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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200619datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date July 14, 1962dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006190740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
July 14, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
July 14, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
..:. ,I Ii

PKV\< U3RAKFi I : .. -

:Ft. Lauderdale Judge Stops Segregationists, From I taterf erring Witlff i 'II*a eRins .."' .

**** : tiff .i.. .;



.....-L.L......... .wwwwww,...,...,..f..........

> : '..(. Hero Awards Given Local Men
'}< '.,.. _
: \.-

." \ 1- OO- :" l.For Heroism At Maxwell House Plant

12-NO.. SAT nAY 1UIY 14 -,15 CENTS
,. .op.....,....,.. *. *. *- *- *,- *- *- *** ***

A Hero To The City...And To His Family Legion Head

\ $, ..' Proposes Negro

"" ,"' : .:" Boys State

I ., ECEIVE K K K NOTES .t Et der MacCarthy American TALLAHASSEE proposed the Florida Legion,Wednesdaythat state conpan-Depart-Arthur

-- w ********** ***** ment sponsor a Negro

',, IaI .YI 32 Ntgrots Arrested In Albany Wade-In Sift Boys school State youth for in 1963 high,

I it has :seen reported.

,, 1.1a.1 s .Work For Protesting Jailing Of King Is Dismissed Stating 'Ie hope to

'''10 FORT LAUDERDALE The open the doors of op-

'u ra, ralblmOPALOCKA ALBANY. Ga. Desegregation leader Dr. Martin local .branch of the s l.M) e' i portunity to the Negro

Luther King Jr. and the Rev. Ralph Abernathy. a NAACP won an important youth of the state to

Intimidating civil rights leader in Atlanta, were released court victory .here this .. _t'i study state government
notes purportedly from jail under protest early Thursday after week when a Circuit practices in the same

,. distributed by Ku Klux their $178 fines had been paid by an 'un- Court judge ruled the' i'JtLL c _4 + manner we have the

Klan have been found in identified well-dressed... Negro... .. 110 city cannot prohibitthe white youth in the Boys
mail boxes in a new -
In protesting their Association from -1 State program which has
Negro subdivision near posed on them as a re- ON THE LAWN of their Jerome Avenue home the Elps family face the
sudden release. Dr. staging wade-ins en a been so successful'MacCarthy
here according to a report King said it appearedto sult of charges public beach. camera with the pride they justifiably feel. Ivery W. Elps was further statedhe

given to the Miami racial demonstra- Circuit \ this week awarded a bronze medal and $750 for an act of heroism. to ask
be an effort "to Judge Ted Cabot planned
Times by an area minis- weaken the solid support' tions last December. overruled: the cIty'sinjunction ., It was April 1961 that Elps rescued two white fellow workers Florida A&M University

ter. that had been .,, ,. ,, ,'. -e.o: plea follow- from 'extract tank at the Maxwell House Coffee plant to assist in the pro-

Elder C. White pastorof created among Albany .' .t .., i.\. ing a series of demon- = after they had been overcome by fumes. Elps' wife Jennie holds gram.A .

Faith Temple Com- Negroes in the desegre- : strations which, had : iveria Armeta, 2 years old. Standing proudly before their cou- Tallahassee resident,

munity Church in New gation fight. Dr._ King their beginning last rageous father are James 5, and, Ronald, 6& years old. The award Commander MacCarthy said

Liberty City. forwarded, and .Abernathy both 3 ra July. was given by the Carnegie Hero Fund Commission. he planned to presenthis
to the Times the note he yr.r, The (Billy Brown Photo) proposal before the
pledged to remain In ,pr'Trv judge's ruling
received which stated: r
Albany until, the stated that the wade-: Legion Executive Commit-
"Preacher Tell all charges were dropped ins had not been proven Interracial Pair Are Cited Howard l U. Prexy tee in December.The .

niggers to keep out of against the more than aM to present a clear Legion Auxiliary .

Buccaneer Business and Speedys not 700 Negroes 'arrested AIaDR. and present danger to For Courageous Rescue Act Tells Audience might plan to setup a'

Grocery. during last year' s the peaceful use of the Negro Girls State in
note Hero Fungi Commission awarded a bronze medal for
wanted. The was ForATLANTA Freedom
demonstrations public beach by all Fight 1964, MacCarthy con-
,.... .. of
'' ," in Ted- -: ifJ3SU signed 'KKK prom Washington a the dltyr rfnfiatl ntSf'.r ps., 38-year-old.,,. .--- '- ." -.cl uded., V
typescript.New Negrowho by making a'split-second decision which Ga. Dr.
Justice Department Judge Cabot at the
Liberty City is a could have cost his life saved the lives of two James Nabrit, Jr., pre- -
spokesman stated that same time granted a ******
Negro subdivision recently MARTIN L KINGDr. of his white fellow workers at the Maxwell House sident of Howard University -
It was not a government city petition granting
plant last.
developed north- Coffee year. described
employee who paid the King was among an injunction restrain ,The incident which ........................ Stabbing May:
west of opa-locka. Many three other who oc- freedom as consisting of
two fines. In the meanwhile Negroes ing the Florida State's Paul Jones made to save
cured the
residents of 4th of April
of the are politics society
the opinion that the Atty. Gen. Robert decided to go to Jail Right Inc. group--said 1961 nearly claimed the Mattison. Jones too, economics and edu- Cause Youth
Kennedy said that the rather than pay fines to be segregation sts-- was awarded a bronze
distribution of the lives of John Mattison cational opportunities
release of Dr. !King and for allegedly 'parading from staging further medal for heroism and To Lose Sight
notes is the work of 37, of 7240, Adele Court disposed of and enjoyed.
without a permit' .
should counter-demonstratIons. $500.In
Rev. Abernathy
idle pranksters. and 20-year-old Paul
Dr. Nabrit made his remarks -
The other three
However in a signed pave the way for easing were ****** Jones of 1412 E. 15th his private life during an Inde- Frank Brown Jr., 23, of
Rev. Ralph Abernathy of
the tense situation'inAlbany. Street. Ivery Elps is marriedand Montell Street was
statement. Elder White 1673
pendence Day address delivered -
Atlanta fined Ga. Governor
$178 or
the father of three
said: "Today let us be According to record at Morehouse painfully and seriouslyinjured
mindful of this condi- Dr. King and the Rev. 45 days; ; Solomon Walker Threatens Kkn Mattison entered an extract children. Reginald. 6& College to NAACP dele- last Saturday
publicity for the
and little
tion that exists in the Abernathy began serving tank to do some James 5. gated attending associa- when he was cut during a

extreme northwest Dade 45-day jail sentenceson anti-segregation Albany ATLANTA Georgia'sGov. minor repair work. He Iveria Armeta who is tion's week-long 53rd fight at 1393 Kings, Rd.

County. Tuesday of this week Movement ,who was fined Ernest Vandiver de- was being assisted by 2 years old. His proud annual convention which police reported. -
$100 or 30 days, and
"These threatening after, refusing to pay Eddie nounced the Ku Klux Klcn Paul Jones. It was for wife's name is Jennie. convened here on July 2. Brown stated that he
Jackson who
left to the fines which were 1m- was for the organIzation's The family lives at. in the home
notices were ordered to $25 the most part a routine To have freedom in, was asleep,
pay or
law-abiding citizens Youth Honored spend 10 days; Jin jail. near-riot with state Job until Mattison was 4361 Jerome Avenue. our time we must go all of Rounder Williams, 52.

without any provocationon troopers at nearby Stone Quickly 'overcome by the<< out relentlessly and of 1333 Kings Road

their part. We thinkin For Heroism Mouptain last Saturday dense fumes of the Auto-Bus Crash continue to struggle for while visiting William's

terms of the rest of Woman Dies night. coffee liquid extract freddom now, the daughter and the girl's

the world struggles and .At Tfcrinity The chief executive which had been stored in Inlures FourMelvin Howard prexy said. He father came in started

trouble and their During TrialA threatened to call out the tank.Seeming. warned delegates that .and arguing with him for
Church Alfred Williams
Trinity Baptist
struggle for freedom. the National Guard Mattison collapse they must strive for sleeping in his house
last Sunday honored John 21, of 805 Line Street
Let us be alerted to the 58-year-old woman should there be a Jones climbed American citizenship. The police report Indi-
Adams Flowers jr., for received a traffic sum-
hidden dangers that are grandmother .of a defendant similar occurence in into the tank but was 'let's face it." he cated that Brown left
his courageous act of mons last Tuesday for
still present at home on trial in the future it was re himself overcome beforehe stated "we must fight the Williams hoae and

and the threats of, the Criminal Court collapsed -* ported. could render aid. reckless driving run every inch of the way walked across the

Beast Spirit child or and died in the During a news con- Workers gathered ning a stop sign all to full citizenship. It street. .

foe. courtroom during the ference Monday. Gov. anxiously about the resulting in an accident will be expensive and police said Brown was

"Our .law enforcement trial on Tuesday apparently Vandiver said there tank, fully realizingthe when his car collidedwith violent. standing on the side-

should look into this the victim ofa were between 700 and eventual deadlinessof a city bus causing walk exchanging words

new birth of race heart ,attack. 800 klansmen--many said the fumes inside 'and injury to four persons Husband Shoots with the suspect when

agitators in Miami and The woman, Rosa Mae to be from Alabamainthe ,feeling at least momentarily police said.Patrolman Williams came off the

preserve the peaceful Harris of 119 oak Street crowd which clashed helpless to do C.E. Hobbs Mate TwiceMrs. porch approached Brows

r and godfearing citizens was sitting on one, of with state troopers who anything for the trappedmen. said Williams was and cut him, infliction

'\ of these perilous times. the spectator benches in were posted to keep the driving east on orange Rachel Jackson lacerations over the

I We are not terror- w the courtroom when she hooded men off state- Noticing the excited Street when his car 35. of 1304 Cleveland right eye. Williams

stricken nor afraid but suffered the fatal at- owned Stone Mountain. milling about the tank. struck a Jacksonville Street stopped at police at
was hospitalizedlast
want the people informed tack. The time was about Vandiver said the Elps inquired of the Coach Co. bus which was 10:50 p.m. at Kings Road
,' of this type of sin in 12:30 p.m. troopers were out- reason and was told of being driven south on shot Wednesday wounds ; gun- and Myrtle Ave. and re-

the hearts of men that The incident occured numbered 20 to one. the trapped men. -,-! Julia Street by Jack Q. inflicted by ported that he had cut
an angry husband police
may submit themselves to lulling two drowning during the trial of her Two klansmen:' were, reported Just can't stand here." Hewitt of 2112 Boule- reported.Mrs someone, police re-
clubbed by the he said, vard. The accident occurred -
God and repent. persons from the surf at 20-year-old grandson disregardingthe Jackson told in- po rted.
Willie prank troopers and several positive danger and about 9:15 am.. went
American Beach June 30. Collins; sti police said they
Ie gatln
MrhQB Entry The 16-year-old Flowers charged with aggravated officers were struck by: possible death, that a- Patrolman Hobbs said. she and g her officersthat husband to 1400 Grothe Street

plunged into the ocean assault. stones waited him. "I'm goingin. All of the injuredwere picked up Brown and
Strickenid ." Charles Jackson, 45,
and rescued Ernest Hen- Although a physician bus passengers. carried him to Duval
Drowns In I Pod got into an argument be-
derson one Alvin Allen. quickly appeared at the > : Elps entered the tank There were twenty-one Medical Center, Dr.
cause he did
not pick
MIAMI Miss GilettE Allen ,was unconsciousand scene, followed by an The ,body of an -unidentified despite warnings from other passengers onboard her from Montgomery the attend

Hazoume_, 19-year old had to be given ambulance with oxygen man believedto the other workers. He the bus who that up he got work into the and ing physician said the

representative of the artificial respirationby and a fire department be about 20 and 22 lifted one of the men escaped injury Patrolmen bed with his shoes right eyeball was

African Republic of Fl ewers, who also vehicle with a resusti- rears old was pulledout high enough to be Hobbs said. She said she snatchedthe on. punctured and that Brown

Dahomey wbo is here'as a tried unsuccessfully to cator. all attempts to of the JeffersonPool grabbed from the top and Damage to 'the automobIle pillow from under will lose the sight of

Miss Malaria contestant, three others. victim hoisted out. He did the was estimated at his right eye.
rescue revive the about 2:40 p.m. his head and told him
same for the second $800 and $4.000 to the
was stricken with Malaria -
The hero is the son of failed. She was removedto Thursday afternoon. to get out the bed.

