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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200562datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date May 28, 1960dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=005620740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
May 28, 1960
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
May 28, 1960
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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- .- -. -,. rTlJ: .. "l9'. .. -.-:. i .z, ;,-.; -
I -

.: ..t'I I

I I II Iiii


a I J.: _+. ',, n!" 4 ,R--- WNIN ACCIDENT 6e"a I:

...- .
, ---r-

Ar Jackson'sElection Losst

) \ r4IMfl VUIII

!: : : : Stirs Varied Comments

\ -Nu. ; o \f MA : _3, 1x60 i JACKSCNV.LLE 9, "LC i; /, 15 .. Cc s : --
! :: ..
:$.. *>

j Matron
r. s a

i I d:1ceydrnown"! r4=p 1 ,- Shoof IB Iiig 1 .. Of f i Hubby itI

: ;: Jax.Matr n Held 3 Teenagers 2. f en 7

R In Family Fuss Shootmg I In Drowning J

i By- Staff Corresnondent__. _n______
An elderly Jacksonville matron' I IL Two drowning: tragedies claimedthe

prominent in religious and fra-I City Stalls lives of four persons who went Hartley and

te iial circles was arrested on a wading in Jacksonville early this Fleming, D. H.
I :
charge of assault to murder in awsuli For week and a fifth person died in a Suber.

coiuiection with the shooting of i I i i water grave at Ponte Vedra. BEACH MAN :

her husband during a family row, i Three teenagers were lost in AT PON'TE

Mrs. Mildred 'Scruggms, Ci, of' integration Dunn Creek shortly after 6 p.m. A Jacksonville : : : i is :::: ; .

1593 We t 15th Street was arrested Monday and a 31-year old man drowned when \
last T'uirsday:. after she al- ';' The City of Jacksonville was ;i I went under water in a sandpit at backward into ;: .

le',:-dlv shot her husband Arthur able to prolong the fight for full !|' the foot-of Bergman Road about lagoon at S=> :

M Scruggins. 63, during an argument integration of all municipal recreational -: 5:30 p.m., the Duval County Pa- 30 a.m. I

over whether the man's 97'e.l'old facilities when in its(,t trol reported.I' He was :

; grandmother should continue one sentence answer to the federal The bodies of Roosevelt Junior Mien, about 45,

living with the couple. court suit it pointed to what Berry; 15, and Freddie Lee Berry, Axe. by St.
appears to be a loophole in the
I 13 of 126 Oak St.. and Earl Johnson Roy
Police said Scruggins told them complaint.In Mrs. D. L. \ :
14, of
11126 Joel Rd. were recovered $
he was chatting with his grandmother i Rd. told
asking for dismissal of the by patrolmen and skindivers -
I about 8 p.m.Vednesday ; suit, the city contended the bill ;: from the Jacksonville Jetty Molleri to mow i:
night when his wife started an i iartument ) of complaint was so vague and Jumpers shortly after 8:30 p.m. Kane a maid in
in which she told )jScrug Charles said she saw the of
:: indefinite its allegations could Womack of 1579 W.
ins to get elderly woman :not be properly answered. 15th St. was dead on arrival at water. I

"out of my house." ; Duval Medical Center after at- The two
: l. The. city's one-sentence answer J temp s at iUq oJ1-.tAP!. ...P JJ&1 '-..
Police jaft!:" Scru ins lef tr.tea ti'said* :.. 'NO..b&ngbdYised! oL.which ; ficers ,said lit-had* been in the. con?*'

hour Herfhei .minutes. ter and Mollen.. I .
worse and was,.;: ffettlns in o'hfsT:tton"'facilities the-'plaintiff s'crea-I Ie o'41rid I that
at plain being operated Robert Berry 16, of the Oak
car when his wife fired twice i are on according to \ i ]: -'
i regated basis: the defendants allege street address gave this accountof
.32 calibre revolver\ !
him with a The Ponte
: that in the interests of racial : the Dunn Creek accident:
One bullet hit him. teer fire I the
harmony some are so operated I Roosevelt Junior Berry was I I!
while others are used exclusively'by wading about 20 feet from shore body. : i;
one race or the other as a mat- ,i when he apparently stepped intoa ;:' the

I ter of local custom and not be-i] hole and sank from sight. The I I j

NAACP Leaders ;I cause of any enforcement of segregation -!i j; other two boys went after him I J that '"
by the defendants, and :1 and also disappeared. MAN LOSES I to ..

Lose Move To i still others are operated on an i I I i Roberts said neither he nor thei IN BAR ) j i -

: integrated basis." i i i victims were able to swim. A 34-year-old

Quiz Probers I He said he ed down and i
The filing of the city's answer j ran the two miles i[
I the St. were kicked out ;i
through Regis Paper For-
TALLAHASSEE TWO :Miami to the race-mixing suit sets the 'I I'
est from the in a Bar at t
scene the accidentto
against whom a'I stage for what may be the final
NAACP leaders the home of Mrs. Streets last :
Inez Brewr
committee I legal\ move in the litigation a to
legislative investigating I at 1953 ported. I
Fay to summon aid.
i motion by the Negores for a of
ha.. brought contempt proceedings !I County Patrolmen Claude Bryantand
summary judgment holding thecity's George I to
xriu not be permitted to question :, Earl Leigh and Lt. Billy
answer to be insufficient is listed as 616 : : lack
ommittee members under oath j : Hartley arrived soon after. : i
and prohibiting segregation at any he was having I fact
prior to a :May 30 hearing. : After a two-hour search the :
1 of the city's recreational facilities. 10:29 pan. last rt'F
I bodies were foand near the spot '
Circuit Judge W. May Walker The latest integration suit was 1 man came up to I 1-
where they went under.
Wednesday he had denied 'a I filed last Oct. 24, after the city i 1 an argument I '
Witnesses to the Bergman road ::
Edward Gra- moved ahead with plans to sell Brooks said the :
by the Rev. I
petition accident
said Womack apparently I' '
i I
Gib- the two municipal golf courses him and ;
Ham and the Rev. Theodore stepped into a hole after wading -
I' which, last April, were ordered tim was taken
fot_ the case comes before the I opened to Negro play by the fed- some 50 feet from the bank ofi Center for I I
and committee staff workers be- : i i the excavation. I
eral court. James Brown I I
son that they be permitted to I The body was recovered soon arrested. I ; I I
cross: examine committee members I' It calls for equal race rights in :' after by rescue units from the I as

court for final hearing. the use of the city swimming Jacksonvill Fire Department and Patrolmen F. in-
I I pools the Gator Bowl Jackson- Dallas Graham Funeral Home investigated. !
Lawyers for the two Negro ville Baseball Park municipal ,, -
I .
leaders wanted to question Sen. zoo, city parks, the coliseum now .

Charley Johns Rep. W. C. Her- under construction, and the I I I iI i

cell committee chairman, and planned municipal auditorium. It ii I i
committee attorney Mark Tawes asks that all of these facilities !

regarding the basis for their allegation -be operated on a nondiscriminatory ': I !!,

that the Communistshave basis whether municipally 4 ,'
infiltrated the Miami chap- controlled or leased by the city :, 2025
ter of the National Assn. for the to other interests. 4a'u j hit
j i Plaintiffs' in the aetion are !j a
Advancement of Colored People.
a:i Frank Hampton, a former city j the
They also wanted to look at com- i
polictman; Edward J. Norman i last
mittee records. Charles M. Brown the Rev. Wilbur a ,

Judge Walker said that he B. Miller the Rev. J. S. John- a
son and the Rev. J. B. F. Wil- c4 I i
found no reasonable basis for per- -
liams, all Negroes. ;
mitting Graham and Gibson to and
members. He
question committee 4 '! '

said most* of the information they MAN.DURING HIT ARGUMENT IN FACE tP M :j \ an
want to extract from
claimed to two
Squire Nixon. 23, of 1954 W
the committee members was 10th Street was hit in the face a i

available from other sources. He during an argument last Saturday } I the

also said the court rules permit- with Charles Bell 30. of a Staf- c the

ting parties the opponents to legal under actions oath to ford. Street Address police reported. I ibasketball's Y \ .

The victim said he and Bell hit jf
in an effort to secure information got into an argument over some two G

needed to perfect their cases did money the accused owed him and I : re- j fi.

not apply to legislative commit- while they were arguing, he was i I .
hit in the face by Bell who ran. J
tees. international down
Murphy, Flash
Nixon was taken to Duval Medi-
The committee has asked Judge cal Center by police cruiser. He prince poses with lovelies 'front Tempy Fletcher ;1

Walker to cite Graham and Gibson told.invesigating officers he would Larry Steele's -Smart Affairs** Lylo Smith and ad-

.for contempt because 'of their prosecute Police said they advised show dvrioc his surprise birthday. son. Mr*. Lottie

:refusal to answer questions put victim to secure a warrant.Patrolmen celebration. at the Sir John HoteL was hostess for I > 3

by the committee at a public M. .Ik Massey and Left to right, we have Barbara fair. P:

hearing last fall. W. M... Harris. Investigated. Honey., ., Jo ABA, Jolly; Mhmte'

..;. .' :.r :; 'J:, .'. .: -.'4, -.... -- < "-
: .
\' ;r, i : : :- .'..
; 1 F I II -


i .


'-' ,__ -- -- et
\ -- -- -


1 5


V -" >'::... .-' -. -, I ;';,\1' ;'..' I t t.1
1. -- '" >
-'.' .' -.j. ,
.:?>: I ( -V; : .... ,
: "
I L.' :-:Poge 2 -- = : : "- :: T,--i .-! i r __4- ,-- Week Ending Saturday, May 28, 1960 i

t, : '," THE FLORIDA STAR :;'- .1..r... ..I.4"J: I '11L JUST, GIMCfACMSS THE \/e
.. "Poiitic
li I : is
.. ... ... r:.' {y. .-; .r'r. TWO OCEANS I nsua
:. .. # AT/ .'At1r 1 liv Eric O. sim
: NEWS ...... "t.-J TOO BAP HERE
.y.Zt'" .- -
The failure of the Negro people of Jacksonville to elect Ernest D.
/ ... __.
,4, .. ';j'i : tW1- _r .;-,; Jackson Justice of the Peace of the ilth District so that we might

-'. J ..-" ;,,-.. have some represents in the gov;-rnamcntal setup of Duval Countyis I

Published by Th. Florida\Star PuhlUhisg Co. .: '::'.: ."f .. a source of great disappoinunent among many.
". J. There is
cause concern over --- ------ --
"Member of Associated Negro Press1 :, I :

',- ene O. Simpson ...-. _..._ .__-_--.__-_..!:
':. Purhaoy Johnson .......-- Newt Staff ...'r" 'L, : negroes want to defeat Mrs. SarahBryan groups and organizations were
: \ ; but that
Hilda Woolen ... Circulation Dept. progressive too b\tsy working for the county
Negroes are for
t aspiring repre-
commissioners and other candidates -

1 sentation. in the other constable and

I .' !I The blame for our failure to justice of the peace races to really

MAIN OFFICE & PLANT: elect a Negro representative must get out and work for the progress

CSU Koocrief Road _._____._ EL 4-6782 EL 46783Dowuluwu \ .. : I i'' be laid squarely to the Negro of the race.
'residents of the 11th district .
Branch Officw 423 Broad St. Phone EL 43773Mailing I IJ J and here is why. The regrettable and somewhat

'. about electing a Negro. Is it thatis
._ I I[ According to the unofficial returns -
that our Negro leaders can co
,. JP Sarah Bryan polled
; so much the way they tell it" to
-J ( : s 6.737 votes to Jackson's 6,068. Of
Address ; !
: z elect white candidates to other
I the 6,068 votes Jackson received
P. O. Box 5E1 Jacksonville 1. Florida : ':'" I 494 posts, but. according to one white
were white votes, which means
'. :-- observer, they can't do anything
I he received 5,574 Negro votes out
.' "...'_.I' .it.- ... of 8.319 registered Negro voters about electing a Negro. It it that
'; ,, "' .- '".. we are too busy: electing others
.-"r ..'- _- ,i Where were the other 2,745 Negro
SUBSCIilPTION RATES .;'-':;"- i that we can't elect one of our
,....., voters?
6n. Tea:, $5.00 Half Year 53.00: Three Months. SI.60 :: ,.."" It is difficult to tell own?

Mailed To You. An/where In The United Stales.ftmbtcription .- #....'-w-:. 4'P'. Negroes voted against exactly Jack-howmany The simple fact is that our

Payable in Adrttnce. Send Check or Money Order To: ,- --- son, but a close check of the Negro citizens-the average work-
fLORIDA STAR-P. O. BOS JACKSONVILLE 1. FLORIDA ing man and woman the everyday
precinct showws that at least 122
citizen who is looking for progress --
'IJt 1T-- Negroes cast votes for Mrs. Bryan.
is being sold down the
By the same token it is also difficult -
"" river by a handful of bright boys
: --
: :
-.i or ; -: : : to tell the
: .... : exact number of
:"' ; -- : who are "getting well" at the expense -
.. .
; -
..,.,. ;;..;-J..r. ... ," .. .. 1..0---:, whites who voted for Jackson. We
POLITICAL PAYOLA _. of Negro citizens by run
(;pj) > :: can be sure that 495 white voters
,;.. :? ning and in some cases mis-
.;!,;! I : pulled the lever for Jackson.
We've all heard about device where ., When running campaigns for candi-
"payola"-a according -- you consider that some
)III. .. ._ .. dates and at the same time put-
to the revelations of a Congressional investigatingbody '.., nearly 500 white citizens went out ting out variety of 'tickets' and

disc jockeys obtained large sums of money along with to polls last Tuesday and cast literature urging us to vote for

valuable gifts from record companies in return for plugging J MILLIONS DENIED THE VOTE, SEGREGATION, DISCRIMINATION. their Negro votes attorney for Ernest whom they Jackson felt, is a this or that candidate. But it is

the product. This, coming on the keels of the TV TOO BAD AT HOME? qualified for the post and who all done on a fee basis.
To Be ContinuedNext
quiz-show scandals, has left a bad taste in the mouths of evidently did so out of a sense of *
millions of Americans. : justice and democratic awareness. ,
---- -
--- -
i L TfOVJJ1 Weeldy I we as Negroes should hang our -- ------

But there's another form of "payola" that is far more heads in shame. ,
--- -
important. Congressman Halleck deserves the credit for 1- I Ii There are many who will pro-

calling attention to it. He describes the avalanche of I Guide bably take exception to that last Speaking of

proposed multi-billion dollar spending bill as "political .rHre.: statement and say: "I did my PUBLIC SAFETY
payola." In his words, "they simply hand out the taxpayer's "" I
fcT *'AC_ ,"I>: ASTROLOGER part, voted for Jackson: I can't ;
'.. money to buy votes for the next election." i:i help it if some others didn't get "If"here there is no vision

> If the "political payola" groups have their way, therewont (i WHICH AWE l YOU tUCk DAYS FO out and vote." But you ARE the people erish". j.

be a budget surplus. In all probability, there'll be a i rasp n ible. I am responsible.

I deficit instead. Then we'll have more infla'tion-and, ultimately -] A t51:5= OVf i : .- .TRAVEl ____ _I all are responsible for Jackson's What is Adequate I

I still more and higher taxes. How does that prospect j I failure and Jackson too, Residential Street Lighting? 1

i strike you? ARIES things than strict necessities. ties, unless you are ready to face; I is responsible. CLEVELAND OHIO You don't
8 70 99 20 58 879 The fact that you, and you, -
..... i Born March 21st thru April 19th :
a costly and frustrating legal I need an expert with a meter to :
and maybe you went out and
\ The 26th-27th are splendid for measure the light on your street j
\ the combination of ingenuity and You again will have to be I voted for Jackson last Tuesdayis ; in order to kiow whether you can I

logic, and then for VIRGO restrained and prudent (29th- not enough. There was a big ,see clearly comfortably and
you may press ,
l Born Aug. 23rd to Sept. 22nd 30th).. Your fob to be done. There was the : ,safely. 4'
results with much long-range
Alternative greater assur- prospects If you're not certain at night, .
0 DelinquencyFormer Promote and fin-
ance of obtaining them. Shun your career and good name could be threatened. job of getting the entire Negro whether that blob by the curb is
duty or responsibilities if you can I ancial interests when circum- registrants in'the Ilth district .a parked car or just shadows cast 4
President Herbert Hoover is Chairman of the get away with it, and abandon stances 'are favorable but refrain 7 30 22 12 73 732 j+ out to vote. But that job was not i> by the evergreens, it's too dark.

