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Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
July 4, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
July 4, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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--- -- -

Ed. Waters Gets i .FL'D/fJl '


Full $25,00,0, BiTfdfH ZY

____ ____ _

VOL. 9 NO. 22 And NEWS JULY <, 1959 JACKSONVILLE 9. FLORIDA |5 Cent l a cr

--- -- --- -- -- -- -- --- 0


Assaulted Man
--- Police arrested a 50yea"old
Stemming from an urgent'! tribution increase of $75,000, man Wednesday and

appeal made by this newspaper tion's annual county contri- charged him with petty larceny -
to the County Budget ]bution to $100,000. Edward
I shoplifting h
by w e
Commission, Edward Waters I Waters College, on the other
two costume jewelry rirjr
College received the full $25- hand, was voted only $5,000, were reported taken from t1H'

000 annual contribution, approved bringing their county contri- V. T. Grant Company. 200 Wins
by the late session of j I bution income to $30,000. Main St.The Couple $10,442
the Legislature during a recall A
Dr. Stewart said it was imperative .
meeting of the commis- assistant store manaryer.
for the school to
sion last Friday. The com- receive Vernon Onlv, said Olwe _
mission's decision thereby a total county contribu- Allen, picked i up the rings --.;.........,
tion in order to meet accredi-
nullified their actions of the from the jewelry counter. The CLERGYMAN AND MITE WIFE
standards. He said the
previous week when they allotted rings were valued at 86. th
college will ba surveyed in October 1
the college only $5,000of assistant said. I
the approved $25,000. I by the Southern Assn. Patrolmen manager J. R. Rocher and WINS BUS-ATTACK SUIT
Accreditation Board and thata
This latest action of the preliminary survey has C. W. Horne investigated. STORY OF RAPE TRY ',- .
Budget Commission therefore
shown that additional fundsare
brings the county contribu- TALLAHASSEE: Negro clergyman and his white
needed for instructional IN ALLEGED RAPE ATTEMPT .
tion to Edward Waters Col- salaries. MAN ADMITS STEALING wifE:!, visiting this country from Jamaica, West Indies, were .s..
lege for the period 1959-60; to" AUTO TIRE AND WHEELA awarded $10,422 damages by a federal court order for being CLOTHES STRIPPED OFF 'OJ.,

$50,000. It was formerly only ,(thereby bringing the institu- 46-year-old man was arrested the victims_ of an attack by a white man while riding in a
$25,000. I "If we don't meet the last Friday night by The bus line was ordered to i The wooded edges of the little town Mandarin was

The issue was sparked dur- I standards, they are going to two city detectives who were pay the damages to the Rev. i i the bus line on grounds that the scene late last Sunday afternoon for a peculiar set of
ing the meeting of the com- !'take us off the accreditation cruising along in the 100 his 'the should I have circumstances built around an alleged attempted rape of a
Grover C. Bullock and
mittee held two weeks ago list and there we are, just I block of S. Myrtle Avenue company youthful Negro mother by an unidentified white man, a
when that body voted to give ''a tramp school in Jacksonville after he was spotted inside wife because of the "unpro- !warned him of the possible miaor automobile accident, and the decision of county police
the fence of the O. K. Auto voiced! : and illegal assault" on i I of his riding in
that the
Jacksonville University a con- Fla., Dr. Stewart said I I 1 consequences attempted rape charge was no more than a hoax
es Parts Company.. 175 S. Myrtle \ the couple by the white man. the front seat.Bullock's tried by the young mother.to cover up for something else.According .
Bullock blamed the attack 0
WATER SHOW BEAUTY Ave. I I face was skinned to tile victim,
partly on the fact that his
--- Det. Sgts. J. H. Tillman wife was white and partly on 1 and his glasses and watch she left her house, located in I. In the meanwhile, witnesses -
and J. W. Greene stopped !' with attest that her cloths were
broken in the altercation
the fact that he was sittingat an isolated section of the lit-
their car and the suspect ran. the front of the bus. I!the white man, Milton Pop- I torn to shreds when they laid
: He was caught across the He and his wife, Helen 1 I pell, who boarded the bus at tle township, and went to the :eyes upon her.NAACP .
WE street by the officers. When asked $505,000 damages from I Perry. family car with the intentionof
they brought the man back -- ----- joining her husband at a I

they found a tire and wheelhe I nearby ballpark. She had
had taken off a car inside her
five-month-old infant in
the parts place. PROBE
her arms. ,1,
The suspect, who was identified NETS 2 DEATH SENTENCES
r r as William Watson, 46, She relates that she was .
of a Short Dennis Street ad- suddenly set upon by.a white ,'

-,- dress was arrested and char- BEAUFORT S. C.-A jury of six white and six Negro man who began to choke her
ged with theft of a tire and men Tuesday night convicted a dapper young Negro of in the alleged rape attempt.The NEXT MONTH I
infant whom she had
wheel. He admitted the theft put :
breaking into the home of a young white mother and attempting .
on the seat of the car is said
and signed a confession to the to her.
rape to: have rolled off as she
said. Police I
charge, police
A 19-year-old white marine
struggled with her unknown
said complainant would sign was convicted in the same i Should the death sentence be attacker. She said the fancily -

warrant. court yesterday by an all- carried out it would be the dog drove the man off be-
F Y white jury of raping a 47- first recorded case in the nation fore his rape attempt was TALLAHASSEE-July 20

year-old Negro woman. of a white man being executed successful. In leaving, according will be the day when the
t ..Ck MAN HIT OVER EYE There was no recommendation for the rape of a Ne to her account, the legislative investigating com-
BY THROWN BOTTLE of mercy in either case,
man threatened to kill her if mittee will
gro.The reopen Us Inquiry -
Police reported a fight between making the death penalty second case involved she revealed the incident to
Willie Jones 29, of mandatory for both defend- 19-year-old Israel Sharpe. It into possible communist
972 W. Beaver Street and ants. Under South Carolinalaw began this i morning and anyone.In 'influences in NAACP activi-

Willie Brown last Friday attempted rape in the moved swiftly to a climax the struggle, her cloth- t ties. This probe follows
which ended with Jones beinghit victim's home is a capital of- the jurors voting at mid-aft ing had been stripped from hot
on the heels of
her the U. S.
A over the right eye with a fense. ernoon to remain in session body.
bottle. In both cases, lawyers for until it was finished. Supreme Court's decision to

ktw Police said Jones shot at the defendants asked for new In ordering the two cases She told how she, frightenedand uphold the committee's power -
hysterical, got into
trials. Judge J. Henry John- held in abeyance, Judge John-
Brown then threw a bottle the car and began driving in to subpoena witnesses
and hit Jones. The victim son delayed passing sentenceon son commented:
the direction and records.
of the
ball park
: ; was taken to Du'alIedi '\l the two until Thursday "The verdicts should establish where she I
was to meet her
morning, when he will hear all doubt that
; Center for treatment. husband. Somewhere for action, the com-
i Patrolmen J. Seldon and M the new trial 'motions. any person regardless of race, the three miles or so to the mittee made it clear that it
In the first case 24yearold color or creed can get justicein
L. Massey investigated. seek to
park she met her husband'sbrother I jail a n v defiant -
Pvt. Fred G. Davis, stationed South Carolina. I can't witnesses.The .
to whom she related
at a nearby marine see how any different verdict

I POLICE REPORTS SI base, was convicted-of rapingthe could have been given in either her ordeal. committee had to break

Pretty and provocative Donna Alexander shown :MAN WHIPS WIFE -- Negro woman April 7. case. The County Road Patrolwas I off its inquiry into Miami
above is of delightful that will heighten NAACP
the sort scenery IN MONEY DISPUTE called. i branch last Feb-

the festivities at the New Berlin annual water Mrs.\ Bernice Graham, 23, COLORED NEWS SECTION DROPPED ruary when C. E. Graves, an
show to be held on July 4. Donna a n avid sports en- of 1805 Cleveland Street, told The girl stated emphatially -! attorney for the Negro or-
thusiast and a new addition to the Junior Ski Club. that her allegations were j panization: ; the Rev. T. R.I .
police her husband, John Graham -
will participate in exhibitions of aquatic skills which FROM JACKSONVILLE laughed at by one of the of- Gibson. Ruth Perry and Ver-
27, became angry and JOURNAL i I
for the past four years have thrilled and entertained whipped her when she .refused -, ficers who answered the call. nail Albury filed a lawsuit
The Miss is 15 She said they both refused to I
eager spectators. lovely years old anda to give him some' challenging the committee's
senior at New Stanton High SchooL money. FLORIDA STAR PLANNING believe her story.In subpoena authority.The .

:Mrs. Graham was taken to MID-WEEK AFTERNOON PAPER a telephone interview suit
Duval Medical Center with a with County Road Patrol au- the committee
IN LITTLE ROCK VIRGINIA SCHOOLS swollen mouth and a badly I The "Colored News Section" of the Jacksonville Journal thorities, a STAR staff writer four for contempt to after cite the

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. EMPHASIZE: AFRICANCULTURE braised shoulder. She was was dropped from the local afternoon paper last Wednesdayand was told that the girl's I had refused to each
treated and released. will not be carried hereafter story was false, and that she answer q ues-
The TSO-pupil Raney High I I was reported this week. ', tions or bring in financialand
School, a private school estab- RICHMONDNegro pub-: Patrolmen.J. Seldon and C.i Tamiami Trail Tours bus at Perry. had signed a statement to' membership records of
lic schools throughout the Barton investigated. The order. to discontinuethe that effect. The spokesman i,the NAACP.
for white
lished pupils state of Virginia will place, colored news page came (in addition to the regular said the attack accusation waS I<

Little Rock's integration cri- emphasis on a study of African -' I from the Florida Times-Union weekly issue) for the benefitof an attempt by the 17yearold '!f I The Florida Supreme Court_
sis began, was the scene of a culture and the promo- which recently purchased the the thousands of colored mother to cover up the ruled the committee had the

rock battle waged recentlybetween tion of juvenile : I HUSBAND BEATS WIFE afternoon publication and dismissed citizens who depended upon fact that she had damaged > right to require witnesses to

Negro and white Agreement of the decenCY'j ABOUT FACE AND BODY several scores of white the Journal. for afternoon her husband's car while learn- come before it and bring re-

youths. gram was decided Mrs. Bessie Brooks, 30 of and colored employes. Amongthe reading.* ing how to drive. They further cord$. The U. S. Supreme

The school named for Dr. recent meeting of executive -I,J 1043 Palmetto Street, told colored employes who lost Simpson said that negotia- stated that they were : Court in a brief order issued
Thomas J. Raney, presidentof committee of the Virginia polise she was struck several their,positions which they tions are being made 'to secure satisfied with the conclusion :Monday refused to review
the Little Rock Private Teachers Assn., and is times about the head and held for m a n pr years were a larger and more effi- of the case. ,the decision.

School Corporation, is locatedin scheduled to be put into operation body during an argumentwith Mrs. Beulah McClellan, editorof cent press. He also issued a I The girl, on the other hand J John urged
a predominantly Negro during the 1959-60< her husband last Satur. : the colored page; her as- general call for all coloredmen .denies this, declaring that she 'the Miami resumption of

'. neighborhood.W. school session. The object of I day.The sistant, Mrs. Johnnie Mae women and boys, left 'struck a tree with the car in as possible. hearings as soon
the course, according to Donald -: victim was treated at Thomas, and several dozen without jobs as a result of her_haste to escape the scene
C. Bardshears, superin- Wyatt,. associate director colored workers who served "|
; Duval Medical Center and !the Journal-Times-Union merger of the attempted rape. I "The way those people defied
tendent of the institution, of the African-American In- released. She said she would as supervisors, and carriers. 1 to meet at the FLORIDA I the committee -
warned the students at the stitute in New York: is to en-], not press charges against her Eric O. Simpson, publisherof STAR office, 2323' Moncrief\ This i newspaper has not!culous. I think. was ridi

beginning of the term that large the geographical con-: husband, Marvin Brooks, 26, the FLORIDA STAR an-I Rd., on Monday\ July 6, at 5}been able to'reach her to de-'go there we should
anyone starting, trouble with cepts of pupils so they can: of the same address. nounced this week that plansare pan., to discuss circulation of I ftermine whether or not she iOWli make them bring them

Negroes would be immediately better appreciate their heri- Sgts. R. T. :Matthew and G. being outlined to issue a 1 the proposed afternoonFLORIDA J i signed a statement denying 't or, put them in testify"

expelled. tage. i T. Jones investigated. once-a-week afternoon paper. STAR. I t her. own former charges. S3id. jail, he

; 4'h.. ..
1 '" .'.' .. "- -;.
h ', .




FLORIDA Week Ending Saturday, July 4, 1959


THE FLORIDA, STAR -r "Politics As ,Usual"

....... ..-. ,
NEWS a .....h 'Si3yq By ERIC O. SLMPSONThe
;.;' _
il' "KW. ; ._
I-- I \ ....- ,-. JT...":;:, Democratic Advisory Council last week issed the
.. ....-F. .";-7...w:'. fourth policy pamphlet in Us series on "Foreign and Military
Published by The Florida Star Publishing Co. k'q\q rrsR' \ M -;"': .. "
for Peace
J/ ... ...; Policy and Security.
"Member of Associated Negro Press"Eric -:. ;:& : I _-_--_
O. Simpson _.__.....,--.._... __ .___.Editor / ,-; : The 11,000 word pamphlet
C. Parham Johnson .._ _____ ..._. .....News Staff \ i/i'' / is entitled 'The Military Savings on Continental Air
Hilda Wooten Circulation DepL I 4' Forces We Need and How Defense and Navy Carrier
i ; To Get Them" and was pre- construction.

