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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200545datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date January 23, 1960dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=005450740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
January 23, 1960
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
January 23, 1960
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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\ F :



V OF Ft.o JDA ftr ..-.v'of 7I
61'Y", _. j .: : ;. .: ..,-lj
t ..:... .
1 -.; i f ; _. ..\





lb ;emands. Brotherhood Recognition ::. k FLJIlI/J STAll. ,t I

---- -- -- ---' -------

.; r-- -- .- VOL. 9 __ NO. :50 And NEWS JANUARY 23, JACKSONVILLE 9. FLORIDA |g Cec!= ,

I .- tS@n MKn $
c N .

: fit.5 Co r' ACig@1E 1

1 o{ .. tp CHICAGO 'T/e are here to Women's Groups To Fight

...t .:.. 7Eqv defend every inch of progress we
... III tI have made, declared Rev. Dr. H.
Ralph Jackson, Memphis pastor.

I i to more than 500 AME ministers

ij AM dgp gathered here on January 14 at

4 St. Stephens AME Church, Rev. In Schools
Segregation .
'tc x. 'd1Mxt 3 'A snl c. Dr. G. W. Reed, pastor.

Dr. Jackson is president of the

t Brotherhood of the AME Church.

an leadership organization over formed eight years under ago.his Member J Claim! Furnishings '14.000.000 Women JOi i Fight

f composed of ministers from

recently throughout the the object AME of Church much,con-and Are Property of /jonteray To End School SegrecionNEW ,I

.troversy. fEy Staff Correspondent YORK Seventeen national: women's organizations: witha

-- total membership of 14,000,000 have joined hands to fight segregation : -
President Jackson's leadershipof
the Brotherhood and member- A suit seeking the return of club-room fixtures vlaued at in the nation's public schools, it was announced Monday.

$7,604 has been entered agai 1St Mrs. Joan D. Spaulding. Working together quietly for the
ship on the Budget Committee of tions of varying religious and racial -
six months, the women'sgroups
L the General Board, was the sub- The bill of complaint was filed is sure to arise is: Were the tangible past in backgrounds have come together -

+ ject of attack .recently during the by Dr. Hunter H. Satterwhite, Jr., property taxes paid in the name of have combined forces call a in "NOW for Equality" to
t. council
PATIENT AID. Dr. E. Mazique president of the National Memphis Annual Conference, prominent dentist and president of the Monteray Literary Club, Inc. or coordinating they of deal with some of the crucial ,aspects -
"NOW (National
Uedlcal Ass latloD. plains that patfent,aid is still the heart where he was defeated In his bid the club on behalf of the Monteray.The in the name of Dr. Nelson Spauld- of the problem.
if the of The National Foundation. Women) for Equality in !: uca-
new program Listening: are suit was filed against Mrs. ing
for election as delegate to the I "Among our deepest concerns In
Mrs. Thelma Austin of the Links, Inc. and Mrs. J, A. Jacksonf administratrix of tion." *
estate -
) the Order of The Eastern Star..Funds from the'New March May session of the General con- Spaulding as The once exclusive Monteray At a press conference in the In- this area are a breakdown of

.If Dimes will offer patient aid,to persons of all ages stricken ference in Los Angeles of Dr. Nelson W. V. Spaulding.The which served as the rendezvous for terchurch Center, 475 Riverside moral values, an increasing dis-

Pith paralytic.polio and to children crippled by arthritis andbirth'deiects.IIelp plaintiff club charges that the the elite and regard of law and order, a grow-
fcrtain thousands to walfc again. Join the Referring to incidents la. sev- swanky furnishings which adornedthe I professional people, Drive, plans were disclosed for a ing disrespect for education itself
few March of Dimes'Jan. 231 the near elite is now housed in the national "NOW for Equality"
eral areas of the church and attacks Monteray clubhouse, formerlyat
and the inevitable
of the Richmond HoteL consequencesto
dining room
made by some bishops of Union and Broad, streets, but meeting Washington February
Isadore Singleton, Chairman of the Negro Division for the Marchof our children and to our so-
17, 18 and 19. Purpose of the meet-
the church upon the leadership of moved the late doctor's
were Jater "
Dimes issued special appeal urging Jaion to give liberally to ciety.
ing, it was reported, will be "to ..
the Brotherhood, Jackson explained wife are the property of the
the March of Dimes. He pointed that Negro victims in this area
focus major attention on the
to ministers that such
have benefited greatly from the Nation Foundation. "is a plot to the take away your free- club,, Lynchin J CcseWh 1 American Jewish Congress, Na- Lawyers nOn Fight

dom." The brief filed in the circuit court tional Women's Division; Associa-

charges that the pretty young widow Not Closed I psychological, educational, social Pupil CodeWEST

7 gullets iI "I"NO. BITTERNESS.. ',' ""unlawfi .!;(j,cktaicI xfc,the pros er- and ethical consequences of segregation -
C..vJ v '
f'Aii PARDONED! To Kffl'Mkonlrar-" ,,' ON 'r IIIS-PART"He y of the Iponteray,'v ub 'ancl Ins and their effect on childrenof PALM BfACH{ Two-

offered as evidence copies ol con -- A Justice De- all races." more Negro lawyers have joined

MIAMI James Powell, Negro, further explained that there ditional sales contracts involvingthe partment spokesman said Wednesday the attack on Florida's pupil assign- I
ESCAPING' Speakers at the Washington
AFTER about 49, was alive in a hospital tonight was no bitterness on his part i purchase of the furnishings. the lynching of.23-year-old Negro meeting will include :Mrs..Eleanor ment law brought by William Holland !-
: despite being shot five times relative to his defeat'' in Memphisand *
Sr. who has tried
I since 1956 to ,
Mrs. Spaulding who is representedby truck driver Mack Charles Roosevelt; the Rt. Rev. James A.
i* the bead that he had not called this I
YEARS AGO Ernest D.: Jaekson, for Parker Pike, Protestant register his son an all-white school.I. !.
27 Dade said Powell attorney at Poplarville, Miss., is "nota Episcopal Bishopof .
Countypolice his
meeting Just to tell about per- C. Smith and F. M. Cunningham
the estate aDd a former board closed case yet" California; Justice Justine Wise
was on his fet, though staggering, sonal problems. He admitted,how- joined Holland
has Poller of the New York at a hearing before
Jim Morton, member of the Monteray Club, Domestic
TALLAHASSEE when they picked him up last night ever, that all that had been said Luther A. Houston, departmentpress th e Palm Beach County school '
Relations Court
Florida filed denying the alle- ; Prof. Kenneth
from a
55-years-old, :n suburban Perrine. Besides the in the newspapers was true and officer made the. statement board. ,
and became Clark of City College and others.
prison camp 27 years ago five .22 caliber bullets in his head, that this was not the whole story. when asked about reports the '
: government Member organizations of "NOW
a respected citizen of Chicago one was found in each arm. He alleged there are plans on the denies that the plaintiff's is considering new action Holland repeated charges he has
Heights, Illinois will be able to re- His condition was listed critical. part of some" bishops to not recognize Equality" include women's religious made since 1956 that his son, William -
copies of sales contracts are evidence in the nine-month-old case. lie declined racial, civic, labor and
main in Illinois will be able re- Detectives said Powell could not the members of the Broth- that the Jr., now 9 years old, is being
Board has Monteray purchasedthe to say what steps might be service groups. The full list follows -
The Florida Pardon talk to them because one bullet had erhood at the forthcoming General fixtures. Instead she charges: taken.A denied his constitutional rights.He .
: -
granted him a conditional pardonupon severed his tongue. They said she Conference when they sees that they "prove beyond any doubt asked that the child be as-

a recommendation of the State nodded when asked if he knew who the floor for presentation of leg- that the properties claimed by he special federal grand jury in tion of Universalist Women; Delta signed to the all-white Northboro

Parole Commission and the State shot hinJ.POLICE. islation. He threatened Federal plaintiff was never sold to the Mon Biloxi, Miss., closed its investigationof Sigma Theta; Fellowship of the School instead of the Negro Roose-

I rn'M'f'C't.. ons. Court action if this occurs. the lynch case Jan. 14 without Concerned General Alliance of velt School nearer I his home.
Division o i '- -- ----- teray Club but. .was, in fact, sold ;

Morton's past was exposed..in to Dr. Nelson Spaulding, doing busi- returning any indictments. Unitarian and Other Liberal Holland charged there actually is
arrested by Five bishops of the church segregation in the county and that
1959. after he was Christian Women; Hadassah; Na-
May ness as a Monteray Social Club' or
at the meeting. There is speculation a new grand
a debtor's war- REPORTS were present assignments to schools are based on
Chicago police on 'Dr. Nelson busi- tional Association of Colored Women's -
Senior Bishop G. L. Greene, At- Spaulding doing jury might be convened or other race.
rant. ness as the Monteray Literary dub', Legal proceduers might be used to I Clubs: National Council of
Director R. G. lanta, the chairman of the Gen- I
Assistant Prison BILLFOLD STOLEN '' Negro Women; National Councilof
board that eral Beard which controls the unincorporated. bring to trial those suspected of the School board attorneys Marshall
told the onus Women National Women'sConference
church finances Bishop GeorgeW. lynching. Crise and W. O Mehrtens said the
agreedto ;
the Illinois Parole Board had Miss Lavertie Johnson. 37, of 2079 The furnishings in question w repurchased American Ethical
supervision Baber, Philadelphia, presidentof assignments are made under FlorIda -
keep Morton under West 13th Street was robbed of her on Dec. 8, 1353 from the Parker was draggL-d from his cell Union; National Women's League. law
not according to
the Council of Bishops; Bishop race.
for one year. billfold containing $i.J last Monday Joseph Gomez, host bishop; Barsco Supply Co. shortly after: Dr. at Poplarville !last: April 25 while League, United Synagogue of They said the Holland boy was as-

"We don't ordinarily recommend between .:4.) and 8 a.m. at Laura Bishop E. C. Hatcher, Cleveland, Spaulding called a meeting of Mon. awaiting trial on charges of rapinga America; Pioneer Women; Seventh signed to the Negro school because

clemency for escapees, but this man and Monroe Streets during the early teray Club members to secure tp; pregnant white woman. His bullet- Day Baptist General Conference, it is nearer to his home.
arid Bishop David H. Sims, Phila-
had served all but 11 months of his morning bus rush. delphia. Enthusiastic approval was proval of the purchase. I pierced body was found 10 days Women's Society; United Automo- The boy has never attended a
record has been One which members bile Workers, Women's Depart-
and his question say later in the Pearl River
sentence She told police, she was in the given for Bishop Sims who has public school but has been in private
nearly 25 years, Gram- ment; United Church \VomenVomen's ;
clean for crowd when the bus arrived and been under suspension since 1946, Negro schools since he attained
\ Branch, Union of Orthodox -
bling said.NEGRO someone opened her hand bag and to be reinstated and assigned at Jewish Congregations of school ,age. I
$74 in the General Conference. r \ .
S took the billfold containing America and the Women's Inter-
March ; Th" board said it would study the

CHOOSES i assorted bills and other important Senior Bishop Greene, in hisaddress v national League for Peace and est'mony! before announcing its -de-

papers. : described the Brother- '. of Freedom. I cision.

FOR HIS Sgt. L. C Williams investigated. hood Movement as a "group that "NOW for Equality" had its
NIXON DimesMedical ..
YOUTH GRABS BILLFOLD wants the AME Church to be i ; origin last March, it was explained I

turned loose-you are demandinga today, when Mrs. Thelma Rich-

RUNNING MATEMIAMI .FROM Lucile DRY Battle CLEANERSMrs. 45, of 626 West better church." He further : man of Philadelphia, president of City Is Sued '

alerted the group that "the bench I the American Jewish Congress
i the victim of a
Beaver Street was
BEACH denon King who purse snatcher last Monday who ,f Bishops are not afraid of you." Researchers Women's Division, wrote to a By Mi's$2S01000; V\&fe&
teaching 4
the history establishment number of leading women's organ- :
cleaning -
no into the dry
% came .
the mar
can be remembered as worked. izations. In her letter, Mrs. Rich- !
where she .I
institutefor I For
t 12 days in a ; i man suggested that worn e n' s
officers I IwJJ I
told investigating :
University ol Mrs. Battle : i I
for trying to enter ; groups around the country come I
again the man came into the placeof .F 3ar PALATKA-A; suit seeking dam-
Mississippi, is in the news together to establish contacts, ex- I
for business 955 Broad Street and ages of $250,000, has been filed

after announcing his candidacy States.I asked for some clothes for which he a change ideas and work togetheras against the city of Palatka by a "

President of the United Albany, Geor- had no ticket. She said the youth : women in the struggle against Negro widow for the death of her I
hails from .
King Vice President who appeared to be.about 16 or 17 i husband. :

gia, said he has Nixon chosen as his running years-old reached around the coun- I today's press conference, I Mrs. Emma Moore filed an i i

Richard ter, grabbed the billfold with the Mrs. Richman who serves as amended complaint in Putnam "
4 r r
mate. be the candidateof money and left the building running I r chairman .of,the "tyOW" planning County Court asking damages for i

lIe said he will AfroAmericanUnity north on Broad Street. The amount committee-put"it this way: the death of her husband, Rumley :
of Party. He said he taken was $14.Patrolmen "We have watched with dismay Moore, who was fatally shot by a !
Liberation Presidentwould W. Solomon and C. how an attitude of permissive I Palatka policeman.The I
like to lawlessness regarding the issue of widow charges Policeman ,
to serve in The above students from Howard and Mehany Medical Colleges -
Nixon integration has invaded all areas Perry Kite with negligence in the j
are typical of hundreds of medical students who engagedin
office. : of American life. of Moore on March 1,
medical March of
research last under
King who is also a Visiting in the city recently were specialized summer
The 39-year-old on a platform Mrs. Ethel Knight Mrs. Katherine Give To Mother'sMarch Dimes sponsored grants. Top left to right they are: Robert Bow- "Because we feel a special responsibility 1959.A.
minister, said: he will run Paris of man of Nashville, and Ira Daves of Blackstone, Va., bottom left to the nation's chil- coroner's jury ruled Kite
"to seek a mutually satisfactory limbric and Mrs. to right, Mrs. Faye D. Boberson of Jackson, Miss, Michel W. dren, and because we are deeply acted legally in the case.
solution of the racial problem Elizabeth, New Jersey who came to Of Dimes Kildare of Boston,and Reuben H. Dawson of San Francisco.New
after the newadministration be with their mother Mrs. Katie E. research in arthritis,.birth defects and polio.wlU be made pos- concerned with the effects on A previous complaint was dismissed -
within one year sible by contributions'to. the New March of Dimes. them of the integration struggle, when the court ruled no
inaugu- of 1505 West 22nd. Street .
has On Jan 28 the seventeen women's organizart foundation for the allegations.
ing her illness. .
rated. .. a <1' # .
: : .
e Itr h
: .. r '
: It .
.,:' t i .

: .- Ii,' -',-" .. s....gout ,.<.-,.yr.. ,, j :; :: :', .,..,... _. a.. .." tssM r. x ... ..., '......-' .45 ._ .q/ F'." -" ,
: ir
t { ; ;" "," .-... ',' : -;. ; ".
i :, .. t- ., .
; '
,:( ', / ,' :; ; v ,.
\ > ;, : : r l. ',- 'c ;;: :,li.o :':- :\ Jr ; :" 5
J'Y-' >

,,, ,,, .
; -
'. -{= -
: :; -" ; t.,> ". '_' : :' ,' '-.' : ; 'j( 1. : "?

