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Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
July 21, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
July 21, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text

.. ; : 1 J

Miami Laborer Held In Double-Shooting Of 2 Whites Over Wages ;

**** ** *




f HAS Sailor Charged With Murder T.TI J'. --- --- ---- -- > I,I .If-.o', I--0:>'

.2: <

, ** 1. FlOIl1DA' S TI/il" 'ft

Killed Myrtle i.: -- ,- --- .J f?'

Jaxon J At 21st & Ave. ; ,J

.sr. YOL 12-NO. 16 SATURDAY JULY 21, 1962 15 CENT, .

N. A. S. Sailor Locll MIl fIIW Pistel Sliyin Principals '

Charged With FoKowinf Fit** : ALBANY GA. YOUT$ '

Fatal Stabbing Statist iKifctt"'" I

A 25-year old Naval Air Stating to police that I.

Station sailor has been be had been the victim

r picked up by police and of a knife-attack by the j STAGING SITiNSr5

charged with the fatal deceased Eddie Minor

stabbing a 29-year of 1257 W. 21 St. was

old Jacksonville man arrested by police early ft * *

here Tuesday afternoon. Wednesday morning and -Albany Stores Targeted Prisoner Placed In IsolationFor

Dead on arrival at held for investigation ..

S Duval Medical Center in. the ,fatal shooting of EDDIE MINOR (left)-, is being held for investigation h l r Rwwwed a i a a Upset'ALBANY
following the incident, Other
Roger Williams, 52, of into the fatal pistol slaying of Roger Williams Disturbing InmatesAlthough

was Curtis Cam ra1, 29. 1323 W. 21st Street. 52, (right). The incident reportedly occurred Ga.---Racial relations in this South-

of 620 Davis Street. Williams body was found at 21st St. and Myrtle Avenue shortly after west, Georgia city appeared to be steadilly de- a medical examiner's report states thata
Negro prisoner's death last Tuesday was due to'tnatural
Witnesses told police lying in the vicinity of midnight Thursday morning. terioating at midweek with persons on both sides

that Robinson and the Tropicana Lounge at r of the controversy predicting the possibility ofa causes" there is widespread feeling

Cameron were arguing in 5,000 New Ifogro Airport Caf. that the man was the victim of some foul play. '_
Myrtle Avenue and 21st showdown within the next few days. .
........... 5
.. .. .. .. .. Sammy Smith Sanders.
at about 12:45 a.m.
St. II BkafofkiH Young members of the wi tnesses to the
A sheath knife was foundon Voters Rtfistirhi Albany Movement which is Negroes will eventuallylead according to a police beating?

the ground about four Mist hteirate beaded by Dr. Martin to court action. report was found unconscious Another question has
Ga. DistrictWAYCROSS
Since December in his cell
feet from Williams' out- Luther King Jr. and Rev. to do with the statementof
BIRMINGHAM, AlaAsthe than 750 demonstratorshave last Tuesday morning and
hand. Reports
Ga..--Some Ralph Abernathy, tested prison guard Jones
Williams died at result of a suit been arrested here. was taken to Duval Medi-
state 5,000 Negro voters segregated facilities
in Federal courtin
filed cal Center where he was
Duval Medical Center at Wednesday afternoon with
have been registered as CORE Reports
1960, Federal JudgeH. dead on arrival.Sanders .
Nr about 2:30 a. K: sit-ins at five
the result of an Intensive varietyand
H. was arrested
GIVES, SELF UP voter registra- drug stores. JohnsonDesegregated Units .J
ordered City Commissioners -
July 12 and sentencedthe
to have
Minor is said tion campaign in the At 2:15 p.m.. 40-Negro
and the Dobbs House following day in
gone to a service 8th Congressional youth--most of them
and to desegregate the Municipal court to 20
station at State
teenagers--left Mt. Zion
District here duringthe
following the restaurant's facilityat GREENSBORO. N.C.. days for drunk and disorderly -
Jefferson Baptist church and con-
12 months, it
past Thirty of the nation's
Incident and had the the airport here, it ducted slt-lnsat* 'downtown's conduct.
was reported Thursday. lost experienced direct Police said
Monday the
man on duty call the was Crowe and Lane
B. McCoy, presidentof
police so that he In his order, Judge drugstores and similar actionists have assembled prisoner was placed in a

JAMES ROBINSON JR. (Minor) could; report the mittee the district of the com-8th Grooms held that segre- facilities at the mid- here in the cell by himself becausehe
birthplace of the sit- had kept other pri-
at eating placesin
...Apprehended By Police incident. District Registration town shopping center
the Dobbs ins to underga intensive soners awake at nightby SAMMY SMITH
Minor reportedly told so far as operated by Grant, Woolworth .....
stated that A
.........* that shot was concerned was"unconstitutional. training for CORE'S talking and pacingthe
police be House and Hid* heard
Town who stated he
the hallway of the Davis total of 25,000. Negroesare ." _. : Freedom,Highways, ..._ cam.. cell block.
Williams in defense in .tft-1ti ----------"Detecti"ve"Sgt'O1W"chton '.. Sanders beating. on the i
St. apartment house and against a knife attackby now Stating that the facility paign. t. walls...and. when he went
Robinson stabbed Cameron the 20-county district' "OPERATION UPSET" The CORE project is designed \ and W.'C.: Barber
the deceased. A .25 s segregation/ into' his cell to
in the chest. Cameronis for the highest totalin violated to open major said G.L. Jones a pri-
automatic pistolwas of passengers "quiet" him found the
calibre Charles Jones, the
them he
then said to have run history.In an interstate Commerce restaurant chains along son guard told
found on the front demonstration's leader man unconscious. Many
singling out Telfairas federal in the Sanders beatingon
through the apartment of the highways heard
Minor's car, Commission ruling, doubt that
seat of said the groups were express a man
James and Ruth Shelton one of the counties southeast to Negroes. At the walls of his cell
police said. justice Department under instruction to who had beating on walls
record Increase it is practically about 7:30 a.m. Tuesdayand
and dow the stairs having a suit last present
entered the
police reported Williams leave when requestedby would suddenly fall un-
leaving a trail of McCoy said non- impossible for a when he entered the
month seeking prohibi-
as being shot in the store conscious and die
blood with Robinson in partisan committees now restaurants managers Negro travelling by car cell to quiet the man
the left chest and side. tion of the s terming the demonstra- minutes later.Investigation .
pursuit.The setup in most of the to eat in any restaurant he found him unconscious
segregated practices tions, "Operation by the
chase is then said Gunmen GhrisUiTo counties are emphasizingNegro judge Grooms also held set." up- along the way without on the floor. He sum- Florida star reveals

voter registrationin submitting to gross moned an ambulance he
continued northon
to have that the U. S. Supreme Jones' hinted the that closer examinationof
olin humiliation.
Davis then west on order to give theman handed told officers.
had already
Court .l
groups were not out to Participants in the the dead man's body
Beaver St, for about MIAMI---A Negro laborer opportunity to meet down an order desegregating The question that a-
get arrested.. "net project include Freedom, of will reveal that the
with local candidatesand rises in the minds
50 feet when Cameron two -
who shot his employees Dobbs House today, he stated. Riders and others who victim has a lump on his
their representatives. Sanders was
stumbled and fell. many whether
during an argu- facilities in Memphis head.
have been jailed in the
DEMONSTRATIONSORDERLY victim of brutalityat
Cameron was picked up by; ment over wages last Tenn. south because of their the The horrible questionis

an ambulance and carriedto Saturday is being held Attati Cafe civil rights activities. the hands of a guardor : Who did "quiet"Sammy

where he was -, Ordend A small group which guards during the
DMC pronounced for investigation by Memphis Gordon R. Carey. CORE Smith Sanders?
appeared at Midtown Drug he placed ina
dead on arrival. Hit ty Stuud.lisATLANTANegro time was
police.The project director says In the eyes of the
Robinson witness con- and To Integrate were not served. Upon cell by himself. Was he
the of star and Jacksonville -
report stated that They are cream Florida
then southon their arrival at the placed in a cell by
Cecil Ashley jr. shot white stand-ins con- the civil rights move citizens this
Davis St. and was unsuccessful la Sixty Days ?tore a pharmacist himself so that other
Henry priest, 55 In ducted an ment. Already more than is a tragic situationthat
picked up the phone would not
picked up by police at the back and neck and attempt to secure ser- 80 Howard Johnson needs a fullscaleinvestigation.
made a call then went
around midnight in a Priest's son Charles,. vices at Leb's Restau- MEMPHIS Tenn.---A over to talk with the Restuarants have been .

West Adams St. rooming rant here Tuesday it Federal court judge has desegregated in Florida
25, when the son rushedto
house. his father's aid. was reported. ,given the city board of youths.left. The group. then Virginia and North Package StoreA Robbers Jailedon

The incident occurred Lett s was celebratingits education 60 days in Carolina through CORE s
WIFE MISSING At the same time, a charge of assault
13 years of service which to offer a new efforts.
'on the busy area of Criminal
similar action was being three-day with intent to rob.
Further statements from honoring its founder plan to desegregate This new campaign in
the ABC Septic Tank resultedin
taken by demonstratorsat Court session Asst. County prosecutorR.
witnesses revealed that who bad invited
Charlie Leb
Memphis schools.As the South is designed
Corp. at 3123 NW 54th
other stores.NO two youths being Hudson Cliff said
the two men were engagedin diners to "dineon
the result of theU. to complete the task so
St. at about 3:30 p.m. sentenced to prison according to the
an argument overCameron's the house," with S. Sixth Court'srulinc ARRESTS: MADE successfully begun. .The
Ashley, following the
who has terms following a Jan. store operator, Taylor
wife diners
suggestions declaring the of the training
shootings, fled from the About three minutes purpose 11 attempted robbery G.Mi Her, the two youths
been _reportedly contribute to the Jewish state's pattern of its period is to prepare us
to the next block
scene after the telephone which erupted into an came into the-whiskey
since May 19. Cameron, the Aged asthey "
Home for desegregation plan"inadequate" for an eventuality. ,
witnesses said had accused called police, and gave call a police officer exchange of gun fire ata store at 8:30 p.m. Jan.
under its CORE has engaged In
sailor of himself up. entered the drug store Liquor Store located 11 presumably to makea
The stand-ins carried pupil placement law, extensive testing of the .
Shaw, 22
Mrs. Henry and talked with the ... purchase.
taking her: from him. of 3185 NW 55th St. copies of Leb s advertisement U. S. District Judge policies of individual 1. '
youths. They iraedlatelyleft ;{ .
justice of the Peace in localnewspaper : ,
said Ashley case to her a Marion S. Boyd advised the ,premises. Howard JOhnsen and HOli- ,..

Sarah Bryan has issueda door and disked.to use inviting that the board use 45 day inn locations ,
warrant charging the phone. She told "come one, come all," of its 60 days to submit SECOND GROUP REBUFFED throughout the SOuth- lI :

Robinson with murder. police she had never to the celebration. a new plan. As the pharmacist stoodin east. Negotiation ses- -

CORE Mmb.r seen the man before. When told by the Negroes What has been termed the store s doorway sions with -local and '" a

He had a gun in his that the ad included token desegrega watching the youths' departure national managementshave i ij i

Riltd "Sail"IWISVILLE back pocket and said them, Leb is tion" of the schools another group been held.Powti's j

11Paul they were trying to said to have countered took place here last of demonstrators sought Horn *

Duffy moved from hospi- cheat him out of his that he would serve fall when only 13 Negro entry, but were turned

tal to Jail to freedom money Mrs. Shaw told them when other downtown first graders were away by the store 'em- Is Stone Targtt JAMES CUKUINGS

last week. The white police. restaurants including first admitted white ploye.As SAN JUAN P. R.---A
CORE" member was found According to Metro the Aaericaaa Motel mud the young people departed rock was through the CLAREKCE JOHNSON

."sane" after 20 days police Lt. Roy Long- the Dinkier plaza Hotel schools.App.Iit. ,. they, started window of a summer home at 1845 45th St. ..........

In;"Central State Hospital. bottom, Ashley was engaged did..adding "they singing 'freedom belonging Rep. Adam Clarence Johnson, 20, Miller stated that

.- ia aa argument (the Negroes) were sot APPOINTED---0r. George songs. Clayton Powell in the of 1748 W. 12th St., on Johnson went to the

:Originally Duffy was' with the two priests being fair sad that he W. Gore jr., presidentof LBRttY IBMCNSIBATIONS Vega Baja section this June 3 had been found counter, then pulled a

l'charged ,with breach of and George Ire.., 38. was not going to be a Florida A_. and If. week in what has been guilty by a jury for sawed-off .22 calibre

i the-.-_peace a after refusing. of 1417 Hf HUt,St. about guinea ,IeDariactke." University' has bees Tuesday afternoon, some called an unsuccessful assault with intentto rifle from under his

L 'move. Quickly: enough 1 aoaey' whea he demeastra-- appointed k' a oseyearten 26 young people appeared attempt to break in. rob and assault with- coat and pointed it at '

in the discriminatory tics, former. Georgia on tie EiemtiveCbemittw Carnegie: Library with police attribute the out Intent to kill witha Miller. Miller said
(Ashley )polled) a gun .
Westend Theatre and started shooting. GOT. MtnrU erttfis, .mew of the"Flmriaa five_ members of the vandalism to membersof deadly weapon and that when he stepped

judge pound in ordering Ashley a gvheraatorial eadldate As8oclst1oa.ofCell.fee -hasp seeking library the pro-Independent was sentenced by Criminal back, Johnson shot him
Browa said
the mental test, chased the ,older man robe ws em .hd and Universities. Tm*( ear**. They were referred Movement, The intruders, judge A. Lloyd through the lower chest.

said -:that anyone, par h oldie fcJrt. ana* to his to '9r his respects 'fed ,appolntaeat. wt..w4e,wf- to the Negro reportedly four in Layton to terms totaling The afore operator

ticularly: & .white per-.' bok a4- 4rtt4 sl etla Let. We his, aat....... Dr. Bean L.- Aeimer, library. The remaining number.. escaped.It 10 years in orison. said that he grabbed a
.on.who' would act as fitatiC to two. ; Ktcroesha who association py.*i4e t, aawatrs were away Is believed that the The second youth, James revolver from under the
tat so. w*s '
the door.
rDuffT.did.,: c. : must bbid-. aseae **wit* .Aatiey at the rt*.*st.4 ..... who is as** of Mr'wier a4 on the scene action steamed from what Cusaings, 17, of 1602 counter, and .fired five \
: Observers
:: c,, peliis. .'..1.... Oath has been called"Powell I.14th.St. was sentencedto times, "
." cola J one bullet
-F'-' :''", I -r'flt- ';:{ a*. wawtf. .......... .. Wa..e that the,currentbeing :
# *. I, -'j"'H'> _' :'!-: ,,:- sstmtb. j.V$ $-.f ': "interference'in 454 years in nrtson hitting_ ._Johnson. '
: *#* #***$* _" ';f .f.r,. taken by -
Puerto -
.fl lien Affairs
,.. ,-.. :; -, -""' : ,..,.. .. .
7. .

