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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
September 5, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
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University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
September 5, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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-- -

Gas'Colored Company- White'Removes Signs :i Fl Ri'ST"R Jf- I

-- -- .

7 ,a VOL. 9 __ NO. 31 And NEWS SEPTEMBER 5. 1959 JACKSONVILLE 9. FLORIDA 15 Cell! '

w, fit'Y n u kxk! 6 c'k !1d Anti Pickets

.w,1r {i'lI CLi. AttemptTo

r., r,an. .!

f q'l Scare Sears Pickets

%ueK S +or Y .7cr : .

b y
TI': 'I f-P 1"PRFWVW:! ,! ( CM LLn I FOR '; \ n.f' { n iji I'' '

;: aes 4 r i ttnt/i' .. yhoiA!: *... *.:...... AilAliii-. J.Mniir __D

;: ?: .;[ i iH-JTi 1 ;;rp; l' ;1 P'CR"FT' ; SEARS ;I I h*; ni iT AMD 017 t rn JnrrJnN 1

__ \.1!.! }si)'Ul V II I I fa JkJ IIIU III 1 N tllijuuu .... r, .- t

/A T --- I
: !
: : : The NAACP picketing of Sears in protest of discriminatory l i, James Barlow, Negro deputy constable is in "critical coal -
.n4 tr."tJa, ,,r. y .<. Fsj employment practices is moving into its second week;, dilion" in Duval Medical Center the victim of three gunshots
.. of activity with a what a spokesman has termed as "a po. which he suffered last Thursday night when he tried
s + .a i is sitive tow of success." to pull a man wanted for assault and battery from under
/1 < Apparently this is not an --------- a house.
rf I AdiP lA t,tl'' $ + .. ,.. '"y exaggeration, since the Florida hardship of the pickets who:, Emanuel Mixon, 29, a well- -
sncpJv4A t rtr twr t tfc rei .w + Star has received nu- can only stand the grind fora :known figure "on the blocks"
W t
trI JYN1T2,41 r G OG ':. '. A _...... calls from I Allen spotted Mixon in a
12/I' %( ; .. r.raftAf jIO.:;'A merous telephone few hours at a time. Thursday who allegedly opened fire on taxi at llth and Jefferson
rd/N coJr '-'oo persons of both races pledg- he issued a call for vol-1 the deputy constable was
xt streets about 10 p m. He took. ;
;? ;( ing their support, and, in unteers to give an hour or lodged in city jail on a
f them lot in the
70 T T ( to vacant
if 7 ,s.Kl Y lt.f *j :>>$$- notifying u s of [ ( 3.
.. particular two on the picket to aid in| charge of assault to murder, LiOO block of West Eighth
.. ;. :'. their intention of closing out(the campaign for equal job pending the outcome of Barlow's -,street, where two pistols were
heir accounts with he com- condition.
opportunities and unrestricted i i
'I. recovered. One .38
was a
t, : .f"1 pany. '! eating and rest room fa
.l f. cilities. Barlow, who, incidentally was: revolver, the same type usedin
pM6di +t AM Since August 24, the picket., a close friend of Negro Sgt. the attack on Barlow, officers -
ers have mad e a daily ap- Charlie Sea who was fatally said.EMANUEL.
at the huge new shot five a .. .
1 pearance fuIXED COUPLES months ago, told
J tore to picket the store with Homicide Lt. O. A. Johnson '

signs of voicing protest during ''he saw Mixon at the corner J

p'I the discriminatory practices -, JAILED\ BY ''of Ashley and Jefferson
of the store. ;, streets about 7 p. m. that

3 kT .. The campaign has apparently ,I night. He stopped his car and
;.. :!; moved into a .position of TAMPA LAWMEN | got and out battery to serve an assault t
k warrant on Mix-
in the White
/ respect city. citizens -I on.. -
ij i 01F ..:'.. are openly of two t
t-, ;/ camps of opinion. There are TAMPA A bit of interracial Mixon ran o the rear of
.: .. ..
Y'' : fir 'k'xS.- i
7. socializing was rudely
;. :' .. 6' hose who have declared their '524 Jefferson St, and crawled
"' < '
:.. 4"A "" l interrupted by sheriff's deputies under
; '" ". '""'. !: allegiance; to the cause "to the house. Barlow
.. }J' the bitter end" in the words here on Monday when'tried td "drag him out and '
:.r" i, cf one housewife who chose they arrested two men and, Mixon l came out shooting Lt. 2 fa
'0' : 1
c to walk with an NAACP vice their women companions ine Johnson said.Officers .
I <.< president for a considerabletime parked car and charged
i I' as he picketed while them with "lewd and lascivi- said Mixon then Y
: cus" conduct in criminalI took Barlon's revolver
: y.z: .,, a s. .' expressing her views. j i sped and t
? M,_ I court. away in the deputy
.' ""' "t; r The other of constable's
1> camp opinionis The women both white, car. The automobile
.(. ,':"t_ ;.,.;+ ,. \:'('':'<. :':.'-' 4.!: .' made up of those whiteswho 'ere identifed as Dorothy.' was found abandoned-

1 -? L '. +< 4W ;'4a R p o would like to dissipatethe Mae Black 29, and Edth Mae shortley afterward at Fifth f

'J: anti-discrimination cam I Reynolds, 27, both of St. Pet'and Cleveland streets. MIXON
paign. 1 ersburg. Jacksonville police Shot ConstableSEGREGATIONISTS
want into
': + For the past week, the NAACP The men, also from St. T. swift action and Patrolmen *

PICKETING PICKETERS-A group of white "anti picketers" who have resortedto : picketers have been ac Petersburg, were identified[ W. Johnson and D. L.

marching alongside Negro pickets with signs. them of being communist influencedand companied by white persons, ss; Daniel L. Merkison, 36, and, -

using other methods to intimidate then are seen in he op phoo.In who have intersperse them- Howard Banks, 27. SHOOTING
the bcltom photo is a trio of Negro pickets who have been peacefully picketingthe elves in the picket line with A sheriff's deputy stated UNABLE. VICTIM ATTEMPT TO BLOCK

new Sears and Roebuck store in protect of its discriminatory policy of employing I signs: bearing accusationsthat that behind the the four were parked HIS ASSAILANT TO NAME INTEGRATION ORDER
Negroes only in menial position and a.so in barring Negroes from using their the picketing is a communist Afro-American:
Hotel when
eating facilities. inspired projec. they were arrested. -. A diee game argament LITTLE ROCK, Ark., -
-- -- --- ---- ----
They charge that the cam .caused an aftermath of blood. Special) Robert J. Norwood,
I Negro area while offering paign is b Eleanor No date has been set for shed last Saturday head of the Arkansas States
GAS FIRM MOVES JIN CROW SIGNS y the arraignment. night
I Jim crow conditions to Negroes Roosevelt, Jews, and when a local man was shot Council is a rabbid segrega-.
: on whom it is depending Russians. and critically wounded as he toinist when it concerns

heavily for patronage" The plan to intimidate the walked on Highlands Street. admission of Negroes to
!picketers is carried out by Before he lost consciousness when it comest
i who appear in cars. without Wille Evans of 1677 ogoing out and having a
Staff Correspondent 'I license tags. .Highlands Street good time or even getting-
managed to
j The Jim-crow signs labeling the rest rooms 'white" and"colored" LOCAL MAN Earl Johnson, president of MAN IS INJURED tell Deputy Walter Bechem drunk, he likes to' do it

which were installed at the new Southern States the NAACP said that the. FIGHTING COUPLE that he was shot by a man among Negroes integrated

Oil Company gas station at Golf__ and Moncrief Rd. were INDICTEDCHILD'S FOR day to day picketing during with whom he had argued like.One
taken down last Thursday followfcg a conference between these hot days is working" Alphonso Benjamin Lucas, earlier. Evans was unable to of those arrested dur-
FLORIDA STAR representatives and the management of '24, 1643 Dot Street was injured supply the man's name. ing a segregationist march

the company. RAPE : : on the fight forefinger, toward the Paradise Inn on Cn Central High School Aug.
In response to numerous ---- .- -- i fLORID A u.IADMITS during a fight at Keyo's Service He was shot as he walked 12, was picked up by policein
complaints from Negro citi- tion would be altered. i! Station. 1095 Kings Road Mighlands Street. a Negro night club last

zens regarding the "white" A check on he new station last Sunday. ]He is still on the eritical Friday night.Norwood .
and "colored" signs which Thursday night revealed that Action by the Duval County WOMAN Lucas said he was at the list at Brewster Hospital was charged with

they thought were highly objectionable Loth signs had been moved. Grand Jury this week services station when a Miss where he was transferred drunkenness and was released -
the FLORIDA When informed that the 1 resulted in, among other calendar Cornelia Stockes. 21, of 1073 tram Duval Medical Center. on a $15.50 bond aboutan
items, the indictmentof MED.#! STUDENT) Kings Road and hour after his *
STAR dispatched a reporer "colored" and "white" signs King Har-: arroc- : .
I l
and photographer to investi- had been taken down, Eric a 35-year-old man for the lI I grove jumped on him. He. Police Lt. Carl l E.: Jackson
gate the situaion. O. Simpson. editor of the rape of a 9-year-old girl. aid:: Miss Stokes pulled a pir- RAPISTS IDENTIFIED said he was called to the
FLORIDA STAR said "I am The man. Arthur Christopher GAINSVILLE-A medicals tol from her bosom and drewit ,Negro night club about 2
Represenatives of the netvsparer happy that the' situation has Bob, has been formally has been admitted to on him. WILMINGTOXN, N. C., a. m. by a Negro policemanwho
Stated the newspa- been rectified i's a healthy charged with raping the nine- te University of Florida College The victim was treated at A 15-year-old Negro girl who reported a "drunk white
per was plannnig to run a sign when discriminatory vcar-old last June 10. The alleged of :Medicine for the fall Duval Medical Center and allegedly was lured into the man" in the place. Jackson
story and pictures showingthe matters like this can be assault is said to have, semester, according to an an- Miss! Stokes and Hargrovevcre car of two white said he found Norwood sit-
setup, whereupon the taken place in the I nouncement made by arrested men ting at the bar with
.sittled wihjut a tot of un- vicinity of officials, police said. pnd raped last Friday night a group
management explanied thatit pleasantness.* \faines and First Streets 'I M rf the school 1 Police also said a .22 Cal. pis- identified the two of Negroes.
was its intention to offend According! to investigators,' The announcement, madeon tol was turned over to the in a police on Saturday During the recent protest
colored citizens.A Simpson added that the the child had beenhelping I Saturday, followed a long! 'Detective Division. attackers.. lineup .as he- against the admission of Ne D.-

spokesman for the com-" Southern States Oil Company with some housework at I standing policy by not revealing -' Patrolmen A. R. James and The girl told roes to Little Rock Schools .
police that
pany said he thought the separation rnanagemen is to be Pob's home. In the process the name of the student.: :1Newsom investigate;. Vent worth Jamison and Mos- he 'was charged with loiter-

of facilities was commended for its prompt o taking her home Bob is I It was stated, however, that iey, both 19. lured her into ing after he was arrested during _
something\ resired and thatit action i n an objectionable; :-.:eged to have committedthe the student is a woman. REGISTER NOW their car the the clash between marchers -
was done in the interestof condition, "because" he add- oft paretext of and
rape. This brings to 8 the num- I police near the integrated
taking her -
public. He added, however'that :ed, "here is one firm that Eob is being held in the ber of Negroes now registered I So .You: Can Vote ,| rit. to a home to baby- school on opening

if colored citizens objected realizes that it cannot hopeto county j jail without bail, at.the formerly all-white i j Protect Your Rights The two have day. That case is scheduled
to the signs the siua-. thrive in the heart of the pending triaL i school. 11 I |F with the been charged for hearing Sept 17 fa mu-
i rape.
... i nicipal court.BRARY .

r t


e. Two_ THE FLORIDA STAB Week ding Saiurdny. September 5. 1959
--------- -


NEWS .,..

