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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
March 27, 1960
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
March 27, 1960
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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L'yiPtals. } 'aF''LORiDATh570hY

% I&LAJ'IIVjRrv _

I Counter Bias

k F1OR/41 Morally 1 a.

; t Wrong Says

: .. __
G Governor

Gov. Leroy Collins of Florida

: said Sunday that it is morally

rt 3armaid Faces Trial I wrong managers for southern to close departmentstore their

I lunch told counters a statewide to Negro radio patrons.He and. Q Por

television audience there is some I.;
basic: fairness to demands of'

Southern Negroes to be served if

the store caters to the Feneral :

public and accepts their business k i i
For Stabbing Husband in other departments. 'I

Collins who is known as a mod-
erate on the race issue said that
his remarks would be unpopularin Members of Tallahassee CORE join New York CORE picket line in
Harlem. Shown on the line are Charles Wilkerson Priscilla Stephens.
some sections. He said
many Merritt Spaulding and Patricia Stephens. All but Wilkerson have been
Times Union Attacks! ;t. would accuse him of political arrested during lunch counter sit-ins.
Withhold Trade, NAACP Urges now motives. But he added he feels

I To Support Students Protests Need For The Negro Press he convictions."Very is right frankly.and should I think speak that his if Florida Youths Take Jail! j

I Seldom does a fortnight go by that we do, not find a business includes severa,depart Rather Than Pay Fines
4 the Florida Times Union editorially attacking Negroes or .ments and the general public is

Members and friends of the anything that spells advancement for colored citizens invited in to trade the management TALLAHASSEE The Florida -

National Association for the Advancement the full power of southern state And these biased preachments, which in most cases are i it not being fair to discrim- Supreme Court Monday rejected a

of Colored Peopler I government,Including special laws gems of inconsistency, show that vital need for the Negro inate against Negro customers petition for release of eight Tallahassee arresting the Negroes aided the
throughout the country have been press-and for that matter the need for more than one denying them the services of one Negro sitdown demonstrators Woolworth Co. in discriminating
urged as a matter of "racial self- rushed through the legislatures, newspaper in a city of the size of Jacksonville.Just department," he said. from jail. against the Negroes by reason of

defense .. to withhold retail I as well as state local and county last Wednesday the Times Union in an atack on "Any department the manage- their race. .
police forces is being used to support The court said the Negroes had
patronage from all units of the William D. Sweet, principal of the Stanton Adult Night ment does not wish to make avail-
not made
chain variety stdres In their a showing of illegal
chain variety stores in sections I I School who is legally trying to prevent: his unwarranted able to all I think the manage- restraint The defendants have the rightto
anti-Negro lunch counter policies, that would entitle themto
of the country which maintain a dismissal said, in part, the following: ment should close down. He is appeal the State Supreme Court
and that at the very height of release. It said also that they
policy in their southern stores of The hearing in the case of the school principal who not required to do this by law hadn't ruling to the U.S. Supreme Court
this persecution the federal gov- exhausted their right of
refusing to serve Negro customersat would not be fired will resume in Duval County Circuit but to me this is a matter of but Simon gave no immediate indication -
erment. through the Congress of appeal to the circuit court.
lunch counters on tke same Court next week. This case illustrates to all citizens of simple moral Justice. I whether such an appeal
the United States is steadfastly
basis as'other customers." Florida the extent to which the powers 'of l local school Collins half-hour talk was designed Attorney Tobian Simon of would be taken.Meanwhile .
refusing to legislate adequate re-
In a memorandum to officers boards have been limited by laws that db not serve the to calm racial tensions in Miami said Tallahassee policeviola.ted
: of NAACP state conferences!, local lief. best interests of education. /, Florida cities resulting from ,sit- the Negroes'constitutionalrights a top official of the

branches youth councils and college In the face of this onslaught, "The court hearings that begin again! March 31 in down demonstrations. to equal protection of the Congress the of Racial Equality said:
chapters Executive Secretary Mr.,Wilkins pointed out. "Negro volve Negro School Principal William 'D.!.--Sweet. lie has' To Name Biracial Unit law when they arrested the youthsat continue here demonstrations and will
Roy Wilkins cited developments In Americans are forced to fall back brought mandamus action; to Force the Duval County He announced he would appoint a variety store lunch counter will integration efforts -

the civil rights strug ie. These upon theIr ,own, resourcesrspiri School Board ,to issue him at t contract,?nij j>;gy .,his .salary next"week,. .statewide biracial' .ad- last _month -'.*sx-- fields.' be extended Into, new r,:
Included -innojtt&emqit{ of teal, economic and political .' for the. current year after tl>e, board, .$ou ht?:toj sJerer his vistory committee Qn racial rela-

eVuJn store owners that tb jy Intend in their campaign for equality-and:., connection with the school system." ,A.. "** 'ifons and called, uPon communities Eight Florida Negro A. youths&. M. University includingsix Len Holt of Norfolk Va. general -
to continue to refuse to erne human dignityI ." .Now, the Times Union is yelling fa r.veeirto sacrifice, throughout the state to take counsel and field secretaryfor
Negro customers at lunch countersin I as the scapegoat although the Circuit ourt Drilled that similar action. The state .committee students than:went to jail last week Core said an effort would
the South the mass arrest of The Association's' Board of Directors another man (white) Dr. Garrett Fortner should be reinstated -. will be headed by Cody Fow- rather pay $300 fines imposed be made to open up policemen
students protesting this discrimination agreed "to :support fully after ne was dismissed ori similar charges. ler of Tampa former president of for participating in sitdown and firemen Jobs to members of
in Georgia and South the protest demonstrations aimedat It is obvious that the railroad controlled Tidies Union the American Bar Asn. Feb. 20. They were convicted of both races.
whittling downof the humiliating policy of chain President Eisenhower last week disturbing the peace. City Judge
Carolina, and th. and its sister Jacksonville Journal are campaigning to get
civil rights legislation in the variety stores and to resist per- Duval School supervision out of Tallahassee and bring to suggested biracial groups shouldbe John Rudd had sentenced themto Holt said Negro ministers involved -
the pay a $310 fine or serve 60 daysin in the
therewith, integration
Congress. secution connected Duval where they can exert their influence on local heads set up on local levels to deal activities
Invoked"It NAACP leader reported to local with the matter.POLICE jail. Three of those convicted were prepared: to go to jail if
State Power by virtue of their two 'powerful newspaper. The Times .
their fines.
necessary to help attain equal .
is apparent said "that Union proves that by saying: .
Simon charged that the city by rights for .
-- Negroes.she
"This is not the first time that ill-conceived laws and
J Ck50fi1. Simpson And Bf:8SS: regulations County school have system."It been. encountered in running the Duva' Barmaid! Bound Over

should be clear that such regulations rnd: laws. HUSBAND PUSHES .

Seeking Election To Office should munities.be" repealed, returning more, powers to loal com- WIFE" A 21-year-old DOWNSTAIRS housewife was I For Criminal I Court Trial I I

Three Jacksonville Negroes have qualified to run for political But citizens, Negro and white, will rue the day when pushed down the steps last Sun-

officers' in the coming May 3 and 24 democratic primary elections. control of the School is brought to,Duval. The next step day by her husband, Lawrence Noma Mills a papular Jackson- worked for several drinks before
They are Ernest D. Jackson --- will be to destroy the Teacher Tenure rights and then Brown 22 during a domestic ville barmaid was bound over for coming home.

.... local attorney, Eric O. Simpson : into effect to increase the abandon the Minimum Wage law. fight. Police said. trial In Criminal Court in connection Neighbors; : said the. couple
editor and publisher of the number of Negroes qualified to It is time that Negroes in Duval wake up and realize Mrs. Betty Brown of 1072 W with the fatal stabbing of S

FLORIDA STAR and Jack Bass. I, vote.A. the grave situation that faces us. In addition to.the fact 5th Street told police she and her I her husband, Herman :Mills, a fought fieiuently
Ernest Jackson' is seeking election -I special appeal was made to that there are many who would deny Negroes, their civil husband were fighting and when well-known waiter.

to the office of Justice'of the I citizens who have moved from rights, we have in our midst two :newspapers owned by she attempted to run from him '.. M::.
Peace of District 11 against Mrs. : one section of the city to another cne combine who are against everything that is fair and he caught her near the steps and Justice of the Peace Genevieve ,_ v: '..:,..r.j'.!

Sarah Bryan whom, he defeatedin I to become qualified to vote. just for Negroes. gaves her a push sending her Medlock crdered the 34yearoldwoman -.
but denied the elec- of the he is the steps. She held for trial after testi- !il
1956 was I f The editor STAR Compare stories about Negroes in the Times Union sprawling down
'' /
tion after a court ruling that the seeking the support of the local with stories in out-of-town papers and very often you will walked to Duval Medical Center mony failed to prove that the ..;-.
districts had: been created uncop- !'I'leaders and citizens adding thatI find that the Negro side has been deleted 'from the local for treatment. stabbing was done in selfdefense.Mrs. I M <.

I I a special meeting of,Negro Demo- paper. Such conditions emphasize the .need for the Negro Patrolmen George Bradley and Mills is accused of stabbing zt:

[cratic Committeemen and Committeewomen press and the need for Negroes support its campaigns.' R. Taylor Investigated. her 29-year-old husband In their' :

!i will be held in the It is for this reason we believe that there is a clamor- home at 725 N. Lincoln Court ."'

i near futUre. ing among some of the leading citizens to come togetherand STRANGER ROBBEDOF last Friday following a series of ,I fSfi a
I r provide: the funds to expand the FLORIDA STAR intoa $200 2 MEN arguments.
twice-a-week and later a daily paper.White Walter William Anderson 18 The stabbing occurred at 12:30 f
; citizens too, are becoming alarmed over the situation P. O. Box '27 Satsuma Floridawas a.m. and Mrs. Mills was arrested i'
: last Monday at the Duval County morgue at "I
of $200
whereby news and opinions come from one source.
.Iii + + .. They are, beginning to realize that the news 'and opinionsas when he accepted a ride from 2 ajn. after accompanying her' / /A.'*
{ husband to Duval Medical
: : to what is good or bad for the county is coming from two strangers, police reported. Center y 1/i
I E ::::M one source-The Times Union-Jacksonville Journal, rail Anderson told police he got offa where he was dead on arrival. I ty
Detectives L. A. Ham-
the Greyhound station
road controlled press. bus at
stitntlonallY.'J jl' and started walking west on Bay way and Ed Corley said the couple
This is dangerous situation. cannot J rz6
a Democracy
He contended there allegation
$W to him was no -
drove up ,
:,. \. :1.t thrive under one idea. .Street two men that the
[ Negroes
: x and asked for information con- assem-
Il cerning a rooming house. bled to commit any unlawful act. dE"-" .
:) MIAMI REMOVES MAN IS SHOT The victim said the men offered I II had argued because the woman
: ON HIS JOB often stayed around the bar where
:1W:, I him a ride and He accepted. When MRS. NOMA MILLS t
I BAR FOR NEGROPEACE Bennie Lee Robinson 39, 305 N.I the men reached Lee Street Sus- held for murder ::
I I : t\;: .... Myrtle Avenue as shot in the victim's billfold MAN IS ROBBED S
fW if.,, pect No.1 ,
I r : : >
OFFICERS right leg last Monday while working OF $208 ON DAVIS
WW of the car atLee
and put him
-',,$"',::'': )( at his place dt employment John W. Dennis 62 of 751 W. I
""''*X '' ':"'x---""
-Miami has moved Streets.
MIAMI another and Bay I
: .:fi3'rxtt step forward in repealing police reported.The Patrolmen C. W. Home andJ. Duval Street was held up by two walking along Adams Street, and
I,ltl''fl. barred victim reported to be an men last Friday and robbed of as he was passing in front of a
the restrictions that R. Rather investigated.MAN
'J' officers from risingto employee of Flowers Cafe' of 508 $208 while he was walking In the bar in tha vicinity a man stepped

E. D. JACKSON.. I l Negro high peace positions in the Miami Davis Street tokU police a man 600 block of Davis Street, it was him and asked where he could

I I police department.In whose name is Bill Stein 21. shot CUT IN FIGHT reported by police. find a job. Before he was able to
Eric Simpson militant editor ofI "".;;,-> him in the right leg because he WITH BUTCHER KNIFE T he victim told police he was give an answer another man puta
they FLORIDA STAR which has repealing the restrictions by would not.serve him beer. Alberto Velacqua Estrada, 32 walking on Davis Street when pistol in his back and told him

championed the fight for Negro E. O SIMPSON... the city civil service board It will After-the shooting- two men'reportedly of 621 Minnie Street was cut two men came up behind him. to get in the car parked at thecurb. I

rights is seeking election to the give Negro officers an opportunityto left In a 1951 or 1952 with a butcher knife last Friday One held him white the other .

post Civil Service Board Member, rise above the ranks of patrolman I grey Cadillac. The victim was while fighting at 1237 W.. Beaver one reached in his pocket and I

District 2.Simpson. THIEVES BREAK IN patrolman first class and I I treated at Duval Medical Center Street police reported. removed his billfold., After taking Suspect No. 1 then took his I Ii (

who has for many SAPP'S CAFETERIA patrol sergeant by Dr. W. C. Lovett. It was reported that Estrada got his money the two men ran northon i money. They rode him around and ;;

years spoken out against the- discriminatory Booker T. Sapp owner of Sapp's Patrolmen A. Jones and RobertL. into an argument with Robert "Davis Street, the victim said. put him out at Davis and Ashley
The new regulations which are Streets. They told him not to look
policy where Negroes Cafe at 732 W. Ashley Street told Jenkins investigated Williams, 22 of 1037 Eaverson He was unable to identify the '
subject to ratification by the City Street and was told to leave. back and they drove west on Ashley :
have been excluded from civil service police a person or persons unknown robbers.
Commission will give Negro officers Street from Davis. The victimssd
employment said that If broke In the outer and I Reports Indicate that the. victim Patrolman J. C. Adams inves-
ed he will work for h elect-I I inner ,rear doors of his cafe and eligibility for detective rank I a fight with her landlady last[left but came back and renewed tigated. they were driving a 1953 or .

see to it that both Negro I rifled the cigarette machine of and give them an opportunity to Monday, police reported. j I the argument. During the fight a 1954 Pontiac.
white civil service employees geta money and cigarettes. take examinations to attain the Victim was treated: at Duval,plate glass was knocked and Williams 2 MEN ROB MAN Egt. L. Williams investirated. I

better break. I The owner could not report the ranks of lieutenants and C8P.talns.1 Medical Center and was held for cut Estrada; .en side of face. AT GUN POINT II I
I She taken to Duval James :21! of 1223 Davis
Bass, a well-known private investigator I amount of money or cigarettes observation. said she will i The victim was Murray ,
is running for the office 'taken from the machine becausehe LANDLADY BREAKS LEG sign, warrant for the arrest of j Medical Center by private ambu- Street was lied up and robbed ,
'of constible in the 11th DistrictIn had no way at that point to OF TENANT IN FIGHT Mrs. Ruby Russell 40, of 1078. lance where he way treated and of $36 last Friday as' he walked
opposition: to A.M. Stephens. (determine the amount. ,:Miss Xallie Mce Johnson, of Ellis Street police said. placed under arrest. alons West Adores\ Street police FLORIDA STAR 4
announced this week I Patrolmen Obie Bowman and 1078 Ellis Street suffered a broken Patrolmen W. Solomon and N.! Patrolmen Robert George Jr., reported.

an Simpson all-out registration drive win Henry Harley investigated. 1 leg when hit with an axe during i Young invest1ga ed. and Joe Seldon investigateu. The victim told police he was IN EVERY t i


..../ E

i.ti .., ..t-," ..-. -
_:' -t ,,-.;_ _.. -


r r ,'L .J,)" .. .. Ending Sunday, March 27, 1960
Two __ __ _

I ... ,.. ,. -, .'. 4 .

