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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200582datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date October 26, 1960dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=005820740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
October 26, 1960
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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notis - ADA9536
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issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
October 26, 1960
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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.. ;".


_: :'_ .' "
<; ; : -. ,'-" : '. .
:1 -
: $ ,
.. ,
';: <

1 1 '
r'f. :..'. ,.. '-: .. .
. ..



"1-' r FLA..

Jax Reajdy For -: :S ; 4'f


J Florida Classic :, J tti \

1. 3f**> ,,
:: r.... ._ .. _._...... ___. ,, W':'"' .Jt' '- "- -,.- <'";.'''"'' c
.- :
;;-; ..'"-' .'' < y'C,",.r': ... .,'........rlb. 4.:':: '- i \
.: ..'.- -.: t _'(1 '. +4 -' ;' .. '> :. Q
:1.-. .(..,..: ., .: .. ', ; < :/ ( ,
}', 'k:.<.\ir r OM
: : ,

.. .. ,- -
':', .. t.x .. \

,,.- "i ,I /, 8R '

-fd' j
.. .

= r0Y 1. 10 No. 45 ; Saturday,0ctober 26,1960Jacksonville 9, Florida. r '

:I ra .;4L. yiEsr .1 -sc f Local Teachers $Iat FHearing ; .

.., ... ... n.
WILL REIGN 1 AT CLASSIC--Grace Lewis '(left) Miandsophceiore attendant .. '

Annette Madison (Center) Mss FAMU; Faye Gray, junior-Ocala, attendant For Inr.2 Courts

will reign during the annual "Florida Classic"Saturday October

W'r--:; 29. 1960. _

2 Go To Juvenile. Court
Girl Rumors
*, *' < Murdered

Y.j I Goes To Justice Of Peace

: False; Still MissingBY

Hearings have been set 'Monday for three teachers -

.k. _.- R two of whom are involved in morals cases "
I r. while the. with theft. ALYSON E. WISE
other has been charged
;t'.' -.. .:: .. ... -
----- ---- -
it.ir. :\; :ine case : or Mrs. quency; of minors, has Despite a rife of rumors stating that her
1 t"' ll Annice ;", L, Williams i been, continued from missing 14-year old daughter had been found

1 .1 New Stanton. High original date of hear- ,dead, a Jaxon mother maintains constant vigi-
t l'fi1-. = 1 9 School Physical Educa t ing-ThursCny at 10 am lance with a deep inner conviction that her

I I !;?, :,. tion 'Instructor charg'ed'vith"lgrand to Monday, Oct.31 in offspring will return ,again- to the love and

\'"l 'r.' I ,larceny' Juvenile Judge Marion comfort of her home. Parlor.
:. in, connection with Gooding's it Missing since Oct.14
t. the. alleged : of was announced. from her 759 Florida stated
i 4.* 3 Mrs, Hoggard
, L LAN t $118.09 free a fellov; Charges of fondlingwere Avenue home is Janette"Jan" Wednesday that she had

i instructor cooesup leveled at.jthewo Johnson,*,inch\ both, the--
L BULLDOGS BOOSTERS-Miss. Mildred Gilmore, "Miss South Carolina Stag, !.. rbe ...JC" e Matthew W: "taced.vith'
;" center), Joan Pharr, left, 'York, S. C., attendant.! ;and"Paqulta; ;Hudson Peace Sarah'B7&Dat.' teachers' "by z tvo grader at /''SChool. I mother "and Brother" of
... teenage girls rhoirerepicked (Gilbert High ,
} ,Otis T'ajlo'r' with
\. right, from Georgetown S. 'C' will their beauty to the 11 a.m. Monday,
i ,
in Gainesville At the time that the
neither professing to
. annual "Florida Classic" on Saturday. Mrs.Wi1liE1S-'vas arrested :
\ -' on suspicion of girldisappearedher
.,. last young
i i Dr. M. i. King Oct.20, Thursday'apocket-, shoplifting.The mother was con- \
Owns No Part girls' names are fined as the result
Mayor book containing$118.09
being withheld becauseof of a second recent
Freed on Bond j reported missing by their age and the serious operation ina

teacher Mrs. Mary C. FLORIDA STAR is with- local hospital. ,.
Of Fla.Star Says EditorEric Coleman was found in -
holding the names of Upon learning from .
Williams'the trunk of Mrs. the* teachers pendingthe neighbors that her J

0. Simpson, editor and publisher of the car. outcome of the daughter wad seen
+ 'The Stanton
= a.L FLORIDA STAR-siadthia' week that reports pub- hearing which has been leaving Mnu Elnora

lished in a local white weekly newspaper to the vas'key witness' set for Monday morn- Hoggard, the mother,
effect that Mayor Haydon Burns had bought the .in the unsolved strangling ing in Juvenile Court ionediately, notified r
murder of
."Star11 a press for the ana of $10,000 we re' a missing pen ona bureau

"unfounded and untrue".. her teenager home who has been lived out in Baby Girl DiesIn authorities. A report

{L: AL The Chronicle reported"It that the "Star is the under ,$500 bond fol- received by Mrs. Hog-
gard later! from the
is a report from house organ for' the lowing her arrest.Shehas Ocala/ Fire investigatiiig source JAN3TTE..> "JAI" '

a Negro undercover investigator NAACP", Simpson said been suspended revealed 1hat her have knowledge o f

that Burns the Star is no more from her school post LLLFour months daughter hiQl been seen\ Otis' and the young

rf Q dug some $10,000 out the House organ for pending!".outcome of the old Patricia AnnKoore with a 24 t-year' old' girl'. whereabouts,

of his personal_ pocketsor NAACP than,.is for the trial. AUS died Tuesday night of man known a s Otis but on Thursday afternoonSrs.Hoggard
( t from campaign funds AME ChurchThe. Methodist third degree burns Thfe, disclosed
< Taylor. report
The case of two local when fire destroyedher that
for 1964 to subsidizethe Baptist Churchor further stated that Taylorsbrother
school hose. i
Florida Starrad- teachers family's told several
Johovah's Witnesses. the couple had pur-
REV.UABTIN LUIHER' KING icalrace-oixing charged with contri- It was reported that people that lie had
chased tickets for
DECATUR Dr. Martin hating semi weekly The Star's editor buting to the delin- the infant was alone Miami spent the day with the

Luther King vas freed newspaper printed at said he will demand a in the house when fire I Death* Honors couple recently i n

from a four months Jacksonville by buyingit retraction o f the broke out< neighbor, Meanwhile+&rlr last Miami..
prison sentence under a second hand press Veto Jack Shackford rescued Mrs. Hrs.Hoggard said that
story. Monday morning: ,
$2,000 bond by DeKalb for $10,000. her from the flaming Hoggard was awakenedby cm Thursday morning,

County Judge Oscar Jacksonville reports structure. Shackford a telephone call i she went to juvenile
Mitchell who previous are that the Star just P eoucEReoe was later treated for from; her adopted authorities and reported -
ly had sent King to acquired a new press. : burns on his hands., brother Kelly Gates what Taylor's
Reidsville prison to All of asuddenit has brother had told
his local
frca place
begin serving of the stopped 'fighting'Burns. WOMAN SHOT IN 'NECK Duval Medical Center. Davis of employment Gates .friends, adding that
sentence. .)" TRYING TO GET CLOTHES Police said .victim's her '.friends promised
inforaed his sister
King had earlier been Simpson, said the Mrs. Gladys Mil1a,ot husband told them he that fellov workers to appear in court if
would secure a warrant HOLL1WOODDressed
fined $25 for havingno Chronicle report hasgre&tJ.7 = needed to testify that
2183 McQuade St. was told him after
Patrolmen J. Jenkin like Nazi storm soon
troopera -
disturbed -and brother made
Georgia driver'slicenae the
shot in the neck work'
last hit arrival to
and ,H.H&rley; investi and wearing swastika
has "resulted statemexSts.
and had also nuaerouf *-
Monday when she the mutilatedand
vent that
gated.TKIEVLEAX ,arm bandsfour white
been given 12 months telephone calls to 1239 Vest Monroe battered body of She fur\.lur declared
and even visits from ;youths were mobbed by .tocal juve-
suspended sentence : Street to get her 100 hit niece had been that the
for the traffic vio a delegation of citizens INTO over goers nile authorities: told
clothes police found i
re- n a vacant
Wednesday night after
lation. who questionedthe ported.The BEAVER.,STREET IDE field. her that t'1e7 had no
Picketing theatre
When he was arrestedin authenticity of victim said she The home of Hra.LU111.H&e.Jbcau where starSony Davis authority relative: to,
the mass picketing the report. foraerly lived at the ot.1056 Jr.soon be married Further checking b7.tn. apprehending couple
} Hoggard through
of Atlanta downtown The Negroeditor said above address that is W. :Beaver Street vas to white entertainer in Miami.. *
local police sourcesrevealed
stores last week end, such an erroneous report the reason her clothes broken into last Mon- I revealed
Britt Hrs.Hoggard
May vas
per- it t ,o be
could be
King: vas remanded to imaging were there* When she 4aybut upon investigation forming. that when herdu bhter
under of to the newspaper. He nothing but a rumor
jail arrived !
charges s \Jlet a man she found
having violated his added that the FLORIDA whoa 'the identified Carrying placards ?lean++biletho anguished left home, she was
I nothing ad8singpolice
Pride in yellow
reading. Race wearing
mothers phone was
probation.It an "indepen-
as Johnnie Davis.she reported.
and Nation"one of the with blue polka dots,
vu learnedthatSenJohn dent publication, not said besieged constant
Davis told her Mrs. Thomas said she
four and blAck shoes
picketers after
calls from
controlled ownedbyanypublic telephone
F.Kennecl1Wte1erJumed. or she was not getting left home about Sa...
being struck by the friends hair want in bangs
official ; sympathetic
wife and and when
King's anything threatened she returned
crowd,turned and fled and relatives.dweek pony tail Janettofsdescription
to ascertain what he or to kick her scneoae had removed
The three other a* denby
could do to aid the business interests" She said when she the screenfromaside youths ) risers had follows
integration leader. He said the Star attempted to fee upstairs window to gain entrance after being rescued bypoTdcerere reachedapoiat wherein complcxian.dkrk heraotther! brownhei&ht,5'

,Keaaedy.it reportedpromised bought its press fonts Davis shot police t&tiOD.heir taken to a the supposedlywardered ';e, :

to do whatever years ago three tines. striking Pttrolaen v. Solomon girl's body; brown vai'' lambs
he .could do to With reference to the her once 'in the neck. sad R. George' Jr. in- '21 ages ranged from. 19 to wag lying in stated hair,black; ,&htl3O and 'warn

free King. Chronicle's .tatYT She' vu treated at bestigated..' years. a local mortician's long'




_. ., ._ .:,':- ,- c-, ......,,;.. .' ,,', .
= .. ,' '"' 'I .d '" -
< 1
'':' : -.HeFLORIDA ::. PAGE TWO
STAR =- ,
October 29 1960 : -
: ..
".. :..... ..- 7$ :.-.".:: .. \\ ,
STAR lit", Politics As Usual" :
.. .. f, :. : : ..:
\0 l
,'.'" _: By ERIC o. SIMPSON ...
,-: .
i ; NEWS i if ',t :,- "i'

-. ; A multitude kf things are happening on the political
-'T;: ... t_?; 1: scene and With such rapidity that one

\- finds it difficult to record or relate them iri!

