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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200590datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date December 24, 1960dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=005900740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
December 24, 1960
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
December 24, 1960
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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I ____._ .__ \
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i J 11. h

Rev. Graham Is Freed; y' O I

Gibson Facing Prison

1vol.l0-No.6lAfld' NEWS SaturdayDecember 24,1960Jacksonville 9Flori t PJll


Gibson Conviction Upheld; Legislator

Woman Files $125dOOSuil

Graham Freed* Of Charges Says No New

Racial LavsTallahassee5tating
TallahasseeAlthough Father Theodore Gib-
son's lower court conviction for refusing to

turn over NAACP membership lists to a legis- that the laws which

lative probe committee was upheld Tuesday' by the state has are Against City Of Jaxuu

the Florida Supreme Court, the case againstRev. working well and have
Edward Graham, former Miami! NAACP who refused withstoodassault'
to divulge whether he was an NAACP member from the courts, Pre- ---

to the committee was. thrown out. sident-elect of the Matron Stood Idly By B C'S Coach Matthews Cited
The two Miami minis- Florida State Senate

ters, Gibson, current Randolph Hodges of Cedar -
I 1v 1vJ
Retirement HonorsDaytona
president of the Miami Key predictedthat During Fight, Woman SaysA During

chapter o f the. there would be Beach--Rudolph "Bunky" Matthews head
National Association : 9x no new racial laws enacted suit claiming $125,000 in damages againstthe coach at Eethlli e-Cookcan College, was honored
for the Advancement by the N196l: City of Jacksonville was filed Wednesday recently at a banquet in Faith Hall on the
of Colored People and I meetings of the body. in Circuit Court by a woman innate of the cit Y college campus.

Graham, former presi- I; ;" Hodges was leader of prison farm who claims that she was stabbedand The occasion was the retirement the athle-
dent, were charged I h.RY forces which in 1957 beaten by another prisoner. The weapon allegedly tic director and coach of the Bethune Wildcats

,with contempt o f passed a last resort used was a broken bottle or jar. far 15 years, becalise of illness.In .
court during a hear I bill permitting clos- Mrs. Princess Anna attendance were

ing before Circuit ing o f integrated Barnes, 40, was treat former Wildcats, members "
W. Walker school whichwas later Atlanta Socialite'ets cats.
Judge May ed for lacerations of of the faculty, KcArthura star
following complaintby vetoed by Gov. LeRoy the face at Duval Me- friends of the college,
Added in 1957, now a
the Collins. also dical
State legisla- Hodges Center as the members of the south-
t Lakeland,
tive committee reportedly led another unsuccesattempt &- results of an inci- teacher a
Term ern IntercollegiateAthletic **
his brief
into Communist to the last- wove speec
probing dent occurring in the Conferenceand *
infiltrationof resort bill throughin women's division o f AILANTA around
REV. (EDWARD GRAHAM -Facing a'pri- coaches. repeated statement to
the Miami NAACP. 1959. the'prison farm ,0 nNov. son term of from nine Coach Matthews was1
f Claiming his constitutional In its ruling, the _. 27/ .iy hi&euitclaims. to ...20 "years !or"'thepistol praised"bya' seriesof is ,,'a-w.etes.uI.f a
rights were court said the committee Jax Wonan"HitRun slaying of her speakers for his serv- iran's determined, what
being denied, Gibson had not, asked According to reports husband,attractive .so- ices to the college can stop him?"
refused to turn in Graham whether he wasa Victim filed by Atty. Will- cialitemodel Mrs. and- his outstandingwork Banquet speaker was

the membership re- Communist without Dies of iam Glenn Cone who is Juanita Wyatt has been in public schoolsof Marion Jackson, sports
cords. Claiming: that showing that the ques representing Mrs. entenced to an addi- Georgia and for his editor of the Atlanta
an admission of membership tion was pertinent to being struck bya Barnes, the plaintiffwas tional 12months term development o f out- Daily World. He lauded
in the NAACP the inquiry and that hit-run automobile in prison on a for illegal possessionof standing football and Matthews'! football endeavors -

might incur personal the legislative group Wednesday -nighta 60- charge of drunkenesswhen a pistol.Mrs. basketball teams. on a "limited
harassment and v i o- had violated "associ- year old woman died a n argument Wyatt was Sen- One of the most elo- budget" and the fine

lence Graham refusedto ational* privacy"which from juries started among the in- tenced for the Sept.30 qpent tributes paid example: he has alwaysset
divulge to the 'Is guaranteed individuals to become Duval Coun- mates. slaying ofher husband; the honoree was' by Sylvester for the athlete'

probe-committee whet- under rulingsof ty's third hitrun During the fightthe She was charged with McArthur! who who played. for him.FLORIDA'S .
her he was a memberof 'the U. S. Supreme victim during the past report further states pumping four shots into represented the "Wild
the organization. Court. two weeks. Mrs. Barnes claims herhusbandRobertts

The accidentoccurredin that she was 'beaten body. ,
vicinity of the and slashed about the
Everi Black andWhite During the trialCrim--
Court Cites I 1300 block of West face, head and neck inal Ct. Judge Charles "
Dog Beaver Street when by another prisoner A.Wofford in stipulating l : : riiYN

-LouisianaOfficials Mrs. Rosa Peoples of while the .city policematronallegedly sentence, orderedthe _

Bias Victim 1408 MorganStreet defendant to serve .
crossing the street at stood by. It was also time in 'Y '
NEW ORLEANS- lthough a public work
approximately 7:30pjn reported that the Y :
with both
ramp sentences -
The situation in the
ORLEANS-Contempt investigatingofficers fight was broken u i
Orleans school p to nn oncurrently. ___
New citations' were issued J.B. Gladden and P.1-1. by other inmates.
crisis still remains three top state officials Robertson reportedshedied ,
tragic,sore situations by three federal '
at 9 p. m. in
aren't wiihout humorous judges here a local hospital. Palatkan Appointed To 1

note. Wednesday immediately Witnesses, investi- ;,

Rev. Lloyd,Methodist after the Louisiana gating officers said, Regional Sorority Post .x.. Al t 1
minister, o has defied House of Represent- stated that the _

the wrath of racists atives defeated a tax woman's body was Washington, D. C.-CNS--Creation o f a new

attempting to boycott bill proposed for the carried about 60-feet chapter in Y Monrovia Liberia, West.Africa and ,.. .
integregated William continuance of segre- on the hood of the the appointment of Mrs. Cleo S. Higgins, of Pa-
Franz school by ac- gated schools.In hitrun car before latka as coordinator of regional youth leader-
conpaning his daughterto similar actionthe falling on the high- ship workshops were announced by Dr. LorraineA.

and from the institution federal justices way. Williams, grand basileus of Sigma Gamma Rho
daily ownsa ;' _______
ordered New Orleans Reports furtherstatethat Sorority here, this week. :
black and white dog. banks torelease fundsto Duval traffic Dr. Williams in her I .

This occasioned the pay salaries of I death toll now standsat Fall coamuniquS revealed Gamma Alpha Chapter.lt
following comment from teachers andemployees 99,44 of which occurred that five of was stated that Mrs.
one of the mob mostly I at the two New Orleans in the city.6Year the organization's' Higgins will coordinate ; iif;
composed of white schools integrated by the organization's -
founders, Mesdames Mary r
pi others; "Look, he'seven federal court order Lou Allison program o f
got an integre- Nov. 14.Served. Old Boy "Training Youth For v'4
Angeles, Calif. ;
'gated dog11Another' with contempt Dies from BurnsA Hattie Mae RedfordVivian Community Leadership"
hate-filled 'citations were Lt. consisting of Guidance
Marbury, Dorothy
white mother held her Gov. C.C.AycockHouse six-year old boy H. Whiteside and Nan- Clinics for Youth, :.

small child up in Speaker Thomas Jewell who had suffered from nie M. Johnson, all cf Teen-Town Projects,
front of a Tee Vee and state education thirddegree burns Indianapolis, I n d., Leadership Trainingand bui { _
shouting"Tell Supt.Shelby J.Jackson* Scholarship Aid in
camera over 50 per cert of his were honored during
them you hate niggers The swift action by body resulting from a Founders Day, celebra- each region.Dr. .
3a7,I hate niggers." the court came about Dec. 15 accident,died tions on Nov. 12. The Williams, assistant GOVERNOR VISITS CLASSICThe Honorable -
'The poor, bewildered when the three top in a local hospital international sorority professor of social Governor LeRoy Collins (right), Governorof
child tried to pull state officials refused Wednesday. founded at Butler University science at Howard Florida, vas one. of the 42,080 fans who sawthe

away. to pay salaries Police investigating onlov.. 12, University, revealed Florida MM University Rattlers defeat the
of teachers and employees officers reported that 1922, boasts of chap- that plans Ire bein Langston Lions, 40-26, in the 28th annual
at Williams Leon. David Wilkerson ters in forty states completed t the Orange Blossom Classic in Miami. The governor
Frans and McDonough of 1463 Van Buren St. and two forcigh coun sorority National spoke during the halftime while Annette Madison:
4VAJTi ti> *iea and wcmtuWho
-honestly< 'Swire .to face No. 19 schools which received the severe tries. Eoule in Philadelphia bass FAMU", looked en. Gov. Collins received a

their alcoholic.problemi. Freemtctnp -were recently integrated burns while replenish The new undergraduateunit Pa.Augt3t 14-19, 1961 tremendous, sustained round of applause from
: Mondays and Fridays by federal formed I at the .
at Liberia, Benjamin Franklin the 42,000-o'dd spectators.A&'i
fuel in wood
ing a
8:00 Px.C1&ra: White court order. Africa .Hotel. ( Staff Beasley)
photo bysteven
: was named the
.Bld6....Room ao&.. stove .

