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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200628datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date September 15, 1962dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006280740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
September 15, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
September 15, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
J .

t '

1tt:! f-

Appoints 41-Year, Old Detroiter To Top Employment Post

* '
*** ** # *



.. s -- -- -

u. S. Senate Oveiwebnhgly Approves ." ssssss.ss

Marshall To Federal Judge Post ..';: .; I J r. J jfTYOL '

1"1"1"1"1"1".1"1"1" r.. ......... 12-HO. 24 SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 15, 1962 15 CENTS i i 1

Soufiuiri hocD.foted School bird Cells Heerinf Doiglass

Is For Mir In Shootiif Inwl Shrine till DUVAL BOARD DEN fi .

and exhaustive attemptby The shooting of a Jacksonville schoolteacher by Signed ly JFK
her schoolteacher
four Southern sena- husband early last Sunday in te

tors to bar civil rights Jacksonville has stirred up a roar of comment WASHINGTON PresidentJohn

leader Thurgood Marshall and Living- room gossip in social circles rela- P. Kennedy signed

from a federal judgeship ting to the domestic problems which led to the legislation which will NEGRO GROUPS PLI

was brought to an near killing. ., make the hooeiof Frederick -

abrupt end on Wednesday Forest C. Murphy, 31, T.ffjJ Douglass a

when an art instructor at : national shrine and a *******. .
a Senate vote over- 1'dhAunt...'
whelmingly approved of Northwestern junior- part of the Park system Ga. Jury Frees Business

the year-old nomination.It Senior High School here of the National Capital. Men Charge Bias F a (') 't -

is being held in Duval This act of '
was in Sept., 1961 Woman I' .
that President Kennedy County jail under ient climaxes a long effort Slayer Defeated Recreation Plan Charges

Second named Marshall Circuit Court to the of of$5,000 assault bond to on murder a charge in national on the Association part of the,of ;jOf White Man The Duval County Commission sitting as Beating H-

connection with the olored Women' a zoning board again denied a petition
GA. A coroner -
Appeals in York. The
New Charged with Inf
shooting of his wile and its filed by Henry Washington and a group of
54-year-old ex-general *, president Mrs. s jury here freed a excessive and'cruei-- ,
.b Negro investors who
sought to obtain
Lucille Blanche Murphy Rosa L.
counsel for the Gragg. to honor young Negro woman Monday,
NAACP : punishment on her
an art instructor at .i Frederick Douglass the who last week shot and Business A-l zoning for a 20-acre tract 9-
began serving under a F off year old niece Mrs.
James weldon Johnson abolitionist hero who killed one of a groupof Heckscher Drive known as Cedar Is-
recess appointment one t Gertrude Elizabeth
land. Moses
Junior High School. was born slave masked white *
a and rose men who
month later.
His 44. of
appointment 319ft W. Orange
however Homicide detective Sgts ID international fame. had attempted to invade Washington as spokesmanfor sion with residents of

still required senatorial G.H. Touchton and E.R. a In signing the measure her mother's home ate the group which includes the area and that it

approval to be Deyo said Mrs. Murphy President Kennedy said gunpoint.In Clarence Allen, was all a part of the

come final. told them she drove into MRS. LUCILLE MURPHY chat Frederick Douglasswas freeing 21-year-old Clifford Ray Willie devious plan designedto

The Senate's Wednesday her driveway, about 2.15 .Shot by Bst "an outstanding Mrs. Rebecca Wilson, Evans and Christopher prevent Negroes from

vote hard a.m. Sunday with her I :: leader of the movement Asst. Solicitor J.E. Fleming, said that the owning businesses on t
(54-16) was a ""f'''' 'Y
slap in the face to baby: in her car and her 'Jt,' { 5 y <:t for the abolition of Perren described the group intends to develop main throughfares and

Sens. James 0. Eastland husband drove up behind. ,,' slavery and an articulate aborted mission of the a respectable waterfronts in certain

(D-Ulss. ), chairman of She told officers Murphy spokesman for masked riders as "a recreational area. Plans parts of the county. He

got out of his car ,1'I racial equality." Klan-type operation." include vacation cot- pointed out that the
the Judiciary committee;
Olin D. Johnston (D- with a pistol in his 'I At the ceremony in the A second member of the tages, a fishing pier, nearest neighbor other s.

hand, came over to her White House at which the group, made up of seven boat launching facili- than a toll house and a If
S. C.), who headed the d r
subcommittee which and started arguing with y President signed the mea- men, received a wound in ties and a modern sea- fish camp was over one < t :

her. Mrs. Murphy said sure were Senator Phulip food restaurant.The ind a half miles 1 L ,. J!
away. ik
stalled the nominationfor f his left forearm. ,, \ \ ...... i .,
she tried to drive away f Hart of Michigan House group pointed out The Community Club is '
months; Strom Thur According to Mrs. Wilson
in her car when he shot speaker John Mccormack, that white persons over three miles from GERTRUDE E. MOSES
mond (D-S.C.), and John the men knocked onth ..
'aces Serious
her., Mrs. Rosa L. Gragg.. operate the same types the tract. Charges.St..assrreeted
C.-Stcnnis ,(D-Mlss.)'. Police found a .32 CongressmanarlesnC?*: ;: ey e,,-d wanted op r' and" to one' 1 wave.:;s a 1 d a- ...0..f.i.bu Bal Assiathe< ;M f W l.9" B"p !. **. ,nd,:';yailedatijr'locsl' Tuesday
Eastland and Thurmond o --
the term
pistol on the floor of Diggs, Jr. of Detroit /, cardWe' re selling a area. 'juke Joint" Ii ce.
denounced Marshall for : White residents of the
the. woman's Mrs. Mary E.C. applied tp the
car but It Gregory little politics." A teacher at Darnel
his former membershipin d
general area and of the project. He stated that
Chairman of the
was not stated whether Douglass
"I knew Cookman
no wouldbe school
one found
the National Lawyers'Guild Heckscher Drive Com- all of the group were the
and the Inter- Mrs. Murphy had fired Trustee Board and coming at that time munity Club protested respectable family men little girl crying in

national Juridicial Association the gun during th.e FOREST MURPHY Joseph Douglass, great- of night to leave a the school corridor
claiming that the and that none of them
both listedas quarrel. .Held in shooting grandson hero.of the abolitionist card," Mrs. Wilson said, establishment in the had ever been associated Tuesday and she told the

Reports said the couple describing how the men school officials
Communist.-front or- that
area would devalue with any type
ganizations Marshall admitted had been experiencing a 2 Htire Girls cracked open a door and her aunt had beaten her1.
Flu Outbreak property and cause increased of venture which couldbe
he once belongedto series of marital and shove shotgun barrel Police and juvenile investigators -
traffic hazardson termed as a "juke
the organizations but Inter-family difficulties SIuotvuu.dMississippi into the room. Heckscher Drive. were then
joint" ; thus there is
leading to divorce. Expected Shots She said she called
got out year ago. ; began They also blasted the no reason to speculatethat and when taken to
him Murphy who fled the li shooting after seeing a Duval Medical Center it
nominating ,
many plans to place rental they would estab-
non-Southern Senators scene of the shootingwas I ting Urged man with a stocking over cabins on the grounds lish one. He also was found that the child

highly praised his picked up in Darien.Ga. RULEVILLE, Miss. his head. One of the men was suffering from severe
Influenza cases in and stated that the pointed out that all of
and a few hours later In a continuing series began shooting throughthe bruises and abra-
ability integrity as Florida have proposed zoning would and
already! more the fish camps
when police stopped him of violence door at the same sions on her bead body
an Amarican. inch existing than doubled the total permit establishmentof stores in the area sell
for a minor traffic vio- sweeping certain time but occupants of the and arms.
civil rights legis- for all of last year and a "Juke Joint" on beer and that severalof
lation. He told policehe areas of the deep house were not hit. Detective Sgt. H. J.
lation stems from
the State Board of Health the property.A repre- them have cabins.
Marshall s determind had shot his wife in South, two young Negro "It was just the idea Davis said the atilt ad.
widespread out sentative of the State The commission placed
stati-bias fight which Jacksonville, whereupon girls engaged in of the masks. I guess" mi ttcd beating the child
breaks may be expectedthis Park Department, which under advisement a request -
gained public notice in he was arrested. voter registrationwork Mrs. Wilson said.t with a walking stick and
winter. owns majority of from a group of
Much interest has been were wounded bya I was scared. I didn't later with an Ironing
the early 1930's. The
Last year's total was the property borderingthe Arlington homeowners
shown in the shooting shotgun blast fired know what I was shooting cord.
banning segregationin Just over 4000. So far controversial area, requesting a rehearingon
home at--I just had hand
all public schools is because of growing concern into a Negro my The child's conditionhas
% this year over 11.000 spoke against the re- the rezoning of a
here night. out the door. ..
of Florida's school Monday been listed
regarded as his most as fair.
Marian cases have been reported.Dr. zoning along with representatives tract of land to Busi-
The victims, Mrs. Wilson
Boards over the conductof was staying
outstanding achieve- schoolteachers Burkes 20 and 18-year- Clarence M. Sharp. with her mother while her of a ness A-l last July. The State NAACP

follotdng an official old Vivian Hilliet were assistant state health husband. Roy worked in country club which is property was rezoned

ment.NAACP Story report of rowdyism and taken to a local hospi- officer and acting direc- Indianapolis where she separated from the for St. Johns Enter- Heads To

abnormal sex practices tal after ,Miss Burkes tor of the Bureau of has joined him since her area by acres of marsh- prises, a local firm.

among teachers. suffered head wands, Preventable Diseases acquittal. land and water.A Members of the com- Confer Here

Selling Fast Both Murphy and his and Miss Hilliet received said a lengthy study by Asked if there has been spokesman for the mission ding on the-

wife have been suspendedand wounds in. arm and leg the board recently showed any acts of white repri- investors called the petition included State presidents and

NEW YORK -- NAACP a hearing for the according: to sheriff 'T. flu hits hardest at per- sal since the shooting ruling a plain case of Julian Warren and Lem delegates throughoutthe

branches across enthusiastic the nation two was set for'Ibursdayafternoon W. Carr. sons under five and over which occured last Wednesday discrimination. He said Merritt, both of whom state will meet in a

report before There is little doubt 65. He said mortality in Sheriff Jerome that the County Com- campaigned strongly in summit session here

response to LangstonHughes' Duval School Board officials that the mysterious these groups represents Clay said. 'There hasn't mission was In collu- the Negro communities. Saturday and Sunday,

"Fight for shooting is in line with frco 60 to 75 per cent been any trouble here Sept. 22-23 Rutledge
Freedom: the Story: of th e similar incidents which of the total deaths in whatever. We don't expect UNCF Awards Convocation Pearson, president of
NAACP. a paper back Pickets AerifiedCHARLOTTE. Florida.. There 50 the Branch of the
have taken place in the were any, and we sure jax

pocket edition that past two weeks in where deaths from flu last don't want any." Planed For September 20Dr. NAACP announced Thurs-
sells for 501. N.C. -- 12 year. In 1960 there were
intensified voter registration The sheriff reported day.
The Delano. Cali. of CORE'S Freedom High Negroeshave 185. the greatest number that over the past few A.J. Kissling and Dr.James H. Lewis, Pearson said the agenda
branch said: "sold all L ways participants went_ among since 223 deaths recorded chairman
brought violent reaction months two Negro houses and co-chairman of the 1962 will include a state-
to court and all marched
our copies the same from white seer in 1953. and two or three housesof Duval County United Negro College Fund wide correlation of
day, didn't get a chanceto ott free. Dr. Sharp said annuallEaUDization
white persons in the Campaign,announced that the Annual Honors voter registration,
keep any for ourselves. The 12 were charged is especially -
county burn and Awards Convocation of the Committeeis selective buying, the
were by
Sheriff Carr
with trespassing at 3 However.-
stated urgent for persons of night fiarauders and Negro scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 20, at stressing of equal Job

From Madera, Calif., Howard, Johns restaurants he belie.ede all ages 1Ih c haTe chronic cafe was bombed. 8 p.m. in the auditorium on the fourth opportunities, in Fed-
came the response '"e in Charlotte. Atty. of those conduction diseases; pregnant women; and
Dallas is approximately floor of the independent Life and Acci- eral, State, County
think 'fight for Freedom Floyd McKissick report voter registration persons under five and dent and stepping
.30 northwest of Atlanta. insurance Company Building.Honor industry up
is the best and shouldbe that Municipal Court schools are trying to those over 45. particularly certificates willbe of the organization'scivil

read by everyone.". Judge P.B. Beach, Jr. create trouble and fired those over 65; and Voters Drive presented to workers velt Madison, principal; rights program.on .

Meanwhile W.W. Law. ordered three acquittals the sho t..**-, persons working in medical ORLANDO Pla. The who have rendered sig- Jacksonville Beach Elementary Sunday afternoon at

president of the Savannah and six prayers for jail Both the Congress of and health services, Orange County Nonpartisan and junior High week-
nificant service to the 3:30 o'clock, the
Ga., branch received his ment. The Mecklenburg Racial Banality (CORE) public safety, public Registration Committee success of the 1962 School, Mrs. Edythe H. end program will culminate -

first copy and i aediate County prosecutor nol and the Student Nonviolent utilities, transportation was famed here this campaign. Anderson, principal; with a public

ly ordered 500 more. pressed three othercases. CoordinatingCommittee education and coa- week with 250 volunteer Darnell-Cookman Elementary
Duval County Schools mass meeting in St.
The Enporla, Kans. (awcc) baTebeen mt cations fields. workers. and faculties to be School, Mrs. Sunni Stephen AUE Church,

branch "sold out oar A total of 35 peoplehave trying to gold sac h Be said persons taking They will seek to expand cited for their out- Raiford, principal; New Fifth and Davis Sts.

supply in 10 minutes"and been arrested on school la, leTl11e, flu vaccine for the first the present number standing contributionsto Stanton Senior High Local Branch meetings

the Philadelphi 51 charges on the CORE according to n.n> time mould have a second of 4.',00 registered Negro School, Charles D.* have been rescheduled
And(CC official la Atlanta aid the 33" colleges
branch ordered 5, 600 project in charlotte. anted tkt te legrsft shot two sooths later. voters. There are and universities Brooks, principal; and to Wednesday nights of
a -
after an office secret There hale been H\\.cQUitUls VM Mat to President t&...... 39.496 -whites in the in the participating Fund John E. Ford Elementary each week, starting at

Bold uo copies in a day and 13 previous Keuttfr iff it* h! Tke united Natiowi is a CGBBty, moat of whoa are included: Stanton Voca- School, Arthur Hadry, 8 o'clock in the basement -

and a half. nol prone*. fee person, eeaiunity of toleraeeaad Negre There are 224, principal. of St. Paul AlE
to *cotv.. a ...tot*!> tional High School,
The Montgomery CountyMd. ttoea tog* la servlnijblfsentence A community of 10S wfeltes.7k + Music for the Church Myrtle and 13.
eatter em e. program
White BOSM Leroy B. Jackson, principal -
tad the remainder tolerance terrible Committee will beaedetea meetings are open
branch ordered 1,000 ef is a will be furnished by the The
to diseis* .*the4. : ; Oakland Elementary -
copies, and so the story are peeling- their stopping '&. vftv. ef frustration to the by ..c. Patton, School, Roose- Bethune-Cookman College to the general public,

goeL conviction totalitarian Bind." NAAOP voter registration singers. Pearson concluded.President ;
terror eetvtat; ... lalt._

g -.

