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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200555datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date April 10, 1960dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=005550740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
April 10, 1960
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
April 10, 1960
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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. j ",!" -. ,' w -- ...- -. ... -... ......--- 1-
... .
.: -- : 1-- ..,1r .-r". 3 'r ., I ; :! .r I I b I. t 'f .. 1 J .' f

OR1s '





a .A.. R FthR/4 J41
.M;; warN
"" .-". STAll
a Y Y --- ... ,
r 'rjr f Kd :jam

ta t1 H

,e ( Vol. 10-No. 9 And NE\"S APRIL 10, 1960 JACKSONVILLE 9, FLORIDA '15 CeJ: ; <- HuM I*

, x i. _

\ \ rrt 1'

) r v t Pdt 1 e-gro Candidate QUI i ii

.:: '. I t A Race For Constable Post p ,

\1 ;... : "

_... .
?_ ,', ; o4-' ,_.- s -Y"lr --- ----- -- --. --- -t, )4 t'- 'toO- '
L""' ,' J. ..
""'" "
r Governor Names Out Of Race Boycott To Be Protest Of\

Bi-racial Body ....., 'OJ"
Jack D. BassJack ,. 'J
TALLAHASSEE "Governor Second Class Citizenship
LeRoy Collins has appointed ,his D. Bass, candidate for '
i oi-racial: committee of four white Constable, District 11 'has with-

and two Negroes to seek ways to drawn from the race it was learned TALLAHASSEE The Ministerial -

c eliminate race tension and discord Friday morning. -- II NAACP Leader Alliance of Tallfthasse

i1Florida.r/ In a notarized letter Bass advised Wednesday endorsed'a proposed
To ,Be Tried.For
the Board of County Com- boycott of downtown stores in
"The group, headed by Cody missioners that he wished his support of the protest against

Fowler, Tampa attorney, also will I. name withdrawn from the ballot. Contempt stores that refuse to serve Negroes
give whatever help it can to local TALLAHASSEE The Miami at lunch counters.
He stated that he was makingthe
bi-racial groups which the gover- request because of his wife'sillness NAACP leaders were denied their The boycott was called to protest -
4' nor advocated In a talk on race petition for dismissal
which would prevent her: contempt the jailing of 11 Negro students -

relations last Sunday. from assisting him in his busi- proceeding filed against them in who were arrested last mon-

"Other white members appointed : ness. He added that he found that Leon County Circuit Court anda th for staging demonstrations.

he would not be able "to wage the hearing on the charges was set Six of the 11 chose to serve 60-
Thursday night, Don Gen-
to I for May 30. day jail sentences rather than
type of campaign necessary
ung of Clearwater, Pinellas Coun- '
ty sheriff; Mrs. C. D. Johnson of win the Constable race : pay fines, and are still in custody.

MEMBERSHIP DRIVE-Kick Off meeting for the James Weldon Johnson Branch YMCA Membership Quincy, chairman of the Florida Bass' withdrawal according to JUdge W. May Walker held the The Ministerial Alliance adopted

drive was held at Darnell Cookman School. Shown, from left, is Charles D. Brooks. Isadore Singleton, Children's Commission, and JohnB. reliable sources came as a complete legislative investigation committee I a resolution saying the boycott of

Atty. D. W. Perkins Theodore Redding, J. L. Paige Andrew Robinson, Rev..samulll< P; Nesbitt, Thomas Turner of Miami, a businessman ; surprise to immediate sup- properly filed the action here stores would be a means of

B. Hargrave, Jr., Charles Vaught, Samuel A. Caswell, Rev. H. M. Barker, Fred R. Richardson, Atty. and civic leader. The Negro : porters, with the result that many since' it was at Tallahassee that II dramatizing the feelings of Ne- .

Robert \V. Gray Andrew Cleamons and Ralph Tisdale. Standing on steps: Mrs. Marvyn Jenkins, Mrs. members are Perry C. Harvey Sr. the two, the Revs. E. T. Graham groes in Tallahassee and to "pro-
Thomas McGee, Mrs. T. V. Randall and Mrs Geneva P. Guyton. and Theodore Gibson, refused to I test the Implication of second
of Tampa, president of Local 1402
Captains and their workers pledging their support in securing their goal are seen in bottom photo. i answer questions of the commit- class citizenship."
__ __ __ __ ___ __ of the International Longshoremen's -
--- 0'---- At
-- --- --- -- --- -- tee. Their refusal led to the con- Daytona Beach, Negroes demanded ,
Association and a membersof
tempt action in the court. The the end of segregation of

White WomenSeirenced I And J Bellhops,;t iP01ICE.BEeOR; Sr oodth5-4lev.Tampa's bi-racial Er CL, TillKian committee bf ..."", "f.. legislators.were investigating .alleged municipal golf, courses, the city ,
y Communist tafiltraUdn of into"the baseball stadium and the municipal
Daytona Beach, pastor of Mount

: On Vice! Charges I r MAN WITH IS BOTTLE HIT : Bethel Baptist Church."In NAACP. t airport's to City Manager lunch counter Cletus in Allen letters -

Four white and six --- -- I announcing the membershipof and other officials.At .
Judge Walker withheld
Sylvester Morgan,25, of 965 W. j .i'\ any
drew in ] the Collins said the ... Pensacola, five
Negro bellhops sentences committee robed Ku
Emanuel Mixon Union Street told police a young' I "''T: immediate ruling on a more vital
Municipal Court this week on man hit him in the mouth witha group 'will not stand by and wait point raised by Graham's attor- Klux Klansmen asked an official

morals charges following raids on bottle last Saturday while visit-J for trouble and disorder to de- ney. .I of a variety store to call the

downtown hotels last Tuesday Freed In Death velop.. .; sheriff's office if Negroes
i ., attempted -
< '
I '
ing a friend at 7111/2 W. Ashley } .:.. .:: :
::... ;:
I i : :
.. : Wi.fl : To Trio
night. iI Street. "Instead, it will seek out ways I r-- : : :: + Quiz to put on a demonstration In

The 14 defendants were arrested |i! Of Constable t I'I i'Jin which progress can be, madein are asking whether there are Simon sought authorizationfrom the store. .

in a two-hour sweep planned'by I:I Morgan said he went to see his many areas and how underlying -I some untold reasons .for the sud- the court to question the Ten persons demonstrated briefly -

the city vice squad and FBI I' friend about getting a shirt and causes of racial tension and den withdrawal. committee chairman Rep. Cliff Tuesday in another Pensacola.

} agents. I'I Emanuel Mixon. who pleaded while he was there he was hit discord can be eliminated. I Ernest Jackson local attorney Herrell of Miami; Sen. Charley chain variety store.

self-defense was acquitted of with the bottle for no known Johns former chairman, and the Stanley Heldleberg assistant
is for office of
who the
City officers, Including some manslaughter in the fatal shooting reason. He was treated at Duval running committee investigator R. J. manager of the W. T. Grant store.,
GREENSBORO N. C.-Dean H. I Justice of the Peace in the same
rookies who still are attendingthe of Deputy Constable James Medical Center. Strickland. said the unmasked
Manning Efferson of Florida A&M district said he was "deeply dis klansmen left
academy, posed as Barlow last Sept. 2. I immediately after
salesmen .and checked into hotelsin I r I Patrolmen Freddie Mack and A. University was honored for 25 appointed"!: to hear of Bass' with- Simon seeks the names of persons that he call making the request

civilian clothes. |I i I The Jury deliberated less than Jones investigated. years of service during the 34th "drawal. He added the Negro, as the committee knows or be- the sheriff In
the event of
23-year-old two hours before freeing the 29- annual conference of the Collegiate well as white voters will not be- I lieves to be members of both the a demonstration.He .
One of the
women said told
Vicky Patterson of Orlando, told year-old Jaxon, who was broughtto Deans and Registrars here at 'come discouraged in their effortsto I Communist party and the NAACP, representatives they him they were

officers she has been a prostitute trial originally on a second MAN FALLS ASLEEP North Carolina A&T College re- bring about representative as well as the sources of its in- sacola who did of citizens of Pen--
degree murder charge. I cently. government. formation.The not want to see
since she was 17. She pleaded i AND LOSES MOENY any violence here.
----- -
guilty and was fined $50 by Municipal Alfred McBride, 37, 2937 Willow
I I At conclusion of testimony Miami
attorney who is Four of the men were in white
Judge John Santora. I 1 Street went to the store Police Believe Preacher
William T. had Instructed grocery
Judge Harvey white, said that with such information robes, and the other was in red
Miss Patterson has been free I. the jury it could consider at 3300 Old St. Augustine Road he
| : might be able to he said.
on bond as a material witness' in.'no guilty verdict more serious last Saturday and was robbed of Was Shot In His Home show that there are no Com Eight
a federal Mann Act case ta'which: $25, police reported. \ Negro lunch counter demonstrators -
than manslaughter.f .. t munists in Florida and that the. 'to
her boy friend Roy Lee Hiun. 27,1 i I The wife of a local preacher is arrested Tuesday In Savannah
committee "has
"I'f, Police investigation.,re veals victim resurrected ghosts, Ga.,
Defense Releford Mc- are scheduled for
Is facing :'rial tlt.Ta'11h". : en attorney being held for homicide investigation Sears I
'" beer and fall:; Boycott I spooks, and goblins to'scare the trial
charge Cuit: li? trn>>p'Jru .' he''' >ut. ;-pointed: by the court was drinking some in connection with the fatal people of this state." today under Georgia's newly

last u ;,nth frcm Tennfsce to .' ctci i" i1 his attempt to build ng asleep. While he was sleeping shooting, homicide detectives said. enacted "anti-sitdoxrr" trespasslaw.

Florida for purposes of stit'i- J. f deli-defense for Mix- :.us money was taken from him, Tony McFadden, 52, of 1567 W. Is Still On I Refused To Answer Th Savannah cases are expected -

tion. :.. v 'iide'erse: witness said he police records indicated. 12th St. was dead on arrival at Graham had refused to tell the to pave: the: way for challenging -

To other. women .' ,...v *"'';) {I sat. the -year-old Barlow fire i 1 Investigating officer said he Duval Medical Center with a gun : Say LeadersAs i committee whether he was a member the constitutionality of the

fines each after picking: ruilty.J I I L ee, sh its at Mixon as Mixon j I I', talked with Clarence Stewart 37, shot wound over his heart and of the NAACP. Georgia statute.

They were Du ina ::1 rbler. 27. f1 '" dawn an alley off Jeffersonet another in his chin, Detective a result of a number of I Memphis. Tenn., City Judge
of 2137 Martin Street and he said
and Marsha L. Larue, 2'. both of to void arrest on an as- i Sgts. R. T. :Matthew and G. T. inquries as to whether the Simon said that the state had I Beverly Boushe levied fin::.' yesterday -
"' ,,?t ,S warrant'sworn ;, George Duffy, 38, of 2210 York / I I no right to require his answer I,!
> batter
Hartley, Del.Pleading :(; Jones said. boycott I Soars store on West I on 23 Negro students arrested -
guilty and sentenced ,a fay Alien's wie.JVocvj i I Street told him ha took the : Bay Ssef has been called off, since it had no interest that !i during sitdown demonstra

to 10 days at the city crs -. '"tin"was money', The officer said he talked I Priscilla McFadden, 41, was held it was announced this week I "would be served by stirring into I I tions. Seventeen demon.tratars

24. I with Duffy and Duffy said:! hedidn' j i in city jail for homicide investigation that the is "definitely Graham's lawful affairs." who
Gladys G. Biddle. : ticn Mm Defense witnes- boycott entered a drwitovn brary:
; do it. George Mack Duffy I
Cass were continued f Mir* So.i alikw 1 lesthicd that Barlowuuioutil was arrested on a charge of records showed. on." Mark Hawes committee attorney branch and a public art ecUery;

G. SiTp'wn: 22, of U2cf.nd.. .AiAv-ii: Jo"n the alley dnmkeness and was held 'or in- i The suspect told detectives her A spokesman: : for the local argued that in a previous were fined $25:! prrh rn dtso'C/rly

St.; R'ith Roundtir- f "17 w/vn i g;.... t- i-s l--n!i. Estimates : %:e -t''-3t1on of psttr 1 Irrcony: of 1 husband came to their apartment grouP. promoting the boycott t'. decision the state Supreme Court! charges end !i'- whr -
N. Main St.: Gloria, .,t. :;.. o.: the E., r.Ur J shots fired by ;money the records show. :. about 2:45: pjn. and told her he against Soars said that a number ruled that the committee might I outside the are gaUry.

of 645 Ferry St., and f": "'n? C. Btilov cii-ia.:; the chase varied I II bad b en hurt., Sh attempted to I,I c f "it: j''ens have gotten the require an answer. .

Crete, 22.Beilttcrs. Ir-ia cue to: three. I i Patrolman R. L. Evers ha mjvestigated : get him into the family car, but impr s.:ion that the boycott is He also argued that a ruling I I

caargedt H ; var- : the case said McBride! was unsuccessful, and called an I, errL" .a..se they heard the for Simon would In effect spell FOUR CO3IPANTOVSHarr.ps R'1P
lug wcr; Milton T. F-r*. .*0, of In state he N cold get e' rrarrant I Sci!' :.c Ii.uticements on'radio the end of I I PO lo\TT"N' F"'rET: 't.1n '/
:!!::::! :::t tv 'ntness stand orr.biilance which took him to the the committee's Investigation I
1212 Stcele Ct.; Lenr P' "I"$; $0, I and ai.o bring a witness. static s w'uUi beam their proEm Ernest :3., rf ".* P
,.:J.s c; n i.c.'i.: :o testify that |county hospital where: he was pronounced I since it would have to U; :w-
of 617 !V. Duval :::t.- .u A. >. I .us <' UigTO citizens. hattan Street rcUrf* of $6
lie :and Ili-lv.'V: !*!j- 't Negro were I I dead.Matthews I top after each question to prove was
William 30 of. 726 W. rp, ," l St. G Poley, CS, ,;- and Jones. said: they r. .- j';p said that sears
; rne .. r' at the rear ci t :' nUcy! Utcr : inouiry. in his poclet and took it police
Beaver St.; John M. 0.* ', W. BEING HITm charged the wife because evidence is usu. r';die stations which I I
.. O'l t I3' vt! 'r: C'x\'t wa.sbt I grabbed I The-hearing today was concerned -eported.
of 211 Elm SL ard Hu r vC. T 7) 'n \ n indicated the men had been shot program: for the Negro audience v
dcjJ .... only with legal technicalities.
Louisiana "t. rj ( ;?;1'', 33. cf 1:2" W. 23rd in the apartment. t In an attempt to ccafus Haynes sM! h? vasrO:; lour
44, of 1933
Judge Walker set May 30 the .,
were t\.r : 'r t Saturday at 23rd St.I the Npublic.. as men in the 500 block! cf L Street
fined All six$20 of which the they p:.:i J- with :- Mixon rid .h: ;cat thing .he.I en.'" .. ''''lt'e! A'enufld stringvip ; Rev. has been employed the I I I He &.id that Sears has 10thoust date for hearing the merits of when one cf them rohbr! him of

the exception of Roger. a:.,:! .ri"' niwho saw ac l, ? t .-:-r, to AXT BirlcVr. e. .i:n out $3. polit r"poi.ux!. Owens-Illinois Company, formerly ,, '3 cf dollars In Hegro the contempt' proceeding. He said his money. The victim paid he
: Deputy polnxd at I National Container, Co. for a .... that before then he would rule
drew suspended p n1 .tt' > the bun The victim; told 'r}ltce one of the trade r> uuse cf Negroes' bo*'- could not give description of the

