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Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
August 29, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
August 29, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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FT T T- T.'T .LJ t .





After Mother,, HYrs 2 Sons In Freed Jail k F'RliJ s"R-- illt-'

--- t-'t4

VOL. 9._ NO. 30 And. NEWS AUGUST 29. 1959 JACKSONVILLE 9. FL.ORIDA 15 Cet .o 0

p '>": '. 'i"i: ;-; : ..?::E;: :.: ,; ,::y M

: : > 1

,: 1 White Woman Says Stor ,F'K0 pap Kaw

.ipSV KW. Of' ,Negro Rape Was LiJiI:



By Staff CorrespondentThe
KISSIMMEE, Fltu A white housewife who wanted Jacksonville branch of the National Association of

;' .. __ '3 better house" admitted to Osceola County officers this :Colored People last Monday morning threw a line of pickets -
f ,... week that she made up the story that two Negroes had attempted i around. the new Sears and Roebuck store ni .a drive to
i: ..... cf'i t to rape her in order to induce her husband to i get Negro patrons to boycott the establishment as a protest

r.)' : nove her to a better dwelling.The against its discriminatory employment policy and barring

: woman, her name un-i when the Negro couldn't I Negroes from using any of Its eating facilities.
disclosed because of Florida, force his into the house The picketing of the Sears --
told police that,; way store launched last Mon I
L Law, finally the two drove off with persons representing :'705:1-
!t'1ARr q sUIF I j,f a +' ws "zNf her story about the attempted k!, threats they would return, day morning after a decisive section of the Negnml,..
cRO Ci R ob R r,t uIAyJ .. attack by two NegroS NAACP Citizens rally on1! ion of this
'ot'trtj 'F:>:z .. and she wkoe her children city amc JsJl
IXLa{I't f't, A h.G ;a .rrr.rllill '
ltdV/IL 4'F I tydVlr ; E was'a hoax. "I did it into!,. and ran to her neighbor's! Thursday evening, August:. will be doctors law.,-.,. persons
WA/"lT iVJfr, r ause:: I,wanted to move !home. 20, following a n expose of. In the field of educationas
RAGI ? ::t r F ltt ". said "We did-
.y [a betteh, she Tindall said the woman's conditions at the store by the well as the average per
n[ 't have any lights or water.' FLORIDA STAR. A t that I
Rt flfll T 1k? I descriptions of the men were
"I tore clother and out1myself time it was decided son.The
my unanimously -
broadcast and hunt for
..' a
-: w with a small lmife, I, them to picket the store because -i NAACP Youth Council

the 24-year-old mother of The begun. said he could of its policy of job dis, has contributed much to
p, rc three small children told tl deputy crimination toward Negroes.' the furtherance of the cam-
,tSa I ri.aw find no' bloodstains in the
Sheriff Bob Buckles. did- yard or in the house. He said Johnson at that time st'ted:i pagin.

J Jt a't[ thnik the".neighbors' would;the woman's dress was torn;I"We have determined that I Another N A A C P Publi "
? "
+ is t 3 r i !s t c call= you in. f but when he. lifted the settee I we have no recourse except meeting will be called on -

Deputy; Claude: v Tiindall, there were two' spots in the to persuade out members!Tuesday, September 1, at the
who investigated; the case housedust where the legs had I'and friends from purchasing I Friendship Baptist Church

with Deputy Fred Littlefield, rested,. indicating it had not 'from Sears until such timeas I located at 19th and Fairfax
1. said when they arrived at the been moved unless lifted. Sears is inclined to hire! Streets. The
meeting will be-
: w ( house August 5 the woman And, he said, he couldn't!an expert Negro clerk-typist I gin at 8 oclock in the even-
of the
this account rather
gave imagine all three children, than as a maid, elevator ing.
: the oldest 4, being asleep. at' or the like." .
She was standing in the.'11 o'clock. |I. Sears and Roebuck, it was I
yard about' 11 o'clock when' I I understood, is just I -
I' Sheriff Buckles has mark a beginning -
; ,. wI two Negroes, one short and' ed the case "unfounded" and point of a drive to se-: PICKETlT'd
one tall, stopped their car in 'cure better jobs for BLACKED OUT '
put it in a file cabinet. Thewoman | Negroes i 1. ,
a front of the house. She said I could have been:.with firms that depend largely TIMES UNION

vast the shorter of the men leaped charged with furnishing false upon Negro trade for:.

from the car and ran toward, information and fined $500or their profits.
her, saynig he was going to:. six months in jail or both.. A check this week showed
rape her. The second man that hundreds of In what is
She was released, However, Negroes generalfjr be-
stood by the car laughing, because of her three small:, were staying out of the new lieved to be a bold attempt
she said. I children. ,. store and many have indicated to uppress news of the NAA
: She said 'the "short Negro: that they CP's campaign against
r I "But it doesn't end there are closing dis-
k tore loose the front of my Deputy Tindal said. "Suppose their accounts either imme j criminatory employment
tf.i4:? and I practices
# grabbed up a she had been smart enough. diately or as their budgets at the new Sears:
piece of brick and hit him on permit. store, the Times Union
5' \ i to eliminate the loose ends admittedly
.. : ... + the neck. He then cut my arm I of her story? And suppose, Johnson stated that no end the major white-
and I into the house and .
; ran tc the newspaer in this
: : .. there had been a couple of picketing was in sight, area, has;
I ,. ..' '. : : tea: slammed the door. i Negro men who just happen-., "We intend to continue pic.keting -;pointedly ignored the issueof -
Tindall said hte woman related -1!1 ed by and fitted her ,:. Sears untir the NAACP protest
The new Sears. Roebuck and Co. multi-million-dollar store located on ay Stret In : descrip mat- now picketing
she pulled a "settee in i tion ler has been resolved he going on at the store.
downtown Jacksonville has for the past wek been the scene of NAACP'picketing ,
front of the door so he could t "This is the ,said.: .: Since the picketing
in protest to what the branch president has term "discriminatory employment practices. .| type of thing began
." The anti-discrimination campaign was sparked by the store's refusal to hire not get in. The woman said that adds to the crisis of our i "We have had a very gra- the store opened. for

Negroes in any capacity other than those meniaL Three of the daily s i x to twelve 'I time," the deputy asserted.',; tifing week," stated Atty. business last Mond: .. Corn

picketers. as shown__ above. Roy G. HarrelL manager of the store. Is shown In the Inset. DOOMED RAPISTIOSES "It could be a hell of a priceto I Earl M. Johnson, branch pre- ing has no been word of tht .virj
I for E-ident. Johnson mentioned _i
-- -- I pay a new house. viewed the Times -j
She goe the new house. ( picketing of Sears to date Union or i its '
more four But as 1
ROSA LEE INGRAM, SONS FREED they are free today because LAST TRY I j bciing both orderly and- -snr_ publication Journal, the Jac 1tti. )
a lot of people refused toforget' I I I cessfuL "We ra'noi at all i
them. FAMU RAPISTS surprised hat a number of This

IN 47 SLAYING OF WHITEfllANf.\ It is certain they are gratefuL FOR LIFE ; .SHIFTED TO I genuine white citizens interest have shown of the news strange is being suppression viewed
I under in
.-_ SEPARATE PRISONS standing. In many ways as increasing
I instances
many ly
ATLANTA GA.-After eleven torturing years of waiting I I'they have openly more people are becoming
a portion of it in the horror of looming death most of It LOCAL WOMAN\ TALLAHASSEE In a last: TALLAHASSEE Three of I their agreement with what of aware _of its happening a pd,
In faint hope kept alive. strangely by an outside force of ditch show "of cunning, 19-1 the four white men sentenced : we're doing. Others course, of the NAACP

,public sympathy and protest__a mother and her two sons year-old Sam Wiley 'to life imprisonment for'others have shown their many interest picketing.ried Still, however va-
free today to find. if possible the 'threads of their condemned-- die in the the opinions,
are DIES IN FIREFire the mass rape of a Florida. and good will by they all
lives scattered when they were condemned to prison for I electric chair for the rape of:A and M coed last June have the picketers refreshments offering seem to boil down to blunt

slaying a white farmer. i Department nivesti- I a 62-year-old white woman, been moved from Raiford I and words of statement made by a former
'Thoman Lee Ingram ------ ---- Times Union
admitted that "
finally ,the tate prison. ragement. subscriber:
have attributed fire:
her her defense a
now 51 years old, and sons came to which gators caused a woman's life'story he told to stall his execution Ollie Stoutamrie, 16, and I! LEADING 'That's strictly a see gat
her two sons, Sammy Lee, Reputable groups, including "was just a bunch ,of,David Beagles, 18, were CITIZENS ionist newspaper," the man
members of both ,pleaded to a pot which boiled over TO MARCH
races ON
Wallace :
25, and Ingram fictitious stuff. transferred to the Apalachee-! They don't feel any
with Parole authorities to causing an oil stove to ex- PICKET LINES
doomed die in the evaded His moral
were to Odom moment, Correctional Institute for responsibility to say
electric chair for the 1947 grant clemency to the In plode. .:of death for four days by first offenders. W T. Collins- According to the branchi anything worthwhile about

bludgeons 1 a y in g of the grams. They engaged in pil- The fire, which took place;i: claiming to be implicated in worth 23, was moved to a i president the pcketing on Nfgroes. As a matter of fact
Saturday will
white man. Mrs. Ingram was grimages to Georia. They. 1216 Acorn St., Wednesday:an assualt known as the Oka- Road. Department work camp b e done b y the less people know about
and( before the
barly 40 then. Her sons were sang prayed f humpka case for which the NAACP
three hard of the Parole morning, burned Ceclia Williams Scarborough, 20, re- 'picketing Sears
in their ,teens.. They would.Board. This'men foryears to death. Fire Mar$heal.: a white man, Jesse Daniels maidns atRaiford. Death Looms the better they like it But
have been dead and perhaps availC. went on E. C. McDermon said the i i: to the State Hospital atChattahoochee I II The four were sentencedto For White Rapist if a Negro had committed a

largely forgotten by now did -to no woman evidently was trying I as an incompetent -, life in prison after an all'I' BENTON, Ark., Prosecuting robbery or somethin ey'd
not an 'avalanche of protest R. Yates A : white all-male found have a lot to ft.
Negro drug to remove something from a jury Attorney Lawson E. say i ;t
induce Judge W. M. Harper- gist in Atlanta took the clemency chest of drawers in the living Odom said: "I knowed I' them guilty with a recommendation I Glover has indicated he will That's the reasons"y I
now dead -to commute their cause in hand last room and was overcome by had only one straw out of a: of mercy.REGISTER 'i ask for the death penalty' in don't take the Tim **, "i

death sentences to life imprisonment year. Perhaps it was his approach -smoke from the fire which million and I grabbed that: -.- -. _.- .-_- 'I the trail of Bobby Burnett anymore/' .

in the Spring. of to the problem, or started in the kitchen. : straw.. The; main reason I I $ 21-year-old white man; for Whatever their

1948. simply that the time had :Mrs. William, 56, was aloneat came up with this story was: the rape ot a Negro woman. Times,Union reason,the

John Stratford, 66, the dead,.come .. Whatever the case, the time. Her husband, to 'prolong my execution ., t I NOW A second white man, implicated Iv by-passed has deliberate

man, lived on a neighboring the three Ingrams were pa- James Williams, had left for I did get four more days. to I So You Can Vote with Burnett in the mention of the making any_
f nrt
farm from the Ingrams He roled to him.Actually work. live" he concluded.The i attack which-'took place last Sears issue A C P

Was killed during. an argu- under existing The fire was reported at: condemned man. is' Protect Your Rights June, has been declared even though
ment with Mrs. Ingram overa Georgia 1 a w, the Ingrams Approximately 9 o'clock i : scheduled to die at-130p.i iw .. C sane and committed to iiseq a been; 'una flashed)[pi aqi Jo s .\\a tl

mule. He struck her and could have been released the. morning. .. ,. ni i t m. Friday (Aug. 28)). j j : ". mental institution. United Press International.statewide by

: --.r

.. .

