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27183 F20090413_AAANCD 00075thm.jpg b501fbb1fe6954f494fa6b5fb26d7de6dc32a8e4810cd2da919716b3979be6193ceb490f
1886734 F20090413_AAANCE 00076.jp2 cff4018b8bd7bb7de8aa62ed8e6619d63380448b2e23793902fb7bed3e629dc79814a01c
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
March 3, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
March 3, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text


I -: '
\ "L t '. ,' ...., '' ... :. '
. -. .,. _. '
r Yr
.: '

Florida Star Prepares To Celebrate '12th Anniversou Of Service See Page 5I

1 I

k J r
I .
: i, ,, .I... '


__ .
'-- --- _. _. rlWIIi .
: :
: -- -- -
: -

Jax K Ponders Why Stanton Sr. High i _

i II,! Is Minus Service Of Baseball :Coach ( 4j

I; Pearson Teams I I//EmployedBy 'Spacecraft CENTS
: 15
Were Winningest. I _I _.- : ,. .'-

Although it appears that s ,

the reason is quite obvious 1 { SLAYING .

the STAR late Wed- :
nesday and early Thursday

/ morning was besieged with ,
calls from persons seeking WOMAN

the 'reasons why Ruthledge :

Jt Pearson was not given a : _
contract to coach the / / '; k
if Stanton senior' High Robber SlayerL
: { u __
'if a School's baseball team a- L.
gain this year. l : H
Brother }
: Pearson, a former pro- t _
fessional baseball playerof cw0 '+ robbery detectives said that 'i "
note, has produced the Jacksonville resident confessed

: best baseball coaching robbery slaying of,,an elderly
I record in Duval County and has also implicated his

I during his six years as ., -
Stanton diamond mentor. ana
NEW ADDITION to the St. Petersburg implicated his brother ,-
.During that period of said
Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Company is in the
won Freddie McKinney
time, his teams have
G. Robinson, a most recent graduate of robbery-slaying.
4 five county championships.
1 College. The spacecraft and missile
in the past six years. a
GJC alumna to serve in the procurement Secretarial I
l In addition to this enviable j .
i's one of more than 65 business grads of
record Pearson who have found employment since the im- Exams Mar. 9
4+ has instrumental in) .
providing numerous college'j I began its ,program of providing ; : who Civil Service exaMinations -

scholarships? for local ballplayers .!I ] to establish an

to a number of-the \ Rioting Negroes eligible list of school
*". will be held
= ; secretaries
country's major colleges, Negro's car
arid universities and has' Injures PolicemanFRO'P them. i! been Friday March 9 begin
ning at '9,_ft.m. inDuval- .
aided several players in ,
USED' i r'n' v cca# ga chp *"" .... '
"" .... SaB
'making* the major league, ,_ .. RO.OF..Local law 'He-i.'k -J.h'l \ Duval, County c! .
gradein baseball. officers were, con- announced this
vulgar words vice Board
Many of the phone callers ducting an investigation
said.. "When week. ,
'voiced the opinion that Monday seeking cause for policeman a Minimum requirementswill I
the board of public instruction's the rioting of some 30 who '
arrest him \ consist of completion -
failure to re- Negroes here Sunday night :
drunk of a high school
hire Pearson as baseball which hospitalized a in supplemented '
# rocks came
coach is merely a" smokescreen policeman, wrecked a pa-' car. : 1100 by coursed or training in
and is a warning to*' trol car and resulted in Pt. .
Brannen bookkeeping.
curb his activities as advisor .the arrest of 23 Negroes. MC- Applicants must be'
the two
Ito the Jax NAACP Polk County Sheriff .22 'familiar with modern
E Youth Council. Monroe Brannen said the the 'he office procedure, and of
The same people ,also incident was touched off got his a permanent residency.Age .
opined that the latest mover at about 8 p.m. when 'Dljce is a his limit shall not exceed ,
on the board's part is Deputy Sheriff Edward 1'J 41
man and. he years.
merely a forerunner of a Dice and Policeman Leon hurt much-- Applications must be
major move .to cancel Pearson Respass went to Gar- bit by. filed in the office of
fs contract as a teacherin diner's bar in the Negro Respass in the Civil Service Board

a the' Duval County School .section to make a routine take Wales on not later than 5 p.m. ,

System. check. treatment 1 Friday, March 2. However,
'I Brannen said when the applications postmarkedno
\ leased t
Housewives twa officers came out said. : later than midnighton

from the bar a Negro, Six March 2 will be ac-
k Watch For who;appeared to be drunk to the the cepted.

," staggered. up to the Mrs.
Negroes 17
officers and told them a- State To Fete .
Mr. ,
Shopper women, were
to move their car so .,., :
': **_.: African Leaders +

: ,
; TALLAHASSEE in a move
Peace Corps Official Visits A&T Ito keep from marring by

from enbarassnent the visits
4)f African visitors to

the state. Secretary of
;:: ..'
H :" State Tom Adams said he
A' 5 \V -,:'.\>. p wants to encourage these

: dignataries come to ,

I :! ,. Florida on their own for-
t vacations, trade missions
and the like without
o r
restrictions of planned ,
i: fI were
5 ( left The secretary of state ,
": with is in charge of Florida's,
participation in a- cam
HARRY L. one paignto encourage travelof

:,..Fined_ women foreign diplomats
throughout America to
A prowler
promote international
early last I
\ goodwill.Mr. .
was treated
I ..i_ Center and isties Adams recently gave
on a be- 'Angler Biddle Duke, '. chief;!
of protocol of the UlS.: '
was given a Is .
o'f State
90 days in They Department
A state-sponsored tour ,
Dr. I. Gregory Newton, Durham N. C. consultant with Harry Leroy : them with the itinerary in-

t the U. S. Peace-Corps, last week visited A. and T. COl- was shot by ; was cluding Miami, Miami
lege in the interest of recruiting nurses to work, with Myersof : the
Beach orlando
the overseas peace Corps Program. He talks with Nathalie St.. face. Tallahassee Lakeland ana
", ]Mack, left, Switzerland. S. C., and Peggy Rogers, right, Myers said ;Port. Lauderdale Is planned :
Graham, N. C. both students in the A. and T. College : heard noises ( for April 23;.
: east window : ,
"- School. .,-,of NurAinQ. '" I

t J


I f

i r1i ... .....j' 1. r..M <'r If'f ,If
kAt .. : i r 'or" : ,, ,,.-,. ,_ .. I ,' ", '."',, .r. '...=fttll.' i'1"r ,, '"

._ c. .r _,_ 0- .- !- .' ,-,-"'.- -=--
'' :
1 j
,, <.
__ "L' r_

IF I -

-, .., "' / ,
\ '
-- "" '
: ;" .
.:- .' '
_.: ___..- __ : _'___ _' SATURDAY MARCH 3, 1962
f., ... ,' .. .. : .:. .. : "
<. '-' 1ft".A.: ........ ,. .. '
'- ""': '. -; ..' r :. .i....:-.._._.... ; 1p 'J' A'I r l 6 I 61 a r I
TH! FLORIDA STAR- : '. :. ...e.-: ... ..'. .. / iI l li
"-:'-. ,. : .' .. ... .... 8. 4vI. / i b I' / Ji ,2' / /
04. -.:..-..:..-:'.. .:... .....-. .to. "'- / s vi / I'/ J'A
NEWS .- ::_.... "it.-1

-, ,ubli J'ed'by The Florida Star Publlihfng: :Cc.: ,.. --;-.:.'"::"e: : BY :EBI'Cr-O.*BIMPSOH .

,. : :1 .S ; /
"Member of Associated '
/ ,. .;'.t' ,"--< ', .., .
-- r'II NFW YORK---The problem of Negro talent in
ERIC O. SIMP, ON"'j.....................,.............:Menaflhf l Etffer, skill
being able to add its in appropriate
AIYSON E.,,WISE:"""""''',,,.,,...,,.,,,,.,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,rJfttwsMHILDA : .
measure to sharpening the true image of Ameri-
WOOTEN?........................................grculoHon Monag < HIGH -' r
I can life today has economic significance as
: ., _L ;Ii COURT .--V : J vital as its cultural importance.
41' MAIN OFFICE & PLANT .. .. ..
I.' ., This the obserbation of
2323rMoneri' .f,.Road........ ........:...:;.... ........Phont. ELgfn! 4-6782 I { .-.rr...;. was Whitney M. Young,
: .. _
--- ', -..---.m. ;:, .' Jr in an address to members of -the Negro
: -
-" -
::';- .' .,. ,, ._. Actors Guild here recently.
/' Mailing Address: f'I'- -,," ......

,:'\ P. O. Box 56\', Jacksonvillo 1, Florida. t: ,\ -_..t'-. "Despite great talents and devo--
: 1 ..
tion to the arts have learnedand
,'7.: '$42 NJT\ 2i\d AVENUE I '. e '. :.:: : .' ..:-,:,.....'. ,., you
M .. practiced, Mr. Young told the '
g.. : :: ; "
e ., *.,"f *. ** ;; :" ; :f assembled performers, there are
... ...
i '. e .. -J:: :::: :::o:;'..! -,; oc thinly hidden
<* SUBSCRIPTiON I RATES ; carefully unpub-
;; -
.' ,One Year, $5.00; Half Year, 3.00 f'S licized barriers that preclude realistic

.-' Mailed To You Anywhere In The United: StatesSubicrip I f1! j use of your skills and train-

tlon Payable In Advance. Send Check or Money Order To, ; : ing. ,

i of"e, He termed the performing arts one

.:jr; :/ MMA : + of the most exciting and provocativeavenues

: of communication in the history of
Negro Progress Overstated l .
;-.:':.-,tI'.s man and deplored the fact that in the main

1 it is blocked off by prejudice and cloudedby
Statistics contradicts the picture of
r 1I shortsighted tradition with respect to
Negro progresscurrently presented in
many r opportunities for Negroes. As a result, he
American newspapers and magazines, according,
to said, the economic security of Negro talent is
an economic
round-up prepared by joanne

Grant which appears in the recent is'suel of .- gravely jeopardized.
l the Mr. Young declared that a great proportion of
progressive news weekly NATIONAL GUARDIAN
American society has been steeped for'genera-
14; ( page 7 ).
tions in encouraged apathies regarding the
Citing data from federal and local agencies
and mutual of human rela-
dignity obligations
1. and from individual specialistsl Miss, Grant I
.r fill d tionship. He urged that "walls of the nar-
t. shows that U.S. Negroes today are still last '
t to be hired and first to be fired; they earn ONLY DIRECT ACTION'BY THE GOVERNMENT; WILL, MAKE HIM OBEY THE LAW row corridor of opportunity be pushed wide-- ,

.. not by violence or threat, but by persuasion,
a median family income Just over half that oft '" '" I
education and true reflection of the natien's
the white family; they suffer both educationa: / .. S "
and houstiig disadvantages which have perpetuated -S .Your Weekly "There are talents in which you\ gatheredhere

1 what the U.S. Commission on Civil "
are singularly proficient, he added.
::1 Rights has called 'the vicious circle of '
afforded to
Guide "Upon the opportunity you use
4 discrimination. ", Horoscope
: them depends your economic security--your
How long the community and the nation can "
.. be WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR _S bread and butter. .
afford this waste' may answered earlier J '_
K The NUL chief recalled some of the strides
than we expect, Miss Grant concludes: 'For BUSINESS' LOVE .-= TRAVEL made in the entertainment world, through cooperation -

Negroes are themselves leading the fight for and effort by the League, in which

dignity by knocking down public racial barriers By PABLO, The ASTROLOGER. .. Negro talent participated in full. Among these '.

in restaurants, theaters, r creation\. i he noted the CBS broadcast of "N .ght of

centers and driving for the vote, jobs and ARIES i I steady during the stom. Stars" in 1941, in which for the first time a

education. They "are not asking: When. They Born 1t rd121 thru'.April 19 8-77-60-13-55-876 LED* 9-66-20-13-22-962 962. network devoted ax full hour coasttocoastto

are spying: Now Friends you\ve been thru 22 -St\GITTARI( a variety program presenting an allNegro
Another article in the NATIONAL GUARDIAN ,.Born July 23 Aug. *
counting on always seem '.Bom assembly of top figures in show business. He
issue commemorating Negro History Week discusses Take the chip off your .. Nov 23 thru Dec.: 21
to be somewhere else when also lauded producedby
subsequent presentations
shoulder and perhaps the Not a good to take .
John Brown "the only man
(page 6) as
need then the 'most
you NBC and ABC.
'who indestructible family will be less readyto an thing or anyone for-
in Qur history formed an or are too Involved In also to In
granted. Maybe Mr. Young pointed top productions
between black and white Americans. try to knock it off. familiars
bridge their 'own problems to There are sharp dif- relatives or neighborsare recent years on Broadway, in films and on tel-

This appreciation of the man who "was' a give any attention to ferences of opinion that under pressures evision that have centered on Negro life, but
to the 14th Amendment" was
living preamble yours. It may not be can affect your atti- 'you're not aware of to cautioned the actors that:
,written by Truman Nelson who spent six years until the last week that tudes (toward others. pre make them act in such "All, of this is still 'far from attainment of

in research and writing a' novel about jofm' 'you can ,get things satisfactorily judice can often infil- strangely cold .%or selfish .objectives of the National Urban 'League in
Brown in Kansas, called the Surveyor (Doubleday -
adjusted-and if
to into full
7 trate your mind in ways ways. Maintain as helping bring your profession

). you're in a tight spot other .people can clearlysee bland a manner. as you flower of its potential for focusing the pic-

AN URGENT NEED"" S for money, just forget while you're entirely can, to deflect any I ture of American life into the realities of

