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Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
June 27, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
June 27, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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.. .... -- ... .:.... --' !.' .. --i .,C/T *rt v $ f f
I .. ... .. ... ,
b. 0
,BARNETT, SUES k '8',1'r*

F'iillJ Qclt*

_. o o
VOL. 9 NO. ti And NEWt JUNE 27, 1959 JACKSONVILLE 9. FLORIDA IS Cent f ;i. a



YORK A here heard testimony
court on Wednesday -
M a u r i ice H. Barnett, -
white victim of topa
principal of Darnell- by the 14-year-old girl who was the .
Cookman public school, has last Thursday's mass raped by four Negro youths ....w
taken his woes to court in an was leaving a school building after attending a recreation
effort to be reinstated to his proram.
former post which he held for The girl told the court she Operation Of Ebony
approximately six years. was accosted by 16yearoldJacob "Each defendant will receive -
Bethea who is next to a fair hearing from a /
Barnett has asked Circuit the oldest of the four. She judge with an open mind." _.
Court to reinstate him on the said she went to him, where- There is no death penaltyfor --- ...,-
grounds that the charges and upon he produced a gun and rape in New York, but LEGAL BATHE EXPECTED -
the evidence on which the placed it against her ,awe conviction can carry a long ,.... LEADERS PROTEST INEQUITY
school board dismissed him --
According to the girl, she term.
were "insufficient." was then dragged up the prison The two youngest boys involved OVER CAB ,PERMIT RIGHTS ED..WATERS RAISE CUT $20,000
In a plaintiff's petition fora stairs in the building. She in the case were not ;
writ of certiorari, Barnett said she slapped her attacker defendants in proceedings be- -

asserts that the records in and was promptly slapped fore Solomon. They are 14 An issue that has been smoldering for acme time be- JU GETS INCREASE OF $75,000A
question were kept by school back.) The other boys ""came and 15 years old, and be- tween two Jacksonville cab companies is on the verge of be- I
employes other than himself, charging up the steps. She cause of their age can be coming a full-scale legal explosion, which in its course, will
and that he was actually discharged claimed some of them held charged only with juvenile be a battle of permit interpretations which, depending upon delegation of Negro leaders was scheduled to appear
for failing to keep her arms and feet while Be- delinquency. They appeared court decision, inay adversely affect the transportation facilities before a recall meeting of the County Budget CosusistSoa!
accurate records, not because thea is supposed to have yesterday in children's court and expenditure of Negro city-to-county cab pas- Friday night to appeal for an increase in the appropriations
the of charges of dishonestycited subjected her to further in- where psyciatric examinations sengers. :- approved by: that body for Edward Waters College.The .
by the superintendentand dignities after the others were ordered for them. New Deal tab l Company, 1959 Legislature authorized -
the trustees. were through with her. Their[ names were not made the white owners of which ciaI: police from the Taxi Cab the county to give Following a telephone interview
The school board held a She related that a man public because of their age. own and control all citybasedcabs Inspector's office trailing my Edward Waters College a with Budget Chairman
hearing for Barnett and came across the school yardto .The oldest of the four is servicing both races in $25.000 raise, and Jackson Kennelly, Eric 0. Simpson
found him guilty of irregu- her aid after the four Edward Jacobs, 17 years old. Jacksonville',.,has. launched a vine University a raise of of the FLORIDA STAR
larities. youths fled. legal aggression against the $75,000. .was given assurance that the
The dismissal action revolved The hearing of the four Negro owned, countybasedEbony However, the Budget Com I delegation would be 'heard.
around accusationsthat boys began after Magistrate Cab Company to the mission, of which Joseph G.
Barnett certified a sub- Milton Solomon refused a defense POLICE REPORTS effect that Ebony cabsviolate, I Kennelly Jr. is chairman,
stitute teacher, Sollie Mitchell request to exclude the their permit by transporting' voted to give Edward Waters
to receive pay on "days' press. Solomon replied that passengers out of Jackson- College only $5,000 of the DAVID DWIGHT
Mitchell allegedly did not he had'n eve r closed his ,SNATCH-THEFT COSTLY ville's city limits. authorized amount, thereby
work at the school. courtroom to the press. He TO VICTIMA William Bernard Langley, brnging their annual con-
The school board dismissal assured the defense, who had 'fruit vender from Macon, principal of West Jacksonville tribution to $30,000 since the PASSES AFfER
,order notes that school pay- ; referred to -a- reverse case in Gao, was the.victim of snatch School No. 143- and owner of school was drawing $25,000
roll records for the period Tallahassee, where four thieves on Monday when a tKe-Ebbny 'Cab Company, before the,legislative increase -
from September 1958 to January white men were sent to prison -wallet containing $700 was stated in an exclusive;: inter- ,, approval yo Jackson-
1959, the period i involved for life for raping a Negro snatched from his hip pocket view with a STAR staff writer -i ville 'University, o n the other -LONG ILLNESS
have disappeared. It coed.: while he was bending over in that the impending suit is WILLIAM B. LANGLEY hand, was granted the
also asserts that Mitchell his vegetable stall at a produce an attempt to "pressure" his full $75,000 by the commis-
worked as a chair car attend- market located at 1780 company,out of existance. sion, bringing their annual Funeral services were held
ant on a railroad during this DOOMED RAPIST W. Beaver St. "They seem to feel that my cabs wherever they go in the grant to $100,000. Like Edward Friday afternoon;June 26 for
period. The man, James Allen Ald- few cabs pose j: threat to city. And if someone even Waters College, the David Holsey Dwight, prominent
Until his dismissal, effec- ridge, told police that two men them," L a n g 1 e y explained. puts a foot in the door, the white school was formerly Jacksonville leader,
tive last March 3, Barnett ESCAPES CHAIR who had purchased some "And it's fantastic. I own 7 driver finds himself locked up. drawing $25,000 per annum. who died Monday in the
had been a teacher for 18 plums ten minutes earlier returned cabs, a bare three of whichare "I'm not sorry they started Early this week, WilliamB. Brewster Hospital after an
years and principal of the. and swiftly robbedhim. operating right_now. New the suit. Langley said, fin- Stewart, president of the extended illess.
school since. 1953. MARIANNA-Jimmy Lee He said he lost sightof Deal owns close to a hundred ally. "Maybe now we canget College, voiced his surpriseand Dwight who ,had been a
Clark, recently convicted in the pair in an alley after cabs." this thing straightened out. disappointment to the leader in civic religious and
six minutes by an all-white chasing them across Beaver Mr. Langley contended in If justice is done I'll win the FLORIDA STAR that the appropriation fraternal affairs also playedan
GUILTY SLAYER jury of raping a white wom- Street. The two men were the interview that the New suit. I'll appeal to the highest" to the two schools important role in political
an, escaped the electric chairon Negroes, according to Ald- Deal people want to swamp ,I court in the land for justice. had been granted with such activities of the city, county
Monday. ridge. the city with cabs. He said The injunction complaint *
Dr. Stewart
inequity. urged
ESCAPES CHAIR this that against Langley was filed a
Clark 16 cheated death the reason for was
the Editor stimulate
to at-
when Circuit Judge E. C. Negro citiiens would be lured few days ago in circuit court .Hjv/o' '-1',...,...t+ ;.i.,.,,'',.
tention to this issue, explaining '
Welch granted him a new TRAPPED IN ROBBERY away from demanding radiosin by the firm of Rogers, Towers L... ": .,') ,
< .
TO FACE LIFE trial. The youth immediately ATTEMPTTwo the cabs, which would act- Bailey and Jones, attorneysfor that because of increased, / .
better service. New Deal. registration, the school's bid: .
pleaded' guilty and was sen- men we rearrested ually mean w > :
tenced to life imprisonment.Clark Monday night when one of Langley, who has been in Marion F. :Marvin, an offi- for full accreditation, and :;;
.>Charlie Lee Johnson of 1203 was convicted May them inadvertantly summoned business less than .a year, cial of the cab combine, refused the service that the school is xY4 s
*:tW-": Monroe St., was convictedof 27. The jury's failure to recommend police to the Medical SupplyCo. claims that he.has been under comment to this news- rendering in the communitythere
Court on Tuesday for the sentence mandatory. The Negro i which they were attempting, "The police frequently phone. for the increase.
1957 pistol-slaying 44yearold youth was accused of accosting to burglarize. arrest my drivers."
Eddie Lee Griffin. a 68 -year-old white According to arresting of-, he said. 'Two of them got ik
The 19-month-old crime grandmother along a lonely ficers, 21 -year-old Bobby arrested Monday night. I got FORMER NEW YORK JUDGETO k- s.
went unsolved until this past country road, dragging her Jack Anderson bent back the them out on Tuesday. That's
winter when Johnson was arrested into the brush and raping her. blades of a fan in a rear win- the sort of thing I'm talking x
on another charge and, Sentencing had been de- dow of the building to gain about.They actually have spe- SPEAK AT NAACP RALLY : .4
in the course of a lie detector ferred test, revealed his connection a motion for new trial.Clark's alarm heard only at a'central has arrived in this city to
SCHOOL NAMED FOR Judge Hubert T. Delany appear -
with the Nov. 16, 1957 shoot- attorney, B. L. Solomon of switchboard.His Jacksonville
main at the final rally of
ing. Johnson is said to have Marianna, claimed Judge
accomplice Willie Hen- branch NAACP Membership Campaign Drive for
shot Griffin through a screen Welch had erred in his chargeto '
door at the victim's home aft- the jury. ry Fountain, 23, of 755 W. FORT PIERCE A new Judge Delany, who brings

er, summoning him. Welch conceded his error Ashley the lookout.Street, was serving as elementary school under con- with him an impressive record sonville Branch of the NAA- i DAVID H. DWIGHT
The jury; in bringing back today and granted the new Anderson, who struction here will bear the CP. i *
a verdict of guilty, also rec- trial. This permitted Clarkto saidhe, came here a week ago name of a veteran local edu- as a justice of the Domestic and state.
ommended mercy,. which replead.No from South Carolina gave his cator and civic leader, Ches- Relations Court of New He member of the
local address I was a
spares Johnson from death in mention was made dur- Street. as .122 North ter A. Moore. York City, is -a man of outstanding Mt. Zion AME Church, the
the electric chair. He now ing Clark's trial of the pro- Moore retired in 1949 froma prominence in Senior Steward Board, American -
faces an automatic life sen- ceedings today of the Talla- teaching career that beganin church, civic and fraternal af- Legion, Boy Scout
tence from Circuit Wil- hassee 1909. He taught in Bowling
Judge -
case.Although THREE ADMIT TO fairs in that city. Commissioner, S. H. Coleman
liam A. who Green Gifford; Wabasso,
Stanly presidedover ,
no mention was MURDER Lodge,the 193 F.and A.
the trial. No has Okeechobee and B row a r d Assistant United Yy .
date made during Clark's trial of MIAMI The murder of He was 4 M. and was one of the lead-
been set for sentencing the the Tallahassee case, it is the Samuel Cotzin, a 72-year-olc County. His:first assignmentin States Attorney for the ing figures in the Duval De-
36-year-old convicted inane general opinion that the life grocer, who was fatally shot St. Lucie County was in Southern District of New mocratis Alliance' until he
1913 when he taught at In-
sentence handed down a bare
during an attempted robberyof
INTEGRATION PLAN drio,< then known as Viking. York and tax commissionerfor was appointed a representative
two hours earlier
to four his store last has
Tuesday, for
Manhattan the Florida
.. NEEDED I In 1925-27'.he'taught at Lin- the Borough, of Indus-
white men greatly influencedthe been
solved Miami
reported by trial
i his appointment to
LITTLE ROCK -., Everett court's decision in Clark'scase. homicide detectives. coln Park Academy here. before
Tucker. Jr., president of the the bench of the Domestic Re- Funeral services were held
Judge W. May Three Negroes have alleg- ,
at the
served Zion AME
lations Court,where he Church.
Little Rock
has Walker
sentenced the four to edly admitted to the crime,
stated that he until his retirement in 1955. Survivors include: Mrs.
sees "no alternative life terms for the mass rape according to Homicide Detec- DRAWING NEGROES Florida
but to proceed with of a 19-year-old Florida & Dwight, wife; Da-
A. tive Ernest Bush. They were The membership drive rally fid
some plan of Integration." M. co-ed last Dwight, Jr., son; two
early month.In identified as Theodore Roosevelt PROVIDENCE, It. L-A during which Judge De daughters Mrs.
Tucker's statement t E a m e Clark's case the youth Wilson, 24, who admitted Hampton Institute professor !lany will deliver 'an address, Stewart Charlotte
after a federal court killed insisted during his first trial firing the fatal shot; James. recently- stated that many is scheduled for Sunday, June and Mrs. Lydia
two Arkansas >anti-integration that he had signed a confes- Geeter 20 who said he en- Negroes are becoming Roman 28 at 3 pan., at Shlloh Metropolitan Dwight Benjamin Fletcher; brotha-,
laws which Gov. Orval sion to the rape under the tered Cotrin's store with Wilson Catholics because of thechurch's Baptist Church.A Carswell, New
b E. Faubus used to close four threat of having his head ; and Theodus Maxie, 17, strong stand in support York;sister,Mrs.. Annie Lawson -
Little Rock high schools last "cut off and thrown in theriver. who said he drove the getaway of integration .in the membership goal of 10-' I Punta Gorda, Florida
fall. ." car. II Sooth.. J 000 has been set by_the Jack- HUBERT T. DELANY and other relatives.
':: )




