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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200563datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date June 4, 1960dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=005630740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
June 4, 1960
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
June 4, 1960
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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.. ".;= -



.. :... ..i '




Teacher Fired

J j'


For Part In Sit downs S O rL

VoL1J-No .'j J\4E,1960-JACKSj,.VILL S 15 r ::;E I

--- -

!!J r Rev. King

*: 9q aY X

"v ;>. 4 ryY airY iti Acquitted- 'Suh1eacher Is Accusdd ii

I If

r : :. \ \ 'I Y : i i II II I I 12 MON white TOGERY men Saturday, Ala.-A aiquif jury :ut' Fund Frad" .

I i Doctor Martin Luther Kin;;, Jr.. In Collecting

[ i falsely integration swearing leader to on informatiL.charges of : .

contained in his 1956 State income

JNg..l h "tax'IFEVEEPS return. I I I School Teacher Arrested On School Board Petitioned IItilJf I

Rev. King was outwardly emotionless -

f\ when the verdict was read, CountA To SshoolsIt
Larceny Integrate
but his wife. Coretta and defense I iii

attorney. Hubert Delany, of New # I

} 55 York City broke into tears. The Negro substitute school.teacher I has finally come The school integration issue

jury deliberated three hours and who admitted to county_ offi- of the fund-raising drive. I that has haunted Duval school authorities for m jiy, many

N yS5 45 minutes before returning its cers he falsely collected money for The school said Johnson was not months. The whole matter is shrouded behind a curtainof

S verdict. the New Stanton High School associated in any way with the I secrecy, but the FLORIDA STAR has learned from a

F King who successfully spear- marching band. Thursday, was band or the school. reliable source that a group of Jacksonville Negroes have

headed the Montgomery bus boy- charged with three counts of petty Johnson In a signed statement I petitioned the school board to integrate Duval schools.The .

cott four years ago, was specifically larceny. said he had collected about $90 petition spearheaded by. _n_.. --
charged with "falsely, will- John L. Johnson. 27. of 1213 W. from various firms. Johnnie H. Goodson president of
Third St., was taken into custodyby the Jacksonville Branch National "We herefore affix oar signatures -
fully and corruptly" listing his
Duval County Deputy Robert Association for the Advancementof to the petition which is hereby -
1956 taxable income at $9150
Stringer at the Jacksonville PaperCo. Colored People and signed by submitted and as citizens of
when the State alleged, it should
.. 808 W. Bay St.. on the com- Native Jaxon 1 some 50 or more colored. citizenswas the said County, call on you to
have been 16162. King paid the
plaint of the firms president, T. sent to school superintendentIsh I use your power as elected officials
ACQUITTED-Rev. Martin Luther King, who was acquitted last State tax on the disputed amount R. McGehee. He is held in county Qualifies For I Brant about the middle of I to reorganize you rentire program
week charges of making false state income tax returns is seen but the State went ahead with
on jail under a $1,500 bond. May. States Supreme Court's decision of

Jiere at tile time of arrest on charges of loitering. Key. King charted. its charges. Chief Criminal investigator J. C. CPA InstituteTALLAHASSEE 1954-55, which decreed that the
Brant could not be reached for
police brutality. When the jury's decision was Patrick said Johnson told him he A memberof .
comment but school board chairman
read special Circuit Judge JamesJ. had a list of 175 firms and Individuals the Florida A&M University -

Carter ordered the crowded he was contacting for faculty was the first Negro to Raymond A. David, on two
S FAMU Instructor occasions this week denied knowl-
fires courtroom to file out rowbyrowto donations to sponsor a band trip qualify for admission to the Flor-

I prevent any demonstrations.King to New Orleans'this summer. ida Institute of Certified 'Public edge of the petition, saying that
I he had not been down to the
: Johnson
Blasts Action As Unjust presented a letter Accountants
interpreted the verdict as .signed by himself which Identified I, school board office for several I
Mrs. Evelyn Hodges an associate -
"a real ray, of.hope in the sense him'as the.band. director;and bead of accounting .days.It.
u ''' .: by
honored, the
get -a just decision :in avitte souroer however that re-
in the recent lunch counter sit-down demonstrations has been relieved for one to 'weeijenticommencement exercise' '
South." It also he. ctiplof ti1e'petition had been, acknowledged -
the proves
of the institution's faculty.
of his job as a member -MRftRfS 'at A&M when she. was .presented '
said that "there are hundreds of by schoorTbbarctVtfathorities. -
The university president. Dr. a plaque "for having made the
in the .
thousands of white people
George Gore said the university presidents must obtain board approval highest grade and passing at the I is'
I South who believe in decency and MAN HIT' WITH BOTTLE The petition reads follows: <
chose not to re-employ Richard in hiring members of their first sitting.
FOLLOWING ARGUMENT "We, the parent of children
Haley, 43, after his present con- instructional staff they do not honesty. The presentation was made by I w
James Culler.. Jr.. was hit on presently attending the
tract expires June 30. Haley was have to have board approval to Thomas Triplett of Orlando pres-
schools of Dnval Florida
right side of 'head with a bottle County, ,
an Instructor in muste. dismiss a professor. ident of the institute.
after getting Into an argument hereby submit the following
In a statement released by the with three Robinson brothers I Mrs. Hodges the daughter of petition to the members of the
11 Demonstrators I the Rev. and Mrs. R. G. W. Mc-
of the Con-
Tallahassee branch Ala. Governor which occurred during a dice I Duval County Board of Public Instruction -

gress of Racial Equality (CORE) File For AppealIn game police reported. Clendon. of 1085 Reiman Street is and all other duly au-

after his departure, Haley was Sues 5 NegroesAnd Culler was reportedly shootingdice a graduate of Davis Street and thorized officials who are cloaked JOIINNIE II. GOODSON

quoted as saying. "It ifi obvious Circuit Court with Bunnel. Jimmie and Stanton High School. After grad- with the responsibility of administering ..asks school integration
from Stanton she entered
N. Times uating
is the
that work with CORE the County's
my James "Sug" Robinson all of public
An appealto I
TALLAHASSEE Fisk University where she grad- .
contention schools.
bone of MONTGOMERY Gov. John Floradale at Lewis and Copeland
the Leon Circuit Court has uated in 1949. .
Dr. Gore said Haley didn't devote Patterson filed a million dollar Streets. Police said the argument "We have noted that nearly five
She entered the University of Separate but Equal Doctrine has
his full attention to his teaching libel suit in state court here been filed by the 11 sit down started over some money and Cul I years have elapsed since the
Indiana on a scholarship. On no place in American Educationand
job. The university presidentwas Thursday against the New York demonstrators. ti the state cap- ler ran to 2213 Lewis Street. The United States Supreme Court Issued -
obtaining her M.S. degree from outlawing the practise of racial -
in Pensacola on business but Times and five Negro leaders including itol. Robinson brothers followed and its final decree banning racial -
Indiana she worked for a whilein j f segregation jn public schools.
he authorized assistants here to I the Rev. Martin Luther kicked the door down went in segregation in the public
i has
for the hearing accountant We also
The time Indiana as public petition you to assign
his comments to newsmen. Jr. and hit Culler on head with schools of this Nation. To date I
relay i King, a
not been set by Judge May before going to Texas Southernto teacher personnel as well as stu-
Haley was a leader in the wave : He charged the Times and the Walker at this time. The State bottle. Victim was taken to Duval teach. we have been unable to observe j dents in accordance with theCourt's ?

of recent sitdown demonstrationsat i I five Negroes with "false and defamatory Supreme "Court earlier had rejected Medical Center by police ambul- Mrs. Hodges gave up her workat any changes in the assignment of I decision."

f dime store lunch-counters by I II I mater'? in an advertise- the appeals saying they ance. I Texas Southern and came back I caching personnel and students I

I students of the Negro college and ment soliciting funds for the defense would be filed in circuit court. Patrolmen J .C. Joines and E.I to her home state to work at' other than on a basis of rare."We The last meeting of the Board of

some white students from Florida I I of King in his recent perjury i H. Williamson investigated. Florida A. & M. University. believe that the time for I'I Public Instruction was held on

I State University in protest against i iI trial. I The five Florida State. and six delay, procrastination or plain j May 19 and the next is scheduledfor

I segregation policies. I II The Negro minister was acquitted Florida A&M: University studentswere MAN IS FOLLOWEDAND I failure to act in complying with I June 9. at which time it is

I During one of the demonstra- Saturday of a charge of falsifying convicted in city court on ROBBED OF $20 the Constitutional nterpretation of expected discussion of the Integra-

tions, Haley was arrested by city his state income tax re- charges growing out of a sitdown Oscar Taylor. 48. of 739 W. I PresbyteriansEndorse ; he United States Supreme Cour I! tion petition will come before the

released without fat Woolworth's. has long passed. I board.
police but was turns. demonstration Ashley Street told investigating officers .
being charged. Patterson's suit names the They were given sentences of 60 he was held'up and robbedby I YouthDemonstrations --- -- -- -

Formal Statement. Times, the Rev. J. 'E. Lowry of days in jail or $300 fines for disturbing last he : I
two men Friday as !nfermer Poses As PEethLhdkensed
Haley said in a formal state- : Mobile: the Rev. F. L. Shuttles- the peace.In walked weak on Beaver Street at

S ment released through Tallahassee;: worth of Birmingham the Rev. CLEVELAND-When laws favoring -
meantime the Congress the Expressway.He
CORE headquarters: "No specific Ralph D. Abernathy and the for Racial Equality called for a said when he reached the racial discrimination ",'io- To Tr.Clp Doctor

charge has been presented againstme ; Rev. S. S. Seay Sr., of oM t- the State Capitol underpass two men grabbed him late the law of God. peaceable and

to knowledge. I have been : meeting on orderly disobedience" is justifi- ..
my gomery. .. '
from behind told him not to
for fear it would be interpreted ,
for five steps Joel Hiram Collier. a Medical Technician at Brewster
i employed at A&M years Methodist
anything, if he did they would
to nominationof say able.This
I I and have maintained most amicable j, ; as a protest 'While : was the overwhelming' Hospital was picked up recently by police after receiving reports on
kill him. they were talking
I NegroesVancterf&t 9Mit Farris Bryant for governor.
r relations with my department I to him, one' of the men reached consensus of the General Assem- numerous occasions of Collier practicing and receiving calls as a I

head. ;: U. \ The Rev. C. K. Steele an official in the pocket where he had put : bly of the United Presbyterian doctor. "i ;

"It is: obvious that my work I of both CORE and the local his billfold and took his money Church in the U.S.A. that convened ;prat- I
with CORE is the bone of con- NASHVILLE-Vanderbilt University's for days ending I I
f i NAACP drove to the Capitol to and both men left running north here eight made between an hour and an
tention. School of Divinity rock- Three million Presby- I Investigation revealed Collier was I
.. tell assembled newsmen the pray- along side of Expressway.The May 25. hour and a half. The doctor advised
"This is an arbitrary, unwary ed by a racial controversy, lost I ing and singing was off. victim changed some money terians are represented by the I{i treating some conditions with t the patient touse a hot
ranted invasion of my personal its last three Negro students to- medicines and injections police
at Ashley and Davis Streets he I Assembly. water bottle as the injection had
freedom and a clear threat to "Word got out we were goingto Non-violent and orderly student said. An informer was sent to seethe
day.The believes he at j his leg both stiff
Farris said and was seen and painful
students said with- election of
any other teacher whether em- they protest the demonstrations against racial segregation unlicensed doctor about a
and when he left followed police said.
the time i
ployed by a public or private drew in protest to Vanderbilt's ,' Bryant as governor, so we thoughtwe were specifically en- shot or some pills for a venereali

agency." refusal to readmit the Rev. had better caB it off since him to where he was robbed:' of dorsed. The movement led by Ne- 'i i ase case, and according to the Collier is booked for further in-

James M. Lawson. The school dismissed not the purpose," Rev. $20. vestigation. Conducting the inves-
James Love of Quincy a member that was i I gro college students was described informer the "doctor" tried to
Patrolmen Marvin Young and I
of the State Board of Con-t Lawson, a Negro last Steele said.- I t as being consistent with "our i make sure the patient was not t !aticn was police officer Sidney
f March. for his role in a series of : Sidney Gaines investigated. Gaines.It .
trol which supervises the state said the service was Christian heritage the Federal in the least manner connected .
He prayer I
system.4said he had no Nashville lunch counter sit-in with the law.
university election.. Constitution and the moral consensus -
scheduled long before the Blossom Train was learned at press tim-
'f knowledge of Haley's dismissal. demonstrations. i Orange of our nation." The informer said Collier stated
was to pray for -but not
"Our purpose confirmed-that Col-
while university Refusal to readmit Lawson for I Now Planned instances when men had been
that I
said Being
Love A report by the standing com-
55 the session resulted in' divine guidance for whomever was lier was released and charges .
summer caught doing such jobs by F.BJ
elected in dealing with the race TALLAHASSEE James O. mittee on social education. and against him dropped. The informant .;J :
of Dean
the resignation Monday ,
The informer said he die '" I
MAN SHOT IN THIGH I action (1) deplored violence agents.
Steele stated. Mobley is chairman of a committee -
Rev. said
problem i "there was nothing f
Robert J. Nelson and nine members ;
ARGUMENT "the doctor" that he .
: DURING AN I for' train against student demonstrators, assure was .
shiftedto to arrange a special
The prayer meeting was I U it. -
834 W. of the divinity school faculty.A I connected with the law. He t- J'
Julius Joseph 52, of of not
1 Bethel Baptist Church where "The Orange Blossom Special" to and termed "unjust" arrests < '
in the Vanderbilt spokesman said said Collier 'him injection -'fV< J 4"
shot also an
Ivxoiiroe Street was the Rev C. I{. Steele is the min cross Florida for the 1960 Orange demonstrators in some cases while ..
students left
the last three Negro
left thigh during a fight with ister. Blossom Classic,on December 10 in I their assailants went free! (2) for $5. but his curiosity ;
Charlie Goodman last Friday, letters of withdrawal for Chancellor Miami. commended students who when apparently made him dispose of

, .-< police reported. I 1 Harvie Branscomb. He added TALLAHASSEE rankllnj The train will originate in Pen- attacked or cursed did not retaliate the marked money. Police said TALLAHASSEE-George Rogers .,

$5, It was reported that during an they were accompanied by two will but acted with patience and Collier denies giving any injec a freshman, majoring in pre- r
; Turner a junior, majoring In industrial sacola and pick up passen-
'"l\t .. argument. the victim drew a knife protographers. education from Miami is gers along the Seaboard Line to dignity; and (3) urged church- tions. medicine from Orlando is em- I
shot.Both "I assume from the circumstances was examined by ployed asa student assistant in '.
% he
: and when he did was to patronize those places of The informer : .
Those .
Miami please goers
he said "that their call employed as a student interested* I
fb::: men were arrested. ; accommodation that serve the hospital doctor who said in the. Office of Public Relations at
I the Office of Public Relations contact James Oi- Mobley, 312 public .
.. and M..Newscia was for the purpose of getting been Florida A&M University. .. .
Mack thainjectton.had I
J Patrolmen P. :cpinioa -- .
-:..... at Florida A&M University. west.Pe.'Sh1xg Street, Tallahassee. an without regard to race. .,1.

I ;*'/* : investigated.. publicity.. ,.." ,; ,!,-> '" } 0'_'" too. '. .'"< ..,,, .... ... .S IS, 'S ".. .....:- ... "
t 'f / ''' :
i, < /
, "' : :' "&:*..- ", I> > I i
I. I
;' "
: :;:.Jb
f. "
I I't ': :1
S i ii
II i

I' IS I!

S ',

I .\. .,. .",.,_.j..., '" ',..,..'.''.. i.: Sa .
"" 'T' \
r t-;..... t'jo .4 'Slk4r ;.. ..J, :; ..A.L i.., '___..

