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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200508datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date May 2, 1959dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=005080740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
May 2, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
May 2, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Jtf' ,Jaxons J Urged To Vote;

: '

STAll \Bruce Praises Peeler

--- --- -- -

j NO 13 Arid MIW5 May 2. 1E5S JACKSONVILLE'' 9. FLORIDA 15 ten

-- -- -- !t""FlV

i # .a jospel;* Singer i Slain I i A 1 1t __

rfilo West State Street Cafe ".w :, < .

9 ,., ..... r



,. :
I '"--
(J. C.) Thomas, well-known Ashley Street fig- : TALLAHASSEE-The Florida House of Representativesi
ure and former gospel singer was shot to death early'Wednesday i \ besd\y, struck a death-blow to proposed constitu-
morning by theowner.of a West State Street cafe for r fi i r-!'iv ri d' vt whirh if approved, would have permitted G: Aa

allegedly trying to take some money out of a woman's pocketbook -' 'I' -.e.. State of. Fziridji! participate] in federal slum clearance
.' -'r'--- : -e| r| c r--'e-:ting Highted areas and lifting the
The scene o' Ahe
was the Paradise Innlocatedat ( the outcome of this homicide I ". *..,"*" s .u, '_ "_..?te. .
(0: 7 *.%*. State Street whereat investigation. I The bil was kihed after a

least for witnesses pres- j ITS and \"icious'erbal battle I Stalling s vehemently; referred ; k
ent verefied that "J. C." provoked ?> ..: I o.v/een proponents and op-
the incident by his at- ....... .... r* >;>:-.e nts of the amendment. i'version of eminent domain." GREETINGS EXTENDED-President James H. Lewis of the Afro American Life

tempt to take money from the I 'I'p.: Mann of Hillsbor, igh, !I 'he general, opinion of the Insurance Company is shown greeting Mrs. Daisy ,Bates of Little Roc k. Arkansas
purse of a woman patron. ., who: actually porisored; the i Mil's enemies was that it wa president of the Arkansas State Conferencs NAACP Branches member of NAACP

itnesses assert that the' '-ill, tried in vainto save it by I opening the door to integra National Board of Directors and keynote speaker at the 10.000 membership kickoff :'r,
cafe Clarence JLj..- -.ironing that the bill would I
owner : :
I Earl M. Johnson
tion.The drive at St. Paul AME Church Sunday April 26. Looking on are
ens, asked the victim to refrain .'pt d.m l clearance in the I fact that Gov. Collins of the Jacksonville Branch NAACP. left. Mrs. Mary Betsch. Vice Presidentof
from his actions, where- I' ..'.-xh of free enterprise in-I, asked for the bill was conspic- I the Afro American Insurance Company and Robert. Saunders. Field Secetary of the
upon "J. C.v/hose full rti; oad: of placing it in' .iously not mentioned. Florida Conferences of the NAACP.

is William Joseph Thomas ands of public housing." ; Because of the 57-33 defeat -- ---- -- .------- --
drew a knife. Mickens is s-\.I 1 :: ;h :sing defeat how eve r,' of the bill, Florida is now unable -

to have then shot "J. C." two A1T "larr declared that the Houses i toparticipate fully in federal ANNEXING 1 s BID NEGRO CITIZENS URGED TO(! GO
or three times in the chest killing the bill "in a fit I slumclearance and urba*
with a .38 calibre pistol. *f emotionalism." I renewal! projects ona jointly I
The attack};: against the bill : financed basis. TUESDAY
The dead man no MM TO WEAKEN !
more widely known as "J. : spearheaded by Reps. Last year, Gov. Collin .: !
his liappell of Marion and Stalls launched a program of en-
than actual given --
by of our own Duval Coun- couraging the clearing I I '
Tuesdays important'primary
noted for his VOTE 5
pranks name, -ar.uteasing was ,' aecordhi ,rF: Chappell}] hor',y ipondcraneoL{ : jf 'hjghted>>! +presidential areas. NEGRO elections approachthe Hendricks.
who 'y. s measure as"' being "a If passed, the federal slurr big question is whet hei i Councilman, Ward 3-Samuel -
to of friends, EXI'G
many '* *-sized step toward social- clearance amendment would '' '' BILLTA : Bruce and James M. Peel
attribute his death to one of "J. C." THOMAS HASSEF-LegisTa-- Negro voters will go back to '
misunder- killed "' He added that "what have furthered the decrease- the polls and vote to elect f flu er.
his jokes, fatally over prank?
ve federal government puts ment of Florida's multiple tive .activity in this capital [rr.en'ho will run the city'' Councilman/ Ward ;>- W.
stood."J. city Thursday serious ,I 0. Oscar Mattux and Ernes; !
1 >fey into, it controls: slums. i if on saw 'government.
-- ------ preparations by the Du- D. Jackson.
C. 32, lived at r 3G "
Everson Street. Mickens lives I val members of te! House ofRepresentatives ;.he X ego:'o vote will play: ( r'.In.ai.. Ward 7-Warren -
f NAACP PROTESTS TO U S. SENATE "an important role in the elec-
at 756 W. State Street. The frr a maccr Kersey and Cecil F. Lowe.
ti" since colored
II voters
suspect was arrested at 6:15: county-wide election to deter- ; ns <.Camei'man: Ward 8-
Wednesday morning. mine the feasibility, desirability :j uae, the balance of p wer, .Ta.....e; E. Hill and Halph
9 OVER MISSISSIPPI MOB ACTION and possibility of an- j T- view of the fact that twoXegrw's Walters.
Arresting officers were pa- I i running for ,
are city
nexing some !91 square miles "-.1! "an. Ward 9-Dan-
Freddie Mack John- :
4CLARENCE of uiTounding to 'otincil posts and their election iel Kirk! and John F. anahan..
nie J. Doe and Sgt. Hickson. The mob abduction and of county I
suspected lynching a 23-year-: : the city of Jacksonville. would give colored citi- 'u"iriual Judge Frank
The investigation was con- >z : )Mississippi:\ Negro :Mack\ Charles Parker, for the alleged :"e's representation in tho -
Because of the! influent) ; Whitehead and John Sanlonu
ducted by Lt. O. A. Johnsonand : ai.xj of a white woman+ has aroused sentiment through the II that the so-called Xe1'o'ot i. -it" government going out to .
Sgts. E. P. Corley and: L. i United State '
:vote in Tuesday's second prj-
'bloc' had the firstprimary
I ing upon j,
A. Hamwey. II Parker was viciously beaten /1 1i
I ,, election the aries becomes a matter ofurgncy
Mickens 48, is being held "" and dragged from a third !! Representatives and State ation preparations in annex-Tallahassee !i for colored citizens li. lyr
at Duval County Jail pending I Ir floor cell of the Poplarville I and Local politicians. i is generally viewed a-- :I I! The candidates who will \v
II r jail by 10 masked men in the i, to weaken the up for election are as follows! : Y
I early morning of Saturday "These and their followers I a move Negro : .. .
' Councilman. Ward 1-Brad- : )
I strength in Jacksonville ,.
GROUP \ April 18. He was being de- have beenencouraged to law- I since, if successful, annexation 'Icy Tredinnick and ElbertNEW'S '

---'--'- -. !' tained for thesuspected rape ness by the..delays parlia- would bring into the i I
; ->f a young white mother. mentary chicannery and political
SPA MICKENS The FBI has i!municipality 147,000 inhabitants -
entered the ..
shenannigans on the
kills ; most of whom are ; BRIEFS v'
pransterEELAWAE case and Go\". J. P. Coleman federal level.
i [
white. t.
said he is being deluged with I i : A
PETERSBURG A fetters demanding the '| ""We believe the protest by
'ST. apprehension Itis speculated that in spiteof I
precedent set last year wasnot TOLDMIX 'of the hooded mob (' Congressmen over this crime its obvious aim to break MIXED: LOVE TRYST'
used on Tuesday when hat pistol-whipped, clubbed should be ,as widespread and the back of the Negro voting ENDS FATALLY
four young men all Negroes, end abducted the young Ne- i voiceferous as those made by body, the annexation move !i :NOTTOWAN Va. Last
appeared at the all-white Spa : TO SCHOOLS I II gro. them against the recent exe- because of the traditional dis- 'Thursday night produced a

Beach and leisurely swam and I Il I cution under the new Castro will run into rigid 'slaying near this city when
sun themselves. A precedent i WIT TT':CTi':. Dela. I i There is speculation thatParker's I j regime in Cuba. __u _... interest and distrust opposition mani- I 17-year-old Maxine Thomas .

l was created last year when United States District Judge body was thrown !!I "The National Associationfor fested by county'dwellers.In stabbed and killed her white
into the Pearl River whose SAMUEL BRUCE
City Recreational DirectorJack Caleb R. Layton III orderedthe ;i lover on a rural road. The
the Advancement of Colored order to become a .reality I
Puryear twice closed the state board of educationto muddy waters were three feet People action a majority vote in all areas i victim, Charles D. Jordan, SAMUEL BRUCE PAYS
Spa Beach andits adjacent integrate the races in Delaware's above flood stageon Saturday. by your committee..on urges top legis- selected for annexation will i|was one of two white men in T TRIBUTE TO PEELER

pool when Negro bathers j public schools. The integration NAACP BLASTS lation which will enable the be required. Selection of such j! the company of two Negro I whose The two Negro candidates
made an appearance. Puryear j i progrunill begin LYNCH MOB Federal Government to enterin areas willbe the responsibilityof girls. Jordan succumbed from names will appear on
.made no such move on Tues-I with the first grade next fall, Early this week the National suchmurderous break- the City Commission and stab wounds inthe chest. the ballot are Ernest Jackson,
the four and will proceed a grade at a ; Miss Thomas is said have local attorney who figured in
day as young men Association for the Ad- downs of law enforcement as City Council, who will also to the
all appearing to be about 20 time until all grades are in- vancement of Colored People that at Popkrville." have the power to require a j made a statement, the contents golf course integrationsuit
Samuel Bruce a
years old, enjoyed the facili- tegrated.The sent members of the House Roy Wilkins vote of approval within Jack- I of which were not made
ties of the beach.A decision was handed Senate Judiciary Committeethe Executive Secretary sonville proper. I public. The names of the oth- young eastside builder who
has been
active in
City Council meeting was ,down last Friday as a resultof following telegram: The NAACP er couple were not disclosed.
civic and
community affairs
called, however, and the mat- a series of hearings con: "The brutal beating, kid- New York. The'dead man is survived '
ter was discussed. Mayor I ducted earlier this ;year. The napping and probable lynch- charged with committing an ;,by his wife, three childrenand for several years.

John Burroughs said later ''I hearings were held to deter; ing of Alack\ ) Charles: Parkerin act of sex perversion upon a his parents. I II Bruce wno drew a surprisingly -

that the council decided "to mine the best method of in- Poplarville, Miss\ ., on April WHITE POLICEMAN three-year-old boy, and sod- CITIZENS RALLY FOR I large white vote in the

consider it a closed matter tegration.The I 25, offers tragic demonstration RULED PERVERT omy upon a two-year-old girl, SLAIN GROCER first primaries and is expected -

since no incidents were reported NAACP in concert of theneed for strong HOUSTON, Tex. A 66- both colored. t CHARLOTTE, N. C. A to draw many more said
atthe beach. with Negro interests broughtsuit I federal civil rights legislation year-old policeman was discharged Newkirkdenying the attacks I reward was offered last,week he has "the greatest respect
The Mayor added that the against seven of 40 school' to protect the lives and rightsof from the force on on the children, admit- ,by a group of Negro citizens for Mr. Peeler," "adding, "I
council made no plans on whatit districts that have segregated American citizens in areas Monday after criminal sex ted to homicide officers that I for the"capture of the slayer only hope I can do as good a
would do if the Negroes schools. The state has a total where state and local authori- charges were filed against he had been drinking. The t of a white grocer. The victim, job for all the neople as he

returned to the city-owned of 97 school districts, many ties are either unable. or unwilling him. Theman, Alonzo Lonnie surrounding community became 64-year-old' C. p. Campbell, did." Bruce said, "I think the ,
beach: of which already have in- to do so.' Newkirk was a special policeman i so aroused when word was killed last Tuesday in his People owe it'to Mr. Peeler to
Ross R Windom, then city tegrated schools.ITS ; "This crime is a natural assigned to help small ,of the attacks became known grocery store.Campbell1 let him take a rest now after
manager, issued the orders consequence of ,an organized school children safely across that four loads of officers had operated his more than 20 years of service -
last year to close the beach IMPORTANT campaign of law defiance led the street. arrived at the scene moments,. store for more than 30 years, I dread to think: what
\ when Negroes attempted to THAT YOU VOTE by:,Governors, members of the after the incident was reported and was regarded as a kindly four more years of City Hall
used the facility. ON TUESDAY. MAY 5 U. S. Senate and House of Nwkirk, a' white man, was in order to preventa riot man.. meetings could do to himF'RIJ -"



J Polices; As Usual'K



Published by The Florida Star Pubuthmg 'Co.. I II

"Member of Associated Negro Prescne *- Sl A 1 t I Lj \ I I With the second primaries or "run-offs" as these
G. Simpson Editoi 2 f y ions are sometimes called just three days away the
-" Parham Johnson News Staff i; cal situation has reached a tense point.
titamae Richardson \ CirculaUon Dept The election of seven of-'

..- I.ficials will occupy the atten-! In at I least one instance +he
MAIN OFFICE ft PLANT: tion of Jacksonville citizenso
\i3 Jfoncrief: Road EL 4-6782) EL 4.67R 1 Tuseday, at which time ticket of a well-known organization -

V wnlown Branch Office: 423 Broad St. Phone EL 4.377 r, 1 rLti following names will be voted __ The Duval De-

1 i t hr.r upon. mocratic All i a nce, _
Mailing 1 Councilman, Ward 1 -Bradley was tampered with and issued -
P. O. Box 561. Jacksonville 1. Honda | Tredinnick and Elbert
f'. political skulduggers -
Hendricks. Councilman Ward
RATES placed the old emblem of
3 Samuel Bruce and JamesM.
One Year. $5.00: Half Year. $3.00: Three Months. $1.RO' Peeler. Councilman,Ward the Alliance with the names