MAIN OFFICE & PLANT: w; ,:! : : -:.: .. :- pared for the Council by its i The Council's pamphlet estimates -

Advisory Committee 0 n Foreign that a net annual ad-
123 Moncrief Road ._._.___ EL 4.6782 EL 4.6783 ; .
Downtown Branch Office: 423 Broad St. Phone EL 4.3773 r !Alt" ,, Policy, Dean Acheson, dition of $7.5 billion is re-
::: ; .....' Chairman, in consultationwith quired for our defense bud-
! S.- :4 Ji. military, scientific, and get.
Mailing Address -. technological experts. !
.. .
P. O. Box 561. Jacksonville: 1, Florida '-' I The Council, in calling fora
<'" l The comprehensive subordination of military
SUBSCRIPTION RATES pa m-, policy to our national policy,
\;: Iphl e t finds emphasized that Amerca's
One Year, $5.00: Half Year $3.00: Three Months. $1.50 _. _
4IJt "long-range objective is the
(that de-|
Mailed To You. Anywhere In The United States our
and effective con-
Adrance. Send Check or Money Order To: I .fense effort is
ftobccripnon Payable in ;
1. FLORIDA trol and regulation of armaments -,
FLORIDA inade-,
Ir Y Jagging The military for-

--- I "J.q; u ate, badly;''ces and strategy we outline
." fl I
r"E- 'directed, inef-' here are not an alternativeto
WATCHES DEVELOPMENTS. ; t negotiation of differencesand
SOUTH FJfi' ; fTciently organized -, mutual reduction of ar

and out
YORK MOB RAPE CASEI I SIMPSON of balance. I maments. They are the best'
OF NEW I means to those ends as to

I II The pamphlet analyzes thee I some measure of security."

Tallahas-I I e w strategic situation in I C

Following in the wake of the widely publicized :which the United States finds!i MARSHALL COMMENTSON

see rape case, the rape of a 14-year-old white girl i itself because of the progress SUPREME COURT'S
Negro youths in New York City has stimulated a keen interest of military technologyand i RULING IN CASE .

across the nation, with the sharpest vigilance. being EMBARRASSED, BY THE STALLING ON CIVIL RIGHTS LEGISLATION the development of Soviet -I Commenting on the U. S.

registered here in the South. I l! military forces. It urges i'j Supreme Court's opinion in

'Mt u"_ Ttforir..,.... VnrV.......A.. --1-rarv has--- created------- -- a-- challenging- test for!I that the United States take I Harrison NAACP, decidedby

justice, particularly on the face of the life sentences colored meted I( energetic steps to. accomplishtwo the Court on Monday,
white convicted of raping a young 1------
out to four men
woman in Tallahassee. It is perhaps the oppositeness of the purposes: ((1)) To assurean June 8, 1959, Thurgood Mar

two situations that offer the greatest challenge. Your Weekly adequate deterrent to nuclear shall, who argued the case

war; ((2)) To assure ade- before the Supreme Court,
Southern sentiment,
Florida is safely representative
of the quate non-nuclear forces to ; stated: "We are of course
custom 'and ideology; New York is largely typical Guide
North's leanings toward Metropolitania. The Tallahasseerape roscope support our foreign commit- disappointed at the outcome.

was committed by whites; Negroes the one in New B PABLO ments. However, Justice H a r 1 a n
York. The Tallahassee rape drew severe criticism from : ASTROLOGER who wrote the major opin-

most of the nation and from many nerve centers of opinion WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS Specifically and immediately ion, was careful to point out
rOR the
throughout the world. Yet, to date, there seems to bea pamphlet calls for: ((1))
in the Negro to Acceleration of the Atlas, that counsel for the Stateo
strange reluctance, particularly press BUSINESS
TRAVEL Titan, Polaris and Minuteman f had
publish more enlightening developments of the Northerncase. Virginia given assurances -
._programs to close the that Virginia will
missile gap; ((2)) Five additional -
Rape is a hideous expression of violence, especially im the ARIES I runner of the disturbing sit- SCORPIO Army divisions and a never proceed against the
instance where the perpetrator is mentally sufficient to Born March 21 thru April 19 uation that could arise on the I Born Oct. 24 inm Nov. 22 speedup of Army modernization NAACP or the NAACP Legal -

realize his actions. Rape is not a color, it is a crime. And Take nothing fer granted, 7th. The Fourth of July cele- There are indications that to provide better balan- Defense Fund under any
whether committed by white man or black, and whetherit and least of all your feelingsand brations promise to be happyones 'the individuals who can give ced forces with improved of these laws during the full
be in the North or in the South, and whether the victimbe reactions. They could with you in a positionto you a boost are either absentor limited war capa ility. ((3)) "
of this
black or white, the fullest justice should be brought to trick you into making unwise set the tempo and make not disposed to be of any I! pendency litigation.
bear whenever a court of law finds a man guilty of rape.It promises and decisions with the entertainment arrange- particular assistance right i Mr. :Marshall noted that

is now, then, a matter of seeing what the North will I detrimental results on your ments. You must be more I now. Should you .discover down with higher-ups and as- Justice Harlan had also '
do. Of seeing, for instance, if justice is the handy tool of peace of mind and the state of conscious of your virtues and :that for yourself on the 1st, sociates.3406017363l6. that
regions or prejudices or customs. Or if-as it should be- your finances, particularly on failings after the 5th, and I it may save you the embarrassment pointed out "while
justice is the climate of democracy in which all people in the 1st and 7th. Independence make up your mind to better I or mortification there is no reason to suppose

the United States and in the world may live in securityand Day ((4th) shows signs yourself. that would overwhelm you on that such assurances will not
wth a guarantee of equity whenever decision must of being uneventful but entertaining 7-80-55-18-36-785 ''the 7th. Your chances of obI be honored by these or other -

arbitrarily replace doubt; and l life or death, freedom or I when you have interesting ,I taining personal hearings and PISCES Virginia officials not
imprisonment is the remaining evidence of what has transpired -I and lovable people LEO ;receiving the proper atten- Born Feb. 19 thru March 20 parties to this the
"jITS "j['surrounding you. The 6th Born July 23 thru August 23,tion seem good. Just plug Fa i 1 u r e to penetrate the District Court of litigation course,
marks off the starting point You may have set your '''along with routine. motives of those who are cast- pos-
for those who determinedto heart and mind sesses ample authority in this
are on fulfilling ; 4--30--22--16--38--432 ing around for gullible
HARD TO BREAK EVENIf I obtain results in connec- an aspiration without further i could develop into a rather prey action, or in such supplemental
,tion with family residentialand ado. If 'i proceedings as may be
you proceed with insufficient SAGITTARIUS expensive lesson by the time
economic matters. funds to cover unforeseen Burn Nov. 23 thru Dec. 21 the 7th rolls around. The initiated, to protect the ap
earned 1939 and have wife and -
you $5,000 a year in a pellees while this case goes
840331528843TAURUS contingencies or become Nip negative trends of weekend that includes the 1th!:
children have to to break even forward..
two earn $12,113 today
you recklessly optimistic you I thought in the bud on the 1st. (Independence Day) shouldbe
in terms of purchasing according to a recent sur-, may be inviting serious set-' "
power a !lest they grow into a more a happy one with love ;.nd;, "Therefore Mr. Marshallsaid
vey.Putting it another way, the same man who earns I Born April 20 thru May 20 back. Deceptive influences or ;I aggressive form of discontent family ties provicLjg the in- :: "NAACP and NAACP
$7,035 a year today can purchase only as much as his This is likely to be the period wishful thinking on the 1st :by the time the 7th rolls gredients that make it ap. Legal Defense Fund activi-
counterpart earning: $3,000 a year in 1939. when strife at home, in would be just the things that ,,around. Accept the world on Thoughts of pleasure and affectionate ties may continue in Virginia
The "why" of this is found in two forces. One is taxes. r your associations and within set the stage for the disappointments its own terms and overcome companionship are in a normal manner unha-

The other is inflation. The first takes away more and more i j yourself could be raging out or problems that I your reluctance to adopt the l likely to become more press- rassed by the Virginia statutes -
of your dollars-and the second cheapens them. of control. The seeds could I may be your lot on the 7th. ''methods I that contribute to ing after the 5th. But do not pending further proceedings
I If be sown on the 1st, and the I The Independence Day holiday !your welfare, prosperity and neglect duty when it calls.450SS1328158. suggested b v the
harvest reined on the 7th. Tte period holds promise of ,'peace of mind. You can ob- U. S. Supreme Court."
restrained on thesed ;:s'I I stimulating social i I pastimes''tain considerable encourage-

({ matter on whom the blame I and a chance to relax. meet I from the one who shares
f!( Do's And Don'tsk1RE may be laid, since the prob-I 47OS81446478VIRGO I i your life and cares if you reveal -

lems evoked as a result could i what is in your heart.
defy solutions for some time I i g-60-88-16-16-868
to come. You can look for- ;
ward to a satisf i ying and I!I I Born Aug. 24 thru Sept. 23 CAPRICORNBorn : I

peaceful Fourth of July, ]I The danger of talking out Dec. 22 thru Jan. 19
whether indoors of turn or revealing secrets t
you stay or I Even if your friends or the
decide to explore the vicinity. I r that are not exclusively yours experts become excited
2 60 is too great to take chance over
-19-48-264 a sudden fluctuations
I I at any time during the month. in the ,
economy, you should bewareof 3
GEMINI :. your own moods, attiItudes following their
l Born May 21 thru June 191 i and actions on the 1st Hold firm to your examples.decisions
There is little doubt that ';:and 7th when you could be and holdings and maintain

you are beset by problems and I''('of i grossly misled and incapable your faith in the future, 4
the pressure of work which penetrating the mysteries, which shows no intentions of
you find necessary to clear I''I I doubts and complications that :letting you down. You would

up within a given time. The f I overwhelm find you. You should :be setting the stage for sub- 1i -
results will be far from hap- pleasure in your friends stantial losses if you make
k1RE PY'.if you try deceptive short during end. the long holiday week- :,ill -advised changes and are
cuts, hire personnel without carried away by the surface
3-00 77 13 56 397 .
checking on their referencesor indications into taking need-
't1 try to get by'with inferior I 'i less risks ((1st through 7th). S
l products or performances. A trip for those who can get
Control your reactions with : away would I be the rightmove.
i II
determination and firmnessso LIBRA -

as not to slip up and an- I i Born Sept. 24 thru Oct. 231 j-20-77-19-58-727

3 r iit tagoniz friends and associ- I: The unreliability: of friends i j I' .s
ates, particularly on the 1st and associates must be guarded I AQUARIUS I
and 7th. The Independence against, if you feel )"oui Born Jan. 20 thru Feb. 18 44
Day ((4th) weekend promises !' The people with
I can no longer. advance, considerable whom you
.IDon't to be mildly entertaining and sums in their behalf |have business or other important KEN KNIGHTInvites
somewhat expensive, but this t or for ventures that have dealings will either be
shouldn't matter too much if more glamour than substance.Be away or averse to engage in
everyone has a good time. watchful between the 1st any transactions while I the You To Listen To -

Monetary matters come up and 7th, when deceptions asj f holiday festivities are getting .
t after the 5th. well as lapses of judgment?|under-way ((1st)'. Even after "KNIGHT TRAIN"Starting : .
6-20-66- 7-24-626 ,could combine to your detriment :the 5th, when you seem ready '

., II The long ,Fourth of i,to get down to work, you are At 7:00. P. M. Nightly -
CANCER July weekend should provide ,not likely to obtain_much-at .4
Keep Your Neighborhood Untidy. .Born June 20 thru Julr 22 |events and encounters of interest ,tention or cooperation. :.-The 1400
You Are Mistaken judgment the to and hopes. '7th would be 1400
Judged By The Way You on I I you your f positively the
.Live ,
1st would only be the fore I 6-50-77-18-68-657 wrong day to press for anI

'. '....: :. .._ ., ,. : ,: .... -. ',: ,', >
t c. .' ,- ., ._ v'.f.. ._ 'o" .>':: ,Y- 'l" '
..- .- -. ";" ---- --- :: ,: ., T
l -




i- : :

Week End1ng Saiurdav. July 4. 1959
n.__ "M... ..__

Wedding Bells .CLUB NOTES.CooDWILL -
= :
'irw'r .
Applications for. Marriage fijUJI -
SAVING CLUB -- "\; : =,

Torrence Davis, 3527 Myrtle The annual tea of the ;w '. By
i ,4
Ave., age 20 and Barbara Goodwill Saving and Sewing ib.- : ,,.I '. LOUSE G GUINYARD
Dailey, 1219 McConihe, age Club were held recently in \-_+ "rf .;.;. a tOn

18. the home of Mr. and Mrs. I

Robt. Morgan, 422 BroadSt. Samuel Cherry, 2060 West' S:' the eve of this must important national! holiday, we
., age 36 and Frances E. 16th Street. i I f I cinnot think of n getter! way to begin speakirg to you socially -

IIaines- 52 Oak St., age 23. A program was presented 4sus \ this week than to wi.h for you a safe and sine Fourth

Eddie ,Yo Lockley, 5710 Mon during the event with the tI. ,. >r Jul;'. This \\Lh. conies v ''th all sincerity, that those of

crief Rd., age 25 and MaryL. following persons appearing: I. r ., you scanning.these lines this week will do so in sound health
Wells, Rt. 9, Box 405 B, Miss Lorraine Sampson, Mrs. 1" next week and not from a hospital bed.
age 18.Eugene. Carrie Bell Mattox, Mrs. 1 "
Mobley, Jr., 2041 'Louvenia Alston, Miss Ruby s .. We remind you again of the water show at New Ber-
s s {
Commonwealth Ave., age 20 Ragland and Tyrone Will i lin July, including the cross-channel swim, boat racing and

and Claretha Gamble,. 717 iams. 1rbr water Club. skiing, sponsored by the New Berlin Outboard Motor

Carnn St., age 17. !,
Charlie McWhite. III 163L.,'!! WASHINGTON COUNT P i a t f

W. 11th St., age 20 and Le- SLATES ANNIVERSARY
ola Gamble, 750 W. BeaverSt. I Recent weddings of interest were those of the Clar-

., age 18.Preston i The 43rd anniversary of I ence Von Bosticks, Virgil P. Rogers, and Russell Gregorys.