-. .
>'T r' } ,
. ,t, ; t

,,\ I ....
I I'y
.. "

"- C, '; : : "L' -
., : :- ,'- -

:, 'l : : .: .
t : a ; ;, rr
.. ,

: '? Page 2 ..;r.. t, Ot1JUA. ..n .. Week Ending Saturday, June 4, 1960

I .


V <'/ "Politics As Usual

4::, '" NEWS k f fv Francis Walters SpeakingThe

:,'d' following is one of a series of talks given in the New China

:.,,J:'.:.- Club Forum of Reno Nevada over KlOne radio under the sponsorship

of B. H. Fong, owner of the New China Club.Editor's .
Publ1shed by'Member The Florida Star Publishing Co.
( Note: The views expressed in this column do not

.' of Associated Negro Press' '# ti e necessarily reflect those of the Florida Star or its editors.)
: "I"" aria O. Simpson Editor. I 4,. *

t i C. Parham Johnson .---N wt Staff f The race for the Democratic nomination for President this sear

k' ,."J- a Hlldt Woolen Circulation Dept. has a particular interest for minority groups particularly the Negroes.

4' Probably the most important
'"; y J CON r single domestic issue this year is
nedy was not a spectacular suc-
ENs the sameas that over which the
v : MAIN OFFICE PLANT: Election of 1860 was fought: The cess as an ambassador and shortly -

t :'. ISM Moocrfef Road EL 4-6782 EL 4-6783 treatment by the southern statesof I after the war in Europe startedhe

, \ ., :. :,_':. Downtown Branch Office: 423 Broad Si. Phone EL 4.3773 Negroes. was replaced by John Winant
of New Hamp-
'V- j; .T A century ago I a former Governor
Abraham Lincoln I shire, a Republican and a dedicated -

was nominated man. During the elder Ken

I M&1 ng Ad&etst and elected as a nedy's term as Ambassador to

i Florid Republican President 1 Great Britain the Kennedy chil

pledged to I dren were much in evidence and
V abolish slavery. It London society is understood to
,' e'
.1. \ I have heaved a sigh of relief when
. Mi I f mm V took a Civil War I
, s f if $$ $$4 they departed. It is fair to state
SUBSCRIPTION RATES } r & c % f to do it but slavedandtheore- ,
.: < ; however, that John Kennedy him-
$3.00 Three Months $1.80 -
On Tear, $5.00; Half Year ; r
Mailed To You, An/where In The United States. .f :-V ery was abolish- self was seldom in London he

f cription Payable in Admnce. Send Check or Money Order To: i., ,:..;;__,: ..,: .. V tic a 11 y the | was busily preparing himself for a
at college in New
political career
iI :: FRANCIS full citizenship !! England, uhereyhe was a brilliant

rights under the student.

WATERS Constitution.I:I Joseph KennedY. the Senator's

Negro People To Press I Those rights have never been I father is a Boston Irishman who

has made a number of fortunes,
his. For a hundred years the :
For Rights Wilkins SaysDespite one of them In liquor. He has
South-defeated in battle and be- :
I been the biggest force unseen
intimidations, economic reprisals, arrests and violence. J the bar of world public opinfore -I but often quoted in Massachusetts -
the Negro
determined to their drive to secure desegregationof ion-has refused to give
Negroes are press politics and It has been said
schools the right to vote and the right to sit down to 'lunch at his rights. In many counties of l that no one can be elected Mayorof

public eating places, NAACP Executive Secretary Roy Wilkins declared SYMBOLS OF HATE. THEY MUST BE ERASED OR THERE CAN BE NO PEACE voted.southern In states most states no Negro Negroes has ever are Boston with out his support

here this'week.Addressing / He is a pillar of the Roman Catholic -
a rally sponsored by the Memphis NAACP branchon k educated in separate schools, must I Church. He Is spending a fan

May 17 in observance of the sixth anniversary of the Supreme V travel in Jim Crow cars, must eat I tastic sum to see his son Presidentof

Court's 1954 anti-segregation ruling; Mr. Wilkins said the Negro in Jim Crow restaurants, must the United States.
"knows what he wants for himself and his children and he knows Your Weekly wait for their trains in Jim Crow

that the segregaed school is not what he wants." waiting rooms must live in Negro Although Catholicism has made

The NAACP leader presented figures on school expenditures in quarters badly served by munici- Its greatest advances in the brown-

southern states tha showed that Mississippi spent $80 more per year Horoscope Guide pal services, are not even admit- skinned countries it has not made

o neach white child than on the Negro child. Citing statistics compiled : ted into many white hospitals. the same progress among the

for the school year 1956-57 b ythe Southern Education Report- B PABLO The ASTROLOGER In face of this the Negro has American Negroes, perhaps because -
*: _
ing Service of Nashville he said the racial diffrential in South by prodigious effort caused to the Catholic majority. in i

Carolina was $48; Arkansas, $38; and Georgia, $34. WHICH ARE YOUK LUCKY DAYS FOR arise :,in the South a new Negro I this country is of Irish descent.
An encouraging development in the school desegregation struggle civilization, :In the large southern I The Irish although themselves, a

Mr. Wilkins.noted, was a recent Federal Court of Appeals ruling SUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL cities: now 'there are many Negro I minority nation and race have

"that the public placement laws now used by some southern statesto banks Negro universities Negro I never been noted for their pro-

block desegregation will have to be applied to white children as ARIES more favorable for improvement. plays or credit-buying You are' radio stations Negro television: I Negro sentiments. There are, of

well- and the Negro children'may not be given harder tests than other Born March. '21st thru April 19th 8-.70-77-68-75'--876 likely to discover now, if your' panics. Negro hospitals, and Negro course a great many Catholics i

children. Reason is the only safe guide have not before, that ,thegood department stores. I among us and it is no part of my
"In states where such laws in "the But the Negro civilization is to enter i
are effect. "he continued that will get you safely over the N LEOBorm old-fashioned'. .conservatism has I purpose into the religious
NAACP will urge Negro parents to have their children apply by the pitfalls that lie in the path of romance 'July 23rd to August 22nd more merit than: many people arew1Uing still ruled by the states' and until aspects ,of the matter It probably -

thousands,for transfers,.to:schools which now are unlawfully labeled juvenile difficulties and >f ,:Your duties continue to keep to admit.; the recent set-down strikes >by, is true that Mr. Kennedy's
i as 'white.:, We Wui. ask that all assignments initial ', 1 colored college the color religion will have no influenceon
; including ones pecuniary hazards. Attend to your nose to the grindstone. Con 4 40.-';33 36 -r'31 443
for both'i Negro and white'children, be made in accordance with .the personal ailments .and'' service tinue to act with; restraint and *. ban was stronger hi' many states', '.his actions if he is .elected
; .- than it had been since Appdmatos.The .
. law.:!.; President. that
',' ; matters that are a source of wor- diplomacy, wheh"You: have dealings Indeed, the fact a
, '- TheJjtudentiJ'sit-ui' ovement, he asserted, "is but one .more ry'and expense.A'more favorable ;.with officials or others who CAPRICORN segregation issue, as I have Catholic were in the White House ,
-; lath a final t' ,j'( intends to rid segregation : -: Born Dec 22nd thru Jan 19th said, is the most important issue \
D of
I the ,gjo bev : ) cUm' te"follows soon. *' seem to have the upper hand forth might help our relations with
-, .' '::V The att den i"'pjeSh lowtt:that tkey'are hrou h'oiw\th' segregation." '9L'X90*-.1'i'.1 SS'r. -.89 -. 56'* -c*,995'. time being.-You have your Complications or losses are before the electorate in this year I,South America which is by

Commenting on the?economic pressures being exerted on Negroregisiered : own long-rattge affairs to-' .think foreshadowed for the.6th and 7th, of 1960, as slavery was In 1860 majority Catholic and with

voters in nearby Fayette: County, he said that being a good s s S t about, an: the. struggles you are if you weaken. The 8th is a far But you would not think so by other countries such as Italy and

citizen in that county "may cost Negro farmers their crops and sustenance now making to promote them better day to judge your prospects listening to the speeches of those Spain. v

for their families. We shall see what the 1960 Civil Rights Ace TAURUS must not be allowed to have been in a much better light, and eminent white men who now seek I
is able to do about this and many another denial of the right to vote Born April 20th thru May 20thIt to arrive at the correct 'conclu- the presidency. But Negroes must seek their I

in some sections of,the South." may be dangerous to have in vain. sion. The demands made 'on you Notably, Mr. John Kennedy has I friends where they find them and

The Memphis branch, with 5200 members, is the largest local anything to do with persons you 5-50-44-48-34-554 I by your occupation anti-social life no commitment which favors so far Senator Kennedy has not I
Fade -
unit of the NAACP in the South. The meeting addressed by Mr. do not know very well. The con- could have a telling effect and ( the Negro race. He has not shown conspicuous friendship for !i I
Wilkins '
was also'a membership rally. sequences of indiscretions in VIRGO necessitate a revision that will done so because he wants the sup- us. Neither for that matter, has

these directions may take some Born Aug. 23rd thru Sept. 22nd take less away from vital ener- port of white electors in the South. Vice-President Nixon, whose record -

A HANDBQOK FOR VOTERSA very unexpected forms, none of The pressures on you to act gies. I If he is nominated for Presidenthe in the matter I propose to

which would be conducive to contrary to your over-all interests may then, come into the examine at another time On the ,
6 90 open
FOR 89
Each election VOTERS serenity and peace within your- are not likely toilet up just yet. .-. ._: .688 698 with his views on this most urgent other hand there are two men, I
year multitudes of "get out the vote" campaigns self. Perseverance remains two great Americans who have ,
are conducted. your See if there is anything that can matter. But he has not done so
This is all to the good, but AQUARIUSBorn r
one more is
thing needed- shown that
motto. indisputably they are
namely, informed be done, with the assistance of yet and his close friendship with
intelligent voting.A Jan 20th thru Feb. 18th
6.-36-88-29-87-638 professionals, to create Governor John the friend of the Negro, and who
a more
of Alabama
new paperback by John A. Wells, entitled "The Voter's Presidential comfortable aura You will be giving up your : besides have a high degree of
for selfassurance
who is
: worst foe the
Handbook (McDowell Obolensky, New York) does an excellent GEMINI worries and not your freedom, I stateesmanship as compared to
and of mind.
You Negro has in the
Job of peace may if South, is not
filling that need. Sponsored by the Committee to In- you agree to major concessionsthat the political acumen of Kennedy
from the Born .MaY 21st thru Junt 21st be inclined to put up a bold frontto encouraging to those both white
Voters, it provides in concise and readable will remove the sources of and Nixon. I of
form Ex.
a history As there is little change for and [ mean course
of the office cover your shortcomings, butit Negro, who believe that seg-
of the president only with description of his misunderstanding. You should see Governor Stevenson of Illinois,
the better for this
powers promised -
duties period seems doubtful that it will regation is a cancer on the bodyof
.' sibilities and responsibilities; biographies of the 1960 presidential pos you should not lower your make much of an impression on the benefits of taking such a America. who is still a possibility for the
of both the parties discussion course on the.8th. and that is the
; a of how each individual Democratic nomination; and
can guard under any circumstances.You the parties concerned. Who Is Senator John Kennedy?
be active and effective in politics; the the day you should select to promotethe Governor Rockefeller of New
way national party conven- I should again review the lesson 7-60-55-58-43-. *- 765 Well, he is the elder son of a
tions operate in choosing their presidential and vice presidential of previous times to the results you desire. The urge Massachusetts millionaire nam- York who says he Is not runningfor
candidates, and a wealth of other valuable to take risks with your affections the Republican nominationbut
effect that saving and conserva- LIBRA ed Joseph Kennedy who is of
Mr. Wells dedicates his book "to the and resources is being abetted by might yet be drafted if it becomes -
independent voter who, tive ways are your trump cards, Born Sept. 23rd thru Oct. 23rd Irish descent and was named Ambassador -
even if a member of i publicity or power groups who are
a political apparent to the Republican
party, does not blindly follow party which never fail you in a pinch. The late 7th and 8th offer you to the court of St James
dogma or a party leader, but thinks for only interested in their own pro- I leadership that Mr. Nixon cannot
himself and votes for the You are on the eve of a much additional evidence of the meritsof fits. by Franklin Roosevelt just before
candidate Ignore them.
or proposition he believes best for the people." The. country more fertile cycle, and should conservatism, a sense of 3 iy 11 World War n. Ambassador Ken- win.
13 51
sorely needs more voters of 311
that kind.
not compromise it thru undue responsibility, and value of old- r
haste. fashioned virtues. These are the' *

4-10-22-13-21-412. moments when you are at your PISCES Beyond The Ballot Box '
Born Feb. 19th thru March 20th
) best, and most qualified to bring
CANCER things to' logical and successful Do not relax in your search

:::4 Born June 22nd thru July 22nd conclusions. It would be unwiseto for enlightenment, peace of mind, The free ballot box is the symbol of democracy. It provides

This might almost be called a allow phobias or resentmentsto and inner security. The problems a key to a society of freedom, justice and security. At the

4, I/ew]< t RaE(. carbon copy of the previous gain complete control of you. that have been keeping you on ballot box, as before the bar of justice, every citizen is
quarter. Take your stand in accordance 9-80-66-78-65-986 edge are, still very real, and they equal. Beyond the ballot box lies the Promised Land with

: with the indications set will not be resolved until you have
t Eu1 forth therein when you are con- SCORPIO assimilated the lessons that they opportunities for individual and group advancement.

Q fronted with the same old doubts, Born Oct. 24th thru Nov. 22nd contain. Domestic and public.re Voting .

{ tensions and problems. The Hold your" peace on the 6th- lationships can be adversely affected "

same dangers will beset you the 7th. and set-the machinery to thru in-laws, religious con Makes it possible for to
you help the local
,, same allies will stand steadfastlyby work on the 8th, to effect re- troversies, and the lack .f a com- state j jI

, your side. The only one who conciliations and harmony in moa objective (20th). Reason, and federal I

could be affected by what you your key relationships. Go easy rather than emotion, should pro- officials who govern you- !

do or fail, to do, would be your when you are allotting funds for vide the formula. I j
\ self The climate is becoming commercial purchases social dis- 2-30-22-28-21-232 Gives you a voice in determining I

l i
the kind of school YOUR
children attend
Get Your 'Horoscope Guide To
h r RICHES LOVE HEALTH the kindot treatment YOU receive at the hand of i!

} Order TOUT horoscope guide for December Now. Send $2 4 the police. I II I!

I To Pablo Astrologer P. 0.Box SSI JscksoBTille 1.FJa. ", the kind of justice YOU get in courts I E

**" *""" *"- *""" *""* -- the kind
l yt V I j Send or Bring. Your New of welfare service YOU can get for YOUR i E

N Dear Pablo EncleMd Is 100.) S.D d'my Horoscope family in time of need

I Guide for JIbe month of Dn.rt her. II IB To TheFLORIDA: I
e the kind of hospital treatment
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t MME ''.i._ I Ij are sick I I

w j ,11I STAR the kind of job YOUR CHILDREN can get with your !
r: 1 1 I ADDRESS flJ Main Office & Plant2323MONCRIEF city, state country

r J r -# I RD how much taxes YOU have to pay and. how your tax
\ ;
Near 13tk Street i
\ I 1
.} JUST NAG, ME, -- I'M HOMESICK/ 1 BONE V [ money is spent ;f;

"'f F. I e e ei ,
Helps on the road to the
C4it/'T1"" E A7-itG "GATrI .S .ia you Promised Laid where
: ,..:. : .... I I .
B." -, -'- -. ... will be a better life for TOT and YOUR FAny
v'. '/ ... -' :- '. ,
\ s f
< : .
:: r ; :'j< i :
tP r
I -


t { .

