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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200546datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date January 30, 1960dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=005460740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
January 30, 1960
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
January 30, 1960
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
__. ,t .' .-- '.. ..... ,...... .. }

D F FJAX 1 .

F l ..... .".. -" -




; .. rI. g0& 6? FLORIDA HISTORY '.. Offer Plan To Protect

..' ;

,I.... P. ROR/DI : ,Negro Voting! Rights

;"' NO. 51 And NEWS J..uary 30. I960 JACKSONVILLE: 9. FLORIDA 15 Cer.I : -

I .- .- Negro otiBtg

p t Homes Man Kitaighbor Plan WASHINGTON Offered Eisenhower F

( lodget s I administration that federal Wednesday judges be proposed em-- _

powered lo appoint referees to L--R
protect Negro voting rights in all
I'' h-;: ': ; elections states as well as federal.

PS Wj t.th Shotgunfr unveiled Atty. Gen.the plan William as an P.alternative Rogers- rr.a _

l .... to the recommended federal registrar by the arrangement -

\ Civil Rights Commission last September -
,. for federal elections.

Jobs" ;' Homes Both plans are designed to meet
W "WFioPai- For School o : 'Men 41d complaints that local election officials -

I i t* And Who Got TIi v f\torR211! : By Neighbor With Shofguh vent qualified in some Southern Negroes from areas pre-vot-

ing. Both would require congres-
I' out of the the charges of J job '''selling and promotion .buying in the Early -last Monday police arrested ..; I* 'JX.- sional action.

Duval School system, the announcement that.State Attorney William Mack Hughes 42. of 719 Court B. he failed to hecti' thz warning: ,
If investigation into the claims has. stirred up shot him: once in the stomach. One important difference is
Hallowes launch an Blcdgett Homes: for the shotgun that the Rogers plan would: extend -
excitement members of the profession. Hughes is being: hcli en a
I no little among ?!aring= of his neighbor, Walter D. charge: cf homicide investigation federal supervision into state
t The questions that nearly everybody McCullough of 618 Court D. .., ,... elections, and another is that it
to know areVl1o: Hich Court
I wants ; would not require any new set u. I
: bought their Jobs? Who's been do- aTh The 36-yeor-cld McCulloushdied voter registrars.The .

Ing the selling? Rule! On in the emergency rc-.m k y+ federal referees could issue rt

Complains to board: members: Duval Medical Center at ilie certificates: of eligibility to per-

have led them to suspect that a.m. after efforts to save his 1. sons they found to be qualify'

.+,,... iSome! Negroes may have paid ai Teacher cinWAHINGTONThe : failed. He had been adniltUtf.,. i to vote. Election officials ref."?-
:much ts $700 to obtain teaching. Supreme I the hospital at 1:00: a.m!:: : / ing to recognize such a cert'fleate!

q positions.Paynients. might be prosecuted for ccnterrr.of .
c'f- UP to $1,500 have Courtagreed,, Mocday-to rule .on ,Patrolmen: Freddie! Mack;; all" l court. '
\ .teachers an Arkansas law which ;is.-,designed Johnny Doe. arrested Hughe*.
been claimed by some Southern members ofCcs:
; to deter.'Negro teachers Homicide Detective Sgter. ELJCorley j
.*t to receive pro- { -: who
wntfsald'they paid. oppose the federal registrar '- -
,or su- from supporting'any organization' and ,L: 'A. IIamway sail r ... ....'". 04":: .
motions to prlncipalships iR plan contend that the U. S. Con- i -- I
th advocates desagregaUcn.., A< Iiughes.lold': them ih'lctim'.ap* .r ,. .
....psq 7 q;posts.:th e luau' if airy, The law, enacted"by..a...special dsroacb. d..bi&._"dgof twice durln fstftution gives the state the sole uk ". ..;,--. r;f I' ;': ;. .... .. .!' .... >J' I I1"
redtgt'beeti to determine .
Who rece power voter qualifications. f 'J
? ssiotr.of tliCatate.legLdatureC .atl.. i"I4nct. A'lih"... tpt, '' "' *' e ;; .# -1 I I4
discloSet1\. : +-- ..' .,). ,1q 4 .. 'pin i 4 -.t. .JL ,Al. -lJ. .
c. ..;;;' ... .
c 1958. requires teachers:icKHit nndez ; the circumstances qf whi ._. f.J "' t''S* ,' :; -2.,, <<; '1 I
full boat r'h1et.at -tme ; .o.c. Uz -'i H'. .. 'I-' !i -4iY.tu G ...... .:
The R,{met plan, .a person ; "_ ., .,....
no'revea.Ied .: : : .
.alloresniz tNlor otD..v r' da ::: .t: ;' L .. ... ---X ... I
lastridiy -to, .J.t
member's house ," 'Ii V9 '4 $'. ;. $ felt i! haiJ) 'been, ]dis'crjmj-[ ,. .: .J .1- ;_... i :1.H'i:. .
discuss ihe.cQmplainls_ ; Yy1S de- theyf,jhave: 'belonsedKdm.-Uie: .*. .. -- -"l")4 ; __ Hushes-Bald hc;'roan: rCo.1rp; five ;* ;, < '
'>\\H ce then tG Conier, itt>Hallaje ogdirg yeaRs- to his ap4 r3rtttlaWout 12:45:: a.m.. cplor cqufd cwnpikin. to the local'TLS. i '. ':7""J" ;;" I .. .
and a ;&!$Adyice.on.he best.way. In; e1r..a.ppeaither Suprer e. :aft LH z s.'thdtib1t h'a.f :hi t attb'mey; the '11'':'or write! MISS .HAITI" CROWNED'MISS'SUQAR CANE'V: Rcjccr-tfy :

to investigate the. situation! : Court Negro teachera.en11e1l the itrJilg >bmdYixirgtib: laid:' ie.\i i' a letter (b.the-Justice Department.. crowned'"Miss. HoitKof 19 0":, pert Claudinette: Fo' chard has.

WbQtherenthtogjwil! come outof act:'d ':ot-; "the: legislative.* planand lis'siio} ...: L 7': .t ir rried the [ tin 6emc Y f'Jt Jhe Justice Departrjent.found tided another crown to her.coll ction..by winning. thc,.coyetcd !
: : I
the investtgaUon Js extremely, .. : H >tP. -' ;. ; .d.u..., __ m''''''' 'tjisld inplaint had .merit, it coup title Queen of the'Sugar Cane": in Coif,.,Colpmbio;.. ..._ I -,
J F'
'Jiouttul for'!'the; a1m !ereastluLt se Lion n *p b1lc ndment'ait-seliool "dspite. _, f1'._.'it-. .' ; fApir $ ., start*a casain court.. '" ", I II' Mademoiselle Fouchard, who measures a'stunning 36T24-

if there has been any Job the J.'o- ... CT- 36, competed against 42)beauties,from 'Hawaii._ f,. Cuba, Mexico,
orjromotion buying findadmit' date to.the. conteary/ ->.t Puerto Rico, Florida, Louisiana. ,, Dominican 'Republic,' Panama*.
'having paid B.: Tj.. elton.-a- Negro:teaehrr, andCol6mbia.. ;
"H' .1n .som 'n .: Uori wID..1Je'fillt --Little .Rock. .who..acknowledge? ; Educated at the Sorbonne.in'Paris and '
.1yafob or.a: pr.qm.- I G6orge Washing
I( tV.: f1nd1h L''the' proverbial ..thathe..belongs..io the NationalAssn. .of- : FL r ton University in Washington, D. 'C.; the 21 year old Haitian i
Advancement. :
needle .in a haystackttho ." -" : ,stunner speaks French, English,.Spanish"and German This ,will
v. pgn t Caching(; apl'o 1n ItlentS ,Colored .People,, .was-den ed ,be, of great advantage'to her as a ,representative of all :the
and promotions!made from the for the 1959 school term $sugar industries of this continent; '
.because, he refused,,.to.ubmi.statement. a
the Superintendent *'"* *? "
office it is generallyfelt tShejtor t- ... _
Public.that Instruction whatever( skullduggery appealed :.to.thu. J -;, ) : MistrialKnighton Ru-led In
prenie urt ar.three-judre
P after .
Q .
have beerf -going"'on, it was : i : ':yTti.rE y .
may B S--q
wledge of.officialsbi' federal Courtin 'Arkansas!, upheld -. _
without he'm .. .. constitutionality of. the *,reQulre-(
tot 'office.It ment.. He. was joined uV the *&p.peal' -; i'e Cae-;
'fc suspected that acme
ti\e' Arkansas Teacpers "
may"have i;paid for teachers ,... bj[ .
sons who do- Assn., composed, of Negro teachers t 'Fr
rete "confidenced": and T. W. executive ra'Xi t+ i .J Court Appointed
i Lawyers
tag'do'by sharp operators. In other 'secretary of the Association. .. !): ": ___

...eroS.they may have paid for jobs .
Hammer A* State
they' did not have to pay for. racial Evidence
In another case involving a
: -i' 1-i
issues the court ordered a new fk _

Jaxon Killed hearing for two Negroes under ; fh Two state appointed Negro lawyers who hammered relentlessly at the

death sentence in Louisiana.It .. prosecution's evidence in the Lee Knight murder trial succeeded in
directed the federal district creating such doubt in the minds of the
Jurors that the
In Car Chase court in New Orleans to deter- ""..... _' hit I.t:: d .1:-. ". .1 I ,.., up in a mistrial. case wound'

mine whether Negroes were deliberately son and Releford McGriff, appointed '
With Police and intentionally by the court produced two taken Into custody to ()pa'Loka,1!

limited or excluded in the selection witnesses who contended that Sea after being spotted by a maga- I

A 37-year-old Jaron. fleeing of jury panels for the trial. had approached Knighton at the zine saleswoman who had lived:

from police smashed Into the .f the two men. rear of 313 N. Myrtle Ave. in a next door to Knighton in Jackson

front of a supermarket on Forest The .two, Clifton Alton Poret belligerent manner and had fired I ville. -

street early, Sunday and' TO' killed and Edgar,Labat, are. under death After deliberating for IVz hours,
offlsgrs. .reported.He aanteace fir the rape of a white a Circuit Court jury declared itself MAN FORCED IN ALLEY
was the third:'truffle fatality womaa in New Orleans Nov. 12 Rj I in "hopeless disagreement" Wednesday AND ROBBED OF $28

in the city this year aad the 1IIA. night and Judge William Charles Kohn. :21. of 739 CourtB

eighth in: Dmval County.GtticoKi H. Maness declared a mistrial. was robbed of $23 in assorted
said -Augustus Dris el j HAN REPORTED Following three days of testi- bills last Saturday as two men

206 Lewi Sfe was dead cm'arrfawl.IS SUICIDE ATTEMPT mcny concerning the May 24 stuck a gun In his back and ordered -
at.DuTji Medical Center. A passenger A suicide attempt. failed of its 9C3 shooting of Negro Police Sgt. him to walk in the alley

in the car. Ralp Cfc9sBfejtan. purpose for Cecil Grant. 32. of Charlie Sea. the easy went to the behind Fashion Men's Shop at

21.' of 282 Geodwin.St. was WSO W. 29th Street who allegedly jury shortly after 1 p.m. The ury Ashley and Broad Streets.

treated at the county hospital and took potash to do the job. police members: reported at 6:50 pm. The victim told police he peal
Ceased. records imHaate. tin they could net agree on a a bill at a Jewelry Store and

Florida Highway Patrol Trooper I.) Johnny Gilbert said he received verdict and were sent to dinner. walked west on Adams Street to

Rodney J. Ridaush said he was a phone call from Grant between Thoy resumed deliberations at Clay Street north on Clay to Ashley ;; -

chasing the car at speeds up to' 4 and 4:40 p. m.. last Saturday 8:55 p m., but reported at 11 p.m. and when. he got midrtleway

100 m.p.hth on Myrtle avenue saying Tm sorry for everything.:' thot they could not come to a the 500 block on West Ashley, the
driver; he ecnslu.non.: two men stuck t1gun: \ in his
from Kings road when the Gilbert said he heard a fall 1 back.
of the fugitive car failed to negotiate then went to Grant's home and
':;A' SlatAU y William A. Hallows Finding lhatet: rptf
and the
a curve *t Forest 'street had to break the door in to get
hail asked fcr a first de- robberts gavehc victim J >, v.r.l.let
front ofSetter's He taken to : -
smashed through the inside of house. was
'., : jrrcc murder verdict: without; back.: Thr / ?,-a h-!* il.;, .."-.t
store at 1016 Forest St. Duval Medical Center by Dallas ,.:: ; : 'J' .
Damage to the supermarket was Graham ambulance. 1.-''''f'' ,' :. ., ._ .I..... ,. .>... ,',. mercy. v.hh: xr tild! ]fare called west en Ashie< fa .J fu"i
for the ileatlt penally.Icffii1 south on .k! 'warn i hr ', *
estimated *&t i1 camand; the vic I Del. S;,. J. M Parker said in n
-*; a.l. rn -> I tl M. Jan- i said.
tim's L..e moU'-l caw was completely his opinion, victim does not show I vVrr-n .,.' '.... .
-- Branrh ... .
The :T.trc? :-1nson eyv :r-lary. Thomas B.Hargravcs P- uui\ ;.I. L. Ma::xr.; f'cu'
wrecked. any physical signs of taking* pet- Jr. with a reception in the library ofT* X v Stantcn Sr. J- "h t--u: recently.PLAQUE P-innti, e&uf'cd( that ilir: two cifliccrc Sgt. L. C. Wi'lair; <- hrttc'!.

ash. Dr. Powell at the Medical rur:3i::nnr) wcrp tai.n by 'riseKnighton 'fJi -- --- -

BIG KNIFE IS USED." Center confirmed Sgt. Parkers Chairman of the Committee "f Management pr*>- .utx AT a,-+ gft W.W-4 n'i jt7n memray of .whVU1e). wae..awwan. --' ATTENTION LADIES '-

WHIPPING MAN Fairfax opiniin. the deceased Ececuiii-r. Jc W. Word for his oo-( :I.3-r.'i i' '-.rti tjtOr; ifti3;, ilt1tgh J slwWtifrom- Jet .; what was suppond 'to;b f:j a I Bridge & Social Club
William Perry 52.about the face : Atty. D.V.. Perk >i?, And-'ew Robinson Mr,;..'. >ma- AkV'-c. new Fwrtnic!ve Inctnas B. Rargrave. ;Ratite police calL Mnssry: aakl'he ReportersSend

with Street was beaten knife last Sunday some gasoline when an argument Jr, Mrs. Jesse W. \Vord. Chairman Alton Adams, h.. Ch iihWsuiccr. Miss E. M. White .and:: Charles .'ran/c" *ltli surprise wbrnnnlghlorr or Mail

during a large which resulted In a started with a man whom he did D.:Brooks, Principal of Ntw SUnton.Seme tired on Sen .tiler the Your Social New
a fight not know. Investigating officers of the attendants at the receptir.n are .shewn as .'they were being: served. police sergeant. had n.-k.d him! Mondays To

fight gasoline over the reported.The purchase. of some said they advised the victim'to New Stanton Hi-Y boys Oscar I. Hillman, Mrs. Alice. John<;rn. M.ML, Hoemi Harti Gr -Y Advisor of "What's, the trottbte .i:1la?" ,,,,:'- FLORIDA STAR

victim police told police he was secure a warrant just as soon as A. L._Lewis Jr. High School and In the background Jtei HimeTs Ad Visor of"R. L. Brown, Gra-Y Club Knighton wasp< 'a fugitive from 2J23 Moncrlef Rd. Cor. 13lh:
at 1922 Road purchasing the identity of the man is known. arid Miss E. M. White: -f '- > tK...- ". .; J: .' 3]May. .until Oct.. 23 when he, Kay Or Phone EL <&..6782s
Kings '. ,. .. J s} _' '' <. "* .' a. : 1
.:< : ,, : : "" '\ "
..4L ;;- 4,. ''.... ".
', .. .r
I!:,- .

