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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200510datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date May 16, 1959dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=005100740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
May 16, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
May 16, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Flo"liJtnjJ; it Hendricks' Smear

-. _'-. t'.V Of 3- B Back-f ires ,

VOL. NO. 15 And NEWS MAY 16. 1959 -:JACKSONVILLE 9. FLORIDA 1 15 Cents .
g '- --'--'- ;---n 'k zI

\ Victim' Of Police Bullets "I' ', 1"/0.:I W. q, ", 'k ,

e- ,., $ f?R t ; I ti#

...... ..- 3 ya

%i IFound1uiIty1i i : : I' i i '. .SS" iVUUt' : t [ h s +. x




.,. ., ; ., T I
I 1''t "." t ...YPENSACOLA .I I ** .. |: "t/1, /
I. w.-.j
." =A'series of. threatening telephone 'calls to' TO FILE' MOTION FOR*NEW TRIAL, ,S'--::' ..
three women was "Ihe1-: result'of.. their' attempting,:io enter_ 1 t
two-' girls.Jn. an all-white ,school. here.... .... ... ... j Willie Hall, the 34-year-old .ions-as to' what he..was'doing,i i insing AWARD PRESENTED-Members and friends of"the Jacksonville NegroC1i mb ri
:The. mothers of the twq --- : man who miraculously survived j : : slowly in his car ini 1 I i of Commerce who attended the meeting which ,was held recently at the New Lincoln '
girls picked up application I thfe wounds of six bul-' the police staked-out area. : Golf and Country Club. are'seen in the above photo from left standin : P. I.. \
fbrms on Thursday, after an 1 6LICE REPORTSMAN lets fired into his body by a'(The officer decided to call |: Taylor. Isadore Singleton presenting the award to F. D. Richardson who was chosenas V
initial request was made to I policeman in an early-morn- headquarters and ente:e'! I' Man of The Month by the organization. Joseph Stokes and Ralph Tisdale.. Seated In V
the Escambia County Boardof ___ I .ng incident on February 1st. Hall's car, directing 4 him to a'' the same order lookng on are: Edward Bentone Mrs. M. Singleton Mrs. E. Ricchard-
Wed- : HIT WITH BOARD i 'I son. Miss Betlye Richardson. Miss Sallie }Harris and N. Rodgers.
Public Instruction on vas CJ ict2d Wednesday!j i,l nearby phone booth. _.
nesday. The request was presented AND ROBBED OF S10 I f aggravated assualt for firing Ray claimed he identified -- -- ----- --- -- -

bv a woman represen- Ben Hicks, 41, of 1020 Lee : one bullet at the p'li'--c- l mself; as a policeman, a'A"I :
tative of the Good Government Street told... police he was .nan who inflicted: h.i: ; many !1 Hall responded by beating him, ERNEST D. JACKSON'S ENTRY CITIZENS VEXED
League, aNegro organi- !knocked u r' nscnus, ; list Sun- wounds. ; about the head with a pist .
zation. lay a-vl 1 rot):el of :y10.;; i( HU1, of 319!) Claude Street '', ,"i the ensuing tussle, whi!'hhiew
Investigating officers stat-: ) '!iNTO CIVIL RIGHTS SUIT Y '
.vas originally charge with I t both men out of rl" BSNDPICKS'OPPOSED
The mothers picked up the ed that Hicks admitted he was :"ssual* to murder, but c-: .r*: 'car, Ray pumped five bullets ,
application forms on the instruction 'linking! end cit'H :ve '">o ''i1-- estimony prompted: red'ct'o I i I from :& .38 caliber pistol anone di i i
of school supt.V.. cription of his assailant. The f the charge ,to gb73"lterl bullet from a .45 caliberi BY ALABAMA LAWYERS FOUL CHARGE
K. Woodham, who stated ictim was taken to Duval :r:sualt. I i i -tnmat cJntHalrs11ead and 1 ; .
that such a request would :Medical\ Center for treatment 1 It was disclosed i in court hNix ';. .

have to be made by the pa- of a laceration under his right, hat the officer H. C. Ray, Hall is' being representedby Tl:e Biimnjrharo, Alabama civil rights suit, in which 1; .
rents of the children on prescribed -eye. I ;hot Hall six times! at point: attorney E. D. Jackson Jacksonville attorney. Ernest D. Jackson was to have collabo-
I A clean bill
fonns.Thechildren. Patrolmen E. Jefferson and blank while: he was lying on who is reportedly preparing "ated with- ,eiiam Birmingham Xegro attorneys has reached !' given by hand-

Karen. Augustus II., Harley investigated.. .! 1 Jijs; back: on the ground., 'a }mqtion to file for a new < -ejnporr.r' de ,'-enl 1 Jackson has stated that no local writing expert Edward J.
._. "
.e- f
and Conunail:Robinson :: ,; The .Feb. '1st. shooting'Tleveloped = .i*1F$ >* i! (Birmingham) attorneys will join him in the suit to end seg- [Kiliier, coupled with the
when officer Ray, Judge A. L. Layton, who i i i-erratim r '' e nurrlpal parks of the '
both live in' close proxi* THIEVES RANSACK HOME\i topped Hall's in the the trial de-, T__'_____ ., Y" .., __city._ __ mass indignation of the citi-
mity of the school. It was $20 REPORTED MISSING car presided over .JaCKson nas asKea tne Led : hens in precinct 3-B, has ap-
requested that Karen be en- I Brentwood area where break- ferred sentence until May 28. States, District i Court, Florida and snubbed all the parently brought the Elbert
tered in the first grade, and The home of Mrs.\ Nellie i' ins and alleged rapes had oc- I Northern District, in Ttirmiinrrham Negro lawyers, even.men like ,H. Hendricks character-ques-
Commail Robinson- in the Mae Smith, 2149 N. College cured According to testimony, GIGGLING JURY +i to waive an existing"iile Arthur A. Shores, who has I tioning campaign to a quiet
fourth grade.Dr. Circle was broken into last the officer was not satisfied ;' and grant hint; special been fighting civil rights but nonetheless bitter conclu-
with Hall's answers to
Sunday and $20 was taken, ques- 'permission to file a suit f'r ""<;es for twenty years He sion.
Charles Robinson, fa. police were told. TREES MAN 116! Birmingham i i citizens II j -?iidn'tn for help until he
ther of Karen, told a reporter Mrs.\ Smith said she left MOTHER FLEES (against racial segregation in Sound himself in trouble in Hendricks, who lost his 1st
that the request is "just a public recreation facilities be- the courts." Ward post by a mere 78
routine matter. She (Karen) home Sunday morning about I cause no other Negro attor- The, ,votes in the last election,
is ready to enter school and 10:30, : going to church and IN RAPE CASE I news Would join him 'n.the that Jackson party further have hinted launched the examination of
when she returned about LYNCH TOWN may set a
that is the closest school" 4:40 U.
:case. S. District Judge "negative 1,033 voter signatures by en-
precedent" in AlaI'ama
The family lives about 2V4 p.m. she found her home had Seybourn H. Lynne will hear the
I courts by "failing to gaging services of graphologist -
blocks from the all-white O. ransacked from front to 'i MONROE, S. C.-A white the motion for special permission satisfy' Edward J. Kilner.
an obligation to the
J. S e m m e s Elementary back. Missing was $20 that POPLARVILLE, Miss.\ ,man who beat and attemptedto 1 in June or July. court" after Hendricks' actions strongly
School. The parents seek en had been under the rug in the Recurring aftermaths of the rape pregnant Xegr losing the school Implied that
front bedroom. In his motion, Jackson !suit. By implication, the "ob- double-voting
Mack Charles Parker April
last October walked
try for the girls this fall. : woman :ligation" supplied the few extra votes
Investigating officers I i claims that all Negro lawyers was said 'to be a financial -
said 25th the
I i lynching, produced out of court a free man the that defeated him
The request is the first received entrance was gained by rip- fact, this week, that his mother I latter part of last week after in Birmingham have agreed I dne. tar- ,
from Negroes to en- ping the screen on the bed- fled, frightened and distraught being acquitted by an all-male, i!'that none will accept civil 1,I "We have "to live here with geted precinct 3-B as the objective <
ter white Pensacola schools. room window and unlatching from the Mississippi II all-white, jury that openlya 'rights suits without a fee of I l I these people, the party add- of his witch-hunt ,
Police and the Sheriffs office -;;it lynch-town to the safety of :made a mockery of the testi- 1!$25,000 or more to employ a1l1;E ed.back"All he had to do" was go !I The fact that he failed to
claim that none of the relative's home in Californiabecause !1 mony given by the victim. i local Negro attorneys. Ii i|: Jackson to Jacksonville. '|uncover any double-dealing .

threatening telephone calls PEACEMAKER STABBED 'I her life had been j The white jurors were seen !i This claim has been strong-I has described the' d in that all-Negro voting area
were reported to them. The, TRYING TO END FIGHT threatened. I integration suit as ;
:to laugh and nudge each other -; denied by at- has not lessened the general
girls' mother 'said the telephone -;, ElHah McBride, 27, of 766'W. Perhaps mercifull, Mrs. Eli I in amusement while Mrs. tly' Demetrius Birmingham covering playgrounds, swimming ;resentment felt against him
Newton !
torney i
callers did not identify Church Street (a rooming;,za Parker never saw the remains -(Mary Ruth Reed related to I I pools parks, golf (f for questioning the
who stated: "I car only speak !'courses and integrity
house eourts.The
themselves. ) told police, he ; of her son's since "
wa s body :the Union
County Superior of the citizens and
i for myself. I don't know hisJackson's i suit, when it voting
stabbed by,a man known only she fled Poplarville before the I Court how Lewis Medlin. a gets under way, 'poll workers there.
( ) relationship with will be
directed against Birm .
as Lloyd. I
body was discovered in the I white factory worker, had
Last Saturday Lloyd was Pearl River on the 4th of May. stopped at her house while i r the other lawyers ;ingham city commissioners. i i Mrs. Etta Williams, chief /

STABBING 'ENDS fighting his wife, and he (Mc- Mrs. Parker was to have her husband was at work and "I have no quarrel "with at- I clerk of the precinct during
Bride) made the remark that been the principal speaker ata tried to rape her in the presence -'I torney Jackson" New ton I the election, stated that as-
Lloyd ,had a good wife, and meeting of the Jackson Pro of her children. went on, in a telephone conversation -i :Distant supervisor of regis-
FAMILY FIGHT Lloyd wanted to know what gressive Voters League. Mrs. Mrs. Reed, the mother of' I with a representative CONTRAST IN :tration Robert A. Mallard
McBrfde'had to do' with it. Parker's life was threatenedwhen six children: told how Medlin of this newspaper. "Mr. ''telephoned her and assured !
He answered, "not anything," this fact was discovered. knocked her 'to the floor i in Jackson came to me, and I i her that she and the nine
A 41-year-old woman was McBride reported. She appealed to the FBI the rape attempt, and when was not opposed to him. I sim!I; 'JUSTICE't persons in her charge during
stabbed last Sunday by her He said when he started for protection before her des she threatened to call the yoply wanted adequate contracts | the voting had done a com "
husband when she refused to into his room Lloyd stabbed perate flight to California. lice she quoted him as saying: before I committed myself. S. C. B. F. mendable job. '
get a Bar-B-Cue sandwich for him in the left chest and left "I just couldn't take any "I don't give a damn about Mr: Jackson set a fee of $4-I Shaw, a white engineer for 4 4I I Of '
him police were told. side of his neck. Victim was more," the frightened woman the police. They wouldn't; 500. disagreed, knowing that 'the Seaboard Airlines Railroad the 1,033 signatures ex
taken to Duval Medical Center bother me anyway." the litigation could very well I was recently f r e e d of amined, only two presented .
Mrs. Emmaline Wallace, of by Police car. said.WOMAN Mrs. Reed said she broke extend over two or three charges of beating and kick any question, and they were
646 Everson Street told police IS DENIED AID away from Medlin I and ran years. I felt even the $6,000 ing Mrs. Georgia Davis White soon verified as being legitimate '- > ;'
she was sitting in the room WOMAN CUTS MAN WHO AFTER BEING STABBED across a field with her youngest fee I insisted on would eventually down the steps of the Monroe by Mrs. Florida Dwight
with her husband, Eddie Wallace LEAVES HER A 35-year-old woman who child in her arms, But; prove insufficient. Hotel where she was employed and Mrs. Eva B. Williams,
and when she got up to Ben Brown, 39, 1023 W. was stabbed more than a week Medlin caught her, knocked When asked about attorney as a maid. both of whom acccompanied
go outside, he asked her to Duval Street was cut on the was found by police officers her down again andcontinuedto Jackson's unsuccessful sortie Shaw was cleared of all]i Mrs.\ Etta Williams to the re ?
bring him a sandwich. She upper left arm last Tuesday last Tuseday suffering with beat her until her screams against Alabama's.schoolplacement charges when Union County gistration office