',' .., ; I .:. ;:', i" ; : ii.1t: _

''' ..
: .. 1.: '; : : ---
T'i' I -

?. .

t L 1-' k: ': Z1 ; ;,,' : .'

L .. .. C..c-' "' : :-- __ _.,'- l '" '. .__ c -c '

"*.*:-t Pv- .. '1{. :r" .. ., ,..". > ...' I '
/ ,,: -* .. *. >
Week ;Ending Saturday_ June;..4, 1960 )r .&- .J. .. 'f' ; /'. .. ,- ,THE*FlORIDA' STAR f., + S. .... f ., *lir.W r a
.,. '-. ':i '. .' ..f : ,:! :: ". .. ti \ PI D"; '4 ,, P g ji.. ..;:;;}
t L ,
: .. r ft :", :?:= ::.. ._ : '
... -
... -- "
i I

SociallySpeaking i \ I

;l.. .'f f f n >M .Y I


The following clubs and organizations are planning 1

trips to various beaches:

The Nightingale Social Club will sponsor an outing

to Jekyll Island June 26. .

The Independent Benevolent Society No. 3 will spon- .V d R' 3E .K '

sor a trip to Little Talbot Island June 11. Buses will

leave New Hope Primitive Baptist Church, 1409 Cleve-

land Street at 9 a.m. '

The Sunshine Sppiritual Church will sponsor an out- %

ing to Jekyll Island, Sunday, June 19. Busses will

leave 1495 W. 8th Street at 7:30: a.m.; Broad and i 4iT r

State Street 3:30: a.m. ;: I

The Gladiola Ladies are making plans for their an- jJ4j I

nual trip to Jekyll Island June 19th. Tickets may be ..

purchased from members of,the club. .

Members of the Stewardess Board No. 2 of St. Paul )

AME Church will sponsor their annual tea June 12 in :

the basement of the church from 4 to 6 p.m.

Miss Bettv Jean Scott will be presented in a musical

recital July-19', in the- auditorium of the Mt. Vernon :Bap MARKETMEN MEET -The National Association of Market Developers Problems and Solutions" discuss subject with Panel Chairman Moss vPEOPL -

tist Church. This affair is being sponsored by membersof held its Seventh Annual Marketing Clinic and Convention last H. Kendrix, third from right, director. The Moss H. Kendrix Organization ABOUT

Choir No. 3. weekend at the Sherman Hotel in Chicago. At left NAMD President Washington D. C., and NAMD founder and board member. Y

LeRoy W. Jeffries, vice president, Johnson Publishing Company reviews Others from left are Lewis Caldwell, of Matthew, Caldwell and Bal- .

Mrs. James Porter, Sr., was honored recently by her program .Looking on are Mrs. Ernest Harris, wife of the lard, Chicago; PR firm head Jesse J. Lewis Birmingham tAla.> Coca- .

children on her birthday with a party in the home of their Philadelphia hotel owner and president of the National Negro Licensed Cola Bottling Company and NAMD vice president; NAMD General : Mrs. Martha H. Culler of Day-

aunt, Mrs. Bernice P. Pugh. Beverage Association; Thomas Burrows, vice presidentgeneralsales ( Convention Chairman Henry P. Hervey, president, Chicago chapte'' tona Beach and niece of Mrs.

Present to enjoy this affair and make it a memorableone manager, Anheuser-Busch, who was luncheon speaker and NAMD and manager. Service Federal Savings and Loan Association, Lottie L. Rodgers of this city has

for Mrs. Porter were James Porter, husband of the William G. Porter, NAMD vice president, also of Anheuser-Busch. I and Robert Leatherwood* of Leatherwood. Cleveland and Logan I been granted a fellowship by the

honoree; Mrs. Mattie Rivers, mother; Miss Irene Rivers, In second photo, members of a clinic symposium on "Public Relations I NAMD board member and president of the Motor City NAMD chapter. )! National Science Foundation to

Miss Barbara Ann Hinton, Mr. and Mrs. James White and : study at Benedict College in Col-

son, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert S. Porter, Misses Brenda, Mar-I chell, 151 W. Union, 18. umbia. S. C. Another recipient of .

garet, Jeanette and Herbert Porter, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. BellAPPUGTI01'i Charles Williams, 717 West a fellowship is bars Pauline W.

Mays and Mrs. Victoria Porter. Deaths&FuneralsSMITH / Wedding Church St., 22 and June J. Lang, Smith teacher in the public school
FOR 2930 Flanders St. 23. system. Mrs. Smith will serve as

Members of the Las Muchachas Amigas Club and Willie R. Mitchell 72 Park St., a Graduate Teacher Assistant for

their guests were entertained recently at the Ribault Sup- MARRIAGE LICENSES 20 and Rosie M. Tookes, 224 two months this summer as she -

per Club with Ted Douglas as host. R. of Macclenny, W. 45th Street. Chelsea St., 20. continues her work toward an advanced -

Guests present were Mrs. Charlotte Bostick, Mrs. Florida JOHNSON-Earl MacArthur of Willie Robert L. Washington 2201 degree.
C. Lewis, 1256 W. Du- .
Anderson Miss Jeanette and Miss Elizabeth 11126 Joel Road.
Mary Hartley Lewis St. 23 and GwendolynC.
SHELLEY-Walter of 740 Robin- val St., 21 and Shirley A. Hartley -
Smith. Members Mrs. Brinson Mrs. John- MILLIGAN Billy of 601 James Miss Mildred Smith is vaca-
are Delphenia AvenueNEWTONMrs. 1256 W. Duval St. 21. Johnson 211 So. Myrtle Ave.,
nie Cowart, Mrs. Forestine Donalson, Mrs. Alma Glass, son Street. 22. tioning here with her parents
James Smith, Rt. 8, Box 461 J,
Mrs. Hazel Howard, Miss Esther James, Mrs. GwendolynLangley Rutha :Mae of WHITE-Oscar W. of 1203 W. 52 and Daisy Williams Rt. 8, Box Alonza Under, Jr., 1070 E. Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Smith of 1926

Mrs. Annie C. Mainor, Mrs. Callie Parson, Mrs.Annie 807 Essie Street Waycross Ga. 5th Street. 461 J. 37. Troyan St. 25 and Shirlene Davis Street. Miss Smith is en-
MOLAND-Willie Lee of Jack- : gaged In social work in New York
Miss Melissa Robinson Mrs. Doris
Randolph, Tay- 812
Wm. Johnson, 1477 W. 29th St., Washington Clay St., 19.
lor Mrs. Ruth White and Mrs. Vetrice Williams. sonville Beach PATRICK-Herbert ot 29 Magnolia. City.
37 and Mary A. Daughter. 522 Richard Williams, Jr., 3920 N. .
SALLET-Hancesom of Gainesville e e e e
IC s s W. 21st St. 24. Myrtle Ave.. 19 and Edith Willis
Florida Mrs. Amanda V.
NOTICE TO SOCIALITES: ITEMS INTENDED FOR THE DAVIS-Hayward of 1006 PHILLIPS-Mrs. Ozella of 1251 Rex. L. Gray. 2905 Abbott St., 656 W. 8th St., 20. her
Spear- visiting son. Andrew J. Anderson -
I COLUMN SHOULD REACH THE FLORIDA STAR NOT LATER ing Street i iBLACKMONDonald W. 26th StreetOLIPHANT 19 and Annie M. Williams 1813 Judge Clark, 2908 Pullman St., Jr. in Flushing New
5 P.M. FOR PUBLICATION IN FRIDAY'S 21 and Murlene Cohen 827 Jack-
Herbert of W. 6th St., Apt. 2, 15. York. She is
; James B. of 1365 son St. 17. a member of MtZion
ISSUE. 1121 Phelps Street Alexander Watson, 1208 Davis AME
Church. Southside.
Evergreen Avenuue.WAKEFIELDWilliam
Willie T. Lewis 318 Magnolia
' EUDELL-Mrs. Jennie of 606 Cypress St. 32 and Laura Seabroooks, 1144 I .
St., 32 and Sylvia M. Fountain,
Street, Green Cove Sprgs of 915 W. Carnation Rd.. 30. j 314 Alfred R. Taylor local attor-
KING-Oscar of 1059 Davis St. Church Street. ney, attended the graduation exercise -
Rudolph E. Bradley 1497 :West Ernest E. Dunbar. 2204 Jerusalem *
PRINTERS PRESSMEN ADMEN CRIBB-Mrs. Eliza of 1015 Beech I of his daughter Florence,
FORD-Hurshell of 16 Center St.. 31st St., 25 and Francina Holmes St., 27 and Edna M. Mas-
Street, Fernandina.PRESTONGeorge at Southern University In Baton
St. Augustine.WILLIAMSBerney. 1497 W. 31st St., 19. sey, 2334 Wester St.. 21. "
There are openings for: of 1412 Morgan Werley Combs, 750 Court A, 64 Rouge La. Miss Taylor will do

. EXPERIENCED Newspaper reporters editor Road.THOMPSONMrs.. of 279 Pleas- I Norman Jordan, 4931 Rhode Island -. and Maggie Andrews, 750 Cour further study in Biology at the '

: copy-readers: advertising salesmen. circulation Dora of 1949 ant Street. S Dr., 23 and Ernestine Mit- A, 67. University of Los Angeles.S. .

''j men and women. printers compositors line- Willie F. Coleman 2123 Mc-

type operators. Quade St..-20 and- Helen Moorer Cecil B. and Louis Fisher haveas t

I'' INDIVIDUAL 2063 McQuade St., 16. their guest their mother Mrs.. .
BEGINNERS WANTED TOO We will train STE IS WHAT YOUMAKEITIby 'I Lundsey Nealy 952 Hogan St, Alfreda till of Quitman,, Georgia.Mrs. -

for all Hill Is former resident of S.;
young ,mot rorlsts* people departmentsif 30 and Ruby L. Yancey 316( ,',
have real desire to become a memberof \The situation is especially has this city. C
a EvdynjCunningham
you f a woven sewing gu. Laura St. 15. .
the newspaper fraternity.WE devastating when the same line right on the tape. This Jasper Leon, 802 W. Monroe I
NEED Men and middle- dress appears twice at a for- dress takes Mrs. Estelle Jones, wife of the
women. or 12"
young t- a or 14" St., 23 and Henrietta Cullar. 1131
in all fields for chain and mal or cocktail occasion. Onlya Talon for Rev. F. J. Jones, is vacationingin
aged a newspaper Magic Zip dress Kings Rd., 22.
Too many women havea'perienced woman knows the horrors Chicago, Illinois and reports
magazines.ACT plackets. Jos. N. Eberhart, 707 N. Jeffer-
the nightmare of therein. The prevention of this having a wonderful time.
NOW State experience and St. 27 and Arville D. John-
age. son ,
coming face
to another kind of embarassment is one .
WRITE: .:. woman the Besides lace, voile, chiffon son, 707 Jefferson St., 38.
wearing same of the A No. 1 advantages of
INTERSTATE PRESS 'dress. The reactions soft. nylon or sheer cottons Eugene Pickett, 1031 Pippin St., Miss Alice M. Denson of 4136
to making own clothes.It .
P. O. Box 732 Jacksonville 1. Fla dilemma are and varied. may be used. It can also be 19 and Willie M. Lomax 1236 Fairfax Street will graduate from
many made with sheer wool Albany State College on June 6th.
or flat Odessa St., 18.
Some will try to brush it off is quite a wonderful feel-

with nervous laughter. Some. ing for a woman to walk into a ; crepe. Thos. J. Fisher, 805 W. BeavtrSt. J:

ANNOUNCING will try to put on a front of in- dance and to know without a 7 : ., 51 and Edna Hallman, 3309

BOLDEN'S difference. Some will seek im- doubt that ,her dress is the }. ,::J Ardisia Rd., 46. Our sick and shut-ins: John P.

SUMMER MUSIC SCHOOLBolden's mediate escape from the scene. only one like it in the room. No : ':' Joseph Kirkland, 1931 State st., Nobles of Greenland, John Lewey

Some will make an attempt at matter how many women buy : ; ;: rp 22 and Yvonne Henderson 1906 Jr.. 1484 W. 9th Street. Mrs. Julia

Summer Music School sophistication with the remade I the same pattern, their choiceof Johnson St., 19. Bacon of 1361 W. 13th Street Is

JUNE 13 SIX BIG WEEKS JULY 22 to the wearer of the other dress, color and fabric will make it >. convalescing at the home of her

... Enroll Today "I admire your taste." look different on each. s .t \ sister, 714 Cleveland Street, Mrs. .
xt', --1H" -Theory-Voice--Gu.tar; -Accordion-Orchestra Lucino G. Jackson, Flagler Hospital -
Ed. ;-- 'onportment-Regular! Summer School 1.8 for Students
.'. "p eial Help in Rending! -English-Arithmetic The full-length in St. Augustine; Mrs. Margaret -
'-.'* .. .rate Your Own Kindergorten--Nurery School But no matter what the out- gown em- EngagementsAnnounced J. Bass, Brewster Hospital;
is a ** Course-For Work ;n Hospitcls-Mussing Homes ward reaction broidered silk (McCall's Pat-
ox *.U-fl'..: ; -iiner Playhouse for Children Ages 3-8 every woman Mrs Susie Evans, Brewster Hospital -
'' -. ->, Story telling: Bible stories Gomes Supervised dies a little inside when she tern No. 5131) was designed 4 6-
?as, for ; Mrs Oliva McGhee, 1318 W.
'Jo Service-AH Day Cor -Rhythm! Band meets herself coming. exclusively McCall's by z Mrs. Victoria Bowens Rice of
5th Street T. J. Jackson, 1556 W.
A' Te"eH-. Certificated By State Department of Education. the famed French designer 3 1558 W. 27th Street ;
:-O""N'S: COLLEGE OF MUSIC .'. .': -, 1/. Pauline Trigere. With pattempiecesloltwolengtbsahe 2nd St.; Mrs. Mattie Golden. 1531
'j.;,{' > A engagement of her daughter, Louisiana Street; Mrs. Jessie
u2922 Prorcs St. EL 4-OOCS f; gownis Elizabeth Bowens to Leon Butler,

..'. w Holt: 1816 W. 20th St. EL 5-9722 : : ; a surefire show-stopper with son of Mr. and Mrs. T. Mi Butler. Green, 310 Orange Street; Mrs. (
its cutaway front skirt and ; Rosa Brown, 1726 W. 33rd Street;

r, '<.' .' wide sash. The curved wide 4 O. C. Jernigan 4346 Roth Drive;

neckline dips to a low V at fk Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred W. Red- Mrs. Rebecca Edward, Florida

I'' the back. The four-gore skirt dick announces the engagementand State Hospital; Mrs. Ellen Braggs

A t yr has small, unpressed pleatsat approaching marriage of their 1341 Van Buren Street; Mrs. Mary

the back and front of the daughter Emily Marie to Donald Funney Daniel Memorial Unit:
waisdI : Mrs. Carrie Bellinger 1863 W.
Zig-zag wire
t staysare Highsmith. son of Mrs Lillie M.
*" fa i, sewn in the sash, which. 1 1I Manigault. 23rd Street; Mrs. Willie Reoma
have Duval Medical Center; Rev. C. G.
may fringed ends. I
The wedding will be an eventof
Gordon. 1310 Pearce Street; Mrs.
I pt I
3 June 18 at the West Union
t. ,. Daisy B. Green, 1309 Van Buren
In the pictured dress, the : Baptist Church at 6 p.m.
St. Mrs. Willie Mae Davis, 1836
I blue satin I, ;
king sash is the
: : FG r W. 31st; Mint Jackson 1424
I II II dominant color in the print of t J4- I, :Mrs. Jenny Rawls of Rochelle,
I '/ I Kings Road; Adolphus Bannister
the dress.
Many interesting and Oegia announces the engage-
I Brewster Hospital; Deborah_Shaw,
; dramatic effects may be accomplished .'. ment and approaching marriage .
I .: Brewster Hospital; Mrs. Lizzie
by the selection of 1 of her daughter Arthenia to PFC
E Ei Et Jackson 1051 Palmetto Street;
k t f \ color and fabric.:: Try velveteen .; 1-v Uentley Ft. Bragg. North
..... Walter McQueen, Duval Medical
I brocade, embroidered cotton or G ,E .1' Carolina son of ?Irs. Betty Bent-

peau de sole. The sash couldbe _'; J ley of this city. Center.