:.',1'l: .
1 c,,; ,,: __* "
,,- :_ _,. _. :-s_,.

-_,_ I -:,-- -;,_- ; i'


. mil I J I tLIXIM STAR .'" SATURDAY JULY 21_. .1962.-


,r.2,'. t ., ,.' 1 Mo. f I

_. <
t.i -
Published by the Florida StiT .publishing o.'MBI1ber i,,, R -, .. ...

of Associated Metro Press?' <;- .: ; 5 -: :- :- < .; : !
4 4 r ti.. :.: t ....1 BY ERIC o SDODOJI '
P J"/

ERIC 0. SIIPSOI.lllallll Eliii' The chief economist of the AFL-CIO

..'":,.." .l'j'.-.-. vigorously favors a tax cut 'now--not
HYSON L IISL.Mtws EMIl p next year in the lowest personal income -

tax bracket but with equal fervor
HILDA IOOTEH__CraMfe t Xagtf j opposes tax relief for corporations and

higher-bracket incomes.
MAIN OFFICE ft PUNT: :: '. Stanley H. Ruttenberg director of

2323 Hotcrid! Road--Pteg ELgii 4-6782 EL 4-J7J3 ;. .;i+ a- ". the AFL-CIO Department of Research,
.. told a Los Angeles audience

Maing Address: that 'only a tax cut con-

centrated in the first individual .

P. 0. Box 581. Jacboavle 1, Fier a .. ... 1L2 income tax bracket" '

-; & 2 : ,r4 RLQ I will provide the increased
t t consumer buying-power that is :

SUBSCRIPTION RATES '' L an "urgent need."

One Year. $6.00! Half Year $4.00 ; -:: '1 ,!)7 Right now the state of the

Mailed to You Anywhere in the United States I American economy is one of

Subscription Payable in Advance : / the most overriding domestic

Send check or Money Order to: 'I. issues. No longer are people

S talking about whether a tax cut is need-

Florida Star P. 0. Box 561 /lc i ed. They are now discussing what kind

Jacksonville 1. Florida of tax cut is needed and when it shouldbe

A Closed PooL.A Drowiwd loy; j : Talk applied.is no longer cheap in America. The

Lr t failure to translate talk into positive

Two Tragk Wastes In OIr MUst rf action is a most expensive threat to

America's health. Talk will not move
The lonely death suffered by a local : "'q..5 'Boaz America forward. Action will.

youth last week when he drowned in the For several years, the nation has been

unused Jefferson street pool is a tragic IF HEWOULD LEND AN EQUALLY ENTHUSIASTIC HAND AT HOME, talking about economic growth. Recently

occurrence which prompts us to refocus our Administration spokesmen have analyzedand

minds the equally tragic waste of the re-analyzed the need to expand the

closedcity pools, and the silent danger economy's potential and its actual out-

awaiting any youngster who, during these : put. Brilliant statements and encourag-

sultry summer days, might be tempted to Your W..kly ing policy pronouncements are impres-

venture into the pools seeking refresh- '
sive. They will not, however, create

ment. : Horoscope Guide I. adequate economic growth. Talk cannotdo
It is an unfortunate state of affairs the job. .

that the pools need be closed in the first By PABLO The ASTROLOGER For sixteen months the nation has been

place. It is in no wise necessary. And' -. talking about recovery from recession, a

under such conditions, thousands of out- recovery never rapid enough to pr anise
of-school youngsters of both races are : sharp drops in jobless rates. Adminis-

being harshly denied the priviledge.of BUSINESS LOYE TRAVEL tration spokesmen have now come to the
using recreational facilities maintainedby sad realization that the recovery is

their parents' tax money. not strong enough to bring unemploymentdown

The proprietors of segregation, in their ARIES ployment well-being, afford to let anyone thoroughly what effect this year. After 16 months of recovery -

brutish determination to justify racial Born March 21st thru ,kinfolk or the future. discover facts about this ..mai have on your unemployment in June stood at;

alienation' in this city by any meansat April 19th 42G4419So124CANCER you that could bring future way of life and 5.5 percent of the labor force, a dis-

hand, are evidentally attern iting to intimidate The hurricane season you loss of personal or happiness. Depressing graceful record in a rich nation. unem-
progressive-thinking parents by Born June 22nd thru professional prestige. influences begin to
may be here both ployment of dropping the rest of
their children. That's all the July 22nd
punishing 7-40-55-15-20-745 requiring
operate this will
literally and allegori- year at stay where it
the closed pools amount to: it is a punishing This perlid starts out mature judgment in every
LIBRA is. We should
cally. should you no- no longer talking. The
denial to multitudes of Jacksonville with many indicationsthat thing you say, do or
Born Sept.23rd thru time to act
tice that the winds of on this, the worst record of
children. you are facing pro Oct. 23rc decide.
adversity are blowing any so-called recovery from the, four
Actually the matter should be thoroughly blems of major proportions 9-8 6-14-30-981
around you with in- This promises to be post-World War II recessions is already
aired with whichever city officialshold should they be CAPRICORNBorn (
it the last favorable overdue.
creasing Intensity
the responsibility for the closed of a business or legal Dec. 22nd thru I,
might be well to take period of the month, The facts are obvious. The recovery
pools. Parent should make it their nature try to get them Jan. 19th'
customary precautions.Take calling for great pru- has slowed. industry has been operating
business to find these men and talk to settled in the most Unless they; are forci-
dence and discriminationon
Immediate steps to percent below capacity, retail
them and demand to know if anything is equitable and friendly bly brought to your attention -
obtain professional advice your part. Ill-ad- sales have fallen off in June, install-
fashion that meets the
being done to mitigate the unnecessary events of the
for problems that vised ;changes of jobsor ment credit
expansion has slowed. The "
'of' till
approval con?
and wholly unjust situation. Church groups past had better be left
should offer their support in a general you cannot handle you'rItself. cerned. Should you allow locations would do wherever such things are steel industry's operations have gone
The course of romance more to make trouble to half capacity--down from
effort to get the pools reopened. it is controversies to run stored. All debts your 80 percentin
than existing problemsand
really everyone's business--even as enforced may get bumpier their course under the own as well as those of March.
friendships threaten that solving them on the Action responsive to such talk is
segregation is everyone's enemy. false impression others should be con- as
The youth who drowned in Jefferson Pool complications and finan- you have no other alternative spot. The events of sidered paid and nothingmore bad as no action at all. No sensible

last week might have drowned even if the cial considerations become you can expect these two days may only done to stir up old person in this country least of alP its

pool were functioning publicly and patrolled somewhat difficult(29th30th costly and long- be greater the difficulties shadows of to grudges. Should you have President, is anti-business. If business

by life guards. But we cannot con- The solar lasting consequences any recent and out- needs reassurance on this question, it
tent ourselves with such reasoning. It eclipse followed by unfavorable operating in the finan- come.rather The unfriendly aspects toward are standing obligations should re-examine American history and

would be safer to believe that the young planetary aspects cial Apartments, urgingyou hopes friendshipsand you would do better to American thought--a history of diversityand

man drowned because the pool was closed indicates that not to make any commitments your emotional interests.The liquidate them promptlyif variety of ideas with no one set
the storm signals are from which view as the only possible American
and unsupervised.When complications that possible before they; way.
flying, and that everyone there would be no In fact, it sometimes has been a seriesof
is it going to be admitted that are thus created are become a thorn in your
should be cautious.67DUI48D671 .
segregation isn't worth one human life-- es cape. not being lessened by side. prudence is the actions falsely dubbed anti-business

whether white, black or unclassifiable? 130221310132L the solar eclipse. Your better part of valor which turned out to be the salvation of

TAURUS EO feelings and pocketbookcould and restrained speechthe American capitalism.
Proposal To Sponsor Boys Stat, Born April 20th thru Born July 23rd thru suffer major set- gift of the wise. America needs a tax cut now for eco-

May 20thIt Aug. 22nd nomic reasons. It does not need a tax
backs if act with
For Negro Youth A Profound Gtstm is unwise to ignore You cay feel that you indiscretion.you 2-70-77-18-10-278 cut to prove the president is not anti-

It was last week that State American the signs, and they are have had a close shave 2-60-44-12-60-264 AQUARIUS business. The nation cannot afford a

Legion Commander Arthur MacCarthy made not missing during this but don't take it for SCORPIOBorn Born Jan. 20th thru tax cut to appease sane supposed slightsto

public his proposal that the Florida department last quarter. Romance granted that you are out Oct. 24th thru Feb.realize 18th that American business from a President

sponsor a Boys State for Negrc friendship finances and of the woods. The signsof Nov. 22nd You must whose record to date has been one that
high school youth in 1963. your other key associa- financial problemsare This may be called the you taskmaster could these be a days, business should support, not oppose.

The proposal is a healthy one, not only tions may be buffeted still very prominent climactic period of a I
and that you will not ,
about by worsening con- indicating you cannot rather unstable month.
because it is 'timely1 --i a little tardy ; brook Interferencewith WELCOME HOME t;
-but mainly because a Boy's State for ditions. Do not de- afford to become too involved Showdowns between your any beliefs and

youth will be and liberately invite in less important friends loved ones
Negro an enlightening
methods. This in turn NATIONAL :
rewarding experience.The trouble through lack of matters. From this point debtors and creditorsare alienate those who .
emotional self-control until the close of the to set can
Boys State program as it now stands quite likely are joined to you in GUARDSMEN
permits white youth to study state gov- (23rd-25th). There are month you may start the stage for revolu- in pub-
marriage or .
ernment practices and thereby to gain indications of stormy having difficulties with tionary decisions and lic relations. Despitethe '

during impressionable years, a clear and changes developing. But your domestic and public changes. The first shot
fact that may
practical understanding of; the workings the grand climax may be relations. Some people may be fired and you can you
believe that can
and interworkings of governmental ma- anticipated for the 31st may feel that they are expect conflicts to be- well by

chinery. It guarantees, tou, in the a- the day of the solar doing all the work come Intense. This may manage yourself very dis-

dulthood of these youths, a keener a- eclipse. This is a kind while you are trying to mean upsets that affect forces you may that

at the voter level of period when old monopolize the credit. business reputa- ruptive
wareness ; a more legitimate your accumulating to
sense of citizen responsibility.Mr. scores are bound to be Whether this is Justi- tion sod home life severe are closest ties y l

MacCarthy stated in his settled once and for all fied or not it will take enough to compel sever your
proposal fro...8Ucceedinl in their
that the same program now offered to 31033170316 tact on your part to you to chart your future -1ti
whites will be offered to Negroes. GEMINI prevent a complete course in entirely dif- 5-20-99-13-50-529 \!
Born May 21st thru breakdown of harmony ferent directions. The
Till now, the Negro's approach to poli- a _
tics has been generally a hit-or-miss, June 21st and mutual confideace. series of detrimental Born Feb.PISCES 19th thru .
This is a period when 5-50-33-17-40-537 aspects that start on
cracker-barrel sort of thing. political March 20th .
you cannot be too carefUL VIRGO the 26th and are cappedby tY
knowledge has come in gushes or dribbles;
Weigh each ward be- Born 23rd The fact that have
it has been gleaned from newspapers or Aug. thru a solar eclipse indicate yon
fore it is uttered reflect Sept. 22nd that have to been lucky of late does '
hurriedly ingested during barroom oratoryor yon
long and deeply You seem to have esongi take new bearings. not guarantee that you ,
barbershop discussions or, more poju-
before deciding and heed troubles on hand' have in
your 8-90-83-16-90-896 can your way 4 .
larly now, through the sanctimonious a
the voice of experience. without adding to them SAGITTARIUSBorn everything. Bay be
bullying of Negro 'leaders. It has been
that insures jour safety through criticism and NOT. 23rd thru inclined to throw your k-
for the most part a half-funny, learn-as
(23ri-25th). Your domes faultfinding (23rd). Remain Dec. 21st weight around but there '
learn-can program which has produced
tic and professional re- strictly aloof no There are too many is a strong likelihoodthat
dissection,confusion and a costly weaken-
lationships could be .. matter what happens, unless danger signsalong the your domestic and
ing in the Negro voter posture.
subject to heavy strain. yon want to find to get reckless public partners may be ,
then to form a 80y'sstate
This proposal ,
wherein the inter- Observe all local and yourself right in ,the dor kg this last; quarter impelled to shove back P
for Negro youth, national regulations as center of a controversy problems related tc (23rd-25th) All
functioning of the various levels of they; apply to traffic or lawsuit. The eibania business, domesticity frustrations are dae to

state gorernment may be studied at an intimate and personal coadact. is being shifted tt, relatives, travel and take exposed to ill KEN KNIGHT

distance is indeed the opCBlag of This could be an exceptionally your job health and health and loss of
the future cone
and opportunity.For may Invites You To Listen To :
a wide door of progress trying time private interests. They' crowding in to leave working hoar The solar

our youth to be able to see for themselves indicating delays and are apt to become prime t lest and bewildered. eclipse adds a warning .
what goes into the making of a other difficulties related sources of concern as ,a\\ Start BO quarrels unlessit against practices that "KNIGHT TR4IH"Starting \

government; and to develop deeper appreciation tO 10CGOtlOB. series of adverse plwetary /' is explicit in- are injurious to efficiency -

and a greater deaire for participation transport at ioa sad eemBtaicatldBS. aspects tomd *r 't'tefitios yoar to provoke a sad well-being At 7:00 pjti Nightly-
to -
in the safest, SM* t fy .
BO Mt JH9 a solar eclipse, fere- now and daring the
close -
break in a relatieasklp.
approach a full realization of .... tO OOtCll.iWB il 98nectlo *- shadows obstacles mad + Even then coming lonth 1400 -v WRHe -: ; 1400. :'! _
for all.
freedom through justice frustrations. Yea eMnet.a .
wit it JO.r' em '
JM..t.consider very
+ "r ..' 1-10-11-19-80-198 1\ ,

'Z-' .