I r 'about asking for favors. unaware it may be showing. brickbats.. "how we live it. "

211101854218TAURUS I I ISweep' out the, clutter 1-88-70-16-73-187 Later in the week, Mr. Young spoke at annual

FOR MORE DOCTORSSurgeon get ,set for a new deal. I I CAEiUtt N meetings of three Leagues in Ohio. On Tuesday,

General Terry I told 'an audience recently Born ADril: 20) thru May 20. 3-99-30-15-45-3 r Born. Dec._ 22 thru Jan. 19 in additioh to a Rotary Club Luncheon in Akron -
he addressed theN Canton UL Annual meeting
w ,.I that our country will need to produce Your name may be mud in VIRGO A stormy ouarre'l over
dinner, followed the next evening by a speech
11,000 doctors annually if the minimum standard some quarters perhaps Borp Aug. 23 thru Se.pt. 22 money can wreck even the
ata similar event in Akron and, on Thursday,
of 132 doctors for every 100,000 personsis because you've. been, longest friendship, as
When everything's at at the Annual Meeting dinner of the Columbus
to be maintained. It was also revealed giving the wrong impression events of the last week
sixes and sevens, and UL.
that the nation's 81 medical schools are unwittingly or may demonstrate. You're

graduating 3500 doctors under the minimum some members of your team little things go wrong, .determined to hold on '
it does not help much 'to for dear life : i .ren"
needed each year. just can't be happy unless to anything i .4 .1I
complain. Criticism is
It has been learned that the high cqst of they're tearing 'that's rightfully yoursor

securing medical education is the main fac- down someone else. And apt to be taken per- to get something to

t tor in fewer students chosing medicine as a you happen to be the most sonally co-workers and so relationswith those hold on to any way shortof iJ.a[ security
profession Here is an area in which the vulnerable. Bide your larceny. Where you suspect -

I government might step in to alleviate said time-your friends soon take whose too'much good' for will grantedcan you the motives of J ,
will know the right and those you call your
'i shortages by extending financial, to be sadly strained ,
qualified medical schools and.stud Qts in the I wrong of it. friends fend off' a .. .
At: least one rhubarb or ,.' ,
possible raid on the. "Sz
form of loans.Regardless .
-- '. misunderstanding a week :
of the 'costs, if we are to meet GEMINI is par for the course pocketbook. e" .. 1

i the challenges in the years ahead, our first Porn May .21'' thru June 21 so be forewarned, and 25501581259 .

a line of defense must be in the guise of a Nothing can. seem more keep mum' *. AQUARIUS -,

physically fit nat ion. dreary pr thankless han : $am.Jan. 20 tiiru.Jfeb. 18 ,

Thisis a far too acute problem for our the tasks that seem to 5-22-50 -17-63-526 No' matter'what you do", .
national leaders to fiddle over.: That time is accumulate when your there are those who are

now.at hand.Largest / attention's diverted. Sept. 23 thru-.' .Oct. 23. ready to misunderstand, .' .' I.

They can't be swept under You're determined to refusing to give you the, ':.,..
j I Seed Collection In U.S.A. .J.JThe the rug clear the make as good a showingas benefit of the doubt "so : r
docket. Be ready the last the next one, even 'steer clear of'complica- / '-,!..>. :
lkrge.it general seed collection I of the century in a more or i if .you have to make a '
that could reflecton *. '-.
third for tions ,
in the world if not the less haphazard manner the pre more rewarding' t
only 'general collection. is the sent collections were officially activities likely to l e financial sacrifice. your good name. Things ,"...
property of the United States inaugurated in 1908. At presentthe Just be sure the game is themselves'if i i a '
noticed when will right
handle t
Department of Agriculture and two collections contain about you -. s.. 'f!
is located at its Plant Industry 100,000 samples of seedsof them well. Disregard the worth the candle beforeyou you let. well enough
Station and Agricultural Re over 250 plant families Irritations go in hock for what alone. '
search Center in Beltsville. Md. (which are very large groups of uninvited
Started. just before the turn and not comparable criticism. may turn out to be the

.. .
.. old '"
-- ---'-- -- same rat race for Tr33-60-14-34-736

J 6-55-40-14-64-654 CARS'Born .' the center of a very .. PISCES _

-Nff small-time stage. Turn Born Feb. 19 thru Mardi 20)
June 22, thru July 22 ,
your attention to. There are more rumors
i It would be too bad to worthier efforts at end flying about that first fS
swwitb Pepsi! permit
a romance to go
of month-and get paid week than you can shakea ,
sour over the'Questiob
for your trouble. stick at-none worth ,

& bf l of money., Don't expect getting so upset about. KEN KMGHTJnvrtes
I others to foot the bill 7-44-80-19-81-748
lit .
I that you misplay every You To LJsten, To -i
..J' for good times. Concentrate S SCORPIO+ \ hand that's dealt, and -

.think r rIf on things where Born... Oct. 24.'tJnu liNt 22 let the ragged edges of "KNIGHT TRAin,
J'NIIf.I \ 4. competition is not so :All sorts of cexplica :: -
your anxiety show Dig
Ift -, keen as to who can sake tions are likely to develop .into _
a Job of work the -Starting At 7OO p.m.. NI
the sore imposing show. ; on the hone front
jfirst half'df the month, ; '
.A trip at end of month the first week. Do whatever -
and by end of month. '' 1400'WRHC14Q0
.-. .
( can he a welcome diver you can to help .

ill i -: ::;{'=: .' :: ..sion. -. ; those.' 't around,,* h_', e you bold.S' .._ 4-77-50-18-51-475: .: -. '0J

!'.., J ,;:. .t: .. .
\ ; ,. /...} i-- ;;,. ';...-y, -
.. ... .. <' ,". ", '". .
f't' ? \ tf
'. I
:: .
.,.' ;tr. "

\ I r J_
{ .,. .

., .,' .,. S .

-'-- --- -

---- -

r--- I : .

\ J
-- \ ,O. ...,_ "," '. 'b .
Pi'On 2 ., RORIDA STAfc ,c ; :: SATURDAY MARCH 3, 1962

,., .
I .. .t. ., -- .1
-" '
: .
w : \" 1 .. .; .._ ,. <: : t' r/r m 1 '6 3 rr6 I ry 61 J
ST R9'.fNEWS .
l"s -
.: THFLQRIDA : I' ,,.'. .a I 4 l.z i I

rI'f .-.'-.,.:.;...' ..;: .:.'',-:-.--." '\N 1 /J., 7.2 t 4 J, ., t 4 .,

w:;':.;',:;-.'--'..... ,t-. ., -
--:-: .=1.:.: .-4 -- :'ElUC -
..'Published. : by The Florida Star Publishing-Cc: : ,, P
..: ,"Member of Associated Negro Pre..";. : % --

0 .. .... ._
tI NEW YORK---The problem of Negro talent in
ERIC O. SIMPSON....''''' ,...................................: r I' Erflter rfi4 t ., -
?., I being able to add its skill in appropriatemeasure

.ALYSON E.;.WISp...............................................,.-.14ervs;,ltflt, : ." to sharpening the true image of Ameri-

HILDA WOOTEN 1.1......................................Circulation' Menag HIGH -' ::7 '
__ can life today has economic significance as
., ,
,J r T otIiiT-"F: 1 _vital its cultural .
fl MAIN OFFICE & PLANT: 1j I .' _....__ as importance.This

2323 Moncrltf. Road,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,.:, :.'.,,.I ,,".....Phone. Elgin! 4-6782 f : ".- .-. was the obserbation of Whitney M. Young,
:: ...., -- ... ": -- .. .h.s.: .. Jr? in an address to members of the Negro
j :'? Mailing Address: .. \\If'Io r <' +. .60 ,.., Actors Guild here recently.

:<%, P. O. Box 561, Jacksonville 1, Florida. Si i. :_.:. --- ... "Despite great talents and devo--,

ci : .. .. -.,. ... tion to the arts you have learnedand
-) $43 N V 2r\d AVENUE ". 4c '...' .f "-: -..",' '. "
MIAMI, .Pu. .PR 48195, 6fc ttP4105 % .:2-, ______ practiced, Mr. Young told the
., ':. --f'' fy,";: :it assembled performers, there are
... ".-. ".I'!....,.... :. : ::'.'!!,-.. ; .... '
;- SUBSCRIPTION RATES thinly hidden'carefully unpub-

',' .-- ': ,One Year, $5.00: ; Half Year, .oo licized barriers that preclude real-
I .. .. .
\ : '
Mailed To You Anywhere ,In The United" States .r.I : v istic' use of your skills and train-
Subscription Payable In Advance. Send Cheek or Money, Order To; ing.

< He termed the performing arts one

of the most exciting and provocativeavenues

of communication in the history of
: Negro Progress OverstatedStatistics l t1 ...., .
:J ;
:. "
'. 1 1 s 1-,.s man and deplored the fact that in the main

it is "blocked off by prejudice and cloudedby

i contradicts the rosy picture of shortsighted 'tradition with respect to ,
Negro progress, currently presented in
many opportunities for Negroes. As a result, he
American newspapers and magazines
to according said, the economic security of Negro talent is
an economic
round-up prepared by Joanne

Grant which appears in the' recent issue, of gravely jeopardized.
1 the Mr. Young declared that a great proportion of
progressive news weekly NATIONAL GUARDIAN
American society has been steeped for'genera-
,. ( 7 .
page ) .
,, ,
yr j the
tions in
1 lr enccuraged apathies regarding
Citing data from federal and local agencies
dignity and mutual obligations of human rela-
1 and from individual. specialists Miss Grant
atp. EI a 0 tionship. He urged that "walls of the nar-
I shows that U.S. Negroes today'are still last .

to be hired and first to be fired; they earn ONLY DIRECT. ACTION BY THE ,GOVERNMENT, WILL MAKE HIM OBEY THE LAW row corridor of opportunity be pushed wide--
not by violence or threat, but by persuasion,
., ..
a median family income just over half that of '" "
; education and true reflection of the nati on' s
I the white family; they suffer both educations: ,
r and housiiig disadvantages which have '
perpetuated ,
YO" "There are talents in which you gathered
t t what the U.S. Commission on Civil "
here are singularly proficient, he added.
Rights has called 'the vicious circle of '
Guide "Upon the opportunity afforded you to use
'i discrimination. : I : Horoscope
them depends your economic security--your
i How long the community and the, nation can "
bread and butter. ,
afford this waste 'may be answered earlier WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR + '_ .
r The NUL chief recalled some of the strides
than we expect, Miss Grant concludes: 'For BUSINESS LOVE -= TRAVEL
made in the entertainment world through cooperation -
j themselves leading the fight for
Negroes are
and effort by the League, in which

dignity by knocking down public racial bar- By PABLO, The ASTROLOGERARIES .. Negro talent participated in full. Among thesehe

riers in restaurants theaters, recreation: 1 "
i noted the CBS broadcast of Night of
centers and driving for the vote, jobs and I
steady during the stom. Stars" in 1941, in which for the first time a

education.. They are not asking: When. They .torn March 21 thru'April 19 8-77-60-13-55-876 00. 9-66-20-13-22-962, .. network devoted a, full hour coasttocoastto
are spying article: Now1Another in the NATIONAL GUARDIAN Friends you',ve been "Born July 23 thru Aug. 22 -Si\GI'ITARRB a variety program presenting. an allNegro

commemorating History Week discusses counting on always seem Take' the chip off your .Bom Nov. 23 thru Dec.' 21 assembly of top figures in show business. He
issue. Negro to be somewhere else when also lauded subsequent presentations produced
Not good to take
,0 shoulder and perhaps the a .
'I John Brown (page 6) as 'the, only .man
you need' then the 'most.or by NBC and ABC.
who formed indestructible family will be less readyto anything: or anyone for'
in an
qur are too involved in also to In
Mr. Young pointed top productions
: between black and white Americans. try to knock it off. granted. Maybe familiars
bridge I' their. 'own problems to There are sharp dif- relatives or neighborsare recent years on Broadway, in films and on tel-
the who 'was
of a
I. This appreciation man give any attention to ferences of opinion that under pressures evision that have centered on Negro life, but
to the 14th Amendment" was
living preamble yours.' It may not be N cautioned the actors that:
can hffect your atti- you' re not aware of to
I I written by Truman Nelson who spent six years until the last week that tudes (toward others. Pre make them act in such "All of this is still'far from attainment of
.' *
in research and writing novel about jojm': 'you can get things satis- judice can often infil- strangely cold for selfish objectives of the National Urban 'League in

Brown in Kansas called the Surveyor (Double factorily adjusted-and if helping to bring profession into full
fl' trate your mind in ways Ways. Maintain as your
day) you're in a tight spot other people can clearlysee bland a manner as you flower of its potential for focusing the pic-

AN URGENT NEED'" for money, just forget while you' re entirely can, to deflect any J ture of American life into the realities of

/I" about 'asking for favors. unaware it may be showing. .brickb ts. flow we live it. "

2-11-10-18-54-218 Sweep out the clutter, 1-88-70-16-73-187 Later in the week, Mr. Young spoke at annual

FOR MORE DOCTORS TAURUS ,get .set, for a 'new deal. I 'CAFRIOCRN meetings of three Leagues in Ohio. On Tuesday,

t: Surgeon General Terry* told ?an audience recently Born April: 20 thru May 20. 3-99-30-15-45-391 ( Born. Dec.. 22 thru Jan. 19 in addition to a Rotary Club Luncheon in Akron -
he addressed thex Canton UL Annual meeting
".,.1' that our country will need to produce Your name may be mud in VIRGO A stormy ouarre'l over
dinner, followed the next evening by a speech
11,000 doctors annually if the minimum stan- some quarters perhaps Born Aug. 23 thru Se.pt. 22 money can wreck even the
ata similar event in Akron and, on Thursday,
dard of 132 doctors for every 100,000 personsis because you've. ben longest friendship as
When everything's atsixes at the Annual Meeting dinner of the Columbus
to be maintained. It was also revealed giVing the wrong impression events of the last week I
and sevens, and UL.
that the nation's 81 medical schools are unwittingly or may demonstrate._ You're

graduating 3500 doctors under the minimum some members of your team little things go wrong/ determined to hold on

needed each year. just can't be happy unless it does not help much "to for dear life to anything t ". ildsecurity\

complain. Criticism is '
,, It has been learned tha the high CQst of they're tearing that' rightfully yoursor
down someone else. And apt to be taken per- to get something to r
;I, securing medical education is the main fac-

tor in fewer students chosing medicine as a you happen to be the most with sonally co-workers and so relations hold on to any way shortof ., 1 1

profession. Here is an area in which the vulnerable. Bide your or those larceny. Where you suspect -

time-your friends soon whose good will you the motives of ,
I government might step in to alleviate said take too'much for grantedcan -

f shortages by extending financialaid to will know the right and those you call your ,
sadly strained
qualified medical schools and\stud nts in the wrong of it. friends, fend off a if
At least one rhubarb or 4
possible i don
form of loans.Regardless the '
43320192432: :
misunderstanding a week "
of the costs, if we are to meet GEMINI { pocketbook. ,'
is par for the course : \
I the challenges in the years ahead, our first '' Born Hay 21'' thru June 21 so be forewarned, and 2-55-90-15-81-259 '.

j I line of defense must be in the guise' of a Nothing 'can, seem more 1 keep mum'. AQUARIUS ....'

physically fit nat ion. dreary pr thankless fhan r orn Jan. 20 thru.JFeb. 18 -; ,..,.