Mailed To You. Anywhere In Th United States. /S 4, lf1 5 W. O. Oscar Mattox and of other candidates and pass-

inscription Pa-able: IB Advance. Send Check or Money Order To: I Ernest D. Jackson. Councilman ed 'them out.
St sey and Cecil F. Lowe. Coun- The various attempts to
I2i cilman, Ward 8 James E. confuse the voters in the colored -

:! f Hill and Ralph Waters. Coun- areas failed as the FLO-
RACISTS HAVE WEAPON\ 1)f cilman, Ward 9 Daniel Kirk RIDA STAR came out witha
and John F. Lanahan. Muni-
/ :
/ list of the candidates which
cipal Judge Frank Whitehead -
IN DARWIN'S SPECIE THEORY '. ::1X' and John Santora. this i publication endorsed

.5 with the
".."'){ approval of'many
..:" ; ;;; This second
/ ...1''tt'i1' leading citizens as the men
THE editorial absurdity that the Times Union recently I. f; ).;,,r.t. '. f; primary electif. best interest of the public.
palmed off on the public to the effect that Charles Darwin's :. r{ fi ," ( 'fj lion is just as most capable of serving the
the white J
of evolution
century-old theory supports ,
..... ) Important a s The selections were printedin
superiority mania which is the tragic preoccupation here in 2: "\.j r
the South, accomplished little more than to occupy an area : ) 'i i the first, especially a special issue which came
on the editorial page which could have been more wisely t fw t:5 since out late Monday night and

used. .:. _.' there are more played a great part in leading -
This racial integritly sing-song is really a tearjerkerbut '. )men to b e the air or muddle that
the from the laughter provoked by the ut ..' 1
tears come .
:::.A-* ., 'Mvoted upon various "tickets" caused,
ter phoniness of thp whole situation. What is this racial integrity -, -
business anyhow? Particularly in region like the 'THE REAL ROAD BLOCK TO COMPLETE INTEGRATION" !!?1./ /:>'know. than werej1iJ. ; On Tuesday again the Negro -

South whe e the white man has always made a practice -- ; *CSIMPSON* f<-*. elected i in the will play an improtantrole

*of taking what he wanted simply because he seldom found I -- --- I first primary. in the elections providing -
his desires opposed? His criminal lecheries have left a trail I The councilmen we will
of racial oddities the extent and tragedy of which could :.- .- l!' Weekly ---- vote to elect will comprisethe colored citizens will get
never be determined. = =- .:': : our -- ------ body which will vote on[ out and exercisr their constitutional -

The recent Ku Klux Klan brutality in Wildwood, Florida :_. :-:=- -: === =- the various issues before the; right
r produced the interesting fact that a black tart was criticized _- ,: \ oscope Guide __ city council. If the wrong men| The Negro vote can turn
for being involved in a clandestine love-affair with a -: = ;r' get in the city council the

white man who. oddly, is suspected of being an ambitious -_ -_ ".s+c-CH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR -=- progress on our community'r the election either way in the
Klansman. In fact it was the criticism of this two-toned I -- :_____ could be hindered.So Ralph Walters James Hill .
concubinage that caused the beating-shooting of a Negro : fMMNESS, LOVE TRAVEL be sure to get out and I race. the Tredinnick-Hen-

barber and the gun-butting of a Negro woman. I--: vote Tuesday and urge your dricks race. the Lowe-Kersey
Isolating the incident from the many types of atrocitiesfor '' PARLO. The ASTROLOGERARIES friends and neighbors to do) race the Kirk.Lanahan race
which the South is famous, it serves to show how the I likewise.
white man's appetite for supermanism leads him into con- CANCER of making everything around or the Santora-Whitehead

spicuous expressions of tyranny. For instance, if the Wildwood -'I Born March 21 thru April 19 Born June 21' thru July 22 you perfect. As usual we saw hundredsof race.

intrigue had been reversed1, it is assured that there You are impatient for You enjoy having a posi- 54033-3931543 voting "tickets" around I Strangely enough, however,
would have been attempts made to murder the black man change and progress, so you tion of prestige and will ----- the streets. A few of them
the Negro vote will b'e}) less
and intimidate his kin into flight.It are in tune with the trendsof make a splendid school principal LIBRA were issued by some reputable
is for this sort of thing that the Times Union editorial Uranus to bring advance- l or the head of any organization Born Sept. 24 thru Oct. 23 organizations but twiceas effective in the races where

attempted to draw support from .Darwin's "The Origin of ment arid improvement. You where dignity and You are well able to juggle many were issued by some Negro candidates face whites

Species". One little passage with a particularly qutstanding -I are always at home when good appearance are impor- ideas.and facts, and come up Joe bike who made up hi candidates as in the case of
odor is worth recording here: there are new developments tant. You will carry off sucha with answers which are work o w n organization while a i Jackson against :Mattox and
". The South's determination to maintain the racial integrity -I underway, and your friends role to the best of your ab'e.' If you do not discipline dozen more were thrown i in 1 Bruce
of the \Vhite man, tp save the United States from a reared you as a guide to help] ability, striving for honor vour own tendencies to take the street by one ingenious against Peeler.
fatal experiment in human mutation, is supported entirely: them make adjustments to and perfect coordination to life easy, you may find your- candidate to confuse the vot The reason for this that
by Darwin's work ." I I new ways. the! last degree. You will be self in rather an anomalous ers.
tne whites will
A person would have to be destitute of reason to swallow While it is -advantage able to lead others and manage position. Try to find a happy -- -- -.- solidly for vote more
an Mattox ,and Peeler
such rubbish. This of could be the I difficult situations, for position and make the best
course, largely case, lo be easily adaptable, it i is AQUARIUSBorn whereas these same voters
since the' Southern white has weakened his faculties you see the picture wholeand of it. Your romanticism can
greatly -
. also a matter which requires Jan. 20 thru Feb. 18! will be divided on the other
the elusive of racial visualize .outcomes with lead you astray and cause
phantom :
pursuing superiority, control You
feel that
on your part. life can be candidates in the other races
to waste talents in dreaming
while at the time crush manifestationof clear sight. you
same trying
any I I 420111913423 and pared down considerably and that's where tHb Negro -
6302229.21632 frying to achieve the
social cultural increasement He has
or Negroes.
among and that many people i in L vote can turn the elec-
employed murder, torture, hate dialectics, economic and!, impossible for your present for distractions which im tion Walter or Hill, Kersey
Fituation. _
educational denials' to keep the Negro a stunted and I LEO pede them Lowe
Kirk Lanahan
TAURUS uselessly. You in or or ,
frightened people, while at the same time, himself, having I II Born April 20 thru May 20 Born July 23 thru Aug. 23 60995998369 cline to be intolerant of plea Tredennick and Hendricks or
to maintain a constant, Janus-faced vigilance in his search handsomely Ext r e m e independencemarks sure-seeking, and to admire Whitehead and Santora.
for any manner of substantiation for what he thinks him- I You can contribute your nature. Friends only those who
get to
self to be. He has far Negro I to the research and and SCORPIO | Indications are that Samuel
even gone so now as to expect associates may never basic facts and make
taxpayers to finance a fantastic scheme to sell segre- i effort necessary t o launch quite understand you for Born Oct. 24 thru Nov. 22 for themselves. You a name! Bruce will get a good many

gation and its wealth of crimes and injustices to the North. i progressive ideas As a consultant vour mentality works like a You may find the practical pick out a hero early probably i in- votes because there are so
Now we are being asked to believe that Darwin's con- who is willing to take machine which sorts out mistakes traits: of Taurus at war with l life and try to make [ many who realize that Mr.
clusions say it is perfectly all right to attempt oppressionof I time to probe the practicalityof } and has no tolerance the bold and soaring idealismof own career equal to that your of Peeler deserves a rest after
a people by denying them their rights as human beings new projects you may be for any lack of intelligence Uranus. Chances are you another who has attained 1 more than 40 years of public
through hate-spawned legislation. sex-alarmism, intimidation an expert. Others will be o r failure t o perform effi- will turn to your down-to- fame and fortune by effort service.
and physical violence. safe when they trust your ciently. You are always a earth characteristic in the and single purpose. Samuel Bruce who

What a .shame.BIACK. decisions, for they are never step ahead of others and you final decisions you must 9--50__664865965 ning an abundance of is white win-
thoughtless wrimsical.
or can become rather belligerent make. You will"never be
> i j' You want everything to be and disagreeable when happy if you do not have at PISCES his mannerly colored supporters with
'BLOC' WHITE WORRY useful in making life unpretentious,
i comfortable and safe more for you feel that you are being least a modicum of security. Born Feb. 18 thru March 20) down-to-earth way, recently
people. held back by the lack of in- You may let dreams go by if \Vhile you are not fond of F paid the veteran Councilman
siht around you. you do not 'think they will work or of coping with life's; a fine tribute when he said
GRATIFYING is 75066_-.49_ 65759 210441243212 bring profit and keep daily harsh :
the "Mr.
hysteria evident in the bleating of your moments, you i Peeler has rendered a
the white press over this city's first primary election re life conventionally solid. can admirably accomplish i great service to the people of
suits. Fear for the future is being expressed of a Negro- .VIRGO 1-- 90_88_89-87__197 whatever you have determined Jacksonville. I hope I can be

controlled City Hall if black voting power is not quickly = GEMINI Born Aug. 24 thru Sept. 23 --- to do. Your will i is; half as good a councilman as
neutralized, and the so-called political machine dismantled.The Born May 21 thru June 21 You will profit by slowing stronger than you realize, he's been, if I'm elected.
greatly increased political awareness and unity of Your disposition is very down refusing to tackle insignificant SAGITTARIUSBorn but it must be called into Bruce added: I think the

the Negro citizens of this city as interpreted by the influence gay so long as you can feel problems, and applying Nov. 23 thru Dec. 21 action!! before you can succeed people ought to give Mr.
that their vote had on the first primary is being happiness around you. but yourself only to major You may be responsible for Your in minor chores, even. Peeler a rest now we ares
anxiously defined in the white press as bloc voting. bad news causes great gloom. ones. If there is a repairor some of the progressive ideasof natural tendencies ar s imposing on him when vie
It is not difficult to see the aim of this crude bit of applied You are an extreme idealist redecoating job to be done this progressive age. There all for idealistic solitude and[ ask him to'serve another
mass psychology. Its objective is to create the impres- with a belief that all ruman let someone else do it. Do is no limit to your ability to gentle artistic pursuits$ four years."
sion that the Negro lacks sufficient awareness to be truly suffering can be blotted out not deploy your abilities in see.info universal phenomena 4_4044__3943443
selective or discriminating When exercising his vote power once a firm grasp is obtainedon all types of haphazard jobs ana sort out possibilities. You -- --

Hence, he is baited, led or shoved in any direction desired scientific and humanita which others can perform.You will probably have your private 1 1
by men who are determined to retain political control of rian' objectives. You see no will profit immeasurably decisions made long be- SuPPORT THE DRIVE

the city. This, of course, is a direct attack on the swiftly reason why progress shouldnot from giving yourself fore they are questioned.
developing political consiousnessof the Negfo. As such, it reach the ultimate goalsof wholeheartedly to a major Your insight about space and
is hoped that he will be made to feel like asheepflockvoter happiness and beauty for career matter and refusing to travel may well be the key FOR BETTER TREATMENTOF

who in his resentment, will cut off his nose to spite the lives of all. accept ideas your own brain to future expansion and gra-
his face by voting contrary to his beliefs simply to demon- 98 07779J76976 offers to take over the task tifying results from experi-

strate,some sort of 'individualism.If ment.10331242132 NEGROES BY LOCAL FIRMSI

Negro voters would be weak enough to be felled by CET. YOUR HOROSCOPE READINGr \ I
*,, would like to see a new of"
policy better
this .Ill MtnviAn Lwrtr .. treat
psychological attack against them the of mnr-.frrnt vnnr.rff4 I" -.rtbnor !
proponents ment to
perpetuated white control would have 'a victorious for *lln 'I coin fn, *'i"fh hnrfmrop nrd.rmfl HT mall flN"fodn *Hf customers adopted by local flrmm.
the +ddr.*'d. ,. CAPRICORN I resent being called by my first name by salesmanand
atxmp.4rv.hlp. WHt
political power and participation of the colored citizensof -.. nl hilT TV, offnrif d nit apply :Born Dec. 22 thru Jan. 19 saleswomen.
this trt..ta Ih* dnmlnlnn .nl Canada.P78 .
city would be
dissipated in the resultant disunified
voting. You can see to the heart of I believe that Negro patrons should be prorldedample

I n rnp 1 in;; :;: : -. .11I .major problems, and your rest room facilities In local establishments and
Finally, looked at objectively, what course is the Negro STAR ASTROLOGER way of handling them may an end put to Jlm I
supposed to take? Is he, for instance, supposed to vote for Pnun'" "i I II 'seem brusque to those who and rest rooms.

men who are notorious for their anti-Negro sentiment? Is J .'CK O'ILE: I 1. FLA. do not understand your determination To accomplish these changes I am willing to cas. .

he supposed to vote for men who are rabid segregationists? I "'- .. I'I''a to be loyal to Patronizing firms that are unwilling to meet these
white supremists? traditionalists? Is the black man actually deal with because they seem requests. .

expected to vote on a ticket which will literally guarantee I. .'dd_ > I too simple and do not fit into NAME __ __ ____._
degradation. proscription, suppression and squalor? Is .. I your ambitious pattern of
that what the segregationists and the annexationists and work. You like to be
the white supremists and all tie other strange clans would I .c"t ,;r" -. isawA.tr I II upon to give advice upon im ADDRESS u_________ ___. _?.;- ,1
have the Negro votE;' do? > I ,- portant issues, but do not I understand that my name will be held
I confl. I
What a nauseating stupidity: 't't nt Birth I like to be 'requested to take d.nllal unless Indicated oth rwle below. .

r D.I gr.tkr part in ,minor ones
% .chuckptj e -'- : I M 91 C ) You may disclose 11' .
-'- -. 7 M JQ_,. __"ftp my name n cMrr.;!.;

;. \:; .; ;: '' )L. ,' g:" .; r : "

: ,
: :-. : : :: ., ,> ; ; ;
> << -d"- ; ;
L '," ,,_ 'k' j2.. ,...... y ;
.. .

d"t I



1 1 I

: ; -

... .

