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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200592datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date January 6, 1962dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=005920740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
January 6, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
January 6, 1962
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
; ,J -
; I.
> -
., .1
.' .. <::'f-r, ; ":-r;;, ,' ,
; '
; .
", \ : '' :ri

> f _ill- .,,_ ''
"" .

Judge. Thomas ToResign? '< ; ',:- \1. .

'i <;

NGROJUDGE'$;t z.!u '. WIFE DENIES :'.:

.' =: :: ,..

1l PAR T 1 ROBB. S ERY- SLAYING :c: ..

L .' -
J ,;-

Civil Service Board Calls ? /"

.: :t'
T4* '- .
.' -,: .. 'j'.A '
cf'tI 'AL .." -, ,.;.; 'tl" "'"
: I' .;

,g 1 0: +", .. Exams. For Jax Policeman

\04.. _

... .
1 :

Y '- -r, h J

.: ;

.. ,

: --_ ,
r t '-

1, NAACP t ('L} -
.i ,
p S ? 1
-. ,::

I Wilkins/ Spurs Naf/on/ Hint Startling/ Revelations/ -T M .., {n-. Y l, } ::1 fF ,1

". President,.. .. Kennedy/ Says. Due /In Robb -Murde M :Trial S r5ar

NEW YORK, -- The entire nation should be<.congratulated MIAMI The wife of Miami's first _Negro Municipal .r.

'for having a man like Roy Wilkins to 'spur it on to Judge who was scheduled' to 'face -a preliminary. hearingon .''

I the essential goal of securing the full constitutional Friday Jan. ,5, for her part in a bizarre robbery-

rights of all.our citizens President John P. f murder was expected to deny all charges it wits learned' v

Kennedy said in.a telegram of felicitation read at a ,from confidential sources,, +S.sue -- r't'r. es r L cw at t

dinner here on Jan, i in tribute to Mr. Wilkins' 30} .jI.Mrs. Eugenia Thomas 37, of accused matron. It. was .

years of service and leadership in the National wife of Judge Lawson E. '1 learned frpm.! reliable ay ; I

Association for the Advancement of Colored People. .Thomas (formerly of Jack- sources, thatt- members of .c\i

Mr. Wilkins; who Joinedthe sonville) is charged with the City .Commission are iI I I

Association staff as oblivion. They have the plotting the... Oct. 28th urging.the 'Negro judge to i
,, "I
assistant secretary on vague awareness that the. robbery-murder. resulted resign ,from his.post. It ii' ::
August 15, .1931. ,has been segregated Negro gives In the slaying of is possible. tha ?the judge --' 1AtP 1
the them some degree of :caste PACES atARGEs -- Mrs. Eugenia Thomas wife of Judge L. E. Thom s who ,waa scheduled
executive of Mrs/
secretary Beatrice (Tiny) btep! .to1 Js'P9St,
>the, organization since. _* ",andself .este'e. They.. JL1fljs: 1.iD ii'\cnjy. <-->; -. "'? .., ... m.ay.W1 : do to 1i :: ,Itoappea: .. ."; icu 5 pr,1.J.m.SnaI'3'.hearing. .... -- .- -.her j. : }le+.ed.part.-in' the, sensational robbery-,
+ '" 't. .
: Urder of.Mfs Dunnatray iij-seeh ,
y -.r-J 'w she : booked
aw'a're by1poIice.A.escorted.
oi eir inadequacies :" Beatrice as was b.;/a: -
April, x.955, succeeding Police said'Mrs..Thomas' hearing, ) or: .(irtl after# .
\ .
education' ", ",;cityy detective. Jndge-Thomas. who-vowed stick ..hr his wife .and-himself/Is C1ng'-
: ";
G and earning but pressure to resign his post is seen, at. right. -_
Joining the President in power numbers accounting house in ,; _
felicitating the NAACP telling the Negro to sit which Aubey Hen, and -
Affy. Miss./ Plans/
leader were Mayor. Robert in the back of the bus which Aubry Henry and Reqtfr.Cdurte Urge Young Men Negro To Enter
them lift above '
gives a Clarence Simpson shot to
P. Wagner; Robert C. Weaver .
their terrible. in- death Mrs. Beatrice Dunn- Court *,'
administrator, "".* 1962'CQngress/onal/ Race
Housing and Home Pinance adequacies./. away" Take
,, To
t. ./ MONTGOMERY-Ala.. the" Beams 9 _
Agency; Judge Thurgopd' Elderly Man DksIn "" An' inronic twist in the'c opening of the NAACP'trial j ,JACKSON, Miss. Rev. R.L.T. >faith during the annual
1 Marshall of the U.S. Second s the fact '
was that the '
in the Montgomery County Emancipation Day program here, announced his candidacy
Circuit Court of House Blaze policeman who cracked the Circuit Court recently For Policemen. for the 4th District Congressional \seat now held by

Appeals' ; A. Philip Ran- bafflirg case is Willie NAACP General Counsel incumbent John Bell William I.. J .... '

dolph, a vice presidentof U ltVEN, Ga. An .elderly! *. Nicholson", brother of Mrs. Robert Carter challengedthe -The! :.Secretary. I of the City 'For: the past several 'featured' speaker duringthe

the AFL-CIO; Arnold Negro man known to have the, Thomas.. segregated seating Civil Service Board has months, Janes A. White, meetings.
Aronson, secretary, Leadership Insiders: Although many of the
; hinted
habit, of sleeping near an .that.thetrial arrangement in the courtroom announced that applicationsare executive secretary' of the
Conference will'bring organized groups are non-
on Civil
open fireplace on cold some Mississippi Voters'League
and demanded that the being accepted for
Rights: and James Blake, nights was burned to death startling revelations and has been traveling partisan, this new image
same courtesy titles Police Patrolman.The .
chairman of the NAACP here socialites in Mississippi has created
J. involve the'
may applied to white counsel examinations will be extensively throughout ,
national youth work com- Police Chief in numbers for local Negroes some-
R. L. Stalvey putedly tax
state working on poll
and witnesses in the held on Jan. 24,, and it
mittee.In said Charles Boze 90, died and the buying ,of sellingof thing to vote for and has
paying, voter registration
record be applied to Negro was understood that at
principal addressof in flames which destroyedhis narcotics. ,.led to a breakthrough in
and uniting organizations. '
counsel witnesses.
jind about ten of the sucessful :
the evening, Harry- three-room frame Another 'i.n' communications where the
hoase development
Judge Walter B. Jones applicants will assigned Rev. Smith, has been accompanying -
Golden, North Carolina just after sensational Negro has suffered most.
midnight. case con- ,
ruled that. the regular -- the.Negr.o. precinct.Young Mr. White as a -
author and journalist,
Thomas wife
cerns Judge ,
"customs practices: of Negro men who can

said: can Police H_ _. ; this court will. be ob- -,qualify. for the posts' are. NAACP Urges Alabama '. :.. .
'There be no doubtin Calls// NAACPtMadDogs : -
served.. being urged to take the
mind that all
America my and particularlythe BeportsV. '- However Negro and white' exams to fill the need for Restrictions Be Lifted

reporters ,covering the additional Negro policemenin
white citizens of the' A man whose name 'is listed ,
trial sat unsegregated. Jacksonville. -
k South owe a debt of as Henry Johnson and MONTGOMERY Ala. Mrs. Requirements are: Height Marr OMERYAla.. Contending that the state had failed

gratitude to the NAACP who is said to be from Bettye Frink, Alabama Sixth Sarasota : 5 feet 9 inches, weight 160 to prove its charges that the NAACP had violated the

because at the most Macon, Georgia was arrested Secretary of State, admitted BecomesIVklim.O Ibs. weight proportional to temporary injunction imposed on it since June 1. 1956

crucial moment In the last Tuesday in under direct ( Canned height; senior high school "and had engaged in activity injurious to the state. NAACP
history of human relations, the J.C. Penny Co. Inc. examination' by NAACP education; age 21, shall I I General Counsel Robert L. Carter moved to dismiss the

the NAACP filled a vacuum 320 Hogan street and Attorney Fred. D. Gray of SARASOTA -- Poisonous not have reached' 34; legal [ state's complaint and to dissolve the temporary injunction -

'and.succeeded in establishing charged with petit larcenyof Montgomery that she had alcohol deaths reach a resident and registered : ; at the close of a two-and-one-half-day trial in-

a pattern of shop lifting, police been correctly quoted by a total of six here last .qualified elector of City .1 Montgomery County Circuit Court. (December 29). .
social action which will reported. local newspaper which reported of Jacksonville or Duval The trial was'held,. after"* .
forever hold an honorable Carroll Benton, store her as saying she year when 38-year, old County in keeping with five-and-a-half years of any office in the state
Prank died
laborer Cubby, .
position in the history of detective said he saw would resign her job ""Dec. the effectsof Charter requirements; delay pz or.ders of the U. during the five-sad-A-half

the American civilization. Johnson put on a brown rather than register the f 28vjfrom' ". medical exam for permanent S. Supreme Court which on year period.

Under the most serious pair of gloves and- leave NSACP which] shs said, had drinking of' s queeze heat, and a status}'Applications must October 3, handed down a .Cross-efxanined 'by Assistant -
mixture canned '
provocation 12,000,000 the Men's Department on been "justly outlawed in drinks. be filed in' offices of mandate requiring the: State Attorney General

Negroes of the South under the first floor with the this state and should remain soft officially. Board, 1201 City Hall 220E. 'Of Alabama to try the case Gordon Madison, the NAACP>

the NAACP leadership did gloves on. He said Johnson so." The NAACP she Pour deaths_ Bay Street not later on its merits recently leader denied influencing
labeled_ ,as aLcoh.olic.poisoning
not make.;single serious then got on the escalator said, was 'made up of occurred during than Jan. 19, 1962. Salary under threat of transferring the. Department. '.of justiceto ,

mistake' and went up the second thieves cut-throats. and the first four: months of (i1 par PlaQ)':_ 353.!ll_ Jurisdiction to the federal institute right-to-vote

The real issue. Mr. floor where he was 'caught the SCUll of the earth." the : .t.i fth' starting; '9970774 after 6 district courtHighlighting* cases in Alabama on the
Golden'osaiil'is: the desire by Beaton and taken to the In a prepared statement basis
occurred during' Decemberwhen months: $387.58 after 1 the proceedings of the Civil Rights'Act

insoneof. our office. released and published in Lee Green 31,,-..died.. yea=.' in Judge Walter B. of 1957. Attorney
southern.states to Bain- -Johnson stated that he the midst of the.trial.vshe '> F.x
Canned heat, it, is said, The Duval County Civil : Jones' courtroom was the General. Robert aenne dT..he .
tain a 'ciste'system.- I; put one pair a.t gloves in went onto say: "To 'is put into a..cloth, and is Service Board ,also announced testimony-; ; of- NAACP execu- testified, did DfJ't"Deed

have spoken to some of the his, bag"'with one pair he turn this. bunch, loose ....saturated. .'with. aoft, that an exaoinaticn tive Secretary Roy Wilkinswho prodding by or assistance, t

'women who shouted 'KiJI'Judge" bought. When 'caught he had, .again :OB:Alabwii_would be .idrlnk. -The contests- are.- will ,be. held on Jan. 10 for told the court thst the froH the NAACP.. --

Wrifcht" in New one pair of brown gloves like turnlBs$ loose a pack. 'then squeezed 'into a a negro Assistant Counsel Association had ccrupulouslj I winded by 'Mr, ,.- d)"o a
Orleans..ancl to others :.who and one pair of white of mad dogs. I would be drinking container. lor for the_juvenile Court. ,.obeyed the restraining 'thax the. Justice De rt ti

harassed '; Negro school socks. He admitted he took willing to speed every The coscoctioa is said to order.: Issued by judge Jones_ was Seeping 'the State. >

girl in North Carolina and the gloves aid socks. The. hour of every year, in contain enough wood cobol -;; on jane 1. 1056 and-hVd Alabaaa .basy defesdlne ad

underneath the .fears theYi! socks and gloves amounted court if I could help in to kill a.:person' if APfARTMEHT Fig RENT engaged in no operatiosa in suite, Mr. Illklii, re-

expressed such as 'the, to $5.67 police said. any way to see that"the .consumed ,in sufficient the state-glace-: that tlss. mpoaided: .,i qld have

lowering of the educiitlotial NAACP is, pushed out of pnutltics. .; APARTMENT For Be'n t I Specifically,, her pointed: boped,,ltn Madison, that
standard.andgreUzation 'w.p : -' : .. 'Hot- America, to the shores of R r 433 West 18th New 2-bed !out under. direct ezaetJnation th- 7 would have been

: -tee Furnish Rooms for &bnt jrposs: ;Kitchen 1 EQU t. keeping. you busier.'
thfref-is: All-We-N GDlfralcea Russia where their head- by 1Ir. Carter that -17-- .
real fear, leftlonsaid, <, Loi.'O.." '. t'. ataeti. quarters lie," : 475 We 19th Street Fhone' rater Heater and SiaceBeater. the NAACP had cited no 'Your Negro 'dews) per r/

that, the Negro"it;'DII.ir' :call ,'.J f-HM.. '74I% ftft-.. Mrs. FriBk: Is ,rawing for No. M.' 5-7r7 0'e BBB. Vine : Apply Maiu 'f1HMIIi :hers, cot&ctedi Stands For The Righ'h
between them and sbclnl ItIJflW+ strest. :: :. .re-electioa. V: Rot aid Cold.Jitar* 'Sheet. (,J' _- ;I&9- ) 'osra: a. nor. maintained: 4 Of The I Negro pe J"

c .j-N ',):..., '.. -- .. ,-.

