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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200554datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date April 3, 1960dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=005540740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
April 3, 1960
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
April 3, 1960
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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L ,,

t -L lIAARY OF rl.QR'DJHI' \ Ai'i



f ;
} \, i.at
? r Sp'

l WR/d gdf 5

I \ '
; S \ :

k. a atS

ho-NOB., ; And NEWS APRIL 3, 1960 JACKSONVILLE 9, FLORIDA' 15 Cera ,.

'. *! alurday f Is The Last Day tE t; i... ,/=:t:;': .

\ :
;. ;' :"' : ',.:

!\\l, !flf'n. !ou Can Regisler'' To Vote i; z:'< \\ -s '4 I..,' ,. .:: > r,

: ,. -

Offered .UrgedTo.:: Support: f1r'

'So You Can RegisterBy Counter' Service Protests: ',

Staff CorrespondentEric O. Simpson editor of the FLORIDA STAR who is running -'Br8tatt-6Krewondent "' I k4 S.

Icr the post of Civil Service Board Member District 2', at large hasTrnsportation TAIJLAHASSCE--Nefitt POM|<, here capportinr the demonstrations IP'S & 1* :

Issued a call to unregistered residents of Duval County to register ,by far equal teacfa 'eftofttar, service are caHlnr for s boycott e*

Saturday afternoon so that they will be qualified to vote in the coming downtown Tallahassee Here...

May 3 and 'May 24 elections. Circulars distributed la Negro .
& good Idea, "but thia just does-
the neighborhoods. and the Florida w
abnpsoa said that list in oa .
n't sees to be the.
right time especially
ff&ee of the Supervisor of Registration several thousand Negroes in Dural A. & Ins University 'rnmyti urged
] when might be
still Negroes to stay out :btelite. downtown awards
mon that art County who are till UJ:2qUa111ec1: to the
given same city officials recently -
shopping area f until .six
vote,'fir one reason another.
reprimanded by the,student
Negroes serving 60-day jail terms '
He said >
Dentise Sues a large number of persons newspaper. ;Sp- '
-who were forced to move are The student newspaper, the

from one section of the city to The Circulars said:. Florida Flambeau, reported In its ,
"Don't down town. Six y
Dental'society another because ,of the Express shop are March 15, edition that four of its
In jail for 'ou''aD4 Let'
) me.
staff members "insulted
Highways development were ,
To End Bias their status as qualified have voters lost stay out of townuUl they are I.cursed and threatened" by city :
free When they are out., there i
police when they picked
because they failed to renew their were up
are 35 more. Stay out of townuntil
N. C.-The first while
CHARLOTTE observing demonstrations
registrations due to the fact that freedom is assured all : n ,y.
orer.No -
lawsuit filed in the South against renewal March 12, :f. %.
professional organizations and cards are not forwaredto new ,,'owfeflts thk .Easter,', sea- : S. r f 54,
persons'who have moved from eJeaa-ii." ..
son. Dry -
societies which bar Negroes from P
i. r'
one addres to another. Ministers'w'stu
'b- Support
Membership reached the federal
ourt here Wednesday. The action The outspoken editor of the The .Rev. Dan Sped said the Sears BoycottIsjSiill

FLORIDA STAR who has Negro Ministerial Assn. would .
is against:' the North Carolina consistently .w :A.r..vkMr. 7F1L
Dental Society and tiie Second campaigned for the rights discuss;%hls:weeld whether supSfc 1-1'On
I. '4 ; ,...... :-i. : Members of the newly organized Jacksonville Urbanaguc'
they "
DOS rect. Aral "Ne&'fQ. : .An'" "fe ro'tw.: PO 1- .:
I; .mJnlI, "' _-F: ". :' -':: _' ". '" i fJ1 ," Guild flare teen 'at. q. meeting held in the Afro- Judge Claimsl
Duval. ,x' t3 ,. .
Carolina. ,County who is ..eliibTedoes end '
-r:- S fJ @cs1.t r a.SStfeffi/ : ran.C anf enthous.cr .'FJD nl.lett:
not two weeks 'ago; rather,, 'shah pay '
associations nave
The charged registration
are a card !14
EearnMtlfer I
down ? MG& Alethia 'Frazier. l fines handed '
in city
with depriving Negro dentists hi his pocket is a disgrace, in $300 As a' result of a number of MozeUe _Brutori.::Mrs, Miriato 'Biteey, Mrs"Be u1af ,, ,... f'S "'
residing in this State of their'view of the battle that Negroes :i court earlier this; montK'fpT': : others disturbing Inquries, as\:: to whether_the Joyner, Mrs. Helen Gibson, 'Mrs -Ifies RIchle Mrs:. Bertie'At1er .

rights to practice in local, state 'I'are putting up for their rights allover 'the peace: Five boycott.of Sears store on West Mrs.\ : Virginia Long, Miss ,Marion utton' 'an d ..1 eTFIeNAACP Ihan" ;
and federal, clinics and hospitals. this country and in other arrested with; them, hi a 'sitdown Bay Street' h'as'been called off, Enda Moses. ... I_' :. :.., '" h' '"
The suit was filed hi the U.s. parts of the world at a variety store it was' announced this week .
District Court on behalf of Dr. He added lunch Counter'paid fines or wererelease'd that the boycott is "definitelyon. Soiesdds To Sicrifice .

Reginald A. Hawkins a prominent "Negroes can not on bond. ." fe JUDGE CLAIMS .... _. ..... ..._
Negro dentist in this city,. hope to acquire any rights unless I Thirty-five more white and.Negro A 'spokesman for the local TAMPA. 'The Ku Klux Klan
they are .qualified to vote Hand'then university students were arrested $ For. Rihs Action nb;
by attorneys for the NAACP Legal 'group 'prompting the boycott @ : Is .worse than the NAACP. .
Defense and Educational Fund.It erercise this sacred'right- ;on in a later demonstration, against Seaj-s said that a number -- I Criminal Court Judge L. A. Gray-
election day. but their trials'have not yet been WASHINGTON An unprecedented move in the history of the
the. said
seeks an injunction restrainingthe .of'citminS..have gotten son recently.
The office of the Supervision,of set. *- nation: 'took paceAthis week \!lien' the American Council on Hainan'Rfghts'five
societies from impression ,that the is.
two dental con- boycott
aTffiiated Judge Grayson who Is knownto
APPRECIATION DAY ,' : groups urged theIr'50,080'mem bets to "Sacrificeor
Registration will be until r .
tinuing the practice of excluding open off because they heard' the '
: oJ. j Rights.*' ,-' "' be outspoken) segregationist
qualified Negroes from member- 5 p.m. Saturday, April 2 in the Sears advertisementson; radio made statement In while
"We have' court
.In another development the ... sked,our. morethan
County Courthouse on Bay Street. stations which beam their "- .
dealing with the of '
ship.The Persons Florida' State' University Student J.OPO ''chapters to' relinquish plans I'campaign." ; case three
North Carolina Dental Association desiring transportation to Negro citizens. boys who charged with
Senate voted to .cancel the first fox, free formal were burning -
: functions until
is professional The Council hopes its action will
the dominant may call the following numbers: The representative of the crosses.
dental organization in the EL 4-6782 I annual "Student, Appreciation 'I'} boycott group said that Searsis out1; rights, are '\Yon,1t said Mrs. serve as/a;prairie fire ior ground Grayson asked> the
I Day" scheduled for April 13. Aretha B. McKinley, Director of swell for other and organizations teenagersif
groups -
state and is an affiliate of the EL 6-5846 using radio stations which 1 their actions Jiad anything
.,American Dental Association, the PO 49832A I The event had'been arranged program for the Negro audi- ACHR. "Over a haIf-milliQndol-' to sacrifice for rights-and do with the kian. They answeredno.

single general professional association car will be sent to your hometo r several months ago to give. awards ence in an attempt to ,confuse lars, a year are spent by .college that millions of dollars will' pour ,
of dentists in the United | to city officials and, the 'Leon the Nero public. based groups on social functions. into the "Student Emergency I und
"If the KKK
was I
you to the registration office '
County sheriff's office in This money can be better utilized of ACHR." '
States. j appreciation He said that Sears has lost : I
want to know. But-I'm also interested
and bring you back home. -
The Second District Dental for the"clty'8-help... during thousands of dollars in Negro to fight for equality and human I in clearing the
Saturday is the last day to name
Society is one of five state regional ister. reg- football games. -.... trade because of Negroes' boy- dignity and to support fully the I I involved;" Grayson said.

chapters in the N.CD.S. Ron Clark! men's vice president, cott in protest of the store's !i peaceful demonstrations against "As f 'r'ris I am concerned, the

and operates under the charter I said most of the senators backing bias policy in, employment and l'-racial "discrimination and segre Sweet Case KKK and the NAACP are just .,,;";

!of the state association. No one MAN IS HELDIN appreciation day thought: it was lunch counter service. gation. alike regardless of what some
can become a member of either
CHAFER Decision Due "
MANDATEThe'mandate cockeyed
newspaper editors say.
the state or the national body SHOOTING Murder The three
ChargReduced going to the chap- boys all released oatheir
unless he is first a member of the ters of-Alpha Kappa Alpha, Delta Arguments and testimony were good behavior, pleaded

local association.The BUNNELL turpentine worker To For Wife Sigma Theta, National Sorority of i concluded in Circuit Court Thursday guilty to burning: a cross in front .f
of the Second District i was held for the fatal shootingof Manslaughter" in
by-laws Phi Delta Kappa Sigma Gamma I mandamus suit broughtby of a white nslerhbor's home. 1/
Dental Society require the a man at a Bunnell tavern: last I school
Rho and Zeta Phl Beta:and'signed Negro principal WilliamD. Crosses were also burned on
endorsement of two active mem- Saturday. Who StabbeJJHiisfcand HereThe respectively by national presidents,I Sweet to order the school boardto two causeways In the Clearwaterarea

bers before an applicant can be' Sheriff Homer Brooks said Jesse .. Mrs. :Barrington 'D. Parker, Dr. issue him a contract for the last Saturday night. One was

onsidered for membership. The Love. 19. was being held In the charge of, murder against Jeanne Noble, 'Mrs. Helen Maxwell current year. burned on the Courtney Campbell

application must then be unanimously fatal shooting of' Thomas Oliver Mrs. Noma Mills for, the fatal ax' W nan, Dr. Lorraine Williams and! Circuit causeway just east of an area
29. a truck driver who slain stabbing of her hu.sb .nd"was" reduced I Judge A. D. :McNeill
approved by the executive was designated
Dr.: Deborah Partridge Wolfe,_read a recreation zone for
' committee In order to reach the during an argument at the tavern. : last Thursday by Circuit Is Shot By !in part: I.took th3 case under advisement. Negroes. Another one was burnedon

general membership. At least two- Judge A. D. UcN 11.- -.The case had been delayed for the Belleair Beach causeway

thirds of the members present North Carolina who is not a mem- Mrs: inns, a tweU- oWD. bar DaughterinLawA 1. "We; urge our chapters 'allover about two weeks so school board several miles away.

must vote in favor of the applicant ber of either the local or state waitress of 725 N. Lincoln Court' 33-year-old step mother was the country to jmmediaiely attorney: Elliot Adams could produce

.before he can become ameaber. society can be employed by many was Treed under 1.200 after a the victim of. four bullet wounds cancel free formal dances. Havea Dr. Floyd R. Jaggears of MAN IS KNOCKED OUT

city state or federal clinics: or reviewof.testimony presented Inflicted by her. step daughter I fundraising function instead'and Lakeland former superintendent AND ROBBED OF $9

t The N.CJDJ3. dominates, the hospitals.The oa March 21' at,an inquest beforeJustice during an argument last Friday: in end.the proceed to the "Strident of aduU education here as a wit- Joe Patterson. 53. of 120 North

practice,of dentistry in the state. of 'the Peace' Genevieve their home at 818 W. Church St, Emergency Fond of ACHR 1130 ness. Street reported a strong armed
It also determines who serves on lawyers for Dr. Hawkins !cte 1ock.' police reported.. Sixth trees,N..W.,:Washington X Jaggears did not appear Thursday robbery that was pulled on- him

the State Board of Dental Ex- ask the court, to hear argument Judge ,McNeil said the' testimony D. C. Funds,win be used to pay but submitted a doctor's let last Saturday as he w&.1udln the

aminers. The State Board of Den- in the case and issue a&injunction at. .the Inqueat 'cUd not make It was reported: .that the victim fine, balls and to five aid to ter and ked the court to excuse 700 block of Madison Street.

Examiners is an official board "forever restraining" the two out a case'for first degree murder. Mrs. Mary Browder and her husband student arrested .or ,turned beattee him from making the trip lie-said he was walking down

of the State of North Carolina societies- 'from,'excluding him and The 34-year-old wife was arrested 'George; Browderwere' 'en- of""peaceful. ,, protest dcmontratioes. to Jacksonville: at this time. the street and attempted to pass

and approves the qualifications of other Qualified Negro dentists on 'March 18, after aha gagedOa an argument over Brow- :t Judge, McNeill said he 'wouldnot I two men and he was knocked un
nUstr in the State. from membership bee&use'of'race allegedly stabbed her 1u band, 30- der-stayingout late at niht Dur-: delay the case out any longer -
conscious. He said the tookS
Further various individual and or: color. year-old Herman; MHla in the in" the' argument, Georgia .Mae !. "If you do net wish tocaneel and gave Adams! five or six
$ him he could not
chest- during a family argument Green yoI formal 1 f>uiet3 m. match the days to testimony
including 18. the produce Jasgears -
croup insurance plans -rbes laws regulations;. customs step 'daughter give any description of the robber .
wealth and.:malpractice insurance, and practices deprive Negro in their home. started arguing; with her 'steP doHars spent oa the dance with by ,deposition. '?: police said.
c the, couple had the same number of dollars fr! Adams and Sweet'
low rates Neighbors.saId attorneys,
which available at mother.
are dentists of the right to partici- Patrolmen Jesse Jackson sad
'frequently and it reportedthat the "Student mergencT brad of then agreed to admit what Jag-
ofthe fights
are available only to. members When.the <
pate In the benefits of the various argumen.became intense Edward Jefferson investigated.
state association the American a.ct1nUes on the night of the fatal ACHE. ge&rs testimony would be.
or.. of the societies conducted the step-mother 'ran into I
\ Mills' had 'been beatinghis Jaggears testimony would be to issue the contract after it
Dental socetyiv for and in the interest of stabbing :"her room and the .steP daughterran 3. "Do net buy &, spring bonnet I
wife and that he was stabbed that he gave Sweet a notice to claimed over-expenditure in the
More Important ,Dr. Hawkins'attorneys dentists practicing in the Stateof into her bedroom ,and got'a this year. Send the money yoa I en-tan in his
,. point out in a com- North Carolina"'' the lawyers during a scuffle over'a .knife. revolver and went into Mrs.Brow- would have spent en a hat to the spending. program Negro adult education program
t funds were running out. that school
; State Atty. William A,-.HaHowes canse year.
plftlnt filed this morning, nor ""Student Fend it.ACHR
.practicing dentist residing- in argue.. S and defense attorney !L H. My- den bedroom and shot her four ." Emenrcncy I|i IIowever. Sweet has denied ,re- Sweet's suit' contends that ho .