Published by The Florida Star Publishing Co. '
"Member of Associated Negro Press' ATTEMPTS .
Erie: O. Simpson .._ .c1tor ; ri ;

Hilda C. Ptxham Wooten Johnson. Circulation. Nes Dept.Staff [TO BLOCK PROGRESS WILL FAIL'

W3 Moccrlei Road EL 4-8782 EL 4-6783 i WITH NEGRO UNITY [s

Downtown Branch Office: 423 Broad SI. Pbon EL 4-3773

\ :z61Z- I ,
Mailing Add:eul .
P. O. Box 561. Jacksonville 1, Florida : "Here the free spirit of mankind at length.
Throws its last fetters off; and who shall placeA
limit to the giant's unchained strength
SUBSCRIPTION RATES Or curb his swiftness In the forward racer
\ -William Cullen Bryant (The Ages)
One Year, $5.00; Half Year, $3.00: Three Months $1.80
Mailed To You, Anywhere In The United States.Iabsaipfon t w e e .
Payable in Advance. Send Check or Money' Order TotFLORIDA
STAR-P. O. BOX JACKSONVILLE 1. FLORIDA THERE is an appalling abnormality about segregatlenIsts. -
They appear. In passing. tobe like the rest of us. They
a appear, for instance to have no immunity from the strain
and stress of this life-just like the rest of us. They are
neither indestructible superhuman; nor have they been
SEARS PICKETING OPENS WAY guaranteed immortality. So, they would appear to be like
other :folks, until one is exposed to he worknlgs of hir phi-
losophy .. and hn their abnormality, with all its appall-
TO NEW ERA IN JACKSONVILLEPITY SOUNDS ing products, outrages the senses. .

Segregationists are enslaved by their own ingenuiness.Their .
bombastic claims of protecting and thereby perpetuating -
J the purity of the white race is one of the most gusting -
k4BUT lies ever disseminated cheapening even those of the
is perhaps the only offering one can give to any ; most ambitious communist propaganda.
person or group who, in shortsightedness or absence of S &jJ #Sft .;-
analysis. are in the erroneous belief that the NAACP History accords millenniums of promiscuous debaucheries -
to the forbears of these dedicated
gallivanting same
is mechanical operation
picketing of Sears store solely a
already doomed to short duration. WHO WOULD THINK, SUCH DISCORD COULD BE J protectors of so-called racial purity who, if permitted
F would fetter whole races of people to perpetpal abnormality. -
No doubt there are many such people here in Jacksonville ABOUT CIVIL RIGHKS .
and throughout the nation, wherever word of the an- ,-
ti-discrimination campaign has reached, who are of the firm The are esecially trapped by the obsession, of checkingthe
opinion that the whole effort is destined to collapse at any Y 03=- lfljefcyhoroscope growth of the Negro in the South, in the nation and,

moment; people who, being white, are blind supremists, if possible throughout the entire world. -
and, conversely, who being black, are hopeless defeatists.The .
Guide Using tis expanding city of Jacksonville as a laboratory,
appearance of NAACP pickets outside of Sears on segregationist abnormality can be studied at intimate range 'i
the morning of August 24 created a socio-economic chal- as it labors t oarrest the growth and progress of the Negro -
lenge which must be met by the adversaries of human advancement t.. PABLO, The ASTROLOGER citizens of this city. Their every effort is designed to

_both white and black. V.rtlCH t; ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR destroy initiative n the Negro, hopng that he may literally
turn against himself in bitter frustration and despair.
These are the people agaii both white and black who !
rofsrd any such expression of protest as the Sears picketing BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL I Negro leadership, of course, will not permit this to hap-
with the sour smirk of condemnation. These are the pen. The current Sears. Roebuck and Co. discrimination
folk who, despite their racial pecularities, are cut from the- ARIES work up any enthusiams for SCORPIO Issue demonstrates a heartening example of the coordinated -
identical fabric of decadence. Segregationist_black and Born March 21 thru April 19 your work. Slowly, but sure- Born Oct. 24 thru Nov. 22 force of Negro leadership in this city existing betweenthe
white. Discriminationists black and white. Both trappedin The things you accomplishOn ly, you will make ome progress The accent is mainly on sociability churches, the press and various other organizations of
a foul morass of burdensome hatred and a rabid distrust the 7th should set the if you plan, put orderin on Labor Day ((7th) legitimate community? influence.

of anything that spells} change. pace which will bring you shop your around books for or the desk essen-and and you will no doubt hear! The most effective counter-force for segregation in anyguise

There is nothing theatrical about the Sears picketing, guickly and directly to your tials you will ened when you most unusual and in tresting is the organized determination of the Negro popuLation -
unless one considers the unavoidable drama which forever goaL It would be forward- really get busy ((10th thru things if you confine yourselfto to resist it, and by so doing, eventually destroy it.

permeates such issues. Those men and women daily retracing ]looking to date to in get completely thinking up as 12th)). talkative a listening role. Since rather the than day Negro leadership in this Sears issue, has met squarely
their own sfeps before and alongside that huge your because 120551875125Leo with the enemies of human dignity; has met with them
and pretty building carrying signs of wholly justified protest well as in your methods, the- is able nearing to boost when you may be and has challenged their right to block the read of human
can depend on your earings or
know the
weight of responsibility. Their shoulders must
progress. They no wanswer or step aside.
know it, and their hearts and their minds. They knoW in competition to be alert and profits, start rawing up the
multiple how it feels to lift a mass of people from the aggressive. Since splenndid Born July 23 thru Aug. 23 plans that will make this pos- Yes, they rae dedicated people, the segregationists. But
crippling posture of resignation to one of upright dignityand partnership and labor relat- The major portion of the sible. You can obtain conside- they are also abnormaL
determination.The ions could be among your planetary accent falls in the rable aid thru your friends, That abnormality will before long show itself as the
most valuable assets, bring department ruling finances, research and professional enemy in their camp.
Sears store, per se, is not the issue. Racial discrimi- them even closer if it is at buying, selling and possess- consultants, if the stakes are
nation is. Bigotry, second-hand treatment, inferior opportunity all feasible ((10th thru 13th). ions. You may find it much high ((10th thru 13th). I unpleasant experiences.There Aquarius
these matters comprise the issue. The Sears store 5-40-77-13-29-547 more agreeable to spend the 3-90-22-14-37-392 are times when you do I I Born Feb. 19 thru March 20
is not an issue at alL It is an attractive modem building Labor Day holidays at home. Very interesting> and far-
No more, no less. The building. then, should not be lookedat This may mean considerable I not know your own mind I''reaching decisions regarding
but looked through, right to where the heart of the TAURUS entertaining if you have SAGITTARIUS and it is comforting to have| these matters may be reached -
company's racial policy throbs with steady injustice.The Born April 20 thru May 20 many friends or if members Burn Nov. 23 -thru Dec. 21 :i on Labor Day ((7th). providing -
Although the 7th is a holi- of the family circle decide You could be spurred by fomeone on whose lap you I they are made the

'NAACP has vowed to picket Sears until enlightenment day (Labor Day), the aspects to drop in ((7th). Check over I your ambitious urges to reach can lay your troubles. Start, subject for discussion. Con-
and fairness replace the present system of discrimi- most exciting and beneficial the ads, for there be I a place of prominence, but ''I suit yuor feelings as well as
nation glaringly evident in the store's employment policy. single it out as being the may I you must also take inta account establishing the basis for your to
plently to choose from. The your prvious experiences
The NAACP does not stand alone. It does stand, however, of the week. A second honey- rest of the week should be I the price you will have I II I future operations and take discover and repair any
as the curiass of the tens-of-thousands of Negroes in all moon spent in a spot that is fairly quiet with the routine I to pay. Be aware of all these the measurs that will keep weaknesses that may lie hid-
walks of life who are inseparably of the fiber of this city dear to both would further trips and chores i factors if they are part of I I den in subconscious as
and who are ready to unbolt the door of denial so that strengthen the bonds of affection most of attention.consuming I I your thoughts on Labor Day I II personal and joint finances well as your in the blueprint thatsi
they too may uninhibitedly tread the paths of opportunity I I between those who 810661242816Virgo your : I ((7th). You should enjoy the I I secure. now being drawn up.
beyond. I :ire already joined in matri- !i tranquillity and peace of solitude -I 5-70-88-19-25-578 7-30-77-12-32-737
I mony. Since there are some if you are averse to
Although the Sears picketing is barely in its second weekof interesting I I crowds and congested high-' -
activity, there is evidence 1 I I very interesting I f
positive that
a large numberof Born Aug. 24 : ways that are encountered I
to be undertaken at your thru Sept 23 j;
whie citizens have openly embraced the cause of equality I home and place of work, There are so many things'I I during the holidays. It seems ,, ,
it seeks to gain. While on the other side of the sale,I better 'j
to to let
make good use of your know- :fgure out, do or plan to events decide
members of the Ku Klux Klan have been sweated out of how and taste accomplish that I just which headed ,
artistry good you are not way you are -
their lairs by the temperature of the issue, and on more I I under likely to do from this
than I to get them way ((9th much sleeping now on, as will .
one occasion have made L
the an energetic effort to pollute t thru 13th). on Labor Day ((7th) or the 'make your voyage moother'
intimidation.peaceful atmosphere of the picketing with a show of : 3-66-44-15-92-364 i days that follow. You have I and more fulfilling. JR Lr

I so many factors in your favor I 2-30-99-17-39-239 I
No, the NAACP does not stand alone; nor does it picket\ GEMINI I that_they should not be wasted -I I
alone. With every step those courageous picketers take they|Born May 21 thru June 19 but do not for a moment' CAPICORN \ ?r4_,
are drawing the entire mass of both races nearer a l point? I Happiness in your domestic -I abandon your caution, principles !Born Dec. 22 thru Jan. 19:
of enlightenment, good will, and equitable secial adjust- and workaday environments and sense of discretion. You seem to have ,some l
ment. is .the thing you need!You cannot always trust the pretty fond and loyal friends,II
most of all in order to deve-( people around you nor the I who can inspire you seek
Even the Segregationists-both black and whitewill. lop to your full potential.1\statements or information i'the.! better things in life *;
eventually be compelled to decide whether they prefer to The 7th (Labor Day) should J! upon whichyou have to rely''There is no reason why you ;
continue in the purple haze of misanthropy or unburden[I be a pleasant one for you,+for sound planning. shouldn't as culture and r
hemselves-like brighter men-of those loads and fetters -''if you are satisfied with the 6-20-44-15-65-624 higher-mind interests contribute
which, with time, will sink them into extinction. status guo. You may have more to your over-all-

4 I to be a bit more taciful at LIBRA hcppiness: than mat e ria 11 _
home so as to eliminate the. Born Sept. 24 thru Oct. 23to gains alone. You should have
GET YOUR 'HOROSCOPE READING '.sources of friction and I It- seems that when one a splendid
opportunity tot'
Vie this coupon. Learn more about efeod develop understanding talks about i" 1
10 emu (one 1. greater making new resolutions discuss these and related :
dime In coin) for each horoscope ordered' with those who
by Include ell want to I they seldom are matters with
ddresaed. stamped envelope. Write plainly. TU offer doe not apply be loval and true to you. kept for very long. Those I admire and whose someone you HT -5- '
to residents if the judgment I "
dombiion of f>ftaiTaI 9-30-22-12-48-932 that stck are the ones .that
you respect (7th). Those who .
I -- """ """ are never mentioned, but are in search of additional
PABLO, FORIDA STAR ASTROLOGER CANCER which are backed by inner learning should 1
Born June 20 thru July 22 get busy $
I ctrength
I P. O. BOX 56,1JACKSONVILLE i and conviction" without further '
1 FLA. You may have the best of I Labor Day 7th) should find I ing the delay in mak-i i
intentions to necessary contacts KEN( KNIGHT
give yourelf you mulling over these mat and
Name I; and thoe you care for a good,ters and looking for the formula -!,,precous arrangements, as time is i! l
i as well
--- +I time on Labor Day ((7th). You, that will bring you and s fleeting Invites You To Listen To 1
f iddreM _iIc ''I'II i i may have a better time visiting those you love greater com-I I 4-70-55-12-44-475 "
I people close by,or simply I fort and security. You must AQUARIUS "KrlIGHT TRAIN'
going to the movies. also find
I The : the kind of environs -)I Born Jan.
(1Sf I i pace is not likely' to pick up s ment and occupation where Believe what 20 thru the Feb 18! Startin;; At 7:00 P. M. Nightly -.
I eJB1rtJI very fast after that; there-I you can be at ease nnd hap-I I predict experts t
fore don't feel py n order regarding the dangers1on
i disappointedwhen to make
!- -Data_. -...;......_, ', _' ; .:.... IItit-.J you cannot find people !.profitable use of your the al most ilies.I' days the as highways Labor during such k! 1400 WRHC 1400
t .. -, .. receive answerer or 1-80-99-13-57-189: i Day ((7th) and!
\ !' _
you may save yourself a few -

'" '
.I ( ( 'S' Sa

>, ;; i.,:,1Ein :;; ; ,,; "ft;_ -> ; ..1 > -, F :'. <..,". --c 'L:3": : :/;::;:., _.':<, :" 1-. .. .,. .. .. .. -":',: ..,,,. ', ': -S I. :l::" : -:':':-ferft F'Pap. .
., '
'" \ -" ys ]



Week Ending Saturday. September 5,' 1959 THE,FLORIDA STAB.. Page Three

u.. _,, ,_ n __'.. _. .