: .
: : \7

-, r rT-- on '.-, r or r C .
2 1959. Page Thr
Week Ending Saturday. May _. .
-- --
---- -- -

Mr- Virginia Nettles Gray I I ItXCNS ENJOY OUTDOOR EVE T'- :'(0UT PEOPLE I
ccil1'5pellkilt9/, \ ;and Miss Annabelle Minatee < Wedding Bell?
re recent additions to the'

-'emb Tphio: roster of Les -

Elite Bridge Club. They will William Paul Hemby of Applications Licenses for Marriage

\receive official welc me at Bcoklyn N. Y. was the recent -

the social i 1 meeting of the Mr.
of his parents.
ab guest Wm H. Conway. Rt. 1, Bo"tIG6M
Persons attending the 8th I ; roup scheduled for Tuesday, r '"d Mrs. Ira W Hemby at Dinsmore Fla., age 21
I""" 5.Jf's..
Li-eu.iJl *'.;at,--\\"ack; spon- : 137? West 29th Street. md Landonia Foster, Rt. 1,
Marie McClain was : -
s u r e.l by the Jacksonviller .... ]3ox 366-M, age 24.
> nfor the business meet- 1495
Mrs Essie Parson of
Chapter of DeltaS
uiu..ae : !" held Tuesday evening at her F. Callahan 1473 W
r \organ Street is ill at James ,
.:Z1a, were The rewarded t a Sorority with, re-ane i 1501; lest T\ventv-First St. .t home: Mrs. Parson is a mem- !)Hh St., age 19 and Barbar
c : tiy *
:e..ing of line i entertain- ber of the Mt. Calvary Bap- .r. M. Ellis, 1713 Academy St
\ Mrs. Geraldine Hilliard
up,11 Church. 18.Albert.
brilliant tist ige
ment. The performance !M traditions of the ultra- .. .
of our high school .. \ Rutland, 511Vill
fashionable Kevinette Bridge and Ozzie B. .
groups, 1" clubs, sororitiesand Hub when she entertainedthe S.'ir 6+i 6 James Capel ams St., Macon, Ga., age 2)) "
members of Mt. -
fraternities helped 1 to Clark
ind Delores Jones 3014 Nep
recently at the Ri-
group ill
Church are
Panorama" ;
make Epoch one 21.
"U'lt Supper Club. :;une Ave., age
most successful of'Jabbenvaek' I \ the'Brewster Hospital
of the '
the I = d Duval 'Medical. Center. Laverne Calhoun, 1812 W.
by l Mrs., Celeste Micks.\ Mrs. :' .: :... .t. S n :* s and Barbar
15th St.. age 23
locrJ l g.ou )S:
,i Dorothy Oliver, Mrs. Barhar *. of W. 45th Sttige .
Miss Marilyn Madr Ycharming I r s. Irene Stripling ,I. Belcher, 2584
tr''rar.d Mrs. Thelma
002 Spires Street left the ;: 18. .
daughter of :"Mr. and
: G-eere were winners of the .; for Sumter. S.
tv recently
Mrs. Arthur Madry, 1437 W. : '-'-!iy club| prizes. "., to attend the funeral of Jot: N. Davis 1987 Mayport

Eleventh Street, was first l\In. Geneva Ifend< rBf}"'. Mrs Francis Rd, age 20 and Minnie L
h p mother :
place winner in the "Miss Jab- "i-s AIozrtle! Bniton and Mrs. : Collins, 94 Simmons Rd. Atlantic
+ :
Lenvack" contest. Mrs. Edna Juan' 5;g'eton! were visiting S* : [ Bch., Fla. age 15.
Adams headed the group of St
!)kt: e's and ea-h received a W.
Miss W M Ashley of 1140 Andy Humphries, 1026 Car.
Delta sorors sponsoring
.ft from the hostess.
Madry. i ; : 9th Street is recimeratins at rie St., age 44 and Eva Fry-
1 ; z..
i the the '
After meeting, after from
rtme returning
son, 1026 Carrie St 39.
:Miss B 11 Ri_hard-on; : age
: e j e
visited the home of Dr. he
group. Brcwster Hospital where Sleaster Welcome, 677 N.
for the Miss Jah.berwock"
runner-up "d Mrs. James R. Henderson, has He is
title, Ss undergone surgery. Lincoln Ct., age 19 and LindaD.
was pansors. where they were royally entertained member of St. Paul AME
Lundy, 2332 Thames St.,
Mrs. Lillian Small, Mrs.
by in a f a s h i ion for :Church: 18.Henry.
Ruby Humphrey, Mrs. Lois which I "Gen" is noted. age

Gibbon, Mrs. Lucile P. Jones, j I Mrs. Tnelr-a Greene will be ; Toler, Jr.; 2035 Rowe

Mrs. Margaret Starkes, and hostess to the'next meeting 'S IAa8. Samuuel Houston of 965 Ave., age 29 and Julia DeVoe

Miss Lou\" nia for Solomon. j of the Kevinettes. West Union Street is ill in 3303 Gilmore St., age 21.
Awards outstandingskits
in keeping with the 1939 I! he Duval Medical Center.He Henry L. Jackson, 110 PriceSt.

"JabLenvack" theme were Mrs. Es ?ie *McCray back '" a member of the Macednnia ., age 21 and Carol Latimer

made in ,two divisions junior II in the city after attending the Primitive Baptist i 3421 N. Ardisia St., age 20. '

and senior. Orange Blossom Recreation Church.
--- John McTear, 482 GoodwinSt.
The national sorority of Conference in Panama City
Phi Delta Kappa won first I She reports a wonderful tim ., age 44 and Mary Demare
The R e v: Lee McQueen 532 Goodwin St. 49.
place in the senior division i nent at the conference and age
!eft the
city, recently for a
Walter H. Johns 1427 Franklin
i friends in Tallahassee
"Birdland visiting
with a skit entitled *
n'o weeks vacation to visit
St., 45 and Elizabeth
the return
Hock. >n trip. friends in .cheraw, S. C. and
Whitaker, Forest Lane
;I ,
Second place in the seniordivision
a North Carolina Before
: returning 29
The thirtieth annual flower age ,
: was won by Omega to the he will

Psi Phi Fraternity who performed show of the Federated Garden I .Qv %o c. ., d. 'y, r. visit his brother city in Boston,
an oriental skit. ] Circle was held Saturday ; '
| Mass
The Y-Teens were superbin and Sundav, Aril 25: and 2'; I ENJOYING OYSTER ROAST-Membsrs -f Ds! '_rict No. S of St. T'ai.hsw Baptist : S ; CLUB: NOTES

a kit depicting the Colonial -, in the auditorium of Dana'1I' I Church and friends, who allneded the oysW roast: which was held at the home of a

I period, taking; first prizein I Cookman School. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Lcck and. 1339 W. 25th Street are seen from bit in the left photo: Elbert Moment, son of Mr.

the iunior division, while.1 :Mrs( Fl'\rencp L. Dixon i is! Mrs. Beulah Robinson Miss E. Jones Miss J. J. Cross Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Williams and Mrs. David Moment 21 FLORADALE CLUB

Mat the w; W. Gilbert High chairman of the Staging Committee and Hymond Pims. Shown in the ri-ht photo in the same order are: Chester 25 West 1st Street, spent twoweeks GIVES DINNER PARTY

.v''hojl qualified for second i which is comprised of Suggs. Jessie Frazier, Bobby Wright Jr., Sam Munice Mercio Lockland and Thomas furlough 'in the city -

place. II the following members: Mrs. Washington. Florida Star Photo;9 1 with his parents. He is sta- A Twilight Dinner Party

Mrs. Edna Adams was Addie Raslerry. )(r". AI1T1ic tored at Norfolk, Va., with wo, given by the Floradale

chairman of the 19":>9 "Jab- : L. Cartwright Mrs. L. Dena the USS Navy. Social Saving Club, May 1

l erwaek" Committee which jMcOellan i and Mrs Willio'Mae i I 1 i .. at 8 p. m. at 4900 CampanellaDrive.

wa responsible| for the suc- Jackson. Paul Bennett left the city ,

cess of the event. I F Jilosj'ENSEMBLES! ?l lbjE l recently for Chester, Pa., to Mrs. Eugene Chapman is

Mrs Thelma Small is presi- I .V tip to persons wondering attend the funeral of his the president of the club.

d e n t of. the Jacksonville what to do with season's che- brother, Victor Bennett.
Alumnae Chapter of Delta 'mise and sack dresses: They ,i CHRISTIANITY CLUB

Sigma Theta Sorority. can he transformed into lovely OBSERVES ANNIVERSARYThe
j formfitting !sheathes' in I DO DOUBLE FASHION DUTY FOR SEWING SET Mrs. Marie L. Collier, of

We are wishing a speedy. : keeping with the current ,i 1623 North Myrtle Avenue fifth anniversary of

recovery for Mrs. Clarence I fashions-66D(')" Brinson, who i iI by Evelyn Cunningham The two dresses and jackets :' and president of the Lily the Christianity Social Saying -
Belton Jr. Ruth who suckiih chest-full of ., 'White Security Benefit Association Club celebrated
(Betty ) I I was a ,. shown are the kind to was recently
i is convalescing: at home after. such items, has !some' wonder- :1'., produce surprise and draw I 126 returned to the in the auditorium of

being confirmed to Brewster, : ("I) ideas along this line plus f", .,.... attention. The higher waistline : city recently from Tampa, the Midway AME Church.A .

Hospital for surgery. I skiN in alterations and dress- dress and jacket of a' ;i where she attended the grand program was presented

I making.LILLY'S r tiny houndstooth check i; assembly of the Lily White daring the celebration with

I .j-: (;McCall's Pattern No. 4806)is I i Security Benefit Association.ORGANIZATION artists of the city. appearing.

calculated to win approvalfrom I *


dress has a jewelry necklineand HOLDS DISCUSSIONThe TO SPONSOR TRIPA
1907 Kings Road at Spire f short, set-in sleeves. The I

I skirt, with slight gathers at I trip to Pine Forest will
P. B. S. C. of Duval
the back and side front, is be sponsored by the Lilac
Where Experiencedharmacist I Medical Center held a meeting -
the bodice under
I to Ladies Social Club, :May 8
recently at the home of
Prepars tuck. The single breasted
a and the bus will leave 21st
Your Prescription According 4 v'r t 3 .t jacket which ends just below Homer Will Clark, at which and Myrtle Avenue at 8:30p.
r' 'e'S.. S. to your doctor's e.<.ti, s the waistline has a round time a group of men, who m.

At instruction! Using !r rt flat collar and fake pocket had been inspired to sew organized Invitations have

only the best quality :} I. flaps. The three-quarter and began their first to the been extended -
drugs sleeves are cut in one with sewing class of latest fashionin general public.
t Refreshments will be served.
I :
w the jacket. The jacket may men wear.
-- -- -
i: be lined with the same fabricas
I/ "Better Need of Homemak-
I., t t tthM PParmait* fr VJ Uraban' of the skirt. Or
the bodice ins in Masculine Quality"was TOOTHACHE

-:. -:- -:- the jacket and the bodice may discussed by Homer
i'Q" yl ::1e1tefro: :
>0, be of the same fabric, witha .
Clark, Isaac Little, Cobbie lose II secetperate
A COMPLETE LINE OF: ir r-. contrasting fabric or color Swans and others. /Willi coo ritA ere tIIouSlll4s.lk 0A43. Urea by"tn.

Cosmorir Sundries in the skirt. roc ten .
Rubber Goods Candles .
:- -:. Howard C. Jones of the
fo7 Ntjw
r Nit atrre
PKSM'KIPTIONS! RAI.LFD FOR AND DELIVERED The other dress and jacketMcCall's nursing department gave remarks ,.lilf Just
f. ( Pattern No. 4910) : i
----- ----
( ---
a lends itself easily to :a
-------- a schedule that covers busi-

,. ness, luncheon and cock from GRAY to GLORIOUS !