NAACP Legal Defense Fund.attorneys erson :stipulated that the inquest; times, police reported. The victim >'- t; t j jcsiving I the memorandum. was already hired for the current:

for Dr:Hawkins are Thur- tesUmoAywas'suffieient-evldenceof ]:was taken to Duval Medical! Center [ "Our local newspapers -732 eo- ,, Street filed suit against the year when the school board re-

Be Sure good Uarsha.U. Jack Greenbergand the 'stabbing circumstances for where she was treated andadmittedTMrs. operate with yam Lei thm Icrow': '''school i board to compel it to Issue fused to issue the contract and

To Register James M. Nabrit, TH of New consideration by Judge UcNeut. .Gf>orgi"M ;Green i of your actten so :yoa can corral':o' his $7.270 a year contract and. that since no dismissal,action was

Sot., Apr. 2 York and'T. H. Wyche and Con- No testimony was taken Thursday was arrested. rand charged with I community support and publicity pay him for the period. taken against him he is entitled '

Is The Last Day rad O. Pearson of Durham N. C. by the judge. assault tn mu'd*!'. I for the "Sacriffea for RlehU" Last spring the board refused to the pay for the year.


.".,., L.

e. Sunday April 3 1960
Two t'FLOHiDA SlAl \ ,

,. e'.g. .- .... --:-- ,... .' '- .- ,,,,. -.. .
"',>" ;:; ; tt t;:: ,t \ : tAs
.' ; ;
1THEFLORIDA: a a* 4 1 L 3 A '

Pol.ti. ]

., ': 'd.. ;. 1t UspalU
A : _
*w a'tv
,;' .. ;;.:: trkf.,f. t'V''f ti.
NEWS By Eric O. Simpson
: .>:> I
.. l By Eric O.'Simpson '
By now it is a well-known fact that this writer is a candidate for
the post of Board Member of the Civil Service Board. '
Published by The Florida Star Publishing Co.
i I am sure that it came as a l
"Member of Associated Negro Press'line % VV
: -.s.--
tlrt I
; surprise to many although
__ Editor opportunity is vital to the existence i
O. Simpson
? consulted with several of our lead- '
t C. Parham:Johnson I Newt Stall 1y. s of Negroes. M \I.
ing citizens before making the
With the Civil j
Circulation D.pi. representation on
Hilda Woolen final move, I realize that there will have
1 Service Board, Negroes f
are several citizens and leadersof will be ,
the assurance that there
considerable stature with whomI t
'- someone present to see that col- ,
was unable to discuss the possibility -
1 ored citizens are not excluded
... MAIN OFFICE & PLANT* I of my candidacy for a poli-
from applying for civil service
IU3 Moocxiel Road ,EL 4-6782 -' EL 4-67M Uc.il office.
positions or discriminated againstat 1
Downtown Branch omelet 423 Broad .St. Phone EL 4-3773 However, I feel certain that
: the time af selection or evalu- ,
those persons whom I could not
ation of requirements. ;;
reach before qualifying being
No convincingly dispute
.. one can -
i broad-minded and intelligent I
t' peo-
t the fact that in several areas
V r ple, will understand how difficult
bulling .AddMis of civil service employment a disgraceful ;

1 P. O. Box 581 Jacksonville .1. ,Florida it- is to contact every person of policy of discrimination t
: A' f( importance during the short
"". has been followedby
.;<: '" w against Negroes
1: 1 ...,_ x&m&-rJii* a as BgBter-- period between the time one be- the Civil Service Board.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES ,- & gins to give serious considerationto
On numerous occasions adver- :
i ODe Tear: 55JJO; Hall Year, .$3.00: Three Month, :$1.80 running and the qualifying tisements for applicants for civil E

i In The United States.bccripiidn deadline.
Mailed To You, Anywhere
1 service Jobs have stated for {
'! I Parable in Adr nc*. Send Check at Money Order'To: 1s 7, ... \ As you have 'white" only. In other instances

; FLORIDA STAR-P. O. BOX JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA. : '.;' rlIKiJ.... 'at what is refer- applications have been invited for 1 I

I ..
persons to work in the "white"division \
p fed to in biblical
; ,. ..POLL .- '
of of civil
some phase
;'terms as the
; service when there is no "colored" I'
We Must Not Fail Them p ."eleventh hour".
>: r ; L ::;:I If division which is just another ,

: I actually qualified way of excluding Negroes
10 I

: Our Courageous Youth v .... '" "", .';,: at 11 ajn. from applying for those positions.

.. : -- It is my belief that since Ne- I
: I qualified
I'I seen
: The current counter service protests being staged by I I ". : 4S',.... .V.,L groes contribute a proportionate *

young people in many sections of the South is not an ;...,-'f.; .Tuesday mornalthough part of the taxes to support the *

i entirely new idea to the FLORIDA STAR. It is more positive >: "" ;.ng, I city and county government which "!

1. protest against a situation (inequality of service) WILL HE MAKE IT? WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING had laid some of provide these civil service jobs \

which the FLORIDA STAR has for several years campaigned THEO -. .: h e groundworkSIMPSON they are entitled to the same op- !

against and urged Duval citizens to resist. the day before. portunity to compete for the em- J

ployment their taxes
There are many who will be pos

.Readers, will recall that for more than a year the V Your WeeklyV wondering why I chose to run sible.With j

"FLORIDA STAR carried a: message against unequal treat- V for the post of Civil Service Board hundreds of Negro boys j

: Jl nt under the caption:.. ': V V member since which pays a very and girls coming out, of high .
school and
: small salary-$150 month-and college every year
Guide a j
Horoscope Faced with little chance of
.. !!SUPPORT. THE DRIVE FOR EQUAL TREATMENT. V V carries very little political influence secur-
v V ing jobs in 'private
enterprise Ne-
"''; OF'"NEGROESIN': ; LOCAL STORES". -- V or opportunities for personal

*V-l'-v-: : .. .. ByPABLO The ASTROLOGERWHICH gifts and the like that other elective groes must look toward opening
jobs in civil service for our youth
.' ..'. : .It-.is difficult 'to measure the extent of affect our.message offices carry.I .
: And the only it be
V had upon the Negro citizens of Duval County am seeking the position despite done is by having represenation

f'c. :WhO appear to be lacking of the full quota of racial pride, the absence of those oppor- on the Civil Service Board.

,::. unity and leadership. BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL tunities because I feel it offers S t

; another opportunity a greater
ARIES The 3rd is an ideal day to make thrive and crystallize into the way opportunity-the opportunity of The registration books will close .II
i This outburst of our<< youth throughout the country if need offi- on April 2, which is next Satur-
Born March 21st thru April 19th discreet inquiries, you of life that will be most reward- rendering a service to the peopleof
1 was inevitable. Depriving the Negro of the right to sit Quite a few Arians are due to cial or financial backing. Do not ing. Doubts are major handicaps. this community. day. So, if you are not registered 1

,i down at one counter and eat after taking his money at all celebrate their birthdays around neglect your well-being at any 170551382175LIBRA Although it appears to be a be sure to do so during this coini t

the other counters. is a bitter cup of gall'that young people- tug week. Do not wait until
I this time. Whether yours is past, time by eating unwisely. minor position it is a job of great the '
I have: .swalloweq sb long but- have suddenly decided they or just around the corner, you 4-20-77-18-61-427 significance In that it gives Negro last day because the line will be t

I can't: k it any longer: can look forward to an active and citizens representation in the area as long as from here to Helsinki. '.

fruitful personal cycle. The 2nd CANCER of civil service employment. Thisis If you have been registered before -

\ It is only natural that his rebellion-even though it is is a day for resolutions that will Born June 22nd thru July 22nd Born Sept. 23rd thru Oct. 23rd important because equal job and moved to a new address

in the form of peaceful resistance-should come from the bring greater tranquility of mindor You seem better disposed to You are going thru a phase that be sure to go to the registration

: younger generation. For after all there are the young a solution to monetary! prob- listen to encouraging words and enables you fco sense the flaws In office and change your address
thought, and,to appreciate as your new registration card'will
people we have sent to colleges and universities to pre- lems. A new phase, favors le to constructive suggestionsi Your liberal jfoundnesl cohservAtive NOT
certain be
pare them to take their places as men and women in this both yourself and your ; opes, pel-spectre would stake ajdeflntieturn i tfce ; of exist CAPRICORNBorn forwarded to your new

"free world" that we are supposedly striving for,,. Theseare starts ahd the 30th. You can take toward rosier vistas, if you principles. Should there Dec. 22nd thru Jan. 19th address even though you changed

the youngsters who are teaming about justice and rery definite steps, thru inter- hear good news or mingle with additional doubts In your mind You may realize by now that your address at the Post Office.I .

morality and democracy. Is it; true what they say about mediaries, to chalk up important people who are practicalmindedas concerning these subjects, you I you possibly have ventured some- am appealing to every man _

democracy and justice for all, or is it all a lie? If it is advances. Continue to utilize the well as optimistic. You can an- will find the 5th a good day to what beyond your depth. You and woman in Duval County to t.'

true, then these children are looking for the manifestations shadowy rather than overt tactics ticipate renewed activity in busi- try and elucidate further. The emphasis should be happy to take up jobs appoint himself a committee of

of justice and democracy and equal rights. that may have worked before. ness or greater opportunities to from the 7th on, will be where you have left off, and pur- one to urge any neighbor or friend {

f 2-60-44-12-37-264 advance your career after the 7th. transferred to your personal and sue the course that upholds stabil- who may not be registered to do ,

History has taught us that this great nation was bornas It would not harm your prospectsin public associations. You will findit ity and peace of mind. You _reentering so and become qualified to vote in \

a result of righteous protest against the tyranny of the least to cultivate new well worth your while to a phase when important the May 3 and May 24 elections.
TAURUS strengthen the bonds of amity, I
friends among the intelligentsia, deals should be
England. Consequently, these young pepole understandthat or purposes .
Born April 20th thru May 20th if you have access to such circles.A where they may have been brought to a satisfactory conclu- ,
if it is courageous and honorable to resist the tyrannyof ''i
You should be ready to admit little more push can get you strained, and to create a better sion. This may require steppingup
and its taxation without representation thenit
England ,
? that the hard lessons which have far. climate for effective collaboration. the work tempo and getting Speaking of
is just as honorable and just as courageous to resist the
been handed you could, at the 540661454546LEO Be exceptionally practical in down to brass tacks. You will not
unjustness of soliciting a Negro's patronage at one coun- PUBLIC SAFETY"Where
same time, be the best things that your handling of residential, domestic have as much time for recreation
ter but depriving him of the services at another.
have happened. You should be in and family matters (30th). or social pastimes, but this will be there is no vision j

a better mood to listen to friends A fine ending is slated. to your ultimate advantage. Start the people perish". _
These want to be treated like American i
young people who have your interests at heart. Born July 23rd thru Aug. 22nd 6-10-77-17-28-618 thinking seriously about your career -

I citizens, not like outcasts. They know there are no separate The late hours would be well Hold your head high, recoup professional obligations and Highway i to Happiness.: ..
foxholes battle stations in time of
no separate war. They
chosen to have the ball in
heart-to-heart succeeding
your fortunes, and get your prospects .of Or Horror? !
stand shoulder to shoulder with their white
talks with those who can restore rolling in a progressive and pro- SCORPIO whatever you undertake. Chancesare
defending this nation with their flesh and blood.
hope an self-codnfidence, where fitable direction. You can, or Born Oct. 24th thru Nov. 22nd good. lucky Americans who pay their !

they have been badly shaken. should, take some very important Many of the obstacles that increased gasoline taxes withouta j

Our youth have asserted themselves. It is up to us to There is a new cycle beginningand steps to fulfill your goals in the slowed your productivity and pro- 1-40-33-15-60-143 whimper, certain they are receiving -

support them, or, as it is sometimes, put, "back their play". It would do you good to startit economic and professional cate- gress up.,..to now should be fallingfar AQUARIUS miles of model half roadwaysin
We, grown-ups, owe it to these youngsters to support them by getting off by yourself for about return,may be.only
gories. The important people with behind. You can now proceed Born Jan. 20th thru Feb. 18th The new system of Interstate
in their bid for equality .' in their bid to be treated like of Introspection. You should whom 'you are*'on good speaking with romantic artistic, creative The light is flashing green once highways,as it is set up today,is

men and women to be treated like Americans. review the events 'of the recent terms can be very accommodatingand and pleasurable pursuits. The again, and it acts as a signal for a delight in the daytime and a dilemma -

\ VfE MUST'' NOT FAIL THEM! past and see what value they helpful. Cultivate them more. change in your fortunes will enable you to get your profitable enter- in the dark.
in Lighting critical J areas can-:
c possess helping you to shape 3-50-33-16-73-353 you to Instill a new interest prises under way. Look over your i| change the picture entirely and'.

the period that lies ahead. and zest for your gainful occupation plans in order to be ready to go give Mr. and Mrs. U.S.A. what

I 7-30-22-15-45-732 VIRGO after the 7th. You may then full speed ahead, when conditionsare they're paying for, a 24-hour

fyi Born Aug. 23rd thru Sept. 22nd have an opportunity to seek a bet- more propitious. The 9th-10th safe, easy-to- I If.the law in state leaves:
GEMINI You can start discussing mat- ter connection or an increase In should be very rewarding days for lighting the discretion of an in-!j

; Born May 21st thru June 21st ters of common Interest to you your income or salary. Allies. the Aquarians who have been discreet ;;dividual or group of individuals,'

: You are beginning to see the and your allies and arrive at a whom you may have found 'diffi and shrewd about furthering {and does not clearly order that!

signs of improvement In your pro- tentative agreement. A new phase cult to convince, should be more their economic interests. You gone; per cent of the cost of the''

fessional and domestic environ- initiated on the 7th. giving you amenable to your suggestions and should answer letters, go on short highway be be left allocated in the to dark.lighting,''
you may
ff'i ments. A very interesting en- a new opening to bolster your'security decisions. Make It your purposeto and exciting trips and pursue any The economy of including light-.'

