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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200583datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date November 5, 1960dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=005830740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
November 5, 1960
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
November 5, 1960
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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What To Think About toques In .

Before Casting Your' Vote ShootingDelayed

Before casting your vote in Tues day'I elections igR 6'1II

Jaxons are urged to give careful consideration

'to the abilities of the men seeking the.offices Inquest in tot h e ,
of President and Vice President, respectively, shooting fatality ofa 4.l

and to the accomplishments of their parties. man who tried to \;'
Let us weigh what it would mean to us to have brea.kJP argument ,
.Nixon or Kennedy as President.
has been postponed
In the first place both Mr.Nixon and Mr.Lodgehave til next Wednesday by .
demonstrated their abilities to deal, with. Justice of the Peace r .

held our main his rival own with, the Krushchev Soviet Union.Mr.in debate Nixon right has in Dorcas Held Drake. hearing Train H
pending Begins oreFor1
i n '
Moscow and Mr. Lodge has effectively stood up is Freeman Ross,37 of g
to the strongest men Russia could send to the 928i E.Union St.Kill-
United Nations.
ed as the result of a
Secondly, which candidate can best handle the shooting incident between -
greatest domestic issue that this nation has Ross and William
faced since the Civil War 1954"UJS. DriversA
--namelythe Harold,45,or Ionia St. Negro Bus
Supreme Court decision outlawing segregationin was Cleophus "Buddy"
the public schools. Vice President Nixcnhas McCoy,49of 608 'James
played an effective role during the past seven street. *

and one-half years in aiding President Eisen- Police saidthat when "-

hower to reduce the number of racial barriersto an argument developed 10-No. 47 NEWS SaturdayNovember 5,1960Jacksonville 9, Florida 15 e Ntf

Negro Americans. between the two m en .
Nov refresh readers with other
we our some confectionery
in Harold -
important facts which deserve consideration before store, 821 Schoolboy; T Testifies Teacher
they cast their votes on next Tuesday in Oct.
Ionia St. on 23,
what we consider the most important national Harold To
McCoy grabbed Gave.Him Sox
election the
past century. from behind as Ross
Both Vice President Nixon and Mr. Lodge have
ran to the door. BY ALYSQN E.
held important places in the present Eisenhower Rosa is said to have

Nixon Administration Mr. Nixon has played an turned ..and fired two Bond was set for $500,
effective role in eliminating discriminationia. shots, both bullets Friday morning of Jtfrs
employment. He has consistently supported Civil" striking McCoy.Harold Stanton High School: physical

Rights legislation and spoken 'put against segregation told police he. ducked charged, grand$larceny.
and-discrimination iui.i1g..JU.s.publi. vherf'Tie'*!av\'that RobeY rJif1 t'J: *tJ.ci of. 6ca.sarah.:
career. .- *r.J"t ad:,a "gun .- .the{:"December_ .te st4f"Criminal_
As chairman the President's Ccemittee on When the hearing 'in

Government Contracts, he has aided)in the upgrading opened, shortly before
or placement of Negroes in jobs in 88 POLICEREPORTWOMAN 11 o'clock lengthy, that

industries. The Eisenhower-Nixon Administration SHOT IN LEG testimony centered

while reducing the overall number of employees HIGH UNKNOWN SOURCE around an apparent that
on the federal payroll since taking iceHas key witness, Leon been
been sympathetic and generous in providing opportunities Mrs.Dorothy Elizabeth Lauray, 17- year old

to members of our race.. 'Jackson, 35, of 1117 Stanton student who on
The Eisenhower Administration desegregated Grothe Street was shot reportedly receivedthe then

Washington, including schoolsfire department, in the right leg last candy box con- how :
Armed Forces, Veterans hospitals, Army P oat Saturday by an unknown taining $118.09 frayMrs.Williamswith into
schools*and housing; it introduced and passed party, police said. her
first Civil Rights legislation since Recon- The victim said she instructions, and

struction; prosecuted voting cases; secured was walking in the locked the packagein
integration for lunch counters. 1200 block of Kings the trunk of her

It gave Negroes 744 top jobs they never had Road when she passeda car. that
before; increased number of $5,000 or more group of boys who The incident was the :

salary jobs in Washington from 2,000 in 1952 were throwing rocks. said to have occurred the }
to 7,500 in 1960 in permanent departments; it She said she walkedon sometime around 10:30 "

has given.support to Civil Rights Commission by and then she a.m. on :Oct. -2Qvhen.

'in the North and-So th.A..N g ro:: uperintendent, I felt some thing running Mrs.May:Coleiian i aio'., I:
6 supervisors and 5l$ clerks. *and carriers in down her right leg' a physical education
Atlanta( Post Office.; 4 in. Atlanta Internal She looked down and instructor a to the s
Revenue Office. saw it was blood. school later reported '

Vice Presidential Candidate Lodge has a Mrs.Jackson said she the loss.of the I
went on."home thinking money from the de- .
and freedom from
brilliant record for
it was a rock thrownby partment's office.
racial prejudice throughout his private and
one of the boys Under tense cross the
in his native Massachusetts
public career, starting
that had hit her since examination from by
He has suggested in this campaign :
' she did not hear a gunfire Judge Bryanattorneyfor whom
the President's
be to
that a Negro'should
When she went to the defense Sam be
cabinet. A suggestion by Mr. Lodge is as good
Duval Medical Center B.Wilson,and the com into
as a premise to us.
it vas discovered that plaintant's counsel
Senator Kennedy and Senator :,
In contrast, the wound was caused Waldo Stockt ,lauray ;
Lyndon Johnson, the Democratic candidateshave' i I by a shot. recounted meeting' Mrs
in the of
no impressive record of acccaplishBents 1 Williams during
Civil'Rights field. Senator Kennedy talks : MAN HIT WITH BRICK class break and a At
liberally and we 'have no evidence to doubt his AND ROBBED BY TRIO Sam
given candy box and
but the attitude of half !
Sylvester R. Home
keys to her car with
his party; on_ Civil Rightswe do not believe he 40,, of 1624 Illinois instructions to lock the ? I
will be able to accomplish much in this field.
I Street was hit in the the package in trunkof
the domestic and foreign issues which
To meet .I
face with a brick and her car.Lauray .
'will.confront the next President, he must have his pockets rifled remainingunder
the backing of at least the majority in his last WednesdayPolice cross .exam-

party This_is especially true in dealing with reported.The nation scse 45..m nutea_ _
the school, desegregation issue.In .
victim stated gave his; testimonyin
the light of :the progress our race has made i that he'vas on his Way a calm'quiet voice the :
during the last eight years, under the Re pubG&licana -'i
r hcae and when', h e despite' the effortsof a ,
the 8ththe Nixon,,
*e think. on November
reached:the 1500. block defens aiAtty: ,
deserves of appreciation for: I
teaa "
T-odge of Madison Street, a Wilson' starching New
what, has been done by the present A&inistradLon. ;! man struck Him in the II cross ''"fire40t questions the
We have tried to giye the truth of the record
i! face with a ,brick and q tie ?
and vs have confidence in the judgement the : two. other sen vent
: The second witness :
voters will render at the polls next Tuesday. through his pockets j) the

He vas unable, to give I Mrs. Sybil Butler, of of ,
any description of his I the physical education* be ,

\,.;., .,' attackers police said. department, told of

.Vote "YES" S. The victim walked. to findingtbe supposedly;

Duval Medical ,Center locked door of the
: for treataenf department office open

,For School..... Bond &sUI I Patrolmen. EJt.Sayler at around noontime.She ;
and J.J acqoa investi stated that Mrs. ,the
gated. Willisat was present

I .

Saturday tooraabei; 5,. :1960 THE FLOBmA STAB # PAGE Ti'O

____ I.

I 1

t .s.' I .Mr J
NIXON the man and his experience ..

NEWS by Raymond Molar

Contributing Editor NCWIWM& Magazine

:' .fl9iVq

Fsfelisbtd by The Florida Star Publishing Co. J4 The American voter in these home some distance from the
"Member of Associated Negro p 'fta" autumn days is facing* a, pro city. He said that he would ask
foundly important decision. He a young Congressman named
..' O. Simpson 11ftt'.c.
Whittier who
Nixon from
if wish
must employ or, you ,
ParhamJohDJo __Xewt Staff
choose or elect a public servant also invited to pick me up at
atria Woolen ._i- Clrculaiioa D.pi* for a mighty important position.The the: hotel and drive me out.
voter, if he is wise, will ask During the three or four hours
of the applicant the same sort trip out and back, he told me
.:- :" of questions he would ask of about his labors in the Hiss
MAIN OFFICE fc PLANT* any prospective employee.The case, which was then in process.I .

,11II MoacrUf Road ....__... ___ :EL 4-8782 three most frequently Nixon's was amazed mind at his the keennessof capacity
asked questions about any ap-
._- ,.. 'a7La &c1: plicant for a job are these: for long and meticulous investigation -
1. What is the applicant's ; and his concern about
ZiW. inq Addrost
r. r :1 I Ir character- his personal habits, protecting the nation against
P. O. Box 881 Jacksonville, Florida : .tt his family background, and his Communist espionage.
moral and spiritual fiber and Later I.talked with Nixon
convictions? several times a year, in Wash
SUBSimiPTION BATES 2. How well and how hard ington and California, in his
Hall Y. S3.00i: 'Thre Months, $1.391tall.d i, )a has the applicant worked at his home and in hotels when our"
Os Year 13JJO) : ar. paths crossed. I was in Cali-
jobs? How
To You. A JWher. In The UnlitdSlates.. Jfrii previous he for thoroughlydoes an assignment fornia when he was runningfor ;
Parsil* In A4 U1e.. Send Check or Montr Order To. ? prepare Senator in 1950 and in 1952
lpbacrlptloa FLOFIZA when he was running for Vice
FLORIDA STAH-P. O. BOX SB1-JACKSONVILLE 3. What special training and
talk has
experience has he had to ,fit President. Our con-
him for this particular job for cerned party organization,: pub
lic policies, and many other
which he is applying?
In this and two more articlesI subjects. My first impression,
ElectionMeans these formed in 1948, has been
This i shall answer questions.
What r s O1r = When an employer writes for streugthened in every way.

i information about an applicant,
To Negroes I 1/ 9.aJ. he asks those three questions.He .
'- also asks, "How long and WHATS NIXON LIKE?
how well have you known the
lit private life Nixon is warm
M 4 l'a applicant? and friendly. He has a preferenct -
and local candidate I shall answer the latter for serious discussion, al
the state
In considering question first It is most perti-
far his fam-
though so as own
would be wen for us to reneaber nent to qualifications as a
up for election it .: my ily, is concerned he never brings
that these officials-mostly Democrats- rr.J ; witness. Keen Mind the day's troubles home. With
of { 401.CUT people in public life who meet
in a status .
are thed ones who keep the Negro ,) My acquaintance with Richard him on easy and fairly intimate
class citizenship. They- our electedaecon f. (, Nixon began on an afternoonin terms, his tendency is toward
the ones who uphold L ___ -. _,.__. late summer, 1948. I was in serious things. His convictions,
Democratic officials--are Los Angeles, and a friend called however deep he never obtrusively -

school segregation, lunch counter segregation, LOOSE THE CHAINS AND THE WORLD WILL HAVE CONFIDENCEIN and few asked friends me at to dinner join him at anda his inflicts upon others. He

enact laws to deprive us of our LEADERSHIP listens thoughtfully to those
justice IN
who have something importantto .
rights and provide us with the cruabs of for. say, and he has a habit in

improvement of our streets, libraries,schools -_- ___T i: Your DallyHoroscope .i-- his whatever office he')f believes taking to notes be use-,of

and other facilities.Fact ful to him.Among .

of the matter is that our southern Democrats -i- :: Guide many individuals who
our Florida Democrats : have lived in and around Con-
and especially .
time there is
use the Negro people as the goats in the whole ,---- WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR. often gress for considerable a long conviviality.