S L LThe 1 tails. The slim sheath dress

txv rtn'vw" -- and boxy jacket are made 1 1i

,'.s., :j' i here in a floral printed cotton. I
I The top of the bias cummerbund i
>' a a. ELECT 5.. is set in a tab detailat i
waistline. The
the high .
j dress has a lightly scooped { t v ?
BRAD TredinnickCITY The I
: neck and cap sleeves. I
versatile ensemble is probably (JIi I front jacket with a G y }
the mast useful costume 'rE' .r 1n
lined I'k
H oor round flat collar is I
in your closet. You will enjoy ..} .&; ,. '
the boxy Jacket and Sheath ...,' with the same fabric as the
neckline I. -"--- '*' is
empire dress jewelry cummerbund. There a r it
Ward One this Spring. Make it your in the back -
This pleat
s in synthetic mix- It's ensemble lime! cummerbanded walking ,
z sheath dress and skirt. ;
: r linen tweeds.,McCall's of the
tore or
VOTE CITY WIDE N, 4806 i. Misses sizes 10-18. short boxy jacket can tabs easily beyow
farorite. Bodice over I
7Sf. cnmnerbnnd with button at high .Infinite variation may be
t'. He Will Repreeent YOU waistline is front, and has bad by contrasting ofblending I
of ham back ripper closing. The opea dress and jacket.
I j There's a little bit colors in the
.. Not a Chosen Few"HONEST in every well-dressed woman. front collar jacket and can bas be round lined with The cummerbund and jacket I

I Chen she knows she looks the san fabric as cin mrbaad. lining may be the same but t t M'l

VV" -".4'.7A"V.A good she can't help bat Make it is linen, shantnng or of an entirely different fabric tI I
and printed cotton. McCall's 4910 than the dress and
compliments and
.4''W I respond to
''fJ l
Misses sizes *
glances of admiration. It improves jacket. A lightweight wool \ LAR1EUSEHaircolor
SINCERE : her carriage as wellas i as well as a summer pique with g'41tr _

her morale. be used to effect the
AS YOUR BRAD CITY TREDIKNICK COUNCILMAN WILL minutes, before taking' oft her completeness of this outfit. Today..have hair.. rich and natural-looking'M
There's something t jacket. The(0 she reveals a the professional model shown here One hour,and
Work to reduce the crime rate. dress and jacket a i-ust dress not just a'skirt and i Fashion-Sewing Weekly Tip: Codefroy'. Larieuse brings back youth to drab,
Represent YOU not political bosses. blouse but,a full erfectl7 i over-processed or graying hair.h-, easy to use..*
Work businesses and J Jobs k> Jack- this season that heightens Cut out the ,entire garment no extra: purchases needed.Get long-lasting '
to bring new dress. She is
her' sense of the dramatic.Let's complementary at one time. It is fatal'to God>-'v'. Laneuse now! -
soarllle. certain stir he r,club members
imagine she has armed to of it for another
Work against bond issues unless roted for by the aher club meeting in to greater-expressions day.leave part :.f41fJ ===.-
L Ibr ewwH cows aatf
The de
people. of enthusiasm., piece
her new "suit" and creates z.Sods II tuir.dl eeeiceler.U J'
Work to improve public transportation aireduced: the! small sensation she had resistance, of coarse, is heraaaoaDCcmeac'that'she'made m- a. l t ..>............. (

_rates. The ham in her causes : jtr .q f.. f-: toY "
hoped. ; nooE MFO.OX 3510 OH*SMI St.I +a)-I _
her to wait a few well-planned & I herself. -




/. .


Page Four I THE FLORIDA STAft' Week Ending Saturday. May 2, 1959 '

I Annual Women's Day Set At Mt. Pleasant-Church IMn \

Don ST'I''D'T" tll{ FIRST BAPTIST c.

FOPS: F.. l t"to .r.ru-. !rHSr""T, (' : ; !r._. _: -_.r'.l.l'P it N'IAY"!' 3 ---:= ':';. .L 10 CELEBRATE r s x$

Annual Women's Day will be observed at the IIt. PIe?Cnt Baptist Church, May 3 from \MEN'S DAY :' :'k. .

Bap-ist Lhiirch, Callahan: May 3, throughout the ray! with 3 to 5 p.m. Music will be furbished a a
': ,ctbi'j by the chorus. I
l : 1' : : --
.. The Rev. Samuel Washington :
Of feeno: : : 7 If *n.-, --- Annual Women's Day will
v:1.: aT'! nastn'Ir' Mr-:*,. ing p rsors; aTr-p jr---- :?; 'Trr.: Rev. Bobby Sheffield and be observed at the! First Baptist 4"t
the Rev. Duncan will I
Dewey Church May 24 throughout
ri Gibson, chairman; Mrs. Marie Gainous, Mrs. Berthat
Jennie V. Boa wright, coI I +t. De :eneid, Mrs. Estella be the speakers for the serv- the day, beginning with .. .
i "Worthwhile
'- Living",
the Sunda- School
chsiTran Mrs. Christine. tt "r ; Depar
; ,
I .
._ Y-r Real'v IT" Jus"
D'U"r'a: y r'-1 Mrs. Maggie :'irrtine i 'V/ Bhe. Mrs.: ,,, ment.
T ..' 11 :-"'\ I ,,.. t> ife In Chrht" willBETHLEHEM Officers for the
Black, organist. day are
I the t' '
rr; i ** ""fjjle Ba"' .M..s. "r1' General chairman: Mrs. Rosa
; \
.. __ _____ .
Tie: TbservTic6 will b gin n.- u
1 :. p. l Howard: co-chairman, Mrs.
with Sunday School at 9:30 1. ,:':r-,. ...--.1 h2rs. CHURCH Carrie Moore; program cor .1
a.m. with Mrs. Rosetta C ne'l mittee, Mrs. Bernice Austin,
superintendent p r e sid ing. Baptist Standard Hv-'-'>T I I ANNOUNCES SERVICE i. Mil-man, Mrs. R sa RoHr
t-' '
Mrs Nancy Wliitten will review r'wi'! ba heH at 7:30 p.m. Mr
I I son; finance committee:
th lesson. Teachers are i '_t_n.M n 'T'i?" r1"\\, ,..:11 1 lent I Flossie Brunson, Mrs.Lucind
Hi's. Alma T awre ce, 1I..s.Eh'a I TI f11h'" / -_: -" _'1, G. Jackso chairman of th, S

Jones, Mrs. Irene Ar- I TABERNACLE PLANS -oMu ed with} morrinsr wor- II Sunday School Department
line, Mrs. Cather;"'e Browp, I T'T P l\lHr". _"l ,;.;i11 .tn 1"d Mrs. F.arlene Iste' 1
Mrs. Mary Love Feend 1 1 ..-. __;__., n'n. ..., 'rh" "-irnia: of th1, Ban is'
Mrs. Jessie V. Boatwright. i .:,._ ',
+ 1" ''''' :' e.R Young People's:;; Union Do-
,,. "' '
will ; P.v' ; -- .
worship 'r''n
Morning convene +
llU'will 'JT TO'1 C"9"-cm(' <:t, : D.fY' partment.A .
at 11 a.m. with devotionled observe annual Women's ..ri4l 1, .hQ n nci, n...f ;... nhar""'p
Mrs. Johnnie Hill and the .. ('o"'est is being plannedfor '
by I Dav, May :3; throughout anal cor'e"i ition rer"-i i..e will
Mrs. Estella Scott followed by '-v wi'V he f >llowi"s 'ycr hefi1t 6.30 r m. Evening the benefit of the Wom
the processional of the Femal the activities: Mrs: Onee-'f wf)1*hip will begin at 7 p.m. en's Day Drive. The contestants 'I'
Chorus. Mrs. Rosa Stephens, ,"s serving as officers for wih, all choirs of the church are: George W. Scott
president of the West Union kins, chairman; Mrs. II. M. serving and Usher Board No. and Carl R. Jones, for the *& tIJ
Gospel Chorus of Jacksonville 'Lawrence co-chairman; Mrs. 1.The Rev. H. Webbert will men, and Mrs. Flossie Brun-
will be the speaker for the I M.\ L. Storey, secretary and driver the sermon on and Mrs. Camilla Peters +

morning session. Other par- Mrs. Audrey Furlow, treas- District No. 4 will hold its for the women... Mrs Rosa -",,, 4',. ,., ..
ticipants for the morning meting May 4 at 8 o.min the Tee Coffie is the public relations -

worship will be Mrs. Clara D. urer.Mrs. I""me of Mr :\l'rlMrs. Eugene secretary. <
Jones, Mrs.Janie Burk, Mrs. Francis King. program Johnson, 1508 Louisiana St. ..
r. _
Winnie N. Jones, Mrs. Bar- Committee: Mrs. Essie G. ._

Susie Webb. I da Sheffield, committee Members of the Ladies of Leisure Social and Saving Club who attended their an-
; Mrs. Henrietta Stephens, TO SPONSOR TRIP SLATED FOR MAY 10 nual tea last Sunday April 26. which was held at the Wilder Park Recreation Centerare

A program will be presented tag 'committee and Mrs. Vera I District No. 4 of St. Matthew seen in the photos above from left in the top photo are: Mrs. Mattie King. Mrs.E. .
at 3 p.m. with the follow- Young. acting pastor. Baptist Church will A Religious Ensemble witha Watt. Mrs. J. Lowe Mrs. P. Green Mrs. J. Johnson and Mrs. L. Mitchell. Seen in

sponsor barbecue and chicken musical fiesta and pew the bottom photo in the same order' in front: are: Mrs. S. Graham Mrs. G. Ayers,
THE MIRACLE LADYMADAM dinners. May 9 on the church rally will be presented by the Mrs. A. Cummings Mrs. L. Bush. Mrs. M. Smothers. Mrs. K. Williams Mrs. E. Rice.
1 lawn l beginning at 11 a.m. Minnie C. Cave Adult Fel- Mrs. E. Henderson (Back row) Mrs. F. Wilcox and Mrs. A. Galliris.
LAMAR Deaconess Board No. 2 will lowship of Ebenezer Methods .
---- -- -- -
ist Church, May 10, 7:30
Around the
srnnsor a "Trip '
-. FAITH HEALER AND ADVISOR v."rld" May 8 at 8 p.m. The Participants to appear include LEAGUERS MAKE CHUrCH NOTES\ MT. ARARAT
Are You Suffering. Sick. Need Advise? See Mme. *' .-* stop will be at the homeof : The Rev. J. B. F. Wil

Lamar. She Has The God Given Power To Heal By I Mr. and Mrs. A. Singleton, Kenne-dy

Prayer. She Heals The Sick And Ailing. So Come I 1CJ3 West 34th Street, seem ; PLANS FOR MAY ,..'r.t.: 'TO CO.MID TO CONDUCT
"d Mr. and Mrs. demons Mrs. Thomasina B.
Today Tomorrow May Be Too Late. : GeorgeT i PLA :S ( oN ':1tT
T '''- 511 West 18th Street' Ingram, Mrs. Sadie F. Jeffers,
Remember If There Is God Help On Earth'It Can and third stop will be at the I Mrs Frances T. Johnson, Mrs. AT SAlt} PAUL ., .. ., EAFIYFITES

Be Found Through Madam Lamar. some of Mr. and Mrs. Xa- Minnie M. Cave, Mrs. L. N. .t .'!. CL... h ,-:I!
1925 W. 45th Street 3 Blocks 'Off Moncrief Road 'haninl l Floyd 1627 Tyler Singleton, Mrs. M. F. Wilson, !'rethe Cancer4 Ha -'1 f f ,
4reet. I irifl Mrs. Florida Cave. i James Weldon Johnson School'in Mt. Ararat I.avVt Church
St TH i' '. E Leaguersire will observe early morning
; a concert, May 11 at 8 I i
'- ir/J.e! mils of planning in the auditorium of the communion rite and candle-
"or a n UitVs pgram 6f l light c(>ceremonies. iv :3 at 6
SPEARS PORCH FURNITURE: SPECIAL FOR THIS WEEK ONLY -special Emphasis on Chris- :I church.The band is under the direction 't p.m.ith thf R<".\ DaJIas] J.

ian Endeavor which will be I. of ErnestVyatt.. Graham, pastor in charge of
dated :May :3 and continue i the pulnit en'ices.lusic

Passenger _, ...... .. .;. $<.",-:...,_. ... : = ; through May 31. will be furnished) bv the combined -
I'SII IN: -: y$1) ''P1IINI ... Alexander Cottrell, presi- T '-Frrn L UNIT ; choirs of the church.
( i :. I : :-:! dent of the league has called 1T S; CO 'E'TS.1 l Other cowjfos::; will begin

ALL STEEL //ii;! 1 I :.,,/ .I ". 'or an all-oat effort on the B,.nH x0 2 of'i' with Sunday School at 9:30
1 I<>.,:: part of all league personnelo 'ewBethel AME Church will a.m. with J. Chatman and officers -
'S1 I -- the OA n'cn: t the James::; Weldon presiding. Morning
.... PORCH SET $ r : : rI Christian carry Endeavor program t a'u: Tili." ;\n School Band in a worshin! will convene at 11

s k J I I areas of the church and com- "-"'cera Fr 1 n" ?I"v lo; *tn.m. t a.m. with the deacons in
With Table Not Shown- ,, '" .' munity activities. in the auJli 'rium of the charge of the devotional service -
M Plans call for special em- I ''hunch followed by the choirs and
( ., phasis on the Consecration' : R bert Maxwell is the co- ushers:;; processional. The sermon -
Services A Mothers Day hairman of the affair. will ho delivered bv the
t? ;
$ 4 9 9 5 z Tea; A Panel on church pastor..., the, Rev. D. J. Graham.
/ 44 Po <-o" -i+ion cervices will
0 I music, the Junior Church and SWEETFIFI niURCHTATES
be held at 2:30: followed
its relationship to the Chris- ; REVIVALRevival p.m.
tian Endeavor and a special by communion service with
Meirowill 1 1.>"
recreation feature "My\ Se- the pastor delivering the mes-
a conducted at the Sweetfield
acre.. after which the Lord'sSupper
cret Ambition. These
Baptist beginningMav
will l he administered.All .
will be given throughout .
w 4 with the Rev. J.V..
'1 May. Frison in charge. i i i RYPU singing will groups convene will serve at 6
League officers are en- Mrs. Novell Williams andA.

ts\% i activities thusiastic and over areinviting theoutline all of of. the D. Grant were in charge lead- ,'p.m.group with captains the president in charge.and A

# \ $1.00 ( church groups, civic clubs and ing up Prayer to the Meeting revival meet- .'; literary for program has been l ar-
.youth organizations to come ranged the service. E'ening -
DOWN f'L/I1' / I I in and take part... Persons ing. :I worship will be conducted -
at 7 p.m.
accepting the invitation and
% DELIVERS "i(I plan to'take pare on anyone
of the programs areasked to EPHESUS CHURCH BIVENS SPECIALSTO

{a i I contact any leaguer or offi- CELEBRATE3RD
cer of the church. A Sacred Cantata will be
__ 1 ,t The Rev. R. J. Blaine, presented inthe auditorium of ANNIVERSARYThe
-C Ci pastor, is asking for full cooperation the Ephesus Seventh Day I I
of theentire mem- Adventist Church, May 3 at third anniversary of
bership to make the proposed 8 p.m.The church is locatedat the Bivent Specials will l be
i program a success. In chargeof Jessie and Van Buren Sts. celebrated May 8 at 8:30 p.m.
activities are President Choirs No. 1 and 2 will be''I I inthe auditorium of Shaw Memorial -