-- m--- n -- -
--- ---

--r : '! : !




-a ;;: Ttf&&* T-* ?'> rOLITI
Published by the PlorWa !BW* PSbllshlng Co. .... .p ; 4l.:7: \

"Mmber of Associated Metro Press" .

Y .- --I
& S t--
EIIittr i .


:,.. ANY MEANS AT THEIR WASHINGTON, D. C. ---The first Federal

HILDA IDOTEN.Cic" lillilEI' -. COMMAND TO STOP grant for a program to combat juvenile 1"

NEGROES : delinquency in a rural area was announced -

MAIN OFFICE & PUNT: -0'J ; by the President's Committee on

: ..... Juvenile Delinquency. The $129, 579, grant
23Z3 EOBcngf RDH.JIIIe ELgis 4-8782 n WI3 will support a county-wide program in

Lane County Oregon.
f ,
Mfig ssSUBSCRIPTION : I I h ', The funds will be used to study rural

P. 0. Box 561 JaciSMde 1t FMfe delinquency and to develop a community
program to combat it, with coordinated

r : programs in such fields as education,

RATES i employment, recreation, and
: : t
social services., The Lane
One tear $6.00 Half Year $4.00 '
County program is intended *'-
Mailed to You Anywhere in the United States
to provide guidelines for
Subscription Payable in Advance ,
other rural areas across the
Send check or Money Order to: nation.

ti .. Secretary of Health educa-
Florida Star P. 0. Box 561
tion and Welfare Anthony
Jacksonville 1, Florida MWHITJ
Celebrezze announced the"granTon
CORRUPTION IN DUVAL SCHOOLS : S. RE t.MY{ ATE AR! R o behalf of the president
s Committee, which also includes ->.{

Attorney 'General Robert F. Kennedy, I
RUMOR OR REALITy. .? Chairman, and Acting Secretary of LaborW.

PROTESTS are becoming louder and more I W. Wirtz. The grant was made under

insistent that our schools are riddled the juvenile Delinquency and Youth offenses -

with corruption and immorality. Theseare THEIR BEFIAHCE OF THE LAW IF THE LAND I IS BECOMING I OUR WORLD IMAGE. Control Act of 1961.

being made by solid citizens, many of "Much attention has been given to

whom are themselves teachers. delinquency in large cities, said

PRACTICES of sexual deviation and other :. Secretary Celebrezze, "but we know too
.. .. -- '
: : about
expressions of carnality are purportedto little the causes of rural delinquency -

be prevalent among both teachers and or what can be done to meet

students. And such abandon relationshipsbetween them. We do know' that rural delinquencyis
teachers and students are sup- Your Weekly a growing problem juvenile court

posedly not unheard of. cases in rural ,areas Jose from 44,500ih
1955 to in 1959. We must take
THIS is a shocking possibility to con- 86,000

template. But the very fact that a recent new steps before this trend grows worse.

school probe in this state did uncover i-; Horoscope Guide "There are related problems to con-

an astonishing percentage of homo- sider. Farm areas have higher school

sexuality among teachers would appear to dropout rates than urban centers, yet

justify the claims of the citizens in ly PABLO The ASTROLOGER farm jobs are becoming increasinglyscarce.

this county who are demanding an inves- Farm youths who quit school
tigation into the matter.IF WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR face the double dangers of unemploymentand

Duval schools are breeding places of BUSINESS LOVE TRAVELARIES delinquency. Lane bounty will test

immorality and its infernal by-products the most promising ways of Meeting this
.... -
challenge. The work that is done in
then steps should certainly be taken to Lane
If Duval studentsare caught In County should be of great benefit to
correct the situation. up a Daze of
forceful and positive
your native skills it other rural
being fed a questionable academic re- Born March 21st thru should also be a propitious confusion and contradic- aligning all the forces every area"that seeks new r r
to this ,
while having their 'morals corruptedby tions. YOU could make avery answers problem.
gimen 19th
time to discuss ;you know to be friendlyto
The went to the
grant Lane County Youth
instructors, then costly mistake if
emotionally warped
forking every day fora you or ;your cause.
be love, and other pertinent put Study Board, a newly-formed, county-wide
citizen resentment and disgust should fixed salary has its you ;your trust in the Confusing elements may;

crystalized into positive action and do merits, but it can also matters, with a frifend wrong person, or allow affect you and your organization which includes representa-
who is dear toy oar yourself to be taken In tives of education, law enforcement,
state of affairs.
with damnable
away be deadly for those ho friends alike. But even
HISTORY tends to mock the magnificent heart. The future may by a dubious proposition city, county, and state agencies, busi-
are creative or who need this may act as a spur
empires of ancient Rome, Egypt, Babyloniaand challenges to bring out look like a big question (19th). Caution should to you in digging deeper ness, labor, private welfare agencies,

other impressive civilizations in their inner strength. mark, making it difficult accompany, your every move for the information or courts, civic and religious groups, and

eaiih case they became glittering symbols _,,, to ,approach. .e- and decl sion. the University of Oregon.
>( 't'his" ,.
r aod..be. JnBtfcthe,,., -*- j-n-J backlng you cannot do
:;f'otf ltural ''ac'comp1.1ab.ent'' "-'IIto.be, *l ght 'tl.e-"ror the ; fi1i oti a.lginterssta: r ssa99i4.:52859SCORPIO: without at this The president Tbf tnisTgroup:fs: Reverend r
over- stagein
reduced to dust by an 410771483417LEO
swiftly Arians, who deem them- affairs work Wesley G. Nicholson and the directorof
immorality and social degenera- your
powering their peoples.IF selves as belonging to Born Oct. 24th thru all the harder for what the program is Kenneth Polk, associate -
tion among this to Born July 23rd thru of
category professor
weigh sociology at the
immorality is being taught in the NOV. 22nd you want, and ,do not
their chances of workingat August 22nd University of Oregon.
little children and teen- If you have to ask rest on your laurels until -
schools among home, for the price There are so many; new During the first phase of the program,
and girls, who will later carry someone to confirm: your ;you are assured that
age boys and under the circum- fields opening up here, Reverend Nicholson said, informationwill
the main- beliefs that success is yours.
out into you must
degenerate appetites stances which their and all over the world, be gathered on: (1) the extent of
life then it wouldbe a decisive step for- 5-80-22-15-91-582
stream of American abilities command. that it may become increasingly delinquency in rural and smallcityareas
ward In
surrender ourselvesto to fulfill
nobler for us to 7-50-88-16-73-758 difficult to AQUARIUSBorn of Lane County, (2) how this delinquency
of your destiny,
capable ; choose
our enemies while we are find competent personnelto a Jan. 20th thru is different from the problemin
shame than to later have our heritageprostituted and Born TAURUS April 20th thru' enter them. if you willing who is to unselfishand advise Feb. 18thIt large, cities, (3)) how the resources
by a generation of men have
20th you for your own good is no mystery to you -
women trained in corruption and shame- May believe that you can only. YOU are less like- or to most people that coordinated,
There is little doubt
lessness. : turn them to profit It ly to approach the wrong it takes a certain a- (4) ways in which public schools can be

IF an investigation is needed, then one that if romance has entered would pay you to investigate person. Even if you do mount of drive and selfishness used as centers for delinquency preven-
life it has
be launched immediately. If none your all possibilities to tion.
should not think so at the moment achieve ,
required, then a vicious rumor is done so in a most unu- that are open to you. it business and economic "
is your own mate or "We start with two basic beliefs, f!
sual fashion.
should it
afoot; a rumor which should be checked is favorable for the partner may be just the supremacy. This is the Reverend Nicholson said. "First, that J
lead to marriage, there
immediately, lest it become a reality. Leos who are on the ball.: one you are looking for. cue for Aquarians In successful delinquency control programs
also indicationsthat
are Don't be distracted from There may be Inner con- general, should an opportunity must have total community participationSecond J

Dml's Peppt r-Ai'-Srt Jvstict uncertainties many; problems and be your course because it fusion and deceptive influences arise to serve that to be effective, these pro- '

may contains too many deceptive to bear, makingit ;your ambitious ends. It grams must be planned with the greatestcare.
created, causing con- 1
Contributing To LwltssMss fusion and frustration. elements to take desirable for you to will be up to you to decide .We .hope that if, we do our job well, .
chances. YOU can always postpone making vital whether you must, "'
If a previous tie is what we learn will be of use to rural
The manner in which Negro citizens in not standing in the way, obtain stanch support ana decisions. onrish to, abandon life- areas and small cities throughout the

Duval are encouraged by the leniency of the subversive activities words of wisdom from the 9-70-11-17-64-168 long principles for United States."

local law to maim or destory each otheras of someone you may associates who are mature material gains. You may Lane County has a population of about
a means of settling disputes is no have considered as a experienced. SAGITTAHIUS= have a battle with yourself 160,000 distributed over 4,573 square

longer something which can be regardedas friend may spread doubts 3-40-55-13-72-345 Born Nov. 23rd thru threshing this pro- miles, an area almost as large as the
'customary' Dec. 21st blem out (20th-21st).
and uncertainties. State of Connecticut.lt has three citiesof
of deaths resultingfrom VIRGO You should know pretty Your decision will no 2500
THE high percentage 5-30-33-15-47-531 Born over population (Eugene, Spring-
23rd thru
personal aggressions among Negroesin Sept.Aug. 22nd well by now that business doubt have been made by field, and Cottage Grove) and nearly 100

this area is largely the fault of the GEMINI'Born or professional the 22nd and you shouldno smaller communities.
21st thru Even with the best intentions -
indifference with which the courts re May obligations are ping to longer dissipate pre- Grants under the Delinquency Act are
June 21st in the world, take a great deal out of cious energies in use-
gard their bestial behavior. Cutting being made to support community demon-

stabbing, shooting, maiming, disfiguringoccur there is nothing wrong it seems risky to to be somewhattoo you, both in time and less self-recriminations. stration projects which embody a com-
so frequently in certain eschelonsof with sentiment as ii your energy. Consequently; it 8-20-55-16-22-825 prehensive approach to youth problems. I
doors, including word. if you yourself do would
opens many be wise
the Negro community as to appear not to rele- One has been made to put such. a pro-
those that lead change your mind gate as much work as you PISCES
nearly commonplace.TO into action. It went to Mobilization -
to creativity and hap- events are likely to do can to others, and to Born Feb. 19th thru gram
the other extreme, however, a Negro it Ibr March 20th / for Youth, a program designed for
The benefit
piness. Ton may have an you. news you as far as pos-
taken before a court for having had evena receive and the Although still the Lower East Side of New York City.
opening to brighten up decision from your leisure yon are
minor disagreement with a white personcan This program incorporates such featuresas
own intimate environment made are more reliable moments to obtain rest riding the crest of the
well expect to be roundly punishedfor your Urban Work for unemployed
an Corps ,
which would than they can possiblybe and relaxation. Your wave of good fortune, \.
so doing. youth a Youth Jobs Center Coffee
add immeasurably to high thereafter. Since deception friends should be madeto you should begin to see
THIS dual system of justice is not conducive signs of unfavorable Houses to serve as neighborhood social
spirits and greater seems to rule respect your wishesIn
to the social maturity this centers, a Homework Helper program in
harmony within the ;yon may be taken in by this respect. You may developments to come
county must acquire if it is to ever establish family circle. Don't our own misconceptionsr also find a way of cut- after that. Some peoplemay which outstanding students in slum t
itself as an example of metro- back on their schools are paid to tutor failing stu-
take any action that mayhave as readilyis ting corners and using go
politan suburban and rural stability those who dents, an Adventure Corps featuring .
an effect on your you may be by the your Influential con- promises, even
and refinement. The dual system is duplicity of others. tacts wherever feasible.Do are closest to yon. sports, trips, and other activitie for ,
conducive only to thedegeneration cf law job or personal pro- not reveal ulti- Others may also be boys aged 9 to thirteen, a pilot narcotics -
spects. Hoe Influencesthat 6-20-22-19-34-621 your
and order among Negroes, and a feelingof mate spreading rumors or rehabilitation project for youthfuL -
then to individuals
motivate you purposes -
immunity to law among whites. LIBRA false Information for addicts Neighborhood Service Centers: ;
could stem from sources who may betrayyour
ONE of the primary functions of the 2-0044-12-96-29 Born Sept. 23rd thru confidences for purposes of their own. to help newly-arrived families adjustto

courts is to settle disputes which inevitably Oct. 23rd personal gain. It may be time for yon urban life, and other programs for

arise between citizens; and to CANCER You still have a fair to quit stalling regarding both teenagers and adults s

i settle such disputes as justly aslaw Born June 2&id thru chance of making addi- 1-6O-e6-18-48-684 insurance or Grants such as the one Lane County is ,

commands and human competence permits--- July 22ndIt tional progress during CAPRICORNBorn investment policies, and receiving are being made to help communities -

regardless of race, creed or religion. is fairly common this third quarter, despite Dec. 22nd thru to arrive at a positive develop programs of this scope. t

WHEN a black citizen has wronged the knowledge that success the fact that a Jan. 19th decision to strengthen These preliminary development grants

people by the commission of a crime, and may be achieved only at slowing down process is NO matter how difficultor all security measures. have gone to New Haven Houston Cleveland t

when no justification can be found for the coat of many previous In the making. Hake hay, indifferent certain Instead of taking things Los Angeles Minneapolis, Chicago

his act he should be dealt with in accordance failures. This is utilizing every item in individuals may try to for granted, go to the Detroit Washington, D. C. and Philadelphia l

to law. Conversly, when a white the philosophy that you your bag of tricks to appear In your fires, you trouble of heading in each of these cities, a ,

citizen commits an act contrary, to civil should adopt when your add to your back account. caa reach then now when straight to the somrce wide range of community leaders are

statutes, he too should be processed by experiments backfire on Get everything all set yon apply the full Impact of positive and dependable working together to find and implement t

the courts fully without regard for his. y ox. It is splefldld for toy noon on the 18th, then. of your intellect information. new methods of delinquency prevention

color but for his crime. research acd the me of lie low to avoid getting and personality. Be very 4-40-33-13-36-431 and control.r :!

