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Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
April 25, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
April 25, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Several Teachers Face

Loss Of Jobs In Duval _. -'-FRI/. '- -(- STAR.- Jtti\C4I

.. .... I I VOL..B NO. 12 And. NEWS ApRIL 25. 19** JACKSONVILLE 9. FLORIDA 15 Cen' m oT

: ,. .' -':1; ;.-. .- ,> :': ; 4 ':. :; .. ,, ): : Shiloh l .

:: '-. e _. _.. \ .4,...... -. Group 1 !Wins Fight

r A

-____ I To Church

i r. < Regain ConlreR i :

:'lt: y 4 41r. .

..,...,:.:..,.... t :' -



I,' Or.r nr'"''': '1r" .. T.... .' .; .. ....". .' ,... :.. By Eric 0. Simpson

A 'y 'h b*. girt fight between members Shiloh Baptist Church Trewv acouired strength of Jacksonville's Negro vote
'nd tf"! pastor ordered! Rev. A. B. Coleman to re-instate the air '1->""> -"*'rrtd in last Tuesday's primary.elections when
i : -...'.ed members and turn over to the church the bill of sale -"x gave Mayor-Commissioner Ilaydon Burns a decisive vic-

for!::the station registered: in! his name. .- v ---a- lire tvn opponents, piled up a high margin for City
Tne curt ruled that the -- ------------ :Commissioner:: Dallas Thomas and brought several other can-
"eiectinn or removal'' pf .1.' vided in the charter of the !; '"te('. including two Negroes-Ernest Jackson and Samuel

;: plaintiffs as members Shiloh church which left the officersf ._. -e--in the 'ec o;id primaries.

4W '. I Church was contrary to the :!:arch other' than the ---- -
The returns: ;M lfsv]
y r |H\v and ordered restored to pastor c nl the trustees without lay's elections and the 1'ues-1 the Negro vote. Others vrho

A I i""full membership" and such leal:: capacity to Mi.j were ad: d! over the first hur-
eI .he Negro vote played
CLUB COTILLION HOLDS MEETING-Members of the Club Cotillion who attended I '!ices as they held at the dle include Ralph Walter and
the regular meeting, which was held .at the home of Mrs. Evelyn Walker are seen : :ft1e of their dismissal! nlain- j T i =titre i orders the de- omiration: of several Bradley Tvedinnick.
dates demonstrated
from left standing: Mrs. Evelyn Walker, president; Mrs. Mary Singleton, Mrs. Car- i. ''ff s. :Matthew\ Price, W. R. I jfendant church/ and pastor hat: the united !Negro \candi-I ratio of the Negro vote, col-
rie Parsons Mrs. Ola Higginbotham Mrs. Edith Weston Mrs. Ernie Alexander Mrs.E. ;i Davis Thomas Shepard. Hery !- I were directed to hold an elec- ored leaders recognize that
l referred
Roulhac, and Mrs. Dorothy Woods. Sitting in the same position are: Mrs. Hortense I i :Thomas s.j S. J. MuPrr! tip: :1 for six trustees within I "bloc disparagingly vote" controls the to as balance a-I their "united vote" could fall

Brown secretary; Mrs. Bessie Canty. Mrs. Viola M 0 n roe, Mrs. Marjorie Gilmore, Percy Bryant. W. L. Dri 'ht- 1 niney.i days from the issuance of in short of effecting a decisive
city politics.
treasurer: and Mrs. Josephine Cleveland. :Pond 'Marion Saunders. Pi- ,| *' -1er. Ir addition the Ircodv power fears being I defeat or victory in races

Photo by Avery Studio I man Williams Earlie J. But- church! required to "i nmeI some that with are where there"e less than
'er. Nathan Love. J. C. Sh?r- 1 ':v" cause to be prepared --, -I I three men or in the event
"hrref white citizens beI
nan B. H. Kelsey. A. E. Bolo !ie ; laws and white voter lined
by presen are IT
vard the ci: limits the! Nero :
SCHOOL SHAKEUP { LOCAL BRIEFS o !!, Mitchell Walker. George i the:1 to the court for inspection I! voters might y gain "per-- against colored votes. .
: '
::ashin ton. David Palmer. before presentation to I
anent control of City HalL"Already with the possibility-
I I II ---- Mrs. Lillie Saunders, Frank the rrier'!'bership for approval. that THREATENS MAN RAN DOWN AND MAN SENTENCED TO 10 McGee James H. Gordon and Judge Luckie decreed that the Florida Times Ernest Jackson and
gro his
i ,CUT SERIOUSLY I I l YEARS 'LESS', Otis Kelsey. vw; 4 <_ :.the.could! would retain jurisdiction Union. which,, has been consistently white opponent and Negro.'
I ." It delegated thatetaoIt in the case foFthe purpose anti-Negro is advocating -
A man was run down and i iI I --12& Jones Ji., of 1050 vas Samuel Bruce and his white*
TEACHERS' JOBSIn I--T. S'ate St., was sentenced was adjudged that of issuing additional ord- annexation as a meansof opposition could develop intoa
I seriously cut last Tuesday as '0\ ytars at Raiftrd Sate churche had not held regular ers that may be found neces- weakening the Negro vot- Negrovotesagainstwhitecontest -

tie tried to fie from an assailant Prison after pleading guilty election.of its trustees as pro- sary. __ ing strength. ,In its Friday's observers doubt seri-
I : who pulled a knife as they editorial the "T-U" hollered.
-- -
o c'l'.r g r5 cf grate: and p?t- ously whether either of them
I j Argued in front of a bar .at "The answer locally to the could
y larceny.Jor.es. DELEGATES SHAPE STRATEGY garner enough votes to
he of Madison and
corner : challenge is a both simple
23, admitted breaking the election.DRASTIC .
what has been termed a '
Streets. '
Ashley and difficult Increase
; into 12 Jacksonville
"routine" action the Duval i I Witnesses. said Eddie Fur- home He was sentenced by AT NAACP TAMPA MEETING white voter registration ...