Board of Directors of the Boys' Clubs of America. At the ,I yourself to the seasonal pursuits from aroitrary attitudes or deci- jt II i t *done, effectively, because of the that It's the a generally American accepted Star!i- i.Ka:. i

organization's 54th annual convention he :said this: aWe that usually are so agreeable this i;< sions. Pecuniary matters will not I Ii I ]lack of man and woman power. Practice of the Illuniinatint' I L'-

hear much these days as to the causes and the growth of time of the year (28th thru 30th). j trouble you unduly as long as ypu i YOU and you should have made gmeering Society is decukdlv
: I
| keep the outgo from surpassing that volun- conservative. It is also about t<'u
youthful delinquency. The blame is the up manpower-on a
usually put on 1 20 44 19 26 124
old and is t
failure of parents; the failure of religious training and the I I your income. Do not persist in CAPRICORNBorn I tary basis. It may be added that years vised. So if someone now'quotes being ILS rf>:- .

infections from the TV and radio. i! TAURUS championing ideas, despite the Dec. 22nd thru Jan 19th enough Negroes are not willing to as being satisfied with 0.2 foot-

j knowledge that you are not completelY Your interest really becomes devote their time and energy to candle illumination :for your
"But one cause is too often overlooked. That is that the I I Born 'April 20th thru May 20thlIaJe {', sold on their validity aroused when you note that work in a political campaign that street, that doesn't mt'an'Vou'

boys in many of our slum or congested areas have no place a confidential check of I (29th). results are beginning to show up. will lead to racial progress. White will be satisfied. Any residential:
the possibilities, around home :I lighting that is less than 2 foot-
to go for air and play except the streets. Being self-starting' 6 80 33 15 52 683 Consider developments or oppor- candidates are assisted by young candles will give a rather dim
base to acquire property, to sell,
dynamos of energy and also being gregarious, they join in to in build- I. tunities that have a bearing on businessmen, educators and the view of things.

groups. These groups too often step first into mischief and I or engage profitable LIBRA your housing and employment like, who assist in putting out Besides if the budget is the
from there to ing operations. There are promis- main consideration, the maj .r
crime. conditions. -
I Born Sept. 23rd to Oct. 23rdA may renew your literature, making speeches on behalf -
ing signs, particularly on tlte 25th- i expense of a street lighting pi oj-
Clubs revealing discussion with a wardrobe, make job changes, add of candidates, and so on. cct is in the poles, lumlnaircb and
ThejBoys' provide an alternative. The members ; 26th, that you can shortly go to
I mentor would be most your comforts and look after labor. Footcandles
or partner Negroes must realize that no arc a negligible -
are organized into sports teams instead of into gangs. And ahead with money-making pre- item in the cost.
enlightening. In some cases, it your dependents' needs after the
candidate white win I
Negro or can
the clubs maintain shops and reading rooms where the jects of this or similar nature. 25th. : A clear spread of light forsafety's
I be the forerunner of closer Everything should work
boys are given the 1 may an election without the working i sake.is the
opportunity to determine their bent Refuse to be pinned down on the important
alliance that could alter the courseof more smoothly then, and the pos- and financial of
in life. 29th and 30th as the terms will help interested I thing. Depending on a minimum
!I your life. It may be better to sibility of making good deals alsois citizens, leaders and groups 'and of light is like going out in a.
favor others and leave hold-
These clubs need financial support. It costs about $16 you invite your friends to your home enhanced. organizations.It I rainstorm with a perforated um
ing the bag. brella.I
million a year to maintain the present clubs, and new ones 3-80-33-16-52-383 instead of venturing on congested 1 40 77 14 25 147 would appear that many of .' .
are constantly being started. Their only source of revenue highways during the holiday week- ,

is voluntary donations. And every American should give t end (28th thru 30th). .

no matter how smalL the amount he can afford. The same 4-90-66-17-48-496
is true of other and similar institutions-the Boy Scouts, GEMINI AQUARIUSBorn Beyond The Ballo Box

the Girl Scouts, the Campfire Girls, and so on. All of them, Born May 21st thru June 21st SCORPIO Jan. 20th thru Feb. 18th

as Mr.. Hoover points out, are short of funds. That is a Be receptive to ideas and en- Born Oct. 24th thru Nov. 22nd Don't weaken in the face of
condition that urgently needs to be remedied. couragement. Resist the urge to Whether it is a matter of sheer attempts to profit at your expense The free ballot box is the symbol of democracy. It providesa

put them into effect as this is necessity or just the love of (30th). Opportunities may key to a society.of freedom, justice and security. At the

I one time when they could he labor for its own sake there will unexpectedly develop as early as ballot box, as before the bar of justice, every citizen is

"Common blocked and brought to naught. i be no penury of jobs to be done. I the 2 th. Those who may have equal. Beyond the ballot box lies the Promised Land with
sense is the knack of seeing things as they Action and should to
enterprises rid
receive get of previous ties In
See to it that have ample
you advancement.
are, and doing things as they ought to be done.-C. E. opportunities for individual and group
Stowe. the plantary go ahead signal tools help and money to work order to legalize new ones may

from about midday of the 25th on. with in order to keep up with the find that the process is slow, Voting .

Be prudent on the 30th. demands established quota: : prolonged and expensive (30th).
2-60-88-16-62-268 Take advantage of the important In some locales or cases, it may Makes it possible for you to help choose the ,local state

ccnnections you may have, to ob- even: be an impossible venture. and federal officials who govern you-

tain whatever you require in the 5-20-88-11-86-528

LEO of backing or capital. Don't I
way Gives a voice in determining:
pt you
aH 8 1WlU_ Born July 23rd thru Aug. 22nd put friends before your mate or

Your sunny disposition will not private interests for the sake of the kind of school YOUR children attend
permit you to remain in the peace (30th). -
i shadows for very long. You are 2-10-44-13-79-214 Born Feb. 19th thru March 20th the kind of treatment YOU receive at the hand of

I : due for a splendid lift in morale 1 You may be reaching the end
of a phase, and be the thres-
on the police.
due to favorable tidings trends SAGITTARIUS
and brightening horizons (23rd). Born Nov. 23rd thru Dec. 21st hold of a new and more fruitful

\" .: The urge to travel or to propagate You may be floating on & cloud one. If you haves to break a relationship the kind of justice YOU get in courts

:. your ideals, will be strong, if you are captivated by a force- do so in a Just and

t, and you may get somewhere when ful personality or pioneeringcause. I equitable manner. Ton should the kind of welfare service YOU can get for YOUR

I, you adopt a novel approach. You Don't let this prevent ,you' not neglect assuming the responsibility -
.. that could the in time of need
pave way family
still have to be reserved when you from respecting your obligationsand
: for greater recognition and earn-
are spending for other shouldering your responsibHi- I
ings: (28th Do not make your- the kind of hospital treatment YOU get when you
self available to people who can sick
., Get y.ar lieN I;11I4 Gaife T0 sun stir up trouble for IOU (29th-,
'i. RICHES LOVE HB<O 30th 3-60-S5-18-37-3e5). the kind of job YOUR CHILDREN can get with your

;; der. loair ._. : lite .... *' 1)-.. er ...... feet. .. S. i city state or country

To PaWe :n-Aa1. P. Q.Sex 111.Je 'fl..N :La.; ,

; J '- '- _f how much taxes YOU have to pay and how your tex

,I J JI P' 1IL\\ : Ie : .. --v.,. k ... S: e a d. ... Hre.reape .. r THEY LEAEK' TO" EARN money is spent
.1 I 1iIi4 far tie _T:* iii Doai.i.r.. COLOMBO; Ceaiotr 'Yniac .

I .... ., I IDr. waez tiraIued... tuaatlitaett i Helps you on the road to the Promised Land where there
: '' ,m... bee center eq ip c4 with CASE
:: will be better life for YOU and YOUR FAMILY.
-- ': : ;'*''>':' :S:' I RWIBc."ho. rut: ret work at
\ t: !S't: 1 : I I Ue to 25e a dy. fx'gosgh Day

;. few by TLS. *UB tfdfl, the tot Above all voting means that you are a free citizen with

11 mare. than they crald ofeenrfaeeacer the same rights as other citizens. After vou have registeredand

-, \,' .- ,.. FRIENDS ONLY TH6HaiiSTDBE: BORep'. / : ...... ... .. '. .... I i e sad elaawx are 4..wtadrs. cast your vote for .the persons you want elected to

1'THfcW' HrpIPAfcTIP/ ; : = to learn to MB fee '" office you know you arean American doing what otha-
,. ., : j -. .......,. ." ":- \, .... ,I -eb : .,.... IF7 Aie4. -. Americans do. You can be proud of yourself and of.Yom
\ .. p', .. .' \ .... tk4 ,
:::, ccnrf N A.Iro: eGS'--e' I' ; I I to OAU oountzy. It is not 'only your right, your duty as an

,: 17 i... .- -I New Y. It,. K. T. Americ8n citizen to vote.
; ;<, I ,, < _



I ...
,.-- 1.._ '. ;. .K.;:.F

i-- -" __ __



Week Ending Saturday, May 28, 1960 THE FLORIDA STAR Page 3 j

-- -

, / ... ABOUT 1
.." Bells
.. i is Wedding

I Socially Speaking l'EOPLE. f APPLICATION FOR

; Mrs. Ada M. Lee outstanding I'! MARRIAGE LICENSES -

-? ?9 &. civic and club worker of the city, I Ireceived

a citation for 16 ,
I years Hurshel J. Hardy. 716 W. 17th.
Sunday Teas of service to the United College
St.. :20! and Virginia Penkns 1419
Usher Board No. 1 of Grant Memorial AME will spon- Fund Drive at the Honors Convocation -
Francis St.. :20.!
sor its Anniversary Tea May 28 at the church. heldMay 23 at Mt
Johnny L. B. Peterson 1324 N.aiyrtle .
Ararat Baptist Church.
I I A\e.. :23! and Barbara J.
Mrs.. Lee is also founder and
Price, 1471 Mitchell St.. 20. .
I A women's day activity, in the form of a Pineapple jI j president emeritus of the Mary Walter Fenn. 1479 W. Union
Sip'will be given at the Mt. Vernon Baptist Church May 29. McLeod Bethune Circle.
1 I St.. 25 and Clarentha Jones 831
: I S t
, .f :
Lippia St., 22.
,: 'i I The wedding of-Miss Barbara
,: ,Carl E. Mitchell 1985 JordanSt.
District 6 of Mt. Vernon Baptist will sponsor a Spring '.) ,:'.e'r > ", Jean Jackson and Herman Wil- ., IS and Annie L. Fuller, 48
of Mrs. L. B. I;: hams will be an event of Friday, .
th home
Tea May 29, from 4 to 6 p.m. in Church Rd., 19.
May 27 at 8 p.m. in the home of
Walker, 1614 Blue Street. 'y '' :4""A Elijah L. Branton, 1780 Kings
I the bride's aunt. 4030 Lockhart
{ Road, 22 and Ernestine G. Jones
; ; Drive.
J 'i<
y 1780 Kings Rd.. 18.
Congratulations are in order for
Bobby R. Dennis. 303 DellwoodAve.
will its annual Tea ". j Mae Eunic Gooch daughter of Mr.
The Orchid Ladies Club present
j- ., 18 and Ann S. Cohen, 827
and Book Review Sunday, May 29, from 4 to 6 p.m. in the .,;- < and Mrs. M. E. Gooch of 1323 Jackson St.. 15. -.

YWCA, 8th and Calhoun Streets. Vince Street as winner of a Earl L. Christopher. 1731 Ar-
scholarship by the Educational
leatha Rd., 20 and Gloria J. Sim-
Department of Pallbearers Asso-
po, 4106 Victor St., 20.

H. Mickens Court 77 Heroines of Pericho, will sponsora ciation of America. Thos. Harris. 707 Jefferson St.

Spiritual Tea May 28 in the Masonic Temple, 410 Broad Miss Gooch was sponsored by 26 and Nettie M. Nobles 1112 W.

Street iron 4 to 6 p.m. Society 6.. State St., 23. I

John Williams Jr., 137 ChelseaSt.
Mrs. Evelyn Simmons of New
.. 22 and Thelma A. Ionnan.i .
York City is the house guest of
i 618 Court G, Blodgett Homes, 22.
x Mrs. J. O. Buchanan of 1230 \V.I
Ladies Club will an out- Eddie B. Hill. 1618 LarkspurAve.
The Cattleya sponsor 12th Street. Mrs. Etheridge is a
Buses will leave Myrtle avenue ., 21 and Jimmie L. Howard.
ing to Jekyll Sunday. former resident of this city.

and Kings road at 7:30: a.m. MUSICAL TEA-The Ladies of Leisure Social and Saving Club presented their annual Musical Tea May ,540 Margaret St., 16. I
David Jackson. 1106 Odessa St.,
22 at Wilder Recreation Center. Officers of the club are shown here. Mrs. Mattie King, president; Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Carey J. Preshaof : 36. .

Bertha Ayers, financial secretary, Mrs. Sarah Graham, treasurer; :Mrs. Annie Gallon assistant'secretary 1703 McMillian Street have returned -
Ralph Jordan, 4931 Rhode Island -
; Mrs. Jessie Johnson, chaplain. home from Detroit Michi- ; \
Maceo Lodge will sponsor a Memorial Day trip to I gan where they have been visiting Dr., 21 and Hilda L. Banks.

