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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
September 19, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
September 19, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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I To Mothers Picket Continue School.. kf108f4f&WRQdN;

VOL. 9 NO. 33 And NEWS SEPTEMBER 19 1959. JACKSONVILLE 9, FLORIDA |5 Cents o ]? S



TO STOP JOKES TAMPA-Every day for the p a a t nearly three weeks
Ernest Waffle, 26, of 1112 mothers representing 60 Port Tampa City Negro families
Jessie Street was chopped in hare taken turns picketing the portable school buildings in
the head and right: leg last nearby port Tampa in protest against the Hillsborough \

Tuesday while telling jokes, Countr.-Sci.ool. Boaid's determination to enforce school se Trade Freeze"ii ii
he said. gregation.- ears

Waffle said he and serer;,]j The temporary woo den(

al other men were sitting in I structures, erected in time I cal branch of the NAACP .. .
the living room of the board- for the fall term, have been'I'' has a brief pending in the

ing the food house they telling had jokes for supper about I healthy.described as, "shabby ant un,..j U.that S.the District Hillsborough Court asking school MINISTERS TO JOIN PICKETERS CORONER'S VERDICT MAY DECIDED '

when Buck' Smi 36, went School board officials in Board be enjoined froin ope-
to the kitchen: and came back, are taking an mia-]rating segregated schools.U. '
with a hoe and hit him on;,ment stand in the Batter.Hillsborpugh .' S. District Judge Geo. ;

the head and l leg. He then County School Whitehurst recently turned 4 ::4t

left the scene. I Supt. Crockett? Farnen said;,down the integration suit' on Jacksonville, ministers V have voted to i support the 'trade "
At 7:30 Tuesday morning Deputy Constable James Wil-
statement: "WeI the grounds that the plain- freeze' Sears'store. The 'trade-freeze Is the withholding
recent I on
Police said thy advised: ma school for i tiffs had not exhausted ad- son Barlow died at Duval Medical Center where he had
a of trade firm jrolesl.
Waffle to get a warrant, but;have provided and they are ministrative procedure under from a as a 'Ministerial hovered between Efe and death ever since being criticallyshot
A of Jacksonville Interdenominational *
he said he did not want to these people meeting the of 2 while
I it." the Florida on night Sept. attempting to serve a.
wanted'police supposed to attend pupil assignment Alliance, resulted in. the "unanimous endorsement"of .
prosecute, he j just i warrant.,
i only three Nero act. theNAA of the Sears store _
At present p picketing new on Bay
to pick Smith up and), Barlow, 40, was shot three -- -- -
families in the street which..going into its fifth week of activity, is in
jail him. The men work far g times at close by Em-
STATEWIDE range which time it will be decided -
community h a v e permitted NAACP protest of dscriminalory employment practices by the store.
the same company laying the manuel Asbury Mixon for what, degree'crimeif"
to cross Flo-, -- --- --- -
their children MAP STRATEGY In a statement to the
sewarge pipes. I classes whom the assault and battery any was..committed.j .
lines and attend ridt Star, an Alliance\ spokesman- this dimension
I picket given effort a warrant was intended.
| build- SEARS PICKETINGThe No date has been set for-
Patrolmen W. K. ollitz and in the objectionable children man said, in,part t; "Each -, which will impress: even the Mixon, 29, of 631 N. LincolnCt. I: either the hearing or the in-

P. W. Land investigated.WOMAN i ings. The number ten of to fif! Jacksonville branch of tor in the Alliance has been :most extremist" opponents, of ., is alleged to have spotted quest. Mixon, lodged in county

i s s I vary daily from childrenare the NAACP is submitting' a requested to* solicit persons j civil, liberties. Barlow as he drove up to t jail, is reportedly having
teen. Some 79-odd who: will picket. All members', The ministerial alliance, the
i!' recommendation 'to the Florida serve warrant. He tried 1 a difficult time finding A
HIT ON HEAD being kept out of classesby State Conference of NA who art interested in the: made up of 59 ministers,embraces -'' to escape the officer by run- lawyer to defend hire because

STOPPING A FIGHT I I their parents.: .;ACP branches, Rev. A. Leon t fight for the future of their a total congregation![ning to the rear of a house; s

A 55-year-old woman was;, The mothers children are petitioning be-:Lowry, president, calling for children and for themselves I of 70,000 persons. in the 500 block on JeffersonSt. ; '11!! ......... ..1.,' '.
the of the head their ; .
struck that ,
on top ; the! cooperation of all Florida today for economic security' Mixon crawled under the "
last Sunday as she attempted, permitted by law to emcollin branches with the present [and first-class citizenship in, building as Bar low bore I.m, ":
to stop her son and his wife! the West Shore Elementary effort to end job discrimination all walks of life in our coun- down on. It was when the "t'"I\".
from fighting. j school, as well as Monroe -, I to!1 GOLF COURSEPLANNED
I schools,' in the local Sears, Roe try are urged to1 respond. 1;: deputy constable started to
Plant high I
and '
this endorsement.
1253, buck store. house that Mixon opened
Mrs.: Lillie Young, of within .
three of which are '
all ::_
W. Adams Street said her: the A meeting is being held_)infkaytonTfcBeach j elect.' haul him out-from under the -
43 .and!I walking distance-.. -of, -. ailfected'area. Florida "Saturday :'j j.ucik' yi vyftinj : < -' -- fire, the bullets! striking ar- ...
soiU mjagJLYpung, ,' ?* l' = ? ; I j fhaf-, begiriiikjgjat, ,an! vndis-: : .
low in the
Hs""wlfe were fighting and:( Until the :erection of the; Sept. 19, to map stra-. j closed tim;/ll ministers;) willbein ,i and the chest the. abomen. l.'a
she tried to stop them. Dur-" te in po r a-r y building, Port I tegy to this effort. I the picket line among the! FOR riE ROES right leg.Barlow's
ing her good deed she was,1-Tampa City Negro children i picketers., !I II death has createda
hit on the head causing a1' climate of speculation as
had: to travel 10 to 12 miles j It is also that ;
small laceration. She was: I reported a to exactly what is to becomeof
treated at--Duval Medical: daily to attend segregated 4 QUICK\ ACTIONBY "mass emancipation meeting"II j the man that shot 'him. Up
Center and released. I! schools. I i ia- scheduled for Sunday,'r OCALA The City Coun- until the time Barlow died,
In the meanwhile, the lo- cil here has decided to take
Sept 28, at 7:30 in the evening :Mixion was being held on
Mrs. Young did not wish to'' ,i DRIVER with the Rev. J. B. F.I, the course of.least resistenceand charges of assault to murder. P>n.

prosecute.. i, Williams as the .principal' build a gold course for However with the vicitim's bI
Patrolmen Johnnie J. Doe i: REGISTRATION speaker. The meeting is to I Negroes. passing, Mixon's charge was I +

and Milton Newson inyesti-j' SAVES WOMAN i I take place at StT Stephens The council agreed to dev- automatically changed to

gated. i i AME Church, located at the)elop'a nine-h&le golf course first degree murder.Of I!
I TO BE HELD The quick action of a 33- corner of 'Fifth and Davis i| and clubhouse after a delega- j James W. Barlow
necessity, a hearing and
year-old truck driver saveda strets. ,
I tion of Negro citizens asked ... Loses Fight
Registration for the in-ser-: white. woman from what 'that Body this week to inquest must be called in order a. s
The NAACP's reaction to to establish /
vice training program for I.may have been a fiery death i j launch such a project or allow Mixon's de- of his admit4: t. police 1 i
WOMAN HIT ON HEAD (f church workers ', last the ministerial alliance's j: .gree of guilt.Although j .
'J ministers and l\fonday.afternoon. I Negroes to the
WHILE SHE SLEEPS ] I pledge of support and mu- use 18- I that he sh"t B u r 1 o \v and
Mrs. Pauline Archer, 24, of: I under sponsorship of' The driver, George A. Bald tual action is perhaps summed 'hole muncipial course. he can waive the I stole the lawman's car.
1032 W. Duval Street was'I.Florida Normal and Industrial win Jr., from Norman, N. C., up by branch president!! According to Dr. Lee R. hearng for lack of legal ass- Funeral services" for Bar-

struck on the head while she: : College at St. Augustinewill was driving his tractor-trail- Earl M. Johnson who said: i'Hampton, spokesman for the stance or any reason accep- low will be held at Mt. Ara-
was asleep last Sunday, she! be held at Bethel Baptist I nr along Main Street behindan "It is at. once a consummation delegation, the proposed table to the court, he 29- rat Baptist Church on Sat-

told police. 1 Institutional Church Sept I ; auto driven by Mrs. and a beginning. We,of I course would I become self- ,year-old suspcet will have to urday, Sept. 19, at 3 o' clockin -
:21 at 6 p. m. according to the t:.Magalean. Reinhold. When the NAACP, never faltered'' :supporting in a few years. appear at the inquest at the afternoon. ,
She said her husband Hen-, Rev. R H. Wilson, instruc- Mrs. Reinhold stopped her
to The
in our determination des council, in approving
ry Archer, 38, came home' tor.General par;[ in order to,make a westward the 'the will I
j troy deteriorative social project, insist on a
while she and Biblical course into Ta 11 I n1IAr m YOUTH
was sleeping turn u 1 a h element of racial discrimination. time-limit for the golf courseto
struck her with a bottle. He J membership training course, 'Street, Baldwin found it im- become AUTO CRASH
Nor in the weks
past f-.supporting,
then started to her and theological courses are I;possible to
question stop in time. His I
cf the According to
picketing Sears store, City
J included in the curriculum HPlD FOR RAPE
about: where she had been trucK rammed the of the -
J. I
; have we ever .felt destitute M. Baldwin, nb is}
during the The victim pf the teachnig center meeting smaller vehicle- I money TAKES 1 LIFE
night. i
Medical'] three evenings- week." The of support in this wholly necessary -r'available in the budget fort' iI
was taken to Duval gastank of the Reinhold *
;a Negro I
fight. I golf course but !
The courses lead to a certifiCate
Center by taxi cab. car' burst into flames !I Police here arrested -
planning for it
c:: awarded by Florida Normal I The inside'of the car was "T h e Interdenominational I!"00111.I could begin t J a 19-year-old youth on
Patrolmen E. Jefferson and ] College. A nominal tuition A local man died and three !Sunday
prayed; with flaming gasoline Ministerial Alliance, in } ? for the alleged rape
H. Harley investigated. t 1 will be charged. .. w l hie h set Mrs. Reinhold's, ly endorsing this campaign, I other persons were injuredon [I jof 12-year-old white girl last

-. clothes afire.-- Her six-year- has not only emphasized its INTEGRATION rf Wednesday as the result 11,month. .
I PLEA a .
> head-on
!:: ':" ': s. : ,: !> old daughter: sitting at her legitimacy but has, as well, lision automobile col Raymond James, was pick '
ide: miraculously escaped. GIVEN BUMS RUSH on Moncrief road. ed out of a lineup by the girl

t2' Baldwin wasted no ,time. i :Mack Adams, 66, of 1136,I he is accused of attacking.
:: -. As the woman jumped POLIO REPORT TALLAHSSEE, the cabinet \v. 31st Street, died in.a local l The attack is supposed to

i screaming from the,car, Bald. The Florida'State Board of acting on recommendation -!I hospital about three hours, have occured as the girl was
win smothered the flames Health this week i alter the on her way home from the
reported I smash-up on 1foncI -
: t that were'enveloping her. and that the total number of pol- of the attorney general,I i I life road just south of 45th store when James lured her

swept the child from the io cause is now 144, which this week sent back to the:''trees He had sustained chest I behind a shed and committedthe
)'; f ff fk ft blazing Palm Beach County school 'I act.
automobile.Mrs. Is 30 fewer than reported I and internal injuries.
\ Reinhold was hospital- during the same period in board the request of citizen ; I Charged with the one rape,
ized first, second and third 1958. However, 100 paralyticcases Negro William Holland, Sr.,I i'I A state trooper stated that James is being nivestigated

degree burns. Her little compares with 62 at to have his son assigned to a i;Adams, apparently attempting concerning a second rape
daughter apparently was not this time last year.A white elementary school. '|, ta pass another car on the Committed in the same
injured. The cabinet said it had no I'i,narrow two-land road and nieghborhood i early this
2-year-old Negro boy in records of the case to review.,[smashed into the automobile I month. In the case of the