County Board of School Trustees -' low of 1026 W. Duval Street, Judge A. Lloyd Layton. by officially adding the 147 RACEOFFERED

Wednesday approved was in the bar with anotherman Jones sentenced on Tuesday -, 000 residents in the adjacentareas

recommendations of School and two women. On could have gotten 10years I TAMPA The strategy meeting of the NAACP which to our city family." -

Supt. Ish Brant which will re-t leaving they got as far as the for each of the 12 cases: took place here last Sunday left the 32 attending delegate T..e ratio "Aegro voters BILL

sult in a large-scale shiftingand front door and started an argument -a total of 120 :years. with blueprints for action in the Association's determinationo > vhite voters in the city has
of between
revaluating and were ordered to counteractthe, stiff anti-integration legislation that is he- increased tremendously since
2500 and 3000 teachers and leave. When they reached the I TALLAHASSEE dras-
I =ng compounded by the Florida Legislature. 1955 when there were 62,491
promised future action in the sidewalk the other man in the FOR BREAK-INS ,white Democrats and 23,017 tic segregation bill cut off

department of the adult night (!party reportedly pulled a I EIGHT-YEAR SENTENCE Visiting NAACP Washington BILL TO LIMIT"JUVENILE T N'egroes for a total of 85,511. i state funds from an integrated -

school program. :knife and Furlow ran west on Allen Smith of 752 W. Ash- director, Clarence :Mitchell Of the 70.492 Democrats public school hit the Senate -
The board's decision put'i Ashley Street. I, iey: St., was given eight years set the pace of the all-day JUDGE eligible to vote last Tuesday, Thursday with powerful

particlular emphasis on teacher Furlow was caught and cut I'' ')y Judge A. L. Layton for sixaces i ,t:ration as a weapon of the PASSED BY SENATETALLAHASSEEThe 45,773 were white arid 21,719 : baking.

qualification, in that teachers \ of breaking! and enter were Negroes.In .
:several times just as he I' Cession by defining token in- -- Senate President Johnson
holding licenses equivalentto I crossed Madison Street. He !,, ing. segregationists. "Some segregationists I the mayor's race Ilaydon 'i'of Quincy headed a list of 10
less than a college degree fell to the sidewalk at the S:1!.h. originally *from Ft. : bill Burns won 22 of the 43 white I[senators who introduced the
were not recommended for re- I' time Patrolmen L. C. Williams I ;Mead, 's 18'years old.! He are too ignorant to i Se 1.V yne Ripley .passed in precincts with Emory Price measure. It would make

appointment. Teachers who and A. Jones appearedat will serve his sentence :at: th? 'see what is happening," said i the Senate to take from Juvenile carrying 21, according to com- j state officer who spent any

are presently teaching out of I the scene. The victim was State Prison '?t "Raiford. ;*' SD'cheU 1, "but the wise men in I i 1 Court Judge :Marion\ plete but unofficial returns.In I I helped to spend on integrated or

their fields will also be affected sent to Duval Medical Center SmUh! was sentenced in the segregation camp knowat | Gooding the authority to issue the 13 Negro precincts I, schools guilty money of mis--

by-the revaluating program reportedly ina serious condi- riminnl' Court on Tuesday. 1 their best defense is tok j search warrants, except in Burns carried all by a vote of feasance.The .
since many of such instructors tion. [I cases involving juveniles. isaor I 7,553 to 33 for Price. Burns plan would let
includedon 'SELF-SERVICE' ROBBERY en desegregation. in the House parents
were not i awaiting also carried all the precincts withdraw
( children from
the list for reappointment. Patrolmen W. R. Hodges, The Cavalier Cleaning and "They (segregationists) also l- action by its Judiciary B Com- where the vote is mixed be- integrated -
note M. II. Arnold and Del Sgts. Laundry located at 911 Da- I mitte. public school to be
On a somewhat warmer that if tween Negroes and whites andit ,
know educated
however school personnel director P. T. Matthew and W. C. Barber vis St., was visisted by a \bold they grant a Ripley got the bill passed jn is, admitted that the Ne- I at private schools
Kenneth Wing, stated assisted in the investigation. bandit last Saturday night. small amount of compliancewith j the Senate by a 38-0 vote. gro vote gave him the major- the of a state tiuitionI

most of such teachers if not :Manager Cleo Breaker told the law, they will be in -. Mathews said he and other ity in those precincts, as well. I subsidy averaging. about $290

all, will be rehired in other .)lice she was working in the setter, position to enlist sympathy members of the Duval delega- Altogether Negroes gave annually.The
Senate Education
positions later in the year. esr ofthe store when she in the north," he obi tion have received letters Burns something like 9,982 I mittee approved bill Com-
Many teachers were left off MRS A; C: TAYLOR !heard the cash register bell served. from Jaxons and other Duval votes. Adams of a Park by Sen.