11 This>.is a far too acute problem for our the tasks that seem to 5-22-50-17-63-526 No matter what you"do" -

national leaders to fiddle over.'' That time is accumulate when your "LIBRA'Born there are those who are ,

Q now at hand.Largest ,, I attention's diverted. Sept. 23 thm-, .Pt.: 23. ready to misunderstand, .

They can't be swept under You're determined to refusing to give you the, d.

PI I Seed Collection In U.S.A. .J.JThe the ,rug clear the make as good a showingas benefit of the doubt "so .." ;'a : :, I I Iw

docket. Be ready the last the next one, even 'steer clear of ccnplica ,--. ,\, ,;'Ji',.
lkrgest general seed collection of the century tn a more or if ,you have to make a i.t: :_", I
tions that could reflecton .
third for
in the world if not the less haphazard manner the pre more rewarding' ;
only 'general collection is the sent collections were officially activities, likely to t e financial'sacrifice. you'r good name. Things .., ."::,
property of the United States inaugurated in 1908. At presentthe Just be sure the game is themselves'if : .1'
Department of Agriculture and two collections contain about noticed when you handle will right .t
is located at its Plant Industry 100,000 samples of seedsof them well. Disregard the worth the candle beforeyou you let. well enough. '
Station and Agricultural Re- over 250: plant families go in hock for what '
Irritations alone.
search Center in Beltsvllle Md. (which are very large groups of uninvited
Started just before the turn and not comparable criticism. say turn out to be the

c '... -.. -.a-" ..------- ---.. _.-.. same old rat race for '7-33-60-14-34-736 ,

6-55-40-14-64-654.' the center of a very PISCES .
..wt small-tine stage. Turn Born Feb. 19 thru March 20
/I June 22 thru July 22
i : y our attention to. There are more rumors
t It would be too bad to worthier efforts at end flying about that first ,
smwfft Pepsi permit a to
romance go
of month-and get paid week than you can shakea
sour over the' .
for your trouble. stick at-none worth .
of money. Don't expect KEN KNIGHT
getting so upset about. ''
i : i 1 1 1I others to foot the bill 7-44-80-19-81-748 that
1. you misplay every
I for good times. Concentrate SQOFHO i
hand that's ,
dealt, and '
on things where Born Oct. "KiGHT TtRldf1.Startln"
24.ttruNov, 22 let the ragged edges of
l 1S competition is not so All sorts of complications '
your anxiety show. Dig a
.. keen as to who can make are likely 'to develop .into
a Job of work the At 7OO p.m.. Hifflhtiyr1400 -- ,
the more imposing show.A on the home front jfirst half 'of the,month.,1 '

trip at end of month the first week. Do whatever -
and WRHC
by end of month. -140.0
('' : can be a welcome 'diver you cant help .

.; :':," ..'.: ,' '.", sion.. those around...you_ hold .- 4-77-50-18-01-475" .". -. ..
i : .. 4 .1.
.0- .J : .
t ,
; '
\ f 1 > ":' ._, .4r:4: t < <) -
.. ", <.. .. \
,, .
I : !> ; ,, '. sr "- ,"0' \ '
.- >
: '

tr ..
1 i

; i'I
1 'I


." -, ---- .-
." :
-----,' -.-

"" .

a l

<: .- .. ';'> > :; _, ; > : -.- <..:
I '" : .i -- .- _
.; ., I
-" -
"- : "
',SATURDAY" 3. -1962 : 3

1 Jaxville Was Joyously/ Entertained/ By The Royal Vagabonds On Their 34th Anniversary

-.. -.---- ---"--.-, -.r. w.,. ,,.r.--rr .a..,....r ....rY. .F. r r.-.... ... .r '.w
5: !

9 1 af1
R /


''IL : rQq:4: -


4 =z .fY


;. .- r. ..R -
4 -5

H : n sr : -

j : il! '

.ir: :-i. : : -- : .i.4&r! ? .., :: .::1: '-: !

d. : :: -=% f + : 4rH.i..G ,

T y-

fie B -

J ANNI XXXIV: The Red carpet with all of its accoutrements was lavishly displayed at Duyal Armory colorful special intermission 'ceremony featuring the grand march during which time 'members and their

fi 'Triday night, Feb. 23 when Jax renowned Poyal Vagabonds Club inc. played hosts to hundreds ot guests were introduced. Current Vagabond officers are: Preston Peterson, president; PhilUp Douglas,

Jaxons and ,guests in commemoration of \their 34th anniversary. Music for dancing was furnished' by the--., vice president; B. L. Canty, secretary; Dr. Daniel Lauray, treasurer; .F,. Henry Williams, chaplainand

popular Billy Moore Combo with Fobert' Michell serving as vocalist. Highlighting the event was the Robert Harvey, sergeant-at-arms.
't- :M' (Royal Art Studio Photos)
j -- '-- Wedding Bells, T I
Popular Course Stanton siiDoliveri'es
: At
-q------: .: ; /
':'t : -- !I. Applications Licenses for Marriage l ..,.-. .....- ---- -- rt '

,\ _= = ..
= =
Clinton Tennyson 1629 WIndle '

By St., 38 and Eddie W. Clark, 1629 Mr. and Mrs. Rufus John-
Windle St, 27. :
I LOUISE ,G. GUINYARDThe W/Plazz ____ son, 2124 Venus Ct. Boy.
Thirty-fourth Anniversary Formal given last Friday, Gerald 516 E. ChurchSt #
Mr. and Mrs. James Tay-
20 and Shirley B. Glover, 743 -
evening by The Poyal Vagabonds Club, Inc. proved to be
Acorn St., 17. a lor, 2722 Hamilton C. Girl
delightfully diverting. Guests gathered at the Puval Geo. Clark, 2102 Woojjside ': Mr. and Mrs. Mack Samuel

County Armory danced, usually twising to the stimu- Ave., 34 and Leila "M. ,Campbell*' j?: :_ 533 W. 18th st. Girl.

lating notes of the Billy Moore Combo. Robert Mitchel 2102 Woodside Ave.. 44. I
was the smooth-voiced sdngster. Ulysses Walker, Jr., 1027 Wale \ ; Mr. and Mrs. John Mason,
nut St., 19 and Sarah M. Gulley, +It- W Rt. 1, Box 96, Boy.
During intermission, Vagabonds and their wives and -- S t ,
'. 1027 Walnut St., 17. I 4 Mr. /and/ Mrs. Eddie Grif-

guests were formally presented; after which they were Clarence Wingatet Jr., 5705 fin, 7-18 E. 5th St. Boy.
"t led in the grand march by two lovely young ladies. Hollyhock Rd., 24 and Marie:
and Brown,
Brinkley, 1555 W. 13th St, J9. I Mr. Mrs. Eugene
I Officers of the very outstanding host club include I
1940 W. 6th St. Boy.
Preston Peterson president ; Philip Douglas, vice Willie Robinson 1037 Phelph .
St., 24 and Mae' A. Murchison Mr. and Mrs. Erank Gossett,
J president; R.L. Canty, secretary; Dr. Daniel Cauray, \ Circle
1037 Phelph St19. 197Q Leonard Boy.
.treasurer;; F. Henry villiams, chaplrip. ; and ober James Walker, 5823 Castellano. Mr and Mrs., Joseph. John;.",
Harvey sergeant-at-ams. "' .1 t Ave., 36 and Shirley A. Prater,: t
,1 son, 1050 Mt. Herman St. ,
: 1715 Leo Lane, 18. .
I I Roland A. Idowu, 1073 Jefferson -'
.. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Meeks,
4' ," St., 22 and Edith B. Sanderson -. __ _
".. '
n Much or'the enjoyment gained fron such' 'gatherings" as 1094 W. 19th St., 21. r sti wni.Y 1850 W. 30th St. Boy.

Ellis' Tims, 1115 Stonewall St. Mr. and Mrs. Charlie
the Vagabonds' ball is to observe one's friends in "
35 and Martha A. Gooden, 1115 .,11 \ ita Rawls 785 Lincoln Ct. ,
I their most attractive attire and their most charming Stonewall St, 26. f io...

ll' moods.! In taking a quick inventory last Friday eveningwe I Harry H. Leftwich, 912 West ?a. ", ,..} I Girl.
spotted Mr. and Mrs. Follie Mitchell "and Mrs.. Monroe St., 31 and Martha A. \ .. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur
be Austin, 1641 Logan St, 22. -- Williams 1514 Van BurenSt.
Corinth Barnett who seemed to having a w aide rful .
Thomas Harris, 707 JeffersonSt. -- .
time% Jlrs. Delores Mitchell who received adoring
; many
., 28 and Shirley M. Bouie, 949
glances from hubby Pobert as he sang; Mr. and Mrs Jefferson St, 23. 'Dr..10N :TPA'"ION: As evidenced by the interest shown by tRe class members, sewing Mr. and Mrs. Roosevelt

1. Amos Harris, jr. who were accompanied by friends from Sylvester A. Miller, 1235 West classes at Ftanton Vocational' Fchool is one of the institution' mos r.opular Freeman 1349 W. 14th,

Macon, Georgia, Mr. and Mrs. Pay Bradley and Mr. and 13th St, 22 and Carrie B. Ever- 'courses. In foreground Mrs. Jessie M.' Jackson is being neasured for a fitting by St. BOY-/',

Mrs. William Fverett; Mrs. Fssie McCray, V10Me vere ,son 937 W. 25th St, 20. i rs. Vesta McNeal. Vitressing the demonstration from the left are: Mrs. ssle Mr. and Mrs. Henry Miley,

happy to see back in circulation after her recen Willie B. Jones. 718 DeWitt St., tavis .:Mrs. Dorothy Carter, Mrs. Orzala Purgess and Mrs. Verdell .rewer. 2748 Begonia Rd. Boy
17 and Lucille Collins, 718 De- .
confinement to Brewster Hospital (Her escort was Jax Witt St., 24. Mrand Mrs. David Solomon,

Urban League Director, Junius Bowman) ; Maxie Wilson Johnnie L. Carter,' 116 Oak St, USO hostesses Being'Trained 'I INCOME TAX SERVICE Middleburg, Girl.

dancing wmth! the elegantly gowned and attractive Miss 18 and Sandra Smith, 2215 Cato BOOKKEEPING SERVICE" Mr. and Mrs. William Day-

Rd., 15.'Eddie. Thirty-seven carefully perience while serving NOTARY PUBLIC son, 1235 W. 26th St.Girl.
Frances Tallace, in town for AKA's Fashionetts nonce
Vickers, 1308 W. 28th St. selected young ladies began as N.C.C.F--U.F.n. Director LETTER ,WRITING Mr. and Mrs. C. Smith

comp.ed Sawyers 22 end Drucilla Ave., 22.Marshall, 5761 training for U.S.O- during orld Par II, ISAAC H. CAFFEY 1235 W., 26th St. Girl.