.it; }'i if .bRU) STAR"'; : .{ '- + t ';J rfta,,/''PGlitits:< : As Usual': 1i' .

jt NEVIS' !4 : -
ff'f:- By Eric. O. Simpson' '


:" Published by The Florida Star Publishing Co. ( t i' q t For the benefit of our readers we are presenting the list
YfIIt ember of Associated Negro Press"* E r I Ir. of offices up for election in 1960. The list was kindly suppliedby

Editor i ii the office of the Supervisor of registration.
(tie O. Simpson i .
i C. Parham Johnson ._.____--=-___._-. ._. ._News Staff *"a Congressional District. Charles
Hilda Wooten Circulation Dept.
r JUDICIAL: Representative in Congress:: See-

Ir s I II Justices of the Supreme Court. rict No. 3. A. E. (Gene) Stokes.
Number of Offices? Board of Public Instruction, District -

IUI: Moncrief 'Road _._.-.__ ._._. ..._., EL 4-6782 EL 46783Downtown I Circuit Judges Fourth Judicial No. 5, Ned P. Searcy. Sr.
Phone EL 4-3773 I Circuit, Eight Offices. County Budget Commissioner, DIstrict -
Branch Offices 423 Broad St. -
STATE: No.. 2, Basil J. Walker.

w r Governor Leroy Collins County Budget Commissioner, Dis-

M&11ng Address Secretary of State R. A: Gray. trict No. 4, Joseph G. Kennelly Jr.
Comptroller Ray E. Green. County Civil Sorvke Board Des
: -.l. P. 0; Box 581. Jacksonville: 1. Florida
I Commissioner of Agriculture Nathan trict No.2, Carleton R. Barber.

Mayo. County Civil Service Board. District

SUBSCRIPTION RATES r a ?ie: Treasurer J. Edwin Larson. No. 4, Paul R. Akin.

Hall $3.00 Three Month $1.80 V U- Attorney General Richard W. Er- JUSTICE OF TIlE PEACE
One Tear. $5.00: Year : 1 ,
Mailed To You. Anfwhere In The United States..txai h '
Tot Supt of Public Instruction TomD. BY DISTRICT
.. Lion Parable in Adrrnce. Send Check or Money Order
FLORIDA Bailey. Justice of the Peace District No.
1. A
rLORlDA STAR-P. O. ry t+ State Attorney William A. Hal- 2, R. D. Pendarvis.. Jr.

lowes m, Railroad and Public Utilities Constable, District No.2. D. M.

Fisk President Backs ,, L ,,i,.4', LEGISLATIVE Commission: Keen.Justice of the Peace. District Ne.

.1 r r Member State House of Repre- 3, L. C. Oliver.

Counter Service Protests I&t II I sentatives Group No. 1 John E. Constable, District No.3. EmeryV.

Roberts. .
I, Mathews, Jr.
Member State House of Repre- Justice of the Peace District No.

,t sentatives Group No. 2, Harry West- 4 I, George A. Harris. .
NASHVILLE Tenn.-President Wright this week endorsed the .. berry. Constable District No. 4, LonnieA.

ends for which the Fisk University students staged a sit-down dem- ., Member State House of Representatives Sikes.

onstration in some of the public eating places in downtown Nashville Group No. 3, George B. Justice of the Peace, District No.
on Sunday and indicated that he had no Intention of instructing Stallings, Jr. i 5, D. Harley Giddens.

1 the students to discontinue their efforts: as long as they con- Member State House of Representatives Constable District No.5. Fr&ck

ducted themselves peaceably.The CIVIL RIGHTS LAWS WITH TEETH WILL PROVE WE PRACTICE WHAT WE PREACH group No.4. Subject to E. Brunson Jr.
students are pledged to non-violence in their protest. Referendum Nov. 3, 1959. Justice of the Peace District No.
i On the following day. some 1000 students jammed the Fisk COUNTY: 8, Ernest R. Hartley. ii

Chapel and heard Dr. Wright express his opinion of the demonstration --- '-- Clerk of the Circuit Court LeonardW. Constable, District No.8. R. G.

in these words* If .. Thomas. (Judge) Hartley. n
I the ends our students air Weekly
"As President of University approve
Sheriff Dale George Carson. Justice of the Peace, District No.
From all I have been able to
seeking by these demonstrations.
r Tax Assessor Leon E. Forbes. 9, Genevieve K. Medlock. 1
learn they have broken rio law by the means they have employedthus
far and they have not only conducted themselves peaceably 1Izroscope Guide Tax Collector Clyde H. Simpson. Constable District No. 9, Geoc;e
Superintendent of Public Instruc- .
H. Drown Jr.
but with poise and dignity. As long as this Is true I have no present ---
tion Ish Brant.
Intention of instructing them to discontinue their efforts. --- 2- PABLO The ASTROLOGERHCH County Commissioner DistrictNo. Justice of the Peace District No.
to is not how to stop their
The point at issue it seems me.
10, Dorcas B. Drake.
1, J. B. (Joe) Mallard.
efforts but rather to find better alternative ways to end segregationin : ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYSftUSINF.SS FOF
the public eating places of the city as we have at the airport.I County Commissioner DistrictNo. Constable District No. 10, J. R.

would hope sincerely that the constructive citizens of our com- 10V? TRAVEL --- I 2, Joe F. Hammond. Carmichacl. .
munity would seek ways by which this can be accomplished. After County Commissioner, DistrictNo. s

all these are fine young citizens who in their post-college years, will ARIES ship is put to the test only those 'ative work under the subjective j I 5, Joe Burnett Justice of the Peace District No. i

make significant contributions to the nation. :Moreover they have Born :March: 21st thru April 19th with no selfish motives are likelyto impact of a retrograding Mercuryto County Judge McKenney J. Davis. 11, Sarah Bryan.

been exposed all their lives to the teachings of the great American First week best for seeking or earn permanent trust and re- ( midmonth). There need be Judge Criminal Court of Record Constable District No. 11, A. M. '
Division William
scriptures of democracy freedom and equality, and no literate person granting personal favors, cementing gard. Mind the safety rules while no slackening of activity in the T. llan ey.Supervisor (Steve) Stephens. .
should be surprised that they reflect these cachings in their conduct. practical ties or friendships traveling midmonth. Avoid ten- weeks ahead while Mars retrogrades Registration Flem-
Justice of the Peace District No.
jt' In the meantime it is my hope that they will receive the sympathetic likely to prove valuable. your sion in relatiO' with those you so long as ing H. Bowden. I
you managed
\*" T. 0. Tom) Holmes.
12. (
'l' 1; understanding;of our community and the responsible protection progress. Make decisions relating work or live wiwi; the less depen- earlier to find a productive groove Clerk Criminal Court of Record
of the police." to your job. methods of work dent 'you are hiring or firing of personnel ministrations 6f (Rill) Woodward.
others the Jess characteristic of this period. Per-
NAACP Drive ordering supplies or services for wear on nerves' nd temper. At- fect creative skills, cement friend- County Solicitor Criminal Courtof SECOND PRIMARY
Supports home or business on the basis of tention to mufedarxe tasks is the ships; quietly nurse along a slow- Record Lacy Mahon Jr. residential Preference Primary.

long-range benefits hoped for not cure-all for co fcjslon or worryat ly developing romance without Board of Public Instruction District National Committeeman. and Com-
On Lunch Counter BiasLocal on snap judgment or hearsay evi- month-end. trying to force the pace. No.1. Raymond A. David. mitteewoman.

dence Spend for the family; plan 3-50-l-16-83-351 20 86 12 35 428 Delegates to the National Convoa
I entertainment on the home base Board of Public Instruction Disa tion.
branches of the National Association for the the last third. t .

Advancement of Colored People throughout the country 8-10--77-18-32--ti17 LEO Remember folks, the registration
have been called upon to support the southern Negro stu- Born July 23rd thru Aug. 22nd SCORPIO kindred soul whether beat on books are now open. Register. NOWif A
dents' campaign to end discrimination at the lunch counters Obstacles that may develop in Born Oct. 24th thru Nov. 22nd social conquest or new channels you have not done so. Renewal
in chain and local variety stares. TAURUS the way of expected progress the Things may be ready to boll creative expression. It's not cards are now being sent ovt. FIR 1
Born April 20th thru May 20thIf first few days are a challenge to : over in the creative speculativeor enough to be original; new ideas it in and return it promptly. Don't

The protests of these young people, NAACP Executive you're thinking of changingyour I resource and ingenuity. A change ,. romance department as Mars need to be salted down with hard let it lay around the house and
Secretary Roy Wilkins said this week in letters to local job making home or plant I of method or approach may be does an about-face and resumes work the ability to solve the pro- lost. \
branch leaders, "have the cooperation and support of the alterations, changing methods and all that is needed to win support forward motion. But there may blems that may lie in the way of

NAACP for they are legitimate expressions of citizens in a routines purchasing equipment or in important quarters or turn still be details to be worked out progress. Make major contacts

democracy." airing help this month and nextis your efforts in a more promisingand and you can use the last half of] and get plans set before month- LEARN TO DRIVE

thetime, to do it. Work closely productive direction. Personal this month and the first week of end.
Secure Driven' License
Mr. Wilkins had sent telegrams to George
Previously, with partners for best results. Let charm goes a long way to "win next while Mercury retrogrades 3 50 99 16 52 359 i
Cobb, president of S. H. Kress and Company, and R. C. SAFEWAY DRIVING
those at home have their say but friends and influence people"; to go over plans make sure you've
Kirkwood, president of F. W. Woolworth and Company, the SCHOOL
.don't go ahead until all are pulling build on earned good will for overlooked no detail that could PISCES
chain stores involved in the "sit-in" protests at 600 West Bearer Street
Born Feb. 19th thru
together toward long-range business promotion or social activity get in the way of swift progress March 20th,
lunch counters. Hex. PO 5.4607ATTENTION
objectives likely to benefit all in- in your neighborhood. A toward a practical and eminently Pay attention to ideas or opinions -

The NAACP, he told the chain store owners, "deplores i volved.i30551271135. _*. new avenue for enterprise may worth-while objective. that may differ from your
continued refusal of their stores "to serve Negro patronsIn develop from casual personal con- 9-80-55-14-75-985 own but don'fc let temporarily:
North Carolina and elsewhere in the South on the same I tact, open the way to broader adverse wind throw you off the
basis as white customers at'lunch counters and soda foun- I GEMINI horizons. maim course. Find new ways to LADIES

tains. We, fully support the protest demonstration of students Born May 21st thru June 21st 6-40-22-17-,45-142' SAGITTARIUS get around obstacles to arbitrate Bridge & Social Club

in North Carolina." Wishful thinking can trip you Born Nov. 23rd hru Dec. 21st difference A show of ingenuity Reporters
up unless. you regrasp the realitiesof VTOOO : Rome wasn't and cleverness in the performance Send or Mall
built In
a flay
These stores, Mr. Wilkins pointed out, "enjoy wide your situation figure how to Born Au? 23rd thru Sept. 22nd and the safest line of progress is of routine tasks sheuld be noticed Your Social: Nw

patronage of Negro citizens not only in North Carolina but apply.proven knowledge and skills You've the will to go places as to take it rung by rung up the ;can lead to eventual promotion Monday To
over the entire country. We urge you to give immediate to a legitimate goal which whenIn a new 2-year activity cycle begins.This social or bu.s1nesll&dder-no short the ehance to show off newly FLORIDA STAR

consideration to changing present outmoded policy to one sight, can be made the springboard is the time fer bold changes cuts. To aim too high too developed srtlli. Novel Ideas for 2313
soon Moacrlef Rd. Cor. 18th
of serving all customers on same basis without segregation entertainment around .
for the
more ambitious projects. new undertakings. important- Is to invite disappointment or holiday Or Phew EL 4-8732
CT discrimination. Curb impatience in with add to enjoyment and prestige
dealing cisions that can carry you far make the way up Heedlessly rug
subordinates or co-workers; erratic along a predetermined course. Go ged. There ,,1 80 44 IS 87 1S4
In his letters to local leaden, the :NAACP leader re- I are moneymakingand
realed that the Association "stands ready, upon request, to spurts of energy can upset after one thing at a time! but be Job opportunities the last

defend any of the,young people who may become involved those of less volatile tmperament, ready to take a new tack when third for those willing to experiment S.
with the polled or in court action as a result of their participation who find it difficult to )keep up obstacles along a given road loom who hare something better I IY'ti'

; fa movement" With nationwide support, he with :your shifting moods. Changesin too large. If oae door closes than average "on the ball" are :

said, "this student protest movement will succeed. plans or methods are more I knock on another till you find the quick to learn new skills and I
smoothly accomplished at month- one offering-the broadest promiseand adapt to new methods, equipment,

end.26e331568263. opportunity. inventive time and labor-saving

1-70-44-19-17-174 devices..