E ,. counter and conversation gladden and economic ties. Your find common ground for the interest that appeals to your in- :fag in the original!highway plans'

your heart and make you feel that prospects for the days ahead wouldbe development .public and part- telligence. The lure of nicer is sound. Installing a complete

your fortunes are waxing. Personal considerably strengthened. If nership affairs. weather and the outdoors is one :lighting system after the road u I
:In,costs two to three times more.
!f1 initiative will be more effective you embark'on a new venture 9-80-11-19-90-081 you must not resist. I Eightinj the 10 danger area* of

't f>' k -C particularly' If you have found educational project or partnership 450221234452PISCES the_!.41OOOl1i.le network will only

)I friends in the right places. You arrangement.. The '29th-30th add from 10 to 20 cents per year,.

WSV\ can now take up your original would be ideal,days .to.'select fora SAGGnTARIUS per motorist motorist,to will-pay thp$!).OO per for the reach
V plans with the. needed revisions, starter. All .cultural and self-: Barn Nov. 23rd thru.Dech 21st Born Feb. 19th thru March 20th roads alone.

3t ) and proceed to carry them' out.' development.pursuits are bound to Mercury which has been retrograding Without lighting the hiphwiy
< You should hare little to
i ,reasop between the 1st and 24th. danger spots, our millions of tax
regret the passing: of this month ,
I !' IC dollar! will be spent on roads
could have been the stumbling
,II' f Get YBT: .Heresoepa Gmkla To even if it did contain some exceedingly thai! are obsolete before the dedi-
block which impeded
bright spots:. You are progress. cation. ribbons are cut.AT7TOTTON .
RICHES LOVE HEALTH You can start an over again with s.
undoubtedly looting forward to

Order your 'fcarouipa' it* :Dmatfer' Ncnr. 9mA 8 nicer weather when you can indulge personal and financial 1 planning.'

? T.'P J.'TM' L.frslotK p.. O.Box ,ML" l rrl11e'l.PIa.I 'in your favorite hobbies and with a greater degree of assurance : LADH8
.ter ..;.. w -.s ,- pleasures.; 'Some arrangementsmay that there win be smoother
... Ie Social
I 61 I sailing during the coming- montit. dub
.i _. be made' In :this connection
;"1'1'J' : Dear ;Pale Ye..Hut.. .... S:a d ,, Si u.... bat the 7th is'really the day that :The period that is. initiated on JU orter*,
J I I the 7th stresses income. outlays Ie ee Kaa
-(,/ : Otjia fu BLe,--tJa.ai Deeeis., starts the cycle *you 'are waiting
and valuable You Yov Ronallfiediitys
for. It will mean romance for possessions. ReWis

I NAME HIADOa I II I some- Sagittarlans, and more should gain on all fronts particularly 'To
when defer to the
you noMDA'STAn
pleasant pastimes for others. Donot

I I II I fan-behind in fulfillingyour more conservative counsels of thefinancial 3333 Km*** m. Cor. 'IWa

r --' I duties particularly if the purse world. If you live alone.and Or PM. EL 44782

I .. .' don't particularly it, consider *
"c ;
j I .. .',:r'/: ; ; )I needs' refining. Do' what experience the advantages of a closer .
.r 'fr"f or a conservative friend,sug
V _. r_ .4 alliance. with ah old and trusted
1HE.JZ.S) ARE TJYOTWNGS/ :.ailSTCANY AFFOfcp.TMNS5" ., ",."f. t' .. .. I gests.wben'' this will save yon friend: It would fortify',you' immeasurably. FLOWDASTAR
; I .... f' 1 I precious cash or build up your

r..yt ''', .. : ', ,.',., .......r .r. .. savia ., Things look up. .' lNEvzayH
.. : 6s' f Aruet t I I ,3-20-44-17-43-324 ,
".. -W.! I' ; ,11'0'.1': : .1'I; 8-90-99-19-43-899 COLQRE
.,.... s ,. i l
> : ; ) : 'r "' < ; t'' : {
... ,' ,'
'I: ,
.. '
,. l
i.. ., .,.' 'a .it 'j ; .. t.'>, o .
\ ,'i 1 ;" .':::
'"' T 'V V ,
,. ; ?33 ?+!;tt--- ,1i '
f *.. ,*,'.r -3 < : !;i--j

:,' \ .

,' .ff .: : -'. br11...._.., ii- .' ,;c; ;il i.t"r' .. ,0 ....+clika ,,,.<.. _'';,> ''''''' : -V ,. V i.:... .


I' S .

_, ,. __ A .
', -'.........,. ....'."".-' ,
THE FLORA STAB. ..age 'tb.-

... -.
+ > --
-f----- -
*oc>c-C'C ogcoC' < < c> '<>< < Wedding Bells : --. .
; :; :
: -
: :
: : 1/
: .
b : : : :;' ____ :

ociallySpeaking ..- APPLICATION FOR -'... .


c- I' Earnest Newby. 441% Colt SL, _-1 ,-.

Dr. Jean Downing, prominent dentist of this city was Daytona Beach Fla.., 29 and -

er for the Venetians Club Inc. installation services Evelyn Johnson 539 Center St. *

etd at Club Monteray. Daytona Beach Fla., 22. I :

After the installation service, Grover Hagans presented I John W. Duncan 1247 W. 16th +ie

itations to members who had given 10 years or morejervice i St., 53 and Lillie Williams 1247 :toN

,to the organization. John Pickens, Louis Stukes, i L W. 16th St., 44.

ohn Wash and 'Frank C. of these "
Cooper were recipients Walter C. Bright, 1505 W. 25th '41\-
itations. 2; R
St., 22 and Mamie L. Jones, 1505

W. 25th St., 20.
a *
--- ; >vr* &** 'C
Chas. R. Johnson 5417 Owasco
-1 'us. -. Wl *
** 23 and
St., Cincinnati. Ohio
The Chico .Papa Sans and the Alpha Sigma Tau W* .*"V/f *< *.
Dolores R. McKnight, 725 W.
omen are making plans for their annual affairs. The t
St. 20.
Orange ,
[irst affair has been scheduled for April, the second will TT

follow on May 6. James Priester. 5229 Poland

: Lane. 18 and Julia Jackson 1319
.. .,: .':-. I Odessa St., 18. .

.'. -.
An intermediate Methodist Youth Fellowship was or- .',t' A. Fred King 1715 Barnett St. 36

at the Ebenezer Methodist Church by Mrs. Fleetexander -4'. .., M4,4f .k} ind Pearly M. Britton 1437 W. :
-: 8th St. 33. ,
and Miss Natilee Clemmon .. ? :w
Officers are: Benjamin Bell, president; Estella Ivory Geo. Fossett 2515 Petunia St..

tary Frank Emanuel treasurer 54 and Hattie Sumpkins, 2515 Pe- *
; ; Betty Simpkins, -.' '.-' .
and Paul V tt tunia St., 64. '
plain; Tyles Stanley, reporter. :
.. Ralph Biggins 1050 W. Duval S : ',
-.... SU 21 and ,Annie M. Tucker 1255
.. :i % ____
: Bridier St., 20. ;
) Jos. W. Robinson 2059 W. 16th ;

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Dunn, Sr. celebrated their 20th St., 22 and Luella J. Butler 2512D

edding anniversary in their home, 1827 Welford Road. : St., 18.Sebron. # t

Many couples were on hand to enjoy this affair and p ''' / Sessions, 728 W. Mon- t+#/ 4 fr:;

he Dunns received many lovely gifts. : I : roe St., 23 and Lezzle A. Bryant,

728 W. Monroe St., 25. j
t < Edmond Jones 1079 B. W. Du \
> .
o val St., 18 and Nadine Hunter, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Brooks held their 25th Wedding

Members of Circle 4 of the WSCS of Simpson Methot The marriage of Marlene P. Matthews, daughter of 626 W. 18th St., 18. Anniversary on Sunday, March 27, at their home, 1376

Church will sponsor a Post-Easter Fashion Show at Mrs. Alberta Matthews and James A. Laster was solemn- James W. Sanchious, 5757 Paris Causey Lane, South Jacksonville.Mr. .

impson Church April 20th at 8 o'clock. ized on February 27 in the home of the bride, 3349 Japonica Ave., 23 and Ruby L. Maxey 2231 and Mrs. Brooks are the parents of six children.

The latest fashions for spring and hair styles will be A.W. 44th St., 20. The event was planned by Mrs E. M. Powell.

eatured by outstanding models of the city. Oliver Brown Rt. 1, Box 290 I! ------- ,
Road.De 19 and Martha Clark 656 S. Lin- Engagements

coln Ct., 18. Stark
aths& Funerals
Richard E. Williams Jr., 1943 AnnouncedMr.

Broadway Ave., 21 and Tommie and Mrs. William Cooper of
Members of the Gladiola Ladies Club are making plansor M. Jones 1934 W. 6th St., 19. 1587 W. 34th. Street announcesthe Deliveries
[ their annual tea to be presented April 24, at the Recreation -
Center, Third and Mt. Herman Streets. Some of thecity's GREENE> -Mrs. Lucy of 398 -Julia JOHNS-Bennie of 439 W. Union engagement and approaching
marriage of their daughter Bar-
St. Augustine StreetlfiTCHELLHenry
/ leading talents will appear on program. Mrs. CoraH.
bara Jean to Herman Williams

| Lewis is president. SNELLING-Mrs. Gertrude of 791 of 1336 W. Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Herman

E. 57th StreetPETERSONCharlie 29th StreetSANDERSMrs. Drama Club Williams Sr., of 2115 Broadway.The BIRTHS AT BREWSTEftHOSPITAL
of 315 wedding will be solemnized
Emma of 1319 To PresentEaster
Ernest StreetFUSSELLInfant W. State Street May 27, at 8 p.m. in the home of MARCH 18-24 1961

Attorney Bernice Gaines will be the principal speakerfor James of 824 Pay! the bride's uncle and aunt Mr. I Mr. and Mrs. James Thomas

/ the 15th anniversary celebration of the Ultra Modern Whitlock AvenueANDERSONMrs. FORT-Joseph of 1371 W. State and Mrs. Woodrow Cam Sr., of 2210 Cato Road. Boy.

/Saving and Sewing Circle to be held on Thursday, April Carrie of 1904 Street The speech and drama class of I 4030 Lockhart Drive. Mr. and Mrs. Frank McDani.

7th at 8 o'clock in the educational building of Mt. Ararat Myrtle AvenueWRIGHTJohn Northwestern High School, under All friends of the couple are 615 Court P., Boy.
[Baptist Church. L of 214 Stuart CLARK Mrs. Alice G. of 212 the direction of Mrs. Norma invited. Mr. and
Clubs -and friends are invited. A prize will be awarded Street North StreetBINGHAMMrs. Bland assisted by Jacquelyn Tho- s i 4180 Kermit Charles Dux. ,

[to the club having the largest attendance. McGEE Walter of 1486 Logan Lillian of 1403 mas will present "Jesus in Frontof Mrs. Sarah L. Jackson announces Mr. and Mrs.Road. Girl.
to James
Street Pilate an Easter Pageant I
? \ Vf. j the engagement and approaching 924 West
2lftrStretYOUMAN I Ashley
ROBERTS-Mrs. Jessie E.: 6fj -r .April 12 at4;! p.m. Street. Girl. f
II marriage of her daughter Mr. and Mrs.
1048 W. 4th Street i -Mrs. Claritha of 2146 Participants are; Rodney Hurst, Andrew Brintley
The Girls' Club held their installation service Julia to James Priester son 2811 Everson

for officers recently in the home of Jannett Bryant, 850 BROWN-Mrs. Mattie of 918 W. W. 40th Street Harry Clifford Simmons'Vrlght.Victor, Mavis James Buri of Mr. -and "Mrs. Odie -Priester. Mr. and Mrs.Street Mansfield.Boy.

Tyler Street. Atty. Bernice Gaines installed the following Duval Street MURRAY-Mrs. Annie G. of 2640 The wedding will be solemnized Rt. 8. B', Cody
Odessa Catherine
officers: Jannett Bryant, president; Marsha Rosier, vice AVERY-Mrs. Jestine of 1478 W. Seashole Drive Gloria Baker Jones Claudine Gay Barney Gloria Wednesday April 6, at 8 p.m. in. Girl. Jar P1a-? _-,!." r' J_J ",
Irene Soleman 15th StreetNOBLEMrs. REFORE-Mrs. GuSsie of 828 the Fountain Chapel AME Mr. and Mrs.
president; secretary; Veronica Glass, as- Watkins Annie Johnson, Betty Charles Nichola- f
Hannah of 7875 West 17th Church. A reception will follow son 1416
sistant Street West 7th
secretary; Betty secretary; Street Girl.
Davis Mae Forman Irene Daugh-
Linda Peterson, treasurer; Margaret Nixon, chaplain; Pipit AvenueALLISONMrs. WELTERS-Mrs. Rosa of, 176 Calhoun. the ceremony at the home' of the Mr. and Mrs. Joe Rispress 815

Birdie Travis, reporter and chairman of scrap book com- Martha Ann of Blanco Street St. Augustine tery Eugene bride 1319 Odessa Street. :3rd. Avenue, Girl.
Members of the chorus are
452 Pearl Street St. Augustine r
LEWIS-Litt of 1977 Baldwin Mr. and Mrs. Frederick
mittee.Members ALLISON-Nathan of 452 Pearl Johnette Shepard Jessie Buxton
are Constance Stitt Jac- Street 2405 Westmont Street Girl.
Shirley Wilson Street St. Augustine Lorraine Smith Viola Morris and
quelyn McMillan, Juanita Jackson, Sandra Holloway, Betty 'Cummings. ABOUT Mr. and Mrs Thomas Reddish
TABB-John Manch of Rt. 1, Box
Audrey Wilson, Frances Robinson, Richie Bossard, Birdie 103 ArmstrongMOSLEYSimon FORD SCHOOLTO The "Passover Feast" "The 1415 Davis Street Boy.