Graves, 2016 Cal- Washington Court 206 will, I The former Miss Victoria James of Jacksonville became

houn St., age 19 and Alta M. be observed, July 19 at the j j I the bride of Virgil P. Rogers of Miami, Florida, in Bethel

Ricks, 1402 Grothe St., age Masonic Temple, 4th floor. ; ,a : k I I Baptist Ch':"ch, June 13, 1959. with the Rev. Robert Wilson

::0. A program has been ar- officiating. Miss Evelyn Willis of Atlanta Georgia was

Richard Wallace, Jr., 1969 ranged to be presented during i i maid of J h.: ior. Bridesmaids were Mrs. Evelyn Cobbins
.a ,
W. 16th St., age 18 and Bar- the celebration. yri 1 tJ'iss! Bettye) Robinson, Mrs. Alary Alice Moore and Airs.;\
bara Mack, 1250 W. 3rd St., 1 l rankie Ruth Handy. Ushers were Christopher Brewington .

age 15.Russell. IRIS GARDEN CIRCLE I George Handy, John II. James and Attorney Earl

W. Gregory, 2537 HOLDS FINAL MEET BIRTHDAY EVENT-Participants, who joined Miss Barbara Nancy Maule in celebrating Johnson. Alford Barr of Miami served as best man and
Davs St.. age 36 and HelenM. The Iris Garden Circle con- her 10th birthday recently at the home of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. William AIi-s.\ Florida Cave '\its bridal consultant. The groom i k an

Saunders, Rt. 9, Box 330 ducted its final meeting for T. Maule. 2321'' Kinwood Avenue are seen here. In the front row from left are: Tho- instructor at Booker: Wellington: High School in Miami and

age 29. the calendar year recently at masina Willliams Skipper Anderson. Zelma Fitzpatrick Miss Barbara Maule.hono- the bride teaches in the public school system in Atlanta,

Jos. Holloway, 403 11th S., the home of Mrs.\ Annie L. ree; Debra Warren. Dierdie i Satterwhite and Patricia Walker. Seen in the back row Georgia.

Jax Beach, age 18 and Maggie Huff, 1862 W. 24th Street, in the same order are Ralph Monroe. Deloris Walker Sandra Henderson. Gloria .

L. Gadson, 404 S. 8th St., with Mrs. E. L. Weems, Mrs. Williams,_S._Bannister, Shirley Bannister. Bobby Monroe and Hunter Satterwhite. I

Jax Beach, age 16. James.. Johnson. and Mrs. Mat- The former Miss Charlotte Brown of 11-1 t.Evergreen

12, Bobby W. -7th W.St.Bloodworth., age 23 'and 14 esses.lie Scott serving as. co-host- ; ABOUT PEOPLEJames r Airs.of Jane Mr. and E. Davis Mrs.ilbur, daughter .ATTEND! STATE MEET.CLUB'S Avenue o. _and. '.' ".Clarence W.. ]'",. :....,._. ._ Von....'......"Bostick_'....$. were united in matrimony

Rosemary H. Harris, 925 W. Airs. Mary Todd McKenzieof |IL. Davis of 3527 Myrtle Ave- .! DELEGATES ". at Alt. Zion A.AI.E. Church,

23rd St., age 20. the Highland] Heights Gar- Howard i flue, left the city .recently*for I,!SEMINOLE CULTURE i 'June 13, 1959 with the Rev W.

Isaac McClary,706 W.Mon den Circle installed the offi chairman of the district Car i Columbia, S. C: to attend summer .; ,,-aF.... Foster performing the cere-
roe St., age 22 and Betty J. cers for the circle. I i Dining sessions at Allen UniverI '>.)mon '. Miss Gertrude Millnor
Union 'I I I Delegates and members
\Vade : Employees Local 495, of j
5416 Dodge Rd., She will her du- s
age y resume
the of Greensboro North Carolina
18. is visiting his family in Birmingham -i I I I Seminole Culture Club, ,
Walter E. DO RIGHT SAVING CLUB Alabama, and will i!ties in the Duval County Public -', I who attended the fift .first I 1 .'w-as maid of honor, while Aliss-\
King, 1987 W. School in
BEACH TRIP I to the September. I annual session of the Florida ,.-* Ann Foster Padrica Mendez
return i
city 6. yes
17th St., age 24 and Annie T. The Do Right July I i ,,, .. ,
Saving dub S .. Association of Colored Wom Catherine Oree and Alarvyne
Mitchell I
1586 W. 17th St., will sponsor a trip to Butler ', en's Clubs ', ,.fi: .' .
age 26.Ernest. Beach July ,, Hugh Wilson, manager of Inc., which was .r Betsch served as bridesmaids.Alilton .
4. i the Strand Theatre and former 'I conducted in Lakeland Flori I '. Davis of Chicago, Illinois -
Jones, Jr., 1439 W. The buses will leave 1643 i staff writer for the "Flo-- da, recently were: Airs. B.I I :F was best man, while Rai-

25th St.. age 23 and Joanne Davis Street at 8:30 a.m. and ida Star" is now substitu-i Airs. Ruth Williams of 314 Summerall Gordon, .Mrs. Prudence ; ,ford Brown, Jr., William "Bilr -

Brannon, 1217. W. 8th St., will stop at 754 W. Church I ting for vacationing Art Morton -I|'E. Beaver Street is iecu per- i Aarons, Miss Eartha AI. '. .. ly" Moore, Robert Douglas and

age 29. Street. ,, on WOES' "Swing Time t tI fating at home following an :II. White and Airs. Helen lIci i '' '. : Charles Covington served as
Clarence L. Yates, 735 Tickets may be purchasedat MI the :Morning Show" from)I accident. She is a memberof I Laughlin. I x ushers. Both the bride and
Everson St., age 21 and Rosa 1643 Davis Street the Grant Memorial AAIEChurck.
and 751 4 a. m. to 6 +;groom are employed in the Du
M. Johnson, 1555 W. 5th. St., \V. Church Street. Mrs. E, I through Saturday.a. m.Monday I dent Airs.\ Algeron] Dolen, presi val County Public School Sys-
age 19. B. Hollis presided over the meeting'
president; and Fred .. gem Airs. Carolyn Miller was
G e o. Robinson, Jr., 1334 Nesmith, business I which was held in the Rochelle y bridal consultant.
Barnett St., age 23 and Nan- manager. :Mrs. Aggie L. Carter is re- High School auditor-. Mrs. C. Bostick

cy E. Chester, 1334 Barnett PANSY BLOSSOM CIRCLE cuperatng 1934 Louisiana at her home at I Miss Borden Black, daughter ium. Saint Paul A.AI.E. Church was the scene of the wed-
St. follow-
age 29 "TTJTTS FINAL MEET an accident. of Major and Mrs., James "Creating: A Better Under ding of Miss Helen Saunders and Russell Gregory, June

Willie A. Young, 661 S.' The Pansy Blossom Sewing i ing R. Black Jr., of Geneva, N. Y., st"ndingand Relationship 23, with the Rev. R. Blaine officiating. :Miss Estelle Williams -
Lmc.!n Ct., age 21 and Tru-'Circle held its final meeting is visiting her grandparents, with All People" was the was maid of honor, while Mrs. Alma Daniels, Mrs.

die E. Townsend, 724 \\'. 4th nt te! home of Mr.\ and Mrs. Mrs. :Mamie Small of New Mr. and Mrs. E. :M. Ramsey theme for the meeting. Pearl Mackey, Miss Johnnie Clyde, Miss 'Marian Tucker,

St., age 17. ,C. Campbell.! 1332 Steele St., I York City i is in the city visiting in their home on Doctor's The next State meeting will Mrs. Mary Gregory and Mrs. Olga Higginbotham were

James A. Martin. 731 Ca- T.-Ilh: Mrs. Reba Christopheras her sick mother, Mrs. Lake Drive, Orange Park. be held I in St. Petersburg, bridesmaids. Melvin Gregory, brother of the groom, served

therine_ St.__ ,..age_ _21. and. Fletia hostess. Elizabeth:; Williams at 630 Fla., June, I960.PROGRESSIVE. as best man. Ushers were Herbert James, \\HOOr Gibson,
T. T'oj. \ P'Ir'i, t alone fnr ...,.,.., t
arc a n, IJ :J rionaa Ave., n___ __. fho........ ......UU ,1 l West Church. Rudolph Daniels.. Albert Alackev and Delanor Mackey. Airs.\
age 18.John. outing were enacted. The out- ... .-. -. Amy Curry served in the capacity 01 bridal consultant:.

L Birdsong, Rt. 9, i..;: will: be held at the Alex- Mr. and Mrs. Oris L. Mer-, Mrs. Henrietta Williams of CLUB Attending the weddings were Mrs. T. Sallette Small
Bo: 410 Y, age 24 and Vivian nnder Cottage at the Ameri- rit and daughters 314 E. Beaver St., returned Mrs' Bernice D. White, Mrs. Alma Glass, Mrs. Veatria

Wilder, 1557 Windle St., age n": Dcnch on July 23. Margeruite, of, 5744 Claryceand Iris to the city recently from Ali- TO SPONSOR TEAA Williams, Air. and Airs. Harry Littlejohn, Miss Vera Flowers,

21. Blvd. Magnolia ami and West Palm Beach, Mrs. Dell Thomas, Air. and Mrs. Phillip Brown of Myrtle
Horace Nixon, 1040 Jessie'!r;. J. c. s. CLUB the city Gardens, left where she visited her son and n annual L e s ChapeauTea Beach, South Carolina; Air.\ and Mrs. Buxton Brown of Conway -
recently to visit
St., age 21 and Joan Greene PLANS OUTING in relatives daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. will be sponored by the South Carolina; Mrs. Lizzie Nims of Tallahassee, Florida
724 The N. J. C. S. Club Georgia. They are Herbert Williams.. She and of others.
Franklin St., age 18. will members of the Zion is Progressive Club of St. Paul ; scores
Otis Johnson sponsor an outing to Bathune' Hope a member of the Grant Memorial AME Church
I' 19
1878 W. 10th July at
Baptist Church. We
Beach in are grateful to Mrs. T.: Solette Small for information
St., age 34 and Catherine Daytona, July I 4 AAIE Church. home of Mrs Hallie Sampson. the recent nuptials.
Lewis from 9 a.m. until 11 on
1651 W. 11th St. p.m. 1616 West 28th Street from
23. age The buses will stop at Flor- Mrs. Sarah P. Robinson, Mrs. Thelma Coleman is re- 4to6p.m. I .
Wn' Avenue, 751 Van wife of the Rev. S. S. Robinson
Henry Newman Buren cuperating at home, 2145 Da- A is I
23th St., 1194 W. Street, Fourth and Florida' superintendent,Gainesville vis Street, following several program for the being arranged I Dr. and Mrs. C. H. Banks are honeymooning in New
age and Eliza- Avenue District event, with York City. Mrs. Banks is the former Miss "Miss
beth Bowles 21st and Phoenix Methodist i days illness in Brewster Hos- local artists Lalvay (
St., age 17. 1533 W. 22nd Avenue, 27th and Franklin I Churches, is ill in the Brew- pital. She is a member of Pries will appearing.be awarded FAMU of 1958-39"; ) Beasle). She is an Alpha Kappa Alpha
W Streets, 28th and Buckman ster Hospital. She is an in- the Second Baptist Church. the ladies to soror, while Dr. Banks is affiliated with Alpha Phi Alpha
St. m. Benton, 4616 Stuart Streets, and Johnnie Springeton's I;structor at the Aloncrief Elementary *- wearing the most Fraternity and the Flajax Club.
age and chapeaus.
J. Anderson ] Place in ] School.
514 Odessa St. South Jack-i Dr. Charles E. Price, professor Mrs. Marie AlcClain] of 1236 Steele Court is vacationingin
sonville. I
17. age II of Political Science of Philadelphia] Pa., accompanied by daughters Barbara,
j I- ,I, Mrs. Eleanor J. Gay of 1238 Livingston College at Salisbury
Rudolph I. Marilyn, and Almaria, son Terrence, and her mother.
Smith MRS.
1836 Cal- \\ 14th Street is ill I A. GRIFFIN
houn St. St., agt 35 and Mary E. Jones,'', in Brew- N. C., formerly deanof
M. Dennis, age 21 and Verna'' 1848 W. 6th St., age 35. I:ster Hospital, where she has N. and I. College, along HOSTESS FOR MEETThe Mrs. AlcClain will return to the city this week while the

2324 Woodland Earl Mitchell, 2261 Forest;':undergone surgery. She is a with his wife, :Mrs. Lennie B. other members of the clanIoill remain in Philadelphia for
age 18. ,!'St. age 23 and Annie L. Er-|;!member of the Alt. Zion AME Price, an instructor at Turner Carnation Garden Cir- the duration of the summer.

