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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200518datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date July 11, 1959dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=005180740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
July 11, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
July 11, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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> /

': :: :, .,-" :"'".;.- .' .. .- .' '., -. ; ":. '- ', ..,_:....- to. '
cl.- -
;i : : _.


ANOTH 1 PUN.l TO, DEATH. ,,tI, ,

--- ., '- ---.... -

Ebony C Counters' : j p

q/4f c '' NYOL:9

New Deal' Injunction ... '<
.__ -. ,- .-.... 0

_, NO. .23 Alld NKWS WV; *!. 1959 _. JACKSONVILLE 9, FLORIDA15 Cents $" 13r' ***

a. ; __ ,; 1 o HDr.
k. 4:. 'i 0
wa H q c '

wow. Ralph BuncheJ, : :J

i i F ?f" X ri Ns Race Bias In New York, 9




i .:.::'>Ii.. Dr. Julia.. Walker Brown
president o f Walker Vocational
'NEW, YORK-United Nations Undersecretary Dr. denied reports AWARDS
i "1" .>,' in the all- College
;' Ralph Bunche" was 'recently denied membership
d '.': i: white West-Side Tennis .Club at Forest 'Hills, Long Island, that the institution had moved -
i Ai r : v although Wimbledon champion Althea Gibson twice won the to the eatside.
L r ,:t >!t: ; women's national singles tennis championship ,there. Dr. Brown said that the Thr. Jacksonville students
_. : :1 The. yearold diplomat, who several years ago refused -
as. of state because of new operatonbeing'conduct! : who hare been selected to
Left-Joseph Israel 68 of 1988 W. 5th Street drowned as a result of the pier collapse appointment
racial segregation Washington, D. C., said he thought the! ed on the premises of the receive 'the weekly Merit
at New Berlin..His disappearance not discovered until much later. Rescue
recovered his was rest of the'nation should know about what he called bigotryn old Boylan-Haven School is Awards sponsored by the
operations body Sunday Morning. Right .In a separate drowning
: Moor YYvrlrsrifv_ ..., .
., Pepsi-Cola Bottling and
&U 'IIJ "" AV4 in: connected with
tragedy. 21-year-old Lee Junior Fulmore dived Into Si. Johns River and failed no w a y.
He said that last April, his l Pepsi-Cola dealers are seen
to come up. His battered body was recovered shortly before noon on Sunday. It Is Walker College.
believed that he was knocked unconscious after striking an ,oyster. bed.. year-old son, Ralph Jr., began and that he should apply at below. They are usually presented
, taking tennis lessons, one of- those. But Bunche A 11 lnveilgaflon 0 f announcements on the Inside pages ,of
from' ,the club's. pro; George; said he knew of no such clubs. t h a Walker our publication In a lay-out
NEW CHIROPRACTIC CUNIC NEWDEALSUIT. Agutter. He said Agutter I Burglund told him, Bunche is which bears the Pepsi Cola
College now'operating
. suggested '10 u n g' Bunche i said, UiaLif- .a Negro were un- trade mark. But due to a
should join the: club,.which admitted to the West Side der the name of the Florida miscalculation, we found It
OPENING FOR NEGRO CITIZENS SCANDALOUS" was within walking distance; club several hundred white Vocation College (which Dr.I necessary to move the feature

of the Bunche ':home,',so he members would resign."I .' Brown denied) revealed that forward In order to ac-
could play" whenever hew deliberately revealed thisQPerieJ1ee..oBly eastslde operation' being, comodate all our ,advertisers.
i The Golden Rule Chiropractic ..HealthQJnlc wW"be-'of. SAYSA110RNEYThe : :: z. because; eeftdiaeted by Charles'_H.Har- '_We efel certafau; ,JhtnFepil
,Y- ;fidally-: opened Sunday My'.tg !'afwaeh-tlmerMOp: ;: e #'at 'd. heti e-' Jt-to be' rather -shoekiatflln::, fnrres *' fosmer director ofWalker's cola Bottling Company1 maa-
House t, will be held from 1 to 5 p. m.TVi. Ebony ,Cab'Co. has at phoned WuffedBurglund, New York City and, think, 'during"-Dr. Brown's agemeat which has been extremely
'TX7' T? 1'11 4rai'! ft r wr>.iw/"_t ** last openly retalitated 'into club 9 president,,....and asked citizens of the city and the'country temI-ntJremam.- cooperative in the
ed4 this ;; k..aiht he will the court action recently begun about joining. 1urgla d told are entitled to know It announced that past-understand the reason
I was registration -
open the' new Chiropractic vitation to the Jacksonville ; against the company by i him, Bunche said, .that membership about it." ,Bunche said. : will, begin July 15 for waiting portions of the
clinic at 518 Broad Street. public to .attend the. "Open the New- Deal Cab Company. was by invitation "But .I keep the, story in, for all secretarial and trade feature.
The clinic will be devoted House," session for a con.: C. Ray Greene, attorney for only and ,that both Negroes proper<'Perspec ve. Neither I', courses to veterans and non ,
expressly to the health needsof ducted tour of the clinic and William "B. Langley, operatorof and Jews were: barred. nor my son regard it as a Veterans. Walker Vocational I "
of Ebony Cabs, has asked the Bunche said Burglund told hardship humiliation.Rather !
the Negro population to become .acquainted.: with or a College is located at 1835
court to strike the New him' there tennis clubs it is discredit to the
Jacksonville and.Duval coun- were a
the doctors and the staff. Myrtle Avenue. Phone EL
Deal complaint because "the open exclusively .to Negroes club itself." 52626. -'.
ty.Dr. s complaint .and, several parts
Weaver stated "Thereis
a great need for a clinic are redundant and contain and scandalous impertinent TRAGEDY CLAIMS TWO IMS j-W

of this kind to meet the matter.He ." _

needs this area.of "the sick people of also moved for the en- AT NEW BERLIN BEACHFRONT SECOND MASS RAPE.

The Golden Rule Health tire injunction, filed June 22, ,REPORTED IN N. Y.

clinic will be devoted to the :n. to be stricken. By CHUCK PAYNE
treatment of nervous condi- The original suit was filed SYLVESTER PORTER

tions and organic distur- by ing the Judge New A Deal.. 'D.Cab McNeill Co. ask-to ,NEW BERLIN The Fifth Annual Fourth of July HEMPSTEAD, N. Y..- A New Stanton Senior
bances, such as stomach Water Show held -at New Berlin last Saturday was 27-year-old woman 'was the High School
trouble, heart trouble, liver ing enjoin the Langley,Cab from Co.operat-within haunted by two unrelated but, nonetheless tragic incidents victim of a mass rape early Pepsi Cola Dealers and
trouble and other ailments. Jacksonville"Ebony which claimed the lives of two men and left at least 14 people last Sunday morning in a Pepsi Cola Bottling Com*
'' In: addition, treatment will to 's city limits, shaken mried,, but fortunately. alive.The ..* .' wooded section of a LongIsland pany are proud to salute
be given to persons suffering except dischargepassengers first incident occurred: I State Park Sylvester of the 12-10
from,common pains, such as 'limits picked "up outside the around 4:30 just as the now' ately after braved the dangerous .. R ,I grade <<:1.... He Is a mem-
headaches, 'backaches and city !; famous channel swim was channel swim for the The woman told authoritiesthat ber of the Football Team.
That suit cited sections of
pains of the body. DR. W. F. WEAVER the code which about to get underway Spectators entertainment of the specta. seven youths, posing as Homeroom president and -
Dr. Weaver. and his associates city require. had .crowded ontoChristopher's tors.. police officers ordered her out plans to become a coach.:

have extended an in- that no be permits issued for by new the city operations 'Pier to watch It was hours later that 68- of a parked car with'in which'she her ***********
the event. Suddenly and without was sitting boy- _
council until firms year-old Joseph Israel <
existing was reported
friend. After her
the sooth ordering
warning end of v
WRONG..MAN.DIES .w. 'tf :
TAG have been given chance to missing by relatives. companion to leave, they drug "".w N .
the collapsed, plunginga .
SAVANNAH, GA.-A 17- CASH REGISTER RIFLEDAS provide whatever 'additional, pier He had been on the,pier whenit ... N
her screaming into the woods Cl' .
< ,
screaming ,;
mass spectators
year-old white girl surrendered MAN WATCHES GAME service may be found by the into the tricky watersof collapsed, and became the and attacked her at least sev- ,;,7j'2..'. ..
voluntarily to police last Henry Roberts, of 1113 W. council to. be a "public con- Johns only fatality of the incident.His en times-before they fled.
after told he lost *he t>t River. The
shoot- 5th.Street police
Saturday fatally venienceand necessity. body was recovered short- I
ins Wile Ross, a Negro,when $31 from the cash register at According to 'the suit, water churned,.and as strugglingmen ly before noon. last Sunday I She described her attackersas
she mistook him for her former his place of business last Langley had failed to comply women, for children morning.The I teenagersseeming between :
boy friend who she claimed Tuesday when he went across with the taw and, seek City clutched frantically anything second tragedy ocCur- the ages of 17 to 19 .
had given her a severe beat- the street to watch the All Council permission to operatein solid. The panicin their ring about 5:30 in the after- years old.Police '
cries're-echoed itself in the
ing. Star game. > the city. Instead on April noon, about one hour after
crowd. searching for the Slanloa Senior
are New
the first claimed the life of
29, 1958, Langley applied to .
the Florida Railroad and Public Luckily, a number of speedboats 21-year-old Lee Junior_Ful- youths, six Negro and one High School
2 1st RunHorror RITZ Sun.- -Utilities Commission for a- were in the water.preparing more, a native of Georgia white..The victim: is a Negro. Tribute Is paid to Mary

Hits Wed. permit to operate on the highways for the much anticipated who was visiting with relatives of the 10-5 grade class.
; to suit declared. boat race. The boats here.Fulmore. She Is an honor student
converged on the scene.'Stunned climaxed a day of and plans to become a