Pig Two l THE FLORIDA STAB. Week Ending Saturday, June 27. 1959

-.- --- -
-- ---- -
: :: : ': ,

:fr'HE\ ;; FLORIDA STAR "Politics As.Usual"-

-' ,

Race relations in the South is still in a stale of serious
uosettlemeni. The reluctance of white citizens to understand -

Ptfeliihtd by'Th Florid Star Publishing Co.Member the aspirations: of Negroes and to discuss the issues
Fress' further'lessens communicationefforts between the two
Associated Negro
:,..,.', of __F dJ 1tnr f < races. This failure to sensibly face the issues troubling
.Erie: O. Simpson --B... Staff both groups and the refusal-or inability-of the total citizenry -
Johnton ... -----
C. Ptrhmm -----
... Clrculalloa Dept.> to Join together in the advancement of overall
-Hilda Wooten J community: welfare is in the large the cause behind the
South's existing racial dilemma.
HAH OFFICE fc PLANT 4'i10: I, therefore feel that the! ----
'sne 8tonalet Bead EL 4.1782 44mAddnsIt k. following portion of a Tus-"tribution of literature. In
>&iown Bnnch Cfflce: 423 Broad St. Pboue EL 1 F 1 kegee Institute report ont i Louisiana an essay contest
relations in the South'I
blaring race for high school students was-
should be of pronounced in- promoted with
1, Florida
p. o. Box S61 Jaduenvd terest and enlightenment to!and anti-civil rights themes.

SUBSCRIPTION RATES Negro, readers. i Some southern television
Y.ur$3.00: Three Mamba. 11.10 Opponents of Civil Rights. I!stations carried the weekly
ODe Tear. S.OOJ Half United Stat. The most aggressive volun- telecast of the"Citizens Council
K.u.4 To you, Anphue In The Order TOIrLOnmA tary groups in the South are I Forum." The Councils had
Bend Check or Mont the White Citizens Councils. ,
In Mnnce. their
auJlKription: P.'ab1. .LE 1 ORIDA own publications; and in
STAR-P. o. BOX 581-JACXSO They represent the mass sup- ,i I Louisiana, The Councilor advised -

port given segregationist public } its readers how to re-
4 1 r i policy and include in their spend' uncooperatively to Fed-
TALLAHASSEE RAPE SENTENCE s r a membership and among their!eral, agents carrying out civili

leadership State and local i i i rights investigations.
r public officials. In several i Among of other
SETS LEGAL PRECEDENT 0 ,1J southern cities there has been smaller organizations that adhere -

door- to-door canvasses and i to the basic principles of
records made of the
sympa- segregation and state auton-
hearts of men be- thies expressed by persons in-
be jubilation in the omy are the United White
THERE should no been terviewed.
convicted Tallahassee rapists have I Party, the American Party,
four .
cauSe the to life imprisonment, Not even the injured partv -I -.. ..: :: Business and professional i Defenders of State Sovereignty -
sentenced relatives or sympathizers "',people in : and the Patriots of
surround her as 4' many s North
who -,
or those the ..' '
to vindictive satisfaction over .. '"' < ; :Southern com-I:Carolina. The oldest of such
surrender any C3.
should of the four men who kidnapped! the college girl and tI ,t, oft I""!.._' :." it- ,, nunities d e'i. :groups in the South, the Ku
fate ,. ; lare member- 'Klux Klans have
astonishing degree. -- ., more or less
her to an .
then raped the-fact that. Circuit Judge. yr.. I. '. i hip in the i lost respectability because of
in sentencing the four whites to life unprisonment if t i vThite CitIzensij" "their leaning toward violence.
W. May Walker handed, do w n the nearest penalty td death, :\1,,. ,. ";"Councils to be Special interest groups concentrate -
sentenced the four men to death had..not ;' : their i activities in
and would recommended have mercy thereby nullifying the mandatory ,., )!r'..":.'; .r. ''support: of specific causes.
the jUl)1 death sentence. By his actionS, the jurist demonstrated "y r' \par ent- Corporations in Little Ilocl-:
magnitude of personal courage and legal integri Your Weekly ': y the best f!i- ''and in Virginia maintain systems -
a racial matter to him. It was a crime, ijiigr! J lanced organi- of private white schoolsto
not a _
_was ,
'ty. -
utmost to ration of their replace closed
Judge Walker did his some public
.;p'unishable the law.by law. And Horoscope Guide :jnd the White I I schools. Throughout last year,

satisfy i. words delivered at various intervals during SIMPSON Citizens Coun-i I white employees of the
sentencing illS own of the convicted men, have the ring of his- B? PABLO, The ASTROLOGER cils have had some appropri- 'Charleston! South Carolina,
tonal prominence: ations from public funds, and '!Navy Yard boycotted the desegregated

-nw of this court i. not a pleasant one. WHICH ARE YOUR, LUCKY DAYS tOR' their i propaganda offensivehas naval base cafe-
YouEa vTSLmltied a very serious offense.> an offense had the encouragementof teria.

that. is horrible and under horrible drc'Jl"'d'"ee BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL many public officials.In Many individual congregations -
E ''The court feels sorry for you and for the posecutrix Mississippi, some public i and State church bodies

(the Negro coed). You are fortunate that the Jury recommended I i schools were opened to representatives I have taken stands in supportof
The court has tried many cases of rape ARIESAmbition ,LEO I of the Councils fora segregation in oppositionto
mercy. j for the
accounting you've
and has never imposed sentences lesa than life or the electric is riding high, Resist pressures to make managed the gifts way and re- systematic indoctrination integration their national polices associations.adoptedby
chair. whether interests changes alter domestic campaign by lectures and dis- :
your are ar- sources so lavishly placed at
.. Local I labor organizations
"It: Is the duty of the court you have ben convicted' primarily social or practical. rangements, revise procedures your disposal. Control tongue -- ,

of high crime it is the eolem duty of" this court in Prominent friends are an as- in your daily routines and temper the third week, ord, with debts and commitments i'(dParent-Teachers I and similar organizations Associations of t-

keeping,with statutory law to sentence you. set, but it's not worthwhileto until after midmonth, when no matter what the provoca- under control,and plenty I j len reaffirm their segregationist
Later, after he had imposed the sentences, Judge Walker strain resources to move things: may be more smoothly tion. Be careful around com- of collateral or accumulated s: policies. i
inquired of the four too far too fast, or aim beyond coordinated to achieve the bustibles or machinery and sayings to justify cautious 1' Until
Negroes the
"Hare you ever heard of. the Supreme Ruler of the universe the milieu your means results,desired fte- rder your mind the safety rules while expansion. I!opportunity to give enjoy of their

?" may support. Keep your eye domestic'schedulemodernize traveling. 360551437365PISCES talents in planning and build-
"No sir/' the four said in unison. on the ball; the quality of the utilities equipment ,to per- 4-40-11-12-81-441 ing for the total advance-
The Supreme Ruler of the universe Is God the Juris work or service you render mit greater ''I leisure and free- ment of their communities

:old. debounds to your credit, is dom of action. SAGITTARIUS Things may have been de- the South will hardly be able,
"He is the one to whom you should direct your appeal. noticed where it counts the 2-20-88-.16-69-228 Except for minor differ- veloping so fast that some i to out of
move position
He.may offer you some comfort. I commend Him to you as most. The social pace is fast; ences with partners or family, confusion or a physical let- I economic disadvantage, cultural -
dne who can be a great...benefactor. those associations are most VIRGO and the strains attendant upon down is understandable. Don't limitation and emotional -
A brave and just man has set a precedent. Let us hope rewarding that recognize and This month and next marka holiday pressures, goodwill force the pace this month; distress. White and Ne-

'. there'will be decreasing cause to use it. encourage originality, share high point in the current builds steadily to a Yule- take advantage of the retrograding gro citizens together must

your enthusiasms and ideas. year. The emphasis is on personality tide week of harmony and en- Mercury to check I chart the way. All of America -
5-40-44-13-73-544 romance, money joyment. Financial prospectsare back on points that may have | -not just the South-now

RESPONSIBILITIES the thirst for social or business excellent for the year been overlooked, to go over !suffers the national and international -
INCREASING TAURUS adventure keeping you ahead, justifying the optim- accounts, to iron out snags in : consequences of

Keep schedules up to date on your agile toes. The mon- ism of partners. Services of- your progressive or ambitious !delay in achieving a democratic -

to 'avoid confusion or strain. ey problem may prove a hur- fered or received bring" tan- plans, to figure new ways and | society in the, South.
: GUARANTEES DIGNITY Don't m a k e confidantes of dle, but with,family coopera- gible return, even when there means to accomplish the re- M
the wrong people; keep your tion, and a resurgence of con- are no1 strings attached. sults desired. Then you may FLORIDA STARIN
more radical ideas to yourself fidence and energy, you can 9-80-77-19-48-! proceed, the last week, with
.OF BLACK AMERICANS. until the climate of opinion get around obstacles, find full confidence that you're on EVERY
is .'ready to accept such ways and means to make the CAPRICORN the right track, headed for*
innovations as you may deem kind of splash that sends your Give promotional ideas full sure and steady material ad- I
WHENEVER we regard dignity ,as a quality which we advisable. Erratic moods personal stock to a new high. play; go after an unexpected vancement. COLORED HOME
would dearly care to have, we are simply engaging in and behavior contribute to Figure the. angles before you opportunity, letting no trivial 1-40-41- -73-141
wistful and' fruitless contemplation unless we first recog- tensions; you' v e important plunge ,in speculative invest- qualms or petty domestic disturbances -

nize a sense of responsibility as the quality we absolutelymust projects under consideration, ment;;' take only the "ealcul get in the way.
: have or develope if dignity is ever to be acquired. affecting long?r nge securityand l lated risk." :.! Welcome the limelight that L

,The total posture of. a man, a race, a nation or even an discretion is .necessaryto ,6- -66-15-53-696 shows you at your social best.
entire civilization is manifested in that sum of; :dignitywhich bring them to successTul -....- You're in a definite upswing;
is itself the finest of responsibleness. fruition. -
product LIBRA partners' prospects are bright _
"In the United States, particularly in the South where 1--3Q-33.--:17-2.t-133: We have yet to see a set- and you stand to gain hand-

racial intolerance is slowly but steadily losing its baneful up so favorable, with nary a somely. But, don't build cas-
influence over the white mind, the black man has become wrinkle in the whole stellar tles in the air at month-end, 4.

the benefactor of an increasing sense of responsibility. He GEMINIYou're picture. You've the green or you'll invite a hard bump, '__ ,
haS learned that liberty without a sense of responsibilitywill in high spirits, light-to pursue an exciting 5-20-99-13-72-529 y

eventually destroy a man or a people, for liberty is .bursting with competitive, love affair put trained talents 4
the essence of freedom. drive; every idea you put in or skills on display, promote AQUARIUS ,
The black man's quest for total civil, liberties, therefore. =:irculation gives birth to two the prospects of gifted Ingeniousideas i may be
is a legitimate one. In demanding the right to fully participate : Tiore. You could sell any- children, make wise propertyor turned to practical account, -.x w o
in and enjoy the benefits of our society, he is not hing and make them come security' investments. when organized, and costs and

seeking to emulate the white man but, rather, is deter- lack for more. Don't wear 7-50-22- -98-752 expenses are worked out with
minedly demonstrating a natural consequence of maturityand yourself out on side issues ortake judgment. Financing jieed-

social evolution, both iit the personal and racial sense on more than you can SCORPIO ed may be obtained when
Indeed, his numerous contributions to the American Wayof :ieliver, or you'll trip yourselfup Here is where the piper has you've all the facts in hand a