Monday and immediately Mrs Iretta P. Henley, Duval xedlcal Center The fire department victim after efforts to bus Investigating of- She said when her hus- Woman OsIwitsRobbe"
secure bin with ficers reported.
hospitalized. of 1439 Davis Street. He and pronounced dead on. was call after! a:yoaagster failed. a top band got np be got his
don't know
In addition to Miss is a'senior at New Stan- arrival. yelled that a van how I got out of that Neither Williams nor gun and shot her once in from

,ti Hazouse three U.S. entrants ton High School and asetfeer After the incident was in the 'pool'which tank" he said later. Hewitt Patrolmen was said.hurt. the left thigh and right

sandralee Kay, o.f the Stanton Judge William T. Harvey has been for!acre than a "Tb e. fanes were so hip. The wounded wife Mrs. Birdie Thomas, 33

18. Miss New Hampshire; Glee :Club. Last season declared a mistrial rin year following its strong I nearly passed was taken to Duval Medi- of 1139 Kings Road was

Linda:Riejan. 21Miss' be 9la4 JNdfback with Collins case. Collies:, -. closing by the ..Recreation : out." DON'TBE cal Center by; Carter's the victim of assaultand

Arkansas'and Joyce the .***.Ewe Devils.Preseatitions had'waived tri ly' Dept. In making the awards, ambulance and treated by attempted robbery

Thompson, 21. Miss New to jury tad the eridWce' The nan was dead. on the Carnegie Commission ALITTEBBU6 Dr. w.L. Pearce police between 8:30 p... ADd

Jersey' tell out free Plovers wre Bade by was Mile ceasidere by arrival at Baval fcte&eal did not overlook the said. 9 p.e. last Sunday,

heat exhaustion while tfce parter, ..,-. Charles the Judge to c-determine Center after efforts to gallant attempt young Patrolmen M. Newsoa and investigating officers

being photographed, J. CrMIIIr guilt or ififtoctace. revive him failed. P. rack investigated. reported.


._ __._ ._ __ .__.- c

.. ::1 i
PAGE 2 \1.! ? 4
4 .. J
' r. r!'r ,-: POLITICS AS USUAL
THE F bi Wb. SrA : "

r ;%. ,; .. .
} "
,.'''lr:; ;' "
NEWS ."' '"' ;: :- Y

Jfi.1i; "' ,. &J .
Co. "i -
published by the Florid Star publishing ; "
BY EJUC--o: SIK&fiOH :
press'" : ;:/ .. : .' :; :
"Member of Associated\ Negro .f1:4t' .

r( \\i\\ Ii! IL : \ ATLANTA---Southern politicians who z _

ERIC 0. SIMPSON_Mana| iAIYSON .Eiter ,,:.\ r __ decry 'bloc voting" -by Negroes are
.... \
.; the leading practitioners of this kind
I WISE..News Eitef' N /1,1
{ \ / Executive
of political action, NAACP
HILDA WOOTEH-....N..._CffcriaHM Haagsr : \ \ Secretary Roy Wilkins charged in the
: : ,; )t closing address of the week-long 53rd -

MAIN OFFICE & PLANT: ',,.",:,:. .,,'"" ;, t.,\. t : i\'IW .. "...... annual final NAACP convention Convention.The session. also wit- :

2323 Mencrief Road.....-.Pto Elgin 4-6782 EL 4-6783 :.' .1 <.. I I. '' nessed the presentation of the 47th '
Spingarn Medal to Robert C.

Malg Address: Weaver, Administrator of the

P.O. Box 561, Jacksonvie 1 ir Fterida fi Housing Agency for and"distinguished Home Finance c ,

public service to his city,
state and nati .
en. .
vor't "We are rebuked, Mr.

One Year...$6.00: Half Year, $4.00 Wilkins said, "for what our
Mailed to you Anywhere in the United States ; t. political opponents call

Subscription Payable in Advance .., + i ) 'bloc voting. By this they
Send check or Money Order to: .: ,%_2, ._____. mean assessing issues and candidates on

the basis of race and voting on that
'Florida Star P. 0. Box 561 \ :-
basis. The assumption is that they neygr

of... .' ; Jacksonville, 1, Florida .. t vote on a color bloc basis, that they

rUrban ::. 1 f'. never act politically except from the

::-, highest and purest of motives. .
League Official Asserts / 1 t tjD4 'Under this theory of purity, it must

not have been the southern senators in

.. who have voted bloc for 60
4\Oysd .r : j Washington en
Negro Citizens 'HoH On
K.ys'Alexander years against civil rights legislation.It I''

J Allen, National Urban have resisted solidly since 1949 any real
-- ,. in the Senate filibuster rule. Not
League executive director, addressing a change
Freedom Fund gathering at the White these objective and color-blind senators,

Plains Jewish Ccjmunity Center recently, 1 but some mischievous leprechauns were

asserted that the right of equal opportunity -r-. YourHoroscope Weekly :. the signers of the Southern Manifesto

"is an individual right." -- >' defying the Supreme Court's school segre-

"The right of equal opportunity for Guide gation ruling. "

every individual cannot be infringedupon ._ Re-emphasizing the convention theme--the

because of antisocial behavior .;:;. battle of the ballots--the NAACP leader
patterns on the part of some, merely because -. called upon the delegates to "go back
they happen to have the same pig- home, register, pay your poll tax (if
mentation," Mr. Allen said. your state has one) and vote. Such a

Thd 'NUL executive declared the belief BUSINESS lOVE course, if pursued diligently, will get
that solutions to certain key aspects of rid of the leading gremlins in city halls

the nation's race problems "lie within -- ------ state houses and in Congress. "

the Nagro population itself." ARIES prospect if you enter- the days ahead. Your contact. YOU may be In the Fight for Freedom, he said, "all

"A basic influence in moving industry, Born March 21st thru tain or visit your abilities may be appreciated working harder than ever dedicated hands are needed and welcome,

labor, government and the public at April 19th friends and loved ones. as long as to obtain recognition, but the NAACP would be less than humanif

large to swift and constructive actionis The pleasant events that 8-30-22-13-45-832 you do not reveal your or what you consider it did not take a special pride not

an alertwell-organized and thoroughly may have only cast their intention for greater your rightful place in only in what it has done, but in what it

informed Negro community, he added.He shadows early in the CANCER progress (21st). the world. There also is doing today. We take it as a compli-
Born June 22nd thru
emphasized urgency, complexity and month should be broughtto 5-60-55-17-26-581 are plenty of others ment to our cause as well as to our Association -
internalization as the three significant a grand finale, if July vying with you for the that no other organized bodyin
is due if LIBRA
characteristics of the racial scene today you have anything to same objectives. this field draws the fire from the
Born 23rd thru
have embarked Sept.
and was sharply critical of a recom- say in the matter (17th). you on a Oct. 23rdIn 7-70-88-13-75-781 enemy in the intensity and persistency

mendation set forth by John Fischer, Positive acti at on your trip or other project CAPRICORNBorn directed at us. We take this to mean that
that is close to the event that
editor of Harper_ s Magazine. That recom- part may mean the elimi- your you Dec. 22nd thru our methods must be hitting home. .
should have been straddling the
heart. YOU put
mendation was to the effect that a new nation of legal, financial Jan. 19thIf "Don't let arguments over methods con-
organization is needed to guide Negroesto or other intimate away all your worriesand fence up till now, you the accords reached fuse and divide the struggle. We need
inhibitions, decid- may discover that you ..
the path of first-class citizenship. problems, leaving you the, during the early days of all types of action.
ing to enjoy many will have to put up or
"Solutions to. American racial problems free to turn your attention the month were only The Jim Crow hotel and restaurant prac-
blessings that the sea- retire from the scene.
areof coursebecoming more internalized to more construc- tentative, it may be tices encountered in Atlanta, Mr. Wil-
son and circumstanceshave Nothing but the last
through mounting realization by Negro tive pursuits. continueto to offer. Shouldyou word will be accepted wise to take steps to kins said, offer ample evidence that
citizens that preparation is the all- be watchful in the make them binding (l6th, "the problems in race relations are not
fail in this pur- where decisions must be
important key to economic and social handling of cars, work pose, you may expect made. Your business, em- 17th). There must be a 'the same' in the North as they are in

doors which traditionally have been tools or anything that Irritation and other ployment and financial complete understanding the South. Nothing has demonstratedthis

closed to them," said Mr. Allen. could be turned into complicated matters for Interests seem to be regarding the making and more clearly than the inconveniences -
'In addition to FEP and fair housing dangerous objects. suffered convention here "
the rest of the month. involved and it will be spending of money, before by our ,
lawsthere must be developed wellqualified 4-80-11-14-48-481 Have no dealings with up to each Individual tt becomes the main as compared with experiences in Phila-

job applicants, actively partici- TAURUS persons or firms when Libran to determine cause of discord during delphia, St. Paul and San Francisco.

pating union members, stable patternsof Born April 20th thru you have any reason to where his or her breadis the rest of the summer. Speaking in the same city where 67 years

t family life and a well-informed elec- May 20th believe or suspect that buttered. The lack Instead of taking a bel ago Booker T. Washington soared to international -

torate. Most important of all, rather You may find others the cards are stacked of, or the wrong kindof ligerent attitude when fame on the basis of his advocacy -

than dilute effort through setting up willing enough to listen, against you (20th). action is likely to discussing joint pro- of the "separateasthefingers"doctrine

new organizations, those long estab- believing whatever you 220661698261LEO bring its quota of regret blems, you would get of social relations between the

lished and expert in their field must tell them on the 17th. and frustration.It further by explaining races, Mr. Wilkins repudiated that con-

do all* in their power toward motivatingyoung And yet there is a black would not be in your your stand explicitly and cept. .

people to shape their careers'to cloud on the horizon Born July 23rd thru interest to team up with tactfully. Guard against "There can be no hand without fingers.d

the needs of our present economy, their in the form of a partial Aug. 22ndIt persons or organizationswhose accidents of any s at no fingers without a hand," he said.

own aptitudes and their interests. lunar eclIpse. makingthe is not enough to decide objectives are on whether you are at home, "The white and Negro southerners are

eventual outcome on a thing, as the questionable side. work or on the highways. tied together inextricably in every phaseof

Florida State Unit Wins NAACP Award doubtful. Neither the nothing can come out of 6-60-44-18-63-641 9-20-11-16-34-921 life and no peace and no real and

lovers of risk nor it if there is a com- AQUARIUSBorn lasting progress will come until efforts

ATLANTA---The Florida State Conference. chance are favored (18th) plete lack of action to SCORPIOBorn Jan.. 20th thru to subdivide that entity are ended.We .

of the National Association for the Advancement Those who have neglected give it form. Should you Oct. 24th thru Feb. 18thIf hope for this development. We pray

of Colcred people won a top established ties to indulge procrastinate with the Nov. 22nd the prospect of a for it to come to pass. But we cannot
in adventures, may excuse that there is always discover a wait passively for a miracle to occur "
award at the Freedom Fund Report and You may very higher position or increased -
find themselves compelled tomorrow, you may good chance to embarkon
Awards dinner, on July 5, held during remuneration has
discover to .
to pay the piper. your regret a new path that will
the week of the Association's 53rd annual been hanging fire since
convention "here. Fate could arrange a that the tomorrow's are open up the .future to the beginning of the
Florida took the highest honors in the meeting between you and getting further and you. Should you look month, get the matter Support
your true love if you further away. You riska back and hesitate thereis
,NAACP state conference category of the settled once and for
Thalheimer Awards, given annually for happen to be in the substantial loss if a strong possibility all. use your confiden- -

the best and most effective local pro- right place at the right you engage in litigationlend that the door will be tial connections if

gram activity by NAACP units. The awards time. This could bring without collateralor slammed in your face. need be, as thereafteryou
you to a hobby or newly place your confidencein Should you have made
have timeor
were established in 1941 and bear the no longer
discovered talent, depending the fast talkers secret enemies you could _
r"ie of their donor, Dr. Ross P. Thal- favorable circumstances f" S
heimer of Baltimore. mostly on your (18th-21st). The plane- hear from them in unpleasant on your side. .J. 1A

First prize of $100 was awarded to the individaul circumstances. tary indicators again ways (18th). it Use restraint in speech
stress the value of would not do for you to
State Conference which aided in the defense 3-10-77-12-56-317 and behavior particularly -
older collaborators who buy or invest on impulse -
cf NAACP officials in suits filedas with relatives or y ts w
a result cf branch protest activitiesin can not only pull your unless you are neighbors (18th).
GEMINI, chestnuts out of the fully capable of absorbing -
St. Petersburg, Tampa, Fort Lauder- -
thru 4-30-99-18-91-439
Born 21st
dale and Jacksonville. fire, but show you how rather heavy 1t w
The Conference continued its campaignto June 21st to roast them to a losses without too ouch: PISCES
in recreational Strike out for the .turn. Yon may save a harm to your economy Born Feb. 19th thru :
end segregation public -
position you are after pretty penny if you condescend *(18th-20th). Happy endings March 20th ;;
facilities and for fair employment prac-
or to obtain the necessary to listen.t.. should occur in relation You can give full rein _
tices legislation; sought better job opportunities -
in utilities local 140331936143VIRGO to your work, to your views and
public z.. l
backing to ,do
well-being and financial feelings. if success has sr.
industries and chain and department
things on your own. No -
been incomplete or you
stores throughout the state; and con- Born 23rd
matter how you look at Aug. thru 2-50-22-15-81-251 have missed the boat you
ducted a campaign in Dade County, Fort it, your financial Interests Sept. 22ndIf may find it more to your 4
Lauderdale and Tampa to get parents to
should benefit you have swathing SAGITTARIUSBorn advantage to postpone
take advantage of the pupil placementlaw. subBtaaUally. Doff t let In partnership, you Nov. 23rd thru everything for the time f

success go to your head would do well to speakup Dec. 21st being. Keep the home

Its registration and voting campaign (18th-21st) lest it while the other interested YOU still have the safe for all its occupants -

adddd more than 19,000' Negro voters. to create sfii esitle0 aee&g party seems' to green light to adoptt by not tolerating -

the tr lls. those who Hare your be in a receptive. aeod e measures that will fire or accident