political set-up. They feel that they have the ,__ BUSINESS. LOVE TRAVEL There is nothing especially coifvivid
--- about Nixon's personal
taro vote in their pockets because most of us ". 'PABLO ASTROLOGER : : associations. He is no prude,
The i
are registered Democrats, and will follow the By ::_ but he is very light in his drink-

ticket down the line, despite the insults degredation Aries ever-you are. Be reidy to discuss events of Tne. 8th-Election Day This is a u.y for ing There and are eating certain habits.subjects on

they have handed us. universal interest. serious reflection, and one place In particular whih he has most intense.con-

The only way to make the local and state Democrats -! I SUN. 6th-Leadtnhlp. You can rise to may be the voting booth. This is your victions.., One is his fear of gov-
thru April 19th your full stature and make presence chance
Born March 21it your rare to express dissatisfaction or approval -
in office change their attitudes and begin count. It bolsters your ego when you havea and contribute to the changes eminent by a huge Federal
t trying to give Negroes a fair deal is when Sit. 5th-Viewpoint You have much to loyal partner beside you. now desire. ,. bureaucracy. Early in the Sec-
gain from happy home relationships and Mon. 7th-Stealth. You may achieve better .5-lD-22-l4-89-S12 ond World War, before he
they realize that they have some competition solid economic ties. Construction I projects results, if you act in secret or make confidential joined the Navy, he served a

by the election of a Republican. contain fine possibilities.SUN. deals. Indulge your liking for. the short time in a governmentwar
CapricornBorn job in Washington. He saw
There are several Republican candidates muringfor Neighborliness.. life fchould be movies or TV tonight. there the inefficiency and red

and State offices and it would be much more pleasant when harmony rules Toe. 8th-Election Day. You may be,rightin tape in a bureaucracy. He has
County ., residential environment A fineevening that have
in your feeling you a stake in the vet- seen'plenty of the same evidence
well for us to consider giving them a chance,i for playful pastimes. iris outcomes today. You should not neglect Dec. 22nd thru Jan. 19th since and no one need doubt

so that we can shake the Democrats out of their'cploat .Mon. 7th-industry. Significant progress doing your part as the accounting may be Sat.,: 5 -Alliance. This may not be the that, if President, he would be
and in the operation derive some may be made in your home or place of close. Avoid getting involved in arguments right time to forma partnership but it very vigorous indeed in clearingthe
acencY, work. There may be an aura of expectancyin later tonight 62Dll1S'4l6'Virgo* does not from giving theprospect underbrush in the State
benefits.The the air during the late hours. prevent consioration.6thJudgment.you and Defense departments which
for the 8th Election Day.The results that are your has so hindered our foreign re-
campaign Presidency of the United Tne. all their SUN. You should have, an
be"insured when oo lations.
States has reached a heated stage and in the desired duty at may the ballot boa, You,seem to feel occasion to weigh all the issues that are at Nixon has an intense hatredof

next few days it will become even more heated sure of yourself and can make substantial &orn Aug. 23rd thru Sept. 22nd stake and to determine how they concern Communism, at home and
with the candidates for each contributions your welfare, economy and, *" you. Experience guides you. abroad. He has seen and felt
party leveling Sat 5th----SbclabiiiryI The Mon.. Contradiction.. You
haste security. 4-80-33-12-28-483 opportunity to are the Communist peril in the Hiss i
criticisms and jibes at each while extollingthe spend agreeable moments with your favorite to hear all sorts of arguments but should case, in his travels in South

virtues of their respective selves and Taurus friends should be accepted. You may even stand by what you think is right. Discussion America in Russia, and the
party. benefit in material ways. stimulates thought. Far East. But his opposition to
SUN. 6th-Cleverness. Success may. be I Tne. 8th-Election Day. You are likely to international Communism would
But what does it all mean to the 15 million achieved in various ways. Creativeness, out- run across rather belligerent individuals. It not be mere saber rattling, but

Negroes in America or the 500,00.Negroes in! Born April 20th thru May 20rhSix. standing talents, high connections and intrigue is wiser to say nothing and to vote as you rather to mobilize the still free
Floridathe 5th-Shopping. You may find the cost are some of them. please. The evening hours promise con worM in its opposition and to
majority are registered of things rather high when you cater to your Mon. 7th-Tidings. You should not be siderable excitement, and some upsettidg render the United States cap-
Democrats? On what shall the Negro voter base good t ste. There are ingenious ways to gain disappointed with the letters, messages or results i 2-60-77-16-95-267 able of meeting any aggression.

his decision to vote for the Democratic candi- you own way. calls you receive today. Social doings, the
date Sun. 6th-Planning. Induce the one who movies, or TV should attract you tonight. Aquarius
or to vote for the Republican candidate? i shares your long-range purposes to work out Reflect seriously on the subject of casting There is also his feeling about

Certainly, the time has come when the Negro I the details with you. Future security is nowa your vote tomorrow. civil rights which is rooted deep
must for commendable goal. Toe. 8th-Election Be Born Jan. 20th thru Feb. 18thSat. in his Quaker heritage and
not vote the Republican Party purely Day. prepared to I _... early life.
of Mon. 7th-Contention. Impertinent objec- make your own decisions, even if more 5th-Pastimel, You could extract
a 80-ypar allegiance to that as Both of the most recent and
party. .... tions should not be permitted to modify friends
aggressive are pressing you to do much pleasure from doing work you likeas best biographies of Nixon stress
and very definitely he must not vote for the otherwise"good ideas. Think seriously about otherwise. 3-70-99-13-67-379 from any other diversionary activity. the deeply religious and moral

Democratic party simply because he is a regis- national interests tonight. Libra Take strength from a partner. background of the man. Bothof
Tne. 8th-Election Day. The local and 'SUN.' 6th-Option. Choose those biographies, Bela
Democrat in the south where he has your own company -
world issues could be important enough to I as that is your privilege. It can be Kornitzer's "The Real Nixon",
choice but to be a Democratif he hoped to havea urge one and all to go to the polling booths. Born Sept. 23rd thru Oct.,23rd trying to entertain people who are boring and Earl Mazo's "RichardNixon"
small part in the affairs of You seem very realistic and may act in difficult or boastful. are based upon ex-
state. Sat.
with personal interests. Shun 5th-Urge. The ambition to gain distinction haustive research.
keeping your
We should no mere vote for vice president hasty thinking tonight.. and social prestige are powerful .Mon. 7th-Pace. You seem to be doubtful Nixon's mother was a devout
Nixon on the basis of what incentives to make a greater effort. Be pre- about your ability to carry out your assign Quaker and her children's early
Eisenhower. did than ments. A methodical approach aids in
7-S0-33-l3-23753Gwiiini pared for all obstacles. you. life centered in the Friends'
should we vote for Senator John F.Kennedy o n SUN. 6th-Popularity. You can cut quite the P.M. meeting house in Whittier. The
the basis of what Franklin D. Roosevelt accom a'jfigure; with your friends when your surroundings Toe. 8ti>-Election Day. You should have family attended services more
offer ease and comfort. Ingenuity your mind all made when you are ready than once on Sundays and sev-
plished.We often takes the:place of money. to take your place in the voting lines. Your eral times during the week.

must vote for what it will mean to us to .Born May 21st thru.Juno 21 tt ... Mon. 7th-Importance. Business or profes- sense of justice will undoubtedly play the' Mazo says that Richard Nixon

have a Republican in the White House or how it Sat. Sth-- -Alaoity.: A brisk pace should enable -, sional'responsibilities are emphasized. extra largest rest.role. when making your choice. Get house played and the taught organ at Sunday the meeting school.
Shrewd bargaining will aid you in obtain-
will benefit you to find worthwhile 'bargains in
us to have a Democrat in that Deep Sensitivity
ing benefits are seeking.
you 1-60-13-44-89-161
clothing and the that
supplies. Ignore things
famed domicile.: We must vote for the Democraticor seem overpriced.SUN. Tue. 8th-Election Day. As this promises to In Kornitzer's book there is

Republican party candidates locally purely 6th-Entente. Difficulties are least be a busy and profitable day, it may be wiseto Pisces reproduced ten by Nixon a composition in his freshmanyear writ-

for what it likely.to arise when mutual plans and proj do your voting early. You should personally at Whittier It
College. is
means to us....And it may be said be 'Interested in the outcome, for a
ects coordinated. You mental .
are need recollection of
here that it is an unhealthy situation in any stimulation this evening. may it'could affect your future interests. The Born Feb. 19th thru March 20th Arthur, who died his at the brother age

County where there is Mon. 7th evening is exciting. !-30-22-lfWJ3-l32 of when
not a single Republican -Bargaining. You stand a good Sat. 5th seven Nixon was
holding office. chance of gaining your way when you shop I I Gladness. Your home takes on twelve. It ill not only a remark-
around. Homeland vocational affair* give Scorpio a happier aspect when it contains the ele able revelation of the young
Both the Republican and the Democratic Candidates promise of beneficial results. ments for harmony, affection and con author's deeply affectionatenature

are making: great claims for themselvesand Toe a& Election Day. Your material wel- Born Oct. 24th thru Nov...22nd SUN.panionshfp.6tb his, but it is an expressionof
what they win do for the fare could be linked to the way the elections -Materialization. The quality of religious conviction. It
count ry..so it Sat your present achievements is concludes with these sentiments:
5th- the
turn .ou This. should make it mandatory Sharing. mutual program that denomi-
is up to us now to study the men, their party .'(or you to give this 'subject dose scrntb y. insures prosperity and security also contri- the nator for a prosperous future. Prepare for among"There college is a growing students tendency to let

platforms and their abilities before we vote % and to vote accordingly. Refrain from over- butes to the creation' of affectionate relations. coming festivities. their childhood beliefs be for-
'- Mon 7& )
for either. s&en/Bng. pliant ,sources of There are many: gotten. Especially we find this
SUN. 6th-feepdarfiy. knowledge and
The steady accwnu1ation information. if true when we speak of the divine -
RepublicanCandidates seeking: election. are;: 4-10-88-19-64-418 of cash and other valuable assets you really are interested. You gain inspirit creator and his plans for
\ GECBGE C. PETERSEK.....Governor ,h one good way to provide for the future. tion from tb people around you. us. I thought that I would also i
,Mon. 'tb-Pr :r&w.Get Toe. 8th-Election Day There should become that but I find
PERCY T. THOMPSON. Cancer busy on the be way
..Secretary of State projects you have worked out to bolster no ]hesitancy on yodr part n gar'your that it is almost impossible for

CHARLES FISCHER.........State Treasurer your economic aims. The. evening should choice of candidates once you are informed. me to do so And when I

VICTOR RULE........Railroad and Public km JUII0 22nd thru Jury 22nd fe *Ideal for TY shows or the movies. The opinions of elders who have lived,full am tired and worried and am
Tue. Mb-Election Day. Now is the lives should not be underestimated, An almost ready to quit trying to
Utilities' Cc&Bission, Set 5A-n Now is the time to reveal tunity to do something concrete about oppor exciting evening live as I should, I look up and

dI ERT RICHARDSON..... Superintendent of your secret wishes to the one most' .beliefs and ideals. There is no need your to 8-30-55-16-32-831 see the picture of a little boy
concerned. A little initiative and ingenuity revtal your secret convictions, with sparkling eyes, and curly
Public Instruction -. nor the hair I remember the childlike
go a long way tonight. intentions you harbor
CARL V. WISNER. ........Attorney General SUN. 6th-Benefit An MHtnce with a ma- resources. regarding investmentsor prayer: (If I should die beforeI
ten would improve material wake .) I pray that it may
W. S. TAILOR person your ,
JR...State DIG DOWN. '
Representative considerably. 6-20-44-17-72-641 prove true for me as it did for
EDWARD prospects *'
J. M1ISSERC """ brother
ongresitDistrict 2 MOB.7th; -lafaeace. Your presence may t my

GRETCHEN CARPENTER...,..School BoardDis. 1 be' required when.vital decisions have to As Kornitzer says, in the entire
be This should be ideal text of this composition
CHAUNCET. / CR1MFORD......School Board,>>!a. 3 to.;taken.the movies: or TV shows.an evening .Sagittariusorn DIG IN. there js shown deep sensitivity

