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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200602datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date March 17, 1962dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006020740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
March 17, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
March 17, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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i ) )


i\: ,+1,-I I'I BY MAYPO. NEGRP 41 LOfl

.. .. I _L -1- -1- -'- =:I
.. yt .p 7C 'X' X X .. X X 7C X "It' x 'RI :.

-.. t-" Turnpike Authority Food Chain

I .
l '"

University Library of FloridaGainesville !' = ;, .f f Face Court Suits By Negroes -

Fla. MAMH. 17, 1962 '15 CENTS.. ,
I ; .

i ;) Shows Family Glenn's Gift I Negroes Are


! i-k, '


3wwy court suit has been instituted -

: g. "x a.t k x >ia o"t 4 S here by five
Astronaut Presents SailorCapsules /
: Negroes charging they
rS w 'tr I
Contractor Seeks $7,000 were denied se vice ata
/ 'Chute
;: t ,, restauran on a

Jury Trial; Asked By BothThe A husky unassuming sailor in his mid- Florida turnpike because

thirties shared in the. Feb. 20 scace drama by of their race. They

law suit filed by Anthony Kinnon', 8.,'local hooking a pole onto the space capsule of$ are reportedly seeking
contractor=builder against William A. Ford- ? injunction to halt
Astronaut John Glenn allowing,.the officer to. .. an
and his wife.Lillian. has become legally complicated ; such
be hoisted aboard a destroyer :fromhe .watersof t} practices.
'by denials and counterclaims. the Atlantic. Ocean after he had succes? >:, U.r. District Judge

Kinnon, 'in his suit., 'David t". Dyer has set
fnliy orbited the earth. i,.
alleged that the Fords Armed RobberPleads The sailor, 5oatsr.in '1' March 12 as the date

are still indebted to 'Third Class Pavid Fell, the Hayport, Florici. #> that he will hear notions -
base, is
Guilty now doing duty
him for remodeling a was the first person to aboard'the : for a temporary
:business property of Charges of armed' speak to Glenn as tlte Tender US Cascade. Theship' << :I injunction naming the

theirs located at 938 robbery against. two :Marine' Colonel clir bed ;f> I Florida Turnpike Authority -
s homeport is
Fast Union Ftreet. The young men in criminal from the space c&psule.B Newport, P. I. j s 4 ; and Hot Shoopes

place, known through- court resulted in the ell,, a Negro, who Pell's excct is : I Caterers, Inc. who are
age 3p. '
out the city as exoneration of one anda hails fron Youngstown, !,said to operate the

"Buster Ford' s' was Jury verdict of Ohio, is quoted to have Jailed' ; lunchrooms along the

remodled over two guilty against the said to Glenn, "Nice Negroes ( toll road.

years ago by Kinnon.in other. going! ,Glad to have you Seeking JusticeFROSTPROOFInjustice' j The suit's plaintiffsare

his suit, filed Facing trial before back! I'm fro Ohio, Leerue McPuffie,

last year in Circuit Judge A. IloYd Layton too." The Astronaut is .. I j president of Fort Lauderdale -

Court, Kinnon claimed Monday and Tuesdaywere himself an Ohioan. and hot tempers mixed [ Local 1526

that the Fords failedto Johnny Lee Ransom At the time of his to produce an inevitable V .\ International Longshore

pay him for the 24. of 2330 ffoodjnHNNY participation in the explosion in this little, fmen's Association, John

work done and material ;",... history-making event, Polk County community:.10 \ F. King, walter polmes

Involved. He alleges ,..1'i Bell was assigned to recently, resulting in rSr.. Albert Myers and

._. that ,a. sum of $7. 000 tt the j.ust. ,asinevitable( .' George Silns.tCop.tendiqg.
J!e,\Pestroyer_ ,.N o a, _. .. ;
Is owed to him i Iby"he' ''whi'l'ch..had-. been als-" : arrest of &numb'er 'tiT$ : that hey ..

Fords. ...",. patched from _the ,May- I-its Negro citizens' and 4 frequently travef the -

A counterclaim filedby "" port, Florida Naval the usual disagreeing Miami-to-Fort PierceSturnpike

the Fords contra- Base. The Noa made his- versions of what actually in connection

dicts Kinnon' cliaiP, .. tory of its own by did occur. a- fwith union business,

stating that they paid being the craft onto An "'unwffr'rl1n ted' THE FAMILY of Boatswain Third Class David Bell is seen appraising an out- tne five men added that

Kinnon $9,300 for the which Glenn was hoisted police raid in the of-this world object presented to the Navy man by Astronaut John Glenn. they were denied ser-

work done. Their claim C after his parachute Negro section of the The object, a parachute case was presented to Bell as a tribute for the vice at the Hot Shoppe

also states that Kin- decent into the sea. city, probably set the role he played in last month's successful man-in-orbit flight. Bell made restaurant near Pompano

non was paid $2,700in 4s a token of appreciation stage for the nighttimebrickandbottle history by hooking a retrieving pole onto the space capsule after it, Peach when a waitress

excess of an ori- Col. Glenn throw- landed in the sea. His wife Bernice and 11-year-old son, Ronald, share told them separate facilities -

ginal agreement entered LFF PANFOII' has since presentedBell ing. -melee which. 'erupted the Navy man's pride in their Youngstown, Ohio home. for Negroes
into by them before with the case that in front of a bar when rere provided.The .
Plead Guilty
the work was be- land.S St. and ronald held the huge parachutt police attempted to Following this inci- Hosted Glenn Fla. Voters'League plaintiffs further

gun.Although Washington. 26. of that floated the cap- arrest a Negro patron. dent, according to reports I Sets contended that the
the Fords The police raid described separate facility was
2316 Moncrief Pood. sule to earth. The presentation a delegationrbfMaxey S -S
are demanding a $3,000 Appearing as prose was made with as a "routine Quarters residents Y Mar. 25 Confab roped off and that they.

judgement agninst Kin- cutor a witness was the approval of the check' by Deputy visited the home of w <+}z f State president Iba- found restroom facilities
non they have not Edward and Officer Leon marked 'colored'r
Mrs. Victoria Fillions National Aeronauticsand Frostproof Mayer John dore Singletoa "AS set *
filed a suit againsthim. operator of the gro- Space Administration. Respress, was regardedwith Maxey to complain of the March 25th for a state- d 'white. '

The only other resentment by the police action. Mayor wide meeting of the The manager of the Hot"fihoppe
Both parties are demanding restaurants, A.P.Ruitin .
known to residents of Maxey'sQuarters is
person possess maxey said to hive Florida Voters' League,
a trial by such a souvenir is the which is the appeared sympathetic, Inc in Ft. Petersburg, told a wire ser-

jury. Astronaut' wife. Negro section of the and vice representative,
asa promised the group :'. it ,"a's announced this
Branches Plan Bell's, reaction to the city. The Negroes felt that he would "straighten w week. 'this is new to me,

C role he played in the that the raid was the matter out' ; S Mr. Pingleton O''ced so; I wquldn have much

Voters Registration United States' first groundless and that they the Police Department. that he had been in to say until I learn
Police ofricers are more about it. Our res-
man-in-orbit accomplishment were being intimidated. contact with J.P. Moses
TAMPA---plans for
fa. was humble General violence did said to have arrived UN Under Secretary Dr. of the Ft: Petersburg taurants are marked
messive statewide voter
but quite definite. not erupt, however shortly thereafter and Ralph Bunche was Col. chapter which has 'colored" men! 'whiteme

announced registration this drive week was by "I'm real proud" he until an attempt was herded the Maxey Quarters Glenn's host recentlyat agreed to host the 'colored I women' '

is reported to have made to arrest a Negro group. off to jail.. UN Headquarters.. event.In and 'white wonen.
the Florida. Branches of "7e operate under the

the National Associationfor moment said. "This for me is, a for big Bomb Demolishes Leader's Home schedule order convenient to wake the for turnpike authority and *I ,
the Advancement
of America. ., suggest you contact
members traveling long
Colored Peuple. them. "
cnairman for counties RONALD HINGTON Bell has since pre- distances, singleton

and some congressional .. ..Exonerated."., sented his enviable k said that registrationwill POLICE S
districts ready ir space souvenir to his be held Saturday
cerr located at 4101
motion, are: wife, Bernice and son, afternoon at the Trini-
Moncrief Poad. Mrs.
Rev. B.C. Dobbins Ronald. The proud boy dad Hotel (Formerly the REPORTSFIGHTING
Williams identified
pensacola Third Congressional is 11.'Bell. Robert James) which
Ransom and Washingtonas } Y'OJ.fFNARF
District; who had requested : IYI will be setup as the
the men who came :-jt JAILFD
Rev. N.G. Staggers. to her store at aboutq:30 transfer from ; meeting s headquarters.
Orlando. Fifth Congres- The schedule follows: Miss Bertha Williams
a. m. 26th and Moncrief.The .
slonal..D1strict; and j,. 1961. She said Ransom Sunday Mar. 25, Boardof Dixon, 35, of 695 Pavis
two latter rob-
F. Staggers Fort Myers.! was the can! who helda directors meeting Street was injured last
beries reportedly
Sixth Congressional gun on her and demanded .. occurred at 11 a.m. r. y a u I at 9 a.m.! ; general Tuesday, police reported -

District. money. and 9:30., respectively. business session for .
Chairmen in key cities Willie Williams the all members 11 a.r Miss Dixon stated that

where NAACP drives;are store operator's; son/ On Tuesday. Ransom until 1:30 p.m.; public she and another woman
already in progress are related a story which plead guilty to charges banquet, 2 p.m. had a fight about some
Rutledge Pearson. ''Jack-: The main of During the fight
coincided with his purpose money.
and judge Layton a
sonville; Pev. James Bother's. He said the deferred sentencing = 4 : the mee'tlng;' Rfngleton which took place at

RudsanTallahasse: ,' L. two men came into the until a later date. said, is to rut into Ashley and Davis

.,, R. Sears. Lee;" County, store together and at Washington, who it effect the proposals eyed over the floor. A
!: Charlotte, Henry and on registration dis- broken from the
no time was cashing I lane was
:*as disclosed had
Collter: Rev. N:: G. ton implicated t cussed at the recent worth window of thesecretary's

}. Staggers orange County; A. ,accompanied. Ransom, } board meeting Or- office.
Karam Karao
into the store with
_' Atty. illiaa A. Ford- operator of the storeat the. intention lando. **.- There were spots of
of purchasing -
id has, Tampa; Mrs. Andrew 1501 Mcfonihe Ft. sane cigarettewas A social-caucus; will blood on the records of

;'Datvis., .Cigar '.aster; identified Ransom as be held at the hotel two, of the students ando
\ found not guilty WIAL BY VIOIEM E--This is what's left of the $30,000 brick home
e ( of Dr. of the
";De.v"d:Hill, Laic :Wales; Saturday night for the door
the who
,. ,
r< "' i!: person to,charges. Mrs. til- ; C.'" 0. Siopkins, vice president of the NAACP's Shreveport
La. branch. Dr. ,
aad Isaac7 Cooper, Saras4' those arriving on principal's office police -
him at Rah point on liaa store was -the SUpkins, a longtime civil rights crusader, said this week: "1 shall Sat rdayi: reported.
: > Nov. 28. Also pointing
rY r one in which continue in the struggle.
; Saunders onlj Fdwardsand'F
: Robert W. Coning patrolmen M.
out Ransom as the 11mL !ashlnston-was..e.. ,killfolly detonated (fraaaite beb. caused 35 per cent of nearly completed I
; investigated. -
; field -
state ?
"il said. that who- robbed hip I'D ilje company':of ,Mile to require rebuilding ir. Simpkins has lost insurance on his home FLORIDA STAR -- i >Taylor
reiary ,
:iJ-will begin iMWdiftteljin on Nov.of 17, was Korntr theaaasiar Ransom, 'testisony ft'falid. offfio and furniture, Ht. still receives threatening calls. Authorities have 12th Anniversary -
k -ported "no progress" as vet.
already *
.7v other areas Store wo. 2 located at Celebration *

.'. >.,.-', .. j--S .'' ,' --,, -- '
.: ; '-;:'--;;
r"i .. ... '" .. i..< li .: .: 2.n --- ,- -S'

"- + _

i ., nli# i J", ..... mm. STAR f L \ I SATURDAY MARCH 1.1962I '



'' .. ..." >,
-- -
I _: NEWS .
: :# qT :-.
: ; : t:! ffit .
';'Publftfied by The Florida Star Publishing Co."Member 1' BY EBTtt o. SIMPSON

of Associated Negro Press"