the list for what was termed SUCCUMBS AT HOME ring. She went to investigate i citizens expressing oppositionto Dallas Thomas and John P. private Orange school to set
"unsatisfactory work." Sut was stopped by the rob- The delegates approved a the Ripley bill. King split the votes in the up a board. Adams said accrediting
the bill
ber who levelled a gun at her. to for SOLONS TO PASSJPs'
plan press integration Negro precincts with.Thomas
The night and adult program was designed to foster devel-
The as
which currently is through "a constructive program gaining his margin in the opment of private schools.
an Funeral services have been voung. also rifled the safe and T A L LAHASSEE Deci- white. sections.
of much dissension, was representative of the SEX SEGREGATIONThe
area then left ,in the of sion to bill in the
affected tentatively set for 4 p.m.; presence pass a Leg- In the municipal judge'srace first actionon
immediately by Constitution and human legislative
several) witnesses. He had dig- islature giving Duval Conn-
the board action, in that reappointment Monday\ for Mrs. Annie C. overwhelming major- bills to strengthen Florida's -
of teachers engaged Moseley Taylor, 423 W. Union helped himself to $175. nity rather; than a program of ty's'nine justices of the peace ity of the Negro vote went to resistance to integrated

in the program is being Street, who died April' 22 at MAN IS ARGUMENT KNIFED open defiance." limited jurisdiction over traf- John Santora while in thetreasurer's public schools come Wednesday
the outcome her home following a short ill- misdemeanor cases and race the vote was when the house
withheld pending The delegates voted to em- approved -
28 1292
Brantley Badger, raising their maximum incomes betwen
She member of split H. S. Albury and
legislation sponsored ness. was a a measure authorizing
of proposed : Adams Street told policehe phasize voter registration seg-
Interim I the ?Mt Zion AME Church was announced here today Robert R. Roberts who lost bya grejration
by the Legislature's, The was cut on his neck and through increased activity of by the Duval delegation.The narrow margin in the white The house by sex.
Committee. committee's Survivors include: daughter -I left hand as he attempted to the NAACP in Florida, urge bill will not give the nrecincts. which antiintegrationbill

aim is to drasticallycut being Mrs. Marie L. Stewart; stop an argument between a all citizens to ask their Sena- Jp's jurisdiction .vcr> cases of The tax assessoh's race Allowed senate for.now action goes to the-
state funds now son, Porcher L. Taylor Sr., man and a woman last Sun- driving while in* ':xicatcd, and the 'general: trend w*tithe spells out
school "
used to support such pro- ditor of The Florida Tattler; tors to oppose "defiant bills"designed the fines they may impose in Negro vote giving W. F boards may set up-
separate schools
grams. grandchildren, Mrs. Rossalind day.He said Jesse Peterson 34, to circumvent Supreme misdemeanor traffic cases will (Charlie) Wilson a decisive :; for boys and
Rpp. Jack! Inman
With regard to teachers Shaw Matthews, Ralph B. who lives at the same address Court rulings on segregation be subject to scheJules that victory over his opponent! of Orange -

with less' than a college de- Stewart, Dennie T. Stewart, cut him when he jumped be- ,,and, finally, to request have been adopted by judges :Mills\ Smith The! sponsored the bill.
measure males
:Morgan F. Jones, chair- Virginia Scott, Capt. Porcher tween Peterson and a woman that President Eisenhower'of Duval County Criminal Samuel Bruce, candidatefor mention of na
but Inman
gree of the school trustees L. Taylor Jr.,Mrs. Betty Ruth friend of Peterson's. appoint a committee to reporton Court of Record. city council, ward 3. and has made it clear rr.ce, .
man that such teachers will Belton; brother, Simon Mose- Badger was treated at 'Du state Legislatures' activities The dplejraicn. .isrcH to increase Frnest Jrckson, running for. to provide its intent is

said renppointed only if better 'fey nnd other relatives. val Medical Center and re on school segregationbills I the ceiling on JP sv'l '.herd 5 council seat we".1' 1''e a means by which
be teachers are not Deter and Baker :is in leased. He said he did -not with a view toward determining ries from 7, ,O to $9,000 ayear. rushed into the second prim- '1tt*m boys r3n be Tept from
qualified barge of the arrangements. wish to prosecute. their legality. almost rdin'r 'r:rblc schools with
found to fill their jobs. : mary exclusively by .,ft.t' +*rIs.LIBRARY .

Pag Two THE FLORIDA STAR W ek Eacfeg Saturday, April 36, 1991


,;::;; -
Y .g / "Politics As Usual"By

NEWS ". -"J ,--, ::1 ,
I. ri1
:r.f ( f r ERIC 0. SIMPSONThe
f: )
( ,
first round of the democratic primaries is and
Published The Florida Star Publishing Co. l .'I fi. y over
by ( y ,
fr .f ) c Mayor Haydon Burns came out the victor in the first round.If .
"Member of Associated Negro Press'Eric h n-!' "" .I. .. '1'jl -_. --
"" --
O. Simpson ._ Editor i'- ":s.IJ, i you would examine the

' C. Parham Johnson _._,_._News Staff 'I'" \ '; returns carefully you will, 'duce Negro voters to vote
AHamae Richardson __Circulation Dept. f: \( I & (.. KV find that Burns' victory was against him for his part in
I' _. I the' closing of the
..... ,. no easy walk away. The fact golf courses
_- ...e- \1 ,1:1 _____.... : that almost half Burns'votes ;after the courts ruled that

came from the colored areas ]they be opened to Negroes
4 .ry -
MAIN OFFICE & PLANT: r- c indicates that he skated in restriction.