...... 1



,'- -

'::. '" : r" .... '" ,


i : 'r_ .
., ,.
";:'.. ..I':' t r 2 '1 .r.t
_, .'_ ,:; .;; .,. : : ,

t'd: I

ae40 Two THE FLORIDA STAL WEek! Ending Saturday. Januarv. 23. 1964 J
---- -


NEWS I'Poliiics As Usual's I iI i

.. i

.. S4 By Eric O. Simpson
:, .
Published by The Florida Star Publishing Co. i, s, : 1fY OFFICES UP FOR ELECTION 1960 '!

"Member of Associated Negro Press' For the benefit of our readers we are presenting the list

Eric O. Simpson __________Editor : of offices up for election in 1960. The list was kindly supplied i
C. Parfaaxn Johnson News Staff : by the office of the Supervisor of registration. '

Hilda Wooten ,_______ Circulation Dapi. CONGRESSIONAL: :

Representative in Congress Sec trict No 0. Basil ,
JUSTICE J. Walker.
.. ond Congressional:
I Ir District, Charles '
MAIN OFFICE & PLANT: 3 County Budget Commissioner, Dis-
E Bcn.1ett.JUDICLL.
ms Moncrief Road EL 4-6782 EL 4.8783 W trict No. 4, Joseph G. Kennelly Jr.
Downtown Branch Office 423 Broad St. Phone EL 4-3773 ; :
County Civil Service Board, District
Justices of the Supreme I .
tr ,
a. No. 2, Carleton R. Barber.
Mailing Address Number of Offices?
County Civil Service Board District -
P. O. Box 581 Jacksonville 1, Florida .j. Circuit Judges Fourth Judicial 1':0.oJ, Paul R. Akin.

ti 'f T Circuit, Eight Offices. .
Governor Leroy Collins.
On. Year, $5X0; Half Year, $3.00: Three Months $1.80 -.; ;
xsi Secretary of State R. A. DISTINCT
Mailed To You, Anywhere In The United States. Gray.
Comptroller Ray E. Green.
r>tobccripiion Payable in Adronce. Send Check or Money Order To Commissioner of Agriculture<< Nathan Justice of the Peace, District No.
FLORIDA STAR-P. O. BOIL JACKSONVILIiE 1. FLORIDA Mayo.Treasurer. 2, R. D. Pcndarvis, Jr.
: :: ? 'ir 7 .f'
c- J. Edwin Larson. Constable, District No. 2, D. M.
Attorney General Richard W. Er- Keen

Negroes And The Negro PressThe ei G .Y.. Supt vin. of Public Instruction TomD. Justice of the Peace, District No.

.i Bailey. 3, L. C. Oliver.Constable .
Second in a Series of Editorials 4 ,0 .taint State Attorney William A. Hal-
on the Negro Press District No.3, EmoryV.
1 lowes, III
Railroad and Public Utili- Roberts.
ties Commission

e I O LEGISLATIVE Jastice of the Peace, District No. 1
Last week we printed much of the speech delivered by : F 'Q Member State: House of 4, George A. Harris.
William O. Walker on the occasion of the 75th birthdayof Representatives -
Group No. 1 John E. Constable, District No.4 LonnieA.
the Philadelphia Tribune, in which he lambasted the \ ,
.0' "Negro intellegentsia who find all manner of fault with t k JIPf Mathews, Jr. Sikes.
Negro f.\; Member State House of Representatives -
newspapers. Justice of the Peace, District No.
Group No. 2, Harry West-
Fortunately, in Duval County criticism of the Negro f 9Tbe berry. I 5, D. Harley Giddens.

press is not prevalent among Negroes. The percentage of Member State House of Representatives Constable, District Nu. 5, FrankE.
'"downers" (Negroes who are "down" on everything other UN Vote Against Apartheid (Jim Crew) Proved Embarrassing 'I' Group No. 3, George B. Brunson, Jr.

Negroes are doing) is very low. On the other hand, how- Stallings, Jr. Justice of the Peace, District No. I

ever, the criticism that comes from others is frequently Member State House of Representatives 8, Ernest R. Hartley.

deserved and often helpful.It group No.4, Subject to Constable District No.8, R. G. \
I Your Weekly Referendum, Nov. 3, 1959. (Judge) Hartley.
is not unusual to hear those "downer" critics being :_ -
Justice of
COUNTY: the Peace, District No.
set straight by persons who understand the problems of Clerk of the Circuit Court Leonard 9, Genevieve K. Medlock.
the Negro press and the problems of Negro enterprise, as baroscope Guide W. Thomas. Constable! District No.9, George
a whole. It is not uncommon to hear thinking Negroes tell : Sheriff Dale George Carson. H. Brown, Jr.
"downers" that it is foolish to the FLORIDA STAR
compare 8y PABLO The ASTROLOGER Tax Assessor Leon E. Forbes. Justice of the Peace, District No.
with the local white daily for several reasons. ,
: Tax Collector Clyde II. Simpson. 10, Dorcas B. Drake.

No. 1, the local daily started out with thousands of WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR Superintendent of Public Instruction Constable, District No. 10, J. R.

dollars as capital from people who invested to start the Ish Brant. Carmichael.

paper, while the Negro press invariably starts on a shoe BUSINESS LOVE TRAVELARIES County Commissioner, DistrictNo. Justice of the Peace, District No.
string because of the absence of Negro investors.No. 1, J. B. (Joe) Mallard. 11, Sarah Bryan.
pense. Much of your attention next SCORPIO County Commissioner, DistrictNo. Constable, District No. 11, A. M.
2, the local morning paper has been operating 94 The 2Sth may offer you the last nomic and investment problems. It You are capable of thinking clear- 2, Joe F. Hammond. (Steve) Stephens.

years and evening paper for 72 years, while the FLORIDA chance this month to establish your would be prudent to reduce indebted : ly and judging your posibilities, up County Commissioner, DistrictNo. Justice of the Peace, District No.

-STAR is only 9 years old. claim to supremacy, arrange for financial ness to the 25th. There are indications 5, Joe Burnett. 12, T. O. (Tom) Holmes.

No. 3, THE local paper fights no battles, while the transactions, or settle your 6-50-55-14-651 coming thru that results are takinga County Judge McKenney J. Davis. Constable, District No. 12, W. T.
Negro press is forever fighting and has as its main function accounts in a spirit of friendliness. different shape than those yoH in- Judge Criminal Court of Record (Bill) Woodward.

the job of speaking out for equality, justice and the Although the 28th ushers in a period tended (28th). Your feelings can Division "A" William T. Harvey. SECOND PRIMARY }
rights of Negroes.The when your aspirations resume their get the better of your good sense Supervisor of Registration Fleming Presidential Preference Primary. f.
upward spiral, you should wait until j and create chaos in your privateand H. Bowden. National Committeeman and Com-
fact that some 18,000 Negroes in Duval County February before you make any per- LEO family environment f29th). Clerk Criminal Court of Record mitteewoman.
read the FLORIDA STAR each week is evidence that sonal or monetary commitments. You still are on the right trackon Think this over carefully on the 31st. Kathleen L. Hartley. Delegates to the National Conven-
colored citizens in these parts want the Negro press and Your emotions, friends and decep- the 26th, but there is danger of County Solicitor Criminal Courtof tion.
would probably give it much mote support, but do not tive popular reactions could fool you a derailment thereafter. Partner-i 8-206-1963-826 Record Lacy Mahon, Jr.
realize that support of the Negro press goes beyond the into a costly purchase or investmenton ship, martial and domestic misun- Board of Public Instruction: District Remember folks, the registration

purchase of a paper, but rather, also entails patronizingits the 29h. Submit, for your own derstandings could insidiously creep No.1, Raymond A. David. books are now open. Register NOWif
advertisers. good, should you hear the voice of up on you an wrek chaos, insteadof SAGITTARIUSYou Board of Public Instruction, District you hare not done BO. Renewal
authority (31st10331231113). the cooperation which is now vi- No. 3, A. E. (Gene) Stokes. cards are mow being sent oat. FlU
It is important that Negroes patronize firms that ad- tally neeed ((28th-29th). Do not let are in for considerable en- Board of Public Instruction, Dis- it in and return it promptly. Don't

v vertise in the Negro press because advertising is the life- pride stand in your way, for this couragement this week thru an un- trict No. 5, Ned P. Searcy, Sr. let it lay around the house and
blood of a newspaper and business firms won't place ads often is your greatest obstacle to expected turn of events, and your County Budget Commissioner, Dis get lost.
satisfied that the Negro own ability to grow in stature when
, in the Negro press they are success.; Avoid activities that could '
the occasion demands it (18th.) Do
I press was responsible for bringing them Negro invite falls or other mishaps (31st). Protection For Car Owners
TAURUS not stand still on the 20th-21st when
Many might say: Why should I go out of my way to Be firm with those who would you have openings to throw your
patronize the Negro paper's advertisers so that the Negro borrow .or demand favors, which 3-80-66-19-79-386 weight around where it will do the Auto Liability InsuranceEasy

press could get more business? you are not disposed to give ((26th). most good.3201M944329.
Monthly Payments
The answer is simply this: The price you pay for On the 28th, you have a sign that VIRGO

i the paper hardly pays the cost of putting it out. And there are more heights to conquer, Everything seems to be going according ( Royal Art Agency
church don't stop at paying your but be ready to fight all the way.
when you join a you to plan and your heart's 515 Davis St. Phone EL 4-1894
church's affairs and supportits Opponents, if there are any, could
dues You support your desire thru the 26th. Gossip, fad-
programs because you know that dues alone won't resort to all sorts of ways, score of dism the CAPRICORN Open 11 AM t. 7 PM Mon., Wed., Thur., Fri., Sot.
And do want the them underhanded, to snatch the propaganda or pressureor Outside of the 26th when results
.. keep the church doors open. why you of associate the
fears an are Sundays 1 PM to 7 PM Closed Tuesdays
church doors open? Because the Church serves a need. prize away frcm you (29th). The things yotfmust guard against (28th- follow inspired thinking and prompt
sense of self-preservation helps action you must be on the lookoutfor
I In addition to paying subscription dues for the Negro (31st). 29th). Guard against emotional reactions pitfalls that are cleverly hidden.

'. paper each week it is necessary to support it by patronizing or mishaps affecting children Popular excitement, friendly advice
its subscribers because the Negro press serves a need. It is 7-80S8-79-87-787 on the 31st. All gambles are and wishful thinking could combineto f e 1a

the medium that speaks out against injustices. It is the ill-advised. cloud your judgment and cause
medium that demands equal opportunities and equal rights. GEUMLM you to follow the loser (29th). Your
It is the medium that campaigns for more Negro deputy I Take whatever precautions you 5-5033-12-8S531 prudence, even if it is exaggeratedon

sheriffs and city policemen, Negro firemen, more civil serv- deem necessary to adjust yourselfto occasion, is still your best pro ..
ice jobs and an end of discriminatory practices against prevailing conditions on the 26th. te< Negroes. A changing cycle can make you susceptible LIBRA raEc conditions when out on
to colds or occupational The opportunity to cement an the 31st
Those are some of the reasons why we should patronize hazards (28th-29th). %u should be agreement that means an alliance rF

firms tJUat advertise in the Negro press and..that ready, to cope with an emergency .end subsequent benefits s*& ,pre 54044-19-43-513 ''
is the reaSin we say: connected with partnership resources dominates on the 26th. Should you

and personal friendships (31st.). fail to give your final word by then yt '
PATRONIZE FLORIDA STAR ADVERTISERS! j you may be driven by doubts or AQURIUS

8-2.12-98-82.J( outside influences to hape a changeof The happy trend established dur- :
heart. nie could be a brek- 4
price ing the preceding week drags over
i CANCER en engagement friendship er bank to the 26th, but that is where it .
; There is something very inspiringand account ((28th-29th). Accept the real- may stop this month. A new per-

"ind the solid about a proposition that ities as they appear, and be guidedby sonal cycle is initiated on the 28th, p't
strength is made on the 26th. The reverse them exclusively, if the chanceis and you will have to become more ; ,
be said of the 29th when In- given on the 31st. _
L may an you forward and forceful in order to
for sidious person or Influence may try I keep on gaining ground. Do not be _

.: your life. to possess you or gain at your ex 1-30-99-13-57-139 thrown off the track by a promise, __

illusion or chicanery on the 29th.

Get Your Horoscope Guide To Prudence is the keyword for the
RICHES LOVE HEALTH 9-70-99-16-97-9T9

i ES') Order your horoscope guide for December Now. Send $2 t

To Pablo Tho Astrologer p. O.Box Jacksonville LFhu

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.. Dear Pablo: Enclosed $2.00. Send my Horoscope Outside of the 26th, when you are '

t r'. I Guide for the month of December. still holding a winning hand, this KEN KNIGHT
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to lose bearings and to TRAIN"
,, I ADDRESS I II you substitute successful your tactics for "KNIGHT

I II others that will operate to your de- Starting At 7:00 P. M. Nightly1400WRHC140O-
: I trimen (28th-29th). A threat to an

,';i. BORN ; old friendship is again in evidence

RELIGION IN AMERICAN LIFE INC. I dale I around tho 30th-31st
o month
.-{ 1 .

: .. WORSHIP'TOGETHER THIS WEEK I -I 54044-18-43.5I3
: ; .
..c ., f _" .* ; ;},. .

..;, '" ,,.,'. .., .. ", .,: :'aT.. :' ; '; > ..S, .



+ ... --



.... .


Wk Ending Saturday/'January 23, 1960' THE FLORIDA STAR S fnge 'f11r..

.,. ,
St., 17.Loyd.

.,. ':.',./>-'v"l"lq. 'f'-: '" .'' .- { ) Bells C. Bailey, 1204() E. 31st St.,
.t 'f.J. ;
:: > Wedding
*: '
,. !', .i ;4>," *' ? : ; : v" !I'* ; 24 and Barbara A. Epps, 1159 E.
;; : Jirt rf
{ t:. .. -.: ?: : ? : # 24th St 15. .

APPLICATION FOE Wm. Green 11S4 W. 22nd St. :sand

MARRIAGE LICEXSS Lee A. May, 1022 Odessa St., 23.

James Dennis, Jr., 719 Birdier St. ;. b

to : '. James Wiley, 1539 Steele St, 25 25 and Betty J. Israel, 719 Birdier
: and Ellean Guilford 1214 JessieSt St., 16.Shelly. '

e' .< ?;y 21.Chas.. ,
,. : I ....\:., Smith 1519 Kings Rd., 22 i
..' _;r.-[ ,>tfJ. 43 and) Ayesha Abdul, 2024 Tuska
: :f ;-->," <:':: : and Ida McFarland 122. VI.t1th..
;s' : : gee Rd., 39.
:. r :t..} '. ,.,$.,-...., St., 25.McCrae.
j".>. = IL Young 1415 .W. IllinoisSt. : Robt S. Carr 2044 Brady Ct., 40 .
; ''','1'' ., IS and) Betty J. Brookins 1567 and Carrie Bradford, 63G Brady Ct., .. "
y : R : W. Slth St., 17. 25. qc 1
Esco Carter 715 W. Beaver St., 57 .. ,
I II I and Dorothy Sharp, 1532 Illinois St., Everidge G. Brown 1611 Morgan

; F I :.-I4,25.( :: I: St., 19 and Annie D. Telfair 14S3 T

:Nathaniel; Thomas, 1S53 W. 6th Logan St., 16. -..
\ I <0
*., 22 and Shirley Cobb 1424 Mcv i
Ranee Shy Jr., 1802 W. 11th St., "" .zL4W
4* C'fi'r ,: Blvd., 17. .,
26 and Gwendolyn D. McCoy 1787 .. ..
James C. Graham 16G2 W. 31th
Dot St., 23.
St., 21 and Joann Grooms, 1212 .. '\' : ,. ,'"

r x P arce St., 20. I O. L. Capers 5746 Carnation '0 .. '

Ernest Sistmnk, 1553: Spearing St., : Road 24 and Mable Woods, 5240 .t"' ,. ,

22 and Daisy L. Woodbury, 1231 Bunch Dr. 18. o. ... ...
: ,'>.
Kent Lane, 21. .r' 11> "
Chas. L. Wells, 1113 W. 21st Place ii'.s
Clarence C. McCary 1055( PhelpsSt.
Gary, Ind. 24 and Eva M. DuPree / 1':1': >.. ,'!t'" .).f_ :.:"
23 and Mary L. Cull 1243 OakleySt. : .: .
1365 W. 25th St. 19. ., ..
7ffL ., 18.Luther. ,: ". .
e. .
Jones, Jr., 1409 W. 23rd Warren Hardwick Jr., 1158 W. ... .y.__.. ',' t.. *..

