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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200599datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date February 24, 1962dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=005990740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
February 24, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
February 24, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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,..... .. .. .
fI ,r:;'" -' -.
-" !!..),: '-' .. 'tt .\ ;; ,. : --'"
""' ...
', --- '" .;':i'... ';A i' ..-. "' .'" ......,t..t.r. "'!",,; -' ". .

, .
k '" '. .:" ,' ..:..,.r" .:;

!l ..,, !; '" '.. t. 'r't,, .. : ,


'i .. Mixed Group '-Plans! Miami. Bank(' Willie West Check Artist Hunted ..In- :Miami i i


i .. .

I1 t H BELT I ISMff 1NJAXCITY'JAIL 4 iJ $ ,. '

, .
r' -
,' ..
-- -- -- ;-

1/,/ ." t House Kills President

' ) JFK'sP'.an' ;

To Name Negro To Cabinet Post !

I: -yQ jy4Q fig- .... SATURDAY FEBRUARY U,,1962 \\S ..CENTS House Defeats Speak Here March 2nd "

; ,. f- r- : TWIll
Cabinet Plan


a Negro being named to a -7-: vw w.

cabinet post were exploded
last Monday when the House I

'. _.' BY STAlE, COUNTY AND CITYGamblers' OFFICERS Urban proposed killed Affairs.President Department Kennedy's' of

The vetoed
._ __ -
m Kennedy's plan to set upI I :

::1 I Trial Not Set Yet Musician Commits Suicide J"}) ;. the new cabinet and name level Housing department L : :

In 'Bull Pen' Of City JailA Administrator Robert C. _
,Say Only 'Small MenHltThe ,Weaver a Negro, as secre--

County solicitor's office stated Wednesday thatno 31-year-old rock n' roll I musician hung himself within tary.
trial date has been set for the 51 persons nettedin a belt according to police, Jacksonville city Administration backers

two sweeping raids by state, county, and city law jail last Monday. wanted to force all Senate
and House Republicans to
enforcement officers during last Saturday's crackdown Listed as a suicide case go
on record on the issue, .
,on local gambling .operations is Adam Lee (better knownas s which 'could be a potential NOTED LABOR LEADER, A. Philip Pana61ph," Thternational -

Circuit un warrants Court Judge issued MarionW. Dy Joseph ,Mack, 40, 3619 Den "A. L." ) Morrison A political factor in urban, President of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters,

wood Ave. ; Earl 0. Jackson pianist popular around and Negro areas where the vice president of the Executive Councif AFL-CIO and International -

Gooding following an .' 49, 1771 W. 17th St. ; Jacksonville, New 'Berlin GOP is trying to increaseits President of the Negro American Labor
Investigation which had
M.L. Haddad, 68, 962 Mon- and Fernandina. strength. Council, will be principal speaker when the Negro A- j
taken place for '
over crief Rd. ; Mrs. Johnnie D. Patrolman W. H. Harris merical Labor
Republicans discounted the Council holds its mamouth mass meeting,

several weeks Lt. J. L. Knowles 51, 1004 DavisSt. had arrested Morrison at political aspects of the Friday night Mar. 2.at 8 p.m. in St. Ftephen AME
and members
Hamlin of the
Duval ; Mrs. Eva Calhoun, 54,' 807 Acorn Street on a Y fight. Some GOP members Church Fifth and Davis Sts. Mr. Randolph (right) is
County '
squad complaint of having struck
520 Jefferson St. ; Julian took the position that shown receiving the New York State Beauticians'Association's
raided a converted gamb- Elain Emanuel who lived at
Ubeda, 69 615 Kings Rd.
whatever vote getting power Man of the Year Award along with manufacturer
ling house at 2 and ,
a.m. the Acorn Street address.
arrested '33 Arrests were made at the i the issue might have had Hamilton Posner who received the'ron&mnity

persons. following establishments: Morrison. was searched by originally now has evapor- Relations..and, ,Better, ..Business'citation last .week' ..ic

715 Eddie. Perkins' 46,_ q/. ,a:9tJohnson"Stti,:'1485---<.< -.' tflcer G. L*.:,Pickett, ,wos ated. New York City.Church. L

ChurchSjtx was--- State St. then delivered to ,
1 741 W. Monroe jamler Some of the de-
charged new
arrested.and with St. 1776 Davis St. 709N. W.H. Connally, who finger ADAM! LEE. MORRISON partment's backers voiced
Secretary/ Freed
operating a gambling '
establishment. Myrtle Ave. 611 Davis printed him and then 11:55 p.m. ,. police re- mild complaints about the 4
was I St. 5926 Moncrief Rd. allowed. him to ,use the ported.. their "

place under $1,000 bond I 641 W. Ashley St. 1411 1 telephone. way issue. leaders. handledthe Under Bond /In Church Theft r

,and the others, charged .
Mt. Herman St. ; 116 S. Connally :said he called a Savings Bank The private complaintswere './'
gambling, were placed Myrtle Ave. and 639 W. and she told him she ,
directed Walter Lee Rhodes, the Zion Hope Baptist Church boardof ,
partly at
under COORDINATED$500, bond EFFORTAt each. Ashley St. ....-.. I would be at. the Jail about For Mlamlans Senate Democratic Leader trustees secretary charged with embezzlement* of

Sospect'Waive 11 a.m. Harry McAllister Mike Mansfield, who $7,033 in church funds, has been freed under $6,000 bond,
about 9 .a.m. Sheriff : First, In South
a trusty, said Morrisonwas suffered a 58 to 42 beating A Duval County jail'offfcial informed the STAR Thursday
Dale Carson, B.K. Fin ey, acting perfectly. MIAMI The Federal Home morning. .._. 1 I
district ExtraditionA Tuesday in his effort to "
director for
the normal when he saw him in I Loan Bank Board of Rhodes, was pick'ed up
force a Senate vote beforethe of $155 and. $125 respectively -
State Beverage Department. 19-year old former jax the "bull'pen" about Washington D.C. recently about two weeks ago by Det. !
House showdown.In on Nov. 1, 1961,
Capt. Grover Starrat of resident, wanted, in Atlanta 10:15 p.m.McAllister. approved the applicationfor Sgt. R. C. Taylor on complaints -
the city police departmentand the final House debate and $85 on Nov. 9. 1P61. ,
for questioning in Federal Savings and of board of
trusteesmembers ,
force which could haVE run totaling $365. .-
a totaling s,me the Feb. 16 fatalshpotingof finding Morrison hangingin Loan institution which who reportedly had
60 officers 10 hours but was limited to
eighteen business, raided estab- an elderly' woman' has the 'bull pen" at will be operated in the three hours because the uncovered shortages in* Anybody Seen :I

;waived extradionpending 10:45 p.m. Connally reported downtown Negro district. church funds.
lishments and arrested arrival of Georgia the hanging The charter is to, be outcome was certain, Rep. Facing '
to. a preliminary,
18 Dante Fascell, (D., Fla. ), West?
persons charges of
authorities here, a DuvalSheriff's Captain R. C. Blanton. granted the Franklin hearing in Peace Justice
k aiding, said the location of 70 per .h
assisting and
office official Connally and Blanton cut Federal Savings and Loan Sarah Bryan's court Feb. ,
selling lottery tickets cent of the nation's popu- MIAMI Has anybody seen
stated Wednesday. the victim down and called Association, a ,bir.acialgrou 14, Rhodes was bound over t
if TWQ lation in urban areas Willie test? Miami Police
persons were arrested Freddie Lee McKinney was ;the fire department rescue ,,headed by Billy to Criminal court on three 1:
h for possession of'gamb should be considered ,in are looking for Willie
captured without resistanrp team. Asst. chief W. A. Fugene Miller Dr. "''Nathan- counts of grand larcenyand .
R ling paraphanelia. voting on the urban affairs on a bogus check-passing J
on the Old St. Anderson and his squad responded iel Colston and' Joseph P. forgery with bond set
Most of the plan. He said the Agricul- charge.
i places
were to the call and Curry,' temporary officersof at $2,000'on each count. J
raided were small concernsin ture Department was set up Willie fest, said to be
gave the victim first aid the association. Taylor said that Rhodes, ,
Negro sections; Hamlin when the U. S. populationswas a Negro, is an unusual JDan.
with the resuscitator in The application has been admitted putting his own
said. mostly rural. Not only is he passing -.
the jail. pending with the Home name and those of two other

Hamlin added that purer Morrison was sent to Loan Bank Board for more members to some 46 checks, bad checks .he' s
U.S. Jot Bias .
chase of going around cashing
lottery tickets A. I .Duval Medical Center by than two years.- dating from 1959 when he
had been made at most checks on the Piverside s
police ambulance but wasi WIDE APPROVAL forged three checks for
of the places' raided. Under StudyNEW Sank on the Apex PlumbingCo.
DOA at the Medical Center. cash under his signature in
There has been much dis- a Dade County, which has, an 43P Nr., 96th St.., a
I He was pronounced dead at YORK Stating that May, August and Septemberfor
ctfssion over the fact that estimated population of firm that' been"out'-
this is to "prevent a $150 and two for $200.
the 'raids were aimed at 135,000 are business since last July.
some Negroes
; found the following .day a The
; record shows that
( non-white f college the
\, most of the email operators short distance from where' without a financial institution graduate from being final check in the amount And what' s more, Simon e.

I Afhile the bigtime white the body was found ,, o{ their own. It slotted into a messenger* s of $125 was cashed Nov. Blumberg (the only ,such .

operators went unnoticed. Miss Edleman had been was learned that sizeable 30 name in the Miami telephone
FREDDIE LEE MCKINNEY job." Secretary of Labor
I. Police raided and made deposits have been, made in book) is a retired, .
| shot
:; .. .Murder Suspect. in the face, police Arthur J. .Goldberg for- Meanwhile, the record <4<
.!1 arrests at the following said. Station 'B' of the Post I indicates railroad man who says he .
}. Augustine Rd. Sunday casted the government'splan that Rhodes
; > places: Mrs. Willie Mae Atlanta police notified Office. However, very started making restitutionto doesn't even have, a ,
afternoon it was re- to review all in- ;
f t. smith 29, 516 Davis St. Jacksonville little returns are gain Checking account. .,
; o .. police and the shortages in ;
:/ ported., equities in federal em- amounts
4(;, Mrs. Eliza Carson 27. the Duval County Sheriffs from these deposits. ployment. Victims of West' s, scheme I

I:, 1 485 W. State St. ; BROTHER CAPTURED office to be on the, look- Other organizing. members It I Court Ban1Seating i describe him as a yo.ng
Goldberg said Vice President -
:-i Mrs. Cora Lee Jenkins 40,' out for Freddie McKinney of the new institution are Negro whd shows his
Lyndon B. Johnson .
I 741 W. Monroe 'st. ; Mrs. Eddie McKinney brotherto ,who formerly lived here. Atty. Henry Arlington.: Law driver's license identi-

Ernestine. Baker 35, 1776 Freddie Lee was pickedup Patrol Lt. J. E. Danson Phillip Spier Loyal G. has ordered all government MACON Ga. -- With the fying him as Willie West I

'5 Jj Davis St.; Lucio s Jackson by Atlanta police soon went to McKi ney' S :former Dunning, Dr Norman:; Russ,.. agencies to correct dis- I issue centering around the of 32 N!" 14th Terrace. j

Jr56, 1717 W, 17th st.: Mitt after the woman's body was residence at 2174 Caljon Otis D. James Emanuel Max crimination in job claSsi- hiring of Nero drivers All of the. checks. are" ;

Williams, 42 1242 W. 28th found. He is being held in Road where McKinney was Frutcher. Ronald C. Sha- fications. -' .and maintainance personnel ,made out for $57.60. .

st. ; William Charles Adams jail on a murder charge. captured. fer. Rev. Edward T. Graham HAYING TROUBLE i. still unsettled the Jack Headley of Miami _

56, 802 W.'.. Monroe St. ,. Residents living in the r Billy E. Miller Walter'C.. \ wholesale boycott of city police check, squad. said" 1 '

P"' : vicinity of the incident ll, and Donald Van .With Your Itefeigerator e.- "'i1'e' ve-had several coo-
Mrs. Thelma Lee Thomas Housewives Cogd .. ?.; buses by Negroes, remained 1
46, 716 Venus Mars Ct. ; ,reported hearing screams Koughnet, attorney for Call- ... El 4-1183 .ExjFlQl, ?. at a stalemate. plaints and we found rest .
Mrs. Johnnie Mae Dove, ,35. and a shot late Friday the applicants. ,- ----, -- Boycott leader Rev. E.B.* moved frqn the address .