"..'..-. -.. -.. :4.9r ..Tr: '," ,. .'.


Rage 2 :; I THE'FLORIDA STAR :- "-- Saturday, December

---- -. -

THE .FLORIDA STAR r July" 22nd LEO thru Aug. 22nd "Politics As I

...The climb has been

;steep and arduous, but this
should not "be cause for regret -

when success finally -
Publish by The Florida Star: Publishing Co. crowns your efforts. There I CHESTERS.C.Reporter of o

"Member of Associated Negro Fress" will be plenty of excitement "If he had been an his lot
Eric O. Simpson .-EdItor connected with betrothals I
.J -y ;
___. _.__Nsws Staff r f ordinary nan or just laws he
C. Paiham Johnson ______ --- r wedding -Ceremonies, or the
,tot_..:.. Richardson _.__ .__.-..-Clxculalion Dtp arrival of youngsters home I another politician, sound and
Ezra TaftBenson would
for the ter a .
holidays. Expenses
have long since disappeared
I -
2323 Moncrief: Road _. .. EL 4.87W EL 4-6783 and tensions will run highat
from the
4 rimes, but can obtain he could
Phone EL 4.3773 you
Broad Si.
Office 423 -
Branch :
Downtown some measures of control I Washington scene. gress

Mailing Address: if you keep your own emo- Throughout his termCAPRICORN doing t
Jacksonville 1, Florida tions well in hand. The I I _
P. O. Box 561. to
Yuletide season brings many

SUBSCRIPTION RATES r surprises. You are not inclined Dec. 22nd thru Jan. 19th blade,

Subscription Payable in Advance. to do things in a ...Be true to your faith nad

Send Check or Money Order To: small way to please your ideals as they are the pillars policies
FLORIDA STAR-P.O. BOX 561 dear ones and make an upon which your future rests. not

JACKSONVILLE 1, FLORIDA r.i, impression. Enthusiasm The wishes which you have back to
: optimism and the joy of
valiantly striven to realizeare United
living can make you some-
now very favorable
what careless with money,. lose
auspices. Friendship and
230991679239VIRGO romance can become! closely a man

linked, making it advisablefor fraid to {
l ss eligible Capricomians in a
*I1 to mingle freely in good cal
-, \ug. 23rd thru Sep. 22nd society. You can be glad if
(S 7 /las ...Romance can come into you manage to" hold your WEST\

Chris )1959 the lives of Virgoans, young own, for there are many LEADER: :
and old, this month. In excellent prospects in the
I II cases where this leads to making. Just be yourself and Security

__. nd this shall be a sign unto!lon.I matrimony there seems to people as well as circum levied
be evidence that will line maximum
concrete stances on
up your
jge shall find the babe\trapped unions will be inspiring, side. Love and pleasant nual .

'lk ; .' kXin stoaddling clothes, ging( in araangcr.'andsiiu companionable and enduring.You social events highlight the and

may be inclined to procrastinate Yuletide season. Enjoy
to $60
.: enlgtheretnastfliththeansel, fiqd cause for friends and loved
your ones
a multitude. of the heatoenlu\ host praising od PEACE ON EARTH, GOODWILL TOWARD MEN criticism, or put off makingup and select thoughtful By

t and saving: 6loru to God in the highest and your mind. You are in for presents. Quiet celebrationswith tax on
pleasant surprises in the way those who are near and

on earth, peace, good tuill\ totoard\ men:'',; ? of bonus, gifts or unexpected dear will be more. fulfilling... -employees or $

IThis: Christmas, let us again raise our tooiees\ Your promotion. Your feelings 8-40-77-14-69-847

in prauer and )on as toe celebrate the birth of Weeklykie -- age crystalize, if you to give your in to advant-them. became,

the prinG fpf ace. :et us,in all our spiritual N You can have tremendous AQUARIUSJan. the

dcuotions) ,gmt hanks to r,:: iira\Jcnl\ fathEr children.influence You for good concerned with 22nd thru Feb. 18th been d : I

== By PABLO, The ASTROLOGER := are ...The activity in your "it has be
for ftis countless uIc: sings and for the rich heritage about the future and the '

of a free ptcpif. jj> Let us pray for the EE WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR :,= trends.direction Conservating of the financial social interesting circles and may exciting be very before more The :
stremjlh to kecp't5 ;rue to our faith let us tices are your safeguards... during and after the amounted:

scribe\ altoaus to abe bu the inspiring teachings = BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL = 490881932498v holidays.somewhat You whenever should curtailit you billion.

Christ and to tie charitable to all. .jr, let begin to feel the strain, "Social
associations with opulent physically and financially. not "
UsbcscechtiimrogiuesntateandhupcrothoseIcas ARIES

l fortunate,Wisdom and courage to our(leaders March 21st Thur April 19th people personal or and groups.public relations Although LIBRA Responsibilities which were and imposedon sacrifices =: and stj
...Success for which
many Sept. 23rd thru Oct. 23rd
spiritual and political that thru mau better Arians' have striven and I are being favored in many you in the past will beginto I
!! long can also ...You should find con- !wL:; DO \ :
meet the problems that confront all mankind.from hard, has on excellent ways competition you and frustrations.expect siderable happiness during'the bear fruit to.your.Your delightand liThe
chance of advantage. hopes ,
becoming an
Yuletide season '
Beware of ad-, merry
excellent chance of becoming secret are multiplied when you I sive
because of the
.. you
i ventures. !have to share them'
established fact. credited
an enjoy. times -
140771556147GEMINI Prosperous with It is easier to
Those who are sufferingfrom would be the rewards of you. go
along with the times than tc
the and of the
wear tear good financial
management fight them. You now "The
strenuous climb may find an sound investments and may
proceed with holiday and is the +
opportunity to recuperator by family unity. The Librans
going on a cruise or visiting May 21st thru June 21st who are employed will find teenage projects. Ex- creation 8A.TUBD41't

foreign land. Just Blake .....You, can;, think up the that superlative service will ravagance and speculativeventures else'
I sure your itinerary is a" mos'c brilliant ideas and be recognized at its true are still too ever
hazardous. Results will be
modest one,.and that you are draw up spectacular plans, worth. You should shine "?{
hard if have :
to come by
from the
fully safeguarded but leave the promotion or wherever held
parties are ,
permitted the competition to nations
rigors of unfriendly climatesand execution to mate or
your and qualities as hostor
the hand.i;
(fftJiitvzti. foods. It may be safer to partner. T.hisI.i11\ be much hostess will be without gain' 3 -20-44-17-9-324 upper ci :

put off changes and travel .more conductive to satisfactory compare. Avoid. the high- old and
until next year. You can results and continu- ways as this' also is the PISCES an era'

to oil youIROOSEVELT. expect rivalry when you are ing harmony. Active intervention season when mishaps .are at Feb. 19th thru March 20th new
after business or a, high I on your part may their Entertain
all us/ peak. at ...You can thank your but in
position. Enthusiasm ac- .be ,resented, and this could
home. take
Friendships may stars, and those who have books
creative and be made known in i'
companies to no
you emotional twist if "
an you stood loyally by you, for the
romantic interludes. The I uncertain terms Economic t live on
I=--:: are not restrained. You can for the many blessings that, It
-- ijjiH111 future of your desires is the I I well-being and security will contribute to the spirit of have your address this and ,

one you should now plan for. I be enhanced thru the accumulation good will in' your community. month. But the higher you they
m It will take hard work in of valuable assets .. still
350331438353SCORPIO climb the be-
Jl more you can
addition to faith to suc property as well as
the targe't of rival hearts
ceed... thru more frugal spendingways. come
r groups, brickbats, and even I"I of men
7-10-66-18-38-716 Go out of your way to I
GRILL active efforts to dislodge
i keep the family happy. Take
up negotiations, public Oct. 24th thru Nov. 22nd you. Consolidate each gain "Labor

work and play in moderationin ...Your frame of mind is before taking the next stepas