St., 22 and Constance Williams, 26th St. 22 and Jeanette N. Diggs ....- ; .,. .\:,
1462 W. 23rd St., 21. 1162 W. 26th St., 21. .. .".\, __. .1,,, ,_ .#_-..... .....'..t....',, "

Roosevelt Durham, 1337 W. 8th The marriage of Miss Ernestine Loretta Jordan and

St., 44 and Bernice Reid 1476 E. Cornelius Wadsworth Grant was solemnized December 27,

CLUB l\mET-The Minuettes Social and Saving Club met in the 'home of Mr. and 28th; St., 35. at 2 p.m. in Saint Thomas Baptist Church, with the Rev

Mis. Haywood Lee Johnson, 1713 W. 12th Street, with Mack H. Riley, president, pre- Abram Brown, 1123 Jefferson St., SOCIAL CLUB HOLDS erend W. C. Neal officiating. Standing with Reverend Neal
21 and Naomi Neal, 1123 JeffersonSt. was the groom's father, the Reverend E. V. Grant.

siding.Attending the affair (seated) were: Mrs. Mattie Foster, Mrs E. S. Dean, Mrs. Jo- 20. ITS ANNUAL PARTYThe The bride's parents are Mr. and Mrs. Saul Jordan; the

anna Jackson, Mrs.. Beatrice Johnson. Standing: Mr.; Haywood Johnson, Mr. Willie Craw- Jos. Schuler, Jr., 434 Carolina St., bridegroom is the son of the Reverend E. V. Grant.

ford, Mr. Mack H. Riley, Mr. Roland Wilson, Mrs. Tommie Thomas, Mrs. Lee Edna Wil- 25 and Ethel M. Jones, 434 Caroline Jewel Social Club held its annual Wedding music was offered by Mrs. Dorothy Danieli

liams, Mrs. Juanita Bivins.January. St., 29.Johnny. at the organ and Mrs. Hortense Neal at the piano. Mr.
party Jan. 8 in the home of
Johnson 1189 Line St.. 64 James Garvin was soloist.
and Ida Heatley, 1189 Line St., 43. Mr. and Mrs. Hilliard Wilson Jr.,

Bride PATRONIZE Lucious Simon, Jr., 1363 N. W. 2915 Edgewood Avenue. The bride was given in marriage by her father. The

55th Ten, Miami Fla., 23 and Effie The party was well attended and best man was James N. Tookes,of Tallahassee. Ushers were

Star AdvertisersLEARN McKennie 1017 Julia St., 25. all guests expressed an enjoyabletime. Arnold Grant, brother of the groom, Frederick Jordan,

Daniel Seldon 326 Pineview Circle brother of the bride, Jesse Jordan, brother .of the bride,

60 and Josephine Powell, 1434 The first meeting of the year will and Albert Grant, cousin of the groom. Door ushers were

Francis St., 49. be held in the home of Mrs. Evelyn Everett V. Grant, Jr., brother of the groom, Robert Ed-

Wayne A. Jerido 1027 W. 24th St., Johnson. 1125 Steele Court, Jan 15' wards, William Linwood and Ira Carswell.
at 9 Election of officers will be
19 and Annie L. Dawson 1325 Vine. p.m. Maid of Honor for the bride was Miss Bernice Toby.

TO DRIVE St., 16.Ervin. held. The bridesmaids were Mrs. Berthine Jordan, Mrs. Roberta
TheConfident Nesmith, 740 W. Duval St., Books are now open for the acceptance Jordan, sisters-in-law of the bride, Mrs. Josephine Cleve-

Way 22 and Ida B. Taylor, 646 W. 18th of new members. Mrs land, and Mrs. Wilhelmina Ebron.
Mrs. G. B. Benjamin St., 20.Willie. Vesta McNeal is president.

Licensed Instructor Pozo 539 W. State St. 38 -- .
600 W. Beaver St and Ethel M. Cotton 215 W. State '" ':' '{ '
J ,, :{
Res. PO 8-2968 St., 21.Louis. .
:. Office EL 5-7742 J. King, 1165 E. 1st St., 20 ,}

Mr rsxJT and Sarah J. Washington 1072 Troy

: 1_ 1 <. .,..

1 ';
_by "Del" Mainor BrinsonThe JJ//f/J1// ., '

a Charming Ladies Bridge Club held its first meeting of the .
1 x, s year in the home of the former president, Mrs. Dorothy Dunlap. A "-:ya
: short business meeting was held and officers for the new year were .}
: fi
< elected.
,e N, 4 : k: & Several rounds of bridge was played with first prize going to
Mrs. H. Brewington; second prize, Mrs. V. Glover; and third prize
Mrs. L. Stukes. Mrs. Margaret Matthews won the guest prize.
: Members present were: Mrs. Hortense Brown Mrs. Delphina 4 .. ..
t'_ : Brinson, Mrs. Ruth Carter Mrs.: Josephine Cleveland Mrs. Pearl ., .. "'? !'
3 k 't Cohen Miss Clevel Cromatie. Mrs. Ve/mel. Glover, Mrs. Lillian Stukes ,,: :. .
and Mrs. Ernestine Pool. Special guests were: Mrs. Elouise Fletcher .,: .
and Mrs. Matthews. .f", <. ....
Margaret, ; : :1-- ,
.. j .t
J: t. .1 ." ,,'
Ya,,''S11 r ,4wt Z Taking time off from duty to visit was Miss Pricilla Griffin < ; : 'i'-: _
: WAF A/30 now stationed at Travis AFB, California. Miss Griffin is a } : .:.1--.7. :: :r <

graduate of New Stanton High School, class of 1958. Aside from a I.: ,:T-: _.,' '... : _!: 11:'- .....*'""""' {.......:,', ',.." ., -
very promising career, the WAF has provided her with the oppor- .r... i,'. : t
tunity of visiting such places as Hawaii, Wake Island Japan and : ..
Midway Island. .
:Midway Islands. l ..
., 1'.
The EverReady Saving Club held its annual party recently in ." M .or
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Elton. Members and their guests ti: ".. .
enjoyed wholesome entertainment and a delicious menu. Guests
present were: Mrs. Willye F. Daniels, Mrs. Mary J. Jackson. Edwin .
Sneed. Mrs. E. Armstrong Mrs. Vera Bythwood and others.
Books will be opened until February. for new members.
The Rev. W. M. Mogan was honored with a surprise birthday
Green In dinner in the home of her daughter Mrs. L. M. Sutton. 1830 W. 27th. GIFTS EXCHANGED-The home of Mr. and Mrs. R. Robinson, 2530 Woodland St.,
Miss Lee Anna May Is Bride of William Street. Making a very lovely centerpiece was the beautiful birthday the scene of the Community Christian Club meeting recently. Lovely gifts were exchanged
: Ceremony.A cake which the guests enjoyed along with other refreshments.In was
Thursday Candlelight club members. Seated from right: Mrs. Gracie Walson, Mrs. Susana Miller -
church. among
attendance were members of the family and her
candlelight ceremony in the Mount Zion Baptist Rev. Mogan received many lovely and useful gifts. Mrs. Emma Collier, Mrs. Gladys Strc etman, Ronland Robertson, Ben Roberson.
Miss Lee Ben Roberson Sr. Mrs. Sallie Roberson, Mrs.
Church Thursdr.v evening: united in marriage STANDING: Mrs. Amelia McKenney, ,
Jesse May of Apala- The Belladonna Bridge Club held its first meeting of the year Albert Collier.
.Anna. Mav. daughter:;: of Mr. and Mrs. Aldine Long, Mr.
J-.iilJI with Mrs. Graylayn Lesesne as hostess.? New officers for the year are:
chico'",, rnd Mu WiU'atn: Green cf Jacksonville, Fla. Mrs. Edythe Thompson, president; Miss Edna Mosesice president; '
The Rev. S. R. Bright officiated at the wedding cere- Miss Cynthia Clark secretary; Mrs. Vannette Thayer. assistant secre- "

mcny and rrusic by Mrs. W. Field and Miss Ladle Rich- chaplain.tary: ; :: Mrs. Graylayn Lesesne- treasurer; Mrs. Maryland i Macon > :- ::4ss'S: -S

ardson, soloist. Following the meeting rounds of bridge were enjoyed by mem- '.," .. : ,
formed in front of a bank of palms bers and their guests. '. _. .'
The wedding party
and two 24 brahui candelabra, bearing burning candles, I THE ORCHID LADIES entertained their friends at their annual ,

wove placed in wing shaped arrangement in front of beau- party in the home of Mrs. Mozelle Meacham of w. 31st St. recently. I' '. : ,:
thin of standards of white carnations, mums, Guests were Mrs. Allie M. Thomas, Mrs. Viola Winkler, Mrs. ,
Beulah Ramsey. Mrs. Nellie Weaver Mrs. Murtle Francis :Mrs. Wil- ,, 4. ;
pompons. and gladioli. helmina McIntosh and Mrs. C. Johnson. Members present were Mrs. '
in marriage and Philip John Colado Mrs. Elizabeth West. Mrs. Emma Cobbs. Mrs. Nettie f ;: .t ;
Mr. May gave his daughter Chodes Harley Mrs. Anna Davis, Mrs.: Catherine Bolden, Mrs. Mozelle Meacham. .. .
Herbert .... .
acted best : an. Ushers included: John Cclado ... ,"
Ntfrcn as : I Mrs. Evelyn Scott, Mrs. Mildres Cruggins Mrs. ;". f
Sidney Baker,-Ben Sealy and Joe McMillion, Jr. Mrs. Georgia Lewis Mrs. Lucille Batson and Miss Malinda Wilson. : < o. .
Mrs. John Colado, chairman of refreshments assisted by the ; : s -,
Miss Mae Frances Triplett was maid of honor and hostess Mrs. Meacham and Miss Wilson. ., ,; '; ,
bridesmaids: were Miss Leah Peterson and Mrs. Latsell The club held its first meeting of the new year in the home of ': ':'.t'.. _
Lower girl. Mrs. Scott with Mrs. Cobbs as co-hostess. Plans for the annual tea :: Fir
Carton. Miss Yvonne Nelson were discussed and committees were named. Mrs. Scuggins, the president ,
presided. w
.t :
J" .
;>! .1 .. "
GOLFERS BANQUET ? fi.> y. ir
WHEN YOU ARE ILL A lovely affair of Friday: evening was the Installation Banquetof f"-:
You Seek ThOr Best Doctor the Jacksonville Amateur Golfers Guild here at the New Lincoln 1'
When Your Doctor Prescribes Golf and Country Club. Toastmaster for the occasion was Leroy B. :" ;
2:: Jackson. From 9:30 to 10:30: pm., the cocktail hour was enjoyed by .: : < ., '
'.' Get Experienced Pharmacists members their wives and sweethearts. In addition to serving as toastmaster I.w,. ". -:-' ,' At.I' r '
; To Fill Your Prescriptions Mr. Jackson also installed the new officers for 1960 as follows <. ..-;.-;.. '. .- .t Jr" <.,:' ;i4': "'':' .
: .
: : To Your Doctor' : Elwood L. J. Banks, president; Joseph Pauline vice president; '.) ,, ""4'. f..r.li. ia! J' -'Jc ..
I x.
According Samuell\Iunroe. recording secretary; F. J. Jenkins, assistant recording ; .J' ", :. ;i
J Orders. We Use Only secretary: Willie C. White. 'financial secretary; Oscar: L Hillman : .. : I Ii

The Best Quality Drugs At treasurer; Melvin Copeland, business manager and James Holmes -" .'. .., ('>' rt
I "
DX; C: E. BlackProprietor < ? chaplain.Gifts were presented to the wives 'and sweethearts by Melvin :::-, ...: )! j :: >_:- 'I' :

.; and William Shellman. Preceding the banquet movies were \ .
Copeland ... ;--', '
:J> .T. ,
T /
shown by Elwood Banks, which featured various golf activities and ', "l1lt.f.' y : -.0 j."T'"jj" f'lAf
REGISTERED. PHARMACISTS. TO SERVE YOU other sport events. The menu consisted T-Bone- bleak chefs salad, I" :+ > ;:; \ ":: :" :: ,: ;;{

hash brown potatoes green peas, hot rolls coffee and dessert. ...., .. ...
L t 1'-J.
Members of the luncheon committee who worked hard to make ',. '. % 55 .
LILLY'SDRUG:: STORE this one of the season's outstanding affairs; were'Melvin'. 'Copeland. .. -. :' f.' i' -. .;-..., .... "' t1, : :r-Y"'T"" S. 1

William Shellman. P. J. Jenkins. Leroy..B. Jackson., Charles Green, .
Exclusive'Club entertained recently'with a party ..
1907 Kings Road ELgfn 3-8278 and Elwood Banks.. .. .. s I. *. : ENTERTAINED The. Charmettes r.
A COMPLETE LINE OF: I Still iio-i is-18 Mat 2G in the home of Mrs. Mamie Smith of 1322 W. Davis Street.Mamie Smith Mrs. Mamie Hair,
Mrs. ,
Cosmetics Rubber Goods Candles Snndriet Frank Sinatra and Carolyn Jones are a couple of oddball but lovable Seen here from left are: Mrs. Daisy Foster, and l1rS.Villle Helen
"A Hole in the Bead Mrs. Edna Chavis, Mrs. Lois Jefferson
PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED characters In the heart-warming comedy l1rs.Villie Mae Smith,
which will open Sunday at the Strand and with it yon will see "The Evans. __ .. .
Naked Venus," a story of love. .


L t

:'jSfcJT 3 t.tir ffY**". t.>. .-: _'> ,,- J."' :-

,.,.......... .....,.:w ..

Paae Four THE FLORIDA STAB Week Ending Saturday, January 23, 1960

: t" )O' \' ';".
: ,
'f1 t': ? !
: : -1: ( ",.'to' ".;" .:'" \'
: _
: "
: <
r. -' ; \.i
'; CHURCH NEWS f n \ '' "'',' "rrlr' '1" ,,

t. ..

k -- I; 'l ;

2 !WI )
r ; Churches throughout the ward Board.Invitations. i :

q r o ity will end their wee. commun-I have been extended to ." ,

vance of National YMCA the public to attend.A ..:<, .