'5340 Newcomb St. ; ,Alfred- night. -A large bag with : Watch For Target- late for the institution All igfk.done on.jreijises: Paschall said that among several months ago..'- He ,

,Prank Lafe,' 57, 1498 W. broken straps which Hiss *s- opening 'has 24 Hour Service other things, even a court said a warrant was going l'

Edleman used to carry : been set "for sometime in out for the check passer, !"
.27th St.; Carl J. Jackson., ','Mr..ShoPP.r' SOL, BERNSTEIN. 3518 Andrews ruling desolving segregated 1
53, 2122 W. .watches and money .was : July. : extraordinary.
__41st. St. W' ?- .bus seating.

;... 1

-4 44


i -- .' ,.- .<-.



J' ;. : ,

; ....'. ; : '
; '1 :' X'"9W8E4 :Uf .
; ; .

.: :.., T :3 try,;' ,, ,.. '

'= .. .
; r ';

,t 1!+ ':' :;.>-'' '...ta. : !. .FLORIDA- "STAR- I ':..' #.-', Z JjUfAJjt"A 6 J4 z Jjt' .
Jlh tt .. ;, p Z Z Z a.z
i : R h + + /I L/ / "J ry4ryi,J J'j / AI

j ...' ....JhC... .. NEWS ((11 11 .: _
Publlshedby, The Florida. Star Publishing Co. / R r ra 1
"Member of Associated Negro Press" .
..t .. ;
I ';ERIC< ";.O. SIMPSON, .............?,......-.........................Managing EditorAlYSQNjJ. "t rresircrt'JoEn Kennedy's effort to' estnb-
I isle new of Urban Affairs and
WISE.....................::.;...".......;........-..,......N w$. Editor \ a. Tenprtn-ent.
rousing which rill put r, Pobert into
I HILE>A .WOOTEN;.................:.......-........_..Circulation Manage; r Verver
1 l -j- the Cabinet is expected ta reach r climax in

MAIN OFFICE & PLANT: Congress in the next fete c*rys. IjJSPJr
I J k wz: f 4 I IPeprblicap
I( }2323'Moncrief. Road...........-..............,.......Phon.. agin .4-6782 Pectiorpry forces led by the IBKr"
:: High Conrrnd. including '
: : '\' Mailing Address: } Gov. Nelsop rockefeller. of

: P. O. Box 561, Jacksonville 1, Florida >Ner Yorkho! hope to kill thereaFure
J- y.
f .f.),> ..",.', / .642 N If_2lid AVENUE hove been sbprply denounced ,
.'.' MIAM t, FLA... FR48195 OR "l48106 by the Negro leadership ;

y /pneals to Congressmen and
enrtors to support the department

One Year, $5.00; Half, Year, 3.00 rre being made by ROY \lilkins and the
I t .' -s : Mailed To You Anywhere In The United States'Subscription entire N//CP rerbersbin across the nation
:; Payable.In Advance. Send Check or Money Order To:.
Pobinson, who disavows partisan poli-
.... n. __ tics, severly criticized Governor rockefeller
-- -- -
'j' I tk for opposing the Urban Affairs and Housing
: : Get Caught Again I ; y ____ r-epartirent in. 9 speech in shington last

: N.i Frict: r.y.

; i :.. ': S The post encouraging development in tre i

Lr A short time rgo an 'American steamship coe 1 p I s ,,M struggle WPS registered lst'eek by Congressman -

pany put a new $14. million super cargo liner Villipfp L. Ipwson of Illinois. He is

on display at. a terminal in Portland, Oregon. 4; ,,, y ,r.i, chairman of the House Corrittee OP Government

According to the Portland, Journal, 'The '3,000 .. a -i. e Operations and he successfully fought off
r plus Portlanders including irony school i efforts to vote the measure dovn in his corr-

children, who visited the ship agreed that the mitteeThe victory ip the r."son Comritteo
r company has a right to be proud. They were impressed 'h4PF was only the first round IP tbe' battle.

by its size-56? feet long-the spacious ., The Peruhlicap riershir bore:: to defeat tbfressure

cargo holds, tremendous power plant, heavy hy ? ircjority vote npoinpt i it eitl'erin

'I cargo handling gear \\and luxurious accomo- the renete; or House durinf; the week bestip-

dations for '12 passe gers. There Can Be No World Peace Until Shackles Everywhere\ Removed ning' Februrry 19. The r.erublicans'will: tber

This, fine ship is not unique. Numerous others have returned froi" rrnkinp Lincoln ry pppecbcp! r

of comparable size and cost rnd 'performance in their bone districts

I Al will soon come into service, and will carry Cbsirir.on John *1. Pailey of the Fenocrrtio ,

{ \ cargo and passengers between the West.Coast ':-: Your Weekly National Corn-ittee this veek asked! "Ilow does +

.. and the Par Fast. 'Others still will run from Lincoln 'fit in 'with the resent .dpi' Republican

other American rivers and seaports to all ; Guide party of Miller, Dirksen, irllpck, Goldwrter

I the corners of the free world. Horoscope and--since his sudden sliiddipp lurch to the 1
J far right--rockefeller?.
Millions of people, unfortunately, never have '
I ,.j the opportunity to see a U.S.-flag merchant I, WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR "/. century rpo vhen PO per cent of our porulction -

I. vessel. But those vessels play an important, BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL vs-agricultural' Lincoln proposed

:' if often overlooked, part in their lives. They \ the estr.blishr+evt of Perartrept of Sericul-

I take abroad, to foreign buYers*and markets,, a I By PABLO, ASTROLOGER ture. He said: "Agriculture confessedly the

wealth of f&rir and factory products, made by largest interest of the n-itiop, r-s not a department .

American labor in plants owned by American fPJJf. I self as the natural born to let circumstances nor ? bureni, but n cler'lip! : only,

investors. They bring back a long list of desired Rom torch 21 thru 'roil 18 leader whose authority decide for you what you assigned to it in the Governrent.; "bile it is

and necessary commodities, including \, It may be a baffling should remain_ unquestioned -' should do, and where you fortunate that this prpat ipterest IP so independent -

I vital raw materials which we do not have with problem to determine This nay be should go. The secondary in its Tture as to pot i ITVC opmrpc-pd

in .our own borders. exactly who 'is your very true under normal. and unfortunate choice, and extorted ir.ore from the Government..: I re-

The point is that' the U. S. -flag merchant true friend, and who is circumstances. But you, would be to struggle spectully ask Congress to ct1nicfer'hether ,

marines serves us all--no matter: how far.w q not. If your instinctare are pow living in times, blindly against the inevitable something pore cannot he given voluntarily

live from a seaport.. It would be a .calamity if sound, you stand ah' and under conditions, and there by -. with, general dvan tape. '

we had to depend entirely on foreign ships excellent chance of which should be con- create more problems, 'Tod y, with 70 per cent /rericanslivipg

for our. needs.. -. sidered'unusual and even and greater confusionthan in cities and their suburbs, the Fe-uMirrr ,
making the correct f r
t Lak'of U.s. -fleg ships 'cos-f'iis' countless choice. But if abnormal. Turn the' necessary. Party is monolithically opposed to the estab
.lives .and. doll .rs.in two world wars. \,e must judgment fails initiative, over to your 5-40-55-13-25-545 lished of r.: Beprrtmert of Urb n :" ff..irs "Pd
you or
I never be caught! !? (vitb our 'sails down' again. the motivations of all allies who may be more FGITOTHFBom : rousing.! To achieve this imnninity Governor
rockefeller had to reverse hir self
adept at diplomacy, and completely
-f concerned are questionable Fov. 23 thnt I-ec. ?1
be in fora less likely to antagonize, There is .a possibility I rubJicly. q feat he perforrpd ritb no
you may
visible "
"Solution"President / eisbarassn
The Forgotten the, ,
t heap of trouble. very people you are that you may obtain mis-

desirous-of winning over. leading information,
4-50-2 -1862452TJ
6-10-66-12-65-616. suffer lapses of judgment -
Kennedy spoke with accuracy in de- /1.1rt \ar and get yourself
scribing fo.nr Born '/pril 10 thru tey ?0
problem in
one of his Congressional The Born ;:UK.; ?4 thru fept. ? involved in ticklish
r+esseges, when he, said: "without person you kno- The driving .force to situations. But with
new realistic tJiensur'es least may be yourself.
,. it will some dry achieve the ippo'ssible Jupiter in your solar

swamp our farmers and our taxpayer's in a If you have any suspicions may not be lacking but house, your luck should /"f'A > ..... .:
national scandal on that score, ., r
or a farm depression. hold "
greatcare, gill have to good and enable you :> "w'! J
He added that he is submitting it could be to your to
.to the Con. get yourself back
be taken against untried, on BUILD THIS SPEEDY OUTBOARD CATAMARAN
gress a new comprehensive farm? program benefit to consult someone and possibly dangerous, the right track. Almost impossible to capsize, this 16-ft. outboard cata-

+ tailored to fit the use of our land and the in authority 'who can methods. Labor relations 9-70-88-19-75-978 maran can be built either as a runabout (as shoWn) or a
supplies of each crop to the long-range needsof point out your weaknesses CSFEHTTNPor cabin cruiser. The cat will reach 35 mph easily when pow-
could be strained, and c& g*
the Sixties, and designed to and recorn! end a ered with twin 40-hp motors. Any combination in twins
prevent chaos the prospects early ] 'fY/c: thru Jn. 19 and singles can be used up to 160 hp. An 1600-lb-capacity
in the Sixties with. a prograre 0 f common cpnstructive* "" course of agrerents very nebulous As the adverse and tilt-bed trailer is just right for launching and retrieving
sense. action.. it. An illustrated book of instructions for building the cat
3-20-44-19-59-324 indeed. Also take all favorable aspects run is available 50c '
for ask for
Booklet 204.
V.e have had farm ;
program after fan pr gr2m.: -. Gn,1JNI \ precautions against about even this first r ,

and cbout the only result has been more surpluses Ibm A'y: :'1 thru June 19 physical ailments by quarter, 'cake it your

.mora,spr-nding, more waste, pore tax-
obtaining order of businessto
Should you be one of a proper diet
reard for either
nonproductionor the Geminians who alway.is and sufficient rest. collect your gains
useless production.
in a hurry, when they are within
you maybe
'Perhnps, ultimately farming will be 8-50-44-14-45-854 .
returned reach. Fell '
forced to slow ,down you .
to the fr .rework.of:! the free, comret'itive LIFT/ stand to reap a,substantial -" -1.
enterprise system, where production is by forces beyond your Born Fept. 24 thru net. 23 ,
control. leather con- profit, or buy! when ': \,
i geared to consumption and the law of. supply It could be essential you know for sure that '" S

and demand prevails in the market place. That dition personal dis for your complete happiness ..... ,
: you are getting a real
j' is about the only 'sol uti on we haven' t comforts, or vocational to have all the, I bargain. ,' :', _it:: '
disruptions may have to y
outlets you require for 3-60-33-18-56T368 ; ,
be taken into account '" .
your creative urges. j.fUJP.DFP.om' ;::--
before you can even ;..../-t. .. !'
N.t Unless the state of your J n. 20 thru Feb. 11! ,, :< 4r
IN'A dream of making headway.
TIME OF DANGER finances stands in the You hold the reins, and I !f

I 1-80-77-15-32-871 C/NCFR way. and it very well can select the directionin :,...'. -j.'-.', :L:::_ : __