Mack Holland, 1848 W. 6th' vin, 618 W. Duval St. age 22.'\Church and an instructor at High School of Atlanta, Geor- cle held a meeting recently at .
i;New: S t a nton Senior High gia; and Mrs. Evelyn Alarlow] the home of Air.\ and Mrs. Ar- Mrs.
s f.I f.I f.School. 'of Atlanta Margaret Culler, counselor at Campbell Street
f.I weer in the nett Griffin 1263 W. 28th
city ,
I High School] Daytona Beach, Florida, is vacationing in the
recently visiting Mr. and Street with Mrs.
GLORIOUS Yrs. Willie Grif-
from to Marsh B l'Y mer is ill at Samuel I Anderson of 442 fin and Mrs. Mary Harris city as the guest of :Mrs. M. J. Jones; of 2333 Woodland

= I Brewster Hospital. He is i> a Phelps l Street. They also vis- serving as cohostesses.The Street.
r, j .::r.r- r Grant
v wc Memorial ited other cities in
Florida be- .
previous .
meeting .
i AMt; tnurch.; fore ,
+ ; returning home. the circle was held at the

home of Air. and Mrs. Doug-
Allen Moore, Jr., a former Jaxon was a recent visitor
i / las Calloway.]] D a ri i n g the
meeting, Mrs. Mar ie Lot te the city. lie is now a resident of Baltimore, Alaryland.While .

rra opened the discussion on the here he was highly entertained by his devoted aunt,

r .care of azaleas. Camelliaswere Mrs. T. Sallette Small. '

also 1 discussed by the
a e
'% members. I *
4 x m r

I Several! new members were.
presented to the circle. We' neglected to mention last week that Mrs. Clara

% \ % 1k Our very liberal Durham is studying at the University of California, I locatedin
; earnings are com: Each account 1*
CHRISTMAS Berkley, California.
pounded S i "
e m rlhtsl+ insured up toS10.000
Annually on Saying {] by the CLUB TO SPONSOR .
in this. Asso I
i I 1 7;)7 Federal Spring OUTING TO DAYTONA
elation which i* Q ) ad Loan Incur '
I chartered and su-J ntwscr raria -Corporation The benefit dance staged by the FlaJax Club last Friday -

I ptvriMd by the -- authorised by an I An outing to Daytona t evening was a huge success. Although it,was our mis-

fm LARIEUSE J Jy U. S. GoTvrameni: act of CozsufiY Beach will be sponsored by fortune to be out of the city at the time, we understand
.r f the Christmas Sisters Social
U.7. Haircolor ,. Saving Club, July 4. Tickets that everyone present had a wonderful time listening and

may be purchased from Mrs.J. t dancing to the music of The Five Royals.
T ada,..haft hair u rich and natural-looking M !
.. the proCessional model hotro here! One hour, and Phillips and Airs. Dorothy i i Charles Simmons, president of the Fla-Jax Club, greeted

roaessed' brings back youth to drab, James. iguests at the door, along with other members of the club
s easy to use.tino
over- or graying ? .Y The bus will leave
extra purchase*needed.Get loogJasong and Union I and Juniue Bowman, director of the Jacksonville Urban
C'iodcfroy.LarkuteDOwl at 7:30
: -
I' e..Etflebtlshedl136 ;; a.m., Phoenix i Avenue and I! League. ..
: J 1Gi.yo .. 21st Street at 7:45 27th. "0j
L Ih caewb MMi: sad M. S r/V j C .. .
..t r kit.ask napJaw.llM : f. and Buckman Streets at 8 a. :|
mit....aN....... m.; .712 W. Duval Street at.I '

OOOffKOY' MFO OX.3S10U". ..all fktf...uaa.t .. 8:15 a.m., and Forest and Calvin -j t See you next week, and do strive for a SAFE. FOURTH
.. ; .Struts At R ; I I I
----" :W a.m. of JULY '.celebration ."' .



Page Four THE FLORIDA STAR Week Ending Saturday July 4, 1959 ,

I I Sunday School Convention To Meet At St. Stephen m



annual tea will b? given -
by District No. 1 of the I .r
Abyssinia Baptist Church on I The St. Stephen A.M.E. Church, of which the Rev. J.
July 12 from 4 to 6 p.m. in I S. Johnson is pastor will be host to the District Sunday
the basement of the church. j School, A.C.E. League, Y.P.D.. and R.A.Y.C. Convention of

E. R. SIMPSONTO The buses will leave the A program will) be presented I the North Jacksonville District, A.M.E. Church July 1
CONDUCT SERVICE church at 8 a.m. Mother during the affair featuring ,(, I \ through July_;3, The Rev. R. E. Lamb is the nresidine- elder."Christ's .

Services at the West Union Sarah E. Jones is the pastor. local artists. p f its Way", Integrating ,

Baptist Church, July 6 will be .'. ., the Integrated, will be the ,es in the Sunday School," and
i The Sunday School Depart- theme and "Institute In J
conductedJby the Rev. E. R. t'I i"Home and Church Working
ment will)) sponsor an outing Christian Education" will be "
Simpson, pastor of the Zion Together.
Talbot Island
July the plan. I
Church. He will
Hope Baptist
be accompanied hy his.con- TO SPONSOR TRIP 11. Buses will) leave the Registration will i I I be held I I Ii The Rev. D. B. Thorpe will
I A trip to American Beach
church at 9
gregation. Choir} i No. 2 is will be sponsored by DistrictsNo. a.m. July 1 at 8 a.m. The R.A.Y.C. preside July 2 at thet12 noon

sponsoring the service. 1 and 13 of th Mt.\ Ararat District No. 6 will give an :and Y.P.D.will be held at 8:45 :i:service, and the Rev. R. A.

Deaconess Board No. 1 will Baptist Church, July 4. outing to the American Beach a'- im., under the auspices of :.King will deliver the sermon.

conduct its meeting Sunday, Buses will I leave Carolineand July 18. Buses will leave the 'v.4 .. Mrs. Eunice Richardson and I,.I The Rev. J. \\ Young will de-
July 5 in the Educational Pearl church at 9 a.m. -? ,'. Mrs. Claudia Daniels. The liver the address July 3 at 12 ,
Building. 9 a.m., A A. M. E. Church history and ,,o'clock, with the Rev C. J.
and from the church at 9:30 A dollar day rally will be "' ,-
l.1 ." discipline will be discussed. I Hodges and Rev. T. D. Tyson. ,
JERUSALEM: CHURCH a.m. sponsored by the Sunday .-":' A music course in Christian Rev. O. P. Potts, and the Rev.
A. .
SLATES ANNUAL DAY School Department July 19. )>,itr; p.. Education will be conducted.The I i William Robinson in charge of
Women's will beginning with the Sunday instructors are: E. N. the devotional senice.MORTGAGE .
be observed at the Jerusalem Day LITERARY TEA School hour. A program will ti 11 Reed, supervisor; Dean J. B.IE M I s
..'" i
Church Eastside July TO BE GIVEN be presented at 3:30 p.m. < :+ p per son, the Rev. D. B.
Baptist -
with Mrs.\ Daisey Bell Kelseyas ., __ lJ Thorpe, Rev. J. T. McMillan\ ,
Gibbons I -
with Mrs. E.
12 ;
AT EMANUELA Ft..t'.Y. k 4.ft.
chairman, and :Mrs. Elizabeth the guest speaker. Others 1 "., Arthur Madry and Mrs. Jua-
will alsa on the nita Johnson. *
appear pro-
Jenkins as cochairman.The I ... It
captains are: Mrs. gram. wg; "':. The courses will include: Long term 12 year loans,

Irene Waye, Mrs. Ruby Lee Literary Tea will be 'a. "The Life and Work of Paul," repayable SID per monthon
Howell)), Mrs. Mildred\ Tripp, II sponsored by District No. 17/ a ... k--- "A Brief Survey of the New the SI.000 for home improvements
and Mrs. Sarah Dunbar. Mrs. of Emanuel Baptist Church, ANNOUNCES ANNIVERSARY-Andrew Lee McCall, Testament "The Life of Jes repairs and
Josephine Greene will serve July 5 from 3 to 5 p.m. A program BETHEL BAPTIST shown here fs announcing the 8th anniversary of the us," "Improving the Sunday additions to your existing
as pastor for the day.MEN'S I has been arranged fox CHURCH CONDUCTS McCall Gospel Singers which will be observed at the School 1 "Introduction to house. Quick and efficient
the affair. Triumph Holiness Church. Third and Franklin Streetsat Teaching," ,"Improving the service. No red tape. Just

DAY SLATED I District No. 18 will conduct OUTDOOR SERVICE 8 p. :m. Friday July 3. All participating groups are ACE. League," "Adult ClassE. good credit rating and OWn
AT FOUNTAIN CHAPEL its meeting at 3 p. m. asked 16 be on time in order to march In. Mrs. Evelyn or buying your own home.M. .
Annual Men's Day will be. with Mrs. Missouri Johnson. Johnson will serve as mistress of ceremonies. C. Par- J. SIMON
celebrated at the Fountain 2055 Burrow Street. District Outdoor services will be ham Johnson will give the occasion. Mrs. Florence At- 621 First Federal Building

Chapel A.M.E. Church, July No. 14 will hold its meetingat I conducted at the Bethel In- will kins be will be in charge of the hostesses. The program D. BANNISTERSETS 306 W. Adams EL 6.2489

19,with the officers in charge 3 p.m. in the home of Mr. stitutional Church July 5 The admission opened with prayer by Deacon Leroy Mallory. ANNIVERSARY
of the activities.Officers and Mrs. Solomon James, through August 30 in the is free. s .

for the observanceare 4834 Booker Street.Refreshments street to the churchat
: Walter Johnson, general will be sold Caroline adjacent Street, accordingto J. W. .CONYERS FIRST NEW ZION OH July -12, Mrs. Ethel' "

chairman; and Ezekiel July 4 by District No. 3 all an announcement made b\ TO CELEBRATE PLANS Davenport Bannister.will observe f
Haynes, cochairman.The day at the Ball Park. DistrictNo. 'the Rev. Robert H. Wilson, WOMEN'S DAY her anniversary in the LEARN TO DRIVE
general public has been 2 will sponsor an outingto pastor. ANNIVERSARYThe Duval County Armory audi Secure Drivers' License
invited to attend each serv- Silver Springs July 4. The torium with :Mary Dee of Bal SAFEWAY DRIVING

ice during the observance. bus will leave the church at The annual church outing Annual Women's Day will timore, M d., serving as the SCHOOL

9 a.m. will be held at the beach 12th anniversary of I be observed at the First mistress of ceremonies.The 600 West Beaver Street

SUNSHINE SPIRITUAL District No. 9 will hold its July 20. Holy Communion ; Joseph W. Conyers .'f+ Zion Baptist Church, July 13 Gospel Caravans, Sou> GEORGE PERPENA. Dir.
CHURCH TO HOLD OUTINGAn meeting Sunday, July 5 at the ,service will be held July 5 and as a musician throughout the day with the Stirrers, Highway Q. C's. ane"the Office ELgin 5.7742
outing to New Berlin, home of Mrs. Fannie Scurry, during the 11 a.m. worship.The be celebrated gospel singer, will l officers in charge of the ser Brother Joe May will b< Res. ELgin 4.0639
July 4, will be sponsored by 740 Duval Street and Dis- Bethel Baptist Institutional m. at the July 9 at' 8 p.I; vices.i the special guests for the cele
,the Sunshine Spiritual trict No. 11 will meet at 3 Church will be host to Church. Midway AME I bration. .
Church. Invitations have p.m. at the home of Mr. and the annual l State Conventionof i Choir No. 2 of the'churchwill Local artists to appear or

been extended to the publicto Mrs. Joe Jefferson, 2836 Ve- the Sunday Schools aid Mrs. Ethel Davenport Ban, serve at the Zion Hope the program will be the Celestial

go on the outing. nus Street. BYPU's July :22-26. nister will serve as mistressof '; Baptist Church, July 7. The Gospel Singers and. the -: WALTS RADIO &.
ceremonies for the cele Rev. W. M.. Smith will deliver Voices of Jerusalem.

