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Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
June 11, 1960
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
June 11, 1960
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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; .;;; .. -
(-' 1'..

,' ,.' ".'



Appeal Is Dismissed

.g JOR/4. ( adwig :Af I In Golf Course Suit

So M *1 N558"* And NEWS JUNE 11, 1960 JACKSONVILLE 9, FLORIDA 15 en I --- --- -

: I
---- -

; i! r avers' Holdup 1 Killers' I i I I r.<..,'):t' -..

I i ,*,

4ii os Local PoliceChances d 'r E

a ght By 1x x'


Of AME Splitting Youth III Holdup Murder I R# 4.

Doubted By Top ClergymenBy I Arrested At Hospital I II L J:1 2awf ;

I Frank Hampton.. Edward J. Herman and Charles who filed the

Staff Correspondent A teen-age bandit who participated in a holdup which resultedin first golf course suit are seen with Ernest Jackson, attorney, who I

PHILADEPIIIA (Special)-A major split in the powerful African the death of a white grocer is being held in Duval County Jail handled the case.

Methodist denomination appeared to be In the making this week following his arrest at Duval Medical Center where he went for

following. a meeting of a dozen or more nationally known connectional treatment of a shot in the arm which he suffered during the robbery ----

Reports leaders.reaching Jacksonvillethis attempt.Held at city jail for investigation Court Upholds Ruling Drive Begun :

week said there consid- of murder after a night-long I
was be back on the job. Dective Sgts. T./. Gruber and

erable speculation in Philadelphia J Bishop Nichols was removed roundup by city and county offi- i W. C. Barber said Simon appar- In Sale Of Golf Courses To

during last Monday's Ministers ( from active duties in the church cers were Harold I. Simon, 18, of ; ently walked from the holdup Integrate

Weekly meeting concerning the as the.....result of action at the 3961 University Blvd.; Calvin Wil- scene to a cab company at Kings i -

effort on the part of some con- I recent general AME conference in 1 bert Thomas, 18, of Chaseville,, road and was driven to the home : The golf course suit and the I pay realtor Stanley P. Norton who Volusia

nectional leaders to persuade Los Angeles. It has been pointed I and Willie Young, 24, of 1314 E. I of a friend, Sam Moore of 736 W. I bid by a local group to restrain I was retained by the city to testifyin II I

former Bishop Ward D. Nicholsto out that at the conference where 26th St. Union St.1.Ioore the city from selling the local : the case.

consider forming a new de- there were approximately 814 All could be executed for said he ,drove Simon to greens to evade a U. S. Supreme The original suit was broughtby I Schools

nomination.It I delegates voting, his removal or I der if found mur- the hospital. o' I Court order to permit Negroes un- three Negro Jaxons who ask .
guilty of
robbery, i
was learned that the per- : suspension, was effected by a bal- Dective Sgts. Fred Gray and : restricted use of them has been ed Circuit Court to restrain the
sonal opinion of many of Phila- i jlot! difference of less than 100. anyone who participates ina Ed Perry said 'a*man identifiedas stymied-at least for the timebeing. city from selling the courses at I NAACP attorney Francisco Rod-

delphia's influential AME leaders f| Representatives attending the felony during which a murder one of the holdup men stolea I less than appraised values. Circuit riguez last week filed a suit on
: meeting from several southern .is committed can be charged with .38 caliber gun from a con- I The District Court of Appeal at : Judge John M. McNatt ruled I behalf of 38 Negro children to

midwestern and eastern cities said : the slaying: fectionery at 822 'Tyler St. abouta Tallahassee has dismissed an appeal :: against them. completely revamp the public

they were speaking for nearly 300 I I Eugene A. Richardson, 44, of ; half hour before the holdup. : from a Duval Circuit Court :, After the judge's ruling, the I I school system in Volusia County

congregations and their confer- : 10312 Ft. Caroline who operates : I ruling that the City of Jackson- courses were sold. I Ii I in a unique attempt to end racially -

ence officials. : the Myrtle Avenue Super Market ville is authorized to sell its mu- i The Negro group then asked segregated schools.

A spokesman, who with the I at 1025 N. Myrtle Ave. was shot I Conventions. nicipal" golf courses at less than the U.S. District Court to prohibit

{ others'reduestedtnal-their'"names to.-de: ; & .Ertday? night. when. J. -,p-_. "......., .... _.. .appraised values. the city from selling the courses NAACP attorney Francisco Rod-

not be disclosed was 'Quoted as three."maskedL'young:*bandits attempted t To Be 'PEcJ.tl"d' : ?City Atty. William M. Madison to private operators or else allow riguez. said if the suit withstands, .,
saying that successful initial steps to stick up the store and said' he received ttoe" rderf.-1'rom'I Negroes to.. play --on ,, the, ,1 .a .cook testei mavlr u df"+Ja i.a. '
I '* ""*- J model to
a gun battle followed. the appellate court Thursday after courses. "
in the"mother" I
could start a major split "He
Negroes the Integration controversy.
Madison said yesterday that the
arguing the case before the courton
Negro denomination in Harold Simon, 18, of 3961
described it as the "most exten-
Uni-I Tuesday.The : appeal from McNatt's ruling was
.Western Christianity. ,versity Blvd., who NEW YORK-Picket lines involving dismissed because the plaintiffs sive" integration suit "ever filedin
appeal which was made by
treatment at Duval Medical CenI about five thousand Neg- whole
w the nation.
I : in the had not complied with
ter Attorney Ernest D. Jackson on behalf case
shortly after the holdup- roes will march on the national The attorney noted that for the
order to fee
McNatt's $500
of former Negro policeman, pay a
killing, was taken into custody political conventions this summerto first time, the suit admits in writ-
Local Jaxon for realtor Stanley P. Norton, who
and later Frank Hampton, Edward J. Norman -
admitted being one of focus attention on the demandfor 1 ing the plaintiffs Negroes have not
was retained by the city to testifyin
I the bandits. and Charles Brown, was
first class citizenship and civil exhausted administrative remedies
thrown out on a technicality In- I the case.Youth
Receives DegreeIn Homicide Dective Capt. R. B. rights legislation.The provided by the Florida Public
volving failure of the plaintiffs I
Whittington said Richardson, his picketing plan was an- assignment law. The suit charged
to pay a $500 fee which Judge
OptometryRaleigh wife Katherine, and seven em- nounced jointly by A. Philip Ran- Drovsned such remedies are "inadequate."
John M. McNatt ordered them to
D. WARD NICIIOLS ployes closed the store about 8 dolph, international president of The suit, filed in the clerk's
of Jacksonville
splitting church? p. m. At 8:04: p. m. three masked the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car office of the U.S. District Court,

Florida, received the degree Illinois of I holdup men, apparently not Porters, and Dr. Martin Luther Duval Schools While Swimming named as defendants the Volusia

Doctor of Optometry from noticing Richardson bending to King, president of the Southern PANAMA -CITY-A 13yearoldboy County School Board, its members -

is that if the suspended AME College of Optometry Chicago:; at I check counter stock at a counter, Christian Leadership Conference. Facing Many drowned last Monday while and County Bchool.Superin-

bishop did accept the invitationto the 118th Commencement on June I walked past him to a second Randolph said local groups of swimming with five friends in an tendent John H. Smiley.

start a new sect there is a 3, 1960. counter where his wife was wait the "March on the Conventions Split SessionsAccording abandoned clay pit north of the The suit accused the school

strong chance of its failing.As The son of Mr. and Mrs. JohnT. ing on customers.Mrs. Movement for Freedom Now" are board of maintaining compulsory

far as it is known, the idea Bynum of 298 Osceola Street, Richardson screamed when being formed throughout the to School Superin- city.The victim was identified as segregation in Volusia schools andof

was not initiated by Nichols who Jacksonville Dr. Bynum graduated one of the three men produced a country.He tendent Ish Brant, the 1960-61 Willie Rambo. His brother Arthur setting up a dual set of school

was in Philadelphia this week ,from New Stanton Senior High gun, and Richardson, bending low said the movement will not school year will find about 6,000 said Willie was trying to swim zones based "solely upon race and

conferring with attorney. It is School and attended Florida A&M with a .38 caliber gun in his endorse any candidate for presi- more students on double session the width of the 50-yard pit. color."

reported that it originated in the University at Tallahassee and hand, sneaked around stock cases dent, but affiliated organizationsare than in the year just ended. I PRAY FOR PLAN

minds of connectional leaders who Roosevelt University. Chicago, for and came up behind the gunman.He free to do so. Compared to 14,000 children on The Negroes said they "pray"the

were In the city for that purpose, his preioptometric work. shot one of the bandits from uNo'candidate'(for president) is the split session this year he estimates ; court will order the school

the back. satisfactory' thus far he said. there will be 20,548 doubl- board to devise an integrationplan
housed in a mid-city hotel. At Illinois College, of Optometry As the wounded man fell to the "All of' them have looked{ the ing up. ran REPORTS within a period specified by
Thus whether or not Nichols he was a member of the
floor, the gunman turned and other way when their parties have And that is not all A Negro the court. They demanded a com-
serious the Eye-Men,
accepts or even gives oon- Council on Ethics:
fired twice at Richardson who tolerated racists or made dealswith'racists.1f plete overhaul of the school system -
school John E. Ford Elementary
sideration to the invitation to college choral club, of which he CLOTHES ARE TAKEN
was struck in the arm. hardest hit with .
school will be
attempt to split the AME Churchis was vice-president; the American Richardson moved back behinda Randolph said the movementhas FROM CLOTHES LINE In Deland, county seat of Volu-
of its enrollment studying
matter of speculation.In Foundation and the 1,378 Someone took the clothes off
purely a Optometric :
1 food display. the support of the shifts. The next sia County, school board attor-
in two
earlier interview Bishop Association.He the line at 3912 Spires Street
an American Optometric The gunman fired twice more : Assn.for the Advancement of Colored hardest hit is Oceanway Elemen- neys John R. Goddee and Warren
confidence that various health out to ,
Nichols expressed participated after they were put
at Richardson before Enoch i people "and other liberal High School with Hall declined to comment on the
he would be vindicated of the fairs and screening programs for Brooks, 40, :of 2118 Tallebega Rd., organizations." tary-Junior 1,326 on double sessions followed Mrs. Ernest Washington told suit until they said they had seen
charges that led to his suspen the under-privileged of Chicago I police.
a Negro butcher in the store, by Darnell-Cookman with 1244. and studied it.
sion.Nichols and prepared a research reporton grappled with him. The youth These are the figures for other Mrs. Washington said she putthe Rodriguez said the suit differedrom

was quoted as saying,' the causes and incidence of then broke lose and. fled with his schools washing on the line in the previous racial action in
"before you can bat an eye niDr. nearsightedness in children. : back yard of her home last Sun-
two partners. Escapee 'Captured Jacksonville Beach Elementary other counties and states in thatit

After fulfilling his military obligation -: While homicide dectives were 75. day. She let the clothes stay on did not ask that any of the 38

Patterson Dr. Bynum plans to Investigating the shooting. Simon After 5 Years West Jacksonville Elementary the' line until Monday and when children be assigned to any particular -
at she went to take them in. two school. "Our
in Florida. appeared DMC for treatment. purpose was
Passes In HomeFuneral practice I He at first told police he had FreedomAfter 110.Terry Parker JuniorSeniorHigh items belonging to her husbandwere to revise the whole school systemin

services for Dr. James i been walking along Kings_ road i School 1109. Double sessions missing. The total value of order to have nonsegregatedschool

when he was shot by, an unidentified the items was given at $10. ," he declared.
Perry Patterson was held Thurs- I five years of freedom will be eliminated at two schools

day In St. Stephen AME Church MAN HIT IN FACE i I man.IVsiting. Henry Jones, Jr.. of 2215 Com- when new schools open after. the j .Patrolmen R. James Marvin mevstigated.Young andA. Many of the 38 Negro children
and their parents as plain-
with the Rev. J. S. Johnson of- AND SHADES TAKEN monwealth Avenue, who escaped school year begins. .
'ficiating. Dennie Perry Gallon 19, of 762 from the Belle Glade prison farm Landon Junior-Senior High I tiffs also were among the 32 sign-
life time resi- he! Nurse I School will lose its 472 double- MAN IS CUT WITH KNIFE ers of a petition presented in Aprilto
Dr. Patterson a W. Union 'Street told police where he was serivng a 20-year, I
dent of Jacksonville,\, died at his was hit in the face and his sun Stabbed !I sentence for armed robbery and sessioners when the new junior j AFTER OWNING HIS NAME the Volusia School Board in a

home 579 W. 8th Street last SUn- glasses taken by a man unknownto I Fatally s!1 assault with intent to rob is back high school opens about midyearin I Earl Jessie McCloud 23, of 711 protest of alleged racial segrega-

him. : in the clutches ,of the law after the Parental Home area. I W. Church Street was cut on the tion.The
day.He was a member of St. Stephens TALLAHASSEE-A t being captured last Tuesday, Du- Hyde Park Elementary School left hand last Wednesday when school board promptly filed
past Grand The victim said a man came j Negro visiting nurse was stabbed win give up double sessions involving he reached Church and Jefferson suit asking the courts to declare
'- AME Church I val Sheriffs office reported.
Tuesday at Ashley to death while visiting a patientin i,[ Streets his home, police the petitioners were without
Master of Odd Fellows. Past Sec- up to him last I' Jones was taken into custody 824 pupils, when the new on way
Streets and asked to this city last Thursday.The reported.' grounds Rodriguez said a motion
and Davis opens
School ,
retary of Endowment Departmentof by Lt. J. L. Hamlin' and Deputy'A. Hyde Grove pos
his sun glasses. When he let victim is :Miss Edna L. I I The victim told police a man to dismiss the boards's suit will be
Director. see '' In October.
Medical Roland the county
K of P and L. near
see' the glasses he took Smith, 24, who was fatally wounded whom he did not know asked argued June 22.
Past Grand Sire of LO.GJS. & the man I courthouse, it was reported. Oak Hill Elementary School
D. of S.. Grand Medical Directorof them and put them on and turn- in the home of a man she was I Jones was apprehended afterSherifrs one of six schools opening in the him if he was McCloud and when Rodriguez said Friday's move
asked "How visiting. he said the man started was the forerunner of similar
Masons former Worshipful ed to another man !i office received confiden- 1960-61 year for the first time yes.
look?" When the other Police have arrested a Tallahassee swinging at McCloudwith a knife. suits expected to be filed in "the
do they with 372 double
taxed on
Master Sons of Solomon LodgeNo. I tial information Lt. J. C. Patrick will be
Hattie M. Williams j
said "OK" Gallon was hit woman. Mrs. the beginning. The He was taken to Duval Medical next few months" for several
man from
Alpha sessions
166, Vagabond chief criminal investigator
Phi Alpha Fraternity. Pallbearers, in the face and the two men ran 24, and charged her with into !i Lt. Patrick said Jones was im- predicted figure is 372, all in the Center for treatment of his other larger counties in the state.
Davis Street. They were the slaying. She was wound. He declined to say which countiesor
Macea Lodge 8 of Elks American south on prisoned in 1948 and escaped in first and second grades. .
by four or fire other men custody shortly after the killing.Jealousy 1960-61 enrollment is Patrolmen H. Harley and A. to predict where the next/suit
of joined Predicted .
is held .
Woodman Medical Director is believed to be the December 1955. He being
south on Davis would be filed .
and continued and 26,441 Negroes.
< Afro-American: Insurance- com- motive for the murder. in Dural County jail. .4 '

pany. Street. .., .
.I -

.- ,-, .. .. .,- : Ir
> _s, .. ;. ,:_-': : : -' ""




... .: .- i >: : .-', } : .
''' _. r.