'4 ,llve'in a' time of danger--danger from within as well could, you should not which you desire to ...,i-
Ibm June 20 thru July ?? .
1 as,itha1t.. And we live in a time when constant attacks, deprive yourself pur- go. our other half, for f.'
Too individuals ...t
\ many of a subtle nature are being made against the many suits and pastimes that better or for worse a
1 in keeping with the
institutions and principles which have made us great.In gladden your heart and should also be amenable -:'; '

f, the words of Harllee Branch', Jr., president of the notions' that are now cultivate your mind., when you use the gentle *' ... 4, t. L _

4 Southern Company:: "Well-meaning people are being deceived sweeping around the You could get yourself touch and cons rather ,<, _
world, falling for i'_
f t1 and misguided by men who, despite their claims oft are I tangled up with people than command. These are 7
the belief-that profitsand
5 patriotism'and philanthropy in many instances, are or in schemes from whichit the tactics you usually :

)j motivated hy self-interest; or deluded by alien ideolog- total security can may be almost impossible employ but there may be ,.:" ?l-e',
be established NF
s 1 ies'* and who--if not restl'ained--could bring about the over- to extricate tires when you give vent
night. This means excessive -
: impairment of our constitution and the destruction of the yourself without leaving to sarcasm end tempera' (II"
4 e spending, for ;;
political and economic system which) have made our nation some telltale scars on mental outbursts.. 1
luxuries and the like t '
the envy of the world If that should happen..ours in I f your prestige and pocket 8.40-7r845 KNIGHT
on the part of KEN
some; PL.Cf ,
b ook. .
solemn truthfulness will be a tragic era., '
State and taking reckless Pom neb. 19 thru ?fcrch 3)). ...: Invites You To To
Mr. Branch also. said at a meeting of the Indiana chances Listen, -
in speculative 2-30-33-16-36-236
.Chamber of Commerce: "I urge: you not to ,save any particular .seems better for you : !
ventures on the part of CIO not to be exposed to the IKNIGFIT TRAIN"Starting I
But that apply yourselves
industry- even lIlY.rn.. you Born Get
others. 24 thru Nov. 22 bright lights of publicity.
diligently to saving the whole of. our 'free enterprise 7-6o-99-17-78-789, Two At 7OO 1
; courses may be open all the more so if P.m. Nightiy' ,
"economy. no !eta. you during this,Hrstbaarter. '' you are engaged in confidential
Tojsave, that economy is to save' freedom--political as Bom July 23s thru Aug. 23 WRHC1400
ywellaseccn_. ," '.1.< t The primary, and +work. 1400
C4 < .: : I ,
I. You may consider your {favorable
would be
one ,
: 6-90-88-12-36-692' ))7
.: ;y ;ftt ';' t.'l. : : X, L -Ii I!

e .. .
f J e
": 1

T : .. '. 4 1t i
S ; ; : '

6i i
.(' : trr: .

"-' ;. d .. .=-..- .' ,-" _c'_ '
,- ;,, :,
:,iir ;: .
"' ;



.. ",. :",. ..' t.t 'J J".

,.:",, < 'i';,... .: 'i' ; 'p ',: .
: r3. .' ';
tJ! < : .:'
'T;' ; :-X"" < .. II'

J ;; SAJUIIAiFE RU4RY 2419Jf : c ., '. FLKWA STAR' :!' jJ .".WE ff

, : ,. .- -- ,_. -.-. ._..::: ...:.. .. ... -,. '
I', Held/ Cookie Sale Kickoff : .
I -- Parly Wedding Bells Ji Stork

: : .
ii __ Applications for Marritg* Deliveries

... Licenses
----- -- -- -.. .
,. _., I { i John D. Parker 1758 W. 11th
I B Y ., .i St, Apt A, 18 and Geraldine and
Mr. Mrs. Moss Gil-
LOUISE' G.- GUINYARD) Oliver 1758 W. 11th SL, Apt A.
.M 18. more; 2030 Meharry. Street;

Jacksonville Society is rejoicing in the newly found \ Harry W. Simpson, 1440 Myrtle Boy.

happiness of Miss Alethia B. Frazier and Bishop Carey, ., : i Ave., 21 and Charlotte A. Brit- Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Ran-

A. Gibbs following the announcement of their marriage __ .. ton 4216 Lockhart Dr., 19. dolph ; 4623 Moncrief

on February 12 in New york City. The Daniel Cooper Jr., 1100 Dora
ceremony was 'Village; Boy.
4 St, 28 and Betty L. Brown, 1524
,' performed in the home of the bride's sister and Powhatton St., 26. Mr. and !'rs. Huley ,Bar-

brother-in-law Mr. and Mrs. Leroy IL Cuthbert Sr., x. Paul T. Behn., 5628 Minosa ron; 3407 Plateau E. St. ;
i with Bishop George tf. Barber officiat g. Circle E., 29 and Mary E. King, Boy. .
2352 Johnson Ave., 29.
Friends of Bishop and Mrs. Gibbs are awaiting their Johnny B. Swain, 1528 E. 25th Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Bell;

f'i return to the city after March 1, and it is exnected St.., 26 and' Deloris Blake, 1327 306 S. Myrtle Avenue; Boy
I that there will be many affairs given in their honor : W. State St., 20. Mr. and Mrs. Solomon Mc-

The couple will reside. at 1011 West Eighth Wilbert Bellamy, 1358 Kings 306
Street. Queen; : S. Myrtle Ave-
S. Road, 21 and Mary H. Frost, 5807
i Castellano Ave., 19. nue; Girl.
f. Richard Ford, 2053 W. 19th St., Mr. and Mrs. Charles
19 and Mary Simmons, 719 E. 3rd .
Mrs. Fannge Bellamy, Mrs. Mary Lucille. Harper. and Mrs t St., 18. .Mitchell; 1510 fferson

> Coretha Wilson were guests 'when Los iaraontes\ Bridge Sammie L.' Cosby, 1332 Davis I I Street; Girl.
Club met recently in the home of Mrs.' Gloria B. 'Fort, \ St., Apt. B, 23 and Johnnie L. I Mr. and Mrs. Charles

2830 Begonia Road Mrs. Bellamy topped the guest PREPARE FOR ANNUAL EVENT: Members of Girl Scout Troop 261 and Brownie Troop 293 of .Gaffney. 2101 Brooklyn R&, age SpiveyJ' 1576 Hurst Place;
St. Paul AME Church and kermari,Green Jr., 2853 Edge-
their leaders held a well attended annual Cookie Sale Girl.
to receivfe
score the prize in that category, while wood Ave., 24 and Vivian L. Taylor
kickoff party on the church grounds recently in preparation for the annual Mr. and Mrs. Phil John-
Mrs. LouVenia 1 ewman and Mrs. Gladys Bryant were pro- 1653 W. 7th St., 26..
J .h.i winners of club' prizes. ject which begins on March 3. According to scout executive, Mrs. Irene Ba ggs. Fletcher Gantt, 1850 Broadway, son; 2166 Baldwin Street;

I I A previous meeting of the group was held in the home the girl scouts! will attempt to set a sales record this year. Mrs. L'Questra 23 and Juanita Davis, 1819 Broad Boy.

!. 4 of Mrs L. F. roam with Mrs. Annie Bell Frazier as Everett, Mrs. Vera Johnson. ..and...- Miss. Lucille.. Scarce are assistant troop leaders. way Ave. 23. Mr. and Mrs. Woodward
.; Robt Williams 722 SpearingSt.
f '
hostess. Adams; 1352 Johnson St. ;
1 21 and Helen Taylor, 722
.J Mrs. Fleet Alexander, Mrs. Mary Lucille Harper and Spearing St 21. Boy.

,t : Mrs.. Lula Wells were guests,' with the latter qualifying Kenneth A. Cummings, 730 Mr. and Mrs. Carey
{ 'for guest prize. Mrs. Louvenia Newman and Mrs. Orange St, 18 and Vivian Patterson Everett; 1277 W. 27th St. ;
742 W. Orange St. 17. I Girl. ..
; 'J' Lillian Davis were winners of club prizes. : .
Robt. L. Dawson 1850 W. 27th Mr. and-Mrs.
l Other;.,a'embers' participating in the meetings included St, 19 and Delma Miller 1422 W. Arthur
t t Mrs. Juanita Pavis Mrs. Thelma Geiger Mrs. 27th St., 19.Columbus. Green; 1843 w. 4th'St. ;

Vivian Lewis, Mrs.' Lydia SWeet Mrs. Emma! Morgan, Mrs. Butler. 1347 W. Girl.
3t Union St., 23 and Rosa L. Cobb, Mr. and Mrs. Albert
Frankie Summers
and Mrs. Geneva Whit .
x 1347 W. Union St., 27.
< Joshua Wilson 516 Pippin St., Twiggs; 3621 N. Myrtle
V [127 and Gwendolyn V. Harper, Avenue; Girl. '
A gala event occurring during the past week the "
9 1314 E. 3rd St, 18. "'fr.! and 1rs Homer
t 1 party given, in the home of Mr. and irs.! Johnny Wheeler I Forest Thomas; 216 9th St., S. Wright; 3362 Japonica Rd. ;
.of Jefferson Street'. The occasion wa's Mr. Wheeler's Jax., 22 and Altamese Jackson Boy.
birthday observance. 216 9th St., 19.
Mr. and
I Approiinately thiry guests congratulated the honoree, Willie C. Squire, 826 HoustonSt Mrs.Roosevelt
23 and Ossie Jackson, 805 W. Wright; 4223 Kantaga Dr. ;
I after which they played games, enjoyed refreshments, Duval St. 19. Girl.

and twisted. into the wee hours of the '
morning., RObt. Mr. and
I ,..aITuIF L. Collins 2814 BegoniaRd. Mrs. jares Lewis;
I. Making up the guest list were Mr. and Mrs. L. i. : ., 25 and Josephine P. Harris, 1977 Leonard.Circle, So. ;
Alexander; Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Holden; Atty. and Mrs. b T Y L 1233 Grant St., 26. Girl.

Releford McGriff; Mr and Mrs. Anthony Kevinon; Mr.. -. : .j 'w y Napoleon Jones, 948 E.->Beaver .
St, 21 and Lucy M. Williams, '
and Mrs. Jonathan McCone Mr. and Mrs. Billing
; Henry ;
1204 W. Chlrch St. 18. 'I I "
Mrs. Marian Sutton Walker; Matthew Foreman; Mrs. Elizabeth Chas. Nelson, 1616 W. 17th St, .
Mense; Mr. .and Mrs. Jim Jones; John H. Jackson; t 21 and Mary J. Sheffield, 924 W.

Mrs. Clementine Brown; Mr. and Mrs. James Bennett; 30th St., 18.
Curtis Patterson, 1559 E 22nd
Mrs. Lavern Welters; Mrs. Marie McClain; Miss Martha CAN
St., 18 and Joan McNair, 471 E.
4 L. Perry/ ; and Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Baker. 47th St., 16.
'- ENTERS FINAL STAGE: Totaling some forty-odd members of Walker Vocational and Commercial Edw. Porter, 2124 Talladega
s a 1 College's Class of 62 have entered their final stage of study and will I I Rd., 42 and Hattie Wanton, 542 you buy better headache powders .

graduate in May. The above scene shows members of'the class and several members of the I, Everson St., 40. than GoOdy's. The answeris
Mrs. Johnnie Mae Mitchell was hostess when Les Elite.
instructor staff. Elijah Garmon 2212 Thomas NO. So why pay more? .
$ Bridge Club met last Friday evening at the Lincoln Court, 19 and Clemmie Williams Insist on Goody's.
Golf and Country Club. Mrs. Josephine Cleveland was (Royal Art Studio_photo) 2212 Thomas Court 16.
I Henry Speights, Jr., 1712 Davis
guest player.
.. INCOME TAX SERVICE Birthday Present St., 23 and Annie L. Young 1930
Ji Mrs. Elizabeth Simmons and, Mrs. Alvenia Scriven were BOOKKEEPING SERVICE 3 R's HeldAnnual / McQuade St., 18. .

high scorers for the evening. ._ NOTARY PUBLIC Phil Allen, 1068 W. MonroeSt. Ss

Mrs. Anna Bell Minatee. Mrs. Maxine Jackson,' Mrs. i LETTER WRITING .tI Party ., 55 and Rether M. Perry, 145%.