I : -

i .rGE. 2 _._ .._ FLHHA STAB SATURDAY JANUARY 6, 1962
-' -

I -' a :'.THE" '. FLORIDA NEWS STAR ; : : Th : \__ i ( i 1Y.l' T..fIi'A: : USUIe Ir I- R

_. _, .. .. ,..- .
: O'
PublUhed by The Florida Star Publishing Co. -'..
"Member of Associated Negro Press" Ai The Kennedy ftd' inistrati p.'s year-end appoint-

ERIC. 0. SIMPSON., _.Managing i-Edttoi- meats: of Dr. Earuel Proctor 'of North Carolina,
ALYSON E. WISE......._....;........._.._.._......._..w..Newt l"lfo: Mrs. Ruth Jones of New York John Hicks of St.

HILDA WOOTEN..._.._.._...!............':......._...Circulation Me nes ; r f1I Louis and Fletcher Martin of Chicago to important -
,., ? posts climaxes a series of Negro
MAIN OFFICE & PLANT: 'rR Federal appointment in 1P61 which is un-
2323 Mo'ncritf Rood............_......_f..............Phone. 11 I n 4-4782' s J? .1 naralleled in American history.
". :.: -r ... Deputy Chairman -
Louis Martin Deputy : Kennedy,
Mailing -
-' of the Democratic Louis Ma? in said: '
P. O.: Box 561 Jacksonville Chairman :
1, Florida, ,. :
; ._ National Committee The Administratiop
.@42 N, ..2nd AVEKJfcMIAMI. '. that the
said 'In believes
; : FLA. TPB 49195 bR 1'rr481m : Fqual
less than a year Principle

SUBSCRIPTION RATES I office President JohnF. Opportunity like

One Year, $5.00; Half'Year, $3.00 1crk: Kennedy has named Charity, should begin I
Mailed To You Anywhere In The United States more Negroes to ore at home. The Presidenthas
Subscription Payable In Advance. Send Check or Money Order To, to bring
> FLORIDA STAR-P. O.Box JACKSONVILLE 1,FLO ID" responsible positionsin
J ./ fS government than all the best qualified

I, THE ROR1DA STAR STANDS FOR: 2r" Qy the Republican ,presidents Americans into 'the ,

1. City and County Civil Service,Jobs ,' ,_ T r combined. Federalone Service. Yben
2. Negro Road Patrolmen_ :: Pr. Farn-! candidate is ,

3. Negro Firemen -?.. uel Proc- .< better qualified than

'. 4. More Negro Police Officers ; tor, distinguish- .; 'others for an important -:

Preventative Aedsures.C .. SOUNDS ed clergy-| 1 is appoir'ted' irrespective -

AWFUL r f ran andPresident of his race, re-
r J
m Stop Hepatitis ligion or nationalS

} r"+r 'of A ond T! origin. The Negroes

JACKSONVILLE ;- Infectious hepatitis may College of| appointed by President

de pen number of Florida New Year's celebra- North Crh w Kennedy have wet, this

tions because the disease can severely damagethe t A Uff ', appointthis r..orth test.."
liver and one of the treatments is : "! -ii: : to the most irrporta Citing some of the'
total R, ,.
.. '- -________________
abstenance from alcohol. overseas post in the distinguished Negroes

t Dr. James 0. Bond, Director of the Bureau of .ONLY A STRONG CIVIL RIGHTS STAND, CAN IMPORYE-OUR. Peace Corp He will rained by the President

Preventable{ Diseases, said "We are not so much; ._. WORLD LEADERSHIP. HR. PRESIDENT direct all Peace Corps. Martin mentioned Pr.

'concerned about the death rate which is negligible -- operations in the Robert C. Veaver of
----- -
although any death show d of course be : .i7 '. .. .\" three regions of Nigeria New York Administrator -

prevented if possible. It is the prolonged con- : '. which according Housing and Home

valescence which affects the economy of the ; : Your WeeklyHoroscope to peace Corps Direc- Finance Agency; Carl

person, his family and the state. At least six tor Fcrgent Fhriver rowan of Minnespolis,

weeks is frequently required for .recovery. Sometimes ;=-7 :: GuideS :' will be the largest. Peputy Assistant Secretory i

f it is much longer. Mrs. Puth Jones was of state for

I -r. Bond' said Florida's rapidly-growing population ": WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR. -I recently sV orn in as Dublic Affairs; George

I is one reason for the state's surge in fez; .BUSINES5 LOVE.TRAVEL ''I Collector of Customsof L-. P. leaver of Washington -

} cases. He said the rise was gradual until 1960 : the Virgin Islands, il. C. ,Assistpnt

l' when the leap was to I, 108 from 342 in 1959. So ; : By PABLO, The ,ASTROLOGER-. one of the most re- Secretary of Labor;

far this year, there have been. 1,417 reported "- -" -_ .,.,- _.. sponsible posts given* TT. Fanuiel z. Wester- ,
cases. ARIES I served you so well during Don't let anyone pr ;"t to a worn in the Kennedy field of Atlanta As-

Increases in population bring problems in sani- Bors March 2bt,Thru Ar.rU fDtb. i the preceding quarter.But crastinate and defect Administration. sociate-Director: of

tation and infectious hepatitis is spread pri Have: no inhibitions, from then on, you may your purposes through Mrs. Jones is o career Debt Analysis, Denart-

marily through contamination by body dischargesor yen feel impelled to take i I find it more advantageousto delaying tactics as you' employee in the Inter- went of the Treasury;

things eaten or 'put into the mouth. certain steps to tighten i r play second fiddle, nQ' seem to have only two nal revenue service Christopher c. Fcottof

'A simple thing like washing ,one's hands ,could your' grip on the reins { matter how distastefulthis days (9th, 10ththat may and is the wife of J. Los Angeles, Deputy I::

do much to ,out infectious if Do Raymond Janes top Assistant Postmaster
i. stamp hepatitis--- and on the bank account. role is to you. At-. be termed propitious 7
t everybody did it, Dr. Bond said. You-are likely to come ':tempts to force a show- not let this ..time expire New York Democratic, General; Andrew Hat-

4 i In 1950, only 27 cases- were reported with the to the conclusion that you down could be disastrous before you have, obtained Party leader cher of Karl Francisco

case rate 1.0 per 100,000 population. The cases. for' all- .' necessary firm commitments Two prominent newspapermen Associate Thite Ho.se
can rely on no one other concerned. Ycu
jumped to 236 in 1952--up 680 per cent--and then than yourself when you expect 1 would create more problems Or irrevocable outcomes. John Hicksof Press Secretary. ; Cecil

Fluctuated between 152 and 303 until reachingthe than Rather serious questions the St. Louis Post Poole of pn Francisco,
anything to be doae you solve, and sane
342 figure 1n1959. well and conscientiously of them could take forms l are apt monopolize your Dispatch and Fletcher U.S. District Attorney
The.case rate for Florida has been well below .Vortin' of the Chicago for Northern 'California -
that leave you' .baffled.
} that of the United States until 1960 when ?-50-66-12-68. _- and frustrated. -are apt to monopolize your I Fun Times were appointed ; Merle McCurdyof

ftZofida's was 22.1 against t the "United States' 23 TAURUS- --rr I.;: '..:,. :- .r.' thinking on the 11th. recently to Cleveland, Ohio
X'': The national death rate for the 1950.1960'period ; I 'ij,1).30-99-14-32-539 the 'United States
1 ;horn' April -21 thru May 20 .. ,- There is a serious crisis : Inform U.F. Attorney for
remained at 0.5 per 100, 000 while the I having to do with your l ct; ion Agency. Northern Ohio;; Judge
!i Florida rate rose to only 0.7 in You can obtain the bene .' : VIRGO ? Hicks is
J960.THE" slated to of
r. Born Aug. .23 ihrfc. Sept 22 inner life the family, James B. Parsons
fit of good counsel
or %
or so-called skeletons serve in Germany and Chicago, Federal District -
: proper guidance on the 'The' happy trend that preveiled that wz.e: thought ,to be Martin is scheduled to Judge; Judge
NEW LINCOLN SHRINE 10th- b'ut must the previous
you girdyourself during
.. safely tucked away in aclosetr. go to an African post. Vade McCree of Detroit,
due to last
for a rather hard period is
are veteran daily Federal fistrict Judge
Illinois, which has repeatedly honored her pull during the rest of only until the 10th. Pay ; 6-10-22-19-48-512i* ; news men who have received rnd Thurgood Marshall

host illustrious son, is now establishingstill the month. Have a very close attention to demands -
numerous jour- of New York, Judge of
another Lincoln Shrine. The .,Sangamon occupationin
serious conversation with of your
1 ounty Courthouse at Springfield is to be the OAPBCORNBorn nalism awards.Commenting. ,U.S. Court of Appeals;
conscience, with a order to forestall
rehabilitated and reserved for memories of your ,.Dae. 21 thru Jan. .19 on the John B. Duncan of
view of at a threats of delays, break
Lincoln. arriving caliber of the Negroes Washington D.C. ,
Here Lincoln sat as a state legislator. Here !code of behavior. that will,, downs or physical haz'ards.Pay You may have to be insistent named by President District Com i ioner.

in this building, then the state capital, he meet, with- the' approval of no heed to malicious. about getting the .-
delivered his renowned 'house divided everyone who has dealings gossip information or commitments -

t speech which brought home to many the thin with you (10th). 9.8D-88-12.56-982. you ,deem necessaryfor
edge that separated a peaceful country from a mm* *.I main :r 05e3.
state of war. Here too Lincoln's great rival, LIBRA" f; your .1IifiIIltai
A. Douglas pleaded for the -ZO 77-14-34-827 24 thru'Oct. 23 Do not hesitate to use .
Stephen preserva- -:,If, __ .Born Sept.
w- "
tion of the Union and support of the president .. .. your social connection
Col. S. Grant I Seek the support, of anyone tire only way
In this same building Ulysses TBorn..M1v'lt ,Hiru.'Jun.. 20 I if that is
received his commission to cowman an Illinois who is on 1 your side to you to obtain results. itS
regiment which he led to war. The opportunities'opened 'if you think it* will help Prudulent attempts tc now.

When restored, 'a process which, may take two to you during the previous you ,obtain a favorable could be made, tftal S
years this will be one of the most reveredof Quarter should furnish you despoil you
outcome. This may be your, and this calls' for in dPepsi
all Lincoln shrines. For, it was here that with sufficient incentivesto
early intimations of greatness were revealed.r proceed Yig rously. last chance to make genus creased vigilance on you
ine gains, as mis-leading
You. may not need to be part. ,fE.ttI!
with is not .influences are due to
The big trouble mystery yarns *
to take the most think
that you can' t figure out who did it. The urged 'take the lead for the, 7-40-77-17-98-749... ,.-.- young
trouble is that you stay up so late reading'em productive and fulfillingline rest of the month. Itt .. --
you can' t figure out much of anything the: of action (10th). But AQUARIUS : .
does not look as if the' -- -
next day.Tan. too often, no matter how Born Jan 21 thru Feb. 19
time is ripe, or the -
willing the spirit the
.. .* signs favorable for you ., You seem i.o'ti" (e only
; flesh becomes weak. '
i: and your loved ones to do two days left to obtain ..