; Alexander Cottrell, Mrs."U. S. featured in a musical pro- :, Baptist Church, the
McNeal, Mrs. Altafaye Pinck- gram. The program is under ;, Rev. C. J. Crosby nastor.
ney, Mrs. Flossie Weaver, F. the direction of Mrs E. Fol- The group is under the direction -
ax V 1i J. Townsend, A.V.. Boston," son, Mrs. A. Martin and Mrs. j I of Miss Jacqueline
Otis Gamble, Miss BeverlyBoston M Harris. r,(Inez Fort and Mrs. Inez Biv-

Miss Loraine Neal, An invitation has been ex- ens.Melvin
Miss Gloria Harris, Miss tended to the public to at- Grace will be the
Nona Ann Stone, Master Roland tend the program. master of ceremonies for the
celebration, with Jessie Mae
Jackson and Mrs. M. E. i
i t ,,. -.. :,'- Cottrell. Others will be addpd MATRONS. SOCIETYTO |Johnson in charge of the host-
,: 7.'f: .I the esses.
r ....... .OPEN. ,,-' } .'' -+V 4tfir." as proV'anlprogresses.ANNIVERSARY SPONSOR EVENTA Invitations have been extended -

MON. & FRL NITES <:i"r-r SET to other groups, Soloists .
: Calendar Tea will be given and junior choirs to attend -
by the Matrons Society of the program.
Bethlehem Baptist Church,
Select From Beautiful 2 Tone Colors Long' Lasting Baked Enamel Finish Rocker or Chairs. May 25, District No. 10 May 10 from 3 to 5 p.m. in the

p Available With Large 3 Passenger Glider [ St Matthew Baptist Church basement of the church.A CARD OF THANKS cJ
will observe its 5th anniversary program will be presented
EASY TERMS OPEN MON. & FRL NITES TIL 9 beginning at 8 p.m. during the affair with Mrs. J We wish to express our

.i. I The Rev. E. .R. Simpson of Laura M. Jackson as the prin- thanks to our many! friends
Zion Hope Baptist Church cipal speaker. I and neighbors for
their kindness
Spears Brothers Furniture Company Inc. I,I and congregation will be in Invitations have been ex- t cards and sympathy-

charge of the service.. tended to all clubs and societies and ,flowers during his hours
I An invitation has been extended of the city to attend the of bereavement over the loss
325 BROAD STREET Phone EL5-4641 f to other districts and occasion. The group with the of our daughter
I boards of various churches to largest attendance presentwill SIgned Mr.
t, "....,:'-........ ''''''''''''''''' attend the anniversary. receive a prize. White. an Mrs. Lriah




a :




Week Ending Saturday, May 2. 1959 THE FLORIDA STAR
___ __ __ __ ___ Pago Five



1 I
A growing number of colored and white citizens who are I Councilman Ralph Walter I I'ho City Cou wil. Itis my: i *en-

seeking representation in City Council from Ward 1 by a '.\ is seeking re-election to tion if ie-elec*ed i. to gee this
man who will work actively for the progress and improve- :he council from the Eighth I program earned through to

: ment of the city ,are pledging their support of Bradley Ward is being hailed as the its successful completion. toRALPH
-. Tredennick. __ nan who deserves to be returned .
desire to ----- u
v ac Because of this ---- "-- to office.
... elect a representative of action Jacksonville; to work against .Walter, who has served the I i ii

.....> J' '}" "" .X....,. citizens are being urged bond issues unless voted for, eople of Jacksonville for 12 i
t : v.' }y" t to vote on Tuesday, May 5, by the people and to workto 'ears-10 years as a councilnan 4s \

: ..... < -. I for young Tredinnick. improve public transpor- and two years as com- I
/ .
'...:... 'I. ..' .I': } ':. .. ..>::>,7::: ..', j Brad Tredinnick. a young tation at reduced rates. missioner of health ha
,r.):' : ;,:; ::'.Y'.'. '. { insurance executive making played an important role in

: :' '. :.::} his first bid for public officeis the improvements in paving, I

5 : drainage, health and recre-
; e ,JJ ./?i. '':::" < .' gainnig support in his race ational facilities that have I
., I for city councilman in Ward
been made.
"' Because 0 f his forward Both white and Negro

.tel. .,:.... ... 4 look and his success as a oft. jroups have praised the vet-
ran city official as a true N
TEENAGERS MEET Members business man the citizens believe .. C
of the Toenaae Social Club, who attended the and friend N.
loyal who has
monthly meeting which was held'April 26 at the home of Miss Bettye Albritton. I Tredinnick will give to worked in the interest of the Y
1316 McConihe Street are seen in front:'Janice Joyner Claudette Joyner. Bettye Al. the city of Jacksonville fair people and for the betterment

britton Beverly Boston. Joann Games Lower Waters and Jacquelyn Waters. Seen in honest and conscientious ser- of the community.In I I

the back row in the same order are Godfrey Jenkins. John Houston Roger Glover vice. his announcement Waler -
and James Hazzard. Brad Tredinnick believes *
that what is 5 said:
"- ---- ---- --- good for Jacksonville -
is good for all the 1 "Thecity's tremendous program
LIANUEL\ \ UNITS people.H of progress began during -

(' '\ e promises to work to my term as president of

LET'S ELECT I reduce the crime rate; to re- make Jacksonville the leading WALTERS. .
TO CONDUCT present you not a few political -I ity of the entire South."

c ; bosses: to work to bring


I gains support ._. TO HOLD MEETINGThe

-- ...
on Monday centered
: tri"is No. 4 and 6 ofn1 around II. II. Social Saving
:t,. "' .. $600 taken from the Club met recently with Mrs.
I i. *
nan Church will safe of
n 1 a seed and feed store.
SAFE THEFTS Allie Lee Jordon, 1430 East
M n
Ward 7 City Wide : rTeinrr Sunday May 3 "Georgia Boy" Altman was TO WASHINGTONThe 25th Street.
:3 **yi. at the church. Dis- recently involved in the as- The
-;-* >'o. 5 will conduct its j'CONVICTED sault to murder shooting of contest between the
I men and women will be terminated -
-neetirg at 3 inthe base- Albert
Reliable n.m. Harrison, a Negro. The
Honest Trustworthy. __ I at the meeting with
-wt of the church. :! ,incident took placein Wold- Rev. A. B. Coleman,
Well Qualified
,.. Charlie Davis and Mrs. Elsie
Dhl-M; ; No. ?> will conduct I I wood, Fla. A warrant for Alt- pastor of Shiloh Metropolitan I Hallback the
YOUR VOTE AND SUPPORT i ifs meeting at 3 p.m. in the man's arrest on that charge Baptist Church, Jacksonville, as captains.
Dinners will be sold all
GREATLY APPRECIATED home of Mrs. Willie Mae I Iead. Must Answer Warrant has been issued. Altman, al has been invited by Vice Pres- day,
May 9 at the home of Mrs.
332 Oak Street and :, legedly Ku Klux Klansman, ident Nixon to attend a Re- Hallback
For E. in the
Shooting Negro
___ District No. 11 will hold a I was also prominent in 1956, ligious Leaders Conference, the contest.
----- meeting inthe dining room at being one of the ringleaders May 11, at the Sheraton Park

3 p.m.A I OCALA- George (Georgia in the kidnapping and flog- Hotel, 2660 Connecticut Avenue -

meeting will be conduct1 Boy) Altman, his brother ging of Jessie \Voods. The N.W., Washington, D. C. MAN IS KNIFED
Vote For Fair Reprassiiaiion 1 for District No.. 12 in the !Samuel, and Clement Barnes convicted Altman has also I The meeting will be held by IN FAMILY: BRAWL

I I '"'me'f11':: and Mrs. B. J. pleaded guilty to charges been accused on moonshine the President's Committee on A 40-year-old man was
P" 1>erson. 2530; : Woodland St. against them in safecracking
Elect. : a charges. Government Contracts. The stabbed in the right thigh
k I 3: n m. The contest between | case involving state pris- Lowell Correctional Institute purpose of the Conference last Sunday while fighting his

SAMUEL BRUCE Tr* -Ia'lie Crown and :Mrs.: ; oners. The pleas were madeon is actually a correctional- will be to discuss the policiesand wife at 917 Florida Avenue,

r .. Hates will close. Monday before Circuit school for Negro girls. The program of the Pre i- police reported.

Councilman At Large TIle monthly meeting of Judge D. P.. Smith who said prisoners used in the robber I dent's Committee and ways in Police said Mrs. Rosa Lee

.Hi-1riot No. It will be held he will sentence the three ies, however, were trustees which interested religious Williams wife of Dick Williams -
Third Ward 3 n.m. inthe homeof Mr. men after further investigation sent from state prison at Rai- I leaders might assist the Com- stopped them on the
"d Mrs. Carl Cicerol I. 48-14 : of the general situations. ford to work on a construction mittee in advancing its program street and told them of the
Wherever You Live t I ookpr Street and District : Thetrio had been using in- I project. i i of elimination of discrimination Fight and upon investigation

In The City Limits 1 \'). 18 wil !Ihold its meeting |mates fromthe Lowell Correc- I in emploYlent.in! they found the husband who

You Can Vote t ''h I it. 3 n.m. in the home of Mr. I tional Institute near here. I .. J i Government contracts, because I had 1 apparently lost quite a
II ,d :Mrs. :M. L. Hall, 2061 Sam, youngestof the Altman I ANNUAL SERVICES of race, religion, coloror j bit of blood and suffering

Negroes in Jacksonville represent one-third of the I Roadway Street. brothers, was a guard at the 1 SLATES FOR MAY 4 national origin. The coun- from shock.

total population .. therefore under a fair representation ----------- prison and was instrucental sel of the participants will be
I in releasing the prisoners at !1 The annual convention of Williams was sent to Duval
sought on specific
the City ways
plan Negroes should be represented on
: Odd Fellows Medical Center
READ"POLITICS night so his brother and and Household through which the moral com by police am-
Council. .
Barnesr could use them in ; nf Ruth Unit will be observed, mittment to this national bulance with a "Hold" order

I will work to 'foster good racial relations.I AS USUAL"ON I their safe-cracking activities. I i :May: 4-5 in the Grant Memor- policy of equal job opportunities -.placed! on him at the hospital.
Last week they were con- 'ial AME Church, Orange and can l be implemented. Mrs.\ Williams was arrested
j I
will work to clear up the Bus Company Mess. PAGE 2 i I victed for taking $3.000 from :, Clay Streets. The Rev. J. T. The Vice President also and charged with disorderly
I la I warehouse safe. Their guil- I!!:McMillan: is the host pastor. said that in reviewing its activities conduct and fighting with a
I -- Col. D. W. Perkins and Mrs. knife.
I will work for a better Jacksonville for both over the past five I
I R. M.\ Johnson will presideover years the Committee has observed Patrolman J. P. Branch
Negro and white citizens. sessions. progress in openingnew and R. C. Bell investigated.
GRAY HAIRS Programs for the
I need worry you no morewd''s occasion job areas to minority
I have been arranged with local and has concluded greater motivation of minority -
Ask your white friends employers to be artists groups
your EAU appearing during the
DENNA make these
ucva that in order to youth to acquire the neces-
HAIR COLORER celebration.I employment gains permanent, sary training and skills to
fair minded to give me a chance. .... Mr(.1* '40 ..( I -;---
Will tray.. .I*. oi..hs..M. the principle of equal job opportunity compete effectively in the na
qu. (+w. 0..hCadi..I U IUMW.ft wiI w b. ...... II.h -It must be advancedon tional labor market and to ad-
..... '... t IMPORTANT
Vote For: d..s k. He pck. a community level. To that vance themselves after being
YOU S'AYSI.AND MONtYl N*_wfll. ,end, the Committe believes hired. It is for these reasons
Samuel &ce =l:..-:.hw 4.W fcto e.IM-.U..k.rfr**> >* <.. ft ip.:lBiMt THAT YOU VOTE that acquainting religious that the Rev. A. B. Colemanwas.

.. .. .. ester if ....., 4.Id.WILL leader? with its objective and selected to attend, Mr.
It will ... nit *.. It ...,. r ...... ..... ON TUESDAY. MAY 5 accomplishment will result in Nixon said.
.._..*. .
Ma botfcwff MA3 p--- -
;: =
.. ..r5. w.h.ybh.1M -. ,s.MbM
.1. TN. M(O.1 w OaM....... ILAR r.y -':-MAR.bw. t.Lbb.i.

Vote For And Support cUr. toy prt. TQ a.IQ t.
,. y ..inrt*it MI WONOWUtfOKMI .................c......_....,..-....... Help Elect:
Representative Government ..d..........'Nell.....w__..._w.Iw .....d......
.. .... ..... ....... ....dvsdssI
k W .
FOR ALL THE PEOPLE. MI .onm.- s.-w. Your Former Mayor Your Municipal Judge
.. .......- C.h.. fil.dq hit! "-- ..... ..w, UtW II--I .... C. Frank Whitehead
u..Ie A.bwr. ... .. ... sue ..... ...... '-). c.t a. .. ... -
Elect ts.1 f.r ........p....... ,.. --.r fki M ... ........ Ia1dd .
I want your VOTE and SUPPORT.

Road and Myrtle
CITY COUNCIL I will be a representative Judge for All the People.
5th Ward At LargeIf ,

You Don't Have to Go to Town to Get i I II will be FAIR and IMPARTIAL to everyone who comes before me regardless of

You Live In The City You Can Vote For Me I I! RACE. CREED. COLOR or RELIGION. .

i [ will mete Justice with mercy.

Practicing Attorney for six years. This is a COURT OF CORRECTION NOT A COURT OF PUNISHMENT.If .

Married and the father of four children. DRUGTrade STORE NEEDS

Holds AB degree in Business Administration. With Your you want to help yourselves. Vote for the man who understands your trials and
Neighborhood Drug Store
.. LT H.degree in law from Howard Universary. tribulations I will reduce the percentage of four people appearing In this COURT.