Jekyll Island May 30. Buses will leave the Elks Home, 712 I 810 DeWitt St., 16.
Closing ActivitiesFor with relatives and friends. ....
W. Duval Street at 7 a.m. Jos. C. ruiwooa, Jr., ia 1 Ernest 1 1

All persons desiring to make the trip are to contactthe Deaths&Funera/s/ Local SchoolsPINE Mrs. Elizabeth Norwood of 1109 i i St., 24 and Earnestlne Fender I

Elks Home. 121 Ernest St., 19. .
Durkee Drive left city last week to
+ Herman D. Hill, P.O. Box 2973
attend the funneral of her son,
The Forest Community School 46 and Alberta L. Seseberry, 2553

GREN-Mrs. Lucretia of 1454 W. S\UTII-l\Irs. Linnie of 12 N. (Callahan) commencement activi- Willis I. Ellison of Gary, Indiana. Calvin St. 45. i I i
:The Nightingale Social Club will'riponsor;; an outingto Mrs. Norwood is a member of St. J
23rd Stret.ENLOWMrs.. Smith ties are as follows Junior-Senior "
Street, St. Augustine. : Alfred Leggett 382 Chelsea St.
Island at Brunswick Ga. Sunday. ,
Jekyll Paul AME Church.
Sallie F. of 721 N. MALLOY-Ulysses of,1673 W. 5th promenade, May 28; final examinations 24 and Mattie Neal, 1923 W. 5th "j

Miss Jean Scott will be presented in a Musical Lincoln Court. Street. June 1-2; commencement, St., 19.Herman.
Betty Our sick and shut-ins: M. Jack- I
JONES-Mrs. Julia of 706 Court A. FULLER-Frank, of 330 W. 19th June 3. Williams, Jr., 2115
of Mt. Vernon Bap- !
Recital on June 19th in the auditorium son, Duval Medical Center; Dex-
HARRIS-Mjs. Georgia of 1342 Street. Broadway, 22 and Barbara Jackson I
She i
church. ,
tist Church at 7:30: p.m. by Choir No. 3 of the \ ter Brown, 1425 Blue Street; A. :,
West 33rd Street. DENNARD-Mrs. 1587 W. 34th St., 19. I
choir. Rebecca of 1135
will be supported by Madry, 911 Tyler Street; Joe
FLOYD-Joseph of 5836 Paris I
Evergreen Avenue. Johnnie L. Henderson 540-
NEW STANTON Hills, 1499 Grothe Street; Mrs. i
Avenue. HODGES Mrs. Ada of Margaret St., 35 and Jean A. I
Annual Tours Flossie
Final school closing activitiesare Parsons, 530 W. 19th St.;
THORNTON-Eddie of 756 Court 540 Margaret St. 23. ...
Members present were Airs. Mary Mackey, Miss Marion B. Street. :' Annual Sermon Program Mrs. Dora Dallas, 706 Court B; I

Hickson, Mrs. Alveria Davis, Mrs. Geraldine Hargrave, Mrs. / June 5 Class Abe Washington Highland Ave.; | Quinous Howard, 457 GoodwinSt.
; Night June 2 '
l\rOORE-Carol Valado of 1557 JONES Mrs. Ellen of Rt. 1, Box ; ., 31 and Mattie Johnson, 508
Vertell F. Simmons
Isaleen Webb, Mrs. Leola Powell, Mrs. Alumni Day Observance June 2 The Rev. Cora Floyd, 2210 Wes- |'
Logan Stret.MOLANDMrs. ; 1
39, Jasper.WILLIAMSBurney.
Acosta St., 36.
Mrs. Shellie Dickerson Williams, Mrs. Verdie Cruse, Mrs. mont Street Mrs. Claudia Carter, ,;
Marie I. of Mari- Class Night June 2; Senior Out- ; i

Mattie Montgomery, Miss Dorothy Lang =and- Miss VivianM. etta, Florida. : of 279 Plea- ing May 31; Talent Night on May 1003'2 W. Duval Street; Mrs. j!I!: John Mack 230 Riverside Ave.. I

Johnson, nostess. THOMAS Baby Robert D. of/ sant Street.HERRINGJohn. !30( ; and Awards Day May 25. Annie Ward, 3rd and Pearce Sts.; i iI !137 and Annie P. Craig 230 Riverside -
The next meeting will be held May 28 at the Lincoln : Theodore L. 1905 I
2141 Session Lane. Other activities that will take I Redding, Myrtle I Ave., 22.
Golf and Country Club. Franklin of 1228 1! Avenue Mrs. Lizzie Jackson 1051
GOLDSTEON Mrs. Alice of place during this term will include ; ,
"*'" *; Harrison Street.Cigarette. I B. Griffin, 4124 Lock-
Woodbine, Georgia. i the administration of the General Palmetto Street; Walter McQueen,
Members of the Gladiola .Ladies Club are making j i Duval Medical Center; Mrs.' Louise hart Dr., 21 and Cassie B. Woods
Aptitude Test Battery to the
JONES-Toble of 1602 Dennis St. j i prospective -
plans for their annual trip to Jekyll Island on June 19th. LANG-Mrs. Sallie of 2318 Mon- I, students for the DCE Pro- Bradley, '1070 W. State Street; \4124 Lockhart Dr.. 21.
Tickets may be purchased from members of the club. : Rev. Orion Johnosn, 1243 Grothe '
# crief Road. ( grams and the Induction Ceremony James H. Cone, Jr.. 3791 Grant
i I With I for the Charles D. Brooks Street; Mrs. Ldlli* Hamilton' Road 18 and Ora B. Kennedy
The East Springfield Garden Circle will sponsor its HARP-William Of 1302 'E. 4th ,' Chapter of the National Honor 2413 Horne Road; Deborah Shaw, I ,
; Tobacco Filter 509 hz 2nd Ave. S.. Jax. Beach. 15. .
annual tour of the various gardens over the city on May Street. Society, May 27. Brewster Hospital. / :
iSUTTONBettye -
28 at 3 p.m.) i i! f fI
Jean of 329 W. Now In Florida
Mrs. Letonia Alexander of 4715 I
Mrs. Virginia Gray installed officers of, the BeaumondeClub State Street. $ LOUISVILLE, Ky. A revolu- Avenue B is vacationing in New I I

recently in the home of Miss Dorothy Jones. Instal- I tionary new cigarette featuring an WALKER COLLEGE Orleans, La., and Texas. While in I

led were Miss Ida Logan, president; Miss Clarkye L. I all-tobacco filter has beben introduced Dr. Dulia Walker Brown, President New Orleans she will be the house

Boatwright, vice president; Miss Dorothy Jones, secretary; in Florida by the Broun & !1 of Walker Vocational and I guest of her son-in-law and !:tuI'k

Mrs. Dorothy King, treasurer; :Miss Alyce Guyton, business Scout i: Williamson Tobacco Corp. \ Commercial College, 1832 North daughter, Sgt. and Mrs. Willie D. ...

manager. Other club members are Miss Virginia Harper, Eagle The new product called Ken- Myrtle Avenue, announces the :
Nesbitt and children.
Mrs. Dorothy Williams, Mrs. Elizabeth Hunter and Mrs. Award To Be I tucky Kings, signals the first Baccalaureate program will be I Deliveries ;

Anne McClam. basic change in cigarette concept held Sunday at the College auditorium -

Mrs. Pearl Mackey, Mrs. Lois Avery and Mrs. .VirginiaGray Presented HereRonald i since the introduction of filters, I May 29 at 3:00: pjn. EngagementsAnnounced '

were guests. Harvey Alexander, the : the company points out. The Other highlights of the week-
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Gardner, 5838
tobacco in the tip is cut "filter end activities will be as follows:
of Mrs. Fleet H. Alexander :
son Hollyhock Road (Twins) Girls.
The Lincoln Douglas 1\lemorialAssociation, and American fin in order to refine the smoke A lawn party at the home of the I
and the late
Orlando Alexanderwill
honor soldiers of all wars with a Mrs. Flora Davis of 1435 W. t Mr. and Mrs. Walter Mayo, 1445
Legion Post 197 will while adding to its flavor, the president Sunday, May 29 from '
Memorial Day May 30 at 3:30: p.m., in the receive his Eagle Scout Awardat said. 10th Street announces the ap- : W. 5th St. Girl.
program on the Court of Honor to be held company I 5 to 7 p.m. which will be given in '
Mr. and Mrs. Wiggins
Duval Cemetery on E. Union Street. Of particular interest to tobacco ';honor of the graduates and their proaching marriage of her daughter George
at Ebenezer
Methodist Church
Willard Barbara Jean to Elmore Wat- : 1637 W. 24th St., Boy.
is and is
Miss Eartha M. M. White president growers in this state the fact parents. Commencement be
Reverend J. B. F. Williams Pastor Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Jones
kins, Jr.. son of Mr. and Mrs.
is commander. that the tobacco filter uses only
Morris held Monday, May 30 at 7:30: pm.
Wednesday June 1 1960 at
1711 W. 25th St.
Elmore Watkins Boy.
*; Sr., of Delray I
leaf" tobacco the
"bright type
7:30 at which time all Seniors will receive r

Chapter G. Bradham, instructor for the Les Samedis :Scout pjn.Alexander is graduateof grown in northern Florida and diplomas. Mrs. Lucile G. Beach. i Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Lauray,

Kaperettes Bridge Club was on hand last Saturday to givea New Stanton High School a Classof other Eastern states: The annual Coleman, principal of Forest Park The wedding will be solemnized ,2408 Spirea St., Boy.

lecture on bidding and scoring during the regular meet- '58 and is now attending flor- tobacco crop in Florida is valuedat Elementary School will deliver the on June 12 at 4 pm. in the St. : Mr. and Mrs. Wlliam Myrick -

nearly $10 million. All told, the address. Pius Catholic Church of this city. ; 620 Ct. D. Blodgett Homes, Boy.
ing. ida A&M University, matriculating .
company said, about 25 per cent t : Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Phelps, Sr.,
in the pre-medicine course.At .
NOTICE TO SOCIALITES: ITEMS INTENDED FOR THE New Stanton High School, more tobacco goes into Kentucky Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gardner : 135 Park Street, Girl.

R COLUMN SHOULD REACH THE FLORIDA STAR NOT LATER Scout Alexander played the Oboe Kings than into cigarettes with announce the engagement oft t Mr. and Mrs. James Williams

5 P.M. FOR PUBLICATION IN FRIDAY'S articicial filters. EDr.RDSTERS their 'daughter, Faye Margrezelleto 647 Ct. G., Blodgett Homes, Girl.
THAN MONDAY and Saxophone in the Marchingand
."This entirely new idea in The remaining schedule of Alphonso Jones, Jr., son of Mr. : Mr. and-Mrs. Johnnie Williams,
ISSUE. Concert Band. He was a
smoking was designed to fill in activities and events in connectionwith and Mjs. Alphonso Jones Sr., of 902 Jackson Street Girl.
member of the famed 120 piece
the broad gap between regular the Commencement Exercisesare this city. Mr. and Mrs.' Willie Williams, ,
RA.M.U.: Band last '
and filter cigarettes," said William -, : Senior Prom, May 27; Bac- Both the prospective bride and i I General Delivery, Green Cove Springs -
He had the of being
from DRAB DAZZLING! S. Cutchins, B&W president. calaureate Service, Lee Auditor- groom are employed by the Fitzgerald ;j Fla., Boy. '
to among the first cadets fromF.A.M.U. !
"We believe it provides the per- ium, 3 pm. May 29; Faculty Play, city school system and Rev. and Mrs. A. L. Smith, 1310

p ... II ...., that toured Ft. Benning, fect balance for smoking pleasurethe Lee Auditorium, 8 pm.. May 30; teaches at Monitor High School. ;J Franklin Street, Boy.
Georgia as part of the Annual ,
.y 'rlaT smoothness of a filter cigarette and Commencement Exercises, Lee air. and Mrs. Donald Andrews
RO.T.C. orientation program of
I plus the full tobacco flavorof Auditorium, 10:30: am.. May 31 LENDING SYSTEM :2802 Venus Street Boy.
the Third U. S. Army. His Scout
a non-filter cigarette." f' :MIN'II' Vietnam So pre- :' Mr. and Mrs. Josh Toliver, 1135E.
training has been under the supervision -
John W. Burgard, advertisingvice r?* uarr he CARE agricultural] 23rd Street, Girl. .

of Edgar Austin, Scoutmaster I president of B&W, said that ivol packages given to this village J Mr. and Mrs. Willie Burns, 4648 f
of 51. Scout Alexander
Troopp -
Kentucky Kings will sell at popu- Theta lotas the people set up a lending : ]Flynn I Avenue, Girl.
has offered consistent leadership -
lar prices. He added that the cur- system: a man can borrow only Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Perry

d in Troop 51 and Camp rent introduction of the new Install Officers one[ tool at a time, must return it ]1927 Illinois St., Boy.
Coacoochee. In his troop he hasserved The
brand in Florida will be supportedby to village warehouse before Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Miller, 714
as Patrol Leader, Senior TALLAHASSEE Theta Iota
intensive newspaper and tele- lie can borrow another. CARE W. Beaver St., Boy.
r ar Patrol Leader and Troop' Scribe. Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, an
vision advertising. donors: in the U.S. contributed the Mr. and Mrs. Joe CJ. Lundy
At Camp Coacoochee, he served as I honor society in education, at
cost of the
I \ implements which are J)0812V.. Beaver St. Girl.
Life Guard and taught classes inI I Florida A&M University culmin- !;
II ]!
v Ii I : 1,500 North Vietnamese Mr. and Mrs. James Souther-
C Swimming. He earned membership ;- i ated a year of rich experiences !
]refugees start
a new community Ion and, 4923 Vermont Road, Boy.
'in the Order of the Arrow with 'I.
a social-culture hour in the
( the edge of the
Teacher Exams jungle, about Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Sykes
the National Scout Fraternity. lounge of Tucker Hall recently. -
:L15 miles
'I of Saigcn. ]1585 W. 24th Street Boy.
Serving as members of this

,,:JA Special Court 'of Honor will be Slated At FAMU J. C. Awkard, founder of Theta .

-' -.,__", ."-.., k: -- ., Reverend J. B. F. Williams Joe H. \ TALLAHASSEE,'-: 'fA local ad- Iota Chapter, installed the following !

i James, James D. Alford Z. Shoe-' ministration of the National Teacher officers for the 1960-61 school'! ANNOUNCING '

:_ ,'. make Dennis T. Stewart, and C. Examinations has ben'scheduled year Lorenz Brown, president; | BOLDEN'S

with !ft IffJ' Larieuse- E. Simmons, Jr. Musical Selections for July 1, at'Florida: A&M1 t Randall' Harris,' vice president; SUMMER MUSIC SCHOOL

Haircqie-r: will be rendered by Scouts James University. Candidates who took Miss Delores Levy, secretary;'Mrs. ;, Bolden's Summer' Music School

r, ;): A. Reed and Willie Mackey and the examinations in 'the nation- L. S. Davis, treasurer; Mrs. Bes- i JUNE 13 SIX BIG WEEKS JULY 22

d .1 Would you trade an hOur for Lair the Youth Choir of Ebenezer' wide administration February 13, sie E. Harris, historian-reporter; J f I Enroll Today

like this.professional model's Methodist Church. ;' may not take 'them again at this Mrs. Gertrude Simmons, counselor -i : Music--Bond-Theory-Vote*-.Guitar-Accordion-Orchestra
One hour is all it takes for .a
,.' Godefrov's's Larieuse Haircolor Joe H. James, will deliver the Teachers wishing tor take these' j Who Education Need Deportment Special Help-Regular in Reading Summer-English School-Arithmetic 1.B for Students

to bring back youth to gray,dull192wEJ1l Inspirational Message and awards : examinations should write to Dr. Dr. E. H. Wallace, who Is the Learn to Operate Your Own Kindergarten-Nursery School
I HCKpitol Aids Course-For Work in Hospital( *-Nursing Homes
or faded hair! will be presented to scouts who A. A. Abraham director, test serv- i retiring counselor, was commended '' Bolden's Summer Playhouse for Children Ages 3-B
L Mix capsule cooEverything need is in the ( Music, Piano, Story teHing, Bible stories Game Supervised
tents and liquid. famous red you box. Get Oode 1m are advancing through the regular;i, ice bureau for a bulletin of Information for her effective guidance. Ploy Art -
o(* Court of Honor. i and : Pick Up Senrfce_AH Day Can-Rhythm Bond.
2. Apply to hair grin l JTL j an application
applicator.3.let long-lasting Larieuse non! Mrs. Gertrude Shirley, the past All Teachers Certificated By State Deportment of Education.
The public and friends are invited : blank. Applications and fees'must
develop ,president, received commendationsalso
ttea shampoo. OODEFROY MFO. Oa.3510 Ofr.8t.fc.LentslSa to witness the unique pro- be filed no later than June 10.I for her untiring leadership. MUSIC
I Office: 2922 Pearce St. EL 4.0006
gram that has been arranged for j'There will be no exceptions to this '
Many under
: ... the occasion. were Music Hall: 1816 W. 20th St. EL 5-9722
\ I.her administration.
"' .
: .:::-

i: > j ; .-... ,,

;. i .t::... ;Ai :;'t"h, ; ., ,",..., >:-'- .'" :-i?!), 1 ':. E., \ .,'Y .. X ,.'.,....u,_ -wl&n" ,'p-"-

..::< ". v., ..." -
: .; : t ;- .' { "' ." ." r .' ,-
: / )
f _, .' -

.. ......



.. ,. .
J I .-- \ M : / -

.. 4" ..,.. .
._ : .
I .

1 .

# ,

, Pace; 4 _:_ THE FLORIDA STAR Week Ending Saturday, May 28, 1960
'r .