WOMAN :IS BURNEDIN water-logged victims .of' fishing by diving into the, St. Nurse.
FACE BY POTASH the pier collapse-were Hauled Johns. river: for a swim. He CARD OF THANKS if<'k
Potash was'thrown in the aboard.; Swimmers unhesi- failed to come to the sUrfaCe.An r -
face of' '88- ar-old woman tantly hit the water, went be- alarm was circulate They ,of the. late
'last-Sunday when she was neath its surface to bring up'others' bringing white and colored Wn.-Aaale B.
,called to the door by another trapped: beneath.' The, boat owners with their boats method express oar
t whole thing'lasted'but a few'minu and to the
0M woman.tie drag for sincere thanks andiEppr.-
; s Jessie Johnson, of body Three members the daiioa to the,magi friends
1227 Franklin Street:, told It was soon reported that Jacksonville Jetty Jumpers, neighbor*, pallor iffid 'rlritiag -
s police she:waS 'walking down all was 'welLi Friends and a skin divers club, volunteered sOBtotefs for ,their
Van Buren Street between relatives were.together again,: their services spending many,*ds of'kladasslo
h: pf'TIW 10 and 10:15' aon. when she shaken but gratefully:.alive. '. hours. in the water in ak-futile skew* ..nsthere.-
'was called, by Miss Laura Survivors ;had to_credit. search for'' Folmere.It cestf Utoees sad icy. ofoMe BUDDIE DAILEY
1I1Ni'1 Rogers 38 of 1085 Van their rescue: not.-only to the is believed that bore .wife.and motker.o. May "Rudine. Is a member of
cIREMTR' Buren Street.She claims Kiss baot operators:!!w h 0 rushed came, in violent, ccstact witk God's 'rkfce WU. gsreri the 11th grade class. She
Rogers, said "Come here 'a to their aid.but:to theJwoleaction an oyster bed' after he dove post each of* Is' a member of Seeesd
A o.i usa i t M.w11r1RRfdQ1 wA minute'Jessie,"and;when she of :the;youag,'swimmem into tlwfriw... The yos.faailT' Baptist C uch.' Some of

Also 'Teenager From Cater Space I got teethe' door the accused who scored.from' ,His ,Mired body 'wwtata Mr. Fnak 'Hooks her hops are tewbftf-
.- threw potash through' the river bottom .before' ,fey ."PM*fee river MIIe'1T Mr 1M )In. W........ ,and ceeJdag. She plans to
-, .'. screen door.*: .,' drowned, n d \ frnmrffl_ hews, # .. bac m. 'a Medical Doctor..
'" '

-" Ids,1ia -. .- .. ,..., '.. -
,' ,.. _- : t' ;
: .
'f"-o: -.- '
.- -, .- r.} 4 ,. : : Of .
JL: :';;' .; ,.: .. '- i : if < : :: : \ i :. ,-'sN'".'-.-:;':fI !: >: '

,, .. .
,- .! F r :".. ;-

;J _

I .' .. ".:11. '"

; .
\ '




Page Two THE FLORIDA STAR Week Ending Saturday, July 11, 1959
.. .......

'_ 'HE 'FLORIDAfSTA'" -.< t ---k'-'r": --:.-: .- ;" ."Politics As Usual"By

tq: NEWS

\ Democrats representing every section of the ,country
WHY DON T will participate in a Party Relations Conference In Washington
:; : Publish by Th Florida SiR Publishing l Co. YOUCLEANUP! -- "" D. c.. July 10-11 it was announced today by .National -
;, "Member of Associated, Negro Frew' THATFUTH Chairman Paul M. Butler.
William L. Dawson --
''''Erie O. Simpson .Alp A Rep. ,
_. ;..., Parham Johnson '___--H....IIdI. YARD ? tD. Ill), a' vice Chairman of bers equal rights, still keep
:? Hilda WooUn r Circulation Dcpt the 'Democratic National Negroes from holding many
Committee, will address the
... : jobs.This
opening session of-the con- charge is made a-
MAIN OFFICE fc: PLANT: ference.,jat which Mr. Butler gainst labor in a new book
?'*t$23,Moncrirf Road __ EL "782 EL 4.1713Jowntovn -will preside:'The group will "Labor, U. S. A." by Lester
Branch OffIce 423' Drosd-'St. -?lane EL 4$73 also ,hear introductory remarks -Velie, just published byHarper -

from Vice Chairman & Brothers."In .
Katie Louchheim, Mrs. Vel
:.,c .< 'Mailing, &tftII. I -.I :1 Phillips,National Committeewoman the Negro's long, steep
,I-" _. P. O. Box 561/JackiormUa l.rFlorida .. t from Wisconsin, and climb toward an equal chanceat
,/,11tJ. :.:. 4 9 Arthur Chapin, Assistant to a job, few American in-
1I the Deputy Chairman for stitutions have frustrated him
i iI. Political Organization.; more cruelly than the unions"says
-:-,: -- On Year SXOj: Hall Y. r. 13.00: Three Months $1.M Panel discus- Velie in his book. "As

... Mailad To You, Anywhere In The Unil.l SiaiM.tnburipiien .. ..L LLi : ': sions will 'occupy recently as 1944, twenty-two
I .. / national unions barred
Order To a consi-
P ab1. in Adranc. Swd.Ch I ot-Money ,
511-JACKSOHVB.LK 1. FLOWDA 1 .. derable portion groes from membership, and
ILORIDAACELEBRATIONOFFREEDOM STAB-P. O. BOX of the from jobs in great industries.All .

wo-d: a y ses- but three of these have
sion in the now dropped the bars offi-
Sheraton Park cially. But great areas of job
__ u1F ti'- .(Hotel and will opportunity and training are '

\-J -. be ,chaired by still closed to Negroes by
Charles union 'practices."
w Rep.
r Many unions that do accept
,C. Diggs, Jr., -
(eM i c h.) and Negro members relegate
[Robert N. C. them to a second-class

"" SIMPSON Nix (P en n.). union citizenship, declares
past fourth'of July holiday was in no way unique. These panels will emphasizemeans Velie. He believes that these
As always, it was a day of relaxation and pleasure for of strengthening Par- unions give the Negro no
most American families. Church groups :sponsored. outings lovers, WE'PRACTICED/ WHAT WE PREACHED. OURLEADERSHIP WOULD ty organization and improving voice over his pay or work-
neighbors got together to enjoy backyard- barbecues, BE ACCEPTED communications within ing conditions. .
picnicked in the woods or 'visited the beach. The weather I the Party. He tsates that some un-
'was generously beautiful. .. Participants' in the confe- ions conspire with employersor
of rest rence will include Sen. Earle turn their backs as the
Of course, the fourth of July is more than a day
the 'traditional 'celebration C. Clements, Executive Di- employer pays Negroes less
It is, fundamentally,
and fun-seeking. '_ for
of the creation of The Declaration of, Independence h- Your Weekly rector of the Senatorial Cam from equal work or bars him
borrowed-from paign Committee and Ken- training and promotions
which is perhaps the most widely 3
document in the known world, just as_democracy is the neth Harding, Staff Director open to white workers.
most imitated political philosophy in existence. Horoscope Guide oft he COhgressional Cam- Although "Jim Crow" is
at work
paign Committee, who will some unions, Ve-
As,such, it should be a source of great.pride to all Ame- By PABLO The ASTROLOGERWHICH report 0 n "Gearing U p for lie believes that labor, never-
ricans to realize that in the 183 years since 'the Declaration the 1960 Campaign." theless, leads the fight for
of Independence was authored and 'formally accepted asthe ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS 'FOR Another panel discussion race relations. In "Labor, U.
voice of a people who could no longer tolerate'tyranny concerning trends in voting S. A." he writes that the

..:and oppression, this nation has 'risen, ,to .an indisputable BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL behavior is scheduled with men who lead the AFL-CIO
position of prominence and leadership in the world. Dr. Robert Martin. Professoro recognize that racial bias

The example set on July 4, ;1776, when the Continental Political Science a t Howard and menaces have the unions' future,
Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence, has ARIES I 113th as the most propitious .SCORPIO University, and OliverA. believes so outlawed it.He
C since inspired countless peoples, blinded and shackled; in Born March 21 thru: April 19 period for discussions: propos -. Born Oct. 24 'thru Xo,. 22 Quayle,3rd, of Louis Harris that this is the be-.
.. .-dungeons of oppression, to ''seek freedom..They have 'inter You certainly can excel a 1 s and decisions. Since There are many excellent Associates. ,.Inc.. ginning equal a good fight for t
preted this immortal document ,as the' ultimate definition during this quarter when there is still the element of indicatons this quarter, but In the
of freedom with order,' which all";rational men cherish.It you are, driven by the urgeto the unpredic le regarding they point mianly to the fu Labor unions which are cord" in his chapter book"Black Re-
and financial matters continue supposed to give all Velie tells
be a dominant figure mem-
would have' been wise,therefore, .for Negro AmericanS! the ensuing rewards. to be watchful, prudent and ture. You can take advan- the story of A. Philip Randolph _
to have 'taken pause in their festivities ,last,,weekend ,and Even if the 11th-12th fallen I II restrained on the 11th. tage of the time or leisure at over the moat rebellious president of the Brotherhood
the. afforded them .and,.all the your disposal to bolster your souls 0 f
ponder dignity men through the weekend, opportunitymay 4 4Q_6i(=2-72-446 are quite promising on Sleeping Car
Declaration of Independence. history of this nation it be riding high. Take social, official and emotional the 11th12th.Let the winds Porters, who has fought a
is true, records the centuries of indignities suffered by II stock of- personal a swell relationships. You can bene- blow where and when they victorious battle for Negro
black Americans. It records their seemingly fruitless strug- extraneous your circum- LEO fit from the affection friends will and remain under the rights. -It was because 0 f
gle to raise themselves from the pit of'lowliness into which stances as then in existence and Born July 23 thru August 23 have for you and can reciprocate .shelter:of your previous fore! Randolph and his union says
they were flung when enslaved. But' history must also 'record see if can turn them to This is by far the best quar- by passing on good !sight and precautionary mea! Velie, that the Negroes
the inspiring fact that black:Americanshave succeeded you advantage. You will ter for merchandising, services -advice and valuable infor- sures. : achieved more gains in the
in lifting themselves up to,stand shoulder to shoulder your have additional openings on achievements and pro- maton 11th thru 13th. Careful !2-70331863273: last seventeen years than in 1
with other free men of the world. the 13th thru 15th to'conso-fits. Just avoid being misled preparation and well-for- all the years since the Civil
mulated plans should set the War.
It-is because of this that the 'Declaration lidate position, acquire by competitors or osme unusual 'PISCES
of your
should have incre Independence valuable holdings, obtain, a events which will be stage for a resounding 'success Born Feb. 19 thru March 20 "Labor, U. S. A.u tells the
an singSIgn1ticanCe to
Negro the benefits f which
the hlghlghts on the 11th. 0 The prospect of a pomotionmay complete story of labor-how
services -
Unique in its thoroughness of this promotion or gain
expression, spread far into the future :
may unions became
The three days from the 11th be dangled before what they
document craftsmenor you
authored by Thomas Jefferson focuses attentionon of uperlor ;
the natural ingredients of freedom:' personnel thru 13th' give you plenty of ((15th). !I on the 11th, but allow for a are today, their men and
leeway for investigation study 6--30111539637SAGITTARIUS; Ijttle over a month before their Practices. It discusses
.. We hold these truths to be 'self-evident, that, all S--20L-.4419-64 -
men are created equal, that they 'are endowed by their 'and. promotional activi- you can expect to get a real- the 17,500,000 men and wo-
Creator with certain unallenable'Rights, !that :among these TAURUS ties. The efforts you have exerted ly firm grasp on it. Personal men inside the unions. Theauthor's
are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Born April 20 thru May 20 should bring rewards, Burn Nor. 23 -Ihru: 'Dee. 21 as well as financial alliances interest in unions
.These words to all perhaps not in the anticipated the that are pledged or sealed on began with curiosity about
belong men, and to all nations and to Even if, and perhaps be- Although complete answer -
all 'times for form, but real and the llth thru 13th are as f about the misuse of workers'
they give voice to the human spiritwhich cause, things turn out quite very to your doubts an d
no amount of substantial nevertheless. they were made in heaven medical and pension ,dollars.
tyranny or bigotry or hate can Crush. differently than you plannedyou problems is not ready you For the
seem to be assured of 890331&.69.293 can get an inkling as to whatit and they should endure'for past 'five years he
an important placce in the .-. may be: Since somethingof as long as it is necessary.x20.551792.525 has in been"working the and writ-
ing field of
years ahead. An unlooked- great importance to your
!{. for event at home or in your VIRGO prestige and finances should p.Aq
Do's And Don'ts.THE professional circles may open Born Aug. 24 thru Sept. 23 develop from- the 11th thru '