a 808 Wost Ashley Street TAURUS order to sustain vitalityand due to undergo a change for this will provide the pro- and
the better. will be dispense
5 You not tection you should not I I
):: April 20th thru Mar. 20th efficiency. Do not ex- public
mistaken as long as with. Old friends are
you I I
...It is thru an inspiring pect too much in the way of
continue to keep expensesto the best friends as far as up to
alliance that you may enter service. Your mind works
a sensible level and addto you and your partner are which
into new social circles, fast fast for -
," perhaps too
your cash and joint resources concerned. The future is' to the
study groups or foreign others to follow. You must
regularly. A sur- yours to mold to your liking
lands. Do be afraid of chandise
not wait
be content to until you
price, in the form 6f a sub and.specifications.. You
change, even if you feel can.demonstrate your point... stantial bonus or impottant usually enjoy playing Santa They s hot
reluctant to move out of 570441342574CANCER
your before
promotion, could figure Claus and should not fail
present rut, as a whole new
the valuable Christmas _
this this
among in respect season.
world of ideas, creativityand
which bear
pleasure is awaitingyou. presents Hopes for next year are re- manded ;
your address. Social' events
A sounder philosophy, activated... I II long
will be personally bene- 6-30-55-I6-38-63S;
cultural development and I _. make
material June 22nd thru July 22nd ficial. It may involve con- ----.-- .
progress are prizes -- -
.. siderable to hold .
offered to the Taureanswho ....Progress'.and a happy expense g Fr
future .outlook is in pros- your own in business. Your
believe in their destinyand
Cancerians who powers of perception are ex-
for the
May c1JI pect
good things who are willing to pin for ceptionally keen. this will
have plugged diligently a
he their faith on its signposts.
yows IhiS you to pass judgmentwith }
happy 5e tS'oll Those who are material- definite goal. Old as well as
uncanny accuracy and FrIy"
contemplated -
minded will also aid their
fortunes thru matrimony or under magnificent aus- .
pices and they should be 680551227680SAGITTARIUS '
,-'. _
DOCTOR E. H. WASHINGTON ::: :l lE. made the basis upon which ry

self-development and
AND FAMILYsaSttSttssfBanMsafieresreea R happiness are built. Engagement
.. :
or wedding patties, in .Nov. 23rd thru Dec. 21st

1ya 7rrrrmecg cssmfls c mcr cssc .ra e ,<.....r Y which some of you. will be ...The surge of ambition,
-- ------------ --- I "
a the star attraction, would which will enable you to -

r s s scs a7v + coincide with the customary overcome annoying financial

& i Yuletide festivities. Some restrictions, should not be

& problems are to be expected, allowed to spend itself before '

a particularly in connection you have accomplishedyour

$1B with relatives, finances, purpose. Your personal
delays and service matters.It affairs are very much in the

is time to discard negative limelight, although there are
2S thoughts and to look occasions when it would

realistically at marriage, serve your interests betterto
2 security and the future. remain in ute background.This .

2 Create new sources of joy. is particularly: true in .

t ." -. ...,:" ." .' '" ..\"\"" ; I Changes .may create unforeseen connection with social and L

TO OUR ''i I \\ I complications. It could financial activities sons not
I : place a new perspective on open yourself to the im- :

FRIENDS AND PATRONS! ti J G ; : ; your future way of life... portunities of individuals or : 1400 me
JlEfT.86 8-6o-11-1-82-861 groups who are after something -

I I Be more tactful and .:.,--
indirect when you are up ;
"a" Oar few u F l.d '.iithwW s1 i-

11 For .r-7 ... of yea, I IMrt Bridg .& Social Club against unknown. The inclination factors /oropponents. to KEN !eN I G

yow am.a be...", J R8p0ttm "become emotional, enamoied'and -PRSSTNTINO-
DAVIS FURNITURE 3 Scad or MaD reckless is not without KNIGHT
COMPANY I AK mk.f tool
sztyU 1
Your Social HOWl its hazards Even when 1 1-8 Pu 12.1 N1a

13S Broad Sireei ) Mondays To luck is with yOU, do 'not SWEET
Dr. and- Mr. FLORIDA STAIr press it too hard. 1 l: 0 to 10:10 KOHn4t' tarn
Phone EL 35791irax I Hunter H. Satterwhite ;I :2323 MoncrUi Ed. Cor. lliJa 9-20-22-12-27-922, BLUES IN THE
I I .
p ms 3 ocroscbcmc !$:S Or Ph=., EL 4-9782 toss 12 MONDAI' t.bru



December 24 1960 THE FLORIDA STAR pa )fit*
.. JNew \
... v

Year's Day. '

Recital Set
Service Slofoahi -

The Long Branch school
-sp.ddielr. -
Glee; Club under the
direction of Mrs. AdaV. BUIAPERTOBUHPEft

Norton, choral director SERVICES

will be pre- EXPERT ArTENDANTS
sented in concert Sun- THIRD ST. AT FLA AYE::

dayJan. 1 at 2:20 pain Sp '
Church"Redeem Baptist : : 'Lxt:

Merry Christmas
3 .Fp.

andHappy a3n u 8,

A New Year .
l ;.
I Ss ti' ?
Season's Greetings

Moncrief Drive-in Joyous t .w 506 BROAD ST. EL 4-4600 _

Fruit Market *

Motley Fuel Service NOEL M
45th Sf. & Moncri Rd.



t. .-a.:. .:

MANY, MANY <. ,., -..
fi APPOINTED-The Honorable Stafford L, Sands, C.B.E., M.H.A.: right, .
FRIENDS! chairman of the Bahamas Development Boardcongratulates Moss H. Ken-

5. S'kf"S' drix upon the appointment of his Washington, D.C., firm as Negro

i LEO'S SHOE REPAIRS public relations consultant to Hill and KnowltonInc.New York City,
I general public relations counsellors to the Development Board. Under

as. the supervision of Joe Copps, left, senior vice president, Hill and 1pw

RADIO & T.V. SERVICE Knowlton, Inc., The Moss H. Kendrix Organization: will assist the

1807 Myrtle Avenue Board in creating an enlarged program to attract additional U.S.Negro

1-Hour Florida Ave. & Pippin StreetGroft's visitors to Nassau r .
Topaz (Photo Frederic
by Maura) I
"-_ ____ ........... INSURANCE COMPANY

{ 4232 MONCRIEF ROADHawkls Change In School Books I I II I Wedding Bells | OF FLORIDAA ,I

Law Expected By State WEEKLY FOR EVERY

Tallahassee-According to recent reportstheState MARRIAGE LICENSES .

legislature will be asked to setup new Henry L. Copeland, 111, Da vas POLICY THE FAMILY

mat laws dealing with the number, context and con- .1 St., 27 and Doris J. Jefferson, 111 a ra sss azr rsssnrsrssr rsxea rsss n:
Daivs St.
r .M dition of books used in public schools, it was James P. Walker 5848 Carnation -

announced.It I Road, 34 and Christine Bayne
has been learned Moulden's Of [848 Carnation Rd., 31.
f that ccCTdttees o f Clifford Vickers, 3092 Moncriefd. CAROUSEL SUNDRIES34th
: ., 28 and Louise J. Miller, 1933
the Florida Congress Calif. Visiting avis St., 19.
of Parents and Tea- Willie G. Avery, 1208 Florida
Bakery fchers .have been con- Family Here .ve., 31 and Myrtis M. Griffin, & Moncrief Rd. PO 8-4511
524 E. 27th St., 24.
ducting study of cri-
1421 DAVIS STREET I L. Dues, 983 St.,
Hosiery Store James Ashley
ticisms that students
Mrs. W.M.Moulden and 38 and Mary Osby, 983 W. Ashley. We Carry A Complete Stock of
have been out- .
TV SERVICE 00 819 DAVIS STREETS using her little daughter St, 38.John.
CALLS -$2 dated and tattered I Bogins, 614 2nd Ave., Jax
..... Cyndie of Palo Alto, :Beach, 33 and Johnnie P. Curry,
21- Pktur1 Ti/ .SI9.tS : :s:7.I ZI J:: books.. Firs+ Aid Needs-Baby Needs-Cosmetics
\ Pictalw T.1..s1..9S t I Calif. are in the :a35 4th Ave. S., Jax. Beach, 18.
I 1 Other groups, con- visiting her Kenneth Clair, 1574 Spearingt.
I Patent Medicines PreparationsJewelry
OIL I HEATERS df cerned with subver- 20 and Freddie L. Matthews '
1 mother and grancknotherduring I' ,
sive matter, are said 125 Franklin St. 19.
t the current -
1 Roosevelt Wilson, Jrr, 804 Do-
to be appealing t o
REPAIRED : holidays. a St., 19 and Carolyn J. Mobley,
CLEANED AND REFINISffiDNew t legislative comait- I Mrs.Moulden formerly 8000 Tarling Ave., 17.. For Your Convenience
t ;! tees to adopt stronger Louis Henderson, 776 RobinsonAve. ..
r \ textbook laws t o known as Virginia ., 19 and Carrie M. McBride, Postal Money Orders Stamps
I Carter,is the daughterof 251 W. 24th St., 19.