1 <:;;1' : Women's Day To Be Observed At Mt. Zion e4MEi J

i I I .:J. Church Complete Plans For I

l tl d Women's Dav CelebrationWomen's 1

CHURCH Day will be observed I Goins< and Miss Barbara Hicks,
}' May 29 in the Mt. Zion A.M.E. chairman and co-chairman of

i *k Church Southside throughout the publicity.Mrs. .

day with Mrs. Vernell Taylor gen- A. Williams will be the
era chairman; Mrs. Anita Paulin, morning speaker.

co-chairman Miss Barbara Hicks :

WRIGHTSVILLE I day with local female talents appearing secretary; Mrs. Lillie Mae Clark, | ,

Wrightsville Methodist Church on the program. ; d I treasurer; Mrs. Audrey Brown I College Faculty

has announced plans for the observance Usher Board 2 will sponsor a : He. Mrs. Susie Ann Moffitt pastor for I J! Plans Annual Play

of annual women's day barbecue at the church Saturday.All chairman of program committee; '

,, May 29.Mrs choirs, ushers deacons and the day; Mrs. Bernice James "All My Sons." a drama in three

Beatrice Coleman will I deaconesses have been asked to d. chairman of beautification com- acts by Arthur Miller will be pre-

serve as chairman and Miss Virginia I I meet at the church Sunday at x .q a r 70.. I mittee; Miss Martha Riley, cochairman sented by the Edward Waters College -

Williams as co-chairman. 11 ajn. to accompany the pastorto a i Mrs. Mary Hicks Faculty Players as their annual -

[ the union meeting which will gry.12.a. chairman of usher committee; i I Spring production on May

convene at Mt. Salem Baptist w Mrs. Lexie Jenkins, chairman of 30 at 8 pm. in Lee Auditorium.

AFRICAN UNITEDA I Church. the food committee; Mrs. V. T. Playing leading roles in the

program will be presented in production are Calvin Hernton as
the African United Church, 1129 '! Deever. Dr. Jim Bayliss and his
+' .,
:Milnor Street in interest of Elder I( I q dux '....;. YMCA Day Camp wife Sue are played by Joe Paige

B. J. Swan June 5 during the MT. OLIVE BAPTIST | Opens June 13th and Chris Keller. Ann Deever is

evening service. I| Ministers and Deacons Union will > I played by Geraldine O'Neal:

Appearing on the program will i i continue through Sunday at the :! Plans are near completion for Whittington B. Johnson is George

be Deacon Melvin Grace, super- | Mt. Olive Baptist Church, South- .... .' the opening of the annual YMCA 'I Joe Keller; Saramae Richardsonas

visor of the Congregational Gospel -I <.w Day Camp for boys on June 13 Kate Keller; and Frank and

Chorus. i!j side.Revival meeting will begin May at New Berlin. Lydia Lubey are played by Stan-

I s t 'i 30< with the prayer meeting and l Informal classes in art and ton Shaw and Betty Stewart.

end June 12, The Rev. J. J. Jackson r.-- :mi : craft, archery, swimming, Indian Calvin C. Hernton. instructor in

.1 Lore::> will be taught during the six the Division of Social Studies will
MT. TABOR o{ Albany, Georgia, will begin g ,
weekly periods beginning June 13 direct the drama.
Tabor Bap- I preaching'
Activities for t. and
S. S continuing through July 15.
tist Church are as follows: Choirs BAPTIST w !t%. Boys from six to fourteen
District No. 4 will sponsor a trip yearsof Mt.
rehearsal' Vernon Men
1 and 2 will hold a joint age will be eligible to attend.
Male to New Berlin Saturday at 8 pm:
Friday at 7:30: P-in. The boys will leave
hold its rehearsal: Services for Sunday will begin every Set July 24thCelebration
morning and return to their
i with the Sunday School at 9:30: j ;
Saturday night. in'' homes in the evening around 5 \
with the people
a.m. young
Choir 2 will sponsor a Spring I T p.m. Application blanks are available -
will be observed
in charge. Youth day 4 Annual men's day will be observed I
Tea Sunday from 4 to 6 pm. i at the Branch.
throughout the day. The I ( Juy 24 in Mt. Vernon'
the church. Mrs. Essie Jones Williams / I' The purpose of the, camp is to' ,
junior choir and board will serve F I Baptist Church. ;
president. SS 45t develop boys spiritually, mentallyand
A I during the morning w rship. j physically. Officers are: Ben McCall, general -

EMANUEL BAPTIST chairman; Melvin Gelsey, co-
For further information, con- I
MT. CALVARY"i Revival meeting, now in progress chairmanVillie; C.Vhite, chair- ,
Youth day be observed Sunday tact the Johnson Branch YMCA,
at the church will continue man of finance: Otis Kelsey
cochairman -
throughout the day with L. R. .....:...'. '.' 1740 Davis Street, Carlton B. Bryant ;
through next week. .v.. : Hubert Engram, chairman -
Sunday : < : < I
The Thomas
Burns in charge. program director or
The Rev. W. W. Whitehead of I of program committee. '
School department will observeits s Ai. B. Hargrave Jr., executive secretary -
Savannah, Georgia wil deliver the Cecil B. Fisher and H. Engramwill
anniversary with a special pro- I /
sermons each night. serve as directors of music.
gram Sunday at 5:30 pm. at .

which time the Northwestern '.v I
I I The Holy Light Quintet will I t

i:, will Junior be Senior presented. .High.t.in School a recital.chorus", I Church render a of program God in Sunday Christ (at Green the II a :; } ..... ....;.,.,..::.,..,.::<;;.:.; .(,'<>.,.:.:.;::........,,!,.:.:.:.::.>'< ;....,'.... ". ....:..., !a Ministers UnionTo : Beulah. WomenSet

I Cove Springs), beginning at 8 pm. :' Convene In
MT. OLIVE Baptism will be held June 5 at June 19thCelebration
Youth day will be observed Sun- BUFFET DINNER:; Members of the Housewives' 1
Le ue attended Mt. Salem ChurchThe
6 buffet
11 aon. at the Black Creek Bridge. a dinner in the home of Air I
day at Mt.;Olive Primitive Baptist\ and Mrs. Lafayette A. Brown during the Fannie B. Peck celebration. Enjoying this; aff ur were from I I '

Church beginning with the Sun- i left) Mrs. Rosa Lee Woolen :Mrs. M.: L. Cater Mrs. Julia: Walker Brown Ministers and Deacons Mutual -
; standing, Mrs. Pearl L.
day School with Deacon Willie I National president of the League and Mrs. Lenora D vis, president of Jacksonville Bell Union, Auxiliary of the Eman- Women's day will be obsen'ed

Lee in charge. Lesson will be reviewed I League Union Mrs. Millie Thomas, Mrs. Clay .Mrs. Marie McKeevcr/Rev. lrs.V .Housewives' League. uel Progressive Baptist As'sn., will June 19 in Beulah Baptist
Mack and b firs. A. B. Houston
by Deacon Elton Rodgers. arc seen in bottom photo. "...* convene in ML Salem BaptistChurch Church. Officers are: Mrs. Beulah
-L-.A.-_ __ __ : i Clark, chairman
:Morning devotions will be led by Ministers f To --'- 0 May 25-30. ; Mrs. Liza Smith,

sermon Deacon will Freddie be delivered Lee Brown.by The the Meet With! The program Wednesday beginsat co-chairman Smith, secretary; Mrs.; Mrs.Earnestine Louise

7:30 pjn.t with the host church'in
W Odum,
Rev; Tony Neal, Jr. Music will be All AME Ministers, and League charge. Deacons A. Bright of treasurer; Mrs. O. Demps
I chairman of speaker Mrs.
I furnished by the young adult choir Presidents are called to a League :j Mt. Salem and Edward Smith of ; Mary

and the junior ushers will serve. Union meeting Sunday, June 12 v ?'# i Bethany will conduct the devo- Golphin, chairman of Sunday
( Schools; Mrs. Mattie Stephens,
f '
at 3:15: pjn. in the auditorium of tion.
i' chairman of morning worship;
WEST UNION Mt. Zion AME Church, located at wR '
: The Rev. J. T. Thomas will j Mrs. Julia Harton chairman of
Choir No. 1 will meet Friday at Beaver and Newman Streets. ; :
I cr: deliver the sermon and the Rev.1V. I the after service and Mrs. Sadie
7:30 p.m. 11.11"5.Villie Mae Lesene 1 Members of the City Wide. *
> ; M. Wright will serve as alter-i Green, chairman of e.cningVor-
chicken and fish dinners also invited to attend
will sell Leagues are : &4&YfcWt :

Saturday in the educational; this] meeting according to Leonard !j nate.Mrs. ship. .
A. Painter of Bethany win Beautification committee, Mrs.
of l li \
building. I J. Roberts, .Jr., president
I conduct the devotion May 26 at Ethel Hall' Mrs. Jessie Seymour,
i the Union. )
t 7:30 pm., and Mrs. Georgia Dixon Mrs. Julia Harton, Mrs. Beulah
SWEETFIELD BAPTIST I| The date again is May 29 at t4
I ; will conduct the Bible study. 'Clark and Mrs. Liza Smith. Chair-
4 Annual Women's day will be -! 3:15 p.m. Your attendance is urgently it P : L i t Y } I
Deacon E. Allen of Mt. ZionBaptist man of sponsors and ads, Mrs.
observed in Sveetfield Baptist'Church < needed. j i ? t t f : r
A. Ii .4irr { I Church will have chargelof Julia Horton and Mrs. Arleatha
with Mrs.
June 26 I P'i" l

Larkins. Programs, general will chairman be. presented presiding. First Sunday .Union I '; ; ; r1 : ; i pm the, and devotion the Rev.May J. W.27 Johnsonwill at 7:30 Maddrick.Captains are: Mrs.Beulah Clark,

4 deliver the educational ser Mrs. Liza Smith, Mrs. Susie Zack-
at each-service. :' To] Convene At
will mop. The Rev. E. Boyd of 1ery, Mrs. Daniel D,emps, Mrs.. Julia
Thev.entire congregation aCcompany
Sanford I iL merville will serve as alternate.The Horton Mrs. Pecola Berry, Mrs.
the pastor to First} ; Born Cliurch : Tii
: Arleatha Maddrick
will leave'' : service May 29 will beginwith Mrs. Luanna
June 13. Transportation : ; :
and The Fifth Sunday Union of the ; ; the Sunday School at 9:30: : Maxwell, Johnnie Mae Alvin, Dea-
pm. Choir ,
the church at 3
j Pentecostal Church of the First FOREIGN DELEGATES a.m.ith the local superintendentin con A. Alvin Jannie Holland

Usher Board 2 will serve. m Born of the Living God of the 1 AT ZION \lEET-The persons shown above are foreign delegates who attended The mornifig service Mary Golphin, Mattie
I ISWEETFIELD ; t the :56th quadrennial session. of the General charge. : Stephen,
I extreme. Southern District will; |j' York.. May 4-18. L-R. Mrs. Conference. 'A.M.E. Zicn Church. held in Buffalo, New will begin at 11:30: o'clock with Willie M. Mallory, Ruth Alexandra -
BAPTIST I convene at the Church No.2, Georgia Payne, Monrovia, Liberia; J. G. Longden, Cape Coast, Ghana Rev.
A. K. Esheen. Cape Coast. ; Deacon A. Elmore of Callahan In Jessie Rush, Louise Odum
The Candlelight Saving Club J', Jacksonville, through Sunday Ghana11'5.; Alecia Lartey, Monrcvia. Liberia; Dr. F. K. Fiawoo, Keta,
: (Ghana; Dr. S. Dorme Lartey charge of the devotion. The Rev. Shirley Elbert, Martha Thomas
will celebrate its first anniversary first native bishop while at the
Sunday School on March 29 will i'begin meet, :Monrovia Liberia; Rev. and LUella Willie
fi's. R. C. Rodney, British W. M. Smith of First Nez Zion Dawson Mae Hum-
29 in the auditorium of :, Guiana, South America and Rex- A.-C.
May ; at 10:30: am. with' Deacon ---- ------ ---.- -- Rclle Nassau Bahamas Islands. will preach the sermon and the phries, Ethel Hall, Maggie Lanney,
Serving : -- -
Church. -- --
Sweetfield Sugar Tillman of New Smyrna serve asx alternate. Minnie Jones, Rebecca Christine

as master of ceremonies will :,Beach in charge; remarks bene- :' Methodist Board ; ;ercise their personal Christian The Laymen's hour will be observed i- Mary Story, Annie Mae Payne,

be Melvin Grace. diction. Deacon S. Esquire of New responsibilities. Methodist institu-f t at 2:45: p.m. Mrs. C. L Margaret Gaskins, Mary Sanders

The Congregational Gospel! Smyrna Beach will lead the devo- Statement tions should not penalize students "Mi. ',r Rr-n'i Your lever! Williams and co-workers will con- Martha Marrell, Amos Oliver,
with other talent Adopts do .
Chorus} along tion for the 11 a.m. service; sermon I iOnDemohstrationG so."All 'S 1.. 1 hFLORIDA .. duct the service at 3:30: p.m. The Charlie Clark, Christine Hen-

of the city will appear on this I' Elder Mat Peterson; remarks i : of us must recognize that Rev.o R. Williams will deliverthe dricks, Luella Dennard, Bessie Jenkins -

program. benediction./Dinner will be served : ,the dimensions of social changeare I sermon and the Rev. A. O. Carrie Darns Amelia Coffey,
will be given to the I STAR
A prize j! at 1:30 pm. tremendous.: view the Williams will serve as alternate. Isiah Gasking, Ben Savage, Clarence -
attendance. )ii The Board of Social and Eco- present -
club with the largest Mrs. M. Smith of Port Orange Choirs and ushers from all Maddrick and Clara Oliver
action by students chal- .
as i
i t a 'r-n: Offi .... & Plant I
will conduct' devotion for the 3 nomic Relations of the Methodist j lenge to community churches will serve.
OLIVE !ip.m. service sermon Elder.Lizzie Church the -'t. '< MQNCRIFF RD i I I
MT. | ] ; adopted following challenge to accept Negroes
Mt. Olive AME i 1'..... 'nh 'trfet I.
of re- .r
St. Augustine
of ;
The men Tamblin
statement March 16. 1960 on the i in their respective communities on I.I

Church will observe the annual : 3 marks, benediction; 7:30 pjn. devotion decent, dignified and non-violent i terms of dignity." ... S BethlehemWomen ; Mt. Sinai Women

'Men's Day'May 29. Deacon Sugar TUlman; I
manner in which the Sit-In Dem- ------ -- 1 PUn
Eddie Ford and Waymon Stone : sermon. Junior Bishop W. C. onstrations have been conducted To June 26

have been elected to serve as-,! Young; remarks and benediction. everywhere.i ; Observance'I '.

chairman and !co-chairman. i Observe S .
,* ind the ij j The women of Mt. Sinai Baptist -
I God 1 strengthfor :
Church Of regret that citizens
SINGERS I i ; many
CELESTIAL \. ; j Annuel Day I, Church completed plans for
The Celestial Gospel Singers Sotcmen's I of our country are denied basic'' j their annual observance which will
Day |t i'i : Annual Women's Day will bei
will be presented in a musicalcodtest human rights. The recent wave'i life. be held June 26 in a meeting re-

) May 29 at 8:30-pjn. in Observance : of sit-in demonstrations and your i observed June 12 throughout thej cently. ,
j day in Bethlehem Baptist Church,
'the Elks Auditorium with the Pilgrim ': picketing at lunch counters has '
will be
of Saoannah' Annual women's day 6th and Madison Streets withMrs. Officers elected were: Mrs.Vir-
Female Singers reminded of such denials.
i!, observed in the Church of God us Jacquelian Richardson as cinia Mack chairman; Mrs. LillieD.