!, -. d. .J..t.... .

= _: iL ; i ..f.S_-:-- ,_.,,$."_" r I f --

.. .
.. >

-.....- 1lyr."..


,: ., _. .
< .. .
; ,
-; I'M. ,."-'..' '' ff.1. *. ;:':... .' ... '. .
.. .. \5$ 'jS F ;i: .j r''i: ; !->' .'': -OC.'

< : <.,:; : j t ; ; ;;';::, ; ': :.: .c-T .>:.;; \ : 'c t

.IIP.y. TWO : THE FLORIDA STAll Week Ending Saturday. January 30 1980

.- t ,

NEWS 'Polities As Usual"By

Eric O. Simpson

Publlahed by Tb.',Florida Star Publishing Co. OFFICES UP FOR ELECTION' 1960 '
A s : : 't .4 For the benefit Of
readers are
"Member of Associated Negro Press" I. i- our we presenting the list
Eric O. Simpson _- Editor t of offices up for election in 1960. The list was kindly supplied

R a Parhaxn Johnson _News Staff ,a. by CONGRESSIONAL the office of the Supervisor of registration.- '

Hilda Wooten .. Circulation Depi.' : trict No. 5, Ned P. Searcy Sr.
Representative in Congress Sec
r+ County Budget Commissioner District
ond ; -
Congressional District Charles:
,. MAIN OFFICE & PLANT: E No. 2, Basil J. Walker.
,. Bennett.
OJ3 Moncrief Road -- EL: 4-6782 EL 4-6783 JUDICIAL' County Budget Commissioner, District -

Downtown Branch Office 423 Broad St. Phon EL 4-3773 ;. 1k Justices of: the; Supreme. Court No. 4. Joseph G. Kennelly Jr.
County Civil Service Board, District
Number of Offices?
No.2. Carleton R. Barber.
Mailing:! Addvesst ti .. Qrcuit Judges Fourth Judicial
eW County Civil Service Board. District
P. O. Box 561. Jacksonville 1, Florida M Gm.it Eight Offices.
No. 4. Paul It. Akin.
Governor Leroy Collins.
SUBS(' IPTION RATES Secretary of State R. A. Gray.

:m. Year, $5.))0; Half Year $3.00: Three Months 51.80 'i. : Comptrollor RayE.. Gm>n. DLST1HCT
4 ; Justice of the -Peace, District No.
In The United States.Rn:4Xtotlon .
Mailed To You, Anywhere Commissioner of Agriculture Nathan
2, R. D. Pcndarvis., Jr.
:: Payable in Adnmce. Send Check or Money Order To: Mayo.
Constable, District No.2. D. RL
Attorney General Richard VV. .Er-
t ; vin. Justice of the Peace District .No. ,
3, L. C. Oliver.
Supt. of Public Instruction TomD.
oQ Constable District No. 3
UNION Roberts. '
CIVIL State Attorney William A. Hal-
Justice of the Peace, District No.
f TN lowest HI Railroad and Public Utilities -
ttyL 4, George A. Harris.
OBSERVED 40th. Commission.
Constable District No.4. LonnieA.
Member State House of
Representatives -
ANNIVERSARY Justice of the Peace District No.
Group No. 1 John E.
5, D. Harley Giddens.
Mathews Jr.
Constable, District No.5. Frank
The American Civil Liberties Union observes its 40th birthday Member State House of Representatives E. Brunson, Jr.

this week by releasing a special issue of its monthly publication, Group No. 2, Harry West- Justice of the Peace. District No.
the ACLU's most famous cases berry.
"Civil Liberties which summarizes 8, Ernest R. Hartley.
issue initiates a year-long Member State House of Representatives -
In the last four decades. The special Constable District No.8. R. G.
educational campaign designed to show how civil liberties directly Group No. 3, George B.
(Judge) Hartley.

affects the personal freedoms of all Americans. The UN Vote Against Apartheid (Jim Crow) Proved Embarrassing Stallings Member Jr.State House of Representatives Justice of the Peace District No.

The ACLU was founded in January 1920 by a score of eminent group No.4. Subject to 9, Genevieve K. Medlock.

Americans, including Jane Addams Helen Keller, Roger Baldwin. Referendum Nov. 3, 1959. Constable District No. 9, George

Arthur Garfield Hays, Norman Thomas, Rabbi Judah L. Magnes COUNTY: H. Brown Jr.
and Rev. John Haynes Holmes. Since then the Union has grown Your Weekly Clerk of the Circuit Court LeonardW.

into a nation-wide organization of 48,000 members and 27 local -- Thomas. Justice of the Peace District No.

affiliates. Its work is aided by a network of 800 cooperating attorneys Sheriff Dale George Carson. 10, Dorcas B. Drake.

throughout the country. Baldwin led the ACLU until hisretirement Horoscope Guide Tax Assessor Leon E. Forbes. Constable, District No. 10, J. R.

in 1950 when he became its international work advisor Tax Collector Hyde H. Simpson. CarmichaeL

U wa succeeded by Patrick Murphy Ualin. ex-economics professor iy PAiLO, TIM ASTROLOGER! Superintendent of Public Instruction Justice of the Peace, District Na
4T awftthmore Collage and Tice-chalrmaa: : of the World War II Inter- : Ish Brant

G 11t&1 cbs a lttess on Refugee WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR Canty Commissioner.: District I IJIf. 11, Sarah Bryan.
O ratable. District No. 11, A. feL
.. 1. J. B. (Joe) Mallard.
aid the erganimtion.mm I
or-UQ em tto Unioa'i g eowtb. tfalim (Steve) Stephen
tutiwes LOVI mmn Ce District
teltlea that tttrwd
.. feat tact at a muabar of coaftttuttoaal I
..,.. ...1rl4 e they cceurrcd bat vfeteh errs BOW balled Mo. t, Joe P. HatnmaxLOofly Justice of'tie Pace District K*
Uftited'a_ When! the &. vnoo e 1 .... 4' l'f Y OonastaioBer, DMrictHi. 12, T. O. Tam) Urines.Gmfebte .
- iee0tt Lt.b IB tile Utory of *
Zz. Ed q n AId Sift _. tend /roe .. ... 6..4 f. !. Burnett.Jtffee Dyke "b. U, V. t'
( depodsti eq
.. Patent Mds a 9s
.1, VM ,..... Malia mil
..t.asi4i& fit lit d too jaatfh MeoM till Ten tfxxtt abanfeato yvereA ssttw 1"....... /Rsa IfcKeoDey J. oa kId (BUI Woodward.
bald roALml tollrfi Bjipnftfl fey toe few -
eernnr tit yen filled vtth -At ......" XaUrn..j. ".+.a ka weU-tetoc of huAdnefe dafiafl : ees ND raZXAJMTXYeaidcBtkl
verifcvfaile.tatyou IftIIn b satfOr
tiptop to hanflto tht w&t A tag DIIM'a WUIka
> > "V T.
U8'- Harvey.
...-. ...u... Bat yaafly mat. to the tiny ACLU VMgg
... 1! then .,..:tka4 aU pwpto posHBtt ertalzx IriallfBiTiln. &Wt of iiifjtnijailii. Tie only fee- cat due if you Bav' End -> **.. fart -tsr ....N t>1Dettis r ef Recktradon FlernCtat Preference Primary.Natknd ..

..... Yet dose ia tat OaMtftatioa eat it* am of Rlftta. HowTrff ton that could dfctnb your tI ME4t7 up to your repute and it rfwaM: V* Yen teHaai bt0iefl s.fl..et'att tm H. ?....-. ICitteewta&a.GonQatttacman and (

der iT cuek wortff may rem After w a.eh repetition the ACLU may bt eoenecta with atfaiM the be allowed to wither way WeattH keep yen IqJt6I ltal .. CrtoinU Gnat erf Record .
# Item eriouan tfcew rnn. wrery day." heart, t.erc.ee problem, and -crkl of lack of au
development* (%IdI! U 6th). The Jrtia can obtain a wosder&i lift by c0eaiag ditto you+ mi-art ilium. Tee axe County Solicitor Crimiml Court

.&aoII& the earn acted by ftCalia and described in the vpedal a day of opportunity, 1C you are year heart aid mind fc> Ctoe- wen Aware jtel! faHv"al f0w. tf Record Lacy:: KohcD. Jr. .

!lies of -CMl llbtettes'ice the Seopei "monkey" trial (of Clarence engaged ia monetary operations or one who: dncerriy care for you grow vl* ten ammrtiOaa oi caah Board of PuWic Instruction, Di. sleoe.hhr

narrow, rit&t-to-teaeh-ereluttom' fame): the Children's! Craaade.vfeteh eekine a arty ia impart db (Srd). .Definite propoaala can be and property. The Sagittaritai vkwottfl > rift Ho. 1, Raymond A. David. talks,tke reriftratfaaB

petitioned ,Frerident Sardine" to release Imprisoned World des. Bade GO fee Sth-Gth! wbea yaw oour-: t Bn to cocrf mU A weD Baud of Public Instruction': District b.ska are .V pe*. Eefbtcr NOW

9kf I civil liberties Tietfas. : the 8&eeo-VametU cue: the Gastonia Tab ttock of Vfbere ftaad oa age and desires ate at their peak. to per over hta reftactoin.{ exit to JCo. 3, A. E. (Gene) Stokes if y_ bade, nt tore ... Beau

V. C. labor war (free speech for textile workers" seeking .to organisea the 6th and utilize the you kaovleo Three to BO more room for delay.LttfcJL vc& the poa&flity of lainlig it to Board of Public Instruction, Din ..,.. an n rr beta* a ai ..t. !.

a ): free-speech! for employers in labor disputes (the Ford s. .4C-D-G35C Kful advattace (3rd Fellow the ,,1& Is a4 retupa it fromptly. Dca'
to plan oa even more resivecunpaign
tripe Compaay cast); the Scottcboro boys; the Bonus Army eTie- -.otvheo cIoseet 8DIdIate GEMINVay let it lay actoaA the kraae onflItiloL
of action! besnoeier wed. .:A )
--.: "UlyBM and "The Miracle" censorship' cases; the eraeuattcnf 2-55-1&7 .296 it faa. to do wilh One .amiDe Dseu H* Van Jaae VM
Jtpaoese-Aiaerioaai! to dttenttom in World War n; McOactkyism .. ......
camps ices Sept lilt and 4frodim IIf tacnry Oth). 1'tM It cay be more fun to go aloof
; and MftfMWHg Ca the mass tommunieations industry.In It to not eaiy for you to .... may eabte J'8Q' to pice the boles at ttadom: .*3 to lei tsg MB

clung the. special !sue. SCalin warned that despite the .uaUl the pleasures to which you tate thru vtich it tu been I 9tIc.CA.PJIIOItU car: oi thflBMdvea It would be better GANGES
betti dedicated: for store tkae. to aaept ate ms in a spirit offrieadlineaf ..,. Joae tted bra Jaly ZW
stteeesi scored in firmly pI&ntIaa civil llbertiw principles In Supreme .
tar. April tilt tfera t e1t
((ted). A start be made by,tfaeUtoaos It would to ask question
-vuii decisions and public tlstakiny. m&D71ssues are still unrcsolred.Ijgfmg Harmony, at lime and mUU' ti aay than to invite local actions pay yow

these, he said are desegregation in public schools goremment tal associations ii essential to mats who are rftomtWffl With Des L1e.'i .i .... 1-. 116 or other unpleasant oontroversiex of older and wiser heads, eves B

aura and private group censorship illegal police detention and other I tain aa eqidHbrium. bid) Tbere S* their preoant living quarter, thru a The problem l poaea by Matiomrypraaorei (**). Accept the &m flat are you sometimes feel that this is ...

abases of citizens rights, and a host of issues affecting separation of for discoeioa! chance of addreati or the purchase and ftuctiifiiig economies: gven you and get seriously down to neath your dignity. The 3rd ii a
and ise
berch and state. "And there always win be frontier problems not and room oonq of properly (3rd). Even X the prey are the main, should be the take
.jet foreseen that will require the ACLU to txerctee Its 'watchdog you one to cant seems bleak to you (6th), visualize of your ,over-all purposes. Be may have to make to free yourselfof love and to kain inspiration froiD
the '
initiative when realize that
Ualin said. you the future which holds eaten y particulariy attentive to the danger worries and burdens will insure them as welL Accept the condudon: *

the chances of success are promtsng surprises and thrilling experiences.You : that rend the air on the 2nd: ,greater peace of mind and happiness that may be drawn by elders,or partners
Besides cases involving major national issues the national ACLU (3rd). Be motivated by your Intuition simply need patience and faith,11 and signs which will continua to do so for in the future ((6th). You seem to havea should you have occasion to

tr oe of its local affiliates are handling many unheralded cases. and past experience, on the5th6th and considerable imagination, create have to very fortunate partner who can discuss matters of personal and mutual -
central question asked in these cases is how a person's constitutional in order to insure greater .the kind of vibrations that will a spelL be a like Inkling )aa and advise and guide you when you are interest (6th( Zth). Look around
be.. what can (3rd ,
rights have been infringed. ACLU attorneys arguing stability and freedom from in
now are
worry :beneficial these respects ((6th-7th reaching for honors and recognition. for opportunities to better your poat-
acaiBst police abuse of a girl who walked barefoot on a San Francisco the future. this could] to some extent, dependon
Your have
ideas considerable .
and projects I 4-20-77-12-C-427 lion for they are not lacking now.KEN
street late at for wish the good will or largesse of a
night: a couple who to marry in Arizona but 150221462152LEO merit, but avoid the dan
SK9 of separate racial origins, for book and magazine and newspaper of haste. friend. Your most conservative principles

den whose wares are condemned by pressure groups. There are gers 9-70-8S-1S20-978 are strengthened by satisfactory I

eases involving Communists, Nags pacifists racists, and gangsters personal developments ith) ).

people who are condemned for their views and unsavory character Born July 23rd thru Ang. %bid: SCORPIO The reserved and secretive manner, L. V
Kttbexr than any action which really threatens the community. by which.you are painfully buildingup y 3's
What starts out
purely as an argument Born Oct. 24th thru Nor. 22ad
fortunes, seems to be justified !- A
on' the 2nd, could lead to amuch which have transpired in ywr !
-Their predicaments, which involve loss of civil ,liberty. con- Events by the results you are F
..'. Ualin. "illuminate concepts of freedom created by the founders more serious situation by the the. long ago can be very valuable -2).I9aJ2.D.) iS1 _
tf this Bfttion. This is why the 40th birthday of the American Civillobes beginning of the following week. Call guideposts to a future way of life.