Page 2 ._ ........: _. __ ,.. _i\, .f _, 'J',:! ,. -: __ ___ Week Ending Saturday, June 11, 1960
-I!''''' '''_ '. "- '-' "; -' -- -: ----- --. ---
> THE FLORIDA STAR : : 't 'o('- .:: "" : :. ; : ;?" : : ; "

:: -'f.f : "Poiifks As Usuaa

i NEWS rv ,

ds4 *
1 r
,y. Publish by The Florida Star Publishing Co. NEGROES' RIGHTS ENDANGERED BY ,
-Member of Associated Negro PressLett *

O. Simpson Editor NAACP is urging defeat of a Senate bill which, if passed,

N. Stall ss "opens the door for dangerous state activity against the civil rightsof
J. Par ham Johnson -- wz
colored citizens.
Hilda Wooten Circulation Dept.
I The bill 1617 provides for relaxing -
-- ---
MAIN OFFICE & PLANT: of federal control over cerl l ing money from the United States

Oil Moacriel load EL 4-6782 EL 4.6783 tain land used for federal and Treasury to build or improve their

Dvwntown Branch Office 423 Broad St. Pbon EL 43773Mailing other purposes. The measure is (local airports. Thereafter they
expected on the Senate floor this
-- --- spend state or local money in a
Addvttst week or shortly thereafter.In wasteful
program for segregatedrest
P, O. Box S81. Jacksonville 1. Florida letters to 78 non-southern rooms, segregated dining

-. t Senators urging that they vote
r rooms, and
.. r even separate drink-
against the bill. Clarence Mitchell
Y. ing fountains "
ODe Year, ".cO) ; Half Year, 3.00; Three Months $1.80 / ./ director NAACP Washington in these airports.

Mailed '!a You, An/where In The United States. bureau declared that many Citing the Federal Government's

A' fi crlption Pafable in Adnuic*. Send Check or Money Order To: southern communities are using current challenge to the State of '

nORmA STAR-P. O. BOX JACKSONVILLE 1. FLORIDA Yr United States Treasury money in I Mississippi for its "incredible action" -
> I of barring Negroes from a
that racial '
#';1 a way promotes beach in Biloxi Mr. Mitchell explained

American Jewish Congress :.I gation. Senate segre'I'I that the beach was made

possible because of
"opens the door I I a Federal grantof

Lauds Wilkins LeadershipNEW 4 for dangerous $1,133,000.In .
4. 1
YORK The ferment of protest sweeping across the South- ; w __ state activity I making the grant there wasa

land is clear indication that the Negro' "is finished with segregation, against the civil i stipulation that the vast 24-

not only as a philosophy, but as a practice" NAACP Executive Secre- i' .. rights of colored I mile beach front would be open

citizens. One of to the public, Mr. Mitchell stated. ,
eary Roy Wilkins ha sdeclared.His .

remarks were made in accept nci of the American Jewish Y the striking examples I i Continuing, the NAACP spokesman -

Congress Civil Rights Award at a dinner here on May 29 during the I '. '..' of willful I protested that on April 24,

1960 AJC convention. Mr. Wilkins was cited "for his vigorous, informed se:,r, state interference 1960 local authorities at Biloxi

and wise leadership the struggle to bring to all Americansthe I with Constitutional permitted "bloody assault on

full enjoyment of their constitutional right of-equality, free from t.. !:; ,e' ,,. right, "Mr. I. colored citizens using the beach

the blight ol racial discrimination and segregation." ... 4Z: .-;,, : Mitchell observed The local authorities did

The students who "sat on the stools in Woolworth's and in 2i4T1k'4L ; "may be 'I nothing to stop the assault. Instead -

other variety; stores forced the nation, by this simple act to take anew found in the .: they arrested some of the

look at the old race problem." the NAACP leader said. "Basical- Federal airportSIMPSON I colored citizens on charges of disorderly -

ly their protest is one against the long denial of civil and human construction pro ;I conduct, simply because

rights, a denial that ,has been calculated, and cynical on the political gram. 1 they used the beach."

civil rights front." HATE GROUPS AND SEGREGATIONIST MUST NOT BE PERMITTED TO DEBASE. HER "Many communities. are accep .
Presidential candidates like the rest of the nation, he said,

"must face up to the new decade" which can no longer shunt TENNESSEE NEGROES Next elections will be held

aside the avil rights .issue. SEEK FEDERAL AID August 4. Deadline for registra-

"All of the senator-candidates except Senator Lyndon B. John- Your Weekly = == TO REGISTER tion is July 5. The local NAACP

son have IcJig and good voting records on civil rights," Mrs; Wilkins __:- -- June 2, 1960 I unit, along with the Brownsville

indicated. Vice President Nixon, he added, also "has a good civil The U. S. Department of Jus- branch

rights record." Horoscope Guide ;iii== tce has been asked by the Memphis I further requested government -

E protection.i .
Mr. Wilkins noted that "it is very difficult for thoughtful Negro NAACP "to take immediate i

voters to feel at ease over the endorsement of Senator Kennedy by action to provide federal regis- I Cunningham
The ASTROLOGER ._ forwarded a
Oov. John Patterson of Alabama. Right along through here any- By trars so that all eligible Negroes
: sworn affidavit to the Justic De-
with Alabama odor does much enthusiasm -- who desire may register to vote
thing an not arouse among DAYS FOR -- -- ----
LUCKY :: partment
Negro citUens." WHICH ARE YOUR in this (Haywood) county with documenting discriminatory -
conditions in Haywood
Revie'ring the long struggle for equality, the NAACP leader out delay.
I BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL County. It was signed by Rev
observed mat Jews have contributed substantially to this struggle I The complaint was filed on May IE. L Cunie who alleged that

which has opened up new opportunities for other minorities. The ,, -- 26 as was a similar one with the I
: beset recently SCORPIO registration
ries that have you of Negroes was
work of Negroes has likewise redounded to the benefit of Jews and I I ARIES Born Oct. U. S. Civil Rights Commission. 1 kept
Born March 21st thru April 19thIt I are on the way out. You can 24th thru Nov. 22nd at a minimum by a "calculated
other minorities. I D. S. i
I their departure Make the most of all the president of and deliberate"
hold help to expedite means plan to
"The long and finally successful legal battle waged by the is contrary to all you intimate and at hand to entrench ; the :Memphis: NAACP branch, cited : process I
bolstering yourselfand no more than
initiativeto I by your eight per day.
NAACP against restrictive residential covenants benefited Jewish I dear to surrender the three forms of discriminationagainst I i
in that., to be forearmed for I II
be public relations any way possible I
citizens, Orientals and Spanish-Americans as well," Mr. Wilkins someone else, but thismay be I II ': restraints Haywood County Negroes II! To date, less than 100 Negroes
to You will glad or breakdowns that I
I' is open you. I
said. "Similarly, the advances won in civil rights legislation, in part the wisest course to pursue right I .I be in the who have started registering for J have been allowed to register.
to have allies in the future. may making llth). I
I through the influence of the Negro vote in. certain areas, benefit I now. Those who hold the reins I 53 795 The 13th the the first time since Reconstruc- Brownsville has a sordid history
7 00 -- 55 88 is day when tact,
all Americans; through the re-affirmation of the principles of our of power firmly in their hands Ss wisdom and patience may be required -j tion. Investigation, he said, show- of civil rights denial. It is thee
great"nation." are not likely to relinquish themin jed that, of
'LEO to achieve the results you "Negroes entering th scene the lynching of NAACP

> .the face of pressure or any- Born July 23rd thru Aug. 22nd are after. It would be more Judicious courthouse in Brownsville Tenn., leader Elbert Williams in June,
thing else you may do. Be guid- I at this 1940.
Francis Walters Speaking ed by the friendly and enlightened There is an occasion to capi- to curtail unnecessary expenditures I intimidation time do so at a risk of

chat with of mine a friendship on the llth, and to accumulate and potential bodily
I nid quite a long yesterday an acquaintance counsels of those who love talize on I.: harm. Mr Williams' remains were
in Rena- lie Is u white man who has an office in town and a ranch I on the 11th and 14th. You but don't try it if you are acting sufficient reserves to see you thru 'fished out from
you. a
\ nearby river.
outside or town. must be ready for a setback, if I under emotional stress. Do not any emergencies during this pe "Negroes were required to stand This "off
In both ot these places he has in racially I the record" lynching
f fI you take a definite stand against expose yourself to criticism of riod. segregated lines;

had a policy for years of em- have no quarrel with that. I I superior opposition (13th and people who work for, or with, you 4 80 99 78 97 489 I whereas white people were took place after Mr. Williams

ploying Negro help when he can hope she is happy. But she left 15th). Lay low and make your II (13th). You find everything go- registered upon arrival, even ':I raised the ire of local whites by

find any qualified. Well, yesterday me without help at a critical plans in secrecy. ing along smoothly when you j I though many Negroes had spent I taking a prominent part in an
he told me he_ was changing} time, and she knew it.: allow your spouse or agent to SAGITTARIUS I hours awaiting their turn to campaign to get Negroesto

his policy and would employ only 3 20 -- 33 ly 31 323 manage social and public affairs. Born Nov. 23rd thru Dec. 21st register. vote.

white help hereafter. Some years ago I had another t You have another chance to display The llth is the best day for "Registration procedure in this Brownsville is located in

Of _course I protested. And I Negro Secretary and this one f TAURUS your dramatic artistic and spontaneous decisions, encountersand district is designed to be so slow I wood County. No record stands Hay-of

asked him why. And he told me. didn't come to work one day and Born April 20th thru May 20th creative powers, and should make agreements, particularly if that it is utterly impossible for I any arrest in connection with the

He said, Fran ces, you know telephoned later from Elk to say You do much better when you the most of it. your intuitive powwers are well Negroes to register in any large i killing. Ironically, registration of

that I do not believe in racial in- she was on her way to Chicago I acquire property or other tangibles 8-30-66-28 -64-836 developed. The shackles that are numbers. Continuation of this I Negroes there today comes 20
toleiacce of anykind. It has been "with a friend" and would I please that pay you dividends instead imposed by financial restrictions, slow pace means that less than years too late for Mr. Williams

contention !' send her fifty dollars to Denver. : taxes or other obligations may 50 Negroes can register to vote
V my An unexpected opportunity VIRGO and other NAACP leaders run out
always that only t My experience with men at the of this sort could very well Born Aug. 23rd be more keenly felt on the 13t h, in this district for the next elec II of town for seeking basic constitutional -
ranch has been worse,much worse I' when this could influence tion."
come,out of the blue (11th), and The 11th is a good day to foresee you rights.
spell "reliabili- \ "my friend decisions. You will
went on. The first need consid-
you would be paving the way for lie
I just where your dangers
I Ii
two things man drew a week's wages in ad- erable faith and selfassurance to
i l! i greater ease in the future if you and.lo.! adopt the philosophy and -
should count r vance and left the ranch two rise above the limits that are thus .
; act it decisively.. Do not -
on permit attitudes that will make you im-
with an employ I', hours after I had taken him imposed, but .
x I there \' others to instill a spirit of your emotional you are capable. : \ .
previods to more
er of labor and 6-60-77-58- Here's
never came back. Another 75 667 What Plant
in mind, the Every Needs
2 I pessimism your on impulses. Those who have neglected -
behavior, and ef- man worked a few days drew ( *
I 13th, a you have the determina- to take these precautions, -
x t ficiency. Put some money to get some clothes For Healthy Vigorous Growth
: tion and endurance to gain your ,
'" awe and who are inclined to jeal-
these two together
and tools out of .
pawn and I've Dec.
:ends in the long run. Jan. 19th
ous or suspicious, may open ,
and they i
I not seen him since. The third Earmark
unexpected funds
9-80-44-79-43-984 themselves to a _setback or dis-
tv": 1 man was willing to, stay at the you may receive for the pleasureof
"You know also Frances, that, ranch but he wasn't willing to do II appointment (13th),. You will a loved
GEMINI one a vacation
find life much easier when you
in the past I have employed quite any work except when I was there the JtfJ
.I I Born May 21st thru June 21st I have established happy marital, or acquisition of a luxury
a number of Negroes in various II myself to watch him. The fourth item
There is little more you can do I II partnership and public relations you have always wanted.
jobs. I have had three Negro [I man I had to fire' for laziness, Subdue
j right now other than to get your I U4th). tendencies toward mel-
Secretaries. I have had four Negro theft and ignorance.
1! ideas and plans organized. You 9-7088-68-20-978 ancholy, intimidation or criticismif NITROGEN fcr leaf
at different timeson I PHOSPHORUS for flowers POTASSIUM/ for strop
men employed go-1h. rote n, (
the ranch. :I "Now Frances, this is not a should take stock of your positive you feel that they are tighten- thlorc!iya] fruits and roots stem., vivid color

"What is more to the point complaint. I am merely telling | and negative qualities. The LIBRA ing their grip on you on the 13th. ;.
I i 13th is not a particularly good Entertaining letters or favorable
Frances, you have known me along you some facts, which you can Born Sept. 23rd thru Oct. 23rd
time and you know that I i verify if you wish. I am telling day to take up monetary prob- The llthis another day when financial notices should help to A l

am not difficult to get along ; them to you in the hope you can j lems. Your prospects brighten if you are under the spell of very restore your good humor (14th). < 3
have an affectionate and 20 11 19 13 321
have you should -
with. I don't expect miracles. If some influence. A lot of us splendid vibrations which .
J I hire someone to do a job and I I'like the Negroes and want to be, generous ally to sympathize with stimulate your desires for love, WjJV 1

I find he doesn't know how, I I friends with them and help them. you and your future aims. music, the drama; of the arts. An I AQUARIUS

ask him if he wants to learn. If But it seems they only take advantages 6-70-77-39-76-677 enlightened friend may also be Born Jan. 20th thru Feb. 18th I ROM for chlorophyll SULFUR for proeillan COPPER to prevent d.'e-
.. You should have to prevent die-tuck odorous oils ,
of our friendship." .. instrumental in awakening your a wonderful tick aid in fruit set
he fays yes, I try to teach him. chance
CANCER I spirit of adventure and creative to demonstrate your artistry -
Generally I have found
people of Well that's what he said, and Born June 22nd thru July 22nd aptitudes. Someone whom you taste and domestic skills :
your race very quick to learn.r
you listeners know yourselves that The 11th is your bestday for like and admire, may have an particularly if your heart is filled
"Not of
my employees
say that I was unkind or incon-can I he was speaking the truth you private encounters, hidden prof' interesting suggestion in this with romance. The 11th is a fine a.--

siderate or that I worked them know in your hearts there are its, and 'valuable confidential tips( connection (14th). I day for self-expression and the

j people among us who are like theories from friend._ Many of the wor- 5-50-22-48-21-552 'deeper understandings that pun-
too hard for the
money they were I
he spoke of. ctuate true attachments. Slow ]

paid. down somewhat if you have been ZINC to aid i in IORON for bud tro.U>. lUCHCSIUM for blojjom
'**et I am obliged now to say I I said I 'was not going to lec- I Get Your Horoscope Guide To overly active and expending vital mebbol II SIll bites fruit roots, stronger set.chlorophyll! and seed

that I can't afford to go on. The ture, and I won't I will Just say
RICHES energy somewhat too liberally
next man I hire will be white. this: the next time you hear a I LOVE HEALTH

"The main reason is that I have> white man say, or read in the Order your horoscope guide for December Now. Send $2 also(13th be). Some of your friends may

found almost a complete lack of white man's newspaper, something To Pablo The Astrologer P. O.Box Jacksonrille LFla. setting a pace that is too i
strenuous, especially if you have
-- ",
responsibility among the Negroes derogatory of iI
Negroes as a ::-- -- -, -- to work.