''".; .' :t ;71'7 : V;:, .:'T:. ': ,. :: :: It': Wedding Bells .,

Applications for Marriage
4w.h .:, "'.. 2372
L : ; '. Lucius E. Thompson,
s s s s s ; .
Lantana Ave., 17 and Edwina
By : F. Pugh 5704 Abelia Rr., 16.

LOUISE' G. GUINYARD Wilber Rogers, Jr., 2041
s s s
Yulee St., 21 and Janice

x w x, > fY 'W. } Drew. 754 Court A, 17.
We are again wishing good health and speedy recovrey to h y Ernest Williams, GeruDeL
1 Fla. 27 and
: Haven
Winter ,
< ,
Brewier Hosp
Mrs. Bernile White who is still confined to A.
ital. .A Carrie P. Holton, 3431 Arde-

sia Rd., 32.
Mrs. White who is known for her charming personality > Eddie Morris, 1465 W. 21st

has the prayers of all of her friends.Mr. -t ;24 S r St.. 18 and Susie Brown, 14

and Mrs. Forest C. Murphy have just compeleted their : i .. 63 W. 25th St., 15.
; Jr. 2544
master piece. The tiny canvas has been formed in blue and -:... Chas. Henderson,
24 and EmmaL.
Summit Si
bears the title Forest Crockett Murphy, Jr. Show first at .p.'' .' ,
: .4 ? S
A ,
.'. A. Francis, 2544 Summit St.,
Brewtser Hospital (August 24, 1959 2:00: p. m.) the precious #
item will be no permanent display at 432 West 16th. ..: : 23.Willie
C. Scott, 1657 W.
Street :33rd Si. 26 and Henrietta
; ci '
Mrs. Murphy is the former Miss Locille Littlejohn. .: ; } Thurmand, 5508 W. 45th St.

C t t S Sa age 19.Andrew.
t'. .. .,._ ; L. Edwards, 4024
< ;
Mrs. Dannie Aikens Scott left the city Sunday by East- : jIt;{ : : Amos St., 21 and Minnie

ern Airline to visit her',daughter, Mrs. Jean Allen and' son ,, ...., Snow, 1077 Kings Rd., 19.

James Aikens, who live in Detroit, She will also visit her ..,. ,
son and family, Sgt. Herbert Aikens of Dayton, Ohio. I ? ., 3i .. i

Mr. and Mrs. James lL"'Gordon"have returned to the city LAS AMIGAS CLUB

after being away for 90 days., While on his extensive vacation .
hy' r, # _< <'_ SETS FASHION SHOW
the Gordons visited and
several in
cities Georgia ....
in West Florida. Mr. Gordon is a Deacon of Shiloh Metropolitan } -

Baptist Church. .. The Las Amigas Social
Clubs will its fall
t .
Fashion Tea Sunday, September

Chairman M. J. Jackson of Independent Lodge No. 3 an- tf h pea y J. 13, at the A. L. Lewis

nounces the illness of the follownig members: Mrs. Julia Branch of the Y. M. C. A.

Street the H. S. Jackson 1489 Fashions for children, teenagers -
Carter, 1493 W. 21st ; Rev. r. y+ i6
Grothe Street; Mrs. Jeromie Weston 1409 W. 5th Street; ..-. --..---.. -,-,- and adults will be
illlf !J i i -
Mrs. Rosa Hillman, 1039 Julia street; Mrs. Mattie Mcln- shown by leading models of
EXCHANGED VOWS-MIss Pearl N. Griffin seen BRIDE OF JULY 31 Miss Gloria Hollis. seen here this city, representing various
tosh, 1506 Myrtle Avenue. and Mrs. W. H. Timmons exchanged daughter of Mrs. Ruby Kellaxn became the bride of
S S S .S S ,. here daughter of Mr. clubs. Included in the
with Frank E. Jones son of Brooks Fowler son of Mrs. and Mrs. Theodore Fowlerin
wedding vows will also be out-
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Grant of Baltimore Md. were program
Mr. and Mrs. Isom Jones of PratUvllle, Ala., Aug. 15. a beautiful ceremony which was performed by the stand musical selectionrs.
recent visitors in the city. While here they were guests of in the Souihside home of the bride's parents. The candlelight Rev. A. F. Cummings in the A. L. Lewis Branch YW
his mother, Mrs. Mildred A. Robinson of 1491 W. 22nd St. CA. in the Gale Collins
leremony was performed in the presence of relatives Taking part ceremony were
Mrs. Grant is the former Ethel Coles of Newnan, Ga. andis who served best man. Calvin Hollis. usher Mrs.
and friends by the Rev. J. C. Rogers. Mrs. Althea as ,
employed in the public school system of Baltimore.Mr. Parker and Mrs. Payton Pinkney served as soloists Rosemary Blood worth, matron of honor and Miss VIc- U eIf' ,

Grant is Recreatioa Theaperistat the Baltimore State with Mrs. Eartha Harper at the piano. The bride worea toria Williams bridesmaid. The bride was dressed In awhile

HospiaL ballerina length gown featuring long tapered lace ballerina length gown of chantilly lace over taf SHOES

sleeves the skirt was nylon tulle net over taffeta. The feta. Her fingertip veil of illuson was attached to a

For Breakfast Lunch After the Movie Snacks finger-tip veil was attached to a head piece of lace crown of lace. Her bouquet was white carnations cen- MOTHER,

trimmed with daises. She wore a string of pearls given tered with vchlie orchid. The couple is residing at 689 ..
f Fried Chicken to her by the She carried N. Lincoln Court. ,,j/I .
groom. a cresent bouquet of _. I A"I \.. _.
----- -
white carnations. Leonard Mitchell served as best man.
1 C5.
( Oysters Cod Miss Florence Griffin sister of the bride was maid of ii

,t, ShrimpHam.. honor. The bride is a member of the nursing staff of PLANS NEW BERLIN .
Bacon Sausage the Baptist Hospital. The groom is presently serving in OUTING LABOR DAY. p AS
Eggs Hot Cakes the U. S. Army.
I I Coffee Milk

French Fr. Potatoes Mr. & Mrs. Johnnie Thom- I

ROOSEVELT GRILL iOlli! spon 1803 W. 11th Street; The Pulpit Aid Board oJ

GirlMr. the Sunshine Spiritual church: '+g I you

Ashley and Madison & Mrs. William Felton will sponsor a trip to New M45 Y' Y

JJeiiveriesBirths ; 2033 Caljon Road; Boy Berlin on Labor. Day. The know
bus will leave 74 Florida

I at Brewster HospitalMr. I Mr. & Mrs. Jewel Smith Avenue at 11 a. r*. they'll fit
I 1747 E. 28th Street; Boy I

from DRAB to DAZZU-TG! The board is extending an if they're
I I I Mr. & Mrs. James Strick- invitation to the public to 1

# land 1825 E. 22nd Street; Boy ,make the trip with it. Perfect x. BUSTER
4'I : & Mrs. Felix Balmir I
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard
Way order and an enjoyable
4 1640 Jefferson St.; _Girl I 1832 Broadway Street; Girl I time is assuredCOMMUNITY BROWN,

s } > r Mr. & Mrs. Arthor Brown Mr. & Mrs. William Jenkins -_ .

sc' 1669 Hir ian Street; Boy I 429 Jessie Street; Girl 1
r .... ,
Mr. & Mrs. Eule Boykia, Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Johnson OUTING RECEIVES APPOINT-

1163 E. 23rd St.; Girls (Twins) 1448 Mt. Herman St; Girl 8.3
MENT-Melvin T. Brown Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. Ishmell Chis-/ ,
Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Red Black Brown
King The of
olm 5234 Buick Road; Girl Community Outing seen here, has been appointed
1.343 W. 21st Street 7.50 8.50
; Boy Wards 4-C and 4-G took Committeeman for Precinct
Mr. & Mrs. Author Daniels place at New Berlia. July 30 according to size
&Mrs. Offie Rawls 785 2-B the
.1oIr. to serve unexpired
v ,:' wi 514 Florida Ave.; Girl I was attended with the same Open Friday Nit. Til 9SHOES
e S a y Lincoln Ct. Girl
; spirit and enthusiasm that term of the late David H.

Mr. &Mrs. Jimmie Harrell I Mr. & Mrs James Scott has sparked the progress in Dwight Sr. The appointment 'litleif" !L

I 1031 Powatten Street; Girl 1842 West 27th St.; Boy the two wards. The outing was made b the Democratic
Mrs. & :Mrs. Arthur Mallory +
j generally anticipated by all Executive
Committee Richard
610 S. Lincoln Ct.; Boy jI I concerned, was blessed with D. Barker chairman., 216 WEST ADAMS

Mr. & Mrs. James Wfl- fine weather.

limns 729 Wall Street; Boy
II WHITE MUSEUM SETS Deputy Edward Holt who
with Larieuse General Atlantic OPEN HOUSE MON. functioned: as one of the .
f ; Delivery 1816 W. 20tH Street Phone EL 5-9722
Haircolor I banners, regarded the outing -
Beach,; Girl AT 4850 MONCRIEFThe Kindergarten Begin September 2nd
I as a huge success. 'The ALSO FOR CHILDREN & ADULTS
Would you trade an hour for hairlike Mr. & :Mrs. OZell Johnson outing was a wonderful de Piano Band
i Guitar Accordion
t 6 mil Rrofes stonal model' .R 1944 Decottes St.; Girl monstration of the community
take for I Theory Tutoring Adult Education
One hour is all it
GodefroY's's Larieuse Haircolor I ':Mr. & Mrs. Henry Richardson -, Eartha M. M. White spirit and snese of co- MUSIC CLASSES BEGIN SEPTEMBER 8TH
to bring back youth to gray,dull F::::: Girl :Museum will hold Open opt ration that we enjoy in
3326 Ardisia Road
;:' .. ; I I
1 faded hair
Il'l or _
i House at 4850 Moncrief Road, our localityhe said. "We
>. Mil i capsate r. Everything you nerd U in the -j; t all back and
-- :Mr. & Mrs. Welsey Walker i Sept. 7 from 12 noon to 10 came refreshed
tints ail Squid. famous red box.Gu Oodefroy J
L Apply to kali. with long-Issdng Larieusc no*** Rt.- C Box 301 Manerin, Fla.; p. m.The entirely ready to tackle and Letters to LollyHer
.tppliutor.I. Boy ;1 future community projects."
lit dtttlef intfiio 1
ttimpMt OODETHOT UFO. CO.M10 Ota*tM..1r.Lori tU. Housewives League of

Mr, & Mrs. Roosevelt Wilson\I America, Inc., will furnish, h'rty_._. hs! j Ort to-glow!! ..
2924 Mwcrief RD.; Boy barbecued ribs, chicken ,

Mr. fc Mrs.. Wille Wasbjn-I I cakes, pies, cold drinks and -- DI LC'y; Lon'-.3

You Don't Have to Go to Town to Get ton 1468 W. South St.; Boy I peanuts. There will be plentycf LEARN TO DRIVE

Mr. & Mrs. Roosevelt' free drinks for the chil- Secure Drivers' License LcUy: .,._ have single: cne.I think
Bacon 1224 E. 27th Street;i I dren.i SAFEWAY DRIVING I used to have nice y "' ---I.. got mine when I gotshin'sg .
her for motherinlaw.Dear
Iud a
LOW PRICESOn i hair,but I've
GirlMr. j A special invitation is being SCHOOL it processed :to often it'. ',.. Dear Fed:
600 West Street
& Mrs. James Epps I extended to the public to become dull eM ..dr.. -. '; Tittt.the remedy seems
!ooin-.Iizveto eesf
GEORGE PERPENA Dir. ; r: fight fire with
Your 731 W. Monroe St; Boy I visit the museum during Office ELgin 5.7742 it for the hairstyle I wear. i"SM 3 fire. First, march over to
Mr. & Mrs. Wilson Harley:i Open House and view the .. What can I do 1i. ;syour favorite cosmetic .
4113 Moncrief Rd. Girl i j many interesting exhibits Res. PO 5-4607 Hazel) r.: 4 ', counter and get the fa-
mine: STORE REEDS: ; Dear Hazel!: ;, .. moos red: boi that say
Mr. & Mrs. Louis that will be on display. The <
Jefferson Tr-ere'a co need to give flm : -. '-t,: ', "GODEFBOl'S har ease
Store 737 Bloxham Street; Boy : admission is free. yccr favorite: hdfei.yla.GODLFBOVS Haircolor." Then treat
With Your Neighborhood Drug .
Trade i Lanense Halreolor yourself to the most youthful at-
Mr. & :Mrs. Jackie Johnson will pre lustre and color to those traclirr hair to the world. You'll
WE WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADVERTISED 1726 Highland Ave.:; Girl I dull s'Jarasyoa! CGwlIo7inc; look eo well feel eo good, yea
Mr. & Mrs. William Reed s hair b the first step in any at- won't know jour mother>in>law'i
PAPERSWe traetlfe hairdo. at the party!
IN YOUR LOCAL 536 Jessie Street; Boy SPECIAL MEET' SET .
Mr. & Mrs... I .. Dear Lolly:
Cumm- Dear :
Joseph Lo3y
Deliver -. We AIM fin AD Doctor Pre ntpttoal BY PRECINCT 3-B I'd really like tomor% my birow -
ings 1628 W. 30th Street; Girl, .. H do you keep from auWt.in: it needs it badJy-t;. isru it ter-

Mr. & Mrs. Own Newsome I The Jacksonville District PATRONIZE your at mine mother-in-law! She come!:I ret to 10 all! msd the ribly expensive Pb!.'Jane
1926 Machouse St.; Boy partite* my.'husband and I.giver Dear Plain: '":.
Dixie Pharmacy Mr. & Mrs. John Hughes! Convention will be held in plays up to all the men and a the ha Longer, ie, GUPEs-rors
i the Church of God Auditorium center of all,evening .
1044 attraction Laritnse eOl":+'t t .n-: s DO
Pippins Street; Boy Star Advertisers !< : ,
Steele Ulro--iI
AVENTJK and Blue Streets esza !
KINGS at : ,
lain Mr. & Mrs. Lee Joy 1534 mete her, but frtildy., I'n! Jick oDI1 : .t%:a.UL
a I'IIONBI' ..:iAi17Ad McChonie St.; Boy I I Sept 6.Meeting. of playing the rideliner at my- '. .