. S CANCER LIBRA 7-29-66-13-26-726 IR..eI )

Born June 22nd thru July 22nd Born Sept. 23rd: thru Oct. 23rd )

'find the strength No' better time for a vacation Check on plans work out; details CAPRICORN

for catching up OB your study or backtrack over ground cov- Born Dec 22nd thru .Tan. 10th 4 Ir
reading for taking time out to ered in past weeks to make sure You're %
original ideas acd a
perfect and discuss plans for the you're in the die in
for life. : right groove; great yen to try them car. even '
active mcnths ahead. As friend- of
your for a long-range program cre-
if it involves a tug of war with
:; I
friends co-workers or loved ones. tr

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I To Pablo Tie Astrologer P. O.Box 581. Jacksonrtlle 1.Fla. even letting the other fellow thinkhe

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'L.- Guide for the month of December. i .


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ADDRESS. 0-_, fields in search of customers or
clients. A show of imaginationplus :._ t
( know-how.can win sponsors tt
: BORNJ- __ Impressed by the charm or forceof GIVE SOME! FOLKS Af J INCH AKDTHEY'LL
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t : '" month dale I Ir It your personality. Romance /
when kept on a poetic
'J ; WORSHIP TOGETHER THIS WEEK .;.';..,. '..., $+" -,/ -I level; no time like this one,to find Co IYNe44 FEQTeU&S "

-----L ; .
... tJ: :' ,' .' : -
.. ,- :. 1 ; !, f ';.'
{ eJWeek


: : : 'f,: : i .' '
i; : ; tj. :
\ T .1 'J # ." .

f'. I .
- i:: :. ;;;; r .
r'o' ; :; *,, o.f o.
.. : ,. I- .
. r;\:TT: : -': '. ;" *;,,!,. : : .
''f'J J 1 J l'-- -;- -
-.I ......
Week Ending Sunday, March 27, 1960' THEFLOIR"IDASTAR Y :: ? f; '1<' PtThr

/ -- -- -- -- StorkDeliveries Wedding Bells EngagementsAnnounced

SociallySpeaking APPLICATION FOR
Mr. and Mrs. Ulysses Stockling

MARRIAGE LICENSES announce the engagement and approaching .-
r .YYy marriage of their
v I
Wm. H. Lee. Jr., 15 C DorothyDr. daughter, Lawanta to Maxwell

Edward L. Brown was the recipient of a very lovely birthday din- .. Durham N. C.. 22 and VersieL. Harris, son of Mrs. Willie Mae
ner given by his cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Mayo Ricks at his.home 4522 FEB. -MARCH 3, 1960 Mithchell. 703 Arch St.. 18. Harris of St. Petersburg.The .
Born to Mr. and Mrs.
Highland Ct.Those Julius .Stoney. 2124 W. 2nd St., wedding will be solemnizedat

present to enjoy' this affair were Mrs. B. S. Brown and Jimmy Lee Davis, Box 527, Callahan 41 and Cora L. Carroll. 5722 Bela- 7:30 p-in, April 23 in the Mt.

daughter. Bettye, Mrs. Mary Thomas, Mrs. Odessa Burnes, Mr. and Florida, Girl. fonte Dr., 22. Ararat Baptist Church. .
Mrs. Ernest Owens, Mr. and Mrs. D. Gordon and Miss M. L. Smith.
3>cr 4 Lawyer Frank 802 East 57th Willie J. Porter 959 Broad St.,

Mk i"y Street, Boy.Timothy 21 and hue M. Turner 1766
W. T.
Griffin 2037 Davis. Cle\'elanoX Ave., 22. HarperAnniversary

Pride of Maceo Temple 186, Daughters of Elks, held its annual Street Girl. Chas. Maxwell, 1425 W. 22nd

Fellowship Banquet recently in the auditorium of the Elks home. Lane Scott, 1143 Van Buren St., 37 and Tommie Hawkins,

Honored at the event were daughters with 20 or more years of : : -:_ Street Boy. Hawkins, 1426 W. 22nd St., 37. SpeakerWilliam

service to the organization. They were Mrs. Hattie L James, Mrs.' Johnnie TUrner 2058 Brooklyn T. Harper, Supervisorof

Annie L. Stafford, Mrs. Thomasenia W. Dorrell, Mrs. Georgiana C. Road Boy. Nathaniel Whittaker, of 3115 Elementary school, will be

Bowen, Mrs. Bernice P. Pugh, Mrs. Ruby Blackwell, Mrs. Dorothy Moses Williams 1457'West Bea- Haynes St.. 19 and Catherine speaker for the 6th AnniversaryTea

James, Mrs. Nancy Bradford, Mrs. Grace Multhrow, Mrs. L. Frank ver Street Girl. Bell. 3116 Haynes St.. 23. of Forest Park Elementary'

Collins, Mrs Johnnie B. Gathers and Mrs. Katie C. Wells. Freddie Porter 3317 Phoenix Jos. Glenn. 2267 Forest Dr., 20 School on March 27, from 4 to 6
Street Girl. and Claudette B. Devoe 2285 Calvin pjn. in the cafetorium. Also ap-

Earlis Ward, 1412. West 22nd St., 16. pearing on the program will be '

Street, Girl.Robert Emory H. Kohn, 739 Court D, Misses Edith Quick Erma Bad-

Williams, 2403 Bertram 24 and Arlene Kierce. 7234'Mark ger, Wilmer Smalls, and Louvenia
Mrs. Dorothy K. Owens was hostess to the regular meeting of the
Street Girl. .
St. 24.Claud
Starkes. Music will be furnishedby
2124 Fairfax Street..: In additionto
Gallant Ladies Club at her home
John Wright, 2076 Talladega J. Searcy 2105 Broad- the Forest Park Rhythm Band
five members, with birthdays in February,
the meeting
Street, Girl.Leonard way Ave., 40 and Jessie L. and Glee Club.Members .
were honored. Atwater, 1145 West 4th Thomas, 710 Line St., 31. of the committee
Mrs. OUstine'Matt will be hostess to the April meeting in her are:
Street, Boy.Walter Jos. W. Scott, 1618 N. Myrtle General planning, Mrs. T. L.
1122 W. 9th Street.
home Singleton, 3426 Phoenix Ave., 21 and Velma N. Williams, Barnwell, chairman; Miss J. Rai-
Street, GIrl.Benjamin. 1420 W 6th St. 22.
j ford Miss B. Monroe, Mrs. M. A.
MIAMI, Kennedy, 446 Franklin Arthur Spikes, 321 N. St. 40 i Peterson, decoration; Mrs. M. J.
FLORIDA-Jeanne Mastin, beautiful daughter of: Showman Street, Girl. i and Josephine Kelly, 321 N. St., I Jones, Chairman; Miss A. L. McCoy -
Diamontes Bridge I Mastin, Sr., Is shown receiving first place trophy after winning Joushua Jones Rt. 10 Box 989
Mrs. Luvenla Newman was hostess to the Les .''Miss :52. Mrs. V. T. Stormes Mrs. D.
Club at its last meeting. Bathing Beauty" contest sponsored by the Sir John Hotel. The (Dinsmore, Florida), Boy. Nathaniel Black 1611 W. 16th Logan J. T. Holloway and Mrs.

Rounds of bridge were played and prizes won by Mrs. Thelma i. trophy Executive.is being presented by Clinton Moon Miami Public*Relations Joe Fudge, 710 Court J., Girl. St.. 26 and Eleanor C. Allen, 2017 W. E. Brown; refreshments: Mrs.E. .

Geiger Mrs. Amanda Belle and Mrs. Marjorie Gilmore. -Miami Metro Photo Clarence Baker 2473 Ellington McQuade St., 22. B. Brown, chairman; Mrs. V.

Members present were Miss Juanita Wright Mrs. Wilhelmenia Avenue (Twins) Girls. Born Feb. Herbert Kelly, 425 W. BeaverSt. B. Holmes, Mrs. J. Williams, Mrs.

Hampton, Mrs. Emma Morgan, Mrs. Amanda Belle, Mrs. Fannie 19, 1960.MARCH ., 20 and Leila Collecton, 5630 F. Maultsby Mrs. B. Sherard;

Bellamy Mrs. Thelma Geiger,,Mrs. Frances Walcon and Mrs. Luvenia Deaths&FunerasBROVN / 11-17 1960. Astor Place, 21. program: Mrs. S. J. Smith, chair-

Newman. Guests were Mrs. Lucille Harper, Mrs. Sara Mae Richardson Joseph Grimsley. 2013 Thomas i I man; W. E. Brown Mrs. T. L.

Mrs. Marjorie Gilmore Mrs. Vivian Byrd and Mrs.. Jeanette : Court, Girl.Herman Barnwell; primary table: Mrs. J.

Boggs. Lewis, 2330 Jeanette Ralph Murray, 1146 Lincoln Liptrot, chairman; Mrs. M. W.

Mrs Hattie of 2100 WILLIAMS-Dock of 1535 Mt. Street, Girl.Samuel Court, Girl.Nathaniel. Argrett, Mrs. E. B. Brown Mrs. .

Danson Street Herman Street White 1860 West 33rd Beckett, 818 Court E., V. Thayer, Mrs. G. S. :Jones, Miss

I Street Girl. Boy.Joseph C. L. Hines; intermediate table:
I DOW-Baby Cornelius E of 3751 MILLS-Herman Henry of 725 Ellis Smith, 904 Oakley Street, Wayne Brown, 2032 Mrs. T. E. Jones
The P.T.A. of A. L. Lewis School presented a SPRING FASHION i, chairman; Mrs.
Fremont Rd.MATTHEWSMrs.. Lincoln Court West 14th Street, Girl.
V. Alford
Mrs. V. S. Chavis
at the school on March 25th. Girl.Clarence ,
Nellie M. of WOLFE-Delia of 505 W. Beaver Cross, 1819 West 19th Oscar Chaney, 1105 Phelps M. Phillips student
; activity
Male and female models displayed the latest spring :
1763 W. 27th Street Street Street, Boy. Street Boy.
Models Mrs. Delphenia Brinson, Miss Jane E. Davis Danny Miss L. Habersham, chairman;
were BUCKNER-Ernest of 2102 Pull- ROBINSON-Mrs. Cora of 803 James Griffin 1621 West 19th Leroy Hayes, 5104 Spring Grove Mrs. H.
Howard Miss C. L. Hines
Davis, Mrs: Alma Glass, Miss Naomi .Williams Robert Mitchell and
man StreetWILLIAMSMrs. "H" StreetHOL'1iESChester Street Girl. Road, Girl.T. and Mrs. V. Thayer.TOQTHACHZ '
Mrs. L. E. Shefield. Eva W. of 848 of Dale Quarters Frank Houston 1115 Harrison A. Jackson, 1927 Mars Street,

R'ishin Street Street Girl.Robert .
i... Boy.Weary I .
WATSON-Davis John of 314 S. R6SS-Mrs. Zanie of 368 Oak Golden, Atlantic Beach, James Carter, 2578 WISteria .

10th StreetSMITHThe Street Florida (General Delivery), Girl. Street, Boy.

The Junior Seminole Culture Girls Club was reorganized in the dore R. of 610 Lee FOSTER- of 923& W. William G. Clayton, 1203 West James Chaplin, 1828 West 33rd IIIIrllltll4 for MM flit a.acts,
home of Mrs. D. B. Anderson last month. Installation services were Street Beaver StreDENNISMr 13th Street, Girl. Street, Girl. M you cant ftt to the |nf (illy oiledORAJEtf
officers were CAMPBELL-Mitchell H. of 1433 ; Eugene Norton, 1239 West 16th Issac Covin k"trst. tnt but tlllri
conducted by Mrs. C. C. Williams and the following ] Lou of 1288 1320 Pearce Street, 01 you U CRA JO. Pun
installed: Miss Barbara Pearson, president, Miss Rose Mary Darby Mason AvenueCOLLIEFLCentennial W. 28th Str&t I. Street Boy.Walter Girl. I.Mint* IK
Miss Clara : of 1709 W. Lee Zigler, 238 Kinwood Ernest Davis, 1555 Clarkson IttO"U.'T'
vice president; Miss Varva Munj! n, second vice president; BRO\VN-Lee of 2126 King- NTS.

Whipple, recording 'secretsiry; Miss Olivia 9ogans, corresponding 12th StreetBROWNJoseph ston StreetSCOTTRoma 1 -*M r Avenue, Boy.Nathan :I Street, Girl. I ,- ..'.
secretary; Miss Gloria Johnson, financial\ secretary; Miss Enid Renee of 948 W. Bea- of 713 Phelps Hargrove, 1319 Pippin IBobby Watson 1428 Whitner :-. .'iI.,'
Davis, treasurer; Miss Sandra Davis chaplain; Miss Vickie Scriven ver StreetJACKSONMrs. StreetTVINEJuliusof V I Street Girl. Street, Girl.

Miss Marion Johnson, program chairman; Miss Renee 1... Minnie R. of 1347 Francis .
historian; --.- -- -, .