Travis, Joyce Boddie, Betty Campbell and Veronica Glass. of 1372 Ever- Betrayal", "The Crucifixion" and ''PEOPLE. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Roberts,
PRESENT PO Box 539, (Callahan Fla., Girl
green Avenue the "Burial" will be done in pan-
Mrs. Vivian Robinson was hostess to the EpicureanClub THOMASElderVilliam of 3957 tomime. 1rs.Lelia Mosely of 1066 W. Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Whiteside

meeting at her home, 1587 W. 16th Street. Plans for Old St. Augustine Road 'CRYSTAL BALL1The Beaver Street left the city recently 781 North Lincoln Court Boy

the anniversary were discussed and games were played. FRANKLIN-John of 860 Palm- operetta "The Crystal Ball" for Augusta. Georgia to attend Mr. and Mrs. Luther..---- Blue., i-*-.....

Members present were Mrs Ruth Brown, Miss Bertha etto Street will be given by the intermediate the funeral of her cousin Leroy 3318 Haines Street Boy.

Torrence, Miss Barbara Robinson, IVIrs. Odell White, airs. department of John E. Ford Elementary I Jackson. Mr. and Mrs. Warren Smith.

Alveria Davis, Mrs. Juanita White, Mrs. Henrietta Abney, School March 30 at 8 YWCA Unit 276 Claude Street, (Twins) Boy

Mrs. Jeanette Scott, Miss Clotelle Seals, Mrs. Emma Feacher pjn. in the cafetorium.The Miss Betty Gay of New York and Girl.

and Mrs. Mildred Pearson. operetta follows the Cen- To SponsorThrift City formerly of this city, was a Mr. and Mrs. Idella Marshall,

I[ CLEAN-UP HINTS I derella theme. The prince Is visitor in the city recently. Bettyis 732 West Fourth Street Boy.

Mrs. Pearl Calhoun, president of the Pallbearers Union changed into a giant goblin by SaleMembers a professional model and a Mr. and Mrs. William Sallins,

189 and Mrs. Vinia Green, general chairman, announce How often have you thought the wicked witch. This form must 'of the Teen Age Pro- graduate of Phelia DeVare Schoolof 318 East Union Street Girl.
that the anniversary which was set for March 31, has been I mind yourself so much: "It;isn't it's cleaning the cooking be kept until the princess loves gram Committee at the A. L. Charm and Modeling. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lee Shua-

postponed until a later date. alt -wa.-d". Three times a day up him as he Is.Invitations. Lewis Branch YWCA will sponsora Many social affairs were givenin pert 1708 West 23rd. Street, Girl.
y Oempty sinlf turns into a have been extendedto Thrift Sale on Next weekend her honor.
mountain of .
dirty dishes. Why the public to attend. Friday and Saturday, April 1st
not loiuc for to and
NOTICE TO SOCIALITES: ITEMS INTENDED FOR THE quick/ restore ways your kitchen easily to and 2nd. Dave Smith of 2930 Willow Guard Health

COLUMN SHOULD REACH THE FLORIDA STAR NOT LATER its before-meal brightness. For Mrs. Russell D. Henderson and Street left the city recently to .

THAN MONDAY 5 P.M. FOR PUBLICATION IN FRIDAY'S example: THE PEON'S PLIGHT Mrs. Oscar Hillman are servinga attend the funeral of his uncle
ISSUE Serve direct.. chairman and co-chairman of Jacob Cook of Fairfield Alabama.He .
By William Heary Huff
Iy out of cook-
the event. is a member of Mt. Zion Bap-
ingutensils.. For ANP
The sale will be held in frontof tist Church. Southside. Fi +
Make T 11 You can save There is trouble there is keuble. t .
on gh7SlJ-es5eit-
your serving Central CME Church on the
There is trouble every day; \
dishes by using corner of Davis and Fourth Sts. Mildred Thomas, talented
If we mentioned it 'twill doubleSo
Mince Meat Bread Pudding, attractive cookware All members of the committee are daughter of Dr. and Mrs. E. W.
1 there's
expressly nothing we can say. dt'K
items to the Thomas of 1411 W. 9th. Street has
to bring their sale
A hot pudding makes a welcome designed to look If we pick a lot of eotton
dessert change,especially I \ well on your And expect a word of praise church on Tuesday. March 29th been offered two scholarships to iy.
table. Casseroles where Mrs. Vera further her art study in Germany.In .
the recipe is neither costly or That will surely' be forgottenAs from 9 to 1 p.m.
complex. A typical example is made of stainless steel Davis Teen Age Program Direc- addition to being an artist .
Mince not only look well but keep your some past misdeed he'll raise.I
Meat Bread
Pudding.Mincemeatisapleasinglyaceept food I tor and Mrs. Wilson Baker, com- Miss Thomas is also an actress.
warm and tasty for those There Is nagging there is nagging t
sweet-tart cooked mixture of table eager second helpings. mittee member will receive the S t \
chopped apples, dried raisins, Buy cookware that cleans eas- articles. Rev. and Mrs. R. B. Williams t. Lt
Makes no what TO
currants, citrus fruit rinds, ily. Pots and pans made of of 927 Hogan Street have as their
.spices, sugar, vinegar andlor ci- i smooth stainless steel are easy do; house guest Mrs. Pearl M. John- ..rp
,'der and a small amount of starch.It to clean and sanitary. A good Ah the Captaim's toque is wag 'of
is for \ idea is to let them soak in, hot, son Hawkinsville. 'Georgia.
instantly ready use- ging
water while eat- Many social events will be givenin
you are
just spoon from tile jar. Like a snake'*-I'm telling you.
( The Borden Teat Kitchen de- ing. You'll find come "clean-up YMCA LaunchMembership her honor before her departurefor
veloped this Mince Meat Bread timea quick swish with your
% home.
I"Pudding.In this blend of two old tom,a. dishrag is aH that's- necessary. Drive p,"
favorites mince meat adds variety Clean as you go. Clean the t
and flavor to the old-time dishes you user for preparing BEAVER FALLS, PA., NEWS- Campaign Workers of the Our Sick and Shutlns'Mrs.. 7 tI I

homemade goodness of bread pud food as soon,as you have finished TRIBUNE: "Federal, state and James Weldon Johnson Branch Rosa Lee Riles is ill at her home
with them. Then j
:ding. All members of the family the meal you at the..end. of local expenditures are running at YMCA launched their membership 1230 W. 3rd. Street: Rev. H. B. tioos BESIDES PAINTINGS, compos- ,
and cards
will enjoy this dessert-so kind $129 billion a year. : : is report gradescnool- .
will hare t. that more at Brewster Hospital and
drive and will Bivens
Ito palate and purse. Here is the'net f I. I Thursday con- ers may bring home something much
poi: I than one third the national product tinue working through April 18. Veda vLenore Mackey at Brewster more serious: disease germs that are i
GE I : In other words, 35 cents of picked 'In classrooms.These
Mince Heat Bread PufcUnc every The Rev. Samuel Nesbitt cam- Hospital. up germs f
"41. If'ritl' r dollar earned in this may then be spread at home,not only
r (Maker 4.1 ) country goes 5555 I
and his workers l
table. And the paign chairman to mother and dad,but to infants and
2 eggs 2 tablespoons butter sink, of course. to help maintain government on have set a goal of 700 membersfor Mrs. Charlie Mae Simpkins of toddlers.To bel jj keep up her family's I
I I 1 cup mIIk 4 slices white bread But if you have all levels" this 1960 drive and feel sure 732 W. 18th. Street left the city resistance to illness, the wise home- f
1/3 cup sugar 1 cupBorden's Eftady.to.TJse a stainless steelyou'll recently to visit her ill sister-in- maker should provide a well balanced I
fun from
that with cooperation
1/2 teaspoon lemon extract None Such Mince Meat sink diet make .
save sure that all family mem-
I Beat eggs slightly with a rotary beater. Add milk, sugar and hours of scour : all of the captains this goal will law, Mrs. Lucious BarsweH, 459 W. herS wash hands always before eating,

lemon extract. Beat until thoroughly blended. Butter the bread ing. A wash, a TiimeiE Im' be reached.Dr. 6th. Street Steubenvffle. Ohio. and see that youngsters get plenty I
slices; cut into cubes. Place in a buttered one and a half quart rinse a_ wi and your sink! N ea't' b tla I W. B. Stewart, President of t of rest. The Lysol Home Health
casserole. Lightly mix in None Such Mince Meat. Pour egg-milk will be kling clean. ya ,&:i WA.JEL. "Edward' Waters College and Dr. S t tOur Information Bureau also recommends
mixture over top.Bake In a moderate oven (850F.) for 30 minutes. Lastly doat! forget to relax'a e.f. .m. Sick Mrs. Jessie Roberts that mothers use disinfectant solution .
Serve either warm,or cold. Top with whipped cream or serve with bit after dessert With reaewed' I ae Hugh B. Wilcox, president of the : in routine cleaning of the bath
your favorite lemon sauce. energy cod fewer: dlsfeea youTJ a Southern Area Council of YMCA's Duval Medical Center; Mrs. Geor- room because it's a traffic center of-

/ cup evaporated milk and lit cup water may o*substituted for :find yourself thinking"dean- will be speakers at the April 6 gia Etta Rich 1812 Taylor Street; the heme and may be the source of

I the 1 crop tmld:. : ,. ;lag np eeems to be rettfe.. ? etifanr dinner meeting. First reports win Mrs. B.'S. Brown 4522 Highland unseen disease clean germs in spite' of a I ,
. all the toeX appearance
! be made during this dinner. Ct. '.Y_ -' :
I \,

Ij I
j i-
, f


L .
I -
-- 1 11 _- _- ___ I11111/lA/.

,. ,


Sunday, April 3, 1960

I \, .



.. I, CHURCH NEWS r'Itee2! eF It e

SM .
Choir No. 1 and Usher H.
9 Board Revival services which began ::::\
L : No. 1 of Simpson Methodist Monday at St. John's Baptist What's new for 1960 passed from the angling scene

L ; Church will sponsor a popularity Church will continue The newest thing in the He was replaced by bits ol
p through where-torgo line la Great Slave I feather and metal, and finally;
+ I i contest between the two boards, April 8th. Lake. This
bIg body of water, by the gorgeous plastic creations
.. terminating I May. 15. Rev. W. H. Calhoun, pastor of located far above the Arctic that now nestle In the cro
> 1 Contestants are Miss Joan Pra- Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Tampa, Circle, now has facilities which vices of fishermen's tack It
4 ; r .. it' rA zier for Choir No. 1 and Mrs. will deliver the sermons begin- will enable anglers to sample boxes. Ladies Icved the idea bo
+ f( Lucille Mitchell for Usher Board some of the best (fishing the cause jabbing a fish hook into
ning April 4 at 8 p.m. world has to offer.
Species of a wriggling, squirming
i No. 1. nighl
game trout, gray crawler never became
e: A AFTER SERVICE ling, and pike. But, the trout )1 with the feminine set Sportsmen
a 1 aY; W EBENEZER CHURCH MUSICAL fishing is the main attraction also approved because
4' i at Great Slave. If you've been
; b The Commission of Mission The Gospel Trotters and the hunting worms was frequenUj
.. hankering to wrestle a 60
-- '-- -- more complicated than catch
i will hold a church-wide study entitled Gospel Pilgrims will render an pound lake trout In white wa Ing fish with them. Even tiu

L- "Medical Mission" at Eben- after service .musical program ter, this Is the place to do it. fish were pleased. They could

I ezer Methodist Church Ashley I April 3 at the Holy Church of the Other :fishing hot spots are snap up a waterlogged worm

and Clay Streets on April 3, April Living God, 14th. and Grunthal newly opened waters in Labra without worrying about th

124 and May 1 and May 8th. Streets, : dor, Alaska, and Nicaragua fact that it might contain a

.. !! i: I -. I NEW FOR BOATING fish hook

: it .6 :I FIRST BORN TEMPLE ABYSSINIA In the outboard line, you'll
S be interested In several of the
The Biven Specials along with ACTIVITIESChoir
new models offered
t w b I by Mercury.
the Gospel Echoes will render an No. 2 of Abyssinia Bap- Although this firm has always

after service program Sunday tist Church will sponsor a springtea paced the field in speed and

night, April 10 at the First Born April 10 from 3 to 6 pjn. in power, the accent of 1960 mod-
els on reliability should interest
t. Temple, 825 W. Monroe Street. the home of Deacon and Mrs. F. sportsmen. Built to "take it",

All singers are invited. I Adams 1874 W. 13th. Street. the new Meres plow through
The Heavenly.Fire Gospel Singers The church and pastor's an- vegetation, rocks, and logs with '"
l' will render a Sun- the ease of a bulldozer. They '"==
( program !niversary will begin April 11 with i .
i ip ', "., ,,;;If.W day Night, April 3. various ministers and their congregations don't shear pins" because they"ain't ) -
"t got non a durn
1' < The Benjamin Singers of Pa- in charge of the service good product.

r- 6 Y j' '; F w3 latka, Florida will render a pro- each night.FRIENDSHIP There are so many: boats on