_. __ __eo. ..... .. .. ... Q
....., ...:_ OKLAHOMA CITY
#. ERIC'O, 'SIMPSON......:........._.._.......Managing Editor i of Willingness to break.out:
conformity and if '
AUTSON E. WISE..............._....._..............Ntwf Editor > the necessary, to 'roclc- i
.HILDA'WOOTEN! .r. ( .........................Circulation Mon ".: / : must be a basic-, resolve-', of.
._._ --.. -- .. -- every Negro citizen in America >
-- --- .
.'"_ r *
MAIN OFFICE & PLANT: ,J; "'.:4- -

':. 2323lMoncrief.. 'RCid....:.............Phone Elgin .4-672 .4.. ; -;\ With these w rfis. Alexander y b ,/,.
.: ..:::: -'..::: :,: -- ---------:--.. :} J. Allen, of New York associate f :M.. > .......
< '*
4 Mailing Address: executive director i

A.' ; P. O. Box 561, Jacksonville 1, Florida .... of the National Urban League, .
.. I--t-P-- .... .- --.' ;; keynoted an address to the '

15th Annual Meeting of the
_., One Year $5.00; Half Year. $3.00 '
Oklahoma City UL here to- >
". :
Mailed_ To You Anywhere In The Ujtited States : ,; 4
night. ,
Subscription Payable In Advance *- !; ,.tf "
'. iS" *i ;' Ij" <: "It may be convenient to the moment for
: Send Check or Money Order To: ii. : =
't.S' V' ..*- 4. ": many among the near-20-million Negroes
FLORIDA STAR-P. O.Box 561 who now comprise approximately a tenth four

.. .
-JACKSONVILLE 1,FLORIDACELEBRATION national society to dutifully accepta

( way of life sketched to stereotypes,

:. .r hr but today these stereotypes are as out-

I MARKS moded as the covered wagons used in the

.\ ,- historic rush to the 'Cherokee Strip'

TWELTH YEAR OF STAR"I here in 1889" said Mr. Allen.

.tt.'E' To conform is at best a hopeless seda-

tive. At worst it is a fatal.potion to
rust nor no to see rout ry Father's
the progress of race relations in these
:. critical times. "

This portentit uttercnce rode! by the Mr. Allen declared that the key to sur-
boy Jesus, beautifulJy described His decision
': vival is a stark realization--among Negroes -

to forsrko the irresponsibilities* ; and whites alike--that 'the perspectives -

of childhood rnd to turn His entire '. l:; .' of yesterday rttb reference to
attention *nd energy to the fulfillment of the role of the Negro citizens must be
His Levine! nissinn on this er-rth.

It was n erent 1 decision; r decision that Settled Beyond Question That State" Can "Require" realigned. citizen is
"The Negro today a swiftly
hs meant:. the spiritual salvation of rn; ascending factor in our whole American

a decision which has resolved itself' into I This Discrimination. Supreme Court scheme of progress and prosperity he

en everl .sting light of Love, of chpritableness .
said. 'To see him in any other way is
of fpith end hope rnri to "
to miss a true focus on reality.

lercn ce.Jesus :: The Urban League leader declared that

VP.F then twelve years old. Your Weekly the securing of a 'realistic tomorrow '

\e shell not attempt to assign any of
rests largely on the adjustment Negroes -
special significance to the twelfth year : Horoscope Guide 'to the fundamental demands of a

of a life or an endeevor. Ve cannot assign whole society, rather than in the correc-

what is already thereconspicuouslyinthe WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR tion of individual inequities alone. "
hearts of Christian folk
everywhere. ; BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL Mr. Allen pointed to the Urban League
\e are, however soberly reflecting on the movement through its history of more than
decision r.c: deb) our Lord when he was
ASTROLOGER the fulcrum community
PABLO The 50 years as
By ,
twelve years old and ? decision made planning and action which is basic to

exactly twelve years PRO in, this city. every successful effort at self-help. "
\That vas that decision To create a voice ,
ARIES in too generous giftsto there will be a breaking course such a configuration "We of the Urban League stand upon a
'for the Negro citizenry of Jacksonville a
; Born March 21 thru social or religious through old obstacles or can also be inten- program of broad-guage community action",
voice th would be loud forceful fearless -
April I 19 groups soliciting your personal limitations of sely stimulating Indeed Mr. Allen said. 'That program is designed -

tireless, uncompromising in its Your emotional nature' he ]r-. long standing. Keep too much so. It would be. to strengthen the family fabric,
denounciation of the rude indignities the
steady whatever happens. in sane cases an excellent to provide equality of access to the job
could be deeply stirredand 840771882847LEO
Negro people of this city were forced to
time; for psycho- market and equal access also to the
accept as freedom. Your Florida Star was educational problemsmay 6-80-99-18-81-689
logical analysis, or for training which is necessary to compete
born of that decision end is now celebra- well arise to forcd ,
dealing with physical for better jobs.
ting its twelfth of serving as you to consider more SAGITTARIUSBORN
year you
idealsIn AUG. 23 NOV. 23 THRU troubles of rather long He urged that the Negro citizen par-
the voice of your protest.The objectively your
21 standing. ticularly the youth and young adults,
course of Florida tar's endeavors some cases a tug-o- The Uranian factor is DEC.
aside "the bitter history of deprivation -
between desired and very strong this week,
in the past twelve has not been
years Uranus now dominatedthe 3-30-55-14-65-354 and conformity to outmoded
ideals be quite disturbing and what it representsin
There have been obstacle? may
easy. many
situation. Being in
thrown in obstacles to and cause a your personal makeupmay Peace patterns of second-class, citizenship"and
its. path designed Corps
; your Ninth House it may seek possible avenue to equip
state of inner depression back in every
drain Its'Vitality: ; cripple its 40 sof.t'cases
; progress cause you to travel far himself to meet the problems of today.
silence its voice, destroy its purpose. or deep e- as much as 2i and wide whether physically Issues Call 'The era of automation which evaporates

But,, these obstacles have all been met and I motional weariness, years ago when Jupiterand or in your
unskilled is
for the
bested. Your Florida Star is now stronger partivularly around Uranus were con- For Mechanic I opportunity. upon
thoughts. This may induce '
he said. "Ours is the crucial hour
then ever due to ever-increasing March 17th. It could junct: now they oppose us ,
your support in you intellectual be
must either
in which youth
in the lead to a deep ex- each other. A semi- of history
your great enlightenment past restlessness. Do not get WASHINGTON D. C. --
add to the
twelve years and, perhaps most important erience of self- square of the Fun to depressed at your American automotive and guided to broader or
national stockpile of
your realization that this is your newspaper realization through Saturn complicates the seeming inability to diesel mechanics have been terrifying
described Dr. James B.
voice of that is another person-perheps situation. It may indicate dynamite by
your protest being leave for distant hori- requested as Peace Corps '
needed and respected.No the dramatic conclusionto a resistance from Volunteers to help main Conant.
zons; your work may be
one who has watched the progress of a vital process of I your partner. at home. And be very tail equipment being use< Only part of the responsibility, Mr.
with the individual. Tq
the Florida Star can deny that this self-discovery. road-buildin Allen said, rests
newspaper 370551432375VIRGO careful if do travelas in Tunisia's
it is that of the community.
great degree,
has succeeded in condemning segre- ,
weather conditionsmay program.
of this and 61 other
1-20-44-13-56-124 The Urban Leagues
gation as a custom, discrimination as a :It be difficult. "Grease Monkeys' ga
key cities of our nation are committedto
practice. and bigotry as a claim to whitesupremacy. TAURUS rage mechanics hig
I BORN AUG. 24 THRU supplementing--not duplicating or
BORN APRIL 19 THRU school auto mechanic
efforts of all publicand
SEPT. 22 supplanting--the
In the twelve years of its existencethe MAY 20 graduates. 'hotrod'enthusiasts

Florida star has created a groundswell of It cound bring in some CAPRICORN parking lo private agencies in our communitieswhich

of public indignation against practice' Last week's trends keepon cases a sort of crisis, BORN DEC. 22 THRU 'Jockeys' and ex share are basic objectives of' securing -

which perpetuated the social disease of developing and affect perhaps sparked by national JAN. 19 service-men with machinis equal opportunity for aI" he r

racial inequality; practices brazenly de- your mental attitude, events or extremes and automotive motor-poo) said.

finecj as "custom" and tradition but and perhaps put quite a of weather. The Uranian influence 'experience and back "Our success or failure as i private

which were, in effect, the deter ine strain upon your nervous Problems of educationand Is' now at its apex, and grounds will make idea] voluntary agency, is important. But it is

efforts of white segregationists crip- systec. The relationship re-training cay be operating in the field ,candidates. for service lithe secondary. What really is at stake is the

ple the initiative and- growth of Jackson between your parents emphasized-also all that ,tpf your business interests Peace Corps, according success or failure of the American community -

ville's Negro citizens by subjecting themto and between them and touches diet and health or where you to officials here. as it seeks to live up to its

the devices of indignity belittlement yourself may reach a readjustment. You couldbe are expecting results Many of the Volunteer* highest and best image of itself. '

economic intimidation, educational shortchanging stage at which some involved in labor from contracts and will serve in the main The National Urban League is a pro ..

and political misrepresentation. decision must be taken. problems, strikes or partnerships change is tainence shops In Tunis fessional community service agency,

It is not strange, then, that for its Your father may be simply faced by an accumulation evidently in the air, where all major repair: established in 1910, to secure equal

twelfth anniversary celebration your particularly affected, of work. You and it could follow some are done. Placements whid opportunity for Negroes in employment

Florid Star is being offered the voluntary and he may influence may need rest in any initiative you have been will be made according tc education housing, health and welfare.

/ services of a .galaxy of business and your social behavior case, try to relax taking. This will demand individual specialties an

professional people hose varied talents watch your dreams. steadiness and dispassion experience will be in th

promise to make this celebration one to be 9-60-66-17-48-961 and the conflicting ability Engine Shop (which over
730221554732LIBRA to integrate
remembered. GEMINI hauls gasoline and diese s

ft fashion shoe engaging sore or JDC ;Son- BORN MAY 21 THRU phases of your personality. engines), Machine Shop an I

ville's most beautiful models! will be heldon JUNE 19 BORN SEPT. 23 THRU :Welding shop (handling

the evening of April 1st at Duval OCT. 23 8-20-11-17-84-821 heat treatments and sheet

County Armory. This event will be followedon You may feel urged to ::" metal work), or AutocotiviFbop

April 8th at the Armory by "A Nightof move away frop your Venus is teaching your AQUARIUS (for body repairs ant

I Stars' '? a calvcade of talented enter- environment likely to Seventh House, and a., BORN JAN. 20 THRU automobile engine an

tainers including many outstanding gospel fascinate you. In some definite type of re- FEB. 18 transmission overhauls). '

groups, soloists and a variety of other cases, ideals which lationship may be Peace Corps Volunteer 9 1y
1 established-at least This is an intensely
performers.: touched your mind years need not have a formal:
Highlight of "A Night of Stars will ago seer to return to gradually. There may be Uranian week which may school background beyoni

in full blossom.Yet conflict within you bring to a climax those .
he the presentation of Gold star Awards by you a high school level, but,

.your Florida star to persons hose contributions there may be some between emotional desires matters of human rela- for Tunisia, should have i

to the sccial religious, sadness in this; perhaps and traditional tionship which have been practical and working ex

r Jty:istionnl, political and business growth a sense frustration. morality with alter- featured quite a good
perience in gasoline 01
of Jeckscnville have made this "Gateway or regret. natives of elation and dealdduring the last few diesel engines.

rjly" of ours a healthier, saner place in depression. Try to remain years. It could lead
2-10-33-16-75-213 Peace Corps
vi J rl to l i VO.Li steady and at peace either to a definite oust be American citizens,

CANCER with yourself. break-up of relations or
18 or older will receive -
I BORN JUNE 20 THRU to a perhaps unexpected a termination pay-
JULY 22Financial 4-50-11-19-73-451 readjustment in which
I ment of $1800 at the con
SCORPIO you very likely would :
their two
of yean
problems elusion t
BORN OCT. 24 THRU have the upper hand-or I
should occupy aI I service In the Corps.
11A NOV. 22 least which would bring
I attention, a* rather I They will a ko receive al:
IIDfN to a sense of elation f
; Hudclcn chanr e, call)dwell Thin is a strongly you I expenses, including transportation

... y take place affecting Uroninn week which may housing. food, KEN KNIGHT

PepsI your and bring chungcs. or the clothing medical care,
\ money 5-40-44-18-26-548 Invites You To Listen To -. 1
>. possessions. Your challenge of possible and pocket expense, plu'ithe

ft.-' attitude to social chnnccM, to your pro- PISCFS termination payment, "KNIGHT TRAIN"Starting
&.,...... BORN FEB. 19 THRU
: values to partnerships, fcKslonn or 'tmcla)" rated at $75.00 per month. "

... tMtIc""", and your capacity to life. You may experience MARCH 20Saaething gamed couples are eligible At 7OO p.m. Nightly1400WRHC1400-..

handle effectively responsibilities RUcrcKKivcly elation is coming to If both can qualify

of and deprcKKinn-nnd maturity which may have for the sane project sac
:. '\.'......, <;t?. kind or another SAY be perhaps' even both at roots in events of the have no dependents finder

\< at stake. Do not indulge oacel In many Instances Spring of 1941. .Of 18.