___ h. n. II said hs ua, unable to the dwn.: struck him in the* right number of years. cott in protest, of the store's on the question of whether the men. but said h' world] know

BURNING: CIGAR- SETS {.:,Jl how many hot3 he or Bar- eye tr.ccLlng him dcTrn. After: he bLr p....tir; employ nent and committee officials may be ques- them 1! he should fee thn" again
tioned .
:: ;say fueU froth their respective his WOMAN IS SHOT by Graham's attorney.In Patrolmen M. L
SLEETING MAN AFIRE had acn they searched pcckets Itm:}' o<'jter service. Massey: and
both of which were of .38 He also BY HER IiUSBAND arguing for dismissal of the Dee investigated
A :!- e2r-old n.at. f.:' .1.c1eep 1t11ns. and found: his money. I :
proceeding Simon said that Leon
: ra.tbf'r.In.+ said he received treatment at the Police reported the _shooting of t I
sitting In rhalr In the i nnp vocm '
office r* Dr.L. B. Childs by telling] Mrs. Ollie Heddick, 41, of 2436 I 11.n.' ou and us Jlrs.vUked P.p(:'icl: County was the wrong place for Ii
while sr"lu last Sunday:: .
: cigar: i
2 s Its filln He said the Action
and the clgsii: fl-.,,i "li: "ith .. ".V irs. jctions to the Jury, hus he was Injured ,accidentally.He East Lincoln Court by her hus- T :cy f:-OtJl her hosbanlh : in MONEY IS TAKEN !,
should have been brought
under Florida later went to Duval Medical band last Monday. ; ,,: slid, n', police! said. Victim .
Into th tvjcktt of his shirt and !udse ?- rve/ said FROM STORKKEnrm:
I defendants
I Dade Circuit Court where the -
is not in where he was treated by Police said Mrs. Reddick was was; t:ken tc Dml Medical Center "
ignited t' brc: of matches which law an officer justified Center live. A woman IciteriTarc11 id In :
act his shirt afire prd burned him eli...rt!ng a person charged with a P": W'C.Lovett. It was reported shot in the left arm frcm behind ; Iv x Gnh-ui.: A-Tibulance. and witnesses filed to the grocery store operated tj 1'.Irs.I'
I said Brown will by Sylvester R3ddicX' tbi I I'?o?,i', ii\. 'J.--;"). they talked withlln He charged that it was
severely on his chest. nsderaenor! in attempting to arrest that Dr Lovett.. Leon County for the sole purpose Elsie Bradley, 667 S. 1. ucoln .
Clinton wriaais ::-,.r.-vr&tcr en him unless the suspect forcibly intbrik/y' lose the sight of his right husband who was accused cf com- ,( d, c D :vrl !Medial Center of the defendants. Court reached behind the fruit ,
officer Victim said it was dark and ing home drunk end dem Rufus Warner, of 2036 W. 10th resists to the point the eye. 'I Gibson's attorney. G. E. Graves, counter and got her pocketbook

at. to put out the fire. He was must act in self-defense. The he could, ict describe his attack- his piste not TTssecute.Sgts R.r., Matthews. G. T. argued that the costs of coming took '$23 from it and hurriedly .

taken to Duval Medical Centerby charge on which Barlow soughtto ers. *'jl' The victim attempted to prevent from Miami to Tallahassee for left the store last Monday police
police ambulance where he arrest Mixon-assault and battery Patrolmen Taenry Edwards Jr.. accused from taking thep1stcl Jones. Patrolmen G R. Henry andA. reported.

was treated for burns | -is a misdemeanor. and Henry Harley Investigated. but he managed to get his Jones investigated. the proceedings

t. --.. tI _____ '.

\ vr I \ 'f : R I ,

f f


-:".:.._ :.:.-, ".. ." _... t ..-.' '

.. -.q. .' ; ffI."t... ... .,.. ... t.....;. .' J ',' ...... .,,.-, '\. : !
,. Two : : J :\ : ": ".P"'t'f:'' 'N.i '' .''..: .. ; l
"1., .age :,."* \ r '' _._ Sunday, April i 10 1960(
'. '! ,
I I"Polititts

----- -
,;t. ; : '
& /4 1
'F'' :" ': NEWS As IUJs al"

i: By Eric O. Simpson (
Published by The Florida Star Publishing Co. .T VOTERS ;- < Gubernatorial Candidates Kicking Ncrocs Around: f

,.., "Member of Associated Negro Press" Only One Seems To Have Courage To Speak Truth (

ti tilde O. Simpson Editor The way most of the candidates are kicking the Negro around
c. Parham Johnson VMM Staff one way or another- it will be a difficult task for Negroes to decide 1

H1Ida Wooten Clrculalloa Dept. b which one of them to vote for. 1
I Just about every man who has ,
t his eyes set on the
MAIN OFFICE & PLANT: disagree with merchants hav- I

2J23 Moacrief Road EL 4-6782 EL 4-6783 banner has picked up the such a moral responsibility.
Phone EL 4-3773 declaring staunchly v ill make recommendations to
Downtown Branch Otfict 423 Broad St. he believes in "separation of "

..... races" as if that is such a Legislature.
'. Mayor Haydon Burns of Jack-
Nailing Address .. rh" issue.If expressed his views this
Pr O. Box 551. Jacksonville 1. Florida : :
you would think
one will come to the "I am a firm believer In separ- I

SUBSCRIPTION RATES that it is the politicians who and equal facilities." 1 1

On Tear $5.00) ; Half Year $3.00: Three Months. $1.80 making a big issue over Doyle E. Carlton Jr., of Wau-

Mailed To You Anjwhere In The United Stales.dwcripHon tion keeping of Negro said "I agreed with Gov.

Payable in AdTi ce., Send Check or Money Order To: Ii r white children from with one exception. I ques- I

I FLORIDA STAR-P.*O. BOX JACKSONVILLE 1. FLORIDA ; same schools and keeping whether there is a moral 1
r 1 involved. There is ,
from! using the same no
facilities etc.I of morality but of eco ,
U. S. Senators Filibustering 1'4r ( "i.;;,; survival..

America Faces Ruin .- firmly believe that John McCarty of Fort Pierce I
While 1 :'6',. .;& would forget the "separate "Sit-down demonstrations

t. The disgraceful spectacle of a group of U.S. senators "" ;A- if and "separate faculties" not be condoned. They are I

fflerbustering to prevent the passage of-a piece;of legisla- ; ""<-I"' ., \ Negroes if the politicians Every merchant has a right

tion designed to protect the voting rights of a group of T f .t.J! let them. This separateness choose his associates"The
a. v Ir O has become
the old an obsession
best be descriebd by paraphrasing saying r
citizens can .. < Rev. George Downs of
"Nero fiddling while Rome burns," to read, "U. S. Sena- -i't ,' some people is ridiculous Park said "I do not.

tors filerbustering while America faces ruin. ... :. \)O It is so inconsistent. ."

and ironic that a group of men Imagine a gubernatorial
It is pitfully grievous Jim McCorvey of Hialeah had
elected by the people to uphold the principles of democracyand 1 N : Vi' Ing into a TV microphone to say: "Segregation U the
'. '._ believes in "separate but
the constitution of the United States would spend '1..;. in the "South."
facUlties and that he would
hundreds of valuable hours Just talking -sometimes not Bill Hendrix of Oldsmar. Ku

even making sense-but just talking in a deliberate effort .....<" -.. the city sell its golf courses Klansman from Oldsmar
to defeat passage of civil rights legislation that which J. than permit Negroes to use "Collins Is trying to run

'. would protect the basic rights of citIzens-the. right of BUT THE U. S. GOVERNMENT DID PROTECT THE JAPANESE. IN THEIR got. off when a this plane same where man he has vice president."

titlzens to vote. RIGHT TO VOTE elbows with Negroes or The 10th candidate for gover-
What makes it all the more painful is thath whileAmerican sat next to one. Harvie Belser of Bonif ay. wa
wasting time and words in an .
lawmakers are present.All
With little
a reflection
Attempt to defeat civil rights legislation the Russians are i: IfiMir Weekly think of dozens of intimate one I except Hendrix said they

moving ahead of us in virtually every phase of missle de tacts that Negroes and against closing schools to

Telopm ant. ..Indeed, Russia is moving ahead by leaps and have daily contacts which are I racially integrating them. ,

bounds in misle and other military strength, by using: all Haroscop Guide more intimate than a

ef her resources while Americans are wasting time fighting Negroes playing on the same t
school integration instead of educating all its young citizens course at the same time

on an equal basis so that we can put our minds and By PABLO, The ASTROLOGER group of whites is playing a J E
hands together and produce missles and other weapons to How times Democratic Honor ,
many a day we
meet the communist threat. What folly! WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR see white people putting For Floridian

How despicable a group of senators sleeping in their; ears telephones that Florida has been recognizedby J

office foyers so they can answer- .round. .. ,the .clock. .calls. to I! I BUSINESS LOVE TRAVELARIES have just finished using? If said."I the appointment of Mrs.
prevent passage of a law to protect the voting rights 01 Negro is sucha Peggy_. Ehrmann, Democratic
citizens. You cal that America? It is downright un- kindness and understanding will 'on your physical powers (13th). person then ninety-nine '., c National C o inmitteewoman *
Born March 21st thru April 19th I go much further than you suspect 1-80-99-16-29-189 for
American. It is treason. of the white people are : Florida to the
The Arians who are due to in getting people in general and a. A'
We can only pray that none of these democratic tra- contaminated with whatever Arrangements -
celebrate their well youngsters In particular,to respond '
birthdays, as SAGITTARIUSBorn .I'! Committee
tors-Russell, Robertson, Lon Eastland, Talmadsre and roes contaminate white i ..,.
Co.-suffers a fatal attack while keeping their notorious as those who already have during along friendlier and more coopera'tive Nov. 23rd thru Dec. 21st I with.It. ;; v : for the 1960
lines (11th). An 1 \.. : Democratic National
the previous quarter, should have interesting The possibility of losses run
vigil, but that God should let them live to 'see the error of is sad to think that ''' Convention.
cause to look upward with renew- opportunity to enhance your ning up In higher figures is again 1
their undemocratic and unchristianlike ways-and maybe cians stir up and keep alive Mrs. Ehrmann of
ed determination to reach the future success should be considered. stressed around the llth if you -:t. Gainesville will
judices by playing on the
> pinnacle of success. This generally have trusted too widely to the tions and of .;. help pick the keynote
entails the maximum of planning 4-70-22-15-65472 whims of Lady Luck. Consult your :"" \ speaker, and
just for the sake of getting ::.....i! permanent chair-
Your Neqro Newspapers and.preparation and the minimumof deepest feeling (12th), for they office.It Mrs. Ehrmann man. and plan
over-confidence. Take into account LEO will reveal to you just how you is hard to understand the Conventionwhich
valuable assistance that Born July 23rd thru Aug. 22nd in Los Angeles
the should proceed to gain your desires most of these gubernatorial opens on
Educated For Freedom
loving associates can offer, and You will have to evaluate your and obtain greater securityfor the gall to stand up and July 11. This is the first timein
party history Floridian has
do not underestimate the obsta,- abilities, endurance, and the efficacy yourself and the family. You
March 13 through 19 is Negro Newspaper Week. Thisis that they will deny \ held such an important.position.
the annual time when more than 200 weekly and daily cles that rivals can place in your of persons working for you will have to behave in rather their rights and then turn Mrs. Ehrmann who is a can.
before you undertake enterprisesthat didate for re-election Florida's
path. circumspect fashion toward the as
of and ask to vote for
newspapers published by Negroes{ observe the founding Negroes I
i are vast or fraught with who the orders.
6-10--44-11-23'-614 people give
" the first Negro newspaper-FreedoM's Journal, in 1827. great responsibilities (11th). Do Take the issue of the the May 24th Primary Is
These newspapers make a concerted effort to protect the I 5-30-88-20-56-538. service demonstrations. Only quoted as saying "I consider
not let the words of excited or f
;. vital role they play in championing the cause of freedom TAURUS candidate for governor of my appointment as an opportu-
I overwrought individuals disturb CAPRICORNBorn nity to work towards bringingthe
with Gov.
for all peoples. Born April 20th thru May 20thAvoid your equanimity on the 13th. Dec. 22nd thru Jan. 19th agreed LeRoy 1964 Democratic Conventionto
Educate for Freedom" the that merchants who go
"Negro Newspapers is excesses or wore ana food, Weather conditions can still be Be of the ambitious Florida"Dirs.
wary urges
theme of this 133rd anniversary observanoe. The mere Negro trade have a moral Ehrmann born in Flor
for the
and be always prepared
treacherous. time of the year. that are so compulsive that they
sibility to let ida, is the wife of W. W. Ehr.
Negroes use
fact that there is still need for a militant and crusading fickleness of the April weather. 2-90-77-14-78-297
make you forget the price that mann professor at the University -
Negro indicates the inequities that yet exist facilities of their stores. II
press many Turn to your most trusted allies you may have to pay to satisfy of Florida. They have two
Ted David of
and the freedoms that must be won. and friends for guidance and inspiration them. The 11th is the day when Hollywood college age daughters Gretchen I
Thus, this observance is no more indulgence in self- for your sources of information VIRGO "I agree with Collins. When and Sally Mrs. Ehrmann has t
praise. Rather it is re-evaluation of original and Born Aug. 23rd thru Sept. 22ndA this lesson may be brought hometo chants attract trade from been active in Women's Demo \
purpose are not as reliable\ as
you in rather spectacular fashion cratic work, and is a member of I
function in the light of our atomic age. usual (12th). Do not close your palliative may be found in a I if you allow your emotions to they are morally wrong not the State Democratic Committee t:
The primary purpose of Negro newspapers, which Is ears to the inner voice if or whenit new agreement, a better basis for them eat in the store if as well as the National Com J
replace better judgment. The .
of great significance to the public, is reflected in the I960 tries:to warn you against taking mutual understanding and an improvement hope you your cherish to create the are provided for white mittee.
theme "Educators .for Freedom." this step embarking journey in your financial eat"Fred
on a prospects ....
of intimate, home atmos-
lc zi4
One of the most priceless of our freedoms is the rightto or committing a good part of your -(12 h). :You are quite cap-j O. Dickinson Jr., of
phere that will be conducive to ATTENTION LADIES
know and to be informed. As the eyes, ears and conscience resources to a vast enterprise.360X331347363. able of exercising the logical quail' Palm Beach said "It is
I of its readers, Negro newspapers jealously guard ties-of.your mind,which are; .well greater peace of mind and intel- moral issue but a social Bridge & Social Club
lectual development may be taken
every human right by supplying the facts and information known and directing your thoughts -< .up and brought nearer to realization man has a" right to serve Reporters I
necessary to achieve full citizenship. Only through an GEMINI into more constructive and Q2ih he wishes. Send or Mall
that and motivates profitable channels. Those who Nine of the state's 10 Your Sodal News
exacting awareness challenges can progress Born May 21st thru June 21st 4-20-44-15-92-424
is function which often seem a little rough in their torial candidates. In a To
be won. This a never-ending The Inclination to build up obligations may AQUARIUS Mtndays
must be strong and vocal in order to give downtrodden in order to obtain satisfaction dealings with you may truly have :Born Jan. 20th thru Feb. 18th panel discussion in Miami FLORIDA STAR

people enlightened self-interest. Thus Negro newspapers for your expensive whims your interests and peace of mindat I The Utopia of your dreams is month gave views on the Mcacrief Rd. Cor. ISifc

perform a singular service when they alert and challenge and desires is the one that needs heart. I just a figment of the imaginationto when it was raised by Gov Or P&qno EL 4-6782 It!
March 20 in TV talk.
heir readers to cooperatively wage relentless battles curbing as soon as it rears its 8-40-66-19-3z-846 some, and downright obnoxious -
Farris Bryant of Ocala m as.
bgainst all enemies of their freedoms-because freedom head. You may want to shine I to many others. Your only 1

thrives only in the breast of informed men. among your friends give pleasureto escape would be to find a natural '-