,.- .the>door wide to 'the Tau The devotion of those dear 113th, mingle freely'with the 1:
reans who,qualify on the 11 to you can be put to the test people who are in a 'position;
-- --- I, # A_ I7r thru 13th. You should beginto as they will come out with to give 'you,the necessary: .
see the: product of your flingcolors when you call on boost, 'offer or 'recommenda-j
artistic, domestic juid gain- them. The unforeseen tribU- tion. Concrete results should I
Lws ful endeavors and, perhaps lations to which you maybe come in a roundabout 'way I '
d find someone to'share it withy subjected: will bring out all if you have succeeded in being n
u if you are free of previous the best that is in you, particularly patient and 'willing to c .
ties ((15th). I I from the llth, thru accept terms that could fall
3-60-99_17 72LJ369 15th be applied to your" jobr short of your expectatons.L5077..1&.27..157' .
1t -_ career, but it does not '
a 'GEMINI seem ripe enough to take a I _.

Born May 21 thru June 19 chance 0 nit. Besides, you CAPRICORN
There are indications that will have to leave the'initiative Born Dec. 22 lira Jan. '19 f

4i.. : L a'' brilliant idea and opportunity to time and c1rcwri- This should be' the most
J are in the making on stances and this means some satisfactory period of ,the
the 11th, but give' them time time next ''month when Mer-, month when you will be rewarded -
to'germinate and crystallize. cury will revert to its forward for standing firm 'to
: L : r Conditions seem just ripe motion once' again your principles, friends and -z'i
for the acquisition of money, 9.705514:975LIBRA: ) associates. Romance, agree'*
property, new allies and other ments and aspirations are '
benefits which you have strongly accented from the .(
Zta earned ,yourself thru sound Born Sept. 24 ''thru Oct.. 23 nth thru 13th 'and you may

fiscal and .security policies.As .I I| Favorable monetary developments well make hte arrangementsthat
the saying goes-when it are on the way; will work to perfection
rains, it pours. The 14-15 are however 'this: does not give when the proper .moment

among the best, days for the you license" to step up your comes. Accept the friendly 1
promoton of merchandise. outlays beyond reasonable hand that could pull you' up :

L'F 9.-in_.L>__m-87_215 limits. You may like to believe during the long climb to suCf KEN'KNIGHTInvite '
.- that the tree will bear cess and high honors J1

CANCER fruit without interruption, 9804L.1L42.987AGUAIUUS

: Bora Joa 20 lira July 22 but thefacts belie the wish.A -- *Yea To"Listen To u
: Cancerians who have been friendship that may be ripening a p; -.
footloose' could render them: shoUld' be:given a lit. Bore Jaa. 241 lira 'Ptb. 1$ 'lmlTTRAIN"'Startie'At
selves, a great service by tie more !time to'mature 'ifTOU You have everything to
r j joining forces with mature .=are:!'still somewhat unsure gan 'and nothing to lose by
and steadfast persons who: of jyourselt,'The.lJth- removing yourself 'and those -; 7:00 P>M. Nfehtlj .

can act as hteir alter, egos. '13th are J splendid days'from dear to you from the noise
t : BAG WILL REST..JUST AS WELL Should circumiUnces coincide t h e rpers0nali a n CnaseJal and turbulence of your cus 1490 fRHC 1400

'. :- ON',THE FLOOR -'with your' views or InteaHon -point of view. tomary furrouBdiBgs. Your :: 3 3a 3a
<'- --. ",'chooee the llth thru,7.dO:: f ,.; 1.7 11 chances of prevattteff, -_ < --
': ..
.- -: :






Week Ending,Saturday,;July:\L IBM. THE FLORIDA"STAB Page Thre.
-- -- --- -

Wedding Bells: ABOUT: EEQPLE ...; s ..

Applications Licenses for -M. rrlie The Rev and Mrs. Eddie r

Taylor of 673 W. 16th Streetare
vistingrelatives in Cleve-
Martin 800 W.Beaver By
Hezgih -
land Ohio, and New York
St., age 42 and Bernice LOUISE G.. GUINYARD
City. Mrs. Taylor's mother
800 Beaver St.
Sawyer, W. and granddaughter, Linda

age 23.Chas.. Joyce, accompanied them on
Sutton, 1830 W. 27th the trip.. If we seem a bit red In the face this week it is becauseof
St. age 20 and Leola E. Bennett .* a slight mix-up in last week's report of two June brides.; ;

606 Court G, Blodgett t we erroneously ran the photo of Mrs Virgil P. Rogers, nee !
Homes, age 17. Mrs. Annie.M.. Short, an Ram Miss Victoria James, as,host of Mrs. Clarence Von Bostick t
Theo. Brown, 618 Bridier instructor in the public school (the, former Miss Charlotte Anette Brown). As both cere-

St., age 21 and Mary Arti- system here, is a patient in monies were performed June 13, the photographer and I be-
mus. 735 Lafayette St., age the Community Hospital,Bat came slightly confused:over prints etc. However. we offer-
18. tle Creek, Mich, Miss Short humble apologies to both Mrs. BostIck and Mrs. Rogers

Benny M. Jones,. 1151 W. resides at 268 N. Wood St. whose pictures appear elsewhere In. this column

27th St., age 22 and Ruth e The wedding ceremony uniting

Wells, 1051 W. 26th St.. age F Miss\ Charlotte Brown of
21. Mrs. Allean Bradley of Fer- o 1144 Evergreen Avenue and

Daniel A.MIxon, 1516 W. nandina Beach, and aunt of Clarence Von Bostick was held

34th St., age 33 and Lois Mrs. Lottie Rose of Jefferson in Mt\ Zion AJLE.. Church,

Westbrook. 1516 W. 34th Sage .. Plaza Apartments, is ill in June 13, 1959, with the Rev. ,
28.Elliott. the Brewster Hospital W. F. Foster officiating.Miss =

Johnson, 2012 Mt Friends have been asked to ,Gertrude :Millnor of ,

Herman St. age 34 and Margaret visit her.' Greensboro, Nor t Carolina. '>

White, 1647 Davis St., M i i was maid of honor, while : .d "' "
age 26.Kelsey. Misses Ann Foster, Padrica _"
Gillard, 1474 W.6 JohnnieCrawford is recu- Mendez, Catherine Oree, and
St., age 30 and Marv McClen- perating at his home at 1137 Marvyne Betsch served as w -

don. 1474 W. 6th St., age 28. W. 12th Street, following r bridesmaids. Milton Davis of

Henry B. Green, Jr., 1525 surgery in a local hospitaL z Chicago, Illinois was best man,

McCalla Ave., Knoxville, T while Raiford Brown, Jr., William ,
Tenn. "Billy Moore\ Robert
age 21 and Delores Mr. and Mrs. Dave Kenna
Alderman, P. O. Box 825, St. dy of 1486 West 25th Street Douglas and Charles Coving-:
:Mary's, Ga., 21. FASHION DESIGNERS CITED-In: obaenance ton'served as ushers. ,
age left the city Monday.to visit of their tenth anniversary, mem.
Tommy Lawrence, Jr., 1554 Sgt. and Mrs. James L Riley. berg of the National Association. of: Fashtoa and Accessory Designers, I n c.., staged. MRS. C. V. BOSTICK,
Frances Ave., Atlantic Beach an Awards Presentation and Fashion Show at N.
They will also visit in Ger- e w York's Waldorf Astoria Hotel
Fla., 23 and recently as a part of heir annual 4 The former Miss; Victoria
age Doris Knight dine' Maine and New York convention.; P hot os above show some of the
1611 Frances Ave., Atlantic City. award redplenis., Top. NAFAD"president.Mrs., Lois K.Alexander., second from James of Jacksonville became
: right
members of
Beach, Fla., age 26. the Second New York,..accept*, placqueadonated by the Coca-Cola. Company' Atlanta. from Otis the; bride vf Virgil P. Pagers of
Odell Carter, Jr., 2601 Baptist Church. N. .,account'usoc:1ale.for': Coca-Cola., The. Moss ,H. Kendrix Organixa-, Miami Fbridn, in Bel!.,1 Bap-
Jammes Road, age 32 and I lion Washington public ,relafioas.firnu.Othersfrom left are : .;. ist Church June 13, 1959. in '

Charlotte A. W h i n g. 2208 Mr. and Mrs. D a v e Kennedy dent of the host Manhett "chapter;,of NAFAD;, Mrs. D e G o ra HarrisfLongTWand i y: -:- .n impressive ceremony per-

Edgewood Ave., age 25. and daughter .of 1486 chapter President. and convention",cc-chairman;- and Miss Linda Page.,,.extreme right.. formed by the Rev. Robert 'Viit. -
W. 25th St., left the, city convention ,pub*tY' chaIrman.: In boiionvphoto., from left:Mrs., Jeaneiia W.. Brownt t. :on. Miss Evelyn ,Willis of At-

Monday for Gordine, Maine NAFAD founder:presents pla *Ha:*>:'three ?**..Presidents; Mrs. B. Clare Overton., > anta, Georgia was maid of
LE LA LET CLUB and New York City, where Philadelphia Mrs., Freddys. S., Henderson Atlanta., and Mrs Julia Grimes Detroit. $ > lonor and Mrs. Evelyn Cob-'
they wlil visit Mrs. Kenne Looking on,Is Walter Beamam '.' .-4 >ins, .:Miss Bettye Robinson
CONDUCTS MEETING dy's brother and sister-in-law +:$;' : Irs. Mary Alice Moore and;

Sgt and Mrs. James L Riley. OFF TO :CHICAGO: .AAi.>. Irs. Frankie Ruth Handy were
CONNOISSEURS 1\\ ridesmaids. Alford Barr of
Mr: and Mrs. Kennedy > ,. .,
are :r:
The regular session of the members of Second HOLDSMEETING f CONDUCT MEETA :fro, v 'r: :''liami served as best man and
Le La Let Club was held recently Church. Mrs. Baptist < ;. )hristopher:; Brewington, Geo.
is the
with Thomas Reliford Kennedy ';4Iandy, John H. James and Attorney -
former Miss
Verna L. In meeting was conducted "
and Joseph Strain presiding. I ; Earl Johnson were
Plans were enacted for the gram. 5'w The Owens Illinois Ladies recently by the Connoisseurs :'ushers.
will meet home
Cosmetology at' the home
annual outing. Mrs. Harriett Dorsey and of Mrs. Ernestine Murphy. of Mrs C., Jones.for'the purpose MRS.! V.. ROGERS
Members of the outing Mrs. Martha Roberts returned 1597 W. 19th St., July 11 at of electing officers for
committeee are: Miss Glo I ed to the city recently after k:;ry '7 p. m. The president Mrs. the ensuing year. The. type vacation that one often dreams about but

Reliford, Linda Malpress, vacationing in Miami as Ruby Fields is asking_ that seldom can afford was taken recently by William "Bill"
Theophane Beiton, Barbara house guests of. Mr. and Mrs. : all members ,be present and Officers elected were: Mrff Broadway, prominent citizen who, among other 'noteworthy
Williams, Joyce Quick, Rosetta Archie Offord; former resi- on time. Business of vital Wilner Dorrell, president; affiliations,I holds membership in the Ambassadors Club.

