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1953748 F20090413_AAANJK 00081.jp2 166fb57ef6369afa18f3c90b6cedf050a6cd2c0de65fa9d8b941c8a4e7bf8b51426e8aef
1033383 F20090413_AAANJL 00081.jpg ce21159a54da3cea38619b5d43d5cd9a402d2486f77ad5f75a8cdc7aba09a3d95a71840e
115619 F20090413_AAANJM 00081.QC.jpg c05d20093907f2f72a6b3355466d29654c264d92832c940e2cdcbf70db5c5f825492ecce
15624893 F20090413_AAANJN 00081.tif 7708f8cad59d35c1cded1dc46e3b3abb74f0cc127bb211d71992f756131565d7c8cf7e36
31828 F20090413_AAANJO 00081.txt 6648c9106cbda1e9a3dad2329dcff8f8d13738e43186a7d8f7953dd29010d632db69b8c3
27327 F20090413_AAANJP 00081thm.jpg 3cb0b398698379c164a59c31fef1f248037c37b361aa991cd4185e8bf88909877d1e4297
1952131 F20090413_AAANJQ 00082.jp2 3f1df1a82ea5bd9530eed02c7ec7c45abaf7cce54bdb452e94545fe2689f205cde5e3070
1067936 F20090413_AAANJR 00082.jpg 2777896ed9a674932f1dddefab5e2e4b9f45557a7ad66704de110a12c3b3f403a28d0562

xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200601datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date March 10, 1962dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=006010740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
March 10, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
March 10, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
y --- _z -- -- n. .. -- --- -

\ \ \I '.. I I ,( .
-/ I. \ ft \ ..
l ; 't' t .;:" ,'' "..t. ." < I t. '.. ,! I. ',.. + i;jf'
I : \
,, ,_.- ." .,M -t,,, '. fA.
.' "
F 3 i'..--,{'yJr.' ( I;
1 .
;; :' !I
>-r *
tf I' ..

,I( Florida' .Star Prepares To Celebrate !I 12th Anniversary r Of Service See : Page .7. ".

,* ''If 7f *


ifefl Ail A A ...

r> S LAYl HGQS 1'tl

library & > ?||BBBB|| H ROB BERY 0.' u

,' ti1 vera!ty of Florida

? Florida.

.'. .. 1iII-- Is !

: 'PI1I11i1ent Man Mat on Freed

: 4l .In Pistol SIayi1g Of Woman Friend !I

: : :: : : : : : : >I 1

12-NO. 48. SATURDAY MARCH 10.1962 :: ; (1.5 CENTS Jax Faces Contractor 2 Suits Heroines Leader Exonerated I

In Trilateral Angle Slaying
Anthony Kinnon, local con-

CITY CAN'T CURB EBONY tractor-builder, faces t
CABS' O'PERAJIONIFIRST two court suits by former < Mrs. Mattie E. Williams, prominent Heroines of Jericho I
official held for
clients clafIDing'dis- investigation. in the Mar. 2 pistol- !

'' slaying of Mrs. Audrey Davis 41, wellknown Heroines r
in their
crepancies !
member and former close associate, 'was absolved of
DISTRICT APPEALS COURT transanction with him.
RUlE William A. and Mrs. homicide charges Wednesday afternoon during a. coroner's '

hearing in Peace Justice Robert Roberts' court.
-- .. .-.- Lillian P. Ford of'939 E.
--- ------- -- --
Union St. contend *Bennjj Lee Terry, 29, who .
Case Returns I.Patrolman/ Nabs I originally contracted Kinnon to reportedly resides at Mrs. under Mrs. Davis' rightarm

a To Lower Court Man Who/ rer-odel their building for 1,I Williams' residence, was e.t the scene of. the

Beat .$9,300. Their contention also held for investigationand slaying, he concluded.A
Cab Co. the -\ I I freed during native of Snead, Fla. .
Ebony von Jax 'further states. that Kin- was
first round in its legal ; non's present; bill amountsto I Wednesday's hearing. ,FC's

battle .withy new Deal Cab 25-year-old\J\ wanted $17,329.82. Threatens Terry .

Co. and Jax' city govern- for the beating and robbery Kinnon claims that the County Patrolmen J. L. .7. .a. : .
ment this week when the ; attack on a fcay Street Fords knew the loan would Pfeiffer and J. L. Pcr-

1st District Court of : .merchant was apprehendedlast fre' insufficient to pay I menter who investigatedthe

Y ..dt Appeals struck down a city Saturday afternoon bya construction costs, and "he'' incident reported Y {

government regulation relating Florida Highway officer, offered to advance them I witnesses stated that Mrs.

to taxi cabs, operating police reported. money from private funds, Davis had phoned ,the

in the city from adjoining Richard Ford of 1292 \P. and that the Fords owe him I' Williams home earlier in

suturban areas. Adams Street was placed in $5,921:15. the day threatening Terry. 4-lI

The facility, which is the Duval County jail on The second case Involves 1 Mrs. Davis is also said "

operated by William B. charges of breaking and James -and Mrs. Annie C. to have, gone to the

'Langley Inc. had been entering and petty larceny. Brown who state they gave Williams' 'residence and ,

Ford ?/a3 arrested by Con finding no one at home, attempted -
operating its services in Kinnon $500 as a depositon BENNY; LBE TERRY

fe-EUGENIA the outer areas of the city stable D. .L. Hutchins.. ,'0 about a one year option on to shoot tie lock .. .Received ThreatsMrs.

by transporting passengers three hours after the at- some. subdivision property, off a rear 'door'- ..' ..with .a
Davis had resided in
tack. i v
small pistol.Witnesses. -
"' from the countY-'ln the yr'- "with 'provisions that if
Captain E. :- dis- Jacksonville for the past
E further
city and vice' versa Runyon of The purchasers have not '
In a move to keep Ebony the Jacksonville police started construction on the closed that Mrs. Davis 38 years. At the time of

department said Ford was returned to the home a few her death, she resided at p
from operating on the
property in one year, they .
I streets of the city, New, carrying the wallet he took ,had the privilege of securing hours later,und an argument! 1402 22nd St.

Deal Cab Co. 'obtained a from Joel Fischer, the 73-" additional optionat ensued resulting, in her She held membership in the
Heroines of Jericho: llattieMorgan
p.r-old West .
temporary injunction in y Bay Street $50JUT: for the following death.

circuit court against merchant who was badly 12 months. Pfeiffer said Mrs. Lodge.

MRS. THOMAS, 37,, wife of former Miami Municipal Fbony' operation. beaten and robbed. While he The plaintiffs said they Williams stated she was Final Rites Wednesday

Judge Lawson E. Thomas, was indicted by the grand jury Langley in turn carriedhis i was being booked into the have maintained their part .. ..... .: ,.'.. .. Funeral services ere

this week for conspiracy, in the Oct. 28, 1961 robbery- appeal to the district I county jail he emptied the of the agreement and have jr':'" -' held Wednesday at 4 p.m. in \I,

slaying of Mrs. Beatrice (Tiny) Dunaway in Miami. Mrs. court of appeals for his contents of the wallet into deposited the money under ., to. Triumph Church and Kingdomof
Thomas is shown with Miami officer -a trash ; ', I .' ,. God and Christ, Rev. J.
during' her arraignment initial victory.The can while no original te msof, the 'le!'...""f '-'- { ,.''"
prior to her preliminary! hearing. case now reverts to one was looking Runyon agreement in Jax Barnett I{- '.' .. _- -1; ;, :<_L. S. Hall pastor of-
I- said. r+y ficiating.
Circuit Court Jurist' Poj : I National Bank. ,
I I ,Captain J. W.'Evans and I Survivors are; Edgar
Popular Socialite Implicated Waybright for further The Brown's further state
I Florida Highway Patrol I Davis husband; Edgar
hearings on this rather that Kinnon refuses to
Trooper, Jerry Bedenbaugh Davis Jr. son; Gwendolyn
.complex legal matter. abide by terms of the I
In Oct. 28
Davisdaughter Edward
I Robbery-Slaying were at the jail to book a ;
-original agreement.
prisoner for traffic vio- Broxton, Newark N. J. ,
Of Mother
AssaultBattery Both have been filed
MIAMI--Mrs, Eugenia cases MR$. MATTIF E. WILLIAMS father and stepbrotherand
Thomas 37, wife of former munici-, lations, when Evans spotted ;
Jailed for,circui t court.Democrats .t f'd
Gets Son xonert
t pal Judge Dawson E. Thomas (formerly of Jacksonville), *. a driver's license in sister, and many other

has been indicted by the grand jury for complicity in A 43-year old man who the trash f can. He immedi-*0 Seeking threatened with a knife by ..friends. .

I' the Oct. 28, 1961 robbery-slaying.of prominent matron pleaded guilty to assault ately recognized the name 'Mrs. Davis and fired in Interment in a local

: Mrs. Beatrice (Tiny) Dunaway. battery charges on his of Fischer on the licenseand Negro Candidate i self defense. A large cemetery. .Dallas Graham

It has alsobeen reported the court ruled evidence mother, was sentenced to Evans contacted Cap- TAMPA During a recent I butcher knife was found Funeral Hon! in choree.''' -' ''

that Mrs. Thomas has been her six months in county jail 1 Kunjon who went to the held'.inOrlando
against was hearsayand tain ; ; state meeting .
released on bond by Crim- inadmIssable. by Criminal Court Judge A. .county jail and questioned the.Democratic. Quartet Caught Attempting

inal Judge Robert F.. Flora. Lloyd Layton. .
until the found stated it
Investigation Continued
Voters League
Bond in such cases are obtained Asst. Solicitor R. Hudson candidate To Open.pea/ / Hotel-Safe .
Meanwhile, it was reported Ford, who fitted the de was seeking a Negro
only through the Olliff, prosecutor, said '
that State Atty. Richard scription of the man who for a U. S. Senate Alertness on the part of a woman patron resulted in
authority of a ,criminal Wilbur Eugene Patterson of
Ge stein's office had had attacked Fischer. He post in the May 8 primary. the quick arrest of four men who were caught by police {
court judge. Mrs.. Thomas'alegal secured new evidence and 3780 Old St. Augustine .' The league also went on
defense is was also wearing bloody Tn the act of trying to drill open a safe in a West
being. ; was studying the tran- Road admitted'assaultinghis clothes. Runyon said. record as saying there are state.
handled by ex-Judge Adams St. hotel Tuesday afternoon, reports
vincent script of the justice of I 60-year old mother,
Giblir. Runyon said Ford admitted *13 outstanding Negroes The quartet, who police patrolmen, responded to the
peace hearing. Mrs. Beatrice Patterson .attacking the merchant in through the state whom it I dis-
Accused By Alleged Slayers- charge posed as state call and at the scene
The arrest of John Mill- Feb. 5 at, their home. an attempt to get money. considers qualified to run '
killed beverage agents, are betnp covered one of the men
Mr.s. Dunaway was ,
ings in connection with The mother told Olliffher '
Ford said he walked into for the post.
instantly when she triedto held in jail on charges of acting as a lookout attempting -
the case and presentationof son came home after a
the store under the pre- Negro leaders were urgedto
prevent two gun-toting possession of burglarly to drill open the
holdup men from robbingher new evidence which heavy drinking bout and tense of buying a suit, and run for precinct Chair- tools and breaking and safe which is said to have '
hit erato had not been angrily pushed her to the the State
a- and
ball hammer man jobs
in a reported bolita noticing a peen entering, are ,Ralph Fer- contained between $50 and
vailable during the preliminary floor with some crutcheshe picked it up and started Democratic Executive Com- 14th in cash police said.
,) counting house located in, rell 30, of 2013 S. $100 ,
hearing is believed was taking to an injured to have a
mittee was urged
Seating the store keeper
close proximity to Mrs. St. ; Clarence Dunham, 29, Recover EvidenceInvestigators
ttfhave friend.
strengthenedthe observer from each
Thomas' home.Police '. with It. of 1324 Prince St. ; Dewey found an
state's -case againstMrs. Mrs. Patterson, o liff congressional district to
later picked up Butler, 31, of Tampa and electric drill three bits,
Thomas and the other continued, became afraid attend all ,sessions of the
Aubrey Henry Jr. and James Mason 32", of two .heavy hammers, a pair
and had her son arrested. Edward .
to principals. ( Wafers Dean state committee.The
Atlanta. chisel, a
Clarence Simpson, both of Patterson pl.iers. a
according to
Meanwhile Mrs. Thomas' league has also set- '
Posed As State AgentsMrs. and a screwdriver -
whom reported confessed the flashlight
1 friends throughout the na- prosecutor, admitted dun dDead |In' Room up a goal of 150,000 new Det.
Rosa Smith told .
to the slaying and in turn having consumed three ,
voters before
implicated Mrs.1 Thomas. tion including greek four fifths of wine prior'to Lame Singletoa.a. Dean of i registered Capt. Harry Branch she saw The report stated that all
letter religious and civic the April 7 deadline.
Henry and Simpson, who the incident. Men at Edward Waters was* the men enter the hotel of the men were wearing

: were bound over followinga held circles national in which offices she had when Patterson told Judge found dead in his room ,_ .'Bus Segregation. earlier and they told her gloves. The volume of the

preliminary hearing inJustice Layton he had called upon last Thursday. they were beverage agents television set in the room
anxiously await the fate It laws Are Killed
of peace court, the Lord to help him give Singleton I was found. making a 'search for moon-I had been turned up to

said Mrs. Thomas' porchwas of her future. up drinking and smoking, sprawled ot in his roO! MACON Ga. -- All phases shine. i muffle any noise, officers

used as a "stakeout"on the judge told the defendant near the telephone, in of Georgia's laws and She added that she.Decided said. .
the day that the robbery, C *wing. ....,rY<. ?..."" --* he would help bin dicating that be apparently practices dealing with to call the police on a Assisting Branch in the-

slaying tookplace.\. ;FLORIDA STAR; out by giving him six tried to sake a call. laws enabling bus companies .hunch. men's capture were Sgt.

During't her preliminary aonths/injail which 'is His body was ford about to continue segregation of Solonon Weston, and patrolmen -,
12th Anniversary 1 and police said the 'races strackJwn Caught In the Act Joe Seldon Clarence
bearing, before .eacei. !, 4 the.. maximum ,term! given p. on buses was '
'Justice Ralph? Ferguson-- 'Celebration. under the assault and 'victim' had ,bees _dead- forabout March 1. by U.-S. Court. Police Lt. George R.Branch I II I. Barton, Robert George and

;Mrs. Thomas was ,freed when. _, : battery. lp.' .' :s"... < 15 ,komrs. ,Judge .. A. Bootle. '.'. accompanied by five 'T. C. Mays.;t. .
,. t'-
"- -- :
: 'e. ,
,,; ; ..- '

-.. ::' -' .r-: t> j'- .

