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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200617datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date June 30, 1962dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006170740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
June 30, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
June 30, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text

9 .
"' .
I __ _
-- -- MOT _
-------u--- -- -- -
i f 1 : -

":"'. "' .,.

--- '

': Unknown Knifer Of Jax School Teacher Remains At Large "

***** ***** ****



..... ... ... .. .. ... ... ... *
\ "t :
r .- ;;;;' 0
1. .; -

kt .-, "' ,. "' t Suit Entered NAACP 1

,. .. FLORIDA STAR $100,000 AgEct

03 By Savannah Super Market Owner

: | SATURDAY TUNE 39, 1962

# .... ......
-- -
1 3O : NO HIRED' 5$5 u .

i'll I m DRIVERS Nsw Hiring Practice ODes .

?'.t, 0 4 GOP Racism

I .. 2Tk : Draws Fire OfPress


.: COKE h', .t.j publicans WASHINGTON are- attemPting"The Re- ....

.... .... .... .:f to use Rep. Adam Powellof
:t "
t t flT New York. Democra-

:'/ Perry Constable IsIMcoMpstIicy Svsptndtd Otto Drink Fkms Exptcttdi ,* 7 tic Chairman of the

r powerful House Labor and
To *A : ', aR Education committee, as
By Governor For Employ Driver StkwM ; a bogey-man to frighten

The boycott against Coca-Cola which began early I ; Southern Democrats"

TALLAHASSEE---The death of a young Perry, Fla. this month when it was learned that the company .. .. :L a. d Louis Martin Deputy
.: ; t 4.;;
youth killed by a Florida Constable last May 5, had fired 17 of its Negro help has apparently, Chairman of the Democra-
Shown above are James Hamilton and Thomas Daniels, Jr., the two driver-
4' has resulted in the suspension of Henry Sauls, run its course, leaving in its wake a closer. salesmen tic National Committee
recently put on route by the Coca-Cola
Company following an
the Constable and his Indictment Federal
by a charged
relationship between the Wednesday.
acceptable company
more : effective boycott against the firm.
Hamilton shown left
( ) is 33 years
Grand. Jury which convened to hear evidence June 19. the in this Martin stated "GOP
and Negro consumer area. :
---- .. '" old, married and the father of two children. He resides at 2735 Begonia
A june 6 meeting with driversalesman Road, and is a 15-year veteran with the company. Daniels (right) is Senator Thruston Mortonon
in -
Sauls was suspended byFlorida's brother up' and put him company head R.H. Ditt- Negro a a recent trip to
married and the father of seven children. Also 33 years of age, he has
capacity. "I exceeded -
Governor in the car. He radioed mar has resulted in the been Georgia told the Atlanta
word and an employe of the Coca-Cola Company since 1953. The Daniels live at
t Farris Bryant who hiring of two my own Constitution that 'a
for ambulance and Negro
4901 Campanella Drive.
They members
are of St. Matthews Baptist Church.
,: stated that the Con- told the dispatcher to driver-salesmen and the hired two drivers, he The Hamiltons attend Abbysinia Baptist Church. vote for the Democratsis

j stable has lost the send "Burns, I -just contemplation of the said. "I want to prove Billy rown Photos a vote for Adam Po

public confidence and shot a N'I hiring of a third. The the company's sincere Owner Accused Of Beating well. The Kentucky
was guilty of incom- desire to clear up this, Jax Officer
Young Dumas died in the two driver-salesmen now Senator was rebuked -

pentency in office. An Doctor's Memorial HOspi- active are James' Hamil- matter. I want a bettercompanyconsumer for his statementby I

earlier Grand jury tal in Perry. ton whose route covers relation Negro Youth By SavanniansSAVANNAH Wins Medal the Louisville

called in Taylor Countyby Ashley Street and ,surrounding with the- Negro Courier-journal the J
citizens." Ga.---The white owner of a grocery
the State refused to .
area, and Tommy leading newspaper of his
Indict the Constable for Daniels who has been The early June meetingwas market here, who was recently accused of stomping own state."
the shooting. attended by Rutledge whipping and temporarily imprisoning a 14-year- a J
given the Davis Street The Louisville Courier-
However officials of Pearson. prestJdent of old boy has entered a $100,000 suit against the
and surrounding area journal said "We were
local branch and statewide branches of the NAACP
the the local NAACP. Pearsonat
Perry Branch o.f route. startled by a paragraph
NAACP and state official f.e'are thinking about that time pressed for. in an effort to recover losses he has sustainedin in an Atlanta Constitu-
the hake of a selective buying campaign sparked
of the Association discontinuance of discriminatory -
con- 13.EZ putting on a third interview with
; tinued to press for an Z ,, ,,. colored driver-sales- practices in by the local branch. Senator Thruston Morton,

investigation by Federal man" Dittmar admitted employment at the plant. Buck Overstreet, white Branch and the Georgia? 4k who has been in the I

Authorities because of a 3 this week. Butr after Following a conference owner of the Tropical State conferenoe and'the South. Senator Morton

belief that the Taylor all we just can't fire with a Pepsi-Cola Market here, reportedly Rev. F. D. Jaudon h ended the discussionwith

County Grand jury would t a somebody to put him on representative was caused the hospitalization pastor of St. Phillip a dig at the Democrats !

not indict Sauls. Sauls a route. We have to rearrange revealed this week that of Robert Lee Monumental AME Church, : 'A vote for the !
claimed at that the Pepsi-Cola Bolden 14. by bruta- and vice president of
(I hearing the route. When Bottling Democrats is a vote for

that he killed young the time comes, however, Company will put NelrOdriversalesmen lizing him and locking the Savannah Branch. ,1\ Adam Clayton Powell.' .

Joseph Dumas accidentally / \ whoever we decide on on him In a back room of CAPT. S. WASHINGTON. JR. Representative Powell :

while stopping the JY COURT ORDER. James will be given a Florida routes some time in the store for allegedly Gov. Seeks The U.S. Army has a- heads the House Educa- :.

Dumas Truck to make an Meredith, 29, former Air Avenue route.' July.It stealing meat. The boy warded its Commendation tion Committee." ,I

investigation. Force veteran has been It was at the June 6 has been indicated was employed at the Slaying Probe Medal to a Jacksonville The newspaper ,added I,

At the session of the ordered admitted to the meeting that Dittmar that other beverage store at the time. native. '1tepresen tati ve Powellis

Grand jury meeting Sauls all-white university of promised to hire "one" bottlers may follow The incident which MELBORNE--Gov. Bryant'soffice Cited for his meritorious Negro, a fact distasteful
has notified
was conspicuously absent Mississippi by the U.S. suit. occurred three weeks services while ser- to many white

it was reported Fifth Circuit Court 6f ago set the stage for officials "to open up ving as a nuclear weapon Atlantans but we are

that he had been con- Appeals following a 17- Ttochtr's Condition CriticalAs : an NAACP-inspired bOY- an investigation" into instructor at the U. S. surprised that Mr. Morton -. ,

fined in a Perry hospi- months battle in the cott which has resultedin the June 4 death of Army Artillery School at stooped to what appears -

tal as result of a courts. Polk. Continue Man Hunt a 100 per cent loss Negro cab driver who Fort Sill Okla. is to be racism, even j

heart attack. of Negro business to was found mortally Capt. Samuel Washington, when far from home."

Dumas, who asked Sauls Aids The unknown youth who last Thursday afternoon Overstreet's market. wounded on Highway jr., the son of Mr. and Martin also called

"why did you shoot me, entered the home of a prominent high school The market, which"remained -o' 92 near here.It Mrs. Alphonso Kelly o attention to the tac-

I didn't do anything" Jax StarTALLAHASSEEFlorida principal and for reasons unknown plunged a knife open 24 hours a was learned that an 1920 Pullman Ct. tics of an Alabama Republican -

while he lay on the threp times into the chest of his schoolteacherwife day. formerly boasted'of order had gone out from Capt. Washington entere Congressional

ground following the can thank its No. 1- continues to elude capture this week despitean a 99 per cent Negro the Governor's office military service after candidate Evan Foreman ,...-

shooting, was a passen- citizen, Gov. Farris Intense and widespread effort to apprehend him. patronage. through Administrative'Assistant being commissioned a of Mobile who made a d
William J.
ger with his brothers Bryant for bringing The victim Mrs. ThelmaM. Although Overstreethas second lleutenan'tfollowing speech last week that
Charles F. and Jerry the national Argrett. ner way to be kind to succeeded in obtaining Jamison addressed to his graduationfrom was interpreted as race-
AAU'100yard was criti- people." Florida
Robert ,
Dumas. Also riding in dash title cally wounded a temporary inJunction Fla. AiM Universityin baiting.
to by three who in
Mrs. Argrett re- NAACP secretary
the pick-up truck was a FAMU last week. powerful knife thrusts. from Superior 1955. Although Foreman deniedhe
neice eleven year old Two weeks She is the mains in critical con- Court Judge B. B. Tampa after the NAACP At FAMU. he served with called Negroes
ago FAMU'sgreat wife of James
di tion at Brewster had asked the Governorto
Joann D. Williams. restraining the the student Government his attack
They dashman Robert A. Argrett. Principal ( Henry, monkeys, on
were returning from delivering Hayes of Jacksonvillewas of Northwestern Hospital is unable to NAACP from picketing act following the Association ROTC. Men's the Kennedy Administration -

a used television unable to School, and is High speak or otherwise offera the store, the selective testimony of Dr. E. C. Senate and Alpha' Phi for "getting ready
enter the herselfa
set at the home veteran better description of buying campaign has been Norris who said hd had Alpha Fraternity.Mrs. to register the monkeys -
NAIA Track and Field of
over 20
of their aged grand the person who came so generally accepted by attended the Injured man Washington is the to vote was inter- -,
Relays on account of a years the school in a local hospital before -
mother. lack of funds. system.To near to taking her life. Negro buyers. Only 11 former Bessyee Gaines of preted as racist.A .
Sauls stopped the I'm with all his death.Williams .
truck praying
have entered the storein Tallahassee. Birmingham News reporter -
Last weekend, the annual date no motive has
and ordered (Charles the been my strength that she recovers the past two.weeks. reportedlytold Ivan Swift, in
AAU Track established for the
Dr. Norris twice AIOIkSrFkSt
driver to getout.. Mr. Argrett :
attack which This is the second referring to the Alabama
Field Relays was being took place
during 10-hour inter- :
Charles showed Sauls said, brokenly. That's time a white market 'Republican s speech
held at Walnut, Calif., between 1:30 and 1:45 -
vals that been
his drivers license and the important thing with hehad _
last made subject to selective wrote: The voters referred -
and Hayes was faced witha Thursday afternoon.The shot by two white .
was ordered to' write his me right now. Of buying action by men.News to as 'mo keys' _-
similar problem. mysterious assailant -
name. Joseph got out of course" he added "I Savannah Negroes has aren't likely to back
However, when Gov. who
the truck and was stand- reportedlyleft recognize the importance tried ,suit. The first the candidate who called .
Bryant heard of the -the scene of his
ing behind his brother of catching the person Instance came last them that." -

'when Saul remarked great runner's plight, crime on a bicycle who attacked my wife. Spring when a campaign 1
entered DendilieStepped Is
the F
he Argrett
Ta gonna teach you personally COn- home Asked if he had recently was launched againstShore's Educators iou
shortly after
tributed Mrs.
S550 to aid
damn N-----some sense. assisted
in the Super Market.oni ,
the deceasedto in the traveling expenses Argrett and plunged the UpDue
ordered Peace
He apprehension of some of the city's Corps
into her chest,
of Hayes and as
get back into the members of a Juvenilegang. largest. Shore's was to the July 4th
truck but stopped him his track Coach Pete. clothes was in changing her her Mr. Argrett replied forced to close its holiday falling on Two Negro women were =
Griffin to the bedroom.
pulled his pistol from relays. Before : "Absolutely not.I doors for lack of busi- Wednesday of next week, named to key peace Carps
his holster and beganto Other contributions being overcomeby have been the the staff positions
p victimof ness. Today tin same deadline for .news over- -
were Bade from Tal- shock Mrs. Argrett
search Dumas. an unfortunate and corner is occupied by a- for the July 7th editionof Described by fellow lawmakers seas.
Sauls removed a small lahassee, Tampa and the to police that harmful rumor. I suppose tire company. the Florida star will as being that They are Hazel Virginia

knife from Joseph's Florida AAU. the attacker stabbed her that Is where the belief Overstrtet's suit be Tuesday at 12 o'clock body's "=ost persuasiveand Clarke of Durham North =

pocket and according to It is now history: without saying a word. came from that Mrs. includes the Georgia noon. convincing speaker" Carolina, and Shirley

the brothers told Joseph Hayes won the qualifying She described him as Argrett was the'victim State Conference of However, persons Mrs. Amelia Tucker is BUckwell Cummings of -

N-----. don't move. If 100-yard dash events being "a young Negro" of revenge. Actually, Branches; the Savannah bringing in or mailing the first Negro woman to New York City. -- -

you do. Til kill you." and also the "I don't know what' the only thing I have Branch; W. w. Law, president their news in over the serve in the Kentucky Miss Clarke an Instructor -

"It was at this tine final to add lustre to could have" provoked the had to do with anythingof of the EavnnahNorthwestern weekend will be assuredof legislature. She is the in Commerce at

that the gun went off." the great 19-year old attack stated her the s rt was when I __ > an earlier placementand wife of Bishop C. Ew- the North Carolina College -

Charles said. PAMU aophosore's sensational stunned husband earlier was called down to last will also avoid a bank Tucker, Louisville at Durham for the -

The dead youth tried tot career. this week. "I don't see 'Juvenile Court lastWednesday March., last minute rush. civil rights leader anda Past 13 years, will -

make It to the Con Hayes also tied the bow it could have been a to,produce The Argr efts, who have DON T MISS JULY SCEF director. Mrs. serve as Peace Corps -
stable's, car but fell. World' 100-yard dash revenge motive. Mrs. been Deputy ,
proof of serial numbers married for 27 Tucker is herself a Representative ,
.r Seals called on the two record (9.2) last Sprint Argrett was the type of I, for a OIIe property. that years, live at 1166 f. BOAT RACESAT minister in the AME for British Honduras. ..- -f

brothers to pick their in Mlaal. person who went out of had been stolen from 9th street. NEW BERLIN Zion Church 0 .