Life entitles him to share in all of its benefits, even as the second week Make to be paid; the bill collectorsare and can prove yourself a solid
: he Is called upon to equally endure the hurts and dangersof :i plan, figure expenses in advance : out in force, and ..you'I risk. Here is where you may : ,\
defense. and hew to the line. cash in good credit rec- __
its,: I better be ready yto render an on a
Base choices
;The blackman has long accepted the responsibilities of on permanent, I --
not transient material
citizenship But it & only since he has been expressing gains. r. READING
8-70-33-11-35-873 GET YOUR HOROSCOPE ,
those responsibilities in orbits wider than home and community ,, .''i
Ooe tJda- Leant about 1....Eta deed It .etoo.
.' that he has begun to truly sever: the fetters of racial CANCER I.....: rate tIOGII.) ts MCA raw hora seep..tdened' bf .... loetedcddrrmerf. : e.U

injustice High-flown notions n e edommonsense r p en rinp& Write pia ty.TW slier does ..* appI7 J ,.
Realizing that.maximum political representation is vital "' '
a .
(editing the I to residents a to "*"'- ei Otfm&k.i .
organ to a free people, he has developed a political
first week to the -- I'i
permit favorable -
--x-- -
-. '.
has I- ;
voice which both decisive resonance and range. He hasas !
well swung his gaze from the heavens aiid"de lawd conditions that followto PABLO, FORIDA STAR'ASTROLOGER, :t\ '

\'and,is now viewing America in relation to himself and Better work your to'.job your; improve.advanta re-. I. P. 0.BOXSS1I I 'S KEN KNIGHT ,j
his future generations. He now sees the ,nation in terms
lations with co-workers sere ,JACKSONVILLE 1, FLA.
"oT permanence, participation and possession rather than in vice. where it's ,most needed ," > I II :......- Invites You To Listen To1MGUTW- .
terms of -
privilege. = '
precarious y7
:Actually, the constellation of "family, home, church and brings erty deals a sure favored reward.but Prop conclude I Nam. : : I II !

community: is the warp and woof of this nation. And, since negotiations and b---- : _
com- .
,his liberation, the black. man has taken pride in these mitments for home improvement ....,: ':"},;: ,
things. and' in the responsibilities they entaiL He has as purchase of supplies fk I < ...... I Startm At 7:00 P. M. Nizntly .
w&l acquired a notable dignity recognized.by all men except i teq' ..
that strange and stubborn ,foe of nancing, before Mercury r :f '.. I IJ .
1 Negro freedom turns the II : 'c--
'known as:the-bigottragic retrograde last- M t.Btrth -i4 l. WMC 1400safe

f t. '....,;}What fa ..' nuisance., ,--' week.-4 44 1&-39'- ',134:.":,; : : ::-t: ::: :;; :; :: 7 .J .'".,-h "'":-". ... _,_ ; '..'.. $. .'f';>safe r-* r .

...... 1.
-; --c .
:' : k ,' -
: /
:: ." ",
.. .. '-
... f




t Week Ending Saturday, June 27. 1859. THE FLORIDA Page Tire .

"- _' "/7."=_ :<""_--.'--......1It..,,' ,.t..R. ".... -==-T,..-.._............ ._,. ,'1!'. a.""'. <,... ,<,..... .,, ._.-c..c<< .. """ '. .... .. .. -, -.-.. .- v ,..' 'P,.,." "..
Wedding Bells .6 >i4'%'V -> ? { ;::" yuCd}' .fr ': "}\

r' : ,

Applications for Marriage

f..f.k: ). .f1It ., .

;.: :I"j jI
Richard McMillan, 735 W.
Church St., age 23, and Jac- jJ
queline Kirkland, 1062 West
Church St.., age 21. i'k

Matthew Bryant, 2917 Bar- ,,
nett St., age 32, and Rosa r ; .
Johnson, 1722 W. 31st St., n
age 25.

Douglas Caldwell Jr. 1635 .< :
... ;
Iii. State St., age 28, and ''MN ,;
:Margaret Knight, 752 CourtD 'oo. "".. .., R ':z4r

age 23.Charles. :
Richburg, 1557 Lee
St., age 22, and Annie B. Da- : \ \
vis, 2010 Commonwealth Ave. .,.
age 19. "

Samson Ferguson, 730 S.W. .
7th St., age 28. and Frances "'. +

Campbell, 730 S.W. 7th St..

Dania, Fla., age 37. .. i: .
John IL Banks, 759 W.-Du- i""<;f''f L.:...:>, .:.......:.... :
val St., age 25, and Altamese f f--.o:<: :; '::',,':,:.. 4 .,
Maxwell, 111 North St. .ti.
age ; ,- :

37.Michael C. Davis, 146 5th !TI ; "J

Ave., Jonesboro, Ga., age 21 I : ,::,. ;,: '
and Margaret L. Meggs, 2125 ,., .... ;.,:, f, ." .. .'C ". of. ,
Blair St., age 19. i. \ ;:'''' "v, ., ,. .,.. "l'V. :v' >...if'i: :i ;" ;$:"; '/ : ';:: :,.;.. : ." <.

Wm. Miller, 729 Court G., i.. .:.. _L._ _. .. .. ., +; ., t ._ ..., : ....

ler age, 1022 21, and Lee Ernestine St., 18.Setz- JUNE BRIDES-)X trio of lovely brides is seen in the above photos after exchanging vows. Mrs. Rosa Watts is seen at the left after the impressive= held
Willie i I i L. McBride age 5958 at the Church of God i n .Christ last Sunday. At the center is Mrs. Bernice Young, who .exchanged TOWS with William K. Young last Sunday in of bar I ILOUISE
Hardy Ave., age 25, and Ev- parents Mr. and Mrs. Willie Cole. Mrs. Ever Lee Mer- rit is seen at the right after becoming the bride of Donald Merritt recently at the Bethel Baptist Ckurch,
elene Maddox, 918 W. ChurchSt.

., age 18.Brooksie.
Box 437, Jax., Fla., age 20, I WILL OP.EN.JULY. 6
and Bernice Sykes, 7795 a a m : "
Lakeford Rd., age 15. GLADIOLA LADIES ANNUAL WATER A n n i e B. Chambers, -r -= i' -:. -:;.' :
Earl Burney, Rt. 6, Box 489 CLUB PLANS OUTING mother of Mrs. J. B., Epperson I
D, age 30, and Daisy M. Pos- The annual outing of the The Girl Scout Day Camp is ill in the home of her

tell, 1311 Henry .St., Mel- Gladiola Ladies Club will be SHOW 'JULY 1 1The will open officially July 6 and daughter, at 1401 Grunthal By
bourne, Fla., age 30. will continue through July 16 Street. She is a former member G. GUINYARD
James Coe, 1722 McCoys held June 28 at the Stephen 1 at the Mount Herman Park. of the Mt. Zion A.M.E. s .
Blvd., age 32, and Carrie Foster Memorial, White Sul- I Mrs. Elizabeth Simmons is Church.
Jackson, 1722 McCoys Blvd., phur Springs.The the camp director. She has Vacation time is here and quite a few persons are for-
age 31. bus will leave Eighth annual Boat Races, announced that courses in nature 4 c t tunate in that they are able to get away from the city.
Robt. T. Miller, 1614V.. and Davis Street at 8 a.m., Water'' Show and Channel study, folk dances, arts Those of us who cannot actually take trips, sometimes take
13th St., age 23, and Daladier Kings Road and Davis at 8:15 Swim and crafts, wood carving, .imaginary. treks to places we would like to visit.
sponsored by the New Mrs. Catherine Burns is ill
C. Rountree 1496 W. 7th a.m., and Tyler and Kings knot Such the with the Mrs.
Berlin Outboard spatter painting tying, was case bridge party staged by
Motor Club, at her home at 2124 Davis
Road at 8:30
St., age 19. a.m. Inc., is scheduled for 2:30 .lashing[ g a m e s, cook-outs, Street. She is member of Eleanor Littlejoha) last week when she took her guests
Robt. L. Jackson, 1930 W. p.m., July 4 at Christopher'sPier hikes, sewing and swimming the Grant Memorial a A.M.E. "south of the border" by way of her lovely country home.
23rd St. 18 and Jennie will be offered. the and of the Mexican
age at New Berlin. Church and serves in Choir Attending party partaking tasty
y. Ford, 1577 W. 32nd St., La Pulperia Saving Club I. dishes were:Mrs E. Boyde Mrs. Mary Calhoun Mrs. Theo-
age 16. To Observe AnniversaryThe : The staff includes: a director No. 1. doshla Childs Mrs. Etta Deas Mrs. J. Duncan Mrs. Lizzie
1 John Riley, 1130 Bertram ninth anniversary of Many of the familiar ra- unit leader, assistant Mae Harris. Mrs. Blanche Henldns Mrs Mary B. Jones;
the La Pulperia Social and cers and performers seen in unit leader, first aider, nature "a a
St., age 21, and Arnita Wood- Mrs. Meltonia McGriff. Mrs. Mararet E. MithelL Mrs. Sara
fork, 2126 W. First St., age Saving Club will be celebrated action will again enter the counselor, music coun- Scott Stewart and Mrs. Ora Mclver.J. .
18. June 28 at 3:30 p.m., at the main events for the South- selor, and crafts counselor O. C. Jernigan of Carter's
R o s c o e Striglers, 3419 New Bethel A.M.E. Church, eastern Championship boat Camping is a part of the Funeral Home is ill in the s C t s
Bethel Road, age 22, and Ma- with Mrs. Hattie M. Nesbitt, races. The participants in Girl Scout program in a camp Brewster Hospital. He is a D. Brooks, Jacksonville's "official host," entertained
rie Jones, 7852 Moses Road, president, presiding.A each event are well versed in situation and emphasizing member of the Day Spring fellow FIa.-Jar members at The, Lincoln Golf and Country
age 31.Billy. program will be presented their chosen field. putdoor living.LAUREL Baptist Church. Club last Thursday evening.The .

Hull, Jr., 1255 W. 3rd during the celebration. 'p group completed plans for its annual party for
. St., age 25, and Dorothy The ski show will furnish families atad friends to be held at Little Talbot Island July
Bright, 653 N. Lincoln Ct., many thrilling moments as it David H. Dwight of 1050 1%.
age 26. CALADIUM SAVING I has done in the past. The SOCIAL Street, is ill in the .
Ernest J. Vickers. 1752 CELEBRATES1ST channel swimming is one of BBrewster Hospital. He is a 'Another beach outing of significance is the one plannedby
Payne St., age 18, and Eve- CLUB the most entertaining eventSin CELEBRATES ITS member of the Mt. Zion A.M.E. the Duval Salesmen and Merchants Association whichis
lyn Nealy, 1355 W. 8th St., ANNIVERSARY the day's activities. The 23RD ANNIVERSARYThe Church. scheduled for July 12 and whieh will be held at Little
age 19. water show and boat races Talbot Island also.
s s
have become one of the nation's s a a a s
Dave Kennedy, 1486 W. Thj Caladium Saving Club
25th St., age 54, and Verna celebrated its first anniver- top attractions and each Mrs. T h e 1 m a Coleman of The outstanding party of the month was held last Tues
Ingram, 1486 W. 25th St., age sary recently in the Recrea- year it grows bigger and bet- 23rd anniversary f. 2145 Davis Street is ill in the day evening at The El Dorado Club when Mrs. Elizabeth
48.Willie tion Center, Third and :Mt. ter. the Laurel Saving Club was Brewster Hospital. She is a Simmons was hostess to the installation meeting of Lea
Pozo, 539 W. State Herman Streets.A observed recently at the Rec. member of the Second Bap- Elites Bridge Club, with guests from several of our lead-
St., age 38, and Ethel Cotton, program was presented The huge crowds that have reation Center and Mt tist Church. ing clubs present.
215 W. State St., 19. with the witnessed the events aft- Mesdames Louise
age following persons year Herman Streets.A The Smart Set was represented by
Sherlie Morman, Jr., 962 appearing: the Rev. James er year have conducted them- presentedby Walton, Vivian Holmes, Thomasena Ingram, Norma Bland
W. Beaver St., age 24, and Davis, the Rev. D. J. Jones, selves in such a manner that the program Program, Committee Mrs. M. L. B. Story, or- Nellyyonne Russell, Elizabeth Downing, Lois Eszard, Tbel-
Ada B. Downer, 1659 \V. StateSt. :Mrs. Elizabeth Chester, :Mrs. everyone have been able to with the following partici: ganist at New Mt. Olive Baptist ma Lewis, and Hortense Williams Gray.
., age 15. Elsie Peppers, Mrs. Onalee enjpy the festivities withoutany pants appearing; Mrs. Gus-S Church is ill in the Brew- Mrs. Frances Johnson, a member of Entre Nous Bridge
Jos. Green, 723 W. DuvalSt. Myrick, Mrs. Susie King, Harold molestation. The time sie Rucker, Mrs. Mattie Laz-. ster Hospital. She is a mem- Club, was present, as was Mrs. Helen Toney of The Classy
., age 48, and Hattye J. Dix, T. Nairn, :Mrs. Nettie B. spent. at New.Berlin on the enby Mrs. Ethel Peacock, ber of New Mt. Olive Baptist Lassies.
715 W. Church St,, age 34.' King, :Mrs. Arnett Scott Mrs. holiday occasion has been Mrs.,Virginia Freeman, Mrs. Church and a member of the Other invited players included Mrs. Juanita Jackson
Wm. K. Young, Jr. 1930 H. Flenoid the Rev. II. quiet, peaceful and enjoyable.
L. Mary West, Mrs. Katie: Randolph and Mesdames Lydia Sweet and Mary Porter of
McQuaid St., 20, and Bernice Herod Mrs. L. B. Ferrell M.Myrick Wornen's
age Careful driving on the high- Strickland, Mrs. Lizzie :Me-: The Poinsetta Ladies Bridge Club.
J. Cole 1106 W. 26th Stage and :Mrs. Janie Jack- .
17. way to and from New Berlin Ivory, :Mrs. Alice Williams, J. s e Mrs Hortense Williams Gray Installed the following officers
son. has been one of the strong F. Patterson, Mrs. W. M. Me- : Mrs. Lois Avery. president; Mrs. Bernice Header-
points in the success of the Kelton, John G ripper and Mrs. Fannie Moss of 1698 son vice president: Mrs Virginia Gray. secretary* Mrs.
event. All drivers have been Mrs. Jeraldine Aldridge.The Hiram Street is ill in the Vernal McCone assistant secretary; and Mrs Lula Court
front DRAB. .to DAZZLING! cautious and very respectful program committee., Brewster Hospital. Mrs. Moss ney treasurer.
about the other fellow's rights. includes: Mrs. Mary West, is a member of the Glendale Les Elite members present included, in addition to of-
The same care is expected to Mrs. Margaret Fludd and Mrs. Social Savings Club and New ficers installed, Mrs. Marie McClain,Mrs. Eddie Mae John-
M 7yj 1. prevail July 4. I I Ethel Peacock. Bethel A.M.E. Church. son Bryant, Mrs. Johnnie M. Roberts, and Miss Anna Bell