,_ .: .'",,--,, --: i'.. :'_ ... 4._* r ... ___ l i ,. ,.

,0 o,

f. : ::1 7 :11 i .' :-_ _


= JOE Cod 19 Receives BA Deree
= ,.
: gm..1 .
I : .I- *****
==- : ,
---- -- -'=.
----- --- -
: Mrs. Olivia.Warff of New York City is visiting

friends in Jacksonville while enjoying a six
weeks vacation. Mrs. Warff has been highly entertained
by friends and has expressed herselfas
***** ,1
being highly elated over the warm southern
4 hospitality she has received in the "Gateway
Mrs. Daisy Baker, Jacksonville Urban League
Guild'member, is spending the summer in Englewood, i -: : City."

New jersey ,b .... ... ..ff ... .. ...
i :

.... ..S. ..t. .... .... ...S m
C. Parham Johnson of the Florida Star staff is
back in the city after enjoying a very pleasant
Mr., and Mrs. James Lewis left their West Ninth
week-end in the city of Tampa. He was highly entertained -
Street home last week-end for the West Coast.
Sons at the home of Mrs. Thelma Doby. JoiningMrs.
They were accompanied by their two daughters
Doby in the entertainment were Mr. and Mrs.
James Jr. and Michael are'visiting their grandmother -
Thomas Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Williams. Mrs.
in Indiana.
Carrie Smalls and Mrs. Hilda Mae Howard. A bar-

-3 becue was given on the beautiful grounds that
....f .... .... t... .... ....
.. surround Mrs. Doby's home with the same people

Mr. Antonio "Tony" M. Lewis, well known res- r. .' present. A meeting with his Brother Bills at the
tauranter from Mayport, is confined to Brewster r- home of Bay City Lodge IBPOE of w.as also enjoyable -

Hospital. Friends are wishing for him a speedy Meeting Col. Charles Hunter, Rev. Lloyd

return to good health. 'II Haisley and Rev. G. J. Dates all pastoring in

: Tampa and Daniel Isom of the Florida Sentinelwas
.... .... ... ... '
t t .... .SSS \\: t \ quite enjoyable. All of them were former

,;\ students of Edward Waters College and so were
It's a boy for Mr. and Mrs. Lucious Green. \ Mrs. Doby: the hostess and Mr. Johnson.

.Lucious. jr. put in his appearance Saturday,
'July 14, at Brewster Hospital. -v' ... .. .. ... ... .

.... ... ..t. S.S. ..... .... One of the highlights of the Recognition Service

held recently in the cafeteria of Brewster Methodist -

Friends of Mrs. Dorothy Oliver will be happy to MULTI-CITED Miss Zeta I Hospital was the short address delivered by
Gibson, the daughter of Bishop S. Gibson, city, received her ac elor of
learn that she is Miss Beverly Sawyer of the Volunteens. in bring
recuperating nicely in her Arts degree at the age of 19 years June 4 with Fisk University's graduating class. Entering col-
West ing greetings from her teen-age group, she displayed -
Twenty-first Street home after undergoing lege at the surprisingly youthful age of 15 years, Miss Gibson has been the recipient of many
iurgery. the talent of veteran speaker.
honors, the most vaunted, being selected the first Delta to win the 1961-62 Kappa Queen in six

.... .... .... ff.. .... .t.. years. Pix above shows crowning ceremony in Fi'sk Memorial Chapel last March 17- Miss Gibson's ... .. .. .. .. ..
escort is Ronald Walters.Witchtas Kas.polemarch of Fisk's Kappas. Mr Walters distinguished him-

self with his recent article ''Mr- Savage Speaks," based on Aldous Huxley's Brave New WorldMiss
The McMillan Street home of Mrs., Mazie Cusseaui Gibson's major .was "Childhood Education." She is enjoying the summer vacation period with Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McCall announce the Engagement : -

provided the setting for a recent meeting of La her mother and friends. (photo By Wiles-Hood and approaching marriage of their daughter
Quartz Bridge Club. Miss Mary Vaughan Curry to George Leveli. Williams

Mrs. Roberta Pierce was the lone guest. I Birt'I son of Mr. and Mrs. George Terrance The
Surprise i
The club welcomed Mrs. Addle Ford and Mrs. Laura -tA.e Weddinq Bells wedding will be held Sunday July :22, at 4 p.m.

Woodbury as new members. Parly Given in the Bethlehem Baptist Church. The receptionwill

Small talk around the bridge tables concernedthe Willie L. Sanders. 1260 be held immediately following the ceremoniesin

'cook out' held at MrS. Vicky Toms' residenceon Steel Court. 22 and Mrs. Willie C. CollinsMrs. the church basement. NO invitations are being

July 4th.Participants. Carolyn Y. Johnson sent, but friends of the couple are invited Mi sCurry

'in the meeting included Mrs. Eva 1418 W. State St.. 19. Willie Catherine is a 1962 graduate of Stanton Vocational

Curry, Mrs. Vicky Toms, Mrs. Violet Lavender Basil Jones. 1763 W. Collins was the recent School.
9th and recipient of surprise
St. 19 LaSandra a
Mrs. Dorothy Jones, Mrs.-Grace Young Mrs. Lillie
McKeiver. 824 Davis birthday party presentedat ,. .. ... .. t.. .. ...
Hamilton, Mrs. Addie FordMrs. Laura Woodbury,
Street 18. Buster Ford's Restau-
and Mrs. Roberta pierce. Ca4ne-
Willie L. Cooley 810 rant by her parents. Mr. Members of the Knights of Friends Social Clut

....... ........ ........ ........ ........ ........ Clay St. 25 and MaryM. and Mrs. Edward Collins. are making elaborate plans for their anniversary
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brown; 1716 W. 14th St. ; Jackson 810 ClayS The table was beauti- which will be celebrated Sunday July 29, at

Friends of Mrs. Rachel Malloy and Mrs. Georgia Smith; 6819 Homer Road; Girl. t. 22.Nathaniel. fully decorated with Recreation Center Third and Mt. Herman Streets.Mrs .
Girl. Mr. and Mrs. Crawford gladioli flanking a
Josephy will be happy to know that they are Ford. 3.300 Lucious Kennedy is president.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hart; 5764 Oprey St. ; Moncrief Rd. 19 and beautiful birthday cake.
making satisfactory progress after being Injuredin
automobile accident. Richardson; 2-10 W. Girl. Dorothy M. German. 7247 The social interlude was .. .. .. .. .... ... .. ....
an 19th St. ; Girl. Mr. and Ifrs. John Rhode Island Dr. 18. enhanced by the playingof

y tSt. f.t t.t.. t.tt '. .eft ttt. Mr. and ,Mrs. Arthur Gelzer; 510 Everson St.; Calvin Hampton 2820 games and a full Miss Regina Lewis, the granddaughter of Mr. and

l. .t, Nance' ; 1211' W.....30th. ... Girl. and Mrs.Nathaniel :- Boulevard. Jax. 19 and course dinner was Mrs. Roosevelt Counts of 1269 Hart Street IK vacationing -
Steele "left "" StreetBo .-.. '. -Mr.> Mary M. -1effersn, -\975 served. for one month with-her maternal grandmother -
:Mrs. Ethel Barton of Court "the"city '
Hill 6854 W. Virginia '
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Jordan St. 20. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. George Lockhart in Birmingham -
recently to visit relatives in Philadelphia. At
Avenue Girl.
Lewis; 1162 W. 21st ; John Sampson. 911 ?4.W. Mrs. Froncy Brown Mrs. Alabama.
least part of Mrs. Barton's'vacation will be spent St. ; Apt. 2; Girl. Mr. and Mrs. Johnny 65th St. Miami. Fla. Carrie wils m. Mrs. Rud-

in the home of her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Jackie Simmons; 725 N. Lincoln 72 and Leora Harris. yne Brown. Mr. and Mrs. tt.. .. .. .. .. .. ...
and Mrs. Harry jonex of Philadelphia. The Joneses Ct. Girl.
e ; Sims Whitehead Mr. and
Johns; 1612 W. 9th 911 N.W. 65th St. .
were visitors to Jacksonville last summer. Mr. and Mrs. Frederick
Street: Boy. Richardson; 1771 Cleve- Miami Fla. 66. Mrs. Willie Lump kin. Mrs Thomas Ruff of 727 Blanche Street Mrs. Ella

g .*.. Sett .et. .*.. *.tf t..e Mr. and Mrs. King land St.; Girl. Lonnie L. Vereen. Jr. Doretha Turner, L. Crull Floyd of 421 Bloxom Street and Richard Watson of

Holzendorf; 4620 Flynn Mr, and Mrs. Joseph 1150 Evergreen Ave. 19 Miss Oretha Meree. Miss 1014 Laura Street, all members of Day Spring Baptist -

Wilson Road; Boy. 1475 Florida and Ethel M. Leroy Earnestine Brown. Robert Church are ill at their homes. Members and
in her ;
Friends of Mrs. Coretha assembled joyner
Mr. and Mrs. James 1452 Milnor Ave., 18. Ross, Miss Willie C. friends may visit them.
Roth Drive home Monday evening for an informaland Avenue; Girl.
Searcy; prathers Apt. ; Thos. W._ Lawton, 1550 Collins.

enjoyable bridge session. Jax Beach Florida; Boy. Mr. and Mrs. William Dotson St., '25 and Vir- .e.. .... ... .. .. .. .... .. .
Mrs. Anne Monroe Mrs. Doris Scott, Mrs. Mary young; 1251 Pearce St.; Chit-Chafc Plan
Mr. and Mrs. Prince ginia A. Snead 1425 An August wedding has been planned by Miss Nada
Coleman Mrs. Myrtis Thomas,' Mrs. Hadassah Beul- Boy.'
Matt; 311 W. 18th St.; Granthal St., 24. Ramona Henderson and John Wilson Cail both of
lard, Mrs. Margaret Starkes, Mrs. Rosebud Scott, Boy. Mr. and Mrs. Willie July 27 Outing
Charles Davis SIS this city.
Mrs. Sara Wright, Mrs. Johnnie Brown, and Mrs. Mims; 1816 E. 22nd St.;
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Evageline, Pier 3. Miss Henderson is the daughter of Mr. Raymond E.

Vannette Thayer were among..guests. Kelliam; 322 B. North Boy.Mr.. and Mrs. David Miami Fla. 23 and Friends and the general Henderson of New York City and Mrs. Edith King

Street; Girl. Gladys M. Shannon 2003W. public and families are .
of Jacksonville.Mr.
.5tt Cresecent
ett. .... .et. ..tt ef1 Hardy; Box 79
Mr. and Mrs. Clarenc 18th St. 18. being invited to spend Cail is the son of Mr. and Mrs. WilliamH.
City: Boy.
Austin H. Coleman, the day at American Call Jacksonville, residents
The Third Annual Clinic in Human Relations and Dr. Davis rltys Weekend OutingsLily 1140 E. Washington St. Beach with the Chit-chat
Better Living was held during the week at Walker LILLY'S DRUG STORE
Phoenix Ariz., 25 and Civic Club Friday
Vocational and Commercial College. The clinic con- White Lodge 167.
irma J. McIntosh 1568 July 27.
venet July 17 through July 20 and had as its con- For 'Fr.. o. will sponsor a trip to W. 16th St., 23. The bus schedule A Complete Line of f COSMETICS

sultants Alfred R. Taylor, local attorney-at-law
Little Talbot island Benj. Brpwn 1569 follows :

Mrs. juanita Wyatt, Mrs. Ethel Spears, Mrs. Hor- HM Jvty 3Gtk July 23.Buses will leave Clarkson St. 67 and Kings Road and tyler. I RUBBER GOODS CANDIES SUNDRIES

tense Williams Gray, Jim Tinlat, instructor of Kings Road and Tyler at Willie M. Jones 1569 8:00 p.m. ; Ashley and for and Delivered

Dale Carnegie Courses: and Dr. R. W. puryear, Wellknown to the 8:30 a.m. ; First and Clarkson St., 49. Lee 8:15; Moncrief Rd. Prescriptions Called

president of FNIC. Florida community famed Davis, 9 a.m. and 45th Edmond Walker 1568 and 26th St. 8:20 p.m. '1901 Kings Rd. El 3-8276

links Plan AmtrkM organist Dr. Colonius and Moncrief, 9:30 a.m. Still St., 27 and LouiseS.
tt be
Tickets purchasedfrom
Davis will present a Bay Green. 1202 W.