bration. the sermon at the First TV SERVICEAll
.Corinth i Baptist; Church,July -- -- -- --
HOME-SEWER CALM, COOL Others t. appear are: Houseof !S. He will b e accompanied Work GuaranteedNew
Saints Choir No.1, Sing by Choir No. 2, Usher Board TOOTH and Used TV's
I AND FASHION COLLECTE=:D FOR SUMMER in; Angels, Angelite Gospel No.2 and congregation.
Singers, R. L. Rudolph, the ACHE :ii0i1eliribs. : t.. 669 Florida Ave.
i !> you in li .c.eluper.t.
Singing Winders, Richard OWL > Phone EL 3-4009
shirtwaist with
I The summer diiN
By Evelyn Cunningham
: Kiln f
Davis you on Jacksonville, Florida
dress is a classic. Tried and Gospel Crusaders, Mrs. i' rely en OU-lfL
--- true, it is never out of style.It Bernice Thomas, the McCall FIRST CONFERENCEON for tire fMt. .tfftcrout. Just- ORA.JEL
j Z ) > [ offers freedom of motion Gospel Singers, Moses Davis,, t t
., Miss Essie Mae. MISSION _
". ."-.-." and simplicity. It is wearable Tkomas, The CLOSES un
:""=---. for occasionsand Excelcers Gospel ,i
i many,many Singers)
,- it is always correct. Mrs. Amnie i B. Singletary! You Don't Have to Go to Town to GetPRVESd

; and Joseph Johnsoa. I I The first conference on
Hostesses for the occasion',
A : /f'fl Uelude: Miss Missions for the Florida Con-
The full-skirted lime green Christine Johnson LOW
dress with the front tie is a Betty Green, Bernice was conduted at Be-,
il cousin of the shirtwaist. Stubbs, Betty Jean Williams, thune-Ceoknaan College,June
A ;;l.--.. (McCall's Pattern No. 4917)). Zelena Tripts, Mary L. Rogers 30 through July 2 with the I On You-

,-rft tt = The bodice is fitted and the Marv L. Cull, Eleuise gerieralthe>tie"Every Methodist -
fl_ ; { iour-gore skirt has impressed Holsey, Gloria J. Hooks,Barbara A Missionary". The con- DRUG STORE NEEDS
i .' :I. pleats. The ends of the front Manuel, Elizabeth WiK)! ference was sponsored joint
i:) ; :i-tl tie: are sewn in the side bert and Bobbie J. Marvin. )ly by the Florida Conference Tr"dVirh Your Neighborhood Drug Store

F 1.I -1' seams. The notch collar is Boajjd of Missions and the
I cut in one with the front GeiWal Board 0 f Missions, WE WILL MITT' ANY PRICES ADVERTISED
I II 1N.i_ bodice and the sleeves are ZION HOPE ,MALE the Methodist Church. IN YOUR LOCAL PAPERS

I cut in one with the back and CHORUS OBSERVES9th .
E front bodice. The Officers .f the conference
r ...;:. ". pattern We Deliver We Also FBI All Doctors' Prescriptions
"':"- also carries pieces for a slim ANNIVERSARYI were: Bishop J. W. E. Bowen -

4 skirt. Made in misses sizes, I Dr. Charles F. Golden,
el t '" ?;;'- ._ ",i;'';;;, the
; this lends itself to 9th Rev. Rogers P. Fair
pattern I anniversary of the Rev.
l f-;:; .: I'many fabrics. Ideal as a I I Male Chorus of the Zion Hope Aaron D. Hall and Mrs. Ag Dixie Pharmacy

""' .- '. -::"'-:'"I.r'i,=: ;::.. summer print, it would makea I I Baptist Church will)) be observed nes J-f.Fair. Mrs. Eleanor :M.
.- wonderful fall opener in '! October 19 in the au- Hurley was the Director of 1302 KINGS ROAD at MYRTLE AVENUE
tissue weight wool or flannel. i'ditonum Music.
of the PHONES
t : __ .... church. EL J.UI1MI
1 --- -; !'
,"- \v. Byrd is the president
... EMBROIDERED TRIM VARIETY I and Mrs. Emma B. Johnson livered Bishop J. W.' E. Bowen de PAY YOUR LIGHT WATER AND TELEPHONE
for snnner classic. Dress with The other dress of blue I; is the pianist. the dosing sermon I
J S aiDe- ore skirt cuffed short and white ticking (launders The Rev. Andrews of the at 2 p. 111., July 2. BILLS AT OUR STORE
sleeves and collarless bodiceis
beautifully) is Allen
fun to make and wear. In 'I Chapel AME Churchill
SHIRTWAIST FOR SUMMER'insores bit of trim is the en> to make. (McCall'sPattern be the speaker for the
cool comfort. Front tie broidered cotton band inserted No. 4546)). It is pram observance and C. Parham SUPPORT THE DRIVE
ends bowing at the waistline in alternate panels near the tically mistake-proof, even Johnson of the St Paul AME ABYSSINIA CHURCH F
adds fashionable detail to this lower part 01 the skirt and
full-skirted dress with Otcbed circling the waistline. fonder for those sewing for the first Church will be the master of SLATESDALLARDAY
collar. Yours for the making in fal ia printed cottons, dacron time. The nine-gore skirt j ceremonies.The .
linen printed silks or cottons. and cotton mixtures or striped pieces are straight, and male choruses of Tab- FOR BETTER TREATMENT
McCairs Pattern 4917 ia cottons. McCall's Pattern aIn 4S4$ gathered at the natural waist- ernacle -
Misses sizes 10-20. 50<. Misses sizes 10-18. 50*. Baptist, St. Thomas :
line. The short sleeves are Baptist, Mt. Ararat Baptist, Abyssinia Baptist Church :
cuffed and the fitted bodice Emanuel Baptist, St. Paul will observe "Dollar Day", OF NEGROES LOCAL FIRMSI
collarless. Four self buttons AME and lit throughout the
One of the smartest are wont to bloom out in the Bethel Baptist day.
look cool and composed waysto summer with bare shouldersand close the back opening. An ingenious | Churches \vill participate in All members are asked to would like to see a new policy of better treatment

during the hot summer months plunging necklines downto bit of trim are the the annual celebration. bring a basket. Dinner will)) to Negro customers adopted by local firms.
isto wear "cover up"dress. there. For some reason or embroidered cotton bands be served on the ground. I resent being called by my first name: by salesman

Contrary to popular opinion, other, the summer offers thema about the waist and near the FALL SESSION SET Dinners will be served Sat- and saleswomen.
lower.part of the skirt.Ribbon urday, July 27, beginning I benne that Negro patrons should be provided
a strapless, revealing dress challenge and a chance to AT SHILOH at
does necessarily make the be daring.Be or lace may be substituted CHURCH 11a.m. by District No. 9 at ample rest room facilities In local establishments and
wearer any cooler. Usually, or simply a contrasting belt the church. Orders delivered an end put to Jim-crow signs on drinking: fountains
these latter dresses don't' may, be.used.. Any of the Registration for the sum by request. and rest rooms."
cotton and synthetic fabrics mer session of the Shiloh To accomplish these changes I willing
f even give the Illusion of com- that _as it may however am cease
fort and composure. most women frown on may be used for this pattern. Kindergarten is being- held All choirs and usher boardswill paironWng firms that are unwilling to meet there
wearing revealing dresses I each day from 8 am. to 4:30pjn. have a joint anniversary requests. .
in the auditoriumJuly, 29.
on city streets. As much as 1
It's a funny thing about they would like to spend ereiy Weekly Fashion Sewing The school offers preschool An outing to Talbot Island NAME! + ..
strapless_ summer cottons hot day in short shorts they Tip Don't, if you find one I training, numbers will be sponsored by the Sun -
incident ally. They hare an know that they must conform seam longer than the other work arts and crafts, music, day School), July 12. Buses ADDRESS i
onerring attraction for shy I and they try to reach a happy slice off a bit at the end. audio-visual ,aids, story-tell will leave the church at 9 .
inhibited ladies. Members of combination of comfort coolness If one side is longer you ing under the direction of the ajn. .
this rather conservative and instructors. .. ( ) Ton may disclose my cam U _<
group social acceptance.. have stretched it ia handling. District No- 6 will sponsoran ssy.
The fall session' will begin outing to American Beach ,deaIIJ unless.. Indfcaied otherwise below.
I '. September 1. July 18. I d thai say ... wffl be b.Idt


< Y.Y .

.. .

I .. ",,_ ft

', '
t Week Ending Saturday, July 4, 1959 THE FLORIDA STAR -, ,- ... Page FirsEXCHANGED

Y .,; .::.. ....,..r. ,'.'-' ,.'l r, ..r'.fKr:, :.rh ..::,}:.YI'r Z: <' : ./ .....,.,..'T ;- """ ; '""';: "'" '. ': ._,....-" -: ._- ... -..
:. :: : 1"P : \ :
I .i:4 .

: :
: rI
: > ,.% ; ? '

( .
.. .. : .. ; ;#
,. ''';'.'', < :" ', _
< "

d ;';. 4.

a ,
x t :a tR '

.a' : A ,...... .:/., ...

:::& j.R
< :'

.a' :: '' ..

.. .". '.:.:\/;. ..

:l ;.0 :i ,

1 ... .::.... l. '

.. ./
ti;. ., \ #f ..

ytb / Y >LQ;.:k'r: {c''' ;

j t ': ),

3ir: : ': zV

J ;
: .:. :..:i(, :{

11'd', ,

: <<

.e/. ': ;:, :; $ ,

J J I J ; ..

--- b _
i { I y\ .xxr::
t .
t .
i ..

..__.....1.. __ .' .

VOWS RECENTLY A bevy of i ,fh

lovely brides is seen here after exchanging vows in T, .+' v

nuptial rites recently. At the left is Mrs. Carrie P. .'. ',' .
.....- '" .
Van who became the bride of Joe L. Van last Sunday. "'
I +? 1 > 1'J .J Mrs. Annie Lee Mitchell is seen at the right after her
In.the. center is Mrs Thelma King whose wedding was r :
wedding which took place at 618 W. Duval Street last
solemnized last Sunday at 1702 West 19th Street. I .iiit'i
: Friday.. Mrs. Helen S. Gregory is seen at the bottom
-- -- -- : ., : 11 11y'k .
; after an impressive ceremony last Thursday, at which

I s 4 _, +%r. yp.KY>gYfYaR j
Science and Your Skin $ -time she became the bride of Russel W. Gregory.


e rr

human body is sixty or seventy per cent liqtiid. Dehydrate 4* .S '' LILLY'S DRUG STORE
us, grind up our bones, and what are wet A handful of chemicals I '. '
and you cannot put us back together again with a glass of __ ::1a\?: \; '. 1907 Kings Road at Spire
water like instant coffee. But we can help to moisturize, to rehy- t-., ; : ; ..
drate the cell structure of the akin, by constantly providing a Where Experience; ""
supplementary source of moisture like a new beauty 'ice' so "
necessary to keep the akin cells actively reproducing a healthy, : Pharmacists Prepare 5
glowing, young-looking akin. t Your Prescription Ac + t
The amazing fact about the skin is that each cell lives for j '
:four to five days. As new cells are made the old ones are pushed .. n: cording to your doctor's,
1Ip,out,and off,revealing the fresh: new akin underneath.This process I -'' '. Instructions .
is constant. Then why don't we all look like new born babies? : Using

Because of our miserable' interference with this wonderful. natural .. ",,,, only the best qualitydrugs. 'l'
process. We pile on make-up. ., e
We stuff our pores with grease l!r x'MUSICAL .
and waxy creams. We'fail to .. .J ; ,
remove make-up :properly. We Dr. 0 E. Black PtuumactsU Dr. W. J. Graham
overexpose ourselves to sun and -
wind. We laugh, we cry, we '' .. .. ..
Yw sg'' ?o tiH RECITAL CHERRY BLOSSOM :- -:- -:-
ham it up, and the play of ,

t up emotions tensions across and pressures the face which sets TO BE GIVEN AT I I CLUB GIVES TEA 1 A COMPLETE LINE OF* .