Davis, public relations. EDWARDS 1240 Kentucky-Mrs. Lane Anna Leola of MAXWELL Street -Eddie y .of 1548 E. I /PATTERNED FOR CASUAL LIVING... I Iby

S. Sanderson, Florida 25th StreetROBINSONSheppard ,' I FEMININE PANTS AND COORDINATES _=
WILLIAMS-Mrs. Virginia W. of Isiac Lee -

1682 Fairfax Street of 623 .W. Church Street Evelyn Cunningham shops a man's last all-male Even the most vocal anti- .
Members 'of Matrons Class I of Shiloh Baptist Church will BELLE-Mrs. Alice H. of 709 BRYANT-Mamie B. of 2006 I domain but when women be- pants qan has grown quiet in

sponsor their annual SEASONAL TEA Sunday from 4 to 6 pan. in Wheeler St.-st. Mary Ga. Pullman Street gan wearing their clothes, that the face of what pants designers

the church cafeteria.Mrs. THOMPSON-D ani e I of Mac- JONES-Willie of 656 W. 10th At one time or another, men was the last straw.: *have come up with. '

M. A. Smith will be the speaker. clenny, FloridaSIMMONSCharles Street have been known to exclaim, Despite the male's inherent :. They are no longer simply imi

of Mandarin, \VILLIAMS-Ruby of 955 Kings "I hate women in pants!" disapproval of pants on women, tations of what men wear, but

Florida Road This has long been a very the popularity of this type of very chic, feminine, oftimes

HEPBURN-Florida of 258 Vic- sensitive spot with most men. apparel has grown to the pointof sexy items of the casual ward-

A Spring Tea will be given Sunday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. toria Street A whole book could be writtenon complete cceptance. Prac robe. They are tapered and

Ernest Lenard 1412 Van Burne St., from 4 to 6 pjn. Suggested r QUICK-Mrs. Betty of 2503 New- the reasons. But on the tically every woman has pants, fitted to follow the natural
; :WorVli combe Street surface it would appear that slacks, shorts or Bermudas in body line. And they find ac

$Million 1 CAESAR-Julius of 528 Cleveland their objections had basisin her wardrobe. And practicallyevery ceptance in many phases of

The South Carolina Group of St. Joseph Methodist church is $200 Million! : Street v masculine pride. It was bad man has come around to living, from active, outdoor

sponsoring a SPRING TEA Sunday from 3 to 6 pm. in the home A qualified witness, ttto hal 1 PIERCE-Lunar of Greenland, enough when women started recognizing that they are hereto sports to lounging.

of Mr. and Mrs. TJillian James 829 Phelps Street. travelled over and; around the Florida getting manicures in barber stay. Wonderfully tailored and

S. globe,somo 500,000 miles in tin HARDEN-Mrs. Margaret of 1517E. .. .. comfortable are the pants pictured
The Goodwill Sewing and Saving Club will. celebrate its 12th past 15 years in the arduous tas 24th Street ,, v.. here. The ones made of

anniversary Monday evening March 28, 1960 in' the Brooks Prayer Bishops'of directing world-wide the American relief Catholic and re( synthetic leopard fabric are

House Kings Road and Tyler St. habilitation'agency, says that th ,. contained in a pattern that in'eludes '\
outstanding artists will appear on this! program. Participants so-called AOJTMr. .
Several "population explosion 0 Y', il 'I : an overblouse: slim
will include Choir No. 2 of, Evergreen Baptist Church, Rev. we have been reading about is iii) ; .4 skirt and shorts. (McCall's

Samuel Washington Mrs L. Lavont. Mr. L. Mobley Mrs. Callie .reality- a "Hunger explosion !? OPlE Pattern No. 4939). The ovcr-
"The time bomb of the 20th century .
Jackson. Mrs Mollie Grant Southside Holy l Travelers. ,- and many is the hunger explosion among \ blouse shown is made of black
others. 'millions, starving and homelesS and Mrs. Frank Washington velveteen. The overblouse has

.. S. overseas," Msgr. Edward E 1526 Harrison Street..t,,)lave as French dart and can be made '
The Les Samedis Kaperettes Bridge Club held. their .meeting in Swanstrorn,. executive director oJ their guest the ,Rev. .Samuel Hut- with short or three-quarter
Catho .Relief Services-Nationa
the home of Mrs. Vertell F. Simmons. Catholic Welfare Conference, tol son of New York City and his length sleeves. It also bay be
Rounds' of bridge were played with Mrs. Geraldine diooesan directors of the 196( daughter, Rosemary. .:: + made with or without.the rolled

:Mrs. Leola L. Powell and Miss Sheltie Dickerson winning HargraveS'1 I :Bishops', Belief Fund Appeal in Their stay is being,made pleas-. collar. There is a pocket in ,

Members present were Mesdames Mary Mackey ;; recent regional meetings across ant by family and friends. the right side seams of pants .

Theresa Frazier, Alveria Davis, Sylvia Singleton. Leola the United States. "The'problem a. .. ; %::> and shorts.
is'not f
: people but rather '
Simmons, Isialeen Webb, Geraldine Hargraves, Margaret Pleasant their inability many to.helpkthemsel.ves, Mrs. Agnes Ball spent several This outfit may be made in '

and Misses Sheltie Dickerson Marion E. Hickson Vivian Johnson. j'|I .This i$an explosion of people for days 'in the city visiting friends printed cotton, linen, pique, ,

0 S. .- I whom we' have sot done enough.; last week enroute to her hcme jersey, poplin, denim or chino

The Matrons Council of Day Spring Baptist. Church will pre: By way of;example, Msgr. .\ l\ nU. .t' : cloth.

sent Mrs. Aheriua Alexander in a Musical Tea Sunda;] fr .I\ ,4, to Moroccan Swanstrom schoolchildren refers to the his 350,000 or 1,. .. .i.iS ,, 'I' ; ... The pattern of the other ;

'6 pjn. in tto educational:: building of:the chuich.Music. loics end ganuation helping; to feed, the pants ensemble Includesa .'r
friends are 1r.'/itcd. /*""- I tragic, homeless crab refugees of .. : 1 ."; sleeveless jacket, skirt, '. :
the Near East "i '
S. h.J clothed and and shirt. (r'cCall's
"I|I I the medical batty it is conducting ':, '' pants Pattern No. 5043)). I K ere the '"
ANNIVERSARIES; I against tuberculosis and leprosy ,TKS PEON'S, PLIGHT' f v1yy .
Pallbearers Grand Union 189 will observe: yits 7th anniversary |I I in the Far East. The newest By William Hemry Dafti' l ....#W .j. cardigan jacket is made of a

a Tea Sunday from 4 to 6 pjn, in the home of Mrs. Ethel,Flo. 1307 theaters of operation are Africa' For ANT Y i.. ar ,'. :: i, t;' large glen plaid and bound
13th Street. with missions in 14 countries ; ..9 ;"ICy f.y ;' with braid. The fake pocket
W. ,
There is trouble;there ia trouble t i"
and South America with mis ;;; i,
Pallbearers Grand Union 189 will observe its 12th ,anniversaryand sions There is trouble every day; ''.' 'hi .:.i1'_ flaps are also bound with braid.
in ten ountries.And in :
the 12th of the president Mrs. Pearl Calhoun. Thursday March all the underdeveloped areas If w' mentioned 'it 'twill double i ; .i The pants are dart-fitied at

31, at':30 pm., at the Recreation Center on 7th and Mt. Herman Sts. among the 62 c countries serves, So there's' nothing: we can, My. j :;;:' the top and have a left side
CRS-NCWC placing special emphasis zipper placket. A pocket is in
If we pick a lot of cotton
Miss Sandra Wyche, daughter of Mrs. Tealie. Wyche, will be presented t>n selfchelp projects. And expect a 'word of praise 2.. : .. the right side seam. The front
Through the'cooperation of .
in. piano recital March 23 at 8 p-m, at the Mt. Carmel. Bap- the U. S. Department of Agriculture That will surely be, forgottenAs ,, buttoned, collared, open front ,

tist Church in. ,making surpluses some past misdeed he'll raise. blouse may be made with longor

Joseph'Johnson will serve as guest soloist. Misses Ophah Major I i available, the eager assistance of There is nagging, there is nagging : short sleevesIn the photo '
Donna West. Shirley Johnson, Betty Jqhnson. Betty Parrish Betty more than' a.million volunteer graph the pants are made of a
Greshamare r workers and the high degree of s blue wool and the cardigan
Ross, Carolyn Gresham, Loretta
Paige, Grace; Ross Betty efficiency achieved through its 15 Maces no difference what we navy
hostesses for the occasion.. Ushers will be Paul Smith, Larry Washington years of vigorous direction and cumulative do; plaid is navy and white. .
A wide variety of cottons,
know-how, CRS-NCWC Ah the ia
I Captain's tongue wag- \
BIRTHDAYSMrs. jnakes'each dollar collected in the gin" wools or synthetic fabrics may
feted her I annual Bishops appeal do the be used in making either out- L
Nellie M. Smith of 2149 College Circle was on
Like a make's-rm telling you. .
work of 40! ... d._- ., .. ,. fit. And being the
birthday with a dinner March 13 at her home. Several friends were : The dollars that will flow into. 4: P. .gs: separates t
en hand to make this a very pleasant affair. I the 1960 Bishops' Relief Fund A casual ensemble: of three CD. j I ioced iron fake for and velveteen. patterns can. serve to build ,
Americans ordinated sep arates.Fitted slacks / 5:In% tapered pants of "leopard" double or triple-duty war robe
B. from through
Averell Allen was feted on his birthday by his mother, Mrs. Appeal LEARN TO DRIVE
are from with a long sleeved tie t fei VoecLed ovemlouse.McCaU.G .
: the local Catholic churches across e. \
Claire at her during .
home. Myrtle Avenue. Games enjoyed
1403 were "TheConfident ,
the nation will deal with no mysi, battened shirt of the classic J Uera 14939. Misses'sizes Weekly FashIon-SewingTip:
the evening and a lovely repast was served. i I terious biological phenomenon.. Way school and a deeveless cardigan 1013. 50*. Tailored yet la making shorts or slacks, it

Rather, they will feed and clothe' Mrs. G. B. ,Benjamin Jacket given fake pocket flaps feminine pants are zipped by is a good idea to pin the pat
: 'I I and house and heal uncounted multitudes Licensed Instructor and an.edging of braid for fan. Talon.. There's a Talon zipperfor tern pieces together and care-

NOTICE SOCIALITES I ITEMS INTENDED FOR THE homeless of and the sick hungry who are, ragged trapped,t. 600 W.. )Beaver...St. McCall's Pattern. 15043. Misses; every sewing need with simple fully try on to discover whether,
sizes 10-W. 65f. Another A-B-G Instructions ia each '
COLUMN.SHOULD REACH THE FLORIDA STAR NOT LATER by circumstance in a world that! Res. PO 8-2968 this story or not the shorts or slacks are '
for the hours...
;THAN. MONDAY 5 P.M. FOR PUBLICATION. IN FRIDAY'SISSUE. .generations.has been out. -of. -.joint'for' two j! Office EL 5-7742 given; .an elegant:_ look when fash-one package. correct in the crotch. -- .-;: .... ... ..



I \ .' (_ t ,. .

:\ { ,.' ...r...._ _, .;,>:>" ;_o_ ":" ,_ .-:,-.- -7.. ..*,-'.: :-.TV-, .,.. .: .-r\' -.. ... J.' -:'.,- ." 7 ''-', ...... ._ .. ...'._ s ,- :...' '- '

r, .
.. .
i' j {
: P.O: F ,.;; ; ," THE'LORiCA
e' Week Ending Sunday March
27, 1960

I" J A very spicy program has beem
'l .1 I III arranged for your listening plea-

I : sure. All boards clubs and dis-

: The Holy Land Observes Lent tricts are invited to be present.


,, II
a' ,. will serve
t 4 as chairman
76 6 of the Women's Day
'observance to be held March 27
DEACONS ON PARADE Sunday inVest Union Baptist at Grace Baptist Church.

F Deacon J. W. Anderson of Sweet- Church throughout the day. The Captains are Mesdames B. Le-
; field Baptist Church will be featured -I morning address will be delivered roy. V. Clark Parlee Way Flossie

y.4fy at Little Rock Baptist by James Howard of Central Jackson, Corthea McCoy and
,a w d Church in "Deacons on Parade," Baptist Church. Catherine Wright
; y.k.4
4 March 30 at 8:30 p.m. Choir No. 3 will present the

l'4 The program is being sponsoredby Isiam Blocker Band in & recital MEN'S DAY
1 Mrs. L M. Ford. Deacon J. Sunday at 4 pm. in the educational AT SWKETWATERAnnual

: kTw j j'S Thompson.is.the. chairman.. I I building. A social hour will men's day will be observed -
A ; follow the concert. March 27 to DeLand Bap

t s h4 CHOIR SETSOBSERVANCE The Deacons and Trustees will tist Church, Sweetwater. Oficers

k r e4 observe their anniversary celebration I are Rogers Ellison chairman and

add Choir No. 4 of Day Spring Baptist jointly Tuesday night. The Oscar Jones, cochairman.SLAB .
Church will observe its 14th. sermon will be delivered by the

Y f anniversary March 28 at 8:15 pjn. ; Rev. Hayward Robinson pastor of TOWN
;: in the auditorium of the church. : Friendship Baptist Church. CONVENTIONDeaconess

The important Christian observance of Lent and Easteris A program will be presented for Board No.1 of ML

of particular significance in the Arab world. On this very U- the occasion with Mrs. Minnie L.I I MT. TABOR'S Sinai Baptist Church,'will spon-
ground where the magnificent drama of Christ's life actuallywas Brown presiding. PROGRAM sor the Slab Town Convention
played, devout Christians initiate the observance of Holy The Trustees of Mt. Tabor Monday evening March 28
Week on Palm Sunday as they participate in the solemn. Procession ANNIVERSARY SET Baptist Church will at 8
of Palms which begins at the top of the Mount of Olives. The pastor of Mt. Zion Churchof sponsor a pro- pjn.The
gram Sunday at 3 pjn. Servingas public is invited.
.. God In Unity announces the mistress of ceremonies will be
r .rY anniversary observance will con- Mrs. Nellie Mae Smith. The Rev.J. JOINT ANNIVERSARYThe
"After the Lord had risen from supper, He poured water tinue through March 27 with vari- W. Jones will be the speaker.All deacons and
into a basin and began to wash the feet of the disciples, to whom ous ministers and their congrega- trustees of
children of the Sunday West Union
Yr He gave this example. (John, 13:4, 5,15.) This sacred ceremony tions in charge of service each Baptist Church will
of'the Washing of the Feet, symbolic of Christ's humility:at theLast School participating in the Easter observe a Joint anniversary March
Supper, is performed on Maundy Thursday Jerusalem, night. '. exercise are to meet at the church 29 at 8 pjn. in the church audi-
and in Christian churches throughout the world. Saturday at 3 pjn. I torium.A .
# I II program will be presented for
.. GOSPEL SINGERSThe I I i the occasion.
Female Gospel Singers of MACEDONIA I

Zion Hope Baptist Church will be ACTIVITIES WEST Ul\i ON'CALENDAR
presented in an after service program I Usher Board No. 1 of Greater '

x e Sunday night March 27 in Macedonia Baptist Church will Boy Scout meeting Saturday at
V t .. the auditorium of Jerusalem Baptist celebrate its 43rd. anniversaryMarch : :
0 W'a
rt I 9:30.District
Church (Eastside : 28.
1 and 5 wil meet Sunday -
# An invitation is extended to the A Spiritual Tea will be given I following the morningwor-
SR S. public. Sunday in the home of Deacon B.
t ship. District 11 will
A ft meet at
Wright. 'i 3:30: p.m. in the home of Deacon
'i I i and Mrs. Willie Thomas, 1984 Mc-
I Quade St.Choir
; : c I' ,:;55 The Rev. W. H. Calhoun. pastorof i I I 3 will present the Isaiah
; The church ;:nd pastor's anniversary First Zion Baptist Church of I I" Blocker Band in a recital March

will begin April 11. I Tampa, will be speaker at the 27 at 4 pm. in the educational
/Various ministers and their con. 1 a.m. service in Mt. Ararat Baptist I building. The
anniversary of District
gregations will have charge of Church Sunday. I No. 9 will be observed March

'1 : services each night. Special music for the service :27 during the evening hour of
(4 3 a All children will meet at the will be furnished by the combinedchoirs : worship.