Beam Outing concert for 'Freedom' members at the bus Church St. 21. At home,at fountains, everywhere-

here Monday night July stops. Arnett B. Rogers. 1355

Senior and junior mem- Acorn and Union Sts. 30 at 8 p.m. in Lee Grothe St. 19 and Jac- .,
8:30 am. ; Eaverson and Auditorium, Edward 0-0-0 queline M. Harris. 4805 -
bers of the Golden Links '. :
Club plan an; outing to Kings Rd., 8:45! Broad Waters College. The pro- Rhode island Dr. N. 18. ,

American Beach SUnday ana Ashley, 9:00; 1561 gram is being sponsoredby District 15 of -First Laverne Pullins 1844

July 22.Tickets. : Franklin, 9:15. the Jax Branch of the Corinth Baptist Church W. 31st St. 26 and JpepS1.' _.__ .
be Friends the general NAACP. will sponsor an outingto Cherry L. Bryant. 1640 -- r
may pur-
chased from members who public and their Dr. Davis is assistant American Beach Friday W. 22nd St. 23. now it's Pepsi
professor of music at night. The bus leaves
families are cordially Robt. E. Roberts 309N.
the bus
will be at
_ during the following invited to enjoy the day Morris Brown College, Madison and Davis Sts. 11th St. Camden for those who think young Today people o/all ages fO .

schedule: with the Links at the Atlanta and is said to at 8 P.O. ; Kings Rd. N.J. 19 and Rose 0. all out for I... Vie live the modern active life. Ibis is the lilt for Pepsi :I;

Beach.4.anWadurlri have been affiliated at and Myrtle at 8:15 p.m. Walker, 6252 Restlawn -litbt, brasiag, tleaM-tastiag P"d.l. stores, at fountales, say "Pepsi,pleaser! .
one time with Florida and the .Silver Star at Drive 20.

A< University. His 8:45 p.m. Tfaeo. M. Morrell, 2348

friends are also said to Johnson Ave. 22 and

be legion in the Jax 000The Alberta E. General, k

1 area. 1532 Pasco St., 17. .
The appearance of the Friendly Four Carlton Dennis 1593

noted organist is the Social Club plans a W. 22nd St. 38 and

second in the series of trip to American Beach Theresa Smith 1593 W.

cultural events being Saturday. Buses will 22nd St. 32. >1

carried out by the As leave, Edgewood and John L. stribling jr. '.p

sociation's local branch Cleveland 8 a.m. ; 337 W. Orange St. 19

j which plans at best onepublic Union and Clay 8:30 and Dorothy Boston, k

___ MAKES/ SKIN BLEACHES program month and U Q.and Florida 2503 Summit St., 19. \

OLD FASHIONED'--' featuring nationally Avenue at 8:45 a... i7k
known personalities. '

Firms handling admission July 2Sft Oiilim -: r
Sk1ntOh. : k t
4S' tickets for District 6 of Mt. r
adults and youth will church x
Ararat Baptist ,
c9t.n* a.rii pow..pitied be announced in next is sponso. lug an outing RAPIDI.HR.
'week's edition of the 28th to Little
STAR. Talbot island. AND NIGHT;

Read Ihe CALLS tNt $200 _- :. / ', \

FLORIDA e;tAM I EL 5-5770 -1.> .,. ., .<
\. 01 fOlfttf' Strpmot/Tht Jar with the $Ur* .

--- -

rL---- \

1----- :":t L I'i I

(i -- ': numvn rant h n1'1J1rm-1Utt 1T.; 19tt

I : Mt. Salem Baptist Church To Host Association Next Week ,I

Anniversary Proinn Slated Swday Eiaomel Progressive Groups" f

.. .
'o" '.' ;: ':- -' ;-' '_

CHURCH NEWSThe rpkFj. ;' ":t. : {. .....l-; Will Emanuel Convene progressive Here Baptist July Association 2529The comprising 1

\ the Ministers and Deacons Union and its 1.

i k auxiliary Women's Missionary Society will meet

in a five-day session in Mt. Salem Baptist Church I
Methodist Church has
1962 School of Missions and announced Christian that Service the July 25-29 with Rev. W. Q. Rogers, host pastor.

will beheld Rev. W.M. Smith Association Deacons Albert Williams
July 23-27 at Bethune-coo kman Col- w
president and James Byrd and Sapp will
lege. Mrs. S. 'D. Bankston is president of thelomen's
Rev. W.J. Johnson conduct the devotionals.
Society of Christian Service, Florida f
Conference. moderator will super- Choirs and ushers of

vise the sessnon' Philadelphia and Bethany,

. . . . . activIties.The Baptist Churches, respectively -
. . : . . .. .. 5 /
; opening night's will serve.

\agi qr 6 gggggg Nii4 A program gets underway at Sunday's services will
Local television and radio artist, Mrs. Mary y +
7:30 o'clock. Deacons begin with Sunday Schoolat
Nealey, will feature a twilight ausicale Sunday
C. B. Holloman and Norman 9:30 a.m. with the
July 29, at 8 p.m. in St. Stephen AME Church, 5th i ; .
; local
a'.xa Troy wmll lead the de superintendent
and Davis Sts. A member of Mt. Moriah AME Church,
votions. The program assisted by the district.superintendent. .
Mrs. Nealey is president of choir 2 and has
.' .' will be rendered by the Each
featured in many of the city's churches. 11 minister will be
d .. ::t. ;;;- host church. Deacon a
NEW CENTURY SOCIAL AND SAVINGS CLUB will observe its 11th anniversary Sunday beginning at 4 in School .
. . . . . p.m. Frank Dobey will give sponsor.Rev.
. .'. . . ... Wilder Recreation Center, Third and Mt. Herman Sts. A program will feature the event. Members shown the response which will J.H- .Smith or an

from left are: Mesdames Mildred Francis Edith Faston. Clara M. Brooker. Mary Thomas, Rosa Lee be followed by a appointee will deliver

Bishop S. L. Greene Sr. presiding prelate of Durham Willie B. MOran A. B. Houston. Mary Rodell Betty Johnson Annie B. Madison, president; business session announcements the morning w irship

the 11Th Episcopal District, AME Church, will Mabel Breeden, Louise Giles, Bertha Mae Brown, Alene Long Isabelle Cooper. other members are: and benediction sermon at 11 a.m. Prayer

preside over the Aug. 6-10 sessions of the Tri- Mesdames Mary Woods, Martha Thomas, Lillie McPherson, Freda Faston, Bertha Sabb, Susie Wilson, service will be led by

State institute at Edward Waters College. Elouise Kelley, Annie Kate Wilson, Frances Hollis Easlyn Jackson, Maxine Harvey, Misses Shirley The women will be in Deacons from Callahan

Giles, Patricia Woods, Tommie Yvette Brown and Master Gregory A. Breeden. The public is invited. charge of the Thursday Mt. Bethel New Hop'e<<
: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : ....... .. .
: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : ---- and United.The .
night program which will

Woodlawn Presbyterian Joint Anniversary feature a panel dis- 2 P.P. service with
West Union Baptist Church's churchwide study
Direction cussion titled, "joy In the Laymen in charge,
course began Monday night. Each nightly session Church Notes
Programs PlannedBy Soul Winning. Worship will be highlighted by

gets underway at 7 p.m. and closes at 9 p.m. services will be con- the Deacons' Round Table

District 6 meets Sunday at 3:30 p.m. in the home BY L.N. PEARSON. SR. J. Reddick Districts ducted by Sisters Fred panel discussion on the

of Mrs. Ida Thomas, 1163 Steele Ct. District 7 I By subject "Our Supreme
Church school will District 13-24 will die McNear. Alice Baker.
meets Sunday at 3:30 p.m. in the Education Build- open Tasks as Bapt .'-
D.D. Webb and Roberta
Sunday July 22. at observe their various
10 o'clock a.m. in the anniversaries at joint Wilcox. Summerville. Re- Mark 8:2J-26. panelistssill

. . . . . George Washington Carver observances in the deem and New Hope Baptist be Deacons Arthur
. . . : . Elementary school with Trom A Snake's Din" Second Baptist Churchof Churches will be in Johnson of Bethany; 0.

T.V. Huger. superintendent which the Rev. J. C. charge of the program. Denefi eld. Second Baptist -

Districts 13-24 of Second Baptist Church ,will in charge. It was very interesting to me as a boy to listento Sams is pastor Sun- Rev. J.W. Johnson with ; Alfred Adam Mt.

meet Sunday, July 29 in joint session at 3 p.m.A an old gentleman tell of his experiences of Bethel Alonzo Blount and
The Morning Worship dayJuly 29th at 3 p.m. Rev. E.L. Wilcox as

program will be presented. Rev. F. D. Davis, service begins at 11 a.m being lost in a forest for several hours, duringa The group has planneda alternate, will present Norman Troy.
pastor of First Baptist Church, College Park Sarah Jones director -
with Rev. F.D. Wilson hot, dry and summer day. The brooks had gone program featuring out- the Friday night's
will deliver the sermon. Various leaders with Mrs. C.B.
group and finding water almost
delivering the sermon. dry was impossible. He. standing personalitiesin feature. Deacon Frank

will be honored during the service. The United Choir will became so thirsty according to his story, that the city for the oc- Matthews will offer the Holloman. will supervise

he forgot that he was lost and almost the Youth People's Hour
support the rites with began, an casion. inspirational address.
: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : Mrs. Rudyne Watson at mad search for water. Eventually he found a small which begins at 3:30 p.m.

the hole in the mud that contained a little water.

Annual Men' s Day will be observed Sunday at Mt. Wednesday piano. 7:30 p.m. Without hesitation he lay down upon his stomach Gospel Group Observed Anniversary Program

Zion Baptist Church with programs scheduled Mid-Week Prayer and and drank water until the hole was all but empty.It .

throughout the day The annual Sunday School Bible Study in the West- was then that he discovered a snake at the

picnic will be held Monday at Little Talbot minster Hut 3066 Wood- bottom of the hole of water. This was the last

Island. lawn Road. Friday 8:00 water that he found before that he was rescued. -'z1

p.m. United Choir re Had this man not been lost he never would have

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : hearsal. 8:00 p.m. in thought of drinking from such a place as a I

the Westminster Hut. snake's den. One thing that this goes to point '
Districts 9 and 10 of Mt. Calvary Baptist Church 7 : ? 5
b August 12. a musical out is that we dismiss precautions and bring selections _
will cdlebrate joint anniversary services Sundayin
program will be given in to a minimum when our thirst becomes .
the church auditorium. The of the churchare
women .
and become
the sanctuary at State acute. Rules regulations secondary.That
preparing for their annual Women's Day ser-
and Laura by the well- which we will do to satisfy our thirst can
vices slated for August.
.. known and talented Mrs. hardly be imagined.- One way to move ourselvesto

a . . . . Frederick Davis, wife 'of humility: 'understanding- others sympathy and
. . . . : : .
Mr. Frederick Davis, a action is to become thirsty.We .

faithful postman of 2212 have constantly employed 'thirst' to
Invitations are being forwarded to gospel choirs
Whitner St. Mrs. Davisis describe that condition which will move us to
throughout the city to participate in the Male
known by her abilityto action. Many such references are given to us in 1 1.If
Chorus of Mt. Ararat Baptist Church's "Gospel ,
play music for the the Bible: "Thirst for righteousness, ," Matthew "
Caravan" dated for the church auditorium July :>
various churches and 5:6; "Thirst for God," Psalm 42:2; 'Thirstfor SUCCESSFUL PROGRAM---The wellknown Heavenly Fire Gospel Sinners (shown
30 at 8
p.m. also by her willingnessto the word of God' Amos 8:11. That which left) held a most successful Anniversary Program last Sunday in the

.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. help other churchesput thirsts motivates. We find help some how and Church of our Lord of the Apostolic Faith, Palatka. The program was also -
over their financial some way. rated as grand display of support for 96-year-old Elder T. Crosby'sstatewide

programs. she will have Many of us must become lost away from. opportunities program. Elder Crosby (shown in foreground right with Mrs.
Deacon Clifford Fountain of Abyssinia Baptist
different musical talenton before we can appreciate'opportunities that has served as State Overseer for Many years and has also
Lula Crosby),
Church is requesting all boys to meet with him
this program. She are at our door steps. How unthoughtful and unsympathetic church for over thirty years. The Heavenly Fire Singers
pastored one
in the church Saturday at 5 Myrtle .
will be supported by the can we be when everything is going wish to thank their many supporters for their cooperation in making.,..
Frenchchairman of the Annual Women's Day ob-
Westminster Choir and well with Suffering thirst ourselves can bring their project a success. ::''"r .-

servance, is requesting that all sponsor sheets other prominent singers.We consciousness to those who are without opportunity. (Photo By McNair) .

and advertisements be reported following' Sunday are asking for spon- There are those in our world who have no'' .. _. .-.... .- .. -. .

morning's service. sors. We are asking full other choice but to "orink from a snake's den." Dr. Lamb Speaks Ministers Institute End Successful; First Year .

of the church
. . . . . support to As we share our social services, may we think
. . . . ... . make this program a big on these things.Little i Sunday At ST. AUGUSTINE The locke. is the Directorof

financial success. Let J.T. Brown Institutefor Religious Life and

Rev. S. L. Badger, pastor of Emanuel Baptist, Mother. MidwayDr. Ministers, whichwas
us not be afraid of the Department of Religious
Rock ChorusIs
is conducting the annual revival services at wo rk. 129 Girls Scouts R.E. Lamb, pre- established at the I'Education at