SLAYS KLANSMAN ,Dade County has been Assistant Attorney General!':driven by M.. F. Raynor or.second rape, the alleged victim -
h. MONTGOMERY, Ala.-A :stricken, with the 'disease Ralph Odum, who handles' Sherwood Forest.I I is also white. Her age is
r' .., : which has been classified as the t 5. She is said
.. restaurant owner: .shot and state's racial legal mat-, Although both vehicleswere to be the vicT- II
.{,...., ,: \4 4:,, .,, killed a' reputed Ku Klux paralytic.J, He had been givenno ters, told the cabinet that all I demolished, tim of a night rape which
'Ji Klansman witlTshotgun blast. of the provisions of the Flor: white, and his 3-moath-old place='in a field. She told

., >FAITHFUL WORKER-Frank McGhee, left who has: James Peek,. owner and ida pupil assignment law!son escaped, with minor in-,j police she was unable to
work for 30 years with the
is seen giving his final ,iim card to Jerry Kelly, --reportedly had been YOUR DRINKING case. I :Mother Pickett, 46, of 1142 j i,than. to recognize him as being

assistant personnel director.: warned- three times to fire Getting To'Be""A- Problem? He'said the Palm Beach Franklin Street, also'received' a Negro.Raymond's.
Employees,of the' company presented McGhee with Negrowaiters: 'he'hIred recently Call EL 4-3176 [County school board should minor injuries although he Sunday

presents of money and porch furniture for his loyal aad't to replace white wait- bold a public hearing on the was passenger .in the death was not disclosed arrest

:.;"r..( faithful ferric. ',: r r'i .or. resses o- : : requested assignment. 'car. ; by police .
'V :, ":-.: ',. '- ,'t., ; ;,7. :. 't:, until Wednesday.MBA .



s 5,
9 ,-

_r'L 98 Two THE FLORIDA. STAB Week Ending Saturday, September 19, 1959



.. fP f r -. y i 4yt '1
MEWS Letters to U.S.b1AIL


Published by The'Florida Star Publishing Co. the Ed'oO _

"Member of Associated Negro Press" i I Q mow
Eric O. Simpson _._ :_-..---..----. Edilor cI
C. Parham Johnson ___--___ ___..Newt Stall I'
Hilda Wooten ,--- Circulation Dept. I

Dear Mr. Simpson:
S323 Moncrief Road .___n_... .__._ __....-. EL 4.6782.EL. 4-6783
>ownlown Branch Office: 423 Broad St. Phone EL 4-3773 Your editorial on the front page of the Star, Aug.!'23rd,
-- : moved me greatly. I must confess that I am one of those
Mailing Address: persons who have not taken time out to give honor where
P. O. Box 561. Jacksonville 1. Florida i honor is due. And it is certainly due you and your staff of

,....- workers. ..

SUBSCRIPTION RATES :. 1 You have been and still are doing a wonderful job. It is
S1.80 not that we do not appreciate it. It is often a case of sheer
Year $5.00; Half Year S3.CO: Three Month ..
On And take too much for grant
Mailed To You. Anywhere In The United States. '.i neglect. in many insances we

f ofcwription Pa-.able in Adyance. Send Check or Money Order To ed. I
FLORIDA STAR-P. O. BOX SSI-JACKSONVILLE 1. FLORIDA I am a constant and ardent reader of the Star when I
can get it as I do not have a regular boy now. But I do enjoy -
your paper, aid I'm wondering what we would do without -
\ its helpful information.First .

": A REQUIEM OF INJUSTICE ,' ., its enlightens us to the many injustices that are

being practiced against us. It points the way out of our predicament -
PARKER and encourages us to keep up the fight at the

( .FOR MACK CHARLES 11 '.',-- polls. -

.. -1; v The ministers of our various groups could do much to

about Mack Charles Parker's cpndltio ". .' aid in this fight should they get together and let all speak
THERE is no question what ails him. \ the same thing and stand together for the common good of
*. Anyone of us can easily diagnose ii all people.
thats what ails him.
He's dead as the proverbial ,
He's dead, buried and pretty thoroughly decomposed by : I For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against
now. He was decomposed before they buried him. They \ ii principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the dark-
hauled his rotted remains out the Pearl River and tried to i ness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high

dignify the odor of him with formaldehyde and and buried then him.took AFRAID TO LET THE BILLREACH. THE FLOOR? places.
necropfis in Louisiana
him to now'they've some remote buried justice along side of him. 1 t And what could be more wicked than perverting the

And Parker' raped that white woman or not is not first cause of our brothers? Out of our blood has God
Whether shall remain that he was not created all nations of men. For the rulers and officials of
the issue. The issue is and Your
fair chance at alL They pulled him out of his : Weekly our city must certainly answer God some day on these
given a
cot without his shoes or a trial or even a chance : matters. Not better ideas or new plans are needed so much
jailhouse with clubs and butts now. It is merely getting behind those which we have been
to and scrambled his brains gun : Guide
given by the STAR and them.
Then they put their feet to him. And the more his blood ; supporting
We need to utterly refuse to buy any.longer the jim crow
ran is the hotter theirs flowed. They were having a type of I
frolic common among beasts: They were slaughtering him. :, t- PABLO, The ASTROLOGER paper which we are buying and withhold our dollars from
Sometime later they pumped bullets into him and shoveled ; firms that refuse to hire colored people .according to then-
his left overs into the Pearl River.That's I
:Many of these, discriminating practices are invited by Ne-
hold the :
nothing new in Mississippi. They copyright i
on that type of justice. But folks were hoping. Folks __ groes thems lyes. They refuse to to register and vote.They
were hoping desperately that a sense of justice and equity -. ...--- refuse to boycott firms which we know to discriminate a-
had reached that stronghold of barbarianisyi. Folks were ARIESBorn j nJ.'w thru 22 LIBRA I U gainst us. We do absolutely nothing towards building and
20 July
] June
19 Born
April Born 24 thru Oct. 23IS
mumbling that maybe this luckless black boy named Parker March 21 thru the An ordeal seems to be lying Sept. supporting Negro business.We .

didn't get himself butchered in vain. What with the FBI There is no letup in public ][ in wait for yeu on or after September 22ry thrm 30th often hear of flimsy excuses that the Negro is not

snooping under dandelions with microscopes and all the race for supremacy the heart, of the the 23rd so be prepared to Hidden power builds up.I' able to compete with white business merchants. But let me
rest of the malarky that went on down there in Poplarvillewhy attention or Examineall check emotional reactions, You will be much more effective say, Sir, that white merchants would not be competitors
people just naturally knew that a new day had arrived one you love most.related ]marital disputes or a frame when you direct mat-f|for themselves were it not for the support they are given.
the had been converted that justice sides of any questions ters from behind the
; that savages ; confront I of mind that is prejudicedand scenes And much of it comes from our own people. The firms
could you
had reached the swamps. that do not : negative. Others may be and keep your major trump 11 that are super markets now were not always The factories -
The Mack Charles Parker Lynch Case has been cleverly on the 24th, so you 29th cards in reserve for the time so.
hurts i all fire and fury on the : which are chain stores now were once single small
shoved into obscurity; the celebrated FBI has been com deepen a n V existing 1 but pay them no heed and when they can assure you oft 1|businesses. .

promised, and 'Southern Justice' has been given a big shot. whether they else's are The your 29th-own J go by your uniailing instinctin victory. Cultivate influential Let the ministers drive home the thought: When better
in the arm or someone i matters that concern your friends, but take good care job opporuniies are made the Negro themselves will make
In the meanwhile, Khrushchev is here now; and they're 30th furnish additional fortune signsof :family, resources, long-term not to reveal all that is in them. Let us put our dollars where our mouths are. Stop
considerable good ,
going to show him cows and living rooms and how pentais rewards to objectives and economic ties. your mind as it gives othersa hollering about the cracks we are getting over the head
the Pentagon. And they'll prebably dig a few black recognition and chance to steal your thunder -
up striven 1-40-22-13-48-142 i with the stick we have given some one to do it with.It .
boys and girls with scrubbed faces and nice healthy smilesto the Arians who have !I and obtain all the glory
impress that bald-headed :Russian Fox how good-off the long and hard to carve out 1 ((23rd-24th.) Frojn then on, is an individual duty, the question which can only be
'darkies' are in this Land of the Free .' their niches in their locality. LEO you can expect fairly smooth answered by action: Are we willing to do our share?

But the Russians know, and the Indians know: and Chi- sailing as long as you remem- Again, Editor you are doing a very- fine job. God bless
nese know, and British, and French and African, and the Born July 23 thru Aug. 23 ber that discretion can be the you and give you courage to carry on.
whole slew of humanity, they know. It seems as if you againare better part of valor ((28th-
This justice-and-equality-for-aU routine is just one big ha- to be put to the, test on 29th). A friendship that has Mrs. Nellie Stallings
1 the 23rd-24h. Venus has also
ha. Mack Charles Parker would tell You-if he could. Born April 20 thru May 20 been in the formative stage Jacksonville, Fla.
You should have a pretty ]i its retrograde motion may crystallize on the 29th-

good idea as to who'or what, on the 22nd to your ad- 30th, and you should never I -'
in the of'x' vantage. It will repeat a fine have
is standing way i to regret it inj
concrete results ((2 2nd thru :aspect with Saturn On the I the future. Scorpios who have I, ]Mr. Eric Simpson

CIVIL RIGHTS COMMISSION : 24th). Once you are over that 29th-30th have and, this time, the decided on matrimony at pre' Editor, Florida StarI
hurdle, you should find it easier ]plans you been workingon sent know exactly what they .
to get things shaped up ( should take the form that want and are getting. am writing to let you know that I do not like it
LAUDED BY FREEDOM FIGHTERS the way you want them and I you deem necessary to achieve 630441554.634. I that you have to go out of business.
<< the high objectives you We need more like
to. keep them that way. I people you, and we should have
i .
I Should romance' have been ]have set for yourself3809919.29389 I to them. I am always willing to help my race better their
The report erf the United States Civil Rights Commission blocked by active opposition,' I II SCORPIO I condition. Yes, there are some people who will appreciate
has been "welcomed" by the National Association for the i,the 30th is a fine day to get (I I Born Oct. 24 thru Nov. 22 k, and will try to help you carry on.
Advancement of Colored People as "an important advanceIn it going again. VIRGO I' As Venus your mling There are some people who will sell you out to the white.
the continuing efforts to extend the frontiers of freedom 790111447.791 Born Aug. 24 thru Sept 23 i planet, reverses its retrograde And then ther are some who will help do those things in
Venus tuwiing forward motion IIn the 22nd, you will meetings and then say you said everything.
In. a statement On Sept. 8, NAACP Executive Secretary I j once:: again on the 22nd, sign- I soon begin to feel a re-awke- You cannot please all the people. You just keep on and
Roy Wilkins said that the Commission's recommendation GEMINI ji ifies that your hopes are. being ning within you. Seek advice then they will see their mistake.' .

for the appointment of federal registrars to replace prejudiced Born May 21 thru June 19 revived. along with your and inspiration and do any- -W. L-

officials who refuse to register Negroes is ,articu- A disappointment regard-I capacity for greater produc- thng that will reinforce your Waycross, Ga.
larly slgn lcant." ing an old friend, a job or tivity. Continue to protect morale on the 23rd24thwhen

If acted upon, :Mr. Wilkins asserted, this recommendation"may your well-being may still :your valuable belongings and a personal or family
provide the answer to present vexing evasions have to be faced on the 23rd- :friendships ((2 3 r d-24th), for crisis may set in. By the time Dear Editor: '
through} which registration of Negro voters is kept at the 24th before the air clears and promises that seem ,tb be I the 30th rolls around you
minimum in some areas of the South. This proposal should I your hopes are revived. The :made of gold may be worth-. should be convinced that Why am I a Catholic? ,

be frnmediately implemented in order to assure southern association which single Pis- less under the surface. The I are- ready to face any hardships you- Many Negroes today have the problem of the lack of op:;
Negroes the right to vote in the presidential and congressional cians have managed to keep I job, high position, raise or or responsibilites, as portunity The in jobs, housing and other needed things of life.
elections next'year.." in abeyance will have to be other distinction that was not long as success will eventuaL and individual Catholic faith teaches the meaning of social justice