F 9 fv church Saturday at'5:30: p.m. for under the direction of Mrs. --- -- -- --
: art r.r rehearsal. Hazel Reynolds Gross.' Matthew ,, WOMEN'S: DAY

Choir No. 2 will sponsor its an McCoy. Mrs. Eartha Harper, and 'i AT GRACE BAPTIST
During this season many Christians prayerfully watch fobe As the ceremonies of Holy Week come to a climax, on Good nual Spring Tea April 10 from 4' Mrs. Marylyn Chevers. Plans are near completion for
gift of the Holy Fire at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Friday, willing hands bear the Cross that weighed so heavily to 6 pm. at the home of Deacon the annual observance of Women's
tor each year on Saturday of Holy Week the faithful participatf on the divine shoulder as Jesus bore the symbol of His mkrtyrs and Mrs. Furman Adams, 1874 W. ST. PATRICK TEA Day at Grace Baptist Church
k the Ceremony of Light when the Orthodox Patriarch entere dom through the streets of Old Jerusalem, now in Jordan. 13th. ,Street.
District No. 18 of the Mt. Ararat scheduled for March 27. -
,Tomb of Christ, and a fire is passed from Heaven lighting Retracing the way of the cross, worshipers follow the wajr led, .
-- Is torch, thus symbolizing the victory of the Cross. by.Christ to salvation for mankind / Baptist Church will sponsor a post Mrs. Valarese Clark has been
WEST UNIONACTIVITIES St. Patrick Day Tea Sunday After appointed chairman and Mrs.

noon from 4 to 6 in .the Educational BettaP Jean Leroy, co-chairman of _
Youth Day will be observed Building. ;, the affair* .
Miss Scott 'Musical Revue Ministers Hold ,t

to Observe 8thAnniversary Sst for April 11at Service

Little Roc InstallationThe

Melvin Grace. "The Deacon" Interdemoninational Minis-

.vill serve as master of ceremon- terial Alliance held a very inspir-
Miss Essie Mae Scott, gospel .es for the musical revue at Little ing Installation Service at Ebenezer -
singer, will observe her eighth Rock Baptist Church on April 11. Methodist Church recently.

anniversary in the auditorium of This program will terminate the Rev. J. S. Johnson, pastor of I
Shaw Memorial Baptist Church on 'King and Queen" contest spon- St. Stephens AME Church deliv-

March: 28 at 8:00: pjn. .3i ed by District No. 5 in behalf I ered the address, which appealedto
tf the Women's Day observance the
Negroes "TO STRIVE
Appearing on program will be I FOR
-o ba celebrated April 17 throughout FULL, FIRST CLASS CITIZEN-
Mrs. Ethel D. Bannister, Mrs. Gus-
sie Mae Gray, the Heavenly the day.Participants. SHIP IN THIS OUR AMERICA" < '

Echoes the Golden Jubilee Singers include Mrs. JessieM. Ministers present with represen- r/ \

the Angelites, Gospel Crusaders Polke the Southern Quintet, tatives from their churches were \ \ \
Gospel Echoes, Heavenly Fire Union Gospel Singers. Congregational Reverends D. W. Welcome J. T. -V

Gospel Singers, Excelsior Singers, Gospel Chorus. Choir No. 2 McMillian, D. B. Barnes, A. R. I .
Zion Hope Male Chorus and the of Little Rock, Lattimore Singers Richardson, R. L. Jones, Ernest H. ': /F I'A \
Johnson, H. H. Robinson, J :;: .; : : ::: : :
D. B.
Singing Trumpets. and Celestial Spiritual Singers. : =:; ::: : :: :
Thorpe. J. S. Johnson Samuel II'n'W. .J!<

Mt. Olive Washington and J. F. Williams.R. W. McClendon -', -//j/ lve:d J1@Jl,,r M'i ld ren

Eureka LodgeObservance ,. ,,.'' _
Other /
SlatesWomen's participants were: Mrs. I I 4Sb: \

set Josephine E. Brown, Rev. R. J. ,' Yreal \
Blain. Mrs. Mae Spearing, Neal #
DayThe for March 27 Blain and Usher Boards from St. ,I/ : 1 "' I I security '

women of Mt. Olive Baptist Phyllis Wheatley No. 52, OES Stephens, Central Baptist New .f ; \ ; a
Church southside, will observe the Bethel Day Spring Baptist and
and Eureka Lodge No. 51, AF and ; -.f .
annual Women's Day March 27 Ebenezer Methodist. j t.
In the church auditorium. AM of the Prince Hall jurisdictionwill We don't mean the nicest home in the beat

observe their anniversary neighborhood the
Officers are: Chairman Mrs. newest. sleekest car. r'x
Vinla M: Gannon: co-chairman. Jointly Sunday at 3 p.m. In the Men's Day 1., the right schools the right .'
Union Community: Ai.!E Churchon camps.

L.Mrs Baker.Elouise Mrs.Smith B.: Beasley.captains. Mrs.Mrs. the corner of Beaver and Ever-:,r April I 10 aNew ,- t. Were talking about the kind of gecurity -.f,. r
son Streets of which the Rev. J. ,
V. M. Gannon. Mrs. Mayetta Mc- I they can't do without. k
: R Compbell is pastor. BethelMen's the kind that comw ,
Gruff Mrs. Betty Watson, Mrs. S. from inside. '

Flowers, Mrs. Mary Brown Mrs. Music will be furnished by Mrs. Day; will be observed Sunday ;.

E. Smith: secretary Mrs. Minerva Ella :Mae Atkins and the Female April 10th. throughout the Faith. In God. !In fife m themselves.
Tucker; treasurer. Mrs. Bessie Mae chorus of West Union Baptist day at-New Bethel AME Church .J"iY
Beasley Tyler and Third Streets. For life +{:,-
; program committee Church. no game for spiritual sissies Sis -
chairman Mrs. Mattie Mae Bruce.
Leonard J. Roberts, Jr., will de- ? Only Faith. the armor of the spirit .. ,. r
liver the League Address at 5 p.m. will give them the
Ycu Don't Have to Go to Town to Get Others appearing on this pro- i stamina to meet it '

gram are: Miss Dorothy Green, courageously no matter what it hrings. N y.<

LOW PRICES who will serve as mistress of :. ""y.ou can show your children ,
ceremony: Teen Tonetts, Miss. if. a, .4' 1
Shirley Cruse Abram T. Hender ere to find f Tai t th. how to y

son Mrs. Ruth B. McMillian. build it day .
day if ,
by male '
you .
On Vow a1
Charles Smith. Miss Agnes Robinson "@ 1 .
Prof. A. N. Green: praying a family aH tr.
and Miss ...." .. 1 .
Willie D. Johnson. ," j fr-- ,...,."" ,.. .
.- ,
NHS Graduates 1'.r
frwde With Your Neighborhood Drug Stor .$: > .. -
,, +1, fair -. -
'L 't. '
WE WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADVERTISED Play Set For l -.<;.ir"w, -,;-: ;',":.-'....-
.: ; .
'YOUR LOCAL PAPERS April 18-19 :: *: :
: :
fVc Deliver Wit AUo FH1 All Doctor** PrfWK"rtp&\on-' "Phantom of the High School,
a three-act mystery comedy con- w j

cerning the problems and diffi- + __

Dixie Pharmacy culties of: high school students, d -

will be presented by Northwestern a 'roc kr Tife -

High School's first graduating B.tro .wg !p Jpgefjer wee'
class. ,
April 18-19/.
i PHONTO: EL $..an.A .- 0
Stars of the cast are: Annie

r YOUR LIGHT WATER AND TELEPHONE I Lou Johnson. Edward mckson.i utsd trio 'J _
i Betty Cummings Penelope Jones. Oo & QQ La Aamo..w. Program by ,
BILLS AT OUR STORE .. Johne te Shepard. Gloria Baker, .',. ,< ,

Roy Mays and others. '
3. '- -.j
,,7' .
"" .j. ,. :c.' 7' ,




... .

I r_.t...ar 4 .' ._ :' J.. .. ,. _.. 'It -' .'. ... '
'' '.. .. .. .. .
t: ; < .-t".v.- .r .' .. .. ,

Week Ending Sunday, March 27, 1960 THE FLORIDA ,STAB Pale five J 1

and concrete on every side. It I are invited to attend. "
':: Burns Seeks Governorship cannot be denounced by politiciansor YWCA Group The Branch YWCA is located at -.

: __ H Hu I overlooked by even the mos*. Plans InstituteThe i 532 West '8th. Street. .

On Record As BuilderHaydon casual visitor to .Jacksonville.. For
personal references as to characterand Rev. C. C. King has been t .

I / 'yr r Burns Mayor of Jacksonville ernment which is peculiar to:Jacksonville integrity I refer the people of appointed director of the instituteon

for the past' 11 years. and which exactly paralles Florida to the citizens of Duval worship and devotional servicesto Send or Bring Your News _
who is seeking election as governor our state government has in fact, County who have voted me into be conducted by the Religious
is pointing with pride to his given me an 11-year apprenticeship the highest office they could bestow Education Committee of the In To TheFLORIDA

5 :. y mi f rt record as a 'builder by virtue of for the Job I 'now-,seek," on four consecutive occas- Branch YWCA. Assisting Rev.
the improvements that have come Burns said. ., ions." King will be -Mrs. Mary Alice C. STARMain

} to Jacksonville during his term.' Jacksonville's present''Mayor- Burns pointed out that Floridanow Smith and Mrs. Mable King. .

+ I Iy I Burns who has gained national Commissioner-Councii form ,of has 4% million permanent Scheduled dates of the institutes Office & Plant

prominence as a bus1n.ssman- government functions similarly to ;population. and this is increasingat are April 7 and April 14, begin- 2323 MONCRIEF RD

public official said he will run that of the State governm Ut..TheMayorCommissioner the ,rate? of 5,032 per week or ning at 5:30: pjn. Near 13th Street
"because people throughout the sits as* the more than one-quarter million All interested persons and per- .
sons serving as spiritual leaders.
I entire state have suggested that city's Chief Executive with auth- each year.LEONARD.
in their clubs and organization .
,the experience gained in buildingthe ority to recommend legislation and

Jacksonville Story would be i also with veto power over the J. ROBERTS

I extremely valuable in creating anallFlorida Council as does the Governor SPEAKS FOR MEN'S DAY ... .
. L: Story of progress with the Legislature.He LEAGUE SPEAKER _. Leonard ..., ..: -.' ., ,. ',_ ,.-;

I through payrolls industry im- is also the permanent chair- ;J. Roberts, Jr.. President of the

ANNIVERSARY OBSERVED-Mrs Pearl Hudson, Worthy Matron of provements and development." man of the City Commission the ACE League of New Bethel AME Now The Time To Order High Quality
Phyllis Wheatley No. 52 and 111. Daniel Hudson Worshipful Masterof administrative body just as the Church, who will deliver the v
The "Jacksonville Story", con- : Clean BurningFor
Eureka Lodge No. 51, AF and AM will hold their anniversary Governor is chairman of the Cabinet Men's Day League Address on I. .
jointly Sunday evening at 3:00 at Union Community AME Church. densed to a slide-supported speech, made up of other elective April 10 is seen here. Coal I your stove or fireplace .
was originally prepared and presented officials all of them supervisingthe by the BAG or by the TON

Thompson finance chairman; by Mayor Burns before the administrative functions of THE CUNNING NEVER PAYS : ALL SEASONS ICE & FUEL CO. --
tI WOMEN DAY Chamber of Commerce
Mrs. Leola Thomas, tag chairman; California State the State. This form of government By William Henry Huff s.f "Our 17th Year" "
_ at San Francisco.Its second provides an almost perfect systemof If I can just be real and true 5883 Norwood Are PO 4-4511 .
Mrs. Verdel Randall guest chairman before the nat-
SET ATLITTLE presentation was checks and balances which results And have no cunning ways ..
; Mrs. Vera Drayton. Mrs. ional convention of the United in efficient goverpmental As those whe win must surely do ., -. .,
., 't,'''' !
Chamber of Commerce
States I : < "" ,.; j'r
operations. In these and future days. .r. h.
ROCKWomen's Curlue King Mrs.Bernice Wright, attended by representatIves '"U;; .....
Managers I. ) I
"Serving as MayorCommissioner I will not heap a pile of wrath
Day will be observed music committee; Mrs. Renelda from 689 American cities. of Jacksonville has afforded me To fall upon my head
April '17 in Little Rock Baptist Jenkins. Sunday School; Mrs. It has since been viewed in 138 [the opportunity of being of service Or dread a fearful aftermath.