As long as there is a Negro press, there will be no loved ones or take a big risk LIBRA secluded spot on the globe and

encroachment on their readers' right to be correctly informed in the vain hope that you will Born Sept. 23rd thru Oct. 23rd. that Is next to impossible in this

about conditions and men who would deny them receive double or more in return.I Emotional reactions would not day and age. Don't allow yourselfto Tan' 'tfqic

J their just and human rights. For this is the real function 'The 11th is the day to watch in contribute to peace and harmony become overly agitated regard- ;

,) of the Negro press, as it has been throughout the past 133 this respect, as there is very little if they are allowed to cclor and ing this or other private pro-

I :years A dedicated mission that indeed is worthy of In the way of encouragement from sway your judgment (11th). Get blems llth). ,

) rededication annually at this time. i i'i' the planets. into the spirit of achievement and 7 10 -.44 18 67 714 ..... ...I'r"!: I
7-20-55-17-36-725 gain on the 12th. when inspira- 11c, :; I
and I
tional urges a go-getting PISCES

CANCER spirit w induce others linked to Born Feb. 19th thru March 20th

J'ind the Born June 22nd thru July 22nd you to follow your example. You Obtain the opinion of the one 1

: strength, Do not resort to criticism or must still keep In mind that late whose integrity is above question

recriminations, even when others hours and strenuous social pur- before you pledge your word to 2

seem to deserve them for this suits will cut down on your efficiency commitment that jeopardizesyour \
r' for life II any :7f1a
your ; will serve neither side. Patience and place undue; strain current or reserve funds ),-
-'I.: .u, I (11th). Should you have no chanceto y I

Get Your H.rasoope Gui1. To consult, as suggested, put off II
making up your mind until the I
intuition -
, ... 12th. when or your powers
" Jr.oroscope SuIde for of discernment will be at their

'1g t i GtFt To Pablo. T Actroer P. O.ox 5&1. JbaeloeanbI.Fla.- -- best.3-30-55-13-70-385
--- ,

........ a. I I I ::;..t'
>' t, .. II Dear Pablo: F.acIeMd b S2.IL S.a II .y x.necope .1 .

'. :{ I Guiie fo= the mont .1 Daeembea

iI' I II a 1 1u

i /

; I II
c "c
; > r IN EVERY

I ]10m -Mete& TWO -TWOS WE crusr CANY AFFORD
.-' \. : RELIGION IN AMERICAN UFE.INC.WORSHIP I a J Gde" 1 1i ,,,-nviNsI" / ''

1. co
vrIHeJJr fL f
1 :4" -- '-- --- _" .-,.....,, -,<> -::i -' ,


I \ \

L J. .. s- .". .."--\ .' ". p '- .,

: -,. : :



Sunday, April 10, 1960 TtK FL HH>A STAH Pigs 'J'hro-


I Wedding Bells ABOUT


i jt HABKIAGB UCEKSBS Miriam Burney, daughter *f
t I a. Mr. and Mrs. L H. Burney of

jI .. 1187 W. 10th Street representedFisk
Atty. Bernice Gaines, Mrs. Ethel M. Powell Mrs. Catherine C. / : : ; ,
Edgar L. Pinkney 1512 Still University at the Whlto
Williams, Mrs. Corine Eason. Mrs. Florine Spann, Mrs. Alvesta Williams I
St., 23 and Annie P. Griggs 1516 House Conference on Youth and
Mrs. Alice Bellamy and Mrs. Lillian Williams were in atten-
: Madison St., Apt. 3, 22. Children. She is the national undergraduate -
dance at the surprise shower for Baby Gregory Lenard Atwater, son T1 I .
t. Joe H. Irvin 722 W. L. St. delegate of the Delta
of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Atwater of 1143 W. 4th Street. ,
Tampa, Fla, 20 and Betty J. Porter Sigma Theta Sorority.
Many beautiful and useful gifts were presented to little Gregory.
'. 510 Acosta St., 19. .
James Davis, 3211 Florida Ave.

BRIDGE Members MEETINGS of the Los Diamontes Bridge Club honored Mrs. Emma : 11 30 and Lillie M. Monroe 1929 W. Dr. L. E. Terrell Director of
r 2nd St:, 18.
i: Religious Education
Morgan with lovely baby shower at their regular meeting recently. at Virginia
i._ James L. Samuel, 227 W. StateSt.
I. State College and former
After paster
.the business session rounds of bridge were played with Miss ; : i _
., 41 and Lonnie M.
Kelly 962
of Bethel Baptist Church of this
Juanita Wright, Airs. Geneva White and Mrs. Elizabeth Stokes as Y
winners. Julia St., 20.Lawrence city, was the recent houseguest of

Members present were Mesdames Amanda Belle, Geneva White, E. Jones 1524 Flor- Dr. and Mrs. S. P. Campbell tf
,. ida Ave., 25 and Mary L. Ellis 125
Johnson Street.
Frances Waldon, Luvenia Newman, Emma Morgan Frankie Summer ''
1450 Johnson St., 17.
and Miss Jnanita Wright. f I I .
? Raymond Warner 1023 Everson .
I Iy St., 67 and Annie B. Hall, 1023 I
Mrs. Willie M. Arnold was hostess to the Owens Illinois Ladies r i'* 3'N Everson St., 49. Henry C. Mitchell, son of Ifirc.

Club at her home in College Circle. Plans were made for the annual Isaac Reckley, 1724 Payne St. Bessie Mitchell 1728 Myrtle At*..
tea to be held in May. was a recent visitor to the city.
23 and Willie M. Porter, 1724
Members present were Mesdames Willie M. Arnold, Arillce EUex. Payne St., 18. Before returning to the Bronx h,
Battle Johnson, Claudia M. Jones, Ernestine Murphy, Nellie Myrick expressed having an enjoyubto
Frank Wilson 1519 W. 14th St.
Alberta Pearson, Adriatic Peters, Areatha Pingle, Lula Dawkins and stay.
65 and Oreather P. Jerry 1519
Ruby Fields
W. 14th St. 53. S .

SUNDAY TEAS- Robt. Williams 2653 Perry St.,
28 and Corona Crews, 810 Miss Betty J. Davis, student of
The P.T.A. of Susie E. Tolbert School will sponsor a Tea Across .. '
Blanche St., 26. High School, was. a
The Sea, April 10, from 4 to 6 pan. in the school auditorium. r _
r Clarence Williams, 787 N. Lincoln delegate to the White House conference -
ct., 19 and Patricia Green, on Children and Youth
District No. 1 of Little Rock Baptist Church will present a Pretty 4232 Lockhart Dr., 18. which convened in Washington

Dress Tea, April 10 at 4 pjn. in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph .. w-"'" D. C. Betty is a member of the
Johnson, 1358 Bridier Street.
senior class and very active he
,The Sepia Ladies Club will have their annual Anniversary Tea Lr- school activities.

April 24, from 4 to 6 p.m. -' EngagementsAnnounced
.. sOur .

Members of the Moncrief Needlework Sewing Circle will sponsor ,

their annual Spring Tea April 24, from 4 to 6 p. m. in the home of I Mrs. Mattie Lee Riley sick and shut-ins: Mrs.
announces -
Mr. and Mrs. William Blaylock, 1054 W. 26th Street. the engagement of her daughter Grace Dorrell Duval Medical

The Tuberculosis Association will sponsor its annual CommunityTea Katherine to A-2c ClarenceE. Center; Mrs. Nettie Ingram, 1147

May 15, from 4 to 6 pjn. at the Oakland Elementary School, ''Stone Jr; son of Mr. and Mrs.C. W. 23rd Street; Mrs. Janie Mc-
1230 Pippin Street. Merritt. Queen 3613 Causey Lane; Mrs.
A t Amy Smith, 1341 Steele Street;
wedding will be an eventof
Members of Circle 4 of the Women's Society of Christian Serviceof ., April 17, at Abyssinia Baptist I I Mrs. Daisy Strong 5304 Spring

'Simpson Methodist Church, will present a Spring Coiffure and church Friends of the couple are Grove Road; Mrs. Rosa Brown.
Fashion Revue Wednesday, April 20, at 8 p.m. in the church audi- 4W invited. 1726 W. 33rd Street; Mrs. Ellen

torium. Braggs, 1341 VanBuren Street;
Mrs. Hazel Argett will serve as4 narrator for this affair. Mrs. Frank Mrs. Mattie Golden 1531 Louisiana -
LL C Y y }-i W. Hamilton an- Street; Mrs. Olive McGhee.
nounces the engagement and approaching -
There will be a Palm Sunday Tea April 10, at 4 pjn. in the home 4 i marriage of her daughter 1318 W. 5th Street; Mrs. Rebecca

of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Shipp 1663 W. 33rd Street, .sponsored by the I Ethel Delores to William Curtis Dennard' 1135 Evergeen Avenue;
Christian Unity Forum. Huggins. Mrs. Jessie Green 310 Orange

The Third annual Spring Musical Tea will be held April 10 at I Street; Mrs. Rebecca Edwards

4 pjn. in the cafetorium of the :Mary McLeod Bethune School. ____ ; The marriage will take place on Florida State Hospital; Lee Collier -
______ :; June 4, at Central CME Church. 2825 Jupiter Street; Abe Wash-

CLUBS ORGANIZEDThe 1 > _______ i ington, 1728 Highland Avenue;

Ribault Home Demonstration Club was organized last Fridayin ____ Mrs. Lula Daniels, 1073 Ellis St.. ;

the home of Mrs. Margaret Grant, 4323 Jerome Avenue. Objectivesand Mrs. Sarah Avery, 2808 Begonia

a plan of work was presented by Mrs. Ethel M. Powell, Home SturkDeliveries Road; Mrs. Dora Dallas, 708 CourtB
Demonstration Agent. ; Mrs. Lola R. Mayhew 1105 \

The April meeting will be held in the home of Mrs. Beatrice INSTALLATION SOCIAL-Members of the Upsilon Lambda Chapter, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity held Grothe Street; Mrs. E. Gertrude
f Gilliard 6739 Alaro Road on April 15. Smith, 422 Phelps Street; Josepk
their Initiation-Installation Social at Club Eldorado last Thursday night. Persons present were: Mes-
Bolden 1436 W. 10th Street
dames Catherine Jackson Thelma Greene. Sarah T. Harris, W. W. Pierce, Mary B. Mitchell, Erma Word ; Mrs.
The Del Fi Psi Social Club was recently organized at Walker I Gwendolyn Stewart, Bernice Gaines, A. S. Richardson L H. Burney, Reid Jackson, J. Iszald. Brown. Theresa Mackey and daughters. .

Business College and the following officers were elected: Bernice Vera Davis J. C. Downing, J. O.Ramsey, H. H. Satterwhite, Myrtis King. Messrs. Nathaniel Davis, Hun- ,Brewster'Hospital. .,
Carpenter, president; Annie M. Collins, vice president; Alyce Carter, ter Satterwhite, T. V. Thomas, 'Wendell P. Holmes H. James Greene A. St. George Richardson L H. BIRTHS AT BUEWSTER
secretary; Algerlne Miller, assistant secretary Ada Little, treasurer; Burney n.' Rutlege'Pearson, Ernest D. Jackson Sollie Mitchell, Reid Jackson, Jr., Jerry Iszard.- WilliamW. Matthew Gilbert I
Moxelle Johnson, business manager; Dorothy Cliff in, parliamentarian; Pierce, Jesse O. RamSeY, J. C. Downing James Bellinger. Stephen Dorn. HOSPITAL
Ruth Andrews, reporter and Mary Davis chaplain. MARCH 25-31, 1960 Hosts 14th Annual

Members are Laura Stevens, Betty Smiley, Alyce' Wallace, Betty t Mr. and Mrs. Henry Chisholm,
Thomas Rovenia Jackson, Marie Gainer, Betty Martin, Johnnie Uill, NHA Chapter 626 Court F. (BLODGETT Band FestivalThe
Dorothy Jackson, Lula Blush, Velda McGrif, and Robert Lon Deaths&Funerals/ HOMES), Girl. 14th Annual State Band
Hold Annual
Northern Division
Mr. and Mrs. George Nelson. is
The next"meeting of the Le Femlnae De Charme Bridge Club will BanquetThe 1031 Davis Street, Boy. now in session at Matthew W.

be held April 9, with Miss Catherine Oree as hostess. Mr. Gilbert High School.
New Homemakers of Amer- and Mrs. Jerome Richardson -
SINGLETON-Mrs. Bessie of 1048 RAINEY-Roman of 1352 Grothe ica of 1417 Morgan Street, GirL All bands that are a part of
A DOUBLE FIRST was scored this week when Mrs. Mae McCracken Troyan Street.WII.LIAMBTheodore. Street Chapter Madison Training Mr. and Mrs. Frank Robinson. this division will display their:
School held
its annual "Mother
on left, scholarship committee chairman: presented the first Nation of 2060 SANDERS-;Luvenia J. of 1459 W. 3510 Chase Avenue Boy. : talents on Friday night at the

wide Hotel Association scholarship check to Miss Mary Bourke, President Hartrtdge Street.Bt1MPKREYPrankl1n. Beaver Street and Daughter's Banquet" Friday Mr. and Mrs. 1,. C. Holmes :Gator BowLPartielpatinr
night March 18 in
the school'scafeteria.
of the Lewii Hotel Training School in Washington, D. C.'This of Hilllard. BLAIR-Moses of 319 W. Orange 2541 Wisteria Street, Boy. Bands include: :

was also the firs* time in the 44 year Water/of the Lewis School that 'Florida.' Street Mr and Mrs Al Robinson 4264 erford High Winter Park; Lin-

Mbolarship his been made available by an organization. BAKER Crtsar of 1114 'Beech The stage was beautifully decorated Smith Street Boy. coln High School Tallahassee;

applicants should contact Mr. Theodore R. Hagans. Jr.. President of Street Pernandina: Beach. with the theme "Blue Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stokes, Northwestern High Jacksonvfflt;

NHA c/o New Dunbar'Hotel 2015 15th St. N. W. Washington D. C. WRIGHT-John of 214 Stuart ACE Monthly Print for Action". The three 1037 Phelps, GirL Lincoln High Gainesville; Jonta

Street. course meal was served on tables Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Walker, .Ugh, Orlando; Matthew Gilbert .
JACKSON-Mrs. Sarah Grimage Meet ScheduledFor overlaid with white cloths. Beau- 2528 Calvin Street Girl. Jacksonville; New Stanton, Jack-

Rita Hayworth and Gig Young in "Story On Page One" and of 1532 Franklin Street tiful azaleas were strewn down Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Hawthrone, sonville; Washington Senior High

Diana Dors in Tread "Softly Stranger" open Sunday at your Strand HENLEY-:Mrs: Mattie of 252 Midway A.M.E. each table. 1552 West 6th Street Girl. Pensacola.