Georgia.Golden Jubilee Singers u'in i''I Christ State Temple June 12 "We commend participating general chairman; Mrs. Rosa Gil- Hair, co-chairman: Mrs. Josephine -
have charge of the opening selec 1 throughout the day with Mrs.; students for the dignified, nonviolent y I liard, co-chairman; and Mrs. Mae Jones secretary; Mrs. Alice

tions. Ken Knight will serve as Susie Mae Brown chairman and manner in which they have 4S Troy McDowell chairman of the Williams assistant secretary; Mrs.

of ceremonies. :, Mrs. Victoria Williams cochairman conducted themselves. We further '4 young women's division. M. K. Gibson, treasurer; Mrs. Wil-
master 1 v
a i .-, 'I presiding. commend the good professional Some "of the officers are: Mrs.Lucille lie D. Lucas, superintendent. Sun-

FRIENDSHIP BAPTIST Other officers are: Mrs. Julia 1 performance of Southern police 1 Simelton secretary; Mrs.Perlie day School; Mrs. Arie L. Norton

Eureka Chapter 16, and Queen ,i Neal chairman of the program I forces which have prevented.chaos Eddy treasurer; captains, BTU chairman: Mrs. Annie Barr
committee: {Irs.. O. B. Mobley. JIl Mrs. Ida Buggs, Mrs. Annie Mae Alice
of the South 105 OES will spon- ;, Should such demonstrations continue !!c A Swan Boosters Committee

Queen B. Williams in a ;, co-chairman; Mrs. Josie Fossett we hope that they will be Grant. lrs.V.. B. Webbert Mrs. chairman: Mrs. Ruby L. Herndon
sor recital May 30 at 8 pm. In West I!I! secretary; Mrs. Bertha Tribbett. carried out in a similar manner. Mildred McDowell Mrs. Mae TroyMcDowell young people's chairman; Mrs
Baptist Church. publicity: Mrs. Alice Carter chairman ; Demonstrations must be seen as 1Rose Gilliard. Mrs. Erma Bryant, Mrs. Catherine
:Mrs. Williams will be .featured I' ot decoration committee; financial : a means of awakening community Samatha Wright Mrs.. Lelia Sykes. music chairmen: Mrs. Mattie -

contestants; Mrs. Ella 1 not in 'Smith, Mrs. Ada Eddy. King
semi-classics and religious conscience and as a goal ushers chairman
:classics, ; Mrs
selections. Scott and Mrs. V. Powell and :; themselves. Economic sanctions of HI I Ii I Program committees. :Miss Viola finance chairman; Mrs. Colllne

i t tNEW Mary Patterson. Other officersare any kind should be viewed as a Mormon and Mrs. Annie M.' CUnningham Mrs. Bessie

'* ZION : Mrs. Julia Robinson. ,Mrs.I j last resort when attempts at ne- !?UFE, INC. Grant: Mrs. Vivian Wilson chairman rMrs.j Elnora Small members Grant,

observed H. Doughtery. Mrs. B. Brandon, fail. r of publicity. Mrs. A. Anderson Ruby ; Mrs.
will be foliation Herndon
Annual women's day j i TOGETHONH;; publicity chair-
in First Zion -BaptistChurch Mrs. V. Powell, Mrs. Mary Patterson -t. WORSHIP WEEK will serve as pastor for the ], man Mrs..H. H. Robinson,
'and Mrs. Clara Allen. Students should be free to ex- day. for pastor
June 26, throughout the day:

\ \



i L t I -
_2....,: ::1

.: '.-: .-:< Y .. -.It
r .,..JI.J..k.'l' .1

\ ,, '

\ .

Ending Saturday. May 28, 1960 THE FLORIDA STAR Page 5
,Dennis McMillon. Jr. and John I
Bethune ,CookmanTo 'Oakland Education will present Alvin Jonesto
'Henry Hopkins; Major in Busi- Sray'sWins
speak for the 11 a.m. service
Award Degrees ness Education, Sara L. Bell Nor- f y Honors and 6.45 pjm. and sponsored by

DAYTONA-Dr. William A. Mc ris Burgess, Roosevelt Burley the Sunday school. Choir 2, Youth

Millan. Dean of BethuneCookmanCollege Delano Filer, Jimmie Peal Harper, The Gra-Y Club of Oakland and Children's Choirs will serve.
School won the first leg of the
announces the following McKinney, Yvonne W. Massey,
appreciation plaque award donated -
Prospective Graduates of Bethune- Vernald L.
Samuel Kicklighter, L e Sayr y by the Sunday School at Grant

Cookman College who will receive Billie' J. Merkison Viola L. New- yA. Memorial AME Church Sunday I MOTOR MAIDS
A ) M
their : \
degrees on Monday May +
ton, Eddie Q. Oats, Evelyn B. : rt +e Y t when the clubs of the elementary I
30th at 10:00 am. in Moore'sGymnasium
: I Owens, Beatrice S. Payne, Morris scb"r b. school visited the church as guests
s. of Superintendent E. N. Reed Sr.
E. Smith Earl L. Sykes MinnieL.
White Leroy R. Wilson, La- ,, Mrs. T. V. Randall, advisor, and
Major in EnglishLouiseV.
Calhoun Vera Jones McCoy Murphy: Bennie J. Nelson Jery- 4i iL-- 1 club members were tabulated by Check Yourself
L Carlton B. Bryant program di-
connetta P. Young Ethel R. lean S. Newbold Juanita J. New-
,, rector, with a total of 46 members.
Jones. Jack Swiley; Major in bold Dorothy M. Passmore Shir- I Before DrivingBy

Chemistry, Carole E. Armstrong, !ley R. Payne Annie D. Phillips Other clubs rates were: A. L.
Garlon Davis Jr., Charles L. Lewis Mrs. N.V.. Harris; Long JohncoaDodce
Evana, Harold B. Galloway, Rich- 'Daphne C. Porter Mildred B. I PROM SCENES-Several Junior-Senior Promenades were held in the city last Friday. Top photo shows a I Branch, W. M. Groggins; John E. Safety Consultant

ard N. Harvey Astrid Karona 1 Robinson. Charles T. Rogers Ber- I group from Walker's Vocational School as they pause between dances. From left, Monroe Bega Robert I Ford Miss M. E. Hickson; Richard Are you fit to drive a car?

Mack; Major in Elementary Edu- nice J. Saffold Elliott J. Scavella Pierson, Betty Martin, and Johnnie Mae Hill. North-western Chaperons and Oriental girls are see'n in sec L. Brown, Robert Flowers; You may think you are in good

cation, Johnnie Mae Abrams Min- :)Mary F. Sharpe Eunice M. Simmons ond photo. From left (seated) Mrs. B. C. Green Mrs.S. Tarver and Mrs. S. Pierce. (standing) Jenny Dix, II Moncrief, Carter T. Lewis; S. P. health.lent safety You record.may have Yet an, under excel-

nie E. Baldwin Altamese Brooks 1: Laura L. Small Cynthia M. Patricia Davis Joan Harris Barbara Pearson. I Livingston, Mrs H. Jones Brew- certain circumstances, it **g be
Gladys P. Bryant Claydelle E. ington; Isaiah Blocker, H. James dangerous for you to be in the
Smith Gloria D. Smith Edna drivers
Capers, Cleomie F. Carter, Gloria : I I Arnold; Darnell Cookman Mrs. seatBefore
A. Coleman, Savannah Coleman, ,:Stallworth Mary L.Stancil,Gwen- Eagle Scout lLV.. Lewis, and Susie E. Tol- you take the wheel of .

Evelyn M. Cooper Marie T. Cor- I. dolyn W. Strong Estelle W. Taylor 1 Award To Be bert, Howard A. Guyton. your prepared car,by read the through American this Medical list-

bett Jean V. Cotton Cora A: CUl- Josephine H. Thomas, Mildred Stan ton Notes Assn.in co-operation with the
ver, Mary J. Curtis Clifford D. J. Thompson, Jimmye C. Presented Here Hargraves, executive Center for Safety Education at
Dorsey Lillie L. Fleming, Fran- Cath- i f secretary YMCA, gave words of New York University.Don't .
Smith Turner
Toby .
cine J. Frazier Vissadean O. : I, appreciation for the cooperation drive when you haw
Gloria L. .
erine D. Washington :'f'ToiYlf i I of the school in making the serious problems on your
Frierson, Samuel J. Futch, Rose mem-
Ira THOMAS mind. Emotional
Worsham Beulah M. Wright i GWENDOLYN C. I'ly flipped over Ada S. Betty P.i i uosets may
E. Gordon, Maybelle M. Green Brantley Wright James Calvin : TO ALL WAY OUT BIFFS AND bership campaign successful.R. cause accidents o
Melvarose Green, Ostavia B. Guin- A. <- :'. I wants everyone to know she hasher L. Mitchell, Hi-Y advisor at Check your attitude Btore. ma.-
Wright, Joseph Wright, Joyce DIFFERS: '
yard, Norma L.Hankerson,Dothea : MoJo working on John A. A. L. Lewis, gave the review. '
Wright, Rena E. Zellner, Margaret I I've been doing a little research I
E. Hardy, Frankie Lee Harrell, 4 i Sunday, the Board of Christian
R. Johnson, Beatrice Stevens 6 work aid to my surprise things I How much did they pay R.I
Chester M. Hayes, Lenore W. Hep- w i
Irene Washington; Major are really happening and having I Glover to escort G.
S.'l M. Max-
burn, Nancy Lee Herring Betty Mathematics, Willie E. Allen, Geraldine i : : effect. The Annual Bathing I
Doris Gladys E. Howell, :.jj' well really made the best out of
Hopson 1! Barnes, Ora L. Jones Mar- ] Beauty Contest was a real suc-
Leona A. Johnson, Willie E. Lar- riel W. Lee James E. Long, Marie cess B. Harper was the pride of Saturday Night her boyfriend

kins, Ondrea M. Lewis, Pearlie M. Mallory, Jimmie Moore Mary E. i I the show, her beauty was beyond : better re-check that escort.L. Several $200 Schoftarships

Mainor, Melvese L. Markham, Spikes, Luther W. Taylor; Major ;i compare.
Dora Miller, Sarah E. Miller Elea- Marshall !j : little rid-
''in Physical Education, B. Bryant was yellow Pearson. R. Daily A. Glover.
nor L. Mitchell, Geraldine V. Monroe ,E. Atkins Lillie C. Black Frank !I : inghood on the way to fame. G. Hubert C. i To Florida
stayed out till time for Leading Colleges
Shirley H. Moore, Latha L. : G. Breaker Juanita Davis Buggs Lang really couldn't believe his
Major in .. ... the cows to come home, is this
Marvella H. Mackey; i John Henry Denson Willie Dillard eyes. E. Haynes came on the sets I '
Speech and Drama, Edith R. W. best she the way Debs are to I
.., Jr., Lorenzo Hamilton John with rhythm, looking the supposed
Sipp; Major in Religion and Philosophy Heggs, James R. Hudson, Malachi could, everyone knows she didn't act? This same group went to Now Available To

Alfonso E. Brown Lillie ;I C. Kiner, Carletha R. Loper \ expect to win. Jennett B. won first Callahan. R. Daily what's with

B. Spell; Major in Music, DorothyD. i erine T. McDonald, cath-I place, the judges really fell for
vw ti4Y Bait? These same two girls
Hooks, Lillian E. McDonald, School GraduatesAnd
j Meeks, Carl E. Sutton and that smile. Ronald S. won Mr. High
Alyce J.'Shipp, Lowell A. Smith; ;i t Sutton.ST. I It Atlas. The crowds "wondered got lost on the way to the Coun-

Major in Social Science, Mildred t where the muscles went. Kenneth try Club, but they beat everyone

Anderson, David Edward Boles I I Ronald Harvey Alexander the R. and C. Stitt, Isaac W. and M. else there. Tell me how was this College StudentsFor

Gladys Boston Ethel M. Busta- son of Mrs. Fleet H. Alexanderand Toby were among the inspired accomplished? S. Pearson has

mante Ruth T. Dunmore Helen JOHN BAPTISTThe the late Orlando Alexanderwill spectators. To say the least is to lost interest in Jax. fellows, she !I, Just A Few Hours

B. Gallman, Mae Katherine Hut- United Choirs Union receive his Eagle Scout Awardat say the most, W. Wilson really has her eyes open for some cat '''

chins, Richard W. Kelly Conella George Mack, president, and the the Court of Honor to be held showed off his muscular system. from Fernandina. 'I' Summer Work Wherever You

O. Keyes, William L. Range and Willing Workers Choirs Union, at Ebenezer Methodist Church, He could take the place of Tar-

Helen L. Rivers.BACHELOROF. 'Willie F. Smith, president will Reverend J. B. F. Williams, Pastoron I zan's friend.R. Melvin J. is P. Pickney for real? !I I

SCIENCE DE- hold its first joint mass meet- Wednesday June 1, 1960 at Howell has a problem, she I R. Daily, why did you hit that Live In Florida

GREE, Major in Biology Timothy ing in St. John Baptist Church, 7:30 pm. is swinging with H. Calander andR. I fellow on the head? Say Tony, ;

Bradley: Jr., Elbert H. Bragdon, Bridier and Oakley Streets, Sun- Scout Alexander is a graduateof Coswell from Gilbert I wish I' what happened to your many''I Write Today For Full Details

Julia E. Kenchin Cleveland D. day at :2:45 p.m. New Stanton High School, Classof she would make up her mind. B. loves? Blanche Me. what's swing-
'58 and is now attending Flor- Easter and Ollie C. are still together ing with and '
Kiner Emmett A. Kirksey, Gracie you Jimmie H.?
P.O. Box 561 Jacksonville 1 Fla.
after two whichone I ,
long years Lucille
D. AIcArthur, Ella M. Martin ida A&M University matriculating R. I see you finally found
1 in the pre-medicine course. has the magic touch? :M. W. is the lucky guy J. Fields, is he for
I At New Stanton High School, really keeping a close check on I real? i I

1- : Scout Alexander played the Oboe Deloris D. these days, wonder :
> t7' '
.Ar'i"f. r Y; ; C.rK.Y.NZs ; and Saxophone in the Marching why? I heard that C. H. has real-I .

< ,, ,, .. and Concert I-Jand. He was a ;i'I
:- '>$.:
f::" 'H"N' o :::.:..: member of the famed 120 piece the National Scout Fraternity. I

f..:.t".TB E. r-'--' 'ill: t.> F.A. {.U:Marching Band last year. I Serving as members ''of this

:.. ..;.. He had the priviledge of being; Special Court of Honor will be
among the first cadets from Reverend J. B. F. Williams,Joe H. I k

COSTS vow \ ; F.A.M.U. that toured Ft. Benning, James, James D. Alford, Z. Shoe- !I

Georgia as part of" the Annual make, Dennis T. Stewart, and C. It t

LESS O.T.C. orientation program of E. Simmons, Jr. Musical Selectionswill : II II I

the Third U. S. Army. His Scout be rendered by Scouts JamesA.
I I .
training has been under the sup :, Reed and Willie Mackey and, ,

THEY ME GOOO R ervision of Edgar. Austin, Scout- ,. the Youth Choir of Ebenezer r .
master of Troopp 51. Scout Alex- Methodist Church. (i .

ander has offered consistent lead- Joe H. James will deliver the I' .,A "

ership in Troop 51 and Camp Inspirational Message and awards ,
Coacoochee. In his troop he has I nIl be presented to scouts who >.
2 POWDERS 5c 12 POWDERS 25c 24 POWDERS 49c served as Patrol Leader, Senior are advancing through the regular i I ; ,
Y)3..5 3 -;; ft if- -
Patrol Leader and Troop Scribe.At i I Court of Honor. I
-- -- -- Camp Coacoochee he served as The public and friends are invited I 7. / :.:

Life Guard and taught classes in to witness the unique pro- /.
Swimming. He earned member- '''gram that has been arranged for ;
ship in the Order of the Arrow the occasion. .
You Seek The Best Doctor I

When Your Doctor Prescribe ,
:S Gel Experienced Pharmacist American Look Young AduJr Version!

... .... ... ., .
Fill Your Prescriptions ''-'" '
: To .{:: :;-.1 jt: : ?<:!(At: ':ji .,: .. .': :. : q
According To Your Doelos'eOrders. R'''''' ;'' '''''''''Jf

The Best. We Quality Use Only Drugs At :: ?''''' 1

;' \ (i 4

Dr.Proprietor C. E. Blaek I, l ) : : .. $ 7 ( ii SSS MI -s--

." ,.. ... .."' lk1. +..f.,
: ; ; {
: : : ;
::)'.' .. .:.. N. JL ; > .

