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Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
July 7, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
July 7, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
Ir I t .


Annual, Fourth Of July Boat Races Is Thrilling New Berlin Event ,

i I *sr** ***** ***** s.rr




-- -


-- -- -- .

--- .. I '-0 t1t
VOL 12-HO. 14 SATURDAY JULY 7, 1962 15 CEN' i

. v

Police Present Boat Races YovthM VRtfes Of Tin Sea p

.:. :' '* ... LAWMEN ARREST
Thrills CrowdsThe ." 4\ v :

As NAACP, Klan <; ... v ,. y>:"*'"v. .......,V- s. ,
8th Annual July 4 .
.' "
,: \ ot >'. '
DemonstrateATLANTAWhile Boat Races held at New l '
Berlin last Wednesday ,! -h y '

mem- Independence Day turned .w'" :
bers of the police department 9 IN SHIN RAIDS
s special out to be one of the .r

I security division stood most exciting meets to .

date, and despite pre- w .....
r by on the alert. NAACP .
vious predictions saw a kr"y3 0', A

members gated hotels picketed and segre res- larger turn out of : 't Frequent Drawings Laid To Absence Raids On 2 Floradale Homes

boats than in recent

members taurants of while the Ku robed Klux years.A large. crowd braved p .A I Of Life Guards And Rescue Equipment Yield 245 Gallons Of Moon Shine

Klan handed out leaf-

lets. There were no reported the threatening weatherand c .r Six young lives claimed by the Atlantic last

incidents. were rewarded with Saturday and two during the July 4th holiday Federal and County agents combined forces last

viewing two thrilling Monday in staging raids which resulted in uncovering -
Calvin Craig, grand F; V grimly re-emphasized the need for life guards and
events. 4 yyo 245 gallons of nontax-paid whiskey and
and for
dragon of the united rescue facilities at Fernandina Beach a

Klaus Knights of the The Class B race for 03k much larger life-saving squad at Little Talbot the arrest of three Jacksonville residents..

45 Horse power motors island. Assistant District
Ku Klux Klan said. t
.was won by Israel Stal- : Witnesses assert that Supervisor C.F. JerniI I
Mayor Ivan Allen Jr. 'r sent during the surf-
lings' "X-100," with 4&k the triple drowning at gan of the State Beve-
months of summer -
who welcomed the NAACP bathing
A.C. Folk's "M-14" Fernandina Beach might Department said
to Atlanta, 'would but they also express -
taking second place and well have been avoidedby 225 gallops were foundin
have to take responsibility the opinion that
Robert Watkins' 'Miss the presence of life the home of Mrs. .
for any vio the danger is tripled by
'' Dee" claiming third guards when the frolick- of trained Lucile Brown of 5604 r
lence. the absence
place. George Chris a.r ing of three childrenin Mahalia Drive and 4
Capt. R. E. Little, life-saving
topher's 'Black Hawk" the surf suddenly be another 20 gallons of
head of the police de- came an emergency and equipment at Little
dropped out the race the whiskey were foundin
partment's special security Talbot Island and
Just as swiftly a tragedy. -
before the five laps Beach.gyx. the home of Mrs.
division, said Fernandina
ended. Emma McCray of 5525 Ma-
he didn't expect any
Drowned were 11-year iR i2i '
Stallings and his "X- x halia Drive.
trouble. old' 'erry Hawks of 726 ++r
100 eased out into first Both women were arrested Mrs. Emma McCray
Only minor incidentsof
Court E. and the Mc-
place soon after the Carl Crawford
shoving were reportedas w Laurin sisters Sherrie r
craft broke from the 6 O. at his home 1022 t' .
picketing started Belinda 12. and Gladys ;
line andkeptthe s
starting Broad street. jernlgan
Tuesday. Uniformed policemen V 'Tvonne. 13*.-"both''bt"72rCourt : '-
he is well-
lead even though said Crawford
and plain J.
was challenged for known to beverage agentsand
clothes detectives were j& >
Down at Little
the spot several times was arrested on evi-
on hand bet were not Talbot the
Island Atlantic -
by the polk' '"' -14' Five of the six victims of last weekend's triple .) dence obtained during

needed.A In an exciting 8-lap drownings at Fernandina Beach and Little Talbot clawed the lives the raids of the homeson

sprinkling of white Open Race for all class Island are shown above. In top photos are Benjamin of Benjamin Smith, 19, Mahalia Drive.

persons were 'among the Snith. and his and his brother-in-law;
motors, Don Wade' 19. brother Walter. 15. who drownedat M Crawford was placed in
NAACP pickets. They Little Talbot Island when rescuers tailed to 16-year-old Carl Gay Y
Ffti bend.
"393-F" took first i Jail under $2,000
carried signs with such reached then in time. Drowned with them was 16- both of 3441 Japonlca
place from Stalling's"X100" He was broughtbefore
slogans as "KhrushchevCould year-old Carl Gay brother-in-law of Benjamin. Road. Smith's younger
trail- Peace
after justice of the
Stay Here. Negro Sherrie Belinda McLaurJn. 12. and her, sister brother. Walter also
ing behind him for four Robert R. Roberts.
Americans Nyet" : and Gladys Yvonne. 13, who perished at Fernandina perished in the tragedy. LARRY HAWKSIndependence
and one-half laps. Tuesday July 3 for pre-
'Twelve SouthernCi Beach along with 11-year-old Jerry Hawks are in Walter 15. lived with Day
Leaping as it made its liminary hearing. His
ti es -Have 'open bottom photos. Two more drownings occured at his parents at 2531 Petunia activities at American Mrs. Florida Stevens
bid for first place, case was continued until -
Hotels. Why not Atlanta the "393-F" appearedas Fernandina Beach during the July 4th holiday. The Road. Benjamin Beach was marred by the July 18. ,

? : though it would turn victims were visiting Georgians.the Smith had been married drownings of Fred Wright 'i'': .

Ten hotels and six barely more than three 34 of Savannah Ga.. and
over. Stallings once race.A 'f
restaurants were being over-taken could not particular highlightof Rev. Mod King months.: Hiss Josephine Ramsey I ..

picketed in protest of regain his spot and the boat regatta was The smith brothers and 21, of Augusta. Ga.
the exclusion of some came in second. Third the water show presentedby Welcomes ProbeIn Gay- were described as >

delegates to the NAACP taken by the New Berlin Water being victims of strong Seyerl Beaten
prize was
AMEZ Bishop ;
convention. The NAACP Walt McKenzie who kept Ski Club. Loon Co. 'fIX'A1LANTA ocean currents which ,

said picketing would up a good pace with An award Bar-B-Q affair, defendinghis swept them into deep Man Attacked Him
In Asserts White
continue daily from eat ice Joy." for all the contestantswill water despite their efforts -
11:30 a.m. until 1 p.m. part in the grantingof to swim to shore.
Only one boat quali- be held Saturday Federal charter toMiami's remember being hit twice.I .
and from 3:30 p.m.until Rescuers were reportedly
fied for the 35 Horse July 7, starting at savings white. didn'tsay
dura Franklin saw only one person. He was
5:30 p.m. for the within 40 feet of them
Power classification 5 p.m. at Christopher's Association remembered, Iwas
tion of the convention! Berlin.JoMsa and.Loan when they disappeared. anything. The next thing I

which ends Sunday. making it necessary to pier New Rev. Martin Luther King is on__ mr_ waY to the hospital..."
There no telephone ...........
...... cancel the race. A Carl
..... .1 Dean jr.. stated he would connection between Little Thus did integration chin has been stitched.The Crawford
boating or great disappointment
When fishing. welcome an investigationof 'the leader Bishop C. Ew-
Talbot Island and side of his
right Raid
in Florida., came when Bob Hawkins' Jekyll
water-skiing the proceedings. bank Tucker describe how
Svccimbs Here mainland, nor is there face is also cut.
follow the rules'of capsized during King answering an opposing -
always he was mysteriously assaulted -
any telephone questionin Island MotelsJEKYLL
"There is no
,the try-out period and
and common: grouP's the Roose
courtesy of
Dr. Theophilius E. McKinney tion on the island it- on the night mind that I was
the was not able to get his and Loan As my ISLAND Ga. ---
velt savings
sense. Observe sr.. 63, a nativeof self. The beach, which June 23 when he openedthe attacked by someone because -
safety rules. craft in running condition Live Aok and dean of sociation--charge that stretches for nearlytwo door of his home to racial views." posing as tourists in
in time to enter the Federal of order to make pur-
- and h e called
the college of arts admit someone.
miles, is patrolled .
board's chairman Joseph chases, state revenue
sciences at Johnson C. by two life guards. The bishop told reporters .

.Boat Race WintersBOAT Smith University Char- McMurray on behalf of There are no surf boatsor that he was y d ,' agents later swooped

the Franklin Associationwhich down motels here this
lotte. N.< ? succumbedto rescue bouys in sight awakened late at nightby

a heart attack at received the charter anywhere on the beach. a noise at his front week and charged the

the home of his sister further stated that Up in Fernandina the door, and went to in- operators with selling
he would gladly do the 4 4F6X whiskey without li-
here last night.An beach stretches for vestigate. "I remember '
thing next week if k : censes.
;rF educator for more same nearly three'miles. Not opening the front door

than 30 years Dr. McKinney he found a group in one life guard is on to admit someone." he / The raids came follow-

returningfrom which he had confidence. iW./: ing a 30-day undercover
was duty there, and the absence said. "The next thing I
i Nassau Bahamas Meanwhile in Washing probe when agents, posing -
4 of rescue equipment remember I was on my way
attendeda ton. two GOP members of as tourists bought
where he had is conspicuous. up here (to the hospi-

family reunion.Dr. the House Government 'A surf boat could tal. ) b drinks at all four of

McKinney had received Operations Committee 'have saved those boys," Bishop Tucker, who wife the Island's motels.
R. walter Rielhmanof The Dolphin, the Is-
his bachelor'sdegree Reps. said one observer who is State RepresentativeAmelia

from Morehouse New York and John B. witnessed the Talbot Tucker said he land's only facilityfor

College Atlanta; his Anderson of Illinois Island tragedy from the has received a numberof BISHOP TUCKKB beat.-n Negro patrons and
master's from Boston wrote Rep. William. L. pier. "They were all threatening telephone managed by James Chand-

University and doctorate Dawson of Illinois requesting fairly good swimmers but calls, postcards and the prelate said. He ler, *was one of the

from North Carolina A&T a probe of the they drowned from exhaustion letters about integra- said the beating was his pl&ces.raided..

College.He case before the Federal bef ere anybody tion matters. He has second experience be- Agents also confisi-,

is survived by Mrs. Home Loan Bank Board. could get to them." been one of the most cause of racial matters. cated three slot machines

Ethel Seldon and Mrs. However California This is a fine beach," outspoken local resi- the bishop who is an during the raids.
Democrat Rep. John Moss
T.B. Randall, sisters one woman said up in dents in urging that all attorney, related how he Start Selective
stated he w probe
both of Jacksonville. Fernandina, but I'm public facilities be de- was beaten on the court-
the case without regard Drive
Funeral services were to the GOP's at- afraid of it for my segregated.The house Square at Elizabeth Buying

held Friday at 1 p.m. it I children's sake. I don't bishop. 67, is Ky. April 28. PENSACOLA The Pensa-

African Baptist Church tack. sunned the think those children listed in fair conditionat 1931. while defending cola Council of Ministerin
Dr. King up
RACE IINMERS---Israel Stallings. left, Live Oak. situation by describing would have drowned, if Jewish Hospital here. two Negro youths charged conjunction with the

I pilot of "X-'QO" and winner of the Class A the Roosevelt group as we had life guards en His left eye is swollen with murdering a white pens a co la youth Councilof
aotorboat race in the Annual July 4 Boat Races disappointed over not the beach. shut. He has two cuts on san. "The only thing NAACP nave begun a

Be sure you buy your People generally agree the top of his head one that saved my life" he, selective buying campaign -
with '
held at New Berlin is seen H. C. polk whose before having been given a
,11-14" took second place in the event. license fishing} in Florida.you go charter and who sought that the danger of of which required sti- said "was the presenceof against Smith's

:.(Another photo on page 8.) (Billy Brown: photos) him as a scapegoat. drowning is always pre- tches. A cut under the State Troopers." Sunbeam Baterr.p4 ,

_ \

" '


OJ I 'f




.- .
Published by the Florida Star Publishing Co. 7 3

'Member of,Associated Negro Press" /* BY.ERIC O Slll l.01l .
\ -' :
J' t
ERIC 0. S SIMPSON............Managing Editor! ;: The jailing of two white supporters of

AIYSON E. WISE........-......News Eftor the integration movement here brought
( protests from across the country.

HILDA WOOTEN...........-Circulation Manager Miss Lynn Pfuhl 18, and ,Paul Duffy, Jr. ,
F; } iP 35, each received two nine-day jail sen-
MAIN OFFICE & PLANT: tences on breach of peace

charges. In Louisville, sen-
2323 Moncrief f. Elgin 4-6782 El 4J783 tences of less than 10 days

are non-appealable. Miss
Mailing Address:
Pfuhl was also fined $15 on

P. O. Box 561, JacksoiiYile 1, Florida each charge, and Duffy $lq
on each.
fr Miss Pfuhl, a student, was

:SUBSCRIPTION RATFS arrested for standing-in with
students at the West
One'Year,..$6. oo: Half Yeir. $4.00 + Negro
which refuses to admit Negroes
Mailed to you Anywhere in the United States End Theater
.' End Theater which refuses to admit Ne-
Subscription: Payable in Advance .
: j' .11 -
not demonstrator but
Duffy was a
Send check or Money Order to:
1 was at the scene of the demonstrationsas

Florida Star P. 0. Box 5<51 .; a sympathizer when he was arrested. He

Jacksonville 1, Florida i 9 / f was allegedly beaten and choked by policewho
arrested him.
Police Judge Pro Tern J. Miles Pound at
Race Hater A 'Professional' r.. ',..._JI first ordered Miss Pfuhl to serve her two

m ...' nine-day sentences consecutively, makinga
Claims Author Of New BookWHAT ;' total of 18 days. Following widespread

protests and a motion for suspension of

lies, at the root of race hatred? 0.SRaati the sentences by James A. Crumlin, local

After spending several years with the subject NAACP attorney, the judge amended his
I hold with psychologists that it is order to let the sentences run concur-

unconscious guilt feelings on the part of rently; Miss Pfuhl remained in jail.

the racehater.The Meantime, a mental examination was set

person who hates Negroes usually Your Weekly for Duffy. Charges of mental incompetenceare

hates other people besides Negroes. He's a familiar tactic against integra-

almost a professional hater. If he's poor, -----i tionists in various parts of the South.
he hates the rich. If he's rich he hates : Horoscope Guide Protests against the jailings went to

the| poor. If he's a Democrat, he hates the ., Louisville Mayor William 0. Cowger and theU.
Republicans. If he's a Protestant or a --- By PABLO, The ASTROLOGER S. Justice Department from the national

Jew, he hates the Catholics.The A- office of CORE, the Student Nonviolent
reason is that the race-hater is inwardly WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR Coordinating Committee (SNCC) the Southern -

a man who hates himself. He findsit Conference Educational Fund, and other
necessary to shift to others his own BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL groups and individuals over the nation.

unconscious feelings of guilt. Hence he Miss Pfuhl is secretary of the Student

chooses as his victim a member of a minor- ARIES July 22ndIf happens that you are the resources and security Nonviolent Action Committee (SNAC), Louis-

ity group who is less able to defend him- Born March 21st thru you feel that you principal beneficiary objectives (9th). Unexpected ville affiliate of SMCC; she is also a

self than the average, person. To his victim April 19th cannot resist temptationor (9th). interesting news developmentsmay member of CORE. SNAC chairman Clarence

,he unconsciously shifts his own shortcomings Flirtations can be harm persuasion, get as from friends who live ata under line these Glenn said in Louisville:

and guilt-laden desired. Jews, he fill enough as long as the much distance as you can distance may put ideasin matters (11th-13th). Instead miss Pfuhl, although only 18, has dedi-

says, are deceitful and money-mad; Negroes emotions do not become too between you and their your head as to how of taking advice cated her life to put every man, black or

he says are slothful and sexmad.A deeply Involved you could sources. You may want to and where you may like from people who go rightto white, upon an equal status..Our protest
perfect example of such "protection, find yourself fascinatedby take time out, unless to spend your future. the soirees of know- must and will be forceful enough to pene-

to use the psychological term, is found in novel pastimes or your job or responsibilities Just make sure that you ledge for needed gui- trate the bars of segregation in the coun-

the New York Herald Tribune dispatch of interesting faces on the keep your ,nose gluedto are more realistic than dance. There are growing ty jail and reach this courageous girl. .