,1 I satin, taffeta 'or polished .. ',. ....":6 f r The; wedding will be an event
cotton. >: .< of June 11 at the home of the
, < "J_ ,.. ....,.. \
"!:it" ; z.."J I
"-""" bride's aunt Mrs. Mallfe Showers, Tilt CUNNING NEVER PAYS
: 1
) The three-tierdress(McCaU'sPattern I, a:: ,. ,' _.;.; ,"$:.,:? : },.. .I 3108 Stewart Street.ATTENTION .

No. 5135) of black Pauline Trigere Cy William Henry Half
I designed it...
f laceis ultra.feminine. exclusively If I can just be real and true -
Her'mother for ;
l her Toppedby McCall's. Her tellingly
or sister? .
} a fitted bodice,.three gathered feminine approach results And have no cunning ways ;
I II ruffles In aa ankle-length As those whs win must surely do _
J COLOR r flounced skirt. The bodice nearly knee-high in front or a In these and future days, .. .
Whether want different" has bateau neck taLp-henined street length dress. I will not heap a pile of wfath ,
I you the excitement of a This'cocktail dress takes to flounces a at the front Either the look Bridge & Social Club ':
_' hair shade, or want to give new life to d aril or In a 3-D way. The neatly fitted and a V neck at the back. The and slim'y, feminine and To fall upon my head ;..}i .

. gray hair. .insist on the Ion Blasting hairootor bodiee has straight-across upper ruffle is included in the Wary bateau/neckline flattering. Reporter Or dread a fearful aftermath::

) ', .. In the famous red package Godefroy'a neckline in front, dipping to V waistline seam and the lower a deep .tVM swoops to But live in peace instead., ,:'
curying in back. The Send or Mall .
, -: Larieose It's easy to apply, and complete laj in back. Cap sleeves complete Its ruffles in the skirt and flounce waistline is whittled with a sash
one package-there's staple>> lines. The skirt, in 'con seam. When the bodice ,
! nothing else to buy. ruffles of contrast. Fashion's perfect finishing Your Social News .
trast, begins with a self-belt and and belt are made of a sheer touch Talon's new Magic .. .. JJ
I. .ff 4i goes We think ont this In three flounced tiers. fabric, the skirt, skirt flounce Zip with the sewing guide line Mondays To.., t !;, r:
is feminine
f a
: c- : ; CotoRr and sophisticated way very to make an and lining for the bodice and woven right into the tape for a FLORIDA STAR PATRONIZEfitnr are 4 '.'
belt are made of professionil-appearicg placket.
a non-sheer .::. .
.: f evening appearance. Misses' sizes fabric. The designer fashion McCalls .. I A, ::'.
.t ,' ;"' ., 1016. McCall'a Pattern 513S. perfect fin- 2323 Moncrief BeL Cor. 12th ;
'', o0aftoyMfp.Companye3O1p011wN.KLaMIsMa. Pattern .513L 75 f.-
.. ,,'l" touch Misses' sizes -- _
.. 75.1. ishing Talon's Magic Advp.rtisnrs
.: :, __... 1016. *
. .. 4. ; I e i ii -
j. 'I
t > ,- ,"-

I :.' I /

1 -.. \ \

' ... .
..t..M-:7'. : ;";;."{''" ""'i' __ .. ...,._.,.1-'.. .,..">,.A 1 s ..- '- .' :- -. / 1.s-:.. .' _. ",

;CQI .

THE FLORIDA STAR Week Ending Saturday June 4. I960

I 1 Mt. Olive 'ChurchT'o.O&serve_ Annual Women's Day I



June 13th I
Opens I

Plans are near completion for !
CHURCH NEWS the opening of the annual YMCA ,4 June 12 has been set for the I --_ -------- ----

I Day Camp for boys on June 13 ; annual Women's Day observanceat : kms. chairman of music: Susie
I' the New Mt. Olive ,
-- at New Berlin. Baptist McGhee. beautification chairman;
I I I I Church. The pastor has organized Catherine Garner. treasurer; M
-- Informal classes in art._ and : the groups Into the "Seven i Franklin junior women's chair-
craft archery, swimming, Indian Churches
of Asia" with angels at : man
Lore will be taught during the six each church as follows: : program
BAPTIST chairman.
District No. 5 will meet Friday weekly periods beginning June 13I ,
District 10 will meet Friday at 0 t 8 urn. in the home of Mrs. I j and continuing through July 15. The church of Ephesus. Mrs. ;

8 pjn. in the basement of the 'qM\: Nero. 713 Court J. f'.x I I Boys; from six to fourteen years I, Louise Hardy; Smyrna. Mrs. Re- J:j1!n\W' CelebrcrfJonfn
church. District No. 7111 sell .1.11IIAlllWilliam of will tha Is!. Lang; Peramos Mrs. Lola :
Commencement! exercises' will beheld age be eligible to. attend. I(
chicken dinners June 10 in the June 12 for the Kindergar- .1I I Webb; Thyatira Mrs. Mamie Set ?M. Yemen

home, of Mr. and Mrs. A. Baker. .on domrtment at 4 p.m. in the .1I The boys will leave eVery i Grant; Sardis, Mrs. Clotee Hicks: The women and men of Mt.

3914 Leonard Circle W. Fayette- "hMfh auditorium. I morning and return to their Philadelphia, Mrs. Mary Franklin; Vernon Baptist Church will cele-
homes in the evening around 5. Laodicia, Miss Mattie Johnson.
ville.The District 15 will sponsor a Fath- I I brate a joint observance on July
pm. Application blanks are avail-I Officers for the
Sunday School chorus will *r's Day frappe June 19 in the I day are Mrs.
meet Saturday at 5:30: pjn. for rtncational building. I able at the Branch. i j! M.B.. Story, chairman: Mrs. O. 24.The women will have charge of

rehearsal.All District 17 will sponsor a rain- V. Banks of Detroit, Michigan Supreme GrandMaster i The purpose of the camp is to ) Corbin, co-chairman: L. Webb the Sunday school and morning

choirs and usher boards will Mw tea: June 26 from 3 to 6 pjn. of the International F&AM Masons engages in a poolside I develop boys spiritually, mentallyand i program chairman; R. Lang, recording worship and the men will have
observe a joint anniversary June in the educational building. A chat with Sam Rabin. Sir John Hotel Owner during recent visit physically. i! secretary; :Mary Williams charge of the evenIng worship
20 in to this Resort City. The Masons will hold their annual conclave financial secretary M.
the auditorium of the *>ro?ran will be presented for : I I ; Grant tag with the male chorus leading the
church. Revival meeting will begin the occasion featuring local I June 18-241n Miami. (Associated Photo) !I For further information, con- : chairman: Miss Queen E. JenM.t. processional.Miss .

July 4. artists. tact the Johnson Branch YMCA, : Lebethel
a I 1740 Davis Street, Carlton B. Bryant -i i Julia: Lrn worth Lewis will and Mrs.

WEST UNION SWEETFIELD BAPTIST Bethlehem i program director, or ThomasB. I chairman and serve as
Mt. Sinai Women : .1 Vernon Men co-chairman re-
Choirs 1 and 2 and Gospel Choir No. 1 will meet Friday at Hargrave, Jr., executive secre- ( pective'v. Musc! wil1 furnished

Chorus will meet for joint rehearsal 70 p. m. Communion services Women To tary. ; Set July 24thCelebraiion bv H-ibe-t! Ensram. David Moore
Friday at 7:30 p.m. will be observed Sunday through. Plan June 26 IG I and Cecil B. Fisher.
District 14 will sponsor a beach out the day. Financial statemenwill : Observe I Other officers are: Mrs. Lor-

j outing to Little Talbot Island be given each member. isObservance i J Annual men's day will be observed raine Johnson secretary; Mrs.

Saturday. The bus will leave the The congregation will accom- I : Juy 24 in Mt., Vernon Lois Hagan. assistant: Airs. Marie
church at 11 a.m. I flnv the pastorto, Sanford June I The women of Mt. Sinai Bap- ; Annual DayAnnual |a Gospel ,Echoes i Baptist Church. McCall. treasurer: Mrs. Forestine

District 12 will meet Sunday 13. tist.Church. completed plans for I 1 The Gospel Echoes will cele- Officers are: Ben McCall, gen- Lewis and Mrs. Eliza Atwater.

morning after morning worshipat a their annual observance which will Women's Day will beobserved brate their 12th anniversary June eral chairman; Melvin Gelsey, cochairman chairman of program committee.

the church. j i ST. THOMAS June 12 throughout the : 5 at the Elks Auditorium, 712 W. I l ; Willie C.\White, chairman Miss Frances Scrivcn, chairman
E be held June 26 in a meeting re-
Deaconess Board No. 1 will meet : Rpvival meeting will be held at : day in Bethlehem Baptist Church, Duval St.Special. I of finance; Otis Kelsey, co- of public relations. Group captains

Sunday in the educational building the St. Thomas Baptist Church. cently. 6th and Madison Streets with chairman; Hubert Engram, chair are: Mrs. Grace Whitefi eld. Mrs.
Guests will be the
at 3 p.m. Deaconess Board No. ; Rev. W. C. Neal, pastor begin- man of program committee. Carrie McCall. Mrs. Iris Parker.
2 will sell dinners nil day Sunday ning June
with Mrs. Willie M. Jackson in District' 1 will present the Mack chairman; Mrs. LillieD. general chairman; Mrs. Rosa Gil- and the Gospelaires of Dayton, serve as directors of music. rie Anderson, Mrs. Leslie Peeler

charge. I Female Chorus in a musical recital liard, co-chairman; and Mrs. Mae Ohio. Both groups are nationallyand Mrs. Juulia Longworth. Mrs.
Hair, co-chairman Mrs. Jose-
a a aMT. ;: are recording
j June 12 in the church audi- Troy McDowell, chairman of the Nancy Hays and Mrs. Lebethel
TABOR torium in behalf of the district. phine Jones, secretary; Mrs. Alice :: Local groups appearing will be I League Union Lewis. Mrs. Carrie' McCall will
young women's division.
Services for Sunday begins with Williams, assistant secretary; Mrs. the Union Gospel Singers the Ministers serve as pastor for the day.

the Sunday School at 945 a.m.// MT. ZIOPTIST .I M. K. ,Gibson, treasurer; 1Irs.Vil-, Some of the officers, are: Mrs. Excelsior Singers and the Biven ToMeet

1fomingVorship at 11 and Holy I Choir No. 1 will hold its rehearsal lie D. Lucas, superintendent Sun- Lucille, Simelton, secretary; Mrs. Specials. ; With

Communion service at 3 p. m | Friday at 8 p.m. Group day School; Mrs. Arie L. Norton, Tickets for the affair will be
Perlie Eddy, treasurer; captains, : All AME Ministers
Sermons will be delivered by the ; 1 of the men's day drive will BTU chairman; Mrs. Annie Barr, i on sale at the usual places and II and League (\ r: n' .
Mrs. Ida Presidents pq e
Buggs Mrs. .
Annie Mae called to
arc a League
T. Overstreet. j church Alice Swan, Boosters Committee
pastor the Rev. H. sponsor a car wash on the j i the program is scheduled to begin 1
i :
Usher Board No. 1 will sponsor grounds for the benefit of the chairman; Mrs. Ruby L. Herndon Grant, Mrs. W. B. Webbert, :Mrs. at 8:30 : Union meeting Sunday, June 12 Program Set
I ; at 3:15 in
a trip to New Berlin Friday for men's day drive Saturday. j young people's chairman; Mrs. Mildred McDowell: Mrs. Mae Troy : pjn. the auditorium of
I. 1 Members of the Gospel Echoes i Mt. Zion A1Church, located at For Jw'e
the benefit of the board's anni- Erma Bryant, Mrs. Catherine McDowell Mrs. Rose Gilliard, Mrs. I 19th
versary. Cars will leave the church I'EMANUEL BAPTIST I Sykes music chairmen; Mrs. Mat- '!! Samatha Wright, Mrs. Lelia 1 are Mrs. Inez Bivens, manager; Beaver and Newman Streets. The City Wide A.C.E.
will meet tie King, ushers chairman :Mrs. : Deacon James Byrd, business Members of the City Wide League
at 8:30 pjn. I The male chorus ; Smith, Mrs. Ada Eddy. of A.M.E. Churches
Saturday at 6:30: p. m. in its finance chairman; Mrs. Colline ,, manager; Mrs. Caretha Byrd, Leagues are also invited to attend Its monthly will present

SI. MATTHEW I l business meeting and rehearsal. Cunningham Mrs. Bessie Grant, i Program committees, Miss Viola I secretary; Miss Ozzie N. Reed, this meeting according to Leon 19 in the auditorium program Sunday June

Baptismal services will be held District li will sponsor an outIng Mrs. Elnora Small, members; Mrs. 'i Morman and Mrs. Annie M. .Bobby Fields, assistant director; I ard J. Roberts, Jr., president of !; AME Church located of St. James

at St. Matthew Baptist Church to American Beach Saturday.The Ruby Herndon, publicity chair Grant; Mrs. Vivian Wilson chair- Percy Jackson, Phyllis Kohn, Lillie the Union. and 27th Streets ( at Franklin

Sunday morning at the close of bus will,leave the church at man; Mrs. H. H. Robinson pastorfor man of publicity. Mrs. A. Ander-j Pearl Reed Caudy Gilbert, and The date again is May 29 at I which Rev. Ellison L.Eastside) of
the service. All candidates have 9:30 ajn. the day. son will serve as pastor for the Jacquelyn Inez Fort pianist 'and 3:15 p.m. Your attendance Is ur- the pastor. O'Neal is ,
been asked'to meet at the churchat I District Meetings: No. 4 will I day. director. gently needed. The League department will.. h.
10:45 ajn.District meet Sunday at 3 pjn. in the featured in several readings--- -solos- --,

No. 2 will sponsor a : home of Mr. and Mrs. A. Martin. rI .r duets, and selections from the

fish fry Saturday bglnnlng at 12 474 Wade Drive. District No. 5will .' Youth Choir of St. James Church.
noon at the church. / meet at 3 p.m. in the basement / Mrs. Julia Lewis will preside
aMT over
of the church. District No. / the program and Mrs. Andoiline
OLIVE BAPTIST I 11 will meet at 3 pjn. in the Smith will furnish the music. .

Ministers and Deacons Union will home of Deacon and Mrs. J. E. \ Speaker for this occasion will

continue through Sunday at the II Montgomery, 1230 W. 9th Street. be U.S. Army Full Colonel Marion

Mt. Olive Baptist Church, South- District No. 14 will meet at 3 pjn. Goodling. assisted by Colonel Mar-

side.Revival in the home of Mrs. Viola Snead. vin E. Williams. Both are serving

meeting will begin May District 18 will meet at 3 pjn. in the Florida Sector IV U.S. Army
30 with the prayer meeting and the home of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Corp. for Major General Stanhope

end June 12, The R v. J. J. Jackson Fisher, 2128 Baldwin Street. B. Mason General Headquarters

of Albany, Georgia, will begin The youth meeting will be held Birmingham Alabama. Colonel

preaching June 6. :I June 8 in the church auditorium. Gooding is also Judge
over the
a ri
j i ifi Duval County Juvenile Courts of
: FIRST BORN TEMPLE delinquency in Jacksonville.