Johnson, DorothyGreen dents of this city. While importance will b e discussed Irs.Thomasi Dorrell,.vice \ Mr., Broadway's vacation began in Pensacola, Florida,
Betty Davis, PaulettaOwens there, they were entertained. : -- president;, Mrs. :Marvyn Jen- where he spent two weeks on the Gulf of Mexico on a fishing -,
John Wilson, Betty with a party. i* kin s, recording secretary** .expedition,.and although he stated that he did not have ,
Richardson Ronald Galvin, The' Bible Verses will be- Miss! Doris Wade, final fal any luck with the fish, we were able 'to determine that he

Paul Owens, James Rapley,' Mrs. Eva ,Tippins. wife of gan with the letter E. Mrs. secretary; Mrs.' Elizabeth had whales of fun otherwise.On .
Earl Outlaw, Miriam ,Johnson James Tippins of 2936 Mon- Nadine Shipman reporter. Bailey, corresponding secretary leaving the Pensacola area he headed for Washing

Sylvia Lawrence, Sandra crief Road., is visiting their ; 14irs.Corine oJnes,trea- ton D. C., from there to.Philadelphia. Pa., New York City
Jones, Edith daughter. Miss Louise Tip- surer; Mrs. Lucile Hightower and then to upstate New York where he was royally entertained
Quick, Myrna Wilson, pins, who is attending col chaplain; Mrs. Caressa Mar- (in North White Plains) by Mr. and Mrs. John
leen Crockett, George /Wells, lege in Los Angeles, Calif ROYALTY S &S CLUB tin, .reporter; Mrs. Lula Bush, former Jaxons. "Bill" then returned to New York
Beverly Taylor,' PatriBrownVernerciaPaul s' VACATIONING- Manuel PLANS OUTINGThe Courtney, assistant financial City,' leaving there for points in Connecticut, a visit to

Yvonne Mrs. Daisy Dexter is ill in Rivera well-known, businessman I secretary; Mrs. Salome Me Wooster, Massachussetts, and a return trip took him, of..
Hicks, Willie Fleming, the Duval Medical Center. and civic worker of Kin n y, assistant recording course, to none other than South Carolina where he visited '

Catherine Pittman, ShirleyMadison She is a member of First this city left this week for secretary; Mrs.. T., Dorrell, :relatives! and friends in Charleston and Georgetown. His
Royalty Social
Gwendolyn Scrug- Corinth Baptist Church, serving Chicago where he will spend, Savings Club will parliamentarian; M r 8. Lula report; on this part of" his vacation can well be described as:'
gns, Ernest Wilson and Linda ] on District 7. his summer vacation. During their annual sponsor Courtney, business manager; ,"out of. this world, and we know from experience that.
Sargeant. S hU stay ,In theWindycityy outing to American Mrs. S. -McKinney, program South Carolinians are the most generous hosts found any
Beach no Julv16. The where and really know how to spread the welcome mat.
: he will
undergo checkup committee chairman Mrs.
a -
bus will stop at Kings Road ; Mr.. Broadway can now be found at his homeon American
by medical specialists. Maggie White sick
For Breakfast Lunch After the Mori Snack v committee -
and ,Davis Street at 9 Beach
where is
a. is '
Mr. Rivera left the city In m., chairman. resting up. from his tremendous va- .
1651 W. 21st. Street at 9:30: a. cation.
-c Fried Chicken a party with Mr. and Mrs. m. Guest Mrs. R i S ;
Charles Simmons, well- present were .
r Bessie Harris and Mrs. Sophia Speaking of globerotting, we have just learned that
Oysters Cod known Jaxons who will be Tickets can be purchased
-. ShrimpHam be. entertained by. relativesand at. 1651 W. 21st Street and. Stark.CHURCH. Mesdames Susie Chambers, Edna Leapheart and Lucile:
i Bacon Sausage I friends of the Simonses. at 911 W. Church Street. Shropshire. on a European tour that will take them
*. EggsHot Cabs through ten major points, among these Scotland, Paris, and
I London.
Coffee Milk
French .Fr. Potatoes
: PRETTY DRESS TEA Miss Karen Alberry of New York City I .1 .
ROOSEVELT GRILL MUSIC STUDENTS was the inspiration for a lovely party for the

Ashley and Madison ANNIVERSARY SET BY SLATE.RECITAL The Board of Religious younger set sponsored by:Mr.and Mrs.Naham

THE WHITE ROSE CLUB Education of Central CME McClellan of 1664 West Sixteenth Street. Miss

Sunday from 4 to 6 p. u}. The musis .students of Pro Church will Alberry is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. CyrilAlberry
at 'the Recreation Center. 3rd fessor A. N., Greene will be sponsor a "Pret former residents of this city; the! .t
and Mt. Herman St, The presented in a piano recital, ty Dress" tea July 12 at the granddaughter of Mrs. Edith Alberry of 2845 _

DRAIi .-. to DAZZLING! White Rose Social Club will July..20 in the auditorium of home of Mr.and Mrs.'Charles JupiterAvenue: this city; and the niece of Mr.I ,
observe anniversary... Mt Sinai Baptist Church in D. Brooks 1539 :Madsion St. I and Mrs. Thurston Muse also of 2845 Jupiter] "

The group with the-largest the behalf of District No.10. A musical program will be:. Avenue. _. .. ./,;/.v;
attendance 'will' receive a Mrs. Bessie Grant, the presented and invitation: MISS KTALBERRY
prize. A program will be head I of the event, has ex have been extended to aU Attending the party held in Karen's honor were: Misses

presented featuring some of tended invitations to the pub church clubs and others of :Marvine Tolbert, Rose :Marie Tolbert, Penelope Tolbert, Har
the city's most outstanding, lic to attend the occasion. the city to attend. net Witsell, Gwendolyn Scriggins, Jon'Stall Wilson, Billye
talents. Prizes will be awarded to Reddick, Deloris Daniels, Brenda Johnson, Myrna Wilson,
,* *' the lady wearing the pret Sandra Wilson, Colette Simpson, Annette Harper, Harriet.
CATTLEYA'MOSANA tiest dress. Norman, :Mamie Perry and Quitman Reddick, James Reynolds --

HOLDS ANNIVERSARY MRS. E. Theodore Norman, Johnny Britt, Julian White, Walter
front The Cattleya Mosana La- BANNISTERSETS r Meares English White Ernest Wilson, James Badger, Solo-.
dies Club will observe its _ANNIVERSARY mon Badger, Donald Fletcher, Robert Darren, William Rib-

anniversary with a tea Mon- : :' *. .', .' inson, Charles Bynum'George;: Sykes and George Wells.

day at 8 p.m., at the YWCA, *
8th and Clahoun St. 4MORTGAGE* *
A wll be Mrs. Ethel Davenport Ban I Mr. and Mire Lucian Wainie of New Orleans, Louisianawere
guests of Miss Marian Sutton, 1269 West Twentieth
nister Jacksonville's First
with ,
..some of
Street the of
Fourth week-end. _
LOANS over JUly
talent of Gospel Song will
parti ipating. All clubs Lady ,.
r celebrate her Long term 12 Year loans The Wainies spent considerable time at The Suttnos
andorganizatioons have been anniversary, cottage American ,Beach where friends in tohelp'make'their
repayable, $1Q per month .on dropped
invited to attend. July 12 in the Duval County .
1SOCIAL. Armory Auditorium at 8:30 on' the$1,080 for tome Improvement visit enjoyable.
'r *
fl Larieuse '- *,,' repair and '
SAVING CLUB p.m. addition io your eider Other out-of-town visitors to the beach over the week-.
YVUfYWfJ'Hatrcolor PLANS FRIENDS TEA Special guest for the occasion
house. Quick aad affldtBtservice. end were guests of Mr. and Mrs. George B. Nairn who,
The' F. G. and. C, Social will be ,the Gospel Caravans
No red iapev Jut visited them at their American,Beach"cottage,.Mrs...Mildred
Would you trade an hour tat hah Saving C 1 u b will present Soul Stirrers, Highway ? Bennett and Airs. Floretta Henderson. of ,Fort White, Florida
credit and
.. like this pmfcadonsl modtT "Our Friends Tea" Sunday Q. C.'s and Brother Joe May. rating own
They relatives of the Nairns.
.,.r One hour .. .... are
or buying
it ftilfe tskesfot from your own
6 Local
to to
.. Cndc6or'.1.adcaM ; pL m., in theY appear'' on *
bring bade youth to Hafaeolorto per,drtorfedcdhairi WC A Building, 8th and the program will be the Celestial 621 First M. J.Federal SIMON We are still receiving reports of ambitious teachers.
ladl im/ i.- Calhoun Street. ; Gospel Singers'nd We,have been informed that Mrs. Bernice Malcolm and Mrs.
'L III'CIISII1I"No. Exerythioa yoa Bead b b A* Mrs. Eliza R. Perry I will I the Voices of Jerusalem.Mary .. 368 W. Adams EL 6-24N Marguerite Henderson are enjoying their summer studies at.
tun nt kqw famous red box. '
I. .,." ..Wr witII >nr4adn Latkoaa OtOe&&Qyak Marf be \the speaker for the occasion Dee at Baltimore, Syracuse University.Mrs. .
tffbtfQtLltt ,and Mis Ca linen: Kct. :will serve ,as ramie .. WHhelmefiia Skinner was hostess when the Seminole -,, .
halouw UiiMH. /..t4_..:COOCFKOT' UKXeOL. ..ano Caw aX.a i..d... :kings,. guest aololfct A h tt At-I: of ceremonies for the oest-; Culture Club held its installation meeting recently with x
::: : .- ,other, artist will appear. i I ..... Mrs. SophI !?. StarksJperformInr the :
.. r ..' ::1p "" .F",--. ,...-... .t' .f' : _.r/ ';_i r.;it. .; .:.f. : A.* ,,:>:_ .;0;;' ceremony.- s...".r **;. -
: ;
. ... fo.! 1- ,. / :: ; _
.. .
: ; : ,:, :.: : : r
; ... -
,: .. ;- "' '-- 1S: ."to jI. ..r.' ..
7 :' ; : : '.. ; '
-.. ... .". : :, :< :

T.: r .:___ ts

< ... .




