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Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
September 12, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
September 12, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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-- -

Negro Fighting Dep. ConstableFor His Life;E K#fijRliJ 6T" ,t.:'

I VOL- __ NO. 32 And NEWS SEPTEMBER: 12.1959 JACKSONVILLE 9. FLORIDA 15 Cent: :s


\ DRAWS\ MIXED REACTIONS .j MAYBALANCE : school Integration t


TALLAHASSEE The reaction of Atty. Gen. RichardW. I

Ervin to Integration at the Orchard Villa Elementary

Miami has been one of guarded criticism. In
school in
:, After eight days of close Florid
the in
knocking the small amount of students now attending Launched
medical attention, Deputy
Dade school, Ervin regarded it as an indication, "Floria is Constable James Barlow,who
for j I
not Yet ready migration.A
I I got shot on the night of September -,
mere 12 stuents-four of I t; 3 while attemptingto {

them Orchard Negroes-are Villa. at present.attending An I GAS STATION I\:battery execute list warrant, according an, assault s on to the a and Du-serious --|, STATE EYEltiG! POLICE REPORTS ,GATOR"BOWL .SEATING MIX-UP

additional 86 Negroes have 1 \val Medical Center spokesman. '. .

school, but they will have ARRESTEDMrs.
Barlow was felled by three SUSPECT i
to wait for a Sept. 16 ruling. : : SIGNThe bullets after pursuing Thelma King, of 3702 i 1
; the The Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance announcedthis
In declaring himself "hap- Davis Street reported
uel Mixon who tried Eman-I
Cal automatic week that it is planning a protest to Mayor HaydonI
loss of .45
py" there was no violenceat i being served the ; taken from I Burns following the "incidents" in the Gator Bowl last

the school, Ervin said, southern States!'account of the shooting states I j' /- i pistol her home that last was Tuesday.She ['I Saturday night which were brought on by' Negroes being
new that Mixon ran to the rear ofa ''
the Redskins
feel- denied seats Washington
'under public -
gas station at Golf air and: Jefferson Street house and The Orchard Villa.. Elementary said she gave the pis-' .ears ,.,,,.....A.
ing it is going to be difficultto I tol to a friend to load for herB,, :::11----
Moncrief Rd. is holding its: then crawled under the school, the site of /Florida's issued the Alliance -
have succesful integra- "grand opening" Friday and building. Barlow reache him schoo inte- and after loading she placed'' A release, by '
I first public j reads
She this week : football fans were forced to
tion." Saturday, Sept. 11 an 12,but;i and began to drag him fromEMANUEL gration try, opened anr con- it at the head of her bed. I'"T be Interdenominational
there won't be "colored"and i then went for a ride with, stand while there were va-
Ervin who with State.school I s s s tinued to operate this weekin Ministerial Alliance through,
white signs adorning the her frend, Edwin Jackson, 44,| cant seats in the west stand.
,,.. .. a taut but unev ;ntful of 2066 W. 1st Street. its Militant President, the,, .
Supt. Thomas D. Bailey, co- i rest rooms, thanks to the co-, '?- -- ;. I Reverend Wilbert B. Miller|The situation grew to a boiling -
atmosphere, as far a.j any home she
authored the parent optionbill optration and understandingof After returning tent out call' point when a group of
the of the :concertni said her friend told he took an emergency ;
the late session of the management' .. isturbance was for the Executive Board to colored patrons were orderedout
he took pistol and pawned
legislature could not push into company. chool the Laura Street I'
Orchard at
The Villa The suspect was placed in convene of seats which one police-
law- Ervin insists that the A week ago Wednesdaywhen R. with a Presbyterian Church's Youth' instructed
opened Tues. parse jail and the victim was advised man had earlier

parent option plan is thes the station opened its ... 12 students, four of hich to take out. a warrant, Center Sunday September 6.i them to occupy. The steam
hour before
doors there were "colored"and an midnight
t r o n g est instrumentation "white' signs on the restrooms F k 0M were Negroes. Sevens more police reported. the purpose of planning a subsided, however, when another -

against broadening integra- After receiving manycomplaints s white children entered the Patrolmen A R. James and protest to the Mayor of the I! officer of higher rank

tion in the state- He feels the FLORIDA, school on Wednesday/ bring- W. H. Harris investigated.MAN City of Jacksonville for the!I gave the harrassed fans permission -

.. that the pupil assignmentlaw STAR sent a representative{ ing the overall, attendanceto I unfortunate incidents that]I to take the seats again. -.,

cannot maintain segrega-. out to the station to iner- a mere nineteen. The occured at the professional ? + a ? "*
tion. view the manage"r"d'*get school had 130 pup's on its ATTACKEDBY football game that was held

pictures of the jimcrow situation roll when the I list .trm, : endciistnct- I In addition, Mayor Burnsis
Gov. LeRoy Collins, on the ed. 'Since-then th STRANGER I being blamed by many citizens -
I Anthony- Cooper, t9, of 913 for insult to
other hand, has said in the has gone througlThe -. a 'great I
The interview turned out hal Caroline Street was, beaten I :injury when he. a welcome
racially, 'ing be- n sNr gave
that integration at Orc- .
past to be a conferencewhich re- for -
almost solidly Negro. last Wednesday no apparent to two white Florida
hard Villa will substantially sulted in the come attacker
management reason by an players and ignored WillieGalimore

strengthen the, pupil assign- agreeing to take down the', new Air B; le Elementary whom he did not know former Floria A &

ment law in the courts: objectionable signs. A spokes.. school at N fanja absorbed The victim states that he I''M I half-back now with the

The Orchard Villa integra- man for the company they! MIXON 21 Negr< 'tudentsspread was approached by a man I I Ky Bears. Burns extended a wel-

tion has been bluntly called thought the separation of facilities ...Waiting through grades. whom he did not know asI I come to Rick Casares former

"token" by Robert W Sand- was something desirJcd There are 732 wh students he was leaving a plaec n the 4'a {University of Florida fullback
and explained that there S s s enrolled the Actually block Davis Street.II
ers. NAACP Field Secretary. at )1. 200 on with the Bears and Don

Saunders chose to add, how- was no intent to offend. beneath the building. The these are tlj children He said the man asked him I r Bosseler, former Universityof

ever: coT he mere fact that In view of the fact that the I t trapped Mixon opened fireas of already-integrar- fd. Home- about a "Mr. Grimsley," and i' Miami fullback with the .

desegregation has begun, company has so readily cooperated ', he was hauled out. estead Air Force e per- when he answered he did I Redskins.The .
by moving the signs' sonnel. not know the man in ques-i
stands out as an example to ; In a desperate attempt to
I the FLORIDA STAR is :' tion, his assqilant said he was snubbing of Galimore
other communities that it can urg- escape capture, Mixon then Integration effort in Tam-
ing its readers to patronize, going to beat him up. brought many comments of
be done. He concluded by took 'B a r lo w's revolver
are stymied. dissatisfaction
the Golfair-Moncrief stationin pa porarystablish Cooper said he attackedand along with a
stating that the NAACP will and fled in the officer's car. schools have been mild
of boos for Mayor
instances beaten. The victim
when it is not badly
continue efforts He within
to integrateall was captured
cd in Port Tamp in what
I Burns who owes his electionto
convenient to trade with the was taken to Duval Medical
schools in the state. three hours in the 1100 block .
NAACP officiI termed I
,,Negro-owned stations. f rI, ; Center by cab. He was ad- the Negro voters but has
of West Street.
Eighth V
I as "a ruse !to delay desegra-j vsed by police to contact recently declared himself "an
;, The incident is coldly re- tion in ." W. B. MILLER
Hillsborough County
NAACP TO PICKET SEARS of Sea's them if he obtained additional -, .. avowed practising segrega-
i Jminiscent Sgt. untimely Negro mothers .hav< information. Militant tionist."
. I
slaying last Spring.Sea ed in protest of.t1' e Picket-j j I
I was shot to death by a and have asked Burns is currently makinga

UNTIL STORE CHANGESPOllCY' man described as Robert Lee children be allowe"J o attend I t play for support for his
I Knighton. Sea, like Barlow, Madison Junior Kmi Schoolin TWO INJUREDIN ,at the Gator Bowl on Saturday -,plan to run for governor in

was in the line of duty.In Tampa., M a d Hro n is, of FALL September 5, betweenthe the 1960 gubernatorial election -
the meanwhile Twenty seven year-old Washington Redskins and
I 29yearold course, a white school.
Thomas Milton lost his bal-i the Chicago Bears.
In entering Its fourth week of actitWr. the NAACP Mixon is being held at

picketing of Sears store has bee J.I called "a very intersiing:city jail charged with assaultto In Miami i five Negroes ance last Sunday while play-,The Ministers were so deeply

and consis;nt demonstration o! unity and determination murder. As it stands, Mix- have applied for admissionin ing on a second-story porch concerned over the matter to

This observation was made by Aity. Earl M. Johnnson.j on's fate depends largely onBarlow three a 11-w h i it e high with 5-year-old. falling to the extent that many of hem
NAACP 'sRADIO 'wheelsIt: : is felt that their the sideway, both Milton and SWIMMING
branpresident in HOLE
a statement i
issued this week. i got up out of their beds, after -
1 request will be turned down the lad were seriously injur-
"The picketng has been a;the picketing is "extremely I Isuccessft.&I. f _L at the Sept. 16 board meet- a full communion service
I ed.The day to attend this emergency
healthy demonstration a swell ."' j ing. accident, happeningabout meeting- complete picture DROWNS YOUTH

Johnsoi said. "Parti "We feel that we are gett- noon, took place at _
I IS STOLEN This week inv St. Peters-,' :of the incident was present-
cularly in provig the Negro'sability I ing splendid coopertion from burg three Negroes reapplied!I 727 W. Church St., the house Cd to the group br eye wit
address the
of victim.Milton's
I Negroes aJ d whites alike, young .
for admission to technical nesses the ranks of -
to get together as a a new among
that he', he said. "We have, we think, Otharee 'Washington, high school. Last monht I address was listedat the ministry. The group voted -
unit in demanding but to maintain the 637 W- Church Street. ,
the board turned down to' follow this matter to A 13-year-old
4*, of 1312 Madison Street boy drowned
be accorded some essentials line for as long as Sears'maintains 111 Patrolmen Sidney Gaines
; Negroes its
I who is blind along with 31 completion. Wednesday morning after
its reported the and William M. Harris inves-,
of freedom We are particu- position the
grounds that they skipping school to swim-
about this sinceit in this matter. 1 j theft of Zenith table. radio failed to tigated. While others were enjoy- go
larly happy meet entrance requirements ming with his friends.
I "We intend to be walking last Tuesday while she was -- j ing their Labor Day festivi-
roundly disproves whathas :around Sears until hell free-i away from home. J i ONE PAIR TOO MANY ties with their families several The victim Walter AdkinsJr.
said that the Negro A local of 2014 Benedict Road
been zes over, Johnson concluded man; apparently of the ministers were ; .
is incapable of generating a1(, grimly, "Or until the store j She said a man came to dissatisfied with having stol- meeting at) etheJ Institutional drowned in about five feetof

concentrated effort of any;indicates that it can treat us!the house to visit :Matthew FOUR TO ENTER en only four pairs of shoes, Baptist Church to solve water after becoming en-

magnitude." !J+ fairly. j Williams, also'blind.. She said MEMPHIS U., went back to the Duval Shoe the existing problems. A tangled in some cables, ac-
: ; the visitor asked to usa the \ Store at 125 Board Street complete news release will cording to the Duval County