Marie McClain, Mrs. Ann MCIntosh, Mrs. Bernice Hender-. CAFFEY Park- SU.47,. .
I James Anderson 1045 W. 8th
son Mrs. Vermal McCone and Mrs. Lois Avery,were among. The 3R's Industrial Club
.. Office Phone El 6-8282 St, 65 and Belzera McMahon,
I others present. Res. El 3-1541 Held Their 17th Annual stChrlitms a .1067 W. Union St, 60.

8 II 3323 Myrtle Avenue Party at the Home David E. Brown, 1778 Nash Rd.,.

S s s Jacksonville ,. Fla. of the President, Mrs. J. 20 and Catherine Jackson..,. 1615
.. Garden t., 17.
.. ,- W. Bolden, 1436 V. Tenth .
I **** + The fi x r Walter L. Jackson 626 D. Du-I
I + .* 14 Street recently. val St, 26 and Lucille Finch, 1375
living and dining areas Prince St., 26.
I i PLAYTEX were artistically decoratedwith James C. Hayes, 746 W. BeaverSt
gladiolas and chry- L 26 and Mavis James, 3303 .. 2 POWDERS 50
Ardisia Rd. 19. 12 POWDERS 25
I. LIVING BRAf santhemums.
J : \ .> Men's.SUITS. to arrive at 830.; They ;

01 I f were, Mrs. Mildred Anderson -

; Mrs. Daisy Davis, Mrs. Y .r

ft .1Q' eA1i .R 4 Mattie Echols Mrs. Marie "'-'J aj l'

) t :: At Re&ad Prices' Jackson Mrs. Joseph DORINDA ELFRIPA' AARON ,
Joins Milwaukee Braves
i' Jackson, Alfred Denmark, > 4

Mr. and Mrs. Jessie Simms, !> '.I

.film S1995Howard Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins, 'Isaac. JOINS AARON CLAN; Of interest Of lll the r

Jackson, Mrs. Viola Gris- to Jaxons was the

f sett, and Clarence Wesley. birth Monday, Feb. 5 of a Englishmen i
& FosterSHOES bouncing daughter-Dorinda
During the party-Mr. 1o
Jenkins passed out giftsto Elfrida-to Milwaukee e
1 who dIr lrnJk
: club brothers and Braves outfielder Hank and < gm.00Gdod

f i i sisters. Mrs. Bolden pre- Mrs. Barbara Aaron in St.

i I'. .1 sented each member with a Michael Hospital, Mil how mIIDlY' ; .

4 r : ,."-.. '. Children's ShoesLadies1 presonal gift. Members are: waukee. Coincidently, the k"

I ; ':.;. :.:l .. Mrs. J. W. Bolden, E. Hall,. young lady arrived on her'Dad's driIDlk << [( 1 .a :
tr: : Uti.
"$1. & birthday. Mrs. Aaron
,,.:::,/':;- D. St bbs, Mrs. S. N..1
,::.."",.' is the .daughter of Mr. and
0 Zlemons: J. W. Bolden, Mrs.
; >" NEW! Mrs. Eugene Lucas of this i
v -. E. W. Jackson, Mrs. T.
/ Sheer 3 ., city. of them.And it's been that for .
(elastic sides tad] ) Jackson, Mrs. M. J. Wilson, Mast way
i back acre ted Mrs. Nichols Mrs. L. M. Pallbearers/ be blunt about Gordon's '
( : Shoes
A \ breufce with Perkins, Mrs. Emma Robin- r is England's biggest selling gin-as it is

t V L-- 4t:: Flat & Heels .' son, Mrs. Rosa M. Walton America's and the world's.

: r s$ c;: c.ci _:'; Mrs. N. Williams. Mrs. E. Society No. 11 Why?Probably because we
;,. :: : Mayes, Mrs. Albert Nelson have always refused to
;i .... AT 'REDUCED. PRICES. ;
I ,,;::: '. -- and Mrs. Viola Johnson. Meets tamper with a good thing.
f SundayPallbearers Gordon's still harks back to
i ;.: (. Youths. Head Services. Alexander Gordon's origi +
T We carry a full line Society No. 11 i
.. nal'formula-conceived in .
.-,. ;.-i '. i ..'"'@ of clothes, for the Sunday At First Born are sponsoring a MusicaleTea London 193 years agosoits \\

'- s Entire Family Buy 0Y.s The youth'will, have charge Sunday beginning at distinctive dryness and -

now .for Easter -.And of services Sunday at First 8 p.m. in Mt. Lilla Bap- flavour remain unchanged D

,; r r' Save at Bargain Born .T em pIe,", 825 W. tist Church. and unchallenged to this LONDOHDRY

prices. Monroe St., Elder A. Hill, .. The sPQnsoring'committee day. Ask for Cordon by .....JL. '

: pastor, announced. : consists of- Bro. Nelson name at your favourite

: Sunday school ,begins at Lewis Sister Honey Washington tavern and package store.

x ....- _. -- ,-- : 10 a.m. ,and Elder Hubert. R. Williams D. .
'- will Houston L. pruitt
Cohen preach thesiecial'sermon
Mat hi1073 Shoe' Storv -'i: Edwards R. Coleman, S. _
.- >: during the egnuto tcitoci MT cam mill sranis BCTUU nou CI.to fiocr.
-. 11 a>m. morning worship. Milligan V. Byrd C. CO100I'S DIY CII co.tTLUlXl.I..l.noouCJ. n.u

; FJorW Ave. ._Jackson. iIe lFta.V: Et 6-9445 ,' The XPCI will meet with Flowers, R. Wilson, and C.
.Sister .,
Margaret Johnson, Gatson. .
'president, at 5:30 p.m. I The"public is invited. )

f .
I ".

\ .

--r.r hx, _........ ." '
h :
J. s ECa.vrr N :: =


4.. .', .
\ "
.:< .
; : : 1'}< /. ': ;: ::0.'f-'> : '; ;r :"::


p A I PACE 4? e ,- '- FLORIDA 'STAR Y '.:' SATURDAY,.- FEBRUARy"24J962-

I '

4 : CHURCHi r Missions First Holy Communion Celebrants 'Woodlawn Presbyterian.

: r Sr Church Holes .

S 4 a .rtt! :c

gNEw$ r- : By L. N*" Pearson Sr. '
i ; # f + 4+ i '- ,

By L. N. Pearson Sr.
3 of Second s asf ., The United Presbyterian
/ Baptist Cburch will present a % I'

George Washington Tea Sunday beginning at 3 p.m. in l f Q# Youth will meet Saturday
h 4 Feb. 24 at 3066 ttoodlawn Rd.
the home of Mrs. K. Thomas 948 Kings, Road. .
s'r at 4 p.m. in the rcesminster
o-0"-o \ # Hut. .Parents are urged to

have their children thereon
E Group 2 of St. Paul AME Church's Senior Choir, will ; 'sr time.

present a program Sunday starting at 3:30 p.m. in the a. r Sunday, Rev. Franklin D.

r hone of Mr. and Mrs. Dublin Matthews, 1406 Fairfax st. Wilson, pastor, will begin

A number! of-talented youth of' the community 'will high- / : : church school in the Vest-
light the S ; '
program. '
J55 \ minster Hut promptly,

I 0-0-0 ,$ : "r k S 'Ii 9 a.m.
.. ,
Superintendent T. V. Huger
A Guest Tea will be sponsored the Jani r Women's will begin Funday School in

Missionary Society Sunday at 4 p.m.' |;r t&e lower } the Sanctuary of the United

auditorium Mt._ Calvary Baptist Churc i.. ",. c Presbyterian Church at State

: and Laura sts. at 9:30: a.m.
o-0-o '
c rYr' Rev. Wilson will conduct

Pallbearer Grand Union Lodge 215' 'wllT' '''sponsor a I morning worship beginningwith
\ ; ,
George Washington Teacunday at 4 p.n.: : in:'the" hoae of : \v1&+ 4At 1' the prelude by Mrs.
Mrs.'i Ruth Watson 1531 Tyler Street.. .' ,, ( : Pudyne Watson, assistant

', organist, at 10:55: a.m.fol
o-0-o 4, r ; lowed by the call to worship

Usher Board 2 of Hhanuel Baptist Church has completed promptly at 11 a.m. The

final arrangements for the Musicale Tea slated for dej United Church Choir will

Punday. March '18 in the church auditoriun. Pev. n.B. j support the rites.

Barnes, pastor ,of Sweetfield,Baptist Church will give" Midweek prayer services and

the prayer of thanks. Other program participants will prayer hour will be held in

include Choir. 1 of First Corinth Baptist.. Church, the" the church sanctuary Wednesday -
United Gospel Chorus of Fesconnett, Mesdames Jessie
at 7:30: p.m. Pev. wil-

r Mae Polk' Mary Nealy, Fith Jones and Cecil B. Fisher, son will supervixe the study

Mrs. Helen Tutson, 1531 Tyler St. will host Usher period. The United Choir

Board 2 of Mt. Vernon Baptist Church during its spon- iL 1iTT,_ ii rehearses Thursday at 8 r.n.

:i sorship bf a spiritual Tea Sunday beginning at 4 p.m. SUNDAY;. Feb. 11 marked a historic occassion at the Mission of the Crucifixation when sixteen All members are urged to he

children became the church's first Holy Communicants during. all impressive Holy Mass with Rev. present.The .

: o-o-o (Fr.) :Anthony A. Keil S.-S.J. pastor .. ?..___ _._ .. ?_ ,.._,,,,,, _._ -:"'__ United Church Choir

The Fmma V. Kcley Juvenile Class 91 of IBPO of W. i I, 'I I I Irqyeral StairsHere 'will sponsor"- a fish fry
will sponsor a fish fry and barbed'c all day Saturdayat Tri-Gospe/l / Rev. W. Foster : First Baptist ,'J MondaySet Saturday. March 3 at 3066

the residence of its Senior Mother 1552 P- 25th St. Woodlann Road beginning at

It is being planned for benefit of the State Associa- Music Contest To Address Announces Recital 3 p.m. V.'e are asking our t

tion which will meet here on April 7. Deliveries will entire church neralcrship.:

be made upon request. .=, Set for Mar. 4 i! Aden's Club ActivitiesBy will'be The Gospel heard Traveral in a recitalof Stairs friends, and all residing in

the area named to come out
0-0-0 contest will songs Monday night
A singing .
the date named and
on enjoy
Rev. W. F. Foster' pastorof
Rosa L. Coffie
held March 4 between beginning at 8 p.m. in First
The annual recital of the famed ethune-Cookman'College .be the.evening. -
will* :Mrs. Goodwin of the Mt. Zion AME Born Temple, 825 W. Monroe _
Choir be held March 5 in the auditorium Simpson Mary ,The Fvangelistical Campaign -
will deliver the message
I'ethodistChurch. under sponsorship of.the Mary McLeod Union Gpfpel Singers, meetingof which began Monday Street. TAX FORMS PREPARED
at the breakfast
Bethune Circle No. 1 of Jacksonville.. Mrs. )Myrlrle Barton of the night under the direction All singing groups in the For ConvenienceIncome
the Brewster Men's Club Your
Versiteers and Miss city havebeen,, invited to I l
Sunday at 7:45: a.m. in the of one of the nation'sleading
o-0-o v Mae Thomas, 'The Gospel ministers, Pev. F. participate on the program Tax Forms
War Horse" in the audi- new dining room of the and the general public is.
N. Williams, pastor of Prepared By Specialist
Test Union Baptist Church began its 62nd anniversary torium of Trinity Baptist hospital.The invited. !
Antioch Baptist Church,
observance Monday night and the ,third .of .its. pastor, Brewster Men's Club Sister Ro. etta Cohen is
Church, Duval, and Jefferson Houston, Texas, will close At t Silver Star Liquors! -
!Rev. A. F. Cummings.. The services terminate Feb. 26. Streets. will -offiaially open the the sponsor.
new dining room with their Sunday night during the 5668 AVENUE"ALLIED B
will be Forces
Also appearing Mathis'.lniury
o-0-o regular meeting. It has 7 p.n. Evening Worship