---. -. "'. ....
; -,"

f }

SETtIIEI 1 ,i lif flIlllA STAR PAGE' 3'

--- -- -- -- --
Jackson McCauts Nuptials Celebrated Sept. 1st

T': --= -/Ae'
:=0. -., .. .. ; 4 J
Y11 /

.. ... ,. .1 "J'it...0''
------ .
: w
Y qYf'

>ti H' LOUISE G,with GUINYAM t

.,,' I s
Fashion conscious jaxons are becoming even more r ,
I so, thanks to Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority and t a CameCame

their presentation of "Ebony Fashion Pair." .. '
Ibis traditional display of fashions will.be made y.
Mr. and Mrs. Lindsey Girl.
October 19, at 8 p.m. in the Duval County Arcry. .... Lane; 509 3rd Ave. S. Mr. and Mrs. perry

.! Jax. Beach, Pla.; Girl. Robinson; 5608 Silver-

Interestinglyenough, "Ebony Fashion Fair" is Mr. and Mrs. odell dale Avenue; Boy.

''t .coming to town is not only stimulating thA pub- Maree; 317 W. Orange Mr. and Mrs. Clarence

lic, but local AKA s as well. Members of ,Gamma Street; Boy. Thomas; 1334 W. 32nd

Rho Omega Chapter, sponsors of the show, are .i Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Street; Boy.
not only busy selling tickets but are shopping Wade; 821 Market street; Mr. and Mrs. James

for new styles of their own ,to wear to the show. Boy. Bryant: 3160 Waxwing

As. usual, Freda De 1ight's models can anticipate Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Avenue; Boy.

t 1 slight competition from the audience. Cason; 1783 W. 11th Mr. and Mrs. Wade Cain;

Gamma Rho omega s Fashion Fair Committee is Street; Girl.Mr. 2590 McCoy Blvd. ; Boy.

&< comprised of ,Mrs pearl Miller, General Chairman ri and Mrs. Frank Mr. and Mrs. Charles

n ; Mrs. jollta Simmons, co-chairman: Mrs. jones, Jr.; 601 Ct.. E. ; White; 2234 Dakota'Dr. ;
f' Lorice Howard, Housing; Mrs. Luella McBride, Boy. "- Bov.Mr.
{ : : and Mrs. Lawrence
hospitality; and Mrs. Norma White, publicity. <\ ; .;i, Mr. and Mrs. preston
.... b41 J. '. ..;.'i;,. .... J;; ...... ... sorrye; 1836 Brewster
," : "
proceeds from the show will benefit the so "' .M'.. _' _' -.u' ..... "<::S -"" ..; 'J!0,""-""'" Fulwood; R.F.D. 1 Box
rority's Shoe and Scholarship funds. DURING AN IMPRESSIVE 7 p.m. candelight ceremony held In the residence of the Tiriele'8 mother, Miss 132; Woodbine. Ga. : Boy. Road; Boy.
Lorine Jackson became the bride of Jake McCants Sr. on Saturday, Sept. 1 in the residence of Mrs. and Maxie McCoy Mr. and Mrs. Oscar
Mr. Mrs.
tt t""tttt""tttt""tttt""tttt""tttt Beatrice Holmes, 1350 Golfair Boulevard. Shown during rep ption from left are: Miss Gladys Wilson, ; 2117 Baldwin Street Watson; 1479 E. 23rd

Ronald Hester, Mrs. Holmes, Mr. and Mrs. McCants, Mrs. Louise McCants and Mrs. Marilyn Gaines. Street: Girl.
....:,1fq. is the time for all good AKAs to come to '.i_ 11
(Billy Brown Photo (
the aid of their sorority .-IT* S ROUND-UP TIME.

The annual Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Round-up United in Beautiful I i f I' Ceremony J Notes To Play t11

meeting will be held Saturday,Sept ember 15, from """

f' five to .seven clock p.m. on the lawn of Mrs. r.:A ', 'i",1 :A For Student DanceThe

Dara Bellinger, 5903 Lusaid Drive. All Alpha [ .... I
J notes a young
I Kappa Alpha sorors in the city are extended a i
r musical aggregation that
special invitation to attend the social meeting.
has returned to the city i j
.. .... .. after makinf a hit with' '.
tEtt.* tEE "" EEEt. tEEE.. **. tt. 'tttt music lovers and'dancersin TOYJwar
the western part of
Mrs. Helen Gregory was. the charming hostess :
? the and will
country play
..wjien Les unes Cbarmantes Bridge.Club met last
for the student dance to tar
week-end. be given at the Duval SALEU
in the business session that preceded bridge County Armory Saturday

play the group voted to increase its membershipby night.

one full table of players. Now. Later
q' During their stay in Pay
Mrs. Norma White, Mrs. Betty Sessions, and Maine they played for
i Charlotte Bostic were high scorers for the
dances, gave concerts_ and
w evening. !! rendered programs for sturdy steel "Scootaway" Wagons"Radio

Enjoying the hospitality of The Gregorys were: various Decisions. They "Radio Tot" Wagon
Mrs. Alma. Daniels, Mrs. Betty Sessions, Mrs. were booked at some of

s Arnetta.- WalkerMrs.-. Joyce Lawson,..Mrs.' priscilla... .... the state's most out
Brown, Mrs. Lydia Wooden. 'and Mrs. Norma R. standing gathering places

".White. :: t.-. "H. :.::_ : '" and highlyacclalmTd i "ai steel
.-, ; ..-' .....,..,.. s.z many of the places wheresome that can gauge take plentyof
.ttEE..tEtE.** EEEE..tEit*;*.tttE..ttEt 4. Has
of the nation'smost .. punishment.
red enamel
renowned bands have bright
Wilder Recreation Center was the scene of a a played finish white double
\..; disc wheels,
I recent meeting of Kappa Alpha Psi FraternityIn Saturday night Sept 1 a molded rubbertires.ic .
which plans were enacted for a big social they played at the Armory ,W 20%- 101/4" 3".

event in the very near future installation of tora student dance
; $3.98 j
the Jacksonville Alumni ChBDte s newly elected and everyone present appeared "Rex Pal" Wagon-24'/- 12 x 3V,"
officers and kappa Sweetheart Party are scheduled to have been well Rex Missile" Wagon-28" x 13" x 3'/ $5.95

for September 28 at the El Dorado Club. aka>s? pleased. Sunday night "Rex Jet" Wagon-34" x 1S'/ x 4'A JJ.95
present during the meeting wereGeorge William '< Sept. 2. they played for

toljetf.HtohelJ) john T. Floyd, a Jewishasesbh. -"A Heavy Steel
:john Grisae.tt... ,II ; IEIM .. ." Gauge
Samuel Williams, Cassius Jones, George Starkes, The J Notes have' played //. TricvclesFrom

III, William H. Mathis, Maxie Wilson Lawrence for several fraternity
William A. Johnson, Hillie Howard, ira > dances on some of the
Jones, .\ -'f .95
I ; $7
'\> i' '"' .. ;
Wright and Kiptus Green.tEEE..EEEE..ttEE..ttEE..tEEE..tEEt. !If ,'. '' leading institutions of
';; the southland. Among the U P
} ,. With U-bone frame.
'A;\ "I :, institutions of higher a
/ -.N /
.= .: ':',...'t '\ r ttw, <. learning to swing to the Spoke type wheels,
,o ,'; "-'.. : puncture-proof rubber
r <'t"J<" '..-..h. """ ,' .' -0 ,. > ,
A The El Dorado Club is buzzing with activity tunes of the J Notes were w tires. Adjustableseat.

these days. it is tinder the management of one FALL NUPTIALS---During a colorful early evening ceremony held Friday, Sept. 7, fraternities at the University Red body with

of Jacksonville's most popular restauranters, Miss Carolyn Joan Gamble became the bride of Rufus Williams jr. the event of Florida and white trim.

Curtis Taylpr. We..are happjr. mention'this: .. taking place at, the young Womens Christian' Association with Rev. H. L. Web- Georgia Tech.Greater 10 Tricycle............................. 58.95

r..for Curtis has done so much during the.years to bert, officiating. Mrs. Williams is the daughter of' Mr. and JOTS. Jerry Gamble. 16- Tricycle.......................... M1.95
provide pl'easant evenings away from home for The groom is the son of Rufus Williams Sr. of New York and Mrs. Eula Mae Payne .

countless clubs and individuals. Nelson. The newly weds will receive friends at their residence, 1453 West 24th Plans Annual COLORED'Walking
Street. (Royal Art Studio photo) Life Size 30"Playmate
tttt..tttE..tEEt..tttt..tEtt..EEEt Women s Day Fete e Doll

Applications For Organizations InvitedTo Greater Payne AME Church
recently organized for

., LILLY'S DRUG STORE LicensesHenry Join Bethune the annual Women's Day 'I JM:i. $8.95
.fg3 observance which is set -
J A Complete Line of COSMETICS Benedict Annual ParadeAll for Sept. 30. t; A real companion for her tof.t'
1608 E. .
f i Brown. Wesley L. Williams e
community organiza- ; / : : love and play with. Opens
24th St. 28 and Jean E. 21st St. 26 and Officers are: Mrs. Annie .
1434 E. .. :1-ride and shuts Has unbreakable -
clubs s eyes.
,} 1. CANNES SNUB' tions as ;! .
RUBBER GOODS Williams. 1487 W. 29th Willie S. Jones. 2083 sororities, Fraternities, Collins chairman; crs. i-/; # : :. /J\;"'" soft polyethylene body;
Street 30. Deana Avenue. 18. Vivian Stevens co- s Y moveable vinyl head, arms,
Prescriptions Cafed f fw at Mtati .... Kindergarten, and all "J. _/.
-: .. Horace McClendon 535 Chas William Garden- chairman; Mrs. H. Mainor. legs. And rooted saran hair

/ 1901 Kills 11 tl 3-8216 Lee St. 25 and DorissaM. hire. Cincinnati, Ohio private and public secretary; Mrs. Myra D. that can be washed and set.
schools are invited to Charmingly dressed in lace-
Gomez. 535 Lee St.24. 33 and Pauline Mitchell King pastor for the day.Moriah ,
trimmed dress
participate in the big ; nylon party ,
98S. Myrtle Ave., 31. parade to be held Satur- Mt. : 5 1 taffeta slip matching socks
Chas Wade Jr. 5814 and velvety soft party shoes.
day October 13. at 12:30. L '
Cleveland Rd. 33 and SchedulesWomen's i-.... --'
r4::., Dr. J. Erving scott
now itb Pepsi Alfronia Chisolm. 403 Community Chairman,
Woodlawn Avenue 221 states that this year's DayPlans 24" And 26" BicyclesWith

for those who think Jdm W. Andersen, 1453 parade will be the big have been com-

young Spearing St. 66 and gest and best since the pleted for the annual the most wanted features

..:<. "..... l.io Velma Myers. Pensacola inception of the classic.He Women's Day observance

_..., it- Florida 48. stated that there will scheduled for October 28 7'.t t
caldwell 1313
be as many as 14 bands at Mt. Moriah AME Church.
tI_. j jb price St. 24 and PaulaN.
and many floats and Officers for the observance -
1 Tarver. 1215 PriceSt. decorated cars from are Miss Barbara

21.Alexander. schools and clubs Robinson, chairman; Mrs. .1 f tw

Montgomery throughout the community. dessa Lane; co-chairman;

b 6365 w. Ashley St. 26 Prizes will be givento Mrs. Ali Thorpe, pastor A /.

and Emma L. Albright, the organizationshaving for the day; Mrs. Alyce

629 Court D. 21. the best deco- Jones Mack secretary and

LeRoy Levy 642 W. rated float. Davis stated public relations chair-

t, s J Union St.. 34 and Ruby that this will be a good aan.