The observation of many| VOTER DRIVE PLANNED rest room arid while he was MEMPHIS, Tenn., Four where in the process of re- be given from your Interdenominational patrolmen who investigated

people is that the picketing:, LITTLE ROCK Ark. I.I in the house he stole the ra-I Negro students will enroll moving a fifth pair he was Ministerial Al- the tragedy.
has affected the business at I dio. .. ;! for classes 'at Memphis..State caught by police. liance
Sv McClinton, president ofj f concerning conferences An
Sears to a significant degree.be immediately !i the Arkansas Democratic Negro -, Williams said Bishop Prims J JCl !University when registrationstarts The suspect, LeRoy Wil! held with t h-w e .City! Authorlifes sand pit was where -
this"cannot _
Although Voters Assn. said last the Anderson Who'sjttfcmed Sept. 15. The, four were hams, 27. of 722 W. Church ." ?_- young ".
Hotel Adkins
inside V. perished. The friendswith
proven an week at"the oigar Iils among eight .Negro students St., admitted to police that Wilberi B/Miller.
admitted that } r ; as. the suspect whom he had
source ruefully for= I who took entrance -examinations he had used a brick to break PresidentR. gone .
: of business ex, planning s a drive tIeast r r103OOa vYas 'the only visitor during'that swimming left him. It is
vojumn'. estimated
at the school. The university ::the window of the -
store. He J. Blaine Vice
.. voters
the store a t its' tfcialified Negro time. The victim being i his body had remained
pected by president .said the j j was booked the -
in Arkansas. at sit jail PresidentJ. ,
blind was not able y.. in the
has not made itsap-! to say water an {
opening 'I. only departure.from routine for approximate -
McClintpn paid .there breaking and emejing B. F. Williams.
I! what. color the radio was J 8 hours before it r
pearance. 220,000 5Xtential|;voters out It' 'I i registration will be a special and.petty larceny. Secretary recovered. The was

This perhaps- what promp of a.state population of X400-t, ,Patrolmen- W. Solomon and "orientation"* for the Negro The incident took.: Tension ran high / when one hour body was recovered
i- after the ,
ted Johnson ..to' remark that]000- J. J. Seldon investiated. f students. last weekend .. I' more than a hundred colored police was notified. .:1t -,
/ -'



Two THE FLORIDA STAR Week EndIng Saturday. September 12. 1959THE

+ b 'i' .z ', a"r' tr 'f.i j "Politics As Usual"By
.h Si ,f i. [ ..+fr 7. i?::fL y R 'r'wvS : f47
..c; .1

Eric 0. Simpson

PubJlshed by The Florida Star PuMitMng: Co. j

"Member ol Associated Negro Press"7Ede i MAYOR Harden Burn's recent outspokenness should re-
O. Simpson Editor 'act as an eye-opener to every progressive-minded person in
C. Ptrham Johnson ..?- Newt Staff (the stale of Florida..

Hilda Woolen > Circulation Dept. ': AI It is, of course, a glaring I'
fact that the :Mayor hopes i,
aloud his
MAIN OFFICE fe PLANT: I segregationistsviews .
2 $ to ensconce himself in thegovernor's ;
B23 Moocriei Road EL 4-6782 EL 4.6783 -
chair by the old
Phone EL ,43773i Obviously this is his
Downtown Branch Office: 423 Broad St. I war
political stand-by race-'
t *- Mailing Address 4 iaiting- And that is the exac 'I j minded of telling Floridaians all progressivet Negroes-

P. O. Box SSI Jacksonville: 1, Florida ? ( : reason why the man shouldbe I in pertecesear that he'doens't

? watched as he pogo- 'give a hoot about their
SUBSCRIPTION RATES sticks about the state declar- support -
IJ! 1 should his for
One Tear $5.00; Half Year, $3.00; Three Months $1.80 ing his undying allegiance to become running
Mailed To You, Anywhere In The United States. the practice and perpetuationof governor a

Subscription: Payable in Advance. Send Check or Money Order To.n.otUDA $ segregation.. I't And contradiction.this is an For outlandish
# y Our good' .
Burns ever realize his 60-40
:k \
; ; :: .: Mayor is a chance of winning the gubernatorial
fff, I"} \ .- ; he would need
WILL TO .NEGOTIATECAN "" .,. 'i';: tredin.endouslyaznbitiaus :t race
:j: ).. ; \ ... every vote he could possibly
; 'iq.; _.s:: t t
"" I glean in order to get his
,:;j." Nor is
man. het. l '
EASE RACIAL TENSIONTHE : hands on the key to Florida's

1--1V ,.w without that,.. : white house.

1_ '* ."} .' ,.:::'::. Ah.i attendant cleverness -,":' Up to this point, Mr. Burns'

community surrounding the new service station at i ";!I j"' '. which'could ::::i! .. :., : nct-too-subtle barnstormingand

Moncrief Road and Golfair Boulevard rumbled in protestlast i :": t \c !j easily be. ':!i.i'. I' public relations activity

week by the appearance of White and "Colored" : .--t... a prerequisite .f/ ;. : has been admirable Besides
signs on the doors of the restrooms as well as on the drink 1 ,,; l-; of ambition. It.};_. .. : meandering about the state
ing fountains. 3 '' iY r is readily beSIMPSON simply gushing with personality -
Outraged, the citizens thereabout quickened with rancorat I f".J ievable that Burns has long; and good will, he has

j I the daring display of segregation right under their very envisioned himself as gover- played the charming host tot
noses. The station, erected and maintained by the Southern ; : ... ) nor of this state, eve. as a many groups of visiting mani-

i States Oil Compan, is worthy addition to the neighborhood \ F'j some time in the past he saw cipal dignitaries from other
Built along imple lines, it has a clean,. airy look :STILL ON THE LOOSE himself as Mayor of this city. parts of the state. He has, as
, ; that promises courteous and efficient service even from AND CAUSING EMBARRASSMENT TO OUR It seems a little odd, there:well, consistently lauded the

afar. But those gosh-darned one-way signs on the restroom WORLD LEADERSHIP fore, that Burns should suddenly annexation I I method of nullifying -

doors an on the water spouts kicke the whole modern, abandon his political' the Negro voting power -
sensible effort right in the slats. sleightof-hand (which has ; he has closed the golf
The citizens out there rose up in wholly] justified indignation I Your Weekly worked so successfully for courses to satisfy custom, and

: They wanted those signs removed because they him) to now prostrate himself -, yet succeeded in smiling his
were racially obnoxious They wanted them hauled down before the temple of way into the hearts of sufficient -
because they couln't see why they ha to tolerate arrogant Horoscope GuideBy i racial bigatry while canting Negro votes to still be

segregationist insults-and right in the midst of their own I I securley at the helm at city

community, at tha-! PABLO, The ASTROLOGERWHICH and forbearance will do more;, hall. In short, Burns has engaged -

They were angry, all, right. And they let the FLORIDA for you than emotional out_' in very sensible pre-
STAR know that they wanted some action. They wanted ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR bursts. 'I campaign campaign as far as

somebody to meet with somebody and put some commonsense 3-70-55-18-82-375 the governor's chair is concerned -

in the situation BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL I I .
A reporter from this newspaper-pertorce-visited the
AQUARIUSBorn But now the good mayor,
beleaguered station. A quiet discussion got underway. Nota ARIES .''ing up for those who delay jealous, suspicious or possessive Jan. 20 thru Feb. 18 either in reckless indifference

summit-meet sort of thing., Simply a civil exchange of Born March 21 thru April 19' ((later 2Cth 5--20-55-12-45-525 and 21st). late on the 20th. or earlyon Security projects, safety I j or sheer exhaustinon, has
ideas and suggestions by two men one white, one black- the the 21st. I
Owing to great pro- and good repute are enhancer blurted the unadulterated
The two men talked for a half-hour; one half-hour in the gress you are making in your 7-49-99-13-92-749 on the 16th thru 20th I! truth: He is a hard-down
infinity of time. .
excel and earnyou the efforts
to when
attempts repulse segregationist-a practicing
And the Born June 20 thru Jnlr 21 ,
signs came down. could be' lulled into a1 to in- at that
LIBRG of aggressive people : one, ; not just secretly
The lath is a good day to I
sense of false security. Be fuence you against your bet: believing in the stuff, .but
rely on the judgment and|]Born Sept. 24 thru Oct. I
especially alert for such po- ter judgment. Any departure openly bringing it to bear.
; services of experienced people Since you are favored from I
sibiuities on the 17th, 18th when your associationsand the 16th thru the 20th, strengthen from the conservative principle j I Which clearly explains his
and 21st, when rival moves public; affairs become he bonds of kinshipand i which you have adopted; affection for annexation, his
The coming visits of Premier Khrushchev to this country are more likely to be viorous You this would underlie frustrations I1! disaffection for any civil
tend to be
too partnership during
and of President Eisenhower to Moscow certainly reflect i and .concentrated. Continueto forceful and impulsive for,phase. Difficulties crop up and monetary reverses ((20th).I rights legislation that would

the enormous of both the pressures for peace that come from the peopies ward off threats to your your on the 'Hth, and revelations could be em 1-70-44-13-91-174 I'improve the state's racial im-
Soviet Union and the United States. The vial associations.
leaders of the two most powerful countries.in the world are 960771656967TAURUS 18th own100d A romantic barrassing late on the 20th PISCES broqlie and his illogical irO ]-
arise the and the 21st. Do not
on early on
reflecting, in action. what amounts to an overwhelming de- Born Feb. 19 thru March 2 I: difference to the Negro vote.
20th, and that is the time let outside of the
mand that every avenue that may lead to peace be explored. when should I family anyone know how stand i Since you probably will;'t,l It is possible that Haydon
The cold war is not going to end overnight. Mr. Khrushchev you express you trouble. have to change your mindbefore L Burns has outgrown his municipal -
feelings. to
is not going to suddenly wave the flag for capitalism, Born April 20 thru May 20 your 2-9 3-18-83-293 financially 8-50-88-19-72-858 prevent the month is up, stall clouting. It may even
and Mr. Eisenhower is not going to embrace communism. You should take' advantage for.tune and give yourself the' be
1 : a probability that the cUr
men of opposed views meet face to face and talk of a quiet environment to SCORPIO necessary time for profound
in frankness.the chance for reaching an understanding nec- weed out the clutter in your LEO Born Oct. 24 thru Nov. 22J and mature reflection ((16th).:I of Jacksonvills has become
essary to coexistence may be enhanced. background and surroundingsand fern Jul |23 thru Aug. 231 j I The 16th could usher in 1 ...-Pn be surmounted and too confining for Us out-

state We have seen this at levels other than those of chiefs of to prepare yourself for The 16ttl produces a good, the start of a lifelong friend-j I I you tffiould not allow them t I:I stretched arms. Nonetheless.

scientists or high and officers of state. American and Russian artists I i the new way of life that sign of wha you may expect,' ship, although the fact may!*f to prevent you from choosing however one looks at i*, Hay-

instance indutrial leaders have exchanged visits. In seems to be shapping up for I providing 4ou can hold up|not become apparent until l,I the sort of future you[: don Burns committed a grave

healthy.every A so far as one can' see, the results have been I you ((17th thru 20th). Do not for another 4 days or so. Do: the end of the month. Slow I I Ii I have always desired ((17ththru L error by telling _.the truth

sides. So has new measure of respect has been gained on both :descend: from your lofty not miss an excellent oppor-i down when you find a drop>i;: 20th). Do not force a L about his segregatiomists
It would be measure of friendship. I principles because of financial tunity to ac wire property or; in vitality i and efficiency(17th18th 't: :showdown; or make a final L convictions, particularly at a
hechev-Eisenhower foolish to expect too much from the Khrus- considerations or the state- make a gooJ profit from the17th ( ). Since sociability;!I decision on the 21st as youi L time when he is preparing to

watchful as will the journeys.Russians.We must remain wary and j rents of people who do not i thru 21th. If no agree-I' brightens your existence o I,I would then have cause for'catapult homself into a pro-

unprecedented events hold But these spectacular and'have your interests at heart ments hav l been reached i the 19th-20th, make it number regret. minence that the Mayor ofa

world. hope for. all the peoples of the ((21st). then, it wouju be judicious toj I one on your itinerary.,i 3-20-88-15-25-328 city could never enjoy.