I have hired. They have been 'race. I want you to pause a 1-- 1 40 r

pleasant to deal with there moment before you get angry. I J' Dear Pablo: Enclosed is WJO.. S.D e d'"iny Horoscope L. -. 33.*-* 30*-. 13 143 :

isn't one I haven't liked and want you to ask yourself if you j I Guide for the month of December. r PISCES M1NCANESC: for CALCIUM for feeder: roots MOIVIDCNUU for fruit :

trieU to help in every way I I have always made a good im- respiration, eudatMand Mt and normal .
'-3 -: 'P.r;, J Born Feb. 19th thru March 20th fast (ro tli development
pression.It I : : I ;
couJ4.b' : The 11th is a fine day to devote v
first Negro Woman Secretary is absolutely necessary that t "'-= '' yourself. residential renovation The 12 principal chemical soil elements needed by garden and r

I had. worked hard for a we as a race should accept the i f : I II projects and to Invite the lawn plants are nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, iron, sulfur, cop-
couple of weeks and then ran responsibilities of citizenship if weI I ADDRB6S ; people per,zinc,boron,magnesium,manganese, calcium and molybdenum
t you like most. Do not allow your- Some of the functions of these elements illustrated
away to Oakland with a man who expect to be treated above. I
r on terms of
f self to be hoodwinked, depressed Instructive chart was prepared as an aid to gardeners in '"
Tiad a Sail record. The second one I I equality. Most of us know this I -, -. .... I foods. choosing'plant !
.., :'- <{.. or drawn into a secret pactor According to A. H. Bowers, Chicago agronomist, best
quit n* on -one minute's notice I and we do our best) to earn 'respect -- BORN .., : attachment results are obtained from a complete plant food containing
(13th). all
The these
,_ beca.usShe decided to return to for our race. It is the ir- I -- > .' of.,"-' -', : -. .,, \ conse- elements such as the well known Pink Vigoro, which has been re-i
monih 'd quences, whether now or later
formulated make
x to it more concentrated and
her husband from whom she II lighter '
hadf : in
responsibles who weight
among us -
; : would not be to your liking. is now in distribution-through: leading an
f : supermarkets
come to steno seeking a divorce. US ft l. {
__ __ __ .2 16 44 12 42.- 214 suppl outlets.'t .

.. "? .- l ; -.- _. .
; -
:- .', :>,j"L;; 4ct,;}-, ;:':" .. _,: ;> :. '. -- ,:"c.-"


: : '--.....- .
> ....
1 ,

a -V
: -



Week Ending Saturday, June 11, 1960 THE FLORIDA STAR
Pone 3
------ -
----- -
.! ::::;:!"' :7"- : -- -. Ii"IABOUT

f.., ,' Wedding Bells -,
Socially SpeakingMembers
I t YcS's


I MARRIAGE LICENSES Mrs. Corine Ellis of
733 Spear-
of Choir No. 3 of Mt. Vernon Baptist Church,
ing Street is back
will present their fifth Musical Recital, featuring Miss in the city

Bettye Jean Scott, Sunday, June 19th at. 7 p.m. in the kJ I Robt. Spivey 1773 W. 6th St. in after a brief and enjoyable trip
church auditorium. f i 20 and Bernice Holcomb 1773 "'. Georgia.

Classic, semi-classic and spiritual selections will be f } 6th St. 20. '. .

rendered by the:Choir and Miss Scott. J I J James B. Robinson n. 1342 \v"

t 31st St. 21 and Arnett M. Lamp- Mrs. Willie Mae Shipp is visiting -

The Eta Mu Chapter, an affiliate of the Alpha Chi Pi ley. 957 Jefferson St.. 22. her ill mother Mrs. Willie ,

Omega Sorority and Fraternity, was organized recently I James E. Young 828 4th Ave.S. Mae Phillips in Port Tampa.

here in the city. Officers of this new chapter are Mrs. I'f ., 20 and Alice M.-Bowmah. 2302 .

Juanita Lewis, basileus; Mrs. M. L. Patterson, anti-basi- 'f'ft San Diego Rd., 19.

leus; Mrs. Bessie Harris, 'second anti-basileus; Mrs. ArethaL. i : Leon Dicks. 2437 E. Lincoln Mrs. Helen Bullock Miss Lillian

Brown, secretary; Mrs. Rossie Hampton, parliamentarian -, .. .'" i j Court 22 and Evelyn D. Hay- Johnson and Mrs. C. A. Weaver

; Mrs. Doris Holden, custodian; Mrs. Larma J. Smith, j .. \.. .. .. ''. :'ward.. Rt. 8, Box 407. S. Jax, 16.1 attended the graduation of Miss

treasurer; Mrs. Julia Robinson, chaplain; Mrs. Lillie' Smith, ;, Jesse Mercer 265 Watts St., 17 t Judy Y. Bullock at Dillard Uni
and Mary P. Bush. 1517 Davis St., -
journalist; Mrs. Gwendolyn Sullivan, financial secretary; I versity. -

Mrs. Christine Brown, reporter. 115. .
j Albert Howard 1977 W. 25th

The YWCA will be the scene of the Anniversary Tea ;, St.. 21 and Diane McKay. 1977 W. Mrs. Otis Richardson formerlyof

on June 19 given by members of the Carnation Garden. 23rd St.. 21 this city, was the guest of her .
I Frank A. Brown 527 Acosta
Circle. | mother and sisters recently. Sev-
Mrs. Ruth McMillian will serve _as guest soloist and I 1St.. 2g and Nellie M. Holmes 7124 eral luncheons and informal par-

Mrs. Alice Johnson will be mistress of ceremonies.'Speaker i I I Esther St., 24. ties were given in her honor.

for this occasion will be Mrs. Etta Brooks. Oscar Williams 1230 Acorn St., .
., I' : L t50' and Ivy L. Green, 1230 Acorn

Several friends were on hand recently to help Mrs. I St., 46. Miss Eugenia Thomas daughter

Theo Albertie of 915 W. Monroe Street celebrate. her birth- i, Alexander Melvin 1242 W. 15th of Mr. and Mrs. W. S. John-
$ St, 18 and Freddie M. Raines, !
day.The son, was the winner of the
honoree received and useful 755 North St. Court. 16.
many lovely gifts. :4. scholarship given by the Zeta

Among those present were James Albertie, Mrs.. Rosalie-- Sorority. Miss Thomas was awarded -

Hagans, Mrs. Mary Smith and John White EngagementsAnnounced this scholarship for making the
highest score on the competitive
Members of the Ladies of the Links Golfers Guild : examination given to the 1960

will attend the Open Tournament at Rogers Park, Tampa Mrs. Jenny Rawls of Rochelle Junior Debs.
on June 12. This is the fourth West Coast 'Open Tournament -) Georgia the
announces engagement .
to be sponsored by the Northside Social Club. and approaching marriageof
< her daughter Arthenia Rawls Mis. Rose Dell Padgett, daughter -
Officers of Las Heramanas Civic and Social Club
were 4 to PFC Ray Bentley, Fort Bragg, of Mrs. Ella Lawson, and
recently installed by Atty. Ernest W. Jackson, in the homeof
.< N. C., son of Mrs. Betty Bentley daughter Debora are enroute to
Mrs. Evelyn Eaves. Elected were Mrs. Vivian Johnson, .| cf this city. Spain to join her husband Ray-

president Miss Willa Dean Wells, vice president; Mrs. The wedding will take place on mond Padgett.
Evelyn I. Eaves, secretary; Miss Doris Wade, assistant i
j June 1 at the home of thebride's The Padgetts, both graduatesof
secretary; Miss Geraldine O'Neal, financial secretary; Mrs.
aunt, Mrs. Mollie Showers New Stanton High School, will
Ida Jackson, treasurer; Mrs. Delores Motley, business man- 3108 Stuart Street. be making their home in Spain

ager; Mrs. Scymathian Williams, parlimentarian; Mrs. a.A *, for the next two
Mary Bell, Sgt. at arms; Mrs. Betty Reed, chaplain; and t I Mr. and Mrs. Jacob McCullumof years.

Miss Bettye Dunlap, publicity director. White Springs announces the .
*/ V *
engagement and approaching
Policemen's Ball at the Duval Our sick and shut-ins: Rev.
Don't forget the annual marriage of their daughter. Shirley -
County Armory on Friday night, June 10th. Music. will be Marie to Edmond Johnson, W. M. Grimes Duval Medical

furnished by the Balladiers of Daytona Beach. '" son of Mr. and Mrs. Cephus Johnson Center; Arthur Scruggms Brewster -
of. Lawtey. Hospital; Mrs. Annie K. Wilson -


COLUMN SHOULD REACH THE FLORIDA STAR NOT LATER 'Here Comes The Bride' will be McGram Brewster Hospital; Mrs.

THAN MONDAY 5 P.M. FOR PUBLICATION IN FRIDAY'S played on Saturday June 11 in Susie Evans Brewster Hospital;
> s, Mrs. Mary Funey, Daniel Memorial -
ISSUE. the First Baptist Church, Fern-

, ----- --- ;, : {$ilifl. : :' ? -, andina Beach where the marriageof fair Unit Medical; Mrs.Center Myrtle; Floyd Mrs. Rosa Tel-

<; 'i Evelyn Marie Harris and William I
,. Brown, 1726 W. 33rd Street; T. A.
FOR NEWSPAPER REPORTERS ":" '.. .' .:. .:; .. Austin Wynn Jr. will take Jackson 1556 W. 2nd Street Mrs.
OPENINGS .: / :., : : ;
I < ,.., .::-'" '' '; .. ..:. ,:: place.

PRINTERS PRESSMEN, ADMEN j }.f.: {.:..;:: .. .; : : .:. .. ..;: } :' : I ed.Friends and relatives are invit- Mattye Street; Mrs.Golden Ellen 1531 Braggs Louisiana 1341
'< '
v4 'il" ;" :: Ct : ;.' ': : ':' VanBuren Street; Mrs. Jessie
There are openings for: : }' .. i: 1 '. :
: i ..
: !
: : .
Greene. 310 Street Mrs.
EXPERIENCED Newspaper reporters ": .,' "\ ...>x.... .... ..... ..... }%.;.:, : : .:...',... : ;, Mr. and Mrs. Isaiah Holmes Rebecca Orange Florida; State
copy-readers., advertising salesmen : "i' <<- i.R .: <'.q:'\..:,>..... :i;\ <,,' :. > : I'': : announces the engagement and Edwards.

men and women. printers. edUon.// '.:." :) ,t.:-. .'. .;..' .'. .:..;:.'.':: t .,.::,>ti1;':;,....:.. ',. ..trt; :<:.' .: :":':.;. .' .... .... : approaching marriage of their Hospital 1318 W.; 5th Mrs.Street Olinizia; Mrs.McGee.W. L.
4 A. < ; ; dauiliter Nellie Mae: to Frank
& ; A.
type operators. '%Ii;' ;'\>..;C'''':''% 1in: :,_ '-",,:o.: -..' :"', ; : Brown son of Mr. and .Mrs. Edward Smith. 1347 W. 26th Street; Mrs.

BEGINNEBS WANTED TOO We will train ?1 Brown. ,- Fannie .Tohnsonaal3s0W. .. Batt, -
and people for all departments :_ : : 2 'Z1 !fI The marriage will be solemnized Street. -. --

young reporters became memberof .:._ _.,t.... .....a.2v.,,.....; .:,:..,: :..,:.,.., .:." :.::.......:. ... ...:....; :;: ......... ... .. .:. ...... n,. on June 11 in the home of
if you have a real desire to .
the newspaper fraternity. The 1960 Graduates of Duval County Vocational High School received their diplomas during an impressive Mr. and Mrs. Roy McKennon, Class Teachers

middle- in the school cafetorium last Students Robert And- 7136 Esther Street.yWCA .
WE NEED Men and women young or ceremony Thursday. receiving diplomas were
aged. In all fields for a chain newspaper and erson Otto Bolton. Beatrice Brantly. Robert Brown. Arthur Collins Roderick J. Freeman, Joyce A. Room Teachers

Greene Rosa L. Hall, Albert T. Hawk, Eugene John yin Allen R. Jones, Perthone A. Lamar Mary Eliza-
zaagax&es. Holds Final Meet
ACT NOW State experience and age beth Lane Johnnie C. Lee Willie Lewis, Ralph B. Lunsford, Richard Mosley. Mary Lee Pernell Willie

WRITE: Fred: Pollard. :Mack Chester Samuel, Janie L. Scott Josephine Threatt Gartrell Williams Jesse Williams Day CampTo Members of Duval County

INTERSTATE PRESS Elizabeth Williamson. Marian Wolfe Rosia F. Wolfe and John Dantzler. Classroom Teachers' Organization

P. O. Box 732 JacksonYilU 1, Flm Beauty Culture graduates were Gloria M. Austin. Ethel L. Brewton. Ruby T. Butler. Elizabeth C. Begin June 13 received copies of the newly adop-

Calloway. Gladys-T. Everett, Lucille H. Gantt. Bess.e M. Graham Rosa Lee Hall Nadine H. Jones EdnaM. Day Camp for girls sponsoredby ted constitution in their final

Massey. Leola G. Me White, Bettye J. Parrish, Mary L. Paul. Bettye L. Ross. Kate F. Sams, Jewel B. the Young Women's Christian meeting of the school year, June

Silas. Geneva V. Singletary Voncile Smith Georgia P. Walton Gladys Warren, Verta L. Welcome De- Association will open on Monday, r

ANNOUNCING Icres N. Williams, Ida Mae Williams Lillian E. Williams Bettye J. Young. June 13 at the A. L. Lewis Branch In this session held at Darnell-

60SUMMER LDEN'SV -- YWCA at 9 ajn. Cookman Elementary School the

MUSIC SCHOOL body heard several reports of interest -
Society The activity is designed to ex-
Bolden's Summer Music School Deaths&Funerals covering the year's activi-
tend the recreational and educa-
JUNE 13 SIX BIG WEEKSJULY 22 Of Mt. Ararat tional benefits of out-of-doors ties. A closing report on a work-

Enroll Today living and to provide opportunities shop proposed came from Otha
Plans' Recital committee chairman.
V le Guitar Aecotdioi*-Orchestra --- their Wooden
yi Miisto-Saiw*-Theory- for campers to increase
X EdMcattoa D.port-i.M-tavlor fcmim School 1-1 tot rwltnts OULTRIE-Mrs. Esther of 1955 PATTERSON James Perry of Miss Joyce Shipp. recent music President Capers G. Bradham.
of and
understanding relationshipto
Who' Heed SpeUI Help in Reeding-Li Hh-AritkMttetr
Leers to Operate Yow Own KInd.. rt i --Nwjjty.School W. 45th Street. 579 W. 8th Street. graduate of Bethune-Cookman God. and T. A. Jackson. File cards
HMpttol. AMn Cow**-For Work In Hospital*-. Nursing Hornet REAMS Willie of 646 Court "F" distributed for completion
1014... Summer Ployhouso for Children Agts J-S WILLIAMS Page of 1063 W. College will be in were
Mute-Piano, Story telling, Bible stories Gomes SupervisedPOT' Church Street. Blodgett Homes. presented a Girls from eight to seventeen of membership rolls. Financial
Art piano recital June 24 at 8
V PIck Up Service-All Doy Cot -Rhythm Bond. OWENS-Mrs. Maria A. of 218 JONES Dedrick of 1047 Pearl ,, pjn. years' of age are eligible to at- secretary S. O. Pearson read a
Education.BOLDEN'S in the Educational of
All Teachers Certificated By State Deportment of
Street. tend. Miss Lethera. Floyd. Miss report of the year's receipts and
South Division, Fernandina
Mt. Ararat Baptist Church.
COLLEGE OF MUSIC Beach. CATO-Charlie of 1038 W. Duval Juliet Hampton and Miss Betty disbursements. Members in atten-

Office: 2922 Pearce St., EL 4-0006 Street. This recital is being sponsoredby Richardson will serve as senior dance at the recent District IV
ALBURY Mrs. Lillie of 1320
Music Hall: 1816 W. 20th St. EL 59722from Johnson-Street.WHITTAKER.Mrs.. FRAZIER Louis of 1736-W. 9th the Junior Missionary Society and junior counselors. Mrs. Vera convention brought reactions from

Catherine of Street. and the Baptist Training Unionof Davis will serve as Camp Direc that session. Correspondence relative -
the church.5CDlitS .
1410 E. 30th Street. tor. to meeting places for next

HOGAN William formerly of 918 year was read and received.
Crafts calisthenics, swimming
GRAY to GLORIOUS W. Tshley Street. Benevolent ssn, games hiking story-telling, group

WHIGHAM Miss Cora Lee of singing creative dramatics and School
States SessionThe Simpson
1305 Pearce Street. Dev CampTo discussions periods will be among.