._ Hale, 642 W. Union St. time for businesses in Rev. 0.B. Thorpe is the For Boys --

28. the community to show pastor of Mt. Moriah AMB r
Victor Burt. 1144 W. their interest in whole Church. '4r

9th st. 19 and Ella M. some activities and also
Read The
jones, 5352 Court Ave. receive some good advertising '

18. by: placing a FLORIDA STAR $38.88 forGlIsThese

James J. Rutledge unit in this parade.
Y 5235 Polan Lane. 27 and Weekly

Minerva V, Brown. 1480 sturdily constructed bikes have all thespecial

.. State St. 24. features boys and girls want: middle-
A Joseph Kelly Jr. 1078E. weight cantilever frame; aluminum fenders
Now Open and rims; chrome double battery headlight;
Y. Troyan St. 22 and adjustable chrome handle-bar; white sidewall

,_... Betty A. Cross, 1517 NWLC.IGOU&CNIhTC' tires; sports pedals{ ; two tone saddle; chrome
--c..f. : Swift street. 19. in springs; ball bearing head, pedals, cranks.
'.. ., Chester Hicks, 1117 Mc- We future quality

Conihe St., 24 and 111- foods & efficient service

'.-,' \ .. mea J. Davis 4154 Ovens Catering Social Clubs & Parties Use KRESS Lay Away Buy Now Pay Later

f I AU over America there's a pat new redlns- eo Ic ire puninf more Avenue 19. DOINTOUfeurt
into, their tenure tfltinj more out of their lives.. Its:a new outlook SK2 HC1AR9SHI M.Mr. -
called thinking)'QUnJ.TI $ is the life for Pepii-ltfht, I k
r bracing. ,dean-tasnnf Pepsi: So to ahead-thinl jounj In stores" t Irs. II M*es InIr ngOtrn .""ft'IIOIn MAIN at ADAMSlmllln
& buy an extra canon.At fountains 1) "Pepsi please' + ,
: .. .
"a lid fri Nftes
... ,
1I"Ut......MA.1 le..a r Nt+nwI wYrw.r.M, ....pY C.'r'I' J.,

a .- ..- -'.'-.
0 '.
-. >or

-- -
Baptist Assn. Board Schr I.s St. Paul Lutheran T

Tabernacle Baptist Prepares For Second Calvacade Of Songs Freeman FamilyIn

Oct.. Mntlng IR Stcoml Itpttst Announces ServicesThe Recital SundayAmong

> .x- ,
.. : Jacksonville Circuit the calendar of
: .. :
-i' '
Members. of the Executive Board of the East '.+:' 'J"'"."'''h....''. 4. .< _. Ii',''.. pastoral Conference to
'" '. JW events leading up
<:, :;:!: h, __ ._ : :. : : met
Florida and Bethany Baptist Association met at :>., :. : >; .' +) Monday at St. Paul the annual women's Day
lit. Calvary Baptist Church recently to formulate {_";f''!....,...." ..... Lutheran Church 2730 celebration of St. -

plans for the 69th annual session which will West Edgewood Avenue. Stephen AME Church is "

convene with the Second Baptist ,Church of jack- Holy Communion was celebrated the presentation of the

sonville, during the month of October. the Rev. FloydT. Freeman Family in recital -

Rev. W.M. Hill the junior Women Mrs. M.K. j Paul. McAdoo, officiating.pastor of st. Sunday at 8 P.m. .: ..

moderator assisted by Heard president of in the auditorium of
The chairman of the
Rev. G.T. McCall. 2nd Ushers department; S.M. : the Conference the church.
vice moderator and Rev. Davis, president of Rev. A.F. The trio will render a
r I Gerbhardt
t c called the
J.D. Hughes. 3rd vice men Brotherhood and Mrs. F 4 variety of selections
Ui. me* ti,.ff to order immediately World
moderator of Palatka C.C. Daniels, Children. LJ 1! following including The
the "
presided during the Miss Joyce Daniels and ,"; service and businessgot Outside. "One God"and

major periods of the the Adult Counselorswere : underwayA others. Miss Eloise

meeting.Rev. in charge of the i. delicious dinner was Mervin. a member of St.
J. C. Sams was e John Baptist Church and
youth meeting.The f. prepared by Mrs. Harriet
invited to clarify sessions will be wI' Graham and Mrs. Willie William Streets Jr. of
several important held jointly. The St. Paul AWE Church will
pre- Burrise assisted
i by Mrs.
points from his positionas opening program will be Dora Nicholson and Mrs. be guest soloists. Miss '"

president of the Pro- held Tuesday night of IIa y Dorothy Jones. The pas- Mervin will sing "'I11e

gressive Baptist State the sessional week. The tors enjoyed it Ki ss" and William
Convention of Florida. parent body will be in mu Streets will sing
The officials completed charge Wednesday :w ; try ch.SUNDAY'S SERVICES 'You' 11 Never Walk

several important items throughout the day. Sunday School and Bible Alone." The family will

which were deferred from Thursday morning, the \ tI,YLA. r_ "' ,.. classes begin the services also render "Ave Ma

the one day session. Senior Women's Session Sunday at 9:30 a.m. ria" 'Sbes this House

In setting the program and the junior Women with William and Without A Song":: and
A. Jones,
careful considerationwas will be in charge duringthe superintendent in others.

given participantsand afternoon. The two charge. The lesson study Mrs. Lillian P. King

the overall annual boards will present a : is "Joseph In Egypt. will accompany the ar-

presentation is expectedto combined program during The lesson will be re- tists and will be assisted -

be one of the finestin the evening. viewed by the superintendent. by guest accompanists -

history of the Dis- Friday, the Laymen and Miss Jacqueline

trict Unit of the Pro- Ushers will_be in charge Holy communion will be Williams and Allen
gressive. Among board The youth and small RETURNS BY POPULAR DEMAND--Due to its overwelming success when it was initially staged last August observed at the 11:00 Green Jr. of St. Paul

chairman giving their children departmentswill the Second Calvacade' of Songs for the Eastside will return to New Tabernacle Baptist Church Sunday a.m. service the Rev. AME Church. Adrian (Ken)

reports were. Rev. A.J. be in charge Satur night Sept. 23 at 7:30 o'clock. prof. E. Clifford Davis music director for the 1,000-voice choirof Floyd T. McAdoo pastor Knight will serve as

Hughes Missions; Rev. day. Baptist National Convention Inc. and director of the'Florida Progressive and Georgia ProgressiveState will bring the message master ceremonies. He

Daniel Johnson Educa- Sunday, the morning and Baptist Conventions, respectively, will direct the choirs. Rev W. E. young is host pastor and music will be furnished will be presented by f

tion. afternoon will be ob- and Tabernacle Trustee Board member Homer Seldon is captain of the generao committees. others by the senior Mrs. Lillian Goosby. She'

Meeting at various served in the usual serving in supervisory capacities will be Rev. H. Y. Brown .assistant Tabernacle pastor; Sunday choir Mrs. Gladys will also present the

times in their annual manner, with the mission School Superintendent C. A. Lawrence, who is also president of the' Male Chorus; Mrs. Queen Aik ens, Bryant, organist. The processional line.in .

boards were the auxil- hour at 2:30 p.m. president of the choir: Miss Evelyn Johnson, pianist-accompanist; and Arthur Smith, organist-ac- public is invited to the escort line will

liaries Mrs. M.L. Johnson '. .companist. (Royal Art Studio photo). attend all services at be Miss Peggie Middleton
president of the Central Selects St. Paul. Miss Joann Henderson

Senior Women; Mrs. M.K. Sweetfield Board Prepares For Anniversary Woodlawn Presbyterian I The Adult confirmationclass Miss Cynthia Thomas.

Gibson president of the Captains For Church Notes meets Sunday at Bobby Roberts Ronald

Women ._ 1 '''' .----q.----., 6:00 p.m. These classes Blanding. Rudolph Brown
1.1--- BY L.N.
Former Boxer s DayThe -., .. .,' help prepare for member- Ronald Murphy and James

For women of Central Church school will begin ship those persons interested Genwrigbt.
Studying ... .. in the Lutheran
CME Church, Rev. D. W. ""t in the Woodlawn Hostessed for the eve

PriesthoodTECHNY Bass pastor are plan- i- k Presbyterian Church Church. ning will be the Ladie

ning for the annual ob- Sunday, September 16 WEEKLY ACTIVITIES of Jack' Club, represented

111. -- The servance of Women's Day a. with Mr. T. V. Huger Sunday at 3:30 p.m. the by Mrs. Hattie

former flyweight championof which has been set for superintendent in chargeat Walter League meets. All Devoe, Mrs. Della Reese

Panama has moved intoa Sept. 23.Officers. pI 10:00 a.m. Leaguers are asked to be Mrs. Annie Laurie Young.

heavier division--he is of the day are The MorningWorshipservice present. The Board oft Mrs. Louise Gardner. Mrs

studying to become a Mrs. D.W. Bass chairmanMrs. will begin a Elders will hold its regular Daisy Morris Mrs. Ann

pri est. Rachel Malloy, Cochairman I I3X Iw 10:55 a.m. with the pastor monthly meeting Jones Miss Majorie

His story is told in the ; Mrs. Frankie Rev. P. D. Wilson Monday; night at 8:00 p.m. Saunders Miss Joan

current issue of The Handy secretary; Mrs. delivering the message. Tuesday, the Senior Caulfield and others.

Shepherd magazine for Vetrice W. Williams, assistant The united Choir will Choir will rehearse at Rev. J.S. Johnson is
young men interested in secretary; Mrs. : The junior pastor.
support the rites withthe 7:30 P.m.
t.b e pr to tbood;.::PUb- K..Cl aent.lneiBrown. pro-
lsped here-n '"'by the gfaa"chaifman x f church organist, Mr. Choir rehearses Thursday
; Mrs. __L
Future Priest Club. Nettie Leapheart fin- __ 1 C.ET. Simmons Jr. at the afternoon at 5:00 p.m. Ml. Sinai You"hPlan
piano. Mrs. Mildred Geiger in
'About thirteen 11
years ance chairman; Mrs. Mary 1y Sept. 23 Recital
A charge. Sunday schoolteachers
ago boxing was my only Dennis music chairman; : Tuesday 7:30 p.m. the

interest; the wo rid's Mrs. juanita Wyatt co- -: .. J Westminster choir will meet at 7:30 p.m The Junior Missionary
championship my only chairman. "'. 'k". 'f '\ t rehearse in the West- Thursday The Junior Society of Ht. Sinai
.- i? '. minster Hut. Confirmation class meetsSaturday Baptist Church will -
goal Lawrence said. Mrs. Virgie Coker, '. Wednesday present
At that time he was decoration chairman; Mrs ,I":.,. 7:00 p.m. Mid-week morning at; Mrs. Edith Jones
flyweight champion of the Anna Lewis, chairman of --, .' ,' Prayer and Study Hour .9: 00 a.m. All boys and in her annual musical

Republic of 'pan'ama. a ushers; Mrs. Ella Scott, M ei.Y ,' .;"'r' : will be held in the Hut. girls between the ages recital Sept. 23 at 7:30

title that he held for co-chairman; Miss Eunice ft;: ,, y., All members are urged to> of 12-16 are invited to p.m. in the auditoriumof

three years. Coker publicity chair- : join us in an hour of attend. the church.

At he Prayer. Worship and Mrs. Jones will be s imported -
16 became
,a semiprofessional man; Mrs. Willie M.
and won 9 Washington, co-chairman; Study. Friday 8:00 p.m. Royal Palm by the Mission

out of 11 bouts in his Mrs Maggie Perry, tag 7 n The United choir will re Chorus and the original

first year. He did semi- chairman: Mrs. Geraldine r.J hearse in the Hut. As we Meets SundayThe Mt. Sinai Trio of which
1 1I will have she is a member.
professional present Sunday
boxing for
Mi ran do, co-chal1rman;
three years, and was on Mrs. Rachel Malloy souvenir : morning Rev. Bryand Royal Palm Chris- Mrs. Jones is one of

the threshold of a pro- chairman.The I George, the Westminster tian club resumes regular the leading soprano
Choir is asked to solosit of the church.
fessional boxing career chairman has requested join sessions Sunday at
when he felt "there was the cooperation __ the United Choir in pre- 3:30 p.m. in the home of She sings in Choir 2 and
something missing in the senting music for wor- Sister Earnestine Stevens has been heard on many
of the entire membership
THIRD ANNIVERSARY PROGRAM under the sponsorship of Board 2 of Sweetfield
fight business. He decided in the drive. ship. 5046 Cleveland Rd. programs city and state
Baptist church will be observed Thursday, Sept. 27 at 8 p.m. in church'
to quit."Dishonest There will be a meetingof All members are urged to wide. Mrs. Theresa Lock-
auditorium 1365 Harrison St. Board officers and members (shown above) are wood is
the the
managersand Elders. Trustees be present since this president.
even crooked referees Varick Memorial Mrs. Rosa Lee Grant, president; Mrs. Mattie pollock, vice president: Mrs. Les- and the steering committee will be the first
had wormed their sie Johnson secretary: Mrs. Lelia Merritt treasurer; Mrs. Elizabeth Clenton.
of the
way into the sport" he Organizes For corresponding secretary and Pete Simmons, recording secretary. Mrs. Josephien on Saturday Building eve-Committee ,the Mrs.fall-winter season ForaIIi.1 relief i f f

said. "! had expected a Women s DayThe Stewart, Mrs. Viola Thomas Mrs. Estella Simmons Mrs. Loraine Cooper Mrs. Mar ning. This group will president,Mary stated.M. Dixon Mrs. hay fever'
querite '
McBride. -Rev. D. P. Barnes is the
great thrill from knocking pastor. discuss with Rev. Bryand Edith s. Woods is club
out an opponent; allI J women of Varick (Royal Art studio photo ) George our plans.
Dr. Guild's Cr
1 secretary. n Mountain
felt was disgust. And I Memorial /ME Zion Church e..a.us o. cO".O. .

the further up the lad met recently and or- Holy Church Plans Special i I ServiceHere
der I went the more ganized for Women's Day I For Quicker Results Consult the World's Greatest Medium .
-- -- ------
fickle the crowds be which will be observedOct. Friday
special service at whole recognizes the :2
Mt. Sinai Holy Church services rendered by =
Sea --. .
%tf4 Center ..
21st and Abbott Streetswas her. Elder Sparks is WITH STRANGE POWERS TO OVERCOME _

held Friday night inviting the many
with Mother Taylor in friends to attend. THE POWERS THAT HOLD YOU!I Pass jour
Myrtle Ave, end Adorns Phone EL 4 1468 0
charge. Ebeneezer Methodist i troubles afar to me and forget them! There

KING tISNSTEAKS LP. 55' Frei N.il. program Friday will night be a given special in Plans Pew Rally is only IlHnown for her honesty, sincerityand l/

SPECKLED LIMITED Tlt RNpr: .f.n honor of Missionary Cora For Women Event iateB- ea t imitated, never (d fopicaled! ; ._ 111111
TROUT 59' Old F.rnrit.
AMOUNT LI. Franklin who waked I do not call at home
your Come ,
HUSH Fresh Shrimpboat The committee on Ways see me! =
very hard in carrying on
LL 59'CINUINI and Means for the annuallomen's
MNSACOU WHITING the work of the church

SNAPPERBLUEF1SH LL 55'C this summer during the Ebenezer Day Methodist drive at Numbers Given FREE With Readings ,

u. 39' L8. absence of the Pastor. Church will sponsor a 87 13 y
"1ST AVAIlAIlt TO Elder L. M. Sparks. 34 60 _
rUT ON TMI TAILf pew rally and musical l :
Mrs. Franklin organizedand program Sept. 16 at 7 p. 48 73 98 23 ii n