LILLY'S DRUG STORE 'I : l': J 2i1 > ...;'.B.

1907 Kings Road ELgin 3-8276 t ; F f.$.;.,.''...........Ra.,, l''.mom." )0'R" ,.':'....:. ......n::i";:"'.. ; "Carnation with far is fewer the milk fat calories that whips" like cream explains to a student. Carnation in the red'.

A COMPLETE LINE OF: : \/Jt( '*> .1 i < i 7jr.. ti''VII'.t. Miss Thrift and white can is the world favorite brand.
; ".t :

PRESCRIPTIONS Cosmetics Rubber CALLED Goods FOR- Candies AND DELIVERED- Sundries I'I 1 ; : ; :'} :1'i>:=*9';. ;>.."'..-' Home Economics Director tells zvhJ. \

. ----- -- -- --- .- --- ----- I: /f. Carnation is the milk I like

I.,.,:,1 ../. ,,, .;. > .i. ,....,.... ....' +. ,...j
t \ ;" r

II The SEAFOOD Center :; : .S ST 'IfiJ cream-with 1/2 the fat calories !

Miss Pinkie Thrift chairman of the home ..rich
quick cheese
___ t' s uce...moist meat
t economics
', at Southern Univer loaves. And whipped desserts and .
.i recipes

Corner Myrtle( Ave. And Shad Reo ) ...'?,': .." .,.;o:! use sity,Carnation Baton Rouge like, Louisiana.to "In class we like Whipped Sundae Salad!" (Recipe is -
" cream make favorite
f .'r shown below.)A special method of
l MEDIUM MULLET Lb. 20c : dishes taste extra special," Miss Thrift ex- lion erapora-
i gives today's Carnation the
j \r 1 consistency ,
, ROE MULLET Lb. 29c 1r'j :J' : \ ,. ,' l : ; plains."Smoother cream sauce,for example of golden cream-with % the fat calories!

j 11! RED SNAPPER Medium __________________Lb. 55c .. .. ''T i .4 ; ... + 'r--' L --.--___ ;
SPANISH MACKEREL Lb. 35c I r il: : ( L 7 :: I I r ecipe.; ---------------1 C7 I

ROE SHAD Lb. 39c ) Whipped Sundae Salad TO WHIP CARNATION: Chill 1 cup undiluted I '
r ".- : "' EVAPORATED MILK in
(Makes refngera1 -
For Baking Lb. 32c 1 swlngi) I
.,- .- : : ; J1f'You're tor tray until soft crystals form around
T j' edge
SPECKLED TROUT "Chicken of the5eo"Lb. 49c .., : ., .. > :. .: date-time IX cups canned z.t-, of tray((15-20 minutes).Whip until stiff(about I e A 6
CAT FISH Lb. 49c pretty as a picture in this charming c pineapple chinks *ff 1 minute! }. Add 2 tablespoons lemon Juice. I
t ----- .____ dress designed by Bobble Brooks. The gently scooped neck- ,
1 op pineapple syrup Whip until ysry stiff ((1.2 minutes longer) I
r. LARGE FLOUNDER ._.Lb. 49c ; line the sleeves as well are bordered with ric rac I Makes about 3 cups.
the the 'midriff molds the 1 package lemca gelatfl I
;r I a sweet, neat detail! Notice way RECIPE
It figure and is accented by a gay red rose. The full full skirtwith' 72 ccp chopped mtsttcopBayoonsto INSTRUCTIONS:Drain pineapple.Heat I
i designed for dancing! The syrup boiling. Pour over gelatin Stir cnta
double-box pleats was
I i ir deep I
gelatin dissolves.Chili
r I fabric "Frosette" crisp, with an interesting surface. I until thick and syrupy. EYAPO ATEH\

;t THE SEAFOOD CENTER j jJ' Wear this in black- as we've photographed it, or irf navy, I l.-....chopped. ctlenrt 4'.'.., Carnation AddnutJ.lJ1JJOMalseandcefery.fofdwhipplCf and gelatin mixture together.Altar I

from right nov, through all the parties ahead: ,and be sure I II J"" $tad Cst0i1j11 life layers of whipped gelatin mixture and I
j to have it, "too, in chalk white, for beautiful emphasis of the I .. pineapple in tall Chill. I
: MyrtleAT*. and Adam. Pbon EL .1USi 't
have! This is 'one of the important 1-----------.J
i summer tan you'll soon Ire ..". Coioept
fashions from t1.c.-: s ew Bobbie Brooks Spring collection.:__

. ,'. .. '. .< .
'.jL :
; / '"'I"
I !

.... I,.


.., J A'.v. s.. ; -- II .. .
_' ;.,. .LB.-....... ,i.Neek

:' ., r .1' .'
\ ; fX .
; .
'. \

Page 6 THE FLORIDA STAR Week Ending SaturdaywMay 28 1960
NO TOOLS, NO WORK Tax Foundation finds that
TEHERAN, Iran A 'mason, i. pay-f Rep. Powell Fails Dr. A. B. ColemanTo Summer Students'
rolls for civilian of the : I
mechanic t
metal worker
or fj :1rur f
i n a To Get Last
artisan I SpeakAt'Florida Registration SetAtFla.A&MU
must have his own tools Executive Branch of the federal j 1 [
to practice a trade in Iran. yet it j I
Charge DroppedNEW Normal |
would take a year for vocational government last year reached an I

school graduates to earn the tools YORK-A. federal judge t ST. AUGUSTINE, FLA.-Dr. R. .'1 TAU.AHASSEEVednesday..
estimated $12.3 billion. That works ,
in the $20 trade kits Americanscan I refused today to dismiss the income \v. Pury ear, ppresident of Florida I June 1. will be the last day for

send through CARE, New out to $226 for each U. S. family. i y x 3 h' tax evasion charge still Normal and Industrial Memorial undergraduate students planningto

.York 16, N. Y. The attend summer school at
gifts mean
\ standing against Rep. Adam Clayton College has announced that the
Florida A&M University to make
graduates can._get jobs at once. I Powell Jr. (D-N.Y.). Baccalaureate and Commencement -
1. Y.4A application without penalty.
r, speakers for the 68th Annual
'. : .
Commencement The summer session opens with
.- Two counts of the tax indict- Exercises would
e : be Dr. A. B. Coleman. pastor of the faculty; pre-planning conference -
I. ment were dismissed during Pow- the Shiloh Metropolitan of Jack- Friday. June 10. All persons
ell's trial here and the jury was within 60 miles of Tallahassee
PRIEST RIVER IDAHO! FLORIDA. STAR son:vl ileand Dr. Francis L.Atkins are
} unable to agree on the third count. president of Winton-Salem required to register Saturday.
thinks it only fair to apply a withholding
tax to the youngsters r The Negro congressman's attorney Teachers College May; 29! and 30 June 11. Students living beyond'commuting

allowance just so the yymiger gen 2 IN EVERY I ;, then moved before the trial judge respectively.Dr. distance who desire to
come early may also register on
eration can get -gradually aceu- I! COLORED HOMEATTENTION 'Frederick Van Pelt Bryan for a Coleman is a graduate of Saturday.

tamed to a procedure to whit j directed acquittal and dismissal ofi the Benedict
College in Columbia,
adults are now hardened" i i the indictment. S. C. Registration for applicants with
I I I a very prominent clergy- initials A to M will be held Mon-

I DEDICATED TO DELTA-Dr. Jeanne L. Noble, left national: presi-.I :man, religious and civic leader inJacksonville day. June 13. Persons with initialsN
I Bryan denied the motion today.
READERS dent of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, and Conceit Pianist Philippa and the state of to Z will register on Tuesday.
There was no immediate indication Florida.Dr. .
Please Bring or Send Your Schuyler look at ihe back "Adventures in Black and White," written June 14. The late registration fee

Church News Club Notices & AnnouncementsTo I by the >oung artist about her tours to 60 countries. Published bj whether the government Francis L. will be assessed for all registra
would mo\e for re-trial.. Atkins who will
Speller A. Sons of New Ycrk City, it is dedicated to the-Deltas. Miss I deliver the tion at variance with the above
The FLORIDA STAR I commencement address
EarlyDEADLINE Schuyler is an honorary member of the public service Sorority.. i I for the members of schedule. Classes will begin on
-- --- -- ----- --- --- -- ;
June 15.
FOR NEWS IS graduating class at Florida Normal

r Shriners On CARE-FUL SOLUTION i comes' May 30, has served as June 20 will be the last day for
TUESDAY at NOON President of Wmston-Salem registration and last day for
The March i SULU, the Philippines-A gift I changing schedules. Tuesday and
of 113 rolls of hog and barbed six Wednesday June 21-22 are the
/ 2323 Moncrief Rd. Corner 13th Street wire, delivered by CARE, has i iI I Bridge & Social Club I dates for making application in

i i I saved the crops of 24 families in .: Prior to his appointment as the Office of Admissions and

Tawi-Tawi, a Moslem village in Reporters president he served at the same Records for degrees to be con-
i s institution in the'capacities ferred at the end of
islands. of instructor summer
Man In A Hurry the southernmost Send or Mall
of school. For further information
I education, registrar
--_ I
Because of their religion, the Your Social News and. dean. write to the Registrar, Office of

L::: t farmers would not kill the wild I Y I Admissions and Records. Florida

T hogs that ravaged their fields. Nor Mondays To COMMENSEMENT CALENDA A&M University Tallahassee

I could they afford to buy fencing. I i I Some of the significant eventsi Florida.

: f4,47i4i 1 The wire to build their fences was I FLORIDA STAR I i i i and activities scheduled to take '
T bought by CARE, under its Self-,12323 Moncrief Rd. Cor. 13th I'I place at Florida Normal and Industrial hearsal. May 28; Alumni Day.

Help program to give the needy I I Memorial College are as : May 28; Baccalaureate Service,
I I .
tools to help themselves. I Ij follows: President's Informal Eat- President and Mrs. Puryear at

/ j Together for Graduating Seniors Home May 29; and Commencement -

aA May;i 27; Academic Procession Re- Exercises May 30.

: It ,-

BRIGHT HOME IDEA ., ---..- .._ ...., ,

I I : 'THIf\GS'.YOU.! :SHOULD KNOW }= 1r

I II ,; 0 .r-, ,-c -' .r -"- .,....4 f -
: : i: 'o' ; aIS84 .: it
Ji itf. .
-- -
a..q --- :. -...
Newly I
I -
Ii appointed Director of the Public ,
J Relations Department of the Imperial b y s I -

From prow to item, fitting out have learned the simple-0-flame I i Council of Shriners is r L LIp : ; '

gets to be less of a boating chore technique that needs no messy James E. Denkins, Baltimore, / 3

each year. Among the many han- chemicals,no harsh steel wool,no Maryland In his new assignmenthe ELI X
dy items to speed the work and drippy paint rags. Best of all,the has prepared a new manualfor {
increase the fun of keeping your wood is left smooth, clean and .
boat shipshape is this Shriners calling upon themto ,
lightweight dry, ready for the new finish. Inexpensive }. R
propane-fueled Bernz-O-Matic the torch has a hun- face news issues and take then-
torch.. Dad and Mom, and even dred and one uses about the place in the vanguard of American -
the older kids, find taking down house fom EBOUE.
; tubing Life
the copper as a new social order :
old finish a snap now that they to makinp ip.wp1rv emerges.SPEARHEADING.

Chilly.Surprise For Hot Weather! I. ; Mirror, mirror, on the wall I : 1 94JI't''

keeping you bright is no chore .r.-:,, : ",", :' >'
II ',at all. Today's homemaker can I : .". ..t ''... co. S n. r
sing this rhyme, for science has ,
found a new chore-brightener

: glass-bnghtener. BO 1N IN CATEh t. FR. GUIANA, HE ,
Called Chamie-Tex it's a newmiracle I -

x' a a tiK fabric developed by West \ WAS BRILLIANT IN SCHOLARSHIP EDUCATED /
German scientists. A synthetic

I rubber-nylon creation it's useful ,! I IN FRANCE AS WELL...IN 1940.AFTERt /f / .
for any cleaning or polishing ,
chore in the home. t \ '
The cleaning aid has the same I i YEARS OF EXPERIENCE IN FORIEGN AFFAIRS, /

V. feel and tacky drag of chamois, I II
.. d # d I but is far better than the natural II I I HE WAS MADE COVER NOR-GENERAL OF EQUATORIAL r
skin in I
F many ways. Highly I
absorbent, it leaves a hard, dry I IAL AFRICA-MORE THAN MILLION SQUAREMILESM,
surface as it works. I.
a Chamie-Tex can be laundered I.i r
I in or detergent too.
.of .r any soap
I l Unharmed by grease, oil, or solvents -
II Y it's always, soft and won'ttear I 15,000 AFRICAN! TROOPS IN LYBIA HELPED TURN
I or crack.Supermarkets. I .
II and houseware I 4 THE TIDE OF WCRLD WAR TWO!

I ems. y stores now selling the cloth also ,
recommend it for grimy jobs and I '

I I in the garage or workshop.

I Housewives, however, say ul.et.
If a picture of a Penguin makes you cool then now's the time THE husbands get their own"; they're
to make this salad for "cool" eating on hot Summer days. Makea SHRINE : happy with ft for brightening'!' ---- -
Summer Snowman salad, too, using canned peach halves for the SPONSORED Negro Business i, glass, tileans, and fine wood <$ 3 i? B *Si 2S2)S3i SS$ 7 /

body, with currants for buttons as well as eyes, and pimiento for Enterprise Week for 1960 is the : surfaces.
the mouths. Make "top hats" of halved marshmallows and use; I Rev. John Henry Hester, Atlantic : BUSINESS DIRECTORY
California dates for the feet. Both salads are simply wonderfulfor City, N. Y. The week I II I\. ,
j designatedfor I ; j' .
a children's !
party .
t the i -
PENGUIN SALAD beginning June 12th -. .. .., i.. P F Tho Firms Listed Below Are Recomm ended As Reputable Establishment
urges Shriners, Daughters of Iris 1. ::
2 packages (3 ounces each) & canned apricot halves, and Prince -. Specializing Servi ces and Products '
Hall Masons ,
cream cheese drained and chilled ,
1/4 cup light cream 1/2 cup Angel Flake Coconut the nation to spend a minimum AUTO SERVICE l!
8 canned Bartlett pear 6 California dates of twenty five dollars with Negro J i:| Crown
halves, drained and 1C currants I business. At least five Royal Bottling Company
chilled 21 canned cling peach slices I dollars U \i 1235 San Marco Blvd. FL 9-4488
weekly is to be emphasized by the I AUTO PAINTING COMPANY (|
I l
Mash cream cheese with a fork until softened. Add cream ,
'" Director. The Rev. Speaking of
gradually; then beat until cheese Is light and fluffy. \ I! is a Complete Body Repair & Paint Work jj t Washington's Health Service
Place each pear half, cut-side down, on crisp lettuce. Use large Baptist minister and Imperial v
PUBLIC SAFETY Baked Paint Jobs
'lend of pear for body and tapered end for neck. Place apricot half, High Priest and Prophet of the I -:- Oven -:- ft 1 U "Abundant Health Is Rightfully Your.

cut-side down at tapered end of pear for face. Spread cream' 'I Shriners. ."Where there is no vision i Price Start at 54.00 {>(t Try Swedish Massage Mineral Steam BathtS

cheese over pear and apricot halves. Sprinkle with coconut. Cut the people perish". 1532 East Adams Street EL 58135)FOODS S Colonic Therapy
4 dates in \half and stick on faces for beaks. Cut thin' strips from I I I -D. C. Washington Masseur-Same Locatlot
remaining- dates for bow ties and place on necks. Use currants : | "
for eyes; Place 2 peach, slices at sides of each penguin for arms. I Residential Modern Street I "i< For 23 Year..
Cut remaining peach slices in halves and use for feet. Makes 8, Lighting Cheses Crime tS3C[ N. Myrtle Avenue EL 4-247J