.. ', \ ', singing groups'of the been announced that the Service\ Break In EngagementsNrr ._-. -- -.. -
The interdpninatlonal Ministerial Alliance of Jackson city. invitations have
Sunday 'School will beginat
husbands of the P.N. and
been extended to all
ville"'and .pjuval County will. hold its annual installation 20.a.m. with Deacon '
L.P. nurses at the hospi- Helen' ;Yoga, of .
: "
of officers in St._ Paul AMR Church Monday, ,Feb. music lovers to come out G. 1?. Scott superintendent Inc.Jacksonville's.
tal, Mrs. Anita Irvin, and I
singer Johnny Mathis
and vote convictions.The
26 at 8 p.m. your
: in charge. The
Miss pas-
Director Nurses,
program is being ;;Agency now has a full
o-0-o sponsored by the Tri- Margaret Field Director tor, Pev. C. B. nailey enterprises including real :staff of trained colored '
The women of Mr. Zion AlE of Patient Care and Mrs. will review the lesson .
Southside. met recently umphant Gospel Singers estate and music publishing detectives to handle do-

with the pastor to organize the annual women's,Day Association, Mrs. Ethel ,'. Flinor Hurley,f\irector of subject, The Clean Life.' today disclosed from mesticInvestigations,

observance which is scheduled for March 25. Bannister Cormunity Relations have Morning worship service New York office that as child custody body guards
Davenport ,
The steering commtttee elected<< with' 'Mrs. Mary Hicksas president 'who is also been invited. i. will begin at 11 a.m. with the result of a hack injury missing persons, patrol
chairman and Mrs. Lorraine Armstrong, co-chairman. President J. Earl Morseis Rev. F. N. Williams delivering Mathis will be unable and nite security.
Other officials for the annual observance will be inviting the public to the sermon. The Strictly Confidential.Phone .
all members of
attend. urging to work until the -end of
announced. deacons of the church will 8-31H
-' 'the club to be present to April, and lcs postponed
I lead in the devotions. or
meet and greet the some $500,000 in engagements -
Choir and Usher Boards of PO 5-9844 "
visitors and to witness ; ,
\ the church will serve .. ..-' ,
.M!!!. MDV SaMnHBHrW* V<..fW -. .
the well prepared program

-' Dc nc _. ::.:.: chairman Solomon Jones has throughout the day.
prepared for the occasion The following auxiliarieswill IDEAL FOR THE

'.. rn .rnJlmt3 ">> \'...".. an d 'to be in on the meet Sunday at 4 p.m. S QJ A ; FIREPLACEIClean !
; ; official opening of the District 3 and 4 in the Mitf. Burning fir
_: :: '
W S ;1 kitchen and dining 'room. home of ,Mrs. Flora Starling CITY' WIDE DELIVERY long Lasting!

:: ;; 11f?:i .,..."""B Uillil U l :]1 : i :][: m ij j][n1irJjE!! :'
{:' also urged attend. All
Sylvia Johnson 858 Palmetto 5833 NORWOOD AVE. PHONE PO 4.4511
members are asked to bringa .

\\i prospective member.PATRONIZE 'with 'Mrs.St. Gussie; District Carrol 16, :i:c; :

__ 624 F. First St. ; District

5&x: 21 with Mr. and Mrs. earl

Star, Advertisers West, 1886 v. 'Fourth St. I

,'. ,
':,: MyrtI d Aiairi Ifione EL M46S
Touch of her hand will heal you. Mother ,
iittLfl4r1: 1 d Devine has the God-Given Power to heal by I Black Sea Bass tSS.tA.A tl..t"l ... 32e :
St Prayer.Everyone welcome:white or colored at FUU.Y DRESSED .
,*.' ** n .>. rlw
home. What bee withyour ni *
Mother Devine's you CATFISH I 49
__ hUH piMiMi. .hid M<.. tt C "
,I heart will believe. Are you
eyes your
: '' SPECKLED OUT :. '
,,:;, :,} suffering? Are you sick? Do )'ou'qeed help? Lt. 49c
*5o you have bad luck? Bring your problems Mother Devine!today and KINGFISH STEAKS 1L 49c
,: :., 1 .... be rid of them tomorrow. She advises on all affairs of life.There is no
problem so great she cant solve (how to hold your job when you have' ... AMOUNTBLUERSH J9C t.WftchM U. .
failed and how to succeed cU your friends and enemies without asking 49c 1/
you a single word reunites the separated). Upon reaching woman- Fancy Fr.iaSTEAK u. noiiDA
ea hood and realizing she had the God-Given Power to help humanity FISHu..59LOBSTERS u.75fi
Mother Devine has devoted a lifetime to this work. From the four corn
Q ers of the'world they come to her. White Colored men and women of Spjnith +1'
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hick. There is no pity for those knowing they are in hard luck and gO,. ,
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lucky days and hands. Lifts you out of sorrow and darkness and starts RED BASS Alp i.,39 C fr4 Fights MM ....... ..
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n; Lucky Numbers,' Lucky Days MOTHER DEVINE guarantees to help!. Approx.

Located on ,the SOuthside on Old St. Augustine, Road In., TURTLE MEAT 2u>. Lo in. Lb.S .$1.25 "
faifcig \ .
Jacksonville. Florida- Look for the Pain Sign and Name. 1962 MULLET LINE ?

J-mn** /7tt/7//mj? AarYrtf4U///i Wrtii/! MOTHER DEVINE LARGE ROE MULLET Still Holding i at .Lb. 29e ,j,

Take Bus No. 37 to 4431 Old-St. Augustine Road. BRING THIS Fresh Frozen MULLET ROE . Lb. 89c I
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......t..ALL DAY SUNDAYS ; .
: Open 7 Days., .' '
.. :

/ .' -.:':;j.,'": .: ,

: -'
,,' it

t r .

-' ..' f

v ,,T' :;", .
._----.-._---" .. .-. ._---, .---'- .-.._- _.. ,."--''"' .---.-,! r'i":4'-; .



\ .. :. ,_ .:: I' '.:..' ', .. .. -

.- ,,, .- .';:fi-.r : '., .C"d_.} ; "

.. 1lq'.'., 1
'pAGE 5
"Sl.. nnUlY FEBRUARY.. -

St. Paul Board Simpson Board Ministers' Brotherhood/ }installed Officers$ "i-ng Trouble ?.

Sets Sunday Tea Slates Recital Call EL 4-I183--EX: 8-7943.

.Refrigerator Service .Repairs' On All Makes"--Terms
Mrs. Juanita Wyatt will Wellknown Singer James *
I give the mein address when Morgan will be featured ina All Work Done, In Your Home. 24 Hoar flu II

Usher Board2 of Ft. Paul recital Sunday beginning i .
(In Business Since 1942)
AME ,Church observes its at 7 p.m. in the auditorium

i ,f Friendship from 4 until 6 Tea p.m.Sunday in the Church of Simpson, Kings Methodist Road and d I. .? 50l BERNSTEIN 3518 ANDREWS
Recreation Center at Third Cleveland Street. .' -

and Mt. Herman Streets, Accompanied by Mrs.

Other program highlightswill Dorothy Lang, pianist, Mr. r & ri x MOTORS &
feature Choir .3 of Morgan's repertoire will \) ii i- : t
Abyssinia Baptist Church:;
! embrace classical, semi
invocation by Charlie
classical, and folk songs. TRANSMISSIONS
k Cooper; scripture, Mrs.
Following the program, a
,, Lois Gibson; and intro-
( social interlude and sere
.a duction of Mrs. Eliza
ing'of refreshments will be
1 Perry, mistress of ceremonies -
held in the Social Hall.
4I by Mrs. Lois Cain.

f f Mrs. Isabell Cooper will Playground CeremonyThe

I! IJ give the response; reading
l Mrs. Laura Harris; solo, formal presentation
Mrs. Henrietta Graham; of a Playground and Com-

Jj j Mrs. Mamie Coleman, munity Center Site will be AAA44 : AAAAA

r ,; reading; and Mrs. Eunice made on Saturday, February fAL OBSERVANCE: The Baptist Ministers' Brotherhood, embracing members from
I Coker introduction of 24 at 3 p.m. by Com- Duval and adjacent counties, held its annual installation of officers ceremony ARC Inc.

;/1'I1 l speaker. missioner. C. Ray Greene, 1 Monday night, Feb. 19 starting *at 8:80 o'clock in Central Baptist Church. Shown EL 6-6001 35 E. Y ST.
District 2.iiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiimumiiiiis
f fI seated from left are: Revs. J. C. Sams, presidentof the Progressive State Con-
.I i i := vention of Florida; A. F. Cummings, financial secretary; C. C. Daniels, re- i
-, .cording secretary; D. B. Barnes, corresponding secretary and public relations MOTORS Installed

' ,..' 4 | INCoME TAX | director; H. H. Hartley, second vice president; R. L. Jones, president, and H.H.

':.It -- =- Robipson, past president. Standing Revs. H. H. Stuckey H. H. +right, B. Griffith i
.. ,,
: C. S. James, L. G. Coleman G. W. Crockett, C. W. Whitt n. H. L. Patterson, .
E Why about income tax return? | Transmissions:
i worry your I
S. L. Badger J. D. Kinchen, '
, ) = M. J. Green ,D. V. Young L. G. Ingram, R. T. .
S = Short Williams, L. F. McLendon, S. Peoples, Fred Williams, R. L. Smith J. H. Poss, :
i Let a tax expert prepare. it for you., =- S. B. King, F. D. Davis J. C. Rogers, Rev Daniel'Nickerson visiting from New I "
York City and Lee McQueen. ;The brotherhood meets every Monday at 12 Noon in Bethel Will SWAP Anything Of Equal

| short} form $2.00 Long form $4.00Avoid | \ Baptis! Institutional Church. VALUEEL53733
f '
| last minute rush File your return today S ( Royal Art Studio Photo ) Ii

=?or your Coiwiencj we wil I remain open 6119 p. m. evenings/I Sunday Walker's Florist -- register J'i

I ,l .
= Florida Service Bureau = -Open Daily- _
\ 8 a.m. 5 p.m. Singleton's Superior Barbecue
William G. i 'I. .
| Lesperance Tax Expert
j I '.VO. 5-2400: El 31479'Bluegreen iii \

. | 801 Florida Avenue Telephone EL 3-4674 | The regular monthly meet-' :B :-.- ., -: Open At 12:00 Noon To 2:00: A.M.

\, iiuiiiiiiiiiniiiiiuiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiii tII11B Beauticians ing of the League Trichology Unit -= Restraurant" E- Come Out And Have Lunch Lunch With Us..