Winner of Democratic Nomination' for Justice.

of Peace 2nd District. 1956. The LORD sees not as m a n sees; Man looks on the outward appearance but The
W. Deliver We Also Fffl AH Doctor" PreoeriptloM '
S t LORD looks on the HEART." -1 SAMUEL 16:7. .

To protect planned PLEDGES budget projects. Dixie Pharmacy

Ward's needs. Vote for a CLEAN DECENT and RESPECTABLE COURT. where HONESTY and
To plan budget to meet .
To protect users. ,of Electricity from unfair ROHM B. W17. o1

Electric bills. .

To develop small well equipped aad _ccmvea- PAY YOUR LIGHT, WATER AND TELEPHONE VOTE for: C. Frank Whitehead Your MUNICIPAL JUDGE.

! tentI located rormmrnT+T playground '. BILLS AT OUR STORE .

f .


r ,



'- ..
\ .
?" '
Paje Six Week Ending Saturday. May 2. 1959
-- --- ------- -------- -- -- -
-- ---- -- -- ---- -- ------- -




*-i c., 1 e n I a r Tea will be GAINESVILLE- A meet-

Expert Photography i Hospital Week will be observed sponsored by the P-T A of first anniversary of the ing for all conductresses of

Portraits Weddings Banquets I by the Brewster :Me- Northwestern School May 3 Ebonetts Social and Saving ,the Gainesville District, Pallbearer 1'GHSCHOOL
Passports & Identification Photos hodist Hospital, :May 1016n ::. G:15 p.m. with student:; o. Club was observed recentlya Lodge 113 will be
t r Photostats & Commercial Work : cooperation with hospitalsover he school participating. the
held, May 3 at 3 p. m. at
the Mt. Zion Baptist Plans for the annual MayDay
Cuts the nation.
Photos For Newspaper
home of Mrs. Leila Robin-
I T.IC: TI.V.. B. Miller, pasof -
While You Wait : Church, Southside with Miss and Play Day have been
"More Roads to Recovery". r the Laura Street Pres- completed by DeVernon D.
Coloring & Picture Framing Elsie Cook serving as mis son.The
1 ; Let Us Take A Photo Of Your gill be the theme for this :/terian: Church will be the tress of ceremonies for the organization held its I Nicks, principal of Baldwin
-i I year, which will emphasizethe ,.))2acer! for the occasion, in- regular meeting recently at 1 IJunior High School facultyand
t.7 !: ?;!flb. And The Kids In Your Easter Outfit increasing number of I 'ding II.: V. Daniels, presi-i1 celebration.A the meeting place. students.
; Y r '- In Natural Color I services offered hospitals. Par I
x by nt, County Council of rendered II
Open House will be held, '-i.ls and Teachers, and W. K. program was I The events will be held
J. AVERY I May 10 from 2 to 5 p. m., Harper. president of Florida with the following persons May 7-8 and "May Day Around -

which will feature a tour of :tate Council of Parents and appearing the Rev. H. L. Herod theV orld," will be
AVERY'S PHOTO STUDIO Gespelite Singers,Miss Helen the theme.
the and Teachers.
hospital an explanation -
Mrs. Corine Waters.Mrs. Jones,Henry Elliott and Will-
611 West Ashley: Clara White Mission Bldg. of services ?!>'<*. L. N. Pearson and Doris Grant, Mrs. Ethel iaf Gibbs. .1 The contestants and teachers -

Phone EL 4-7695 For Appointments I Mrs. Sallye B. Mathis,president TTrs. Lillie Garret will award Smith, Patricia Thomas, Tim- Presentations and observa- are: First and second
I of the Brewster Auxi- the winners in the table con- othy Williams, Miss Vernette tions were given by Mrs. Audrey grades, Evelyn Young and
liary will direct the tour. test. Jones, Miss Ida Logan the .Coakley. ;Calvin Cameron, Mrs. Doro-
thy Pinkney teacher; Second
-- --- ---- -
-- -------- -
and Third grades Annie Lois

FwJii25S i DIRECTORY : Williams, Charles Mayes,
IThp ,
I _.....--.....-. .........-..._....--..............-.----- ....---,....--- .. _......._- ..............- .. -...... Miss Evelyn Bodison, tea-
j' ____-=_ -_ --=.. .-. --_ .' -.wprlflPr' tc Z2-.r,. }'o' T'c1L1.li"Nyp" ---- -- ---- :- -- ----- -c chers; Fourth and Fifth

"' :=':.',.. : :' :- ':' : _: : :.., .., .,._ ,. ..... .--.I grades Gwendolyn Thomah,
--- -- -
=--t. = ::;;:-::;; == ;-== --- -- 11 Freddie Bryant, Mrs. VerdieC.

Bradlev. teacher? Sixthgrade

I Fuel Oil Fill Dirt I :: LETTERING :: Singletary, Mrs. Gloria
I We Deliver -
Fold. Excellent Service
Dry B. Fort
:AUTO PAINTING COMPANYComplete Meter Delivery Prompt Service Moderate Prices 1 teacher; Seventh
We Give World Green Stamps {
Body Repair & Paint Work PO 49516E. Gold Leaf Trucks Glass Slo-Cards grdae, Barbara Colson, Fran-
5330) Avenue B
3633 Moncrief RcL Cor. 27th EL 4-9404 Whitten
11' ces Ander-
=:- Oven Baked Paint Jobs -:- 416 Oak Street EL 3-5100!
Price Start at S4.00 G. COLDER COMPANY son, Harold Kennerly, tea-
1532 East Adams Street EL 5-8135 CLOTHING Kerosene Fuel Oils cher; Eight grade, Evelyn
Mannings, Robert Holland,
-Over 50 Years Service to Jacksonville- One Day Service I Mrs.
A and R TRIM SHOP 3-3643 Amanda Belle, teacher;
-- EL
2329 Boulevard Royal Crown Bottling Company Ninth
1525 Main Street EL 5.8091 grade Jacquelyn Hayes
Custom Made Seat Covers REED TAILORS 1 INDEPENDENT OIL COMPANY 1235 San Marco Blvd. FL 9-4488:1 J I James Seymore, and Mrs.

Jacksonville's Only Distributor of I 641 West State Street EL 6-9432 i Betty Howard, Teacher.
HOUGABOOK AUTO SERVICE Tailor Supplies and Cleaners Supplies .
General Auto Repair 519 Broad Street EL 4-1735: SOUTH OIL COMPANY OF FLA. GENERAL UPHOLSl ERY SHOP } -- ---

'Specializing In Motor Tune-up" Phillips 66 Products Convertible Tops Door Panels
Generator. Starter and Carburetor Senrici FlUe Fuel Gasoline Headliners Furniture Slip Covers ] PLANS OPERETTA
J. H. HOUGABOOK. Prop. j'I FOODS Trop-Artic Motor Oil"It's 3227 N. Myrtle Avenue EL 48114'4i
i i
1361 Kings Road. EL 4.3659_ Performance That Counts" i'4 i': '' ,. ; ., ,
: TV ,,.. -: tc.f
; 1721 Franklin Street EL 6.7681 4'' :
Y cun & Amoco Service Station I ITune.up I AZAR SAUSAGE COMPANY -We Specialize In (i J.C.: l r '"' L'eiKv: 'l.: v

and Brake Service FRESH HOME MADE FUNERAL HOMES GEORGE W. POWELL, INC. j Ji I I i School] will ,present an opcrrt4a -

'General Motor Repair & Ignition Service I SAUSAGE DAILY Real Estate Mortgage Loaas |,I entitled "On The Load To
2506 West Beaver St. at McDuff EV 9. .449 646 Flordia Avenue EL 6-3308-9 GETER & BAKER FUNERAL HOME Rents Collected ;: Moonlight Town," May 20 at
Serving Jacksonville & Duval 410 Broad.Sireet EL 4.620441 7:30: p.m., in the Cafetoriuin
Vitalyte Battery Sales & ServiceFree of the school.
i for 50 Years .
County over :!I .
-- -- ---
I 1'1 It : :: -! h t-
Pick-up MOM'S KITCHENHome 767 West Beaver Street EL 41812CARTER'S
3711 Main Street 'EL 5-2004 of Culture r tend the affair.FASHION:
cooked meals served 24 hours- Jones Inskul p Physical |
7 days a week School Of Barber. Beauty & Massage 2 -------
BROAD STREET BATTERY SHOP 1285 Kings Road EL 4.9321 24 Hour Ambulance Service Colored Owned and Operated J

Batteries Generators Starters Serving Colored Homes Since 1918 "Earn As You Learn' <+< SHOW\
Regulators Auto Repairs STRAND HOT DOG STAND O. C. Jernigan. owner S. L. Davis mgr. 812 Clay Street EL 4.6005t', ,
Delivery Service 929 West Beaver Street EL 4.054'5.61Holmes ... ;
1050 Broad Street EL 4.1715 641 West, Ashley Street----,EL- -4-9303 FLORIST -'I 1SKINNER'S <+j
Flowers For All Occasions ATLANTIC BATTERY SERVICE 35 Clnts Plate : -Ambulance Service- EL 4-7275 .
-:- Specializing -- 1514 N. Myrtle Ave. TO APPEAR IN
Reconditioned Batteries Homemade Pies and Cakes (Notary Public) i
.41, All Kinds of Battery Service 718 West Ashley_ Street EL 6-9169 2719 West Edgewood Avenue PO 5-1641 4
Price $5,00 end upi SOUTH ATLANTIC SAW SERVICE]: Sara Lou Harris i well-'

120 Florida Avenue EL 5-4300 BUBBA'S COFFEE SHOP Andrew J. Huff Funeral Home All Kinds of Hard Tooth Band Saws 1|s known model and magazine

Home Cooked Foods 24 Hour Ambulance Service Blades Sharpened and Sold j I, rover girl of New York City,
EL 4-6896-7 1526 Gary Street EX I I will appear in the "Million
SEABOARD BODY 617 West Ashley Street ETIPLIGHT'S 4-9701 1337 Davis Street .9504i
Dollar Fa"'hi"n Show May

Automotive Repair Auto Painting \ 29, which wll J-.e ore ented
Body Work 24-hour Wrecker Service RESTAURANT FURNITURE TAXI in the Strand Theatre.
AAA Service Free Estimates Home Cooked Meals "At Your Service"NEW i The e'-OT" ;-: under the di-

All Work Guaranteed GOOD COFFEE. AIR BASE FURNITURE COMPANY DEAL CAB ,- EL 4.1611 r"ctionf Milton Hood for
2949 West Beaver Street EV 9-3418 2937 Myrtle Avenue EL 4.9329 Complete Home Furnishing LINCOLN CAB EL 4.1611 !I i, the fund.benefit of the educational

LANE'S CHICKEN SHACK We Invite Your Credit j I Loral models to he featured
THIGPEN'S BODY SHOP 5953 Roosevelt Blvd. EV 7-4619 Timiquana Road Trading Post in the revue include: Mrs. .
Southern Fried Chicken Bar-B-Que
Azzie Lee Anderson, Mrs. Sa-
Batteries $6.95 & up We Cater To Private Parties ROBERTS NEW & USED FURN. Complete Garden Supplies 1] die Braxton Mrs. Juanita
Guaranteed For The Life of Your Car Chicken in the Box To Carry Ou' Fertilizer Fruit Products 1
Home Furnishings For Every Room i..1 Foster. Mrs. Theresa Mackey,
"Baked On Enamel" 1446 N Myrtle Avenue EL 6-9876 502 Florida Avenue EL 448.0BARBER -New and Used Furniture bought and sold-.'| Mrs. Delnhina :Mainor Brin-
Wrecks Rebuilt 564 Tlmiquana Road SP 1-3762'Washington's
I'' son, and Miss Emma Lee \ViII' -
680 East 21st Street EL 3.5080Mim's GROCERIES AND BEAUTY SHOPSLes

J I':son'Appearing in the musical
Charmette Beauty Salon Health Service I : numbers will Le :Miss Wonza

Gulf Service Station Special Attention to Hair & Scalp TreatmentHair "Abundant Health Is Rightfully Yours" 1 I Crompton and Miss Patricia
Complete Car Lubrication CHARLES JOSEPH GROCERY Cutting and Styling Try Swedish: Massage Mineral Steam Baths,I II' -AT>TI Crawford.

Open Daily 7 A.M. to' 9 P.M Groceries Meats Fruits Vegetables 1427 Davis Street .EL 6-9907 Colonic TherapyD. 1 I Bishop Sadie Gibson will
2Q55 West Beaver Street EL 4-9459 Free Delivery C. Washington. Masseur-Same Location; introduce the narrator for the
1002 Florida Avenue EL 6-976 EBONY BARBER SHOP "F

Hair Cuts Our Specialty For 23 Years II FCAMPY,
AUTOMOBILE Ladies Children Gents 934 N. Myrtle Avenue EL 4-247E:
I For Your Next Car FRED'S FOOD MARKETFresh Open 9 a m. to 8:30 p.m. Sat. 8 ill 11 THROWS
:- New Or Used -:- EL 4-9112
736 West Ashley Street
Fruits VegetablesFree WILLIE SMITH DRUGSFree

-We Phone Can Finance EX 8-0677 Anyone- 301 Davis Street- Delivery EL 4-9240 LA CONGO BEAUTY PARLOR delivery any part of the city (r OUT BALL TO

t' -:- OLD RELIABLE -:- 1
with Hair Style -
Free Scalp Treatment
601 West Ashley Street EL 4-1380 i
Farmer's Service Station During the Month of February BEGIN SEASON
GUS INA'S SUPERMARKET Mrs. Rosa Lee Speed operator +

Motor Repair Gas & &Oil Tune-Up If You Want The Finest In Groceries 811 Davis Street EL 4-9530 JULIA GEORGE 5 & 10 CENT

Road Service And Meats Come See Us STORE r LOS ANGELES When
358 S. Myrtle Avenue EL 5-8141 300 Davis Street EL 65412MIKE'S TOBY BEAUTY PARLOR Courteous Treatment the Los Angeles Dodgers opened -
: the 1959 campaign at
8:30 7
Open to p. m.
Specializing in Hair Cutting home against the St. Louis
CLEANING 306 Davis'Street EL 4-1210:
GROCERY Styling Scalp Treatment Cardinals, it was Roy Campa-
Staple Groceries Mrs. Tabilha Taylor. prop. nella who threw out the first
THRIFTY DRY CLEANERS Fresh Meats 615 Davis Street EL 4-9812 ball as he sat in his wheel

Where Qmality Couxiis Mahoney Terminix Termite Control Chair.