:February 9, 1936, contained in this book, 1st. If you can leave it the grindstone. just wishful when you finally indications that work or Mr. Glenn was also arrested'at the the-

which tells of the mob hanging of a Negro, at that, everyone con- make sure you are not make up your mind espe- worry is getting you ater. He is 17, and his cases will be
allegedly for attempted rape. The leaderof cerned nay have a god around where you could be cially when your pocket- down. heard later in Juvenile Court.

the mob, it later turns out, is con- time; but watch out if asked for a loan or become book is not capable of 6-10-33-13-78-613 Miss Pfuhl has been active in demonstra-

victed for the ,very same offense he as- you discover that your open game for those supporting mistakes of AQUARIUS tions against segregation in Louisville

'cribed to the Negro. heart: ,refuses,,to behave.. .. ,who ,have. larceny in their, ""Judgment. If you make a Born Jan. 20th thru since the spring of 1960. She was one ofa
These are also days when souls (19th-13th). Takea "new and exotic-friend, Feb. 18th small group of students who persistentlystood

(Taken from the Foreword of "100 you had better leave dim view of unconven- take enough time to It is a well-worn in and sat in at downtown eating

Years of Lynchings," a new book your bank account and tional attachments or find out whether it is cliche that summer romances places throughout the summer, fall, and

by Ralph Ginzburg) other material rescurces arrangements that could for your sake along or seldom lead to a winter of that year. It was their arrestin

untouched and locked eventually harm your simply for purposes of permanent arrangement.You February, 1961, that sparked a massive
Improved Relations Between Races away where they are good name or professional exploitation. should keep this in movement by hundreds of students here;

A Futie Dream Without Swcttily absolutely safe. Devote standing. 1-80-99-12-21-189 mind if you find yourself this movement resulted in the integrationof
more attention to the
downtown and the-
aught in just a most eating places
It would be fatal to believe that human home and family, and see SCORPIO situation (9th). if this aters.

relations, whether here in Jacksonville what can be done to en- Born July 23rd thru Born Oct. 24th thru belief turns out to be The recent demonstrations at the West

er throughout the nation or the world, can chance the value of Aug. 22nd Nov. 22nd wrong charge it to good End Theater are part of a new student

ever be improved without the exercise. of, your property (12th). You are being subjectedto It may be a judiciousmove luck and take advantageof drive to integrate all out-lying Louis-

sincerity. 4-70-33-16-84-473 strong and compelling to enlist the it. should it prove ville facilities, as well as the few down-
It is probably safe to assume that sin- TAURUSBorn forces, causing you to be sympathy or active aid of otherwise, you will not town establishments that still discrimi-
'cerity preceeds love even as desire par- April 20th very arbitrary at times. prominent Individuals who be too upset or disappointed nate.
.ents passion. thru May 20thIf This not only upsets can support you or your and considerit ti

The most elaborate gesture of tolerance you are trying to those who are trying to projects your endeavors as, a shortlived but First
is at best a foil of deceit without sin- close profitable deals, co-operate with you. should meet with atten- pleasant adventure. Those Negro Point

cerity. Our greatest efforts to understandone try to reach conclusionson but you also risk nega- tion or a favorable response who are wed should make

another and to somehow lessen the the 9th and 15th. The ting any results you are (9th, 15th). every effort to Knifed By Fellow CadetsApril
monumental problems of racial and social rest of the time you desirous of obtaining.It Should you have unre- strengthen the bond by

:differences become ineffectual and even would do well to watch is good for amicableand vealed motives for what- eliminating the causes 17, 1880

distorted, unless we bring, each one of your p's and Q's givingno profitable accords, ever you say or do, a of friction (11th). James Webster Smith, the first colored

us, our full share of sincerity. one. even your closest over which you shoul- mistake on y fur part tf-50-55-17-28-C51 cadet in the history of West Point, was

Loveunity, brotherhood, justice, equity, associates a reason to have no second thoughts could give you away. recently taken 'from his bedgagged, bound,
charity are the experiences which write find fault with you or (9th). This could be upsetting There is no need for you PISCESBorn and severly beaten, and then his ears were
the poetry of life and give beauty to the your behavior. Any dif- to say the to persist in trying to Feb. 19th thru slit. He says that he cannot identify his

often painful struggle of man to forever ferences that arise may least (10th 11th). Let break into certain of- March 20th assailants. The other cadets claim that he
refine himself. But they are hollow performances just be the forerunnersof well enough alone by not ficial or influential Unless you are actively did it himself.

indeed, unless, man unto man, much deeper mis- subjecting yourself or circles when it has been opposed by other members (Taken from Ralph Ginzburg new book,
we are sincere. understandings before the others to emotional com- made evident to you that of the family, you "100 Years of Lynchings."
For it is only through sincerity we shall month ends. Settle financial plications (13th). you are not wanted. should proceed with long-

find love, and through love we shall find problems to 7-60-44-17-57-764 8-30-88-14-96-831 planned projects to make ..
justice, and through justice we shall find everyone's satisfaction.It SAGITTARIUSBorn your home a place of
that universal dignity might be wise to cut VIRGO Nov. 23rd thru beauty as well as a re

short the attachments or Dec. 21st fuge. You may find it
Courage, Justice Aid Integrity; pastimes that make your Born Aug. 23rd thru Even if you are well- easier to gain your way

dear ones believe that Sept. 22ndIf informed on the whole, by allowing your associates -
Tools For Progress lniWiitg they have no place in you have a secret it is impossible for any to offer sugges- x ,
your affections. ambition, you would do tions and participate in
R. H. Dittmar, general manager of the one person to know or to
7-40-55-18-73-745 well to keep it strictly carrying them out (9th).
Coca Cola plant here, earlier this month foresee everything. It
GEMINIBorn under your hat. Even the DO not allow strangersto
made a committment which he has lived up may save you time and
May 21st thru walls have ears, and if solicit the Influence you against
committment to hire energy "
to. was one Negro
June 21st certain individuals get your better judgement, ,.' ,' .
driver-salesman. He exceeded his com- views of competent per- as S,);; {." '
Should you find yourself wind of what you are up sons regarding matters 'you are the one who will '
mittment by hiring two Negro chaps.in lfr.
on a spot, place .to, they may dq all they that affect ;our future have to assume the ultimate .,.,
that capacity. .
your dependence on your can to discredit you responsibilityshould "
instead of
Mr. Dittmar is not being apostrophizedhere ,
natural wit to get you through lies or otherwise something
rather it is the integrity he dis- indulging in protracted go wrong ...
; off it in a hurry (8th). it has often been spells of dcubt, Proceed with caution ,
placed by keeping his word that is being worry
It may not be the right confirmed that he who and confession, it would adopt a diet suited forth
given focus. time to promote your travels along travels e season and aroid :
be much smarter to place
The executives and owners of the majorityof :
Jacksonville's major firms could learna ideas in circles where fastest, and this seems your problems in the all unnecessary tensions. I;
to be the
custom tradition and case with the 2-60-11-18-34-261 '
laps of those who know 7t
beneficial lesson from this man's show
conservatism hold Virgoans who have one '::
of integrity. They could learn, for example sided goals and the answers. You may CORE Readies
unless you are indif- purposesThe J
charge l"-k of positive -
that deceit and double-dealing in any I
friends whose assistance -
ferent to the opinionsand
the weighty matter of fair employment results to your own tads To HitSegr11lli01
reactions of those you are willingto inability to make
for Negroes is not perpetuating the so- who their accept should be only
are slaves.
mind .
your (11th)
called traditional customs (which even
Romantic moods may be those who have withstoodthe
they themselves no longer believe in! ) engendered their test of time and
The National
but, rather, is slowing the momentum of
adversity. Those who
lasting qualities are KNIGHT
Dec. 22nd thru Convention of the Congress KEN
this city's progress--which they had
qualify are likelj'Blore
unpredictable (13th) It more Jan. 19th of Racial Equality
better believe in. would be much safer not to be the ones: you One never knows when a (CORE) last week approved Invites You To Listen To -
Mr. Dittmar's action proved to all con- to get ,yourself see and consult. contingency will the use of
cerned and affected that men of integrityand ; '
emotionally entangled, 3-50-66-19-42-356 finance
necessitating cash that $20. 000 to a 'KNIGHT TRAIN"Starting
vision are the leaders of today and nor to lead others into LIBRA IB readily available.Make campaiign aimed at
the builders of tomorrow. doing likewise. Born Sept. 23rd thrum such I l breaking down segrega-
provisions and
His action proved, took that courage and 4-:0-11-13-23-421 Oct. 23rd establish even stronger tion in roadside motels ) At 7:00 pm N &htly-

justice are closely related--even .as fear CANCERBorn When you wish good for safeguards to protectyour and restaurants in .
and injustice are inseparable. June 22nd thru others it sometimes personal sndj Joint several southern states. 1400 WRHC r

..... ..
... --
,. -

------ ----- _________j-_ _______ _______ -_-__ --- ------ -------
-- ---- -
--- -- ----
E'-i --- -

t "

. IDLY 7, 1962. .. \ FLORIDA STAR __ mi!t 3-:

\ New RequkeifteRts Weddino Bellsjohnny -

FAMU Schedules Y B. Lockett ABOUT PEOPLE

1 f J 4005 Fairfax St. 19 and
For Bachelor Study
Mary J. Hector, 115 .
TALLAHASSEE/ Beginningthis Florida Are. 16. president Richard V. Moore of Bethune-Cookman

fall Florida MM Eugene Hardy 716 W. College is the speaker for the recognition ser-

university students may a SI 17th St. 21 and Eddie vice to be held in the cafeteria at Brewster -

I complete requirementsfor M. Richardson 1552 I. Methodist Hospital Friday. July 6 at 7:30 p.m.
degree i
the bachelor's 36th St. 20.

Ca4we- In two and two x ai Elkin Stanley, 1069 W. .... .... .... .... .... ....

_... thirds years.Institution. Adams St., 44 and EmmaL.
-- # --
of the
Mr. and Mrs. George Girl. Green 1404 E. 31st Mrs. Azzie Lee Anderson is having a grand and ..
tiley; 4516 Washington Mr. and Mrs. William trimester or year-round St. 26.Millie .
will glorious time in the "Blue Grass" State of
Street; Boy. Cromity; 5535 Ahmad Dr.; system of education Florida's Jones. 1241 W. Kentucky. During her enjoyable time she remembers

Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Boy. be launched in 13th St. 25 and PhyllisP. ..A'
state-supported systemof t- friends back home in Jacksonville.
Fletcher; 1747 W. 5th Mr. and Mrs. George s Henry 937 MadisonSt.
"education by
Street; Girl. Holcomb: 747 N. LincolnCt. 1 legislative higher mandate. 16. .... .... .... .... .... ....
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur ; Twins ( boy and Theo. R. Johnson, 1748
The Legislature in its
Harris; 702 W. Duval Girl ). W. 12th St. 22' and
1961 session expressedits Leon E. Gonzalez, exalted ruler of Maceo Lodge
Street; Boy. Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Theresa G.P. COoper
interest in and 8 of Elks District Deputy E.J. Norman James
Mr. and Mrs. Prince johnsqn; 2404 Witschen, 1203 Jefferson St., 22.
desire for year-round Brooks, chairman of the trustee board of Maceo
Mccutchen; 1929 W. 2nd Street; Boy. Vernon L. Gibson. 2953
operation of the state ..xk Lodge No 8 and W. L. Kendrick, rental agent for
Street; Boy. Mr. and Mrs. John McBride Sandlin St. 22 and
universities by providing = y.a the Elks motored down to Winter Haven recentlyto
Mr. and Mrs. Climmie ; 1117 W. 6th Sandra Y. Carroll 3934
for them supplementary assist in the dedication of a new Elks Build-
Davis; 544 S. LincolnCt. Street; Girl. Orlando Circle, 18.
appropriations for ing.
; Girl. Mr. and Mrs. James Gerald A. Smith. 1217
1962-63 with the
Mr. and Mrs. Lucious Southerland; 4924 Ver- stipulation that theya YEARBOOK TIME These coeds at MT College could McDuffie St. Houston. .... .... .... .... .... .... .
1 Nixon; 5506 Ahmad Dr. ; mont Rd. ; Boy. hardly wait to get a first look at the 1962 Texas. 25 and June P.
( ) 'Undertake full implementation -
\Girl. Mr. and Mrs. Henry edition of the Ayantee, the college yearbook, Lewis 607 Court C.
of a trI- Miss Rosena Salmon of Savannah. Georgia is visit-
Mr. and Mrs. Luther J. Walker; 4532 TrentonDr. which was distributed recently.The Blodgett Homes place 19.
mester or four-quarter ing her sister Miss Catherine Salmon, who is a
fee; 71 5 Phelp St. ; ; Boy. girls are from left to right: Carol Ann Dixon Howard Baskin. 76K} Washington -
plan" and (b) "take member of the Florida Star staff. Miss Salmon
\ Burlington N.C.; Glenda Jones, Waterbury Conn., St., St. AugustineFla.
Service Jai Beauticians whatever steps may be will spend the summer in Jacksonville. She will
\(Recognition and Claudia Lytle. Black Mountain N.C. 23 and Helen V.
necessary to encouragea James 5050 CampanellaDr. return to Savannah in time for school.

\ Planned Sundayy Make Top Showing uniform throughout level of each enrollment Homecoming Planned Sunday John. 21.L. .Jenkins, 2310 .... .... .... .... .... ....