4-70-22-16-67-472- : I, much about t*m. Instead the replies, contracts/:

} Copies/_ -. '.---s". ., .w. I f submitting: to a 'spiritof or whatever else you have
,: %
."'CAXCEIl' futility make up your in Bind. (10th,) This -: -'
1... 1 t'a.Ja1T 22Security"projects
B.rs ?
t .mind to be patient and to should enable you to cone
should i ibe
await more ,propitious de- down to earth, and to a-
t worked out; and investment velopment. dopt a'more'practical and L "J

T. 4r / practices ,ghat. f' realistic program to

Jb4 were more of a hit-and-l .: 8-90-55-15-78-895 govern your future .

mis, nature, should b'e' I actions. The lessons
Y Follow the 8C08tpZ0yEosf
that have failedto
example of any partners OcL;! 24,.."X ..:a..s.: learn you previously '

\ who make. thrift and wise Whether. yon ,are engaged -, may also be hammered home .

management the keystonesof in creative work, with telling effect. You

their financial operations or desirous of impressing should not be ungrateful.
complete accord re-, special '' -
; s ooeone very your :_
i, 'gand ing such 'matters! 2-80-44-15-59-284. __
chances; ..of making your .. .- .--'-
should be reached and If, point are most,promisingon PISCES '. _

6! ; r,r. l ktt necessary, applied forcefully -' the 10th- llth. inspiration Bpra.F! b.1f,- ffern Mwci 20 ; .

I lOth-llth). You, should be thereto -

i risk making the mistake, of. guideyou to superlative The appealing picturethat

:your life if you give in* achiev m ts. Call was drawn during the 1400 WRll14/0.
/ will be
to your temptations and. on an old and experienced first quarter ', .

I .commit your heart or re- friend if you are hopingto shown again (9t'b) Amore -ntiruszs-' I

1. ,sources on i an- impulse, rediscover the right serious dote takes KEN KNIGHT
"'\ ,T,. over, and is rpt to give
1 '
,'" path. You may only get in PRESENTING-
1-6j:66-1J-23-1810-... deeper if you let prideS I ,you peen ty to worry about KNIGHT TRAIN
Ole I.H' your conscience is s.s U..1 mcnm.; ,
if : rx-
1 WHE HAS. A SUIT OF CLOTHES POft EVERYDAY .. '. 8B in your way. '
-., .. troubled by. anything at t- SWEET CHARIOT :
/ 3- ,- sao to woo 1COKDAT tJInI
Coatiaue along the .
productive ,
/ '- p4 I. lines. that have ._ --.. If' t 9;.z.z1113729 3 .3;: ,. lOaG.J2. x1.r.jy-tmnt.JACE80Iyj QgIp/ <.

\; S
D '

-" ,'. -. .." .. '.-,. ,

_=__ ::-T-Ti -,- --
-- -

Ii- --i-- -

o ,

1 't. :

.PA&EI- .- ". /. .-.' J"- fLNN9. =STAR' SATURDAY JANUARY 6, 1562

"-- -
-1' 1 ;"" ', .. ._ .:;:'J : .. $
YoungSaundersTo '
I ,,_',' ;;;.:i :: ..;. ." '#.s .' "" .jri> ."tj""' ...... '.;; ... .. "
J >I'I: "
Wedding ,b : '
i Bells r"_ "'* : ',
Uft.JCA.DO? FOBMASRUOB :Transfer t r
< ,. LICENSES: !
t Itrs
Chas. S. Daniels 644 Kentucky .
I Lane 21 and Verna E. Savage, TAMPA Robert W. Saunder BY LOUISF CUINYARD _

L 1221 VanBuren St.., 19. Jr., 7, son of Robert w.
tti Eugene Payne 1021 Cleveland i Saunders field .secretary
,11<< ,St.., 19 and Carolyn Banks, 5629 of the NAACP in Plo.rid"ahas My usual Christmas visit to South Carolina preventedme
1 Dakota Dr., 14. from greeting readers of last week's edition. However -

If! Sammie L. Silas, 1025 W. 7th been' given the 'green I am sure all of you had a wonderful Christmas

9 St, 20 and Rita Clark 656 South light' to transfer to an 4. and are looking forward to much prosperity this year.
I Lincoln Court, IP
im Donald Win. B,,,. ;/, 300 Allen- all-white elementary .r Y During my trip to South Carolina besides enjoying

dale St, Baltimore. Md., 22 and school by the Hills- my fapily and old friends I was delighted with *abridge

Oletha Y. Taylor, 7045 Esther St., boroughCounty School session in the home of .Mr. and Mrs ThoMa
21. .
Board. Torian of Q.C. State College Orancel' rg. ur. Toriwi,
t Willie J. ,McKenzie 3706 -
; The School Board net behind -
I i Budonan St. 29 and Dorothy. F,' besides being employed at the college, is a talented.

S, Coles, 837 W. Duval St. 20. closed doors at Tampa entertainer and his chaining wife, Pr. ?|ary Torian,

i 0 Jack J. Hammond Jr., 1091 and approved the transfer is head of the college's- ; PeraritmentvVr. "

'i Reiroane St, 19 and Fairy B. from Dunbar Elementary to .
and Mrs.! Mlliara 'Rucky' Harris, Mr. Covlneton;
Cooper, 816 E. Union St., 18. McFarlane Park Elementaryon C.
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan and !+
rs. vary: ,
tin. WilUe J. Jones, 976 W. Ashley -
; St, .20 and Annie L. Stafford, Jan. 23. DeLarge are a feo" "the 'friends we.SQF. during", our'

1 J ,1612 .W", 10th St., 20. Young Lowery is the visit. -. / '; ?;-, \

Houston P. Keil 1906 W. 20th second of NAACP state i : -k :
1 St, 26 and Katie M. Harmon officials to be admitted _0 ,5{
; 1911 W. 12th St, 24. _
1 to an all-white school. in
Danny Drayton, 60 Jackson *
recent months. months The lovely lloncrief poad home of Mrs.zzie Anderson
s1 Atlantic Beach Some ., Lee -
f.Rd., Fla. 41 and r .r
!;ad, Thomas, 60 Jackson Hi, ago, the son of the Rev.A. provided the ,setting for a snail rarty elcpr?
j Atlantic Beach Fla., 28.. Leon Lowery. NAACP the New Year. Included arong Mrs. Anderson's guest .
ST. PFTEP5.BURG.-.organizers of the Gibbs Junior College co-ed group, Sigma Delta
r L3 Alvin B. Fridie, 2125 College Mrs. Laura dtards
state president was admitted were Junius Pownani John Armstrong -
Cir. N.. 21 and Annette Madison, Gamma, are from left Loretha Miller St. Augustine; Betty Jackson, and Gus ?ie
1 to the Bayside Iarrison Pcfhields of the T-aytona Peach Junior'
1219 W. 28th St, 21. Jackson of Tampa: and Faculty sponsor Miss 'Hester Price. The new group will serveto
Clifford J. Lang, 518 W. Orange School for the handi College (Holiday; guest of Mr. rtukes), }'rs.t'ssle >
Culture and Research.
finer womanhood through Unity.
1. .St, 25 and Meltonia B. Cobb, 630 capped. "promote Vv rcCray, Joshua Williams! and Louis Stukes. .
j 1W. 17th SL. 25.
)' Mrs. :Anderson has been kept l usy during the-Holidays!'
4 Robt. L. Tremble, 1463 W. 21st 1'f'. ., ;.>- '"" .., ""' "... ,- ,"",'- .,.,.. 4- -
St., 20 and Lois A. Duncan, 4324 : : .'. i' '; ro /> q., : .jj"1 _- enter aining her daughter, Joan Harris, ',',10 flew-frop.

Bessie Circle W. 20. s r cedaj'a, North rarolina for the Christmas vacatioi .
Mack C. Samuel 533 W. 18th { -; ; -fIte
Joan is a student at Pal er Insti tute ,nnd has w'on .
St, 21 and Edith P. Baker, 1404 :
I Tyler St., 20. '. several awards since her enrollment in ,r ecter ber.

a f Alex M. Stephens, Box 78, .
; I Baldwin, Flau, 48 and Carrie E. ,... '-/ ,
r !Walker, Box 78, E Idwin, Fla., 34. crv.a t
1 James Ishman, 983 W. Ashley -# ; 4. ,15lc }
I'Z St., 25 and Juanit Harris, 967 ; fM = y t : Another New :YearJ: s rarty of consequence was that' held

: W. Ashley St, 18 ,- 'in the f.Yrtlev! !lue residence of- Mr. and Mrs. 'ycpe
J .
Edw. B. Harris, 1202 W. 6th St., Y a Y ... ;
47 and Aleen Sloan P. Lucas. This affair is held annually as a.joint;
I 1202 W. 6th ; ; { % :
I St., 27. ; i .x: ze- celebration of the beginning of '-the. new year and.Piece's .-
.I : '
Fs Corinthian R. Morgan, 1145 W. ....... .f birthday. ? :..; .--.
I 26th St., 19 and Jennette F. Mac- :i'I.

key, 636H W. Ashley St.. 16. ; ... Mr. and Mrs. Harry Mr._ and Mrs. Eddie Welder .

i Wm. T. White Jr., 710 W. 8th Browder, 8080 Nevade. f;. 25.25 Thamee- St. I. ,
St, 45 and Bernice D. White, 710 t I h -
I W. 8th St., 47. GJrl.Mr.. Girl., I For other enjoyable social events of the holiday sea'

t Harry B. Lewis, 2562 Phlox St, 'P : ...and Mrs. -Jerome'Richardson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Norman son, two very impressive wedding ceremonies were performed -,.'

21 and Lorraine Brown, 3220 1417. Morgan I 3120 Haines St.., Boy. and we are hopeful of a detailed account in _the.,7 .

Myrtle Ave.. 20. St. Girl Mr. and Mrs. Frank King next issue. '" V'-: '.

I Clarence B. Tapley 915 1st St. Mr. and Mrs. William.- I, 3604 Freeman Rd. Girl. Now, for other enjoyable social events of the holiday
1 .
Lynchburg, Va.. 22 and Janet Y. c ..j ,
Jackson, 4201 Homer Rd.. 19. Gray son, 1044 W. 25thSt. i I Mr. and Mrs. James Tun- season: .... >

James W. BoltOn, Sr.. 3823 St. Boy. si 1, 1413 W. 5th St. t The annual Fla-Jjax dance, held each year the day after

Augustine Rd, 22 and Delores C. :.ro< Y Mr. and Mrs. Ezekiel Girl. Christmas, proved to be one of the most enjoyable ever'

Mosely 615 Lafayette St, 20. ., Mr.' and Mrs. Sam Arnett sponsored by this elite group. -
Leroy Jolly,. 5836 Hartley Ave.. : Haynes, 839 Bridier St. '
36 and Arthur L. Lockett, 5970 .a Girl- 5767 Carver Circle, Boy. The: internationally famous Billy Daniels, native of

St. M, r.and Mrs. Thomas Jacksonville the club's treat to
Redpole 27. xi ra a ,Mr. and Mrs Charles k was guests attendingits t
Brawley B. Bridgers, 1120 S. Parts, 1553 W. 14th St. Rucker, 1916 McMilianst. formal. Billy lived up to; his wonderful rating as
11 Bloodworth St. .
Raleigh, N. C.. 23
and Annie J. Johnson 1731 W. Girl.M Boy. I I a singer-showman! hy doing several numbers during intei>_.'>

Union, St, 21. i r. and Mrs. Willie Mr" and Mrs. James Mor- I mission including his masterly rendi tion..of ,*i4bld.

