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Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
May 9, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
May 9, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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-- -

Lynch Found In Victim's Pearl River Body FLORIDA STAll A ,"

__ __ __ dH _
VOL. 9 NO. 14 *+ -* E1 S MAY 9, 1959 JACKSONVILLE 9, FLORIDA IS sZ: hOTIY


RY OF FLOjifiA '

s 0Y BruceJacks rushef


+w,?, .eUw,, r By Solid 'White Bloc VO t, _.. .j


Y 4Itl I'"T :1 ir.'ff'1, f.': h1:!;:!i-i:1r 1i.o..1".V ais.t STD ird' !, "[:: ''T'l! TOGOONIEIALCKMAYZ7THTallahassee !


{. ". D. Jackson and Samuel Bruce Sr., the two Negro can --''Four white youths who earlier admitted

didates who were running for the office of councilman in raping a young :Florida A & M UniversLr coed were arraigned -

last Tuesday second: primary election, were defeated-paradoxically before. .Judge W. May Walker on Friday where
,..> -br white bloc vote. they pleaded innocent to charges of having committed

the paradox exists in the, --- ---- mass rape on the 19-year-old student.. Their trial date has

j d' t that the two men wonr ;;cat showed the victor as been set for May 27lh.
1.M ------- --- -- ---- -
u n-offs in Jacksonville's having won 24,537'votes, to The suspects were indicted

ir-t primary election two Jackson's 12,960.In Wednesday after a Leon ..:.;. She w$ attended by a
ueeks before by what was County grand jury heard testimony .iidi'p: the adtf iEitrator of A.
termed Negro bloc votingthe other election results: by the rape victim vl M, Urivnrsity hospital, her

t 'YNCH VICTIM-An unofficial same tide of voters upon John E. Santora 20,493, C. ana six other witnesses. All .. "iTi.". and her brother.

tJ .''C'l: ,tlfIed in the top which many white candidates Frank Whitehead 14,665-for members of the 18-man jury(
J} ? and incumbents rodeto Municipal Judge. white. The four indicted rapistsare
;: ... .. .... t i-noto, is seen puling the were ; I
... : : : ..
t-;. : -' .. <. :\ :. 1 :< ;'; ': : bleached-white body of Mack victory. Ralph N. Walter 17,421, The hearing, prseidd overly Patrick G. Scarborough,
: : Charles Parker out of the contractor James E. Hill 13,784Councilman Judge W. M-.v Wa"-r. Wilton T. Collinsw, :2i! ,
: : Bruce, a building went its xrithfjt iiHHpnt. i-' 18 and
t. f; : Pearl River last Monday. in the Ward Ward 8. co'irse Pnvid E. Beagles, aGYf.1.1"old
was opposed
:\vdence! unfolded before acoroner's Other tbrn! :: announcing 1 school delinquent
i( wh' T I jury that the lynch :3} race by incumbent J, has M. Cecil F. Lowe 18,085.Var- that a "trre bill" had been retnIT : In a direct telephone conversation -

.:..*b "executed" Parker with Peeler. The aged Peeler ren I. Kersey 12,548Councilmen "d, Jti4;:" \Y .lkeT had litue 'I!I with this newspaper
p been in the council for 16 Ward 7. rise to I!
ugh-velocity gunshots short- say. a spokesman for Governor -
Jackson, an attorney
years. The 1 : i -old co-H related '
1 stated that the
t. before he Collins
was dragged in the 5th, Ward John F. Lanahan 17,758, ,
as opposed i to fie! grand jury how she Governor is "shocked and out-
b' irum an unguarded jail-cell .O. ( ) x. Daniel K. Kirk 14,923-Coun-. ,
race byV. Q.scuMatt. had been,raped.repeatedly by
in Poplarville, Miss where he / JkCa *t "Ciiman Ward 9; ]raged", and that "it is not a
.<: < i was being held in connection As a result of the lop-sided : the four men last Saturday i matter of race or color, it sim-
;1.t I with the rape of a white wo results of the voting, with The still controversial Brad morning after she had been | ply should not have hap-

man.! both Bruce and Jackson get- Tredinnick Elbert H. Hen- forced at gunpoint from the 1; pened." .
t ; Z y ting defeated by 2 to 1 mar- dricks Ward 1 racce endedin ear of thrre companions and
In the photo at left friends gins, it is generally felt that a dead-heat total of 15,268for a'uducted, bound and gagged i: News of the indictmentswas
comfort sobbing Rut hie i where the first primary wasa Tredinnick to 15,190 for in the auto of the rapists. She reportedly taken calmly.

IvI' White, (seated at center) 'merit' election, the second incumbent Hendricks. i stated that the repeated assaults by the students at Florida A.
sweetheart of Parker during unquestionablya upon her were committed & M. University, where last
the funeral for the lynch vic- primary'racial' one. The race-bait- prr.n r.e1 at shotgun and knife ; Sunday a protest demonstration -
I' tim. n-f\J 'lCt' K ],,,int. i was staged and earlier
1 ing campaigns carriel on by .. v r. r r..r14..,.. {j I" The young co-ed arrived at this week classes were boy-
of the men seeking to
many the courthouse in a hospital cotted in the wake of the
hold office obviously ..
r gain or .
corrupted tlattitude of the :MAX l IS CUT BY WIFE *u, assisted by two compan- mass rape.
-- -
t. $ ) rY TEAR GAS USED ''average white voter, causing WHO THREATENS HIM --
< Rodell linger. 45. 219 W. VET SLAIN BY TEENAGER
{ ON NEGRO MOB them to vote sentimentally
First Street told
J Jj rather than rationally.In police his
..1 ; I common-law: wife Dorothy, 38
--- -- -- --- -- -- h';J".:/i- of a Ntgro moon the first primary both threatened to kill him anden ; ATTEMPTING TO STOP FIGHT

MISSISSIPPI! MOB YICIFS! BODY shiner by a Negro poLiceman Bruce and Jackson had the --.: cut him on his left fore- I
!, Wednesday night sparked support of a surprising number arm last Saturday.The II I
i an unruly disturbance in the of all-white precincts.In victim
they Willie Newman, an ex-serviceman, shot to death
PULLED OUT OF PEAR! FIVER t Negro section which police, last Tuesday's election their Lien:: drinking 'vhen the argument -i!, Saturday night near the corner of Madison was and Ashley
I hijrlnvay! had to nil
patrolmen and sheriffs support dropped started. Aft e r the Streets in what was the second such slaying in the past seven

deputies broke up with among whites, proving that cutting spree, Hagens walked i months by a teenager. The former soldier was shot by one
tear as. political race-baiting had Duval :Medical: Center, poe of two 16-year-old boys who in
<:'hl"" Hbv At Gen. were engaged a fist-fight that
BOGALUSA.. The '....; Tia. Policeman! Freddie Golden done its work. ::.: said. The victim was advised -I, he stopped.
body of Mack Charles Parker -! was,attached! when he arrested -I to get a warrant.
Tile official :l''nonnt'ement 1 the man daring ?: moonshine Another paradox which is Patrolmen R. George and I An eyewitness reported to r
the young Negro who ,, S'bc..ten < I being widely discussed is the The IG-ycnr-old slayer, by
-i'1; investigation. Golden :. Barton
"*> ("Yim'1te' the line investigated. police that Newman tried to
: and dragged from a'jail *',- b" spotted two gallons of illegal] possibility that the pro-anne-I I I order of juvenile authorities
at nearby Poplarville, > ('y had keen in the river stop the fight betwen the two
I I had been made.Varmnts whiskey behind a cafe door. xationists are in reality heartbroken WOMAN JUG THROWER I was placed in the County JaiL
Miss., Saturday April 25, youths. He succeeded in
on He called by the BruceJacksondefeat. parting i His Address
otlie rofficers an! KNOCKED OWN BY :MAN i is listed as 907
was found today. It was \ i the It is felt that if the them but of the
i chard ig unknown hid nearby> to wait for the Luvenia Johnson 30, 1457 ; one boys I Broad Street.
snagged on underbrush in the j masked mob: with 1 kid- ''two had won, then the '
men /ashed
moonshiner. "When Walter 20th Street said her com- ] angrily for a phone The! murder gun was recovered -
Pearl River last Monday.The ;; ..a:'ny r.lt-eaV: were on file. 1 folks who favor annexation I
OLiver, 21, arrived, Golden on-law husband Alvin But-moth threatening to call his by Deputy Constable
decomposed body had but Pearl River County. Miss. attempted to take }bin into 'would have had a strong ' been in water several days "fcia'! said that new chargesof custody. Oliver attacked t'-" |point in their favor for the ''own after she had thrown amass i have then asked of the other over to Lt. O. A. Johnson of

and had lost the outer layer i murder have been filed i l policeman and Golden sho 'immediate need to expandthe jug at him last Satur i i uoy if he and the one he was I the Homicide Division..

of skin giving it the appear-,E! against the men. him in the head. city limits. day.She :i fighting were brothers. i

ance of having been bleached i!j One of the searchers said I Lt. Kenneth Causseauz said The Bruce-Jackson victoryin was taken to Duval
white. But the FBI was able the body possibly would not I a group of some :500 Negroes first :Medical Center where she was j Court testimony, perhaps.
to identify! the body through '!';'!have ben visible as late as J crowded aroun dthe scene of much the alarm primary to the effect produced that treated for cuts. She said she '1. will be the only way to determine LOCAL LAWYER
a few fingerprints on the:i Sunday. High water had covered I the shooting} and refused to did not know whether she fell what was said in the
right hand. I\!| the area for severaldays. j disperse when ordered to d" ,the Negro was on Jacksonville the vergeof on glass or Butler cut her. |'!verbal exchange between the
I ,! so. Causseaux said police controlling Police l i said both partieswere 't n'o before Newman exclaimed -ADMITTED TO
The 23-year-old Parker was : :shot:; four loads of tear gas into because of his voting power. arrested and charged : "You don't know ___
kidnaped by a gang of masked : I the crowd before it brokp .The alarmists felt that the with fighting. "-10' youre talking to." ,
and raiders two days ;I:POSSIBLE RACIAL RETALIATION salvation for the white '
gloved I up. only Patrolmen Robert Georgeand !Whereas, the youth shouted SUPREME COURTR.
; IN I
before he was to go on trL'.llon ], I citizens was in annexation. C. Barton investigated. i it I'I back the same words,at which.
a charge of raping a preg- :: RACISTS ERUPTIONS t FAUBUS ERRED? :If Bruce and Jackson had mint Newman was seen tol!

nant white woman last Feb-:! NORFOLK, Va A white t won seats on the City Council -THIEVES ENTER.HOME i I j lap him. The boy then drew

ruary. i': Marine was allegedly beaten I LITTLE ROCK, Ark .-, the pro-annexationists IN COLLEGE CIRCLE '(.> 22 caliber German revolver. W. Gray, attorney, of

FBI agents and officers directed :, by five "Negro youths in this I Three federal judges will de-,! would have held a trump' The home of :Mrs.:\ E. B. Mc-':, ind opened fire. this city was admitted to prac-
Mississippi highway military port city following a I cute this week the legality of'card. But the two men lost, Cray, of 2018 College! Circle, 'i the I tice before the Supreme

patrol chief B. S. Hood pulled i i number of attacks against Arkansas' school closing law. ,proving; of anything, that South, was broken into and Although first bullets;i Court of the United States
the body from the water on Negroes by whites in this l' As such Judge John B. San-,there is a very effective' entered last Monday about 1 I"apparently he triedto struck for his Newman,!last Monday, May 4.
run life. He
state. Robert i born. John E. Miller and J.white bloc vote" in Jack
Walsh I
river the Mississippi\near Bogalusa side about of the 20 I' victim of.the attack supposed is-! Smith Henley will have to determine -:, sonville. It also proved that'the pjn.She told police -she found 1 I was rapid struck burst twice of gunfire.mire ;n Ole tie Attorney Attorney Thomas Gray, along J. Reddick with

The stationed at Camp Elmore.Vnl5h whether Gov. ,Oryal annexation alarms were her home had been entered
miles from Poplarville.
bullet struck I of Fort
I' \ ?!0 E. Faubus" stepped outside j for the of creating, I him in the left Lauderdale, Floridawas
body was clothed only in un M ;years old. f i by tearing a screen on a side chest the other two in his welcomed to the Court by
:constitutional limits when he pro-annexation hysteria ,a- I
window which enabled the
derwear shorts and under. In another s'Malled outbreak -i j closed Little Rocks' four high !mong white citizens. back as he turned to flee. He I Chief Justice Earl i Warren
party or parties to unlatch the
shirt.It j of racial violence, Navy;schools against integration. : The election results in terms;window. was rushed by car to Duval and his Associate Justices.

was taken to Bogalusa Chief Petty Officer Reginald 'Faubus has ben under pres- of totals showed Peeler piling -: After looking around the Medical Center where he was Gray and Reddick were presented -

Charity Hospital. Marchand, 36, was dragged sure to reopen the, schools by up 24,631 votes to Samuel house, Mrs. McCray said she pronounced, dead on arrival. i to the Court by Attorney -
from his automobile and beaten moderates who comprise a Bruce's 12,165 in the 3rd Newman II Charles Wilson of Pensa-
could find missing.
nothing an ex-serviceman
An announcement of1 the by: a group of colored Norfolk majority-of the school ,board Ward race.The MattoxJackson I' 27 cola, Florida. Gray serves as
Patrolman Jesse Jackson in- was years'old. He lived at
identification made i in general counsel
youths. for
was I the Afro-
members.' f race for the 5th Ward vestigated. 657 South Lincoln Court. American Life Insurance Co.