S s Minate.
e Club prizes? were won by Mrs. McClain and Mrs. Court-
Daniel Neal of 1545 W. 18th ney, while .guest prizes were won by Mrs. Thelma Lewis
Street accompanied his mother Mrs. Halen Toney, and Mrs. Vivian Holmes. Mrs. Lydia
Mrs. Sallie Neal and sister, Sweet qualified for the consolation award.
Mrs. Beulah Griffin of 1243 s
W. 18th Street to Monticello Mrs, Rosemond Satterwhite is in the city to spend the
r recently to visit Mrs. Neal's summer with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chester Satter-
OH I\SI HI l> SVMN ,SOur brother, Charlie Branham. whte.
very Bberal Each ICICOCDd Sa i Last week we promised to tell you more about our teachers -
earnings com
pounded 'Semi- n Mrs. Etta Bostic of 1983 who are away studying for the summer, and thus
x,dS + Annually_ oa Ssvinffs accuur laenr.b TS' the College Circle is ill at Brew- far we have been able to determine that Mr. and Mrs.
(] tit1.0Aa. ster Hospital. I Dennis Stewart are matriculating at the University of
in this Asso EatlaA
I'- daIIoa which II' '" 'JD4 boas r- Colorado; Mrs. Gloria Brooks at New York University;

chartered and supei muaA ... Coepocattos The Rev. A. D. Harris pas- 'Mrs. Camilla Thompson at Hampton Institute; Mrs. Mar
vised hy. 'sie- br tor of the Mt. Zion A.M.E. garet Jenkins Henderson at Syracuse University; Mrs.Iris
---W. Church, Southside, is ill in Knox (scholarship: ) at New York University; Mr. Clarence
0. 8. GoracscMoi met el Caeaaar1lMi
with Larieuse the Brewster Hospital.. Mathia (science scholarship) at New York University; and
YfIlYWfHalrcolor MissAnna Bell Minatee at Columbia University; and Mr. I

Mr. and Mrs. Roy. Austin 'and Mrs. Richard T. Hadley at Indiana University.
. Would trade hour tat hair s a y s .
you an former residents of this city,
6,.- like One this hour professional U all it takes nodcTa foe .. were in the city recently to Mrs. H. E. Smith of 1921 Myrtle Avenue is peT '111y .
-.' GndefroT Larieuae Haircolor:: attend the graduation of their visiting in Bronx New York with her daughter and eo.4n.
to brine back:youth to guy dull =. daughter, Betty Jean Austin, law, Mr. and Mrs.: Kibble Payne. While there abs attended
IJpGlfI or faded halt! a recent graduate of New tie gndaatfon of her granddaughter Carolyn P )'JUI. who
L Ills apsuIt.eM-... Everythinf you' turdbb th* Ar' Stanton High School Betty was valdlciorian. of the 1959 class of the Rhrerdate School
tHtI w famous red box.Get Oodehorst.
.AMIr to sat,dta Ioag4aitinf Larieoat crept will enter Teachers Training i for. Girths in Biverdale. New York. Shortly afterwards she
College in Boston -MAS&, in was present when Carolyn was presented to New Yark
L uw UtaIba: .:? OODEFKOr urn OX KM Oto Sx..Sv IM*U. September. She is the slater .society at a ball sponsored by The Girl Friends a pepolar'
., of Dr. Andrew O. Austin. !dab of that ciiy.
) .
i, '.r ar: :
.Yr .. .
: :" i' ''''- .. \ "
{ r-> -r i J.
\ ,

.... "



Four ,THE FLORIDA STAR ___ Week Ending: Saturday, June 27 1959

I Women's Day To Be Observed At Abyssinia Church ,I



i Annual Women's Day will be observed the Mt. Sinai

.. k aah Baptist Church, June 28, with Mrs. Virginia Mack as gen-
eral chairman. and Mrs. H. H. Robinson as the pastor for


TO HOLD ANNIVERSARYThe SETS ANNIVERSARY The observance will begin with the Sunday School Department -

deacons of First Samuel r and continue throughout: the day.
District No. 1 of Zion Hope
Baptist Church will observe The devotional
service at I I
Baptist Church will celebrateits
their anniversary June at 11 a.m. will be conductedby I INSTALLATION MEET
28th anniversary Sunday,
28, in the auditorium of the
church, at 3 p.m. June 28, in the auditorium of .1' ; Mrs. Rachel Holland and SET AT ST. PAULOn

A special program will be the church.A 'ri Mrs. Roberta Dean. Othersto July 5, Pastor Floyd T.

presented. The Singing Youth Parade will be >
Trumpets and the Union in presented during the celebra- *f.J"_ worship are: Mrs. Arie L. the pastor of St. Paul Lutheran -
charge of the service at 8:00 tion. / ,A
Norton Church
v.' i. Mrs. E. D. Lucas, I Magnolia Gardens -
p.m.Harold """" Mrs. Verna at 3 p.m., m the church.
J. Robinson
E. Peterson will be I BUSINESS LEAGUE'S BOARD MEETS-The members of the National Business Mrs. 'I

in charge. The Rev. J. L League's board of directors met last week In Washington D. C- to plan 1959 confab. Marion Glover, Mrs. Camilla Pastor McAdoo is a nativeof

Scott is pastor. DAY SPRING DISTRICT Financial aid, to businessmen throughout< the country will dominate the conventionprogram Peters,Mrs.Altamease Thomas Greensboro, N. C., and a

GIVES GREEN LEAF TEA with Dr. F. D. Patterson NBL president outlining the proposed: project. Mrs. Theresa Wingard, graduate of Imanuel Lutheran

CHRISTIAN AID UNIT A green leaf 'tea will be Seen in photo, front row left to right: J. E. Robinson. Houston Texas C.,W. MaxwelL Mrs. Cora Washington, Mrs. College Theological Department -

SLATES ANNIVERSARYThe sponsored by District No. 15 Philadelphia Dr. Patterson New York; Mrs. L. Tolbert. Chicago: Edward Da- Wilson Armstrong \ K.I with a B.D. degree.
of Day Spring Baptist Church vis. Detroit; William; R JIudgins. New York. Second row left to right John H. Mrs. M. He is now pastoring St. John

July 12,"from 4 to 6 p.m., at Wlckliffe, New York; J. R. E. Lee Tallahassee; Belmont HaydeL New: Orleans. I Gibson, and Irene B. Parker. Lutheran Church in Salisbury -

anniversary of the the church.A Third row, left to_ right: J. J. Henderson.Durham\ ; Rufus Byars. Wuhlngton.Fourth At 3 p.m. the CitywideMin- N. C.TOOTHACH2.

Christian Aid Society of the program is being ar- row, left to right. are'Dr. B. T. McGraw E. Lancaster. J. A. Beavers, and Moss H. isiters Wives will be in chargeof

Greater Macedonia Baptist ranged to be presented during Kendrix, all of Washington. the service with Mrs. M.

Church will be observed. the occasion with local
artists L. Johnson
Sunday June 28 In the auditorium appearing. ZION HOPE UNIT CENTRAL CHURCHE MELVIN GRACE SETS as the speaker. An
of the church.A I Others to appear on the pro- iuuntua.tor ... last act.
program has been arranged gram are Mrs. S. L. Badger, It you UI't I.t to tor. 1111 |1.11 C.IIMMMtLtMiMlth
: i ORAJEL"lor
to be presented dur- ANNIVERSARY r Melvin Grace will celebratehis Mrs. Eliza Sharpe Mrs. Willie you U ORAJ1..f,'.
Annual Men's Day will be third anniversary Sunday, vrn1swi .1 ItUIOt.
ing the observance. ELKS FAMILY SETS Demps Mrs.\ C. DAIJJI
I Daniel
observed at the' Central Bap- June 28 at 9 p.'m.: at the ,
14TH CELEBRATIONOn The Male Chorus of Zion tist Church, June 28 throughout Shaw Memorial Baptist Mrs. R. H. .Wilson, Mrs. W. :.

.ANNIVERSARY SLATED Hope Baptist. Church will cel- the day. with.. the officersin Church, Duval and Jefferson L Jones, Mrs\ M. V. Trowell!
AT GRANT MEMORIALThe ebrate its ninth anniversary, charge. Streets. and Mrs. W. C. Mitchell.

11th anniversary of July 19, special services October 19 in the auditorium- The Rev. A. Hughes, pas' Elder W. H. Grace of Mi-

Choir 'No. 3 of Grant Memorial will be held in the Elks Au- of the church. tor of the St. John Baptist ami, Fla., will be the masterof The devotional service at 7p.m.

A.M.E. Church and the Church will deliver the ser- ceremonies for the celebra- will be
9th hour of Charm will be ditorium, commemorating 14 The Rev. S. Andrews of Allen by Mrs.
"at home" by the Elk Chapel A.M.E. Church will mon for the 11 a.m. worship.The tion. Mattie Hughes, and Mrs. Den- l
celebrated, June 29 at 8 p.m., years Invitations have been LEARN TO DRIVE
in the auditorium of the Family. The Rev. S. L. Badger be the speaker for the occa- observance will begin to the extended nis Young. Mrs. Flossie Rhim, 'I Secure Drivers' License

church.A pastor of the Emanuel sion and C. Parham Johnsonof with' Sunday School, with A. attend the event.WOMEN'S general. publicto Mrs. Pearl Walker, Mrs. Mar- SAFEWAY DRIVING
Baptist Church will deliver St. Paul A.M.E. Church Jackson, assistant super-
program has been arranged :va Jenkins, Mrs. Helen SCHOOL
for the celebrationwith the sermon. The service will will be the master of cere- intendent, in. charge. Guest the 600 West Beaver Street
rence, speaker Mrs.
will l l be A. Ag-
begin at 3 monies.
artists appearing. p.m. i es GEORGE PERPENA. Dir.
Bishop, l\Irs.l\tozell
Washington, ,0 f Tabernacle DAY GROUP ,
A program is being arranged Other groups to participateIn Baptist Church. Visiting Mrs. Thelma Baker, and Mrs. Office ELgin 5.7742
FIRST NEW ZION CHURCH the celebration are the PRESENTS PROGRAM / Res. ELgin 4-0639
by John II. James, teachers will be in charge of Virginia Mack will participate
PLANS OBSERVANCEThe male choruses of Tabernacle in the
The Duval Council service.
chairman of the program com- the classes. The Rev. R. L. County
First New Zion Bap- Baptist, St. Thomas, Mt. Ar-
mittee for the celebration.The Jones, pastor will review the Club of Homemakers
tist Church will observe an- arat Baptist, Emanuel Bap- will sponsor a program given
nual Women's Day July 12, Male Chorus of Eman- tist, St. Paul A.M.E., and Mt. lesson.. by Group No. 7 of the Wom Welcome To Jacksonville

throughout the day. uel Baptist Church, under the Bethel Baptist Churches.W. Rheuben L. Butler is the en's Day drive at the Mt.