OHIO years ,
r age Ii
The Finest In Groceries
street attacks! and assaults were You Want & WILLIE SMITH DRUGS

By William Henry Huff pretty much confined to the bad And Meals Come See Us u
: ': i V.1!: : :. .Ie tc Go to Town to GetS I' If I can just be jeai and true neighborhoods, but now a mobile I Free delivery any part of the dry

And have no cunning ways.As I population brings danger to our I )JOO Davis Street EL 6-5412 i r -:- OLD RELIABLE _:__

: those who,win very doorsteps.Police \[601 West Ashley Street EL 4.1380
must do
LQWPRCES surely officers agree that the I MISCELLANEOUS i
I In these and future days, .., possibility of being seen is the. L_L

I will not heap' a'pde of wrath I most Modern powerful street deterrent lighting to provides crime. I AAA BONDING AGENLYI i JULIA GEORGE 5 & 10 CENT
To fall I
On Your Or dread upon a fearful my head aftermauX this shadowy protection places, between for it leaves spots no of I City County and Federal Bonv L. STORE _

But live in peace instead.COLD \ light. It gives the potential crim- I [Law Exchange Bldg. EL M832J Courteous Treatment

i inal no dark place to hide end SV Open 8:30 to 7 m.
DRUG STORE NEEDS 1 1I ri I ,:spring on an unsuspecting victim. i ACE RADIO & TV SERVICE }[:306 Davis' Street p. EL 4-1216
It leaves dark
i no landscaped areas
1i i j to serve 'lt't.cover for robbery, : 30 Years In Electronics J v
Frndf With Your Neighborhood Drag_ Store i SUFFERERS ra c cm.ru2; _'. : All Work Guaranteed $> MAGGIE CONFECTIONERS i

\,\'EVll.l MEET ANY PRICES ADVERTISED {I I G.t 5TAN8ACK. tablets or A powder f strange Darkness birds attracts, but the some penetrating very I 7 .43 Forest Street ., EL 4-8804 i; BEER CIGARS CIGARETTES ,

,f 0,.. IN! YOUR LOCAL PAPERS I, S T A H.8 A C K,prescription typ ing sends them on their way. I TIMIQUANA ROAD TRADING ,,1102 Price SL EL 3-8312
formula it combination of ,. "
pain !
*\'r DeJUer Ue> AL.o Fill All Doctors' Prescription I li.vin9'i"O..4i."ta that work togetherfor i .headlined Neighborhood all over street the crimes United are' POST 'J\|,M. L. Harris Prop

FASTER RELIEF of HEADACHE. I ; Garden Supplies J
States, but they don't occur in
NEURALGIA d... to < ld*.and STANBACK ACHING MUSCLES din< R* : lighted situations. Muggings in : Fertilizer Fruit Products 8 QUICK SERVICE MATTRESS CO.

Dixie DUCES FEVER. SNAP BACK w Xu8T the dark neighborhoods of Wash -New and Used Furniture bought and sold-ft Mattress Renorating Our Specially
PharmacyIn'r AM BACK. ington,D.C.; Rape in a dark Chicago -
apartment alley-way;:Murder 564 Timlguana Road SP 1-37628 One Day Service _

0 0 : ; under the uncertain lighting I''" *7 03 Old Stags Road po
SINGS ROAD at.MTBTLC:',AVENUE: : conditions of Norfolk;Assault in.; JOHNNIE'S ROOMING HOUSE i| 5.1634

PHONES EL 11.11 8'!.>* PATRONIZE i the dark by-ways of Camden. I
.,.. ( All Modem ConsaieaeesRoom
... "We can't,patrol every area of' il TAXI
AY"' YOUR LIGHT WATER AND TELEPHONE i< every city every moment," say by Dar HJg t. or Week -At Your S. tw' \
; I t police. Modern'street lighting is iI For Information CallS NEW DEAL CAB
BILLS AT OUR ,STORE Star Ailvr.rtisiirs I a partner of the, law J StrMt i, EL 4-1811 I
5-4025 627 W.
.., _- Ashley LINCOLN CAB EL 4-1811 ,
:\ 00 e :;;, a- 2'iiI ? .
--'? ?. ""'c: !

.. .
,, :- % ,

-. .,, ., .. .\. ,>* _, 0 ... ... .. ,. I
: ", f: \ .0 '0, ,4. (; :m' <','.:.-: : (.....1.r'1. .:::-, .- ;- ,' 7' "0 _:

'f :5 o ... .... ._ ,0) ,' '';...-. .... : 7-- ,.'. o. '_ (




I /

.- ...

:,Veek Ending Saturday, May 28, 1960 THE FLORIDA_ STAR c'_._ Pace 7



-r ..
J -
___ -- ---
r-- -- --- -

CoachO. W. O'Neal !["FAMU Takes SIAC Title; Se'es' Of Tickets

f Announces I960 Schedule Enter NaionalTrack_ Meet Pass For Title$250,000 Bout i I : f .1ft-.t:

For Albany RamsO. ,SIOUX FALLS, S. D. Eight Morris Brown 6; S. C. State, 5: ,ticket NEW sale YORK for the- The Ingemar advance I SPORTS CORNEA )
Alabama A&l4, j J Benedict,21 ; t
Florida A & M Track'
W. O'Neal Jr., head football coach and director of athletics, University 1.hansson-Floyd Patterson JO-j _
Morehouse, 2l/2; and Xavier 14. _
j and field stars will compete in
has released football schedule for State '
a mne-game Albany College. New weight champion fight at the .
Records 440-Yard
: Relay-
Asociation of Inter-
The Golden RAMS will play five home games and four games on the National 1. Florida A&M, 41.3: 880-Yard Grounds June 20 has passed the LEON CARDENAS. 21- 'ear-old I. JACK BALDSCHUN. 1-0. Malone -
the road. All home games will be played: in Albany's Cardinal Park. I icolegiate Athletics Track and I Run 1. Florida A&M. WUlie' :$250,000 mark. Bill Fugazy said shortstop for the Cincinnati Red } h.;worked more innings
pending completion of State's on-campus football' field. i, Field Howard Championships Wood Memorial here Stadium.at the Rivers, 1.53.5; One-Mile Relay ; 1 today. Havana farm club in the Inter- than any Southern Association
The Schedule: ( "About 175 theaters have been national League is batting .314 hurler and was tied for most vic-
its fourth 1. Florida A&M,- Samuel Rivers,
The team copped ,
]lined up for the closed circuit with eight runs-batted-in in 14 tories.
Sept. 24! Miles at Albany Southern Intercollegiate' Willie Poole, James Blue Ralph
television ," said .
showing Fugazy games with two homers catcher -
I Athletic Conference title in AUan- Johnson), 3:14.6.- ; Catcher LARRY RANCOURT'was
Oct. 1 Bethune-Cookncan at Baytona Beach Fla. an official of Feature Sports. Inc., I JAKE AZCUE is batting .306
!ta last week. Three SIAC records batting .310 for Columbia of
i Old Records 440-Yard of : .
\ = : Relay- ;]promoter the fight. pitcher MIKE CUELLAR is
Oct. 8 Edward Waters :at Albeny I were broken as the Rattlers captured Florida A&).I, 1959, 42.1. 880-Yard 1-0 with a 3.68 ERA in four the South Atlantic League in 12
;, 11 Fugazy his Statement of RON FLENDER. outfielder
championships. W. 56''i gave '
Run- Young. Xavier 1936, games BOB MILER is 2-2
Oct. 15 Paine at Albany j Track coach Pete Griffin said I II seconds: One-Mile Relay More- '! 1 the financial aspects of the fightat with a 3.81 ERA. .316 pitcher DAN PAUL Is

Oct. 22 Claflin at Orangeburg, S. C.- I IFAMU will enter Clarence Childs house 1941. 3 minutes 21 seconds. ;: 'the New York boxing writers 1-0.
i'and Robert Harris in the 200-* ]luncheon, at which former cham- 'Red Scout BOBBY MATTICK

Oct. 29 Savannah State at Albany 'meter dash, Willie Poole, James I J pion Joe Louis gave opinions on has again landed one of the prize DAVE BRISTOL .308 short-

Nov 5 Livingston at Salisbury N. C. ';Blue, Ralph Johnson in the 400- various aspects of the fight itself. I youngsters in the California area stop TOMMY HELMS .289 .
meter .dash, Eugene White in the Louis also gave a free-lance as he signed southpaw pitcher MICKEY MATTIACE is 4-0 for

Nov. -12 Moris (Homecoming) .at Albany S 100-meter dash, Samuel Rivers in Ratters To Play'' ;opinion that Ruby Goldstein, who I JOHN FLAVIN to a contract with Palatka and has pitched two no-

j 'the 800-meter run, James Denmark refereed the first fight, should not the Reds' Columbia farm club. hitters already! this season he
Nov. 24 Fort Valley at Fort Valley in the pole vault, Poole 3 Grid Classics \ be the third man this time. He I Flavin a 6-2. 190 pound 18yearold was signed bv. SCOUT CHUCK

I j: Johnson, Harris and White in the TALLAHASSEE The Florida I claimed Goldstein did "a bad job," was highly sought-after. He WARD and is in his first pro

ATTENTION -LADIES----- !' 400-meter relay. 'Rivers, Poole, A&M University Rattlers will play;. 'terson knocked down Patterson I pitched for El Cerrito, Cal. High season.
Dr. Alfonso ElderTo Blue, and Johnson will be enteredin "Johansson knocked down Pat- School and Mattick, who discovered -
& Social Club three classics in the state this fall
Bridge the 1600-meter relay. because he got excited." Frankie Robinson and Vada OUTFIELDER BILL SHEPERD
according to Jake Gaither, head
Reporters i Pinson, tabs Ji-n: "one of the is hitting .378 for Missoula, Montana -
Send or Mail Address '!! James Denmark has cleared the coach and athletic. director. seven times" he said, "but he I finest pitching prospects on the of the Class C Pioneer Lea-

Your Social News cross bar at 14'6" and holds the went to neutral corner just once." second baseman CESAR
Classics will be played: in Tampa I West Coast. The youngster bearsa gue
GraduatesDr. record for the pole vault in the
1 Mondays To Albany Jacksonville and Miami. Tampa striking resemblance to actor TOVAR .344; shortstop GUS
FLORIDA STAR :conference and major Negro meets. I Robert Taylor.In GIL. .309 Manager and third
Alfonso Elder, president of He was voted the most outstanding was added this year. The Rat- baseman JOE TEDESCO, .302 .

2323 Moncrief Rd. Cor. 13th North Carolina College at Dur- ;( athlete in the SIAC meet in. tiers, National Negro Collegiate ,, Ray Robinson games through May 8. Seat- GILBERTO CLARK is 1-0 .

Or Phone EL 4-6782 Atlanta last week. He is a senior copped seven straight Southern I tle's RAY RIPPLEMEYER was JOHN SMITH is 1-0.

ham, will address sixty-five Albany from Florence Villa. Fqotball Champions in 1959, have Delays Plans leading the Pacific Coats Leaguein

: Intercollegiate Athletic titles. earned-run-average with a fine Second baseman TANY PEREZis
W.uch !5 hi- < College graduates at
; i N < The SIAC Summary: 440-Yards
TrainingBOSTON 1.35 mark. He was 4-1 DAVE batting .421 for Geneva of the
commencement exercises, June 6. Relay 1. Florida A&MVillie FAMU plays Benedict College
Sugar Ray Robin- STENHOUSE, 3-1 with a 2.43
115-20-354 New York-Pennsylvania League
Johnson, Robert I
Poole, Ralph in the Golden Triangle Classic in
5-30-22-11-6532J) son delayed plans to come eher ; ERA. games first baseman DICK
Dr. Elder; is a native of Sand- Harris Eugene White ; 2. Tampa, October 1. South Caro- I
Brown; 3. Xavier; 4. Alabama lina State College in the Florida tOdato begin training for his I ULTUS ALVAREZ, Nashville BEALL was among the league ,

...:.8 _._ _JO"' _...s _,_. .ersville. Ga., and' has been presi- : State. New Record Time 41.3. Old Classic in Jacksonville, October June 10 middle-weight title bout, outfielder is hitting Southern As- !leaders in home runs with six and

-".: dent of North Carolina College Mark 42.1 held by Florida A&M. 29, and the Orange Blossom Clas- with Paul Pender at Boston Gar- ;, sociation pitching for a .382 mark runs-batted-in with 20 but has
___ 8 _.__ : .__. 5 __ den June 10.Robinson been sidelined with a bad ankle.
since 1948. His father served as One-Mile Run 1. Wiley Lane, sic in Miami, December 10. The : in 26 games. He has 18 RBIs and

__ 6 __ -"v __..6. __ 4 i, principal of the Elder High Schoolin Florida A&M; 2. Charles Harper, opponent; for the OBC will be Boston but his planned plane to fly sockedin to to five homers CLIEF COOK Pitcher BOB KROP is leadingthe
I Florida A&M; 3. Al Seals Tus- named in November. third-baseman, is batting .313 in carned-run-
with 1.35
Sandersville a
for over 50 years. by weather conditions in New
14-58-39 kegee; 4. Frank Murray, Florida. York. Sam Silverman said he !; 26 games with 26 RBIs and seven mark he is 2-0 : KEN HUNT
South arolina State may
547-22-315 replaces
A&M. Time 4.24.6. 1
round trippers shortstop BOB- is 3-1 with a 2.18 ERA Hunt
I I President Elder is a graduate of Bethune-Cookman College in the not come her for'several days.
Willie Poole, BY HENRICH, .325 catcher
440-Yaoo Run -
has 34 strikeouts in innings
sometimes lie's ujorrwthmes The bout will be for the New
j Florida Classic. Coach Gaither
Atlanta University and Teachers'College
'"' he's down I Florida A&M; 2. David Veasey, |: JOHN EDWARDS, .261 with 14 .* BURT DZIADEK 2-2 .
York-Massachusetts of the
said that oficials of Bethune-
He adds subtracts : Columbia University asa Alabama State; 3. James Blue, : RBIs and four home runs. and GREG JANCICH 1-2.
Cookman College requested that middleweight championship. Pen-
.. >"..r".. it MM nrouudComing special General Education Board Florida A&M; 4. Sam Wright i' JIM: MALONEY, sensational 19-
t' the contest return to a home and der took the,title from Robinson
i Fejlow.' After further study at the Clark. Time 47.7. 100-Yard Run year-old righthander, is 42rttt L Outfielder
r several .
Attractions 1 11. White, Florida A&M home basis. The game this year months ago.TRAVELING batting .400 for "Manager Johnny
I 1 he earned I Eugene ; a 2.Q3 ERA in six Nashville games j
University of Chicago will be in
[ played Daytona Beach,
'. 458''--O-913 : > 2. Charles Nevett Clark; 3. Julius in 52 innings, the hard. Vander Meer's Toppeka club int
1 _
: ; the Ed. D. degree from Teachers'College October 22.
Perry, Morris Brown; 4. Alfred I throwing youngster has struck ou the Three I League he's fourth
: ..'. \ Columbia University, in I Austin. Time 9.5 880-Yard Run-! The complete FAMU grid sched- DOCTOR 53 and walked '19 JIA'[ .: in the league Schultz is tied
1 1938.EVEKY 1. Willie Rivers, Florida A&M; 2.1'ule: KADUS, India Every Wednesday ; BAILEY, southpaw pitching brother for the league leadership home

-- ----' Maceo Jennings, Florida A&M; 3. is Doctor's Day in this of the Reds' Ed, is 22titl i runs with four and l'w1.>-batted-

I IIj Willie Westbrooks, Florida A&M; (i October 1, Benedict College, Khed District village, which has a :2.61: ERA Tom GIBSON, :IQ with 19 firstbaseman HERB I I

i S l'I.IO'rOC n.-\IJlfH"; '&..e H !I If 4. Phenrick Gilliam, Alabama Tampa; 8, Lincoln University no local physician or hospital for 2-0 CHOLLY NARANJQ, 3-0()I ANDERSON is hitting .340 I
Ij _
State. Time 1.53.5. Tallahassee; 15, Morris Brown its 5,000 people. The doctor comesto ---- -- ------- -- .. .
f fi 120-High Hurdles 1. A. C. Colege, Atlanta, Ga.; 22 Bethune- town in a CARE mobile health ", .... .....
f C 4"S&t Peters, Florida A&M; 2. Edward' Cookman College, Daytona Beach; unit, an $11,500 clinic-on-wheels

i Jinks, Florida A&M; Willie McKee 29, South Carolina State College, developed by the American agencyto ,

, N Expert Photography I Xavier; 4. Charles Jones, ;t Jacksonville; November 5, North improve health conditions in
Portrait Wedding !.sd..DqU.uPasspoa Alabama A&M. Time 14.8. 220- : Carolina A&T College, Tallahassee underdeveloped lands. '

'. & Identification hhoio Yard Run 1. Robert Harris, homecoming; 12, Allen University Bought with funds donated by PALMS

S '.w: ; A1 Photostat it Commercial Work Florida A&M; 2. Charles Nevett, Tallahassee; 19, Southern Graham French Philadelphia, Pa.,

Photos For Newspaper Cut I Clark; 3. Ralph Johnson, Florida ; University Baton Rouge, La.; 29, attorney, the CARE unit here is
y. While You Wall A&M; Time 21.1. .Two-Mile: Run'Texas Southern University, Tal- run ba Bombay welfare society '

Coloring & Picture Framing 1. Wiley Lane. Florida A&M; lahassee; December 10, Orange and pays weekly visits to Khed

t'' "'. Let Us Take A Photo Of You 2. Al Seals Tuskegee; 3. Frank Blossom Classic, Miami. villages. BALLROOM

Murray. Florida A& I M; 4. William ,
Bailey Clark. Time 9 minutes 54
In Natural Color
AVL.nY JFtifJ. seconds. Those I Of Jacksonville
220-Low Hurdles: 1. A. C.