.' .- .

Two THE FLORIDA STAR Week Ending Saturday. May 9, 199

S3 II I f

PofitEis As Usual"


-- -
Published by The Flerida Star Publishing Co. By ERIC 0. SIMPSON
"Member of Associated Negro Press"

Eric O. Simpson __ -----Editor i I

C. Puham Johnson ."._'_".__' ._.._.____.. ........-.....News Staff I The overwhelming defeat of the two Negro candidates

Mtama Richardson ., Circulation Dept. Ernest Jackson and Samuel Bruce who ran for city council
MAIN OFFICE & PLANT: II I, seats has left many Jaxons "simply disgusted", as they

. 1323 Moncrief Road EL 4-6782 EL 4-6783 I have put it.
X wnlown Branch Office: 423, Broad St. Phone. EL 4-3773 feP.WJ It is hard to say whetherNegroes' -----
.. I JJ AC with their cars to transport
Mailing Address; / **a> *>iv'fe .J' y rk votes alone could
voters to the polls. de-
) have either of the color- They
P. O. Box 561. Jacksonville 1. Florida 5s IA put to be
serve commended for
---- \;.. I. ;, ed candidates in. but we do
SUBSCRIPTION RATES their: efforts.
know that Negro citizens did

One Year. $5.00; Half Year. $3.00: 'Three Mont1 s.. $1.80 /qgr'( !' not get out in large enough The plan to get voters to

Mailed To You Anywhere In The United States. # numbers to vote in last Tues the polls was not carried out

ubscripticn Parable in Advance. Send Check or Money Order To: 2 : 1, t f Mv day's second, primaries. Just very smoothly, but that was
about 12,000 of the 21,719 Ne- the fault of the planning,
T '- % gro voters went to the polls.That's which was somewhat hapha-

Z31 d. Nevertheless, the mini-
:1''it'" sters were on h an d to do
fu 1. The rea-
ENERGETIC Rep. George B. Stallings Jr.is .. their part. ,

Duval County's pro-annexation mahatma inhe current \son for such apathy The various organizationsin

session of the Legislature where, last week, with the aid ofa I -,': among the city which rallied to
sufficient number of his Negro-hating associates, he put "
together some legal machinery which would make it possi-I I J\ Negroes inf1i1" the support of Samuel Bruce

ble for the inhabitants of all areas selected for annexationto Jacksonville and the Jackson-Lucas setupare

say yea or nay by majority. to vote. ,. r .r h h +Yr and Duval to be praised for their
All well and good. f I I is utter unselfishness in sup-
But this Stallings fellow is the same chap who helped :; /. County per- porting both Negro candi-

drop the guillotine on Rep. :Mann's very human proposalthat :;7; .:. /; lexing. I have dates
the state of Florida avail itself of federal funds for 'F/ heard despite some personal
slum clearance and urban renewal projects. In short, Rep. ,jji"AL.: : l''.. many differencces.The .

Mann wanted to make it constitutional that Florida give SIMPSON reasons given. eastside westside, Mix-

her citizens, trapped in the vermin and squalor of slums, ONLY STRONG CIVIL RIGHTS LEGISLATION, WILL END THIS One reason is that the color- ontown, Brooklyn and Campbell -
a chance for survivals. Stallings & Co.57 strongsaidhell .ed citizens lack the desireto
no. Stalltngs denounced the measure as being a "So DISGRACE economically and hill leaders all went

viet version of eminent domain." In other words, by very progress down the line with "the

strong implication, we are to believe that Rep. Mann is politically to attain first class\: boys" like true champions.. .

more than slightly communistic for having sponsored the -- :E Your Weekly citizenship. Another reason i is, and deserving of the loudest

bill in the first place. that too many of us would
Annexation, on the other hand, is more to Mr. Stallings' Guide like to attain full citizerkhip} praise, I think, is the army
);-oscope | of women, young, middle-
liking. And no doubt he is somewhat nonplussed as to why but are unwilling to make
the this time has not stimulated I aged and old-who
proposal by more positive I sacrifices whatever. Still I some
response from the folks who would be joyfully effected by q ".CH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR any worked like Trojans in the
stretching Jacksonville's horizons 100 miles.Stallings' I another reason is that there
some nearly 'JJINE; LOVE TRAVEL I campaign.
wayward reasoning probably compels him to be- t I!are so many "countryfied".folk :

lieve that if you don't like Neroes you must automatically ; who are satisfied with .
adore annexation, especially now, with the Negro becomingso II 1- s PABLO, The ASTROLOGER I[the tact that they are living

that's politically what! Jacksonville uppity. He must must spread be annexed out so into wide nonenity and far, i -- ARIES i terest in home, family, property 1: SAGITTARIUS I Jin I I a city with lights and want IRONY OF THE CEN-

that a white Jaxon will almost be able to spit into Ala-I :Born March 21 thru April 19 and community affairs. Born Nov. 23 thru Dec. 21 :,:nothing more. TURY-The Negro vote helped
The Sun will be passing'through The first three weeks of the The Sun will be passing
bama, and a black man will feel like a in a well- i 1 I candidate who
pea It has every got
I your opposite sign, month will see you reorienting through your solar tenth been said too, that a

bucket.In his zeal, this lawmaker is indifferent about where it emphasizes the interests yourself in regard to house, where it helps you get I great many of us are too elected, but couldn't do any-
the inestimable disruption annexaton would cause-com-I of your mate, associates matters linked with your attention from superiors of-;( busy enjoying the empty thing for the Negro candi-
and counsellors. Affairs base of operations, office and ficials or those in govern- dates.
and otherwise. doesn't hoot pleasures of life
munally drinking,
apparently give a : '
i i 0 f competitors are also locale. You feel an urge to ment or business who may
about the thousands of county home-owners-mostly white i j i brought to the fore in some get down to earth and im- help further your ambitionsand dancing and socializing; to *
-who would lose the property tax exemption they now'' manner, particularly around prove things in order to gain career. If you have your the concerned about the vital

enjoy. Nor does he appear to give a damn about the worry j' the New :Moon of the 7th added comfort and securityfor sights focused on a place of things of life.I .
some financial in the individual and GUESS WHO There Is
readjustments -
and in the weeks which fol-' yourself and loved ones. hcnor, this is a good month,
all sense, that municipal expansion would entail. ,' low it. It is to your advantagenow 360885987867LEO in which to see k it. Effortsto suppose all those put together talk already that there will

No. Stallings ain't stalling. He avidly wants annexation! to improve public relations increase your credit and plus pulling against be a writ e-in candidate
because he feels that that's the dilutant needed to wash '
and a 11 matters in gain greater prestige and popularity each other, are responsiblefor against one of the candidates
Negro political potency in Jacksonville down the prover- which your cooperation with Born July 23 thru Aug. 23 are recommended. who was elected in the first
bial drain. And just to make this a reality, he'd stretch others is required.27L..5569..53..275. This month brings important 520111813521 the lack of progress among primary.
the limits of Jacksonville to Oklahoma City-if it were in I events centering around Negroes in Jacksonvilleand

his power to do. mcney matters, new posses- CAPRICORN Duval County. *
In the meanwhile, all the whites and blacks, regardless sions improvement of Dec.
I,I TAURUS earn- Born 22 thru Jan. 19 .
where they are, who are victims of Florida's notorious I I i Born April 20 thru May 20 ings. Your thoughts and com- You should be prepared t 0t I The registration books are
slum conditions'' must remain in their present wretched I I The Sun transits your solar munications will then be very evaluate carefully] develop-t now open and will remain

state, cowed by strong-arm landlords, tormented by vermin'I :sixth: house until the 21st, much tied in with the finan- ments in your life which begin -i: There's one question I wish open until May 15. After that
and squalor, and shuttered away from the beauty of life l'[ cial side of affairs 'somebody would for
turning your attention to generally. around the time of the answer ,, date they will be closed-30
by the nothingness of their existence. work and subordinates Gcod aspects for New :Moon of the 7th What
While your your poc- particularly -|me. defeated the Negrocandidates days prior to June 15 on
unstalling Stallings tramps around color-bear health, dependents, problems ketbook develop on the 2nd, as they may relate, if it wasn't the''which date a bond election
ing for his legislative henchmen; and all the while hoping of othes. Do not be discou- 17th, and 27th. Use these -UT tfllM! 3AEt{ no f san AUB OJ "white bloc will be held.Jacksonville.
in his obviously narrow heart that he & co. can coerce suf- times
to seek
I and
raged, overcome any in- gains, new be- laws 0 r the relatives 0 f
ficient folk to vote to flatten Jacksonville out like cookie I clination to exaggerate dif- longings, improved business, others. The turn of the :Moonon citizens will
dough, in order Jo nullify and control the Negro citizens.No I ferences with others which or money favors. Watch cash the 15th can bring to' be called upon in the near

Stallings ain't stalling.But could lead to estrangements'and valuables; don't strain light shortcomings 0 r pro b-I future to vote on the ques
maybe he's going to find out that annexation ain't or the arousing of enmity the budget when the planets leans which should be met' The ministers for the most tion, of annexation. If Ne- +

too readily annexationable, either.We'll and opposition. govering your exchequer are unemotionally. At the Full part came through like real groes hope to hold the voting

see. 430222821426 25th, and 26th. Avoid possibleloss Moon on the 22nd, you w'have soldiers on election day. A strength they now posess

I or trouble through money -, to remain poised where t group of them showed up vote they will have to get out and
I GEMINI dealings and contracts your aims and those of others against annexation.Do's .

THINK IT OVER SENATORSENATOR : Born May 21 thru June 21 then. : conflict. I -- s s tx'
This month the Sun is trin- 340663865346 9-60775875967
I ing your sin from the solar 1!; j t tt t I

fifth house, where it promises -! VIRGO I II I And DonTtsDon't
'' '
Wayne Ripley's determination to limit the you freedom for pursuit 23 AQUARIUS I
Born 24 thru Sept. ,
judicial power of Judge Marion B. Gooding is an interest I of recreation, hobbies and Aug.
The in Born Jan. 20 thru Feb. 18
,, position yourbirth
ing study in contradiction. In the Senator ,' creative I
summary The
: The Sun is in solar W E E THAT
sign promises a greater your E .,
Judge Gooding should be restricted to duties having!j( weeks of May will be i
chance to shine in circle ninth house during 1\1\ ,
to do with the your amy
children's court
over which the jurist pre-.I your best for such matters 'where
it look
more vitality for pursuit helps you ahead -
sides. The Senator feels that Gooding's to issue,and you should
power notice
search warrants for gambling and moonshine raids is in!I finite trend in thjs} direction a de- of major goals in the weeks I You and plan for the future. I.'i
ahead. Be ready to display may now. and particularly -:
his .
excess of function
as a juvenile judge. j I by the'time of the New moon talents after the 12th. notice
I leadership and con-
The Senator may be right"I|j Ion the 7th. Loved ones should any 'I '
The function be that can bring you to the attention Jsiderable emphasis upon far-
Judge's however in
issuing warrents for given I
priority for
i they off places and those
at di.sI
of a
vice and' scan important people. -
beverage raids have accounted
for too help make
raids to be discounted. The many successful -I your life more It is your turn to be a self-'.tance. This portion of the { ?o DO
success of a police interesting and enjoYable.I'I
raid starter. Claim the spotlightand year brings to light a need
depends upon unexpectedness with which it is i 50ll4a12L651 for
carried go places. You should extending your knowledge -
out. Judge Gooding has had enormous success u
along these lines because of the complete with feel this trend quite strongly' and connections. You
CANCER beginning with the New may take some trips, or sat-
which he the
puts machinery into motion. i Born June 22 thru July 22 Moon of ''isfy your interest in 1. ,
This then is the the 7th, and you geta foreign
: Why should a jurist who The (
: places 1
transiting Sun is through
now big boost after Mercury enters reading e+ k
recognizes the combined '
menace of vice and
illegal liquorto
your solar I 1l103L123l110PISCES .
the moral and economical posture.of the city be brought house,' your sign on the 12th. 1 1 .
I providing you increased 16_
In- 30L22
29 21 632
under legislative ? In wider focus -
scrutiny why should the I i
function of the court be questioned? Isn't that what the w &iW.f

whole story is all about now-from the Supreme Court on GET YOUR HOROSCOPE READING .

down? Isn't that the real basis for the turmoil which is use uua coupon.) Learn more about l.
plaguing the South? a certain legalized lawlessness? dime_in coln) for each boroftoopa ordered by maIL Include self The Sun transits your solar ; '

These days are fraught with outrageous defiance of court .dd "E'd,, -amped euv lope. Write plainly. TWa offer doe not apply eighth house thi q month.
law. Indeed, it seems a vogue to tell the courts to go to to resldeats rf the dominion of Canada! where its vitalizing rays are

the devil. And this condition seems to exist in all matters, somewhat impaire You i _
i ?[$ ( '
whether it be racial integration or moonshne raids. This PABLO, FORIDA I STAR ASTROLOGER i could therefore, find your-I i
has to be recognized as a sign of some sort of societal dis- I P. O. BOX 561 II self feeling depleted in ener- :: '
integration which must be stopped before it becomes an gy and out of touch with pea f ;' *

accepted pattern of behavior.No I 1.ACKSONVILLE 1, FLA. pIe or events. This influence, : .1 :: 1,_

doubt Senator Ripley's conviction that Judge Gooding Name I favors giving attention to1 : :!,. ,
should be limited in power is a sincere one. As to whether joint finances. tax and estate