The housing and education recommendations of the Com-' consummated or ruled out on firmly in your grasp heretofore ly crown your efforts. and justice. Through this, a person gains sympathy -
mission, the NAACP leader said, "are helpful and an advance the '30th, when it comes up! should finally be yours. 840551751845SAGGITTARIUS they fight understanding all the people in the world as
over present practices although they do' not go far enough. for final consideration. by the 29th-30th. .. God given rights.
." While recognizing the validity of the Supreme ,, 470331459.473 5-70-99-12-31-579

for Court rulings in the school segregation cases and calling 1 GET Bum Nov. 23thru Dec. 21 Fred Braithwaite
compliance, the Commission prtposed no effective YOUR HOROSCOPE READING You have been made aware New York City

governmental ed to mention action"measures to secure" compliance The report fail hie tbJa'eoapea.. LMm mare aiaat Joanerf. Bead II .eDta (oae4Ime of it previously in ways that .. ,

to initiate action to empowering the Attorney". General ID vela) for etch horo.eope ordered' b7 maIL, f.ofndeaddreeecd..tamped .u also affected your pocketbook
Even under desegregate schools. ennlope. Write JIIaIDI7. This otter does: aot aplQ but the real showdown could thru 30th. Your enthusiasm
the til
proposal (endorsed the to residents if the such time as they
members of by three northern domlaJoD of 0aDa4a. very well come on the 23rd- IS bound to grow. I have
Commission and opposed by the three 24th.,The served their purposes" '
southerners opportunity of mak 3.70.99- '
) to withhold federal aid from institutions 'p7s-; 16.72-379 t 5-60-77-14-32-567 \
higher learning which bar of FORIDA STAR ing a good investment and
Negro -
and. students, segregated elementary I P. O. BOX 56aJACKSONVILLE instituting a new code of ex ,
secondary schools could continue to receive I II emplary behavior I
financial is a fine ,
assistance from the I, FLA.
Wilkins pointed out. federal government Mr.. I ... one.((29th-30th). rr J'a&S-sw I
I Born Jan.
The report recognizes the w... ,9-20-33-12-42-923 Feb., !
ter housing for low and urgent need for more and bet- ,' If you can manage to side-'as excel, you may be tempted
families 'However, Mr. Wilkins middle income minority group I itddrerptr.t I .CAPRICORN step the showdown that isto!, act on impulse instead on
noted, "there also Sons Dec 22 thru threatened from the 22nd to the 23rd
for the elimination of ethnic Jan. IS -24th. Your best bet- ,
and intolerance The Commissions ghettoes which. prejudice II CIIr I II Do not rush in where an g- 24th. you will have reason!I is not to promise or doan y_
presidential action to secure recommendation for els fear to tread on the 23rd- to breathe easier thereafter. thing until i 1 the 29tl-30th.
. could contribute significantly equal to opportunity in housing I B1rtb. I i 24th. There are increasingly :The 29th is important in that'when you are being i moUvat-

of residence :for all Americans-" establishment freedom .... ... | favorable indications of decisiveness agreements reached promise+i. ed by sound re asoriin anti
t... .- .rr' : .1 I I and the solution to to. be honored to the letter!Practical considerations? **.
: -,your troubles from and to remain unbroken "| '
Ch ,4 the 28th un- 1-40-88-W-a2-l4e_, .
..., .. j, ;4-i-i-,. .-- : .
; !::J" ,.... l
; > .: :;., r ...Vv J; I ,, a, > '. .j_ .. _, !, :
/ : <_> p- .. <\J ::_; < : : 0. 4.- < r <' .. "o ',, : ..

/...*. -:' \
I A-V h




:WeekEnd1ng: Saturday'Septembor"19.; 1959 THE FLORIDA STAR _. Page Thr%
-- --

Wedding\ Bells ? "

., I

HOLDS MEETING. Applications Licenses for Marriage .t.; .:' -'. .: \'_.'.>'ji.. ',:';,",;:_, '\ Ir

.t} > : 'N-j
AT HOSPITALAn I :>..'< ,. FOY, music teacher, has returned -r[
I zw I to the city after I

L spending her vacation in Indianapolis :

interesting and benefi- Otis A. Burns, 1114 Cleveland ,; : '; .I Indiana I .

St., ,60 and Willie Ir MRS. V. B. MUSE accompanied -;
cial meeting of the Brewster Smith; 1409 Steele St., 43. :: ?-: .; by her, little, foster .

Men's Club was held Sunday : Gene Paulk, 1466 E. 22nd ,i; ; daughtery, Patricia Sharon,

morning at 7:45 in the dining St., 21 and Lottie E Dortch, spent the summer months .

hall of Brewster Methodist ; 1162. W. Beaver St., 21. # v vacationing in St. Louis, Mo., '

Hospital. ;i Samuel C. Elps, 1160 Community }f; : i Boston, Mass, Philadelphia, ]J i!

Court, 22 and Geneva 7 Pa. Riverton Wildwood At- ,
The large attendance show-r! Robinson, 3803 :MarigoldRd. : : ( '
ed the enthusiastic spirit of lantic City, and Patterson, i La : _
: ., 18.Willie. .
N. J. and other in-
places of :
the men who came to the I r -: 4
< r '' :
meeting a the call of President -' Black, 4824 Amos .. terest. Mrs. Muse reports an'

J. Earl Morse and not ;, St., 20-and Maime E. Bonnet fx enjoyable vacation visiting j* ,

for a regular meetingi, i 2584 W. 43rd St., 18. relatives and friends. (
I e '
The president presented ; Wm. E. Henderson, Jr. I, Y t MR AND MRS. JOHN T. i ". .w: '

Mrs. Margaret J. Bass, director 1641 Tyler St-, 18 and Core- 4 WIGGINS and son Cleveland ti.* t.3

of volunteer service to J f tha Stringer 1936 W. 21st of Mandarin have returned r }, _.
St.. 16.Henry. home after visiting in New
the .
give a report on Hospital i .4/ :
Association meeting which York where they attended a

was held in New York. Re- Pee, Jr., 1227 W- family reunion with the Wig.' .
:Monroe St., 20 and Jeraldine '
gins family. It had been 42-
also made
ports were by Cullers, 1227 W. Monroe St.. g since the entire family .-.
I years \ (
Josh Hillman C. A. Willis
16. .---- ... .......
and the president. had been united. Before coming -i,
I home a visit was madeto RECENTLY WED-The wedding of Miss Virginia G.
Geo C. Austin, 1114 Nep-
President :Morse spoke ofi j tune St. Memphis Tenn. 21 Newark, N. J., and Mor- Freeman, daugter of Mrs. Ella Gilbert, and Morris E.

the trip made to see Jackie'j i and Mary, Cunningham, ristown, N, J. i, Hunter son of Mr. and Mrs. Wms- Hunter was soleml-

Robinson, Sugar Ray Robinson in the home of the 1643 W. 81h
j Rt. 1 Box 81, Hemmingway, a PARHAM JOHNSON i' nized, August 22. groom
and to the Betty Stuart ; St. A reception followed ni the 'home of the bride.
S. C-, 21. ,,. was a recent dinner guest ,,
Fruit Cake Company. He' I Mrs. Ruth Glover sister of the bride served ,as matron -
i of Mr.
and Mrs.
( H.
,. Eugene
particularly emphasized the 'James C. Sanders, 1530 W. .... :.. .. Brown, of 1415 Lee Street. i: of honor. Theodore Hunter, brother of the groom
warm reception given them !21st St., 21 and Flora M. Mrs. is served as best man. Given in marriage by her brother
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Taylor who wed Brown a n u r scat'
at all places visited. On each ;Davis, 86 Magnolia St, 25. were on. Brewster in-law. Alfonso Glover. The bride chose a blue nylon
August 28 1959 at 2047 West 11th Street at 6 o'clock Methodist Hospitaland
trip they were accompaniedby drsss over blue Taffeta with a low square neckline.
Murney A. Johnson, 1639 in a double ring ceremony are seen cutting .the wedding Mr. Brown is a retired i
Mrs.\, J. E. president .
Davis ] j cake. Pullman Porter. : The couple is residing at 5845 Marigold Road.
Arletha Rd., 18 and Barbara
of the Brewster :Mothers'Club \ age 1148'V. I I ______ ___ __ __ ___h__
and members of the I i'' E. Bouknight, MR. FLOYD CLEVELAND':

club. I i 10th St., age 18- ; [1 BOLDEN SCHOOL ed that the course is designed -i has returnee} to his home in ,, YWCA\ "GREENBACK.SHOVER"TERMINATES \

The visit to the various i!' Timothy P. Wilson 2367 W.I I to train non-professional i iII New York City after spending -;'

places was quite beneficial i, ;1st St., age 19 and Beraice workers for hospital, nursing!!I Miss a few days with his brothIer sist-( SUNDAY SEPT 20
er Henrietta and
Hawkins, 1547 W. 3rd Stage i BEGINS COURSE II .
and will mean much in the :17. home and convalescent home;| Roscoe' Cleveland, of 1419 ,
future to the Brewster Men's'Club. '! Madison Street. I
The club will : duties and to work a private, I fa .,.
again) Joe Johnson, 2133 :Mars St.,r IN I II
\ t4ke orders for Betty Stuart j ;;age 23 and Verma Sanders, NURSING I doctor. I A "Greenback Shower" which is being sponsored for the

fruit cakes, which is a repeater -': ;2129C Mars St., age 20. I I a a purpose of raising.funds to defray the mortgage on the A.
from last year. The The Adult Education Department Persons interested in the I' L. Lewis. YWCA Branch will terminate on Sept. 20, duringa

public demand was so great David Coleman, 1054 W..I of Bolden's College course may come to the mu- ATTENTION LADIES meeting scheduled to start at 4:30: p- m.

after last year's effort, the Monroe St,. age 21 and Beatrice of Music, 1816 IV- 20th Street sic hall for further details. Bridge & Social Club I Mrs. Hortense Brewington, chairman of the drive this

t men are beginning to take Alexander, 1059 E- 21st i opened Home Nursing classes General education ReportersSend week released the names of "YW" boosters who are solicit-
will be
orders early and on a biger :St.,. age 19.EXTENSION. ] last Wednesday or Mail ing dollars during ,the campaign.The .
scale. The hospital profited I I The classes will meet two taught by a member of the Your Social News I list includes :Mesdames Gloria Best, G. B. Gardner, .

greatly from last year's ef-': nights per week, 7 to 9. The college staff. Music classes Mondays To Lillian Goosby, Marion Sutton, tVernell Glover, Yennet

fort.t instructor. :Mrs. Mildred Sc-, started Sept. 8, the musical FLORIDA STAR II Thayer, Vernell McCone, Ovida Gaskin, Cora Hall Lewis,
CLASS ruggings certified Home;I kindergarten [ 2323 Moncrief Rd. Cor. 13th Gwendolyn Randolph, Winona Alexander, Mildred Bush,
t a I' Sept : John
Officer Charles Scriven of Or Phone EL
the Jacksonville Department Nursing Instructor, announc-i' Bolden is director. i I Mable King, Mary Ann Pearson, Nannie Mitchell, Florence
J MONCRIEF SCHOOLThe Wells..., Louise.. Cromady. J. S Johnson, Leonora. Janes., Myra -
at the -- *
was present I ; rung, janma nixon, neverena ana Mrs. A. l;. RobInson.I ,
meeting and gave some very'! [t1C COLLEGE CAREER OR HOME... I Lucile Bagley, Roberta Hall, Willie Vaughn, S. N- Starks,
helpful remarks and he is -- 'Alexina Johnson Zephra Lewis I. T. Powell Ester Jackson
first meeting of
contemplating 0 becominga
n Annie
BUrR tt
Lee Bryant, P. K. Washington, HalBe
regular member of the Florida A & M Extension By Evelyn Cunningham her in competition with men)J Holloway, Blanche E- Baker, Gussie Cunningham, C. A.

club. class will be held Sept. 26 at it also gave her a yearned-; Ward, I. H. Burney, Ruby Morrisseette, W. J. Rutledge, M.