Revival meeting now in prog- The Holiness Missionary Union Friends, officers and membersof
ress at the church will continue
will meet Sunday at 3 pjn. in the League Union are asked to
through next week. / I
the First Born Temple 825 W. attend this specially arranged
The Rev. W. W. Whitehead of \
Monroe Street with the president
Savannah. Georgia wil deliver the Mother Ada Robers in charge. '

sermons each night. Mrs. Maggie Hines will be the 1// / / i
a /
speaker for this occassion.Observance Beulah
The Holy Light Quintet will I / Women

render a program Sunday at the ,
**SSS3Si*** Set June
Church of God in Christ (Green 19thCelebration

Cove Springs), beginning 8 pjn. Set : I .,fI f- f 1 -} .. reosecurity/
,y .h.,
Baptism will be held June 5 at IJ."I! .
11 ajn. at the Black Creek Bridge. At Holy ChurchThe ... \ Women's day will be observed
a a a a a June 19 in Beulah
women of the Church of Baptist

AFRICAN UNITEDA God in Christ 4 met recently and 1. J \Ve (inn't mean the nicest house t in the bestnfiL'hlHirhood. Clark Church. Officers are: Mrs. Beulah
program will be presented in organized for itheir annual obser- II' chairman; Mrs. Liza Smith
Ihe African United Church 1129 vance which will be held Juuly ] tv{ newest, sleekest! car / co-chairman; Mrs. Earnestine

Milnor' Street in interest of ElderB. 24. : I tli** n jhl! school{ *. he I, rtuht! camps.Vre .. .r. .;.. w.4y ..>ro e.. Smith, secretary; Mrs. Louise

J. Swan June 5 during the Officials elected are: Mrs. Ollie !It Odum, treasurer; Mrs. O. Demps,
\\ tdiLiiio al"lilt the kind I of l chairman of
evening service. Brown chairman; Mrs. Pauline security 4 speaker; Mrs. Mary

Appearing on the program will Bright, co-chairman; Mrs. Fannie j i f tlir\ riti't do \\ltliout.( tile kind tlidt\cornel '' a I Golphin, chairman of Sunday
be Deacon Melvin Grace super- Allen treasurer; Mrs. Trudie M. i r'nm insidt] *. ; Schools; Mrs. Mattie Stephens,
visor of the Congregational McGriff. secretary; Mrs. B. M. ,,, chairman 'of morning worship;

'pel Chorus. Gillis assistant. I Frtith In C at.' in life in themselves.; \ Mrs. Julia Harton, chairman of
Committee members are: Mrs. : < the after service and Mrs. Sadie '
a a a a a .:: :
I Mary Mills finance; Jessie Black- ; For Me! is no t tfune: for spiritual 1 .i.* rs Green chairman of evening wor-

SWEETFIELD BAPTIST shear Laura Sheppard ads ,and Only l"rtiti.! tlit of ship.
; armor the Spirit .
: 1 Beautification
Mrs. Ethel L. Smith committee, Mrs.
Annual Women's day will be sponsors \\i\\\\ '
observed in Sweetfield Baptist chairman; M. L. Rankin, V. Callahan give them the stamina to meet it Ethel Hall, Mrs. Jessie Seymour,

C. Faust G. Smith; program courageously, Mrs. Julia Harton Mrs. Beulah
Church June 26 with Mrs. A.Larkins. no mailer %%hat it [+rn 9.
general chairman presiding. .. Mrs. C. Smith, chairman; 1 V I Clark and Mrs Liza Smith. Chair
Programs will be presented V. Stewart A. M. Thomas; decorations lou can >!no\v I your cniNi.en 1 'I man of sponsors and ads, Mrs

at each service. Mrs. F. Reid chairman; where to find faith how to ., .I Julia Horton and Mrs. Arleatha
The entire congregation will ac- &L Baldwin Hazel Pope; publicity. I huild Maddrick.
company the pastor to Sanford Mrs. A. M. Bright chairman; it Jay hy day. if you male ( I tTI Captains are: Mrs.Beulah Clark,

June 13. Transportation leave Dorothy Samuel. B. Evans Mrs. praying a I alTdir., Mrs. Liza Smith, Mrs. Susie Zack-
the church at 3 pjn. Choir and. Beulah Spiller, Mattie Perry M. r' : ery, Mrs. Daniel Demps, Mrs. Julia

Usher Board 2 will serve. Way, Wesley; youth chairman TI : Horton, Mrs. Pecola Berry, Mrs.
Mrs. Nonna Bell; C. Faust, A. M. I Arleatha Maddrick, Mrs. Luanna
a a a a aNEW Maxwell, Johnnie Mae
Blanford Louise Harmon; Mothers ,.i Alvin, Dea-
ZION Club, Mrs. L. Sullivan chair- ..' : con A. Alvin, Jennie Holland,

Annual women's day will be observed -. man; M. Mathis F. Smith. S. :.:,Y;:;:. ; ,: :. .' Mary Golphin, Mattie Stephen,
in First Zion Baptist Nickerson. L. Lan;. R. Carr. i I Mallory Ruth Alexander -
"...' Jessie
Church. June 26, throughout the ', : ,- I Rush Louise Odum,
I. : ; Shirley
day with local female talents appearing Elbert. Martha Thomas,
on the program. GOSPEL & SPIRITUAL ..." Luella Dawson Willie Mae Hum-
r 1
Usher Board 2 will sponsor a TALENT WANTED I i phries Ethel Hall, Maggie Lanney,

barbecue'at the church Saturday. & Minnie Jones Rebecca Christine
\ All choirs, ushers, deacons and Groups, choirs, soloists can get 1)tdI a stronger richer li I Mary Story, Annie Mae Payne.

deaconesses have been asked to information on making records e I': worship together every week Margaret Gaskins, Mary Sanders,
nationwide promotion. For Martha
meet at the church Sunday at with ((8) Marrell, Amos Oliver,
write CHOICE RECORDS Charlie
11 aon. to accompany the pastor details J Clark, Christine Hen-
5021 Newark. dricks
to the union meeting which will Box Luella Dennard,Bessie Jen
}. convene at Mt. Salem Baptist N. J. C.u4, "Ie t!! ggtoa. G- .A-_, _.;i," rf' "'LJ' rai '..:tJ"-i.:. \. kips Isiah, Carrie Darns Amelia Coffey,

Gasking. Ben
Church. Savage
: ; ; Clarence -
\ 1 ,: ... Maddrick and Clara Oliver
\ ; ':"' .l '
( -
.j! -.f. sC ;: : .: : ," ) ..' c !'"i <::- >\ r" : i '....

S: -. 4, ". ..

j ."- :, 1;"" '" .T' .' ."... ,. ,- ,- .. ,,---p--, ... ....., ,
r\ '
< :t r : ; : -" :- > .
: .
:. .
: ,_


J \ I

Week Ending Saturday, June 4, 1960 I THE FLORIDA STAR PaeS d,

F Withholding Federal Aid Urges Abolition of Residence, Laws I State Auditor Wants To Tax Atlanta U. $70,000For ;

(! From Jim-Crow Airports i--- ---------- i Cost Of 'Supreme Court Day1 ObservanceATLANTA

iq (ANP) An official Negro education institution.He ed from their regular duties by

I, Is Urged By NAACP q estimates that Negro students is B. E. Thrasher, state au- the demonstration.

from Atlanta University center, ditor, who has proposed that At-
W WASHINGTON Testifying in { According to Mays, the troops
I. ? : .i---: t celebrating the sixth anniversaryof lanta University be removed from
not needed and it not
of amendment intro- were
support an gated facilities have been' con- the UJS. Supreme Court decision the list of tax exempt institu-
i i the fault of the students nor the
duced by Senator Jacob Javits 1r
structed without federal conribu- outlawing jim crow public tions in the state."
(R., N.Y.) to withhold federal school schools if state employees were
tions. Y i ik cost the state $70,000. "OUGHT TO PAY TAXES'
I, funds from airports which maintain In his testimony before the it And he wants to take that $70- "If they're going to coSt us all so poorly supervised that they

racially separate facilities, Seriate Subcommittee on Appro- 000 out of thg hide of the huge this money, maybe they ought to couldn't keep their minds on their

Clarence Mitchell, director of the priations for Independent Officeson + g'k,, ,, Ri t pay taxes to help defray the expenses business.
NAACP Washington bureau, ridi- 24, Mr. Mitchell observed 1 F "
May .
Report Whites he said. GEORGIA TECH GETS OKAY
culed the contention of the Fed- that "nobody builds a costly set n Outspoken Dr. Mays: pointedout
eral Aviation Agency that it has of { kn But Dr. Benjamin Mays, president -
rest room facilities in the mid- 1 $4 Fleeing Congo that when Georgia Tech stu-
no jurisdiction over such facilities dle of a cotton field. Any state or i of Morehouse College, a part'of dents demonstrated a few years
when construction of them is financed local official who spent tax LEOPOLDVILLE Belgian Con- the university system charged
.1 ago over a football game there
by non-federal funds. money to construct a restaurantor __ go Airlines laid on extra planes f that Thrasher is just trying to was no threat to the school as a
The Javits amendment would in Tuesday to fly and explain away the state's needless
dining room an area that : more more 'I result. of what the students did.
deny federal funds "for the construction is 5 or 10 miles from the nearest 4_ Europeans from the Congo. Ten- : squandering of the money. "It looks to me like an attempton

U. of airport terminal city would be run out of office. : .. sion is rising to near panic among Thrasher said it had cost $10- the part of the governor and
buildings containing racially segregated : This information S whites with the of'in
elementary approach 000 to keep state troopers on the state auditor to divert atten-
dining or other facilities I somehow seems to have escapedthe i dependence. guard at the capital where the tion from the fact that about
whether or not the portions of attention of the Federal Aviation Edwin J. Wilson, board member of the National Travelers Aid Europeans are hastily packing i students had planned to assemblefor $70,000 of th. taxpayers' money

such buildings containing segre- Agency." Association, addressing three hundred delegates to the association's : off their wives and children in I an observance of the historic was squandered," he continued.

biennial contention held Washington, D. C.,. 'recently. Mr. I the wake of stepped up anti-white I decision of 1954. He said that "They wouldn't stand a ghostof

NEGRO FREED ON CHARGE Wilson told them of his efforts to bring: about a joint legislative ; threats published by African ; $60.000 was lost in man hours a chance and they know it,"

SECOND CROSS IS BURNED HE REFUSED TO PICK UP COIN study of the residence law in California and of he association's newspapers. wasted by state employees divert- Mays stated. '
MEMPHIS A judge dismisseda nation-wide educational campaign to have all state laws abolished Chief concern is for the white I
NEAR SAFETY HARBOR charge against a young Negro which require persons in need to have certain lengths of residence i women. African propagandists are

NEGRO AREA clerk who refused to pick up a before being eligible to receiv public assistance. He is chairman of '' boasting they will be "ours" after :

SAFETY HARBOR (By Staff i i coin a policeman tossed him in the Residence Committee of the association in his hometown of Long !I independence June 30. The news- I Several $200
Writer) The second cross was payment for a soi drink. Beach, Calif., and was formerl yon the board of the Council of paper of one native nationalist ; Scholarships

burned late Sunday night on a 1 City Judge Beverly Boushe dismissed Churches and chairman of the Legal Redress Committee of the movement said soon it would no

road leading to the city's Negro I I without comment the Long Beach NAACP branch. lie is a graduate of Claflin College in :, longer be a crime for Africans to

residential section Police Chief charge of disorderly conduct South Carolina, the University of California, and the Pacific Coast rape white women. European I! To Leading Florida Colleges
Claude Rigsby reported today.A Law School in Los !
brought against Isadore McGhee, Angeles. On the dais with .him are Donald S. j women also have been receiving
cross was burned on an approach -((19. .! Stralem, president, National Traelersid Association and Agnes : letters from Negroes seeking mis- \
road to the Negro section McCreery, executive, Family Service-Travelers Aid of tresses after independence. ,
Officer H. L. Watson said he Moines, ,i I Now Available To
Friday night, he said. .. was seated in his prowl car drinking Iowa !I Near Stanleyville Africans have j j

Rigsby, who is a life long resi- the soft drink when the car circulated lists of whites "invited"to
dent of this area, said the Ne- was called back: into service. He Labor leave before independence day j; High School Graduates '
groes of Safety Harbor have not' tossed a quarter to the clerk and Council To Sponsor i or else be mistreated. I'

given any trouble in fell i
many -years.
it on the ground.
He blamed the cross burning "He made no effort to catch it," | NAACP Convention Lunch .1 Mrs. Welton_ Flynn And College StudentsFor I

incidents on persons trying to "stir j: Watson testified. "He said hedidn't | I
trouble ,' NEW YORK-A labor dinnerfor 1 ------ Entertains I t Guest !
up and said he believed pick up any money pitched j j Just A Few Hours
they were white persons. :! at him by anyone-including, the delegates attending the 51st! I i which time, the Association will Mr. and Mrs. Welton Flynn of !I

.. Rigsby said it was in violation i police." annual NAACP convention in pay tribute to the achievements i!12025 York Street Southside, en- j Summer Work Wherever You
of a state law to burn a cross. i Watson and his partner described Saint Paul Minn., June 21-26. of its youth units in the student :; tertained with a lovely dinner 'j

He was recently elected constable ,I McGhee as "arrogant" and will be sponsored by the newly protest movement against dis- j!! party in their home during the.I, -'
for this district. I "smart." organized Negro American Labcr crimination at southern lunch !|: Grand Lodge Session of No. 1I i Live (In Florida

Council. counters. A workshop session of I! Pallbearers Association of America |

, Scheduled to address this dinner the; convention will be devoted entirely :, held here recently. i i '. Write Today For Full Details
session of the convention are A. : to a study and analysis of ;t Present to enjoy this affair I

Philip Randolph, founder of the the "sit-in" movement. Because of ; were :Mrs. Vanmar, Sterlin Dick-I I

Summer council and a vice president of the major place in the convention erson, :Mr. Duhart, Mrs. Mary i Scholarship DepartmentP.O.
Employment I II i both the NAACP' and the AFL- program of this aspect of NAACP Ross.and Mrs. Janie Bates of Miami -

CIO; Ralph Helstein. president of I work, more young people than in Mrs. B. S. Brown, :Mrs. Barbara Box 561 Jacksonville 1, Fla.
the United Packinghouse Workersof former years have indicated their Toliver and Rev. and Mrs. '

-America; NAACP Executive I intention to attend the conference. H. L. Herold of thi$ city. i
Secretary Roy Wilkins; and Her- t
For School Teachers
I : bert Hill, the Association's labor I \
, secretary. "
Horace L. Sheffield, a member
) of the council's board and an j .

._ Senior Class Sponsors announcerrttent active NAACP worker of the made council's the .I is name :: T Tw. ,

sponsorship of the dinner this : ,
) '
week in 'Detroit. ;:L ;\ '.
r-" Friday night, June 24, has been : ,",, :.. '
Pleasant Work Supervising v'V: ; designated "Youth Night" at ., ...., .' _'o, -. "*..:v..". 'r -'.
., : ,
"' : : :
.V .r 0 "" -" .' .
f ;. Two Men Caught :. I' in the book ? S

High School Grads and College, .. With Moonshine '

Students Placed In JailDE ':.. .
men were LAND-Two booked Daytona at County Beach jail ,_ . ._ c . .

f last Tuesday on charges of trans- .
moonshine ,
porting and concealing ,.!' -
.. 6. ..en. 'J'. whiskey when they were questioned .: ; '
by state trooper. \ < i
Leon Legette. 38 and Lee Robinson
You can't
Apply TODAY vote
47, are held under bonds of
$1,000 and $1,075 respectively
pending hearings June 10 before if you're notregistered

f Interstate Press I Justice of the Peace A. J Bennett.
Robinson is charged with driving, 1 7'
< -1c.
\ a car on a wheel rim without an 1
operator's license.