It is entirely logical is somethng else again. The very fact I Addrea 1 matters, redevelopment of: 7 yM -
that the Senator's legislative campaign to limit the jurist our resources and abilities.*

does.not have popular backing is a strong point against its I It is a good time to reorg
continuance.Perhaps t1t7 8tati I zed things and restore nI-//

might. agree.if Senator Ripley really. thought it over, he I Date of BIrth I value sets you-have of old'possessions overlooked, or Ridicule The Other '

.. ., I Dsh. "tit neglected.
-chuckpaynej J Mans
J -
> I I Respect His'Page
"* -. -- 7 50 44
.,.: .' V" I -.- _4Q_4?_76Q
t. y J



Ending Saturday. May 9. 1959 THE FLORIDA STAR Page Thr*4

- -

,.q I '

:"'=f,. t

El :*1 M 1t r 3I y 4 = I -I'; :

J I!
+: 7 !i By .I
F I. I II'

:r....:. I' .
-L ., I -
14 ; ::? An important social event was the reception honoring
the renowned Mrs. Daisy Bates of Little Rock. Arkansas, .

at the Jefferson Street home of :Mrs. Mary Lewis Betsch.
:! : <.. I The reception was held by the same committee sponsoring I
<>'. I Mrs. Bates as the principal speaker at a civic meeting held A
- I at St. Paul AME: Church April 26.

d +; !' vv4 T ,_. Mrs. Bates proved to J>e quite an interesting person, << u .
\- I just as witty and charming as she is intelligent. She worea ..
'> gorgeous navy sheath dress. The matching duster featured I },
{ 4.4. the wide, wide cape collar bedecked with tiny red l! r
rkv I matiffs. :Mrs. Bates appeared radiant, despite the fact that

she had completed the plane trip from Little Rock to Jacksonville -
just thirty minutes previously.
On hand to greet the honored guest was the hostess. Mrs. ? i it
Mary Lewis Betsch; :Mr. and Mrs. Earl Johnson (he is a :
local attorney and prexy of the Jax. NAACP); Mr. James

MRS. E. M. JONES SPONSORS ,TEA-Participants, who appeared on the program. H. Lewis, president of the Afro-American Life Insurance ;, ..
which was presented at the Spring Tea sponsored by Mrs. Essie Mae Jones. May 3 at Company; Mr. Robert Saunders, NAACP field secretary; 'IMr.
the home of Mrs. Connie Edwards 1483 W. 33rd Street for the benefit of the Churchof and Mrs. Nathaniel Davis (she is Y Teen Director of;., "v.. ,
God in Christ State Temple Building Fund drive are in front standing from left: the A. L. Lewis Branch YWCA); Miss Thelma Ward; Mr. : ::>-<

Mrs. Jeanette Hunter Mrs. Lillian Solomon Miss Henrietta Daughtery. Mias Doris Junius Bowman, Executive Director of the Jacksonville I
Baylock. (Back row) Johnnie L. Jackson. Roosevelt Jones. Mrs. Essie M. Jones Mrs. Urban League; Mrs. Geneva Guyton; Mrs. Ruth Childs, ':
Retha Watts Claude Hunter and Lucius Edwards. chairman of the NAACP social committee; Dr. and Mrs. 'J.
James Henderson; Mr. Rutledge Pearson; Mrs. Thedosia
LACKLAND Childs; Dr. W. W. Schell; Dr. Tony Plummer; Mr.G. s !
-eL m NOTES !MRS. M. | ABOUT PEOPLEThe Alexander; Mrs. Thelma Lewis; Mrs. Lois Isgard; Emanuel I

FO SPONSOR AFFAIR;; Eaves (attomey-at-law who heads local youth council); Mr.I' v
I James Lewis; Dr. and Mrs. W. R. Toney; Dr. and Mrs.
OWENS ILLINOIS- LADIES ; Rev. H. Williams of Daniel Lauray; Canon and Mrs. Modusky; Mr. and Mrs. I,'I

CLUB TO GIVE TEA I :Mrs. Mercedes Laclkand Tampa was a recnt visitor in H. Burney, II; Mr. and Mrs. Rutherford, Sr., and many
II iI I a 1 :Mrs Vinnie Turner the city as the guest of his others. I':
I .
An ackuaintance tea will be O'Neal will sponsor a ban- mings. While here, he was ,
sponsored by the Owens Illi-III quet and dance, May 11 in entertained by other nieces, :Mrs. Catherine Jackson and Miss Aretha Johnson were wr
nois Ladies Club, May 17 t''he Elks Auditorium, 712 W. Mrs. Arlene B. McClain, Mrs. guest when Les Bijoux Bridge Club met Friday eveningat
from 4 to 6 p.m. in the homeof Duval Street. Ora B. Brooks and son, Per- the Lincoln Golf and Country Club. Mrs. Frances
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Pringley, man Williams. Richardson, an associate member of the club, was presentalso.
I The event is being given .
1599 West 26th Street. for the benefit of the Prideof .

A for program theoccasion will be with presented the- I band Maceo under Temple the 186. A local of Mrs. Daisy Reaves of 201 Mrs. Helen Toney, Mrs. Gertrude L. Styles, and Mrs. A

Rev. Benjamin Frazier as guest speaker. I music for the affair. the Duval Medical Center. Set Pridge Club held session recently with the latter qua-
I Sheis a member of the helping lifying for the award in the guest division. Club prizes Q.r
WESTSIDE COMMUNITYCLUB I The committee members Hand Charity Club. were won by Mrs. Lois Isgard. Mrs. Thomosena Inram, and
SLATES DRAMAA include: Mrs. Queen B. Wil- Mrs. Louise Walton.
iiams, Mrs.\ Margaret Costello, The Smart Set Club roster is comprised of Mrs. Nelly- COVER GIRL-Sara Lou Harris Nationallyknownmodel
.Mrs. Florence Harvey, Mrs. VARIETY SHOW SET Pg 61 vonnie T. Russell, hostess for the meeting; Mrs. Norma H. and cover girl will be the featured model of the
Ora Dee LmlJ, Mrs. Dorothy music departments of Duval Bland; :Mrs. Charlotte Stewart; Mrs Hortense Williams Million Dollar Fashion Show which will be held at the
play entitled "Slab Town County Junior and Senior Strand Theatre May 29 at 8:30 p. :m.under the sponsor- :
James, Mrs. Johnnie Barnes, Gray; Mrs. Lola Schell; Mrs. Louise Walton; Mrs. Thoma-
Convention will be presentedby I High Schools, will be featuredin ship of Milton Hood, a prominent promoter and singerof
:Mrs. Louise Smalls, Mrs. Hattie sena Ingram; Mrs. Lois Isgard; Mrs. Thelma Lewis, Mrs.
the \Vestside Community a variety show, May 11 I this city. Jacksonville's models to appear in the eventare
I. James, Mrs. Beatrice Joan Spaulding, Mrs. Vivian Holmes and Mrs. Elizabeth
Club, May 25 in the Harmony Flo'dIrs.. Nellie Artemisand at 8 p.m. in theGymnatoriumof Downing.The : Mrs. Delphinia Mainor Btinson Mrs. Sadie Brax.
Baptist Church, 2nd and Ty- others. James Weldon Johnson session was held at Daniel's College Inn. ton. Mrs. Theresa Mackey. Mrs. Juanita Foster Mrs.
Mrs. M.\ E. Crockett, assisted School. i i i i Azzie Lee Anderson and Miss Emma Lee Wilson
by the president, Mrs. J. An invitation has been extended Mrs. Essie D. McCray is Mrs. Bonnie L. Bush is finally announcing her marriage The event is being given for the benefit of the 'Edu.I
M. Gathers will direct the to the public to attend the coordinator of the affair, cational Scholarship Fund.
to Dr. James Wilson of _
the affair. Birmingham, Alabama, who is cur-I __n_ __ _
drama. benefit the current
which will rently serving on the Dental staff of the State of Florida.
United Negro College Fund The ceremony was performed on January 20, 1959. REV. R. WILSONTO MARECHAL GARDEN

SILVER LEAF WOMEN'S CENTURY SOCIAL Drive.Various choral and Dr. Wilson expects to begin practice in Jacksonville in INSTALL CIRCLE TO CONDUCT

CLUB RENDER PROGRAM 'I CLUB TO SPONSORMOTHER'S bands with several groups soloists, the very near fiture.Wedding CLUB OFFICERS MONTHLY MEETINGThe

DAY TEAA groups appearing on the pro- --1 .. J( .:..t, or-.
The anniversary of the Sil- gram. Creative dancing will INDEPENDENT LODGE I

ver Leaf Women's Social and also be featured. Bells TO SPONSOR TEA Installation service for the monthly meeting of the
Saving Club was observed re- Mother's Day Tea will be Merechal Neil Garden Circle
cently atJ the Brooks Prayer sponsored by the Century Social Applications for Marriage United Progressive Eureka was conducted recently at the
will be
House, 1400 Tyler Street. I and Savings Club, May 10 spiritual given Social Club was held recently homeof Mrs. Portia Thoring-
A program was presented from 4 to 6 p.m. in the Houston Licenses I by the Independent Lodge I at the West Friendshin Baptist ton, 2014 Mars Street.
with the Female Chorus of I Hall, 1057 West Monroe MOTHER'S DAY TEA 3, May 17 from4to6p.m. Church.A An auction party was the
in the Wilder Rereation
Zion Hope Baptist Church, Street.A BE SPONSOREDBY I I highlight of the meeting with
Mrs.\ Julia Davis, Mrs. MarionGlo.er program for the event TO ter.A program was presented.at the President, Mrs. Annie
A. Fowler, Mrs. A. G. has been arranged. The club; ATONIA CLUBAn Theo. R. Beckwith, 911 1 program has been arranged the service with Miss Lou- Fleming in charge. .
Morgan, Mrs.! Florence Nel- with the largest number of Everson St.. age 22 and Mil for the occasion with ella Williams, Mrs. Lucille
dred M. Thomas 10 GibsonSt. artists of the Malone Miss Ann The previous meeting was
son, Mrs. Essie M. Davis, Mrs. members present at the affair city appearing.I Shirley
at the home of Mrs.
Willie M. Jackson Mrs. Rosie will be awarded a prize. Canton, N. C., age 23. j Other lodges nave been invited -I Williams Mrs.EuniceVil-
I annual Mother's Day I to attend the affair. liams Milton Hood, Mrs. Va- Amelia Sanders on Avenue B
Stephen andIrs.. Mattie The club sponsored a partyrecently Tea will be given by the Chas. Johnson 707 Venus I cile Emanuel, Robert L. C. and Moncrief Road, with the
Blount appearing at the home of Mrs. Atonia Social Saving Club, -Mars Court. age 18 and. Williams Mrs. Marion Wilson, following hostesses presiding:
ler Streets. Edith Foston, 539 Acosta St.PIIOTOKIKAS'IIS .'I May 10, from 3 to 6 p.m. in Jonnie M. Dixon, 1531 Mt' MISS. B. GAINES Mrs Ernestine, Williams, Miss Mrs. Eva Satterwhite, :Mrs.:

I the Brooks Prayer House, Herman St., age 18. ,TO BE HONORED BY I Arnette Scott, Ring Williams, Evelyn Shipp, Mrs. Wilhelmenia -
and Kings Road.A Skinner and Mrs. A. Sand
FOR Tyler Tomraie A. King, 909 W. BUSINESS LEAGUE and Robert. Williams partici- "
program will be presented Church St., age 24 and Betty I I pating. The following visitors were

EVERY OCCASION for the affair featuringlocal J. Curry, 861 Cemetery St,)I The Jacksonville Business The Rev. R. L. Wilson, installed present at the meeting: Mrs.
artists. The Rev. E. L. age 21.Yillie. (:, League will honor Miss Bernice -j,I the officers of the club Gladys Wilson, Mrs. Fannie

Green will be the guest speaker Jr. 1350 Gol-I Gaines, attorney-at-law, I and Mrs. Vacile Emanuel, Robinson, Mrs. Alexander Ed-
Huey ,
;i Expert Photography for the occasion. Also appearing with a banquet, May 13 at !Mrs. Marion Williams and wards of New York City and
fair Blvd
,, 29 and Ada
Portraits Weddings Banquets will be Stephen Sanders age .
Daniels Inn. Miss Altamease
; :M. Daniels 1845 RobinsonSt. College Riley servedas Mrs. C. Carrington of Ed-
Passports & Identification Photos Sr., and Mrs Alice Sanders Miss Gaines is the first Negro hostesses. ward Waters College.
Photostats & Commercial Work of the age 28. i(
: program 1 woman to pass the Florida
-: ; Photos For Newspaper Cuts committee. L. Bar I,
Troy Barnes, 1819 W. and receive the cre- .
I While You Wait 5th St. 25 and ,''dentials to in this i
,g All 'clubs and social groups age Inez Stir practice
''. Let Coloring Us Take& Picture A Photo Framing Of You have ben invited to attend son, 1924 Broadway, age 21.1 for her accomplishment according from DRAB. to DAZZLING!
to the of
} the annual event..VENETIANETTES. j president .
t "a And The Kids In Your Easter Outfit the league. Rodell F. Roberts. ,:" ra

\;. ; In Natural Color -

611 West Ashley Clara White Mission Bldg. .A Pretty Hat Tea will be I The home of Mr. and Mrs. A Mother's Day program

Phone EL 4.7695 For AppointmentsLILLY'S sponsored by the Venetian- Henry Holden, 5355 New.1 will be presented by the S. E.
I ettes Ladies Club, May 24, I combe Street Floradale. I J. Club of the Sunshine Spiritual -
i : from 4 to 6 under the I was
p.m. Church, May 10 at 4
the of the pjn.
setting marriageOf j
I I leadership of Mrs. Lois Ha- I I their daughter, Delores 11 in the auditorium of the

DRUG STORE gans. I( Virginia Holden to PFC Weldon I I church.
The event will be held at Hunter of the United[I Some of the leading artists .
the YWCA 8th and States Marines > of the city will appear on the
1907 Kings Road at Spires Building, and a nativeof ."
Calhoun Streets.A St. Louis Missouri. program. Mrs. Sadie P. Sut-
ton is the chairman and Mrs.