Evergreen Baptist Church. The services will con- I'm not afraid of work. Planning Sept. Are Attending siding elder of the First Baptist Church of Florida Normal and

tine through July 27. The public is invited. in
I can lie right down be- North Jacksonville District Ft. Lauderdale Aprilof Industrial Memorial

side it, and it doesn't Choruses ParadeMrs. Annual Day Camp will conduct the this year ccpleted avery College.
. . . . . .
. . . . . bother me.Americal. Third Quarterly Con- : successful year of Reverend Whitelocke
Mary Goodwin well
Y Success'Sponsors ference during the 11 operations.This stated that an enrollment
Legion known soloist of Mt. Operation
Bishop Spottswood Mt. SiRia's Ararat Baptist Church a.m. and 6 p.m. services special institutewas of 106 ministers this

Launches Hew Sunday in Mother Midway established and years shows the extent tc
Role will be the guest artist for the annual
Played Big WMHM'S DIy AYE Church Rev. J.W. operates under the auspices which both ministers and t
when thd Male Chorus of
DriveJax Day which
Membership Camp began
Jones pastor, announced. of Florida Normal laity feel the need for '
At NAACP Confab Little Rock Baptist Monday in Camp Coacoo-
Thud *
TIs July Post 47 of the Church The pastor is requesting and industrial Memo al additional informationin
presents the chee and closes Fridayare .
ATLANTA. Ga. Led 'by annual women's Day American Legion is 'Male Choruses that all boards College and its purposeis their various fieldsof
on jubilant with the
Bishop s.G. Spottswood observance at Mt. staging an intensive Parade." auxiliaries and class to provide ministers endeavor.
Monday, sept. registration of 129
chairman of the Board, Sinai Baptist Church membership drive which leaders to be preparedto who are pastoring. the Subjects,'offered at the
10 at
8 p.m. in the girls, Mrs. Irene A.
NAACP members of the will be held July 22. invludes veterans of church auditorium. make full reports opportunity of improving institute were: Intro-
Baggs, director
AME Zion Church, played beginning with the Sunday both World Wars and the Choirs and their direc- stated this camp week. Sunday night. The con- their theological duction, to the Old

a unique part in the School at 9:30 a.m. Korean Conflict, the tors already scheduled ference ends Tuesday. training. Testament, introductionto

recent 53rd annual meet, Group coodinators are post announced this The girls are actively July 2) with all boards Reverend L.T. White- the New Testament.
as program highlights
engaged in undergoing
of the militant week. and auxiliaries COm-
organi- Remizer
Mrs. Mrs. include: Mt. Ararat training in
zation. Ida Cohen Mrs. Katti The local post's obJective preparationfor pleting their literary
Baptist serving choir; merit badge testsin
Bishop Spottswood delivered onyers, Mrs. Rosebud is to acquaint Emanuel Baptist Prof. reports.
safety, swim-
the keynote ad- idler. Mrs. Ethel veterans of the many
M. Mathew McCoy; Abyssinia ORDER OF SERVICE.
ming, arts and crafts,
dress Monday night and Pierce Mrs. Louise services available to
Baptist. Prof. Columbus
cook-outs and numerous Sunday School beginsat
gave a very comprehensive Powell, Mrs. Eliza AnnSharpe. themselves widows and Smith
; Tabernacle Baptist
9:30 with
other projects under an a.m. Bro.
their children.A .
and challenging ac- Mrs. Elnora
Mrs. Evelyn John- RED GENUINE
S.C. Hart, superintendent -
experienced staff of First Tim At I..br "ic"
count of the organisa Eta all, Mrs. Alice Swam, local spokesman for
son; Zion Hope Baptist, 15 counselors, Mrs. and instructors in IWiht SNAPPER LB.55e
tion from its the Legion stated that
beginning Mrs. Alice Williams and SHAR'K'
Mrs. E.B. Johnson
; Day- Baggs continued. charge. The 11 a.m. FILLETS
until now. He minced many former servicemenare
no Mrs. Mary Windley. 1w.
spring Baptist, Prof. Buses are transportingthe morning service sermon ...
.Ift.u. Conch MeatL .49c
words in letting the unai.-e of their
people of Georgia know Serving as cochairmanand eligibility for legislated Sammy Davis; St. Paul girls and staff will be delivered by .... rte, H.....49c.29c I. < IK T,k. 0.t ...
chairman are Mrs. AME Church Prof. Allen members to and from the Dr. Lamb. Choir 2 will "... r, hraae4 $%.90.,!.. _.
that the services such -
NAACP had only as
Virginia Mack and Mrs. Green; Mt. Sinai Baptist camp daily from area present a program at
one aim--FULL CITIZENSHIP hospital care in FISHSTEAKS :i
KING Special
Lilly D. Hair. Prof. Shootes; Mt. stations throughout the 3 P.O. The 6 p.m. evening '
FOR ALL AMERICANS! Veterans hospitals,
.--- --- medical treatment, compensations Canaan Baptist and city. service's message .... 55c BLUEFISH

GIVES YOU IUCKIr DAYS-YOU' wcxY NUMlYS Bethiny Baptist Male pictorial features" of will be given by Dr. runs Mist M-F.C.I.fI.

A HIT lL'ftIr.auna death bene- Choruses, respectively.The camp activities will be L amb. Yellow Tail or Mangrev ;:' tote
fits and pensions for
.. "'it&! Fmt Tis* Ii Cfy! the physically handi- musicale is expected carried in the July 28 Choir 2 .observes its SNAPPER u.49e I

YM tart r._tte rMic Y..rte 4 aLMt..fa...__ to be one of the issue of the STAR. anniversary Monday night -iH O ... fc tkMMT ,L- C ,.,
r.r.n..1 M Lift-...... K*.m M U p.ri .Ufey capped.He most outstanding local Literary reports will MYC LB. 2 9 ,
MRS. went m to say that FRESH
PALMER events opening the fall-
be heard Tuesday night.
veterans and widows IMPERIAL SUNDRIESPatent i 59
AND ADVISOR winter cultural season Li
The pastor, officersand
.....t.rr.Min ib r.....-....r......Tella r"- < should take advantage of t
F Ufa. r*. w1.1 w u.. ..... ...... .., ....i..y.... A WOII4JI too and the general publicis Medicines Cosmetics congregation wishes YELLOW TAIL SMALLSNAPPER
I M'y. .lr.nAa a.,......r r i_.. Willa.ww. ..... these services from the cordially invited.FLORIDA to offer their deep 49o FULLY DRESSED

--. ----M.. s.w,.-....lrr.rr.........,.--r.IYw-_..... ... I,&II......1....r.II'. Legion' service officerwho All Leading Hair Preparations appreciation u. \
to all
..... who /
-- .n.r.w'S eooIIIIIo H. --..... a is available at all STAR ., SPANISH CATFISH.49c
cooperated in making the
times for consultation IN EVERY Gar. tori & Ask r I Mackerel 32c '.F'

5535 m KN5 MM without cost to the In- .. recent Men' a Day," pro u. ,.SfiCXUO, ,;.
: COLORED HOME I cram an outstanding ltNltt .
:'"0 dividual. : EL 4.2159 '. cess.4 suc WHITING u, ..32*1 Trial. U.5 .

e i

----- -0 __ _, ,- P
,. .


SXTUfeAY JULY 2I/1S52 Ti' vjf

M.E. Jackson AMEZ fSecieties '. Gro, Sparks YMCA Drive Here July 27ft ,FEZ

Final Rites Held "
Closed Successful r a

I In NashvilleTALLAHASSEE five Day oeBIRMINGHAM '. L

:'" Y %
A word of I ., -. f .
thanks is being expressed Ala. The Mi11.tS ; ;:\'
"'" ,
; -
fr the family of Christian Education C m* : ; ; a -. .
j the late Reverend Mans- vention Third Missionary > ,' .> .'

field E. Jackson, who Mass-Meeting & 7."Jil.. fcr RuRel1 'Chuck) '11ar1 *

departed this life in Training Institute of P/, a g i1 ': J-_..' .t..
Brewster Hospital' the Birmingham District, ****** '
.. ,
Jacksonville, enrouteto AME Zion Church, pre- .' V They
were sitting in booth
a in
Tallahassee with ,his sided over by Rev. II.& .: Mary Ford's
tr talking about the time pharoah fell into the
sister add brotherinlaw Williams, closed here !
F of a garbage disposal truck and got took into
professor and Mrs. recently at Trinity up
John I. Riley of the Church, in Eosley, after the truck's belly just like Jonah in the Whale..,
"jes like Jonah in the Whale..."
Florida A&M university a five-day meet. The stump John-
son mused, with a sneaky little piece of laugh.
faculty. final session, as relates -
"Great day!"
Reverend Jackson wasa to worship, was Y
"It don't pay to lean too much" Mcwasty ob-
native of Nashville. held Sunday afternoon.The

Tennessee, and a gradu- meet is one of the FREDDIE KING ... served hunting between his teeth
ate of Fisk university annual events of the : JX': with a toothpick. "A leaning man

of that city, and Payne district and brings together TOP TALENT includinJvocalJstguitarist ;'don' 'have too much protection"

Theological Seminary persons of all '-I "Paroah say the Lawd protected

Wilberforce. Ohio. He age groups to get refresher t: Freddie King and Bill i. w him that day" said"'Godless Glover,

began his pastorate in coirses on the Sinegal and the Rocking < the knife scars on .his face look-

the Tennessee Conference13th many phases of church brn Giants will featurethe ing like savage decorations. "I

District. 7th Annual Ball being : thas th' critta done
Episcopal life, with emphasis on '" guess why turn

in 1926. he transferredto Christian Education. The sponsored by the r to prechin' He got scared inta th',

the New York Conference general theme was, "The Jacksonville Benevolent sudden laughter. .

First Districtand Church's responsibilityfor Association Friday, "Never will forget how pharoah looked when
served there until Freedom." Dr. G.W. Shown above are members of the Young Veteran Club presenting a July 27 from 10 p.m.. they hauled im out'n the side of that truck.."
check the amount of toward the Weldon Johnson Branch
mn $25 James
the time of his death. McMurray served as the until 2 a.m. in Duval he went on. "His eyeballs wuz bout to jump out'n

Among the pastoratesthat dean. The Rev. J.W. YMCA defelopment fund to Thomas B. Hargrave, jr. executive County Armory. Advance his head, an' he kept hollerin' 'LAID. I'M YOURS
secretary of the 'Y' Standing from left are: Jessie Wilcox, assistant -
he held were BethelME Hayes was the leader.A admission are now on ---YESSIREE, I'M YOURS!" Godless dropped his
/ Church Buffalo New Fellowship Breakfastwas business manager;johnny Simmons, reporter; Bobby Sanders, sale at Hollywood Music head on the table, rumbling with laughter."It .
financial secretary; E. H. Denefield, president: T. B. Hargrave.
York: Bridge street AYE held each morningat ShopEbony Record Shop, don't pay to lean too much" McNasty repeated -
Seated from left: Johnny Bowman, business manager; Willie Jones,
Church Brooklyn and St. 7:30. Devotions beganat Scriven's Service kind of half-laughing to himself. 'Pha--
vice-president; Edward Fleming, chaplain; and David Harper,
JamesME Church. Newark 8:30. Workshops con- Station, Edgewood and roah fell into that truck because he was leaning
treasurer. David Shields is recording secretary and- Roosevelt
New Jersey. in each of ducted by Mesdames M.R. Avenue B.Buster Ford's and he was leaning because he was lazy and worth-

these churches, he moved Graham and B. Earlene Page is also a member. and Sol's Service less. I seen him lean on everything from Clara

the congregation into Morgan were held and (Baker Photo) Station, Jefferson and White's Mission to Blind Booker's fish sandwich.

magnificent new structures panel discussions State Streets.Educators. An' the trouble with him was that he use to get

which will always followed. Carolina CORE Howard Johnson Denies Service To Join comfortable leaning. That's really why he fell

stand as a monument to 'The Church's Responsibility into that truck.The Lad just got tired of his

his tireless efforts and for Chris- Open Churches NAACP Official Peace CorpsTwo weight."