P.O. Box 561, Jacksonville 1, Fla. State Beverage Agent Ernie : 7' -1c. 1 When you graduate from high school, theyput
Hellstrom said 10 gallons of illegal
name in the school yearbook.
whiskey was found by Trooper t
Joel Watkins wrapped in a bur- 4 When you have a telephone installed, they

lap bag in the back seat of his' ''1'' \ put your name in the telephone book.

S car. But you and only you-can get your name

\ in the most important book of all-the roll

Bobby Lee Inks ta-- '- t \ \ of"Election Registered Book.Voters" of your precinct-the

Contract With \%\\\ And if you're not in the book, you ought

Houston Oilers 't14.I \"\ to be.
TALLAHASSEE Wk ; \t __ Because,if you're not registered,you can'tget
Bobby Lee, in the polls come Election Day.
defensive fullback on the Florida I \\
A&M University Rattlers unde- You can't even vote for dog catcher-
__ ___
feated and untied grid team last; much less mayor, councilman, congressman: ,

1t year, has inked a contract with senator, or president-unless your name If

GOOD" the Houston Oilers, announced ; in the book.
Coach Jake Gaither. You don't even have the right to complain

Coach Gaither said that the unless you're registered and'vote.don't .
\ HAS i Oilers of the newly formed American
,, So cut yourself out of this year's key

... va .- -. ., ...,. ......-.... ..,-.S Football League has signed t elections. Get your name in the book. A lot
Lee as a defensive halfback. This
2 POVYDERS 5c 12 POWDERS 25c 24 POWDERS 49e i\ of friends and neighbors are already
brings the total to 10 former A&M iti
stars signed by pro teams for the IF YOU'VE MARRIED, MOVED, OR t' ti listed there.: If you know of one who isn't,
'60 season. Halfback Willie Gail- take him with you when you go to register

more, tackle Willie Lee are with COME OF AGE SINCE THE LAST on this Roll of Honor" of Americans. And

WHEN YOU ARE ILL the Chicago Bears. Tackle Willie then-well see you at the polls!
;, read this
H .
4' You Seek The Best Doctor McClung is with the Cleveland
+ When Your Doctor Prescribe Browns. I -
End William Barber is going BRIDES Eveo ifS ou had preRRST VOTERS! If you Dave
Get Experienced Pharmacists with the viously registered under your celebrated your 21st birthday '
Stampeder Club in
To Fill Your Prescription maiden name, you have to since the last election(or Be sure ..
Canadian. League. Fullback Jesse under if will be 21 by Election
register your you ,
f i According To Your Doctor'sOrders. Heard and center Willie Taylor ."new" name. Be sure your Day), get your name in the ..s' e,
a' S We Use Only will join the Los Angeles Charg: "married name" is in the book. .. .t !
The Best Quality Drugs At ers. Tackle Frank Merchant has!; ; book MEMBERS OF THE ARMED :: :: YOU re .registered

Dr. C. E. BlaekProprietor been hired as an end with the i MOVERS; !If you have moved FORCES-see your Voting r. .- S
Officer for the word" on v. .
New York Titans. He played both from the precinct where you ,
how can vote. :. ,
were previously registered, you ,-. ..
end and tackle for A&M. End Bill ..
have to register again.
Johnson will report to the Phila- Make sure your new address DAY? Vote first-by Absentee (8)) .4
I delphia Eagles and halfback Al fa in the bqoVJ Ballot. .::f ?"40.. ,

DRUG STORE Frazier is slated to join his ,All- ,.. >>.'-.- ,'. -

American halfback twin Gailmore -t '
... f : .
:. .
who is .. I
1907 Kings Road ELgIa 3-8278 with the Bears. Frazier s. .. -" .
"A t' # ,
was drafted by the Bears in '57 .
Cosmetics Rubbe. Goods Candle Sundries but joined Toronto in the Canadian .c BOOKS OPEN : ; t '. REGISTER AT r
? 0 ,--: .
PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR AND DELIVEBED League. Frazier and Heardare P.M. i : ,I-' ': Court
returning from a two-year 9:00: .A.M. TO 5:00 t ; County I'
hitch in the Army.
.. .'., '
.}t _' .,4r /:_ -
r .. "' -. .'
I 1. :{
I \ .

M .

h'u- '<" :": .'', .:\ .' '" ,J; ,,...: ...'... 't.td: :c.">I... ,,;. ;::. .:-:::, .- 1 _(_ r"- ..." .. _1t.......... \ S L'l: : ? ',.._ _, r "' ,... .. .. ": _. _. "' '''' '_ ",. .; ,,",.__ ..l..,,, i.. -' ,- .
.:. ,: : : .:

' ":;. --- >--. .... -" -
k ""\ ; .;."J.L .. ;: : .

,. -
\ -

;, ; ,!::!..: '! > ":::,,: .. :: ;:, a ,," .. ,. ,_

" ,

:. ': ,. .t-"J : __ :
: 6 --" -- --
I ...S4.. / .; ;. ':-::. ;: : "': : .r : .

Page 6 ; : ,'. THE FLORIDA STAR Week Ending Saturday, June 4, 1960
,.-. -. Cigarette With i !! Teacher Exams
p ---
1 \ I II Tobacco FilterNovrFlorida i Slated At FAMU
I.< ------------, :

1 TALLAHASSEE A local ad-
i: : .
1 CARNATION I I I I II I ministration of the National Tea-
ir i/ LOUISVILLE Ky. A revolutionary -
II cher Examinations has ben scheduled -
II 1 COOKING HINTS : I i new cigarette featuring an for July 1, at Florida A&M
.wyd t. I all-tobacco filter. has beben intro- University. Candidates who took
S (7, / i I,duced in Florida by the Brown fc the examinations in the nation-

J t 8' 1 1I i!Williamson Tobacco Corp. wide administration February 13,

V I ROSALIE 1I I The new product called Ken- may not take them again at this
I tucky Kings, signals the first Teachers wishing to take these
I basic change in cigarette concept examinations should write to Dr.
I A. A. Abraham, director, test serv-
1 1f since the introduction of filters
Crisp vegetables in 'x
young a creamy lime mold makes a x rti
I ice bureau for a bulletin of information -
the points out. The
really cool salad for hot weather...and it goes well with
and application
I tobacco in the tip is cut "filter
any meal. Carnation Evaporated Milk is used
just as fine" in order to refine the smoke blank. Applications and fees must
it pours from the can to give this salad its wonderful while adding to its flavor, the be filed no later than June 10.

texture. Carnation whips like cream, too, but it costs company said. I There will be. no exceptions to this ,
only about one-third as much. Do try it soon in all your Of particular interest to tobacco j;rule.

favorite recipes. I growers in this state is the fact ,

that the tobacco filter uses only ': NO TOOLS, NO WORK

r "bright leaf" tobacco, the type I TEHERAN, Iran A mason,
p ywQ iy grown in northern Florida and mechanic, metal worker or other
other Eastern states. The annual' artisan must have his own toolsto
Li tobacco crop in Florida is valuedat practice a trade in Iran. Yet It

..yt nearly $10 million. All told the would take a year for vocational
company said about 25 per cent school graduates to earn the toolsin
more tobacco goes into Kentucky i the $20 trade kits Americans
Kings than into cigarettes with I can send through CARE New

articicial filters. I i York 16, N. Y. The gifts mean

R t RELIGIOUS ADVISORS TO GOVERNMENT COM\lITTEE-Showll Government here Contracts at the first held meeting in Washington of the- "This entirely new idea inI I'graduates can get jobs at once.
Religious Advisory Council to the President's Committee on i
D.C, on May 11, are. left to right: seated) Rabbi Max D. Davidson. New York; The Reverend smoking was designed to fill In .
John F. 'Cronin, S.S., Washingon, D.C.; l1rs.Vllliam S. Terrell. West Hartford Connecticut; Air. the broad gap between regular S
George O. Butler, Washington, D. C.; Robert L. Ch ambers San Francisco, California; Vice President and filter cigarettes," said Wil- f .
John J. O'Con-
Richard Bethesda.Nixon Maryland chairman: of Dr.the Fred President Fox White: Committee Hoar liaison on,Government to the Council Contracts; Miss; Dr.Dorothy I. Height, liam S. Cutchins, B&W president."We PRIEST RIVER IDAHO

New nor. York; Tanenbaum. New York: Dr. J. Oscar Lee New York; Dr. Roger Shinn. I believe it provides the per- thinks it only fair to apply a withholding I
New York; Reverend Charles Webber.Washington. D.C.; Dr. Leonard P. Aries Washington : of filter cigarette I
Georgia The smoothness a -
Atlanta. ; -
New York and Mr. I just so the gen
Reverend Rufus Cornelsen ; younger
I ; DC.; Dr. A. Dudley Ward Chicago. Hlnois; The plus the full tobacco flavorof f
!Irving Ferman, Washington D.C. eration can get gradually accus-
---------- a non-filter cigarette. tomed to a procedure to which i

CARE-FUL SOLUTION LENDING SYSTEM FLORIDA STARIN John W. Burgard, advertisingvice adults are now hardened." i

SULU, the Philippines gift I II president of B&W, said that l.
I U MINI Vietnam So precious -
SUMMER SALAD MOLD EVERY Kentucky Kings will sell at popu- brand in Florida will be supported
(Makes 6 servings) S of 113 rolls of bog and barbed I are the CARE agriculturaltool lar prices. He added that the cur- by intensive newspaper and television '
wire, delivered by CARE, has given to this village -
1 package((3-ounces)lime! 1 tablespoon horseradish packages COLORED HOME rent introduction of the new advertising. I
flavored saved the crops of 24 families in the people set up a lending ,
Va grated raw carrots i
( \ j cup Tawi-Tawi a Moslem village in'*system: a man can borrow only
1 cup hot water .J'i.>& / chopped
cup celery the southernmost 1sIa.nds. one tool at a time, must return it '
% cup mayonnaise % cup sliced radishes : Because of their religion, the I to the village warehouse beforehe I USH6u rrwj
1 cup undiluted CARNATION % cup chopped green pepper farmers would not kill the wild can borrow another. CARE THINGS Y

.EVAPORATED MILK % cup chopped green onion hogs that ravaged their fields. Nor : donors In the U.S. contributed the }
! V cup lemon Juice % cup chopped.cucumber could they afford to buy fencing. cost of the implements, which are Ji; W t"t
I .
I oj% teaspoon salt 0 The wire to build their fences was helping 1,560 North Vietnamese & .

Dissolve gelatin in hot water. remaining ingredients.Mix welL bought by .CARE, under its Self- refugees start a new communityon
I Cool until consistency of unSpoon into 1% quart mold.Chill Help program to give the needy the edge of the jungle, about
beaten egg: white. Slowly add in refrigerator firm(about tools to help themselves. 115 miles southwest of Saigon. 0 '
I mayonnaise, Carnation, lemon 2 hours). Unmold on salad ----- PAUL LAURENCE .
II Juice, salt and horseradish. Stir greens to serve.ATTENTION _. __ :
until well blended. Fold in the .


yy.. __

READERS 1906 .

Please Bring or Send Your
Church News Club Notices & .' '
AnnouncementTo "H'-SP i. r 48U*


at .: f .. .
FLORIDA STAR $ j ,, ",..:::. .,.':). ':-h>.''.i.ll;:. I I FINISHED HIGH SCHOOL THE SAME 'r* \ I II I

, 2323 Moncrief Rd. Corner 13th Street <-:.)i;i;1 i TIME AUTHOR OF MANY VOLUMESAC-

I ........ ..
.. ib: ? / : '
I d .:. ::::_;i1;;! : AMERICA AND ENGLAND HE EVEN WON ,,v I'

.:.:::)f;; ;f M ;
[ -
i ::'-:: :::? I

Ycu Don't Have to Go to Town to Get i i iI t McKINLEY MADE HIM A COLONELBJE5S /

I 1 I'' kI ,. .

LOW PRmCES I'I I I d ; :'""::! \;::.;;::t -.
r'4 M '
I ;sa --: -or :: .

On Your -Two happy finalists model winning garments that brought themto I -...-..--.,.._........_ .u...._. .. ..lr.: ....,.
.\ -----. "."...
I New York for gala fashion show in last year's Young Style- -" -.I!- -"'#_' c..
maker Contest. I -r.. ;::!" _
-- _. --- ;
How often have you dreamedof Climax of the contest is the. : m
: fame and fortune, of an ex- crowning of three Queens of ,
citing trip to Paris or famed Sewing at a gala fashion shoW'in I
Trade With. Your Neighborhood i Drug Stor: cities in the United.States? All New York City-the "Misses ..,
these dreams,c -come' true, if and Mrs.: division, age 18 ta I .
WE WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADVERTISED you are between the ages of 21, the "Teen" division for DIRE
10 and 21, like to sew or want girls aged 14 to 17 and the \ LfORY :
IN YOUR LOCAL PAPERS.v to learn how. Prizes and glamour Tween" division for those aged
I in store for the 10 to 13.
are \
DHlver w? .UFo Fill AH Doctors' Piwrlptt(.n+ winners of the Young Style- Here is an opportunity to ex- The Firms LlstedBQlow Are Recomm ended As Reputable Establishments
maker Contest being sponsoredby press your own individuality in i Specializing Services' and Products
the Singer Sewing Ma- fashions that appeal to you. I
chine Co.Starting. You can select a pattern that I
Dixie PhcirmacylSU now and through you feel will be flattering to I AUTO SERVICE
I August 13, registrations will be your figure, a color that brings Royal Crown Bottling Company
I accepted at your local sewing out your personality and a fab- 1235 San Marco Blvd. FL 9-4488
KINGS; tOAD -MYKTIJE AVENUE : centers where entry blanks are ric of your own choice. Finished AUTO PAINTING COMPANY
FII(1'- .s KC SA97. SAY available. Each contest entrant garment will be a reflection of & Paint WorkVashington's Health Service
Complete Body Repair
takes an eight-lesson sewing your own personal taste that
YOUR LIGHT WATER AND TELE- course and makes herself a gar- may lead to sewing fame, as -:- Oven Baked Paint Jobs -:- ftj "Abundant Health Is Rightfully Yours"
ment which must be completedby well as exciting trips, cash Price Start al $4.00 .tiTrp Swedish Massage Mineral Steam Bath
PHONE BILLS AT OUR STORE August 27. This is then awards and a glamourous visitto (t532 East Adams Street EL 5-8135& Colonic Therapy
.. judged on a variety of points. New York City.
D. C. Washington. Mus..ar-Sam.
----------- ._ ___ h ___ FOODS Locailoi
For 23 Year.
f934 N. Myrtle Avenue EL 4.2471

FXZME /, 4 BY PEOPLE fWfA ANOTH6& If You Want The Finest In Groceries v WILLIE SMITH DRUGS ,_

I Jrg4rr And Meats Come See JJs S Free
any part of the dry
Q ey 300 Davis Street EL 6-54121 _= OLD RELIABLE -_?__
MISCELLANEOUS 601 West Ashley Street EL 4-1380


I City County and Federal Bon. n STORE .
I Law: Exchange Bldg. ELACE -1S32, Courteous ?
'A' ward I .. Open 8:30 realm.atm
$306 Davis Street EL 4-1210 _
30 Years Electronics
All Work Guaranteed CONFECTIONERS

'JUTS AW A /'G W PONT BLOiVAA Niy? S ONLYTf 05 RND TNENSFl Gyp t 343 Forest Street EL 4-8804''I rft BEER CIGARS CIGARETTES
? 'fi-tRCyNINfsTi2 I TIMIQUANA ROAD TRADING $1102 Price St.
C YiNCr A1u5Y a7N NCr. CsRE IMEN CGC N s A Er. 3.631
L5e1Vl4RSOR. 1flVN / ,. HE GR GRUGI EfzY / I POST NM. L. Harrla
/ Sf FtAIWNCt J Complete Garden Supplies $
I Fertilizer Fruit Products I QUICK SERVICE MATTRESS CO.