Theatre. Spruce Street.ROBERTSMrs.. The monthly program of the Mr. and Mrs. Freddie Culbert Adjudicators for this affair will
Jessie E. of 1043 ACE League Union previously Highlights of the program fea- Laster, 813 Court G.,Boy be> Reid Poole director of Bands,
W. 4th Street. scheduled for April 17, will be the chapter's accomplishments Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Ellis. P. O. University of Florida; Richard
: honoring of Mrs. Jenethyl Bowles
ADKINS-Mrs. Teacy of Margar- held in the Midway AME Church, Box 526 Lake City, Fla., Girl. assistant director of bands
COLUMN SHOULD REACH THE FLORIDA STAR NOT LATER N. Merritt on "This is your Life," University of
etta Florida.JOHNSONOreen. 1462 Van Buren Street (Eastside) Mr. and Mrs. Clarence McNeal, Florida; B. M. Don-
THAN MONDAY 5 P.M. FOR PUBLICATION IN FRIDAY'SISSUE. of Bayard the fashionette, and the honoringof aldson, director
Sunday April 10 at 3 p.m. I 2017 Woodside Avenue, Girl.Mr. of Gainesville
seniors of the chapter who had
High Band
Florida. Miss Matilda Allen, assisted by and Mrs. Arthyr Lee Oliver Gainesville and Dr.
ASH-Richard of'St. Augustine. I Alexander Cottrell will presideover been active members of the chap- i 727 Venus and Mars Ct., Boy. Robert Bowles, music department

JdSEPH-Mrs. Johnnie Lee of this meeting. ter 4-6 years. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thomas University of Florida. Majoretteand

I Inscribe Cake With Guests' Barnes I'1 1984 W. 17th Street. The Rev. Isaac Gundy, treasurer Our speaker, Mr. James J. 748 West Monroe St Boy. baton twirling, Merle Smith,

SIMMONS-Mrs. Anna Price of of the league union and presi- Gardner, president of SRJC was Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Johnson, national champion baton twirler;

1221 Logan Street. dent of the league at St. Stephens introduced by Miss M. Donaldson. 1952 West 6th St., Boy. Mrs. Beverly Stalnaker, head majorette -

CURRY Mrs. Mary Ann of 1990 will be the principal speaker. Thanks to all the persons that Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Lang coach, University of Flor-

College Circle, South. The next business meeting of made this banquet one that will 5630 Mahalia Drive, Bay da. '

.. WHITE--Willie of 1030 Grunthal the union will be held Thursday, always be remembered by us, the Mr. and Mrs. James Martin,

Street. April 14 at 8:30 pm. In the Mt. graduating seniors. 731 Catherine Ct., Boy. BEAVER FALLS PA., NEWS-
y.. Zion AME Church located at TRIBUNE: "Federal state and

i Beaver and Newnan. Streets. Three members along with our local expenditures are running at
THE PEON'S PLIGHTBy advisor, Mrs. James attended the Liniment Girls $129 billion a year. That is more
? 4a William Henry Huff State Convention which was held than one third the national product.In

For ANP Retired Teachers in Tallahassee. The group reported Take Spotlight other words, 35 cents of every

There is trouble, there is trouble, Plans ChautauquaNorthwestern a very fine and educational At Talent Show dollar earned in this country goesto
There is trouble every day; meeting. Miss J. Bennett was help maintain government on
If we mentioned it 'twill doubleSo High School Cafe- elected treasurer. If you failed to attend "Faculty all levels."
there's nothing we can say. torium will be the scene of the Talent Night" at A. L. Lewis Elementary -

If we pick a lot of cotton April 14 presentation of the Flor- Mrs. James is the advisor of School Monday night,
word of praise Modern dance this group and Miss J. Thompkins needless to missed the
And expect a ida A and M grqup, say you Hy Neighbors :
That will surely be forgotten sponsored by the Duval County the reporter. event of the school year.

As some past misdeed he'll raise. Retired Teachers Association.The Nat King Cole, Phillippa Schuy-

a'x tMr There is nagging there is nagging group will aso"appear 'in ..ler, Brook Benton Dinah Washington iiLZA/\1

dance. dramaThe Epic of Man", L Genwright Ella Fitzgerald. Pearl Bailey \ I

Makes no difference what we April 14 at 8 pjn. in the gymnas- Lucy, Nellie Lutcher and

do; ium of James Weldon Johnson To Appear In Mahalia Jackson were only a few

Ah the Captain's tongue is wagging High School. The concert choir, of the top recording artists, via ll -

under the direction of Mrs. Rebecca Dramatic RoleMrs. teachers, on hand to make for an Y ,

Like a snake's-Pm tailing you. Steele, will sing. Louise Green Genwright exciting and breath-taking ex-

A chocolate mint birthday cake !a pale pink or light yellow. Save a I! Other activities scheduled' for a versatile and talented artist in travaganza. r
that Includes young guests' names half cup of frosting for making a the Chautauqua Sessions are: the field of Speech and Drama, During a brief intermission
bine decoration is just the thingo darker or contrasting color for April 15, assembly program at Ed- will in dramatic recitalat Stereophonic :Music was played .
}take make special the small fry sit up and decorating the cake. with a small TOOTHACHE t"I: ::;l ut'J& wards College an address by J. D. the appear Mt. Sinai a Baptist Church : and a beautiful toaster given \"
And it is
simple thing to do. 'Make a two a head on the the center pastry out-write tubeworkingfrom en the ua't .11 tit to neat tne' ORA.JEL I'1 tit, called! Farris, Variety program at 2:30 Friday Evening April 22 at 8 p.m.I I away, compliments of Duval Appliance "..and another thing... f fif
layer cake according to the directions 1M hia pjn.; April, 16, ,address by Paul of the Company, while the Liniment dogawn bran '
cake the names of each of the.: ., 705 a.QlA-JtL to the main auditorium yon were M ,
( on a box of tho new Deluxe Girls of the 60's changedfor ; f
Chocolate Mint Cake Mix inspired children who will attend the party.1 Augustine, director of church. you'd stay home and put up
bY'Duncan Hines. Spreada cream Then everyone gets his own spe- .. sraf s: Teachers. the next actCongratulations with my nagging and bad .

frosting between the layers and eta piece of cake. It makes the The sessions will close with a Mrs.'Vltg1n1a Mack Is chairmanfor are in order to I sookingir .,;
over the sides'and top. The frosting party personalized for the guests : tour of the city under the direction this affair and Rev. H.. H. the P.T.A. for another successful -., ..

is especially pretty when, ..tinted..--_as well as the birthday child. of Dr. E. W. Thompson. Robinson, pastor. project ',>. 'tea

I t '


'\ I \ ,

"' ..: .:- .. '..ii ':. ". j

..".,. 'L".... :..,. -..:'- i .,.
.. '. ." ,. .T ,"t .

.. IPaae

Sunday Anril) ID 1OAH

I Ne w-- Bethel AME Church Seas Men's----'D I

Dr. E. W. Stewart To Joint AnniversarySlated '. ----- --.

I Deliver hAen'sDay- AddressDr. :i ForAbyssinia Baptist mx ;

W. B. Stewart president of I II(
i 1 I I The church and anniversary t
Edward Waters College will deliver pastor's w
{: L. Canty are chairman and cochairman ; NEWS
*the morning address duringthe ;j of Abyssinia Baptist
Rev. T.
annual Men's Day celebration I i Jones Pastor.Gospel. J.j j' Church will begin April 11 with & \4 .5. S ,
Sunday, April ICth at New Bethel i various ministers and congregations ;
I in charge of services each I II
AME Church located at Tyler and
'I Chorus --
Third Streets. I ----

The men of New Bethel have I The Revs. S. L. Bader of Emanuel POPULARITY CONTEST I tional building. District 9 will

prepared outstanding programs I i 2nd Anniversary I Baptist, D. J. Graham of Mt. Choir No. 1 and Usher Board i meet Sunday at 3 pjn. in the

for all services and well known } Set For 11 r Ararat, W. A. Mr,ok of Greater No.: 1 of Simpson Methodist 1 home of Mrs. Ethel Wilson 1303
talent from various churches and ; April I New Jerusalem ':.pti3t and A. F, I 'h will sponsor a popularity W. 31st Street.

organizations of the city will be The Rev. H. L. Herod will serve Cummings' of West Union Baptist j 'mows. c presented. as master of ceremonies for the !: churches will have charge of the i ...mating May 15. : meet Sunday at 4 pm. in the I
second anniversary observance of | opening services. Sponsors are: Ii i home of Mrs. Martha Cummings

Sumner G. Wiles Superinten-I the Gospel Chorus on April 11 at BTU Sunday School deacon CHURCH NEWS r i inJSPEL 1731 W. 5th'Street.
dent of Mt. Zion the Day Spring Baptist Church.aboard I I(r I nurses board and Usher t4} a CHORUSANNIVERSARY i .

Sunday School will serve as guest Various choirs and choruses of Board 1. !
superintendent. Guest teachersare the city will be featured. I April 12. the Revs. G. T. Mc- \ The Gospel Chorus of Day MT. ZIONSCHEDULE

: John Anderson John Wilson, The Willing Workers Club will | Call W. M. Hill R. L. Smith A. 'O -Q 'UOl 1ultSUA\\ 'N ''.S msi 9IOS( laVH requna mall o/o VHN Spring Baptist Church will observes
Wendell Boswell Milton White, meet Sunday at 4 pjn. in the I E. Crumady and R. L. Wilcox will JO U3PIS3JJ Mr 'SUT33BH 'H 3JOp08lJ[ 'OK 13BUO3 pmOtIS SJUBOtlddBuontrznreSao i second anniversary April 11 at The Rev. J. C. Sams pastor of
James Burden. Charles Freeman home of Mr. and Mrs. Horace :: have charge of services. Sponsorsare palsaiaiul uu dq aiq iiBAt; apura uaaq stru; dmsxeioips Bloouog //8:15: pjn. in the church audi- Second Baptist Church and the

William G. Patterson George Gil- 'I Williams 1681 Hiram Street. Dis- : Districts 1, 2, 3, 4 and Usher I!mil siAvaq; :atn p jUo-jsrn aea.c ffaij} u| awn SJTJ amO oSIu sum torium. A musical program will Rev. S. L. Badger pastor of
lium. John E. Bradford of St. trict 17 will meet at the churchat Board No. 2. SJttL *Q 'uajSuniSBAV looipg: SUTUTBJ.Lyou sub&i stntsaij Io 1uap I be presented for the occasion Emanuel Baptist and their con-

Stephens AME will give the gen-I 3:30 pjn. April 13, The Revs. E. R. Simpson -1 'a inoa: A reTC ssnv oj jpaip diusiBictios: uonmoosstf iaaoIi apMuolluN featuring Choirs and choruses of gregations will render services at

eral review of the lesson and The Ladies Choir and Usher O. Johnson, W. M. Smith will .- ;s11I ain p }U3S3Jd UBuufrtp{ oa iuiraoD dpisjBioqos: 'ijai uo I the city. Mt. Zion Baptist Church Palatkaon

Bland will be guest organist. Board No. 2 will serve at the conduct services. Sponsors are: 'U3 lauta3r: : aUJ 'SlJ'\I uatlm< sham stqj paioas stint JSHLI CTISflOa V I The Pulpit Aid Board will observe April 13 and 14 respectively.These .

The eague hour which beginsat I annual early morning Easter ser District 5, 6, 7, 8 and Usher Board -- : its second anniversary April services are being rendered
4-45 p.m. will feature Leonard i vices. No. 3. i 10 at 4 p.m. in the home of Mrs. i I Jin!: behalf of the building. fund

J. Roberts as the principal The pastor the Rev. C.A.Weaver Aprf114, Revs. A. Anderson, J. AcRega! Repast Bertha Bryer, 701 Court J. drive.

er. His subject will be Speak-\\ and congregation will conduct J. Jones H. H. Wright and A. B. I .

mighty's Resting Place" Special services in Abyssinia Baptist Coleman are in charge. Sponsors
guests at this service will be 1\r.1 Church April 15. i are' Districts 9, 10, 11 and 12. MEN'S DAYAnnual I'ltNUELVEEJiL Y
Men's Day will be observed SCHEDULE
Ish Brant Superintendent of District 16 will sponsor its an- April 15, the Revs. W. C. Neal, (
I April 10 in Walters Memorial Usher Board 4 will Satur-
,Public Instruction and the em- nual tea April 24 and a fashion C. A. Weaver, R. L. Wilson, Lee J meet
ployees of the Florida National show is being planned by the Con- McQueen and W. S. Peoples will AME Zion Church with I.(!day at 4 p.m. The male chorus
Bank of Arlington. gress Club for April 25. conduct services. Sponsors are: J ,ArI Andrew Jackson as chairman for will meet at 7:30 for rehearsal.:

Choirs, 1, 2, 3, 4 and male chorus. I the occasion. I j Choir 2, Usher Board 2, DeDa-
The James Weldon Johnson \ A testimonial banquet for Bis-I,, coness Board 2, District 7 and

4. Symphonic Concert Band will be ;I hop Herbert. B. Shaw is being congregation will accompany the
presented in a concert during the NHS Graduates planned for April 20. i: pastor of Abyssinia Baptist
I, I
evening service. ABYSSINIA [ Church Monday night to conduct

The men of New Bethel Invite Play Set For : CHOIR ANNIVERSARY I;1 services In the church and pastor's I

you to spend a day of fellowshipwith PLANS SUNRISESERVICES Senior Choir No. 2 of Greater 1anniversary.. I
them on Sunday April 10. April 18-19 4I1a New Jerusalem Baptist Church I! Choir 3, Usher Board 3, Deaconess -

Mr. Edmond Sneed and Bennie "Phantom of the High School, will observe its 17th anniversary Board 3. District 8 will I

a three-act mystery comedy, con- Sunrise services previously l l0 Monday at 8 pint i! accompany the pastor to Mt. Zion .

THE CUNNING XEVER PAYS cerning the problems and diffi- scheduled for Mt. Ararat Baptist A program will be rendered Baptist Church Palatka April 14

By William Henry Huff culties of high school students, Church, will be held in Abyssinia J with talent of the city appearing. to conduct services. ;
If I can just be real and true will be presented by NorthwesternHigh Baptist Church Easter morning at :- Invitations have been extended to .

And have no cunning ways School's first graduatingclass 5 a.m. Baptismal services will also <:j.- <1 ; .; .' I I the various choirs to attend. ; MT. TABOR
l N ,
: i' ,Y'., ., :
.As those be held. .. I ACTIVITIES
win must surely do April 1819. :en- :<<<;";''7. 4 ;"Gi.o', "')001 -w. ''u- '
In these and future days | Stars of the cast are: Annie All choirs of First Corinth Bap- i ".{)n days when fish is a must on the menu, consider the DAVIS SINGERSThe i The Male Chorus will rehearse

I will not heap a pile of wrath Lou Johnson, Edward Hickson, tist, Evergreen Baptist, Emanuel merits of the quick-frozen fish fillets which are pre-seasoned, 'I Davis Singers will be presented Saturday at 8 pm.