'..---- ....---. ;;", ...... ..


-- .
a : -

9 '
-: yt

r 2 .: .. FUMA STAR
__ _._:... __ .,... _.. __' 4. _.._ _.. SATURDAY JUNE 30. 1982

TttB, FLORIDA STAR .<...:; :jr"' ff" !J\.:". POLITICS AS USUAL-

,,'-;.-. ;: Ii
a -
t ii

Published by the Fiorina Btat PublishingTb/ .

4 & ''Meaber of Associated Negro Press" J BY. ERIC Q. 3IMPSOH ;:.
Y tY .
r iI f r.fiJ. k a i1L!svalr ,
+4.b1 !\
/ .rt. k ..n'ii'J; {ly .+ pr1,. ..b, f ; ';: "I

..... .ERIC 0. SIMPSON -!NN Mate'* ESUfnvM {- .,;.-- If the Negro wants to take his place in l'the

." ,, white community, he will have to t
t : i- AlKOH E. WISE. ................ s Ediitr: change many of his ways of living urges j

rz+: HILDA WOOTEN.NN.NN..!. C_ M.. -'-, John Writing Fisher in, Editor of Harper's Magazine -!- .>lr
J. the July issue, Mr. Fischer .
., ,, cites four areas in which he ;
: MAIN OFFICE &. PUNT: believes white people have I

2323 Moncrief.Road.f. ........P_ ELfig 4-8782& EL 4:6783 > valid reasons for distrusting ;t
--- and
.' fearing Negroes. Vfc
/ Main Address Crime--Mr. Fischer cites : _
: .::.<;
statistics which show that as t

P. 0. Bu 561, lacbmrife 1.1 Fhtida the propo ration of Negroes -

in a community increases, the
I .? .. ; crime rate usually rises
-. SIJ CRIP'fION RATES. ,"., sharply. I J

.- >;" One Year".$6.00: Half Year. $4.00 Fj4 .. ERICAN Neighborhood deterioration--Many areas .

rk ,J;iailed to you Anyrhere in the United States +' become slums after Negroes move in. "in I

.:.!.7', : Subscription Payable in Advance r Y. r. WHITE part this is due to overcrowding, and to I

Send check or Money Order to: ,,;;;:;, I 'YOUTH incomes so low that the owners can't afford -

r ct f, ,1 to keep their places up properly. "

Florida Star P. 0. Box 561 But it is.also partly due to plain old 4don'

Jacksonville 1, Florida t-care'writes Mr. Fischer. \

.___ .
.L Civic apathy "Few Negroes seem willing
Mido1Fkst doss C.kjProvJg .to invest time and effort in the web of

civic, political, and voluntary organiza-
Caries Message tions which hold every American community

In the midst of our demands for full together," says Mr. Fischer. ,

' participation in the growth of this nation Moral irresponsibility--White people are

through the exercise and benefitsof 1 RETI ION WILL 1 HELP REMOVE THIS I SOURCE OF HATE bothered by the casual attitude of many'- \
their responsibilities.
full citizenship, some sobering and Negroes about sex and .

..'.. .Mr. says that such .
challenging thoughts are offered us by -.- Fischer 1.
t John Fischer in an article titled "What worries have some statistical justification. t .

the Negro Needs Most: A First Class Citi- J

zen' Council." Your1TERG Weekly' 'To all of these complaints, the traditional I

Mr. Fischer's article, which will appearin _. Negro leaders have a ready answer" J

a coming issue of Harper's Magazine, Guide 1 says Mr. Fischer. "The Negro's shortcom-

1 is here quoted in part for the benefit of Horoscope ings, they argue, are the inevitable con- ,

our readers: .. t sequence of three hundreds of years of
'WHAT follows may sound offensive to a slavery and discrimination. When you holda

good many Negroes and to some white peo- .--- man down for that long he can't spring -
ple. Nevertheless it needs to be said. WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR. upright overnight when the pressure is

"This is a proposal for a new Negro or- BUSINESS removed."
ganization--A First Class Citizens' Coun- Although Mr. Fischer believes that these

4 cil. Its purpose is the genuine integration are valid explanations, he also thinks '

y of Negroes into the normal streamof ARIES 0-66-17-92-496 3-30-77-12-34-372 CAPRICORNBorn they are dangerous ones, because they

American life. Born March 21st thru LIBRA Dec. 22nd thru are so easy to use as excuses for doing

'The first task of the First Class April 19th CANCER Born Sept. 23 thru Jan. 19th nothing."So .

1 Citizens' Council will be to find honest Put your affairs in Born June 22nd thru Oct. 23rd Others will seek ;ym: long as the Negro blames his plight

to three July 22nd You will feel in haste attractiveto circumstances, history, and
answers questions: order. Be prepared for out. You are entirely on
r i 1. What are white people afraid of? Why quick trips. This is Jupiter is hailing about something. Many the aggressive, out- the white man. he is going to stay in that

3 do they begin to move out of a neighbor- the time when you should travel adventures! things in your life will going personality. At plight. He will get out of it only when

4 hood as soon as any considerable numberof not be impeded by silly whether you make such press at you and demand this time you seem to be he begins to change his circumstancesmakenew

Negroes move in? Why are so many desegregated details. Get things behind trips now, or in the answers which you cannot one who magnetizes dyna- history, and shoulder a bigger shareof

schools becoming "resegre- you so that you can latter months of the give. Unless you allowa mic people into your responsibility for the fix he is in, "

gated as white'parents withdraw their be free to accept or cooperate year, this is the right certain amount of orbit. By being recep- he says.

children? in unusual ad- time to discuss them. leisure time or soli- tive you will receive To help the Negro integrate into the

2. How much of this fear is rational, ventures. The Moon's You are at a cycle of tude, you will find rather than give help. normal stream of American lifeMr. Fischer.

,' and how much is simply blind, unreasoning node give you sex appeal good luck and benefits yourself tied up in This is splendid. Only proposes a new Negro organization.He .

prejudice? _, '_ You are charming to the from far places. Secret knots. Wherever your when_ you are strong calls the organization "The First
< -
? 3. What can be done to remove the rational opposite sex and must financial troubles may name and face meet the yourself and supportedfrom Class:'Citizens' Council." He suggests as ,'

valid reasons for such fear? Once watch out or this can cause a change in your public you will find a without can you its motto: "Let' s Make Every Negro a First

they are gone, the purely irrational lead you astray. Even plans. others may have wonderful reception. You assist those who depend Class Citizen. He believes that its goal

suspicions ought to be easier to cope strangers will be attracted been unaware of certain are magnetic and seem and lean upon you. Go should be not merely to win the full
to draw attention in
with. to your per- sources of your income.By directly to the top. rights which belong to every American, but.
-. sonality. When dealing the same token there your direction. This Knock on doors formerly that these rights are used
Nobody, so far .as I can discover, has to make sure ,
will be especially help-
with those whose temper- may be some ignoranceamong closed. Be appealing and
yet attempted a serious examination of that the average Negro is both willingand
ament are unknown be ful to those in businessIf use diplomacy, '
these questions. White sociologists have your intimates of especially able to carry the full responsibilities \
careful to understand the troubles have in you have anythingyou flattery. You will
you of good citizenship.
shrunk f
away from them, for fear that they want to bring before
I before you speak too relation to economics.At surprised to see the "Once he does, he may be surprised to .
might be suspected of racism, or might sell
the to or
public I
quickly. Others may mis- this time it would be plums of
opportunity fast white prejudice begins to
give aid and comfort to the white supremacy see
to do
promote so now.
interpret your friend- yielding to t.
wise to bend with fate your touch. Fischer.
melt Mr.
fanatics of the Deep South. Most 6-70-22-18-45-678 away, says
liness. and to withdraw from 4-50-99-16-25-459
Negroes have refused to look at them at ag- i
all; it is easier--and more popular in gression. AQUARIUSBorn

the Negro community--to blame everythingon TAURUS -220331671231LEO Oct.SCORPIOBorn 24th thru Jan. 20th thru Action Urged In EmploymentDiscrimination +- .
white prejudice. Born April 20th thru Feb. 18th
Nov. 22ndBe
"The commonest fear among white families May 20th Born July 23rd thru careful. Take a This week you must hold I

is that their neighborhood will go down- your magnetic appeal is Aug. 22nd philosophical attitude your temper and not con- PolicyA.

hill if many Negroes move in. felt strongly. Neverthe- Many friends will get toward the ego or prideof fide in family members.You .

"Sometimes this fear is plainly un- less too much publicityis in touch with you an s oeone who is either will find all sorts
not good for you and of them tell of unforeseen difficul-
justified. A number of Negro friendsare may youa
married to you or who and T. College officials and friends
you should guard against disturbing story. It ties. You can solve them
as house-proud as anybody I know
; one works with you in 'were last week called upon to assist in
of them has made his home and garden intoa being scorched by the could be that you will one by one if you understand
business. Let the sparks pointing out "the need for providing
town is it same fire or limelightthat be called upon to extricate how to keep your
showplace.Nor true merely of
fly and after the smoke employment opportunities to all qualified
the relatively "black can please in the a pal from som own nerves under control.
wealthy bourgeois'
has cleared, you will college graduates without discrimination"to '
A home visit beginning. New friendsmay difficulty. Take your Don't take too much. Do
Negro I fairly often is a find something useful and state employment agencies.The .
admire a differentside time in making deci- not advance or offer in-
single room in a slum district, but it is
good has been served by proposal was a part of several reso-
of you! it is quite with formation. Where othersdo
sions regard to
always spotlessly clean, tidy, and com- this stimulating planet. lutions adopted by the A. and T. College
fortable. likely you will meet someone else's destiny.Do not ask for explana
Don't speak too soon General Alumni Association at its annual
someone who is a kindred not fall victim to tions don't give unnecessary -
"Yet this is not true.
always A neigh- about any enterprisewhich national meeting held on Saturday, June
soul, who understandsyour make ones. Do have
flattery. Don't a
borhood where I once lived in Washingtonis is only in the 2, at the college.
way of doing move that is impelledby confidence in yourself.
now occupied almost entirely by Ne in
beginning stages or Commending Gov. Terry Sanford for the
things. If you are young pride. Let friends With Saturn upon your
groesit; has indeed gone downhill, swift- your own mind. Keep your stand he has taken in stressing the importance -
and unwed, this could give to you. Don't permitthe sign you are inclined tc
ly and unmistakably. In part this is due own counsel. Only in of improving job opportunitiesfor
lead to a happy associa- Leo pride to preventan be pessimistic. You must
to overcrowding and to incomes so low that matters of the most Negroes in North Carolina, the resolu-
tion in marriage. But appeal to an old conquer this and accept -
owners can't afford to keep their placesup intimate importance to tion stated that many Negro college gradu-
even in business friends. with an
properly. But it is also partly due to your family or dearest ates, "prepared to work in many of our
it can bring a platonic 180111567185VIRGO active not a hesitant re-
plain old don't-care. Garbage, broken friend should you speak State industries and establishments'are

bottles and old bedsprings accumulate in friendship or associa- candidly. ponse. working out of their fields in sub-
tion that eventually be- Born Aug. 23rd thru 3-20-22-14-53-324
many a backyard. .a loose porch board 7-40-88-19-81-741 standard jobs, or are required to leave :
board goes unfixed for weeks, though all comes mutual gain. B Sept. 22nd SAGITTARIUS PISCFS the State." *

it-needs is one -nail and two licks with a careful other when treadingupon You have good friendsand Born Nov. 23rd thru Born Feb. 19th thru The resolutions also urged the Governor,

hammer. .broken window panes get stuffed territories people's loyalty. You may not Dec. 21st March 20thBe the Advisory Budget Commission, the N. C.
in other know that admiration and
with rags. Moreover the, same families words, be sensitive Any thing,which is done careful of irrita- General Assemblythe State Board of Higher -
affection lie in certain
that can't find many for a bucket of paint ego and the desires privately seems to bear ting details. Do not Education and the A. and T. Trustee
of places. in fact of
or a pane of glass somehow manage, sur- those who many 'future fruit. Don't con- skip anything. if you Board seek "all ways and means" of sup-

prisingly often to drive fancy cars and places in occupy life. key you in recent times sult with those who do, you are likely to be plying the needs "to cause the Collegeto
your Bight have had
a cynical
buy a fifth of whiskey every weekend."A 9-30-44-13-54-934 work close or near you. tripped up in the middleof be better prepared to meet the requirements -

kindred fear is that Negro newcomers GEMINIBorn feeling of being for- Speak with objective, some Important pro- of the modern day college; "
saken. But this is not
will not pull their in
weight the com May 21st thru true. You will discover impersonal people. YOU ject. The big things commended officials of the State, Guil-
munity boat. Few of them
seem willing to June 21st might play hookey from will not escape your ford County and Greensboro, the press,