PaMf+;..." bj"Tfet Florida Slat Pnhllshteg>> ,Co. : Tlmn". sentience. 'or Border of iffiDortance...
--- -- -- --'- --
-- -- -- --- -
} "Mambar'of AMOeUtfltV NSUdb > PDM" .
.Srto 0..meson" .., ....'......:..............................;...Jd1tor:Staff \ .... ;. ; .. .. item probably is the the most recent bulk of the danocratic:
.. N"n .
0..,; JoJ111IOD.................... =- -. : .committeemen f r o m-
i Wortta a. Ckcttlali..I.Della .? in the democratic camp f workinc in the cam-

t' ,-, : It occurred break- paign.! Hillman complained
:, fi' ; : a
-.. ., : > that was even cal-
fast session last
MAIX lIed dirty names alluding -
Tuesday norning. .. .
*8f* Monrlel Bead S.. ?..............EL 4- 782 .t .;::.v......- did not attend firs to the legift- S
of his birth. a
--- .. --- -- because o f a tight .macy

.. scheduleand secondly, Last Tuesday's sessionwas

Maaiag Address ," jiMI .... franklybecause cer- the third meeting,
P. O. Box SSI. JecJuonvilla I, Florid. dJefTff l "$ I after i t
.. called only
f :: --- tain fears.. ; l

(,, : I learned, had been brought out

l t"!' '' "t however, in a FLORIDA STAR
: SUBS131IPTION: HATES -_ r"':. ,hat some of I story that the first

:osi Teas, 150)0) ; Hall Year, I3.00j Three Month J1.50 -.. ..... k -' ..hose preent f meeting calledby Com-
Mailtd To You, A ,rwhft., In The United Stale #- L did.I
missioner Louis Hitter -
> *t crlption Ps "able in Adrtmct. Send Check or Monty,Order To '
k" .., o t need chairman
r\.oamA'STAB-P. O. Boa sal-JACKSONVILLE 1. FLORIDA I ,serving as
'. u ,ny meat on of the Kennedy-

heir pI a- Johnson Campaign was

Civil Rights The Way esbecause.hey '. composed of a f ew

had handpicked p o 1 i t'i- ,

T. fr.*hm Within.Law. ,: their fillttchewing 1

T me" We reported that several

: s. 'SDI1'JI JN ...out Negro Democratic 1
As the Nixon-Kennedy presidential, race accelerates '
A stormy session resulted Committeemen were
toward its election day' climax, the j
when Josh
fuming over the way
hugh issue of civil rights is being polished _
t I inquired who had I they had been snubbedby
to conspicuous brilliance by the friction of
%3'h r. elected the the local campaign

opposing political forces as it stands unShak-' -. .- ., nator"a n d protested I headquarters and were z
able in the midst of national issues.
numerous what he
against saw as completely tin
THE farm program, unemployment,educationpub- .. STRONG LSADUHSHIP AND UNDl-filsT'ANDING URGENTLY NEEDED a plan to exclude the I the organizational ;

lic housing, care for the aged and other signi-. meeting
ficant matters such as foreign aid, reduction ;; ', Isadore Singleton had
in taxes, our national defense policy and the / '- .

currently y'trying ,issue of foreign policy are : :: --- Y... Dally leaders complained were that kept Negro away i

all being 'noticably subordinated by a pre- j
from vice presi
occupation of both political parties and the Horoscope GuideWHICH ,I dential candidateSen.
general public over the question of civil rights. -
THE need for national in this iV .---- ARE YOUR LUCXY DAYS FOR Lyndon Johnson
unity '
country .' he visited here and
is well on the verge of becoming an emergency. BUSINESS LOVETRAVEL was not included i n

This is not an alannism. Our administration = By 'PABLO, Th. ASTROLOGER the motorcade for

knows this ; and ,those of us who are concerned Johnson.In .

with the future of this country know it. the second break-

SUPPRESSING the civil rights of certain Americans S fast session,Sdngleton

particularly black -Americans (who are irrevocably Leo : aired his. dissatis-

woven into the political history of 'Aries Sagittariuslorn faction and campaign

this nation, as much so as the .Declaration of Borh July' 23rd thru Aug.% 22nef chairman Lou Ritter

Independence or the Constitution), can result March 1U* thru April I 19th Sat': .29th-Check. This should be a good Nov. 23rd thru Dae 2111I promised to rectify
only in the eventual .morn .\ I -
disintegration of the retaining time to investigate the reasons underlying Home should be the
Sat. 29th It seems wiser not to 29th-Refuge. the situation and
force of 'our democratic ideals and the Neutrality.! economic difficulties. Full cooperation pro-
far to
mix in other people a argument or affairs., most satisfactory place by escape provided identification -
subsequent collapse of our government into a. By the same token, what you do is nobody vides one answer. of ',the hectic life. Look. for objects that are
I SUN. 30tb-Entertaining. Members the'famiyorothers decorative. postcards for
rubble of lawlessness, violence, anarchy and else's business. connected with .'
civil r SUN. 30th-Diversion. Peaceful home occupations per SUN 30th-Gratification. There is no needto his Negro Commit t ee-'
slaughter.THE sonal affairs be invited. Your qualities
If be
to be preferred when they change yesterday's pursuits can to meet
are who
future of America and Americanism the ? good ideas orleads' as a host,are unequaled. carried over to today. A new feeling of confidence men were
suit your moo4lot down Mon 31i Halloween. You are likely to and greet Sen. John
introduction, niaintainance .and perpetuation of that have the stamp of success. overtakes you tonight.
rather ticklish
run across some problems or Mon. 31st Halloween.Do not be too
true democratic principles wherever in the Moo. 31st-Halloween. Keep your reactions situations. Your sense of humor "es you' about hasty Kennedy when he appeared
,'- well in hand when you have to talk. devising new ways to spend money, here.According .
world the rights of man are suppressed, depend with unreasonable or boastful people. Safeguard thru.an.upsetting evening.Tue. even if it is coming in faster. The spirit of

solely and unconditionally upon a universal valuable property tonight lst-Tangent. Everything may con- fun should ride this evening. to reports,
acceptance of civil rights; not andY as legis- I: spire to throw you off base today. A calm ,Tu 1st Spirit You should feel very closeto Ritter orde red an e-
lation but Toe. 1st-Energy. You may be a bit. too and methodical approach should help you an inspiring spiritual source. Tap it in lection of a "Coordinatortt -
# as natural physical activity and energetic for your 'own good early thin in firding your stride this P.M.170551923175. behalf of your loved ones and financial
intellectual expression. For civil rights is morning. It takes much meticulous planningto interests. Singleton -

She ,living definition of man's" freedom within carve out a career. 3-90-99-15-46-391- I s. was picked- to go.

the womb, of law: first natural or universallaw 7-60-33-17-19-763 to Miami to work out

and then the systems ofgoverrraentv createdby Virgo Capricorn plans with Henry J.

man and peculiar to his !cultural environ- I Arringtpn regional
ment. Taurus 22nd director for the Ken-
Born Aug. 23rd thru Sept. 19th
Born Dtc 22nd thru Jan.
BUT always freedom.For freedom is the maximum nedy-Johnson Campaign
Sat. 29th-Behavior. Others may be willingto should reveal!:
Revelation. You
He was accompanied by
quality of life.and the maximum, expressionof loreAAri, 20th_ thru May 20th cooperate, but watch your own actions. your innermost thoughts and desires whenj
living man. Freedom to love and laugh and Sat:29tb Satisfaction. Enjoy the company Rely mainly on your reasoning powers. you are with superior people. [ Frank Hampton.Up .
eat ,and work and play and sin and seek a Crea- ; of your friends, but steer clear of controversial SUN..30tb 'Friendliness. You would enjoy SUN. 30th-Examination. A fine day to to that time few
subjects or emotional situations. the day immensely when you allow others peruse the ads and other items of particular Democratic Committeemen -
tor. to gain dignity through cultural Hold to your convictions. to express themselves freely. Restored con interest A TV program could be the source included in
accumUlation wisdom through cultural expression i SUN. 30th-Agreement. This should be a.happy fidence is due late tonight. of instruction tonight. were
j ,day for companionship. Do not be Moo. 31st HaBoween. Keep your sense Mon. 31st-Peace. You had better adopt a the plans and not any
FREEDOM within surprised if love or proposals dominate this of_humor. You shouldn't be too severe, .if more liberal point of view to keep harmonyat of the Committeewomenwere
government and government with- ; evening. Follow your heart. the, younger generation gets out of hand home. Be resigned to the antics of the invited to
in universal law. That is the experience o f : Moo. 31st Halloween. A restless feeling later. ? youngsters this evening. participate -

I life all men; seek,' for it is the' only atmosphere I prepare' Tue. 1st-:Mnddle. Your judgment may go Tue. 1st-Capacity.The ability to hide your in the, discussions .
; awry because of self-delusions or misinformation -, disappointments may be a valuable asset dispite the
in which, humanity will or can survive i!, indulge in this evening. Hold back decisions that involve today. You should gain confidence thef i fact that the wo men
BOTH presidential candidates: convey; the impression Toe.' 1Jt-tnte Ity. You know you cau ypurjfri. cialinterests.. day rolls on. with the aid of their
.trust yourself..But may not be able to say 6-30-66-13-28-636 1-30-77-14-63-137, ;
of knowing these things Let us hope- i the tame about other people. Rely on your I precinct workers are

even pray-that they do* For the .;.hour is late. r r knowledge' and ezoerienco. libra : the ones who work

; 5-20-55-19-31-525 1 diligently to register

Gemini Sorts set .2snl tkru.O t".23" Aquarius voters and carry out

domestic tad the laborious job of
f stem May 21tt Ani June 21st. Sat.tendnal 29 tlr-Prorlsioniclg.requirements should be looked .. 20th tau:" 11. ; getting out to vote.