Sunday. musical Mis. .,
I program, given by '
Rosttta Cohen will be held Sunday,
The YWcwhich is closely \
at-I Janjary: 24Hi.-3:30 p.m. at the New
filiated with the church works
Coveniig; Holyness Church 5102 Pars
vard the sa.np :cal ar: :!>it of L.
& > ; \venue.
rarch. The chu-(h ter_nes young
AI' si ers in he city -. : asked' a
x ,' ople the glory of *_ <;'- a'id the life
to a.>f on thi t-ogram and the
arid teachings of Jeb' and the
public invited as this promisesto
Ylfc.helps them to *ronsuite these
be a cry enjoyable affair.
L9Yt lessons into wholes Tie everyday .. .
I If
living. ka
The Excelsior Gospel Si.1,6C1'Sill

The highest ideal of this organi- appear in an alter-service recital I :

S P 7 1 S'w .G.'r zation is that passage recorded in Sunday {night Februaiy, 7th. at the I

the Gospel of John which says 'that First Born Temple 825 W. Monroe;

all may be one'. It"means that regardless Street. -
An invitation is extended to
of race creed or nation- being e

ality the 'oneness' in the teachingof all musical groups and music lovers. ', _
3' Jesus can be found through the i M

Y YMCA.e Day Spring GroupIn 5' ..

First MeetingThe

The services Sunday in Mt. Tabor Christian Aid Society No. 5

Baptist Churchill begin with Sun- of Day Spring Baptist Church held

GIFT PRESENTED-The Ladies of Leisure Social Club day school at 9:30 a.m. The morn its first meeting for the new year TEA EVENT-Some of participants in the recent anniversary tea sponsored bv the Pall-

held their annual Christmas party recently in the home of ing service begins at 11 o'clock and recently at the church. bearers grand union are seen here. From left are Rev. Mrs. Willie Lee Mack, Mrs Lenora

Mrs. Florine Wilcox, 2112 Mars Street From left: Mrs. Sarah BYPU will be held at 5:30: pjn., The president gave her annual l address Davis.Butler, Mrs. Myrtice Shoots, Mrs. Maggie L. Carter, Mrs. Pearl Calhoun- and Mrs Elnora

Graham, Secretary surprised their president Mrs. Mattie L. Evening srrvice at 7 o'clock; and the financial secretaryand

King with a very lovely gift. The Male Chorus will rehearse treasurer made yearly reports.

I Saturday night. Officers 'were elected for the year.

They are: Mrs. Mamie B. Anderson, QubNote

president; Mack Cook, vice presi-
MASS MEETING TO BE HELD The Female Chorus of Zion Hope dent; Mrs. Mary West financial

Baptist Church will be presented in secretary; Mrs. Josephine Jamison

an after service program Sunday membership secretary; :Mrs. Amamda The Chanel Ladies Social and

AT ST. PAUL AME JAN. 24 night in Union Community AME Nipper, recording secretary; O.C. rP Saving dub held their Anjjual

Church. Jernigan treasurer; :Mrs. Hattie Yule party recently 'at the Ribault
The 30th anniversary of the Flor-
Grant chaplain; Mrs. Florida Crosby Supper Club.Present .
ida Chain of Missionary Assemblieswill New made families
Villages up of conductor; Mrs. Louise Amaker, were: Mr. and Mrs. RufusL.
be observed
Jgn. 23 March 2
; pur and was worked in Malaya'sed The Blount Sisters of Philadelphia inner guard? Arthur Robinson as- V$ Butler, Mr. & Mrs. Richard

with a series of events. by Communist guerrillas. Baptist Church will present a recitalat sistant. All officers were installed. : Lumdy, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Brown

One of the highlights of the cele- Fountain AME Church January I Mr. & Mrs. Harold Donald Mrs.
The P.T.A. of John E. Ford Elementary Vanetta Clayton, Mrs. Evelyn Ra-
bration will be a mass meeting at During World War II, he was 25th. beginning at 8 p.m. -.
St. Paul School will present an r y ey, Mr. Eddie Jackson, Mrs. Cozzia
AME Church Jan. 24, be- United States Army chaplain and !
The program is being sponsored evening of unusually "ood entertainment Mae: Lester Mr. Melvin Wilson,
ginning at 7
p.m. I spent nine months in a German prison -
:Mrs. .Leona Daniels and coworkers \Urs. Alberta
by Monday nigh / an. 25th witha Crumbly, Mr. Wallie
Speaker for the occasion will be camp. for the benefit of the Ste- Swing Revue. I r. x Tillman, Mrs. Juanita King, Mr.

the Rev. Gunnar J. Teilmann. Guest artists for the occasion will I i : j Jimmie Foster:, Mrs. Almethia Joy-

Speakers will also appear at New be Danny Daniels and his Trouba- i : ner, Mr. James Warren, Mrs. Arm-

The Rev. Mr. Teilmann is pastorof Stanton High Northwestern High, JACKSON HARMONIES dors, Hanzel and Gretar Dancing I ..-_..-, -.. ettia Nemons, and Mrs. Rossie Car-
a multi-racial church in Penang I Northwestern High Douglas Ander- Episcopal Church. Photo
JACKSON HARMONEERS School from New Stanton i '
Malaya, an English speaking con- son and Edward Waters College, a group THREE EPISCOPAL BISHOPS confer during coffee breakit ter.The first
TO APPEAR IN CONCERTThe High School, The King Crooners, meeting: the year will
gregation of Chinese, Indian, Euro- Jan. 25-26. Mrs. Fred A. Dixon is the final quarterly meeting of the Church's National Council
talented from the uipug!
and other icruqo.jCcpsonj.
pean, American and African back- school representative. Jackson Harmoneers and the school and various groups schools will add in Milwaukee Wisconsin, last month. Host bishop is the the home of Mrs. Evelyn Haley ppq 1514 oq

ground. Highway QCS will appear in con- Rt. Rev. Donald H. V. Hallock (center) of Milwaukee, and W. 10th. Street. All members
to the are
He has also served as pastor of Church representatives are Mrs.G. cert Jan. 24 at the Elks Auditorium, gala performance. :left) the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church in the asked to be present as new officers

th Methodist Church in Kuala Lum- ; B. Gardner and :Mrs. M, R. 712 W. Duval Street at 9 p.m. Johnnie Shaw of Radio Station ':'J. Sop the Rt Rev. Arthur Lichtenberger and (right) the Rt. for the year will be elected. New

resettled. from jungle areas menac- Simpkins. WOBS will serve as Master of Cere- rev. Stephen F. Bayne,. Jn,. who became Executive Officer of members are also being solicited. 1
Both groups are nationally known monies. The public is asked to sup- he worldwide Anglican Communion: on January 1, 1960. VENET1ANETTE&
recording artists. The affair is being 'port this affair. i '
sponsored by the Gospel Echoes. '.
Tickets will be on sale at the usual YQ'o tt @kes viimA Venetianettes Ladies Club 1
F The Elks Auditorium. corner "F" MARCH OF DIMES I held its December meeting in the 1
Dimes places. and Armherst Streets, Brunswick, ;- WhiSe BeachMIAMI Lincoln Golf and Country Club with f

Georgia will be the scene of a birth- Mrs. Eliza R. Atwater as hostess.

iliA al iMI r $ day program and party in behalf of WORKERS{ CHOSEN A Negro youth went at which tine officers were elected. ;
swimming at Matheson Hammock
.T.Y- "..... ....".,. JUNIOR WOMEN Rev. R. L. Lambert Saturday.. Jan. Park here last Sunday. There Officers elected were Mrs. Lois:
7 23rd. 8:30 Hasans president Mrs. Ruth
at p.m. ; My-
of Rudolf Daniels, ,
J. Health i The Courtesy Committee of the ParticipatingvUl be The Caval- Appointment were no incidents.. ers, vice-president; Mrs. Dorothy-
Junior Women's Department of the 925 West 24th Street, to head the The unidentified youngster was
iers, Angelites Gospel Harps and Logan, recording secretary; Mrs.
i ij East Florida and Bethany Baptist Five Wonders. Speakers' Commitee, and Dr. E. the first of his race to swim at Jennie Elpi: .\.<'ziz::; art secretary;

ScholarsrP Association will sponsor an eveningof W. Thompson as chief of Businessand the Matheson beach although l\!.- AlTa Cooper: Lna-cial: secret -

._-----..:-.._ l. music Jan. 31 in Mt. Ararat Baptist Professional group fund solicitation others have gone into the waterat ry; .trs. Beulah Harris:, assistant

... Church. for the I960 March of Dines Crandon Park here. financial secretary; Sirs. Ruth Gardner -

REGISTRATION FOR, was announced today by Isadore R. L. Penney park manager, Corresponding secretary; Mrs. ;
The program will feature Prof. Duval County Negro said few white swimmers i
Singleton, a com- .Maitie j Sears, Treasurer; Mrs. Eliza -
j Alfred of New York City, ministerof March of Dimes Director. plained but made no disturbance. R. Atwater, business manager-
\ music at Washington Temple The boy swam for about an hour. reporter; Mrs. Harriett Lewis chap.
I Church of God in Christ, Brooklyn "Dr. Thompson, 1111 West NinthSt. \ lin; Mrs. Ruby Lee White, Welfare
) and Madam Ernestine Washington EDWARD WATERS ., will seek si: port from business I
I N. Y. AT chairman; Mrs. Lee Edna Nicholson -
I and professional people for the new
II recording artist and nation- entertainment chairman.
I March of Dimes to-fight crippling I
Madam Washington WWS\ BRIEFS
ally known singer. During the social hour the members -
Registratipn for the spring semes- diseases polio arthritis and birth
F. D.
\ is the wife of Bishop I exchanged their Christmas
said. Mrs. I. E.
Washington pastor of Washington ter courses at Edward Waters College defects Singleton gifts. Mrs. Lula Courtney representing -
and 30 for Williams, 102 East Union SL, has
Jan. 23
Temple.Mrs. will begin the club and Miss Bernice
a. .. ,. Q l
,r students in the day and evening accepted the co chairmanship in TALLAHASSEE A 2-vear-oId! Caines, representing the visitors

: Alice Burrough a highly acclaimed division. the drive. Mrs. Ella L. Jones 1449 Negro girl was crushed to death tinder expressed>rds of appreciation to
The above students arc r- : .more than 400 winners of new local singer will also ap Evergreen Ave., will lead the the wheel of her father's log
hcali scholarships supF rtci ty the March of Dimes. Top left 1' pear. While courses offered in He evening Mothers' March OR the Eastside and truck at Woodville the hostess for a loving:: dinner and
to right, they rre: r.ii: Iarv ra Errrell of River Rouge, Miclr., division will be, to the fullest Thomas McGhee, 2Qffi{ Venus nearby Monday an enjoyable evening. Guests presentwere.
this Audrey Eescer it Sbrcvc" t, ard bottom, left to rigL t, The is scheduled to be- night. ; Mrs. Rachel Brooks Mrs.
program ci thosein
Arthur \'. Char-7 of ITa-L en -: :?. j.! Miss Natalie II. Jack extent possible, duplicate St., on the West side.
son of V/ilrr r;t"n, N. C s.nA V s l"r "y Alice J.Ioslcy of Bowline gin at 8:30 p.m. Mrs. Lucille Mote is the day division, an advance registration The father Willie Allen Brown, Mattie Lazenby, Mrs Eddie Lee

Green, L.y. ,._? ...c. t-aiups. .10 ee.ring youth sedan professional chairman of the ccrnnuttee. by post card, would be Special Events Chairman appointed -, said the door of the truck flew open : Williams Mrs. Ida L. Jackson and l
careers nr ""-, r- ".ri! thcr-iy, t...; *. u .cripy helpful in planning! evening courses is Mrs. Elizabeth Redding, 1305 as he was backing: out of a drive: : Miss Gaines.
mcaical sacral v oran r. divine rail fcc ofTerei annually Ave. She has as her assistants The
Myrtle thV regular meeting of the club
frora fonts nfscil in the New M-rth cf DIrzcc. tJLrus are urgcJ tp s bm.t a way. He said little girl Wilma
BAPTIST HYPO postcard to the Office of the Deanat Mrs. Fleeta White, 1619 West27th Jean Brown who was riding in the will be held Tuesday, January 26,

the earliest ossible! date listingthe St.. Mrs. Alice Conway 1288 front seat, toppled out and fell be- at 8:00: p.m. in the Lincoln Golf and

The Progressive Baptist State Sun- names of the evening courses de West 28th Street and Mrs. Willie neath the front wheel. Country: Club with Mrs. Alma Cooper

day School and BYPU Convention sired. Griffin 1263 West 28th Street. Sheriffs deputies ruled the death I as hostess. The president Mrs.
auxiliary to the Progressive Baptist accidental. Hagans is asking all members to
Receipt of a transcript from the be present.
State Convention of Florida will
'I tM'1xl: or transfer: institution is Other members of the club
hold its annual executive board and are:
FOR BETTER. required for matriculation at the enleg !
TREATMENT I mass meeting Jan. 21 in New Bethel ,;I T Mrs. Lillian Stukes. Miss Thelma
Telfair and Mrs. Louise Wash.
Baptist Church Florenceville, the HOME IS ENTERED

: Rev. T. M. Crawford, minister. Spring semester classes are sched OX SCRIVEN STREET
uled to begin on Feb. L Robert M. Harvey, of 1080 Scriven
The business session will begin at ATTENTION LADIES DEDICATION SET
Street missed a .25 Colt automatic
would like to see a new policy of better treatment 10 a.m.ith G. W. Scott of this & Social Club valued at 510 and .45 Colt automatic, The Better Living CommunityCivic

to Negro customers adopted by local fines. city and president of the Sunday Bridge valued a $30 when his home was Club will hold their dedication

I resent being called by my first name by salesman School Department, and Leon T. Nsigiorir broken into and entered last Tues- program for the new Acorn Street

and saleswomen Freeman of Bartow, president of : Reporters day between 5:45 and 1:30 p.m. Community Club located at Acorn

I believe that Negro patrons should be provided the BYPU will preside.The Harvey said when he returned and Broadway Sunday, January

ample rest room facilities in local establishment.; and program for the 45th annual Send or Mail home he noticed the panel being 17th. at 4 o'clock.

an end put to Jim-crow signs on drinking: fountains sessiion, which is scheduled to be broken in his front door and the Members and friends are asked to

and rest rooms. held in Mt. Carmel Baptist Church Your Social News house entered by a thief or thieves.Th be present.

To accomplish these changes I am willing to ceas in July, will be arranged and busi- viqtim did not "kneow the serial

patronlxing firms that are unwilling to meet these ness of the past session will be completed Mondays To number of either gun.

requests. during the meeting.At FLORIDA STAB Patrolmen A. R. James and F. -

7 pjnu, the fellowship mass Mack investigated. '
NAME meeting will be held. Talented in- 2323 Moncrief: Rd. Cor. 13& Good nWrfoi'asthmatics
.. .
host church and r
dividuals from the *
Or Phone EL 4-6782
ADDRESS others in will
nearby areas appear
SQ.CI 5IM'l q now maka U>
on the program. J Give To Mother'sMarch tbr utinn .iutra.ns
." '
( ) Tov &acfef9 The Rev. R. H Wilson will deliver 7 aId .. ofeaa ; a aJ..1 ) &M u1i
If .
may tome .
my i
a Of Dimes .4' aaao
.. yo...>.. t r c.. h 'outi i .. tnw
I iiliilNiii that the key address fer the occa
I my mete will b* bald csaSdaattal ... '- aJ aM'" w.eam ..w.-I
unless tedftoHd elbarwiM batew. sion. The Rev. Mr. Wilson is the,. Q. flan;i adstes On Jan. 28 rc.a 1 LA tort for u.i
f.-I't .
dean of Methods for the oxwentias..r .e ... .

,. ,"."" t.--- ", !
-r$ ::.1' '
.. .. .. .'
.", ,, '_ '. o! .'" 0'" : ,- -_. ->' -- -' ..
,_ .
.. x ,- ,
;" r :. r ,:' -
-" -


/ \) I \ ..E

".. ._--- -

-'_ .
;_ .
: ':

I .


