Ladies Night at the Edgewoor i Lounge i s the talk mixed.The, Episcopal Family arrive4 by air con- Nuptials Announced T.L. Mays: investigated. out hit and the she back gat door angry glass and and the other was a

of the town. Each Monday eve ning the f air sex is ditioned auto via US highway. Wonder whose faces .. . teenage girl of the sane
t toasted at the popular night s._ pot. Special attrac- were red? with her hands causing address. Little was ad-
lacerations on both forefingers
tions are presented and Hatt ie DeVeaux la at her Members of the urban League Guild are putting the STRAND vi sed to secure a

charming best. The ladies g et a dash c tf styles works into the forthcoming variety show. They have warrant..
Police said she had been
music and lots of fun. The boys have found the something new planned for the annual show which is Starting Sunday intoxicated to the extent Patrolmen George Henry f

Lounge to be happy hunting gn junds on Hon;days. held the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.Talk her mental faculties were and Robert .L. Jenkins
Wesley "Scotty" Scott is b )]ding his o'ra.Friends of the town is about how many lawyers need Double FeatureInside impai red. She was treated conducted the investi

are praying for a speedy ,and complete recovery for lawyers. Their needs stem from things like breakingand at'Duval Medical! Center. gation. ..
the popular hotelman. Drop t iim a word oi' cheer in entering, bouncing banknotes (rubber), idle and I The Rock Called Patrolmen Sidney Gaines . .
Alcatraz They Tried To ChainA
I care of Brewster. not so idle threats and tries at hanging family and M.L. Massey' investi-
Volcano Called 'The Bird Man'!
i Hop Brooks, former CWC 'gr'id great is, in town. skeletons on innocent persons. Funny thing tho, fIAROlD HECHT gated. Teen Charged
.. . I
Sorry that death caused bio i to come North but we only a small few of the law school grads are With ShopliftingMiss

are always glad to have him drop in..C. J. Simon practicing lawyers. Maybe '"that' the reason for IUWASI1BIRDMAN ,,1'
of Royal Art Studios and Art' hur Montgomery escorted some of their actions. LOSE IDNHf SLEETING Klizabi'th Durham

him on the visitor's grand tour. Don't miss "Birdman of Alcatraz" coming next IN VROf.G ROOM 17, of 1531 HarrisonSt.

Rumors are flying that cer Main AME personalities week at the Strand. This picture is a must for 2 Willie James Little. 26, was charged in J.
I are in the market for ge t-away kits. Many are. movie fans who want to see real acting. 734 W. Church Street reported C. Penney Store last

afraid that some chickens i nay come home to roost. New Stanton Senior High has a killer coming. They OFAUMZ to police the loss Monday! by Benton Carroll

Well, the new broom may te mper mercy with Justice will present the famed FAMU players at the Civic of money last Saturday officer of the company,
and let some uneasy heads rest. Auditorium in Langston Hughes' famed folk play 'Ir.and Mrs. I.C. Hampton fhile he slept poli i' with theft of a pair of

Hugh Wilson is a new fat her. Not the flesh and "Simply Wonderful." in ny hunble opinion, r. of Little Rock, Ark. reported. buliy panties, priced
blood type but a baby that he loves Just as well. Hughes created a sioaern day morality play in this announce the recent mar- Little said he left an $1.93, police stated. 1
Hugh is nursing a T-Bird. The model he bas Is one drama and every Negro can see the counter art of riage of their daughter I W WW

of the last 'Birds' that we ire really sports cars... the characters in his community. For the uniformed, Lavarn Gean to Henry .