Spurgeon M. D,. Stamps, Jr.. I rTr Blanford '2076* TajLladega ice 723 E. "'5th St. Boy. Black Magic, r d

330 21st Ave. N.. Nashville, Tenn.. Rd. .* M r. and Mrs. George ] Billy Moore's Band, .which provided stimulating'music
1 Girl.
24 and Miriam C. .
1187 .
Burney, ; -: t Smith 2454 Lantana Ave. for the dance, -featuredRobert. Mitchell vocalist.-: :
W. 10th St, 20. I Mr. and Mrs. John Wright r

Miss Patricia Merritt and Miss Mellouise Cherry, both Girl. I I. .. ,,.' '. .. .. .> ." .. : :. ". ,.
Girl.Miss :
students at Talladaga College, Talladaga, 'Alabama. ." I ,.. ., ... ,. ::0 : ': '1':. ,. ; t'

were holiday visitors in Jacksonville. The .lovelies Three Leaders Simpson Fast on the. heels of the Fla-Jax dance was .KappaAlphaPsi's k
.. *
were the house guests of Miss Merritt relatives, Mr. r first annualKrismass Ball, which, proved.

and-Mrs. Ryron Butler at 2525 Thanes ftreet. Miss, 'InvltedTqSpeak i Has HouseGuest highly successful. The subscriptio.i affair wa well; t

I : Cherry, a freshman. is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. attended in spite of the low temperature, and I an W

DPRFOIVANOY Hurbert Cherry of Sanford, Florida. Miss Merritt a sure that the mercury recording the fraterni ty' S'

sophomore, majoring-in music is also of Sanford where CHICAGO The Rev. Martin scholarship fund uncrease must have been soaring. ,-: '- J

Pave i s ar her parents Mr. and Mrs. C. H., Merritt Sr. reside They Luther King Jr._, represen- Jimmy Steward, another Jaxon whorls doing well in--the. ::-." ,.. 0

wereentertained"while here by cousins Harriett and ting the Southern Christian Miss Collette VonceiU entertainment field delighted Krissnass ,Bailers with'

.Marilyn, Jean Felder. Leadership Conference; Dr. Simpson ,daughter-of Editor a-vocal number during intermission. _

I Keep your tight?fry skin smooth Benjamin E. Mays, More- and Mrs. Eric 0. Simpson : j Music' for the dance was< provided by Leo Dorsey' band. ..
and soft with MOTHERS FRizm
Neglect of body skin tissues Christian Endeavor To house College and Roy Wil- and a junior at Texas .

during pregnancy may show up .. kins of the NAACP have Southern University spent'her S .
.5' .
>; ) .
for the rest of your life. This famous # ;
} been invited to'speak at holidays at home with \
skin .condit oner. especi' :
4 ally compounded to relieve the Present Program the Progressive Baptist her parents 2434 Doby Among bridgeclub activities, Classic Lassies Bridge,

t discomfort of that stretched feeling -;- ..(. 1 Convention of America, a Street. Club climaxed the Yuletide with- a luncheon bridge,'
in skin. You'll find
MOTHIRS your*iumn massage can a The Christian Endeavor gram, sponsored" the newly organized church Miss Simpson had as house : party held at the Springfield Ladies Garden CJub,

be soothing for that numbing Hour, a new youth program Local Union 'was a brainchild body, in its annual ses- guest Miss Doloris Ann corner Seventeenth and Perry streets. Members ex- .-
In legs and back, too. Take' will include the of the late Dr. C.S.
which sion at Tabernacle changed gifts and each presented the guest she invited, ,
care c I. your body skin with Baptist Clark, a junior at Savannah.
VOTHKRS FfutXD. YOU will never various churches of the Williams who put every- Church, 4130 South Indiana State College, a major in with gifts of adorable parasol hankies. '
t egret: it: city will give its first thjng. he had into it and"watched Mildred Dorothy'
w11t Ave. Chicago from Jan. mathematics, neophyte of Guests included Mrs. Jackson, Mrs.

Drug S\ program Jan. 21, at 3 p.m. it grow to a mammoth 30 .to Feb. 1.. -- ; AKA Sorority and ah honored : ()unlap, Mrs. Puth, Bonner, Mrs. Hortense vrilliaros Gray,

'in St. Stephen AME Churchat event. Highlights of the meeting Miss Alpha. ,' Mrs. Pearl Mackey, Mrs. Dorothy Pinckney, Mrs. H. COle.'

StoretMOTHERS Fifth and Davis Streets. The Christian Endeavor nan and Miss Gwendolyn Shelton. '
will include a pre-conven- Miss Simpson was joinedby I

Several years ago a Hour, the brain-child of tion musical by the local many friends in helping i ito Members present included Mrs. Geneva Henderson Mrs.

similar program met with the present State League churches, a stage setting make Miss Clark's visit Helen Toney, Mrs.. Margaret Starkes; Mrs. Sarah Wright; ,.: ,

FRIEND great success and was president Alexander Cottrell introductory address by a-pleasant one. The friends Mrs. Dorothy Oliver mrs. Juanita Williams. Mrs. Helen
looked forward to from who is also an out Toney, Mrs. Joan Spaulding, Mrs. Margaret Mathis, and
t froJ.ct*s.s.s. cowunr AunuT.t: president T.M. Chambers, were: Johnny Doe. Miss'rriett
... month to month. The pro- standing youth leader. Mrs. Grace Sykes. ,
its unanimously elected Norman Edward
Through the Presi- feraier Classie lassies member who-
years Mrs. Hazel Pink, a
leader and
sermons by able Leilia Hickson. James
1.; dent Cottrell has striven 't' is now a member of Classic Lassies of Los Angeles,';
ROYAL ART STUDIO : ministers, discussions and and Serena Joyner, Pelores < ; ,
-.. : hardand, long-to keep the California, participated in the exchange of gifts.. _
addresses by civil rights Pearson, Brenda Johnson, ,
Allen Christian Fndeavor t
-LARENCE J.SIMON leaders and others, the Fmnit and Mary Washington
Leagues alive. He has ; .
t drafting of the constitution 'urs.Marian Burney stamps 1[j
PROPRIETORSPEC1AIS. succeeded doing so 'J
and by-laws and the Puhen Padgett Christine ( Mrs. Dewey Wells launched. the Holiday Season jwith'.abridge
with the help of.other '
t completion of the organization Anderson Fred Knight and party held in her Fairfax- Street home.. >:,. ..
interested personalities.It .
". '! by electing additional a host of others. :i Mrs. Margaret Perkins of New York and Sgt.; and Mrs.: .'

; 5)(1'I; I l-Coter, 1-Black & WWe,:$i,S5-: 'stated has by been Cottrell'that clearly -- officers, The young daughter of the J I Douglas Fairbanks ere guest of honor..: s g t. -Fairbanks

Simpsons left Tuesday to 1 is in the United States Air:Force.
the to be presented -
1-810 QpaltOK I3-35fs J5.S5 programs resume her studies at j Other guests of Mrs. Veils included Mrs. Geneva white
by the Christian
Royal Crown Texas Southern after a very j C Mrs.; Marie McClain, Mrs,, Fvelyn Jasmin. Miss Aretha. .
Endeavor Hour will be kepton #
Cola enjoyable stay at home: Johnson Mrs. Lillian navi :. and Mrs.JTarnestinc. Poole.. .
fopnr I
iL "the same high level -
.. I
comm.rical Weddings-Protroits that attracted thousandsof .
people to be in attendance Pyramids Visit Hospital/ :
Mercy 9
515 Davis 'St. /4-1894 C at each.rendition .. .
4 Mrs. Evelyn Barnes 'was hostess to the Pjeccmbei;meeting
-. .. '. --.. The program as planned by
The Quaint Pyramids' .1:MiSS Josephine Patterson of Hellenesian Bridge Club at which time .gifts were -
.. .. ,, .
!' a group of religious '... '- .it, .
: Christmas
festivities were-
exchanged and secret sisters revealed. ",
I. leaders who met recently enjoyably .spent with the Mrs. Ella Johnson.. Miss All members. were present and participating .in the
: I, will. Bring ,about a rebirth Conely and Miss
Mary ,
GL4 patients at Mercy Hospital. bridge session which resulted, in top scores-for Mrs.

EPtI '" -'ofthe Local Union activities An array of toiletries Ouida Reed. Kathyrn Robinson, Mrs. Leona,Bennett, and Mrs-Bernice.

now fftflrttwt !I just as. its beautifully wrapped were The Pyramids are gratefulto Hamilton. ,

founder Dr. C.S. Williams Mr. and Mrs. H. S. "
given to the patients.* Mrs. Vernal MeCone was double winner, receiving the

: who was then 'state President Members of the Pyramids. Williams. Mrs. Annie Bais- consolation and, door prizes. ,

PepsI, 'of the ACE Leagues of are Mrs. Bessie BryanCMrs. den, Fred L. Bell Mrs.'A.L. .

the 11th Episcopal DIs- Opalee- :Fennell, Mrs.:: Humes ,and Mrs Rhena -

trict of the AME Church Alfreda stuart Mrs. lydia Battles of Desota Shoe ... '" ,

At that time the Local Collins Mrs. Merle.Coffee Repairing for their con- Wendell Holmes and Dr. James :Greene,. president and

.. tltiltk"'" Union featured literary Mrs Janie Corbitt. Mrs. i tributions. :,' ;president-elect 'of ,the local..Alpha chapter":-traveled

programs, parades Afternoon Viola Spencer.. Mrs. Tiny Mrs. Catherine. Johnson to Louisville Kentucky last week-end to attend :the a

of Music, Miss Chris- Rivers, Mrs. Catherine. and Mrs, Merle Coffee Alpha'.Phi Alpha .National Convention. : '

._ .r tian Endeavor Contest and Johnson, Mrs. Annie. L, served .the patients cake The Upsilon Lambdo delegates reported an enjoyable 1
"'_. ---. G
I Bell, Mrs...Helen., Alexander and ice cream. visit with fellow Alphas.

q '
d ''-"
: ; ""::-
-.i {:
I L_ ,=
J :" -., .,
: :fJR....

I,\ I


PA4 : ',:;,." .. -. < '.' --- RMMSTAR : ; SATURDAY JANUARY, IS

Kappk Alpha Psi Dance Is Colorful Yuletide Event !

:. : .
h R '

Yy C'
'4 6J

1 V r 3 1 P s .a: r x tMY ______ _

4 :i
r $ Is
lh;::4 -

i : ')

'iF e. .. ax w y
s 4.' ,, N' a.! ,
(:\ ::5 ._' ;; &

; : '< '
: ( ,,
( i. ,
*: ; ;

) .' Wi .: I I

% IJ 'j

I rr: +l ti

; -,
'' c
of .
:., y f tjY II
\ +
(( : ..
!' dpi

: ; 1 1: : I


I. : !

I, J M s I i 5. rr I : i i_ i

,. -3r
Y k ;
% .
; I It
r .'
F T :
f % t -,,

4 4
t 41 n

( : : : t

: : I

: : -,<

E aS ai.w- :is : r rf
> 1 ,

ki % C4: : ; ,,- -. .di I

s- K -

: t

J > .

; .7 .:,qY, V ..F.1r .

F y

1 .T1.

: It'D :

s 3y 1

9y iI


> "'
I : ; .i.: '::.,.,' ''.'-:
'; '
.. .. :....; ':
..... -
L : -- -:>> "- RJlIh.! -- --IIBIIBL! .J L : -.(, ;:: ----' _, __ .''-; "-,','

GALA EVENT -- Some of the guests who frolicked at' the Kappa Alpha Williams.nrs". Bernice Jackson 7Mrs. Evelyn-Walker and Harold Badger. Miss Sylvia Lawrence ttnd Godfrey-Jenkins. No.-.. .. Mrs.

Psi Fraternity's Annual Ball held last Friday night in the Duval Jackson. No. 5 Mrs. Vivian Washington. R. V. Daniels, Miss De- Rosemond Satterwhite, Mrs. Bernice Darden White Mrs. Elizabeth

County Armory are shown in the scenes abo.ve.Photo No. 1 shows lores Bro n, Mrs. Wilhelmena Thompson, Louis T. Pierce and Mr., Simmons, Charles Davis (Chicago, Illinois) and Warren Pierce.

Rufus Williams, Miss Carolyn Gamble, Mrs. Evelyn B. Wells. Wm. R. and Mrs. Sam Haynes No. 6 Mrs. Janie C. Mendez Mrs. L.M. Smith, I No. 10 Miss A. P. Hill, Albert Hill, Mrs. Bernice Hicks, Mrs.

Wells. No. 2 Miss Janie Davis A. Glover. Ht Norman Miss De- and Mrs. A.D. Gray. NO.7. Edward Witsell, Mrs. Gwendolyn Witsell II Theresa Gray, and Mr. and Mrs. R. Edwards. No. 11-Miss Annette

lures Pearson, James Joyner Miss Collette Simpson, Miss Delores Mrs. Jerry Foster. Willard Foster. Warren Witsell. Mrs. Christelle 'I Cunningham Mrs. Thomas Jones ;Urs. Mildred Hampton, Joe jackso

Clark and James Davis. No. 3 Mrs Wilhelmina Brown Marshall L. Witsell and Miss Clarkye Boatwright. No. 8 Miss Barbara Mc- and Mrs. Myrtis Thomas. No. 12 Mrs. N. DeViner Jlrs. Frankie Handy,

Brown Robert Murray and Mrs. Shirley Johnson. No. 4 Mrs. Dorothy Clain, Marsha Rosier, Pedro Mendez. Cliffard Holmes Miss Erma E. Miss Verdell Covington. Alfred Harrell, and Miss Lillie Garrett.