At Miami WorkshopJax of the instructional District 9 of Abyssinia Emanuel
the program are: palafox St., 21 and RubyJ.
periods.' Baptist Church will ob- Miss Phyllis Simpson the little daughter of
Brewster Men Jackson who will intro- Bivens 2310 PalafoxSt.
| beauticians who attend Two principal reasons serve Its annual Home- duce Mrs. Annie Huff ., 18.Major Mr.and'Mrs.Eric 0.Simpson is spending her summer

M sident J. Earl Morse the June 18-29 for year-round operationare coming Sunday with Rev. mistress of ceremonies; Kelly Jr. 845 vacation in Houston. Texas with her uncle Dr.

(a) to make greateruse Jenkins pastor of Mt. Mrs. Hargrove Wooten and his family.
o he Brewster Men's cosmetologists conven- welcome address Baker Ave. 19 and

Cll is stressing the tion and workshop in of university Olive Baptist Church juanita Home; response. Catherine-M. Siplin, '
facilities and resources South Jacksonville .... .... .... .... .... ....
im tance of the member Miami were recently Mrs. Bessie Leonard of 1947 DeCottes St., 18. .

ttending the recog- lauded for their attendance and (b) to give studentsthe serving as principal First B ptist Church; Hazel L. Rollings. Jr.,

and winning 'of opportunity to com- speaker. Mildred Mrs. Mary Simpson, a teacher in the John E. Ford
nit service July 8 at7:30).m. reading. Mrs. 1836 Mound St. Orange
In the hospital awards in van bus fifelds plete the requirementsfor Jimmy French will introduce McKnight; solo. Mrs. Park. Fla. 22 and MaryA. Elementary School and wife of Editor Eric 0..

feteria. of competition Mrs. a degree in fewer the speaker. Dorothy Byrd and others. Walters 1907 Rail- Simpson of the Florida Star is in Philadelphia

Man of the man are Willie M. Caesar head calendar years. Others taking part on road Ave. Orange Park attending Temple University. '

elig Ie for citationsand of the host Universoty Fla. 19.Larry .
.... .... .... .... 0000 0000
tfc_ time to receive' of cosmetology stated. McGriff 1704

them at the meeting. Mrs. Edna Clahoun of Wright Ave. 23 and

The ml 1 are to be re- Unit 60 Connoisseurs. of Carolyn D. payton 16070 Rev. Clarence Steeger, the newly appointed

minde also that allv Jax. Mrs. Lucille Holmes, Calijon St., 17. pastor of St. Joseph Methodist Church was a recent -

dun er groups are president won the first a Andrew Jefferson, jr., visitor to the Florida Star office. Rev.

invite! to attend and leg on the Bill Simmons I 1033 Walnut St.., 21 and Steeger stopped by to visit with friends and the

they wi\ receive cita- Trophy for winning the Vera L. Jackson 1033 Star staff. .

tions ako.Presides Comb Out Contest. Thomas Walnut St. 17.

MC fee and Vice Dumas of Unit 32. Miami James Thomas. 6774 Hema .... .... ... .... .... ....

Presiden ;.J. Nixon are won second honors I and b Rd. 29 and: Anna L.

working vW hard to lineup Miss Bessie Graham of Singletary. 6774 Hema Mrs. Cornelia R. Muse of 1424 Madison Street is

attra ions for the Unit 38. Jax. Mrs. Cal- Rd. 23.Sylvester. convalescing at home since returning from the

annual Festival to lie. president took J. Farrell hospital. She is very grateful to the many friends

be sponsored by the third onors. 1049 Pippin St., 17 and and well wishers who have been so thoughtful other

Brewster M 's Club. The Using live models from Mary A. simmons, 832 to send flowers, get well cards and visitedher.

first Fun Fstival sponsored among the delegation of Oakley St. 19. .

by fle club was beauticians the contest "', {'"..... James Cox. 734 W. .... .... ....
fairly"succ&sful. .The was based upon'' aptess. KY Union St. 30 and Sylvia .... .... .... .

men profitd by some neatness and origi- > t'tr. J. L. Idowu 734 W. Union

mistakes mue in the nality. Mrs. Oscar peters t.1 "t." :}. ..l. ,. 5 C., 25. Miss Eartha M. M. White was honored recently
'irst attem and hope and Mrs. Lillian Gresham S ..5 : 'ZL 1 during a meeting of the State Federation of

of Miami were also con- 4-H CLUB MEMBERS TO REPRESENT FLORIDA IN WASHINGTON during the national Colored Women's Clubs held at Bethune-Cookman
t\1 make the 132 Festival
testants.' meeting are being congratulated by V.L. Elkins. state district agent W.W.I.Vets College in Daytona Beach. Miss white was pre
lager and fa\ more at-
tra 'tive.WheV The first beautician twin o I (tight). Pictured here are Miss Floy Britt (left), district agent; sented a plaque for humanitarian service. Miss

Ire the Bill Simmons Robert McElroy, Jackson County; Lessie Haynes. Dade County; Cheryl White is the only charter member of the State
> plans completes
a time bid place,, trophy three times will, Hill Leon County; and Marion Franklin. Madison County. They will make Meat July 7th and pioneer member of the National Club. She has
} have permanent possess in I the trip in August. >
will b& announc served for a number of years as chairman of the

.t of the award. All Veterans of World legislative committee for the state and for 16

---=- .- _--= .- --=-:......,. Miss Estelle Williams War 1 and theiir dependents years as treasurer. -

.:.. : --=.. : .. --- ". Will i Feature July 15 to meet have July been 7 with asked .... :a.. .... .... .... ....

=- !Jjli' I Stewardess ProgramMiss Marne Barracks 2806 USA.

:- *
--Z = Inc. in the next meetingof
.. will
= =. = :: Estelle Williams Annie's Chapter 176 Order of Eastern Star,

a member of the Duval the group to be held sponsor a trip to Little Talbot island July 14.

with I County School System at the Legion Home on The bus will leave 321 W. Orange St. at 9 a.m. ,

\ ,. LOUISE G. GUINYARD"The will deliver the address Benedict Road July 7. 913 Jefferson St. at 9:30 a.m. Tickets may be
\ for the anni- At that time the purchased from any member of the chapter or at
Assault ofVtVe is the continues to for treatment his
Negro" subject press equal tor versary observance of organization of an the bus.

L of an essay written\ Mrs. Irene C. Edmonds of race. The results of these pressures by the Stewardess Board No. 1 Auxiliary Unit will be

Florida A. and M. UniVrsity for a recent special rising Negro in his demands to be accepted as a of St. paul AME Churchat held. All wives, .... .... .... ,.... ... ....

issue of the. Johns Matins' Magazine. She is an human being, which are bound to be felt ultimately 3:30 p.m. July 15. daughter or widows of

assistant professor oVkpeech and drama and Is by everyone, form the bases for discussion Miss Williams. together World War 1 veterans are Chester Cowart, principal of Douglas Anderson

director of the ChildrVfs Theatre in the essay. with being instructor to be present along with Junior-Senior-High School is among the nine
IE': .
; J .
I at FAMU. lV t in the school system is the veterans.For students admitted to Stetson University in De-
.... .... .... .... .... .... further informa-
For the May-June issue cfc'Hhe Johns also an ardent w
Hopkins azine St. Paul AME Church. She tion the service office
..Ma Ron al A.
wOlk'1 Mrs. Frances Walden of the A. L. Lewis Branch is the organizer of the may be contacted. .... .... .... .... .... .... ,
editor invited
I seven o
YWCA is continuously making things "hum" in Ada Bracy Chorus and -- --- ..
in various I
persons professional the Young Adult Department. Now that summer vaca- served as its president. ,, ,-
I areas to explore the great moral
tion is here for most students The College Co-ed She is also a faithful
I crises facing the United States
] organization has moved into the foreground. If member 0 f the Sunday
in the next two decades. *
you heard strains of a ukelele. or saw saronged School and has served in r :
Mrs. Edmonds' challenging nowitSPepsifDl.
ladies and men in gaily-colored sports shirts several positions in the
provocative article discusses, in terms of accomplished -
moving about on the 'I' s' lawn last Saturday Sunday School and church
integration; desegregation, the night you were witnessing the Coeds' Hlwaiwan for those who think _
[moral crises facing both black and white Americanss She is a fluent speaker young

the ambitious race conscious young Negro party. Robert arren of FAMU is president of the with an easy flow of expression __ _0 \
group, and Joyce Graham, another FAMU student, is and will give

co-ordinator activities. Marion Johnson of her listeners food for :

I Fisk University handles the financial details. thought. It will be well .

to hear Miss Williams.
.... .... .... .... .... ...., She will be introducedby tr '"
Andrew Boston an officer t
Mrs. Maxine Fisher was hostess when the' "Y" of st. paul and a 4Y

: Diamonds met recently at the A. L. Lewis Branch. person who has known the ;II

t,.. : Howard and Mrs. Minnie Gadling t
f'.';';<., were 'guests. finished Hampton. Mr. si
'. Ii. Mrs. Fleet Alexander and rs. M. Lucille Harper Boston has worked with
: tr ,
topped the club's scoring list. Miss Williams in the
; 4- n
w1t : Sunday, School and Church. _
.... .... .... .... .... .... Mistress of ceremonieswill l

be Mrs. A.L. Wash r J

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence B. Williams of Talla- ington. She will be introduced -

b ; l hassee and Mr. and Mrs. Howard Davis of Columbia.- by Mrs. Dorothy a r

1 S. C. were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Walden Bacon. others appearingon -.1v :

Helmother last weekend. the program fil be f I
\ or her sister? .
Mrs. Nora Henderson I--r
While in the city the visitors were entertainedby i. I Ia

BOTH BOY YOUTHFUL NATURAL-LOOKING HAIR COLOR Major and Mrs. Benjamin Canty in their Calhoun Mrs. Carrie Davis Mrs. _

Street home. Mrs. William is the sister of Mrs. Wilheleilna Town son. the t'I
Whether y want the excitement of a different "t. Ada Bracy Chorus. Mrs.W. I
hair shad r want to give new life to dull orgray M. Fort.
hair 1 insist the lone-Listing haircolor Street home. Mrs. Williams is the sister of Mrs. .,
', on S The pastor, Rev. *.J. Today parties are more informal more fun.They reflect the big change :' .
in the ram\ red packnge-Godefroy'i Frances Walden. { to a youthful new outlook. It's a modem state of mind and all ages I
Larifuse.lleasy to apply and completeone ia. Blaine will give observations are involved. Call it thinking young. And what a life for Pepsi-light. I

packs there's nothing. else to buy. .... .... .... ..I'1 ..... .... and the presIdent .: bracing dean-tasting Pepsi So think young. In stores buy an ''I
M \ 1 i. Mrs. Mary extra canon. At fountains say Pepsi, please!" :

I ,(4. ;JlI.'t- "LOVEn' .. .._ -' Singleton will make re- l 91 : !
A COLORS As we write this July i is rapidly approaching, marks. .
? Corine Bo-
1' ;., run w fIP'IIIIIf1UII cw m MHOWUI mea immin no wsou! annm.mm MM. f :
if us.- .;:'I and we are extending our usual? good wishes for gans is chairman of ;'" : ,.

Oed.frey Mfg P an y.3S1O Ofiv.| 8t St.Cowl*,Mo. a safe and sound pourth. N program. I


.. .. -- -.

PAi 4 : MIDI STAR SAWBAY-" IBft 7.,-hi2. ''

Profrassive laptist Groups To Attend Girl Scents Eucampiueutd Woodlawn Presbyterian 5th BIbl J Way Cov.iioali

Yj.WI AI Tii Church Notes
d Progress At ftlacWpWa I
MM July 17-22 In Surfed
WASHINGTON---The Fifth Annual Convention of the
The Progressive Baptist State Sunday School .. -.. The Woodlawn united -
HEARING AIDS i Bible Way Church .of Our Lord Jesus
: ; and BYPU Convention, auxiliary to the progressive Presbyterian Choir held mass pilgrimage
By Marcus H. Boulware '" Inc., will ,be highlighted by *
its monthly meeting Monday -
Baptist State Convention of Florida- will convene ., Philadelphia's
Bell in
.J 0:; to the Liberty
in First Shiloh Baptist Church. Sanford July 17- Parents of children ware night in the home of dai convention will
=> Independence Square. The ten-
22, Rev. J. I. Marshall, host pastor. This will hard of hearing and Mr. L.N. Pearson, Sr. be held at the Refuge Church of God 52nd and Race
be the 47th annual session and will be the first children who wear The choir decided to hold Brotherly Love.. '
City of
Streets, in the
held by this group In this area. hearing aiiis should become q.t,1 its weekly Friday night

Rev. J.C. Sams pastorof slonary and Educational familiar with the rehearsals hereafter in Presiding Bishop small- costal bodies. .

of Second Baptist Church Baptist Convention of book, 11m and his the Westminster Hut. wood E. Williams pastorof The theme of the all-

Jacksonville, is the West Florida. He will deliver Hearin \id. w 3066 Woodlawn Road at the Bible Way churchof inclusive church confabis

L organization's state the keynote. address This book, is publishedby 8 o'clock p.m. This will Washington, D.C. "Christian FellowshipUnityCooperation I

president, and Deacon G. July 20 at 10:15 Dodd. Mead and Co. of t give ,better advantage for announced recently that
I 1 W. Scott of First Baptist a.m. New York City copy- e the pastor and choir to the convention will be and progress.'* Delegates -'

_I Church is presidentof The program will be righted 1951. \ rehearse together for the unique in that it will from sOOlchurches

the State Sunday highlighted by the This book tells the .. .. perfection of harmony of cross demoninational and missions throughoutthe
\ ., : > -
School department. Rev. workshop. Rev. R. H. Wilson story of Tim his .,.-.. ..."..".....'.," "....' service. The choir was lines to include partic- nation and from
Leon T. Freeman of Bartow is dean and Alexander hearing, his advice by -' "-...,.- pleased to have In our ipation by officials and several foreign countrie

presides over the BYPU Heard is state directorof the ear specialist his ./- meeting our new member, members of all Pente are expected to attend.
department.The BYPU Methods.The being fitted with a ; ..... "lf 5 ,.. Mrs. A. Brown, who livesin i
theme is 'The workshop consists o) hearing aid. his pro- the immediate vincinity -
Demand of Christian 13 classes, covering all blems encountered in .1ri.'>J .. of the Westminster ;

Faith in, Personal Daily areas including the learning to wear the ,;/ :, Hut. Our doors are now
Living. Rev. W.S. preaching ministry of hearing aid. and his 'i '.'." .;,: ,:,_.. open for new members, .

Hartsfield of Bartow will the church. Teachingtime learning to get the most : : .. especially in the, area of By J. Reddkk

open the discussion.July per course will be benefits therefrom.It .M the new church site.