Week.Ending Saturday January 23, i960 THE FLORIDA STAB. Page Five



: ; : ; f9W Ik Miss Nathalie Clemens, Basileus is ill in her hone, lID'mdIe Helen and Randall Scriven; Lacadi-

ey M OOIiJl1'T. >;, i 4 S ..la Deliveries of Alpha Gmuna Chapter of the Na- I Street. ette and Yvette Jones; Lois, Le-

r N tional Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa, I verme and Lyndia Worth; John and

1 A best-dressed look from hat Births at Brewster Hospital attended the annual Conclave which I The Key Sisters Mrs. Ethel Larry Murphy; Joan, Jean and ..

to toe has swiftly turned intoa Dec. 31, '59 to Jan 7, 60 convened in Fort Worth, Texas recently Knight Mrs. Thelma Tans, and Rosalyn Purdy; Jackie Toms; La-

world-wide trend according to Mr. & Mrs. E. C. Dewitt 4636 Miss Clemons is a teacherat Mrs. Catherine Lembrick, of Eliza- Verne Williams; Bonny Green; and

overseas fashion flashes! I Moncrief Road-GirL Susie E. Tolbert School beth, New Jersey were in the city Bruce Victor.

Brigitte Bardot, Gina Lollobri- raF I Mr. & Mrs. William Glenn, 1058W. recently visiting their sick mother, Mrs Rachel nroo.Irs.. Estella '

11 jrida European and glamour Sophia Loren lasses led as they the r. 12th SL-Boy. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Brinson, Mrs. Katie Key of 1505(' W. 22nd. Jones, Mrs. Birder Blair and Mrs.

all went on recent shopping Mr. & Mrs. James Ponder, 133S 1144 W. 9th. Street had as their Street. Christine Dawson assisted Mrs. Atwater -

sprees for the. new 'round the Fairfax StGirLMr. house guest Mrs. Catherine Kirby of in serving the guests. Little

li clock collections that have captured & Mrs. Rufus Carr 1430 W. Waycross: Georgia. Helping to make Miss Atwater received many useful

the heart of fashion. ,qt 20th St-Boy. her stay a pleasant one were: Mr. Little Valerie Atwater, daughterof and beautiful gifts
.. Softly rpTed ;I and Mrs. Mr. ana Mrs. Leonard
... '." > 'r'clochewereto*. e a Mr. & Mrs. John Thomas, 660 W. Ashley, Mr. &
:; ., >" .;:pet daytim I 10th Street-GirL Mrs. John II. Vaughan, Rev. & Mrs. 1145: W. 4th Street was feted witha Mrs. Jot.1.. Thomas of ill

I choice to tame St-GirL Benjamin Frazier, Mr. & Mrs. H. M. birthday party on the lawn Jefferson St. was p5!'asantly .sut

If! .''.T themiliar trailing: tresses I Mr. & Mrs. Paul Fields, 624 Odessa Pauline of W. 8th. Street and Mr. by her parents. Games were played prised with a visit from her father

: .>tof Brigitte Bar- St.Girl.Mr. & Mrs. John W. Pauline. and enjoyed by all. Those present Oscar Lewis and brother Glcnw:xJ

r; ::'dot.Deep-cr>wni i Episcopal Church Pboto & Mrs. Artanlel Macon, 1571 other than her parents were: Mrs. Lewis, also nephew, Allison Lewisof

.,;,, f f':-;::;41ed 'g brim- Rev. Arthur Lichtenbergerright W. 21st St-GirL Mary L. Ruffin, grand-mother of the Port Tampa City this pas.: weel-
;f-; nte cloche REACTOR FORPANThc Returning to our fair from honoree Rev.
,., ;. city a ; and Mrs. R. B.
' ti'.. is that of the Episcopal Church in the United Mr. & Mrs. Paul Mason, 1437Wilcox
a style Bishop end.Mrs.
( ). Presiding very enjoyable visit in Grand Rap Brooks; Mrs. Helen McMdlon Mrs. .
lends ,ljer'Jlliy.JWebal nuclear re- St-Girl. ; Helen McRoy is confined to
Bardot of Triga
for a ids
contract purchase ,
States signs the Michigan is Mrs.
Louise K Mary Lee Worth Miss
aad trim taU- Paul's University Tokyo, Mr. & Mrs. Carlton Wilson ; Betty Jean her home, 724 W. 18th. St. She is a
>.rrtt 1 actor which the Church is giving to St 807 Walker of 1339: Swift Street. Scott
While Brenda
to Smith
.. leur any cos ; ; Gilda McMil- member of' Mt. Ararat
of General St-GirL Baptist
seaior vice-president
tume. La Belle Bardot chose it Japan. Dr. Frederic de Hoffmann, away Mrs. Walker was the house lon; Jennifer, Walter, Chris and
General Atomics :Mr. & Mrs. H. and serves on the usher
of the Washington Phil-
in colors ranging from a red ascay Dynamics Corporation and president guest of her daughter and son-in- Marcia Bright Olivia and
as Paris itself through the Division, signs on behalf of the Corporation, developers and Mr. & Mrs. Willie White, 2164 W. law Mr. & Mrs. Louis Bowman and Blair Ethel and; Elliot Board. She is also a member of

i demure this nun-like ,white so very builders of the reactor.* Witnessing the signing are (left) the First St.-Girl. her son, Isaiah Kelsey. ; Sylvia Dawson; Les Belles Toujours club. ?
new season. Central New York Mr. & Mrs. William
Rt. Rev. Malcolm E. Peabody, Bishop of Stokes, 817 -
Sophia Loren chose to tuck her '
curls under a collection favor and chairman of the Church Nuclear, Reactor committee; Caroline St-Boy. -

ing the perky derby family; a and the Rev. Dr. William G.. Pollard?Committee member, one of Mr. & Mrs. Andrew McNeal, 941 Mrs. Yvonee Sutton and baby OPENINGS FOR NEWSPAPER RERORTERS

dapper coachman and a very the nation's leading nuclear scientists and a priest of the Church VV. Beaver St Boy. Donald, are spending their vacation
dashing fedora both :feature the Mr. & Mrs. Brooksie Johnson, in New York City. Mrs Sutton is PRINTERS
femininity of face veils. Following Route 9, Box 437GirLMr. a member of Tabernacle Baptist PRESSMEN, ADMEN
i t through with the new
URGE DIMES CAMPAIGN SUPPORT & Mrs. Hezekiah church Detroit, Baltimore
American :flair for emphasizing Brown, 433 and There are openings for
hats as the crowning glory of llth St.Girl.Mr. Washington are just a few of the EXPERIENCED
i every truly coordinated costume, 31j places she plans to visit before Newspaper reporters editors,
A, & Mrs. Jerry Wells, Route returning copy-readers, salesmen
Sophia's choices; also included an M EYh. D ky. in advertising circulation
evening collection that includeddramatically 9, Box 405BBoy.Mr. men and women. printers compositors Bae-

swirled toques done & Mrs. Melvin Smith, 779 E. type operators. .
in satin extravaganzas of color. Ptlf 4 ._ 57th :.. Miss Maryanne C. Eaves was in
Gina Lollobrigida's lavish Italian the city recently visiting her parents BEGINNERS WANTED TOO
beauty, led her toward an Mr. & Mrs. Leroy Nelson, 1116 Rev. and Mrs. C. R. Eaves of 3710 W. will train
after-dark selection hats that
go to dinner and dancing with Spratt St-Girl. I Stuart Street Miss Eaves is a graduate young reporters and people for all departments

starry sprinklings of jewels all of Hampton Institute and is if you have a real desire to become a member
the way from the crown of the :ur. & Mrs. Lonnie Miller, 2l2OCa'j presently> employed as a public of the newspaper fraternity
hat to the ,tip of its veiling. One n Rd.-Boy. health nurse with the State Depart-
of her favorites,she confides, is a
bonnet that can Mr. & Mrs. David Palmer, 3614 ment in Washington, D. C. WE NEED Men and women young or middle-

tike her any-( Ardisa RoadGirl.Mr. aged. in all fields for a chain newspaper and
where after along t Our sick list include:Barton Woodsof magazines.
day:at the ,: n & Mrs. Edgar Perry, 1131 E. 3774 Old St. Augustine Road whois .
when her
strdio ; % : ,
hai-do turns uncooperative '. '. Spratt St-Boy. confined to Brewster Hospital. He ACT NOW .
..., '(; ,( Stale experience and .
it's, is a member of age.
; <:: Wayman Chapel,
vhite satin ,.:':; I i Dr. Edward C. Mazique, Washington, D.C., president of Na- Mr. & Mrs. William Cherry, 5618 Southside; Mrs. Amanda Hendersonat WRITE:
bcnnet* with an|=< ': ..;'>'. ...:.:4 t l ttonal Medical Association; Mrs. Bettye Steele Turner, Tuskegee Doeboy Road-Boy.
I orgaudyrosef,/ :\ ,':,:' ;:\i t( Institute vice-presidemt of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority; and LeRoy home 2632 Crawford Street;
bJ 'sGmh.gonf' >{' .... '.:\ .}.(.. i \Y. Jefiri /Chicago, president of National Association of Market Mr. & Mrs. Louis Pressley, 1145 rtrs. Frank Stafford, 2967 Bethel INTERSTATE PRESSP.
', '. O. Box
the brim which ": > : 1 Developers, urge your support of the New March of Dimesaam'fC Weare StreetGirl.Mr. Court; Mrs. Laura Costrell of 624 732 Jacksonville 1. Fla.

makes: her both Gina LollobrigIda ,c P against crippling diseases. With your support The W. 8th. Street is in the Duval Medical -
look and feel Fbondation attacks crippling arthritis and birth defects
j 1 fresh as cake8ttflIIII8oatotTlinl0** I Jfotionai as well as polio. Help prevent erippHnff. Join the New & Mrs. James Day, 96 Carrie Center; Mrs. Eddie Mae Jackson

i frosting. Mor& of tffeaaes. JOB. 2-31. yaw, 1565 W. 26th St.-Boy.

Mn & Mrs. Ananias Newsome,

I. 1 : School Training1 Program 2710 Flanders St.-GirL .

4 tw' Last year, for example, more'
'' k Mr. & Mrs. Frank Johnson, Gen.
gjr than 8000 Guardsmen took active
duty courses at U.S. Army service Del. Middleburg, FIa.Girl.Mr. :q..
schools. Courses 'range from
one week refreshers to fullscale & Mrs. Joseph Gadson, 1766 sKw ...
resident courses of ten months W. llth St.-Girl.
fY duration. More than 3000 Guardsmen : t

r ; were enrolled in Army ex- Mr. & Mrs. Fred Darling, 603
tension course programs. Court EBoy.Mr. .
t '
: a t r Guardsmen who would become < 4A !
I new second lieutenants must- 4
& Kirs. Sammie Bums, 1533 I
V attend an accredited Officer Ii
Candidate School Active Army W. 22nd St-GirL II i
OCS is open to Guardsmenand I
T in addition, 42 States now Mr. & Mrs. Leon Bowman, 1228
operate. officer candidate pro- Swift St-Girl.
grams based upon Fort Benning I

Infantry School standards* Mr. & MI' Ralph Graves, 1756 I
"Training with modern equip- Frances Avenue-Boy. .1
ment under strict professional ?w
standards, the National Guard Mr. & Mrs. James Caldwell, 1687 .
today is ready to meet its responsibilities -
t as a first-line member W. 2nd St.-Boy.

of the U. S. military team," ra 1'A
says General Kerr. Mr. & Mrs. Shelly Banks, 1717

PENTOMIC PUNCH The ground soldier's new Sunday punch "We're an effective military Dennis StreetGirl.Voman .
is the "Honest John" rocket. An artillery weapon in the Army force today. We'll be more effective 1 f ,
Guard's 21 infantry and six armored divisions, this gives ground tomorrow and the day
forces immense firepower increase. after." a HtM
,- / Him FlammedBy t. tr

I HISTORY In The Fore \ In Peace and WarThe Fortune TellerMrs. ;4 fi Sr

National Guard tradition ermen led by a lumber merchant rated "excellent" or "superior"by Willie Mae Green, of 1014 b .... t
HELPING IIAND National Guardsmen are usually among the first: volunteers at the scene .
of service to country and com- the German High Command,
t East Union told police how she was
munity is an unbroken line Britain's professionals and six were National Guard divi- of a disaster. Training programs under tough Army standards help keep Guardsmen ready for
whichlinks the missile age of noblemen would meet these pro- sions. film flammed out of her money bya any sort of emergency. These National Guard troops are en route from scene of an air crash.Al.my .

today with the era of the Minute vincials again. In August 1940, the Presidentof white woman who came to her
( Man. It began, the history books the United States orderedthe house last Monday and promised to National Guard "Most Ready"Militia
Although the heroic figure of tell us, at Lexington, Massa- National Guard into active '
asked for ,
tho- Minute Bian\ and the "Spirit chussetts. This is where the military service. This broughtinto tell her fortune. She some
of '76" have come to sym- tradition of the Minute Man service more than 300,000men money and said she could turn it Forces in U. S. History