I :i-: : --- -1

.. .. _
> '
> >' r '
: ;/ : : : : : : { '- -.::- : ... .._ ,- _,' 0 .. _. .

Page Two THE FLORIDA STAR ,Weelr Ending Saturday. August.29.r.1959

7THE FLORIDA STAR E "Politics As Usual"

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Because we have had just as much of it as we can take.
NEGROES IN JACKSONVILLEMUST No we're not quitters, we are just getting plain tired of
beating our brains out and spending money week after
week trying to put out a newspaper to open the ejes of our
CHOOSE THEIR CAMP. people and to defend the rights of Negroes in this city. .
i a I 3 4! But it seems that one portion is satisfied with being treat-

ed as second class citizens, while another portion is only
JJ interested in a few luxuries for themselves and would sell

IT is an immovable fact that the Negro in this ambitious their brothers for a handful of greenbacks.We .

city of Jacksonville has.reached a certain maximum In social ', ,. "> .*, S 'T"* **i5jS< % are not feeling sorry for ourselves. But the fact is
evolution when he must choose his camp. He p that because of our militant stand we have had pressures
necessity, decide whether his energies and loyalties 4&& : j'_ '2" from various Both well
political as
-1 f\ fjJUf-lr Y 1.j% "- "- -*""" *"- *"tM"'" sources. pressure as
become a part of the relentless machinery of r nomic pressure have been brought to bear on us to hinderour
civil rights-or if he is to continue to wear the WORLD LEADERSHIP MUST BEGIN WITH BETTER CIVIL operation. .
Quisling, and engage in costly missions of racial -
latter day uncle tomism, political shoe-shining, "RIGHTS LEGISLATION AT'HOME We are not patting ourselves on the back either. But
Ing, back-biting and cowardice. from the day we opened the FLORIDA STAR and sub-
titled it "The People's Paper", no one can deny that we
There are many groups in Jacksonville attentive : Your Weekly have devoted our efforts to the bests of our people.

serious task of clearing away the rubbish of : Over the years these are some of the things to which
discrimination, as well as trying to remedy the
we devoted our attention.
some disease of racial prejudice. The men and Horoscope GuideBy'PABLO

these groups, organizations which are neither Campaigned for, Negro policemen, yelled for an increase
tic nor subversive, are dedicated to racial equity : The ASTROLOGERWHICH in the number, later shouted for patrol cars for then
cial advancement. They find the vile criminality and then shamed them into taking the Negro policemenout

dscrimination and its many loathsome by-products : ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR of those dilapidated cars and putting them into some
rable as conditions under which one should live. : new ones.

Hence the dim-witted foot-dragging of BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL THE FLORIDA STAR
type carried a series of editorials and
well as the college bred yes-men, who traipse lessness exact their toll pictures until a traffic light was placed at the corner of
their suits and Pepsodent smiles ARIES. | can on the 4th-5th. Rely moreon Beaver and Eaverson
pay-as-you-wear to minimize the danger to school chil-
19 It would be
be ferretted out,isolated and identified as the March 21 thru April good sense serious on ruse on open action which dren crossing the Intersection it has raised funds for
that are, namely, traitors. if you are one of those your part to have a would arouse animosities and widows and homeless families it has spearheaded a
talk with mate
returned from ; your or nay-
just attempts to undermine your drive to raise funds for a cornea to give a schoolgirl back
The of citizens and who has the
majority Negro in Jacksonville, full of one maturity
pep ideas eventually: her eyesight (which'she has
now ), and It spotlighted the in-
city or country or era are forever ready for an to get back into har- and experience tc pass as an 5-40-88-18-61-548
experience of freedom with order and dignity, it would be -wiser to authority ((5th). justice of placing an assault to rape charge on a local
4- true civilization. But here, In this river-rimmed : your impatience and &-90. 6-19-57-896 youth with hte result that the charge has been reduced. ,

mss- appears to be an abundance of so-called Negro yourself with the I SAGITTARIUS On the other hand we find that with increasing frequency -

whose idea of freedom, progress and human state of affairs. Too I LEO Burn Nov. 23 thru Dec. 21 the FLORIDA TIMES UNION has been editorially
grinning their treacherous way Into the Inner enthusiasm and too Bor *. thru August 23
h I July There is a tendency to attacking Negroes and the National Association for the Ad-
necktie-wearing Negro haters who are dedicated planning could lead to /ince: r4 is are bound to think negatively, because of vancement of Colored People.
troy the black race, even if they nave to breed. error on the 1st-2nd. bt exa' rated as well as ,certan frustrationsor thisEach
of existence. personal day in the year the T-U shows Negroes onlyas
the call from above tht p: ;es on the 1st-2nd, the influence of a frivo- up
reach on the 4th, lool in deals witha criminals by publishing only Negro crimes in the regular
As such, the internal problems of the Negro you lous person. Try and recog- sections which go into white homes all over the state. The
this city by far outweigh the. external ones. The to demonstrate m gn. -ing glass. The 4th nize it on the 1st-2nd, as this "star"
edition which
jim-crow news about some of
abilities and good 5th best of
give i days,
I.e you
"leaders" considerable
who go about thumping on table may save you
tops other activities
our is sent only into Negro homes. Thai
clenched in of your executive or feelrou 'ave to make ai later.You will make
theatricial torment
indignation, while lying
of "colored news"
page in the back of the is pulledout
'ion paper
achievements. dt obtain -
word; the alleged "leaders" who tell their flocks, qui services greater progress if you refuse of the regular editions.
sheep and cows that "it's bess' to leave things like 4-50-88-18-32-458 ,.t oth r or signatures. to be 'distracted from
the alleged "leaders" who s n e a k their Do not 'urn down offers of your main objective and con- Just last Thursday the Times-Union came out with another -
downtown_ to grease the upholstery! of the TAURUS I jobs or iendship.. until you tinue t 0 strive against all editorial formula for weakening the Negro vote and
black market the efforts of diligent Negro citizens April 20 thru May 20 have hat lore time to, stUdy; odds, including money short- keeping a Negro from being elected to a pubic office. T-U
behind-close-doors agreement that WHITE IS I could throw a mon- heir rits and worth. ages. editorial read in part: -
BLACK STAND BACK. wrench in matrimonial Speeding 1d physical ex- 89077.16.73.897CAPICORN "Politically wise MemphIans say the only way to In-
cesses are t recommended sure defeat of the Negro candidate before the election and
These miserable wretches of humanity, who and educational pro-
th. -
diabolical twist of fate have gained a shaky but which you have stri- early on th 536.952 .to upset the slrageglc advantage Ifiey 1 have In the Negro
less dangerous prominence in their communities; Horth"J Inog and hard t 0 get 9-50-r minority young bloc Is, to cut down the number of white
reasons both cowardly and mercenary h a v e ((1st and 6th). Do :J Born Dec. 22 thru Jan. 19 candidates in the race thus shifting their. rotes to other
the entire breadth of their principles for a allow yourself to be vr Sept. 23 Be prepared for such a stronger candidates .
of Southern Security known as Good Niggerism fr omyour purposes Born Aug. 24 '* matters possibility on the Ist-2nd. "In Jacksonville, where the Identical situation exists
Look toward the Sear's & Roebuck store. days no matter how It will not rove to- Your hopes are beginning to potentially there Is another choice which will render the
the white press. Do you see any mention of the the arguments may any shou 0 of u go ,rise, but don't let them soar Negro bloc less effective. That choice Is annexation which
the NAACP is picketing the store in protest The 4th and 5th are the other extrr* think-overconfidence :into the realms of pure fantasy would restore, to the registration lists those thousands of
foul discriminatory employment (and otherwise) I days when your heart or w u I and improbabilities. You,,white voters who have moved Into urban areas outside the
ing (lst-2nd). Gua your limits"
there? better judgment will I I get much better results when city
No. As a matter of fact, hecksio: the right answers to money and other 'aluawe,j,you live up to your practical I "The choice Is the peole's. If it should reach that polnf:
The anti-Negro-and-consequently-anti-civil-rights questions. mark these possessions and keep a con-, nature and the realities upon where the choice could be made directly by the electorate.
UNION, with its daily germ-spreading and the dates when you stant eye on the doings of I which you can build your I Unfortunately as in many cases of such issues they art
buses of the Negro citizens of this city are make a decision. the young fry. If you are l future. plans, 4th-5th. left to the machinations of"'politicians.
trying to squelch the news of NAACP's effort 130991723.139 faced with!. decision the necessity of t\ 4-80-44-19-92484 I In Jacksonville with the Negro voter numbers remain
reaching making
Sears' a ,
protest against .
discriminatory an ,important purchase. or Ing relatively steady the ratio here could be substantially
store AQUARIUSBorn
; GEMINI boosted In favor of the white
pledging your love you Jan. 20 thru Feb. 18 majority by bringing into the
Yet ... these
same patient, long-suffering May 21 thru June 19 should select the 4th-5th as Mistrust city some 147.000 residents just outside the city limits. The
that is
gest the filth directed against them with their are likely to find this the when most anything I great majority of these are whites and and would swell
grits. And why Because their days you are said or happens on the 1st-
the white
alleged for yourself, if you de- succeed. t voter list by several thousands.
their hungry minds to the brim with initiative- likely to 2nd, as it may be grossly ex- This is but
from another
the principles and I I 6-6 99.13.36-669 of the many facts which are sub-
lies about "let's'wait and see" and "let's i aggerated. The indications mitted evidence
them white folks". stop productivity that have and supported- kept LIBRA i I further counsel patience anda I to our as rflv- that annexation would be of great benefit \

There is no question about it: from the policy of watchful waitingso Is that the attitude
and that
leaders happy secure. Any Born Sept. 24 thru Oct. 23 a s t 0 conserve a newspaper should have toward
on down to the yourstrength
most dim-witted of mind a group that constiues about
or attitude You are not one to say and material ont-fourth of its subscribers
maximum of social evolution is at ,hand. resources ? Does the
The those who TIMES UNION
upset are in
"no" howeveryou
zens of Jacksonville to a friend; for the brilliant fu- democracy when i
must choose
their I' advocates
camp. to on the 1st-2nd. ways for depriving
you should have found out ture that should not be too Negro citizens of representation -
exaggeration time
is short. 4th-5th are the best days by now that this title does't far off. ? It woul dappear that the T Uis interested in annexa

you can stabilize your I not belong to everybody who' 1-70-33-14-38-173 tion only as a means of weakening the strength of the Negro
GET YOUR HOROSCOPE READING and recognize that i claims it ((1st-2nd). Since an i vote in the city. '