Where ExperiencedPharmacists program has been arranged The ceremony .was held,,, Bernice Jackson, ,Co-chair.
4 with the following March 29 with the Rev. J. C. man.
Your Prepare According persons appearing: The Rev.A. Sams, pastor of Second Baptist The Gospel Crusaders will
s Prescription doctor's J. Hughes, Miss Betty Church officiating. The t be presented in a recital at :1 La.

) Instructions to your.. .Using Jean Scott, Miss Louise Perk- bride was given in marriageby the church, :May 13 at 8 p.m. with PyJ'Haircolor

the best ins, Miss Thelma Telfair, Mrs. her father. ,Miss Doretha!L _
only quality Eddie Lee Williams Hubert -
Brown served as her bridesmaid *
; Would trade hour for
drugs. hairlike
Engram, Mrs. Dezella D. Hill, Miss Paulette Stevens \'i J' professional you an model!
Mrs. Louise Wash, Mrs. L. of Savannah, Georgia, flowei .;:;. One hour is all it takes for ""
Dr. a E. Black Fhsnoaebts Dr. W. J. Graham Hagans, Mrs. Mattie Lazenby, girl and' PFC Al McElory,, PATRONIZE .,- Codcfrors Larieuse Haircolor
Mrs. Beaulas McClellan Mrs. to bring back youth to gray,dull \
United States Marines
-:- :- : served: i la6TGWy/ or faded hair! o ff
Olga Bradham, Mrs. Dorothy as the best ,
L tux asuIe COIle Everything need.Is fa the
A COMPLETE LINE OF Logan Mrs. Alma Cooper, f Star Advertisers tr.ts IN lpmfarrow red box.Get Oodefroy*
Cosmetics Rubber GoodICaadt.. -Sundries. Bernice Gaines, attorney; bride and groom wil l Z.Apply"1P\IIICI1DI.\ tarsAl long-lasdng Larieuse aowfOOOCFKOT
Mrs.Mrs. Lillie M. Hamilton, leave soon for various partsof L Let ,..eM,.,1
I c. ,. .
... t. .. :>" > '- :- ;--
q'- } __






Four THE FLORIDA STNi Week Ending Saturday. May 9, 1959MT.


-- -- -

... .
--w- ---
REV. R. H. WILSON TO BELl VR.i ANNUAL DAY -w : : :- 1 I rifcirr hl\PliST\


Q ;,
+ :w

: '.. ; ;i- ai 1;. ,)tit: ( .church \\JI1 observe itS 51st anniversary ; Rd _'FA :rAn U!\DAY
I bog. '"...''1 May 11 in the u-ritouum of the church wi h p: !
various ministers of the city in charge of the service. Each I k : I

minister will be accompanied by his choirs, ushers and con- Jerusalem Baptist Church ; s.;,. ;; annual tea will be
gregation.The -outhside, will celebrate o*, sponsored by the Sunday
'- I -- -- 'ii I s Day May 17 througlmu Department of the First Bap-
Rev. v. E. Yours ;pastor -II ,
:l-.e day.Office1'0. tist Church, the Rev. C. B.
of 7-bervsiH* t* -HiiCiiuich ; .. .!. AGilson, JII
LI :
ei.vei "
are: IT'*?. M'V Bailey, pastor and G. W .
ofL.ay I.id.: Alice Bui rough, Alexan- .
i' kirs, chairman; Mrs. Lil- superintendent.
the "'pc-i: '
A.-de ,o;., Hilt n Carter, '
night, May 11. Choir ":o'). 3, ",.1' Sr. and Mrs.Eir.ori Ma Mae Merritt, co-chairmr.n.: : The affair wilL be held May
the Young People's ChristianCouncil ]I ifr.r 1 yVrton! Mrs. Beatrice Singletary, Feeetnry 10 from 4 to 6 p.m. in the
Ov Small.
BTU, -ndry: <;"''ool ,I ; Mrs. Mozell: Jores Educational Building.Aprogram .
and Districts No. 1 through ,, program committee; :Mrs. Ev I # ta. will be rendered
4 are the sponsors of the cer- -------- Lewis, flower committee and I duirng1! the occasion and the

vice. ': ST. MATTHEW UNIT trs. Cori i2 C. -Tiith, act; 'ijrcastor. :f. :' atid.S r

Services May 12 will!be con- ''TO CELEBRATE5TH Mrs. Laura Seabrook wPierve h -7 'Y 1.. Y.v r"vices for Sunday will

conducted by the Rev. J. C. ANNIVERSARY I as guest superintendent ( ." "'':'''''4 .:t begin with Sunday School at
:Rogers, pastor of the Macedonia ------ .!1dIrs.. Marion Glover of I :: : .wf''''....&...JI \. >;_t 'v ",._-t..N..l'yT.a><' v : 9:20 a.m. with G. W. Scottin
Baptist Church, sponsoredby Shiloh Baptist Church will be charge. Consecration service -
the deacons, trustees, male The ;oth amiiv ersary- the speaker for the 11 a.m. 'j MT. VERNON CHURCH UNIT GIVES MAY TEA-Participants of tha May Day will be conducted at 10
chorus and Districts No. 1 No. 10 of St. 'Matthew:\ w nrship. I Tea. which was given May 3 at the home of Mrs. Julia Hampton. 1356 W. 12th Streetin

through 9. I Baptist Church wil be celebrated the behalf of the Gospel Chorus of Mt. Vernon Baptist Church and Choir No. 1 of a.m.Oa i.Iai 17 the contest be-
At 3 Mrs. Jennie Tv
On May 13 services will be May 25; at 8 p.m.church.in ver will p.m.'l1e the guest snerkPand First Corinth Baptist Church are seen here from left: Mrs. Nancy Hayes. Mrs. Lula .\v eon tie men and women
of the
conducted by the Rev. C. C. the The auditorium Rev. E. R. Simpson, Mrs. Amanda Anderson Hampton Mrs. Annie O'neal. Ben Hayes lia Rev. B. F. Brokenborough. Mrs. Mary I '.;IIi tJiT...i.ate. The contest is

Daniel of Mt. Carmel Baptist pastor of Zion Hope Baptist will be the speaker for the 7 I Mann and Willie Watkins. I I being.' given for the benefit of
Church. The sponsoring aux- service. -- :\.ijnKtTs Day p/oyram.
Church will be in charge of p.m.
iliaries are Choir No. 2, Deaconess the service. The Rev. J. M. 'I ____ i The" contestants are G.V..
Boards No. 1, 2, and 3 r -.tt and Cnrl R. Joni for
Dixon, of Mt. Olive Primitive CHURCH NOTES iI I ANNUAL r DAY the!
men and Mrs.\ Fbssie
and Districts No. 10 through I Church will conduct LOCALCIIURCH I ,
of 'Baptist : ,"mscn a1 1 :Ir_,. Camilla
13. The Rev. W. M. Hill I f :
service 19 for the Bene-
Mt. Calvary Baptist Church !! fi Peters for the! women.
fit of the celebration. '
will render service May Members of the district ANNUAL TO CELEBRATEHonors \ anniversary of
sponsored by Choir No. 4, Dis- have been asked to meet May OBSERVE UNIT; SETS ANNIVERSARYThe the Senior Women's Missionary -

tricts No. 14 through 17, the 13 at 8 p.m. in the home of i OBSERVANCE SUN. anniversary of Districts MT. ZIONThe wiLl be observed May 11
Every Ready Club, James Davis -,: Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Doe, No. 3 and 4.of Central \ DAY .?.t S p.m. with the Rev. if. J.

Club, and the Junior Mis- 2937 Begonia Rd., Magnolia 'I Church will observe the an- Baptist Church will be observed : f : [ Trowel!, pastor of the St.

sionary Society. Other min- Gardens. West Friendship Baptist May 10 from 4 to 6 Luke Baptist Church as the:
isters to render service are nual observance Women's p.m. at the home of Mr. and I guest speaker.

the Rev. C.J. Crosby and Rev. Day, May 17 throughout the Mrs. Henry Washington, 1403 Mount Zion Church. Ii i
Robert H. Wilson.:? day with officers in charge of West 14th Street. Southside will observe annu, Emanuel Ban<; t r h\ u r c !: ,

The anniversary message, SLATED FOR SUNDAYA of the services. Women's Day May 17, will observe annual n.n. ?'*

May 17 will be delivered at 3 I Officials for the day are I throughout the day with Mrs. Day, May\ 17 th! riuut th-: SAiNT PAUL

p.m. b ythe Rev. Robert II.. Mother's Day Tea will Mrs. Edna Lewis, chairman; Lilhe Mae Clark as general day with the officers i11, .
Wilson pastor of the Bethel be sponsored by District No. Mrs. Liliar Gatson, co-chair- MT. TABOR CHURCH chairman and Mrs. Myrtle hnrrr of Ahe! sendees.Officer. .

Baptist Church. He will be 17 of Bethel Baptist Church, manlrs.; Ellen Williams SLATES ANNUAL DAY Smith as cochairman.Mrs. .-, ANNIVERSARYCLOSES
are: :Mrs. EstehpFreers
his choir and 10 from 4 to 6 in \ Tabor Nell Cason, instructorat
accompanied by May p.m. T.Irs. Betty Colleton and Mrs. The Mt. Baptist : ""'.
the basement of the church. observe annual Edwarl: Waters; Cdlego gechairmar :
congregation. Louvenia Williams, program ? l'h.ill: "
Members of the anniversary Mrs. Helen Evans is the committee; Mrs.Barbara Jean Mer.' Day May 21, th-'oujrh- will deliver the morning address l I 1''cT-'J.:; Baldwin' co- MONDAYThe
and Mrs. Gussie 'Tor- {'hairrnmIrs.; : P" )occa LPCV.j .
committe are:Mrs. RubyF. general chairman of the affair Carter, youth chairman; Mrs. "ut the day beginning with! I! ; ,
:secretary Mrs. Victoria
: Mc-
of Mount Zion AMEi
Herndon, chairman; Mrs. and will be assisted by Mrs. Eunice Williams, youth co- i Stf-i-iav School at 9:30: a.m. I mice I j :
Estelli Morris, co-chairman; Louise Allen and Mrs. Cam- chairman: Mrs. Ebenezer Charbs Timmons is the Church will deliver the message : -i I Clendon: trensu'er: Mrs.' l an-\ \i anniversary of the St.

Mrs. Roberta Dean clerk; ills Thompson. A program Austin, financial secretary 'I general chairman for the ob-! for the evening worship''!''1 ra Harris' projrrri;: !! c ai''rnan : I Paul Baptist Church and the
Mrs. r
to Mrs. \\ E. A. Hr c cln'ij ; '
Mrs. Arie L. Norton, secre- v/'U; be presented during the 'and Mrs. Marian Wilson, pastor ser'v""ennd A. Knight, co-(, according I II Rev. B.V.Williams, pastor,
of the .
i I Harris, program chairman} j j man yt'caple; Mrs will
tary; Mrs. Florine Wilcox, event. for the day. chairman. I terminate Monday night,
Committee members are Mami1 Fie1 c:!. chairman of fi-
May 11, with the Rev. S. L.
-- -- - -- -- -" '
L Prog/am, Dirs.V.. Harris, !!: nance; Mrs. SaraTi Smith Badger, pastor of ,Emanuel
::es. S. Moffett, Mrs. L. : Hiairnan of the' 'mucir: ; Mr:. Church
SPEARS PORCH FURNITURE SPECIAL FOR THIS WEEK ONLY Pi '"lark: decoration. Mrs. E.i'i I Julia Mae Prater fliairmin! : of I II Baptist the service. in charge of '

j Taywaod, Mrs. A. Brown.Mrs. .I publicity: : Mr Viola Snpn'J, The annual
i : :: L. Hoyt; sponsorship'I Mecr i >...tiois* *fr<:?. L"cille i banquet will be
given at the close of the ober'ance.
9 _, & *$ZJ&epassKSsmsfsss : Mrs. Thelma Pavt :n, Mrs. M. I i iGnntt.I chi irTn.Tt o r ....',"rs; Various ministersof -
miSi Hicks, Mrs. C. Ellis. Mrs. V. : IMrs. Emma Smith. sunerin-' the
city conducted the
*i ieisi'iM' T.;:,'lor; publicity, Mrs. M. : tendept of uTTa! School: and vices. ser-

ALL STEEL : Hicks, Mrs. A. Brown, Miss Mr Minr.ip Cook J president I II The ministers who conducted -
''B. Hicks, Mrs. B. Brown, | of BTU. services during the obser-