bolize the 20th Century conceptof got its impetus. in 18 combat divisions as into $500.Mrs -
the civilian-soldier, the factis What is now known as the well as numerous nondivisional her small 'Training is the measure of through application of platoonand 4'wouIdmost certainly be astoun
that the National Guard tra- "National Guard" was first the units and 29 air observation gave a i unit's ability to carry out a company tactics. ded at tneemodern missile-age
dition is even more deeply; -rooted Organized Militia.The term Na- squadrons. This at one stroke amount of money and she left witha iven mission," says Major Central "Good platoons and good com- equipment, tne morale and professional *
in the American past.It tional Guard was first asso- doubled the strength of our prcmisa of returning in a few min Clayton P.' Kerr, a Texan panies" General Kerr remarks,. training level of out
began, in ciated with the militia in 1824 traditionally meager peacetime utes. She did come back, the victim who is currently assigned as the "make up the backbone of good up-to-the-Minute Men." .
4t1 ,a sense, when when the 2nd Battalion! 11th Regular Army. said and asked for glass of waterWhen Assistant Chief for Army, Na- armies. There are reasons why today's
the first set- New York Artillery (later, the Guard units a tional Guard Bureau. General At the same time that it got Guardsman b tho best trained
tlers patrolled famous 7th Regiment) was selected and individual the water was given her she Kerr. who commanded .an armored out of the "basic training bus- most mobilization ready militia-
the perimeterso to serve as guard of honor Guardsmen said she needed more money to division iness" and moved into unit train man in history. All members of
f Jamestown for the visiting Marquis de served with operate with. Mrs. Green said she prior to his Pen- ing the Army Guard. took two tho Guard are either veterans!
j and Plymouth.It Lafayette. The New Yorkers great distinction her $28, after receiving the tagon assign- additional steps designed to keep graduates of the Army (months
flourished in promptly re-named their outfit on every gave ment,points out '' Guardsmen abreast of their counterparts training program, or men who
vi ti the courageous the "National Guard" in deference World War II money she asked for something new, that training is in the Active Army. have obtained equivalent expe-
I .a/ !7 'trained bands' to his"Garde Nationale." 3 battlefrontfrom possibly something she received for the pay-off that First, there was a reorgan- rience through extensive association -
who protected Of great. importance to the Bataan to Christmas.The has enabled the ization of the Army National with the Guard., .
settlements and military structure of the U. S. Okinawa, from National Guard ; Guard along the so-called "pen- As of this time all new Na-*
., roads the of first the North Africa to victim gave a bottle of unopened '
opened was passage to earn its reputation tomic" lines. This involved a tional Guard recruits without
through prime- Dick Act of 1903 which set the D-Day and the perfume. She took the $23 r.
{: as a revamping of the Guard's 21 infantry prior military experience: are required -
val forest. stage for modernizing the Battle of the and the perfume and left wih the readyreserve divisions and six armored to spend six months on
The colonists' philosophy was Guard along the same lines as Bulge.In promise that she would return Wed- force in every I2F,. .h division! as well as hundreds of active duty training.: Following
that:. an able-bodied man would the Regular Army., The National July of 1950 the U. S. en- months of trainingthese
sense of the nondivisional units to conform to six Army
"join the avocation of a sol- Defense Act of 1916 officially gaged communist forces in Ko- nesday. The return engagement was word. 'r en. Kerr the ."new look" of the Army men return to their hometown
dier" to whatever business or bestowed the title NationalGuard' rea and a "partial mobilizIton' never filled. Total amount given was
estimated that
It is
General Kerr, who supervises itself. Combat and units.
support service -
trade to be livelihood. the elements of cf car forces took
happened : place.
$33. administration and training of units were also reorganized at least 60,000 National Guardsmen -
This was the philosophy which the old Organized Militia, or- During 1950-53, 183,000 mem-
led to the reliance that was to dered the organization of the bers of the National Guard saw Patrolmen T. W. Johnson and C. the Army National Guard's 4,500 to make them better able to car- will undergo six months
be placed in the militia over Guard to conform to that of active service. Eight infantry B. Tompkins investigated.. company-size units and 400,000 ry out their assigned missionsin training this year.
I i the years. An American phenomenon the Army itself. This estab- divisions 22 air wings, and officers and men, emphasizes the an atmosphere of convention Much has been said of the
it defied the European lished the Guard firmly as aj hundreds of other units of both current mobilization readiness of al or nuclearwarfare.. mobilization readiness factor.
tradition that arms were to part-of the Nation's organized the Army and the Air National Crusader Masons the present-day Guard. "The National During the reorganization period What is mobilization readiness?
be borne only by"prof essionais" peacetime establishment as well Guard were ordered to duty. Guard," he says, "has already -Completed by the National "Each phase of unit training
led 'by noblemen.. as an integral part of the Armyof Two divisions were hurried to attained the highest degreeof Guard a full year ahead of which we accomplish in peacetime -
Nevertheless, Colonial militia the United States when inactive bolster our forces in Europe; Move Again mobilization readiness ever schedule the infantry, artil- is a month less required to
forces fought shoulder to sh'oul- --service. two divisions and bio air wings ', reached intpeacetime by a .reserve -lery, and armor elements of the qualify a division for combat
f 'der with the British in the In 1916 some 159,000 Guards- .were rushed to Korea. Watch For a _New -,-- force of the United States* Guard came under the Army'snew duty after it has been ordered .
French and Indian Wars. They men were mobilized for duty Battle-tested and time-tested, This advanced training status Combat Arms Regimental to active duty," General Kerr' I
helped win the siege of Louis- along the Mexican Border. In the National Guard up-to-the Series About TheAdministration stems largely from the fact that, System which provides the-means points out., : .J I
bourg with skill which startled World War I tfee National Minute Men are, ready today since October, 1958, all of the! for maintaining the historic con- The Assistant Chief for the
the professionals. British noble- Guard furnished 17 'divisions. just as they have always been elements of the Army Guard tinuity of traditional regiments. Army National Guard also noted !
men were inclined to look down Eleven of them saw service un- ready, willing andj&le, over have been fully engaged in unit "General George Washington some of the other factors which .
their noses at "a regiment of der General Pershing in the 300 years of service"to country StartsNextWeek training, learning to function as whom we traditionally honor on enter into the mobilization readiness !i
New En l.t1.nd. fArmers and fish-,, AEF. OZ_eight U.'S. divisions ana community. I an. effective military team.Muster Day," says General Kerr, of the Guard. !

... .'
.f# .:-

a., '. ;pt'H-' .:. '" Jf l- I _, -..' ". ... .. .-,- "- ,,"= ; '.; IF .". '- ._ t
,, I
f ra.
I .
., .
'Ii I I MFI..,'4s.
.-- .. .,. '
: ,
\ : '- ; ::- '.::'::- t : ':' -' '- 3 I' ;;'i!{ :?" ::,::4 ;':: -- ,. : -; ,> .:': "- .

r .

\ \ .


"' "; ''I' ,. ,' .
r' Ftif: # '


k I

,> '
"- '

: f > ; ,; -j\
"" ; .. .
l' ,
Page Six 'THE FLORIDA.STAR Week Ending Saturday, January 23 1960 ,'


-'--' --
Sirs. Carrie of Hospital VolunteersEnd TEACHER

922 W. Din-al Street.
:: : BROWN Dicks of 751 Lafayette Successful YearThe ON TEACHING ENGLISH
u {d Of F kbt' ... GREEN Street.- Clarence 638 W. Duval

By FREDERICKA TOOLEY Street. Brewster Methodist Hospital other places Mrs. Mathis said. Eleanor Lewis Timmons, a 1946

BY BUCK ROGERSHow '.J' JOGamer Moore of 3120 Volunteers, under the direction of The volunteers, a group of high graduate of Florida AIM University,
Well here we go again kids, hand Barnette Street. Mrs. Margaret Bass, have com school students in the last six

ing you the latest gab from North- AMOS Clarence E. of 1786 E. pleted a profitable and successfulyear months have given hundreds of hours has written a book entitled Teaching -

would you like to takea I From India well make a long western.. First, let me wish you 25th. StreetSTEWARD of service to the hospital ac- in 'mati} ways. English. The book deals with

trip with me? hop to Africa and if you're you, you, and especially YOU a James 31. of 11W W. cording to Mrs. Sallye Mathis, president The auxiliary will its such fundamentals as seeking' out
Pve been watching the wild f game we'll explore the "DarkContinent" sponsor annual individual pupils' interests, teaching
geese overhead, and the turning I thoroughly. Here very happy and prosperous New 21th. Street. of the Brewster Hospital Auxi meeting Jan. 24 at 7:30 pjn. oral and written composition
of the leaves from golden we'll wade the trout streams of Year. GRANT Joseph of 1051 W. Fifth liary. in Central DIE Church All volunteer -
tones to dead brown. Kenya, fish for tarpon in Gabon. Street. Brewster has five groups that are workers have been mar, vocabulary building, and the
I French Africa, and fish for Now that we are back in school, asked to at- understanding of how to read fine
CLARK of 737 Phelps making daily contributions in one
George tend. It is
hoped that the
tiger fish throughout this ex- let's all make a resolution to get to program literature-prose, poetry the drama.
11yo I Like Street, Apt. 1. way or another towards the general
citing continent. the mahI will help to enlighten the public of Mrs.
I school on time, study harder and Timmons is presently: employed
seer of India, the African tiger COOKS Willie of 133 North Street. welfare of the hospital These the work of volunteers and encourage
fish is considered one of the don't miss any classes (boys). in the Pinellas County School
Clara of groups are busily engaged -
I Me IIELLEN Mrs. p o- sponsoring greater aid to the hospital.
really great game fish of the SystemrCy.
st world. If I'm lucky enough to It's like the Colts without Moore, Box 101, Elkton. fund raising projects, telling the I

0 land one, I'll report the blow- Rome without Juliet, and Shiela AARON Edward of 315 Middle- Brewster story, assisting. the hospi- _.--p- -

column.by-blow encounter in a future without Barry. .It's Northwestern zurg Avnue, Green Cove Springs.: tal personnel in the .activities'. of the ,: .':::.J CRIPP'Cl --AWSIJT N

without a principal. Mr. Argrett has PARLIN Chester R. of 1625Grunthai i hospital. : -: tts '
South America is the next ; t t&W PtGJfWWS'
lir U it :
are 't .
The five The Brewster
stop, but time will only permita been ill for quite some time and Street. groups : ; ,' ---- _r ,.
.. visit to the mountain lakes of we here at Northwestern sincerelywish MC TAW John of 1338 W. 20th. Men's Club, J. Earl Morse, president
( Colombia. Here, we'll try for a Street. Brewster Mothers' Club, Mrs. J. E.
fi"r 15-pound rainbow trout, savor'the him a speedy recovery. We
\ of 2057 Yulee Davis, president; Brewster Hospital
miss him. 1V1llia.ms
f sights of cosmopolitan! certainly ,
Auxiliary, Mrs. Sallye Mathis, presi-
I. Bogota and catch the first, our Assistant Principal, is doing a Street. -
: But I don't:: mind. My suit- available airliner back home. < RANDALL Mrs. Pearl of 3218 dent; Brewster Alumni, Mrs. O. I.
commendable of the
job keeping
up '
cases are packed with light Stow Gear Away For Winter > Gilmore Street. Hillman, president and the Volunteers

clothing and fishing gear, and Unless you're a native of, school spirit. HOLTON Mrs. Clorann Dew Drop. a young group headed by Miss t :
aboard one ef those new jet ...tropIc lands, 'it's time to stow jyour.
airliners I think I'll catch up .f l.1ting gear away for the The senior class is slowly but JOHNSON Fred of 744 Lafayette Jacqulyn McMillan. -
with the flights of big Canadas. winter. I took care of this job' surely progressing on its first an- Street. I I Each organization hascompleted

Even If you can't physically a few days ago, but I must nual. The staff members are busy JONES Owens King of 3803 Wil- : a banner year of service Mrs.
make the trip, you can settle confess it really wasn't a choreat Mathis said. hours of
Many service
back In your arm chair and all. taking pictures doing lay out work, son Street. 1 Y 1

share my adventures with me. When I took my. little Mercury and getting ads. So if you pass the MEANS Mrs. Pearl of 1431 Pearl have been rendered, some persons

Our first visit will be to Den- outboard out 4>f the trunkof Yellow Jacket's pad and see Robert Street. have reached the 100 hour goal. She

mark. This wonderful, country the car I became a little Brown or Floyd Kirkland hangingon DESON Mrs. Mary Lewi of added that fund raising is the main
go famed for its hospitality, also sentimental as I thought back
has fishing which would put the J over the experiences ot.the the flag pole, don't panic, they Richardson Road. objective of some, especially is this ,

average American angler In an summer. This package of mechanized are only Crying to focus an unusual ROBERTSON Willie L. of 805: important because of the great need #i iJ

Izaak Walton paradise. Al- I aluminum had served me shot Caroline street. to increase the expansion fund. J iI

though it will be too cold to try faithfully the whole season. HAYWOOD 'Mrs. Erelym of 924 The ladies in the Cherry Red unl- I
it personally I'm going to investigate I{ And as I drained the fuel from The basketball team has really I
the stories rye heard i her carburetor, squirted some W. Duval street. foxtns are seen daily serving at the :
about the started off with a bang with their desk in the admitting
walleye fishing. lubricant in her pistons, and i reception ,
From Copenhagen we'll go to I.I rubbed her down with more oil Yictor over Matthew W. Gilbert ROBERTS B--z. el 215 8. room, operating the hospitality cart,

Norway to investigate the fabulous I knew she would purr like a The senior varsity was great. Bettr Purdy Street assisting patients, helping in various
salmon and trout fishing I kitten when I pulled her start- luck next time to the junior varsity. t.r u'
that the Norwegian streamsare 1 lag cord next spring. IIINNITl'EEJIrL. Mary of 1720IIingland
supposed to produce. I Of course, I cleaned out my* lit are always sincere in our support Avenue. /

Italy is neXt, and here we I tackle box, sorted through my: (Girls, don't forget tko eligible .
will put co our hip boots and''. lures, and dreamed for a moment players; the supply is very limited.) LEE Solomon of 833 Van Buren
wade the cold sa!Ton and trout about the big ones which Hark
!! I hear wedding bells ringing
strearrr that roost tourists have I had gotten away. I Street. FLORIDA STARIN
overlooked WThcH.. a long flight It's important to give your and church bells chiming. .I Ij
to New Delhi, India. And, in I outdoors equipment some atten- One of Northwestern's most eligible WIGGINS Susie ef 618 Florida
this land of many contrasts 1 tion now. If you'll stow it away Avenue EVERY I
we'll observe the jungle habitatof j for the winter properly, putting faculty bachelors has announcedthat ,
the tiger, and have a try for I j your gear in shape for your he will approach the altar in GROSS James of 515 Pippin COLORED HOME ,
the mighty mahseer. In case !I first fishing trip next season, the near future. You'll have to Street. F

the mahseer is unfamiliar to i it will be a real pleasure. guess. However I will give you ONE t ik ,fir 4''t ; I:
you he attains weights of 60 ,( & If you hare any questions concernlnz hint he's the band director. FLAGG Mrs Rosa E. of 1165: W. DRIVE
pounds or better in Indian fishing techniques, equi.>
streams. We'll fish for him on meet or where-to-:o, write B' Say reader, have, you ever heard 24th. StreetTICKETS Secure Drivers' License .
standard fresh water tackle. Rogers In care of this paper. the song "Merry-Go-Round?" That SAFEWAY DRIVING It4I

was exactly the case of Betty Cum- SCHOOL

mings, Benny Thomas, ,Joyce Quick, 600 West Beaver Street I 1

a and Melvin Cannon, but, due to the GOING GEORGE PERPENA DIr. Ale a i rs "w A .

fact that "Everybody Can't Win", Res. PO 5.4607 ,l 1 f: .r .r w .S 1,,.. .e C w
only Betty and Benny were victo- FOR SCOLJTERSANNUAL ,

rious. Speaking of victories, G.

Moore and J. Doe are quite serious '

thse days. V. Mills is quite popular ,
Now's The Time To Order High lately, who will it be, Gene B., or SET
- -
i w. ,
'Clean Burning Willie S.? C. Marshall and L. Chase
tive. For later on;it might be the skirt
or be
For your stove or fireplace to be at comeback. for the Annual Scouters may may not
seem trying a by EVELYN CUNNINGHAM > linen "
made in
Coal printed cotton, lined. *
by the BAG or by the TON Good luck kids. Say Gladys T. Banquet, which will be held Feb. .
J faille silkEspecially/ '
For or For
ALL SEASONS ICE.Be. FUEL co. What are you using on the boys- 11 at 7:30 pro in the cafetoriumof many yearssuits early spring this "f
have held their the'best is the would
striking be
own as
"Our 17th "Love Potion No. 9? Hey Lil, who Matthew W. Gilbert High Schoolare pattern perfect
Year"j j in' [fabric used in'the. suit with made in
< possible apparel a flannel. Any
5883 Norwood ATe. PO 4.4511 is the cool cat that keeps your headin now on sale according to L. M. "
I the clouds? Argrett, chairman of tha Cherokee which to travel.. Now more t the longer?j ackee. (McCall's jof the tweeds would be good.

,.-- Brainy-bean Northwestemers can District. North Florida Council.Mr. than ever, with the develop-1 ,[Pattern,No; SI00)) It is a Other f choices might be )
of fabrics ,broWfl-rust-beige'boundstooth corduroy '
exercise their wares on the iminent Argrett says the Court of meat synthetic lightweight wool,
qualifying tests. The Scholarship High awards will be one of the main that are creas ;-proof and need check wool,\accented with worsted, synthetic suiting_' 1
little or no|pressing"? the! three r shiny"brass buttons. or wool broadcloth. A "1.
Qualifying Test for 1960 will be features during the dinner meeting, 1 ( \ contrast -, 1.

e e e eGRAYllAlRSieedv.tino given on the sixteenth of Febuary. at which time, Scout and Cub lead- good ole skirt and jacket are* ,The single-breasted, cutaway in fabric or color could, I""

The National Test for Seniors will ers who spearhead the program in musts for getting about from jacket isAdartfitted.'.It has.:: be used.

be administered by Mrs. I. L. Knoxon the Cherokee District and the boys town to town. -\ I set-in'sleeves,and a shawllcollar t Weekly Fashion Sewing

March 8, 1960. themselves, will receive recogni- The obvious advantages that is cut inone with 'Sip: : : The most important thing'torememberwheaYou'rfittin '

of 3 courseS'are 1 that the the jacket fronts.: The slim,t f 8 '

I .- no non ; tion.Den Mothers of the District will average suie.is neat and uncluttered dart fittedfthreegore'skin"1 'a garment is don't overfit.|.