Church. Officers for this celebration Wilene Dunbar BTU; Mrs. Annie communities throughout the coun- i to some 447,000 residents,of Duval But live in peace instead.

are Mrs. Vernlce Mitchell, Campbell, Mrs. Inez Hears decor- try. The story depicts a five-year County, who comprise one-tenth .- .
pastor;,Mrs. Thelma Baker chair- ation committee; Miss Lenora program involving more than $200 of the population of the"State of c
man; Mrs. Cora Gilds, cochairman Richardson, junior chairman. million in new industry and redevelopment Florida," Burns pointed out."Jacksonville's Friendly The SEAFOOD CenterCorner
in Jacksonville, I Considerate;
: Mrs. Floree Anderson, pro- current budget is
Others participating will be includes 33 miles of .expressway
gram chairman; Mrs. Thelma J. one-sixth the size of the present Service
:Mesdames Cora Williams Lettie I systems which will be completedby budget for the whole State...
Hicks Thelma Baker Lucille Ezell midsummer 1960; a completely "In announcing .my candidacyfor Myrtle[ Ave. And Shad Roe
ATTENTION LADIES Rebecca Whitehead Cora Doster, revamped new and attractive ,
I the position of chief,executive
Ida M.: Ford Charlease Hayes, I waterfront boasting the 22-story :I
and administrator of the State, of I
Bridge & Social Club Cora Thomas Viola Johnson Minnie I i Prudential Insurance Building the Florida I am aware this is the Nr"S: MEDIUM MULLET' Lb. 20c
Essie K. Laidler Ver- Coast Line rail-
Reporters Holiday 17-story Atlantic highest position in the largest e I ROE MULLET Lb. 29c
nice Mitchell Hattie M. James I i road building the largest Seamstore
single business in the entire state.I .
Send Mail
Renelda Jenkins Annie Scott, in the world a municipal SPANISH MACKEREL Lb. 35c
I feel that the public must necessarily -
Your Social News ,
Florence Preston Daisy Smith I off-street t i
auditorium, nearly 2,000 consider each of the candidates's I! ROE SHAD Lb. 39c
Mondays To I
Susie Dixon Annie Campbell Rosa a new city hall ;
FLORIDA STAR i parking spaces announcements as an application BASS For Baking Lb. 32c
Willie Vaughn and courthouse.
i Thompson i I and a new county for this most important SPECKLED TROUT "Chicken of the Sea" Lb. 49c
2323 Moncrief Rd. Cor. 13th Annie M. Johnson. The program covers a wide
I of improvements such as a post setting forth his experience, CAT FISH _-______--____________________-__Lb. 49c

range new baseball park a sports coliseum qualifications, with and his proved capabilities J P.YOUNG LARGE FLOUNDER ___________________________..Lb. 49c
record_ of dedicated -
YOU the expanded Gator Bowl and successful leadership
You Seek The Best Doctor football stadium sewerage treat- "The people of my area have FREE PARKING SIDE AND REAR

sexy, w When Your Doctor PrescribesGet ment plant drainage pavement of indicated their endorsement of my

Experienced Pharmacists arterial highways and hundreds. of leadership and services in four TOE SEAFOOD CENTER.
To Fill Your Prescriptions industries.
new elections, all resulting in first _
.s6n According To Your Doctor' The entire acompljshment, primary victories the most recent
Orders. We Use Only through the cooperation of local being in April 1959. J Myrtle AT, and Adams Phone EL 4-1483

The Best Quality Drugs At government and industry and "Tangible exidence of our suc- I
Dr. C. E. BlackProprietor without federal aid, has brought cess and progress stands in steel i.i I
o/.iaim. as the outstanding freeCbWVAtft _.
**** --- ----
enterprise story of redevelopmentfor .

3 REGISTERED PHARMACISTS TO SERVE YOU metropolitan communities. .

"Team work, community spirit. ,. (
i- 'LILLY'S DRUGSTORE i and sound business planning is. '
; the formula through which all \ '--i' name
progress must be achieved,"Burns : : IS your
ISO Kings Road ELgtn 3-8278 stated, "and leadership can only .
: knowledge of how
a. credit for the
Cosmetics Rubber Goods Candles Sundries
to develop this V -
"My 11 years as Mayor-Com-
missioner under the form of gov- leD the book'
'J. :
,*:>: : : :
- .9. t\ n+i .'- : H' %**., r: .-'.t* v,
*!' '* :
t : 1 ., ,4 .. '
. .; 'CACHS A-Ct1I' ( ,.>,.:l. '.: ?' ,- ::.t1x') ,e G OJ . . .

:? ';

GLEAMIN' AND BRIGHT :'l" ;: '": : : -

!>::. ALL ; V' i; "

... You can't vote
:. .
;:... : .
., : : >> .;
} :' :. .
\ : .;: > -- "' if you're not
:--:: .... 1 .
)- -- :* .
\ : j if >
:: :" .- ;!: l.Ia / ;.: 111

tIA. ,

.,... .,..,*,' 'oft". w .__. ..."_'_.::.,, _..... --:<'< ....... .,"",>0 ."-..,.. N__: : j'-' from school
"@ :)-' ;:::. :;. ,; xr o.' SN : When you graduate high they
y fM Nn .,:: : put your name in the school yearbook. >

\\\\\\\-% When you have a telephone installed,they

put your name in the telephone book.

I \\\ But you and only you-can get your name

in the most important book of all-the roll

Er. t' of Registered Voters of your precinct-the

"Election Book"

20 Brand Spankin' New Coaches on the Way 1 i And if you're,not in tha book, you ought :

to be. .

for Your; Added Comfort and Convenience Because,if you're registered,you cant.

-L'I'Th \ \ \% get in the polls come Election Day. ': '

You can't even vote for dog catcher '

., .. much less mayor, councilman, congressman,
An order hat been placed for a score of'these chrome-and-white beauties. ; senator, or president-unless your name .. '

It's a $500,000-plus order to fill the needs of Jacksonville's swiftly-expand ;. : in the book.

ing population and to give YOU better service. :'' \ You don't even have the right to complain
unless you're registered and vote.

They'll augment the present fleet which- when you look at it from a dol- So don't cut yourself out of this year's key I

t lars-and-cents angle gives you the biggest i transportation,buy you'll find ;-.' \ elections. Get your name in the book. A lot

,. of your friends and neighbors are already0'v
in these parts. ; ; listed there. If know of one who isn't
1 ..' .. .. IF MARRIED, MOVED, OR you : ,
limits), these big, air-riding coaches will whuk you through Isl. : take him with you when you go to register
For 201 (city 'd -
"; COME OF AGE SINCE THE LAST on this Stall of Honor" of Americana. And
with minimum of motion. It's soft-as ** 'i -
traffic to destination waste a *.
your tben-well see you at the polls!
a-whisper ride .you'll LOOK FORWARD TO once you get. the. swing.Best f : ELECTION. read this
: .' '
way is to see for yourself. } I VOTERSI have
WOESIEvenilyoabadpre. FIRST If you
:! ; under celebrated 21st birthday
viously registered your your
Ride the Coach-Best 2 0 f Bargain in Town ;. -*,).:' maiden name you have to since the last election(or Be sure
** a .-#. .* .'. register again under your if you will be 21 by EJection.. .
"new" Be Day), get name in the .'
name. your your
Ask; your driver, write .the Jacksonville Coach ,Company. or callELgin. ... .Ji.. i,.,. ., "married name" is in the book. .. .'t '
4-7111 for a printed Coach" schedule. I v:.. *t book! MEMBERS OF THE ARMED ?: ::_ YOU re registered! -
J-', MOVERS I If you have moved FORCES see your Voting p.
':.,. :". from the precinct where you Officer for "the word on ... ;. -
\ ,'-; I. were previously registered, how you can vote. e.a i. .'. .:K
you have to register: again GOING AWAY ELECTION ..'.'"_ .
Make sure your new address DAY?Vote first-by Absentee ) -
Urn the book! Ballot. ( .... '
JACKSONVILLECOACH .. 1I 1- '. :r" > ; .. ,".

.. : : < '
,... <
: .
I .

WITH 1 I".,*. MONDAY THRU SATURDAY L. '.. <.. ..., ...- ., ., 320 EAST BAY STREET ':' -"- '''"''
"SI VINO GROWING"" JACKSONVILLE fKIDE AMD ? -: | .t1 : ;" ,; '>:" : .'. c. .- : :
t 9:00, : A.M. TOS-OOP'M: : : r I." -' ,.. :.. .. County Court House ,
\ '' .
,. \ ; :
.r.. --- _- _. -- ..,,P.1 :',:, : .:r, '\."."\, ,; -.i-f I: :9f
'.: -. .
--fc. Jl'.i-L- : ." : d.-------- '?4+s. "> -' ; a :: :'- ; "
: ; : : ":" "'< ) '" "- .
: : : : :
s; : ; :> '
i',. ';: ..f. _., _.._7__ 9 r' '' V : .
,. -. < .' "_ ; .' -


II .":. -

r- I

} ...'.', J. "_ '. ... .

_!\:: ., : : : < .
.. .
; < ... .. / ; .. r.

: c:::' ",. L::,: .:{. .: ,:. .,, : :L .,
._ _. __' -., ,, .,Io... _" '-- ". 0 -
I'rc ...
i .
\ Jr..'''', .,' '(" ..}: '1,; ..., ; .", :: .0 r' !. '. '" -- .
i Page Six ..... .-).; :,." ': '' '-- ;. TU FLORIDA STAA -- Week Ending Sunday, March 27, 1960

Henderson, Fr., Miami; Betty
: .' 75 Students Listed On
If Hopson Sr., Donaldsonville, Georgia -

" ; Betty Lou Owens, Soph.,
00 --> --
: Bethune's Honor List Tampa; Betty J. Robinson Jr..

r Daytona Beach; Estelle Taylor.

J-lTAX' FACTS Sr.. Daytona Beach; Doris White

Daytona Beach. Florida-Dean Jerrido Fr.. Palmetto; Eva E. Soph., Ashville North Carolina;

M William A. McMUlan Bethune- Anderson Jr., Pensacola; Lillie Lucile E. Williams Sr., Jackson-
I Cookman College, announced Flemming, Sr., Daytona Beach; ville.

seventy-five persons on the Honor Leona Johnson Sr., Delray; Jim-
TO MILLO43 FORK;OVER CFM$i.so"OR'i5TE MCRS N0' Y FOR HJ1 A Roll for the First Semester, 1959- mie :Moore, Sr., Starke; Michele Dr. Richard V\\ Moore president -

DOLLAR'S VSQRTH OP 6ASOUNS. 1960 term. They are as follows. Irving Fr.. New Rochille, N. Y.; of Bethune -Cookman College -
THS LATEST ONE-CENT A 6ALLON DEAN'S LIST Bobbie Jean Griffin Jr.. Ocala; Daytona Beach Fla.. will be
BALLCONCJTHS COM3 NED STATE-FECERAL TAX ,f< 4 ST. Orlando Leonard Heath, Jr., Starker Allie the guest speaker at the Albany
TAX UP BEYOND 30 ',OP ACTUAL RETAIL ti L Octavia Guinyard. Ray Junes, Jr., West Palm Beach. State College Founder's Day observance -
tASOUNE PRICE l IN 2O STATES Florida; Shirley Payne Sr.,:Miami, 3.
Sunday, April
Florida; Alyce Joyce Shipp Sr., HONORABLE MENTION
Ceremonies which include plating -
Jacksonville; Louise Calhoun, ST.,
i I I Macon Georgia: Glenn C. An- Vera J. McCoy,' Sr., Washington a wreath on the tomb of

) drews, Freshman, Gifford; David D. C.; Delano Filer, ST., Founder J. W. Holley are scheduled -

-. ON A NATIONWOEVERA6E 6ASOUNE _Ford Fr.. Stuart; Astrid Mack. Gainesville; James E. Long. Sr., to begin in Carolina Auditir-

y o ) TAXES HAVE> HIT THE+7<&tEYEL(IO r PPQ G4L,) t Sr., Daytona Beach; Lottie Lee Starke; J. Lincoln Brown Sp., ium at 3 p.m.
: 1 THE ULX ON DlA1lhOtyDS TIMES OR HIGHER I Robinson, Fr., Brooklyn, N. Y.; I Daytona Beach; Irene Brown Jr.,

MINK COATS Cora Culver, Sr.. Goulds; Shirley Daytona Beach; Ronald Crosslin

a d*. Wynn Jr., San:ord; Jim rdd Keel, Soph., Daytona Beach;' Sandra GC Tournament
IN THS DECADE Marie George Fr.. Lake City; Pecola
EN01N&195B Soph, Manannu, Florida;
N THERE WERE SB SEPARATE::: ,, ",,,, .,.:< [ MYRON L. STAMPS left, sales Mallory, Sr., xjajtcna Beach; Howard, Sr., Orlando; Mildred April 1417Tee
IN f!
41 6TATES PLUS TWO FEDERAL representative for Anheuser- George Wt&>. t>r., Gainesville; Robinson. Sr., Thomasville. Ga.; off time for the Gate City

I INCREASES-A 37" OLWP / Busch. Inc. makers of Budweiser Ark. Student .Samuel J. M......Oan. I B I44 IN TAXES. BY CONTRAST.,ALL receives the Distinguished Del- ville; Edward Jennings. Fr.,
RETAIL PRICES WERE UP .'- Doris Williams Greene ST.. set for April 14-17 at the New
2l'JoTHEPR.CEOF! Salesman's Award from Sales Gets FellowshipPine ray; EiiiOvb ::cavexia, :.r., Miami; Tampa; Ethel Bustamente, Sr., Lincoln Golf Course.J. .

6ASOUNE ONLY: 6,L ITSELF UP I' Marketing Executives of Chicago. Samuel Sharper, Jr.., Daytona Jacksonville; Nancy Herring Sr. E. Hutchins. chairman of the

Inc., at the annual banquet in Bluff. Ark. Johnnie L. Beach; Nina Mae Winn, Freshman St. Petersburg; Evelyn Ivey, Jr., tournament, announced that more

&-v6RYq4 NOURe the Drake hotel. Stamps is pic- Stubbs. senior mathematics major! TitusviUe; Verlie M. Hogan, Daytona Beach Florida; Countess than 200 invitations have been

; .r- -=-- J tured here with J. Gilbert Bo*'.- at Arkansas AM&N College, has Jr., DeFuniak Springs; Mildred Marion, Sr., New Smyrna Beach; sent to outstanding professionaland
MOTOR FUEL REVENUES IN :=i I. inger, manager of the brewery's been named a Woodrow Wilson Jackson, Jr., Winter Haven. Nell G. White, Soph., Pensacola; amateur golfers.A .

THE US.ROLL IN AT THE RATE OF' Chicago Kimbark branch,Stampshas Fellow for 1960 -1961 by the HONOR ROLL Omera Baylor. Soph., Decalb schedule of social events win
MORE THAN 614.000.000 A MY. been with Budweiser five Mississippi; Dothea Hardy Sr., '
JTIS ESTIMATED THATTH'.s I I Woodrow Wilson National Fellow- be held for all tournament participants. -
:'MOrOR1ST& WILL PAY YEAR WELLVOVER ALONE o years, started on a, selfimprovement ship Foundation.The Essie Mae Keith Soph., Winter Palatka; Dora Miller, Sr.. San- .
$s,400,000,000 IN 00 program 2& years ago by Garden; 0 n d rea Lewis, Sr.,. ford; Johnnie M. Anderson

FUEl.TAXES "' -' ; taking marketing and salesman- announcement was made Miami; Ruben Sutton, Sr., Daytona Soph.. Winter Garden; Lillie BEAVER FALLS PA.. NEWS-

140 I ship courses at Northwestern Uni- today by Sir Hugh Taylor, Presi- Beach; Edna Stallworth.,. Black Sr., Quincy; Edward Car- TRIBUNE: "Federal. state and

v dent of the Foundation and Dean :Miami; :Maude Newbold, Soph.,' wise Soph., Sanford; Barbara local expenditures are running at

i -. 0 T Emeritus of Princeton Univer- Miami; Robert Williams. Fr., Reed, Fr.'Fort Lauderdale; Alfred $129 billion a year. That is more
> :;;;;: l I
d versity.NEWS sity's graduate school. Apopka; Ceola P. Watkins, Sr., Smith, Soph., Quincy; Geraldine than one third the national product.In .