Mr. & ,Mrs. Henry Mercer jointly with .the own party. Fed-up DOD let unattractive hair
PAY YOUR LIGHT, WATER AND TELEPHONE create problems for out! Get.,
1811 W.. llth Street; Boy i Sunday Schools and the .' e': e -; P. ..The' trouble Is, she's twice GODEFROY'S Laneuse Hair- :
BILLS'.AT' OUR STORE .. Mr. & :''; } : '' !-, : iLl have color favorite cosmetic :
Mrs. Lacy Sheppard Church of God: Young Peo ,. i toy age but doesn't look : at your
y '.{ log of hair but she doesn't counter today!
1730 W. 29th St Girl ple's Endeavor Department. ; f gray :
; "' ., J ',..r :;;...-...

.... ,.,

1 :" :"l :. I "

Page Four THE FLORIDA STAR __ Week Ending Saturday, September 5. 1959

I- Annual-Wol11en's Day Scheduled At New St. James I

MRS.LIE WELCOME TO SERVE 4::' ." .J -. ;- '7':' : r ,: : i ':1 9; ;i !ECHORUS. :'NOTED GROUPS


J J Jr

The women of New ST. James AME Church will observe -
their annual Women's Day Sept. 13 with Mrs. M. E. Wel-
come serving as pastor for the day and :Mrs. Carrie B. Mad-; 6 .

dox, general chairman. ,
---- -- ------
Others serving in official -.

duties are: Mrs. Veda Wil- ZION HOPE BAPTIST Hope Baptist Church will ob- Suwannee Quintet of
liams, co-chairman; Mrs. An-;FEMALE CHORUS t WI The Male
'I Chorus of Zion Augusta, Georgia, the Selha
recording se-
nie B. Hagans.
cretary; Mrs. Ethel L. Ban-'I serve its 9th anniversary Oct. Jubilee Singers of Brooklyn,

nister, program committee; F-; at 8 p. m. in the auditorium.:N. Y., the Davis Sisters of
I, Chorus of I
Mrs. M. Anthony, music The Pa. the Drexel
Harry 4 Serving male choruses are:: Philadelphia, ,
committee; Mrs. M. E.,,Zion Hope Baptist Church Tabernacle and St. Thomas I Sirers of Batimore, the Gos-
Welcome, flower committee;I I will observe its 8th anniversary : 1 # Baptist. Guest choruses are I pel Ambassadors of Philadel-
Miss Barbara Stephens, club 1 Monday, Sept. 14 at 8 4 Mt. Ararat and Emanuel Baptist -phia and three local groups,
'chairman; Mrs. Alice Herbert p. m. in the auditorium of the Singing Trumpets, the
finance committee; Mrs:I!the church. I Gospel Crusaders and the
Veda Williams, checking com.I Harry Lovett will serve as I Heavenly Echoes will
Mrs Florence Nelson,president appear
soloist. Others
rnittee; Mrs. Florida M.! guest appear- in a mammoth musical
of the chorus is ex- :
Bronson and Mrs. Lucille I.tending an invitation to all tj4' 4 '1t ing will be Mrs. Queen Aknis, cert in the Duval County
Johnson relations. Mrs. Hazel Gross. L. Conway.E. .
public I I choirs and choruses of the + Chatman, William illiams Armory, Sep. 13.
Captains are: Mrs. CarrieB. cit,. to attend. The Rev. E. t T TI and others
Maddox, Mrs. Veda Wil-l I I R. Simpson is the pastor. I I The activities of the day
hams, Mrs. Lucille Johnson,i I I : The Rev. S. Andrews of. will bein with a motorcade,
Mrs. Maggie E. Welcome,I : Allen Chapel AME Church,, starting at 4 p. m. from 45th
:Mrs. Ethel L. Bannister, Mrs.i 1:DEACONS CONTEST will be speaker for the occas-i I Street and Avenue B. Individuals -

Harry M. Anthony, Mrs. Es TO TERMINATE AT a ,! S: iah.y.%:nT ion. Usher Board 2 of Mt.! and organizations have
sie! B. McCloud. Mrs. MaryJ. I BETHEL SEPT. 20 : Ararat Baptist and Zion Hope!i been invited to decorate cars
Johnson, Mrs. Sylvia John I Churches will serve. I I and enter the event for the
Mrs. Rosa I !musical attraction.
son, D. Young, A contest will be a feature:
4rs.: Annie K. Hubbard, Mrs.'
l to determine the "king" of
0' Neil Robinson
Bavena Hughes, Mrs. Annie, Deacon t 4C 1 I'! The Suwannes will feature
\ the chorus
with John Lowery
14 Bethel
of District Baptist
B. Madion, Mrs. Serena G.'; and and Stephen Sanders vieing I,i Johnny Jones in many solo
Adams. Mrs. :Mildred Crews'' :r; for honors. I selections. This will be the
Deacon Melvin Brown of District y/4 ... I
and Mrs. Robbis Baker. ;;! : : s yam. .kay a first appearance in the city
t 20 of Mt. Ararat Baptist Mrs. Emma B. Johnson is!I for the Drexel Singers and
The morning message will, \fi\l vie in a popularity Contest organists and director of the:are nationally known record-
be delivered by the Rev.i! which will terminate chorus. I ing artists.
Mrs. Amanda Anderson. The I Sunday Sept. 20. at Bethel at

4 m.The ,..
Rev. Mrs. Vivian Williams I p. eadpC4
Male and
S i
will deliver the closing mess-1 i Choir 4-B of Mt. Aarat and BARBECUESpecializing

age. The female shorus will' choris of Bethel will furnish

serve at each service. music for the occasion. CIVIC WORKERS WORKERS FETED Jaxons who comprised the workers in Pre- I in Ribs and CHicken

cinct 4-C during the last city elections who were enterained at New Berlin recently by
Edward, Holt and the Committeemen and Committeewomen in the area are seen in the t Tto. 1 33rd at Moncrief Road

WALKER top photo.. I t PHONE EL 4.9102
Seated from left are Mrs. Mary Washington Mrs. Thelrua Holt Mrs. Nell Huston Mrs. E i No. 2 Broad at State' Street
Kathlyn McKeozle Children of the guests. Mrs. Frances Johnson. Mrs. Lorenia OmeaL PHONE EL 4.9789
I Mrs. Ida Jacksons. Mrs. Mary Jackson Mrs. Mrs. Dora owens. Miss Cynthia and Vanessa fOe
Vocational & Commercial I I 3 Florida Avenue at 1st Street
Stallings Lynome Waltkins Juaneta Stallings. and Ella Ruth Battle. PHONE EL 0-9367
The 4-C Precinct Committeemen planned the outing for the workers are seen in the
Colleae I bottom phoo. From left are Mrs. Mary Francis Wilson. Mrs. Ada Stallings Walter Griffin No. 4 700 Block W. Ashley Street

Mrs. Elnora Johnson (of_Precinct 4-G). and Deputy Constable Edward Holt. __ I II SINGLETON'S '


Executive Secretarial Interior Decorating AT 'MT. OLIVE !I I JACKSONVILLE. FLORIDA
Business Administration Toiloring i t4RE CONTiNUEDAT ORGANIZE FOR
DressmakingUpkol&iering I --- ----- ---- --
Accounting Leading to CPA i, -

Clerk Stenographic- Typist Radio TelevWonBookkeeping The women s day committee JERUSALEl\1\ i iI I:ANNUAL DAY
I PBX Receptionist of Mt. Olive AME church The, SEA FOOD CenterCORNER
Business Law Business Machines will present a sister and i
For Additional Information brother recital Sept. 14 at 8 I Ip. j
Telephone ImmediatelyEL m. in the auditorium of I I MYRTLE AVENUE AND SHAD ROE

5-2626 or PO 5-0604 the church. ', The women of Payne Chapel -
Or Write I Prayer meeting continues I Medium Mullet Lb. 20c
will feature Mrs.: | AME Church met recently I
The event
:Jerusalem Church;
Attn: Dr. J. Walker Brown Baptist
Walker V & C College Johnnie Palmer Byrd. soprano with the deacons and the: with the pastor, the Rev. R.I Large Mullet Lb. 29c

1832 Myrtle Ave. and David Palmer, ten- Rev. R. W. Jackson pastor,I A. King to organize and formulate Silver DrumOceanview Lb. 29c
Jacksonville 9. Fla. or. Fred Austin will serve as! in charge. i, plans for the annual
accompanist.Mrs. I W omen's Day observance Spots Lb. :32c
The Rev. Hyland Bruce of held 27. I'
,which will be Sept. Whiting Lb. :32c
general chairman -
,- ---'- -. Tallahassee will begin Mrs. Rosa L. Boykins was
'b. tmaff-look smart of the drive has annouc-:I preaching Monday. The pastor -I elected chairman and Mrs.I Red Fin Croakers Lb. 45c

/FRESHEN YOUR HOM ed the following committee I has: asked all districts and'Mason Watson, co-chairman. Red BassSpeckled Lb. 45c
chairman: Mrs. Sara D.I auxiliaries 'to postpone all':Mrs. Helen Mainor, secretary Trout
Washington, program; :Mrs. weekly activities during the'! and Mrs. Helen Mainor, Lb. 59c
Mildred Caldwell Ads. and: revival. j secretary and Mrs. M. D. Small Red Snapper Lb. 59c

sponsors; Mrs. Ruth Gregg I The services Sunday will King, will serve as acting, Salt Mullet Lb. 25c
Music; Mrs. Alberta Generett I 1 begin with the Sunday Scholl; pastor. .
s ways and means; Mrs. Emma I at 9:30 a. m. The ,pastor will, The church has set a goal I Black Sea Bass I Lb. :35c
Moran, finance; M r s. F.'rice .I deliver the sermons for the I''of $4,000 for the day which LARGE SHRIMP Lb. 79c
follow-up; Mrs. Eularanch i major services. Choir 2 and: will be used for the building MEDIUM SHRIMP'
> decorations; M r s. Usher Board :2! will serve at, fund. j Lb. 59c
Mattie Williams publicity.I each service. | The Rev. J. W. Young, pas- BAIT SHRIMP per carton 2.95

Mrs. Matilda C. Johnson District 4 will meet at 4 tor of Midway AME Church,, BIG JIM CRABS __ ___ ___ Doz. 1.00
Courtesy, and Mrs. MildredM. ; p. m. at the church. The de-I and congregation will con-I 0.
S Mann, youth department.I jcconess board will meet at duct service following the re-.I I FREE PARKING SIDE AND REAR
14 p. m., in the educatioalI ular service, Sept. 8 for the
I building. :benefit of the observance. FOOD CENTERMyrtle

REV. FRANK JONESi i ------- An. and Adams Phone EL 4143

Whv Continue To Suffer?