Union celebrates the core of what 'Americanism' means upon all your persuasive powers to There is no need to bewail the bard ?4I

tip the absolute convietton that each and every person has calm the temperaments of hotheaded knocks that fate may have given AQUARIUSBon

deer and legal freedoms protected by the Constitution." individuals with whom you must dealor you, especially when you realize Jan. 2ttfc thru Feb. ISth

live. The 3rd is a splendid dayto that they have fashioned the wisdom It can be a source of aggravation w

Ttie copy of the special anniversary issue is enclosed.thtrgth. advance your worldly aims to and experience which can now serre when Tar ar. WIlIer the impression

better your working conditions, and, you to advantage The teat as to that yom are being pushed around.

to add to your material holdings.' whether this is so, or mot: may be The root of disagreement could lie

r Accept greater responsibility, when provided in an unexpected manner In yomr tendencies to spend some-

you know that this. may place you on the 2d. Give serious thought to wbat boa freely instead of contribut-
in line for better things in the future. matrimony, if eligible, on the 6th, ing to a program of mutual security.Do .

Declarations f love, betrothals and when you are most likely; to arriveat aot change your residence when
L. : alliances receive benign planetary a true and sound conclusion. This I yet BMtinctirely feel safety and stability

for life sanction ((6th-7th). also is a favorable period hi which are inured just where you I r.7 u

: : your 6-80-33-17-32-683 to acquire valuable possessions, cash are at present (6th). Your aifction- X:

ate friend can offer yogi consider-

able encouragement in matters that
Get Your Horoscope Guide To
affect your heart interests,

: RICHES LOVE HEALTH and aspirations Sth-Tth( ). > bRr ws

-_ Order your horoscope guide for December Now. Send $2 4-SO-33-14-114S3

j ".; To Pablo ThaAstrologer P. O.Box 561. Jacksonville LFla.I .

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lr1a. Dear Pablo: Enclosed Is 200.) Send my HoroscopeY Those who are gainfully occupied

!. I Guide for the month of December. I II will have to take extra precautionsnot KNIGHT

.- J to lose time and money thru Indispositions ,

.A.CJ ( I NAME I or mishaps, from the Invites You To Listen To -.
2nd thru 8th. (3rd). An old friend .
.\... -,.... ,
I I can stabilize your thoughts, and show ; "KNIGHTTRAIN"
I ,
ADDRESS you the way to a more secure life

(6th). Do not ignore the signals your '

f ::: : ., I, I intuition may be trying to conveyto Starting At 7:00 P. M. Nihtly-

: BORN you at this time for they could:

RICAN UFE, INC. I i iI or success. 1400 WRHCi'
I month date 1400
WORSHIP mJETH-H WEEK I add up to a s.ro-s16-32-565 very imporant interview

-- -- -




1 .

Week Ending Saturday. January 30. 1960 _1EEF7.QSIDA STAB Page I7es!


Stanton Playmakers

,. : = 7 ..
a s a s e se

{ Q0.. The faculty and the New Stan- -- -

ton Playmakers of Stanton High
School will present the FloridaA by "Del" :Mainor Brinson ,r
and M University PlaymakersGuild dk 4
in an African Travelogue The Lone Star Homemakers Demonstration Club held

entitled "Touring Africa With its annual New :Year's party ;in the home .of Mrs. Catherine

The Playmakers Guild" and two Demps on Causey Road. The highlight of the affair "RE-

one-act plays "Happy Journey to CIPE FOR A HAPPY NEW YEAR" and "HOW TO GET
Camden and Trenton" and "FIx- ALONG" was given'by Mrs. Ethel Powell, Home Demonstration .,. :. -. ..,
: in's a Tragedy" in the auditoriumof agent. t ., r et'

the school on Feb. 8. at 8 pjn.
< Guests present were: Mrs Beulah Lewis, Mrs. Vernon

Featured player with the dra- Rivers, Miss Gwendolyn Rivers, Mrs. M. Jones, the Rev. rt

matic group is Miss Barbara M. Daniel Singleton, Miss Mable White, Horace White, Isaiah

Edwards a Junior from Tallahassee. Demps, Mr. and Mrs. Freddye Williams, Arnold Brooks, Leon .

Other members of, the cast Demps, Joseph Bartley, Mrs. Ethel Powell, Miss Debera .

are: Charles Williams Raymond Demps, Glenn Demps, March McBride, Allen McBride and .
i aR
William Emma Jean Brooks. -
Aranha Dorothy Taylor, off \ .

Larkins Gwendolyn Benhard.The 'l]
New Stanton Playmakers ,,,,J .

I 1 are: Rose Ann Shine Bettye Jo Members of the Eaperenine Culture Club held their ;;: ..,,:: ;*

ANNUAL GIFT PRESENTED-The Lafayette Ladies Civic club Harper Cynthia Franklin Gwen- meeting recently in the home of Mrs. Mildred Pearson on :' ,'

presented their annual gift check to the Tuberculous Drive throughthe !'!dolyn Eason Betty Joan Davis Doby Street. Before the business session, members motoredto .
Barbara J. McClain, Herbert Cummings .,
: .
chairman, Mr Alexander Heard. Shown from left: Mrs. Clemen Mrs. Ardia Ferguson's home to surprise her with a baby .
I Pedro Mendez and Roger (-)\,
tine Hunter, President; Mr. Heard, Mrs. Mary Wynn, Treasure. shower. ,. -"
Glover. .. \. 'r ,;\ ..."tt" -
--- ------ Members present were Mrs. Jeannette Scott, Mrs. Al- \.,:.:, ${: -

MOTHER WHO SEWS CAN PROVIDE veria Davis, Mrs. E. Hopkins, Mrs. Marcy Mackey, Mrs. Ruth 'jt --
i Brown, Mrs. Bertha Torrence, Mrs. Juanita Whitt, Mrs. Vi- ;'" >

-- A GROWING WARDROBE FOR HER DAUGHTER vian Robinson, Mrs. Mildred Pearson, Miss Barbara Robinson -

and Miss Clotell Sears.
by Evelyn Cunningham length sleeves. The neck, lined jacket has set-in sleeves f ,
front edges and sleeves of the with detachable collar and .. .'
Experts on raising children a
jacket may be bound with .
have theories cuffs.The
many, many on '
what parents can do to avoid braid.The dress is made here in The P.T.A. of Smart Pope Livingston School met in the .. .'"
the pitfalls of the so-called other dress with at- red poplin, with the skirt home of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Mitchell to complete plans for
trimmed with lace Mary Jane Mack daughter ci lU'nu ,. ... _., ..
tached and a heavy qua '-- 4 a.1\ exchanged -
awkward age in children.Thereis petticoat jacketMcCall's the annual Valentine Tea,. scheduled for February 14, at 4
bordered both sides wedding vows with James Edward Baker, Mi and
on with j-on 111>
often wide ( Pattern No. 5128) p.m., at the school. Mrs MarY Hollback the general chair-
Mrs. Baker of Brunswick ,
black rickrack. The black velveteen Georgia in the Emanuel Bapt bt Church
has a sleeveless neck
Sometimes the scoop man, presided.
experts are not January 17th.Following,
in accord the dress and single breasted, jacket is highlightedwith Present were James Smith president Mrs. Clara Hil-
even as to spe- ; the wedding a beautiful
reception held
buttons and white was in the
cific in which the awk- waist length jacket. The back- pearl ton chairman of committee Mrs. Reta Blue chair-
years collars and cuffs. program ; home of Mr. and Mrs. John Howard, 1238 W. 12th Street.
ward age occurs. buttoned dress has a three- pique Many man of decoration committee; Mrs W. S. Surcey and Ar-
variations in color and fabric
Be that as it may, all par- gore gathered skirt, with a thur Mitchell. Others in attendance and serving as chair-
that there gathered net petticoat: included may be used for this pattern. of 1-6 Mrs. Laura Jackson Mrs. Inez Dun- .
ents are aware are men grades were i
certain periods in their chil- in the waistline seam. The Allow Fashion-SewingWeekly for growth when Tip select -: can, Mrs. Bertha Richardson, Mrs. Ella Mitchell, Mrs. Merce- About Peo&eMrs. / ]
drens' lives when they seemto des Jackson and Mrs. Frances Smith.
.. uf
and make a child'spattern
be all out of kilter. It hap- -';' "'It. '" up Dorothy Bowden, laugher oil lome Demonstration Agent.

pens, for instance, when but don't make it so : ... Mrs. Bell Mitchell and a member I Plans were made or the natioail,
that it's almost
baby girls become little girls, a out large before it actually fits prop-worn Members of the Emanuel Progressive Baptist Associationof of First Corinth Baptist Church c- meeting to be held in Austin, Texas,
and then become tered Brewster ospital where she in October. Mrs. Frice D. '
teenagers, erly.! which Mrs. Sarah L. ,Rice is president, will, present the McKay
I then adults. Etc De Art Models in 'a .fashion show in the auditorium of will undergo surgery. of Texas is nabs. '* president and
One of the mistakes a mother ?' Mrs. Powell is .e -r.iing : .
New Stanton school Feb. 29 at 8:30 P.M.
: :W High Monday, Attending the Executive Board
.* can make and which cane '::,.'.' ,b :. ,: .;k::.9.;;l These models, under tha' direction of Mrs. Ethel Spears, will] meetig of the National Home
% so easily avoided is to ..
< :-'
the latest spring and creations. held at Southern i
display summer University Bato I
dress her little in :
girl tootVoung t Rouge, La., were Mrs. Ethel M. : Ida C. Holley of Detroit, :
.. or too old clothes.. A 2' ; '. .t.t'i 1 Officers of -sponsoring group are Mrs. E. J. Jones, Powell, Home Demostration Agent,: Michigan is visriti: with her son- j
child about the of the .,. MrsXGeorgia; Williams
Dixon.M15.'M1.M. Harris Mrs. C. I.
age > <' : and in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs.
..... Miss Floy L. Britt, District
; model. ,. shown here is .; Mrs. Mae Allen Mrs. Naomi Uoyner and the Rev. B. W. .
young : t .'.", '.;>" : Home Demostration ,Agent : Frank Morgan; ,' ,1210 W. 10th. St.
'a .
definitely no longer, a";ha by .' j : :, I ,Williams.i..,. -.*, t meeting to be held jn. Austin, Returning. to the city recently after -

j Yet some. mothers would be '.. .1 .' 't. '",'" A. *"*V*,'* "1.0"* aal. Texas, i October. Mrs, B rice D.: a very enjoyable visit with! her
tempted, tb have her wear a > ;; : ... f r" .:,, ::t: : : .. I McRay off Texasis ational lJIT'si- daughter, Mrs. Eliza McClain and .
dress she wore in her "young- '. : MEMBEHS" 'QP''LES BELLES TOUJQURS CLUB e= her husband : is "
: : prsented dent and Mrs. Po\vell !is..recordisecretary. in Philadelphia,. Pa.,
er1 years becausehasn't Irr. j.i their first annuaTCocktail evening in the : Mrs Emma Watkins of 1362 W.*
r ; i ., ... party,Monday ,_
quite worn out oirfuie. 'deep ., ., : .,......: .. ,:y t I ..
'' r, <: .;....-y. ; lower auditorium of the 'ElkstRest, 712 W. Duval St.. *At- .23fh. Street. ., :.
henna can: ? be: let down. This=:: .. .i""", .! ..' i(: <. ten ing. the..semi-formal-: affair..were Mr. and Mrs.-Alex Johnson Mrs. Ida C. Hollqy. of. 'J)Detroit, While l 'in Philadelphia sho was ""}ntcrtained -
ctaimage t x
do _.
can: 'gfetfc.'personaTity to.<..,.,," 1 .,r. .at p it W ,. Mr...aidTJMrs: 'Arthur' Barlow* Mfr: an4 Mrs. Jerome! Michiga is ,visiting with her son-in by a number of people JnpfcKLns -
who is =
tcrtTlittle girl called justbegjj&ung'to'be : J. Forest,. .Mr., .and:; 1VIiR3ber' Steven>Mr. and Mc&TXevi: : law ad daHsh: erMr.. .and UJrsT Mr: & Mrs'.Marshall.Whcatdg :-,;

lady and who Is exceedingly a young ,. .:\ ;t Johnson> Mr,-and Mrs" ,Arthur rScni gins, Mr. and Mrs..Moses Frank Morgan. 1210 W. 10th St. .' t ..Mr.: and :ms.t.. M. General; .*"

proud of the fact that she is f Thompson! Mr. and Mrs. A. Williams, Mr. and l\Irs.Nonnan: f( __ _> Mrs. Georgia Bullard, John' Whit *

no longer a baby. Robinson, Mrs.. CooperJ-M.,, frown, Mrs. Sam -Logan, Mrs. Returing to the city recently .Robert Freeman the Rev. James
Home sewing can eliminatethis r: i i, Edythe Taylor, Mrs. 'Marie Fernandez Wallace of New York after a very enjo'ablisit with her Walker, Bishop and Mrs. B. M.
P, : Mo- -daughter Mrs. Eliza McClai and OaJdey Mrs. Juanita Thomas ?, .
danger. First of all, it is : j City; Mrs. Nellie Artemis?, Mrs Margaret Costello, Mrs.' rs.