Hostesses at the U.F.,0. stressed conduct and
Nathan W. Walker, -5030 West Office Phone El 68282Res.
10th St., 22 and Thelma Martin Arcade.743 West Ashley dress in the. 'club., El 3-1541 "

r1 Rt. 7, Box 73, 26. S t r e e't '.J!ednes'tiay! The course were con- 3323 Myrtle Avenue .
The lovely home of'Dr. and Mrs. James Henderson, was
Willie J. Grant, 726 February 21, 1962. tinued
the 'setting for a recent meeting of. Classie Lassie Spearing on February 28, .Jacksonville Pla.
St, 19 and Ralphine Foote, 1553' Mrs. Nancy Holland, and will end March 7.
Bridge ,Club. Mrs. Henderson's long list of guest Spearing. St, 18.
r'ayers included Mrs. Fauna L. George Miss Mozelle Chas. Mitchell 6286 Restlawn Assistant Director Registration date for '

Bruton, Mrs. Daisy Baker, Mrs.' Lucille Clark, Mrs. Dr., 19 and Barbara E. Wise, 1926 salvation Army U.s.O -senior hpstesses was

I.H. Burney, and Mrs. Leander Shaw Miss Bruton was Morehouse Rd, West Palm Bch., and Mrs. Carolyn Miller; Feb. 26-March 3, at the :

winner of the guest prize. FliL, 16. t Dean ut Isaiah Blocker club from 7:30 to 9:00 .- .fir ____________________________

Club- prizes were awarded to Mrs. Carolyn Washington. Junior High school were p.m. Please come in and .
the instructors, Mrs.
Mrs. ,'Grace Sykes. and i\rs.\ Joan Spaulding. register your willingness
Holland very forcefully -to serve God by serving
0 \ discussed '.'National U..f.. young men in the armed
n. policies for junior forces stationed in and (

Members of Kevinettes 'Bridge Club gathered' at the Hostesses and krs.! around Jacksonville. b fyyyr

home of Mrs.' Sarah Lovett for its regualr bi-monthly Miller, who has acquired Miss Rartha
M. !fhite,
valuable knojcledpethrough
founder and president of s;
Mrs. Essie McCray, Mrs. Pearl Mackery, Miss Daisy training and ex- the Clara..Fhite
., Mission.
Gilliard and Mrs. 'Dorothy Oliver were recipients of C 4+
I ,
prizes. '
Mrs. Geraldine Hilliard, Mrs. Doris Bennett. Mrs -iiL WHEN YOU ARE ILL 7& : (F--
.- You Seek The Best Doctor ,
Ann Monroe Mrs. Thelma Greene, and Mrs. Barbara Harper ;; 4
When Your Doctor ; : 5-
in the
were among members participating meeting. -"
.. Get Experienced
: 1 Her :mother or her sister?
'. .; ccordin g fcb Your Doctor

r Mrs. Myrtia. Harrison is back in the city .afterspending The Best Quality Drugs
'.the week-end in Washington, 'D. .C. ";: ". Dr. Juanita Diffay Tate, Dr. C. "E. Black ': Whether you want the excitement of a different

we have good reports on the progress of' Mrs. 'Ruby associate professor of ecommics Proprietor = hair shade, or want to give new life to dull or
at A&T College, will be .t Y gray hair ,. insist, on the long-lasting haircdlor '
Humphrey in the recovery from her recent operation.Our in the famous red packageGodefroy'sLarieuse.

/ best wishes for continued good health.The awarded the Ph. D. degree IE '3 REGISTERED. PHARMACISTS TO SERVE YOU It's easy to apply, and complete in ,

economics this month at th .. .A COMPLETE "tlNE OPCosaetics one package-there's nothing else to buy. ;
convocation of New York
winter Rubber Goods Candies Sundries r18lOVElY + j

i Vest Twenty-first Street home of, Mr. ,and Urs., University. PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR AND .DELIVERED i> gafJ. COLORS

Artansil E. Macon provided'a fitting setting:'for'the Formerly of Birmingham, Ala.,

k recent meeting of Belladonna. Bridge Club.I Dr.. Tate received her two LILLY'S DRUG STORE! Oodcfroy_ Mfp.Cornpsny.3510011v LARIEII.MlJ St. 8t.Loult.Mo.. ,

Mrs. Washington, yr's. Bullard, Mrs. ', Adams./and, ,Mrs. J previous' degrees at. Howard' I ,
'" I ;
.Thayer werepprize; winners Xpr. the evening, :. University. .'" r '
,; I ....

.1 f ff
; \ ..
I' i

fiFof ii


1 ,' -, .. ,. ._ .-'-__' Io... --
.. -
.: '


-- -,
--- -- --p -- -
--- "" ,
: ,

1PAE i \\

: 4. : SATURDAY MARCH 3, 191il
-- --

Mrs. Gladys C. Vaulit, Prominent Churchy/omen, Honored During Testimonial Program .. is'\

t 1 a! f ty ;

I ; ;:i 1


3=? 7y y r v ri -

t" yr 4 j

C i r : ';. -- 1iiii: ::::' __ _II1 1,

1 CITED= BY FELLOW CHURCH MEMBERS--Prominent. churchwoman, Mrs. Gladys---- C. Vaught was honored by her is held throughout religious-circles-was a handsome placque suitably enscribed with-an appropriate '

I fellow church members and city religious leaders Sunday night, Feb. 25 in the auditorium of Second message. 'I I

Baptist Church. Among the many gifts presented ,Mrs. Vaught as an,example of the esteem in which she (Royal Art Studio photos)


Primitive Baptist Association's Woodlawn'Presbyterian Jax University Chorus Slates i
% : t +V
Annual Confab/ Mar. 21-25 11

I V: .: Church. Holes Mar. llth Recital/ St. Paul. I

Tallahassee -
Annual convention of x
Dr. Frances B. Kinne. which Mr. Roberts 1'S- a- J
the Primitive Baptist Association andWomens' By L. N. Pearson Sr. .
f Dean of the College of member of the baritone t J
Congress of Florida and Georgia .
will meet here in a five-day sessionMar. k The United Choir of Fien Arts and. Music .section. .
Woodlawn United presby- will present the Jacksonville Miss Theora .Lcggins. *afaculty *-
21-25 Mrs. Mary Pauline presi- .
dent announced. .N: terian Church will hold University member of Par- {33

Others officers? Bishop Hamlett its first Fish Fry on the Chorus under the -direction nell-Tooknan elementary C

who will be present new site by the West- of Dr. Gordon Yessln.chairman school "ill serve as mistress 2|

include -. minster Hut 3066 Wood- of the music of ceremonies. Mr. :.Si
Mrs. Lillie
.1. Bra n tIe y Miami -' lawn Road, Saturday, division, in a recital Poberts, pill introduce :::5,

vice president Mrs. CITY, KANSAS--Final March 3 beginning at Sunday March 11 beginning the chorus under the 5
rites for Bishop James rq a 3 p.m. at 3:30: p.m. in the there 'On with the =
L. M. Peterson St.
Arthur Hamlett, retired We are asking all people ain auditorium of St. Future Years and You." .E:
Petersburg first
vice prelate of the CMC Church residing in the area Paul AMF Church Myrtle' Allen N. Green organistaccompanist '2

president ; were held Feb. 22 in St. the entire church member- Avenue, and 13th ct. for cenior jj:
Mrs. G. E. Brown
Pensacola, f inane ial, Peter' s CME Church, of .. ship, and friends to make Guest minister will be. Choir 1. ,will furnish k=

which he was a member at LAKE WALES, FLORIDA--SCENE OF EASTER PILGRIMAGE--The history by participating Rev. Pay Parks, pastorof background rusic. rt. SS

secretary ; Mrs. A. 11 a.m. His passing occur- Great Master-piece, mosaic reproduction of Leonardo in the first Fish Fry on St. John's Fpiscopal Paul's Girl Scout Troop :::
M. Frazier Jacksonville -
red on Feb. 12 following a Da Vinci 's famous_painting "The Last Supper draws the new site. Plenty of, Church,* Jacksonville.The 261 find RroroiexTroop 2W ,Swill

Secretary, recording and heart attack in his home. thousands of Christian pilgrims to this.1 each fish and soft drinks will annual program is he guests during tht S3

Wattle ;Harvey Mrs., Bishop Luther Stewart, Easter Season. Comprised of 300,000 pieces of mosaic be served. Come out and being sponsored by Leo- event. \ S

era' f ordville. secretary of the CME tile in 10,000 gradations of color, the Masterpiece is have an evening of fun. nard J. Poberts Jr. in Nathan McClellan! 1 is. S_

treasurer. Council of Bishops, delivered recognized as the only faithful reproduction of Da The United PresbyterianYouth behalf of St. Paul' president of cenior rhoir "x'

Ministers deacons. the eulogy. Vinci 's work of art in the world. Flown from Germany will meet Saturday senior Choir No. 1 of 1 and Pev. Pobert J. .3H.:
A bishop for 39 years March 3 at 4 p.m. All Elaine, host pastor
mission representatives ? during the Berlin blockade by the United States Air jg

auxiliaries, Bishop'Hamlett was the Force, the Master-piece is displayed in beautiful members are urged.. 'to be Annual Supper .
senior bishop of his denomination present. African Bishop I
and delegates will tropical gardens. .
Set At St.
from 1954 until Church school will begin Phillips
be hosted' by Rev. -y / :
his retirement in 1958. He Battle Of Sunday in the WestminsterHut a Is Honored |
G. W. Wilson SongsSet DEATHSJOHNSON The Annual Pancake
was elected bishop in 1922 at 9 a.m. with Pev.
pastor and officersand Fupper to be held by the DETROIT An African '3
When he'retired, he was For Sunday Franklin D. Wilson,
members of Mt. Frank of 919 BroadSt. members- of Ft. Philip's archbishop and seven others .3
presiding over the First pastor in charge. Church
Zion Primitive Trinity Baptist Church'sauditorium Fpiscopal Church will were honored here Sunday, 'C
Episcopal District which school in the Sanctuary
Baptist Church.All comprised a sixstatearea will be the SMITH, Mrs. Rose Lee, of begins at 9:30 a.m. with be held on throve tues- February 11, the start of ,S

departments of including Missouri and setting Sunday night start- 553 W. 1st St. T.V. Huger, superintendent day, march 6th beginningat Negro History Seek. 'g

the church from the Kansas. ing ,at 8 p.m. when the WASHINGTON, Mrs. Netti Ann in charge. 5-p.m. at the church. The awards, given for r Z

children's, to the Born ,in Herderson, Tenn. Triumphand Gospel Singers 3915 Stuart St. Rev. Franklin D. Wilson The event' is being "dedicated leadership," X w
usher boards will' : Bishop Hamlett was a gradu- under the leadership of MOYA, Paralee! Emma, of will begin the Morning sponsored by the were made by the Association s

be equally emphasized ate of Lane College. Jackson Mrs. Ethel Davenport pre- 5238 Springgrove. Road, Worship,with C.E. Simmons Fpiscopal Church wonen for the Study of

and discussed .. Tenn. and attended sents a Battle .of songs BUDDINGTON; George"of f059'Jefferson jr. organist, playing with !!rs. BeulahuRghes, .1 Negro Lifevand History.. a S '

during this' year's Washburn College, Topeka program. St. < the prelude for call to president; Mrs. Frances Those receiving citationswere J5

.annual session.Recital and Garrett Institute in Leading solists includingMrs. LUNDY Mrs. Laura of 1139 worship to 10. 55 a.m. Pichardson chairman and Archbishop Joseph |5
Evanston Ill. In 1926, he Mary ,Goodman, Mrs. Julia St. Worship begins promptly the following committees Kiwanuka W. F. of Rubaga, -5

SundayIn received a master of arts Myrtle Barton and Mrs. BROWN, Mr. William of 1008 L at 11 a.m. supported by appointed by the president Uganda; Michigan Supreme .S..

degree from Northwestern- Essie Mae Thomas will high- Pearl St. : Court Justice Otis M. =
the united Church Choir. w
First Born university. light the events along the CROSS, Mrs. Gertrude of Midweek study and Wor- C o-chairn a n, Hrs./ Plaine Smith, third Catholic and "S""

Gospel Cavaliers, The Sun- Johnson tickets and distribution first Negro to hold that =
Swift St.
Sister Rosetta Cohen He was elevated to the 1517 ship Hour will be held ...
beams Sons, of Jubilee Mrs. Beulah office: Father Norman A. 53
GORDON, Mrs. Lora of 1355W.
will be featured in a bishopric from tne positionof Wednesday at 7:30 p.m,
Versateers and others. 21st St. Hughes and Mrs. Ruth Dukette of Flin't, Mich. ; -r
recital Sunday starting editor of the Christian The interest is increasing t
at 3 p.m. in First Born Index, national publication The general public is in- WHITE Mrs. Barbara V. of in this service. Leapheart ; finance Episcopal Bishop Richard S. I...'.;
Vestrymen of the church Emrich G. Mennen Williams,
vited. Trinity Baptist is 1041 Pearce St.
Church No. 2 on Union of the CME Church Let us make this program
Street. from 1914 to 1929. located at Jefferson and BROWN, Mrs. Naomi of 1309W. great by selling the idea George Nairn Senior Assistant Secretary of
Duval streets. Warden chairman; social State for African Affairs;
Beaver St.
All Singing groups in In 1948, Bishop Hamlett to others who have not
I relations and grounds Detroit councilman WilliamT.
the city are cordially was a delegate to the BRADLEY, Mr. Edgar of 913 found the value of prayer
Father T. Vincent Harrfs, Patrick, Detroit police '
Minnie St.WILLIAMS. .- {
invited to serve afc pro- World Council of Churchesin / and study. Choir rehearsal -
Tri-Gope/ MrsK Carrie of W. Russell Robinson; food Lieutenant Philip Van ,
gram'participantsMother Amsterdam He Thursday nightat :
members of the Episcopal Antwerp, and Edward Turner :
'Julia O'Neal is sponsor had also attended international 91 Evergree Aye. 8 o'clock. All members -
Music ConfesfSef Mr- Churchwomen; refreshments, of the Detroit Unit,
and Elder Flax Howard is church conferences WIlLIAMS Buelah of please be present.The \(
members of Ft. Mary's National for
host pastor. The publicis in Edinburgh, Scotland; for St. Augustine. United Presbyterian Associatipn
Mar. 4 Guild. the Advancement of Colored
invited. Oxford, England and Mexico MOZELL, Mrs. Annie Whipper Youth will conduct their
-- City. A singing contest will 2301 Johnston .t.,. monthly Vesper Service

,be held March 4 between JOHNSON, Mr/ Edward of Sunday at 5 p.m. Let's v

'Mrs. Mary Goodwin of the 1773 W. 9th St. support our youth and

Union Gospel Singers EPHROM Mr. Willie, of make them feel they're A FIREPLACE FOR THI!

i Mrs., Myrtle Barton of the 1685 W. 45th St. part of the church. Cat M 1L Clean Burning fir

AY& cmd Adorns PipneIb4-WfiS Versiteers and Miss WILLIAMS, Harry. Thomas of Place: The Sanctuary of Long Listing!
"yrflcr ; CITY WIDE DILlV..Y< <
Mae Thomas "The GospelWar 1739 W., 16th St. the church at State and .