Programs will be presented direction of Cecil Barnes Byrd is the president of general chairman and N. C. Zion Baptist Church, Sunday, MAHALIA
during each service with local Fisher, will furnish music for I the chbrus and Mrs. EmmaB. Dudley and P. J. Jenkins, cochairmen June 28 at 4 A panel

artists participating. the occasion. Johnson is the pianist. The Male l Chorusof discussion will p.m.be featured. : .. .. 'JACKSONWELCOME
Mt. Sinai Baptist Church
Mrs. Corine i Smith will
will serve with Andrew J. ___ __ ___ ____L___ ..r___ TO JACKSONVILLE .
. FASHION VERSATILITY OFFERED TO SEW-YOUR-OWN SEi I:.Buyers at the piano. serve as moueraior. iurs.
Members 'of-the finance Thelma Raye, Mrs. Mary L. We All Love Your Golden Voice!
By Evelyn Cunningham ready-raades. very often adjustable. A ,committee are ,James Mclv- Washington and Mrs. Lolita
It choice of cummerbund belt Coleman will We'll Be At The '
Is'generally agreed that But what may come as a or er, chairman H. serve on the
die girl who sews her own surprise is the fact that the may be offered. The choiceof f N. C. Dudley;and H. H. Cul-, panel. NEW BALL PARK SUNDAY NITE

clothes is caking the least cdst of making a dress CaD making a dress with or !pepper; decoration, Freddie Sunday School will be held

expensive route to building be even less than the home- without a jacket is often Osborne, chairman; A. J. jointly with Bethel Baptist For Your Unforgettable .
a stylish, varied and com sewer .had anticipated. One given.In Church of Southside. Morn-
E. H.
Buggs, Clipper and IL
plete wardrobe. It has been McCall's fact, the ing worship will at "EVENING OF GOSPEL"You .
pattern can easilybe very same patters H. Culpepper;;; publicity, L. convene
well established thatbuying used for sometimes be used 11 B.T.U. at 6 and
petty making two or can Thompson, chairman E. D. a.m., p.m.;
a pattern, a few yards more different garments. for sewing a cocktail dress Dorsey and Jonas Lawrence.; evening service at 7 p.m. The

of fabric and following a set Many McCall's, patterns, and later a casual summer Rev. II. L. Herod will be in
of clear-cut Instructions for Instance, carry pieces for cotton. Or the same pieces charge of the pulpit service. Don't Have to Go to Town to Get

makes a much smaller denton making both full and slim that are used for an elegant

the pocketbook and the skirts. Sleeves may be longor pair of lounging pajamas may
nerves than shopping for .short. The waistline Is be used fot a pair of denim OBSERVANCE SET AT MT. ZION CHURCHTO LOW PRICESOn

clam diggers. A beach coat MT. SINAI SPONSOR RALLYA
., j' pattern may be used for a District Rally will be Yom-
formal evening coat. Just a
: sponsored three districtsof
,1v w = by
: f ;v. bit of imagination can trans- Women's the 'Mt. Zion Baptist DRUG STORE NEEDS
3 form any McCall's pattern into Day will be ob-
Church, Greenland, the Rev.
? practically anything you want. served at the Mt Sinai Bap..
tt t *: Good examples of the tist Church, June 28, with the A. Williams, pastor. Trade With Your Neighborhood Drug Store
The districts in the rally
t "f, versatility of one are following officers presiding:
I .. I the two dresses picturedhere. Mrs. Virginia Ma? c k chair- are: No.1, M. Allen, leader WE WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADVERTISEDIN
No. 2 Dozier
; Joiner, leader -
Mrs. I. Parker
4i' man; By co-
Both are sleeveless and
No. 3 .Edward
; Joiner:
rM t t chairman; Mrs. Josephine
v s 0t 1g high waisted. The solid blue is the leader.

v ok linen, however, is dramatizedby Jones, secretary; Mrs. Alice Services Sunday will begin Deliver We Ale FUI AD Doctor Prescription*
k Williams, assistant Mrs. .M.
wide a so
very with
Sunday School at 9 a.m.
K. Gibson treasurer W.
popular this season. Small ;
+A D. Lucas and morning worship will con
and Mrs. J. Dye,
pockets are placed at the
Sunday School; Mrs. Queen vene at 11 a.m., with the Rev. Dixie Pharmacy
waist seam and three blue
E. P.
Epps delivering the mes-
McKnight BTU Mrs. Erma
bone buttons close the front ;
bodice. The collar Bryant, chairman of music: sage. The Rev. W. L. Wolks 1302 KINGS ROAD at HTBTLE: AVENUE
8p '!p tb aught Mrs. Alice Swan and will be the speaker for the IIMVMPAY
rit have been made in a puritan *ushers; PHONES CL .
at 3
Mrs. J. Stafford decorations.The p.m.
white or a blue and white ,
NAr polka dot. In either case, the finance committee includes YOUR LIGHT, WATER AND TELE-

freshness aDd youthful feeliag : Mrs. Lillie i Hair, MT. OLIVE CHOIR PHONE BILLS AT OUR STORE

__ of the dress is maintained.The chairman; :Mrs. Flossie Rhim TO SPONSOR ITSANNIVERSARY

n. same pattern(McCall's and Mrs. Add i e Ruff, tag
r'th Pattern No. 4881) is used for committee; Miss Mary L.

the lovely print dress. Here Wimberly, chairman; Miss, SUPPORT THE DRIVE '
4 a' sash is stitched to the Annie L. Thomas, Miss Clau- The anniversary tea

dress at the center back, inserted dett Clark.and Mrs.. Pearline of Choir No. 1 of Mt." Olive
1 'da A.M.E. Church will be
Johnson. given
through carriers at
v June 28, from 4 td 6 pjn., in FOR BETTER TREATMENTOF
the front and gently knotted
Mrs. H. H. Robinson win the basement of the church.A .
A under the hostliae. The round serve as pastor for the day. win be
program' presented
neckline is deftly and placed at during the affair with local NEGROES: LOCAL FIRMSI
a not-too-high not-too-
artists appearing.
point. '. Invitations have been extended would Iflee to eee a new policy of better treat
''r The -
4. fabric of
+ interesting DAY SPRING USHER to all choirs, clubs and meat to Negro easterner adopted by local firm
white and two shades of groups of the city to attend I recast beteg ailed by>> my first'name by talemnan
,;1rt = lavender has a dot within a BOARD TO GIVE TEA the !event. aDd ulewoeia.
dot and is
shantung. I better* that Negro patrons should be,provided

.a Whether the collar, sash or HOMECOMING; TEA, ample net room facilities la local establishments sad
both are used, a wide selection -' An annual fellowship l.11' tea TO BE SPONSOREDAT aa sad pat to Jim-crow algai on drinking fountains
of fabric> is available., '
x will be sponsored by Usher and rest I'OOmLTo
Polished cottoe, lightweightwool Board No. 1 of Day Spring SECOND BAPTIST, accomplish these changes I am willing to cease

!' x i&., ? printed, syathetic suxtores, Baptist Church by Usher pafo .g firms that are unwilling to meet theM
silk faille
a might be considered.or crepe Board No. 1 of Day Spring A homecoming musical tea r .

weekly Fashieo Baptist Church, June 28 at will be sponsored by DistrictNo. I
-------- -------- cwing the Wilder
Park Recreation 15 of Second Baptist NAME ..
PATTERN I MAGIC CREATES> TWO OUT OF ONE FOR HOME- Tip: Look your pattern ever Center from I --
4 to STUB. Church, June 28 from 4 to 6
I ewfe* blab wi.td *em caa be carefully ADd pick out th. ;
.....wftk or wilke lugs collw for wardrobe variety. Optkmtl pieces that die Mrs. Juanita D. Wyatt will pjn., at the home of Mr. and ADDRESS .
:...trastts6. seek mar be aUtdwd to the diva at the seater back bdoag to design be the guest speaker for the Mrs. Albert Peterson 1258
... ...... IB tbs froa*. Hem ak !. orttted. MMII pockets asjom hue decided .. event. Mrs. Louise Graham Grothe Street.A .
,a..I ...,. tie walatlbn gt" aM ..... Ttose program Mrs. will
,lie" to Bake te ..... program presented -
SkMu. Plte H Coitus or Priato back into the pattern eawelope. deatfal tmleei Indicated oJhexwiM below.

S& or Cottoa.McCall. Pattern s488 Mlaaes'cizM ....16.. 65*. ; Levett. Mitchell" is t the>, cochairman. during artists the appearing.affair with local I ---' -4 tkat my .... will--be held eeafiPage -


1 .

f ff f


Ending Saturday June, 27 195$ THE FLORIDA STAB _.._ .... ___ .


One of the biggest gospel tap for Jaxons, under the supervision -'at 8:30: p.m.,with Ken Knightas
music programs ever wit- of this .city's first master of ceremonies. Local :-ar RADIO &.

: Alberta Latimore, of nessed in Jacksonville will be lady of gospel, Miss Ethel I groups from A3I.E. and TV SERVICE

2058 W. 18th Street is con- stag.ed in the JacksonvilleBall Davenport. Miss 'Mahalia 1 i Baptist churches will honor I
fined at home with a broken Park on Sunday night, Jackson will thrill her audi-' Miss Jackson's personal All Work Guaruxiewd
leg sustained from fall June 28 when appearance New and Used TVs .
a Mahalia Jack- ence with 'TrO blCS( Of The with i special num-
May 21.Mrs. son, world acclaimed' gospel World" and all of!the spirituals bers. The occasion will be 669 Florida AY*

Latimore, a memberof singer appears in the star- and gospel songs that have delivered by Mrs. Gus s fe r Xf Phone EL :3-4003

the Mt. Ararat Baptist ring role. endeared her to millions all Paige, and ,a .beautiful poetic, Jacksonville, Florida

Church is one of the city's "AN EVENING OF GOLD- over the. world. '.- Doors will tribute will be rendered by
well known musicians and .1. .J *
is best known as the organizer w EN GOSPEL MUSIC" is on open at 7 p.m., program starts Mrs. Leonard D. Morse. MAHALIA\ JACKSON *
and trainer of the Lati- ... '" "" "
,.., ,
-. .
more Singers. The singers in : ,
her group begin at 3-years-

suoervision.old and develop under her MRS. ANJOU N. GERMAN It always to. deal with
Instructor In Chemistry pays DAVIS! i

For a number of years she at FlAk University par. I u. .
served as pianist for one of ilcipailng In the National
the choirs at Mt fc i na aiB .f W
Calvary Science Foundation now being *
Baptist Church. Her groupwas Institute at the University ?,
one among the first to of North Carolina. Mrs. .
appear on radio here where German will be one of 40
they have been heard each chemistry teachers from

American colleges and universities
to benefit from the 'I x .a Q. r 1 ,V.v

institutes program aimed at i
presenting the latest developments i
In Chemistry to selected -
Long term 12 year loans, teachers. .
repayable $10 per monthon -

the$1.000, for home improvements for num- M
Sunday morning a +
repairs and ber of .A.v q t DYA
additions to your existing She has traveled to different \ $
house. Quick and efficient sections in and out of\ .
service. No red Just
tape. the state with her group to s
good credit rating and OWn render recitals for various ,
or buying your own home. churches and- organizations. : :.. +.e
M. J. SIMON v Friends and well wishersare
621 First Federal Building looking forward to an '.A I o. 3e "pY< 3euF'

306 W. Adams EL 6-2489 early recovery and to hear- J3 ;' f :

I ing her again over the air.LILLY'S wr : ; 4 A. '

e"'a +bt
. 1907 Kings Road at Spires f )

Where Experienc.o'Pharmacists '

Pre par e j s sy' : 34'A

Your! Prescription According i
to doctors !
ri your '

Instructions Using s <+ ,'

only the best quality 1 ,p t

>"drugs. Yk! L

Dr. O. E. Black Pfcarmacfsts. Dr. W. 9. Grama i

:- -:- -aA UJ.1aaede1cfra .

Cosmetic Rubber Goods- Candles Sundries.. .
10 Dresser, Chest y. ....
.---- Bookcase Bed, Box "-

Spring and Innerspring 1Doubl. 1-
I"' I Have Camera PIECE Vanity Mattress Lamps 2 Pillows and Bed, "2 ? ?

: Spread.
r Will TRAVEL Bedroom OPENS ...
.... I I $10 00 T t
'h I GROUP YOUR ACCOUNT f Now You can have ;

.J//j' I'



Specializing Only In Weddings. Parties. Clubs Curved Sectiona1L _

ONE DAY Church SERVICEBAKER'S etc : ._ ., $139.95 All Summer ts#>9 .