I invest time and effort in the web of civic You will be so annoyed very support soon that in quarters yon have life at this time. It notice and you will ex- radio and television, all for the coopera-

political, and voluntary organiza- harassed by the problemsof where yon felt it was is not alwasy a bad cel in them. But the tion rendered A. and T. arid gave praiseto

tions which holds every American community others that you will lacking. Some secret idea to take a breather.Do small ones are likely L. 'C. Dowdy, -acting president, and his

together."As not be able to pay too matter may be brought to this in ways that to cause disaster. This staff for the "high degree of proficiency" -

a precinct captain in a district much attention to your your attention. This others may not see or cycle can produce one shown during the absence of Presi-
with a considerable Negro population I of those flukes of for-
witness. YOU can find
own. But after mid-nonth dent S. D. 'Proctor.
will possibly concern
learned at first hand how hard it is to of inner tune that turns upon
that core your
all this changes. You the reputation of some- The Alumni Service Plaque for 1961 was
persuade them to register and vote--and will find that travelor one in a high place or self better if you get some small or apparently presented to Dr. F. A. Williams, former
harder yet to get them to ring doorbellsfor insignificant incident..
escaping off alone and do something -
these problems in a socially prominent dean of the A, and T. College Graduate
either political party. Such indif- is unusual, Keep your eyes opne. Be
might: be your best position. Take what you School, now professor of economics at the
ference is at last beginning to cause some answer. Phone not in the beaten trackor alert. You say be warnedor
calls hear with a grain of University of Khartoum in the Republicof
concern among Negro spokesmen. Michigan routine of helped by one young
w messages average
may a part salt and do not repeat Sudan, Africa.
Chronicle a Negro newspaper in Detroit, in your life. life. Go ahead and and dependent. A person
You could rumors. Especially be your The group also voted to change its fiscal
recently pointed out that a third of thatcity' in environment who
original self. your
: hear from someone vfao careful lest chatter and be your year to the regular calendar year, and
a qualified Negro citizens never has will be thankful for is apparently Insignificant -
not contacted you in talk envolve you in some YOU adopted a proposal to invest $10,000 in a
bothered to register--and that 'at least or not important
a long time. This would be the happy results upon first installment
may thing where it stock fund, as a on a
40 cent' of those who did register nevertheless
per may
inspire you to a tripor best for you to keep your. health. five year plan, to implement its scholar-.
failed to vote. 6-33-13-63-862 you day.
adventure. silent. e-1t1-44-17 83-947 ship program. .

k1 .

__ _. ..:____- r:;r: l' :'- '(, :; __ ...---x-;",.-,. ___ -...,"-_. '_....-..,.. ---"""" ---- :.,.:" ""' -.:--' ---------.---. ,.... ;. ..- .- : -3 \1.!.-.)a ir



I : ::1 f 1 lb (


.. State Association, Avxiliiry, Celebrated 66Th Annual Convention Here Last_!e "k'h! :jry 1..= ::'::T I

F + i.," :>
S'' t ,
I =wf x

{ 1 ", ,
ba < y J .... .
YS'# Y wv "
: z .R -
VP .
: yyS
__ LI
s I p -4. PrIj rr rr

4p t 4 Y' Y.fz x
Y { r

1 t'" i'r a liar i r,eE, 1d
cif < .
t! ; r f t+t .- I,f' :::::-:.';' ,.Yrirr .l"I ;-

r &ii. fw .;.t'.1. f."

f, ; ARC .. ,'t"'f<
.," ( .. ,
t :Qr
9 _

9 :A t$ __ : ____:_ _:__ 4 i a I
R .
'' __ SZtL
: -
j -_ ....
____________ : ", ; "
,,," 'v., .) .' ,
/ ___ "-." ',
"" '
; "
i.tr ( "'

u 1


4 ,


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: : rtreyy


If( .. .-

H :; .

1 .<, --,.,-", C ',.
w .
: /;; ;;' j \ "

__ :
< ,. .
t "
', ';" y atj ., '

.....,,- = .:..:::= 111,....... L '. ',' ,1 o E. '. u

tj t +

\ yk,
'fI f J I IK
I ;1); s d 'jV
( 4 I_

__ 1tT a f

__ t

.R e
i a 1nL
H A w3
Ay y

J\ lit

far __k M r _4 _

_,_ ...... .... ..
.- _.,??, r ""'7' -'" '\ r ---
JAX PLAYED HOST---Jacksonville feted the 66th annual conferenceof Daniel James feather-1 .
; Laury. Dr. H. H. and Mrs. Satterwhite and ; :
the Florida State Medical.Dental and Pharmaceutical Associa- white round out second row photos.- n" -*Third u/t row"'p'ix' left n- :: Mr.? and-

tion during a four-day clinical and social session with Brewster Mrs. H. 0. Kelly. Mr. and Mrs. A. Montgomery. Mr. and Mrs. A. '

.S a4 F i r, Pr Hospital as headquarters June 19 through the 22nd. Four top 0. Mitchell and Mrsl H. T. Mason; Second pix, Quilla JonesMrs.

photos show delegates enjoying social interlude in the home of liosalyn Moore. Rutledge Pearson, Junius Bowman and Mrs. E. D.; I

I Dr. J. C. and Mrs. Downing. Second row photos left were takenat McCray. Next. Mr. and Mrs. Sykes Mrs. Charlotte Kemp and Mrs. ;

President's Ball in Duval County Armory with Drs. Hayling of Dorothy Wilson. Bottom pix (left); Mrs. J. McCone Mrs. R. Wil-

St. Augustine; J. C. Downing Leroy Ervin, H. H. Satterwhiteand son, Mrs. J. Bennett. Mrs. E. Moss. E. Moss. J. Bennett and.

James R. Henderson, all of Jacksonville. Second photo relaxing J. McCone.

between dances are: Mrs. W. R. Toney Mrs. J. E. Washington ( Royal Art Studio Photos) ,

Mrs. Lewis Cleveland and Mrs. W. J. Wilson. Dr. and Mrs. j,'

Stork Deliveries Sorority Sets Up Jacksonville Chapter :, .

Mr. and Mrs. Grover The local chapter of S. Jackson of iota Chapter professional women. -

: Byard; 1838 Mosley St. ; Ferguson Mr. and; 1598 Mrs. W.James 32nd Eta Phi Beta Sorority of Fort Lauderdale The sorors contributeas

I Girl. recently established theN Florida. These are the well as participatein
St. ; Boy.
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel u Chapter of Eta Phi parties who held the active community life
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph
Bush; 2077, Morehouse Rd. Williams; 2735 Lippia Beta Sorority inc. in election and they attended of our respective com
Girl. Jacksonville.Mrs. several social munities. Some of our
___ Road.: Girl._ '
n' Annette Clardy. activities.Eta civic projects are; The
and Mrs. joe Gam-
-- :... Mr. the Southern Regional Phi Beta sororityis Slow Learners; united \
--- .
= ble; 1347 Davis St. ;
,- ': Director of Detroit. a national businessand Negro College Fund; YMCA

-0-- --'g : = Boy. Michigan was present professional woman's YWCA; Urban League and
: ./ = = -Ul< with Basileus Dorothy G. organization. It was other worthwhile civic
__ -,'- J' North Street; Girl.
.( *-* : ; -- 223
-r-= = Oliver soror La Ruth organized in October. proJ ects.
and Mrs. Henry
'. Mr. Wright Soror Lucy Rock- 1942 in Detroit. Michi- It is felt that the N
with Crimes; 1355 W. 30th
mere of the Delta Chap- gan by eleven businesswomen Chapter of Eta Phi Beta
ter of West Palm Beach. who felt the will contribute much to.

Jacksonville Society felt no aches nor pains guest of honor Mesdames Julia Hozzard Joan Mr. and Mrs. joe Howard Florida and Soror Ellen need of a closer fellow- civic and social growthof
Barnett Street; Boy.
last week with the host of doctors in the city Spaulding, Iris L. Knox. Amy Currie Pearl Miller 744 Watts and Basileus Ruby ship among business and the city. I
and Mrs. Robert
Mr. ,
for the Florida Medical. Dental and Pharmaceutical Guelda J. White. Norma R. White Ruth C. ,
Montgomery: 4614 Flynn
Association's Sixty-Sixth Annual Meeting. Solomon Thelma H. Jones. Mary Jones. Margaret

,Social activities were stepped up to a rapid Ellis Mitchell. Paralee Davis M. Lucille Harper. Avenue; Girl. :- :
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas I
pace during the three-day meet, in which more Annie R.Williams, Lovella McBride Lorice Howard, Wilson; 2692 Edgewood flOWItPepSI .111;)
than one-hundred doctors and their wives par- Florence Turner Johnnie Cowart Rebecca Martin
Avenue: Girl.
ticipated. The schedule of social activities Included Frances Johnson and Barbara Robinson.

the president's banquet held at Buster Miss Williams daughter of J. L. Williams and Gardner Mr. and; Mrs.1678 Fairfax Freddie for those who think young __

t Fords; Restaurant last Monday evening; a party the late Mrs. Gertrude Williams is'engaged to .

1 Tuesday evening in the home of Dr. and Mrs. J. C. Rudolph McKissick. The wedding will be an eventof Street; Girl. ; :>' :,
Mr. and Mrs. William : '
Downing. 6047 Ribault Road; a luncheon sponsoredby August 11. J.E .; ;t : "
\ West; 1573 W. 35th St. ; #
the Jacksonville Auxiliary held at the A. L. i >"
in .. ... .... .... ... .. r, Girl. Ai
Lewis Branch YWCA; a party Wednesday evening -

the home of Dr. and Mrs. W. W, Schell. 1510 Wedding Bells .::i ?1 it r.y

Jefferson Streetand the president's formal ball Mrs. Charles McIntosh of 1009 Jessie Street,

held'Thursday evening in the Duval County Armory. is Pensacola for a two-weeks visit with rela- *#'t. 4.. F

New state officers were elected for both the tives.Sha. is accompanied by Donna the McIntosh'syoung James R. Rosier 1732 R ,,,

association and the auxiliary which we hope daughter. University St. 20 and U
; -y-
to"s'f'publish at a later date.Wishes Anna' B. Chaplin. 1828 W. ;
t-f; S 55 555 5555 5555 555 55 5 33rd St. 19. t ttz _
: U
.:j ... ... .... ..... '_.:. ti .. Edw. Hall. 4143 N. -i

,; :- !, ,. Mrs. Elise Williams and Mrs. Lillian King are Cantanga Dr. 20 and r
i lffi" '
-- for a speedy return to good'health are in Mexico City New Mexico, studying at Mexico Dorothy L. Dray too, 1404

extended, Mrs. Iris L.-Knox who confined, to City College. Kings Rd., 21. '
"": '
Alphonso A. Brooks ;
Brewster. Hospital. 4- -, .. ... .... .... ... .. .r ,;
Ford'wishes for a rapid .recovery. .also go out 1419 Evergreen St.. 22 t.

,tOLiMrs.S., .Thelma Argrett :wife of J. H.i"Argrett. Delia Siama Theta Sorority Reports Activity i i I and Annie J. Battles.
Sr ;, who- is, also a patient". at 'Brewster. and Van Buren Streets. 1163 E. 21st St.. 16- N
Eddie J. Brown, 7838
;t-J Jacksonville Alumnae Projects Committee
:. .. ,\...... .... .. .... ..... '.. 1 ..' Siskins Ave. 18 and
'j -' ; ; Chapter of Delta Sigma spearheaded projects in
1 -. : \ ,- -' .,- :t2-" : Christine Hicks 7836 *
Theta Sorority has made November and December.
Williams former president of Gamma Siskins Ave. 18.
Miss Estelle its report on its major They includes servicesand
of topha Kappa Alpha Sorority, James H. Preston 1172W.
Rho Omega Chapter activities conducted as gifts presented to
State St. 37 and
was the inspiration for a miscellaneous bridal the sorority year closes the Duval county
held last Saturday evening in the home of Lottie B. Dennis RU 9, .
Fall Com-
The program juvenile shelter, and a
.0 ..
__ .
Mrs. Sara T. Bellinger.Mrs. mittee launched theyear's Christmas party given Box 408 Pickett, Fla. is t state of mind.o-- Its the bit change that taking place .

: Bellinger's Lusaid Drive home was appropriately activities witha 29. everywhere,and it reaches aU ages.You see it in people having more .
at the
for the patients fun.doing more things.This is the fife for Pepsilight,
I decorated in AKA's colors, pink and worship service ."Joy Northeast Florida Mental George Walker Jr. bracing,dean-tasting! Pepsi.Go aheaC hirfk young.In stores c
1215 Cleveland St.. 29 extra canon. At fountains,say Pepsi,please .'
t green, as sorors assembled to honor faithful and Peace" presented. Hospital at Macclennyat buy an :
'hjt Dr "
and Angeline E. Grant, Pep
beloved member. at Ephesus Seventh Day
and which time individual
...____ ,
__. MtYO-YI MIN YKrAd NIV -.al.
J504 Harrison St. 18. rtI OrM M
p1 a J N
Persons present included Miss Estelle Williams, Adventist Church, Jessie gifts were presented



,_ ...'.... .. '";'-_.....' .' .t' .,",'

., .
J J /1
SATURDAY JUNE 30. 1582Stcoml '
MK 4 -r ----

MfHtst Cbirs HeN ftcctssfil Combhd Court Parents, Teachers Woodlawn Presbyterian

Slate Congress Church Holes

FU ..., By L. N. Pearson, Sr.
At Bethune Cookman
CHURCH NEWS i t''i $ .

Y Daytona Beach Florida The Woodlawn United

Mr. A.L. Osgood President Presbyterian Church will 1

Florida Congressof hold its Annual Outing

parents and Teachers Saturday June 30 at

announced the Annual Little Talbot Island.
Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church will conduct
Summer Workshop to be All children members of
its vacation Bible School July 920. A staff oft ,
: held at Bethune-COokman Church School and Vaca-
well trained teachers will be present to serve :
COllege Daytona Beach. tion Bible School will
? ,
; Florida, July 8-11. be permitted to go free.