'h';: >n ,q !'; ,,,,;'.' ,- ,. ,, 1 .
'7-'r : "'." ., : ,
r-;: ,. ," : : .:'f t, ,(:::..5rt,:'.:. '.,' .' .
r i '
? y .
: .. ',> ,'.',"',:. ', t '; F I e f.
: i
,-, Ir-"- =
< '
>- z.
f ,
-, 'f-g: >:"--.c':.:


-- -
." ., ... .
;. :: : -
: > \ { '" :

," I
iIi. \ 111QR IA] A. -
,C" q At' I t: "
TH&10KIDA STAR; : C1 i' I ,, I

14 .. /J I ,J II /I ,
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If_. _- t; .. ',- .. J .
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ERIC O. SIMPSON......._.....t............ ...............!.Managing Editorl* : every Negro citizen of the United States to- b

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; J' Fy 'lCy r,"} ,, swiftly expanding factor (toward either 'perpetuating -

Natives To Get, Even'tucilJ k J < Aac : &C1'W1 or forever dissolving that inevitability '
J --a way of living that has confrontedus

Control/, Journalist Says' / for 300 years. '

"Our role as parents and mature Negro citi-
t Ftfiere 'can be no doubt_that; _the._black man will zens demands re-examination of our beliefs,

eventually control in South Africa 'be- i YriRI our actions, our motives, the NUL chief

lieves an English journalist who fled the i4w executive declared
country, after' thirteen years, in, protest a- f x' 'Elimination of discriminatory laws and

gainst the racial brutality he witnessed. practices, with coincidental provisions for
"Somewhere between the next ten and fifteen
and basic to
new opportunity are necessary
years, writes Mr. Craig in the March issueof our changing times. and the requirements for

and Harper still 's emerging Magazine black, states the recently of Africa emerged.will r //A FIRMJJTAND! BY THE GOVERNMENT IS URGENTLY_NEEDEDYour meeting them. But even so, ,these can result

-. -. -. '- _. _..- _,- _'__ ___ only in salving tardily smitten consciencies,
have built up their own well-equipped armies. : 'L 7- .
t little
.rT : : creation of rationalizations differing
They will be 'in a position to challenge South.' .. .. fundamentally from those of old, and introduc-
Africa and give her the choice Tree our : : '
Weekly tion merely of a new vocabulary.
brothers and accept their rule, or we'll : "' '., Mr. Young stressed that diversity and flexi-

come in and free them. : to meet these challengesare
Horoscope wide bility of techniques
"With millions of saboteurs to contend with ; } '
; imperative to improvement of race rela-
inside and millions of well-armed black Cru- .. .
States and successful
tions in the United
saders outside South Africa will be
over- barriers of bigotry and dis-
: onslaught to the
:_ whelmed. She will have completely alienated : BUSINESS LOVE = TRAVEL .
.... crimination that still exist against Negroes.He
world opinion s o that there wouljcL.be no United r the efforts by the
i Nations [force to come to her \aid. No country : -. ....: ._ By PABLO/ The ASTROLOGER_ .... CORE and other responsible agencies in i ,

would dare to intervene independently because. I, .- '- -- ..-. .. -..... .-, ,,- -" -.w- NAACP pressing for full democracy and 'establish

i. of the threat of what Moscow and Peking wouldintervene r APIrT I This week is only the ays. It could be very ment of new, safeguards through legal and leg-

almost certainly do if they did !r_:,!,M arch.,21 thru April, 18 beginning,.. it,, but it ositive, especially in islative genius' and the dedication of 'adherents -

Mr. Craig was, at one time, columnist for | The tensions which'have gives a new aspect to a terms of artistic or to the cause, both Negro and white' '

South Afri a's largest morning newspaper. He manifested, .through situation' which should theatrical self-. through other methods of approach.
left the country because there was nothingto February are still already have had a strong expression. 'I' ., -- However, he warned, this still is not enopgh.He .
fight for; nothing, I: could do individually: strong until after Fpring impact upon your con- ,a' stressed that "the strategic role of the
to prevent the awful fate which I am sure a- .-,
begins on the 21st of sciousness last month.It OTTPIO Urban League in helping shape community policy +
waits South Africa.AnY hopes I had ever entertained arch. The conjunctionof could have affected to communities,
rn ()pc11 ., ?4 turn Nov 22 through its program of service
about using my pen to influence opinionin "' 'ars and Jupiter is, our business ar ., and if the I. You should try to use to the strengthening of Negro family life and,

the slightest were long since discarded. owever, a very stimula- influ nc& had been,,ad- he tension and--pres-- broadening the horizons of equal, opportunity"
At first, Mr. Craig believed that he might verse the days between9th \
ting influence for you ures which have been is an equally vital ingredient to the patternof
alleviate the suffering he saw in the country and 10th"should
in terms of social relations prove trong in your hone life democracy.Mr. .
I Later he came to see that "the vast majorityof friendships and constructive. through most of Februaryin Young quoted Victor Hugo 's immortal observation -

people rarely if ever personally witness or' all that deals with the order to express yourself that "greater than the thread of
experience racial brutality and are'[sheltered 88-14-32-248. has come' '
and hour
urge to transform renew "" : imaginatively and mighty armies is anlidea whose
from the realities of life by the cocoons they lip" freedom to
certain phases of I. creatively. You have now but he warned that: "The hour for
have built around themselves, a mental Jiily rr thruup.fhVtriiie tp.
your outer, professionaland = the possibility to do so be full-scale citizens is swiftly approachingfor
tection which allows them to shake' their. heads public existence. aspect of the effectively, but you have Negroes in America but is not yet here.

over the abominable dcings of their fellows; Nevertheless, many per- Sun to Neptune on March to understand what is The American Negro still stands only on the

perhaps feel vaguely nauseated for a few sonal and emotional conflicts 4th should favor any really happening -within periphery of democracy.

minutes, and then push the thought comfortablyto seem in evidence.p91011195491.S social use you are: makingf you and in your home "We have established only a beachhead, des-

the bark of their minds your home, or perhaps circle. pite our gains in recent years but it is a
T FMr.."Craig is today a tree lance writer. ,in the 'rental of real -- from which to launch the final and
7-70-66-16-23-761:: firm one
London estate pr perties. With /GITTfritJ: most crucial phase of our drive for equalityof
|Bom April 19 thru Vey .20 the strong emphasis on ; "
jlorp Nov. 2? thru Sec. 21The citizenship and opportunity.
Communism On TheH/gh/ Seas 'A strong accent is Seventh House continuing interracial
your | strong accent whichtas The National Urban League is an
laced, this week and the until the middlef established in 1910
Communist nations thoroughly appreciate the ext, all matters been placed upon your community service agency,
upon the month youmight in
t employment -
ecessity of large and modern merchant arinesas dealing with your public hird and Ninth Houses to secure equal opportunity for Negroes
even move to -some new and wel-
I a means of advancing their commercial life, your profession, residence-and in some during February is being housing. education, hsaltn

I nterests and. more important,, in prosecuting and also your relation- few of enewed during the first, fare. .I --
cases because
he cold war, which has become a no-holds-bar ship to parentsv The / two weeks of March. It --- .
your '
marriage* What was emphasized .--4.
red economic war. ffects particularly, r
,. 1 situation, however, may .around earlyFebruary you .'
-i.That is the impression that can be gathered have. much to do with a a- refers to your environent I .-
4:5' taking
rom an article in the Portland Oregonian ; : and the relations .
,: friend or with your ;
perhaps different
aspect, ; .. 'h.
}ased on information furnished by a corre- social-cultural interestsin or brought 'to 'a con' jrou build through the .1 }.: .

1 pondent for a Tokyo shipping paper. It seems so far as these are clusion. idth and length of it-- \ :
hat communist countries' shipping lines are onnected with your; Jl and these you build :'; ':; ,

I ecoming a factor in maritime commerce in a arriage partner or an 1-60-33-17. 53-163 through instruments which r'. .

i l ast area of southeastern Asia and causing ntimate group of associ- moo your mind creates. :o

concern among Western and neutral operators tes. 1'Born.. g24. thru: [e t._ 22 5-20-55-14-86-524' .. : ,... ', ;.
who find it difficult to compete profitably. rArnlam---- : :
8-30-99-13-45-839 The month begins with a -
Fleets of cargo vessels from Poland East -r- CJMISI harmonious aspect of the' porn--r-fre. ?2 tiirn-,.... J-?I1. 19. -

Czechoslovakia Romania and China' Born May ,?lthn Jtiie 19 The situation covers the. ,1 j
i Germany, .-_ Sun to Neptune, but also
-:" == : r&
I are appearing more and ,more in Asian ports, As the-month- ,opens the with a square of Mercuryto irst half of the month, :'f''':"
his correspondent adds. Red China has chartered makes ind it should affect your :"t ::'
t un a constructive this same Neptune. ,. :
f or bought a large number ,of cargo ships aspect to'Neptune which' While matters ,dealing finances and your. :
from Polish and Czech' shipping interests. usiness activities: This; ,
should enhance your with' partnerships or .t't'I. "
Other widely-published accounts have told of i public life and bring. marriage ,should bring week ..its only, .begin- : :: : : ,

I the Soviet Union's expansion of nor maritime success or inspirationsto happiness and a, sense of ing to assert itself, ,

leet. New, fast vessels of advanced design r your everyday activi- relaxation your job though it is linked with .1

ire constantly coming into service. These ties. This is .a highly could well be a source of what tool place four or-- \

Derations, like the operations of the satel- stimulating influence, confusion and tension, five weeks. ago.- ,. l

ite merchant marines, ,are an expression of but it manifests under perhaps because of too T-9 b-22-17-48-192. ,

overnment policy, and are government-sub ressure and could be much activity; and pressure -' AroARr.J.:

Idized. Rates may be set--and often are set-- dIsturbIng. Keep a steady of work. Avoid overconfidence R9IA.. s. .. 11 theyfib. 18.;

ith-out regard to costs. # rasp. of your basic ideas or naivety The trine aspect to the .

Now; the Soviet Union, and her satellites are nd avoid too ambitious, and watch for underground Sun should favor your'' r ,.,, j '-

lot using their resources in this fashion outf lans. '\ ippositi& .,pr ealousies.$3507715 financial situation and : '"'

whim. They are doing it because they rea- 6-20-22-18-72-621. : \ .. ., #+ .. J your social .lite t KEN KJNICiHL:
lize that powerful, aggressive merchant marines -- tt ;' ( --71-357 ,I 8-10-66-t'5-27-81& .
,1' '
are: essential weapons in the economic war. Per"_June, ?0 thru July 2 2' !ilIRR/r. *.. ,- /<: -- [[ 'PISEP----: '!: Invites You,To ListenTo-

There is ,a lesson in that for this country. i The possibility of un- orn_Sepk:.Z}'thtll t nct. w 23 Feb. 19'thru latch*2r'). '' T
aspect /
: -
ome people are saying that the U.S.-flag sual experiences is". The situation"which! .
arch 11th of the Sun to
erchant marine isn't really needed, and that, existed early' in ,
strengthened by the February -
Neptune, ruler of your -Starting At 7:00.p tn.: Nightly I "":"
the government's long-established merchant development of a complex' is to spine extent renewed a'

oarine policy, with its differential-subsidy.. configuration in which ;.", this'-.first fortnight .. Sign pleasant, should indicate inspi'ringt '1400 -WRHC-1400-'
\revisions[ should; be abandoned.. That would -'" ...
Uranus is opposed bytars.Mercury of.3Mar'clk: though time.' c .. .. ..- .' ':
"f"a{,nl a, please our militant el1 mies. '. vie ,, .
,_ .and, Jupiter n'samewhat,. dLfferent. Jr J I 60-11-16-68-618. .
-.' ',. ,; !; : ; 1,.; ', .- .
i ,- ,: s .
.: !lV" : .
f _' : '. I
-- -- 0 I
ir r ""
.r r 7" :;< ; \ .' .
'" f -t

.I -'.
.v ?
s '
: .';. .....,,
,, "
? -
f?} .
'fH : ; ""
}! {J' '
.. 'ii ,',,::::.- ) '" : : r ', ." -,"

: ( lt; -- -' .-- '". ..<..u-.
:: i' 0', ;;.c '. -. ., 7'J--;----"-;



I .. / : 1 -t. .

,,-1;,. .: '- :...',\':'". ._ ", a3, _,".'..._ h.1 .:"<>..".:,j. :..'.. ,..,.'.. ..". .... .. .. .;,"'Js..r""t..o". "". o. ; ".," '1 "", ._. :-fJ.

: .. ; ; : ,
,:' .. .' :.J ; .. ; L:." .,. ;; <: .";' ,: .' ,,:.
IBAYJMCH110JJI62[ ( : : "\ :' : STAR C', .
: .. ? : -' FOIDA .PAGE 3
f ....L..: (1 '; 'k.::"" : i.r-_ .. !i"I' 1 L .

: r. --=- -.a: _- ", 'I|Veterans'_ Unit, '///Ce/ebrafed/ Wedding/ Recently Brewster Men '1

.- 1 ,Cllr. : ." .. ) Elects Officers
-. -.. .- ;
.. -. -.. "': /Schedule Plans "
----- -' ---:- ==- .' o. Marne Barrack 2806. ::1:1I
7 14 .
Veterans of 'W
i- and. Mrs. Guy .Evans, r.l. I I Tne Brewster Men's Club l
f USA Inc. met at themerican
Jm'o. G iHYAKD."
I 1222K Harrison 'st. Boy.. pet. in a call session
Legion Home
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority* s fashion Levue-dance pre-' Mr. and Mrs. [wUJU l, 2179 Benedict Road and Sunday to complete

ented recently at the .Duval County .Armory provided a. Lewis, 1643 McCohnie 'Sti ', installed officers recently essential business that '
as left lingering on the
Ltting. climax to Gamma Rho 'Omega Chapter's :Twentieth '
.. and Mrs. Marion [agenda.Whu .
Day, _
iversary Celebration. Officers
are: James .a4
5825 Paris Avenue le in session, they :
The program was launched with Coronation'Ceremony. Boy. undy c commander; Abraham (discussed and
Mr. completed
lich ended the Miss Fashionetta, ". Joyce 'Grant as o and Mrs..Lenward. Brac- GL Pinkney- senior vice some.plans for
Miss .Fashionetta Marchita ,kin, 1645 'W. 27th St. Girl. perfectinga
Junior and Little Kyung : commander;; Joseph H'. bowling league team. r
Mr. and, Mrs. Henry Town- Watts ,
eorge as "Future Miss Fashionetta. o junior vice'om- At least four

Another outstanding feature 'of the spectaular eventas sell... 1623 Moncrief Village. -. sander; James E. Lang, tive prospec-
r managers were chosen
7 y3 1
the presentation of Miss .Frances Wallace, a professional ".Boy. quartermaster;, George L. |to select their teams andjto 1
Mr, and
model in.a review of the latest Mrs. NathanielBoulhac. Plendid
styles. adjutant; FredLewis get them ready for .
titled "Fran in Orbit, the display of distinctive 5323 ,Newcombe D. chaplain.E. [ f

and elegant creations 7 began with the countdown of ., jst...;: ..Boy.Mr Payne, judge advocate {bowling Jack competition. They
were: H.
ounging apparel, followed :by the blast-off with, sports : .. ,'and" Mrs.' Clarence ; Joseph S; Irving, Y-AJ Brewster administrator Whittington,

creations with Miss Wallace finally going into orbit Baggs. 33$3: Japonica- Rd. service .officer; Robert I
.. Clarence A. Willis
Boy.Mr.:-;..'. :' .- ;
with daytime and.casual wear, cocktail, and evening 0 hisholm, officer' of the Gibbs and Lucius Clark.
; 'ancilrs- '
reations and making,her reentry ,with the beautiful Ralph Wat-' iay; E.H.; Bass historian w Each man J
kin : present expressed -
''AKA Gown honoring members of Gamma Rho Omega .1750 Wf 14th St., Boy. trustees, George L. Fle-
> / a desire to be
.. : a
Chapter. 0 Mr. 'and Mrs. Charles Leroy noid, three years; James t- 4 part of the organization.

The fashion, presentations* were broken. ''by musicala.inter! Girl., 1531 W. 25th. St. ; Ti'lly, two years; JosephS. : .; ; fI Due to the absence of 'J

odes a ballet dance by Sharon McBride and a. modern I : Irving, one year. Vice president J.J Nixon !

Crawford\ ..' Mr. and Mrs. Ozzie Brown, ..,
ance by Patricia c.-- :"1,' 0. The next meeting will be a comprehensive report on .