UM chit. eoopeo. Leun more about .yooneH Scad It interesting occupation. impulse, careless action or! Born Feb. 19 thru March 20 Over 20,000 Negroes-are paying the TIMES UNION fifty
dtm ta MID) for each horoscope, ordered 'by ..fl. : among your greatest! impetuous anger could bring Try not to be too trustingand cents each and thereby supporting a publication that paints
ddrcmed.! stamped envelop Writs plainly. TM offer : turmoil and distress to the keep your own optimism them as criminals, insults them every other morning and
to retldenta tf the dominion of 0IaacIa. 3-20-1M3-75-321 family early on the 6th, be in check on the 1st-2nd when advoocates ways to keep us second class citizens.. .For
-.- -.- determined to retain complete it would be too easy to get the good (?) the T-U does by running our church and" club !
I PABLO, FORIDA STAR ASTROLOGER : CANCER.- mastery over yourself. off on the wrong track. The notices with a few pictures on the back pages it does us
June 20 thru July 2J 2-10-66-12-41-216 twenty tmes as much harm the
4th-5th on editorial
are the best and
I IP. O. BOX 561 ]xed indications reveal t days pages. page news .
this week to heed
JACKSONVILLE 1, FLA. to be week I I Ii sage counsels When will
a of excite- SCORPIO to obtain financial Negro Ja, ora wake UP and stop
.1 Ii_ I both good and bad. It M i Born Oct. 24 thru NOT. 22' and to get the message as'sistance -- tans that hnider their progress- ani treat- them supporting with discrimination .1
as if you aan put a It would b e futile to try' the .
up that your intuition is j&mPSS- use of Cities?
I. Iddre. I tive shield around you'and obtain results en the 1st trying to get thru to The can continue Its efforts to
:- .. .7 I prevent financial loss, do- ,and end, as the: people who 1 I Take no trips that are you.not port Justice of and the equal rights for our people only with the .up....
I I scenes and mishaps a-:can make them possible are absolutely imperative so as I I i and Negro dtlen.s by way of Increased aubscrlPt1cas
t., the house I support of
by taking a I not likely to be present or, to reduce the hazards to OUr adve rtuers. i
w timely precautionary disposed,, to take action.Good proParty WE ARE DEDICATED TO SERVE
I that in yOU.
come abun-
I tote of Birth I ( i MUST .YOU
The US
2nd ,
U-- 0se.. 3rd and'. friends, secret connections I dance during the holidays TO SERVE yOU. -'- .
: .... are the days when the and unorthodox methods and particularly i
!... ; emotions may(I on the 6th.
impulse and care- be used, to better advantage 30-55-17-26-735 By Eric O. Simpson ::, -.;
: ..
': .
: n. .
'; .

'; ,

-., .......fii1'I' _.. '-- ., -'.. ,, :,.-......, -j
: -
ar- .

9" _i iI

...- -


Eadia Saturday August 29, 1969 THE FLORIDA! STAR Page Thm,

Tillman, 1168 W. Beaver St.,

Wedding ellsApp11ca1 23.Samuel a ,
a s 3 as
Graham, 2402 Pull- a 3 -
man Ave., 51 and ClementineS. 1b
Da for Marriage
License Bryant, 1623 W. 22nd St.. iVR voa ,; '.

43. s .
Geo.. W. Ransom, 1492 W.
Sammie L. Davis, Jr., 5257 Union St., 19 and Gertrude By .

Buick Ave., age 20 and Gwen- :Miller, 3548 Clifford Lane, 17. LOUISE G. GUINYARD ,
x .
Y. Terrell 5768
dolyn Edgar L. White, 715 W,
Cit.;,age 18. Duval St., 19 and Betty R. r

Harris E. Eve r.s 0 n, 762 .:Miller, 715 W. Duval St., 16 .
Court A., age 20 and Mary H. Robt. L. Lawrence, 10 1/2 :: Les Elite club members joined other organizations and

Smith, 948 Pearl St., age 19. Church St., Atlantic Beach, R .. close friends of Mrs. Eliabeth Simmons at a farewell party

Eugene Williams 'Fileds, 22 and Sue L. Parrish, held Monday evening in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel
3810 Haynes St., age 18 and Francis Aves., Atlantic Beach, Muldrew. 1023 West 31st Street.
Delores Williams, 402 PhelpsSt.

., age 19 18.Gilbert Howard, Jr., 941 The very enjoyable party which WAS well attended was

James E. Mann, 1361 W. West Beaver St., 23 and Gil- climaxed by the presentation of gifts to Elizabeth and ii

24th St. age 20 and Mary L. bertine Prime, 3116 Davis St., the thoughtfulness of her friends !aan_ indication, then she
Kefeebrew, 1354 W. 24th St., 25. will be greatly missed. Les Elite club members are compensating
age 18.Lonnie. 8 for this with the thought thai at last they will

B. Wood, 965 N.W. be able to compete for the first prize.

16th Ave., Ft. Lauderdale, Attending the party at the Mildrews were: Mr. and Mrs.
lla. 35 and Deored 'L. TEA SLATED SUNDAY
age -- Clarence: Mathis Mrs. Marie McClain. Mr. and Mrs. Edward

Pelham, 2036. Monerief Rd., AT 417 'W: 16TH.ST ,', ,j4. Henderson. Mr. Thomas Bevel Mrs. Charlotte Ste
age 26. wart. Mr. and Mrs.
/ Ulysses Baety Mr. Clifford Lewis Mrs.
Morris E. Hunter, 1643 W. BY LES CHARMETTES > / Johnnie R. Laveti Mr. and Mrs. Willie Seabrooks Mrs.
8th St. 25 and G.
Virginia .'
'\ Consuello
Mr. Matthew Price, Mr. and Mrs. Ru-
Freeman, 5845 Marriage Rd., The Les Charmettes Social Lesesne
dolph Mr. and Mrs. Charles Francis; Mrs. Estella
and Saving Club will sponsor DISTINGUISHED GUESTS AT the national convention 0 f the National Association Burton Mrs. Bernice
26.Wm. Higgins. Mr. Julius
G. Clayton, 1202 W. a Tea Sunday in the home of of Negro Musicians In St. Louis hold fold trophies presented to them by a cUlI I Lizzie Jones Her. Benjamin J Addison and Jackson Mrs
13th St., 20 and Barbara J.. Mr. and Mrs. V. E. Harrison, zens committee of the St. Louis Music Association. Recipients for achievement and mons.Earlier. Mr. Isaac Sims

Britt, 1136 W. 13th St.,. 19. 417 W. 16th Street from 4 to service are Robert McFerrin first Negro with a contract at the Metropolitan Opera j

John A. Thompson, 422 6 p. m.The. Miss Etta Moten of the original Broadway'Torgy and Bess" cast: Dr. Roscoe C.Po- Elizabeth was honored with a surprise family
Broad St., 37 and Dorothy program committeehas lln president NANM. and"Mrs. W. C. HIl Y, who holds sealed container of water dinner party In the home of her parents Mr. and Mrs.

Lewis, 2121 Broadway; 29. arranged a short and from the Mississippi River. The awards: wire presented during a gigantic festival Butler 734 West 8th Street. -

Johnnie Summers, NAS, spicy program with some of honoring the late Mr. Handy on the riverf rent b y William G. Porter, right chairman -
Jax, 37 and Salome H. McKinney the city's well known person- .of the committee and assistant to the vice-president. marketing, AnheuserBusch Attending and contributing to the success of this affair
,. 1105 W. 12th St., 36. alities appearing.The Inc., which sponsored the awards. were: Mr. Isaac Simmons husband of the honoree; Mr.
Ernest. 1514 Mait- is follows: and Mrs. Matthew Rollins: Mrs. _Minerva__ ._ Butler: ,. r!a-, --J
Young, program as --- ---- ? -VltMJ (MAM
land Ave., 19 and Wille M. solo Mrs. Mozell Meek; read MRS. W. DORRELL Mrs. Carrie S. Thomas,sty- ISH BRANT SPEAKS A.Marquis Simmons sons of the honor guest; Rev. and Mrs.
Harris, 824 Whitlock St., 17. ing, Miss Delois Blake; in- list guild. C. Robinson; Mrs. Alma Gamble and daughter. Louisa;

Walter D. Taylor, 1627 troductioned speaker, Mrs. V. INSTALLED HEAD Mrs. Mozell Meacham,Mrs. SUNDAY MORNING AT Mrs.Gen Willie Mae Centis; Mr. Chester Smith and Joyce

Highland Ave., 22 and CassieV. McNeil; speaker, C. Parham OF BEAUTICIANSThe Audry Harris and Mrs. Mild EBENEZER CHURCHIsh and Matthew Rollins.

Wilson, 2956 Willow St., Johnson; reading John Pene, red Blackshere joined the Other affairs Inspired by Elizabeth's departure
and with
solection, Williams trie.. Mrs. Brant, superintendentof which she
2LAlbert group as new members. was honored included: dinner
parties by Mrs.
Moody, 1168 W. Johnson S. Young will serveas Connoisseurs of Cos- The club conducted its the Duval County Boardof Evierl West and Dr. Felix Balmir.
Beaver St., 22 and Roberdia mistress of ceremonies. Public Instruction will be Elizabeth left
metology held their installation -meeting and improvement Tuesday evening for Albuquerque, New
ceremonies recentlyin hour last Monday in the the speaker for the annual Mexico where she will study for one year at the Univer
N. home of the president, 1736 Loyalty Day program at Eb- sity of New Mexico.
the home of :Mrs.
f enezer Methodist Church dur-
Davis Street.MINUETTES
i For Breakfast .e Lunch After the Movie Snacks Starkes, 'mother of the club ing the morning services Sun- s .

with Mrs. Wilner Dorrell reelected Mrs.
Claryce Streets of
Grothe Street informed
Fried Chicken PREPAREFOR day.The us ,
installed president that her
a s program is sponsoredby son Wiilliam H. Street, Jr. spent the summer in

i Oysters Cod ANNUAL FRAPPE the Methodist Men's Club relatives.In Pennsylvania. New York and New Jersey visiting various

p ShrimpHam Other officers installedwere SUNDAY AT YWCA under the auspices of the
Bacon Sausage Thomasina Dor- commission on stewardshipand Philadelphia Pa. he
: Mrs. visited Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bo-
Eggs- Hot Cakes rell, vice president; M r s. The :Minuettes -Social and finance.Mr. wens in New York City he was shown the sights his

Coffee Fr. Potatoes Milk Marvyn Jenkins, recording i Saving Club will sponsor its Brant will be Introduced aunt, Mrs. Pearl Horsley; Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Ross and by Mr.
!secretary!; ; Mrs. Elizabeth' annual Frappe Sunday from by Isadore Singleton Sr., and Mrs. W. R Albritton were hosts to "Billy" during his

ROOSEVELT GRILL Bailey, corresponding secre- 4 to 6- p. m. at the "Y" 8th, president of the Jacksonville stay in Jamaica, New York; in New Jersey he visited Mr.
Mrs Corrine L. Jones, and Calhoun Streets. nad Mrs. Robert Cheeks in
tary; Negro Chamber of Com- Hoboken a n d at their beach
Ashley and Madison treasurer Mrs. Lucile High- home ni Wildwood. Mrs. Cheeks
jr The committee has arranged -merce. Miss incidentally, is the for-
tower, chaplain; Miss Doris an nteresting'program for Other particpants will include Minnie Le&- britton, a Jacksonville native.
Wade financial secretaryand
I the occasion. Chester Cowart, members of choirs 1 *
Mrs. Caressa Martin Davis -
of Anderson and 2 and members of the
principal Douglas and Mrs. Edward Henderson arrived in the
reporter. city last
High School has been secured club. week from Haiti where they had a lovely vacation

Committe chairman appointed to deliver the address. though it did end rather hastily Luckily Edward and, evea
from GRAY to GLORIOUS were: Mrs. L u 1 a Court- Miss Meltpnia Cobb will be dance will receive a prize. nice were able to get away before Castro made his
,- ney, program; :Mrs. Alice guest soloist. Other talented Mrs. Lee E. Williams is chairman entry.
S Slater, Was and Means; Mrs. personalities will also appear. and Haywood Johnsonis .