1-90-11-17-28-191 postpone tat whole affair, 4KM41359414SAGITTARIUS
until later( f this month or I -

-- early October. Decisions
w GEMINI made on the 21st have the Burn Nov. 23 thru Dec. lj -:
'AI Born May 21 thru June 19'' aura of great; frustraion. Those who are security )

i Anything you can do, therefore 2-80- 2-15-28-282 minded should not pass up I ___ ,
to ,an opening to create the con- y.
...... t your economy -' ,:
... ., family ties and protec-! I ditions of thenr choice on the:

\ +(!I overlooked on the 16th, when:I,: Born Aug.WKGO l thru Sept 23 16th, when they have planetary -, _
I tine measures should not bei Follow the I II support. Make the discreet -i, *
I'I noble impulse;
interesting opportunities moves that will advance F .. _
ti that should activate o ry 5
knock .et your door. The* express your rue feelings. es-:I your cause in high places,!!
18th-19t& are also propitious'days when you learn about opportunities I
t ;'.pecially I toward those who'o ,I /
for; $Mse who want t are joined to for life for persons of your I I
.v I expand & Change their living -in you or--. caliber ((10th-20th). Since the,
I I enterprises that are mutually I I
'' threat to <
quarters and gainful oc-, proper and your,
profiable ((16th). Your I
conations. pocketbook again looms
Decisions should large.I
I I judgment is also reliable and
ptt be made later than the I y,I do not give it entree by leaving -
imaginative from the 18th'
j i I UOtth and documens duly I thru 20th. You '( possessions unguarded or j
1: would
I 1pjg i ii signed and sealed, as there spoil,granting unwise loans ((20th-
are signs of difficuties everything if you give way.to 21st). _
j,I cropp- a tendency to become! 6-30-66-14-76-636> I Ii _

II I I Ii I DM this: coupon. Learn more abbot jooneff. Send 10 .*nt- (one J Born Dec. 22 thiu Jan. '19 t _

{ II I I' dime In coin) for each horoscope ordered by mafl. Include art As Saturn in your Sun-sign !

t % 171 r i to adder resident tamped tf the dominion enrelope. of Write Canada.p tsta
". 1 i has a a,. a, r I I rest assured that
J ;: ins your per
PABLO, FORIDA STAR ASTROLOGER sonal affairs will begin to
I P. O. BOX 56JJACKSONVILLE do liewise. Put the
I I past behind '

J iir g' ,. I 1, FLA. I' '. I'I you and profit only: KENKMGHT .
its lessons to chart the .
Name : I course you expect to follow; '
N I i henceforward ((16th). Do what j* Invites You To Listen To I

1 i lddrese ij Ii you are asked with good, :
/ 1 grace and find "KNIGHT TRAIN"Starting
> I 0\: i Fe solace in the i i

Qufci tIJ Ii knowledge that you are gain..: .
/ *
DADDY jHM* I A STEER OB J 'i ing strength and will some i At 7:00 P. M. Nightly 1.

A 4ca E I Dale of Blrth 'lA.",: .'. .1'"i 'day be able 'to assert your ,

-- "1 ... .;,'_._' Date. ':'- KMtfc. .. : J"(:20th'complete). independence ((19th- 1400WRHC\ I 1400r .
-" .--.., ,- : *""" -.- aaaat -: *I The 21st is another : ? ; :1t.
.. i. T? :'., ::. : :
"" : vexing
"" < .'. I <,.".';" $ .:.j ,'"'J-1 day when tactfulness :1\

; :-, ,,:_ ::':I\'l' :; '_:';f' '" :' '; :. ; '::';;-" ;,, t:{;,,:. ,( :<'{: .:.: K;\ ;""" .!. :) ';:-,. ;, ," --- ...,. JM' .. .. ':. ::--< ';_. \t

: :
: .. ,


;t -+9 .' ... t i _-"'_ "', .. ... '."-.. _


Week Ending Saturday September 12. 1959 THE FLORIDA STAR Page Three

\ .. ,;
Wedding Bells ,; ." .' ,;;:, .
.' ;:_ i.. ;: 'r ; ( ; ; ;
; -
for Marriage ,
Applications .
License .


Nathaniel Nichols 934
Kings Rd.. 31 and Rhoda Wil-
liams, 934 Kings Rd., 25.

Frank Allen, 812 W. Monrel !

St., 24 and Rosalind Douglas,
615 Franklin St., 21.

Ulysses Dexter, 1358 PrinceSt.
., 20 and Deloris Robinson,
1745 W. 2nd St., 15. -t +n

Leon W. Joyner, 826 Dewitt
St., 18 and Maude L. Valen-

tine, 1836 Bisbee St, 16. kiAt

Edw. L. Kings 4129 FairfaxSt.

., 22 and Agnes L. Bynum. '
298 Osceola St., 18. i -R iE ; oSk, Ff

Leroy B. Jakson, II, 241 T .; 'Sr
Chelsea St., 19 and Annie L. -
Crosby. 4225 Pierce St., 17.
Culbert B. Lester, 1411 W. {
5th St., 20 and Freddie D.
Greene, 813 Court D, Blod-
gett, 19.John .
I z-
E. Slaughter, Jr., 2124 A
Venus St., Apt. A, 29 and .r ar isae .,
Marjorie J. Jones, 2124 Venus isfw k
St., Apt. A. 24. ti :
Isah Owens, 912 W. Duval #
St., 38 and Clarice Dean, 2565 tf
W. 43rd St., 34.
Levi Anderson. 1780 Cleve-

land St., 31 and Mazine Car- ; '.' ,61
miceal, 6204 Lobella St., 21. ......
Clarence W. Knox 5041 .
Old St. Augustine Rci. 21 and ,;.::'.:' .:' .., :J

Maudlin F. Downs, 5135
Emory Circle, 24.
Andrew Stephens, Jr., 3630 1
Childs St., 17 and Bertha M.
Adams. 1003 Everson St.'17.

Leroy R. Phoenix, 727 W. :1gIcT ,
Monroe St., 35 and Queen E. :
Jackson, 1836 Mound St., _
Orange Park, Fla.. age 39.

\ _

n Aa F 9
s. _
k s Z spy

'. s aX
OCT. 15

AKA Soriety will sponsor
Ebony Fashion Fair Oct. 15
and has included Jacksonville
in its agenda and the audi-
torium of New Stanton High
School has been chosen as the

Fashion Fair, a twoLcur
show, is under the .
direction and supervision of 9

Freda DeKnight, home service ..
and fashion director. .
This noted fashion authorityhas Yhf f .
been selecting all the
clothes and will narrate the
two hour show.
Fashion fans will witnessa .

$100,000 fashion ensemble, .
staged with scenery and.I
lighting. The Fashion Fair is #' 'Q. -
devised to bring top fashions I
to the mass public and promises i JOSEPH JOHNSON HONORED-A reception was Mitchell; standing I.ft Miss Stella M. Hodges Mrs. Miss Elizabeth Darby, Miss Sylvia Johnson Miss
to be both entertaining! given Monday night Aug. 31 at 1330 Florida Avenue Rosa L. Wilkerson 'and Mrs. Alma Glass. Yvonne Whaley and Miss Shirley Bell. Miss Gail is
arid informative. :Male models' honoring Joseph Johnson Jacksonville's baritone singer. -, Center left-Mrs* V 1 o 1 a Johnson Mrs. J. J. Nixon shown near the table. Bottom right seated from left
and fashions are also included' Many guests representing religious civic educational Mrs. Ola Quinle* Mrs. Hattie Parker Mrs. Lauvenia Edward Coley. Miss Minnie Lowe Miss Roselyn Watts.
in the show. youth and adult groups were in attendance.The T. Marques. MrJjfEiia Alkens. Mrs. Sarah Morris Mrs. Mrs. N. R. Lowe Freddie Williams, Miss Arabella!
The affair will be presente photos above show some of the guests: Top left Elmore Aveilhe and Mrs. William (Maxie) Johnson Whaley James Clark Miss Dorothea Dasher Monroe
by Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority sealed from left-Miss Mercedes Slater Charles Davis mother of honcree: standing left J. J* Nixon, Rev.' Monford Jr.. Mrs- Dorothea Calvin Alvin Smith Louie
for the benefit of the Miss Essie Mae Hayes Miss Bernice 'Graham; Joseph E. S. RaV, Joseph Johnson honoree and Mrss Reeves, Mrs. Marie Gable Paul Tucker. Miss Willie B.
sorority's shoe fund. Persons standing Miss Gerilene Robinson and Isaiah Williams Elmore Aveilhe.Bottom ) Golphin James Golphin Ulysses Ford Kenneth Clair
interested in attending may Top right-seated from left Miss Juanita Raiford Miss left Miss Marian Johnson. Miss Ella Mae and Walter Griffin. Standing in the center are little
secure tickets from any Annice Davis Miss .Mildred Brown and Mrs. Mary H. Green Miss Catherine Johnson Miss Irene Solomon Misses Gail Vanice Mclvory and Barbara Ann Patterson.
member of the AKA. -J Photo by Avery's Studio

=- ceremony performed by Father Ferrell, Priest PSt Pius NEW ORGANIZATION a a .

a ,.@IiJ;" ..: -=--=,:= -:, a= -::--=a '.I Catholic In addition Church.to local friends extending ongratulations to|I ELECTS OFFICERS I Letters to LollyShe _