Administrator Whittingten 8 i p. m. at the Moncrief Elementary r ., for freedom of choice in how Simpkins, Martha Baker, Leonora Davis, Julia Robinson -

made the closing remarks. School. ,, I .. .. i ;.... .; .she shouldlook.. !; Eva Satterwhite, Earlene Alback, Lucfle M. Baine,

The purpose of the meeting ; -e'" ,. She found she could look. Myra Griper, Hallie Sampson, Mary Washington Alice

will be to acquaint all .: ... clean and competent and still'retain Johnson, Marian Avelilhe, Graee Essem, Betly James,

a a intersted with coursCs 'R'yO her individuality(!, Ophelia Hamilton, Marion Rudd, Pauline Davis, Del ris
that may be offered for .:,"> femininity and stylishness/(1] Pearson, Hattie F. Simmons, Ruts E. Smitk B. G. Green

the first semester. r t' After that, there were no Marion Reed, Myrtle H Jones, Agnes Reeves., Rosa L. Re--

'" : bounds to the "career girl] gins, Edvinia Levy, Emma Adams Watkins Anitha C.

a7; t( Courses; offered may lead wardrobes" that were designed Flemming, Annie.L. Huff, Etta Williams, L. G. Genwright

'':IiJLlL.d: toward graduation, extensionof to especially for her. Polly Brooks, Susie Black, Wilhelmenia Skinners, M. C-

It. certificate and certification. Although they are ideal Cave Theresa Butler, Susie >E Chambers, Goldie Cherry
lW r for the working girl, these J. :;
I !! ; few white-collar dresses C. Sams, Gladys Vaught, Frances Thompson, Lueilei

two i Holmes, Elizabeth Austin, H. W Bartley, Thelma :M. :Mitchell -
Dr.:;urd's: Green Lo r.aln: of:c riuupua : :: Information may be soured pictured here like hundreds I i. E. M. Hurley, Natal e Clemens; Cleola Clemons,Sacs
the local directorSt. of McCall's Patterns
by calling are
Tillis, L. R. Raiford, Edith Anderson Leola Lawson
Clair Evans, at Moncrief equally appealing to the Lancaster, Portia L ,
Thorington Estell
:j. School. GVL housewife, mother or matron. Sims, Albert Jones,
Clarence G.
I The beige tweed dress Lydia D. Fletcher, Reverend Robert H.
--- -----
(McCall's, Printed Pattern No. ; Wilson, Reverend W. F. Fostr, Mesdames Eartha M White

BOLDEN'S MUSICAL KINDERGARTEN oj 4912) has a large cape-like. Ella Singleton, Senie Wright. _

1816 W. 20th Street Phone EL 5-9722 collar that can be made of* The YWCA is one of the cultured and educational centers

Kindergarten ,Begin September 2nd I L x a the same material as well as i of the community where a variety of programs and active
the white The collar ties are conducted. Recently it has been
ALSO FOR CHILDREN & ADULTS pique. f: th scene of a num-
Voice Guitar Accordion is included in the front bodice J ber wedding receptions. t
Piano Band ,'
';. seams and is interfaced with Mrs Brewington, chairman of the drive
Theory Tutoring Adult Education ..: ., e' has issued an
MUSIC CLASSES BEGIN SEPTEMBER 8TH -" Yx organdy. The skirt has three-1, appeal to the public_to contribute to the fund drive with
gores and a back pleat. Then the catch phrase: "The Y Branch is for service Let's
---- J'3b .. pattern ,also carries pieces I. i make it free of debt." ,
------ -- -- --
-- -
------- --- ,.. -' for a four-gore .flared skirt.4)J t '.

-rt; ; Either skirt ;,
} J .. : may be lined. The I a a a
,.. ,j II I
: sleeves in .
cap are cut ot:
from DRAB. to DAZZLING I f''f'" '. -< .- .... :. with the 'back and side front Letters to lolly{ .'.. ,'.,
-.' 9r
I ; ; '. :tf bodice.A .
; P-'. : (:
,i h'f, ![3,tsi' ; ., ', ,' .0., .f* -.. practical dress for rightnow Gray hair '
i- ,.. ., t.- .t .. ..'', . ; "' .: .' printed silk or cotton, shantung .
; 1
;: { .. --f ; : + ; BY Lolly Lariausa
tt. .
3a >. f < ,. '. r, n 'r':. ,:"_ linen, crepe, polisb-l:l 1 '
'\. t''S;..:",.{ c.t't. : ,- ..! '.. ; :) '> 7ft.: cotton, surah or synthetic tI i Dear My Lolly: 'Dear Aging: ._-.. .
,. mixtures. The color fabricof friend and I are : Gel
: or
; :.f-. "! f-; i the same age, yet sbe' .
,. .:. a the collar may be left to : I seems to have Lrieu3 and torn thoM
;" k so much :
.3 : '". ; : .0 .! \!! the sewer's own imagination, {!, more sparkle and zip than gray hairs the right rated
.f'' I::" \.# : ::. I.: : The black linen dress hasa -I do. Of course, I have a friend If you don't, your boy
FAR-FLUNG COLLAR, caagkt : large, away-from-the-neck, few gray hairs, but thatcouldn't out the gray may ones keep and puffing weU
into the bodice seams, forms. a : I be the trouble ; .
\ t0 p notched collar (McCall's I could it? 7 ,..0" hare to call you"B.ildng"l
wide Ded.l With sleeves
wk leo. cap ; ; .
h aA v the ,dress is conditioned for : Printed Pattern No. 4919)). It Listless '. .'> .,,
summer, a sophisticated ,' ': ; rE > 'F is fitted and has a front I G4.Dear Lolly:
Dear LL less
to take the heat. Ma o either all .-.' : I'TB
1J'J: buttoned bodice, and a slim gray hair for many:
of one fabric or with .. contrasting : skirt. A flared Sometimes It'a amazing how years now and, I hate !ft. rr
collar it could easily NOTCHED NATURALLY: this three-gore math effect our appearance can thought of coloring it, but deal
be sewn ia silk, linen, cotton or collar takes. on _new width and four-gore skirt may also be tare on our personalities.. If font you think my friends would talk!
synthetics. McCall's Pattern new flair. The buttoned bodice made. The cap sleeves are f mirror tells JOB you're looking old, u I'suddenWbecame a')brunette
24912 in Misses' sizes 1018. joins either an 'easily gored or made in one with the bodice. I. yon re apt to frrl that way. too. again? V.. .
65t. fitted skirt. Aa I suggest yon let GODEfROY'S :
slimly easy to Wondering
sew' p.uemthe.. dress may The collar is cut'in one with i i Laneuse Haurolor; help yon. Once Dear Pondering:
Having advanced from boast a contrasting collar or be the bodice fronts and may be year h:it has the lustrous glow. Nonsense Some
ljm/. Larieuse Suitable I lug loaf;of youth,I know youTJ feel the Ilofly.
white-collars to careers, the created in ODe material. faced with self or contrasting wood stars change their hair cotorsereral
: yocs sgain, too
withy u.Ja'Haircolor working, girl who's going in linen, cottons, synthetics or fabric, and is interfaced.A time n a week! Be sere
lightweight wools. McCall'sPattern .4.. .. 'however chat
places is: now confidentI it4919 id Misses' sizes 'real classic, this dress 1 : .1 I Teiy. natcfAMooking>m get the rotor traly

Would you trade an hoar lot halt i I enough to have fun with her 1013.- 65e. knows no season. The choice I Dear fctfly: :
like this professional model 1 .white collar. of fabric, whether wool. orr t The ottejr flight ,ioyjrienj four f/kc, r wa forget you,wen ..
.I W-; .One hour U all It take fat '*No longer is she practically die had only .to worry about cotton, makes it adaptablefor and laute sitting:: on ray the sofa and -;ttI' :i .J.t t: '.' ,_;, .-
-0' God oy'a Larieu Halrcoloc pledged Ho 'dear. a simple wasting and starching the all climates. he reached over and pulled out a
to brine back youth to t sraTdd., 'f black dteossVday= in and day.' collars nightly. But how,dull Fashion -'Sewing Weekly gray hairfrom my head. I was so U you have'duu, faded or gray
[;J'GlrI or faded hair .frabarrassed I nearly died!I know J I flair, restore its youthful natural-
L 11I1 ... Everrthinz you read !U to .. tlt I out, trimmed only! with a and frustrating It must have Tip: Vhen pinning tissue to this is just the beginning and Ill I J l looking /luster with easy-to-use
bet ctpsitoPPbnte...a Loafamoiia ted box.O*Ood.t.r'l little stiff and unimaginative "been. <" fabric, put the pins in alongthe have more gray hair as time goes GODEFROTTS 4: Larieuse. Every
t. aevhr4kaA1, tong4 cinc Larkuat" I I white' collar.,True, her ward Just as her new statusemancipated lengthwise grain of the on. How can I.stop. him? 't thing ed: YOU need is in the famous
J box. '
.,. tole nil and her* and placed material sound the $1.25 plus tax, at your -
iI., Aging .
L1st.e .1 : problems were pattern.: favorite cosmetic -
........ coceftor too.' oa NAw .s twitifir. I ; counter. 'i: '" ,
:( :: T 'lc# '<: ... ,. .
", ; .., ;
_: ". '.r '" 1 ,
a'.-'- -5 I 7,' '; a



,-, -' .


Page Four THE FLORIDA STAR Week Eadlag Saturday, September 19.. 1959

I Annual Women's Day Set Sunday At Mt. Bethel I



Mt Bethel Baptist Church will observe the annual Worn Deacon Charlie Butler of
ea' Day Sunday with. Mrs. J. B. Kenchen serving u actOfficers AT MACEDONIA. 1427 Madison Street remains
..._. Y
1- O r. .
& on the sick list and the mem-
are Mrs. Alice bers of Mt. Sinai Baptist
Baker, chairman; Mrs. Lorraine ]begin with devotion by the H Church and his many friendaare
Cobb, co-c hai r m'a n. i Community Prayer Band. Fernandina BeachAlexander asked to call and see
Caotains are Mrs. Est e II a Mrs. Agnes Hartsfield, Mrs: Cottrell, Director of Re-
Barney, Mrs. Essie Johnson, Arnold Edwards, Mrs. L. B. ligious Education, presidentof him.While Deacon Butler was
Mrs. Annie Nichols, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Willie Crum- the ACE League In St. and the he was one
Mary Mobley, Mrs. Willie :mell, Mrs. Thelma Albe tie, Paul AM E Church and Dis- q ,, -I of up the most on faithful go .members
Crummel, Mrs. Matilda Reid, :Mrs. Vivian Cobb, Mrs. Lor- trict President of the West 's-----a of the church. He is alsopresident
Mrs. Ruth, King Mrs., Char- ,aine Cobb Mrs. Odessa Love, Jacksonville: District will de- of Pallbearers-

lotte Griffin Mrs. Inez Mrs. Pinkie Henry Mrs. Mas liver the morning message ____ Lodge No. 58, The Good Sam-
Thomas, Mrs. Bertha Franklin I Trowell/Mrs. Alice Burrough, for the annual Men's Day aritan Lodge No. 1111 and
Mrs. Alice Barnes and ,and Mrs. Ernestine Holzen- observance at Maceedonia A .
Christian Aid S o c i e t y No.
Mrs. Johnnie Wright. ME Church Sunday.
The theme for the days is Estelle Lovingood will 4310.He
Officials"for the obserevanceare his
is also
"0 Woman,, Great Is Thy be the speaker at 3 p. m. and expressing
Faith- she will be introduced by S. A. Christopher, gene- appreciation to everyone who
ral chairman C. T- Smith, him by visiting
; yn has
Mrs. Marie Mrs. Ed-
The activities of the day Boston. h) n y sS
will begin with the Sunday wina Levy will serve as mis- vice chairman; E. B. Simpson JJ t by inquiring about him

School at 9:30 a. m. with a stress of ceremonies- program finance chairman chair-; S. I or by"cards..
Miss Edwina Levy will be D. Drummer,
guest superintendent in
charge. Teachers are Miss the speaker at the Youth ser man; and the Rev G. M.
; I IaH
Luvenia Quarterman, Mrs. vice at 7 p. m. The speakerwill Champion, pastor. SENIOR MISSIONOF

Emma A r net t Mrs. Ruth be introduced by Mrs. Captains are S.i A.t h Christopher S- D.- A a L MT. SINAI TO
C. T. S m o
Gwendolyn E x s o n. Taking
Holiday, Mrs. Julia Heed part on the program will be Drummer, Simon King, Alex k.EA PRESENT PAGEANT.The
Mrs Vera Ferguson. Mrs. Mrs. Edna Dallas, Miss Mar- Baker and E. B. Simpson. : ? : -i

Janie Wilson will reveiew tha Phillips, Miss Margaret Supporting the captains ; S e ri i 0 Missionary
I the lesson. are Johnny Ancrum, John t. I Society of Mt. Sinai Baptist:
Capehart, GwendolynC Arline, Thaddeus Austin, De- Church will present a Bible
Mrs. Eliza Rich Perry will r a wI ey and Miss Maru nefield B r o n s o n, Arthur Women in the church audi-
deliver the address at the 11a. Lundy. Clark, Ulysses Green, Leon I torium September 27, at 7
m. worhip service. She will The Youth Hour will be in Goodman, Paul Lindsey,WiLlie % IP .m.