said she told him she was not during an arguement with a out iiiedical'care. attracted a white woman law, N e'w ton replied Grand Jury refused to indict "As,far as I'm "
going and sat on the porch. former girl friend. Mrs. Beatrice Lovejoy, of neighbor. Mrs. Joe Griffin, noncommitally, "Thatwas I him for attacking:Mrs. White Mrs. Williams Concerned .'
Mrs. Wallace said she went Police said Brown and Miss 1292 W. Adams Street told the--- white woman, verified too bad. I Hendricks said, 'Mr
back' in the room with. her: Ruth Walker, 35, have been investigating officers 'how Mrs.. Reed's story Another Birmingham per- CARTERSVILLE Ga. public should make a ,
husband and-he stabbed living together until a month she' had,,suffered for' a week The giggling.jarydeh"ber-: son, however, who chose to I Jack Day.'31,.of Griffin, Ga., gro citizens apology, he to aU'the Ne .. .
her with a knife. She was ago'when he moved'to after being stabbed by her injured .
a new ated only 45 minutes before rem a i n anonymous, stated.that charged with slapping the questioning their integrity/
taken to Duval Medical Center- address., boy friend; Harold Ferguson, freeing the would-be rapist. the unsuccessful school 1 faces of two :white women .
by police car. Miss Walker found Brownat 40. She said he refused to get ''The Mrs.
city of Monroe can be suit cost the litigants about was-sentenced to three years Florida Dwight said,
Eddie Wallace was arrested 732 Davis Street and an medical aid or permit neighbors remembered as the scene of $17,000 approximately $7500of imprisonment last Tuesday.. C calmly, "I harbor no ill-feel- ,
and charged with disorderly arguement started about the in,the room to do' the'notoiious: "Kissing Case," which attorney Jackson In sentencing him, Judge 1: "** for Mr. Hendricks. I
conduct and fighting with a separation and duringg the thing for her. in which Hanover Thompson claimed as his fee. I L. Davis grimly stated: "You 81lnply. regard his behavior38 -
knife. arguement Brown was cut. She was taken to Duval 10, and David Simpson, 8, "Ifs almost as though he might consider yourself' for -.that of a bad loser."
Patrolmen William H Harris He was treated at,Duval] Ied- :Medical Center to be treated were sentenced to-a,reforma were hired as a Vhippingboy tunate' that you have an 'onr '

and Sidney. ,Gaines. investi. i ical Center and released,police for a stab wound in the right' tory<:art r a little white girl I '," the party went on. "He I portunity to serve ou the sen Post Hendricks to lost his council
gated. said. leg. kissed Hanover at play. came into Birmingham out of I tence I have just announced." the Brad Tredinnick by <
controversial 78
votes. .



,xt- 1; Week Eadtag Satarday. May 18.,
Page Two
-- -

"Politics, As Msual'By
; '! .


p-a-----ed by The' Flerida Star Publishing Co. ; '

"Member, of Associated Ife re,freer*

>Brtc O. flImpocn, _EdLftet. Th democratic: primaries are over, baS. ..... of the odor
& Psrbam JehateaBkfeazdsea -._..-_.-... >StallCirculation I 111111JDgen.OD. ,

UIuIM D.ptxAm The'stench of racebaitingwhich'

OFFICE fc PLAHTs many candidates in-I reveals his attitudes: >,> his contradictions

.0* MeacrM Rod EL 4-Wtt 'EL 4JTS3Officm jected into: their completely campaign, ,the ends to which
baa not
Dowatowa BIe.da 4i* llr Md St. Pteoae EL for votes will I:he will go-up or down-to
cleared the air. Long we I
Msittag Mcnut remember certain candidateswho attain his desires

P. 0. Best ML JedksenvClt! 1. Florid ridiculed Negroes and I I To the average white can-
did not want the
swore they
didate the Negro means
SUBSCRIPTION "nigra bloc vote,
.,. but the numerical valueof
One T sr, KM; Half Tear, f3.il: Three Mouths 11.80 ing; ,
** Another situation -
vote is all im-
Mali To Tea. Aajirfcere la The' United States 4y.+ ".i _.....- that has .8.Negro's
.oksote&m Pebble in Adrance. Sad check: or Money Order Tel t'i an unpleasant I portant. ii
FLORIDA STAB-P. O. BOX Ml-JACZSOlfVILLE; 1. FLORIDA i 1 'odor is-the one I j Nobody wants the Negrofor

created by El-' what he is-a human

JUSI1CEWObthl.MFANDEkTRJ ... : :; bert Hendricksthe ,being and a citizen. Every-
: I.. .'., defeated body wants him only for his

jfr i s ) Councilman of l numberical value-in votesor
FOR I and, 1, who dollars.

daUed for aunt merchantthe
Take the average
four' while fellows ever to TtHaha ee who tried' .got it,- "oper tort'of the cloth-

hair hand al.rape *,couple weekends.ago are .really In the ." t was still ing store, the furniture store,
big-tlm w. II, can bt.Afo1J:wsgetd. that,1IOIIe. of these ; 1 b t fara SMPBON not satisfied. ,the grocery store or what
.,. .1wD.the7 r 41IW. towu.ded,1xm, ; 2O 1 t .r "
in like
: bas brought aj ha ve'lieyare just
.. Well ( tMIr 'd_ t..tMtJU t Hendricks
dona .a *
IDg day 4"O. wtea. toy'w. '.....,be.JM. ,,, ** ..".1. bandwrltiDgex- ed-f: to'eheckthe ; the: 'candidates} S .nb 'pretend

as);j 1J t'I.,, : "II:. 'WW f.a.,....S.-tel. ; I, signatures oat the;*egis- |I they,d n't''cajte'about the Negro -

't v.bay.>ca ....j i ; + tration slips to 'see'if any vote Th'ey''actually: want

aw i11..J' .::9R 'CD + J :" A ( \\J""" ,,tovaar1 4".. ,'_ .'-:. c.HA'Z'E names were filled in by persons the Negro vote and the Negro '
t i' a P.tf4.,; HI' :.i K' '' ; i- GROUPS ARE INCREASING THE PRESSURE other than the Voters',; customer but are afraid
whorevor, tbe minds. 01.men. are ::1
i __ -'tw themselves.: ]Jto, advertise in the Negro

: 1t' ,=. .;!,!l1J,t ..,.I tic tkm_ 'Tallahassee.fosal : Hendricks' action in" calling', newspaper.The .

:. J.t ,: i ) "YI.'i I Your : for a check of the signatures I Negro citizen is never!
'. eiar, wattteg iritb.afcoatxo: : led;e 11 Weekly implies that some of the people customer ts
nesao.; see what will,.bethe;: outcome>> of Florida?*.cdebratr s : assigned to precinct 3B 1 regarded as a
Guide would to such fraud. It the merchant or as a ConRepreseais-
ed outrage. :JrOcope : stoop (
No doubt. in the minds of men, the question., prevails as is a serious accusation that, stituent of the

to what would have been the case if..the"i rape victim had *' n.Ch ARE YOUR 'LUCKY"' DAYS FOP __ : Hendricks is making against'tive. He is never given the
been a white girl, and her ravishers four black men? In -- -: the men and women who consideration he deserves in
what condition would they have been found if ever? Cas- BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL worked 3B all of them
either He is a numerical -
trated? Shot? Burned? Hung?' 0 r maybe their remains, -. honest, highly respected people
would have been stumbled upon after some time had passed -I -T F, PABLO. The ASTROLOGERARIES some of whom have entity to fatten the
buried in ant hills] or., like Mack Charles Parker their --- lived_ in this community before merchant's pocketbook and

cadavers would eventually be hauled, bloated and half-J be alert for misjudgment, or] gressive in your drive for I Hendricks was born. to swell the political's vote
rotted out of river? It's hard to But one thing totals.It .
a say.
away At
19 ,,,, adverse effect upon our achievement and prestige. With all the disparagingtalk
J I:born March 21 thru April an : (
is downright certain: Had the notorious Tallahassee Four : isI
I credit through excessive the same time, since :Mars about the "bloc
career or Negro
There will now be a ten- is a pity that in these
been Negroes, they would be dead today. Nor would it be
optimism or pursuit 1 well aspected most vote" it is interesting to
whether the victm correct in dency to bring some pending times when the world in
important rape was of pleasure. From te 12th to month, your are promised a watch this white
You haughty
her identification of her attackers. All the woman would matters to a swift close. striving for peace and unity
28th Mercury favors development chance to forge ahead along candidate who doesn't think
to lay a whch
will have urge can only come throughthe
have to is "That's them" and-good bye!
say forth'
of intellectual interests many lines if you put too much about Negroes
foundation for greater establishment of respectfor
That is perhaps the main reason why this atrocity is get- new I
and side-
'securty and comfort for yourself with congenial people, parti- the necessary effort ing a last ditch fight over a human rights and the
ting such close attention from all quarters of the globe.!
cularly on the 13th, 16th and track the personality angle 78
and loved ones. These measerly Negro dignify of men that selfish
kidnapping > -
Here we have four white men who actually admitted I
27th. Don't ]let stubborn-
and repeatedly raping a 19-year-old Negro girl.]efforts will yield good resultsif when necessary. I I Hendricks is typical of the politicians and greedy mer
minded or critical acquaintances 1_ 4Q113813143
pushed around the 30th, Ii chants can only see a
The hysterical victim was found in their car along with II i white man who has becomea segment
(and 31st. But carefully bud- ; bring complications I of the human race as
the they used force their wills her. The -
weapons to upon n interesting study which
nto life the 25th and SCORPIO
your on ,
devote to tools
the time to bring them
get you
the drama their
next in is indictment
step by a hastily-, 26th. Born Oct. 24 thru Nov. 22
these matters lest -- and wealth.
culled grand Jury. Finally. their arraignment at which time, difficulty 980777976.987 Efforts make in har-
they had the unmitigated brass to plead Innocent. through business channels or 'i you mate and 19th and 25th. Your best
It is not beyond possibility that the attackers believe in, superiors develop on the 31st. 'otherS r mony are promised your a good means of handling people .
3_20 ?.2 19 21 321
their minds that LEO and circumstances arising
they are going to get away with their chance for success if launched -
crimes, simply because they are white men. Already their I Born July 23 thru Aug. 23 on the 1st, 27th, 30th or j then will be to follow lines Jaxons will be called uponto
attorneys are toying with the idea; of switching the trial;i TAURUS The new Moon of the 7th'31st. These dates mark the of least resistance as muchas vote on the issuance of
site to a different venue Already some hog-wash about)I Born April 20 thru May 20 begins a cycle that will keep I times when events should be possible. .bonds to pay the cost of the
the faulty background and education of the four rapists is. Afterwards, you should you occupied with vital projects 'right if or action and aggressive -660775976666 new city Auditorium in a
being funneled out to create for them sympathetic alliances..find greater social activity 1 during most of the. tactics. Circumstances I ,special election June 15.
Already there is some trickeration going on to stall the ,bringing you closer to neigh-'j, month. It will be necessary(developing then should help( : The city has two million
May 27th trial date. I bors, relatives, and people for you to put aside personal 'you to get plans under way.1 I PISCES 1 dollars toward the financingof
In the meanwhile, nobody seems to give a hoot about the .YOU I meet in your journeying affairs and aims from time ,L..9O8887_86-698. Born Feb. 18 thru March 20 the 4% million dollar project
young coed whose beauty; health and sanity may be permanently [I about., This transit promises. to time during May lest you I II I Mercury is influencing your and is seeking to float
effected by the wanton ravishment she endured,benefits through affectionand I neglect important, responsibi I SAGITTARIUS' ;,:financial affairs until the 12, certificates of indebtedness
at the hands of those whites. Her chances for marriage and(I concern for others and lities and duties.Throughout I'Born Nor. 23 thru Dec. 21 'showing a need t 0 keep amounting to another two
happiness could be ruined for all time because of the at-I[Ijoy from short trips and vi-, :May, Mars will! Mars will be traveling thru track of valuable papers and, and one-half million dollars.
tack; not to mention her potential for motherhood. She is sits to nearby places, especially -i I be influencing your solar( solar eighth house during -'I to exercise good judgment in' It is all well and good to
a marked woman. I,I when Venus s well as-I twelfth house where its release -I your May in a position where''all transactions. You are pro- build a new auditorium but
But they, too, are marked men. They must stand trial for pected on the 11th, 14th and I ofenergy will stimulate it creates a sense of urgency mised a busy month, so be many of us would like to
rape. And all their lies and whinings and excuses will not 21st. efforts to free yourself from and a desire for action in;\prepared for it by arranginga know exactly what provisionsare
lessen the force of the laws created by their forefathers. 7-50444a42754I I limiting conditions, trouble- schedule for yourself that being made for the ac-
matters affecting your :
Death is the penalty for rape. And union another mass .some people- and aceumnlated -------. ties with others. This includes -'i will; permit proper attentionto comodation of Negro citizens
rape Is committed in that Tallahassee courtroom upon the I tasks. marital finances and necessary rountine. who will be expected to help
Florida's body of Justice those four men will die for their crime In.Bora May GEMINI 21 Ihru June 21 4 3033- -.9A----31-431 income from mutual efforts.I 14 I .-10"11-U-13--413 pay the bins.nr .
spanking-new electric chair. '
The 'A' willingness to make necessary -
impact of friends
The world is watching. so
cial life and group activities VIRGO euts or adjustments I
upon your exchequer may be .Born Aug. 24 thru S pt. 23 in budgeting joint funds;I
DEFEATEDI.COUNCMANNOSERINGED very noticeable throughout I Many planets high in the should prove beneficial to,
.. this nonth, and you are ad- sky of your solar chart favor your interests at these times.
vised to budget funds bringing I yourself I to the at- 570-55-68-54-576 I
-BY BITTERNESS fully in order to guardal tention of others. You are
gainst excessive outlay. How preparing for a further climb CAPRICORN I
ever., rood flTw te #_ \d__ towards aims and ambitions
-.1"--- "'" CLlJ, Born Dec. 22 thru Jan. 19.
FORMER Councilman Elbert H. Hendricks is apparently which is now passing through you for have been developing There is a need for you toe.
determined to kick your solar second house'will many months. It is, therefore :. both !
somebody in the head for his narrow help an keep an eye on personal -,
margin defeat in last Tuesday's election. Up to this point, find other-you increase income and plan excellent period to and partnership expenditures -', c
the theme of Hendricks' war-cry is "Somebody ,Cheated." ways of adding to your program and arrange around the 3rd 15th,I
It's a doleful tune that cannot be sung any other way but your Possessions wealth or the value of I accomplishment things that can. assist and 19th. Curb the impulse'to