1323 Moncriei: Road ...__ EL 4-6782 EL 4-6783 ..' I on thin ice. Had he a oppon- a a
; y 1i Y ,
= ti
Downtown Branch Office: 423 Broad St. Phone EL 4-3773 ent who was not as throughly -
unacceptable to Negroes There are still seven city

'r = as Price was-one who couldM, \ f ices to be voted on in the

Mailing Address: have pulled some N e : < ay 5. second primaries.
wtes-the would have'
P. O. Box S61. Jacksonville! 1, Florida found himself in real With the Negro vote being
C i L r r the potent factor that it is.
}it behooves those candidateswho

p .-+ .. "i Tuesday returns were lucky enough to

SUBSCRIPTION RATES 'a' should >let reelected as well as those

One Year, $5.00; Half Year, S3.00; Three Months $1.80 : 'q u let those who did not have to face op

whose hearts 1 position to give the Negro
Mailed To You. Anywhere In The .United States.Bubtcription '
r t i were trougled 'community a fair deal in regard -
Payable in Adrance. Send Check or Money Order To:
to the
( ..over reports : \ things we desire
,that Mayor ; 'm our queht for equal rights

; .,Burns had said ;and opportunities.It .
Jhat he could ,
I. is my hope that colored
.. have
won his
", /' I ,citizens will be heartenel by
Previous elec-
; ALPHA TO OMEGA; yh ( lions without | ,our]the vote knowledge can be that the decisive at last

)" .:..:.:-,..v. 4" the Negro factor in any city election,
: !
r'f..J: .vote. and with that knowledge join
the FLORIDA STAR in its

CLOSE to a century ago. a handful of Negroes-perforce The h a 1 f-hearted white (campaign to add more Negro

no longer slaves but as yet not citizens by any official I vote that Burns gained indiCates !electors to the registration
decree-banded together in the hope to find some degree i BUT AFRICA HAS PLANS OF HER OWN. AFRICA FOR THE AFRICANS' | that he has lost consi- books j book immediately after the
the chaos of the then Civil! derable followers.. 0 nth I are opened again.
of order and security in young ---- --- -- -
War. They must have ,been happy those few black folk. I I II I j other hand the heavy Negro *
-------- I
despite their inability to truly define their position in the I I'|I vote that he picked up does The races in which there

raging iconoclasm that was encompassing the South. They == ;'o: rt l\7ee&Sv: i'not mean that he is a giant will be run-offs are as fol

must have been happy because however dubiously they __ __ out here. It was simply that lows:
were free; and freeman see horizons which those enslaved : : Gaddie we .took him over Price and' MUNICIPAL JUDGE-John
cannot. ..:: r'ose: : pe I Lewis. Santora and Frank White-

With little more than the latitude of their hope they '.CH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR i Commissioner Dallas' wide head.1 Elbert CITY COUNCIL Ward
founded a community in a Florida wilderness. They felled majority over John P. King Hendricks and
trees and built homes and farmed and multiplied. It was tU:>iNESS LOVE TRAVEL ,can also be attributed to the j Brad Tredinnick CITY

their community and they loved it. I votes of Negroes. Actually COUNCIL Ward 3 James

They nam d it Swe twater. --t-_: ___By PABLO, ASTROLOGER __ ___ he did not lose many Negro \Peeler CITY COUNCIL and Samuel Bruce
votes Ward 5V..
despite the fact that ,
It is still known Sweetwater, but only to a few Negro. I : <0, Mattox and
as .1 ARIES a keen imagination as wellas LIBRA thpre was an attempt to in- Ernest Jack
citizens remaining In the area. To all others concerned ]Born March 21 thru April 19 intense conviction. .1 I Born Sept. 24 thru Oct. 23 --I':'son. CITY COUNCIL, Ward
black white and unclassifiable-It is pretentiously referredto l The configuration might in- 860885987867 This is rather unfortunate,: --- -- ------- iCecil Lowe and Warren I.
as Cedar Hills. dicate the opportunity for I with regard to trips and legal C I T Y COUNCIL.
logical problems and self-ex-, Ward
Indeed from Alpha to Omega. 8 Aalph
self-renewal, rebirth, or even CANCER matters. Be particularly'! and
an experience associated with Born June 21 thru July 22. careful while driving. There:pression. But Mars at first I James CILVard E. Hm. CITY COUN-

someone's passing away. Your! Financial problems, however might be in some places anr I opposes Saturn, and thisI and! Jon 9 Daniel l Kirk
finances could be affected.Yet are likely to arise at unseasonal blizzard or heavy may produce emotional difficulties F Lanahan,

excellent aspects to Mars first as Saturn in our Second rain and floods. After the 27,' involving an aggressive -. The second primaries elec-
that work or,,House is ill-aspected by:Mars the trine of friend or possibly your
suggest your .. aspect Sun to j j j lions are
NEGROES BEING FORCED OUT job is prospering, and you and Mercury. Gambling of, Saturn should readjust what' business. Nevertheless, if you I very important as

may make money from a real all types appears unsuccessful. -; ever had caused problems.I !can avoid succumbing to intellectual 1*they decide the majority of

estate sale or a professional You may have to liquidate -:' Inspiration should favor creative illusions and emotional -i the; men who will sit on the
BY \WHITE PRESSURE GROUPS opportunity. Work at sharpening some asets, reserves or persons. Watch your glamour, the end re- city council and make out
suits of I J laws.: In
and broadening your: savings tomeet business partners. :: the situation should : addition there is
I !j be excellent. l the: :Municipal Judge's elec
mind. Work, work. I i emergencies. Legal procedures 90228721198 :
6-40-33--39-32643 I should be helpful, anda 9.70556853973 :t tion which is a very important