19, and Rev. H. B. 12 hours. Certificateswill tells these hearing Church school begins at

Whitehurst of Sanford be awarded for a handicapped childrenthat i/:.h.; 10 o'clock a.m. Sunday, The "sting" of any task Is weakened by a sense

will speak from the Minimum of eight hours they are not along '"" July 8, .th T.V. Huger. of security, proof or clear titles which we have

topic July 19, and Rev attendance. In additions with a hearing problem.The superintendent in charge. that erase from our minds doubt and ear. It is

L. S. McCree o f St. to the teaching and book is very well A Morning worship services impossible for anyone to give the best qualityof

Petersburg, will speakon training phases, the illustrated with pic: begins 11 o'clock a.m. service to any cause if he does not believein

the topic July 20. convention has set the tu res of Tim and his I Rev. F.D. Wilson will that to which he gives service. Heavy load

Other outstanding minis- financial goal for family etc. bring the message, supported become light and big tasks become small ones a:
ters and lay people from missions and education. MEMBERS OF Girl Scout Troop 218 of ute Ararat by the united our assurance concerning them increases. "Moun

E local churches and others Baptist Church, Margaret Lovell and Clara Times, choir, with Mrs. Rudyne tains canon become mole hills' where assurance 1 1

in the state will participate Mother Midway Sets Annual will leave here July 8 to attend the Rank and Bag Watson at the organ. ,the increase. t,1&.
Girl Scout
on the program. Camp sponsored by tte Volusia County Wednesday Mid-week ser- Someone tells the story of .a little girl 1Jd"

-1 Among the guests expected Men's Day Program Sunday council at Florida Normal and Industrial College, vice 7:30 p.m. in West- was seen carrying her little brother. The litt:

will be Rev. A.H. St. Augustine. Miss Lovell is the daughter of minster Hut. boy was, seemingly, too heavy for the little g.7: -

Parker of Mariana. Winding up nearly two months of planned events Mrs. Alice Priester and is an eleventh grade Sunday July 8. United to carry. Someone asked her, "isn't he too hf: '

I president of the Mis- annual Men's Day observance will be held Sunday at student at Northwestern High School. Miss Timesis Presbyterian Youth will for you to carry?" She answered 'No, C'.Y re''*
Mother Midway AME Church during a daylong seriesof th daughter of Mrs. Mary Times and is a Ninth meet in the Westminster nV brother." cer"v 1" s
s my No one was any more
programing Rev. J. W. Jones pastor, an- Grade student at James Weldon Johnson Schoo'. Hut at 5 p.m. now
than this little girl that the little boy Waf<'
1 nounced.Rev. (Royal Art Studio Photo) aSty
I person
gives one
Age -
CHURCH NEWSThe brother. Her "clear titles" made her Job t "
+ and
R. V. Webster wisdom another a grouch. I'J
chaplain : for she could love him and love her jO .

84th anniversary and a staff" member -" AME Youth Groups Leaves For In GermayPVT. "sting" was taken out of her task. .' wn l--l sh aapl

.celebration of St. John of Edward Waters college J. We assume many tasks today, for social

Baptist Church and the will be principal speaker AHJWG! Congress July 9th ..""' or financial gain. Many of us. have no conv t 11

6th for Rev. A. J. during the 11 a.m. at; all .concerning. the real nature of the fret
Hughes as pastor, will b morning services.Rev. t The Young People's Department, missionary society ( d the ultimate consequences of Its accomplihaer*
Limbric. presiding Y and other youth groups of the AME Church in 1 aIn -
these cases, we are moved only by the dlau'd
Hughes as pastor, will July 9 at 9 a.m. by
Elder of the Jackson- Florida will leave the city
be held July 8-16. given for us as we play only des, or "an d, wand
ville' Edward Waters College bus for Louisville Ky. "
pay-day. Role playing is a tool Med foi,
.. ... ... ... Church will be speaker for the 14th annual Youth Congress of the AME educational purposes and cannot be subtitutedfor
during the pr cram which_ Church which is designed to improve methods and realistic living. Our potentiallies are
". ... "- techniques in 'the local churches.Mrs. aTPVT.
District 6 of Mt. .. thwarted when we submit to external Social

i Ararat Baptist Church Marie Blacknell Hollis. Orlando Florida forces which do not sympathize wit'/reallty.

will sponsor a trip to Grimmage, Episcopal director Conference; Mrs. Ellen Assurance makes the difference betweea life's

: Little Talbot Island S ,4.y p. of the YPD. 11th PIerce Greater Florida unfolding into its best contributia: and one

July 28. The bus will Episcopal District has Conference: Mrs. Fritz which unfolds into a shadow or final filure.

leave the church at 9 z asked all pastors, pre-. Hunter. West Florida May I refer to a Biblical characters life before -
and Conference; Mrs. J. and after his Matthew26:69 Acts ,.
a.m., and the Youth Cen- ERIC 0. SIMPSON si ding elders assurance. ;
ter 29th and Chase ". .Evening speaker parents of the youth who Sanders Mrs. N. Roberson 4:18-20.. Here Is one who insists ,'tat he, }sa. /'
Streets at 9:30 a.m. have shown*-interest in I Central Florida Con- stranger to 'an 'idea when he is auctioned b 1,.a
Senior Class 1 ; Mr. Christian education, to ference; Mrs. Hattie defenseless maid. He after weeks l&jer, "Cannot t.

... ... ,.. ... Grant. Senior Class 2; complete plans to attend Bryce, south Florida help" but proclaim the same idea.ev4 in the face,

H. M. pauline Inter- the session. Conference. WALLACE KELLY of threats of capital punishment. / .-

Usher Board 2 of Mt. mediate 1 ; Deacon W. Chaperons who wmll as- Alexander W. Cottrell ... .COmPletes Basic This kind of assurance, accordin to the "0 -d

Sinai Baptist Church Bannister, intermediate sist Mrs. Grimmage are: will have charge of the REASSIGNED -- Pvt. Wallace school,' characterizes the "Old te religion]"*

will observe its 28th 2 ; Rev. F. Moss. primary Mrs. Maggie Smith of boys on the trip. Kelly the son of It is equally true today that if ./ are uncer ain

-; anniversary July 11 at : A.D. Grant. Re- the East Florida Con- Mrs. christal Francis, fearful concerning our titles, w"BL.w/ a tut"
_ 8 p.m. in the auditoriumof view; and S.C. Hart ference; Mrs. Dorothy Day 1031 Brady St. has been with every win. Little can we acompllsb f/Jr the

the church 6th and introduction of visitors. peck. Mrs. KatherineMel's reassigned to Bamberg lack of something which gives,fssurancfl; some
partic t>ants Selected
Lee Streets. Mrs. Mary Program Germany following com- call our religion in this carf "Lircard re-
.. during the 11 a.m. ser- Day of his basic hicolr what
pletion to
.-H. Wendley.. president. ":It' ,. riLLIAMS ligion. A lizzard changes
has announced a program .General Chairman vice following the pro- At St. PaulThe training at Fort jack- ever he crawls upon. The earl Christians were

will be presented. cessional will be; Rev. Fete Sunday son.. He is the grandsonof driven by an assurance that pd haw, a plan' ..for.

starts at 3 p.m. j.W. Jones. Rev. Rufus women of St. Paul ,Mrs* Lula Thomas, this world and every people fld &dgue. Christians

.. .. ... Eric o. Simpson pub- At Philadelphia AME Church organizedth 733 W. Church Street. were God's only living istrafients by -which'
1isher-editor of the "Hilslfmade the 'dif
He could unfold His plan.
en r Women' Day
Florida The men of Philadelphia Mrs. E. D.
':The Vacation Bible'School star will give activities with Mrs. Bannister ference. We cannot help thteause by merely

', of Tabernacle the main address during Baptist Church will observe Lucile P. Jones servingas Celebrates Anniversary playing roles. can and ,i/lMif we have as -
the 6 p.m. evening their annual Men's
Baptist Church will chairman and Mesdames ranee. '
service.The Day July 8. beginningwith :J
I its annual out- Here On July 8th
sponsor Claudia Burris and Marion
ing July 9. to Little annual observance the Sunday School. Morse as co chairmen. Abyssinia Sets
Mrs. Ethel Davenport Gospel j
gets underway at 9:30 Deacon Eugene Sawyerof
Talbot have been Island.asked Parents to "-"* Bethlehem Baptist The women were Inspired Bannister. "Florida'sfirst In Musicale Here ) Revival Services
send by a fervent Lady of Gospel ,,
Church will serve as ,
I their children to school prayer offered by the will Revival service .will
I Songs, observeher 15th
-F guest superintendent.The Sunday July
every day. The teachersof pastor Rev. R.J. Blaine. begin July 9 at 8 p.m.
anniversary July 8
I ,speaker at the 11
the Bible School are a.m. worship hour will On the following Sunday at the Masonic Temple, The Gospel in yssinia Baptist

Mrs. Essie Hikes, Mrs. be Rev. Landon L. Williams morning. Mrs. Alice 410 Broad Street. Spon- will present crusaderJ' Church with Rev. WiP.

I Mattie Williams Mrs. president of the In graham, who is an soring the celebrationwill Songs Sunday y Tanner of Miami doing.
I Leon James Mrs. Lucile international Longshore- ardent member of the be the Triumphant 8 p.m. in the auditorliB the preaching. .
A. Williams Mrs. Hessie man's Association AF of church made very encouraging Gospel Singers Associa- of First Timothy BaptiftChurch. -

I Solomon. Mrs. juanita REV. J. W. JONES L-CIO 1406. remarks rela- tion. 1357 Hart s{., I your EAR

Wynn Mrs. Cena Kitchen Host pastor The afternoon speaker. tive to the occasion that Appearing on the pro- Rev. R.L. Salth, past ct. ems H HURT

Miss Annie L. Wilkes Jones Rev. J.J. cross will be Julius Mack of provided thought(and inspiration gram will be the Six program participantswill tipped trkJt..MtlllpifL.rtklu. DM'I or rIU r-k
__ be a number dt thecity's .... .Saftea. bar toreach
Miss Arvia Gillespie and for all membersto ,. .1. p
_ Rev. C. M. Shaw yie Emanuel Baptist Church, Trumpets of Miami,, tstan/d iag t wo with lire rf f*
Mrs. Geneva Jackson. Chorus E.C. Clark with the Male Chorus of strive: and put forth local groups and ou ( tiv.,JIURO ..ar4rpi.Wai .
gospel groups anc/soln-. *' sit tUf ft<4 wllut
Deacon Albert Taylor Mt. Ararat Baptist their very best effortsin talented personalities.Among .netty..r
.. ... .. ... ists. Friends cud the uy irriUU.
Deacon Nathan lie Washington Church furnishing the this drive, since a those appearingwill corV ....... Ail at all
HENRY HENDERSON general public are "U1AUROCONCH _J
t ...treasurer Rev. F. Voss. L. E. music. second mortgage is to be be the Gospel Cru dially invited. .. ,

Mrs. polly whitfield. Belcher G.W. Crockett. Rev. E.L. Murray, 17- burned. saders, Sons of prayer, -- .. f"""
president of the Willing a.m. with P.L. Owens of Rev. J.W. Davis. R.H. ,year-old minister of Mt. Other women of the Sons of jubilee. Sensational =' _i

Workers club of pay Mt. Olive AME Church as Colt Rev. R.V. Webster Ararat Baptist Church church are being asked to Gospel Travelers, e 1. 'I H.t i .
guest Sunday School ,
I, spring Baptist Church Deacons Albert Taylor delivering the message. speak in behalf of the Heavenly Fire Gospel I

has announced the anni- superintendent. Robert and S. Preston Bro. Deacon Solomon Timmons activities at various Stagers Mrs. Ruth Fedd. >
versary celebration of Bennett will be guest Daniels Rev. H.L. HarrisA. and others will also appear times. All women of the Sunny Rose Gospel Singers M'.tt y >dhcf :dQ S' 'Miorifc:'EL& ffd! .

the organization for secretary and Rev. Mel Thomas and others. at the evening wor- church are requested to urs. Gussie Paige -
July 8 at 4 p.m. in the vin Clark will offer the Others taking part in ship. remain a few minutes Gray will give the oc

auditorium of the churchA prayer. the 6 p.m. services will Deacon Frank Mathis is after no-toing service casion. MEAT SNAPPER u.5|

program. has been Class instructors will serving as general chairman Sunday for a short A fashion show will

planned for the oc- be : I. I, Patterson and Deacon Clarence me eting. precede the program and Lb.49c no f f

casion.; Adult Class; johnny Shaw Thomas is co-chairman." ORDER OF SERVICES door prizes will b. la 6 ft.taka.*few $1.to fa. lbtJPlQER( .... .

Rev. J.W. Johns.n is Sunday School begins at awarded. '. '
pastor of the church. : 9:30 a.m. with ..0. Sweet Hostesses will be pre- KING FISHSTEAKS SPANISH /

., rs. 'ulmer r ; ? superintendent, in sent to serve as ushers. u. 55c cKEt1Epc

Pentacost Semces charge. morning worship -
July 28th Outing lEACH
-1 Psychic Header I begins at 11 a.m. with SLIM
In Progress the pastor Rev. R.J. District d of Mt. WHITING u. 39cSTEAKFISHu69e TWIN S'E '- LIALT

and Aiiiser' Blaine delivering the Ararat Baptist ChurchIs FXCH ytA

?... ., At True Temple senon. sponsoring an outing
:iiou need help of any kind see her at once. The League meets at 5 July 28th to Little 6Ra .

;/T:"Flie,.k di.:can and will help you. She does what others The True Temple of theHoly p.m. with Mr. Town5end., Talbot island. The bus YELLOW TAIL uuwSNAPPER :
.. iL.BREA.
-1 ,;,claim' "'' to do. All Readings Confidential satisfactIon Living God. 1854 W. presiding. Evening wor- leaves the church at IL 490 .
/ ,
guaranteed. Lucky days Lucky Numbers. 45th St. Began its 24- ship begins at 7 clock. 9 a.a. and at 9:30 a.m.

Hours; 9 a.m. til 9 p... Sunday 12 Noon. hour Prayer Band ser- The Gospel Choir will be from the Youth Center at WHITING u. 32eTkldkaa T.. wM,: 321t

vices Friday night as a In charge of music 29th and Chase Avenue. tin .DwSPECKLED Sat* : -lULL

_ _V 5535; NEW KING hAl i! YAS feature of its Pentacost during the services.Mrs. Admission for adults, CfjC I Y DKtSSfJATFISfrf ; .

Tit chorus. Rev. David Services now in pro- $1.00. children, fifty 3d
.. ;
lacksiiville Fla. Wilkerson. Deacon Albert gress. Bishop G. Turry -- Irene A. Bails cents. Miss Mary Borders u. _
; ,. secretary.
Rev. E. Sanders. is pastor. .( ; Reporter--: rt

''I! f

,----. -- -- -"" ..,. .' .

V&I1BT ,1312
PJ6Fi 5..

.Pnsskkai KMHwdy ,AiMstsikgroes Ministers' Grovp Elects Officers FNI To Offer E2 .- .