off-key: is t. especially on the, &_._L..99-5L97--869< take risks or follow hun
As is no doubt common knowledge by this time, Hendricks.lost ches in dealing with money
his Ward one coundlman'B seat to Brad Tredin- 2-JQL-6flLJ2L65216 natters and in making purchases -I
nick by a razor's edge of 78 votes. His.overthrow came as LIBRA at these times. Your
a result of the last-minute returns from 3-B, an all-Negro CANCER I Born Sept. 24 ihru Oct. 23 generosity could be greater
precinct. An immediate recount demanded' by Hendricks Born' JUM 22 thru July 22 Look out for a tendencyto I than your resources permit.I
failed to budge the 78 vote difference. Around the lltn you must I ge overforceful, too ag- Jupiter and Neptune in your

So now, in a desperate effort to prove that he didn't lose solar eleventh house will
but was actually robbed of his political post, Hendricks has GET YOUR HOROSCOPE READING cause friendships to loom I
engaged the talents of a handwriting expert. This keen- CM this.. coopen. Leant more. abeel*; yoantSt.' Bead. iffla -sa (one large in their importance
eyed gentleman has the task of analyzing the sweeps and clime etta) far eh iMrenaepa ecAered+ ky -. I eled Mill 'where you are concerned.
loops of over 1000 voter signatures in the hope of unearth- .... !II!" damped enTelofM. Witt!! ptla. 'DI8' .tray ... ... r7a ;>,--fi--aa--IB--32J2J$ --
ing some irregularity which the bitter Mr. Hendricks may re' IOeate \f the damtal.a .. Osae1i /"-

pounce upon. -- --- -
The fact..cannot be denied that the colored citizens of I AQUARIUS ; );
_ precinct 3-B who voted last Tuesday are being given a Barn Jan. 20 thru Feb. 18
generous dose of character defamation. By king-size implication I P. a BOX.,561JACKSONVILLE I You will be pouring a lot KENKMGffIIarita'You

% Hendricks is telling Jacksonville and the cock-eyed I 1, FLA.Nsr of energy into your work
world that, he is out of office: now because some double- I and implementing: every desire To UsUa To
dealing rascals over in 3-B I have ,
saw to It. By the.same implication you for bettering '
his actions suggest that his former opponent, Tredm- 1.- .1.1I the conditions: around. you. "KMCHTTCADTStartm .
&ickdid not win the Ward 1 race honorably. However, be prepared for ,
Even' if Mr. Hendricks: can boast of some success when I some crosscurrents I
this graphology routine fo over he will have gained, little; OIW '. rya, I sets which may aarit At 7:00 P. M. f&fy -
for besides I losing his office as councilman will have II frustrate your aims or disturb -I
lost many. friends,and admirers as well Lee .tBth I the peace when Uranus 1400-WRHC-'
Me a your ruling planet is adver-. .
: ch JUIf l IL- -... -- -- ..... -. --I.. eely sjpected on the 3rd, llth..

I .
... j


- I Ir
h As.a



r '!Jx-.i\ _t,.'

__ ,
-/ -: \\ '- 6" ): .
_ _r/ : : ?r, 0:+ '
,. _. -

.ur r. _r 9 n c"'!' '' 'q Page Three t
Week 16 1959
Ending Saturday May :

,,,,_...... ., ,-- ., -y
,, ''' !- -- :--'- ----------:
," : ;:" < _
"i"-1" '< '<:: '
B______>:''rt:;e'hk! ,,"'r:" :r: *&;; &::&'r/', .Y:+C1.k;f xt!.Z*"i, A>; V. -,,': i .q 2..,; a Wedding j Bells : ABOUTPEOPLE _

=- "-:' --:;= -: ;f'v" I _
.= : : '4,. ;. .?,, Applications for Marriage
I Mrs. Sallie of 1243 W. 18th
Y Licenses Street left the city recentlyfor

Hollywood, to attend the
S .Pallbearers Society 1 Grand
\ Lodge of Miami. She was accompanied -
By Tyler Merrit. 917 W. 1st St., by Mrs. Marie
; age 59 and Virginia Stone, Sipley andMrs. Alma Milton.
r, ; LOUISE G. GUINYARD 917 W. 1st St., age 37. t :
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie Frenchof
Jimmie L. Johnson 2115
548 W. 18th Street, left
rw. Mars St., age 21 and Emme- the city recently for
As the approaches gradual shift. rell Meeks 3934 Moncrief Rd. Jersey
summer season we see a N.
City, J.t to attend the fu-
ing of social activities from the city to the beaches, especially age 19.Theo.. neral of his mother, Mrs. Car-.
among our clubs.Incidentally. ?a.' Tyler, 2609 Myrtle rie French.
: Ave., 29 and Altemese
we paid our first trip to American Beach 4 *
Coleman 3923 Ribault Scenic
over the week-end and saw mobs of people there for quiet, ,
Dr.. age 11. j Terris McDuffie, Mr. and
and many for not-s -quiet, relaxation. We noted the new
hames and places of business that have been constructedsince .1 .: ; -'faz.'v"I"3Mt ,y1e Willie McCoy Jr., 1631 W, Mrs. Lloyd McDuffie and

". last season and predict a barker year for the resort 12th St,, age 23 and Betty J. cousin New, :Mrs.York Bernice City are Sipplesof in the

w Jones, 2152 Run St., age 19. city visiting their mothers
James Williams 1494 Logan
Mrs. Idella
I Bailey at 629 W.
Mrs. Margaret Williams was hostess when the Hel- <. 4 St., age 28 and Emma L, 4th Street and Mrs. Addie
lenesians met recently 'n her Myrtle Avenue home. Simpson, 1494 Logan St, age Raines of McQuade Street
Visiting players.. who participated in the play for club ; __ rier 24.Carl I Mrs. Bailey and Mrs. Rainesare
prizes, consisted of Airs. Dorothy M. Pinckney and Mrs. Van- J, Jones, 111 Spearing members of Day; Spring-
orian Schell, both of whom were i included among high scorers St., age 19 and Rosalind M. Ba.ptist Church.
for the evening.: a Rogers, 849 Spearing St". age I
Prizes were even by Mesdames Kathyrn Robinson Eve- :mY't 17.Gerald
lyn Barnes, Dorothy Pinckney and'Nan Fletcher. Gissentanner, 113
Members, present, in addition to those winning prizes, ,' ,> A' Odessa St., age 38 and Sam- CLUBNOTES
were: 'Mrs.: Leona Bennett, Mrs. Bernice Hamilton, Mrs. mie L. Williams, 824 UnionSt.
Claudia Jenkins, Mrs. Geraldine Jones Miss Bernice Griffin, ., age 34.
Mrs. Carolyn Washington, and Mrs. Vermal McCone. Geo. E. Grant, 2769 King .
.' Cole Dr., age 19 and GatsieD. Pansy Btaeaom Sewing
Mrs. Sarah' Davis rWashington and Mrs. Mable Jones Lewis, 19IB. W. 4th Street] Circle Conducts Meet
were special guests when Les Elites'Bridge'Club met at the age 16.James. t| The Pansy Blossom Sewing
Lincoln Golf and Country Club Ia.st.'TueSday evening. Mrs. A. Southernland, 14 Circle held its meeting recent-
Johnnie Mae Roberts was the very' charming and thoughtful 90, W: 9th. St:, age 18 and ly at the American Beach
hostess. Janie M. Davis 1588 N: W:,home of Mrs. Saide Alexander
Mrs. Elizabeth Simmons won first prize in the club 5th Ave., age 20. .
awards, while that distinction went. to Mrs. Jones in the Vincent Dennis, 2964 Wil I I Mrs. Cora Lee Herman

guest category. HOME DEMONSTRATION WEEK CELEBRATED-The Blue Ribbon Winner of low St., age 21 and Shirley served as co-hostess.
Other members present included Miss Anna Bell Mina- the Fourteenth National Home Demonstration Week celebration. which was held. Spivey, 2964 Willow St, age
mal J. McCone, Mrs. .Lois Avery, Mrs. Lula Courtney, and May B at ihe.New.Moncrlef School br the Duval County Home Demonstration Clubsare 20.Isaiah Clarence Sullivan, 17t8 W

Mrs. Eddie Mae Johnson. I seen in,the top photo from left: Mr. Minnie Barnes Mrs. Arletha Tucker. :Mrs. L. Rice, 2078 Com- 43rd St, age 23 and Albertia
tee, Mrs. Bernice Henderson. Mrs.. .Marie. McClain, Mrs. Ver-I' Martha Jones'Mn. Marion Jackson Mrs. Mildred MurrelL Mrs. Henrietta Miles. monwealth Ave., age 19 and Smith. 1820 W 11th St., age,

Mrs. IDa Mi Jackson Mrs. Maudell Hu-toa.Mre. Annie M. Wilkerson, and Mrs Bel- Marguerite James, 977 12th t 19.
Club Royal Ambassador Inc. held its election of officersfor
1959-60 zora Collins. Seen in the bottom photo in the same order are the Red and White St., age 16. I Alphonso Thompson, 1708
at held at the Lincoln Golf and
a meeting
Country Club. recently Ribbon Winners: Mrs. Rosa Lu Neal. Mrs. Katharine Demps Mrs. Rushle M. Kendrick Wm. F. Brown, 2823 Lippie 23rd St. age 20 and Fiona M'Burroughs. :

The new slate of officersincludes Henry Bellamy, president Mrs. Mary Slizabeih Holland. Mrs. Mldred Gibbs, Mrs. Louise McBride and Road, age 53 and Mary: M:'': P. O. Box 181,

; Robert W. Gray vice president; Cassius! A. Jones, financial Mrs. Margaret Bacon. Photo by Averts--Studio Butler, 2823 Lippie Road, age Middleburg, Fla., age 19.
| Leon C. Johnson, 1737 W.
W. Russell 56.Willie
recording secretary; D. James, 558 W: 1st Union St., age 22 and Barbara -
Andrew Martin
treasurer; Edward Barnes, business manager JUNE BRIDEENGAGEMENT
: and James A. Joyner, chaplain. ANNUAL BALL ALPHA CHAPTER St., age 32 and Lula Alston, L. Green, 1270 W; 32nd
Longineao Parsons was the outgoing president. -- --- 558 W. 1st St:, age 33. I St., age 24.SALE.