Y Maggie White, welfare; Mrs. The various clubs of the reporter. Attorney and Mrs. Robert W. Gray left the city Sunday ..
Minnie Thomas, sinking fund!city have been invited. The club with the largest atten- morning for .Milwaukee, Wisconsin and the meeting of the

National Bar Association. They were Joined In Pensacola
by Atty. and Mrs. Charles Wilkinson and the two couples
exect to stop en route In Nashville and
Chicago. and '
j-: I \ SiJ sibly make Atlantic City after the meting ends. We under pos
\ stand that the association
.. has planned a round of social
SyoA activities
MC; for visiting barristers.
iJ iJo

1 Miss Edith Albury and Eddie Be s I are among Jazons .

seeing the sights in New York City. Knowing them, we

feel. certain that they will cover all the interesting places.
1 **

1 Mrs. Nell Cason and Miss Aretha Johnson are back IB
1 the city after a trip to St Louis, Mo.-

Mrs. Cason was recently appointed to the music staff of'
I one of our local public schools.BOLDEN'S __

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).. sort will be sure to ch&Dte.to
tax.With glorious.
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Dear Logy: you oat .
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I S,. r ., .. < ,_ .. : .....__ > ""- S ;'., :_.',-.., ""' -
;:1 .

.. .
4" .. .
.._ ; : .

". -'


,- .-.;. __ 1 ::: m x' {,. w .
: .
;- '" :" ; "' .j' t--v--: : ;.," S44. .'.' 1 s .


Four THE FLORIDA STAR Weak Ending Saturday August 22. 1959

I Saint Matthew Women Set For Annual Day Sunday I i




rzrF I women of Payne
"i "" The women of Mt. Canaan A tatent program will be:Chapel AMe Church will
will be observed at St. Mat
The annual Women's Day Church will observe presented in First Born
thew Baptist Church Sunda with Mrs. R. L. Smith servingas Baptist their annual day Sunday be- Temple, 8 25 W. Monroe sponsor Beach a trip Labor to New Smyrna -
on Day.
acting pastor as has been announced by Mrs. GeraldIne ginning with, the Sunday Street Sunday at 3 p. m. i,
and Mrs. Mattie and Mrs. Annie M. sponsors
Sykes. chairman Floyd 4 The ,
program sponsored by
School which. will be in ;those who will take the tripa
Robinson, co-chairman. charge of Mrs. uceada Jackson McKinley Cohen is given for I of cold drinks nad
Mrs. Eliza .Rich Perry, of I- superintendent. < a'"k2 hte' benefit of the pastor'sanniversary. plenty
II guest Bar B-Cue.
West Union Baptist will give I tion od speaker, Mrs. W. S. V. Cohen will
the morning message and;,Cummings; speaker, Mrs. Speaker for the morning serve as master of cere: The bus will leave 27th
Mrs. R. L. Jones, of First}Perry; invitation, pastor; of- hour worship will be Mrs. monies. The speaker for the and Buckman Streets at
Corinth Baptist Church de- feting, Mrs. Willie Griffin, Theodore Oree and Mrs. Josephine occasion is Elder Herbert!!7:45 a. m., the church at 8
livering the evening messageat :Mrs. Lilliam Farley; observa- Brown guest seloist- Cohen. a. m., Phoenix Avenue and
730. tions, Mrs. Willie Dennis. Mrs. Florence Griffin will Y r1r k ,21st Street at 8:15 a. m. and
The youth department will Mrs. Hattie MatMa will be speaker' for the 3 p. m. Protect Your Rights Florida Avenue and Union
have charge of the 3 p. m. conduct the devotion at 7.:30 service with Melzina Hartleyand Street at 8:30 a m.
service. The days activitieswill p. m. call t oworship, acting Miss Pauline Williamsas REGISTER NOW For reservations pi e a 3 e
get underway at 9:30a. pastor welcome, Miss Joan soloists. V contact Mrs. Maggie Harrisor
m. with the Sunday Crawford; mission offering, Mrs. Rosia Steven of West So You Can Vote Mrs. Marie Black.
School, Mrs. Mamie Stallingswill Mrs. Audrey Davis; scripture, Union Baptist; Church will be -
serve as supedintendent.. Mrs. Viola Daniels; selection, speaker for the evening wor- i.I'
Mrs.' >" ie Jackson will re-' Grant Memorial 'trio; introd- ship. o* imarf-look

rev lesson. Visiting. uction of speaker, Mrs. B.
tact rill have of Mrs. Officers for the day are
charge W. Williams, speaker,
; .<
Mrs. Lucile
he a. J. I I Jones; selection, Grant Memorial Ray, general '. '.. +.
chairman Mrs. Verdell
Mi. Southward will' trio; invitation ; Sim- .. tiT .. ,! -, 1y
conduce tne devotions at the I pastor; offering, Mrs. JuliaM. pkins, co-chairman; Mrs. Ed- > : .51" '+ '. .
11 a, m, worship hour. The Hickson, Mrs. Mary McDaniels and Mrs. Pear- + +. .-
occasion will be given by Washintgon; crowning of lene Carter, chairman of the
Mrs. Edna Phillips; mission gueen, Mrs. Mildred Davis; program committee; Mrs.: Boy Scout Marchhu OX T. King U Mea recerclng the .
offering, acting pastor; prayer presentations, Mrs. Smythie Louise Lloyd, Mrs. E. B. "God and Country" award from his pastor.the Rev D.
Miss Gloria E. Sykes; an- Pyles] ; observations, Mrs. C. Adams and Mrs. Ida Daniels, W. Welcome at New St. James AME Church. HIs mother ItI .
nouncements, Mrs. Doris Till- L. Lee. Remarks will be finance chairman; Mrs. S. Mrs. Terese Tucker King pinned the award on the
man; Scripture, Mrs. Hallie made by the general chair-, Mrs.Taylor, Mrs. P. Cummings; honoree who Is a life scout, president of Foci 58 and
Archie Grant, decoration
Sampson; solo, Mrs. Edith man, Mrs. Sykes and the den chief of Pack 58. The post Is sponsored by Eman-
Jones, guest soloist; introduc- pastor, the Rev. R. L. Smith. Green committee, treasurer;, Mrs.Mrs. Mary Ollie uel Baptist Church with Ted Story as Troop Committee
Slater chairman. Post 58 Is a part of the Cherokee District
acting pastor and Mrs.
North Florida Council Boy Scouts of America.
Alma Conrad, secretary.
t a
DAY TO PRESENT inmi .r tt'f

Vocational & Commercial OPENINGS FOR NEWSPAPER RERORTERS 4 Yom. v t .y? //ja r '


CollegeREGISTER There are openings for: .
NOW EXPERIENCED Newspaper reporters editors.. j
FOR OPENING SEPT. 8. 1959 copyreaders, advertising salesmen circulation
COURSES men and I
women printers compositors linotype -
Executive Secretarial Interior Decorating The Female Chorus of the operators. .
Business Administration Toiloring Zion Hope Baptist Church k
will be presented in an Extravaganza -
CPA DressmakingUpholstering
Accounting Leading to
Stenographic of Songs Hope, BEGINNERS WANTED TOO We will train
Radio TelevisionBookkeeping Wednesday Sept. 2. young'reporters and people for all departments I
Cleric Typist -
PBX Receptionist The program is being sponsored If you have a real desire to become a memberof '"
Business Law Business Machines by the Disable Amer- the newspaper fraternity.
For Additional Information ican eterans, William Washington :
Telephone Immediately:\ Chapter, No. 7, Her-, WE-'NEED Men and women, young or middle- ";, -- idaI
EL 5-2626 or PO 5-0004 man Gattis, Commander, and aged. In all fields for a chain newspaper and I ,,7 .;_: I
Or Write Auxiliary, Mrs. Ida E. Fowler,I magazines.ACT .
Altn: Dr. J. Walker Brown Commander,
A special invitation is be-I NOW Stale MERS'
Walker V & C College experience and age. LAUNDRYAiTsjRrff00lr
1832 Myrtle Ave. ing evtended to all singersof WRITE
Jacksonville 9, Fla. the city to be present. The
"L program will begin at 8 p. m. INTERSTATE PRESS
The Female will observe its I .It
Box 732
Jacksonville 1, Fla. I
'- 8th anniversary Monday,I! II I tmfn
practical Sept. 14 at 8 p. m. in the I
; riand
auditorium of the church. ,i
:Mrs. Florence Nelson, pres- ,',.: : : .. "II.1' ..:": '"
ident of the chorus si extending -' .
an invitation to all choirs, .
and choruses of the city to ..
i attend. The Rev. E. R. I" _-,,<:-,= ,
Simpson! is the pastor. : .-0. '%W",,, Back To School


ACE UNION IN CITY ,."..: ,. _
: .i6:1iir;;:; _

swWeJL ;:.?' ..
ACE Legue Union was I i

Brown Red organized Bethel AME recently Church in with New all II I -

$7.50 39'84-3- $8.99 StJtat>- ACE.part.League, -presidents taking I KOZY/ KORNER f.,

Officers elected are: Leon-
according to size ard J. Roberts Jr., president; I i "' 8th and DAVIS EL 4-6531 \ S

Alexander Cottroll, vice president .
; the Rev. Issac Gundy, I
treasurer; Miss Evelyn Pres-;I
1 r. Mildred Hill, assistant record-i
'4Y ing 'secretary; the Rev. Issac i Reg. 15c Reg. lOc
Gundy; Miss Carolyn McRoy,I 2 ,Far 5c Only .09 .09 2 For .17
reoorter. ,
The Union will meet Sept.I FREEA -- -
24 at 8:30 p. m., in New;;
Hope AME Church. Davis I FREERuler '
and 17th Streets. nss ACE 29c Ball Point Pen -- PROTRACTORSReg.
League" will be crowned the With 77c Filler Sharpener
I 15c
9. fourth Sundav ni June 1960
in the B. F. Lee Auditorium'at I' PENCIL SHARPENER With Every Binder Now .09

? Edward Waters College. i I, Or $1.00 Purchase __..
w. 9
Of School SuppliesFOREMOST Reg. lOc
Along wearing ik PLANS TEA SUNDAY. RULERSSpecial

shoe with a double AT 1555 LOUISIANA FOLDERSReg. :
personality. Your : .08 .

child can.wear it as a The Pulpit Aid Board of Reg.' .z co. -. ... 2 For .15
loafer or as a swivel strap. the Sunshine Spiritual .09 .17 JUMBO ICE CREAMSandwich

Practical strap makes Church will sponsor a Tea 4
this possible. Sunday in the home of Mr. RULER SHARPENER \
and Mrs. Mack Damen, 1555 3 FLAVORS ,, COMPASS
OPEN FRIDAY NITS TIL 9 t Louisiana Street. from 4 to 6 Reg. 15c

p.The m. board will alse sponsora Now :.09 lOc Now .09

tu g"? I Labor trip Day.to The New bus Berlin will 674 on .