Can Bring You Relief From jj I
TIle Rev. Frank Jones,pas I

Church, will conduct services!
at Grant Memorial Sept. 13,! HEART TROUBLE BACK' ;.r':'v"- There are openings for
following the regular ser- '. '
: vice. PAINS L I V E R TROUBLE 4J; EXPERIENCED Newspaper reportm. edltert
\ ;> The Rev. Mr. Jones will ;: "' ": copy-readers advertising salesmen, circulation
be accompanied by his choir CONDITION : men and women. printers compositors. linotype
:' ushers and congregation.The AND OTHER COMMON- AIL-i : operators. .
:>. {ti fY service is sponsored by Mrs. I ANY MENTS.LONGER. LET US PUT.' ,,
S'' I Pearl Eutsay and Mrs.: Vi- M. *- BEGINNERS WANTED'' TOO W. will
: : lw\rl i.4 YOU ON THE ROAD TO GOOD '.,, train
vienne Eutsay.In \ -' young reporters and people for all department
conneection with the .:' : if you have a real desire to become a member
service, the Rev. I McPherson Visit Our Modern Clinic of the newspaper fraternity.WE .
pastor of Asbury Methodist j

ida ,Church, officers and DH. W. F. WEAVER NEED Men and women young or M41e-
members, will worship in the aged. in all fields for a chain newspaptr.and
church also for the benefitof GOLDEN RULE CHIROPRACTIC. magazines.
N the Women's Day obser- .
iANRRSf vance, under the sponsorshipof ACT NOW State :
experience and
age. j
Mrs. Nancy M. Brown. 6-7830 !. WHITE* #
Mrs. Alvenice McQueen, HEALTH CLINIC -=j ;.!.,1

general chairman has an- 4i.i INTERSTATE 'PRESS .' :

-.-t.a-."".I"t- ima" Women"s nounced Day that will the be annual celebrated 518 Broad Street : Between Ashley & Church i j j I"I -P. "O. *Box* **732._ Jacfaoarllle"" .. .L Fla." f i WW**S ;

Oct. 18. T _---.1l. .
------- -- ----------------r '


- -t _
\ -

V .

I 0

.. .

Week Ending Saturday. September 5:1959 THE FLOBIDA STAB _.__ i- Pale Flea -

WALKER COLLEGE TERM TO STARTAdministration ON SEPTEMBER 8 term many new faces will
AFRO AMERICAN INSURANCE CO. and''be seen. The faculty has been
DR J. WALKER BROWN faculty, students -all sections of the State increased to take care of the
RETURNS TO POST and friends welcomeher surrounding States. 'i rapidly growing enrollment.
Walker Vocational & Commercial back. Walker College which is

o .. College announcesits I i i Walker Vocational & Commercial cenrally located for parents' GETTING UP NIGHTS

":k'" :J'V\:.>. >'.o ii-l.;:: ;: (;;f1: .,'1";<";' ;' v.f..." ':;' :!'>'" < :;:::".;'o:.;1:,:i- <:..o : .. .: fall Term 8, 1959, beginning under September the I i I College anticipatesone convenience and, operates Grade a School kind- If tine foaled op Ntgte D1 T Mto/1 arlaattoo kne:-" (O)1rM or t-
ergarden a
"b f directorship of Dr. Julia', of the largest enrollment I Quent burn1n1 SmelllDI..CloucSl UrID..CSu.'G
!' .{ ;j.; ., ; < Walker Brown, who has beenon I'I in the history of the insitu-!which School extends through High stroDe common Kidney *"* Bladder belp. M IrrUaU Lit ve&ra DM Uo.

.. ,.,.. ;: { ,........,., sick leave from the Col- tion. Applications have been I! I I SSSSS ra: l =_:;
j I /
/ tl Ku.. imptoT
; >,';"X". :"" ;$: v".". lege .for an extended. .. period.. received. and accepted from: With the advent of the new. See. tow fast Jon..
& A .j .ou': ,);: tAPc:, .w<;;:: < _".1 ;;'' ..L'i"....... ';;::,{{; r!:'.:".. '}r' :. a"'--. -.. -.. .-.... ... ...... .... .. ... ...... .-.....'''.-.I.,::
F n( .,
:' i
y EN41 a : : .y 'r:rb ,


? re
... <,.. .. ,. ...
; 4L.
S.A. : !
fl :
r" ,........,..", WfI \ r
4 k

5,' i4t'Y : SAVINGS! '

14 i '4 4 5_ 4

'",, .. r : 'YYShow A GENE.RAL.ELECTRIC I


in the above photo Is the Managmeni and Staff of the new Branch Office of the I
Afro-American Ljfe Insurance Company. FrOm.left to right: J. A. Batts. Agency Director. .
J. D. Maher. Dterlct Manager of the Jacksonville District. P. L. Borders Freddie James -- -- -
Faust Thomas Robnison. Luther Blue W. K. Allen. Thelma Hall Cashier and A. C. Peterson
.: .f ;. B r
Branch Manager.This 1 f. .
staff has been selected to serve the people of the West Side. At this office you : H :-- ., ;';"'iu--' DELUXE """'"
receive the same courteous service and benefits offered at the Jacksonville District and kyt --=-G- -' .; ,
-. ............
other Afro Offices. -;..-.;::." ..... L "," ....
The new Branch Office is located at 4129 Moncrief Road at the corner of 33rd Street. .... -... "'.........,.'._. ,I""tr ,-,-w ::,:::"-....,.";...., -
Open House will be September 12. 1959 7:00 P. M. 9:00 P. M. The Afro is cordially :.;.;;..;::;:..........;.. : :
inviting the public to attend and get acquainted with the staff and observe the facilities .' I FILTER FLO
of the building. :;; : Ii, -t rr.

Souvenirs and free refreshments will be given. 44 .......;r:.:.:.:.:.:., I V..... i\ I IV
",';.;:::,:,:;::::;.;;:: t "

DIXIE SCHOOLSNEW 'INVITING' TO' MANYINN.Y, i iI I :' ;it ;r- : Automatic Washer .

I ..:........;...;.:.:::.;.....:.,i '. ,

whereour '": :;:;:lt1 ;;;1 "
YORK Accordingto owded neighborhoods, t : Has Famous GE "ACTIVATOR" Washing Action! .
ters are .subjected to Church of the Nazarene in1 I
a New York Times report undesirable living and recre- said 10 of the 475' = .
Brooklyn ; ; i
of last week, a number of }
ational conditions, are other families in his congregation'': lll.J *
Negro families in this city, .
factors inlueneing parents to 1 I II' : *
'are sending their children out} ; t:'""""""' I.
in protest tide of against juvenile the mounting delinquency -send state.: their" children out of the I''ct seven the state of them this fall to at Virgina least I'( :;;;;;;ifji;!;::: !!ii1!;; ,

are volutarily send-1! and North Carolina. Rev )1,;::;;;:;:::::::::;::::;::::::: Water-Saver Control '" .
ing their children to segregat-f' The Rev. J. Archie Mar Margraves stated that he I, ":'::::::jtt::: :j s 6 5 Non-Clog Filler ,"" .
ed schools in the South.j of the Congregational
graves r
9 8
knew of at least 20 other;I : : Big 10 Ib CapacityFlexible
families considering a simi- .... 1iJiif J.. Timer Control ,,
ilar move. I I Li : Cycles P
ATTENTIONDue <:: 1-Year Service
4 One Negro leader estimated .
J J': J ..
the number of families affect-I '. r..,,' ..i..-:,..,..-.--..;.,,.- .
ed this _. '
by mass .
to the tremendous public acceptance of the new I '.'
be 2000. *
Doctor's Office at 1245 West Beaver Street. and the I WA-603
excellent results which have been achieved In relieving This was disdained by Roy I,
headaches, backaches and stomach trouble a free Wilkins, national executive
examination will be given. All children will be treated secretary of the NAACP.
Thursday afternoon. Wilkins said he "would be I
For appointment Call EL 5-1885. astonished if as many as 50 NEW 1960
Negro children from New I :
York were sent back Seuth"



...... NEW YORK-A of""]

,t. white men, apparently
'. "" ,," t ,_ suing the attacker of a pur-I I
'\ t .. year-old white girl, ti
: '.J, homeless, unemployed Negro i'I
:.': > in the groin last week only)Ito > t
,-4 .,.)0"-', I soon discover he was the''I
": ., ( 1 It' ;:.- / ; wrong man. 'j I 1-v w
1i The girl who was later
\ "&,-.;.:.":,.. : unable to identify the wounded I
man as her attacker,described -
4s the inident as occur- I
0 ing in a hallway of the apartment -'
( __'1 building in which she' !,
: lived. She succeeded in fending ,
< "'<<' o -
: Y [ off her attacker by: I .$16995 i
screaming so loudly that she,
; attracted the attention 0 f .
neighbors! and a group of] 17T3304
I men were standing on a1! .
street Corner. I ,

.. _. Front-Sound ProjectionSetandForgel
The '
men pursued the attacker -( '''--- --'
Volume Control _
Luhr and came, described the as a Negro grant1 j*'! Hi-Impact Polystyrene Silver Grey Cabinet

identified upon as 32-y va ear-oldj;,.. l New Wide -Angle Longer Life Picture Tube

George Dwight, asleep In a:
backyadr. Dwight said the),
men awakened him, slapped SHOP & SAVE at ORTII FLA'S LARGEST G-E DEALER!"
him then shot him. He was'
shot in the left thigh and F 'fDOWNTOwN. SOUTHSIDE
groin. 1{A 15 S. HOGAN ST. 3316 BEACH BLVD. '
Cleaners & LaundryPLANT The girl's attacker is still i" (Across from New Sean (Near Southgate Plaza)
unknown. A EL 6-2493 FL 9.6679 HeCK WITH
Open Every Nit Till 9 .
Open Every Nile Till 9
505 S. McDUFF [Across from Shopping
"- ,A Lenox) Center) ,. ...
3016 Myrtle Are. 302 Davis St. special meeting of Pre- (Near ?
814 W. 8th St. 941 Davis St. inct 3-B will be held at Mt I A EV 8-4624 SP 1-2880
Nile Till 9 Open NUa TIll 9
1 ,DAY SERVICE Herman Park-Tkursday..Sept. W. Open Every Every
10, at, 8 p. m. r USED APPLIANCES e.
QUALIFIED NEGRO CLEANING EXPERTS attend 'Business of vital importance r (Corner of King and RosseHe)
MANAGEMENT DELIVERY WORKERS will be transacted. ', EV 9871. I .
SUPERB, DRY CLEANING, .AND LAUNDRY Street lights, sewerage and j : OpenTlllSP.M. ,
SERVICE.SATISFAcTIoN paving will be discussed. Mrs. ,
Bennie Brown is presidentand ,. .
GUARANTEED Mrs. Mae E. Roberts is I
reporter. : '



___ __ _____ __ -
/ 7

.. .
{ ,...- -, .
V ,

Page...Six' THE FLORIDA: STAR .. Week Ending Saturday. September- -5, 1958



w \


A recent survey conducted by the American-Jewish Congress .
and titled Summary of 1958 and 1959 State AntiDiscrimination T '- S ; S ii'ems
Laws, discloses that twenty-four laws dealing
with racial and religious discrimination were passed by 14 1
states during 1959. "Both in number and content," the study a t 41
notes, "the civil rights laws enacted by the states this
exceeded the product of any year in the past decade" '\ t '
year //5 '
The Congress study summarizes the principal legislative -
advances of 1959 -as follows: ,
(1)) California and Ohio adopted enforceable fair employ- .1i _

ment such laws.legislation.This brought to 16 the number of states having < \lf' : Be

((2)) The first state laws against discrimination in the \. 'If .
general housing market were adopted. Heretofore,' all state 1 .. n v &
laws on housing were confined to accommodations receiving .
some form of governmental assistance. This year, Colorado 1S ,
Connecticut, Massachusetts and Oregon adoped
broad fair housing legislation, thereby following the path
recently marked by New York City and Pittsburgh.
((3)) Maine became the twenty-fourth state to enact an .
enforceable law prohibiting discrimination in places of public
accommodation. A number of other states improved the
effectiveness of their laws in this area.
The Congress survey also reveals that the work of the PLAYING AT I lures.
1959 state legislatures "brings to an imressive total the
number of state antidiscrimination laws in effect ,today.B-' 'NURSES TO GRADUATE Graduation exercises for practical nurses was'h e Id STRAND SUNDAY On Saturday mdnight, Sept.