No, 38 will be held Sunday MENU
J = Specializing =
starting at 3 p.m. in the
Small '
Sand. Slab
Barbecue Ribs 620 $1.86.
'home of Mrs. Minnie Lee "| In Fine Home Cook E

SAFEST BEST LOOKING.- LONG WEARING Alexander, 624" Venus -- Large Slab $2.48 Pig On Bun 36$ Corn.Dog 21Beef'
| Meals Clean Facilities. E
Court H.
-- ,... On Bun
-- 360
'- -
} LOSING New Secret..(;UKUVVINQ HAIR :: Short Orders To Go =
Aid lJLIt-t>MiDIt;;; !>fHi Treat- '
ft RECAPS HAIR... mrnt SI.9M. Mm Cuitomers iDk Uti.' t. at.. = Frank Dipped In Hush Puppy Mix
t ':{ make* mv HAIR sav CROW and"it Regular Meals Serve Daily
=. t can I" New Hair comlu U Order
HtKK Fries & Tater-Tots Per
autv.Health Cat aloe. 160 .
r arid Utalihv. Hair Plan-no obI The Place
USING U. S. ROYAL X-19D PREMIUM RUBBER EXCLUSIVELY I :r; { COD lijcat;ou. accepted.1'bainpi Jl.9s cash and acre.cis n. Drive In Service .
,, .: ,, Frodufl., tJ4 .
fi1 :& | (.aaneu ltd.. ,Friendly Faces-
r< .
LIMITED 0 ,;;:" n.23 nr Jlrtiiphl C.bamploa.Tmn..... _AlJtrntlun : !I 3017 West Edgewood Ave. At Cleaveland Rd. PO 4-9136 .
= 1039 Flordia Ave. 2j I ,

0 TIME g t 4 for $44.00mod. 0 Acute Attacks Asthma gnmiiimmminmmimng" t .. ., _.. --

i Now yield speedily to discovery by ,
respiratory Specialist Coughing cook
ONLY inc.gasping relieved so fast.,ftrst*tlmeI" I i
users are amased.No waiting No drugsor
Treadalle tires' painful Injections.Wonderfully effective 1 ,.
I" in restoring free breathing Now l
FOR ONLY $4.00 OOWH.--THEN. $1.25 WEEK FOR SET OF 4. I druggist Cigarette available for without or Dr.Compound.Guild prescription Green Mountain Ask your .

r rr1 '.. ...,'.,;.c.....,.. STARTED ON CARNATION
'ioo ; ., ,,:>4' /,
: Plus tax Unique Beauty Sa/on-/ :::::::': '::

it i 150x14 sizeBlack $7' .7 7. "Exchangeother sizes r E I STAYED ON CARNATION .. : '

Equally! low I Specializing lnt H airs Stylini t $; ,:

'II TO BALANCE SATISFACrI&GUARANTE ..Tinted Scalp Conditioning the milk with extra Vitamin D for :f

OUR RECAPS ARE ROUND 0 No Appointment Necessary :I sound teeth and strong bones! "; ,
MONEY BACK 8. Operators Ti Serve You S ... s
ROAD, HAZAPD. :,_:.t "Bobby grows out of his clothes so fast I can hardly keep
I YOUR DOHNTOVIN U.S. ROYAL'HEADQUARTERS One Of The Cities, .Most. rZL r : him in jeans,"says their mother.."But Francis is growing

IJ S. Modern Beauty; Salons ., right into them."
(J CRISWELL TIRE COMPANY To Be Unique Visit Their father, Dr. Robert Higginbotham, is physician for .
the Midland,Pennsylvania High School.His private prac
505 W. DUVAl, CORNER CLAY EL 6-023? Unique Beauty Salon tice takes him many miles through neighboring country. '..<"-

'947 Davis St. EL 3-1953: Mrs. Higginbotham left her art-teaching career several
.- .- iYr'ti years ago.:But she is still an artist in the kitchen-with an
*' eye to nutrition. "I get extra Vitamin D into this familyby
c.L 4 ',? using Carnation as the milJc in puddings and pies and 0"
cocoa-and on cereals!" ;
I .
t VS. Carnation is the healthy family milk-with extra Vitamin ':;
D to help build sound teeth and bones. No wonder this
milk in the red-and-white can is the world's favorite
1LL I evaporated milk,by

get the creamiest cream pies .
-just by using Carnation"

... '. Mrs.Higginbotham declares.
r t (See recipe below.) Even .
} l'when you add an equal
: SUGAR p pp amount of water Carnationis

25" ,. richer than sweet whole.
+, : milk-for smoother results
5 /Ibs.' 390 ; in all your cooking!

I ...,,
l with (5.00 or more.toed_ orter: .. : I b ;;
u |rI '
r l .i kwry' I recipe: I __-rCARNATION'S ____.________
i If .

1 I I I CREAM PIE (Makes one 8-inch pit)

a II 1 package chocolate pudding-
25cI and-pie filling mix
2 lbs. I :. I 1 cup undiluted CARNATION I
Ji 2 with 5.00 :
$ or mcrejo) nee. I I EVAPORATED MILK

'Azalea Sugar Cured I I 1 1 cup baked water 8-inch pie shell I
Oil' I I
: I I Combine the pudding and'pie filling
HAMS mix with Carnation Evaporated Milk
I and water in saucepan.Cook according
; <24oz. bottle Healthy country boys "growing up overnight" Bobby I to label directions on mix. Pour into .
2.9CI 45C"JIIIIe and Francis Higginbotham.. aged 7 and 4, were both 8-inch crust. Cool. Top with toasted a IOp I .
with $>#}-Dr mere 'tsii.Dr: Carnation-babies-and they're both Carnation boys! I I coconut or sliced bananas.: I
"from Cout"I
Mother is an artist. Daddy is a doctor 1r |L______ ------ .

:L '.. -- .- -:: T r -. e -


'" '

.- .,- .' ..""'- .. .
': '. : I

I ;

I) ,

,'.. '.'- ",- \

.: ... ,. .
:} : t'J: : ; .,c. ... : J:

: PAGES ')nifurtiir SATURDAY FEBRUARY 24,1962

a Uf t Vf'A ----- -----
Q{ H' i.. J P'Q "Baby Dragons" Complete Undefeated SeasonThe I

D8. ep, Z 2Z .a z .tJj-! -

:;. a By C. PARHAM JOHNSON 'I, 'Baby Dragons" of Douglas Anderson Junior High School finished the Duval
County Basketball League without suffering a defeat this year. This marks the firat
WITH THE UNIVERSITY OF WEST VIRGINIA seeking Negro time in the school s history that such a record has been achieved in a minor or a

talent for its"football team it lets the American s major sport. The.young Southsiders found the going very rough over the 2nd half of

public know that those old antiquated, outmoded, ante- 5r4 their schedule, but managed to bring key victories back from across the St. Johns

bellum and long worn our customs of keeping" the races In anassing their 8-0 record the "Baby Fiery Dragons" defeated each of the Following -

of mankind divided are gradually passing away. West JHS's twice: Matthew Gilbert's "Baby.Pantners" ; J. Weldon Johnson's"Trojans"
Virginia U. is interested, in producing a winning team
; Isaiah Blocker's "Tigers" ; and A. L. Lewis's "Falcons" DA scored
and if it takes Negro help to do it, then it will be 348 points to the opposition's 208.
done. A spokesman representing the institution says "-
Coach C. Lenwood Lee is now getting his charges ready for the unpredictable County
they are considering Dick Lehridge a senior at a high ; ... .
JHS cage tournament. ,
school in Hinton, W. Virginia. Robert N. Brown, _s }____________ Season records for J. the DA players are as follows:
athletic director at the university says he anticipates j -a ,

no trouble in scheduling other schools in the con- PTS. FG FG FG FT FT REBOUNDS
ference. Name of Player Scored triad Attn. Pet. Made Att. & Pet. Offen. Defen.

FLSTON HOWARD star catcher of the New York Yankees believed : ; James WalkerSylvester 139 57 130 .404 25 57 .439 45 57

that on the strength of his last season's Reddick 109 53 146 .363 3 3 1.000. 2 8

record and World Series'performances, he is 'entitled to rx F Willie TobeTheodore 57 26 92 .283 7 27 .259 19 21 It

$40.000 a year. Howard says he is ready to talk salary : Jones 45 18 33.545 9 36 .250' 37 63
terms, but since that time a mutual agreement must have ., fYr James Paulin 32 15 43.349 9 24 .375 2 2

been reached because he has signed on the dotted line. James Williams 9 14.214' 3 10 300 3 3

BASEBALL FANS THROUGHOUT the nation have been puzzledfor ____ Leon Hayes 4. 3A 6' .167 2 2 1.000 0 0. \

many years as to why the salaries in the American Eddie Bufford 3 1 14 .071 1 2 .091 9 2

League running into the 90' s, the 70' s, the 60' s and Benjamin Brown 1 0'; 4..000 1 1 1.000 8 2

any number in the $20,000 bracket. If Howard of the Ronald Greene 1 '0 2.000, 1 *2 ,.500 1* 2
Yankees should happen to get up to the $40,000 bracket,,

he League.will be top man among Negro' players in. the American Add To I DEATHS II

MELVIN Thomas of 1816 1
MANY QUESTIONS HAVE BPFN ASKED as to the whereabouts Win OFfORD, Archie of Miami.
'Baldwin Street.
of a young baseball player known as. roily Drake. Well, ,. SMITH Mack of 1701
FISHER,' J. of 1431E. '
Drake gave up baseball to accept a job as a salesman world's.100.metre Brooklyn Road. *
20th Street.
with Don Snyder LiQUor ompany. Solly had somewhat of a SHOVING HERE MARCH 10 & 11 --- Abe Saperstein' Harlem dash champion, LEE, Mollie of 1469 Ever- 'l JONES James Thomas of Vr
turbulent career as a minor and major leaguer. Sporting Globetrotters, acclaimed as the greatest basketballteams 9.2 Frank Budd of Villan- son Street. 530 Cleveland Street.

a .300 batting average in Triple A, he joined the Chi- on earth, will. appear here in two showings against 1 ova U. and Hayes Jones, BELL, John of 1924 Talede- HALL Nancy Mrs. of 816
cago Cubs in 1955 as the most talked of rookie in the the highly touted Washington Generals Sunday and Monday, the nation's speediest 50- Road. I Spearing Street.

Cubs camp. Drake had just about clinched a starting March 10th and 11th in the Jax Coliseum. Shown above are yard dashman, added to ga I HOLLAND Randolph of 759;
outfield berth when he suffered a. fractured leg in an MOBLEY Laura Mae Mrs. W.
the 'Trotters' ace comic, Meadowbrook Lemon and their their 24 and 14consecutivewins Duval Street.
intra-SQuad game on th ..!inal day of spring trainingr dribbling impresario--shotmaker Murphy Summons.' In their recently at the Phila- of. 8000. Tarling. Avenue. LEE, Carrie Frances Mrs. l

That one thing kept him our of .the game until July 29 last appearance here, the Globetrotters drew nearly delphia Enquirer's 18th HENDERSON Charles' of of 1403 Florida Avenue.Signed '

when he was reinstated and sent to Los Angeles of the 10,000 fans with another 5,000 persons being turned nual track and field games.an- I;2561 Lewis Street.: 1
Pacific Coast League. FRENCH, Thomas of 1816 -,
away. Tickets are now on sale.
DRAKE RETURNED TO THE CUBS In 1956 and was sent to. Baldwin Street.

Portland and fromPortland, to Montreal where he had two James Weldon Johnsons Top Students MELVIN Nadie Mrs. of By

big years. In 1959 he returned to the majors with the ,1197 Monroe Street. ,

Dodgers. The Dodgers sold him to Philadelphia. Philadelphia ,,,, YlMfM. 7M ,, .. ; WILSONAlberta Tynes Mrs. RedbirdsGRAMBLING
sold him to Buffalo. He was hitting at a *300 of st. Augustine.
clip when his arm went bad. He has quit baseball but he \ YOUNG William of 304

earned a B.A. degree in Psychology and Physical education : i Elm Street. A

During the off season at Buffalo he taught PONDER Clifford of 137 La.--Garland (
school in the New,York School system. Solly is still a M r- \ H 4"I North Street.
= :: 227-pound guard I
4 IM 41AFf11F -K.fig It4 HALL Sophie Mrs.', of
young man .af.1M 1 vw.+ who hits with the force of
THERE ARE SEVERAL OTHER potential stars that seemed to .1 1685 Highland Avenue. steamroller, signed a \

slip out the picture for reasons unknown. Such potential JOHNSON Frank Wayne of contract last week with

stars as Curt Roberts, Andre Rogers, Bob Thurman, 829 S. 9th St. Fernandina the St. Louis Cardinals of

R.C. Stevens, ,Joe Durham, Roy Welmaker, Lino Donoso anda ,Beach. the National Football
few others who never reached their height in the DAVIS, Millard of 1735 League

game. Just about everyone knows what became of Monte Ella Street.
Boyette .is the fifth
Irvin. OXENDINE, Deacon Elias of conscroption from Coach
WELL THE GOOD OLD SOUTHERN LEAGUE could not buck the Picolata. Eddie
.,. 1961
trends of"the' times and stay ,in 'business. The old GRIFFIN, Willie Henry of Grambling squad to sign a
Southern that seemed as solid ,PS any league in baseballdid lye
I 1180 W. State Street. pro football contract.
like the cockroach when the bug killer hits him. 'V' :: -- --- -
He turned over on his back and that was it. The
southern League allowed one city to say there will be m KYALART STUDIO

no colored players.' There were no colored players and :
there is no Southern League., .
and today r'4: "--'- w "
_ '
i <. : : PROPRIETOR. '
a .
PUSHERS ey + x rt K i '
4 -- d r .