Horse" in the auditorium BARNES Mrs. Helen of 131 Laura Sts. ALL SEASONS ICE & FUEL GO.

KINGFISH STEAKS ,,,. 49c of Trinity Baptist DeHaven St., St. Augustine V 5.,3 NORWOOD AYE PHONI P04.4511
LARGE UMITIO AMOUNT BLUEfiSH w.iaen 35j Lb. Church. Duval and Jefferson BURROUGHS Sam of 1537 W. 1st Born '"

39c Streets. 7th St. Services
LI. .
FLORIDALOBSTERS Also appearing will be MORRISON Adam Lee of 4025 .
Sunday services' First
STEAK FISH Lb. 59- uJ5cSHSPNGSE singing groups of the. Davis St.ROBINSON. \ Born Temple, 825 w. Mon- You Don't Have*to Go to Town to Get
city. Invitations have Moses of 1556 .
roe St. have been announced -
380 been extended to all Franklin St.
SPANISH w. by Elder A. Hill, H '.
music lovers to come out GREEN. Jim of 1019 PearlSt. pastor. LOW PRICES

ROE SHAD'u.. 39c and vote your convictions. ,
Sunday school begins at
JUMBO 25 }

SHRIMP Lb. BUCK SHAD u. 29c '-. --.. -- 10 a.m.: Morning Worship DRUG STORE"HEEDSOn'Your
-r -service with special

MEDIUM OjJc RED SNAPPER u. 5sc; ',; sermon by the pastor,

SHRIMP Lb. OJJ f 11:15 a.m. ; YPCff, 5:30 : Trade With Your Neighborhood Drug Store


35c 7:30 1>.m.
Ik. The public is cordially IN YOUR LOCAL PAPERS Jt i

I G Invited. .
'{TAX FORM EPAPxEDTor Dixie Pharma

TURTLE MEAT t ( : ..., !
YB8f"CoiiYt e.. .
t ......,...,.! C..f l. \ LB. 32c .. .am.W
.. .Income Tax Farms ?: 1a :
Wt II l toe: r.**t er :.1.1. I 4A! :
...k .. ..vn*. 2 !1. ,I.k.: who thinkyoungX r rI We Denver We Ateo :W AD Dt kV Ft's,
n. Prepared :Bj Special '
V $125 I PAY YOUR ,
i*. VVV I M Stoer Star l. .
-: .to 'S"ll-' ., u. ;3SS WUS OUR STOKE
---y. '; :- ', : mm..: d
... ; ..... : < .. -' ... ', -, .

: .... .
,. ; ; ;

\ !f :f ",

.. ... i '
... '
Ct- ./. -

.. ,

: f "ar

I' '.''f1' \ r ; c ', 9 ( ,"f,,'i .10. '.V r

.<. -.. ,

r ''I1A

: I

1F ...... ,
.. : .
"" ;
; '
-' '; :: : /
\ :t" .\: : ,, .. -
SATURDAY ,MARCH. 3.1362 S1I 0 .y :
\ .- .
-- -
f. :

I I j : : Florida: Anniversary Observance To Feature. swards, Gala Events$ V'' ;:: '

l' : Outstanding/ Citizens; ; Artists; -. i New' Housing; Development )I"Counters Are' I i \ }': .

: I IntegratedPFNPACOLA Floradale 'Ho rn'e s' .

?> I '.. In it TAR"Anniversary Event Offers, Fine, Homes For Jaxons. r .. -, Thelunch .' PRESENTS.

"The': Plorida star will kick-off its 12th Anniversary JACKSONVILLECivic prides-Ai getting a big boost : counters in all the New* 3 Bedroom- Homes* ,,- ,\ ..

t I'4' Celebration with a mammoth Night of Stars"' "event nowadays with the recent innovation in quality home stores in pensacola In Block or Brick For As Low As $250.00'

which will feature the:presentation of"Gold Star Awardsto 'communities-washingtpn. Heights. 'f This.?.... ..well..' planned,.. Florida were peacefully Total Down '
& Per Month
-"l. a number ,of citizens for outstanding efforts inV river front home location has been putln a setting, of integrated on February Payment sows $57.00
various fields. natural beauty embracing wooded. section of Ribault 21. This came after seven All Units Are Served By Regular City Bus Service (Mon,
personalities who have
The 'Night Of. Stars' contributed to the field River shoreline at Moncrief and Cleveland. months of selective buy crief RdV No. 36). And Some Lots Have Waterfront Fa
event which will feature A selection of six beautiful ing by the Negroes of cilities. Our Models Offer Oak FloorsCarportsAnScreened
of radio, television and #
F .' an array of Jacksonville's Journalism. Those presentations model homes providingthe Pensacola.The Porches- toy Keep On Paying Rent -When You CaOwn
most outstanding vocal and will be-made convenience of two, K Pensacola Council of Your Own .Home For Less Than Rent?

Instrumental artists is Monday night March 26 in three and ,four bedroomswill .i4 Ministers with Rev. r.. c. Office At West 45 th St. & Vernon Rd.
Dobbins and Pev. I. P.
be available for each
scheduled to be held in _
the Duval County Armory Edgewood the Edgewood Ave. and Lounge Cleveland individual family plan of ; Powell giving leadership Phone PO 5-1685' Open Every Day lOa. m. to 7 p.. m.

Sunday night. March 25. Road. living. The constructionhas to' the negotiations that Built By A Builder With 30 Years Experience In
led to the appointing of
the "quality" stampon
Gold Star Awards will be In the month-long observance Duval CountysumiuimmiinimninnnniinnmnininimiaHmimus

presented to the Most Outstanding of the Florida it, assuring the owner a bi-racial committee .. .
of lasting, maintance- which served to negotiateand
Minister, star's 12 years of serviceto a
free, beautiful bring about such
Businessman, Businesswoman -
the iL
community, a Paradeof
amicable relations. No I ( '
Club, Clubwoman, Fashion will be Washington Heights pro-
Clubman and Educator. A mises to be acts of violence have |
at the Duval Armory; a community 1 PLAVTEX :
marred this achievement..
special Good Citizenship
on Sunday night, April 1, which can be talked about ,-
Award will'be presented to in glowing terms--a com- 1
featuring a scintillating Senator HitsNation' I LIVING/ BRA'
the deemed deservingof
4 Jaxon line-up of models display- munity in which its.people I -
such an accolade. ing the latest spring and can take great pride in BiasST. r r =
Awards will also be made being a part of--a com- ALEXANDER $ = is
summer styles from the c: : ,, ::
to the most outstanding munity of goodwill-and, PAUL, Minn. Sen. -
leading dress shops and about the.-yalue of the -= t-,,. =
local religious song most of all, 'a community Eugene J. McCarthy of .. : -
department stores. civic, contribution. of .-.. ".- ,: -
male ideal for 'the ofa Minnesota said -
here that
groups covering Additional features of rearing Washington Heights and seesa ".-"".. --
I female group,mixed ; family the main unfinished
group -
the anniversary celebration new era in living for = =
group, and solo singer. will be announced in Playing a prominent partin Jaxons at prices anyonecan business of federal, -- ww
A unique feature of the next week' issue. Jaxons the new home picture is afford:. state and local govern- -= -
Florida star's Gold Star .to'use L. I. 'Alexander Registered, ments is ensuring inter- = =
are invited the Progress on the new com- r =
Awards will be the pre- Real Estate Broker and racial justice. =
blank on this page to, munity may 'be seen at any = :
sentation'of additional prominent Jacksonville' 'Considerable progresshas = =
nominate citizens, for time at Moncrief and Cleve- --
awards to artists in the Gold Star Awards in each businessman. Mr. Alexanderis land. been made by execu --- --
popular field of music and extremely enthusiastic tive leadership in the =
= 2
FAMUTALLAHARREF. field of voting rights, '
he told ,the Catholic in- w .
Rudolph = "
terracial Council of the N!
C. Davis and Andrew T. SherS "i ', '
jj -y ., -
Twin Cities; 'but thereis -
Daniels, both of West Elastic sides and \1 V .:..:.
Palm Beach and graduatesof need'action.for more' legisla- IS- back move and t =
tive .r .
1 Y !
Roosevelt Junior 5 breathe with r

.:'. .., College, /have been employed FOMENT'Furnished 2:: you .t a=
C A' ..
as student assis- .. 1 i,
For Respect- ::
tants in the public relations 4. -
,office at Florida able Quiet Gentleman. r 4'
.rr .
'Christian Home, Nice Neigh- .--.
_,1 $." THE r'-<<>< A&M University.Mr. .;. i _
Davis' major is borhood References.Ph. -
business administrationand EL 3-9942 after 5 p.m. ::
Mr.. Daniels' major is -- i =
elementary education. AUTO CARE! I .. -=
1f I Motor OverhaulingBrake .. / ;: :
TOD Rated 1S Adjustment ,.,.. '.-. .:


Polishing I DAVIS SI DEPT. STORE ...

:;-;:: .. .t... COLLINS GARAGE i EL 4-1438

.,<-. \' 197'"B aId. win St.j 1 .828 DAVIS STREET JACKSONVILLE 2 FLORIDA 5r'
f p,;.: '
: Day or Night Service -
12th Anniversary Observance I ;.,..- '. EL 6-9413 irTk : f" ,11111 11111 nUIRtI 1111111111 IIIIH IUIiI It 11111 In 11 UIJIIlIII.=

1"c" S -' .


: featuring the presentation of .

1988 W. 23rd Street $5500.00 250.00 Down .$55.00 month
,. : per

: I ; GOLD STAR AWARDSTo '.1.968 W..23rd Street, $5500.00 $250.00""bown $55.00 per' onth

1920 Moorehoose Rd. $5000.00: $2 O.QO J Down $50.00 per mojpth

i;; ; : Outstanding Citizens, Artists & Groups GET NEWSPAPER SCHOLARSHIP ,,1978 Taliadjga Road" $5500.00 '$250.00 Down $55.00 per month

.. I t
"t-fT' Tommy Caddie editor 9Tuskagee Road $4800.00 $250.00 Down '
: $50.00
ia \!.,;. :,.!: ..... Make Your Nominations, TODAY" ".u;J'J.; ,. \ of the award winningA&T per month'

M a T -; '" :',,I... Florida- Star :. -, ....i',1. .Je. COLLEGE REGISTER, ..CALL Elgin 5.5569 After 6:00: p. m. EV 7-2074'
1 ;;;, I.0: Box 561 I ';< : '' '- : ,:, the student newspaper, .
f.t .: : '-
Jacksonville I Florida was one of 100editorsof -
1 '; college newspapersfrom
,) ,:. :" throughout the ...

'1:10";" nation ,to receive a

7th Annual 'Reader' Digest Scholar

iS ship, full expenses raid,
\ ,
to attend the 4th annual .
::;' HOMEMAKERS Editors' Conference on

.; InternationalRelations.The NiARKETsHERSHEr
conference. held at

I ; SERVICE SHO"W" Overseas Press _Club in I -_ ___ __ z
New York City Feb. 9-12 -:
I Thursday Friday Saturday Nights drew newspaper editors flue PlateSUGAR '
.. from nearly 250-colleges ;
and universities* 19C' ''MAYONNAISE[

: MARCH 8th, 9th, 10th Gaddie, a senior and
majoring in mechanical 5
; y'DUV COUNTY ARMORY engineering is the son pt.19C

I ,.L ', ". of Mr. and Mrs. David With{ .S5.OO .Or..More. Food Order, ,_ with 15.00 or more food
Caddie Of Hope Mills,N C. -. ---.-- '- I

t'azzling.Exhibits Hundreds of Prizes Entertains FridayThe 1 U. S. No. 1 White .Center Cut I

< Tequilla t Social and' :

f' Free Free Free Savings Club meets Friday POTATOES.19C.f. BACON 291b.
Y .st '. ." ",, r. ,., ":. night at the home of I i '
and Albert I
Mr. Mrs. Jones

"""" GRAND PRIZE:: $47- .OO Whirlpool Gas Refrigerator Freezer' 1320 West 45th Street. with $5.00 or more food order. '_
I Following the business
!Don't Miss The Home Service Show Where You'll Have 'Opportunity session, a party will be LARGE 'sll'e- 5raalJ.Bar) B.O.Size, : '

'i ", ,'A. ):', ',' To Win Wondnrful Prizes : Jhe given public starting is Invited.Mrs. at 8 p.m.. : FAQ 19C SPARE 39C'b

f'' .1 ," ,- .vu. Altamese Wright is '
DOOR AT 6 : .. '
; .. ,.OPENS _pm. ,...: ,. president: Miss Barbara
... )
..t.;.. ok IS.
.. rr.1 iI R
.. .
'f'1 '4 1" .t !I _. '-; ': ; ; iJ \ : Davis, secretary, andMiss '
.,.. ,wilh$5.0Q( or more., food orderr .
":.. 't. ,- '.",' '.jp' : JiI '-:_. ,ot '. ..I :t:..a7r',-t-:. -,.,,;': .,''i.d 1 +':,.kf.1>.JI-\hau't-:. '.: ..J _,,':'..t"''1 .\.hJ'" :."" ,-.. Lois'"Glyna re-,
.A.I ,
.porter. .
: .
\. I ... -
1_ .
S f ,
( 'I( -S: ii + : 1'::: ,;," t J- ... ./ "'

i .