Fashionetta' guests were :further entertained with Baldwin' Florida.. held March 10 at 2 pfm. some special issues
usic by the Mellow-tones of St. Petersburg, Plorida. n- Mr. and Mrs. Jerome .Carter. at the Legion Home, 2179 the Spring Festival was l
der the directiqrf of Alvin bowning.'Oftic 2133 Venus-Mars Ct. Boy. Benedict Road. Invitations not heard. The report .

rs of Gamma Rho Omega Chapter Include, .Miss W have been .extendedto !will' be made at the
: ; regular -

te11e Williams, Basileus; Mrs, Ruth C. SOlomon Anti- -- .... .,.... .... (:.".B. l.. ... Fall World' War1 I : : : ( meeting of the club ,
asileus; Mrs Erma Word, Grammateus; Mrs. Annie Ruth veterans to be present'and ___ Sunday.. ;

Williams, Anti-Grammateus I ; ,Mrs...,Louise' Sheffied' ... ..tto.:.sc.a-. fOr. .:.ti. 5": I J, join.- CELEBRANTS In beautiful ceremony held in the home ", Preparations for the ".

istoleus; Mrs. Mabe Wright Tamiouchus; Mrs. Aldon.aseaprook ..;.Albert A.;:. ChishoTin,' 1659'Steel' //Pvf.A. Lewis of Mr. and Mrs. Rufus L. Standley Sr. 4830 MississippiCourt I annual spring festivalare

financial secretary; Mrs. Amy Currie, St;'31.and ""Roberta& Howard'' Miss Eddie Mae Moore became the bride of Pfc. now under way and the't

odegrs. ; Miss Guelda. White, Philacter;. Mrs. Thelma\. Im W. 25th Sty .23, *' |lIs Receiving athaniel Royal Jr. Rev. J.J. Jones, pastor of Antioch men are preparing for a

ones, parliamentarian; .M rsf Vivian Ingram, business, NHoward'G 'een1313 Pippin y St, Baptist Church officiating. The bride was given in bigger and better affair

manager; and' Mrs. Betty Howard, custodian. 21.and Harriette Williams,.441 W., / Basic Training marriage by her uncle, and Mrs. Minust L. Standley. was than the previous one. '
Beaver St 19..
i : matron of honor. Pfc. Robert McCrae was bestman and festival was held at ,
:Calvin. Whitfieldr'1438 W. 8th the Myrtle
Charles Moore and Rufus L. Ftandley Jr. were the ushers avenue Baseball
;:.34.and. Noble, 2310 Fair 1
Earlier in the week Gamma. Rho Omega Chapter of Alpha p fa' St, 19.. Mrs. Royal is the daughter of Mrs. Ida Moore, and Mr. Park last year and

appa Alpha Sorority. sponsored a bridge tournament at Cecil R..James, 1455. Prince s t., and Mrs. George Martin are the groom's parents. i it will be there in 1962.

he Springfield Women's Garden Club with approximately andMarq. R. Ring. ,. 1422 W. 1st I iI President J. Farl Morse
St, 19. (Billy Brown Photo) '
forty players participating.. .. is requesting a large

Mrs. Vanorian Schell was' high scorer for the event, Boot. L.; .Bennett' 315 Wf I II Ern'est'Smith Is/ Honoree \ attendance at the meeting Y
Orange St:, 22 and Lee-M -'Gor-r '
followed by Mrs. Doris A. Jones. Both are members of 300, 223 North SL.cM ., ,> :Sunday at 7:45: a.m. in r

Les Trieze Amies Bridge Club. Miss Mozelle 'Brutdn. .f Aerneyj- '. W--it,sO"" ,-,.i offRb' -Jfoncrief: T I At Surprise Birthday Fete .'''the new cafeteria at ti

third place winner, is a. member:- ofEntre_ Nous Bridge i R t<.L, 22 and Elizabeth TaYlor; ''Brewster.jker .
; 685 W. 8th,St, 16V. A large group of friends gathered .
Club.MfsyD6: >is cot tqua1iffl "d for consolation'award.,., the'Community r .

... __ '.. ,' Jamez hi Yrd,731'Pr.16tb Sl. Youth Center recently to honor Ernest Smith who was JI.
J ; .
." 0 e. \ 3 .. ... 26 :and Bee Mv *TTililftms: 574 1" I It I the recipient of a surprise birthday party given by his .,II b I
.- '.,' : :. ..' o' ; : f. '*- St.Nathaniel.F100d, 41. vr ,- 2299 Calvin,{ J wife, Mrs. Essie. Mae Smith.. I t1tanbLv

Margaret Sutton guest hen Miss Bernice Grif When Smith arrived sv t ,
Mrs was. St 18 and .Joann.Guest, 1740 W., Mr. and Mrs. Contance I Use Dr. Guild'

fin -entertatn d Hellenesian Bridge. Club recently: in Union St, |9.. ". fc .* 1 he was greeted by the I Green. I Gr.;n Mountain
Ivery L. Swain,.>1181. W. 30th of
er west Fifteenth Street home. 0 inging Happy Birth- J
1 Si, 35 and Geneva. Harris 2060. -_ _. .. __. _
Miss pearl Miller, Mrs. Geraldine Jones, Mrs.Carolyn Benedict Rd., 20.. 0. 't' ; *.$ day". by the guests. ..

Washington, and Mrs. Leona Bennett were recipiepts of Benj. J. Smith, 2531 Petunia fit, a. A huge birthday cake

club prizer. v "- 19 and Claudine-E..Gay,.3441 Ja. centered the colorfully

Other members, participating in the meeting. included ponica BcL, 18.'. N laid table which was
X C. Kelly, 3212 W. Moijcriet iI
rs. Vernal' McCone. 'Miss, Margaret Williams, Mrs Rcl, ."23 and Jeann Mulline, H10 overladen wroth a sump

athyrn Robinson Mrs.. 'Claudia: Jenkins, .Mrs... Evelyn:: Seminary st.; 19. r tuous buffet luncheon.Mr. .
Pvt. Alvin Lewis of
Barnes, Mrs Nan Fletcher and Mrs. BerniceHatilton.: .Wadle M. Mooe,10011tz Ave., Smith also received ,
.. '. ,1 _'. :o _'; Newark'N. J. 26 and Ernestine Mr. jerry Lewis, 225 E. useful gifts. those fr ta& //Sl

., Brown, 1138 Harrison St., 21. i Union St. has been assigned any / / 1WO
t '. :., '__ :Robt Gibbs Jr.; 1137 Jessie St.,' to Thqse present were: Mr. /t ,.
Company F, 399th 1
'-<:' I. and Ethel It'Dantels, 102 IV and Mrs. Charles Edwards, r*

Mrs. Ruth ,Bonnes entertained ,Le? Trieze"-Amies- Bridge. ,. State St., 19. Regiment, at Fort Chaffee Mr. "and Mrs. Jackson? thinkyoung !

Club recently .in her Durkee-' ,!"Drive,home with i Mrs MabelDaris ". Ernest McClendon, 1340 Van Ark. ; where he will re- Simon .
; Irs. Mr. and Mrs. ,
'- : Buren St., .I and Louvenia Ran: ceivehis basic combat s
Braddock as guest player: ,. d lpk# 1424'.W. 1stSt. :. s (Francis Williams, Mrs. Ep S!: p ,

Mrs. Lillian Singleton, Miss Ruth .-Broome, and Mrs., Gus Kni it 1504 W. 23rd St, training. Minnie Harris, Urs. Betty q s

arolyn Miller qualified for club prizes. 62 and Minnie Cooper 1153 *. During the 8 week course,
th!:St,. 53, s .J wards, Mr. and Mrs. Ira
he will be given instruc- .
Miss Gwendolyn' Schell Mrs. Vanorian Schell, Mrs.,, Carswell, Mr. and Mrs. -. ..Lr.xclusiveI
Doris Jones, Miss Coatsie jones, Mrs.. Florence Wilson, tions in fundamental
r ian Is Cited Gibbs, Mr. and Mrs.
grs. Vivian Satterwhite, Mrs. Margaret Sutton and Mrs.. military subjects such as zier, Mrs. Ruby Frafr, fp f-or taster Shoppers

ffonona. Britt were among other, members present. u first aid dismounted I
0 \\irs. FIlaGaskin Mrs.
\' -- drill, map reading and
Mildred Pay, Mrs. Leona
ilitary tactics. He will \
darns, Mrs. Thelma Croc-}
qualify with the M-l
ett, Mrs. Corine wil-
: 1
R i.fi e:.
ins, Mrs. Alice Pompay,
Aft.er,'c'ompletion of basic
,lrs. Vivian Copeland,
Did thev training, he will receive FLATTERING
Wiss' Eunice Coker Mrs.
: individual

I ,.firstbarmafl.L training in one of the Fuergie Coker, Felix I, .J
: c
2' Martin! Hamp Sullican
thousands of specialities .
1r Irs. Rose Huffman. 1
required in modern
1' a Army.
I tothit a The 399th Regiment is Mrs. Alexinav' Johnson, II I

Urs. Laida hite, Mr, ?. 1
part of the 100th Divisionan
martini Vivian Robinson, Joe
use: Army Reserve unit from
reuier Mrs. Bellie

, $ i_ Kentucky. The 100th was 3arnes, I]rs. Margarite' \ FLATSSizes

; Gordon's
active duty in the y
Tams, urs Odessar

\ ,, ', .: .... :.: .: : :- .., .A current military buildup.TIME Charles, 'Mr. and Mrs. 4 to 10. I .

are he did Forwhen the martini, [ieorge Washington jr. ,

Chances t/eorge Fdwards, "rs.Pssie Blokb : .
introduced' arouncU850 .
-. : 7 '. Fabrilite ,
o .
Mae 'r
Jackw I
Alexander Gordon's remarkable gin was $188
and Mrs. Bowell. "'r. _i"' : _
already eighty-one 'years old. ,r '
Irs. Black. .Mr$. .:, I' .
Its distinctive and d'a- I '
dryness '
: Mae 1 Glass, Mrs. rf

J 'vour,well known to'Londonersstncev.1769 : : "Mr. Florida" at%Tennessee to ,ask for Goody's and save. ;Perkins.Mrs. .

Had made. it'a State University this Here is the best money can shirler.Rodriquez.: I t
go stepping in
year is sophomore, indus- buy-yet Goody's cost less v t > >
this side the f
fXvorite on of than other brands. Mrs.! Julia Holly style 'with this '
trial \ '
arts I
Atlintic td Wellsr son of Mr. and Mrs They'll be. your constant \
drink harks
you today.still Mrs. Gibson Mrs.
McRoy Wells of Jacksonville. I companionand ;"s -
back Gordon'soriginal Tomaie
to Mr. McElmurray, Sammy ; '

Wells was elected to the your spring .
} t. 1 formula...as Y r r / 1 tevis, Nathaniel Edwards i wardrobe. '
title by fellow students ;

Indeed it should.' ,. for competition the Miss Gipson Mrs. Genvie ; ,

,,' made Gordon's t6e. Hunter, Essie Mae Tuc- : 1
GIN c'Mr. Esquire" contest I
.,world's biggest'selling held at the Nashville (Joins PR faff.; -f! .

gin! Tonight-when., institution last, week 'f;

you order a martini His picture will appearin I. TALLAHASSEE' -- Miss ClaraR.
o Clark 'of
spedfy Gordon's, the favorites section of Jacksonville,

.. the ,Uni yersi ty' s 1962GOLDEN an elementary education
trs atarwrredtttseso rtst'artsofsr: ANNIVERSARY iearbook .majorat Florida A&M University I
tttsors HT r fin caiTaueaiJi newer or an. fI";' is employed in the1' shoe Jto i
the "Mr. "-
o o'"'

Florida", title., 2 POWDERS 5* there/office/*. of public relations' ; MAIN AT BAY'*. '<;:Same ortl:: Over 21 Years ';' ..

12 POWDERS 25c

-_. ----- :'.\,'(Gunter, '. Photo). -.. Miss Clark is a freshman.. .... I I .,.
: y7;
: ,
... f -
.; : ,
: ) I

... .
; : ..
1 :Yf "o.;, ..:..' 1.

: I
;. ., $ 4 -

r l IPJEE4 I ., : '. IflHIIA STAR I. I $SATURDAY HARCHllO,1962

,..........s.r .. ... I ; .

|FNI To Observe I I Woodlawn Plans e .. : ;jJax University Chorus Slates

i I ST.Religious( AUGUSTINE Week- The. | Ma Woodlawn!. 17 Fish United FryThe Pres- rtI4 .. i II I Mar. 11th Recital In St. Paul :" I

I\jAnnual Religious Emphasis- byterian Choir of "t. Jd- 1 Frances B. Kinne 'which Mr. Foberts:Is"a; "
1 tDr.
1 Week observance will be lawn United Presbyterian of the College of member: of the nri tone,

conductedat Florida Normal Church at State i1.-: LuaraIsts. R 'pien Arts and Music, (section. .

and Industrial Memorial will sponsor a fish 1 S ta -: ;will present the Jack- t Miss! Theora -Lepgins. a

College, March 11-16. fry on the new church site sonville University {faculty irember of Parnellrooknan -
at 3066 Woodlawn Road on .: ; r
This announcement was made r. > rhorus under the direction -' elementary
today by President R. w. Saturday. Marcie 17 be- a of Dr. Ger on Yessln, school "ill serve BS mis-

1 Puryear and Rev. Ottie L. ginning' at 3 p.m. I : t [chairman of the .music tress of ceremonies." Mr.
I fish sandwiches with I I r'p
West Director of Religious Hot j division, in a recital Roberts rill introduce

Life at the, College.The all of the fixings with .!.Punday, March' 11 beginning the chorus under the

keynote message for service befitting a king r A Y.1 at 3:30 p.m. in the jthene. 'On with the

will be on sale to the lin auditorium of St. Years and You."
i ithe week long observancewill jFuture

be delivered by Rev. general public, "members, andjfriends. TT ? t ,'Paul AMF church Myrtle i j Allen N. Green organist-

I Kelly Miller Smith minister -, Purchase. a cup of .4 ; "I Avenue and 13th St. I accompanist for cenior

of the First Baptist, Coolade and say like the J Guest minister. will be Choir 1. will furbish

;Church of Nashville ,Psalmist My Cup runnethover. Pay Parks, pastor background rusic. St.Paul's .
''Tennessee. ." 'Surely Goodness'I .. :. \ |of Ft. John' s Fpisconay'Church. '- Girl cout Troop

I Rev. Smith received the and Mercy shall follow. me J } Jacksonville. 261 md Rrownie Troop 2P3

!A. B. degree from Morehouse all the Days of My Life and The. annual program is will he guests during the
I will Dwell in the House e 'r
College; the,. B. D. degree jbeing sponsored by Leonard event.

I from Howard University and 1'1 the Lord, Forever." Y Ir, ,' J. Poberts Jr. in I Nathan McClellan is

(did graduate work at Van- ; Apples, reminicent of the ((behalf of St. Paul's president of Senior Choir

derbuilt University. The ,apples of the Garden oflEden .'Fenior' .Choir No. 1 ,of 1 and Pev. Pobert J.
will be in abundance cov- Plaine host pastor
title of Rev. Smith's h
message for March 11 will ered with candy. Please : t t. >

the the "Norm for ChristianConduct' come ,out and bring the .. .t: /rooming[ Week Featured
*' children and enjoy an Rt :2ySv : }rN::sn'' a': p+Y. ,
,., ., ,:
T ;aa.a; : c n :
: ;
evening of candy apples, I
i The initial service for | At Northwestern Hi-School
I ,cool drinks and fried fish.
the observance will be held
; i FASHION was the key word last week at Northwestern
all Flora- )
'lin We are inviting
the/r :nderson Hall [chapel
Gardens, unior-Senior'High School s campus when \Vm. M.! Sea-
,beginning at 5.00 A ;dale Magnolia ,
special discussion session p.m. ;iRibault Heights and' the en- brook, III. a faculty member, presented "Dress Right! I

tire membership of Wood- Look Your Best to ,Do Your Best" with two outstanding
will be held in the Coleman
!lawn United PresbyterianChurch w ersonages acting as consultants. This program was

Westfall Dining Hall ; to come out and make 1 w program was given in observance of Good Grooming week.
\beginning at 6.00 The
p.m. this first fish fry on thenew \\ ,5 t .V Miss Barbara Spears: an associate of The House of'piarm
topic of the discussionwill
church 's-ite a local fashion, center answered questions by
be 'How to Make. on over-
I tudent in attendance who were enthused with the
welming success. --- -- -
Religious Emphasis Week
Count Rev. Cornelius I fashion idea. ''gest problem. If a personis
\\Florida Elks an interview of Miss
Ford will lead the discussion. ; dressed in the finest
Northwesternairthe '
will be CarlK. F ears by 'of clothes and is not
Adams President 'of the Tops 4Y ( school's official 'clean, the whole ap-
% 1. publication staff correspondent '
Student Christian Union .of Life Memberships { Iperance is ruined.
) Betty Curry
the college. She added "The desire
sked what did she think
Other phases of the Observance I The 1961 edition of the ''to be grown-up too

will include ;NAACP Honor Guard re- was the biggest problemn |quickly by.overdressing

'!vealed that three Florida 'teen-age dress; Miss and the use of too much
daily services in the replied "I think
Elks' units have subscribed pear make-up is a common problem -
Anderson Hall Chapel beginning -
I ,cleanliness is the big-
: promptly 11:00 payments toward IN slSNX NASSAU--The Rev. A. C. Rolle, left presiding elder of the Nassau ,District I found in teen-agers.

I $500 life memberships in /African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church' welcomes Bishop Herbert Bell Shaw, wil-

a.m.Mrs.I A. J. Williams jthe civil rights organi- It mingtpn, N. C. fourth from right and other representatives of the church as they .

ation.I arrive in Nassau. Left to right: Rey. Rolle, Miss Frances Atkins Wilmington. N. C. ; CUT RATE

| Is Recuperating I The Florida representative Mrs.jLJ._ C. Nelson Newark N. J. ; Mrs. Idonia E. Rogerson Winfall N. C: ; Bishop. .

: Friends of Mrs. Alberta J. units were: Florida Belli" Mrs. M. Ardelle Shaw, Wilmington; Mrs. Eva MCRimmon Kearny, N. J. and LINOLEUM & TILE CO.