.. ..,..... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..... ... -.. '.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ... .. .. .. r ,S 1962. All non-members will
a Registration will begin pay fifty cents, (50$)

: Sunday July 8. 1962 adults will pay one
Rev. A. J. Hughes, pastor of st: John ,Baptist L
at 2:00 .
p.m. Banquet dollar ($1.00)
Church will conduct a five night revival meeting :
will be held Sunday Church School will
f beginning July 2 at First Baptist Church Jack
night with an outstanding begin Sunday July I, in
sonville Beach. Rev. H. H. Wright is pastor.
speaker giving the George Washington Carver
Rev. Wright has also announced that Rev. S. L. !
keynote address.Mrs. Elementary School at
Badger, pastor of Emanuel Baptist Church will Minnie Fields.
2854 W.45th St. 10 a.m.
conduct a five night revival meeting in Ever- State Department. ,. ;J
with T. V. Huger super-
green Baptist Church beginning July 16. Weekly Tallahassee and Mr.
intendent in charge. The
prayer meeting will be held before each of these James E. Huger Assis- Morning Worship Service

preaching services. tant to the president,
>4iur will begin at 11 a.m.
will conduct the general
.. . . .'. . . with Rev. F. D. Wilson
. . . . . workshop sessions.
minister bringing the
Workshops will be divi
message, supported by
District 4 of Evergreen Baptist Church will ded into 2 phases:
the United Choir.
sponsor an outing to American Beach Friday at 1.Program planning and

8 P.O. The Junior Choir will meet at 5 p.m. .for 2 Reorganization. A Mid-week service-Wed-

rehearsal. District will after School nesday,7:30 p.m. at West
2 meet Sunday Seminar on Pre
-a Minister Hut. Choir
morning worship in its business meeting. District will be conducted by
*n ?aE
rehearsal Friday at
10 will sponsor an outing to Little Talbot Island Mrs. Ruby Watson State
July 4. Buses will leave the church at pre-School Ch811 man. p.m.
We are appealing to
9:30 a.m. announcedthat
t Mr. Osgood r
all our members to sup-
the State Board of

. . . . . port our church .,
. . :;. . . . Managers will meet Mon- program
in its entirety.In .
day night July 9th at

A committee of the Men's Day observance of Mt; 7:00 p.m. in the Con- too many instances,

Zion Baptist Church Souths ide, will present ference Room Bethune- home is a ;lace to go

several groups in a battle of songs Sunday at Cookman College. All to get ready to go

ft )r 3 p.m. in the auditorium of the church. members of the executive somewhere else.

( 1 Monthly conference will be held Friday at 7:30 E iffII1//// Board State com- Lloyd N. Pearson Sr. ,

p.m. at Greater New Jerusalem Baptist Church. Rev mittee Chairman District Reporter.

I. A. Mack, minister, has requested all membersto County Council,
SUCCESSFUL ANNIVERSARY PROGRAM---The combined choirs of Second Baptist Church presented a most

be present. successful fourth annual Joint-musicale Thursday night, June 21 before a highly appreciative au and local unit presi- Choir Observance

. . . . . dience in the church auditorium. This year also marked the first appearance of the Children's choir dents are requested to
. . . . . be present to assist in Set For J July I 5th t
shown being directed by Mrs. G. C. Vaught, Second Baptist's music director in bottom photo left.
for the futureof
Miss Mary Louise Lee was pianist-accompanist. Charles T. Maxwell, assistant music director is shown planning
Chairs 1 and 2 of West Union Baptist Church will this organization. A program is being pre-
being directed by Mrs. G. C. Vaught Second Baptist's music director in bottom photo left. Miss Choir 2 of
meet jointly for rehearsal Friday at 7:30 p.m. pared for
Mary Louise Lee was pianist-accompanist.. Charles T. Maxwell, assistant music director is shown Urban League Corinth BaptistChurch's
i First
The Board of Religious Education will meet Satur- I "
directing Men's Chorus in bottom photo right. Rev. J. C. Sams, pastor, is seated extreme right anniversarywhich
day at 6 p.m. In the education building.Deaconess I
foreground. In top pix, Mrs. Vaught directs the combined choirs with the Women's Choirs being shown will be presented
j Board 1 will meet Sunday at 3 p.m. Drive Is OnRev.
with Mrs. Rosa Lee Glass, organist accompanist. Miss Esther James also accompanied groups at July 5 at 8 p.m. in the

.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .f the piano. J.S. Johnson, church auditorium.
(Royal Art Studio Photos) general chairman: of District 3 will hold
Mrs. Carrie Kincade of 1545 West Fifth Street is :
League's Fund its business meeting ,
leaving Monday for Kalamozoo. Michigan. She will Urban
has announced that Sunday at 3:30 p.m. in
attend Kalamozoo College. Jen Native Receives Awivarsary Award f
Roberts Plans the Urban League's Fund the Annex.

t Drive is in the last -

1 Spiritual Recital quarter of its activi-

/ ties for this year. He Royal Crown

K rs Friday Night -rt ; reported that the major "Cola ""

= I divisnons are making
rte Roberts Mt. Pisgah AME thelV 7filfaV"reports and -. -----
i\ ..lJ "1rIrg2!,
Church invites the that sane of the div l Ii Your EAR ,
i public to attend an :' _v sions at this point have e can br HURTwith !JI

\ C evening of s, ngs in a ft; not made any report, but toothpick* *r rotten. e"
1 ti recital tipped fttieki. Dent ri Ldimage. t
rI spiritual s, ng |.. :: di "... are expecting to do so. li C' .Soften up hard to :rth -
I Friday June 29 at 8 p.m k Johnson reach wax with .afe "lIftIJ '
4 Rev. gave tin &L'RO
H __ in the church auditoriumThe "2Z' special note to the I Waib cat eloped urdFor'wa& Ii;p

1r. program will be ': Neighborhood Division that .11.irrilalr. affect !
; &i your bear inc. Al at..U Iis
given in honor of headed by Rev. C.B. : tIn.ilb for AUROit ;

Superintendent Julius Dailey and members.Mrs. .. : .iJ

f Y Burroughs Leroy Jackson .. .- Alice Bellamy made

; Li Felix N. White, 4r the largest report of
Julius williams Rufus individual at the

Dr. Frank P. Graham, right, who delivered the HoIman, assistant.superintendent ,,17 ; any last report meeting. SURE

commencement address at A. and T. College last Charlie ,
; Other divisions that
week, congratulates Ezell Blair Jr., Greensboro, /
Carl Washington to' "
Williams Sr. ':; have made partial reports -
N. C. one of the four-A. and T. freshman students Shelia : it is true that no other head
Miss par- are: Special Gifts ache powder is better or faster
who, two years ago initiated the famed Carter,
and Velera than
ker the Florida A. and M. $925.00. Clubs $55.00. yet Goody'sactually
"sit in" ANNIVERSARY AWARD---Shown here receiving
movement by college students. Lookingin teachers and secretary; DIAMDND cost less
Almedia B. Fraternities $26.00
is Mrs.
from center is Miss Rosebud Richardson Wil- University Diamond Anniversary Commencement Award

ington, N. C., newly elected 'Miss A. and T" David Miss Lee.Inez treasurer.Johns, Dinkins of Selma A la.Dr., George W. Gore Jr., president medallion of the uni-witha Sororities Neighborhood Solicitations $15. 00-, -LLJL1

who served with Blair as marshall at the commence- ill be pre- versity, made the presentation. Mrs. Dinkins received a
soloist W1
ment. Blair is the newly elected president of theA. sented. She is a memberof diamond inset for her contribution as head of the FAMU music depart- $231,20
Alice Division $ 320. 11 ,
and T. Student Government. 2 of St. ment and writing the musical score for the FAMU alma mater. Mrs. ,

Choir Gibbs Lamar a native,;of Jacksonville, was also cited for being the Unitarian Church $102.00St.
Stephen AME Church. The Florida A. and M. Stephens AME $165.00JUL
bachelor's degree
oldest to receive a
{ accompanist will be Mrs. Board
rs. 1amerPsychic Guild $200.00
before 1915. She was not present for commencement. ,
Alice McIntosh organistfor of Directors $130.00. ,.

St. Stephen and St. Bethlehem Slates. Memberships $24.00. and
Reader I
James AME Churches, BIbIeS4IOOI public Offering $44.50.

minister of music for COIt'iHeThe J I Sunday Services All divisions are

and Adviser' the Laymen organizationof To working hard to make

the local and state Holy Communion willbe their quota.. 2 POWDERS SC
If you need help of any kind, see her at once. chapters. Vacation Bible administered Sundayat 12 POWDERS 25c

She con and will help you. She does what others Everyone is invited tc School which began in 3 p.m. in Bethlehem I r _

claim to do. All Readings Confidential satis- share in this celebra- Second Baptist Church Baptist Church. The :

faction guaranteed. Lucky days Lucky Numbers. tion. last Monday will con- sacremental sermon will

Hours: 9 a.m. til 9 p.m. Sunday \2 Noon. tinue through July 6, be preached by the pastor _

5535 NEW KINGS ROAD Abyssinia Sets p.m.fro -9:30 a.m. to 12:30 Bible, Rev.School A. Anderson.will x' \

The classes will con-

Jacksonville Fla. sist of woodcraft, metal w continue through Friday { 1"w

Revival Services and paper designing with Mrs. Sadie Nelsonin _

charge. __
printing, drawing, sew- '
The Sunday School
Revival service will knitting. Bible
mng. Department will sponsor

tfl 'qC1.Centel' begin July 9 at 8 p.m. study, religious songs, REV. LAWRENCE BOTTOMS its. annual outing to
in Abyssinia Baptist and church decorum.Supervisors .
another Little Talbot Island
Church with Rev. l.P. are Mrs. of Atlanta gained

Mvrtlc Avc. and Adam PhbnC 'EL4.1468 Tanner of Miami doing Annie Burnett and Mrs. first for his race when Saturday, the bus will
the church at
moderator leave
I the preaching. Annie Huff. The instruc-' he was selected .
RED GENUINE Holy Communion will be C. Sams -elect of.the Kentucky 8:30 A.B.Sunday.
tors are Mrs. *
CONCH MEAT at Synod of the Presbyterian; services will '
SNAPPER administered.Sunday George. Mrs. :
55c Mrs. L. ;
L!. begin with the Sunday ?
4 P.D. The sermon will Bryant Mrs. M. Church. u.
R. f.
School at 9:30 a.m. 4!
u,. 49c FLIP FLOP be delivered by the pastor Sloan Mrs. L. L. Tremble j ,
with Deacon E. Sawyer
I.Clb.r.L.o.tI.S2.901s.. FLOUNDEKVlIc Rev. B.L. Wynn. Mrs. M. E. White .{ T11L ,

All choirs and usher Mrs. E. E. Chester Mrs. lible School in charge. (
The worship serivce !
KING FISH will serve. R. A. Hall Mrs. A.

55cDRUM u. 32* The Sunday School and Tarver. Mrs. S. Lucas, will begin at 11 a... BTO j A : I 1I(
will begin at 5 p. ..
LB. BTU choruses will meet C. M. Vaught and James In Stssiop{ AtS"eetfield There will be-no evening

Saturday at 4 p.m. for Marshall.The .
All choirs and
FRESH worship.
SALTWATER rehearsal. closing program

.._, _.STEAKFISHtiSfc Usher Board 2 will observe will be held July 8 ushers will serve with
anniversary Mrs. D. Huntington in KEN KNIGHT
its 23rd at 8 p.m.
YELLOW TAIL SMALL | BREAM at 8 charge of music. The
1 Monday P.O.
Daily Bible school is sermon will be deliveredby Invites You To Listen
SNAPPER 4S in the auditorium of the To _
i,. of now in session at Sweet- the pastor. Rev. A.
will There are any number
Choir 3
32c church. beautiful grassen which may bo,, .field Baptist Church Anderson. "KNIGHT

I WHITING u. 321L& serve.The women of the church grown, .decoration from seeds indoors.and used Cloud forwinter ,under the supervisionof TRAIN"I

grass, quaking grass fountaingras' Mrs. Mary Lee Brooks
--aNtI. Uff DM f.SPECKLED..* will serve barbecue in'the animated oats and PATRONIZESl
Singleton At
and Miss I 7:00
C QC FULLY DRESSED basement of the grass are some of their p.m. t1400WRHC..1400 -
fascinating n a me s+. Why not until

: TROUT it.ihi1 CATFISH LI. 49c church 11 a.m.July 4 beginningat JmCSl plant seeds this of spring some? _of these 1 p.m.from 10 a.m. r Advertisers 1


-- -- T -
a --
r --- ,

[ _



.t P 1.

.J( .' ... .


SATURDAY JUNE 30, 1362 :: ., FLMM STAR .: : I. PAGE ;5By :

.1 Sir r is. Stork Showtr Party .. $1,000 In 'ScholarshipGiven Thieves too F" : i

: mBUBXEBBB &' ** ** *>* f
Ez Package Store f
1f By DeltasThree :
The Duval County Patrol i

r' x local high school sity for further study. reported an approximate- I

graduates, as the resultof Margaret Stokes of Mat- $200 worth of 'Li. qu'Liquor' ,

I t their performance in thew W. Gilbert High $8 in cash was sto,eiT. !