be introduced by Mrs. LouiseB. charge of Miss Catherine McGill, Tex Mitchell, Re- S fy, J Jv ,,;s I| omen of the Bible will be

Williams. Mrs. D. B. Barnes and Miss Gloria Dean che Nobles, George Raysor, ;' depicted b y the women of
Barney Benmy Small and Emanuel the Senior Mission of the
will serve as mistress of Wright, chairman- The Female Samuel. I' church.

ceremonies. Taking part in Choir will sing at the the church EPISCOPAL EVENT-Qne of he important events of the church took place recently I The Kev. H. H. Robinson,
the morning service will be morning worship service and The women their of full when Confirmation.was held at St. Philips Episcopal Church at Union and Pearl pastor, j joins the women tn!
Mrs. Ethel Baker. Mrs. Letha .'at"3 m. Choir 3 of St- have. pledged support streets on the first Sunday of this month. Father T. Vincent Harris rector of the extending an i n v i t ation to
p. church is in the picture at left iIi the with Hamilton Westa-
Holmes, Mrs. Helen Dixon will' seen top rear Bishop the women of the missionary
Thomas Baptist Church long with Vestrymen of the church. The Vestrymen from left are Mr. George Cash I societies of the ohter church
Ifrs. Sarah Rice, Mrs. B- W. ?ing for the Youth Hour. ST. STEPHEN AME Ivy Carter W. W. Johnson Rushel Robinson Mr. George Nairon Hash PauL Elwood es to witness the Biblical
Hill, MES.; Marv Louise Stokes The Rev. B. W. Williams! ,, Banks, Aurlher Richardson Kernaa McFarlin Sr., Raiford Brown, Harnold Narion. pageant ..
Mrs. Dorothy Davis, Mrs. pastor, will make the closing TO PRESENT TRIO Standing in rear Father T. Vincent HarrisIn I
G. TMcCatt, Mrs. Carrie I remarks. Mrs. Ruby Allen. SUNDAY EVENING the bottom photo Father Harris and Bishop West are seen with the mew confir-
Williams Mrs. manls who were; made communicants "of the church in Confirmation rites performedby ROSETTA COHEN
Rose Bell. i will serve as general secretary I MRS.
St. Stephen AME Church, the Bishop. From left are: Lawrence Alexander, John Stewart, Auther Richardson 1
The 3 p. m. program will for the day. .( will present Neal D- Bland, Kernaa McFarlin, Vandervilt Alexander, Mrs. Helen Alexander, Mrs. Edith Davis TO RENDER RECITAL
I John Wesley Williams and Mrs. Annie Butler, Mrs. Nettie Brymer.Miss Joyce Boddie Carol Boddie Patricia fAT CHURCH OF GOD.

James Genwright in a joint Sams Adrianne McFarlin. Photo by Avery Studios I.
$ $ SAVE $ $ -- -- -- --
I musical recital Sunday at I

,7:30 p. m. : EBENEZER TO HEAR ATTENTION LADIES Mrs. Rosetta Cohen will be
The event will benefit the I ft'SCS PREPARES DALE CARSON AT Bridge & Social Club I presented in recital Sundayat
New and Used Clothing For The Whole Family annual Women's Day effort I Reporters the Church of God in
with all proceeds going! toward -I SEPT. 24-25 11 A. M SUNDAY j I Send or Mail : Unity, 12th Street at Danson.
Unclaimed Laundry Shoes the building fund drive. : Your Social News Other singers have been

Mr. Genwright and Mr ; Sheriff Dale Carson, of Du-! Mondays To invited to attend. Mrs. N. L- ,
I Williams are choir members FLORIDA STAR Hodges is sponsor of the-pro
2 LOCATIONS val County will deliver the:
and serve on the trustee The Woman's Society of: address in Ebenezer, 2323 Moncrief Rd. Cor. 13th ,: gram. Deacon S. V. Cohen
The'SAVESHOP' I' board and Mr. Bland serves Christian Service of Ebenezer -|morning Methodist Church Sept. 20. ;j i Or Phone EL 4.6782 ; will serve as master of ceremonies -
[as oranists. :' -
Methodist Church will
The will be the j ---
program ---
--- -- -
The will feature ,------- -
program sponsor a bazaar Sept. 24-25 i' second in a series at the ti"+w+ivinn ut
1534 Main St. 716 Main St_, classical and spiritual selec- The "Country Store: ," "Kid.: church under the auspices of] Chiropractic Can Bring You Relief From

tions. dies Korner," and "Noodle the Methodist 11 e n's Club
Nook," will be among the James -Alford Sr., presi- I Why Continue Touff? 3
booths. dent. '
: 'tIt&.elf'd Members of the committee, The Rev. J B. F. Williams,
are: Mrs. Emma Foster !''
SHOES 'minister, and members have;
I I chairman; Mrs. Alm.a\ Adams, ex ten d e d an invitation to ARTHRITIS-ASTHMA. .
co-chairman; )jMrs. Eloise 3.1;1! friends .to attend. Visiting i HEART TROUBLE BACK n
I Lewey, Mrs. B. C. Emanuel,''musical artists and groups PAINS LIVER TROUBLE > "
I ..;1. '" Mrs. Mamie Martin Mrs.,: also Choirs 1 and 2 of the I HEADACHES NERVOUS
?, 1ji. Ilettie Brown, Mrs. Francis: church have been scheduled CONDITION BODY PAINS
.. .. Salley, :Mrs. :Margie Hull, pro-'[to furnish music for the oc AND OTHER COMMON AIL A
motional secretary;. Mrs. Cleo:'I casion. MENTS. D 0 N'T PUT O F FL '
Clemons, Mrs R Jenkins,i, ANY LONGER. LET US PUT
\ Mrs. Hattie I. James. Miss I!I YOU ON THE ROAD TO GOOD
I Leona Robinson, Mrs.Mamie. !:CONTEST TO CLOSE : HEALTH
:''1..5 I Simpkins and Mrs. A. R. i I'!: SUNDAY AT 4 P. M- .1 Visit Our Modern Clinic ;,

Jacobs. :j i AT. BETHEL BAPTIST !
'" i ,
'I The "Deacons Contest" will

SUNDAY SEPT. 27 Baptist Instiutional Church,
=1 I I1.tt. with a'musical program being

Ararat Baptist Church presented HEALTH CLINIC EL 6-7830
has completed plans for the The contest is between

annual observance of Men's Deacon MT.. Brown of Mt. 518 Broad Street
Ashley &
I Churchvwwvwuwwwu
Dav Sept. 27. Ararat Baptist Church and
The men will have charge Deacon O'Neil Robinson of < .. ......,-....-_-..:WWWWYcu :
of the service throughout the I Bethel. -
day with Dr. Leroy CJrvin
as chairman Singing groups invited to I Don't Have to Go to Town to Get

JaL44 BlUJam Speakers for the services t I appear are the Male Chorus
will be Congressman Charles and Choir 4-B of Mt. Ararat, LOW PRICES

MEANS E. Bennett at the morning Others to appear On the program
worship and Dr. Jv I. E: ,
are Mrs. Lucy High-
FINE QUALITY Scott, director of Negro Education .. On YowRnC -
for; Duval Gouafcr, ajt1 tower, Mrs. Lucile Jones,
Cleaners & LaundryPLANT AND PERFECT FIT the evening service. .,Mrs. Willie Mae Williamsand S70RE REELS

Miss Ritz Green-

610-20 W. ASHLEY STREETEL Mother, if they're YOUNG Trade With Your Neighborhood Drug Store
1.1629BRANCHES Busier Browns, you know TEMPLE OF ISLAM I


3016 Myrtle Ave. 302 Davis St. '
means longer wear Muhammad's
Temple of Is-
814 W. 8th St. 941 Davis St. Deliver We AJto FIU An Doctor Prmrrlpttoaa ; .
the .
1 DAY SERVICE in The young adult choir of j iam will,give a dinner at the

Mt. Carmel Baptist Church Temple, located at 39"W.

BY ALL QUALIFIED LOCATIONS NEGRO OPERATED CLEANING 1 ENTIRELY EXPERTS 'tI eIj' will observe its first anniversary -State Street dn Sunday, Sept Dixie Pharmacy

MANAGEMENT DELIVERY WORKERS SHOES Sept. 21 at -6 p- m. in 20 at o'clock in the after- .
SUPERB DRY CLEANING AND LAUNDRY 216 W. Adams the church auditorium. ,noon. Services will be included ISOS KINGS ROAD at MYRTLE AVE.YIIEy _j
SERVICESATISFACTION 3573 S L. Johns Ave. Mrs. Pricilla Smith will in the occasion It is em- PHONES EL I.M-.ip I

.... 1948 San Maico" lTcL give the occasion. Other talented phasized that the public is PAY
personalities will .
ap- invited ,
pear on the'program. j
-: ., .





ir-------- I


Week EndIng Saturday, SOptember 19. 1959 TBB I'LOJUDA STAB, Pag EH*

I II .'. :, .>:.;: .ttf :t ,, r fW
S '
: ''
: :> < '
-I "; k $( ti: i : 1( ''''-
I t" : :;':: \ ;' \

,. < Ji J
i I Ap F HE RECEIVES SPINGARN MEDAL S__ i / y wY ,S ,'\. ?_... x'SS ,
-aw t .5 ',0; >'':!:

NEW YORK. Jazz was defined today by one of Its S I f1 j
foremost exponents as meaning "freedom." Edward Kenna.dy S. .",', I
(Duke) Ellington spelled out the meaning of Jazz In remarks ';.;
accepting the 44th Splngarn Medal which was presented :
( to him aboard the U. S.,liner. United States, By aa __ + :I :;
equally famous colleague In the field of popular- music.- .-_ 'S '__ Y
Benny Goodman. ,
Jazz means not only freedom aI *" ::
M Mr. Ellington.paid, but NAACP, he said, "is on the I a .:.)1 y
also peace, "because peace front line the ." $.
in struggle for I "
can come to mankind only "
t when man is free-" The noted human equality and has "
composer and orchestra-leader earned the support of all & -4 : La !
rn'J observed that Soviet Premier freedom lovers." a_ _
Nikita Khrushchev in f <<
coming to his country. Has i
come to a land where thereis .
an NACCP which stand 4 .:I
L for freedom and peace for all

Expressing thanks for i YY z )
the award, Mr. Ellington urg- .
::; ed support of the National ->:j
Association for the Advance- .i j.i
H KEN KNIGHT ment of Colored People in
its fight for civil rights. The : )

Invites You To Listen To ---:- LIFE MEMBERSHIP-Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller of New York, center enrolls i
1 as a life member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored
"KNIGHT TRAIN"Starting IS YOUR DRINKING People. Presentation of the plaque denoting his $500 NAACP life membership Wail
Getting To Be made by Kivie Kaplan right co-chairman the Association's life membership committee -
At 7:00 P. M. Nightly Call EL A Problem? I DUKE ELLINGTON at the Governor's New York City office on Sept. 3. Looking on is Dr. Chann-
4-3176. i .' Ing H. Tobias, chairman of the NAACP Board of Directors.
1400 WRHC 1400 c
.... '...: :": "'I.: : ,: "" ,"'! .



MEDIUM SHRIMP __ __ _,u Lb. 49c
LARGE SHRIMP ___________________ _________ Lb. 79c Open Your Account A /
Spanish: Mackerel _nh __--,______________---. ________--- Lb. 35c Today
King Mackerel Steaks _____u__ Lb. 49c .=.
Swordfish Steaks ________ Lb. 79c
Pink Salmon ___._____d__ _- Lb. 79c $10 Delivers! : /
Medium Mullet : Lb. 20c
Large Mullet ___ Lb. 29c
Occanvlew Spots Lb. 32c
Speckled Trout __ fcb. 59c .
Yellow Tail Snapper ._______m___.____ Lb. 49c '
Small Red Snapper _________ Lb. 59c I E'NE.RASLELECTC; I
Red Bass ----------_________________ Lb. 45c I. G
BIG JIM CRABS _______________uu_____ Dor. 1.00

Myrtl A... ad Adams Phone EL 4-1U8 i
P '
w >Y ,

I, For 1*Waa:2 Breakfast Lunch After the Fried Movie Chicken Snacks New Console Slim A y

tt1 Sp ;
Oysters Cod 4 .t : '

Bacon ShrimpHam**; Sausage 3 e 4
{ I Coffee Milk 1 .
French Fr. Potatoe

Up-Front Volume Control pamel .
Ashley and Madison 1r Built in Antenna, 9 5 -
Full Power Transformer for more :
-- ---- A. contrast performance $1 '""i J"
be tmarf-looKTmen Shielded Tetrode Tuner gets pin-
point selectively-reduces picture J "
Front-Sound Projection '
I ir '
p I F 21C3439
2 < >? --?""' ? -.6- -A? -/ -

J I: bb 8 New 30" Pushbutton- Range ,,

t .
I 1 ? ; are o:
nKr +
i--- =
I II r .