To JoiIIy'1 Corps ," Courses ForLearners"
f I : '> -
fi-: &,
Negroes who join the Peace Corps would be'serving "Slow
their country and 'their people in the N'I

best sense' of the word" according to president ST. AUGUSTINEWorkshops

John P. Kennedy.. : in "Teaching The
y I Slow Learner" will be
Mr. Kean. dy made the service of governmenthave'set --
offered again for the
atatemen fin a ouestionan a very high twelth consecutive year
_ an dan sr?e r period standard for the Government Russell (Chuck) Charles .
at Florida Normal and
following address to so that even those Industrial Memorial "Get yo big flat, square, uncouth feet offn

.' the peace Corps staff in who have worked in other College from July lit me, McNastyl! "Crow Simmons bellowed. .

f Washington. earlier this agencies for years..havefound August 4. McNasty hurriedly complied, stepping back out

month. : themselves caughtup The workshops will be of winebergs. "Sorry Crow," he said. "I thought

The question came from in this tide. conducted under the that was part of the doorway..."

a prominent Negro peace "I am particularly "Part a th' doorway?" Crow echoed, his eyes
supervision Mrs.
Corps official Franklin pleased that the first bulging with indignation. Tla-a-an these-here
Lillian T. Lyons, who
ti! Williams Chief ofthe enthusiasm for the Peace treads you Jes crunched on is
is a guidance special-
Dlvis ion of private Corps has not given way .: hundred-dolla alligators!"
ists with the New York
Organizations.WtUiams. to a sense of dis- xs McNasty eyed the shoes skeptically. -
City Public school
said that illusionment. The fact "That's some boss loot to
system. ,
'some of us have not is that we are getting spend just to keep your dogs off

been satisfied with the lore and better recruits Mrs. Lyons establishedthe ""1 the sidewalk," he observed."I .
MINISTERS INSTITUTE These men will lead the Town and Rural Ministers workshops at Florida .".
nuiber of Negroes and than ever before. The believe in Quality," Crow
N Institute for the coning year. Elected at the annual sessions held last Normal in July 1951 and
1J Mexican-Americans and standards have been maintained boasted, bending over to lovingly
week at A&T College, they are from left to right: Rev. J.D.Ray, nas returned each sum- 4
f others who have presented at an Increasingly -' dust off the reptilian tips of the
Southern Pines N.C., moderator Cape Fear Free till Baptist Conference mer as director of this
I :.. themselves for, higher pitch." shoes. "If mo' folks believed in
\ president; Rev. J.J. Johnson, Fiarmont N.C., first vice president; valuable course of
I consideration in the.,; Williams has worked ex. quality like I do, this-here would be a boss
Rev. Marion B. Jones, Greensboro, second vice president; Rev. Cleo M. study. Mrs. Lyons is a
j. peace Corps' and asked tensively with the world to live in," he added; jamming a crutty
: McCoy, director of the ART Chapel and Institute director, and Rev. El- graduate of New York
I the president if he had NAACP--first, as assis- handkerchief into his overall pocket as he
; to to roy Lewis Bladenboro, secretary. ; University, where she
anything say tant to Thurgood Marshall straightened up.

r "those potential peace in* New York, lateras recently completed McNasty stepped into the sodden disorder of
Campbell CoNtgtJeopardized several courses in the
Corps volunteers that NAACP director for Wineberg's saloon. ''QUality is more than hundred-

night point out to them the Western united area of guidance and dollar shoes, Crow," he said. "It's more than

:. the desirability' of States. He was Assistant By counseling. hundred-dollar suits, too and twentydollarshirts

E ",'service" in the. peace Attorney General, for Miss. Loud LawThe uate Several students hundred have grad- and all that stuff. Quality is a per-

-Corps. California before joing ar sonal thing. You can't buy it. YOU can only buy

!' The president .replied the Peace Corps .staff Mass. State Legis- r enrolled in the work- the result of it, and that sure don't make it

E nth. at- 'it's quite ',in April. 1961. lature has passed a law shops and many have received yours...

natural that, growing empowering the state to tY certificationafter Every man got to find his own quality, Crow.

HP, surrounded by endless CORE Scores use the right of eminent completing the Hundred-dollar shoes don have nothing to do with

problems, they domain to take over three different work- it. We all got something we could charge a hundred

(/Negroes) would not be With Sit-ins Campbell College in shops offered. dollars for if somebody else wanted it bad e-

as concerned about the Oi Both Coasts Jackson. Campbell is an F +e tt Other students have nough. .."
=3 taken advanced degreesin
Institution of the
opportunity to serve AME Crown followed him to the bar bristling with re

abroad as they would be NEW YORK Within the Church which has taken a teaching the slow sentment. He really looked his name too, his
learner or allied areas
stand for
about the very difficult same week, CORE groupswon sharp beak-mouth was poked out so far. "I know
+ Problems they face inebeir two housing sitinsat College officials have n. stated Mrs. Lyons when zackly what ail you" he said, hunching McNasty
pledged to resist the asked about the extentto
own lives, their opposite ends of the with his finger. "Envy done gob hold' a you and
P:tallies' take-over bv all legal, which her former
( lives, :and country: One on the east turned your tongue into a pulpit! YOU jes wash
students have used the
i fin their neighborhood.e coast, the other on the moral and nonviolentmeans. from YOU had 'em, thas all! Thas why you talkin' all'a

.1 kind of boys or west coast. ," 4 knowledge gained that sideways trash!I"

he rI8:who have 6ad' a The, east coast sit-in Two Jackson young the workshops in their McNasty laughed in his face. "you couldn' giveme
J suffffel'ent chance' ? people, Luvaghn Brown various fields of en-
'np.tt!" to gos' took ,place in Brooklyn them two gators you wearin' ," he said. ''-Jat-
school&i who can pass New York. it lasted five and Jessie Harris, recently $ # deavor. ter of fact, from the way they keep movin' a-
s. thefvery exacting test spent 30 daysin Persons interested in
V II l feB- days and two hours and round on your feet I don' think they're dead
for the peace Corps, jail for sitting on M w attending either or "
involved 200 and yet!
) havesomany-.c s responsi- Negroes the 'wh i t e',' side of all of the workshops "
white CORE members who Crow was deeply injured. "Lawd have mussy! he
I' bilitles the County courtroomduring should contact the office -
thrust upon were either sitting-in, hollered, raising his eyes to the dingy ceiling.
theaJ-Pjfthat they really a recent trial. of the Registrar,
_ .picketing'the buildingor "An envious man is wusser than th' Devil his-
feel they cannot afford, Protesting the jailingof Florida Normal and Industrial "
picketing the landlord's self!
In .aense, the diversion residence. The Brown and Harris, and 1OSS COED" -- The attractive Miss Patricia Law- Memorial Col- McNasty looked off indifferently. ""ow 'bout a

t of going across the discrimination lib employment son was recently named "Miss Coed" by the A&T lege. "
sit-in ended when the drink he suggested.
-' by the city College Chapter of the YMCA. A freshman, majoringin
I ocean.
landlord, rented, an FLORIDA STAR Crow's teeth looked like a ragged picket fence as
I ..e1 have to meet that ,bus company as well, Home Economics Education, Miss Lawson is the
apartment, to Rudolph and IN EVERY he grinned.rhat'd be a mighty Christian thingto
in two ways; one, explain four other young people daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wade Lawson of Danville "
William White, who had do, he replied, gratefully.
to them that insfchrlnR were arrested as they Va. COLORED HOMEHoftorees
previously been turned 'Bourbon okay--since. you like oaality? McNasty
overseas 1 y l' picketed the steps of
they '
: rt nu>' )away because. ,:they. are Rapes Negro Woman asked dryly.; .
care. ,aeiwingtei' own w Negroes.: U. .Tai l. the Federal Building. Jashion Revue eees, LAID!" Crow chirped adjusting his -

h country and their peoplein The west coast sit-in They were charged by the Freed By Court boney elbows on the bar. 'Sho beats wine, for a
of Police with breachof
the best sense City "
was conducted in San change.
the word, and secondly, JOse California, lasted the peace.A After Conviction "Bourbon." McNasty told the bartender. "A--An'

to give a great deal only one day and involved suit has since been all the quality we can get for a buck-six-bits..'.'

more attention ourselvesto some 20 CORE filed claiming the police BEAUFORT, S.C. -'A 27- He closed his eyes and waited, thankful that

_ the 'problems of their members. The victim of exceeded their year-old white man was ,Crow had shut his mouth about shoes and qualityand

own neighborhoods." discrimination in this Jurisdiction by arrest- freed by the South envy. somehow the drunken clamor in /Wine-

In his address to the case was not a U. S. ing the four on propertyof Carolina state Supreme r T'j berg's was like music to him. it had a certain

1 Peace Corps staff the Negro but a native of the U.S. Government.An Court last week although 'quality.' It was really a sad song...

president said: British Guiana workingas important court case sentenced to -

"I want you all to a psychologist at appears to be in the death three years ago I

know that you--moat of Agnew state.Hospital; Dr making. for raping a Negro woman 'o.fw "
:whom. ii are young in the Winston Rankin. Campbell College was a An all-white jury ,acquitted Sawyer Radio T V ServiceDon't
.. ;jP' .., ,
i focal point in the
Fred G. Davis, .
throw that T Y
Good Luck And 'Happiness Can Be Gained emergency session of 27, after deliberatingfor away

Fbjrj immediate help and quick results AME bishops here which in late convened All-white two hours.An Jury. con- s: i CALL 356-1131 10(3( MYRTLE AYE

.:rGifted Consult MRS KING Apr 11. Bishop F.D. victed Davis of the .t. C.H. Sawyer Tech. & Mgr.

-1 Uc Jordan, who had formally crime in 1959. In the

Reader & Spiritual S N A surpervised the Episco- absence of a recommendation -

Adviser Past-Present u p pal District embracingthe for mercy, the ltFASHION $ '" ,
< -
-Future. Tells you any- C PC college, had been death sentence became -- -- -

thing you wish to know. N hailed into ChancelloryCourt mandatory. Davis at the .... 'MORE POWER TO YOU!r
Different from all of Jackson on an time was a Marine ;

others. Satisfaction 5 t S array of charges lodged private based at the 4-H WINNERS--Winners of the recent fashion -

Guaranteed. Lucky :'Days y s against him by four AME Marine Air Station here. in Orbit dress revue during the 4-H short I! FACTORY FRESH .

& Numbers-Don't mistake cucK Li ministers. The councilof His defense attorneys course at Florida A. and M. University were:

3hame. Permanently *lo- MEANS bishops reassigned successfully appealedto Shirley Bannister (left), CynthIa' Breaker, both ELgin 4-4508

edU.S.Highway 901 F, Bishop Jordan to a West the State Supreme of Duval County; and Evelyn Simmons, Gadsden

-* SK Africa district, and as- .._Court for a new trial. -County., ,_ AUTOMOTIVE MARINE DIESELS
--- -
MSMnUE -" --
RSMM signed Bishop D.H. Simsto

;,..,. .." c / the vacated -post. O U T H W A Y

'1 r---- ... tI t- BATTERY MFG. CORP.


I 'I. t tI w ':;

:j Wit itlJ i

: a JAMES BROWN Show e&Danc
I S'l1PER .

...': t -Sat.
July 14th

_I r t tI \' COLISEUM 2 Big

FLOUR : ; 49C r' 3 p.m. MATINEE: Admission $1.25 Blasts 10 p.m.!

_ I ti. : )t tt -2 a.m. Advance-$2.00-At Door32.50It's .

The Nation's Greatest '

t: )James Brown

SUGAR 5 .. 19/a ?, ',?ft:> Please, Please, please'

,, c ,..ss.r.. ?, -. : "Lost"Night Someone"Train"i'Try 1e' i

A 'FRESH GREEN I 15C ATLANTA. Ga. A highly growth of the movement.It Southern whites among Plus -

PJffiA"TEMR : successful Southwide was an entirely its membership. At the ttg FAMOUS FUMES

I conference of students, student-led conference. second conference in I-i; 4 YVONNE FAIR p

called by the Student Older persons were thereas Atlanta, in October, :
__ CMIi Nonviolent Coordinating observers, a few 1960 there were 12 i

II t t" Committee (SNCC), recently spoke or served as con- southern whites ,by Cashed Potatoes"
II V Beef Liver t. 4 lAB brought together sultants in workshops, actual count. At this F

I t t.t. students from every but most of the speakersand last conference, held 6 DANCING BEAUTIES

Southern state and from all of the organiza- early this month, it was Tickets Now on Sale

-i I\Ia all the major campuses. tional leaders were estimated that about HollywoodBuster Ford
WI $5..
5ge f
IOLEO. ; t The success of the integrated stu dents. 30 per cent of the stu- Coliseum Hemming park

"'" ''M idera student con- The SNCC was organizedat dents present were Abe Livert'a-Remrd Bar

Lkil! 2. ,ili J5.CO ,N si ference came as no sur- ,Raleigh N.C.. in the southern whites. Beach Theatre pale Cent.
: prise to observers The SNCC has been very
; _. -------t. who 1 spring of 1960. There -HURRYIJI1'ft1f !-
have been active
following the :-. ;were, virtually" no I

---:-- J .. --- .. -- ....

f I

mi' e

FLORIDA STAR SATURDAY_____.._n. _JULY___ 7._. 1562-___

CVbUnDOCtOrARdFMUIF1d! Offkials Lori Champ Johnson Vacations In France, Italy MaKue! Rivero I


I New Lease On Life In Jix Gibs Program Joins Peace Coips ey c. mm JOHNSONNOT

Dr. Miguel A. Ponce De Leon, of Camaguey, Cuba ST. PlTERSBURGHighpoints: Manuel Rivera, 54 Director -
is now stationed at Brewster Methodist of Gibbs of physical Edu-
Hospital Junior M E cation at SINCE THE;; HISTORICAL BLACK sox scandal back
after many heart rendering experiences in College Lincoln Uni-
I gettingaway current school ,, in the 1920 season that caused the expulsion of
iron his homeland and the iron, .t I versity and former
hand rule of year were spotlighted by
A. Columbia several star players of the Chicago White Sox including -
FIcIel castro. two 6 University
officials duringthe F the famous "Shoeless"
Joe Jackson has
Dr. Ponce De Leon his U.S. Citizenship.When 31 football star, will head
Commencement Exer- ,. the staff of so much been written and said as has been the
Hortensia who is a a new Peace
they arrived in cises that drew a capacity recent Thomas-Ted
V. Valmy Lopat incident. The
now employed at Brewsteras Corps field training
America neither one crowd of more than I ; ra center in Puerto Rico. argument has had two sides, of course from what
a nurse's aide his
could speak a word of 1200 to hear Dr.EdmundJ. could be gathered from the argument the minoritywas
three s m s. Miguel Jr.. English k YHht "He are most fortunatein
but they went Gleazer
on Thomas' side while the majority were a-
11. Rafael 10 and obtaining the services -
to school in Californiato Director
of the AAJC gainst Thomas' action.
Leonardo 9 landed in of Manny Rivero,"
Los Angeles. California study English. So recently.Dr. z said Peace corps Direc- THE VETERAN,CATCHER'S KNOWLEDGE of the game makes
determined were they to John W. Rembert. tor Sargent Shriver. his action far worse than it would be if he was
July 7, 1961. He went to w
learn the
language of president, informed the just a straight plain
beginner. It wouldn't
California "For more than 20 yearshe
because of
the American pe gale, audience that the first- .
make the offense
trained and inspiredthe any more justifiable with aj
friend in Cal ifornia who
is they applied themselvesto year budget of the Institution men of Lincoln University rookie doing it, but it would be much easier to
a doctor in the Mon-
it and
rovia Hospital. now he is very was $62,000but TjiI191 first as Ath- forgive. Well, President Tommy Richardson df
happy that he and his the budget for the
Before leaving Cuba ina letic Director and thenas the International League came in for his shareof
family can be clearly coming school term will
criticisms too. When the
head of the Depart- president placed
24 ft. Boat with 23 understood.Dr. be
than "
snore $740.: '
people including 14 Ponce De Leon was .. .7' ment of Physical Educa- Thomas under a' three-day suspension, it was likea
tion slap in the face to the umpires and a grand
children he did rz
private asked why did he select : /.
:. '
Gels r insult
practice. He was also a Brewster so far 316* Win in his new position. to the fans. An indefinite suspension

staff member of the from California.away ': HAROLD JOHNSON world's lightheavyweight championwho Rivero will direct an placed on Thomas by the commissioner of minor