:ET1IG I a H" ""lITf serve as hostesses.for the banquetand the jacket may be has a low back pleat:? The;;; The garment. isn't going to t tj

I Wa. l aectI'a EAU ,DENNA t4ii have planned to make the removed -for comfort and they entire jacket is lined and"' "j ke t worn by) a : motionless !
LIQUID -u" Getting
If worried by 1t1l.<:derealr. ( t
HAIR COLORER Up Nights or 'Bed Wettlr;, too Ire- Scouters affair an .enjoyable one. blouse may' be changed for ,< -'<.. .."..; mannequin: but by a real, live,

Kit e.at WNY Ibtt .. 10 N'aI ...... ..torn ,, cent Strong burning Smelling.or Cloudy Itching Urine urination, due) or to Citizens are' asked to avail them- variety. la traveling between f. .f.,. : .-person, so leave enough rbom 4. ito
-W ... ....., It wet ... fr.r..Ik'IIId. common Kidney and Bladder Irriution selves of the opportunity of purchasing places of different climatjc* ;; ..' .: I
OM ...I cat MI with ...... try CYSTEX for quick help. SO years use '. more freely. q
eWeII 4*.. h. N. pock.'N. ..... s prove safety for young and old. Ask drug tickets and attending the ban- conditions a v' sui 4is .:.in-* ,
gist Jor UXaTKX. under money-back guar
ANYONE CAN PUT IT ... .. ante Bee how fast you impm s. quet. valuable The jacket can be .
pact You big ko b.- df eeL t..*** ..* carried the j .
.... ....'"""-ttO dead cola-.. ch.obtpeee .d $ worn or over arm, jA 3
-jwt wMte; color if prp.rly .wvr..d. Y.: depending :9 on r whether: the IJ IJf"
h will pot tvb off. It;stays ...... *-.I o.....rpp.uoykt..q .rl--+ I I scene is Birmingham" or New (: .
... York. Y i
; k. s..sh...g .. .
tog ..... l..w .,
off. IT c'f 9"1 Another distinct / /
h M 1 advantageof /
..... .,
.tabbor*'ofc.w cemxt BIACK au.a t .
All colon stay the suit-for-travel is that it 9 A

..: put.WONDERFUL Jt.. }put w'-e...F0.1.... c.1O4.M...o wa UPy. st.e d,.. ... .1..N / 1 r I knows no limitations in its .
cae pwt .... .. ..
Frif DOES dd..toac NOT.F..-It INTERFERE b..iA t.5 W TM-.d Sp.rul.rrttyliiU4T.CAUnOH WAVING:-u..a.r0nch4 .. I I sizes. Everybody but
..... .- .. c..at aI.&J rs .m suit. -
everybody -
can wear a
tb .... ...
.. .
A.buv. thin ., .... S'UG tsp. r... -). C.4 Sttt.G.w PARALYTIC CASES
u-de..d .: st ...... p ra- ...... .... II ... >b* The suits pictured are two % .....
) <
,OTHER CASES popular: versions, one with a ,

DIXIE PHARMACY CASES short, loose jacket, the other
: Kings Road and Myrtle with a hip-length fitted
9.000 t jacket. They are .but two of s

McCall's vast collection of
t a I
ecoo suits. Cut along classic, ti.

1 simple lines, both are easyto : I

You Don't Have to Go to Town to Get JtJO make. All is needed are > :: jy .

sewing machine, fabric, i.--" ',' .
; ""'" -
LOW PRICES' 6,000S pattern. and will. ** ; \;w, .",, t {
The suit with the short .
r J., i. l;' ?
jacket (McCall's Pattern No. l y'"..,/;:;.-:,.Y '"ff 1 .
O is made here in E' "' ; '. ; i id
: On YourDRUG 5138) a brightred f> .. : 1 : ii

z wool. The pattern includesthe ... I III

4.000 double-breasted jacket, I
n r3t (
STORE NEEDS 'slim skirt and a rack-in

3,000 _, blouse.. The blouse has a 1- .. j .., "
if. i
l \
Trade With Your Neighborhood Drug Store high, jewelry neckline and ,, -
2,000 set-in three-quarter $leeves.It l j .l .. ,'.
WE WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADVERTISED zippers with Talon at the : : : ,7 A' -. :?: :' '

: .. ...".".". Y. '., 'fot.. ;
IN YOUR LOCAL PAPERSWe soonsj side and at the back neck 1.: ,,.;-...... .,u ._1 '- ": "' I
I opening. .The notched_ .shawl Make it look like a salt, make The ever-Pot' tar suit tsttrougli seen _:'-
We Also FBI AH DootonT Freacxiptfoos
Driver ;; collar, made in ,one with the it look like a jacketed dress. classic eyes. Lat

i jacket fronts, is faced and A slim dart-filled skirt, jewel frankly feminine! with' its cvrvi 3 -
) 1951 1958 1959'ESTIMATED
necklined blouse and short notched collar sad newly lea.Sthened .
= interfaced. The three-gore_. The Um .. .
Dixie Pharmacy tailored j jacket take to a varietyof jacket.
skirt has a low back pleat. looks and Urea. KaiLion's tike a Talon Magic! Zi? skirl

An interesting variation of perfect finishing touch Talon'snew placket :ripper avsil-fce! ia 7"

1S92 KINGS ROAD at MYBTLB AVENTJBPHONB8 & this pattern would be a bright Magic Zip for blouse neckline -. and 9" Ica 1".hr 't>, r snots; !

ML ...,..d DIMES tweed jacket, with blouse and and side plackets and skirt hipline md j v ofu-ss cutl '

skirt made in a ,solid color placket, too, has a moves sewing looking placket! the tulcred
PAY YOUR LIGHT WATER AND TELEPHONE guide line right on the tape. and \cr?.rile sul' .. .McC&ll's!
Biiiht ftefects Arthriffs Polio: li&htYreightwooL Velveteen or The ensemble, McCall's Pattern Pattern ;:5100;;! 73$. Misses' ,
BILLS AT OUR STORE flannel would also be attrac- 05138.65 Misses sizes 1013. size 10.18. t

.. .,' I



.. .. .,. ,. _, .. .... .' It.... 1u. 1- 1.. '" '. :..
t 'k.1' > d' : -. :.... L '" Ii d1... !. \. -- .- .-... -L,>''t k ... I ,-< .ay .dL"- '- -,,..JI.'c'". ...s.......,.....atd3 ..'...

T ''' '''''' ;O- "'' <
( ; '' ,
""i' :: ,"'i1n' I'T.. t

;, .

; : .. I

i : :

/ : : .,' .. ,. : .'4' >' :',i: .:: ( ,": t : : :- .

Wejbk Ending Saturday January 23 1960 THE FLORIDA STAR
rage SnoODII

I Rattlers, SIAC Champions i Slate Baseball Games




TALLAHASSEE The Florida A & M Rattlers '
Gaither's 53: National Negro
baseball team finished! '51.1
j baseball team will playa 25-game schedule in 1960, with Collegiate Football I on top in

l announcement receive the Scott Championswill Memorial 53, '54, '55. '53, and '53, The foot 185 AT i HOME

ball team dominated the SL\C.
tv Nj Trophy. They

The A&M nine posted an 18-1 were league titlist every year in the
record last spring and is the The personable FAMU \athletic fifties '
Alabama State College, Montgomery except 51 and 52. and Na-
director has been member of the GREENSBORO, N. C. -, The A&T
rent champions of the Southern In- ional Negro
; April 21, Tuskegee Institute, Iw Collegiate Football
tercollegiate Athletic Conference. American Football Coaches Associa- College Aggies took close wins over
Tuskegee; April 26, South Carolina Champions in 50, 51, 57, and 53.

The Rattler baseball teams is a State College, Orangeburg, S.C; two t.. tion Rules Committee for the past They were undefeated two of these Hampton Institute and Johnson C.
legend around Florida A & M University three years and he has sat at thewinners' 9-0-0 in '57 Smith but
games; April 27 Area Trade School, 1 years and 10-0-0( in 59. University, were derailedby

and each year they have Denmark, S.C; April 28, Savannah table during the annual The fifties saw several ex-Rattlers Virginia State College in the first

I come up with some power laden' State College, Savannah, Ga. meetings of the AFCA for the past hurdling the color line and getting loss on the home court since 1957.

t teams. Coach Moore has been to Coach Moore will be counting several years. into the play for pay business. The Virginians came from behindto

baseball what Jake Gaither has His 15-year football record of 120 Halfback Willie Galimore and tackle defeat the Aggies, 65-61, on Mon-
very heavily upon several returning I
been to football. veterans from last year's nine to wins, 20 losses and four ties places Willie Lee are still with the Bears.I day night (January 11), interrupting

him among the great football Willie McClung is a.regular offensive a 17-game win streak on local
The 1960 home March team up with several new prospectsto
games y coaches of his era. Jake Gaither's tackle for the Cleveland floors.
5, Tampa All-Stars March 15 and bring another conference championship -
; past decade record of 81 triumphs, Browns. Halfback Al Frazier and
16 Institute March 18 to the red clay hills of Tal- A&T had built
Tuskegee ; up a 7-point lead
10 setbacks, and four ties places center Willie Taylor are the prop
and 19, Alabama State College; lahassee. at halftime, but saw it quickly van-
him erties of
at the top of the heap. the Bears End Billy Barber
March 28 and 29, Morris Brown ish at the start of the second
,.. ..... The 10-year won and loss record inked a contract with the Stam-
4 College; April 1 and 2, South Car- : wv. s at..:::+ ..,,.;.,.:hr;,; established stanza. Virginia Sate took the lead
by the Florida A&M peder football club of the Canadian
olina State College; April 11, Savannah State Officials for good with five minutes to play
WHAT WILL IT BE? Light Heavyweight Champion Archie University athletic teams under his League. Infielder Bill Lucas is under -
State College; April 22 and behind the accurate shooting of
Moore seen here is causing a lot of questions to be asked and much direction as athletic director is be- a Milwaukee Braves organization William
23, Morehouse College; May 2 and Attend Fete lieved to be unequaled by a minority contract. Leroy t'Spike" Gib- Pleasants who dumped 22
speculation on what he will do in the future. It is a question as to
3, Allen University.The whether he will continue to stick with the fight game, go into pic- institution. Since 1950, the Rattlers son, former Rattler cage star, is points for the night.theprevioosFri.

11 home games are: April 6 For Rattler tures or promote bouts. It has been rumored hat he will turn promoterand have won 434 victories, shelled out playing professional ball with the On evening,

and 7 Morris Brown College, in At- some are attempting to push him over ino the heavyweight divi- 10-1 losses, and five contests endedin Baltimore Bullets. He is on call to the Aggies edged Hampton Institute -

lanta; April 8 and 9, Morehouse sion for another match before he retires from the ring. lie has deadlocks.A join the Syracuse Nats when needed. 75-73, in a thriller. The game

College Atlanta; April 18 and 19, CoachesTALLAHASSEE expressed his love for the movies. The public is waiting for a decisionon breakdown- of the won_.and. loss- was tied 71-all with 17 seconds to

what it will be.E record of the teams according to individual go and Hampton had possession.Two .
-The Leon Coun- sports shows that the football .
ty delegation to the State Legislature quick by Aggie guards.
terra registered triumphs,
Don Edwards and Al
t and the attorney General were 10 losses and three ties the basketball on
Northwestern ; ends of which Hank Marshall tossedin
among a group of Tallahassee citi-
has 200 victories and
Trounced zens who saluted Florida A&M's : 49 losses squad the baseball nine rackedup two free throws and Joe Cotton
By .i ; ATTENTION LADIES sank an easy layup decided that i
I Coach Jake Gaither and his associate jl.t. 153 wins 42 defeats and two
f' ). con- ball
Devils game Ernest Cannady, for
1 Blue coaches recently. tests called with the be- I
were score Bridge & Sodal Club Hampton, fouled at the buzzer, bucketed ,
Attorney General Richard Ervin ing tied.
two harmless free throws
Senator Wilson Carroway, and Re- r Reporters t
Yes, the Florida A&M University after the had ended.
STANTON WINS FROMN'WESTERN presentatives Mallory Home and CORNERBY l Rattlers had many successful years Send or Mail game I I

79-56; 31.26 Dick Mitchell were among a long during the glorious fifties, but '59 Attles starred as the Aggies [

By Robert C. Brown, Jr. list of speakers who showered wordsof -. -. seems to stand head and shoulder Your Social New whipped Johnson C. Smith Univer- ,

The Blue Devils of New Stanton appreciation on the successful C. PABHAM JOHNSON above all the many accomplishments sity on Saturday night, 65-61, in an- I
High defeated the Yellowjackets of A&M coaching staff at the St. Mi- ----- made in athletics during the other squeaker finally decided in

Northwestern twice 31-26 and 7956in chael and All Angels Episcopal Parish ORLANDO CEPEDA, the hard will be battling it out for positions past decade. The Rattlers made a FLORIDA STAR the last 15 seconds of play. His

two thrillers packed with action House. hitting first baseman-outfielder of The managers and coaches will be grand slam of the major sports in amazing ball handling during the

1: from start to finish Wednesday After feasting to a menu of shrimp the San Francisco Giants who left giving the players a very close the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic 2323 Moncrlef Rd. Cor. 13ih entire game brought the packed

cocktail filet mignon, baked pota- the Santurce team of the Puerto Conference during the closing year house of some 2700 fans to.excitement -
night in Stanton's Gym. Or Phone EL 4-6JM
I Being the top rated teams in the toes, buttered rolls tossed salad Rican Winter League without warn- i eye.ABOUT THE SADDEST, THING of the fifties. Only the golf cham- but his easy layup on the end

county the Devils and the Jackets apple pie, and coffee, the: coaches ing will not be fined and will be around training camps is when a pionship eluded the Floridians. of a long pass down the center of

kept tension throughout the game. were presented with individual paid for the rest of the season rookie has played his head sore Coach Ed Oglesby tutored his the floor was the big crowd pleaser.The .

The Jackets are usually the team plaques and special inscriptions on which ends in mid-February, offi- to make it and then the sad and basketball team to the visitationand Aggie record now stands at

but the tension was too great. them by J. R. E. Lee Jr., A&M cials of the league said. Cepeda unwelcome words come to pack I the tournament championshipsto 5-1 in conference play, 8-2 overall.PHOTOGRAPHS .

i r The Jackets coached by William vice-president and founder of the quit the Santurce team following an his things, go back to the minors I begin the long string of crowns''

that can stand up under pressure Orange Blossom Classic. argument with a teammate in the and get ready for the next try. and trophies brought home last FOR

"Bird" Weatherbee just couldn't Speaking for the group of coaches locker room. "You have great possibilities. You year. The baseball team under the

i hold back the keen eye shooting of after they had given responses and BOB WATERFIELD, one of the have a strong throwing' arm, you tutelage of Dr. O. A. Moore and

Alfred Denson and the hard drivingof reflections, Jake Gaither said: "I] greatest college football players of are fast and can play the position Coach Costa Kittles had a 18-1 record EVERY OCCASION .