# ; gram Friday night, April 8th. the market this year that it is
But, as I said "the worm
: .. The Public is invited to attend almost impossible to select one
I r s, i brand or model for individual has turned". He's back in the
k4.3 all of these
., programs.. TEA attention. But, I would like to angling picture in a form which
to He'sas
point out the everyone.
Mrs. Alfreda Gonzalez will be booming popular
A "FIRST" IN THE UNITED STATES. Pope generosity and untiring Christian charity the I SPRING MUSICAL .for' ity of the catamarans. The juicy and delectable as 'ever,
John XXIII is pictured in the Vatican in these appeal which the Archbishops and Bishops of the Choir No. 2 of Mt. Sinai Baptist guest speaker the Friendship dual hulled jobs won most of but he won't squirm when you
exclusive photos as he delivered a brief television United States are making to you for the Over- I Church will tea Sunday from 3 to 5 pjn. in the major endurance events stick a hook in his soft plastic
Lenten message in English to the people of seas Relief Fund for the World Refugee Year. I present its spring the Emanuel Baptist Church last year, and they're certainly body, and you don't have to
America appealing to their generosity in supportof "Nobody can realize more vividly than the, musical April 10 at 7 p.m., in the auditorium. the most comfortable boats shop for him with a spading
the Catholic Bishops' Relief Fund-World Ref- common Father the poverty and need which still I church auditorium. I afloat. Before you buy, look the forlc in your hand. The littlo

ugee Year Appeal. The Pontiff will be seen and exist, and which afflict great and growing num- Communion service will be held Usher Board No. 4 will meet cats over. worm is available at all tackle l

heard on television stations throughout the bers of refugees and local poor." Contributions I. Sunday at 4 p.m. All choirs, ush- Saturday at 4 p.m. The children's The 1960 crop of fishing stores little ,gold comes band equipped to induce with a
United States as he makes his first talk in Eng- may be made to the local Catholic Church or to tackle is much the same, with a
and uniformed choir will meet at 4:30 strike where the hook
ers will pjn Is, and
lish to be heard, here. the'Bishps' Relief Fund, Empire State Building, groups the accent on closed face spin costs
The Holy Father said, "We commend to yourWOMEN1S New York 1, N.Y.Men's serve.A for rehearsal. The male chorus ning reels continuing. Both rods Best only of all 15, cents.the
I planning meeting for all will meet at 7 pjn. for rehearsal. and reels are more attractive, new plastic
II worm as much fish appealas
I A spiritual tea will be sponsored and some of the new Japanese
presidents, chairmen, and officers his squirming brethren did.
will be held Monday in the ushers Sunday from 4 to 6 pjn. at the imports have bargain. basement He looks like the real thing,
price tags. N*w monofilimentline
DAY Day Set Ministers; Hold home tastes like the real
room at 8 p.m. Deacon and Mrs. Samuel is smaller in diameter and thing, and
Session, 2240 Forest Street. twice as strong. can be used in waters that the
For April 24 Service average angler wouldn't dare
SET AT District Meetings: District 4 will TilE WORM HAS TURNED drag a $1.35 lure through. He

Plans for Men's Day at St. Paul InstallationThe THE CUNNING NEVER PAYS meet Sunday at 3 pjn. in the There was a time when the made angling history last year,
AME Church are in full swing average tackle box consisted of and I predict that his success
LITTLE ROCKWomen's By William Henry Huff home of Mrs. Mozell Jones, 2026
according to Alexander Stewart, Interdemoninational Ministerial nothing more than a few spare will be even more phenomenalthis
Alliance held If I can just be real and true Westmont Street, Southside; District hooks and sinkers, and a can season
chairman for this affair. a very inspir-
Day will be observed And have no cunning ways 5 at 8 pjn., 2234 Forest St.; of good old fashioned angle
April 17 In Little Rock The first event scheduled is a ing Installation Service at Ebenezer /. you have any questions con
Baptis As those who win must surely do District 11, 3 pjn., 689 North Lin- worms.In ; cc i: fishin: technique, equipment -
banquet which will be held in the Methodist Church recently. the
Church. Officers for this cele- In these and future days, con Ct.; District 12 will meet at intervening years, }' or hsre-to-to, write BuckRogers
dining room of the church Monday however, the worm almost
bration are Mrs. Vernice Mitchell, Rev. J. S. Johnson, pastor of I will not heap a pile of wrath 3 pjn. at 1233 W. 15th. Street; in care of this paper.

pastor; Mrs. Thelma Baker, chair- April 4 at 8 pjn. Banquet St. Stephens AME Church deliv- To fall upon my head District 14-1845 W. 30th. Street; ,

man: Mrs. Cora Gillis, cochairman reservations may be made now by ered the address, which appealedto Or dread a fearful aftermath.But District 18-2411 First Street. f"
contacting any male member of .1'
; Mrs. Floree Anderson, pro- the Negroes "TO STRIVE FOR live in peace instead. -Y i :,arty S Hw
gram chairman; Mrs. Thelma J. the church. FULL FIRST CLASS CITIJZEN- 4' .. .J I. J (. --
Many social events will be sponsored -
Thompson, finance chairman: before April 24, the day set
? Ministers present with representatives -
Mrs. Leola Thomas, tag chairman: aside for the annual.celebration, from their churches ;were 1

Mrs. VerdeJ Randall, guest chaIr-I and the public Is extended an,invitation Reverends D. W. Welcome, f. T. .
to attend all of these
man; Mrs. Vera TJrayton Mrs events. McMillian, D. B. Barnes, A. R.

Richardson; R. L. Jones, Ernest H.
Curlue King, Mrs. Bernice Wright,
Johnson, H. H. Robinson, D. B.

music committee; Mrs. Renelda NAACP ChapterTo Thorpe, J. S. Johnson, Samuel

Jenkins, Sunday School; Mrs. Washington, R. W. McClendonand

Wilene Dunbar, BTU; Mrs. Annie Sponsor TeaThe J. Williams.. 1

Campbell, Mrs. Inez Kears, decor- Ways and Means Committee -

ation committee; Miss Lenora of-the local chapter of NAACP Other participants were: Mrs.

Richardson, junior chairman. I will present a Diamond Tea In Josephine E. Brown, Rev. R. J. .
Blain, Mrs. Mae Spearing, Neal ,
l the home of Mrs. George Ford, I. ,
Others participating w'll: be Blain and Usher Boards from St.
Sunday ,afternoon, April 3 from
Mesdames Cora Williams, Lettie Stephens, Central Baptist, New

/ Hicks, Thelma Baker, Lucille Ezell, 4 to 6 pjn. Bethel, Day Spring Baptist and """""i\!' W'. ....,..."'.."" k. ,,1
I Rev. B. J. Williams will be the n 1;
Rebecca Whitehead Cora Doster Ebenezer Methodist.
principal speaker for this affair. .. ,, ,, I
Ida M. Ford, Charlease Hayes, I "' '::' "" ; ....<..8 .... I
Mattie M. Williams, reporter. if.
\ Cora Thomas, Viola Johnson Minnie / :.:. : I
I Holiday, Essie K. ..0' P ."''''''' ,,}Q''' \
Laidler Ver- Men's Day :.:, ::*.:.:.,::,:::.:.:t:%::.,"&" :::.:::.::<'(':"'"- .... .' \
i nice Mitchell 1f:: ::* :: >"'Y.

l I 1 Renelda Jenkins Hattie, Annie M. James.Scott, Musical Revue April 10 aNew r zve.t.: ['::ff;':1m.; ::;:;=: U"J.xnf"::: '' /i:; .;L d .,I I

Florence Preston, Daisy Smith, \.Z' 11we "en
t Set for April 11 .. ....
Susie DIxon, Annie Campbell, Rosa Bethel : :::,., : I' ..,::: --' 1

Thompson Willie Vaughn and at Little RockMelvin Men's Day will be observed Sun y.':. '. .... r., 1 Wf*& > \1real '
Annie M. Johnson. st8 &&*
Grace, "The Deacon"will day April 10th. throughout the '

serve as master of ceremonies day at New Bethel AME Church i ? I ."

ABYSSINIA'SSCHEDULE for the musical revue at Little Tyler and Third Streets. : security j.
'" ; ,
Rock Baptist Church on April 11. :
Leonard J. Roberts, Jr., will deliver .
The church and pastor's an- This program will terminate the ,
the League Address at 5 We don
niversary will begin April 11. "King and Queen" contest sponsored Others pjn. t mean the nicest House In the W ,
on this
Various ministers and their con o by District No. 5 in behalf pro- neighborhood :
gram are: Miss! Dorothy Green
gregations will have of theVomen's Day observance
charge oservices f
who will the right schools '
serve as mistress of the "
each night. I to be celebrated April 17 throughout cams. '
All children ceremony: .Teen Tonetti: Miss \ I I
will meet at the We re talking about the f
Shirley of
church the day.Participants Cruse Abram: T. Hender security .

rehearsal.Saturday at 5:30 p.m. for include Mrs. Jessie I son Mrs. Ruth B. rdc Ii1i.an, they can't do without. the kind that f I _

Choir No. 2 will sponsor its'an I M. Polke, the Southern Quintet, I Charles Smith, Miss Agnes Robinson from inside. comes "'t .

nual Spring Tea April 10 from Union Gospel Singers, Congrega4 -j Prof. A. N. Green and Miss s. pig ,

to 6 pan at the home of Deacon tional Gospel Chorus. Choir No. 2'' Willie D. Johnson. Faith. In God in life, in themselves. .,
of Little Rock, Lattimore Singers : +
and 13th.Mrs.Street.Furman Adams 1874 W. and Celestial Spiritual Singers. For life is no game for spiritual sissies. % p

I I NHS Graduates i}, I Only Faith. :the armor of the spirit :py 4f;. p ,

You Don't Have to Go to Town to Get Play Set For will!! give them the stamina to meet it ; '

f courageously no matter what ''
it Brings.
: y .

i LOW PRICES April 18-19 I You can show your children! ,

"Phantom of the High School, where to'find
a three-act to .
i mystery comedy, con- '
f I : On Your cerning the problems and difficulties 1 build it day hy day. if you make: .. ,
of high school :
praying a family afiair.
( will be presented by NorthwesternHigh

DRUG STORE NEEDSTrade School's first graduatingclass ,
April 18-19. ... _

With Your Neighborhood Drug Stars Stars of the cast are: Annie : <****giiit. J .. 4
j'': WE WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADVERTISED Lou Johnson, Edward Hickson, >*.K&% PK;.p. ..1 -'_ r "!.-<<:! 'I.
;: Betty .
t Cummings, Penelope Jones, '.

'y, IN YOUR LOCAL PAPERS Johnette Shepard, Gloria Baker, .' ... Vi4

We Deliver try Also FBI AJQ Doctors' Prmcrlption* Roy Mays and others. __ :


Dixie Pharmacy Why Mothers Use This : :' rii ta g Ti{b : -

4' ISO KINGS ROAD *t MTBTLE: AVENUE SPECIAL t h Wo 2 tMr cveAatta lU ek I


poet take chances with strong laxatives. ,
AY YOUR LIGHT W TER AND Fer over 60 years Mothers have .1. .
relied .n vegetable pure liquid ....II, .. "'- .. :. ... ;. ._ I
PHONE BILLS MARSHALL'S BABY EASE. Ask your _._.. D Pro Qranlr L1 !
AT OUR STORE druggist for pleasant tasting Baby Ease.: .
.... j:
.. .- .'., .
1.: : ;:':


I IP.n. II I


I j

_ -,....,,_ ... ___ y y r---J ...._rt



k -,..Y..Sunday, April 3, 1960 THE FLORIDA STAB Pale rtn
_____ _
calls serviced during aH of 1954-
Carson Gaining SupportersOn 55-58.

Used latest lie-detecting: devices,
I want to thank the people of Duval County for their Basis Of His RecordA established Sheriff's Mounted

t Posse staggered daily relief of officers vMembers

confidence by permitting me to be unopposed in the In the field and set up
, survey early' this week showed that support for Sheriff Dale Identification Bureau. -

i coming election. Carson who is seeking election to the office he now holds is growingby Has a record of arrests on clear -

1 .. leaps and bounds. violation only

i I assure you that I will continue my efforts towards the Since Carson announced the PatroL Worked with other municipal
opening of his campaign head-
county, state and federal agencies
and Sent his men to the FBI National
quarters at 111 West Forsyth for the
betterment of the schools of our County. issued a call for volunteers who Academy. National Training Center throughout the country
detection apprehension and prosecution
are Interested in seeing efficientlaw of Lie Detection Treasury Department of criminal elements.
enforcement in Duval County. A& nt'8 School (Illegal
THANK'YOU ,whisky). State Arson Detection ATTENTION LADIES

School Auto Theft School Uni- R +
versity of North Carolina Jail Bridge & Social Club

Administration .School, Conference Reporters i
on Corrections at Florida State Send or Mall
: ". ISH BRANT University and others.In Your Social News

the past year (1959), the Dnval Mondays To
STAR of Tallahassee CORE join New York CORE picket line in
Supt. of Public Instruction County Patrol serviced 65,509 calls FLORIDA Harlem. Shown on the line are Charles Wilkerson, Priscllla Stephens.
Rd. .
-() almost the total number of 2323 Moncrief
Merritt Spauldimg and Patricia Stephens. All but Wilkerson have been

Duval County arrested during lunch counter sitins.In .

a Judge you expect these qualities: PERSONAL INTEGRITY ,


the years the people of BOYER and, you will get these. qualities!