0. H. HOFSTETTER..Jua. of Pe ace.Dia:9 Tee. '8th-Election 1>11. Set the example and affection. He finds also
"the fighting
crusading, almost
IRAHC P. KINCADE.. .....-.Civil Service Board to others around Vpu by fulfilling> your votIng Born Nov. 23rd thru Dae.. 21 it puritanical moraUsm w b leI

FRANZ E. LIND_.'.,,..Jus.of"' Peace JfcLs. 5 and duties require early sno.the earnest Issues attention may be of crucial those Sat. 5th--Condaaion, There seems to beliuJ&rro ... 't critics of his public career have
described sanctimonious
as and
for doubt to where reaj
STEPHEN D. WAISH..i._ .School BoazdDis. 5 who understand them. Steer clear of'dod'. future interests. m lie. There as nothing your Eke insincere. Yet characteristically
oaikg people > it is on this, very background

You can vote cnNoveaber 8 for 'state and local 9-40-55-15-45-945 SUN.making. 6tfc up you Recaffcatellea.% mind. You may Jib ; their that fire his critics against concentrate him-,
s td go over your accounts and accomplishments ; "VOTE!
Republicans his
re8ardleaa ofhow challenging and
you are .registered.VOTE Lea to..see .where Bolster you security.can make cededimprovements. :, convictions." In my opinion
there is no "new" Nixon. The
FOR A' TWO PARTY SYSTEM Born. July 23rd thru Aug. 22ndSat. 'Mon.7tb CommsakaSee.You should find ,j. ; ....." ...,..--. boy was father of the man. And
Break monopolistic interesting: news items, or maIl in your letter i- .r' it was an able serious, and
one party control Pat Sth HosjfcaStr. An exceDmt dr to box.It h always a pleasure to beer. from"_ '; compassionate boy.
uorerattst back in the hands of tho ttgKtUa and totals life Agreeable wbe '. ;- ; ,
PEOPLE.. >. friendujcother: bad. : s
r '. 'd.\, .- ,: c'4,I' atJG... ,.! ,,- .-.... ,. ......'
""'. <+ ,i.-
.', .'" : Ji.t. .. -

:-:. .

1 1I



w Saturday :November 5, 1960 THE FLOHIDA.3TXH IT PAGE:THREE

'. I : 1 !i- t j[:'Northwestern
Allen Alumni 1/J./ -- : ., 1
... '
-' In Round UpThe Start
i !I
with 1960-61 Sfafe
Allen f t c di
Alusni Chapter of Long

Island, Nev Yorkvill The Class
; at
Socially speaking the week-end! left littleto motor to its Alma Northwestern High
whether time at. Mater, Allen University yZ School has
be,.desired you spent'more begun its
the clubs or attended some of the oany house ColuohiaS.C., -- activities for 1960-

parties, or both, you can very easily sum it Thanksgiving DayNov. 1961.
up with "Had a wonderful time." On the other 24th, to present the At several meetings,
hand, there is one ,subject that we are very mua Roundup the northside upperclassmen
careful not to mention However, with so many Fashion Show and Dance. s. I have chosen

witnesses we certainly expect to be remindedof Robert L. Greene, :. officers;chosen a year
it. formerly of Jacksonville I. book staff;proposed a
Fla., Business name for the yearbook;
A Spelman College sophomore and an Edward Manager and publicity and decided its hon-
Waters College student are lei Treize Amiesf chairman of chapter, r-- oree. The latter vill
future debutantes on display in our column this is the producer and R'j : be announced when the
director of the
week. The two charmers book comes from the
will make their debuton The president, Miss I press.

December 23 in the Marguerite I attform- Officers of the

Duval Armory along with erly of Charleston HOLD class are as follows
s. will be the Guest FIRST SESSION-Members of the Florida Busi
other select Rufus D. Brown
ladies. S Hodel.Jennie Hemingway ness College's recently elected Student Council .
take out from their supervision of Crawford-
extra curri-
Miss Marilynn Elaine McCoyformerly of vice
president Louis
cular activities ;
for their first
pose officialpicture.Shown
GeorgetovnS.C. will
is the ,
Wesley daughter Hysmith
of Mr.and Mrs.Frederick be fashion C mentator. standing front row from left are secretary;

A. Wesley, Sr., of 2014 Artist J.irloyd Smith, Francina TrippIda JacksonVera Dye, committee Sandra Bailey. ,uliat. *
baritone formerly ofGeorgetownS chairmanAlwenia Lawrencechaplainand Helen .
Davis Street.She was an secretaryEvelyn Lat-
.C. will Perry reporter. MIDDLE From leftCharles Anderson -
honor graduate of Boylan Q. imer, treasurer;Erne-
Haven Schoolwhere she T sing.Fashions designed Florina Hepburn,Clara Farm,secretary. frothy stine Dickerson, reporter -

was outstanding: home- MARILYNN E. WESLEY by Samuel Mas on,one Newellassistant secretary. and Milton Lewis ; James Smith,
of New York's de- Third Row from leftLafayette McBride, Coleman I
making activities. Marilynn was also active top chaplain; Frederick
sigoersi+i71 be shown JacksonVice preside Willie Armstrong, Robert
with the local Y-Teens, being a charter member Harper, business man-
by Masons Models. BlackPresident, and Crosby Hanna ParBa'n tarianWomen's :
of Olivia Baldwin ITeen.Club. and served as agerTonya Toneyyearbook
State President of Y-Teens of Florida. Chapter members are, editor;Harry;
Presently, Miss Wesley is attending E dward Douglas BrownDorothy I mona, assist. editor;
Waters College although she is a former studentof G. Owens, WilhelmeaaU1merNathaaiel Jaxon Holds FAMU Awaits i and Eddie Swain, lergeantatanns -

Hampton Institute. Moses .
Miss Margelene Jennings, daughter of Mr. and Mary: A. Chapnan John First Chair In Ghana Official

Mrs. C. W. Jennings of Orlandois a sophomoreat Sulton, Clarence Lee, CouncilAnniversary; In.
Spelman College, Evelyn Batts, BarbaraJ FAMU UnitsHenry TALLAHASSEE major Bridge Club

Atlanta, Georgia. She OvensBessie Wise, address, a visit with
attended elementary and and Barbara Bennett. Governor LeRoy Col- Has Meeting

junior high school in lins, a receptionat
Orlando, and completedher WASHINGTON, D.C.-The tendance at a football

high school training 1 Former B C National Council of gameand a press con- MrsJLnnie Bell Frazier -
at Maggie Walker : Negro Women will open ference are among the entertained the Los

High School, Richmond, ; Teachers Will its 25th Annual Con- U highlights of activities Diamontes Brid g e Clubat

Virginia.While at Maggie vention in New York scheduled for His its recent meeting.

JUalker High she was a Be Honored CityNovember 9thwithan Excellency William M. Guest prizes were won

member of the Jack and L. .. Anniversary Party Q. Halm, Ghana ambas- by Mrs. Lillian Davis
Jills, Inc.Y-Teens and for Charter. Members sador to the United and Mrs. Doris Bennett.
the Dramatics Club. DAYTONA BEACHThe who met there a quarter Stat ,when he visits Club awards went t o

Margelene hobbies are MARGELENE JENNINGS E.P.Jones EducationalAssociation century ago to found the Florida A. and M. Mrs. Gladys Bryant and
reading, drawing and dramaticsand her ambitionis of Bethune the organization.Morethan University campusNo Miss Juanita Wright.
to become a social worker. Cookman College announces 20 of the original vember 10-12. During another recent
Miss Jennings paternal grandparents are Mrs.M. the American 35 founders: are expected TentativelyGovernorCollins gathering of the club,
L. Jennings and the late Rev.J.D. Jennings.Her Education Week Cele to be honoredat will receivethe Mrs. Gladys Bryant was
maternal grandparents are Mrs.Isolene Van- bration starting SuadayNov. the opening session ambassador in his hostess. Mrs. Marjorie

derhorst and the late B.C.Vanderhorst.She spends: 6 at 3 p. m. of the Convention to Capitol Building executive Gilmore was winner of
her suczners in Jacksonville. in the College Audi- be held at the Conmo- offices a t the guest prize and.

torium. :dore Hotel throughSundayNovember : A. Mack, well 3:00p.m. on Thursday, the club prize went to'

Back to "Florida Classic"activities jie.couldn't Miss Elaine George, 13th. known :in local musical I Ii November 10.University !ire Johnnie Bellamy and
begin to mention all the visitors 1 who gathered. program chairmanystated "Women of Africa and i circles since his : president George W. Juanita Wright.

in Jacksonville for the second major sports that the program on African ncestry"will child prodigy years, GoreJr. will accamAmbassador hiss

event of the" season. However, we recognize the Sunday having as its be tte theme of an International was the recipient of pany Halm. : Wedding Bells
bonfire held at the Lincoln Golf and Country theme"Serious Students Luncheon! I additional honors recently
Stronger Schools which will highlight i Send or Brinsj Your N ews
when he was Douglas S. Thompson 337
Club Friday.:evening" as official "starter" of will honor the following activities of the Con- selected a sHeadQuartermaster la To 1)eFLORIDA Spruce St., 37 and Ammle L.
festivities" many bonfire participants retired teachers: vention T hM r s day. of Fla.A Lawson, 337 Spruce St., 35.
arrived ,at the] plub via the "Hospitality Roam Miss H. Evelyn Bonner, "Higher Horizonsnwill & H University'sfamed STAR Ardis and Z. Walker, 1079 Langxton
St., 36 Gloria M. Reed, 1079
at Astor MotelvVhere Charles Smith and D. C. 50 years of service; be emphasized on Armistice marching band. Langston St., 23. .

Collington,were in charge of affairsand the Mrs. Evelyn Joyner,40years ywith delegates In his new post, Mr. Main Office & Plant Jay Thomas, 2070 Lewis St, 23

patio of Mr. -and Mrs. Isadore Singleton. ; Mrs. Melissa discussing Mack has been given MONCRIEF W and Matilda Carr, 936 W. MonroeSt.
Among the Country Club crowd we found not only Patterson,41 yearsMrs methods of strengthening three assistants.In 2323 21.Lotus. '
Simmons, Jr, 2213 Lewis
those celebrating in anticipation of the big Charlie Ray'Thompson, the Negro familyin addition to his Nu 13th Street St., 21 and Julia A. Leroy, 2123
game the next evening, but local coaches in a 38 years; Mrs. Eliza the com. munity, new dutiesMr.Mack is Run St. 15. .
party re-hashing .a high school game held1 'Staples, 32 years;Mayo economics,ciTil rights first clarinetist: with -
earlier. Naturally, Mr. and Mrs. Julian Walton D. Staples, 28 years; employment and housing. the famed FAMU "100"
were on this party, along with other jubilant Mrs. Edna E. Williams, The women will get marching band and is
Northwesternaires. 40 ;years Mrs. Wilhel- first-hand: information bassoonist with the
The H. James Greens were hosts to a party mina Hill,52 years;Mrs by visiting stock exchanges institution's equally

held immediately after the big game Saturday.T. Beatrice Bostic, 32, housing projects prominent concert
J. Crawford and Daniel W. Walker of South years Mrs. D.E.Benbow, and other sitesor orchestra.His .
Carolina Statehouse guests Mr. and Mrs.Greeneand agencies concerned past accomplishments -
participants at the party were in the city 33 yearsMrs. Lucille with the subjects dis- in local musical

as representatives of S.C. State's President. S. Holmes, 30 years; cussed. circles are already -may M1( ..eooZ
Another interesting party was that held in Seth L.Gore,19 years Leaders of the 22 widely known since the
the Magnolia Gardens home of Frank Hampton. and Mrs.Mary: E.lrottie Affiliated Organ tender age of nine HEADACHE, POWDERS 5

Although- was our misfortune to miss this 38 years. zations,Local Councils years when he first

'affair, we have heard from several sourcesthatit Roland W. Rogers and Cooperating Woaen's 'assumed the coveted POW.D.IItI 0.e fZ
was carried out in grand style. principal,Booker High. Organizations will be position as organist f'OWDitts. &B..e>W POWDna 40.