It would be difficult to determine whether last Mondaynight's long journey might save'I SCORPIO I ''J i ,post considering that

in Cedar Hills the day. Born Oct. 24 thru Nor. 22 misdemeanors cases go before -
pre-election cross-burning was sac I I :
TAURUS I.I I !! the municipal
790778976_ This I. PISCES J magis-
cessful or not. It would be difficult because we would first 769 I period, up to May 1st rate.;
Born April 20 thru May 20 and afterward, is filled with I.Born J Feb. 18 thru March 20,
have to compile the inner thoughts'of the Negro citizens I You may be resisting some) I quite important aspects.!' Watch your health then' It is therefore. very important -
of the section for it them that the cross-burn and do t that we go out and votelcin
was against ] thing and life may compel j LEO I There should be a great deal not overwork until' '

ing was directed. The intimidation took place on the you to become more fluidic,I 1 Born July 23 thru Aug. 23 of activity, most of which is1! 'the 27th. Thereafter the sit-i,': on.May S e 5. e e

grounds of the eland Baptist Church. Naturally, it is a less set in your ego-centered, This is a full and active:'likely to bring notable sue-!i]!nation should change

Negro church. attitude-and life may act.period, when many things!,I cess and probably good pro \ly and work basiCal-// .
here through your marriagepartner might happen-pleasant and' fessional and financial re- :steady and satisfying pace-I

Intimidation is nothing new to the black citizens of the or a positive business -I' unpleasant The danger spot,turns. Work may pile up,but:;with inspiring elements quite I''

ambitious Cedar Hills sector. Pressure groups of one sort : associate! On the other; is your marriage life, or your,you should have the necessary |noticeable in the situation asa SAY YOU SAW IT

or another having been harrassing them for a considerabletime hand, the grand trine con- relationship with partners of drive and resistance. I whole. These inspirational'
figuration of Sun Saturn and the business 6.30-4 x..28-43638 !}factors may refer to the, IN TILEFLORIDA
now. It's just that intimidation is impossible to get type. You seem !j friend: I
Pluto is excellent for I above-mentioned
you and
to break I
used to.For eager through some i I
personally provided you do'obstacles and ready to hit: SAGITTARIUSBorn I are related to the strong Ura-, STAB

an example, there is a two-block portion of Jammes I not insist on following the hard. Friends may have given ; Nov. 23 thru Dec. 21 nian, self-transforming trend

Road on which the majority of the remaining Negro families -I line of least resistance or' you new, expensive ideas, This week witnesses sevel in your personal life at both
under I ; t the: emotional
live. The whites consider this condition a blight. They hide your obstinacy but do not try to escape from ral major planetary configu- and mental
big-sounding conservative or tasks. I rations. A partner perhaps' *evels.L.302L.2921429.
I your ,
want them Negroes out and that's that! moral words. I 580667965566VIRGO your marriage partner,seems 4 .

Whatever the case, the Negro citizens in this little area, 3_10-991?-98-319 I to compel you to face more "

dominated by the Deland Baptist Church, are being com- objectively the situation you "But Don't Say That. Tell Her She Can.

pressed by brought to bear from four GEMINI I are in, or else difficultiesmay And She Will"Do's
pressures geneal Born May 21 thru June 21 arise while during a I
souces, to wit: a swelling white community, a socalledumillion Basically the situation is''Born Aug: 24 thru SepL 23 journey, particularly perhaps
Second House
onar" shopping center, a rapidly-expanding sub- good for yourself and your Mars in 'your indicate financial with reference to letters you And Don'tsTHE
division and. finally, a brand new white elementary school partner, but at first you may :seems receive and write. Avoid ex-

disturbances overspending.
which is soon to be built. Pressure-by God! have some trouble with your Business or pressing recriminations or an
: may
friends, advisers or lawyers. obstinate attitude in
The relentless activity of these pressure groups have al- I.They may want to throw 'arise, or your demand intellectual interests letters. A new type of job
ready uprooted two-thirds of the original Negro families cold water upon your eager- rather heavy may of may present itself just as
the area-still sentimentally known as Sweetwater. Those ness to fight, or at least to : expenditure Watch April closes. 1 N
money or energy. your
families were literally coerced into selling their homes. us- take a strong attitude.that How the 'health, but realize that what- L20--11--19--1L..223:

ually at considerable loss, in hasty deals designed to in- very ever, people it would who seem oppose you I ever might occur would have CAPRICORN .l. f

jure them economically, and, in most cases, have actually at first will actually act very !mostly psychological causes, Born Dec. 22 thru Jus. 19

done so. much, and successfully, according -1 though you might have over- Some prospect are very
to ideas. Keep worked. Everything improves good, yet do
our you not
An interesting bit of strategy was the furor raised at the :you faith and optimism !greatly after the 26th. too happy about the situation seem cfrAff

February 5th meeting of the Board of Public Instruction, :strong. Work hard and with 3-60-17--5976-367 in general, and particularly

on delegates of white group/known as the Duval County -- until the 25th about your residence I