Vote for Duval County have had the FAMILY: Born, Levy County '. ,

near Williston. Florida, Sept t '
I opportunity to see and judge < x.
ZACH H. DOUGLAS ''Ykc' Icx tember 10, 1924. .
r, ; the manner in which their
Resident of Jacksonville since
Candidate for Zach H. Douglas, Jacksonville I business has been handled by
CIRCUIT COURT i 17 years of age.
JUDGE > I Attorney has qualified CourtI asa !I 141uiir% .. ,.... a ?_S ,, me and my efficient office '
I for Circuit .
candidate 1s PRE-LEGAL EDUCATION :
(Clay, Duval and I f R force-both in the tax office :.
?) 4th '
Judge (Group S.- Elementary and junior High : a,
__Nassau Counties) ___ i Circuit embracing Clay. Duval the number has skyrocketed to an I 1 f t and the auto tag off ice. School Williston, Florida. ,' .:
and Nassau Counties, Demo- unbelievable figure. I Graduated from Robert E. v : -

............ ,> cratic Primary Election, May 1 The Increasing support which riI''S Based upon the services ren- Lee High School, Jackson- .
3rd. 1960. i l' 9. dered, the courtesy and efficiency ville. B. A. degree, with
; Sheriff Carson is gaining each I
Douglas resides in Jackson- day can be attributed to the fact L, F i of my office personnel, Honors, College of Arts and
Cumberland i I Sciences, University of Flor p
ville. Educated at ,
in his to citizens he .h
that appeal
: I the trustworthiness, honesty -
: University of Tennessee and 'I has pointed to his record during ida. .- -. .
Florida, he and integrity proven over the -
f 6w the University of the past two years, since his appointment -I 3 3t LEGAL EDUCATION AND y
holds two college degrees. I to the office. .. past several years, I am asking COLLEGE ACTIVITIES : +

: Douglas has' served as City Carson has noted that he has: I / Graduated with LL.B. degree
Attorney of Gainesville, memj j you to re-elect me to the very r
n j Set up special moonshine vice with Honors, University
her of the Florida State Board I II : arson, auto theft, hit-run and : important office of Duval Florida College of Law pof 1
I of Law Examiners; County Attorney i! other squads. County Tax Collector. Practically all of the monies for the different January, 1954. -I"

I of Alachua County; I I Employed modern-day laboratory- departments of County Government are handled by me as your MILITARY SERVICE: U.S.: Navy Flight Engineer South Pacific \
: First Assistant County Solicitorof collector. IT IS BIG BUSINESS and my experience and dependability -
I approved crime-busting: techni- is valuable to the World II.
Duval County Criminal electorate of our county. Only last year,
f ques in conducting countywideraids. over 25 million dollads was collected and distributed to various LEGAL EXPERIENCE: After graduation from Law School, was ,
,,. Court of Record. agencies-all of which-in the words of the State Auditor were associated with the law firm of Crawford & May in Jackson- {
I properly accounted for, and my records were adequate and well kept
Zach H. Douglas is an active Reduced major crime and increased Trust and dependability is not just promised-both have to ville, and in January 1958, became a partner in the firm of 1
practitioner of law in the arrests despite a population be. earned and I believe I have done so. Crawford & May. Presently engaged in the general private prac- ;
I t Supreme Court of the United increase. I SOLICIT YOUR VOTE AND YOUR tice of law in Jacksonville.

States, the United States Courtof I I Established crime prevention I ACTIVE HELP IN RE-ELECTING ME ELECT TYRIE A. BOYER i
Appeals, United States Dis- "bureau which cooperates with
I trict Courts of Florida, the parents, school officials and coun- TAX COLLECTOR Pol. Ad.
ZACH II. DOUGLASIt i f Supreme Court of Florida and selors in assisting: juveniles with (Paid Political Advertisement)
all trial-Courts of Florida. their problems. I
takes an experienced law- j Praised by the State Auditor for
yer to make a good Judge. I Zach H. Douglas is married excellent budgetary operations, "
Equal justice to all will be my and has two daughters. all
including: proper :
guide in every case. I will ad- .0
.. I collections, adequate and well-
minister "American Justice'.
VOTE- kept records and expenditures: '
I will appreciate your vote. Not.in excess of budget appropri- is your name- .
Respectfully \ .. '' ;.f, ':";
ations. ;
?, \.... '" '. ..l' o ... .o'-o
ZACH H. DOUGLAS. CIRCUIT JUDGE Arrested kingpin pornographers. "" ,. "-' .J .
.' '
:::' 0 t :.. t. ,1 ;
Established the VFW Auxiliary \ : :

: I,,. .... .::l .-c' in the book ? Ir ,. :. ,

"' 0' J !\ :s
\ : >.: \
,: 'o .
7'...-t. "
'0 . .. e $ . .
,' ,'''
f ,

:! ___ :
.S .

You can' vote

if you're.not
'. + .
4k )D' r S registered

: "
k .iir;
: : When you graduate from high school, they

\\r\\ put your name in the school yearbook.

-, \\\\i\ \ When you have telephone installed,they
I Iti in the book. ."
ti put your name telephope -

T 1 But you and only you-can get your name .

< in the !most important book of all-the roll ,4, ,
r of Registered Voters of your precinct-the !:

: : ,. i Election Book." .
And if you're not in the book, you ought
r to be.
iDr.Durhamsenescoffee v '= 4 Because if i you're not registered,you can't

get in the poll come Election Day.

to guests from Central circle Dr.Durham explains. "It enriches You can't even vote for dog catcher-

State College. "Carnation is the.cream' in our coffee like cream-with 1/r the fat calories!" "t S .-'* 't much less mayor, councilman, congressman,

1 r senator, or president-unless your name is

Dr. Durham, ivell-knoivn dietitian, tells why in the book.
S \ \\\\\% You don't even have the right to complain

the brand of choice \ a unless you're registered and vote.
Carnation is
my S. \\1 So don't cut yourself out of this year's key
elections. Get in the book. A lot
your name

for cooking and for coffee"Dr. of your friends and neighbors are already ,-
r YOU'VE MARRIED, MOVED, ORCOME M listed there.: If you know of one who isn't,

take him with you when you go to register
Elizabeth Durham heads the home I use Carnation exclusively for cream sauce OF AGE SINCE THE LAST on this 'Moll of Honor" of America And
economics department at Central State dishes like chipped beef." (Recipe below.) .
then-we'll at the polls!
College, Wilberforce, Ohio. "Carnation-has A special method of evaporation gives ELECTION read this you

such delicious, 'creamy' goodness, my today's Carnation the consistency of cream ..
students see the difference right way," Dr. -with % the fat calories. This milk in the BRIDES!Even if you had pre- FIRST VOTERS! If you have'
Durham says.. "It even whips like cream! red and white can is the world's favorite viously registered under your ce1ebratec *your 21st birth-
maiden name, you have to day since the last election (or Be
smooth results in cooking, brand of evaporated milk by far. sureyp
And it gives such register again under your* if you will be 21 by Election..
:"new": name. Be sure your Day), get your name in the .
r------------------------- "married name" is in the book. e ': A,
I book! MEMBERS OF THE ARMED :: YOU l e registered!. ". ,i : .
Creamed Beef .
I recipe: Carnation Chipped MOVERS!If you have moved FORCES-see your Voting ,.' ...'0._ : b;:_
I from the precinct where you Officer for "the word" on -; ., .. tW-
(Makes servings) were previously registered, how you can vote. 'It;., :
2 tablespoons butter' Blend butter, flour salt and pepper I you have to register again. GOING AWAY ELECTION'.. '"
2 tablespoons flour ** together in saucepan over low heat I .. Make sure your new address DAY?Vote first-by Absentee ... -,
% teaspoon salt until smooth.Gradually add undiluted I is in the book! Ballot. ?: ; {.' ,

% teaspoon pepper Carnation. Continue stirring until o .. -
1%cups Oarge can)undiluted; thickened and smooth I ., ;.- ,i \ v".t
: i.
I CARNATION EVAPORATED MILK! I -. .... i' ...r: .o.' .. 4 T ."r.. -. .. ..
I h'
and well-drained dried ..
Brown rinsed o :0 .
; ". :
1% ((4 beef 0
cups ozj cut dried EYAWRATE '
I ,: : .
beef in iron skillet Add celery green !
cup celery ...
%cup diced green pepper pepper,pimiento, eggs and Carnation I MONDAY THRU SATURDAY .. 320 EAST BAY' STREET -,
2 tablespoons cream sauce.Serve over toast or well- I .. 0 :
p1-----l 't,' I 2 chopped hard-cooked pimiento eggs drained cooked rice. 9:00: AM. TO 5:00: P.M. .:;:':, ;. County Court House ,", irf. -t'..';.
t.ra-_ .._ -- J H/fVa r..acows"L' '" ''' ;
.. +.r. -_-_... -------- .
,.' l
(' "':


S -W\

L:___: .!1-! '.. ....;..-:.. :; ;(})fit: : .,, '. o .Mf/( 1 .,

"" "' '
: ,0 --

w ,
l" .

% .

II .f .T .

I Page Six ,. -: THE FLOBIDASTS., ., Sunday, April 3, >960T" "'-

I 49ers' Smith ,Gets New Stanton Ark. Student Holy Church to .

f "Athlete" Award Band Concert Host AnnualConvocation

I HALFBACK TO' RECEIVE 100 April I Gets FellowshipPine
( AWARD IN CEREMONIES WITH Final arrangements for the Bluff Ark. Johnnie L.

: NORFOLK SPORTS CLUB. ON Band Concert to 'be held April 1 Stubbs, senior mathematics majorat The Right Rev. Wales R. Nea-

t APRIL 4THNorfolk in New Stanton auditorium are Arkansas AM&N College has bitt Sr. will preside over the

! Va.- J. D. Smith. outstanding A Y of c K rY # completed. been named a Woodrow Wilson 39th. annual Holy Convocation of

j t half back of the San Fellow for 1960 -1961 by the the Churches of God in Christ.
t'r' Various committees have been
: Francisco 49ers will receive The ; { Woodrow Wilson National Fellow- Western Florida will convene at
and working hardto
100 Per Cent Wrong Club's "Ath- h JKJPf organized are ship Foundation. the Church of God in Christ
make the concert
lete of the Year" award in football a success. The announcement was made Temple, 338 Chelsea Street Mardi
The band, under the direction
:Monday. April 4, at: Norfolk, today by Sir Hugh Taylor.1 Presi- 29 through April 5.
f of K. D. McFarlin is practicing
I Va: dent of the Foundation and Dean
s /' 4 daily for the occasion. Special activities have bees
The presentation will ,be made Emeritus of Princeton Univer-
scheduled for occasion. March f
4 ; ..
\ ,. /
4 4 sity's graduate school.
during a father-son dinner involving -
29, official opening day and local
The award carries a basic stip-
members of the Norfolk
program to welcome the delegate;
Gridiron Sportsman's Club. Outstanding tit SC Tournament end of- $1500 plus family allow-
March 30 Sunday School Day with
ances and full cost of a year'sgraduate
athletes from six Norfolk
: Elder John B. Brown in charge
area high schools will participatein *; April 14-17 study to any universityof March 31. Women's Day with
the recipient's choice In the
the event as guests.
Mother Lula Henderson in charts,
Tee off time for the Gate City
United States
The 100 Per Cent Wrong ClubIs or Canada.
t Open Golf Tournament has beat April 1. Youth Day; April 2.
a project of the Atlanta Daily Stubbs Is a native of Eudora.
'. set for April 14-17 at the New Evangelists Day; April 3. Bishop'sOfficial
World and annually Arkansas and completed his high
Linoola Golf Coarse Day; April 4. Special
make awards to prominent sports I school at East Side High School. Business Session; April 5. Evaluation -

figures. Co-sponsors of the pro- a SF 4 J. B. Hutchins. airman of the Day with all departmentheads

gram areThe, Coca-Cola Companyand > : : : ; tournament. announced that more in charge and closing of
the Atlanta Life Insurance Y'S ,; han 200 invitations have been GETTING UP NIGHTS the convocation.

Company both Atlanta firms. sent to outstanding professionaland II wotrtfd "BUdder> WeatntM" toetin -
Smithhigh scorer for the 49ers amateur golfers Up mO its or Bed Wetting too frequent In preparation for the Convocation -
burning or itching urtntttnn) or
was one of five persons selectedin .t Strong Smelling. Cloudy Urine, due to a Holy Fast has been proclaimed -
., f A schedule of social events will common Kidney and Bladder Irritations
1959 for "Athlete" awards. try CYSTEX for Quick nelp. 90 years UM from Thursday through
Others were Joe Brown light- a ;. "r be held for all tournament partI- proTe for safety CYSTEX for young under and money-bacJr old. Ak druggist guar- Saturday at 6 pjn. at the State I

weight champion; Louis Bing, r. cipants. antee. See cow fast you improve Temple. j

Atlanta's Morris Brown
College ---- - -
KUDZU INCOME-Jack Wilson, 2nd from right, Camp Hill, Ala. farmer, counts on a gross of I -
senior guard Erne Banks Chicago
about $1,500 every year from digging and selling kuduz crowns during early winter as one of his several !
Clubs and Elgin Baylor Minneapolis -
,\ Lakers. sideline enterprises. The crowns are sold to farmers who want to begin growing the ivy-like plantto BUSINESS DIRECTORY

help halt erosion as well as provide grazing for their livestock. Looking at the crowns...,with Mr. I

PRIEST RIVER IDAHO Wilson in a field of kuduz are one of his sons, Fora.ce, Freddie L. Tinsley. a neighbor, and George H. The Firms Listed Below Are Recommended As Reputable Establishments I!
Paris, right, farm management specialist of the Farmers Home Administration's state office In Ala-
thinks it only fair to apply a with- Specializing Services and Products I
bama. Inset is a closeup of a kuduz crown. TJSPA Photo Ij
holding tax to the youngster'sallowance -- j

just so the younger e.*n, .- AUTO SERVICE Washington's Health Service I
--- -
eration can get gradually accustomed Comment from the/ Capital I "Abundant Health Is Rightfully Yours"AUTO I
to a procedure to which ,
adults PAINTING COMPANY Try Swedish Massage Mineral Steam BathiColonlc
are now hardened. .
Heads You Lose Tails They Win! Complete Body Repair & Paint Work Therapy T ... I
D. C. Washington ...."asnur-.gam.
Oven Baked Paint Jobs I
r by Vant Neff ?! ? -:- :
For 23
Democratic Honor Price Start at 54.00 Years

I 1532 East Adams Street EL 5-8135 w 93' N- Myrtlo Avenue EL 4-247 I

For Floridian You know how it is. You go much to say about who gets you take an interest in the pri-
Florida has been recognize down to the polling place on elected in this country. All maries where the candidates FOODS !
by the appointment of Mrs. Election Day.You wouldn't missit you are really doing is pick- are selected. If you don't you're WILLIE SMITH DRUGS