'.': ._ __ ..
,, -- ,/. -' ."- -. "-- ---- -'- .

: .. :; I' \ 1'
: ; :
; .
... ,, ...r ,;,, _
,. .. f.. iIti:&: -... '.' .t ;: : ." <- -1. ? "
.. + .ei 4"" .-- '" ', "I"4-..., '<.#.. ',". .. _., '....'. .. .... J !
; 1. "' ''' -- '- .: PAff 3
SATURDAY .; : <;: FIMHM STAR ... : '
MARCH n 1952 .
.... 'J .<: __J"_ ___ _. --'
; ;: ._, yL. ; "' .i
r a : !
< / "
*:, Northwestern
S'ocial y Speaking btDFH, 'c-V;:': h 6' .- "" "C''cY;;

i 4. 7>."... <

Deliveries : > .. ..... 4 4r Cites Speakers

\ "

', 1L:f : By Minnie Thomas
BT Mr. and Mrs. LeroyGore : ; ;. /
"" "'.' 2631 Larkspur ,,- ; -.: .'... stuff 'cporter
', :.. ,
J: Ive. Girl. '
.' ..: : The annual Northwestern
: : 4t .
.' Isiah : S.rr
e S Mr. and Mrs. ; -
Oratorical Contest for
;head, 1S61 Hiram St. goc.
Of interest to many Jaxons was the marriage of .: 1961-62 was held at
3irl. -
Miss Alfreida Brayboy and ,.,r. Christopher C. Northwestern High Schoolon
Mr. and Mrs. Randle:
Richardson.The March 9. The rules
Jackson, 945 Line'St. J :
couple spoke their vows on Saturday, March 10, governing the contestwere
in the 'presence of relatives, church and close authorized by Ber-
Mr. and Mrs. ;Jessie
friends. Rev. H.H. Robinson, pastor of Mt. Sinai nard Thomas. The con-
Jackson, 2215 Placeda
Baptist Church, officiated. Mrs. Ruth Sharpe ser- :. testants had a choice to
;t. Girl. Y -
ved as matron of honor and Willie Moran was best speak on any phase of the
Mr. and Mrs. George
man. constitution.The .
Smith, 1754 Payne St. *
A reception followed the ceremony, and was held first sneaker .

in the home of the bride's sister, Mrs. Mildred Boy. Barbara Pearson spoke on
Mr. and Mrs.. Preston :
Holmes, 723 Court H. ( "The Constitution and
Williams, P. 0. Box 263
Mrs. Carrie Brayhoy, mother of the bride, Citizenship. Second
St. Mary's, GeorgiaGirl.
witnessed the ceremony, along with Mrs. Willie speaker Geraldine Davis

Marion Colbin of Wilmet.; Illinois sister of the gave 'The Negro and the
and Mrs. JamesBoyd _
bride, and Mrs. Royetta Tunnate of Fort Lauder- Mr. z, 4 t g Constitution. Third
5760 Paris Ave. '
dale. Mrs. Tunnate kept the bride s book. : speaker, Vernon Faith

Mrs. Richardson is currently employed as i s Boy. offered "Slavery and the
Mr. and Mrs. Edd Hamil- T
teacher Charles R. Drew School, Pompeno Beach. : Constitution. Fourth
ton, 1750 Powhatten
r ; :1 speaker, Shirley Mllinrs
.. St. Boy. :
) :
'-. .! spoke on The Constitution -
Mr. and Mrs. ransom and Education "

Las,.Penoras Bridge Club will meet on, ,Tuesday: Jackson, 3308 Ji'ponica The results give Barbara -

March' 20,,with, Mrs J.A. : Batts as hostess. Rd. Girl. Pearson fourth

Mr. and Mrs. Frank
.. Place; Geraldine avis,
Gamble, 986 W. AshleySt.
3Si. third place; Shirley
., Boy.
Mrs. Puth Bonner was guest when Classic _Lassies. Mr. and Mrs. Roosevelt Williams, second place;

Bridge Club net last week-end. Williams 2143 McQuadeSt. .< and Vernon Smith, first

Mrs.; sarah Wright and Mrs. Margaret Mathis were Boy. place
winners ''of'club prizes. Young Smith is now en
MFMBFPS of the Trichology Beauticians' League Unit 38. of the urange Blosson Ftate Beauticians' titled to compete with

,t-e: .' '."." Association, will present; their first public function here Monday night- starting at 8 o'clock. the winners of the high

.u.- -,::. ;- ; ... '. Royal Crown in Flks Auditorium, 712"Rival Street when they present a Fashion and hair Rtyle show featuringsome schools in the county to

All members were present, when Gems Bridge Club Cola of Jax most popular models. The gala event will be foiled with dancing. Miss Clara Griffin, determine who will par-

net last Friday evening in .the Phelps Street home wellknown beautician frOm Gainesville will narrate the show. The nubIle is invited. ticipate In the county

of Mrs, Fmraa -Brown. Mrs. Marian S. Walker was match on March 23. These

hostess. : United In Brilliant Ceremony Planning Tour winners will be judged,

Mrs. Lydia Sweet, Mrs. Lois Avery, and Miss Zel- tIir in the District
I Of
ma Johnson were high scorers in the bridge session. WorldFriends Oratorical Contest which

r Mrs. Sylvester Bossard, Mrs. Catherine Jackson, will be held in Fer-

Mrs. Mrtis Thomas, Mrs. Marie McClain, Mrs. Susie nf Margurite r nandina Florida at a

Thompson Mrs. Lillian Davis, Mrs. Joyce Lawson, B lafonte, Special Projects : later date.

and Mrs .Alvenia Scriven were among members present 1.q 7 I Director for the Cash prizes were awarded

.. N.A.A.C.P. and Evelyn S the participantsbyYvonne

I .. I Cunningham Hayes, City Furlow, 'Miss

Mrs: Azz.L.. .' McFarlnnd is back from,.her Miami i Editor of the NEW YORK Northwestern of 1961. "

vacation 'looking. wonderful and still excited COCKIER, will be pleased Voncille smith read the

'delightful to learn that a new decisions of the judges
the events'occurring '
over there
date has been set for ;/
< \ J't Robert Knight Juanita
+ 'i.. :" .4 ; : their globe circling Wyatt, Doris Scott and
trip. The two popular Annetta Wwlker, all

journalists recently embers of the instructional -
i Another memorable social event occurring recentlywas
the bridge-dinner party given by Mr. and. Mrs. PRINCIPAL Miss Clara staff, servedas
John Parrott of 1189 Durkee Drive. K Griffin, wellknown judges.
The occasion marked a visit to the city by Mr. A. < Gainesville beautician,
and evaluate the Call
Phillip Randolph of New York, renowned leader of a r 4 will narrate the- Meeting
The Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters and social, economic and '
Dining cultural progress in key Fashion-i'pir Styles Friday For Scouting
Car waiters; Mr. B.F. McLaurin of New York City; show and dance here
w areas. During their W. n. Sweet ch
and 'Mr.. Milton P. Webster of Chicago, International Monday night under amrm an,
S. current expedition most has issued
vice president of the organization; and I auspices of the Tri- a call
.. f.. of the time will be meeting for all captain
the 1
regular meeting of Zenith Ladies Bridge Club, chology Beauticians
_'J Spent in the Orient. and workers to make
of which Mrs. Parrott is a member. League Unit No. 38 in
.: L' ."". ':: '.:.; Scheduled to jet from initial financial pro-
Mrs. Parrott entertained Zenith
Club with Elks Auditorium.
abridge ., -
_.... r. New York via AIR-INDIA gress reports relativeto

session beginning at 600; p.m. Saturday.Mrs. \VELLKNOWN FAMILIES MERGED -- Two popular members of Jax' younger-set, Miss on July 15th the grot1'pwhich the current "Friends
Alvenia Scriven and Mrs. Willie Buchnan
among guests. were Vivian Taylor, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Taylor and Herman Green, consists of per- WeddingBells of Scouting Drive.'

Buchanan the son of ,Mrs. Maggie Hayes, were united in holy matrimony 'abrilliant sons from various parts The session is slated
Mrs. was high scorer among guests and
Mesdames ceremony recently in Mt. Vernon Baptist Church, Rev. G. T. of the U. S. will stop for Friday night at =
Evelyn Jasmin, Willie Mae Smart, and Ca.
'VcCall! pastor, officiating. in Paris '
briefly 8
o'clock in Stanton'Vocational
therine Burns were winners of Club awards. i r
(Florida STAR photo)
Mrs. Mary Dumas, Mrs. Claudia Burris, Mrs. Hazel APPLICATIONS FOR High .;*

Lillienthal, Mrs. Janie Reynolds MARRIAGE LICENSES School's auditorium. :.{
Miss Elizabeth
Johnson Alumni
Held Annual Officer Election .-,
Chairman: Sweet said
Jones and Mrs. Mary' L. Bresker, were among members .

participating in the meeting and invited to remain Meets SundayThe Howard Frvin, 1050 Ellis Friday night's meeting twill .
St. 30 and Mary J. *' '
be of utmost importance
for the party honoring the out-of-town guests. -
Organized Chapter of stringfield, 1050 Ellis
since the
Attending the dinner party were Mrs. Catherine
Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. Chester Ford Mr. Samuel Johnson C. Smith Uni- Ft. 39. reports will give the
versity will have its Isiah Drewery, 225 Mag-,
Harper' Mrs. Marie McClain, Mrs. Elizabeth Norwood, captains and workers a
monthly meeting on onlia St. 19 and FffieM.
Mr. 'Ben Durham Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Haines, Mr. prospectus on methodsto
Sunday March 18th. Jones 1151 Spearing:
Sykes. and the bon 0 res. this year's
This announcement was "1 1 Ft., 18. goal.Dandridge.

pade by Pev. Franklin P. James H. Cook Jr., 628
.y pith. president of the A., V. Union St. 22and ;,

;:: CLARENCE J. SIMON rriorter.Pev. Jacquelyn McCoy, 2124 :

Smith requeststhat ,Tuskagee Pd. 18.

"lA PROPRIETOR all rembers be pre. Johnny Crawford, 936 7. On ShowDorothy

: SPECIALS sent, including graduate Monroe Ft. ,23 and Helen Dandridge has

and all members affiliated Tillman.,Pt. 9, Box 427- been named to the cast
2-57's. 1-Color, with the organization. A, 18.Jake of the 34th Annual

1-Black & White 16.95 This request was Nair, 1578 Franklin Awards Show of the .