Another group electing e officers* '* recently t was the Entre i TO BE GIVEN SLATES MEETINGThe

Tons Bridge Club. Mrs. Helen Hart was hostess to the meet-

big, held in her home on Rushing Street. ,.
Mrs. Ruth Myers was re-elected president; Mrs. Char BY POLICEMAN OFFLATS S
lotte Stewart, vice president; Miss Lauretta Jenkins, secre- Upsilon Lambda Chap-
tary; Mrs. Camilla Thompson, treasurer; Mrs. Elizabeth Sim- x ter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fra-
mons, parliamentarian; Mrs. Doris G. Bennett, reporter; and I The 4th annual Policemen'sBall ternity held its monthly meet-
Mrs. Frances Johnson, business manager. :.e will be presented by the ing recently at the, Ribault
Mrs. Lillle B,Blackshear and Mrs. Ruby Humphrey were Jacksonville Police Benevolent Supper Clubhouse, with W. P.
among high scorers for the evening, while Miss Theara Leg- Association on Tuesday night, Holmes, presiding.
gins qualified for the consolation prize. May 26, in the Duval County
Mrs. Catherine Jackson and Mrs. Mary Mitchell were i Armory. Members present at the
visiting players and both received lovely gifts from the Music for the occasion will meeting were: Henry Cov- ,
ington, J. E. Genwright, C. F.
t be furnished by Buddy Johnson -
hostess. WL.I N and his orchestra with James, J. W. Word, A. St.

e tazf Ella Johnson and Lee Turneras George Richardson. H.
vocalists. Seabrook, E. Jackson, Sr., Jer-
Mrs. Nell Casan took members of Les Issard Stewart
Bijoux Bridge x Door prizes will be given ry Ralph T.
Club to the El Dorado for its regular Friday night meeting.She Proceeds from the af- Wilson, W. E. Boddie, C. Max-
had her sister, Miss Aretha Johnson, and Mrs. Gloria away. defray well, N. Davis, E. Devoe, H.
fair will be used to help -
Brooks as guests. Howard, M. Barnett, W.- P.
of the
The group is making plans for its annual party which is ANNOUNCED the expenses proj- Holmes, J. E. Bryant, J. Bel
scheduled to be held at American Beach June,12. -Mrs. John Henry ects of the association,delin- linger, T. V. Thomas, S. Dorn, We're Gathered a Large Group of
Present for the meeting were: Mrs. Alvenia Scriven, James announces the be- as combating juvenile the Police C. Buggs, R. Brown, D. Stew- White Flats from All our Stores and$ 99
Mrs. Sylvester Bassard, Mrs. Zelma Johnson, Mrs. Lois Avery trothal of her daughter. Vic- quency through and contri- art, R. McBride, R. E. Jack- Brought them Downtown for Tour
Mrs. Grace Sykes, Mrs. Marie IfoClain, Mrs. :Mattie toria Mary Alice to Virgil Athletic League charitable, son, W. Coles, Jr., C. Simmonsand Conrenlence. This is a Great Opportunity -
and Mrs. Golvin. butions to to Your Summer Flats
oMntgomery, Evelyn Postell Rogers, son of Mr. William E. \V. Bryant. get ,
Mrs. Marie McClain and Mrs. Sylvester Bassard were according Now!
among prize winners. and Mrs. Joseph Rogers.. Sr.. H. Harris, assistants' business The next meeting will be Reg. $5.99 and $6.99UTSEY'S
of Miami Florida. The wedding manager. held May 19 with Dr. R. N.
t will be solemnized: June Gordon as host.MODERNIST.
14 at 5 p. m. in the Bethel CIRCLE '
Mrs. Essie D. McCray put herself in the "outstanding Baptist Institutional Church. ANNA SCOTT SHOES
hostess" category when she entertained the Kevinettes last CONDUCTS, MEETINGThe
Saturday evening. All members were present for,this un- CLUB

usually enjoyable session.In c- Anna Scott Circle 1, TO PRESENT DOWNTOWN ONLY!
the setting of her lovely College Gardens home, the Woman Society of Christian FASHION EVENTA
group enjoyed several rounds of bridge, for which a dozen COMMUNITY CLUB Service of Ebenezer Methodist -
offered. OPEN TONIGHT TIL 91!
prizes were i Church conducted its
Top awards were won by !Mrs Barbara Harper, Mrs. PRESENTS EVENT meeting recently at the home
Helen Robinson, and Mrs. Geraldine Hilliard, while lesser Lee W. Fashion Fantasy will be -
of Mrs. Ada M. 1572 -
prizes were won by Mrs.; Thelma Greene, Mrs. Doris Bennett, 30th Street. presented by the Modernist
Miss Gwendolyn Johnson Mrs. Pearl lIackeyIrs.. Social Club, May 18 at 8
Dorothy The Westside CommunityClub "To My Mother" was read p.m., GRAY to GLORIOUS !
Oliver, Mrs Celeste Nicks Mrs Emma Le George, Mrs. Pau- will present "Slabtown by Edward Ellerbee, which featuring Miss \Villa Dean .

line Davis, and Mrs! .Sarah. Lovett.. Convention," May 25 at the was the feature of the meet-I Wells. The affair will be presented -
in the Recreation Cen-
Harmony Baptist Church, .
Feminae Gravitae Ladies are planning a mammoth gar- Second and Tyler Streets. ing.The April meeting was held ter. ...ar
den party for Saturday evening, May 23, at 521 Jessie A a
home of Mrs. Rosella
Mrs. J. M. -Gather is the at the Others to participate are:
Street.Valuable prizes will be available to bridge and whist president of the club and the Argrette with Mrs. Rena L. Mrs. Virginia Freeman, Miss
play will be directed by Mrs. Thorton serving as cohostess.Mrs. f Carolyn Gamble, Mrs. Dorothy -
players.We Ala Adams presided at I Johnson, Mrs. Evelyn
will give more details concerning this grand affair M. E. Crockett.
in next edition. the business session in the :Battle, Miss Frances Ward,
our Invitations have been extended absence of the president. Devotional -1 Miss Doris Wade Mrs. Dorothy
to the general publicto service was conducted I Frazier, Mrs. Marion Gun-

PHOTOGRAPHS FOR attend the affair. by Mrs. A. Lee.LILLY'S dy, Mrs. Nancy Williams, Mrs. ,1G A!
,I Millisea Wells, Mrs.\ Wilhelmenia -
EVERY OCCASION Ebron Mrs. Greta Gibson, 0fA.f
Mrs. Joann A. Harris, Miss y y
Betty Ann Price, Miss Gloria :
':"r----. Expert Photography Kings Trimming. Miss Marion Noh-

.<:::,', 'Portraits Weddings Banquets I ris, Miss Thomesenia Camion,.
t r' ,t > Passports & Identification Photos Where Exper'tencedPhumadd. Mrs.\ Ann Bower, Benjamin' .
>; J t Photostats & Commercial :Work PrepareY Bower, \Valter Harris and Edward -_
;:'" i-, ,e J Photos For Newspaper Cuts -" o'u r Prescription Ac- ,] Smifh.
While You WaltColoring Children models are Patricia
;. & Picture Framing r 'cOrdIng Instructions to your. doctor'sk Using .- I Mallory, Debora Bell with YVU9lPJ'J' Haircolor
Let Us Take A Photo Of You x Concire Weatherington. Gail
q+ only the best quality s
o at' drugs. and Amy Greenleaf, Phyllis adar...have hair u rich and naturaHooking as
2'Q In Natural Color :: and Ronald Battle. the professional model shown here One hour,aDdGodefroy'
The event is being spon- 's Larieuse brings back youth to drab,

J. AVERT Dr., CX E. BUck Pksmseteto. Dr. W. J. Onhaa sored by Mrs. Jean A. Lewis over-processed no extra purchases or graying needed.hair.Get It's longlastingOodefroy's easy to use..s .
and Mrs. Bonnie Barron.
-> -:- -:. v Larieuse now!
AvERY's PHOTO STUDIO I l ai'tbu9i1. I :
A COMPLETE LINE,OF: PATRONIZEStar Mi capsuta MtMts sad ." r .. jl.ar 1/tr
611 Wed Ashley Clara White Mission BIdg. Cosmetics Rubber Goods- Candies- SundriesPSE8BIPTION8 2.As*Iv te haw wdl ifpicstor.X 7-1'
':' 1st.***...&M sustaoa .
Phone, EL 4-7695 For Appointments! OALLB> FOB AND DSZFI .- Advertisers II- OOOER.OT WFO.CO..3510 uu..SiMt k Cacti UteMd -;


1 -



/ \ _

Page Four THE FLORIDA :5 IIU Week Ending Saturday. May 16 1959



I vt H ;

? .sot, .IHrEri

.,,." ?< .t. < PS
111' nr-u..J l'iq"T'! ; !:' -:- t- 10 a.m.with the Rev. A. J. / ..

Education Chautagua of the '. conducting a TIP, e ," ,.:.'

District Junior Women Convention lesson and Mrs. Mpr:'nda T n ><,\: ',". -
Auxiliary to t.o! East i I r"* KANT MEMORIAL: l'.* IT ORDINATION; SKK\ F
'ait :f Mt.r: .t i st
Florida and n&!mn) Eiptis: : i j ... ; .: TO PRESENT RECITAL SET AT COLOSSIANS:
r"ch vrill ls d the d''>. '- .
Association will -* i Lithe _
c n Weldon
; eps .. :' JVmes; Johnson Glee CHURCH
St. John Baptist",'CirchMty' : I .i; 'n ': 'he Cy.ne.'r" th"! 1 :i'Y 1,>b will l-e presented in a re- r-s ]hl'''i 01 t1!'o Colossians
\ 21. The Rev. A. J.!, Church in a Di-t'af e' Soc'a'Order. Y 'ilal. May 17 under the sponsorship -
Hughes is pastor. I J ." | \ of Auxiliary Board Baptist Church will be ordained -
!1 : deacon
as -May 17 at
A program has been rr ; 1.1 of Grant Memorial AME''
Tie! Hev. T7. C. Neal, a 3:30
ranged by the uncle' 'I !!) ;' Church. : p.m. at the church. The
group tor of the St. Thom napH"Church { : : Rev. H. HaU\l will deliver the
the leadership of Mrs. M..K will deliver' the message -, Ji. The singers are under the''ordination
Gibson, and will be prc-cated 1 for the evening war-lrp Direction of Mrs. Lillie B. i The sermon.
public havebeen
during the occasion.Ministers 3Irs. Horter Neal will :
to attend the ser-
and church workers : ,. I
in charge of the ntUsi vice.
will participate in each I throughout the day. IT. ARARAT CHOIRTO
day and night session. Mrs I SPONSOR TEA

Agnes L. Dean of Sebring will i ;\ i annual spiritual tea wille
deliver the special address in! MRS. ROSETTA COHEN
Choir No. 2 ofMt :
: given by :
the afternoon. Mrs. Dean.is
of MT. VERNON CHURCH W '. 9 Ararat Baptist Church, :1': Mrs. Rosetta Cohen will be
the president the Progres- I
iv 17 at the home of Dtr.i ._
sive Baptist State YWA and UNIT TO SPONSOR % Mrs. Alexander Servier, I I presented a recital l, May\ 17
Women Convention I at 3:30 p.m. at the Mt. Zion
Junior i .
335 Wolfe Street. \
the chairman of the Southern Church of God in Unity.S. .
fr Artists of the will
city ap- I
Regional Conference of the Cohen will be the master
ear on the programV..
t of ceremonies for the occasion.
National Junior Conventionand Choir No. 3 of Mt. Vernor 'KCS, president, has extend-I
The public and other singing
leading committeewoman "
Baptist Church will spon1 i vitatjons to all choirs and !i'
have been invited to
of other religious organi- the Jacksonville Choral Enemble groups .
jxiharies to attend the oc-I
.zations of the state. I attend the affair:
: ? in a musical in the audjtorium : asion.
The meeting will begin at 7 f.
of the church Sunday i I
r b j
The Choral is umter TEA SUNDAYA
Group ,
"Treasure Hunt Tea will
the direction of Mrs.\ VerdeP CS
SETS WOMEN'S DAY Sullivan Jones and l\Irs.'Joe s'r .. 6 lf('., be sponsored by Choir No. 2'f
phine :Mrs is accompanist. I # : First Corinth Baptist!: West Union Baptist Church
( 1 ..a -urch. May 17 at 3 inhp nil celebrate
Annual Women's Day will Club Venetian and the Ven '? p.m. annual Women's
be observed at the Tabernacle etianettes Ladies Club will be 1 $ FM auditorium of the church. Day, May 11 throughout the

Baptist Church May 17, guests with members of all day with :Mrs. R. C. Solomon

throughout the day with the the Choirs and gospel chorusof I ;/ ; ,.. DEACONESS BOARD '!'as chairman and Mrs. Y_'. F.

officers in charge of the activities. Mt. Vernon serving as hostesses SLATES ANNIVERSARYTho Dennis co-chairman.
and hosts along with 27th anniversary Mrs. Mary Alice Cook
Officers are: Mrs. Queen members of Usher Board No : : l :< '''aconess Board No. 2 (cf the(Smith will be the guest speaker -

Adkins, chairman. Mrs. II. M. 3. They will be assisted: by econd Baptist Church will be for the morning worship.
Lawrence, co-chairman; Mrst groups of various churchesand I I'served. May 17 at I 3:30 p.m. : The young people will be in

M .L. Storey, secretary and clubs. I .n the church auditorium.A '!charge of the BTU at which

Mrs. A. Furlow, treasurer. program will be pre-time a speakers' tournament
Captains are: Mrs. Magnolia Mrs. Mattie Lazenby will ACE LEAGUE GIVES TEA-Participants of the Mother's Day Tea. which was nted for the occasion. I,will be sponsored.

Earlie; Mrs. Alma Glover, serve as dean of hostesses and given by the ACE League urdar the direr ion of Mrs. Aha Fare Pinkney and Mrs. 'I ne evening worship will

Mrs. Carrie Pinkney Mrs. Damon Milton Hood will serve as dean. M. E. Cottrell are seen in the top photo fr::>n. left; Mrs. Ona Ballard. Andrew Boston.A. MT. ZION CHURCH be" conducted by the Young

Collier, Mrs. Mattie Williams of hosts. W. Cottrell the Rev. R. J: Blane. Ester Morse. Mrs. V. McNeaL Mrs. E. Freeman. PLANS WOMEN'S DAYi Matrons Auxilary.

Mrs. Arlene Burnam. Remarks will be made b'h"S. Mrs. Hattie Jackson. Mrs. Irene Baggs and Otis Gamble in the back. Seen in the hot-, i .