very economical. Secondly, it ., i? : zelle Meachamr Mrs Myrtle Francis, Mrs. Josephine Brown- her husband in Philadelphia Pa., Rosa Cohen, Mrs. Elaine Brooks ,
can provide a child with a r :. ? ing, Airs. Sarah Logan;- Mrs. Vietoria Lucas, Mrs. Dolly is Mrs. Emma Watkins of 1332 W. Mrs. Ethel Williams Mrs. Pearl

wardrobe that grows as she ',..r "'f":,"'''.*..:".''. Crump, Mrs. Eunice. Smith, Mrs. Martha L. Perry, Mrs. Ruby 25th. Street. Jackson' Mrs. Thomasina Ruff, The
grows.She need never be self- ."-."*,'v. ':"...!"..',,.+'.......'i> Wallace, Mrs Celestine Washington,. Mrs. Estelle Lee, Mrs.: Tiile is Philadelphia she was en- Rev. and Mrs. J. O. Thomas and

conscious or ashamed about :' : Reatha Davis, Mrs.. Eppia Scott, Mrs. Vermel Washington, tertained by a number of people in- Mr. and Mrs. D. Dent.
looking different from other Mrs.: Cora Murrag, Mrs-Essie: Mae Pryot, Mrs. Vermel Glover, cludig Mr. ad Mrs. Marshall Wheaton Talented Miss Marvyne Betsch of

members of her age group. r ; : : a '. r '. '.<' ;?' Mrs. Viola Washington, Mrs. Audrey Davis, Mrs. Frankie Mr. ad Mrs. W. M. General, this city will appear in the title role _
i i ..... : ,.)- Mrs. Georgia Bullard, John White,
'., :- Ike of Stratiss "Salome" beginning today
M. Porter
a Thomas
J. Jesse
C+ r.t : -' .is Brinkley, Thompson,
Both designs pictured here : : ;. :::.tc.1: ::." .;" ,
Robert Freeman the Rev. James
are equally useful in class l '; ;.t: Grayson, Cecil B. Fisher, Arthur Swanigan, Andrew Jackson, : in the Staatstheatre in Lubeck
rooms or at parties. The navy x > ; :l') ;. .J Jimmy Ford, Taft Ellison, Willie Lee Ray, Johnny Jackson, Walker Bishop and Mrs. B. M. Germany. Dress rehearsal for this

blue and white check Horace Jennings, Cleveland Morgan, James Freeman, David Oakley, Mrs. Juanita Thomas, Mrs. performance was held Jan. 22 in
blouse and McCall's.Pattern jumper, The Chanel look becomes all Young girl glamour sewn right Baker and others.Refreshments. ..' Rosa Cohen, Mrs. Elaine Brooks preparation for this noted soprano's
: Jacket ( ages. Here, In an adaptation of into a scooped, full-skirted dress .. Mrs. Elaine Brookw, Mrs. Ehtle Williams second appearance and performance
No. 5123) can be worn the *59-60 suit look, is a scoop- and fitted jacket. Strips go round, war "served by members, under the super- Mrs. Pearl Jackso, Mrs. in the title role of this opera.

without the blouse and jacket necked jumper with box-pleated with on encircling band around vision of Mrs. Mercedes Lackland, the president.The Thomasina Ruff, The Rev. and Mrs.J. Miss Betsch is a graduate of Ob-
and become quite a dancing skirt, a bound jacket and long the skirt bottom. Helen Lee designed club will meet Monday at 6 p.m., in the home of O. Thomas and Mr. and Mrs. D.
erlin where she majored
frock,. or sun dress. The jumper sleeved blouse with choir boy this duo and we think it '
Mrs. Vivienne Eutsay, 1110 W. 9th St. in music. She is the daughter of
looks Det.Taleted
has a scoop neck and the collar. Especially right for the smart oll-of-a-fabric or
.0 blouse has long sleeves. The young, easy to wear with no tuck- with contrasting jacket. The The Modernistic Social Club recently held its annual Miss Marvyne: Betsch of I Mrs. J. T. Betsch of this city.
in cocktail in the home of Mrs. Bonnie Bovan 2048 W. this city will appear in the title role
back-buttoned blouse has set- problems, Is the jumper line simply lined dress has a back- party ,
in sleeve( gathered into but- made the most of in this McCall's buttoned bodice and dons a 19th. Street. of Strauss' "Salome" beginning today

toned .bands. The three-gore Pattern 5123.. 50<. Feminine and waist length single breasted Attending the affair were Mr. & Mrs. Willie Lewis, Mr. i the Staatstheatre i Lubeck,

skirt is; box-pleated. The col- neat the. spjc and span touch jacket, possibly collared and & Mrs. Fred Pitts Mrs. Rannie Mallory, Mrs. Johnnie Mae Germany. Dress rehearsal for this Wedding Bells
i I laressr'jacfcet which be of a white blouse-Its' collar and cuffed 'In contrast. Girls' sizes Hayes,- Mrs. 'Doretha Harris. Miss Betty Bell, Mrs. lIiIdredRivers performace was held Jan. 22 in
I may cuffs 714. McCall's Pattern
making 'an appearance 5128. preparation for this otcd soprao'ssecod
Mrs. Aretha-Kelly Mrs. Juanita Beraest Thomas
i lined, has r-in three-quarter Girls' sizes 412. SO*. and performance APPLICATION FOlMARRIAGE
Freddie Owens and others.
p the title role of this opera. JICEXSY.sJames
The books are for new members.
McBride, 1210 W. 32nd
.. Miss Betsch is a grad:.iate of Ober-
Ii University where she majored St., 46 and :Melba V. Watts 1210
from GRAY to-GLORIOUS t i., muSiC She is the daughter of Mrs. W. 32nd St., 40. '

A surprise birthday dinner (and don't we all like surprises .. T. Betsch of this city. Eugene Llnds, 1303 Tyler St.,

) was crive/; in honor of J. T. Price in his home, 1471 23 and Flossie M. West 1761 Mars

Mitchell SheetGuests The 1st of the month should find St. 23. ..'..
present were Mr. and & Mrs. Van Driggers, Mr. you filled with confidence, ad i tip- Nathaniel S. Lewis, 1619 N.

& Mrs. Evans Washington, Mr. & Mrs.-J. T. Banks, Mr. & toe form to hadle the most difficult Myrtle Ave., 19 and Bernice.

Mrs. Matthew Price, Mrs. Lossie Jones, Floyd Kirkland, J. mof assignments. The only factors th Stubs 1562 Franklin St., 18.

J. Carter, Mr. & Mrs. W. Price, Mrs. Rena Banks, Mrs. H. could disturb your serenity may be
Hall, Mr. & Mrs. Henry Watson, lEthel Jackson, Mrs coected with affairs of the heart Win. Robinson Jr., 807 Franklin :- ..' .

r; ,. Thelma Daniels, Mrs. 'Lillie Stone, Miss L. Forest, Johnnie tee-age problems and social developments 21 and Deloris A. Wilson 812 ;a

Peterson, Harold Donald, B. B. Baker of Knoxville, Tenn.; '(2nd thru 6th). The 3rd is Nadia St., 20. G: .

Mrs. Rosa Lee Price. Johnnie Price, Tom Price, Miss Flora a day of opportunity if you are e-
C. 1130 Florida
Chas. Wooden
Price Miss Theresa Donald, Miss Doris and Barbara Price, gaged in moetary operatios or
Ave., 25 and Margaret Conyers.
I .a family of Mr.: Price. seekig a hearing in important cir .
cles. 1214 Jessie St.. 20.
Willie J. Daniels Jr.. 627 Odessa :
, 6 Take stock of where you stand on
St. 20 and Willie M. Shaw
the 6th, and utilize the knowlegde
1281 W. 3rd St., 26.
fi The Shoshonean Saving Club held its election of officers to pla a.e more aggressive
recently in the home of Mrs. Viola Hart on the Southside and campaign of action heceforward.Mrs. Harry Roberts 2039 Tuskeegee
Rd. 52 and Queen Roberts. 2039
the following officers were elected: Mrs. Margaret. E. Brown, Tuskeegee Rd. 53.
Mrs. Mozella L. Buckner vice president Mrs.,Cas-
.. president; ; Dorothy Bowden daughterof Roosevelt Freeman 816 LIn-
i Mitchell second vice Mrs. Robbie Daniels
recording -
sie president; ,
Mrs. Bell Mitchell and a mem- coln Court. 26 and Agnes P. Chat-
I L AR lEUSE secretary; Mrs. Elouise Johnson, financial secretary; ber of First Corinth Baptist Church man 3622 Grunthal St., 24.
with ". Mrs. Lelia Gadson, treasurer; Mrs. Edna Lewis, social treasurer entered Brewster Hospital where
; Haircolor Mrs. Jannie Lae and Mrs. Claudie Jackson
; chaplain; she will undergo surgery. Golfrey L. Campbell. Beauclere
: business manager.In Country Club 21 and Lovetta D.

; [ MtMtt'f hair as rich and natural-looking the city recently to attend funeral service of W. R. Jackson 2237 Orange Picker Rd..

't 1 I onal model shown herd One ""' Thorpe, pioneer of South side were ,Mrs. Mary T. Harris Attending the Executive Board Mandarin Fla. 19.

:;. j fS T'. Laxleuae brings back _. r'i.. daughter and Mrs. Juliette Jones, niece both of New York meeting of the National Home De- Roscoe Grover, Jr., 1126 Odeeaa,
J 1'fAV L..t:: over.ptoccsaed: or fraying haft I = f it City and Mrs. Beatrice Patterson, cousin of Miami, Florida. monstration Agents Association held St. 21 and Deloris Phillips, 1349

I. MK tttMl. ( s 11 no extra purchase pecdedOee >. .. While here they were the house guest of Mrs. Mary Pasco at Southern University, Baton Spearing SL, 17.

2. AWJ"laltt.. Ioof4asdng Oodcfror'a'a LarieuM novtoccxnor 9L 'J 2319 York Street. Rouge, La., were :Mrs. Ethel M. Andrew A. Finning. 1641 Eoet

. .,, -.. I.taeerewrutpl. av }:. The above out of town persons are,very grateful for cour- Powell, Home Desnomtration Agent. College Circle, 28 and Dorothy
! tdo.a + >HKLCXX i .meoi .ft.."', '' 'tv tesy shown them while here. ud lOv Hoy L. Brit, District Culver l& W. Sfe 8t :31. .. .

'If, ,'... .,.. ,. :.J.... _,'. .. .'.... :.. .-. I It'lf,;.,..

; ,?.,. : \ .tNI" .,' '.. \ .... .. .. '.',,J. <-i""i.- ... p c..

.. .. : '-t..... ', ; -.. : :;:' .
X < .
: : : { ; y: r r > .. '- :. !: ".. :. < ...' .-t: .. \. '. --<.- ::. ;:' .

1 t

L; .'...... .. .i1I

..-,-.,. ,I -:-: ,-.,; ,; > -{ ..., .. ,


'!' .
Week Endlna Saturdav. Januarv 30. I960

Baptists Groups J

1.11- Session HereMinisters CHURCH NEWS f giA"I

and Deacons Union with the Women's ,Auxiliary and

the .Duval County Sunday: School and BTU Convention, auxiliariesto "

the East Florida and Bethany Baptist Assn., the Rev. W. M. Hill, Members of-the Service -
Wesleyan Sunday School Day will be w
moderator, will ccnvene Jan. 27-31 with the ML Tabor
Baptist Guild of Ob-I ,
Simpson-Methodist Church served Sunday during the BTU .
Church, the Rev. H. T. Overstreet,
observed Guest Day during the regular in West Union Baptist Church.
Wednesday niehL, the Rev. .1. i
I morning service. program will ba presented for the !I 1
C. Sams, pastor.of Second Baptist
The is of occasion.
membership comprised j : '
Church, will deliver the sermon. comments. The BTU workshopwill
the following persons: Mesdames ,
Thursday, 10:30: ajn., the Rev. be held at 7:45 pm. conductedby
Willie L. Burns, Johnnie Cow rt,
C. C. Daniels, pastor of Mt. Car- Deacon A. Heard. The Rev. The Senior Missionary Society of
Aurelia Marshall
Daigeau, Charlotte
mel Baptist Church, will deliver H. H. Robinson, pastor of Mt: Mt. Calavary Baptist: Church.
Blondell Matthews, Rosales
the sermon. The women will have Sinai Baptist Church, will give
Shannon, Mary A. Smith, Lunetta
charge at 10:45 am. with the comments. The BTU workshopwill The Senior Missionary Society of
be held at 7:45 conducted Williams, Thelma Silas:, Rubye L. r
topic discussion "Sincerity of Mt Calvary Baptist Church will
Wilson Misses Joan Frazier Dorothy Y
Friendship on a Mission," in by Deacon A. Heard. The Rev. sponsor guest program Feb. 7 at 3 .
Mae Coretha Stubbs and
charge of Mrs. Thelma Baker and H. H. Robinson, pastor of Mt. Lang, p.m. in the auditorium of the church.

Mrs. Marinda Tennant. The Rev. Sinai Baptist Church, will deliver Mercedes Stubbs. Local talents of the city will parti

B. F. Addison will give comments.At the sermon. Mrs. Johnnie Cowart is president cipate. '

7:45 pm. Sunay School night Sunday Sunday School at 9:30 of the group and Rev. 0. A. Bums, f
will be held with devotion by the : Pastor. Districts 2 and 15 will sponsor a I! I It'

ML Ararat Junior Choir; The Rev. ajn. in charge of President B. silver tea Sunday 3 to 8,pjn. at the 3 y: If f .