\d9cyh IT' J -New and Used Furniture bought and soldMaUna Renovating Our Specialty

( I' 564 Tlmlquaaa Road SP 1-3762$ Oae Day Sernce _

; S r = Ct\ \ ( D ) S I, JOHNNIE'S/ ROOMING HOUSE !703 Old ICIngs Road PO 5-163

J.LE\Jr\ All by Modem Day CoavaaleacesRoom Night or Week, .M Y01Ir T A X SenI I .
r.f. ; ... ca
f. For lafcrmaiio Call NEW DEAL CAB

k. ; :2%,.. ; 'EL-5-4625 *=: 827<>W. Ashley"'Strati_i'a LINCOLN CAS.r. 7c.: .'Jrl.j: .

; ,



: r' '" '""" .
1--i-Ti ', c.!-




I -,3F" '.. -' : .. ", :,Ar- .
'' ,
Week June 4 1960 THE FLORIDA STAR -'
.-", Ending Saturday ______ Page 7
:' :

'i<\ <

',> 1c34

-- -

Coach O. W. O'Neal : T1 T14t : f ..11.tI"O ; ;

Announces 1960 ScheduleFor LIt : : $* 11r

Albany Rams h 4 %
_' ;
O. W. O'Neal. Jr., head football coach and director of athletics 1 t a. t c :

has released a nine-game football schedule for Albany State College. t
:. ;' i i.i v ---- -- .
The Golden RAMS will play five home games and four games on .i : -
SPORTING IT UP pti lrn'-1 bu* tw i ("impduns; in
the road. All home games will be played in Albany's Cardinal Park .
CATCHER JAKE AZCUE isDatting 32 2 :3 innings, striking out 40
I pending completion of State'son-campus football field.
I: .304 in 24 games with whine walking 31 HARVEY
The Schedule: :::1:1i ]Havana of the International League ALEX of Palatka is 1-0 BILL

Sept. 24 Miles at Albany !; pitcher BOB MILLER is BROWI.R. Eaton. Ohio) 1-0 .

fgr t-2: in six games for the Sugar IVAN DAVIS. 4-1 BILL WIL-
Oct. 1 Bethune-Cookman at Daytona Beach, Fla. -.. ]Kings with a 3.00 earned-run KERSON 1-1 DAN NEVILLE.

Oct. 8 Edward Waters at Albany average '. southpaw' MIKE ,, 1-1 OUTFIELDER MILES
I I '- 2UELLAR 4 is 1-1. McWILLIAMS is batU g .358 for
Oct. 15 Paine at Albany """ rr- : In averages through May 22nd. i Palatka in 25 tames with 27 RBIs

Oct. 22 Claflin at Orangeburg, S. C, ( ; I
ALVAREZ is batting .371 in 140 MAN DAVE BRISTOL. .314. .
Oct. 29 Savannah State at Albany x at-bats for Nashville of the Southern SHORTSTOP TOMMY HELMS,

Y Association Ultus has'' .298. .
Nov. 5 Livingston at Salisbury N. C. '
I Af :seven home runs and 32 runs- PITCHER RAY RIPPLEMEYERis

Nov. 12 Moris (Homecoming) at Albany I 1 1I batttd-in THIRD BASEMAN 5-2 for Seattle with a 1.45 ERA

.. CLIFF COOK has a mark of .342 (second best in league) His

Nov. 24 Fort Valley at Fort Valley I H for the Vols with eleven, homers five victories tied for league lead-

and 36 RBIs in 149 at-bats ership in wins for averages thru

ATTENTION LADIES Dr. Alfonso Elder .322 CATCHER JOHN EDWARDS :' 4-1 with a 2.25 in six games

Bridge & Social Club .277 pitcher JIM and 44 innings.OUTFIELDER.

Reporters MALONEY, fireballing 19-year-1 I! MARV SCHULTZ -

Send or Mall To Address SILVER CERTIFICATES from The 100 Percent Wrong Club of Atlanta, Ga., were the order of the day I old righthander is 5-2 TOM j is batting .342 for MANAGER

Your Social News recently when presentations were made in Cleveland. Ohio, to Paul Brown, left, head coach and general j GIBSON, 2-1 CHOLLY NAR- ': VANDER MEER'S Topeka club

Mondays To Albany GraduatesDr. manager of the Cleveland Browns, and the National Newspaper Publishers Association. NNPA Prexy ANJO 3-2 JIM BAILEY in the Clas B Three I League in

William O. Walker, extreme right, editor-publishers. citation. Mr. Brown received his citation for foot- brother of the Rtds' Ed, 4-3 i averages thru May 17. Schultz

FLORIDA STAR Alfonso Elder president of ball coaching and management, while the Cleveland coach, along with former Browns fullback Marion DUANE RICHARDS, after a slow has 41 runs-batted-In and five

2323 Moncrief Rd. Cor. 13th North Carolina College at Durham Motley also received Bulova watches. The latter were two of eleven individuals deemed by the Atlanta start, is now 4-4. home runs.

Or Phone EL 4.6782 Daily World sponsored club as.having made the most outstanding contributions to sports during the last RIGHTHANDER GEORGE Mc
will KEN HUNT of Columbia has !
sixty-five Albany
25 years. The Citations were presented by Joe Williams, Cleveland Coca-Cola Bottling Company, second WILLIAMS is 1-0 In six games
struck out the
most batters In
Watch '[his (1. State College graduates at from left, and Victor L. McPherson, Cleveland district manager:, Atlanta Life Insurance Company. The the South Atlanta ;' with Topeka STEVE SHUR-
>'''vn League-55 j
commencement exercises, June 6. 100 Per Cent Wrong Club is co-sponsored by the Atlanta (Ga.) Life Insurance Company and The coc. .a-\\ and shares the lead in innings', INA, 2-2 STAN JONES 4-1

Cola Company. Atlanta, Ga. in five games with 36 innings
14-66-75 I I pitched with 47 Hunt Is 4-2 |
207-60-381 i Dr. 1---- with i pitched VIC DA V AU.JLO.
Elder is a native of Sand- ?a 1.91 ERA GREG

United Golfers Association j Rattlers To Play I :JANCICH, 1-2 BURT DZIA- i 0-0 in seven games, 15 Innings
ersville. Ga., and has been presi- four earned runs, five walks and
dent of North Carolina College 3 Grid Classics lI 1-0 catcher DON PAVLETICH. !119 strikeouts MARV FODOR.
.3.-- r'4 Slates National Tournan1ent l I' 0-1 in four games, nine innings.
Kt since ,1948., His father served as Is batting .268 for Columbia I
.1' I I I He has allowed two earned runs
9--6 principal of the Elder High Schoolin i WASHINGTON The United Golfers Association's national j.I TALLAHASSEE The-'Florida j FIRST BASEMAN DICK BEALL, 'I. PAUL UNDERWOOD. 13.

Sandersville for over 50 years. tournament will be played'in Chicago August 22-23 over the Pipe-O- A&M. University Rattlers will play j I.currently sidelined with a bad

; 26-32,58' Peace and Burnham Woods golf courses, according to a statement |I three classics in the state this fall ,.ankle, has 20 RBIs in 21 games \ BILL SHEPHERD, Missoula

,,,.,.7sa.10.. -,94.' .--679, Presidjnt,Eider is a graduate of I released this week by Howard Anderson, UGA president,.Toledo, Ohio. ;: according to Jake Gaither head.,with six home runs. I outfielder, is hitting .364 in 22

:' Sometime' *' tai UJ| Atlanta ,University" and Teachers' I The Ohio-sette Women's Golf : adelphia; May 22. Western Mass coach and athletic director.Classics :. ." I JOHN FLAVIN, the young Pioneer" : League games with six
for )
4< he's Club UGA affiliate in Chicago Open, Home City Golf Club, I wilt1 be Southpaw recently, signed by \ runs (tied league leadership
!fbietune9 down played in Tam-I
College'Columbia University as d.19 RBIs.. CBSAR TOV An,
is serving as host to the'natIonal'ltournament I Springfield, :Mass.; May 28-30 SCOUT BOBBY MATTICK, was I
lie wld*. subtracts 'Generaf pa, 'Jacksonville and Miami. Tarn- second:'baseman. .330 GUS
a Education Board. : fI j(
r He work It all 'u9wd with Mrs. Mary Campbell -, ProAm.Vake. Robin. Golf Club very impressive hi his pprofes- i 1
r Pellow... After ,further study at the being chairmanof'arrange- Washington : \ pa was added this year. The Rat- sional debut with Palatka of the GIL, shortstop;

,., Coming:.Attractions15,5043X627 University' of;.ChlCagO, he earned ments. It',,is expected that more : .- I tlers, National". Negro Collegiate '!: Florida State League on May 22 .-: PEREZ, Geneva, second
New 15CapestersGolf
\ : nine divisions" of the tournamentteur I England' : May ; copped', seven straight, ,Southern j j Flavin'pitched six innings I
.. .the Ed. D., degree:,, rom Teachers' I Iallowed baseman, is leading the N. Y.
Senior' Men and Senior Club; Cape Cod; Mass; May Football Champions 1959 have j i two hits and one run. Pennsylvania League with a batting -
''college, Columbia University in
rr I i than 500 golfers will play in the 22, Home City Golf Club, 'Springfield Intercollegiate Athletic titles. iI|| walked three and' struck out 13 | mark of .421 RON FLENtDER -

".. I t 1938.'. -Pros, Men and Women's Ama- Mass.. ; making an addition i I i in the six innings. MANAGER" Geneva outfielder. Is hitting

-- Women's Amateur Junior Boys; I of eight UGA sanctioned tourna- MID plays Benedict College DAVE BRISTOL decided not to 1

I 14-18 and under 14 and similar ments for the 1960 season. I pitch Flavin too long as he hadn't |-

PHOTOGRAPHS FOil categories for Junior Girls comprise New England District-June 12, I in the Golden Triangle Classic in!, done too much pitching prior to two pitcher DAN PAUL is 1-0.

the nine'championship divi- Midway Golf Club, Hartford, Tampa, October 1, South Caro- I his reporting to Palatko. The two

EVERY OCCASION sions of the tournament.Mrs. Conn.; June 26, Bi-Ki-Pu Golf lina State College in the Florida hits he allowed consisted of a

Club, Providence, R. I., PonkapogaGolf Classic in Jacksonville October'!I bad hop single off the second

Parris". Brown. ,UGA tournament Course, Canton Mass. 29, and the Orange Blossom Clas-t' baseman's chest and a bouncingball Relieves

Expert- Photography director- Washington D. Cn sic in Miami. December 10. The' over second that the second CHILDREN'SC'bNSTIPATION.

F Portraits Weddings. Bancrofts : simultaneously announced the I opponent for the OBC will be I II baseman fielded but couldn't makea '

Passports Identification Photo. national golf body will hold TRAVELING DOCTOR named in November. play on.ROOKIE.

"] Photostats & Commercial Work regional and local units of the KADUS, India Every Wednesday I For over 60 yearn.bald. liquidMARSHALL'S
BABY EASE has brought
Photos For Newspaper Cuts twenty-four golf' tournaments is Doctor's Day in this South Carolina State replaces comfort without binding. Does not contain -
While You Walt during remaining part of the golf Khed District village which has Bethune-Cookman College in the MIKE MATTIACE, who pitchedtwo I opiates or strong laxatives. Ask
Baby Eaie. Had
for vegetable pure
no-hitters this season already
Coloring & Picture Framing season. no local physician or hospital for Florida Classic. Coach Gaither I, especially genUa for Infant
f.,. Let Us Take A Photo Of You These tournaments are as follows its 5,000 people. The doctor comes said that oficials. of Bethune- for Palatka, is 4-0. He has al-

: to town In a CARE: mobile health Cookman College requested that

In Natural Color Eastern Division-June 5, Penn unit, an $11,500 clinic-on-wheels the contest return to a home and

J. AVER State Fairview Golf Club Phila- developed by the American agency home basis. The game this year Those

delphiaPa., ; June 19, Quaker City to improve health conditions In will be played In Daytona Beach, ,

AVERY'S PHOTO STUDIO Invitational, Quaker City Golf underdeveloped lands. October 22. r4'/. ,, '
Course Apex Golf Course, Atlantic who ; ;
1674 Kings Rd. Next to EWC Library with funds donated by
City, N. J.; June 25-26, Eastern Bought 'The: complete FAMU grid schedule -

Phone EL 4-7695 For Appointment Open, Eastern Golf Association, Graham French, Philadelphia Pa.., : : '
Washington D. C. attorney the CARE unit here is'run live

July 2-4, Northern Va., Open, by a Bombay welfare society y rI.
Arlington Divot, Washington D. and pays weekly visits to Khed October 1, Benedict College I.
Tampa; 8, Lincoln University
a Qf C.; July 16-17 YorkshireDandyDuffers villages. i rr
Tallahassee; 15, Morris Brown
Annual, Yorkshire and
Colege, Atlanta Ga.; 22, Bethune-
Dandy Duffers, Pittsburgh Pa.;
Cookman College, Daytona Beach;
July 30-31 EGA Team Matches-
Tax Foundation finds that pay- 29, South Carolina'State Cohege f: r4 f?
Mixed Scotch Foursome Junior
Jacksonville November 5, North
Championships Eastern Golf As- rolls for civilian employes of the. ; I if ic Ni
Carolina A&T College Tallahassee r
sociation, Reading, Pa.
f \ ." Executive Branch of the federal homecoming; 12, Allen University i f'
r >; September 3-5, Mid-Atlantic
Tallahassee; 19, Southern
.. Open, Monumental Golf Course government last, year reached an University Baton Rouge. La; 29, 32fr
: Baltimore Md.; September 18, rf
# YMCA Pro-Amateur Harlem."Y" estimated$12.3 billion. That works I! Texas Southern University -
; December 10, Orange
a' 7 Golf Club Essex County Golf ;'If'9
011 ,""to$226, for each U. 8. family. Blossom Classic; Miami.
Course East Orange, New Jersey. .

Mid-West District June 4-5,
: 4 y
Kentuckiana Shawnee Golf
I ( ."
Course. LouisvilleKy.; June 11-12, c qs

Douglas Coffin Park Indianapolis t
; I
Ind.; June 1819.: Windy City. ,t $

Pipe-O-Peace: Chicago HL; June 1
18-19 Louisville Golfers Shawnee 1i
_, f r%
Course. Louisville. Ky.; June 25-

: 26 Capital City Midiron RaymondGolf

r Course, Columbus Ohio.

1ya : $I ME July 9-10. Tiretown Goode Park f

t Golf Course Akron Ohio: July
E 23-24, Par Makers Gleason Course. r .

Gary Indiana; July 30-31. Fairway -

-- 'Golferettes, Madden Park
Dayton, Ohio. i demand GORDON'SGINif

August 6-7. District Junior. Par-

Birdie Course. E. Canton Ohio.