School, Sarasota, who guests at the Presi- of Free Will Baptist

The "Florida Classic" had its effect on local is a graduate o f dent's Reception on Church which he still ELECT GRETCHEN CARPENTERSchool
clubs to the extent that most regular meetingswere BethuneCookman will Friday night.A dramatic maintains during the
postponed or held earlier in the week. be the main speaker musical presen- college vacationmcctfas I.
Board, Dist. 1
Such was the case of The Gem who mat at The Music will be furnished tation by VoicesInc. During his freshman 7
Country Club Monday evening.Miss Marian Sutton by the Bethune win bs' a highlight year at FAMUMack won Find out what's going on in your

Mrs. Lydia Sweet, Mrs. Lillian Davis, and Mrs. Cookman College Choir. of the .event. the vaunted "Most Outstanding ::.i school system.
Why art we building experimental
Susie Thompson are- the new addition to this Freshman" a- .. ';.JJ gym floors, but going without text
group. Y..D.sH.nNWNTmf.CN.LOW ward and during his books in our classrooms?
Mrs. Joyce Loa and Mrs. Alvenia Scriven second year, missed .1 Why. are there empty classrooms in
winners. PRICES. the : i- Duval County today?
were prize winning signal
7. .. :.. : has.
McIntoshMrs.George NairnandMrs. honor < : Why the school .board whitewashed
Mrs. Charles B. again by only
otf'&T the activities" the maintenance

William Bernard Langley were hostesses. three votes. f ,department., Ss
local Silhouettes .Thursday evening at a meeting OIlY. For his outstanding Why don't your officials publish an
held at Butter'Ford's on East Union Street. academic workHrJiack accounting of the Instructional fees
Mrs Gloria Parson, vice president, presided, DRUG .STORE NEEDS. has received sa additional colected'from! you'each school terfr?

over the business session Other members" present scholarship Why must we 'pay full! -timm bookkeepers In very. school to
.included Mrs. Florine T. Smith, Mrs. Josephine T....WIlt T..,..,.........Dr..fiat '. and is now in. his keep internal accounts, which .are never seen by the public?
Jefferson, Mrs. Dorothy SweetMrs.ALaa Johnson .Wl WILL MHT ANY t WCS A YWTtt IN.YOU. LOCAL PATHS. junior year at the Why are our termite-ridden school' buildings being repairedwith
We sd -We AIle.M Al DeetW****** .
Mrs. Hannah M. Jones, Mrs. Mary V. Floyd, *s. university as, a Basic green wood? .

Hade si ah "Dullard, and Hra* Betty H. Howard. major. -TAKE POUTIC. *.OUT OF YOU ScHooL'SYmM.
Dixie Pharmacy >. -
If wo seem a bit dull, remember we are stillfeeling

the sting qf &MUta nRattlers,"ftlt&eqsh ..... Elect Gretchen Carpenter Your DuvaLCountySchool
relieved ., 1H1 KINCft MAD..MYftTU AVttiU .
the pain was greatly by the preaeaceiof .
( Nov/ii
PH"aJ-.a.t7.f.I .
Board. Member,, Dist. 1. :
I, so many fellow Cirolimiaoa We were .p r- ... .
'ticularly happy to greet our good friend sad a You Can Vote for Carpenter. REGARDLESS of Party AffiliatfonPd. .
former "Bulldog" coach, OUi Daarsoa.slc&cvithcoaches a ,. ... & ...... Pol. Adv.
I William B, Harris, Joe Richie, Eddie AT OUR STOP CAII'IIS 01, COMPOUND

Martin, and W. Tbrrey. I w'


: I

____ .


Saturday, November 5, 1960 THE FLOHIDA STAR i.,,,;-,, .. __ __ PAGE FOUR

Yi. f ..
;- _.
I Women Groups **fct5?** <'C "

Plan FNI Day ?B." .'y.i
: : :

.. Under Mrs.HB the leadershipof Miller, _, ; CHURCH NEWSMrs.

and 'Mrs.A.L. Dean o f I' ,,.,.flt-. ....' '. .' ,, ,.
I' ""'''
d Sebring, the women of < '('! + '
: .
the Senior and Junior + :i tA' ;-Fi t.ft< '

Worren Conventionsaux
iliaries to the Progressive ;: .' '"j' J. T. McMillan of Grant Memorial Church

uApt3.stConvention state. '. will be speaker during morning worship when the
of Florida women of Union Ccranunity ChurchBeaver and

recently launced their I ;J Eaverson Sts., observe annual Women's Day Sun-
contributional drive day, Nov. 13. Mrs. Hicks and Mrs. L. Grimes

for the Annual "Dona- 4 are. chairman of supervising committees.
-:10: *
tion Day for Florida
!Worr.alllwhich is sche- rt -
The RobertaMartin Singers of ChicagoIllinoiswill
D + duled to beheld on
the campus of the ; be featured during "Everybody's Revival
School ov.l7beg1xrx rg a Meeting" which starts Nov. 13 ar Day Spring

at 10 a.n. Baptist Church starting with mo. nin/ worship

Each year the women services.
with the assistance of
the churches ani their '
pastors from various The 9th annual convocation of Apostol_a Churchof
1 A Up of th o'''riprt Cap tot
the state God in Christ Commandant Keepers -s now in
.. b I 11 tttttUmdtBf ynaj sections of ,
I Anurlcuu; who makt 11&r contribute large sums session in State Temple, 2082 Benedict Road.
country tad oar eaauanftUjr Elder James Coleman of is
a bettor platt in*L\eh to lirt. of money and thousand Virginia teaching
*. of dollars i n foods Bible lessons daily from 7 until 8 p. m. The

and other useful comodities. program may be heard over local radio station
** *
Sunday M.C.H. is
!! every morning. Bishop Cooper
*. The program: isa Tri- host pastor.Registration.
State novement spon- ANNIVERSARY---frs. t Mildred: Jordan will te specia guest when the An- # # *
gelite Gospel Singers celebrate their second
I sored by the!assiona.rJworl anniversary Sunday Nov.
*-. s'ovary and Educational 1 starts at 8:30 p.m. The public is invited., Kany ether groups from the which begin Nov. 18, are now being held at the
will on the First Church of Science. Courses
Convention of West city appear program.. Metaphysical
will include General l-etaphysicsPracticalPsy-
Florida, the General -,. chology, Pastoral Theology,and Mental Efficiency
District Thirteen
Baptist Convention Inc Hibiscus Garden Circle \ Mental Hygiene and Mental Developement
1 and the Progressivestate *., AnniversaryNovember

.. 1 Podies. Elects ..t'Ht: ,: -r::: :H'Jnt... -: ::
To assure success and At Fall MeetThe 8
THEODOSIA F. JONfib .. interesteach associa-
New Stanton The Younr People's Department Junior Choir o f-
tional districtwiththe Mt. Calvary Baptist
Hibiscus Garden Circle held their fir Vusacale!: Fa-
s tj Church's District 13 St.Paul ATI?; Church will sponsor
Tribute is paid to various presidents fall in the home of Mrs. Berry ;
meeting lovely will observe its anniversary shioneet en Women Day, I I'ov. 13.
Theodosia of the 12th designated ,Sheffield, U92 W. 10th Street. |
member TTov.8 i n the
grade. She a Gorgeous flower arrangements for Re-Halloweer : ::**:: -t. --H:,HH *-
of the Honor Society, I* responsibility. The The table church auditorium with
season were displayed. dinning room
and of work has beenso the Rev.G.W.Currypastor -
LasRossa Fame plan
Modernistic Teens and designed t o rake was covered with beautiful French lace clot h, of Friendship Bap- Time and place for the dual appearance and program -
Shiloh Baptist Church. this year's contribu- centered with yellow roses and glads arrange : tist Church, AtlanticEeachdelivering of the Cs of Chicago,111.and the Zionetts
in unique candelabra. Others were: All green the of HattiesburgMiss.who will appear in the cityon
tion.... the rreatest ever. arrangement in hall entrance; yellow glads and Nov.20 will be announced.
** * .-:rs.r''11-er and Mrs.Dean in containers annual seraon.
chrysanthemums arranged pumpkin ;
.... j are both appealing Choir land 'Usher
of confederate
an arrangement roses on cocktail
to the ministers Board 1 and congrega- Organ: DedicationAt Men's
.: table. These were done by Mrs. Sheffield and ..DaySunday
"J tion w ill
f.rJOSEPH to exercise their personal accompanythe
Mrs. Grant her sister.
interest in the pastor, Rev. VT.M. Sweetfield At
worthwhile .Mary-Todd McKenzie ments aid Flower Show. Hill to Second Faptist
.. project. ,a great religious, The President is ask Dedication servicesfor West Union
Local chairmen for '
civic and educational Church for services
the East Florida and' ing that each,member its new organ will Annual n's Tar'prCran -
leader of our ccramuni- make effort tc Nov. relative to the held Sweetfield ..
Bethany Baptist Asso- special be at ,- at :est'hcrt : Baptist -
ty installed t he officers attend this meeting so pastor's anniversar;'. Church
ciationand the 1.lddle Baptist SundayNov. "htrch will b e
c' Florida and Clay County for 19601961who as to make final plans 13 at 3 p. m. celebrated :inda": 'ov.
are as followsMrs.T.J. :' for the Flower Show.GOSPEL First Timothy'sAutumn
T. MMLLAN Association, are; Pastor's anniversary 20Deacors Coward! De-
,. New Stanton I Irs.M"Johnson, l s..K.Gibson TysonPresident SINGERS t TeaA program has been set voe and '.TLlie green,
11 ;. ,and Mrs. ; Mrs. E u ge n qSealsVicePresident BLUES SINGERS! for Nov.7.Contestants chairman and co-chad
Pepsi Cola Dealers ;, benefit Autumn Tea for "Miss Sweetfield"
Janie Phillips of Hi- ran,respectively, an-
Wanted for RecordingI
"salute Joseph of the bernia. Mrs. Martin Williams, : for First Timothy Bap are: Mrs. Annie Bell rounced.iach service

,*Student Council and Gifts from friends of 2nd Vice-Pr sid n t'';' Get information on tist Church will b e BennettMrs. Mary Mc- twill be featured by a

*Band. He is a memberof other areas will b e Mrs. Thelma Crockett, making records with -held at the home o f CrayMrs.Minnie Whit- well planned pro:"ran! ,

Grant Memorial AMB appreciated. SecretaryMrs. SallyeMathisTreasurerMrs. nationwide promotion. Mr.and Mss.} B.D.Bellamv fieldMrs.Rosa Grant, the officers stated.
Church and the youth Write for details. 1303 W.32nd St.No".13fro Mrs.Vivian L. Jenkinsand c Public i s cordially

*choir.Hobbies are Art, CHOICE RECORDS -*- 4 to f> p.m.A pro- Miss Gloria Single
*music and swinming. Simpson Cites G .H.HamiltonChap1ain; Box 5021 A.-NewarkNJ. pran will be presentedand ton. Coronation cere-

** Mrs. Wesley Johnson, the public is in- monies will feature invited.VOTE
Loyalty Day Flower Show Chairman; (D.J.ts: Write if you vted. this program.