I Florida, Avenue at 11 a. m. \ -

To each of ,these affairs ;h KOZYKORNE R At8th
given by the Pulpit Aid St.

Board the public is extendeda I '0 Dark
invitation to join .
-- them "-,_. c ''.........,''''''" '" ,,4Page : ...

S ,

Week Ending Saturday, August 22. 1959 TEE FLORIDA STAB u -"- Pile fin

WHITE BLOC DEPUTIES NAB CHURCH MONEY :WOMAN CHARGEDIN charged with aggravated as- battery of their ear charged.: old Negro guilty of raping a
SHOOTINGOF sault and is now free on The little girl, Vera, was shot white woman, and a step
$250 bond. when she attempted to use
further by fixing his sentenceat

DEFEATS NEGROCANDIDATE 5 SUSPECTSIN STOLEN FROM LITTLE GIRLMONTTCELLO that The the woman gun fired has accidentally. .claimed- the restroom. -- 20 years in prison.

i The girl's legs were The convicted man, Vernon
ROBBERY MAN'S ROOM Fla., piereed by several shotgun Georgia Rape I Brooks, received sentence

Louise Walker the white pellets. Net 20 Years I without any visible show of
woman who recently shot Sheriff J. B. Thomas reported QUTTMAN GA., After I emotion. Both his attorne
MEMPHIS, Tenn., A dowun a 9-year-old Negro that the Wimbley four hours and 25 minutes of would
young Negro attorney failedin I Pies Johnson, of 332 Osce girl who tried to use a rest- family of Miami drove up of deliberation an all white have .
Friday's.municipal electiPn 1---1 I i ola Street reported to police room at her truck has been the truck stop to have the male jury found an 18-years- not appeal.i
to win a commission seat and last Monday that $136.56 of --- .. -
judgeship by what has been church money and a .32 cat II. a. "'- "- ..:". ...... '
called an unprecedented 73 apprehended as robbery susI -I was missing from his wardrobe --
per cent of Menphis' registered -i I pacts by almost perfect de-, when he went to place I" .
white voting power. I I tective work by Deputy Sheriffs "some additional money in

The defeated candidate 30-!; J. C. Bailey and W. L.I'I't 'I the same place. CHEC14 WITH
year-old Russell Sugermon,i I i I t Weston of the criminal division He said he left the key to Look
said in a statement: "I gave /
it all I had. But this is of the Sheriff's office. his room with Miss Eddie
the beginning-not the only end.I I Lee Peck, 21, of 332 Osceola !
Street for three to let
The Negro cannot afford to On Auust 10, Frank White days
I I the telephone man in to repair -
allow this political momentto was held up and robbed behind his phone. I'
run down. We've already''I the Red Rooster whichis I Johnson said he went to WHATDELIVERS
started plans the
tp keep I I
Road. church and
Volunteer Organization, alive. located on Moncrief : Sunday night on .
he his his return he went to the
White said parked
We are now recognized as & I ,
\ wardrobe'and the
potent voting bloc and intend truck in front of the Red mon
which he
c was keepingfor
to I' noticed I
grow stronger. Rooster. He later the church missing. The
Sugermon, educated at
three men hanging around money belonged to Emanuel
Marvard University, was de-! I'
candidate.the truck and when he start- Baptist' Church.
feated white ''
William W. Farris who ed to the truck to investigate The .32 CaL pistol, valued'at
$40 and the $136.56 in cash !
strongly supported by the I te three men met him i made a total loss of $176.56. $10

two daily newspapers and .half way. Miss Eddie Lee Peck was
the outgoing mayer. I listed as suspect No. 1 and
While Sugarmon got more I While said "t Ii e taller of James Monroe Peck was
than 30,000 Negro votes, it is the three men put a switch: listed as suspect No. 2. oth I
i apparent that he did not get blade knife to his throat and!'suspects and victim live at I,
all of the 50,000.egistered' ordered him to walk around i 332 Osceola Street.BPatrolmen

colored votes. Some Negroesjust to the rear of the building.| R. C. West and, I
didn't vote, some voted When he reached the rear of D. L. Peston investigated.' ,
for whites and some were the building, they took his j
apparently confused -once billfold and removed $35,
they got inside the voting valuable papers, driver's license ",, WHITE MAN FREED
booth. I and automatic pistoL 'JOKEKILLmG .
Four other Negroes runn- I* RALEIGH, N. C.-A white
nig for various offices were.. Officers Weston and Bailey, farmer who shot a Negro in -
also defeated. arrested Melvin Pringle of r| the back thereby causing his
I. 1109 Evergreen Avenue,! death was given- suspended' NGENE.RAL'ELECTRICEW GE
Laborer Dies Charlie Jones, Alias) Clarence sentence of three to five I: I
In Land Slide !( Green, of 211 E. Union St.,I years after the court agreed)] .
FORT LAUDERDALE A Sylvester Warthon; 0 f 706 that the manslaughter was I,
laborer was crushed to death|r Lafayette Street, Alexander;: the result of a 'joke' turned I DESIGNERSERIES .
on Tuesday when tons of asphalt 'Halley, of 230 E. State St.,, tragedy.The b
and earth, burying him: and Rosa Lee Brown, Com-j white man, 38yearold -
at a depth of 12 feet slid mon-law-wife of Melvin Roger Williams was or- A
down on him. Pringle.; I Ii dered by the same court to
Police identified the victim i] t i pay $2750 to the dead man's I .
as Willie Smiht of Dania. He !r Deputies Weston and Bai- wife and four children.
was a member of a crew of ley said Pringle directed j, Williams said the victim, zx >
construction workers install- them to his mother's house J, William Person, 28, was afriend :,
ing a sanitary sewer line. His r where he had the automatic of his and that he ,. .
body was recevered about pistol hidden in one of his fired at Person as he ran across -I
12:10 P. M. He was found overcoat pockets. The automatic a field. He said he fired -' v
lying face down after an hour was recovered and "in fun, just to make Person -' I E3 9 sat
of digging. held as evidence. run faster." ,


I By Evelyn CunninghamThere'a for painting the toe nails objected to them. But total. \ ,'
f r .green, streaking mad colorsin there is no woman who doe. NOW / \
i* the )lair, smoking pastel] not have some kind of pant!
nothing quite like colored cigarettes; wearing in her summer,wardrobe. They 17T330C" e
a little midsummer madness dozens of bracelets at the have a choice of plain !long
to lift the spirits and stir beach, using silver eye pants toreadors, culottes, 95 *, Console Chasis -
new interests. Most often an shadow In the Bermudas #
evening.omit Jamaicas, short i *, Precision EtchedCircuitry $10
entirely different halt-do or ting lipstick, wearing bl. shorts, clan diggers anl $169 .
trick.a new halt color does the kinis, taking up painting pedal pushers. .

*, New, Low Price On
For other There' a little madness The tapered pants and .
some reason or Quality!
girls inclined In all of us at summertime. chopped off blouse pictured
are roost) to<
make change In their But It I* a delightful kind of here (McCall's Printed Pattern

sonal appearance daring per the nadncs that re-establishes bit No.of 4903)) are an eye-catching :=''i:===::-:-:=.:-__ .._-..- _.--_.--....--. -I"" _..
summer months. Of coarse, us as individual personalities madness Made here of fk '
suntans usually necessitate It's nice to shake the shacklesof complementary patterns In

new make-up. So this is a conformity, U only for a cocoa, orange yellow and ;:=
white, they the midriff
wonderful chance short time. expose
to try new and provide freedom of
colors and products that had FILTER FLO
motion, a well tom ; -
as zing.
seemed daring In ,the winter. 9Take pants For a. long
time, many women did not This
Seamer is also the time wear pants because men! special pattern comes [
with pieces for four different
types of blouses, a skirt and .
short It could easily be the Automatic Washer

basis for a complete vacation4irobe. :
Practically any :
kind f of cotton fabric could be

used, with endless possibilities : .

In color and tex .;.t;.; -.t: i r.
1 JyL ture. f.." ". '
: -: :.. HAS FAMOUS
For the girl who has
long' -. r.
'. ,. '. "G-E
wanted effect the '->
A b to orientalair ACTIVATORt
ap. \C a\A 2 summer is the time to ex : Non-Clog lter t
per 1:1ent. This pattern (Me-' -'. -." '. Water Saver Control
? Call' Printed Pattern No. : "
__ 50%
,, 4911) is a miracle of ease.
\, Ie' comes with only eight More than most Auioxnaiicsl $19865;
"": :
I f u > pieces. Cut' for junior and *
misses sizes, it is one Includes Year Service

piece lightly fitted by long .
darts back and front. The Y
.* -. .
: -
; z short kimono sleeves -" .
are cut .., '
.+. Fr i in one with the back and ::1T : : r
front of the dress. Lower *
I sleeves may be added to make WA.603 SID DELIVERSI .

r ; r.a.\ three-quarter length sleeves .
) Four buttons close the mandarin .4. DOWNTOWN SOUTHSIDE
4 : color and vents are in 15 S. HOGAN ST. 3316 BEACH BLVD..
the side seams. (Acres from New Sear,/(Near Southgate Plaza) 0
.> :.*bL 0 EL 6-2433; FL 9.6679 -. CHECK WITH
Here the dress is made of Open Every NIV Till 9"
lime green shantung. Other A Open Every Nile Till 9 -

suggested fabrics are linen, r' CEDAR HILLS D LJ L. c

w polished cotton honan, synthetic BIVERSIDE 3625BLANDING BLVD

.._._.,J I>l mixtures, velveteen 505 S. McDUFF (Across from Shopping
AN ORIENTAL BREEZE I* tkl* faille, crepe and lightweightwool. (Near Lenox) Center) sae A
COORDINATED SKINNY PANTS naadarla-atTle dress created Its oriental flavor would EV 8-4624 SP 1-2380 .
1 Ot AND a tow CROPPED TOP Pit from only eight patten pieces.teflectiag be enhanced if made la a rich Open Every HUe Till 9 Open Every Nile Till 9 "" .
the CUaeee imflaeaceIt
piece sneer wardrobe brocade.. .4 0
shat. btoue e rpesapoemis.1 a I ban Its rested'etiit sad slanted'sock ,. USED APPLIANCES.
IIII\&OU kt I.oat 1 nee oI.-nral closiagk te dress la a 2639 BOSSELLE ST.
top,.. tor the talk IfeMlr' fitted by loag PisbionSewing W ek11. (Comer of Sag and 11--.) 0.
,tapered.... pw Cantatible szAI dart*. Appciopciate for ssmee to :Tip: If your material come BV .
t1e dao eottoa Rasa, aiaatwg, !
well be era Folded through fcev 99671P.M.
'tultoaed t center,
4 ,cool1r A '
see ._ ,-1.-e. taetica atriUaglv eastern la Open : 0
Pattaro cloth :: J.Pl ,a brocade s PsSera *49Uto press away &l fold before .
ei- Jtwk t.cuss *hr,1 te MIuss attempting to_Jay J&e.pattern. .: 0 "-. ,;.; '

L ,



Six THE FLORIDA- STAX Week. Ending Saturday August 29. 1958
--- -


Four-ffl-One Vaccine Newest Weapon [ -

b YORK-A workshop Dr. \Vilson this week revealed
in direct, non-violent action in a tsatement issued
techniques: to achieve integra- tlhlro| [ ugh the Jacksonville
I b 2 wp. tion wil be sponsored by the branch of the Florida State
Congress of Racial Equality Board of Health, that many .
;J. (CORE) in connection with sections of Florida are short
the Greater Miami Committee of dentists. He added, however
of Racial Eguality, it was that the Dental Scholar-
announced by James R. Rob- ship Program, which was
inson, CORE'S executive sec- sponsored by Gov. Leroy Collins .

yrr retary. and passed by the Legis- 'tI

f. $ Under the leadership of lature in 1955, has helped to

John D.. Brown,.M.D., Miami alleviate this shortage.