lTtr f !!I give in what laymen should more b say e !Mrs.! M. L. Carter J James Brown, 717 Hiram St_ Post Office On Premises

i of 1934 Louisiana St. 21 and Patricia Davis, 1460 W.
.,'., 1. '. taught in classrooms. She is a member of 30th St., 17. Visit Our Spacious Fountain
j i T \ Orian L. Rivers, 2151 Hardridge
i OJIf WE WISH I\ Royal Crown Beta Phi Eeta Sorority 3t, 22 and Barbara J. Linder, Excellent Food
If:) i (I' OUR AI Bottling Company and extends an in v i- 4909 Ave. B, 20.
I -
I., Many Customers and tationto former I Walter L. Jennings, 1040 E. ast-Lunch-Dinner
--u i Friends I' U35 SAN MAteo BLVD. friends to Visit her. Jessie St., 24 and Elizabeth B.
i A i Gilliard, 1712 W. 43rd St, 18. :
PL 9-4411 '
and Used-TV Sets tl l Happy. and Prosperous | 'I Rudolph N. Hayes, II, 211 So. ---
From $39.95No I New Year Myrtle Ave., 24 and Rosa L. Hall,
Down PaymentOne {Thanks for your patronaga|' The Board of Directors Officers 07 Court C. Blodgett Homes, 19.
Chas. S. Chestnut, III, 16 N. E.Ave. .
Year Guarantee on I I II Members and Staff of the .
i DAVIS [F t( Gainesville, Fla., 21 and
Picture Tube-Financing ylvia R. Clark, 624 N. W. Ave.,
Available [Employment Agency): Club Ei Dorado -.- ainesville, Fla.,. 19.

I 428 BROAD ST. Morris Montford, Jr., 1419 W.22nd .
t t j St., 28 and Juanita M. Myles
EDISON TV Mrs. LENORA A. DAVIS J Jj Take this opportunity to extend to you 1461 W. State Apt. 2, 26.

EV 7-4464 j Phon EL 4-7257 i. OUR BEST WISHES FOR THE YULETIDE SEASONWe Beamis Jenkins, 1330 W. 31stt.
$t ., 32 and Aretha Robinson. 1072
invite you to visit our recently remodeled earl St., 27.MERRY. -

and remind that a limited number of group and
you :SU:: :. q :::z%
individual memberships are available. ll
Ri. -,

.A Club El Dorado ..A1l3.ii'

r-- .1 FROM
Cocktails 6 to 8 p.m. daily
THE FLORIDA STARkb 1f, a+' y r
', food and drink nittly) .
TO EVERYONE! r Live music, fine tY ,
suZ :S:" Z1 JS: t.
f R : Y
:: : lJ:> J:1r:
"Trade at MATHIS and Save!" L.Manager B. Jones, E.

Ii ..'-.I- \. ..':.
SHOE REPAIR DEPT. IN REAR ,, ,- '- -- --.-- -

1071-75 FLORIDA AVENUE EL 6-944S I -

.Xmas Greetings I ;

Merry Christmas from : ''I

and A I'i

45th Street i and }'bugg I A Paying Profession

; .. YearDrugsCosmeticsSundries .
Package Store I Weeks
I Go our heartfelt In 26
Toys-School Supplies
1848 W. 45th St. I TUfltS of OOppiXl&fS II NEW CLASSES NOW FORMING

Two Locations to Serve You -,-'
.- YB-You'll always be able to find work
at Chrktnastim!
WHERE QUALITY IS BEST I'I'I YES You'll make good money

Myrtle Avenue ':. -.: .> :,'. p AND PRICES THE LEAST CHRISTMASAnd YES You'll have good working conditionsN
JpYOUS O-You will not be laid off of age 50.
t. Sundries ;,:? S :.: When You ServeServe HappinessThe REGISTER NOW

The Beat -
.... .. 9th and MYRTLE ..$: ",'::' Coming Year FLORIDA BARBER COLLEGE

: :. ;O. K. Sundries .. :.' ; -:"' 1913 King Rd. 630 Davis at Beaver St.

'-:'.. Florida Ave. and first Street. : .. .
Y U&M RI ..
J'Psn: :2r" :
<::< .::, .: ':- ':- ':':: ;r : h\
-. ,, -_ ,: ..,,, :- /: : : .J ; _; : :r : .. :_, oMSaturday ... ,


'.J .



f -. ... I 'I THE FLORIDA STAR Saturday. December' 24, 1960 :'

--- -- : :
: Sooth African Youths

Pressed Into Peonage

+ vt w _ that many thousands of South African teen-agers

have disappeared, presumably sent into "peon-
age11 by their governmei nt.
I Louis Loin ax, who murders on these farms
toured Africa this comprise the.m. o st
y summer, says he made shocking volice i n

contact with members current African literature -
of the South African ."

: : underground who have The teen-agers were
been trying to trace arrested under the} pre

the missing youths. text of loiterin g, he
They found evident e discovered. .

y*.{r that the young men "Parents were not allowed
LZa were sent to private to visit them in
: z farms, Mr.Lomax says. jailthey were not allowed -
In his book "The Reluctant le gal represen-

Afriran/'pub- tation a t whatever
I A .Hp.of'th* Ptpil. Cap lished today by Harder hearings were held"he
An to+fn.rlcans$ outstanding, who m.k young. our & Brothers, Mr. Lomax says scores of parents
II country and our community writes, "The fanner have given statements
k a llvt.btttor place In which to u : becomes their jailer; to the undergo-and saying -

they are locked up at that officials refused
PLAN FOOT SBASOU SOCIAL---lumbers of the Zeta Von CoEmtirgLty: Socia. -lut, :Jhown Above) night, denied all to tell them
* have announced plans for presenting their annual post-season Christ s party Jan. 13 in rights and privileges. where tiie youths are or

the home of {rs. Annie Ruth Miller, president, 1906 !Hardee bt. Standing from left are:' Reports of beating and what has ha pened.'

Mrs. E. Harmon Fine, cretarJ; I Mrs. B. Love, vice-president: Mrs. C. ;Williams, recording -
F secretary: Mrs. A. Davis, current events:, Mrs. A. R. Miller, president; .!rs. L. A. SMART CHRISTMAS BUYS

Ge1say; Seated from left: .J. H. Williams, business manager; 1.rs. A. Baldwin, reporterEdnanager TOYS COSMETICS CANDIESPEGGIE'S
f die White, chaplain; G. Harris, treasurer R. Davis, assistant business ; and

James Killer .
Paine StudentsEndorse -

Dawson Texas Sit-ins ;:.9; 1055 DAVIS STREET

CHESTER AKINS SitInsAUGUSTAGa.Virtually Rejects/ Ruling ReversedAustin \J r h ; LIMN( ,V.MLY
Duval Vocational 'n }
.. I
Pepsi Cola Dealers tV!'e entire student Cabinet Post Tex.--Wednes- /"".:.:"',"1 Jt ,I,1 F.
body of 384 at Paine day, the Texas Courtof '-1f1f.I
salute Chester of the I MERRY
12th grade class. He College here is involved ,r HlNGTONChan Criminalppeals i CHRISTMAS State & Pear) Seafood{ HouseBE..rODOs
is a member of the in a campaignof of the first Negro in reversed a lower court FROM. SHORT ORDERS SOFT DRINKS .
Chorus Cosmetology Club public demonstra- history becoming a decision which fineda THE FLORIDA STARIr ICE CREAM PUATE LUNCHES BREAKFAST
and tions to end lunch member of a presidential young Negro college SERVED .. .. '.
serves as president
cabinet dwindled student as a result ofa
counter segregation. .. _
of the senior j 1 ;:s.u ); : ;'\
i l class. Sit-ins at dime stores this week when Kep. sit-in demonstration )
are continuing, although \William Dawson of Ill- in a Woolworth I I
***********. '"
fc two of the inois turned down store demonstration at 1 i
I ai Negro students have Presidentelect JohnF. Marshall, Texas. (,, "./t I THE TIME TO ORDERPacChonte.riquttr
been injured. Kennedyts offer of S. J. Briscoe, 21, ) t. 8
... ; I C 0 P PrlE
u the Postmaster General serving in his senior ...;Pd>> 1 j la Anthucitt--Cokt
k a post. year at Wiley Collegein J\ {. r \\ Ii s CITY.W Marshall fined !ALL SEASONS ICE & FUEL co.
"' was 4 .'
.Kf.1 i ;; $400 the Harrison ""t.\ 1 5113 NORWOOD AVE PHONE rO 4-4511
L e,
the Tailor County cpurt-at-law !4 < Ii

n r : for unlawful assembly M e rrOt' -
I t{
,-'.. ItwE4r ') during a sit-in at a r4 :r
: Woolworth store. .
EXPERT : ,/ The court's pinion'wri.t.t.en I 8J ?
ELLIS GRIFFIN Tailoring ...
L\ CN/57
..:< b y Judge K.
Duval Vocational Suits & PantsAlterations f e Woodley, held that the 1- ChrMas! -