Maternity Hospital and said he was told abouta He ./ recently successfully defended his 175poundcrown impost t and crucial league baseball, George Trautman has. somewhat

also the Army Hospital.Dr. Methodist Hospital in r against Germany's.Gustav (Bubi Scholz recently part of the training of eased the tension.
Ponce De Leon has in Germany, is taking a vacation with his hundreds of Americanmen DID YOU KNOW THE YOUNG MAN who pitched the last
Jacksonville, and he
delivered 4.000 babies.He decided he was come to wife in Paris and Italy before starting trainingfor and women to serve no-hitter in the American was a 6-ft. 3-inch tan

is a Lt. and servedin Jacksonville to make'hi his title defence against Italy's Rinaldi a overseas with the Peace skinned fellkw who answers to the name of Robert

the regular army. start all over again. He rugged 27-year old challenger who outpointed corps. Earl Wilson of the Boston Red Sox. The big strap-

In talking to the said since he was a Archie Moore in a non-title bout in 1960. Moore "We could not have a ping 26-year-old Negro pitcher accomplished his

Doctor one would notice .Methodist, he felt he later decisioned Rinaldi in a 15-round ..titleLouisville finer nor better qualified great job against the Los Angeles Angels, with

the very sad expressionthat would be given a chanceto .-....4..h..-- .in- .Wer....- verb..-.-._ man than Rivero for such hitters as Albie Pearson, Leon Wagner Lee

canes to his face begin in the land of this difficult and important Thomas, Billy Moran and others on the Angels

when he talks about all beginning again. U. Sffford EntersAMerican assignment" team who have come through in the clutches on

of his possessions being The affable dispositionof Shriver said. several occasions during the season.

taken from him and his the ponce De Leons Inks 2 Negro Classic Camp R a dIe Y. the GRAND, IDEA WAS BORN IN THE MIND of somebodywhen

sick mother whom he was has already made them training center which a night was planned to honor the ever popu-

forced, to leave behind.Dr. favorites around Brew- Court Aces Rivero will direct, is lar Ben Geraghty manager of the rampaging Jack-

Ponce De Leon said ster. He is quite COMEBACK Following named for Lawrence Rad- sonville Suns. The spirit of Geraghty still

he fought in the regular willing to talk and discuss four-straight defeats LOUISVILLE Ky. -- The .a 1 1 ey, one of two peace hovered over the Jacksonville Baseball Park long

army in the mountains the sad conditionsthat veteran Milwaukee Brave University of Louisvilleone Corps Volunteers killedin after he had finished his first turn as managerof

against Batista, but he do not exist in,his Southpaw warren Spahn of the nation's top a plane crash last a baseball club in Jacksonville. The spirit of

is ready now tomake anew homeland. decisioned the Chicago basketball powers during s' \ April in Colombia, South Ben Geraghty was so powerful it just appearedlike

start on the Cubs 5-3 last Sunday the past decade, has America.It every manager who came to town after he had

friendly shores of for his 316th lifetime signed a grant-in-aid tits is the second of gone was a complete FLOP. Managers kept comlnlg

America. (On the way over victory. second Negro court two camps in Puerto Rico and going so fast that it seemed like manager?*

the boat was fortifiedwith player in the historyof r. where Peace Corps: came as often a.s the teams coming to town. No*

five machine guns State Commission's the school. trainees are given managing in a higher classification, he has kept

in the hands of five men Signed to an athletic language and community the SUNS shining from the night the umpire 1

who were ready to use 7 S 3s. Expenditures Okayed grant by Athletic Direr development training, "Play Ball" to open the International saidl\

them at a moments notice tor and head coach Peck along with intensive season in Jacksonville. ,

for the protection of TALLAHASSEE -- A total Hickman was Wade: Houstona C Cj physical conditioning IT IS A MATHEMATICAL CERTAINTY that the Milwaukee

their wives and families anticipated budget of 6-6 forward and recent Rivero played half- Braves would not be where they are now if the

one of the othermen expenditures of $2,693. graduate of Hall High ,. back on the Columbia Powers That Be could have realized the potentialsof

in the boat was also 789 for the fiscal year School in Alcoa Tex. football team for three a man who helped to shape the destiny some

Lieutenant in the 1962-63 was approved by In. announcing Houston's CHARLES SIFFORD years before graduatingin of the players who are now main men of the Braves

regular. the Game and Fresh Water decision to accept U. of Charlie Sifford who 1933. He was an as- team. Some of the men Geraghty is now managingare

,They were rescued at l Fish Commission June 22, L's: grant. Coach Hickman has appeared in Jackson- sistant coach under Lou ex-major legauers and Just take peek at

sea by an English ship EMPLOYED--Percy Goodman according to A.D. Aldrich commented" Wade is the ville on several occa- .Little the next year where the Suns are in the league standing. It is

which took them to a senior pharmacy director.The boy we've been waiting sions in various 'tourna- when Columbia defeated for sure that those who have kept up with the

Nassau where they stayed major at Florida A. and 1962-63 budget indicates .for to start our inte- ments and, who is also Stanford 7-0 in the Rose International League's games already know how

eight days until the M. University, has been a net increaseof grated basketball pro- well known throughout Bowl.A lng the Suns have been where they are. If any
Consul in Washingtoncould employed at Yellt stone $24,127 over the Florida after competingin native of Cuba,
gram. He is a top per man is worthy of being honored for a good Job
be contacted. They National Park in Wyomingfor 1961-62 of 2669662. former on the floor and other cities in the I Rivero speaks Englishand well done, it is certainly Ben Geraghty.

sold the boat and the the summer. Mr. However, the Commissions has been an honor state has been named the Spanish with equal THERE IS ONE THING JUST AS SURE however, and

money was used to make Goodman is a native of operating budget was student at Hall High for best shotmaker among thenation's ease. He holds an M. A. that is a night honoring the Jacksonville Suns

the trip to America. Panama City.New established at $40,873 the past three years." recent 131 degree from Columbia manager without a Negro representation on the

Everything they started S. C. less than the previous: Also signed simultaneous qualifiers for the U. S. Teachers College. program. When the nearly 14,000 fans who turned
out with was lost and year, as $65,000 of the along with Open Golf Championship. the break
Houstonby out to park to an attendance record
through the revenue received by the Sifford shot fora Promoter Louis
goodness of a 66,70
also in
counted the
Grid CoachORANGEBURG John Drama assistant Negroes were number. When the
Commission must be
the people they were coach and chief scout 136 total. Lines attendance is announced at every game, Negroes are
given enough clothes to S.C. turned into general The 39-year-old Siffordis
at Louisville was Tony counted when it is announced that the attendanceis
make start. George Bell, who in five revenue fund as a service five time winner of
a new Herold a six-foot a have
guard 3,000 4,000 or 2000. Negroes helped to
Mrs. Hortensia ponce De years as head coach of charge in com- from carlisle Otio. the National Negro Cham- Big BoutUp keep the attendance far above the 1.000 mark.
Leon was a teacher in Edward Waters College pliance with Section pionship. He is a nativeof
"We're sure'that both LOS ANGELES -- Former Whenever the team goes out on the field to playa
the Methodist School in Jacksonville amasses a 215. 20. Florida StatutesThe Charlotte, N.C. but
Wade and dark skinned
Tony will heavyweight champ Joe game, players are there too. When
Cuba. She studied at 31-11-2 record and an anticipated revenue please Cardinal fans. is now playing out of
it that
Louis now turned match- was announced, Ben Geraghty had been secured -
the university of Cuba. 8-1 season in 1961 to from the sale of hunting) Herold is a member of Los Angeles. The maker, has signed world .to manage the Jacksonville entry into the

It is her desire to be- win the SEAC title,. succeeds and fishing licenses is th e National Honor nationally known golfer featherweight champion International LeagueNegro fans were Just as happyas

come a nurse and she William (Bucky) not expected to exceed Society and was a. top has established his Davey Moore and Mario other fans. Now my friends since all of this

will j ake up nurse Harris as head coach at that of 1961-62 and as guard in the Southeastern courage durability and Diaz of Mexico for a is true, what good reason can be given to keep
training. The Doctor South Carolina State a result the 1962-63 ability as a player in 10-round
Ohio game. non-title bout Negro representation from having apart on the
said they will apply for budget indicates
decreases -
College July 1. Houston's Qualifica- competition with such here on July 9. program honoring the Dean of International League
in salaries, tions reads like a story famous stars as Masters In another mainrounderSugar ?
services and outlay.The book. He ranked sixth champion Arnold palmer. ; Ray Robinson meets Managers

'"T5sStontona shortage in anticipated among the 40 graduatesin Bill Casper. Jr. Tommy Phil Moyer of Portland.Ore. Moscow Athlete Wipes Out Bostons

revenue results his class, was a member Bolt. Dick Mayer and .
from the current low of the Student others of known fame. Star Signs With Broad Junp Record

water conditions Council and also senior Among those who have M MOSCOW. Russia Igor Boston was establishedhere

O existing drought.. and class president.Last felt the mighty strokesof inn. Vikings T.er-Ovanesyan. a MOSCOW last year in a dual

reduction of public season, he scored a master golfer by GRABBLING La. Curtis student, Sunday wiped between the united

lightens brightens skin hunting lands. 867 points on the the name of Charles Sif *Bre' r Rabbit" Cotton, out Ralph Boston's one- States and Russia. Ter

Since the Commission basketball floor in 30 ford are Jerry Barber, a star-spangled punter year world broad jump Ovanesyan's record,

operates on money placedin games for an average of the PGA ,champion; Bob and pass catcher of record of 27 feet 1% which must be approvedby
MAKESg24SKIH the State Game Fund 'merit from Grambling inches by leaping
BLEACHES 28.9 points per game. He Goalby. Doug sanders 27.3r! an international .com-
by sale of fishing and came donw with 540 rebounds jack Nicklaus Mike College, has signed a in competition here, according mittee on amateur ath-

ED"r hunting licenses, and an average of Souchak Dow Monti 'one-year football pact to Tass official letics, bettered the

*iuManufidurtri"*rr other revenue sources 18 recoveries per setto. jacky Cupit Gardner with the Minnesota Vik- Soviet news agenCy. Tennessee State university -

l. I IN it bases it's budget.on He hit an amazing .92 ,Dickinson Gary player .ings of the NFL. The world record bj student's record.

M.e I anticipated revenues. if percent of his foul Billy Maxwell Gay Brewer I--
revenue proves to be I ,
bgMalts dark ip.1 shot attempts. and Johnny Pott. --- _- A _........__.____
p.rfsd powder less than now antici- Houston was highly instrumental -

bass \\iTtOfl'i.( pated be, expenditureswould proportionately season's devasting in last 138- Tops 4 Negroes BUSINESS DIRECTORY r

reduced. Additional : E
revenue would result in of 72'defeat of Cook High The firms Listed Below Are Recommended As Reputable
athens. quite a

of Pov sr's BtrgamoC'THt J.r with the SUr" additional services and score to roll up in 32 Establishments Specializing Services and Products
expenditures or in a minutes of basketball.He y. w i ;
greater balance carried .
-- -
You Don't Have to Go to Town to Get tallied 36-points in IMPERIAL SUNDRIES i
forward, Aldrich stated. that one.Wade's.

LOW PRICESOn The Coomission budget high school Patent Medicines CosmeticsAll INDEPENDENT OIL cq;

does not include special coach. Clarence Teeter ., '." 7; Leading Hair Preparations KEROSENE HOME DELIVERY;
funds appropriated by is most emphatic in his iiYJ1r&
the State Legislature Cor. Bread & Ashley EL 4-2159 Mechanic On Duty "
Your praise of the lad who
for additional hyacinth made the AllDistrictAll .1J" ., LILLY'S DRUG STOREA JAMES FAULKNER, Mechanic.
control or fisheries im- .....;. A ,
Regional teams two Proprietor ,
DRUG STORE NEEDS ,I provement. Such funds years running. '"wade." .. .CASEY.All TImers STENGEL Complete line of COSMETICS State and Jefferson Sts. EL 69432DEBBIE'S t 1
are controlled by the Tapped ,.
Teeter predicted "willbe
Trade With Your Neighborhood Drug Store -- "
State Cabinet and administered a top name in basket "CASEY AT THE "
LOCAL PAPERS by the COmmission ball onof these days." the recently released }J" t

in accordance Around Louisville he best-selling autobi- ., SUNDRIES /
We Deliver-tte Also Pill All Doctors'Prescript ions ..
with the law providingsuch already is ography by Casey Stengel Prescriptions Called for and DeOvered .> ,' RccorJ & Appliance! Center
additional coney. colorful manager of the <
Pharmacy .: MUSIC 'DR ALL
Htgro StvwtNts Assigned New York Mets named four 1901 Kings Rd. El 3-8276- ,*';- :-) ALL MAJOR. APPLIANCESF:' i{
Negroes to Stengel's ,
2301 H. Hitfle A. .
To Mite Yo. selected all-time
1 1302 KillS Rial ,at Kfrte Avmt Schools
National League club. THE LADY D' MOTEL Bar-B-Q :

Fte El 5-5597-N .: RICHMOND, Va. Ninety made by the state pupil They arej Jackie Robin- Rooms Day -Jflite: ; Week Bish-Win .
Negro children were assigned placement THE PIO TRAIl':cN
.' board ,
*. which son, ( second ) ; Telephone in Each Room
: to white or pre- also for. 91IMOPANOWINNIC.OOhwN' P.ue.stt."
approved the Ernie Banks (shortstop); TV Or Radio Hot & t.-old Water ,.,
-, PAYSYOOR LIGHT WATER MM TElEPtII -: : ,,.' dominately white schools first time the assign Willie Mays (centerfield I CaB 771-7342 54O3-OS AVCNUC. B '
In this city on Tuesday. 5 *;
BILLS AT OUR STIlE ments of Negroes to and Roy Campanella PHBHI PO 5"1..86S4Ctcs "' '' 9..LA.f .
The assignments were white schools. (catcher) 2650 rmstm Rd. Swsetotsr Ha. .

r --- ---.r.-- -

.- --- --
-- --- -
-- -- -- : --- --- -



___MY/ 7, 1962 mm STAR PAGE 7





Ex-Gilbert Phenom's Meteoric Stars Play For Charity FAMU's Athletic TeamsCompleted I