Ster t day. You. should feel much happier Sat 29th Reserve. The necessity of acting In a hasty effort to
i Sat 29th Moderation. Do not go to either Secure at home tonight.SWfliEnllvenment. with tact and finesse has not been canceled I
: 'extreme when you note that this makes and Pleasant past- yet. Buy what you want with discriminationand quiet the growing dis-

others nervous. Controvenia1'subjects SUN.times and social reunions may be placed an eye to price. satisfaction whfch} began -
Aa> should not be brought up later. the agenda. Be open'to possibilities pre- SUN. ,30th-Division. You stand a good to rise in the female
SUN. 30tb Serenity. This should be a on chance to share in the success of the person
much happier day for you and your home sented SUSSSSi. Inactivity wit linked to you.Mutual trust is engendered rankinvitationswere
companions. Find diversion doing the things JkTif iou are unable to concentrate..Be when all is owned jointly. issued to the
that bring out your creativeness. prepared for young visitors late this evening. Mon. 31st-Halloween.There is a tendency Democratic Committeewomen -
MOB. .31st -HaBowteal: You are inclined be to be concerned about your work or physical
Much may' ac- I to attend Tues
to give in to your more extravagant tender> THe. 1st-Adaptation. with condition. Your friendly disposition sees
ties this morning. Be 'prepared to appease complished). understanding by working more is needed cloSely to maintain you thru the evening._ day's breakfast s e s-
hungry youngsters tonight othersAn; sion which unfortunately =
home. ,
,a sound economy at Tae.1d-IDcoasIstaacr. Hit-and-miss meth-
Tie. Is Expeaditsre. Do not spend time, ods.will not contribute much to productivity culminated in
energy or money on useless activities or 3-10-66-18-82-316 this morning. Get help to organize your .:i a series of name calling -
,people ,who are, not worth-while. Trusted ideas after lunch
.partners arL ao..exception, 4-10-44-17-97-414 I and vituperation.
rPi I have, been severly
., :
by w
; castigated
Will he t s an rlfht. doctor Tease doctor. He'U ba all right Won't Canr'tern !. Nom.,12M
he?I knrjw the child.I didn't mean It.I was late for the train.forgot : **; **!.. 0*.' *.. ....teI.. If* am Mmh.MA j: for my penned utt e r-
school etarted. Sometimes you have to. hurry. What do you want th
.. ofltearr, I didn't mean It.When ara you taking ma?Please:No.doctor Jkwe' 22M'thru Jriy 22mf29tb : V Sat 2th-Leadership. Individual initiative ances on e political -
Nol 29tb-EaJoymenL Relatives and loved
Sat On t h
-s.. Research. A, good day'to consult ones would make a better choice if yon will win you friends and followers, particularly setup. 9
the higher authorities when you really wish,, to enjoy the day in your own way. if you have a gook cause to present other hand, the ca-
DRIVERS KILL AND CRIPPLE MORE want to know the truth. Your own fancies. Friends are likely,to be balkv. Know your limitations. : ,jority has applauded:
CHIIDftiN THAN ANY'DISEASE! 'could lead you far astray. SUN. 3ttb-HospltaBiy. This is a much SUN. 30A-Development. The fruits of ; stand, recognizing
SUN. 3 &-Exdteaeat Travel cultural in as feel your labors are beginning to show signs ofnpeaiag ny
You've htlped'curb pneumonia,cancer polio and other terrlblt friendlier day many ways you 'that I have
.You will hasten the when called the
die.a es.Horn, about artless driven They kill and erippla pastimes and aoeeahte Icompaniorahip could more warmly disposed toward everyone. process
more children from 1 to 14 years than any major disease. do much to stir you to action. Look for a Watch' for a TV special you have stanch collaborators. shots as they were,
You can do a bmethi&ir.Just write to your local enforcement rally'good TV show tonight .'3U-HaIowe You may be trying Mae 31s*HaSoweca. Be especially calculating -
QffldslB.Say.-,.. I Men.31rt-.W7.*. .....You are fikely to be to"' do too much which may retard ,the when your financial interests are In. without malice toward
"1 v jpport strict Law enforcement much impressed by what others say or do. march o(progress. Generosity is mandatory.. volved.Your generosity toward the younger anyone

When traffic iaws, art strictly enforced and obeyed traffic Develop TOUT sense n' humor this Wig.Tie. 'Tne.' 1st 0Too much vitality-may' generation is well known. It stands to reason,
dttthi fo doer Your community can be another to prove it. Use. Is ResofaSoa. Try cot to be in-
ftu .lri Ramce. Try to see the"I I .be. expended in the pursuit of Impossible Succeed by the examples of others intojpeadiai therefore, that, those
rate there the bad ia others. It is the surest goals. Think twice before changing your 'beyond means. The after- who
f ubOahtd to saw Urn In cooperation with & ''wy.if to evade_ the tetemdtntAadkip that employment I location. won boors are better your for buying. speak disparaging
r ly of
Council and aro 8-50-11-18-41-851: ny actions in
The Adverting ,
2-40-22-12-74-242 this
2-80-88-13-35-283 matter
Th4 National Safety Council.: are the
'::" s r.J'r' guilty ones.
'- --, --
:' ,
-. .),


a a .M '/

-' '

: = Pc's :. r$f'''' ':''-_' Z, \ .'V. ,J.I f=::_:.,;- 'i'l": 'TY: Y i J: -'-



SIl urdA ,. October 29, 1960 .
r----: -
_.' "
.... .. .
-l-r---Y .
< J.- .
A. L. .Lewis Jax Branch Y' .-.. ---r--. i -.' Q,), 'J.", -'t t-. ..
MVC Prey,qf l. 1 : J. t t1; _
B .
: ,
_- _I. I ,8. I !

FAMV Nov. '6 1 fall'PlaY, Day Announcesprograms i

Leaders GivenThe G.-GUINYABD withLOUISE

A.L.Lewis students Most groups in.the
TALLAHASSEE-James H. who 'led their classmates James Weldon Johnson Interest of the Baker sisters, two of LesTreize .
White president of Amies' future debutantes 'from
to victory Branch YWCA are well range
l- ssissipp1txational the t 60 Fall Play DayvereRudolph on their way 'to a suc- music to sports. The Misses Bakers,Iva Elizabeth -

College, will be the ,McSwain, cessful program year. i and Jacqueline Deloris, are daughters of

guest speaker at vespers I John Andrews, Brenda Clubsclasses and committees Mr. and Mrs Wilson Baker, Sr., 1451 East ,27th

here at Florida Carter and Shirley are actively Street, and will make their formal bow to Jack

A & M UniversitySunday Sutton. A.L.Lewisre- engaged in a well formulated sonville's Society December 23, in the Duval

evening, Nov. 6. !ceived 63 pointsmore program which Armory.
Dr.George'W.GoreJr.president than twice the number includes participatingmembers. Hiss Iva Baker was a member of the 1959 Classof

of A&M said |iof points received by Matthew W. Gilbert High School, where she

the announcement of I the Club graduated with honors. While at Gilbert, she'
Among -
their nearest opponent.
'the o f LA participated in such
appearance the Y-Teens, BlueTriangcs r-
President White was extracurricular acti-
Educa- and Community
in keeping with the I The Physical vities as band, Thr
policy of the university tion Department o f Y-Teen Clubs. The Student Council, T he

in presenting A. L. Lewis "'School :..girls in these clubs Young When Council ; -

outstanding persons along with the facultyand 'are school age in the The Young Chris j

in the fields of education student body celebrated -' elementary, junior and tian Associati on,and ol '_ 1

religion, Red and White senior high schools. course, The EuGene J.

business, goverment Day Tuesday Oct. 25, Another Club group is YOUTH PROJECT The Gra-Y Advisers at A.L.Lewis Butler Honor Society. .r .

labor, community and 1960, on that day the Young Adult Department School are seen here during a recent session. Bennett College for ,

civil affairs as ves- every member of the There are the Y- From left are Elzie Johnson, Mrs. L.F. Moses, Women in Greenboro,North

per speakers during Lewis f rl.1y1 0 r e Jewels, Business and .and Mrs. N. W. Harris. Forty-three boys from Carolina has been enIVA ELIZABETH BAKER

the Sunday evening, something Red and Professional Women, I- grades four five and six compose the Gra-Y' trusted with responsibility of further development -
programs. White.The culminating Wives and the TuesdayMorning roster for !960-6!.Their officers areJohnnie of Miss Baker's musical talents. A memberof

President White is a activities consistedof Club. McGowain, president; Robert Leon, vice presi- the sophomore class and majoring in Music

native of Tennessee, Intramural games Some clubs meet biweekly dent and secretary Willie Holmestreasurer; Education, she is secretary of the Music Club

having been born in in the park and a performance and e monthly Reginald McLoyd, chaplain and Alvin Eppore- and Co-Chairman of the Orientation Workshop.

the city of Gallatin. .! by the band In addition to the porter. George B. Nairn is Principal.APPLICATIo Besides studying music, Miss! Baker persues it

He received his education ., under the directionof I Clubs .in this department as a hobby, along with swim:ing.Miss .

at Tennessee A&I Band master Herman there are also Wedding Bells flat Educators Jacqueline Baker is also a graduate of

State,Fisk and Columbia : Greene, assisted by some classes.Atpresent i Matthew W. Gilbert High School, finishing with

Universities.His Reid Jackson II. there are two sewing' "'FOB Attend honors. She was active in the Dramatics and

fraternal affiliation Members of the phy- classes, sponsored by W4IflLGZ UOVfSS6A. Fine Arts Club,The Band, .
includes the sical education staff the Board of Public In- The Young .Women's m _<

Omega Psi Phi Frater- .. are: Alvin G. White, structions. One meets 27 and.J. Simmons Lillie M.,.1677 Griffin Martell, 1035 st.E.;; MeetingTALLAHASSEESome cil, The Olivia coun-I '

nity and the Masons. }:rs. T. Sallett Small Mondayiednesday and Ashley St., 32. Y-Teens Cluband

He holds professional and Adam R. Johnson. Friday from 9:00 A.M.- John-C. Thomas, 1438 "Mflnor. 235 i Gene J. Butler !"; -

membership in the Association : # # # 3:00 P.M.Friday .until Ave., 25 and Jda Williams, 1494 Florida ducators attended Society. _'
for Higher ; Interns at A.L.Lewisare 1:00 p.m.). The other Logan St. 18. the thirtieth Presently Miss Baker is .