slow down surface- circulation.To ZION HOPE CHURCHThe Cosmetics :. Rubber Goods Candies. -:- Sundries
have a healthy, glowing, The Cherry Blossom Secial PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED
dewy skin, we must keep the
natural process of evolution Male Chorus of Ziion'' Saving Club sponsored its

active. Hope Baptist Church and the annual tea recently at the 0
Recently, one of the country'smost 1
home of Mrs. Leona Marshall
distinguished commercial Tabernacle Baptist Church
laboratories developed a revo- will fee featured in a musical 744 W. Monroe Street, with
lutionary new moisturizer a recital, July 27 in the audi- Mrs. Carol Gullatt a'the' { Lee Petty famed racing driver .
beauty "ice" which :flows moisture chairman. < NASCAR champion, and Daytona SHOE
torium of Zion program .
contains Hope Baptist
into the skin. It i. \ Beach 500 mile winner in'
five non-oily, non-greasy mois Church.. Among the participants,'' :1959. now serving as road test
turizers,known to be compatiblewith who appeared on the program manager for National Dynamics .
the natural moisture from I I Miss\ Evelyn Johnson and were: Miss Virginia Corporation,manufacturers of the
which beautiful, glowing new Mrs. Emma B. Johnson are Harper, Miss Alice :McFar- battery additive VX-6. offers Clearance SaleALL
cells are created. As a plus, it the pianists for the I ,these six '' ,
also contains humectants which groups.' land, Mrs.Dorothy B. Lewis, SAFE professional '\' !'-.;
draw moisture from II Mrs. Ann B. McClain Miss
actually Other artists of the city DRIVING tips.
.the air itself.mild Paradoxically it b will appear on the program, Myrna :Marshall, :Miss Cynthia -' .. Slow down as SUMMER STYLES AND COLORS .
astringent motion -
provides a
which encourages circulation according to Mrs. E. Johnson. r Smith, Mrs. Vera Dray- you approach a'curve'
near the skin's surface, An invitation has been extended ton Miss Gwendolyn May- celerate but ac- e k Lifestride 7.95 to 11.95
thus increasing its receptivityto to other and nard and Mrs. Christine Par- slightly
groups while you're on
the moisturizing ingredients
Ac GXL&ralv tiw concent im organ z tious to attend the sen. I it Power: on the Vitality 8.95 to 13.95

skin care, this cool clear** 1 wffoir.. curves gives you 4 f
crystal, beauty ice softens and :, better traction Accent 8.95 \ to 13.95
counteracts dryness; retards Life of Skin Cells and stability Le petty
-Cyde I
MACEO LODGE 8 than brakes. '
moisture loss; tingles; refreshes NO. Heydays 8.95
to 13.95
cells Don't bright lights. The
; tends to reduce large pores Diagram shows how use
Good for all skin types it imparts change in their outward exfoliation TO WORSHIP AT MT. only excuse for brights is when
an unbelievable smooth from new, live moisture- MONCRIEF MUSEUMTO CALVARY CHURCH you're going at high speed, all (Sizes 5 1/2 to 9-OnIy) .
ness. Wait until you wear it filled cells (a) to: cuboidal, CLOSE SUMMER alone, with no traffic, on a com-
under make-up! Women of all squarish cells (b), to: diamond- According to Le.n Gonza- pletely unlit country road in "POLL
ages hail its discovery as a shaped granular cells (e) until PROGRAM AUGUST les, exalted ruler, the :Maceo I order to spot curves ahead. Since PARROTT
reach"the outer surface andHave 71 this situation seldom for
they occurs
I will in the CHILDRENS SHOES 85
: a rv aU (4. Lodge worship most drivers-just don't use your $4
Xft Calvary,Baptist Church, brights.
-- ----- '
The lIon rief Museum Recreation Spruce and Dora Streets, C Be polite to motorists and rude Value To $7.95Faxon's
to Never take
program is now open July 12at7p.a. i your passengers.off the road while
conversing -
your eyes
: Camera and will terminate, August 7. The group will fee accom and driving. Bootery
j '
O 1: The centers opens at 8 a.m. panied by the Pride of :Ma-y *.Keep your tires hard. Inflate
ceo Temple 186, Mrs. Hattie, your tires a little more than the<<
and close at 4 p.m., accordingto 40 W. FORYSTH STREET _
maximum recommended by the
_ Will TRAVEL the center personnel. James, daughter ruler The manufacturer. You won't get.any. OUR NEW. STORE NEXT TO FEDERAL BAKERY
Z> :"1 i The arts and crafts are un. ushers and choral'group will bounce as long as your shock I
der the, direction of Mrs. M. serve. .'absorbers and springs are in good
/ JACKSONVILLE'S ONLY NEGRO L. Jordan. Drawing and condition and you'll get a
better ride-even more mileagefor
I painting classes are being PALLBEARERS GRAND your gas. ATTENTION READERS .
tR t FREE LANCE PHOTOGRAPHERJ. held at the Eartha M. White UNION PLANS TRIP I !Keep the tubber casing: of your
Memorial Museum daily. battery clean by wiping occasion- Please Bring or Seed Your
BAKER Classes at the museum are An.outing to Little Talbot any with an oil.soaked rag. Also;
Island will be sponsored by keep the leads at maximum ef-! Church News Club Notice & Announcements
under the
of For-
supervision t
Specializing Only In Weddings. Parties. Clubs the Pallbearers Grand Union Cdency by cleaning terminals]
Church. etc. est C. Murphy. ,'and battery leads with steel wooL- I To The FLORIDA STAR Early
189 9.
July .
I e I..eamto use the best and: .
ONE DAY SERVICEBAKER'S Other activities are music, Bus stops will be made at I'most scientific additives. Use a' DEADLINE FOR NEWS IS _...... .-
pre school, and playground the Mt. Calvary Baptist battery additive to prolong the ; ,
Church, Spruce and Dora .life of your battery. Use a moisH TUESDAY at NOON '
PHOTO activities under, the directionof tare evaporating additive for ns.1
Carter T. Lewis, Mrs. L Avenue Streets at and 9 Eighth a. m.;Street Myrtle at j Use an oil stodge solvent ad -i} FLORIDA STAR .

P. O. Box 1071 1830 Wright Ay8.Ph.. FL 9-1'" M. Griffin ,and Jimmy John- 9:15 a. nu and at Eighth and 1 I Urt.fc yocr.crtTJVm* : 2323 Moncrief Rd. Corner 13th Stre.t

.son. Davis Streets, at 9:30 a. m. .e e .



-- -----
-- -- -- ----

I ;

< .J'.,
I .,

Page :Six 71 Jl FLORIDA n'.tU", Week Ending Saturday. July 4. 1959



u \\/I( : i Middleweight Bout SUMMER PROGRAM

rk'IAk:1II: Star Advertisers
4 SYRACUSE, N. Y.-Among The summer recreation program
x .
j* 11:3! : cities bidding for the at the New Cleveland ,
: :BA version of the middle- School No. 158 is now in prog-
weight championship bout be- ress and will close August 7. .

t\veen Car men Basilio and The activities offered are Bolden's Summer Musk; SchoolSix
% Gene Fullmer is Little Rock, playground, arts and crafts,

i\k : i : E4% Arkansas. library and pre-school train. Big Weeks June 15 July 24
,a cutleT Rock was mentioned SCHOOL SUBJECTS Grades 1 8
file school will be opened
an announcement by promoter Piano Band Theory Voice Accordion
: Norman Rothschild, Monday through Friday from 2922 PEARCE STREET Ph. EL 5.9722
,vho said he was leaving with 8 a.m. until 4 p.m.

Basilio's co-managers to visit
seven western cities that is PHOTOGRAPHS FOR
idling for the fight. NEWS BRIEFS

Little Rock is the city that
gained national repute be- SEVERED WIREELECTROCUTED OCCASIONExpert

ause of the racial integration BY
battles. ORLANDO A bulldozer Photography

BEAUTY CULTURISTS CITED-Membjrs of the New York State Beauty Culturists The Basilio- Fulmer fight, operator was killed last Monday i k Portraits Weddings Banquets
Association 'held their annual convention recently at the Trade Show Building slated for mid-August, has when the blade of the Passports & Identification Photo.
New York City featuring a number of events including a hair styling contest. Win- the backing of the National machine he was operating ;y' Photostats & Commercial Work
ners of the contest are shown here receiving plaques from Walter Beamon New Boxing Association, but New severed a guy wire support- Photos For Newspaper Cuts
York Coco-Cola Bottling Company. From left to right are Mr. Beamon. Mrs. Marvin York State, the home state of ing a utility pole. : While You Wait
E. Galloway, Director bf Education for the Association. Buffalo, N. Y.; Mrs. Lucille Basilio, still recognizes Sugar The victim, Gary Arm- '' Coloring & Picture Framing
Roberts Schuler, Chairman Scholarship Committee, Brooklyn. N. Y.: and Robert A. Ray Robinson as middle- strong, a 58-year-old fatherof ,..' :. : ;: Let Us Take A Photo Of You
Miller Convention Manager Bronx. N. Y. weight champion. :' 34 children, ranging in age I 'ft
Both Basilio and Fullmer from toddlers to married I .. :.: ->74 In Natural Color -

have. .won. ....and. lost- .the. middleweight adults, dismounted from the I J. AVERY
i title to Kobmson_ who (bulldozer, waded through a
I NEWCOMBE\ FITS won it back from Carmen, I puddle of water and took hold I AVERY'S PHOTO STUDIO

March 29, 1958. I!jof the guy wire. lie was 611 West Ashley Clara White Mission Bldg.
1"1'BA! vacated Robin killed instantly when 7200
IN AS REDLEGTALEr son's title for failure to defend :.v 0 Its of electricity coursed! Phone EL 4-7695 For Appointments
r against Basilio as ordered \|through his body. "

j --- --,--.-,..-.. .-... -. -, .
T I ;'J? ;;> ; ;;> ;;> -!!f &??!& 3KSfiB&K ? : ? "' -!' .i.-
r SCOUT li.nnn Robinson signed to.

';!!'it Basilio: the New York IJESSDIRECTCRY
,Stre Gxi" commission refused r v
to lift his crown and
CINCINNATI Big Don the NBA refused to restore I rhu Firms Listed B low Aro Recomm ended As Reputable Establishments

\cnxomb: ?, is more valuable it; Basiliw refused to fight I Specializing Services .and Products
ois.v ''D t
+ F :to the Redlegs than two, since i Robinson. I '

'he has been very useful as a .
cout as well as the best pitcher I MISCELLANEOUS

on the squad and a dependable '
pinch-hitter. \ "hn

{ Y c' ; as a judge of talent, I AIDES TO ACCEPT j City County and Federal Bonds

Gabe Paul, general manager, !i SPORTS PASSES AUTO PAINTING COMPANY Law Exchange Bldg. EL S-19,12

K's under contract a youngster I I j -- Complete Body Repair & Paint Work
named Stan Jones who is Oven Baked Paint Jobs -:- .
, ALBANY, N. Y. -=- Free -:- ACE
'hawing a lot of ability in the Price Start at $4.00 SERVICE
New Yo r Pennsylvania pass acceptance to such sports'events' 532 East Adams Street EL 5-8135 30 Years In Electronics
League. He pitches for Ge- as prize i fights and All Work Guaranteed
neva. horse racing is strictly for- (.943 Forest Street EL 4-6804
Ralph McGill P. B. Young Sr. It was during a barnstorming bidden by New York's GovT | AVERY'S STUDIO
Atlanta Constitution Journal and Guide tour last Fall that New- ernor Rockefeller by any aides SEABOARD BODY COMPANY '&
combe saw Jones of Bessemer, to the Governor. Commercial Wedding Hwne Potralts
Alabama Automotive Repair Auto Painting j Yea we do It in color also '
Publishers Association working out and he
The National Newspaper
The information was dis- Body Work 24-hour Wrecker Service fy oil West Ashley Street EL 47135San
cite Ralph McGill of the Atlanta Constitution and P. was so impressed with the closed last Wednesday whenit AAA Service Free Estimates J8
young pitcher told the office
B. Young. Sr. of the Norfolk Journal and Guide for its about it and Jones was learned that the chiefs All Work Guaranteed ffl

annual "Distinguished Editor" Awards at Los Angeles 'I put under contract. executive Patterson wetfld- Johansson 1 attend champ the- !949 West Beaver Street EV 9-3418$ Royal, Crown Bottling Company

June 26.McGill. Last reports received o Marco
N123S Blvd.
fight at his own ex FL 9-4488
was named for his Editorial Attacks against ,Jones, he had won eight games
racial violence and politicians who are misleading the 'and lost one. pense. m
I Bill Haller, one of the um The state racing commis- FOODS | GENERAL UPHOLSTERY SHOP

South. pires in the league, said Jones sion sent the governor passes 8 -We Specialize In -
Young, long recognized as the Dean of Negro Editors "is the best
pitcher around to thoroughbred tracks,Rockefeller 8 Convertible Tops Door! Panels
was cited for 50 years of crusadnig for Civil Rights. the circuit." returned..._ them.Mother's $ Headliners Furniture Slip Coven
-- -- -
AZAR SAUSAGE COMPANY 3227 N. Myrtle Avenue EL 4.811


846 Flordia Avenue EL 6-3308-9 I,( GEORGE W. POWELL, INC.
K ',, 'yraf b
q x w Heal Estate Mortgage Loans

[ Tie Toy ScoutHow I 4.. 7 tai' MOM'S KITCHEN >410 Broad, Street Rents Collected EL 4-S2C4