Conch Meatu.49c r.d'rs..s 1I.v tNPI. conducted one of the m. in the auditorium of MADAM CAROLYN---Worid9 greatest Psychic Medium and Spiritual adviser! Without your saying one word, -"":
largest vacation Bible the church. you will be told your name, the object of your visit, everything wish *
.. Ire.... WIN you to know if you are seek-.
I* I U. Tab Out Box Schools in the city. She ing the truth on all affairs of
The life religious advice
$%.90 !.> 'I MEAT was able to gather program will feature separation, divorce, work changes, see
Lew CIuNMN.I ..... .oooL children: from all around some of the most Madam: Carolyn today. Have you a problem that to you seems too heavy a burden? You owe it to yourself -.
1..1 fer .HIt N StMkL C.N. outstanding talented in- to seek a helping hand! Why go through life unhappy when
CATFISH ...,_ ill .,*.*. Ut U M and the church as a you can have your greatest wish "
dividuals in the city materialized only through this great Psychic, Madam Carolyn. She will show you the way to success
u. 1.25 and happiness. you may consult other mediums but before decide
49c you who can help and will help
LE "The .
Nat c.w hi Ma.* .-... Best Costs No More"Holmis See Madam Carolyn! She reunites separated and loved ones, settles marriage troubles and helps .
... ... you
Pk J 4 pis tai, .
OCUNVIIW I MH! West hitrol i Horn marry the one you love. NO doubt you have consulted the rest now consult the best. Only one visit.:

SPOTS LV. 39c 69c ft 'KCoGreea is necessary Consult Madam Carolyn, spiritual adviser today; tomorrow may be too late; Madam: '
AMtUME SERVICE NOTARY PUBLIC Carolyn can be lcated at 7628 Lem Turner Road. If you ride the bustake number 27 'lake Forrest" *

(Uncooked) HnMa letSTEIS u. (c10w' d W.P. Mftfs, k. MECTORS ApkMsa! West' and get off at Rowe Avenue. Look for the Hand Sign standing in the yard with large number 7623..*'
the *rtfc itnifht vtk Shm hoUt tk*arks If-. wader you can'r miss it. Hours 8 a.m. to 8 closedjill.dayon
ttrrtfii Wednesday..open all
vrtitvTf horn tk -Boerd" day Sunday.
LARGE Tie PI 5-1S41 2119 W. Edgewtri Ave.Jxtowie '"Satisfaction guaranteed or no fee." Madam Carolyn! 7628 Lem T :
| Florida rate LAKE FOREST No. 27 BUS Get off at Rowe Aye. nor
Beware of t (

\ Yrs.r
. '. -
--- -



;3 Scouts Roundup ABOUT PEOPLE Jaxon Is Recipient Of Surprise Birthday Party Ga. Baptist Assn.

Scheduled I Sept. 22nd Hiss Rosena Salmon, was formerly employedby .' Climaxes Successful22nd

sister of Miss 'Catherine Brewster Methodist x- ," ,. .1 '.- *. .I., +
'< ,1 "w Annuas Session
Salmon of the Florida Hospital, but resignedto ( "' '
The Cherokee DivisionOf t. > k -
Star staff has returned accept the positionof \
the North Florida ,: v. ;
: RICEBORO. Ga. -- Acclaimed -
home after spending the coordinator with the 1'
Council Boy scouts of I as the largest
summer in Jacksonvillewith J. Butler Cancer.Unit
America announces its attended event in the
her sister. Hiss of the American
Pall Go Sound Up Pro- history of the organiza-
Rosena salmon Is a stu- has
society returned -
graa will be held Saturday tion, the 22nd annual
dent at Alfred E. Beach to Brewster and
Sept. 22 from 2 to 5 1 ax 'i session of the Georgia
High School. Edward works in the IBM depart-
p... on St. Pius catholic { Progressive Missionary
Salmon, brother of Miss ment.
School grounds. Baptist Association met
Catherine Salmon is X X X % ,
Rally Events in which Dg recent conference here
spending a few days in Solomon '
Mr. Mrs. --
each troop may participate ; : in Old Zion Baptist
Jacksonville as the Jones is back in the
,4 are: log Raising S Church Rev. Levi M.
house guest of his sis- the
city after
p afZ1 chariot Race, wood 4 Moore host pastor, and
ter. He will return soon funeral services for his moderator.One .

Two-Ian and enter Savannah State only sister. Mr. Jonesis t \ of the most important -

/ College.X president of the \t ,
t Patrols will be scored .t announcements
on events and the patrol X X X James Weldon Johnson rr disclosed folIo,ing the
Florida Star staff PTA a strong member of
with the highest total meeting was the appoint-
welcomes Mrs. janie the Brewster Hen s Club
score will receive aRound .. ment of Prof. E. Clif-
Gilbert back to work and an official of Mt. ,A ,
up award. ford Davis, director of
.1 after being out for a Zion AME Church.
Scout demonstrations in the 1.000-voice National
few days due to illness.Mrs. X X X
Gasping cooking Rope- : :T : J1 Baptist Convention Inc.
Gilbert is a Vari- : _
r Fries choir and music directorof
Baking Bridge Buildingand typist at the Star. Jury e .; *. x. +
First Aid will be a ;; J 1. '4 the Progressive Bap-

J given 'by the following X X X T... Agar tist Convention State of
Mrs. Margaret Moody,
Troops: 74 St. Pius k Florida to the musical
Comptroller at Brewster
Catholic school 76 St. For Slaying : director post of the
Methodist Hospital has
Stephen AME Church 147 I Georgia Progressive
returned to work after Willie Edward Hall was ;,
pine Forest School PTA. Missionary Baptist As-
being away for a few set free on Monday aftera
194 lit. Bethel Baptist weeks .on her vacation.She six-man coroner's juryruled SCORES OF FRIENDS! converged upon the 6117 Straw Flower Place residence of Mr. and Mrs. Sinclair sociation.

Church 173 Second Bap- given that Hall s action Wilcox last Saturday night week, the occasion being a surprise birthday party in honor of Mr. During the various sessions -
was a rousing
tist Church 44 First welcome by the office were justified when he Wilcox. The social interlude was pleasantly spent with the playing of games and the serving of a the combined

I Baptist hurch, 175 Grant force in her d'epart- stabbed and killed ,a man sumptuous buffet luncheon. The honoree received numerous gifts. Some of the attendees present as choirs sang under the

C Memorial AYE Church.At ment. in order to defend his shown above were: Edwin Jones (foreground); From left: Mrs. Marion Polite, isadore Singleton Sr., direction of Prof. Davis.

4 p.m., the Go ROUNDUP X X X mother. Mrs. Jean Wilcox, Mrs. Sinclair Wilcox, Sinclair Wilcox (Honoree); Mrs. Christine Hart and house Other program features

Program_ will begin, Hall 19 of 629 S. guest Mrs. Christine Jackson of Philadelphia; Mr. and Mrs. Harold MCIntosh and the Wilcox daughter presented during tfhe
and will consist of cere- Miss Birtha M.M.11i te four-day session were
Merlinda. Art Studio photo
Lincoln Court, stabbed .. (Royal )
monies, group singing, left the city last Mon- highlighted by Rev. Les-
48-year-old George Brooksto
short talks and Roundup day night to attend the ter Richardson, the Deacons -
death after warningthe Deadline Joins Sales StaffNEW
inforaation. National Business meet- MinusBy CORE AnswersTalmudgeAttack of Riceboro and
to stop baiting
.IMPERIAL SUNDRIES ing which will be held -1 1Sponge Anderson Grove churches
his mother during an Russell (Chuck) Charles
in Philadelphia, Pa. Rev. G. Jackson, pastorof
'' argument between the two.
Miss white is still one The argument reportedly Data fey had to be nearly 70 years old. He Riceboro' First

Leading Hat Preparation of the most active mem- started disagreement .30-something when ,,he, came from Tye Tye, Ga. African Baptist Church
over a
C*. tntd & AstIIey bers of the organizationX about watching tele back in the Depressionand that was 30somethingyears Dr. Caphers Rev. Lester
X ago. Of course, 'Sponge' wasn' his front Richardson Miss Mary
a 4-2159 I Margaret Bass, who NEW YORK, N. Y. CORE Rose Richardson Mrs.
name which was Daniel. But everybody called him
--- -
Sponge because he carried a big red sponge in his National Director James Hattie Anderson, presi-
said today
pocket instead of a handkerchief. The reason for Farmer dent of the women's Department -

Atlentionl Attention that was, Sponge was a 'player.' Only squares, direct action group ; Mrs. Gertrude
impartial -
would welconsi an
marks, creeps, Johns, yokers, rollers and them investi- Johnson Rev. T.JBuck-
BAND STUDENTS kind of people carried handkerchiefs. But all Senate ly of Townsend, Ga.; and
gation of the role of
players carried spongesjust like nabs carried Professors Freddie Stevens -

!II! RENTAL INSTRUMENTS !II! roscoes. It was the mark of the man. Sponge could YORK -- George H. CORE elsewhere.The in Albany. Georgiaand E.B. Cooper, and

tell .. Adams, a 1956 graduateof Benjamin Holmes

We Have A Complete Stock "Boss you.broads doan go for sweatin' crittas," Fisk University anda statement came in Rev. Freddie Bonds,

Of Rental Band Instruments And Drums he was telling the guys in the paradise Barber former member of the reply to an attack upon pastor of Beulah Baptist
CORE on the Senate Floorby
Fisk Jubilee Singers, and
Church, savannah
Shop. 'A man got to know what toN
Three Months Free Trial """' has been promoted to the Herman Talmadge of delivered
Rev. Buggs
; do for hisself when the story he

With Purchase Of Any Band Instrume t tell in' get so strong that the by fuel the oil Eastern sales staff Esso here Re- Georgia.that Talmadge CORE was implied closing day sermon.RAPIDT.

RENTAL FEE AS LOW AS $1.00 PER WEEK water bust outa his hide. gion of Humble Oil & Re- 'fomenting strife in
ain like the rest'
Vs playahs a the
fining Company.Mr. Albany Georgia for
We Have- you guys. We always got to knowwhaL'
I ."'. ..,; t M ..., <4 -being-put down an' what s Adams completed his specific damaging this purpose countryin '-HI.. TV SERVICEDAY
work toward-a'bachelor's AND NIGHT
Conn Le llanc Selma King <.being took up. An' we got to stay foreign relations." *
degree after serving in CALLSNI $ JOO
dry all thf while. Thas why weez the Army paratroopersfrom Farmer said '''e believeour

... 'known as 'playahs. We is always actions help Americain /
1951 to 1953. Whilein EL 5.5770
ACE MUSIC CO.Jacksonville. I so DRY an' COOL th' broads doan dig what's happ'nin college, he toured its foreign rela- RADIO DISIATCNrDC1eBREWSThH
till it's too late. Europe with the Fisk tions.

"Till WHAT'S too late?" old man Moody, the singers.

414 MAIN Florida barber, wanted to know. 'Only thing I see thas .

late roun' here is you. Seems like you ought' a ; MENi

EL 5-9316 EL 3-4943 be settin' on one'a them undertaker steps waitin'
JACK JXart Mcrw.J.JNUronMniocirr .WtIhM SeatY.Carence llis
I- I -It for yo time to come, 'steada runnin' roun' Ashley VKI rtisunrr" tICUTARY TIIAIU I.

Street callin' yoself a 'pI ayah' an' slappin' ,

yoself in th' face with that ole nasty sponge pKtenft: Gi9 &ANNUA7-;

CfDAR HILLS you totel"MCNasty! knows it. Do you? With Goody's i'L'LkJ' : $ra QO fAd;; Jf .
STORE OPENMONWED..FRI. Headache Powders less. ; '=' \
you pay
PRINCETON VANDERBILT started to laugh as the two men glared .
None better at double theprice.
IV|$ TIL >,M. even {;\ TIW J
angrily at each other. "Better hit a lick with e r:

your sponge, ole buddy," he told Sponge. "Ya :
startin' to sweat." FRIDAY SEPt: 21 thiin 30 :
rJ IJENeJ&/r: lr
"Cause he lying, thas why!" Moody chimed in, :
BhCMtet yeapXal : il""
spitefully. 'Call in' hisself a PLAYAH. He .

couldn' play a juke-box with a handful' nickles- I 'EXHIBITS ".,, ,J ; .t =: : I'
thas the kind a playah he isl"! DES.' ; ..,

Sponge snorted di disdainfully. "I got five wimmenrunnin -8 6 >J.7qsr "

behind me right now," he boasted "They

Jes woan gimme.no ress. Everway I turn it's ,

Sponge! Sponge! Sponge! They Jes runnin' me toa Efi
NYLON frazzle! But thas how it is wit us playahs. CONTEST

Broads Jes can' seem to resist us." He took a
a red from his pocket and dabbed
sponge expertlyat
phelgm exploded in old Moody's throat as he

bills what's runnin' you to a frazzle--ya T-Modle

be-bop. I doan see why any wimmen got to run -

rflBElESS TUBE TYPE behine you. Take ya'near-bout an hour to walk r----- ---t tt

BLACIC WHITE BLACK WHITE from here to Broad Street, ya feet so broke up!I' ,

670x1$ > 10.9tf "13.90 fc90 11,90ifcSO I He turned away, thoroughly enjoying his wicked

710x1? > > 14,90 lOM 12.90H laugh. "you doan need no sponge--Mr. playah," t : 'I J t tt

760x15300x15 14M 1 90 J2.9& 14.9QJ he said, from across the barber shop. "What you .;

jtim 19,90 14 0 17.90ij90 need is a cane or one' a them wheelchairs."
Ii9d "You Jes a po' disunderstandin' country boy, t SUPER
750x14800x14 Y 67tot5
'iSt I Moody Sponge said, with great sympathy and .
13.90 16.90
WON understanding. "A tfajah doan have ta have good t tt
15.90 18M
850x14 feet and be like one' a them young jitterbugs. But AZALEA SUGAR CURED FRESH

TUBEftPE he got to know what wimmen call music and what

they call noise. He got to know the outside from t SMOKED t tt

th' Inside...an' th' top fruo th' underneath an' 4Porgy
what's happ'nin with the sideways potions... 37 t tt

"!hat yall dom understan' is that while a man t Roast C

brain stay right in his head a woman brain go lb.