Rise Scored As i
'Sensation al'nrvunui Successful Year

..," ,_ ._ :
Ca if.Four trailed in second place.At -
# months ago Bobby Hayes the end of 40 yards. sophomore from Jacksonville TALLAHASSEE Unpre- team in '61 was named to and forward Billy Barnes
was an unknown. insists he was at cedented feats were accomplished -
Today Hayes started 'his kick the first team of the AP were named to the siac
he's at the top of the least even. "I was Just Y by athletic
and drew even with Budd. Tr Little All-American team an d NCAA regional
track world starting to kick" he teams of Florida
selectedto At this point the Vil- : 1 AF 'x. A&il and the first N.A.I.A. tournament teams. Ken-
represent the united said. When Budd let University during the
lanova star let out a All-Star squad. He was nedy was placed on the
States out the moan. I was past academic
against Russia in
moan and pulled, out of year. also named to the first all-opponent squad.
the 100-yard dash at the race. alongside him we were Robert Hayes 19yearold
teams of the Pittsburgh The baseball team made
Palo Alto, calif., in, Hayes opened his lead in side-by-side lanes ; Jacksonville sophomore Courier's All .America it two in a row in cir-
July and and I could tell. But uI tied the world
against and won quite comfort- 4m, and the All-SIAC mythi- cuit titles. After bypassing -
Chicago later next ably over Harry Jeromeof I'm not going to argue record (9.2) for the cal squad. He playedin the regional

month. the Emerald about it. I finished 100-yard dash. Eight
Empire the AllAmericanBowl play-offs they droppedtwo
r His victory over Frank Track club of Canada and first and he didn't L& members of the 61 grid game in Tucson, games by one run
Budd in the National AAU finish the race." team signed professionalpacts.
Roger of
sayers Qnaha.
Ariz., last December.in each in the N.A.I.A.championships .
championships here last Jerome, the Canadian .
Jerome and
Sayers are 1f
addition to Miranda, at St.
night climaxed four the only two men ever flash, who is ineligible The basketball team
halfback Robert Pare Joseph, Mo.
months of one of 'the to beat Hayes in the to represent the United went undefeated through
more. Denson, halfbackmore Led by Hayes anda
quickest rises in track 100-yard dash. Sayers states despite finishing ''"'. :,dithJ; ( the regular season and landed a first team fleet of quick sprin-

and field history.It did in the NAIA cham- second says Hayes will ,:.,, ", ', J the SIAC tournament. The berth on the Courier'steam ters, the track and

was at the Uni- pionships at Sioux Falls become one of the great t J baseball team (22-4) while end Alfred field team won its sixth

versity of Miami in S. D. when Ha es-- sprinters graduates.before" 'He'he s For four years NAT KING COLE has been one of the went to the National Denson placed on theCourier's straight SIAC track and

February that Hayes suffering from the Flu-- winning all these races key figures and captain of his own team in the Intercollegiate Athletic second team. field championship.Hayes .

first burst upon the came in second and almost on raw ability" annual All-Star Celebrity Baseball Game In Los Association Champion- Paremore Denson half- shares the world

r national scene, nth a Jerome beat the Florida he said. 'When Bob Angeles. Here Nat is pictured with two of the ships. Coach Pete Grif- back Nat Tucker, and record (9.2) for th

world record tying 9.2 A& star in the Modesto i guest ballplayers a threat to any umpire, ARCHIE fin's thinclads defeated tackle Willie Clarington
ons out some of the 100-yard dash with Frank
clocking in the 100-yard Calif. relays in a dis- fine MOORE (1) and JOE LOUIS (r). This year Nat Cole's potent Texas southern were accorded All-SIAC
points there's no Budd and defeated him
dash in what was billedas puted finish.It team boasted such other sterling ballplayers as University in the 54th honors.
telling how good he'lldo. ( Budd) in a 100meterrun
a Junior Olympic age was the second time ." Mickey Rooney Michael Dante, Rafer Johnson Chuck Drake Relays.The Coaches Edward Oglesbyand in the Coliseum Relays -

group track meet. His Hayes met Budd and the Hayes had all sorts of Connors John Beradino Dean Martin, Max Baer Rattlers posses undisputed Ernie Fears Jr. and also th

sensational time caught second time he defeated Bob Newhart Soupy Sales John Bromfield, Pat claim to the guided the basketballteam
i trouble getting ready National AAU Relays.
everyone by surprise him. Budd being treatedat for the race. He hasn't Boone Jack Warden Peter Brown and Silver Sil- five major championshipsin to a 261 record.

including Florida A&M's. the first aid station been in good health for vers. Cole is contemplating a plan now to take a four sports in the The "twinkling 5" went

track budget. Had it spoke quite competitively three weeks and was con- similar team on tour next year to key cities for Southern Intercollegiate through the conferenceand Hollis Signs

not been for Governor of the defeat. siderably weak after the special charities. Meanwhile he is currently pre-, Athletic Conference: tournament undefeated -

Farris Bryant, Hayes and "They may say he was bout with the flu. paring tb appear in his first tent show, "sightsand football, basketballboth setting a new
With Grid CardsST.
his coach Pete Griffin even wit me, he "I didn't get in any sounds" which starts on a seven-week national ( visitation and precedent in straight

wouldn' t have had the claimed, 'but I know good practicing until tour from Colorado Springs on July 16.Other tournament crowns), games won and taking

funds able to make it better. I was ahead of the morning of the dates for the tour include: Seattle World's Fair baseball, and track and both title.. Their lone LOUIS -- Wilburn,

here last night. him from the start and race he said. "In July 24-29; Salt Lake Lagoon Aug. 2-4; Greek field. defeat was a 35-33 spine Iowa quarterback who set

But Hayes was on the was moving out on him. fact, I' m not in any Theatre Aug. 6-Aug. 14; Randall's Island, New The grid team, 10-0 for tickler in the finals of out most of last season

scene to win the' 100- He's a great runner, but shape to run in the 220. York Aug. 18; Buffalo Aug. 20-26; Wallingford, th e season added the NCAA Regional play- with a broken wrist,

yard dash with a clocking I just wonder how it although I'd like to." Conn. Aug. 27-Sept. 2: Warwick, Rhode Island, another button, makingit offs at the universityof is one of three Big Ten

of seconds as would have finished if Sept. 3-9; Framingham Mass., Sept. 1016. eight straight titles Akron. captains who have signed

Budd pulled up lame my right thigh didn't RobMSM-DowMS and a successive stringof Center Walt Kennedy, with the St. Louis

halfway through the tighten. 48 games. Its last guard Waite Bellamy
Fight DateReSck.dvkd Record Ilasts Leases Land Cardinals football team
event. Hayes 19-year old loss in the SIAC was to
of the National Football
Most observers--and Is For State Youth Bethune-Cookman, 8-7 Doby Signs League.
Hayes--felt the Florida Army Candidate? in Daytona Beach in
Hollis, who stands at
AMA speedster was dead LONDON -- British promoter I TALLAHASSEE -- The 19 52.The. $20,000 Pact
and scales
2 205-
leasing of two sectionsof
even with Budd when the Harry Levene announced gridders were
pounds tied Ohio's Bob
Villanova star pulled last week that land to the Youth ranked either fifth or
With Japs Ferguson for the Big Ten
up Budd's forte is the the middleweight bout Conservation Camp of sixth in Associated

fast start; Hayes works between former champions ... South Florida Inc., a Press, United Press scoring championship.He .
TRENTON. N.J. Larry also set an Iowa
the other way. .start Sugar Ray Robinson and non-profit group, was International, National :
())by, the first Negro to scoring record as a
approved by the Game and
slow get them later r Terry Downes has been Association of Inter- .
play in the American junior.It
with the big kick. Fresh Water Fish Com- collegiate Athletics,
re-scheduled for Sept.
... has been learned
mission League, returned to
at TallahasseeJune
That's the it went and National Collegiate
way 25 at the Empire Pool.
baseball last week that the Redbirds planto
last night. Budd jumped Wembley. 22. Athletic Associationpolls
when he signed a $20.000 use Hollis either as
The lease of
off quick at the Originally scheduled 99-year for small colleges
contract to play with a running back or as a
starting gun and Hayes 0 for June 26. the bout I bt., 1,280 acres of land in Center Curtis Mirandaof
flanker, a habit used by
the land Slougharea the Chun i chi Dragons ofJapan's
Hungry the 1 grid
No. Negro
was postponed
Watch This Clown of the Commission- Central League. professional teams with
Downes of London injured Doby who broke into Negro quarterbacks which
HANK AARON' owned J.W. Corbett Wild-
14 29 04 184 his hand whilein
345 07 38 TOMMY ARRON training. Downes had ....Terrific Drives life Management Area in Budd Stuns organized ball in 1947. caused Minnesota's All-

.....Awaiting Call the cast removed from ALTHO he's known for his Palm Beach County is joined Don Newcombe American quarterbackSandy

8 MILWAUKEE BRAVES' ver- his hand last week and soaring home run drives, for the purpose of con- Sports World; former Brooklyn Dodgers Stephens to sign
c 1S with the Canadian
Milwaukee Braves' slug- star moundsman who recently pro-
satile firstbasemanTommy resumed training structing a Youth Con
9 I has outfielder Inks Pro signed an $18, fessional football
3' 2 Aaron is 'sweatingout' Levene said. ging Hank servation Camp.Development Pact
\. a call from Uncle Aaron surprised even of the camp 000 per year contract to league.
473327 Hits First Homer PHILADELPHIA -- Frank play with the Dragons. In addition to Hollis
I Sam for future Army himself recently when he is to be financed by
--, .. Budd. Villanova U's During his 12 years of other 1961 college
72-06-85 service, the Braves' ,, drove 460 and 465-foot public subscriptionsand
front office recently 1'" '.<' k homers into the formerly'unattainable' donations of ma- great dashman stunnedthe organized ball activity, stars signed by the Red-

SonetInes hea up reported. Tommy 'C" 1.'I, Polo terial and labor. As amateur sports world Doby performed with birds include John El-
Sometimes he's d o.n with his brother Hank ,{ j $. Grounds centerfiel presently visualized, last week when he signeda Cleveland Baltimore, well, Purdue end; George
fie adds, subtractHe -. and the white Mans, Michigan end: Don
is one of the majorleague's it : 'bleachers. the camp will have an contract to play pro- Detroit
works it all around V estimated valuation of football with the phila- Sox. His career ended Vander Veldon. Wisconson
few brother 25 Years Ago
16 40 81 combinations. .. : 11t over $100000.00over delphia Eagles of the when he suffered a center linebacker; and
_._ .., J National Football League broken ankle while Roger Wilke. Notre Dame
-- --
$100,000.00 when
,1 ", Budd an outstandiig playing wmth San Diegoof tackle.
completed, according to
r'x '..: football player during the Pacific Coast Mans and Elwell were

:.. -: $ construction plans advanced his tenure at Asbury League nearly three captains of their Big
by the .
l Park, N.J. High School years ago. Ten teams.
\ the camp -,-- -- -
had sidetracked th .....
4w 4wr. development in South
gridiron during his
Florida are the Wide urn YOU ARF ILL
t Life Conservation Leagueof college days and had You Seek The Best Doctor

West Palm Beach, the concentrated on track. e then Your Doctor Prescribes
His phenominal recordon Get Experienced puarmacists
Florida Wildlife Federation -
DON, NEWCOMBE the cinder paths
the Florida Out- According to Your Doctor'sOrders.
.. Returns To Game included setting of a .
We Use Only
door Writers Association -
1 1i Former Brooklyn Dodger circles of the world 100-yard dash record t% The Rest Duality DrugsDr.
1i i (9.2) in the 1961 I i
i righthander Don Newcombe Florida Federation of C. E. BlackProprietor
AAU meet. (This was tied
hit his first homerun inJaptn's Garden Clubs and '
by FAMU's Robert Hayesof
Central Baseball
League as the Chunichi it was stated. Jacksonville during

Dragons swept a doubleheader JUNE 22. 1937 challenger Durpose of the camp last spring's Florida COMPLETE LINE OF
from the Hiroshima Joe Louis dropped AAU Relays at Miami U.).
will be to train the Cosmetics Rubber Goods Candles Sundries
Carps. Newcombe world's He also won the IC4A
100 and 220 yard cham-
starting in as an out- Jimmy Braddock wise conservation of

fielder until he can get with a terrific right natural resources, according pionships in 1961 and Store

in shape for pitching band smash to the jaw to A.0.4 Aldrich 1962, the NCAA double in Drug

duties, signed recentlyto in the eighth round to Commission director. 1961 and the NCAA 100 .

play at $18,000 per win the title before this past spring.APparently .

year with the Dragons. some 45.000 howling fans Sifford Paced voicing no 1907 KIMS ROAD EL 3-8216

Th e season ends in in Chicago's Comiskey regrets concerning the

October. Larry: Doby also park. in never dodginga Top Golfers 1964 Olympics. Budd

-'. F joined the Dragons two contender Louis wenton AKIN Ohio -- Leading stated that the Games

l week ago at $20.000 a to set a record of Negro progolf. are two years off and he

The Twist year. 25-title defenses. Charlie Sifford was had no guarantee of
making the team con-

The Latest Men's Hair Styles ROYAL ART STUDIO nation's included top among fairway th start cluding waking, "I s haveoaetime to I 4 White Label" I

;players for the $50.000

Being Taught At The. CLARENCE )I. SIHIN PROPRIETOR American Golf Classic and start.this' gives ne that JSCOTCH WHISKY

slated Aug.. 612 at the
SPECIALS A tailback under the ,
Firestone Country Club
': -, 1 Dila/
Jacksonvillebarber here. single wing system $
high school the Eaglesmay t
,, 2-5xTs, 1Ceter1MKk The recent three-year use Budd as a flanker r y.x

chemical "renovation"of or a scat back.

College Inc. 1 I White $&.95 Lake Apopka'by the Eagles mentor Ntck x 'hlk

Skorich who
Game and Fresh Water recently put

6. I. Approved 100% Air ClINt : '1-1-11 Spis.e&33x5's 55.95 Fish Commission was the Budd through a pass- 'sxeu -'

largest operation of its catching drill says .. .,
"He (Budd) has the soft
630 DAVIS ST. at Beaver type in the world. Over
Tops In Comical Weddings Portraits 16,000.000 pounds of hands of a pass re- flow nr nit camrmttr.

JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA 515 IAWS ST. EL 4-1134 undesirable removed from the fish lake.were ceiver.great possibilities.We think he"has

-- -
1PAGE. '.
i t 4 -4.- t{


Off The Block .. \ POLICE REPORTS loat Race WIirn.rsrr Joint .Anniversary Programs Planned I

By JNJay"Sunday IN READ fl${ BOTTLEAn BY 3 MEN

evening marked the end of an institu Eastslde woman was jamous Lee Gills, 25 District 13-24 will, during the services.
tion. Curtis folded his tent at the Lincoln Golf Injured last Monday In a of 727 W. Duval street observe their various Various members are

and Country Cltb. The clu.b will remain' open how- fight and was treated at was attacked and robbed anniversaries at Joint serving the committees,

ever. J.E. Hutchins, operator of the golf course Duval Medical Center, last Sunday between 2:30 observances in the with Mrs. Lucy L. Tremble

will operate the club, house facilities so we Police reported.Mrs. a.m. and 3 a.m. at Mon- Second Baptist Churchof serving as general

have been told. Curtis will open up in a new Ophelia Jones,' 35, roe and Madison Streets t Y which the Rev. J. C. chairman; Thomas Wilson,

sport comes the Fall of the year. He is taking a of 751 Odessa Street police said. 'Sams, is pastor, Sun- program chairman; A. E.