_Home cooked meals served 24 hours- ,
: 7 days a week
1285 Kings Road EL 4-9321 Jones Institute of Physical Culture
to be the Most Folks in
Popular TownA School Of Barber. Beauty &
,. ,i # +1 Massage
qrY w Colored Owned and Operated
youngster's greatest needis version of the popular Spanish
to feel popular among his game with scoop-shaped racquets J GUS INA'S SUPERMARKET : "Earn As You Learn'* ,
own age group especially which fit over the hand\ If You Want The Finest In Groceries IJ312 Clay Street EL 4-6005
when the family moves to a new and wrist by means of an ad-
And Meats Come See U. *
neighborhood. justable strap.A
Now that summer's here, you "must" for 300 Davis Street EL 644121
have a wonderful opportunity to your garden b TAXI"At
plan a program that'11 make not party is "Kro- f.'
only Juiu>r, but the whole kay" a delightful Your Service"
family the most popular folksin subteen I FUEL NEW DEAL CAB EL 4-1611
town. set made of { '' LINCOLN
EL 4.1611
Undoubtedly you have a backyard cool, polished &
or a front lawn. No matter hardwood.
how small the space, you can For under- r' Ezra Taft Benson, U S Secretary of Agriculture is shown AA BOTTLED GAS & FUEL CO. jf jfWe TimiquaDa
hold a children's garden party teeners there with Judge Jennie Lottman Barron (right) of Boston, who specialize In serving trailer parks, jj.. Trading Post
a toy tournament a are spinwheeldart has been named "American Mother of 1959" and Donna Reed bulk tasks ft Complete Garden Supplies
cook-out planning some games and cute Popeyeand ,(left), recipient of a special award, at the Silver Jubilee Also 100 lb. cylinders or Fertilizer Fruit
thing different every week.Picka Donald Duck ring toss sets. ': luncheon At home for your
of the American Mothers your !
Committee In -New
x, held at conT1 and Used Furniture
special day lite' Tuesday or Completely new and differentis the Waldorf-Astoria ( Welt Duval Road S.3S81 bought and sold(5845 -
I month Miss Reed, mother of four 1564
Thursday so eventually, every- a new water-space toy, I Tlmlquana Road SP 1.3762INDEPENDENT
one will get to know about it.. dubbed "Squirty". It's a 12- I children, was honored for her ABC-TV series "The Donna I .
If you haveno inch plastic pump and hose that r Reed Show The citation to;The Donna Reed Show" marks
charcoalstove looks like a cross between a : the ''first time in five years that the Influential group has OIL COMPANY | Washington's Health Service

hold a fire extinguisher and guided I honored a television show/The award cited the show for 641 West State Street EL 6.9432}; "Abundant Health Is Rightfully Yours"
"weenie sizzle" ( missile.
JV- making the home the
center of entertainment. ,
family %Try Swedish
using an ordinary It shoots up to 20 feet of -- --- --. -- -- Massage Mineral Steam Baths
electric water into space just a spitin $ Colonle Therapy
grill; carry it the ocean but buckets of
out to the porchor fun in the pool or on the lawn.If SOUTH OIL COMPANY OF FLA.Washington, Mau.ur-Sam. Locaiiot
back door you're an apartment dweller OPENINGS FOR NEWSPAPER REPORTERS Products 1934:: rnue3YW'H.
stoop, using t' don't despair. Summer PRINTERS ADMEN SIM Gaso1lne N. Myrtle Av, 4.247<<
several lengthsof shuffleboard is strictly a side- 'x
extension cord. Hot dogs, walk game that is if you don't ., Trap-Arile JrK on I
lemonade and a g a m e or two mind chalking it up. A well There are openings for "It's Counts" WILLIE SMITH DRUGS
are all need. made subteen set is available in
you EL 6-768U Free
There are cute, folding !TV- wood and plastic. EXPERIENCED Newspaper reporters, edl1cn.opyreaders 1721 Franklin Street delivery any part of the dry
Yacht chairs for children, made Also there's a "super-swat" advertising salesmen. circulation -*- OLD RELIABLE-
of wood and canvas which will plastic. baseball bat and ball linotype (\601 West Ashley Street EL 4-1380
give your lawn. a real luxury- that hits high.but doesn't break men and women. printers compositors FUNERAL HOMES
living look. windows! operators. .
The main, idea is to give All these toys are inexpensive I : JULIA GEORGE 5 & 10 CENT .
Junior every opportunity to and within the average family n
meet and make new friends., entertainment-budget. will BEGINNERS WANTED TOO We will train DORMAN FUNERAL HOME $"' STORE --
,Owning unusual last throughout a summer of reporters and people for mil department Courteous Treatment
play- "family olympics" and longer young SERVICE 24-HRS. A DAY
memberof AMBULANCE |
things will give if treated with care. if you hare a real desire to become a Open 8:30 to 7p. m-
him enough Remember that happy childhood the newspaper fraternity.WE Burial Vaults & Tombstones Mausoleumsx306 Davis Street EL 4-1210

confidence t o experiences Notary Public _- Mrs. Her. A. A. Johnson A
ask schoolmates lastthronrh
I- and new .acquaintances NEED Men and women. young,or middle- 5412 Dodge Rd. Lady Attendant* Mahoney Termini Termite Control
to out one's life- aged. In all fields for a chain newspaper and, PO 8-2205 V.. --Complete Termite Coalrol
"come over and time. I hope .- -
play.. your child will magazines. 3 '-<'- Building Materials -+-
Number one hare manycherish ]414 N. Myrtle Avenue EL
on the list ia golf. Well made ACT NOW State experience and age. -. CARTER'S FUNERAL HOME 4-1788
plastic-aluminum sets are, now able ones. : ,.
available in a subteen tournament If you want .WRITE* ,. /,, .' 24 HOOT AmlmlaBOi Service QUICK SERVICE MATTRESS
series with special plastic any further .. Serving Colored Homes. Since 19H CO.
putting-targets. ideas or information about INTERSTATE PBESS .. ). C. Jerolga. owner S, L. Davis mpr.Ty Mattress Besoming Our Speciallyv .
Next comes "Jai J.aiW (pro- backyard fun, write to The Toy One Day Service-
.U 1
P.O.Box.T L Fl West Beaver Street '
nounced bye-lye) a fast catch Scout 200 Fifth Avenue, New : &87B8 OM Ktegs Road
ad throw sport. It's a plastic York 10, N. Y. I ., -' ." > po 5.1634




-,--------- --
p.- Li-T.-;: : :I .

Week Ending 'Saturday. July 4, 1959 TTZ FLCHDA S"!.'.1 Page Seven
-- --

I New .Berlin Is eady For The 4th of July Water Show i



) 1' i
: L


/4 SPORTS CORNER i !{ :m ALL-STARS New Berlin will BV be f'. PARHAM bustling and'", TT bustling'" "'.' Saturday when

k A huge throngs gather to witness the annual Southeastern
Outboard championship races ski show and channel swimat

Major league baseball players 2:30 p. m.
BILL WHITE the hard hitting first
the Si. Louis Cardinals is just about the hardest hitting started casting their This event will mark the cross channel swim. Julian
the !,otes, Friday June 22 to determine Walden,the present titleholder -
player in the majors right now. Since being traded to fifth: year the water show
Cardinals by the San Francisco Giants White has been I who will represent has been presented and .t has and swim team mates will

right among' the top hitters in the majors. The Cardinal he National and American, been the purpose of the clubto be swimming against a trio
front office has had no gripes about securing the tan slug- leagues in the two All-Star!II' make the attracton bigger from Fernandina that is be-

ger because they have seen value received for what they games. The first' game will! and better each year. The ing trained by Mrs. Allean
white terrific hitler, but he is also a be played in ttsburg, Harrington.
paid. Not only is a '9MG iMM aNMN R4YpMlM A""MMMIMM6i JulyII II 1959 show will be just as
first class outfielder. 7, the second August !
good or better than it has ski's
Los The h o w will be
Angeles. j been in previous years. under the direction of
t I While its impossible to_say j of familiar
the faces
seems to have regained what- parlment and baseball teamsare how the players are going Many Durham Jr., who has expertIv -
ever it was he lost as a Dod- under the supervision of i J I I I to vote, there is a strong that have been seen in action handled this part of the
ger. Since going to Cincin- department employees whydo ; + .,Y.. '! possibility that a record num- will be back with a possibility show each year. Ben Jr., is
of additions.Christopher's .
nati, he is pitching better the games have to be 4 ber of Negro players will be: some new quite a water performer himself -
Pier New Berlin
E ball and winning more games played way out to Simond- 'nv.N in the two All-Star games. j -:' and he knows the ski
and the New
He has given good account Johnson Park?" This is just Y r s, f 1 yv s'' Base ball experts believe Motor Club Berlin Inc. Outboard game thoroughly. Nothing is
i cf himself as a pinch hitter.' one of the things the people g that if the game was being are'i being overlooked t 0 make
His trade to the Redlegs is would like to know. played at this time that it three names that have become -i t the 1959 attraction the best.
off in big very widely known
certainly paying
values. DID YOU KNOW that the ..w. would almost be a certaintythat and familiar to many sections Commodore Edward Holt

I two pitchers recently calledup the names of Willie of the country. and J. D. Brooks are losingno
: Hank :
Mays, Aaron, Orlando
BIG WOODLEY LEWIS, time in making
the St. Louis Cardi- prepara-
by Cepeda, Ernie Banks Frank George Christopher, the
of j | tions to entertain the
of the Cardinals I
Chicago nals are Negroes? The two huge
Robinson Vada outboard
Pinson, Bill present championvill
the National Football Lea-! pitchers are Dick Ricketts I White would appear somewhere be out to defend his throng that is expected to be
I gue has signed his 1959 con-' and Marshall Bridges. Rick near the top selected. i I i I championship. He will be Thej are also perfect
ing plans for
etts is the second half of a All driving his old true and trust- perfect order
of :
tract. Last season he was the I seven men: which is one the
brother battery. When Dick thing or-
have been sparkplugs to, ed "Black Hawk" that car-
Card's starting end on of- ganization is
was with Rochester, he did their respective teams this ried him to the champion- so proud of.-
4 fense. He led the Cards' and the pitching and his brotherdid I, season. All have been listed i i ship i last year. Pomeroy, the Those attending the eventsin

was sixth in the league in the catching. I! THE FLASH INKS CONTRACT-Willie (GallopingGal ![I consistently up among the.,, tri-Ieg ehampon will be out because past years of misconduct have no regrets on the

pass catching with 46 for JUAN PIZZARO was sent, ) Galimore the Chicago Bears flash has signed his i I best the league has had to I,I I'I's Defending I I his championship part of anyone. Mothers and

600 yards and 4 touchdowns. i. down to Louisville shortly!I 1959 contract. In signing he announced that he is readyto ; cffer in batting average, RB lalso. fathers can attend and bring

Lewis holds the NFL record after he went to pitch in relief -, go. From the time Galimore left Florida A & M or home runs. Some of the other driversto the children and everyone
for 3 number of kickoff returns role for Milwaukee a-' campus to become a professional football player he has i the It is almost certain that enter the races will be 'can have an enjoyable dayon

with 34, which he returned gainst the Dodgers and the' been a sensation. The St. Augustine Flash has been so I American League would Ed Durham and his 44 Devil a 4th of July in the open
I along Minnie
one single h e gave up lost spectacular that Owner-Coach George Hales has had go Thunderbird, Curtis Johnson among the trees.FLORIDA.
830 yards in 1954. In I so:; Elston Howard Bob
him clocked and action shots made of his He j Boyd
I the game. His first act after,i running. '''and I and his special built jet
his nine years in the league reaching Louisville was to will be seen in action in the Gator Bowl in Jackson- Willie Tasby.MACHEN :Mercury: and Ed Starling in I .
Lewis has returned 138 kickoffs pitch a 4-hit shutout for the I ville when the Bears play the Washington Red Skins I his X-100. There will be others -,

for 3,352 yards ((24.3 yard Colonels, in the first game I Sept. 5. The flash is shown here in his familiar running who have wwon the esteem -I '

average) and 137 punts for of a double header. He wanted -1 style. of the spectators for.I STAR ..
1,026 yards ((7.5 ave age). He to know from his mana-I NAMESDEFENDANTS their daring, superb handlingof I

is a former University of ger Ben Geraghty if he want- rican Negro to wear a phil- IN : their boats and their skill I ur cvr.RYutuliE:: ;:
Oregon star. ed him to pitch the second lie ,uniform since John Kennedy AARON DRIVES _.1 I I FEDERAL in racing. I "
THE GRAPEVINE is asking game. The Braves said they who wore one briefly. I : Julius} Guinyard, the Red!,

some questions about the I wanted him to have steady|1 I The other tan members of TOWARD ,SELECT I i Cross Safety Instructor and i iI I .
work and that is what he NEW YORK Eddie Ma- supervisor of the Jefferson, i
Jacksonville Recreation lay asked for.SOLLY. I I the team are Ruben Gomez. chen, the first-round knock- Street pool and his efficient

ground activities'and the DRAKE recently|I I Val my Thomas Frank Her- out victim of Ingemar Johansson I staff will be in charge of the I I *
Avenue Baseball
Myrtle rera and Chico Fernandezall 3000 HIT CLUBMILWAUKEE last September and the
Park. The question Is: 'Slncethe secured by the Philadelphia*: of them from South of I Chicago Stadium Corporation -
Park is under the super- Phillies from the Los Ange-i I the Border. filed
suit last
I Tuesday for TRANSMISSIONS'): &: MOTORS i ii
vision of the Recreation De- les Dodgers is the first Ame-,I I damages
wis. amounting to $1-
229,375 against i former
Hammering Hank Aaron's
who was dethroned by the
t-fl : National Associationis chances} of becoming the 9th Heavyweight Champion Floyd OVERHAULED
.. ''.:. .. Boxing Patterson and
:' Champion In-
.. player to the 3000-hit
<. ... : now the man with a title
Enroll Now In The ., < clrss looked very impressive gemar Johansson, three other
.. :, ; ."r .J South's Finest College .. + and without a title. He is uen' he reached the 1,000 (individuals and two corpora-
"- nut a champion in the NBA, .
'51 ,tions.
Florida Barber College
Mk the Los
t..t > m recently against
but he is still middleweight Service
a A Branch G. L Approved a; Angeles Dodgers. Machen lost a federal court
1 t fL r ,: rr. champion of the world, in ''bid June 9 for injunction .. .
4 ""',,. !IYK4 bt New York State. The New: He reached the 1,000 mark 'I
i L'....:'t' : : f. .-it" !to bar the Johansson-Patter-
t York State Boxing commIS- at earlier 23 than
an sever
age '! -Towing
Woodrow Patterson manager Prof. James Glover son title match which was ;;
sion said he is still champ in of the eight men in thee
630 Davis Si '.t Beaver |held last Friday in Yankee
New York because h e. met > lusive club. Only Tyrus
Phone L 174 Stadium. The court ruled,
their condition of signing to R-ymond: Cobb (the Georgia ;however, he could 1 sue for
fight Carmen Basilio. The Poach), who was .24 at the '!monetary damages if he felt
commission said it had noth- tii: le he reached it. Aaronw '!there
were grounds. Machen
ing to take his title for. : 3 25 last February. ''claimed he could i :
Still traditionally distilled for THE TEAMS IN THE RECREATION -' Nap Lajoie, Tris Speakerar i I written agreement for a return -
playground league -' 1 Eddie Collins were 26 match with Johansson
"IMPORTED !f7 hard down when; they hit the 1,000-hit i j before the Swedish champion .. "
QUALITY are at work ...,:, '", ..:,.,"
and the players who make lTI->.rk. Paul Waner and Stan I went in the ring against anybody -

rious and determined as Masial, 27; Honus Wagner, :> else. .