-Expert Dyeing -Complete Termite Control- Campy expressed his joy
1236 Davis Street EL 5-8115 Open 7 to 7 MISCELLANEOUSAAA -:- Betiding Materials -- over having tht honor of

2015 Broadway EL 6-91821 414 N Myrtle Avenue EL 4-1763 throwing outthe'ball that was
I to get the pennant drive un-
M & M, MARKET Bonds to stay in Los
and Federal Angeles
(12 W. Ashley Street EL 4-1629 City County *
%raa and Myrtle 814 West 8th St. Fresh Meals Law Exchange Bldg. EL 5-1933 NELLIES PIE SERVICE through May 7 when the
514* Da'vfc 1302 Davis Street Open 7L .to6pm.-. Dodgers and the New York
Street 504 Davis Street EL 5-1S32 ACE RADIO & TV SERVICE Fresh PIes Daily* Yankees play an exhibition
Potato Pie Our SpecWty-From fresh with
& game part of the .pro-
SPOT RITE CLEANERS 30 Yean In Electronics Potatoes W* Deliver ceeds going to him.
FUEL OILS AU Work Guaranteed 1429 Steele Street EL 34864 "Ill never be able to thank
One-Hour Service 943 Forest Street EL ueGIAVERY'S the owners and players of the

Pick-up & Delivery AA BOTTLED GAS & FUEL CO. clubs enough for that" he
76tJ Florida
Avenue EL .59745ONE said. "It's the greatest
STUDIO thing
w. specialize in serving trailer pub
that ever happened to "
Ala 100 Hx bilk Uaks Home Poiralt QUICK me
cylinders or Commercial Weddlng
HOUR Campanella will i I I
At your home for your convenience Yes we do 11 in color also Mattreee Renovating Our Specialty: his continue
911 We* Ashley Street EL 6-1830 15845 Wed Duval Road PO'5-3561 811 West Ashley Street EL' 4-7895 8703 Old Kings Road PO 5-1634: ers affiliations in an active with capacity the Dodg_

.....- a scout. ',i as




---- --- -
-- -
.' -n '''T..


r.Florida A&M Makes Plans For Coaching Clinic I

'.-__,...._,....._.-.,..__-.....,......,. A.. .. : '--_--- 'I ,. IBM TOP} COACHES ARE ft1 I A.2D
II PORr' a- IT Up------ -"i #"- j ..
i ; i:1


JERRY (Pumpsie) GREEN. the highly publicized rookie who trained! all spring with the Boston Red Sox pad said 1 to: condemn the entrance of TALLAHASSEE- for the 15th annual Flon; A &

to have had a perfectly good chance of slicking is no longer ]I-Iegroes: into organize .baseball M University Coaching: Clinic have been made ar: 1 the
I a Red Sox. Not one of millions of 'baseball fans expect-1 or to try to dampen the < ? P' + wMyu. coaches selected to conduct it will include some whose*
ed anything different. Green was the first Negro to wear ourage of those who daredto wY i. } F .w teams were represented in the different Bowl ga-t'H this

a Red Sox uniform and that wasn't for long. With all of 1 push the door open. Why

the millions of gallons of prinfers ink and reams of news* j grumble about somethingyou year.Head -- -
about the rookies the can't hinder? The Negrois Coach and AthleticDirector i
print outstanding in various camps. ; will journey over tc :\ & M
definite of the ==.-- ; A. S: (Jake) Gaither:J
Green was one of most highly rated but not quite i a very part Lo be in on the mfnation
good enough to wear aRe d Sox uniform for a season. !baseball program now and at A & M has been very : 1 Lhey will receive du the
1 had all those who object to it is ing
Green to go. ; careful in making selections 3 j instructional: periods.I .
WILLIE T A S B Y of the 1 to stay home and wait for an p3rM-nvW.r>' .M.vr that will include coaches ,

Baltimore Orioles is leading i I OFFICIALS clamor for z
the pace in the rookie march ,, while the 'coaches in the state are former
i team sup FROM THE WAY IT APPEARS standing and recognized as -
t toward "Rookie of the Year"honors. \
Rattlers and thewill be
: the New Stnaton the nation.
clamor for
1 porting fans a 1 tops: throughout :
Tasby's playing at Blue Devils are headed for coming back to seek further
Louisville l last for inning team and a pennant. '
year won another city baseball champ- Among the celebrated coa- knowledge of bandog their
him a chance to go to the The fans just stand by u ionship. It seems that the ches whose teams competedin teams. In most of he high

majors and Manager Paul :teams like Cleveland. Ch'ca50 learn is clicking again in 1959 various Bowl games are: :school competition i iro Floridait

Richards 0 f the Orioles is I Kansas City Baltimore. just as it did in 1958. Coach Jerry Burns of Iowa, whose is a former Rattle againsta
quite satisfied that it is paying New York with Negro players Pearson into ; team competed in the Rose former Rattl r. The infor-
puts something
I off. Tasby is not only march on. it is true that his team that is hard to over- ;:T Z{ ; 'R owl: Frank Howarl anc* ; mation received wit! serve to
I the ball for .394 Detroit has Larry Doby and % .
pounding them
a He is the t "h 'f Charlie Waller of Clemson, help throttle each: other.BEAUTY.S
come. getting pitching
< .
clip. but he is covering centerfield Ossie Virgil but as they sit ,, the hitting and the field- : : ; /+ ..... Sugar Bowl representatives; '
like a veteran. The warming the bench and ,4er r From Oklahoma will come
Baltimore Orioles watching Earl and Al log;: that won for them last "':J.l;\.xi; '(N"jJ y ., TELEVISIONAND
are not allergic Battey year. ] : .t/ < .' Corner Jones, of the Orange
to Negro players. Smith of Chicago. Elston Ho- :) :\: / 1'. i Yfr, t fJ+ 4t', zK Bowl fame and Bob Woodruff :
JOE GANS died the other ward of New York James THE FLORIDA A&M ';r-l' ,t'ri ..!i; '*N1{ iiAtl; : '1z1 ,) of the University of Florida RADIO SERVICE

dav Gans was never a cham- (Mudcat) Grant Vic Power RATTLERS are setting the JJf.'f. 3.If.N .t' :1"r1 Gator Bowl representative. Home Call* on! at Makes

f pion, but was considered to and Mnnie: Minoso of Cleve- SIAC on fire with a terrific < }\ : .ft JtJ; f ; j< Used Radios: from *S 00 Up

be one of the greatest lightweight land. Charles Beafon Bob attack and faultless pitching.The .. ,. ... H.4OV, 1 ", ._ 4..JI( ,J:Ai't
Coach Gaither named other We Finance
u contenders who Boyd and Willie Tasby of Rattlers are way out in ,
ever RATTLER BONUS BABY-Willie Taylor Florida AM's &:; coaches who did not into
lived. Geraid Slaughter Gans Baltimore Hector Lopez and front of the baseball parade get 816 FLORIDA. AVENUE
real name, met some ,of the Harry Simpson of Kansas with a record of 11 wins and All-American Center is shown as he appeared just be' any of the Bowl games, but)II ELGIN e-SO-n
fore into It is reported that every team in:1 whose teams highly I It
best in the City tear their team into no defeats. A record like that going a game. were
least nine fighters game who and at threads. Negroes are not carries one's mind back to the National Football League sought the signature of the.t rated as first rate teams. Tak.|
own- Coach Jake Gaither said was one of the greatest line in the 1959 clinic
ed titles. At he good enough to play with the good old days of yester- man ing part :
58-years-old, --
parsed the such Boston and Detroit. but they years with such players as men to ever play on a Rattler team. Taylor finally signed l will be Anton Pilney of Tu-!
way tan with the Green Bay Packers with a substantial bonus. He' lane, Rav Elliott of Illinois.
lighting celebrities are good enough to help Curry, Baby Joe Lockhart, I
as Harry
them take Juhie will be accompanied to Green Bay by a fellow team mate Whitie Urban of Georgia
Wills, Jack Johnson a nose dive into Bragg and other mem-
F Flowers Sam Lankford, Tiger and the basement of the league. hers of the baseball playing Leroy Hardee a halfback who led the Rattlers in ground I Tech Dave Nelson of Delaware -I I 16-44-51
I THE GAME OF BASEBALL Rattlers. gaining and scoring.RATTLERS and one of the nation's' 836-37-413

i many others well known in
----- I'
boxing history. is too advanced now BASEBALL WILL BEGINin most famous basketball coaches ,
for intelligent, respectableclear the City Recreation Lea- J. B. McClendon, coacho I
THE BOSTON RED SOX thinking and men of gue when school is out. Some HEAD PAKE GIVEN f Tennessee State's two :I 6 > 9
time N. A. I. A. champions. *
real baseball talent is por- 6 ... 8
v 1 trayed when the teams get Taking advantage of the'i /If. .r
, t
down to real business. If the MR:! SIAC FLAGBASEBALL :ELESE BY Clinic will be the hundreds! 7 8

baseball fans should want to of high school coaches in j \V itch I>MS < I'I. n
see some potential stars of Florida and many others who
the game attended the gamesof [N PAW! TEAM\ 1 i{ 24-34-67

the Recreation !
Depart- -- ---
505 07 188
ment. i I II

TheFloridia A & M Rat- j > iiMtlfiHrw
AGAIN. MIAMI-The Miami Marlins l.'l tlUH-k -
tlers are moving along in the : ... ...
EAT t. .tl.to t
SIAC race with a baseball of the International League ,,
!ft a"rk ft !iI' y '
pennant in their view just as and current leaders have I
: they did in the football race, announced the release of the BERRIERS :
FISK TO GREET in the track meets and in veteran pitcher. Leroy (Satchel Coming Attractions

basketball.The ) Paige. ICE CREAM I 21-39-865-09.

I zt MFOOTBALL\ Rattlers are championship Paige, considered by manyas I I I .-;.
I I ; 1 1i: i I ;t .I conscious and whatever one of the greatest pit- --- -

they go into it is for the pur- chers of all time regardlessto

Ir V COACH IN 1959 pose of winning. So well have race or color has had :
s : : :
I r rE they mastered the sports program quite a career as a pitcher. ii.

they have sent several He has pitched against some 'ti Enroll Now In The i
E played to football and to of the best hitters baseballever ..
NASHVILLE, Tenn. Eu- pro iiAr South Finest College 1:;
baseball. produced and came out V :
gene D. Stevenson, 33 former pro Florida Barber College
in fine
shape. He was with
Branch G. I.
coach Approved
Nashville's Cameron The 1959 team has been Miami for three years. a t
High School, is the new running roughshod over oth'erteams 4
I head football coach at Fisk in the SIAC with nod The Marlins front office *
i' Mak .ynur .1 University.; feats. At the beginning of said they released* Paige because Woodrow Pailerson, manager Prof. James Glover

Feel the season it was believed he was a constant 630 Davis Street At Beaver
I 1 f President Stephen Wright hat Allen University would problem to the club withhis Phone EL 5-9875

I r COMFORTABLE has announced that Stevenon famish some strong competition. tardiness for airplane -

[ w T would take over as men- Morehouse College of flights and accusations that .. -- =- ;--
tor of the gridiron Bulldogs. Atlanta was also believed to they owed him money. Old '
I! LOOK GOOD .; Coach H. B. (Bus) Thompsonwill be Satch had previously"asked
strong competition, but in
continue as athletic di- the last meeting of the two for his release. HI HIs H fi1 S.
II rector and head coach in P. L
teams the Rattlers shut them

the physical athletic education phase program.of Fisk's out." With, he his is long now free sought to sin release lij, H u J

Can it be that the Florida with any club in baseball. I
Becoming one of the na- A&M Rattlers are too The veteran pitcher has not 11
t i o n's youngest collegiate strong in the field of sports said what his future BAllROO fj
coaches, Stevenson, a former from are about baseball.
every angle than the
SHAY Fisk gridiron great, established : other teams in the SIAC? Tactually o j. OF JACKSONVILLE 11
MA6 .{Nl. POWDER. a n enviable record as a I
t test the strength of
L4 football mentor. During the the Rattlers is. to furnish I ....-.-. ;
-' r**- +- three W"Nb t .V'JNIJ:v.r.r iL 1VtA-uv-J: .,dII i
he coached CaMeron
It your druggist cannot years -
supply you SHAVING POWDER'CO t stronger
SEND M for these MAGIC TEAM MATES 'g'.o Box'3457.WwnnalvG*. grid teams, he compiled competition. Starts FRIDAY MAY 1TRIPLE I.w I'j I.II!:
a record of 14 _wins, 4, The baseball season is fast RealEstaie ''|
JVAV. v&ffrLth e'
-- --- --- losses and 1 tie. He has wins coming to, a close and witha 'I
over Central of Louisville, record of 11 wins and no $ LOANS $ ATTRACTIONIN Ij I ;i
Hamilton of defeats who .
Memphis ano can head them "
Pearl ,of Nashville. off from a SIAC pennant in, $1,000 $.'.,ooo $IGOO 'I PERSON i'l
baseball? Watch the $1.000 to ** *** *"""* n
"Rattlers.REFRIGERATORS up $39.000 '
Co-captain of the Fiskfootball :
Payable $1.00 JjA
per mo. per
team of 1951. Stevensonhas t
-------- -- i on unpaid balance at 6%. .
: been classed by the vress: '
Let us help I'
you to complete "
as one of the I
M outstanding I V
your house or refinance 38 "NO REGRETS""Be ,
;t: s passers and runners in Fisk
; In the Careful With My
years game place.
gridiron history. In 1948. the Love"I
new head coach made honor- & FREEZERS I CaU -, AND THE3rLTRS I

e.I able mention on the aUcon.1f
rence squad as a triple i, Serviced By J. P. YOUNGMr. rat: <
threat back and in 1952 he! Licensed Technician 2 .
was backfield coach of the M. E. DELEMOS Slmraorai or Mr. Watah ill illi
i;f i Main and Monroe !
I A Bulldogs. i iI ; Call 212 Masonic I
PO 4-0127 Temple DM*. I TED TAYLOR
I A former Canadian professional -- 1 Phone EL U014 ,
football player. Stevenson f IX! 6.1SU1
coached the Holloway i I I "BE EVER WONDERFUL

f k4tNk High school team, in Ruther- -- -- -- -. ij "SINCE YOU'RE HOME"
ford County, Tenn., the high : ,'
l school from which ; j AND
rd, ;1 r4 he grad-. I .
Or rO uated. In his first year he SAY YOU SAW IT : LEARN TO ORIV t Ii

!I ranked up an amazing record 1}i See ire Drivers License t j i Choker Campbel} ]

of 10 wins and no losses and IN TLI1F'LORm .,, I SAFEWAV npivr r. ; I ,
copped the MITA championship -I I And His ORCHESTRA '

% STAR -i i SCHOOL I .;.. ... ... .
II N" ..:- -...;..r+rwir "rIV'tItIVV\I"ItIV'IIVV4NV'.N'I? -.
Stevenson will be 600 We i B!av"r f".t .
\ one of J'J'I :
I I the new coaches in Southern Office Pl-gir 57742R ; MON. THRU THURS 75c ; ,
.. Ii Intercollegiate Athletic. Conference ... EL9in 4-0639 j FRI. SAT. & SUN. $1.00 fr
; I
comes football sea_ I GEORGE PERPCNA Dir

I son. .. ; .;., -:- ;:;: ;: .,"'".. I :- :-::;

.i ... ,'::..--', .. .'