To fall upon my head i Betty Cummings Penelope Jones, Baptist, St. Matthew Baptist Mt. with a butter-paprika-lemon-parsley topping and packaged. in an after service program Sunday services begins with the

Or dread a fearful aftermath.But : Johnette Shepard. Gloria Baker, Ararat and Abyssinia Baptist In regal-looking silvery foil envelopes. Because the season-, Sunday night in Summerville Sunday School at 9:45: a.m. with 1 1I

live in peace inste,+d. ;: Roy Mays and others. churches will serve. built-in, no further preparation or work is needed, Baptist Church 19th and Mars the Superintendent A. Barr, in I j
Services will be conducted by Sefore the fillets are baked or broiled. And because the Streets. Deacon Willie Baker is charge. Morning worship at 11

the Revs. S. L. Badger R. L. aluminum foil pouch acts as the cooking pan, there is no the sponsor. o'clock! :: BYPU at 5:30 p.m. and J"

i Education Sets Pace For : Smith H. H. Wright, D. J. Graham nessy pan to scour after cooHng. !evening service at 7 o'clock.
:,- : ; why not plan to cook '
decide to broil the fillets, WEST U 'IONMEETINGS ]J r
W. Li. Jones and B. L. Wynn. If you Districts 3. 4. 7 and 8 will meet
Nation's a omato halves and mushroom caps at the same time? You'll i April 10 at 3 p.m.. at the church.
broiler meal that's fit for a king on the.
lave a complete I>aconc:>s Board No. 2 will meet District; 1 will meet in the homeof f
i $80097c03 ,. ... .. ._...,....,, with trouble and in practically no time.
-':'' '"' '" able no
i !! : : : :;j :: ;f : .. Men's Set Sunday at 3 p.m. in the educa- Mrs. Lizzie Daniel.
: : ':.. ::'
Eu0. .. .' .rCI.\tp\ ,'a itIKaCFr ':"'" ,7
!( Y
0 1 ru= i o -' J For April 24

.. I Plans for Men's Day at St. Paul
40O:} ,.. ,".., : ,,: '. .: ',:.:..:. AME Church are in full swing

3"' i ii \ ;f chairman according for to Alexander this affair.Stewart I

; ii The first event scheduled is a

11" banquet which will be held in the
2""" '- ... 0'.. -- .'..,- .-.. w."'" ,__ _w-', dining room of the church Monday i
I :t A. \ ';' ;t April 4 at 8 p.m. Banquet j I I.r

' ,, reservations may be made now by
"'" '
[' : contacting any male member of .-- _, I I1

the church. .- I \
1 .;1 w wq? \IIfj: Many social events will be spon-

: \ sored before April 24 the day set
: aside for the annual
10 '';: ':'':'!;,, .'<; "f .;4z841N414'ltEbICA1. ARE :,.,,; the
.. and public is extended an invitation -
n. : ; to attend all of these
e' ;r
i I events.
-f __ i'
.., y. ..y .' (7 1
i .';" ''-:; '''-l'::: ::{:= .' WOMEN'S DAY
Jn1oj :.
}' ..', .' n' 'TO Ni6RfR'lxuCA1 C8 111' .i2Q3 I / /
; ; 'y : < ;:, <<.. + SET ATLITTLE //1 \
}.:: :,,=:.;:. ," \ ;<, M : il:1t. :: '
t. "'i"o:""..,"", <, ...... ,.y ,. r r.
Mxti '
:'.. H".n.wr\. < ', :' '. ,....;:, .......y, <:;:,: ..,.' '., > Ksg&yf*" St }

t: : fit t ti t :i : t : ROCKWomen's I I f
,, .fI ,$ ., .,," .,t--..,., ,. <'. II
!" ; ,,: April 17 in
::'.:'' : .f"; Little Rock Baptist
,E Mi LUII."IS iNnNMt:3tAli{ ;,: ', .+'\li': ,;'i" .
Church. Officers
*-:<< < .. ', I"
w : ::: "
100-j ) i > I ratior nre Jlrs. Vernice Mitchell ,
1951 1951 195 US 1934 195:;; 1SS 1551 15.9 pastoj .,Irs 'rh lr \ Baker, chair- I fl' We don't mean the nicest house in the best .

OAAritcGifts r:-nV; t ': :-a' "His. to-ch.ir-: neighborhood.:; the sleekest ,
to education newest, car .
exceeded $1 billion in 1953: according
n :',il l': AnJron
;jn. ; s. o: e ,
pt'-I the
to The American Association ; right schools the
Fund-Raising Counsel. : : right cam .. _
ram :uialirvra: ; M.T. : ]
giving to religion continued to total more than all : \
other causes, giving to education grew faster In the past Thompson finance (''1 .?rmai; j We re tans n about the kind of security ( kl.\

increased year than more any other than category$700 million of philanthropy.to reach an Total unexpected giving Mrs, Lcc.a'Thomas, tag chairman; they can't do without the kind that come i '. a ,

high of $7.8 billion in 1959. The AAFRC, a no\-profit Mrs Verdel Randall guest chair- from inside. '

organization of major fund-raising firms, estimated that man; Mrs. Vera Drayton, Mrs. I Faith. .; 1
individual giving increased $450 million, and is four times In God. in life. In themselves. ,,
greater than the combined total of all other philanthropic Curlue King Mrs. Bernice Wright, i
gifts Individuals gave an estimated $6.1 billion in 1959. c= j For life is no game for spiritual sissies. ,. F }
music committee; Mrs. Renelda
Only Faith. the armor of the
-- Jenkins Sunday School; Mrs. spirit. i
Wilene Dunbar BTU; Mrs. Annie I will give them the stamina to meet it .
You Don't Have :
to Go to Toto GetlO'lJ Campbell Mrs. Inez Rears, decor- courageously what ,
no matter it brings. a .
ation committee; Miss Lenora

PRICES Richardson junior chairman.. I You can show your children
v ".,
Others participating will be where to find faith. how to Q41w' .. L t

Mesdames Cora Williams Lettie I build it day by day if.you make ., ..
On j
You Hicks Thelma Baker Lucille EzeUi

Rebecca Whitehead Cora Doster, .. praying a family affair.. f.l

: Ida M. Ford Charlease Hayes .'. ,

DRUG STORE NEEDS Cora Thomas, Viola Johnson. Minnie ; : .. ,
t '0 .l
Holiday Essie K. Laidler. Ver- : [ ,/ 1o

: ; Trade With Your Neighborhood Drug Store nice Mitchell, Hattie M. James, : :
Renelda Jenkins. Annie Scott '{ : ,
Florence Preston Daisy Smith

YOUR LOCAL PAPERS Thompson Susie Dixon Annie Willie Campbell Vaughn Rosa and i='t( ::7 'r 4'tall,

f rr" Deliver W> Also FBI All Doctor Preacrtptloas Annie M. Johnson. ; "

Dixie Pharmacy Relieves '-- 1..
Bui/Ja ficRer j
CHILDREN'SaCONSTIPATIO.N Stronger life !/jjifp! together k
ism KINGS ROAD ftt'HYKTLE: AVENUE: every wee :
PHONES EL s.wr. ;; ((8)X)
liquidMARSHALL'S i
For, over 10 7ean"IJl1d" 1
BABY EASE has brought .
AY YOUR LIGHT, WATER AND TELE- comfort opiates without or blndinj.strong laxative Does not contain Askfor ;-C afcuUd to the 'tea/ h Aaaicta Lift Program- ty .. '' J JJ ,

/ PHONE BILLS AT OUR STORE w-able pure. Baby Ease. Mad f ,
especially gentle for intuits. '

I I1


'.. ,

I.i I 1i r 1 .

II I :Sunday, April l 10. 1960 THE FLORIDA STAR Pd e F!"

; Carson's Short Performance G.tb(.:. y. ;+;. y, Y Many" Favor Clyde H. SimpsonTo -

fi' Seen As Aid To Election Remain As Tax Collector 'I

By Interstate Press -- ; 4tv By Interstate Press :I I :

Although Dale Carson has held i|I on Corrections at Florida State y A series of interviews with Jack- i high their praise for the businesslike I

i the position of Sheriff for just ( University, and others.In ", .- .- '" sonville citizens gave every indication -: manner in which he has ...

about three years following his I the past year ((1959)), the Duval + : that a: large segment of | handled the monies for the different

appointment to the job many i County Patrol serviced 65,509 callsor } ,b .. .e... ,. the voters favor Clyde H. Simpson -! departments of the County

Jacksonville citizen are saying |i -- almost the total number of Va d41 + for the post Tax Collector. ,I Government and add that hand-
they satisied with his i % ling of the county's fundd requiresa
are per- calls! serviced during all of 1951- '
k SI It has been pointed out that i
formance. i 5556. I > > a S 7 : { man with experience and in-

Carson, it appears has won Used latest lie-detecting devices, .:. Simpson has for a number of r tegrity.
'.. .:.W'i... : t ars operated the tax office as
much admiration for his record established Sheriff's Mounted '..':' I
i*.ell as 'the auto tag office with Based on his past performance
of law enforcement in Duval ,
Posse, staggered daily relief of officers 1g (-, "":: :, ; Duval residents reluctantto
County during the matter of !' ," (fIe utmost of efficiency. i; appear
in the field and set up "
change Clyde H. Simpson for
months he has served in the post :, Identification Bureau. ;j + ,
? A number of citizens; have been a new Tax Collector.
and the-j are strong indications i Has a record of arrests cn clear ----.- .-- --. ---- --- --

that hi, modern methods ; violation only. Isf
: To
will bring him many votes frompersons :' Worked with other municipal, Negroes Urged Support

who feel that training in county, state and federal agencies d$ .. '

law enforcement and detection throughout the country for the fx Counter Service Protests

will benefit Duval County. i detection, apprehension and pro- : r.
i (See editorial on page 2.)
1 secution of criminal elements.
Since Carson announced the |I By Staff Correspondent

opening of his campaign head- : TALLAh ASSES-Negro groups here supporting the demonstra-
I ,, '
quarters at 111 West Forsyth and Judge Claims tions for eCjua1 l lunch counter service are calling for a boycott el

issued a call for volunteers who 4.. < downtown Tallahassee stores.

are interested in seeing efficient :+ :. Circulars distributed in Negro -----

j law enforcement in Duval County KKK NoWorse -. ;', neighborhoods and on the Florida'A. CANCELLEEDIn
::1:: ;
::0: ,. :' & M. University campus urged I
4 ..::'" I development, the
. Negroes to stay out of the down-
Than i Florida State University Student
I 41Y
e" ."" ff. .4..L.,.
IJI "'" 'v' : xr. town shopping area until six I Senate voted to cancel the first ,

Syr Negroes serving 60-day jail terms I II annual "Student AppreciationDay"
? are free. scheduled for April 13. \

I CLAIMS .... .._. .._ u_ The circulars said: The event had been arranged

TAMPA-"The Ku Klux Klanis "Don't shop down town. Six are several months ago to give awardsto

no worse than the NAACP," in jail for you and me. Let'ssstay city officials and the Leon

A Criminal Court Judge L. A. Gray- County sheriff's office in appre-
w'z out of town until they are
son said recently. a'd 0Gz I' ciation for the city's help during
free. When they are out, there
, y Judge Grayson, who is knownto + i j; 2Y are 35 more. Stay out of town' football games.

be an outspoken segregatipnist, until freedom is assured all over. 'I Ron Clark, men's vice president,

made the statement in court while No new outfits this Easter sea- said most of the senators backing

I dealing with the case of three son. Dry clean it." appreciation day thought it was

boys who were charged with burning i a good idea "but this just does-

, I crosses. Ministers to Study Support- n't seem to be the right time, especially -

Grayson asked the teenagersif The Rev. Dan Speed said the when awards might &.

( ... their actions had anything to I Negro Ministerial Assn. would given the same city officials recently F

i i S: < do with the klan. They answeredno. : discuss this week whether to sup reprimanded by the student

,. i I 14 port the boycott.Six I newspaper.! "

"If the KKK was involved, I The student newspaper, the
I demonstrators went to jail
x kt want to know. But I'm also interested I Florida Flambeau reported in Its
t two weeks ago rather than pay I
in clearing the name if fines March 15 edition that four of its
: $300 handed down in city

I it wasn't involved," Grayson said. dI"-.ib"s of the newly organized Jacksonville Urban court earlier this month for disturbing staff members were "insulted
"As far as I am concerned, the DerrHse SuesDenial T cursed and threatened" by city
: )
the number has to ;:> f
skyrocketed an e3u\ .s i1fl'e peen at a meeting held in the Afro- the peace. Five others
unbelievable figure. KKK and the NAACP are just *jne-'rn Li-p .insuran.. j arrested with them in sitdown police when they were picked up
r : : e Company I-f''touse. From left: I a J
alike, regardless of what some while observing demonstrations
k ] sodotyi ,rs *TC nn Wr-ght, Miss Pearl Miller, Miss Alethia Frazier, demonstration at a variety store
The increasing support which cockeyed newspaper editors say. Miss TilozelJe' Fruton. Mrs. Miriam Burney, Mrs. Beulah lunch counter paid fines or were I March 12. I

Sheriff Carson is gaining each I The three boys, all released on T Find f B..sCHARLOTTE Joyner, Mrs. Helen Gibson, Mrs. Inez Richie Mrs. Bertiev.fv I released on bond.ThirtYfive I
, day can be attributed to the fact their good behavior, pleaded ) '
: .
I ; .1VTjs"na; { : Long, Miss Morion Sutton and Miss
that in his appeal to citizens he guilty to burning a cross in front more white and Ne-
N. C.-The first TV-doTves.: Newspapermen, more
I has pointed to his record during ''of a white neighbor's home. gro university students were arrested -\
lawsuit filed in the South against -- ------------- than most of us; know all
the past two years since his appointment -j,I Crosses were also burned on r"I' in a later demonstration,,
i'I '1 professional organizations and '!. "r.1 (,"'1'. :C-!. t". S e, f.. .. Commissionn but their the political candidates
/1 to the office. two causeways in the Clearwater'area societies which bar: Negroes from -. ) ., s trials have not yet been L \ their public records,
t tI
I II last Saturday night. One was'burned set.
membership reached the federal >. I I experience and programs.
Carson has noted that he has
the Courtney Campbell rlank Of
I Set special moonshine, vice, I court here Wednesday. The actionis s1 APPRECIATION DAY j They are quick to
up causeway just east of an area I
recognize such
against the North Carolina --------- -- qualitiesas
-- -
: 'a -----
I .
arson, auto theft, hit-run and :
recreation for .
designated a zone Dental and '- '' 1F' -* To': capability, dedication,
other squads. Society the Second s County. r. J : '- '. WOMAN COMPANION LEADSMAN
burned' -
Another -
Negroes. one was integrity and .
, I! District Dental Society of North __. .._ INTO ROBBERY TRAP courage.It ,I
I on the Bellealr Beach causeway "Sound planning: today is the h .__, _. ._'_.._ i.,_ is significant that the
modern-day, Carolina.
Employed laboratoryt t i I i
r _. tseveral miles Ernest Ballard, 35, of Mayport
} techniques away. only to better government tomorrow candidate for Governor '
approved crime-basting1 \ way business circles equips him to do Naval Base was robbed of $120 '
1 I county-wide\ The two associations are charged is matter of that leads all others in
In conducting Economy a such. planning effectively."I last Tuesday in the 700 block of
I raids. \ I with depriving Negro .dentists proper planning and ro are the feel the vision and the sense Madison Street, police i endorsements by
I reported.
MAN STUCK IN NECK residing in this Stat; of their Florida's newspapers is I
needed services and
:: new improve- of responsibility of
a publicservant The victim
Reduced major crime and Increased !''I'WITH POCKET KNIFE i rights to practice in local, state ments of existing services to meet starts somewhere; it just down the said he was walking Doyle E. Carlton, Jr.
I street with a
arrests despite a population i I Mathew Lee Lampley, 24, of and federal clinics and hospitals.The the rapid growth of Duval County. doesn't happen", said Reynolds. he L
woman named Ga-
as Betty
increase. 1027 W. Duval Street told police suit was filed in the U.S. .
I'j i District Through such planning these "Mine started as a young man lespy of 711'W.. Ashley Street .f
: Court behalf Dr.
on of
Established crime prevention he was stuck in the neck with a Hawkins can be supplied by present taxes serving with the Fire Departmentof and she carried him down W. r
knife while he and friend were a prominent "
because waste will be eliminated.
bureau which cooperates with our community. Any citizen Beaver Street to Madison. As
t Negro dentist In this I
about city,
teasing each other a girl.
school officials and coun- can have his start: at the polls."
parents, : II' they walked north on Madison
I While teasing each other the by attorneys for the NAACP Legal This statement from Robert
with Reynolds, only 36. is married to
selors in assisting juveniles
they were met by two men who
Defense and Lavern
Educational Fund. Reynolds came shortly
I friend pulled a knife and stuck the ,
the former Marie Shanks.
their problems. It seeks he had at the court They were waiting for them. He said
I victim in the neck. The 'victim i > injunction restraining ,after qualified
theState Auditor for have two children.He one of the men grabbed him and
Praised by | said he didn't think it was serious I the two dental societies from con- house as a candidate for County
is a member of the South-
excellent budgetary operations, took $120 from him. When the
enough to go to a doctor, but j i tinuing the practice of excluding"qualified Commissioner, District 5. It aptly
side Methodist Church. Graves
including proper accounting of all giving trouble : Negroes from member- expresses his practical approachto two men left his female companion -
: later it started him I
Sunday School Class. Duval Lodge
collections, adequate and well- : left with them, Ballard said.
the political issues at hand.
Medical ,
I so he walked to Duval ."No. 159 F. & A. M. Morocco
kept records, and expendituresNot ship.The I i, 'I Patrolman Freddie Mack and
in excess of budget appropri- I Center for ,treatment. He does not I North Carolina Dental Association Reynolds, a native of Duval Temple. Riverside Chapter 218 'I' Sgt. Hickson investigated.