Educationthe Assoc- Jfcs.SJdred: George, meets Tuesday and Aden L. G skin: 1026 Pearl} St, annual conference of .a student at CentralS -x

iation for Student Edlard.yaters College, Thursday from 7:00- 44. and Ann.,M. Waddell 1028 I principals and super- tote CollegeWilberforce.K:,

Teaching, the N.E.A., interning in Physical 10:00 P.M.classes are Pearl,St,j 33. __ visors held at FloridaA Ohiowhere she is major- }, '

and the A.T.A.He Education,lrs. Small, under the direction of Mack McDougle, 80 Ernest St.'80, & M University last ing in Health and Physi- V;;....
18 and Martha L. Hayes.
is a former presi- Directing Teacher. capable instructors.The Ernest St, 16. week. cal Education. She is a t; __

dent of Lane Collegein Hrs. Evelyn Gadson, Children's Dance Emory C. Coleman, 1505 W. 9th The theme of the three member of the Ivy Leaf JACQUELINE J. BAKDl

JacksonTennessee. FAMU! interning in' Class meets on Satur- St. 26 and Clara B. Hardy, 1575' day confab was "Growth Pledge Club of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sororityand

Fourth gradcl s.C.n. day, from 10:00 A.12:00 .!!.- W. 19th St, 32. and Evaluation of Education enjoys swimming and tennis leisurely.
David J. Hayes, 626 W. Duval
Noon. ** *
tick for
Directing St., 22 and Lillie'B. Kingwelch, Negroes
VOTE Teacher. The entire program is 626 W. Duval St., 26. Florida, 1927 28 to Les Treize Amies were active last week-end,
administered by the Louis Wilcox, 811-Jefferson St., 1957-58." meeting at the Lincoln Gplf and Country Club
) .
Branch Committee o n 68 and Viola Tippin 637 Blodget At the initial session j with Mrs. Vivian Satterwhite as hostess.
Lane. 59.
"' Mrs.
=.ru.stration. Committee Dr. George w. uorejr Satterwhite invited Mrs.Marjorie Gilmore
Chairmen are appointed A & M presidentand: a; Mrs.' Barbara Harper- and Mrs.Mildred.jiPaulineas
.. .. the branch and guests. Again Mrs. Pauline winner '
', '; by veteran educator was o f
chairman to head Committees Simpson i .Choral teacher, welcomed the. the guest prize.

ti'1 in the Asso- High scorers' amxmg club members were Mrs.
ciation.Each committee Groups To Meet visitors to the campus Carolyn Miller, Mrs. Doris JonesMrs.Gwendolyn;

,. meets regularly a n o\ many of whom are gra- Schell, and Mrs. Ruth Bonner, while Mrs.Winona
: insti-
the Sunday Ode 30 duates of the Britt
contribute to ongoing qualified for consolation.
program of the! tuion. D.E. Williams, J *

Association. There are: State Education Department. official of 1 We have news of Fla-Jax Club Inc.,and its many
Committees : Choral"Groups ,
The Simpson
the following .
of' activities. This social-civic recently
.. functioning meeting gave the purpose group
T'F now are 01 h er completed payment on its life membership in the
the meeting.
in the Branch YWCACourtesyFinanceHouse Sunday at 4 p. m.
included Dr. National Association for the Advancement o f
home of Mrs.Lang speakers j
Leadership the 103 DeWitt St rectors., Arlie Rhodes who discussed I Colored People, and we believe that it is the
Management; transportationand first organization in this area to do so. Their
Training; Membership;' R.L.Shannonpresidentannounced. Mrs Thelma Plan- civic activities also extend to local charities
Public Affairs .
Personnel; who discussed including the presentation of a movie projectorto
Program Planning The president re- ..agan
the Boys' Parental Home.
lunch. Dean
Education the fol- school
'Religious ; queststhat of Edward Fla-J ax is incorporated in the State of Florida
Young Adult; Y-Teens; lowing members attend James Espy
in 1930 and
Waters College i n being organized presently include
World FellowshipFoun- Johnnie PrestonJoan
Tallahassee Palatka and Gainesville in addi-
Jacksonville presided.Prof' : ,
Vanburie L.
ders Day Hangingof ,
tion to Jacksonville. Charles Simmons heads this
the. Greens. Parker, Mary Cawser,
group of professional men, and Theodore Redding
The Branch 1\ Ais a Blondell M a tt'h ews,
< Hayling'i I is in charge of public relations.

.1400 WRHC 1400 Red Feather Agency.The Nathaniel MoodyRay- I Jacksonville society is indebted to Fla -Jax

. : enrollment as. of Oct.l. field GloverWillie Green, Vermeli Bullard Back from Trip I members for its traditional ball held annually
-FEATURES during the Christmas Season.
i is 555 Adults Y- Pearl MackeyCeceliaMack
:? .739 *
_ Teens and 50 Men. J. JaneLanetta To Olympics
KNIGHTPG Miss Marian Sutton and }frs. !axine Jackson were
social and WilliamsFrank Cooper
Many- sav-
... TALLAHASSEEChar1esc. guests when Les Elites Bridge Club met last weekat
KNIGHT TRAIN ings clubs use th e: Frank MorganBenjamin
the Lincoln Golf and Country Club.Mrs.Jackson
8.0.P.M r- 12.1 NIGHTLY' Branch .YWCA for their' IrvingAltamise Miller HaylingSr., known
SWEET CHARIOT anniversaries Jasper Walker. affectionately by gen- recipient of the guest prize, will be welcomed
tbxa naDA: i to the membership of this at its next
930 to lOa MONDAY Eula Walker Charles erations of Florida group
Young brides find it ,
BLUE'S IN THE KNIGHT studentsand meeting.
Air IhLversity
roso.12-. WAY Umi U'l'URJ.A.yELEer .an ideal place to hold.l Freeman Tyrone Wil- Floridians as"Prof Club prizes were won by Mrs. Lois Avery and
their weddings and re->! liams and Latimore Mrs. Marie McClain.
Williams. A11 Hayling,
'ceptions 'persons # *: # *
The YWCA is Community interested are invited. home recently follow
21-day "dreamtour" We are happy to report that Mrs. Iris Knox is
that ing a
It is regretted
Organization an
GRETCHEN CARPENTER of Europe that making a wonderful recovery at Brewster Hospital
- who
Morgan Jr.
as such, itre nders James
I commend Mrs.
included four days in after recent surgery.te Knox on,
is confined with an I
service to the Commun-- .
_,1_ School Board, Dist. 1 injured leg will be Rome at the '60 Olym- her deeply ingrained spiritual attitude and
1 i ty.. ,
cheerfulness after such a lengthy illness.
Find out what's going on in your unable to be present.The phics.
__ school system., Bishop Frazj.Calfs entire club wishes "Prof. Hayling" retired -
Why are we building experimental him a speedy from A&M in 1959 Kelvinettes were entertained last week in the
gym floors, but going without textbooks recovery.Acute as instructor in and home of Mr. and Mrs. DeVernon. Nicks, 1360 West
in our dassrooms? Meeting I head of the A and M 12th ,Street. Mrs. Ruth Bonner was guest player.

:." Why are there empty classrooms in L call aceting to all tailoring department, Mesdames Barbara Harper, Dorothy Oliver and

:.. Duval County today? board whitewashed persoai holding Revelation Asthma having served the institution Geraldine Hilliard were recipients. of _club
has the school -
: the activities of the mainten- licenses has Attacks since July, prizes.

once department.Why been issued by Bishop ... ,wd -.l!. 1925.He said the trip

don't your officials publish an Frazier: with the. official I .s.....a aN JC...ff........e.-wa1tDI.s.n.af..u.....,._.. was, the realisationof
Instructional fee be I _,...,.. d
accounting of the aeeting to :: = an ambition that
collected from you each school term! held Sunday at 3 pau.I .:QjaKY.:.tJa.....ad rt 11r11aiw1": dated back to the days

Why must we pay fit .tlme bookkeepers in every school tc at 3308 lee Street. when he was an athletein
accounts Ii... 7'. &.J_ '- 4, -= his native Granada..
" Why are our re.nnite-ridden school buildings being repaired I British-- West -indies.

with. green woOd? ; .. : ._ : In 1915he represented -
,- ,
_ "TAKE POLITICS OUT! OF YOU SCHOOL SYSTEM jj : p'- / the British West 6
I ____ AND PRO TsCT YOU MIGHT'TO BE 1NFOWAH) r. ---:...- Exposition Indies in the held Panama in III