Mrs. Clara Kitchen, Mrs. Eliza R. Atwater, presi- tOm photo in Cho same order are Mrs. Julia Tanner, who was selected as the most AnnurilVomen's
honored mother. Mrs. M. E. Cottrell and Miss Dorothy King presenting flowers to : Day will
Christine! Fa .son, Mrs. Mel- dent of the sponsoring choir 'lie observed at the Mt. Zion WIVES ALLIANCE
vina Williams and Mrs. M.\ L. and the Rev. G. T.. :McCall the honored mother. I MME Church. SLATES
17 and
Storey. pastor. The event was held at St. Paul AME Church. May : NEXT MEETi
Mrs. Nellie Dawson Cason -
-- -" --- U T .---- .,.. i i i Baptist Ministers:!
I "" ,"- .. k ,. 'Q. .OLill: HOUR SET i will be the speaker for the i Wives Alliance will conduct
:worship at"11 a.m., accordingto
WEEK ONLYpa.enaer" : :: \\ ;i its meeting, May 18 at the
0 SPEARS PORCH FURNITURE S PECIAI. FOR THIS BY ACE LEAGUE Mrs. E. A. Harris program home of the Rev and Mrs.
i! committee chairman. '
I: B. \Williams, 925 W. 22nd
Mrs. N. Cason
music teacher
." ,...ml l Youth'Hour will be : Street.
[ fega ltiiiljJMiiiuj ,
__.. i at Edward Waters Collegei
: "
b-.er.al 1 Lv the .CE
: : League will be introduced by Mrs. A. )I' The
r' I i meeting wasi
>hen AME Church,
SSBSil J J I Smith, matron of Temple i held at the home of the Rev.i .
::1.; wider the leadership I
'f ,, Chapter CO OES. and Mrs. II. II.
ALL STEEL i i Robinson. 1011
i: ,_ IJIli[lS: : : the.Inv.. I-aac Gurdj', ,.preslent. j The observance will begin I!I W.8th Street with Mrs. W. L.
,,<.>'- j with the Sunday School Department : Jones the mistress
i ( W 1 serving as
PORCH SET <. ( : The TIe':. B.. C. Williams,
preceded by the i of ceremonies and Mrs.\ M. K.
V. ,il1t.\ llorinh
.. .! 'kl I'' ', I ; ; morning worship at 11 a.m. Gibson as the speaker.
; 'hurch, Sunbeam, wil be the
,. -- -'--- -------
_. --- -.-
With Table Not Shown" f b -peai'icr ur" the occasion.Ch : i-

t \ I ,.!AS to i participate in the ,
"-:>rviVo Little Rock Choir '
x v0R k .:esper Choir of the church, peed mny JOlla more
$4995fr. yfS' 'noel\ Chorus of the Church | L..dt's
,f God in'Saints; Choir No. 3
$ J a, I f H,, fountain Chapel AMEchurch \ HAIR COLO***
_. 0,IJ ... .......
WiII WVOT ry ( 1 to JO .w M
) J. and others. ... ... ..
I .1.vrww. **tr H r. r4. rrIni
: ...,.w. 0.. >i Cc ti... with ..... _
;3 0 : ...4_ It.He....'... _
t I II .. ..._
REV. D. B. BARNES ... y.w .. ... M ...
.0 ale-.A..4ab- .
$._ .... a.
:: ;;:.. .. .
I APPEARS IN DRAMA -j.a m mXirm UWttt y .i.+

: I NOT TURN. HAH_..RfDMSMk .... ..
0 wOl '"*r.r.1. H toys MYM

$1 00 The Rev. D. B. Barnes, pastor -..i..rwYr..1is... ow-. .--..., ,w.. Jr-..Y....-......w..i ..... t
ON 9n* v z
I of the Sweetfield Baptist j 'r.ira. .Ww ::. tuJl t--tz
-, Church will be presented in: All a.... ...,. r
OWN'- WONOEVUt' FOR 19. IL.II Mpwd.i.d
A: a drama entitled "Weary Tra-! A Y........11_................C-....._....,....... .
-JIll | veler". May 21 in the auditorium -] ra1...s,.r.r....w_r1 sr..r iw 0.r..............

a DELIVERS '' { : of Grant Memorial AMEi' ,.DOES...on r.NOT.....:ormrtu..........W..$.....ssMArest.......CissM WAYINO......-......
Th .: j : d''! Church. I] .......- CM.II ... pari.i.. S..... u.w ..... .....
: ......., A.Iw.BIM rs t2JS ......I.. c.I ...........wr
Rev. D. Barnes wiil dramatize t .... M ........pr....... Yew w stwq. a.i r ... -... r ........
:4 vocal selections and will ;,

) ; ,,1b 9 be supported by Choir No. 2 DIXIE PHARMACY
A I of the church and other art-
:' -1 ists. I Kings Road and Myrtle

Q7P Invitations have been ex-
tended to other boards of the -
< : city to attend the affair. :
I : You Don't Have to Go to Town to Get


.4 .-.S fl1 $' ., u e cx t ", .J .dill I!I AT MOUNT CARMEL 'I i LOW PRICESOn
'1 I
t I
J ,. ,. \ Annual Women's Day will

I '" !' ; '. ;:'\ be observed at the )It. Carmel Yow-

) '.>"'/" ,.' ....1>. : < ."'.. \ I Baptist Church, :May 17,
/ a,0 < / : ;. 0, throughout the day with Miss DRUG STOKE HEEDSTrade

.. .. ........ .. I Yvonne Roger, daughter of
I '
,...""' ". Mr. and Mrs. Samuel C. Roger With Your Neighborhood Drug Store
OPEN "" ry 0,
\ '- ," as the guest soloist for the
=--- MON. & FRI. NITES .. : /- ; .. services at 3 p.m. WE WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADVERTISED .

0, Miss Roger is an honor stu-' .
TIL 9 !
I dent at Matthew. Gilbert
.. School and member of
i. Select From Beautiful 2 Tone Colors Long Lasting Baked'Enam, l Finish Rocker or Chain _, High Bethel Baptist Church.a She We Deliver We Also FID All Doctor Prescription a

: Available With Large 3 Passenger Glider.' will be accompanied by Mrs. -
.. 1
'A EASY TERMSSpears OPEN MON. & FRL NITES TIL 9 Eugenia Mrs. Dollie Brown.Ford will be the Dixie Pharmacy 1s

0 p speaker for the 11 a.m. wor- t
ship and Miss Estelle.Williams 1OZ KINGS ROAD at HTBXUB AYE2TOXPBONE8 :

Brothers Furniture Company, Inc. ,:0*0 Mrs.will be Alma the speaker Cook and at 7 Mrs.p.m. EL LUST

A Ruby Williams will be in PAY YOUR LIGHT, WATER AND TELEPHONE -

325 BROAD STREET Phone EL5- 41. V charge of the BTU with Mrs. BILLS AT OUR STORE.
Eddie Mae Johnson as the '

'"'" '" '""", : guest president_: -" of
.. .. .



__,_J -- --

: -- -- -
: # II

/r. ; ,

: '
-'- .
May 16. 1959 THE FLORIDA STAR I \ -
--..-- Page Five ..
/ '. : : GAUTT IS CHOSEN s
tea will be sponsored by I

the Pastor's Aid Club of St. I I ........
no --- "'-"-"-''' '
Prentice Gautt, the first :. <
Matthew Baptist Church, May I J
17 at the home of the presi '. ...... Negro to play football at the APPLIANCE
dent. Mrs. Ethel \\'right,149N < '" : t ,: ; '. .......,.: f University of Oklahoma became x COMPANY

Mitchell Street.A another first when he .
.was elected to Omicron Del-
has been
program arranged -
for the occasion. *7k iI ta Kappa, national men'shonorary appointment of

The sixth anniversary of leadership society.'I JAMES LEWIS

District No. 7 will be obser Gautt was one of four stu-
dents from \s sales representative forts .
Oklahoma City
ved, May 17 at 3:30 at
p.m. i
the church. chosen for the honor accord- complete line of Gas &

I : ing to Roger Louis. Oklahoma Electric Appliances.
t City president.He '. The company has four stores
is a junior at the university -
GRANT MEMORIAL r onveniently located at:
and has another year 829 Pearl Street
of 4
Varsity football. Gautt'sperformance
i 505 S. McDuff Ave.
ANNUAL TEA SUNDAYChoir at fullback was: i. 3625 Blanding Blvd.

..ys .. one of the big reasons the 15 S. Hogan Street

No. 2 of Grant M<- z x. _a z ft able team record.piled up such a remark- .

morial AME Church will .
give -- --
its annual tea, May 17, from \, ( The star football player,:
4 to 6 p.m. in the Branch; the first Negro to be chosen:
YWCA : .' member of the honor fra- I
: "
Building on West 8th I } .., am
Street. < :' ternity ranks very highly in'
Mrs. Nita Brooks of the __ scholastic attainments
: iA. I Ie __ I
i 1
Wilder Branch Library will bathe DEEr t V iTEFLI
speaker for the affair -: .. COLUMBIA COUNCIL I
Members of New Stanton'1 ;
0: \... .
Senior High School Glee Club ELECTS OFFICERS 1
I PLAY-.A from he annual senior class "Girl In The ;
under the direction of Mrs SENIOR CLASS scene < play. LAKE
Alpha Hayes Moore will pre 'i Rain''', which will be presented in the aucLtcrivun of New Stanton Senior High bia County Home The Coium.1 Everyone !

sent a musical program. !I School. May 18 at 8 p. m. is seen above. rom left standing are Francina Stafford. tion Council i
Romeo Dow, Jackson and GwendoIY.Gaddis.. tJ'vtcd.lCt':: : : ? ii
i Betty : .
Invitations have been i
extended a::: e'i;
.pcentlv : :: bg held in '
The play is being presented under the direction of Miss Norma Littlejohn and Mrs.
to other choirs ciu!' i the office of ?ins. *> .gir.la D.- For the wonderful response
and other organizations of.the Amy S. Currie. .. Gardner, dem
: :>r strati';n ;gent : .p given me by so many fine
city to attend the affair. Mrs MEN'S DAY PLANNED V/2:' ..T'. .'3 DAY SET'.NF.W BETHEL LEAGUE; for the county. i .
citizens of Jacksonville
Meltonia Lilly Vaughn is the Officers elected s. ;:; In

program chairman. AT MT. OLIVE AME' AT SHILOH CHURCH 'PRESENTS PROGRAM. '' Gallie Zow, incident wcre;: Mrs 1rs.1 1! electing me your MunicipalS

:r. Van at v. prcgram will be, Lovie Browr. :.I:e president, :
-- -'" Day '"'MI !be 'i Mrs.. Calhe Judge. '
HOLSEY CHAPEL AME ? observed presented by the ACE League, :iiz, secretary; i i
TO OBSERVE ANNUAL A*.nun! I.." :: ; Bayv nl t.' at Shiloh Baptist: Church, her IV i: el ..rE: fl"-1 Mrs. Edith JVo*, assistant 1 I : % .< s During my entire campaign,
b-er;ed at the Mt. OILe .': \o. ..1; Svt "a y School 1. secretary; Mrs. Ever 1 e n aS.1 I F. calculated to be clean anddignified
MEN'S DAY SUNDAYIlolsey ., .., ,. ay 17 at :3 p.m. in the audi
\ II E 'Jiure1. ray 2> "- | Bradley, treasurm"Irs.. L. L. :I
"f the chuich. Some assured that
n you
1- throughout the day with Harold -_ > 'e rill be in ; Tate, chaplain: Mrs Doicas :r "
'iH-xr.l a:' "sts will appear I I would give and demand
Chapel CME Church anil xJi..:jamm Kennerlyas'tha'iTKi' reporter: Mis. Louise re
charjjs of the service i
eve:: :g : the '
will celebrate annual Men's r_ \ c'- hdn.13D tar i He l direction of Mrs. I ;on program.Apearirg the ",Reynolds, assistant reporter, I I tE spect and dignity in your
f on 1 :
program "
flay May 17 throughout tho : ctcly and Mrs. Essie Mae Rentz
'C'i : ,. L. G. Coleman and Mrs. Emma ': will be St. Paul Male Chorus, council Municipal Court and at the
day beginning with delegate.
Sunday T'G 1 : ':' > Lpcllarit.. I New Bethel Youth Trio, Miss same time not permit any
School at 9:30 a.m. Pretty Hat 'T'?:i. M->y IT i iT"' Mr M. Beale is general l : '" ".',1,.:> Oliver llisIar o 01-1 Plans for the' annual Home ., person or group to influencethe
Morning worship will con- the asement I of the church, chairman and Mrs Geneva I.Oliver, Mrs.Vanda Mitchell Demonstration program and
vene at 11 a.m. with the pas- with all male participants appearing Gray is co-chairman of the Mrs. Eleanor McBride, Miss, picnic to be held, May 23 in judgment of the Court.I .
tor delivering the message on program. Prizes! activtfes. i\rs.\ Georgia Bell ,Judith :McBride, Miss Betty I Mt Tabor Community will always try to live up to these principles.
and Evening worship will be- .viii l2'!i 'po to the man wearing Snyder is chairman of the ,Jean lcIillian.Iiss Edith were completed at th meet- I thereby
ing. assuring you of a Municipal Judge of whom
at 7 .
gin p.m.Wiliain the'prettiest lady hat. prcgi-am committee and Mrs. :Baker, Mrs. J. T. Betsch and I II you will be proud.
Curtis is the program The gereral puUie have Mary. Lewis co chairman. i :Leonard J. Roberts, who will It I I
chairman and C. L. Hall, ben invited to attend these Mrs. A. B. Coleman will be I be the speaker for the occa I t
chairman. .eoents. the pastor for the l VERY SINCERE THANKS!
day. .