The conference was also cited: for its living qiarters. The (17th). Doubts sad dif- make you feel richer hazards of any; descrip- KEN KNIGHT

publication Freedom Fighter. This Bakes- necessity for cautionaed ficulties are already and more secure, both tion within its four

the third consecutive year that Florida forwifkt to IMMBdanfcfOM beginning to saetk nit at boae and in your private wall (18th-21st). Invites You To Listen To .

has received both a Thalheiuer. and apublications risk, to 'y* r- causing you distrew m4 life (16th 17th).
award. self end pair k rose is financial los if yo* item then on, there: is a It looks as if someone '

,. especially wybMli are exposed (18ih+ yway : possibility that your perhaps yourself, nfll "KNIGHT TRAIN'Starting
R.' J : Do set *Mf tea validity have to o' )ender-' Ja4gpect say be clouded have to mend extravagant .
QQ. .., : .,
," : :;: .'.' '. {, _: < of F+*sr i."iUft. ground so to sjeak., ,if sad that you will not ways before peace can At 7:00 p.m.1400WIIIC1400. Nightly
r .
; f' : 4 .
'" "
: .
:- ; restored.
FLORIDA' StAR or "patiE ---is 1'1 ... you are upagaiast determined be
,,' =. :' :: ;; ,: get to first base with
are aett..at..ci .a\ this and powerful- any of the persons or

.,'..'.:W'-'y' tin- -y ,A j ,day 'is: ia, opposition aow I,a4 in. ,organizations that you 1-80-22-15-19-182

bi, t 1"...\1.

J. .. -
I -- --
> '
,; "::
,II, .- --'
\ -, ..,i r:..hq

} r

.. I'i .to

_SATURDAY-JULY 14., 1962.. 1 ;. '.... { !.. 1-. ,. .f .':-.:s .<) t.r- .>. :.. :.... "- ; ....- .mm-- STAR-.- .--- .- ..[. .. ;., ....,.... ...'_t.f1__..... ..... ; :.:. ;. .- .-"_.'':'-Y_.:'.';,", "" '" r PAGE.._3

=.- --' -' .---' Wedding\ j Bells: Brewster HU Boating. Enthusiasts Attended Annual' l" Races iiuiji4tj: :

is. .
RQ _. = ; ; jfwith Leroy Harvey 1545 Kon- Awards ProgramA ; f,.' "f" ,. 1

-- -
-r- cri ef Rd. 22 and Large audience made *****

Dorothy Ford, 1463 W.
of Brewster Methodist
Mr. and Mrs. James Ellis have announced the engagement -
'' LOUISE G. GUINYARD 6th St. 29. Hospital volunteer ser- and approaching marriage of their daugh-

: ***** John R. Walker 5536 vice groups, hospital r"M a ter Richardeen to Earnest Percy Jones Jr. son of

July |s. the birth month of "Moon Children '.: Brooklyn Rd. 19 and IdaM. employees and visitors Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Percy Jones Sr. of this city.

and'i'tiave. : had the honor, of extending good,wishes Richardson, 1575 Mil- witnessed the awardingof Miss Ellis is a graduate of New Stanton High

to several persons whose birthdates coincide. nor Ave. 16. service pins and certificates School and Wiley College. She is also a memberof

a with our national holiday, July 4th. Charlie Davis. 730 to employees Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Miss Ellis recently -

"Many happy return to Mrs. Geneva Wheeler' Court B, 62 and Essie M. and volunteer workers returned home after completing a tour of

of 1718 Jefferson Street, who was honored'. in Law 730 Court B. '40.' July in the cafeteriaof r duty in Europe in the armed service of the USA.Me.Mr. .

grand style on her birthday, which falls on the Moses Pearson 5 829 the hospital.A f also
Jones is a graduate of Wiley College ,
eve of July 4.. Ave. B. 19 and Dorothy program was presentedwith
and is a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity. He
The Wheelers' lovely home provided the setting Jones, 2322 KinwoodAve. W.P. Holmes servingas ; % officer of
t IS' is presently employed as a probation
for an enjoyable party, which was attended by 17. master of ceremonies.Mrs. the juvenile Court in Lee County. The wedding

Mr. and Mrs. I.L. AlexanderMrs. Lillian GoolsbY, Jos. pittman, 1136'E Mae Pope Spearingwas ,?1t will be solemnized Saturday July 28, at 7 p.m.

t Mrs.Clementine Brown, John H. Jackson, Mrs. 28th St. 18 and CobyA. pianist. The opening in the YWCA Building.

Battle 1553 Milnor given by Rev. t . . . . . .
Lettie Sowell Mrs. Marian H. Walker, Mrs. Marie prayer was . . '.' . .... . ..
McClain, Miss Martha L. Perry, Mrs. Frances Sa. 16. L.II. McLendon.

Walden, Oscar I. Hillman, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jos. Pickett. 608 Frank Speakers representingthe Deaconess Board 2 of Mt. Sinai Baptist Church

Baker and Johnny Holden. lin St. 18 and Doretha volunteer groups and bR H.'i sponsor choir 4 in a musical recital July

i Gelsey 1407 W. 1st St. employees were: Mrs. E. i5 at 7 p.m. in the" auditorium of the church.

... ... ... ... ...t .... 19. S. Lewey, Auxiliary;

Claxton M. Pittman, 120N. Mrs J.E. Davis .. .. .. ...." .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
Fond, wishes, also to Mrs.' Nell J. Coleman who Ave. Lake Wales, Fla. Mothers' Club; Mrs. Ella COKE BREAK---Among the hundreds of water sports

had reason for a dual celebration on July. 4. 23 and Mildred I. White Lawson Floradale unit; enthusiasts who attended the annual independenceDay The Pallbearers Lodge No.199 will sponsor a

1655 W. 34th St., 33. C. Parham Johnson, boat' races. at Christopher's Landing. New Summer Tea July 15 at 4 p.m. at the YWCA. Installation -

.... .... .... ... l... .. .. Otis Williams, 1656 W. Brewster Men's club; of officers will be held at this time
Berlin, were, from left: Mrs. Yvonne Crawford,
.. 28th St.' 30 and Eloise Miss Beverly Sawyer, Miss Yolanda Hutchinson and Mrs. Bernice Smith. with Deputy Essie H. Campbell in charge.

Mrs.:- Vermal J.. McCone.. another whose birthdayis McCoy, 740 LafayetteSt. Volunteens and Mrs. (Billy Brown Photo)
25. .
celebrated on the same day as our Country, < Margaret Moody, em- : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :
Wm. A. ,Kay. Jr. 622 pi oyees.
was honored with a party on her spacious Begonia
Court G, 15 and Betty:J. Mrs. Holmes called for --
Road lawn. Mrs. Richard V. Moore, wife of Dr. Richard V.
Tyson 761 North st. silence with bowed headsas
Moore of
president Bethune-Cookman
Mrs. McCone was pleasantly surprised when it- College
16. .. .'. Rev. E. J. Rivers, Daytona Beach Florida the
was revealed that what she thought to be a party attended Recognition
James B. Stallings, 342E. minister of Ebenezergave Service held in the cafeteria of
for visiting relatives also included a "Happy Brewster Metho-
Union St. 22 and prayer in memory sr dist Hospital .
Birthday" note for her. recently,
Gloria J. Crump, 1663 W. for Cecil Harden, who
Mr. and Mrs. William Steele of Washington D. C.
8th St. 18. recently passed. Mr. .. .. .. . . .'. . .
and their son, William Jr. are house guests of . . . . .
Wm. B. Ellis, Prather Harden was with Brewster *
the McCones.
Apartments Bldg. 2, 30years. Mrs. Gwendolyn Smith of Miami is visiting her
Other guests present included Mr. and Mrs. .
F' Jax. Beach, Fla. 31 and The speaker for the mother, Mrs. Rosa Wooten and her sister Miss
Evlene Jones, Mr. and Mrs. James Bennett, Mr. 4-(
Ola M. Stewart Prather occasion was Dr. RichardV. CCvJne- Hilda Wooten at 2211 Myrtle Ave. Mrs. Smith sur-
and Mrs. Russell Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin
Apartments, Bldg. 2, Moore president of .. prised her mother on her unannounced trip. She
-- -
Barnes. Mr. and Mrs. Thaddeus pinckney, and Mr.
and Mrs. Woc'drow Williams. Jax. Beach Fla. 21. Bethune-Cookman College Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mr. and Mrs. Johnny L. was acrompanied by her three children Dexter,

Samuel Aikens, 733 W. Daytona Beach, Florida.He Jackson; 1119 SteeleCt. Brown ; 3622 Witschen Sonj a, and Juwanna.

.... .. S:.. .... .... .... Monrow St. 27 and was Introduced by W. ; Girl.Mr. Avenue; Boy.
Shirley A.D. Martin P. Holmes.Dr. and Mrs. William Mr. and Mrs. Zean V. :: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :

1617 Milcreek Lane. 18. Moore' speech was Clayton; 1464 W. 16th
Mr. Wilbur Ruffin of Jacksonville Beach received Jenkins; 4647 Moncrief
birthday congratulations last- Friday, Rogers L. Drakes 2644W. not lengthy but very Rd. ; Girl. Street; Girl.Mr. The announcement cf the engagement of Miss
Edgewood'Ave. 20 and timely and informative.He Robert and Mrs. Walter Nada Ramona Henderson, daughter of Raymond Hen-
and Mrs.
the celebration
July 6. We feel certain that Mr.
continued into the week-end. Alice F. Hill 615 CourtE. used as a subject: Taylor; 1030 W. 25th Harris; 5661 Verbena derson of New York City, and Mrs. Edith King
Blodgett Homes, 19. "Two Build ugs." He Girl.Mr. Road; Girl. McGruder of this city to John Wilson Call, son
.... .... ... .. .... .... spoke very emphaticallyon Street. and; Mrs. Berry Mr. and Mrs. Joshu of Mr. and Mrs. William H. Call has been an-

Contest Winner the Good buildingsand Williams; 1703 EversonCt. Jones; Rt. 10 Box 989; nounced. The wedding is scheduled for Aug. 25,

Friends of Mrs. Jenell Wilson will regret to Bad buildings. He .; Girl. Girl. at St. Pius Catholic Church of this city. Miss

learn of her confinement to Brewster Hospital. compated these buildingsto Mr. and Mrs. Willie Mr. and Mrs. David Henderson was graduated from Warren Wilson junior

life. Mrs. R.V. Moore Cleveland 722 Spearing Stephens; 3314 W. Mon- College and received her B. A. degree in Library
'IS ... .. .. .. .... .... ... wife of the presidentwas Street; Boy.; crief Rd. ; Boy. Science and English from Bennett College, Greens-

introduced in the Mr. and Mrs. Joe Webb; Mr. and Mrs. Ernest boro, N. C. Mr. Cail was graduated from New

We are happy to 'report that Mrs. Margaret Brown r meeting. 4218 Santee Rd. ; Boy. Smith; 3307 Chase Ave.; Stanton High School. Following his high school

is making an excellent recovery at her home after More than 200 volunteers Apt. 4; Girl. graduation, he served four years in the Air

undergoing surgery at Brewster Hospital. and employees were Force. He will enter Lasalle University School
recipients of service' Suspend Summer's Activities engineering in September.
.. .. .. .. .... .... .... .... ,
pins and certificatesfor
.. . . . . .
J faithful and untIring .. . . . . .
An August wedding has been planned by Miss Nada service renderedthe
.. .,
Ramona Henderson and John Wilson Call, both of i .' ; -.::',- hospital.The A!! Mrs. Mattie L. King of 1425 W. 22nd Street,

this city. T W ; S pins and certifi- left the city recently fa Detroit, Mich. on a

Miss Henderson is the daughter of Mr Raymond E. : cates were awarded by two-weeks vacation.She is a member of Mt. Sinai