Peggy Ehrmann Democratic on a bet. It is your duty, ing from a list put up by the likely to get the short end of Free delivery of the dry
.- .-. National C o m you tell yourself.. And so it is. men who are anxious to get the stick, any way you vote. GUS INA'S SUPERMARKET any i'
f' : mitteewoman for You insist that your wife bea their man elected. The candid- Heads you lose, tails they win. If You Want The Finest In Groceries -LOLD RELIABLE -:._
.. } ,. i Florida to the registered voter too. So :far ates have been "approved" by Learn who the people are that 601 West Ashley Street EL .-1"80
':', I Arrangements so good. the "boys in the back room"". are running for the nomination.Find And Meats, Come See Us
i ;' : Committee What happens when you draw but who else has checked on out which ones are most 300 Davis Street EL 6-5412
f"-".. "''{ for the 1960 that curtain around the voting them? Have you? likely to have the public interests -
I Democratic N a booth. You vote Row A or Row at heart instead of thoseof MISCELLANEOUS JULIA GEORGE 5 & 10 CENT i

tional Convention. B, or maybe C or D or a pom- vfrrli Beak some pressure group. Look STORE
__ :
r into their backgrouds. Have .
Mrs. Ehrmann, of bination of candidates. You .
Gainesville will i leave the booth :feeling pretty they promised allegiance to AAA BONDING AGENCY Courteous Treatment !
: i. help pick the key. darn good. You are a citizen some sinister self-seeking groupor
Open to 7
: ;, note speaker, and who takes his civic duties se- special interests The primary City County and Federal Bon_." p. m. :
permanent chair. riously. Now here is the ?34- is the place to stop these [Law Exchange Bldg. EL MS32$306;{ Davis Street EL 4-1210
and plan' 000 question. r men. By election day it is too
Mm .
Ehrmannt h e Convention How did those candidates get .u late.The ACE RADIO &: TV SERVICE 't j
information need is
which ope'ns in Los Angeles on their names up on that ma- you MAGGIE CONFECTIONERS
July 11. This is the first time chine? Who decided which men not hard to come by: Look up 30 Years In Electronic
in party history a Floridian has to offer up to your choice? Did'' votingt records. Read your newspapers All Work Guaranteed BEER CIGARS CIGARETTES
held such important.position. ? Did your neighbor Did'' Usually the papers give
an you 943 Forest Street EL 4-6804 ICE CREAM COSMETICS
both sides and to
try present a
Mrs. Ehrmann who is a candidate I? Or were they put up there ,
for re-election as Flor by a nameless group you never true, biased picture. Find out 1102 Price St. EL 3-6312
ida's National CommitteewomanIn heard tell of? If you give up your vote in which groups are backing which TIMIQUANA ROAD TRADING $M. L. Harris Prop. .
the May 24th Primary is A nameless group did it..un- the primaries, your approvalisn't candidates. Then when you
quoted as saying, "I considermy less you voted in the primaries.Yes needed. You may find a have the facts, decide which POST
appointment as an opportu- ; the primaries! Primariesare good man on the ballot, it's man is best for you and your Complete? Garden Supplies QUICK SERVICE MATTRESS CO. t
nity to work towards bringingthe held from time to time and true. Or you may not. But if community and vote for him Fertilizer Fruit Products
1964 Demo>tic Convention they don't get nearly the pub- any of us gives up our vote in the primary. Mattress Renovating Our Specialty
_, to Florida." licity the big elections get. Of in a primary election, we neg- Then on election day you will -New and Used Furniture bought and sold564 One Day Service "

I Mrs. Ehrmann, born in Flcr- course, you've heard about pri- ate a fundamental fact of the truly have a choice. Vote for Timiguana Road SP 1-3762L8703 Old Kings Road PO 5-163
1 fda is the wife of \J.V.. Ehr. maries. But maybe you usually democratic process It's this: the man you want,not the hand-
,''f{ mann, professor at the University skip them because they seem The health{ of democracy is picked candidate of some group JOHNNIE'S ROOMING HOUSE
I! of Florida. They have two to be unimportant. Chew on based on the assumption that who serves only its own interests -
I' college age daughters. Gretchen this for a minute: It is in those you and I are always interested with to whatis All Modern Conveniences TAXI
:' and Sally. Mrs. Ehrmann has primaries where the list of can- that we always exercise our no thought Room by Day. Night or Week I 'At Your Service" .
best for the For
been active in Women's Demo. didates is chosen! rights and duties. people. your For Information Call 'I
I era tic.work, and is a member of If you ignore the primary You have nothing to say own good, make primary dayan NEW DEAL CAB EL 4-1611 t
l the State Democratic Committee election you really don't have about the candidates unless important day in your life! EL 5-4025 627 W. Ashley Street LINCOLN CAB EL 4-1611
i as well as the National Com *&*i&eQ:;22&3&&e&s&&S 3&s: 1t ..,.' ... -- J

t k _, -

l IR JlBETf _'UGEE '. .. /- Want your cooking to taste better ?; / I


f t R ___ Call a Specialist! .V'' '

.*?- /
: f
', "', ;
.. .' ... j ,' ,. .

Ntf ; ;:,; .

f .2 : p : i? \,. T

X i .y ::; : ,<

.1 .; v Doesn't it make sense to give a job to the one ,
-.. .
; ..S : who'll do it best? And for cooking nothing
i r@ beats natural gas! It cooks faster, with higher

:' / r heat, and seals the flavor in the food.

ark" Aa -.1' 'Professional chefs say that natural gas makes .

'.-./ ::... -- food taste better and gives it appetizing color!

... And cooking is just one of the important jobs in :".' ;.
':",1 ,, home that natural .
1 '#' your gas can do better than .

f All his worldly possessions.are on.!) ., anything else. So think twice about giving those ,
the back and in the hands of this
Tibetan refugee who with thou.* jobs to one jack-of-all-trades service. Ask yourself ,-
sands of others fled Chinese communist ... "
oppression with the Dalai if it's smart With natural gas you'll get efficiency, .. '

Lama to the refugee camps in "'; .. ; ,economy all-weather dependability that no J .-
Assam and West Bengal, India. : '.
With the assistance of the Indian ., ;.' fix. other service can match. It's just naturally better! '
( Central Committee for Refugees,
\ the Indian Red Cross and the : t .
!;American Catholic Bishops' overseas !"
relief agency Catholic Belief '\ ,
Serviees-N.C.W.0, immediate aid ; : 'f'*" ;
in the form of food,clothing,living? .

vided.Quarters and medicines to was pro- -', The Jacksonville i Gas Corporation -

The refugee is his -t p.-; ', .; ; .
on way to ono ,> Affiliate of ,
of the wells in the Foothills, Dar- : 1 : .
jeeling.for water supplied by storage -. h-'. / \ The Houston Corporation ,- : .... } :

tanks.A b1e:>> "1 the I A ,. ; <29 East Adams St.,EL 4-7151 : ::4'f ;h1 ;

jf. .'Tibetan flee. J Yo'ircin' 'ef rlecrc gbes'wbidse'igIt.fo ion'?tlierto}'cth: toreligitins .1]_ -.. : natural: :! } 1 gas :l; ; '.. *;*<'f:. : i

.. t
Bsshops! .Reti iai Pend r -
Empire J,
; ... \ ....i" ,',.. A
"St t T '
w : J- .
fi1t'l ,: 1. ) .... .
'or .thel Qhc charassure !.-fI_ :+: .7 ..l. LA.ld. l. 't I *) '.*" ( ,
'eo au*% rIt' !.j;' =: '(; i > ,tf: lJf.lJ :I./UlUtbc! fJ4Ji.f/ ftoace COOKIW WATtt'HEATING OOTHtS MYUIC HOME JlATIIfGIUIJCWTJOI! ,e CAI8ACC MD TtASK DISPOSAL All CONDITIOmKC OUTDOOR LICHTIMC ,. ,,, ,. J

wary.o.cretttJfT lieb.ro _. -. -_., "..1-- _._____ ._. -- ... < :: '"_ ... ... _
& -=" ,
", .T'J. :, _. .. .. .\ ,
> \
*: t.- \ \ ;
\ ..
'. ."' S ". r
.... ,
'' :
l;J ,.

\1 .. '
'4.. :&. '.'_ J

.. .. "': 7 7 sp .---, v
iU. .. .. ,. ?' :!- :"lr T ? _. :: 'r. "Jii!: .. ." !\:-,: -.. --SI- -_ r

..# 4l:=:

f i

Sunday, April!. 3, 1960 THE FLORIDA.StAB

: .;;:"':;:.: I II iT C II

;t .
--- --- --
---- "
arms seen in a Red camp In many.. "
) a. day. The youngster (on the !t ::, i..: :::: ; :
: Havana roster) has also displayed.fine' : .. ..,
HK\ ; .
f .1jl.t v-- .- .',:.- > '.
o ability in the field and at j \

j} J bat.The Saturday, March 26 game j!|I 1 T? '. 4 t
i I SPORTS CORNER between Cincinnati and Detroit ,
I will start at 1:30 P.M. instead of .
i., ,
: : .,
the customary 2 P.M. .. '''' S'k'i

-(Tampa, Florida) John ] Topeka last year, struck out ten! Shortstop Roy McMillan has t ". ,:, :"'," :.. ';;-
started off hi fine fashion fielding ,.,'. .
Edwards strapping 21-year-old men hi eight innings for the "B" : Y' -
catcher on the Cincinnati Reds' team. He fanned pinchhitterHank brilliantly and collecting six '+' .

Seattle farm club roster, reportedto : Aaron as the Reds "B" hits in his first 16 at-bats includ- A.A.' ;

the Redlegs' training camp on team defeated Milwaukee Bees',' ing a double and two triples. ',. :< c
March 18 after finishing his 10-4 in ten innings. Marv Fodor, the Reds' 18yearold -:./ '''

school semester at Ohio State Young Jim O'Toole, the Reds righthander, played in the ,;t' 1-:'; ":' '.',' ,

University.The sophmore lefthander, turned in Dearborn Midget League in 1954 ::4L:.:' : %
6-4 220 pound lefthanded two excellent performances hi his with Fred Hutchinson's sons, .! b 1 PS
batter needs four quarters to first two outings with the Reds Jackie and Ricky. "Hutch" man- ,

graduate with a B.S. degree in this spring. aged the Detroit club at the time. 4

Engineering (a five year courts).1 O'Toole pitched four innings .

He batted .320 for Visalia in the against the Chicago White Sox on .. ,
California League last year. On March 12 in the Opening Game of Florida Council y e
: !
Hutch- irZ&4t .' A' : % ;
March 19th Manager Fred the Grapefruit League season and : f % :

inson sent young Edwards up as ,allowed but one hit and no runs. Plans PageantTickets ... ( \
a pinch-hitter against the Milwaukee In his next appearance, on ..: \
are now on sale and
Braves and the youngster March 19 he hurled six rounds A :
: may be secured from members of k : .
responded with a single. against Milwaukee and parcelledout .
Scouts and
the Cub Scouts Boy \
Outfielder Joe Gaines also reported but three hits and the lone S.
Explorer Scouts for the April 30th : :;
to the Reds. Joe just com- run off him was a home run. \
pleted a six-months tour with the Rogelio Alvarez, the long, ball Gator
Army. Games, who reportedly was hitting youngster up from Havana, !
t as fast as Veda Pinson when both I demonstrated fine fielding ability Bowl.
Ray Splinter show "director, is r
were with Visalia hi 1957 hit .280 :and collected ten hits In his first
asking all scouts of the Council
for Savannah in 1969 with 74 27 times at bat with .the "B" ,
along with their leaders to take
RBFs and 12 home runs. I team. He also had 13'In, two part in this event. '' :i_ Si
Pinson has continued his sensation apPearances with the "A. squad. 5' t 41 :}4i -
variousdistricts ,
Pageant,Directors from ,
J pace of last year. The"21- Gus Bell has been the* talk of Bill Mohawk ...
1 I I are: Chambers, ;k.
I id.-' year-old who became a bridegroom the camp with hls'fine.j physical *District; john 'E. Bradford, i i-l. ,; S. .

; just before reporting' to condition and the. fast.,start he' Cherokee District: Joe Coffin .
Tampa, connected for 13 hits in has made. Gus connected for ten Seminole District; Bernard Dykes. ..
" his first 28 times at bat with safeties. tn .27, at-bats as he hit Alachua District Bill Aderhold, :< >" 'V
; ,;' :::
tight r ns-bat ed-1n. safely .in the first, six games he Muskogee District and Miles f:: f

; Lee Walls, thewelllikCd' out- appeared in. Trusty,' Shawnee District
,. fielder-infielder, connected for Elio Chacon, the'sllckt fielding "
the RedS' first home run of the second baseman, made six hits in
Warch This Clown)
training season. Walls, playing 16 trips to the '''plate in his first

_. third base,drove one of Bob Buhl's five games with the "B" SQuad. .," A
, "r' pitches far over the leftfield bar- Elio scored 13 runs drove in five '64-75-36 ... .., y
458-40-913 .
rier at Bradenton. Pinson connected -: and collected ten basesonballs.He ', "Z" :,
later in the game, hitting I also hit two homers. I :

one over the left field barrier off Shortstop Leon Gardenas dem __.8 -_ -- ---.
It:4 Yt 'ybN
Don Nottebart. onstrated'why he was called "Mr. ; ti, A

Walls had been sidelined for a Automatic" in the International ut :ki'th: :: ?'+4AS t +e
1 few days with an infection in League last year. The 21yearoldhad
his hand. fans bug-eyed with his sensational -
I Eddie Kasko. who turned in a fielding. 547-22-315 <
r ti'b
I fine performance with the 1959 Tom Dotterer, the third base 17-23-86
, Reds as he batted .283, has also part of the Reds brother act

A.. been handicapped with a bad (catcher Dutch) is a lefthandedhitter Sometimes Sometimes he's he's down nj 1 : __. _.. :. s ; Jls,Q t 4 b
finger the result of a Jamming on and blasted seven hits in lie adds, 'subtracts --
' a slide into home. --The 27yearold his Jirst.15 tunes at bat for the Fie works It all aronad
Lfc Kasko can play second, snort: "B" squad. He drove in eleven r 'WHO'S WRONG Three of the outstanding sports game at University of Maryland. stan 03: in are
and third. runs during this time. Coming; bins .. *honored'recently by The 100 Per Cent Wrongly Barre, The Coca-Cola Company, Atlanta, left,

i. '; Young Jim Maloney, 19-yeat- Outfielder Tony Gonzales displayed Club, Atlanta Ga., are seen' ?aboverecelvinsr theirand Laker Coach .Jim rdlarfl. Minneapolis lost to
: ) a-- old righthander,' who pitched for, one' of the finest throwing 37-11-50 "'" trophies and citations. In lower panel, Intunatlon- oston( 131-110, before 13.531 Washing an-area f .-- i IJ' .
, ally famous tennis star Althea Gibson and Abe Saans.: Globetrotters were in Washington to play a ;
:c ':' perstein,. Harlem Globetrotters owner, receive Silver.n.f t against the X UtTincre Rackets for the Big '.- ;j-a :'
, ''''
Citations and Bulova watches from OUs N. ThompBrothers Club. The Trotters won 93-32 before a .. -.
A son, right, The Moss II. Kendrix Organization, In.: rn-away crowd of 6,325 while: Miss Gibjan was ,
/: Washington. Above Elgin Baylor, Minneapolis Lak defeating barns.{)nnin-mate: Xaral Faf:ras. C-J.
ers' super-shot-maker, gets "Athlete of Year" trophy.An AU-uila Uaily7crld: spiascrzd prsj t.t.