; r ;

P. O. Box 1071 1830 Wright Aye. Ph. FL 9.1764 N ;, .,. Sofa Bed FANS
I Group
(J Jr
p. For a More Beautiful You! '. : $139.95 ,

-.-......... ... ........-.. e This Low-Table FAQ
cooling current of air into sear ,
.. +
r XM t f ( n, corner of the room.Three-speeds r
r.Have 4D 7 A. or FULL SIZEHIDEAWAY 'with motor and electronkallr / "
btUnced blades hush-created"
you ever worn your quiet operation. It's a len'iac table, -
;best dress and been disappointed re.,' y' \ Beds Foam too.Attnctire ice plastic a.C "
that said top. Handsomely styled and finished
no one a .
s in luxurious treasure-tone colon.
How nice you look!"? CushionsBABY

Clothes do help to give an attractive _LI. $5.00 DOWN
appearance but clothes alone 4- .- ', DELIVERS r
cannot make for good grooming. CRIBS
Your makeup, hair style, fingernails Qtyt r 4s_ + 'fW .a, t With
and even perfume can enhance nil
a JL1.I-
a lovely new costume, or Innerspring Mattress
,keep the ones you love from \ NEW from Gen oleum*Hai e /{ 71f1f.4(
noticing you're wearing last r.
.year's dress. $29 9S A AIR CIRCULATOR
The basis for true beauty is good VINYL This America's most fmtfafxd CM. "
>health pins a natural fresh look. __ You can have retrahlnc brews
When you step from yow bath wipes,clean with a damp cloth! aajrwhere in your home w h ne cc
dash of your favorite cologne Miss Dorothea Towks, internationely WE DO OUR you want them .. on th* patio, in
Jhelps to give yon that spieand4j famoos> Ntgr Uodd I--J..fn a adds,hot grease mer- OWNFINANCING ,11! the tiring room or bedroom Serves i.
>an, pampered feeling aO day. Fashion Authority and Beeaty curochrome...even lye won't stain, a window fan. tool Molls cat? as
()f course, a necessity is a deodorant Expert,directs this comma snder won.tlpOt.EasiatftocrfaAmerka baby carriage: detircn large
that give you dependable th* pea name .l Gwevfer to keep dean. i. of air at any aaaIe..... .
24 YOfBf.'tary ., arc. Adjustable in hefehc
hour-a-day protection. 1049. ; '!' '!'?
Makeup is Never needs acrubbinf or wajde 28 to 48 inchea. Finished
an art acquired sq.Yu r
through careful selection: and heir .,. refer to last P*tterrse aW w nnyl ;; r OPEN jfj io decorator colon!
subtle application. Remember. If week's column, write for a.copyif "
you use rouge, rise it sparingly. you -... It. Lay It fat minutes No fas.Batkcu MONDAY I t:COM M TOOAr..
Never be-guilty of round, down The yor present to>< less than $20" coven-. area..-... tr.r.w a.elalr tUuw and ... eM ...., .
apots of color on each. cheek others speaks loader thaa words.Aa yxlS'njom..gives ofbard- .II ......IIwiftF
Rouge should be applied sparingly *. actress looks glamorous under est foot wear.lATISFACTION: tA FRIDAYSt| EMCtSOKflfCTnCIm r.- .
with the edges blended theatrical lights from the .
very very carefully. stage but this extravagant type OUAXANTIIO Ot YOU MONIY SACK TILL 9 P. M. j jv ... ",., ...... '-".._
Choose carefully to of makeup m real Kfa can be a &
Hpstkk :
match your your mood and clothing. nightmare walking! So use discretion ,. ."..---A? .;>.,...;>.?.,... .?.: ...... VtS83SS3SSeS988ge383333&3&SS3&SSSSS3SSSeSSf :.4d
However be sure' to choose a and good taste in doth*
shade and type that is expressly lug, makeup and grooming to r. .
formulated to be most flattering. present a more beautiful you' -
to you. There is now a new lipstick .,.. always! COMPANY
,that has lovely colors.*,.. Davis Furniture
dally created to highlight cream .
golden bronze, and even darker Ina.' e s.tr 2m.........asses.- Be .sue.. N 1M asdaa n M. Ph. EL 3-5791
akin tone .a --... ...,.Y.awe ........ "
... aH .. IOIa 0....,... rs.a .
Poets through the ages refer to m, Co_-r: drh.4 1'.a ass usu.1M. .. '
a woman'a hair as her "cTOws oS'* illti f vWeek
dory. For tips oo eo"DlL _. .. .. J .. -. "-: ,



Page Six ,"0 -' THE FLORIDA STAR Week Ending Saturday.. June '27. 1959





Advertisers -- i i The Missionary Quadrennial -, The School of Missions and
ICE CREAM Annual St. John Day will CHICAGO Willie Gali- A.M.E. Church will be held :i Christian Service of the ;Flor--

I be celebrated June 28 at 2:30 more, the St. Augustine, Fla. at the Ebenezer A.M.E. ida Conference, Woman's Society
Church in Detroit, Mich., July of Christian Service and
final meeting of the
flash has signed his 1959 pact
auditorium Sec-
in the 'I
p.m. ) 6-9, according to an announcement -
Wesleyan Service Guild will
Bolden's Summer Music School ond Baptist Church, by the with the professional Chicago made by the Rev. I Rosebud Garden Circle was be held at Bethune-Cookman
Bears, owner coach George conducted recently I at the
Jacksonville District of the : Hubert N. Robinson, host pas- College, Daytona Beach, July
Six Big Weeks June 15 July 24 Most Worshipful Union Grand Halas haS...,announced.,- j tor.The ;home of Mr. and Mrs. L. C. 27-31, according to an an-

SCHOOL SUBJECTS Grades 1- 8 .. Lodge, F. ,and A. M., PHA, Galimore left the Florida A. Rev. H. Robinson has Miller, 1577 W. 22nd.Street, nouncement made bv Mrs. E.
Piano Band Theory Voice ,Accordion Inc., A. Fleming, district deputy and M. campus and went into I'been a minister for 28 years t with Mrs. T h e 1 m a Session, W. Hurley.
2922 PEARCE STREET Ph. EL 5-9722 grand master.An professional l football, to be- and has pastored at Jones Mrs. Hattie Wilson and Mrs. The school is under the auspices -
invitation has been extended -come one of the .finest running Tabernacle, Cincinnati, OJiio! ; of the Central Jurisdiction -
to other branches of backs in the country. St. Paul, Columbus, Ohio; St. Lucretia Williams serving- as and Woman's Divisionand

PHOTOGRAPHS FOR Masonry through the follow- From the time Galimore hit James, Pittsburgh, Pa.; and co-hostesses. Board of Missions of the
ing officers Mrs. A. M.: Frazier the big time his sensational the St. James Church in I "'Vha Inspiration Have I Methodist Church.
deputy Heroines of Jer- running kept the Bears in the Cleveland. He will be assisted : "To Kindle a Growing
EVERY OCCASION icho; Mrs. A. M. Fleming, thickest of the fight ip the by the Rev. U. Grant Nix- :Gained from the Garden This Light" will be the school's
deputy of Eastern Star; the league's standing on of Madison.MISSIONARY. Year?" was the roll call fdr theme. The following courseson
< '-1' Expert Photography Rev. A. E. Crumady, deputy the meeting. Officers for Missions will be offered:
:, Portraits Weddings Banquet Royal Arch Masons; the Rev. Owner-Coach George Halas COUNCIL 1959-61 were installed. The Church's: i s s ion in
Passports & Identification PhotonPhotostats H. Y. Brown, deputy; Knight said he expects the fleetfooted -i TO CONVENE ,HERE Town and Country," "Afri-
& Commercial Work Templar :Masons; :Mrs. A. B. 24-year-old Galimore to The officers are: Mrs. L.Dena ca," "The United Nations in
Photos For Newspaper' Cuts Thomas, Heroine Crusaders, i improve in pass catching. World 1 "
The annual MissionaryC and "The
Hometown friends former McClellan, president;
John :Milner potentate Nobles ,
While You Walt Gospel of Luke."
i 1 of the Pentecostal
schoolmates and football fans o u n c Carrie Mallard, first vice
of the Mystic Shrine the Mrs.
& Picture Framing ;
Coloring Instructors
Church of the First Born of will be :Mrs. S.
Let Us Take A Photo Of Yond Rev. G. T. McCall, command- from all over this section will president; Mrs. Daisy Miller, D. Bankston of
i.it !l' the Living God will terminate St. Peters-
v ,: er-in-chief of Tilman Valen- see Galimore in action at the I
,s,' .I if"<';! tine and also the Gator Bowl) soon. at the Mission No. 1, 1771 second vice president; Mrs. burg, :Mrs. II. G. Barnett,
"' -: ,'",;;? J. AVERY niles. Elder A. E. Reed, presiding. secretary; Mrs. Lucretia Williams tion; Mrs. P. G. Gibbs, Spear-
PHOTO STUDIO I 0Participants Hill, the Rev. A. E. Crumady, Bishop W. C. Young is the I i recording secretary; anberg, S. C.; and Mrs J. L.
for the program the Rev. IL T. Overstreet, the host pastor. Mrs. Annie i Bell Lee, I Dixon, Miami, conference secretary -
611 West Ashley Clara White Mission Bldg. to be presented are: Johnson Sisters, Rev. C. A. Services will begin nightlyat and Davis of Missionary person-
Choirs of Second Baptist, the Weaver, B. F. Irving, John 8 p.m., with the deaconesses treasurer. Mrs. Joseph -I nel.The
Phone EL 4-7695 For Appointment Rev. Elias Gardner, Mrs. A. Milner and Mrs. A. M Fra- and elders in charge of the former president i installed Rev. E. J. Rivers, pastor -
B. Thomas, the Rev. W. M. zier. devotional service. I I the officers.. of the Stewart Memorial

-... :.-;.. Methodist Church will con-
--- ------ -- -----

& f1nua.I!! DIRECTORY- i so oahs duct each McKenzie Bible day.i 1 is Mrs.serving study Mary one as Todd hour dean

I' t I
I ? Are Recommended Services and As Products Reputable EstablishmentsSpedallIaq of the school.REVIVAL .

? ---- MEETING


Dry Fold. Excellent Ser ce I:I* Kereeene Fuel Oils Commercial: WeddingsHose Potrali ; BAPTIST: CHURCH
We Give World Green Stamps H'Over 50 Years Service to Jacksonville !: Yee we do U In color also
3633 Moncrief ltd. Cor. 27th EL 4-9404\ 2329 Boulevard EL 3-3643 511 West Ashley Street EL 4-753 TALLAHASSEE- -
COMPANY i jj !, A to Z SIGN COMPANY : revival meeting will be held
AUTO PAINTING at the Gethsemane
Comple.e Body Repair & Paint Work X X Prompt Service Moderate Price ,I Church, June 2228.
__ Baked Paint Jobs -- 8 6U West State Street EL 6-9432.. The Rev.
: Oven 9 Gold Leaf Trucks Clan SLo-Cards George W. Phil
.. Price Start at $4.00 fi U16 Oak Street EL 3-5100J: lips of Sanford will deliver
1532 East Adams Street EL 5-8135 REED TAILORS 8 FLA. : the sermons for the meeting.
Jacksonville's Only Distributor of : lie[ is the pastor of the FirstS
Tailor Supplies and Cleaners 4-1731J Phillips 66 Products :8 Royal Crown Bottling Company h i 1 o h Baptist Church and

A and R TRIM SHOP (519 Broad Street EL v$ Trop-Artlc FlUe Fuel Motor Gasodne Oil JJ1235 San Marco Blvd. FL 9-448SJ sonville.formerly pastored in Jack-

Custom Made Seat Cover I V, "It's Performance That Counts" i
1525 Main Street EL 5-8031!!I FOODS 1721 Franklin Street EL 6-7681 I GENERAL UPHOLS1 ERY SHOP jS jSWe

Convertible Tops Door Panels
8 AZAR SAUSAGE COMPANY J!I FUNERAL HOMES Headliners Furniture Slip Covers ,
I FRESH HOME ADE !\ -- 3227 N. Myrtle
General Auto Repair 8 N
Specialising In Motor Tun.-np"Serrlct f 646 Flordia Avenue EL 63308.9jMOM'S ty DORMAN FUNERAL HOME GEORGE W. POWELL, INC. : PITCHED BALI
Generator. Starter and Carburetor ( | AMBULANCE SERVICE 24HRS. A DAY
HOUGABOOK. Prop. Heal Estate Mortgage Loans I
J. H.
$ Burial Vaulls & Tombstones. Mausoleums Collected :
1361 Road EL KITCHENHome Bents BALTIMORE-Fleet foot-
Kings 659i Notary Public Mrs. Rev. A. A. Johnson 410 Broad Street EL 4-S2ft : ed, hardhittingViIlie Tasbyof
cooked meals served 24 hours- 5412 Dodge Rd. Ladr Attendant! : the Baltimore Orioles, was
7 days a week PO 8.2205CARTER'S struck in the temple by a

Vilalyte} Battery Sales & Service !1285 Kings Road EL 4-9321" Jones Institute of Physical Culture : Ditched ball recently but suf-

I School Of Barber.. Beauty & Massage : fered no apparent serious dan-
Free Pick-up -
I FUNERAL HOME Colored Owned and Operated I
3711 Main Street EL 5-2004.1:| FLAMINGO RESTAURANT : 24 Hour Ambulance Service : "Earn As You Learn" ;| ger.Dr.. Edward Mayer, Orioles'

| -:- Specializing! 35 Cents Plate -t- : Serving Colored Homes Since 19r8D. : .H2 Clay Street EL4-6005J physician, said X-rays were
STREET BATTERY SHOP!8 Homemade PIes and Cake I C. Jernlgan. owner S. L. Davis mgr.: ..tSKINNER'S negative. Tasby received a
BROAD $718 West Ashley Street EL 6-9169 329 West Beaver Street EL 4-0545-6, FLORIST i mild concussion and was hospitalized -
Batteries Generator Starters I | over night.