I II NO MONEY DOWN 11t wherever she need it to be. ,A man got to lean McKenzie FROZEN GREENS

over a long ways to really know what's go in' on HERSHEY

on th groun' All a woman got to do is think a-

ttut T* Aft* O(4 T >Ul Ourfe' 3 00 O. Mtc bout it an' she know what's happ'nin. Us playahs t COLLARDS SUGAR 9

know what's goin on with them broad people..." 10 Y

"An' everybody; know what's goin' on with l' all MUSTARDS 51D.6ag t

playahs, too!" Moody shot back, suddenly bitter.'Nogood t will $5.00 order

bunch' a half-hungry lyin crittast! What TURNIPS

fall need is soae jobs on a turpintine fan to r P kg. QUAKER

kinda straighten up ya thinkin that what!

Sponge calmly took his sponge froa his pocket
f l* & AUTO YELLOW t tI
no. CENTERS once again. "Wieain doan go for sweatin' crit Z5s

tas," he re tiled, indifferently. "They need

j 1QRC mElT CCBH gnu seaming fiSTSf. 'em but they sho doan go for 'em.it s us playahs: ONIONS 1,,5 4 4L11.
111111 & MAIN 3S84.tf.f HMi UH&I' tfca.IhitC e...} 32U a nor 12511 111\11' 14I11yrti they go for..." He dabbed at his brow and smiled

in dreamy satisfaction. with $5.00 cider
IP i.mM CM. IMMT MyrttoHI 3 Ib. big
n 4-9051 .. ......w....,'". torn frta Flitt Behind his silence MCNasty was wondering why ie .ullEILtP.t
TM t P.... txas- I-1H7 red that i. .sass... aa
had priced a plump sponge very morning.




__ __ -. -


.. .. .. ..... a .

--- --- -- ------- ---

Pottirson-lisfM Injury luckts Howfe Pallet Title Bout To Show At Coliseum : :,'i'...' I Seose Named Needs 11 More


Fight Tdtcosf Colts' Moor. Ritts Gibson ,-:'' ,.'""'- Howard Mentor i

To Show Lion BALTIMORE Coach leebEubank's .' WASHINGTON '-- Howard
Baltimore Colts }
University Athletic Director -
Tickets for the live of the National Football list Hirlir Samuel I. E. r
telecast of the plaId Hague suffered a damag- Barnes has announcedthe -

Patterson-Sonny Liston ing blow this week with ST. LOUIS Who is the appointment of Till-

heavyweight title bout the loss of star half- best pitcher in major man R. Sease to the

in Chicago, Sept. 25. back Lenny Moore who will league baseball? Don position of varsity

are now on sale at the be lost to the team fromG Drysdale, Sandy Koufax, I football coach and instructor -

Coliseum and downtown to 8 weeks due to a Art Mah ffey, CamilloPas in physical

Coliseum ticket officeat cracked kneecap. qual? Ij education at} Howard h

Hemming Park. Moore was sidelined Their team supporters I Sease, a 14-year veteran -
j .
Promoter Jimmy Murdock following Sunday's pre- mighty evidently support in coaching, replaces -

Announced that the season exhibition game the above choicees, but I r. Bob White who >

tickets will be scaled against the Pittsburgh according to pitching I resigned the Howard ,

from to $4.50.for Steelers. coach Howie Pollet of the xo become it .
$5.50 coaching spot .
.., r.II ... ''' "'Y'j f.k I.,'" ,
the bout which is attracting Moore's absence is expected St. Louis Cardinals, .. ; ."' ; .... chairman of the
$100 for ring- to hamper the Cards' Bob Gibson is wellon t 1 Department of Health MAURY WILLS

side seats at the Chicago chances of the Colts who the way to assumingthe and Physical Educationat ..Eyes Cobb's Record

stadium. There will had been rated darkhorse vaunted nomination. Maryland State col-
be no home telecast of contenders in the NFL's Pollet who in his pre- lege.A MAURY WILLS the

the action. western di vi S1 bn. mier playing days--the native of York Pa. National League's base-

The prospect of a The 28-year old Moore 40's and early 'SOT s--was Sease comes to. Howard stealing new record

knockout when two of was an all-pro choice one of the game's out- from Bluefield (W. Va. ) holder, stole three

the hardest hitters in during the past four standing lefties, says State Teachers College bases Sunday while the

th e history of the seasons and had playedin Gibscn, suffered, the most where he had been a mem- L.A. Dodgers were defeating -

heavyweight divisionmeet the annual Pro Bowl common ailment of most ber of its coaching the Pittsburgh
is expected to pro- during five of the six pitchers--lack of control t E staff since 1958. For Pirates 53. As of sun-

duce a heavy dor and for past seasons.GETS and confidence--is wellon r M the past three years, he day, wills was within
'g per: his to overcomingthat 10 thefts of Ty Cobb's
tickets to the local ',.' way had served as head men-
Coliseum showing. Those ,},' t \M" problem. tor in football, basket- major League all-time

purchasing tickets for .e feel--as he should .p- ,,,'. ball and baseball. His mark.

the night of Sept. 25 feel--that he's the best ,'}', .: '.\",\' -< \<. football record since New

will also be entitled pitcher in the league, DIRECT FROM RINGSIDE When'"world's heavyweight champion Floyd Patterson 1959 has been 9-wins. Assignment .,

to ,view the Coliseum's r Pollet continued. (right) defends his crown against challenger Charles (Sonny) Liston Tuesday 14-losses and 1 tie.

regular film program. acs Last year wiith the September 25 in Comiskey Park Chicago, the Jacksonville Coliseum will be one Prior to joining Blue-

The title bout is pro- Cardinals Gibson won 13 of the nation's facility's which will beam the bout via Closed Circuit tele field's athletic staff. r w

moted by Championship and lost 12. He walked vision, according to Jimmy Murdock, local promoter. Tickets are already.on Sease coached at ChrJs- aw
Sports inc. and will 113 to lead the NL, but tianberry (Va. ) Insti-
sale at t he Coliseum box office and the Coliseum's downtown ticket office.
be televised on closed struck out 166. at Hemming Park. tute a secondary schoolin
circuit TV by Graff- 1948 where his teams
Reiner-Smith Enter- r '****** **** compiled a record which ..

prieses, Inc.CLARENCE ***** SPORT-I' IT UP ********* football included three championships district

BY C. PARHAM JOHNSONWHEN two in basketball, and a .

f ALLSTATE SCHOLARSHIP THE SEATING BARRIER at the Jacksonville terview, Hood was asked what team in the leaguedid state championship in tV j iiiV
football during his 9- .
---S. L. Beasley, Baseball park was broken down and the Negro fans he think would win the league championship, "

assistant professor of were permitted to sit anywhere, a great dis- without any hesitation, Hood replied, "The Jacksonville year tenure. His Chris-

automotive technologyand cussion arose about the conduct of the Negroes. Bears." tianberry football team iWs 'lJJ

safety training at The ,great question was how will they act? How THOSE WHO ATTENDED THE GAME could readily see completed a 27-game win- __ ( --.y

Florida A.and M. uni- much clowning will they do? These questions can from the attendance that Jacksonville is ready streak between 1953 and AT FAMU -- SSgtHomer

I versity has been granted be answered by those who attended the games. The for pro football. Whenever the attendance goes 1955. L. Williams of Tampa is

an Allstate scholar- Negroes conducted themselves like college stu- beyond the 11,000 mark, it means the promotershave now serving on the ROTC

ship to attend the dents at a Sunday Chapel service. Not one time at least 11,000 believers in whatever they staff at Florida A&M uni-

"Workshop for College was an officer called to pull one out of the are presenting. Football was really at its best. Title Match versity. Formerly a 'personnel -

Teachers of Traffic stands. Not one bit of vulgarity was used in the It is too difficult to single out the outstanding sergeant major for
Fight Ducats
Safety Education"at presence of other people. Not one time did one players of the game. The entire team worked together Headquarters, Seventh

GREEN 72- Michigan State uni- stagger to a seat.Not one time was there any mis- like a well oiled machine. So well did the Now On Sale Ordnance Battalion Ft.

year-old timekeeper for versity, August 1324.Eaglls' conduct committed. NOW, where are those who predicted Bears perform, one did not hear that, old chatterat Benning Ga. Sgt. Williams -

Lane Bryant's Fifth Ave- all of this would happen? sporting events, "if that had been the Cleve- CHICAGO A total of replaces M/Sgt.

nue Store in New York Brown, NOT ONE TIME DID A WHITE MAN have an occasionto land Browns, or the Baltimore Colts, or the Green over $100. 000 in advance George Wilder as chief

City will have a four object to a Negro fan sitting in the presenceof Bay Packers, they would have done so and sc on ticket sales has already administrative NCP and
Peak Unsigned been realized for the of
year Lane Bryant his wife and children. The white women, the that ilay." They did not have time to think of assistant instructor

National Merit College HERSHEY Pa. -- As the colored women, the white men and the colored men teams hundreds of miles away. it was all they Pa tters m-Li ston world lilitary Science IV

...Scholsrahip awarded' inrtA "current season s opener. al Ljrgnt to'the.p ark.g to see a ball gage.and Jbhatliwhatttoe3rfcxlid.Jr could do to._keep. up with the.jazzle dazzle of heavyweight title fight (senior class).
"a"' name '"oWnf h'41-ir erg --this week, two < did < slated for Sept. 25 here
njey not go to the game to "the"Bears backs and'that hard charging line that Cousy Inks
school senior ready to important cogs in the create any disturbances. Who could tell the col- in Comiskey Park.J."uca.1 .
kept the fans w mdering whether or not the men promoter Irving
enter college in the Philadelphia Eagles pro- lege graduate, the high school graduate or the
were playing in the back field for Miami or still schoenwald wqrking for Final Pact
Fall of 1963. grid team roster--full- church
from the man about town as they playing with the Bears. Championship Sports inc.
Mr. Green is the third back clarence Peaks and all sat in the grandstapd together? The conduct BOSTON -- Famed pro-
ANOTHER JOYOUS AND WELL PLEASED GROUP are those said ticket sales which
employee so honored upon back Timmy Brown, remained prevailed fessional basketball
throughout the baseball season and con-
who 'stand at the helm of the Jax Suns. For the opened here Aug. 13 were
completion of his fif- on the team's un tinued into 'whiz' Bob of the
the football season.. Were you at the Cousy
first time in the history of baseball, Jackson- well underway and that he
tieth year with Lane signed player's list. Green Bay Packers-St. Louis Cardinals pro foot- Boston Celtics of the
ville entered a team in the international Leaguea is now prepared to con-
Bryant. All Lane Bryant Brown, a thirdyearman ball NBA toed for his 13th
game? if you were, then, you saw for your-
Class Triple A league and for the first time tinue sales with $100,000
units will celebrate from Ball State self. and final season: with the
in the history of the league a first year team cash in the till.
Clarence Green Day on i Teachers College in WELL, SOMEONE CAME UP WITH the question, ''What champion Celtics Satur-
wins it
the pennant. The Suns won, by proving to
Friday. September 14th. Indiana, has been theEagles' about the Ashley Street crowd IWdav. the club announced.WHrn .
Yes, what about "
the baseball world that it was the winningestroad
main ground them? They are human beings, born of human parents -
team in baseball. Close followers of the
Manager Says gainer in exhibitiongames YOU ARE ILL
living in a civilized country and know how w
this game remember the famous words of president Sam You Seek The Best Doctor
year. In a recent -
to conduct themselves
Thomas Was'Model' contest with the just as honorably as anyone Wolfson when he was building the JacksonvilleBraves. When Your Doctor PrescribesGet
else. Could
tell where the
Pittsburgh Steelers he anyone other person Wolfson said, "if it is players we need, Experienced Pharmacists
PlayerValmy gained 89 yards which was from by the way they acted.Some of the finest I will see that they get here," and sure enough, According to Your Doctor's
people in this town be
can seen on Ashley Street.
included he went out and rounded them up from somewhere, Orders. We Use Only
Thomas, former a 25-yard in talking about the Ashley Street crowd
one can
touchdown but believe you me, Jacksonville had a team that The Best Quality Drugs
gallop whichadded
Jax Suns' catcher who was find businesses .
professional laborers, ministers
The combination of Wolfson, Maduro and
year. Dr.
the Eagles in a c. E. BlackProprietor
critically shot last railroad men and men about town. Everyone of them Geraghty produced a team in 1963.
35-14 victory.
week in Atlanta, was representing the Negro group and most of them .
described by Atlanta Peaks who was benched fine people to know. 3 REGISTERED THARMACISTS TO SERVE YOU 7 \:
for week with Engineers Begin
a sore
Crackers' Manager Joe THE MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE on Ashley Street are
Schultz as a model ball ,shoulder, missing the sports minded. Many of them are seen at baseball, A COMPLETE LIKE OF ,,.

player during an interview Redskins game, gained basketball, football games, wrestling matches and Football Drills Cosmetics Rubber Goods Candies Sundries

here last week. 75 yards on 10 carries golf tournaments. On Ashley Street one can see Over 30 enthusiasticgrid PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR AND DELIVEREDLilly's

such personalities as Mrs. Daisy 'Ford, Herbert
hopefuls greeted
ROYAL ART STUDIOC. I Talbertotis LimbricRev. Willie Smith, Nathaniel ; head coach Edward joyner Drug Store

I. SIMON, Prep. Small, Jimmy Sampson, Eddie Smith, Silas Gilbert, r of the stanton Vocational.
Richard McKissick, Dan Joyner Dr. Hunter Satter- ,, Y+ High School Engineers at
- 515 DAVIS STREET White, Ken Knight, William Wimberly, Rev. A. D. the initial workout of 1901 KINGS ROAD EL 3-8276

: Photographs Harris, prof. William Sweet, Leon E. Gonzalez, the squad recently. Onlya
Quality Joe H. James, .Otis Speights, "peanuts" pusey small number of the

Robert Harley, Miss Eartha M. M. White, Eugene returning lettermen from

Any Kind..Anyfime Lucas and many others too numerous to mention, last year's squad reported -

I Daytime, EL4 1894 out all members of one great family. All of them due to the fact

were not in attendance at the Suns ball games, that the boys are still 4 r't'1

Nile Time El S 022 but most of them at one time or another had attended holding summer jobs.
everyone acting with decency, intelli JOE PERRY After the fist of the

Ask About gence, respect and culture.NOW ...Leaves Big Hole month Coach Joyner expects X !r

THAT THE FOOTBALL SEASON is at hand, many of to have a squad of l
Our Summer Specials them will be seen in the stands with other people BALTIMORE Veteran over forty boys working
Fullback Joe perry's
All of them are not college graduates and many of out.
sidelining on account ofa
them are not even high school graduates, but
torn leg ligament has Blasts No. 43
everyone intelligent enough to know how to act.
made a definite setbackto
At the Green Bay Packer-St. Louis Cardinal game
the aspirations of "I t
someone or someones were mashing in drink cups p
the 1962 Baltimore Coltsof ,.5
and throwing them through the crowd hitting the National Football

people on the back of the head, it was not injurious League. .

but so annoying. Special note was made }
The 35-year old Perry ..'. 4 Y
to see whether or not it was Negroes and it was
familiarly known as _
noted that they were not. Up to nowwe have heardno -
"The Jet, was acQuired -
from san Franv" .
SOME OF THE PROUDEST PEOPLE In the nation can be
cisco last and ,
MAKESj24.SKIN season ; --
HEACHES found right here in Jacksonville now. The Jacksonville who had performed magni- 4: C
Bears of the Florida Professional Foot- !
OLD FASHIONED"L'Lq11 ficently, suffered his :..I
ball League played the game last Saturday in the injury in an exhibition ........... .