CORE is presently engagedIn According to Dr. Sowder, I
interracial sitinsat a num- who is the state Health Offi-
ber of lunch counters in that cer, ten scholarship recipients
.r resort town. Several times, are recommended each year
.,-. CORE members have waitedat to the State Board of Health
py" dime stores for service all by the State Board of Dental I

t LY day.As Examiners. Dr. Sowden states
r 50 that three of the ten recom-
many as persons
a have joined in a single sit-in mended this year are Negroes -
-Ic !:! w.yat demonstration. The sit in He explained that sel-
technique has been used by ections are made on the basisof
CORE groups across the scholarship and ned, describing -
in the scholarship stand-
country successfully opening
7CKEN e 6' service to all. ards to be met as "rigid".

The workshop! will| work The three Negroes receiv-
KNIGHT with the Miami Core mem- ing scholarships this year are
Parris W. Brown of Escam-
If bers and give workshop par-
Invites You To Listen To ticipants actual experiences in bia, Monroe L. Billingsea of
combatting segregation in Palm Beach, and from here in
"KNIGHT TRAIN"Starting DETROIT' -A new "four-ln-one" vaccine designed safety and sterility. Using a complex formula the South. Duval County, George W. Al-
to simultaneously protect children against measured quantities (1)) of the four.componenu exander.
paralytic polio diphtheria, pertussis (whooping are pooled in a large stainless steel vat. Th4
At 7:00 P. M. Nightly cough) and tetanus (lockjaw). is being dis- pooled material-three months have elapsed up According to Dr. Sowden, .I
tributed this week throughout the United States. to this pointIs blended and drained into glass
The vaccine Quadrigen reduces the numberof containers. Samples from each container under ever since the initiation of
1400 WRHC 1400 Injections required to immunize children go further tests both by the company and by th4 TOOTH enKboll the program four years ago
against the four diseases. The result of three U.S. National Institutes of Health Laboratories, ACHE there always has been at least
years.of intensive research by Parke Davis & Upon receipt of government approval of eaclf will )11 Sri {111Ms one sucessful Negro appli-
Company at its laboratories in Detroit Mich., lot-there are approximately 300,000 doses'in i /.punts with Ct/N ,
. Quadrigen combines polio vaccine with a three- single lot-the packaging operation begins. Vial f h aia Jtx jlEL cant.
in-one injection-diphtheria and tetanus toxoids containing enough vaccine for nine injections). OVA,
and pertussis vaccine-now in general use by are automatically filled ((2). tMIlif.lwt
physicians.. Parke.Davis. constant vigil to assure the qual
: ... Production of the vaccine is an intricate procedure -* ity and potency of Quadrigen continues through.
---r conducted under the most rigid aseptic out this process. One such phase is the inspector .
; ; t n: r conditions and requires a minimum of six monthsto (3)) who uses a mirror to double check each via)
complete one lot. of the"four-in-one"vaccine before it packaged. MORTGAGE LOANS FLORIDA STARIN
; Enroll Now In The Each of the four components of Quadrigen- The vials are then hand-packed into individual Long term 12 year loans
{ w ,,' Souih's Finest College ; ,polio and pertussis vaccines and diphtheria and cartons, placed into larger cartons (4)) which are repayable $10 monthon EVERY
tetanus toxoid3-is produced separately. After then weighed inspected and packaged in still per
1 Florida Barber College as each is.run through a complicated process that larger containers for swift air-shipment t4 the$1.000. for home Improvements COLORED HOME
Branch G. L Approved involves the addition of aluminum phosphate physicians hospitals pharmacists through* repairs and
it undergoes rigid testing to insure potency,._out the, United States. additions to your existing *
S. 2 i4 house. Quick and efficient

'codn/w Patterson manager Prof. James Glover 96 COUNCIL WOMEN MEETING COOPER'S ACADEMY service. No red tape. Just
630 Davis Street At Beaver good credit rating and Ownor
Phono EL 5.9874LILLY'S BEGINS FALL TERM buying your own home. EATBERRIERS

621 First Federal Building

306 W Adams EL 6.2489

Washington D. C.-Ninty-slx delegates of the Council of Id CREAM I

Negro Women are In Europe on a 31-day tour, meeting Classes will begin Aug. 31
DRUG STORE heir European counterparts. Headed by national President --
for the 1959-60 school termat
Dorothy I. Height, 81 of the delegates boarded a chartered PHOTOGRAPHS FOR
1907 Kings Road at Spires BOAC plane and 15 left by KLM. Cooper's Academy.Grades

from one through nine will
Where Experienced ;; The delegates landed in -
be taught.
a.. t'"sus where will
sad Pharmacists Prepare London they WEEK'SSURVEYSHOWS
k Your' Prescription Ac spend four days. Then they The Kindergarden department .Y 1 Expert Photography -
r Portraits Weddings Banquets
w# Cording to your doctors .S- l will spend two days in Amsterdam i will be in operation al >4 Passports & Identification Photo

Instructions Using ;. Holland. Some of GAIN so. Feature of the academyis :d Photostats & Commercial Work
j fixJ the other countries they will a sound reading founda- "' Photos For Newspaper Cuts
only the best quality? 'ft
i t visit Brussels tion for beginners and indi- '" While You Walt
Germany '
drugs.Dr. ( i Coloring & Picture Framing
Switzerland Austria, Italy vidual help to retarded students -
Orabam if1tl; Let Us Take A Photo Of You
a E. Kack PlianDadat. Dr. W. t. from the first
and France. WASHINGTON There grade >, < t.: :lN

-:- '-:- .:. The delegates will meet were"117 paralytic J>olio cases through the ninth. ..t it In Natural ColorJ. -
last week, setting record Parents have been askedto AVERY
A COMPLETE LINE OFi their European counterpartsin for the year, the'Public Heal-
Cosmetics Rubber Goods .Candies.. -:- Sundries a variety of interests ranging -" th Service reported ''July 31. register their children before AVERY'S PHOTO STUDIO
PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOB AND DELIVERED> The report for the week Aug. 31. Registrationhours
from leadership training
611 West Ashley Clara While Mission BId;.
and social welfare to the arts ended July 25 showed an in- are from 8:30 a. m.,to
and crafts and journalistic crease of 11 cases over the 3:30 p. m.. and from 6 to 7 Phone EL 47695 For Appointments
166 reported for the previous
enterprises. week. p. m. '

The new cases bring to : ;? ---
ATTENTION READERSPlease Among-these women tra-
I 1,133 the total number of
-elers tree two ae- paralytic -
Bring or Send Your are men; BUSINESS DIRECTORYThe
companing their wives and cases recorded this
Church News Club Notices & Announcements one with his daughter. year. This was more than
double the 510 reported dur- FIrma Listed Below Are Recomm ended As Reputable Establishment
To The FLORIDA STAR Early Under the Council's International ing, the'same time in 1958. Specializing Services and Products
i Relations The PHS said 55 polio
I of which this tour is a part, deaths have been reported so AUTO SERVICE \I Washington's Health Service
TUESDAY at NOON theorganiational conferences.It far this year. Officials said
: "Abundant Health Is Rightfully Yowl"AUTO
the death rate of about three ,
FLORIDA STAR participates in interna- per cent is not considered I PAINTING COMPANY Try Swedish Massage Mineral Steam Bai hI

2323 Moncrief Rd. Corner 13th Street tional conferences. It Is a high. Complete Body Repair & Paint Work $ Colonic Therapy
member of the International I In adition to the paralyticcases Oven Baked Paint Jobs -J- \D. C. Washington, Masseur-Same L< not
Council of Women of the there have been 413 For 23 Years
World and participates in cases of non-paralytic polio in Price Start at $4.00 J934 N. Myrtle Avenue EL2471

international conferences on the first 29 weeks of this I 1532 East Adams Street EL 5-8135
(global problems. year and 194 unspecified, WILLIE SMITH DRUGS

MIIIRSBER6AMOT bringing the overall total to Free, delivery any part of the dry:

v 1,740. FOODS. -%- OLD RELIABLE
More than half the new [601 West' Ashley Street EL 4.1380
J cases were centered in seven
I LEARN TO DRIVE states: Alabama, 20; Texas, GUS INA'S SUPERMARKETIf .

Secure Drivers' License 15; Missouri, 14; Tennesseeand You Want The Finest In Groceries JULIA GEORGE 5.& 10 CENT.
SAFEWAY DRIVING California, 11 .each; Ar- And Meats Come See Us .
SCHOOL kansas and Louisana,10 each. 300 Davis. Street EL 6.54l2y --
600 West Beaver Street Alabama'and California reported Courteous Treatment ,
GEORGE PERPENA. Dir. anincrease of five : 8 Open 8:30. to 7 p. m.
4qr. Office ELgIn 5-7742 cases over the previous week. MISCELLANEOUS X306 Davis Street EL 4-12B

Res. PO 5-4607 Louisana also showed a sharp
7L- increase from thre cases rePOrted AAA BONDING AGENCY

last week. Seven of City County and Federal Bosu-? J MAGGIE CONFECTk/n
the in California occurT
.' red in Los Angeles county. ICE CREAM COSMETICS

". "., '. Virginia reported and eight North each Carolina; New ACE RADIO & TV SERVICE &1.102 Price SL EL 36312TIMIQUANA

MILLIONS 'firer York and Pennsylvania, seven 99 Year la Eledrtmlci '
eachIowa, six; Nebraska, \
.. ,
r < Florida and Oklahome, five
apiece. 343 Forest Street EL 4-WM Mattress Reaoraiiag Our Spedaltyw
Satisfied lr f E I.i. ,- PATRONIZE Florida and Oregon_ each One Day Service '-

reported two "polio deaths.Meantime ROAD TRADING ;|jS703 Old Kings RoadPO 5-1$3$
HEAS the PHS week-
Star Advertisers ly reportr contained final polio POST TAXI-

figures for 1958 when
Rl."I.- -" Complete Garden Supplies
there were 5,787 polio cases- Fertilizer Fruit Products "At Your Service" >

M '-." s 3,697 of them paralytic. In -New and Used Fa.rB1tun.bouktad "soldNEW DEAL CAB EL 4-1611
t 1957 final figures showed Bead SP '1-3762 LINCOLN CAB EL,41611Page '
564 Tixniqusaa
"-::":*- : 5,485; polio cases, 2,499 of
'S-j .s. ',.* -*' ., -I them paralytic. ,i i 22 a ? ? 1 = J = ? :j
'< $ :w .... ... .. .
tJ: "" .. .. ;.,.. > .- : '

"- .