... .. .. ..'--.--,.,.......,.,....-,.-....-..-.-..-. -......--.-,. .-.......-........r..;...,.,... .._......._...-__ -_.:-..->_______.J'_.._= .=--=-=sion.locked .=--.. ...... .-...-_ ---...-._-__ -------_ GETTING UP NIGHTS
( e' -:; :.- ; '--, :.------rr.-- : .;,. -'..:-' i----._..',.:._:.."' -,.... ...'...',""u.,.,_--:-.--:._<-:._ ;.,...y.-".. --------.... --?-? : -.r..r07 Uno ellt"Bladder WeakneGet- ! Up, or Bed Wettlne. too Ire.i : lito
i juent burning or Itching urination or
< k Strong Smelling. Cloudy Urine due to
ti common Kidney and Bladder Irritationj.
r i try CYSTEX for quick help 30 yearfwS '
ti ,1 IS YOURI ,I tlst Drove.atety for. CYSTEX for young under and money-back eld.Ask drug-cuazantee. .
I I Bee bow tact you improves .
1-- -- .
----n .
'.., --- -
---- -

I: W lor lJ DUTyfifJ ft iI I!iI I i r9- I


I to.' :
10 VOTE {1\. :

t {
:- 4 t \...., r !

r-1 it& S t :

ly S'u.r {

4 n0eo0 _. 1: : 4.

j fl N 9 1.. ." 1 : :

I wv you .re tI &

e L

; I

I out. c'lti' 'a :

e.z" 7tw

of the primary elections x < .1 q' Y'C' rte,,rf' .

-We deliver as as 125 babies "
many a month Mrs.
unless tant it is for tiny babies to have 7 Anderson Points out. "I know how impor.
the safest, most
you're registered digestible form of milk for their formulas."

Head nurse'tetts why she selected /
Tills will be the greatest spot fit the world, com

i.Election Day. (:\ CARNATION MILK FOR .
Most all your friends will drop in. To take a bandin HER OWN BABY

COME OF AGE SINCE THE LASTS running this country, county, city and state. To

voice an opinion on big things lit president' and Mrs.Ida Mae Anderson is head nurse and an equal amount of water for his cup' .
ELECTION .read peace plans, on little things like parking meters and maternity supervisor at a leading hospital Carnation
is ideal for .
garbage collections To register complaint about in Detroit She is a graduate of Good cooking, too. Mrs.
ftUDBl Even if you had prwrioualy FIRST VOTERSI If you have a : Anderson other
k rcffirterwl under yooraudd celebrated your 21st birthday things they don't like, or approval of things they WI. Samaritan Hospital in Charlotte,N.C. the failure-proof says no milk will do for
custard below.
n name, you have to ainoa the last election "It's never
mister again under yournew" (or if yon will be 21 b Y Elao Here, your voice is as big as.all the others, your Mrs Anderson and her husband have a two watery" she explains, "when I make it
name. Be sure your don Day), get your came in opinion as important as that of a Supreme Court year-old son Michael Lynn "Michael's with Carnation." This double-rich milk
"married name- k m the the book.; Ifc'a a mark e/ Justice. formula milk was Carnation, of in the
course red-and-whita r
is the
R book! maturity register and Total
,t AIMED FORCES MtMBCTSI See But you won't get in if you're not registered.Yoa'-I Mrs.Anderson says. "Now we mix it with favorite evaporated milk by far.

MOVBtSl If you bar moved your: Voting Officer for "the locked out of the right to vote, cut off from your
from were the preriooaly' prednct regktared where you, word"on how you can rote. friends and neighbors shut out on national and ceighr r-----------------

have to regiater acatn. OOMO AWAY BECTION DAY borhood issues.Don't I ,,
lid addreaf Vote first-by Absentee Bal "FAILURE-PROOF
sure your sew 8eatingredlentstomlzwwelLPour I
miss the thrill ofpuHmg the lever (or aaddaflhe
the boOk ki-btfoc.you leave. ,
CARNATION custard Into &8
**** l ballot) that makes your government your CUSTARD baking dishes; I /
***** I I JTafat M faJMdMl..., .1 sprinkle with nutmeg.Put dishes .
***** Register now. And start asking your friends tailneighbors. ... 4.., la 2ft* deep pan; pour water I

I .. .. !4 'granulated sugar around custard dishes. I .
8:00 AM. TO &00 P.M. I %teaspoon I
salt Bake In moderate
/.your name in the book. oven(350 F.)
BOOKS OPEN *i* 1 teaspoon vanes 40.45 minute, or until knife II
3JEaASSBAYSTF1AzFkT teerted Into custard comes out
: 1%cups(largt can)mgbgg dean. Remove from water I ,
County Court BOOM I CARNATION EVAPORATtDliijC eooL Add topping If you ;J I

-' 0 --- -...-..-.-.--- --- -: --ou.--aM_ I >


t r




:. .
.... -
Six -- .:. Week Saturday. May 16. 1959
..:. _Page ________ Ending
EFFEctiVE; WAY or irritation develops. use': +(ELEMENTARY GROUPI PECK HIGH SCHOOL


RADIO SERVICE TORTURE FOUNDNo to harm gum.any material 'G;)UITMAN, Ga*.-A Brooks!r I I
USin dentures. You'll find County .grand jury Thurs the Road to MoonlightTown I Ii FERNANDINA BEACH JEFFERSON
Home Calls on all Makes i immediate comfort with day'indicted Vernon Brooks,I i ," wil be presented by ,!Baccalaureate service will beheld :

Used Radios from $5.00 Up need to suffer a minute soothing Ora-Jel. 17-year-old Negro, on chargesof '\''the primary department of at Peck High.School May
We Finance Many Pediatricians recommend -, rape assault with intent ID John E. Ford Elementary I 31 at 11 a.m. with the R-v POOL JUNE 7
when you can't reach the Ora-Jel for teething :murder'and robbery. ,School, May 20 at 7:30 p.m. :L. S. Morrison delivering the
816 FLORIDA AVENUE Dentist. Just got 0 your pains., When baby is six or r 'Brppks* was. arrested here, in the cafetorium of the 1'sermon.i .

ELGIN 6-8074 Druggst and pick up a handy seven months old, those sharp April sand identified by a school. i \ B. Stewart, president of
tube of Ora-J el. This effec- baby teeth start pressing against .24-year-old woman as the i i The characters are: Audrey I Edward Waters College will Applications are now avail
tive new jelly in a tube stops the gums. He'll fret man-who had raped her the Hicks, Frankie Copeland, I be the speaker for the com- able for the American Red
toothache pain at once. Just and cry from pain. Just apply day before. She had said the 1 Gwenette Jordan, Gaye;:mencement exercise, June 1 CroSs Water Safety Instructions -
squeeze directly from tube Ora-Jel to promptly relieve man first gave his name as'Grooms, Cynthia Reed, Lucius -at 5 p.m., according to James Course at the,Jefferson
LEARN TO DRIVE into cavity and around the pain. Safe, effective, Jesse-Graham. {. Waters, Alfred Steele,I B. Bryant, principal. All serv- Street pool which wll be in
Secure Drivers' License gum surrounding the aching fast acting Ora-Jel is com- Tuesday night, about 300 Clarence Council, Ronald'I'ices will be held in the gym- session June 7-13.
SAFEWAY DRIVING tooth. Relieves p a i n in. sec- mended by Parent's Maga- persons assisted officers 'a a Right, Patricia Black, Joseph 'nasium. The course is sponsored by
SCHOOL onds. Be prepared for emer- zne and is available at all search,for Graham, who sur-,Powell, Kimble McNair, Jesse I Other activities are: track the; Jacksonville Recreation
gencies, keep a tube of Ora- Drug stores 59c and $1.00. rendered to the sheriff. j Lowe, Debra Warren, Matt t I field meet at the ball park. Department and Duval Coun
600 Wed Bearer Sine Jel handy. Its small cost is a SAT YOU SAW IT I When the woman was tak-(Thompson and Rudolph Porter. May 16; May 27, das day and ty Chapter of Amreican Red
Office Elgin 5-7742 worthwhile investment. It en to the jail the next morn- I night; May 29, junior, senior Cross.
Res. ELgin 4-0633 really is a blessing when you I ing, she said Graham was not! rand I prom; final day of school, Applicants must hold a cur-
need it. For those of who UTAH the one. Later in the day four I the identified
GEORGE PERPENA. Die you ( woman June 3 and post-planning. rent Senior Life Saving cer
wear dental plates, and sores other Negroes were arrested> Brooks as her assailant. June 4. tificate..or be able, to demonstrate -

-- ,- me- icmowisg;
(1)) Must be able to do a

I ..... .. BUSINESS DIRECTORY I standing good front form dve; ((2))in Swm reasonably 440-

:.....' -.. The Firm Listed Below Are Recommended Rooutable. Establishments u. u ; yards continuously, alternately

,..,.: : Swrialitino! S m" and D1ire.. .e"e: "' using a handoverhandstroke
... --- --. a side stroke with a

AUTO SERVICE TAYLOR'S LAUNDERETTE :3YRD- & SONS FUEL OIL A to Z SIGN COMPANY scissors breaststroke kck kick.or an inverted

let Fold Excellent Service We Deliver Fuel OU Fill Diet LETTERING :: ((4)) Surface dive to a mini-
AUTO PAINTING COMPANY w. Give World Green Stamps .... "Itr.r:; Accureie Meter Delivery I Prompt Service Moderate. Prices depth of 6 feet and swim two
Comp Body Repair & Paint Week :1833 Moacrief Rd,. C<<. 27tk EL 4.8484 Imo Avenue B PO 4-8516. Gold Leaf Trucks Glass SLe-Cards body lengths under water;

,., -.Oyea Baked Paint Jpb. -*- 'G. 116 Oak Street EL 3-1161 ((4)[ Tread water one minute,
," 'PrieovSlert aft'HW ..._ 'W 'haL.. ; hands. beneath,.the surface*,
1532 r. East Adams Street EL s.lISS CLOTHING Ea.... Fuel Ofls 'I ((5)[ Float motionless, or rest
-Over, 5f Tears Service to Jacksonville !, One Service in a floating position with
A and R TRIM SHOP '-- 2328 Beatevari EL 3-3643 D/ay -
Royal Crown Bottling Company minimum arm and leg movement
1525 Main Street EL 5-8081 REED TAILORSJacksonville's for one mnute.
Custom Made Seat CorerUbUGAROOK 1235 San Marco Blvd. FL 8-4486
: Only Distributor of
641 ,West State Street EL 6-8432 Eligible persons must be
AUTO SERVICE Tailor Supplies and Cleaaers Sopplles 18-years-old or.older (male or
Geaerel Auto RepairSpecialising SIS Broad Street EL 4-178S SOUTH OIL COMPANY OF FLA. GENERAL UPHOLS1ERY SHOP female. The course is free to
> la Motor June-op** Phillips 68 Products Convertible Top. Door Panels local residents. but persona
Generator Starter and Carburetor Serriei POODS FUte Fuel Gasoline Headliners Furniture Slip Covers from out of town must pay a
J. H. HOUGABOOE. Prop. Trop-Artic Motor OU 3227 N. Myrtle Avenue EL 4-3114 flat fee of $25 for room and
Hoed EL -H5I It's Performance That Counts" board at Edward Waters Col-
t.t.I3U Kings 1721, Franklin Street. EL 6-7861 lege. Checks may be made
BROAD STREET BATTERY SHOP Spedallxe payable to
Batteries Generators DAILY
Regulators Auto Repairs 646 FlordU Avenue EL 6-3308-8 GETER & BAKER FUNERAL HOME Real Estate Mortgage Loans Notice-this is a Water Safety
DtliYerr Service Rents Collected Instruction course and
1030 Broad Street EL 4-1715 Serving Jacksonville & Duval 410 Broad Street EL 4-6204 not a school. Students will
County for over 50 Years
MOM'S KITCHEN need to furnish their own
767 West Beaver Street EL 4-1812
-Home cooked meals served 24 hours. Jones notebook, pencils and secure
of Culture
ATLANTIC BATTERY SERVICEBeooucUtt.9d 7 days week CARTER'S FUNERAL HOME both textbooks: ((1) Swim-
a School Of Barber. Beauty & Massage and Wa-
BatteriesAll ming and Diving (2))
1285 Kings Road EL 4-8321 24 Hour Ambulance Service
Serrlce Colored Owned and Operated ter Safety and Life Saving.
Kinds of Battery Serving Colored Homes Since 1818
"Earn As You Learn obtained
I Price $5.00 and O. C. l. S. L. Davis These books ma be
up STRAND HOT DOG STAND m1gan. owner mgr
112 Clay Slreet EL 4-6005 through the local Red Cross
EL 5-4900 928 West Beaver
520 Florida Avenue Street! EL 4-0545-8
S41 West Ashley Street EL 4-s3m Chapter.