Federation for Constitutional Government. This group GET YOUR HOROSCOPE READING or home life. But later ,

rabidly protested the site chosen for the new elementary Uea this coupon. Lean more ... j*' mtU. 8aia W-2T. (... .in on excellent development
school as being too close-a matter of two blocks-to the Am la eefai) for each hoMeeope' ordered b7fiL ... "T-tell Real estate fields should occur. .1 rii1; (
.. sot aPPI7 be involved.
: may .
shrunken ittef
Negro community. One chap spoke out to say it addressed, damped envelope. Witte J IIII7. Finances be _
would "inviting trouble" to build the school so near the to naldenta the dondnloa of CUada. :your attitude may toward good, yet 1.I .
Negro homes and church. your
I I ;business or your personal c
The school board overruled the protests of the DCFCG. Ir[ PABLO, FORIDA STAR ASTROLOGER possessions seems quite con- ; s

The school is now being built, on the selected site. That I I P. O. BOX 561 fused. Accept your friends' or ; P

was the master plan anyway-the shopping center, the sub- i JACKSONVILLE 1, FLA. lawyer's advice. I

division and now, finally, the school The avid protests of I' ,. 15L4L4943153AQUARIUS .
the DCFCG haVe to be admired for what it really was-a Name '
neat bit of playacting.In I I wdcce, I! JJ F. .

the meanwhile, the 25 or 30 Negro families who re- ef
main in .]Born Jan. 20 thru Feb. 18
the I I
shrinking .
community are determined to re- J The I
main as long as they can in the face of increasingly bolder tuy State grand trine of the Sun
intimidation. with Saturn and Pluto could .
**ri3 I Date of Birth II be: quite important in
They are waiting quietly for the next burning cross--or Ma ;of y ,
Y.atA growth wisdom,
something, I person-
IJ .. ..... ,
. r.-_ il
w, r c understanding of psycho-,. '4 aHriHtNT : ;

" ,:" -, -- .. .



Week Ending Saturday April 25, 1959

.....,, _. -
,.. < ""' -- ,--- T
>> :
: --:- e=s= I ItltJ@A 4 '. <:,..::.... .. .T... Bells ABOUTPEOPLE
nne .:' e in

) UUnl.ff v_ ,-, fiulqn-i9Fn for Marriage Mi's. Lily_Johnson i is in a
1 Licenses
U local hospital where she vl: 1

undergo surgery. Mi's. J,) mS -
Curry, 6446 Flow- i i is a member of the Redeem -

I ., age 40 and Mary E. Baptist Church serving -
BY 6446 Flowers Ave., on District No. :2 and Daaconess -

LOUISE G. GUINYARJ)) : 26. Board No. 1.Mrs. .

s hn C. Trotter, 747 Bak- Laura Marshall of

Ave., age 21 and Mary F. 1856 West 44th Street attended
with z
business pleasure
Local social workers combined 1 x .' 1139 Julia St.
Florida age the convention with Mrs.
attend the -
motored to Miami last week to
when they
Lucy 1L1.eVilson, Mrs. Lot

Attending Conference the meeting of Social were Welfare.: Mrs. Ruth Holland Harrison Wilbert, 1065 Ever- tie Byrd, Maceo Byrd and
L. Miller Mrs. Etta Ruth Ave. daughter, Mrs. Nita Draper.
Mss Marian Sutton Mrs. Pearl age 19 and Chris-
Heard. Mrs. Thelma Spigner Mrs. Ardata Ferguson. Mrs. 5030 Halls Dr., age
Marie Jackson. Mrs. Lillian King. Mrs. Ruby Wilson. Miss ; Mrs. Ruth Chapman is ill
Veronica WileT Mrs. Nettie Ann Leis and Mrs. Charlotte i. L. Kemp 1811 Bisbee at her home on East 57th
: Street. She is a member of
Marshall. 18 ad Mary J. Mad-
the New Redeem Baptist
s 918V.. Church St., age
Mrs. Ora :Mclver is back in the city after a recent tripto Church.
Miami here she visited elatives and friends. L I
: West, 1444 McCohn-
The Rev. S. Gaston, pastorof
., age 65 and Sadie King, the St. Matthew
of The Kar- Baptist
hostess to a meeting
Mrs. Mary Green was I Campenalla Dr., age 43. Church
| Eastside, returned to
dette Bridge Club held recently in her West Twenty-eiighth LOCAL BUSINESSMAN RECEIVED AWARD-Isadore Singleton L. Plair, 356 Chelsea I'the city recently from Tal-

Street home. Jacksonville Negro Chamber of Commerce, standing second from left is age 2.1 and Mamie Owens, where he attended
Mrs. Evelyn Hughes, Mrs. Lucy Martin, and Mrs. Thelma ing "The Man of the Month" award to Mrs. Anthony Kinnon for her Elm St.. age 27. 1 jlahassee i the state convention. He also

Small were special guests. thony Kinnon local businessman, who was selected by the members of P. Baker, 4004 Fair-. I Visited his mother in Thom-
Mrs. Sybil Butler, Mrs. Ruby Humphrey, and Miss Lou- I ville Negro Chamber of Commerce for the award. i St., age 23 and Queen E. ( asville, Georgia.
vinia Solomon were among prize winners. I Standing at the extreme left looking on with approval is Porcher L. ) 1113 Pippin St., age: \

Mrs. Mable Jones. is president. .of.The Kardettes. cording secretary of the organization. Seen sitting looking on are the Mrs\ Minnie i i Banks and
tended the presentation which was held at the New Lincoln Golf and Fowler 1123 Clay Mrs. Marie Marshall\ of Wash
Week Ending Saturday. April 18 1959 recently. age 31 and Ella V. Jones, ington, D. C., were the house
Sen. meets Delegation -- -- Hardee St. 19.
Cutlines age guests of Mrs.\ Merzie i F.
--- MODERNIST CLUB FLOWER SHOW SET LADIES OF H. Whitaker, 221 Phil- Smith, 922 Reiman Street recently -