,I,, $ I A 0Fa 80'

.. 4 Cad CRI'.$urfactUiitso .4
2 Cahd'" Bake Md toil U ils' r

? 1.r /I y f eus 5 Heat PositiH p '
L XLP fI j 10A
Pushbutton CoItrtls -
t. I .
: Bete Farced'P feat Brwta- .

r .F '
: r J
15 S. HOGAN ST. 3316 BEACH BLVD. -
r (Across from New Sears, (Near Southgate Plaza) ,
EL '6-2W FL 9-6679 CHECK WITH
Open Every Nile Till 9!Open Every, N1V Till 9 la 1 ,

Id t l 505 S. McDUFF jtAcross from Shopping
r. i ; \ :,:- ":.,. (Near Lenox) 1 Center) "-
). ",.. ) r EV 8-4824 SP 1-2880
7 *,; Open Every Nile Till lOpeD Every Nile Till 9 '
; .
rr 5' 5 55 S' USED APPLIANCES.
.; ST.
I (Corner of King and Rosselle) r .
I EV 9-9371 .
i 0t-imsrf-roe_ *mrf Open Till 6 P. M. r.

4.. I.' I: ....... ,.. '....I: ',.:"-,:,:, ...:".: : : "-. "I'''' : '



."- .S_ :n: ".'.;:-


-' -'---

.. .
Week Ending Saturday September 19. 1953



Willie Lee Harper was sen. 'Pro' Drivers : i The Opening of Piano Classes

tenced to 18 months in jail:JENN. SCHOOL ''I. I CHICAGO. Twenty-five For Children from 7 Years Old Up.
last Monday after pleading i, Made Not BornBy : A year old Charles Foster is II' For Information Concerning Classes
.ST According
,: Call EL 4-5793
he tried 1237 West
guilty to a charge of car the to return 28th StreetPHOTOGRAPIIS
of two
Martha Johnson to,1 the testimony
ft. Harper, 26, of 413 North Dodge Safety ConsultantYou !i' teen-age girls here, they have to a woman a hell she'd;,.
I '
Street, was charged with the become: the latest victims in lest off her shoe. i\ ,
: NASHVILLE. Tenn., A too,can be a professional I
theft automobile belonging
of an driver. number i
: Federal last week I the ever-increasnig Instead of a reward, or ai i iI
o his former employer. Judge ordered r In fact,it's important that you I of rapings that are sweeping I)I I
In sentencing Harper,1' the Rutherford County are as professional about driv- I the nation. j simple word of thanks, Fos-:; FO55
j ji
ing as the trained truck bus and
Criminal Court J dge W- T., Commission to des egrea- taxicab driver. ter was shot down in the I
I The 15 and 18
: took into'considera. i girls years EVERY
Harvey -!! ate an all-white elementary To acquire this technique the of age, charged that two II',streets recently while i OCCASION
ton! the fact that the defendant National Safely Council lists I
school which serves almost these drains "extras. ; white patrolmen had intim: the woman he'd aided and'i ---
had only a mnor police exclusively children of air : relations with them after I i Expert Photography I
record. Obey traffic signals: and never her escort who did the shooting -i
force personnel. got caught ,moving in an inter- picking them up for drink- ( ., Weddings Banquets
1 section when the traffic light is walked away leaving! Passports & Identification! Photo
The judge, William E. Miller yellow. ing him to die in the gutter. Photostats & Commercial Work.
MORALS COUNT !1 As result of the charges, I :
I also sharply questionedwhy Look both ways before start- Photos For Newspaper Cub
NETS 2 YearsA the remainder of the ing on the green light to make a grand jury and the police Witnesses in the areas said!! While You Walt .
certain traffic is
no cross
24-year-old man was I county should not be desegregated through against the light.coming board of commissioners are the trouble started when i Coloring & Picture Framing j

sentenced to two years in! Allow one vehicle length of conducting -full-scale inves- Foster tried' to return the retrieved -i t. 'ff' ? Let Us Take A Photo Of You
prison last week after plead following: distance for every 10 tigation. :
ing guilty to handling and I The order and warning miles per hour of speed. I The Grand Jury, in heel to the woman) 3 "i_ In Natural
I Color
tondling a 6-year-old) girl. The were issued at a hearing So you wont" crowd:: the centerline fact, was scheduled to receive and the woman's escort instated I ; AVERY -
line J. Y
man, Harold D. Jones of 1954 I where an injunction againstthe hood up of a your point car::on with dashor the a warrant against Patrol- that Foster give it to j ;i

\v. 16th Street, was sentenced County School Commission road edge to keep the heels, man William C- Olsten, 24,,. him instead. When Foster re- AVERY'S PHOTO STUDIO i
by W- being sought im- safely tt\iiin one foot of the charging statutory rape of a I I
Judge T. Harvey. was
declined the unidentified
i road edge. portedly 611 West Ashley Clara White Mission Bldg.
II j
iI mediately prohibiting that 15-year-old girL ,
Look to the rear before pulling fired the fatal
I body from refusing to admit into the left lane to pass a car to Subposenaed as a witness| man Phone EL 4-7695 For Appointments I

MORTGAGE LOANS Negro students into presently make certain' no vehicle is trying I was his partner, Patrolman: blast. :!.

I' all-white public schools pending to pass you. Robert J. 'Wallace, 30. i i
Long term 12 loans,
year Slow down for all pedestriansat
repayable S10 per month 1on' I further court rulings. all tunes,particularly between I According to the girls' testimony -;, iI ii I I I
they with a 16-) : i
the I intersections. were
$1,000. for. home Improvements
The complaint was filed Don't drive when drowsy and I year-old boy when the police, WHITES GIVEN TIME i.
repairs and Sep, 2, 1959 in behalf of 16xegro don't relax too much while driv I picked them up on the beer'j j
additions to your existing !I childn whose parents ing, particularly on superhigh- FOR SHOOTINGS
house. Quick and efficient way! charge. j j OPENINGS FOR NEWSPAPER REPORTERS
service. No red tape. Just I'axe stationed at Stewart Air On long trips, don't try for I After releasing the boy, I RICHMOND, Va., Four I,
good credit rating and OWn Force Base. yet who rust peed and endurance records. the girls said the patrolmen I white boys convicted of PRINTERS, PRESSMEN, ADMEN
travel 14 to 16 miles a aa" And finally, professional drive took them to the grounds of I
or buying
M. J.your SIMON own home. ;: to attend a segregated school j ers behind are made-not the wheel born.depends Ability on a nearby school. I II II wounding six Negro youths I!II I There are openings for:

321 First Federal Building : They were refused enrolment knowing the facts about traffic I According to their statements with three shotgun blasts EXPERIENCED Newspaper reporters editor

306 W. Adams at the all-white lementary -! regulations, accident prevention I Olsten had relations I were sentenced two i I copy-readers advertising salesmen circulationmen
6-2489 years
I school which is techniques and the human na with the and .
I 15-year-old girl and women. printers. compositors linetype
ture of traffic behavior. To keep I each in prison. They w ere;
adjacent to the cUrectl.1 "the professional touch,"a drivel Wallace with the 18-yearold. I operators. .
ject where they live. never should stop learning.ATTENTION I at first sentenced to five-1 f

.- i year:,terms but three years BEGINNERS WANTED TOO We will train
1 .

SUPPORT THE DRIVE Bridge & Social LADIES Club KICK{ THREATUNMOVED of each sentence were suspended .1 j' young reporters and people for all departments

Reporters | if you Have a real desire to become a memberof

Send or Mail The 26 is1: the newspaper fraternity.
April shooting
FINDS OWNER\ said to had grown out of a'
Mondays To WE NEED Men and women. young or middle-
lock battle
FLORIDA STAR earlier betweenthe I aged. in all fields for a chain newspaper and
NEGROES: LOCAL FIRMS white and Negro boys. .
2323 Moncrief Rd. Cor. 13th I magazines.ACT

Or Phone EL 4-6782 The Negro boys were fired I'
I would like to see a new policy of better treatment upon from a moving car as' NOW State experience and age.

to Negro customers adopted by local firms.I I they walked along a street. WRITE:

resent being called by my 'first name by salesman' IS YOUR DRINKING I! MONTGOMEY, Ala., A I
Two other
and saleswomen. I charged!
Getting To Be A Problem? resturant owner who recently INTERSTATE PRESSP.
I believe that Negro patrons should be provided Call EL'4-3176 replace three white wait- with the revenge shooting, O. Box 732 JacksonvIlle I, Fla..
ample rest room facilities In local establishments" and resses with Negro waiterssays were given suspended sen,

an end put to Jim-crow signs on drinking fountainsand he has received a threa- tences. I.

rest rooms. tening letter from the Ku

To accomplish these changes I am willing to cease MASS RAPECHARGED Klux Klan. Y r c,. .8 t $c, SCE n .\
patronizing firms that are unwilling to meet thec James Peek, who operates

requests. Jimmy's Bar-B-Que in downtown -
TO 7 Montgomery said the I
NAME letter warned him to fire the j'

waiters or take down the .. .
F ti Ry. M
fM gi'r'
ADDRESS Confederate flags he has hanging e
An 18-lear-old white girl was inside. i
( ) You may dTsrlnss- my name If necessary the victim of an alleged mass But Peek said Wednesday

'I dentlal unless Indicated otherwise below.I rape by seven Negro youths.I he has no intention of doing I

understand that my name will be held oonfl- According to the girl, the either I

attack took place in the wooded I "If any group of Klansmen I

area of a local park re have guts enough to come j -I'

-... cently. in my place and remove the: : f3Wc

Originally the girl had told Confederate flags," he chal-:

Enroll Now In The police that eight members ofa lenged", "they are welcome to'|

Soulh's Finest College gang dragged her into try it. ; S

Florida Barber College #. some bushes while seven I .
Branch G. I. Approved others pinned her soldier boy'I t 7 .f

friend to the ground I % :
.. J
I- :
=>.... Now, some days later, she'ihas RflOTOR MAIDS

'oodruw Patterson manager Prof. James Glover E I' changed her story by sayirig j ,
630 Davis Street At Beaver I I she was only half conscious -' t\ : i-s ,
4 JE:
Phone EL 5-9874 and cannot remember i I zbars. fr
what actually happened. She I :'

I II claimed the attackers ripped :,

___ ___ '_ _____ __ off most her clothing and ,; Have Your Car :
took her wrist watch.

Police. however picked up | Safety Checked :
seven youths and charged I
By Johnson
them with I
You Seek The Best Doctor assault with in- | Dodge Safety Consultant '
PrescribesGet itent to ravish, aggravated ,
When Your Doctor
( assault and battery, robbery If you live in one of the 2,000 I
+ Experienced Pharmacists communities that have '
o: .' To Fill Your Prescriptions | and conspiracy.The safety check programs, the regular few I
According To Your Doctor's suspects are Herbert minutes it takes to run throughthe
j i Gregg, 21, Spencer Millner, safety check lane may save I
Orders. We Use OnlyThe other motorists and
Best Quality Drugs At 119 i David Mobley, 18, Thomas you from being injured.pedestrians : Samuel Wheeler and daughter Gayle with daddy's basketball. "Our little Gayle Is the
i Stevenson, 18, Carlton Ayers, Even though you may thinkS star of this household," Mrs.Wheeler declares. "The only milk she's ever had Is Carnation"
Dr. C. E. BlackProprIetor
I .0
i 18, Donald Ambrose, 21, and, pur car,is.m perfect; operating ,
his brother Russell, 18. An I condition, chances are there's I J Mrs. Samuel Wheeler, Y.: W.: C. A. leader says: .

3 REGISTERED PHARMACISTS TO SERVE YOULILLY'S I I eighth, William Jones, 16, was an still accident.something. that could cause !!