I competition examinations School was the recipientof from a package stole,

administered by the Jack the second award of located at 1845 W. 45th I

( jjiir sonville Alumnae Chapter $300 which was presentedby St. early Tuesday. The I

Russell (Chuck) Charles 4j4je 'of Delta Sigma Theta Mrs. Pauline W. Smith. burglarly also included

Sorority, have been a- Hannah Russell of North- loss of a safe containing ..... j
"We "
got lot of
a tidying up to do, Wendell.was
warded $1.000 in scholar- western High School received about $25. ''t
saying, as he oved around his store, dustingoff
% ships by the chapter's the third award of patrolmen j.j. Bauer I
the merchandise. "We got to tidy up our Coleman and Hill said j
Scholarship Committee. $200. Mrs. M. F. w. H.
thinking and our living. And we got to tidy up t
Mrs. H. Hills, president tendered the award. thieves broke a front I
ourselves, too. we're
doing an awful lot of hollering -
Rosemarie Tolbert and door glass to gain
made the j
and protesting. But we got to start checking presentations L'
during commencement Vernell Stewart, winnersof entrance into the build- |
our racial armpits and
our racial shirt col- .
1 exercises of last year's awardsare ing and then forced open t
lars--you know what I mean?" :rf
the respective students. studying at Talladega the storeroom door where
"There's always deodorants and detergents, k f; Carolyn f College and Hampton Institute the safe was located.Investigating .
Thorpe 0 stanton
McNasty answered, from where he r
was sitting near I k4V respectively.The officers
the front j High School won the firsta
of the store. 'When
theywon't ,
Destas said witnesses told them I
-?rd of which
-r work, we can always blame our made possible I I
dirt racial MRS. VIOLA LAVENDER, sixth from left, was the surprised recipientof presented by Mrs. L. G. program is that a car was seen
on .
n laughed to himself. He a stork shower during the recent meeting of the La Quartz Small. Miss Thorpe has from proceeds of the parked in the rear of I'

Bridge Club held in the home of Hostess Georgia Joseph. Rounds of selected Indiana univer- Sorority's biennial'Jabberwock' the building before
; "We need a new rlcture of ourselves -
'i bridge followed by the serving of a delicious repast featured the' : closing hours.:. _
Wendell 1
;J went on, ignoring r :-
evening's program prior to the presentation of gifts. Members a.
,*the '
sarcasm. 'We got to start work-
: shown from left are: Mesdames Dot Jones Vicky Toms Eva Curry
., :, Ing on a hygene program. We got to
Gertrude Matthews Mazie CUsseaux Vic Lavender (honoree), Georgia
_ start cleaning up everything--from
u I Joseph (hostess), Estella McTear, guest Lillie Hamilton, Rachael
our fingernails
: to our political
leaders. Malloy. Eva Rosier, guest (standing) and President Grace Young

a (kneeling) presenting gift.
,"We got to get some running water first, (Royal Art Studio Photo) WEST BEAVER ST. VIADUCT
McNasty said. -We could stand some political
running water real bad, and we need economic running Brewster To Fete Volunteer Groups .. --I

water worst than that." SPEAKERREV. Recognition Service for all volunteer groups .
Wendell wiped off the top of the .counter by the of Brewster Methodist Hospital will be held July i

cash register before he said anything. "Racial 6 at 7:30 p.m. in the cafeteria of the hospital.Mrs. .

pride is a pretty good bar of soap, he said, Eleanor Hurley, Director of Volunteer Ser-
finally. "Even with a little bit of water, we W. k. pro r vice at Brewster has announced that members who

could do a pretty good job of tidying up. We have ttJpVx have met requirements'will receive citations for

got to have pride in each other, and pride In meritorious service.Mrs. .

I the things we own, and.in our children and in r Hurley has also announced that a program FRESH FLORIDA GRADE "A"

our abilities. will be rendered. President Richard Moore, of

"I'm proud of this little store I own. And Bethune-Cookman College has been contacted to C

I'm sure that most of the people who come here x deliver the address. FRYERSOpen LIMIT 1

are proud to patronize my business. Pride is a Hiss Jean Scott, summer supervisor of the Brew- = LD.

pretty good bar of soap, McNasty," he repeated."It ster Volunteens is calling a meeting for Friday,

gives you a nice clean feeling.. ." at which time plans will be made for the Recognition -

"Not everybody can mess with pride, Wendell" Service.. All Day Sunday.
McNasty told him. "It might give some people a -- -------- ------

nice clean feeling, all right.. 'ButIt gives other

folks the swell-head. And it gives some people a ROBERT Y. WEBSTER j ,.-'. f ,

case of the hingty-hives that won't wait. I've e

seen some of them on the pride kick diggin' and Rev. Robert Y. Webster ,

scratchin' so bad I felt sorry for them. I've chaplain and a memberof

seen some folks stone-blind with pride, and I've the faculty at Edward -

seen some downright cripple wit. it. And as far Waters College will \

as a 'nice clean feeling' that may be fine, and be the principal speaker -

I'm not disputing it. But they're a whole lot of during the 11 a.m. l

proud folks who don't have a 'nice clean'smell." Men's Day observance

t "Being clean works for everybody, Wendell Sunday July 8th at

said, stubbornly. "We got to start being clean Mother Midway AME tuec.: I 4 \

within ourselves--in our thinking, first of all. Church, Rev. J. W. ce', :# tr
The rest will work out pretty good...
Jones pastor. ,, .announced '
"We need some economic running water-first. of --_.,. ."L" -.- .. ,. -.. -_-.' _--- .<, fr -

all." McNasty argued, with his own determina- A native of Little IT'S SO NICE TO HAVE A MAN AROUND' THE HOUSE! #
tion. "Even the eleanest thinking is gonna get Rock, Ark. Rev. Web-
jammed up with dirt when a man can't make a good ster received his '
7 livin' Most of our dirt is due to hard moneyor -- Bachelor's degree from GIRLS! always keep in mind- '.:, .

no money at all. Somebody is gonna have ton Wilberforce University "

open up the money pipes in this town,. then maybewe and his Bachelor of LOVELY HAIR!
can all take a good bath." Divinity degree from HE craves "Jt \ {

.Wencbll walked to the door and stood staring out Payne Seminary.He _...

on Kings Road. "Sure, ". he admitted, 'we need is an outstanding
money. But we're going to have to start believingin speaker and an invita- AND HOW... MOISTURIZES ENDS DRY SCALP

each other's abilities. That's what's gonna tion is extended to the .tI. The natural, SCRATCHING HARM. NO MORE DULL LOOKING -

make us grow." public and friends to normal health of DRY HAIR. KEEPS IT LIVELY: YOUNGER
hear this noted clergyman. LOOKING LONGER. Your !hair and scalp desert
I ."We could. mull use some economic running your'scalp is 1mI -
this fine SHIM loving personal care.
r .
"water: ," HcNasfy. insisted, slyly. I portant. Your
Sunday's order of service hair grows from
.x begins with Sunday the roots in your'scalp.

Are YOU _._ .. :..:. .. LOVING CAREFor
School at 9:30 a.m. with -:',: ,.r : :
'MORE POWER TO YOU !r i n g enough
Bro. S. C. Hart super- loving caret

: -- intendent, in charge. 1 your scalp sK your scalp I.I the key to Ion ler more beautiful hair fvdilion ,
n ; FACTORY FRESH Holy Communion will be with SHIM Hair *. Daily. penile iiu* Scalp Formula from the bjr: pf Jour neck to )our for I
held during the 11 a.m. ,: and Scalp Form Het Contsnls 3 ai.t. head. stimulates blood emulation to >our root. loosen. (ner
44508AUTOMOTIVE ula? ei.es the tiny r.Und,, and pored ai d help maintain betU-r condilionf -
under which healthy hair In r grow naturally. When lit*
IT IS TOO LATE. A neglected OHV SCALP condition often begins
Scratching the delicate scalp !i .iu cau..e. Irritated scaip aolt'a
AND and scabs vhuh can be to nnoybC as well at harmful to the
1 TV SERVICEDAY naturally noimal condition of yourcJp. THE PROPER I'SV
BATTERY MFG. CORP. $200 AIR Or IRRITATIONS. SHIM Is. formula containing medal IJMO-
; fated emuWoru highly beneficial in both your SCALP AND
; FOOT OF WEST ADAMS CMAKCI PIA I EL e.CTTA dlrg. SCaLP YOUR SCALP <. the tint .to ta improving the natural
.-. I w1", q.H uk. SCALP FORMULA FOR 7 DAYS. The directions oil your
3.4 .. jar.or bin the ut* of VHIM Hiir and Scale Formula FOR TUB
FIRST 7 DAYS. During this time :your own pcroonaL genii.
t t k\lng care should Improve.condition of Jour scalp.Dr nHI.
I.t s5.q. ..._ dandruff scales. Itching: and sc.-aUhing Germ are corrected<< by
} ;;, : .r x f. your line SHIM Care. Then you only need ..*. your SHUt
1, ScalD Formula :3 times a week for fine grooming. Help prevent
t ;tea, ',: dry cracklnc. splitting ends Itching from drrness and dahdru/f
t 'I r r '- 61AMt this easy SHIM way. You will ble s the day you started. More
; 8EGULA8" .. l"'. '> : SIZE and more women every day reap the benefits of new beauty
turn Easy: MOM System Way. Enjoy it all.Favortc.
RKE75. .w SIZE
t SUPER M A 90t NOWI .4t Your Drug Storeor

t Neighborhood Pharmacy


the rest of RIGHT [DIXIE PHARMACY 1302 KINGS RD. 'ELJ. 591
Jar turn Him" II a kwtM. wia M. ttI N Remember you are spending -

290 !t *.* Mnt to ...fc.Mck lr tlr a"r* w* Ml...tfmrtiMttor .f tile fI.w.. your life there. HEREIN HOUSE OF BYRON 120f DAVIS ST. EL 4.381._
t .... tad Drier b rH SHIM -.- -
HIM f r.ula$ AN It JMT Enjoy the benefits and pleasures of fine
t r.dn art rt biM4 to IMT SHIM. "iner. IERICO PHARMACY I INC.
SHIM care. SHIM Hair and Scalp Formula,
I .If. tte int *Ur. U >.. **lb.irh... .Mtt and all fine ,SHIM loveliness aids, are as JAX 951 1 DAVIS ST..l 392B8KOZY
t I'iERsHET Mvt IMIal fOTMtM jrt. Jnt s.aU
...... ... fur SM. Hirnr .iU M M to close to you as your nearby drug store
29 |k. MM lay M tt MT btUr. toNlM KORKER SUNDRIES
wty *
SUGAR 5u6 ( I'. .MOtfti** plus .**>. .. tt ,.* SHIM SEE THe LIST -)
t tir ..... 1791 DAVIS' ST. EL 4-6531 .
e '
lift J5JI Fiai Mv .
OTtFiT'SEAQIER I r-r7-H-Z. ;- 7i= ;::=,-J---l KOP KORNER SUNDRIES .

1 3611 MNCREFD.PS9561} -
; 450HOOT PHONE 1 Kindly man me my copy of the sum MIRROR showing the -- x
i. latest SHIM Mood Hair Style and illustrating the Shim System I KOZY KORNER SUNDRIES
: I Beauty Care. Man aU Shim Bulletins to me at address I
1 .EYH-582land let the I below FREE until advise that my supplier has the SHIM J 4412 HOHCRIEF RD. PO 8-4511 1 1ULLY'S
BEAUTY MAID I[ write your MIRROR araHable.NAME I

'' Name and Address & send... I II .................................................. I II 1 1907 KINGS DRUG RD. STORE EL
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Super Suds 49C Hair Chart by Mr. Rene & j ADDRESS ............................................... I II REYNO PHARMACY

SHIM MIRRORIt's FREE I crrr.................... LONE, ; STATE ..... I I II 525_ DAVIS ST.....fL 6-7671
as well as name & address .
My Favorite j REYNO PHARMACY .
tesd Hope EiapraM I of newest SHIM BEAUTY AID DruIIJd Is ........;.-... j.. .. ...... '.: : 2304 I. mGEWDOD AYE. -PO 8-3497

rlPT. L---.__ __ J '

19C .- ;- .-'. t ,. r B PHARMA DISTRIBUTORS 2531 EDISON AYE..

LMILK-------= t ....'(:;.-'" A. .' EY 45821I

: ; :> -::v.
r ,' .--t...
> -. '*"
'. :. ; ., __:f .",,""


--- ------

- p -- --
'. .. -


6 f FLORIDA STAR SATURDAY_on_u____ JUNE____ 30.- -. 1962 .;!