''L- : : .

+E r

FLORIDA STAR Week Ending Saturday. May 2. 1959
Jaq. Eight
-- -

POLICE REPORTS with home his alone.fist Hudson the first hit time her WHERE TO VOTE TUESDAY
and the second time he hit her I
HAVE CASH WILL BUY BOY FRIEND IS VICTIM was when she fell on the brick l-A Norwood Prebysterian Church, 6225 Norwood Ave :
OF ANGRY GIRL FRIEND injuring her face. 1-D -North Jacksonville Chic Club,64th and Southland St.
Tiberious Tinsley, 41, of Miss Phelps was taken to ,2-A Full Gospel Center, Linwood at Pearl Street I
YOUR VACANT LOTS I 607 W. State Street told police Duval Medical Center in police 2-B Fire Station, 351 W. 24th Street :
he was stabbed in his ambulance and Hudsonwas 2-C Simon Johnson Playground Bldg, 28th at Moncrief 1
Call EL 4-6782 Mr. Kay right arm by his girl friend, arrested and charged I 2-D New Hope AME Church, 17th at Davis 1I?

Maxine Ford. 23, GOTV.. i with disorderly conduct and i 2-E Law's Service Station, 3301 N. Myrtle Ave. i! !
State Street during a minor fighting. 3-A Church of God, Steele and Blue Streets
-i3e? a argument last Sunday. Patrolman George R. 3-B Ed's Food Market 1825 Davis Street
Tinsley was treated at Du Thomas investigated. 3-C Private double garage, 230 Cottage Avenue
val Medical Center and re- 3-E Fire Station, 1355 Main Street ; .
The SEAFOOD Center I leased. He said he does not DOMESTIC ARGUMENT 3-F Springfield Lions Club, 18 E. 21st Street
wish to prosecute, police re LEADS TO CUTTING 3-G Pearl Street Garage, 2924 Pearl Street
CORNER MYRTLE AVENUE AND SHAD ROE ported. ._ A domestic fight occurringlast 3-H TallejTand: 'Civic Club, Victory Pk., Talleyrand, Ave.:
Patrolmen E. Jefferson and Sunday at 1610 E. 25th 3-1 Private double garage, 1144 E. 18th Street t
II. Harley investigated. Street ended with the hus- 4-A Glen Myra Civic Club, 1414 Winthrop Street ; A1edI
WEEK'S BEST PRICE-WISE BUY band cutting the wife on the '4-B Hobart Jax, 452 E. 8th Street

' OCEANVIEW SPOTS _------ Lb. I UNKNOWN ASSAILANT right hand with a butcher 4-C Friendly Barber Shop, 829 E. 1st Street I

SHRIMPBOAT Whiting --r- Lb. 32c ( STABS MAN IN STREET knife. 4-D National Guard Armory, 800 Market Street
BLACK SEA BASS Lb. Kenneth Worrell, 30, 623 Policesaid James Thomas 4-E Deluxe Cleaners, 204 Washington Street :
W. .tate Street told policehe Hayes and his wife, Mrs Hazel 4-F Gator Bowl, Main Entrance, West side t
was stabbed in the arm Davis Hayes, 26, had an 4-G Cool Spot Barber Shop, 1161 E. Union Street l
; THIS WEEK'S TRIPLE TREAT. and left hip last Sunday by argument when :Mrs. Hayes 4-H -- Fairfield Methodist Church, Parker and Swift A tip of the P.H..t t"9
MEDIUN MULLET Lb. 25c an unknown man whom he wanted to take the children 4-1 Grocery Store, 356 E. Third street to these out.taadGtj
PAN TROUT n_____-_ Lb. 29c had been argui1!$. away from her husband. The 5-A St. Stephens AME Church, 5th and Davis Streets young American. wile
SILVER DRUM ___---__-------- Lb. 29c Worrell said that while the I husband objected and the 5-C Gym., Edwarl Waters Coollege, Pearce and Kings Rd. make our country MM!
SPANISH MACKEREL _______________ Lb. 35c argument was in progress, fight started and he cut her 5-D Zion Hope Baptist Church, 1198 W. Crurch Stret our community a better
BEACH WHITING _.___--u___ ? Lb. 35c the man suddenly drew a with the butcher knife. She 5-E Clara White Mission, 613 W. Ashley Street place In which to UP
knife and started stabbinghim. was taken to Duval Medical 5-F Auditorium, Blodgett Homes, 1203 Davis Street -
FAMOUS FORTY-NINERS Victim was treated at Center. 5-G Brooks Plymouth Inc., 802 Laura Street : *

SPECKLED TROUT Lb. 49c Duval Medical Center. Victimis Both parfies were arrested 5-H Odd Fellows Slub, 220 E. Monroe Street F
Bell and J. P. Branch.
YELLOW TAILED SNAPPER -, Lb. 49c employed at the Robert 5-1 Grand Park Civic Club, 2374 Roberts Street. j f
CATFISH ___ Lb. 49c Meyer Hotel as a waiter. Police 5-J Fire Station, 639 Duval Street .
STEAKS nm Lb. 49c said they habe been un- MAN IS STABBED 6-A Sunshine Radio & TV Service Co., 2351 Edison Ave. .
TURTLE MEAT Lb. 49c ableto locate 'assailant. OVER DOLLAR LOSSA 6-B Clayton's Service Station, 1124 Edison Avenue +

FLOUNDER _______-_ Lb. 45c Patrolmen Jesse Jackson .49-year-old man was 6-C Fire Statioon, 347 Riverside Avenue +
and Milton Newsom investigated stabbed in the right arm last 6-D Barber 649 Stockton Street
PINK SNAPPER _____ Lb. 35c Shop, +
BIG JIM CRABS ____ DeL $1.00 by investigating officers R. C. 6-E Private Garage, 618 Copeland Street +
I Sunday_by a woman who accused 6-F Jamerson Tire Company, 665 Riverside Avenue
WOMAN BADLY BEATEN him of taking one dollar 7-A Warehouse, Commonwealth Ave. and Superior Street t +
FREE PARKING SIDE AND REAR FOR LEAVING CHILDRENRosa from her. 7-C Our Lady of Angels Church, 2705 Edison Avenue7F *
THE SEAFOOD CENTER I Lee Phelps, of -1149E. The victim, James Lewis of Green St. Civic Club, Myra betw. James & Cherry *
& 21st Street told police that C23 Broad Street Lane, said 7-G Johnnie's Service Station, 632 S. McDuff Ave. *'
Myril A... and Adams Phono EL 4-1488 she was; struck in the face by Miss Aletha Brooks accused 7-H Barber Shop, 2008 McQuade Street WALDENCE B. PERRY 4
------------ -....... .. him of taking the dollar and
----' her common-law husband who 8-D Boone Park Tennis Club, 3720 Park Street New Stanton Senior
made her go home and on her he denied taking it. Duringthe ,8-E Fire Station, 4242 Herschel St. High School J
way home he hit her again, argument, the fight start- i,9-C Skateland Roller Rink, 1819 Kings Avenue Pepsi Cola Dealers andT
THANK YOU! knocking! her down and as she ed and she stabbed him. 19-D Southside Meth. Church, Youth Bldg., 1315 Felch Ave,, Pepsi Cola Bottling Company -+

For Giving Me Such An Overwhelming Vote In fell shehit her fame on a bnckcausing I------- 9-F Gordon Thompson Chev. Co., 2600 Kings Ave. are proud to salute T
The First Primary. I lacerations by her j 9-G St. Nicholas Pk. Christian Church, 3226 Beach BlvdBOLDEN'S Waldence Bernard Perry 4" -
right eye. 1 1I I of the Senior class. He is f.a .
MORE THAN TWICE THE VOTES I She said she had been 1 1I STRAND"Sun. StIMWFR CKM.cf SCHOOL member of Dayspring A.

THAN MY NEAREST OPPONENTJohn I standing on the corner of 21st I I'I Six Big Weeks June 15 July 24 Baptist Church. +T
and Evergreen Streets talk- ****** I
E. Santora Jr. 'I Sat. May 3-9 1 8
ing to some friends when her I
Super Western Dramal! Piano Band Theory Voice Accordion
I husband, Robert Benjamin I -
::-; : 'Hudson, 31, came up and '.., 2922 PEARCE STREET Ph. EL 5-9722
tny."s .:. \, started an argument about I
J : i her leaving the children at .
A I/tMNl r.'" -'r "''' .
i I ,c .' ,:,"
I '<>-- PVVVVVVVV".Mt4t N"A.V" _> 1
i : .= I

t',';'," ,::,"'::p"" >:..,' :" fy' I HAVEA --'..?" .,' -.T L- Re-elect ;t- .r/, I !:; :t! :!

Ralph N. tlJafEr'CITY (
Don Murray-Richard Egan ,_ L )
Plus "Giant From COUNCIL8th I
; i: : Unknown"Coming ; GLORIA JEAN LOVE
Sat. Midnite New Stanton Senior
Ward At-Large .
ROOM H May 9th High School
: \\i, BRIGITTE BARDOT Dedicated Tribute is, paid to Gloriaf
:,. $ : j 12 Years Of
r4z 'D
: : "Girl In The Bikini"Roosevelt the 12th grade. She is

T t. OR Public Service". i member o(the National
a :honor
':" .' Society. Secretary
'." <. )f the Green Pastures
.1 3uild No. 3,and is a mem-
APARTMENTRENT vxvvvvwvvvvvvvwvvvvvvtNobody )er of .Usher Board No. 3
; Sun. Mon.-May 3. 4 IYVVwtrwvw wvv.w.v r. +.r ,,
} tlltlVVVV'Vtrv""VIIJV.n.v..w. >f Emanuel Baptist church
; I 1st Run Terrific-
,, ,, 3 BIG FEATURES tft.'A"**** **** f
.} oW:',' ?' 0 TO() +
i; ': :'*' I +- .assia
: f: l .r +
:< ? I f I IE Needs. Special ..

Lei's Continue This Fine Spirit And Continue To I Councilman When ...

Work For And Elect FOR I } lames M. Peeler's on lhe Job Y. .+

John E. Santora Jr. I 6 t +
Notx.dy neodj ar .t *"
QUICK pracntatrre in City Cooa..
I. .cu+ eOf cil.1Wi l at t am = cf-
I <-
FACELESS fke. j ...
RESULTS M 4 ., 'n .."", qN".,,---.J i
i f" ,......m..flt1. Man As Judge of die Cnsu81 ;-
_; CctBt. I m fah jastJsipsTti JESSE DAVID NORRIS

Through ro '? Adults 60c LIST IT CISCO KID WESTERN and *! to twerpetu Jesse, is a member ofjJ
n I T L. I ..-. who ere l kIort jam, National Honor So- 3
Kids 15c
Thursday 16
I I 5 prdtesi or.u O.rrli 'an.i ietz, Senior Class. He IsJ
Coming Tues. May -
skated with the
1 I* City Ccyadl I hue i 'God In Christ and Plane!
T i ellowedthis same policy lanagement. )4 f

/ e"tC STARHUNDREDS I MARLON MONTGOMERY] ,,, '' of impsttiality and. fair. i 4
3 c..fy lif.tI.I. S i 1 Ie t 11 fesscnbJ- it I
I BRANDOCLIFT"Street "?cars in Council prove that, t * ,

OF ; 'to Evcrj'body batt efts 1 Oaa ratalaUotia trop PepiOola

TMllPN to these three Hem I
whet Jaaies M. Peeler is
; I Award wlnnen.A .
ROOM : .tf e. *
"Jbtaa: to Pcpri Merit Awmrt
r : t+atntattm I' Orb
i ltr i ReElectjour
AND rIilL Ml yaor dtftlia !let rdsyr
is p.? pq.t wa S APARTMENTHUNTERS Of, Darkness" COUNCIL, WARD 3 /
ipa Sxra U+trltRe t1
--- -


+'' 0 a



t. -' w

EVERY WEEK '. Drailrt !L

CALL 5 ( ffeeiiS

._ nl.

EL 4-6782 ,


<;\.: :.'iTHE --.;