Sixteen states, it notes, now have: fair employment laws Friday.SePt///4 at 81 1!p.: m.at the-,Duval County Vocaional High School. Seen here are Tnia Louise (above) co- I 5th, patrons will show enjoy at the the
enforceable by an administrative the methodof Phillips Gilmore; Miss Lillie Robert and special midnight
agency Busing the graduates from left In he front row-Miss Dorothy stars with Ryan ;
Strand of honor
conciliation, backed by the to issue administrative Martha Lewis Stamper. Miss Elizabeth action a pair new
power Belle Jackson; Miss Helen Fleming Mack; Miss Burl Ives in the new hits "THE WASP WOMAN"plus
orders enforceable in the courts. Four states have Small Banks. Back row 'from left-Miss Cosie Gay BrunSon. Miss Wilhelmena western Hit, "DAY OF THE I :

laws broadly prohibiting discrimination in education, en- Roundtree Hamilton; Miss Marjorie Everette Lewis. Miss Audrey. Lewis Giles! and OUTLAW," showing Sunday I I "BEAST CAVE." FROM The films HAUNTED will-
forced by administrative agencies, while a number.of ot- Miss Wilhelmlna Blackman EarL through Saturday at the I 1 I
also at the Roosevelt
hers have play
more limited legislation in that
area. Twenty- is the
Strand. Co-feature new.
I I f
five have Sunday through Tuesday
prohibited discrimination in substantial '
portion of the general housing market. Three others have AGGIES SEARCH NEWS\ BRIEFS 1 CHAMPS MEET Jerry"DON'T Lewis GIVE comedy UP THE't along with the bonus third
prohibited discrimination in virtually all public and public SHIP." Both pictures are feature, "LET'S GO NAVY"
ly assisted with the Bowery Boys.PHOTOGRAPHS .
housing, and number
a of states have more week fea-I
limited statutes in this Labor Day Holiday
FOR OPPONENT Convicted Rapists ------- -- -


1959 CAMPAIGN II Negroes convicted for the AT AVE. Long term 12 year month loans TooTHeellru ACHE fClUlu. lute free

FOR BETTER TREATMENT I I rape have of been two granted white a women new k I I II The Jacksonville Cardinals, repayable on the$1,000$10, for per home Improvements wpe.dispirits)or ytte uru tOeuedt/k lit.CMadL tUi1sic.
GREENSBORO, N. C.-The trial hearing on' October 2,I champions of the South repairs and 11$ er'oiQultl e
A and T College Aggies, de- on the very day they are: Georgia and North Florida additions to your existing bit effU OJl "' L'
OF NEGROES BY LOCAL FIRMSI fending CIAA champs, are I scheduled to die in hte electric Baseball League will play house. Quick and efficient
busily searching for an opponent chair for the crime. Atlanta Cardinals, championsof service. No rod tape. Just
date in date set the Branch Rickey Leagueat good credit rating and OWn
would like to see .a new policy of better treat to fill an open I The hearing was EATBERRIERS
schedule. court Superior the :Myrtle Avenue BallPark or buying your own home.M.
ment to Negro customers adopted by local firms. the 1959 football in a signed by I
I resent being called by my first name by salesman The normal nine game, Court Judke Samuel Boykin I I Sunday and Monday, J. SIMON
and saleswomen. slate was reduced to eight I last Friday. A preliminary', the 6 and 7 of September at 621 First Federal Building

I believe that Negro patrons should be provided when Virginia Union University new trail motion contended 2:30: p. m. 306 W. Adams EL 6-2483 ICE CREAM
ample rest room facilities In local establishments and dropped the Aggies:that a guilty verdict returned: The manager of the Jacksonville -
an end put to Jim-crow signs on drinking fountains from their schedule n a icom- against three men on August, Cardinals. Eugene I'
and rest rooms. petition which covered a pe-; 11 was "contrary to the White, will field the follow-
. To accomplish these changes I am willing to cease riod of 32 years. weight of the evidence". 'jjng stars: Harold Hair, S., ;: FOR
patronising firms that are unwilling to meet these Bert Piggott, head coach; The three men are George Green J. Jackson, John E.:
requests. of the champion Aggies,told i Alford Jr., 18, Clifford Johnson Lanvarr and William Jackson : E' n"OCCASIO
reporters this week that he' and Brannon Epps, 24. formerly of Stanton High
NAME had contacted every member Johnson and Epps are from SchooL Hailing from Matthew -; Expert Photography
school in an effort to fill the LaGrange. Alford, the youngest W. Gilbert will be such I Portraits Weddings Banquets
ADDRESS void but without success. from Dayton, Ohio. stars as Ernest Sistrunk. John I :? Purports & Identification Photos
"We are now seeking an op- Hayward, Frank Baker and. "\ Photostats & Commercial Work
ponent from other conferences SEGREGATIONISTSLITTLE the "Mighty Blob". Photos For Newspaper Cuts
( ) You disclose
I denilal unless may Indicated otherwise my name II necessary ," he said, "with the hope ROCK, Ark., In Carl Butts, manager of the While You Walt
L below. that the October 3, home Atlanta Cardinals will
I understand that my name. will be held conflEnroll I the face of moUnting segreg- bringto i Coloring & Picture Framing
-- date will be filled prior "to ationist resistance to a Federal : the city a group of players ', Let Us Take A Photo Of You
the op eHig of the season. Judge's order to admit who Carried the team to the Y 6

The Ajqies open the home j I three :Negro students to the Branch Rickey League In Natural Color -
stand against Maryland State I iDollarway School near Pine championship and also Atlanta J.

College, the homecoming,: Bluff, Arkansas Atty. Gen. City Champions.The AVEHYAVERY'S
S t s on October 17. Other home teams will Satur- PHOTO STUDIO
., ; Bruce Bennett made a move play
; Li:4: games include presently Winston-Salem scheduled Tea-I i last Saturday to stall imme- day Sept. 5 at 3:39 p. m. at 611 West Ashley Clara While Mission BIdg.
R Now In The : |\late race-mixing at the the Fernandina ball park and
Souih's Finest College chers College (High School'1, school. Saturday Sept. 5, at 8:15 Phone EL 4-7695 For AppointmentsBUSNES5
Fenoir. i Day), October 24;I
Si Florida Barber College m. in Brunswick, qa.I .
r/ I Florida A and M University!II Bennett's maneuver was to I I pS
: Branch G. L Approved -------- -
t s s Band Day), November 7 and file a brief with the EighthU.
.' I North Carolina College I,I S. Circuit Court of Ap- DIRECTORY
(Thanksgiving Classic),Thurs I III peals in St. Louis. Bennett'sriove
'oodrvw Patterson manager Prof. James Glover day, November 26. All home is in direct defianceto I

630 Davis Phone Street EL 59874WHEN At Beaver II games are to be played at''! Federal District Judge The FIrms Listed Below Are Recomm ended As Reputable Establishments
Memorial Stadium beginning Axel J. Beck who ordered i Specializing Services and Products
at 2:00 m., with the the Dollarway school to admit -I ,
exception of the Thanksgiving : the three Negro students.I AUTO SERVICE vVashington'. Health Service

Classic. That begins at I At a press conference Ben in'' : "Abundant Health Is Rightfully Yours"
1:30 p. m. nett stated: "My interests
I COMPANY Try Swedish. Massage Mineral Steam Bathj
The schedule calls, AUTO
a s sy away this case are in averingj Colonlc Therapy
for Tenn. A and I University:;.trouble at Dollarway and(, Complete Body Repair & Paint Work D. C. Washington. Masseur-Same Locailoiy
w Z YOU ARE ILL at Neshville. Tenn., Sept. 26 keeping the Arkansas pupil,, _:_ Oven Baked Paint Jobs -:- For 23 Years ..
You Seek The Best Doctor at 8:00 p. m., CST; South from being tJ
placement Price Start at 54-00 i834 N. Myrtle Avenue EL 4-247!
When Your Doctor PrescribesGet Carolina State College at I "
Pharmacists S. !i torpedoed. 1532 East Adams Street EL 5-813':\!
Experienced Orangeburg, C., Oct. 10 at
+ Segregationists h a v e re- 8
I t To Fill Your Prescriptions 8 p. m.; Morgan State Col-I threatened to block I I II
-v:* According To Your Doctor's ,\ lege at Baltimore, :Md., 1:30p. portedly all costs. Now- Free delivery any part of the dry
a Orders. We Use Only i m.. and Virginia State I integration at E. Faubus FOODS I --..i.- OLD RELIABLE ----
The Best Quality Drugs ...AtR :f College at etersburg, NovdS i I ever In answer, Gov.to their appeals tohim 601 West Ashley Street EL 4.1380

*. i 'a s a t at 2p.m. j(, has said only that he is GUS INA'S SUPERMARKETIf l

Dr. C. E. Black DROWINIG VICTIMS ,"watching the sitution closelyand You Want The Finest In Groceries JULIA GEORGE 5 & 10 CENT
ProprietorLILLY'S' BELLE won't shirk" his respon- And Meats Come See Us
Belle Glades Canal 'ibilities to, "put down any 308 Davis Street EL 6-541J:
gave ,$
up Courteous Treatment
STORE disorder.
DRUG three bodies last Saturday'j K Open 8:30to7p.m.
night which police are satis- MISCELLANEOUSAAA >306 Davis Street EL 4-1211
i 1907 Kings Road ELgin 3-8276. tied had drowned. The three I
A COMPLETE LINE OF: were identified' as Fred Lee, MAN FREED BONDING AGENCYCity
Cosmetics RubberGoods Candies Sundries 40, Cleveland Dannard, 35 t(TAMPA Jaines Dingle is I
PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED and William Johnson, 25, ,i a free man today because the County and Federal Bon,.? MAGGIE CONFECTIONERS
Authorities said Lee and:white woman he was accused Law Exchange Bldg. EL1_: BEER CIGARS CIGARETTES
cf to dedin- -w ICE CREAM COSMETICS
.. Dannard apparently drowned: attempting rape
I ied to charges against TV SERVICL 1102. Price St. EL 3-6312
while attempting to swin the .press ACE RADIO &

'- ATTENTION- READERS p canaL to nave Johnson drowned was believed:'him.The womn, 32, identified 36 Years In Electronics:
some 24
Please Bring or, Send Your hours'sooner.. Dingle in a police lineup as All Work Guaranteed QUICK SERVICE MATTRESS CO.,
the 'man who attempted to 943 Fond Street EL t.eI84 Mattress Renovating; Our Specialty
Church. News. Club Notices & Announcements f her as she.was walking One Day Service
-. -.-- rape -- -- 16 -
::;-;' To The FLORIDA STAR Early./ :;;, ',, home early Sunday merning. TRADING 3703_ Old Kings. Road 'po 5-1634
:: She said she broke_loose and TIMIQUANPOST

:. : .S5S-v DEADLINE:FOR...,.NEWS. s""'" : ,..:':' : FLORIDA STAR lied from her attacker. She TAXI"At .
V"TUESDAY:; .. 7t .. managed, to get the license
at NOON IN EVERYCOLORED Cards*. Supplies
".. Complete '
!" 4 y: number ,of :his car. Dingle'sarrest Your Swriee '
FLORIDA,,5TA& :' :: :< followed shortly after- Fertilizer Fruit Products HEW..EAL CAB,_.EL
:,. ,'' SL. New and Used, ,Furniture bough and.sold
t 2323 Moac .f Rd Corner 13th Street V _: : S sW T H wards.- : 564-Timlquaaa> ,Road SP '1.3 L! GAB EL 4-1611
f :<:Jij r Dingle was released on ,
?oa i:! ? ; i
S i ? .. ". 1 .hl ,....J .r ..II \ .

-- .. ,,. '. '-- .
.. -
... > i" -
"" &_'f? i9 AO .d'- Ai ,. 1' .:#iJ' -
"It .
Ail1'1'..If." AY__ .w .JikY ..,v ,'& J$ ,



I -

ji-i: IL_?: J--w -

__ -- ,

I '

i Week Ending Saturday. September 5. 1959 ,. THE FLORIDA. STAI. ._ Page. Se.ea

I; Two Top Football Teams Will Clash Sat.A"f' 8 P.M.. I Ii I

i -

Greg Bell, and Isabelle Dan- _
iels and many others. ..xA [ .