-,, also made in order to Ft. 48 and ,Lucy Academy of Motion Pic-

-, 1-810 Opaltone & 3-35's interest such persons Ddnaldson 1578 Franklin ture Arts and Sciences,

1 55.95. interested in joiningthe rh Ft., 42. Arthur Freed, producerof

new chapter. Vc/irthur/ M. illians,
the prograM, an- ,
Tops 1 InCommericalWeddingsProiraHs: .-t {Pev. Smith adds that, 4 745 Dewitt Ft.-19 and nounced. .

all icrsons desirous of Mildred Pillions 221E Miss Dandridge, an'

joining the organization Kingston st. 15. 'Oscar' nominee in

<. 515.DAVIS ST. EL 4-1894 should contact Mrs. Leroy Johnson, 1622 F. 1954 for her performance ;

rvpngelyne Johnson 22nd Ft. 26 and AnnieJ. in 'Carmen Jones, "

"' "'."Y"'" \...' ..' 1338 Goethe Street;. or
Pembery, 3209 Plat au
Ruth will act as a presenteron
; ::, Y 1.r call session at the home of Mrs. Annie
< 4' : FL. 5:530'2.Rev. ANNUAL FETE---Meeting in regular
: annual St. 17.Willie. the Show, to be ,
Red Rose Ladies Club held their
., Vincent 3306 Joncrie-f Read
'" James
I<" :t. "" : : Harris McGriff 1704 carried by the combined
'., ;.- : ",:) : Chaplain of the SnithAlurnui. election officers with the.following holding supervisory posts: Mrs.
,\\,.: "l Lula Wright Ave. 26 and radio and television
;: :" J" I and Rector ofSt. Barbara Jackson, president; Mrs. Grace Eleby. vice president; Mrs. Barbara J. Jones 2024 networks of the American
Phillips FPtsco F Miss Betty Robinson, recording secretary; Mrs.
1 Mae Williams, secretary;: Caljon Rd. 20(*. Broadcasting Company and
Church will financial secretary; Mrs. Catherine Salter treasurer "
open and Annie Ruth James, Preston .Scott. 583 r.. the Canadian Broad-

close the meeting with Mrs. Dorothea Brown, chaplain; Mrs. Minnie Bell Finkney; sick committee 8th Ft. 37 and Ollie, casting Company startingat .
prayer. Thomas and Mrs. Eliza Carson: Mrs. Ida
ffilhelminajcing. Mrs. Dorothy :
Mrs. ,. 8th
Flowers 583 7:30 p.m. (PFT)
Pev. Pnith stresses the- Netters. reporter and Mrs. Gloria Grady parliamentarian. The next regular -
St. 40. Monday, April 9.
imrort.intance of this z meeting will be held Sunday. March 18, at the residence of Mrs. Ida a

v, z meeting desiring> the. Nett rs, 2202 College Circle. ... -A i'\

presence of all mer t ers. ( Royal. Art Studio Fhoto)
affiliates, and those
wishing to join the Magnolia Area Seeks Members Florida Elks You Seek The Best Doctor"" .

''organization :- "". When Your Doctor prescribes_h_,..... *
*:rf Tops In NAACP Get Experienced Pharmacists'. ...
Royal Palm <: The gnolia Area Floradale. Magnolia
: DoctorOrders..We s
Developement Organiza Cleveland According to Your
Gardens "
Life Memberships *
Her mother or her sister? :Meets Sunday tion will hold its Heights.Lincoln Estates Use Only J ,

The palm Social Club monthly meeting on Renault'Heights and sur- The 1961 edition of the -h. ...w.., 1.('-,v: -The Best' Quality DrugsDr. "

BOTH'ENJOY.. YOUTHFUL, NATURAL-LOOKING HAIR COLORWhether Monday March 19 at NAACP Honor Guard revealed C. E. BlackProprietor .
...' will hold a meeting on areas.This that three Florida ," '" ..-.,'
> I' i- '* *
the St Paul Lutheran meeting is T.
: 'you want the excitement of a different Sunday March 18, according Elks' units have sub- ,? ;
hair ahade/; of want to give new life to dull or to club president Church on Edgew cod scheduled for 7:30 in SERVE'
scribed payments toward 3 REGISTERED PHARMACISTS$ ),
grayhai..insist on the long-lasting haircolor Mrs. Mary Dixon.The Ave. according to the e.vening.TOOTHACHE. .
in the famous red package-Godefroy'i $500 life memberships in
slated Organization Reporter: A COMPLETE LINE OP
I one,package-there's nothing else to buy. 330 in the afternoon Mrs. Constance H. Young. zation. Gos&etlcs Rubber Goods Candies Sundries

/ will be held at the homE Mrs. Young states that, Don't from suffer throbbing needlessly.pain Get of spetdy toothache fttief < and PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR AND BELIVE90)h '"
Zj.07 'ct with fast acting ORA.jCL Pain Nine other state
18 LOVELY membership is open to,
(1 COLORS ., of 1427 Sister Lee Street Estele Charles anyone living in District or IOU money in tack.seconds.All drug Guaranteed stores local chapters in various ;iii 's Div Store

I.AIfI.U.- ,. 12, north ofthe ....-.. .1 parts of the nation pur-


.j 'I. f f'i I M


*w 'AaE_ .4 :.t+ '_ A, .-4..-..,,,a.y.. t= t fA1.. 4T f:. "'.:. ,.\...... .1.' STAK '"' .. !j...., ',f .,-o ,, : ';.r.LQ'Yt:.:. ib'\ :ri! ; ,JltJ .f. ;

..- ,. -
Y -' r -*** v- ;
OES ContingentsSet : First Baptist j Women's Day Golden/ Anniversary Receives Baptists; Convene Mafc/i/ :2 0'Eagle

';Meeting He'ra' Announces Set Sunday % :-T------ Award I IThe

.- '-., The. fty-first ciil: //n Belle// Glade
:,, otstlie'Boya! Crag Q ;1 1Chapter .. ..';fie.$t1fP; At,.St. John'sAnnual Y Cherokee Divisionof -\.
; Order of By Rosa L. Co'ff ie- the Boy Scouts of GIADE---This pretty little tropical town 1 I

Pastern Star, 'working Rev. Curtis Jackson Women's Day America held its regular will be the setting for the 48th annual session'

under the protectionof newly appointed :Pastor will be programmed Court of Honor in the of the Progressive Baptist State Convention and

the Most WorshipfulpTinceHall of Baptistrfewrch.Orlando with.a daylong series Second Baptist Church varied programs of its auxiliaries March 20
Grand Shiloh through the 25 in :
and of events at St. John 954 Kings Road, Rev. J. host St. John First Baptist
Lodge Ancient Free Baptist Church.Mrs. C. aims Pastor. Fednes- Church Rev. J. B. Adams, pastor host for the
pastor of the nation'soldest
and Accepted Masons Gussie Torrenceof day evening. March 7, official groups and sister churchs.
C church ln>awn-+ One of the
of and
.Florida top convention -
Mt. Zion AIF.Church 1962. hours Sunday afternoon. ,
nah G_., will a.k at )
jurisdiction, will will be .guest movements in the "
The ceremonies began a Rev. C. K. Steele of
m'eet in Orlando First Baptist nation, the Progressive
Jessie St. ,:.S speaker during the 11 7:30 p.m. with C.F. Simmons Tallahassee and Rev. D. .
Tuesday 17-in. Baptist organization is
during the 7o' a.n, worship services Jr. chairman Black of Taxas will deliver -,
:III. L.f.. Howard staffed by of the y" -
and Mrs. Gladys of many r
Court Honor conducting the inspirational
cloc evening worship
33 degree Grand Mas- service; '*jj Vaught of Second ,Bap- the devotional state's outstanding addresses during the \

,-LadYrHannah B. Baptist leaders.Rev. .
ReY.* Jacka ls a tist Church will give services. Civic Hour.

Miller, Royal rrand'Natron1are ,. interesting travelogue J. C. Sams, pastor
graduate of Mot house an Scouts who had met Rev. Dr. Paul Jackson \

calling College Atlanta1, and of a recent tour .. certain requirementswere of Second Baptist Church. of Lakeland will deliver \

special attention to is a native Floe dian. during the 7 p.m. presented awards Jacksonville is general the sermon for the Rally

the oratorical contestof The pastor Revi;; 'C. B. evening worship ser- Merit Badges and Certi- chairman of the convention and Rev. E. Armster,

the Grand Chapter Dailejr: will 'bins a vice. : ficates for having pro- of America. Rev. S. C. Caldwell and

o.F.Jo F. to be held in series 1. of services Fvents will begin gressed to Second Class. Other nationally known Rev. Robert H. Wilson

lit. Olive AW Church during the BTO hour at with the Dunday Fchool 4 First Class Star and officers are Mrs. H. B. will conduct the Mission

Bryant and Washington Life Scout ranks. Miller of Green Cove
service at 9:30
Wilson -
5:45 p.m. centering on Hour. Dr. a member

Ftreets Monday 'Prll the church. His1 subjects_ with Mrs. Willie Mae ,. 3 r The inspirational mes- Springs and Jax, the of the Orthodoxy .

16 at 7:30 p.m. Oliver offering the $ x sage was given by Fev. Senior Women's head.
will be "NaturevjDf the Team will also be heard
The educational pro- \ J.C. Fans He spoke Mrs. Miller is Most
Church" 'Organization opening prayer. ,:; ,. !: ;or on Thursday morning on the

gram featuring the of the Church,"' "Pur The lesson will be .1 .'.. 'lS-' ,, ,_'7 ,".,' the subject "Learning Grand Worthy Matron of subject "The Preacher l
oratorical contest .', i in which he the Oder of th.e Eastern
brought out
pose and Function of reviewed by Mrs. MaryS. 1f' : .d Preaches."
will be in charge of ;> 4&4. Stars Prince Hall Affiliate '
of Antioch many significant pointsin
the Church afrd Huey 0 "" -, Rev. A. J. Hughes will
: '
M.W. Faxon, supervisor Church. "' <" the area of Scoutingand of Florida.Mrs. .
Baptist ,
Doctrine of the Church. be the second paneliston
of Volusia 1.k t Janie Phillips of
Guest teachers will r everyday living.
Order of Services xiMEMa the theme "The
County Schools and be Mesdames Magdeline "'". .. f 4 After the inspirational Hibernia and Mrs. M. L.
School of
Sunday beginsat Challenge the
Davis Jackspn. Deputy Peters. Flora Bell. address, came the high- Johnson of Jax are the '
9:30 a.m. with: DeaconG. Church in this Space
Grand Master and alsoan Cora Franklin Georgia -- light of the evening. first and third vice "
W. Scott superintendent Age.
ABlE EVENT--Mr. and Mrs. Ruben Barnett of
instructor in the
presidents, respectively. -
Scout Kenton Lee Brown,
Dixon, Virginia Mack.
in charge. The Saturday at 10 ',
924 Reiman Street the recent recipients of
high school at were a
Apopka. Jacqueline Smith. son of Mrs. Venus Brown Mrs. Roberts A. Hall
pastor review the the parent body will
Because of the high joyous observance when friends joined them in 1770 Payne Street of Jax is vice presidentto
Delores Douglas. Ar- was
interest that has been subject from the theme celebration of their golden wedding anniversary.The honor Rev. W. Hill '
awarded the Badge and Mrs. A. L. Dean of
leathea Hill. Ouida
"The Sin of Greed. moderator of the East
manifested in the honorees were recipients of l..vely and
Gaskin Lucile Haber- many Certificates for having the Junior Women. Sam
The pastor will deliver Florida and Bethany
young people who participants useful gifts and were given a memorable program
sham Willie Mae Jones reached the rank of an Davis is leader of the
the 11 a.m. morning Association. Rev. R. B.
it is expected which was conducted by Mrs. Myrtis B. Shootes Eagle Scout the highest Laymen' Brotherhood.
Mary Stephens Mary
worship service Brooks, also of Jax,
that ceremonies. Their friends wished'them
every Anderson and Thelma mistress of many rank in Boy Scouting. Numerous other residents -
supported by the. Young will deliver the sermon.
Grand Chapter Executive happy returns of the day.
Livingston.Miss many .. Fagle Scout Brown is a of the north earn
Adult Choir -an&SeniorUshers PRESIDENT SCHEDUIE
and member will Florida STAR Photo)
Gwendolyn Watson member of Troop #173, Florida area hold important -
who wilf serve Friday. March 23 Dr.
be present. Second Baptist Church positions in
will acknowledge Dean Singleton'sRites Board Meets
throughout the day. Sams will address the
Saunders T V visitors Miss Janyce Alphair Simmons, Scout departments deftly designed -
The Male Chorus rehearses joint assembly at 2:45
Panelist Hughes, guests and Held Tuesday SundayThe master.Dr. to promote
Mar. 21 at 8 p..';Tuesday J.C. Downing p.m. President's Miller

The Florida NAACP night's Prayer: rvice Mrs. Margaret Prigden pulpit Aid Board chairman of the Cherokee evangelism. missions, and Dean will address -.
closing remarks. and Christian education.
Field Secretary will begins at 7 o'clock.The of St. Stephen AMR Division congratulated their groups at noon- :
Serving on the mor- ,wh.y The convention at large
appear on television pastor will conduct Church will sponsor a Ragle Scout Brown and time. Mrs. Idella
entertains a unified
ning worship
Channel !9. WLOF-TV the Wednesday night program religious rally Sunday asked support of the Willaims and Mr. Davis
will be Mesdames' Forehand program as such. In
Orlando Wednesday Bible Study which star IF beginning, at 4 p.m. in Friends of Scouting will talk to their
addition there will be
Hughes. Fannie
night. March 21st ina at 7 p.m. the home of Mrs. Ber- financial drive. Dennip groups Miss Evelyn
Vivian the "Civic Hour" on
Bradford In
discussion of issues nice Powell. 1516 T. Stewart, Sr. en Knight youth and the

involving desegregation St. Paul/ gram. Helen Morgan, Davis Pt. The publicis couraged participation Thursday afternoon and new president of the
Lillie Webbart Miss closing mass mission
Orange County Invited. Children's Department. BM
.in the Scout Fxpositionto
:. Bobbie Hean Mervin, MMM M Hr
and in Florida. Slates/ ; a be held at the Gator
Mesdames Lily D. Wedding Announced
A has been
Video-Tape .
?* Bowl on April 7th. Remarks I
made with the Field A'Sunday tea -is sche Blair Cynthia Robinson. Miss Vivian Taylor and were made by P.A.