Gator Bowl against the Miami Bombers like they gaae against the Washington WILLIE MAYS

were members of the NFL or the AFL. The Bears Redskins. ...Setting HOmer Pace KEN KNIGHT I
Just couldn't stand for the Bombers to invade fullback
Second-year S.F. GIANTS Willie Mays _
ligMtru dark spots their territory. Almost before the Bombers could Hark Smolinsky who continues to set the Invites You To Listen To -
hit the runway and take off, the Bears had closed
S ptrftctbtsa powder finished strongly at National Homer Pace as
} up the runway and silenced the engines, so the fullback last year and he blasted his 43rd four- UKNIGHT TRAIN"Starting '=
ili!"'"" Bears took over and did the runaway. The Bears was pressing Perry master of the season

proved they were well coached and ready.Physical during training camplonday\ night to aid in At 7:00
ly they were prepared, mentally, they were alert. sessions, has also been the Giants' 4-1 defeat pm Y1400WRHCl4oo -

Now, who could be any happier over the outcome sidelined with a pulled of the Pittsburgh pi
of Poum' with 1M -
Maulacb.lrlrl hrftMOl.1h. Jtt sa.-
than "Big papa" Bear, Bill Hood? in a TV in- muscle. rates. -.

_. -- y
'- -- -




I Jax' Bears Ground Bombers Aits' Tickles Top 200 Per Mark Mitchell Trade Aggies'- Football

Big Help' Games Set

Invade Miami SundayGATOR To Redskins For Airways

BOWL spotting cepted a Breaux pass. tiredness the scoring winter of trading in an A&T College football

their opponents a 6-2 Miami 6, Jax 2. happy Bears climaxed a attempt to plug up weak games, both home and

halftime lead, the Jax1 In the fading minutesof series of ground driveto .d spots and overhauling away, will be aired this

Bears newly launched the third quarter the visitors' goal Washington Redskins fall by Radio Station

pro-football team opened Jai started to jell behind line with Dan Bridges Coach Bill Mcpeak is not WAM of Winston-Salon.
the current frid plunging over from the
j season 'the slick passesof overly optomistic but The arrangement is a
in six inch thread. Lee
an auspicious last
Quarterback Don hopeful concerning the continuation of agree-
half style here booted the total to
Saturday ran
Breaux who tossed an 1962 pro-grid season of ment between the A&T
night by lambasting the 286.
'11-yarder to End possum 1L his charges. However, it College Faculty commit-
Miami Bombers 28-6 before STATISTICS
Lee to give the hosts is expected that back tee on Athletics and the
an enthusiastic Jax Miami -
their first lead. Jax 1st Downs Rushing 9 3 Bobby Mitchell, former Winston-Salem radio
supporting crowd esti- '
8, Miami 6.Quarterback. } Cleveland Browns' station facility of
mated at better than 1st Downs passing 7 5 : ,. a
11.000 fans. The Bears Breaux, who 1st Downs Penalty 4 0 > ", threat will improve the Laury Associates In-
had worked out only on Q' ". team's overall offense. .
1st Downs 6 corporated.The
play their initial Total 10 6 /
from-home away- one lone occassion with Net Yds. rushing 193 29 t c : -. Here's this season's broadcasts are to
game Sunday
the Bears, after leavingthe .
afternoon when they face Net Yds. passing 156 179 setup for the club which be handled under the
Houston Oilers, -:. ..."', last year showed only personal supervision of
the Bombers in Miami ina Passes Attempted 31 2= _..... i
opened the fourth
return encounter.The quar- Passes Completed ,11 10 a one win and a tie in 14 Larry Williams, sports

Bombers' drew first ter by directing a local Passes Inter. by 2 2 games and a last place director for the station
ground attack to theBombers' finish in the National Williams told
blood in the second Pants yards 5-36 3-40 S f '-x. repor-
quarter when flanker 31 where back Yards penalized 63 97. Football League's ters that broadcast time

Jimmy Multimore infil- Fred Pickard grabbed a Fumbles 2 1 Eastern Divis bn: for the games will begin

trated the Bears secon- pitchout. gaining the Fumbles lost 0 1 WHATS UP FRONT ? The A&T College Aggies believe "what's up front really GOOD DEFENSIVE LINE 15-minutes in advanceif

dan to snare an Elvin Bears second TD. .Jax Jacksonville 0600 6 counts." These are tackles who will spearhead the Aggie attack this fall. In a nutshell the kickoff.
Bears Bombers
Dean pass and then 6.Bears' Miami 0 2 6 20-28 They are, from left to right, including weights: William Sinclair. 225. and Tribe has a good defensive Broadcasts for the home
romped unmolested 51 Peace Jeorge McDowell. 208. both of Charlotte N. C. ; Alexander Gaines 214, Newport, line with a games will begin promptly -
added another TD into Corps
yards to paydirt. The the scoring column when News, Va. ; Luther Woodruff, 230. Washington D.C. : Carl Miller 220. Kinston, major line-backing pro- at 1:15 p.m. These

extra point try failed. Seeks AthletesWASHINGTON N. C. and Carl Stanford 250. Freehold, N. J- blem and numerous ques- include: Tennessee A&I
he bulled his into
End possum Lee smacked way The Aggies open the home stand against Tennessee A&I State university on tion marks in the secon- State University Sept.
the end from the
Bombers' safetyman Tom zone The Peace Saturday, September 22, 1:30 p.m. in the Greensboro Memorial Stadium. dary. 22: Norfolk Diviston-
Bombers 31. Possum Lee
Rolfe into the end zone Corps is looking for --An improved offense Virginia State College
picked the extra point.
in the second quarter boxers, wrestlers and Gale Sayers with greater overall October 6: Morgan State
Bears 21 Bombers 6. Jim Crow Club Banned In R. I.
after Rolfe had inter- Judo experts.It speed thanks to Bobby College. October 27 and
Sensing the Bombers'Expect also wants swimmers Halfback KeyOn Mitchell and BillyBamesbacksbut Virginia State College
clubhouse of the Triggs
basketball stillno November 10.
players and PROVIENCE. R.I. --
Owls' Big Year Frail Him track and.field athletesIn Kansas 11 Following complaintsfrom Memorial Golf Course. outstanding ends. The away broadcastswill

all the Peace Corpsis LAWRENCE Kas. Kansas Negro citizens that Among those complaining --An apparent weaknessat begin as follows

seeking about 50 fans are impatiently they were being dis- to the administrative fullback. The Skins' Quantico Marines

athletes, both men and awaiting the beginningof criminated against at assistant of Mayor Wal- have only brittle Don September 15, 1:45 p.m.

r women who have partici- the current football the facility, the Pro- ter H Reynolds was Bosaeler and rookie (DST) and Shaw Uni-

y4i; A. K Kj Kx pated in college sports season to see is it true vidence Board of park Henry V. Davis. 34 who untried Ron Hatcher from versity September 29:

for projects in Morocco what they say about Commissioners banned the reported Negroes golfers Michigan State.A Maryland State College.

Senegal and the Ivory Gayle Sayers. Triggs Memorial Golf could not participatein fair offensive line October 13; Winston

Coast. Sayers said to be the Club from using the golf tournaments be- which could still use a Salem Teachers College

j The athletes who need best halfback to come $133,000 city-owned cause they were banned good tackle but must October 20. and Florida

i. b{L not be college graduates up from the freshmen from club memberships. rely on an inexperiencedcenter ASM University November

% y a have been invited by since Tom Hoag--Curtis Heap Big I Man. .. .Huge Appetite in sophomore Fred 3, all at 1:45 P.m.

newly independent Afri- Clinton and Bert, Coan Hageman and which is (Standard Time), and

4 w y": ..y. i can nations to coach and were transfers--is reported .r <* k sy mainly anchored aroundtwo North Carolina College,

assist in the trainingof to have such important fine guards in Vince November 22. 1:15 p.m. .

regional and national tools as blind- Pr omuto and John Nisby.A (Standard Time

teams. ing speed, nifty running -- potentially great
0 <, Ru > l7yY The African Epvernments: instinct the stop and ., is t 2r but still untried quar- Vcale Sets 11

are keenly interestedin go and plenty in reserve terback in Norman Stead
J sponsoring and fos- power. 'Tis said he can who took his lumps like Strike_ Record

tering the tremendous catch too, and, in a r :: ::,- & veteran during his COLUMBUS, Ohio Ex-
interest in sports in 17-6 upset over the is na J LFt last years rookie season Pittsburgh Pirates' .

their countries. Alumni tossed a 34- plus a newcomer in lefty Bob Veale set an

Training for those selected yard running pass to Galen Hall of Penn State all-time international

will begin about teammate Tony Leiker who could become theNFL's League strikeout record

mid-October in an A- for hi team's second : Q. sleeper of the here recently when he
merican university. Applicants o :y i vt year. wiffed 22-Columbus Jets
TD.The .
f :
should there- 6-0. 190 is said to ':' batters.

fore submit applications be a likely starter a- Kissinmee ironically. Veale did

immediately and notify gainst the season's e i not win the game, since

b \ their references to respond opener against powerful Boat.A ade he departed in the 10th
V "
P. to questions as Texas Christian here on Starts Oct. 20thCAPE inning for a pinch hit-

soon as they are con- September 22.Virginia. ter. His teammates woo
TEMPLE u's Owls expect another out- x,
tacted. CORAL More than the 6-5 in the 12th
standing season of play from Bill Lites, The Peace Corps is Union xk 350 boats--in all shapes an to.

their hard-hitting 195-pound senior drawing on the experience r 1T and sizes and from all Veale's record eclipse
SlatesSesslois Nine
Lites also standout on Temple .
tackle. a
t ,
and knowledgeof over the United States-- the one set by Dandy
s wrestling team, is equally adeptat leading sports Grid &4-F;$ r wiil parade into Cape Dave Danfort who fanned
place kicking and during kickoffs. terminating
organizations and associations RICHMOND Va. Vir- Coral Oct. 27. 20 batters for Buffalo
in devisingand f the 13th Annual against Rochester on
ginia Union' s 1962 foot
administering the ball gets underway 4f Kissimmee Boat-A-Cade. Sept. 30. 1930.

training program. Saturday with nine games -
Oct. 26 Deadline slated. The schedule M ,- -- -

.: Set For Game follows: :- ,JI Y9P MORE POWER TO YOU !I'
SEPT.: 15 +
a Hairttrs, Cram. Says Norfolk Div. (VSC) Away /.


wish to take part in Shaw University HomeSEPTEMBER
the gun hunts beginningDec. 29 ELgin 4-4508

26 on the Citrus Johnson C. Smith Home


must submit applicationsto Elizabeth City Away .9

the Game and FreshWater OCTOBER 13 SOUTHWAYBATTERY

Fish Commissionat Winston-Salem Away
M Tallahassee by October OC'IOBER2'l MFG. CORP.

26. Virginia State Homecoming *
Gun hunting in the area
will be limited to four NOVEMBER:! 3

-, controlled hunts consisting Morgan state Away
of two days per NOVEMBER 10

hunt with not more than N. C. College Hone ERNIE LARD, pro football biggest lineman and star

TK 800 hunters participating NOVEMBER 17 defensive tackle of the San Diego Chargers reportedly -

in each hunt. Hampton Inst. Away has a fair appetite for a man of his

C .- size. Here's a portion of the 6-10, 317 pound 21-

h .a Y;. You Don't Have to Go to Town to Get year old former Craabling star's daily menu: For

breakfast. 24 eggs, two quarts of Bilk, two

LOW PRICESOn large slices of baa a pound of bacon, a pot of

coffee and fruit. Dinner consists of three-one

pound steaks, two quarts of milk, vegetables, FLOYDPATTERo50N

your fruit, ice cream and cake or pie.
J .