\Williams will be please to tate Association Alexander Barnes Raleigh, N. C. In bottom panel, the noted coloratura soprano .

learn that she has been Florida State Daughters Charlotte Ho Horn an, 6th from left. is shown as she was greeted by leaders of the "the, house of a .thousand patterns"

discharged from a S.local i Association and Royal Younj Women Christian Association upon her arrival at the Nassau InternationalAirp4rt. ISave From 20% to 5010n Installation .

(hospitaj and is recuperating Palm Lodge No. 439 of From left are: Miss. Bertha Granger Miss Ruth Sands Mrs. Collingwood -

at her residence 1629, Orlando. OOOP& Mrs. Carl Bethel, secretary of the YWCA Board of Management; Mrs. TalmadgeSanftyj

W. Church St. Nine other state and ? president Board of Management; Miss Holloman, Miss Margaret Bonds pianistwithr'Miss

A prominent leader in ocal chapters in various Holloman; Mrs. Randal Fawkes vice president YWCA Adult Group; Mrs. James Armstrong 6e ''yr ,a
state and local church ?arts of the nation purchased : Career secretary Adult GroupMrs.; Eva Williams, partially bidden and Dr. GladysP.

circles Mrs. Williams was life memberships Graham. correspondent. Associated Negro Press who accompanied the widely known
[hospitalized two months Last year, it was re- art f" ", .
ea].ed. r

jfriends|ago. She at is_the now__able!,es i denCe'to see, W ,W Presbyfftfian.. first' ; Baptist i Colleges// UrgedTo ': I : $ Mastic Wall Coverings Floor and

---- [ b- .-'. .
i -
--.. ,. o. --ra. ., __ \ "
: : ;
-,thurc .. Aipnali Rubber.Vinyl'I Iy
+. H tes /{.AflflOunces.JAdivities Affect Plastic-'Cork Tiles
r "
av' !Z. N. Pearson Sr-- -I-

Thewjtaited Presbyterian ||Rapid Changes .Tilt Masonile Board I
Youth 1 will meet Saturday, By Rosa L. iCoffie Congowali .e Linoleum

Marcfcl.0th at The Missionary. Society of -r-
4 in
p.m. !IGPEFNFBOPO, N..C. unless { iNo DownPayments.. Sandran FormicaMetal .
Pepsifor the Westminster... Hut at 3066 First Baptist Church 1025 '
in Trims
f' .I i rapid changes occur
Woodlatb Road.Chur Jessie St., which recently -REEESTIMATES ..
f college approach to cur- ,
schools' schedulesto began a seriesof dis- I Up to 12'Montl GuoronfeeJ Installation !
rent problems the Negro .
those who be' held in the Westminster cussions from the theme i -rL tiTY OF PARKING SPACE a
community of the nation I I ((0 Pay.
"The 12 Conditions-
Hut starts.at 9
|may find itself faced .
think young a.m. with' Rev. ,Franklin D. Prayer," meets Sunday at with a paradox of More If*. .>? ELgin 5.0324i .

." -, Wilir charge<|&*.. Minister T. V. in torium.4 p.m. in the church audi- public dependency in an :u-4p 3819HAIHM. ''.JV' 1 II -. ." . .ELjin.a.B567
Huger! era of greater job op- -" tc7th
superintendent. !. ,. will be' in Topic for discussion will portunity. I Corner Main & 29thjitreet
char Hof the school in thesanctj'ry be, "Medi tat ion." Mrs. .
.. : \ -
at State and Arabella Calendar president -

is requesting that .
; -- -
f-c' t which.. starts .at ---------

"tt Rev.jfilson will begin J. '
taE: _,- ....s:.,... Sunday Services
4 \ :,.; : : ;:' the morning service Sundayat Annual
\' ;;; ./ "". .
Sunday school begins at
.; ::rI. ; 10jJ5 a.m. with Mrs.
$ ": 9:20 a.m. rifh Deacon G.
Rudyne at the '
't ,Jtetson organ.
I' The UJiited Church Choir W. Scott, suprintendent HOMEIV1AKEISSERVICE

will "pport the rites. in charge. Rev. C. B.

II|I. Associated Contruction Company is makng this special t JMidwe. worship and study Dailey pastor, will review SHO'W"Thursday
will beheld in' the sanctu- the lesson topic "The

| Home Improvement offer : ary of the Church Wednesdayat Obligaticn To Be Truthful." "
t Morning worship service' Friday Saturday Nights
7:30:p.>ff. We are asking ,
Siding Additional Room Concrete '. begins at 11 a.m. with the
Jail, members to attend and
i .
pastor delivering the MARCH 8th 9th 10th
t l bo. bring' a friend. ,
Raofin Porches Eleciri cal) Wok'; sermon. The Adult Choir,
Fences the ,United church Choir
Thursday night Youth Choir, and ;Senior DUVAL COUNTY .ARMORY .
0 loney own rehearsed Ushers will serve throughout -
Consulate I A! Yew Biltst I at 8 clock. All choir ec' _

'jUp to 10 Years to ]payp ly\N\ KKe I, members. are urged to be 5:45 the p.m.day.with BTU Deacon'starts W.at .Dazzling.Exhibits Hundreds i of Prizes

present Let's make '
Pay AD Work GuaranteedFree[ EsfaatiM F. Tillman president in
I, to none byproperrVhearsing. '
,The im- charge. Free 'Free Free

&;j j If you are l tired jif paying rent and owe a M, a stall! t t pro vat r of talent, the tho The final pastor message will deliver of the

rf{down payment we wi build you a New HIM is )ytv ordar :. Joy success originating; of perserveranee., the day during evening worship GRAND PRIZE: $479.00 VVhiHroorGoi Refrigerator---.' "Freeze

t .' service which begin at 7 I. ::
'r '. ...1 HOUSES, FIR SALEI p.m. Don't Miss The Home Service Show Where You'll Have; Opportunity.-. .
TI Wolker'soris The Kale Chorus will hold '
.." : To Win Wondnrfvl) Prizs
Teleptene EL 1423 DAVIS 5' .
t .5,95" I Open DailyIha. its weekly rehearsal Monday ..; _.
"N" r
I' -
i 5 "at 8 clock., Tuesday
I P.O. ]
: DOOR '
i/y/4iiii LJam IC p j--i I-* I a..1 I. nigfrtf 'prayflr" 'service begins __ OPENS' r'p.m.. .

-- -- ---- ..-, .. .. -=...3: :: I at: 7 o'-clock.

I .
., "

: : :'. '" :; ri; ... .
: -- : : : ; .,\ --YY' :-! .a Y'
I I:.... 1' ';j <> :, ..
I. ., ', ::; .

r ,

., .... :
... ; :, ; i39.S .
: -

!, ,'- ,-'..--' --..---.--:.-- -. .'.-..-.-.- '- .----'. .-'- 1-- -, .. .' :.
: ,


I ......... "'.- :.. .: ,, '. .

., ..
-- -: ,, -. "'""
i >:or. : W rr '; n y.; ,, : lJAfuDAY
i" >,;:: ; : )C" "

'. FLORIDA STAR .. > .:'. PAGE 5'
MARCH -10, 1952" : ," _

UBESS, Newly 'Organized I Club Men's' DayiSlated/ For I. Sunday At'A/if. Olive'// < 1iijiiO( DETECTIVE. AGENCY leading'iJacksonville's : I SAMUEL's NURSERY'

J f Agency now has a full I & PLAY SCHOOLChildern
Rev. A. B. Bliar pastorof observance i s held Sundayin Baptist Churches and. St. .stalf.. of trained .colored, "
Joins local Civic GroupsUBESS Emanuel .Baptist Church New Mt. Oliver Baptist Stephen AME Church. ,detectives to handle 4J domestic .

and Rev. C. Donell pastor Church, Deacon 0. C. Corbin is investigations All Ages also After School' CareCall
of Oliver.Baptist Church Churches Coving program general Chairman and Deacon 'child custody body guards .
is word I
a new which has been circulating around '
Lake City' will be the participants rOUghout the I James Webb is director of missing persons, 'pitrol'
It describes association which
an was and security.
morning and afternoon day will include: Reedeem program activities. The a Day 355 3327 Night EL 5-8158
organized in i960 by a group of citizens who clearly Vernon 'strictly Confidential..
Mt. /
Friendly '
speakers respectively general public is invited.
visualized a ,place for such an association in our Be iT"; Phone EX 8-3111 Samuels-
progressive when the annual Men's Day thany t abernacie Rev. G. W. Phillips is GEO'.SJBillie
i or -

__What does UBESS mean? t Friendship Day spring host pastor.. PO_ 5-9844-. Supervisors .

universally .. w : AuIulHu. --- -- -___ _- --_ I
Bad officials are '\ .

Elected by j,
Sitting i

Stay home citizens.'I uua.u ... ... ..,
But that is not what UBESS' ,

means it does mean : .

United .
) ,.
Builders, ; .

Economic Social And : ..

Structures : boy'' LAY-AWAY EVENT !'

The association is exactly

what the name implies. Ac-, ___ : .
cording to Mrs. Marie L. _
,,. : _
McKeever president. UBESSis

a progressive movement .
designed to reach forward

and I upward along with the ., I :3 .
progression in our changing ': '. f.j: ;) '; % : .. '

,world.effort It with Is through a singleness united, Return Engagement of- (t f : ((7'L; ) : Ijiz

o't purpose that UBESS is ,,; Lt .f ., Uq
moving. \, '::':.;;." ,

UBESS definite is an associationwith goals which The SHIRTWAIST DRESS \'

: '
are far-reaching and meaningful \ .

not only to our ..
generation but to genera A \1i:'.::'..:. :. .\
tions that follow. % ,. ,. .
In the .. -j:...;. .,.' -
resolution made by the ( .-.. .
founders this idea is I< :
3 a111
: L ;1
definitely st ted. : ( ri
: t ., ,.
Those persons who have .. ,;.
become :: ...j". ..! :.\..,

proclaim united that the with associa-UBESS :2 > f for I V c.B.V.. ': 4111(111( I 's. i

tion is ultra modern says I I
Mrs. McKeever. 't\'b: .."' ii&iriAS
..... '
In its membership will be .
found people from various T The classic shirtwaist i dress has many moods ., ,,_....,...,,.
S ;. this Spring it goes from full skirted to slim ;: :: ; ': .
echelons of life. However a : C B' from tailored tops to feminine, frilly ruf ./ 'f.- !: .
one thing is in common with C0U 4 : ": fles for the View "Liz Look, fine 100% cot .
all each and every memberis PRIC RE At e tons or soft blends qf cotton and cupionj rayon ,.
honorable; each possesses -, COMP then gene that launders like a dream and come in ;; ,

aspirations and inspirations 5easo or Synthe.t Styles. 18 petitesS to 11 half sizes! 14 Vi to ;:. '

and enjoys the .. n8htes 24Vz. i ... t ;xr

high ideals upon which J '
UBESS is built, all appreciate -
the goals for
which UBESS is reaching '1, IJ

whi h include: personal J Big and Little Sister E
enlightenment brotherly .

love for all mankind : J I RUFFLED COTTON DRESSES' cI ;::". ,' 1 .
unity in good citizenship J ,. r' ".'
economic security and

contribution to progress. ,. ".-.}
The founders, those who( : ..'...t.:" S L J :f.. .. '
became united later are as .1"DISCOUHT 1j C.B.V. -

follows: Mrs. Marie L. : PRICE Siz l :' :,
McKeever president; Rev.B. 3' to 6X
J. Williams chaplain; g4rw; J j
for :1 ?
Mr. Paul L, Ownes vice '
chairman of ,economic struc-

tures Abraham L. Glover

coordinate chairman of .
t ,
economic structures; Mrs. b "s COMPARE AT 2.99 ta. ; :y "
Dorothy K. Owe us, financial SIZES7T014 2,.,$6cv.. .
secretaryMrs.; Thelma Hall '' COMPARE AT 3.99 .a. J." j > ,
reco.rding secretary 7 ,
-.- ti Saucily sophisticated ruffles to :t '
Joseph{ Long, treasurer of. wear from now into Summer ,,
; : ,
C. John all completely washable '
investments Mrs. '
; ,. '
.. 'jn charming new pastels ,
son treasurer of UBESS x
E. Johnson I --f\-- :
Ass. ; Atty. 5

legal advisor. QUALITY LEATHER |

+1 .i .
Ruffles. and more h.S DRESS SHOESDISCOUNT '

-. 't, + ., r Rufles \. seen hereon: f.C Y 1'' 6Yr.1f' y. ; '..

Mf&totPfil DISCOUNT-. 48 7

.. "
Favored by women who: appreciate.quality "", ,
LeaW ar ,". and.style and enjoy tne xs y ,,0 '
... comfort of perfect fit. Smooth or ,; i. -:< 'fri xz:
crushed leather in smartest colors. and y ? "r ,
3 styles. Sizes 4 to 10.
Keep your tighUdry skin smooth \ + /
:and soft with MOTHXXS nuxro. '_ .
'Neglect of body skin tissues T > /
: : Nationally
during pregnancy may show up ,/
for the rest of yoLlr.lift. This famous _;. :. 357
skin conditioner is especi :..'..' h : E SHOES.
ally compounded to relieve the ,,:' ,".. ;.. 3.6X '. S / ,
discomfort of that stretched feet ;4: .t:i s;. '. 4 .
Ing In your .& ': ou'n find, a j. 14 f : yf ,x
Monnots'fifKifi) massage can :: !'T 97 p
Sizes 7 to14 4.37 4 +
.be sodt icing for that numbing'In .. C.IV. PRICE / rt
legs' and back, too..Take .. COMPARE AT 4.99 j { r? 2 CBV. ..'
;cJre (lC your body skin with ,
r >tsmunui nuxrol: You will never ; ;'' COMPARE AT 5.95Outstanding .
regret it' .... Big and little girls love the "Liz Look"with its crisp K, [ ', :.# '
-At Dncr..... tiStmt cotton gingham blouse decked with ruffles and solid t : ; for fit and food looks
'"W _New patent leather styles In .
color 1 matching pedal pushers. Pink block: orturquoise ; ** ,
( &tfYY'It". ;; pumps or pretty straps with.. "cowboy .Y ,
t with white. : ,', heels. Sizes 8 to 3. + f

f Ip \ ,, t

i. i ..FRIEND SUN DISC0UKlF ltY iUN Eiifljp1( u1, i f

F i mfrct M in towAJsnf.AUWJ! ;t*. wdq

5} ._' -=--':_':; ..:.:-....:-": ....:.., 7890 Normandy BJ 3, f 48th Sfe Between Pearl pOFEN

U yal Crown ., _.