=- -. : ,---.- =-. the hansome young couple, the presence of guests from !,
.1 I Tallahassee, Mr. and Mrs. John Noble, Mrs. Edwin Nor- model '
be !
I wood, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Jenkins, Sr>, Capt. and Mrs.I.I.I The Chanel Ladies Social wants to
By I I I Richard Boiling Miss Elsie McCloud, and Mrs. Aldonia and Saving Club was recently -
LOUISE G. GUINYARD maternal' I By tony larieuje .
Jenkins ( grandmother of the bride) were duly organized in the home of f
noted. Mr. an Mrs. Joseph Nelson of Tampa and Mr. and I I Dear Logy: ':' lustre. Try H..yoM
WEST JACKSONVILLE GARDEN CIRCLE ENTERTAINSThe Mrs. Charles Hurst of Gainesville also responded to the invitation Mrs. Teresa Donald, 3620 N. For years I've wanted friend will hare to t4'
.\Vest Jacksonville Garden Circle entertained their Myrtle Ave. to become a model and her words.
friends with one of the most colorful affairs of the summer Mr. and Mrs. Epps will make their home in Nashville, I', elected Mrs. recently I to made horror the- s e
Officers were grade. Now my It' *
. season. The party was held at the home of Mrs. Nena Solomon Tennessee.. (Mr. Epps is a native of Little Rock, Arkansat.) I find my hair laturning Dear Lolly:
on W- Fifth Street. Vanneta Clayton, president; gray.I'm only-23 I used to think thj
Colored lights flooded the beautifully appointed grounds. Not ALL Labor Day celebrants went to the beaches I Mrs. Mary Dixon, vice president -I and promising I hate to career have cut my ., color gray was beau '
Chairs and tables were arranged for the delightful eveningof Monday, but we do know that Talbot Island and American I ; MrsBetty Stewart, short by prematurely ''"" :Jj' but guess now it just I despise looks a it.lot I
game playing. Prizes were won by Mrs. Porcher L. Tay- Beach had their share of fishers,'bathers (both sun and surf) gray hair. .Jeannie' '. !fJ better on doves than it
lor, Miss Edith Boyd and Mrs. Eloise Brooks. and folk who enjoy other forms of seaside sport. secretary;; Mds. Sam 1 i a does on my head. Honestly -
Mr. and Mrs.. Ernest Miller Mrs. Maggie 1 Allen assistant i secretary Dear Jeannie: I feel tan years older than
Guests were: : ;
We admire the astuteness .of members of. C G S Enter- Many people wonder why aueI am, since my hair started turn
Thompson of Washington D. C-: guest of Mrs. E. L. Harris; prises in their effort to "add social tone" to American Miss Juanita King, treasurer; eessfnl models go year after year ing. Do you think I'd be silly.
Mrs. Constance Greene; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Walker Mrs. Beach, We do not have the official roster of officers of Mrs. Teresa Donald, sinking without ever seeming to get gray. to color it?
Shirley Samuels and Mrs. Mildred Bell of Cleveland Ohio The answer Is as simple a.buying Myrtle
organization but know of its leaders
we some -
GODEFBOrS Larieuse
guests of Mrs. L- M. Argrett;, Mrs. Osar Bell; Mrs. Lottie and, knowing these persons, we predict nothing short fund treasurer; Mrs. JohnnyM a Haircolor.box of Dear Myrtle: '
Gilbert; Mrs Cecile J. Walker; Mrs. Lucy Tramble: Mrs. of success for them. I Brown, business manager; I think you'd be silly not tot f Tea,
DaWvis. Mr. L. M. ArgrelL The annual "Miss American Beach" contest held on the :Mrs. Ruby Lee White, chap- Dear.!
Members Mrs. G. Cherrr M. A. Ar- lain Mrs. Deloris Butler, re- r
attending were. Mrs. ;
Afro Motel Lawn saw three charming and expertly train- I guess I was born to have ugly robs ns of oar youth. Color your
greti Mrs. E. L. Harris. Mrs. Randy Evan. Miss Luvenla ed young ladies competing for the title. porter. I hair.It's to dull and dry-looking. hair by aO means. However be
Solomon. Mrs. Beulax Lamb: Mrs.: Rena Clark Mrs. Nena I wanted to color it but my best core yon get the soft natural-
Solomon. Mn V. Rouadtree.'Mrs. Cora Ross. I Other member are Mrs.Almethia friend says that will make it even looking haireolor of GODEFBOfflLarieuse.
: I Mrs. Coozie ''duller. .
The next, meeting of the Circle will beheld at the home BOLDEN'S MUSICAL KINDERGARTEN Joyner Susie 000
of Mrs. Flossie Jones 1262 Grothe'-Street. Mnoday ,night. 1816 W. 20th Street Phone EL 5-9722 Lester. New memare being Dear Suit: Whatever your bah! problem
September 14. .,... Kindergarten Begin September 2nd solicited. I Year Mead is about u wrong u over-processed, bleached gray or
he can be! Hlgh-gearily..pedal- naturally dull-looking, your
\ ALSO FOR CHILDREN & ADULTS The next activity will bea formula GODEFBOrS LarieuseHaircolor hair can have the sparide o/yocth
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Miller of 2309" D u r k e-e Drive Piano -. Band Voice Guitar Accordtea social in the home of Mrs. well dye year. hair both with wonderful .GODEFROY: ?
were hosts to, innumerable friends last Sunday .evening at. Theory Tutoring Adult Tfrfaf Hoa Deloris Butler Tuesday Sept. the beautiful deep color you west, Larieuse.Look for it in the famooflr
.looking d box-just f 1.28,pins tar.
sad a shining, astir jS i
a reception their daughter. and in-law MUSIC CLASSES BEGIN .
honoring ? son Mr. SEPTEMBER 8TH 15, with Mrs. Vanetta ClaY- -
an Mrs. Edgar G. Epps, who wre manitd.June 9, 1959'in, a:I U'f" f.. ." ton as co-hostess. e e C e .. I .- .
C -
..t .. _




Page Four .. THE FLORIDA STAR :. Week Ending Saturday. September 12. 1959

I Mt. Zion AME Women Set Nov. 15 For Annual Day IMRSc


s s s elf'


The women of Mt. Zion AME Church will observe their 'I: WO JENS: DAY .

annual Women's Day Nov. 15, with Mrs. Robert W. Gray. .... .. A Wedding of the Dolls you
serving as chairman and Mrs. Nathaniel Davis, cochairman. : teaturing a bevy of beauti-
b... > know
... I ful dolls now on display at

The following person are i I tX... *<.:.::'>., ;i;:. .... ..:.. I i I The women of Mt. Bethel'': 910 the Davis city wide Street doll is contest.The a part.of they'll fit -

chairmen of various PHILADELPHIA ( Baptist Church will observethe I .
erving as
\! ; annual Women's Day if they're
committees: Mrs Rosa contestant receiving
: Sept. 20, throughout the day. .
Peppers, decorations; M r s. ANNUAL i."Vq\t Officers are: Mrs. Alice the highest number of votes BUSTER

Frances Calhoun Jones, ads SETS. Baker, chairman; Mrs. Lor-,over $35, will receive the BROWN

and patrons; Mrs- Mabel Oli- 1 raine Cobb, co-c h a i nnan; i bride, those reporting over c

phant, music; Mrs. Charlotte DAY SUNDAY .1 :Mrs. B- W. Williams, acting $25 will receive the maid of

Stewart, Sunday School; Mrs. ( pastor; :Mrs. Rubye Allen, honor, the bridesmaid or one I
iBa.. ,
., ., of the bridal Contest- \;
Clotelle Seals, publicity; Mrs. tJ ,.. general secretary. party.
Fannie Foster, program; Mrs. ;, /. : I Speakers for the day will ants reporting $25 will receive

Theresa Butler, 'ast chair- t :.'.. :mi: I be Mrs. D, B. Barnes at 11a : other gifts-

man; Mrs. .Lilliz i Griffin, Philadelphia Baptist' t ._:::z;:......<.fj. :.. .. m., Mrs- Eliza Rich Perryat
hostess ; Miss Alethia B. Church will observe its annual .,.. ;} ', 3 p- m. and Mrs. Estelle I Contest will close Sept. 16
Frazier, finance; Miss Wini- Women's Day Sunday < f Lovingood and Mrs. Edwina .at 8 p. m. at Grant Memorial -

fred Small, secretary; Mrs. with Mrs. Thelma W. Nor- Levy for the evening. AME Church. Tickets and a

Pedro Lavette, Mrs- Annie man serving as pastor for the .
Guest soloist are Mrs. G. T. i i information concerning

Telfair, Mrs. Josephine Lowe, the day. o? fc : McCall, Mrs. Martha Phillips :, contest may be secured at I.
MrsEstelle Hamilton and .: 'and 1rs.Alice
The morning address will 910 Davis Street
Mrs. Lois Roberts, under. be delivered by Mrs. Susie k' ,. Choir 3 of St. Thomas Bap-
leadership Mrs. Marie Mc- McGraw of Mt. Ararat Bap- 1 tist Church will serve dur-
Keever, will serve as leadersof tist Church. Mrs. Lucinda ing the youth hour and the Mrs. J- F. Cannon, Captainand

the ways and means committee Jackson will deliver the aft- y Wcmen's Chorus will serVe the Rev. J. T. McMillan, Y

ernoon message at 3 p. m. I at each serviceMEN pastor.LOCAL.

One-hundred persons have The closing address will be I t.
delivered the Rev. Mrs. i I -
been selected to serve as area I by 1
:Marie Washington.Mrs. I
to all \
captains contact mem-
bers for contributions Other I Elizabeth Green, gen- CHURCH

officers serving are: Miss eral chairman and Mrs. Nellie MEN'S DAY AT PLANS ANNUAL

Lauretta Jenkins, treasurer C. Brown, co-chairman I!I GRACE BAPTIST __ .
and Mrs. Evelyn B. Wells, tains announces: Mrs.the Thelma following W. Norman cap-- < : t.. .. .;. '., ... I i iI 1 __ __ DAY

have secretary.been Serveral planned activities for the :Mrs. Janie McNair, Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. Walter\ Taylor wh-- observe Grace its Baptist annual Church Men's\ will Day We fit your child's feet

Ida Bailey, Mrs. Alice Cars- k perfectly In Buster Brown
celebration.The .
well MrsRosie wed Am 28 1959 Sept. 27, with Eddie Wright exclusive
Lee Davis, vrtre on gust of Lewis Memorial with our 6-point
leaders of the Women's Mrs. Rebecca Teasdale, Mrs. -----_- servinb as chairman, Willie women fitting plan.
Day activities are striving to Lollie M.: Bostwick, Mrs. MUHAMMAD'S TEMPLE TO HOLD MEETING ; Axton, co-chairman, and trfee AME Church met re- From $6 to S8.95

make the November obser- Ruby Baker, Mrs. Louis Muhammad's Temple ofl j peer Minister Jeremiah 11,I Rev. B_ F. Brawn, pastor cently to the organize Rev. J.for J.the Cross an-, According to Size
The pastor
vance the best in the historyof Washington, Mrs. Rosa Lee Islam located at 329 W. State;of AUanta, Ga. Sunday at 2:.1 captains are : E.I n' obser-
nual 'V 0 me s Day
W. Axton ClentonJanmes .
tht church, both in atten- Williams and Mrs, JerdineB. St. will have as it's guest p. IEThe! pubic is invited. Wright, Walter vance which will be held 'U elf'd
dance and in finance. Johnson. I
DEACONS SCHEDULE Thomas Jackson and M. C. Oct 18The SHOES
I]HEN iio OBSERVEMUALDAY'AT : Way. I 216 W. Adams
The Male Chorus of Mt following officers were 1948 San Marco

FOR SEPTEMBER 20 i' Vernon Baptist Church will. .. elected: Mrs. Lucile Morrison w

HOME i- i' render & recital following the, chairman, Mrs. Queen PATRONIZtSlar

929 West Beaver Street. Deacons M. T- Brown ofMt. : If regular service Sunday night., i Roberts, co-chairman. Mrs

24 HOUR AMBULANCE SERVICE Ararat Baptist Church: ] iiqTI D. Moore will be at the console .'Roberta Cross, program chair_ I
-:- Lady Attendant -:- NEW\ ZION
; The Ida Scott co-chair-
Mrs. ,
Phones and R O'Neil Robinson ofJ, program is beinc r man. I Advertisers'
I given for the benefit of the; man. Captains, secretary and
O. C. Jernigan Owner EL 44)545) Bethel Baptist Institutional j &
I -- \ ren's Day Drive. treasurer were also chosen.
S. TM Davis Manager EL 4.0546 Church will sponsor a program -
Firs New Zion BaptistChurcj I --
at Bethel Sunday Sept.
I W will observe Men's SEW-YOUR-OWN SETREADY
20, at 4 p- m. II
Dav Stxnday; beginning with I FOR EVERY FASHION CHANGEBy
Singing groups invited to the Sl daY School at 9:30
WALKER appear are the Male Chorus z- m with Emmett N. Reedof Evelyn Cunningham N*. in just a year, so rapidly do The interfaced contour belt is

and Choir 4-B of Mt. Ararat Grpnt MemorialAME One of the chief reasons styles change.It buttoned at the center back.

Baptist.Others appearing on Church' serving as guest sup- why women never have anything would seem that the Made kere in an orchid and 1
Voational & CommercialCollege the program will be Mrs.Lucy crinten ent.. to wear is that many of whole female population green polished cotton, it

Hightower, Mrs. Lucile Teac erg in the Sunday the dresses that crowd their would rise in arms and rebel could also be made in a printed
Jones and Mrs. Willie Mae School will be Elzie Jackson, closets are dated or "old". against such constant style silk, peau de soie, light
Williams. A dress can become outmoded weight wool or a variety of
Deaco Agnes Irvin, Joseph changes.
... .. .. ...
Smith! Lescene and rn. .--:,' '.. On the few cotton fabrics.
The two deacons are ask- Dewev .k' ... ... :.. contrary, thingsare
ji'REGISTER NOW Willie ichardson. The EBSSOQ t. ":,":'. as dear to a woman's Fashion Sewing Weekly
ing the support of the mem- ,l' Y ..,. ..." Tip: Be careful not to stretch
r'OR OPENING SEPT. 8. 1959 will D reviewed by Howard heart as a new dress. She
bers and friends of both '.! :
COURSES Gusto welcomes style changes. She the acmltolc.Good dressmakers !
churches in this effort. ',;... .put a line of stitching around
eo, the "new
Executive Secretarial Interior Decorating Delis ring the morning address + pS3+ joyously adopts
Business Administration Tolloring trill be Charles D.BrooAs : jr look," whatever it might be these very stretchy edges to

Accounting Leading to CPA DressmakingUpholstering principal of New at the time, And, best of all, hold them. These lines are
Stenographic !Stanton High School. John II she has a ready. excuse for called staylines or stay-

Cleric Typist Radio TelevWonBookkeeping CHURCH \WOMEN H. MOl is of Stanton Atilt ; .p ;C 4. 'herself or her husband for complaiiftng stitching..... -..........- .
PBX Receptionist School Jvill be the evening n 'Tfe simply got to ftf1l"$',, ,<< '!:","'''';.