those who are drawing big 28. ; and Cap Anson, 32. The suit filed last Tuesday PALMS
salaries to play. To see them At the rate he has hit since I said all the defendants were

f play: and to see their deter- ;,0'ning the Braves in 1954, j aware of the agreement for

mination it serves as a reminder Aaron .would get his 3,000thhit 'the rematch and therefore he
-'.\ of big league teamsin at the age of 35: or 36.' He I'was entitled to the damages.

t 1t w ,Vr fwYr; action. What a pity it is ;;lected: 189 hits in 1955,.200 He asked $59,875; from each BAlLROOM

1 ; .. that more people don't turnout in: 1956:: 198 in 1957, and 195n of the seven defendants and

1 $ to see' them.SMOOTH 1958. While on his hit- i Chicago Stadium seeks S115,750 ; ,- o OF
i* ;: rampage from each. sNOW
SAILING 'TIL had collected 103 hits by June I
..' WE MEET AGAIN. 18 In addition to Pattersonand _? ? si5?--?*5sjijs?s5S8
Johansson, the other de-
". fendants are Edwin Ahlquist, SHOWING IN PERSONELPAULINO

-1'1- Swedish promoter; Gus D'Am .
a t o, Patterson's manager: 1
S3 'r 1'r Hs &ifc. Bill Rosensohn, promoter of -

BERGAMOT the Patterson Johansson ;
; William Rosensohn 5 '
Enterprises, Inc.; and Teleprompter ria ts! ;
I RRJEPELLENT ,which televises box- .

CONDITIONER ing bouts through closed circuit .- ,
to theaters and arenas.

# A 2# 9

_***tW ROYALS i

: 'Aad ts 1 Warch This Clown '

85 98 74 '

err 317 __ 40 __ 515

6 ,- .. 7 .

r'V' 6 4

% lt 8 ?= 4 4 AND THE r.

*'/ / 26 05 49 I ROYAL ROCKETS J

It's.right on the label!! First distilled in 1769.still 163 22 109Sometimes
%*=SS =*S =5ts 8S> Pr
traditionally; distilled for authentic London Dry Gin 'a a S53SS33S85 S

quality. Enjoy the; ..-dryness and delicate flavor of a I II siometuiM! be'He's down 01 I t MON. THRU THURS- 75c J

Cordon's ;r He adds. tnhrract: .
CinI"j He trvrfch It all around
: : ; no Gin like GORDON'Sonu k 1 m Fri. S&L -' Sun. and Holiday. $1.00 ,
/ a Coming Attractions I
r I 99 51 335 14 A
Ir' SPInS emu: rex e MX* rax. tnssn! !! on cs*. k.tW.l1 I.
:':.... """ "

.', :"i .- ;'- t. .. .. .-,.. .' I
"' ., 0-
e r 1 '"
L. {. '. 4. ,
'f : -; .
: '


.. .
'. _.:.? .oj."-'," .

Eight. THE FLORIDA STAB Week Ending Saturday, July 4. 1959
-- --- -
'V4'-- --... .,:f'4' ..:4'4'- ._... -4'. -------- -
flflflflflflflChips ,
4'A-.4', .wI.Ah.7' ",. ..7' .-.-.. ,, :?# *
I I SUN.. SUN. ,1 *,
Off The Blocks WED. WED. *

------ d

RE LI NED Ashley Street Confucius says: "In Jacksonville friend indeed ACADEMY AWARD WiNN RI tE it
"I I
is friend you bleedI ." 'BP4
YHiiE YOU WAIT I There have been so many OBSESSED I x {:

HOUR **S P6\VM PAYME I II II I happenings up on the blocks)Teen ,Hill,the Henry Richard- {,:. s

SERVICE and out in the suburbs that'I : sons, the Jimmie Elerbys,I i THE LOVES OF THE BOLO..TBE GLORY OF THE BRAVE! r

tASY TERMSReg. I I the M. E. (managing editor, the Lionel Jonesses, the Har- .
dy C. Smith the Roosevelt r r
square) decided to commis- TSUpERSCC
sion this writer, a true born Lauries, thejAlbert) Mar- : WJa
$i9.95 Value and "bread" Jaxon, to jot shalls, the P. B. Jackson, pB !
10,000-Mifc Guarantee I I down the doings hereabouts the Hammsi Snow,James and
for the past few weeks .''Vivian $aulters, ;Betty Bel-
t I I And to be truthful about it,I II ton, Wesley Scott and Eric i iI

this didn't come as a resulto Simpson. adIi
I 'I
t "popular demand" 0 r a1 ABOUT TOWN-Atty. Robt.
FORD. C lYY* flood of letters demandingthe Gray is in Brewster Hosp., I i ;" I I
A the Fcpal Cup
c pi I I tip i)
CM resumption of "Chips" i iLet's '!'ailment I unknown Louise
to these
IA5 see now. to. begin. Guinyard, society editor. outatsadtag, ..
Americans w
with that was a boss party I sporting a new chevvy young aod
they held out on Begonia Rd. make our country
tlea last Saturday nite in the I our community. a bettv .
& home of the J. T. Hardings..I GREAT NEW SHOWS SUNDAYF place In which to'Itv

FNB CHARGE PLAN Seems like it was a double It II t I NEGRO ST 11.t\N"D 7 Great Days! Sun. Sat. itt +
affair .a shower for Mrs.
I -- Henry Richardson (she's the I GET NEEDED AREA -.-. -. -- ,;j T
former Bernice Saulters)and r-- fte
i E NATIONALRAKE I 1 SERVICE. a birthday party for Mary E. e GunDownThat .., .t f *
Johnson of the Baptist Hosp. \ ; .
I 702 MAW $f _jCoC BeaVerSt IE;5"9 Q6 ( crew. To mention a few who LAKELAND The mass :' l'I *

were on hand here goes: Riley conversion of a white housing tI.1'." The ; *
A. Thomas, Louise Hol-
j area into one for Negroesis cracJcetltt *
comb,Lillian Whitmore Kath.I 'hn: *
being by city officials -
I here as a revolutionarymove "I *
6U11FIG !
I ( in race relations. r *
Couple only. Nice location
COMING! STRAND COMING! I and all conviences. EL 51786.| The conversion involves 26i I DDDG E tlIY *

...... ..J. --..",... _. "'....... :" I;i price pieces from of property$7,000 ranging to $13,000 in r t .... MARY New Stanton LOU WELLS Senior **

I ;.;which have been sold to Ne- ..;- -- JflELMcCRE High School *
MGM BARBER WANTED groes by the former white .JUlIE .n-N NANCV Pepsi Cola Dealers and Jt-
presents 'BESTPICTUREOFTHEYEAR'I Experience full time bar- owners. Ken Harris, a local ADAMS.MciNTIRE,GATES, Pepsi Cola Bottling Com*
:=> I ber. Business location and real estate broker who conceived Plus This NewSUPERTHRILLER pany are proud to salut.*
a 11 conviences. Apply 2305,I the idea, said the fIIIMIscOPE Mary Lou of the 12-7 grade
North Myrtle Ave. EL 69333.' transfer of property will pro- Color by CE UKE class. She is a member of .
9!/ 1 f I' vide for Negro expansion"for the 4-H Club and attends
STARTS SUNDAY fM fI M the next .30 years. d rrrr ..ww..www? St. Marks Baptist Church.+

J July 12th I ''I Before the transfer, completed ********w .* *
:JI Benefit N.A.A.C.P. ROOM FOR RENT I this week, the crowded & -
A..4 .. a Buy Tickets Now Furnished room for a respectable -| Negro section of this city t
r Regular Prices couple. Call EL! had been completely surrounded 4-
41717. j by white communities f I I10f
with no way to. expand. ..

.. ...... -
erg.-l;:;.rre 2r.rr..rec222e rr rr r; &?222 r_- -c
., ee- -

I'I I IT IS YOUR if: TAe Donti..Teu lndlnat f Reg.Conditioned Air Prices **.+*' I I I i i


1I RWOSEiVELT New Stanton Senior
I 3 DAYS! 1ST RUNI! SUN. TUES. T Tribute is paid to Ollie
I :I Also No. 5 "PURPLE MONSTER STRIKES of the 12-10 grade class.
KIDS! 10 A. M. Wednesday 4 She !is a member 0 f the

I : 10 VOTE : DOUBLE THRILL SHOW! 'I X$,. and Etiquette have Club received for an Girls A-

ward in Art. Her favorite
I 8 .... I 7 hobbles are dancing and
-I AMIE AN OREN reading. She plans a Nurs
wwar 1 NItANGSTERS lug Career.

k BUTee. P I .".***** *. ***

r ; t'i PRION.Ir.6Yn y", '. **k


you a re'll J KIDS' "R C COLA MOVIE ROOSEVELT'S PARTY"Get BIG *.,J,: ,: **

... .
In Free With 6 Royal Crown Cola Bottle Caps! ....I'"i. ., *
Boxoffice -r[ : :
I ( (or Pay Regular Price at ) < '" *

t._ -... _.. *
locked II
out ; New Stanton Senior
: 4 BIG NITES! SUN. thru WED. High School
"AL CAP.ONE" Sandra is a member of i
Plus "Escort West" Victor Mature the 10-1 grade class. Shejf
Coming Thure. Fri. Sat. July 9-11 is a member of the Came-
.- I "GO JQHNNY GO" plus "COP HATER"For ra Club and dance group.u
of the primary elections : : Some of her hobbies are?*
sewing swimming. She J
.. attends Bethel Baptist 1f
unless you're registered : Church. 4

I * *
Breakfast Lunch After the Movie Snacks .
Ttis will be the greatest pot fa *. world, east c.pamJaUoaa from re.I
Election Day. : i Fried Chicken Col to tbeM three Meets
Most all your friend wffl drop fa. To take a hand : i Cod *
Oysters Listen To
COME OF AGE SINCE THE this county, dty and atata. To t
LAST 'f. running country a Shrimp *Ham Pepsi Music-quest
b big things liki preaidenta:i and r
an opinion on *
ELECTION...read tins peace plans, on Ixttla thing like parking meters and n, Eggs Bacon Hot Sausage Cakes I 10:30 Friday to Niles 11:00

WDBI*T/n if you had 1ft- HIST VOTIKSI If y.a bar garbage collections. To register a complaint" about RilliI 1 I Coffee Milk *' For Phone Request
TtooriyrHkUctdondaryourvaidca: c.t.bratldWl' fist bbththinaI they don't Jib, or approval of things they do-: French Fr. Potatoes EL 6.04612Peg.
BaM, 7a bar to day ainc the Jut aUctkaer
MfiiUr again index yor"MW" ( if yon will b*21 by QM- Here, your voice ii aa big u all the other, yoo* ROOSEVELT
naoM. B. lUre yor don Day).nt your nasty s* opinion u important as that of a &ipr eml'hsirrl" Court GRILL
k la the the book. ta mark .f Justice. -
boob maturitytorel3etaandv.tslAlM l Ashley and MadisonACOSTA'S
But won't In not registered.Yotffi _
roicn uauasi SM you get yotfra
MOVB8 If you haft amd your Votlnf Officer! for tba locked out of the right to rote, cot off from neat .
.from wen the previously pradnct nfistand when ya, word*on bow you can note friends and eighbora, a1mt o4t em natona1! sad i... 1 T i '
you have to riflster anim GOING AWAY UCnON DAY borhood issuee. 4wr yrs
\ Mak* or'*your agar addrwis Veto irrt-by AbtentM Bal- ;
********<* the ballot) that m.ablJOflZ forennneH*year*. 1.\.

***** Register now. Aad start asking: yoxa Mmii ... OC
IRfSlSTIREDlV0TIRS+ neighbors
9:00 AMa TO SsOO P.M. Bait --
Shrimp Crabs
BOOKS OPEN It your name in the book!, 1

MONDAY THRU SATURDAY County Court House Fishing Tackle > asuJ


I .j .
t. :. "':::....'< ,

.,.' .,-.' : : ',,'..., --; ;:" "

;. -.
'' -
> ''Pi('