W. C. Mitchell, pastor of Little Chatman. 11 ajn., the order of home of Deacon and Mrs. C Riley. < :0..1.
service by the Rev. H. T. Over- : !
Rock Baptist Church, will be the
street with the president, the The nationally famous Bethune- I! ': '
preacher. The topic, "The teacher The A. B. Shehee Missionary Society : "
Rev. G. T. McCall, pastor of Mt. Cookman College choir will be presented .
preparing to teach" will be discussed of Union Community AJH.E. 1 is 1 :: f :::1
in concert here March 4 in 'lffJ. {
Vernon Baptist Church, delivering .,. .
by Miss Elizabeth Bess. Church will have charge of morning ( 1 .
the sermon. The women will have the auditorium of Ebenezer Methodist service 31st .
on January c
The Rev. Isadore Edwards will charge at 2 pm. with Mrs. Jau- Church. Sunday night the Sunday School : \

deliver the sermon Friday at nette Reynolds and Mrs. Gussle .
The presentation is in connection department will have charge of !
10:30: am. At 10:45 ajn, the Gray in charge of song service. r':2't:
with the 33rd anniversary of evening service. '
women will have charge. The discussion The sermon will be delivered by : L t
Mary McLeod Bethume Circle of The members and the public are :
on the topic "MissionaryWork the Rev. E. R. Simpson, pastorof : :
this founded in 1927 Mrs. invited! to help make a successful j'
city, by '
," will be led by Mrs. Josie ,Zion Hope Baptist Church. i
Ada.M. Lee who is day for these activities.The .
now : .. : _
Kelly and Mrs. M. K. Gibson. The ministers Will be accom- 4 t

The Rev. J. J. Jones, pastor of panied by their choirs, ushers and emeritus of the organization.The :
Anniversary celebration of
Antioch Baptist Church, will give congregation. T. a M
I choir has gained national Tabernacle Baptist Church will be- (

fame on the coast to coast radio gin Feb. 8 with District 1 in charge :

network of the United Negro College of services. Tuesday night, District I _

OPENINGS FOR NEWSPAPER REPORTERS Fund program. They have made 2; Wednesday night, District; 3; k-

PRINTERS, PRESSMEN, ADMEN numerous television appearances and Thursday night District 4, Friday __

is rated among the outstandig College night, District 5; Feb. 14, District 6 '

There are openings for groups in the country. will have charge of the closing serv- : r.

EXPERIENCED Newspaper editors
ices. -I
Singing at Bethune-Cookman has
copy-readers advertising salesmen circulationmen been one of the great traditions of I E

and women. printers compositors linotype the institution founded by the late I Youth day will be observer Sun '

operators. Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune. Many day throughout the day in Emanual / :

BEGINNERS WANTED TOO W. will train outstanding musicians have been Baptist Church: beginning with the ,. ..,.. 1

young reporters and people for all departments developed at the college while taking Sunday School at 9:30 a.m. The .,.. .,....'. .i-"ill.-' '"'t"V .

if you have a real desire to become a memberof an active part in the singing morning address will be delivered by : : \:\ ,;.{: '

the newspaper fraternity.WE group. the Rev. Ernie Murry of Mt. Ararat 'I' if I' ., ;:'i->' ',,
NEED Men and women or middle- Thomas D. Dernps, a graduate of Baptist Church. The closing sermon : ;0' .--if;__ .
young '''' .-
,, >> f
Bcthone Cbckman and a former will !}, '!!t' ::. .
aged. in all fields for a chain newspaper acd be delivered by the Rev. M. 0 : \\.a. .; (
magazines.ACT ,j I member of the Dcpau Chorus of New King of New St. James AME Church 11 \

NOW SiaJe experience and age. I York City is in his seventh year as the afternoon. The Rev. Jchn II. t..$" ";; ,1 ( '.

WRITE: director of the choir. A proram willb e presented during \({:.. I''

INTERSTATE PRESSP. Tickets for the March 4 concert the afternoon. The Rev. John h. ',f.J;: 1

O. Box 732 Jacksonville 1.' Fla. are now on sale and may be purchased -I Perry will have charge of pulpit I

from members of the circle. services throughout the day.
_.4 'I


I I tiw


frI ,/' v i

w/ J
The Sick-Committee Staff of Pallbearers Society No. 18 held their annual GET-TOGETHER recently ,

in the home of Mr. & Mrs. Gibbs, 1754 W. 10th Street. Members and their guests shown (Pic- ;

ture No. 1) are: Mrs. Carrie Bartee, Mrs. Lizzie White, Mrs Essie M. Thomas
Mrs. Prime Mrs. Evelyn
V j / ('? }}..47hi:;: :::;: 5i.: :+X.,}:;: .t{$ i Mayhew, John Vickers, Lawrence Philip, Mrs Eliza Johnson Mrs. Sarah Meckes. "

:::! :':':';:;?::":' .W i \ Picture No. 2-Mrs. Alice Anderson, George Grant, Estell
t ::::
< ::;:: \ ;:;;::; f Dunlap, Joe Brunson, Mrs. Crooms, i
! t ,i %t:':.:t ;': WNf irK:: ::7 :f 1. \ \ Mrs. Barr Mrs. Grace Gibbs Mrs. Christian Williams, Mrs. Vila Mitchell.
I ; : ::: :
: : :
' i Picture No. 3-Viola Vickers, Chairman; Mrs. Ella Rush, President -

: I I / 'zi'iveyourLcn1Laren\::: : I ; Henry Thomas, Vice-president; Mrs. Robinson, Recording ,I
: J ,
I 1 \. ; Secretary; Mrs. Ella McKeever Chaplain and Mrs. Daisy Mercer. 1
" I f / .. '
w 0I /
: s&pj Urban League AnnouncesThe DEATHS AND FUNERALS

: A :' ,1 I' real \ Jacksonville Urban League NEWS BRIEFSMrs. I WILSO Mrs. Delcia of 1324

l.\ ., .".r .- -. i "" ._ .-- security has announced made to that plans are being Lattimore Honored I Bredier Street.
compile a ; I
\.O Lee
) f t r .... \ pensive directory of all compre-I Mrs. Alberta Lattimore will be i

.; 0'" I We don't meanjhe nicest house in the best j \ civic clubs, churches, and other I honored with a program at the 6109 Lockhard Dr.
neighborhood community Institutions.J.A. New Jerusalem Baptist Church,
tKe newest, sleekest car / I I State & LEGETTE Mrs. Panic Tolbcrt
: Bowman, executive i Rushing Streets on Feb- of 2146
the right schools director; Wrieht Avenue.
.. right camps. .. ruary 1st.Appearing.
: ; .:: 1 has asked all organisations: or Institutions t
Were l I ANDRCVVS Mrs Ora Lee
I Io 011EvergI"'Cn
talking about the kind i of security '' S'&BConaW tlut s-re desirous of on prosit* will be: Avcnuc.'fIlOt .

!1 can't do without.! the kind that ; t rthey .-.?*. having their name uppear in the the Gospel Echoes, Singing; Trumpt.s. ,
p from inside. comes 1960 i-irec'ry t* regL'cr aria th >>. MJvin Grace & C.GC. Singers V::> J"!! of J3W.:: 23rd.

i __ I. Urbaa Lea-u* jffkr located: a* I New Mt. Olive T*-.o, D':l14lc StreetMCKESSON

,' I Faith. In God in life ., 109 E. Ucioa i.:tryst I Ii Thomas, Larkin Sister, Ethel D. r
in themselves.
., .w i i Fannister, Golden Voice-, Rot>eU.a its. F she t. 1225
'. J For life I I Cohen W. 14lh. Street. .
is no game for spiritual and many others. All I
sissies. ... .
.v: >:
: ; ;: singers of the
Only Faith. Oratorical Contest LaunchedThe city are Invited. TAYLOR
the Nelson
armor of the w Henry of 88
spirit.\. .
Royal Arch
II will them'the Masons of Oak afreet ,t
I stamina to meet it x.. .. which Rev. A. E. Cruxnady Is sup-

L I.I courageously, no matter what it brings ervisor District No. 1, has launched Band Parents WILLIAMS Mrs. Cora Lee of j

their 4th annual state oratorical The Band and Choral Parents 1033 Everson Street
,, You can show children contest of Isaiah
I your .. School will present -: DAVIS Mrs. Lottie Jane of
where to find! faith. how the annual Band-Chorus 312
: to Contestants from Douglas Ernest Street
I f Concert March 14 at 8 in I
build P.m.
it day hy day if you make: .:... ;. erson, Matthew Gilbert and New the school auditorium.One MELTON Peter of 1341 Va
i ; Stanton of this city and Central Buren StreetSTRUGGINS .
1 praying a family affair. { .
,, High of Putnam County are expected of the main features of Mrs. Emma of i

to enter the contest. the program will be the Joint 1418 Short Dennis Street. '

. .
I : '. St. Johns Putnam and under MACK Mrs. Leila of 1823 I
.. ; Nassau i the direction of Mrs. W.
';". ,' .' .' ,- ,-,. ,. :" Counties will assemble In Abyssinia Ruby p. Askew and Mrs. NormaS. Third Street. I

:: Baptist Church for the district White, band director. DORSEY Louis of 951 Pahnetto i

/1.' ,,- "' .,-!! '' contest. The winner will Assisting the directors Street
; are:
,: / : : }: a i :fJ f/ vie for State honors. Linda Hall, band captain; Algred MITCHELL Mrs. Dora J. of

Cooper, 2026 Venus Street.
co-captain: James A. :
$:,,: ,. : Reed student director; Gloria I!i I WILSON (Baby girl) Debiwi !

; Dixon, secretary: Emerson Bryan I Denise of 1706 Payne street.

{ ) Publicity director; Cynthia Jones, I I PAULIN Wilber of 802 Dewitt

:;. ', Bullda fi'on r ic r Tife choral president; Beverly Douglas Street I

, '. ': ... ,1Wtiblp. iOJ1elhtr Ue37 wee '. Good news forasthmatics. vice president: Eloulse Ray. secretary YANCY Miss Carrie Lou of 724

I -- .: ..- .<.0tw., .-. -.. ((8)) : Beverly Smith treasurer; Madison Street.
! .. o. and Mrs. Vivian Satterwhlte KEY Baby Otis of 1424
: Iffinob
:, _1,;: '.( : t3p.erail.C.dtecarvr row B>kw.t* .o.sad. .. who
,. :- '- .. .au for Jbro eml e*UnM .rir..r. tif has been appointed chairman Of Street
J ; ; .
i r -
,: : to iHt R .
In Amtrlcan U& Program ty o. '" "". .. .==-- .do bljecQou.w a...ofra.tw...,. J1M&.i the concert committeeTickets McCULLOUGH Walter rf 1362TaUedega \
r ( ff K Dr. CulU'. CTMB be
may purchased from Rd.
}t ionttM Ytoawtth. I
: : or.MBBpovad
: : :;: v ... Mk ,.. .. aa. members of the Band or Choral BELL Mrs. Am Thomas off 98

I -it" ; .;A.-. '. c i. >j'i. J""-.... .: ; ,__ "' li i Parents. \
\ : -ri *- --. .1 *" : .# -0 ., v ; :. >o.r. ed7: ; Avenue, Newark, N.J. ;
! ,; .. :; .".- ; .. ,
,-> -7""j'.P:0' :; ,. I
.; .. __..2. : -.


I Week. ::zi: ::: -: THE FLORIDA STAB .. .: .. Pale Five i

'.1-.)- ,., .,'-:1-.sn':: 'I'-: ,- .' -- -
<: )> '"'l' ----
-- I !
'0(0/:i.'.- : ;
Oil F field
: 4a 8 .'
w Mrs. Annie Lee Wilson, 38. of e

< ; 4 807 Court G, Blodgett Homes received -

3 "a x y y+ an incise wound on the left _____ a \,. yy k tR e
a r h /,..,, 'Y : $id 7 hand during an altercation with ,
her husband last Saturday.
t i; Mrs. Wilson was taken to Duval ., i : ,
Medical Center by taxi cab. She
was advised to secure a warrant,
a I officers said.Patrolmen. !f. :
G. R. Henry and O. ;.

Y c. ( Bowman HIT investigated.MAN IN SIDE I t _
iL1sr I R _
Willis McKnight, of 803 W. 3rd I
Street was hit in the left side y
last Sunday as he stood at the
corner of Church and Jefferson t khi 1V
Streets.He th
said while standing there a t\
man came up behind him struck t f t ;
him in the left side and took his :i
w bag of clothes and ran south on
Jefferson Street.
T The victim was treated at Du-
.. Six lai features mike this
y "New Hematics-bra by Fomflt val Medical Center for internal
ene of the moat comfortable sad injuries and released, police re-
flattering designs yet devteed. Of ported.
cotton broadcloth tad satin eUs
tic It has Eqoallft ttnps And Patrolmen Johnnie Doe and M.
drdwUteAecJ eape..J -j Newsom: investigated.MAN .