Secretary. Robert V. duled on March 18th by The Frazier Sisters Herman Green were uni- Sewell, Field Scout

Saunders debating the the stewardess' Board of Mesdames Jose- ted in marriage at Executive and C. F. Simmons :

issue of the necessityof St.: Paul's- AME Church.' 11' phine Gohagan, Gussie. 5.. p.m.. Feb. 17. in the Jr. Chairman-

such demonstrationsas .The tea will be' held .Torrence.Ophelia. DEAN LAWS: FINCLITDN Mt. Vernon Baptist Court of Honor.

Sit-ins with Van- between the hours of 4 Demps Erma Ford, Rites Held TuesdayST. Church. Rev. G.T. Mc- The Eagle. Court mem-

derbuilt law School to 6 in the afternoon Henrietta Kinnon Call officiated.The .
Brown and chairman AUGU TIN Final bers were: Alexander nowit* Pepsi
Professor Dr. Paul according to .Rev. R.j. Prigden.Mrs. rites for Lame bride is the Heard, Walter Randall
Hartman. Blain; pastor, -,of. the daughter of Mr. and Mrs W. Bernard Langley
dean of
Green will = jI
The show will last church, and'Mr i MaryT. Curtis E. Taylor Sr. principal of West Jack- 'I
preside during the men at Fdward raters those who
for one half hour and Singleton, -presidentof and the bridegroom is sonville ElementarySchool .

will coyer the entire the Stewardess'V' evening worship service College were held- the son of Mrs. Maggie Charles Williams t ink ,
others to be here Tuesday after young ;
area of more than
Hayes. waters
Dean ,
in Metho- /
featured will be Miss noon Trinity
twentyFloridacounties. The public is inYited- t( Given in marriage by hex College Charles M. ,
Essie Kate Laldle of dist Church.,
attend. V.gea .
father, the bride had asher Vaught and Seb Chester.
Little Pock Baptist Dean Singleton died
Matron of honor her
The following Troops
Church suddenly last Thurs-
mrs. Beatrice
(tente sister in law Mrs. were represented in the .
? Waters Mrs. Mattie day.A
Martha Taylor. The Court of Honor Troops .f
,Mae Williams Mrs. native of Sumpter I .
bridesmaid was Mrs. 153, Friendly Baptist 4ADELIN
Gladys strayhorn. Mrs. County. S. C. Dean

and Adams PKortc EL 4 1468 Kate Graves, tfrs. Singleton tad resided Pricilla Brown and Thomas Church; 158, Emanuel j
I Moore served as best man. Baptist Church '79 St. I ,
Rose Peppers Misses here for the past 20 I 'S O FEE SHOP
Clearence Bostic Usher, Paul AME Church; 1173, i
prior to
Veronica Watson San- years accepting -

hosted Shrimp from South GOURMET'S DaifiHT dra Forehand Louise the EWC deanship Curtis Taylor Jr. Ear Second Baptist Church; We Specialized in Lent Season Foods.

VIET.NAM Fmtail nest Taylor, Asa Taylor Grants Memorial .
rttttd 1175, ----
he had servedas
Mervin Mrs. Ola Mae ,
".;'tlel. under 10 count. Sold Russell Taylor. Ushers A.M.B Church ,
hi 5 Lb. Bun tnly. $6.25 CONCH MEAT I Fields Mrs. Sadie coach at Roosevelt brothers SL Patrick's Day Specials
be of the bride. Friendship Baptist
Alexander and Mrs. High School, West
j All meat, Cello Wrapped The bride selected a Church; *74, St. Pius L-i
Margaret Prigden. palm Beach when it was
S sold in 5 Ib. takeout MENU :
125 handy gown made of net and Roman Catholic Church;

Lb, package. Mrs. A. J. WilliamsIs Known as Industrial ,, French: lace over bridal '193. Mt. Ararat Baptist J

MEDIUM Recuperating High served as supervisor satin. The fitted bodice Church and 078, St. y 3AST BEEP 90$ Plus Tax.
per of Defense I
SHRIMP Lb. 8ge Pkg. 5250 Training at Florida featured long sleevesand Stephen A.M.E. Church. Steered Chicken & Dumpling 90$ ;

Friends of Mrs. Alberta the full skirt was A skit depicting the hoice of Two Veg. With Starch '- Tumi]
Normal and Industrial
rr..h rIo.N J. Williams will bell shape. steps in Scouting from (Greens, String Beans Peas & Carrots -

LOBSTER u. 75c BLACK MUM u. 29C be pleased to learn College.He held. a Bachelor The matron of honor Cub Scout to Eagle and a lash pot. or Rice. ,;. .

EIN that she has beeq dis wqre a waltz length blue clarinet duet were pre-. SALAD i,
Black Sea Bass V.Ti. u.:32e I I'UlL of Science degree from
'.:'.' charged from a local gown of silk organza and sented by Troop 1173. Short Orders
DanUD I : Claflin College and Sea Foods
II.., .... ....... .... ..,. : hospital the bridesmaid wore a We acknowledge with ? ."
had done advanced
hut MM**, k.ItN LI
'-' pink gown of silk organ appreciation all per- Shrimps Oysters Scallops : '

....i... training at Tuskegee za. sons who witnessed this Fresh Fish 4 t. '
MACKEREUI u. C'k Flower girl was Lynette Court of Honor and invite -
Jackso&TiUe letdiniAtencj member of Phi Beta Franca Pries Lettuce & Too.,
McClaln ring bearer was "
you to attend our
KINGFISH STEAKS Lt. has t.l11 Sigma Fraternity.He "* '
now a We Serve Hot Biscuits For
( I Fred Brown. A reception next court which will be
WHITING staff of trai&t colored leaves to mourn:
u. was held following the held in the Mt. Ararat
detective to handle do- Mrs. Mercy Lee Singleton -
IE.Ey Irs... ceremony at the Lincoln Baptist Church. April 4. 19 (INGSUPHOLSTERING
eitie inreeticatio&s.Ofiild .
widow; Ft. Augustine -
STOKnSHFtoik ii. c C custody bed guards : Country club. 1962.
; Mrs. Con-

FraiM TURUI LB. 3 2" missing persons J&trol1aa. stance Hammond. Balt.m .-

STEW MEAT 49c alto security.
LI. ore, Md. Miss
Strictly Confidential.
I ROE SHADSHEEFXOSE 39c Elaine Singleton
ILL Pose EZ 83111or
A&T College Greens- I

.... 35c RID BASS 1M"'L 3fc PO 5-9844 'boro, N.C., daughters;

son. Maurice E.
Singleton AFB: Mrs.

'Zig-Zags Carrie Hamilton Cocoa STANDARD CHAIR AND SOFA

SAVE by SEWIN6! Monograms sister; pre man Frier- .

Sews on Buttons sister; Freeman Frier- =: -. FREE

Sensational Offer !Makes emits son, New York City, ; $ A

A New '62 Universal" Zit-X.. No Attachments brother and other 2 throw pillows

Needed relatives and friends. leef.ln

20 Yr. Guarantee on Ports ', Services were held Uborn with each 2pc.

Tuesday in Ward Cha- MtttrblALL set

i pel, Lee Seminary
$48- Building at Edward

the final rites RUHR OR NEW UNITS ADDED
r "- ALL WORK aAWIncni7RST
\ Wi", Y.. OldlOw,. .here. Call for EveningAppointments
ochi Leo 0. Chase Funeral = PAYMENT IN APRIL-

". gone in charge.etNNI..a. '

sfwkirHa. 1 .. forCIIIIhmatic8 SMALL MONTHLY PAYMENTS *

w. Rssih All Mebe Sewing Mad & Nytat T..triu
) Supply "'
r.... .....u.aaa' IIII-hrdl PlHtI. e r
Of fc- Mec.... -

505 WF.rsIiiSt. EL 3.9977 .. 8 1
: .
,............t U. n _

.- ....>c .._ ---- '" ., -'-- -- _.._;"..,...""" __"'h_ '0 I -

:.- :;:: .' '.' t __ ;;'. :<;: : ->: '.'.'_ : : ---t'; ;- ,'. -i ; n '_. .. 'f' _: _. ; ._ 'r: :tTTC


,,a .' I

vy r .... whr ....... ._ .,.,,....f }t"..fl"
.. _. .
I t \\_? For KElP Two WANTED Months' !l l Joe Lundy's Services Gainesville '. News ': I .--' Gulf- Serv'i'ee' --Station-- '-.. ; .--'.. -- 1IIff."'""

.: ,Set For
SaturdayFuneral i STATE .. ,
\=m 'Fry Cooks $820.00 and J JEFFERSON ")

J ,1' 'Pantry Helpers-$420.00. .services for Sunday.The Second March Quarterly 11, by had of :30 p.m.Shady Grove. Primitive Now under new Management.: ,' .'.
5 Maids $310 00 & Tips JoaLundy: will be held '
) ent Elder of Church Rev. R. \. "
_Kitchen Clean the Solomon Weston !
-Ut prop
j Saturday at 3 p.m. in
..;, morning worship was L. V. GaInous,.Pastor Mrs.
Men $420.00
the Church of God
i' ,Fine service Quality products
': features. First was Qduced D. aannon. Reporter.
An Experienced Baker
: .t Fteele and Blue fts.
:,; highly intellectual who Sunday March 18. the
J t ; $1.300.00Experienced Born in Fnarta Ga. ,
.q Baker's I theme was "Standing of contest between Districts -
Mr4 Lundy had resided FFER
presence of the women. No. I & II will
Helper $500.00Fidelity here for many years and
". whose members were terminate. Mrs. BettyL.
( Agency Employment was employed by the richness and beauty of will Brown and Mrs. Leona
j I 1832 N. Myrtle Ave. Atlantic Coast Line enhanced with an and Hardy are captains
I Railway shops. I'c'Ias rie Debosg president all Deacon Lewis C. Wil-
1 1 a member of the Machinists ce closed with a' very liams, President. Rev.H. .
: Helpers Union. sion at 7:00 p.-m. Eleme Webb. Pastor of
bombs 6'Iw'tor Members who are indisposed ,will Shiloh M. B. Church Associated Caehuctiee Compaq is making this specia

*J', bcrvice 2117 Wishart is Our street Business Mrs. Mary: C. Debose :3'0..\ p.m. and Lake congregation city will be of in 10% off for Tdis Month Hone Improvement offer

Telephone PI 9-1271 superintendent of Mrs. charge of the service.We Additional Room Work
Siding Concrete
Sunday School wish to thank
-' president of Mrs. District No 1 for the ''electrical Work
I 4 Fences-
STRAND Smtil NO. I, is ill in last'.i t a lovely program recently Roofing Porches
home, 1514 S.E. Hawthorne ." un.'I
VIVIEN Dr. rendered. We also like
LEIGHIN Road. She is Ho Bey own onso ii a e our i
TENNESSEE WILLIAMS' serve to thank the Garden Club
f "THE ROMAN SPRING improved. Miss for the beautiful lip to 10 Years to Pay Oalr One Note

OF MRS SIGNET jean Souder, 608 N.W.1st flowers. Pap All Work Guaranteed Free Estimation
CO-STARRING Street convalescing M. Hart The Poverty Fund Club
,.v \RREN BEADY from a which will observe their 8th Tele nave EL 5. 94 1423 DAYIS Si
operation 1
(rtCfmiCOLOR*_from WARNER BRO$. Anniversary April 16, '
plus CO.NitJeRRYLew III
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me pledgemyne.lf :''i i th This r 0 u I .97t
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the i I
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"t' hile i l They I I i I
"MR. ROCK and ROLL C c
food Fri f e.t. ', Fri. eat Tun. Present lei I inv, Frice
SKWIEW SUfI. Mite f rs. I.r
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fr' ,

I : ,:." .'; "

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;- YO"",": f .. '.' ,-;, '-1"
_....._ ..... .........._.. .., .. .. .. A ..1 ,- a w i w

l "