Ellis is in the 12th i and I trial court erred in ,
grad class He is a j ReweavingShirts M j j'I overruling a motion to /
i member of the HiY 1 dismiss charges i n M. L. BROWN i j
Mrry'I that the officialchargeinformationwas
Jand mathematics clubs /
and II Made To MeasureWe 'I I REAL ESTATE i !i 4
attends Mt. Sinai I } 4a'
,v Baptist Church. Hobby Fit Thorn All 'I uncertain. s 703 Broad Street :j
Ladies Too!
<< is baseball. I r 1 Phone EL 4.1827 i it
10 Broad St.-EL 4-7943 ;
; : ]tS11:1j
tpf.. "FIT FOR A KING"
1 Greetings And ;i ;' .' I:;"' ::2. "
n 1. MOM'S KITCHEN! Best Wishes! I t Greetings and I l IMPERIAL SUNDRIES STORE

I IAJ err CJ'fiJ t/tfdJ 1285 Kings Road | t I I,. 1 1t I Best wishes I
;: a Drugs Sundries
: I Cosmetics
I rI n' 1 t j t! To Our Many i iI
,. 1S S ) I i it I! Friends and Customers 1
ar xtsaaist szu b snsug: : : x .' l 530
s\ I

......... woa 8j? ) .L' ; I I d, I ::- -. .__" :,,_A-;_::.' :_Phone. EL 4-2159

J-\, r % 11 IJ' #Y1}. i
9 ,s "'f ( J"i s
2 I'I ( rI
ALFRED KIMBROUGH ve 2 wyd I I. /dR;;;>>:n1) I.i

Tribute. Duval Vocational is paid to a *!r I I 1 >" lI.JW1LfJ a y "t1T 1

Alfred of the Tenth H 2 t ,
d II I I
r rade He is a member) i 2 \ CHERRY'S ii |
Of the Student Council I 612 West Ashley Street f s I FASHIONMEN'S i
[ Cocktail Bar & Lounge StewingHENS
and Mt. Sinai 14 FL g
Baptist SHOP
Q1ur} h. He enjoys his i 1943 Kings Rd. I 2. for 81.00
527 Broad Street 1I }
selected; hobbies. 1139 West Adams \ ,
Corner Ashley
* -a FSS S fiS; { :E iSc s cslE t t oesi:7 j Fresh PorkHAMS
'_-2-. .'-. -+T+___ __ __ _
1' Ib.49c

,'If'It V\t : Fresh PorkSHOULDER
( I
# Listen to Pepsi / 1 zi lb.3ge

'it Music-Quest Friday --

Nibs 10:30 to-11:00, White

It For Phone Requests -' 4ir': &Ja BACON 5 lb. S1.00

EL 6-0461-2

\ Ground

*. MEAT S 3 Ibs. $1.00

'* rT '' r FRUIT CAKES 2 lb. can 95c

Lloyd's Fresh

a J I, TURKEYSFlorida Ib. 49c

Grade A Baking ,

SpecialsRED HENS 39c
toYouandYours S .
BASS 39c
11. and ,'
re> r tea..l. Famous Mayport WHITING n 29c '1'/0/Oy Prosperous Mwftetr g FRYERS Ib. 276

{limit 3))
< tint Fl r)
LARGE ROI MULLET .........................Lb. 29c
lUCK SHAD .................. .........U. 35e SMOKED SAUSAGE 3 Ibs. $1.00
Rot SHAD .'.. ...............;..........Lfc. 49c -STORES
SPANISH MACKERELLLI-Flncst-fir 1..IIi"'.........Ik. 4Sc
C.iiutii. VirRmi FLOUNDER. ,-... .....n._...:'...:.Lb. Jh Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

\ -I
t : ;11 '.


Paqe 3 THE FLORIDA_ STAR Saturday December
I -A..__________ __ 24, 1960
-- --
-If .M :

-=- '- s .t,.
t 1 ar
: ; T' P

_. --- ipi sa


By Louise Guinyard jFJ =

ci _
Jacksonville society yielded to the youngerset 'tn

this week when Les Treize Amies 1960 Debutantes ",

were honored singly and in groups with 1 wMlIF

breakfasts, brunches, luncheons, and teas,
climaxed .by a ball Friday evening in the Duval
Armory. mod.a

Also high on the list of interesting social ri'e
+ '
events was the recent initiationbanquet given Z', -J '
by Jacksonville Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha

Psi honoring charter members of Delta Psi Chap.-

ter, located on the campus of Edward ,
I Ii
College. t
John FloydJax Alumni Polemaich was toastmasterof f. '
the which held at the Ribault I
event, was '-' -
Supper Club. Lt. Richard Williams s banquet

speaker. '; .-
Delta Psi membership roster is comprised of '..'.: I

Walter Harris, James'CorbittHarvey HarperJoe I
Lee White, Bernard Bryant, Bernard KoonGeorge ..'.: .- ,. II
'i\ ': -.
Howard, Otis SimsThomas, RoundtreejRobert Par- : ..-,,,__iI/f".''_- I 4
ker, Herbert Blackshear, Jacob Chatman, and I I
Eugene Mitchell Stanton B. Shaw and Theodore 1
' Dansby are faculty advisors to the new chapter

and Kiptus Green is Dean of pledgees. 4v w

F Felton Brown was chairman of the banquet com-

) it' -
Miss Jacquelyn Sheppard, a student at West 3i t }

Virginia State Collegeis in the city as guestof ;_ .;

her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. W.D. Sweetof

1465 West 8th Street. t .. '..iS

* t; .
Mrs. Jeanette Quarterman entertained members ..' ,.- .. ;- +
: :
..,.-: f!
1'I :
of the Wednesday Evening Bridge Club recently i : :

in her lovely Floradale home. \,.;: ? S .:. 4Fs. 4 .

Participating in the meeting were Mrs..LillianS. J.f ".,' .

Davis, Mrs. Juanita Taylor, Mrs. Lillian _: ...- -- ..-. -

Stewart, Miss Myrtle TurnerMrs.Alveria Robinson -
Mrs. Lorraine DanielsMiss Martha L.Perry STAR STAFF GOES TO A PARTY---In keeping with the round of festivities r
: -"r-pp-np the light and fan as+ :e
generated by the present Yule season, members of the STAR'S
Mrs.Mary SimuleMrs. Luvenia NewmanMrs. Erne
1 in the top photo are left, the Wises and -
stine F. Poole, Mrs* Jacquelyn Hall, and Mrs. staff took time out last Saturday night for a get-together and periodof tees, right. In the bottom photo, mating 1: -
Vivian Byrd. relaxation in the hone of Publisher-editor E.G. and ::rs. Suipson.
wise Editor Simpson takes a turn with "rs.: :seas
* In top photo are seen, A. E. (Al) Wise, Ilrs. Ann Wise, Mrs. Opal Po- his dancing v
,I Miss Gail Gillis is home for the Holidays tee, Harmon Fotee. Standing behind are Mrs. E. 0. Simpson, and E. G Staff members not present were Niss'Florina

after a successful- session at Tennessee State Simpson. In the bottom scene, enjoying the stereo.sounds are, fro !4epburn, Mrs. Katie Jefferson Piss: :
I College. She resides at 1194 West 8th Street. left, Jrs. Zebedee Gilbert, Zebedee Gilbert, Miss Hilda Wooten, William ley, Mrs. Louise Guinyar,., C. ,Parhair. Jornsor,
* H. Jones, Yrs. LenreUa: Hogan and Thomas Wright. -
and Julius Johnson. Billy Frown, Photographer,
1 hostess' (BILLY EROWK PHOTOS )
Mrs. Janie Reynolds was at a recent -- .. was present but busy taking pictures of eve*_*s.
: meeting of Zenith Ladies Bridge Club, held at HOLLEY'S
I the Lincoln Golf and Country Club. Mrs. Reather May
Mrs. Inez Washington and Mrs. Catherine Burns BAR-B-QUE Davis, Owner & Prop.of You S..k The Beat Dodor
were among prize,winners for the evening. When You Doctor Prcr r j
Members present in addition to prize winners t wL e Get Experienced PharmacUis

include Mrs. Hazel: Li 11 enthalMrs, Mary Dumas, Reaiha'sBeauty Z, To Fill Your Prwcripilotu .