''''Skintona, SEVEN STUDENTS at James weldon Johnson Junior' 1'.., High scnooi:> have earned the coveted I "i! Z-5x7's,1 Color, Black 1 & White, '$6.95 l

\ "Four-pointer" distinction for the third six weeks per od Fred Priester of the ;

CQfrlAINS AMAHNQ HrQtQQUtNOHt 9-14 homeroom, the lone male in the group, is flanked on the left by Deshorie Lang, j .' 1-8-10 Opaltone & 3-3x5's $5.95 .

7-3; Gwendolyn Jackson, 8-12; and Jo Ann Hicks 7-7. On his right we wee Pamela \ \

lightens, brigbfenssMit Smith, 7-8; Marilyn Alford, 7-3; and Beverly Hicks, 7-7 Tops In
-- :....- -----....... i iCommericalWeddingsProtraits

MAKES2SKIN BLEACHES Isaiah Blocker/ Prepares ] Royal Crown 4'

515 DAVIS ST. : EL 4-1894
"OLD FASHIONED" Cola .. : .. t.
For Annual! Concert H .

Skint0., 4' a The Isaiah Blocker junior f will be featured in Carib- Lik '-
tS High School Band is
; bean
Fantasy along with
I lightens dark po Is hard to ,present its annual other selections.Peter -iUS.INESS. DIR tORY
terfect powder Concert Friday March 9 at :
04S6Hi )upPa I 8 p.m. in the school audi- Captain, Section leader The Firms_ Listed Below Are Recommended As Reputable
torium., Several band .
Business 'Manager of the., ,
I mbe'will be featured in conducting activity and Establishments Specializing Services. and Products
> solo in the I
passages the
President of
Manufacturers of Posner'i BergamolThe JIt with the SI'" Honor ., '. -
-. .. .. --- various compositions. Society will be featured in SUNDRIES .
Washington Hardmon, Bari- the 'Gaiety Polka, 1'
tone Horn Section Leader Patent Medicines Cosmetics SPIRITUAL ADVISOR +
(Trumpet solo) and several *
and Chief Field officer other selections. All Leading Hair Preparations Service Every Thursday p.m.
ENROLL NOW will be featured in Sunlit 432 W. UNION, ST. El 4-0269
.:' Hunter Satterwhite. clari- COR. BROAD, & ,ASHLEY EL 4-2159.: ;: --
.r. Summits overture. and net section leader will be .
REGISTRATION, ,, ', Caribbean Joseph McRoy Fantasy., Band Co- the clarinet entire soloist.The flute section. LU3.Y&; DRUG STORES, 'MADEliNE'S COFFEE .SHOP

:"!-i.)- captain, Assistant Section, will be featured in the A Complete Line of Specializing In Tasty Foods I

S'TILL OPEN Leader and St.-at-arms "Aria" from "An Oc- Cdh IETICSRUBBER GOODS<; _

.of.fe the MBB Conducting B Bnm B nnBl Activity* ft 1nnA1 nftp -'CANDIESSUNDRIES ,Regular Meals Served Daily .

,For A Limited Number Of Students For DAY 'art' NIGHT''Classes WHEN YOU ARE ILL Prescriptions Called// for and Delivered J / .

'You Seek The Best Doctor 1907 Kings Rd.; EL 5-8276' 1929. Kings Road EL'4-9962 1 1I

:! i When Your Doctor PrescribesGet \ W i
in General Secretarial; Business AdiMstratiM. .i t .Ciwses' FUEL OILS
Experienced Pharmacists :Art's Radio & T V Service --- \

LEARN DRESSMAKING According to Your Doctor- :_ .JlJak s.& Aote-RHies,: -. BYRD & SONS .
\ We Use only FUn Oil.t BOTTLE
f .FOR' PERSONAL OR PROFESSIONAL PIRPISES, ,: < The Best Quality Drugs, Serve Cas.S1.50. AI Wok 6uarated9a.m. ,WE .SELLi,Clean and Repair ALL MAkES Of

Jr.. C. E. BlackProprietor :: to.1:,... Call-PO 8-6828 OIL and GAS HEATERS '

:-ff-; 6334 ttsttown. Dr. PO 49516.7 'I, l __
\ 2122-West Edgewood Ave. .
:. ..Cosmetics Rubber Goods Candies Sundries JOHNNIE'S ROOMING HOUSE *
Mechanic On
ti. Duty
, .. t91
"1832 Myrtle-Aye, Corner 9th St. Phone,'FL6-812&: LILLY'S DRUG STORE j I Rooms by Day', Night or Week .;, IKE, JOSEPH, Proprietor, .
'. : & .Stat. and Jefferson Sts. 6-
"TACKSOMYItJi 7.Wsn Ashley St. EL 5-4025 EL X432iH'
-.'- 7 .' FLORIDA __" 'ti.S \ .., '- .*".........- -- ..- -, *1.-....*. ,'.' .. :' ... ,

'. .. I r '"


... _. .
., ..
.. c. ,._
: '
; :
-J .z i : I"if" i.f.. :;. : : : ,;


r ; / f ,

.. .... ."
:,_ ,. ..'';f.;" :,;-
< "
STIIRDAY'fEl.IUARYJt. Jf.1iI 1I ;- \ ; .

If i: I. Rattlers' :'Grid- Forces Staff Were Cited At Annual Banquet .: ;:, I

I -9ar .** Tmrramg-imrTir rTmirTTiTrTrrTTiTn -- __ __ ___ ____ _
+ ; 1

: s'

1F 'f r

4 .


Y i

3 sa

: 4F- 4 +

% '
WI >.
$" Y '' 5 r J--;( i r

:- .. II i r.; .l',I i rh

SALUTE TO THE CHAMPS -- Florida A&M University's '61 national intercollegiate- football champs All-America team center last year. Famed Rattlers' Coach. Jake Gaither. (center) is flanked by

were sumptuously feted and were the recipients of awards during their recent annual banquet two of his former All-America backs Al Frazier (left) and Willie Galliraore. They were known as

held at the university. In toP Photo left* Jamea wanza, head 'coach of Miami's Northwestern the "Touchdown Twins" when they starred for the Rattlers during the mid-fifties., Frazier is

High School is shown durin his stint ,as guest speaker in second pix Bill McGrotha, (left), with the Denver Bronchos and Gallimore is with the Chicago Bears. FAMU Prexy George W. Gore

sports editor of the Tallahassee Democrat, presents Jaxon Curtis Miranda with certificate from (left) presents Coach Jake Gaither with a placque, from the officers of the administration.
the Associated Press citing him' for his (FAMU Photos By Steve Beasley)
outstanding achievements his
.- -_.-. .. -. for being name Little-....... '

r Jaxon Ran For Gilbert- Women's All-Events Champion Harlem Globetrotters To Play Record- MMBi H MtaMAi Soars nMwmHi H MM (mm

During High School J ,Days Two Days Here, Mar. lOth-llth,

MIAMI -- Severely criticizing himself when he stated he Celebrating their 35th consecutive season of exploits

was out of shape, failed to take credit from FAMU
r 'a ?. ; unparalleled in all sports history, the great Harlem
sprinter Robert Hayes o f, FAMU who ran a .brilliant 100- Globetrotters of. basketball will headline another of

metre dash here in 9.2 Saturday to tie the world's record r their thrill and fun packed programs at The Coliseum
set last 'June by Frank Budd.of. Vil Ian ova University. 9 r< S S
r Sunday March 11, at 5 p.m. and Monday March 12 8 p.m.
According to Vince Lally, v.----- t44 4Wx It's another super Globe-
head of the Florida Athletic couple of years. : trotter aggregation, backedup anytime, anywhere, has had

Club which sponsoredthe Started At Gilbert and abetted by an array as much fun winning and

invitational, track and The 19-year old Jax )' i* :. Y of added clever entertainers- tickling fans as Saperstein' 3X:

field meet at Miami Uni- speedster whose first love M e : brought along to make sore s delightful and

versity, Lally stated that is football, donned themolesskins the fans have most enjoyable entertaining crew. a
There will be a doubleheader
'There' no doubt of at FAMU this evenings. They
each night. In the
Hayes' validity." year and aided them in j meet the world renowned 0
"This is an AAU, sanction their undefeated champion- Washington Generals in first game which is an
American Basketball ; f?
ed-meet. The. 'track meets ship year by getting off a 2 games.I League I

all specifications and the number of spectacular runs. .- .-That' s Abe Saperstein s contest, the Chicago Majors 11

gauge recirded a '4 -mile ,His first aaproach at } *!- j y?', success formula. He' s the will oppose the Hawaii
Chiefs. These will
per hour' wind against Hayes.. track came one' afternoon founder, owner and coachof be 1
official league contestsand
Three official timers while watching Matthew 'W.Gilbert the great Globetrotters
clocked Hayes at 9.2 and s thinclads practi- r who have been making' the count in the league 141

two clocked him at 9.1.A cing. :' :y'. .turnstyles click off a standings.' This alone wouldbe .
ax _worth the price of ,_
Natural Runner "When I told him I. could
c __ '_ 11v merry tune on the team"sconstant admission.Buy h- -
Hayes, who later told beat any man on his team __ jaunts around the -
interviewing newsmen that the coach laughed and toldme world. your tickets now and _
be to these
he used to outrun all of to. put on spikes and They've played in 8CT sure see

the kids in the bfock, said .wee 11 see.4V .; different countries, traveled wonderful basketball
aggregations. In addition
that he thinks that after Hayes became the team's twice completely Around
there will be several world
getting in proper shape, top sprinter within the, the world delightingmillions.
4 famous entertainment cele- NEW MARK---Incomparable
he will run the Century in next 20-minutes by -running They've made many
breties. on the program Wilt Chamberlain broke} his
9-second flat within a a 9.6 100-yard dash. an appearance for our State
I between games including the .. last season's scoring
: Department, to help combat
one and only Cab Calloway. mark of 3033 points last
Women 's International Bowling Congress
SADIE DIXON. 'advances of Communism in
(WIBC) all-events champion from ,Philadelphia Pa. will ; countries we've tried to week in 61 games played.The .
You Don't Have ,to Go to Town to Get Clemente/ Signs trwering Philadelphia
defend her city title March 3-4 at Park Lanes. She ;isavefor Democracy.In .

later moves to Erie to defend Pa. state crown. Sadie the summer of 1959 the For $53,000PITTSBURGH. .. Wariors' center may hit an
,. amazing 4000-point mark
LOW PRICESDRUG the National Bowling
teamed with Elsie Miller to win Trotters even went into
before the season ends.
Association's Eastern Regional Doubles. She will roll Soviet Russia and were a Pa.---Right-

STORE HEEDS in eight tournaments during the next three months. big'hit. The following year\ fielder Roberto Clemente .

they made Bulgaria roar of the Pittsburgh Pirates

On*Your Billy Bruton Unbeaten Streak with delight. No wonder the ..'. and the. National- League's Acute Asthma
Gl Globetrotters hailed defending batting champion Attacks .
Trade With. Your Neighborhood Drug Store 1960 OLYMIC lightheavy- are ,
How yield tpvedily to dlicertry VT
more: than ever as Uncle > signed a $53.000':contract ; rpirtory Sp.esdut.Coughing.ehok>
WE WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADVERTISEDIN 'Inks Pact weigh.t champion Cassius lot.." 'IIC relived*o fail,lint-tint
Sam* s GREATEST Ambassadors with the club on Feb. 12. vsers p&3tia r..o..d.No.shagNodrugsa injection Wond.rfuureff.etip
Clay's recent 4- round
IB rwtorinf frts brcttfcin Now,
YOUR LOCAL .PAPERS Mich.Havinghis of Good Will. The new salary representsa rvUt>i'without pretcriptioa A.ktonr
kayo of Sonny Banks now drum*. (IT Or Guild s.(.retp kouet.toagr.t.
other basketball team $15.000 raise Cle- M ot Compo id
most productive home rates the 20-year old No over

Dixie Pharmacy 'run seasOh since being in phenom, as one of the up and mente's, '61 contract.

the majors when he blasteda coming heavyweights. Since .