: High Springs; Clara Y. Walker, Evans, Soph., Reddick Clemmie other words, 35 cents of every
BRIEFSFOR The award carries a basic stip- Fr., Jacksonville; Geraldine Boyer, Jr., Winter Park; Richard dollar coned in this country goesto

r 1 end of $1500 plus family allow- Barnes, Sr., Quincy Lonnie Harvey, Sr., Fernandina; Chester help maintain government on
and full cost of a year'sgraduate
---- -- IMMEDIATE RELEASEThe ances Blocker, Fr., Fort Pierce; Betty Hayes Sr., Miami; Patricia A. all levels"
1 : study to any universityof
II I Veterans Administration the recipient's choice in the
today issued reminder that all '
iI a
CARNATION I United States or Canada.
ii Federal benefits set up by Con- '

COOKING 0 0IL1 HINTS gress for veterans of World WarI. Stubbs is a native of Eudora, :THfKfGS YOU SHOULD KNOP2 W
I World War n or the Korean Arkansas and completed his high

Conflict are available to women school at East Side High School. q.:.".->--c,. -, ,'J 1': :h, __ '!.\tl __' "4'r.. '

i92' veterans as well as men.

I SCOTT Women who served on active
V.----------------1 duty during these war periods nni '4r.w

who meet basic eligibility re- I Guard Health 8

: Treat the family to Tempting Tarts soon. They're so ruircments are equally entitled to ;
creamy and delicious when made with Carnation Evap apply for veterans' benefits pre-. IJ1tfCARVER

orated Milk- the form of milk you can use like cream, sently available. JSI

but with less than half the fat calories and at half the There are also certain benefits I
cost. Prunes and nuts make this an excellent wintertime established for peacetime servicein I g 8Y: ,a j "' t g

dessert when fresh fruits are scarce, and children are the armed forces which are applicable -

especially fond of this flavor. Use Carnation in your to veterans of either sex -' '.s"a io
cream pitcher just as it pours from'the can-whip it for B. J. Gannon Officer in Chargeof : I t I
the A Office at Jacksonville,
desserts and salads.
light II /
explained. I : r.r 1860 1943 "
s I ,
There are approximately 420,000 i I ",
women veterans in civilian life ;:-

throughout the country today. i' i I I! \ .l30RN A SLAVE AT DIAMOND GROVEMISSOURI -;

the VA estimates. Of these, 26,000..


139,000 were on duty during I
.- -
veterans of the Korean Conflict S

period. I.i L} Y TO TUSKEGEE IN 1896 HERE HIS

There are also about 1,000 for- '
mer Army nurses who served dur- '

ing the Spanish-American War. -T1 .
Women veterans seeking specific ---'- ,--.. .......- -
information to benefits or eligibility -
requirements may phone tions and report cards, gradeschool-

write or visit the VA Office at ers may brin/home something much MADE RUBBER OUT OFSWEET POTATOES! THIS MAN/CALLED,
Post Office Bldg., Jacksonville. more serious: disease germs that are
; s picked up m classrooms.These germs .
fF) 7 '? 'o may then be spread at home,not onlyto 4 BY HENRY FORD THE GREATEST LIVING SCIENTIST REFUSED L-
New Stanton 1t-r mother and dad,but to infants and .
toddlers,To help keep up her family's \
Band Concert resistance to iJness.)}| the wise homemaker 4 ED130N'Sy 100/000 OFFER so HE COULD HELP HIS RACE! ..
WCSTFMPTING should provide a well balanceddiet
'. ,make sure that all family mem- j jtZ
TARTS April I bers wash hands always before eating, CO.YrN4NTAG F6A.. .
(Makes 6 to 8 tarts) Final arrangements for the and see that'youngsters get plentyof ,
rest. The Lysol Home health
1/2 cup sugar 1 cup water Band Concert to be held April 1 Information Bureau also recommendsthat

;; 3 tablespoons cornstarch 3 egg yolks in New Stanton auditorium arc others disinfectant: solu- < &e&& 23&$3Tha
1/2 teaspoon'salt *".- / teaspoon vanilla completed. I tion in routine cleaning of the bath- *
room because a traffic center of
1 i/j cups undiluted Vj cup chopped prunes Various, committees have.,been the home and may be the source of BU5 NE$5 DIRECTORY
CARNATION EVAPORATED % cup chopped nuts organized and are working hardto 'unseen disease germs in spite of a

MILK Baked tart shells make the conceit a success. seemingly clean, appearance. \
Are Rocomm ended As Reputable Establishments
\ The band under the direction -- ----- Firms Listed Below
Combine sugar, cornstarch and and pour into remaining custard of. K. D. McFartin is practicing Specializing Services and Products
heat. Cook 3 to 4 minutes
salt with Carnation and waterin over ,
saucepan.Cook over low heat longer.Remove from heat.Add daily for the occasion. for.asthmatics AUTO SERVICE \fiAUTO Washington's Health Service
until slightly thickened, about, v n1l1a. Cool and add prunes Goodntws .
'12 to 15 minutes, stirring con and nuts. Chill and spoon into Ci fl1wi UP t !GlITS "Abundant Health Is Rightfully Yours"
stanUy. Add small amount of tart s1ells.when ready to serve. COMPANY | Try Swedish Massage Mineral Steam Bath*
J- _.. the cooked:custard mixture to Top with whipped Carnation; if IX worried by "oI Bed Wettlrtoo(Ot F 1 a.Iir"'"alseorin. DOmak..t IU t I PAINTING Colonlc Therapy

..,... slightly beaten egg1 yolks. }.fix. :de.:1r d. sttUnegnDt a Nights&rg or UCUDK qrlnatxm fre tJeonuaea : -lIble for Ten"b.oadit1'ci- :.w d-rDbac g-r.w.:; CMRI>)*:B Body Repair It Paint Work N,P- C. Washington Mai;.-eur-SamsLccaUoa
braelirg Cloudy Ortnc due ,
C216 Prlnte;tnU-SJU: (40). .-.- ', K'dEaw? $: d,e. 1r:1--t* :..:.:p'W' uSl'fW. cille'a hLvten. 'o...e.t.al1 att.t 7'C _,_-, Oval Baked Paint. Join' --' 'j.; For 39 Years
-- -04
try CYBTEX to: + oc
aalf': lot 70w4 and__i: A. drag- =: d=.re s.a M 7VV 4.Acaia' tar tt. Tr'ce Start at / Myrtle Avenue EL 4-247S
Ik\for CY6TBX u.osccr l..1)t a gnaeaatee S :.L SQJi.I
,See how Suit fOG Ja.-:rot.. t.ZY Eri. Alz mNN! 3IC6C__, ,-

-. --' -- ... I

delivery any part of the city

I'' coat, MRio iES ,IB21 You Want The Finest In Groceries 01 West Ashley Street EL 4-1380
AFTER TF16 TROtJ6LE lS:.. t Come See UsJOO <
j Street

I GO 6QvtE -.5 POOR :. STORE __
CARL Courteous Treatment
AAA \ Open 8:30 to 7 p. m.

II II I V'rE1.L-SO' WNAT? ws City County and Federal Bon. s$306-$ Davis Street EL 4121Cv
I CI! C.ll32
1 Bldg.
TD THE t lSTMN? .,aw Exchange


I 30 Years In Electronics I CIGARS CIGARETTES

All Work Guaranteed 8
I 343 Forest Street 1102 Price SL EL 3-6312
ASV 50i1'tE C7tJ1'S % CNARtTY NOTHING M PA s Cf.N.Y I '
ARE 7t70 ; ... FOR T1tK t.ADY At+tD HER % tr01s L N:b ROAD TRADING M. L. Harris Prop.
SFIUGICS p J' I S J ? U VINfr SEU.tNCr NER f ND ? > t t a MO Maa/M r,cttcQ ;rMw POST
t'tt. S Nov YOU fl .THEY ESN Complete !
CN Ih R WVIN .2 r'4Na FertilizerFruit Products 'J Mattress Renovating Our Specialty
t and oWr
.New and Used Furniture bought j One Day Service -

564 Timiguana Road SP 137BZJJOHNNIE'S I'3703. Old Kings Road PO 5-1634


Modern ConrenleacesKOMI TAXI

by Day. NIgh or Week I -At Your Service"

__w N- 0 .9cca414wC / For Information Call NEW DEAL CAB EL 4-1611
: cearus W. Ssrertj LINCOLN CAB EL 41811v
._ 5-435 W7 Ashley
.,_ .. EL
... -" --' -- --- --- --- -' -------- ------ -- ------- --- --- r '
--- rl. .It
t. ;'{ r; [ : ir -F'r=1 I


.. ,\'3.-.i.. .;- .
; 'Jilf4--1 t ; ):' "
.. ;, .) .,.(,,.;.., l...:.{. :tJ :'\".,, .;.:....... .;.r-'-roI.r _,\ ,- .- .
"' '. 0 .
i, ? ,' : ',- :l..
< I ._
; ; .
,.'''- .. '. '" .tiJ "" -- -

-- ,__.__.,._w.w__ '_'__'' I_ --------- -- -- -----
-- ----:_ _-___ -w--- .- ?
L 1- I------ .


<: ,.'. ': '

I March 27 1960 THE FLORiD tAa Page SeverF
Week Ending Sunday, ,
_.. ______

F 1.,. '." Ir, ;: Y..''J'",, ... : s4i'carQs e. I

: tend to get him in somewhere." Survey Shows Negro Ballplayers I '
Cards Watching Commenting on the differences: I
White and Flood. Devine
.b tween .
Floyd" & VJI1ite pointed out that as of now. Curt Prefer To Stay Away From WhitesSports f .1 .t

lacks the power of White.As --
the various squads go Illustrated Article Says the process" ie have his white people! come bearing gifts J

ST PETERSBURG FLORIDA throush workouts here at beautiful Negro Major Leaguers Live In hair straightened you're leary. It's probably your 4 SPOR't SCORNER
Diminutive Curt Flood, dubbed a I Own Private World With Unique # A Negro player does not criticize subconscious but you're wondering -

miniature Willie Mays a couple Clang, Secret Code Words, Re- .another Negro"player in if the Invitation is real. Whal's':. t "" "'IIi"'l- lfU Jrlt.. fJ

of seasons ago, is going to havean hate.A his ? Why? You wonder. .
spected Leaders, Code of B hav- front of a t? reason -----

uphill fight to pin down the iour.. ;: Negro player does not men- 'Why's he doing this. What's he (TAMP'A, FLORIDA) The V--y: L\nch: reported with the

centerfield position with the St. NEW YORK, :Mar. 16Althoughthere tion a girl by name, not even want: ?' Another player mentioned Cincinnati Red batterymen: reported batterymen to help out with the
Louis Cardinals this
year. has been great progress in in front of a third Negro. women and general tensionas for the opening day of catching both have had some
Challenging him step of
every the numbers of Negroes employedin # prayers share with two more problems which keep
Negro cne spring training drills on Saturday backstop experience Pete, who
the here in spring warning is
Bill way White, the 195pmwdVar- major league baseball the play- another. There is no salary the races from a more intimate February 27 and Manager:: Fred spent the off-season in Hollywood,
ers themselves are integrated onlyon jealousy.: association. Hutchinson was elated with the
appeared in a recent showing of
Ohio first baseman who is
ren the field. Off the field the The Negro players have very
fine physical condition of the "The Rebel" on TV. Whisenanthad
Negro players according to the # Negroe players do not fi 'ht.earii few complaints about the majors,
fitting nicely in the faraway post. :... pitchers and catchers. Dr. Richard a few speaking lines. The
March 21st issue of Sports Illustrated ther. ("You watch a but the subjects which cause the
White will undoubtedly see moret' Rohde Trainer! weighed each players all kidded him about the
action this season than he did last prefer to keep to them- fight," says one.. "All the most gripes are: player before the workout, and
.... hairdo: hs sported on arriving at
*"' wH a m.t bra ;:
pin'* Lack of advertising endorse-
[ selves. They have created their
year. With Stan Musial still going I4 'no one was carrying much excess camp with the slightly Ions side-
K strong, the first baseman's position own slang, code words and ethics. what we do is pick:" out one ment opportunities. poundage burns. Pete quipped. "I don't see
and go to their own hangouts and of us and run up and put it
# what all the commotion is about
lockers for
Having Negroesall
lead- on. We're laughing and hugging Southpaw Joe Nuxhall caused
.... take counsel from their own
------ in a row at clubhouses. Gus Bell wore his like this
and the white guys are
r- ers. considerable comment with his
..: .i;.. ;: Training in the segregated for ten years and no one said a
1. slugging each other. We just '
fine physical condition. The prideof word.:'
t The Sports Illustrated article h"P.Vp. don't trv to harm South.
I ; Hamilton Ohio weighed in at
f'" i :; the ;: The feeling that Negro play-
called The Private World of ma"ke
Al Lang field Devine is rad- each othr. We got to a trim 212. He finished the 1959 Catcher Don Pavlctich (Nash-
iating optimism.He Negro Ballplayer is a detailed a living. You hardly ever see ers have to be "better" than season at 229. Brooks Lawrence ville roster) is also on hand to
study which ranges over the re- it. Watch In fteht. whites to stay.
Mays a also reported in top shape. drill with the batterymen. Catcher
feels he has one of the best porter's observations, numerous He's circling around circling :: Bonuses for Negroes are Two Red farmhand pitchers John Edwards, Seattle roster the

offensive teams in the league "I quotes from both Negro and white around pretending look- much lower than for whites. lefty Bob Miller (former Detroit former Ohio State star, will report -

think we have close to a .500 players and their leaders, and ing for someone. Shucks he's bonus pitcher) gn the Havana around March 14 or 18 after

club," he says. some analytical comment from not looking for anyone. Un- roster and righthander Tom Gib- his semester ends at Ohio State.
'' eminent sociologists. It points out less it's a guy to pull away.") with
When the Red Birds open the 'I' that 13 years ago this spring, Boyle got much of his material son, Cincinnati Nashville, are Club training. Mike The three Varsity catchers, 'Ed
season in April at least six of Jackie Robinson was the only Ne- from the Negro players' acknowledged Florida Council Pena were Bailey Frank House and Dutch