I Mrs.Grayce M.Batemany are not on our list)
Loyalty Day will be Reporter. After the
observed Sunday at
? discussion of the Fall
Simpson MethodistChurchRev.O.A.Burns Flower Show, a d e-j

licious repass vas PREMIER MEAT MARKETS
.* pastor All members, announced.of the served by the hostess,

y z church are expectedto Mrs. Sheffield. W e

show their loyalty were happy to have,
during services which Mrs. Thelma S.. Small ;), FOUR MORE BIG DAYS-NOV. 2-3-4-5

begin with Sunday join our Circle.Novembermeeting. j SORRY WE COULD'NT ACCOMODATE

School at 9:30 a.m. wi3j' THIS ALL OUR CUSTOMERS LAST WEEK.
be held in the home REPEAT SALE !
WAKUAKhT MJ iutr with the superintendent -
New Stanton and staff. in of .J.L.Terry 117 IS A The demand WII greater than wa anNci at.d. Wt
Durkee Drive,TuesdayNovember had only' 70 cattle. We now have plenty to serve JOU'SWIFT'S
Margaret is a,member 'if charge.The combined 8that 8p.m SELECT
of the 12th grade has- choirs Roll Call: Discus

roan where she serves will service furnish musicfor Thanksgiving Arrange Truck Load Sale 39CZ
as secretary.She ,is a *' BABY BEEF A'c.W.ihl12SLhL
member, of the Honor by Justice The Davis, Saint Paul Slates 7 Ay,. Prlc. $50.00 V &
organist. pastor
SocietyAnnual and Mt. Olive Staff Church,' will deliver the sermons Rev. King Sunday w. Cut it-You wrap it for your freezer. Limit Vi beef to a customer at this low price.Save 1Oc Ib.by wrapping,ounelfWHOLE

A both
Hobby is sewing.' during major

** *' services.The MXF meets. at Rev.R.A. King, pastorof
Payne Chapel A M E
with the president in FRESH Avg.Waight60to70lbs. 37!
Listenjo PepsiMusicQuest charge.A fine program Churchwill be featured PIGS Avg. Prict $20.00 Cut
in an after service
for Freezer
Friday has been arranged. As your
program Sunday :in benefit ,
this is the first. Sunday -
Nibs 10:3010 11:00 of annual Women's
Holy Communion .
For Phone'Requests will be given at both Day.Mrs.J.W. :alker and Fresh Ground Who! or half Slab, Country Cured & fe _

,** EL 6-0461-2 morning services.This is also and the evening last Krs.B.McKeever sponsors. are HAMBURGER 311'1 00 SMOKED BACON( l 33 d-

ti Sunday before the annual Usher Board In L,.
conference' and -

all groups are expected AnniversaryFirst Dubkigut,Old Ftsnientd U.S. Government
to make full reports ,
t* .Members are reminded anniversary observance c Graded49SMOKED GLB.

that this will of then Board SAUSAGE39 CLUB

be their,last opportunity 4 of Emanuel B a pti s t .
to do so before Church will be celebrated

the annual conference Tuesday at 8 p.m.in No Phone Order* No Deliveries at Jhue Low,Low Price*
the church "auditorium.Rev.B.L.lynn .
Beaten of* ACHE N.Nre,.... ,hM.,. congregation and choirs .
I'ee 41 .
JeebeavIHe (.ruse....m.au reo or ..........UI...ill...to of Abyssinia Baptist 311 EAST THIRD STREET .wow 3111 EMERSON SOUTHSIDI, '>j" ; -
b Church will supervise ;

fM+.......i'Ad OIIA.JIL' services. .' M77 LEM TURNER GOAD FOOT OF IEAVER SL' VUOUOT : ;,
-- ... f VIIW ,?...,,;, ;'j,r,,,,,)
t", '.
I .... -'. "; .. "
; "
." ',
:.-"" \-.Jt-----. Zr .. : ? .




"Saturday, November 5, 1960 THE FLORIDA STAB PAGE FIVE

I 1'' About People .I Housewife ..Winning Support- instructional collected from fees you -in"strange"the school operations system. $300 versity each, and were sentan-fined '

ced to fJJ
each days in jail-
In Bid For School BoardMrs. school term? women's Civic organizations clubsMothers'and following City court,
WHY must'Vs
N pay Dads'- Clubs and convictions ordistuiv';
J'r-s.Rosalee V/ooten of ?211 Myrtle was recently time
taken ill and is now confined in Brewster Hospital. Gretchen Carpenter, a Jacksonville house- bookkeepers in P.T.A. groups workingfor bin; the fcea.ce.
wife has decided it's time for the mothers and every school to keep the election of The
.She is a F-e!'ber of Ht. Zion AMS Church. internal Student demonstrators
fathers to do something about the rotten setup accounts, Mrs Carpenter are had filed
:::: -p': ::******* in the Duval school system. which are never seen urging Jaxons to vote
The California-born by the public? and help elect the VOTE'COUNTY WIDE FOIt'"

The First hour Accounting Class of Florida Business housewife who holds a Y WHY are our teraite- Republican Candidate
College is sponsoring a -fashion and talent B.S. degree from the ridden school build- for > i School Board.
show,SundaY Nov.6,.Various talents and fashions University of Cali- ings being repaired -
fro around town wilL be presented. I f anyone fornia i s seeking A with green wood? Taihr.assee $ItnS
wishes to participate contack Miss Bernice Sim- election
mons at EL in 4-0177.The public is cordially in- Board, A former Personnel Jaii Turms Upheld' Iir LPftAMC
has come Director for a Depart- ,
vited to attend.
****'f-***********" ,BPHf- pertinent t i ment Store and a one TALLAHA5shConvic r
WHY are ..t time Women's Editor tions of 13 i Negro and ,;:;:'.
Wilier Recreation CenterThird and M t .Herman for a daily newspaper, white sit-ins were upheld -
Sts.will feature a Homemakers Achievement Day floors, Mrs.Carpenterthe mother: by Circuit Judre
under sponsorship of the Duval County Home Demonstration without whitewashed'Y of three thildren is Ben Willis last week P, KINO DE
Council Saturday from 10 a.m.until in our of winninj heaving support who ruled that the F.
from large numbers of REVITALIZEDUVAL
2:30 p.m. WHY are de- foolworth storj co:.3/1
who feel it is. -'e"'
J axons so tcseve anyone. COUNTY
#HHHTheta time a woman,without it choose.
county: (Mil Service
your of political ties be The s it-ins,eipht Negroes -
Psi Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity WHY has an elected to help cean mostly students
will observe annual National Achievement Week, board of the up the disorder and from Florida ARM Uni-
Nov.13 at Edward Waters College.. Program startsat
4 p.m.

n .rn Don't Be MisledDon't! Be Fooled!'

Les Trieze Ames are making plans 'for their an-
Debutante affair slated for Dec.23'a t Duval .
County Armory. members of Jax younger s e twill .
be presented to society. Numerous socialsare

now being presented JHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHJ-their honor.O.BSS.S f..... EXPERIENCE COUNTS!

Abyssinia's ...., ,
Club .. ,t
,. }iyr t,

Ih Tea SundayMrs. ActivitiesAnnounced :r zc .aaS.f

.. .. .. .. {'f
Limbric ::X ; : : : ,
Carolyn x.:. i., }w r 3 v..n(. k < ., ,
.... ::..: y ;'F{';+':%i>:a}t: C>::r: ;:yY .a, { : ; y.
F45 l/.15th St. ,is hos- Service for Sundayat brl. : W'wr 1ar
tess for the Orange Abyssinia Baptist ::{zc,., .r:..,..7s'iv i
J; ;:..p... .rvi .:.
Blossom Social Savings Church will commence .y '.:J'h rt:.} e!.a' ..q rrla'3+r :::+. ::: ar.> f i
Club tea which will be with Sunday School at :., :Tir:!k3:!' ".:iL'.,V:..:...%?.::s.'.r.::;: r. ; 4
held starting from 4pm 9:30 a. m. with the ..H
Sunday.Mrs. superintendent,Deacon :' .::::>
Doshie Tillman W. ,R. McNeal and .:,'.....1
will serve as mistresso teachers in charge.At <:
f ceremonies for the 11 o'clockTesti-.
pr gram which has already monial service with
been prepared. the pastorRev.B. L. .a., .,,Cy 'v. .j
is.; .. ':6o;
Participants will include Wynn delivering the "ky.a { 5 ::: ,,:ba. '\
the Gospel Crusaders sermon,assisted by the '{+N c,+ ,
,Mrs.Earlie Tae! Al officers in charge. ):' j }+T"'s {bG
varenzMiss Rose Marie Communion services
Jones,James Henry Gil- take place at .4 p.m. 4
lard,Daniel Webster, Sermon will be delivered 1 :
Hiss Yvonne Cottonllis3 bythe pastor. .
Delores ,/fa tson. All classes will serve. 3" N1RMW !.M I :; it' iG>f 5r :.: ;

The Sunday School nv .;}{:J:xi.v.,v.
English Teachers chorus will meet Saturday { .: .
at 5:30 for
p.m. ; a Sw1
p Q.y 7 fy ,.v. ':N'' .' ?
Members of : :
Cancer Meeting rehearsal. SrW. C:a} %l .iY!vii: .4 ,
the Red Circle and '
all persons desiring
Dr. Beulah B. Carr, _
membership are requested : ;::
prosraii chairman -
announces to meet at
the cancellation 5:30 pm in the church
of the November auditorium
11 and 12 sessions of The pastor is requesting -
Florida Council of all membersof
Teachers of English. District 9 to meet
Reason for the can- with him MondayNov.9at
cellation is that invited 8
p.m. '
participants and Mrs. A.B. Gardner 'SkN r : x.Y
consultants cannot attend .<
on, those dates.Anew reporter.
date has been set.


SEASONS ICE ft FUEL 60.| Eight years' experience in the President's Seven years' experience as United States
I Ambassador to the United Nations .0. .
Cabinet in The National Security Council i

in the United States Senate- "America's Voice to the World"


No other man in our history has bt n as well prepared There is hardly a man alive with a better working
We Need A'Man To Do for the Presidency as Richard Nixon. Working closely knowledge of Communism and its threats than Henry

with President Eisenhower, he'has learned firsthand Cabot Lodge. As America's highly respected spokes-
Something For The PeopW the intricate duties of the Nation's highest office.As.the man at the U. N.for the past seven years,the Communist -

most active Vice President ever, he has proven time challenge has been his primary concern. And time

7'r.;: after time, at home and abroad, that he has the skill. after time,in his forceful and articulate manner he has '
and the courage to solve any challenge that may arise. thwarted Communist attempts at world domination.Richard ,

.: ELECT Nixon does not have to grow up to the job. k There can be no more important issue than world ,

He has lived with it for, eight years. And because experience peace. And once again, because experience counts, ;.;

< J.. EDWARD "ED"MUSSER counts,Richard' 01\fa America's chief hope Henry Cabot Lodge is Richard Nixon's perfect partner ,

: : I:-';=_ in.the critical h a years ahead. .:, for peace. *.... 10I p.-
.. \ '.
4 \



and LEADERSHIP : they understand what peace demands;


STATES RIGHTS-A STRONG AMERICA'N1XONLODGE..MUSSER Stop Letting Florida Democrats Push You Around ;i -
(Pal Political Ad.etia eeaU '

I / J L Defeat The Party of Burns and Bryant .... j ': ::

.0'- ....-_ .'

< ( tIII I
November 5, 196f THE FLOWDA'STAE PAGE !SIX

: .. ,-

T.stirnonlalDinner Nov. 21- NAACP Jackie Bats NixonLodgeSTUMPING AACP Talks '


i Fall Or. Mordecai Johnson Aids turn.! Closedy/ /

D.C.Howard University officials r N.wsm

todq announced plans for a testimonial: dinner Bias Victims (l '

in honor of Dr. Mordecai W. johnsonvho retiiv ,

I ,ed as president o'f the University in June following DELANIPSuccessful; !