unselfish service. He tian Citizenship" was
wasn't .
For some reason Stump Johnson laughing."A
ATLANTA Gloster B. 'your segregated policybe Negro women were
also pastored Mt. Piszah discussed by Rev. G.F. to lean sometime in his life, 'Nasty'he
Aid City Pool Current, director of brought into line named to key Peace Corps man got
AME Church, Philadelphia Johnson, Fred Williams, branches for the with equal treatmentnow staff positions stated, quietly. 'Aln' none of us bawn up-
where he did a marvelousJob Rev. General Baker and An' it to be leanin' done in
HIGH right. got some
POINT. N.C. CORE National Associationfor accorded by some of seas.
in redecorating and Mrs. James Saxton. "The members moved on three the Advancement of your units in other They are Hazel Virginia between.' He looked vaguely unhappy.
modernizing the struc- Church's Responsibility fronts this week in "Pharoah did so much righteous lean in'he looked
the south.
Colored People, his wife parts of Clarke of Durham North
ture.-- He presided as for Social Changes" was this Carolina furniture and 16-year-old son Carolina like a slidln'board when he crossed the street!"
were and
Elder of the West discussed by Mesdames Shirley
city. Joked, grasping with amusement.
denied admission to a Bltckwell Cummings of Godless
Philadelphia District, Nona W. Powell B.P.
Three CORE members Howard Johnson' restau- Face New York
Clippers City
where he served faithfully Warren, Georgia Robinson broke
the color bar at rant near Atlanta. They
until his health and David Erown. Lake I..
Park municipal
were en route July 10
failed. < The meeting delved into
swimming pool. The white from the 53rd annual Braves SundayThe
The many expressions of all the factors of free- swimmers
continued to NAACP convention here.
sympathy sent to the bereaved dom. One of the most
use the facilities as When Mr. Current and
family attestedto interesting panels was
the girls swam. Therewas his family approachedthe Jacksonville Clip-
the esteem in which one held on 'Limit Ac-
no real difficulty.Two restaurant for pers and The Sunbeam
he was hld by his tions of Freedom Mrs. ..
fellow ministers and L.A. Slaughter discussed couples attended breakfast on their way Braves will cross bats Where You Get 16-Os. the Pound
services at white to Indianapolis the in Durkeeville ballpark, WEST BEAVER ST. VIADUCT
friends. limits in the home; Mrs.
churches for the first woman in charge of the Sunday, August 5 to
Funeral services were Julia Travis outlined in The FARMERS MARKETSMOKED
time. Again there was establishment lockedthe determine the city ) <-
conducted F} day, June what they should be in
no problem. The churches door in their faces champs in the city of
2$,T962 at Bethel AlE the school; the limitsof the
were First Both teams
Baptistand and placed a "closed" Jacksonville.
Church, Nash lle. The freedom in the church
the Friends Meeting. sign on it. have impressive vic- PICNICS
Reverend J.A.P. Collier, were described by Mrs. !
Meanwhile CORE field In a telegram to the tories and have played
jr. of Newa k, New Bessie Jackson nd Mrs. ..
secretary B. Elton Cox management cf Howard each winning a victory.
Jersey delivered the Pauline Montgomery asked the school boardto Johnson. Mr. Current The winner will be '
eulogy. Reverend ackson closed the panel with adopt a firm school PORK CHOPS 29
protested "this unwarranted champion of the City
was buried in Greenwood the limits in the com- integration policy. treatment"and League. ..
Cemetery in Nashv/lle. munity. All
requested that Open Day Sunday

Marches Given 'Police Escorts'-To Jail -


I ti E .



I 1L4' REG.T. M. JULY 20, 21 & 22Wilson's .+'

Grim-faced police escort adults and youths to Jail Wednesday

after the group had marched in downtown Albany protesting the 45-day Texaco '

Jail sentence given Dr. Martin Luther King for his participation la ._

' racial demonstr lions at the end of last year. 32 of the group were
booked in the mars arrest.

; e- s Service ,. .

r-- ---t tt >' s

; 1-:.
t 'I t tt Cleveland & West 45 Street "

t S U '..E R M.RKE1S. t Jacksonville, Florida ,. ( '

: *

tGJART-: i .. J:,: .


Super Suds 39C POTATOESShortening ,

I One Frying Size Chicken (We have 300 to give away)

. With each purchase of 10 or more gallons of gasoline:

t FLoUR k29(: 10 t..11


We Give Plaid Stamps Free With Every Purchase. '

$ t Fi DViRS ZIt. OLEO 5C .. :: > .': :' t-
% -
Register for
; the many Valuable Prizes to be'given away FREE '- .
$511... .. '

t mnSLE 1. ,, Drawing 6 P.M., Sunday, July 22.


t 3 ca ac t 1. .Set Firestone New Treads 4. 50 Gallons Gasoline 7. Texaco Toy Tanker 10., .: Texaco"J:; :

, i $ .. 2. Boys or Girls Bike 5. 40 Gallons/ gasoline 8.' Texaco Toy Tanker. '_ *:"J.c i :,;:.

3. Swimming Pool 6. One Year Free Lubrication 9. Texaco Toy Tanker Toy TanlcerRey.

:: :CI

. SATURDAY JULY 21, 155?
r PAGE S i -..

ChaHtRftr' .N C 1_ Ft. Umbrwtle's Wtsthrook Top CrtcikH For lofcdef SPORTING; IT UP I

Now TraMMf For Grid
Yt a, Ya BY c. mm JOHNSON

b ,(4 PORT LAUDERDALE While after making the third
nt' yyy
most of the six teams in ,all-SEC team as a senior I I
EVERY MAN JWOMAN AND CHILD who have seen a ball
the Florida Football and aligned to play pro
game in Jacksonville, or heard of the JacksonvilleSuns
League have triple- football with the Mon-
of 1962 or the Jacksonville Braves of former
threat backs signed for treal Alouettes. Alter
i V years will know the story of a man who stood at
the coming season. Ft. playing the exhibition T.Vy .
{ the helm of the playing field who answers to then
Lauderdale is the only season with Montreal.. ii
me of BEN GERAGHTY. So well has Geraghty done
club that can boast a Westbrook caught on with
i his work as manager of the baseball clubs the
triple-threat who's in the New York Titans in
1, action right now. the American Football thinking men of the city have set apart a night

He's Jack Westbrook. in honor' of the dynamic manager of the Jackson-
A League as a defensive
24-year old former uni- halfback. ville Suns.

.M versity of Florida star -I. played the first 4 IN ORDER TO MAKE IT CONVENIENT' for everyone to'

who s working as head five regular season avoid the rush at the gate, tickets have been

coach assistant general games at that position placed at convenient places but sad to say, the

manager and. come ,August but injured my knee advantage has not been taken of this service. of

1. as a player for the .against Houston and was JOHNNY MATHIS. the singer recently was honoredby course there is no question about the fans not

Tigers. sidelined for three the U.S. Treasury Department for his "pa being present, for they will surely be there. The

1 Westbrook was hired by weeks he recalled. triotic services in aiding sales of U. S. Savings placing of tickets is just another service to

Tigers' owner George During that' time. West- Bonds." Here.. on the steps of the U. S. Treasury save time at the gate. Because of Ben Geraghtys

plant on a full-time brook and wife Burma Building Washington D. C. Mathis accepts popularity at least 15.000 people are expectedto

basis for the summer to decided to return to "Minute Man" statuette from William H. Neal. be present. Any one who purchases his ticket

WORLD S Heavyweight Champion Floyd Patterson carry out the many and Florida :nd get his de- Director of the Savings Bond Division. addition early will have an advantage of those who must

(right) and challenger Charles (Sonny) Liston varied aspects of properly gree. to urging purchases of bonds during his stop at the gate.

pose for photographers are their recent signing setting up a pro- He interned as a "in person' performances, Mathis recently recorded THE GAME WILL BE A DOUBLE HEADER between the

of contract for the heavyweight title scheduled fessional football team. teacher at Terry Parker a non-.commercial song, "50 Stars" being mighty Jacksonville Suns and the powerful Atlanta

for Sept. 25'in Chicago's Comiskey park. Both His job as assistant to High in Jacksonville and used in the current bond drive. Crackers. The fans who have followed the many

fighters are now undergoing their initial training General Manager Russ then coached and taughtone battles throughout the season are well aware of

routine. Carlson entails respon- semester at Jacksonville Female Track Star To the battla that is always waged between the two

sibilities from signing Dupont before teams. Those who hold advanced tickets like

ballplayers to licking moving to Ft. Lauder- those who buy them at the gate will have their

Ceitra! State's HtflKttMZ CiIIII stamps. dale. He is presently Test Poland's StarsCHICAGO assurance that they cannot 1 cse in case of rain.

"Ibis is something ne backfield coach at Willie several stars and gold They will have their rain checks and it has already
Whiteof '
Teinis Ace As "loxtr Of to me," said Westbrook Pompano Beach High. Chicago will be among medal winners of the been announced that they can hold their

recently. 'but believeme 1960 Rome Olympics who rain checks for future use or they .can have their
Wins Ky. Op* I'm learning fast. I 13 Jox lnsiMss Leaders will compete in an money refunded.

,' R. I. -- never knew there could international track and NOW SUPPOSE WE LOOK ON THE football side of the
0. -- Witha be so many details to picture. Coach Vince Lomarrdi and his championsof
I ILB FOfCE. Venezula' adroit Serving On Nat'l Mfg. Assn. field meet between the
sparkling 6-1. 6-2 explosive Carlos Her running a football United States and Polandat the National Football League will be comingto

victory over top-seeded nandez was named "boxerf team. Thirteen business general managerWoottonFibre the University of town in the near future to meet the St. Louis

Tom ,Fallen. John McGill the month" and top Westbrook was hired by leaders of Jacksonvilleare Company Industrial Chicago's Stagg Fiel Cardinals at the Gator Bowl.
Central State College the Tigers in March as have always beena
of lightweight contenderby The Champion Green Bay packers
serving on Policy Problems Com- June 30 through July 1.
the first memberof head coach and player since Vince Lombarditook
became .the National.Boxing Committees of the National mittee. Miss white who set a power in the NFL ever
his race to win in Association last week. but the ,increasing: over as head coach. From all reports the
Association of NAM is an organization -* world record in the
the Louisville Kentucky The 2-year old amount of work involved Manufacturers this of approximately women's broad Jump con- Cardinals will be ready to give the Championsall
Open Tennis received the in putting a team on the needed to make an interesting -
Seneca Hernandez year.They. 17,000 member companies test with a 20-foot. of the competition
Tournament last week. dual awards because of field prompted the are P. M. Cole- who diTUgeutly seek 23%-inch effort will renew football game. Many of the star playerson

McGill who was number his impressive first Tigers' board of direc- president American 'to achieve the funda- her rivalry with both teams will be here with new players who

3 seeded, defeated round knockout of Palo tors to lure jack away Cross Arm Company. Inc.. mental economic poli- the Polish women stars .will be in their rookie season.

Indiana University ace Rosi June 16 in Madison from a sumer playgroundJob. Industrial Relations cies essential to our who edged, the U.S. in THE JACKSONVILLE CHARITIES. INC. has sponsoredthe

J Roddy McNerney in the Square. Garden. Committee; Mrs. Edward maximum national growth. their last meeting.It game ever since it had its beginning eight

semi finals. 1-6. 6-4 Carlos catapulted froma Despite his 9-5 desk CooperOwnerThe Cooper The committees that will be the first years ago. UP until two years ago the members of

9-7 to enter the finals: fourth place rankingS job. Westbrook keeps in Press Conservation these ,gentlemen serveon meeting between the two the organization were very very happy. Everybodywas
McGill. as the scores the lightweightto condition with evening Committee; Franklin G. two and
among study problems that countries on American happy over the outcome, years ago
show had 'more troubledefeatin'lrMcNern the number one posi- training sessions on the Russell president concern Industry as a soil and the first time last year they became very much disgusted. Two

than tion to replace Dave weights. "I've got to Fl.rida Machine & Foun- whole and make recom- Chicago will be host toa years ago, the town was gripped in a mammoth
Fallen. England who be able to do anything I dry Company, Employee the
Charnley, mendations as to the match between the two racial disturbance and seriously hampered
Adding to Central sank to fifth place ask my ballplayers to Health & Benefits Com- played ata
course of action that track and field powers. attendance at the park. That game was
State's laurels McGill when he was defeated by do." said the ex-Miami mittee; M. M. Barron, the organization will Some of track and heavy loss. Last year it was hampered by heavy

teamed with Beverley Doug Valllant Cuba. High star.lestbrookwon. general manager. Freed- follow if approved by f i eld s finest per- rains and electrical disturbances. Ii both cases

Levison of the College Vaillant rose from a scholar- man Uniform Company the Board of Directors. formances resulted from the fans refused to turn out in full as they haddone

women' s team to cop the sixth to second place ship at the univers ity Inc. industrial Prob- two 'previous meetings in previous years.

mixed doubles title, and Rosi dropped to of Florida in 1956 as a lems Committee. between the United MEMBERS OF THE CHARITIES were sfriously con-

giving CSC two of the ninth position in the 160-pound halfback and W. J. Hamrick. Senior States and Poland.Ten templating giving up the idea of promoting a pro
three titles -on the top ten ratings. did well enou git*:tot:Bake vice president Gulf
of the 30 events on football game, but somewhere down the line the
senior level. is seeking the all-Southeastern
Hernandez now Life insurance Company.
and they decided to go forward
the pfogram will be con- idea was
Mellor a bout with lightweight Conference freshman team Marketing Committee;
that fall. tested between polish again and promote a game in 1962, The men refusedto
champion Carlos Jacob F. Bryan, III,
and American women ath- be quitters because of existing
In CarribeemWASHINGTON Ortiz of New York. He left Florida in 59Fkrida's president and chairmanof
letes. Fifteen final which they had no control. They had nothingto

Dr. LeroyT. the board, the Independent events will be run each do with the racial disturbances of 1960 and
Walker head track Salt Water FishAid Life and Acci- t with the
day. There will be no neither could they have anything to do
coach and professor of dent Insurance Company, the
trials.The rolling thunder, the flashing nor
To Scientific Research Government Economy Com-
physical education at U.S.-Poland meet is heavy rains. if they had been (isappointed over

North Carolina Collegeat TAMPA Fish ought ,in search purposes, the request mittee; Tom R. McGehee being sponsored by Inter- the attendance on a warm, peaceable, calm and

Durham is in the salt waters o f Floridaare was referred to president JacksonvillePaper national Track Inc. 'dry night, it would be a different thing.

arribean area as an contributing data the Marine Laboratory.The company, Indus- with the cooperation of THE PEOPLE IN JACKSONVILLE/ARE/ READY for pro

education specialist for scientific research Laboratory gladly trial Relations Com- the Polish Amateur football and they are ready tp support pro foot-

under appointment of the in Maine. How complied sending tissue mittee; Wesley F. Leake Federation and the ball. It is believed that ben the Green Bay