J ..-. .- .......
& .
': -"';' -
; _SJAt ,PAGE.6


REVIEW OF BROTHERHOOD WEEK !I Florida-Georgia-Slate Third Annual Teachers. TourWith I

credit to be extended to make it a vacation

HELD FEB. 18th thru FEB. 25th Leaching toward certificates renewal the.of trip.Application blanks maybe

secured from local
\ third annual Educational
Tour for Florida and superintendents of schoolsor
Earl M. Jo Georgia teachers will be further information ray
I By Atty. nson tMNOrSU -
8Ui'I'iH1HK R'fb sponsored by the Adult be obtained from Mrs.
Whoever in prayer can .say"Our Father" acknowledges" should Program Travel Club of Georgia.P. Fnyder. 1416 '.
12th st., or Miss LouvenisR.
;feel the brotherhood of the whole race of mankind, for the brother- D0SOMEM Savannah. Ga. starts June .
Solomon 12<4 r.. 6th
10 and ends July 10.
hood of iran is an integral part of Christianity no less than the
fatherhood of God; and to deny the one is no less infidel than to Teachers planning on Ftreet.. ,
deny the other. Following naturally fro this 'is equality, libertynd r+ark taking the tours from
humanity. And equality is the very stuff of,vhich our nation, ca ENC pF Florida will receive three Paige Addresses
these United States, is ,irp.de.I semester hours credit for 9\
I IWe in America have no choice but to practice these teaching for, the four weeks tour and Teachers' Assn.
otherwise America Will lose it's substance and will not long endure. J must make written reportsof
JI their travelex-
Indispensably at the crux of every real demo periences to the State Joseph C. Paige chairmanof
cracy is a belief in the essential dignity, ._' Department of Florida. the Division of Natural
equality and fraternitY of man. How can a // The four weeks of travelby Sciences and Mathematics
government of, by and for .the people long obtain .. buses will include was guest speaker at the
if the brotherhood of man is denied? Can ...e., points of interest in the monthly meeting of the
man secure to man those certain inalienable ".11 V' Northeastern States three Duval County Mathematics
rights gifted him by his Creator' if man denies -. I Canadian Provinces "eachers, held recently at
the dignity and worth of his fellows? Can namely, ontario New New Stanton Senior High
government mete out it's favors and enjoyments Courtesy: Lou Grant Oakland. California. Tribun. ..*. Brunswick and Quebec, and School. Mr. Paige also
with any reference whatever to the myriad complexions ---... the Middle est, enbracing spoke to tlje Fourth Grade
of the governed, and lay clain, even some 4,400 miles. Teachers group of Duval
: \;
Time To To
Register_ Prepare Vote
,so, to Democracy? FFI ... However, the tour is not County at their monthly
The answer is, I think, that the irrevocable The congressional and represent them, f.o.n.. limited to teachers but meeting on "Organizing a
foundation of .the way of American life is in FI senatorial districts of .voteless people is a, 'is, onen to renbers! of Program of Science" in the
it's recognition of the dignity of us all as all states in the United voiceless people and a other professions who wish Fouth Grade.
brothers, with an equal stake .in life''s secular Ftates are made-up accor- helpless people.

fortunes, and with an equal right in all ding to, the.number. of -
of us to enjoy the society of God. America can people in its"particular" Singleton's perJor Barbecue .
discard these precepts it will, but it will boundary irrespect to .
not then retain it's moral foundations; it "The Way Of American Life is race, color orgreed.. As Open'At 12:00 Noon To 2:00 A.M.
will not then be 'my' Araerica-and not then In It's Recognition Of The the population increases
Then it should surely_ Come Out. And Have Lunch Lunch With- Us.
be anyone' Democracy. Dignity Of Us All As Broth new districts are made. .. .
in the quick sands ofmoral t
find itself slipping ers.n Those who register and MENU
degeneration.Let --Earl Johnson ,
vote help t3? elect Sand. 62 Small Slab
I Barbecue Ribs $ $1.88.
us, u-in-g; this Brotherhood V'eek, refresh ourselves with reflections national, state, county ..
on these guiding moral and political lights. Let us cry out and city officials to Large Slab $2.48 Pig On Bun 36$.
unanimously for universal dedication to the proposition that 'allmen represent them. Those who '
Corn Dog 21 .
$ Beef On Bun 360
,do not register and vote ,
are created equal' And let us prayerfully invoke HIS vital sanctions
upon those who would preach dividing prejudices of nationality* have no part or voice in Frank Dipped In Hush Puppy Mix
and of rank.CARTER'S electing those who will
distinctions race or
French Fries & T.ater-Tots 16C Per Order.

The Following Firms And Inditual Indivuals Lend Their. Moral Support Through Their1';Ad placements On Behalf Of The .FLORIDA STAR Drive .In Service
3017 West Edgewood Ave. At Cleaveland Rd. PO 4-9136
In Its Review of BROTHER HOOD WEEK .


: I.
Sammie L. Davis L. F.-D. Mgr 24 Hour Ambulance Service -. .
525 W. Beaver St. EL 4-1651 Ambulance Service Isr

'929 W. ,Beaver St. EL 4-0545 : I. REFRIGERATION: SERVICE

BILL LIMM/ RSAMOCO New Exclusive OfFer =. .Having' Trouble;>>, 3
SERVICE STATION >, 'Now you can order your barbecue by phone;"'.,*'Will I With Your Refrigerator = .
.. 5
Deliver. Home Cooked.Meals, Served. Daily. _. or 0 :
45th & Cleveland Rd. o = .
AI's Barbecue 4 m CALL 3a

=. '
.HOLMES & WEST \ / lian. P. Jenkins, Prop.. 1226 Logan St." =- \ Fixf'9 a-.
\Ph 355-3829 SoBernsfein/ Mr.

2719 W. Edgewood-- 24 Hour. Ambulance. Service .tL I El 41183 Ex_ 8-79,43.

ncome-taxServ a : I

Dr James R. Henderson -s:.. REPAIRS- ON ALL MAKES All. Work Done In .Your Home' ,.
j .. .
=... 1

: 1275 Old Kings Rd. = TERMS, f

I ...-, gyn. aY a e
f; =
GETER &, BAKER :--.-

: .i1' ... 1--

767 W. 'Beaver St. EL 6-7643 Ambulance Service. =


Dr. W. W. Schell r L -

I i. 24 Hour Service .EST. SINCE J942I

625 W. Union >Mrs. NADINE REESE! a bureau employe is shojm interviewing = ;;plso .
a client during the -" ".'
provided .
C.. M. SHAW FUNERAL HOME for by, _the bureau's efficient staff.Florida at't LL ', ,

24 Hour Ambulance Service 1 = COMMERCIAL

> 915 E. Union St. 'Ei 6-5647 J Service Bureau),:, -- ,
t Income Tax Service .

AFRO AMERICAN I > !Start FOURS $$2.0& LOll Farms $410 0 I ON_ALL MAKES I Wa_ .in Coders .Beer. Boxes Dairy B'oIes at

r. Mter Tfet e ems: e ,
-.a-. : ::':1terrier's t 'li Freezers Bottle Boxes CALL a.41183; !
l If.t a.Tai Ei, rt. With! 10 YI fI IIC- : .
Ice Cream Co 4 i ?_::_::$ s EX B-1943 i

'! 80r FLORIDA AVE. (or Florida Ave.fr Union : paw Cases) AB Work, Guaranteed 24 Hour Service a

Try Berrier's Milk Shakes. 24$ ; ISQ/TMflrR4f edriy.iipp6ot, Andrew
Nnrs 12 HIM to t.M) 9. n. ... Tl .r:S i;: .: : 3'sIB

ST. & .217.W,8th STREET, .. > <, : __ UQm1JJllluWuWJllllnmnn IQ
)J1004HOGAN. / .; : J' 'J'' ':-. ...._ .PItiI El374. -f. o'" ..
.. ,
-" .0 : :
t'i- ---.. < : \ >> }:; I'

," .
--- .f -.. ,-
:: :
-.' :; : t
;,f ?
,- ... x .
.,. I. ., _. _. tco : :. "'" t
,," :; ; :..' < ;? ': : ::" < : .

( ,



4 .
,. '
-- -

hCF. I S Attended State PTA Conference NAACP Cites Segregafecf

f.- I ,. '
I i Turns DownSchool I '- Hospital Fcrci/ifes/ In .N.C.

Law NEW YORK NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund
I f attorneys challenged segregated hospital facilitiesin

WASHINGTON AnotHer act t W a suit filed last week in Greensboro. ..N._ C.
by the Louisiana Legislature _- Jt: The suit attacks, for-the Community- Hospital and
to maintain ,
designed first time, the 'separatebut
their administrators were
the state s segre- ecual provisions of
named as defendants. .
s gated school system was __ :k; f_ 1 1 t k Y \ .1I ,the 1946 Hill-Burton Act Both hospitals receive
declared unconstitutional which provides for federal
federal funds from the
A ,
Monday by the Supreme S i;"" assistance to more than
::4 Rill-Burton program and
: .
ALICE DUNNIGAN, education Co'urt', $ i S t '1 2.000 hospitals and are tax-exeMpt. Applica-
In a unanimous but brief
A r : medical facilities throughout
4 consultant to the president I' '": tions by the Negro
opinion, the court uphelda S
> the South.
s Committee on Eq'ual 4 y .. .... physicians and dentiststo
lower court decision.Rev. 55 ', .
r '
Jack Greenberg Defense
pportuni ." ,'''k, :
Employment y. .... ,.-::; the hospitals filedin
't; .. '" ,
7. Fund Director-Counsel, -
will deliver the keynote .. ,.''t"" '" ......, emphasized April 1960. were refused -
5' 5 1r 1!" '- the importance of
5. 1.
annual w ,
address at the 12th : '
;; '' by Cone administrators -
",;., :: :. the suit, saying "it is
Florida A&M University and not acted on by
Interscholastic Press Workshop by now obvious to anyone ,ong officials.

which begins Thursday fl ,. that separatebutequalin rone-hospital segregates
morning March 1. She is a federal or state law Negro patients and Long
veteran journalist and .violates the U.S. Con- 'hospital does not admit
k i stitution. The Hill-Burton.
joined the committee E Negroes at oil. A Negro
Jill! Tu1 _> a Act has such a provision, ,'
following 14 years as S. : patient desiring to enter
chief of the Washington and by helping to per- Cone would have to dis-
Bureau of the Associated petuate segregation in charge his regular Negro
Negro Press. Vice President fieakth care it continues doctor and accept ,treat -
Ito foster the disgraceful
Lyndon Johnson is a.r cent from a white staff
ta.. second-class treatment !
chairman of the 4 ; YxkM doctor.
Committee on Equal Employment r given Negro physicians and
FIRST TO JOIN--Little Dolly Dimple Kindergarten PTA holds the distinction of being: patients."
Opportunity. Cleo M. McCoy, director Duval County's first pre-school facility to become affiliated with the county and state The suit was filed Conference Is SlatedT.

of the Chapel at organizations Mrs. Willie D. Lucas, supervisor Mrs. Ann Eley Mrs. '''paulene Rolland, I February 12, in the ? PFTFPSBURG The
'A&T College, has beena and Mrs. Leola Robins attended the recent State PTA Conference in West palm'Beach, Federal District Court in Twelfth Annual OPANG
LADIES member of the National where they were the guests of Mrs. Shirley Weaver, an instructor at Roosevelt Elementary Greensboro on behalf of STATF RFCPFATION A-FOrI -
Committee on In-Service School. Mrs. Lucas was appointed secretary of the Pre-School committee and Mrs. Rolland six doctors, three dentists 'TION conference will be

Training for Rural Clergyby 18.s. elected assistant secretary.. and two patientswho held in Hotel Trinidad
it's true that no other headache -- 1 I
Land-Grant Collegesand live in the city. The 1205 Second Avenue North
powder is'better or faster than '
Goody's-yet Goody's cost you '. Universities. Negro Slave's Son .HousewivesWatch Fr. ,I Moses H. Cone Memorial St. Petersburg, on March
less! Rev. McCoy, director of- May Become Saint. Mr: Shopper Hospital and Wesley Long 28 thru 31. I

..,.,<. J{:;, .... religious activities at I.' -I --f
; ._ c.3 .!":<..:"..:.:1r......., .- the College since 1946, ". VATICAN CITY The son -
; ,:,:":'<'":'::'". has conducted the Town o-f a Negro ex-slave anda
\.:;r.: and Rural Ministers Institute Spanish knight pro-

.for the past bably will be declared a TWtt 1 *un

eight years. He is a saint' this year. ,
member of the Rural This would place on the

I Goodu's Church Committee of the Catholic roll of saints x ,
Carolina Councilof Blessed Martin de
TMIVARI GOOD' North Porres. '
:j _ .
4 'as the Danforth Founda- 400 years ago. .
the Cardinals of the Sacred .
tion associate ar

:I 12 POWDERS 25 College. ... .. Congregation of Rites met ;;, YOU CAN WIN MONEY '

I (I here February two cures 13 through to examine G : ,,

IJI/iIIII1a Blessed cession. Martin's Both cures inter-have I C0NT E S '''* .
IH p'" J been gregation's approved medical by the com-con- JUST ENTER THIS CONTEST L.'l. ALEXANDER

i s missions as beyond the NAME THE SIX NEW MODEL .HOMES

L ooze .jTiW ,nowers of nature. and"helped i1ts. '. ''in''
He-nursed the sick
Vw 1
Pepsi the poor, even .,! HOME No. 1 1

:l r sheltered and fed stray'dogs w HOME No. 2. ,
and cats--but reserved _
special affectionand HOME No. 3 ...
i n concern for slaves S \ HOME No.4

from Africa. HOME*No. 5
HOME No. 6

JPLAYTEX .' In 25 words or less, fell, why
fi f{am my home rather than paying "

'LIVING BRA ". S tt'-.f.fi \"tt.; ": .