1N I t
,, ., r i
.. .. '
;;. IIA"STAI" .. :: .. : SATURDAY 'MARCIW1S62- j j
1' i 7reJ L. ''' '': :;It; e. ,,- l: .'. 8i:;., './;, S 1 S-------- -w-___ I -- \
IS -S _
t R' @C i 'S Sconn'rs: &;\.I g..k.Ie' __ c. I J \. '
: '. :
S j
-1' f A .
'Susie ii:. Tolbcrt Elementary frigirators and free.ars
School at 1925W. were opened And narks' F ; I
13th Street was on the principal's door .. H. ."
.." .
broken into by. vandals indicated that a 'crowbar x ,-". I.
r "Z.-, .
last Tuesday and heavy was ..used, the in-i 1".
.' itI
3s. 1 '
damage: was done, in- vest igat ing-of fleerssaid' I

.yestigating officers :* .' | :

reported. Classroom No.' 11 was | 2GAF '
Patrolmen M. Edwards entered by pushing opena j ;

and F. Taylor said window. Books and

:while they were making papers from a desk and

/a rountine check of the a, cabinet was scat- I II Ii

school they noticed Streets, she cut Do-

the door glass broker if etna Esaw, .23, of +. i'I
"' rf
tout of the east office 605 Davis Street on IMa
',.floor littered with the hand and in the -
/ :
papers, books and contents meantime Miss Esaw cut -+w u f fGh

of a filing heron. the neck, arm p 'fi ,

cabinet and a desk. and leg, potice said. W-- ___ j
The officers said the Both parties, were,
vandals went into the taken to Duval Medical

principal office and Center where they were

.found scattered books, treated and then put FALLOUT RESEARCH Frederic, W. Tonglas, -J r, .a chemist

papers, contents of a in Jail for fighting, of the U.s. Department of Agriculture f 1$ a--"._ ; t

filing cabinet and police reports ..indicated USDA research team' which;; is pejrfecting.a' practical'. ':{ ,
method of '
removing fallout -
boxes all over the flo contaminants fr 'nilk. Mr. :
Douglas, who -was tra fined'. -
at College
North Carolina
bores all over the Patrolmen: F. Jefferson :f.. .,
Durham, taught at Allen 0 .
floor and with ink and A. Jones investi University' ft Columbia; S.C., ," before 1 -.,
joining 'Department 1959. '.'"
in .' -.r: fT
sprinkled over .then. gated. } ,: ''' ', :." ':;'" ...: .! _. ... '.'-..' .\.. ''".....
The contents of a fire Bishop d PFACHE FUMMIT Fcout Kenton Brown of > ....:: ;!:'. : : ;; .
extinguisher was 0 sw00 Troop 173 Second Baptist Church, NorthwesternPlans .. .':. .. .'... .i:' ., :." ', ." q .ss
I- "
.t rI
Cherokee .\
Division of the North Florida Division, Boy Scouts of America "

sprayed furhishings over and theroom floor. Pensacola Speaker was court suitably of honor cited held March 13 when he received the Eagle Award during the, Program ;; ;,::; ; : in Second
Bishop Baptist Church Scout Brown (right) is
Fntry to this sectionof In
Stephen Gill Fpottswoodof shown received the prized citation from his scoutmaster, A. C. Simmons St. StephenI ..0,
the building v i
the AMF 7ion Church while his mother Mrs. Venus Brown, (right) and Eagle Scout Kenneth Northwestern's VernonL.
Made and.
by breaking e
: Tolbert (left) of Troop 74, St. Pius Catholic Church looks f fI I Ir
moving four jalousie and chairman of the on. Citationwas Smith will be the
panes from a window Board ot Directors.of' read by Dean Charles Williams (not shown) of Fdward Waters' College. principal speaker SUn-

near the south end of .th..e NAACP will be (Royal Art studio PhotoVeterans' day at 11 a.m. during ,

the auditorium, the principal speaketforthe the Youth program to
officers said. 30th ;weekly-nass, Unit Tampan Receives Gold/ /Bars be presented in St. for those 1 '

The cafeteria was m eet ifaglMarcii.122"at: Elects OfficersMarne Stephen AME Church.
i 1ri'Mt. ?ion will be .
entered by breakingthe 7:30 p.m. Barrack 2806, He introducedby .';

glass in the soith- Baptist Church. ..- Veterans of World War l, another North- think young -
The lI1ass.meet.trigs! ::are westerner Geraldine fc-v _
# ,
eastern door 'of kitchen. USA Inc. met at th qasJD it;
One of the rooms was sponsored: the Pen-' American Legion Home Lenora Davis. St p '

entered and several pans sacola Council of 2179 Benedict Road ant Every third Sunday

of bread was scatteredover Ministers. Rev. I.S. Installed officers re- =I of the month, a youth
the floor. Re- Powell is host pastor.., cently. service is conducted

.' ... _. IS > / S H throughout the day by : : : "" : : l
--- --- Stfl the younger-s'et. .' :, ;:/:; :. ', ,;: : : $ :"; ; ;' ,

d The general public Y .

_' 3 and friends' are ,

7t y : i r tl cordially invited to ,';::,.' ;ENROL 4/ NOW" !

attend the program 1"0'. .;. :
t 0r and to hear the fine '. ,

young man speak ,. IIEGIS.TR'ATION': 1

Knith's topic will be .;' : : '
k GET COMMISSIONS Lt. Col. Albert J. Parker centered around, 'The : ;'.
,.. ,
ive Virgins. Music' '. r .. ? '
(right), professor of military science, FloridaMM I

44 University, congratulates Joseph L_. Harrisof will be furnished by ',K fc.';;::j : For ;..* iUlei; Muster 'Of. Students. For :.
.4'f. i .
the '
Tampa after he received, his..rcommission a Youth Choir. :* t.> T"rjiij"ijjy: oj iiT"ll3 '
; j> "fJ 5SCS*- :
: ; i
; .. ,, ;
B.o '
XJL r second lieutenant in the U. Army Also commissioned .'

5 _; LiY .v were Robert 'Warren (left) of Tampa Your Negro Newspaper" :in 'General i[,;Secretarial: Buiaess mums ation"" Courses.

__5 and Robert M. Catchings of Thomasville' Ga. Stands For The Rights i ,'Jf'' M': ."
'staff photo by Steve Of The ., a4r
(PAMU Negro People 'ij' lEARN DRESSMAKINGS -:
Beasley) : ". ?, .# :.:. .,: :, \ .' :.. :' .".. ...

\ EWCs MaterialsCollege '
\ SS :. < '
r t I .. ,.,., -, f..
d : '.' Activity ," .;; i-fBar'":' .;etl''.:' Louis- .Miss. Orleans will officiate at i J : : : :
.. i: : :
: .. ,
; I" ,
'\ Four seminarians of the the ordinations at thesociety's ',. ,. o1Ji 1' .
I "
Is $
____.__I- .q.'k" ; Busy, 'Society of .the,:.Divine, seminary here." .; '' ,r'. '. ..."','. 'r- '. .,
UN ASSET 3LY--at Gibbs Junior College, featured an address by Frank 'figet, The Educational Materials Word will be'ordained Two of the seminariansare .:: /. ;:::;::. : .
Center, recently set hereon March 17 converts George H. : ;\" ; ../ : '
extreme left, a member of the Board of Directors of the St. PetersburgAAUN up : 1016'Rhone
at Edward Waters College, bringing to 124 the Artis, S.V.D. of Wilmington ) .. ,
Harper '
chapter. UN Assembly sponsor L. 0. (center), is shown discussing (T- ,- f .
number'of priestsin ... .:, : '. I '.n.;.. 6-8425' I
the college's UN program as African students Evans Kamau (second is perhaps one of the negro N.C. and ''.',.t. .: "- ..'; tf1832' .,

from left and George Opondo (second from right. look. ,on.R Also shown is theRev. busiest and most widely the United States. Charles Dixon. Burns, ....I ")4'.,.;. ".'.- ItVrtl 'Ave:('.'f .toner'9th. .'G" t.
Mac' David Williams of Dunedin. l :: used areas on the campus, Coadjutor ArchbishopJohn S.V.D. of Greenville JACKSOO LLri' FLORIDA fI

(Photo by Horace Jones, Jr.) especially is this true Patrick Cody of Ne Miss.
for seniors and prospec-
Catholic Schools tive student interns. I

PD* I Imintona Enrollment Rises The Center a project of 1 1Q

WASHINGTON Enrollmem Mrs. Brilla Thomas, Instructor

1 in Catholic Negro nissioi in the Division, E
and parish schools rose; of Education- and

five percent in 1961 t:: Psychology, has met with -

CONTAINS AMAZING JffOITOOl/iNOWF 97r887.: much success. Still in 1e < f

This new high mark ii f i its infancy, the Center'
tightens Ar/fffyte/is skin
disclosed in the 75tl k: has an accumulation of ,"rftF

annual report of the Commission -special projects at the

MAKES/C'SKIN BLEACHES for Catholic:: elementary and secondary iT ,

Missions Among the Colorei i;: levels, brochures, displays -

"OLD FASHIONED"bghtcns People and the Indians re. papers, etc. _
leased here by Father Joh. Some of the materials i :

Skijitona. f., 4'' B. Tennelly S.S., secretary currently available are :
detailed records of infer ;

dark spoMrfed .: The figures do not in. ship.'exper.lences r-

( powder_ p. clude Negro student!;wr iVtenby former

case Sk tona I[attending! _predominant] students, some special !

white schools but art: papers in education and '

limited to those 34!: psychology, various pos-

almost entirely Negro, ter displays, and some
Mtnufjcturers of Pointr'i "r mot,"The bt wiih !ht SUf" staffed by '2,000 religiou: reference books. r

-- -- and 600 lav teachers. The long range plan for ;
-- .-..--.... ------- ., _.." .. ... '- the Center according to
Mrs. Thomas, calls for

.5 BUSINESS" DIRECTORYThe continuing in the special four displays instructional '' I _

disciplines- ;iTH1CK ERS I\

Firms Listed Below Are Recommended; As Reputable humanities, education and \
.psychology, social stu-

Establishments, Specializing_ Services and Products I dies, and science w",:,aiidmathematics. '
?S i tics.

The various departmental
{' :::" INDEPENDENT OIL CO. I chairmen will supply the

IMPERIAL f SUNDRIES' ';>!:'". Kibosvtt' HOME- oaivstYA I I center with appropriate
visual and other
J v!" ,( -t MetfwrnJc On DwTy" .
Patent Medicines -'Co etics -' instructional aids
All JAMES. FAULKNER,. Mechanic Commenting on the Center
Leading Hair Preparations '
.. : '. ., ." .-; 4KE JOSEPH, Proprietor T.'D.. Dansby Chairman of j

ASHLEY &" ><-2159OlLLY'S j Stole(md Jffrwn 'SK.. EL! 69432MA'T's the Division of Education
& ;

.COR.! BROAD; DRUG STORE.S. ,,! ,.coia -.- and iat PsychoWgy: the project, -statedt a Carnation is the healthy family milk with" ,.J extra. WW:*Waminm V*&' D ; !r ___

\ &, A Complete line o/ : s.cWitz1ng. :in tasty Food/ Thomas"brain-child". was a welcomed of Mrs. Extra Vitanan D fa#*?&teeOi _(braes- v and steady* growth.* : N

COSMETICSRUBBER GOODS: Extra VifaimiiD m give.your babie al lthy start and to help your =s
addition and extension of

CANDIES SUNDRIES, ... ;,_ ..'. -... .W' SerM"--" college' -services.. ., -. children: grow tra> hta .8tit iffid; hg aiia.siu K'tJuslards.Extra., puddings Vitamin D and to pies add ;!'
: health to COCM. :cw
'_ ns?CcllodTor ondDelivered ,;; / : ''i .' In"this regard. Cha'rles't. your .. '
pi o j r"" ',Carnation. b jjte&fr mak wteUi o? the Vitamin D el 1I
fc ,JII 8 _tu+ .,EL. 'I. ,Williams, cting Dean, + aS dfor' '' *:
: .
isSik iavtiy
: Rd.EL5i27. 6 I ordinary .
the resources .
Il' _: .. seated.that the Center Eve when youraix it rii an qtifil-fflBount o| water, C matlen i iafr. h
: ,. MOTHER E. M. JONES ;1 3Fi1RO'CMING. HOUSE S .richer tbm: sweet,"hoItt .Yet1t r._... mIL
s : ......-..."-......r.' _' wooId .be. made available 1 .
.. _. \.urt'f I .u-ita: No.wa det CamatiQu I'tb 1 mracwd by
U A.I' not only' to our student, .
bt Y-t'" ; rk
Yc2jh' nooib f-ry
tYs vC

: : .J{" i ; .E 'L. '.. ..::<<, : .',._ _.c--. ;." ,. .,,, :_"!. '. ,_, -., _on: ,_--.._,:.,
; "" / "'-
,f :: f .. '
;-::; : : [; ; ?fc- ::. ..:" __ ; -

> > > UK L __ .. .________i_- ;, FIMMSTM _--.J :JAIURDAY MARCH 17,19S2 !