Page FOV. THE FLORIDA STAR : -.r.- _..-..- Week Ending Saturday July 11.1959


ANNIVERSARIES AND delivered by the Rev. H. L. CENTRAL CME UNIT Street. i i will celebrate its 30th anniversary -
RECITALS HELD Herod of Mt Zion Baptist TO GIVE TEAA Other groups of the city I in the ,main auditorium "THE CHALLENGE OF CHRISTIANTEACHING" I
Church, Southside. Pretty Dress Tea will be have been invited to attend. A y'!, of the church. ,
sponsored by the Board of Re- program has been arranged to,
District 9 will Sun-
meet ligious Education of Central be presented with leading artists -:][ A program will be present- SESSION THEME; .
day at 3 in the home of
Joint Anniversaries will be p.m. CME Church, July 12 in the ,of
Mr. and Mrs._ Frank Terry, ,tlie'cityjippearing. ]1!t ed with talent of the various
home of Mr. and Mrs. CharlesD.
celebrated by the Deaconess 1
1330 West 33rd St. Brooks, 1539 Madison churches of the city.appear- The Progressive Baptist State
Boards 1 and 2, the Missionary Sunday School and BYPU
Sunday during the evening ANNIVERSARY Slated. II ing. Convention, auxiliary to the Progressive Baptist State Con-
Society of West Union worship hour Mrs :Mattie, Singers will be presented in an Choirs 1,2-and'3 will hold a vention of Florida, will convene in the 44th annual session
Baptist Church Sunday at 3 Blount will observe her 32nd after service recital July 14. I BY MT. CALVARY in Bethel Baptist Church, July 22-26.
rehearsal in preparation
pan.. anniversary as a gospel sing: Choirs 1 and.2 will present I "The Challenge of Christian Teaching and Training in
I l\1rs.Mattie Blount in a musical On July 26th District 9 of for the communion services Today's World" will be the theme for this session. Leaders
The annual sermon, will be er.The Celestial Spiritual I recital July 26. Mt. Calvary Baptist Church Sunday at 2:30'p.m. and workers from various sections of the state will be in

.... "'""""" Ita........"" ..._...."" ....."II. .... ..... .......... w:'' ..... ............. ". attendance. Outstanding speakers will discuss the theme and .
- - - conduct the! Bible Institutes. .
Local Choirs from other

tit deal DAVIS! be churches heard.of The nearby cities will first study course. The Rev. "-
with Convention will
always to
pays R. H. Wilson, dean of the Sunday -
., sponsor period a new study also. Certifi-course School Department, and .
Alexander Heard,
cates will be awarded for directorof

Sale! 10.. Pc. Sofa BED Group tendance.minimum of eight hours at-. Rev.music BYPU W., will Don methods have Pelham charge.,and dean the of .

G. W. Scott, city, and Leon l.
: T. Freeman, Bartow, and Teachers; for the conven- '
3 presidents will alternate during tion Mrs.
are: Amy S. Cur-
: 1 : the sessions as presiders.The rie, Mrs. A. L. Huff, Rev. G.
& ;mPM ", :- Rev. J. C. Sams, gen- W. Jenkins, Rev. W. S.
s& ::t. : : eral president of the convention Hartsfield, A.Heard, Rev. M. .
.tip will deliver his official Williams and Mrs. Crilla
': .. addresses Thursday and Fri Anderson, W. C. Taylor, Mrs.
,. day afternoons and preside M. M. Warren, Rev. J. E. At- f
during the president's hour kins, Mrs. Lillian T. Robin-
w n HI' Saturday morning.The .
b convention will open son.The
', July 22 at 6:30 a.m. with the summary will be given
by the dean and directors.

A d

t. ii The Rev. R. Elwin Lamb, I
The 9th anniversary of the
Presiding Elder of the North
Jacksonville District and Di- Male Chorus of Zion Hope
: rector of Religious Education Baptist Church will be ob-
of the 11th Episcopal District served, October 19 at 8
AME Church, will p.m.[ in the auditorium of the
preach'the sermon at Mt. Col- church.
/ Church The Rev. S. Andrews of the
vary Sunday
.. Allen Chapel AME Church
SAVE .SO night for the services to beheld
I by the Elks. will be the speaker for the
ON THIS 10-Pc. GROUP 0 I Music for the service will i celebration with C. Parham ,.
f be furnished .Johnson serving as master of
Group Includes Sofa-Bed Matching Chair 2 Step Tables { by the Choral
\ .
I ceremonies Harry Lovett will
DAVIS I I. i Group of the Pride of Macao
Cocktail Table 2 Table Lamps 1 Picture 2 Sofa be the guest soloist.
Temple No. 186, the ushers
all II."" vain.y.....aD..1atcnrtr aadtaaEatot9espsrlyrol ..i REGULAR will also serve. The Elks will Serving groups for the ob- }
fumIIun, PWS.e eWof> a MWIZE 9ED s4.....Spud osl8lessri VALUE $199.50 worship at Mt. Calvary to assist servance will be the St. Thomas .
.....N..aIn..au..au.w..R..... ., one of their Brother Bills and Tabernacle Baptist
r Furniture I C o. fttft pfem on dMfeMd: fpr=iosnorrowllesl ty a orf: gsoe IwMi :' $149.95 I 0 : in the Men's Day effort. Churches choruses Choruses. Guest \
fce fcrvke.+ Can to entf set Exalted Ruler Leon E. Gonzalez are Emanuel and .
I is aksing all Bills to Day Spring Choruses.
PAY ONLY $10.00 DOWN i 0 0C4ft214& support Bill Holly in the ef Appearing on the program
also will be Mrs. Aikins, Mrs.
fort. The daughters will accompany -
I the lodge to Mt. Cal Hazel Gross, A. Chapman E. .
CLOSE OUTS! vary. Daughter Ruler Hattie Conway, C. Williams and I
Remov-A-Top I I L James is asking the Daugh Harold Cox.
ters to turn out in large num Usher Board No. 2 of Zion
Hope and Mt Ararat Baptist
ALL PORCH and PATIO FURNITURE I bers.The members of Mt. Calvary Churches wil serve.
Gas Range GREATLY REDUCED are asked to meet the The king of the Male
I Chorus contest will terminate

$1 0.00 Aluznlnun Slack 54.95:Folding AlumlnunJhalse 8 88$ 0 I Elks Sunday night. and between W. G. Byrd Stephen, who Sanders is the

Chairs !lounge president of the group. Mrs.
Emma B. Johnson is the pi-


IN LIGHTING Heat and Mar-Proof Plastic 0 ZION HOPE PLANS
P eACxcuARo S 8 8 Top Plastic ChairsPc. \I ---: MUSICAL RECITAL

uFET1MEOUARANTEEo 38 Rosetta Cohen will
5 I celebrate her 3rd anniversary,
DINETTE July 10 at 8 pjn. at the First A musical
recital will be
-I OVEN I Born Temple, 825 W. Monroe rendered
0 Street. I by the Male Chorusof
Tabernacle Baptist Church
0 0z I Appearing on the program and the Male Chorus of Zion
REtilovAS EDRIP' will be the Benjamin Singers Hope Baptist Churh, July 27
NON T1LT ; 3 I of Palatka, Florida; Excelsior at 8
:; 0 i p.m. in the auditorium of
TRAYS RACKS Singers, Loretta Larkens, C. ion Hope Baptist Church.
G. C. Singers, Victory Gospel 1 Maxie Williams will be the
0 Singers and others. featured soloist for the Male
r' 0;: Melvin Grace will be the Chorus of Tabernacle Baptist
'i: 0 0x. mast of ceremonies for the Church and A. King will be
the featured
ACID soloist for the
RESISTANTPORCELAIN 0 Invitations have been ex Male Chorus of ion Hope.
tended to the public to attend. I Miss Evelyn B.Johnson and
CNAMa : s 00 I Tillie Howard will serve as I Mrs. Emma B. Johnson will
; i mistress of ceremonies. ,be the:.pianists for the groups.

You Don't Hare to Go to Town to Get ,

., _


t I On Your


$89.95 Value NOW. Trade With Your Neighborhood Drug Store -


top lighting and Automatic oren lighting
easiest gas OPEN MONDAYS and FRIDAYS Deem We AIM FBI' An Doctor Pre cAp0loarI
,: r !5age to use. This hands m. full size range will be installed with ,
large lank of Gas FREEI I TIL9P.M.
r Dixie Pharmacy j

: DavisFurniture1 COMPANY net IDNOS BOAD .. icranx AVENUE

I I s EL= : esettis. t. ....,. "J


" ',...," ',>'-:1'..,," ;

: 'p-1.'.
..?'$i'., ,


F .

4j .


_. -
f Week Ending Saturday July U, 1853 THE FLOHIDA STAR -- -- Pace } -



Housewives League FOR SCOUTERS '

t will terminate Mrs. Lenora the contest Davis betWeen The T. H. B. Walker Circleof t. f.' 1 kl: {" :r: i '4W4.Y; f)iQi :;ry .-: Helpful Hints Make'Measwring for

and Mr Mamie Hart on, the Women's Society of '. ; 1
Sunday July 12th from 4 to I I Christian Service of Simpson Summer Camp for Cherokee Screens Easy aid Thrifty

6 p. m. in the Clara White Methodist Church will cele- 7' District, North Florida > How r
Mission Building.A brate its first anniversary '4. : Council Boy Scouts of America screens are Do your they
program has been ar July 16 in the auditorium of will begin Monday July 20 twist* warp, or splits
ranged to be presented dur- the church. and end Sunday July 26 at t Fit to be discarded :
ing the contest.OffilNo Invitations have been extended Camp Coacoochee.The are placed rotten art, those split or whose
to the public and to whose screen is either
all circles of the various Second Period will be- that water flowing .
UP NIGHTS I churches the city to attend. gin Monday July 27 and end stains the house or so
wonied Bladder Weftkoeti" (Opting ; will be August 2. The Third Period over that the holes
Dp NlfbU of Bed Wetting, too tn- A musical program ., ., closed.
fluent, burning or ttchlm urmauaa et for the occasion x: F will begin Monday, August 3
Strong amtuur. Clwdf T7rta ..die t* presented
common KMaty and BlMdtr XmUttoQ*. vith talent of the city ap- ? and end August 9.
try OT8TZX for quick'lulp. M TMTO vwpror '
Mfctyforyoonc and eld.Juk aDtee.lit for BM OTSTJCX now fut roe BMBcy-tack t.prov...sar cut i. innounced. The fee will be $11 per per-
iod. The sum of $2 must ac- '