: 34 years in office. The dinner scheduled SOMERVILLE, TENN., A 1 -' : efforts to havw 'news-

for 8 p.m. )Monday November 21st at he' moving van of food and '.. A barred
men fro m a
Sheraton Park Hotel. clothing for Ne gro hearing involving a

Tickets for the dinner chased by writ in g to I residents of surrounding I r. pending integrationsuit

are priced a t the Johnson lestiironial Fayette Coun- in Federal court

$8.50, and may be pur- Dinner Coaidttee, Howard ty, arrived' here this, Jacksonville instituted -
week fran the Bronx
.Wash ,
last week by
HarassmentTampa ington 1, B.C. Additional N.Y. NAACP. ;i. two NAACP attorneys
information: It is part of the here.

formation may b e obtained Association's nation- r The two NAACP attoiv

By by calling DU- wide drive to aid vic- neysFrancisco Rodriguez -

Police Cited pont 7-6100extension I tims of intimidations, Tampa and
threatsreprisals and
518.A Constance Motley o f
national committee violence in Hay wood
New York represent a
By CitianHenry of some 40 distinguished and Fayette countieswho group of repress from,

-.--.. citizens was named attempted to reg- the Halifax area seeking -

Cabot Lodge Bo- today by University iester and vote. integration o f
hler,35and local elec- Bronx NAACP members
officials to serve ascosponsors teachers and schoolsin
trician reported responsible for the STUMPING TOUR stop for baseball star and business and civic figure George
with the
Jackie Robinson Biltmore hotel Sevelle left. Volusia County.
was press Robinson is touring country
"harassment" b y local Howard board of trust- shipment were Mrs. conference where he meets GOP assembly in support of Nixon-Lodge ticket. Defending echo o 1

police while he was onhis ees of the dinner.Co- LaRuth Carson, chairman ((55th district) candidate Ben Peery, right board members had issued -

way to appear in a chairmen of the national I ,and Mesdames Maggie invitations t o

federal court integra- committee Mrs. McRaeGirtie COOn, Fair
are Play Committee Rally To CubaNEW press representatives
- ion hearing. Eleanor Roosevelt of Lillian DeCosta, Lest to the hearing but

When asked about the New York City and Lo- WilliamsCarol Manningand YORK--More than unanimously approved I the reporters were

Burnside rimer D.Milton of At- Mary Johns on Low, 1500 Americans a resolution demanding Carleton Deals, Dean unable to attend the
case Judge call-
lanta.Milton is president. of'Hands of U.S. Latin Ant c ri- session when the
said that he followedthe president ed by the N.Y. Chapter a policy
of the Citizens Additional committee of the Fair off Cuba". can correspondentsandI.F.Stone plaintiffs' lawyers
policy changingthe Play
charges when Trust Company and members were Messrs. For Cuba Committee,.to; Speakers at the rally publisherof protested.

chairman of the boardof Henry Jones, CrawleyHunt were: Leo Hubcrmanco I.F. Stone's Weekly -
amended by officers. I a public rally at Manhattan -
Circuit trustees at Howard. and Bennie B u t- author of Cuba: Anatomy .
Judge Harry Ier. 'Centcrtdnight
stated that when a ceo I o(a llcvoluti on,

plaint was amendedit -

; y: k 'S'M .0 yJO' ,
to ) A..ny
was customary give P C ,,'v. 'S.'a' 4 4wsi

the defendant proper V '' .
: J0: f. ++
time in which to ans-
wer it.Saying. ', '
) '
'yF V ic :4
that he triec .. f,. ; vK..a ".y .:2 df.I .
f ? )
to "block"t h e amen-

dentBohler said that

he had failed.

Other Negroes in the

suit ched for couldn't. comment be,rea-but I IIl.wt "III ID\ 0.1'111121111.\ I

Henry BOhler,27, alsoan 1iI __.JM !
electrician, said

hat he hadn't beenha-:

rassed.Boh1.er,reporting' that, WinMfl6iOFmE I IN.LAEiCtoW

he was stopped r local

police onfour separate OneCmBeYWRSJ
occasionssaid that he
was driving a truck -AND Ml MEW CAW.mi mtfa.' t '

with his name printedon laxujeahntlJcancvfoxf WORLD'S MOST GLAMOROUS

it when he was stop- ddfand to winners'boa>es1

ped by "courteous" local x o w a o T a U.,,o1EW.,r s.r..

thing.charge police him \'ho with"didn any tt" ... *;:- 1961 CARS ... 0

Explaining that .h $ All A tOAUO Tr:ta B*....Cu .......
JAGUAR XX Tea I..1*.

wasn't his complaining"harassment"about 0tlfftEt tUIOC nantcellla N.r tovicta Tar 4-Or.4"0 I "' 1000 other great prizes, too! 1061 chances for you to win!

Bohler stated that hexpected e
oIDIMOatl+acolYRTI 4. r.......
such occuren-l IOaOMAm........-tr_c:.+,
RAT 14001......
ces following inte- CIIRTSI.IIt........4-Or......

gration suit. DAIMIU.wise...114.eN. AtiW........ POLAROID ooatAttucmc
Bohler was one of the DllOfO 6.Or............. .-. p4 500 CAMERAS 0 ,, : 500 TRANSISTOR
roNnAC......___c.... RADIOS +wAustw.NIAUT
L ..... ,
D.tm .
Negroes who filed pro- ;
MEIcIy......,4-Or.N-i/. .
tests over segregation PONTIAC Star CkUl. StwfSW.. *K4 p 1 ':
of the c i t y1s playgrounds OOOOE MOAPOHCC rmm V .4r.Itarri**
S MMtiM. ,
WICK..S.....!*..N..... ? 3a a Jr *$*'Yr r
and recreationareas. MHCURT......,MO A J>r.......... !. rH* -
f H
ChIe.Ie Tw Victefte }
"TMount**,** $...... ;' .
His complaint was CMVIOUT........ -P... r.STUDOAKU .w..... BiGCASHBQHUS s"MWIiaa F
*CYIOt11q.d.s....adw a '" -;
given after a local (6J c.e.: .6.Or.w.... xtraS500!,
TIaaMlN'.1 eM, .
ut U Set Auk?
.judge1 altered a traffic ODG1 Derr......v..2-Or.lIT 4
.. .
Ai$ s.-
charge in which it ct,-. I_ ....-,..
fOlD.......HI .
would have been impossible PLTIIOUnI........lIMIt c.... & \ ..
.. y
IAMIUa R.h. w1 4-Or.s a, .
to Ii'a ve found IINAUlr c.-.n.......
him guilty. 0 Ufk K....6.Or.
Charged by local police VOtVOM4VOr.S.-.
with speeding, STVOUAKII UAC..rf 4-Br.
Bohler showed the L (S...f.uaUla .. :v.owowT .
Judge wherein it would HIU.M.UI C..._NN.0.1.. ,
"'Mount v. 4-Or.5MM
have been impossible coavAJa DeIae .
'ALCON 6.Or..... P,
for police; officer to COMO
UMILU ... .. -Pi.WVAUXMA11 .... L
have charged him with Vk.M 4o: nation
MOUI.'OOO4oDr.. ; i
speeding. IIMCAANMe.. .
Although ,the officer
p&tf 4 xtno tires for eoch Ct1Iamo.tIlWfICflSIIIM.
agreed with the defen- pler

lantthB judge. changedthe whbewol,bya txyf A
charge and Bohler

was found guilty and EVAPORATED

fined. I' M1LIC.

Officers Dogs rrs

Ne BrigMIt)COCpktov, CAKNATMN CVAPOtAm MIUC-take lOte cream,pass Oka ereua,
Nab Robbers N.2! Ial"hi wrt..11',Camatlon'way ta wiiip i iri the BUOtrwi can_BkeeMam-with tt the fat ealertavrrlTumli
.. CAWUHON MSTANT NONFAT MT JKUC-ttto..the"MA k 07wtaW"I..tp.
!? ? V 'Ti tX! Tnmrillan Ia unt.the lartutttara<.Iwaw tor 4rtatt> .- --.
.... j '
M&ondCornolUnlrtfhatltfMwo ....
Ie........fua InIw the CAIaaII. CAAKAnONWSTAMTMALmaUUCCARnatlon !: MI
DE LEON SPIUN-Following '

two alleged Ibprglaries i CARnival SWEEPSTAKES OFFICIAL RULES I -----=--_-_..oJIItd. ----------..

here'Sunday.night pare eiese sad iiMi. .aas. ..nlmai. r>iT| rme wlnm. to .fiiittj. r1 = '.. yr ,
three Negroes .teo. _e'as'e. ..... 11M eddt... a ttgM.... a frCIIa ant bore ..AIQ'OIIe' III 1M throb.tabs er. J'ell1IQ
etrs 1IIaIE.. w .'b t+ pie:W k' "u.... r eh.:; '.u' .ter. ea..ot pesos ...... r .ee tfcta eHtrr blaak red .et addttiaBal entry web at pare aeear .....
'were apprehended by hoot algt.... :! i tnn ones whet. a..epEtalta AN a'CIIIttIItM I M/ore eMfltov fc*tare to r+.U Oe nriat.!to/t lead tot I
UIP.- Mal. hbtit
(a)The fraa any etae en eCAJUtATXON i o*a hv lav aM eeuitairMe (aa4 aiM iera e(
officers aided by dogs XVAFOftATXDW JI&Ia stwap.r..a tam thdr fimfltei>a xtt a.1I&Rr: too ds..aoaQdlteiat w aIIIU&Sita atfrertMac aceadat aM ..Q. --H,W a--a-1,
Coi table M.C.Bessin- ( Bio* MtdTftm aay KM tie ef Foet Office Box oa,ZXM AB. IMJud Ic D r ,paab.ab. I r c.I---- I
c.uNATIONIHST.un'NOHI'\l". SJS5aiWcS lJtelum'JSOCL!! Jlctto ...DcaIaia&.aca&a..aa.r. I
f oar MILK.w- : apNto.hi.1a we aa.ej.a..4. I
ger, reported. \ W I%>Mliaw*atA maha> CAX. !**, a4 ncdw4., .... Kldalxht De. taetantawMbeaakadthefoUowtn .oav Mime. "
NATION INSTANT DRY CHOOO. o1m0Ee* ag; maSt s :SD:*?toaetpeot three gradacti I '-- t"'s'rr''Vt I
Lotyi Murphy 22 of 4. BBteraaeAea Oaraatkm Aetrtbotea to Caaate.1* .
LAD 1'LAYO&5D XUUN&er- aa ro Tar bat eat! ,
eatrynBtbanafla4acparatatyaa4_aBt XJabtmr: laP Tidi t6 DenIable Stab I 'I I
(4)Tie label fr ea ass Baver e*
Hiat4: ; was booked at CAXNATIONIXrrANTMAZ.TB> eBlJ'i? S1? f1E ta. will be erothertaxeitavoMdeaprtawaware. **
..... .. ., I
jail breaking IaUt.U.CIla..:_ : 2 1M.S2SlSai1 OBrw. a 1M jg gggg& **gjg".! art'1'W! I
county on / iasm aa > "" 'Teeriava CBuyiaBUBBmepHaxei eooRL --
) i
1M wart
Heelh.? e4 the-'--- e< the jrSaTaalStrf tet.ea .ptaj I .eea a0slttLlmletam
and entering or baa f.aoa.i.ata c*- eeC tnoomeq>. peavw.t the Cuattc ".
aar to Ula block letten SS5SanSi! SHOP!AT.Ii
...Iaih.. oomp.pTltiool wm t ii .,.... I
fil n'N.. ., -. s- t
charges two 15- > crew dertrea t
i A boars ldEe ee shoo III cMa ., wtao.esei roes lc I < .
wa > ear stt>se. 1M er e. aD artlesLets .. We I
year old Leon Springs i: M u. aEwes ., she ... 111 w these. ..... ...erne ...... s.eea.ta reraltrrtarbl N I I'

have been : --------------------.t< .
teenagers : "
confined .



Saturday, Noveaber 5, 1960 a -,

I''i I .PORTING1jP! .. : ThrE.:;? Orange Blossom:-Classic

CUS Reservations Opened

S fi.ri .

TWAHlSSEE--RelerYaucns for the Orange
face Blossom Classic special to the Orange Bloss OB
Florida's Capitol City-Tallahassee-
Classic in Miami December 10, are piling in,
an invasion by thousands of football fans this ,
week end for FAMU s annual homecoming game between according to James Otis Mobley.Mobley .