PORCH SET Miss D. M.\ Burt; courtesy. i i' S"-"'Ye c S"r fnP. Mav 10 ance were: the Rev. C. W.
i mrs. A. Paulin, Mrs. M. Cooper 'I Whitten Rev. L. W.
will burn with Srmd'y: School Thomas,
o I' Mrs. A. Bailey; Sunday at 9r,0 a.m., with George,: Rev. D. J. Jones and the Rev.S. .
School, Mrs. V. Howard Mrs.
E. Felder.
With Table Not Shown Smith in h
I c a r T e. Morning
Warren, Mrs. M. McCloud
; ; worship will\ convene at 11 Services Sunday, May 10
I finance, Mrs. L. Clark, Mrs. ,
">.m., and: ""ning,: worship will will begin with Sunday Schoolat
__ M. Smith. M. M.\ Hicks, Miss 1 begin at GSO 10 a.m. with W. R. Rob-
$49.95 : I M.\ Riley; music, Mrs. C. p.m. 'erts in charge. Morning worship -

'J Alexander, Mrs. A. Brown, I wiLl convene at 11:30
Ind Mrs. C. Alexander, Mrs. with visitinf
a.m. a
l I, A. Brown, and Mrs. L. Arm- .
delivering the sermon. All
&. it strong. CONTEST PLANNEDBY mothers of the church will be

!I honored at 3:30 p.m. with a

0 : : e special I r AMIGO program.SINGERS 1

I SECOND BAPTIST contest"Mr.will and be Miss sponsored Simpson"by !I TO APPEAR HEREi
$1.00 I i
CHOIRS TO PRESENT the Methodist Youth Fellow-
PROGRAM SUNDAY ship of Simpson Methodist I A concert will be presentedin

I I II Church May 21 in the auditorium the auditorium of the Beth-
DOWN I I: of the church. el Baptist Institution Church
DELIVERS A special program for I May 31 featuring the Amigo "
I Mother's Day will be presented The contestants are: Miss i Singers.
L \ 4LJMzIJ! I by the combined choirs of, Doris Groomes, :Miss: Alethia The singers are being presented -

,: Second Baptist Church May I Jean Kirby, Roger Glover, ( by the five districts of
I 10 during the morning serv and John Thomas Jr. The II the church. The committee is

ice. Mrs. G. C. Vaught, assisted winner will be crowned in a : composed of deacons assistedby
I by Mrs. L. P. King and special coronation during the deaconesses of each dis

Charles Maxwell will direct evening worship. trict.
; the group. Mrs. Rosa L. Glass
.4.''t and Henry will be the I
,. I
Instrumentalists. for the pro- OPENINGS' FOR NEWSPAPER REPORTERS
j'gram.The' i

oldest and youngest : PRINTERS, PRESSMEN, ADMEN

I I mother and the mother with i

o the largest number of chil-: There are openings for
) J. dren present will receive a'I '
I gift. Ii I .
i I EXPERIENCED Newspaper reporters editors. '
) "i I copy-readers advertising salesmen circulationmen

and women printers compositors. linotype

operators. .
MON. & FRI. NITES ;: "s = ''I t young reporters and people for all departments
0 I if you hare a real desire to become a member
TIL9. I Mother's Day will be observed of the newspaper fraternity.

by the Women's Dor-f,
Select From Tone Colors Lasting Baked Enamel Finish Rocker or Chain t I I WE NEED Men
Beautiful 2 Long mitory Council of Slater Hall j and women young or middle

Available With Large 3 Passenger Glider. .lilt. Edward Waters College, Mayl I aged. in all fields for a chaIn newspaper and
10, in the lounge of the hall magazine
I ;
EASY TERMS OPEN MON. & FRI. NITES TIL 9 ,. and a program will be pre-i!,f
sented. ACT NOW State experience and age.
Ii I Miss: Doris Milledge dean!

Spears Brothers Furniture Company, Inc *, Mae of women Bryant and president Miss Joh'nniej of the j INTERSTATE PRESS

Dormitory Council, announce -au '. elluu3Ir teL xofl .0 .d 1

325 BROAD STREET Phone Ets4saiH 4, that Mrs. Amy King will deliver -

.. .. .. .. .. the address for the serv-
t.""""""............"'- .....,:,.............."""""......""......" ice.

"p r { .J' IPage


-- -
-- ---
-- ---
-- ----


I '

J .
, f
, Week Ending Saturday. May 9. 1959 THE FLORIDA STAR Page Fire _


}tl USHER BOARD ASSEMBLY The 35th: Annual MAY Assembly 12 Mrs. Pearl Gallon is still I SETS JOINTMERSARY <0 a

of the Churches of God will ill at her home at 873 Johnson I-
be held in the auditorium of I Street. She is a member T ; ; II
TO GIVE TEAAn t'- lurch of God Steele and of the Central CME Church I l

Blue Streets May: 12-17. I and serves on the stewardess hMiK

Prayer meeting will be con ;board. E
ducted May 12 with Roosevelt i i 1.
annual Mother's Day Burns of P.pcdinjr:: ,: Pa., in | The Rev. B" W. Bass pastor Tie church and pastes'
Tea will ]hI' smnsnrod by Usher -I charge. Others to participat !' of the Central CME anniversary of the Day Snri t.

Board No. 2 of Abyssinnia in the service are Agnes Church. left the city recently Baptist Church will be celebrated f s
Baptist Church:: May 10 from I Burns of Ft. I audci-dale, Grover -I for Dallas, Texas where he May 17-25 with various ,
4 to 6p.m. i in the basement of Reed Kenneth Leroy will attend Bishop College. ministers and their congregations ',S t: n \ 1

the church. A program will be \o'>rlsicle. tip! Rev. HoustonR. I 1r I in charge of each '.' h.
jj presented for the event. MoorrbFa i. J.v'-. Peeler. :| service. i I t
Some of the artists to ap- J. Irving. Scott. P. C. Hick-I Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Fel- \
* \\ pear on the program are: C. son. Jacksonville combing der of 335 Spruce Street,left., The Willing Workers Club J ":" :
\ Fountain Mrs. Nellie Henry, 'hoirs. Soul Stirrers of Strar"s. I the city recently for Richmond will conduct its meeting May t \i,L ,:.r"".
1 Mrs. Fairy Bell Carter :Mrs.: 10 at 4 p.m. in the home of : 4 (.
w ? Ga. the Rev. Jarres I Va., to visit their foster J ,
Mrs. i> : '
Lee Birdie
Della \Varson Mrs. Irene Willis \.. Cross and A. P. Gipson of daughter and son-in-law, Archie 1012 -' : a
Mrs. A. Grooms, Mrs. D. PMladolnhia+ Pa. the Rev. and Mrs. P. B. Wall i West 12th Street. The pulpit i l : .t
) Byrd Mrs.: Lizzie McCalister --- ker. They will also attend Aid Board will hold a meetingat : ., .>
the Harrydell Singers and male usher board serving. I' 4 p.m. in the home of Mr n
the annual conference which .v
others. Deaconess Boards No. 1 and and Mrs. E. D. Grant 1454 r

Choir No. 4 will furnish 2 will be the guest boards. 'I will Street convene AME Church.at the Third I] Grothe Street. 4 1 t '

,\ music for the occasion.A Choirs No. 1 and 2 will observe II I Association Day will be observed fltt
Mother's Day program their homecoming dayprogram 31 :
I May throughout the .
will be presented Sunday May May 17 at 4 p.m. in I day with the Southern District T _
10 at 2:30 p.m. with the fe- the church auditorium. host."Mother's .
i as ro '' c
IN ORLANDO FIRE Light" will be
You Don't Have to Go to Town to GetPRFES ORLANDO -Three Negro the theme forthe special
II l hiliren died Thursday when Mother's Day observance SuP, a 'al
flames razed their small I day, May 10. The youngest l .

LOi I frame shack here. I mother oldest mother and the d .
\ The fire which leveled the mother with the largest num-
four-room home killed l l Liz ber of children will be" hon-.
On YoW"DRUG Ann Wood 1, the daughter of ored. .,.,.:. a'S

J. D. Wood and two Wood's s ; .. S ..
STORE SEEDS grandchildren Lester J. Till- ? a? :bpi: <> t

man, 6 months and George

Trade With Your Neighborhood Drug Store Kingdom, Jr., 8 months. MT. OLIVE CHOIR
The three bodies were found
WE WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADVERTISEDIN together in a bed in'one of the GIVES ANNUAL TEA y' +G4'v: n \

small bedrooms of the rented

Another Robert Wood r .
W'f' Driver We Also Fill All Dodon' Prescription An annual Mother's Day <@]> asI

the Wood's fire. son, escaped from tea will be given by Choir No. I SEMINOLE CULTURE CLUB HONOR MOTHERS-Members and officers of the

Firemen said the home was 2 of Mt. Olive Primitive Bap- Seminole Culture Club who attended the May meeting and the Mother's Day pro-
Dixie Pharmacy engulfed in flames by the tire tist Church May 10 from 4 to I gram honoring Mrs. Ida Hawkins and Mrs. Renia Napoleon are seen In the top photo

they were called to the scene 6 p.m. in the basement of the from left: Mrs. S. Gordon president; Mrs. Maybell J. Taylor. 1st vice president; Mrs.C. .
ISO KINGS BOAD at MYRTLE: AVENUE and that they believed the G. Williams second vice president; Mrs. Julia E. Robinson, recording secretary;
PHONES EL LIII'I.J8 three infants were dead be- Some of the local artists Mrs. P. G. Aarons financial secretary; Mrs. Dora Anderson and Mrs. Mamie Mar
fore the fire department was will participate on the pro i I tin. Seen in the bottom photo sitting are the honorees from left are Mrs. Ida Hawkins
PAY YOUR LIGHT, WATER AND TELE-- notified. Wood's wife had gram. A token of appreciation -; 84 years old and Mrs. Renia Napoleon who was celebrating her 103 anniversary.

PHONE BILLS AT OUR STORE been baby sitting with the will be given to all mothers I Standing in the same order are Mrs. Madlyn Jones. Mrs. Rosa Lee Smith and Mrs.
children but was not"at homeat present according to the : Daisy Hheaton. The meeting was held at tin home of Mrs. Rosa Lee Smith.TOOT3ACE .
the time. public relations committe. -- -- -- -
,., --
? ii'
/? ? & ? .?.? 2 c 2 cue' I .
., c e 2e'c e'c 2 2 'e 2e # #
---wIT --------

: : Cuar'Itee t"r II:." I.-t; ,k 51.: i NEED MONEY
.... : ;';.
/sr "... to In I. '
YOUR II can't .
!i dentist, the best thing 4 :*!*-,:C :i. I' Beat the high cost of living the easy and enjoyable
Pat" .
you Is ORA- E'-' I
for i
rt' a tI .a..., I. s In -_t\'JI.s.:; I way. Be a successful La, Dainty Cosmetic Salesmanor
', t .;F. : tM1Lr Woman full time or part time. We train you. Pro-
.:31'j';;: i-; 2. t
\ lecied territory. Phone or call at once for the best
""bM /sSe'I' ::....a.tiyr I! offer you have ever had. -


4 --
-- -- -- -

2416 N. Myrtle Avenue Phone EL 4-3582

I I L'L'r L'L.I HOM'EM KlN;ti '..i iI :

High on the list of the many I r
B UT kitchen chores that I really de ;
r-ii II! test is the Job of cleaning my 1
99999you9re oven. Gosh! Everybody knows i t
that broiled foods are best for I COOKING HINTS ,
you, but lots of people-including !
: Ill l I : me-just hate to clean the I Graafian Home
Service Director
oven after broiling a few time
,1 In our house we do a lot of I and her staff
broiling whether it be steaks I
1/ calves liver, hamburgers or what- Retail
have-yo11-4'e just love broiled Scott
foods. ,
But who has the job of clean I Serve Meat Ball Stew in individual casseroles for a color
ing that meal in dish. Meat balls made with
dirty oven every week ful busy day -one-
Me! And once a week is abso- Carnation Evaporated Milk are always juicy-never dry

.. take.lutely all the oven.,.cleaning-__-i__mi I-can .and crumbly. Cole slaw and hard rolls complete the menu..
But we just discovered that we --
I lo cke d't can have '
our steak and eat It r dYN
too, in a man,
.' : II .ner ing. of Friend speak-

Husband and Y
I were window
shopping appliances t

of the primary elections day. and-one lo- 55 I 3 41 t 1..

and-behold! r-
we found an "

\ unless you're registered Ii electric that has range an i +v yp

oven that's as 9K y /e.NA'A fvy
% ,
V easy to cleanas

This will be the greatest spot in the world, come I This changing new Kelvinator shell paper.rang. has 1: y w /

Day. special foil oven linings that you
IF YOU'VE MARRIED, MOVED OR : all your friends will drop in. To take a band I just throw away when they. get 4 'e
I and
i iI dirty greasesplattered.We
COME OF AGE SINCE THE LAST in running this country, county, city and state. To Z I took a close look and knew s
voice an opinion on big things lib presidents and i j that this range held the 'answerto '

[ ELECTION. read Inll peace plans, on little things like parking meters and nv,,;b' Aluminum my oven-cleaning problems.
foil linings the
I IR1DESI Even if you had pre- riRST VOTERSI If yon have garbage collections. To, register a complaint aboutvioualy l bottom both aides and cover the backof 4 .
registered under your celebrated your 21st birththings they don't like, or approval of things they do. tX\'Z tl the oven and protect It from

maiden register name again, you under have yournew" to day(or if sine yon will the be last 21 by election Election Here, your voice is as' big as all the others, your :rt baking run-overs and and broiling.splatter during' I MEAT BALL STEW