0. y + from Miss IL Kendrix at halftime of Laker-Celtics _._ .
._-_. --- --- --.-- .- -. -- -. -- --- -

1- ....,,- _-- .--_.


I..; 1 r y, ? as Pleas Bring :or Send YourClPtirh

OCCASION New Club Non..ess /AnnouncTnenta:.

t r ?.> The rLOniD'- STAn Early ;
tt Expert
w Portraits Weddings Banquets LEAD! INE FOR NEWS I IS
i- Passports & Identification Photo I'
.I '. Photostats & Commercial Work ,, y TESDAY at >NOON -

s Photos For Newspaper Cuts i s: i ,('.PD'\! .TARi'
if While You watt'Coloring 1i
i .
f & Picture Framing I "t'- fi. .., I S'rt '
-- --
Let Us Take A Photo Of You 1I
A .
r lal+ r I

t In,Natural .Color ; I II I +r '

jrAV .nY .. Fyr


t: 1674 Kings Rd. Next to EWC Library ,,

Phone EL 4-7695 For Appointments I .

(t tI' yb+ '.O 4*
-.j f
I ,

, j.I'I'I i .

I lai F'e ,' ,PAL. fiR.- ',. '0 S i v i i I

I .
t r I


., ,".t .. ,. ., .. : .. .dI 0" I
#0 -
i ) O. V Jf Jacksonville / I
J .,. I ,4 :

'4 -YOU ONLY f. LiVlOMCEf. ":1 1 FRIDAY: THRU SATURDAY I i ii ii,
1i :
) rl : :
\ i
: ., 1 :I
i 't: TG eoV h*T* to Naywron.. *one 1.about ;>>3rhatfs why we ay/whenever you drive.infcaisy : ., : 9 BIG DAYS !i L

.- tfetoerf&eeief,.....ahdyduVe tH fair weather season think twice :.
oo.:.lcBir 'a' D.... Vet a.::'* rim traffic +Think twice about,your car .- tfiftk.- \ i

's .'-'.. thdsbol twice about the wiy'you drive tK&k Bobby lue'Blaod'!

-. PTat'y we prefer you the way you are. twice about what the other fellow miy. da, icENwjfr. I 1 I

; .
." -e. '
1" wiTh I = Invites You To Listen _

tlrive- c.r.., .dsj. ifi, 's v.i". <..j.,1.e !{ .-.-- To _' .

J.. :. ."' ... 'f. ;: .f'rj :: ? ,' ,-v.. "5 t Little Jinior ParkerMONDAYTHURSDAYSUNDAY ', "KNIIMfTRMN" 0 .
L : o: ;::: J :f ; I- 'Jr. i) .; '..\ :i \ ..:..- Starting At '7ftO P. M. W". '& '-

P .. ...... .. : / ,
e i ( f! h-i '" "3.J'I:J.; M I !, T,. $1.00, /' VLJ4L.RHC .
.- f.J .. V" Ii. s.r FRIDAY & SATURDAY' 1.50 i i
., .,. oSj,

J t .... ;- !' ," '- "


t. / : ,

lu ..' ." .:;'_1" < ;...i ,.. .'U, .-; ... .. ...... .. -

;; 'o ," J' .
: ,
rr.: .: ,: .

) IS .


'tJD: -A ITAS '
Sunday. April 3, 1960
Women Sew Easy BcsdyenftWrapASoond Furnished room for rent. Modern Fer TOur next haircut visit I
\ Aprons Home conveniences. Call EL 41502or the Artistic Barber Shop, 619 ,I TRAIN & PREPARE FOR'
Earn$2616 Dozen EL56096. i W. Ashley. FhM EL 4-9231.
-Spare Time I
Write Accurate MFGB'S C. O. MoCordy, Prop.; Charles
\ BRINGS RELEASESTwo WITH GLASS BOTTLE Freeport, New York Simmons, 1Iu. i No experience necessary Gram
\ men who were arrested Mrs Estella Cotton, 38, of 918 MISSING mar school education usually suf-
last Sunday for investigation of W. Church Street told police she WANTED 11 i ficient. Start high as $4,800 first
burglary were released last Monday and another woman whose name I! Young men and I II Bertha Kate and Eddie Mc- NOTICE year. We prepare men and women'
for lack of evidence, police is Rosetta Boyd 22, of the same ages ,of 25-40. Hlght women between I I Bride. Last heard of living in the from I ages 18 to 50. Civil Service offVfif
i JrS said. address were fighting over $30 Ii cation. Interested in School Edu- neighborhood of Myrtle Avenue Palm's Barber Shop security, good pay advancementand
\ she,said Miss'Boyd took.from her money. Call earning more and Kino Road in 1917. If whereabouts 815 Davis Street I retirement. Write Fla. Star ..
Earl Eugene Davis 28, of 972 and :Miss Boyd hit her in the head;4 EL 4-1318 Mrs. A. Huston at are known contact RobertJ. I Hair cuts will remain 85c l\lon-1 Box 561 giving phone number and
W. Ashley Street, operator of a i Monday thru Wednesday Acosta-1216 W.
with a bottle. between 12th. Street, : day through Thursday. Friday and hours you work.
private detective 8-10 a.m. I I .
agency Jacksonville EL 6-5350. s
The victim treated at Saturday price $1.00.
t. W Sonny Earl Brown 30, of 1929. was .... ,... ----
i Duval Medical Center and the -- .
W. 23rd Street were taken into accused was .arrested and bookedat -. --. ... ,.."- '"'""" "'-"'-'-" ....'"...- "' Q.:
: letit" custody last Sunday by Patrolmen city jail on charges of disorderly )
/ James F. Luman and L. E. Moore- 1 '
conduct and fighting.
head while investigating four attempted Patrolmen A. R. James and J. J. .S'ave'

.. t'ia .. :/1 block of Florida burglaries Avenue.in the 600 "Doe investigated.MAN > : S 5 $ Now DIrFTgDUVAL : :


: A tip ol the Pepsi OoI WITH POCKET KNIFE James Stuart,, 31, of 1480 Lee
:'i' .* to th.... Mathew Lee ,Lampley, 24, of Street told police he was cut over
.'. yoong .Am tiu1 i, w... 1027 W. Duval Street told police his right eye fighting two men APPLIANCE STORE'SGold
; he was stuck in the neck
with a
.' mate our 'COOBtZy Mal who attacked him without exchanging -
knife while he and friend were
our community a better words, police reported.
'." teasing each other about a girl. Stuart said he was talking with
place iu-whlch to HrEVANDER

( ** t friend While pulled teasing a knife each and other stuck the the Miss day and Josephine two men Williams attacked last him.FrI- : Rush Warehouse Sale
victim in the neck. The victim
< V'y., Police were called by a witness
: ; said he didn't think
... y. }::1 was serious who saw the entire fight.
enough to to ,
go a doctor but
!; <.:. :).! later it started giving him troubleso Patrolmen W. Solomon and E.
he walked to Duval Medical Taylor investigated. Friday, ana Saturday Open Tit 10 1 p. m.
Center for treatment. He does not PATRONIZE
iL wish to --,
; prosecute police reported '
: Patrolmen W. H. Harris and r
M. L. Massey investiated JaI' AdvertisersTV S j


Repairs : .... H......""'."., .... MODEL" .M300TGR. .
Call EL 6-3175 I Ij: >>- : .N..-)'<. i'"'; 't. r"
Guaranteed Part & Labor
New Stanton
Kratfier serves as nee preat- Credit Terms AvailableB. ;!::.STRAIGHT LINEDESIGNER 1jijjLy
lent of the DeE Club, is bust;
Beet manager of the Junior W. Holton TV Serv. '
Dept. at his church and sings _

in the choir. He received the 3305 Division St. 1r. : / __

certificate to award the football for his team contributions TV ___ .

and likes to spend his spare __
time dancing and painting. _
i 2! d.. 'e1 -- .- WHEN YOU ARE ILL ; New 114 dfg roe Aluminized Picture Tub, I ,,'
1 .:.. ; ;f #:.' :' ...; You Seek The Best Doctor
t. .
:: When Your
i s A.
1; ):: 4 'rL 0'i'4 ? Full Power Transformer \ t
J. r n Get Experienced Pharmacists ..
."' t :
:e,: x .
To FUl Your Prescriptions
ICh d CI
: 3 According To Your DectcWaOrden. $15875

', '",,, .. We Use Only .; ,
:: ii .
t > .
r': .'. The Beat Quality Drugs At -"ot.- '

; .. .rkt .,. Dr. C. E. BlackProprietor F/t

i 0


Naomi has hopes of becomingan
Executive secretary. With ISO Kings Road. ELgfe 3-8276
hope In mind she spends
her sparo time reading and Cosmetics Rubber Goods Candies !undrle.PRESCRIPTIONS I j
building up her typing speed. I CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED ,
She Is a member of the DCT .
Class of New Stanton, Junior
Le-La-Lets and a member of .
the Youth Club at West Union Sun.Tuec. RITZ I Sun.-Tues. '''rrGENERAL ELECTRIC I
r' Baptist church. E?*-y "
!, "There Is no security on this : J : \ i 1 ITT ___ l1,1 il !w 11 CUBICFOOTREFRiGERATOR\
I .
earth. Only opportunity." r. ;C jr-- .
( ."S :t' -_ :'-lliJlLl'/P'l .
:ilil : ftr = : DIAL-DEFROST
)ui .... "
j- .:..-t:t.> f $_t : M-G M r u W'i\\'i'.....:1. .J1: : : (: i/5 : ...4'I
: : AN ANDREW mt VIRSIflA JTDhE PRODUCTION -Y ........... tfc .
KtfBJ" :>;"S*;;..;.;.::. I *
:::: :
\ : CxE k wttm>f;;:::::;*::)j jMf2 ''I-_'_ ____ _____ _1j I f:1 ,... ,
r : : :: -
; :i. I RT SMX 111f1 WANE y. atJiF+ f' 1:45 4 ,. /1 ,, : : < ; I i 1 STRAIGHT : i
: : .METROCaIAN .:7 $afa.;ItI'II'UU.l: U) .,IfMb i: \ LINE DESIGN I
:.. i. :::::::: *| r'T "
,::. .. .. I :. CONVENIENCE: Retains partial .
Also Of .5. .,'_ .1 'tf iiht f. refrigeration when .
.tfj House Intrigue ; :::::; :. ; : protection defrosting.
-:11iPW (
; : '
""'" 1' : If.i/.4 '.
'. ...'j .
'" .
1 i >:. I TWO STEEL WIRE CABINET HELVES (adjustablel .
EARL N r''T.L: ; i' :x IL! plus glass .. i,
L. vegetable
DIXON { I J; pan covei as a third shelf '
New Stanton Starts Sunday ; : : : ,"} '.. Y
I "Patriotism is easy to understand -: STRAND and All Week! ": : .; MAGIC CORNER HINGES. No door clearance I
t. needed J at side.

looking in out America.for yourself It means by ._ ............--_....- .-.''''''''-. : ; J .'tj" '\..-'".". .... I'

looking and this out is for your country", r. ,' HELL. BENT' FOR ACTION.! L;; 1 Modes i Na:i.\.liT; ) 95" ; i. :
exactly what
plans to L = 'HELL BENT FOR $1 I 99 "
do. when
he dons the ., :
uniform of : THtuLW! -J.
after high school.an Air In Force the mean officer _y 0MEK. 1
time he is a member of the
Flamingo Club DCT Club and r '
a very faithful Sunday school

worker. GENERAL E LEe T i ft 1 i P. f''A

*T * S \
t .
T .: Listen To Pepsi .fiIL '

30 .
-- -IHCH
MusicQuestMtesiosoto frfdarIi PUSHBUTTON. :. .

.t.> Poo one Request t 11:00 l PLUS Your Favorite #. A. RANG E "I!I I

,J EL6.04614f Cartoon Character i ,- r k+ .: @vat ",g Ertools for Holiday I

Come to Life -'- .t4 S Oven Baits Cadosttft IreRtrWmhwbrSlnk
r !
aROOSEVELTSun. Skyrlew .. S Cofrorf Units Transfer Ktrt f
thru .
0 00
tot Sun. thru I! feat to Feed $ :
Tues. 149
f Tues. I' "N -rip" t XahMl Ute tat :.4p'

TIE Swan MKT Teno .
I Victor Mature t Convenient( PvshbvMti \ t
TALE IFStBtlIII SDICnH.t T- UOOtc Control' Peas 1
Yvonne De Corb .. I"

f Action"TIMBUKTU"plus Thriller! .. No Down Payment "., :. ;!

e Follow The Spotlght To Duval'sVareholUse


They 3T1"use' a weapon no bad KING & ROSELLE STREET

could SEX PluslET'S GO NAVY"Win
man .. $770 Cash Mon. Nite!

r''.-. J '.._. ... .' k..." ,f "

} I


t- ,. '