MORGAN-Romeo R. of 1313 Mt. Fifth Annual Grand Lodge the varied 'offerings for girls attending Closing Set

Herman Street Session of the Independent Bene- Be He!d At the camp session.At Closing exercises for the Kin-
JOHNSON-Alexander J. of 1442 volent Association of America
S W. 2nd Street. Inc., will convene in the audi- M?. Hermsn: P 1t: swim time, campers will be dergarten of Simpson Methodist

WALTON-Mrs. Dora of 1949 W. torium of V Simpson Methodist Day Camp for Girl Scouts escorted to the Jefferson Street Church will be held Friday at
Swimming Pool where formal 7:30 p.m. in the Social Hall of the
45th Street.BOLDENMrs.. Church. Kings Road and Cleveland sponsored by Gateway Girl Scout
a Catherine of 1066 I Street June 15 through Council Inc., will begin July 5 classes will be conducted. At the church.A .
i I : featuring nursery
W. 8th Street.CUMMINGs.lIrs.. June 17. : and continue through July 14. t
Bibical readings.
h..h4 1 rhyme skits,
Inez P. of 2112 t
Danson Street I I A program will be presented for Brownies, Girl Scouts, Non- who wish to continue in swim Poems Pledges' and songs will be "

t BILLINGSLEA Mrs., Susie of : each night's session with Mrs. scouts girls between the ages of :{ sessions; those who complete the presented by the children.
I R'Eliza R. Perry serving as chairman : 8th will The following children have
1017 E. Union Street.* 7 and 17 are eligible. Registrationfee prescribed lesson by July
WRIGHT Mrs. Julia of 418 :i of the program committee is $2.45 for the 8 days. I be awarded certificate from the completed their pre-school work

Phelps Street. 1! assisted by Miss Ida M. Flemings I recreation department. Mr. Julius I and are promoted to the public .

JONES-James of 821 Lee Street and Mrs. Alice Yarbrough. ; All activities at camp are plan- ;, Guinyard will serve as director i i school: Faye LaVon Hogan Deb-

Lane. ned to help the campers develop of swim activities.One orah Oliver Josephine R. Yates.
The grand president the Rev. qualities such as resourcefulness I Michael E. Hazel, Bruce Moore.
JOHNSON Burgest J. of 209 C. L. Culver will 'preside. Rev. I
initiative, and self-reliance of the features of Day Diana Brown Jacquelyn Broad-

EUISH-Mrs.M Street. Eula of 2137 Lewis I.I O. A. Burns is host pastor. i through progressive adventures !! Camp is the Friday Outing. Girls I nax. Gale Thomas, Annett West

experiences In the outdoor activities : with their counselors attend points I Bettye Mayes. Carolyn Tatum
LARIEUSE I including hiking cookouts of recreational interests for the 1,I Syliva E. Dawson, Larry Jackson
; ATTENTION IES folk-dancing singing around .I'entire day.
with g4iJ', I II .I John J. Barker and Vannette

: Halrcolor Social Club f camp-fire, nature study arts and I Camp is In session Monday Sturgiss.
THE CONNING NEVER PAYSBy Bridge & crafts. Swimming session will be Rev.
made by
4 Remarks will be
.;: ; Today:;.have hair as rich and naturaWooldng u Jefferson Street ool and through Friday 9 ajn. to 3 pm..
held at
;., the professional model shown here! One hour, and \Viliiani Henry Half Reporters ? I of each week beginning June 13th O. A. Burns pastor and Mrs.
drab at least one tour of interest will i Rebecca Samuel, supervisor.
Godefroy's brings back youth to and extending through July 8th.
It I can just be real and true i
i. over-processed or graying hair. It's easy to use a s Send or Mall be taken. II I j Parents who are interested in
And have no cunning I I
i : no extra purchases needed. Get long-lasting ways.
Godefroy s Carouse nowl! ._.;. -. As those whs win must surely do Your Social Newt The staff 'includes Mrs: J. E. j| their daughters attending camp PATRONIZE '
KI A4XWl4l/If4c. In these and future days Davis Mrs. Vera Johnson. Mrs. i i| may contact the personnel at the

I J r I will not heap a pile of wrath Mondays To Thelma S. Small. Mrs. -Lenora I Branch YWCA and folders will
L Mix eapsu! contents and Bqitfi.
: !
J'fc..- 2. Apply to hair with ippGcator. .' -'-t To fall upon my bead FLORIDA STAR. Hee. Mrs. Angles Hogan Mrs. j I be mailed. Previous campers have Star Advertisers
1 Lit devllo,...illlII received information
:::2i shampoo Or dread a fearful aftermalh. Betty EmanueL Mrs. Irene A.I already ...
,OODEFROY MFO.CO., 3510 Otto Beset *.Lo l*Mia-. But live in. peace instead. J23 Moncrlef Rd. Cor. 13th Biggs will serve as camp director. through: the maiL ,. '<. -.
.. := : ,-'. '- -
\ : f .: :. _


: "--

; .
"" '

Page 4 THE FLORIDA STAR Week Ending Saturday, June 11, 1960

l Tabernacle Baptist Slates Annual Youth Day I'


I s I
f h:tl Set

Board No. 1 of Mt. Tabor

Annual Youth Day will be observed II. L. Hardeman. J. Conner La- 5' ,i Baptist Church will observe itsanniversary

Sunday in Tabernacle Bap- mar Furlow. .SS June 13 in the church

tist Church, beginning with the M. W. Williams will be the r S s S. i'i auditorium at 8 p.m. at which
Sunday School and continuing speaker at 11- a. m.. and Miss 5' i' time the popularity contest be-

throughout the evening service. Anna Pearl Young, a graduate of '!tween Hugh Williams and Mrs.

Officials of the youth depart- the Florida Business College, will i Margaret[ Washington will ter-

ment are: Maxie W. Williams be the speaker at 3 p.m.Vo '|,minate.

m. president; Jacob Conner vice
.Mrs. Lillian Sanders
has been
president; Miss Maxine Simmons, Chorus Ny4 W Yt 6 (
Hope \ ( selected to serve as mistress of
2nd vice president; Miss Marilyn '
ceremonies for this observance.
Kato, secretary; Miss Ruby Lee WAI o Celebrate : '! Others participants are: Rev.
Green, assistant secretary; Miss
George Tillie Mrs. Ella Singleton,
Amanda Williams, treasurer; Miss jOt! AnniversaryThe Mrs. Carie Bell Field, Mrs. Lil-

Yvonne Johnson, chaplain: Leroy Male Chorus of Zion Hope "3 ,,jNQL !tHan Baisen. Mrs. Lucy Laster.

Hardeman, business manager; Baptist Church will celebrate 1, Mrs. Margaret F. Washington,

Miss Geneva Jackson, sick com- their 10th anniversary Monday 'Spiritual Gospel Singers, Mrs

mittee chairman; Miss M. Lavern night October 17, at the Church. ; di r H Annie Bell Grant, A. Lawrence

Williams, program committee Deacon W. G. Byrd is president I w : A. McCall. and the Rev. H. T.
chairman; Miss M. Lavern Wil- the Rev. E. R. Simpson pastor. : Overstreet.
liams, program committee chair- A very elaborate program has FIFTEEN MEMBER BOARD of Bishops. The entire Board of Bishops A.M.E. Zion Church is shownin

man; Miss Johnnie Mae Jackson, been planned by this group with I a group after the consecration of the new ones, at Buffalo, New York. This ''picture shows twelve I

reporter; Mrs Helen M. Lawrence Mrs. Emma B. Johnson, organist active and five retired bishops. .1

director. as chairman of the program com

The captains are: Miss Amanda mittee. Rev. S. Andrews of Allen I Men's Day Planned Annual Women's Zion Hope
I i BaptistSet
Williams Miss Jackie Knight Chapel AME Church will be1:

Arvie Miss Bobby Gillispie Jean, M.: W.Eutsey Williams, Miss speaker Other for participants the occasion.will include I In' Central! ChurchMen's Day Slated forJuIyU.Mt.Bethet Anniversary CHURCHIEMANUEL NEWS

'I I District No. 25 of Zion Hope
Mrs. Vermell Blythwood of the
Day will be observed Baptist Church will observe its
.. New M* Ol Mt. Ararat Baptist Church, The I seventh anniversary June 19 at i I
;ve Tabernacle Male Chorus, the Mt. June 26 in Central Baptist Church II
I 3 pjn. in the church auditorium. I
Ararat Male Chorus the throughout the day, beginningwith ]j
under Plans are in the making for -
To Observe direction of professor Mathew I the Sunday School at 9:30 I The Rev. B.V.. Hartley of I
the annual women's day observance Friendly Baptist Church, Rev. H. I BAPTIST June 19 at the Church of the
Women'sThe Dsy McCall and Mrs. Evelyn B. John- a.m. to be' held July 17 at Mt. H. Wright of Evergreen Baptist 1 ACTIVITIES Living God United, 2004 Benedict

annual women's day cele- son, Dayspring Baptist Male i ii The Rev. D. B. Barnes, pastorof Bethel Baptist Church. Officers Church and the Rev. W. S. People I| The Rev. S. L. Badger, pastor Road. Mrs. M. Banks will be the

bration will be observed at New i Chorus and the Emanuel Baptist i I Sweetfield Baptist Church will and captains for this occasionwere I of Magnolia Baptist Church will I of Emanuel Baptist Church has speaker for the noon day service
Mt.: Olive Baptist Church throughout Male Chorus, the Mt. Ararat I be the speaker at the 11 am. selected in a recent meeting. i render service on June 15 in behalf j I called all members of Choirs 1, .: and Mrs. G. W. Alderman will

the day Sunday June 12. A Quintet The Union Gospel Singers !service. Officers are: Mrs. Claudine I. : of the district. They will be 2 and 3 to meet Friday night in ''deliver the address for the 8 p.m.
Mrs. Akins Willie Williams
Queen I the church auditorium
unique program has been plannedfor Williams, pastor; Mrs. Alice Baker accompanied by their choirs, ush- for re- service.
Harold Cox, Lorenzo Con- On June 19 at 4 p.m. Miss Ver- hearsal.
the occasion. Mrs. M. B. Storyis chairman; Mrs. Ruby Allen, : ers and congregations. .
dell Mons and Miss Patricia Small The
General Chairman and Mrs. way.Mr. co-chairman; Mrs. Aletha Holmes, A pew rally, conducted by vari- junior choir will meet Fri-.
will vie for honors in the "MissCentral" day at 6:30
Lola Webb chairman of the pro- Henderson and Mrs. Gra- worship; Mrs. Sarah L. Rice, pub- ous captains, will climax the an- : pm. on June 16 the SWEF.TFIF.LU"O IEI

gram committee. Mrs. Mary ham will via for'honors of being contest.VCymon. I licity; Mrs. Jessie M. Walker, pro- niversary program.Observance. s Rev. R. L. Wilson of West Friendship ( SLATE OBSERVANCE

Franklin and Miss Barbara Jean chosen the "king" of the Male gram; Mrs. Mary Barney, decoration I Baptist Church will deliver Mrs. Freddie Mae Larkins are

Simmons are chairman and co- Chorus. Chapel I ; Mrs. Willie Crummell, finance !I the sermon for the anniversary of chairman and co-chairman respectively -

chairman of program committee I ; Miss Gwenlyn Crowley, 1 1I Set Deaconess Board No. 2. : for the annual Women's

respectively of the young women. Plan out'h Fav courtesy; Mrs. Louise Williams, i I All members of the male chorus Day observance on June 26 at the
I M Grove C e- have been asked to meet with the Sweetfield
Mrs. H. L. Jenkins will serve as Pcsyne Chapel Men clerk. : lrchI Baptist Church.
Youth day will be observed I I pastor for a business meeting at .
pastor for the day. Captains are: Mrs. Estella Bar- Annual women's day will be
Plan Annual Sunday in Waymon Chapel AME I ;.7 p.m. Saturday. XE\\ ST. JAMESSPONSORS
School will begin at Day
Sunday ney, Mrs.. J. 11.Valker, Mrs. observed Sunday throughout the '
Church beginning with the Sun- i Holy Communion will be ad CONTEST
9:30: a.m.ith Miss Queen Esther i The annual observance of Men's Mary Mobley, Mrs. W. Crummell ; day at Pleasant Grove Primitive
day School at 9:30 ajn. with Mat- ministered Sunday at 3 New St. James AME
Jenkins acting superintendent Day will be held June 12 at Payne I Mrs. Lorraine Cobbs, Mrs. Bertha !I i Baptist Church. 1 Music Churchwill
thew Turner in will be
charge. furnished by the its annual
presiding. Teachers are: Mrs. Chapel AME Church throughout I II Franklin, Mrs. Lannie M. Barney 1 The morning address will be sponsor baby contest -
t j I combined choirs. Usher Boards 1 and children's
Frances Scriven, Mrs. Helen Fle- I the day. Officers for the day are: Patricia Thomas has been selec- Mrs. Catherine Wright Mrs. Bet- I I i delivered by Mrs. Eliza R. Perry : and 2 will day program
serve throughout the Sunday at 4 .
noid, Mrs. Loraine Cobb and Miss I Charlie Powell, chairman; Freddie ted as speaker for the morning tye Reed Mrs. Minnie Harris, 'of West Union Baptist Church. : day. ,I p.m. in the church

Erma Cobb. The lesson will be I Richardson, co-chairman; O. worship. A musical program will Mrs. Matilda Reed, Mrs. Ruth R. ; The evening address will be delivered auditorium.

reviewed by Mrs. Rosa Stephens. D. Phillips, superintendent of the be presented at 3 pin. Calvin Hol- Peterson Mrs. Mary Barney, '. by Mrs. Rosa Stephens !! Contestants are Vernesa Williams. -

Morning worship at 11 ajn. Sunday School; J. J. Benekin, land will deliver the closing, address Elizabeth Wiggs, Mrs. 1rs.'I'I| also of West Union. I MT.. CANAAN USHERS Vicky Renee Collins Charlotte -

1. _with Mrs. W. M. McQueen and Music, Charlie Frazier ushers; during the evening hour Grooms, Young People's Department Sunday school classes will be I SET ANNIVERSARYUsher Irvin Curtis Leroy Thomas.

Mrs. Essie Roberts in charge of Wilson Baker, Isaac Sanders, i worship beginning at 6:30 pjn. I ; Miss Catherine Barney, conducted by various guest teachers. Board No. 2 of Mt. Canaan Daniel Bryant, Jr., and Rubin
devotion, followed by the processional finance; publicity, R. R. Mainor; '. BTU and Mrs. Catherine Dallas. Baptist Church will observe {J 1(I Eugene Hart.. .
Choir No. 3 of Abys- J its 3rd anniversary June 12 at *
.,.. slnla Baptist church and Usher I ANNUAL
3 p.m. in the church auditorium.A .
board No. 1 of Mt. Morlah A.M.E. / / AT LITTLE
Church. Responsive reading, Mrs. ::Y Nk the program will be presentedfor Mrs. Delphenia Brunson will

N. J. Green; selection, choir, Mission / i occasion... .. .
I / / N\\\ -. serve as narrator for the Junior
offering; selection, choir; Women second annual musical in

announcements, Mrs. R. M. Lang; MT. TABOR the auditorium of Little Rock

Prayer for sick, Mrs. A. Collins; SLATES REVIVAL :: Baptist Church on June 13 at

Welcome address, Mrs. Jeanette j'S\ Revival meeting will begin at 8 pjn.Several.