.''",. .. C o H i J I : -- .. -: _:'- T .-+ C i'i i

v r

I r



'. .
I ; i

: .
: -''''''.,' ;-", '-.-,:: .,-' .'.' ,," ":: '. "

\ ,
E':.6i!. '. .f .. AMM STAR_: ., SATURDAY MARCH 10, 1962_'

r Gainesville SORORITY CHAPTER ESTABLISHED NewsAKA UNCF Receives $50,000 From ESSOThe Miami i City Commission Mulls

GAINESVILLE, : -- The long awaited date finally cw:'to S Abolishing/ Of Negro Court

'a group of Alpha Kappa Alpha women In the ocala- \
Gainesville area of Florida. MIAMI---The final decision as to whether a local Negro
On February 10, 1962, is happy to welcome Mrs. qCw? 'R 5 .iy' 1 precinct court shall be maintained or abolished is
Soror' F. Crank the Miami City Commission followIng -
Sojette Geraldine Bryant sapp as being.. decided upon by *
Regional Director of the recently.
an Intern. Mrs. Sapp is a a special hearing -
South Atlantic Region, graduate of Lincoln High ,. rF Although a number of that the court be continuedin

presented Mrs. Juanita School and a senior at people had reportedly goneon its operation and that
C. Jones, a teacher at Bethune-Cookman College s rII record in favor of a Negro judge be appointedto

the Duval ElementarySchool r the
the court
where she expects to, receive abolishing serve the court.;
Gainesville, witha her B.S. Degree in March 2 attendance of Father Calmer one of the

charter that made Fta Elementary Education in persons at the hearing we're most vigorous supporters in

Tau Omega Chapter of August. She is trainingin said to be heavily in favorof recommending that the court

Alpha Kappa Alpha Soro- fourth grade. Miss maintaining the present remain in operation stated,

rity the fortieth chap- Mamie Parks is the directing court 'in the best interestsof "so much unfavorable public -
ter in the South Atlantic the community.
teacher opinion has rained on
Region. : Within the Commission,
t: '- llIJI the men who wanted the
Sorors from Sanford and VISITS MUSEUM : three members seeminglye court abolished that they :
Daytona came to offer in favor of continu-
Twenty-six kindergarten were to come here
congratulations from y- 'perationx>f the court and '
face the
accompanied by music.
their chapters and pupils members
many o apparent-
Mayor Robert High said no
teacher Mrs. Julia
telegrams were received their sing it.speakers.
visited the further action is neededif
from chapters allover M. Harper urging that
the court is kept but
Florida State Museum Fri-
the South Atlantic Region remain in oper-
The members of the chap- day where they were suggested "a very thoroughstudy"
a on w..e Rev. John E. '
fascinated by the birds, was called for.
ter are as follows: Mrs. C' les A. Lockhart
LaKay Banks, Mrs. Eula skeletons, canoes, old
)avis, Atty. USING FARM
fire engines and otherinteresting
Miller Mrs.
exhibits. -4ter, Captainthe A total of 23,484,000 people in
Mickles, Miss Elaine local ,police the U.S., or 1 out of 8 persons,
George Mrs. Juanita C. Parents thanked Mrs. United Negro College Fund received one of the Esso Education Foundation's t and Sgt. L. F. get farm surpluses through wel-
Jones Mrs. Beatrice Baker on behalf of the largest grants for .the 1961-62 academic year recently when* Alex A. Diffey, general ,j of the police force. fare and school lunch programs.
After these
class. of Humble Oil and Refining Eastern Esso Region, second from left, needs are met, our
Watts, Mrs. Leslie Cosby, manager Company's .2fore the hearing was government's Food for Peace pro
Mrs. Nancy Coleman Mrs. presented a check for $50,000 to William J. Trent, Jr., executive director of the adjoured, Comm. Henry L.Balaban gram gives commodities to CARE
Mirian Hampton Mrs. Susie ravel/ Bias Pund. With Mr. Diffey and Mr. Trent aJe Wendell P. Alston, left and James S. offered a notion relief and other aid abroad.voluntary agencies, for

Collins Mrs. Alberta Avery public relations representatives' for. Humble: According to Mr. Trent, con

Brown, Miss Eva Long, Court Bans t ibutions to the Fund help meet the operating expenses of 32 private member colleges -' .

Miss Dorothy Brown, Mrs. and universities in 12 states. Last year, Fund volunteers raised $2,045,000 I '

Annie P. peights, Miss AUGUSTA. Ga.---A three- through campaigns in 138 cities.ADMINISTRATORS' r 1OALART STUDIO

Eloise Hart Mrs. Bernice Judge Federal Court declared ;
Lewis Mrs. Thelma Higgs unconstitutional a SIMON
and Mrs. Edna Siimons.t Georgia segregation law
giving bus drivers th
./ .
WELCOMES INTERN right to tell .passengers i
where to sit. s SPECIALS25x7'
The....Duval School family d 4
$, 1-Color,. 1-Black'R White 'SG.95

FABULOUSVALUES ,r 1-8-10 Opaltone & 3-35' >5.95

4 { _j I
Tops InCommericalWeddingsProtraits ...

I \y X ,,
: ,k'T '! apt9) 515- -DAVIS. -ST. EL .4-1894.. '..
-'- --
Nationally Advertised Brands -.-.
:1 &
cupep Hem :' 7cne 4; : .* 1

Pas.k t
: t
Just Received 1,400 Gal!. ,- -

Valspar',:House y,. .. ra r-

'DUPONTMasonry $ 3 9I Black Sea Bass fr Raging M tks AtlintU i., 32c
CONFERENCE -- Sessions for Wives was a special
& Stucco with IIMU, leis slaw
Southeastern Regional Leadership Conference 1SLBEACH 49c
for Junior College Adminis- Iu11e1 ks/ ftt ... i.
Super Kem-Glo IN trators held at ,Florida A&M University reqe.htly.. Mrs. George W., Gore jr., wife of WHITING t. 39'ii49e
COLORSP F MQ's'preside tDr. George-W. Gore Jr.', share'3c*views "on""the topic: Responsibility KINGFISH STEAKS
LOWE BROS.ShirwinWilliams. of the Administrator's wife to her Husband."
lML Reading left to ri ht are: Dr. E. B.
Martin FAMU coordinator for the conference BLUE OCEAN BREAM .32' -
; Mrs. A. B. Williams CollierBlockerJunior OJ. Truckfarf it end txptnu

College Palatka; Mrs. Gore; Mrs. Ralph P. Malone Hampton Junior College Fancy Frozen CROAKERS i,. 32'STEAK

Lucas _WHITEY I IS Ocala; Mrs. L. C. Floyd Sr., Lincoln Junior college, Ft. Pierce; and Mrs. J. Griffen FISH 59 Exec."Excellent" ,at T-U Acct.,
HIGHER After Tattt Ten.
And Mora ,Greene, Volusia county,Community. Junior College Daytona Beach. % Lb.
Many ..
BUT I I FOR fathom"Royal Rtdi" ntura fr.m 100 TURTLE MEAT $125
only canPREVENT LI
iuui:: AND .. JUMBO
BARGAINS S129 LOW Ch.(4iUrl ,Cwit .0002
-SWASH ANb WEAR AND CABS ; MEDIUM Ia+nMssltk d fat 2 LI. L.te
1 ti i'Q>en a charge
TOOL3't e c o n
FAB, &. TibEibV. ; .Lay.-Atay" {; Ugaont f FOREST FIRES SHEEPHOSE 35c Stew MEAT, Lb.49j
r SIZES 1 TO 14 SUB-TEENS T N u. .

14 BROAD ST. PHONE EL 6-8619 :

119 BROAD $T.OPENJ%. ..rJL-Sat.. -, Night'EU 4-6018 J

i.Nws .


'I --



$ FREE SUGAR $1.00 1 Collards Turnips 1 DC

2 throw pillows 15 Ibs. Pkg

; Labor'* with each 2-pc. t .Witd1.OO. Qr.More.food Order _. Mustards ,

MdMattrUI ,
------ --
setDELIVERY U. S. No. 1 White i
I s 4 : Center



Call for EYMAgAppointments ; .

.. -FIRST PAYMENT APRIL-. .. 10 Ib. Bag .j I CHOPS


.. .Hylini TiptstriM I I IMmtgshydallutie fi UPHOLSTERERS, inc. .
r i e T FAQ 59C HENS 2C 16.

.... 1897 EVERGREEN

., .
-'- '
-- ..


.. .. '- :- \



__,,_ ,. i- .: -
q'J'. ... .
: .
.. .. ; ?i: : ': : ': 'J .. <-
-, .; .,

SATURDAY.MARCH 10,1362 '._,w,.... _,,FLOIMA _STAR ___', __ '., 'J .' \ .. PAGE 1'I

'I arad'e 'Of Fashions', Night Of Stars' : Spectacular, :: :': : : ,


J( Gold. Star Awards Will Be Highlights : d -' ; .__. "Y' ; :

l ;
." -': ; :

Of Florida Star Anniversary Observance : \ 'i ,

.. .tF.. :
: -
: ;,. ,

:' Gorgeous Gals, To, Display. StyleSjt;: :<' : '" %y

\. :' -; : :' r
f''N 1't: : :
t ':.. -- .

j ;>. TV Personality I is Coordinator "L::3. :'

: .
.;f" ., .
E : .
)' t.
r .. ... ,- ..:''ifr. ..-...'", -- !
; .....,'..T' ".'; '
r Celebration of the Florida Star's 12th anniversary' will be ushered in ;(.:.i f '-' 3)k,0
qf Jackspnville's .J' .;.: .' e
j with a colorful Parade of Fashiou, featuring spme -
r most scintillating and graceful damsels fcho will appear as models 4 ,a '. A .
displaying the latest Easter, Spring and Summer styles. : ......ti.: f... ./ fe
The fashion extravaganza will be held at the Duval Armory on LO .I
Friday night, March 30, instead of April 1, as previously ./r', .
not to, conflict with,, communing church-goers. ;.
announced so as ,.41',[;, .r.-1.% .
At least a dozen of J Jackspnville most glamorous young ,
ladies have been selected to participate in the fashion : ., ,
display. The initial rehearsals will be held at the Con- t.r,. : J
tinental Bowling "Lanes' meeting room on Sunday, March 4

11, at 4 .p.m. ,.: .
Some of the participants of the fashion show are seen -

on this page.is top, right Juanita Prince who has .' o
appeared -NewAt York and other cities in outstanding : 't", .,| -
events. >
At center is Terry Mackey, radio and television ;..-
personality who is serving as coordinator of the ". ,. ..' '..,
spectacle in conjunction with Mrs. Louise Guin- ;

,yard, Florida Star society columnist. / .
At bottom is Rose Exson one of Jacksonville's --
Vivacious 'damsels-who will lend her charm and .. 'iK

.grace, to the occasion. .

. J

; *- ;* *. .* '* -: :*
;',, ,-. ., f- t:
t. \

--- z: : ".-. "' '. THE:1...

Top_ Artists Slated f '
iv ,


3 S ,For 'Night Of Stars r'


: Oufsfanding Citizens, Artists i Terry e M.a eke yT.

t In'STAR'Anniversary Even 12th Anniversary Observance

One of the highlights of the nth-1cog Celebration ,of
the 12th anniversary of the Florida Star, emphasizing
12 years of service to the community will be the "NightOf
Stars" spectacular, which feature the appearance of featuring the presentation of
an array of the truly, most talented artists of the ;

city.The variety show will bring before the Duval Armory's i-- GOLD STAR AWARDSTo I

fotUghts. on Su .da1.ight, .April...8a._ .galaxy :-of!>only : 1 ,
the finest concert artists, .<<.i.,1. < i
gospel )
groups end instrumentalists .. "J;
of Jacksonville. A number of the city* s "> 4l41 l. Outstanding Citizens, Artists & Groups'" I
top artists have alreadytoiunteered to appear on the '. 'r, a. t i
show. Artists who desire to appear in the 'spectacular" l "" -: '; Make Your Nominations TODAY'"f I
are urged to contact the Florida Star at an, ',1_'_{; ' early date as only a limited number of artists will .be.'. .. ....'.", y., '. FLORIDA STAR.. ".1> '::. ... ".'/;
t. v.. '
scheduled to appear on the /f! : ,I l '
program. b '
} $ .i, !' .* P. 0. BOX 561
A special feature of the "Night Of Stars" event: will JACKSONVILLE.. FLORIDA.?
be the presentation of Gold Star Awards to local citi !
zens for outstanding contributions in'various fei Ids.' s 'I I wish to nomina'te- Gold Star Awards, the following persons:,
A list of the categories in which Jaxons will be cited Outstanding Citizen
appears alright-of this page. A nuaber of Jaxons have -
already been, nominated for :a1,8Ids.by: readers. Those who n Minister i .

wish to make nominations of persons they feel are deserving w : ,n, _.Businessman .
of awards are urged 'to use the blank that,appears "
on this page. Do it'today..and plan to participate ) 'J ? : .= .n -' .
J \ Businesswoman '
in the 12th anniversary'celebraticn of local Jt .. ;, 1 ---
Negro newspaper. your 1 .. .. I'r t ::! :, ,...,"-*-, .Club I .... .
1 '. '> '
:: '
... 'f'
AtiantaMayorSho's Models/ ....... :- :-, :,. ..:, n- Clubman ., __
J.... Ii 0 f:. i-.". -" .
j '
.tt -' .n Clubwoman
e. ; __
Appoints Two b I ;l
4s"i I
Meet ,
Monday 0/J -.. 'n Gospel: Singers (Male),
.! 'I ,.
ATLANTA Ga. Two '-
:. '
models in who the are Tricho-par- ;j"' }'r"7.;,..':.;.:, : ,: ., n Gospel, I Singers) (Female I )., I t ".4, .
'\.... 'f--::: ,. n', -
Beautician Gospel
League ::;:: "' Singers (Mixed). ;
No. 38's Mar. *19 > ., :'. .. : .t.- : '; '
? "
It v ; '
dance and .. ,.. ,n -
pro- .r y Singer (Male soloist) .
< : ; ,
are requested to be : .r) "
: y P ._ '
Auditorium Monday i. J "Singer (Female soloist). ; ,

Mar. 12 at 7:30 p.m. :; F ....
the purpose of having :. r. n Padio.' Personality i 1 .
taken for the .
t.. i n L i
STAR. Journalist. I i ,; :
CommissionAll } : 1 .
." I
Wilma McWhite and a :.,- < .
.. "
.. '
Rose Telfair are the ;
_. r
My Hame I Is
chairman and co- : .- .-: ;
., !
respectively. "- cx; .,:..-r" :: : '!%! }/..'"..o.. "-'. .. .. .
.tSi., .;; Address:: :" : ;
v }.. ..111. ..v... ._ ji;. ; I c -- ;
: "' ., ;. : :'-- "' ''
--.... .l' '. ..'., ,

r t

,. '. c ,- ."""',, ,

i -
I .., ',..
., ,. 1 .
-" '
ft" '" ; !"'r ""', ;
./ '" :, ):f':3.'.

PAEt 8 \ ,4 L.JIIli_SI- I SATURDAY. MARCH 10, 1962 I
.. I. -


: .


I I a'L a 3I rfr
w comhg.{
:_-_ .:_ .

) -,----.roo- -iTiI1I: :!

I _
i -
I SUNRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY Ernest Smith of 1417 W. 17th St. was of the day. The party, organized by his wife. Mrs. Essie Mae EVANGELIST/
the surprised honoree of a birthday party held recently in the Smith, was a gall event highlighting a social interlude, .the
.' Community Center located at 29th and Chase Sts., when a capacity serving of a sumptuous buffet luncheon with the honoree receiving MOTHER'DEVINE \
attendance of friends gathered to wish him many happy returns numerous, attractive gifts. Fix abode shows Mr. and Mrs.

..., .'__ I ,ter--.r. --.- I Smith and gu sts. ,;Indianealerand--

., .. Advisor
,. ri Northwestern. Homemakers/ Are You Sick? Are YoVsuf-
Eps ou '-. :Observed" 2nd Baptist ering? Do you need Help* xonEa
DIVINE has.the God
Service Show given Powers
.___ __
1 ... ,Brotherhood WeekThe To Observe.District to help by prayers The touch... .of...
;' Now /In SessionADRIAN hand will heal you. ': :
:rI faculty and 'students She'll tell ,
our Past. Present. Future Love. Court-
tleDt tAbi' holy it; of Northwestern Junior- Day I .ship. Lucky Numbers Lucky Days MOTHER DEVINE guar
Senior High School began District Day will be observed antees for the Palm Sign and NAME MOTHER
: Pepsl I their recent' observance of with a daylong DEVINE. Make Lookvo. 37 to 4431 Old St. Augustine .
'Brotherhood Week with a series of.: events at Second Road Jacksonville. BRING THIS ADV. AND RECEIVE READING
.. program ir; the school Baptist Church, Rev. J. C. FOR $1.00. Open 7 DaysALL DAY SUNDAYS.For .
.fwthose ,1,1ffT .
cafetorium. Sams, pastor, announced.At ..
4 who think youngDISCOUNT Addie Blount, a senior, 4 p.m., business meet- ... -- -
:! presided while George Jen- ing will be held in the '
; -- --- kins rendered the invo- homes of the variops i'
Jcation. Minnie Thomason members. :r 'Moncri.ef Drive In
offered a vocal solo and Order 'of.:few-vices
Tyrone William sang "No Sunday scttool begins at
Man, An Island." A group 9:30 a.m. with c. M. Free Fruit Market am. t 1.oiivan. 1.
fro the Bible Club gave a Vadght and L. C. Chester
selection 'In Christ, who will be assisted by 45th & Moncriet to \
There ,is no East or West." departmental superinten- t
1 He's got the Whole' Worldin dents and the teachers.Rev. 'f Call' PO 5-928; :M WBIeMotley: ;. Proprietor 1Oap.m? i
His Hand" was beauti- (Ken) KNIGHTAn '
J. C. Sams will review t --
fully sung by Addie Blount. the- lesson H. '
topic f
early harbinger of en-
The Dramatic Club, under
titled 'The ObligationTobe
Spring is the Homemakers COONS
the direction of Mrs. t
He will
Service Show which is
Norma Bland, presented the .
deliver the
having its 7th annual ; major sermons. Lun
choral speaking group in a showing this weekend Consecration rites for I