+ Mrs. Claudia Burris,Mrs.Ruth ParrottMiss 'Mary Annie Reddick : According To Your Doctor'sOrd.rs.
Leroy Holley We Us* Only
tPrime Mrs. Willie Mae SmartMrs. Breaker Waitress ShopWISHES
\ Mary .
Proprietor The Beat Quality Drugs Al I
I Miss W. Elizabeth. Jones and Mrs.Evelyn Jasmin. different" All HER CUSTOMERSAND Dr. C. E. BlackProprietor
* "Bar-B-Que that's
Mrs. Bessie Johnson, Mrs. Marie McClain, and PORK RIBS WITH CURLI-Q Potatoes A
i 3
Mrs. Lillian Davis were high scorers at a party 3604 Moncrief Rd. Near 26th St. .. Merry Christmas REGISTERED PHARMACISTS TO SERVE YOU

,, held recently in the home of Mrs. Susie D. ,.","..'.;...I''a'.....'".".,.... .....,.t'...'.-D.''''' "..,. _.."P:0......r__;:;:;:_:;-::;:aio>.:::-__v_-......_:;;;A.,--;.,...-. --" .L'.._"'rl& :;:a'I''I' \ and a LILLY'S DRUG STORE
Thompson, 1458 West 2nd Street. \

" I Other persons attending the party include Mrs & r! \ Happy New Year 907 Kings Road 34276
Nan Fletcher, Mrs. Sula WellsMiss W.Elizabeth g : A COMPLETE LINE OF:

Jones, Mrs. Evelyn Hillman, Mrs. Lydia Sweet, .f e CCCCCccccccccccc a exF I I Cosmetic Rubbrs Goods Candle* Sundrfe
* nn. W R I '

We dropped in at the Ribault Supper Club last SEASONS GREETINGS .\I

I week-end while gadabouting with friends and n.n. 5 \I

were highly entertained by "The Singing Chef. W* 8
It was quite a novelty, and indeed he isquite :! W" ax
n 6 i f "
a singer. -
iI w
l h&ufi i
The date for the anxiously awaited FlaJax \. w j j

Club ball has been made official.The annual and i J. 8 I49P"I5 a f
leading social event of the Holiday season will p'

be held Tuesday evening, December 27, in the If jj' :;. f e, i '

I Duval Armory. L. \ 5 f v J \ S BEST Wi>; Iifc> KOK
* V<
W'w l/** r\l i A HAPPY k PROrEKOl: \E\\" 1'E.ICar' h
As I rushed through the final days before M s 8

Christmas I was keenly of trend R .... !
aware a new '1A'C: !:
:: 1ome
in the selection of shopping districts----the rri ** 'I* 2 2 I t:. .:: 4\0-' I: U. r a II t;

shift from crowded areas to out lying and sur- i! y y S 2 O. c JERNIGAN. SR. SAMMIE L. DAVIS SR

burban centers.I' found myself constantly bunp- > S 2 Owner ManagerMr.

ing into friends, and very often strangersforwith t! 5 2 and Mrs. Richard Boss
the n 2 Mr. and Mrs. Eddie ReevesMr.
large handbags that are so fashionable
,. and Mrs. Dan Allen
today, two women can hardly pass through an
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Peele
ISC, Wa'nu* StreetBW3VAL Broadway *
aisle together without friction.It .
1 Mr. and Mrs. Ernest. Williams
was interesting to discover in shops thatI f LAWRYRESIDENTS { Department. Store 'Jj &fc.; Lewis Howell
had visited occasions r.!
previously only on rare 14 Mr. Hardrick H. Monroe
items formerly sought in special shops.'Me live "to' 119 Broad Street
.- J
: 1--:. .....:_._ :l. :
and learnl" sM
4at.acxxxSine \ EL 4-0545 Ambulance Service EL 4-0546
this is our final note to all of you J ,

I very nice people before the holidays, please A'TTEMTION i N. -L- 925 929 West Beaver .

accept our heartfelt thanks for your many kind
gestures and also accept our sincere wishes for OF -

a very Merry Christmas and a most Happy and, MAGNOLIA GABDENS. FtOBADALE RIBAULT MANOR A7i1jTTA Ij


You Do Not Hart To Go To Town To Buy Your Drug Star

.. Sarah's Drive-In B;B-Q: ti N.*<.U S,. You HOT A I Compltt'Drug. Stor In Your

Own Neighborhood 1 S

.. -
Mer Van's Pharmacy -

Located( .Next To Holm and Wwt Funtral Horn) .
.. ,. ,
H. QWlW AMI OPM11e4, -
: .
., 1fI 5-1582 "I .. .. -
.. .
New Building Completed For I ,,:: (; .
r rS / 3-9267 ; > -
"''_ Sarah s Drive-In Bar B-Q : / --, '" :/ EVERY DAY LOW PIHCES ,.-
GRAND OPENING Dec. 8 ; .'., 'I mBINa: YOU _. .
Dancing on 'Patio-Fjee Eating FBEE Fid UP AND DEUYERY: SERVICE.Prwcrtpticcj ,' ,-I : :" .. 21st & MONCRIEF EDGEttOOD AVE & AVE Bfl.
l \ -. ... .- -; : "
-- Plenty of Parking Space-1 ,
740 Line .
strttt Jackionyllle, Fla.. : And OtHtr Stott IteauOUJSLOOANi .-
I '.-_ :. '.:'.':. .. -'J ;' .. ;
,i : '; "W. m Any uoeion Prs c 1 "



I .



StturdAyDeceaber 24, 1960 THE FLORIDA{ "STAR, -
J. ., -', .... -.- ,, t "JII 1-" PAGE'FOUR
E'.iI/Iift' ""
", r'
," -
: ilf:
.... you
.. !
;' t
f TO. ALL JAXONS: ,0.- ;. ". 1fJ iI ()

May the remembrance of the birth of the-Christ r

Child bring back; the'sense of men and nationsto a

cease-hatred. aJtd.Yo $


Abe Meide'sGroc. Martinez

ARARAT BAPTIST CHURCH :: ; ; & Market Electric Co.
to::. :;_ ,,: 1132 KINGS ROAD 5879 MONCRIEF ROAD
.v Err.. Dallas Graham. Pastor : t

,, W
i,1" A
t "

.' ... 4...,-...
f.1 i

O4hz %

I /WfiMff SINGLETON'S ." t 4 r i r p Service Company Casket 1!

82 Vi S. Myrtle Avtnut

Specializing in Ribs and Chicken i tx

No. 1 33rd at Moncriof Road 4rr
PHONE EL 4-9102

No. 2 Broad at State Street
PHONE EL 4-9789

No. 3 Florida Avenue at 1st Street
PHONE EL 6.9367 -
No. 4,- 700 Block W. Ashley Street
Bory's Modern Motel
JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA PRESS ErING--Roy Wilkins, center, executive secretary of the National \
Association ,For the Advancement of Colored People answers questionsfrom 7904 Kings Road
Jax newsmen following climax of public mass meeting at wh i c h he
was featured speaker here last Sunday night in St.Paul AXE Church.The.
event was sponsored by the Jacksonville Branch of the NAACP Youth
Council. listening in are Rutledge Pearson, left, Roderick Freeman
council executive board member and Alton Yates, .(both extreme rightscouncil
vice-president. Bottom picture shows portion of attendance of
over 1,800.supporters which heard program.

'Tt -L ...
--- --

TO OUR Ilfl III Conference Xmas Services MASONS .


: h At Bethel Baptist
: :; t, Rev. SheheeRev. _

Worshippers at Bethel
T.E. Sheheere- Baptist Institutional Prince Hall Masons,
cently appointed pre- Church, corner Hoganand 106, A. F. and A.M., _
siding elder of South' Caroline streets southside, elected as
Jacksonville District will hear the Rev. officers to serve for -
J I Il' AME Churches will con- Robert H. Wilson, the coming year fol-
\ duct the first quar- lows:
Minister the
terly conference in final of a currents Worshipful Master, l
Fountain Chapel A M E E.C. Thomas; Senior
series ofsermons from 'ea.ce;
Madeline's Coffee
Shop Church Warden TO ALL!
at 8 p. mAll the "Big Story." Services W. R.Drayton;
chairmen of boards 11 Junior Warden, F. J.
: begin at a.m.
1929 KINGS ROAD and clubs are requested Sermon topic for the EastmanSenior Deacon May this very heartfelt wish follow
to bring written Willie JenkinsJuniorDeaconNonnan
message is, "The Word
and financial reports Made Flesh." Thomas; you and your family throughout the

Rev.F.W.Jones stated. The usualSunday wor- TreasurerC.W.Murrelland Holiday Season and the New Yearto

The presiding elder ships hedt e will secretaryGilbertWright. come. Pray with us that men of
will .
SHOP NEAR YOUR HOME through the day beginning School prevail getting, with Sunday under- all nations remember the true

with Sundayschooldeliverance way at 9":30 a.m., BTU meaning of Christmas.