-_..",,- ..'C '" 0 ':'>- -" --;. ., ', .' .
_' __ __ "., .
;,- ,.. ..... .. .,_ _

Week Ending Saturday August 29, 1S59. /" THE FLORIDA STAR r Page SueD

I Football On The Local Scene Begins To Shape Up I I Ii


the National Football League : Title flout. j-' By Ed.Igoe TEAMS ARE CALLED BY COACHESTO
i : rushing record waf, a B-plus
= i:1jl.ti> r3 engineering student at Comp-
f ton Junior College before
turning professional.. Name PREPARE FOR 1959 SEASONBy

I anyone of the players and
/ SPORTS CORNER you can readily learn the C. PARHAM JOHNSON

; school from whence he came Football on the local scene is shaping up In the big wayat
) white or colored. the various schools throughout the country in making
By a PARHAM JOHNSON SMOOTH SAILING 'TI L preparation for the hard and strenous schedules that await
WE.MEET AGAIN. L'Y ; the opening bell which will lift the lid off the 1959 cam-
r RETIRED PRIZE FIGHTERS get a plug from the top y lQ11.

brass in boxing when they went to bat In suggesting a .: Over at New Stanton High,
4 fund for fighters after they hare packed 'away their trunks
BEARS LOADED tip. P. Small is others who desirous of
and gloves Commissioner Abe J. Greene and President : Coach James going are
; Ward Wylie of the National Boxing Association are backIng 'through the stage in the carying the banner for the

the proposal one hundred pre cent. A point statementby WITH BIG NAME ,I life of a football coach that Engineers. Watch the Engi-

the two top men said plans for setting aside a percentage causes some deep concern neers go during the coming
l of gate receipts to set up the national fund would be r and that is replacng stellar
1 revealed a the NBA convention n Toronto Sept. 1. players who carried the banner season.
N THE SAN FRANCISCO, [STARS FOR GAME t. over the past seasons.It The team to keep an eye
the Coaches
corner. every- Is not a beautiful picture to
GIANTS continue to roll toward -
on this fall is Coach Julian
the 1959 National Lea- where are calling their pros- Use such men as Alfred Aus-
pennant with the big pective players together to The Chicago Bears will in- tin, Sylvester Porter, Herb Walton's Northwestern Yel-

gue bat of Willie Mays, Willie begin mapping the strategyfor vade Jacksonville Saturday e r t Blackshere. Ulysses lowjackets. The Yellowjack-
Kirkland, Orlando Cepedaand I the 1959 campaign. The night Sept. 5 heavily loaded Dexter and Elliott Chatman.I ets is the only team in the

the latest addition. Willie team that will bear watch- with well known names and Coach Small and his wore circuit that will g ointo the
ringing out tell ing will be Northwestern,the records of players who have thy assistants are not alto-
McCovey campaign with full strength
school that didn't lose
a player appeared in Jacksonvlle dur- gether singing the blues because -
base hits and home runs
ing it is the team that will
all From through graduation. The ing their collegiate days. they have such men only
against opponents. .team j just stepped out of football Butts' not be hit b graduation.
the things look around, All over the area as Alfrde Denson, John \ y
Seals way Stadium, McCoveysup-!I junior high into senior high fans remember AllAmerican Calvin Lang, Jerome Epps I':They will move out of the

plied the spark the Giants!' and remained right there. quarterback Zeke Brat- i returnng to strengthen the!I junior circuit into the senior
The curtain will be raised tossed them Blue DevIs. will be
needed. The Giants' pitchingstaff I kowski once They : circuit with the same crew
have become stingy -. in Jacksonvlle Wednesday over for the University of strongly aided by Henry that won for them respect
with base hits.very Whoever iSept. 16, when the Yellow: Georgia against the Florida (H a n k) Crawford, Wallace I
Jackets of Northwestern tangle Wilson and over the past season.
wins the pennant will haveto Gators in the annual Georgia r Baker
consider those Giants. I I. wth the Engineers of Du- Bulldog-Florida Gator skir- t Willie Trapp along with other Coach Walton will b e de-
val Vocational. mishs in Gator BowL hopefuls who will be
pending very heavily on
OLLIE MATSON, the big Zeke is the number 1 pitc- striving to catch the eyes of
1 tan star the Los Angeles COACH WALTON of the her for the Bears and Rick + 1 the coaches.A I such players a s Bernell

Rams secured from the Chi- Yellow Jackets and Coach Casares, formerly of the Fla. look at the "Fighting: Sumpter. George Davis,
cago Cardinals will be sued Wilson of the Engineers are Gators has been one of the 4 Panthers" of Matthew W.I Johnny Martin and Earl

r at fullback the rams front depending strongly 0 n seasoned number 1 catchers. The pass rv Gilbert, one will see Coach 1: Dickerson. The team is hea-
1 office hasannounced.. Mat-' players t 0 carry the ing combination of the Bears Earl Kitchings and the en-1 vily loaded with potentialswho
son has been called the best bulk of the lead for their have spelled defeat for oppo- READY FOR THE HEAVYWEIGHTS-Light heavy- tire staff of coaches hard at| saw plenty of acton last
in football teams. The return of John occasions.The Archie Moore here said after work build the
player by manyof on many weight Champion seen to same type year and the coaches are
the top men in football. Dantzler te the Engineerswill familiar! figure of Willie defeating Yvonne Durelle for the second time that he of fighters that the last asured that many of them
One of the greatest backs in play a big part in theteam's .Galimore, who left the Is now ready for Floyd Patterson or Ingemar Johansson year's team was made of. are ready to stop nito start-
pro football history, .Matson success. Dantzler is campus 0 f Florida A & M in a title bout. The question was asked when would The triple champions will be ing roles. Coach Walton and
has played half back for the one of the finest football University to make gridiron Archie Moore retire. The question was answered by building around such stalwarts -his assistants are not taking
I Cardinals since his gradu- players to ever play in Du- history i nth e professionalranks Moore himself. He said "My wife has presented me as Robert Hayes. Char- anything for granted. Realiz-
ation from the University of val County. He is not an individualist will be seen. The"St. with two girls. I want a boy. She has promised me a les Sutton, Charles Grover, ing the strength of the com-

San Francisco several years but a team man Augustine flash lived up to boy. When we get that boy, and when he reaches 16 Louie Hill, Joseph Lane, ,petition, they are working
ago. Experts said the Rams who is always trying to produce every advance notice George then I think 111 hang up my gloves. He ginned and Freddie Hill,Frank Timmons hard to iron out all kinks.
virtually gave the Cardinalsan for Jjffijgtorv of his H a 1 a s. owner-coach of the said "Maybe." The champ says he is not a day over 42 Kenneth Clair and Billy Da
entire team to secure school. DatfffiSr is the pride Bearse had of him. From the and has been fighting professionally for some 23 years. vis. Manv others will be out I The "Fiery Dragons" of the
Matson. and joy of any coach's dream. I first day he put on a Bear there battling to win start Southside Douglas Anderson,
JULIO GRANT brother of uniform he' has been-one of CLOWNS TOPLAY bo Prieto, "screwball of base- ing berths. It can be expect will not .be caught nappingat
I WORLD SERIES TIME Is. Jim (Mudcat) grant the great the most talked about performers ball.. Watch them cavort be- ed that the defending Triple I the switch. They will haveto

gradually approaching and I.I Cleveland Indian pitching in professional foot- fore the game end between Champions will be ready to build practically from the
t all top teams are battling star pitched a 1-9, 17-inning 'bottom because of the heavy
FLYERSATMYRUEAVE. mix it with all comers.
GEORGIA Then watch the
innings. re- up
down to the wire In the National recently ball.Big
t game against Spring Bill Lee, another Ratt- The D u val County Engi- loss qf lettermen last year.
and American Lea- field in the Eastern gulars play real baseball,
League'slongest ler who made good has been I neers will be sparked with'The team will be built around -
f gues. The players and mana- game. Julio, pitching a tower plus the switch-pitching abi- Walter Galvin, Albert _
of strength on the of the Clowns' ambidex- the presence 0 fan e of the I _
gers are giving'everything for. Reading allowed 13 hits, lity
line for the Bears. Lee will mightest football stars to Waters, Mose Robinson and
they have to shake the others -walked 10 and fanned nine. trous Ulysses Grant Greent. I
be Wilbert Sandlin.In .
seen in action when the I ever don a pair of football I(I
loose and enter the chef The Grant brothers are Flo- -
Bears meet the Washington in this section the
rished spot.The trouble with rida products. Redskns The fabulous Indianapolis togs of an overall picture at
in a Jax Charities That is John I
country. player
pennant contenders is the PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL Inc., spnosored at Clowns, celebrating their rmSeZlnglWhoy Dantzler. In Coach I Douglas Anderson the coa-
pro game Dantzler
rough way they are treated PLAYERS are highly the Gator BowL 30th year in baseball, wll Ernest Wilson has ches are working hard to assure -
by the bottom teams. Very trained, cultured and refined. J. C. Caroline is not Florida bring their nationally f a- who do player witha II I the football public that
often It Is the team with not The men who are seen in the A a barnstorming aggrega- .. I fever can everything the "Fiery Dragons" will be
and M product, but mous football that can be done I
possible chance of wlnnng ranks represent the nation's ono, pushovers for anybody.
pro he is a well known character t ion of players and come- but make the air that goes:
the pennant that wreck the leading colleges and i n Jacksonville. When dians to Myrtle Avenue Park Dr.Guild's Green in COAIfTiff into it. He will be Football the local
cWALTS faaro bo ably on front
chances of those who feel universities. Joe (The Jet) Jacksonville wind the ........ supported i
the Bears played in the Gator up such will be the
'iii-u' by dependablesas among best in
that almost In. San
they are Jerry a Francisco For- :1-; -
1 FOOTBALL is just around ty-Niner fullback who holds owl in hte fist pro con- season Tuesday nit, ball Sept. ., Otte Belton, Willie Williams -: the naton and the only thing
x o test: J. C. was playing defensively 15th. In a 8:00 p.m. Sam King, Allen Jones i the I coaches and team members -
but because of his game and mamoth funshow, RADIO &. Shelly Jones, James Young,1 I are asking is full sup-
running ability he has been I against the crack touring Isaiah Drewery and Johnny,port from the football pub-
Still traditionally distilled for placed on the offensive team Georgia Flyers baseball a g- TV SERVICEAll Thomas and a full squad of lic.
I gregation. -- -- ---- --
and the fans will have an op- ----- -
!" portunity to see the kind of Don't miss their popular] Work GuaranteedNew ''''''''
I and Used
11 he
runnnig produced to wipe:!, ers. 0 r the unbelievable
out Harold (Rod) Grange's, Rock 'n' Roll Funshow featuring -I EL 3-4009
r record at the University of: the Clowns' funmak- 669 Florida Ave. PALMSBALLROOM
Na Illinois. I II I(comedy antics of baseball's Jacksonville. Florida

"screwball" Bobo P r i e to.
t+ Watch him toss a bat as high '
as the light standards, then
catch it without a miss. See I Watch This Clown
r ar j
...: it-f f PENSDRILLS switch-pitch ambidextrous, and Ulysses the performance Green- 23 19 89 OF JACKSONVILLE!