Joseph Love. am proud of my associate coaches all time and a former quarterbackof well like your batting possibili- and was invited to play in the -w+ .

Denson, the high point man and and everyone of you here tonight. the Los Angeles Rams has been well. I like your batting possibili- National Intercollegiate Athletics i r"; -.I..71 Expert Photography

the outstanding player of the night You would have done the came for signed as ccach to take over where lag," the managers and coaches Association national championship t, 'iJ, vi, :: ,'" Portraiii WeddIngs BamqwtiPtssporii

connected for a high flying total of us had we lost." the unpopular coach Sid Gillman will be telling the hopefuls, playoffs. f i' ". & Identification Pkotea

I 28 points making his total for the The tribute signaled the Rattler ,left off when he resigned under THE BIG QUESTION is, "How After failing to win its own invi- te f" ::;::::>'": '',., ,,:: i Photostat & Commercial Work

season 67 and his average 22.3 squad winning the National Negro will our Jacksonville Braves fit intoa tational track and field meet, the g4,.'..'/ : .j Photoe For Newspaper Cuts
points per game. Other outstanding Collegiate Football Championship by fire.SPORTS FANS from all parts of higher baseball bracket? How FAMP thinclads went on to take the I '.' j While You Walt '

players were Joseph Love scoring a defeating the Prairie View Panthersin the nation would like to know will the fans support a higher grade I Alabama State College Relays, the >- :, ":::'; ;:i Coloring & Picture Framing ,

total of 17 points. Woodrow Cam 12 the Orange Blossom Classic 287.It what great feat was accomplishedby team? Well, just wait and see. Tuskegee Relays, and the SIAC > > ': ',,/ .:.::fi.Jl-3: Let UB Take A Photo Of You
the fourth title A&M has meet. Jcmes Denmark cleared the .1.1,' 't ;
points and James Baker connectingfor was Ingemar Johansson, the current SMOOTH SAILING 'TIL WE ; i'

9 points. won since 1950, and Dr. George W. heavyweight champion that :MEET AGAIN.GIBBS bar at 13' 10" to smash a loop record ,._ .''a; Y' In Natural Color _
Gore Jr., president of A&M, did not that had been held by Willie J.
The men in Blue led the Jacketsby would rate him athlete-of-tho year. AVERY

one point at the half 1615. let it go unnoticed. He came to lie knocked out Floyd Pattersonfor Farmer of Xavier University since
1941. Denmark has not been defeated AVERY'S PHOTO
On the hard to die Yellowjacketteam A&M in 1950. the title, but what else did he CAGERS STUDIO

the quick driving of Lee Costa Dr. Gore presented plaques and do? What about men like Henry in the pole vault since he came 611 Went Ashley Clara White Mlsslcti

Blakely the sharp shooting of Barry certificates to men most worthy Aaron, batting champion of the to FAMU three years ago. Bldg

Watson and Claude Hill teamed up Coach Gaither and his staff during National League; Larry Sherry, Like the track team, the tennis Phone EL 4-7695 For Appointment
SWAMP TEAM OF team went through the oppositionand
with the rebounding of Bernell the annual Christmas Convocation. the 1959 pitching hero of the Los
came out with a clean record.
Sumpter and Eddie Thomas along Coach Gaither was named "coachof Angeles Dodgers; Jim Brown,
Claude Wilson and Albert Brookswon
with Watson the team made an impressive the year'"' among Negro colleges Brown, "The Mr. Football" of the
: the singles and doubles titlesin
sight for 1959. Cleveland Browns; Johnny Unitas, ROOSEVELT JC
the Florida A&M University In-
The Jackets Leading scorer Barry Over a span of fifteen seasons, he the outstanding quarterback of the
ST. PETERSBURG The Gibbs' vitational Tuskegee Institute Invitational
Watson racked up 17 points hikinghis has compiled an eviable and undis- Baltimore Colts; Ernie Banks, the
Junior College Cobras swamped the and the SIAC meets. The
average to 15 points per game puted record of 120 victories, 20 hard hitting and slick fielding .
Roosevelt Junior of coached by Walter M.
and making him the second highest losses and four ties. Assisting him shortstop of the Chicago Cubs and College cagers netters are VODKA.
West Palm Beach 95-62 in an exciting Austin, a former National Collegiate ,
scorer in the county. has been a fine staff, of coaches, many others who have made out
contest that saw the South Champion. The golf team had to
James Corbitt newcomer to the namely, Robert Pete Griffin, head standing contributions to sportsall .. /
Florida for second place behind ClarkCollege '
team employing ball freezing settle
Yellowjackets squad showed the coach; Costa Kittles, end coach; through the year. How the hon ,
tactics to keep tke home team's in both the Tuskegee Institute f. rt t
form of a pro. Edward Oglesby, assistant backfield or was given to Johansson is a .
score from reaching the century Invitational, and the conference I'4: i
The first game a Junior Varsity coach; and Macon Williams assis- little hard to figure out. .' .. :. ,A r' t t
mark. '
matches.The :
plug found the Baby Blue Devils tant brickfield coach.DUNBAR Don t .
SPORTSWRITERS say Big Brilliant floor play and ball hawk- football team climaxed the tuLJI

taking it 31-26. Newcombe carries no chips on his ing by Captain Benjamin Spann fifties with an unusual National \ .," ..,II !
this the Blue \.1''Wr'
Winning \
erne ,
I. I
shoulders for General Manager Footbal 1 champ- JI
and teammate Willie Adams electrified Negro Colle ate \ .
Devils the lead for the County COACHIS Suzzie Bavasi of the Los Angeles the crowd Spann droppedin ionship. Coach Jake Gaither's grid- : '\ ( I
have won three ,
Championship. They him to the ',''.'. : .
recordis Dodgers for trading 30 points to lead the Cobras to ders achieved a national champ- it' .: .. ''W) 1 1 :
and lost none. The Jackets Y
for. havtog Cincinnati Redlegs. According to Yictoiy. Other high-scoring Cobras ionship with victories over two other rt j1J:t): ...\1'..' '' \.t!' ;
and season \
one one
their lone win against Gilbert Ugh NAMED FOR those who are very" close to the were Fredie Hires of Tampa wife conference powers. The Rattlers .. \ ,, !J! :

"Powers that be, said Newcomeis 24 markers and Hilliard Jenkins trounced the North Carolina A&T i 1)
Panthers, scoring 444L Buzzie Ba- .... .... :
HONORSLEXINGTON very very fond of with 16. for the 28-16, and humbledthe ',
HIGH High scorer losing College Aggies, _. '.. .>& ": ""':': :
vasi. Newk named his daughterafter team was Mack Freeman with 16 strong Southern University Jag- s. '-;

N. C Charles Buzzie's wife, Evit. the I
points.At uar Cats, 2114. They ccmpleted ...
Watch This Gown England, coach of the,Dunbar High THE CHICAGO CUBS sensational half time Gibbs JC led 49-57 season with a 1WW( ( ) record. : The J

School here, was named recently shortstop, Ernie Banks said recently after trailing early in the first A&T is the kingpin of the Central .

39.52 -. 26 "Coach of the Year" for entire that the team to beat for the pen- quarter. The hot shooting of Homer Intercollegiate Athletic Association. ,

145-02-411 Davidson County. nant is going to be the San Fran-' Battle. 5 ft. 6 in. Roosevelt guard, Southern is a perennial championof FriendlK

6 8 The selection announced by cisco Giants. This is the' first pre helped to give the visitors an early the well-balanced Southwestern

"Scoop" McCraiy sports editor of diction for the coming season. He lead. He scored' four successivefield Athletic Conference. The Rattlers'big "

7 7 a local daily. described England as said with their infield, pitching and goals in the first three min- triumph was the 28-7 licking: ai n Blender

6' 8 the "man who had directed his power at the plate, and with the ad- utes of play and accounted for 11 they handed Prairie View A&M

football team to the second straight dition of Billy O'Dell. Billy Loes and of Roosevelt's points in the game. College in the 27th annual Orange ,

State championship, a moulder of Don Blassingame the Giants will be Superior over-all height and reserve Blossom Classic before a record .

42-77-.16 good athletes 'with sound principlesand hard to handle. He said the Cubs will strength of the home term 43.15 grid fans the largest number -, ';'.r ,

521 60 386 a man who believes in developing have their hands 'full with the Dod- soon began to strike' telling blowson of fans ever to witness a Negro 1 J i- ,;; <
!I the character of the boy as wellas r
the Scoreboard for the Gibbs event.
sponsored ; .
1 Sometimes Sometimes: he's DO'S down of his athletic skills." I gers.WITHIN THE NEXT FEW DAYS quintet Outstanding reboundingwork Fifty nine was not the only year E, ..' Hr j,
England winning the two titlesin baseball uniforms will be comingout f ,:' :. = .t .
He adds lubtracts was done by the Cobras' Joseph that the Rattlers excelled in sports ,
I He works It all around his two years at Lexington has of the winter moth balls, base- Finch. during the roaring fifties. Coach >::4':':: ('}

(l an overall record of 17 wins, 3 ball shoes will be taken from the Gibbs JC Coach Norman Jackson Oglesby has won four SIAC championships .

f Coming Attractions I losses and one tie. oily bags, suitcases will be dusted made liberal substitutions in the in basketball, '52, '55, "ST .

I 18-34-03-509 Prior to coming here he coachedat up. clothes packed and players will third and fourth quarters, emptyinghis and '59. 'The golf team was undefeated .
I Pattillo High School in Tarboro be heading for the various big bench of substitues in the fourh in '58. Coach Pete Griffin's ; ) .

j and amassed a record of 68 wins' league training crmps. The veterans despite the "break the clod chant '50, '53, '54, -57, '58, and '53. The DitiZ.4: Ina Ora&.n.0 v ad 100 p...d.e .

f' 21 losses and 5 ties. along with many hopeful rookies of the partisan crowd. '50, 53. '54. -57, '58, and &. The .al.d. by $era C .. III&r n a u.

.t '..
I .

':. .-' .,. .." .., :.a rye '.
! :; "
i if,4'
# ,1. "',., .'"..} J : : :. 9
: ,
, : ,-. -i ,...,. = '" ",-' .. ::1ii.2.
? : ; <
( ,: ...... ... .. ." '1 <' .
t >'";,J.;' ":' --' ; '" '<;.'\.-.. ,; t' T : 7w ;; r' .- e .-, ', \ ,
; }
S .
,:- ,- Y : 7.: : -
I r K y T. ? ) : .
t .
II I .

II I ..

__"' ,. ,J.'. k_" >. ." ,.,.__,.' ,, ',..... T -'"" .... ._ ; : .;;:''...!f.b;: ...... .,;' -,..! ::......: ,,;-:- :;'.' ,'- ... ; F ; .",".,,' ; .------.......

__ -- _
... ---- -- ; -
\ : '\: ,

.: .c .. '- ':;:'<-, .7 j -

... .
-' .' ; '
";:. '-'.. : ,
Page Eight THE FLOBIDA STAB Wdbk Ending Saturday. January 23 1960

MAN" HIT IX HEAD West Ashley Street.
WHILE FIGHTING Victim was taken to Duval Medical H
475 W. 19th. St. 2 story frame
18 -'of 5735 Cassa- Center where he was treated for -tciC
home exc. cond. 4 apts. Good Henry Bryant lacerations. I
income prop. Price reasonable. line Ave., was hit on the back of the
David S. Reynolds, Realtor. 3633 \ II ..Jcic
head with a bottle last Tuesday Patrolmen Geerge Bradley and T. .
Pearl :St., El 5-2255.: during a fight in the 500 block of Mays investigated. L ? I *

For Breakfast Lunch After the Movie Snacks *

.; w *
: .
NEW YORK S Oystera Cod *
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positions open for good fe Bacon Sausage 4%
% :
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S Coffee Milk .5
dy jobs with nice private I .% French Fr. Potato .S. '

famalies who will treat you, .. 'S S .
right and provide a nice ROOSEVELT GRILL

\ room, meals and all privileges. Frank Sinatra and Carolyn Jones are a couple of odd-ball but lovable
McCarty. with some effort mightbe
.. ../) ..
t $50 weeklyto and Madison characters in the "
Salary 0 Ashley heartwarmincomedy, "A Hole in the Head, I U _
able to win quite a few Negro J
start. Transportation i aNew which will open Sunday at the Strand, and with it you will see "The / -
Totes throughout the state and Naked Venus"
a story of love. 'Ii
York advanced. If you
particularly im final County I It8l.lJ.UOLln..V A tin of the Pepsi COD
where Burns' position is doubtful. are looking for a good sleep- ; : (Mi, Il' UMIMll\l. .MQ.\l. W U\l\l.I&l UQU,4&l.'W .l..M' ..JJJ ..l.Q.\LfMiMiW'1..Y k to these- outetaivdtngJ -

Doyle Canton should not be toe in Job contact Florida Do- .. young Americans, wile

hard for Negro** to aocept acid mestic Supply 2622 Hempstead i t : .i I : ;;';'.'. : : ...1'. ;, "")r..,. ; ,....- .....'t.= .1.". Io J hm McC rtys record as a judge, Drive. Lakeland, Fla. .1 ,',G .'. : ** our community a better
s. J:': I' i : .... :
plus his kiaship to the late GOY. telephone MU 3-3389. :- .j '" !I:i 1 l h'.. :. f Dan :McCarty (whom Negroes ..,.. "'.{ '. .'. '''.:.' rJ v.. ..' :;. t-: jw: i.. :;.
... }
thought highly of will undovbtodly (11. ': ,'c.J. r." 'r..T-1I... .
plate him in a good position to HOMES FOR SALE .4'; ]: .; r J \ 1 t. ,1 :

gather up many Negro rotes.BELT McLean Road .5. : lJ, \ V45-'Jti t .

I S In Choice Location UI. i.11' J' \\ji':"' '
Beautiful New HomesC. mY\ !if t k ..*4 '

B. 3 Bedrooms I : 1m \. ---; @ @S&9K.

WANTEDM.AIDSatirday Hardwood Extra large ROOTS Lots ..... ,y="""", w jiM lliJtt: L: ; ] i; r..! :r' ; ;i;: :;, .. : .ii \

noon to Monday Good Terms
M ming. Call after 5 o'clock EX Directions: Go Moncrief to 45th
1-7412. St. Turn left to SprimgioYe Are. S
Turn left to Mclean. t
Funuahed: roan, modern conveni- Open Sunday Afternoon _
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ences. Single man. or vromaa. 2014 5/ % I

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ley. Phone
EL 4-9231. C. C. attends Little Rock Baptist
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Mr.I. :
24 JAN. 30
JAN. to

-_. : $ 95 i
1- : : .
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: [jmtii1lliinrui'lif' : i. J:1k I : SS'I ;

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Action Packed! I her leadership. She was elected
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.5 ::1
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I_ Nites 10:30 to 11:00

THERE A STORE NEAR YOU / 4 For Pfaone Request

EL 6-0461-2

,- 15 S. HOGAN ST.
.I (Across from Now Sean

EL 6-2493

Open Every: Nile Till 9 \

505 McDUFF
'* Near Lenox .
4S ( ) I
EV 8-4S24 .
S _


(Across from Shopping; '
$ .hci..t veqw Cenier) | (Near Souihgaie Plaza) (Corner of King and Rosselle) \
4" f SP 1-2880 1 FL 9-6679 EV 9-8871 i ,
1-- 4 1 i
,. Open Every HUe Till S I Open Every Nil TIll 9 Open Till 6 P. M. i

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