: Buy Your Xmas, Needs .atKOZY the 11 ain.and 7 of 5:45 p.m., and the Duval Area's

KORNER No. 2 services. p.m. evening 7:00 o'clock service. at Polio Record NEW DEALLINCOLN

Styles Change A cordial invitationis

26th St. and Moncrief Rd. PO 5-561 SYDXEY, Australia-Christ extended everyoneat All-Time LowThe -
and the disciples wear Korean all times. AND
YOUR LOCAL SUNDRIES STORE dress at a typical men's mealin The State Eoard of
.a Korean setting, as paintedin Jerusalem'sCantata Health released figures -
Bread Milk Cosmetics the first prize winning en- recently showingthe
try in the Anglican Church's Set State of Floridaand CABS
Patent Drugs-Greetings \Christian Art Competitionhere. Duval County as
The is the lowest infantile
12 large painting by having -
Daily 7 a.m. to pjn. For '
Young-kil Kim, art student at MondayJerusalem paralysis record EL 4.
Sunday Only 7 ajn. to 11 p-m. Kong Ik University in Seoul. in history. "v I II

PAY YOUR LIGHT, WATER & TELEPHONE Other.entries came from Japan,
Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia Baptist
AT KOZY KORNER No. 2 and the Pacific Islands. Church celebrates its ,
annual Contata Monday
night in the church AND ..
auditorium with Miss
Eleanor Cooks and coworkers BEST WISHES FOR THE NEW YEAR
dire cting.
U L Presents will be given
Y } following close of the' AFRO-AMERICAN LIFE INSURANCE CO.

A program.The public are- invited M -
; n r !!

o .a "Aa
Candlelit e ,) r

Y44.noth.r Services } k-


r Candlelight serviees "
l c ,
pN sf tt
will. be presented at y

Mt. TaborBaptist "
Holy S..ion 4ppro.cH ,wh.n fri.ndib'ps ? ,. All Church choirs Sunday and at ushers 6 am

.r.not measured but dwruhtd.WI win*to with our fm3y of fronds,' : -- will serve Ihe regular HOME OFFICE BUILDING

a truly Merry Chririrfus. Chriitmi'Hut wit Iu\\9. IftCI1euly. 11 a.m. services have
been cancelled. The
Sunday presentsits
Federal annual Christmas
Fidelity program at 5 p.m. It DR. JAMES H. -CHAIRMAN-PRESIDENT 0 .,'.. ,
will continue'through -
Sayings'and Loan: Association





THE FLORIDA STAR Saturday December:: 24, .960SPORTING
a9e 7 ,

1 3

: ___


= IT UP= w.oir7.. k -s;


ORANGE BLOSSOM CLASSIC has closed books on

the 1960 Rattlers Before tucking away their \;$ :

[sweat shirts, jersies, sox and togs in mothballs
until 1961, the Rattlers smeared and ;

Smashed the perfect record the Langston Lions _

[(brought to the sunny land of Florida. Many of. .
(those who wore them in the Classic will never ; _
put them( on again. They've put them away for-

ever. They exchange the shoulder padshelmets, JL Tt :

[cleated shoes, so ks, togs and everything else
tjiat goes with football for caps and gowns.They
will exchange rule books for diplomas.Thy will-
whistles for the organ'smarch. 13:
swap the officials .T ,
[ -.

job throughout the pro football season. Let .

_ PUS see who they were:PHILADELPHIA EAGLESTed : 1 r- j
Deans, Clarence Peaks and Tom Brown CLEVELAND
BROJNSJ Brown, Bobby HitchellJ m\iooten\ Five
Jim Marshall, Prentice Gautt,Jiuny Caleb, A.D. LEE TROPHY WICERS Undisputed stars of last weeK '5 Grange .ic,:sons ,:lassic, Flcr;,:a A :-. Hampton

[\Williams; NEW; YORK GIANTS-}fel Triplet,Proverb M's jet-fast halfback, Clarence Childs, and Small Cvll ges' All-Arrerican Donald )17.) :'t.h,
Wacobs, Roosevelt GrierRoosevelt BrownBALTIMORE Langston's field general, were selected players of game cy approximately 15u members of I Drops

COLTS-Lenny looreJohn SanpletLlt Davis working press, radio and TV persons covering the 28th annual Classic event ir Miaaii's I Hampton, Va. -- The
Jim Farker, Gene "Big Daddy" Lipsconbe; GRECN Orange Bowl Stadium. As FAMU! won 40-?6 before more than 42,000-paid attendance, these Hampton Institute Fi-
BAY :IMCKEKS Dnlen Twmell,Willie Davis HIOAGOtBEAKS fine young athletes earned claim to The J. R. E. Lee, Jr. Awards named for FAKU's vice rates have suffered

-J. C. Caroline, Erich Barnes,\/iIlie Lee president, who founded top sports attraction. The honor was a repeat for Childswho last .their. second and
Charles Bivins, Willie Galiraore; PITTS nUR GE year shared Lee Awards with Prairie View's Rufus Granderson, now playing with the Detroit third defeats on' .;.hf?

STEELERS-John Nisby, Joe LC\i:-sJolm H.Johnson Lions. In Sir John Hotel-patio ceremony, left photo, Kr. Lee, center, observes as road b r losing t o"aiylatd
Charles Scales: Jack HcClairen,Tom Darnett;jST. F. L. Powell, 2nd from:: r, Miami Coca-Cola Bottling Company, presents The Lee Awards, "l-73Pec. r

|'LOUIS CARDINALS-Luke OwensWoodley; Lewis; LOS trophies and Bulova watches, to Dr. G. W. Gore, FAMU president, 2nd from 1. Tallahassee, and A.. & T. College
ANGELES RA.XB-Ollie Matson,Dick Bass, Tom Wilson Fla. and !Miami bottlers for Coca-Cola were donors of the player-prizes. Looking on are 77-73.This road slunip

John Baker, Lamar Lundy SAN FRANCISCO 49ers- J. Harold Lovett, right, Langston's director of public relations, and, left, Washington, leaves the pirates
Smith R. C. OwensJim raeeJ D. C. PRfirm head Moss H. Kendrix whose The Coca-Cola
John Thomas, J.D. organization represents Company, with a won 2, lost 3
C. R. Roberts, Ray Norton, Abe WoodsonDETROIT Atlanta, which annually entertains press box corps -th'" alf'time buff at. -3cca-Cola in record.

LIONS-Dick "Night Train"LaneDan LewisWillie Miami sponsored a beautiful 32-foot float in the 90-unit Classic parade which featuredthe After losing to Maryland :

I JfcClung, Roger Brown. .charming football queens of the Miami area's five Negro high schools. After game, state, the Pirates -
THE TAN STARS MENTIONED! ABOVE have done every Childs ((45)) and Smith (10)), right photo, compliment:\ one another witnessed by .Kr. Lee, came b a c:: :.
thing they have been called upon to do and LangstonTs president Dr. William H. Hale, right, Alpha Phi Alpha national head, and the 1 strong to edge out a
through the performances of those men, scouts former president of the Oklahoma institution Dr. G. L. Harrison; now a Chicago real estate victory over Kovarc
will be very busy making contact to secure more man. _, University 56-57-tec.

men like then.COLLEGIAT'E 10. A capacity crowd

_ Wilma Will Quit rTd Jan 'fh.etMs To Ce-C.pT.Bostw I.. saw the Pirates: hole:
NOR TKOFSbSICN'AL FOOTBALL has. ever the:determined Sisbns
had a more despondent player: than J.C.Carolineof : Umv. Track Tew in the last five seconds -

the Chicago} Dears was when- he slipped and Running in 1962; BOSTON Ohmpic4iigh juaopei ;. of play.
John Thomas and Chris
fell and allowed Lenny Moore, of the Baltimore Beasley Hampton led after
save been elected captains of the:
olts to "atrh a pass from Johnny Unitas that Boston University indoor track one minute of plar
brought defeat to the Bears. Caroline was si-k No Marriage PlansSays 4 .earn. and were never tehind

J over it, but George Hal as, OfflCrroarh of the but the shooting cf
Bears said Caroline had one of the toughest I II She Might Teach; : iJ: irs 7l- Lawrence Hancock and
jobs iu. _football to defend against Lem -'toore. Denies- Marriage Plans i Eugene Williar.s kept

_ \i Hallas said Caroline played one of his greatest And Ray Norton Romance i7; ... the Howard Bisons pr
games: since coming to the Bears in holding Wilma Rudolph who will have I """'""- ::1 the Pirates trail. _

r lloorc: to only two touchdowns. been out of school two years fA ;;' .. i. B'I 1I! : B:1\::
IF RVKORS\ : ARE THUCjCdward Waters College will when the 19G4 Olympics} roll It r; -'L' Jt
Bethune-Cookman "Wildcats" around will not'defend her titlesin I ': 0 tt
be playing next sea- Tokyo, Japan. ( t 1tT
_ son. It sounds good, and it simply means that "I'll graduate In 1962 and \ ,"'..I....... ';" f r; j G
.1 the st'hool'as a whole is on its way back to after that I might teach" she 1i r, Wt ::"-\W'' 1- fI
becoming one of the recognized colleges of the says "However my plans" are 1 k...t.-....'( !.;, / .f
still in the maybe stage. <; '
nation. There was a time when the "Tigers" P/ r :;
played: Dcth\U1e- ool
_ Morris Borwn and from the looks of things they I I V fMr 6.'.' j(,..
were able to handle the situation.Edwanltlatershad a ) #0 t!
r the players to do it with. They had it .a- 1&& r/ r .