"Legs" Lundy is again fi rst with the n'aw Caddy.We 0. Randolph Edmonds is one of the few topflight Tookes son of Mrs. (
also saw him trying out a sports car. Negro playwrights and directors. His FAMU players Elizabeth Tookes of

We did not know that Chat 'les Brown is a, culinary have won more world acclaim than the football Macon, Georgia.
artist of note. Charles ) lad Bob Brymer and Ralph team and band. "The bride was given in Celebrating Our 31th Anniversary ,

Washington listening with I mouths awater ing as he Members of the "Fourth Estate" mourn the passing marriage by her uncle .
told how it is done....IkE i White is still insisting of the great Dan Burley. Dan was a jazz authority, Charley L. Franklin. PLUS With Lowest Prices Ever

that yours Truly can only cook soup. sportsman, poet and about everything else that had Miss Ida Lean Strongof Lot # 1 Valves up to $4$5$6$1.29
Mildred Hampton is finaT lly becoming a fisherman to do with words. He was one of the 'deans' of Woodbine, Ga. servedas c SWDRD

She brought the evidence home to prove it;...Isadore our group. Above all, Dan was living proof of the bridesmaid and Albert Lot # 2 Valves up to $3.15' .980
and Mary Singleton make movies of their catchesfor dedication the oldtimers had to the cause of Negro Jordan, a close friendof CONQUEROREASTMMICOIM

proof. journalism. Tis ''thirt)" for an old pro. the groom, served as lot # 3 Valves up to S3 .890
It's 'old home week' at Brewster H osp1 tal. We Life is not like a bowl of cherries as the song best man. CINEMASCOPE

stolped in to see Wesley Scott and ran i nto Charles says. It's more like a poker game. The lovely part The bride was beautifully : ,:c' '\. Lot # 4 Valves. up to $2.50 .690
'Foots' Simmons and Ma rion 'Boots' McClain.: Across of it,is that' everyone gets a chance to deal and ,dressed in a floor .. t;;:# .s' .. .
the aisle from the* m, we saw Edmund 'Boomaloom call his game. Many of the players bet loud and length chantilly lace Lot # 5 Valves up to $2.00 .49C

Thompson. We meandered down the hall a nd found Gus high ,when they have cards but fold in the face of taffeta gown, styled with This Pass f for kids
Jones and joe Selden two of Jacksonville any type of opposing bid. Then there are blufferswho sebrina neckline en- Lot # 6 Valves up to $1.50 .390 '

Finest' holding court ;. We declare, the fellowsin try to steal. We feel sorry for those who are crested with pearls. under 14
bed look better tha n we dol Most o f them hopeto on 'fifth, street' and call "all in." As we go a- Soloist for the occasionwas ROOSEVELT THEATRE Evenings

be out soon and on' the streets. on the distaff bout our .daily business, we see many who are on John TUlcock. 'I
Iwside, Mary Wynn of the i Enquire Is recovering and 'fifth street' and can't fold. They are desperatemen .After the reception, the Saturday Nov. 10th Discount Wall .Paper Store

Mars." Edward Hickson, i fife of Sgt. Hickson of the and will do most anything. We forgive them, couple left for a honey- Free
Plenty Parking
local gendarmes, is mer iding. for Father Time and the Autumn of Life puts fear moon trip to American will admit one t

On the debit side of f ;he ledger we were shocked: to into many men. But on the other hand, those bluf- Beach. The couple will child I 6C Must Be 15 Day Sale _
hear of the sudden dendse of C. L. Will.iaus, well- fers who play Jocks and who play the lovely game reside at 902 Jackson
known railroad worke r and mortician. He was one of poker like a "skinner" shame on them. Street, Jacksonville. Used before 2 o'clock Bay at Main St. Since 1925 EL. 3-0628 1'

.. -- i
ss- '



Free Souvenirs Edgiwood Ave. & Cleveland Rd. Free Gifts

......' :.<. "IOI '
: """ rlH"' PO S 9494
Delivery, Phone
Grade "A" ". ,. -- aSUGAR SUGAR
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Grade "A"
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.. .. ._ BONES Ib. .I
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:" St.Ws 'Aft 6Md! Three Days Frifey, Nov. 91h Saturday Nov. 10th & Sunday Nov. 11th

: .! ,'. ;.;0 .... _. __ &*; -t*?;..;L,"_ ___ ,' ( > ........ :.,,______ __.___...