I i rcunded up in the 100-arrest Last year, among the three !t "THERE'S; ONLY ONE BRAND OF \ -

DRUG STORE dragnet He was sent to the : million vehicles checked in this
Youth Study Center because program, ,one out of ,five vas EVAPORATED MILK FOR HECARNATION"Mrs.
found to need safety service.
he is a
Read ELgin 3-8276 junvenile. j check
1907 Safety lanes
Kings are'set
A COMPLETE LINE OF: All the suspects are being j l!I at convenient locations to offer up I Wheeler is the wife of a former Mrs. Wheeler is a YWCA Young Adult

Cosmetics Rubber Goods Candies Sundries held without bail pending. a I you a free check of about 10 I Harlem Globetrotter, Samuel Wheeler,. program director in St. Louis. "My

PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR, AND DELIVERED' Sept. '23rd hearing. II I ii I i major A lot items of work of your goes car.into settingI I I who is now a co-owner of the Harlem cooking milk is Carnation," she says

I up the lanes and a lot of people 1 Magicians basketball team. Young "it is double-rich-so rich it whips!"
'. give their time and service so all
.j i
-- .- '. ,- of us will have safe cars to drive. ,------------------------ ---
i ,
R ;> --S.A/_ .. -* J. Manning the.lanes arts mechanics I 1
-' .. {' : loaned from automobile and I recipe: LEMON FLUFF PIE JIc'ke&. s-i"cA afngle ewJ I

; ATTENTION READERS; : ,: ", ;_, t tire -dealers and independent I !
; r '40! garages and service,stations. CRUMB CRUST: Blend crust ingredients together. Line sides

.Please'P.ng .or"Send Your;* ,k [' : According to diaries C.Freed, I 2 cups crushed! graham crackers and bottom of 9-inch pie plate, saving % I
.. : "' ::: tc .i 'chairman of the Inter-Industry I %cup melted butter or shortening cop crumbs for toe-'Plz'Z Comb; e gelatin, I 1 1
Church News. Club Notices &: Announcements: : ;;, ." PATRONIZE Highway Safety Committee the I I 2 tablespoons sugar hot water, sugar and:2 tablespoons lemOn I'' '
...> t l -.:"""; 1 10( item most often cheeked:: on FILLING: thffl CarMiici in I -. "
Cool : refrigerator
To The FLORIDA. STAR Early _:tf'., vs'k.-. :'* j each car are brakes, front lights,. I I 1 package((3 ) .Juice.! #
ounces ice'tf'Stasform I
:r .. .... ,, rear lights, steering, tires, exhaust tray until soft around edges
DEADLINE FORNEWS IS' 'jF., -;. Jif'i : I system glass, windshield t I %cup lemoa-fUvored hot water gelatin .f tray(about 15 to minutes( ).Whip chilled! I B : e

Star Advertisers I wipers horn.', rear view zninvr' and %cup granulated; sugar Carnation witty remaining Jemon 1 juice !about I r
> ," Vi cup lemon juice 1 minute. Add cooled gejatin mixture and r .,
If take advantage of this 1
,' ., yon 1 ratal (about 2 minutes I ITII L'
FLORIDA free service you will be joining cap manured CARNATION> lemon rnd-1I'hip fluff/ \
'. STAR"c ',1 s millions of Americans in helping I k: EVAPORATED MILK ). Pour Into crust.Sp/mMe with rema1ftI I DINCIIIASD.
:! '2323 Moncrief Rd. Corner l3th Street .- ..( reduce traffic accidents caused I teaspoon grated lemoa rind ing crumbs.Chill about J!hour,or until firm. I .

P.I' i t. -- by vehicles not in safe operating ______ ___.:..-_--:: ....;.:.; :.:.:..._--I II Irom UOftIafetJ C
._ t condition. ".,':1.' i
r 3: '.' '
r ' J Fj'r "'- ... -' :" ,;.. .c :' .510' <- ...- ,'- .
: .: : _, : ,. ..

'W "
1 / isPage -- "'



1 w
--- -
--- --
-- --
-- -
-- -----
--- -


Week Ending Saturday September 19, 1959.1 THE FLORIDA STAl. .. Paye Se..ft

II Edward\ Waters .10 Play Morrist wn Here S pt.. 2-6 I

-e : t i .1jl.t >I I I!i I'TIGERS TO PLAY FIRST GAl\1E\


1 S O ) i 1\ .

!; t>. !t R 1i BV,-,C.-,-P-.AINIAi1.lO11N- OX

i The Tigers of Edward Waters College are preparing for

By C. PARIIAM JOHNSON their first game of the season which will be played at the
Myrtle Avenue park Saturday Sept. 26. against the strong
Football is on in the big way in Jacksonville with all : Morristown. College.
teams hard down at work preparing for the coming season. '.." ',' f From the way the team -- -
With Northwestern and Duval ,
Vocational lifting the lid off '#
the 1959 1 appears to be shaping up, the team is not in vain.
season and followed by Douglas Anderson and ... "
Harris High of Hastings and then the Triple Champion t Tigers will have one of the:( The Tigers are facing a

Matthew W. Gilbert and Daytona it appears that a real .- ;;; ", .';<.} '. strongest, teams they have very heavy schedule, but
season_!c In store for football fans : had in.several years. .Win or
EDWARD --- ---,- ,, lose fans always bet on they are. preparing to come
WATERS COL- '. ilf.-; can ;
1 through with flying colors
& well whenever
LEGE TIGERS are workingvery "Fighting Panthers" will be '. ." game
: .-. \ the tea m' from out The day has long since ar-
hard to be for in uniforms. (
ready Tiger
I ,
'. Kings Road side take the rived for the good loyal
the first game of the year.; THE FLORIDA. & M ." fieldVith !I sports lovers to 'again turn
Edward Waters under Coach -
George Bell has the making: RATTLERS are hard at work .,.. .9. as Willie outstanding Bussey performers -,!I their attention to the Tigers.
of a great team. Several of' getting ready to defend the 'I' Coach George Bell and his
"" ., : Henry Matthews, Robert,
the players from last year's: SIAC championship Coach I it.t; .ij'' t ..,- ... Parker and a host of other'assistants, are working justas

squad are already showing Gaither' and his very com-, t !:j.it" .' '.. w \ -.: stars who are ready, Coach hard to build teams as any
great promise for being ready petent staff are trying to find George Bell appears to beset I'coaches the school ever had.

to go when the first .whistle !replacements for the spots j- GAITHER MEETS BEARS-Coach Jake Gaither of t he"lorida A and M Rattlers with one of the most i,|The players are playing justas

blows. left vacant by graduation and I is seen here as he meets and greets two of..his former Rattlers at the Gator Bowl In evenly balanced teams in the i' hard as any players whoever

AN EDWARD WATERS other should there be; Jacksonville September 5 during the game between the Chicago Bears and the Wash conference. : put on togs. Support the
FAN was loeklag> back I) causes \1. ington"Redskins., At the left is George Halas owner-coach of the Bears. Willie Gall- Morristown i coming to:team.
through the years recently''I ;any. The Rattlers can always|. more, who Is.said to be one of the greatest runners in pro football. Coach Jake Gal. Jacksonville with an arrayof i' .

and recalled some of those: be depended on to come up ther of the Florida A and M Rattlers. Big Bill Lee who played a lot of football players that will be out,

great teams of the past. The, with a powerful team. while at Florida' A and M and now doing the same thing for the Bears. From all appearances there battling to clinch a vic' WALTS RADIO &.

names of such stars of yesteryears THE WORLD SERIES is! it was a happy meeting of the chief Rattler and his former Rattlers, tory on foreign soil. Over the
past years these two teams TV SERVICEAll
were : Lloyd,
"Rocky" Halsley. Frank Don- ;just around the corner and!I and his camp are very much have played nip and tuck
aldaon Robert Jerkfos Ted j all baseball fans are keepinga I dissatisfied that Spider Webb RATTLERS POINT"PAIGE' SEEKS football and the< Sept. 26 Work Guaranteed
Armstrong very close watch on the : game will be no exception. New end Used TVs
j Milwaukee Braves, San Fran. has been i given top rating asa What and I Phone EL 3-4009
era "Inky" Jon e 8, Jackson! I' grand glorious
Daniels Edward Austin Willis ,cisco Giants and the Los contender. Fullmer says he TOWARD\ SIACCHAMPIONSHIP..__ : ANOTHER SHOT feeling it will be for the Ti- 669 Florida Aye.

Alexander Eugene Whit,: j Angeles Dodgers big would much rather have gers to look up in the stands Jacksonville, Florida
lock James "Dean Blue"|baseball] prognosticators are Sugar Ray Robinson.SMOOTH and see a crowd to assure
Everett. J. J. N. Collins,y \already predicting which way I SAILING 'TIL f i WITH MAJORS them of full support from the
{ "Shorty" Holtom. L ark 1 n s. the thing will go. Even WE MEET AGAIN public. What a feeling of
Booker Reddick and a host though the Cleveland Indians'' / ease and satisfaction Coach TOOTHACHE ire.

of others who helped to keep have a fighting TALL AHASSEEAll signs Bell will get to see the same wfuis 1,tirqU /,
the banner In the breeze out ;have already been count out. seem to point toward another thing. It would at least let tall.u / flt tItM Irf
Kings Road side. They already know the Chic- B E L 0 I T, Wis. Satchel him and his assistants know I Mt"ou iti '
ReportersClub banner for the Florida A '
,ago White Sox are just the year Paige, the oldest active player that their labors to bring to; RAlEL
THE SAME FAN stoppedand I:same as hi. anti M Rattlers who will be in baseball according to the city a college winning I It I my nUrt iwt

for while and toward their seventh
then thought talked about a the J GENE FULLMER, the Reporters heading record is $t i l 1. looking forward ', .... .--=._ .... .... I
big]NBA middleweight straight championship year shot at the .
champion for another
and the ovation
parades big SocialitesSend in the Southern' Intercolle-I ACOSTA
the team received from the I giate Athletic Conference. I major leagues-
city. The support given the I I EVERYTHING FOR THE FISHERMANBait
Tigers wag unsurpassed by I or Bring Your NewsIn Twenty-seven of the "most I The mystery man of baseball

any school in the state Those I I I promising" yearlings to re-I who has been pitching Shrimp Live Crabs
were a great days out'at the To TheFLORIDA port to the Florida A and :M'
college. Watch This Clown I University Rattlers training j' longer than anyone can accurately Fishing Tackle
II say and by far more
joined the 50 retur-
I quarters 8019 MAIN STREET PHONE ELGIN 4-9670
COACH BELL has some 91.4277 I the
STARMain nees for drill seessions. yeers than average big
mighty fine prospects that 121 _63 314
[league star is old is working
will be able to bring that I Only three starters from J JACKSONVILLE. FLORIDA .
back the school. 6 5 last harder now than he did whenhe
1 glory to He Office & Plant the year team that copp-
has such stalwarts as Henry 4 Cr') /.c.:' 2 ed is sixth straight Souhern. was a strater for two sea

1 Matthews, Willie Bus s e Y, :r.... 1""r'' 2323 MONCRIEF RD. Intercollegiate Athletic championship : sons with the Miami Mar-
Allen Sistrunk, Jerome Hill, 9 9y) 7 and finished thirdin lins of the International Lea WALKERVocrfona
Moms Grooms, Qzie Dunn, Near 13th Street national ratings were a- .
f Robert Par k e..r, Roosevelt 7611146 mong the 19 lettermen re- gue. ,

i, Holmes a lost ,of Cleveland others Jones that and the 811 60 19 turning. I Satch, "The Grand Old / / & Commercial ':

I fans will'be hearing a plenty I Sometimes bo's 01 Jake Gaither, who is beginning Man" of baseball has been .

of. When the team begins to +metUnes he's down Note: The earlier the better. his 15th year as the: barnstorming with a semi-
Be add, subtracts serpents' head mentor has 1 CollegeREGISTER
i ,
function together as a'unit, team known as the Cu-
nf works It all anrandComing pro
and been silent :
the first
look out for the Tigers for Notices brought in Monday during
I week et "I ban Giants all summer. NOW
Attractions practice. figureour
they will bo on their
:,' Some of the members from way.N Nv 606 50 83 12 Tuesday will get positionand passing game should be Dempsey Hovland, owner of r'OR OPENING SEPT. 8, 1959

the triple champion Gilbert I better headlines. improved this fall," he revealed -j I the 20th Centwry Enterprises COURSES.