Instructor manuals and other -
SEABOARD BODY COMPANY FLAMINGO RESTAURANTs Holmes & West Funeral Home SKINNER'S FLORIST teaching supplies will be

Automotive Repair Auto Painting -- s .n..h'g. 35 Cents Plata -:- Ambulance Service Flowers For All Occasions furnished by the Red Cross..ScheduleRegistration .
Body Work 24-hour Wrecker Service Homemade Pies and Cakes (Notary Public) 1514 N. Myrtle Are. EL 4-7275 be
t AAA Service Free Estimates 718 West Ashley Stree't EL 6-8168 2719 West Edgewood Avenue PO 5-1641 gins Sunday June 7, at '7:30p.
All Work Guaranteed m. at the Jefferson Street
1' 1849 West Beaver Street EV 8-3418 BUBBA'S COFFEE SHOP Andrew J. Huff Funeral Home SOUTH ATLANTIC SAW SERVICE Pool. Classes will meet 9 a.
AH Kinds of Hard Tooth Band Saws m. to 5 p. m. Monday thru
p Home Cooked Foods 24 Hour Ambulance Service
Friday and will end -
J17 West Ashley Street EL 4-8701 1337 Davis Street EL 4-6886-7 Blades Sharpened and Sold
Vitalyte Battery Sales &: Service 1526 Gary Street EX 8-8504 noon.

Free Pick-up TIPLIGHTS RESTAURANT Persons passing the course
8711 Main Street EL 5-2004 FURNITUREAIR will receive American Red
Home Cooked Meals TAXI"At Cross Water Instructors cer

GOOD COFFEE BASE FURNITURE COMPANY Your Service" tification, which qualifiesthe
2837 Myrtle Avemue EL 4-8328 Complete Home Furnishings NEW DEAL CAB EL 4-1611 individual to teach andconduct
Batteries $8.95 & up LANE'S CHICKEN SHACK We Invite Your Credit: swimming and life saving
Guaranteed For The Life of Your Car Southern Fried Chicken Bar-B-Que 5953 Roosevelt Blvd. EV 7-4818 courses,' Junior through Sen-

"Baked On Enamel" =; w. Cater To PrInt. Parties ROBERTS NEW & USED FURN. Timiqua&a Road Trading Post ior division.

Wrecks Rebuilt Chlckem la the Box To Carry Out Home Furnishings For Every Room Complete Garden Supplies The instructor for the
680 East 21st Street EL 3.sceoMim' 1448 N. Myrtle Avenue EL 6-8878 502 Florida Avenue EL 4480)) Fertimser Fndt Products course is Julius Guinyard,
t-New and Used Furniture bought and seldS64 American Red Cross Water

Gulf Service St..tioD BARBER AND BEAUTY SHOPS Timlquan Road SP 13Washington' Safety Instructor who will
GROCERIES be assisted by Water Safety
Complete Car Lubrlcatiom Lea Charmette Beauty Saloa Instructor aids.Applications
Open Bally 7 A.M. to 8 P.M Health Service
Special Attention to Hair 8c Scalp TreatmentHair
2855 West Beaver Street EL 4-845 sad "Abundant Health Is Rightfully Yours0' may be secured
CHARLES JOSEPH GROCERY CatHag from the American Red
-1427 Davis Street EL 6-8907 Try Swedish Massage Mineral Steam BalhiColoelc Cross
Groceries Meats Fruiia Vegetables Therapy office, 2525 Riverside Avenueor
AUTOMOBILEFor Free Delivery EBONY,BARBER SHOP D. C. Washington Masseur-Same Locafloi from Julius Guinyard at
Your Next Car 1002 Florida Avenue HL 1-.,.! Hair Cuts Our Specially For 23 Years the Jefferson Street pool
-:- New Or Used .:- Ladles Children -.c.or. 864 lf. Myrtle Avenue EL 4-247 from 3:30 to 9 p. m.

-We Can Finance Anyone Open 8 mm to 8&0 p.m. -Sat 8 til 11
Phone EX 8.0677 RRED'S FOOD MARKET 736 West Ashley Street EL tails


Farmer's Service Station Delivery LA CONGO BEAUTY PARLOR delivery any part of the city t SLATES FESTIVALThe
301 Davis Street EL 4-8240 I Free Scalp Treatment with Hair StyleDuring -. -sOLD RELIABLE
rt f| Motor Repair & Tune-Up
the Month of FebruaryMrs. 601 West Ashley Street EL I II annual May Day Festi-
Gas & Oil
Road Service Rosa Lee Speed., operator 41980 val of Oakland Elementary
GUS INA'S SUPERMARKET 811 Davis.Street EL 4858GTOBY'S I I School will be held May\ 18 at
EL 5-814
858 S. Myrtle.Avenue JULIA GEORGE 5 & 10.CEN 8 p.m. in the school caletori-
If Tom Want The Finest In Groceries '
_. STORE __ um."Around
And Meats Come See Us BEAUTY PARLORSpecializing the World in
300 Davis Street EL 6-5413 Courteous Treatment
Eight Days"will be the
In Hair Gutting Open 8:30 to 7 p. m. for theme
CLEANING Styling Scalp Treatment 306 Davis. Street EL the festival.
MIKE'S GROCERY Mrs. Tabltha Taylor prop. 4-lYl0)I
615 Davis Street EL 48813MISCELLANEOUS Real sfate
THRIFTY DRY CLEANERSWhere Staple Groceries ,
a.alUy'Comib Fresh Meats Mahoney Terminix Termite Control $
-Expert Dyeing- Open 7 to 7 : -Complete Termite Control- LOANS $

1236 Davis Street EL 5-811 2015 Broadway EL 68182M&M : -- Building M.tsrkbz- si.ooo .xooo K.OOO

414 N. Myrtle Avenue EL 4-1768 $4.000 up to $%:5,000

Street EL 4-1628 City County and Federal Bonds dreg. on, unpaid balance at e%. '
612 W Ashley Fnish .
Meats Law Exchange Blag. EL 5-1881 Let u* help you to. complete '
814 West 8th St. -
21st Myrtle .... 6
Open to
pjm NELLIES PIE SERVICE your house or refinance >88 '
814 DaVis Street 1302 Davis Street
504 Davis Street EL SI597FUEL
years,in the nice place.o&n .
Fresh Pies
Potato .Pie Our lpeclalty-Fnm fresh -
t SPOT RITE CLEANERS OILS 39 Years In Electronics Potatoes w. Deliver:
One-Hour Service All Work Guaranteed' 1428 Steele Street EL 3-0864 J. P. YOUNG
T 843 Forest Street EL 46604AVERVS
Pick-up,,& Delivery AA BOTTLED GAS' & FUEL CO. Mr. _StmaoBs or Mr. Wabb

760 Florida AvenueONE EL 5-3745 We spedallxe 'in 'servlag trailer parksAlso STUDIO Main cad Monroe

100 Ib. cylinders or bmlk tanks Commercial Weddings' Home PotrsMs QUICK SERVICE MATTRESS CO. tit Maaoalc Temple K&g..
HOUR CLEANERS. At your hoeme"',for your convenience Yes we do It in color also Mattress Renovating Our Specialty Phone EL &40l
I 811 West Ashley Street' EL 6-1880 15845 West Duval Road PO 5-3561 611 West Ashley Street EL '-78110 8703 Old Kings Road PO 5-1634 EL t.S l

........ -.. .
.. -

t "'11 .J : ., ;;o;<:;.:; __. '.: .



f''' S .._

juggestion/ 1 Is Offered. For All-Star Games A



f ? "' : : ]



JERRY (PUMPS) GREEN the highly rated rookie of There are those,on the team
I C. Boston Red Sox during spring training holds no ill now who must go In orderto NEW YORK-It is perhaps interesting to baseball fan
feelings against the club, for sending him back to the reach the South Atlantic .all over the nation to know that it has been announced
minors. .'1 figure I just didn't make the club" Green.said.' League -player limit. The from the office of Commissioner Ford Frick that the It

I *1 was terribly disappointed when I didn't make the team. question right now is. who major league club owners will consider a suggestion offered
but, I'd rather be playing everyday in Minneapolis than will It be.VADA by National League player representative that two All-Sla
riding the bench in Boston. Making the Red Sox infield PINSON, the great games be played. annually instead of one.

presented a mansized problem with fancy-fielding Don little center fielder of the I Should two games be plaYed -,, --
Buddin at short and hardhitting Pete Runnels at second Cincinnati Redlegs will not I ar- tion on May 1 to the major
base. Green continued. be eligible for "Rookie_of the more players who are ca-\ l executive council
----- league
JACKIE ROBINSON, one Year" honors because he was p>able of appearing in the : unanimously
of the most outspoken cha- right halfback, Sal Gaitor with Cincinnati for a short I game would be selected. A"' which agreed +

racters to ever walk the sodsaid fullback\Elvin (Dizzy) Dean. while last season. Before lot of star performers are recommend its adoption tcf

Green is a fine ball player quarterback, "Wild BUIMc.- ing sent to Seattle, he be-I left out because only a certain the major league cclubs.
but definitely _not ready grand slam. He is, doing
Clung tackle. Arnold Sullivan number can appear in The veteran pitcher wfll
for the majors. He said a few guard and Bill Boynton everything now a baseball j '
more days n the imnors will at center. What a combination ,player is expected to do. His I one game. t contact all the player repent
do him no harm. While the thai was. A team of hitting. has played a big part' Commissioner Frick said if I sentatives and ask the players
country was all upset over Rattlers of in helping the team to be I I of each team to vote ca
Florida A. & M the players, who will be polled -
the Red Sox sending Green the yesteryears.SIDNEY. I where ,it is. He is not a first |whether they agree to the
back to the minors, Jackie "' .. year man. SWINGING FOR RHEINGOL0 Monte Itrixu former by Roberts, the veteran I playing of an additional AIL
wasn't critical.BASEBALL I WALKER known I I star outfielder of the New York Giants is in there pitcher of the Philadelphia Star game.<
so I I
''to the fight 'world:''as Beau 1 I THE.BASEBALL RACE' in, swinging again hat not as a Giant outfielder but a* a Phillies, and the 16 club own-
what.basi1ed FANS arewon-to Jack> ,' the former welterweight -11 I high school circles around Giant employee far Bhelngold Extra Drr. He has been ers approve the two games. Commissioner Frick saidift
dering 'e'haCksonville. champon of'the world Jacksonville is ',the tightest tl! appointed as Customer Relation Manager for the com an attempt will be made to the future the two All-SU
the Braves he' j joins\ other 'fighting :celeljri-in.' many_.years. The battle pany. Irrin-is shown a* he appeared when he waa.n his put it into.effect this year. I I games could be played in tit *
'spring trainingthe '
During midsummer break la
'has been between,New, Stanton Giant outfielder.befor..hi was forced into same
ties such'as JoeLouisandSugar prim. as a
team that was together "We have no assurance the July. They would, be played
tan '' ,Blue:Devils;.Douglas An- retirement because of an Injured back.. The appointment -
then did f a 'very fine job again8tJrlple Ray ;r ifs.G: 1 'I''derson. Matthew, W,, Gilbert of Irvin proves the.Intelligence, ability., culture game" can be arranged this+in different sections: of &t
.Double A glewitlijth .' Frick said '
; A/and/ 1 year, "The regular country each
and Duval Vocational From year.
educaiionaj background and of
ment over income taxes..::TOe Negro
but tuna in All-Star I'
is scheduled
teams, now,.,,; government has Ned Beau'(the way it looks, fjom here athletesgofaiher,thaa athletic careers Many..of .them game Under the present Allplan -
their own"league: are strictly July 7 at
poison:'to them.. 'They don't ,Jack for $1,897.20 in an in-The Blue Devils have. the are,.c* abJ..of:Ivpldtng down respoiurtble... pnslHoBij alter we cannot play it in that I I I the players 60 per used
even tiav '' a' major :drawing. come'tax suit for 1948. This i edge. their playing.day*:are ore*. period because the schedule share of the receipts goat.
attraction, Something ,''must top the time when he was BIRDIE !. former -, it too tight. If any is played;'I directly into the players'pen
happen" and happen soon if in the 'prime of his fighting manager,of; the,CIDrlmaat1f in 1959 it would .have to be I sion fund. Proceeds from tilt
the attendance T"is'expected Career. f Redlegs and now_a high rack AGGIES CLINCH LUCAS STARS played at a later date. It additional game would be

to hold'u--. I THE TIME HAS COME fag official of the Mttwaufkee -, would have to be in late Julyor I I used for the promotion fit