"Jf of the Clowns' enter- 574 ._ 60 __ 765

I 4tj FOR FOOTBALL taining first baseman, Na- 1 8 .
tureboy 2&.-)- *?P L* 7 NO DANCING ON SUNDAY m

sr ; ALBANY, Ga.-Sixty candidates Want to take a sicknesscure .:, r .
.' 9 DANCING 10 P. M. TO 2 A- M. AS USUAL :
will-report for the that doctors have yet I 3 -
------------------------------- -----
,- initial fall football drills at I I to discover? Turn out to, ---- "---
Albany State Avenue Jack' FRI. AUG. 21 thru -S T.UG.. 29
College on Myrtle Park 943373
Sept 1, according to Head II sonville Tuesday nite, Sept15th 155 '_ 41 239 / ft----------------------------------------
Coach and Athletc Director to watch the fabulous BIG DOUBLE ATTRACTION
I O. W. O'Neal. I Indianapolis Clowns, world j i 8omeU to*'* u| .
!' O'Neal and his assistants,:colored champions, in a 8 p.J t !nmeUne he* down. r.
Ken Dunson and Joe :Mitchell :i m. appearance against the He addfi..ubtrf3ct.ik round
crvrfe It all
will have to select a 33-+i!crack touring Georgia Flyers
man squad before the open-I as the barnstorming rivals Coming Attractions : THEI .
a ing game with Miles in Birmingham -I bring their 1959 season to a' _32 88 678 50 I i it

u 1L1M Sept. 26.. close locally.
Competition'' is expected to .
be keen during the twice- Whatever your ailments FLORIDA STAR
r daily sessions with 15 vete- aw, you'll forget all about I! MidgIderso
k e. 4 ran players five transfers them Lwth the mystery cure i iI

from Florida Normal, and 0 f laughter and hysterics r
I + r 40 Freshmen working for I I dished out by first baseman i' COlORcD( i UOMtI O

T lop positions. ;:Natureboy Williams and Bo- .
The Golden Rams will use i I

a emphasis modified-T pn passing.formation O'Neal wth I.,. ACOSTfYSEVERYTHING # HANK MOORE

plans to..unveil a Wing-Tas!
FOR THE FISHERMANBait And His Orchestra
soil as relying on splits and ,
It's right on the label! First distilled in 1769,
traditionally distilled for authentic London Dry Gin slots for variatioa and punch. Shrimp. Live Crabs -? ?? : r m >s Jr rrrcia
Only three returnees are .., 'fir rLJ r..S
I quality.Enjoy Gin!the subtle dryness and delicate flavor of i sure of jobs. They are the Fishing. Tackle Any Nht'B: o-;:10:00 SOc Per- Person. .
Gordon O
tri-captains, Eddie Robinson,
E There's no. like GoR DOlt Athens; Milton ostic, At- 8019 MAIN STREET PHONE ELGIN 4-9670, MON. THRU TOURS75c

-- hens; and Robert Bowens, I 4 FRI. SAT. and HOLIDAYS Sl.OO VA

i l ta% .iiwl 11WlI tflg.tl'S II t.td tA lils6tI. Columbus; Halfback, End, ._ JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA "" ". : : ,.
and.Center, respectively.
: "'" ,,,",,'cc ,- ..
> > .
"t,tj.''",.''.'"'i,',.'-.' -. : / : :: '. ; -
; ?: ..-- .. .
j/ +-
---,.: -;:: .
.... -
:: -<: h i;;: -
.. -


.- ..

I 'T:1: : .. -.,. ... <' -. i : I

< .
; -"- : i'H; : '
-: : .. .f : .

.... "' .do. .r _.".,' {'-U: -<' ':"x'.-.....- ..,"?-:;.>"''. -.4 >' ,. '-'.' .,"-':''- ',-. <.';, .\: ., THE FLORIDA STAB Week Ending Saturday. August 22. 1959

'. -. .: .
: {'> : '" "> NOTICE -
; *
.. .
.'. -r.- '"". .'. Nice furnished room for singles *

"': HE'S FORSEGREGATION Notice Is hereby given that or couple. Apply '1242 *
: { SAYS the Post Office Clerk Exa-
: _
\ : : _.:.; W. Duval Sttfei. *
/t. .... minuiion: is restricted to female -
I J' applicants. For futher *

I i'i .. Information contact the office *
of examinations. Room FOR RENT %

Mayor Haydqn Burns has No. 323. Main Posi Office Two unfurnished rooms for
been quoted by"united Press Building. rent with all modern con- *

International as saying he is viences. Use of kitchen hot *

natural I t. gas an "avowed practicing segre- and cold water. Call even- *

;, gationisi.,-' ings after 4 p. m. EL 59398. *
Burns who Is considered ROOM OR APT. WANTED

w almost a >sure bet for the Furnished A p t. Bedroomand *

.. I 1960 gubernatorial race re- kitchenette or room in A

portedly made the statement private h 0 m e. Phone EL BARBER WANTED
in Miami last week when he 61286. Apply Artistic Barber Shop. ? !/ e

CLOTHES DRYERS spoke on a public service 619 West Ashley Street. EL / I

.. program on a Dade television 49231.

The Jacksonville mayor If "Bladder Wetkaesi" (Getting
fourth term In Up or B d Wetting, too frequent. !a"
who. In trurnlcf or Itching urination) or
office owes his election to a Strong Bmelllai.cloud, Urine..du. to
common'Kidney and Bladder Irritation
heavy Negro vole. try OTgI t1[for Quick-help. 10 aM IS YOUR DRINKING A tip ol the Pepsi Xfc.
Drove Mfety for young and old. Ask druggist
Getting To Be A Problem?
Mayor Burns who has been lorXJU&J'U.under money-back gutr- to these otxtatandlBC
ahtee. Bee how fert you tmprov I Call EL 44176ATTENTION
for his wlHmake
drumming up support young American
r entry In tho governors race our country' si
Wash clothes. dry them fluffy dry w also criticized Gov. LeRoy oar community a better

rainy days, after supper. any time! ... Collins saying, "the Collins place ln>whlcli to lit*
administration has been a big
It takes only one washday to make an automatic disappointment to the big ** *

natural gas clothes dryer the nearest and dearest thing cities in Florida," and charged r 11JIf"-
to a woman's heart. It outshines, outsmarts and "h e has not lived up to Due to the tremendous public acceptance of the newDodor's ',,'. *
Office at 1245 West Beaver Street and the : ;
out-saves every other appliance in her home. his promises. > *
V ate.y:. excellent results which have been achieved In relieving / .
that automatic natural (J $
Statisticians estimate an
headaches backaches and stomach trouble free f"
a q ._. .
dryer can save you 20 complete working days, f j .+ .
gas examination will be given. All children will be treat. : ':,,, *
plus 40 miles of walking and more than ys ed Thursday afternoon.For *
2000 pounds of lifting and lugging in L $ appointment Call EL .,
51885. .' .,'..'v' *
JUDGE :: {
a year's time! Natural gas is faster, ;

kinder to clothes and more economical '? i. .." .'.<.,"..'-;."*'.S.".<.""" '....',' *
than any other method of drying. ; ': ... .. .) *

Its absolutely independent of rain, RACISTS RALLY ,i Why Continue< To Suffer? ; .: *
wind and weather. No wonder { *

so many housewives cheer, WILLIAM MOSELY *
now that natural gas is here! I Chiropractic Can Bring You Relief From New Stanton Senior

High School J
ARTHRITIS ASTHMA Pepsi Cola Dealers and J
I f : --c .. PINE BLUFF, Ark., An F'r' Pepsi Cola Bottling Com"
-- : Arkansas Supreme' Court HEART TROUBLE BACK w any are proud to salute*

Judge kept a. segreggationistrally PAINS LIVER TROUBLE William of the 12th grade
% : alive last Friday night HEADACHES NERVOUS class. He is a member of*
: TT ; I I by advising the demonstrators CONDITION BODY PAINS : the National Society and*
& to find some way not to AND OTHER COMMON AIL- plans to attend the college.

obey a United States Sup MENTS. DONT PUT OFF of his choice. J

reme Court order to admit ANY LONGER. LET US PUT s f ***********
three Negro children to the YOU ON THE ROAD TO GOOD [
rural district school at Dol- 'S J
larway in September.

The Judge, Jim Johnson, Visit Our Modern Clinic *
30 DAY FREE TRIAL!, > > t life
k put into the otherwise did z
See for yourself how automatic :... ,. i unsuccessful meeting whichwas I
Natural Gas Dryers operate for + '" staged to protest the DR. W. F. WEAVER -
one-third the cost of other fuels. KH
Y. order of Federal Judge AxelJ.

Z Peck to admit the Negro GOLDEN RULE CHIROPRACTIC ..
children to the all white .

EL 4-7181 A i %'.. school.. ic
Judge point Johnson declared -: HEALTH CLINIC EL 6-7830 K
f REMINDER 1 IDon't : "I am not going to

i think of natural gas as stand here and tell you what] t MARTHA NEWKIRT
needs to be done, and we 518 Broad Street Between Ashley & Church .M New Stanton Senior
better Way to dry clothes. ?
just a vn. know you will see the heri-1 High School
Use it for all it's worth in tage that needs to be passed I_'N".v-. v..t"I.'Y Tribute is paid to Martha -

7 Big Ways' to make your1life on to your children. I I .' of the 11th grade

easier. .. "The people of Pine Bluff RITZ ..( class. She is a member of
better,happier, ; Both 1st RUN 2 HORROR HITS the National Honor Society
and .
adjoining couties will
stand to be counted." and plans to become*

Amis Guthridge, avid .. a nurse.
leader, was segregationist an-- ...... ..

other speaker at the rally. He )to
'" *
? scornfully described President -
Eisenhower as the "8or- *

riest resident ever to live } p 4IY t *

9g in the white house." ...
". ." .... *
S "" '"
1 : H } *
na Alt
..,..... TONIGHT I c ... *
.. .
s... .-STRAND- *
4'4. I
e :: Ii
.. I
x a 75c All Seats _,. .w A .
P K"
Technicolor I r EASTMAN COLOR
1.114.1- New Stanton Senior
NUDIST CAMP! r High School

Plus "KISS ME BABY"Strand Katalene is a member
of the 11th grade class.
Q "Not Just 4 new way to cook food or heat water.? ,
Sun.'I'I She attends Grant Memorial
nt.r.d but whole new way of life!" I
.. Sun. Tues. AME Church and
:: ,'" : 'U I Skyview ;plans to become a doctor.
\ : Aug. 30 Sept. 1
4 .,. :" k 2
.. w ..!; GIS WAni NUTIIIG-
/If Mf rojrfaff .' ," xs a Ftd. MIa ..u l. ... r.n Ideh .

ir for the ".' ,, '''-.5t.. '' '...._.' MtMMfC.kfOMf,""' tS TARZAN'S rllrtk *
:, i It I I t 1J
; : ;" '- '. .- I
.B'I o' HOMEWl-1: '"' .. .Ji chmgra>aU is from ....
J .- ,
-: IS I I' l tt
I f I
SERVICES ... I Cola to UCM three >tZ..dS
\ J .....::-, l2a Award vrtzman.I .
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