SUPPORT THE DRIVE c: company each application. ;

Camp Director M. L. Rudd
has announced a capable staffto .
2ssN' } >r K'. conduct camp activities.
The big program that is being
FIRMS k conducted throughout at present M advises'f
OF NEGROES BY is troop registration. At a

present there is only one
I would lib to CM a new policy of hollar tr al- per cent registered. Troop 172
meat to Negro customers adopted by local fins of Second Baptist Church un- Speaking particularly
I resent being called by my fin name) by salesman 4+';'tr.:tv 'A'iiA A a veeaN:MmM }vjrc E'f:tJ.;+:;Cv.y'??last der the guidance of Scoutmaster millions of home
and nl.swom.n.I 1 A. C. Simmons has 16 houses have wood
beUere that Negro patrons should be prodded' faY boys and 16 boys are registered or Screen single-hung Manufacturers
ample net room fadllHea In local eaiabUahmeat and for Summer Camp. tion gives assurance
an end put to Jim-crow sagas on drinking fountaina uring: to replace
and red rooms" The Parents of the boys screens with bright
To accomplish ihee changM. I am willing to coaa and the church were behind aluminum home-owner ones to do Is easy

patron 1Dg firma that are unwilling to mast tnea*. J J es.a: zr .,yr .*="aE ;"'.'-_wte: 'a';-' M= y>N*';''e."oEC'i: at!.' the Scouting program and he needs Is a steel :
requests. ..Q, '? r,': .'< they have worked with thetroop. tape or a rigid
Commissioner GeorgeA. and strict adherence
NAME J. D. Brooks chairman 0 f the annual New Berlin Mackey worked side by simple While directions.most screen
July 4 water show, presents well-earneda trophies to side with Scoutmaster Sim- and fabricators offer
ADDRESS channel-awim winners Julian "Bill" Walton (center) mons to accomplish the very al measuring service.
and his runner-up Willie Peterson both- 15. Not shown fine record. says. the homeowner
in the picture Is Clarence Wlngate, 21 who time and labor costs
I ) You may dleclono my name if necassary.deniial copped wring himself, wood \
unleas Indicated otherwise below.I third place In the gruelling quarter-mile 8WIm'&crOll Parents are urged to stand for screens. The S. r.A. .
undaratand that my name will bo held confl* the St. Johns River from Goats Island to Christopher'sPier by Scout sons and send themto
-- where the trophies were presented., camp.


.. + : -r' :.
'' y
n v'vJj:: ,'f/-, : .a 'f t ,g'.fY 4: Y:<.}ayr 3; .4i.Xy.v. ;wv..i ,i aa;} .. 1. : "fa
+ ac.4. kfl C.
.. '
,M. 5v nY. yCa"'N .,: .
4+fa 11 S+ A: ;+ :; : ?);. %. .' ? ;. ; } 1 'S
; tk w wr<}; i.r.)ot. >x. >:[.tWa.T: aim .fP'

.y>Kv f


t aa.SXat6eokdtis ataoawc ,' .... '. t. Y
?. }r; "c"ev vw.. :;} .y.: '1< 7 ,
f t ?.. S4 d 'xr
?. ,
h..t f Y'pflt 2r' !}-HA 'vhf
f-l', ;v a : M' 'r. ...-'r.-n' +.. 'i atf,_ .,..., ,,T.a..sS' 'f .

(i! ,. Ay ; ': r > :'; J l-"! lrmLF .r:7.;>'. {

r Itfs\; '' : pax. ". s'> S t 1;rr. 't, .>:<'j; 'A 'tf ifI *ll.: : >':.;;: ..' ;._' ':+1' ::i.
''v : e
5 'C 1. ."
., ::r' ,. ;,#.:.. '?t'r.. :iF. ,: "' ? C: .There is:.*'; ':an iIAA ever increasing number of Owens-Illl nos people ::-,.* ".-- .

}: .. j*: :!: :"> / > : : '.:>*A<**V">;'V'gho -," t" ,
; .' \ + ., 3* .'.. r., ; ? : qualify, through long service, for the honor of receiving. >:
y.. :. _\ ;. :: <\ ; .;r: ''-c.-
< .
LI / 4 ; \. :. .' (f'
:-, .' .. :> ; .": -! i,::.:.;, : ,\,:: :- ''-.'t'J ,
+ : : f//a.ro:w.--: ; } ;: .t Wt1 n farly all the things that people honor a bodk, a work
,. 'Aa. } ; : ;rru'taro} .

'.', :"!! I. ;j.. .: .o K.{ t!.,an accomplishment-the best test is the test of time. ,.,.; ;;:

!./..><>: t"N > -
r<: il :: :: t "
:{. ti ,- .5 ,,; 1 .::'::iif :r .. > 'As time goes by we appreciate more and more the l '.,;'::;.,'".'

"'t.. w J ..,;. }. ,,:'. ._ importance of our long-service people. They are people who ,. '.... ... ": ._ .
+ .
'- < ?'....i ?.ii.. have stood the test of time. The Service Award program expresses ; i.c. ;:
< ; .. : ; "1"ii ,
,:: ,,' "' : >:= :::1F: ,:':.
a &.''/:'<:: ""f >:l v",_.,_,', ,:_..,",._:."\ : :ff;::;,,,.,, tl... value. 0 their.... skill and experience.- -'. .


:..: Those honored with 20-Year Awards at our annual dinner July 7, 1959WIdad ...

-:" .-.L" ", -.... ," (Z
at wto IU6 J4ncwe/e&i'.
: .9 were:
) ..,.'.,. .


,- -,. .,
.., ;
... # < .
p0" -
: -; .. TWENTY YEARS J ; '

..... Award Emblem in .' -GEnamel .
5' ".-,:

: S. M1 I ,
: -
: \
\f.: .;, 'i.3 .- .., ,., i -

-:.::. : ...n".. : .. --.' Matthew Fields Willie Jones Clarence Mason Dotie Pleas Ike'Quarterman John A. Rowe

: : -'. }
:,;s .rf ; .

:" :( :;:; t--:;';:::: 0'FIFTEEN.YEARS 'anrEmblem in Maroon Enamel _. ., .. 1 1.TEN YEARS. Award Emblem in Dark. Blue Enamel > ''uJ. ;'.'
: .
-..',-r..-.";,' .. .-..._.>" .. ," ..4.: :>- 't'-, ..J'__ $,.,..it-; t ":;;.- -".'".,:..s- .".... .,,
'' ,
;1iI'l'. ? '. ':
( ''.'" ; .-' j: (.. :,. :'. -. t. '\. 46 -' "- ..
>jtGeorge: BrawneV: James W. Caldwell % Roosevelt Washington =.:,: ._ ; Neutie Williams. c', ::-. .. .a l -
7 General:Butter Jr. Henry HaD.:Jr. ':::1Y '" .... H'-: :/' ,..
.. -t: '
......,.", : ..; T: _.' ." ., t :: ,'-r .;:- 6
.' ; ....' --. .:i.'t :
.. : $ (>
: : -
>:_ .. _. ;.: : ,__ '. r :- >, .4.? ;"

:< .;e. '; '


-' -
,.. <
', -. : -: -< : ,- DIVISION -
; :'. -',' :-:11-:
,. .. .. .,... .. MILL JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA :. ..< /
;.;. : .:_-... : :.. ; ... ": .>;,,: .i: c' :_ ;{' .: : <
fi' .. !-. .;: ': s".v>,,,:.-- ..: r-::" ; ?f-: ,--- -. :.'. ;:{; _

3 j ;. ..
; .... t' ., ::'y ; c -> :;, "', ,; o.5rr '-; -,'-'. "" .. "



Page Six '" THE FLOBIDA STAA Week Ending Saturday, July 11, 1959

U CHRISTMASSAVINGCLUB NEWS' BRIEFS theatres since last Wednesday .f

seating!' The boycott caused

1907 King Road at Spirts NO MONEY FOR the theatres to close down.
Star Advertisers
MADISON meeting was INTEGRATIONMONTGOMERY The governor's committeethat
When ExperiencedPharmacists ? met with theatre ICE, CREAM '
Ala. repre- -
conducted the -
Prepare] recently a t sentatives announced the col-
[ Gov. John Patterson told
Your Prescription According x. home of Mrs. Vivian Smith newsmen on Tuesday, after or bar would be dropped.It .

r[ io doctor's j f!or' the Christmas Saving issuing "a special call to the was announced yester-
Club,with the president :Mrs. Legislature,,_ that "it is our day that Negroes may now
? Instructions Using j y Christine McKinney presid- dine and dance at Bermuda's
duty to vid .adequate pub-
.pl Weeks June
Big 15 July 24<<
['only the best 'qualityi ing during the business ses lic education for every childin leading hotels, formerly patronized SCHOOL
sion. by whites only. But -
i A I b of
"drugs. a a m X regardless Piano Band. Voice Accordion
tfegroes are still barred from Theory -
Dr. a E. BUck -. PtaraMctoU.. Dr., W. ...Ontear Present at the meetingwere. race, on a segregated basis. taking rooms. 492'L'PEAACSTREET Ph. EL 5-9722
Patterson added..mphatically,
.- Charlayne F. Owens,
-:- -t- Miss Branda and Elvate Mil- "I would not.:put A penny into
ler, Willie James Curry, Mrs. an integrated"'school. If the FALL INTEGRATION. PHOTOGRAPHS FOR
A COMPLETE LHIE:OFi Mamie Curry,Mrs. Christine Negro agitators insist'on any _
Cosmetics Rubber Good *t- Canctteaa, McKinney, Mrs. Lubertha school integration in Alabama
PKCSCBirnONB CALLED FOBHave 'ANti.ntLLY_rI Hull, Mrs. Eliza McGee.Mrs. with the new term this fall, SCHOOLS EVERY OCCASION;

Ruth Moore, Mrs. Carrie Bell they" will" destroy public. edu-

Davis, Mrs. Irene McKinney, cation. LITTLEROCKThe Lit- r-\ \\ Expert Photography
Mrs. Lessie Tompkins, Mrs. tle Rock School Board has an- >-**.,& f$ Portraits Weddings Banquet
Ida McDaniels. Mrs. James STEALS PIGGY-BANK nounced officially that it will Passports ft Identification! Photos

Miller, Mrs. Janie Bellamy, '. GETS LIFE TERM openLittle Rock's four closed :>+; Photostats & Commercial Work
Mrs. Thelma Hester, Mrs. CHICAGO Described as high schools on an integrated Photos For Newspaper Cuts
:$ -' Rochel and Mrs. a "habitual criminal" by the basis this September.The While You Wait
: Benjamin,
I Camera judge that tried him, 29yearold t
I : Sloan. .board did not reveal : Coloring & Picture Framing
I ;:;::. it.(7trl' John D. Harris, was recently what approach to integration ';, ". ;< Let Us Take A Photo Of You
The next meeting will be sentenced to life imprisonment will be tried in the school, ....
( Will TRAVEL conducted, July 24. because he stolea closed,last September by Gov !. In Natural Color -
piggy-bank last July; 3. According Orval E. Faubus as an anti- J. AVERY .
i : to police, Harris integration measure. .
: JACKSONVILLE'S ONLY NEGRO broke into the home of seven- But the board said' in a AVERY'S PHOTO STUDIO
: : year-old' James ''Eberhardy
,FREE LANCE PHOTOGRAPHER: DR.; GEORGE GOREREAPPOINTED and stole the bank after lock- soon"statement to register it would students"begin for 611 West Ashley = Clara WhIt. Mission Bldg.