Bryant; Occasion, Miss Algie B. \ \ v Mt. Tabor Baptist Church June local artists of the city

Corbin; reading, Mrs. M. Colson; S 20. Prayer service for this meet- will participate on this program.
Hymn Mrs. W. M. Daniels; Scripture ing will begin June 14. Sermonswill

Mrs. H. S. Jackson; Intro- be delivered by the Rev. E. L.

duction of speaker Mrs. Howard; Wilcox.All I DAY SPRING

Speaker, Mrs. H. H. Jenkins; Offering men of the church have District No. 5 will meet Fridayat

Mrs. Eugene Colson, Mrs. r/ been asked to meet at the church 8 p.m. in the home of Mrs.

M. B. Biggins, Observation, Mrs. I/NI I Saturday to do repair work. Din- ; Rosa Nero, 713 Court J.

M. L. B. Story; remarks and bene- 7p{ : ners will be served for all workers Commencement exercises will be

diction. i i held June 12 for the Kindergarten -
The of the vi f I
Young women /A department at 4 pjn. in the
church will have charge of the N ABYSSINIA SCHOOL J church auditorium.
3 pjn. service. Music will be furnished : w 1 PLAN District
YOUTH DAY I 15 will sponsor a Fath-
by the Tonettes of New : The Sunday School departmentof er's Day frappe June 19 in the

,Stanton High School under the I; I renJI. Abyssinia Baptist Church will educational building.
direction of Mrs. Alpha H. Moore.. 7 7
,II I I iveyo3 observe Its youth day Sunday at District 17 will sponsor a rain-
Mrs. M. G. Wright will be the
3 pjn. in the church auditorium, bow tea June 26 from 3 to 6 p.m.
speaker. with Miss Barbara Hitt as guest ''in the educational building. A
Participants for the 6:30 p.m. real speaker. I program will be presented for
worship hour are Mrs. Laura District No. 3 : the occasion
JI.' > security will meet Friday featuring local
Roberts Mrs. Janie Hook, Mrs. oWe I
: night at the home of Mrs. Katie artists.
IV, M. Davis Mrs. R. M. Lang / "" .Hightower 636 Court F. District :!I .

lrs. W. M. Daniels Mrs. Clara don't 2, 4, 6 and 12 will meet at 8 pjn. .
Albertie. Mrs. D. B. Barnes, Mrs. mean the nicest house t in the Lest Usher Board No. 4 will serve Sun-

Laura Finney Mrs. S. L. Badger neighborhood. the newest sleekest car.. /. day. All choirs will observe a SWEETFIELD BAPTIST
Mrs. H. L. Jenkins, Mrs. Mose t t* y*>. joint anniversary '
June 20 at
the right schools the right 8pjn. Annual Women's day will be
Lewis Mrs. Minnie Paul, Miss camps. M observed in Sweetfield

Queen Esther Jenkins. We're talking about the kind of security '* ::r -. i Church June 26 with Mrs Baptist A.

they can't do without.. the kind that cornel AT JOINT WEST EVENT UNION SCHEDULED I Larkins, general chairman presid-
ing. Programs will be presented
Alfred Miller from Inside. .. a ,, Districts 5, 7, 13 and 14 of West at each service. ,

To Appear HereIn Faith. (In God, in life. In themselves.For r'' *:''*{. t % serve Union a Baptist joint anniversary Church will Sunday ob- I The entire the congregation, pastor to Sanford will accompany -

Organ RecitalThe life Is no game for spiritual sissies. evening during the evening hour June 13. Transportation will leave
of worship. The Rev. A. Curry of the church at 3 pjn. Choir and

CoUrtesy Committee of the Only F auh the armor of the spirit. .U.: Y Deland will give the annual ser- ': Usher Board 2 will serve.

Junior Women's Missionary Society \\iIf'give them the stamina to meet It mon.District .
of the East Florida and Beth- {, M' 7 will sponsor an out- I NEW ZION

any Baptist Association will pre- courageously, no matter what it brings. ing to American Beach. The bus I Annual women's day will be observed

sent Professor Alfred Miller of I You show I will leave the church at 8 pjn. I -
can children In
your : : Zion Baptist
Brooklyn N. Y. in an organ recital f : .., Deaconess Board 2 will meet :
where find Church June 26, throughout the
Sunday at 8 pjn. in the to faith. how to .,: Sunday at 3 pjn. in the educa- !
day with local female
i talents
auditorium of Mt. Calvary Baptist build it day by day.tr'you make f'-' tional building District 9 will : pearing on the program. ap-
Dora and Spruce streets. I meet in the home
Church, of Deacon and
Board 2 will
praying a family sponsor
Professor Miller is a graduate Mrs. Taft Cummings 4802 Amos
at the church
\ of the Juilliard School of Music all"x Street Sunday at 3 pjn. Saturday.
i choirs ushers, deacons and
and serves as organist and minis- (
!i deaconesses have been asked to
ter of Washington Temple of : SWEETFIELD ACTIVITIES '
[meet at the church Sunday
Brooklyn. N. Y. Choir No. 1 will meet for rehearsal 1 I 11 at
i ajn. accompany the
artist in vocal .' 14 pastor
Supporting the '- f' : Friday at 8 pm. The to the union
: meeting
r. "
} which
renditions will be Archie Dennis .' ... :' daily Bible vacation school is in I. convene at Mt. Salem will
featured soloist with the Roberta ..;': progress with Mrs. D. B, Barnes Church. Baptist

Martin Singers. Miss Geraldine : in charge. j,

Jones of this city will also serve :"n } h The congregation Choirs 1 and
as soloist. ; ;:, ;',c" -, S.-- 2 and Usher Boards 1 and 2 will GOSPEL & SPIRITUAL

accompany the pastor to First
ticlwr Shiloh Baptist Church. Sanford ; TALENT WANTED

udd Cl BrrorilJ8 'life Sunday afternoon. The bus will }! Groups choirs soloists
worship! together week z J can get
TALLAHASSEE Franklin every leave the church at 10 a.m. information
Turner, a junior majoring in industrial 0 with on making records
education from Miami is CHURCH NEWS details write promo on. For

employed ,as a student assistantIn WOMEN'S DAY SET CHOICE RE-
tibcit.d to the EUligtoa t la Aartctn CORDS. Box
the Office of Public Relationsat Uf Proerara !by AT CHURCH OF GOD N. J.I 5021 Newark
Florida A&M University... Women's Day will
: be
.. ., J.'J.''i 1.:" '.: --, ;. ._'".' .. observed
.. j .0;. '.' ., _' _


t Week Ending Saturday, June 11, 1960 THE FLORIDA STAR Page 5Mt. .

----- one of the founders and first .
Vernon Men
Fraternity t
I Negro to be elected judge In Ohiois

. Set July 24thCelebration Plans Expansion Grand Treasurer of Elks, a

Alpha Tau Chi Fraternity Inc., ; 33rd degree Mason; chairman of "w .f -BABW

which was recently organized and r:Judicial Council of A.M.E.Church; NEEDS.A .
Annual men's day will be observed intended to be national and in-i head of the largest Sunday /

Juy 24 in Mt. Vernon ternational is the first and only \ School In the U.S.; member of LAXATIVE'Get

Baptist Church. a u2 h 4F fraternity to embrace all professional six bar associations includingAm. mild gentle MARSHALL'S rs
r % 6 S
EASE. For 60
Officers are: Ben McCall gen- : .' a., .. men including physicians I Bar Assn. and'. National Bar relied on this over pleasant years tasting
eral chairman; Melvin Gelsey co- 4_ I It dentists lawyers chiropodists :i Assn.; former prosecutor) and table liquid. Ask for Baby Fre.COSTS .-._

chairman; Willie C. White chair- p*J. ..XL'V ihy p and chiropractors. member of Ohio Legislature and

man of finance; Otis Kelsey. co- I I Although it was organized by I Cleveland City Council. I

chairman; Hubert Engram chair- R I. ,_ Negroes its Constitution provides i -

man of program committee. k, j, 11y that it may be interracial. \
Cecil B. Fisher and H. Engramwill Its national headquarters and I

serve as directors of music. birthplace is 2279 E. 90th Street I II r .WHEN D

I _1 _I Cleveland 6. Ohio. i r THE a

I Its national officers and founders -\1
Mt. Sinai Women : r are Atty. Eugen F. Cheeks, j i iI

Plan June 26 U ii-i I President; Judge Perry B.. Jackson Asisr.rn4
1st Vice-Pres.; Dr. R. T.

Observance I Wise. 2nd Vice-Pres.; Atty. Wm./ I I"THEY
B. Saunders 3rd Vice-Pres.; Dr. !
The women of Mt. Sinai Bap- j
J. D. Merida. Treasurer; Atty. :
tist Church completed plans for
Stanford S. Smith, Financial ARE 0000'
their annual observance which will
Sec'y.; Atty. Carl A. Hunt, Rec-
be held June 26 in a meeting re- i i '
Corresponding Sec'y.; Atty. Wyatt 1
C. Brownlee. Parliamentarian and
Officers elected were: Mrs. Vir-
}'A 4 I Atty. Richard L Gunn Sgt-at-
ginia Mack chairman; Mrs. Lillie !
qYV 24 POWDERS 49c
arms. ; 2 POWDERS Sc 12 POWDERS 23c
D. Hair co-chairman Mrs. Jose-
; .. Rapid expansion of the fraternity '
phine Jones secretary Mrs. Alice '
; is expected with the establishment -j
Williams assistant secretary; Mrs. CLUB ,MEETING The Chanell Ladies Social and Saving Club met
of chapters in cities I
M. K. Gibson treasurer; Mrs. Willie in its business meeting in the home of Mrs. Theresa Donald. 3110
throughout the United States. Several $200
D. Lucas superintendent Sun- Stuart Street. Present were: Miss Alveria Lane Mrs. Almetha Joy- (short biography of Judge Jack- ScholarshipsTo
day School; Mrs. Arie L. Norton, ner, Mrs. Johnnie Mae Brown Mrs. Virginia Flomay. Mrs. Teresa .
BTU chairman; Mrs. Annie Barr, P. Donald, Mrs.-Deloris B. Butler and Mrs. Sammelia Allen.
Judge Perry B. Jackson who is
Alice Swan Boosters Committee :I Leading Florida Colleges

chairman: Mrs. Ruby L. Herndon SECOND CROSS IS BURNED '
young people's chairman; Mrs. Observance League nlonMinisters j BeihuneCookmcmTo

Erma Bryant Mrs. Catherine NEAR SAFETY HARBOR
Sykes music chairmen; Mrs. Mat- NEGRO AREA At Holy ChurchThe To I i! Host Annual Now Available To

tie King, ushers chairman; Mrs. women of the Church of ,
SAFETY HARBOR (By Staff God in Christ 4 met recently and I i t .
finance chairman; Mrs. Colline Meet With I Work ConferenceThe High School Graduates
Cunningham Mrs. Bessie Grant Writer) The second cross was organized for their annual obser- i II
8th annual
Mrs. Elnora Small members; Mrs. burned late Sunday night on a vance which will be held Juuly I Leadership
All AME Ministers and Work Conference for principalsand
Ruby Herndon, publicity chair- road leading to the city's Negro 24. League i And College StudentsFor
from the stateof
man; Mrs. H. H. Robinson, pastorfor residential section; Police Chief Officials elected are: Mrs. Ollie Presidents are called to a League i supervisors
Florida will be held Beth-
the day. I Claude Rigsby reported today Brown chairman; Mrs. Pauline Union meeting Sunday. June 12 une-Cookman College campus Just A Few Hours

Bright co-chairman; Mrs. Fannie at 3:15 p.m. in the auditorium ofi June 13 through the 17th.
Allen treasurer Mrs. Trudie M. i
i WHEN YOU ARE ILL ; Mt. Zion AME Church, located at All sessions of this .conferencewill Summer Work Wherever You
McGriff, secretary; Mrs. B. M.
I be held in the
t ; +- You Seek The Best Doctor Gillis, assistant. Beaver and Newman Streets. gymnasium
including the opening session.
= When Your Doctor Proscribes Live In Florida
; Committee members are: :Mrs. Members of the City Wide This conference, sponsored by

Get Experienced Pharmacist Mary Mills finance; Jessie Black- i Leagues are also invited to attend the State Department of Education -

To Fill Your Prescription shear, Laura Sheppard ads and : this meeting according to Leon- will be directed by Dr. D. E. Write Today For Full Details
According To Your Doctor't I sponsors Mrs. Ethel L. Smith Williams and serving as consul- \
Orders. We Use Only chairman; M. L. Rankin V. Cal- ard J. Roberts. Jr., president of tants will be W. E. Combs and -

The Best Quality Drugs At I lahan, C. Faust G. Smith; program the Union. Mrs. Minnie H. Fields. Scholarship DepartmentP.O.

Dr. C. E. BiaekProprietor Mrs. C. Smith chairman; Reservations for the session
The date again is May 29 at
V. Stewart A. M. Thomas; deco- may be made by contacting PaulL. Box 561, Jacksonville 1 1, Fla.

rations, Mrs. F. Reid chairman; 3:15 p.m. Your attendance is urgently Hyde: business manager, at
3 REGISTERED PHARMACISTS TO SERVE YOULILLY'S M. Baldwin Hazel Pope; publicity needed. the college.

Mrs. A. M. Bright, chairman;
DRUG STORE Dorothy Samuel B. Evans, Mrs.

Beulah Spiller, Mattie Perry M.

Way, C. Wesley; youth chairman
ISO Kings Road ELgin 3-3278 ct .
Mrs. Norma Bell; C. Faust A. M. .

Cosmetics Rubber Goods Candle: Sundries II Blanford Club', Mrs.Louise L.Harmon Sullivan; Mothers chair-- Tr < nameinthebook ;
I "S

Nickerson, L. Lang R. Carr. .


t Lk
:. .
.y S J; a Sac .-

s.' G e 0.. . .

.',...... .',..... .

wY 'f

You can't vote

'1 ,,1 ; w if you're notregistered

1 11

When you graduate from high school, they

put your name in the school yearbook. \

When you have a telephone installed,they

put your name in the telephone book.

A But you and only you-can get your name
1 1 in the most important book of all-the roll

of Registered Voters of your precinct-the
"Election Book."

And if you're not in the book, you ought

to be.

xd 1\ Because,if you're not registered,you can't

t U'' get in the polls come Election Day. ,
Dr.Durham serves coffee to guests from Central circle," Dr.Durham explains. "It enriches You can't even vote for dog catcher-"

State College "Carnation is the'cream' in our coffee like cream-with. fa the fat calories!" much less mayor, councilman, congressman,

.' senator, or president-unless your name II

:. Dr. Durham, well-knoiim dietitian, tells why in the book.
You don't even have the right to complain

r: Carnation is the brand of my choice 1 unless you're registered and vote.
of this
So don't cut yourself l out year's key

t 1 elections. Get your name in the book. A lot
and for coffee
: for cooking of your friends and neighbors are already

listed there. If you know of one who isn't,

:,' Dr. Elizabeth Durham heads the home I use Carnation exclusively for cream sauce I IF YOU'VE MARRIED, MOVED, OR. take him with you when you go to register

; economics department at Central State dishes like chipped beef." (Recipe below.) COME OF AGE SINCE THE. LAST on this "Roll Honor" of Americans. And

k' College, Wilberforce, Ohio. "Carnation has A special method of evaporation givestoday's read Ms then-well see you at the polls!
such delicious, 'creamy goodness, my Carnation the consistency of cream ,

;: students see the difference right way/' Dr.with l/t the fat calories. This milk in the
: If havevioustyiegisteredunderyour
like red and white is the world's favorite BRIDES!Even if'you had pre. RRST VOTERS I you
t :Durham says. "It even whips cream can celebrated your 21st'birthday

.t And it gives such smooth results in cooking, brand of evaporated milk by far. maiden name ,.. you have to since the last election(or Be sureyou're
if will be 21 by Election ,
register again under your you .
: ------------- "new" namBe sure your Day), get your name in the .,
; ------------ -
i "married name" is in the book. 4 e !