Rudy To Strva Tkfir, Contry SPORTIN-G- UP

ij Nation's Top Coaches i' ,f't; ,
.. 3 '
;::; ;; -
FAMU's Gaither
rules to govern it and the game of base-

ball is no exception. Just think for a
TALLAHASSEE Football an honor long overdue" from the university by
as t moment how disasterous a game would be if
football and more foot- he said. Coach Gaitherwas president George W. Gore
everyone would be allowed to act as he
ball, then basketball, elected "Coach of jr. Lectures on Footballat ** __ '
wishes. The old west would be like a puppet -
11 basketball and more the Year" for small their respective
show compared to what a game wouldbe
basketball as track and colleges by the coachesof schools were given by
like if there were no rules to govern .
baseball took a back the AFCA. Coach Bear Coaches Bill Murray of __
it.Valmy Thomas, the fiery little catcher ,
seat to the two during Bryant of Alabama was Duke University, Charlie .
who once caught for the Jacksonville Suns
v the 19th annual FloridaA&M the coaches' choice for McClendon of Louisiana 1 !
was suspended for three days and then
University Coaching major colleges. state Pat James of the
T1 sold.
Clinic here last week. Coach Jack Curtice expressed University of Alabama.
The ,clinic ran for four the same opinion. Ben Martin of Air Force ? a ___ __ "
lies and the Giants. He was once given
days, three of which "The FAMU clinic has Academy George Terry of
high honors in his home country as 'Mr.
were devoted to footballand done a lot for the West point, and Curtice.
First Citizen because of his great con-
one to basketball. coaches, the game, and Other lecturers wer ..a"f k p Y reY'
tribution to the game of baseball. As a
Films were shown at the the profession," stated Coaches Pepper Rodgers
of.the University of cw s .w x c i' member if the "Jacksonville Suns, he was
night sessions. The the stanford'university
r Robert pete '. no rookie and he was no beginner. He knew
I clinic ranks with the director of football.
he was just as far wrong attacking an un-
Griffin of Famu, Robert
hest in the country. At rendered
Greetings were NFl LIFUTFNANTS-Commissioned as second lieutenants through the FloridaA.
he would be
of the University pire in any bodily manner as
least that is the StttSOM U's.5u.er of Missouri Charlie and M. "University Reserve Officers' Training Corps during the uni- to try firing the president of the league.
t of several of
versity's Diamond Anniversary Commencement exercises were: frost row--
Afeter being sold to Rochester, Thomas will
Tate of Georgia Tech
the leading coaches in Sdtool Clarence McKinney, Thomaston, Ga. (left); Jesse Myers, Tampa; Emory rules the in
and Coleman.The find the same governing game
the natiou who served as Collier, Perrine;, Miss Fmily M. Echols, Blountstown; Emery Hamilton
Jacksonville in Rochester. If
clinic featured, as every
t clinicians this year. Is Integrated Okahmmpka General Williams Plant City; and Earl Jones Wilson N.C.
the team around pushing
for the first time player on goes
The 125 coaches atten- Pierce Horac
Back row---Walter Markham Miami; Jackie Caynon Ft. ;
ding the clinic came DELAND---With officials recent years, a lectureon umpires it wouldn't be long before the
David White Bartow and Clinton Butler Delray
McCaskill Tallahassee; ;
field would be Pearl Harbor with-
from 15 states, as far stating that Stetson interpretations and Beach. baseball

west as El Paso, Texas, University is neither mechanics in officiatingby out guns and planes.

I as far north as Toronto the first nor last to James walker of the Coeds Become Sorority MembersThese THE FANS WERE QUITE SATISFIED with Valmy

Canada, and as far eastas permit Negro studentsto Florida Interscholastic behind the bat, because to them it ap

West Virginia. register 9 Negro Athletic Association, peared he was equal to the task, but the

1: think Jake Gal they teachers from nearby Suns didn't do bad for themselves at

has one of the best areas registered without 12 Negroes all when they secured the service of Harry t

clinics in the country," incident for summer study Enroll fz Chitti. Harry is pretty rough himself

declared Ton to Coleman, here Tuesday.A At behind the plate. He can throw and he can

I able Georgia Tech advisory spokesman at the Bap- Florida State ..k hit. It has always been and it will always -

coach and assis- tist university said that aMs be, when a man goes another one stepsin.

tant athletic director. while Stetson had adopteda TALLAHASSEE---When 12 i It could be among the things possible

'Jake has as good policy of acceptingany Negro science teachersfrom that Thomas just didn't like Jacksonvilleand

.n" a staff each year as I qualified student regardless Broward County integrated wanted to be sold. Well, be that as

have seen anywhere, of race, there a special summer it may, the game will go on.

allowed Coleman. "The had been no indicationsthat institute at Florida s THE ONLY WAY TO FIND OUT the whole details -

honor his fellow caches Negroes would apply University, Monday, the x is to listen to the grandstand

gave him during the for the regular 1962-63 Southern Schcol News prognosticators. They always have the key

annual convention of the school year. said FSU was the 138th 0OL to the whole situation. Well, it seems alike
American Football No students were reported out of 234 Southern pub the umpires have become pacified.

Coaches Association in to be staying at lic colleges to admit They have decided not to quit. It is so

Chicago last January was the university. Negroes. easy to become peeved and disgusted over
_._ 1 five coeds at A. and T. College were last week initiated into the
situations but it is
It wiss reported that just as easy to reflect -
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority via Alpha Phi Chapter. The girls are from
75 Negro and white if one would just give himself time
mm YOU ARE ILL left to right: Alycia pendergrast and_ Thomasena Harris, both of Greensboro -
teachers are attendingthe to think. It was good news to hear that
You Seek The Best Doctor N.C.; Barbara Martin, Draper, N. C.; Patricia Totten Reidsville,
institute in an effort Umpires Harry Shedd and Augie Guglielmohad
When Your Doctor PrescribesGet N. C., and Glenda Mills, Greensboro, N. C.
to upgrade science decided to hang on a little longer.
Experienced Pharmacists
Instruction in Broward Ted Lopat said he is sticking to his decision -

According. We to Use Your Only Doctor'sOrders. County. This is expectedto I Mkmii Schools To Receive i Miss. NegroAided to ,cjuit. The umpires run the game,

,,- improve standards ,but they don't operate the league. Of
t :.. The Best Quality Drugs snot only to the countyand More' Negroes By course it is true with baseball umpires

I Dr. C. E. BlackProprietor state but also to just as nt is with men in other walks of

the nation in general.The MIAMI---Officials an- tegration--officials added U. S. Suit life, everytime a man quits another man is

3 REGISTERED PHARMACISTS TO SERVE YOU eight weeks summer lounced last week that that 187 of these wouldbe glad of it. Somewhere there is a man who

.r course initiating a three more Dade County approved. JACKSON Miss. :--A,, wants a job and the peculiar thing aboutit

p -.. A COUPLETE LINE OF three-year study embraces -. senior high schools will Under the new break- Negro school teacher who is, he wants the same Jg the otherman
'" Cosmetics Robber?,Goody' Candies Sundries such subjects as be radially integratednext through, three NegroeSwill reportedly was fired quits. .. .

PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED physics,biology, chemis- fall.Although. be admitted to Miami because she tried to IT IS GRATIFYING INDEED to know the names I

try, mathematics, meter- there are 960 Jackson, two to Central, regixter to vote, will of Ed Charles and Manny Jimenez of the

I. Store ology and astronomy.The requests for pupil assignments register to vote, will
:. Lilly's'I Drug and one to Miami Beach. Kansas City Athletics: are mentioned among
; post graduate stu- outside of the Miami Edison and Robert be aided by the federal the prospective candidates for 'Rookie

dents are housed in a, regular school boundaries212 E.Lee junior High School government, it was re- of the Year" honors. Baseball fans in '

'I, 1907 KINGS ROAD EL 3-8276 campus domitory. of which involve in- will also be integrated.Most ported. Jacksonville remember when both players '

I I .. -- ., of the 187 students Government _attorneys_. performed in Jacksonville.When they played -
; '- will go to previously -. nave filed a suit charging here they performed like big leaguers.

; I' integrated schools. the Greene County They are performing like big leaguersnow.
and board with its
When Charles was in Jacksonville,
Fresh Wafer Fishing to the
: failure renew
I he was a second baseman. It was said of

i Licenses Available contract of Mrs. Ernes- him, that he told his manager that he
i Denham Talbert in
I tine was willing to play wherever he wanted
TALLAHASSEE Florida an effort to intimidateher him to play. The manager chose third base 1

I fishermen may now ob- and other Negroes and Charles has been playing it like a
Gifts Galore For Boys & Girls tain the new 196263i from registering to veteran.IN .

fresh-water fishing vote, it was learned.

I .. licenses at offices of Shortly after the motion road, it makes one feel good and happy to

Hundreds. of Florida Star Newsboys all County Judges and was filed, U. S. know' the one thing that this column has
.,,,. ._ Judge
t. ; their authorized sub- District Court
: been out the is
,.s.' pointing through years,
: agents throughout the Harold Cox agreed to heara the loyalty of the Jacksonville fans when
from $1. to $10.00
Weekly : motion
; state. government
SS they really have something to support.
r 1
enjoining the school
Deadline for obtaining
When the attendance numbers are given,
And LEARNING to do business. {
board from hiring
i the new 1962-63 license a
I j they always fall more than 1,000 short of

f YOUNGSTERS! are smart and .;' ;Tp !. is midnight June 30. replacement for Mrs. the attendance figures at the Jax ball
you Talbert, pending a full
Effective July 1.
.. park. How many times this year has the
..' j fishing in fresh waters hearing on the motion. attendance mark fallen below 2.000
want to earn your own money c without the new license I --- ._ ,.- --- ----

this is the way to do it. J, :5 in possession of thei ,- .,----z'- ,, "
fisherman will be a'I -

1 PARENTSI! Your child may not j violation of law, andI
I I such fishermen will be BUS NESsDIRECTORY

I need money, but the training-gained 1 1as fI j subject to arrest. _

I The only fresh-water The Firms Listed Below Are Recommended As Reputable

a newsboy will help him to be f\.z fishermen exempt from
: Establishments Services and Products
... Specializing
--;-- -- -;: ; the license are resi-
successful in later life. of the -- :if ----.- -
Many : : : dents 65 or more years ... -- --- -

( j most. successful men were Newsboys. ." t!!{!:.:;: of 15 age years children of age.under and IMPERIALlUNDRIESPatent Medicines Cosmetics' INDEPENDENT OIL CO.

); ; .. ..--.'-..', residents of any age t
... .
All Leading Hair Preparations
H You Can Win '::" s\ fishing.noncommercid1y. i KEROSENE HOME DELIVERY

k I in their home counties Jor. Bread & AsHejLILLY'S El 4.2159 I Mechanic On Duty

.::j. I with not more than three -\ JAMES FAULKNER Mechanic
,}"?;" Valuable Prizes canes poles.License. fees are: IKE JOSEPH, Proprietor

Resident, annual $2.00; A Complete Line of COSMETICS I State and Jefferson Sts. EL 6-9432

'. .Starting in June each Florida Star NewsboWill non-resident$8.00; non-resident, annual 14- RUBBER GOODS CANDIES 3!

Be Given Points For Every 25 Papers day continuous non-resident fishing SUNDRIES 1. DEBBIE'S
:. s' five-day continuous Prescriptions. Called for and Deforced i i Record & Appliance Center(
Sold..Extra Points For Good Records. '
+ fishing $2.25. MUSIC FOR ALL OCCASIONS,

S ; ) it .. i 1907 Kings Rd. EL 5-8276 I ALL MAJOR APPLIANCES
r-: FILL OUT THIS COUPON TODAYI 'i Fort Pierce 2301 a. Myrtle he.

I _...
-- -- --
I '. ;. I W: \nrrri('f r.ci" car nth t. I Ir Mal Charged THE LADY D' MOTE Blsh-Win-; Bar-B-Q iT

;rf, I vnrt tq start selling the Florida Star so I cant Rooms Day Nite Week I

::! :. :,- earn learn end Min prizes. With Murder Telephone In Each Room THE PIO TRAIL CNN
,' TV Or Radio Hot & Cold later, BISHOP .. I
CaD 771-7342
old Port pierce Negrowas PO. 5-I4B6 .JACIC.CNVI. .E ;, FLA.

yff WrJIIS: TELEPHONE jailed by police here 2B50 fastse Rd. safer Ha. -}.
I .
,'\ r .
1 this week and charged .-
V> .
t Ej.. want my: ''son-daughter to :becoiue a Florida Star with the rifleslayingof Johnnie's Rooming : : : '
news apent.. t. z I II his 22-year old wife. Jr""i BY DAV o* Wc ,;,4.' :_ '
....., .
I I" Held in St. Lucie county 741VI..ASMVIV .". ..... CL 6.4021ROONIN.'HOY : ;- _
SIGNATURE OF PA1'.F'hTtT \ Cobb Whom _. ..
J .. jail is John *
"' :-". < killed his, k s' VIO W. A.HttY 8,. Ra...,*.'H"iI.e 62- W .A......" Bt.
j police say i ('
1 I wife Betty jean followinga ... .L ..?".. '". EL 4PAGE -"'
'I family argucent.


-- -
--- "
"- ----- -

Ii I I
;! :i
i. T J ----- -- -- -


J 1 ti ,


I -, :' T op Boating Experts To- Feature New Berlin's: Annual July 4th Races : 1ecor I


0. ....' Wills lass Thtfts Pacing L.agver.r.; :'
:. CrowdExpected _. ,. .
> *faKW "<>* > i IK r i --inmmii i l i i m> i i Crown
S Hayes Cop Sprint .