Business Business Machines speaker ; get a new dress." 'r:' ",' ,
; .
LawFor Additional Information ORGANIZE FOR.WOMENSDAY The Ifficials McCall's Printed Patternsand "
( for the day their ': /:. 'f.. .':" ..
Telephone Immediately headed it v Deacon Joseph D. new Easy-Rule .
EL 5-2626 or PO 5-0004 White liid Melton Jenkins feature minimize the emotionalwear -; a y

Or Write : I}have cJtipleted all plans for and tear on self and

Attn: Dr. J. Walker Brown I making the day successful. spouse in getting a new
I Jacksonville 9. Fla. dress. It is lots more assuringto
say, "I'm going to make a
1832 Myrtle Ave. Jacksoh, chairman of thep. 3 new dress," than it is to

I Walker V & C College i The Rev. F. W. Jones, pas- m. program and :Mrs. s. D, ay u assert, "I'm going to buy a

tor of Fountain Chapel AME Davis, chairman of the 7 p- m new dress."
Church met with the women, worship service. Especially new this season

GLORIOUS recently for the purpose of Mrs Khox, youth chair are sleeves. They are big,
from GRAY to organizing for the observancecf man. Mrs. I. Austin, Sunda important and conspicuous.Two .

their annual Women's Day School superintendent ant distinctively different ,
: which will be held Oct. II.i general treasurer; Mrs. L ; sleeve styles are shown. The

The following officiers. Daniels, general secretary: solid grey, made of a synthetic J'.
were selected: Mrs. Altamese Ira Douglas. flower anc mixture has wide -

I 'S Bowman, chairman of the decoration chairman and Mrs kimono sleeves, belling out

_A morning service; Mrs. B. B..:B. J.Price. reporter, just above the elbow. (Mc-
I v0i f + ," Call's Printed Pattern No.
3xp 4882). The interesting right
Ycu Don't Have to Go to Town to Get "
front belt may be placed high,
la the normal 1 4Y
a Empire or at .
LOW PRICESOn waistline. The dress openson
the left front, from neck to
hipline and is fastened with

YourSTORE pearl buttons and hooks and
eyes. There is a low pleatat
.. .
J1R"Iii: the front.
T. Easy tor make and wear in
jf. summer of cotton, linen or
Trade With Your Neighborhood Drug Store > pique it might well becomean

.y early fall entry, and couldbe
sewn of lightweight wool,
/k L. LARIEUSEwith IN YOUR LOCAL PAPERS : tweed, flannel, wool broad- ,. 1 1yeL

..9,' P,. cloth or jersey.
llKltDj'J'Haircolor f
ire Deliver W* Almi FIll All Doctor PreecrtDxePha.rrp \ '; The youthful floral print k
dress (McCall's Printed
;r "
hair rich and naturaUooldng u _
Toda.have as I
._ the professional model shown herI!One hour and SLEEVES Pattern No. 4998) has' short .
Vodcfro.laricuse brings back youth to drab, ; ; puff sleeves, so much in de-
.'. Becked dree
6 r "' BELLS oa a dress Uapired scoop with fitted
". over-processed or graying hair.It'a easy to use i: ... ty far the Orleat. This die.I .. mand this season. It has a bodice cad flared etz-gore skirt
; DO extra purchase*needed.Get long-Ustjng.. It !. easily fitted .with a wrap- scoop neck fitted bodice and pieces Ike ee IuMle oa tea
Codefroy a Laneuse nowl 1502 KINGS ROAD at MTBTLJC AVENUK rood look-actaallr to opm abort patted aleevea sUffeaedat
a six-gore skirt Toe
; :, ; puff
fro* aeckllat to kip oaljr. Tina tic with erlaoUae
; top
lao6i o _. PHONES d. a.aeue or
Y r U* totaB mmlTm aced sleeves are stiffened at die taffeta. Tko fubioa eoasciomattmmn
It MU opiate caotMts latftqgid.OCCBROT yv: rL / :
dull the hat.HaS It with will awke
I L.11 I JOT top crinoline/or taffeta. jkls easyto
s 1w.a applltItDr. PAY YOUR LIGHT I
WATER'ANDTELE.. > f' awn to 11 weight wool tweed, chess la polished
L 1.1I.._..,assosti .. & This dress may be aide with sew ooUoa.prteted
+ prtierf 8 or cones or UaeB. silk oottoa! or pTaae..
MKX OCX: .Isle Ol .sn SL.-. z PHONE BILLS AT OUR STORE IfcCall'. Patters 94063 tatteeee AO sleeves* or 'bave three McCall'. Pavan 4998 Ha.

-_ -# ,*! < .' 040.- ,. .. .- .,..,v., _. dies .... 7S*. quarter 'length r jsuih sleeves. Illawa*.... 10-II. 99*.

'"' .-'_'::7.;: _" ",:.' .', s.



I i
Ending Saturday September 12 1959 THE FLORIDA STAB Page Fire

f TV STARS AT RITZClint C -' Dr. Thurman W. I that he has no intention of
B-C COLLEGE Stan r; A. B., M. A. Ph.. NORTHWESTERN .NEWS BRIEFS proceeding any further with
t ---- D.; ,Dr. Beulah Carr, A. B., the building.
M. A.. Ph. D., Mr. Ezekiel'
I Josephine Wesley, B. A., M. HOME* BUILDING REPORTED
A. Miss Dorothy J. Wilson,
, B. A., M. Ed.; Mr. Paul Ank-, __
\ COLLEGE'S HISTORY i rum, E. M., M. 11.; Mr., I signe! by 82 Negroes to the Southern
Daytona Beach. Florida> James M. George, B. A., M.| Catherine Barney, Northwestern -I formally protesting against a,I School News, a monthly publication -
1 Dr. Richard Vernon Moore, M.; Mr. Charles Bowling, B. i I High Senior, was white shopkeeper building a school desegrega-
President of BethuneCookman -A., M. A. Dr. John; A. Vande elected president to head a i
; home for his family.: in their Hon in the South and border
s. College, announced 38 Waal, B. A., B.. D., Ph. D.; I slate of eleven officers of
community. I states is at its lowest since
full-time faculty members for Reverend Rogers P-,Fair, A. the school's newly organizedD.
the 1959-60 term. Eleven of B., M. A.; Miss Marion M.I C. T. class. W. J- Garrett, the shop,1954.
Other officers are as follows keeper, has at one point voic- It said that 15 of the 2,132
N'RrR these hold the earned Doctor Sp.eigh t, B. A., M. Ai; Dr. I
n. SX N ate Degree and 27 hold the Lina Kahn, B. A-. M- A., Ph.D. .i I : Julius Barney, vice- ed his determination to carry I j segregated school districts in
,ax.rx earned Master's Degree or .; Mr. Harvey W. Lee, B.I president; :Maxine Caldwell,I on with thebuilding despitethe five states in the South
sit above. President Moore states F. A., M. A.; secretary; Viola Morris, financial petition which said, in I
that this will be the first DIVISION OF SCIENCE: secretary; Jessie Mae part; "Mr. Garrett has three I I would be intgrated this term,
.. time in the history of the Col- Chairman Dr. In-Cho Buxton, treasurer; Pete Dun- teen-age daughters and, of M:either voluntarily or by
w "r lege where no person On the Chung, B. S.. M. S., Ph. D.; meyer, reporter; Elizabeth course, there are a lot of, court order.
instructional staff holds less Mr. Walter J. Floyd. B. S-,I Gauldin, chaplain ; Eddie young colored boys in this I Five other states, Southern
: than the earned Master's De- M. A.; Mr. Rabie J. Gain- SwaJn;:, sergeant-at-arms; nra.Ve do not want any School News said, are plan-
Walker, John Russell and Kookie Byrnes Star Letitia Collins which would
gree. ous, B. S., M. Ed.; Dr. Her- parliamentarian thing happen
in the New Giant Western "Yellow Stone Kelly"coming Cornell Jones social trouble. ning to expand existing desegregation -
The members of the faculty bert Kimmell, A. B., Ph. D.; ; committee cause any .
to the RITZ Sunday thru Wednesday. These chairman The has stated .
Mr. ; Agnes shopkeeper programs.In
t for 1959-60 are as follows: Charles Mathis, B. S.,
are the Stars of the popular TV Series "CHEYENNE. Sherrer, welfare committee 1956, the publication
DIVISION M. S- Miss Seller
: Thirteen of this number are
SUNSET STRIP" Respectively.
and 77
Chairman Mrs. Florence L. S., M. A; Mr. Clyde B. Jack- chairman. seniors.At. present, seven different -I said, 450 districts desegregated. -
Small, B. A.. M. A.; Dr. PaulM. son, B. s., M. S.; Twenty-two students com- occupational choices I There were 270 more
Decker, B. S., M. A., Ed. DIVISON .OF SOCIAL SCI- prise the Diversified Cooperative have been dedided upon. Fiveof I I in 1957, 60 more in 1958-
MISS ROSEMOND SATTERWHITE D.; Dr. Bradley G. Moore, B. FNCE: Chairman Dr. Don- Training gro up. the students are already,f
S.. M. A., Ph. D.; Mr. Free- ald W. Calhoun, A- B.. A. M.,! Pauline Dunkins. B. S., M. employed, some on occupa GETTING UP NIGHTS
ANNOUNCES man W. Hinson, A. B., M. A.; Ph. D.; Dr. Richard K. Sec-:I S.; Mr. Rudolph Matthews, tions which they have chosenas ,
Mrs. Emmy V. Hunt, B. S., kinger, B- F. A., M. A, Ed. careers. fno CP ell is"Bladder or Bed Wetting:too" (Get Iraouent. -
The Opening of Piano Classes M. A.; Mrs. Shirley Lee, B. D.; Miss Mary L- Divers, B. I B. S., M. S.; Mr. Raymon James Genwright, an experienced -I burning or Cloudy Itching Urine urination due) or to
Strong Smelling
For Children from 7 Years Old Up. S. M. S.; Dr. W. A McMillan, M.S. W; Mr. Jake C. Mil-i Thornton, B. S., M. S.; and business man of I common Kidney and Bladder Irritations,
try CYSTZX (or quick year* OM
For Information Concerning Classes B. S., M. A. Ph, D.; DIVIS-IA. B. S., M. S; Mr. John'! Mr. Alvin,, A. Reid, B. A., M. the city, is the coordinatorand prove gaffty for young anfold.Ask drug&nnWe. -
Call EL 4.5793 1237 West 28th Street CYHTK1.under guar
ION OF HUMANITIES: t a'I e y B- S., M. A.; Miss l IB. A. instructor of the class. .See bow last you improees. 4.
-- -- - - -- -


Doctors at, 1245 W. Beaver Street are special-
ist's In conditions where headaches and backaches are
the srmplons. These symptons are usually the first
signs of severe organic disease, such as high-blood F $1.0 EL1VERS !
pressure, kidney-disease, and many others. Menstrual
cramps are usually associated with back conition. We
cannot help everyone, but we accept only those cases
we can help.
Call EL 5.1885 for an Appointment


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i :;. WRITE I. *y :.,rrrLSl Jr..lt'": '. u .. 1 <* Till 6 P. M. .1", ,
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.' .