United States Departmentof this developed as a samples with plastic Owner, Leake's BoatYard Amateur Athletic Unionof Packers meet the St. Louis Cardinals in the Gator

State though August fringe benefit of the tags from several fish industrial Prob- NEW ACTING COMPTROLLER the United States. Bowl at 8 p.m. Saturday. Aug. jl.8, the fans will

25. Schlitz Florida Fishing that'had been caught lems Committee.E. Robert H. Hall a graduate Among the active pro- be there. It is also asked that tickets be pur-

Following briefings Derby through the cooperation after varying lengthsof M. Pope, president, of Hampton instituteand moters of the two-day chased early: and avoid the rust at the gate.
earlier this month. Dr. Moore Dry Kiln Company a native of Union- track FRIENDS get ready for the Ben.
of the Florida time at Liberty.In festival are Joseph NOW AS A REMINDER
Walker departed for State Board of Conser- addition to Florida's Industrial Relations town. Pa., has been appointed Robichaux. recently Geraghty night which begins ai 6 p.m. July 21 at
Committee; J. E. Crosby
Fort de France. Mar- vation was tcld today. warm water fish, cold acting comp- inducted Illinois Ath- the Jax Baseball Park.

tinique where he is con- The company recentlywas water fish from North Partner, Putnam Lumber troller at Florida A&M letic Conaission Marvin ,
workshops and & Export Company, Na- IN LISTENING TO THE SINS games on the
ducting asked for small Atlantic waters were University. Mr. Hall has Thomas president
clinics In tional Defense Com- road, it makes one feel food and happy to
physical pieces of fish flesh provided the Maine re- been with the A&M Central AAU and Ted
education.He mittee; Joseph Davin, know the one thing that; this column has
containing the small searchers by the U.S. business office for 16 Hayden: director of the ,
the is
out through
will also put the vice president Stockton pointing years,
plastic tags Insertedin Department of the In- years. meet.
the Jacksonville fans when
finishing touches onMartinique's Whatley Davin ft the loyalty of ,
nationalteam salt water fish in terior. An intermediate Company, Conservation Heart they really have something to support.

in its preparationfor the Schlitz fishing der- report on the study of Committee; Carl, S. FIIId Re cefves $10,000bbyDorn When the ,attendance numbers are given

by. The request came the effect of plasticson they always fall more than 1,000 short of
Swisher, president and
the Carribean Games Bc
and cold water <
from the Scott-Webb
the attendance 'at the Jam ball
slated to begin August general manager. Jno.H. .
Memorial Hospital of fish and on rodents will
in Kingston, Jamaica. Swisher & Son. inc., park. How many times this year has the
12 Hartland. .Maine which be published in the Singer Bobby Darin has ticipated in the annual
Taxation Committee attendance mark fallen below 2.000?
Previous State Depart- is working with the Fall according to an contributed his entire February Heart Fund
Lucius B. loo ton. jr.,
ment assignments for of Maine official concerned with fee for recent
University on $10.000 a appeal as "King ofHearts'
Walker included a tour experiments to explorethe the experiment work in vice president and appearance on the Ed In this capacity r --, .- '- .- --, ',

of Europe and the Middle effect which plas- Men ii e.- Sullivan show to the he has not only

East as a consultant in tics have on animal and Joins Ranks Of The Immortals Heart Fund, the Florida performed in a varietyof 'MORE POWER TO YOU !I'
education and
physical fish t i,s sue. .... Heart Association an- radio and television
->>>' ,-- r .**
coach of athletes in %
Since the tagging of ...' ',: :'. nounced. programs on behalf of FACTORY FRESH
Ethuopia Lebanon and salt fish for the '-. .
"' ". Bobby Darin's concern the Heart Association k

Israel. derby is done by the : ': :rIt'if with the fight against but has also made fre- Elgin 4-4508

Walker is the developerof Florida State Board of ,. : '>;"-v.<> ,: .:.:"' ,.. ,. heart and blood vessel quent public appearances, 7r +
such renowned athlete '; .;.:, '- \ :"..:"\.>>;:: .
and since l' If>
Conservation, > "
: S@ wet disease is partly the throughout the country AUTOMOTIVE MARINE s DIESEL
as Lee calhoun two- all salt water fish : > result events
c:. of personal con- to assist special
times Olympic gold medal captured in the derbyare I<'" ',.. -,. ,,.;.,. ..._ i" tact with the problem conducted by local heart }
: : '
winner and Ahebe.Bekila sent to the Board's -=... .. ... .<); ".- ," ;: ".>. ,r"' .....'.'.''. having suffered as a groups. He appeared on.

Olympic thorn gold winner medal from aara- Marine Laboratory in i:'\-i\, ...-: .." ,';-. ."-.,, :4 .,.:' child from rheumatic Works Published MFG. CORP.

St. Petersburg for re- -1IMDII :.- fever.
"A generation ago a IF1LM08PS
an account of recent
fellow with four rheumatic .
WHEN YOU ARE ILL lewspaper stories re-
fever bouts
You Seek The Best Doctor F xDrting that a Philadelphia

r. When Your Doctor prescribesGet his medical ,record court had ordered COTTAGES :
wouldn't have had much
Experienced Pharmacists him to take a mental
chance *'
Your Doctor aays examination. ft>raer welterweight
.Accor ing to su %ut today it is dif
Orders. We Use Only r t ferent. Opr medical box all Turner Cottages by Day or Hontfi {

The Best Quality Drugs has asked his former '
scientist--with the
manager George Katz to Hot & Cold Rockwel' Wafer
,Dr. C. E. BlackProprietor A help of the Heart ran -- inform the press and

., i .: .. have learned, how to prevent -
: -
3 REGISTERED PHARMACISTS TO s.Vi"Y tl.4 < cost repeat attacks public that' be is not Private Apis. With Cooking Fscilfeslow I Rs
suffering troll any mental
'c of rheumatic fever. We
", disorders., tap FOR ,
; .. A COMPLETE' LIB OF Sf ;r l; have not yet been as &1ns en t.J !J ,:::1 *

," cossetics Rubber Goods Candies Sundries successful in solving Katz said Turner wants Call 261- 508 Fernandina":

"'';'" PRESCRIPTIONS CALL FOB AMD DLIVililly's1901 ), larl til son of the Boston Red Sox, acme of the other heart! the results of his eatal -. .j'. El,1I-e 697 ackscnvi. I II I e t
joined .the ranks ,of, taM American League a pitch-, I dteea+e problems. I not : examination atde"' ; K

Drag Start jag immortals Nun to Marled a no-hitter acdHt to .do whatever I eta toj t public because peoplewho Write- .':-,. Rt.' 2, Box I IP t '

---if' the Lw Afttelee AM el a; ironically, ffilte*'.., help, eat* in theme areastao. /' .learned .through FernandinaLois .

e*+e iB* sownee-wen Bo Bellnsky wfco earlier ." -J newspaper that he had "'. T Y
this Meson ella k.. w the Junior levee's first. Daring the past two E
KINGS RU- El 3-1211 been ordered to take the Stewart, Mg .
ao-fcittwr t years. Darin has par- test.

t I '

.. .__ __ t_
.. .. .fah "., "
:;:; : : ,.;; 1r: ,d :-, -...-:-.

SATyHAY JULY 21, .1982 A 1 FLMHM STAR ; PAGE rSiaioid r

--- -

.. ,
'1 .' -
i' ,


Il -, .T

. .. OULuff. Softhill. Club, .rf.r.i.| like Champs, Had Very Successful 1 Bassos :1Hi.F

-___ .. lBHl l l l l l-K- l l l l mML l m mlllimWBflBi 239HBit.ufliE*%* ..- *.ya r**.. '..,* ._ -- H

F: :* :;_ _

gdL4&W V ,


-h ,
+ c
tr3 'dY

di J

..y "k ArRy..AFw .

,i.Ff .

..f4.M+ Y N } ,& 'cF .k. Ke

v ny ..xy

-- -- --
-- -

.e CITY CHAMPS I---Compiling a 7-1 won, loss record, the Simond and Willie williams. Mitchell was voted "Most Valuable

i Johnson Softball Team won the City Recreation Department's Player" and Smith 'Most Outstanding player.' Top pix
Midget Division championship and were runners up in two (center): Catcher Jerome Wallace places successful tag on

tournaments, the first in St. Augustine and later bowing to player sliding home. Sliding practice was held daily to improve -

Jefferson St. 3-2 after defeating Wilder park and Forest team's base running. in photo (right) Recreation Center
rLirIii I Park,respectively. Top photo (left) shows the teams 'murder Director and team Coach Carlton Bryant demonstrates batting
ers' --all of whom batted .300 over--and were responsible -
row or technique to entire squad out of the squad of 18 players, 7
for the club's batting power. Standing from left: batted .300 and over. Bottom picture (left) shows entire team

s.z Warren White Westely Smith Alvin Mitchell, jerry Ransey of champs with Coach Bryant at extreme right. Summer work-

A __ ers assisting Mr. Bryant are Charles Holmes and Danny Davis.
-- -_ .
*: : FoMyGMzalfzMtft A&T's Coaching

tJ 1 i rk Jlly 25th Clinic Slaved Baseball Fans Will Honor-

PHEONIX, ARIZ. Zora For August I

Policy, third ranking Ben Geraghty Saturday
k + heavyweight contender, GRENSBCRO. N.C. Four ,
well-known coaches in
faces a law suit for
breach of contract unless North Carolina athletic An all-time attendance Georgia are expected to Atlanta Crackers one
he faces Al Gon- circles, three from the record is expected to virtually bury genialBen of the league teams

zales July 25 and Doug Atlantic Coast Con- be set at Jax Suns Base- with gifts in recognition which has fought the

Jones in Denver Aug. 1. ference and the fourth ball Park Saturday night of his outstanding local club all the way
The Arizona Athletic from the North State when a colorful program success in down to the wire alls i
Conference, head the will be presented .
bringing easoq
s wv t M fir;" yx Commission ruled last nationwide
week that Follwy should staff of the Nit College honoring Suns' ManagerBen honors to the Gateway It is the desire of the
'honor his contract Clinic to be held here, Geraghty 'base- City via baseball. sponsors that Ben

Marv Trotman Carolina Signs FAMU Gets New here, before fighting'Jones. August 6.7 and 8. ball's most successful Through his adroit Geraghty Day be one of 1
.' The clinicians include: manager.' ability and uncanny the most successful

Athletic Dipt. Policy cancelled a recently Earle Edwards, head Business firms, organi- know-how. Geraghty has events in local sports
Inks '62 tears Pad contracted bout football coach at North zations and individuals. maneuvered the Jax history. The sponsorsare
Pact Business Manager with Gonzales after injuring Carolina State College in the northern sectorof Suns--which wasn't pre- appealing that entire -
CHICAGO Former col- his left big toe Raleigh, N.C., and his .Florida and South dicted to be a first families take ad-
lege great J.C. Carolineof TALLAHASSEE Nathaniel in training. A physician assistant Al Michaels; division club at the vantage of this one
ST. LOUIS --In seekinga Illinois u. signedfor head Ex Monarchs' of
Niles has been appointed who examined the ,fighter Clarence stasavich outset of the seasontothe night to honor one
greater scoring punch, his seventh season football coach of East
athletic business said the injury should helm of the International baseball s greatest
the St. Louis Hawks of with the Chicago Bears manager at Florida AfiM heal without two or thre Carolina College Green Owner Dies League this managers.

the National Basketball football team. University, announcedDr. weeks. ville N.C., and Horace season.
Association have come up The veteran defensiveback "Bones". McKinney head
George W. Gore Jr.,
,Promoter paavo Ketonen Although the current Clown
with a top Negro col- is close to estab- A&M president.The basketball coach at Wake Watch This
requested a hearing to league race is a bit
legiate star after a lishing a Bear record Forest College, Winston-
native of determine whether l past the halfway mark, 12 92 07 '- 153
tour of college canpuses for Interceptions.Since Salem, N.C.
pass and graduateof
N. C. Policy would have to the suns stand better p
The Hawks' find is ,Marv joining the Bears, North Carolina College The faculty will be 247 02 26 ,
honor his contract before than a fiftyfiftychance
Trotman 185-pound plum Caroline has intercepted joined the FAMU rounded out with A&T with
asx ?
meeting Jones In to end up 1 9
who scored an average 19 passes for 297 yards accountantin College staff members:
as an Should
Denver. He said he would the pennant. such 3 6
32. 5* points per game and two touchdowns. The January 1959. Priorto Bert Piggott head foot- >. qs
file suit if Policy does occur, it will be the 8 4
with Elizabeth City last Bears record is 22 in- accepting employmentat ball coach and his as- Y
not honor his contract x# first time in Inter-
year. terceltions, held by A&M. Niles served as h ere. sistant and backfield national League history 17-50 -'38'

Trotman, a native of Don Kind, 1947 through manager of the Delawar Athletic Commissioner coach, Mel Groomes, and I IoP that, a first-year league 48-05-64

Princeton.. N.J., score; 1954. State College bookstoreand Fred Woodward said the Cal Irvin, head basket- team ever won the Sometimes he" up
63-points against, Nor While playing with as an accountant at board's decision pre- ball coach. banner. SOmetimes he's dam

folk State College last Illinois, Caroline broke South Carolina State cluded a hearing and The Clinic will feature Saturday night sports' fie adds, subtracts
year. He is also said to Red Grange s record. He College.He ordered Policy to meet lectures and demonstra- feature will present He works it all around
be outstanding on defense was also captain of the also served as as- Gonzales when 'the tions in the latest developments r another sports be-
and 'rough on Illini team in his sistant to the dean of injury heals." in multiple tween the Suns and gem the 84 22 72

the backbaords. junior year. men and supervisor of Afths offense, with special TOM Y. BAIRD ,
.-- the cashier s office at Ptnrts emphasis on the single- KANSAS CITY MO. TomY.