1:, name. Be sure your Day),get your name in opinion as important as that of a Supreme Court I You don't need any special (Makes 4 to 6 servings)
I "married name" to to the the book. It's a mark of Justice.'t' kind of foil, either. You the
I book! maturity to register and vote :\1 I V cup fine dry bread crumbs 2 tablespoons shortening
Z AIMED FORCES MEMBERS See But you won't get in if you're not registered. Your \ 'L r same foil kind that of you household can buy aluminum in the- ya cup undiluted CARNATION 2 cups thinly sliced
R MOVERSI If you hT* moved your Voting Officer for"th locked out of the right to vote, cut off from your supermarket or neighborhood EVAPORATED MILK raw potatoes
t from the precinct whew registered you word"on now you can vote. friends and neighbors, shut out on national and neighborhood b, store. When you want to changethe I 1 pound ground beef 4 carrots cut in quarters
were previously linings, it's as simple as the I salt 4 to 8 small onions
have to register affain.Make GOING AWAY SECTION DAY issues.Don't tf't 1 teaspoon
r1 you B.W ddreesis Veto first-by Absentee Bal- f old ABC's. ; Few grains pepper 1 package'frozen peas
the lever :
1:t in the sure book your! lot before you leave. miss the thrill of pulling (marking You pull out the special hold- i 1 cup water
1 Z **** ::ho ballot) that makes your government yam. era that fit into the oven and / teaspoon nutmeg
***** 1\I.V' throw the dirty oiL Cut { 2 tablespoons grated onion / teaspoon
t ;t ***** Register now. And start asking your friend sail ti I new linings from the roH and t 2 tablespoons flour Few grains pepper

neighbors. re'JN fold them around the wire
I boldi i Combine the bread crumbs and Brown meat balls on an IideLAdd
0 5:00 P.M. I I It in the book? \" ers. Put the holders back and Carnation In mixing bowL Add the vegetables and water.
name have clean I
9OOS00KS your you a shiny oven in a
".\ OPEN -.. ,I- > :',-, \J jiffy. Simple as simple can be. beef,1 teaspoon salt,pepper,nutmeg Sprinkle with % teaspoon salt
b MONDAY THHU, SATURDAY REGISTER AT I and onion. Mix throughly. and pepper.Cover tightly.Cook
320 EASTS AY STREET .. to clean can't Imagine an easier way Divide meat mixture into 12 over low beat until vegetablesare
a dirty oven than changIng
+ Counrr Court HOBM J the foil liners In my new 1 portions and shape into balls. tender about 30 minutes.
Kelrinaftnr range.We are REALLY Roll meat balls in flour to coat. Serve In individual casseroles.
baring broiled meals Melt shortening in frying pan.
2 2 DOW.I ---- J
E j -

t .





_... .. ... .
Page Six -- -'"'!- n Ending SalurdaT. May-- 9. 1959

of the Florida Morticians. vations, he said. SEASON TEA SET !. MOTHER'S DAY SET TRUSTEE DAY SET MEN'S DAY PLANNEDAT

MORTICIANS SET Inc., has announced also that All checks for reservationsare BY ALUMNAE GROUP AT NEW BETHEL AME AT ST. JAMES AME ST. MATTHEWSt.

guests from North Carolina. tp be made payable to

MEET s IN NASSAU Alabama and points throughout the .Florida :Morticians As-| QUINCY -The St. James Matthew AME Church

Florida have applied for sociation. Inc. The plane may A Season Tea will be spon- AME Church of which the Greenville, will observe *an-

airplane reservations. For a be boarded at Tampa or Fort sored by the Alumnae of the ORMOND BEACH Regu- Rev. F. H. Ashe is pastor, nual Men's Day, May 17

JUNE 161718The few dollars over the airplane Lauderdale at a flight time D u v a 1 County Vocational 1 a r services Sunday at the will observe Trustee Day' throughout the day with the

fare, each tourist who regis convenient for the tourists. School of Practical Nursing, New Bethel AME Church Sunday, May 10. Sunday'I officers in charge of the ac-

ters through his office at 525 The 50 minute trip from :May 24 from 4 to 6 p. m. in will be conducted in the observance School will begin at 9:30 a. tivities.
W. Beaver Street, will receive -the States will give ample the social hall of Simpson of Mother's Day, m. and morning worship will 0. B. Evans will serve as

Florida Morticians As- taxi service from the time for sightseeing and plea, Methodist Church, Kings Rd. beginning with Sunday schoolat convene at 11 a. m. with the,chairman and Thomas Washington -
plane to the hotel and back. sure. Presidents Hillman an' and Cleveland Street. in The Junior -as cochairman.The .
sociation, Inc., is scheduledto P:30: a. m. with Mrs.Stella pastor charge. j
hold its thirty-fifth annual Included will be sightseeingday nounced. Persons selected to repre- Rose in charge. Choir and Usher Board No. 11will t Rev. J. \V. Jones, pas-
and 1 tor of the Mt. Zion AME
and night trips the1day.
t the :Mrs.E l serve throughout
convention in Nassau, Baha s e n seasons are
from.famous fortresses, ma- Morning worship will convene I' Church, Hasting, will be the
1 i Delores
mas, BWI June 1618.It o s e Sampson,
and speaker for the morning wor-
rine gardens, night spots Brown, Ruby Plummer and at 11 a. m. at --- -------1
has been announced that shopping centers. Gloria time, all mothers of the city I ship.On
the meetings will be held in READ"POLITICS Wiggins.Mrs. have been extended an in- A Mother's Day program :\1:1)10, service will
the auditorium of the tropical The president emphasizedthat : Joyce Gilbert is the vitation to attend.A will be presented during the begin with Sunday School at
funland hostelry with the deadline for reser- program chairman, with Mrs evening worship Sunday, 10 a.m. with Oscar Kelly in
Executive Committee headquarters vations through the "pack- AS USUAL"ON W. L. Smith serving as gene- tea will be sponsored by :May 10 under the sponsorship -' charge.
is set for 15 ral chairman.The the ushers of t h church of the
located in the May age plan" May e League president The Rev. Clyde Hankerson,
which time it is have May 10 from 4 to 6 in and the Junior
:Fair Hotel. at expectedthat PAGE 2 general public p. m. Missionary assistant pastor of Greater
from 300 to 800 persons been invited to attend the af the basement. ACE Leaguewill Society for the benefit of the Bethel Baptist Church of

Oscar Hillman, President will have applied for reser- fair. begin at 7 p. m. church. Starke, will l he the speakerfor

------ -- -- ------ the morning worship,
-- --
-- ---- ---
---- -- --- -- --- ---

II I May 10 at 11:30: a.m. Holy

a CommunionViII lx .,dminis-
=-- -- E ---
-- -- -
-- -
y tered during the services.
I I_-_ ;The Firm Llctpd! Bolow A o Reromm'ndcc1 Ranltryb1e Establishments --- -- -- --

p..1i7.ina C nT'Vi- ,..nrJ P-- "t M v ', DOUGLAS ANDERSON
---- ----- --

!1! Douglas Anderson High
Fold. Excellent Service We Deliver Fuel Oil Fill Dirt :: LETTERING ::
will hold its first
AUTO PAINTING COMPANY Moderate Prices .School
We Give World Green Stamps Accurate Meter Delivery Prompt Service ,commencement exercise.
Complete Body Repair & Paint Work :)3633 Moncrief Rd, Cor. 27th EL 4-9404 6330 Avenue B PO 4-9516 Gold Leaf Trucks Glass SLo-Carda :31 at 3 which will May be
416 Oak Street EL 3.5100 p.
Oven Baked Paint Jobs
-:- -:- ,
the baccalaureate service.The
Price Start at $4.00
service will be held in the
1532 East Adams Street EL 5-8135 CLOTHING Kerosene Fuel Oils auditorium of the school.
-Over 50 Years Service to Jacksonrille-
A and R TRIM SHOP 2329 Boulevard EL 3-3643 One Day Service The: Rev. J. C. Sams, pas-
Royal Crown Bottling Company tor of the Second Baptist
1525 Main Street EL 5.8091
COMPANY Church will deliver the annual -
Custom Made Seat Cover 1235 San Marco Blvd FL 9-4488 I
Jacksonville's Only Distributor of I | sermon.
641 West State Street EL 6.9432 !
HOUGABOOK AUTO SERVICE Tailor Supplies and Cleaners Supplies Dr. Benjamin Mays, president -

General Auto I 519 Broad Street EL 4-1735 SOUTH OIL COMPANY OF FLA. GENERAL UPHOLSTERY SHOP [ fo Morehouse College
will be the
.( Specializing In Motor Tune-up" I Phillips 66 Products Convertible Tops Door Panels 1:commencement speaker the
: exercise
!!f Generator. Starter and Carburetor Servict FlUe Fuel Gasoline Headliners Furniture Slip Covets
FOODS which will be held
J. H. HOUGABOOK.'Prop. Trop-Artic Motor Oil 3227 N, Myrtle Avenue EL 4-8114 !110 a. m. June 5 at

1361 Kings Road EL 4-3659 "It's Performance That Counts" ------ ------
1721 Franklin Street EL 6-7681

t Regulators- Delivery- Auto Service Repairs- 646 Flordia Avenue EL 633089MOM'S GETER & BAKER FUNERAL HOME Real Estate Rents Mortgage Collected Loans I, RADIO SERVICE

1050 Broad Street EL 4-1715 Serving Jacksonville & Duval 410 Broad Street EL 4-6204> ;I Home Calls on all Makes
County for over 50 Years I
Used Radios
i from S5.00 Up
KITCHENHome 767 West Beaver Street EL 4.1812CARTER'S i

cooked meals served 24 hours- Jones Institute of Physical Culture I I We Finance
7 days a week
School Of Barber, Beauty & Massage
Reconditioned Batteries 1285 Kings Road EL 4-9321 24 Hour Ambulance Service Colored Owned and i: : ELGIN 6-8074
Operated I
All Kinds of
Battery Serving Colored Homes Since 1918O. Learn"' 'I
"Earn As You L i
Price $5,00 and up C. Jernigan. owner S. L. Davis ,,
812 Clay Street I
520 Florida Avenue EL 5-4900 929 West Beaver Street EL 4-0545-6 4-60051 I, Ii!
641 West Ashley Street EL 4-9303 -

FLAMINGO RESTAURANT Holmes & West Funeral Home \I
Automotive Repair Auto Painting -Ambulance Service- Flowers For All Occasions SAFEWAY DRIVINGSCHOOL
35 Plate
-:- Specializing -:- Ave. EL 4-7275
1514 N.
Body Work 24-1 our Wrecker Service Homemade Pies and Cakes (Notary Public) I

", AAA Service -. Free Estimates 718 West Ashley Street EL 6.9169 2719 West Edgewood Avenue PO 5-1641 1 600 West Beaver Street
All Work Guaranteed41
l' OUTH SERVICEAll Office ELgin 5-7742

2949 West Beaver Street EV 9-3418 BUBBA'S COFFEE SHOP Andrew J. Huff Funeral Home Kinds of Hard Tooth Band Saws. I j Res. ELgin 4.0639

Home Cooked Foods 24 Hour Ambulance Service Blades Sharpened and Sold I GEORGE PERPENA. Dir

617 West Ashley Street EL 4.9701TIPLIGHT'S 1337 Davis Street EL 4-6896-7 1526 Gary Street EX 8-9504
Vitalyte Battery Sales & Service
3711 Main Street EL 5-2004 FURNITUREAIR TAXI"At
Home Cooked Meals -
Your Service"NEW
DEAL CAB EL 4-1611
2937 Myrtle Avenue EL 4-9329
THIGPEN'S BODY SHOP Complete Home Furnishings LINCOLN CAB EL 4-1611 $, LOANS $

Batteries $6.95 & up LANE'S CHICKEN SHACK We Invite Your Credit ; $1,000 $XOOO $,000

Guaranteed For The Life of Your Car Southern Fried Chicken Bar-B-Que :$953 Roosevelt Blvd. EV 7-4619 Timiquana Road Trading Post ".000 up to $% .OOO

"Baked On Enamel" We Cater To Private Parties ROBERTS NEW & USED FURN. Complete Garden Supplies Payable $1.00 per mo. per hun-

Wrecks Rebuilt Chicken in the Box To Carry Out Home For Every Room Fertilizer Fruit Products dred on unpaid balance at 6%.