Henderson of New York City and Mrs. Edith King DEBORAH ELAINE KING Jack H. Whittington Baptist Church.
McGruder of Jacksonville. Brewster Methodist 1. ,:;rJ'::"" & .. ;i;..... ;,),. ..W-: <
is the of and WINNER '" .... ... ,
Mr. Call son Mr. Mrs. WilliamH. BABY CONTEST Hospital Administrator.The o(. .J .. ... \t .
.. .. .. ..
t_. ... .
Call, also Jacksonville residents. Sponsored by her grand adult volunteer .6 a

parents, Deacon and Mrs. groups were presentedby ,t, S r 1)
Joint Anniversary Programs Planned V. little t
S. Cohen Sr. Mrs. Eleanor Hurley, i! Nkc W@Ifil& t'J
Deborah Elaine'King, Director of Volunteer > Jf
By Districts daughter of and
the Mr. Service and Community Shown in the picture from left are the presidentand f

District 13-24 will during the services. Mrs. Nathaniel King was Relations. Miss Jean vice president of the Brewster Mothers' itIhce IiigillthatYl!
winner of a
the recent
observe their various Various members are Scott, presented the Auxiliary. Mrs. J. E. Davis (left) and Mrs. A. C. .

anniversaries at joint serving the committees, baby contest sponsoredby volunteens and Mrs. Anit Wells have announced the closing down of the p

observances in the with Mrs. Lucy L. 'Tremble her grandmother, Mrs. Irving Director of club's regular meetings for the summer. The club k
Second Baptist Church serving as generalof Rosetta Cohen and her Nursing Service, presented recently sponsored a very successful Tea at which : it' ,.

which the Rev. J. C. chairman; Thomas Wilson, godmother. Mrs. Viola the employees. time they presented jack Whittington., Brewster '
Vickers. The (mix ( ore oii s Qin in a tall
Sams, is pastor Sunprogram chairman; A. E. Miss Gene Wright, a Administrator with a check for $100 as a paymenton ,

dayJuly 29th at 3 p.m. Henry, chairman of. wish to thank their many volunteen, presented a the room they are equipping at the hospital. iced drink-andyou will loo'fi9,

The group has planned finance. Mrs. Alberta friends for their won- gift of appreciation for 'With Just a few remaining payments to be made yu{( .
a program featuring outJ.. Williams is publicity derful response. the service rendered to before the full amount will be paid, Mrs. Davis ..
standing personalities director. ***** than by Mrs. C.D. Mungin and Mrs. Wells have said the Mothers are deter- The English are not easily fazed, '!l

in the city for the ocFriends from the va- who was director of mined to complete the required amount for equip by summer heat. This

casion. rious churches are invited Support Your volunteens for a long ping the room. They have also made other sub- 1, national talent was given a dicer. k.

A contest between the to at tend and period of time before stantial donations to the hospital. All motherswho << ful accompaniment in 1769, when !fj3. \

share the fellowship of YMCA back into nursing Alexander Gordon introduced f:
districts desirous
celebrating going are to join this working group of / N
his remarkable TheCordon's /0. ,
will also terminate the affair. service. Miss Mungin women may contact Mrs. Davis or wrs. Wells. : gin -Ii' .
you drink coda y .
expressed her gratitude --t harks back to his original %t
to the teen-agers for l I Sunday \ 1Gonon : :.
Magnolia Club I ,
formula '
I ,because one does .. .. j ,
of STRAND -- .J:1'
their kind thoughts (thru Wed. \f'Lnot with of -
tamper pin r : J
her. The Magnolia Area Improvement 'V. *
such distinctive dryness if a
now it s Pepsithinkyoung iffifiJ Two musical numbers ROGER VADIM'SDANGERUllE Organization JiiL'i' and flavour. Try it soon .'/" LED fr. : J.)

} rendered by Edward C. is urging all members to in a tangy Gin & Tonic t : OHDRY I. e

Deas and one by Miss attend its regular or Tom Collins. You'll! .,r..rv IK ..r {f
for those who Doris Mack of North- i 1 1 monthly meeting Monday. see why, summer and ':..=:"=' '.itK r

at 7:30 in winter, Cordon's Gin
., western High School were July 16 p.m.
->-- -
-- : (.': well done. Both singer -8"THE RUNS" St. Paul Lutheran Church -i'1 is the biggest seller in "' 1?

:-t: received loud applausefrom Thursday Thru Saturday Mrs. C. H. Young an- If'' England J America, and tJ:
*" *tff r no unced. \ indeed the world! r
x the aud ence. (
I : The administrator pre- 11 :

Mr. 4
sented W.P. George .
Till""" .-"i1tJIr M h4eDf I rK
and Mrs. R. Meggs., J.J. ar4UILCDaltITLI100x'tTtitsn"Tsasl4uersoYc'Lax/toor. J;
-- ---
Tx ifIIm Nixon vice presidentof ----.-.-..--- ( cotsorj!) BIT cm CUI tLLL1X CIOrUA. 't)
the Brewster Men's (- .... :')

Club. Mrs. Sallye llathisUrs. aid 1x/8t 'E J i : '
Qn ).. ... .Q
Jack !!. Whittingtocand y .,'J J _'- \I';"

his son Mark.Refreshments. PRMNCYteme -

t were Sits Mark WHEN YOU ARE ILL
served after adjourn-
You Seek The Best Doctor;

ment.Chandler When Your Doctor Prescribes;
Stars Keep your tfchVdry Un smooth Get Experienced pharaacists
..-..:., ROOSEVELTSisday tnd soft with KOTOW nxnxi
f-:. .
:+,:... $ Neglect of body skin tissues According to Your Doctor's. .
I c : aa '.r. -:: thro Tues dunnc pregnancy may show up Orders. We Use On1ft'the : ,; /
for the rest of your lif. This to- .?..1.*
s y: "SEASON of PASSION" moos compounded skin conditioner to reUevf is. especially the Best Quality Drugs

discomfort of that stretched feel Dr. C. E. 'BlackProprietor *' **,
Ing in your si k Youll find a .
mTsxxj"nnio massage can .,itlf:
la left and back too. Take
ehfi- Sun. cite care"e* your body skin witJlrmn. to.'
SKYVIEW MOTIOM You will nave
I -ri" F regret It; A COUPLETS LIVE OP "rt
thru Tues. AI Dtvt Cosmetics Rubber Goods Candies Sundries
Today panics are more informal more fun.They reflect the big change Sranr D7Lilly's
to a youthful new outlook Its a modern state of mind and all aces Mare Jeff Chandler stars as "Y LlEY of fee DRAGONS" I fr.rrw' PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED+ FOR AND _
involved. Call it thinking young. And what a life for Pepsi-light, -
"bracing, clean-tasting Pepsi. So think young. In stores, buy an General Frank Merrill in &d"RIOT Drug Stored
extra carton. At fountains, say "Pepsi, please! "Merrill* s Marauders" MOTHERS
pepsi the Warner Bros. Tech a FRIEND *

.... -- nicolor war drama HUE mm"
:air fD'I c&is TuaG aarun v wcuMntuvwumnK" nun ar' -u -'! k IJI open 382)5't
*Tao.it rf tit:COXTAM.JUUft'4: fe. 1907 KINGS ROAD El
ing at the RITZ.july 15. Wi $110 cash tfca. nite

.--- ,.--.?-, .



a t 't i

** -J**

--- ---

AiHHvws y Cclabrwif Girl Scouts' Riligioas Conference Held At Hampton

Day CampOpens s

t .
x .t .I
NEWS }7 y"k v MondayAnnual S: +
/ )
k t'- o-ms GirlScouts Day

7 Y 4y r Camp will open Mondayat

Camp Coacoochee Mrs.

The Senior Male Chorus of Tabernacle Baptist J Irene A. Baggs. camp Ie Iet

Church will observe its anniversary July 28 in director announced this

the church auditorium. week.

District 5 will sell dish and chicken dinners i Bus No. 1 will leave

Saturday beginning at 12 o'clock at the church. Edgewood and Avenue B.
at 7:45 a.m. and will

.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..... .. .. .. ..'.. .. .. .. .. .. .. proceed to Myrtle
; Avenue. Bus No. 2 will '

District 6 of Abyssinia Baptist Church will leave Fairfax at 7:45 t -

sponsor a beach outing to American Beach Satur- t a.m.

day. The bus will leave the church at 9 a.m. It is expected that

The Friendly Westside Ushers Union Revival Hour 125 girlsand 15

services will be held Sunday at 2:45 p.m. Choirs counselors will be in

1 and 2 and Usher Board 2 will serve. attendance, the direc- '
District 10 will sponsor a hand bag tea Sunday SISTER ROSETTA OOHEN tor said. -
Mrs. Baggs will be assisted A few of the Christian leaders who attended the recent 48th
from 4 to 6 p.m. in the home of Mrs. Josephine .. .Slates Annual Fete Hampton
Little. 635 W. 8th St. A new hand bag will be by Mrs. J.E. Institute Ministers' Conference are shown above during a brief pausein
Davis assistant camp the heavy agenda of business undertaken at the conference. Standing
given to the person with the prettiest bag. SISTER ROSETTA COHEN, prominent churchwoman--
Choir 2 will sponsor an evening of entertainment gospel singer and program organizer will observeher director; Mrs. Elizabeth (1-r) are the Rev. Thomas S. Logan, outgoing president; the Rev. W. L.

July 21 at 8 p.m. in the home of Mrs.Mildred sixth anniversary with a program featuring Simmons and Mrs. Jewel Ransome new vice president; the Rev. John F. Williams, secretary, and

McKnight. 1810 W. 24th Street. outstanding gospel groups and artists Friday Holloway, water safety the Rev. William H. Skipwith. conference leader. Seated are speakersDr.
instructor.All Edwin p. Booth Boston University; Dr. Martin Luther King; Dr.
night. July 20 at 8 p.m. in First Born Temple,
girls are requestedto Martin E, Marty, associate editor of the Christian Century magazine,
: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : 825 Monroe Street. She is extending a cordial
to be at the bus stopon and Dr. James E. Kirkland conference preacher. The conference was held
invitation to groups and the general public
The Matrons Progressive Club of Second Baptist participate in the observance. time. in Hampton's Memorial Chapel.

Church will sponsor a summer Tea .Sunday at 3:30 Mt. Slnla'sWOIften's
p.m. in the lower auditorium of the church. Miss. 2nd Baptist'sActivities Woodlawn Presbyterian Local BaptistsTo First Born Is

Beulah Surrency will be the speaker. DayIs ,
Church Notes Attend Celebrating Its t. :

.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..0. July 22nd f, '::
BY L.N. PEARSON, SR. 8th AnniversaryFirst
ANHK! ConfabBY
For Swdoy The annual women's Day \
First Baptist Church of College Park will Born Temple 825W.
observance at Mt.
Rev. J.C. Sams will deliver Words are inadequate
sponsor a trip to Little Talbot Island Saturday.The Sinai Baptist Church ALBERTA J. WILLIAMS Monroe St. Elder A. 'I ,
the sermons for for me to express the
bus will leave the city at 9:30 a.m. it may the major services at very great pleasure and will be held July 22 will at Hill pastor is observing .e. : 1
be caught at the church West Fourth and Leangle Local Baptists its 8th anni- l
beginning with the SUn- !
of the :
Second Baptist Sunday, joy congregation : .
tend the annual Exe cu-
Streets. for the day School at 9:30 a.m. versary which began I R .;,'
and will review the SUn- message broughtby tive Boards meeting of ,, 'f.
Tuesday of this week and /
. . . . . day School lesson Elder H.M. Barker of Group coodinators are !'". .::. ., Y' '
: the Progressive Baptist
. . . . .,. "Jeremiah Discourages the Ephesus Seventh Day Mrs. Remizer Brown, Mrs. State convention, which end Sunday night July' .. ,., .,:' .

fDeaconess False Patriotism' '. Adventist Church in absence Ida Cohen, Mrs. Katti 15. } t :{
Board 2 of West Union Baptist Church Mrs. Rosebud will be held at the Services are being held .f
Services begins Sunday, of our pastor. Conyers
will observe its anniversary Sunday at 3 p.m. in First Shiloh Baptist nightly and the general
Laidler Ethel
Mrs. M.
with Rev. F.D. Wilson, who
at 9:30 a.m. C.M. ford
Church, San Rev. J.
is auditorium of the church. The annual sermon Pierce Mrs. Louise public and friends are J
Vaught in charge of the was away on vacation 'v. Marshall, minister
I will be preached by Rev. R. L. Wilson of west Sunday School.Consecration. Sunday July 8. Our Powell, Mrs. Eliza Ann Tuesday July 17 beginning invited to share in the
Friendship Baptist Church.He will be accompaniedby services.
will beheld church doors are always Sharpe Mrs. Elnora at 10
his choirs and c ogre gatlon. at 10:45 a.m. open and welcome Rev. Small, Mrs. Alice Swam, a.m.
Rev. Sams general
J.C. ,
General educational will be observed July REV. ARTHUR KINDLER was
Mrs. Alice Williams and Prayer Band'sSpiritual
Morning services at Barker anytime he wishesto president will preside
29. The Baptist Ministers Wives Alliance will 11 clock. serve us. Mrs. Mary Windley.Secretaries called to serve as pastor
meet July 16 in the home of Mrs. A. Baker.The are Miss during the joint ses of Second Bethel
The Matrons ProgressiveClub Sunday Church school sion. Tea
trustee board aid board will meet Church east-
pulpits its Suzanne Bordeaux and Baptist (
will sponsor opens Sunday at 10:00 Defered business from
after morning worship Sunday.A Mrs. Theresa Lockwood.Crystallizing side) July 8.
annual tea in the dining a.m. with T.V. Huger, the last session will be
church wide study course will'begin July room from 3:30 to 5:30 superintendent in plans completed and the pro- Planned Sunday
23 and continue for one week. for the Sunday, School.
in the
p.m. charge, George gram for the coming annual Club Stales TripThe
Baptist Training Union Washington Carver Elementary BTU, Choirs Ushers, Tag
.. .. .. .. .. .. ..'..... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. will be held at 5:45 School at 2854W. Sale and flowers are formulated.At session. will be Edwards Madame will Annabelle be the Blue Light Social