Ii the eight Negro players on the gro players in major league ball. leader, St. Louis infielder Plans Cuellar and Orlando late. Dotterer, all reported in fine con-
team expected to be with the PageantTickets given permission to report Second
are His yearly salary was $5,000. Last George Crowe. He is known as are on displayed last season: .
all of the pitchers
selected 28. v season 57 of the 400-odd players big( daddv" and is most likely to are now on sale and will be a total of 19 baseman Billy Martin also reported -

i In addition to Flood and White, were Negroes and were paid a total be succeeded by Bill White who is may be secured from members of hand Varsity there pitchers plus the two early and showed a lot of
t salary just short of $1 million. the only player conceded to not the Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and zip Lee Walls was anotherto
there are also Leon Wagner, out- Yet so apart do these Negro play- be a "hog-cutter." (Hog-cutter: Explorer Scouts for the April 30th farmhand hurlers. start workouts early and was

fielder obtained from San Fran- ers live, says Reporter Robert one who make an embarrassing I: pageant"FIFTY GOLDEN YEARS' Outfielders Pete Whisenant and cavorting around third base and

cisco during the trading season; Boyle, that they can converse in mistake on or off the field). l WITH SCOUTING" at the Gator: brought his brid< i first base. While Walls has played
in 1959 was an on-again-off- Bob Gibson who won 9 and lost front of a white player and he While Negro players will tease Bowl. dition. Dotterer Dutch married the for- most as an outfielder in the ma-

again schedule. 9 last year; Marshall Bridges, also will not understand what they are each other in racist terms and Ray Splinter, show director is to camp. of Saskatoon jors, he can also play first or
General Manager Bing Devine with a tie 3-3 game record; Dick talking about. will make veiled race jokes in asking all scouts of the Council, mer Arlene Boykowich: third.
,N. Y.
is pretty definite about White, 'Canada at Syracuse.
Rickettes who came up from "Negroes aren't supposed to front of wnites, they will tight if along with their leaders to take
however. Rochester; infielder George Crowe ( part in this- event. on February 22, 1960. Pitcher Jay Hook revealed that
stick together, says Cincinnati a white player makes a racial remark -
"It's still Pretty tough to say and Ellis Burton, who had a .292 Pitcher Brooks Lawrence, "but the to a Negro. At the same Pageant Directors from various Outfielder Tony Gonzalez he and his wife, Jean became

anything about White now," he average with Omaha in '59. closest kind of adhesion I've ever time the Negroes do not care districts are: Bill Chambers Mo- highly-touted youngster cn the parents for the second time on

said just prior to the opening of know has been among Negro ball- that white players avoid them and hawk District; John E. Bradford Havana roster, is also slated tr January 22 this time a girl, .

the Grapefruit League here. "We players." they feel they generally get along Cherokee District; Joe Coffin drill with the parent club here Marci Joy Big Don New-
do plan to give him a chance this PATRONIZE, Calling the Negro major better with white Southerners Seminole District Bernard Dykes Nashville manager, Jim Turner combe one of the hardest workersever
year. Perhaps that's one of the leaguers "the most interesting than Northerners. Says Don New- Alachua District; Bal Aderhold, Fred HutchInson and hit to put on a baseball uniform
mistakes of last year, not getting Star /IdvertisursMy group in sports Sports Illustrated combe: "The Southern white 'Muskogee District and Miles coaching staff of Cot Deal Wally was the first: pitcher to throw
him into the lineup. He is 'a good describes their position in Negro knows hennas to play with"youand Trusty, Shawne District. Moses, Reggie Atero'and Whites batting practice newcomersCal

threat with the long bail- 'We-fi In- society, their jealous guarding of because Tie is southern he is Locknian Scout Mick Con- McLish and Bill Henry 'received

I their slang and code words and going to try to keep trouble down. nolly is conducting the special a great deal of :attention

Watch This ( ]n vn Neighbors their nicknames, their subtle res- He's more cautions of what he spring training conditioning exer from the press, radio and television -
ervations about whites and Latin has to say." PRIEST RIVER IDAHO cises. contingents.
64-75-36 Negro players, and the informal Brooks Lawrence who is alsoa thinks it only fair'to apply a with- .Outfielder Gus Bell and short- The 84-page Cincinnati Reds

458-40-913 code of behaviour they have established leader among the,Negro players, holding tax to the youngster'. stop Roy McMillan began working Official 1060 Yearbook is avail
for themselves. Almost told Boyle that Negro players allowance just so the younger generation out with the batterymen and are able to fans by sending fifty centsto

invariably 'Boyle says these tend to reject invitations from the can get gradually accustomed in great shape Bell was consistently Reds Yearbook, Cincinnati
: standards are followed: I whites because of reasons whichgo to a procedure to which driving the ball over the Rids Cincinnati Ohio. The Year-
= =
= A Negro player does not "get back to before baseball: "If adults are now hardened." distant barriers: here at Al Lopez book contains photos and lifetime

1)) Field, and McMillan showing that c"rds of all the Red players,
_6 :- _3 __ he is completely recovered from I with 1959 statistics, all-time records -

his 1959 injuries, was blasting the II I the farm system and many
,. ball with tb.2 sum: authority he I' other features. .
17-23-86 t_,.

Sometimes bo's ui
Bomettioes! he's down Aaw. ?r.Y,;.. <

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Starring Alan Ladd's Son J. P. AnnouncesFor
He Walks Thru Solid Wall Of Stone Young if if 1

With Pat Rasche The Wonderdog'D' I I'q Tax Collector PostJ.

-=A ; SENSATIONAL NEW THRILLS P. Young. Jacksonville businessman -- -
I 'q]. by the pr /.urof"The BIOS" and civic leader, has an- will apply the experience gainedin
C' 35 years operation of successful I
nounced his candidacy for the
}iM 6IJ ;:: business to supervision of the ,
: office ef Duval County Tax Col
':' : CINEMAscO ....,... :y t m L efficiency, economy, and maxi- ,.
i COLOR Mr. Young, owner of the real 'I
'1>: ;'
byDoWXG ? "
".""s A mum service in this vital county 'II
r.. estate and mortgage firm bearinghis
; ...
.<." g. ,w- name, has been engaged In the
management of private business .' J
.a Also here for the post 35 years. He has ,:> .,<(.,\4 f

been active in real estate appraisal t. .. .,., .- I
Rory Calhoun Lloyd Bridges and mortgage loans _: .: ., ., :
1 throughout Duval County since Rr .. <. ,.)
"Ride Out For Revenge" I coming to Jacksonville in 1919. ELER MAE ANDREWS *

If elected, :Mr. Young said he Eler is currently a memberof

the 12th. grade DCE Club.

I Green Pasture Guild of which
she Is secretary and an active
member of Mt. Ararat Baptist

?? ... Church. She is preparing for a

1 arrer of Nursing, but sparejme
is spent enjoying her finite -

FREE H. A hobby-sewing.

--r .
" 00" = t.* .v rM. ---- t : I

."'!..;", J. P. YpUNG
:,JR.... 'Th tremendous expansion of
r":M Duval County in the past several
years and its growth potential in '
Free Installation !
the years ahead demand that
@ 1 modern proven business principles
X.,4. 1 1 ibe applied immediately to meet

I' the requirements for increased
; '! and the
: service for the people 3
i i handling of treme does sums of
Free Tanks of
4 Gas!
k4j .., .1 ,, : public money without waste. This
.' : .-"'/ '} county has grown too big and the
.-, ,. : : : tax collector's duties too complex JOHN HOUSTON, JR.
i to trust to methods which were
Le La Lets, Teenage Social
WX'V# \+ adequate 20 years ::ago" 1r'1 I Club and DCS Club are lust a
: j; '>?i r i I Young stated.
: few of the organizations thatkeep
., 1CG E (\ I He is a native jof Sylvester Ga.,
-. :.0 John Houston busy. He is
A A 8 school-
; '::- : : 8 where he received his early
\ ; :' .i -:' \ I ing. Later he attended agricultural also James a AME member Church.of New Dancing St.,
colleges in Georgia. S'w1mm1ng.and tennis occupies
4 I
Gas I Mr. Young has been very active .
t I ;- most of his idle hours.IMOGENE
in civic:; fraternal, and veterans n
i I affairs for the past 4O< year( $. He .

( "'-, : -? 1 RAN G E i:t the is currently Big Brothers an-activej! the Boy ember Ser-of r ....a
$9.7S Per
: Mo.t' I I vice Council; the: Education 4>Committee .-

of the Jacksonville Area
: '; : ''. \ the
.t\ -
: : : Chamber of Commerce; M1h
,1" .
!. .
If .; ,
I J : r i Lion Club the Men's
.. .. .Ii .!_ .' Downtown ;
., .. \ !.ft ..... r.t 4"" 5 I".''* .'>.. 1..f'.. i' : : ,... .:. Garden Club of Jacksonville;, Barracks -
\ P
.;.. ,> < '; ,.-t./ : .' of W.W.L
; No. 491 Veterans
; ; J : / ::
.. ,
.. ,
.' ... ......' ; : '" '88,
..'l'' ;.. -:'", '1ri:'. : ;>k ., '-.!,4;;;... j .... '.'"&-:t.:, "'. ,.--::.'?, ;' SV..:.t 'lf'. 'f '\""' S:,"."";,:'ti' i-.'" S",...- ., of the UniUtf States Life-time; Post member d
p" \ 'I. ; American Legion;
i'"," '.dd i. '" .;t<'; : .__.... I .:. :.,'.. j 2.(.: .','- '. .' : .
,. ... .., ... Chapter 1, Disabled American
CALL US ; ;, ,.r-I':l' ..-. \, :'*' /' '. "t''fL".f.. 40 .. .... tf" .'.'... ,.; }!- .' ........F.: ", -..-: .' :' ,1- ..,. Veterans; ifatittial Committeeman I Il
.. ; <" :' ; : .. : :. Post 1689 Veterans of For-
.. : .
> :
.'_ -i. r:'.(' :. ';'tJ.''':;' ,'t.'t...: ;-.l- -1<,,,,. ,,., : : eign Wars.A .
:.'/ J{ ': } "ft-<; ': ? ., ;.J. ; -' ':. : '; \\1 4it ; his L
l all of
( licensed active pilot
: : : ; ._.
',. ..-,. .:.t.' ...! :JiIr 'j.. ...... "'. .. 'i. ,
.. .
.. .
..- .- \ > .
; \
..of' .":-.. .. -, :. : ,.., -1-'d. '" .;.. f ;>,,"' ':'."."t, ,, -,"..... .. 1...,..""I'...J. ."", t t.:.-: ?,. ; 3 f:- T( own plane and is a member of Imogene 12th. grade studentof
t ; TODAYDELIVERED ;p'1 -J. ,, ..., 'to 1 ; ; the pioneer airman's organization the DCT Club is also a
'" --'\ < -k the OX-5 club. He flew with allied. I member of the Junior Honor
'rV ; 1 tS ;: : .. : :> 1 1I
t'i : 3" : : ,tt j !f. i .:;: ); : :) : i forces in W.WJ.J. Society. She has served as
I : j <. : : ; +: ; i! )' @ t{. ., '.;'(i if i:4: ', ; P. Young is also active in chairman and vice-president of

s? ; : ; :' > : r '"' 'r r. local riding activities and Is a several organizations and has
f -
fe ;... : member of the. Trailriders of received the Certificate of
F t*. .. ". ., -- .. .'. ," ::::::------==---: ;: --.-- Jacksonville. Oceanway's Bit and I Sc1i larsh1p. Career planned-

..>\.: f : ;i .J; : .<..1.:. ..': : 1 -- .. ., .. ... .I '81. J Spur- Club and Mandarin's Boots .Medical Secretary.
} l : 1 1 .t.. t: and Saddle club.
: : :j' :' : _. : .
; : ;- -'TI' v. I Mr. Young is thoroughly qualified *
X < : : f.iJ ; .' .. ftfr
a : in real estate appraisal and
> TODAY! t t : C law having done extensive study frfr Listen To PepsiMusicQuest
.- ; >:
: ""
the extension department.
"\ '.., .' .;,.:.':.' ..":,J-t< ,.,.. HAM! frfr
r. i';'':' University of Florida. During the Friday
;:;;: \t : :t .. t.> ''' '..: Free Installation! past several years he has com- : Mites 10:3010 iooi
adult education
pleted numerous
: I
'j' ,l : 2 Free tasks of Gas!14 courses at Jacksonville University ."i Pfaccne Request
1M"" ; He is a graduate of the Dale Car-
; negie Course and was his class EL 6-0461-2
SEE OUR COMPLETE t president. :J

: ) ; } ,- $1 0 75 He is an associate member of Jt

LINE OF MATCHLESS !' ,. a i the Society. of Residential. Ap
> praisers.Mr. t
'... :.. ,- I
'.- Young is a communicant of

; ... GAS..RANGES! "i'*'vI'>" PER MO. St.Luke's Episcopal Church wherehe .
.- is head usher and is active in .
the men's club. -
His wife is the former Ella
JI ji'i :
Sf4. L Pea1 EL 644S9 Daniel Cooper of Jacksonville
.. ,
.. Ir' They reside at 2120 Doane St. in
'. .' 4.\= ; :- : T :. J.', <' ;, 'f.l2' -i. '
,., t+.< ..., ;.;. r:'.. 'f'- ... :If Arlinstoft.
.' .f IIi -- i JJ: :,:. '.' }- .! The Youctc havj two sonS, Dr.

,',. 7, .'.\'; k: t3f KR :: : A A.JiLena 4 :. PEARL J. P. Young Jr., ot Lake Tresoa r
1 Animal and Dr. pYaWs
Hospital; George
'< I>,.1"''.',,]!a, ;. S ,' rrre.Ikw '.: FREE PARKING M. Young, of Murray Hill Animal dt
t'1. .. '
'F""" Hospital; a daughter, Mrs. WalterD.
.. 829 PEARL. ST. CORNER STATE & PEARL .' IN OUR LOT NEXT DOOR. Sikea of Jacksonville Beach; !
PHONE. EUra 6-1419. and 10 Grandchildren.Paid .
Po1i cal= Advertisement VLJ1 -_
i 1 (paid for by J. P. Young)