MEATSALE playlet One Asked.entitled" principal"And No in(Mar.Duval 8th,9th County and Armory_ lOth) the ushers deacons and ,choir deaconesses members, t PORK: CHOPS 59CIb.I,

James H. Argrett, Sr. ,
will be held at 10:45 .SlIIall'
under the direction of its t
gave ,remarks summarizingthe founder-director AdrianKen Morning worship starts at .
importance of observing ( ) Knight. 11 a'm.'Mrs. SPARERIBS. 4gi
Brotherhood Week. This ,year's event, said R. H. Morrissette an'd : Jf
under the
This was
program to be bigger and better Alexander Heard will directthe
At Premier Discount Center auspicies of the Bible than ever, is highlightedby BTU meeting starting at i .
Club, Mrs. M. E. Johnson, a dazzling array of 5:45 p.m. Evening worship '
sponsor. booths showing the latestin is' scheduled for 7 p.m. f BEEF LIVER 1.00 :

Candle Service appliances, furniture Weekly activities includes $
LONG ISL NDPOTATOES food displays, commercial, the 'Prayer of Faith l bs. .
Set For services, beverages and Hour" Tuesday at 7 p.m.
I Friday other features.The Deacon R. W. Jackson assis- Grade A Stewing t
admission-free exhibition ted by others will be in t
Af MidnightA
offering three charge of devotions. The HENS 2$125IGROUND
11 50 LB. $1 00 A g ht service nights of entertainmentfor pastor will give the inspirational -
'scheduled to start at 12 entire families is talk and will
t BAG midnight, Friday night, additionallypopularized -conduct the Bible period. t
LIMIT ONE BAG March 9 at 907 Pearl St. by the giving away of The Sunday school officersand ( BEEF lb$1 OO.t
is being announced by hundreds of free prizes Teachers Council meets ,
Prophet Hodges of Daytona nightly and the awarding Friday,at 7 p.m. C. M.
F Flo.Grade"A"Stewing Ohio who will conduct the .of grand prizes on the' Vaught and L. C. Chester $ Entle A" Country! LoinTURKEYS ,

_ ,1ge services. final night. will have charge of the
: LB.. business session and Rev. f
Sams will conduct the Bible

Crescent Sliced oo f' nt.II..'."'., t 1.IUJII.I fC" 4. .fi '10.J""I.IJltJUJI-1... ., ... .", '.. mII,1.! ;. ft," study. t 39 'lb' 59c Ibs. 1)40G t

_ Fresh Ground oo !i I '- SERVICEs Branch Meeting ) HAS LETS Ibs. 29C1 f

i i,- Having Trouble.. 1 The regular monthly
BEEF 3. LBS. i ,J. t meeting of the Jax Branchof 15c"b."
Your..fteir9.ratOr: OE MULLETS
With. the NAACP will be held I,
Thursday night Mar. 15 at
Dandy CALL f 8 o'clock in the organi-

SOLO 3 L S" 1 00 '; ,J',.:." Sol -Bernstein 'M-r." Fix It" j zation's Temple Suite 410 312 BroadSt. Masonic !WHITINGS, SUGAR.$5.00 with orl t

., Rev. J.B.F. Williams,
i } ,ts, : ; El 47183 Ex_ 8-7943. president, announced, jaore
Frosty Morn :' t Members and the general .1: .15Clb 5Ib,29. mOd.orderftC '
REPAIRS ON ALL MAKES All Work Done In .Your Home. 3 t public are also remindedthat .
LB.2geFryer the unit's membership
PICNICS TERMS committee meets every LLARD fres' Hog Head' I
Monday night at 8 o'clockin
', 9C
Fresh FrozenGIZZARDS ". ,_ '';\,' ; -_,.i ,.. n.. the branch's suite. 45CCHEESE 5 ,
&f\ --
1 1 ;; .
00OR ,<,.. Jfrp=i if I .... Interested person are ''GREENS :.J1i i
-: 1 ,',,,1 I...1 L'\ .:. always welcome, Pev. Wil- = .j.

WINGS ., -"' >>y..>. .'' --).':--.; :. liams said. --_ ---"'!

: -- r
Fla.-Grade "A"FRYERS 24'Hour.Service! EST. SINCE J942',,! .... Singleton's, Superior Barbecue:: ,

29 rE ", .. Open At 12OO Noon To 2:00: A.M. I

I COMMERCIAL, .. ..- i i.i Come_ Ou.t And, Have MENU'Lunch Lunch With Us. : t.

HI.C UmiM5 E REFRIGERATION l SERVICE- :!l/ 'Barbecue Ribs San 62$') Small Slab S1.86.

ORANGE DRINK 00 :aN Air iij'B I I Large Slab 2.48 Pig On Bun 36$.
HS1 ttWES 12111 cicr leer'Be es" es i, .'"" ,'

While They Last .. ... 15 12 Ox. i' i .. .. C Corn ;Dog 210 '" .Beef On Bun 360
Apple ill-a4-11a3 .... : Frank Dipped In Hush Puppy Mix _

: EI4 Liy. ,3 2i.fl.JARS $100 cis u s __ ,:, French Fries & Tater-Tots 16$ Per Order .

Andrews ; Drive In Service .
FLA. 3017 West : At Cleaveland Rd. PO' 4-9136
lO. EGGS CRADI"A" 2 DO%. 85' Edgewood Ave., .. ,

R .. .- -- ,." -" ------'
,'. ---- -- -- -
-, '? .
"' 1 .
: '
.'. ,.. :
; ,
I ..J ,

i \: ., '< .; ". ..J.'. '... ',,,,:;," -.' -,''?'
y : ,- : ..
>+ ....' ..

3a .. ,_ .,>,-0.' .-. _._ ." _.' _.. ._ _',' __.
J ,-.


.. .f 0'1. _' .' :
1)) .
: < .'.. -

,_,_ .. ." 3.-..
< "

IllIGlobetrotters'" Head ; Basketball -8nfSunday" & Monday In The Coliseum 1ram 1

.. .
& H. -- -- -
'. -'t'" I

bUng" Guardl'Signs Cards'1v .t Amazing Funma/cers/ Pro Clubs/ ;; p ; : Y

-* I. .' With l .-- -,- '
GRAMBLING, La. Garland IUsh.rBigtime'professional;;Classy Court Slate

guard '
oyette 227-pound ---
basketball returnes to Jax Colisum s R
who it is said hits with \
Sunday; and Monday; March llth and 12th when the famed -:
the force of a steam
contract Harlem Globetrotters-Washington Generals plus two regul- : A .
hovel, signed a
arly scheduled American Basketball League
last week with the St. ; pittingthe
ouis Cardinals of the Chicago Majors against the Hawaii Chiefs entertains la j

National Football League.' J'lpridajand' Georgia's sports. 0 ,fans over the. weekend.Sunday's.attractiongoes .

Boyette .is the .,*fifth. on tap at 5.. p.m. and unique wizardy as- scoring ( '
Grambling College grid- li
Monday s games get under- experts and clowning tact- -
ster to sign a pro pact
way at 8 p.m.Extended. ics have won them the accolade -
from Coach Eddie Robin r ; rE e # :
For Fans of-millions in this
son' s 1961 football x -
squad. According to sports im- country Europe, Asia, I ti ;fl_...
pressario Jimmy Murdock, Africa, Russia, and several 3 RS

}JCepecb Gets more than 5,000 disappointed other Iron Curtain countr-

Florida-Georgia sports
r I I Batting AwardOrlando fans were turned away when ies.Such -familiar names as

the "Trotters" staged! [Meadowlark Lemon, Murry
Cepeda of the their appearance here last Summons and others will be

San Francisco Giants, year. The sold-out paid {een here in person when

leader of the National attendance totaled over the Saperstein galaxy show

League's 1961 homerunrace 10,000 persons. For .thisreason pere for the two-day sports

with a season's the sponsors. of pxtravangza.
total of 46, was recently this year s two-day sports' ABL Twin Bill

I awarded the Mel Ott spectacle went to greatly f Sports followers will also

r trophy which is given additional expense in I witness the thrilling act-

annually to the league's. "giving in to the fans demands ion of professional league (NOW HEAR THIS---Owner-Coach! Abe Saperstein of the fabulous Harlem Globetrotters arpearing here in Jax

homerun king.. this year, Murdock basketball play when the Coliseum Sunday, Mar. 11 at 5 p.m. and Monday night Mar 12 at 8 p.m. against the classy Washington Gene -

t -- said. hicago Majors clash in rals. is shown holding a pre-game huddle with his galaxy. In photo (right), master-performer. laugh provoker -

f f r. Galaxy of Stars two regularly scheduled Meadowlark Lemon sinks an overhead shot against the U.S. Stars in a U.S. State Department sponsoredgame

From an information angle, eague contests against the in Bucharest. Roumania The Chicago Majors.versus the Hawaii Chiefs will play two regularly scheduled

r"a' there's: little that can be. Hawaii Chiefs. In the first American. Basketball League Contests on Sunday and Monday. .

'added: to the 30-odd year time such play has been

( .1 ryA. I YR,1 legend of Abe Saperstein'"s witnessed in the Coliseum.The Top Sports Car Drivers }Annual Tourney Winners: I II

Harlea Globetrotters. clubs play Sunday .

x I I Their adroit passing, afternoon and Monday night, At Famed Sebring i 5.55 5 :2 .. ..
I > alo N .rte T70' offensive and defensive respectively. /Entered .:
'. skills coupled with their.- *. Ex-FAMU Star SEBRING -- Friday, March 23rd' racing program is an k,4a \, ..
'. Local color will be injected eye opener for the internationally famous 12-hour f

.... ..... ....., .. .... ." -... .' '.' 24th.starting .
.... .""' .' .. ".. v.'D" a't...'. ti.s ..T.-...,.;eM' .; into the pro basketball ENDIRANCE- :- .. RACE. .Saturday'. March. :-- .-. -- .. .
: -. contests when Leroy ; ; at; j.u a.m. snarp, S .
",; :-' and Saturdays races.Saturday's
;; 2'R' ty Gibson, 6-5, 195poundformer a three hour race over the famous 12-hour
.: ] ,C.ES ... ; FAMU eager appears twisting 5.2 mile course will 1 ,
... ,... .. : .' ,. .. will"Have"thecream of theworld's ENDURANCE RACE get
t' ..
\ '.". .. with the'Chicago Majors. .
tti.t"r" -.-= .. '. the go signal- 10 a a. ,
+: .' .> .4 .iY ... ., road racing champ-
t : A :: L. Other former All-American for 12 of the hardest hoursof
.".r. .4y t .' ..'...-: ".'' Oi,'.""".",...-' .... collegiate stars on the ions at the wheel of the punishment ever given

f/ Majors includes Bill Spivey. smaller cars under 1000 cc. cars or drivers. No let up ::74
|iI ;; NEEDS$ Stirling Moss, England,
R46STORE< : from Kentuckey; Frank ,for the wheiel spinning v .....
"often a bridesmaid, but
I I *AV. .* &"'" ., ] .iti -' Burgess, Gonzaga U. : Dave sports cars from Modena, ; : .. '-
p-\: i '? F f&"* +: P1t..Nili. M.0' -4 nt store 4 Mills, Seattle U. ; Dave never a bride" in the Italy, in the all out I _.m_ .m..m....,_ .. :4 .. pn.. .:...n..::... .'.,.'. .
yearly duel for world
il1WtMlftA}HfltciPtADY'iifTniP IK,YOUR LOCAL PAPERS 1 Wise, Evansville College; fight to keep American bred [ JACKIE ROBINSON ALTHIiA GIBSON

JSJW/V 'J .Di "'.';""-WfAllDoctor.. .... .. -.Piosa4PWolls. .. Fred Sawyer, Louisville champion road racing drivI I ,
) f! t '"-*!* .... ; Corvettes, road race proven COP flTLFF: Jackie P.oLinfon and Althea Gibson: twC' old
A sJp' x 'f' ', '* ers, will be in a Austin- -
: Grady.McCollum, Western in the past few years, from hands at wipning honors, won first honors' 'Jurint; tine
Healey "Sprite" entered -
Illinois ; Herb Lee taking the victor' wreath recent Pay Mitchell sponsored! North-r'outh Colt
bii 4 Pharma :y Indiana; Lee Herman, Oreg- by the English manufacturer and overall Alitalia Air- Tournament held in Miaci. PoI:i1-.on de/ir-ted left
Sir Donald.
.f.;-' #. on State ; Jeff Cohen lines Trophy. year's winner Calvin Tanner of Chicrit-o in the r.cn's
... Healey.
: William and Mary ; and "F i reba II" -. dtfeoteclon lion isdoe.
tf Marvin Panch, amateur division and Miss Gi t son
.. Olivier Gendebien ,
...:\ ""'.. former Globetrotter Govo- both of Daytona l.n.the nonen' division .
L :. '
; \y : -'.t -Vv'W.. \ c ner Vaughn I from Illinois U. .B-eacht Florida, stock car
\ .
V'gsvJT'j '' %""'w..' -, "" -" retirement rumors will be
*$* : :t-.r':- v The Chiefs, whose home champions ; Panch in a
Itf I pg lT wXtOfc JlNDLTEUWONEiXTbirtis'ftfe '" piloting one of the fast
; court. is in Honolulu, are Corvette and Roberts at IDEAL FOR THEFIREPLACE
.'SJ. '. little Fiat Abarth team A
.a ',. :,"".J'.. .r.t." f I'... ) .5' .- coached by Red Rocha entered the wheel of a Pontiac CQJ ia. !
-I L: ? &i"ijpa'.r. former All American from cars. > powered special Ferrari are M &. Clean Burning; &
Even though this race : Long LashnfCITY '
Oregon State. slated for the battle of WIDE DELIVERY
t Cab Galloway famed counts for points and .
the year on the fastest ALL SEASONS ICE & FUEL GO.ABE
i trophies in the same rating' .
,. nator of Hi-De-Ho., and an road racing course in the '
.e 7. d all-star cast I as Saturday s bi'g 12-hour I 5883 NORWOOD AVE. PHONE PO 4.4511'FEAEThALL
supporting ,
I United States, Saturday, -
will their usual '
present March 24th, starting at
entartaining intermissiontime champion drivers are allow I
.10: 00 a.m. i
festivities. I A.Tg' -


first) Annual JC Cage.. Tourneyt .

Set.Mar. 9-10 /\ Ft. Pierce : -

't,: .
FT. PIERCE -- Plans for the First Annual Florida Junior COLISEUM I

College .Athletic Association i Basketball Tournament were .
made during a one-day me e ting; recently_ held here at
: Lincoln Junior College. u .SUN11MAIL11 P.ftt. MON. MAR. 12.8 P.M.
Schedules have been established consolation d finals will ,

s. -T for the participation be played Saturday- night.

At I II I of from six to eight Miami, St. Petersburg, and. -'i-I BIG DOUBLE HEADER CARD I

teams and the date has been this prevented tournament S
direct or-Vernon Floyd from
officially for March .
-lo":"Host team Fort conducting the drawings. J SAPERSTEIN'S

4 :c.i yi y Pierce, (Lincoln JC). Gibbs Gibbs has a 10-0 record .4 .. C -w CHICAGO

Junior College St. Petersburg Dade JC has. an 8-3 record,

;. Dade County-North- and Lincoln possesses a .
western Center, Miami; 5-5 record. Gibbs is expected .J1LLULiI A

Hampton, Ocala; Carver. to be top seeded and
Junior College, Cocoa; and may draw a' first round bye.
S The Roosevelt of West palm ; S P CHIEFS
Twist. Beach are the teams that ( \1IIi

have given indication of II I I II YS I AMEtlCAM IASKETIAU 1

S The Latest Men's Hair StylesJacksonville participation.President Theodore Floydof fI :.-.: I j _/c PLUS

Lincoln. Junior College, Watch' It :,This Gown'. ...0 'I'I't_ LIiWL7i
staunch supporter of : ,'1 12 98 t

::t Being Taught At The Florida's junior college 171.,_\,22 ...:... 515' AND ALL STAR ENTERTAINMENT l Xi.

.. athletic program, is to I"; .. g' 1 : Tickets Now On Sale
contact Volusia. of Daytona '
and ;. ..' :8 : ., 1
Washington Junior '
College of Pensacola to a 8' COLISEUM AND COLISEUM TICKET
..... ..
determine whether they will !I OFFICE IN I HEMMING PARK. (MONROE STREET) .

Barber College Inc.G. participate, based on their '. 31.--.55 OS- r

S. previous intentions. 117 40 U- 100 :. PRICES- 1.o -2.00240 .

I Acting in the FJCAAsponsored 8'_ r J Wa GJ .. ... ALL TAXES INCLUDED .