Page Ix.. f THE FLORIDA STAM Week Ending Saturday September 12. 1959

NAACP PICKETI1 have a lot to say, &_w.t it. 1. .: A. .: ... ... tions, and, in a truly democ-
That's the reason hy ]I CIVIL RIGHTS COMMISSIONASKS ratic spirit, all have made
BLACKED OUT don't take the Timer nine separate statements or ex-

TIMES UNIONIn anymore"Whatever cepions. We have endeavoredto
their reason,the present appropriate conclusions -
and recommendations -
Times Union has deliberately -
be- based on evaluated
what: is generally bold attemptto by-passed making any I The Commission on Civil Rights this week handed a re- : facts and findings in a constructive -

lieved to be a of the NAA mention of the N A A C P- port to the President and Congress thai recommended the'I reort to the President -

suppress news discriminatory -I j jCP's Sears issue, even though appointment of Federal registrars wherever it can be shown:, and the Congress."
campaign news of the icketing has S thai members of minority groups are being denied the
employment been flashed statewide right to vote- Other Commission recom-
practices at the new Sears., United Press International Three of the six commissioners -- ; mendations:
store, the Times Union, admittedly : proposed a Constitutional -:i extended. ior' investigation. 1\ That the Census Bureau

the major white j I amendment that would a i If the complanits were found take a census of registration

newspaer in this area, has I: further protect the voting I to be true, the President then i( and voting statistics.
pointedly ignored the issue I would appoint a Federal officer -I
of NAACP protest picketing : Commanding Officer Flips ... rights minorities.of Negroes and other)!' or employee in the area! That the 1957 Civil Rights ,

now going on at the store. : r 4 ? to act as temporary registrar. Act be amended to prohibit
I '4yw I The proposal for the amendment The Commission, which I"any person or group of per-
Since the picketing began! ii: i sons, under color of State
:: put forth by Chairman -I ran into trouble in both Alabama -
when the store opened for t xb' I '- and Louisiana when it i law," from depriving or thre-
business last Mond ming John A.. Hannah and I tried to get a look at regis- atening to deprive anyone of
word of tht :Ivity Commissioners Theodore M.I
no their right to register and
tration records
. has been mentionet 't the! [ Hesburgh and George M.,Federal law also urged that a' vote
Times Union or its sllltc #4kgt i Johnson, would extend un- requiring That
all State registration and voting -I when there is a refusal -
publication the Jac h vfi.J!) iversal 'suirrage by limiting'
records be preserved for to honor a Commission
Journal. y. i, State authority to the establishment -i I five years and be open to I subpoena: the Commission
This suppression tl 3 ] of any voting requirements -!'the the
strange | P ., public. : may apply directly to
of the news is being viewedin ,.. j other than those i i Chairman Hannah, who also -I Federal courts for relief with,
; '
many ways as increasingly -' .R At ; < t Y 9eY, 'Sa.f : pertaining to age, residence I is President of Michigan out first requiring the ser
people are becoming x Lr F YYr I and legal confinement. It State vices of Justice
more j :K b ( University, said in issuing -: Department
aware of its happening and,' s would also prohibit any per-;! the report.This attorneys

of course, of the NAACP \ son, as well as any State or I II I That the Office of Educa-
picketing. Still, however va' CHATTING AT THE 33rd national boule of the Zeta Beta the Federal government from Commission has attempted -

ned the opinions, they all sorority last week in San Francisco, California, were, from I denying a citizen's right to I to provide a guide: tion, with the cooperation of
left: Dr. Deborah Partridge Wolfe, national' grand basileus vote. for appropriate executive ; the Census Bureau and the
seem to boil down to blunt,I Major Stanley P. Sax,judo in- ; I or'
Mr.\ William G. Porter, assistant to the'vice-Pres1ident legislative action that will Commerce Department, con-
statement made by a former tractor to Reservists of 9857th :
T i m es Union subscriber: : Engineering Unit at Camp Me- marketing, Anheuser-Busch, Inc., and :Mrs. Leonia McQuil- The report considers three contribute asolution of thecivil duct an annual school enrollment -
; Coy, ., 'llips" his commanding lister, local boule marshal. Mr. areas of civil rights: discri- census.
leT h a tts; strictly a segregationist -i| Porter was host to the executive I I rights problem. It is a
officer, Colonel Rudolph F. officers of the mination in voting educationand
I newspaper," the man I, Cernick,while PFC Kenneth W. sorority at dinner in the Georgian problem. as our report makes!| That all cities and States

saig. "They_ don't feel any' Matthiesen watches. Major'Sax rOOm of the Whitcomb hotel It housing.asked that the Commission I I clear, that is native to nee I.with substantial nonwhite
moral i in civilian life is executive vice ther North nor South. Tt io populations: establish biracial
responsibility to --
say president of the American Buff if extended, be permitted -!rather
2581 I ; dilemma; that committees housing.
anything worthwhile about, son Spires Street; Boy a concerns on
Chicago. The training
to set and
company : advisory
Stork Mr. & Mrs. up all Americans. We be-, That the Public Housing
Sumlar j
Negroes. As a matter of fact, is given to men who might be conciliation service to I
the less people know about I :forced to defend themselves in 2111 Baldwin Street; Boy i local school officials help I lieve that this report, whose.i i Administration encourage selection -
combat without a weapon.It is a develop bipartisan contributors include of building sites on

NAACP picketing Sears I combination of judo,jui jitsu and \ r. & Mrs. Rudolph Bowen plans for the transition from:' t
the better they like it. But the more lethal "korate." The Deliveries 1)2G) both Southerners and: open land in good areas outside -
if a Negro had committed a'I latter involves methods of killing Kentucky Lane; Boy segregated systems to dese Northerners, will greatly as-_I the present centers of

robbery or something heydl I with the hands and:feeL *Ir. & Mrs. Bernard Brown gregated systems. And it suggested -I sist the public in understand. racial concentrations-

Births at Brewster HospitalMr. 11i6V.. 22nd Street; Boy that the Commission1serve ing a problem that cries for:': That the Urban Renewal
trr. as a clearinghouse for:( solution.] : Administration assure that
SUPPORT THE DRIVE & Mrs. Benjamin Grif- information about proceduresused Vice Chairman Robert G., spokesmen for minority

fiI{|1976 Yulee Street; Girl in desegregation.In Storey. former dean of Southern groups will be among the
& Mrs. Russell Baker *
Mr.r & housing. the report urg-; Methodist University"I citizens who work with URA
5752 Irish Street Girl Mrs. Leroy Jones
FOR BETTER TREATMENTOF ; 1\1;;\ Frances Street I ed that the Federal Housing, Law School, said: !
I ; Boy and the Veterans
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Rivers I Administration -' "Citizens interested in th programs i : .

NEGROES: LOCAL FIRMSI 1488 W. 7th Street.GirlMr. I Ih. & Mrs. David Killings Administration solution of civil rights problems Other members of the Commission -
7171W. Adams Street; Boy : strengthen their present will be greatly enlightened are Doyle E. Carlton.
& Mrs. Nathaniel Sims with cities and
agreements by the factual inform.
: of Tampa. Fla., a former
would like to see a new policy of better treatment 116 S. 10th Street; Boy Mr.: & Mrs. Tom Morgan states having antidiscrimination -''ation and recommendations i govn
of Florida
l ernor and former
to Nejro customers adopted by local firms.I Mr. & Mrs. Johnnie step-: 107 *Spearing Street; Boy : housing laws by requiring 'I this report. The Commissioners -. Governor John ,S. Battle of
resent being called by my first name by salesman hens 2433 W 45th Street; that builders using FHA agree unanimously
Mr. & Mrs. Eddie on i l Virginia, who lives in Char-
and saleswomen. Girl < { Randolph and VA machinery agree in many of the recommends, lottesville, Va.
I believe that Negro patrons should be provided Mr. & Mrs. Robert Wil-: 15 a JohnsOn Street; Boy advance, writing, to abide by'
ample rest room facilities In local establishments and 1 i a m s 2155 CommonweathAve. Mr.: & :Mrs. Elizah Bowens those laws.It I

an end put to Jim-crow signs on1 drinking fountainsand .; Girl : 7041'Wilson Blvd.; Boy also asked the President: ffI I'llOTOGIiAPIES FOR

rest rooms. Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Jones' rr.. & :Mrs. Hercules Eas- to issue an executive order ,

To accomplish these changes I am willing to cease 838 Palmetto Street; Girl ton 128 W. 20th Street; Boy directing all Federal agenciesto J EVERY OCCASIONExpert

patronizing firms that are unwilling to meet ihtse !\Ir.lrs.. Clarnce Williams -I Mrs: & Mrs. Ozzie Hicks shape their policies,in accordance -

requests. 1490 Windle Street; I 2224 Aloncrier Road; Boy with "the constitu-:
Mr.' & :Mrs. Walter Johns tional Photography
Boy objective of equal op- Portraits
: Weddings Banquets
NAME Mr. & Mrs. Johnnie Hall:27 Fninklin Street; Girl portunity in housing," i Passports & Identification- Photo

1406 Harper Street; Boy j Mr.| & Mrs. Ernest Ne- The appointment in some Photostats & Commercial Work
ADDRESS Mr. & Mrs. Furman John-' Smitli 1711 McQuade, Street; areas of Federal registrars Photos For Newspaper Cuts

son Rt. 2 Box 77 Kingland,I Girl would work this way: I While You Walt

( ) You may disclose my name if necessary. Georgia; Boy Mr{, & Mrs. John Ward When nine or more per- Coloring & Picture Framing
I denilal unless Indicated otherwise below.I Mr. & Mrs. Sonnie Single- 1511'West 9th Street; Boy sons from a county or any : Let Us Take A Photo Of You
understand Thai my name will beheld con!!. tary Rt. 1 Box 375 A Dins- Mirliam & Mrs. Charlie Wil- other political sub-division of
-- : 174 Jaxon Road State file with the President
more, Florida; Girl ; Boy a In Natural Color _
Mr. & Mrs. Leephor Spivey :Mi & Mrs. James Beck- affidavits alleging that J. AVERY

<<. 1556 Logan Street; Girl wort i 1225 West 27th St.; they have been denied the
: : : r ;. Mr. & Mrs. Booker Cam Boy right to register because of AVERY PHOTO STUDIO

1 S 550 Second Street Mrl & Mrs. Orrhenton Hin. race, color, religion, or nat-
Boy 611 West
L ; Ashley Clara White Mission
I" Enroll Now In The a Mr. & Mrs Forest Murphy ton 3fe6 Chester Road; Girl ional origin, the President Bldg.
South Finest College' ,.< #F 432 W. 16th Street;; Boy -t. !\fr.\ & Mrs. David Myers would refer the affidavits to Phone EL 4-7695 For Appointments

,>:' ., Florida Barber College Mr. & Mrs. Cal Walton 3927 Ardessia Rd.; Girl the Commission, if its life is
: :
; Branch G. I. Approved '
: 1102 Dora Street; Boy I :Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Williams ? ? .... ..... ?
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Fields 4632 Monorief Road; Girl
,, h' s s s
402 Phelps Street; Boy I Mr. ]& Mrs. Lester Young BUSINESS DIRECTORYThe
'oodrvw Patterson. Prof. James Glower i
manager Mr. & Mrs. Edward Williams 651 N rth Lincoln Ct.; Girl
630 Davis Street At Beaver Mr. l& Mrs. Eddie Jefferson .
Phone EL 5-9874 1748 Brooker Road;!I 7i.JrV. State Street; Boy Finns Listed Below Are Recomm ended As Reputable Establishments

BoyMr.: & :Mrs. Nathaniel Jack- Mr.lfrs.. Ernest Jones Specializing Services and .Products

son 3017 Buckman Street; 4060 Bevenna Road; Girl
Boy Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Mitchell AUTO SERVICE Washington's Health Service

'Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Dingle 722 '042 Bethel Court; Boy t, "Abundant Health Is Rightfully Yours"iTry
Court F; Boy Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Spencer AUTO PAINTING COMPANY Swedish Massage Mineral Steam Bmihi

WHEN YOU ARE ILL Mr. & Mrs. Robert :Miller 1661 ilcChonie Street; Girl Complete Body Repair & Paint Work Color Therapy

You Seek The Best Doctor 5339 Roulax Street; Boy Mr.Vfc :Mrs. H. W. Stewart -:- Oven Baked Paint Jobs -:- D C. Washington: Masseur-Sun LoctUoi
When Your Doctor Prescribes Mr. & Mrs. Sylvester :Mitchell 2820 Myrtle Avenue; Boy v For 23 Yeari
Pharmacists Price Start at 54.00 934 N. Myrtle Avenue
Get Experienced
i 714 W. Monroe Street; EL 4-2471
To Fill Your Prescriptions 1532 East Adams Street EL 5-8135

'" According To Your Doctor's BoyMr.. & Mrs. Leroy Pinkney MORTGAGE LOANS WILLIE SMITH DRUGS

Orders. We Use Only 2114 Mars Court; Girl Long term 12 year loans. Free delivery
The Best Quality Drugs At FOOD' jj any part of the dry
Mr. & Mrs. Ben Williams repayable SID per monthon p -s OLD RELIABLE _
Dr. C. E. BlackProprietor 1059 Hogan Street; Girl the$1.000 for home Improvements ,601 West Ashley Street EL: 4.1380

Mr. & Mrs. Haron Jessie repairs and GUS INA'S SUPERMARKET
I 1996 W. 21st Street; Boy additions to your existing
3 REGISTERED PHARMACISTS TO SERVE YOULILLY'S Mr. & Mrs. Ben Spicer house. Quick and efficient I If You Want The Finest In Groceries | JULIA GEORGE 5 & 10 CENT

1410 E. 21st Street; Girl service. No red tape.. Just And Meats Come See Us 4 cTrM
DRUG STORE ;]-1'1". & Mrs. John Thomas good credit rating and OWn 300 .Davis Street EL 6-5412- E. _
3307 Chase Street; Boy or buying your own home. $ Courteous Treatment
ISO Kings Road ELgin 3.8276 Mr. & Mrs. Elizah Toliver M. J. SIMON j MISCELLANEOUS/ $X30S Open 8:30 to 7 p. m.

A COMPLETE LINE OF: 1405 E. 23rd Street;. Boy 521 First Federal Building j I rv, DtyU Street EL '-mjj

Cosmetics Rubber Goods Candies Sundries Mr. & Mrs. Clarn ce Johnson 306 W. Adams EL 6.2489 I AAA BONDING AGENCY '

City County and. Federal BonMAGGIE CONFECTIONERS

GirlMr.. & :Mrs. Johnnie Rig- Saw Exchange Bldg. EL '.1 1BEER:,\) CIGARS CIGARETTES
gins 824 S. 3rd Street; Girl $ ICE CREAM COSMETICS
:Mr. & Mrs. Jimmie Brat- ACE RADIO &: TV SRVICl102, } Price St. EL 3-6312

ATTENTION READERS ford 1578 West 35th Street 38 Years In EUctromlc "" __

Please Bring or Send Your Boy All Work GuuulMC | QUICK SERVICE MATTRESS CO.
:Mr.rs.. Leon Barber
Church News. Club Notices & Announcements P.O. Box 83 Lawty, Fla.; Boy 343 Forest Street EL *- "*& Mattress Benovailng Our Specialty

To The FLORIDA STAR Early Mr. & Mrs. Jessie Bronson FLORIDA'STAR One Day Service: _
; 2579 Debra Street;, Boy TIMIQUANA ROAD TRADING ,5703 Old King Road PO 5-1634

DEADLINE FOR,NEWS .IS. Mr. & Mrs. Wesley Corley IN, EVERY POST ,
TUESDAY at NOON. 2945 Olds St Augustine; Boy TAXI
Mr. & Mrs. Hoyt Matthews COLORED HOMES Complete Garden Supplies

FLORIDA STAR 5715 Begonia Road; Girl Fertilizer Fruit' Products -Ai Your Service"
'i Mr. & Mrs. J. W. Williams New and Used Furniture bought and soldNEW| DEAL CAB ;. EL 4-1611

2323. "Mont ief Rd. Corner 13th Street. ...-'<.. '".. 1016 W. Church: St.; Boy \ 564 Tlmlquaaa Road SP l4762A].,; LINCOLN CAB EL 4-1611

4'-,.;' .., .Jf'!";.... 7 ':-<< r';:- .f. 7 4..' .., r.;i;Mr.: &. Mrs. Herbert Jack-:: ,.." J11t .rxuS if'5F. .fir< F" / _, ,v" i ? ? .i ? ;
:r' AW .e. ." ,r.-r .'*.- ; .AN' Mtr.. > : : :: : : _

\ .
4 ; ,


-.- w-
: FEEEI -I -
___ ---- ----- c
-__ -

I r

Week Ending Saturday. September 12. 1959 THE FLORIDA STAle ____ Page Seven

1! Clowns 0 End Season At Myrtle Avenue Sept. 15 I IBy


\ f .1 ).

: MEET The strong SEPT.Northwestern 16 CLOWNS IN SEASON'S FINALEBy

"ORTS--CO"NEII Yellowjackets and the power e }
95 laden Duval Vocatoinal High
r School Engineers will lift the Jacksonville baseball fans will have an opportunity to

r lid on the 1959 football camp- get a last look at the world famous Indianapolis Clowns
C. PARHAM JOHNSON aign in Jacksonville when r this season Tuesday night Sept. 15. when they play the

I MANAGER B ILL RIGNEY is having his share of the they meet at Myrtle Avenue Georgia Flyers at the Myrtle Avenue Baseball park.

headaches during the closing days of the 1959 season with I I Ball Park Wednesday Sept. The game will close out

his San Francisco. Giants holding top spot. His trouble is 16at8p.m- the season's barnstorming'our f trying to keep Orlnado Cepeda the 1958 "Rookie of the I Coach Wilson of the for the Clowns who t VVilliams. the big 200 pound

Year'' and the sensational rookie Willie McCovey in the neers will be shooting Engi-j have covered several thousands -':j first baseman, who fields

lineup at the same time. Cepeda and McCovey are first !I scratch after kg of miles playing before]:]his position like a major leaguer -
t basemen. Both of them are too good' with the bat to ride: forward
most an entire new I capacity crowds since I pact and hits like a "Hall of

the bench. I I wall. He is still depending J appearance in the city. ( ;Famer", and other stars who
THE GIANTS MANAGERhas tract for another season I very heavily on several returning The closing out tour start-j!have caught the eyes of base

been trying to make a with the Boston Celtics. Bill j I members from last ed at Brandywine, Md., Sept.( ball fans whereever they

third baseman out of Cepeda was an All-American at the'year's team to give the Engineers 6 J, Winston-salem. n. C",Sept.j have played.

but he never quite made Universiy of San Francisco.I| the punch they need. 8. L a u r ens, S. C.. Sept. 9.!. The usual fun show with
the grade. As an outfielderhe I' has from last year and the Charlotte. N. C. Sept. 10.., its newest attraction, "T h e

was far off the beam, but I The sensaional Bill Russell i With the power the team a Cleveland Tenn., Sept. 12,' great Yogi" will be introduced -

Rigney has been trying to!I I was a standout .and played I i!potentials of the newcomers, Atlanta Sept. 13. Charleston,'I to the Jacksonville fans.

I find a place for him. With,I[I a major role in helping to;, the main\object that faces SC.: ., Sept. 14 and Jacksonville After the game, the Clowns

4 the pennant fever raging a-i i steer his team t othe Nationa -!I Coach Wilson at present is Sept. 15. will pack away the suits in

+ round San Francisco both: 1 Basketbal Association to get the team to functionas The Clowns have been favorites moth balls and stack away
players could be used to a a fighting unit. in Jacksonville long\ the equipment until another
c great advantage. In 1958 Ce- championship. The Engineers has one of SWITCH PITCHER-Not since the days of Satchel before the famous Hank Aa-| season.

peda was call the best fielding -, SMOOTH SAILING 'TIL! the best football players ever Paige has a pitcher so captivated the fancy of baseball ron came into prominene asj I

first baseman in the Na-:WE MEET AGAIN.REDLEGS I II produced in this section of fans as ambidextrous Ulysses Grant Greene youthful a former member of the WILLIAMS SET

tional League. i the country in John Dantzler.. Indianapolis Clowns' latest find who will be seen on team. Fans turned 0 u tin!

BASKETBALL FANS. if I Dantzler can do everythingwith the mound for the world colored champions as ihee7 large numbers to see the one I TO MAKE GRADE

by any chance you may keep GIVE a football but make the take on the crack Georgia Flyers. Tuesday rite, Sept. and only Reece "Goose" Ta- WITH GIANTS

r up with the professionals air that goes into it. He will I 15th at Myrtle Ave. Park in an 8:00 pm.. game and tum play first base and to,

'f you will see many more tan ,be fully supported by an ar- comedy entertainment see a certain young pitcher,1 Sid Williams, the first regular -
skinned American performing -,:LATEST REPORT ray of players who helped to side Greene is a baseball spectate-pitching from the righi- who answered to the name I tan quarterback in the
I to righty hitters the
on the courts during the carry the Engineers to a suc- hand Scouts puzzled lefi-sldee to left- of "Peanuts"perform- It was+I Big Ten Conference at the
regular season. Among the cessful season in 1958. sswingers. are figuring which arm also during that time when University Wisconsin appears -
he throws with.
best The
new players to enter the pro: ON 1959 TEAM Coach Julian Walton will 30th Anniversary as a touring Clowns attraction.are celebrating their King Tut was in his prime. to be a sure shot to
ranks will be Johnny Greenof throw an entire returning\ The Clowns are loaded with,+ win a regular berth with the

:Michigan State, the most ELLIS FERGUSON (COT) team minus of only two men I ANYFANSiiLz potential big league stars in\\New York Giants pro football -
valuable player in the Big, DEAL is the newest of the I|from last year's squad at the, ONG REMEMBER such players as Byron Pur- team.
Ten for the 1958-59 campaignHe "Engineers. He is well forti- nell, the 19-year-old outfield-
I Cincinnati Red coaches, hav-
will be playing with the I, been named to that I fied in reserve strength. I dAME The sensational and talented -
I ing posi- PRO
New York Knickerbockers.The .(tion August 2, 1959. Rochesteri Coach Walton and his assistants -' FOOTBALL OF SEPT. 5. SIAC TO HOLD MEET. Williams played. left half-
24-year-old star never: I are depending very i n back and defensive halfback.
of the International .
i League
school basket- heavily such stalwarts Of the previous pro foto all Jacksonville SEPTEMBER 12-13 IN .
played high of the on as gantf played In Reports from Wisconsin said
ball; Tom Hawkins, the all-( requested permission Bernell Sum p te r, George I the one played at the{Gator Bowl Saturday night. ATLANTA. GEORGIA. I
i Cincinnati club to talk to he w a s equally at home at
Sept. 5 between the
time high scorer at Notre Davis. Johnny Martin, Earl Washingon Redskins and the Chicago
others who Bears will be the most memorable of alL ATLANTA Ga.-The 37th either position.
Dame. H e will join Elgin the Red Dickerson and .. o' ,
taking Wing -
Baylor with the MinneapolisLakers managing will be in there battling to r
: Cal Ramsey, top I the Reds post.hired King Deal accepted, who had and j j bring victory to the North- while the Bears were runn4*I spite the fact that he plays tercollegiate Atlantic Confer-I I that the capable quarterbackis
i ing roughshod the Redskins
in the history of New( !I Yellowjackets. over ence Coaches and Officials
scorer I been managing Rochester, as western for a team that has not as a chemical engineer and
York University will be with Up to this point, a victory ,to the tune 0 f 52-H I will be held in the !
a coach. Manager Fred the yet seen fit to hire Negro served as .president of the
jam packed east
the St. Louis Hawks; Wilson Hutchinson I has not been predicted for I and sium of the Booker T- Washington ,'
is familiar
I' very west stands represented a:players, he cannot be over- student council at Wisconsin.
Elson, Perdue University co- with Deal's work. either side but everyone M High School, Sept. 12-
captain; Bobby Joe Mason, expecting a good game be-I funeral ceremony rather than' looked as one of the greatest He is also a member of the'
Bradley University, Lakers;'i "Cot", who received his tween 'two well coached a footballgame.. I' performers in big time foot- announcement was National Honor Society.