ations. : wish to prosecute' police reported. I is' the ,dominant professional County is qualified to. deal with Order of the Eastern Star, Jack-

I Patrolmen W., H. Harris and dental organization. in' the', county problems'in such a man-'!jschvil'e I Board of Realtors Jacksonville .
Arrested Kingpin pornographers.
I 1M. L. Massey: investiated state and is an affiliate of the ner because he has seen this coming Chamber of Commerce.San I
Established the
I. American Dental Association the cpulation explosion develop Jose Country Club, YMCA : / BI
Patrol. LADIES
Send or Bring Your News single general professional asso- rtep; bv step and his business experience and the Methodist Church Building -
to the FBI National I
Sent his men '
Cen- In To TheFLORIDA 'I ciation of dentists in the United gained in Duval Countynns Association. Bridge & Social Club
National Training I
Academy. I .
-- -- --- --- -
ter of Lie Detection, Treasury De- I: States. Reporters I C1111rllita

partment Agent's School (Illegal STARMain The Second District Dental () ;? Dinc '; e s Platform Send or Mall

Detection Society is one of five state regional Your Social News '
whisky). State Arson GOVERNOR
School, Auto Theft School, Uni- Office & Plant chapters in the N.C.D.S. Of II.hqua 5! Justice 11 beenWinninq Mondays To I!
and operates under the charterof ;
versity of North Carolina Jail 2323 MONCRIEF RD FLORIDA STAR I

Administration School, Conference Near 13th StreetCLYJF the state association.: No one 2J23 Moncrief Rd. Cor. 13th I rt PAW CAHITON POLITICAL roii .AOYttTMIMtWtrt ov.rrT MOO.*.
.. irbar f eir. ; j- Many SupportersIlls : !
-- '- ------ -- --- ------ can :ecoim a m : er : -
--' the tite c' the : tioI:31 bo 1.'jl 1.-
1 -f SAMPSONSEEKS : { 1 he i- first a: member of the yunle declaratirn thsf he ,n i"l tr!!a*; his office as a pub"c tr" -1 i iI ". t .__. ._ M -F- _
NI i
I' --- ---- .
I local ;socit.1 ton. I "wi'-h rqra'" JUst; 3 fat i"s: .rinnin many: supporters for Dennis'Dingle -: '" : '

: _._ H_ -- -- --- The by-laws of the Second Dis- who is seeding: r,:I.: 'iol: 'o the office County Solicitor. ]I 1.1:1 ,f I. dre > e-p 'heuau: : : Ir TV ;NAL 1NTEGP' : -

I( ; 'tlELECTION 4- ict Tvntal Society require the A gowin number (,f Duval 'jl- : 7 LEGAL rivAEtfi 'f' T l'US.IO',.,.- ESo A: !D ALSO I

; I endorsement rt Varo rr tive members -, citizens aTe Dsrominz! cciivince- h"rc snc: his graduation from I IMPORTANT JUDIC1M TEM.2RA'JNT;; J ect 1/RIE A.

Over the years the people of I' before an applicant can be that Dennis Dingle would be best Jchn B. Stetson Law College in I BO1i.R and you will get t:esc qualities! __ ____
considered: for membership. The suited for the important post of 1952. FAMILY r Y..
Duval County have had the : Born, Levy County,
application must then be unan- County Solicitor by virtue of the A veteran of World War n, haying -

I opportunity to see and judge imously approved by the executive sincerity with which he is seeking ; served, in the U. S. Navy near Williston, Florida, Sep-

':, the manner in which their committee in order to reach the support in his bid for election to Dingle is seen as a brilliant young tember 10 1924. r ..h

general membership At least two- the office. I lawyer sympathetic and understanding -
Resident of Jacksonville since
business has been handled by I
c\: thirds of the members present Citizens who are aware of the and capable of temper- 17 years of age..

I! me and my efficient office must vote in favor ef the applI- possibility of collusion between the :J ing justice with kindness and con- ,

force-both in the tax office cant before he can become a Solicitor's office and attorneys I 1: Isaiah Blocker, James Weldon PRE-LEGAL EDUCATION :

member. practicing criminal law are heartened 1! Johnson, Washington Junior High Elementary and junior High

and thauttag office. The N.CJ5.S. dominates .the by Dingle's statement that Ban from Pensacola, Charles R. School, Williston Florida.
i' Based upon the services ren- practice of dentistry in the state. he will not "enter into any part- I'; Drew High Band, Winter Garden; Graduated from Robert E. < %%' 1

It also determines who serves on nership, nor allow any of my assistants Phyllis Wheatly High Band. Apop- Lee High School, Jackson-
dered, the courtesy and efficiency -
the State Board of Dental Ex- to enter partnership with ka; Central Academy, Palatka; ville. B. A. degree with

:' .1 of my office personnel. aminers. The State Board of Den-i any attorney practicing criminallaw. A. L. Meban High Alachua; Honors College of Arts and 1, tl

'1, the trustworthiness, honesty tal Examiners is an official board ." j I Campbell Street Daytona Beach; Sciences, University of Flor- r '

I I of the State of North Carolina Realizing that improper investi- Euclid High Deland; Eustis Vocation ida. l

past'several years,'I'am asking I II [dentists in the State. a miscarriage of justice and result -' Monroe High Band, Cocoa; I COLLEGE ACTIVITIES:; :

Ii i I I Further, various individual and in trials that are costly to''i Carver Heights. Leesburg; Hung-
with TiTiB. degree -
J I I': t: > 4m you to re-elect me to the very group insurance plans, including|'!' taxpayers, many Duval Countians !sideration. with Honors, Universityof

important 'office of Duval :health and malpractice insurance. 'Ii are impressed by the young at- Florida College of Law. 4.S .

County Tax Collector. Practically all of the monies for the different I i which are available at low rates torney's foresight in pledging full MAN IS HELDIN January, 1954. t

departments' County Government are handled by me as your i are available only to members of investigation of all cases. !
MILITARY SERVICE: U.S. Navy Flight Engineer, South Pacific,
I collector. IT IS BIG BUSINESS and my experience and depen- I the state association or the American Citizens who have seen the turmoil SHOOTING
of county. Only last year, World n.
electorate our
is valuable to the I
dabllity Dental
various Society. that has existed in the
dollads was collected and distributed to LEGAL EXPERIENCE After from Law
25 million i : graduation School was
over which-in the words of the State Auditor were More important Dr. Hawkins' Solicitor's office over a period of BUNNELL turpentine worker -
agencies-al1 of associated with the law firm of Crawford & May in Jackson-
t accounted for, 1l1Y records were adequate and well kept attorneys point out in a com- years and the hardship that many was held for the fatal shooting

... properly TrUSt and dependab'Hy is not just promised-both have to plaint filed this morning, no persons have suffered due to the i of a man at a Bunnell tavern last ville, and in January 1958, became a partner in the firm of

be earned and I believe I have done so. practicing dentist residing in slow processing of cases are eagerto I,Saturday. Crawford & May. Presently engaged in the general private prac-
AND YOUR tice of law in Jacksonville.
I SOLICIT YOUR VOTE North Carolina. who is not a member see a man of Dingle's ability : Sheriff Homer Brooks said Jesse

ACTIVE HELPI IN RE-ELECTING ME of either the local or state elected so that he could put the Love, 19, was being held in the ELECT TYRIE A. BOYER

COLLECTORPaid society can be employed by many house in order. fatal shooting of Thomas Oliver. JUDGE OF CIVIL COURT OF RECORD 1

TAX city, state or federal clinics or Born and reared in Jacksonville,]29, & truck driver who was slain Paid Pol. A'' I

( Political Advertisement) .hospitals. Dennis Dingle has practiced law during an argument at the tarem _.,J Jy

.. : ( ,
< ,
__...<.".n." ...'.' =,,. .-i,:w..b"<..'I-.a."' t

-. '

.. .


Wage Six :THE FLORIDA STAm Sunday, April 10, 1960



i{ Wagon Offers 25% More Area

t .
By Marjorie Meeks

ittGaBIHHB : GAtE The National Science Founda-
I tion of New York has awarded

"Not for supremacy, but to end I RI IA SI Eddie B. Marshall, science teacher: *
\ all discrimination in housing, education -
at James Weldon Johnson, a fellowship -
r public accomodations and II
employment," concludes civic which will enable him to

leaders on the purpose for the I participate In an Institute given
fight for freedom. by the foundation from July 5 to

y: ," REAL? ANd 5ER rows StuDENt 0? P NSoPHyAND I LD August 12 at the State University
This is true, but who Trill playthe College of Education at Potts-
major part in our march for .-. I
Gtt RA IR ..,uNt1Ki1HCH dam N. Y. ,
freedom? Who will urge our $&s-..'2.._:... _. : ,.._.. ,__ '"'."" "-" .m
people to follow the trails of the LNARACER WNOS PORTRAYAL This institute has been set up Today's modern housewife con- manager of Toyota Motor Distributors -
decision of the Supreme Court, w NWON to improve the background of :siders her station wagon a necessity Inc.,reports that thereis
outlawing racial desegregation in HIM WOR GtAgGl p UW ACCLAIM ON 7fE teachers of junior and high for efficiently running a well 25-percent more storage spacein

public schools? Who shall with- schools, and to allow study In ve-hicle I than the in current new station conventional wagon imported -

stand insults and minor injury areas of science which were nota 'good use in a dozen daily tasks' station yagons. Available
from sinners who believe in race part of their former education.The by the homemaker. Statistics in 2-door or 4-door models the f
immoral? :show that approximately 3,000- Toyopet Crown Custom station
aims are: To provide instructions :1000 American families own station wagon is superbly styled to suit
Todays' NAACP youth, struggl- in the area of Biology wagons and the demand is the American family's most de- I

ing for' rights their forefathersnever Chemistry. Earth Science and (on Toyota the upswing.one of the world's most manding requirements. Innovations -
had, will be the real fight- ... WH HFOK. 70UWNG ENGIAN PLAYING IUI Physics; To provide opportunityfor advanced automotive makers,has include in a this double low steel priced reinforced wagon
ers. acquaintance with and inter- ,ong been aware of the need for
ROYALTY/ ((903 H ZCAM& A S [ jIJffl1aN4t -. pretation of the more recent ad- 'more functionally designed utility chassis, \\ashable vinyl upholstery -
Have you ever really given it a vehicle incorporating Amer- foam rubber seats and a \
vances in sciences; to provide the
thought, just what "marching toward ERS PRIEAlD OF 111 KING// ican design ideas with the most ur""onehand". rear window
teacher with experiences In lab-
I .
up-to-date production methods. s J :1 l. :!operation. All are
freedom" actually means. 3 .y oratory techniques and In settingup Harold N. Johnson, =?neral II ,.. -.. ('-.:;-...:nent.
Some say "It's a fight for the demonstrations. I
right to associate freely in worship -

in education and In all other
departments of the common life."

While still others feel that it is BUSINESS DIRECTORYThe I
to have accepted the belief In the
1 1t. .
natural dignity and value of everyman
of whatever color or race as Firms Listed Below Are Recommended As Reputable Establishments I

created in the image of God. t. L Specializing Services and Products l'

Fighting for freedom means all L49ers' AUTO SERVICE |;{ Washington's Health Service
this and even more to the Negro barbecue served on grounds at
child. To the adolescent "De Smith Gets Gate City Open ; New Lincoln Country Club. Curtis 1 1 "Abundant Health Is Rightfully Yours"

struction to all the man-made "Athlete" Award Taylor host. AUTO PAINTING COMPANY h Try Swedish Massage Mineral Steam Balks
immoralties of the world and a Golf I I Colonic TherapyD.
Tournament Friday night 19-hole Golfers' Complete Body Repair & Paint Work
fair and just chance to share in HALFBACK TO RECEIVE 100 I'Hi-Fi Party and Ball upstairs at -:- Oven Baked Paint Jobs -:- < C. Washington Masseur-Same Loatlo&

the government of our country." PER CENT WRONG CLUB 14 Thru 16 I New Lincoln Country Club. Curtis Price Start at $4.00 For 23 Yearf
Many have asked the question AWARD IN CEREMONIES WITH April I Taylor host.Saturday \1532 East Adams Street EL 5.8135E,}: 934 N. Myrtle Avenue EL 4-2471
"Why must young people partici- NORFOLK SPORTS CLUB ON night Golfers' Banquet -
The Sixth Annual Jacksonville '
pate in this fight for freedom?" I APRIL 4THNorfolk I 1 at Eldorado Club 4758 Mon- FOODS
Open Golf Tournament which will
Well there's no better way to find I crief Rd. Ladies of the Links WILLIE SMITH DRUGS
J. D. Smith out- be played April 14-16 over the 'I
out than to youth themselves.
j hostesses. Free delivery any part of the dry
standing half back of the San New Lincoln Golf Course is expected GUS INA'S SUPERMARKETIf
Here members of the Youth
For information write call ; OLD RELIABLE t
Francisco 49ers will receive The to draw linksmen from You Want The Finest In Groceries
Council of the NAACP are inter- ELgin 4-1873 1492 W. State St. {601 West Ashley Street EL 4.138
the 1
viewed on their opinion on this 100 Per Cent Wrong Club's "Ath- throughout country.A J. E. Hutchins, chairman and And Meals Come See Us
pressing question.The lete of the Year" award in foot- grand total of $1,525 in cash treasurer. 300 Davis Street EL 6-5412! ,
ball Monday April 4, at Norfolk : and trophies will be distributed at I
George Harris business manager. -
president speaks: "Youth the conclusion of the meet.J. I MISCELLANEOUSAAA :
must because he is able to par- Va.The presentation will be made : R. Burris, well known Orange -- I STORE __
ticipate. We are united socially during a father-son dinner involving -I State golfer will direct the three- Al Joyner secretary.J. BONDING AGENCYCity ; Courteous Treatment I

politically and economically. members of the Norfolk day spectacle which will draw am- Open 8:30 to 7 p. m.
I County and Fod.rml Bon "
The whole future of the Gridiron Sportsman's Club. out- ateurs and professionals. Profes- R. Burris director. EL M832 306 Davis Street EL 4-1216
Negro race lies in the hands of standing athletes from six Norfolk sional entry fee is $20 amateur Elwood L. J. Banks publicity. Lw Exchange Bldg.