Regulators Auto Repairs Flowers For AU Occasions ,o Tasby i is making a strongbid
Delivery Service BUBBA'S COFFEE SHOP 'j I Andrew J. Huff Funeral Home 1514 N. Myrtle Ave. EL 4-7171 for "Rookie of the Year"

1050 Broad Street EL 4.1715 Home Cooked Foods ; 24 Hour Ambulance Serrlce honors in the American i

617 West Ashley Street EL, 4-9701 )il337 Davis Street EL 4-6838-7 League. He was hit by a ball
TAXI thrown by pitcher Dick Don-
fl ovan of the Chicago White
"At Your

Automotive Repair Auto Painting Home Cooked Meals i a LINCOLN CAB EL 4.1611 ft the second game. lIe was
Body Work 24-hour Wrecker Service GOOD COFFEE 01TiraiquaBa wearing a protective helmet.
AAA Service Free Estimate 2937 Myrtle Avenue EL 4-9329 Tasby was carried from the
All Work Guaranteed 's i Road Trading Post field dazed but conscious.

82949 West Beaver Street EV 9-3418J. 1! ROBERTS NEW & USED FURN. | Complet. Garden Supplies
Home Furnishings For Every AS02
-New and Used Furniture bought and sold
Southern Fried Chicken Bar-B-Que EL 4-48X (
[ ; Florida Avenue |
564 Tbnlouana Road SP _
-W. Cater To Private Partly 1-37628
Mim's Gulf Service Station | Chicken la the Box To Carry Out : Montgomery, Ala.-A child-
Lubrication $ 1446 N. Myrtle Avenue EL 6-9876- BARBER AND BEAUTY SHOPS Washington's Health Service'Abundant g ren's book called The! Rabbits -
Complete Dally 7 A.M. to 9 P.M ] Health Is BIghtf lly Yours" fl fl'ry Wedding" has been con-
Open Bearer Street EL 4-S459i Swedish Massage Mineral Steam BaHtf demned by segregationistState
2055 West GROCERIES Les Charmette Beauty ,Salon v Colonlc Therapy
Special Attention to Hair & Scalp Treatment; C. Washington. Massnm--Same Loctiieft The Senator called the book
i 5 Hair Cutting and Styling For 23 Year. J communistic because it is
AUTOMOBILE FRED'S FOOD MARKET 3427 Davis Street EL 6-8907 i|934.N. Myrtl. Avenue EL 4-247$!I about a white girl rabbit
For Your Next Car li ''Fresh Fruits'- Vegetables M MM""H "i i (, marrying a black boy rabbit.
Free DRUGS "This book should be taken
-:- New Or Used -:- Delivery WILLIE SMITH J
-We Can Finance Anyone- 301 Davia Street EL 4-924 LA CONGO BEAUTY PARLOR of the dry off the shelves and burned,"
Free delivery part
any I the 'Senator said last
Phone EX 8-0677 (\ I- Free Scalp Treatment'with Hair Style -j! ,-:- OLD RELIABLE- !'There other-
GUS INA'S SUPERMARKET During the Month of February 601 West Ashley Street EL 4-lMfri, books of the are many nature
II Mrs.:Boa Lee Speed opsaterl !\ AI same
IIo You Want The Finest In Groceries I and others that are communistic -
And Meats Come See Us Davis Street EL;: .4- t I JULIA GEORGE 5 & 10 CENT jj, which shoul be burned

CLEANINGTHRIFTY 300 Davis Street EL 6-5412 v}'!& 1. STORE .J as well.

MIKE'S \, TOBY'S BEAUTY PARLOR Courteous Treateieet Emily Wheelock Reed, director -
of the Alabama Pub-
8 Specializing in Hair Cutting, Opea 8:30 to 7 p. m. 0
I Fresh MeatsStaple X Mrs. Tahithm Taylor, prop. J306 'Davis Street EL 4-121SJ lic said Library in service that division the,
Gsx.l.. EL 44111 Montgomery
0pea7tof .sis Davis Street ....... book had not been removed
2015 Broadway. 'EL 8-1182? Styling ScaJpTn. Mahoney Terminix Termite Control I from circulation.
Counts ...
Where Quality : 1'\\ .
Complete Termite Control--- That would not be morally -
Expert. Dyeing- -- L \\I -- Building Materials-' X right." said Mrs.- Reed.
Davis Street
;i236 414 M. Myrtle AveaueEL,4.1_ "We have put it on the re-
serve shelf where the
Opm 7.... to 8 publiccas
Dm "
CAVALIER CLEANERS 1504 Davia Stre t EL S.1 I AAA AGENCY NELLIES PIE SERVICE Garth get it Williams by request,author only..and

112 W. Ashley Street EL 4-163)) I City County'and Federal Beads Freak Plea Daily illustrator of the book; said
List and Myrtle 814 West 8th Stj FUEL OILS > Street 1302 Davis Street \ Potatoes We Deliver
114 Davis aware that animals with
\\t J1429 Ste.!..Street EL 39964I
AA BO'ITLEn GAS &: FUEL ,CO. | ACE RADIO & TV SERVICE white fur (such as white
: I QUICK SERVICE MATTRESS' mice, white horses, polar
?? *?SH?* ta "lafl totH..pu L jj M.Tears In ElectroalesI bears, white rabbits, white
ONE HOUR CLEANERSill Also 180 Ib. cylteden or bmlk tDb I Work Guaraaieed J Mattress BeooraHsa Our gpaofalfy dogs and others
? )
were considered
your ca.. ... I EL 4-8884 S One Day Service -
Lam.earr 843 Forest Street blood
Wei Ashley Street EL "I_; 15US W.. PO 14181e --, __ y8789 Old KIn; Road PO 5-18U : relations of
......... ,, : white human beings."
e"e" e" ;- <





... .
Week Ending Saturday. June 27 1955 THE FLORIDA STAR .-. -
Plea Sma
-- -

1Annual I\ Old Timer's Game Schedule For Aug. '21st at Myrtle Ave. I

t : t >t.1 jl. I FORMER STARS TO COMPETE -


sPbTs CORNER i 81 q

I Plans are being perfected for the annual Oldtlxners bene-
THREE OF THE GREATEST WOMEN ATHLETES in : fit game U to be played August. 21. at the Myrtle Arena
American collegiate will wind their s
up collegiate I I Baseball Park.
when the Tennessee ,;
careers State University .
TigerbeUes The
yr. game as usual will]
.compete in the national Women's AAU outdoor champion 8 bring together some of the
ships to be held in Cleveland June 2728. The three record most noted stars of the past help the cause.
holders are: Lucinda Williams 220-dash Margaret Matt :; along with many who have
Hews broad Jump: and Isabelle Daniels 200 meter 50-yard never played to any extent The Oldtimers's game was
dash both indoor and outdoor and co-Bolder of the 100- only in the Liniment Classic. originated for the purposeof
yard indoor record. The have .; .
piled up records v x. !Time and energy spent by tryingg-to give the people
after records.They are coached by Edward S.
the men who is
I participate something for their .
CIATION is dras- wti ; N, their contribution to a worthy but the main idea behind the
suffering a I ticularly care who wins or cause.
tic fall off in attendance. loses; the third type just ). For several years the YM: whole program is to give
During these days of team goes merely for speculation. CA has attempted to raise Jacksonville something every
integration,baseball fans enjoy -: It isthe second type who attempts a enough money to build a t town or practically every
attending a game where to stir up racial strife x place for the YMCA that is town the size of Jacksonville
both white and colored are concerning white and colored so badly needed in Jackson ; has.
playing together to give thebaseball *
plapers. being on the same ville.
fans the best to be team. Even HATEMONGERS On several occasions the
had in baseball. In lea- The men who play in the
every of the first type who question has been asked a-
gue and on every team both dislikes the idea of the two bout what happens to the game suffer sore muscles
white and colored fans look and stiff joints in order to
1 racial groups being togetherget money taken in at the base-
for Negroes on a team. New ball serve a noble purpose and
a thrill when a Negro game. The.question has
af f Orleans folded up one year hits a double with the bases been asked mainly by those the small fee that has been
as a club because of non attendance -I loaded, or a single with a who don't play in the game, charged to see the game has
and it is just tot- man on third when the gameis Hal Pomeroy. 1958 Iri-leg champion shown in the picture receiving the victory they, don't attend the game I been well worth paying, so,
tering along this year. At- all tied up or makes a trophy from Miss Ardella Alexander. On the extreme right is J. D. Brooks. Pome and they don't make a con- the people who have been
lanta is feeling the bite of sensational catch to savhis e I roy will be competing in the 1959 races to win 'the 1959 championship. Several other tribution in any other man- paying it said.
the non attendance bug also.'' favorite team from de racers who will be manning boats will be, out there to stop the 1958' tri-leg champion

BASEBALL FANS throughout feat. It doesn't matter to him ner.Those who have been loyal The 1959 Liniment Classic
the nation are still puzzled -'who hits the ball or makes,player's pension. Carl has MARATHON SWIM to the cause by attending the is expected to be a very co
over the sudden depar- the catch BASEBALL GETSUNDERWAY ( and lorful event with added
as long as his team I ,been such game enjoying an even many
a strong competitor ,
ture of Pumpsie Green fromthe wins., The third type doesn't SCHEDULED FOR ing of fun would be able to attractions. It is hoped
Boston Red Sox. At the care who hits the ball, or I since the team movedto I SWIMMING POOL give an intelligent answer to that a larger attendance will
i end of spring training, Green makes a play or wins or Los Angeles. Carl said he AT question. They would knowthat be on hand this year to wit-
was almost a surety to, be ina loses as long as he comes out realized his days as a pitcher the money coming into ness the grand attraction
Boston uniform when the on top. are rove. He will be do- I the movement over the past t and to add to the financial
The first annual
: Marathon
1959 season opened, well, he BASEBALL is the great ing a weekly TV show. He JOHNSON PARK years would not build any standing of the building fund;
was but it was only for a I American SPORT that is. swim at the Jefferson Street kind of building. The only
short while. He wasn't in it will interview baseball figures swimming i pool has been
played in "The Land of the thing that could be done is
long enough to say he was a Free and the Home of the and present instructions scheduled r 12 noon, July 1: add the little by little to the ..
member of the Red Soxteam. Brave" and Negroes in baseball play. The building fund with the ho
are a Baseball is beginning to
A team that is in such very definite part of the show will deal mainly with take shape.. in the Jackson- the The Jacksonville event is sponsored Recreation by that it will eventually PeBEAUTY'S TELEVISION I

desperate need of somebody''game. They will be a. part youth. ville Recreation Department's Department and conducted Chairman of the board, Alton AND'
use Green or some.of it now until the itself National League with the Adams, Executive Secretary -
game season the staff of the department. RADIO SERVICE
body. JACKIE ROBINSON of the
I out of Jesse W. Word and the
goes existence. underway and all teams
in the
Assisting event will be
BASEBALL CROWDS are Teams without them can Dodgers was the first Negro keyed up to the last notch to instructors in the chairmen of the differet Home Calls on all Makes
made up of three types of feel their absence as far"as player to win the "Most Val- win the title. school system. public committees are keeping the Used Radios from $54)0) Up
spectators. The first type is attendance is concerned. uable Player" award, in the I I faith that the people of Jacksonville We Finance
the one who loves baseball CARL ERSKINE, the one National League and that The young players on the I The activity is a two-niil e will soon see the 816 FLORIDA AVENUE
and has a deep interest in time pitching great of the was in 1949. In 1961 it was teams will be carefully directed swim. One.lap will consist o;f need of a YMCA building in ELGIN 6-8074
the team; the second type is Brooklyn Dodgers, has quite Roy Campanella, Dodgers; by men who are well versed swimming 2 lengths of the 4<0 the city and get an urge to
the one who goes t 0 th baseball with only 26-days,1953, Roy Campanella, Dod in their i field of endeavor. yard pool. A swimmer must
game just casually so,just to left before he would have I gers;; 1954, Willie Mays, Recreation Direct Carlton swim 44 laps to finish the two
f He out and he doesn't par.been eligible for a baseball I Giants; 1955, Roy Campanella B. Bryant and Commissioner mile course. The event is I TRANSMISSIONS & MOTORS
I 1956 Don New open to all perSons in Duval
Dodgers; William Fields 1 will be out 1
g :it..: '- ,,--' -."_.. >:'!(' combe, Dodgers; 1957, Hank there to see that everything: county and surroundingstates.
it t:. : "k ',,. :;,':t"', ,J..,q Aaron, Braves; 1958, Ernie is carried out in order. Trophies will be
; :" '
'' a' 'EnroD ; < ""=::"' '.1 Banks, Chicago Cubs. Negro awarded to the first three
<'!i1: i Finest Now In TheSonih'a to 'Mo.<.::'$._,.../} stars are in the thickest of It 0 be r Watson and Joe place winners.
College ..l .
E' i --i" > Love have been chosen to do
: 0' Florida Barber College "vj; q: the fight right now to win the umpiring, and under their The event will serve as a
;xy ; Branch G. L Approved y: the honor for the 7th time. for the 4
watchful eyes they will see to i warmup July I'zI.R
., it thatplayed the games will be Channel Swim at New.Berlin,
: it: WE MEET AGAIN. fairly i and squarelyand July 4.Some. :