"Untouchables" and the visitingbut chairman of I
Jake's fans enroute to the
hardly hopeful band of gladiators representing r Alp the cols: ittee that is I classic The train

A & T College's Bulldogs from Greensboro .., chartering the train to leaves Miami at 10:00
N. C. A full and colorful week end pr0f r, Miami for the classic, a.m. on SundayDec.
i. gram starting Friday afternoon will entertain y said Wednesday, NOT9, I For complete in f o r-
the influx of fans. V ti is the last day forreservations j mation write: James
: ,
# # # making for ;
i Otis Mobley,312 Persh-
Flowing an absence from the sports scene due } : I the chartered train. j ing St., Tallahassee

to an open date last week,Edward Waters Tigers The train will contain ; Get your reservationsin

return to grid warfare when they face undefeated a club car, diner, and today.

in four games this season South Carolina dancing facilities with :

Area Trade School at Myrtle Avenue Ball Park, a combo to en e r t ain

Saturday nightGazne time,8 p.m. The Tigers are FAMU's FOUR JAXONS..;..Playing principal roles in Jake's "Untouchables" .

facing a tartar in Saturday's setto since the successes this year are the four Jaxon grid greats shown above. All Wilder A. C. Boxer's
South Carolinians trounced Morris Town 58-0
regulars, shown kneeling from left are tackle Tocmy Chandler, Horace
last week. Last yearArea Trade eked out a 2-0 Small, end; Bernard Cam, end, and All-American center in '59 on the

win over the Tigers in a closely fought all of Associated Press' small college poll, Curtis Miranda.
Meeting Saturday
the way battle.

Despite the fact that they also lose games, Mays, Aaron Head EWC Face Tough Foe Members of the Wilder Athletic Glut will launch
National Football League opponents of the
bi-i-orathly reetinrs Gaturdaynight
their :
first of
Cleveland Browns constantly face the problemof
N.L. All-Star Team at the home of their Coach, Jcl -.us ri a-
the ,Clevelanders one-two-three
In S. Carolina Saturday yard 242 Jupiter St. The session is slated to
punch, namely, Jim Brown, Bobby Mitchell and Pittsburgh And Milwaukee start at 7:30 o'clock.
Milt Plun. Says one pro coach,"When you devise
defense plans on stopping Mitchell from skirting Players Take 8 Berths EWC Tigers plunge into action again Saturday Captains Nathaniel
night with South Carolina Area Trade School, Wright, Johnny ThcAS team RecordCounts
will murder
your ends, Brown and Plum you NEW YORK- Outfielders Millie
through the middle Mays, of the San Francisco Giants the team which eked out a 2-0 win against the and Robert Gaffney havi

and Hank Aaron,Milwaukee Braves locals in a closely fought contest last year. programmed the' rror.thlor: Most1
:were unanimous picks tsi. UPrs Game time is slated for 8 p.m.in Myrtle Avenue meetings to be held on
Coach Julius Guinyard and his Wilder Athletic
National -- -
League All-Star
team. .Ball Park.Following. the first and third ..Jim Brown
Club team in daily training for
boxing are The 24-man board of NL experts impressive to Coach Bellwill be business
the Florida AAU tourney which is slated to be named four members of the world two Saturdays for CLEVELAND- .Team
outweighed at least -
held here Dec. 5,6 and 7. The local leather champion Pittsburgh Pirates and wins over and other pertinent I victories, not my personal
the Braves to the team of Vorhees Col- 15pounds per man.
eight I invading plansA guest speakerhas achievements are the Important
pushers are in ,nightly training from 7 'til 9
regulars and two Probable "
pitchers. lege ofNdrth Carolinaand changes in been invited to I things.
at the Pool and Tuesday and Thursday nights at .
Mays ahd first baseman Norm Savannah State the locals starting Thus spoke Jimmy Brown,
each meeting.
Jack's gym. The Manager Guinyard and membersof Larker,of the Los Angeles Dodgers, lineup gall see Robert :pro football's leading ground
Coach George Bell's The club i s now in,
VAC are calling on all local supporters to were the only non-Braves or non- gainer and.All-Pro fullback for
cheer them on to victory in the coming event. Pirates selected. charges may be facinga Parker, junior signalcallerreplacing training for the Flo- the past':thjcee seasons.
The Pirates. named here second Mau- Tour- The interview
tartar in the South rida AAU Boxing came In the
,* *
baseman Bill Mazeroski,
shortstop Carolinians who rice Brown: Freshman slated for Dec locker room of the Cleveland
Ancient Archie Moore who was dee!vely defeatedin Dick Groat, outfielder Roberto _romped tackle nament Browns following their last min
his recent Rome, Italy bout with Italian Clemente and pitcher Vem Law. with ease in pilingup Freddie Wilson 5,6and 7th at the ute upset defeat by the PhUadel-
strongboy Guiltio Rinaldi has troubles In addition to Aaron. Braves a 58-0 rout over taking over right Main Street Arena. phla Eagles by a 31-to-28 score..
again picked were third baseman Eddie .Bruised
tackle and Freshman f the battered after his
Morris Town last All members o
with the National Boxing Association whichhas Mathews, catchet Del Crandall and bestday of the year which saw
stripped him of his world's light heavyweight pitcher Warren Spahn- Saturday.The invadersare Clarence Brown moving club are urged t c be him gaining 167 yards from
also undefeated into the left tackle present for Saturday scrimmage including an explosive
crown. Reasons, "inactivity. Howeverboth the -- similar 71-yard touchdown
from ,
a positionon Jaunt
in four,'.games, ,played. night's meeting.Daily
New YorkState and Miami Boxing Commissions was answering this writ.
still recognize Arch as champion. GridS ores this seaSon. *- the opposite flank. training sessions will ers query as to his reaction to '

The Tigersaccording be held on Monday,Wednesday *remark made by a New York
-u. .. Giants' scout that Brown was
Didja Know?...Jim Brown, of the Cleveland Hampton ...'.85-Lin. (Pas). 'I and F r i day over the hill
Browns.while engaged in sports at his Alma Prairie View 17-Ark. St. .-. & nights a t Jefferson Brown went on to say that ,
Hate yracuse University-received All-America Benedict ... 18 Miles ... Bulldogs Test Rattlers from 7 until 9 o' lock& it be-Is'over the hill then theotfeer -
.. backs In the NFL most
DeL State
M-St.: _Panl'a., (. Tuesday and Thursday
citations, in LacrosseFootball and basketball. Dfflard'. ..... 50-Tougaloo.. 1 be be In bad shpe. He added that
Norman Roths childboxing authority states that flak ........ 16,Kn xvUlee. night sessions will whether.he- gains 10 or 2,000
.. : In Setto held in Jack's -- .yards isn't- Important unless
if Brown should turn to boxinghe. could whip Tuskegee IS-Ft. Valley. 1! Homecoming gymnasium
the Browns
.N. C. ALT 33-:Morgan... win enough games
Floyd Patterson one year.Roths_ child offered; N. C. College SI- Shaw ..... to emerge as champions
Brown a flat $25,000 sum to turn to boxing. Bust ........ 13-Bishop .II.. TA1JLAHASSEE-FAMU's rampaging tattlers will be
An outstanding baseball player while in high Vt. StateSouthern ... 27-Va. Union li the principal attraction during"colorful homecoming -

school, Brown was offered a-fat bonus to join W. Va. State U. 27 12-Ky.-Texas.State.CoL.1O e festivities here this week end when old Games This Week

the New York Yankees club but turned the offer Ala. AftM .. 22-AJa.8tate. grads, young grads and friends invade t he Robertson Likes
Dels. State 34-St Paul's. university -
sprawling precincts to witness -A.
down to attend college. Boat ....... 13-Bishop ... .Saturday afternoon's
W. Va. State 12-Ky. State. 10 gridfest between Jake's Allen at Benedict NBA Brand of Ball
;'-T1 UU x' .NSx1Nx\Y. 1 AV: .'Y{VN., ,51Ntr 1ltNSSN A :S.NN Lincoln, bin 20-Ccn. State. 18 untouchables and traditional rivals, A and T Philander Smith at Arkansas ,
: Trenton State 39-Cha. Tern. 0 College's Bulldogs! from Greensboro.N.C. Game AM&N
: .. .. Bishop at Jarvis Oscar Pro Offers
< -Grtmbllng 32-Jackson 12 time 2:30 Says Loop
o'clock. Bust at Dlllard
r" Albany .... 19Sav. State. 0
Livingstone 19 Vorhees .. 6. When the present indications are like-. Elizabeth City at Fayettevllle Him Chance To Play Often
season closes ly that the Rattlers Lane'at Fbk '
j'a ...... N.Y. Upheld Moore it'squite North Carolina. ALT: at Flor After four games and lOC points
: Ei.L NEW YORK possible'the will roll on to a- ida AMGrambling 'Oscar (Big 0)) Robertson is right
The New York
State Athletic Commission voted Rattlers, ,'60 edition' nother national diatem. at Texas Southern happy that he chose to continuehis
last Friday to continue Its recognition will have been credited A full round o f Howard at Hampton basketball career in the Na
7. C. Smith at Virginia State tlonal Basketball Association.
of Archie Moore u light heavyweight with numerous''new: one entertaining activities Morehouse at Knoxville "I like playing In the NBA",
champion State at Livingstone said.the three-time national
The National Boxing Association season scoring marks. starting Friday Albany scoring
stripped Moore of his crown earlier For instance: in five afternoon and con- Lincoln U. at St. Paul State champion and ail-American
Delaware at Maryland
this week for.laflurt! to defend it games played this tinuing throughout the Virginia Union at Morgan following New York a recent Knicks game at Madison againstthe

season, Jake's triumvirate I week. end is in store Morris Brown at Bethune. Square Garden. He finished the

WATCH THIS CLOWN have scored 355 i for the thousands o( Cookman Paul game with 28 points. Oscar open
.Mississippi Industrie at
ed his NBA profession with 28
points fans expected ,to
against its pour QuInn against the Lakers. Since then he
110-33-246 I opposition Wrile hold- into the Capitol City Texas College at Prairie View posted 23 more against the Knicks

14-47-4 ing their opponent's this week end. St.Salem Augustine at Winston-. and 32 against the St. Louis
Hawks. His total point production
total score down to a Southern at Tennessee At:I
DRIVERS KILL AND CRIPPLE MORE paltry six points. Hoak vs. Armstrong Xavier at*CIark for his first four games Is 104, a
9' 4 aVnI Sewtsf Wq 25-point average.
3 Holders of a 10-0-0 NEW YORK Middleweight. '
You've helped curb pneumonia cancer,polio,and other terrible 6
diseases.How about careless driven They kill and cripple 5 I record :last year which Henry Hank, Detroit trill meet
more children from 1 to 14 years than any major disease. produced another national Gene (Ace) Armstrong, Elizabeth"
something.Just write to your local enforcement N.J., In a nationiDj; televised 10rciunder -
odaals.asay! .. 163-51-;-431 Collegiatechampionship at Madison'Square Garden -
"I 'support strict law enforcement! 44 'SS89Sometimes present Nov. 1*. ON

When traffic laws are strictly enforced and obeyed, traffic
deaths go down.Your community can be another to prove it. he's in THEJoaFOR 's

;I Sometimes he's down

,H .*ddaaubtmcu
He:works it all around

'Wha.YoU Doctor Pr.ecSba 745919LOO

Get ExpcrUactd Pvtrmfdfg YOU

To Fill Your Pmer&teM*. FOR ". ..
s According To Yow Doctor .w

Ordtrtv. w. Ut Omly .

"- n. Bwi QUUty.Jnp ... .At CHARLES E. .
Dr. C.. E. BlackProprietor .




1907! Kings. Boad 'ELofc 3-8876 th* Mid'V sk Zsnat

.Cpsmttics .. Babbtr Goofe Ctsdks taddtc .. -' .torta1 .
If padreaat cannot sspply yoSOO SHAVlNQ PObEJrb6< .
.FOKAHD. DELXVOZD' .HU.voM it. Hii it far thin MASC TEAM MATES 3 fP.O.e.x 34S7-H s.ws .l4 asi .(N4 UeaI Adwtiatmntt)
iOlD.' --- -
...'. .. .- .'