: f .1l.: TENNIS BOXING greats who claim are GOLF their helping AND shareof to i r OF BEARS AND REDSKINS GAME :

i American Democracy :
I stamp \
SPORTS CORNKR 1 deeper and deeper into the
hearts of Americans day after of the National League's top teams will clash headon

t .) day Each year the list in the Gator Bowl at 8 p. m. Saturday when George

By a JOHNSON is growing larger in all -- a ,, -: Halas' Chicago Bears meet George Preston Marshall's
fields of sports. aK. Washington Redskins. .
GIANTS sued recently for $10,000 by Henry L.' Sch- to when the big,
I were I Iwariz !WE MEET AGAIN.IREDLEGS'ISSUE. Jacksonville before and both: hang on
I a cab driver who claims a car belonging t o the I II I teams have captured the'hearts 'rough and tumble boys come
I Giants but driven by,Cepeda hit his car on August 9. 1959. of fans who keep'up charging in makes him a
Schwartz said he suffered head and body injuries and many favorite among football lov
with the game and follow
shock from the wreck. I
---- --- the players as they perform
PAUL PENDER the man I.Peaks, Jim McClairen, John FARM v iS 5 from game'to ers.There are others on the
I Sugar Ray Robinson is'scheduled DATA ON game. Redsknis team who have
Henry Johnson, Tom Wilson,
One of the most popular
to in December
fight to the football world
I "Tank" Younger and a host 3 stars of the NEL is little Ed- proved
recently won the New England -I of others who have kept the PLAYERSSTAN w that they have what it takes
CLUB J die LeBaron, the M: i g h t y
] middleweight crown. turnstiles clicking. z for major competition. When
Mite" of the Redskins. The
is the New York I
Robinson the Redskins meet the Bearson
JONES of Bessemer, generalship of the little
The I Ka it
middleweight champion. W prairie (Gator Bowl)
DUCED such stars as Fx.
division has Alabama, young righthand I quarterback has won the attention -
middleweight will be a fight to the finish
pioneer, Jackie Robinson I .
I for the Cincinnati 's of everyone. regard-
pitcher r.
two champions, one is Sugar SV for the Bears will come with
Ray Robinson and the otheri .Roy Campanella, Ernie Bank, I Reds Geneva farm club, has J less of creed, color or nation- their claws and teeth sharp
Aaron Charlie Neal
Henry ,
Gene Fullmer who defeated been selected as "The Best''Iajor altiy. The "Bulldog Tenacity"of
and ready.
Junior Gilliam, Tony Taylor and the little
Prospect" general's ability
Carmen Basilio for the Sonny Wiles, Billy Bru-, League I The big bad Bears with
I T heM os t OutstandingRookie" I .
NBA Title holder. James Casares
1 Galimore, -
ton, Willie Mays, Willie Mc- in the New York-I GOLF PIONEER HONORED Dr. George W. Adam
Mitchell, the man who pre- and the rest of the Bears
: Covey,Willie Kirkiand,Leon Penn League. This is the left Washington D. C.. receives plaque-citation from Max-'DELTA DEVILS around.
dicted a victory Ingemar will not be pushed
Wagner, George Altman well Stanford the
first time one player has Philadelphia during annual banquet of
Johansson Pattereon will be from
over Floyd The battle on
Brooks Lawrence, Vada Pin- of both Eastern Golfers Association at Reading. Pa., recently. Dr.
named recipient ,
also predicted Fullmer the sound of the whistle. The
son, Don Newcombe, Bill awards. I Adams was honored by the clubs of the EGA for his out OPENED DRILLSSEPTEMBER
Basilio. He has also Bears have been performinginmid
over White, Frank Robinson, Geo. leads the league standing contributions to golf over a long period of time.
labeled Paul: Jones their other
Sugar Ray over
; Crowe, Curtis Flood Solly with a 17-won and three- The District of Columbia physician has been a guiding. spirit -: season

r Pender.THE DAY IS FAR SPENT;i t Drake, Valmy Thomas, Sad lost record and a 2.43 earned-I in EGA since its niception. He was the first president of w 1 1ITTA 1I exhigition Galimore games.is now catching
I Sam Jones, Wes Covington, run-mark. In 25 games and the United Golfers Association which was started in 1926
when tan hued athletes are I and running with his
in Bennie Daniels, John Rose- 135 innings, Jones has allow- and formerly constituted in 1927. Mr. Stanford is EGA I BENA, Miss Fierce' passes
looked ; which
athletics.upon The as novelty a novelty now is'!| boro, Felix :Mantilla, H u m- ed but 50 earned runs, walk-I prexy and veep ot UGA of which the Eastern body is a regional -I intra-squad competition was' same trouble speed for all oppositionwith means
berto Robinson, Juan Pizarro and struck out 151. affiliate. the order of the day Tuesday -
to see a team of any kind on i ed 69 I everything taken into
the field without Negro play' Roberto Clemente, Bob Jones is a 6-1, 185 pounds, Sept. 1, as the Mississippi consideration, a real game is
Gibson, Orlando Cepeda and who was signed I GILBERT, .273 with '19 Vocational College Del-'
19 year-old
Baseball tennis fans.
ers. boxing, I in store for
golf football, basketball and many others in the National i by Scout Jimmy Bragan. homers and 69 RBIs. .,I 60 MEN REPORT'ta Devils opened their gridiron Tickets are going at a terrific -

all field and track meets League. This is the youngsters first PHIL SHARTZER, .256 with training period. rates which is an assu-
are filled with the presenceof OVER IN THE AMERI- year in professional ball. 65 RBIs. .TOMMY JX1T-' Some 50 plus grid hope- rance htat an overflow crowd
star performers of the CAN LEAGUE one will find KEN TUCCORL (Chicago, TERER, .255..TQ &-'FOR DRILLS AT ful turned out for the try- will witness the battle of the

tan complexion.IN such stars as Bob Boyd Willie I III) is 8-4 with Geneva SON is 10-4 for the Tab.: .' outs and will be fighting i century.
Tasby. Elijah "Pumprfe" :HANK MALY (Astoria, N.Y.) GONZALO NARANLS Is 13-! i"tooth and nail" as they seek I

NO WALK OF LIFE J Green Earl' Wilson Earl' ;9-8..CESAR TVOAR is 9..JIM BAIEY, coming ALBANY STATE i to win starting berth on the ''WALT'S RADIO &.

If the friendly relationshipmore I Battey. H a r ry "Suitcase" ,hitting .311 for Geneva. Lstrong after a slow start,I MVC eleven.
prevalent than'in sports Simpson, Al Smith Jim I MIKE COPPS, .298. 7-5. I Drilling the turn-outees on TV SERVICEAll
One doesn't hear all the ballyhoo "Mudcat" Grant Minnie MI- HARRY PANARO .284. I Only Seven Lettermen are the finer points of football
about segregation.When noso, Vic Power Hector Lopez -i W1LFREDO RAMIREZ .279. Third baseman BILLY included among the 60 hape-I and playing keen attention Work Guaranteed
a n individual really Elston Howard. Lenny CHARLES "BUDDY" :MARTIN is hitting .338 for fuls at the Albany State College -i to how they stack up in"tct- New and Used TVs
wants to see the real true I Green and Willie Becquer. I HUNNICUTT, 19-years-o 1 d Visalia in the Class C Cali- Haard Drive Trainnig, ual combat" will be head Phone EL 3-4009
spirit of American Demo- PROFESSIONAL BASKET-,lefthand pitcher from Hape- fornia League and has 20 Camp, readying for the Rams' grid mentor John A. Bell .
cracy I n action go to an I BALL is lined with such tan I ville, Ga. has been signed to home runs and 80 RBIs. .I.encounter with Miles College who is making his debut as 669 Florida A'Y"
atUetic contest where Negroes -; stars as Bill Russell, K. C. ;a 1960 contract with Geneva JOHN EDWARDS, the sensational in Birmingham, Sept. 26. Ex-I MVC coach. Jacksonville, Florida

and whites are in it I Jon e s,"Wilt Chamberlain, ,by Red Scout Juliam Mor- rookie from Ohio i' perienced arsity "A" men are Coach Bell and his cohorts,
together.When one gets tired Neil Johnston, Elgin Baylor gan. State University, is batting' led by the tri-captains-Sen-! assistant coaches Curtis Mad-
of hearing the U. S. Supreme I Benny Stokes, who is now I': GILBERTO LOPEZ .331 with 11 homers and 76, ior Halfback Eddie Robinson, dox, Paul Collins and Geo.
Court abused and condemned ill in the hospital, Sihue I CLARK, 6-4, 19-year-old runs driven in..the young: Athens; Junior End Milton W0)) Williams are understandably Watch Thi Clown

visit a game in which Green ,and others who are I righthand pitcher from Puerto -catcher has been tabbed as i Bostic, Athens; and Junior reticent in giving 67 16 29
southern white athletes and helping to keep basketballamong Rico, became the first one of the best major league!I Center Robert Bowens, Col- any J>re-workqut comments 472 09 874 I
Negroes are engaged. the major sports at- pitcher in pro ball to win prospects in the league. umbus. Halfback and Punter and will "wait and see" what .,.'
IN PROFESSIONAL FOOT- tractions. twenty games this year whenhe I PLAYING MANAGER I Hank Campbell ( Ti f to n) ; \he workouts will bring. 7 2

BALL one sees such playersas TRACK AND FIELD defeated Sanford. 6-1, on I DAVE. BRISTOL, 2b. .is, Guard Tim Duhart, (Orlando. However, with less than a
Ollie Matson, Willie Gallm STARS are men and women'August 14th for Palatka of hitting .290. ..outfielderMARV I Fla.); Quarterback Art month before the Devils ,3 ,/ 2

0 r e, Lenny Lyles, Lenny like Charlie Dumas, Rafer the Florida State League. SCHULTZ, 273 with Gamble (Quitman) ; and open season's play against 7 .. ,;. 7
Moore, John Samples, "Night Johnson, Mae Fagg, Wylene Clark allowed only three 16 homers and 60 RBIs. .I.Guard Earl Summer line Fort Valley College on Sept.

Train" Lane, Emlen Tunnell, Johnson, John Thomas, Mar- hits, walked one and no runs TOM JOHNSON 270. (Tampa, Fla.) are other mono- 26, the would be Delta Devils 58 91 81
Big Jim Brown, J. C. Caro- gar e t :Matthews, Earlene in 7 1/3 innings before being CHICO RUIZ, 253 and lead- gram wearers. are ni for a hectic train- 13544415

line, Bobby Watkins, ccB i g Brown, John Culbreath, Lu- removed due to slight illness. ing the league in stolon Also in training with ing period as Coach Bell and .

Daddy" Lipscomb, Clarence cinda Williams, Lee Calhoun, Clark has lost only nine bases with 44. I Coaches o.Y.. O'Neal, Ken his staff have scheduled an;' ometlnm tie's Q.
games for Palatka and leads Big HERB BUSCH is 6-4, Dunso, and Joe Mitchell are accelerated program which ....'m.nnr+ he' down I
the league in strikeouts with for Visalia in ten games. .:several will lead to the elimination'of Fir ..dd.. anhtrartn
veteran Char-
Those 195. BILL WILERSON is 4-1:'I SPUD BUSH, 73. .DAVE lie Fambro, Calvin players.Hention I the also-rans and in orderto Me work It all aromA

for Palatka. .VIC DAVAL-!I SKAUGSTAD, 7-4..GREG, Joe Peterson. and Willard, have some semblance of I Coming Attractions
ILLIO, 16.6..A M IEL 1,' JANCICH, 7-2. JOHN;Walker, tackles Brister High-I a working team in time for, 183437036ACOSTA'S
i iI i tower, guard; Mack' Sewell, the opener. I
MERRELL 6-5. Outfielder TONY GON- I
center and Jesse Ivory Jesse
I CLAUDE OSTEEN, 19-, ZALES is batting .305 for I ; ,
James and William
live instyle. I Wiggins,
year-old lefty, is seventh in: Havana with 17 home runs''' back all with
are competing
earned run average in the and 68 RBIs. .ROGELIO I
t the 45 freshmen and transfers -
Pacific Coast League where ALVAREZ has hit 22 home' '
for berths the 33-
he has won 7. lost 9 for Seat.! runs for the Cubans .TED on
I ;;. tie with a 2.79 ERA..j:WIEAND has been pitching'man squad.TIGERS Bait Shrimp Live Crabs .14

t. :(. k:. tFi x k DAVE STENHOUSS is 8-10 sensational ball for Havana.' I
with a' 3.31 ERA. .BOB-! Ted won eight straight for, BEGIN : Fishing Tackle
BIE MABE is 4-3 in 12 games the Cubans to move the Havana -' !
.. I' Club from'last i 8019 MAIN STREET PHONE ELGIN 4-9670
for the Rainiers. place to iI
i it 'third baseman is leading the i second in the International PRACTICE I: JACKSONVILLE. FLORIDA .
I' CLIFF COOK, Savannah) League. .His streak was
broken August 7 when he :
South Atlantic League in| I
t home runs with 24 and runs-';''lost 2-1 to Buffalo, allowing ED WATERSEdward
I.f batted-in with 78..The 22-'j I'shutouts_ by 1-0 socres early ,
year-old Cook is,six foot 185 but four hits. .Ted lost three iJUt I :
t.Nj pounds and bats righthanded. 1 in the season...His record is''.I Waters-College has

He blasted 32 homers for:[ 14-9 with a fine 3.24 ERA launched its football practices -

j Albuquerque last year and,I' .southpaw MIKE CUEL-I, in preparation for its 1959
: < drove in 115 runs..TOM I LAR is 7-9 with a 3.30 ERA. campaign under head coach

ST JOHN is hitting 288. .I i Outfielder JIM NIEMANN' : George Bell who is beginning -
1 1 1i JOE GAINES .284..DON I tis hitting .302 for Topeka of his third year as chief