Wood/own/ "< I Eastern StarsEntertain Les Meres Club GivesHospital cou ers BanquetTo Northwestern .1 About .- Pensacola MinisterIs

Guests Be Held Jan 25 Is Accredited Given AwardPFNSACOLA "

Presbyterian TV Set t To

i The Annual Scouters' Ban
Official communication was ---The Pensacola

Les iiereq.. social club quet for the Cherokee Div.., .received recently that .People Council of Ministers a- .
Church i
NotesSunday Members of the A.'L: Jen-
of. this city exhibited its North Florida Council Boy Northwestern juniorSeniorHigh warded plaques to the Rev
kins Chapter No. 19F
beiiev.olent spirit by Scouts of America will be School was given I K. C. Bass and the Mount
Jan. 7, the Rev. Order of Eastern Star
helping to make the female held in the cafetorium of accreditation after the Mrs. Lottie B. Gilbert Olive Baptist Church for
F. D. Wilson minister of entertained there friendsand
Woodlawn United -Presbyterian guests at their annual patients of Duval Medical Matthew W. Gilbert High annual meeting of the 'of 1307 W. 8th St. has as meritorious service beyond

Church at State and Christmas. party last Center happy. The club ,School at 7:30 p.m. Jan. 25. 'Central Reviewing CommitteeThe her house guest Miss the call of duty in the

presented The various committeeswith Southern Association of Pauline Adams of "selective buying"
a 19 inch Albany, cam-
Laura Streets will include Saturday in the dinningroom chairmen '
) portable television to the their are Secondary Schools and N.Y. Miss Adams is enJOYing paign now going on in
in the 11 a.m. of Buster Ford s .
working extra hours to make
female Colleges. Pensacola. The
patients may her vacation in Rev. Mr.
t service the Restaurant. Cocktails and
worship Holy
now view their favorite the 1962 banquet one of the The committee met at Florida. Bass is treasurer of the
Communion. hors d'oeuvres
were best if not the best in the
television Miami Beach Florida and Council.
Each .member is urgently throughout the evening.At programs. The I" -
history of' the Cherokee ,
asked to put forth a a late hour the hos- presentation was, made Division. the results were reached on

special effort to bring a tess, the charming Mrs. during the Yuletide season. :Dec. 8, 1961. Evangelist
Dec. 28.Members. The dynamic leadership of
delinquent or prospective Carolyn Davis Locke, introduced This announcement came
Dr. J. C. Downing is arousing 1.
member to church.. The the newly instal- of the club are interest throughoutthe from the Office of. the Mother DevineGod

church choir with C. E.'I led officers 'for young women who are making-
1962. And Principal Mr. J. H'.
district and .the men
outstanding contributions ,.
Simmons at the will then wished ArgrettSr.. '
organ everyone a I Sent Healer and Advisor
are responding to his call.
to the educational cultural
support the rites.Sunday prosperous New Year. .
religious. civic and Dr. Downing has announced All Prayer and Healings. Free
School will begin The new' officers and 4 First 62 Baby
that the retiring chairman. < ,
social life
at 9:30 a.m. with T. V. members of the A. L. Jen- oftfacksonville.; % Are You Suffering. Need Advice
The club roster: President the Rev. A, J. Hughes will
Huger, superintendent in kins Chapter are: Mrs. serve Born In Seoul
as toastmaster for .
Mrs Sylvia 'Bartleyr vice'president ...
charge at State and Laura Juantia Jackson, worthy :
/I Mrs. Adelaide the affair. : .that jour eyes see. your heart unit believe and then
Streets. Sunday School matron; A. T. Johnson South Korea. The
It must be remembered thata
Jenkins; secretary, Mrs. Jour heart will convince yon that this is the religious
will also begin at 9:30 a.. worthy patron; Mrs. -V. Mae first .
baby born
close is
Evelyn B. Wells; financial race develorini, leader you have been looking for. There Is no pity- for
m. at 3066 Woodlawn Road Garnca. A. matron; Robert between the in 1962 Ironically was
secretary Mrs Ester o. Fastside and those who are suffering and do not 9oue to be helped.
in the Westminster Hut Jones, A. patron; Mrs. the Westside in ticket not born in the United 'One visit to this religions healer will convince
Ramsey; treasurer: Mrs. Lucille -
with Rev. Wilson in charge. Mary West, Secretary; sales. Efforts in the sale States at all: but instead yon that she is God's Messenger on earth. Mother De-

Mid-week worship and Urs. Carolyn Davis Loc- Harper members, of tickets have increased was delivered to Mrs. vine 'has Just received a statue of Saint Theresa.

study hour will be held kett, treasurer. Mrs. Vivian R. Wesley. Mrs. on both sides and at this Yung g Soon Flaner y, wife .fro Montreal. Canada. Ton oust touch the statue to be

Wednesday evening at 7:30 Members are Mrs: Albany queenie p. Davis. Mrs. B. B. time it is difficult to say of U.S. Army. Specialist SC. .'.healed.'M' fi'she'll

at which time all Campbell. Mrs. Evelyn Va.ugh t.. Mra Fannie if. .
p.m. who is leading. From the Bruce M. Flanery.
Simmons Mrs. Frenchie tell your Past Present, Future. Love. Courtship
members are asked to come Gordon, Mrs. Emily Jackson and Brooks. manner in which the ticketsare The event took place 5 .Lucky Nub rs, Lucky Days: MOTHER DEVINE guarantees
Knight Etta
out and Join in the ser- Mrs. Berntce Porter Mrs. MrS. going a'-good crowd is seconds past oidnigbt.New to Help '
vice for one hour. Thurs- Daisy, B., Davis. Mrs. assured.Den Years morning-the birth ._ Located on the Southsde on Old St. Augustine RoaTTake

day at 8 p.m. choir rehearsal Icelene, Gordon Mrs. 'Your Negro Newspaper Mothers -who have done had the,distinct advantageof Bus No. 37 to 4431 Old St. Augustine Road!

.will be held in .'Mrs Elese George, Mrs. Stands: For The Rights such a fine Job in past being on, the "early" :'BRING THIS ADV. AND- ... .DECEIVE READING. FOR' $1. 00

the Sanctuary- of- the Annie Lou Scott and Mrs. > Of The Negro People years as escorts will again side of the International > '- -' .
church. \ Mattie Williams. \serve this year. date line. R ; ..- OPEN. '- 7 DAY& .ALL DAY r.')r



.. ".' ,. > l- '. .', .. _0-' -> "" k: >- ,. ..' -' .-' -
.s '--' :

; ; : "\ .

mm ,l flMMSTtt! : _, PAGE 5

tic fC

I al t 4.t t ',',+ tw' y

/ a Jt i

..e a
r s

'EL: I

I K 4 4I

I ) t ,

I __ _

t -qadio T Technician Gracfs Reward Instsuctor_ -" EIeded Un. rS0

\r- '-J; f( a.fr 4At Y ;.


t'> .

F.. it






: $ r F N

1ti .__ {

I ,.F
v a

I II I YOUNG ACTORS---Members of the North Dade Thespian
YgI -.:.;. 7SoC qty which presented a successful dramatization of

I HOSTS SEALS DRIVE---Song- 1 the med Broadway hit play, A Raisin In The Sun "
stress Lena Home is chairman -
which won the group many plaudits are seen here. In
of' the NAACP's 196i
the front row from left are: Mr. James B. Randolph,
.' made Ernest Murray.-The '
presentation is-being by t campaign. Seals are now
SPECIALISTS---Students of the Radio- Director; Mr. Tee Stewart Greet, Jr. Business Manager -
ELECTRONICS graduates, from left are George Strachan, Loran Cornet on sale through NAACP Units
School of Miami are seen beaming Oscar St. George, Curtis Schwartz, Abigail Thomp-
Electronic-T vision ,
Wallace Embert Samos Murray,
Ford, Joseph staggers across the nation. This is
with pride for good reason. First because they have Instructor McFadgon James. King, John Days, Roy Snell, the 12th consecutive year kins; Betty Tucker Franklin Knowles Willie Wilson,
technicians and Gladys Perry. Willie Sims, John Pryor Fred Ford
electronics *
received their diplomas as
Wesley Williams, Ernest Fields, Jack Scott and David that Miss Home has led the
secondly bec .use they presented a handsome check' to Tomin. .' fund-raising effort. Charlene Farrington and LaVern Lilly. In the back row,

their instructor John McFadgon center right. The NAACP in the same order are: Mr. Ronald Young, Lilly Welch,
i Janice Kyles, Margaret Sweeting William Mears Annon

w Reese's Roost Hayes, Ellen Daniels, Mae Rene/Taylor. Robert Saunders,

.. Patsy Ferguson, Althea McQueen, Kinsley Gamble, Kath-
-' -,c leen worthy Ben Green, Janet Justice Bettie Jones
'1 ', .. .. :. Emerson Miller and Jo Ann Jones. Charles D. Wychtf
is principal.
EMiF A E_ _INT64 I. ,


; : k ;41 i ir FIRST, on behalf of the ed.tor, Eric 0. Simpsoh, his- ,, ..,... .1

1 1 ?rc Y J' y s I entire devoted and hard-wo staff, and myself, I .1I
? +f 4k
f rk t I would like to extend_ to a]11, of you out there, our I I YlA

wonderful readers Jwithotreason whom we would have no '..A-

gftiiii for existence), our 1 t best wishes for a HEALTHY

HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS YEAR. I:: personally hope, from the

t innermost depths of my heart;:---and that's pretty deep

that each and every one of you enjoyed the most swing-

jir J ----I- \ling holiday season ever, tl:hat good ole St. Nick did t

I frt I ,I not fail .'to fill your Xmas ]nylons to overflowing with % { .

= f all the goodies, as well as the good things of Life, P. G. Porter, Olathe, Kansas, Grand Master, Prince Ua Masons of
Kansas; Dr. Joyce Yerwood Carwin, Stamford, Conn.. pre dent of Girl .
ST 1 t that your hearts :.desired, :and that you now face the Friends, Inc; and W. E. Solomon Columbia, S. C., preside of National

prospect and the challenges of an uncertain '62 with Council of Officers of State Teachers Associations, urge.y r support of
the New March of Dimes. Funds raised will leal
support me care program -
I hearts')full of hope courageIN and good cheer., for birth defects,=arthritis and polio patients.
MY MIND *S' EYE the _
Norman E. Jones liost"weari g fez and "Mrs. Gay Lamb, one of the'"Hostesses are" seen I ;
exciting and meaningful -
as they served guests in the Old Milwaukee Hospitality Room in the Sir John 1 I many

Hotel during Orange Blossom Classic Weekend. events of the past Park Free park. / tke6e

I ,few weeks flash acrosS. the rn anu

I, screen of my memory like

PERSONALITIES .PERSONALI'TjES- the overlapping scenes ofa
P facil
parking lied
.' montage. First after .
:- : Thanksgiving Day came the :::: .

time of THE GREAT CLASSIC Shop where ,
.. .
.' ,.
: f which, its parades, its DOWNTOWN you see .' ;

; pomp and pageantry, its
. PARKSHOP this Aijy} parking lot or
; 5 ; glitter and color, the Big j DOWNTOWN garage displaying this
rf .
;; ;; ... : -i; 1 :; ) (. Game, -the incredible mul- FRED emblem emblem will honor

titude of faces---new and PARKA-SHOP
: ) validated Park and
) old---from far away places,
': Shop parking stamps
t: the festive air and 'round-

,. 0:,;.... 'l i the-clock revels reminded Each of the members of Downtown- Park '0' ,

an old traveler like and Shop will give you a stamp for one --i.::

yours truly, in some ways hour's parking when you shop with them. Abbott's Auto_ Park -- 112 S.' E. 1st St. .
I Allright Auto Park, Inc. 64 S. E. 1st St. ,
of the holiday spirit of AHright Auto Park fnc. 130 S. E. lit St. '

: Mardis Gras time, in old i Arcade Kiddie Shop 131 Seybold Arcade Allright Auto Park, Inc. 173 N. E. 1st St. "
i. .I I Allright! Auto Park, inc. 55 S. E. 4th St.
", New Orleans, or New Year's Dad Fed. Saving & Allright Auto Pork, Inc. 221 N. E. lit St.
I loan Auoc. 101 E. Flagler f St.
r. I1 1 Eve in New Yorkon TimesandBroadway Allright Auto Park, Inc. 41 N. W. 1st St.
Phil Davis 138 E. Flagler St. Allright Auto Park, Inc. 121 N. E. 1st St. '
f. r' Square 1. Allright Auto Park, Inc. 29 N. W. 1st St. : ,
272 E. f' let St.
: Drug City, Inc. Gg
albeit on a considerably I Allright Auto Park, Inc. 30 S. W. 4th St. ..fI
I Dunlap Shoe Store 41 W. Flagler' St. C. M. tiisho '. Garage 122 N. W. 1st Ave.
smaller scale. I recall '
MILTON (BUTTERBALL) SMITH, t Flagler Federal Savings &loan 100 N. E. 2nd AT. Buckeye Auto Park 135 N. E. 2nd St.