Elect Gretchen Your Duval : h. -tsar ae.ooe*
County Career In BOrbttif1gI Panama City, v1nnf.ng.
.....New.. .. the
School Board Member DUt. 1, Nov. 8 GLS' oNywaaFdL the high jump
p. finishing
broad junpand -
You Can Vote for Carpenter REGARDLESS of Party :AffiUaHot" FLORIDA. tA1ttElt COLLEGE second in the 100
Pd. Pol. Adv. ., -..11. 't POWERS*e e 12 FCWOCR 2S e 24 POWDZks
we e.+i. u u.wk ""'IL5- ". yard dash. '. .
._ ",
J "- i ": "
-- ,
.. .,

,.. : ', .:' -: J. : : :; "" <:' ,l
Saturday, October 29>_,1960" d -TEE FLORIDA STAB, Pag FourCNURCHNEVIS
-- ,, --
f J- CO-QRD1UTORS Women's 'Day John J. Perry Former

Sunday at Mt. I Jaxon In Space Research

# I

Zion Church I EDKARDS AIR FORCE BASECAL.- Twenty-one year
old John J. Perry, a 1959 honor graduate of
Florida A & M University, is currently helpinghis
: 1
General SecretaryMrsEvelyn
: : country to .solve problems pursuant to roc-
B. Wells asst.
The fourth anniversaryof Rev. I. McPherson, ::1 Hrs.,SarahB.Seymourways ket airplanes flying 50 miles above the earthand

pastor ,of Asbury Methodist Church will be cele secretary J. and I at speeds near 4,000 niles per hour.

brated Oct. 30-Nov.2, Monday nightRev.CharlesJ. means MrsJLgnes Reeves He as an aeronautical -
Crosby and congregation of Shaw Memorial ; research engineer at I
Baptist Church will supervise services. tues- program ; the National Aeronau-
MrsHazel Overstreet
day's night's services will be ;in charge o f tics and Space Administration -
Mrs.[ GussieTorrencechairmanMiss
Rev. A.D. Harris,pastor of St. Matthew AME Captains: Flight Cen-

Church and congregation. Wednesday nights ser- ter here.Perry is assigned .
vices will be headed by Rev. J.T.McMillan o f Lauretta Jenkins, cochairman to the Analog

Grant Memorial AME Church and congregation. ,Ads and sponsors Computer Section of 3i
Frankie P.
; Mrs. the Data Systems Division -
4HHHHHHHHHHH* Lang, Sunday School;. where he is engaged -
CHURCH WORKERS Mrs. Agnes Walker (left) and Mrs. Lydia Sweetpast in solving aero-

A program at Fountain Chapel AME Church is being Mrs. Nancy M. Brown are serving as coordinators chairla;dies,irs Daisy nautical research
for the annual Wcaen's Day celebration Duncan, chairman,Hrs.
sponsored Sunday'.night starting at 8 p. m. problems on such advanced -
,in Grant Memorial AME Church The observance Florida Dwight, cochairman -
under. sponsorship of Mrs. H. I-. Jenkins. Classics projects as the
will be held Sunday throughout the d ; Publicity;
,spirituals,gospel music and reading will Miss Clotelle Seals X-15,a rocket airplane
feature the program highlighting some of the :, designed to carry man
city's outstanding talent. Frank Jones Jr.will decoration; Mrs. Mary to altitudes above 50 Society.A .
Second Celebrates
Mitchell souvenir
be host. Hostesses Hil.be Miss ?la.tildaAllen, Baptist B. miles andspeeds near- native of Jackson-

Miss Priscilla Pricey Miss Rosetta Drown, Miss programMrs.VeraDavisfinance 4,000 npli. ville, where he was

Patricia Hall, *Miss Yvette Jackson, Miss Ifyrna 110th AnniversaryObservance ; Miss YouthMiss Alethia Perry, who graduated born Septenber,1939,
B. Frazier
Wilson, Miss Juanita JonesM&s! Patricia Jones, I -- with distinction from Perry attended Ne: v
Nov. 14. A receptionwill Delphine Thomas. ?
Miss Rose WilliamsMiss Patricia Williams,Miss of its be held followingthe A&M in June,1959atthe Stanton High School,

Bobbie Jackson, Miss Vernell Pickett and Miss anniversary will service. The women of Mt.Zion age of 19joined graduating in 1955.
Bobbie Price. be held at Second Bap- A.M.E. Church met recently NASA last September. His parents, Mr. and

tist Church Nov.614, : 'Bethel Announces :o'make plans While in college he Mrs.Alvin Perry,still.
JHHHHBBBBBHH) ) ) ) : for their ann ual majored :in mathematics reside in Jacksonville.
Rev. J. C.Sains, pastor'announced -
q1 ,:. .. Women's Day which is He was a member of. Perry resides i n
District Deputy Grandmaster A.Flemraing issued Sunday night worship ServicesThe scheduled for Nov.20. Beta Kappa Sii Nation nearby LancasterCal-,

a call for all worshipful masters,war ns, will be featured by a Rev.Robertli1son The church is very al Scientific Honor ifornia.Compliments .

and members to assemble at Day Spring Baptist musicale by the church.1 pastor of Bethel,.Institutional fortunate in havingthe

Church Sunday at .2 p.m. to assist Crystal.squ e 'combined choirs follow .Baptist leadership of two t
Lodge 523 in laying a cornerstone.JHHHHHBBHHHH worship.Mrs Vaught Church announces that of its outstanding :
he returns to the pulpit members for this observance -
assisted by .Charles T.
Maxwell will head the I on Sunday to deliver .}trs. LillianG.
committeesMrs L. I the morning mes- Small has been selected -.

Fifth anniversary of the Willing Workers Choirs Glass,Hiss Esther Janes sage on the subject, as chairman and
Union will be held Sunday at 3 p.m.in Friendly and Henry White will "Power Partners The Mrs.S arab J.Smith will COMPANY

Baptist Churchl721 W.l9th .St.pt was .announced, accompany on instru- 'Young Adult Choir and ,. serve as cochairman.The .
by Deacon Willie F. Smith. ments. Male: Chorus will serve. following ladies

Other program participants The Young Adult Choir have willingly agreedto -
JHBHHHHBHHHttfr i will Musicaleat head the various j
will be ministers sponsor JACKSONVILLE, FLOBIDA
3:30 :Baptist committees and are
and prominent lay p.m. _
The Northwestern. High School Chorus under t he leaders.' Ministers invited Training Union program going all out to make \

direction of Thomas Hadley will render a reci- ncludeRev.R.A. starts promptly; a t this the most successful "Florida Classic" Visitors

tal Sunday at 7:30 p.m. in Primitive Baptist KingRev..r.McMillan, .5:45 p.m. in the basement Women's Day in the Welcome .

Church Myrtle and Fourth. Program being sponsored Rev.A.J.HughesRev. W. of the church with of the church.
by the Sunday School ,and Choir 3. M. HillRev. W.C.Neal,. the Rev.Isadorerazds to- history. There's Always Something Cooking atBOBBER'S ......

JRBHBHttHBHBBfThe Rev. E.R. SimpsonRev.S.L. in charge., 4 r: ....."" ,W. M. Me Call
Badger, Rev.R. L. The annuaXjsonfiprenceof
Jones, Rev. C.B.Dailey the church will be' Calls COFFEE SHOP
Nov. 7
Ministers and Deacons Union auxiliary to% Rev. E.S. Evans o f held on }Monday. night,

the Union St. James Baptist Association meeting I Macon, Ga., will be the Oct. 31 at 7:30o'clock Mrs. Daisy Ford, Prop.
" at Second ?[t. Tabor Baptist Church October speaker for all the in the church. Meeting HereGreen
28-30. Rev. S. M. Stirks is host pastor. %
worship, services Nov. The Saint Nicholas Bay Lodge 190
617 Phone EL 49701GOOD
West Ashley
JHBBHBHHBBH** 13, and will speak at Social and SavingsClub will hold its regular
11 a.m., 3 and 7 p.m. meets Saturdayat meeting Tuesday,Nov.l

Rev. C. A. Weaver, of 7 p.m.in the resi- on the fourth floor, BULLDOGS
Dayspring Baptist, and dence of Mrs.Samuel Worshipful Master BenT.

Rev.: R. H. Wilson, o f Andrews, l857Arletha McCall -announced.The IMPERIAL SUNDRIES STORE

GRAND OPENING Bethel Baptist Church, Road All members! are W.M.is requestingall

will have charge of the.pastor's urged to be, present.. brothers presence. Drugs Sundries Cosmetics
I night program j'

SALEieglnning 530 BROAD STREET
Eastern District Ministers-
Welcome FAMU and Phone EL 4-2159

I Friday Oct. 26.27-w8.29 Deacon Auxiliaries -Meet RATTLERS and BULLDOGSGet

The Eastern- District lEnisters- and Deacons Your Tickets for the Your Neighborhood

PREMIER'S Newest Meat MarketFla. Union with the Sub District Convention .Auxili
aries to the Union Progressive 'Baptist Assoc- Game and Dance At

iation are now in session until .Oct L:30th in

Abyssinia Baptist Church. Rev..5aS"te n modes. KOZY KORNER Shopping GuideTrade

:.atorand Rev.5._ Peoples, president. .
Saturday at 10 a.m.,: Center of 8th mud Davis
Grade A Brisket Stew the Red Circle and at 6:45 p.tn.t+ith Rev.
i.atrcnsdll be in !.L. Flynn and,i officers. Near Where You Live

Fryers 27c li.WHOLI 2Ic 16 'charge with the local' in charge. ,
"Trade at MATHIS and Save!"
president, presiding. Y P D ,Society Best Bargains -:- Courteous Treatment-
Sunday at 9:30 a.n.,
the Front line Sunday Plans ProgramThe

School will be i n YPD of the South I GROCERIES

.For Your 'Home Freezer session with the local Jacksonville District Fresh Meats-Fruit-Vegetables

Pork Spare ./* BAIYBEEF district superintendents Missionary Society of Howard Foster Shoes Ice Cream--Candies- Tobaccos

,respectively,in theME Church will
III S'2c .. charge along with the present musical ex- .
teachers. travaganiza MondaynightOct.31 2773 EDGEWOOD AVE.