Woodrow Patterson manager Prof. James Glover that any unsportsmanlikeconduct of the swim clubs \
630 Davis Street At Beaver will not be tolerated. expected -

Phone EL 5-9874 They will see to it that no New Berlin to Swim participate Club, Fer-are:
favorites will be from
Watch This Clown the nandina Beach Swim i Club, MOM J OWNED AND OPtRATte
opposingteams.The I Drew Park Swim Club, Columbia UNITED AUTOMATIC TRANSMIS5IONU
17 38 05 South Carolina
I league officials are and
THE EVIDENCE 264 ,10 461 stressing clean sportsmanship Savannah Swim Club, Savan- MOTOR CENTER ,
,4 9 I and a friendly attitude towardall nah, Georgia. MX HENORICKS AVE i* 8-341

STACKS UP 5 \ 1 ery competing team in the members.league will Ev-be event Swimmers are i : Clarence to enter the
in there battling and those Ezekial
1 Burkes, Philip Shaw,
who interested in real I
4 are and r.'p
there's .. Riley Thomas, American L'M'S'lULLROOM.
no Gin like baseball should take..time out Red Cross .
531 80 *_ 835 and watch them in action. safety instructors;
81 14 __ 695 66 Walter Mears and Julian Walton -
Teams of the league are the Red Cross junior lifeguards
GORDON'SS .n..tImesbe'. a| Dodgers, Hawks, Senators, ; and Fred Wesley, water -
!! .m..ttl' bef
down Towers, Crows, Thunderbirds safety instructors' .
He .&.. rahtntcte"He Eagles, aides. 0
wtrks It a!) &I'OaII4AUndIoDa and Stars. Every All entries must be in by 9-
team listed carries some potential .a.m., July 1.
Coming stars. Many of the OF JACKSONVILLE
27 22 76 boys are headed toward a Further instructions and information -

great, future. from_Julius maybe Guinyard.' secured American *I e '? i'?? ....".. I? ",&;' ",

Red Cross water safety
instructor at the pool. / NOW SHOWING IN PERSON

I / ,
i .
Se' .
j, .. :.4

i N # R .

LONDON, England Althea -. I
Gibson of New York,
winner of the Wimbledon J
women's singles title the last
two years, has denied reports J ROYALSELPAULING
that she plans"to make an offer !

to U. S. Davis Cup player J _
I Alex Ohnedo, to turn professional :
and join a tennis
__ I troupe which would compete J

s + with Jack Kramer's outfit. .
Miss Gibson, who arrived ,- -
c34j7t in London from New York 0 :

s.: said the rumor was absolute # AND THE
sllee ROYAL '
"I'm an amateur.
could I afford $150,000 How'' :
report is not A 83S88888e88 S2SSSSS 3SgS8388SSgg3SS3saF
true. Miss Gibson -

e.N .. said. MOW. THRU THURS75e ;

The tennis champion will

not play tennis this year. She ,f Fri. St Sea. aad Hotideys 1.00 i
will report, the Wimbledon -
a1 0M WRJ wua na a*.N..V. p p. UI.-.I.L tournament for a British :.t ri
o newspaper, I .

'0 _
S ...\ .


.. ..

I : 1

-p Hilt THE FLORIDA'STAR Week Ending Saturday. JUDe 27. 1919 .



ACOSTA'SEVERYTHING FOR MASS RAPIST : Thieves broke into the home F
( of :Miss Earlene Young, 704 {
FOR THE FISHERMANBait (( 2&seSHOES Court E, Blodgett Homes, last
MEMPHIS, Tenn. Memphis : WOMAN CUT ON HAND :Monday and took $52 in mon- *

_Shrimp Live Crabs police are putting out 5t : IN DOMESTIC FIGHT ey and 'h birthstone ring valued *

24-hour watch for a man who 218 W. Adama :Mrs. Lillie'Mae English, 55, at $35. *
Fishing Tackle has been reported for raping : of 1015 Minnie Street was cut :Miss Young told police she *
six women in an eightblockarea I the hand left home at 9 a.m. and re- icic
left during a
lOll MAIN STREET PHONE ELGIN 4-9670 during the last four : SemiAnnualSALE fight with her husband last turned at 10:41 p.m., and be-

JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA months, police reported last. : Monday, a witness told police tween that time someone- iCic
Monday. : tered her home through the
bedroom window. The money
i ..- All public statements have : :Mrs. English and her hus- was taken from her pocket- -tc
been withheld since the be- : band, Edmond English, were book-which she had in the
ginning of the attacks. Police : fighting when he palled a closet and the ring was taken

KIDS! ROOSEVELT THEATRE Chief James C. McDonald knife and cut his wife, police from her jewelry box.
said the assaults have been :
LADIES FLATS were told. The husband was Investigating officers foundno WJ
10 A. M. EVERY WEDNESDAY kept under cover in hopes of arrested and the victim was clue leading to the identity -

Starting Wednesday July 1st trapping the man. Reg. 9.95 1 treated at Duval Medical Cen- of the suspect.

"BIG RC COLA PARTY" ',' Chief McDonald said that .Now Omf 1 ter.
Get In Free With in each' case the rapist, described i Patrolmen Jesse Jackson ALLIED CONSTRUCTION ia
as a Negro, attackedin COMPANY
6 Bottle Caps! ... the middle of the night 4.99 and gated.Sidney Gaines investi- 1110 West Adams Street

Western Free Prizes while I "the victim's husbandwas EL 5-4507 A tip of the Pepsi 011
Cartoons! away. I MEN WANTED to theaeJL oatstas g

Modes! Win A Bike 2 canvassers to accompany yoon American, ..s
closer. Minimum 0 f $50.01 make our country s0
INTRUDER SLAIN BY with each sale made. ContactMr. our community & better
The :Medical\ Supply Com- .
WHITE OWNER Herron at the above ad olace tawhloh to Df.
PALATKA-Richard Hen- Heyday & : pany was broken into and en- dress. From 9 a. m. until 12
derson, a white man who \ tered last Monday and a man ** *
runs noon. Saturdays only.
For Breakfast Lunch After the'Movie Snacks was found upstairs and hid-
a bar for Negroes here, shotan Life Stride .... *
behind boxes in the vent
ing ,
unidentified Negro to APT. FOR RENT
Fried Chicken police reported. Freshly painted four ;\ *
death last week when he surprised Walking Shoes upper
the man in' the act of Police said they received a room apartment for rent. ;- ; JCAROL -
** Oysters Cod jimmying a door to enter the VaL to ,14.95 call at 8:55: concerninga 1551 West 33rd Street. \ >
Shrimp 'Ham building. Henderson, who break-in at 420 W. Monroe EL 50835. _
I Bacon Sausage sleeps on the premises, killed Street and when they arrived y.. *
Eggs Hot.. Cakes the intruder with four blasts they found a man identifiedas ROOM FOR RENT j:. *
I I Coffee Milk from a shotgun. 7.99I Bobby Jack Anderson. An- Modern furnished roo m.

French Fr. potatoes 'The dead man was also accused derson was arrested and Quiet respectable man.. pre- :, > i :
ROOSEVELT GRILL of having taken $36 charged"with breaking and ferred. Call EL 42453. t ,;

from the office of a local bus I I entering. S ..., ':..;-': l
station. A satchel containing I BEAUTICIAN WANTED BELL: 3
Ashley and Madison ANN ; I
Willie Fountain ali-
Henry All
the money was found in some I conviences and business
weeds just outside the bar as Farmer Lee, was accusedby location. Apply 707 Broad New Stanton Senior ()t
where he met his death. Anderson of being in on Street. EL 49202.
I the job with him, but never Pepsi Cola Dealers and!

entered the building. Another TOP MOVIE HITS! Pops Cola Bottling Con-! I
accomplice called Bobby An- pany are proud to salute;

NEWSOM'S derson, was said to have hada STRANDSun.Sat. Carol Ann of the llth'{
t I I 1 .ODDS 'N ENDSI2199 small gun. When police arrived grade class. She is a member -
the two men on the out- June 28-July 4 of the Stanto-MusV
side ran. Cho and attends Mt Ara-'

Fountain surrendered at police .L
headquarters about 11 p. VI ANnJONY DOROIHTUINNMMOKB ***** ******
VV V ,
m. police said. Police stated V

I that Anderson could be Hor- *5, DOLORES ...x.AR .
ace Douglas Anderson.
!I\: Patrolmen T.J. Hodges andC.
d-2 d2' W. Horne investigated. +
OKcScoPC +

1 1 1 + +
caal I k IIU l-STtIEDPIIOIIIC sau. *

Regular $497. Value HAVE CASH WILL BUY > '
YOU SAVE $100. Plus SEX DRAMA, *

John Ireland ... .Ar-:. ... ;..
& $397. .'ljP>..--
Call EL 4-8782 Mr. Kay S !
New Stanton Senior

o EASY TERMS Sun. Men. Tues. High School

,, No Carrying Charges Juno 28.30 *VERONICA D. MURPHY
Tribute Is paid to Vero-
--- WED. SUN. .<. _A"1" uca of the 11th grade
SUN. RITZ WED. 7' class. She received the .
9PC. WELLSFARGO 4 Good Citizenship honor
*and plans. to become a
Bookcase *

'_ : Mattress Dresser Bed : MIrror Chest $149 JACK PALANCE:.ANITA EKBERG. NIGEL PATRICK ......... If *nurse.**********
a S.Prlng
B m. M"e rums ,
2 Pillows 2 Lamps -
tsars nrnaawwnsooOE
;: -:: -=- :. ( 1st Run Hill ff n ,... ''
Any Room Group gt'.I_ 1ft 1 t.

May Be PurchasedSeparately .
l ..
: IIN+l110 .y \.T +.
tCTSAILL.r. 1i' >.
-. / r .' .: T
< d '.:%5. t :: :; : i iL

-.::.... >
1 Q
1 LONCHANEY New Stanton Senior

1I I ql FARON YOUNG Also No. 4 Purple Monster High School
.Iwc nou+l.a ,
Dorothy Is a member)
Coming To Roosevelt of the llth grade class.)
FrL Sat.July 3 4 She Is a member of'New%
1st Run! 3 Features! Bethel AME Church and

"Night Of Blood Beast" plans to become a nurse. ,
"She Gods Of Shark Reef"
: : : Escort West

S The SEAFOOD Center SKYVIEWSun. * *

REG. $249. COBHEB MYBTLE AVENUE AHD SHAD ROC OttfnSolatlau tract lige

DOUBLE DUTY LIVING, ROOM ."DR.- Tues LAURENT"See -June 28-30 '* ..Cola to UMM tare titres!

;", Sofa Bed with* Hidden Bedding MEDIUM MULLET .. Lb. 20c Why The BeautifulGirl AListen To
Compartment ,
S IV Has Her Baby "
V_ CkxklaiL2StepTable72Lampi$189- WHITING' Amount 10 Lb. '32c: Born In Public Pepsi Music-quest
and 2 Throw Friday Niter
Rugs $5. DOWN BLACK: SEA BASS Lb. 35c Plus Randolph Scott 10:30 to 11:00
=- : o.- FLOUNDER Lb. sSe Request
REG. $79. Thurs.-July 12r'v :- EL 6-0461.2
t ,,.
Table has mar-prool top. M *. | LARGE MULLET :" .Lb. 29c: k 4' y
"' r
!' 4 chairs and a 12 Piece $5.9.- :; BLUE(OCEAN BREAM .Lb. 29c: k
Rain s'
Set ss. WN : Fk ,

fl ? j L L'V KING-MACKEREL STEAKS ", -- ; Lb. 430

j.f FLOUNDER: '. Lb. 33c 1


;- $ rRSBROAD ; ,.". '"'" WAITINGV '10 Lb. 35eTMK
><:I -= -= :. :. :. :. :. ,-= :. :. :. :. :.'2: '--. '" BEACH
tit! ;

BROAD PJUymra.KX JOS) HEAR e/ laeWeer

r.. ATADAMS 1iI1J511DDr5 ,

... ADAMS Aft. rI 4 ,... .s. ..1_