TO ing the child and his grand- Central High, Technical High Phone EL <4-7695< For Appointments
J. BAKERSpecialising mother in'a closet. He was and Horace Mann High.
Only In Weddings Parties Clubs ". later identified by the boy as
Church etc. being the thief.NAPLES -' ? '

Tallahassee-Dr. George W. Segregationist -
Gore, Jr., president of Florida Thomas Beasley of Walton -:
'S PHOTO. A and M University, County has again declared Finns. Listed Below Are Recomjn ended As Reputable Establishments
has been reappointed to a his determination to Specializing Services and Products
P. O..Box 1071 1830 Wright AY. Ph.,FL 9-1784 four-year term on the Southern enter the 1960 race for, gov- h
Regional Board of Education ernor. Beasley, a militant opponent -
The appointment was of school integration, AUTO SERVICE MISCELLANEOUS
made by Florida Governor told some 200"'delegates at a

Leroy Collins.Dr. Florida Sheriffs Assn. Convention -
I that he promised the AAA BONDING AGENCYCity

Gore's new term which I people of Florida no new County and Federal Bonds
ATTENTION READERS began on July 1 continues taxes in the past session of AUTO PAINTING COMPANY LaW Exchange Bldg. EL 5-1832
through June 30, 1963. Pre- the Legislature. "Now I'll say
Please Bring or Send Your viously he served one year if any tax increase bills are Complefc Body Repair & Paint Work

Church News. Club Notices & AnnouncementsTo in filling an unexpired term passed in the 1961 session, as -:- Oven Baked Paint Jobs -i- ACE RADIO & TV SERVICE
and on June 30 completedhis governor, I will veto them." Price Start at $440
The FLORIDA STAR Early --r1 second consecutive four- Speaking on segregation. 532 Eat Adam Street EL 5-8135* 30 Years In EJec+mla
K All Work
term. said "I thank God I Guaranteed
year Beasley ,
DEADLINE FOR NEWS IS $943 Forest Street EL 4-6804
today that I had the courageto J
In addition to Dr. Gore,
TUESDAY at NOON I oppose those who would
Governor Collins reappointed destroy public schools in the SEABOARD BODY COMPANY 8 AVERY'S STUDIO

FLORIDA STAR two and other Florida educators state by advocating integra- Automotive Repair -' AUto PalaHag | Commercial Weddings Home Potralls

2323 Moncrief Rd. Corner ,13ih Street House of a member of the tion. Body Work 24-hour Wrecker Service ,i J Yes .. do it in color alto
I Representatives .to' He expressed confidence AAA Service Free Estimates &811 West Ashley Street EL 47885V
that the people of Florida All Work Guaranteed J '-
-- .. will maintain their way of: I 949 West BeaTer Street EV 9-3418}8 Royal Crown
Bottling Company
life and never be forced by
any courts to iiave: integra I |fl23S San Marco Blvd FL 9-4488
tion. "The courts, can't rule I

.J our, hearts," he added. FOODS 1 GENERAL UPHOLSTERY SHOP

We Spedallxe In
8i -
MOWER THEIVES i* Convertible
k., < Tops Door Panel
8 *xt"t CAPTURED Headliners Furniture Slip Covers
::3227 N. Myrtle Avenue EL 4-8114

A heavy power-mower, '
a stolen from Mount' Olive SAUSAGE DAILY GEORGE W. POWELL, INC.
Cemetery in the 1700 blockof
346 Flordla Avenue EL Heal Estate Mortgage Loans
45th Street on June 15, 8-3308.'j Rents Collected
recovered last week at 1
was a 410 Broad Street
I I EL <4wi < .
local nursery. i
1 1MOM'S
Duval County i
a Q Deputies Willie Weston and : KITCHEN Jones Institute of Physical Culture
J. C. Bailey said Leroy Levy I -Home cooked: meals served 24 b.oun-
31, Negro, of 1717 W. Fourth a week School Of Barber. Beauty & Massage
; Street, has been arrested and 1285 Kings Roadn EL 4-9321 Colored Owned and. Operated
'" 7; charged with .breaking and Tarn As You Learn"
812 Clay Street EL 4-6005
entering and grand larceny.
Officers said Levy had

pawned the mower, weighingmore GUS INA'S .SUPERMARKET

.' than 300 pounds and II You Want The Finest In GroceriesAnd TAXI
valued at about. $540, for a .Meals:- Come See Us "At Your Senlce"tlEW

few dollars.MURDER. bOO Dam Street EL 84412 DEAL CAB EL 4-1811

4t.. LODGED AGAINST Timiquana Road Trading Post

WHITE SLAYERS FUEL OILS Complete Garden Supplies

DALTON. Ga. Murder Fertilizer Fruit Products
charges have been filed ,New and Used Furniture bought and sold-

against four white boys for I AA BOTTLED GAS & FUEL CO. sat Tlmlquana Road SP 13762

"Carnation has always been the baby milk in our family' declares the fatal shotgun murder of We epedaUse eerviag irate parks
Mrs.Johnson.The well-known dietitian is shown with her grandson. an llyear-old Negro boy, on Also 180 Ib. cylinders or bmHc tub Washington's Health Service "
June 13 while the youngsterwas Ai TOW home. your.comrealeace i "Abundant Health Is Rightfully Yours
fish at
attending a fry 15845 Well Dahl Bead PO WIll Try Swedish Massage Mineral Steam Bath
Zenobia Johnson College Dietitian for 32 years, says: the Whitfield home oT an County uncle.Sheriff J Colosle Therapy
VD. C. Washington Masseur
; -Same LocztioFor
.. "WE ARE STRICTLY A CARNATION MILK FAMILY"Mrs. warrants Donald McArthur against Hermit signed INDEPENDENT OIL COMPANY : 23 Years
334: H.-Myrtle Avenue
Pritchett, Jr., 19; Herschel 641<< West State Street EL 6-9432': EL 4-247

.Johnson,a distinguished dietitian This milk is so rich I need no shorteningat Elkins, 18; Billy Joe Rolen, .

a leading Alabama college, declares or flour for the cheese sauce." 17, and Leroy Gentry, 23. .- WILLIE SMITH DRUGSFree

her favorite dish at home is macaroni Double-rich Carnation in the red-and- The white boys- admitted j delivery any part of the dry
firing at the Negroes, but FUNERAL HOMES --1- OLD RELIABLE t_
and cheese. "I make it the easiest way white can is the world's leading brandin said they were only trying to 601 West Ashley Street --EL 4.1380

the world'she says,with Carnation of evaporated milk, by far. < scare them. 'They said they j jj j
did not know anyone had JULIA GEORGE 5 & 10 CENT
r---------1 been hit.until the next morn- DORMAN FUNERAL. HOME : STORE __
.n .
I recipe: L-________. ing. AMBULANCE SERVICE 24-HHS. A DAY : Courteous .
I Victim 'of 'the shooting, Burial Vaults & 7ombdoaa. Mausoleums. ,I Treatment

. I :J-MINU CARNATIONAUCE: : 1.Simmer Carnation with salt and mustard I| Tommy Dwignt,.was felled by Notary Public Mru; Rev." A.-A. JohassaS412 I 1 186 Davis Street Opea 8:30 to 7 p.. m. EL 41210
I IN MACARONI AND CHEESE in saucepan over low heat to Just below boll I{ four buckshot. "a < ..
Rd. Lad *
I I II Dodge \ *
Ing (about minutes Add -
)- -1
(Ud. 4 to e"rrlft aJ PO 8-2285 t'MaLoney
cheese and stir constantly until BERMUDArHEATRES: I II
1%cups large can)undilutedCARNATION I Termini Termite
s Control
I ---- melted_ (1 minute longer). I
EVAPORATED. MILK Accept INTEGRATION --Complete Termite Control
I %teaspoon salt 2. Pour sauce over macaroni, Ij I II I -#- BaUdfag Materials *
I 2 teaspoons dry mustard pimiento and green pepper HAMILTON- Bermuda j i 414 N. Myrtle A...... -
: I 2 cups(about ounces)grated mixed together in buttered 2- Segregation lost a major bate CARTER'S FUNERAL HOME i EL 41788
I process American cheese quart casserole.Bake in moderate :
island U Hoa Ambukaca Service
on this little on
J 4 cups cooked macaroni oven 350F.) 25-30. QUICK SERVICE MATTRESS CO.
ruesday when it'' was an- S.r.1.gCoi.e.d '.....' Steee 19H :
I ft cup chopped pimiento minutes. -... Mattress Resovatiaa Our Specialty
lounced' that Bermuda's mo- 9. C. Jaialsaa owaer 8. L Dns..1Bp
I ft cup chopped green pepper "Jro*,OmtatfedCtes" "ILK Tie' houses will be completely .. West Bettver Street EL f RIF! One Day Service -
------- ,. :4788 Old Stags Road PO ..
--- 2.
---.-. .---------.----- integrated July -

_- .., Negroes had boycotted the I 3S :S.1: dc- : .i' i w8 : : : :
.",!; .f>:: .r S.. .\ __ I -

I .