'well deserved rest. told police she was Gills said he was day,July 29th at 3 p.m. Henry chairman of

Tampa will get the Adderly Brothers and Orlandohad engaged in an argument walking on Madison The group has planneda finance.' Mrs. AlbertaJ.

Count Basle. We have had James Brown and will with David Jones, 35 of Street near r.. nfoe'when, program featuring out- Williams is publicity

get more James Brown plus a dose of Bobby Blue the sane address when three men jumped hie and standing personalitiesin director.

Bland. it turned into fight. told him not to move. He the city for the oc- Friends from the various -
Verdel vpns is back in town. The former typistin She said he struck her said be started to ''tussling casion.A churches 'are invited -

E.D. Jackson's offices is now working in on the head with accold with two of them, TOP RACERS---Some of the participants in the contest between the to attend and

Columbus, Georgia. She will be here most of the drink bottle. when the third one came '8th Annual July 4th Boat races held at New Berlin celebrating districts share the fellowship of

summer. On the scene from Washington w is Carolyn The injured woman was up and started stickinghim are seen enjoying a refresher at the Coke HOs- will also terminate the affair.

Payne. Other Jaxons are expected back for a summer taken to Duval Medical wmth an ice pick. pitality Bar for entrants. From left are Don

vacation. Center by police ambu- The victim was robbedof Wade, winner of the open Event; Israel Stallings

Robert Grlsby should use as his theme "The lance. She was treated $25 police said. The winner of the Class A race; Walt McKenzie, third

Second Time Around. The boy has talent and for cuts on head and men left running north placer in the Open Race and George Christopher,

could make it. All he has to do is to keep his arm police said. on 'Madison Street. The an also-runner In all events. Monc: iefDjjve.Io

hat size and bis waistline down'and his mouth Patrolmen D.R. Greer only identificationGills -

shut. A bit of advice Bobby boy be nice to all and D.L. Poston investi- could give of the Newman Trial

of the little people and play- when you aint work gated. robbers was that they La. Postpones Fruit Market45th

ing. You can be a good showman if you let your . All had on dark clothes. Concerns
self. This is your second time around, don't WOMAN DOUSES MAN patrolmen S. Gaines .

goof it.Elcee WITH POTASHA and M.L. Massey in- YORK The NAACP Arnarchy Trial'BATON & Moncrief

Lucas and yours truly attended a bigtime fight broke out between vestigated.
expressed concern to
testimonial affair in Washington last weekend.The Biz Wife Motley, Prop
a man and a woman Second Baptist Attorney General Robert ROUGE La.The _
folk up'DeeCee way really gave Lucas a send- who had been drinking ,
Kennedy over the sched- "criminal anarchy"case
off. The affair was in honor of Phil Weightman, together last Saturday, Vocation SchoolIn uled prosecution of against Ronnie For Free BeSrery, CM PO 5-9287 Opts Dily

veteran labor leader and voting rights crusader. and the man got the Afro-American Correspondent Moore has been postponeda 7 an. to 12 pjn.
Another story is elsewhere.. worse of the conflict, Sunday Program William Worthy Jr., second time--until i 'ta MMM HA i Mi** M B J __

'.Gloria Morgan Sh !eley had a birthday recently. police stated. Students of the Vaca- under a provision of the September 13. originallythe

She will not tell her age. Also on the birthday John Hall and Evelyn tion Bible School of 1952 McCarran immigration trial had been set 1

kick are J.L. Williams end Alphonso Weathersbee.The Scott were fighting and Second Baptist Church Act. for May 28 and then for NECK BONES lb. DC
Julius and Louise had a house
Guinyards Miss Scott went into will climax the school'sactivities "Our attorneys have June 13.
moving good time:last week. They have recently the house and fixed some with a pro- searched diligently," The cases against

moved into their new home. potash-water, returnedand gram to be presented, said NAACP Executive Sec- Charles McDew and Robert STRING
Everyone is waiting on chapter 2 of the lawyer threw it in Hall's Sunday night at 7 p.m.. retary Roy Wilkins 'but Zellner of SNCC have 15ORKA "

wife versus the principal to unfold. At presentthe face, police reported. dn the church audi- thus far have found no been adjourned indefinitely BEANS lb. .,
is in the lead. speaking of jobs, ( !
principal Hall was taken to Duval torium. record of any other per- and 'criminal
the boys say that I am looking for work. Frankly Medical Center by po Program participantswill son having been prose- anarchy' charges against

I am didn't say what kind though. lice. Police said the be: Muriel Smith, cuted in the precise cir- Weldon Rougeau of CORE FRESH.
Uriah potee, daily paper editor iJ on his va stated he 29"
injured man Gail Riley, Pamela cumstances alleged in and Dion Diamond of SNCC Ib?
cation. At present Portee is. resting. potee is would not sign a warrantor Rivers Vanetta Chester, the case of Mr. Worthy." have been dropped.In .

also a camera bug. He is doing his own shootingnow prosecute Miss Scott. Myra Ann Garnett, Matt The newsman is charged a recent speech here

a days. Patrolman J.S. ,Gladden Thompson, Barbara Ann
with entering the united CORE National Director
DATELINE WASHINGTON: Freddie Brown, local boy and B.E. Gladden in- Ayers, Dallas Cook States from Cuba withouta James Farmer pointedout HOG MAWS "
turned beer salesman came by. Freddie had just
vestigated. Clandon, Hall.
passport. He has been :, "Neither the city PIG FEET
returned from working in Baltimore and was .S The will close It"
program of the
denied a change of venue Baton Rouge nor
leaving to spend the 4th in New. York. Hank Bal- WOMAN SLUGS FRIEND;
with remarks by Rev.j. .
and his trial will be state of Louisiana is an
lard of the Midnighters was trying to get a cup HE'S HOSPITALIZEDJohn
C. Sams, pastor; Mrs. held in Miami on island secure from the
of coffee early in the morning. He and his boys Kyler 52, of CharlesM. 35C
Annie Burnett, "
August 5.White tides of protest.
1938 W. 5th Street 2 Ibs.
was for
are headed North. His group is the same but the Vaught superintendent CORE has been con- PIG TAILS
cooke Count Basie, James treated at Duval Medical
band has changed. San of the Sunday nationwide
ducting a
Brown and Ben E. King are all in the Dee Cee Center last Sunday for School. Movie
protest campaign against
treatment of a blow on

area.Saw George F. Waters, jr. his wife and theirnew the head with a mon Louisiana's the "criminal attempt to PIG EARS 15C

daughter for a few minutes. Joe Debose is key wrench, police re- James Brown Stands .n ,use anarchy" law to obstruct :

working as an engineer. He is fine. Matthew ported. civil rights. The
brother of'Frank Jenkins called. Kyler stated that he SUPERIOR
Jenkins younger
law carries maximum of
All in all jaxons in the capitol city are doing picked up a woman known To Appear' Jailed a
him 10 years in Jail. 19C'
as Christine and
fine. Most of then are singing about the wide Mogorine In Quarters
Moore was arrested a.
carried her to Logan and
open spaces because there ain't none in Washington LOUISVILLE Ky.---For ...-
space that is. James Tyson popular rail- Dewitt Streets. Upon At Coliseum__ peacefully seeking ad- January 18 for res- -

road man has Just returned from Washington. arrival, she Jumped out mission to the West End passing" on the pro- GREEN
of and struck him perty of Southern uni- 1.0"
o Jacksonville is his home now. car _SATURD Y. JULY 14 Theatre, two young Ne-'
with the monkey wrench.He versity, from which he PEAS lb.
One of the most interesting persons we met groes and a white were
JAMES BROWN na- bad been expelled for
while in Washington was a Mrs. Erma LeRoy of said she ran west on knocked to the groundby
tion's current of
rage trying to desegregatedBaton
Logan, Street after hit-
striking kingsizedmadam the manager, his
Houston Texas. She was a
show business and who
and used an ebony king-sized holder for her ting him. attorney and a policeman. Rouge lunch coun TREE RIPE ,
introduced a bevy
terse The charge was 1 0
the honoree, Phil He was taken to Duval .
cigarettes. She presented
of top-rated musical e
changed "criminal PEACHESFIRST
Weightman. a plaque in the shape of Texas. Dr. Medical Center by a The three-members of \'
hits in recent
months anarchy" a month lateras "
Dallas Graham ambulance,
Grace Hewell of the H.3.W. Department and a Louisville CORE and J
police said.Patrolmen., will bring his new 1962 CORE prepared to put-
friends from Chattanoogaand Louisville SNAC -- were
Spellman grad, spoke of
to the CUTSPORK '
Summer Show JACK- "
'up bail on the respassing" -
PIer Ida. She is a big whell around town. Mrs. Jesse SONVILLE COLISEUM on thereupon arrested along count. 35,,
is our son and E.R. Taylor in- with a sympathetic -
Dollie Robinson of the Labor Department Saturday JUly 14th. In patron CHOPS Ib.
candidate for the hostess with the mostest. She vestigated.FOR person with him will be who stopped to observe . .

entertained a few of the wheels at her apartmentin RENT The Famous Flames, the assault. The

the exclusive Capitol Arms. 4-Rm. -Apt. and Bath luscious Yvonne Pair sympathizer, Paul Duf- INVEST IN YOUR OWN BOILING
of Daytona anda fy, commented "You PROGRESS 35"
Maxine Dargan Flemings, formerly Freshly paintedPO Baby Mashed Potatoes"Lloyd :
childhood pal of Ken Knight's sends greetingsto 8-4760 and The Broironies couldn't tell the dif- SUPPORT YOUR BACON 2 Its. .

Ken. She is secretary to the House Committeeher six beautiful dancing ference at that point URBAN LEAGUE
former boss Adam Clayton Powell heads up. ServicesSound girls. between Kentucky and SUPPORT YOUR NAACP

Maxine is one of the wheels on the Hill also. service for Ad- I I THE JAMES BROWN SHOW Mississippi." 69f

The former Phyllis and Paula Williams of Jacksonville vertising- Dances. Ball AND DANCE will have two Lynn pfuhl, who had 45th STREET SALMON can

and Miami are doing well. Paula has recently Games, etc. Also Loud performances at the been arrested previouslyfor
picketing the theatre ---
married. Phyllis is a grass widow and Speaker Service for Banquets Coliseum: 3 to 6 p.m. DriveInBAR.D.QUE

looking fine.Congrats Concerts Record matinee and 10 p.m. until received a sen-
Elvira wllcox. tence of 18 days in SPAM caa.lM 1 39C
to Jessie Bouchee Hops etc.Phone El 3-5902 2 a.m.Featured.
Jail and $30 fine,
They both won top honors in recent events at SOUND
SERVICE on the program which is unappealableunder they're 0 licious '. ..-
Continental Bowling Lanes. Jesse won a beautiful are some of the MAXWELL
...rovjr "W&ACACUROOMS,,,P li Hr..., a- snorts Mon LIVE IN MAilS hit records that have city law. You'll like 'em 6 oz. '

FOR RENT FOR SALE Sen4 To References$55 Wkly. with skyrocketed the Brown Urging the that incident protestover be 45th & Moncrief COFFEE 49C

Furnished-Settled Man &: 3 BRM Home-Modern Sub- letter. Carfare rushed. I' aggregation fame such as to"Please national sent to Mayor William Near 45th Street t With $5.00 or acre food crier

Single division-Lrg LotLittle Hampton Agency Cowger, CORE Field
Woman or woman "
Please. Please, lost
Package Store TENDER
$7.50 per Wk. El 5-5329 Down-Balance Like 13 N. Station Plaza Director James McCain
someone. "Try Me" ,
:*:**:*::: ::* .:a...* : :: v:* Rent 3-7203 SUN REALTYEL Great Neck N. Y. "Night TrainCross said: "it we make is imperativethat Louis- STRAND Sunday BEEF LIVER ib.CHOTERLING :. 39

FURNISHED ROOM s' N. Y. live-to Marts Firing", "Think" ville official aware mm I "
Ho t': cold Water "
'I Found
Fir Sale You that they cannot con- f :
You need a friend in I
518 W. Ashley St.
Call 768-8188 3 BdRra Home Tile Bath N. Y. Let Mr. Harold and many more. tinue to disregardcivil ,.VrdeMan -:
Advance tickets are :
Carport-Sale by Owner of the Mallory Agencybe rights. -.;/ 10 lbz $1.79
now on sale at the Coliseum of the LlJance
Picketing West
Jokmie's! Hotel Magnolia Gardens-Owner your friend. He

TV in every room. Would like EquityLow GUARANTEES you a live- box office. Hemming End Theatre is part ofa .. ........,.,-114 .
For Reservations Call Monthly NotesPo in Job in a good home, park Tourist and Convention campaign to desegre-. and Co-Hit! RIA 9 Rrsket ,
Bureau Hollywood -
EL 5-4025 8-3933 paying $30 to $50 a o. gate the neighborhood 29/t
Music Shoppe Bus
741J4 W. ASHLEYJacksonville. N week, ''free room, meals, movies. Louisville's Jessica :. STEW lb.
ter Ford's, Abe Li Tert' s J
VANTEI TV. He advances bus downtown theatres have
Record The Record Bar a most mischievcus g.r1I -
Florida ,
Beauty Operators & tickets and expenses to been desegregated but MARTHA WHITEFLOUR
and the Jacksonville mBIUr-
25 Ihs
LOTS FOR SALE Barbers are wanted to N. Y. SEND REFERENCESto Beach Theatre Music not the neighborhoodones. ....."1IJII811111 $2 49

$25.00 Down $10 per Hollywood Beauty Lounge Mr. Harold The Mallory Center. With Towel' e

month at MariettaTel.EL 622 W. Ashley St. CallI. Agency. Dept. 140 ROOSEVELTSunday -- ---- -- -

4-7442-Sundays. Tel. S. Anderson 576 Merrick Road FUMORTS COTTAGES HERSHEY
EV 41181. El 3-3245 Lynbrook, N. Y.SUPERIOR 3 B& Horror C6iers"THE ': 15 Ik.
ColItIs by by Wnk or Month SPIDER"_ wig. $5.00 ted order

MEATS Hot & Cold{ Kockwei Water -


Private AI$. W*' CoekMfl FxiEfes LowFOR Rae J II.

-+ IN E- THE FARMER'S MARKET : 261- 508 Fernandina SM. KteSMKj LAMa/ CHOPS II. 59C

-- EL U-6697 Jacksonville

FR ERS24? COUn I*Ni S24! Write: Rt.Fernandina 2, Box I6U Pater Rabj Dee In Special Ptatj Good-Fran Thru Ye July.4th,

---_. -- .. A BSD!! h The SUN" zri

Open All Day Sunday Lois Stewart, Mgr. TO DAlTOfl# KRIS' 1962 at Moflcrief Drive In Fruit Market Only