At -

i'111k ,- As Rival Budd Injures leg "

July 4 Races & .
i .
I NEW BERLIN---The 8th l

y annual July 4th boat .4 ( 4 .4 1 : f9v WALNUT. Calif. Robert in 9.3 seconds. dian who runs for the

races at Christopher's Lr Hayes, the powerful Favored Frank Budd of University of Oregon,

Landing here will pre- '7 <* : ;; sprinter from Jackson- Villanova u. Pulled up ran a 9.4 second to

sent more thrilling ville who runs like a lame, and was forcedto Hayes, the 19-year old

action and color than hare when the chips are leave the race. Budd FAMU sophomore.in .

previous IndependenceDay donw won the 100yarddash was also forced to can- a qualifying round

regattas, a spokesman ; in the National AAU cell running in the of the 100-yard dash _

for the new supervising Y1w_ a track and field finals 220-yard dash finals.* Hayes had defeated Homer

1 1I committee stated '+ s here last Friday nightBruton Harry Jerome a Cana- Jones of Texas southern

in 9.4. Budd who holds
this week.George
Billy MooreDesegregates the world's 100-yard r
Christopher, Terry
dash record of 9.2. although |
Bob Watkins, Israel a z 4'Y' m. QW. .
Stallings Ray Demerey -1w Suffers Injuries Hayes' similar

I and Albert Parrish are F time\ in Miami last
A leg injury -
is to be.
among the early entrantswho Spring yet
to Billy B uton.
Bowling Alley his
have been giving recognized won
fleet Detroit Tigerscenterfielder.
their boats and motors preliminary qualifyinground
in a
last minute workouts in L.. A. Dodgers shortstop Maury Wills' base stealing this year has the Senior League clubs on the game against the lowly in 9.3.
order to win handsomecash defensive. Wills is shown completing a steal againstthe Houston Colts in a recent game. He could Washington senators recently -
five months the St.
prizes and trophiesto possibly set a new league base stealing this year. will keep him out John Horn
be given the winnersin Louis CORE organizationhad To
of the for from

gories.the various cate- Jax Bears Pro Gridstirs Lakers' Sign Bessie Stockard bly seven to 10 Tigers days manager possi- desegregate been negotiating a fowling to Fight DaveyMoore

Harry White, popular t Whs In 'DeeCee'Retreation Bob more.Scheffing declared alley owned by Terry
I hotelman has already Strengthening Forces Dailey Witchita Ace upon arriving here last Moore former star out- In JulyLOS

predicted that he' 11 The Jacksonville Bears, Jacksonville's pioneer LOS ANGELES Gene Meet week. fielder-of the St. ANGELES Despite

win the best kept and professional football is ]1 osing no time in getting Wiley. 6-10 center-pro- The loss of Bruton wasa Louis Cardinals. rumors of a shakeup in

maneuverability award. prepared to meet a heavy :schedule when the season spect from Witichita WASHINGTON Miss Bes- big jolt to the Tigers Then, on June 9. a in the United World

The races will be divided University, is one of sie Stockard. who along since the team was in CORE group of 30 Negroes Enterprises matchmakerJoe
opens at the Gator Bowl Saturday night Septem- ;with. two other Negro
into three cate- ber 8.Every. *. .. .. .. the list of rookies prospects 1t;, contestants last month the throes of a four- and whites went to the Louis and promoter
who will reportto alley in person to seek John Horn will feature
gories, namely: streak. Already
losing -
detail is havinga team in Jacksknville is desegregated the Atlanta
the to bowl. Aftera
1t for the Angeles right featherweight champion
1. Class A. Races Los pro- the bench with
ping over like a fine too much of a risk to City tennis tournament. on
basketball team at fair hour sit-in. Davey Moore as their
U 45 HP outboard motors. tooth comb in order that take the men on this last week scored a major injury was another key
this fall. Moore was willing to let third attraction July 9.
outboard pellerdine
2. Class B. the team will be physi- board would know it. victory in the Washington. player, Al Kaline.
Wiley, who was pickedby the Negroes in the group Public relations chief
motors. Bruton suffered freak
cally strong, mentally Another forward step D.C.'s Recreation a bowl separately. This
All for the Lakers during a Sam Schnitzer is said to
3. Free For accident in the
# game
alert and
morally con- was made when the ser- Department tournament. _
plan was rejected -
have resigned last week,
of boats with second round-NBA draft
J all types scious. They are be hg vice of Head Coach Al Miss Stockard an attractive against Washington. He the
considerationsto the Lakers last group. bu t is ex rected to
certain ,
by was rounding third base
given the first second Bassett and Assistant high school
Finally, Moore changedhis
be given. spring, has just returned in the first inning when change his mind. An
and third degrees foot- Coach Bob Williams was teacher, defeated Kathy mind and permitted
i 4. Best Kept Boat to from a tour of he tore a tendon in his opponent hasnot, been
ball fundamentals.From secured. It is believed Schaeffer the tournameat's .
-. be determined by general South America with the left thigh. non-segregated fowling selected for Moore.
the that if player
very beginningit'appeared' a team can be top-seeded
and Truckersan proceed. Promoter Horn claims
condition age that General made into a contender, Denver--Chicago 6-4; 6-1. before a large
safety features. team. Frank Budd CORE test teams returned that the Olympic group
Manager Bill Hood meant these two coaches have AAU gallery of fans and
Persons wishing to Last Wiley led the following day stole the Lavorante-
business. wasted what it takes Season. in the first-
He no to do it. players,
make last minute entries the Witchita shockersto Wins NCAA and found that the new Cassius Clay match at
time in lining up witha If they can't, then that round match. The match in
do so by writ- third place in the policy was really the Olympic park. Horn
powerful Board of remaiis to be seen, but drew a large crowd because .
ing 'the Annual Boat Missouri Valley Conference 100 Yard Dash effect. stated that UWE built
Strategy with such re- until it proves otherwise her reputation '
Races Assn. P. 0. Box said, to be the 'This is a genuine Clay into an attractionhere.
nowned sports minded men we still think it from the Atlanta tournament -
561, Jacksonville 1. toughest college cage EUGENE Oregon Frank step forward in our Their offer of a
as Ish Brant. Julian was a smart move to se- had preceded her
Fla. or to George Christopher loop in the country. Budd of Villanova. co- campaign to desegregate $20,000 guarantee was
Warren Julian Jackson. cure these men as here. "
Christopher's The Witchita cagers holder bowling alleys, com- turned down and Par-
of the crld
John Piombo jack Webster coaches.We In Atlanta Miss stoc-
Berlin, finished behind mented Eugene Tournour, nassus' $12,500 offer
Landing, New record for 100 yards at
Fletcher John not familiar
are kard fought her way up field secretary.
Florida. nationally ranked Brad- seconds CORE accepted.You .
Lanahan, George Robins n enough wmth the factsto to the semi-finals before equalled the --- .

Sr. Louis Trusdale. know how the servicesof ley and NCAA Champion being defeated by meet record for the 1 r Don't Have to Go to Town to Get

(halite Fight judge John Santora., Dine Julius Guinyard. as Cincinnati. Sallie Seebeck of Ash- century dash with a 9.3 j

:''I Beakes Cmdr: rBIll trainer and Jimmy"thdfap"-, Jim Brown's Wife ville. N.C. In earlier seconds sprint to win : lOW PRICES sOn :
the event in the 41st
Fitch Ash Verl-ander son as head scout was matches Miss Stockard
For annual NCAA track and
Day and Hood. accomplished, but we do defeated Misses Majorie
Sues For DivorceCLEVELAND field championships here
Many of the names in know it was one of the Woods 6-1 6-1 and Eloise Your

Dowftts Robinsoii this list are not to main cogs in the wheelof The wife Howell 6-5. 6-4. last week end. r

familiar with Mr. JohnQ. the Bears organization. of Jim Brown Cleveland She was also expectedto Budd failed to qualifyin DRUG STORE NEEDS
the 220 yard dash due .
LONDON The fight be- Public but being Both men are well Browns and National return to action in I
to lack of !
tween Sugar Ray Robinson connected with men on known for the great Football League star, another tournament in conditioning.He I Trade With Your Neighborhood Drug Store

I" and Terry Downes. this list wh c are quite contribution they have sued for divorce in Atlanta this week. finished third behind WE WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADVERTISED IN YOUR

I originally .scheduled for familiar to every sports made to athletics in Common pleas court here Miss Stockard and Harry Jerome of Oregon LOCAL PAPERS

June 26. has now been lover in this section of J acksonvi 11 Ie. Neitherman last week charging gross Ralph Long Jr. and Albert and in a semi-final run we Deliver-We Also Fill All Doctors'Prescript ions
he finished fifth behind
set for Sept. 25. it was the state, it is enoughto is a beginner in neglect and extreme Brooks Jr. in May Paul Drayton his team- ,

announced by promote know that they are this business. if Jacksonville cruelty after having became the first Negroesto mate. Dixie Pharmacy

Harry Levene. allied with those who really wantsa tied up her husband's play in the Atlanta Oklahoma's sensational

Downes had asked for a are well, known in the professional team thisa assets in an earlier City tournament when
Anthony Watson won
postponement of the sports' annals of our great opportunity for court aotion. they competed at the broad jump wmth a 26 1302 Kings Road at Myrtle Avenue

original date when he fair city.These 'All good men to come Also involved in the Bitsy Grant Center
feet half inch leap.
injured his left hand. men are pro- to the aid of their action are the couple's tennis court. Phones EL 5.5591-98

fessional estab- I _. .. --------- .- -----
He has just had the men party. three children.In Ex Grambling Grid -- -

plaster removed from his lished busaness men. a Guinyard has as his the earlier action PAY YOUR LIGHT, WATER SAND TELEPHONE

hand and can start light part of our City Fathers assistant trainers. Mrs. Sue Brown 25. 'tied i Selects Wilberforce i

training. educators, recognized Louis Haywood and Bobby up her husband's savings Star Signs With i BILLS AT OUR STORE

Both Robinson and Sportsmen at heart and Chamblisb. From the way accounts in three banks .. --
Downes are former holderof the Cream of the Crop in these men have handledthe their six-room home and M inn. Vikings

the world middlewe playground rdcreation.It situation from the even Jim's 1962 automo- La. Curtis
$ht championship and stands to reason first practice sessions, bile. Bre' r Rabbit" Cotton d

Downes currently holds that if the idea of a they are also ready fora Brown 25. is employeby a star-spangled punter

the British. title. professional football great season. It looks the Pepsi-Cola com- and catcher of
\ .. pass
good in print to see the pany during the' off sea- merit from Grambling

1 ROYAL ART STUDIO 1 names of such stalwart son. College, has signed a

performers appear in Recently he signed for np vf one-year football pact

CLARENCE I. SIMON PROPRIETOR print as prospective what was reported to bea with the Minnesota Vik-

members of the -Bears record NFL salary of ings of the NFL.

SPECIALS team as Ernest Sistrunk approximately $42,000 Cotton stands 6 feet
; Willie Bussey Van D. with the Browns. '1 inch and weighs 205

Jenkins Jake Brown.
/ pounds.
2-5-7's. 1-Ceter James Harold Frederick The smoothstridingpicket

it John Dantzler EWC's !
f 'II Bowman is regarded as a
Black t & White $6.95 Alfred Benefield. Donald good mechanically ,

I Dixon, Benny stokes New S. C. and needs only experi-

[1-8'10 A,alt ee & 33-5s $555 Sammy patterson Robert ence/to become a stand-

I \ Kay wood and All American: out with the Vikings.A .

t Tops In Cwnmerkal Weddings Portraits Theodore host of Richardson others who anda Grid CoachhIt Cotton prodigious ranked punter high I : _

have written theiir ORANGEBURG S.C. nationally in the toe IJ
515 DAVIS ST. EL 4.1894
names high on the parts George Bell, who in five department during his Ii J

annals in vari ous sec- years as head coach of four years at Grambling. i

tions of the country in Edward Waters' College Thirteen former Gram-

I 1 their collegiate days. Jacks, nville amasses a bling gridders will earn

Tickets wall be made 31-11-2 record and an their keeps in the J. _:- ,. \'\.'-
available for the Sept. 8-1 season In 1961 to American. National and

8 game July 10 at .10 win the SEAC title, suc- Canadian Football

I A locations.*** ceeds William (Bucky) Leagues this fall. The Twist, :_:
Harris as head coach at
i I I Wildfires destory wild- South Carolina state Watch This Clown The Latest Men's Hair Styles
L' life. Enjoy the great
College July 1. 12-92-09.129
outdoors. this summer, A native of Gary ind. rated Being Taught At The
i I I Ii MAKES f SKIN REACHES but always be careful ) :,$' t.
Bell attended the 243-05-74
public the top teen prospect by
\ with fire. Always leave
j S
j "OLD FASHIONED"Maftufaturcn schools there and earned the ATA has chosen :
I your outdoor playground 4 Jacksonville
his bachelor's degree Central State Collegefor '
cleaner than you foundit. 6 'r
.skintQii.i and Master of Science study this fall. She
\ 2
- degrees at Indiana is expected to fill the

I: M u ewi When enjoying outdoor University. spot left by All-Ohio 31-66-42 860369Sometimes Barber College Inc.

water sports In plorida He is married and the Champion Darnella Ever-

this summer always remember father of two childrenHe son who graduated this
Slcinton he'eup 6. I. Approved 100% Air Cos!
that others also leaves a host of month. Miss Williams So&etices he's dam ,

right to enjoy friends in the Florida will the
have a be on campus Re adds subtract.
their favorite community who wish him for the ATA national He works it all around 630 DAVIS ST. at Beaver

of Pan.1l fttrgAmoCTf Jar with the Star" sports. Always be every success in his championships in mid- 18-20-68 JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA
courteous to others. new post. August.