gain in 1960. : t PI\1Y 'in'Mr -' n. .)'1 dYotzF$ ...
; DO YOU KNOW< WHAT? A school with' strong athletic l 4.lh' I I a.... -r. j I'I 1 a

department is one which is known every- I .!.i iI Go our heartfelt r.
where. Think about Florida .i & H andforget the l! I tt rt

Rattlers. Think of Southern and forget the WI ? wishes of happiness v
Jaguars. Think of Tuskegee andforget its football \ BJ

teams. That same thing is true of Yale, J at ChIil-tmastim.J $
Princeton, NorthwesternNi, higanStateIllinois
Notre Dame and the other leading institutionsof I! At' W' ......--' -' I[

the nation. When athletics vas at its heightsout .1 VILLANOVA'S TOM HOOVER (50) finds himself ina i [ BROADNAXI
tight squeeze as he battles two ft fromEconomy 'I
on Kings Road, the attendance was good. Buffalo cagers for a rebound -
AROUND THE HSAIED STOVES, on street corners, 'I ChdstmM i at the Palestra Saturday night. Hoover picked off !| Drug Store SERVICE STATION g
barber and baseball 17 loose balls, bit it wasn't enough to sate the Wildcats -Prescription Specialist-!! Q
pool rooms everywhere -
J from a 63.62 defeat. four Good Will HOur 816 Y7. Stale St. g
prognosticates gather they are already ...we cannot hIp but I Ia 2 Greatest ASs.J: 5 Phone EL 4-9264 g
discussing the '61 season. They arc wondering tht line 465 99342 i 900 KINGS ROAD x I J. NBROADNAX., Mgr g
"mtmber I
however, what Don Hoak, the new Yankee manageris many 32 90. 87Vanh I PHONE EL 4-4707 'J; .
going to do with Elston Howard since it is favors win r.e.Iv. ..: }:5.1:: =:. ":'
already reported that the new manager is lean- from our patrons and U \ This Clcxwn t. )e$ r'

ing more favorably to John Blachard. There wasa our m.ny fri.nds..m.y' g Down Jets 101-99
Closeness between Casey Stengel and Howard. 5\2 all th. btitl S I
tntoy ft MFRRYE
3 SI' I BALTIMORE TWO foul shots- 5 8 \
wherever Stengel Howard he always came: I
put by John Nadntik with only five .
through. |I'I'J.. C. DOWNING 8J I seconds remaining gave the Baltimore 6 8 ii
Bullets. a 101-99 Eastern 6 3 ;1'a
D. D. S. g I Basketball League victory over -
ff the Allentown Jets.a,3. 175-29-315 I I IP ;1;

You Don't Have to Go :o Town to Get i:
;; 17 ---15 --:- 67 it

Sometime be'* ap"
LOW PRICESOn Sometime* he's down !
He adds, subtracts
Wake yourOMFORTABLE He orks ft afl,..wonndCpMING

DRUG STORE HEEDS --; 22 39 74

Trade With Your Neighborhood Drug Store andLOOK GOOD



if f We Dettver We Also Fill AD Doctors' Pmcxiptttta i
\ dI' &
: 1i!..

Dixie PharmacyUC I, A J

Za the )ltd-Ytik XsiutErtiy
KINGS BOAD at la'BrLZ"AVD11m Wt4Ml4&7
1 PHONES EL: ....,.. MAGltss WDRr M r for DR. L. B. CHILDS \
fflaUl Scortt"
I r if your druggist cansot*ap ply ron SHAVING PQyV DED %0.. Kit 953 DAVIS.STREET.
BILLS AT OURSTORE 'SIKO M fw these MAUC TEAM MATES '.a$..3417'1' Sav.nnah,Gar -
y so a aaf fsv i fcsyso 'jKy -
-' -

L :

i ,9 EIGHT THE FLORIDA STAR Saturday December 24,1960

r __ .:. ':'-J ,J. ,. __. ,
Wfc *1 -" some new ones have get (clown-to particulars :--, J "' i rf"

chips off.theofi k$ appeared. Twosomes I have a small i quest for some hard tf Jjf'I..Nmu.r'
list surface in front of ,y' .
II have become onesomesby of things I want -
his door. off
drop a FROM
Bj Jky 1&1
of walk-outs you to drop off for
.... way quarter mile of the
'y .... / some of the good citizens -
.... and divorces
I put-outs same at the Lincoln STRAND ROOSEVELT.-..... SKY IEW-.... TIIEVTRES
Like, what say Nick: '! from the jump off. One-somes have become Golf and Country Club Christmas Day v.
My friend Elcee Lucas STRAND 2 HITS'
i I I'm makinga plea for two-somes by way of .Oopsl The Editor thru Sat
asked us to send up a -
I know that the greet sone rats again this shacking,c ommon-lawing has cut off my other f
plea for another Wal- '
and .We haw had
diffs a little pars on IJQII ,
ing year and I hope you- share of the ins ter Thornton to play requests. will tell ( T ry
from the sad old one the our
can make with with his Hassnond We more next week.ROOSEVELT .
sit-ins in this you
but in this modern age goodies. Since I last
are tossing in a re- ISIiJ1PcOLORScOP I
neck of the woods. .
"Dear Santa"is strictly dug you a whole heap 2

for the birds. You has happened in the Enough of the small : STARTS WEDNESDAY !
talk and all of that
I see when we meet you burg. Some faces have DECEMBER 28th PLUS This Western Thriller
with it jivelet usrae and youSeason's
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j Greetings R & R Liquors 618 w. ADAMS STREET ADULTS $1.00 CHILDREN so# J


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t LIQUORS f- Roosevelt .-TIES..

F/a. Ave. & Expressway WI'HJENNIFER'

I I p1 y DAVID01112N'CKi JONES
{ -WYLEKS .J i'7
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i --. '. I sleep-in Jobs with the best Private -
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;: families good treatment
o I' ... ,I all meals nice f. room and TV riI r-season's
i all privileges. Salary up *o $5000 I .
i weekly and higher.
to New York advanced. If you are i ;' SILVER STAR -

looking for a good sleep-In job a '7 ;.. Greetings "'. .: ', ;:. "" ...: .. ,:
I write Immediately to: 'f .- : -, li. .;', # or.......;. -" '
AW s t F.O. BOX W4 VALDOSTA, GA. -' { \' (..'If.,J.' f !.H'IAtt. ; !..1,1'. ;.'" 5
zr All Letters: Will Be Ans*erei. i 11 :. .. ... q\ S\

i Vii P yY. It t r HELP WANTED i'L. I.'" .JI. ;' ,

: : EAV Aad DAMS i -W : ; :.

SEAMSTRESS-Age 35-45. a -J Silver Star ', f; -$';;;. -t;.
No Experience NecessaryJob .1--:: --1 .
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itn -' .
Fringe Benefits. I & Lounge '. /r

Pleasant Surroundings f

p Apply in own Hand- 5668 Avenue B

t writing To Box 561JacksonvilleFlorida 71 Edqewood & 45th St. ,
R"fween :' 0 .{ i.(

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t q. .. The Management and Personnel of the other i

Above is an artists drawing of the new Jax "! ,; 'establishments, invite you to celebrate. Yulen I

Liquors Cocktail Lounge to be erected at I tide the ,
holidays by visiting following emporiums '"... .

Cleveland Rd. and Edgewood Ave. in early -- : .. i
., : .. ,'.... u
1961 for the enjoyment of pleasure seekers. "
: : t
Ultra-modern in design i as well as equipment, :- TROPICANA LOUNGE &. BAR :- : .;:-:. .. .._ ..._ i

the swanky lounge, catering to those who seek 21st and Myrtle .' :' ," '. o.rte-: :TP -1;."'- n :: ;./"'< >>
: .'.
I in of and ENQUIRE BAR & PACKAGt .. .
enjoyment an atmosphere dignity refinement STORE f : !

I will have a seating capacity of 250 :'. 8th and Davis '-. i
; .
Ii.i. and facilities for live entertainment. :-.. DRIVE I IN LIQUORS 0 ,. :. .:.. ......'..

wcac ,c rsx cnx cszxs rr c cr cc sx i> se .: Kings Road and Eusi"3 rele rgtra, :i l D1J1iS ass JS: xraxe i
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