: ,

'WI..t Snd +4SatnrdaY.JoIY 11.-..1959 -- THE- FLORIDA STAC:- p.-Batw,; ,-



,E : .f )i:1jl.t.. 1 : TOWARD WINNING .',


Floyd Patterson, the dethroned -
iSNIRrSCO ItImI champion of the

: heavyweight boxing divisionis annual Old Timers game has been set for August 21
looking forward to regaining at the Myrtle Avenue -Baseball Park.
the belt he lostto .Inge- The game is a regularly organized -
WILLIE GALIMORE will have..mce work.laid out for arc. M.yy. mar Johansson, the Swedish game between old pleasing sight to the
him when the Chicago Bean begin' training for 'the 1959 Champion when they meet timers who formerly played .grandstand filled with
George Halas-owner-coach of :the Bean said he again in September.Th spectators -
season. yG j v: baseball mixed, in with play-I: eagerly waiting for ,
will widen Gallmore's offensive range by 'adding pus- ex-champion made ers who have never [the umpire to ball'
ccaicHing ,io his duties. Since Joining the Bean in 1957. he # history in' his title fight the game 'to .any great extent .What joy, what say fun play' it is to
has gained 1157 yards and scored 13 touchdown He caught when he was knocked down The. fun produced by .seee the old. timers ?
23 naues for 352 and five ftnwhdAwLDO .. seven' times in one round. the players is enough to well run
------ "-- :on the field dressed in uniforms

YOU KNOW who tested ; 1i.1;" Patterson is the No. 1 contender pay the spectators,' for the of,
4 out the newly laid track Canada for 'several 'seasons. :-fJ'g- :r ftW.tt M'i ./. mainly because of the prce they paid to see it.: hues, and colors descriptions:*?t will be,
surface at Soldier Field in : \; aA agreement before fights that >
When the Eagles disbanded, If% ijf i3" The game was originatedfor another' contribution toward
Chicago where the Pan-Ame- i.i/ hV' the; loser: will be given first
Big Jim did ,scouting duty >=""71.4WWt chance the purpose of aiding in a--building; foe'VYJMCA activi-
roan games are scheduled to %.f ...?: 'i'' to regain his title :
for the Cincinnati JBedlegs. .t :..: .'*' Patterson ; securing funds for the build- %J
begin Aug. 27? Well, it was became champion -
Just a b o u t-everyone who ing and equipping a YWCA .
Jesse Owens :himself. Owens 'not. by winning it, but
knew.ab ut.Vhis4ove for the building. Up to this date
the by it
won world-wde fame In having given to him on
he: had given Jacksonville has with-
game thought > gone
1936 Olympics n Berlin.: The a silver platter. He became '
it but. not Jim Will- out a'building that be
up. no, can
surface that was tested ,by champion by beating Archie Watch This down
iams. There nothing surprising called a YWCA building. ,
Owens consists of a secret Moore, 'who was light heavy-
about thefact thate What functions that, have
type of .e rfu.imported from weiht champion then and is 85 98 74
England. It is the same -as has 'come up' with an- still' king of the light heavies.I been carried on was done 317 _,40 __ 515
other.'team.'lieisinthe base H' form,place to that.
Moore place was
that used in the track on \ claimed the title mere-
which all 'but' onex. >f-the ball'business again. ly because -of his fight with' called an office. I : :

four minute miles were-'run., .JULIUS GUINYARD and champ Rocky Marciano. When the Old Timers game' .
MRS: ERNIE BANKS;wife his-'Staff at, the Jefferson RUSSIA BOUND-When the Harlem: Globetrottersdon When Mar cia no retired, was played in 1958,-the
of the famous...shortstop of I[Street-swimming pool have their bukeba11logs on Russian soiL the Russians Moore raised such a howl James Wei don Johnson' B 4
the Chicago Cubs .tls >ftsk4ag d o n e\oa.m inificent;;Job in will hay. an opportunity to see one of basketball'sfinest about being the next man in Branch YWCA office was
for a,'$300 a (week ,separate tramng and iturningseut pupils attractions when they view the action, of one of line, e got an opportunity to located on Broad Street, but ) ()
xnalntalnance 'from Ernie ,who :have* bee nsaj credit the most accomplished stars of the game' in Robert fight Patterson. when the 1959 game-is played -I 163 :22= --.; 1C3:>>
Mrs. Banks -Haled -her exr to the :instructors. Many 'of Hall. The towering center of the trotters Is\ magicianin As a champion, a real fight the office will, be locatedOn
pense as follow5143- month them became celebrities on handling: basketballs. In the pose seen here he is fan had this comment to Davis Street. This is the!, Sometime Sometime he's tea doves a|
ly rent; $5 to .$7' day for various college teams and handling two balls at the same time and those who make on the Patterson-Hur-'I''' kind of operation the Jacksonville -!I He add subtracts
food; $25 a week' for beauty others accepted jobs* other have seen him perform say he Is just as good on the ncan Jackson YMCA has had to Be wwks It aD won
culture lessons; ,'$IS0 to)80 sections of the countn. The court when the opposition Is tough. The Globetrottersserve Johansson fights:, "''When a] undergo.The I I

a month for doihhes;:$75 'to training,--program a the Jef- as i Goodwill ambassadors In every. foreign coun gooder man was beaten to a'' Old Timers agme has. 99 Coming__ 51 _AltrarBans 385 14
5100 a month for laundry ferson nool- has been- sunerb. try. pulp,by the better man(Pat been the'major source of securing I
and cleaning and $100 to', Guinyard has been ..ableach terson-Jackson), the better, funds toward the erec'
$150 for modelngi and charm year to: put a team in the really the big man about NFL GIANTS SELL man knew how the gooder tion of al< building and that
r school instructions. Banks Is water .fully.,able::and'competent town as far: as baseball go s man felt when he (Patterson) has come in very slowly.!
lighting his estranged wife's of meeting all \corners EMLEN TUNNELL TO. was flatfened seven times by The offcials of the James
plea':n the grounds that in-i in water competition: in Cincinnati. Newcombe is GREEN BAY PACKERS the best est man" (Johansson).(Weldon Johnson Branch are *
come and support of his fa-1 I I I not 0 nth e team's leading The fan is saying Pattersonknew very grateful to the playersand
mly take a major hunk out THE JACKSONVILLE pitcher, but he ,is also sport- ,- how Jackson felt after those who support the FLORIDA STAR

cf his $45,000 yearly salary. BRAVES brand have of baseball been playingthe lately Ing a .352 batting avera g e. GREEN BAY, Wis-EmlenTunnell their fight when Johansson game in any manner. Whatever

BIG JIM WILLIAMS, whois thai put our city oa ,the map; Don is not only a dangerous an 11-year veteranof finished with him. is done toward eliminating IN EVERY
known throughout the The Slsti-OBrien combination batter when he takes his re- the National Football Lea Patterson will launch his the shifting from placeto

.southland whereever baseballis finally started clicking gular turn' at Bat but he is gue, ,was sold to the Green well training for. the return match place' of an o fits to carryon -
aware of the fact thatit the
played and in the northern in getting, a ,team together Packers the New work.
I poison as a pinch hitter. He Bay by will not be against BrianLondon The is scheduled HOME
sections game
as a former member that could, .win am..ballgames
.s York Giants. tot
t h comeback of
of the New York Black Yan and Push.., :their is e1 Pete Rademacher' or begin at $ p. m., and at
kees still has baseball,4n his,4owardihe top. Look out way forvihe ,'I the will year.the Where Don goesso .Tunnell former Univer even Roy,Harris. time it would be a very *
bones. When go. sity of Iowa star,. holds the
he 'was mana: Braverthey>are... their .
ger' of the Jacksonville .y.maBIG''DON 1 SMOOTH'SAILING 'T I L NFL record..for-total career
i gles he ,carrieedLthe: : team-to :: NEWCOMBE Is I WE MEET 'AGAN. pass interceptons with 74.He TRANSMISSIONS & MOTORS
was a bulwark the ,Giants A ,&M ANNOUNCES
I I .
A' "' defense wherrVince Lom bar
. ... I f d i 'n PRICES ON HOME
: 0 yr TROUBLED? i 0 w general-manager-

r Enroll Now In TheSouih'e x Ytt..fl iLOVE :coach the of.offensives the Packers coaching, handled SEASON TICKETS .. :rc $ L'PALMS
Flssst College MONEY?
Y duties for the New York
Florida --Barber College PROBLEMS?, i eleven..
Branch G. I. Approved HI Help tickets for the Florida A & ;
SolutionAvailable ;' M: University Rattlers' five .
>" > *. home games will sell for Tree

Woodrow Patterson manager Proi. Jaffies II InsimcHoBSFollowed ,LEABN'TO'DRIVESecure $11.50, according t o ticket Towing
"690 Davis Street At.Beaver Drivers' License: manager Donald Twitty.:
Phone EL 5-9874 JOHN Strictly WAMSTEZERDept.'Personal SAFEWAY SCHOOL DRIVING Twitty said that priority EX 8.342]
will be Rattler fans
15 600 West Beaver Street given
Box 10 Otterr GEORGE PERPENA. Dlr. reason *
Cape. South Africa I 'Office ELgin 5-7742 erred reserved seatS will be MOTOR CENTER
THE EVIDENCE t Res., ELgin .-0839i offered persons who purchaseseason T225 WENPRICKS AYE. EX 8 3421
tickets, he said. Orders
may be made now but
STACKS UP i tickets will not be delivered., "
; until. September. ,
I ACOSTA'SEVERYTHING The Battlers will, play Benedict -

there's no Gin likeGORDON'S 'Wiley, Morris Brown i.
FOR THE FISHERMAN South Carolina State, and
; }i Bait Shrimp Live, Crabs Southern in Tallahassee this i.t
f. '" fall. The road games are "

i Fishing Tackle with Bethune-Cookman in BALLROOM .
Jacksonville, North CarolinaA
I 8019_MAIN STREET PHONE'ELGIN-49670I -& T, Allen, Texas Southern
I and the Orange Blossom / OF JACKSONVILLE
I t JACKSONVILLE. FLORIDA Classic. The Orange Blossom

i Classic will be played in ? U
j. Miami, December 5.
'- ,J No orders will be accepted i e PALMS CLOSED SUNDAY
i v-------- -- --_ -- ------ ..
without remittance. All ------ ------vv-- w----------

PflSKEfiSBERGAMOT checks or money orders I NOW SHOWING PERSON
.. should be made payable to .IN
the Florida A & M 'University
)1 Athletic Association'andmailed

EL Li NT Tallahassee.to the University at TAR HEEL r

o aI ,

S e .

: SLIM -
J -

jJ :.,
/ AND .
Mr .

1 A .All Work: Guaranteed %

MILLIONS 1 New tad Use TVs" !!1ELANII

3 689 Florid AT. /.
Phone EL.84669JacksesvlB
l PLUS'e

14 Dan Carmichael

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I ;]
e1M and HOLIDgYS $

._,.,.._...... ..wI.I.'L..,




\ .

.... 11.. THE FLORIDA STAB Week Ending S ha ..
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ftlnjjl or married couple.680 all conYtences.EL 51786. -1 'F. r that the 'sesSions WITHOUT ATTENDANTS! IT'S FUN ITS EASYI

West Dml.Street. EL 5-0807 A one-day institute for di- are open to any .teacher desiring DO IT YOURSELF
Apartments and collages recting teachers of internesis to do a good job in
house with electric
BARBER WANTED water heater. Located to accomodate two to fire College'slated, Monday at. Edward, July Waters 13, directing the teaching of in- Westin ouse Save 50%
Apply Arifcilc Barber Shop. 2113 West 40th Street.$27.50 persons.: Convienily locatedat 1959. ternes. Interested individualsmay
611 Wed Ashley Street.. EC: every two weeks.-.Call. EL American Beach. Call Mrs contact the registrar at
49231. 41132.'f R. L. ,Oliver. EL 4-2410. I :Dr.'J.'Irving E.. Scott Du-: Edward Waters College.
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Monet EL4-4711-El'S-80Zs.. .: .EL, P420V"Truck ,, PP"- : he JOHAKMSEN KNOCKOUT FLOYD PATTEHSOH. .
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