,' I. Approved 100 percent Air. Cond.. tournament will get DIbm Be add*. .... ; rG > '-L. :4' ,I Reservations. accepted: Phone Coliseum EL 61351. Mail c ders also aecepfed -

... underway at 8 p.m. Friday; lie weds. w=I -Send check or Money Order to Coliseum 1145 E. Adams St., Jocksonvilfe I
63O DAVIS ST..at Beaver night. Two games will bean : .. ,.d Fla. Be sure and advise which date your ticket order is for. Suggest
H tickets and but seats. :
buy your now get .
afternoon .
session at .. :
180 _.1R ::
JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA. 2 p.m. Saturday and the .. -!

.. i'1. '
: -<. : : :. -, :': .:,"-' :< .. ., '> ;" ,.'.(. i.:'.. : : ." .. .. ,,' ::'.:r,..,..,rA''i" -;- : ,. : :.l'F'. .'. .- '-
't' ;. : ie- 4 "Jft> '_ : ;:-:7:- ', .}>..:---. .:'i--. : : .: .'. ;
: -
y1 ic n 1 aI
j ,. .: : '; n '" c...: 4'

l ,

11 I

Y -


-- -- -- -

'- .- ,., .- --, ,-,. o .. -.,' 4_ _ifif ... \ .
.- ', '. "', ..; -. .
;':! '.k +" y" '
: : '; ,. ;)y 'A : ,
f .
4 : 2
.. :. 1 ; < .:

j JURDY A CH/11U962/ .FIQRIM ST R'" f. : PAGE.10

II-: Racial Signs :Are Removed I Jeff A f H. ",S: -. ;'" II

PF.NSACOLA'Removal'of several conferences pith DAVIS. Audrey M. Mrs. BUDDiNGTON s 'George oft
of 1402 W. 22nd St. t 11059
Jefferson Sti_
all segregation signs-- anagers of the stores. in
HUNTER. Miranda Mrs. of Gertrude .
olored and white--were question. .j I CROSS Mrs. of
1643 W. Union St. J 1517 Swift St. -
removed from all downtown Committee members sit-
HOLDER: Annie Mrs. .of
stores here last week as ting in on the discussionwere HOUSTON Robert of Rt.
Perry Fla.
result of a Selective : Revs. I.S. powell 1. Box-76, Elkton.
Buying campaign conductedby Mt. Zion Baptist Church; WHITE. Barbra V.. Mrs. SANDERS. Willie ?op" ,
of 1041 Pearce St.
the Pensacola Councilof Stephen White. Pace 1.Tw 'of St. Augustine. "
Ministers. Temple, CME Church; and \! 1. .WILLIAMS 15th St.RUTHER ,. Edward of 1739W. ; LUNDY. Laura Mrs.' of
Prior to their removal, K.C. Bass Mt. Olive 1139 Julia St. ..
a special committee Baptist Church. II FORD, Ida Mrs. of GEIGER, Ethel Mrs. of
charged with the responsibility Callahan: "\ N. Myrtle Ave.
I Rev. W.C. Dobbins W Rentie
$STON. Deacon of
of having ,
WILSON. Ella Mrs. of
chairman of the council.
14no W. 5th St.
the signs removed held
1351 Grothe St.
JONES, D. T. Rev. of
.. I Alburndale. I HARRIS: George Sr. of
1429 Hart St. .
Floradal Ho WILLIAMS Wade of 1772
ms ,
> i Davis St.BROWN : BROWN. William of 1008
.i j Pearl St. .
Naomi "Bird" ,
[New,3 Bedroom Hones of 1309 Myrtle Ave. 1 HARRFLL, Ben of 1244 W.
MORGAN Louise Mrs. of' 24th St.
In Block or BricK For As low As $250.00'Total 1077 Logan St.

-. ... '. Down' Payment...... & As Low As ,$51:00: Per Month Attractive Miss Susie Hinton, Rock Hill, S. C., a recent fall quarter graduate of : ____L T _g: 1 ..,.
All Units Are Serted By Regular City Bus Service (Mon A&T College, was last week conmissioned a second lieutenant in the Women's Army corps.
chef RffT- No. 36) And Some Lots Have Waterfront Fa- Acting President L. c. Dowdy pins on her bars as Major William Goode, Professor of .:: HOME IMPROVEMENTS- .
cilities. Our Models offer) Oak Floors-Carports-An military science and in charge of the A&t College. Army ROTC Detachment and Dr. L. H.
Screened Porches- Why Keep On Paying Rent -When-You Cai Robinson dean of the School of,Education_. and General Studies,... observe the- proceedings.I ? No Money Down
Own Home: For Less Ttianr Rent? ---- -----
Qn Ygur
domes |[Aid ,For Aged\]Urged By NAACPNEW t Bills Consolidated
R Office At West 45th St. & Vernon Rd. '(. I __ ,
YORKH 'PresidentKennedy' BILL DUFFEE' low Bank
i Phone PO 5.1685Open Every Day lOa. m. to 7 p. PI. Loans MadeWill 's proposal for a construction of the pro- ., Rates ., ;: -i.
posed Kinzua Dam the
\ .
Sales Work '
Built By Builder With 30 Years Experience In buy' Homes from ealth insurance plan forthe site of the Seneca Indian Engineer. .All .. Guaranteed, ..:
... Duval County .. $2,000 to. $3, 000 and meld* aged through the Social reservation in upstate New Free Estimates Call Me Today PO 56111Aoom
loans. from $500 to $.5 000._
.. ecurity system has been York.
-; --
-. endorsed by 'the National I .Added Garages
-' '- '--" -- -- The Board resolution $ Awnings
: I ssociation of for Colored the Advancement suggested the construction ', Carports Drive Ways 'Roots' 'etc.:.
of the dam on an alterna-
HOUSES FOR SALE People. tive site.ThCQME. Chain, link or Redwood Fence ..

** ssociat.ion's In upport of the national plan the ,( TAX SERVICE. -1 1st and.11nd'. Mortgages

'1988 W."23rd Street :;$5500.00 :4250.00 Dow $1 5 .00 'per" month Board of Directors. passeda 'BOOKKEEPING. S SERVICE? We Finance Where Other. Fail

1920 Moorehouse -$5000.00"; :$25J)=pjQ Jtowrf, $50.00per" month" regular resolution monthly* at meeting its NOTARY LETTER PUBLIC.WRITING I I ACME' FENCE_ IMPROVEMENT_ COMPANY

'.19W Jtadega fig55.5Qft.0J' "ifSO.OO own' '$55,06per -month"W here on Feb. 13, calling, 'ISAAC H. CAFFEY : 1545 W. 26th Street
for enactment of ,the Office Phone El 6-8282 Within
I 15 Miles of Jacksonville
: Tuskagee Road. :$4800.00 $250.00"Dow ;,$50.00 per 'month pending measure. Res. El 3-1541 .
Myrtle I Mand! Sunday Call P0-56111,
3.323 Avenue
The Board alsa went on It _
fc //CALL.EL gin 5.5569 [fAtter 6:00: p. m.. EV 7'-2074- record in opposition to the .,.Jacksonville, Pla, .1 f fNO I.
0 ... _
-- --




nil -,' If\ ,' -..

F i;I WHOLESALE: EVERYTHINGMUST NOW ': .. ..0;, :., : : \ !r l

-,9x12 Linoleum" 2-DOOR Rofrigerators-ElectrIc REG. $9.95 MOPS
F "
METAL UTILITY or Gas Stoves_ TABLE 38c
$ 99'
RUG $4.95Dinette GU A T Brooms 88c
+ I CABINET $0 9'5 90 DAYS ES99S LAMP"

s j SPEC'IAL, 'U: .. BABY
A. .
9 SOFA BED *5459Pc.
; inette$5895 9 .A.M.'TIL 8 P.M. ---- MATCHING CLUB CHAIR IN FOAM ,
Porcelain AllMetalCAIINET ;
,suite' SAVE. .
$40.00 $4995 ," .
'- 3-P.C. RUG
i 'REG. $69.95.RECLINER 3-PC. 9 PC. DINING; ROOM SUITE FOAM CUSHIONS FoomCUlhlon Both Bedroom.and T a

\ 'BEDROOM. IN $' acres Bock Sofa Bed Suite rw


NOW $3995MAPLE. "

$29.95'' : WAREHOUSE $95 2 PC. $flflOO


; CHAIR k .
FREE PARKING L ,"", 'ioo."t .-

w .
Jt .. SOFA .
BED m yz ; : :
Box !1 .SUI'TE$17995 I It! __ ., .. .1 ...-...;.....,... ': 0.: ;.'

ir ,," ),;,"'1.. BED < .. ...... .,:... ,.. } 0)9 ':;;:..... ,
Spring "
.., "'
_.... _.- ,( <<.. w '" ",' ,
:---:: "
and / r1
'. ; $ i' ,
Innerspring- --f3 41M& .. :;: $3495 I
a .
: ..... YULE' 4 P

,1, BEDROOM: SUITE '= "_" ,,..=" $13'S : Q1SHONS,FOAM i BEDROOM SUIT
All. DOUt
I SAVE" .. ,
; ; '" $1500. r; UNFINISHED CCLD8S .

I '. I\ 1439 Store Kings Rd. *-* ,PA L M'U. 1 R N 1'1 I U"Rt/' .. COMPANY' ", I-In c m BOOKCASEWAREHOUSE 106(5! ( E. BEAVER ST.

: ,, Phone .El"5-42O9. .Bargains Av'ailakie At Both Stores Phone El 5-SO26t

1 -
f- : .-

\ I" :# --' ', \ ci t; ;
... _
,," '" L .,
1 I
\' '-
f '..


-" '. ,. ,, ,' ::..,,< '- '

I ': : "} ': ,,' .'.. ; "'.- r
: '
: '' '
'f 'f.:\:..:::__ : .
'' '
: 'i. "" ; ..
,, "

PAGE 11.' : tSTAB'( ; _. ,' SATURDAY MARCH 10,1962

I Captain Of The Bearcats {('f'Y.'O. R"Qi..' i"r.ii[

( ;
.w- : % "
.1 .'. Z [. L k J l ..Yra ,:rTr S'r J
."J, r gl' C. 'PARHAlKrJOHNSON: *
., .
-- i 1i. >i -

.. .. EVERYBODY-IS-SCREAMING THE TWIST which seems'to have
S nt
gained prominence, overnight as something new, but

Jacksonville baseball fans can remember young playerwho

> 5 4@kx. formerly played with the Jacksonvill:a*Braves by the '.
j x r
name of Howie Bedell who do s c;
could a perfect job of it, ,
4; ,,..
t -; -: ___
+k s Ir every time he came to the bat .How ie could.JP swing: that

bat as he stood there waiting for the pitch but he r=r

4 ., ,, ,:y s i :ould certainly keep time with the twist"' as he waited

[t is understood that Bedell will be with the Milwaukee

raves in ,spring training camp. Here fs hoping Howie

ill make good. I s'
2'f =
FROM ALL REPORTS CASEY WIRE and Manager Ben Geraghty ,

re like twp: peas in a pod. They seem to ,be. as close I

r .1..Y ogether as the V is to a nickle. They were togethert

Wichita again at Louisville and now at Jacksonville.t .

goes without saying that Ben is v5ry happy to get

asey. Geraghty says the 6-foot, 170-pound second basean -

Nr is his kind of a guy. 'NO questions asked, if he is
fR' ,
good enough for Ben Geraghty he is good,enough for the

Suns. Ben is a mighty good judge of real ball ,players.IT yr

MAY NOT BE DCNE OVERNIGHT, but there is one thing ,, -.' ) : .
PAUL ROGUE Cincy's 6-9 all-America candidate and team -
sure and certain, Bobby Maduro and Sam Wolfson are (RECEPTION---These charming ladies gathered at Sunshine Manor, home of FresHcnt! 1ni
captain is of the
one reasons this season's Bearcatsare
to to the fans
striving give in this real
area a com- Mrs. George w. Gore Jr. of Florida A&M University, during a recertion for the r eGbers
of the 'teams
one top in the nation--even without,
petitive team. They are already on their way towards of the healing arts in attendance at the recently held FAMU- Clinical. Association
Oscar Robinson. Altho guarded by two-men, Hogue score
building a winner. They Already have the of
names confab. They are. left to right Mrs. Gore, Mrs. Annettee Thorje: of Tallahassee*. Mrs
29 points against Drake to lead his
team to
0 73-52
several top performers on the dotted line. Take a look Edith Alsup of St. Petersburg Mrs. F. Welch of Dayton Beach, Mrs. Theresa Waltonof
victory. at the pitching staff, with Ruben Gomez, hometown Don Orlando Williams
Mrs. D. M. and Mrs. Ann Foster, both of Tallahassee.
Bessent, Art Kay, Hall Griggs, Ted .Abernathy, Louis
(FAJ.'U staff
photo by Jesse Nil, rer1 )
cant and Vic Davalillo.THE --- -- ---

BATTERY COMBINATION Ruben Gomez pitching and

almy Thomas catching is quite a familiar sound aroundhe

majors and the fans have every reason to believe

\ that sound mil: soon become familiar in Jacksonville. I e x r

'homas is no novice behind the bat and Gomez knows his

way around out there on the mound. Manager Ben Geraghty

who goes all out for a strong pitching staff was very

igh in his praise of Tiant. It is quite gratifying to
now Hal Griggs will still be around. The time is 1l

rc getting shorter for spring training forthe suns

MANY THINGS ENTER THE MINDS of sports fans just before _

the beginning of every season. Fans remember that atone

time the Jacksonville Braves had pitcher by the
1 4 .p
V. -. ame of Humberto Robinson, They remember how the fans' rf
CHARLES BLUE, assistant professor of music at &T
turned out on the night Robinson pitched. Columbia had
College, last week appeared in an organ recital, 'apart
an outfielder by the name of Frank Robinson, man, man, _
of the faculty concert series. His recital was warmly
nan what a time it was when Columbia met Jacksonville.NOW .
received. J _
THAT THE SOUTHERN LEAGUE,has folded up, and Atlanta =

BAKER'S will have Triple A baseball, it will get a chanceo

do something it has wanted to do for a long longtime

: and that is to have some Negro players.. Atlanta .
t > '' !
7jPH0T0 like. other teams wanted Negro players, but because of ,N ( ;. ., -"iI' .
1 one certain city in the league, they were prevented. J { 't :' i ';i
1uIs : : !
WEDDINGS When the International League open its season Atlanta ; -, .::. ,. ... .. ', r-
.. _.,. tFAJafIY GROUtS'' PART1S ...-, .ti.': ; ...1.K
ir1I will be in the opening. "'- -
.. iTi4?
au Ha
r' _i TEAS BASEBALL FANS IN THE CITY will' have alopportunity to ,> \' .. t'
All OCCASIONS : ttwn .. .. 1
---_. see many familiar faces on the home team and on :" "':
: ;)
I the visiting. teams. The cutting of players by the ::.J;;,
.1130.. f A'\t. e( 5' '.. ; I
4 .._..-_ .o'. II- H... & .. major league teams will, 'be a deciding factor in the -
-:. ( pool-side fashion show v.cs one of the highlights at this year's s r..l:
settlement of players. The thing that hurts iswhen .
1 WHEN YOU ARE ILL only tIAMI..4. North-South Golf Tourn u'ent. The latest in casual 'mt:1 ortH -r was
a team is going strong and they get a player on a
You Seek The Best DoctorWhen ,> ." guests at the beautiful Hampton House Motel and Villas. The! five-
24 hour recall. Many of the teams are contenders, and
Yopr Doctor PrescribesGet day event drew top pro and amateur golfer from across the country. ___
Experienced Pharmacists it hurts to lose a key player when the team is clic --- -

According to Your 'Doctor 'si! king. I New Constitution I -
Orders. We Use Only : THE FANS IN THIS SECTION of the country can rest assured -

The Best. Quality Drugs that after managing teams successfully in the I Reaps.Praise I

i Dr. C. 'E. Black South Atlantic League and then in the InternationalLeague I t I Student participation in o .