IiECTION.IIELD I LUBNOTESi;TO PRESENT ITS BY GARDEN CIRCLES i i iI CLUB TO St.Lecolia, Garner Dunston, N. C.,, age Rt. 29 2, in West. Palm They Beach will also and visit Miami -

1 I FASHION: EVENTA iI I N. C., age 28. before returning to
i i I Johnson, 709 Phelps Washington.Mrs. .
BY BREWSTER 1 IRIS GARDEN CIRCLE j: Members of the Federated Members of I i age 19 and Velma Knight,

TO CONDUCT MEET Garden Circles will present Leisure Social ( SPearing St., age 16. Emmer Delores Mel
Fashion Show will be
i their 30th annual Spring i i A. Jones, 1220 33rd St., ton, 3119 Phoenix Avenue,
MOTHERS CLUB The Iris Garden Circle held presented by the Modernist Flower Show, April 25-26 in Club will :i 23 and Gwendola E. I and Jessie Sims of 1)16est)
its meeting at the home of Social Club, May 18 at 8 p. the auditorium of Darnell nual tea, April ;,,: 1425; Van Buren, age 9th Street returned to the

-- Mrs. Raymond Padgett, 1619 m. in the Recreation Center, Cookman School. 6 p. m. in \city recently after attending
Officers for the Brewster;, West 27th Street. Officerswere 3rd and Mt. Herman Streets. Recreation James Bartley, 133.1 Westi ''I the funeral of their brother
Mothers Club were elected elected at the close of Persons to appear are: Officers of ths exhibitionare i St., age 24 and Minnie in Louisiana.
recently at a meeting held inI I the meeting. Plans for the Mrs. Virginia Freeman, Mrs. Mrs. Willie Mae Jackson, Mt. Herman Reed, 1425; Steele St., age I i! -

the new unit. Mrs. J. E. Da-I flower show were dicussed.The Dorothy Frazier, Miss Caro- flower show chairman; Mrs. A program I Mrs. Fannie Webb of 1_32
lyn Gamble. Mrs. Bonnie Bo- Bertha Brinson, co-chairman; Robt. V. Murray, Jr., 1470 i
vis.. resident presided at the previous meeting was ranged for Cleveland Street is still ill at
meeting.-- I held at the home of Mrs. van, Mrs. Dorothy Johnson, and Mrs. Julia Burwell sche- the
Officers elected were: Mrs. I'James Mitchell with Mrs. Mrs. Rosa Lee Williams, Miss dule chairman. following I Burnett, 1431V.. 9th St., ;of the Semi-Civic Saving i
Gloria Miss Marion ci i pa ting: 21.
Tumming, Club.I
J. E. Davis, president; Mrs.1':Travis Frazier serving as o- Gundy, Mrs. Nancy T. There will be a special ex- Jones, Mrs. Wency Quinney, Rt. 9, Box I

Evelyn Manning, vice president -';hostess. Williams, Miss Willia Dean, hibit of petunias by Mrs. Mrs. Tiney C, age 29 and Lurreta L. \
John H. Rowe and Mrs. N cola Mrs. Jessie Scott is recuperating -
; Mrs. Marlene Hagan, Walter Harris Edward Smith Wilcox, Mrs. 1125: Palmetto St.,
SCHANSIIANS SOCIAL Bess of the East Spring- Idella I at her home at 731
second vice; Mrs. FranesS and Willie Lewis. Mrs. '| 32. I
y k e s, recordnig secretary; CLUB HOLDS field Circle. line L i m b r i! JamesVm.. Thomas, 807 ,r. West 16th Street following
M r s. Virginia Robinson, assistant -; SOCIAL :MEET Children models for the The outdoor entrance will Harris, Mrs. ;, St., age 18 andIary : surgery in the Duval Medical[
recording secretary; ( The social meeting of the event are: Debora Bell, Von- be decorated by the East hews, Miss Kobinsin, 737 Court D., i Center. She is a member of
Mrs. Gladys Hunt, financial Schanshans Social and SavingClub Weatherington, Jacque- Springfield Garden Circle :Mrs. Rosa s' Homes age 14. !i the First Born Church.
secretary; Mrs. Maeola Robinson was held recently at the 'lyn Lewis, Patricia :Maxwell, and the indoor entrance will Burrough, i Wood row Grissett, 70C; -
treasurer Mrs. Evelyn I home of Mrs. :Margaret E. !' Gail Vincent, Lewis and Patricia be decorated b the Iris Cir :Mrs. L St., age 21 and Rebec | Miss Clara Demps of New

Freeman, business manager' Brown 742 DeWitt Street, I Mallory. cle. Mrs. Ruby P. I Holland, 706 Phelps St. York, N. Y., is the houseguest
with Mrs. Viola McTair __ __ ____
and Mrs. Fannie M. Jones.' serving --- ---- I 20. of Mr. and Mrs.[ Fred
chaplain. I as cohostess.The 'I1e-mj, I McQueen of 3656 Pearson
I Davis, 1708 Dennis I
1 A special invitation has i previous meeting was I SEW-YOUR-OWN SET NEVER CAUGHT pascrved.'r., age 24 and Evelyn House, I; Road. She will visit relatives
held at the home of Mrs. Viola .1
been extended to new mem-I Dennis St., age 19. here and in Orlando before returning -
bers to attend the installation I lcTair.I Catching cold during sea- the 4-season circuit. The of both Willie C. Kendrick 2145 i I to New York.
ceremonies. I sonal changes is not half as ace in the hole, however, is of fabric can I St., age 23 and Evelyn II I II
bad to most women as getting the sewing machine, the the other. i 831 Everson St., age I
ANNUAL TEA SLATED caught without any "in be- pattern and the will. But you coat with its : !MRS. M. SINGLETON