680 East 21st Street EL 3.5080'im's 1446 N. Myrtle Avenue EL 6-9876 :502 Florida Furnishings Avenue EL 448.0 -New and Used Furniture bought and sold; Let us help you to complete

564 Timi 1.3762I
GROCERIES BARBER AND BEAUTY SHOPS I years in the same place.
Gulf Service Station .. Call
: -
Complete Car Lubrication Les Charmette Beauty Salon Washington's Health Service

Open Dally 7 A.M. to 9 P.M Special Attention to Hair & Scalp Treatment "Abundant Health Is Rightfully Yours" I I J. P. YOUNG
2055 Welt Beaver Street EL 4-9459 CHARLES JOSEPH GROCERY Hair Cutting and Styling Try Swedish Massage Mineral Steam Baths
Mr. Simmons Mr. Wafen
Groceries Meats Fruits Vegetables ]1427 Davis Street EL 6-9907 Colonic Therapy I. \
Free Delivery D. C. Washington, Masseur-Same Location Main and Monroe
1002 Florida Avenue EL 6-9762 \
Your Next Car Phone EL, -8014!
Our Specialty I
Hair Cuts
New Or Used For 23 Years EL, Q.S3Si
-:- -:-

-We Can Finance Anyone- FRED'S FOOD MARKET Open Ladies 9 a. n. to-8:30 Children p.m -- Sat.Genta 811111 934 N. Myrtle Avenue EL 42472I I \\1 __
Phone EX 8-0677
Fresh Fruits Vegetables 736 West Ashley Street EL 4-9112$

Farmer's Service Station 301 Davis Street- Free Delivery EL 4-9240 LA CONGO BEAUTY PARLOR delivery any part DRUGSFree of the dry I i \ GETTING! UP NIGHTS

Treatment with Hair Style -:- OLD RELIABLE -:- If Weakne (Getting
f'j Motor Repair & Tune-Up Scalp Cp Nights or Bed Wetting, too frequent
601 West Ashley Street EL 4-1380 urination
During the Month of February i I burning or itching or
Gas & Oil I Strong Smelling.Cloudy Urine,due to
Road Service GUS INA'S SUPERMARKET Mrs. Rosa Lee Speed operator I' common Kidney and Bladder. Irritation
try CTSTEZ for quick SO years UM
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t STORE __ :
300 Davis Street EL 6-541
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Specializing In Hair Cutting- Open 8:30 to 7 p. m. I:
CLEANING MIKE'S GROCERY Styling Scalp TreatmentMrs. 306 Davis Street EL 4-1210 I

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I )r. ; '-! 'T"J: i
: .
Where Quality Counts 'f.
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MISCELLANEOUS --Complete Termite Control- .v
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1236 Davis Street ff- -
EL 5-8115
-:- Building Materials- 'tt"J
2015 Broadway EL 6-9182 t!
414 N, Myrtle Avenue EL 4-1768 If any ..-&11 h- .n Christ, he

CAVALIER AAA BONDING AGENCYCity -...: is a new creature; old things
CLEANERS M & M MARKET and Federal Bonds! are passed away...- (II1
S12 W. Ashley Street EL 4182921st County
Corinthians 5:17.)
Fresh Meats EL. 5-1931
Law Exchange Bldg.
and Myrtle 814 West 8th St. 7 NELUES.PIE SERVICE Each new day that God
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beginning, a
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7SO Florida AYKUM EL 5-9742 AA BOTTLED GAS & FUEL CO. mistakes and failures of

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911 Weed Ashley Street EL B-I 630 t 15845 West Duvml Road PO 5-358 611 Ws Ashley Street EL 6.I. -7N 5 18703 Old Kings Road. PO 5-1634,

.. _
-' : -',.- < < >'. ; .. ,:. : .,. '';;. ,, :.. -'-. S ..: -.
.. -..' r- -- --: .:l"r t.. r -... .- '-,'--- <--




-- -
-- -

Week Ending Saturday May 9. 1959 -. .. a..s .

I Patterson Opens Training For Jonannson Bout I

-- -- -

....._...,..,.. <:-:.-,......:- .

:;oJ' ... rk .... rt pi II p. ,.. PATTERSON TO DEFEND TITLE

:::= ==S P 0.II T I G I T -; .:;:_- iv AGAINST JOHANNSON JUNE 25 I ii

i t.j; C'. !' XLIIAM JOHNSON:

DEAR COACH: Just a few lines of encouragement. a great to win, but a.clean,
I few lines of advice and a few lines of information in an sportsman like splr tfal.r play NEW YORK-With the Brian London fight all tucfc
open letter to all of you who hold the destinies of the and upright behavior is far 1 ; away and London raising no howl about a return mate

young athletes in your hands.I moe important.You Heavyweight Champion Floyd Patterson has settled dovi:
------ to the serious business of for
have constantly watched ---- ---- see Coach, those boys w gettnig ready Ingemar Jo-

J the activities of a number of I In baseball they want to follow you pretty closely.If 6 hannson. '
and it The London bout was term- -
.you in recent years, 'win every game they play, they see you go to any extremes
appears beyond a reasonable I they want to be the star of to bring victory they ed a warm up match and up and opponents are chosen,

shadow of a doubt that many Ii I',the game.They want to bring think they can go throughlife /'.A., ."...,<' .... .,. ::. : that be. Patterson is what it did turned not out show to I will take them Pattersonsaid.
of you get so engrossed in victory to their schools. But taking advantage of people .
your work that you become Iso j you must watch them. You using unsportsman like '\ : his old time form that was

carried away over the job ;know Coach, there may be tactics to accomplish a goal, evidenced when he fought
at hand that a few, things t some, potential big league: they will soon learn they Archie Moore Tommy (Hur- SIMPSON
slip your minds now and stars but they can't be a started on the wrong foot. pa ucane) Jackson and Pete S GOES

then. So please take these ,Jackie Robinson,Roy CampajnellaWillie i They will find somebody out Rademaher, but he did do
few lines as a reminder and: Mays, Orlando''' there in this hard cruel old ; enough to convince the top
not as a criticism, and if it Cepeda, Sad Sam Jones, Don world knows some of those : : men in boxing that Pattersonstill TO CHICAGO FOR
is intended for a constructive I Newcombe, Junior Gilliam, ungodly tricks too, and he has what it takes.

one. ''Charley Neal, Hank Aaron,I!: didn't learn them from a r"l 3 Top men believe the hamp
Wes Covington, Elston Ho- \. has what it takes to defend SOX RAY BOONECHICAGOHarry
: If it is not too much trou- high school coach.
his title Johannson,
ward of the other against
ble Coach could you pleasetry or any
Coach it is honorto but until he himself
league celebrities until quite an proves
to remember that your major
become "Coach of the .. ."'. .. .0;< other -
high school they make it. Coach their, : against some fighters (Suitcaf
charges students.are Too to really destiny is in your hands, you Year" or to win titles after ', who are considered No. 1 Simpson is now a memberthe
real young fundamntals can help them or hinder titles or to be tabbed the r AK .- challengers, he cannot be Chicago White Sox aft

grasp the it is all about. Will them. Unless you and only brainest coach in the busi- :Y .1.St .', classed with Jack Dempsey, being traded by the Karl t
of please try to rememberthat you take are of them, they ness but not at the sacrifice ,., ,... Gene Tunney, Joe Louis,Max'k City Athletics for frist bas
you are doomed. of a youth's athletic careeror Baer. M a x Schmeling.: Jim
mistakes they (I :. man Ray Boone.
whatever to hamper his life's future. N r >- ... >,..... : Braddock or any of the fighters -
Coach in basketball involved
t giv- The trade only
make, they are always your 1JIN .
Win of
I Coach who
yes win all the ( > : yesteryears help-
their best. word is law. They believe in two men with no cash in-
games you can. I am in your ,ed to carve boxing into the
Coach these boys you. How great it would be volved. Simpson broke In
You see
corner, but what is hearts of fans and write
believe In you. they dependon to have an Oscar Robertson, winning TROUBLE AGAIN-Hank Thompson is shown as :I fight with Cleveland in 1951 and
boys who have been the of the ,
you they bet on you. In Bob Boozer, Wilt Chamberlain he appeared as a member of the New York Giants as a history 'fight game. spent sometime with the New
crippled for life Body Patterson has to the
football they want to win Bill Russell, Willie Mind and in team mate of Monte Irvin and Willie Mays back in proved York Yankees. The 31-vear--
Spirit? world that he will take themas
Just as much as you do but Naulls, Benny Stokes and 1951. Since that time Hank has been in trouble time old outfielder is a first baseman
you can't make a Jim Brown. many others who have hit Think on these things after time. His latest brush with the law happened a they come. The only thing also. Simpson has played
Willie Galimore Lenny the big time in basketball Coach as you take your young few days ago when he was placed under a $1000 bail that will hold him down is in only six games this
M Moore. Lenny Lyles Big Daddy They want to win Coach. charges in hand.Remember for forcing his wya into the apartment of Mrs. Ruth manager Cus D'Amato.has year with the Athletics. His
Lipscombe Roosevelt They want to bring the Bowens and assaulting her. The magistrate told Thomp. loosened up and turned best year was with Kansas
Brown Emlen Tunnell Clarence championship to their respec- I am with you son he had led a charmed life as he examined his re the champ loose, it doth not City in 1956 when he batted
Peakes or any other of tive schools. Please tell them always but stay on the right cord. The record included alquittals for theft larceny yet appear to what heightsthe .293, hit 21 home runs and

the fellows in the big money Coach that winning isn't the side of the road. assault and murder. Monte Irvin. a very close friend hard hitting champion drove in 105 runs.
will rise.
bracket. They are still in only thing. It is far betterto SMOOTH SAILING 'TIL and former teammate said Thompson had been drinking Simpson played in a few
high school Coach. let them know it is, greatCOMFORTABLE WE MEET AGAIN. when he forced his way into the apartment. Irvin I Since the tune up bout has games with the champion
--- --- --- ----- said all Hank needs is a job and a chance to straighten ;been successfully completed, Yankees, but he was mostly
I himself out.STANTON. 1 the champion has settled While with
.fit I 'tt: I ------ down to the serious business
I ""l 11l j I the Yankees he complain
-- ;;: .{ .' ...P.J. JACKIE DOUBTS A & T AGGIES SEEK I I i of getting ready for the Swe- of too much idleness and J
I ;I! ::;*A .' _.::'i:1': ''J .] 1 WINS : dish champion. Ingemar Jo-
enough activity. Simpson
'U' .,,_.,, .. [I ". BASEBALL TITLE IN ;, hannspn.Patterson is attefpt- 33.

: I "J. .:.;' ". t .. ... ',:,> GETTING ROUGH CIAA BATTLE ing to correct the mistakeshe
....=--L!. :; ; J INTO Boone has been a great
I ;.r .f .hfl.P'-.jpo. toRIWl I WITH GRADDICI{ made in the Brian London Pensive and defensive star
: :r. ,jo, : i Lout.
I- ;.;>' Greensboro, N C.-The Ai with the Detroit Tigers. The
\l"1fJ' HALL OF FAME and T College Aggies are' Since becoming champion, 35-year-old star went to the

.. ;':;.;, ') :., f,1.J ; : ON THE MOUND seeking their third CIAA Patterson has been the target White Sox last May in a
/ l-i. >fi f'! title within a year with the of more criticisms than trade with Detroit. He has
II' }.j. oJ r rKd'P' i baseball team any other fighter in history appeared in nine this
playing some
} # .B\I.I I =--
... ,
.. BRIDGEPORT. Conn but he
Jackie he
\ -:<;l. tight games throughout the says never becomes season, compiling a .238 ave-
.J :p.
) ; r..l. Robinson, the former conference. angry by what write with five
: Many of the major leagues i people rage runs battedin.
; :,: .f ._. W Brooklyn Dodger star said most spectacular players have The Aggies were undisputed and says about him. Just as Boone like Simpson, brokein
} I" :l'LI !.:.!\oi 'L recently that he missbaseball's long as the
may jumped from college campuses champions i.n basketball fights are lined with the Indians in 1947. .
Ijl I 1Ji.: 1)1_ \" '. :'!' .. "1--"HII'- Hall of Fame but to stardom and many of: and football and at present -- ------ -

.. 1\. .... I I I : ': : tj; I! tt.. Hy Hurwitz, president of the them were picked right out; they are deadlocked with the .. _...
.. :; l Baseball Writers Association, of high school with no col. Maryland State College and '" *
I. : l.I \j4 I : f; l; I he j1I .. .It
t : ? says "has just as good a lege training and from all ap. the outcome will be determined !::
u as anyone else eligi-. pearances Nathan Graddic,, with the games with Enroll Now In The
1 ble. Maryland State.Delaware Soulh's Finest
the star pitcher of the Stan College ;
Robinson, the first Negro ton Blue Devils is destinedto Howard, Eliza- Florida Barber College |'
to play modern organized become great. beth City have been victimsof Branch G. I. Approved
baseball, told the New Eng- The Blue Devils baseball the Aggies also Hamptonand g t 11

land Regional Conference of team went on to win the 1958 Shaw with two each.The
iMak9 nun the NAACP that "If I have city title on the strength of only loss they have sufferedwas Woodrow Patterson, manager Prof. James Ulove]

< '" Face I eei to get in by not speaking out the strong arm of Graddick at the hands of Maryland 630 Davis Street At Beaver I

.:} 'when I see a baseball or an who came through at the State. Behind the pitch- Phone EL 5-9874

.....' ,i,.:,_'.. ': individual wrong I guess I'm most opportune times. When ing of Willie Wyatt who ---- ---- --
{ 3 1 and not going to get in." : victory was needed, Coach stopped them on two hits -- -
.::. i Election to the Hall of Pearson could always call on The Maryland Staters gave 1
:::, ; LOOfcGOODn Fame at Cooperstown, N. Y., the dependable pitching arm the Aggies one of their worst '

is by ballot of baseball writ of his ace hurler. beatings.