': ,'. I recipe: Carnation Creamed Chipped Beef 1 1i book! .. MEMBERS: OF THE ARMED Voting :.:.1' :.:" registered ..
your -
i;c., I (Makes 4 servings) I MOVERS!If you have where moved Officer for the word on -
II from the precinct you '
I 2 tablespoons butter Blend butter, flour, salt, and pepper I i A were previously registered, how you can vote.' .u"
2 tablespoons flour together in saucepan over low heat I you have'to register again. GOING AWAY ELECTION
:... Vi teaspoon salt until smooth.Gradually add undiluted I Make sure your new address DAY Ballot.?Vote first-by Absen- (8)) .
W teaspoon pepper Carnation. Continue stirring until is in the v .

1% ( )_undiluted. I ..
I cups large can thickened and smooth. ,, :-': : .
.:.-, Itt cups((4 ozJ)cut dried beef Brown rinsed i and well-drained dried Al+ RA TFD1 '..
I I ?
'\ \k cup diced celery beef in iron skillet Add celery green .-
t". I %cup diced green pepper pepper pimiento eggs and Carnation I w.' BOOKS OPEN REGISTER .A T
:' : 2 tablespoons chopped pimiento cream sauce. Serve over toast or welt. I acasc 320 EAST BAY STREET -

i'i: I Z chopped hard-cooked eggs .' c-aif'C ceF .d nee. .J .. ,, '9:00: A.M. TO 5:00: P.M. County Court House .
J' "" """" "
L- -- --------- --:- -
i.;... : :

jf' -. :..., -- -

"';:!'r <;;:. :..-::...-.:'" -


Page 6 ,/ =THE FLORIDA STAR Week Ending Saturday, June 11, 1960

--- _.... -- '
; College
Polio Immunizations urn Republicans Against

I Gives; Scholarships

Health= ,. Dro"oing Powell Aiirdmen:: 1
Urr.el: by Depf 'V VV,V y : High school seniors desirous ,:

: .* :? of continuing their education in I
A not be available for general use II 4 ,. i. NEW YORK: effort to '
JACKSONVILLE pre-sum- -Citing published implement the Supreme the field of music can probably
mer appeal for the polio immuni- I until at least another year, the I IV reports that the Eisenhower Ad- .Court decision ,and indeed will I I
I, realize this ambition now by applying -
zation of the thousands of unprotected epidemiologist noted. In the meantime ministration "has sought or has freely subsidize those areas which

children and adults in I he .said every effort shouldbe Vi acquiesced In dropping anti- defy the Court and continue in a to the Scholarship Com

the state was issued by the Florida -I I made to use the available Salk A '. segregation amendment from program of cheating millions of mittee of Edward Waters College.It .

State Board of Health this I vaccine which has proved to be okt. school aid bill NAACP Execu- Negro children of the constitutional was announced by the chair- C

week. J'' 80 to 90 per cent effective, in tive Secretary Roy Wilkins warns i i right to education without man of the committee that a I

Dr. James O. Bond State Epidemiologist preventing paralytic polio. that such action will not be I segregation." number of music scholarships I

said it Is estimated' "helpful" to the Republican I This, the NAACP leader pointed valued at approximately one- ,

there are still some 800,000 'per I Ii Ai G fk party.In out will not be "helpful to the third of the total tuition cost
I i are available to students
son under forty in the state who I i! BethuneCookmanI cause in which you and your fellow -
He identical telegrams, dispatched to attend Edward Waters College
have no polio party members are interested. -
noted that the number of recorded I June I, to Vice President I ." with special music ability, both
polio cases in Florida this yearis SlImmer School k w. Richard M.:. Nixon and to Republican -: vocal and instrumental.

I Senators Thurston B. Morton,
still well below that reportedat ii i I f f
the same time last year. He i I i Jacob K. Javits and Hugh Scott
the NAACP leader expresses the 1 Symington
said 25 cases are on record this Monday should have the right of every
opinion that scuttling of the
year, 17 of them paralytic. This I II I other citizen. And I believe that
!I DAYTONA BEACH FLA.-Dr. +I Powell amendment by Administration -
compares with 65 cases at the Expresses this idea of a man going intoa
I William A. McMillan, Dean of leaders would ,be taken by
same time last year, with 46 1 I store and buying a comb or a
paralytic. "It is too early to pre- [Bethune-Cookman College announced Negroes to mean that the "Fed brush and toothpaste and saying.

dict that this will be a light polio I' that the. Summer School I eral government will give no aid Sympathy 'I would like to have a cup of

,., year" the doctor said "however, t'Session will start Monday, June whatever to any effort to imple- coffee,' and not being given it, is
VV r the For
I ment Supreme Court deci- Negroes "
would take the
if every person morally wrong.
vaccine, this could be assured." t 13th. I II sion. I
'f'..' NEW YORK-Sen Stuart Symington Symington continued
"Five years of experience with The primary purpose of the ., The current amendment, introduced t :
I I II i (D-Mo) Monday expressed !' "The sit-down strike situation,
polio immunization have shown Session is to serve the educational :I f I by New York Congressman
f I !
sympathy with the
I Southern students or sit-in situation, I under-
that the. disease can be conquered i Adam Clayton
"But the needs of the following groups: I ; Powell was passedby staging sit-in demonstrations at stand, hasn't been worked out
said Dr. Bond.
the House of
11. Supervisors, principals and in- I N' Representatives lunch counters to protest discrimination f! legally. I see no reason for an
tragic thing is that the persons, i A on May 26 by a vote of 206 to 189.
service teachers of secondary and against Negroes. emphatic emphasis of positionon
child or adult who has not been f It provides for withholding of fed

immunized, is still just as muchin I|elementary schools who desire to ... L14 'eral funds from school districts The 58-year-old senator a can- the part of these people that
; < > I they are being wronged becauseI :
danger as. he was before Salk I take courses for professional and I : which ignore specific'court orders didate. for the Democratic presi- ;

vaccine was introduced. It is un- self improvement: 2. All persons I 'to desegregate their. public school dential nomination, was Inter- think under our constitution

fortunate that your neighbor's : who wish to extend or renew :1 ''.' systems. viewed on the taped television ; they are being wronged.On .

vaccination will not protect you. : teachers' certificates; 3. Students .' 5.... r 5 If the Administration and Re- program, "The New York Forum." the other hand, I would
Polio immunization is available to : of Bethune-Cookmau who wish to i publicans back He "do that
.. generally .down on was asked you agree hope they wouldn't do any-
every person in the state, through I make up certain dificiencies or :.:. : :.a aA.N the Powell amendment, Mr. Wil- I with President Truman with respect -I i thing which they could be criticized -

private doctors or public health I I want to shorten their course of i : kins told the Vice President and 1 to the sit-down strikers in :! for legally which would hurt ({

agencies." !;study at the College; and 4. New G.O.P. Senate leaders, "the party the South, that he would have their position because I feel very

Dr. Bond added that no special ;students who want to begin their } will be sayjng to Negro Americans : kicked them out of his store, : strongly! that public opinion is

state-wide campaign would be I academic studies during the I everywhere that under its leader- I too?" moving very rapidly in the favorof

conducted this year but that an I summer with the intention of reducing rY.."1( 'y ship the federal government will I Symington said: those people who are being

effort is being made through pro- I the number of years incollege. give no aid whatsoever to any "I believe that every citizei::1 t discriminated against."
per channels to reach some of the I .

isolated that have I ---.
groups ---
very usual I All class periods are one and -..--. -- .. .>,:-.1.1f
never responded to the -I-. :'
1 t tr

community-wide these groups now appeals.constitute He said the 'i except II one-half Saturdays hours and and meet Sundays.daily I I II MIAMI-Mrs. Donna Keel, charming Miami model, registers ; !: YOU. .' ft I10ULD" KJ" N g".ii&

Two hour classes meet Mondays, lJhING Itj Itjf
:state's last frontier in the polio : Wednesdays and Fridays. I I delight after being informed that she has been accepted as a <, ;

immunization effort, but that :'i at the Pygmalion School of Charm and Personal Improvement. Mrs. .
of unimmunized per- teach charm courses, is the first Negro ---=-
thousands Mr. Paul Hyde Business Man- Keel, who wants to eventually f

:sons still remain among all :I stated: 1. The maximum to be accepted by the Pygmalion School. ; J
I ager __ ___ ____
classes of the population. These number of hours which can be I .

persons should obtain immunizing :I carried at the regular tuition rateis NO TOOLS, NO WORK ; Ksngolene r: 1oERr VT7T.
shots before the stated.summer is further 1.I nine (9) semester hours. Students : I TEHERAN, Iran A mason, -pro\lecl! byScerce i
advanced he i carrying less than six (6) mechanic, metal worker or other ;

being I semester hours will be classified artisan must have his own tools !
The oral vaccine currently t Mo ", r E9 '
\ special students and will pay trade in Iran. Yet it : i
tested in Dade County will as to practice a ROWNING )
and the vocational NEW YORK N. Y. Modern : (
i the total of all fees proportionate i would take a year for ;

CARE-FUL SOLUTION I share of the tuition !school graduates to earn the tools science has just improved Ameri- ,

I fee; 2. All fees are payable at in the $20 trade kits Americans ca's original hair straightener NEGRO :.
r st7Z.tr. the Philippines gift ; TO BB OF .
registration and are not refund- i can send through CARE, New KONGOLENE known throughoutthe / ,
Of 113 rolls of hog and barbed J"able; 3. No refund of tuition York 16, N. Y. The gifts the WEST \,
mean country for 46 years as / BORN IN1UG .
has I June t. I. PARENTAGE
wire delivered by CARE payments will be made after II most efficient and economical
graduates can get jobs at once. \
saved the crops of 24 families inTawiTawi 18. 1960; and 4. Room and board 'I hair straightener on the market. : INDIES OF CREOLE MOTHERMANY ), .. V'

i a :Moslem village in may be paid weekly at the rate I' KONGOLENE is the answer for i \w
: the southernmost islands. of $15.00 per week. If room and I: extra stubborn, resistant hair. A II "

Because of their religion, the board are paid in advance for I I faster, milder, safer hair culture, AG Ei -,., \

,, farmers would not kill. the, wild the entire summer session, the FLORIDA STARIN it is especially waterproofed and 1 i '

! hop that ravaged their fields. Nor rate is $110.00.' The weekly rate.i does not revert even in the damp-

could they afford to buy fencing. for room and board is not pro-I est and most humid summer r

The wire to build their fences was ratable. Fees sent for room reser- EVERY weather. Unlike other weaker

bought by CARE, under its Self- vations will be refunded up to hair cultures, the hair does not

.. Help program to give the needy and including June 18. 1960 but COLORED HOME become accustomed to its using. i
tools to help themselves. not after this date. Users of other cultures should

: apply KONGOLENE at least twicea
year in order to sustain their j

effectiveness. Two additional

Public Will See Controversial Space Film Kongo Chemical Corporation pro- ,', rSE WAS SO PARK OF.

Which TV Networks Policy Banned which ducts prevents are Pre-Process burning and Cream Black, a COMPL.6XION HE WAs NADf'rOil'

which ',,".. .. rtc0/ o#:> SECTION
Rinse, neutralizes the after _... .SIT /Nme ,>

F *ve the fact that it was effects of the hair straightener.All OF CHURCH (IN sn KITS. .W.J1
de. me on the three major Kongo Chemical Corporation "J
neU..._3 as a matter of Com products are at barber shops and .1i;
pany polioy because the film 4n.. drug stores everywhere at longer ;;
carrWvrrL 'tzZ'1e ..
was not.produced by their own
news department staffs, millions lasting, bargain prices.HamptQ

of American television ? ? a- a3C".a< <<.
viewers are going to be able to

see one of the most controversial Installs BUSINESS DIRECTORY
space films of our time -
The Race for Space." Kappa Delta Pi \

"The Race for Space' gives The Flans Listed Below Are
Recommended As
the true facts, impartially Honor Society
objectively about the race between : _Specializing Services and Products _
-. the U.S.A. and Russia in HAMPTON, VA.. JUNE 3 -
missile development Producedby Ji Hampton Institute joined the 223 AUTO SERVICE
David L. Wolper in -
with the U.S. Department'of college and university chapters of Royal Crown Bottling Company

Defense, the U.S. Army; Kappa Delta Pi an honor society AUTO PAINTING COMPANY 1235 San Marco Blvd. FL 9-4488
.Navy Air Force, National Aeronautics r,R in education during installation

: and Space.Administration ceremonies held on the college Complete Body Repair & Paint Work Washington's Health Service

: and the Ministry of Culture campus Thursday June 2. -:- Oven Baked Paint Jobs -
of the U.S.S.R., it contains s"Abundan! Health Is Rightfully Youd'Price
.American and Soviet rocket and Dr. E. L F. Williams, executive Start u $4.00 Try Swedish Massage Mineral Steam Bathi

space films never before seen secretary-treasurer of Kappa DeltaPi I ((532 East Adams Street EL 5-8135 J Colonlc Therapy

outside our Intelligence Service, came to the Virginia campus D. C.
of the Washington Muaeur-Sam. LocalioFor
including; first views I FOODS
dog-carrying5 Sputnik II. i from Heidelberg College. Tiffin I\ 23 Yean
4 Ohio to install the Iota Mu Chapter -
reach home 934
The film will ; N. Myrtle Avenue EL 4-247
screens shortly through a tri- r e$ of Hampton Institute. Follow- GUS INA'S SUPERMARKET,

umph of enterprise involving ing the installation ceremonies If You Want The Finest In Groceries WILLIE
tremendous effort and expenseby a dinner was held for the sixteen DRUGS
And Meats Come See Us
film's Shulton, I -
the sponsor f new members.inducted into the ) Free delivery any _part of the city
Inc., makers of cosmetics. They 2r. )00) Davis Street EL
have succeeded in putting together organization.:Guests at the dinner 65412 1OLD RELIABLE -.t_ ,
what has been described included faculty members who are MISCELLANEOUS sot west Street EL 4-1380
as a "fourth network"-an as- i t 'already members of Kappa Delta

sociation dent stations of nearly and network 100 indepen-affil- I Pi as well as Dr. Edward Koll- AAA-BONDING AGENCY JULIA GEORGE 5 & 10 CENT

iates coast-to-coast who will t 2w : o mann representing Phi Beta Kap- ,

air this film on prime night ___ ; pa Dean Thomas Hawkins rep- i City County and Federal Bon. t STORE __

.time.By Wallace narrates the controversial space film The Race resenting Phi Delta Kappa and Law Exchange Bldg. EL M832 Courteous Treatment
Mike I
virtue and the of tremendous this unique interest for Space" to be sponsored by Shulton, Inc, over nearly 100 independent I Dr. Frederick, Inge representing SERVICE ) Open 8:30 to 7 p. m.t30S .
'hook-up ACE RADIO &
"Fourth i
affiliates coast-to-eoast. J ;
and promotional effort TV stations and network Sigma XL "7.I :' -.2 Davis Street EL ...lsli
network was set tip after the three major networks refused film. I cmtlinmgtEe-alms:of ttie society 38 Years In Electroaios

sta.tions Dr." 'Williams,' guest speakerat i AU Work Guaranteed MAGGIE] CONFECTIONERS

by that a the greater show will audience be viewed than paper article about it has been Space dog, being prepared for the .dinner' ,. pointed out the j 3 43 Forest Street EL 4-S804J BEER CIGARS CIGARETTES

originally contemplated througha read into the CongressionalRecord. his flight. purposes of Kappa Delta Pi as -
network telecast. The film won the 1959 The finale is the dramaticbuildup an organization that "endeavorsto TIMIQUANA ROAD TRADING 1102 rICEsCi.REAM COSMETICS
of our '
Judging. by the initial response San Francisco International and launching maintain-a high degree of professional EL 3.8312
from civic, educationaland Film Festival Documentary first successful earth satellite, POST M. L. Harris
nominated by Explorer I, a sequence which V fellowship among its Pop.
civil defense groups who Award, was Complete Garden Supplies
Pic- with the actual :films of members and to quicken professional -
of Motion ends
have seen this film it will have the Academy Fertilizer Fruit Products QUICK SERVICE MATTRESS
of public spirited tures Arts and Sciences for an the tense and agonizing count- growth by honoring achi- CO.
the backing
blockhouse at Cape -New and Used Furniture bought and IOldM.ure.
groups all over the country. Academy Award, the first TV down in evement in educational work." Renovating Our Spedaltv
General Holgar N. Toftoy. film to be so honored. Canaveral.-- 584. Tlmlquana Road SP 1-3782 One Day Service _
featured in the film and Chair- The film shows the develop- here are also'probing interviews 8703 Old -
man of the World Space Committee ment of the giant V-2 underHitler's With Mrs. Robert God- PRIEST RIVER IDAHO JOHNNIE'S ROOMING HOUSE Kings Road PO 5-1834
direction the capture dardwidow of the great rocket ; .
that every American thinks it only fair to apply a withholding
says this film. It has of Wernher von Braun and pioneer, and General H. N. All Modesa Convealemces
should the TAX
see tax to youngster'sallowance
been made a regular part of the other German,?scientists, and Toftoy, winner of the Distinguished Room by Day.] Night or Week I .
Medal for his the At Your
Service just so younger generation Servlc
Curriculum at West Point. Response the dramatic firings of SputnikI
from the Press has been .and Sputnik II, including successful ,direction 0 f the can get gradually accus- Infermatlen Call NEW CAB EL .
: 41811
_go. .tremendous that a news- scenes showing Laika, the Army missile program._,' _1* tomed to a procedure"to which EL 5-4025 :. 627 W. Ashley Street }!CAH -: x-1811

adults are now hardened : ; ...