the young people. area high schools will participateIn $12 and ladies $10. Housing Committee. Willie C. ACE RADIO & TV SERVICE
WARREN JACKSON Vice- the event as guests. The winning professional golfer White, chairman 1219 W. 9th St.. MAGGIE CONFECTIONERSBEER
president states: "We are not The 100 Per Cent Wrong Clubis will receive a top prize money of phone EL. 4-2606. 38 Years In Electronics CIGARS CIGARETTESICE
becoming educated to abide by a project of the Atlanta Daily $150. while the second place finish I All Work Guaranteed -
the laws of segregation, but to World newspaper and annually will walk off with $125. Third Social Committee Ladies of the 343 Forest Street EL 4-6804} CREAM COSMETICS
help remake, enforce and abide make awards to prominent sports prize money is $100 while fourth Links Miss Gertrude L. Styles 1102 Price St. EL .831!
by those laws." figures. Co-sponsors of the pro- place money Is $25. Fourth fifth president. TIMIQUANA ROAD TRADING[M. L. Harris Prop

ROBERT BUTTS project gram are The Coca-Cola Companyand I sixth, and Pro-Am cash is $25 POST
chairman feels: "Youth should the Atlanta Life Insurance respectively. Complete Garden Supplies >8 QUICK SERVICE MATTRESS CO. \
light because he has a religious I Company both Atlanta firms. Thursday April 14, Is Pro-Ama- BACCALAUREATE EXERCISESAT Fertilizer Fruit Products J
Mattress '
?, responsibility, which controls Smith high scorer for the 49ers teur Day only. Scores for best ball FAMU SET FOR MAY 28 New and Used Furniture bought and sold-o One Renovating Day Service Our Specially: .

the moral fiber of a communi- was one of five persons selectedin apply to Pro-Amateur only. Win- TALLAHASSEE-The combined 564 Tlmlquana Road SP 1-3762!; 3703 Old Road -
King PO 5-1G34
i *7. .This is a religious and asocial 1059 for "Athlete" awards. ner of the championship will receive baccalaureate and commencement -

fight"ALTON Others were Joe Brown, lightweight a leg on the 42-inch. $200 exercises will be held at Florida I JOHNNIE'S ROOMING HOUSEAll

YATES says: Young champion; Louis Bing leg trophy which becomes the per- A&M:University. May 28 at 6 pjn.. Modara CcnvemTemcesHM9& TAXI

I I. people must work to overcome Atlanta's Morris Brown College manent possession of the three- In Lee Hall Auditorium. The by Day Night or Week "Ai Year Service

, them forces of "massive res1sI senior guard: Erne Bonks Chicago time winner. speaker will be Dr. Benjamin F. Per' Imf naaMoa Call NSW DSAL CAB EL 41111UKMLH6AB

tance" put up by segregationtetx. Clubs, and Elgin Baylor Minneapolis SOCIAL ACTIVITIES: Mays,president of. Morehouse Col-, .154MBftt7 W. .atl.t fleNt, IL 4-1111

I Aa in the school desegregation I Lakers. Thursday night: Get acquainted lee, Atlanta. I..v -?; ???i = : i i: 1"T : IIII J jgasaegg _iii:! R 4- _l t I
i decision our parents I
cannot join these struggles"

I Oar youth. mu3C fight to rid our !
dcBMcraMo government f'all

i .Faufeutts.. We mvut' fight / Wa''t.; better ? !
cooking to taste
tc.be respected as a person.and i your ;
as a race. Christianity and -" ': sj/
democracy both teach us this."
And this is how our youth feel .f. '

about their participation in our' Call a Specialist! .* J
struggle for freedom. We want to ,

dissociate our need for equal .. 'fI' ; )11 1. ',.'> "'} 'ji.d; .
education employment and housing -

from the remotely isolated .. ...
matters of social Intermingling in .

the .drawing room. Intermarriageand F4p' VDoesn't
mongrelization of the races.
Our youth are fighting to become LI x

sons and daughters In our democ-

racy, not In-laws. He wants to
have a sense of belonging to total ,9 "4

citizenry. It exists among today's

youth, a sense of determination.With '"
it make sense to give a job to the one
this spirit someday things
will be tus they were intended- who'll do it best? And for cooking, nothing. _

all men are created equalandthere beats natural gas! It cooks faster, with higher
will be "Unity in Diversity". I
YOUTH SPRING BALL heat,and seals the flavor in the food. .

The Youth Council of the f Professional chefs say that natural gas makes
NAACP sponsoring. its first food taste better and gives it appetizing color! ,, ;
annual spring banquet, Friday -3 f. a
March 18 at the Elks Auditorium.
We are inviting all the young '. *. And cooking is just one of the important jobs in

people of the city to attend this ..',:,: w your home that natural gas can do better tljan

semi-formal affair. A small dona- '." anything else. So think twice about giving those .
tion will be asked. Mr. Robert W
Saunders state field secretary of : \ jobs to one jack-of-all-trades service. Ask yourself ,

the NAACP will be speaker. Afterpro&t4m : 't, if it's smart. With natural gas you'll get efficiency, -
will dance to .:. .
your the e.,Dyment.you. .:'' ; .' _.....,,' ,..-'..,"'... economy and all-weather dependability... that no ':"' .. .

Rodney Hurst is president and .. ,: :-t' other service can match. It's just naturally better! .,...... tt.:

Mr. Rutledge Pearson is advisor. .
; ,
..' .
f %
1 _
thinks it only fair to apply a with- .
holding tax to.the. youngster's ,

allowance just so the younger generation --.c- :,: : \ The Jacksonville Gas Corporation :' .
can get gradually accus-
Affiliate of .
tomed to a procedure to which ;: .... ". -
.. :-" \ The Houston CorporationF
adults are now hardened. S '" .

6ETING! UP NIGHTS} .; n aill!LI ra ga S -'- '- 49 East Adams $t,EL 47J81Ub '

:MEZ"upCNu 1 t&"131&d or Bed.n Wetting w &tned'too(Ck ire-t- .,, 1 ; ;
-Quest. trorclnf or Itching nrtxx tton) or \: /. ..
to :: : "
Strong BmeUlng.Cl0 u.dJ.DJViS 5Mll } -
and '
-common,trJ rove CY5TEX I&let Kidner,tor tor young quick and he Po'014.*0 A rest 4ru UN,. .i(: 1I U 1fJ1JiiijobJ b eooww." ww HMTIW cums> wnw .HCW. KATIMQ KTBajunca/ :.-CAlm AKO( ma DISPOSAL lit COHMTWNIKS' -IL itSmna .,:, ,..g,. "
Sot CY3TEX nod''u mODQ- &ct par- \
Ztnt. Bee boGY !**t JCMI U&proT .. .
..... ...,.... .. < ..



-* '''' -- r J .... .- ..........-... JI

If"t I 1 1Page 1I

\ I

I" ,
:.i SunHnv-Anril_10., 1960 _' THE FLORIDA: STAB Sevev I

; __
,' '

I ": .
r "

I '

,F I ____ _______________r .


Wilt Chamberlain Archie Moore To Negro American Florida A&M THE SUMMARY

Troffers !I (Florida, Wilkerson., (Southern -

Defend Against !I f BasebDH League throe n1c the CATHOLIC BISHOPS RELIEF FUD T I Sports EventsTALLAHASSEEA f ); 3. Lane, (Florida); Jones

Over College Five i ,I Xavter) Time 4:27.6: (New Record -
/ Will! Besmanoff IMeeting In Chicago REFUGEi not so hospitable -I )

CHICAGO Wilt The Stilt I i I Florida A& I University I

f Chamberlain scored 28 points for I INDIANAPOLIS-Light Heavy- CHICAGO There will be a -.. APPEAL host institution walked off with KO-YARD DASH: 1. Miller,
the Harlem Globetrotters Satur- I,weight Champion Archie :Moore: meeting of the Negro American I w all cf the team honors during the (Southern): 2. Bettcrson. (flor-
|, will fight former German champion SOUTH);AMERICA,ose o?THE RICHEST ATSAS second annual Spring Sports Carnival ida): 3. Armstead, Southern);
day night to lead them to an 88- j Baseball league in the office of OF THE WORLD IN NATURAL RESOURCES
Will Besmanoff for here last week. 4. Singleton, (Florida) Time:
82 win over the College All the 1' REMANS ONE OF THE MOST NEEDV-IYITH THE
t the Chicago Starsin I I American heavyweight title in the the President, Dr. J. B. :Martin, VAST AVUORiry OP ITS ;rcOPLE UVIN&AT The Floridians who f scored a 48.3
Cage Classic's
annual game.Chamberlain. 21st Coliseum here next month, it was Monday: April 18, 1960 at 100 East MERE SUBSISTENCE LEVELS grand slam of the major sportsin SHOT PUT: 1. Singleton, (Southern -

announced Saturday. Erie Street. Chicago Illinois at ? the SIAC last year, came ); 2. Young, (Florida); 3.
who rejoined the .
Globetrotters ; ll-.OOA. M. CATHOLJC RELIEF SERVICES-H.CAV.C* through with a clean sweep of Williams, Florida); Trent
I I after leaving the National AID TO THIS AREA WAS H16HU6HTED. p their own carnival. (Southern) Distance: 49'8"
Jack Doc Kearns
Moore's The of the is
Basketball Assn. Philadel- man- purpose meeting LAST YEAfcBV INITIATION OF AREUEF, ,
phia Warriors last week, was ager, also said there was "a possibiity" to formulate plans for the forth- PR06RAMIN URU&WY AS AN OUTGROWTH J \ The track and field team edged HIGH JUMP: 1. Dixon Tuskegee)
OF THE DISASTROUS FLOODS / (No Other participants given)
scheduled to have a contract huddle that Moore would defend coming baseball season. .Fr w ia s WHICH STRJCKTHE MONTEVIDEO RE6JON." Southern University 77& to 76.
with Globetrotters' boss Abe !his lightweight crown here in July THE FKOSRAn IN CHILE BECAME THE SECOND The baseball team had little Height: 5'10"BROAD
Saperstein Sunday against Erich Schoeppner of Ger- f IAR&E5T CATHOLIC AND FH36RAM N .' trouble swatting North Carolina JUMP: 1. Branch (Ala-
THE WORLD t bama State); 2. Granger,
; High many. A&T 12-4 and 8-1, and Xavier
scorer for the All-Stars Florida Council \
(Southern); 3. Denmark, (Flor-
1 was. Bradley's 8-2. ABET slugged Xavier 7-1.
Bobby Joe Mason,
ida); Harris, (Florida) Dis-
who netted 29, top for the game. Kearns said the 10-rounder Plans Paaeant i The Florida A&M golfers took
tance 22'8"
Both clubs had been tied 33- 3, would be staged either May 25 or the team honors from Clark College :
Tickets now sale DISCUS THROW: 1. Granger.
are and
28. on
May He said If television agreements -
at the half.City with a total of 645 strokesto
could be made it wouldbe may be secured from members of Clark's 667. Tuskegee Institute (Southern); 2. Singleton. (Southern -
May 25-otherwise three days the Cub Scouts Boy Scouts and % Cfl Ii ); 3. Trent (Southern);
had 693 for third place. Clark'sCarl
I i Wants Lease later.It Explorer Scouts for the April 30th 4 He eaowm CR6NIZAnONS OF NATIONALCARITAS IN Seldon was medalist with a 4. Williams, (Florida) Distance:

would also serve as a tuneupfor pageant"FIFTY GOLDEN YEARS SEVEN OF THE TEN CRJ5. 154'0" (New Record)
Of total of 154 strokes. Oliver Collins
1 Gaither Park Moore, whose light heavy- WITH SCOUTING" at the Gator -, PROGRAM COUNTRIES I JAVELIN THROW: 1. Patterson
s I BROUGHT 6UPPLEMENWL and M. T. Brown both oPAMU f
TALLAHASSEE The City ofTA11S1.h9Seewt weight crown was restored by the Bowl. ,, ASSISTANCE tied for second place with (Florida); 2. Narcisse. (SOuth-
week offered National Boxing Asn. executivecommittee AN ESTIMATED ern); 3. Lancaster (Southern);
Ray Splinter, show director, is I 159 strokes.
lease to .4201000 4. Thomas, (Southern) Distance -
the Board of Control for less than a month ago. asking all scouts of the Council BOLT IS2AZIL.ILSO MEN,wg1 EN. .--..-....
i $1 a year the 120-acre Jake Gai ANDCHLPRCNREGARDLESS Albert Brooks and Claude Wil- 119'lO :"
along with their leaders to take -COUMBW/EOWDOR& / ,
ther Park which includes a ninehole "Ill fight anybody they put up," part in this event. 'ftRAfilKg AND PERU was OF son reached the finals of the ONE MILE RELAY: 1. Florida; 2.
golf course, tennis court, recreation said Kearns. "Eddie Machea would RECIPIENTS OP RELIEF' RACE,CREED> singles and defeated Tuskegee Institute Tennessee; 3. Tuskegee; 4.
building and picnic area. have been okay" with me too. I'm Pageant Directors from various ,o95.018 POUNDS I13o 6-1, 6-1, for the doubles Clark. Time: 3:24.0
The Board of Control supervises the one who is tumbling, nobody" districts are: Bill Chambers Mo- .ANPAALUED AT NEAKiy$13OOOOOO \. crown. Coaches Walter M. Austinof 100-YARD DASH: 1. Moon. (Ten-
the operation of Florida's three else. But I think Moore will lick hawk District; John E. Bradford, d6Ya FAMU and Alva Tabor of Fort nessee); 2. White, Florida);

state-supported institutions of any light heavyweight" or heavyweight "- Cherokee District: Joe Coffin lG Valley State upset Brooks and Shelley, (Florida): Allums

.. higher learning.The around today. Seminole District; Bernard Dykes, PRO&RAMS CAN HELP> THESE A CONTRIBUTION OVERSEAS THROUGH RELIEF !!! Wilson for the Florida Open (Southern) Time: 9.6

proposal was taken under Alachua District: Bill Aderhold. ;" THE NEAREST CATHOLIC CHURCH OR ID.( .. doubles title. Wilson and Brooks TWO-MILE RELAY: 1. Florida
consideration by the Board's executive Furthermore, he said that an- Muskogee District and Miles will pay off the finals in both the 2. Southern 3. Tennessee 4. Ala-

commmittee. cient Archie would meet Ingemar Trusty, Shawnee District. Florida Open and the intercollegiate bama State Time: 8:08.7:

It calls for a five-year lease at Johansson for the World Heavy- PHOTOGRAPHS FOR singles championships later 440-YARD RELAY: 1. Tennessee

$1 a year with option for renewalby weight Championship on Labor this week. 2. Florida 3, Southern 4. Tuske-

the Board at $1 a year on a Day-provided, of course, that the Watch This town Pole vaulter James Denmark of gee Time 42.9

year to year basis for 20 years. Swede will defend his title suc- EVERY OCCASION FAMU broke his own record witha TWO-MILE RUN: 1. Lane, (Flor-

Some five years ago the city leas- cessfully against Floyd Pattersonin 14-58-39 ., clearance of 146". Other meet ida); 2. Murray, (Florida); 3.
ed the Tallahassee Country Club June and Moore gets by, Bes- 620881627518Ii ;.. ..,.:..r? r. Expert Photography records to fall during the after- Johnson, (Southern): Murphy,

golf course to a private group !manoff. 4,4 ; Portrait Weddings Banquet noon were the one mile run and (Southern) Time: 10:26.9