\' : -: ;"'. ,.
:. : \) ; 0: iF. < ; 't "' '
; k 2T-: .. .::... ..::,; ar .J' _.. -. '- ". '-- .


s 1 '
'.f: : '- ;.. h_
Saturday; November 5, I960 : :.t:". r -
\' :' :'f
Chips Off The Blocks. Royal Crown \ 7 Pa33.CADTU.AC LIMO. !lIced atelyEx. ,-
Condition.. & H..
Bottling Company ATTENTION Push But. Windows ApplyBEUNICE'S

By au Jay IMS Sm Mar Rhd.APT. Cash or Financed
v= & Barber Shop
One big day has come and gone and the old tovn REODENTSOFKAGNQLZA Private Owned Beauty
'fL .. 1273 KINGS RD.
is still standing. ,At times. last week-end, we GARDENS FLOHADALE mAUL MANOR.OEVHJtKD EX 8-1779 after 3:30 pn
EL 6-9938
thought that the walla would come tumbling down : BlIGHTs AND ADJACENT ABEAS .

but they remained up-right some how. That was FOR KENT You Do Not HOT II ToGo To Town To Buy Your Drug Store GROCERIES
no football game last week, Just a gathering ..
4-Roon APT St r.1n Your ..4
of the class and the drinking of manyand vari- Upstairs N.od You Here A Complete Drug Fresh Meats--fruit-Vegetables
$9.00 Per Week Ice Cream-Candies-Tobaccos
.Own H.sohbcrood I IOJ
ed ,toasts. This weekgives promise of something 1
1551 W. 33rd Street ,
different We think that the Gaither men t- c .- PRIDGEN'S GROCERY

will have to do their first day's work this PO 8-4760_ ., ,,\--,-. .
Saturday Memo Where are the freshmen on theA. Apt Fr Rue Her Von7s .Pharmacy
and H* roster? Could they be the f e Hows
peeking around from behind the stands in the 759 V. Beaver Street
red shirts? $60.00 Per Month Chicken Beef Sliced Pork

Our hats are off to D.C.Collington,Chuch Smith .5 Rooms & Bath (lower) (Oocci.d.Nat To Hobna cad West Funeral Home) Pork Ribs with Curli-Q Potatoes

and the way they handle. game. The PRO boys Venetian BlindsLino- H.,. OwaiAa/ QpcraMtf HOLLY'S BAR 3r '
at FAMU are really big time. They turned the leun and Built in 5-1582 -

lights on in the house at the annual press 0- Cabinets in Kitchen; P 0 3604 Moncrief Rd. Near 26th St.
pen House held at the Astor Hotel.-met many Hot Waterwired for I 59267OYPFXIIdG a

old friends and made some new ones Nice refreshments Elec.' Cooking. Space For Breakfast Dinner Alter the Marie Snacks

were, prepared by the EWC dining hall Heater and Tile Bath. YOU t Fried Chicken Bacon Sausage
staff We still are wondering what happened to Call PO 8A143FOR
most of the, liquid items. We heard that many

bottles were on the way but the only ones which SALE Pracrtption And Other Store Ittas Shrimp Ham Colic.Milk

arrived were the ones "Old Faithful" Is i a h French Fried Potatoes Steak
White escorted in person..As of Thursday TU'a tie Have 2 & 3 Bedroom: OUR SLOGAN: "W. Fill Any Doctor Prescription
U-rye-ah Portee was still recooping from the
effects of the Fth he hauled away. Call Us Today Air-conditioned

Plans are underway to send a special train to E.3. COLEMAN-Sales&an.
agin 9962 1929 KINGS ROAD
the Classic next month. The train will have
places for dancing, wining and dining all nightlong ,,Bui r-aii. Brolur STRANDWLBBYUm STARTS SUNDAY
EL 5-4673-1277 KING RD. down$60Mo. 7
$6500$1,000 BIO DAYS
Get your reservation early. See Beam on .STATE 740Business. __

Kendall or any FAMU alumnus.The FLA. AVE. 738.cafe & beer garden excellent
Eldorado opened up this week-end. From Swans NurseryDAY business.- h,000, i cash down EilWMlACUSIEVEWEN

here looks like the place will be nice. A live F. HENRY WILLIAMS 'MIiff

music policy will prevail along with memb e r- CARE '.
ship at a nominal fee. Open 5 days a week REGISTERED REAL ESTATE BROKER W PLU S

Also on the entertainment kick, plans are almost Children 6 weeks to 410 6ROAD STREET tLgln 4-8355 __ 2nd BIG Hit!
off the drafting boards for the new Tred- 4 years old.Transportation. :: EDGAR ALLAN Po's THE evitRoosevelt
ennick enterprise. The South finest nite club

will be opened up on Edgewooe and Clevel and Hot bkalsSupervised and FAYETTEVLLLESUBDIVISION
Road early next year. The horseshoe bar will -
feature live music. Hatcheck rooms, eating facilities Rest & Play : SUNDAY
and the works are in the offering. Experienced in Child THRU TUESDAY

time is fast coming dear Jaxons when you'llhave Care. 33RD AND SPIRES STREETS 3 BIG HITS -
to put up or shut up. .Mrs. EDNA POLITE

Note to unmarried gals who want husband .Just EL 1336 6-2582 W. 21st EL St. HOUSES Under Construction I DItAJI,.IT,"IC ISDoItINOI /

start going around with yours truly Seems as 4-4861 ;: SMALL DOWN PAYMENT :: .
tho I lose all of mine to the fellows via the
altar route. Of course it worriesme in a sense .,Salesmen On Duty p0o+_o0o_ IooeoOooooo.oQ 5

because I don't consider myself running a training Service Si of/a* "* 12. NOON TIL 6 P. M.I" I me vTAdventuFes orS ;* |

school for brides-to-be. That's life B y o w COLOR A Injley.Uinter Production Released by 20tli C nturf 0
-Spwtatofaa In-
the way, pass the word around that ,.I know of a i BUMPER TO BUMPER !f -Plus Action Western "SHOWDOWN"\
nice bachelor boy who wants to meet a nice : servicesEXPERT SKYVIEW SUN. TUES

bachelor gal. I think the boy is .a very nice An'EHDAHTs'THIRD MORRIS CONSTR. CO.
person and :is a very good_ ncatchw.(Every frog "UNFORGIVEN" And "THE MUGGER"
praises his own pond.; ST. At FLA AvE 4791 ORTEGA BLVD. :-: PO 8-4291, Win Big Cash Mon. Nite


W* Need A Man To Do Something farELECT The PeqpJbf

Be MisledDon't! Be Fooled


Nixon On Civil Rights Kennedy On Civil Rights.

: TO Favored,Civil Rights in every vote except 3; twice against Out! of 26'opportunities to vote on Civil Rights, he voted
strong sections of FEPC Bills and once against a bill to 20 times right, twice wrong and four times refused to
make violence against servicement a Federal, crime. vote; one bad vote was for returning the Civil Rights
CONGRESS Outspoken against segregation and discrimination his Bill to Senator Eastland's committee. He refused to vote
whole career; for Civil Rights in the Republican platform on FEPC assistance to desegregated areas
North and South. No record of accomplishment on Civil Rights; says he sup
CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERMENT Chairman of President's Committee on Government Con- ports the Democrat Platform in the North but no sped- .
VOTE NOV. 8 tracts, which aided Negroes to good jobs or upgrading fic position on Civil Rights; in the South he says only./;
STATES RIGHTS-A STRONG AMERICANIXONLODGEMUSSER in 88 industries'Conferred: with Negro church and civic that he is for equal rights for all citizens. .
for Experience special;: 1 conferences. As chairman of Senate Sub-Committee on African Affairs
His experience in foreign affairs after visiting 54 coun- he, never. even called a meeting *
LEADERSHIP tries, ejiabjejjiim to uRderstand problems of African -

natjfl.-22 Lodge On Civil Rights In the North! he favors the Democrat Platform; doesn't
: mention it in the South; out of 29 votes on Civil Rights
While I a Senator he had a perfect voting. record. on CivilRights in the Senate, he voted 23 times against and refusedto
t in Massachusetts,
; fought against discrimination
vote on poll tax.
in Congress. and in Republican Conventions.Recommends He led tho fight against Eisenhower's Civil Rights Bills
appointment of a Negro to the President'sCabinet. and finally cut out parts that southerners opposed. He'sbeen

winning them over on his southern tour and the
P s.. His Cabot Lodge, and the lodge family
a =:t Henry Atlanta Journal hints there must be a compromise on
have for and justice.vs .
always fought equality j what?
ambassador to the United Nations, representatives! of Senator Eastland of Mississippi brags publicly about how
all countries, large and small, respect him for fairness,
f he and Johnson killed 79 Civil Rights Bills. Time Magazine -
regardless of race, creed or color. Oct. 17, 1960)).
Republican Civil RSghts He'd be "one heart beat" from President.
4 Founded for freedom in 1858;freed the slaves, passed the '
' 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments to the U. S. Consti Democratic Civil RightsIt
1. tution, which are the basis of Civil Rights today. Passed was the party .Slavery, still dominated by discriminaCivil
Rights legislation in Reconstruction days outlawed tors because they get seniority by preventing Negroes
{ by the courts; made the mistake of trying to pppease from voting in the South.
the South since, until the Eisenhower administration. New Deal legislation passed for everybody, but Negroes
? ,ta 4 :41 Republicans support Supreme Courtdecision: of 1954. were discriminated against in the implementation. Only
Eisenhower desegregated Washington, including schools, Democrat states fight school desegregation; they oppose
fire-department Armed Forces,Veterans: .hospitals.Army Civil Rights every time; Liberals adopt party platforms
Post schools and housing; first to invite Negroes to but with 2 to 1 majority they cannot enact it into
social functions. law and Southern senators brag about it.
Introduced first Civil: Rights legislation since Reconstruction Democrat congressmen sponsor disulmination In Federal
RICHARDSON "THE TAILOR / ; prosecuting voting g cases; secured integration for and private employment, in the South. Negro leaders
tunch'counters. not accepted by the party in Georgia. Northern mem
.. .' -, 1178 KINGS ROAD Gave-"Negroes'744 top fobs they never had before;increasbers look out for themselves, don't help Negroes In tho

5'.* .. ed number of $5,000.or more salary jobs in WashingSouth..
'5xAi\: :. .; *...- F. D.. RICHARDSON, Owner and Proprietor., ,:t'H : .1.4/-' ton"from 2,000 in 1952 to 7,500 in 1960 in permanent Appoints very few Negroes in permanent department,
] ..' .',.: L .,.....,:<: ":" 3 ;-#""*&"%$$ departments, ;'- after elimrnaU("teeth" from Civil Rights Bills put
",. ,,. .r. :.' Celebrates I :- *- : _. 1 Introduced.onlyjCvil Rights bill in 80 years; supports Civil, them Into I960' Platform In LOs'Angeles but rejected
r '.. .,
r- "> 5-? S them the month.
5 :1 Rights Commission in the North and l South. A Negro Congress following
V .:- '.. i'; ,.25Wears. :.of, .",;Service To The Communityf ;.R : superintendent supervisors and 51%,clerks and carNever introduceed Civil_ Rights legislation in Congress;
>* --.r* ?-...-* < ':",.t: .: : riers.-Atlanta Post Office; 4 In Atlanta Internal Revenue only Democrat states have segregation laws, no Republican

.:\..'.*'.*< .. :NOVEMBER7-12. : ':ii- .".' Office. states have them.
'. ';_ ,-::'.,; : t... :. _
"" '
.<, ..;
: .: ': :

Dry Cloning' Tailoring Alterations Stop letting Florida Democrats Push You Around

Men's Suits _...:..- 69* Men's Double-Breasted Coats all
Special .discount.on on
2 Prs. Pants 69* converted to 2 or 3 button '
during our
Ladies Plain Dresses 69* Single-Breasted Style I g

Plain Skirts 69*. \ 11.00, Anniversary. CONGRESSMAN. School Board Dittrict. 1