IMS KINGS ROAD at MYBTLE AVENUE: total of 17 last season turning pro, Clay, from

PHONES, EL 84597.08 centerfielder Billy Bruton Louisville. Ky. has won

We .Deliver ---' We Also. FBI AH Doctors' Prescription agreed to his 1962 contract 11 straight bouts 7. of
terms, Detroit Tigers them by the Knockout route.
General Manager Rick Fer-

PHONE BILLS AT OUR STORE rell announced --_J. .. .

Banks Celebrates Watch This Clown

/ f
31st. BirthdayLOS 3-29-53 e Bi
e '
153-13-64 F 1
'ANGELES---Chicago Cubs B x/s 9 I'... 4s'A ,
slugger Ernie Banks celebrated -' i ARIEH'
8" ,1 I..
his 31st birthday in $

+k :. Hollywood recently with his 5 2 ) f .

wife and children.

Toe homerun slugger said 169142 ,t : PLUS A PRELIMINARY ABL GAME BETWEEN
44-H75 r-19.: _
his eyes and knee which #
DL Sometimes he's up'
'- hampered his playing last CHICAGO MAJOR&IHAWAIiCII1EFS ;
EHICKfl hd's
4' season haven't botheredhim Sometimes down .
He adds, subtracts : AND
this winter and that he.
He works it all around "
: is looking forward- to the '/
coming season when he hopes.to
play in all 162 games. e 451 -1572, t ALSO SEVERAL OUTSTANDING
.. 1
c' /t

L .;rl 25%-Dist llBt t Feb..". ',. f- e .. "




M Caters & Wrists .



'BALLS BAGS ft" 'sxoEss !i SHDtTS. -

-,,' Arts Pro Shop ';. COLI.SEUM Monday Sunday,, March March 12-.8 PM

.trT WIN. BUT II I'IIIF ILl auiur amiu lli M;ruu.J ( HI' 3-4 '
41L ST. g. '..
.. .
.. .
I ...
/; .
,; : ;:t ._ .. :; .
\ : Y : .
; \ 4.



e .'. .. -' ,. .- .' _. --. '. .'- ."'- ,, .. .
> -
'. "..
} : ""
;; <1{" i I"C_ : '
,. -_ : .- ':;; .

% ,
.. ,.

A ....
.f ,. '. _'. .

#' '. ,. ,. ;. ..... ,
: ?: .
'- .
; : ., .
< ." I ,. -.. .: a

'.PABEJ- .'. .k<,4.'. ,0' : ... 1'- : FLOMIK- STAR_ '. LSATURDAYIEBRflilllY' 14'Jft

-JttfflHL' ., :" 1 iM..tlt ,.. -F8RRENIFurnished ....... .'- -,_. -'I -
ar:: t; -
..limEn.S.f Agent, male', :_ .QT N. Y. LIVE-IN M lDS--.: "'
For Respectable : nne's l :
or female to' sell Choir: You need, a friend in N.Y. .!o :H.ot eAllModern !=
Couple Wanted Quiet Gentleman. I
Gowns to Church and School Let Mr. Harold of the Conveniences
'All Modern Conveniences Christian Home Nice 'Neighborhood -
Choral Groups-no capital '.:: v El 5-7275 Mallory Agency be your References.Ph. I Rooms. .By.''X>ajr.r.:,mtor... .-.le. .*,
required-can be handled on friend. He GUARANTEES you'a -
El 3-9942 after 7 p.m. i I I Call 31 6-7596; 741H! West
part time basis. Reference S live-in job in a good'
f tS KBMS Pvckased JuIE AIR: SER icE ', I Ashley Street.
[required. For-commission .j i home. payj.ng $30 to $50a /
data and full details Small Homes week, free room, mealsTV. Will repair venetian !UKis '
"write. THE C.E. WARD COM-' !I From $2,000 to $5,000. Cash He advances bus tickets And guarantee ui&Qtlstering ] 1
PANT-M&nuYacturer-P.O. Box and expenses to N.Y. done with fabrics*at Mill
El 3-9912 .
Sentler I.ork.
I I Anne .prices. Free estimates on GENERAL AUTO REPAIR
85. New London Ohio. SEND REFERENCES to Mr. r : '
.- Call EL 4-5841 J; W. HOUGA&OO; Mechanic.'
Harold The Mallory Agency ... '
--- .a Its its tn. -aN 11'.0.-:
i i ; 576 Merrick Road ;,1361. Kings Read EL 4-3659.
LYnbrook N. Y.
I During the next twelve months,. there will be many appointg J r Haul "
meats to U.S. Civil Service jobs in the nation. ,1'Beauty Operators & Barbers1. [, You
I There will be steady employment good pay and many of these I'jobs jjare 1 wanted to New,Holly-. l oom t :
1 National require Training little or Service no experience is privately specialized,owned school education.which| mtm ',Sunday" t.'rood Beauty Lounge 622 W, I. Service--!- is bur Business-s-s" gc SALE
these tests each To get full information .. Mini Bat .
I helps many pass year. ,Ashley St. Call EL 4-9774 : 2117 Wishart Street
on U.S. Civil Service Jobs mail'TODAY. | '
2cx JOHN }{Mr. .Porter.; EL 3-3245 Mril Telephone .PI 91271.Jack'sonville
Box 500 Greenwich Connecticut / -/WAYNE S. Anderson. .. 7.. -
I Name ...............,........;..,..........,. .... Age ....... I '" WHITMAN ,. ._____.......... ............... I
I Street ................................... thone No. ...........1I 11& diiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimimii.w. -iiii LoJJL !
|city ....... ......... ........... Zone ...... State............ 1 II BALINEHOUH :: INCOME TAX :: _
snsssnitssonnasstttt.snYrouble r -

... ... PERSOFF 4UI ---- ---- PORK CHOPS 3 Os. EA' ge .
.H.av ; ',? _..... M MARVIN"CIOW"-" == Why- worry'about your -income tax return? -E Cc
arCI1fft. -- --
CALL EL 41183. EX 8.7'943.' ... : ; | Let a tax expert prepare it for you |. PORK TAILS 9

Migrator Service Repairs Of) AB Hales Terms. ::' ..fIQ1IGf: LB.
I Short form $2.00 Long form $4.00c
.111. .Work, Done la. .'.KoiJ. 'Hoae. .24,.'I'lr... Service. -' '- ,
...r' .t; .I; : (
: HoUND-
| .,. Avoid last minute rush File your return today = NECK BONES
geBEEF |
,.';.'Ith,l 1 B.J.sme.ss.. ..,..;_- -..tIJS42j..+, ...' i; ''. t. u..seOaE,CPLOH byDewxeJI -=- -- LB.
.J \ ? iQOSE.VET; d =For. 'your. convience we will remain open till 9 p.m. evenings3 / =
J '
= .
; .3UeJJ ... =
____,. JSt. ,liII. CIII r N.TIu'u; 3
\ : Florida Service Bureau TRIPE LB.9c)
.. .
.... : : :? "1i... '.l. .."PAGAN. ..ISLAND" -
-I ...
i -
,'"F.I.o..adale ffoms ; i
; N | William G. Lesperance. Tax Eipert
.. ., w; .;..J1. .. JOSEPH LEVINE i
PRESENTS.New ..,',q.* ."f7.- FKSUIS.V i -- --....

3.Bedroom Homes _. !1 .Jf.:.M,:.?t. '< 'HrIeFP J .. | 801 Florida, Avenue Telephone EL 3-4674 |' PIG FEET LB.9c
,/. -In Block' of.Brick For-- As". Low- As $250.00-._.: .I'::'<;::1>;r4' "":" OF. --- ----

'Total Down Payment & sows $57.00vPer Month /AGODAD Eiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiimniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiniiiniiiiiii 1 1 1 1 lThMoncrief '
'. .
All'Units Are Served By Regular City Bus Service (Mon -- -

Grief RdV No. 36) And ,Some Lots Have Waterfront Fa ;.-: ., .Sun Nite' 'i, ; Drive In '
rn 11uesrar
cilities. Our Models Offer Oak FloorsCarportsAnc'Screened i_
Porches- Why Keep On Paying RentWhen. You Can t :.I"ItIIlC't.-:' ...illllt-1-' C
i dM.r.BAlIlJDN
Qin. Your Own Home For Less Than Rent?
,, 1_PiTTEN.IrIIII81DHlL fruit .Market45th
,.' Office ,it t ..fat. fitfc. # St.., & Yereofi .Rd.,. .1..u..t.at tee.rr BR. .

Phone, PO .5-1635 -. Open Everyf.. '. 10a. m. to 7 p.< m. .& Moncrief '. FRYER BACKS La.9c
'Builder With '80 Years Experience I'n *
Built ,By A
_,. :,..r_ .. Duval. County.. ... Big WilEeMotley; Proprietoi
t. "
.. '". .' ... '. ." :_'. ,r sc PORK .MAWS ge

I7:' '.'..'. : :: .'. HOUSES FOR SALE COONS:& P'OS'SUMSSEEF. LB. .


1988 W. 23td{ 'Street $S5Q.PJO$250.00) Down. :$55.00, per 'month. LIVER" $1.00- PAS CAN 303 Be

.1968 W. .23rd Street '$ ,500.Q0 $250.00 Down $55.00 per month'J910 .

] Hoorehouse{ Rd. .$5pQO. .,$250.00 Down $$50.00 'per moth Tender 3 (ifjS, 303
1978 faladega Road- .$$5500.00. '. $250.00 Dow'n$55.00,: per month19fi1 CAN

Magee Road 'ABpO.OO.. l '., $250.0b. Down. $50.00. per month. HAMBUGE1.0 303 .
2" PORK & BEANS ge
Mil E :: .. Ibs. CAN

.. '. -.- ;'. -- .'. .:- "---.6i.. t ._- -_3.__ ... LYKES VIENNASAUSAGE .

CAN ge
/V1.2014'unge HERSHEYSUGAR '
r file : 5 ibs. 19C. NORTHERN '

; ._..' .' '.with' _i:9.Q ormor. e. .food_.orde r __ ROLL

', VI 1i ,,- : H ,CreamyBUTTER' MARCAL NAPKINS 9 C

$ : BOX
\ ::79c'' .


PLU 3 Ib./ : 39c
5SwihtgiKS qr. LYKES

-; *, _. No_:.Jl Limit.:_ t... POTTED MEAT CAN. ge
T4a1f vM$ INGTON ''Stewing -

c.OMBO HENS :2 for:: j .Z5 GRITS BOX LB. ge

.' \ ..:.. ...k4 ,.- 1..t .

ilaysFrcij8pi./ .. HOG 'HASLET lb. 29C CORN MEAL 12 BOX OZ. ge

&! YNIl. dz4c61 ... Fresh Water t
eaAwu'FM 1b:43C



'- "
ids at 5 ,." cr ._- .t"-,- '_ .. 2- Ib-. s.-- -4' THIN 8 OZ.iOX. gc
.large .1 .
N.I1IL' .
I ,4jvrjrii -

= M ,:: fo 8 OZ.
*. ". l%' 9 B _- MACARONI BOX

; 4p.p4iI4 1 11tlMQ r l'i# Fresh Vegetables All/ Kinds .. .
T -- S

af4.,, LEST EN/M mm- AT.GLEVELANI.lipl I -'-for. 'Fr..#?eJiverYACali ffj .59287'6p OLEO, .1/2 PATTY POUND, gc

....Sn. '-Mon.Thru. .Su. 1..7a.m..to 12om.< : -. .

o :; \ } : :,,-,:,. ,.,.. : '
<:'of"IJf, .< -
:- t > I
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