4 ITIk Pete Griffin Of FAMU Is Besieged With- Bids For Jax Robert Hayes I

I/ayes'/ Ambition Is To Record Stanton Plans i Gibbs'Cagers

f A 9 Seconds'Jreakthrough D.C Tour 1 S X, Rate Seventh -

,I : y '. '. March 19th In The Nation :
4 TALLAHASSEE -- *lly aabition is to run the ,

;9 :: 100- and dash in nine seconds.. flate," a 19 ST. PETERSBURGThefinal
Each year a group o)
-ityear old Florida A&M Uni>C ersity sprint star National Junior
J Geared after tying the world record of 9.2. in Igh school students o : i: : ; : .,* College basketball poll :
he Social Studies .
an AAU meet last week In Miami. lists the Gibbs Junior III-
>artment are invited onbur College Cobras
Pobert Hayes of Jack- ,-,-. x s+i xt as
of the nation'
; seventh the top
sonville may do just among
( what he says predicted capitol as special goes ten offensive powers in

: his coach Pete Grif- B >f U. S. Representativ the nation. The National
arles E. Bennett of th .
fin went even furtherto a 5, I Junior College Ath-
that his. ?irst Congressional Dis :s letic Association with
predict yew
;rict. !*3 ,',. ,
track star will break a ; t close to two hundred ,

the wkrld record with The overall purpose o t i y-, members conducts the aFAMU :
his trip is to crease x. GRID TROPHY WINNERS---Receiving trophies
a 91 in his next meet. polls weekly.
he learning el erienc' during the annual football banquet honoring the
The record-tying feat I Gibbs' 93.1 average enabled
3f the student as to the undefeated Florida A. and M. University Rattlerswere
1 : was accomplished during I the Cobras to
unctions of our governing I Emory Collier (left) of Miami who receivedthe
:' the Florida Athletic ; finish among the top ten
Fa body of the national sportsmanship trophy award of the Tallahassee
on x
Club meet the University team scorers for the
of Miami track. overnment and to see I second consecutiveyear. quarterback club and a trophy for being selected .

'This meet was as 1' ,,'.; ,..:: at first-hand that bodj Last year an 87.2 the outstanding all-round senior Robert Paremoreof
official in the 'it work. At the same timt Tallahassee who received the back-of-the year
as any average was good'enough

world and Hayes had a .*. '.f '....r;w. ...>" the group will see some i for an eighth place trophy Willie Clarington of Miami who receivedthe

four and one-half-mile.. ;. Yj" 4ROBERT: jf the monuments finish. Lineman-of-the-year trophy Jim Tullis of

wind blowing against ? HAYES buildings, shrines ant The Cobras are of five Miemi who received the most valuable player trophy

him," revealed Vince.. I the country's best persons which are a part teams that repeated in Archie Williams of Miami who received the outstanding -

Lalley, chairman of.. timing in that event in of our heritage. freshman-of-the-year trophy and Marion '",.
JAX POLICE OFFICER SIDNEY GAINES SR. ,- success- the offensive categorythis :
track for the Florida 1961. From Duval County, e Patterson of Miami who received the snake pit a-
fully taking up from his 1961 series of successes year. Joliet, Illi-
Gold Coast AUU. "I aid Hayes is sluggish contingent from Stantor ward which is presented to the outstanding non-: ;
copped three first places and 15 gift nois, Young Harris of ',
certain the time will getting out the hole Senior High School will I varsity .,:
certificates during last week's three day Georgia Mason City player.FAMU
runner staff photo by steve Beasley)
and really runs his depart by rail for
be approved by the ing of the Seventh Annual Dixie Pistol Matches Iowa, and Wilson Branchof >
international body we race after 60 yards. He capitol Monday t .
; here. Gaines won sharpshooter awards in slow Chicago are the other PATRONIZE FLORIDA STAR
\ used accredited timers admitted that he was March 19th and will return -
fire. National Match Course and the 45 calibre teams that finished in '
and the track was mea- not in top shape during Saturday mocning i I I
**" Hardball events. Photo taken last year shows the top ten with Gibbs ADVERTISERS
"the March 24th.Itinerary
Miami meet. "
sured carefully by
Gaines and his number one ,admirer Sidney GainesJr. last year.
for this -'
engineers. is as fellows: Monday. with some of the 16 awards he won in 1961. ,
rThre timers caught Watch This down March 19th 6 p.n leave his first year as a contestant. Cobras Annex Third Title

Hayes at 9.2 and two _
18-34.03-509 Jacksonville via railroar
got: him at 9.1. 'I wag.: 145-02-411 .
to Washington D.C.. Tuesday Interest Mounts
pushed by my teammateT
March 29th arrivalin
v.RobertL.paremore, remarked : : I
,. Washington. Fntir
the FAMU spring; \ party will check ir Over Famed Races w

ter. Paremore ran aj 9
,\4 Carlyle Hotfl immediately ._ ,
9.4. Hayes' timing off 24th" coming up for it 5twI
after arrival.In ; .
** road
20.7 won the 220-yar 18 -56- 38 racing fans from all over the world.
the afternoon, th With an overflowing --
dash. Four-forty relay 39-52-26
a. group will visit the entry list of sport cars .one of a kind pageantry I I'i
teammates Robert Harris .
second Sometimes he's up United States Senate an and specially designed that takes the best of '

and Paremore ran Sometimes he's dam tour the U.S. Capito: high speed racing cars men and machinery to : -. _

and third respectively .. He adds subtracts aBuilding.Yednesday., the 12th ANNUAL 12 HOUR finish the 10Oo "mile

..' behind Hayes in the. He works it all 'around March 21 a.m. lecture an ENDURANCE RACE here at duel over the 5.2 mile ) '
220. The 440 relay
discussion period wit -
914 22114 Sebring Saturday ,road'racing course here
team posted a 40.0 for Hon. Charles F. I nnett. _
'at Sebr
March 24th the g.
go ,
You Doa't Hive to 60 to Town to a.t'LOW Afternoon Visit House o signal under the guiding Unlike the ovals of

representatives. Fvening, hand of Honorary stock car racing this

tour of monuments an Starter. Florida State twisting, turning road

PRICES memorials in Washington, Senator George Smathers course takes the split k'i

-::.... -..,..... Thursday March 22, all will present to spectators second judgement of : -i 4
-;,.:; :" .... day tour of Washington, the most glorious men used to shiftingdown -
011 Yaw 11. C. to include Mt.
spectacle of road racing through the gears
Vernon and
ever presented in the for a hairpin bend, :
DRUG NEEDS National Cemetry Friday,
: STORE Western Hemisphere.Not lighting fast taps on ; :
March 23, visit tc .
i since the days of the fiery red disc '.n .-, _
Smithsonian ;; .:
t;.; Trad With Yow NvJtiboriiood Drag Star National Jimmy Doolittle in the brakes and away for the _
Gallery of
W8 WILL MIST ANY PRICES ADVERTISED IN YOUR LOCAL PAPERS rand monstrous has mile long straightsthat
', Library of Cage Kings for the third consecutive year are the nationally ranked Gibbs .::
We Ddtor-jW Abo ffl II Doctors' Praaipttoat Congress. will tachometer : \
Saturday morning. Marc the road racing fan had ; : see Junior College Cobras- of .St. Petersburg Fla. who won their third junior h..

24, the party will arriv opportunity of seeing needles in the 8500 college tournament last week in Fort Pierce by defeating Dade JC of Miami, ::

Dixie Pharmacy in Jacksonville. American trained drivers bracket and speeds well 91-73, in the championship match of the FJCAA tournament. Shown holding the '1 1kings's
bid for the envious over 160 miles and hour.
Representing Northwestern trophy is captain Leroy Canady. Wearing a broad grin an accepting

iM High school will crown of world championin Advance sale of ticketsto congratulations from Lincoln JC President Leroy Floyd is Cobras Coach

an American made car. this salvo of men Jackson while other Cobras look
Norman on.
302 KINGS ROAD tit MYRTLE AVENUE be Claude Guyton Antion

,. f. PHONES EL 34591.98A ette Taylor Gail Howarc Chevy powered Chaper- and machines pitted ____ Photo by Ballard.) .__ _
". rals built and designedby against the clock is far
Henry Graham, andCynthia
F4. Hap Sharp and Jim ahead of last years Texas Areas

-" ;PAY' 1 ;YOUR. LIGHT, .WTER.. .... AND TELEPHONE. Evans. Hall of Midland Texas famous 12 Hour. Fans ,

: ," ; BILLS AT OUR STORE ". will blend their throatyroar are urged to take advantage -
fiiI/iIIDt .
y, '- with the supersonic of the few remaining -

'..4: *. ;:, '-':': .),_ i s i y 6'il.zt ;, blast of power from open spots left Bias ..

Italian born Ferrarisand at the hair pin corners

;. ., ,;m' ....ste.' sunny morning flavor of. Stirling Meseratis.Moss. England and Write famous or call"ess"Advance bends. determined Big League stand baseball's against j now lid:u-)

.:}-i-.::. and Innes Ireland from Sales. P. 0. Box 71, racial segregation at its

Scotland both world telephone EV 5-7354 to spring training camps in

t ... I famous road racing avoid disappointment the South is producing Pe/JSi .

pilots will be swapping and Saturday }
Y. Friday lightning-like changes

: ;:c henIcq I driving shifts in this March 23rd and 24th. especially in the stateof I 4 fJ1.c11RB.

Florida. F A who think young

FAMU SlateContests Clark/ Cop Since the 1961 pre-seaso T

training sessions, remarkable -

24 ., ,:V3rcPlace: / changes towarc
the elimination of hote 4
The Florida A. and ";". -
M. ..
In Tourney and seating bias has beer

.. University baseball nine about the worli
brought by
... .. auNNYTHII ;
+ .
s: play a conference Doing it the hard way bj champion New York Yankees

1IOOa1'mfor slate of 24 games 13 entering the SIAC basket- Milwaukee Braves Chicago
sunny cheer in added measure at home and
11 away, ball tournament via
White Sox St.
gtve-or serve-thl whlaky trw*
this spring. The Ratt-
s playoff victory over Caruinals Cincinnati Reds

i.k lers won the SouthernIntercollegiate Knoxville College th and all other clubs witl

; : Ath- Clark College Pantherswho the exception of the

; letic Conference title seldom finish a sea P\. ttsburg Pirates.

- last spring with a 17-1 son without a trophy Washington Senators,

.: league record. The sea- have run third in the Minnesota Twins, Detroit r

C IT son record was 20-1. conference tournament.The Tigers Kansas City anc

1 \I'if. Head Coach Costa Kitt- Clarkites were th the Phillies. {

les is in his second only team to score over Aaron Spearheads Move
yr, =
season as head coach. 100 points. They did ii Braves'
..' Hank Aaron, the t
:to': He is assisted by Ernest '
in the playoff, against great slugger-out-fielder

Fears Jr. fie figure to Knoxville, 101-55, anr is credited with having aL--7

'Iz be as potent this season again in the con sol at 1m his club vacate a BradentOn -:

: as we were last game against secondseeded hotel to move to a
: i.:
: spring" admitted the LeMoyne 104-91.. motel where all playersare

yorag coach. housed.
Catcher Harvey Cooper Die-hard St. Petersburg!

; will replace veteran lost a lucrative annual

;? catcher Ralph Burns behind t4KIOWt customer in the New York :

'. .. -ytr the plate. Pitcher- Yankees who packed up an
infielder' Joe Roberts left for Fort LauderdalE

: ..'f, .. .. will move over to shortstop jttils fact You can't buy better where I in addition to alar

\ J'7 0 I I\\ .. .. to replace Robert headache powders than housing their players .
Bood/s. Why more? Tw/'sf
? Lucas and Morris Paskelis pay under one roof, have de.