FOOTBALL FANS do yea when baseball f Braves says Tony Taylor .August and certainly not amateur baseball, the OldTimers' -
a has
,of the Chicago Cubs Is the CIAA Association and
in pea-
remember this team? Willie to reach a decision. This Is September.
(Galloping Gal) Galiznore the predicament that I best second baseman in the I I sions, and other purposes to
manager game. Tebbetts also said that Roberts made his be decided later.
left halfback. Al sugges-
Frazier Sib Sisti is in
right now. STANTONI
I visits to four training camps -
in Arizona last sorina. Tay.
for was the best player 'he I 11 1 i11IM'Jt'T' '
THE EVIDENCE saw In either camp. The Cubs Greensboro, N. C-The 1\ -
boast of one of the best dou- &T College Aggies made a I The New Stanton Hi g]h TRANSMISSION
ble play combinations in base clean in winning CIAA No Money OVERHAULED
sweep School Blue Devils are well!
H STACKS UPthere's ball with Ernie Banks and campionships in the three Down I
1 I
fortified'at the
Taylor. major sports by clinching the shortstop] I II -_ $29.50IX
EZZARD CHARLES, former baseball title last week. (position with one of the best 6 Hour
no Gin likeGORDON'S heavyweight champion has Earlier the Aggies had won 'shortstops in the business in Senrjce
been fired as a State Industrial the conference football title young Tyrone Lucas, who has
Commission Inspector for the first time since '1951 :proved his worth to the team Free DI
- for the state of Ohio. Ohio and had broken all records in its march toward the I

officials said Charles was repeating as both the visita-! championship. Towing
fired because he took and tournament champ- I
leave tion ,
Season after
I season Lucas 8-3421
to fight in Mexico and in basketball.
I Texas.
.ionships : has been one of the mainstays '
; said his firing baseballers sewed
was a Aggie I up of the team and has
: political issue. The Ohio As-' the CIAA flag with a convin-,not faltered in his bid for UNITED I 1 AUTOMATIC 1 TRANSMISSION' and
M sociation of Boxing Commissions cing 11-5 win over Howard ;
As a glove man he MOTOR CENTER
has been asked University in the played -
to in- game
I is considered one of the best JEX3 421
vestigate Charles firing by at Washngton, D. C., on in the entire circuit. He is
: the executive secretary 0 f Monday, May 4. They com- fast, capable and dependable
i I pleted the season with a 10-1 and because of his agility in
SMOOTH SAILING TIL record, losing only to Mary-i the field he has saved the
4i. WE MEET AGAIN land State College.The I IJLJ *
; team from defeat in many instances :
E Aggies completed the when balls hit to the Enroll Now In The <
season with two wins each infield appeared to be sure .. Souih's Finest College'
.d 17_ 29 46 over: Delaware State; Howard ;hits, and would have been on Florida Barber College
I 936 22 574 University; Hampton a mediocre fielder. Branch G. L Approved
: Institute and Shaw Univer-I *

,N. sity and one each over Mary-1 i Tyrone follows very closely .
3 :. 5 land and Elizabeth City. One in the footsteps of his brother I Woodrow Patterson", manager Prof. James Glover
t game scheduled with the lat I Bill, who started a suc- 630 Davis Street At Beaver
..r,, 3 Jr 6 ter 'was rained out. cessful baseball career on the Phone EL 5-9874
a\ Since Mel Groomes, who sandlots of Jacksonville and'
9 6
also doubles as backfield then went on to Florida A & -
Warch This Clown; coach for the football team.I M and performed in a starring =

took over the coaching reignsin role. Leaving Florida A

69 07 83 1956, the Aggies had seve-I and M he went into professional -
112 100 587 ral near misses.They finishedin baseball where he became -
third place in 1956, second: the "Most Valuable PALMS
FI Mometixae* be'* ap8t.meUmee places in 1957 and 1958. l Player" in the California
I bee down Calvin Lang, the Aggie League and was named the
Oc 'adds, attract* backstop, installed in the best fielding shortstop in the
He wvrka It all..around
varsity berth about mid season ,league. BALLROOM
ended up with the COn.'
Ca-htg.AtradlGDa ferenca batting crown by Tyrone is a team man and I .

12_ 89 06137 hitting at an amazing .406 not an individualist. He plays OF JACKSONVILLE
clip. I for the team and not for personal -

honors. The young ---jJlVtA..7'.ItA... ..". .t"
I shortstop has a very lucre-
tive background in baseball.
I i,. uiuviasKsuanMcu*. rasr.sours,err III CI. ally tsai.L 1 READ"POLITICS Long before his day his STARTS FRIDAY MAY 15TH
EAT grandfather played the game, I
,AS USUAL"ON his father was quite an ac- N"l, VtNfJ1'"t.tr" -.. ..u-.lflt. JA "8N-.I7.t"r..t":

i ai IEERS'1bf t complished performer, his
( brother is now the property IN PERSONSONNY
I' CREAM PAGE 2 lof the Milwaukee Braves.

i Barring accidents, sicknessor
other conditions that TIL
would throw a barrier in his
s ee pathway, Tyrone too is destined -
c to take his place a-

mong the stars of the game..
L= 1 He is the son of Mr. and
f >Mrs. Eugene Lucas of 536 W.
17th Street.

1rLwr Swinging"ORIOLES". I

Ii'' }

Whir w .T

;- "a10j l t REFRIGERATORS ,

;r xf0
Serviced By .IIII- --';'-- __ f-- ---.Dil. $- 4'.ir'o; __"

0 r Lye ;aid T... ..L.I..4II. .:


tewoaw th f r N CamPO t-IIWi. ( Fri Sat. '- Sun. and Holidays $1.00
i q w tbi m .
a 0S. i ----_-_--_---_-_--_--z ---- -_:L'-- -- ---_--_-- =

-- ------- .
-w- -- J.i-i
I -- -----U

-- ---________


Pag Eight : THE FLORIDA STAR Week Ending Saturday May 16,. 1998)JrBOLDEN'S )
______ __ ,
.',' '-, "'''' -


'u: Six Big'Weeks June 15July 24
was held recently by the Ju-. *
Piano Band Theory ,- Voice .' Accordion veniles, Gainesville District, E
2922 PEARCE STREET Ph. EL 5-9722 at the home of }Irs. 'Lelia r *
I Robinson, \V'a 1 d 0, with the Duval County Salesmen I
J district director, Mrs. Pearlie ,and Merchants Association :}-
HELP WANTED I L. Scott, in charge of the de will hold its annual Exposition *
MAIDS -:- COOKS -:- HOUSEWORKERS votion. ol-Products, at the *'
NEW YORK Plans for the Juvenile District % V f
We hare many excellent positions open for good femaledomestic Convention were enacted. I Lincoln' Golf and Country *

workers Steady jobs with nice private families The convention will open I Club: May 29-30 and 31. *'
who will'red you right and provide a nice room. meals in Tampa on May 23. '' Th event; which is sponsored :t-
and all privileges Salary to 550 weekly to start. The next meeting will be by local salesmen will
Transportation to New York advanced If you are lookingfor held at the home ofthe Rev. I .
a good sleep in Job contact Florida Domestic SupplyP. and .Mrs. JJ. S. Shannon in 1 f feature ..displays of products : IWMit
O. Box 323 Lakeland Fla. or Phone MUtual 33389. August.. handled by Negro salesmen.

Among, the'firms which r .
________________ 'U' __ _____,_-- will during the three '
\fr 'T-
NEWS\ BRIEFS day. exhibit re: Daylight ateucd
', .Jx ; 'vr'f'; : #
Grocery, C & C Groceries, < t
Groceries Drive In ,
.. .. Colonial ',
:" '' A tip of tbe repel Call
Liquors, Carling Ale, Bud- V ':':;'''' ": '
INJURIES TERMED MINOR weiser, Claude Nolan Motors, : to these outctandtRf
z 'I am humbly grateful to Henry Lewis of 826Vest George P. Coyle & Co., Bur : young: Americans vfee
he thousands of my fellowtitizens I[,Church Street was struck bya well- Motors, and ,Bill Smith :1L1 make our country Md
f .; :- of Jacksonville, who car on Tuesday afternoon Motors. our community a better
:i nade it possible for me to, I;after the vehicle, operated by Officers of the Association place In which to uv-
,. the next four as i Gilbert B. Griffin; 65, of 1215
erve y
J. D. Brooks, president, ,
Y ; are: .< ., *' *
Ave. jumped the >
fax Assessor. I promise you Evergreen :Mrs. Jennell Wilson, vice-
: new that I shall always 'beailhful curb at Eighth and Davis Sts. president, Mrs. Ethel Spears, *
4 to the trust that Ism Lewis, 39, 'was taken by :secretary, Mrs. Sarah Cruze i *
osed in me. ambulance to Duval Medical ,asst. secretary, George Redd, I *
Sincerely : Center where he was treated treasurer and Joshua Hill-
for. minor injuries. business :
man, manager.
D.H Brad Tredmnick Patrolmen H. L. Wither-
spoon' and P. M. Mulligan investigated *
COUNCILMAN ELECT ', the._accident. : ,..


,, House-keeper to lire In. Furnished room for rent *
: i Above Is shown Mrs. Willie M. Ceasor president of -
Health .card and. reference for 'Man orWo.1 *
Nice Single
t Ceasor's University of of
Cosmetology Miami proudly
C. .
.. ,: \ required. Salary' $30.00 per. men Call ,EL 41717. I I *
displaying trophy awarded, her
recently to at a
.6".r. '
,' t V Velvet Touch hair products al the clinic and was voted ,CONSTANCE" ,HOUSTON 1t-
; : : the winner by visiting beauticians attending the clinic New Stanton Senior 1tr'
I RooseveltMIDNITE from many Florida cities. Velvet Touch also won first. 1. High! School jj.
lit DAVISl second and third prizes at a beauty clinic held at Fort' Tribute is paid to ;Constance -
: Always Pays To Deal With, TONITEI'Sun. Lauderdale: of 'the .1'2th grade T
Thru Sat. T
class. She Is a member of
-7 BIG DAYSI-! 4\ ONLY $5.50 'the National Honor Sode-T
a Adults 50c Kids 15c t i ty Playmates Guild and+
BRAND NEW I GREATI I Hand-Painted Oil Portrait of YOURSELF i Second Baptist Church. f

: Z/c2c4&Giant23"Oven I I,. curl- Brides. Graduates. Babies. Pets. Loved Ones Living "-
t +****-' **
likeness 1" **
I W4V'tit guaranteed. Full refund if you're not completely '
I H'J satisfied. Painted in rich oils by professional : 1"
; foreign arists. Each portrait is a work of art in beau *
Gas Range u tiful, living color and would cost up to 535. or more. 1-.
; j if painted in this country. This is a masterpiece your *
$1 jI children wll be proud to hand down to their children, *
S and so on. Phone RAymond 4-4174 for complete detailsor '
'Tfo1intW I write F. W. Howell. 1226 Halifax Road. Jacksonville -
11. Florida. '
bu ,_ sI I 1.f
9 LAMP Down Delivers I I GOhZ I t
t .
BACKGUARD Alan Freed Chuck Berry I. ;
New Stanton Senior
1 .rr. 'W OUTLET
and !
Harvey Moonglowsl
I i Ronald s a member of
ELECTRIC ( Top Record Stars! I Call EL 4-6782 Mr. Kay I' the 10th grade class. He I*
Plus the president of his homeroom -
II C and planned to become

UQHTIMQ iii: ( I t
----:1::: Iu SUN.- ITZ BOTH FIRST t ****,**.: *rr**

I *

TRAYS :< :: 'I

2 Top New Hits :
t1t > ROLLOUT, 1NEr..4ASeoPE sraresmaarc .
'* !-PIECE _
BASE LACID / ; .": LYNN STUART! High School I

i mERGOrS Pepsi Cola Dealers and
eerav Pepsi Cola Bottling Company -'
.. qFHE511tg salute
o RESISTANTPORCELAIN { are proud to ;
=- jji" (II'oJ' Christine Debris Anderson;
ENAMEL '--- of the 12th grade class.She,
.. Ifl1S10MApwir '!" '7 Is a member of the Band'and
.,..,. J4
c. .r 4.H 'Club.
PLUS * *
CF _
ftiij i'iihttlflitf from lf+alr
The Bloody Day
Cola to these tore 'tit i.
I .
F __y I I WHEN HELL \ Award wtixaeH.Lbien .
BROKE f : to Pepsi Merit Lwaei
BREAM : Mfatatton ea Fnpd 011I
Full Size Ranges And Apartment Installed'With No 100 Tank Of LOOSE : TJEN.'I'DIZWJIIIO'

Styles Also Available, All Gas. Nothing To Lite OvenAnd F I I I- 7WZ dIIII- Istdas

Installed Ready To Use- $10.00 Top Burners. :All Auto-; Cha Bronion 12k :I 1.gs.... te nJ&l All.I '.. .
Down Delivers. Easy Terms. matic. SKYVIEWSUN. ,:/ $(k'; / "
AsIa $lWf

OPEN MON. ,& FRI. KEY WEST GRUNTS Lb. 29c ti/f:6
., f.f1 "
.j :' '- }' -f! ..NITES TILL 9 /r:; J> < TbiS IS Killer FAMOUS FORTY-NINEBS -



Davis Furn. Co.

DEPT. k ;hilt,


I :; OCEAN BLUE CATFISH ______ Lb. ,

135 BROAD ST. PH. EL 3-5791 Piss Victor Mafaxr In .
Tank 'ForceTachaieekrT.mU THE SEAFOOD CENTER
\ .
I ,..,.. ,' ..,'.
Rascals Carteea Ityrfl AT.. nd .*rtrmi. Pbaac E .4141/ .' :
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