August 13-14 Midwestern Boy- you have a taste for

KEN KNIGHTInvites view Ottawa Toledo Ohio. Sep- the finer things always ask forGordon's r.JmM '
tember 3-4 Par-Birdie Par- A; '
authentic London Dry Gin. '/ '
You To Listen To Birdie Course; E. Canton. Ohio; .
So smooth and
Sept. 17-18. Detroit Amateur dry... 1M rf ,

"KNIGffT TRAIN"Stertiag RFedford Course Detroit ]mrfv; d/t 1pNjII of such delicate flavor... "

r' R October 1-2, Greater Cincinnati you can enjoy it STRAIGHT /tIr7tIW
Avon Field; Cincinnati., Ohio. '

At 7:00 P. M. Nightly Tournaments have already been .
77Ierc Cis likr1Bt1
played as follows: EacUr District

14OO-RllC 1400 -May 1. Tioga Tioga Golf Club,

Philadelphia; Hay 15. Keystone % uta PII IIDUI lEI '-'OOM W.SCaas ur eli 00.m..WIa t
Open i Gree&e Lft&ee Cosaee 7flf -

I '


0,* .: r'a.\f.: : .i ,, ,,- ... .
,f ':"" :i\ ,x i --& > ..di'< """ '. : : err.. > .. -, '

r.y- .
':' .,
--- -
-- -
----- -
-- '



r" ( mGRT THE FLORIDA STAR Week Ending Saturday June 4, 1960

} Saleslady -

.". Wanted, saleslady for Watkins j HAIRCUTSFor -" ---.a.'_

. Products in Northwest Jackson- your next haircut visit I Successful Car Styling Can Mean

" ,. "7' ville. Call EL 5-8215. 8 to 12 a.m. the Artistic Barber Shop, 619 Jind the II
(:.. ;,' W. Ashley. Phone EL 4-9231. strength, Dollars In Pockets Of The Public I
" Wanted I j.,', C. C. McCurdy, Prop.; Charles
; Nice With one out of every six business firms in the United States '
quiet Christian j Simmons
couple Mgr. -
.,' for life : associated in some way with the automotive industry, the succc \
- (children accepted) to share my !I your of American .car styling may.mean dollars in your pockets, one: I
home. EV 7-2988. ,or the nation's leading automotive -
) J
stylists says. !I highway transport concerns to
"Its enough to.make the the crossroiuse'\ice star:.
7'd CHILD CARE stylist break out in a cold sweat J I IYalker pictures this situation -
; When ho realizes that the success !I in the form of a r\Ta.I
'.- Susie's Cradle Nursery I' Special Care Given Children. 's'J or failure of his work can :\ with a car at Its p ,' :. T.e nil.'
Specialized In For Working Mothers G affect not only his own company of the car, he CXP:tins: im'oLi: '
Infant Care 7 aJn. to 6 pjn. 'I I and'its suppliers but also j'I more and mor pe')j';e .l s the ei-
v local merchants: in town and feet or its sales t!'; ', ',. ,
5350 5 days a week i ; ::> duv i:
Newcombe Street Reasonable Rates cities far removed from his styling I "In an automotive s.i.;,' ;:_
Phone PO 5-1 570 <+ ( *'. studios," George W. "the I
says say, A"ie r':nn pt b.c: ::-
-, Mrs Suite Keith. Owner : 1336 W. 21st EL 44861SKYVIEW i! t: t I Walker, Ford I tenvnea iL& o;';n \':t'lbi ,: ,..::, .
1 1j i ( J Motor Company i: The purchase. of :a car can s,.:. _
ffJtib IIIB.! U I j vicepresident J I a chain re-Ktio'! ti:,!te'V<.., l ? ,'
/ i and ; nay lead to :i n--'l b'ne'L.* I

.1 STARTS SUNDAY I \ director o f for tad:: :nt .>i .'.:tl ':;! ,> :P ':i ,.
FOR 7 BIG DAYSROOSEVELT styling the car m trl' ,.1:'>/ phL': .
"Obviouslyeconomy -' "
1 -\g t>o nt. ;1t'! 1'C. .)jnte"i
"of oute build! r.us; '.n }'.:id red:;
lJ ./IJ J-rJ I ,.d .: i' operation and < + -+ of thousand, b;:: ".\'e s;,-:. tnc:i
LVV- li AfAii WofJiARfJ I : other factors c-s- : oie at a tint" V;.:' .. J' s;;\;>.
Jli o NI enter into the '
"So its '
A tip of the repel Out Imr01'I.r. :l' is ,0I
I I I' RELIGION! IN AMERICAN UFE, INC decision tc j I it is to the prospect;.' t ;stc:-:-
to these outstanding -\\1 : j purchase one I' that .. .. .
f I er he 1ib'i.; !1. stcWellstyled .
Anwrieans, wb, 1; .,.,. ._ U"" WT4''k i j car rather
young; TOGETHER c:lr<; ;::',' uI :,' <
I ;" .IRQIf\1 i I WORSHIP THIS WEEK than another i ._ .
make our country an ; i the best way;> to ; : ot s t.:
I ,
__ ," Walker Ceorg W.Walkersays. ,
our community a .oeUolace I ... ) lWQJ.lJt $. I Iv __ n interest and puu"." ; ; n;
"But the
,y I appearanceof to Walker.
!'WbJcn to Uv* I i iSkl '"" ; <: < .'. ; I Exercises i FAMU SuderfAppoinfed a car its styling is "Fin from bring \\';'.<' ;a' a:1,1: I
Capping still ti mighty important con- .. *
> unnecessary, he tla;i ': j>t\ling "
ir if ir +'r J ; ToOak sideration. If the public disapproves innovations artu-lh! osier I f
\ I Held! at Brewster
i of the styling, the car other advantages to tine puL'a!
I probably won't sell welL If sales ,
sales raise b=>lh Lining -
\ .' :.,:, Capping ceremonies for 17 nur- { Ridge Unit fall off, production and employment and employment help x->,'''' i
<:..' ses were held last Friday by the \ may drop. And,if employ- technological ,
I progress t:1"-;:
11' '. TENNESSEE Tr ,re- ;: ) Brewster-Duval School of Nurs- TALLAHASSEE Buford Gibson ment drops, the people affected and
age it !::?
lit FU:6 ![.f:: r a student at Florida ARM : not be able to all of
t AND 1 llt9'.I !; : ing at the Brewster Methodist may buy enough used cars into the market -
: University, has received a summer : :the things they've been buying so that private transportation -

3 ti : Hospital. !appointment at the Oak Ridge, Jn. the past. can be placed within reach
I Receiving their caps and re- : "As a result, local business of just about everyone."I'm .
]Institute of Nuclear Studies. The i I
peating the Nightingale Pledge declines, and the individuals and sure that explains: why
(Oak National Laboratory I
were Josephine Hudson, Lake companies who depend on these the modern automotive stylisthas
of the largest laboratories in' businesses for their livelihood
to be a realistic businessman
J City Betty Williams, Trannie
JI I ; (the nation, ,is engaged m nuclear begin to feel the pinch" asel\ as an artist," .
Harris Bernice Heads, dance
: and development with em- The "one out of six" firms Walker adds. "With so much at
Robinson, Gladys Anderson, Ce- 'I ]energy fundamental studies in whose fortunes rise or fall with I stake, neither he nor his com-
celia Dawkins Eloyce Sampson, phasis on those of the automotive indus- pany can afford to style car
I Gloria Love and Patricia Gibbs support of applied technology. try cover a wide range of busi I that are out of step with cur-
I Much of this work is directed toward nesses from public utilities and rent trends in public tastes
of this city; Dorothy Green Pen-
the Atomic Energy Commis-
sacola: Birda M. Bush Thomas-
GERALD VERNON WELLS sion's reactor development.The .
ville, Ga.; Ernestine Jones, Mar- '
Northwestern ianna; Deloris Darby, Orlando; summer appointments were
Gerald Is a member of the offered on a competitive basis to 1
Jacqueline Goldsmith. Miami Ao- 'CJT9urHashion!
11-1 class. He is affiliated with ; Sunday to Sun. Nite a limited number of college juniors i
Thru Tues. Nite ma Flowers, Haines City andMary J
the School Band and has received TuesdayFint who are majoring in the sciences
honors in both the Band Run Technicolor Hit "TIME FOR DESIRE"Woman's Pollack, Zellwood. and will be seniors in the school .
Appearing on program were b/Betsy (JShite @ffp
Love for Woman
and Algebra Clubs. His hobby "NATURE GIRL AND THE and"GIGANTIS Mrs. Fannie B. Welch presidentof year 1960-61. The program is primarily i !
is baseball. for students from collegesIn
THE FIRE the Mary Mahoney Nurses .
the southern region who pos- -
.e .? MONSTER" Club of Daytona Beach who delivered -
sess the potential for a successful
'FIENDS of DOPE ISLAND' Win $170 Cash Mon. Nite I the speech. Mrs. Sara I career in science. Appointees are
I Robertson, Rev. L Edwards, the
assigned to the Oak Ridge Na-.
Teen Tonetts, Mrs. Paradine
tional Laboratory for instructionand M ti''
Smith. Miss Almetya Johnson.
training designed to provide
ati Mrs. Lucy Parks. Miss Doris
them with a keener perceptioninto
Tucker and Mrs. Mills.
the factors involved in selecting -

.. planning, and executing a
Several $200
ScholarshipsTo Bill i l Lucas Making research project.

The purpose of this program
Home:Run Record is to provide for college under-

POCATELLO-Bill Lucas, for- graduates opportunities to developa

.. Leading Florida Colleges mer star shortstop for the Florida better comprehension of research -

A&M Rattlers, banged out four methods and their signifi-

home runs and drove In 10 runs cance. To accomplish this, the 1

.. % as Boise split a four game series students under the guidance of \

FAP.OUK LAVELL KAMMANorthwester 10-6 and 19-9 here with Poca- research scientists will engage in

Now Available To tello recently. activities pertaining to research.

Parouk of the 11th grade is Lucas a native of Jacksonville Gibson's application was made

currently enjoying school but Fla.. aid brother-in-law of Hank in the form of a nomination by

ea&er111ookfng forward to sum- Aaron of the Milwaukee Braves Dr. Margaret Collins of the biol-
mer vacation. He Is assistant High School Graduates also got a double and a single ogy department of A&M. His selection [fJ

director of the school chorus ,i._,__ in the nightcap and scored five was made on the basis of Breezy comfort and stay-put
security are the hallmarks o{
and has hopes of becoming a runs himself in going five-for- scholastic achievement, aptitude I cummer's new strapless bras by Formfit. Made of cool cotton,

great entertainer in the near seven. potential, and interest by an Oak the "Confidential" Is completely free of wires. The convertible
future. '.' '- Ridge Committee. The appoint- |"Gay life" ha cups of nylon sheer over pellon.
And College Students He was voted the "Most Valu-
able Player" while with Sacra- ment will be for an approximate As predictable as the swallow 80 Capistrano is the feminine

f mento in the California League ten-week period, beginning on or .urge to shed restrictive apparel in the spring

r"t before about ,June 15. 1960. Once: a."special occasion". item, today the strapless bra has a
: ?typr ,-. entering the service three general. an-purpose appeal that
For Just A Few Hours r :
years He received his Suits a of fashion
;h ago. second ( multitude and 1 gown the Gay Life bra is
MVP while serving as a Second figure needs. completely unlined, and unpadded -

Lieutenant at Fort Bliss, Texas. p tx. w ,. Notable is a new "Confiden- Auxiliary straps may be
tial" series which features no attached as desired in the '
(.I.....- .. r" regular
'Summer Work Wherever You. .-''' straps and no wires and lifts manner,off-the.shoulder or
and rounds the form by means I halter style. Without straps, this
/ Business Opportunities StorkDeliveries of cups lined with wafer Him bandeau stays in place by
foam rubber. A silky elastic means: of specially developed
{ Live In Florida House to House salespeople.Sell back, with synchronized stretch, non-skid yarns in the back band.'
fast selling, guaranteed, .makes the bra cling hue a compliment The Confidential" bandeau-

.. Marti Dare Cosmetics and Old through any summer comes in sizes 32A to 38B and
activity.. lon line and assahere versionsare
V 97 Home Necessities. Full
Readily adaptable to any available The "Gay Life"
Write Today .For Full Details Spare Time. Big Profits. Have fashion from the bateau neck- convertible bandeau may be had
big stock to fin your orders line of a pull-over shirt to the in a span of sizes from 32A,

Immediately at factory prices. Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Mills, 2123 plunging decolletage. _. of_a .ball_ _I, to _3SC._ .
---- --
RICHARD LEE TARVER JR. -- Old 97 Distributors, 811 South I McQuade Street, Boy. I

Northwestern Scholarship Department Edgewood Ave EV .9-3119, Mr. and Mrs. John Grissett, 1640 ZTT'Y*

Pepsi-cola salutes RichardLee Jacksonville. W. 25th Street, Boy. + _

Tarver of the 10th grade ;
and Mrs. Charlie Spivey,
class. Richard is an ardent Mr. r i irxWt

football fan and is a memberof P.O. Box 561 Jacksonville 1, Fla. 1576 Hurst Place, Girl. r

the Northwestern football RITZ I I! Mr. and. Mrs. Curtis Jackson,

team. His hobby is also football. : Street. Girl.
STARTS 1025 W.
SUNDAY I Mr. and Mrs.. Frank White, 2406 r+' T t

BACK BY POPULAR 'II San Diego Road, Girl.
; * DEMAND! t 4r
: Mr. and Mrs. Algia Barnett, 1704

: Listen To PepsiMusicQuest Summer EmploymentFor t. Kings Road, Boy. :I pI ,yY i. 'r iI

Friday to Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Jackson, ,

the fUN N IErT t 1470 E. 25th Street, Boy.
Nites 10:30 to 11:00 School Teachers '
S. King,
Mr. and Mrs.
I s Oog-gone ad"entUre I
Phone Request 1756 Illinois Street, Girl.

EL 60461.2 Senior Class Sponsors .ttef ever happene//* Mr. and Mrs. Robert White Rt. I Y R
: Park Fla.,
? .
".. 1, Box 785-B. Orange -
Boy. / ;>" i.W
.i If

Pleasant Work Supervising A I Mr. and Mrs. James Frazier, f< > ,'. <.

\ 5761 Begonia Road, Girl. < ;' :t Jj. '
6 o 1

High School Grads and College .,. ; Mr. and Mrs. David James, 1412 ,M" ; .. J

4 Tai }-r Jf,. <
t ;; ; W. 22nd Street, Girl. A gardener's work is never a coffee break. Schedule frequents!

Students .-4J. Johnson, .done, and too frequently and too "breaks" during the work daYf4
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy 'quickly, the chores cease to be As for the coffee, make it by the j
WAIl DlSNEYSl 3934 Moncnef Road, Girl: fun. That's because garden fapotful the easy and instant way j

GOOD PAY CONVENIENT HOURS 1 Dunbar. tigue can hit you suddenly if you To make six 5-oz. cups of coffee/
TMe' Mr. and Mrs. Herman work at too fast a pace and for bring four cups of water to ail
: : 3204 North Myrtle Ave., Boy. .too long a time at a stretch. This boil in an agate type coffee pot.
TODAY .I' can happen whether you're workAdd one-third cup of Borden's
Apply STARRtHG Mr. and Mrs. Freddie Corley sing with a selection of Grandma instant coffee. Stir. Carry into

Fred lURRAY JeanW6EP1 1932 Pullman Court, Girl. :Moses flower-garden favorites the garden. The agate pot will t
Interstate Press such as zinnias, marigoldsand keep the new instant percolated
Mr. and Mrs.Billy Morgan 1116 .asters,or hybrids of the costliest flavor fitfully warm for some*
Girl.> .variety. The answer to garden time.This will refresh you quickly -*
P.O. Box 561 Jacksonville --1?: Fie. and story Cothounia"RAYEDGE" Evergreen Ave.. 'fatigue is the same as that for and give you, new vigor to')

} : : I Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Dawson. .honsen/ or office fatigue: Take finish,the days.work. _, \
; .
; Circle, Girl. .. I
: <2730 Hamilton .
:i -i: 1. '. / .: .. '
; '

..f ." ''.'t-..":..iJo! ,4 '-; ; !:: : ....;. ..'.;;'f f"ll."" .;'>N;...-, .-.! ,iI...., "..._"' .:..-." -j; .." .."..;- '.W' ; ::,-.tioffl1'' ".. "f .J.Peo-.w... .. _... .'--.... ..
/ ;": :.- .
.J '



,, .... __ '". .._ .of. I I u..
'< ___0.... ,, .! _, '. _: .. :S :"n' 1' ""' ;;; "" oS ;" "' '"