"" "" -=>-=> C'--. -,_____ __ '-' j ...... & I _Jake _Gaither feels that I:in Beloit and Paige's mana- Executive Secretarial Interior Decorating
==== his the Business Administration Toiloring
line should
be about
said the Giants had play
.I I same size and speed as last ger : Accounting Leading to CPA Dressmaking
DIRECTORYThe ed' than 53 this ''
BUSNES5 more games Upholstering J
year. The flanks will be Stenographic
:1. I strengthened with the returnof year Satch had played in all Clerk Typist Radio TelevWonBookkeeping
Firms Listed Below Are Recomm ended As Reputable EstablishmentsSpecial'izinv I Frank Merchant and William but two of them. The team''I PBX Receptionist

l Services and Products Barber. Harold Scott ]had 120 games slated. Business Law Business* Machines
will try to fit Willie Taylor's I For Additional Information

AUTO SERVICE Washington's Health Service shoes at center. Scott was a In eyeing a major league I Telephone ImmediatelyEL

t "Abundant Health Is Rightfully Yours" standout during spring traini I i berth, Paige said: "I want 5-2626 or PO 5-0004
AUTO PAINTING COMPANY Try Swedish Massage Mineral Steam Balhi ing and will get a chance to Or Write
;I prove' himself under fire another shot at the major Attn: Dr. J. Walker Brown
& Paint Work Colonlc Therapy
Compile Body Repair
-:- Oven Baked Paint Jobs -:- D. C. Washington, Masseur-Sam* when the Rattlers open here leagues, but I a n't going Jacksonville 9, Fla.
Price Start at S4.00 For 23 Year. against Benedict College, October 'back for nothing, and if the, 1832 Myrtle Ave.
S32 East Adams Street EL 5-8135 '934 N. Myrtle ATenue. EL'4-247* 3. want me, they will have. to Walker V & C College1J1jt1
l pay me big money." .
The backfield will be bolstered .
FOODS with iI
more at
i I I As Satch still ,
a pitcher,
-"- : Free delivery any part of 'the city fullback- Lewis Johnson has I i has talent. He* fast I .
uses a
_t OLD HEUABBE -t been converted to.a halfback :
If You Want The Finest In Groceries ((601 West Ashley Street. EL 4-1380 I He played fullback his first 1 ball about one out of eight I
And Meats Come See Us f j pitches. The remainder of the; BERGAMOTWATER
two I
r s. Ted
yea Richardson'
300 Davis Street EL 6-5412 time he uses curves-one so I
JULIA GEORGE 5 & 10 CENT the and two frosh Emery Collier are slow, a batter gets tired of JEPELLENTMO
MISCELLANEOUS leading quarterbacks.)[waiting for it to reach the',
The big ifs will play anim-f plae.
AAA BONDING AGENCY Courteous Treatment I
pprtant role in '
our successor Off the field he is
City County and Federal Boa Open 8:30 to 7 p. zn. failure this fall related] quite
Law Exchange Bldg. EL .-1132$ 06 Davis Street EL 4-1210 Gaither. "We are counting glum. He sits very quietly I
L the
in dugout, talking to no
upon promising subs, from!I\ I
: one
ACE RADIO & TV SERVICE m MAGGIE CONFECTIONERS the '58 bench to carry us ,I tg ask him someone a question.happens Once; wjrrmHEADS

38 Years In Electronics: BEER .'CIGARS CIGARETTES through the '59 campaign," in a while he leaves the dug-I r

All Work Guaranteed ICE CREAM COSMETICS' said Gaither. cut to get a drink of water.

343 Forest Street EL *M64 {1102 Price ,St. EL 3-6312! The squad will work out He is then mobbed by the r
1 re
YM. L. Harris
Prop twice crowd.
daily until registration
POST, begins next week. rMlr
Complete Garden Supplies lEq

Fertilizer Fruit Products Mattress Renovating Our Specialty t4
New and Used Furniture bought and sold One Day Service'.- : *....*. LEARN TO DRIVE .
S64 Timlo iaaa Road SP 1-3762 Old Kings Road PO 5-1634 Secure Driver License


All Modern Conveniences TAXI SCHOOL alf11 01f.fMr
EVERY 600 West f
Beaver Siree
Room by Day Nlghi.} or Week -Al Your Service"NEW .. GEORGE PERPENA. DIr.
For Information Call DEAL'CAB EL 4-1611 COLORED Office
HOME ELgia 57742BM.FO
PL 54025 627 W. Ashley Suet| 'LINCOLN_ CAB EL 4-1611 .. : 1
j : -.[ ... i \;' : ; 5-4W7: :
i- ::Ii.i l j. r ii a lL = iH I == 1L iLIL : : = r = n : = i1- JI ; I ..
... I' I. ... (" .}of F....."....A l'. .. r F J .
-' \d. i .1 1 :I. I -"" 'i: / J. f rt t 11K "I:\) ) 1 : > :; i /_ .; .,

it:. __ .;2; ....
.1 I
.;. .; ,
sirs riIP

... .- ..

w -
_ -----
-- -

I ,

... EIILt_ f THE FLOBTOA STAB Week" Fading' Saturda: Y. S ePE tember .1Q. 1959s
s s si .
i i f e I
Furnished rooms for adults I TEX ARK ANA Ark., I BOOM WANTED! WOMAN WITH LAMPA .

only. Not and cold water In Robert E. Muldrow, 24, is in YOUNG COLLEGE MAN 35-year-old woman was ,.
MIDNIGHT TONITE ATSTRAND each. room.. Covenlently located bit on the head with a lamp *
Desires A Room with
jail today charged with assault a pri-
I at 111-Dayla Street. causing a deep cut on the *
with intent to kill a vale family Between Fairfax left side of her head last
and Blue either Prince *
on _
white The whole thing Saturday.Mrs.
m SUN. TUES. AT man.
i ,$ Kings Rd. Hart or Grothe Ollie *
of Mae Thomas, of
started when a
group Sfs. Call EL 4-6782 between *
RooseveltATENOtt Monroe Street said
white youths allegedly called 8:00 a. m. and 6:00 .
p. ictc
and her friend
Small Apt. for Rent by were
him and there "some m&.o .
s Partially, Furn. names <'! arguing about some lipstick I

LOVE STORY.AND..TOLD MAUWUt WITH For; Nice Couple liquid" at him.Muldrow. A marks on his shirt and dur- ic. .. I
TENOEKNESSANOFIANKNESU : !r' Phone EL-41844 .' said after the FREE OFFER! ing the argument she slapped
4iF t'
New Apt. for Rent name-calling incident, he sawa him. 'I
Q To Nice Adult1st car he assumed to be that
man picked a lamp
1 Floor of his abusers, and openedfire
struck her on the head. :
Send and
Phone: EL.4-1844 with a gun. A 21yearold age description She was taken to :1/ItAtt-
.: 1403 W. 25 St. occupant of the car was DIXIE CLUB BOX 1816 ical Center Duval1vIed-1
Ocala. Florida
I NEVER A MOTION PICTURE # wounded. treated and *
tiKE n...THE SUPREME S J..Seldon and T.
ADVENTUtEl Strand: SUN. THRU SAT. Mays investigated.


A tip of the Pepsi Oof
Apply Artistic Berber Shop. PEARL TO THE SWINE to these ov----.

619 Wed Ashley Street. EL CHICAGO Carl Wright, young Anmica&Ct Wlte
49231. 30, and Nathaniel Stevens, 22, make our country: Mi
i Cast ofTHOUSANDS two ex-convicts who stole a oar community a bettv
4., s i $6000 violin and pawned it place tenvtaioli: to ]h.
Cost inMILLIONS IS YOUR DRINKING two days later for $30, have
** *
NOW THE Getting To Be A Problem? been sentenced to two-to-
UNCHAINEDAVENGER Call EL 4-3176 eight years and one-to-two *
i i years in jail, respectively. *
> n .* YEARS AGO! Y :, ; !. *

0dE7If01N e' ,; ,..

i ., *
i .
6Y'tf .:,,Ifl181E aa4anelww uiy + r
r OlIN
.* '
WED; THURS SEPT. 23 24 a New Stanton Senior ,-
.,. High School )T ,
-- BUDDY AOISWTO6 nr.a+ 4' Pepsi Cola Dealers and+
SID :Pepsi Cola Bottling Company -*
ERGMANk: INN JON I are proud to salute.
CUitTuR .ror ,Kenneth of the 12th grade*.

ENsRGRI .. w'.MARISA class. He is a member of
i'' QN ScoP- m>vm$$ .TECHNIRAMA. .TECHNa.OLOR.1' .the Honor Society andT+

I -, ---- ************

# A ,- j
-- -- ------- --- ----- ------- -
S ; ': S : : ; f.

1,., t .." 1 ," '"' M ,. _' < '., .
( :' : .....
., T
.,, .
." I. '>:-:-" :
c -- --'t'r '"a-, I .' .- ." I TI TJ[

AS' ,. : GOES BY


< : ;Jc New Stanton Senior

I .. ,, +: High School
'''' == ..., .: Tribute is paid lo Minnie -
.' 1 of the
'J graduating r
j \ ., ti.' \' '.' "" class. She is a member of
; the Marching and

i ;'e"H 'I. ,. .\ '. 1m I' "EI 1 'IPm'' _t : _I. I band and plans to concert major
', ; ; '; :;> / ',;;: : .u. : I in Music Education.
,' ,,< i ..." ... .,.o\t.
: :\t-: .
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J:' r' ':, .,t::,' '\; .,." '''':,:,There: is,an ever increasing number of Owens-Illinois people : **

I, 1 ; F ; ..S' .:: '- ..: who qualify, through long service, for the honor receiving : >>:0 *

;. 0 : h' \\ Ici') ,. : ,', ::. ,. "hew Service Award emblems. 'i'" I l" 5' ;. *-

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(7/ "',,' \.\ LI .-=' '/k': ,.: '.,>With;nearly all the things that people honor-a book, work F.gfA.w, ; .4 1;, x *.

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(1 ___ ., ", ;j '' :;.:':..,:.As time goes b y". we appreciate more.and more the I ,.

StfI "" :J.ti.. .,:.- importance of long-service people. They are people who JOSEPH NELSON_

.. I ( i j :,:.ij:; have stood th> test of time. The Service Award program expresses New Stanton Senior
High School
.- .. ::1,, '.. .:: ; <>2>'>;; ; \'it.>> ;" ;<:i. our regard for their'years of service and our recognition of the Joseph is a member of

.- .: :( .\ \Iji.i:4 if&i11 P tfreir the Honor Society, and n
,. value of skill and experience. plans to become a Doctor.

S *

.. : I,C k -I.: Those honored with.Service Awards at our annual dinner September 16, i959 -, ** * *

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., Award winner.
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-i. : S,7 :: ;. :
,. -.. --. ,,' :"". : FIFTEEN.YEARS TWENTY YEARS TEN YEARS ; Pepsi Musl c'quest
-- Niles
\ ; Award Emblem'in Maroon Enamel Award Emblem in Silver-Grey Enamel Award Emblem in Dark Blue Enamel __ 10:30 to 11:00.

*- For Phone Request
: .
W EL 6-0481-2(
.r Luanda Bacon Cleveland Haugabrook Eddie Newton .: Benjamin F. Addison Perry Hall ;--'
Gadson Burgess Robert L. Jackson Sanford Paige William Armstead Leroy Jones _: .
Oley Coleman, Jr. Frank Jenkins Willie Scott % ,..... Zon Brookins John H. Morris --
Maxine M. Curinton James Johnson Samuel Session : .Joseph Butler Julius Polite
Willie Gantt Louise JohnsonWilliam Anna B. Smiley -i5 Fred Clark Eddie Richardson k
l Dave Graham H. Jones John H.Solomon .: German E. Cooper Robert Sims Jr.
Herbert Grant Lillie Lancaster James Spencer .. Otis FeltOn C. L.Smith : f
Wayne O. Grant Emma Lou Long John Stevenson ,fi.: ..: Albert Gay Edward Smith
Ora Hall '.. Beatrice McClendon Jerry Wells ,<0 '
-- James M. Green Oscar W. Stephens t
James W. Harper Phillip Mills Isadore Williams..' ", f James B.Hall Jphn Tolliver k _

.. .'-.. .. S -- Hardy WhUlodc ...
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J> James Anderson ;;
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tar pmyse KJadlii.

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