MED. SIZE Avg. Price ] Morning. worship begins _- in the 1073.75 Florida Avenue "
$40.00I; at 11 am. withPev.W.A.Pcoplespressi new St. James JME.ChurchForest FOE THE BEST BAX-B-O IN TOWN

"Street._ Shoe Repair In Rear :"=- Chicken Bt.f Sliced Pork j;
dent, presiding. Devotional Rev.D.W lielccae is the ;- "
Pork Ribs with Curii-Q Potatoes
services will castor.

Pork Neck Club Steaks be conducted by the You Don't Have,to Go to Town to Get HOLLY'S BAR-S-Q _

deacons of"Tabernacle 3604 Moncritf !d. Near 26th St. t

IONES2 I.s. 2SrHe- Ib. Baptist Church. The FOR THAT HA1KCUT VISIT
sermon will be deli- PRICES
vered by the Rev. N. String's larber end. icciury Shop

Walker, alternate by > tit j OB Your '
4 <
2111 45th Sf. PO 4-6903
Rev. S. Andrews.The .
If .
2:45 p.m.sessionwill DRUG.STOBE. NEEDS LEO'S SHOE REPAIRS 7"
: be called to order -
f Chick IStt PORK CHOPS by the president, Trade With Your Neighborhood Drug Store ass

Rev. .'''.S. Peoples.Devotional RADIO & T.Y. SERVICE
45Y ,:'- ; lie ... servicesidll :
be conducted by the PAPERS. 1807 Myrtle! Aye. Leo Dorsty, prop.!
deacons o f Palmer We Deilrer Wo Also FBI AD Doctor ruKlf.... .

_. Grove Baptist Church. ALFRA JEWELERs .
fj Sermon will be delivered 1 WATCH AND JCWCUir HZPAIRINO

: l.eatd at by Rev.B.W.Nelsonalternateby Rev.H. -. )Pharmacy ,*.- WATCMCS-DIAMONDS MINOS.CAM -


FARMED MARKET B.T.U. commences at FHONB8 .stpI.N .,'" ,

ding Evening worship SILK AT OUR STORE .. _cu--. .{S3SD. ,. ,r.-...*_" ..*...- .-- 3..LA. ...../.. ::';



.. _... .. ........ .
._: / ::c"L \/2- -" = -. '-: i :' ._ v.-'". :. :. : '. -; : ; :: :.;;. '

Saturday, October' 29, 1960 THE FLORIDA STAR 1 ,. Ftgt FlTfl
I .


.. -.
--- ---
Florida A & H University, Tallahassee, Fla.. ,'
On behalf of the students, the faculty, and ; .. the Department of Y by-'
staff of Florida A.- and K. .University vdcoae ;I sical Education.Coach !I

; ... :Y'< .. you to the Gator Bowl tonight as we kick-off -n- "Jake" Gaither as he

.. '... the Sixth Annual "Florida Classic" footballs '. .-...".... is familiarly known II I
ries with our sister institution of higher fI.:. .a Kentuckian who received :
learning, North. Carolina State. .. his undergraduate :'
,1t, We consider it a privilege and a pleasure to training and, ;_ t4-
have the. Bulldogs of North Carolina State College r ; athletic laurels at
as our opponent in this historic gridiron i Knoxville College Ten- + r
; event.We extend to them,their President,alumni +14 i 1 nessee.A graduate degree -
and friends our best wishes and heartiest welcome from Ohio State

University.In .
t tY dti .The students, faculty, staff, alunni, and the sixteen years
.friends of Florida A. and M. wholeheartedly: :I of his tutelage of
enter into the spirit of this occasion and extend Florida l&M Ihiverslty: 0
the full measure of their devotion and Ti teamsthey have scored
of the aims and ob-
*interest to the fulfillment ]120 wins 20 losses ,
jectives of the "Florida Classic." and 9 ties. He has won
Hay the better team"win. ALQNZO S.GAITHERHead respect and admira- '
GEORGE W. GORE, JR. Coach, Director o f tion of his associates I

JR. President Athletics and Head of because of his praiseworthy -
GEORGE W; GORE, attitude. ,


'. .
Compliments A Friend GOOD LUCK RATTLERS t.

Rattlers' Clarence Childs,Halfback and leading
4 scorer for the team.

: The City of Jacksonville .

: )

:; ............ WELCOMES; -.-..- -.

Florida Classic Visitors : 1

Mayor Declares Florida ''Classic" Bay .:- Good Race Relations DayBflO


'- .- '. -..:- .. ., ., :, -
--i ,
Y. _
r ,.
; >
t\'-," TJ SJ

R nYY' ...,. ,..
; .
; i t
k} ,r
.. [;;> <
.. :: .' ":4t iI ,
I trwJt..: w
.. + 1E 3f \ :r 3C.
ahC t <


'.. -
it Bulldogs' Johnnie Edwards, Fullback and one of

the leading punters among small colleges.
>i h
x q


4 ) i Singleton's Superior Rar-B-Que
% S '. $ .



imow' We Invite You to Visit Our Newest Location


r i

: x.
$ Before and After the Game

Enjoy Yourself At The
=t .55r ,

'grb' if and
4 t-t C x k Drive-In Liquors Restaurant
4-' 5668 Avenue B -'Between 45th and Edgewood
; .'- :
f> '3a



I M t ,, F .
s4 Lincoln Golf and Country Club

4 Mile North of Jck4onYUk off V. S. 1




tb R -
r \
; -
1 5k .
.t r .
zld' ".' .-..
,,-.- ;,.... ..,. ".- ;;-- ,:
";::'? ;}f'0: ; : : :: ; ; ; { ::- ,
816 W. Ashley Street Phone EL 4-9349
'_ .', '. t.
: : ':'- .

r -- .-. .- ... -... ., -.. .;;, ; -r 0.- -:. ..
'''''was' commiasiaaer O m 7fii er' offer Orders Boxed 'To. Go Out
Ka'W -----er IDgh ads, sewers Airport Park and Zoo ZJffcte A WMer TTtfl at sash JlT" .a''r SEAFOOD CHICKEN CHOPS
: :- : : : : a: -:-
-:- -:- -:- -:- -:- -:- -:- -:- -:- -:- a : :
I '
i I I I


,. ..


.Saturday October 29, 1960 .. .
D1san After th*Morie S czdEa.FrIed' t
Ha. BJC Infirst DEatha And r.1c.alist '
J .. Cblekea Bacon Saute Joed Center i

/ ,Oyster* FISH Eggs Hot'Cdc.
MeetingThe Shrimp Ham CoBe* MHk 4-1468
Avc pnd Adorrti Phono EL
French Fried Fotatoee Steak

', Florida Junior Kaxy E. mJtn Lars MULLET ... .........Lb. 29c
Business College met of BaldwinFlorida. s'Collu' SAopAirccnditioned la 10 Lb. Lots 22cBrine
in its initial meeting DURHAM-Baby Carolyri s ( Your Hmp en and Stock Your Frtcrtn)
1 Frt h MULLET ROE .Lb. 98c w -
Oct.20 Adrian of 1125 W.30th
4-9962 1929 KINGS. tOAO Salt MULLET ROE .Lb. 98c
for the purpose. of I Street. figin Speckled TROUT Chicken of the Sea .. .Lb. 49cI I =
electing. the remain- i,' FLOWERS-M,r. Burrie: Fresh Wafer CATFISH 49c :
.ing council membersand of 2013 W. 16th St.GARDNERElizabeth. Virginia FLOUNDER 39c I
select time a RED BASS For Baking .Lb. 39c = .
to a
Genuine Whole RED SNAPPER .Lb. 55c _
for meetings. Robert of 2137 Meharry Ave. WHEN YOU ABE ILL SNAPPER FILLETS 59c
Black, presidentpre- ,HARRIS-Mrs. Dorottaf R s You Silk'Th. Best Dock
si4ed. Delores Baker of 60$ When Your Doctor Prescribes FAMOUS THIRTY O CENTERS

The organization is Davis Street.JOHNSONMrs.. Get Exparlttctd Phtrmietei "the elusive" Sheepnose Ib. '
lWda To FU1 Your Prescription c
presently engaged in .Rebecca r AccorcUna. To Your Doctor' Spots "O eanview that is" Ib. 3 2

I setting the machineryin of 712 Market Street.. 'V Ord n. W. UM. Only Boat Whittling Ib.
motion for its annual PINKNEY M r Easavrof The BMi Ghullty Drugs At
: "Miss Florida" 1258 W. 16th St. Watch for Our Circle Specials
I Dr. C. E. BlaeleProprietor
cuc I contest which takes WARkItJGT01F--Mr. John TWINS

place in Decemberthesame of 1143 Evergreen Ave.
time as the Coro- SMITH-Mrs. Ida o f LARGE SHRIMP

A tip of the Papil Cepto nation ,Ball is held. 1611 }.!Morgan Si.WALDO LILLY'S DRUG STORE "Al.est M 61= se
these outstanding young Candidates vieingforthis SHRIMP 4
Americans, who make our -Rev. Benjaminof FrteC
country and our community year's Miss 1907 Kings Road ELgfa 3-8273
S betttf place In which to Florida contest are: Concress St. A COMPLETE LINE OF: Ib
u... Sundries Ib. a. o Lb. OuliC
the Misses Florin PATRONIZE cOsmetics Rubber Goods Candies -

Willa FordLula Washington Star Advertisers

: ,. Helen Perry,
: and Ida .Jackson
: I Iii

ROOM FOR/RENT ,aF..,,..,..C.\uy Y... .,' ,r.S.p:4..4..}+.;.:p,}.::....:dv.:k.,.+ottw.,.,x.,;\,..... !:..a u'. 79C'x
Furnished Room
1430 WEST 2nd STREET

i EL 4-3189 .I>,..:: .rr. :. .... c;}.:4...,... .. .. ::.t;, .,'...
i ? ., ,..,
; :. .a.,:.,;..yF.yY.:>+ .;r.r

KUNCES ... ..,. .; ;.?'4.:v .,4 .r yr 0 r.\...,... ..g';, .. .. ... ,..},!' ..S't: ..
Stanton HcGRUDEKNew ROOM FOR RCKT .C,,k i:u.. .b..,?3.,.. .u.1 x',,.it ur., .fi 4 .. .?.,rS b ?r,... ...,+#? V.:.. }:' ;..zr:.,,} ;

j Use of Kitchen !
Pepsi Cola Dealersare : .v 'h4.a
Furnished & Ifafurnbtrd ,
: : =
proud to, salute :a tl tr f
Frances of the 12th -C cC Call EL 3-3348

grade.She is a member + .. }k 1 f i
of the D.C.E.Club and Fy. 6,111' tttka 111 aye t A }d tet q.< Mww. yti>:
Student Council.Bobby- !, q !t 1 Cy;
is singing. lie Have 2 & 3 Bedroom
Ho&es For Sale iei tt ..
*T**' ******- *,* Call Us Today

E.s. COLEMAN-Salesman!
4 tt
Reg'Real Estate'Broker. b' Fr

fn EL 5-4673-1277 KING'RD. Lar-
a r I
HELP..WAHTED t D3w ,,,-
Couple To Live In
Good Salary J-w .II
Apply >o
:tli ire! L. i ETD'K
New 'Stanton'rribute
is paid to
lluben of the
: graduat- '
Royal Crown
ing class.He is a member
of the footballand Bottling Company
track, team,drama 1235 Son Marco Bird. ,
club annusi staff and
student council.Plansa a'9-4488

career 'in medicine. ,

.Y. "" t:.'_.' .oM Child's Care YOUR DOLLAR BUYS MORE .