Morris- Mrs. Irene Parker. urs. Savings Club will spon-
with Mrs. R.H. 45th Street. Noon the Auxiliarieswill principal speaker when
Deacon M. Howell of Friendship Baptist Church assisted by Wilson Erm a Bryant an d sor a trip to Magnolia
sette Rev. pastor assembly at the the Heavenly Angels
will present a musical program Friday night, Alexander in charge. will bring the message Catherine Sykes, Mrs. various churches of Prayer Band sponsors a Lake Sunday. The bus
featuring local artists of the city, Lone ,Star Evening worship beginsat at 11 Mary Windley. Mrs. JaneA will leave 8th and
beginning a.m. Spiritual in
the city. Mrs. U.B. ,Miller Tea her
and Cosmo in the Interest of the annual Men's 7 supported 'bY the United Sly,. Mrs. Arzada Jones : home ,. ,Jefferson ,and Orange
p.m.Choir will be in charge of 1514 Wilcox St. ;
Day observance. and Miss Suzanne at 8:30 a.m. Adults and
3 under directionof Choir with Mr. CharlesE. the Senior Women; Mrs.L. Sunday from 4.6 p.m.
Bordeaux.Mrs. are invited.
Mrs. G.C. VAUght will Simmons Jr. at the Dean of sebring will Friends and the general
:::::::::::::::::::: :: :::::::: ::: ::::: ::::: ::::: : sing, and usher board 1 organ. We are asking the M.K. Gibson preside at the Junior public are invited. There will be a nominal

will serve throughout th entire membership and treasurer. Mrs. Colleen Women. .' --admission---free. .-- -,
Holy Communion service will be held Sunday at Cunningham, finance and
day and for the Tuesday surrounding areas to Other leaders and their
3 D.P. at First Timothy Baptist Church with the night service. fill our church to greet Mrs. Ruby Herndon respective Department
pastor. Rev. R. L. Smith officiating. All new publicity, are other
activites includes -
Weekly Rev. Wilson his GIVES
on return are. Mrs. Idella Wil- you LUCKY DAYS-YOUR LUCKY
members have been requested by the pastor to be The prayer of in appreciation for key members' in the or- Hams Sarasota Ushers; A HITf "'\TlArACTIOOC _('UU1'JEDM NUMBERS
present to receive the right hand of fellow- at ganization.
faith hour Tuesday the great work that he
r s. M. M. Warren
Serving as cochairmanand Hew Opening! Rut Time In
ship. City!
7 p.m. Deacon R.W. Jackson is doing here.Wednesday Bowling Green, Children. You
chairman are Mrs. heud me en the radio.You reed about m. la th. _
Dinner will be served Sunday at 2 at h
p.m. assisted by others Mid-Week _' __ ___,_ papers and In Lift ma a&iDe. Now ... me In pellO.tod.yl
the church. A musical program will be renderedat will open the meeting service 7:30 p.m. place Virginia Mack and Mrs. t MRS. PALMER
Lilly Hair.Tolbert .
7 p.m. and the assistant pastpr Westminster Hut. 3066
Rev. J.L. Hall, will Woodlawn Road. Friday, I RAPI D Read.' PALMIST.... AND. ADVISOR r
. . . . School your entire W. .*... ..P..... Trite yon any
. . . ..4.. . conduct the Biblepe choir rehearsal 8:00 thing you wish to know without ukinf any quntiona..A WOMAN BORN
rr..t..re e.w sort, tr.t.. ftOt'aa.r.. ..._... With Str.... ww-
rio d. ProgramsSlIlIUI1er N4 ... :.
p.m. in the Westminster.Mrs. DAY AND NICHT +e p..Mi welwa. .e.M.
FUMORFS COTTAGES The Sunday School Of- Frederick Davis I CALLS N4..e1';:'="''ov.t a..::::? :'::::: j I,AM NOT A GYPSY
ficers and Teachers talented musician and Sessions 5535 (
Council will meet Fridayat worker cE. .
A six weeks Summer Enrichment EL 5-5770
Coffeges by Day Weak or Month 7 p.m. Rev. Mr. Hall rill give a musical recital Program is in tADIO OI.ATI

will teach the lesson. August 12 Sunday progress at Susie E. I .:,.
Hot & Cold Rockwel Water The delegation to the evening in the Sanctuary, Tolbert Elementary .-. '

State Convention will at State and Laura School. Children may

Private Apis. With Cooking FdIies Low Rates leave the city Tuesday Street for the benefitof register and participatein WE PAY YOUR BILLS
morning. the church. Various each of the following

FOR RESERVATIONS musical talents including activities: .'

lily While SocietyTo the Westminste The Arts and Crafts are I T. V.
Call : 261 -1I508 Fernand i ins of ........$18 S.
choir will appear on under the direction
EL U-6697 Jacksonville I Give ProgramSurtday this program. The publicis Mrs. Dorothy B. Daniels; I Car $52 ONE PAYMENT
t -
AfternoonThe invited to attend. Music and Library Miss

Write: Rt. 2, Box 1611 Royal Court of the Service is the rent we Mildred E. Maultsby; Finance.$26 i $38
FernandinaLois :
Lily White Society will pay for the space we occupy Playground Howard H.

in this world.Stewonkss Guyton, director.The t
Sunday .
present a program
Stewart, Mgr. afternoon from 4-6 Id. Pre-School Class is Flm fure.$20" Pays All Legal

Davis St. under the direction of
at 1207
Sea yow CenterVytleAve p.m. Celestine Freeman, Of St. Pwl Mrs. Mary F. Roberts. TOTAL $116 Rate InterestCombine

kpresident, announced.Mrs. This class will prepare

'" Nettie Durham will Offers ProgramStewardess the child for the First t I Your Bills
and Adams Phone :EL.4-t4f present Mrs. Eliza Glass
mistress of ceremonies. Board 1 of" The Remedial Reading And Add That Much

"SLIM" SPECIAL Other participants will St. Paul AME Church will Classes are taught by
Room Porch Patio
Miss Jimmie Lee Rogers ,
include: present Miss Estelle ,
Choir 2. St. StephensAME Williams as its principal and Mrs. Aldonia C.
I Call FL 9-2111 4226 ATLANTIC BLVD.
SPECIAL ECONOMY CARRY-OUT lie Church; greetings. speaker Sunday at 3:30 Joyner.
PACKAGE OF 10 LIS. ONLY...:......... .... ,
Deputy R.M. Johns. a; p.m. as a feature of its Children may registerat

LARGE SHRIMP Li. $1.10 selection, Mrs. J.S. anniversary program Mrs any period duringthe I

Genwright; offering Mary Singleton, president Enrichment Program II

liD GENUINE WHOU Mesdames J. Crawford announced. The which will continue I
Margaret Grant and event will be held in until July 27th.
CONCH MEAT SNAPPER L. 55'FLIP Margaret Bryant.Presentation the church auditorium. The children are constantly ,

49c of guests. Others serving on the being exposed to i

Lb. FLOP Mrs. Eartha McGowan; program wall include: loads of good, honest, I WEST BEAVER ST. VIADUCT

.In < "'...k. Mt bu $2.9011. FLOUNDER.. 43c observations, Mrs. Anni Mrs. Nora Henderson, clean, wholesome recrea- I
McGee; remarks. Deputy devotions: Mrs. Dorothy tion. Aside from the

KING FISH SpecialSTEAKS I Mary B. Taylor: Heading Bacon will introduce the basic courses. childrenare WESTERN LIMIT 3 LB. '

the refreshments com- mistress of ceremonies. given a chance to

IB. 55c ILUEFISH mittee will be Mesdames Mrs. A.L. Washington: relax, and play as wellas

Helen Jackson and Bessie welcome address, Mrs. work. PORK CHOPS 2cc:
EACH T. Armt HHI*. P.M. Washington. Carrie Davis; response parents Guardinans another .

WHITING u. 3Sc Hostesses will be; Mes- Mrs. Wilhelmina Towsd; members of the .

c dames Minnie L. Woodard selection. Ada. Bracy coMonity are invited to
FRESH LI. josie'Blake Angie Bel- Chorus; solo Mrs. W.M. come out and visit us t

..STEAKFISHuSfcYILL6W lamy. Fredonia Chance, Port. at your convenience. FRESH

Geneva col en an. Marjorie Introduction of speaker My 28* Outing
"TAIL SMALL FULLY MESSEDSUMMER Pant. Ann Jones. Ola Andrew Boston; observations FLORIDA HENS 211
Lawrence. Alma Mixson Rev. R. J. District 6 of Me.

c, 4k CATFISH LB.WUIY1NG 49c Vivian Neavins. HeoriettRobeson Blaine. pastor. Mrs. Ararat Baptiat Churchis THRIFTY

EvangeliseTbospsGB Corine Bogaas is _program sponsoring an outing

u.. 32, SW La. Aeaie M. Paige chairman. July 28th to Little Open Ail Day Sundayt
and Odell tfcite. The public is iavited. Talbot island.

-" -- '-- .;-
-. ,-


''t I .

: :t' -' ':. .; s:. '' :'s '. '. ., q" ; ': t i .... ,... ..-. C .5.- Y ." -:.

: : ; : a ry .: : d

b t ',: J : %; ,,: ; :,; .. '. .
t.7' FIOR/P44 .8.F# '' .i/" 4': ,"..r : '; 4:4i : .3

: 1,7'c ,
',. ...r ..THE PEOPLE'S j;. ,;.::. /... -
PAPER' .. :- ry ar .
1 .
1 '
L ,
: Y a
: N
f .;- "v:. r ,. $ M
4.i ;f' : i
: '. : : : ;. <. .
"--. ., ,. ....j "
;; : ,

: f; : _
; "
t c "I ...... : '. ..
: :
.. ._ > .: 1tI
.rir- _
; .J. I _
ii! :;... .._;:....,.,*:; ..t ,. .- ", $ .. (
\ : : ;: _
: .
'. "& ...:. / 'S"; ,'. .- "" ;..-- ". ..":.; .,. :.. ... ..
f. :f -
: : : ; ; .. ,.;, -
: ",{ ; :. ;; : t6:: :' ) '


.. ,. ,
"- .
.. .. :'.j
; ,:
,4.. ; ; ,

\ ,.f.

,r/" I J "f ;; J. '

c .. :: t. \

.'. <" '-.- ,'.''.".' ,.i-!" ,... y:.' } .- -.Y; '. :-:, f

;': .. .. :;41i ;' L::''' ;'

.., .. ,
.. ..
"f ") .. ,. .
; ,
:'. .' .J : .,...'.
7', ...... .,;;p J '..".: ,c; (, ..-.... __
,.. ,". .. >>
:. ..... t t
"w.a a.
"j Ii
-. c... 4J i11 II
VICTORY SMILE---Israel Stallings. left winner of
i the Class A race beams happily as he poses with H. C.

r .: Polk who took second place in an exciting event.
i ..' .
: '

F 'I The 8th Annual July 4th Boat Races at New Berlin

) ., proved to be one of the most exciting meets held in
0 1'. regatta. It was probably
;I. ... the history of the yearly
.. ,, the largest turn-out of boats ever seen at Christopher ,
i : : '' 1' ;" i-:Z; s Pier with boats ranging from 35 to 75 horse-.

:: : : : : : power motors' Large crowds jammed the waterfront to
f .__ boat and spectacular dis-
{ witness the exciting races
;> : : .. ,
,. .
...... -
of waters ng
;f \ ; .:.. .t- '. play,
... '


-: rsx
: :
a y



e 5 hrr i, k d

a, ;: vvi.