Ben Geraghty will not come back to Jacksonvilleto ;the college under the revised -

Proprietor'I I manage- losing team. just a .few days from now constitution of the

|3, REGISTERED PHARMACISTS TO SERVE' YOU Geraghty will have an opportunity to knqw what he has. Student Government

I COMPLETE.ilNE The Suns will be going to camp and everyone will know Association at Fdward
,A '
hat to expect. Good luck Manager Ben Geraghty, the Waters College, and in ,
,Cosmetics Rubber,Goods --Candies f ith ..,.....
ans a.e w accordance with 'pro-
"Arc ie Moore visions of the new

ILLYfS :I tudent Handbook-A Guide MAKES ?SKIN BLEACHES
I Day" KefdLOS l J. .
regsterDIRECTORY Students "
ANGELES Ageless or ha.s proved, OLD FASHIONED"r..
... so far, to be an answero
.-. "- ... .... ; Archie Moore who now '
q holds a small..fraction of achieving-the desired' Sknf0
} % I .'' articualtion in administratiye *-
the world's lightheavy-
faculty, and
eight crown, was recently lighten dark spoil
student relations. The
BLSIKES honored with "'
a vrleu powder
revised constitution was
estimonial dinner as a case
adopted by the student
.7'Jie., 'irms Listed Below :Are Recommended As Reputable 'climax to 'Archie MooreDay' after '
'. a year ago, '
in the Beverly

Establishments. Specializing> Sgwlces': : and Products .'.* Hilton Hotel here. ore than a year of Study I 1- I : __ -_
n ego ti at ings; -
I !' of Power's rgmot/Th Jar with the Sfar
.. fAL And Robby in ;*nd effort, (1) to ,develop i j Manufacture
:, IMPERIAL SUNDRIES ..... .::.. I MOTHER E. M.; JONES a better spirit of

i Patent Medicines Cosmetics, SPIRITUAL ADVISORS Get Pay RaiseCHICAGO cooperation in the

.rvjc EWry Thurtdoy- p..... activities of the college -"
All Leading Hair Preparation s- .
EL 4.2159 ,;' 3'.W. UNION u.ST.. ., -, _EL-.4.0269MADEliNE'S _-* ,- Holdout- A lSmith (2) to encourage democratic -
.C )R. BROAD, & ASHLEY and Floyd Robinsob leadership, self

.. -- -'?>.. : .. were given considerable c o-ntrol. and t cl ?
..'...: 'CMFEE SHOPSpecializing .. .-. ,
LI U.Y&. DRUG STORESA increases in salary for expression among stand t. ,
the '62 season Ed Short, : (3) to crernn: .:
: : Complete Line of : : !In Tasty FOOds '
white Sox general manager intermediary between tae: S1ILLOPE N
+ 1 1E71C5RUBBER GOODS or-
,1C0 ; announced before the team administration and

?: VcANDIES SUNDRIESPrescript ; .Mf jfals ,Served ,Daily left for the Pale Hose
; ;ions .Colfor/ and Delivered .'. ,' -. '" Sarasota Fla. I student. body.: For limited Number !Sliidfirts For DAY,and HI6BP'Glasses

=827li 4929.Kings R Dad i _EL.;+9962 l _. ... __ -
EL 5
-- '
1907 Kinds Rd. : -fa .. .... '
it T r-T.- ., If-- -- : l .; '.In General Secretarial. Business Administration Courses
: --.y. FUEL OILS
tl/jArt's Radio &. T'VT'Serviae f '. /t f .
"'" t :1' BYRD & SONS .1 : LEARN! RESSHAKINB '
: .
; j es.-fc Auf -R\aiQS. : "' : '

trice; CaMs'51 lSO :Af.Wok J t ,'_ : ,., .' WE FUEL SELL OIL|Clan,t BOTTLE and Repair GAS _'ALL VICE MAKES Of- ,now itSl; : ,FOR PERSONAL OR PROFESSIONAL PURPOSES :

3ia.ffl. \\s 3pt: I Cail-PO 868282T221 .' OIL. .and GAS ,HEATERS. *' '. f '

,- ;_6334 Ktstbwn-...- Or., ..' -PO.......4-9516-7... .- ...'. \ "
est Edaewo.o.dLAye.JOHNNIE'S _
: .J I '
r-. ; JAOyLt4O.R1DL.i [ .... _, : for those

ROOMING HOOSE_ .-. ': !I I Mechenk On Duty ,. ufo thinkyoung.. :.. '" .. .
I 'tt" ;

:. /RoomJsy_ Day, Night. "or Week .'=. IKE JOSEPH, Proprietor : _1832 ilyrtie Aye='Corn{ ; y ',JL. ,bQnlL 6-8435.

ow 7 'W.s1.Ashfy; SC EL s':* -i.** '5.* Stale.. and Jefferson'. 'Sts' El'6-9432' .,... .JACKS 1It( HID.t.!;;': FLORIDA ,'.j ...- -

e. ... -

: t .

I .

I \'


I -

R .

.. .

; "" ,. ... .
1 7 ,.> '> :-0' : ;


e'f- ;"-: !:";:"" '->,". ..... :,'>", ....;.-. >. ; .- '.. .' '1 4

: '," : ; :
Pier? < .'. FLORIDA '
... SITIIRfUY-----..-... MARCH....,,- .-.. 10, 1987-----
;: ; --r

i ;, .c H. i.Ft !i'I 'o Is .*i*.= Jat."H i- : )' :>Ei i. o c: 'j KBy i i !;,' HELP WANTED I New Exclusive;/ Offer ,

.lay '.' 2 Male Short Order Cooks.
I I .
mere is a purpose and a reason for almost everything twist '-, I 2 Chef Cooks, ? Porter BusBoys NOW you can order your Barbecue by phone.'?. Will._,.

Nature'has seen fit to place on the face of the 'f Hotel Maid 'and. Deliver. Hone Cooked Meals, Served Daily. "':,._
Flmore Davis spending quite 1 bit .
a of time with his. .
Earth. the lowly Sloth has Waiter.
a place ,in the
pattern -
old pal T.G." ..Miller. The old ;
$ lepl.have a lot AI's Barbecue
of things not controllable by man. So be it Fidelity Fmployment, *
to talk about. I .
with Tfe Lowly Scribe Circumstances brought .t: Agency '

about the curtailment of my journalistic leanings fora Carolyn West palm Charles Beach.is preparing Ed Is now to:a join hubby LB Fd Charlein 1832 N. Myrtle Ave. I Lillian P. Jenkins ,..Prop. 12 26 Logan' St." :>.--

majtor agu e r. '
while. The vacation was not 'die to widely broadcast J' FL 6-6389 1 \Ph 355-3829
playing with the Kansas City 'Athletics.. : J '
,.Luck to Fd r
.notices of my demise from the ranks of the "Fifth_ this "'" -... t 1
year. ,
Estate."' For the uninformed, some politicians announced ,
nillie.Foster ployed host and gave his5* wife Sue a
that I would be ,muzzled. 'I / /J: i
F birthday party at the new Continental Bowling Lanes rr&I
Be that as it may there are certain things which W
Clubroom. The Fosters really did it in. Sue took the .IJJ JJJJ
.I .Ih
cannot be 'v /
mentioned in other
places in our fair 'sheet
cake with her gold
outfit. Manson Felder won the"twist"
and there are many things which should be said and in ---
t contest. The affair was expertly catered by PRESENT
this corner is the place such mutterings are made. As -
the staff of ,the Bowling Lanes Cafeteria.
we have said many times before, "We will hew to the ,..
Bill Terry is back in town. The big wind from Houston. -
line, varying neither to the left right
nor to the
blew in last
week for a three or four week. stay. With
and let the CHIPS fall where they Thus -1k
may.,. ,you dig hinr-came : sie" his little black bowling ball and
.the ca ptiop, "Chips" etc. : good luck charm. /dd

You can not tell it by the weather but Spring is L I
The books
are open so register. 'If I did not mention
just around the calendar
corner according to the ;
anything the
answer, is N.. C. .
Another sign of Spring is the appearance of snakesand

other hibernating beings. in our town a sure sips CUSSJFIO) .ADYER. sn' Hi., Your Negro Newspaper '* +r' t
of spring and Election Year is the end of hibernation
FOR RENTPvt Stands For The RightsOf ,'.
for cliticial Clubs' and the rattles of politiciansas \ "'
they began to scurry bout in their holes priorto '. unfurn. with Kitchen, : The Negro PeopleSpecializing "' '.1

emerging. Have you noted the announcements of the Lights. $12.50 per wk";' ''',,

meetings of the various 'civic clubs' ? Another sign .-EL 55329.- fie; 9ueg2Aestaur: "

is the increased flow of traffic around 16th and MYrtle FOR SALE ,

and Broad and Church. The .. f
boys are placing double COMBO .
55 Buick. Solid White with Iii ;:'
FineHomgCook, "!'it-::
linings .In their pockets. Some are extending the : : ;
Red and Black
Interior.AT .
depths, of said pockets.It Meals-Clean FacilitiesShort ...
R&H, One H
owner Good
has been a jolly social season with more to .' Orders ENTERTAINMENTRESERVATIONS
MotorBargain at $415.00Can
follow. Last week despite the weather many brave '-
: '
arrange financing, call TO Go-Regular I 6 Days from 8
souls braved p.m. '
the elements to wntch hometown gal, *
owner at RA 5-0459. Meals Served Daily \
Francis Wallace show her wares. After "' Tashionetta'

the happy feet danced to the music of Alvin Downing. "e /TmAIRSER' ict.::: -.. vT. "_The_Place' Of tYoWz..

If you think that his little band is hot.you should Friendly Faces ,

hear the big band. ,Will guarantee repair ven'etlan'bl&Hisand ilpjxjtlstering '*, 1Q39 .Flordia Ave. .&6t a6
Saturday night the Dean of American Negro leaders done: with fabrics. .at Mill iorices. -

A. Phillip Randolph was the guest of honor, at a small: Free estimates on .J

dinner party, at the home of Mr., and Mrs. John Parrotton ..0rk,' Call EL 4-5841 : Sewing'NlachinesWashing .FOR AND SPECIAL PARTIES CALL:

Durkee D .ive. It is always a pleasure and inspirational '
: 'J' PO 4.9167
'TW -
fb '
associate .
with Mr. Randolph. .NT'---'E '-41.: I. _
Our friend Azzie Lee McFarland is enjoying the cool Machines. : '

breezes and watching the bangtails run down South. ,.1,fBeauty' Operators & Bakers.., .].; \ Bar opens at 5 p.m.

Azzie Lee is in Miami for a sojourn. Up from Miami .ere wanted to New,Holly-4i Bought Sold 0
W/ .
Beauty Lounge
to stay for a while comes Helen Bradley. She intendsto t a.m.
:Ashley St.. Call EL .4.9774.flr.'Porter REPAIREDFree Open
make Jax home for a spell. Another transplant is
'the Moon'which f t( ./: EL 3-3245 r.L
is now over Jacksonville. ClintonMoon estimatesHAMWEY :

gentleman model, artist. bon vivant and; entrepreneur -'t-",,.' S. Anderspn." --- ; \. i r 1 Ir. ouoas QGF W000s _

now calls Jacksonville his home base. The ......T.._:- -- _
native of Birmingham is associated with the STAP. You _. V

may attribute the new look in the masthead and fancy -Jo/inn/Vs"- ;Hofe/'" I L 20 BROAD ST. El" 4-7748

artwork to "The Moon. "
All-Modern Conveniences WE EDE C R
Ken Knight is v + 't ; ,
planning his annual Home Show. This Rooms
By Dajr
: HJ.te.or. .VejfeXCall -
,year it will be bigger and better' than eve-r.. F.1 #67596. 741K WestAshley STRAND Sunday thru Sat .. ._.___
Additional exhibitors are on the show this year. All .
.. Street. -2, TOP HITS!
of the bigtime national hucksters are winging their ..' '

way In this direction. The show opens next week. HOUS'ABCJOK AUTOSERVICE" LOLA

Also on the calendar is the' biggest thing to hit "
; ..wBJ.m Taste; the flavor of.
town In many years. The STAR will spring a gala, GENERAL AUTO REPAIR > SCOTT sunny morning .), :.,.f.

star-studded anniversary celebration., This is the I .'fr
J;'W. ,HOUGA .OO ; Mechanic- MWWE ,,,
12th/year of publication of the The People's1 Paper" :

and atreat is in store for the people. We will pre- ;,1361, Kings Road EL 4-3659. 'J

sent something for member of the frQm -
every family N :- ai '
little brother up to big daddy. Watch the paper for Tou Call, Jfe Will Haul ., JchenleqHt
more news. fwmbsJUlurtonService
t. .
We notice that our old friend Ernie Busker is run- Is Our Business ;

ning for Congressfrom South Florida. Thataboy Ernie, 117.Wishart Street ;: r TIFFANY'

if you can't lick them, join them. Warning note Telephone"PI 91271jftck86nvi'lle .

for voters; the new word CONSERVATIVE has replaced 7. Florida:, ,
SEGREGATIONIST in political lingo. Since the rebels, \ f

have finally realized that little brother Bobby ain' t
playing and that seggies are dead, they have changed DUVAU ARMOFtYSunday:: March 11.9OOp.m.,] : I'M' SUNNY

their name to roN" RvATIVES. A rose is a ,rose, by any I UntilUP8TOS THE* CHENLEY Rt OSTER

,other name, Sumter Lowery and George Stallings are All..N' PEJSON ,'' .- For sunny cheer in added measure V.

among the* 'Conservative" candi ates. / Just Qivs-or serve-this whisky treagurei -

The, big squeeze is still on. it is rumored, that 'the HMLuES ,rS.
;: fq6t 1< rd ...
next Negro business: to go under will be Our Savoy' r ,-' -

It is on the block at the present time. Financial Star RJ ad > S: ,.

houses hate managed to do what others could not 'do. 1 Y\r
The "Citizens Council" whose members are upright '
t '
;;; :
members of our power elite such as the bankers, etc. 4 I
are making-much more headway than the ,Klan and other

hate groups. They use our dollars to fight us with. y s 4.\:.:

They also help to tighten the chains with tax dollars t

and borrow federal funds. Aunt Haggar' Chil lun had .
better get up off of their knees and the bar stools _1 '/ ;: 'J .

and wake up. It's later than you think.
Hot Rumor Dept. A ;refused loan Is not the real rea-, '

'son for the Reyno Drug Store shooting. Ask any employee p1 4
if they will talk, or better still, ask the .

'cust merS. The victim had seen 'the, warnings and .. # :

ignored them. !

The girls have it and so is the order. In the school .
system, we wonder where will it all stop. Now all of ,

the talk ain't Just 'idle gossip. All of this smoke : :::, ,.

around town means that a bush is burning ,somewhere.
Out Rings Road and Spires way there is a whole fieldof .. ,

grass on fire. Among our 'professional folk -
morals were in orbit and left this planet long befor
'Col. Glenn went aloft. Someone needs ,to fire some : WHISK ,/ ;; .

retro rockets or fire some people 'and see If things : :B"UV'BErtCR,, + .. .. ;,. : L,-'r:
can get normal again and we do mean normal, in the A' idN PE E7 ,""' ,.'" A" ., P'\ '/".;;; .
.. \
fullest sense of the word. # .' .

Talking about triangles, thats a geometric wingdingthat i ,,f. ,

exploded in a shooting with one dead out Magnolia -' Schenley is a better whisky because every drop of ''

Gardens way last week. Telephones have been .hot. I straight whisky in Schenley is aged over 8 years

ever since it happened. Ae tales bear a printed in ORCH. and blended with choice grain?neutral spirits.This
France" trademark' makes wonderful whisky..exira: smooth,extra = -'
mellow, extra fine in bouquet. Taste Schenleys
Les filled oooh la !s. You should see the pretty
sunny morning. flavor...today I ISchtnlty 1j'
little things who are attending, the formals. it is a I S100
\ 'S419
thrill to see then do "the twist." I hope that all ADMISSION .' .. .sc cnlcq

whose girth exceeds forty inches sit down and become .Advance $2.50--At Doofc $3.00--Tables $3.00 ; c.er+. >124' c... i .134 4. nN now.01 Aot4 wnaw'.

spectators with me. Let the likes of Harriet witsell. Advance tickets and reservations at ,';... .

Crib Walker, Alfreda and Gene Gonzalez, Theresa Mac' _Ebony Record Shop, 728 W. Ashley ReSirve-Blended'Whlskey.88 Proof.681 Orals Neutral Spirits.Schtnle DUtmtr Co..N.Y.C.

key, Shirley Johnson and Catherine. ..,McIntyre' ,..1.!do_the .., ,


I 1

," ,, ,. ,' I ... ..,..... .. .. I .. IX .. ..
I."''' / f" ;I :r. "" I' "",". I'", ,; ';I"'rr.n '" Wly1 Ir."J:; ':::. ..,r j,' '" : 'f' "r.:" .'ifs \Cr- ,,'". .11" ", .! ,' ", ; '

-" "