The Twist/ DIUG STORE NEEDS.Trade 20,000 W. Coast Vs.
Watch This Clown SONNYLISTON
The Latest Men's Hatr Styles With Too Neighborhood Drug Store Fans To View ,
27 _
32 91
: l iRj Tiiiht At Tk.
Ve n. "er-le Also Pill All Doctors'Prescript ions reserve seats for fans
h Ftvt OIl t.."t9*:
1 wishing to witness the
Dixie Pharmacy 4 Sept. 25 Patterson-
i Liston Heavyweight

57 60 IS championship match via
College lie. 1312 Kills IsadatMyrtleAmie93 "7 82 89e9ev. closed circuit tele-
Tickets now on sole at Coliseum end Coliseum
vision already
E I '--- ..,. Downtown Ticket Offkt Hamming Park

6. I. AppmJ 1N% Mr Cut ,.. EL Inn"Be -tf&fto '_. .fart.A.&naY. sale The action in this which area.may be Reserved -Seats S5.50 Gen. AdM. M.50

wnfea tt aBCenlag s0 IUI TAXIS WCUI
t r ring on a larger Coliseum 354-2041
ES AT tll STIlE 88 119 10 life sized screenbegin- .
ball teeti.AQE .
IACXSMNUE. F1NM Suggest bug your ticket now and get
ling at 7:30

__ ---- -
'- ------- =
-- '--( '
i '"'" .'

-- ---- ---- -------- ------------- -- --- -- ------- --- -a------
-_--- -- - -- ------ -_ : -
------- -1

J i .f


I Chips Off The BlockBy Signs lOll T erg Contract STRAND Central! CME Church ROOM FOR RENTFurnishedLargeAll Conveniences -

Day September 23rd
: -H&C W-Cpl only
By "Jay Jay" Celebrates Women s I EL 5-7275 '

Lay that pistol down boy, lay that_ pistol down. F .

Looks like the many shoot-em-ups on televisionhave y x d Ji! The women of Central QE( LOTS FOR SALE

had their effect on some members of our society -
.. sM WALT QlSf Spins Church met recently to J25.GQ
only the participants really know what ; sake plans for the annual101len' $ MariettaEL

happened but tongues are wagging and rumors are i': ;' s Day drive sche-
rife as to the cause of the Florida Avenue shoot- 7 x : /it duled for Sept. 23. 4-7442 Snedaiohixle's JS

out between a school teacher couple as to what

really took place at the scene.One thing is for ............. BOYS WANTED

sure, the two principals are not the only ones 4yA Co.Hft To Sell Florida Star Hotel
who hope that tongues stay still and by gones '11I1'1ITN' Newspapers on Southsde. I TV in every room.
Come to 2117 Wishart St. For Reservations Call
become by gones. : i
Orchids ,to Billy Moore and Mary F. Coleman. The :, : ( ( or call FL 91272. EL 5-4025
;, 'f-.-" it, A 741ft W. ASHLEYJacksonville
Northwestern band put on a creditable performance

at last week s professional football game. f : >: FOR SALE Florida
Even though they only had a week of jractice ..- MY GOOD Truck for sale

the kids performed nicely. on the 22nd the 'Big -> .... 1% ton 1946 Dodge (cheap FOR SALE
Blues" of Stanton will perform at the Gator r private owner, call Large, Choice Wooded
'. . .
Bowl. We are on bended knees begging you to sup- : Fa FL 9-1271. Can be seen Lots-591 X 100'-On Fer-

port Bill Hood and his bold venture. The young :.- .e ROCK HUDSON at Barley Tire Co. nandina Beach-$350 Cash
sportsman has really given all of the communitya w .L 3215 Phillips Hiway or EV 4-K711
representative team. There is a complete lack call EX 83414.

of James Crow and Associates on the squad. in- 'W f a RY : TONY RANDALL "'" Wild Apartments
fact all teams of the infant Florida Pro League Grand OpeningSept. 'Jacksonville'sFinest' '

are to be congratulated on their policies. Ex-FAUU NKx 19th.
17th. 18th. 2 Bd Rm Apts.-$11.50
great Elvin Dean was acting captain and quarter- % 1962. Wkly-Water Furnished-
back for the
Miami Bombers.
J11 1. I PRINCESS DESIGN SCHOOlScholarship I Resident Mgr.-2414 San
Citizens. the community are also to be com- .'. 1"1
'. Diego Rd.FL1757
mended. They have made Hizzonner and other city r I Offered : ,
; '_ classes Opposite Douglas An-
fathers look silly in the face of their predictions <",,,, Day and evening

that chaos would result if the races min- ..' -and- year around enrollments. .rfpt'Ron School.
4 .
gled. Affairs at the Coliseum and the Gator Bowl W "Courses' ServicesSound
Free Hand
have proved that the officials who closed the idenfin Designing

golf courses and pools for fear of public safety Cutting Service for Ad-

and who predicted chaos were only giving vent to ..'. an Dressmaking Reweaving vertising- Dances Ball

their own selfish attitudes because they had the t Tailoring Millinery Games, etc. Also Load
AlleyROOSEVELT Combination Course
Speaker Service for
Banquets -
power to do so. If politicians would leave the
SENA HARTMAN a young fashion and photographer1 model_ from Buffalo, N. Y. Write to P.O. Box 2061 Concerts. Record
people along, they would work out their problems,
has become the latest talent discovery to be signed to an NBC Development Tallahassee. Florida for Hops etc.Phone El 3-5902
if any exist.Candidates Saturday
Contract, it was announced by David Tebet, vice president, Talent Relations, more information. SOUND SERVICE -_*
were conspicious by their absence
NBC Television Network. The tall, attractive native of Pine Bluff, Ark., was This AD and 6C
during the recent first primary of the Special Secretarial Help :Wanted.t
signed as a result of excellent performances in a series of NBC ,talent audi- wiD admit
Election. Maybe they did not want our votes. a chid SecretaryTypistGoodEnglish LIVE I IN MAIDTo
tions. She will be groomed as a dramatic actress and singer and will be sent
They certainly did not seek them. under 14 Saturday before Spelling. Busi- Live in on Ik.endFri.Sat.Sun.Muat
to dramatic school and to a vocal teacher, Tebet said. Born on an April 1 in -
The W. D. Sweets have almost completed renova- ness School grad. Apply
Pine Bluff, Miss Hartman attended school in Pine BluffMOSCOW and Little Rock 2 p.s. to see be
tion of their ath Street home. The place is out 3 p.m. Sunday, Florida Neat &: Dependable-Ref.
(all in Arkansas) before moving to Buffalo, N. Y., at the age of 13 with her fie "LAST TRAIN &:
of this world. The ladies should dig the crazy mother.__ Star, 2323 Moncrief Roador HOGood at House Work ft:

blue living and dining area. It's heavenly.On n FROM GUN HILL" write to p. 0. Box I Ironing-Good to Children
Women Day At I
the pad subject, ground will be broken this Anniversary' i s Sunday and tfTHE BLOB" 561 No Phone Calls. $15 & Meals RA 4-9664

week for the latest and best home buys for Neg- 3 Spring HillA

roes in this area. An all-colored group is behind -
day long series of annual Women's Day ob-
this newest venture and the largest of its events beginning with servance at Spring Hill oncrief Drive-In Market

type among our' group.
Sunday School at 9:30 Baptist Church. .The
Ran into T. G. Miller downtown the other day. I 4s
a.m. .will usher in the public is invited 24 boIlS
must take time to go out and chew the fat with 45th $t. & For Free Delivery

my campaign: manager. I "nay decide to run for one -
MAIltl'i8f 9281c
of those new legislative posts next year. ROD PO
Ray Charles and the Ebony Fashion Fair will Specializing in Mrs. Hortense Neal, Mgr. ,PO 8-6011

bump heads on. Both are to run the same time. SPecialrates .=..... Other o Aerators ':1 -
Well, there are enough of Aunt Haggar* s chillun for School to serve you.

around to fill the Coliseum and the Armory. Tinting Dyeing I

Hear that Sol Janow, longtime manager of Day- Shop EL 4-9780 Res. EL 6-0420

light recently had a wedding in the family. His
daughter was married last week. ',' ", I 'siiaiiiiiiuiuiDimiiuiiaiiiiiiiiiiiiaiiimiiiiaiiuiiminDiiuu .!.

Balls are rolllne at Ogotinental Lanea-.again. An anniversary_ program j Jacksonville Coliseum
TheYLan.a'ib beeniesuriacedraad aia';top' In honor of Elder w.P, I g
Faust wifl"biiven g -
condition for the Fall league play. on jr 1

"Friends, Romans Countrymen, lend.me your ears; Friday"evening at the Church, sept. 14 i 30 ROUNDS OF ACTION! I -
of God in
I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him.
The evil that men do lives after them; Christ 14. The program
which will feature I PRO BOXING I
The good is oft interred with their bones; some
of the
So let it be with Caesar. outstanding artists D
--ShakespearSo in the city will I TUESDAY SEPT. 18 tb ..........8:15: P-MJ 9 jI
include musical AT POPULAR PRICES j
it was with Leroy "Spike Washington, and rendi- l rar
tions, recitations and a i GENERAL ADMISSION CHILDREN ((5-14)) 50c 9
gathered to pay their last respects to his mortal wide variety of inspiring i ADULTS $1.00 Reserved Box Seat Section $1.50 @ c-,1!
remains. in our modern hurrying and scurrying RING' SIDE RESERVED $ ,
society, it was heartening to see so many of the singing. I BILLY TOEY! I

last late respects.During Journalist's friends the servicesan gather to"outsider"may pay their the Principal occasion speaker will ,be at I MARTIN vs MURCHISON I 'j-.

Overseer James Williamsof g.lIlclll.lcllllllln'c"nllllll'lclllllllnIDllu..uo.l1lf1m.., nnnlmllCl l
have been puzzled by the many references to III _
the Eastside Church
"Spike said." He would have also been surprisedby SHOP AYJ _
Go dIn 'C h r i st.
the lack of remorse and solemnity. He would -
The program is being : YOUR CONVENIENT
have looked aghast at "the boys" exchanging
sponsored by the District B.F.GOODRICH STORE
greetings and acting as tho it were a homecoming
instead of a funeral. If this stranger were to 5 with Church of God in Christ 1001 W. Adams Pbone EL 42801NEVER

become brash enough to ask the reason for the arrangements being GRADE TSMALL Grade '
handled by Deacon B.F. ,-
lack of a tearful funeral air, he would have been PRICED LOWER 35C 'A'5SC
Irving. The Church of doz. LARGE
told simply>> "Spike would have wanted it this God in Christ 14, where
way." Naturally the resulting question would be, the GRADE

"What kind of man was this "Spike Washington?" given program is located will be at LOOK WHAT \ j GRIDE 'A'Mm! ,Ie Pee wee 99

"Spike" Washington was a man of many talentsand r'1 doz.
24th Street and Mon 69
4 dozs. (tot
faces. There was "Spike0 the sportsman.Even crief Road. $9 _

though he was slight of stature, he won acclaim All persons GRADE 'A'
are welcometo 25
on the gridiron during the heyday of Ben this outstanding BUYSB.F.Goodrich HERSHEY FRYERSliBit 2 GRADE 'A' STEWING
Stephenson, the Clark college "Battalion of .Christian occasion. .
Death," Abotts "Golden Tigers" of Tuskeegee.He SUGAR CUTI. ,

was also an outstanding diamond performer.Only 45* STREET Quality Safety-S Tires ,1'- FIRST HENS

"Spike" Washington and Ric Roberts could hold 170-15 Block Tub Type Y $125
Driv.liIARIQUE Plus tax and th..old tir. 5 Ibs. FORKCHOPS ,39ft Her
audiences spellbound as they recited tales of the off your car .

golden era of sports, the 'Roaring Twenties." With $5.00 order lb. GRADE 'A' BAKING

Spike was a charter member of the state officials NO MONEY DOWN II II IIGUAIAHnr" .

association. He was a moving force behind every IS FRESH SELECT
ther re D r cieusYou'll When you trade 0 MOH1Hs 39ft
type of sports contest held in this section for in your old tireUptol2M ::::;'blerret..cvt..--bCOwtf.r.fl SACK IEiF LIVER
years. NO golf tourney, football game or similar like 'en ,coo d b urd. e1. 35 "iIHENS lb.

attraction was complete unless "Spike' Washington 45th I MMCriefNur itksfoP0y vend If 0 tireI.. "sono'I0A1Ql drir e fna.blow.ncep .. I IONES Il I 3 Its. for S

was there, wrote the Introduction or reported far" row t tvff oJ.Ofoift.t HOT COUNTRY

the results. 45ft Start FREE the ? 1e--..!'...freed PEG FEETS !
r enf 0 re'Price. 'HOG 10" '
There Of CWrr", .. SAUSAGES59'i'
was "Spike" the civic leader. "Spike" Package Stare FAST MOUNTINGEDGEW000L. rer.r; .If
Washington loved his adopted hometown of Jack- 25C 16.
sonville. He was one of the first to work towarda I.I .

swimming pool for Negroes and many other pro -IAMI

jects of a similar nature. When Negroes began to I HAM Ib.49C l.o59C

form civic associations and political clubs, LCH0P5 .ROAST

he was on the ground floor, His political savy THE .... SHANKS

and acumen was respected by state and local of- uiy AUNT JEMIMA

ficials. A never to be forgotten sight was to CORN
watch a meeting go off on a tangent and see 19C

"Spike" arise to a roint of order and get r flESH COUNTRY MEAL BREAD box

the meeting back on the track.
r 2 III. hag MIX white
er yellow
The "S lke" Washington most people knew was feattuilt ,

Spike the Journalist." He won his journalisticspurs -'

on the old Florida Sestinel ,Re vs in 11MBUR CREAMY OLEO

charge of the Star Edition of the afternoon Robert GriSby lumR 15C"PUlE
19 73 It.
paper for years in this capacity, ke trained LAID C C ia
r' iii. Barters
any of our present day newsme* Mid *o es. .

He was one of the nursemaids woo y tt.4' the .. SlllIIIic M .. "

Florida Star along during its lafMe,. .. ,
t liCK M11sks
Then there was "Spike the S..t'-oa17 a ft* L IONES
were privileged to know amt tkia side of: Wa- g

He wa almost cltirroytat IB ,Ms afcUity to reject ;: -o ; GI 9 211s.fv 25C 21b.x 15CPItItJ

his Ideas and tho* feU M* i* .U ta.llt$ f. ITMNTILY, _.

that would tree. ., -% .. "f-.. f.,; ,
they c CJIe :- "''.'.-:.'. .. ..w;' ... 11L.2 "'
"_ika" Wfu&lagtoB Is gLlk .lllJl : "
__ : .- :--.f'" H Fnsfe VegtUUttS 24 lets
C it : -
". apes
and Florida are better '1..0- : ii JJJ. : '..1It__ ,-- n- -"id.!..'t .-.. .
,he passed this 'H1.'i.: .. ""::. -'- ..,-.....: .. tfK rite fruits ihs Crab Bafcy arGudtie clICkI

$ 4; --- ". -. -. ,


.z --1t > \