K / _
r'Z L
S5a 9 -2-; _
aS' (
I _a_ t I-s q

REFRESHMENT TIME---Richard Bradley

fa director of the New Berlin Water Sports

;I Club and attractive Carolyn Lang pause

t for a moment of refreshment during the

thrilling July 4th boat races event.

i Bradley and Miss Lang participated in

.- .." "r a -.. -_ the water ski show along with team of
water skiers who provided an entertaining -

WINNEftS ROI---Eric 0. Simpson. Florida Star publisher is seen with a group horsepowers. Looking on approvingly is Clinton Moon. Coca Cola representa

a of winners and others participated in the July 4th regatta. With him tive and,.George Christopher host to the boat races in the next I
4 scene
are Don Wade who won the open race netting him a cash prize and trophy; Simpson is seen presenting the cash prize for Class A race to Israel

Israel Stallings. who took first place in the Class A race and ran secondin Stallings who also receives a trophy from Clinton Moon who made the presentation -
the open; and Walt McKenzie third placer in the open for boats of all for Coca Cola.

.. ..
.., ,
'.. '. '" i : ,:..) ,4 r ,. '.'; M

V xw .

. r ; era. Th; {

; T vrvr v .

V 5 l .id Fvx
A i y A3 si
4 1
} j 1
k t J a '. i C,
. Y' Rro. ) t 'r I Ii
__ ___ : .
-I M I --'- -
'_ tS a -i
i _

L\ I L/

r +rS
#JtkUi' 5


! a ;4 YiT tir I Iis

f 5}

Li : _

PRIZES, GALQRE---Elatedashe.receivesa' check xor.tne; : Wise.-Florida 'Star,_-;newa editor. presents an expensive Best Boatsman" for his adept handling of his boat.

ClassiAasecond. -- place\:E,..\C: polklbeaasNextsAllysoalfef li} erman9 s reeltto- Ray Demery: who was elected the In the last frame, johnny Wooten accepts the Coca Cola
: ---*. -, ? prize for the 'Best Kept Boat" from Clint Moon.-

T. .,.' i < ." .. ,. '3i'1. : .. I :/. .
;: ; '\t"0. '
) j: '
: .' -' : : ... ;;j
: : : < <
'J" : <
1 ; J :: *3. 1 tt 1 i ... .., '_ ,:,- < -
DONORS '-" 'i- tj. : n'j;}> ; -l : + h(1'f; :
J. '. ., ",. PRIZE .7--.,1. ,. ,. _it' .;.1-.lj::i_ ". '!! ;;: ',');'<'!-..,"'. ; tti.,,.','';-",.. ",''.
.. .- i.t''J -" /'1:: : : ,...
."" ". ".
.<' ':Actstt's Ticldt- ..Sk....p'' :: '. :: ..'tft e.. ,, :"> "3 '''' '.. ."' '- ; ':-" "'

( .. ; .- : ,' '" !
4 ; ; i"I:
.,, ,"...::. :' ." > ":<"*' ." :. cf., ; ,' .. ". ; ,- .!-j--. ..:<..",..Florida, Stars ..'.".. .,, ;\
# x" 1- "
;: ;; -A', i:; II.C'.. lettliif C I. : i Daylight Markets ;:r'r" ,

'$ ,,-,I.. I, '.. .Sl i tJ'Ja .. .:. f ," ,-.', ." -, ., ...,, "
; .
.:; ;;;: < : ti E: ':.
s : tJ : ,, /; ,\ :
.. : ... .. .
.. .
'' ., '
.j. 1. ; "'-f. #fIl.' Fy -" ,
"' '" .
r .1i... : .,\ \ .j .:;! ..' :& k:$jf ; < .:,. ';. .Ii'.;: .. ..,>--r:
... ) ;; ; .. ,<
: ',;;11"t.' > ., ... c ;; .,,.,...f'.. .f.",....;. ,.; I '
: -t. .Cash Prizes -: '
,, :
,. / ;
i.'f" .,
-.RcX"leel. Z rti, ; 4: Cash Pr ,
.. '. itif.. Trophies .. to.
"" -- ->
p'4.: .
,...: _:" .. ,.. ... L !..1 ..'t', .;f/$.. .,.,,;"Jit'' .:..-. ,;:
'" --.c.-t'4 -= .' .,"i"
.. :: .
": :: .
i:1e: a. .
.' ;.} ?! 1. \: .



i "

\ ,.



PAGES '.. ..-..-,. .'.. ,0 .. ., ". J.'i.,. ..' .... .i. .' .'" '.. ......,...........,.":, FLORIDA STAB.'"" :*.;*-' ,-. -


> Ntwk CoMtcts Coast Firm Is Drafted
SPORTING IT UP u..;.,.- -' '-4' Cager

4 For Ekwi Awarded Fight's


OF THE MOST CONGENIAL MANAGERS in baseball NAGOYA. Japan Forner .': Broadcast Rights
Brooklyn Dodgers ace > :
will be honored at the Jacksonville Baseball Park : <'>. f t
hurler Don Newcombe-- .". ,' ; ,.,.f;. _, : NEW YORK Offering a ?
Saturday evening July 21. This particular manageris : "" .w.i "
? LJ"J "
.Mil! ;, ':'"',
knownas Newk here--has : $2 million guarantee and fb ;
now and has been a players' manager and the .... >
collected 4 hits In 11 tJ' \ 85 per cent of the i
j ,
fans favorite. He has been too broad to be nar- .
turns at bat aiice Joining receipts Reiner
row. Too big to be little, too considerate of rP
the Qiunichi ,Dragons ,. and Smith of
: Enterprises
other people to be selfish and too wide eyed',to "- 'i'i. "
be blind to the needs of his men and the desiresof of Japan* s Central Baseball ." ; 'l Los Angeles has been
League here. awarded the televisionand a'
the fans. The man to whom. I refer is affableBen > "
Newcombe. who is play- radio
rights for the
Geraghty of the Jacksonville Suns. '
ing first base with expectations Patterson-Liston heavy-
he was one of the most talked about managers in of taking a weight title fight.

minor league baseball. So successful was he as a turn at pitching once he .' t Championship Sports

minor league manager, people who follow baseball gets into tip top shape c h ; Inc. promoters of the "''1 1.0

cl eely were 1 coking forward to the day when the has been playing errorless ',,' 'f"/, ', : fight announced last :.,_ ',

ball at the infield week. '. ... .--, ."
front office would recognize his qualificationsand

elevate him to the managerial post of the position.In Tom Bolan, CSI president EARL PROCTOR a former

parent club. The people were disappointed at his first three AIDS LOAN HIND Dr. George W. Gore jr. (left), president Florida A \ said the California three-year member of the

games Newk blasted a and H. University, receives check from the PAMU General Alumni Association closed circuit firm
their failure to do so, but Geraghty uncomplaining Temple Univdrsity
450-foot homer, a double totaling 240721. The check was presented by Attorney Charles F. had offered the highest has
and basketball team
unc promisingly went about the task before -
Wilson, general president, during the recent Diamond
and two singles.The Anniversary Com percentage bid for the the Sun-
drafeted by
him. He continued to manage his club and been
former major league mencement exercises in Lee Hall. The amount will be matched with nine bout. of the
produce bury !Mercuries
27 game--in one -season-- dollars from the National Defense Loan Fund for every one dollar raisedby Bolan concluded that ball
GrnAGlITY'IS NOT A CRY BABY and he did not stand Eastern Bas k!
winner has also been the university, it was reported. bid
GRS' was Ik
around crying the blues about being mistreated. r League for the 196263season.
working with the team's cent
higher than the
He did not stand around grumbling and complaining .
pitchers whome he say Wilson 2nd Detroit became the closest bidder.
or crawling around on his hands and knees FergusonTo NcI11ld
have amazing control. He first Negro major league The world'
begging for an opportunity to show what he coulddo heavy- Earl's old contract torn
showing them how to include Ntgro NoHitPitcher pitcher to pull the feat weight title bout will
in the major leagues. He said give me the AH Stars up and gave him a new
curves and slidersin chile working for the be
staged in
Sept. 25
players and I'll have a team wherever I am. He one with a $1.000 raise.WATCH .
their repitoires. He Chicago Cubs during May
has not become popular by showing how fiery he CHICAGO Ohio State'sgreat Chicago s Comiskey Park.
did say that the Japanese 12, 1955 he held the .
could be by running out to "blow his top' withan All-American full- BOSTON Mass. -- When THE
pitchers aren't Pittsburgh Pirates hit- minors for more trainingon
the Red Sox' Earl Wilson
umpire every time he thinks he made an error. back Bob Ferguson was
overpowering.Newk less and.runless, win- account of wildness
He has not won games and pennants by countingthe selected last week to hurled a no-hitter against -
classified the ning by a 4-0 count. Elated over Wilson's
number of times he has been thrown out of a play with the College the Los Angeles
game. Japanese league as All-Stars which meets Angels here recently, hebecamee Wilson who has been historical feat. Red

"near AAA" and is happ the second the property of the Red Sox owner Tom Yawkey anauo 114111.11
BEN GERAGHTY CAME BACK TO JACKSONVILLE to give the world champion Green Negro
who seldom
over the fact that he Sox chain since 1953 visits theteam'
the fans what they wanted and that was a winner. Bay packers of the pitcher in history to
isn' t pitching, since the ranks had been brought up s dressing room,
What man can dispute the fact that he has not National Football Leaguein join of the
. Japanese hurlers--if immortals.Sam several times, but had was so elated over Wilson' 1 .
done so? This is July and the teamsstarted play- the annual College- < :tI'fj-
they're good--work near- been returned to the s exploit, he had : ,
ing in April. The team right now is where it ly everyday. Pros All-Star benefitgame Jones, now with rLu

started with a substantial lead and with the Aug. 3 at Soldiers' -
'." t '- -=
brand of ball the team has been playing it givea Field. 1 ..

person a chance to believe Jacksonville. in Clowns Outdraw Ferguson was chosen for '

for another pennant ,did it before and the his great all-around Congratulations! J Jt,

fans have enough faith in Ben Geraghty to believe Minor Clubs ability and his running t Boat Races Assn. i d'. '
.ow.. .
it can be done again capabilities, the Chicago .' : ', J.

WELL WHAT HAS BECOME OF THE Valmy Thomas Incident INDIANAPOLIS While Tribune Newspaper, .: :",; : Ii"
and what is the case as it now stands between American Association sponsor announced. '. ,:< "l"
officials have been won- \ : idit. f:
and the ?
Ben Geraghty international League ., :;r', : .
dering where all of the I
From all evidence it seems that it is very very ,
fans were coming from, N. C. CofegtTackift .. .,,.f'-. .t '
quiet for the time being.: It should be. Thomas '. -',. ," .
didn't commit the worse crime in the history of the Indianapolis Clowns I "
have been outdrawing the i
baseball. His punishment was given to him, he : Expert repairs
league teams ,in their on
suffered it and-why continue to chew the rag a- make outboard

bout it. Thomas is human, he is bound to err, he own sector. For AN Stars motors.

is infallible. Far be it from this columnistto During a June 22 game GRADY'SOUT
here, the Clowns--who jAXL1UJOI ?
attempt to defend Thomas in his misdoings, be- CHICAGO Charles Hin- '
-were named after this
cause there are other occasions that happenedthat ton, 250-pound tackle OUT

were to obvious to forget. One of the city--drew more than from North Carolina ,3130 BEACH BLVD.Phone
4200 paid admissions.
easiest ways to judge a player's* attitude is to College is one of the .
:: :
The Clowns, famed for .'_
two linemen added to the : t
see how he gets altng with Ben Geraghty. if he .
their comedy along with .. .. .. fJ ':/0 -. 398-5442
can't get along with the skipper, he might Justas College All-Star team ---.:"- '- ..... --. .
well hang up his spikes, pack his suits downin their a classy brand of which wail: oppose the J

moth balls and give it up. play are drawing fansin world champion Green Bap

WELL IF THERE IS.ANY SUCH THING as sandlot minor league cities Packers in the annual

baseball it certainly happened last Friday night whose clubs have been All-Star game slatedfor Congratulations!

in Jacksonville with major league juniors and having attendance head- Aug. 3 in soldiers' Annual July 4 Boat Races Assn.INDEPENDENT .
aches for years. Field here.
what is the international League but a junior

major league. When a player graduates from the '.- j :-" ..-:, LIFE

International League, he steps up into the majors.




',.. <'. : .l. ..: : .; ':"kkz" t' H

'.. .