South Carolina State. He Signs 1962 wing attack, basic .defense Baird, former owner +w
and the passingand of the oncerenownedKansas
has held several posi-
tions as a bookkeeper at Rams Contract kicking game, in City Monarchs and
the Delaware and south, football, and discus who along.with Branch R'S'Wbtte
Carolina colleges. LOS ANGELES Tne Los sions on basketball will Rickey, broke the color

The new athletic busi Angeles Rams announced be' concerned with fundamental line in major league

ness manager is a member! last week that their offense and_defense baseball, died in his LabelSCOTCH

of the Phi Beta Sigma '61 star rookie Pervis ball control, the sleep here, last week.
Fraternity Inc., and a Atkins has signed his fast break and the Baird, along with J.L. + WHISKY
Wilkinson who is still'
62 contract with the
veteran of World War II. press.
He served in the t eam. Bill Bell, AW athletic living, first organized:
European Theatre of A former New Mexico director and directorof the Monarchs in 1919.

perilous as staff star, Atkins was one of the Clinic, told reporters The two men remained in V
sergeant. the three players who this week that partnership until 1947 /
signed this season's the course is open to when Baird, bought Wilkinson -
Robinson Filler
contracts with Elroy all coaches and school s share of the /

McK"' PdIS ROISII Hirsch, the, Rams general administrators of high team. }
manager. school and college As sole owner, Baird

Last season, Atkins levels. He added that ,made his first big move
HOMK ShrtMJ played understudy to applications are now when he sold Jackie

Ollie Matson, the team s being recea.ved. Robinson to the Brooklyn .
NEW YORK---Jackie Rob-
premier slotbick. HOW- Dodgers. After Robinson
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Chile, it was a rocking good time this weekendtor Service for Banquets -

,all of us rock and rollers. First, Bobby Blue It.: <.::';:., At Fla. AIMTALLAHASSEE Concerts, Record
Bland got us in the mood Friday night. Then let TALLAHASSEE. Banquets Hops etc.Phone El 3-5903
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with a good beat and do some nice ballards.. by Florida AtM Treating Company at like 'em
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way. Myra jean New school teachers in attendance -
hom' ..A card comes to us from Mildred Kelly at the reading L

Rose. She is married and living in Jersey. FROM HIGH SCHOOL TO COLLEGE is a big step for all students but improvement workshop

It is most interesting to talk with John Moore participants-in Hampton, institute's! (Va.) tenth _Pre-College Sum- conducted by .Dr. ElsieH. MlRrief Drive.lnFruit

about Alaska. John is the principal of a schoolIn mer Session for high school graduates; will ,have a head start on. ... Wallace, chairman,

Alaska operated by the government. We found many of their classmates. Here, Dr. Nancy B.' McGhee (second from elementary education

out that a many of the facts we had in our mind right)", Director of Summer Session, aids (1. to r.) Pre-Col- department. Market '

about Alaska were really fallacies. John and his legers Francine Goodrum, Newport News, Va., perry Johnson, Fiel- .' Questions raised by ;

madam, the former Charlie Mae Mack are the dale, Va.. and Elvea Soellings Tallahassee, Fla., in completing teachers Indicated that

parents of fire littleones. registration procedures. opened _July 2, the program offers Intensive -* most teachers, regardless 45th & Moncrlef

Dean Elmer Tossie is that' happening in Tall three-semester-hour courses in college English and Mathematics of where they

hassee. The Dean is man about the campus this as well 'as full orientation services.V teach, have common problems Bit VH Kofe, Pro,

summer.Also on the Hill, Dorothy Jones, Dorothy in the teachingo

Williams, Ann McClain, Virginia Harper, Willa f reading. To help For Frw Defray, Cal PO 5-9287 0eDair
Dean Wells and Alfreda Gonzalez, all have things teachers bring about desired 1 to. to 12 p.m.
under control. The name of Coleman Library is YOUTH improvement in
SUSPECTED OF told police her, husbandwas said.
being changed to 'Williams-McClain-Harper-Wells Wallace j
angry with her when police said Winfieldhad
in honor of the most frequent visitors. used the linguistic Boneless Breakfast
she returned home from been drinking but 79C.
Members of "The Turtle Club" welcome John 18-year-old youthwas "accused approach--a system of <{III. I. :
the laundry and stated that he would HAM
Betsch as the newest member. This club is made teaching elementary
seen running from 10 her of being out recognize the two men :
up of fellows who have flipped over one or more Broad Street reading based on research -
with another man. if he should ever see
times in a car and walked away without injury. Tuesday with in phonology.
a packagein During the argument, then again.patrolmen. .
John's three flips qualify him for full member- his hand This approach, she explained :
Frank Chivers, 39, cut M. L. Massey GEORGIA RED : -
ship without a probationary period. combines the
Sgt. F. R. Ledlg stated. 10C
his wife on the :right and W. H. Harris in-
We have found out why they call First and The suspect, who was resources of eye and
thigh with a curved vestigated.Mrs. TOMATOES Caodei.
Florida Avenue "Boot HJll. The motif in the identified as Benjamin roofing knife inflict- ear in units of sight .

recently new constructed lounge is strickly on Ervin Pinkney of 1769 ing a severe laceration, and sound as the basic -
western kick with equinine frescoes. The uni- elements of learning to
a Francis Street, had police said. She was Thomas told police
formed but well hip call if "0.K. Corral." allegedly stolen a box taken to Duval Medical she was walking easton read. URGE It

The name seems fitting and proper because they ,of shirts from a BroadSt. Center where she was Kings Road in the 49

really have shoot-outs in the section. ; Tailor Shop. treated;by Dr.M. Foster 1000 block and as she Wins Scholarship EGGS "

Carolyn Gamble is in the midst of her wedding Sgt. Ledlg and Patrolmen Investigating officers started under the Expressway -

preparations. She will become a September bride. W. C. Payne andC. said Mrs. Chivers stated underpass, two I .\'"-"'. .---

Richardeen Ellis, sister of Star staffer Janie: E. Ramsey.gave chase that she would prose- young men approached her t.t* C. PEE REE .

Gilbert,is also getting ready to make the plunge. and apprehended the cute. She described them as doz.

Meanwhile back at the ranch things are gettingmore suspect in the vicinityof Patrolman E. Jefferson, being between 20 and 22 EGGSFRESH 29C

confusier as the date approaches for the Duval and Lee Sts. H. Harley and. Sgt. H. years old. She said one V

union of our sister and Rudolph McKissick. The Police said Pinkney peeples.investigated. of the men appeared to

victim is about the calmest person. threw the shirts awayor be 6 ft.. 170 pounds and 1'L '-, .'.

Tie the.talk of the town that the two'pro- hid them. S the other one appearedto rvJULIUS : }

fessionals who divorced and moved JJto separate* The suspect was taken 5 feet, 8 inches, S V 25C

quarters are bill and cooing again. Tis also back to 10 Broad Street JAXGN ROBBEDOF 160 pounds. ORKA lb5

rumored that plans for going to Africa, Europe or and identified by a' $30 BY 2 MEN When the men approachedher ; '_. .

other far away places have been scrapped by the witness. Police said they attempted to ;..... J j..: ARMOUR STAR '

shedded frau. .. there were four shirts james Emanuel Winfleld, rob her she said.. She. LEE 2 Ibs. 29-
If you see Ken Knight, Eric Simpson or Alphonso with the sale price 25, of 2143 McQuade was unhurt, her dress BACON $1

lest, coming down the street looking starved"invit'e marked at $3.98 each. Street was the victim of was just slightly torn.., JULIUS LEE JR. became Boi a
them in. Their wives are away and they are The box of shirts has a strong armed robbery that was the only damage the recent recipient of

umbers of the "We Hate To Cook Club." Mesdames not been recovered, last Tuesday between done to her, she said. $4,000 scholarship Center Cut

West and Knight will return around the end of the police stated. 12:30 a.m. and 12:35a.m. patrolmen A. Grissom offered by the WMBI Com 591-

month while Eric has to fast until August.: .,. Patrolmen J. W. Griner ., police reported. and H. Harley Investi- munity Service Founda PORK CHOPS Ib
Al CrawfordStar staffer is now the PR man and J. P. Branch in- Winfield said he gated. tion. Lee who is a '62 ,
. .
first issue of the house graduate of Booker T.
at the hospital.His ,vestigated. stopped in at a bar to.

organ has hit the streets. get a beer and two men Washington High School,
Rumors persist around town about Sam started a conversation was selected after care 39"I
only say that we have not heard anything from ful processing of many
with him. later
They 35, of
Hannon ,ft.
official sources. Recently Sam became presidentof HUSBAND CUTS WIFE applications and per- I CHOPS.
suggested a 1730 W. 20th Streetwas
.. _
Q>oke's Beer Company of Washington. That does DURING ARGUMENT walk to the Tropicana injured during a sonal interviews with
not appear to be the actions of a doomed man. competing students. He
Lounge at 21st and fight last Saturday in Small Bar-B-Q Size
Anyway,'Ra.1 Charles, is permanently blind. Surgery A domestic quarrel was unanimously chosenby
Myrtle Ave. of 49"
the 1200 block West
will not help him. If it could. he would have ended last Tuesday with On the way the men 32nd Street, police" the organization s SPARE RIBSCHITTERLING n__ft.__
probably done so'long ago.. the wife being sent to stopped at 13th and reported. Selection committee. Lee

Methinks that Negro citizens of Florida should Duval Medical Center Spires Streets and in Hannon said he was ,ranked. fourth in his

politely inform the American Legion that we' haveno for treatment, police the yard of Susie E. attacked by the entirefamily class and won the silver

desire to participate in their Negro./Boys said. Tolbert School, robbed Knight award in Drama-
of his girlfriend $
State program. The very thought of a segregated Mrs. Laura Olivers, 43, 'him o L $30, Winfield Miss Ophelia tics. He plans to enter 10 Is.

program will erase all of the good he states of 530 W. Union Street said. They left in a Lanier, 31. the University of Miamiin

that his proposal will do. southerly direction, he September making a
i I IPlt fLt Sale total of two students MEATY .

2561 Lewis St.-Large Six attending the school on 25"
I Rooms-GoQd Condition- WMBJI scholarship gifts. NECK BONES 2 as.

nj t IIfll EDGEWO9cGLl2Yc!: STRAND Owner Financed With
turD Sat. --- -
$490 Dn.-By OWDe -528 Support Your .

Chelsea st.-EL 4-7180

The -if.=R
; OriginalDRIFTERS
,". "'d' ""- 7 A FurnishedConvenientlyLocated
: V.. '- > "JI- Single Man Eti Cat Streataf-Lea

.1: With ,. \ EL 4-7510 15"

BACON lbs '
",", I .;i
CI.litF .
F Johnny Da r row ROOMS FOR RENT APARTKENT FOR RDiTIMFurnishedRespect -

..' ,., Neatly Furnished- 4 V 1V
Water-On Bus Lines-LadY able Couple-No Children 10C

preferred-475 I.19th St. Call 356-2288 HOG MAWSlb..
I It ,

I 1 The BLUE ACES nooucrcNy WfJ LOTS FOR SALE FOR SALEPWmcmi1)Eotice t ;

: TLCHNICOI.ORtaWARNeR j $25.00 Down $10 per 1961-
month at MariettaTel.EL 39C
J ROOSEVELT S'"d'rTrn 4-7442-Sundays, Tel. Zig Zag New-Balance Sewing MachineLike $74- BEEF LIVER : .

TKS. i EV 4-1181. I Assume Payments, of $7.90

THE GLOfY AND THE GAUAMTtY i -j Ij j.ItHIIe's Phone EL 3-1232
'- .. ...--...... HOtII WANTED PIG EARS.II.. 15tI
.. I TV in every room. .
.. .. ,
r For Reservations, Call lUte!' Barber Wanted At

.Ins .... ,Tedricobrmt EL 5-4025 Once To Manage A Shop I IBM

.a .:tJ iAYI.oR..iATIoe ....,..,.. m V. ASILEY Good Business-in Progressive ,.
Location-Call 1.' 99
Plis Stupendous Show Jacksonville. Florida EL 4-6454 Before 9 a.m.LIVE SUGARWiti "
MfflnUMIIMRSKYVIEW $S.B0 tr sen ted order

'Tte Gmt Grttv<> xcnlqbtsflawta. N. Y. lift lids' '- IM IllS .PaPd

4 l4il you need a friend iftf. :o. 555 .& .J.
PO -1M
''f Y. Let Mr. RaroiS Send References with 59C
M tltt
IIpI dj of the Mallory Agency letter. Carfare rush d. a.

/I fw ceLMltJ.' .L ... tie your friend. He8BARANIEES Hampton Agency "Vf

13 R. Station Plaza -
: SI : .1. ia Job in a you good a hose live-, Great Reck R. Y. KWWEU. KMl ,
i..f CaI V 111.
e III paying $30 to $50 a COFFEE 59C

week, free rocs, seals, IWtBM
$ 3 Mgt mm
iii' NNd '
TV. Be advances bus -
tickets and expenses to beauty Operators ft iwi _
: :t4 p p ep susrgR Barbers are watated to am '
.T NS if. MMUrnOMK li to 1Ir. Harold. The tfallory Hollywood' Beauty Lounge PEAS I.
622 W. Ashley St. Call
Agency Dept.
if .NUNS"Mi Wl:. Ralph Tarver
'J 576 Verrick Road ; new' Un crabs use DAILY .
-u 4-9774-
$ tafc, Ita.' 1IIII1 1 L brOok. R. Y. ,

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