ED COOK. .. : j 1 editor Simpson deathless. Florsheim Shoe Store 245 E. Flagler St. Buckeye Auto Park 125 N. E. 3rd St.
.- ," '> ;; .-,' '.. 'Premark as, from our 2ND I Bud's Parking lot 201 N. W. 2nd St. .
Store 159 S. E. lit St.
) Gflpin's Camera '
; ('.;.,".t. ,' ". d a p man'. Auto Parks 100 N. W. 1st St. .:
Jo Avenue vantage
Listen To '., .,,.:.;. :; ;::. '-,. i we I GHpta's Photo Supply 144 N. E. lit Ave. Chapman's Auto Porks 107 N. W. 1st St.
:-", ; '. observed :
one rather worn-
: Glob Shoe Store 30 N. E. 1st St. Cry Parking, Inc. 144 N. E. 3rJ Ave.
'- out majorette's baton- i City Parkirg, Inc 1.c9 N. W. lit St. i
; FdralSavings
Great Miami
: twirling efforts as she r & loan 101 S. E. 2nd Ave. City Parking! Inc. 418 N. Miami AYe.I .
WMBMMIAMI I '. Gty Parking, Inc. 19 N. w. 4th St.
". -' ...,-. trudged gamely, and grimly HelmDeportment Store 22 N. W. 1st St. Commercial Parking lot 317 S. Miami Ave.
''''; FLORIDA ,-t ..,-..'- ...,' onward' the head of her i! The Hub 129 N.. Miami A.,.. Cortex Parking Lot 301 N. E. lit Ave.

: .1120_ON EVERY RADIO ',-: ,: also notsohighsteppingband : ..Jackson's/Byre 51 E. Flogler' St.' Dupont Plaza Parking, Inc 200 S. E. 3rd St.
53 N.. Dupont Plaza Parking, Inc 201 S. E. 3rd AYe
in the parade. Jefferson Stores W, 1st St.
: : ,
: Plaza let 91 S. 3rd
.. ,. : : ; Dupont Parking E. Ave.
-; .,-: _' t- .'-. ..: Quipped E. 0: "Old Kirk Jewelers 26 N. E. 1st Ave. Flagler Parking s.mc. 60 W. Flogler' St.
Bean that's the first la F mm. Women's Apparel 28 S. E. 1st St. Hector's Shoppers' Parking 233 S. Miami Ave.

The Personality' Station time I ev.eisaw DECRESCENDOIN lane Bryant 320 E. Floater St. Herold Parking Garage 224 S. Miami Ave.
Hvntington Allright Parkin? 126 S. E. 2nd Ave.
MOTION! It. .And it I Maynard Page 121 E. Flogler St. Ingroham Parking Garage 226 S. E.-1st St.

\ I became very, very much .Mayor's Jewelers 42 N. E. 1st St. Jay's Parking Lot 160 N. W. lit St. I
Jo' Parking lot 35 N. E. 2nd St.
like "old home: week I Mtropofitaa Bank of Miami 117 N. E. 1st Ave. ,
Kinney System, Inc. 200 S. E. 3rd Ave.
r PERSONALITIESPERSONALITIES when l'ran into one of my.I Miami. R.g Co. 100 S. MIa.1 Ave. Kinney System, lac.IGnney 300 S. E. 3rd Ave.

!r all-time favorite people. I M & M Cafeteria 127 N. E. 2nd Ave System, Inc. 400 S. t 2nd St.
If r liberty Parking System 160 N. W. 1st St.
: Mrs. Ruth Kleckley of Nankin's Shoes 73 E. Flogler St.
Mock' Parking lot 100 S. W. 1st St.
Orlando with my ole Original 1 Rubins. Jewelers. "145 N. Miami. Ave. Main Parking lot 261 N. E. lit St.
buddy Frank Legree. and Main Parking lot 246 N. E. 2nd St.
TV. Parisian 45 E. Ftogler St. Municipal Downtown" Parking -
several other members of Garage #1 39 N.W.2nd St.
Music Co. 36 N. Miami Awe
PMIplrrs .
<.ray old Orlando gang. Certainly : Municipal Downtown Parking t.
fteda". Men' Shop 127 E. Flogler St. Garage #1 AO N.W.3rd St.
brought, back
Otfs Parking lot 50 N. E. 3rd St.
I Richards pLStor. 1 N.E.1st Street
wonderful memories of
Parkway Corp. 20.3. E. lit St.
: wonderful times gone by.. Dick RidiAona' Men's Wear 201 E. Flagler' St.. Parkway Core, 22 S. W. lit St.
.1i 1 Parkway Corp. 56 S... W. lit St.
FISH FAKING Richter Jewelry Co. 160 E. Flogler St. PO Parking Lot 400 N. E. 1st Ave.

Back in October I went mus- Rogers Credit Jewelers 13 W. Flogler. St. Ralph' Auto Park 70 S. W. 2nd St.
ky fishing up north. Jt was Roy's Parking lot 111 S. E. 2nd St.
cold, rainy and miserable but Slater, Jewelry-. ..50 H. E. 2.d Av*. Ricky's Parking lot 51 N. Eo 4th St.Rivsivfe .
i* Parking lot 401 S. Miami Ave.
resort'owner that it .
the swore ,
Eddie; Stephens, lac :- 115 S. E. 2nd Ave.
.. was the finest musky weather Shcdow Auto Parts 161 N. E. 2nd St. .
heed seen in five years. SyW* 76 S. E. list St. Southland Parking Inc. ._ 140 W. Flagler' St.
Every morning he radiated .- Sunny Auto Parks 240 S. E. 1st Ave
hope and enthusiasm. He'd show Sybift 20 W. FlogW St. Swnsklce Parking, Inc 351 S. E. 2nd St.
i up at the dock in his oilskins Sunshine' Parking, Inc 121 N. W. lit Are t
Thayer McNeil Shoes 155 Flogler St.
"and earmuffs standing in the -_ .. U4. Parking lot __ 49 N. W. 2nd St. .
: Icy drizzle and gloating: "Man Vanity.;Shop, S.sV1stSl.' ..;Wifl's i Parking 64.3. E. 4th St.
liacbe Cafeway' : what a day for musky fishing. S Wilson's Garage .170 N. !. 1st St.
} :'IM McALL :'_ THJS-IS-THE-DAY!" .. __ .
.. "You going out today?" we'd
: f'j ask. "'-
.. I
: -

: ,. r :.):t./<. ..; ; : :" ; ;- ', :. --: s '...
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PAGE":6.. > _._".. -,., u<)\.;: : : RMJM STAR SATURDAY JANUARY 6, 1 1S62
+.w --. v.-_...__...._ J..,,..... ,...-
<>': _
,'f- .4c' '.f.. '
/ :.:._- '-, .- SD
:'Y APPOWTED fJ' Sis *
.' jo.5. : "F I' ._ : t r
,..-- -. ...,'f'7I ;;0,'.. > ; ;
I:1'. ,..: '. \, .j"- '.' '.' :"" ,
--------- --
I ,.
I 1 4L- Y

I __ .. y


I /L (k / y ;;A:.
& '
I .' rcyit1& I i .
L _
---------- ---

Serve a hearty lunch of Cream of Carrot Soupand sand-

wiches..a perfect cold weather Pick-uP for you and your ,:, :
youngsters. Carnation Evaporated Milk, the double-rich

milk you can use sp many ways, gives a creamy.richness :t
and smoothness to the soup. Nourishing, colorful and delicious 1 '

this soup is sure to become a family favorite. Try = c : ; '
it soon..and see for yourself the convenience and economy 't i
of cooking with Carnation. .t .

i i
CREAM OF.CARROT SOUP. Joseph Bradford, assistant
(MakesSqips). editor of the Alabama 4J' -

4 cups'firmly packed % teaspoon white Agricultural: Extension 1
SeVvice.; has been appointed -
grated carrots pepper ... Y -
3 cups diced onion '/ cup flour as an information
4 cups water 1% cups (large can) .. V specialist of the Federal P:" '

2 tablespoons seasoned salt.undiluted. CARNATION ;Extension Service, U. S.

2 tablespoons butter EVAPORATED MILK "' Department, of Agriculture,

1 teaspoon basil leaves 1 cup snipped parsley Washington, D.C. Mr. Bradford -

add. is candidate for the
Place carrots, onion,water and into the flour. Gradually a
s salt in a large saucepan. Bring flour mixture and Carnation to Ph.D. degree in mass mediato .
a boil and simmer about 30 the soup.Add parsley.Continue i Education '
minutes. Add butter, basil and cooking stirring constantly, methods and extension JACKSONVILLF SUNS' BANQUET---was among the 1961 events of note, given by the officials of the Triple ASuns

,pepper. Stir a little Carnation about 5 minutes. ,; from the University baseball club at the Country Club. This was a get to-gether meeting of officials and citizens. Ken

C.485 Printed in U.S.A. (12) J -. 'I. Wisconsin.. .. Knight served as toast master. The club is owned by Bob Meduro. Meduro outlined several features to be
...... '
--- .. 'A added- which' will make, the baseball situation, in Jacksonville brighter from every angle. He said plans call

-. for a:nursery, washer mat and female ushers. He also said better service would be furnished by the concessions -. ,

r V which. will. be operated by .the .club Triple A baseball, has come to Jacksonville. '
Electronics Technician Named
One of .:. .. t t' .

s ,

.. --..--. ---: ---- ..... ,
< -------=-- -
'The Ten Young Women of theVear'fS rt : ., ::
: :?'
v., ....,.,,. +.... ....-." ..,.;.." 'Y)<.i ,
.. G:
-S, L1 :
.. V 17': iI. {.
r'L'T : .d>..:
". .-.. : '

ij ";;:"I. : for those -. r- C Q

L..r. ';r;,; whgthinkyoung

:; :n 1'

'>'7 :' d

iV : S9t"
(T fir"5st

.. .
t L' _.. -.... _. .



You S..k Th Beat Doctor
\ When Your Doctor Prwcribea
: c, V,
V Get Experienced Pharmftdtfa
t To Fill Your PnKript1cu -
S A lMG: ,.;;4, According To Your Doelo:'.

x Qrdtr. w. UM Only
Mademoiselle magazine's 1961 Merit Award winners, chosen for signal achievement fti .1 +t Dr. C. &. BlackProprietor Th. Best Quality Drug Al _

during the past year: ((1) Jean Alice Szymanski, WAVE; ((2) Grace Bumbry, opera singer j: t VVFf ,: .'

((3)) Monica Vitti i, Italian actress; ((4)) Carole Eisner, fashion designer; ((5) Laura M. Roth, V : \ ,3 REGISTERED PHARMACISTS TO SERVE YOULILLY'S

scientist; ((6) Carla- Fracci, ballet dancer; ((7) Hope Murrow, social worker (shown here .

with her husband and Joan Baez folk IWltJfl'// ('fwrtfty Carnation ('nmf.trul ; DRUG STORE
daughter); ((8)) singer; (9)) Chryssa, Greek artist;

((10)) Nanette Edmonds Wachter, fashion director.. 5 MINUTE RAISIN-NUT FUDGE
Making fudge i* fun with better-blending evaporated milk to 1907 Kings Road ELgln 3-827C
insure a velvety smooth texture. A COMPLETE LINE OF: '