.NICHOLAS .266. JOE:tthe Three League with 13 mentor of the Tigers.
AZCUE 262 and Cook 261. t home runs. IAR TY, Coach Bell is fortunate in
DUANE RICHARDS has a ROSELL I is .275. .RUDY;, having 17 lettermen return.
12-9 pitching mark for Savan-i'' TANNER., 277. .BILLY' lie will have such stall arts L4tr

i 3 nah. JIM SPRANKLE 14- JOE DASHNER, .269. *. J!I: Willie Bussey, Clark Black EHilIiiIr

1 10. .BOBBY RISEN-1 JIM PASSILIA, .268. .AL-: and Rosevelt Holmes: :3: wild
HOOVER 4-2..KEN HOM-t BERTO ALVAREZ, .256. .1 the team around. <
:MEL '6-6. .BOB MOOR-*DON- PAVLETTCH, .252.; .1 During the early sessions
demand GORDON'S QNjMWMtuAixumHJU'AW'aSiSagaSgmg HEAD 3-4..JIMMY. i DICK BEALL, first baseman. I' of practice: the coach is sters-

JONES 5-8. .Sprankle is'has 18 home runs. .. .BERT i sing the importance of beingin IJrNG
tied, for the league lead in i DZIADEK is second in the I, top physical condition ni

If you have a taste for r..I\DMK $;" victories. j league h. ERA with :300. He:j order to be ready for the

the finer things; always ask for Iii' CRAWFORD DAVIDSON,I has won 12 and lost 7. GREG i I!hard and strenuous schdule 00 rI
outfielder is hitting. .301 for I HALSNE is 9-4 for '
Gordon's authentic London Dry Gin. 424 Manager:,that lies ahead. fI
smooth and .. w,w Nashville, ,MARV B LAY-[Johnny Vander Meer's Topeka -!* Coach Bell and his charge .
So dry.
Route LOCK.. lb, .298. .CHICO Club with a fine 3.36(will open the season against .
of such delicate ,flavor... lesrirel :r ',= t, ALVAREZ, outfielder, .296::1|ERA .ANDRES AYON is'I rIorristoCollege in Jacksonville -
=: :
you can enjoy it STRAIGHTI tares W with 14 homers 80 RBIS and!?-.JACK BALDSCHUN Sept 26. The' Tigers ra ;

227 total bases. BOBBY'I i 4-1., JVIARV FODER, 3-21 i 1 I entire schedule is as follows:

The*'*no Gin like(JQRDOH!$ DURNBAUGH, 2b, 288. .'t. .CAMPBELL, 3-2. .1 j Savannah State College, .
catcher HAVEN SCHMIDT' KEN MALLORY, 5-9. there-Oct, ; Albany State ....

100%CBTWt SPIBTJ BSnUO fbi OUT.i0ItO f:'mon On M: CO.: tTB.WOO.! I.i. 278.,. .c a t cher EDDIRONS.276..BUDDY:'I GEORGE. MCWILLIAMS.1 I College, here-Oct. 10; Voorhe-t

Y 45. es College, .!.

-- -. .- ," '<- ,- -' '- Z.j
v .J
,:-'" ;, .. --

; .;:



Eight THE FLORIDA STAB Week EDd1ng Saturday September S. 1959


EVERY WEEK FOR 'I Chips Off The BIOCkSI Notice Is hereby given thai **

1 the Pest Office Clerk Exa- *
LAAAAAWI By JAY JAYarruvw mination Is restricted to female E
v ';; w wwwy i applicants. For futher *
RESULTS I .T S. an age old cusom'l'.IDong 'about facilities for us at\ Information contact the of- *
members of the fourth'estate" '!Jacksonville Beach. Nextyear ROOM flee of examinations. Room

to ;refrain from talking l they come up for No. 323. Main Post Office
about the weather but I tion. Ed Kohleman and elee-I' OR Building. iCiC
brother we must. Between Cedar Lodge are
sun.DIT7 Adult fff gasps and trips to the water I and drawing big crowds i
Wed. IYII4. 15c cooler we can only send up!'along with Tony Lewis and <<
Nowl NO ADVANCE REGULAR PRICE! silent prayers for the gallant 11 the branch of Tony's Sea- APARTMENTTO iC
I pickets walking around Sears food Shack.
;i r....-, Roebuck and Company. By i You know they talk about
I [ IIlIIIAlIM tam ..-,,. R the way if any of you gallant women's hats. Mrs. Florence I BARBER WANTED ::14r Z-
s I \LANA TURNER[ .: > :.' civJl-rightists have any spunk Johnson had on some shoes: Apply Artistic Barber Shop.
;' join the picket line and give with hats on them that drew EL )
I > JOHN GAVIN --. RENT? 619 Welt Ashley
coke break. stares.
the boys a They 49231.
SANDRA DEE need more men and womento Mr. and Mrs. adore ;atoad: -I

I DAN O'HERUHY t 1i. Jacksonville help in thi Negroes the first fight have Singleton two of were Isadore's playing brothers.hoststo CALL

SUSAN KOIER i.il / undertaken against Downtown One is visiting from Detroit A tip of the Pepsi Oaf
ciRck If business evils. and the other just returned to these ontrtandtftf
ROBERT AIDA The local white has I from sea duty. EL 4-6782 IS YOUR DRINKING young Americans, vriM
-- L *
f JUANITA IEMMllAin I rh stamped a news blackout on In the sick bays, Maggie I Getting To Be A Problem? make our country' ...
Gar.1 .
the entire story. Not a single Thompson of College r Call EL 4-3176 our community a bettar
C dens. Jessie Word of the .
,. InnrtJch to llr-,
line has in the place
shin*Inutile ollhe(told* EARL_ GRANT gotten papers YMCA is improving. Best!''III "-. ,.:,-.. "
f1>>. ... d WFALSO concerning the pickets yet I p *
i: u' sn( .13tp wishes to alL Our sympathy! ** *
the full of storys ,
RUN ARSON FOR HIRE" pages are i out to flyboy'''
goes navy
about our misdeeds all over Free Record Hop
Richard Williams. He has
the country. We wish that: 1
,just lost his grandmother.The ,J I
COMING! SAT. MIDNITE SEPT. 12 many of our society matrons; annual pro game is on
I who have accounts at Cohens :
tap. They are still selling uschoice : II
I I II .
will inform the New York "
STRAND MUST SEE! seas in the end zone I I .__'" '4. .
May Company I "
behind the You
goal posts. 3 c
.... straighten up get their housein I J ;
----- ------- 'know the Gator Bowl falls ..' '. .

.}): #,.<,.",...._,v.>. ..< ,..-...,. .(;t....;,: -..., : _. 'I order. Cohens is under-: under the same federal court' I : .to' ""'fII.

> ._ ;.... .'kA ...... '...., '.'_ ...."., -- "'"' -.. ; -i geing a million dollar improvement -order which forbids segregation -!J fII :
,' ,. ......"..,.",; :r : ..,.., !".... '.j, :... .Not '" ..4 III ,.,tt Several program. in certain parks and '.... 1.4
: .. -11. Negro business play areas. What about it. I U L
:: s. :.: :: -' ::..-$ .t pieces are in the process of I James Thompson was in
nakfng improvements. Buste_ town a break from studies I GWENDOLYN D. CLARi
,,, ::_j Ford is enlarging and making at Meharry. He is in his sen- I OF JACKSONVILLE New Stanton Senior
.'.:;J,; .' .. ,.", i-: ", t._::-::.!s W" 1M' .,j- 'at.1 I improvements in his popular I ior year. Jewell Alexander 1 High School 'T
'. r :. .:: ::; Eastside eatery. Wllie Smith of the Afro family is beaming I Pepsi Cola BoitlingJ
'. ;: ;;: .J :.>..,.:. : 'y. .. has just completed remodling over hubby : a Ccmpany are proud to salute -
.,... .. George'swinning
.....; k. ;. .. z? his Flordia I 12th*
m. ..r' !H'' Avenue store. a state dental schol- I Gwendolyn of the
0- Down American,Beach wa* arship. George will begin grade class. She is a member -*
jV ./: ':::;3' r.; Curtis Telfair and associatesare study this fall. I I FRIDAY SAT. MON NITE of the National Honor .

....,k.;.... . '. $ 4 rights of visitors from Jack- A NO ADMISSION Church and plans to be-
+ .
talking Brunswick
\.1' '-_# .r... .:.i "" '"1 ]' *"
; : sonville. The old badger and Jekyle Island. They say'' come an Obstetrician. -.L.
Ur': .r; ..; ';; "'''' \ game of pulling ia parkedcars pits the most. Niteclub, slot, ******tr**++
s .. ... and assessing high finesis machines, terraces in !I DANCING ALL DAY #
.. .J.. '=-.} .h""''' >1 I everything I .;
:.j in full wing. Someone .
J;' should ask ehe county fathersLOOK I J.hnny Shaw the deejay1' .
I I is back on the air waves. He i
has been on vacation. Over* ., Y
W R H C way rotund Ken ': LABOR DAY 0 .
Vt Knight just keeps rocking J [ .Ar :
along and making like old I b

. d J man river. Watch for
some-I ,
-% A. iiJ.. :. 1 thing big and it ain't PACKAGE STORE 1k
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.. 1.\.. .:.....,.:,,;. i f : .. _
MOM :..;:;
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# (;;
ORLANDO MEETS:i OPEN AS USUAL I iC New High Stanton School Senior

I .. Walter is a member of
Back To School Means Plenty Washui e Keeping The Kids Clean JAX IN ANNUAL r .ALL LIQUORS AT MODERATE PRICE -tt the llth grade class. He Is

Make Your Work Easy 4 I .a member of the Marching

RACES !Y ft ,.., ............"" "': bi ."" .I plans and Concert to become Band a Elect-and


Get} Big One of the major attrac-I' TONITE MIDNITE STRAND .w..y.\f. ."'.'''i

tions of the year will be the! .
.; Souheastern Championship'' .1
i I Boat Races featuring Orlando -! R k u> ; *
Family Size WasherM vieing against Jacksonville':( 1

for championship honors and I : ,
the Budweiser trophy at New|I II
Berlin Monday beginning at,i % gpc'8a i' .'
I y; l I A Xa 1M *
2 f "
p. m.New f"
Berlin has become I *
i. nationally famous for its boat'(f i: f .'.,., A. *

races and water shows and, ', ..: -t.
1\\ .l, f ,, with such competitors from,
Of -
C Orlando battling top notch: R. r TRANNIE B. HARRIS
4 .
'" ''''':;= w P
boat handlers from Jackson-, New Stanton Senior 3
c I ville, the results will be I I pr High School J.
1"1'I 1 I I known in every nook and I S Tribute Is paid to Tran-",
corner where water sports,I ale of the 12th grade class. -==-
are familiar. i She Is a member of the'*
Honor Society attends*'
--/ -l The New Berlin Outboard: Church of God Church,)!
Motor Club, sponsors of the' and plans to become ai
: 2 GALVANIZEDDrain annual event is going all out I sA Nurse.
to make this Labor Day at-!: 1 Ud1YRd
0 ). TubsPLUS fraction one of the best in the i O oN v.r wup lUT M'oiuu++ saa cF n RONRp1 FNOMn noon * *

history of this. major attraction -, OngrBfcuIattoiM from .rpx .
: .
a L I Both New Hits Also At Cola to tiMM fare' M..

Another feature to be of-I'! ROOSEVELT SUN. MON. TUES. '* Award wtnnen.
fered will be the Cross Channel -. With Extra Bonus Feature: Listen To
swin which will present Bowery Boys "LET'S GO NAVY" Pepsi Music*quest
1 ir24 BOXES OF TIDE the best swimmers from the .* i Friday Nibs
Jefferson Street pool and TR AIVB 7 Big Day Sun. Sat. i 10:30 to 11:00
Detergent visiting swimmers from Fer- For Phone Request
nandina Beach. EL 604612Page


$5.00 Down DeliversTERMS Church Reporters A TOWWrr--TRAPPED! ( YIIz k k k ; /;; pF

Club Reporters RYAN

LOW AS $2.25 PER WEEK SocialitesSend Id 'Don'tGive ,w
or Bring Your News LoisE InI
i 6 A Y :, r i ++

Da'vis..Furo. Co Office &STARMain Plant I Reg. PrlcesISKY :i't'ituns' vt


Near 13th Street VIEW SUN. thru TUES. Dsi.es .

2 Great Technicolor Hits vx J
135 BROAD ST. PHONE EL 3-5791 Note: The earlier the better. 1alis
"Alias Jesse James" Bob Hope
Notices brought) in Monday and Plus "MARX of ZORROWith
Tuesday will ret better position Tyrone Power and Linda Darnell
nd better headlines.
( ,
: :_ -.