K: b" e i ers who have been in the as- From time to time Grad ,: PALS'
: sociation 10 or more years. dick has received hand I ,
M.. : Only players who have been
\ shakes, congratulatory r e-
''out of active baseball for' marks, applause from the PAIGE CLAIMS

five years or more are eligi-t stands and still remained cool BALLROOM'OF
ble. Robinson quit after the calm and level headed. Un- S
1956 season and hence, said like most young athletes who MARLINS OWE\ i i

,a01 BHAVIfi POV DEBi Y, Hurwitz, would not be eligible get special attention from the I JACKSONVILLE 'I:'

PROOU,T.,.. j until 1962. crowds, he has not become ''II
: I '
1 I Before each election a list swell-headed 1 fflM$1,300 /AMAMMMMMAfUV* Y.WNf/H'Jt/M'1pyUyyyJyy/ III
s e f-centered II
your druggist cannot supply' you POWDER
T. ;sttavttsc ,co\. of 400 to 500 players who
SEND rf for thus MAGE TEAM MATES, Jf.O.s8ox. 3457,$*v n I have had two years service his nor over puffed because of 1 LAST TIME TONITE
acomplishments on the t
.in' the majors and who have diamond. KANSAS CITY. Mo.-Leroy nnnnnewww nrmv VtJVVtnI\\if.i ,

---- ;:I been out for five is ccirculat--' Nathan is compiling a com, Satchel Paige, who recently TRIPLE ATTESCTION= 'I'

ed to writers eligible to vote.mendable record during the released by the Miami Mar-
I I To be elected a player must" current season with New lins baseball team claims IN PERSON" I'Ii/.111 I

be named on 75 per cent or I Stanton heading toward an- that the team owes him
more of the ballots. Last ,other championship season. $1,300 in salary. i (IJIMMIt ;:
I year no one was elected. :]He is pitching with the spiritof Paige said they know they I : BARNES ;

Robinson told the meeting j jI < a veteran who has the owe me and he could prove; ; I
+ I, that he felt because he ]1 honor of his team at heart. it in black and white. The!
rl I speaks out against race prejudice Marlins are in the International -' "NO REGRETS""Be
I he could fail for elec-I : League. Careful With My Love"

tion to the Hall of Fame. He 1 SB 33 __ 27 i There were two reasons AND THEGALTS
said he had missed !given by the Marlins' front I
trophies 836 01 __ 468
?and awards because of his Ii I It oWe in releasing Paige and,I
t +' aggressive attitude." they were tardiness for plane!

I !IThere's no award or tro- 9 j flights and accusing them of 1
phy that's more important \ owing him money. He said '
than self respect he said. 4 la he will probably join an i TED TAVLOR

Arrerian club soon. I
1 Satch was with the Cleve-,
CF NL l REFRIGERATORS Watch This Gown land Indians in 1948 when, "BE EVER WONDERFUL""SINCE
v & FREEZERS Bill Veeck was the big man

y 67 _. 15 85 at Cleveland, he is now the!
0 4 4Reco.uaadel Serviced By i 275 55 855Soruettmes big man at Chicago with the.:

I f .. Licensed Technician White Sox. Choker
I M. E. DELEMOSCall I he's opHomettaH CampbellAnd
b*'. down
PO 4-0127 He adds subtracts
He works It aU around EAT
s 'r AA/WVWVAn .' I
Btenwen emr. a ,, I I VXA/VWUVVW
SAY YOU SAW IT Coming Attractions .BERRIERS r MON.. THRU THURS. 75c '

IN TUEFLORIDA 117._ 06 37 41 II I FRI. SAT: & SUN$1.00
S. ,
.. .- .:'. '" .f., .. : .


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_ -- .
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Bight __ THE FLORIDA STAB ___ Week Ending Sarurday May 9. 1969
-- -


I'I Big Weeks June 15 July 24
I OFJNTEGRATION homicide detectives arrested 1 8 *
i Piano Band Theory Voice Accordion
J I Bill London of 1169 *
LEAVE STATE if West Beaver Street on Sun- 2922 PEARCE STREET Ph. EL 5-9722 *

I day night and charged him .
with assault to murder in the *
A side drama of the now in- w, shooting of Willie Lee Wright.Wright *"

ternationaly known Parker' 31, of 219 Jefferson HAVE CASH WILL BUY *
abduction case is the quiet ATLANTA, Ga. A visit- Street, was allegedly shot *
flight of two of the murderedman's s fcg school official from Washington in the lower abdomen by Lon- *
friends from the state D.C., scoffed at school don about 9:30 p.m. Satur- YOUR VACANT LOTS
of Mississippi to what they i t integration anxieties by openly day night. He is in critical *
hope will be a haven of safety declaring that racial inte- condition in Duval :Medical Call EL 4-6782 Mr. Kay -
in,Chicago, 111. I j i' .xI I gration, has been good for Center. :

Norman James Malachi, 36,' : schools in the nation's capi- IWJatotucd
and Lee C. Underwood were 1 tf.l.I Eddie B. Houston of 1241 :
with Mack Charles Parker r West 21st Street, surrenderedto I
on I Carl F. Hansen, superinten- ONLY
the night of Feb. 24 I Duval County deputies on $5.50
i dent of the integrated public
hours before Parker was alleged AND i j I II I Monday in connection with a
school system Washington, Hand-Painted Oil Portrait of YOURSELF
to have I Sunday night shooting whichhe
raped a Anthony
D. C., made his statements on admitted committing. Brides. Graduates Babies Pets. Loved Ones Living
woman. The two men were !Loren ( ) -I
questioned by police in con- ;:nount's : Sunday discussion during of a television Houston, 42, told Deputies likeness guaranteed. Full refund if you're not completely I i A Up of the i>>pJ Cos*
nection with the incident. ;, 'THE B Washington'sive :Marvin Hayes and George satisfied. Painted in rich oils by professional i to these ootetaadlBf
Trey! were released the net ihowng years of public school in- Walker, that he shot Otis C. foreign arlsts. Each portrait is a work of art in beautifuL I young Americans, wfte
morning. Saturday) tegration. Rivers, 23, and 17-year-old living color and would cost up to $35. or more make our country and
lays at Mr. Hansen said, "We are Moses Daniel after they I if painted in this country. This is a masterpiece your ; our cummunity a bettor
Malachi, however said hews : !ain definitely assured in our own threatened to beat him following i children wll be proud to hand down to their children, : obu-e la which to llv*
questioned again on the d o u s all minds that where there is a minor automobile acci-l* and so on. Phone RAymond 4-4174 for complete details
28th of February. He gave dent. i * i
"GIRL IN competence children soon for- I or write F. W. Howell. 1226 Halifax Road. Jackson-
ponce the same story, to the i get whether teachers Nero The suspect said Rivers was ville 11. Florida.
new are j *
effect that he drunk on'1 i
was: armed with a knife when he -
the of dot hit.Movie. or white. I .: I 1-
night the alleged crime Orlando.'I shot him. ,
II*. said he remembered Parker The official further remarked Rivers, who lives at 14882 j +

stopping at a service station ;''vited to that Washington W. Seventh St.. is in critical ...-'_ r,..__. s.r I *
for gas, after which he I'Saturday I school integration has improved condition in Duval Medical ;. : *
(Malachi) passed out. I:Roosevelt educational opportuni-I Center with a bullet wound in .,. ).., :. ... '- '" f I
: > ..
Questioned about his future I' "!es. He also reported that in his stomach. Daniel, of ><:. .. .. 31" I am humbly grateful to I *'
nivenile delinquency 1488 W. Seventh St. is in the '' ::.,
plans, Ma'achi\ emphatically JOHNNY among I 1" the thousands of my fellow
,I *
declared, "I don't intend to Chuck \egroes "has dropped signifi- same hospital with a bullet citizens of Jacksonville who
gt .:antly, and teacher recruit- wound in his I *
back to Mississippi." the right leg. [ made it possible for me to
Twenty-year-old Lee C. Ur- 'it the standards are among the The shooting climaxed a j jTe d4 serve the next four years as *
t and ; swiping incident on : Tax Assessor. I GWENDOLYN THOMAS ,
derwood, a former tn'other-in- son highest in-the nation. promise you .
law of the lyrch-victim, told 1 'tional! I ::011hain: Street at Ocean- .' anew that I shall always be High School j*
Chicago newsmen= that Pop-1 I i, Saturday '!wa '. I faithful to the trust that is New Stanton Senior
larville police had threatenedto 1 I : <: mposed in me. I Pepsi Cola Dealers and J
beat him unless he made a /: ROOM FOR RENT : \>, Sincerely. Pepsi Cola Bottling Com-!
statement that Parker had I Modern furnished roo m. : ...., ., '" pany are proud to salute 1
said he was going to rape awhite I II j BEACH SHOOTING : Couple only. Quiet neighbor- .v: ; ; j jV.- F. (Charlie) Wilson Gwendolyn C. Thomas of T
woman. By implication I Reported in fair conditionis hood. All Conveniences. EL i the 10th grade class. She i-
: i
Underwood stated that James Young, 17, with a1 I 51786. h r CITY is a member of the Girl'sAthletic .
Sheriff Moody made him rehearse -I' OP.Y ;bullet wound in the neck. The I I drab* C I u b. National
what he was to say. vouth is hospitalize'i in Duval ROOM FOR RENT 1 <' ? TAX ASSESSORFIRST Honor Society and attends .
His forced statements were' ing a rou : ? t Medical Center. Modern furnished. roo m. Second Baptist Church. *

put on a tape recorder."I city stpc!; Single man preferred. Mo- '" k'JWW.'II' w e *
Thursday: i According to police report.Young'
lied to save my own body I I!prisoners (,, was shot, bv Robert J. dern conveniences. EL 5-8733 I .. i., a rf t tJ
and or EL 57824. '
soul he
: ,
explained, rue-
i the night. :McNeil, 49, of Jacksonville' ; !
fully. ('Beach. The shooting took I

1 1i Officers i':, place at Jabbo's Place oper- ,I n: FF:J ;Z THRU I ... I
held for ,ated by McNeil at Jackson- .' RUN WED.
i were "ille Beach. Investigating officers Rooseveit I !

rhon, 33; ; 1 reported that the shooting j I A THOUSAND //MVEK7U.E-rnIIT) > DAYS...
followed an argument. Cool! AirConditionedSun.
Willie I | It ItI
HAVE i,Morgan, ; ; '!j S McNeil is being held on a Mon. All i e A THOUSAND; IOVE-FILIED NIGHTS... : t-

:i 26, all of i' charge of assault to murder. New! .

A _. -- -AUBREY 4 L LAl I New JULIAN Stanton WHITE Senior

JOHNNY SHAW i u lNili I t t Tribute is paid to Julian
ROOM i v
I LIVING YELL OUT OF YOU! o! the 12th grade class. He

AND"Jumpin' e is a member of the Band

OwaseovETEtNNtOOEOR' ,, 9 Business manager of the
OR k! National Honor Society.
I Swimming team and is af-
I With Johnny"COMlttG I ", filiated with the First New
APARTMENTTO I Also "FRONTIER GAMBLER" Zion Baptist church whereyrW1c'i.
( 1/1( "rw wd.
1 YOUR WAY 1 rI I .'. *


RENT? f $ c1rr l I *-
Also Sun. Thru Sat. BRAND NEWI!
3:00 6:00 P. M. *
-- -- -
FOR '- B RIG IT T E' N i i s **

S 1 > t idiu /' \J I
Monday Thru Saturday I BAiDOT
OVERW.OBS II I I "Song Of Old Wyoming" :. as a lighthouse keeper'sdaughter. y i New Stanton Senior *

RESULTS I Technicolor Western ... who believes ., I : High School

y I Also No. 14 Hop Harrigan min dressing light! :(?. j Edith is a member of
I .t+ I the 10th grade class. She
LISTIT !I Coming: Tues.-Wed.-Thun.I THE GIRL IN THE 3kBIKINIw 1(Is a member of the New
I. "LAST PARADIS" i!Homemakers of America.*
Naked Natives In Color : f 'president of the Elemana-

IN THE ONLY ALL NEGRO I I "Camp On Blood Island"SKYVIEW I : 11'j dor Teen Club president
JACKSONVILLE'S I I !!)f the Girl's Auxiliary and]
: |!U a member of the Second

"1360 ON EVERY RADIO DIAL'SUPPORT I Sun. Mon. Tues. s :F R-JUTY-OF y,,_(_!__US_...:,: ;.... IT,.....}i;v'N.-WILL JOLT YQt". * *
"Torpedo Run"-Glenn Ford .. "
l -
OF R !F S *
i f Oagratnlatioo,* from p...
"Let's Rock"-Roy Hamilton. ,
1 Della Reese Hit! ri 1 l:>1 R'R110H'f' 'N' ; Oola to these tone lied

ROOM THE DRIVE Q Award wlnnert.Uteo .

COMING MIDNIGHTSAT. to Pepsi! Merit Award
-rB # salutation e. Pe' *.l CM
d 4IrMI1A14
MAY 16TH I '

;I Chuck Berry Flamingoes- I r Reg. Prlceal-! Doorep; your dial Saturday..
lt:45 to 11U A..M.w
Cadillacs Moonglows g__,., _,... _:rr 11:30 TonUsl'l !

I would like to see a new policy of better treatment I
j to Negro customers adopted by local firms.I '
resent being called by my first name by salesmanand '

READ THE i j I I saleswomen.bailers that Negro patrons should be provided I -... .,"' .....,,, .....
ample rest room facilities in local establishments and
an end put to Jim-crow signs on drinking fountains I II
FLORIDA STAR and rest room ''I
I, To accomplish these changes I am willing to cease i
j patronizing firms that axe unwilling to meet these I

EVERYI requests. CMat
*n $
-. .- MPage


EL 4-6782 ( ) You may disclose' my name if necessary.
deniM unless indicated otherwise) below.
I understand that will
my name be held coafl-