;.- '

.. --:.' <-

".4.. -
s ,. ,;"-' :;? bEV1Lii -
: -


-. -

I : : 'c. ..- ...it'_ -. ,- ok '. ,--', .' ;-

.. : .c, '" .. ,, .. .. .. n," : ,, "" .. ,, "" ,- ,'" '
< '
; : ':>J" "' ,; ,: ; \; ::'::F'r: : .:, : :: -.:. : -,, '," :' : ".: : 'iL'4

....:'" < { :
!i :
J '?, : .

f .i... ':'-WeekEnding Saturday, June 11, 1960 THE FLORIDA STAR _. Page 7

: .. 4 :,
,"' : f.><: .
," "; f,.,: .
,'r ," ._

r IL 4rJf)7T4jS .i

y .

n ui.3et stomach. However, Cliff !'I ...... JOHANSSON CANCELS
I I'e.... ..e r.l. 'C.U
1959 as he blasted 32 home Ii... champion
1i runs r1 I'Pick World heavyweight

M Yi ; Ito,I lead the league and also paced 1' Johansson Ingemar Johansson suddenly call-

;i : : f *1H1! the circuit in runs-batted-in with ed off his afternoon workout

100. He finished the season with Over PattersonNEW Tuesday, claiming a slightly up-

I Cincinnati last summer and bat- set stomach.

SPORTS ) ted .381 in nine contests with 8 YORK Jack Dempseyand The illness was not considered
CORNED Gene Tunney two of the
t1 I for 21, including two doubles anda serious and he was expected to
great heavyweight boxing cham-
N I ----.I ... triple and five RBis. resume his normal conditioning
t --- -- I pions of the past, think Inge-
"He's headed for the j program Wednesday.In .
The latest newt : : Vada PINSON sen- including June 1st .. On June definitely mar Johansson will beat Floyd

northland might( | 21-year-old speedster for'1I '' 13th. 1938. the Reds obtained majors", Manager Jim Tubrner :; Patterson in their June 20 re the morning Johansson ran

.shock to rAUskie :: | Reds hit safely in't',BUCKY WALTERS from Phila- i' revealed to F. M. Williams, Base- :: match. 512 miles, then played golf with
'It's interesting. ; I j t' of the Swedish Golf
I ; You see a from May 18 to May 331 delphia for Virgil Daivs, Al Hol- all Writer for the Nashville Ten i j "You always have to pick the members

!supposed to be \ .Vada had hits in 61 at- 1'ngsworth and: cash pitcher nessean. "This boy may be the ( champion until he is licked," Club of metropolitan New York.

ty special in during this time for a mark I,, DON NSWCOMBE! celebrates his I' first off this team to. make it in said Dempsey. "In the last fight Earlier in the morning, 30

He's our largest game I Ed Bailey had hit in ;i 34th birthday on June 14th. I the major leagues." he played with him, hit him at I members of the Swedish club

real have killer more, than and is ; consecuutive. games which The youngster who turned 20 on ; Young BOBBY HENRICH, who will. However if Patterson can I arrived for breakfast with with In-

to match- all of this ; I for the Reds this season I II i has been a jack of all trades. stay inside he has a chance to gemar. presented him a

|T he northwoods | Pinon hit in 13 .. RED j June 2nd threw a two hitter at ;; connected for his 14th home run lick him." I I plaque and made him an hon-
I i Shreveport on May 29 for his
[has brokens so : I of Milwaukee i leading the league), single and i "I think Johansson is goingto orary member.
Biearts, that a seventh win against but two set-
'only to be expected. 1, "Pinson is the fastest man backs. The curly-haired youngster I, scored the tying run in .the seven- :j' be in complete control," said !!

: A 13-year-old ; seen in a baseball uni- th and then tall'ed Bobby Hen- Tunney. urn be very much surprised -I ATTENTION LADIES
i struck out 14 in the 9-2 win.
exploded all of ; t The modest and likeable rich with the wir.ninj run in the if he doesn't repeat. Bridge & Social Club
Catcher JOHN EDWARDS has
,jwhen he pulled up to : often called "the most tenth with another single. He now The two met today at a sports Reporters
sin resort and asked upped his batting average to ..29QI.
has a league-leading total ol 54 luncheon. Mall
player in baseball, dem- Send or
heave his muskie
t pitcher JIM BAILEY is 4-3
{dock. It was so big th on three successive oc=I. runs-batted-in. i iI Social News
+,ers thought he was a why he is one of baseball's I The six foot. 195 pound Cook
DUANE RICHARDS, 6-5 (last To
i honest youngster i win a shutout). : Chicago Bears Sign
May 27 at Crosley ;'r the third baseman on the South FLORIDA STAR

!rit\ It happened.seems as the, score tied at 5-5 Field'j', great HERSH relief FREEMAN tar for the, Cincinnati former- Atlantic League All Star team In' Morris Brown Back 2323 Moncrief Rd. Cor. 13th

.reusing around the against 'Milwaukee, Pinson > :i playing five different positions, CHICAGO-The Chicago Bears i EL 4-6782
Or Phone
Reds and now a Scout, sign-
Hveedbed when his off Ken MacKenzie, Brave I has done an excellent job in the I today announced the signing of I
struck ed WAYNE GRANDY 18yearold -
prop The bases were loaded defense and his speed makes him rookie halfback Charles Bivins I
}was surprised because righthander hitting third
I Warch This Clown
(didn't warrant the passes. and then baseman from Jacksonville, Fla. very valuable on the bases. He i from Morris Brown College of
'collision. But he was : Ed Bailey hit a grand I also has continued his fine Atlanta.
; he to a contract with the .Reds' Pa- I I 27 -55.32
;surprised home run for a 9-5. posting a .333 mark. hitting'l
onuskie lying the next on May 29, latka farm club in the Class D Bivins the Bears' No. 7 draft 195 30 465
:water at the stern of Florida State League out Manager Jim Turner "very I choice this year, is 6-2 and 212
belted a two-run homer in !
According to the fielder MILES :McWILLIAMS, pleased with the play of Henrich |,
1 pounds. He is breakaway
the muskie had h off Carlton Willey at run- VI
IPalatka outfielder is hitting .346 at shortstop. His batting has improved !
; ner and an excellent :
igently revolving prop Field to give the Reds a.I pass re-
thing good to eat f. shortstop TOMMY HELMS | tremendously. Bobby is I Ii ceiver.B. I 9

ti ''come but .328 manager DAVE BRISTOL i hitting the righthanders and has

'conflict., May 30th at Philadelphia second sacker, .324 [ been getting many hits when he I I 5 1
I asked the Mercury } youngster again Baeza, Panamanian jockey I
1 third'baseman BOB HALASKA, : has two strikes against him." II
jpeople if they were for the big hit. With who led the Churchill Downs I 49 64 89

;tp! advertise their 44.n. the ninth and one I .290 MICKEY MATTIACE I Young Jim Maloney continues i I j: riders this spring, is riding at 788 11 207
{the newest thing 1 been with i
: (4-0) has handicapped .
!lures, but they singled off Gene Con- : ; his great: pitching for Nashville. j jI the Chicago tracks. I
? | a bad ankle: He has pitched two i IrrJOmf'tlIDla, he'" ti]
ment.. : second base and then I I Pitcher RAY RIPPLEMEYER of j I II I
no-hitters this BILL
season unmetlineq he's dom
One thing is what proved to be the Seattle is second in the Pacific j Tax Foundation finds that pay-
aren't so durn smart BROWER is 1-0 HARVEY I I TIr adds subtract;
: run as Gus Bell singled Coast League with a 1.71 earned- rolls for civilian employes of the
ALEX 1-0 IVAN DAVIS, He work It all around
'MEET THE l 'run-average Ripplemeyer is !!! Executive Branch of the federal I I
: Down in South ; has stolen 12 bases in !1. 1-1 5r3 through games of May 22nd I i government last year reached an : Coming Attractions
jungle rivers and wn.LIAlIVILKERSON, +
with a little fish in games thru June i i DAVE STENHOUSE is 5-2 estimated $12.3 billion. That works 177 75 44 07PHOTOGRAPHS
Deputation. He's BILL HENRY ran the i j with, a fine 2.89 ERA. out to $226 for each U. S. family.
... 'I The Cincinnati Reds will con- ,
'. yard dash inr 10.1 in' I -
duct Tryout Camps in Ohio, Catcher JAKE AZCUE of Hav- I
; school catcher ED I
j Kentucky and Indiana. On June i International Lea-
ana is hitting I I
I and his wife BETTY,
I.r : 10 and 11 at Beechwood Park in gue pitching for a mark of ,291 FOR
honored on "JEWELERS '
Ironton, Ohio: on June 17-18 at' pitcher BOB MILLER is 5-3 \ ,
: "The at Crosley King and Field Queen on June of City Park in Piqua, Ohio On 'i for the Sugar Kings with a 2.10 EVERY .QSf QPN" .,.' ,

June 24-25 at City Park in Lex- ERA. He recently lost a one hitter a '
." The Crosley Field '. I
: ington, Kentucky'' and on July 1 ..
Ronnie Dale, plays "The and 2 at Greendale Park in Exptrri Photography
of Rosie' O'Grady" when Indiana. | Catcher DON PAVLETICH is i y Portrait Weddings Banquets
Lawrenceburg, i
."Dutch" Dotterer hits a AU of the camps will start at batting .286 and BOB NIEMANN Passports & Identification Photo

run he has special nine o'clock in the morning; .277 for Columbia of the South Photostats &: Commercial Work

:! for most of the Reds when players are to furnish their own !I Atlantic League (A). Pitcher KEN I : Photos For Newspaper Cuts

connect for a round tripper Balls HUNT is 6-3 and BOB KROP is I While You Walt
; gloves, uniform and shoes. I'
Bells for Gus Bell bats and catching equipment will 5-1 for Manager 1rAXACON'S .. Coloring & Picture Framing

me the 'Vada" Go Home" be provided. i CLUB. f] .:.>:> ." .L Let Us Take A Photo Of You
i "Vada the sun shines, Nellie" :
between the of 15 to I :., ,. ;/1r.
Pinson "Bill Bailey, Boys ages I j Outfielder MARV SCHULTZ ., ....:
i'i invited to attend these Try- ;Y" ;:. ; In Natural Color .
Meet the piranha: a i you please come for Ed 20 are ; continues to show fine form at t4 J. -

low- with a mean set "Frankie and Johnny" out Camps.: However, players par- the bat for MANAGER JOHNNY J. AVERY

ticipating in American Legion MEER'S Topeka club in
Frankie Robinson and many i VANDER AVERY'S PHOTO STUDIO
baseball attend these Try-
may the Three I League with a bat-

May 25, 1942 Cincinnati outs ONLY if it does not inter- [ ting mark of .320. DOUG KAS- 1674 Kings Rd. Next to EWC Library

baseman FRANK McCOR- fere with their American Legion SEY, left fielder for Topeka can

., '0- A was forced out of the activities AND if they have a throw'with either hand. STAN Phone EL 4-7695 For Appointments

letter of approval from. either is 5-1
- after playing 652 consecu- JONES, young righthander

_t ;:,.: Church: News : games for the Reds. A pulled their Legion coach or post com- for Topeka. MARV FODOR, 2-1

idled the great star mander. GEO. McWILLIAMS, 2-2 .
.. :: To BILL HENRY fireballing lefty,
? now works with George KEN MALLORY, 2-0.
.. struck out 24 Batters in the first : Those
in telecasting the Cincin-
r. : 18% innings he. pitched for the BILL SHEPHERD is batting >.
Red Frank has a
; Col- Reds Henry saved six games .326 for Missoula of the Class C.
attending Vassar whoa
". and won one in the first 16 ap- ; Pioneer League ..,CESAR-TO-'
and Bryson's son, George, .
': J fc- pearances he made 'with Cincinnati VAR, .324 GUS GIL. .284 .
of Indiana
the University
2323 third baseman, EDDIE KAS- ]*JURKEY' :waited" HANK MALY, 3-3. five indemand
only. 17.batters in the first 57 -
was leading the. Cincinnati 1 DAN. :PAULGeneva:irighthand-
__ innings.hE!ptfcJittf this yeargames' -' .r zy..
in batting in-games through *" er 30. LARRY DOVEL 2-2 .::. .
through June 1 ;
1st with"a batting mark Kasko of CHARLEY; ,110RmSthe; Reds I TANY PEREZ 2b, .330. styl e. .

: the 27-year-old
Stadium Operationshas
Director of .. iI
been 'displaying' the finest birthday, June 18. .... .-'."..
basing seen at Crosley' Field a IRVING FERMAN" ..
CLIFF COOK, one of the hot- :
\ :: a moon. test Jiitters in the 'minor leagues, President Eisenhower acceptedthe ..y:.

,NUXHALL struck out five belted three hits May ;31st at resignation of Irving Fermanas

| elphia batters in a row on Little Rock to lead the Nashville Executive Vice Chairman of

24 (he fanned nine in four Vols to a 5-2 victory in ten inn- the President's Committee on

I -Qf reliefand big ings. The 23-year-old:", righthander Government Contracts on May 26. :

NEWCOMBE Struck out six hitting third .baseman was.nurs. Mr. Ferman had told the Presi-

row .hi the second game of ing a sore right shoulder for more dent he was leaving Government i Mi

1 {{} ,. May_ 15th: vs; Philadel- than a week and was a questionable t service to return to private in-

'--'.-;{.ne ,had'.n a: strikeouts starter when he came up with dustry.