.< .,_ ..',:\8UV- FER I :.."W"SK; : : vid to Best take at over second for base.Da- Insist on Goody's! 'segregated their baseball seating park.in .? The Latest Men's Hair Styles 'J"

.-.. : .
..i,I", "Roberts will be relieved St. Pete. recouped by
: .
I .. '
\, 1. of his pitching { 1 bring in the new York Being/ Taught At TheJacksonville >

I., chores if his play at Vets, but only after the .9

.i .Schenley is a better tyfcisky because every drop of shortstop is satisfactory -, staid Colonial Inn agreed!

..y r#' '- straight whisky in Sehenley is aged over 8 years ," reported Coach .to house all players regardless -

>: 1, and blended with choice grain neutral spirits.This !, Kittles. John Goodwine of race or colorRAPID
:." :makes it wonderfulwhisk.eztm .
a smooth extra
will Roberts in
:t ,-mellow, extra fine l"bouquet. Taste Sch lera ;. Barber College Inc.
:, .- _feunny morning flavor;:.today I p the sound staff. Best .
', ** *.'* oJ"" and Lucas signed pro- ..
: S429 1300 i
,,*' ** ... wM r< fee lOBaI contracts with l.HR. TV SERVICE G. I. '-
\ JHT-JJ--r- 1M hlle, DAY AND NIGHT Approved 100 percent Air Cond. ;.:
.:t i:' pa CMC U44 TM HMM*f AII'...... with the Los Angeles
1 < Angels after the '61 ... CALLS $200

1 :,;. Stir Reurvs,:-*. ***WNiMf.li Proof, ,eot GrimA. -Sp/IIII.SaIIonItr DIaIIItta Ca.H.T.e. season. Paskel was outthis'sea.son. 2 POWDERS 50 ctfa,Ns 630 DAVIS ST. at .Beaver
< :'1""" '' .. EL 5.5770 .
.'; ..:',r > ...._ ,- 12 POWDERS 250 I I"DIG erSATCNID JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -


I:: .., .

_.:.:{ .
--- --. '--.- --'.. ." -" ,,'- '- -. ... ..... .. .. c.... _
.. -.'



1 .t.f ,
,.' -- ... 'J 1 I "
11;:.C: H 1 ff8: tiC) 1= Is If H E El LC) G K S CUT RATE : ROOM FOR RENT: FOR RENTIn

I .'.'__ _____ ..... By Jay Jay "" i All-Modern Conveniences Private Home -
Rooms ,
LINOLEuM & UK CO. By Day Nit or Single MaD or Woman. =
;; Just one more time seems to be the tune "The Family is on the mend. Week. Call El 6-7596. El
Call after
Hawk" is playing as he makes what we hope Is Ken Knight has Just concluded his biggest and Take the atage of tftis anamg offer 741% W. Ashley Street. 6 p.m. Mrs.4-6335 A. Joyner
Winter* s last stand in these parts. One fellowon best Hoifleaakers. Service Show. Participation was .
Save From 20% to 50% On Installation
:v. 'The Blocks" has pawned, oops we mean tops from all stand-points. The "hucksters" FOR RENT : FOR RENT

placed his winter suits and coat in storage pulled up stakes and left quietly after the 3 Unfurnished Rooms Nicely Furnished Room _

already. Last reports had him trying to make an, show. Herb Gaines, Roosevelt Rivers', Harold And Kitchen Setteled Working Uan
ice cube. The cat froze and we do mean froze. Jackson and John Harris were among those on the Call El 5-5329 Call 3539916 y=
on "Tne Blocks" has pawned oops we mean scene. Of course, our own Ike White was there h

,w placed his winter suits and coat in storage plugging away.New 4SiINEi FOR o oIM5NION)149MEN
already. Last reports had him trying to make

like an ice cube. The cat froze and we do m anfrCfl.e Exclusive OfferNow -
Plastic Floor and !
Wall Coverings $
you can order your barbecue by phone.
Every now and then a persons passes along this
"Will Deliver To Your Home" Short Orders and_
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Home Cooked Meals Served Daily.
character" usually the term is one of respect .._ aaazieg offer Because I
J f
for a person who dares to be different. Most of ...o" i 1. Ail 1
Short Orders and Home Cooked Meals Served, Daily We have Lest over headS
:;- us are inclined to walk the middle road and J' '** *
:.f'IIBintain'' status "Will Deliver To Your Home"
quo" He are so many
,' little bnown buttons staying in line. Last week Two Locations To Serve You. r." Yt /'. 0 owf .nd(.n Formica / !

-: Richard"HleekV Brown passed on to his reward. AI'. Barbecue a men s Metal Trims ,
"Gleek" was a merchant by
seaman profession -
1226 Street 1478 Kings Road tO 12 oat Guaranteed Installation
but really, it was hard to place him inanyjr t.frj\/
Mrs. Lillian P. Jenkins, Prop. Mrs. R. M. Ward, tO a pLENTY OF IRKING SPACE Z ike I
specific category. He was at times a musician, Telephone 355-3829 I _
philosopher, radical and liberal. Be that as it Manager. __
may Ashley Street will seem much duller now -.=:: MAINrr. . .Elgin 5-03Z4 i :jfh4 1/ 1 DOUBLE I
of Faith 3819 At-1I
that "Gleek" is gone. Temple I . .ELgin 3-5567 9REASTED __
Members of the Class of '42 of Stanton will be 907 eai. __ Corner Main & 29th'Street_t_ ( ,
shocked to hear of the passing of tor; tin Luther L.-- SUIT
Brooks. Brooks a veteran Railwa Express m Services Nightly 8 p. m. r- I

ployee passed last week. x Services A'W1TK1
Also, of interest to the members of the Class

,, 42, Gladys Hoffman Williams is busy contacting Every Friday Starting at Mftif SOL BERNSTEIN'SREFRIGERATION MJATUR41!
# all members.
"They" are planning a twenty
year re-union ball. Now if any of you gals are Prayer Treanents Daily Office. '' SH0UIDEB5/
; v
ashamed to admit that you were along with us, PROPHET M. E. Nriges 752 W. ASHLEY ST.
just drop a line to Elizabeth Bess or Gladysand SERVICEHaving ROUNDED

mail your donation. We' 11 take one. for you 11:30: a. m. 9 p. m. EL 65440Florida

come June. ,V:V2 Trouble With Your Refigerator i FRONTS
Johnny 'Boogie Eye' Gibbs was in town for a ,
spell.. Johnny is living in Philadelphia these : Service"Bureau]E.*
Income tax Fervice'.L CALL Mr. Fix It IDEVENTSA
days Also here for a spell was the entire Kelly 1

Klan,- They came to help their parents celebrate TERMS I : c

their, 61st wedding anniversary. Congrats Mr. PLAII9IAAND _
Kelly. You are a good man. Imagine, 61 years of : zY REPAIRS ON ALL MAKES 7 I
hearing the same record playing. The honorees In Your Home
All Work Done I
took all of the celebrating in stride and were 6, i -S TROUSERS
still in fine fettle while some of the youngs- <&
ters like. daughter: Pearl were pooped. 1 OpIIOCiI y 5 ID LIIStNtlS 1 :

Bill Kinsler came down to the anniversary and tR son em
Blak Nohau
also to visit his mother. The Editor had Kinfolk I
.in town. "Nora and Harry 'Geech" Jackson
>passed through. Sgt. Albert Gibson who is now in
'* Special Services and sports a snazzy beret r

passed through. He is on the official 81st
Division Pistol Team. He reports that Valarie,
Dean Gibson, the madam, and all of the kids are arrqs
24 Hour Service EST. SINCE 1942
fine. They are in Fort Bragg.We Mrs. NADINE REESE, a bureau employe, is shojrn interviewing -
watched the Las Amigas bowl Sunday after- a client during the expert service providedfor
nwx\. Could hardly watch the pins and the balls. by the bureau's efficient staff. COMMERCIALREFRIGERATION 1 400 MAIN at nova 1Moncrief

for watching the ladies. Most of them have good -
don t what think we do. '." '= -' .' .; :- -
carves and we mean you FloridaServiee '> -- -
ago one of my friends would blow in town. He Bureau ON ALL MAKES -f' Drive-In
would.sit for hours and spin yarns or narratives Income SERVICE/
( I took my pick) about his worldly conquests. Tax Service 1

___ Many of My brothers in beverages scoffed at him Dairy Boxes
and.called him a phoney" Now the dear boy Short Forms $2.00 Long Forms 4.00 Bottle Boxes, Fruit Market45th

can hardly turn for them. When Lawrence "Pop" Walk-In Coolers Beer Boxes
Under The Swervision
.(call me Larry) Maxwell, the promotions chief / & Moncrief
for Atlantic Records hits town, the faithfulfew of a Tax Expert With 10 Years Experience Display Cases An Work Guaranteed Freezers

who believed in him then can hardly see him. 'SOL BERNSTEIN Big WOEe Motley ProprietorFor
Fair. weather friends of the "nouveau riche"
r variety surround him. They like him not becauseof 801 FLORIDA AVE. Cor. Florida Ave. Union 3518 ANDREWSCALL Free Delivery, Open Daily

what he has done but because of what he can ;
/ do for them.! Ahh me but such is life. Full of Hours 12 Noon t to 9:011: p. m. Hon. Thru Sat. -',-'.' i; El 4.1183 24 Hour Service EX 8.1943V Call PO 59287COONS 1 a.m. to 12 p.m.

turtles, vipers crabs, honey bees and sweet Pta -. El3.4614 ,4*. _.
... --
I --
little teddy bears. I 1-. > .t .
She has deep dinples, Little Bit' is school- WANTED '; HOME IMPROVEMENTS Id $55.00 Wkly. &
ing her. she tinted her hair because everyone ., Send References With ,
else did it, she works at the Bus Station Bar Barbers Beauty Operators are wanted& .to V No Money Down Letter. Carfare rushed. HERSHEY
and her name is Evelyn. Find out the rest for
Bills Consolidated Hampton Agency
Hollywood Beauty Lounge
yourselves 622 W. Ashley St. CallI. 13 N. Station Plaza
Tomrjy Curry of the Brewster Hospital clerical S. Anderson Bill DUFFEE Low Bank Rates Great Neck, N. Y. SUGAR $1.00
staff is on the mend. She is a patient in Brews !
ter. Mrs. Alveti Allen of the Vocational School El 3-3245 Sales Engineer All Work GuaranteedFree N. Y. live-In MaidsYou 151bs

.. .
need friend in
----- -- a
Estimates Call Me Today PO 56711 I
V N. Y. Let Mr. Harold with $5.00 or more food

: ; $ Rooms Aided Garages Awnings of the your Mallory friend.Agencybe He Large
tTtM1W Carports irhe Ways 'Riots'etc.: GUARANTEES you a live- WHITINGS

..... Chain Link or Redwood Fence. in job in a good home,
paying $30 to $50 a Pork lilAHASLETS
1st 1 aid lei Mortgages
week, free room, meals,
We Finance Where Other Fail TV. He advances bus lb.
J'J tickets and expenses to

/t:. (av 4 1545 W. 2Etk Street N. Mr.Y. SEND Harold REFERENCESto The Mallory ROE MULLETS 15C lb.

;k V V Witkii 75 MRes ef Jacksmtilie Agency, Dept. 140,

Call PO 56111 576 Merrick Road Tender Beef
Might and Sunday Lynbrook, N. Y.
LIVE $1.00

3 165.

Small SpareRIBS 49C

., COMBO ( i KESs lb.


6 Bajs trM 8 P.II. '* CENTER GUTPORK 3lbs.

r- .,tyQ1l1l.. i PORK ROAST CHOPS! GROUND: BEEF $1.00 1

I ii %t -P&MWU \ 31b .
ArAL ? I ib.PILLSIURY cam,


PI 4.91&1 BISCUITSI w BALLARI 4 59c.1. 59c I"

Bar opens at 5 p.lJI. JcMj. 2303c0"s ge PURE SHORT LINKSAUSAGES

i 2 cans for LARD

IF .-. g17 : Open Iii 1 a.1I. .wN+Iro M R .!IW 2 with_S5.N ir Mrt JIMOL.EO infe fI 1M.2 gftU.M. at mn I roan ever J.39C: ; 49c. .

M'i' ..- s Uouoas D6EWOOD POLE : "A" LANEE3cs
-4 :.'_ A L01ltut s 9C' 25C
tt Ii S 4 2 //bs. 999jEGGs 8ge
{ _
"' WEST EI E (i6 AYEMiE AT CLEYEUNb R0 0 I U tit t 2 is w* tf.H fudidsrl 2 Ibs. -

l l .
-- -
/ -
-- -------- --- -- -- .:{: I'i:i:_ > ;l'ff:_;_; r"