. TrUg1 -rIe The-Reasonable KIT-JUKAT Prices-NURSERY IN A DOWNTOWN STORE. .

Day-Nite EL 5-1951



V.. V .A new schedule Coach fares with only a 2; increase to regular riders .'r..j'
._ has gone into effect. It maintains our pledge to give you the best transporta V .
For your next haircut tisit
; ::',: .- tion obtainable at the lowest possible cost
.the Artistic Barber Shop 819 '
i -
R. BAKKES W. Ashley. Phone EL 49231. .. : :
-- JOAN ., 20? tokens 5 for $1.00. ; ', .:: '

New 'Stanton "C., C.MeCurdy,Prop.; Charles :', Ride all you want to for $3.75 with weekly pass. .:,',:3

Joan is a member of Simmon, :?, Mrr. ';;, ., Single cash fare for the occasional rider, 25;. \ "! .:'
the 11th gradeYTeenIodernistic -. -:;'
? tlub and A.':: New! Children under 15 years can now ride for 10? at any time.

Bethel Baptist Church. PRATT DEL RIO ,. '::' School tokens, still 4? with free transfer (lowest in U..S.).

Hobbies are readingand <::!'f. Zone fares still 5 c' per zone.

listening to Jazs.' Service ,Station ,<:;. .": Transfers still 5?. _

*!1t1 ft 7k Ift-

Listen to PepsiMusicQuest BUMPER TO BUWFEft: .. Riding the Coach saves you gasoline, oil, auto depreciation, loose change, "

*. Friday SERVICES .', : traffic-jam tensions, parking problems and) time. Best way is to see for Yourself -

F Start riding the. Coach THIS WEEK. .
Wits s; 10:30 to 11:00 .
Know Coach schedules. Ask' Driver write the Coach .
II For Phone Requests THIRD ST. AT FLA.AYE your your Jacksonville
,k EL 6-0461-2 ., ; Company or call Elgin 4-7881 for a printed Coach schedule. r 'r -'
VOTE : :,", .
COUNTY MOl ,Oft" ":c

it .f:( 'j.

,* r- rw f( :r.a'' .V..
r 'k'h
F ,
c: -

.. '

Z., COACH ran mpfUU{ .

"C,_ '_..:" VV'V:_, ,"_ V .

dl ram p.inciiiREVITALIZE 1 j .



DUVAL COUNTY d". w',7 '. ": ," ., ".. ', <

Gri Serace Burl ; ;44 N.r_ :: 7 ;, .':. : t -- :.r .< .,., < r'; 3f.:: :::,'.. .. "" -': :-4

.. .




fun? ,/, October 29, 1960 THE FLORIDA STAR PAGE SEVEN

_. _
----- -


t .

I Mighty' Rattlers Poised-


For Bulldogs

WDLLEGIATE: > FOOTBALL is in full swing now and gigantic parade featuring'the

lie players are giving it all, they have since famed "Marching 100," a pep rally of "old

__;outs of big league football are often looking grads," an alisnni dance, and a clash betty'ee n

_ e them from every angle. Since, the pro teams the unbeaten Florida A. and M. University Rat-

_ -te built from collegiate start, many of them tlers and the South Carolina State C o 1-le ge

ook forward to being chosen by some;prof ess- Bulldogs will be among the highlights of F1 a.

nal. team. Classic weekend activities scheduled for Oc t.

REMEJEER the college days o? Jim 28-29.
_5.FAr5 Sisanerall, Rick Casares, Bobby IfiLt- The Bulldogs from Orange burg will be making

Sample, Mel Triplett, Roosevelt their first appearance in this annual "Gateway

er,. Roosevelt Brown, Johnny Unitas, Bobby City" classic, having replaced the Rattlers'

yne, J. C: Caroline, Ollie Hatson, }nlen.Ttm- bitter intrastate gridiron rivals, Be th un e-

_ell, Clarence Peaks, Willie Galimore, Lindenrew Cookman's spunky Wildcats. Cametine will be

Don Ameche and a host of others who are 8:00 p.m'in this city's famed Gator Bowl Sta-

'QW drawing pay for -play. di 1:1.

Urns; OF TIE BRIGHTEST STAIlS onthe conegiate A. and M. journeyedto with members o f the

otball horizon are Ernie "lla sHor.ie Fergu- Orangeburg in 1958 local alumni group at

n and Art Balier.I Davis the great running, l to meet South Carolina a toffee" hour scheduled

alfback of Syracuse Universitythe alma mater State in the revivalof for the old Stan-

f Big' Jim Brown of the Cleveland BrownsHowie s 1 the present II a.t- ton High School Cafe-

''erguson, Ohio State's hard plunging fullbackd tIer-Bulldog seriesand toriini.

Art Baker the pile driving fullback o f won 28-8, and in At 1:30 p.m.Saturdaythe

acuse are three of the most talked about \ Tallahassee last year faned A. and }I.

bile 'ate stars ,at this tine. I the orange and green- Marching Band, familiarly -
:J.AGOi;.:) CiiAl/ :.7LJCAVS 7-5 In tlieir:
'.k\. 1 POTENTIAL; ALL-AlEitECANS will be seen in vecldy scheduled gridfest last clad Rattlers topped known a s the

tion Saturday when the Florida AfcM Rattlers week with invading: Uetlmne iiigK School's Wildcats from FolkstonGa., the visitors 3212.A "Marcliing 100" or the

angle with the team from South Carolina State. the rough tough Dragons of Douglas Anderson :High \ren,, an out to defeat s lecialinforriation "Harchingest B and in

lorida is well represented among the pro ranks. the power laden Georgians 7-6 in one of the best games witnessed center for out-of-town the Land" will move

10 big question will the competition be strong locally this season at Ifjrtle Avenue ball park. Scene caught by: lens-, visitors will be setup out to lead 'the parade -

hough to actually uncover the real potential- nan: Avery shows Dragons' scintillatin! James Bartlcy romping 8 yardsto at the Clara White through .downtown

_ tics of .a rover laden tean. pay dirt. Other photo she -s Drasons* Cannon rarjriing through center 1 Mission located- a t and the central s e c-

Co visitor's 15. Scene also shews;. porticn- of nip and tuck battle. 613 Ashley Street. tion of the city.In .

(PHOTO by Avery) Weekend festivities addition to the
Grid ScoresClark ;
will, formally begin Kattlcr i band, local

ames This Week Mitchell Friday night at eleven high school bands,
Moore Tied .
.....14-Ala. State ...12 Frank Robinson. when the ,.Jacksonville. President and Mrs.
8. C. State ft-Ft. Valley ... 0 FAMU
(Games Oct. 29) Southern ..41-Jackson ..... 0 Chapter of ., :the Goreunivcrsity queen
.AM at Alabama State Ark.AM&N20-Wiley .......6 For NL Scoring Lead N.L. Alumni Ass o ciati o n Annette ladisona: native -
"ivannah State at Albany State N. C. ALT .21-Win..Salem .. 6 Top SluggerCincinnati will sponsor a pep of the city, the
AL A. & M. 26-Ph(1.Smltb ..14
Augustine at Elizabeth City ... For the second straight week rally at th e Lincoln Alumni Associationfloat
Bishop .26 Tougaloo ....14 Red 'Star'
JUaeael4 at,Fayetteville Fla. A- :M. 97-Beth.-Cook ... 0 James Taylor of the Green Bay Bobby. Mitchell with 254. Bags Country Club. Out-of- and numerous
8. Sv State at Florida AiM: Livingstone 15-Va.St. (Nor.) 0 Packers is the National Footballwgue's 'Clarence Peaks, Eagles, eighth 276 Base Hits In 464 Tries town alumni and business,civic} social
last week to fourth with
Jackson State"at rambling- Hampton ..21-Va. State .... 6 leading ground gainer with, jumped CINCINNATI Frank Robinson
and fraternal organi-
friends have been
West State at Ken. ,281 yards for a 4.5 average. 349 and John Crow,st.Louis Cards, < extended -
Virginia Tenn. St. ..28-Cent State ..12 who was averaging only .258 a
1 Taylor and the Packers were idle ranks fifth with 241. invitati zations will partici-
J racky State DeL St. ....88-Lincohi (Pa.) 7 midseason, came on fast during the an
IJTsk at Knoxville Morehoase .21Tuskegee ... 6 last week but Jimmy Brown, record .New York's Kyle Rote maintained last half of the campaign to win to join the fun by local pate in the parade.}4'or
I Central State at Lincoln (Mo.) : holder from the Cleveland his lead lnx pass receiving, 23
.. the National title
Benedict 65Sav. State ... 6 League .slugging the few
''Hampton at Lincoln (PA.) Browns, was held to 25 yards last for 359! yards. Ray Berry, Balti. such hitters alumni president, past years
Ed Waters 18-Voorhees ....12 over as
r Clark at Horehotzse'Moriran week as the Browns trounced theDallas more Colts., is two behind with 21 Charles 0. llilliard. thousands have witnessed -
Howard ...21-Hsk .......12 Aaron Ernie Banks Willie
at N. C. AIT. J. C. Smith 20-Shaw ........ 8 Cowboya.Brown carriedthe for 344. Mays and Ed Mathews. University President the .traditional -
ball only times. Moore with four touch
N. C. College at Shaw'l1t'Y seven Lenny
;\\ at Texas Southern Md. State .28-N. Car. Col. 8 downs and Bob Mitchell, Cleveland George V/.. Gore_ Jr. event. -
l',atnet.Valley at Tiukt!teo: Miss. Voc...12-Paul Quinn.....12 PEAKS. FOURTH with three In their last games, are Ex Collegians will talk inforna 11 v
Va. Slate at Vk. UnV u MorrU Br. 26-Ky. State 21 The big fullback however retained tied for the scoring lead each,with
.. ..
Southern at Texas College BlueftHd 7 second position with 265
Dillard ... ... 42 points on seven touchdowns.Sam .
Sir Paul's at Delaware State .26-Tex. Col. 19 yards followed by hIs teammate .' ----
Baker, Cleveland is the leaCue's
Lin. (Mo.) .30-Wayne, _Neb.. 14 Join Troffers
I leading punter with a 47.8 FOOTBALL!
average on 13 kicks.
: tTJAGO As -
-- great as ,
-i;: \ WATCH THIS CLOWN 'jhe; ilarlen G 1 o-b e- FOOTBALL!