One of- the most comfortable
Decorating an oil field Chrittmas tree brings a gay smile bras weTe seen bas Just been -
to the face of.MIss Judy Gooch of Jennings La, the official Introduced by The Formfit Com IS CUT ON ARM _
'Oil Queen of Jefferson Davis Pariah. The valve and tubing party a firm long known tor fit WHILE HE IS SLEEPINGA E2I _
tree is standard oil consecration equipment designed' to ting the female form dtrtatly. 43-year-old man was cut on .a xF __

give controlled production of our* nation abundant underground the Their"New latest Romance"offering bra is, and called tt his arm last Tuesday while he was __
petroleum resource*. boasts no less than six special asleep in bed police reported. _
---f features to assure perfect fit ;: r _
flattery and comfort for the Tiberous Tinsley, 43, of 607 Li __
wearer. West State Street said he was in : _
In .:ational Fashion Design L Equalift supporting straps bed asleep when Miss Maxine
outline each for balanced
Award Winners uplift and definite cup separa Coleman 25,his commonlawwifecame
tion. home and started cutting on
a 4 i 1q 2. Elastic underarm sectionsfit him and woke him up. He threwup
i 4 smoothly without .
his arm and was cut on the
3. Flexible satin elastic band wrist. He was taken to Duval Med- .
> :>r a.f w 'yF: j beneath the cup stays snug ical Center by taxi cab. .
; f Iy in place, yet "breathes"with 1 '. ,.
rt ; '
m ""
I you. Patrolmen Sidney Gaines and L Vr ., ...... ":.,;: :.
4. Lovely rounded contour Is William H. Harris investigated. ''I : ,...',
I permanently circIe-stitched t : ';
I into each cup. I -r : ,
l : F
i 5.
; i Ladder-stitched cup,sections
give a smooth line under
X sweaters and dresses. 17 Bullets Fail Installation of the Flaming I president; Edward King presi- Reever, Paul A. Barrier James

c-v 6. plush-lined Elastic back-strap for Comfort releases keep To Kill i MiamianMIAMI Club was held recently in the dent; Charlotte J. Floyd, secre- Pyre.

the bra from riding tip in beautiful Flamingo dining room of tary; Mary Howard Doris Taylor, Standing-Eugene Williams, Y.
back and give freedom Of James Powell, Negro, business execu- Collier Clifford
Buster Ford's Cafeteria on East Albertie Simpson Roystkr, George
T : I movement. 14)) .***> about 40, was alive in a hospital tonight
F s> x I In addition they've succeeded despite being shot five timesin Union Street by Edward King. tive, Ethel Lawrence Back. Brandon Iris D. Flowers, Robert
3 4i n weaving all these fitting fea Shown top photo) are officers cf .
Pino, Jr.
the head. Photo No. 2-Alice Grant, Carl
ures into one bandeau without the club: Robert Walker, vice
acrificing. .its eye appeal Made His condition was listed critical. Dixon A. Floyd, R. Floyd, Gerald
a a aw fine white cotton-broadcloth I
he "New Romance" bra Is avail
able in sizes_32A to 40C tot
2.50. --..

rT t I

> ,, Lucile Battle 45, of 626 West ?) 1 1r R "t,.,.'? 71i I
J R 9. Beaver Street was the victim of a

A purse snatcher last Monday who tyr_ ALL NEW ; .."i 1' I
came into the dry cleaning establishment -

where she worked. UiJ, I 1960
Mrs. Battle told investigating officers -
the man came into the placeof
business, 965 Broad Street and SLIM PORTABLE TV with '

asked for some clothes for which he r
had no ticket. She said the youth
The Princess Irene Galitzine of Rome (left),Jules Francois who appeared to be about 16 or 17
Crahay of the House of Nina Hied in Paris (center) and reached around the coun- SPACE] COMMAND
Pauline. Trigere of New Yorl>right) flew to Boston via years-old the billfold with the /
ter, grabbed
Pan American World Airways to show clothes from their
nost recent collections and accept the Design Talent Award money and left the building running with Remote TV Timing
from Filene's of Boston as leaders in the field of :fashion. :north on Broad Street. The amount
Models Lori Blais (left), Michelle Lavalier and Sally Farrell takenvas! $14. P
stand behind, each wearing an award-winning gown. PatrolmenV.. Solomon and c.1
p-- /Relax! Don't Get
/ Up...

Tune TV from across w ----- .,

! THE PALMS the Room with Silent Sound

TOUCH A BUTTON on control unit I
you hold in your hand. i j..x I.

Turn set on and off F/ ,. ,.;9
Adjust volume to two levels of ,,
sound and mute .
OF JACKSONVILLEpresents Change channels

f No wires No cords! No batteries'ONLY / Q .4 ;!' .r ; ,


Tuesday, February 2 .

1015 DOYJN

That Talk"
Sensational Singing Star ,:

Witn A Gigantic Show and Slim Classic Portable with SPACE COMMAND

featuring Sound .

Baby "Work Out" Washington $2.95 Per Week The 17* overall Trinidad picture diag.Model p'area ctvre.. In 201OC 1wo 155-Tone$q.Metallic in. rectangular OOO O '

Gray and White. ..Only I rh
Marv Johnson"You
Oniy $10.95'Down .
Got What It Takes"Bobby

"Ebb Tide" Freeman and Slim Classic Portable -
The Caribbean Model D181OB
17"overall die measure. 155 sq.inches cf I:, '
:.:: Nappy Brown ; 2.40 Per Week picture i viewing i area.In Blue Mist color. x : .

.' "I 1 Cried .like A Bab/ .. ..

;.;: Jessie Belvin Bobby Lewis -e' : 1 :4. to, &-SS. $199.95 .
..- .J '....."..;"., 1 *
..: Plus .;:'
;'-., WORLD FAMOUS 3fe/tJTiL QUALITY...Best in Picfure..Besf___ In Sound..._Best In Performance

.. .
.... ., ---. -- '-
,... ,.
"I I About You" -
Worry ...: t

_ Willis Jackson & His Orchestra t

12 midnight until Admission $2.00 State and Pearl Appliance

Special Performance For TeenagersAt ,RtPxRinNa-$29 'PEARL ST. CORNER STATE & PEARL OPEN

'. Armory 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. Adm. $1 .50 ACROSS SHEEL THE STATION STUFF PHONE EUiit.,64489\ 9AJA.9P.M.I .


Page Six TSE' FLORIDA STAA Week Ending Saturday January 30 1911 .


COLORED HOME Lewis Timmons, a 2516 End Successful YearThe rEye-Magtc[ For Girls_ With Glasses

graduate of Florida A&M University, SWAMP
has written a book entitled, Teach- Brewster Methodist Hospital teers, a young group headed by Miss Instant beauty tips, those designed to bring out the best

ing English. The book deals with Volunteers, under the direction of Jacqulyn McMillan. features of any woman, require only seconds to aceom Phsb.
Mrs. Margaret Bass have But the effect is no less magical. There are ways to create I
fundamentals out
LEABN TO DRIVE such as seeking
pleted a profitable and successful Each organization has completeda ROOSEVELT JCST. glamour the kind other women admire and wonder how
Secure Drirers' Licence individual pupils' interests, teachingoral banner it's done.
year of service Mrs.
SAFEWAY DRIVING and written composition, gram- year of service to the hospital according -
Mathis said. Many hours of service PETERSBURG The Gibbs Guild Opticians technicians who make and fit eyeglasses
vocabulary building and the to Mrs. Sallye Mathis, presi- from
SCHOOL mar, physician's
your eye prescription-can help select
have been rendered, some persons Junior College Cobras swamped the you
600 West Beaver Street understanding of how to read fine dent of the Brewster Hospital Auxiliary the frames that will do the most for your features and color
have reached the 100 hour goal. She Roosevelt Junior College cagers
GEORGE PERPENA. Dlr. literature-prose, poetry, the drama. ing. According to Guild members, the correct frames also do
West Palm Beach 95-62 in an exciting
added that fund raising is the main
much to
Timmons is de-emphasize weaknesses by drawing attention
Res. PO Mrs. presently employed -
5-4607 in the Pinellas County School' Brewster has five groups that are objective of some, especially is this contest that saw the South away from* them. Here's what they recommend:

making daily contributions in one important because of the great need Florida team employing ball freez-
System. way or another towards the general to increase the expansion fund. ing tactics to keep the home team'sscore horizontal FACE-Emphasize with frames that the'

welfare of the hospital. These from reaching .the century
The ladies in the Cherry Red uniforms curve gently and are elongatedat
1's CHIPP I'/S NRGATe'N groups are busily engaged sponsoring the comers.SQUARE .
are seen daily serving at the
. rNGN Ft'JV FAhe'r' fund raising projects, telling the reception desk, in the admitting Brilliant floor play and ball hawk- FACE-Slanted
Brewster story, assisting the hospital frames with clear I
r. room operating the hospitality cart, ing by Captain Benjamin Spann
personnel in the activities of the t\JV rounded lower edges help am. '
assisting patients, helping various and teammate Willie Adams elec- ;
hospital.The ourflage the angularity.
other places, Mrs. Mathis said. trified the crowd Spann droppedin
30 points to lead the Cobras to I HEAVY JAW OR CHIN-Upswept
The BrewsterMen's The volunteers of high
., five groups are: a group
frames draw attention
Club, J. Earl Morse, president school students in the last six victory. Other high-scoring Cobras
months have hundreds of hours were Fredie Hires of Tampa with \yU upward upper and lower
Brewster Mothers' Club Mrs. J. E. given ; edges both have rising lines.
in :21! markers and Hilliard Jenkins
Davis, president; Brewster Hospital many ways.
for the CLOSE-SET EYES-Ornamentation
with 16.High scorer losing I
Auxiliary, Mrs. Sallye Mathis, presi-
"The auxiliary will sponsor its annual team was Mack Freeman with 16 i at the outer corners
A dent; Brewster Alumni, Mrs. 0. .L makes the wider
meeting Jan. 24 at 7:30: p.m. points. eyes seem
Hillman president and the Volun- u-a
j in Central CSIE Church. All volun-- Gibbs JC Coach Norman Jackson apart. -

teer workers have been asked to at- made liberal substitutions in the LONG NOSE-A "saddle"

tend It is hoped that the programwill third and fourth quarters, emptyinghis bridge allows the frames to rest

DUNBAR COACH help to enlighten the public of I bench of substitues in the fourh 'CJO lower on the nose, breaking the
long line and making it seem
l+ the work of volunteers: and encour- despite the "break the dock" chantof shorter aTH '

r ;P age greater aid to the hospital. the partisan crowd.



n.I iVtDTCtiA
fCl4i 4WrAK r- TO THl EUS+
!!.tiC'E.! + p I'U & T'O'EUWDYTNAT
LEXINGTON, N. C Charles cHrJr rrhttQnrt hEw
Jh NUTSy K ( // GQ1.V .
England, coach of the Dunbar High fCtETy.i THINKJ JAW n
y X* IN IAYE(7atCt( EY
School here, was named recently

"Coach of the Year" far entire Esi d
( 1r/
Davidson :2'E
0 County. : E i \lih Q r

The selection annoancrcd by
- 4r
P editor ofa
"Scoop" McCrary, sports i

local dailyr-.described: England: as 1 w

the "man who had directed hs: .

football team lo.thc seecm! slrn&bt i

/ State championship, jjaiouldcr G-f ___ / ... tuccsJ
-" ; c.r t.Tai. .E : -
with sound" .I } ... ;.
good athletes principles I- ...... -- -- --. v ,," I
and a man who believes in dcvdop-! .-.- .. I VIA6N1 IN LOVE ..AND TWASNTAITTLE
.' .I.t 2
'I "'. ."y'1'' F ..:. .- \ I OH,BIEZY/YoUWEL7RIGHT. TMJ 4G
ing the character of the bey as well AFTER.AUW -
: ,
as his athletic skills.." .... :.,.i":" ,'':.,..\,Ir' w(1J.f.: ": .,.... I I Ii *j ,tl1ST HUNGRY/, tr? THAT s W ..ffy .
England in winning tho two.titles i -J. 3r life-Nt i r cwuH
4 .
at LexingiSBhas: J \ -. .. -! .' 21 -\
in his two years 1, ; ; 'J''' 4.
an overall rccoid..qf ),7..;ititns,.:3..;: .. ."!..,.). ._ .' 'i... ..r.'f.t'.. .. :",j; \! ? y A

losses and one tie, c-' .:. .; :. '. : \r-:: !. .:\.r'F:1. --.....-::,., 4 ..

lrVJ .2.. '.r'.;-:;.:. .,;,1';.... 'i', J 3 ,
Prior to CQinJrig 1 Jicrfe.: eccc1hMi _. ,.. ,;.- .. ... f' .... a y 1 .. .
"" .
-" .__ 't. r:f.'r.ti ", ,.
----- r. -'- "" -i.' .
at Pattillo-Uigh Schppl.ilV:Tahorr ." ::: .1'i, '_ .. ::8
and amassed a record of:is( 'JyUts; ,0. "\'trt; ..-" k.ti--
: .. .. :. J .r" ] \
.i9\ ,
NI a ai 21 losses and 5'tiesi: .. ::;: tt... ...;.. :; ; : ;

--s ... .'- -.. .,__-, '.. _1-.a: ""' .. \ l
,.. ".'Ir. ;, -;..''to( '.:'! : : 4.".
'S ,. ._ 1. !lit ;- .L.'. '. r _' :- f.<

< : : = _..-.t,::,. .. ;.::, .'.- : : : t _. ..' ..: ".. : f,
iti'5 .
,. 'r 1-u'"itVfli'.e : -
T 1 .
"Oie y ,
+ '
'Ncifi !f irGJJtkd) : ; .t l".u .
i ..
To Order High aualUy'Clean ..__.__... : .( r
Now The Time 1 i
IT National Defense.' iecmwork : ;_
Burning = -. ;. :: .
For your stove or fireplaceby .' 'The peacetime unity pf Army .'B1iiC &'stresses that, ?tha Up-To-The-Minute Men Ready For ._

C a'I TON effort has been, acclaimed by the.< ActivB Arrn';the Army Jiation-
0 the BAG or by the '--'Honorable Wilber M. .Brucker,'..fl..Guar'djJ.ifad-; : Reserve !:'

ALL SEASONS ICE & FUEL CO. ) the Secretary of the Army, apbssibly ?hare a tremendous responsibility Any Wartime or Disaster Service .

17th Year" our greatest national asset forth<.T eeurity of the.United t'
"Our 1 1 in the event of'war. f States in tWs age of. peril. In' -
5883 Norwood Avo. PO 4.4511 t order to carry: out their vitel!l Changes in the weapons and
This "One Army" unite;to mission, they must work as oflr tactics ef warfare cause very fre-
::3 which :Mr. Cracker has referredin dynamic "team"' luent reexamination of our mil-

recent talks concerns itself Each of them is, "an indispen- :ary: strategy, but one thing is t!'
with the unity of spirit throughout -sable military element of''our : rtain: No matter what kind of
:. i
the establishment t : conflict face in
Army -defense ter"V Tlary we may
the Active Army, the Army Na- future, the. National Guard

tional Guard, and the Army Re- The "One Army" concept which ray and Air will be cast
serve. has been a reality in wartime is most vital role of its 300-

In pointing'' out that'today'scitizensoldier just as essential in peace if ware rt ',:
is a fullfledgedmember to be 'prepared to react effectively will:l be just as true in an
of'the Army team, Secretary in the event of a military + al. .t )mic war:: as in a socsk -
emergency. This is the opinion *!, ('?* .+ : limited war."
Brucker remarked
"He is ,
GRAY HAIRS met! 1I01\J JOB no mere far more than a man ,we cancount commanding of General general Bruce, C.Continental Clarke-, v* V "t> -,.. ( ., ." : Tar >!vrard: in fact, may well

at soiac time after a ,, be most important domestic
upon our
% ;
w...J.arttdfs EAU DENNA war emergency has come upon Army Command. I$? / **&*& r"?<.' _:;' > .,' ...:' ''asset i:; the event of a nuclear

.LIQUID 11 : cs. lie is a soldier at all times, a General Clarke sums up his K V attach. Dispersed as it is
HAIR COLORER fA soldier who is a very importantpart view of the "One Army" philos- throughout tho 50 States, Puerto
.' ...... .... of in ophy with this .. Rico District of Colum
Will__ ry k.r U 10* M" our everyday strength. remark: Y.L and th2 ;
... .... .
..... k it .rw "
-;-,. 0- sal.....cMiea- wilt tab .... ,"N. depth. f "We have no rivals this side -w bia, it would be impossible for
.Lq..... 1..c It. N. peck.'He --- :\- "The Active Army," Mr.Brae-.of the Iron Curtain. By unity any conceivable attack to destroy
ANYONE CAN PUT IT ON AT HOME- ,'fit' ker declares, :"counts upon the of Army effort and the supportof even & major part of its strength.