-1r3. innings :,. ... EDDIE i ? y!
',. former inember of the

!!.WWorld:Champion club, I t ', 4 ri.
his. 44th birthday on

I 5th and 'anher:member of H

,club, 4
June 9th t .rr:1:
a birthday on -
22nd anniversary of JOHNNY 0 1 ;3. i.:

\ MEER's first of two rioi I II

i in June 11 (1938: He II I

a 3-0 no-hitter against I

on June 15th he S I

I back with his second mas- .

II I 4 t e in a row, no-hitting 1. I

I 6-0 Vandy is now GORDONSIf GIN
I '; the Reds' Topeka club

I t Three I League .. in four i
relief appearances s

t May 23rd through May 31st, you have a taste for f N .

.' .' : ; BROSNAN hurled a total of the finer things, always ask for uvRDO f! :

41-:: 1/3 innings for the Reds al- Gordon's authentic London Dry Gin. ;:

.; '. .:...-- ; .but eight hits 'and .one run So smooth and dry... 1M pint ;

r EWELL BLACKWELL pitched It IppJ of such delicate flavor... bottl* :
: M deigned
for Cincinnati on fRllfaisloas
___ ': : t : you can enjoy it STRAIGHT! for your ;
18.. 1947, blanking Coston. comerucnct I

: l
-- Th ere.a no Gin like GORDONS s
May 27th. VADA PINSON !

: two triples at Crosley Field !mfr !
1400 \ .
I-; Milwaukee Cincinnati r t I 100% IOTUL.-\ SHOTS. serum nOM c.wLm pioor cctocn) on cu co.in,uico..... ,

: won 18 of their last 28 games I j I Ij

:: ,:,u ...;:>;, '_ "" '.:" ", ", : :.; : ., ._ :. : : '... .;- ...r '-, .' j

.. -.... .,,, '- ,




:. '. .-i;'.<, '.,.1,.' .' -: ,..';"'.> ,:::; .._-.: : .. ':;.f..;i: .J.,>' :;. 'L: :" ;:,: "..':.......;. .1;:;:...,: ---" '--:' >:,.< ".: -, '"':;;,. ,'. -, .... _'
< '" ' > i ; -
;. .
": '.. :.:: ;; ,,

; r ] ; 1f: ,

:< '
"" EIGHT t .. -
I' ,-:.. .. THE FLORIDA STAR wl 1: ., ....Week Ending Saturday, June 11, 1960

-Ie iciC > -r.-,Wantedsaleslady- Saleslady for Watkins 1 I I POLICE REPORTS Lunch Counters Integrated

1 --- --- -- (
-- ----- -
Products in Northwest Jackson- fc-Z.:: lYxlMi BROKEN INTO back home, she became angry and In Eight Southern Cities
COIN MACHINES ROBBED : started stabbing him. He was

iC ville. Call EL 5-8215. 8 to 12 aon. 4 While on patrol duty last Friday | treated at Duval Medical Center !l,

1 police spotted one man and ( for deep lacerations. j' ATLANTA-The Southern Re- i Predicting a continuation of the' J JI
two women carrying a box and i I Patrolmen J. J. Doe and M. gional Council reported Monday protest movement, the council

54 upon investigation they found the .Newsom investigated. that eight cities in the South have ', said:

box contained a large amount of I ended sit-in controversies by de- "The student sit-ins-only ;
Susie's Cradle Nursery cookies. and can bars which segrating lunch counters. Others of
Negro discontent
P$3ce! T ; -havebeen
Specialized In were taken- from a coin machine Bring have made starts toward solutionof widespread, and indica-
Infant Care at E-Z Wash af"iS59 Davis'St. the problem. I
Jsx Killer Back I M tine of too great impatience for .
5350 Newcombe Street Police also reported The council composed of white
Rrr ry Investigating j :anyone to expect they will disappear I
Phone PO 5-1570 the business ,which was four I OFFICERS TO RETURN __u, j and Negro Southerners workingfor as quickly as they began.It .
Mrs. Susie Keith. Owner blocks away from where the trio j Police Sgt. J. M. Parker and I improved race relations described seems unrealistic to ;
expect that
I: was spotted and stopped. They 1 Constable J. R. Carmichael left the cities as those with this dramatic
movement will die
: 1Wf/tif found the place had been broken the city last Tuesday for Aiken citizens who are "deeply interested easily before it makes widespread I

I into and the coin machines rob" South Carolina to return Roose- in the welfare and peace of new gains for Negroes in their

HAIRCUTS I bed. The goods amouunted to velt V. Irving 27 of 651 Jessie the community and willing to !drive for dignity." .
ANTI-BUS UNIT APPOINTEE I 325. Street who is wanted here on a I work for a just solution to Negro
For your next haircut visit murder charge. State Atty. Wil- aspirations." Making No Effort
.It./ Miss Margaret Garrity, of Chicago I But Mrs. Price said, scores of
;a1; HUSBAND JUMPS ON liam Hallowes reported. I Lunch counters said the report
JJ..r.,.:Zi the Artistic Barber Shop, 619 Southern cities are making no
who was appointed this weekas HIS WIFE AND SON I Irving the accused in the fatal prepared by Mrs. Margaret Price, effort to solve what she .called V
W. Ashley. of the :Mrs. stabbing of Primus :McFadden 60 have been to
A Up of the Pepsi Car; Phone EL 49231. Executive Director Willie Mae Lyles 36. of opened Negroes in the sit-in dilemma present or
to these oatttaadtef President's Committee on Government -i 232 E. Union Street was injured who lived at 725 Jessie Street Austin Corpus Christi Dallas San potential.
C. C. McCurdy, Prop.; Charles when she was thrown against the was apprehended in Aiken last Antonio and Galveston Texas;
vbsmk Vice Presi- "Southern white "
young Americans, Contracts by i citizens the
<* oar country ... Simmons, MIr.e dent Nixon Committee chairman. wall last Tuesday by her husband Monday night.McFadden .Nashville, Tenn.; and Winston- J report concluded "will have only
police reported. was stabbed in the Salem and Salisbury N. C. '
Oar community a bettor : themselves to blame if they are
I Mrs. Lyles told: police her husband chest last May 14 following an No Business Loss : faced
with rash of time
place In-triilcb to Uyo i a new
.1 John D. Lyles came home argument over one dollar at Flor- The report said that no Southern ,ii i and money consuming lawsuits.

* 1 You Don't Have to Go to Town to Get drunk and jumped on her and ida Avenue and Odessa Street. store which has opened its I They will have only themselvesto I

.. .. ". m. .. after throwing' 'her against the Witnesses implicated Irving 'in lunch counters to Negroes has reported blame if they permit the
? : :::" extremists I
: : .
> ::;/ wall he beat their 11yearoldson the stabbing.: / a loss in business.In to lead them 'down the i
: 'I
<:::ks John "Jr several
< ':': D. with a stick until communities the
toward hate
........ .. path and violence
< : : he was bruised, The mother and council reported merchants and economic damage. I

son were taken to Duval Medical r "merely were waiting for some- "
On Your I Center. Mrs. Lyles was advised to
>:?4:. ..h,.. ( ., :secure a warrant, police said. had bothered to check their at- 'Friday Musicale'

Patrolmen J. W. Eminisor, J. S. i StorkDeliveries titudes. Dallas San Antonio Gal-

DRUG STORE NEEDSTrade Gladden and''Sgt. N.. A:. Almond veston and Salisbury were listed I
To Be Presented
investigated. *H in this category.It .

., said inter-racial committeesof

With Your Neighborhood Drag Store DOMESTIC FIGHT ENDS eutstanding citizens has accomplished At Mt. Sinai


.. JACQUELYN DAVIS We Deliver-We Also Fill All Doctors' John Wyman 60 of 1125 Lee Mr. and Mrs. James Jefferson cities. Choir No. 1 of Mt. Sinai Bap-

Pepsi-cola salutes Jacquelyn Prescriptionsth told police he was stabbed 1269 Hart Street Girl. ( tist Church will present a "Pri- ,

: Davis of the 12th grade class the left shoulder arm and Mr. and Mrs. Cleven Thomas Joint CelebrationSet '.! day Evening Musicale June 10

and wishes for her a successful Dixie Pharmacy igh ''y his wife. 91 :Margaret Street. Girl. beginning at 8:15 in the church
future. During her last year of The victim said he asked his :Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Lee Davis In Mt. Vernon !!i auditorium.

school she was a member of wife Mrs Susie Wyman for some P.O. Box 267 Atlantic Beach
The women and men of Mt. [ Featured guest on'the program
the Social Life Club PatrolGirls' money and told her he was going Florida Boy.
1302 KINGS ROAD at MYRTLE AVENUE I Vernon Baptist Church will cele- ,, will be Rev. A. J. Hughes and
Club and several other back home to South Carolina. Mr. and Mrs. Ivory Elps 4361
PHONES EL 5-5597.98 I brate a joint observance on July Choir No. 3 of St. John Baptist
organizations. She is an active When he told her he was going Jerome Avenue Girl.
Church. Others to appear will be
member of Philadelphia Baptist Mr. and Mrs. Roosevelt Powell 24.The
women will have charge of the Male Chorus of Mt. Sinai
Church and enjoys music and 1182 Steele Court Boy.
PAY YOUR LIGHT, WATER AND TELEPHONE the Sunday school and morning Male Chorus and Choir 4B of
sports in her leisure time. Mr. and Mrs. Elizabeth Watts
STRANDStarts worship and the men will have Mt. Ararat Baptist Church.
? BILLS AT OUR STOREWANTED 1626 W. 26th Street Girl.
charge of the evening worship I
.. Sunday 1 Invitations have been extended
: Mr. and Mrs. Freddie Richardson -
.. with the male chorus leading the
< All Week I II 1002 W. 17th Street Girl. I processional.Miss I''fair.I i to the. public to attend this af-

V Mr. and Mrs. Robert Martin: Lebethel Lewis and :Mrs.
[ V 1413 W. 25th Street. Boy. Julia Longworth will serve as

3ThE chairman and co-chairman re- I I TALLAHASSEE-George Rogers -
Mr. and Eddie 7114 i
: : Mrs. Lundy spectively. Music will be furnished a freshman, majoring in pre-

Esther Street Boy. I i by Hubert Engram, David Moore medicine from Orlando is employed -

)....tII' ;. Mr. and Mrs. James Bradshaw and Cecil B. Fisher. as a student assistant in
,. : II I 1136 W. 29th Street. Boy. Other officers are: Mrs. Lor- the Office of Public Relations at

raine Johnson secretary; :Mrs. Florida,A&M University.
.,.. I :Mr. and :Mrs. Ervin Hilton 8239 Lois Hagan. assistant; :Mrs. :Marie 1 i

Y McCall, treasurer; Mrs. .
MARY BRYANT Tarling Avenue Boy. Forestlnef 1' KO'um WHAT full cinniai ron'osi:."."
Lewis and Mrs. Eliza Atwater
NorthwesternMary chairman of program committee. '! TWICE A YEAR

L. Bryant, 12-2 student 5635 Verbena Road, Boy. Miss Frances Scriven, chairman :,

at.Northwestern be saying Mr. and Mrs. Percy Addison, 688 of public relations. Group captains t rsr 11r.:
good-by to high school days 50 YOUNG WOMEN wM w rmopwo are: Mrs. Grace Whitefield, Mrs. j ttibbon bell

come June 6 and looking for- Plus Van Buren Street Boy. Carrie McCall, Mrs. Iris Parker I

ward to a career of nursing. Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Sibley Ms. Delphine Greenleaf Mrs. Carrie I

Mary was active in the Saving 640 Pippin Street (Twins) Girl Anderson, Mrs. Leslie Peeler, /1 i ; 4V ,
Club wand Social Life for 12 LYyJs I Ia Is4 and Boy. Mrs. Juulia Longworth Mrs. _

graders. Her hobbies are danc- : Age 18 to 35 Years Nancy Hays and Mrs. Lebethel Nobto.'e

ing, sewing cooking and sing- Mr. and Mrs. Sammie Powell Lewis. Mrs. Carrie McCall will

ing. 4103 Lockhart Drive Girl. r vrti
serve as pastor for the day.
:ilil. I VV
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Edwards, *4 VVV
Pleasant Work-Good Pay 1437 W. 45th Street Girl. LENDING SYSTEM i t' Hair becomes accus
% toured to the weaker
U.MINI, Vietnam So precious hair cultures. To
Mr. and Mrs. Amos McGriff, are the CARE agriculturaltool J sustain their iffee
1709 W. 12th Street Boy. tivmtss ese
packages given to this village KontoltM it
> ( .. Apply in Person the people ,set up a lending least twice eTesu

... .* system: a man can borrow only,

". one tool at a time, must return it .A, o ..IH. ,,
:V i
1'MYN' to the village warehouse beforehe
FLA.: ;STAR PUBLISHING CO. can borrow another. CARE ,,... ,i.SS::;/ d.e.IC..Iw KONGO.,
.r fe4W.Ur*U.N
ROOSEVELTSun. Send or Bring Your Newt donors in the U.S. contributed the '_. -' V"t City

cost of the implements, which arehelpin&
Thru Tues.
In To TheFLORIDA 1,500 North Vietnamese
VERNON L. SMITH 13ht "TIME FOR DESIRE"Woman's ,, refugees start communityon Kongolene
2323 MONCRIEF ROAD Cor. St. a new
Vernon Smith, even with two X '. Lore for Woman- the edge of the Jangle, about Auric* fcfetaf I*Stnfefctiiirf,
more years of high school likes .: nd" ( STARMain 115 miles southwest of Saigon.
to keep abreast of the activi- .
"Kiss--'ForA Killer"SKYVIEW .._.
ties on campus. He is a memberof -
the 10-1 class Honor Society Monday 4 P.M. Office & Plant 0
3 Big Nites! VSis
Bible Club of which he is presi- -..
Thru Tues. >
dent and the school chorus. He
Alan Freed and the 2323 MONCRIEF RDf
has received a certificate for /
outstanding leadership ability No Phone Calls Please Rock an Roll Gang I 'GREATS

and serves as musician of Little "ROCK ROCK ROCK"and Near 13th Street

Rock Baptist Church. His hob- NOftlHBU&NES&
. .- .' A4iEwm
bles are singing reading. drawIng "BORN RECKLESS"Win >', FIELDS j ,

playing the piano and .. $200 Cash Mon. Nite! : "- ,, .',' CARL DANIEL ERSKINE PLA \



Summer EmploymentFor 1953 WHEN THE DO&&ERS WON THE J.
Music-Quest Friday ., AN ALL TIME WORLD SERIES
Nites 10:301011:00 School Teachers SATTEKS IN ONE GAME?

i,. Phone RequestEL Corner Myrtle Ave. And Shad Reo V.. -

60461.2 Senior Class SponsorsPleasant E +EAm .j'/VOHITTER'
/ Avss v&A FyRFEcr AM1E 6Y
I ROE MULLET Lb. 29c i wwuv6 TE' xb SLR V- '

... Work Supervising Lb. 55c ALSO PITCHED A NOHITEA6AMSTTH
RED SNAPPER Medium 6 s\ tV

: MACKEREL Lb. 35c s :&IANTS CSV AMti,fS6.
High School Grads and .College I.' : ;
FP .>'V} ROE SHAD Lb. 39c
i: d ,,'
t RED BASS For Baking Lb. 32c -
Students -
SPECKLED TROUT "Chicken of the Sea" Lb. 49c 1IQmE i ) .

FISH Lb. 49c
) E8ECItE t
t 1- : \;.: A'OVV ALt'S \\EAX. CARL is :

i t t1j .:: v ta anro FtoeNrs

.' P.O. Box 561, J Jacksonville, ..FIa.r MfdJa AT*, tad Atea Fbea. EL 4-1466 __ ... RIC.W ,
..\1HEA\\ V
'. _
" .-. i.:=" .;-
r ,,- :"-{ ;;-' .. ,
:: ;. :" ": ;: : ,;> -L. '" -




'......: -'''':' i ,"", ',,:- :,