(white). The Jake Gaither Park Moore gained a split; decision _6 2 Passport & Identification Photo the discus. Frank Murray, FAMU 129-HIGH HURDLES: 1. Duhon

site was constructed following over Basmanoff, in Louisville Photostats & Commercial Work freshman set a new marker for (Southern); Peters, (Florida);
, and/or about the time of the nearly two years ago. _7 S __ Photos For Newspaper Cuts the mile run with a time of 4:27.G. 3. Davis, (Southern); Jenks
I| lease for'use of Tallahassee's _6 ___ ..r.; While You Wall Charles Granger established the (Florida) Time: 14.4
I: Negro golfers.t west section. '" new discus mark with a toss of 880-YARD RELAY: 1. Southern 2.
Coloring & Picture FramingLet
|t f The park and its 1 -13-72-136 154 feet.
activities The golf course has been a Us Take A Photo Of You Florida 3. Tennessee 4. Tuske-
! planned for recreation of Negro financial headache for the city. 115-20-354 Point distribution for the meet: gee Time: 1.28.0

/ youth in the community, was Receipts last year amounted to Florida A&M, 77 Vz\ Southern. 220-YARD LOW HURDLES: 1.
Sometimes he's a # b In Natural ColorAVERY"
established four years ago by the $1.116 while expenditures totaled '4omettraes he's down| 76&; Tennessee A&I, 19; Tuske Duhon (Southern); 2. Peters,
L-" City with some 'assistance from $13,691. He adds subtracts J. gee Institute 11; Alabama State, (Florida); 3. Dasvl (Southern);
rJ :,,-,-afr: *' the County. In its letter of proposal A part of the course has been He works It all around AVERY'S PHOTO STUDIO 7&: Xavier IV2: Clark, 1; )\lore- 4. Perry (Florida) Time: 24.1
1 If| .. the City pointed out that under waier for some time and house 1; South Carolina State. DISTANCE MEDLEY* 1. Southern
| the facility is patronized predom-\cannot be drained without pro- Coming Attractions 1674 Kings Rd.- Next to EWC Library l&, and Claflin *&. 2. Florida 3. Tennessee 4. Ala-

inantly by A&M University near hibitive expense engineers have I I Ir The events were formally opened bama State Time: 11:04.5
I I", 'which !t is located in the south- told the City Commission.: 478- 50 130 Phone EL 4-7695 For Appointment with an olymplc-type ceremony POLE VAULT: 1. Denmark, (Flor-

-- with lovely Antionette Brown ida); 2. Sims, (Southern); Bur-
reigning as queen. President Geo. rell, (Southern) and Wlms
W. Gore Jr. gave remarks after Florida); 4. Bell, (Xavier)

1 / 1A being introduced by Jake Gaither. Height: 14'16" (New Record)
t FAMU athletic director. The Na- 880-YARD RUN: Rivers. (Flor-

p A LM s tional Anthem was played follow- ida); 2. Eubanks (Southern);

I in a rifle salute by the ROTC Seals (Tuskegee); Westbrook,
(Florida) Time: 2:00.2:

.1 I


f BALLROOM I IOf 1 Please Bring or Send Your
Church News. Club Notices & Announcement

t : r err Jack50nville-. To The FLORIDA STAR Early. It.& .'



"T,::1 Moncrief Rd. Corner 11th Street

r- Bobby U Blue" Bland -- --

4 it WITH ,


at -
j $1.80


l fs ,
'-'"'"''-"" ""
Yr -

re +
4 yr 1y



611 t

f T,1 i S .


f Yoaonjy: hr to-cuetf wrong once about Thata! why we say, whenever you drive'in I I

fttflni thato.fckgAd pf' ; u...andyouVt this-fcir weather season think trice

fco JonJEcr'a person bUt a grla traffic Think,twice about"your car think f

aI_llo1 twic? bout-the way you dfiye think
'I raaM .we prefer you tho way you are. twice about %'h:1t.t.he.other: fellow may do.
j ,

-a Drive Cartf Hy..tfc0 Invites You To Listen To g
life; yk
T. you save way be your own *
t 'ov "KNIGHT TRAIN"Starting
f ; .
:. : : < / / ,,
t :/ ,
; C'f" :> j., :: : < At 7:00 P. M. Nightly -

"'''.., '. _. .. ;.... -..:>> _
< : ;, _
: 7' -
"-;-";"..",.:-"lt." :: .,.f"'> .
'\r'1'1 I. 1400 ''V R H C 1400

t \ r,_



'\ .. -

,,", ,', -,.. -, ,". .,.- ': ..

f r .. J JIf



..... .
....r \111 LOBlDA TA.h
Sunday, April 1 10, 1 I960


: Furnished room. 'Hot & Cold S S .' I
I Colored, girl wants work in confectionary -
water. Single man desired. 2920
beer garden or restau-
\ Moncrief Road, EL 35220.HAIRCUTS .
rant. Phone EL 6-7991.

I *

\ I For year next haircut visit
I 1 1- _
I the Artistic Barber Shop, 619 1I ,. '''' :''
I I ,', ,'
W. Ashley. Phone EL 49231. I SunTues.. -
C ?
C. C. McCardy, Prop.; Charles I B 5 Sun: ,-Tues. .: ; ", ..

Simmons, Mgr. t '-',
i M oons h':n :s in Acticni | ., ".'. ::.' .
j i iI iI iI iI iI ii > }" ',
I :
STRAND I oxsi lesr.fcMT.j
Starts Sun. I !

:I: 1 t1 & All Week p, I II I .. '.:; ,
1 / / J trtt I +. '" ti % I

.4 a'f '

s tns'j

.. ./) ... \
; < :
/.I.lI J JJ..r J.:LJ ', WS a t; I 4i Y .if ; .v i IL I'95Y

L id :e f r rY. '" AA 3' ., ",'. .' ( p ,4b +\\ rJ \
A of the Fepal Ouj .," i. "
tip T
I : ...:,., :
to these oatstandJnt
young Americans, wlfc BITA I PICKENSPROVEN
make our country fto {.. t. :.. HAYWORTHimm + w.wrr wnUeal
s ;
our community a better
place In,whlch to UTEVAMDER i faacm toe trstnul I !

* r"V" % filil Ir \
l YOUNGr r r 1 r .; \
i .
\ !

: r e .Wsr. r E '

: '
f. ANEW '.< \

:; SUSPENSEMw IMAGE W M J t .:':":.l' .. _: Isi \

,. ..,, '. .+.' ;.... -
.' CUFFORD0ODETS'S rage :: :::": :: .
i / I

Y I : : \ rS

Diana Den


New Stanton I

Evander serves as vice president ROOSEVELTSunday (
of the DCE Club, is bustaf3g to I I .
'ti manager of the Junior TuesdayIignu1 I ro I II

Dept at his church and sings

in the choir. He received the ttIlifllnLIr I 3i
OfT xy
certificate award for his con- Expose .:oS. :
Watts f fS fs fu
tributions to the football team

And likes to spend his spare MestVidoBSCriniiul I :; .: ..
time dancing and painting. S SS

P i 1' I :
; ; ; .
Y I ,

i. S j r t
,.>,'} .. .i.;, ...\. <, : '::.; I'' I MARION W.SODDING I

.:I. .. : } 1e.ered( hru United krststiiifszifli are' (
t. :?/ -, :7t WHO'S 'V&ONG-Tbree of Ihs outstanding sports game: at University of Maryland. Standing in

"" ''' A x r'rr".c h 'n red recently by The 100 Per Cent WrongTy Barre, The Coca-Cola Company, Atlanta, It ft.

%1!, : -. .< Also Club, Atlanta, Ga., are seen above receiving theirand Laker Coach Jim Pollard. Minneapolis lost to
;' Alan Ladd Technicolor Western trophies and citations. In lower panel, internation-Boston( 131-110, before 13,581 Washinstcn-arra f I
::1\\ _i "BIG .LAND"SKYVIEW CIRCUIT ally faraoas tennis star Altlica Gibson and Abe Saans. Globetrotters were Washington to play a

:: JUDGE perstein, Harlem Globetrotters owner, receive Siiverbencfit against the Baltimore Rockets for the Big
Citations and Bulova watches from Otis N. ThompBrothers Club. The Trotters won 93-82 before a
NAOMI WILLIAMSNew To Sun.Tu!s.Nite Nite sea. right- The Moss II, l\:end/is Organizatun, intuin-away crowd of 6,325, while Miss Gibson was '
Stanton "CRIME ANDPUNISHMENT Washington. Above Elgin Baylor, Minneapolis Lak defeating barnstorming-male Karcl Tagcros, C-3.:
Naomi has hopes of becoming And"TARZAN USA" I -] .crs'. sumr-s ot-maker, gets "Athlete of Year" trophy An Atlanta Daily World sponsored project. 1

an Executive secretary. With AND THE from Miss II. Kcndrix at _halftime. of Laker-Celtics .
I ---- -
-- -----
this hope in mind she spends SHE DEVIL"
arc spare time reading and Win $800 Cash Mon. Nits Paid Political Adv. WOMAN

building up her typing speed. ,1-I WITH i Sweet Case i i POLICE REPORTS \

She is a member of the DCT I ,

" Class of New Stanton, JuniorLeLaLets Mrs Decision Due LACK OF EVIDENCE '''tempted burglaries in the 600 f!
W. Church
and a member of WHEN YOU ARE ILL I BRINGS RELEASESTwo 'I block of Florida Avenue. \

1 the Youth Club at West Union c {,.{s You Seek The Best Doctor is and Rosetta | Arguments and testimony were men who were arrested ,I 1 I,

I Baptist church. When Your Doctor Proscribe : concluded in Circuit Court Thurs- '
address last Sunday for investigation of MAN CUT OVER EYE :
f "There is no security on this : day in mandamus suit broughtby
Get Experienced Pharmacists she said burglary were released last Mon- i IN FIGHT WITH MEN

i earth. Only opportunity. sw' 'i To Fill Your Prescriptions and Miss Negro school principal William I day for lack of evidence police James Stuart, 31, of 1480 Lee II
\ liJI D. Sweet to order the school board
,;., .. ....,. \ '" According To Your Doctor's with a the j I said.Earl I Street told police he was cut over
him for
to issue contract
j Orders. We Use a Eugene Davis, 28, of 972
tv Only his right eye fighting two men '
1- ,,. i: The Best The current year. W. Ashley Street, operator of a i I ;
.;j .,...,, ,. ,. Quality Drugs: At I who attacked him without ex- ,{
..".:::-;:r7.: .... yl:1;: i':: :;; Dr. C. E. BlackProprietor Duval Circuit Judge A. D. McNeill private detective agency, and I II changing words, police reported.
..; \; t '''i'.' .'. accused I took the case under advisement. I Sonny Earl Brown, 30, of 1929 !i i Stuart said he was talking with
> ;; at city jail I The case had been delayed for i W. 23rd Street were taken into Miss Josephine Williams last Friday I
3 REGISTERED PHARMACISTS TO SERVE YOUIILLY'S orderly custody last Sunday by Patrolmen !!
',,.. ,about two weeks .so school board I and two men attacked him.
.', < A' '"'''.s.j#; attorney Elliot Adams could pro- '.James F. Luman and L. E. Moore-i Police were called by a witness

<'i. DRUG STORE Doe i j duce ',Dr. Floyd R. Jaggears of head while investigating four at- who saw the entire fight. J

". EARL L. DIXON 1907 Kings Road ELgin 3-8276 Taylor Lakeland of adult education former ,here superintendent, as a witness I I Easy-To-Make Cold ..rams.

New Stanton A COMPLETE LINE OF: I .s t

"Patriotism is easy to under- Cotmotlcs Rubber Good; Candr Sundri I1, Jaggears did not appear Thurs- Its time to start planning your early spring gardening!
stand in America. It means PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR AND t program. How about cold frames-do you need new ones?i
day but submitted a doctor's -
looking out for I DELIVEREDe Here's a trick that will deliver cold frame covers that area
yourself by ter and asked the court to excuse -
s light, easy to make, and inexpensive. All you need are two
looking out for your country", t him from making the trip frames, some half-round molding, and a roll of weatherable'i
and this is exactly \ihat Earl to Jacksonville at this time. transparent film.' While there are a number of such films'
plans to do when he dons the i Judge McNeill said he would I available, tests have shown the best for this purpose is''

uniform of an Air Force officer not delay the case out any longer ."Mylar" polyester film Type W, because it is the strongest,
after high school. In the mean- and gave Adams five of six I offers most years of outdoor life, and will not sag after)
time he is a member of the days to produce Jaggears' testimony stretching. It is available through the large mail order,
Flamingo Club, DCT Club and S by deposition. I I houses, and garden and greenhouse supply firms.

a very faithful Sunday school i ,
Adams and Sweet's attorneys
1 worker then agreed to admit what Jag- I !
lm.IR I If you I gears' testimony would be. .if rl7
; ,
', * ;I.D'U.I"I.:1 any month Jaggears testimony would be I 1 .
I checklist that he gave Sweet a notice to hfJ

*? Listen To PepsiMusicauest i ..,,,.,,w "" ; M I; money: .J'W"i i I curtail spending in his program i / /

: "MI'x S5IONERDistrict i because funds: were running out i'
Friday P : However Sweet has denied receiving -
mates of I II
Niter 1 1fr 'MwWI'! ; J" "" W U'J 'J Hake the memorandum. j
:30 ta11.OQ1, sure '
It I Sweet filed suit against the Stap i Step

Pfjocne( Revestf Five f; antenna removing? !school board to compel it to issue Place the longer edges (up Unroll the film across both'
his $7,270 a year contract and to 51") of two LI 6-C46I-2 } Dont side on a flat space and blOCk to take out slack across the!;
him for the period.
f I "Economy Is a matter of proper out old pay up,outer edges about}i..forming "V.:' Nail down with molding
-" r tt Alarming and so are the I. and : i: Last spring the board refused a shallow "V. For longer at outside edge of second frame.,
n to issue the contract after It Cut off along outside of mold
l :: needed new services and imi use'at cash, up to 51" wld, butt j
I FI i ; claimed on>!"-exPuiili; lIe in the frames foot-to-foot. Position ing.
i provements of existing! services books ahead
Negro adalt education ; j the "Mylar" squarely a'xrag one .
; proyraLij
I i needed to meet the raPid9rowth \ J i iII book rate. ,I,that school year. i iSweet's side, fasten with a trp_of *i' ,

of Duval If you contends that he i! half-round molding. Use 1" J ,.
i Co-"nty' ii I suit headed nail not more than 3* ...
T .J t job I I was already hired for the current { apart. Avoid wrinkles. ...1.
1 +F e- company when the school board t ,
year rt-j#
: I bills, ;1 I fused to issue the contract and ;
scouting :. I I'I'I.
i that since no dismissal action wns
WilT serve In the putCc I Check 1 I.taken against him he is entitled i ;:;0:1

1. ,wti r interest. x J I i see how. 1 to the pay for the year. I! Step 4 ,
for, and
:. Will Strengthen Volunteer i Nail down remaining molding
r ll4tlei tk t+ttl t t t N fire Departments -\ I saryCollect strips, starting with center di'
,. 1. t viders. Slit frames apart. For
? ::y'i-: Will work for better playgrounds ; eye glasses, a 'single cover, nail down top
sarlbf S strip, and have helpers stretch
I Star td'ertistrsPt
roods and you are r. -
sewers/ "Mylar" while you nail bottom
drainage ..... Be on I Step 3 I strip. i

arrives at 'li: f Remove blocks and force Winter-insert windows fort
1 a "frames i; down flat. Film will be poultry houer. swine sheds I
Paid Politico! Adv. any I '1 drawn Nail down inside and other
.. tight I buildings also can be
.. 'jnoldinsr strtos. made this war.r .
'. >' ,' ;f..' _'_.
<-:1.: ."
r .

w '. --- -, rr ... I :.i. .,f- ,....i -........:... M ..., L. d .;; ."C' .- "i '.,_.' 'f ir:, .a. x.ew'" ...... t