YOU.,.ct SAVE,... .TIME..., AND MONfY1,..H.L---"A ':,:" r immediate availability of National our- brother services, we will National Guard equipment, facilities *
...latna-eO bsti,1ha....ar.ak.M'w'., :c- Guard units for the prompt ex- maintain ,'the combat readinessto SUPERSONIC SABRE-The first-line arsenal of the Air National communications:: nets, and
-in' .;f.rw color II propoHyWIU .a.L. ,'t.. .pansion of 'its combat forces in keep our real rivals where disciplined, trained personnelwould
NOT TURN HAIR KIDDISH Vo :>,,; I Guard includes seven squadrons equipped with the F-100\) Super
It wiD Nt rob .ff. It .tayS .. ...... "'off '; I' ... l I> any emergency." they bel J1E'." sabre. The supersonic fighter hurtles through skies over tOO Ml'II. thus be invaluable:: in expediting
._ botl .,. .... -. ; military:: and civilian recovery -
Sbo.ipeoin9 ..... ...-.. ....... t... ; l.
I.,. cwG.g ..trai.II -g M ...,I... h.. P. .. A-Age WeaponsFor from the immediate effects
._. NY.
YoY coa. c-erf g
of atomic attack.
.....1Hww biw canal-i ILACXp aua. an
All -.f.. stcIY inrt. Air Guard Thus the Guard would stand

.. WONDERFUL......' ...FOt....c-TOUQSS... .....UPYo. ........i.,..--ass ; ready to help repel an enemy invader -
., .II'" It M. t"'w .... w..Iw D..-t..l.wtgL increased or to help devastated areas
pewdet94.....oc.....b..s.u d.w. d 1 AMERICAS Up-TOTHE-MlMUTE MEW Greatly firepower and until civilian
NOT.INTamr WITH t lANtrfT WAVING and mere Century series super- recover keep going

DOtS ill__....III tag"w1.i4Sisalt.GxtON"U.-.s.d.2: O.... % .#? sonic aircraft are in store for the authority could take over.
Fb.d C.h o.t M.rLsA...,k'w uw- 'L.*.4.pwPd. w.f.ol ..,rrY fJ)1 Air National Guard. As for even "limited war,/
Pl'p. ..... t.-) .
.. $1.
.; ( taesr,.. l.Ia'eww' T.... G+'u I t*.. II UtI tei>wSE! w*.. In the next 18 months, 12 Air Major General* Donald W. !lIe:
od terse Guard squadrons now equippedwith Gowan, Chief Vf the National

various earlier models of Guard Bureau: points out that

DIXIE PHARMACYKings I the Northrop F-83 Sccrpicn Trill when expanded to full strengthand
mobilized Guard units would
convert to the F-89J which employs
Road and Myrtle nearly double the combat
the "Genie", a nuclear air
9& t3V1Ltk defense missile. -% strength of the Active Army.
"Our units would provide a
a a *
.. Squadrons to be equipped with good deal more than sheer bulk,"
the F-89J are based along the Ee explains. "They would provide

Ycu Don't Have to Go to Town to Get northern perimeter of the United soldiers who have been train
States and on the north Atlantic ed to the highest peak of mobilization '

coast. One Air Guard unit already readiness in NationalGuard _
PRICESOn i flying the F-89J it the history."

LOW ;;179th fighter interceptor Icr a- Military lea

|; dron at Duluth, Minnesota. ders frankly
mi y ,
; count on Guard

1 units to supplysubstantial
|L a

,I part of Amer
squadrons 5 ica's ready corn.batforcea-


[ .-,., / should war
k fighter interceptor squa- ;,. /-break out. Both ,
Trade With Your Neighborhood Drug .Stop iron, are programmed $ the Army

to receive the Convair F-102 Del. Guard and the
WE WILL MEET ANY ta Dagger: during the next fiscal AIr Guard include -

IN YOUR LOCAL PAPERSWe s J A c-year. The F-102 is a supersonic a large percentage of combatexperienced
i air defense weapon system employing officers and men
Deliver We Also FBI AH Doctors PreecrploB c an advanced version of from world War II and Korea. j
the Falcon missile. The Guard stands ready to de

Meanwhile, the U.s. Air'Force fend America under all condi:

.. has announced that it may turnover tions. But there is another Na
Dixie Pharmacy .. to Air Guard enough Lock tional Guard mission: to be ready Ito

S. : 'M heed F-104 Starfighter aircraft serve State,Governments' darIng *
.-, rt equip additional Air National local emergencies. :)
IMS KINGS BOAD at MYBTUD' AVENUE, 1 Guard squadrons. The StarfigHt- The National Guard was ready =

poxes BL U.TJS .' '. or,. also aa'-ilr! defense fighter,then an explosiret-laden truck ;.
,*k capable of Hyiz r at Mach 2 blew op..In the early morning

WATER AND TELEPHONE : .. .twice the speed of sound, cr.Bonn last August 7 in BostlnOrigan > :
t PAY YOUR ,.about liOO. ailw an"boui -. .(pope 12,200.) ;
> > -
r. r f8' a

.. '" .,, ., !,=)::;: ..:: ::: i _.. : :< ',_ '> .:. .. .

.'>- J;' t. ..'. .j '. *
.r t .


-- ---- -
vI -

H -a :._. ..

F ,p41L .1. r Y .

4 < .. ...:':- ',
I i
,- -' 0'

Week taking Saturday Jaroary 84 1_ n'HF r t.,); HDA STAR Page Bounces:
--- ____ __ _' _

.J'''- : >> -
... i-: .. J i a
l.- t'',

: New Faces To J Jo Wen's'' Fashions I I Cincinnati i Club Notes I

f .1ft-.t --
: a Gordy Coleman the 6-2 210 potr.d. homers in 93 games.
3.I 25-year-old first baseman obtained
Mobile in 195S was his next stop
'. from Cleveland in the December 13:
and he clubbed a .316 figure with
PORTS CORNERS 5 QS% C .ytia trade was called "the most exciting 27 home runs while chasing 118 runs

t _-_.- a + air player last in'ear.the Clevland organization" across followed.the plate. His Army duty

BY C. PARHAM JOHNSON 5r The handsome curly haired, Coleman t was an outfielder until
c J
WILLIAM BARBER a 6-3 200-pound ,end from FloridaA U youngster with the blacksmith's the Indians converted him in the
& M University has passed up a chance to ,play football in .' > rLf Ar. muscles, could be the most exciting spring of 195G. lie has been named

the national Fotball League; to sign a contract with Calgary '.' 'a 8, '-S ,x TMbb11Qi11 ; / person in Cincinnati next summer on All Star teams in 1934 1955! and
f of tho Canadian League. Green Bay Packers were .dickering :. ;:S muri"f if he continues to assault pitchers 1959! and played with pennant win-

for the service of the big Rattler end. Barber reportedly accepted with his potent bat as he has in ners in 1953 (Reading); 1955 (Keo-

a $500 bonus and a first year salary of $9,000 if he far'Y the past kuk) and 1959 (Mobile).
makes good, a I
Coleman played baseball football,
led the Southern Association
CARMEN BHSILLIO has tabbed ---
: I track and basketball at Richard
: in batting in 1959 with a
the National Boxing Association UaI'ersltyvlU receive the SiherOrfiflcale Montgomery High in Rockville Md.
mark of .353 for Mobile; led the
leaders "self -.appointed phonies"when a+ rhalrmaa' of the lieu is an All State end in football.
they failed to OK a boat fur Orange Blosaom Qaaslo- Ooramltte. league in total bases (.307); home Gordy attended Duke Universityfor
runs (30)); runs-batted-in (110) and
him against welterweight champiom
one year where he played fresh-
Don Jordan. Boy O Uoy, how the'sIDe MANAGER C3RARI1E GRIMM : kVW,4 slugging percentage (.606)). He was man football and baseball.
hurts when it is one's foot : selected as the league's "Most Val
n of ttM CUcag Coibs bs already ? % uable Frankie Robinson great young
: rL Playr"; was named on the
bat how little does it matter when ? >
slugger for the Cincinnati Reds,
anoocmcod that the only two pfayen = All Star
team; and was picked as
k is other fellow. When
pinching the ,.
broke three all time Cincinnati
: .f: -
ca the club wh can feel sure the winner of the "Minor
SA League
the NBA snatched the title from
.f marks during the 1959 season.
their J6bs Rich! Ashbvra and A Achievement "
Sugar Ray Robinson, evetythinu :- I Award for 1959.
was calm and peaceful on tile box- fide Banks. Ho also said that Li 4e S The lefthanded swinger and right- Robby now has hit 134 home runs

irg front. Tony Taylor aad George Altmaa fox ry a; I hand thrower struck out only 39 as a Redleg which is the most ever

wooU' ke bMing down two jobsa !, ir i u u4'b times in 507 trips to the plate for hit by a righthand batter in his Cincinnati
BROWN of the Cleveland Browns a day-to-day basis. One dayTaylor /a kM 6 Mobile. Called up to Cleveland after career. Previous high was
could b* on second base, EUROPEAN AMERICA NATURAL
football team is all smiles continued his
pro great slugging, rap Ernie Lombard who hit 120 in Red
tfetfle days ad it is all because oi the nxt day on third. Altman will ping American League pitching for livery.

the hard acrap that is going be sbiftwl front the oitfield t* tint eight hits in 15 trips for a .533 mark.
to be waged for the full- base. Richie Ashbnra was recently .' His first appearance in the majorsfor Robinson had a slugging percentage -
acquired by tie Cuba from the of .583 for the 1959 Reds whlck
lack job wkea training begins. The : the Indians was as a pinch hitter
t tattle is going to be between Big PhllHeo. 'A2 'j'V y e2' Ka ffx? a eKras. and he blasted a triple. is the new high for OndnnaH

Jim Brow, "Mr. Football" himself I I BASKETBALL TEAMS in Jack- x R *y YMI/A I4k Cincinnati fans well remember the righthand batter in one aeasom.

and the Mgfafrr laYered PrentfceGitt have given the fans the type ,, t last time they had a big, lefthanded Harry Heilman was the previous
of the University of Okla- nIIi hk Northwestern, Douglas Andam. swinging first baseman come up record bolder with 577 in 1939.

Ipns, Gautt has played some Mathew W. Gilbert and New tralvrsiw from the Southern Assodation after Frank hit 26 home runs at Crodqr
I .scht7 fine football daring his col- Stanton High Schools, Walker's Vocational sal winning the batting crown There- Held in'1959 which is the mod
dIlL Look out for the battle College Duval Vocatinalnd big Ted KZnszewski who paced that hit there in one season by rtc.t:*

It reeq Brow ..4 Gautt. Edward Waters College hare ea.raa loop i batting in 1947 while a member handed Cincinnati batter. W"
been 'meftjuring up to prexoastnDerila of the ICemphis dub and who:. Post had the record. 25 in ISC.

w lae cLAahit x ode ep to this point appears to ,rs+ moved 69 to staj with the 1948He Vada Pinsom, the Ondnmti ltadV
.- be die "t of the Ca cp." sensational center fielder tfeft *
---.t ,j4 .t .. ....A a 8der JII" *.
t- AW TOfiK !the, aasadr.r major Sears neard la 199 t&
.:... rs. .'rv. as4 Cdbsmsfi 1S5S performance was
> till . ....., .. AU, .. .. infefaiJlem erttj manner. ee
.. asoleohht .......issllrMMs dr.o, B...... gold M psdafly tor ft youzsjeter who> tadeMtaa1 MI aseama. m aajaN. yada .bed_

de. IW .. ><.1fas! 0iiII ..... t- a 1.o6s. et4e w Apr It 41 __ ETDIB two. jPQ&V. *BT*
MM fit ittanaola'iAAi,"sa. .... ... ...... tr ..... ....... !.... rise with the Axmy.nKBKS LEARN TO DRIVE

lhsr-r._ .... ii l* heel Mss a. ....-. .....; N GIeIr'" a tz.V. t...... 'lbeConfident

P''ti Mrs 1 silo terse baatsgzoa.d. After War
I 3ees4 -- 1r. srern .... .. Ilaei.- %eavH itm ff Ja1B.he UrL. G. B. Banjoaialioanaed

'-.,. Ilea: .... llllbtha- bjkt .SU lor Spartanbsrzj ia 1154 with Instnfctor

Watth TUsdnwn3t ... Ittialt .. ... : : 19 roas BitzxWa and IS boo rota> 080 W. Bearer Ct

.... 71'":=b a 11n.laar d la 137' games. RC3.PO829S8Office
52 34 0.. "hhrpr 19aily. I\rsara>r el "I A JSel sasit for Keob loQoved.Ho EL 57742PBOTO6RAPHS
521 60 386 .. .. ... :
t 011III. aYaMarasnI : ...... ted 77 ru -batted-in! and li -U
MIl .. .".. JIIaJeII 0IIIep ... -ucitui S ,
6 -- -- -----
7 Ikea.+.. tat to ilia Mr ala.ltfasAat .fte......,''at....,y LlllL,. '"
8 s a. arkst ... II easage aa. nc. ..... ... 1 '- ., FOB
fs. JfcstB. *.. .. e.eb BIt .Er.. It a
7 .r. ,.t
'tLL14 HJBSBI ., sas ,
a**ntj ICS ms4j. E.
145.02.41 1 trim fee UuM' cells for ea+rs--- C.. fe A-_.....