Cosmetics Rubber Goods Candies Sundries
NEW YORK, N. .-Jean Alice MONICA VITTI has appear "* Puerto Rican world around it. ) -
Szymanski, a WAVE Aviation 'here in two Italian films Lt A t'Ven- With the help of other volunteers, )
Electronics'Technician and one of tura and ,La Notte, both directedby they give the people of the neighborhood I ..
the most promising of today's Michelangelo Antonioni. Her especially the young asense T. .
young career women in the Armed feeling and clarity seen through of their own worth. Mrs. S l '- .
Services has been selected as one the lens of Antonioni's sad vision Murrow is the daughter Harvard iv I ,
of the ten 1961 Merit Award win of life, has made her a star. Bornin Law School's Dean Griswold.She .
ners by Mademoiselle magazine. Rome Miss Vitti studied at Pit- studied at Oberlin and received tSJ .
For the nineteenth successiveyear man's College and the National her Master's in social work BUSINESS I DIRECTORY
awards were presented to ten Academy of Dramatic Art.She appeared at Columbia, where she met her : S .
young women in their twenties and in a wide range of roles on husband. Sent to Harlem in 1959 :'JACKSONVILLE. FLORIDA _
V early thirties "who have already the stage (from Shakespeare to by the Friends they were given V :, The Firms Listed Below and Throughout This Publication Are Reco-smenrfert
distinguished themselves in their Brecht) before her first film. At freedom to try their own approachto z:: As Reputable Establishments' Specializing in Services
fields and are expected to achieve twent-eight, she says that Hollywood life in an afflicted community, V ] And Products.
even greater honors" according: to holds no temptation for her and thus far it has borne rich S! Sw .
Betsy Talbot Blackwell, Madcmoi- and that she will stay with the fruits. : -
sell's editor-in-chief. Italian cinema. JOAN BAEZ: at twenty, is the r ROYAL ART STUDIO IMPERIAL SUNDRIES ..:. y'Ei.z "",
Miss Szymanski is one of two CAROLE EISNER, who was bornin darling of the urban folk-music *"
3NC! 4-'e'4 Patent _
women chosen recently from 2200 New York City, designs clean- world. Since a sensational appear- ''; Medicines Cosmetics .:
applicants to study under the Navy cut young clothes for Miss J-Jrs. ance at the Newport Festival in 5'5 DAVIS TREE. ?. All Leading Hair Preparations i
Enlisted Scientific Education Pro- A 1958 in Fashion Design she has co-ed, Pris- JACCSSNVlu.C F.A .
graduate 1959, cut two records for < 'COR BROAD & ASHLEY El 4-2159 i
gram. This program offers a four- at Syracuse University, she Vanguard, and given sell-out con- cilIa King, is shown gleanr. ", FUEL.OILS ,
year college education leading to has furthered her education with certs from New York to California. ing the latest information .
V a baccalaureate degree in speci- evening courses at the Fashion Institute Daughter of a Mexican physicist on the operation of the 1m.. BYRD & SONS JOHNNIE'S' ROOMING HOUSE
fied areas and a Navy commission. of Technology. She began ahd an Irish mother, she grew up
Graduated from Pittsfield High her career by sketching and.modeling all over the world. Three years from a college magazine. FUEL OIL, ft BOTTLE GAS SERVICE ;. All MODERN CONVENIENCES I:
School in 1958 with a straight-A went on to designing slacks, ago when she began haphazard Miss King is ,a member of WE SEUt' Clean and Repair Rooms by Day Night or Week '
average. Miss Szymanski is study- and then after only a year's experience study in Boston she knew only one All MAKES OF. '
a recently organized GAS 27 WestAshley St. EL 54025CHERRY'S
UN OH and '
ing electrical engineering at Cor- stepped up to dresses. Her folk song had never touched a HEATERS
nell University. She decided'on clothes are notable for clear color guitar. As her musical talent flowered club that has as its major 6334 Rtstlown Dr PO 4-9516-7- .
the Navy as a career when she wasa pure line and new textures. A she began singing to students project, enlightening the i : -
high school freshman drawn not combination of uncommon luck in 'a Cambridge night club. student body the works ', I INDEPENDENT OIL CO. BAR. ,
only by the opportunities for travel and talent has established her in She delivers her songs in golden on .. T. -
but the prospect of a prideworthyand an exciting and demanding field. tones with a rapt detachment that of the UN. : KEROSENE HOME DELIVERY & Cocktail Lounge '
job. Had she entered DR. LAURA M. ; ,
responsible a born curiously enhances their plaintive Mechanic bn Duty' Cordial
college directly from: high scientist and rarely dedicated power. Atmpsphere :-
school she would never have oman, has unswervingly shapedher CHRYSSA. who'was bornjn Athens JAMES FAULKNER Mechanic Where Old Friends Meet .
dreamed of taking the stiff scien- life to her profession. A tpp is a sculptress and painter 'HAWPTON! I K EState JOSEPH, Proprietor 1B43 KINGS RD.-EL 3-809 .
tific course of study on which she young physicist in the branch of who came to America in 1954.Sheis and Jefferson Sts. & 6.9432- Iti.8: W..:..ADAUSVEL_"74S'1'. t
but her three [ _
is now embarked theoretical physics dealing with a restless, warm woman :with OOOUSE
years*experience in Aviation Elec solids she is mainly concerned anxious, clever Greek eyes. Her .
tronics opened unsuspected vistasto with semiconductors(solids having paintings and sculptures, inspiredby I SIN fil. fI,\11." /N/IIF. MM fll FUNERAL HOMES : GROCERIES '
her. She has already studied electrical or magnetic properties). various symbols! of communication .kcetaua. I
three languages and at Cornell is Not the technological applicationsof (letters of the alphabet type rte.,eel.... r...,..n.c-. AB=B..., Andrew J. Huff Funeral. Hoe JENNINGS MARKET .
now adding ,Russian to her reper- a discovery, but its aesthetic fonts newspapers, .directional _ith'riMte'iIe..dt. Cff., 24 HOURAMBULANCE SERVICE '
beauty is her satisfaction. Dr. signs), are artfully translated into Stop. .*4 iMtovrw* CM- Groceries and Meats
tory.The other Young Women of the Roth metxher husband,a biologist a cool, contemplative otherworld ....t: nHvl mi rAJUtiNG Mary I. Breaker, Mgr. Fancy Citrus Boxes
Year who are featured in January at Swarthmore and both went on language.She studied at Grande Jill" 42D1..271tIAVt.MIAMI. rug 1337 Davis; Street a 4-6396 or a 4-6897" ;
Mademoiselle are also on their to Harvard for their graduate studies Chaumiere in Paris and the Cali- .......I.......... Bonded and Licensed Shippers I
way to establishing outstanding Since 1956V she has been at fornia School of Fine Arts in San .:.Write /or' ==-c.:. 1767 Kings RaV
: 5-4278
reputations for themselves in such M.LT.'s Lincoln Laboratory. Francisco and has had several : ? ,LILLYS DRUG STORES
fields as fashion social work, and CARLA FRACCI is already recognized group shows, two o emanhows ', ., .H
the arts. Their backgrounds range as a great romantic dancerat (the latest at the Guggenheim; ; ; A Complete Line ofCOSMETICS' UAflflIVC' 'COFFEE SHOP ;
from Italy to the United States. twenty-three. ,A Milanese she Museum), and is represented ;n TO RUBBER GOODS .
They are: studied at La Scala's ballet school I several museum collections. HAiPTDN HOUSE !
GRACE BUMBRY,who, at twenty and made her debut as Cinderella. NANETTE EDMONDS WACHTER I

four, has all the makings of the She.became La Scala's prima ballerina known professionally as "Mis 4200 N.Prod. : / .
first great Negro Wagnerian singer. in 1959 and later danced a Nanette" is fashion director of _
Last summer she achieved an in* Giselle in the London Festival St. Louis ScruggsVandervoortBarney MIAMI. FLORIDA 1907 Kings Rd. EL 5-8276 ,. Regular Meils Servei"Olily{
ternational triumph at Bayreuthwith Ballet that brought down the department store. In the I .' -. .
her Venus in Tannhau er. house. Her American debut was last year and a half, she has also BE SURE TO SEE ,MER R : _
Miss Bumbry gravely handsome made on television on the Bell had a three-day-a-week.radio pro- SWINGING. AFfAIRS. VON'S PH I j A._ : .
woman, studied in St. Louis and Telephone Hour last fall. Radiant gram. Born in Indiana, she ma- '
and Service '
OP Free Pick Delivery f'
DOg there and in Chicago and exquisite,effortless, she is Italy jored in merchandising at De 1961 : Up Jerk Pfeermacy, III':. .
Boston. In 1956 Lotte Lehmann first great ballerina since the im- Pauw University. Her first big job ForAll. 'Your Drug Store Needs -' '--- ,
took her on as a protegee. After mortals of a century ago. was fashion training coordinatorof ALSO Any Prescription '",' V
winning several awardvshe made HOPE MURROW and her husband Stix Baer&Fuller in St.Louis; .THE; PAHFD .. i. D.; HARRIS RPH., Prop, flEE Pick Up and .Delivery. Service. : '

her debut rith Uws Paris Opera in Daniel are co-directors of the two years later she foatd herself MYRTLE JONES TRIO < Open 8.00 ajn. to 11:00 pjn.-7 Days a,.week.= _,_ + On Prescription.VHARMACISi ; '
Alda in 1960. Now under contract Friends Neighborhood Group in where she is today.She is devoted .. .- ." '" ,' .."' ;.;.:". .
.. with the Basel Opera, she will New York City. Their home in the to her work,., which entails a variety '. _'' 2735 W. E....wood l Ava.- 7 OH DUTY ,_ ', i
comehome for an American sea. heart of Spanish jiarlera is a social of creative and promotionalskills. <. '. l: Phones PO 5-1582 I -PO 5.9267 ; Hours 8.-00 O... to 10:00 p.at.-DOil y. ,

ton next autumn. and spiritual center for the 951. Wf D.+ v{* not R-a92S8c3 '. .

.. ,.
_' ._ .. _. _. _.,. : -: '
j :
.. .: _, __


JANUARY, 6, 1962. -FLIMU.: STAR PAGE. 7-.

I! 1961 ..-- Snorts. Events,. Here ,And There In Retrospect With Pix I

\\ggies Has "Hottest" Quintet FAMU 1962 4

m .

f/n'/ ,Colleges Court History Court Slate/ A f

ffEENSBO -N. C. Hardly anybody expected it,/._ but .'the .. HOME '

(S & T College Aggies may have one of the best basketball

teams in the history of the College. Tuskegee Jan. 9, 1962

That is the opinion of Ft. -Valley State Jan. 13

[Lany fans who have een the Big Year Alabama,,State Jan. '16 s f

ggies blaze'throUgh fiver I Benedict'f Jan. 29 f t

'easy wins. "They got S. C. State Feb. 3

everything" one fan puts Clark I College Feb. 5. l lw
'it 'speed, accurate Knoxville. = Feb' 10
shooting from most points at Bethune-CooKman-. 12

on the floor, a worrisome
I !lc? .
:defense and good team AWAYBethuneCookman.

balance, .... everything
'except 'name players' = W. Pa -iBch. i B4,4O332Qi4122s45Of& 42 321.I

it In a rebuilding\process,. ,'" Fla. -, Dec., 30

,the Aggies brought over a 1' z S. C. 'State, .Orangeburg, Ir
/ iS \
four-top-notch performers 'S. C. Jan 4
in Henry "Hank" Marshalland Benedict Columbia f S. .C_.
Hugh Evans,_co-captains: -Knoxville. Tenn. 'Jan. 6 .
and current high scorers; Morris Brown Atlanta fK t 1 t

;James Jackson, and Jerry "Jan. 15Tuskegee

I Powell, all of whom are Tuskegee, _Ala ,

this year playing above Jan. 19

their usual pace. These Clark Atlanta Jan._ 20 x 'a+ 1 M ,
four combined in the late
Alabama State MontgomeryJan. -

[{season last year to get the GALLOPING WILLIE GALLBDRE, 26BethuneCookman. I

Aggies, winning again. former all-time FAMU half- DaytonaFeb. -' ;

The real big difference in back and break-away star of 7

the club this year comes the Chicago Bears' pro- Ft. Valley State Ft.

'with the addition of fessional football team, Valley, Ga. Feb. 9

I freshman 'hot ro d" had one of his greatest SIACTournament_ Tus- es a A : -
Warren Davis of tjalifax, seasons this year since n t t kegee, Ala.-Feb. 22, 23, 24

Virginia, Davis' rebounding joining the pla.y-for-pai 1

r//<,has restored the effectiveness grids ters. IN-A RUT

of the Aggie fast .. ."',.i""
... < ."
break, but his defense Wage Increase .' ,.'"< .
tactics, wiping would-be .N";..,,.7.,' '
shots from opponents'
(finger tips and jammingsure PREPARED BIG -Bethune-Cooknanfs Wildcats and the opposed Benedict College Tigers'from ColumbiaS. C. '

shots against the furnished one of the better-type football games witnessed here in many years on Saturday night, October

backboards have brought, 14, 1961. While neither team is nationally eated, they're bot-! noted for a rough-n-ready" type of play

warm acclamation from the YZ M.h M which is usually.a crowd thriller. Sponsors went-all-out to add additional pre-game and halftime enteralnment -

.spectators. l features. A varied !land interesting program was enjoyed by everyone who Attended the extravangzain

As the players packed up the Gator Bowl. -

and left for the holidays : y.y.wry ..Fjgp
r.1 I
;last Friday, they appeared r ',r
:pretty confident. The .(I, t..: Queen OfChamps -
"i. :
)Aggies had mowed down ek, _; s

respectable opponents ink iJ':, ,. 3 1 rr+ .
t Elizabeth City State A H:,r.'t r t
Teachers College, Shaw ff ., ( -

'University, FayettevilleState HANK AARON, rated one 01 4 r

Teachers' College, .the most dangerous sluggers : ;
Hampton Institute andJSt. in baseball was I -

'Augustine College, all by give n- a"raise by the rT
f _
convincing margins I Milwaukee Braves this ..
'Hew Horizons year. Sum was reported to 1T/ ." C .
I _
have been between $65,000 WILLIAMS PORT. O.-But it f
: JAXON COSTA KITTLES, and $70,000. Aaron was John presents no problem for Farmer :! 1 ; ; p
serving his first Dunlap. tractor is Ra
[ year as
former all-time Sally equipped with a newlydevelopedrear t
(head coach of FAMU' s League-Jax Braves-holder tire which provides! up to
(baseball team, piloted his 40 per cent more traction than ALTHO he's back in / I&wA-
of many present batting previous farm tires. Featuring the limelight making new records, : 'J
:harges to a conference records. a zig-zag lug pattern-the first Cincinnati' Royals' great basketball star exchanged his _.--.......... -' JAX POLICE OFFICER Sidney

title; 'during an undefeated -new the tread"Super-Torque"design in 25 tire years was basketball- for a six months stint in theArmy this past MISS FAYE A. GARY of Gaines, set a new precedentwhen

slate. developed by Qoodyear to meet year. Robbie is 'shown making ball-rifle exchange with ; Ocala, "Miss FAMU he entered the South-
the tractors needs in of higher the increasingly horsepower S/Sgt. Jimmy Weeks of Special Services at Fort Jackson reigned as queen during eastern Pistol Championship
t You Don't Have to Go to Tow to Get mechanized farm industry. Each 'S. C. > the recent 29th annual matches here this year.