trotters aretherc is !

353-74=721 always room on th 1i r : Annual Florida Classic

32-t-45 roster for a new ,star. ,' j
Owner Abe Sapcrstein

r" 9 /J V+t AV 8 has never been a SOUTH CAROLINA
7 4 stand-pat executive.
ft S. :giver since he
6 8 o rga-
nized bas Ice tball's STATE COLLEGEBULLDOGS
i, t.. ): : ,:,:.,' ,.. 87-30-29 riost famous and
: : .w;;
"., popular aggregation,
i: :x:,.:,." 425-11-365
: ,> the energetic leaderof
1 .tt ) : 's VX r
: "'
I' SMMtiSMS !.'. .* tha sparkling Trot-
; U_ SooMtiflMS "'. ....
( ,
ters has made it a
: "Y: H. adds, stibtmcts YS.FLQRIDA.
L'k" H. werks It .11! ...... habit to give young
,- '. prospects a chance to
f", ;:
a I i I ": <' :0 : .I Coming Attraction -studded crack his lineup.team's star : A&MRATTLERS

: 39-9-40I
This year, for example -

L'flLt--= the Globetrotters -
II -
r 5-T ; are introducing
: ; two c'c-colicgc: ttcrs '59 National Champions) '
1-: .
S whom Saperstein p r edicts -
f:, "
I _A I '*'w, '....... 1-r f will eventually ;
( t be listed among the IN THE GAME OF THE YEAR
start I
h enjoying game's all ti m-e

The 2 rookies
I greats. featuring the
are Frank Bu r k s, ex-

t I University star of Wisconsin Badgers, FAMED FAMU MARCHING BAND

the Kid-Week Issue and Govoner Vaughn, a S

t74 : Every for Wednesday sensation at the University SATURDAYOCTOBER
of Illinoisthe
word is His past 3, seasons. I
BaNI\ -

Lft; I t'. At 8:00 P.M.


r i iI Jacksonville, FloridaADM3SON

ii ..
,i r
tK 1 i3

} I } :

Box Seats Reserved Section Students

M i 1i 1 5 Yl $3.50 $2.50 $1.10

i MAIL ORDERS FOR TICKETS Mil be accepted: bH.. K Part
Y l ridge. Business Manager Florida A. & M. University, Tallahassee,
Schenley I Fla. Tickets are now on sale U-the following Jacksonville location -
*: Kozy Korner Davlwt-$th: Myrtle Ave.Hosiery and Confectionery.
If M ,1i ,3312: MyrlaAve.:; Mom's Kitchen.1235 Kings Road; Buster
lr ...the only whisky with extra smoothness I: Ford's.923,E.-Union; Dixie Pharmacy,Myrtle Ave.at Kings Road
i ,
Sol and Nip Sport Shop. 1944 W.43th; Mervon's Pharmacy 2739: W.
.-EJjewood Ave4Hollywood ,Music Store 603 W. Ashley: Cohen
whipped in-an exclusive Schenley discovery i N four moist catiest sow*TM I SHAVING POYDEP'C0. Brothers,St.James Blvd.;Harry Pinkelstela Company,m W.Bay.
i I $00 u ter thus Muac TEAM MATES .ra...' s I !
I i




ft ,
.$Saturday October 29, I960 THE FLORIDA STAR Pago

-- --- ...

i ...IREES; .SIGNA, 'S.en. OIlojIl : 0. Reupbu+p T u. Groend'ns.c t en onol :"' '" :"::(: SCORE i I

\' _" -.c ft.L ,;-. Aj) : ) ti''( BY QUARTERS I II
b .le-.t. ',, -. ( :'iF ",.- ', k ,[(O1[ !) .
-- .... \ l .' ; i !
iTailo !
f. '
; :. ,.
1i. O!o ,of l. For A King /
f' 2. IJIeoI _'tion ....... or..u t i...out 7. ctppla .W-- ,/:} r.p.t I ;f E'/
'" .. ..I
tV ) -= \ -- <:" First Quarter Alt..ticnl r"',
-"K<, T.- -r I .. \ ""---:' 10. I Renewing ,
: ,1.,06s1d.: er dolatiori. Rovfusesa s Koldiftg ,i.
I .....::-:01". kkk rules- 0. 10e011llO'loII at- snap and P Tai ,D.11 f.Uftsportsmaatka Conduct. TL' IUegal fern'ard you t Shun Measure Mad to ,1\ l

: + FOUL SIONAU1J. t W. Fit Them t
I :=..-. .q. .. I Second Quarter All .,
1 inhrftrtnte with"fair '. ,.\ r MOOQUXi SIGNALS I Lid;., Too
i fatch.or forward pea j. :!, ,k Dial
1 s! '" ,.. L D.1'ue.eut; J Elgin
'i .
$ $ ', Third Quarter
: ) .Z.
=: J J .5

A -'I U.'lftCOlllpJ.t.orword pau- \, Miy\ \ [ (lB. '} '-:--\ t' 1

;:' or ptnolty no cor,declIned* -no ploy/(I" % \ j \((51\ :1 \ } '----"",.-. '..J, \I.\it'" 1 Fourth Quarter PATRONIZE

- 14. 1..ltOI&I.ItceJyt! 16.'Crawling pinkhgFiold Touchdown or --_\ F. loll ready for ploy O. Clock starts
Dew' en Puss or bdpinp nll".r.J A. BaU l> dead field goal 'c. Safety L rust down \ .

V TOTALS Star AdvertisersStrand


; : vjWhile; In Jax For The "Florida Classic J

i lounge & Package Store 7 BIG DAYS \
I 7VlJVVrf! !
w t
..Aiul "LGO-!: i\3X: IK: .iXr.: : : : "

i : _BrnLiasntJMoi


Suwannee No Children Under 16 -tatau COLOR
LifeCompany Ins. Admitted Unless Accompanied
By An AM *liis Co-Kit!
'CAGS!:: t-F iSVIL'

t The :tore Of .. Co "
":,enc JJa l.11

.:. -Jk- -r- BIG FSATUHESAudie -
,..---' > "n' T1tY" Murpliv "EEA3T OF
-- r -- Western KOLLCtf MOUWfAIK"
_ I /1 AND

HOME OFFICE 424 :W.fyrsyth St Skyvie ST ..
1 .... Tl' ,5
I ,S
t'TZ.LN5: CRZ.lTE3r And "VISIT TO A.

Win :215 Cash Monday mite J

._ .
.5 .t. ; -- ,
5 : \
:. J -,
>, '. ':;' .
-' -.:'..,..;, .
.. : :' .. 4.:'; ','
WC -
> 4' J'''.:' \

.f When Jacksonville Crosses the Bridge

i_ For Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner VisitMADELINE'S Johnnie Springleron's Cool Spot

COFFEE SHOP '2619 Kings Ave. FL 9.9295

South Jax on U.S. 1

1p' N .. .

e \
: .
\ :;
\ I
.i4. '." r

8th & ,DAVIS ..., t' .. 'r Spedalizing In

Drive In Liquors On King's/ Rd.All 1929 KINGS RD. NEAR SPIRES Allen Bannister, Mgr. B. R. Springleton, Prop.

_' ; : .' : V : -:- A Salute To The -:E
-. .. :-.
1 .

I A,
._..._ .!.,<
-1"" ....lrt'.J .. ,
.. .'. -: -
'EI. ...' .

1 ., ...-. I ...
,. ......-, ,",..... ... '-,- _, ., 'p' + ,. "" \ ;;-'iJ.... ':'.. :y.- --.
it;' : '. ... -
;: :You Can Take
.." .. ... -Y-i"i....... I.
.-' },."....-...- .i. ..:..... ..., :. "i: -t... : r
iL'r.. :
'jf t ;. -". 'r Chance in -
a A.
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>: ,

IT'S TIMJE FOR A CHANGE! V.. _:; ':' -. .Not en Your Life V

We. Need A/Wan To Do Something For The People ,: .. ..., ,

:- Il-l r .
: A ., ..- r
$ '
ft.. Yx. AGENTS r.
.. j'
: y :
MUSSERS ...- __;..IT SAFE AND STILL WIN. h ;"' 'ij
I .'

V TO :, -j: :.; .ii.%. : :\. :. J .,:>." .,..., : ,.. :-
4 --, r


VOTE NOV., 8 :t 'j 9 .

For Experience V V -: ... >' :: : ',0i" -
;4. 'J : -:; !
,j ; .' ,'. '.
LEADERSHIP '" : ., .
V a rhp.