1.34 IS SIt lam to cite ..ser"'a or 1Ia: =- :' .J
.. ,
r t'-i_ :: _:: Han.RosaYars. .. Hew Tort UMtexMrMediml; School .. .... ... .. r __ .,
W. ear p
dubs Wee
.. a.... .aolale.h. ;
TAILAHASSEE D. Colling, pi._ r_ l w o .
... .... k ale eiausiCao UsrtSa wffl me** the ixad 61 a i .pe
too, asftis&nt diseetor of public re=. ATTENTIONEADERS MfM. YMa RLt
finb o( lie "Ztp fctUB" that
+isi0lltfr+rti latioThink AIM University; *..
Pleas lid Your TstiPkt a
Brteg or
4! 77 16 pro.SUOOTH &Ul..1MGm, WE ha been appointed to the Ethics .
Information Directors of America. Church News Club Notices ft A&nouaceami. "
The announcement was made by Ia 'e. '
T. The
John T. ox, sports Information director J.

following a recent meeting of the PHOTO STUDIO
You Sa k Tta Beat Doctor '
When Your DoctorExperIeaced Pweribta Executive ommittee. TUESDAY at NOON 611 Waal AsMar Clara White Ktoka BUg.Phoae .

G.* PI1uaacW. Ic The committee, headed by former FLORIDA STAR EL 4-7895 For Appoiaisiamii

To'FlU Your PmcriptteM ... president Bob Paul of th Universityof 2323 Moncrief Rd. Corner 13th StreetPARALYTIC
According; To Your Dodo:'.. Pennsylvania will serve as a .

'V '. 'Orders, w. Use Only grievance committee on practices

i..t' : _. The Beat, Quality Druga At deemed detrimental to college ath-

Dr. C. E. SlankProprietor Itics. Any member of oSIDA may I I TA&ICAIVODICA
report unethical practices or tactics

employed by any individual involved
3 REGISTERED PHARMACISTS TO SERVE 70IIULLYS in collegiate athletics whose practices -

or tactics employed are believed

DRUG STORE to be detrimntal to college S

athletics, or not in the best interestof

1807 KIngs Road. ELgte 3-82T8 oSIDA and the profession itre- J .. ..
A COMPLETE LINE OF: presents. CASES t "p...."... ...: .,'
.. '
11" .I
,. J. '
Candle 3v ddea I' a iaI ,, ,; .1ii.
Rubbrs Goods
Cosmetics committee OTHER CASES c ; '\ '
Reports made to this [1iX .
PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED will be investigate and a study CABS "" .ri',: .,;..,. :,,, "f.': ... '

-w-- ------U-- made. The chairman will report os .-
known violators tp the Executiveto : ;

I __ be taken in the case. The activities -

__ dstiaL of the commiteeill, be confi- ...coo7XO ,r \

.. 1
s a- '

1 5.000 i% lt*
.000 Friendly
J i 6
Bridge &: Social Club S
ir 3.0002.CIOO '4 yy lMi Blender

Send Reporters or Mail :". 1iE A

1.000; ;

Your Sodal News :
o .1951
1958 12; .
Mondays To .T1MAnD

1 1e
2323,'Moncrief Rd. Cor. 13th

.Or Phone EL 46782' : S ... ..... .. 100 ......
-.. by tirn Cs* ..s. it a ..


Pace Eight? TEE FLOHIDA STAB Week Ending Saturday. January 30. 1980
Small room for single man. will do your plumbing and
For your next haircut Tisit the WHILE FIGHTING
4rttstic Barber Shop 619 W. Ash- 475 W. 19th. St. 2 story frame 1167 Durkee Drive. roofing and pay off present bills. Friendfy
toy. Phone EL 4-9231. C. C. home. ezc. cond. 4 apts. Good Henry Bryant, 18, of 5735 Cassa- Make payments as low as $10.00.
Charles 'Sim- line Ave., was hit on the back of the Phone RA 5-2527. Considerate -tc
McCta-djr. Prep.; Income prop. Price reasonable. r '
.... Mgr.STRAND. David 8. Reynolds Realtor., 3633 head with a bottle last Tuesday Furnished room-Hot and cold Service.
Pearl ,SL. El 5-2255. N during a fight in the 500 block of water. Near bus line. 1430 W. HOUSE FOR RENT itI
West Ashley Street 2nd St. _EL 4-3189.. Six rooms (3 bedrooms). Hot I { r (
& cold water. 724 DeWitt Street. I,
Victim was taken to Duval Medical irwTA ic
EL 4.3720.OF I ? NI
Center where he was treated for -Ie

"SurC, Jon. 31 Thru Sot., Feb. 6 HELP WANTED lacerations. HELP WANTED INTEREST TO WOMEN I
MAID-Saturday noon to Monday t.P
Patrolmen George Bradley and T.investigated. Mamies. Can after 5 o'dock: EX Women sew, easy readycutwrap : I
m MAIDS COOKSMOUSEWOBKERS Hays. 8-7412. around aprons home. Net 11
I $17.40 profita on dozen. Spare- M
ilEPI I. HEW YORK I time profitable undertaking.
..IF-- W. karf may' excellent Fc? BrcaUai Lunch After the Morle SaadB Write ACCURATE MFOR'S I

-:- poIWoIIs opea for food female Preeport, New York. :

X11ia40t. \! domestic workers..steady Fried' Chieksa J.P.YOUNG IWeut:
11Ywl Jobs with alee private mssxNO I
amalie: who will treat yom Oyaten .c.ISJuimp' Prank Wilson 49 last heard of
mice E.ai living al 1319 W. Uonree. If *
Ii; I\I ssid proride a *
Bacon SavM whereabouts
are known contact
meals and all prirl
ftfta. i Eggs ,801 c.-. Mn. Claudia Rogers 1600 N.
1..... Salary t 0 $58 wklT ,Cotte Roman /l y .
Street New
Orleans /o .
to u JJ.r.rJLVV
awL Trwuportalioa
to Frnch. Fr. Poteteti Lou1sana. -
+ ..w York advanced. If you I
an IranMng for a good sleepem ROOSEVELT GRILL HTTP WANTED t A Up o' tor 1 p.t 0aJ

PtuzAcr : Jab, __tad Florida Domestic Lady to care for invalid woman ,to tbe. oattHi Ashley and Madison American. we.
n! Adventure Svpplr 2 22 HempDItft. (not bed ridden). Live In. Write -- *
"litJuwrc! Soahcnrk"Roosevelt ..d .' Lab {aad FlaMU Box 181. make our country td
our community a

tef.L7. 3-a8W. _.Tl i1/-\.JiiKTIJ\\l..l.\J.wn.T1ln. -'-.T .I_ JiII\ an. R H_.- a\.1_ .-\.-_ -.TLJg\: -._-.....\Dill XK Ii_ _Kl\Ia1TI.11>> i.ji ; f place taMfhicb U ttv*

leA )"n. 31-Tues.. f i.. 2 * iI
kGIRLS M. fec! by, INC.Day-- a i 1 j1i1 mmm mm m mwmm 1 m rfm mmmmlill Ii i i1 m1i1iif1i1fiiim1rmmmmH; rrmjmH1 1 m1mm11t:)

Play Girls by Nifht. HOMES FOR SALE

Glen Ford end Stars >in McLean'Road II I II
"Fastest Gun Alive" .la Choice Location I
lecnriftd New HomesC. II I
SKYVIEWSunday B. 3 Bedrooms
Hardwood Roors I
to "HERCULES"In Extra large Lots
Good Terms anuar I
In Technicilor and .

Win "Ghost$500 Cosh of Zorro"Mon. Nite St.Directions Turn left: Go to Moncrief Spring rove to Ave.43th IYr:lti}Y ......w..mM@ ili :i !jili% ] 1iiii.$k llimi 1 i i iilil fl llii i ii iiimiii'ii: :!! i :!!! ; !i;::! :i.,. .,. I
Turn. left to Mclean.
Open Sunday Afternoon
Grover S. Baifow. Broker
: PATRONIZEStar t n1'\, 4r. c "ES

PO 5.5537 I Jlcn.\us.
Advertisers I 6824 Main Si: XC" Stanton
.. Proud we are to salute% Bettye
Dolores Hi Inrlson i a member of
JAN. 24 to JAN. 30First the 12-2: Ca! '. J7? is a memberof
RITZ Run the Band Nitional Honor Society
Student Gurcil and MANAGING

-, .' TH xmad I Sale P.r ce. Newspaper Kii.nof S;arr. tho\Vttfi!Stanlonian Such;; a

J- busy s-luxi: this 'young' lady
r thi s'yes r i 1 will never grow old! .
big. picture!l. i :;. : ; -: .......--...;... .- ;;."
: I <' "!
1 ... ; 7"J.f." ., ,..,/ ;: "' :t 3t -
: I' i: '.*..t,,, ... \ -... .. ... .
.... -" .,. 'I"A '!-.,.-',;. ,. O' ,.. 0 I". 'i, "-,. .
.... fi a.i: -r; .
v. : ;" : ...... .,,, ,. .. i1 ,
.}.; ; -fj (. t : : <"I ?t. l' ;! .J} .t': '
GARY COOPERRIMMDRMHEFLIN l S''.:. "' .. ..j. .' .c .. .30-1" a
5. ':' :ow. ......r. : Wt !*: .. ,
o : \1-.t:. '.: ; :'f' t
!M HUNTERWBJJAMGOETZI L J- ; ; nI5*' t'r' .*. .
IPMWJTW'W -fl ... d: 1... : \
: t'tsv .
; .
f ,: .;. .r '+ .:".: .. ..' ;. .,: p ;
'. ,;1 ;; .... 'CiI. .f. .1. :.il .
:.. .... .." i"j. ,.. .. .... ,:'i".c.jI'P" :-" .:"
rHEycAMEpcoRpURA rt .,,.:: '., :'-' ': : : .,' i). .. .;.. '. .
.. H : .. :: .--' ;,. i1)..' '. ? !

'; '. ..- : I:......,y.. .... .' ,," .I .. .;: ;........:....."'..',.'$\.,."."-'.5.,4'.:-t' ..: .1.,".:. iA.:... ""....., .".,...' .A., o. !. 4 ._ .:' ,,:;':. "r't' -..'' .., NI t

:: Also 'OREGON PASSAGE '..:. ... .' ..., ....' ..'.,. ..- ,..-..<';.. ,.),,.' .!. t'\.O.i. ;: ".q. ': J.'i, ;' "- .f' .'- ;;: .,: .11; '"',J' \"' : .f...'. ... :. ...... "" I ,
/' : ( .
: : ; V''C t- : .t ., SllIUUUY .MAKINi: STAtlOUD
I(1&/; : -
.. -. ....-- .. "3" 'O:1: :. ,, ', :} t'V."f.....' ..,-.J....: :;.:. ':.. New Stanton
-. .. t ,u .i ," I' Shirley is a 1nc'm1N>r of the 12-6
0 f '. i;-if\ .. .tr: ii: ..i :. : :. : .. :?- ; : j'. class and ..\?& :t..C''.. .' in extra
<' *. ; ;. ,: :; ; L.r. ;: ii :: :: : member of th<:*- ? r i j.>nal-w*Honor is a
I t : : .
I ; 1. Society and Stant.onian paper.
v & |WJEftAi f OiM ,
; ; : ; L.ECJ.il : i .,, .
it* ] ; ; / ; U1. )..'" : il : Our bet wishes. :am extended for
: ? "': "" .... : .. a succejfui f future
1 r .} V':. .* : : : W*': l.: ILf:..?.. .; : ;:: ; ; : : : : :; ,;.. .. ....r .
x .
r .4"f' .I'y" : :: :' : : .'. .. I t
U .
H-, I ,_ '. :.:, .. ._. .
I o; '

yr, L t autGmati k :. ,


.; :: Discounts .

Jacksonville Ball Park ." W.As'H > .
Saturday 8 P. M. -: Feb. 6 ER. o
r vs t: .: ::. : Up to 40% cin ti

; .. ......... .
San .Franci o-AII Nations

....- Sponsored By ._ .! P\--\ t"r.: .. k. \ Hi R Stereo-; C re BAKDARA WILLIAMS

New March of Dimes .... ..- S : Sew Stanton
'ffiK : "'" ; .t.3; M Refriger ors''Ranqes: Barbara Williams is a memberof
: ,
;- the 12-7 class She" is affiliated
You've Seen Them On T.V. ,. $16970
ia::!' Now Se. Them In Pesos ) ,; ti Washers- Freezers with the Honor Society, Student
) ;:: $
.. '
Only One Day : : _. ;:....,.." o 1W:.l. '\n.rnl] Staff. and, and
Tickets On Sole At t ";><' serves as pianist: at Zion Hope

Reserved Scots $3,00, $2.50, $2.00 (tax incl.) ,"'... that Barbara's career"off becoming
General Adaasien, $1.50 (tex i ihcU) ?22-J. a doctor b.cry successful.

/ f -i .. *
I 1w. ONtY GE. HAS. Tt.r- .. .

\; < I Lf.t..t.n ,...,/. I ..,...
FAMOUS ACTIVATORWASHlMiTHERE'S !o<'f:; i!i MUSIC-.lt.( : riday

't Nites 1 lo:. L 'ii:00 i

I -FcrF.cte l freqiM, est
A STORE NEAR YOU I-I. fr ELC046.2fly' !

II .
I /
.'; ..
DOWNTOWN .' t .- ,
; 15 S. HOGAN ST. = ::'-.lti) .: ::.

(Acro from New Sean .;. rd"I rI -Y

t.r I EL 6-2493 1I .*", -- ,.....-.10". ..r.;.
Open Eyery Nile Till S !'. ='"........ ,#,.-r4;.""

: RiVERSIDE E;it..;.,. A.. : !!;
-- .
505 S. McDUFF : J.i.f..' 't'" '.I'
#d (Near Lenox) .. .':''';;'' ': ,,,,, ,
1t I,, EV 8-4824 .. ." ... 9f'\:, 111.; .'-1.l ., -

r [ 'Ji'..,. 1

CEDAR HILLS I'- SOUTHSIDE USED APPLIANCES r f hf' .. .f'...... -.as.....-p..p.4 1 .
3625BLANDING BLVD. i "'-- .
11 BEACH BLVD. r---
2689 ST.S" l eIft I @ IJ( I
(Across* from ShPPlSS BOSSELLE- !: \u1 Joy
Center) I (<*"* Sontkg Pls.) (Comer of Klsg avd HosselleT. I \;-- F10rtda .

SP 1-2890 FL 9'8878 EVOpeeiTlll I >.
1 s--\ .
J .
I HUe TS1 t .;r -
Open Erery Nile Till 9 Opem Every 6 _

__1 r p __WIl___' -- ..-- __""WK _U- lumn1'\11IYnt. M l .
dr" a J

; ..f.J. '.., '. ._ ;... .". ,' ;:' a .._ ": t ;._d:,: '?;;,.,. : ci Y... ..!a r1 x .a: x .

-- .- ..