) .' ,; i: { :

"P : s mss h

; .
:. ,'::. ''.C xr y4,>w

''7 -I

'. v .7

,. ,< .<, LOOKS FORWARD :: ., : x
':: < K,/: ? f rr L -

.,: ; < '
:. ) Jacksonville faces the rosiest future in her history. Sparked : "

.- '. by an energetic and forward-thinking City government, Jacksonville -'

".' ; -' s long cherished dreams of.maj or' civic improvements :: "',! .:;'

..' are_ day by day becoming living realities.. '. :?<." ." ,,r N .- .'.)!,i
:ry ,, r ; : ,.. N m ", ..r; F :
i \ ',' : L. -" _
E'r, > _
', =....,:..,_' 15Million Dollar ,Sewer Construction. :' '.,,,!!)..Vv. {. *c-}":*. -r.. '..\...,""" ,

7. '. ', 6 Million Dollar Paving and Drainage : >itr ;s .;A. :i'.
c,' :::'" ' '. \' "
.' 3 Million Dollar Sports ColiseumMillion V y. <' :
',\ : ','.' "\.r, '-.tt.' W"1" $'r';: '. t
:; "-' 5 Dollar City Hall ':. '- ;;-' : J;:;:' :: ", {:.
; ''": .: .. .'-.; ." .:'i.!' ,;# iV ...1-: ...>' : ;:..; ,
'j #.* ::... .' : 4 Million Dollar Auditorum ,",'- ,"/i- .. .4.. :' ,
+ NOUIi Lsi
:,tI -
', -

,:+..p.> -...'",Thus each citizen becomes o shareholder n..t;theprogress- ofhiscity. !," ),v
I., i t ocksonville's' futurkisindeed, rosy-with the.jimjf Cf; her.developments!
:: fjt
: : : .6.a. .. _
and efforts of'herCitizenry. ?, S. w+
,, ,)zmeosured. _. onK/.by( the,aspirations. "'-.
:: ,- ;- :R ,:-Z ;:r1'; :''' '.' '' .
: ; ; .
) ; ; '
? v Hayden Burns \ -fr S* .

> Mayor Commissioner \:.
.' ( : ..".. .
; .. < '
Dallas Thomas .' ::-'
Claude Smith,. Jr. '

.\, Commissioner of Health, Commissioner: of Porks ..' HOME OFFICE JACKSONVILLE. FLORIDA.. tr.r. .,? f<;;_' '

Louis Ritter ';. .- <>.:. .: j. D. Kennedy ., 1 ." << Offers Ordinary and Weekly Premium Plans of .." ':"M1. :

Comm. ss ioner of Highways. : t, : Y .Commissionerof, Utilities 4" ., ', : : "*'., :'-
f, ff : -, ? -. : -.- : &" : .y. LIFEt. ACCIDENT ENDOWMENT RETIREMENT INCOME; 'a
., -1:' _", -,'', '" .# ::> ; ( ',' .
: L I"1' .' ...

,':' -'-;::, ::i'.-' ,,. '. >0 :-..., <;:.-J ." ", ,. ,'!,$', ..:..:)' : .- Fully Group Mortgage and Hospitalization. insurance" .

: :f }:: '- : t .I1OWavailable j'..
: ', Monthly. Thrift Plan \ ;
h >
.- '.?.ff1. .__''_",_-. :..;...!: ,. --r', ,.--, ..,.._. 7' <' !: '. -
:: / .n. ; <
.. -;: ; ;'" ......... t.
"' .. .
$ ; ""
--. iji r--: 1'l7 '.,, t .V-' ?.- -'*,--' .... '- .
.t : .J" < '
: "
.:, ol-;. ,<\,;; ;..".;... /i../!', ''.. .., ; t I O> E'R ,ACTING: IN'''';
; .
: -+ "" ir' ?'. : -*'- '--*> -,? / ,-",:&yv' -:-*:- -, ,
) : ftorida Georgia, ..":Alabama I South" Carolina' '- Ttnnttstt. : -' Mississippi
.' ... ....... .. "I c' : *- &' -E.jtf. 'S _" f ': ..' Y4 f.

t ; ., 1" Oklahoma
1.ift- ;' f ::5
... ; { ,



I 1 : f \,

I (

JULY 14, 1962 fLMM STAR
a .P1RF n__ 7.
. .

k Ii STJ Ii .

'iStar Sprinter Robert Hayes Askt, LogaRSimpsoi Florida Football League

ft1 Art I

'. Calmy Awaits Worldwide Tests : oilrI Twmfs Wtatrs .' Is loaded With Talent

'4 LYNCHBURG Va. Youth-

The Young Man's World muter. Hayes competed in Homer Jones of Texas ful Arthur Ashe. who is FT. LAUDERDALE Are Bradford (Chicago cardinals boast (at least rightnow

Grows.He three major meets in southern; former Olympicace I predicted by experts to there 198 professional ) on their roster. ) of players with professfcnal -

is shy to the pointof California this Spring Ira Murchison; Roger eventually become football players in the Doug leaver, a 6-foot- experience. But

embarrassment. Fame with a fourth coming up. Sayers of Omaha, who Americas to singles state of Florida ? 2, 270 pound tackle for the Orlando team is a

has come suddenly and he A year ago when the held a victory over to.. hF player will defend his Less than five weeks the Ft. Lauderdale Tigers veteran one and Key West

wants to handle it with U.S.-Poland meet was Hayes; Bob Poynter of : Eastern Clay court from today (Sunday), the is a former San Francisco will have topflight Navy

dignity. The achieve- held at Warsaw. Frank Santa Clara. championship at ortoni six teams in the Florida 49ers performer. The ballplayers at its

ments have enabled him Budd of Villanova then Hayes won..and most of Field in Hackensack, N.J Football League will be- Tigers also have end Don disposal.Size .

to broaden his visions the reigning sprint the skeptics were con- Jackie Robinson Ashe. who won the gin the taks of findingout Edgington Oakland is abundant on all

and his hopes. champion was upset by vinced of his talent., .Highest Honor tournament last year, akojt their person- Raiders) and halfback six FFL teams with 6-

This has been a season marion Folk of Poland. Hayes figures to pro- The first Negro to enter is the youngest winnerin nel. Jack Westbrook (New York foot3. 280 pound Tommy

of high adventure and Hayes will race against fit tremendously from organized baseball, the over 50-year span The six clubs--Key West, titans) listed. Scott of Jacksonville the

surprises for Robert Folk and Andrzej Zielin- the intense training and Jackie Robinson wall: of the event. Miami, Ft. Lauderdale The Miami Bombers preliminary pace-setter. Right behind

Hayes, the 19-year old ski. The other U. S. entrant competition he will receive be inducted into Base- The doubles team of Orlando Daytona Beach roster shows are Ray Benaby of Ft.

Florida ASM sprint star, will be Roger Say- before the meets ball's Hall of Fame in Benny Logan and Lenwar and Jacksonvillewillhave Lambert Reed. 6foot3. Lauderdale (6-5. 275) ,

and the newly crowned ers of the university of with Poland and Russia. Coppers w, N.Y. July Simpson, playing in the six short weeks to 257 pound tackle iron Culpepper. Tex Fergusoncf

National AAU 100-yard Omaha. "I will practice harder 23 along with Bob Feller Net Men1 s Tournament in pare their pre-season !Morris-Brown who was with Miami (6-2. 268) .

champion.As Hayes' presence on the than I've been able Bill McKekechnie and Baltimore, were sensa- rosters from 50 or so the Detroit Lions, and Dalton Bray of jacks m-

he awaited bis United States' team pro- to recently. The big Eddie Roush. tional in cutting down to a uniform 33 players, Jim Bryan, 6-foot-3. 230 ville (6-2 262) and a ,

plane's departure for vides him tremendous thing I want to do is to their opponents to reach 28 of whom will be lis- pound fullback from host of others around

Chicago and the week- personal satisfaction. improve how I come off Moon Koyots the finals and to cop ted as active and five Florid State who the The 250 average-pound age mark.of the

end dual meet between Despite his overallfine the blocks at the the title. inactive or 'injury toiled with the Titans.
listed on thepreseason
All-Star teams of the record this Spring start, hes ys. DIaz In 2nd reserve" players.The Orlando's Broncos and

United States and Pdl'and, there were numerous Hayes expresses little LOS ANGELES Classy Receives s 1,000 Award preseason rostersof Key West jaguars don't 25. rosters 4is

Hayes talked modestly of track coaches and observers concern about matchinghis world the six team show a

his triumphs9 and what who doubted he early season time featherweight number of players with

they have meant. deserved to be rated as of 9.2 seconds. champion Davey Moore, imposing physical statis- Atlanta Hotel Accepts
finished his opponent I
The meet against Poland the Nation s top sprin- "Really, I oon' t think tics, including a large
youthful Mario Diaz of Jax
Friday and Saturday at ter. about time. I try to run number who have played Ball Club
Guadalajara, Mexico in
the University of Chicago1" Particularly in the according to the way the professional football in
second round of their ATLANTA Peach tree players it was learne-
s Stagg ,Field will East the belief priorto race Is going," he either the National .
manor this week.
scheduled 10-round non- became the firs
mark the start of inter- Football League the
the ,:AU. was that says. or It also announced
title bout Monday night Atlanta Hotel to voluntarily was
national competition for The Rattler star American Football
remains -
Budd would
Hayes a
In the Sports Arena meet the chal- the desegregationmove.
Hayes. The second phase thorough lesson in the amazingly calm in here. Top player in the FFL. lenge of segregationwhen .
of it will be partici- big championship meet. the face of the excite- in terms of pro experience -
Moore 26. dropped his it recently housed The hotel management
pation in a Dual meet ment around him. is 28-year old
The 9.2 worldequallingdash
opponent with one of all member of the Jack- prior to the desegregation -
against Russia at Palo "When the season Ed CUlpepper a tour-year
i at the
Hayes ran his famed left hooks to sonville suns baseball move released the
Alto. Cal., July 2122. University of Miami was started, I really had no veteran In the NFL with
the jaw in the fading team of the Inter- following announcement
p Then if I do well" belittled. idea of all the wonder- the Chicago Cardinals
seconds of the first national League which which stated: 'The
]Hayes says. "The AAU ful things that culd ( '58-60) and Minnesota
"Hayes matched Budd's
round. Diaz Jumped up at has several Negro hotel has agreed to take
is sending teams to happen. Beating Budd and Vikings ( '61).
world record under
J r
ques- the count of two, butt the visiting baseball
Europe later in the tionable circumstances"a Jerome last week pro- e automatic eight Culpepper an all- teams. "

Summer. The winners get leading critic claimed vided me with my biggest \ Southeastern Conference INVEST IN YOUR OWN
count was interrupted at It has not become immediately -
their choice of the Originally, the AAU kick because you liketo 1 1I tackle and a two-time PROGRESS
seven when the bell rang ,, .. : known whetherthe
trips. I hope I can go field contained 41 compete against the ending the round. L-._. bowl participant during SUPPORT YOUR exclusive downtown
to Sweden." sprinters. Each had a best, he says. his four years at Alabama URBAN LEAGUE
The bout was promotedby would extend ser-
This all is a new and recognized clocking of Hayes expressed great the FRANK BUDD will be on the defensive SUPPORT YOUR NAACP vices
Joe Louis group. to Negroes in
eye-opening experiencefor 9.6 or better to enter. curiosity and Interestover .....To Pro Ranks platoon of the general.INDEPENDENT.

Hayes. Prior to enrolling The shakedown left 22 the announcement Jacksonville Bears. CUl- ..
& at Florida AIM starters in the pre- Budd had signed a c n- Mays Nawtd FORMER Champion sprinter pepper is 6-foot-l and -, -----,'------------- -- -

the youngster never had liminaries.The tract to play professional Frank Budd of Villanovawho weighs 270 pounds and now

taken a trip outside thes talent was the football for To All-Tim. recently signed to works on oil corporation
Nick Skorich's Philadelphia play for pay with the
tate.' best..from the- college executive in Jackson-
N. Y. Gimts
NOw he's become a and AAU ranks Budd, his Eagles. Philadelphia Eagles pro ville.

trans-continental com- teammate Paul Drayton; MIAMI Fabulous Willie football team recently Daytona Beach has the
'. Rodfws Joins received the $1000 annual services of Joe
Mays was the only current Hergert White Label
Wanamaker Award
San Francisco University of

Bowling Firm Giant's player to be se- which is given Philadelphia Florida center and line- S SCOTCH WHISKY
Athlete of the
lected on Eddie Brannick' s backer and a two-year man
BAIT AND TACKLEACOSTA'S year. Budd is coholderof
'S all-time Giant's with the Buffalo Billsin

team., the world s 100-yard the AFL. The Thunder-
TACKLE BOX dash record (9.2) along '
Brannick, now secretaryto birds also have Earl

8019 MAIN ST. the team which first wi th Jacksonville'sRobert Looman (Baltimore Colts), ntt/k

hired him as an office Hayes, a FAMU Ronnie King (Toronto I I

JUST.-BEFORE. YOU GET TO.TROUT RIVER boy in 1906, came out junior. Argonauts), and Bill

r;; with these selections:, 31=.
: +
Bill Terry, first base;
Action Set
r Frankie Frisch, 2j; Dave Negro Heads l 'J
Bancroft, SS; Freddie To Desegregate
109 PENN REEL 6 Ft.,SALTWATER ROD Lindstron, SB; Joe Moore School loastlliNewJersey

LF; May, & LINE
F RF Pancho Snyder. Chief .