Willie Torrence, UCLA,i p nickname because he was aI I teams. It will be the initial The power laden Be, made by B.T. Harvey, secre- .Williams is believed to be
Knicks; Willie Merriwea-I cotton-headed boy, was bornin game for both teams:and the were much in demand .m ball.The tary-treasurer of the SIAC.
I the the
I the sound of the first of Coach right man to take
Arapaho. Oklahoma, 0 n presence
ther, Perdue U's greatest coaches will be watching in The Atlanta Quarterback
St.Louis January '23, 1923 and now tIe. The noise came from the Jake Gaither and the entire I Club place of Emlen Tunnel "Mr.
point maker; ; Billy order to iron all the flaws will be host to the
Joe McDade, Bradley U.,I makes his winter residencein and get set for the hard cam-,!jam packed stands behind. coaching staff of Florida A meeting which will pass on Defense" with the Giants

Cincinnati Royals; M. C. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. paign ahead i the goal posts. Rick Casaffes. and M was announced. the qualifications of coaches I for several seasons but recently -
alumnus of Oklahoma Bratowski Brown Willie I
Burton, Michigan, Detroit;j An 1I The official attendance of and make assignments for traded to the Green
University, Deal marrir Galimore, Willie Lee !
The Stilt Chamberlain { City I II' and,
Wilt ( ) the
'I coming football and basketball Packers.
I 28,245 Bay
was a record breaker
the most familiar figure of I jed the former Kathryn hand'I company gave the east and
I Rodhe will.be
all will be with the Philadelphia -: Thev have two children -I'I Doc the on west stands crowd a veiy and the Jax Charities, Inc., seasons.

I a son Randy, 14, and a I well as following play- [little to cheer about. J sponsore of the g a m e was Members of the SIAC are
Warriors I daughter, Elyse, 12."Cot" |ers: Bill Baker. Joe Beggs, i It was quite noticeable Florida A & Tuskegee WALTS RADIO &.
__PAUL_PENDER,. the_ m.d-! winter ball: Paul Derringer, Linus Frey, when well pleased at the turnout, ,
played of the
dIe weight contender for .Sugar -+:I for five at San Juan,I Ival Goodman, Witt Guise, I one city policemen for the greater the crowd. Xavier. South Carolina State, TV SERVICEAll

Ray Robinson's title has 1 Puerto Rico years and also com-;'John Hutchings Eddie Joost.: saw a huge crowd of the greater the contributionsto Morris Brown, Morehouse,
opened training quarters in ( Lombard Frank Me-'Negroes standing around the Work Guaranteed
Fort Valley State Knoxville .
at Oklahoma charity. ,
pleted studying ,
rail in front of those in the
preparation for his match (Cormick Moore B: : New and Used TVsPhone
Whitey Ij1 !
City U during four winters.] I II I Fisk. Clark, BethuneCookman -
with Sugar Ray in Novem- I Myers, Lew Riggs. Elmer Riddle -, stands and all around the entrance I EL 3-4009
A switch-hitter and a right- to the stands he had Benedict, Allen, Alabama -
ber Pender is training at, }! Milt Shoffner, Gene, ,
hand thrower Deal 669 Florida Are.
Reeky Marciano's Plantation was sign-'Thompson, Jim Turner, Johnnv .'I I them to take seats on the ex- State College and Alabama -
ed after high school by the I I Jacksonville, FloridaACOSTA'S
Inn in Manomet. Mass- :, Pittsburgh Pirates as an out.; Vander :Meer, Bucky:I reme corner of the west Watch This Clown A and M. I
JIMMY CARTER, former Hutchinson ,Walters and Bill Werber. stands where it was possiblefor
and for
world lightweight boxing played from-I In his first 150 2/3 innings all to see, but ano'herpes' 16 32 46

champion has been reinstated i and Harrisburgh of pitching for the Reds this policeman seeing the Ne 167 __ 07 __ 984
1940 1942 before !1 I
by the California through going in the stands asked them jut. I
the Army Air Crops. He II .5 1
Commission after passing se-;, served between ,issued but 20 bases On balls I The Negroes came 'd Iwn:+ e :!
as a Sergeant
veral tests. After losing several -, 1943-45. "Newk" also drew nine amid boos and threats fa|, 1 3 EVERYTHING FOR THE FISHERMAN

bouts last year, California -!{ Following military service,, bases on balls as a pinch-hit-1 I I general walk out of NegrV es, ; 5 .'-- t"'r' 3 Bait Shrimp Live Crabs: .

suspended his license. Deal played for Toronto for! ter,and made 5 hits in 19 trys but that was soon hul led

THE BASEBALL WORLDis two as an outfielderand : as pinch-hitter..for the when a very polite and !Jne- I Fishing Tackle .
looking toward the future I years : reason he was hitting .316 for rous minded police captain 24 56 __ 93
for Larry Doby. the first Negro Later he played for the the Reds thru August 5. :|: came and sent them right I i 317 66 67 8019 MAIN STREET PHONE ELGIN 4-9570
to play in the Amercian,I Boston Red Sox Louisville In 30 1/3 innings since being I''back' in the stands to take I
League. Doby recently broke [, from Seattle I their seats. became Sometimes be' a] JACKSONVILLE. FLORIDA
Columbus, Rochester and the brought'up on!! Everything Sometimes be' down
his ankle sliding Into third, St. Louis Cardinals, pitching; July 13, rookie JAY HOOK, calm again. He 'adds, subtracts I

base after hitting a triple: or playing the outfield. has given up but seven runs-: Another ,thing that was altogether Re work It all around
-1 that helped his team... San .he is 2-1. ,
Some of his best
pitchingmarks I out of place was Coming Attractions
Diego defeat Sacramento in I JOE NUXHALL struck
were 11-7 with Toronto -; 18 39 155 03 I
Pacific Coast ,pulled off by one of the Negro -
a League game., in 1947 15-9 for Louisvillein eleven Philadelphia batters in1 i iI I
Fans are wondering whether 1949; 14-9; for Rochester in'six innings on ,July 25 and police Sergeants. He had V

or not the fleet centerfielder 1952* ; 16-9 for Rochester in t I blazed the third one past ten I two little measely tickets
will ever play again. Doby '1953 and 15-7 for Rochesterin Los Angeles batters on August -: stubs going through that -- -

i broke into major league ball 1956. : 4 in nine innings. I II i,i huge crowd of fans seated in ,

with Cleveland in 1947. and Deal spent the entire 1954 I In seven appearances from i the stands to find seat numbers -I
since that time he has for two fans. What LEARN TO DRIVE
played campaign with St. Louis, July 13 through August 2, a I '
f with Chicago. Detroit and:pearing in 33 games in relief.ap-BROOKS LAWRENCE (all : grand and glorious time he Secure SAFEWAY Drivers'DRIVING License
Baltimore. Chicago sent himto ''in : would have had trying to
The 36-year-old Deal man- relief) won three
I games I SCHOOL
the Pacific Coast last, : seat that crowd by seat num-
month. aged Rochester in, 1957 (fifthplace 'i and saved three. .he currently + bers. When he how 600 West Beaver Street
| saw helpless -
); 1958 (third) and in GEORGE PEHPENA. Dir.
MILT CAMPBELL, who has 14 2/3 scoreless he was and how hopeLess -
1959 until ,August 2. t Office
ELgin 5-7742
has been playing fullback Monday, August 17 was I innings. going. (as of August ;: his task was, he gave Res. PO 5.4607
for the Hamilton Tiger Cats "Homecoming for the. 1940 i 5)). up and quit. i ii !

of the Canadian Football World Champion Reds" at t| The Reds rained-out i i Galimore1 did not get awayion' j
League has been dropped by his usual" long runs, but
Crosley Field. The Cincinnati i at i L
the team and waivers are being Baseball Club invited j'doubleheader Chicago on : time after time he carried
all the
Sunday,. July .19 has been ,* kfk
I asked. Coach Jim Trim- eligible I Reds of the 19.44World J re- for first downs. All of the

ble of the Tiger cats said any Series back that t o scheduled as doubleheaders : Bears seemed ,to ,have had k l
co rta..e.d.l
S team get Campbell for. ,at Chicago and : their claws .
can date. A two-inning game was on Wednesday sharpened;for' JIj"\ ./"'
5750. Milt played his footballat 'played between "The rcKechnie .j;i Thursday. September 9 and;, the Redskins!: The : 52-14! .

the University of Indiana.| 's" and "The Gow- 10. PATRONIZE. ,,
He i, score proved the Halas trained :
was picked up by the Tiger -i dys", before the regularlyscheduled JOHNNY t > 4. "
TEMPLE drove
Cats team reeadyfor the ,
when he was dropp wasj f.
between _
ped by the Cleveland Browns; and game San Francisco.Cincinnati -j I I in his 50th run of the season|I game. ..: Star bhIrIilrss \ lewaao.eKrrs t

BILL RUSSELL, one of('The pre-game c e r monysstarted On August 5 at Los Angeles!I I It is always exciting to

the greatest basketball play- at 730P. M. i to equal his major league see the Little GeneraL Eddie / /

ers to ever don basketballs .1 Manager Bill :McKechnie,11 I career high in this depart-I LeBaron direct his team s

has signed ,his ,con':Coach Hank Gowdy, Trainer 1 1I and what,passer; he'it Def -

;f ,: r ', .. ... ,
?;: : ; -, 'Ii, ; : ,

,.-- --- .- <' Y'd i 1.,.-, ,



.;.,....., : .. -- .
Page Eight THE FLORIDA STAB Week EndIng Saturday, September 12 1959

CaD EL 4-317S *


Williams, 48 a farmer -

,:,,,,,,,,,,,,,. +DY'JCv'.J. .on deputy trial Cct constable. 14 for ,allegedly will go ROOMOR I --tctc
<:9ySi. I trying to shake down a 19- -tctc .ate
tv. year-old burglary on the pre- I -
tense of clearing the. youthof -tc

PALMS .:r.'yYia Williams the charges.of 1203 W. 13th APARTMENT I :
is accused of accepting $200 !
t from Freddie Patten on July

BALLROOMOF place 13. The at transaction the corner of Beaver took ,TO .I :

2 <4 vf 4w \and Two Jefferson deputies Streets.said t mon-I RENT?? N !atoad

watched the transfer of I 'Ii tip of the Pepsi O.
STRAND HIT! :ley from a hiding place. In CALL these oaUtanda
JACKSONVILLEa Brigitte Bar dot (above 1! addition to this, the bills & Americans wfc
stars in her "peep-showiest_ i,were marked. our country ash
Y i sexation 'Z O V L IS MY! EG34..6782 community a bcttflf
PROFESSION at the Strand -- : & In"whkb to Ur+

i midnight days starting tonight Sunday.and Tech-seven i I Church Reporters I I I ,
FREE RECORD; : nicolor co-hit is "THE NAK-: Club Reporters ti\I 'If'
ED MAJA, starring Ava ,1 *
I Gardner and Anthony Fran-I Socialites Sun.- ,., :; : "' *'
ciosa. This program is not I II R .
HOP i recommended for children.' Send or Bring Your NewsIn Wed. :>: ""'",
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9 Double Issue of Beautiful Dinnerware and ,Glassware "Old Yeller" EL 6-0461-2
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_, 1st RUN! !

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