I 1. ,

8 nUll STAR SATURDAY JUNE! 38. 1962

I'' NAACP Moos IRMCH Mooting Second Baptist July 4ffi OutingThe POLICE REPORTS I Looking for aPUBLISHER -1 Johnnie's HotelTV

'. members of St., _.__ ? In every roomForReservations
DI Friday Night AnnouncesSunday's peters AME Church are JAXON' CUT BY stated. Two illuMmrd brochure r* cif fcuw wt Call
COMMON-LAW tan publish promote and Mil yojir book; EL 5-4025
planning a barbeque and WIPE Miss Mincey stated that
ServicesHoly lip to writers; fm and ftjturr on how
In a move to bring its be received from we published over 3.000 author All \ W.
: fish fry Wednesday July Albert Murphy 28. of she tried to kill her- type of books.",a"ced. Write Dept JtPfiExpotition
membership up' to date on1 various committees Communion Services 4th in the yard of the 1566 W. 36th Streetwas self by taking a bottleof Inn.311 Park Ave. S. N.Y. l!,. Jacksonville Florida

all sending activities a prior to working on employment will be held Sunday at pastor, .Rev. R. J. injured in a fight sleeping tablets because Good Luck And Happiness Can Be Gained
delegation bias
Atlanta for the selective bu7ing.voterregistration. 1:45 p.m. in Second Arnold's residence, 3226 last Saturday, police she said her boy For immediate help and quick results
53rd and Baptist Church with Gilmore Street. reported. friend' told her he was ':

NAACP National Convention other projects. The reports Rev. J. C. Sams, pastor, Members and Friends Police said their investigation going to marry another Consult: MRS KING

next week, a will be acted upon assisted by associate are urged to attend, revealedthat girl, police said. She I V

special branch meetingof following discussions. ministers and officers bring the children and the lawwifeof was treated at Duval i, Gifted Reader & Spiritual H A
the common S
jax NAACP will Pearson said. conducting the rites. in the. Medical Center. PC
share enjoyment. drew a knife I Adviser Past-Present U
be held Friday at 8 p.m. All members and inter- Fellowship service for Murphy patrolman Freddie Mack I. P
in Pi enty of fun is and cut him dur bg an Tells you anything k
St. Stephen AME ested persons are urgedto new members will be and Milton Newsom in-
promised. wish to know.
The name of you
Rutledge Pear- attend the I I
meeting held vestigated.
at 2 p.m. fferent i from I IISatisfaction
nounce son, president. an- Pearson said.COLORED. The services Sunday July 28th Outing Rebecca 1023 Cleveland McHenry.Streetwas . others. $ 5

', .Progress HOME begin with the Sunday District 6 of Mt. given as the woman. ARTICLES STO- Guaranteed. Lucky Days ...
reports willJohnnie' FLORIDA STAR School at 9:30 a.m., withC. Ararat Baptist Churchis police said Murphy was LEN FROM HOME & Numbers-Don't mistake U tuck
\ ----- -- -- M. Vaught and L. C. sponsoring an outing to Duval Medical name. Permanently lo- MEANS
taken The residence of Ray-
j s Hotel IN EVERY Chester in charge. The July 28th to Little Center, but the victim mond Linwood Robinson of catedU.S.Highway 90 E.
All-Modern ConveniencesRooc. fOR SALE pastor will review the Talbot island. The bus condition could not be 1033 Spearing Street was 5505 BEACH BOULEVARD
> lesson "Josiahs Reforms leaves the church at I JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA
: :) By DayNite or 58 RED EDSEL CONVERTIBLE determined at the time broken into last Sunday. .
," and will deli- 9. a.m. and at 9:30 a.m.
WeeK. Call EL 6-7596.
the report was made. It .
R-H-PS $695 Call police reported.The
ver the sermons for the from the Youth Center at
74IK IT. Ashley Street.
''I I Owner RA 4-0026 was also stated by police thief or thieves MIRrief Orive.ln
major services.The 29th and Chase Avenue.
--,--- that Murphy statedhe entered the house bj
consecration service Admission for adults.
For Sale
ROOMS FOR RENT did wish to prosecute taking screen off window
will be held at $1.00. children fifty
3 BrtRm Home Tile Bath Miss McHenry. in front of house.
Furnished-Man & Wife or 10:45 a. m. and the cents. Miss Mary Borders Fruit Market
Carport-Sale by Owner// t Sgt. Charles Scriven an Several items were sto-
Single Lady-Kitchen morning service at 11 secretary.; .
Magnolia Gardens-Owner 1728 Grunthal Street I clock.. .. -. patrolman Samuel Washington len Including a pair of I
Would like Equity ----- Heroines Plan investigated. grey trousers his wal- 45th & MoncrlefBg

Low Monthly; Notespo HOUSE FOR SALE Baptist Training Union .. S let, car keys and wo I
begins at 5:45 p.m., with Holiday BarbequeHeroines
8-3933. :20 Acres Jax Heights- : man's leather black I Wife Motley Prep
Mrs. R. H. Morrissette HOME BROKEN INTO;
2 BdRm. House-Elec.Water- !; of Jericho No. leather bag. Robinson
assisted .by Alexander ARTICLES STOLEN
FaRSaLE Man Made Lake-Ph. Nights! 53 are Inviting the said. I For
Free Delivery Cd PO 5-9287
Heard in charge.The The home of Freddie \ Open Daiy
Top Soil. Kill Dirt. RA 4-0119 I general public to an The method of leavingwas

t Oyster Shell & Sand 1- LOTS FOR SALE i I begin evening at 7 p.m.worship will all-day barbeque Wednes- Street Graham was of 1402 broken McConihe into by the same window ________ 7 ajn. la 12 pjn.._.. _
Call Day or Night ; day. July 4th at John- used to enter. Robinson
PO 8-6409 $25.00 'Down $10 per i The combined choirs son's Ranch. 5034 Mon- and entered last Satur- stated that his wallet

4 month at Marietta-Tel. under direction of Mrs. crief Road. day between 2:30 p.m. I 1 IOo
contained $55 and
WANTED EL 4-7442-Sundays Tel. G. C. Vaught will sing Come out and enjoy the and 10:45 p.m. police The loss was given at NECK BONES HI.

EV 41181. for the morning and day since much fun is in reported.
Beauty Operators & ( afternoon services.The Police reported that $112. I k -
store for the
HELP WANTED guests. patrolman A.E. Weaver
i Barbers are wanted to
Graham and his wife left
I Frank Brown Choir ,STRING

'Hollywood 622 W. Ashley Beauty St.Loun Call e.. You As A Set Spencer Your Corsetiere Own Hours! will service sing usher for the Board night 1 Lye DousingEnds home stated between and on the their hours return investigated.MAN. .. BEANS lb. 15C 1

I. S. Anderson Earn While You Learn. I
from the movies AND WOMAN
I will serve Sunday throughout
El 3-3245 Personal InterviewsPhone the day and for the Fight they discovered the HELD FOR FIGHTINGA lOOK'

r -r 398-5345 Tuesday night meeting.The break-in. Upon investi- .
STRAND Sunday weekly activi gation they found several fight involving Miss 29C

Thru Sati I Ii Ir ; REWARD FOR LOST DOE The weekly activitieswill Between MatesA valuable articles mis- Merril Alberta Whitson. ORKA lb.
Ii 21 of 1403 W. 22nd
A Two-Month Old ; include the con- sing.
Y1JBRYN ) .1 I Iv'x German PoliceBrownwith tinuation of the Vaca- man suddenly lost Among the missing Street and Charles Lewis

i ''' ;-1J I Black Mouth & tion, Bible School through interest in a scuffle articlle were a 17! G.E. last Sunday ended with HOG MAWS 10(.
Miss Whitson receiving
; 1 Brown Collar-Lost at with his common-law wife portable color TV valuedat
Friday Classes begin
', i 1c'\\ .. injuries police re- PIG FEET
; sus Wednesday Near last Saturday when she $210; Admiral por- 1 flr Y
9:30 a.m.
\ \ ,-" /? ported. ._. _. ...
cooled his
)I 'a."o ./ Clay and State Sts. The Prayer of Faith temper by table radio $20 and $9 -- -
\ .. at'A'\ '-.R If You Have Informa- Hour will be held'Tuesday dousing his face with in assorted bills an Miss Whitson stated

jc.21rrw tion, please call : at 7 p.m. DeaconR. lye. change. that she and Lewis had 35C

,M .; 1 RAYMOND TAYLOR W. Jackson assistedby Robert Jackson, Jr. .patrolmen Edward R an argument and she :PIG TAILS 2 m:. for
others will conductthe of 1131 Florida Ave. Taylor and Jesse jacks m struck Lewis and he hit .
EL 4-8555 her in the face with a -
'-\\\\4.\\.C"\'X\\" \: admitted to police thata investigated.
Bible period.
. *
quarrel with his glass. The fight occurred -
SALMINtOIACKWENMYNMand MISSING PERSON The Sunday School officers money
Anyone Knowing the and Teachers wife developed into a HUSBAND STRUCK at 834 W. Ashley PIG EARS 15C
domestic WITH KITCHEN KNIFEA Street, the report
I Whereabouts of Rebecca Council will be held

t 1 Griffin McGee, 1458 W. Fridat at 7 p.m. L. C. brawl during which he domestic argument involving stated.The --- -

\\\" 33rd. daughter of Chester will open the was nO',d by the potash.The johnny A. Brooks. Injured woman was ( SUPERIOR
taken to Duval Medical i
Ill: Vaught 29-year-old 19"
Arthur Griffin please meeting. C. 22 of 612 Dew Drop street
was rushed to DMC in a Center for treatment. Margarine In
o contact Ralph Coleman. will preside duringthe and his wifd came to an : ft.
police said both parties
c/o Pitman & P 0 business session and private car. A warrant
II Sons. end when she struck him ---- -- _
\fttft--! his wife with we re arrested an
Box Jacksonville.EL Sams will con- charging
513 Rev. Mr. with a knife/ police re-
nlloa assault has been Issued charged with fighting. GREEN
4-1485 URGENT duct the Bible study. ported. 1
_. from the office of
ROOSEVELT INVEST IN YOUR OWN Judge Drake. Brooks said during the PEAS Ib. Y

Sunday thru lues' HOUSE FOR SALE PROGRESS I argument his wife was
Patrolmen G.R. Henry an cooking with a knife in I
!John Saxon Action Hit 2561 LEWIS STREET SUPPORT YOUR T.L. Mays Investigatedthe her hand and she cut him.
Near Stockton.Largesix :I URBAN LEAGUE dousing. Ntt :TREE RIPE (
"WAR HUNT" and He was taken to Duval j 1 0"
rooms in very good I I SUPPORT YOUR NAACP /
-- Medical Center by pri- PEACHESFIRST
condition. May be usedas GRAND OPENING
I vate car. He was treatedand
two 3 room apart- July J _
I I Announcing the 4 Opening of released. ,
Sun. ni te ments or three bedroom At. .
SHOP Police said Brooks and CUT'PORK -

thru Tues. home. $490 Down to Per-:' 5568 VERBENA ROM his wife. Mrs. Marjorie t.I I t.:z:4-: 35C
with good credit
son in Magnolia Gardens, 1 block off Brooks were arrested and CHOPS Ib.
Frank C Sanatry Sammy Davis and balance financed by 45th St.-Air Condition-TV-Free Television charged with fighting. / I _
with payments to
"OCEANS 11" also owner y. < .' Service. Open Daily except patrolmen C.T. Mc-

t "MR. suit buyer. Contact ;' Tuesdays. Mrs. Myrtice Canady, Clendon and T.L. nays I BOIUH6
SARDONICUS"Win I II owner at 528 Chelsea .e 35
formerly of Stripling'sBarber
I Proprietor investigated.

$140 cash Mon nite I! St. EL 57180Gray's .%" ..J, Shop... _. .... . BACON 2 Ibs.i "
I 1 t ---- -'--- ---- ----

Sawyer Radio T V Service TRIES YOUNG SUICIDE WOMAN EMPLOYED senior- Henry political Latimera I -

: Super Market Ml throw that T V away Miss Eudell Min cey. 20. science major at Florida SALMON can 69CSPAM

of 1170 W. 22nd Street MM University has been

Corner Phelps & Ionia CALL 356-1731 1005 MYRTLE AYE J attempted to commit suicide 'employed at Rocky Mount -- '
last Saturday :National Park in ;

f SOAP POWDER. GRADE 'A' SMfLl-I. CJI. Sawyer Tech. & Mgr. investigating offi cersDon't -Coloracb. for. the summer. tan 739C 1

I He is a native 01 JackIsonville -

and a graduate .. .. .
FAQ 25 Miss The of Stanton High School itXWELL 6 oz.

__..__ ._ COFFEE 49
LARGE BOX 4 0oz. there.45th C

4 U- FREE FREE Annual July 4th Boat Races STREET With $5.00 or mere. food order


I I With $5 00 or more food orderNo I Christopher's Pier, Now lorlinThrillinf ,' BEEF LIVERCHITTERLIHG .. :'ib. 39"

_ Phone Orders r I they're D licioos y-.--:

BROOKS ... .rJi"'; ,,, ." .' :' ; : You'll. like em
," r
< : .1:;_ : '. $i 79
_ :: ; ,. ; !I 45th & (tenet 10 Ibs.H" .
-:. '.
: I Hear 45th Strep t -
;. MOTORS Cash
;i Package Store or Rrskd

; I 29C


823 LAURA STREET. .Aid TrophyRac.s : Send To References$55 wly. -Ithj MARTHA WHITE

tFh 1 j letter. Carfare rushed. 25 Us.Witb $2,4-9
I I Hampton Agency Towel

13 N. Station Plaza ,. .

1 Sales RAYMOND Representative TAYLOR I -:- -T- !I j'. N.Great T. lire-lii Neck. N.Haft Y. SUGAR 15 .I us.. 99C

.-; I t You need a friend it rye $5.00 tod order
__ Spocial Evonts J. Y. Let Mr. Harold
i ;"- For The Best Deaf .
J .f ., I of the Mallory Agencybe r

I i, "i ; .... In Town In New your friend. He SPARE RIBS
: m:49:
v'.. Trials loajn at 2.00 ,... Racos at 3:00 p.m. GUARANTEES you a live- \

: i f.....$. ;" or Used Cars in job in a good home

__ :;- I GeNial Admission! Froo paying $30 to "$50 a

tCRYSLER week, free room, meals,

I IMPERIAL TV. He advances bus LAMB CHOPS m. 59C

PLYMOUTH 'VALIANT HUe: Awte+ hm i wiled-to bpi heir hats ai crust between races. tickets and expenses to --
N. Y. SEND REFERENCESto Plenty Frog Ye 61es.
Tlere'D be sitirise prizes. Mr. Harold, The Mal- .

{ : CALL EL 4-8551 lory Agency Dept. 140, Special Good Thru July 4th,
576 herrick

___ 'ask; for RAYMOND. TAYLOR" Slits Rosorved Plonty Pirkiig : N. Y. 1962 at Moncrief Drive In Fruit Market Only.PAGE .

... ... ._ -..
----- -- -.- -- -: "" -- : -. -,.