J Meyers, catchers; Christy ARLINGTON, Va.---The -
;< GUY RODGERS Mathewson (RH) and first concerted actionto NEWARK N. J. VernerV. You Don't Have to Go to Town to Get

To APR PostPHILADELPHIA Carl Hubbell (LH) end movie segregationin Henry, a district
Top pitchers. Northern Virginia is supervisor for the LOW PRICESOn

pro-eager Guy Rodgers of Brannick selected Mel presently under way. It State Bureau of parole,

the San Francisco War- ott outfielder and was initiated by the last week became the

riors and former TempleU. Heine Groh, infielder, Virginia Committee to first Negro to be YourS

All-American has as his all-time mythical end theatre discrimination elected president of the
Board of Education here. DRUG STORE NEEDSTrade
been hired as special Giant utilitymen. in which Northern
'John McGraw. was the Virginia CORE is playingan Mr. Henry woo has beenon
aide to the general
With Your Neighborhood
Drug Store
the beard since 1957.
greatest manager I active role.
manager of Glenwood WE WILL MEET ANY PRICES
said here succeeds Morris Fuchs. a YOUR
ever known The Globe
Lanes at Broad end Glen-
in naming the labor official who has LOCAL PAPERS
I wood Brannick has been picketed on
Avenue. former Giant boss as several occasions by been president for six I We Deliver-We Also Fill All Doctors'Prescript ionsDixie

: -. manager of his all- groups of up to 25 per- years. Henry was electedby
S a 6-to-8 vote, with Pharmacy
Watch stars. sons--Negroes and whites
This Clown three newly-elected mem-
HT students and adults.This
: be r s abstaining.The .
18.48-09-193 theatre was chosen as a
point of concentration new board also includes 1302 KBI.S Road at Myrtle AreooeFtoes
372 05 564 newly-appointed
Gail! Sips because of its proximityto
Negro Harold Ashy ft 5-5591-93
the Halls Hills,
2. ST. LOUIS Prentice making this the first ..
Negro section. Another
1 8. Gault. former university time two Negroes have
theatre which has been ,
7' .. JlT._ 3 Oklahoma star fullback been on the board.
picketed is the Vir- BILLS AT OUR STORE
13-20-46 and leading rusher i
ginia in Alexandria.None 0
: for the St. Louis
39 06 72
of the neighbor- ..

Sonet IMS he" up Cardinals'last year football signed teas his hood theatres here in l J "----' ..-"____"____..__,___ ; -
Some t lies he's dom Alexandria--except the
'62 contract with the
Re adds subtract. teaa last week. all Negro Carver thea- BUSINESS DIRECTORYThe .
He worts it all around tre admit Negroes. Management -

92-83-65 uses a state Finns LUfod Below Are Recommended At Reputable
segregation law as a

Tie Twist i 1I 1-- pretext for refusing to Establishment Specializing Services and Products
I change. However, this
The Latest Men's Hair Styles law would undoubtedly be IMPERIAL SUNDRIES
held unconstitutional in
federal court, spokesmen Potent MtcUdncs! Cosmetics
At Tht
for the Committee All UocSng HaIr P.onscv.mwsAsnn4n53
SPECIALS Mechanic On Duty
point out.Recently.

JackonvilleBarber the Committee JAMES FAULKNER Mechanic

2-5xTs, i 1CikMbck asked the Arlington LILLY'S DRUG STORE IKE JOSEPH. Proprietor

County Boafd for an of- Staff and Jefferson Sts. EL 6-9432

Inc I Wife JUS ficial statement con- a c..lite UK CiSNETICS ....

College dewing theatre segrega- DE LADY D' MOm

1-$ 11 ** i'3- 3-y JSJS tion. While some Board II" Oils mm Rooms Day Kite leek

6.1. Approved- 1N% Air CM*. embers expressed, individually sympathy for, SWHKSPmcriptiiK Telephone In Each Room

630 DAVIS ST. at Beaver Tips h Cmmincil! Wedd,ItS_ tatnib this viewpoint, the CaW far ml fefatdINI TV Or Radio Hot & Cold Water

Board declined to act. .. Cd 771-7342 -

JACKSONVILLE, FLMM 515 MW ST. EL 4.1* Kip II : El 3-8216- 2S8 HR&M II Smtnbr FIa.SATURDAY .

',_ f ". ,.- '. ..

U PAGE 8 c.- .- FlfMA. STAR SATURDAY JULY 14, 1362
--- -- -------
Good Luck And Happiness fcan/fie. Gained, ,.:.:. { : .- .. -- -r-ROOMS FOR RENT Faskion. :Show Will Feature.. Kiddies, SundayThe Former Joxw .* *

For immediate help afi).( qulpk results JIIi iii'S: Hotel I Nice-on West Side-$5.50, children of the rium of Carver Elementar Is Employed By
TV in every -room & $6 Wkly.-Nice CoupleNo community will be presented School 45th and Vernon RENTFurnished
Consul MRS KING For Reservations._ Call :, Children EL, 4-3720 in a fashion show road, for the benefit of Missle Plant
Kk H EL 5-4025 >.f and playlet Sunday from the building fund for iently locatedSingle -
Gifted Reader & Spiritual the community building SUNNYVALE CALIF.. A.'
s 141% W. ASKIEYJacksonville ServicesSound 3.5. P.P. In the audito- Man EL 4-7510
Adviser R. Wright of San Jose.
Past-Present -
U to be constructed at theJ.
-Future. Tells you any- Florid!! Service for Ad- 45th STaEErSTaEEr- Irving E. Scott Park Calif., is now employedas
thing you wish to know. e vertising- Dances, Ball and.Playground. an stock clerk at the Starts
Different from all UTS FN SALE Games etc. Also Loud r Drive-In Participants will be Lockheed Missiles & Spac RITZ gOt
others. Satisfaction i $25.00 Down $10 per. Speaker Service for Bari- IARBQOEthey're from Floradale Magnolia Company. Wright is a SUlday First Ron
Guaranteed. Lucky Days month at MariettaTel.EL quets Concerts, Record Gardens, Moncrief native of Jacksonville, True
& Numbers-Don't mistakename. caur 4-7442-Su d&1s. Tel. Hops etc.Phone El 3-5902. D licioos Pickets Lincoln Villa, Florida, ,formerly ,resided story
MEANS EV 41181. SOUND SERVICE in Detroit
Permanently lo- and Ribault Heights sub
---- ---
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5505 BEACH BOULEVARD HOUSES FOR SALE .45th & Moncrief Friends and the general major factor in de story
public are urged to fense and aerospace industries -
2912 Pullman $6200 $300 Down $57 per Month Near 45th Stregt Lockheed manu-
attend in order to make
2000 W. 21st. $6000 $300 Down $57 per Month
facture includes the
Package Store it possible for the pro-
MwWDdve.f Call El 5-5569 __ J ect to become a reali- Polaris missile system
& and the Agena satellite

Fruit Market In T. W.MemoriamMrs. Reatha Under- vehicle.The agnea. is used in a
tJt variety of space missions -
'EDGEWO9tz9 wood on behalf of the
for the Air Force
MoncNct'F family of Vergil
45th &. Mr. and in a number of Nasa
Harvell, who passed away projects including the
wee M June 22, 1962, wishesto Marauders
Bfi tJer, Pnp .- Ranger moon probes.
.: .. .:.; thank their friendsfor
Mariner 'Venus flybysand
The Original 'T .R! : *: ;
far Fret Btfety, 1 W M 5-9287 Ip My. the many kindnesses the Geminin manned JEFF CHANDLER HAM
extended during the
rendezvous-space pro-
1 IB. to 12 JJL, _?_ DRIFTERS With family s bereavement. gram. & "QUEEN OF THE PIRATES"

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NECK MEATY BONES 2 k 250 Johnny.Darrow r-----I -- --,

GRADE FRYERS'A' ".", '.. ,' It. 290 HLti i1 f The BLUE ACES. II I SUPERMARKETS.= jII I

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FRESH : ,' _. :.--- .
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250 t HERSHEY t
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ARMOUR STAR & HENRY KING t SUGAR Will $5J food I Its. attIn41

BACONAmoar 2s. $1, .29 P4I.ltjW : VE6ETOIE

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SmokedSAUSAGES 1 t _Witt S5.00 food_nder I It

"III.'' 290 t Mayonaise 29C t
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LOOSE A' jar

WEINERS! 16. 29C Bar ops at 5 p.m.tl''A$, d ItI. FRESH FLORIDA GRADE 'A' LARGE I!

Ogee '111 t a.m. l'QIJe $Frees O t HENS .lb. 19 C F AB.19t I

OlEO 19C .. i ouoe, QD6EwooeA With $5.00 Iced order t r
In., .(tartars _. = touea U.S. Government Graded 'Good'

FRESH GREEN --- ., 100" 4."' -- = jh4I REST_ ED6EWOOD a4--4-AVENUE- AT CLEVELAND l Chuck Ro ib. t

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TREE RIPEPEACHES Send or Bring Your New
21.- 250 S In To TheFLORIDA e .

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/ you .need a friend in $55 Wkly.
CHOPS 'ii. N. Y. Let Mr. Harold'of Send References with
-. the Mallory Agencybe letter. Carfare rushed.
tad Cut Strc&of-Ua your friend. He Hampton Agency ,
live- 13 N. Station Plaza PLUMBING
I 1e:.. in Job in a good home, Great Neck N. Y. YOUR BILLS
paying $30 to $50 a m *
week, free room, meals,
Bar Be Que e ; TV. He, advances bus WANTED
490 tickets and expenses to Beauty Operators & AND GIVE
SPARE RIBS I.. N. Y. SEND REFERENCESto Barbers are wanted to
Mr. Harold, The Mallory I Hollywood Beauty Lounge
12 INCH Agency, Dept. 140, 622 W. Ashley St. Call '
HOT DOGS I Ie 576 Merrick Road Mr. El Ralph Parver 1 YOU THIS! .0
lb.'iAjwIiiioiCOFFEE Lyribrook, .N.. Y. 3-3245 -
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With K.OO .or sere fell rttf "-'

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FRESH WItIntlllIIG JAMES IROWN Dance& t 398.6448 >.: ; .

25 -Sat. July 14th ., '
FISH ; t. :: ON DUTY 24 SJ444L44 '.
> COLISEUM 2 Big (JI... "' .. (* M

FRESH '. ,.:;,.'... ..- ..:r .... ..., :.:...;. .... 3 p.m. MATINEE.: Admission $1.25 Blasts 10 p.m.2 .! FAMILIAR LOOK ? COULD LIKE THIS LOOK THE EXTRA ROOMS.
.' ; i 69C a.m: Advance-$2.00-At Door$2.50it's SECRET .
SHIMPS ij. : The Nation's Greatest I : PRESENT JUST ONEPAYMENT LET : Aluminum Siding

James kern MONTHLY Garages

Cwcsr (M r- ._.. .._ "__--- please please please'' ..PAYMENTS. ......... $23 S ALLYSON, Bedrooms BathroomsTV
59C i! "Night Train" cAR .......... $SI 5 8 CORP.
PORK CNOPS a .;:,,J 'l/st Someone"Try Me FURNITURE .... Sly Screen Enclosures
g "" j Ii FINANCE..... $34 COMBINEYOUR Porches
Plus -
"t TOTAL S1S1 PArs ALL BILLS! New Reefs
pill!, CtrIII wtwrc ; FAMOUS FUMESTYIMIIE .. PaintingFences .
.i 1 FAIl Mail Co.po. I.l.w for laforeti.: :;: .

\ h PnfccsBtstmtt MME ." : X : MI U8YI _. :< All YSON CORP. INC. .}r Driveways
t ':yam pth bifjliPtN1NN 11NN. ; ., i "Hashed Potatoes" ;: 3HB HI ST. ftKHSTME H. New Windows
.. : Tit IA/mMES JID.SftlE 7, FINN .. .. f"um..'""
Be11 1 ut lfli 1111 1 J"lvlUe fiirninh tmtnfttv k-Ulla. I am Interested In your bill consolidation If Dna.a
G 1AJICIIC wums bulIUing pla. .- ; ? ._ Electrical I Work
t* il Ctaete Isis,. .t, Tickets Now On Sale ': J'A11E! ..................... ."' ":..-.....I.- ....... -.... .........,................. i't... I U IIRgS i
ETKHJ Sum MMnr. PMcs Hollywood Buster P r4Coliaetai -.., At"Jt'ss ............................................. ...;..............."." '. ". Tile Floors
f : 8 Mi.g Park: ....."i (''TrY ..&..':...-; ..., .'. .".J.';-.-'. ..*.... ...,.: PHONE" :"t 0 New Kitchens
WE ARE LIAR Iftt 24 MNS lilY Beach Abe Ll.ert's-l.mri Theatre MMie-Nf 'y'< -_ p.. .. ',..-_"r:..,.. :.....t.')p.\. M...... .,-:**V..1JO'.1". ,\o1 ,>*&.H.1;.;:"" J'o.\. :\j:: 9 Building l Materials r:
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