I \.W' Men's. :;;:), (..;:.:., ."*.'", 1' t,'\:;; t If. .
1 -

::7' r SUITS .. .": :

I ..... .. .,. '
I >- ,
; ',, At Reduced Prices
'!'! /- :.. '<, ;
,. -::' .."- '' H

'' S1995Howard .. .I <

iI; ",*
: } .

4y'nrk [ cV Foster > NAME :

Mp1t.,_ : ADDRESS j.. 1,
SHOESChildren's ,'..el f t .TELEPHONECITY ,, /
; "M "
r :) ..'" :
1 .c r ; !
j Al t ; xSn 45425'M

51. & .. ;
I w 4 i I C'AS H. H'

Sheer'elastic '1 :.
aides and
back fj Ladies' Shoes .
breathe Bore with aad : FIRST................$250.

d Y !I r Rat & ,Neels vJ I tB'. '... SECOND' .............$100! I 1 Y.(


to J. .
you."V CONTEST RULES:The contest will run
., March 10. All entrants must b. 18 year
? We carry a full line should bo deposited h the box of the
S' of clothes for the C A S H. Broad S....... Selection will bo mode by H
and their decision will I bo final. Prizes :
; Entire Family Buy offidal opening at Washington.Heights.
S ROW .for Easter -...&*d .. ., .. .. must bo filled out completely to qualify.
"Y; >
.. .
Save at Bargain ; VBBB" >VBHB BmMMMHn BHMMBM
Pick"Entry t :
ktf' 8 prices. :; ',
S B. '' .' t .' S''i "k ,

R .' I L. I I. ALE X ::

J r ,
( .5 : ". "' : '> ','. .
f Mathis Shoe StQv4' .' "; '

I JacksonvlHe Fla. .. EL 6-9445 ..: PMBNE EL :
S .4 1073 Ftorld 1.-A vc. _. jw A
> '" >i; L 7't. ; '
-s ,- 1> : :: :
5 .
5 5. .
l', 55 .
r ,


a 4

/ ,

( ) $ : '_" t ,' _. t',,. ," of,.:, ," ":" ;' '. '.. ....... ."'.., ,',' ,...._. _... .0''t, t,' __ : .- .-- _-':w-' _


1 I

: I r.

.. ..-.1. < e'

'- .... ::. _, > :')'_ ... i .:.,, .;.?, .',_- z ,..:.:'\::,.v' ;;.,,,,-' .,,":....,.: .', ': \ ....;' .-. "> :.' ,
PAGES: ,- z ; ,' '1 FLORIDA STAI""f 4 SATURDAY MARCH 3. 1962 !'


I Howard Dean Sax"i* ;?*1 FraterniiiesMust :_ Ex Rattier. Inks' Pro Pact ,"' ''# Yes, WeAl! Talk ; Champs /11t //

1 \ f

Develop Better Leaders QUESTION: What must 'the speaker have to get his. address : ..' r:4.' <. ,-.. ..,':....... ....... ',

to his audience? -- B. M. L. f i
over ..
WASHINGTON D.C.rhere are .strong indications tha .. ANSWER: The speaker must have a personal magnetism that t' I 'u.j;;, <" .1 I it ia i if it !

without t more challenging program and a more vigorous, begets loyalty and demands respect. Part of the. oagnetisn.

intelligent and imaginative leadership, Greek-letter 7LL may be traced to the speakez-'' s ethical appeal through 5

organizations will disappear from the college campus," the medium of good character and integrity. What the f .5 1

Dr. A. J. Blackburn, Dean of students at Howard University : speaker is and says must be one, and the same thing.If .

stated Friday during a 'two-day workshop for !( one .studies, the call of the disciples, there was no

District Representatives of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, attracted to his J
the of Jesus move-
pleading; yet power
__- _I.. __. I J
inc."This Charges Negro Was rA ment sincere men. The manner of the Master was convincing

is a probabilitythat t : for he quoted nobody. Only himself and his .words were 1

we all 'would regretto Given Unfair Trial sufficient. .

see take ,place, the' ,. ..' ._ Pretty soon many persons-will be called upon to make I
dean continued but it NSW YORK N. Y. The I .x
4 : r, Easter speeches, and I wish to suggest a new approach. .
is a crisis that under- Civil
Liberties f
Unio : Consider presenting the arrest and three trials of Jesusin
graduate Greek-letter urged a federal appeals court
) and Jewish laws. This approach is
terms; of Roman JOE BROWN'
organizations face to- to rule that a Negro was uni-I
day. que. and will give and idea for every word. BOUT CONCFLrf'Suf-
denied fair and
writer will prepare'speeches upom request.For ,
READERS: The from tonsilitlesworld's
Dr. Blackburn, himself .trial because_ it was. con 1 S : 5-i send a long, fering
-my free pamphlet on public speaking,
a member of Omega Psl lightweight Champion -
ducted in a' racially
segre \ and self-addressed envelope to Dr. M. H. Boul-
Phi Fraternity,' said fthe courthouse."Segregation. Joe Brown was forcedto
I ware, Florida A & M University Box 310-A, Tallahassee, indefinitely postrone
growth or survival of within the

these organizations depends Florida. his Feb. 24 title catch
halls of justice mocks the .,
with challenger Carlos
upon the produc- judicial process and the entire 'a =: treat oeeas t
tivity of their undergraduate trend of current Supreme f; j USDA Employees Ortiz in Las Vegas, Nev.
4- diseases that
Some of the
organizations..register Court opinion," the civil} Get Salary Hike i attack seeds lying in the soil Hayes Nixes
liberties group asserted in :{ t are borne in the soil itself.
Othws are on the seeds and
a friend of the court briefon .
behalf, of Willie..Seals, Jr.Angels'$35,000 of Negro employees in the Seed fungicides will kill .disease Match Race r
spores on seeds if seeds
U. F. Department of Agri- I I are coated with the fungicides.This NF-v YORK Jackson- '
Bonus Baiby CHICAGO MAJORS' stars of the American Basketball I culture receiving annual I treatment i is given as a ville's Robert Hayes who
league who will be seen here in 4 routine by many seedsmen to
a pair of league
salaries of f-9,000 to many vegetable seeds.FRANK tied the world' 100-
'' :? tilts on the pro basketball extravanaza I
:; fnJ heralding the
{ ',.. : >;:.. 513,700 increased from 15 metre record aturday
I. ,} :' Harlem Globetrotters vs the Washington Generals in
1+ .. /i;\ :i to 46 during 1.QF1, accor- Feb. 17 while running
t i%: the Coliseum Sunday March 11 at 5 '
; p.m. and Monday! under
ding to a survey recently FAMU's colors,
- :- March 12 at 8 p.m. are Leroy Gibson, (Florida, / &!!) complete/!. turned down a bid for a

6-5 in height, weighs 190; Herschell Turner,
. I The survey also shows f match race with co-
__ (Nebraska) !-3, 195; and Kelly Coleman, 6-3, 215. that 48"4 Negro employees. record holder ,Frank Rudd

The Majors, then the Baltimore Bullets' won the were promoted or appointed I of Villanova U. here
Fastern Professional title last Y
League year. They > 4L1
,to specific assignments Mar. 2 during the Knightof
will clash with the vaunted Hawaii Chief's in, the '
1 for the first tine at Columbus indoor meet.
March 11 and 12th twin hill here. S _
.. ,. grade levels from G.T-1 FAMU Coach Pete Griffin
,_ .. .,.'ow < 'r R
'..' ,'( a t' ]q ,, t' through GF-15. Of these, 'S S said Hayes .had never

'.' ; f K .. i"r jpB 124 are in grades GF-6 run on indoor boards and

p Z'' / ( through GS-15 $4,830 to there wasn't sufficienttime

; C. PARlUM.J01iySON $13,730: annually) for him to train

Specific assignments now for the event.
' "IF IT .IS, A TFAM YOU "'!\N'Ir: LL r.ST: IT. were the held for the first tine in --

words spoken by president Famolfson of the jacksonville -
various Department agencies I SAEy
Braves back in 1053. Those rprclfi have beccne + Your EA
include: Chemists ',
I i legend around the city of Jacksonville because it rasa
r agricultural eco- .
case' of fulfilling a promise. The fans in the city r ROBINS, Top slug- car b'e -HURT
nomists supervisory
: fsII believe .that if it could 'be done -in 1953 with the ging ace of time Cincy Reds.
veterinarians, poultry 'wit.. t '' ?,,' ui;;;: or cotton
--L-J Jax r C un. Volfson ism''t. e. man of a loY of words, but inspectors, administrative ,, was rewarded for his outstanding tipped sticks. Don't risk

one wroth loads of action. plate work last
assistants, biological ] damage. Soften up hard to
IT a; ) HAPPEN? THAT TUT SAMP! nan! who guided the Bravesto aids, clerk-typists, and season ,when. his salary was\ I 'reach wax with safe effective -

_ -- pennants and an All-Ftpr cane for the city is the office machine operators. 1 upped from $45V000 to : AURQ. eardrops.Wash .

\ man. po. .1.-whose;: shoulders rests the ,responsibility. of $55,000. Robby batted the out clogged wax that*
ACE HURLER--Bobby Darwin, 6-2,. -190-pound ; : to
pitching ace from Jordan High School. Los Angeles guiding the funs to a Triple A pennant- .. ,'In.'' 1962.!t Oh well ] Reds last year their may irritate, affect your
why expect all of that the first 'before the first National League
year hearing. Ask at all drUggists -
signed a whopping $35,000 bonus last week with the Los I
players know the manager end the manager knows the I pennant in 20-years. for AURO \
Angeles Angels. The club thinks so much of Darwin that ,
? Ben Gernghty maY not win the but i ..1
players pennant, you
trainingin Watch This Clown .
he will work out the big team during Spring --' -.
can count* on. him being near the top or the middle.. He S
Palm Springs. Darwin was signed by Angels' scout 52 :51 ,
__ ::
is not a cellar dweller. 27
Willie Harri (right). '-
MANAGFR BFN GFRAGHTY will have ansoprortunity to do a 32741 20

big job juggling his team in order to produce a winning 9 4
team. He will have some of the top notch performers in .1 Ll
9. 3
r"-r'- vj i j the game Fans will remember when the big right handei '

Puben Gomez was burning theM over for the Giants and 8. 1 /

Valmy Thomas. Thonas was on the receiving end. It has
5 7? PepsV'fl -
'SkfatonarCQNMNS __ 29
been said that Thomas was such a week hitter as *
12. 492 .
Giant, but for sone reason he did a whole, lot of _1 47 fpp those
Sometimes he'-s up
AMA/tNG HTptOQUINOWf .. catching for the, Giants before they decided to let bingo
Sometimes,he's down. think
IfqhtensMghtwsskjn to the minors. It mctters not what others cay think, ydungUSINESS
He adds, subtracts
.. there are sore who think Thomas' will hold his own with
-r ;He works it all ,around
any catcher in the business. "COMING


"OLD FASHIONED" home towner Don Bessent will he a Funs'pitcher. Bessent _94JL2HJLJB: : .

is a big favorite here in his hone torn. Then he vas .
'n .-_ ... --
twirling for the Dodgers, he had'a remarkable career u. I
.I << ,
with the Dodgers, butsomething went wrong with that ...__..... _____ I __

old bread winning arm, he could not continue with the

lighltns dark spo l> same record. Fverybody in this section of the country, 'B DiRicf I y

trffct powdtr knows Don Bessent. can pitch. The home town people are .

cast flQPa.Menutiiduren ) happy to have Bessent on the home town team. The Firms
Listed Below
lift*"* Are Recommended As Reputable
ONE OF THE FINFST :THINGS to, bar-pen., baseball was

ijj when Bobby !Maduro made up his mind to COMe to .Jackson Establishments Specializing: Services. and Products

ville with his Triple A franchise. Baseball fans in -_.
of Posner Berotmot/'.The kt with the Star" this section of the state deserve a"chance to see some .
real, baseball.. Two great masterminds"of,1:.'the. gane: joined
-' hands with Fan Wolfson. Patent Medicines Cosmetics SPIRITUAL ADVISOR

Y \ hands when Maduro joined hands with Fan flolfson.1: Jll All Leading Hair PreparationsCOR. Service Every Thursday p.m.

r ENROLL NOW! ,ready the two are getting their heads together and BROAD & ASHLEY EL 4-2159: : 432 W. UNION ST. El 4-0269.