lug contains as much as 40 per (U.S. Army Photo) Orange Blossom.. Classic in Gaines, a pistol expert
cent more rubber and the zig- M
LOW PRICES zag pattern reinforces the lugs -- Miami when the Rattlerswon .is shown with trophies won.
resulting in more soil "bi e." : the National Negro during matches while his
or traction. The new tires will Br-r-r! Cold Ties National
be available.. early in 1962. Collegiate title by ekinga ardent admirer Sidney Jr.
Ow According to U.S. Weather the looks on.
Year t r.Mii: ;;- ." / close 14-8 win over

Assists Nations f Bureau officials at Imeson :" .Jackson State College
DRUG STORE NEEDS Airport, there's a goodly z r Tt ers from Jacksok Miss. .
possibility that stinging r !fJtJI L

rt winds will usher in a low
Trade With Your Neighborhood Dnrg Store temperature wave here over k NOW'S THE TIME TO ORDER
f W.Defiver-We Also KB All Doctor PmcrfioM the weekend. C 0 A L PocahontasBriquehAnthraciteCoke ,

I Little relief is expectedto ..,.
be in store during the air-WIOI DEUYr1Y '

i: Dixie Pharmacy next two or three .days. ALL SEASONS ICE & FUEL CO.
-=vs 3 ,.sau NORWOOD AVL 'HONE PO 4-45\1
f '; Joins Kay eesI I


f PHONES EL 3-5597.98 .. .
I ....... Lh .
JAr own Robert Hayes, in' ,
t running the Century in 9.3*
on several occassions, seta .
L. A. all-'round, athlete : ,
:' .... -
new national record for '
and two-time world'sOlympic ",
Ft the Nation's small *
decathlon champion colleges e WEDDINGS.
has, In addition top ;.. .,. but pAiro
personal duties' been ; '" .' [Rattlers in Staining their( \ TEAS
,\, fifth .national championship -. ALL OCCASIONS
aiding i.n the coaching'and .r::!i>" 1' ,
as a halfback. .
the advising of ath- 1830 Wright Ave. EX.8-Stet.
let in ED CHARLES, former, stel-
programs many \
lar second baseman with

countries throughoutthe the Jax Braves, reached TESTS AC.KKK ,
+ world. 'the. The findings agree with those .
AL top of the ladder
of the fishing authorities at
during the fall-winter Mercury Outboards who arc .
trading when he was sold far more prone to do their back- iiu1iiii1
; WATCH' THIS ground work on the waters of
1 w CLOWNJT319,82 by the Milwaukee-.Braves a lake instead of in fish tanks
'-- : to the Kansas City Ath- I although the the end same result ix approximately -

letics. __,
.LEARNThe 465-4-261' -

-: 7i I :( : : .
Latest Scientific. ,4
: F
-, I .. 1j* .2.. MAKESSKIN BLEACHE
; '

Of Bartering. .. "': '. '751-69 50-78-16. 4 now its Pepsi n J .rr a

FfA BARBER COllEGE : S..II.II".lie's b those who 49hi.ns dark spa surfed
SattaiR S. 1 e'S d.w: powdir .
63G Davis Street H* edh. wash -; think young ,,- ii au.
r K. wer s 1! ...
At Beaver OJ. Approvt:.,

.tA$0Wi$". wq. \
.. 'i2
lOOper cent. Aif'-C ,w .' .,-' -
I kC. fi- .
i 1
; with the Star"
w : .. Manufecturen, of Posi>4r'SI rgsmof/Tnt Jtf

l'- )

Co'. .- -. .- .. ..-<-- ..'-- .,.-- -- ...... .. -," ".. -- ,, .- .. ..


__.- '___ __
.. 0-

Nightingale Savings Club Entertains Guests AtJnasParly: Cciffe To_ lire te I

Couple To Live On Para
In Orange Park Man For

[ Yard Farm And Maintenance
: Work. Wife For House

Work. lo Childrenust
Have Own Furniture.

$75.00 Week Start
Call Co 4-4021

ir9 t ._, < ..Must Have Recent References.
.. &
J ::pt .. -
& ,
'i ___ '
__ j : : ,j

M t L I ,f '._H.Y. LIVE IN JOBS

y{ r- r1 .ti I: [iu need a fri"*7in N.Y.

LI p Let Mr. Harold of the, Mallory -
Agency be your friend.[

I [He guarantees you a 11ve-
in job in a good home)

paying $30 to 50 a week

free room, meals, T.V. H(
r (advances his tickets
; +[ an<
I t .:.=L, (rf < + +E r I : expenses to N.Y. Write]
f [giving references to: Mr.

t ..p1Ul Harold, The Mallory Agency)
576 Merrick Read LYnnbroo

----- --- '._'_..." ', -t<"n' : '- ff- '-_.; :,. L i .I.
YULE PARTY---Members of the Nightingale Savings Club which held its annual Christmas Mrs. Alberta Foster Mrs. Eula Mae Givoros, Mrs. Mable Williams Mrs. Hattie Alexander ALLIED DETECTIVE. AGENCY

Party during the recent Yule season are seen as they assembled in the home of Mrs. Mrs. Lula B. Phillips and Mrs. Ethel Mae Wiggins. Among the guests seen in* loc,
Cecil Holmes, 1112 West 19th Street with their guests. Nightingale Savings Club the photo at right are: Mrs. Dora Harley. Mrs. Ida Lee Bennett Mrs. Anita Jones
I Jacksonville's
members shqwn in the photo at left are: Mrs.- Marie Hodges, Mrs. Mattie R. Brown, Mrs. Pearl Washington, Mrs. Celia Anderson Mrs. Gussie Torrance, Mrs. Addie Mae has
Agency full
crow a
Mrs Bessie Golson, Mrs.'Myrtle Samuel Mrs. L.; Z. Powers, Mrs. Georgia ,Mae Monger Johnson Miss Blanche Barfield Mrs. Inez Butler Mr. Edmond Collins Jr. and staff of trained colored

Mrs. Ethel' Frazier, Mrs. N. A. Grenies__ ___ ,____Mr._____G. L. Williams, Mrs. Henrietta Broom, & -Mrs. Dorothy. Gilmore detectives to handle domestic -

Just OpenedJOANNIE'6 investigations,

I HOTEL POLICE/ I I.OYS, child custody, body guards
All"modern Con.eniencea missing persons, 'patrol'and I
boil by Day. Nite.. leek REPORTS EARN MORE nite s'ecunty.
t Rates Overnight $2.50 : CAH Strictly Confidential.
Single or Doable Phone EX 83111or
ppeclal Weekly f Monthly :-SELLING :
Rates, CUT BY GIRL FRIEND + The F/or/c/o/ Star
I PO 59844Attention .
741K .. Asble'y St. '.
V.67596S71RAL" Walter Robert Giles, 25.' .,
of 804 Minnie Street was
Son _thru Sat. cut last Monday, police
'ELIA KAZAN'S PRODUCTION OF said. .Sanlordites Ill
PBH Giles told police ,
&G191SSWILLIAM Flossie Gibson, his girl. A 0
i ? .., friend who lives at 1955 : -
INGENo Louisiana Street cut him : -

when they met in a storeat 316 CYPRESS AYE SANFORD, FLA.. Dial FA 2-0522
1201 W. Beaver Streetto

buy a baby some milk. i F.N. POWELL, REPORTER A than Bums, Agent .& Prop
Both parties were arrested -

for fighting. The- These Prices Good At'Our .NewDISCOUNT ;
victim refused treatment

i for minor wounds. CENTER
Patrolmen C. Barton; andC. "
T. McClendon investi-
gated. 1824 West Beaver St.

...........-. -
one under 16 will 50 Yards West of the Farmtrt Marktt,111.5.941 FULLY DRESSED ... .. .. .... _
It admitted unless accompanIed Miss Ruby Lee Rogers. 21. CATFISHffiSBB I 1e ....:",..,w. 1&;.u.w U. 49c.
bj an adult. 1111 Fairfax was injured.in '
.'- .- a fight .last Monday :? LOBSTERS Lb. 65c

.'WARRENBEAi-' TECHNICOLOR ,. CHILE i $ 1.00: till Price &. ,

..... All- '2nd.WARNER Big Hit B- OS RiTZfllST; RUH C BLUEFISH RS;: ,Iii,: LIt. 35

r 1 "v.ry underrated" laments Stint
t -- .BRIGIjTE8iRDOT Yw Head Meet It In
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4 "Tall" HOW SEE IT SpireRI" .. .,2f.,....... :'!: .:..:....' ..: HANDY DANDY Each
Bride"IS rflTPiCTURE r YOU NVkI > -i. 1- !:' t'd'. .%t/z U Pkf.. $057 ;:, Shrimp Deveiner $1.35

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ROOSEVELT Mart,.am-M .;Thru i Tues} I 25 CIbs. MEDIUM SHRIMP _Lb. STEAK FISHu.69'Spanlib

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Sandra SHRIMP Lb.
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...tip.: Fred Proudly Annovncu&.
BONES T J961- Z Shad Sewn
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thru Toes. WHITING 'Lb.29' LB.
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,Fran Tie Pages 01 The Bible :
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18J7 MAIN_ST.: JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -.-.......-.. -. ... --- "-

liO.ME iMtROYEMENTSMa.Mwey "' A few boars spent in -
friendly comers tion selling J
No.1. 10lb .
GOLFAIR I Terr. off Moncrlef{ _Jtd.U .,: 'II'liNs AVONS will provide 4 1st

LOTS $500.00 Each $100. Dl. a food income. With $5.00 Or-More Food .
LINCOLN VILLA 2 Lots. $500. E. CNtNN" tctlNffEE / Call EL 68810.

Edgewcbd, on Pope 70 x lUO ..$200. ON. 1.w IMk labs I,
RUTLEDGE & TEELER 80 JOO $300.00 ON. --.lIou ealt 1V ClVd!dlJ
x klllhM' .
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....... ._...r _" '. BREAKFAST BACON.
EAST PORT, FAY ROAD 50 x 100( 850.00 &.a as 7M: 7074 & turtcn2U7WUhcd5trwt
can I. I 2442
_"", t T., t,1I1: 1tilore I ."
LANDx. .. ... : &wee. Jt Vitt. '
," ... Grade A Sliced
s : .
125 Acres N of Ocean way on =COIE )Road $" 25. .r .._...". Ib
:. Tel pboa tI.Md.n 01T
Is MM lH
!I_ *.:
'", .JocilOnVitfe 7 FtondoHOU5A10OK
UWdKRIHV, \ .ACRE? *-$.1 200. ELY1Ml. ND' .. '. ..tCIIIIlili.. If.WwtM-- .f.- ORK Cabin- Ami
8 ACRES RIBAULT RIVER :( U "' .IH and 2." ..t...".. .... AUTO '
; '
> -- SERVICE ,.
HOMES- : N': : RIAICE ftEIE"'flIJfateiipiOYr' .-: '"- C&NII'd.'AUTO MAI"jl e.lerc t ,Ib 59 MEAL

2512 CALVIN ST. $ OO.OO.1M:', $$.44i ". f ,W. .HOUGA 1 .OOC. M:dion+ c.
o .N. CANAL '$T. NEEDS f REPAIR_' : 1In.OO-STEAL.: :. *AMY I 1361 ,Oflflt w. ..... FL 4-3659. Pixie Crystal! .' Sib Bag. .25 '.
a $'NESSPROPCItTY; it "x I ?"'il.EPAII SEa'ICE; :1511)$1.Ii SUGAR
.. i... P613I1p7i .. : fill{ Royal Lon
: ,... ..,' ilt. wiles. ..t.jyi.ii2e Md.tee repairwlta Mo t.t r1DI Limit 151bs with Grail, .
HoRcrlef: 1 ,Edgewood' -131tk::: _'_ '- "-- ...di dens brtc-t mil .
Moacri ef FI baa I t r00' x:. c =::1Ott, 2A '".' ":"'.,,-4 .;;-..:. .,;;. .... .."'Po:1: :. ''....11'.. .n.a. .pree .U+u tea cafork __ $7.OOFood Order' : ,Sib pkgPAGE I
Call VL f.JI"II
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