AVERY'S PHOTO STUDIO Peters, Florida A&M; 2. Charles

1674 Kings Rd. Next to EWC Library Jones McKee, Alabama Xavier; 4.A&M Edward; 3. Jinks John, who sr : I Frill & Sat. 27 & 28

Phone EL 47695 For Appoinimoa i Florida A&M; Time 23.6. One- !
Mile Relay 1. Florida A&M live 1fl. 1 '

(Samuel Rivers, Willie Poole I Ii : Wade
- i e Flemings ,
James Blue Ralph Johnson); 2. ,
Alabama State (Robert Smith style. .

Ernest Washington, Phenriclc) Gil-

liam, David Veasey); 3. Tuskegee Welch
t4 Linn
(Nathaniel Whitehead, Walter ;! { jj. .
Bradley, Richard Mccurdy Hou- '
'urn Ar ton Johnson); 4. Xavier (Robert 1'Iffj :

Kent, Ira Griddle, Thomas Williams ; & BobbySands BandMONDAYTHURSDAYSUNDAY
Curtis Moore) New Record

e. 3:14.6.
2 ; W $1.00
Shot Put 1. Curtis Crockett, *
i Clark; 2. Charles Young, Florida 4

A&M; ,3. Johnny Williams, Florida ,
A&M; 4. William Segdrick Xav- f "",:,.,,, ,,

ier, Winning distance 46'6". Jave-
lin Throw 1. Dred Arrington.

J Alabama State: 2. Robert Dicker- r I
Jt b son. Bethune-Cookman; 3. Austin 1l
L t t Wise. Florida A&M; 4. Clifford

i Mosely. Xavier, Winning distance t! 1 I I
180' 4ft".
Discus 1. Curtis Crockett :
Clark: '2. Arceneaux Coleman I II

f Xavier; 3. Willie Guion Xavier: IU.-

fI 4. Charles Young. Florida A&M.

Winning distance 1352%". Broad

I Jump I. James Denmark. Flor- 'w .xIf

ida A&M: 2. Henry Clark. Clark;

3. JU1 lou$ Birch Alabama State;

b T-flrqr Ross Bethune-Cookman. demand GORDON GIN

<; Winning distance 23 %". Pole 1
vMilt1.. James Denmark Florida 4'

A&M; 2. ,Marshall Bell; 3. have
taste for
Marvin Williams Xavier (tie) (ioIDI
: : :- the teef things, always ask for
Otis Edward. KncxvSle and Henry
-' Invite* 'You To Oaten To' Clark Clark. Winning distance Gorton's authentic London Dry Gin. ., MOr
l John So smooth and dry... -
High Jump 1. Williams -
: "KMGllhTRA1Nwiic South, Carolina State; 2. cf such delicate flavor... =- /

,. .- (tie),, David Jackson Benedict; you can enjoy it STRAIGHT 'f, ,.,

"' : ; Walker; Morehouse; 3. Sims Ala- : aka
StartiBc At 7sQ P. M. Nfebtly '
bama &Il 4.Julius Win1
: Myers. -
.:),_." ... ... :-0. -- .,. r ..-heIght: n W'. .. ti .' *Gin tike GoiL
'f '" -' : _,__
1c. m Point! dis&buttomf -'Plaid'
Ak i. !82; Clark 20%: XarSer.' ; vox NN1l EaN. t... .!lf! 111 N MMF.Ni1M__ ea W 01L UI.MO,i.*

: I-1JN- State, IS; TWM0! :*: 1-

.r -

,! /




EIGHT THE FLORIDA STAR Week Ending Saturday, May 28, 1960


Care Given ChildrenFor The .
Varsity Shop at 2309 Mon-
For Your Vote of Confidence Working Mothers crif Road was broken into and !' '
7 am. to 6
p.m. entered last
Monday, but due to
i Miss Mary E. Williams of 1720 I William Otis Thomas of 1318
5 week
days a
iC ___ In Re-electing the quick work of police the intruder !
Reasonable Rates W. 42nd Street was robbed Monday Cleveland Street was robbed of
was caught before anything
1336 W. 21st EL 4-4861 I: as she was leaving a store on his money changer last Tuesday
John E. Matthews could be taken, owner reported. I
Davis Street after purchasing a when he parked his taxi cab and

,.. I I Entrance to the building was:: pair of shoes. left his money changer to go in
.{ \ HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES GR. 1 gained by forcing lock on screen II Miss Williams said she purchased a store at 1429 Cleveland Streetto

I OPENINGSFor door. The front door lock was also I a pair of shoe about 3 get some soft drinks, police

I 3 Avon Representatives. ;forced, police reported. I p.m. and: started from the store reported.He .

i'Minimum age-25. No experience i and as she was leaving two young said ,he lost $20.50 which
necessary, we. train. Call EL 6-8810 i Henry Sherman 38. of 2302 men caught her by the arms and was the amount in. the money
Summer Moncrief Road was caught and forced her down Davis Street to changer.

Employment I arrested by investigating officers. Union and took her money. She Patrolmen E. Jefferson and G.
Patrolman Robert George, Jr..
IW HAIRCUTS said the amount taken was $2.70. i ii R. Henry investigated.
and Sgt. L. C. Williams investi-
For School Teachers For your next haircut visit
I i the Artistic Barber Shop, 619 i MAN ENTERS HOME:


./) ... McCurdy, Prop.; Charles Henry Smith: of 1556 W. 32nd WITH BUTCHER KNIFE
;a his home
Lincoln Villa Street told police was
I U JJJJ 111 Senior Class Sponsors Simmons, Mgr. John Wiles 64. 1921 W. 3rd
1 entered last Tues-
i 200' x 542'? $900 Cash broken into and Street was cut with a butcher:
i I i Send Inquiries To day while he was in bed.
A tip of the Jfepal Out I j Ij knife last Monday during an Argument -
t 'P. O. Box 561 Smith stated that he heard a
to these ontatandlBfyoung Pleasant Work SupervisingHigh with his wife police repel-
i iI 1 noise at the front door and when
i he asked who it was, the intruder ed.The
make our country eat I School Grads and NEED MORE MONEY? Make victim said that a fiuir;
College Apt For Rent called the name of Ernie Mac
pur community a Dettet. I I Big Money in spare time or i Woods. Before Smith could get started from an argument wi: ,:
olace In-which to IIp Lower 4 room apt. Venetian his wife, Mrs. Beatrice Wiles. 43.:
Students full time with Marti Dare Cos- out of bed the intruder had broken
I blinds. Freshly painted. $10 per and it was during the fight l Iv:
"* .. iI in. He was identified as John
1 week. Call EL 5-0835. was cut with the knife. lie wr.-
metics and Old 97 Home Neces- Woods. .
GOOD PAY CONVENIENT HOURS Woods was caught in a get taken to Duval Medical Centerfor
sities. Fast sellers, pay big pro treatment. The victim was
.. away attempt at Wilson and 32nd
: treated by Dr. K. D. Draper. Ttu
I fits. We carry big stock to fill Streets. Ernie lIaeVoods, the
i Apply TODAY is victim was quoted by police assaying
; name given by John Woods
I orders immediately. Pro- Room For Rents he would prosecute.
/ your listed as an occupant of the
a *
i' Interstate Press ',! ducts guaranteed to sell. Old 97 same house.Patrolmen. Patrolmen Robert L. Jenkinsand :
Nice rooms located near bus Henry Harley investigated.WIFE .
Distributors, 811 S. Edgewood M. L. Massey and 8.
line. Call EL 6-7289.
Ave., EV 9-3119 Gaines investigated.
;1"'...._.,.. P.O. Box 561, Jacksonville 1, Fla. I -- 1 4 t

," "e', .., ,.' Saleslady "FO>.."-'___,",",,"""___"'''.' I .
f: '. I
# ,. ... -t- Wanted, saleslady for Watkins BEATS HUSBAND
Susie's Cradle Nursery FLIM FLAM FAILS
": '
ll '../.,.. Products in Northwest Jackson Specialized In MAN IS ROBBED WITH HER SHOE HEEL,
.' .. ','.';;1 ville. Call EL 5-8215, 8 to 12 a.m. 40 of 1611
., j.L..: :. I 1321 W. Elijah
.. ,' 'Y'. ''.'".'.'.. .". Infant Care Jimmie Lee Jones 30
; : Davis Street was hit on the head
FIRST RUN I 5350 Newcombe Street 11th Street was robbed of10
RITZ Wanted with his wife's shoe heel last Tuesday -
Phone PO 5-1570 last Tuesday when he was accosted -
; I Nice quiet Christian couple in what appeared to be a fightto
GERALD VERNON WELLS Mrs. Susie Keith. Owner i by two men in the 1000

Northwestern IT BELONGED TO A DEADMAN! I home.children EV accepted 7-2988. ) to share' my I! .......... .......__ :L.r_I. block of W. Church Street. police police said.
:-t Gerald is a member of the I < The victim said the men asked said he was playing
I I ,, ._ ....
11-1 class. He is affiliated with : ... ... .. I ""'- 'him if he had any money andi with his wife and hit her on the
I -
the School Band and has received I i LEARN TO DRIVE i when he said he had a little theyI arm with a house shoe and she
honors in both the Band 1 ,4 :08r'i I i I WHEN BABY I I II I I attempted to film flam him. Hej turned and hit him on the head

and Algebra Clubs. His hobbyis NEEDS .A ,: I TheConfident j said they pulled out a large rolland ] with the heel of her shoe. Victim

baseball. LAXATIVE" Way i when their trick failed they went to Duval Medical Center In
i '-'_ Mrs. G. B. Benjamin grabbed him and while one helhim d taxi cab where he was treated

2W ? j, 'EASE.Get mild For gentle over 60 MARSHALL'S years Mothers BABY'haves 2767 Queen Ave. (j I the other one took $40 from I and released.

.. :.;..... ..'.;f't:4:: I table relied liquid.on this Ask pleasant for Baby tasting F _e.,' YCge1. j Res. PO 8-2968 his wallet. Robert George Jr.,
Also Rory Calhoun Gilbert Roland -, I Patrolman James F. Luman and Patrolmen
II'- --
I Kenneth L. Dehart investigated. and T. L. Mays investigated.

TREASURE OF PANCHO VILLA I ... ... ... ... .... ... .... ... ... .... .... .... .... ..... .... .... .... ... ... .... ... JIll'A. .... .... .... ... .... .. : :
I .... .... .... ... -....- ... ........-:...-"'"" .:-"""'-:;:- ...-.... ....-...-.- :- --_- .-._- "-"": -;-.. : : : :; ...' : : -

i : ..-t?: r-

t. .
STRAN Starts SundayFor I 2 Ready ; ,
7 Big Days! YOU GET ;

? x TANKS To Plant i'

World's Fair : ,

f fr r lli.@m1frrrnU, I # o f ""'j'-;,'<>.' ALLS : 1iiE ROSEBUSHES' :'

AUDftZY h W. GAS '
,....... Inb.1I I ; '
Northwestern l' OF THESE -

Farouk of the 11th grade is .........1JJmRGIml r : .
school but. q
currently enjoying I With -
eagerly looking forward to sum-
mer vacation. He Is assistant -'JOHN HUSTONTECHH1COLO f : HANDLE CANNISTER

director of the school chorus H. \ 3 PC. CORNING SET!l lI ,
and has hopes of becoming a ww-- -------------- .-- I I F HE E C SET!I \
great entertainer in the near Take Right From Your
future.&S2SSSSS3S33SZS3S9SS&S. And'ATTACK -
Refrigerator And i :
3 Big Days! 4 Dishes : I II
Place On Your Stove! "
Sunday Thru Tuesday i I
'. I
I First Run. Shocking Hit! I ,

i Manton Moreland in When You Buy This RCA Whirlpool I

3 Nites! ( I : i if

j. Sun. Nite Thru Tues. Nite r f I .
Young Gangsters of Today! I Ir
z "T-BIRD GANG" and j :
Wins $140 Cash Monday Nite*

1t I Ii
; I I II I
i i iI

RICHARD. Northwestern LEE TARVER v JR. I I :: [ / CLOCK WITH $ AA95HI '' I I II '

Pepsi-cola salutes* Richard THANK YOU HUGE !

Lee Tarver of the 10th grade .

class. Richard is ah ardent H I a OVEN! I
i : HI
football fan and is a member L

I of the Northwestern football Voters of Florida ,, I I Ii

team.His hobby is also football.

i i I ; $ '00 DELIVERS!

To the more than 400,000 citizen whose votes carried I r
I I; Plus You Get 2 Tanks Of

me to a first primary victory for the office of State ..y M.:; Gas, 3 pc. Corning Set, 2 RoseBushes
Listen! To PeasiMuscQuest I I _._----- f Cannister Set and ,

( Friday Treasurer, I wish to express my profound and heartfelt 2 candy Dishes! .

I; Nites 10:30 t0i 11:00 thanks. < ;,,.; '. .....1' .' ..., ;:- ,. : :: '.J,.; ..,\:,;"'f"-'. ..... -, ,, .
I -' I
.J' Phone
RequestEL .,- Ii'I

I appreciate your approval of rrty record and, the type
: .
'- r/iJ>
of campaign)' I conducted. ; I .

f -' \ ::i .' i I, I rf. Stab PcurtAPPLIANC I'

I &
To you and all the citizens of Florida I pledge a con- ,

tinuation of the policies of efficiency and integrity that i Q =1r h y

6.0461.2"I have marked the administration of J. Edward. Larson. -for iI I -'

20 Years:in this i important cabinet office. :

)/1 "\

: : :
& I ;:" ; ".f .;vv":0' '-J. EDWIN, LARSON FRANK CUTRI PARIS For
.. t* v/ ,,_ _\ I
&* State Treasurer ?
: ,
,' ; .
S. .. .-" -
.;1". '.c EL.60489 CORNER STATE & PEARL

'J:1"< i' :' '.:> -
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