4 ,combing the field. for substantial talent.. '

4 .. TRIPLE A BASFBALL IR NO GHOST to score Manager Ben "-. MADELINE'S
REGISTRATION. ;, ;a.,'.' Geraghty. If you remember his records at Louisville and 1 .
.J ,at Wichita. As a freshman Triple A manager at Wichita, Complete Line of Specializing In Tasty Foods
t "
STILL OPEN ', '. : : he won the nennant There is a certain amount of confidence CIETICSRUBBER GOODS

.. ,', he instills within a player that makes him CANDIESSUNDRIES Regular Meals Served Daily

give, all he has to produce a winning-:_,team. He was no
A llniHtd Number Of Students DAY and NIBHf Classes" Prescriptions Cof/V/ lor and Delivered .
For For pushover in the south Atlantic League and has been no Road EL 4-9962

i pushover in the International League,. .,.' 1907,. Kings Rd. 'EL 5.8276: 1929.. Kings. .

)in General Secretarial- Business Administration nurses.. GFPAGHTY. HAS BEFN HIGH in his rr'''' ise. of, a young W r FUEL OILS : '

,, pitcher whose name is Louis Tiant. In listening to Art's Radio & T V ServiceAI

LEARN DRESSMAKING : .Geraghty. talk about Tiant. he seems Jto;; show a glow in )!akes-& Auto*Radios: BYRD & SONS

his eyes. He ,says he believes Tiant has what it takes t> FUEL OIL A BOTTLE GAS SERVICEWE
FOR'PERSONAL PROFESSIONAL PURPOSES : ,...,.' > ,,,. ,be.a winner in Jacksonville, Geraghtygoes. _all out fora :Ssnfjce Cifcs-fUOi u Work Guarantee-d SELL 1 dean -and Repair i AL( MAKES Of

; lf 4 ':C / strong pitching staff. He had that -at Jacksonville, 9a.m.: t to 1p.mCallPO: -8-6828 OIL and GAS HEATERS

\ he had it at Wichita and he had it at Louisville. 6334 Itstlm Dr. K> 495167iN'DEPEND'

r \' Give Ben Geraghty a strong pitching staff and he wil 2122-West Edgewood Ave.. .
.1Jj '". \;., T OIL CO"
produce for 1ACKSO
', you. ; IYILLE-FLORIDA .
.!'i1 .",' .. *
.. ,: '. r schedule some of the best of the lot of the former big JOHNNIE'S ROOMING HOUSEALL .

...., ..'- -; .'. ..'....;:.. "" ...,.J'..........,J#--"' ',"'. leaguers. some on their way to the majors will be seen : Mechanic On Duty

FSTABLIEHFD 1916 here. At last Jacksonville is, taking its rightful place MODERN CONVENIENCES Y JAMES: FAULKNER, MechanicIKE

in the field of It is forefront in Day, Night or Week JOSEPH .
'1832 MYrtle Aye," Comer 9th ft. Phone. FLJACKSONyitET fi=.84'5' sports. coming to Rsomt.by 'I Proprietor r
--. FLORIDA '*' "r baseball; football, basketball.and, now bowling. and 8T7W.st; \Ash .y._St/ EL SiQ25 State, and Jefferson Sts. EL 6-9432]
-- .. .- '\ wrestling. \. ,
i ." t ,
I '
; ;. : :! .'
:4 : I .... ', ( .
I ;-" I I ..... :. '.:.: ;.



'. -- .-'-'. """ ..'" ----.-. '.- ..'-' ",. -. .',- .. ,--- '. '


l _

I i : .' ... .

_. 1 .
"' "
3 / S -,:: ._ ,. :. .: :: 0 .


: Globetrotters l Will Play Two Contests Here, Mar. 11&12 In The Coliseum'q :

___ .

Two Top Pro Teams Share Showing Here Mar._ 11&12A Pirates Suffer After Degree Gibbs/ Cobras

Spotlight With 'Trotters'Major Loss .StreakHAMPTON Whip Rivals/

OCALA A trio of 20
League professional basketball of the AmericanBrsketball
roint shooters helped the
League variety will be presented to Jacksonville Va. The *
k Gibbs Junior College Cobras -
area fans for the.- first tin!e'! hen the rhicnpo Hampton Institute Pirates : t
earn a hardfoughtPF83
Majors and the Hawaii Chiefs. of tlic *r L reet in r in o last ditch -,
victory over their
regularly scheduled League'garce ?.t the Jrctsonville attempt to land a CIA v y _
roost tenacious rivals
Sports Coliseum on March 11th and V th. Tournament berth dropred
J the HAMpton Junior College -
These two teams rillmeet I their fourth straight '
the i Cobras, recently.
on a card that will. usual t\"o. game Feb. 13, to Va.
Captains Fhernan vo'nand
.The other rules
feature the Harlew Globetrotters specify tate College 70-50.
that team in and Leroy Cnnady scored
and their fabulous a possession The Pirates hn'l 1 lost to
show.It of the ball must attempt 74 ?nd 23 points, respectively -
Va. state 5B-57 earlierin
a goal within 30 seconds while frephnnn -
will be the U
Eouthland's.first the month. This was
instead of I defensive star Louis
24 hereto- } ,
\ look at the the seventh loss in the
'fore/ Ftewrrd blosson of forth
new Jperican Basketball L y lest eight g mes. Before + .
is awarded an as o fine scorer by
A teaf V'FIV
League which is roundingout the encounter with the .. .
extra bonus free throw y .connecting for 21 roints,
its first eason. of Trojans, five of the
,T hen the tern fouls ex- a personal high for the
; losses had been by an
Tne nr.t-aii rniefs will cecrV 5 rer r arter. If a ser.son.
aggregate total of eight
bring their ter.n into rlryer' is fouled in the PIT TH" rrXKF: Ted\re, Thus:: trio of explosive:
points. In the find
Florida direct from a ret of shoC'ti1Jn'1 nakcs .R Philly Bugles backfield corers enrMerl GiM to
home stand in Honolulu-?" ,. rDkct, he" does not A JAY!: COLI -FUM PPFF NT/TION:' Wurpny t'umnonr.! sensational stages of these games star, has recnrollcrl at post on 11-4 record for

The trip to Mi ni will -goon ,ret' c. free throe unlessthe dribbling-shotnaker of the Hnrlen globetrotters the youthful souad gave '''i tchi t:, University to the serson'and r 10-0

record us being the' 'bonus siturtion is, in will be one of the spotlighted stars to see. evidence of rfJjustinp to ccrplete Work on his p. r. recon: ? in junior college
action when the Globetrotters play the rashington the disparity between
longest single hop for effect.Nwcombe. riesree. He grrduates conrctltion.:
Generals end the Chicago Majors meet the Hawaii their potential and ex-
any teen in the League to this suirr-er. The rohr P s of rt.PeterFlurr .
Chiefs in ABL contests Sunday and Monday, March 11 an perience. '!inrcrrcFsotf -!
Rfke a game. The overall
I 12 at 5 and 8 respectively.
distance from Honolulu to p.m. p.m. : to pvrrcnrR their

Miami is over 5,000 miles. Quits GameOOUR \ ft rrch rivrlfs for t're cur-

The Chiefs' lineup .in Mays' DivorceWorthless '..' tc.c.t: featured; c pruollincexhibition

cludes such outstandingnames -D'ALENE', Idaho---In a Principal/ Hour Long Show : of cnf'urrncotester :
letter to Bob Maker, sports
as: Rill 5"pivey,7-l b; 4'ilooU.Y b' ket
editor of the Cour D' alene |Is 1 i-rttle:. ,
former All-American from ;> }
Kentucky University: Press and formers public ; : .rrcrnrn rungs I 1r r! his:

Frank urcess,6111- relations. Director of the Says Judge Moroon robr s renter: to

American from Gonzaga I Spokane, wash. Indians "' .knock the ncr! "obr:' off

University (Burgess was Don Neecombe in announ- : of their': lofty "*erchrhiC'i
his retirement from rt ,,:,
cing : is'illnnincted by
the 1960-al Nation's tor ''':
baseball said, "I've, lost "
scorer in collegiate balls .arc r1 N .t ':,1I their nctionally r cor.-
Dave Mills, 6-P& All Pacific the desire to play any- n ized., high scoring

Coast from Seattle\ more, 'so I'm willing to t'veroire (the Cobra5 're

University; Pale rise,6-4 ,call it' a day. sixth in the nrtioi f

Little All-'erican fro He added, "No one but S offensively, cron.cr junior

Fvansville College; Fred you (Maker) knew that my college) p.no o lonk jr

Fayer, 6-11 All-American leg gave me a' great deal of I victor strerk tart grrns

fro Louisville univer .trouble, and I'm, sure that I three I seasons.Hueps : .

sity; Grady Mccollun, Spence (Indians general i j ors ot his best,

Little All-Anerican fron manager) 'and (Buzzie) scoring 26 roints on o

Western Illinois College; ; E. J. Bavasi, (Doger General -' .. variety of shotr t at

Herb Lee 6ft. All Big Manager) gave me the thrilled his honetorn

: Ten from ,the Universityof I job last year because they : ; < :.r fans. He wes forced to

Indiana;' Lee Harman are such great people_ and 4e leeye the pane viA -excessive -

6 ft. Helm's All-American: they happened. to like me. fouls Ip.te in the

from Oregon tate Uni- WILLIE MAYS .1! final reriod and r iritt
FAMU .Status Unchanged '
Cagers Wins "
versity; Jeff Cohen, 6-6 forward illirn Mclntyre

All-American from William took up the slack to enc:
NET1 YOPK :o sting c 21 SAN FRANCISCO---Usually
and Mary; and Govoner gc.T.e string of victories; calm Willie Mays was shakenup his night's- *ork ith

Vaughn, .6-4 former' Globetrotter the undefeated FAJ'U cage 2? points.
when superior Court
fron the Uni- team was the first quintet' THIS IS YOUR LIFE: Former world's heavyweight champion Joe Louis, (third from ijcd "ra ford'5 Ocala

versity of Illinois.The to qualify; for the N.C.A./. Judge, Joseph Karesh told left) signs contract for the hour-long Tee Vee documentary slated for showing this Cbhrrs electrified the

,Chiefs are coached cbllege division basket- him recently that a Mexican spring in New York City, Washington, Stockton-Sacremento, Decatur, Ill. before ho"etom fans for tr king c
divorce obtained his
by Red Rocha, former All- ball tournament by being released to ,other national outlets. in on the official signing from left 22-15 lend early in the.pare.

Arerican from 'Oregon State The University of Akron wife was worthless. I were: Bennett H. Kron, executive vice resident of MBC; William L. (Billy Powe) The Cobrcs: of Ft.pqtersburr .
Judge Karesh informedthe
University and former'NBA at the same 'tine, was selected 1 Louis business associate; Lou js, and Jack Lynn. << nethorH call '
$90,000 a year Giants'star .
player ,and coach. Pocha to host the tourney S cut dorn their deficitand
that the divorce
was Cepeda Returns .
is a natl> 9Tr- ended the ;hnjf rith
e o.f which will feature its not worth the it's n Gt00RE, holder ui a 'that he may sue the New
Hawaii, and lives with cideast regional play paper piece of the world's York Boxing Commission for a 42-3R first half lead.
printed on. Unsi
his family in Honolulu. March 9 end 10, making it The jurist advised Hays .ight crown--, j .relieving him of the body's nibhs foiled to crur.t leI
'Local fans will be getting : under rressure and refused -
one of eight regional version trpte _
FAN recognition
J that if he wanted to re- : as titleholder.
a look at the new tournaments to be played I Orlando Nelson Rockefeller'] to relinquish
*erican Basketball --- .,--
League on those, dates. courages'i i .slugging .
rules for the first time. FAMU ounlified by winningthe baseman
rely on a Mexican divorce.
Among these is the 3 Southeastern Inter- 1 about $

point field goal. Any collegiate Athletic As- ASIUTIALL .,

basket scored-from beyond soci tion's current slate f '- S. ..
a 25 foot area counts with an undefeated 18-0 Gets Whopping

three.. points instead.. of slate. : COLISEUM {.r.rSUS.

t ., MAR. 11-.5 P.M.. MON., MAR. 12 8 P.M.





:, E t : CHICAGO

w. A j
;, : I&n
siii : N vs

I : : m.


," ., I 4c//; / (. ,- PLUS I U&6UI OMICIAl 6AMIS

I :
Methods Of
Barbering -' ,


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Florida Barber
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WELL. DESERVED: outfielder Roberto AU'TAXIS INCUIDSDRexarvatlont ,

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: after. being told by team manager -Send check or to Coliseum.1145 E. Adamt St., Jock-
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,. .. \:: .'JIt',
'" ;
# .. .
.. ,... '\
'- ,
,'" .'>'. ..
'_" .d -.t.t"d:. "'; ,.l'-.: :: ;--.;..,;; ':' ''':' .._'' ',, :' ,':" ,' ,."" -. ,

"- :

.... ..PAGE 10 FLHflA STtt ','; <,.;, SATURDAY MARCH 3,1962

:.. .. I I'. ..
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Limit One Box Per Customer IMPRESSIVE CEREMONY: Conducted recently in the auditorium of the mission building, the annual installation of officers of the Clara White Mission projected program
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LBS. Prof. I. A. Christian Oscar Hillman Rev. E. J. Rivers, installator; Rev. Dannis '
Rhodes' Rev. Willie Smith Atty. D. W. Perkins V. C. Johnson Ed Vaughn, and Mrs. ::.: t. PROPRIETOR. .:,
FRIGID DOUGH Vivian Manigault. Standing from left: L. I.'Alexander. E. D. Coleman Dr. E. M. M.
PIES 7 White, founder-operator; Mrs. Wilhelmina Rufledge. Mr. and Mrs. ,T. A. Williams, Mrs. SPECIALS
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Served.L Daily AwardScout Agency now has a full
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Wednesday, March, 7. at Strictly Confidential.Phone 45th & Moncrief .
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AND NIGHT -. Ceremony will be a part of 1 or ;Big WHEe Motley Proprietor\
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