CHARMING LADIES AT SIMPSON CHURCH iAn I II tween" or transition clothes. can't sew? You've never madea dress (McCall's I i Connie L. Glover, 833 \V. I ENTERTAINS CIRCLEThe
Having nothing to wear in thing before? This is 4805) suggest ; St., age 21 and Pearl
CLUB SPONSORS TEA I those periods when it is not neither a problem nor an and in-between. 656 Brady Ct., age
annual tea will be spon- quite spring or not quite excuse. McCall's Printed a lightweight East Springfield Gar-

The second annual tea of sored by the Alumnae of the'' summer is a peculiarly female Patterns make it possiblefor coat has a I Scab Simmons, 1526 Swan den Circle conducted its
the Charming Ladies Bridge Duval County Voationali disease and a completely anybody to sew, and fora high waistline. ., age 57 and Annie M. Cor- meeting recently at the homeof
School of Practical Nursing one. first-timer to produce a back is gathered Mrs. ]1542
and Civic Club was sponsored unnecessary t, 117 S. Myrtle .rt ve., age Mary Singleton,
recently in the April 26 from 4 to 6 p. m. in True, it's a problem to smart, well-fitted, economical in sleeves are Evergreen Avenue.
YWCA Building of the This is the perfect length. Picking
the social room of Simpson'' pull something out garment. m. Jackson 1922 W. 2nd
Methodist Church. I closet that can face crisp solution for having those extra tone of the I "Flower arrangement workshop" -
j age 33 and Ernestine Bel-
"The Flowers of the Fashion I morning winds, then carryon dresses. silk dress is 1922 W. 2nd St. was the feature of the
Tea" was the title of the Season Tea will b e the' through late afternoon The two ensembles shown and lined. It age meeting and plans for the
affair. theme for the affair. The seasons ![ mugginess. But just as thereare here may or may not be transi- scoop Alexander Roulhac spring flower show were disi -
will be represented by ] definitely winter and tion suits. That's the beauty sleeves, and 5323 i cussed.
Participants who appearedon the following persons:: Mrs. i iI summer apparel, there is also v < l'ti'f' ..,'. :. .:'. -' .t the Empire ) St., age 26 and Bet-
the .,.. ;,. A J. McCoy, 1318 Spearing The previous meeting was
program presentedwere Glt'riaViggins, spring; Mrs. what has come to be called r: i'Z"". : really
: Mrs. Delphenia Brin- I, Delores Brown winter Mrs. transition apparel. Theseare h"" 'j1{ the lining of ., age 22.Herman. held at the home of Mrs.
'-",< .' S matches the Moore, Jr., 2114 Ethel Lee 506 Jessie
son, Mrs. Ruth Carter, Mrs. Ruby Plummer fall, and Mrs. those dresses, suits or Simpson,
Josephine Cleveland, Mrs. Cle- E 1 o i s e Sampson, summer. I coats that will carry a girl. \' ''it.; ing the Ave., age 20 and Street. Refreshments were
rel Cromartie, Mrs. Margaret Mrs. Joyce Gilbert is the from one sharp change in j it a further Wright, 2114 Wood- served by the hostess with
I weather another.Of & piece are the Ave, age 26. Miss Patsy Johnson
to : assisting.
Day, Mrs. Dorothy Dunlap, chairman 0 f t h a program x \f: Samuel L. Patterson 1139
with the ,
Mrs. Ve course, this sounds 4 !, same
r m el I Glover, :Mrs. committee.All f
St. 23 and Ruth
and the ,
It's dress age
terribly :
Earnestine extravagant.
Poole Mrs. Lillian
graduates of the school :
Stukes and Mr s. Sophie have been invited to attend nerve-wracking enough for .: j This last little Graham, 1538 Pasco St., Union St., age 21 and Hazel
White. the tea. most of us simply to make ;: ; joying great 20. Jones, 1837 Brewster Rd., age
-i ,ry ::.if ". vaF M f season. Clifton Robinson, 223 E. 21.
-" "
i ii '..t. .} The coat
l '. # .
\> 'f attractive in

GIVES PALLBEARERS ANNUAL GROUP TEA k r 1i i : '' i! or The any dress kind and of from. DRAB to DAZZLING!
: .,-j made in a solid I .. .,." ...,
I II of : j -
1 as print
PATRONIZE An annual tea will be spon- I surah
sored by the Pallbearers Society I !r
17, April 26 from 4 to 1 :' P linen.

Star Advertisers 6 p. m. at the home of 'Irs. ," jacket The (sheath McCall's
Carrie B. Pinkney, 1326 Pip- has

11 t pin Street. 1j 1t 4835)anytime a

I A program has been arranged j A i iss in pale yellow
i | for the occasion with aI jacket and
I Yt necklines. Clev I
artists of the city appearing.LILLY'S 1I'h i { W

-. I i '< '3 three-quarter off-center: the

DRUG STORE length.cut to the With very just

1907 Kings Road at SPlrn 1 use of .p. a
.M.d and jacket can
4 endless H7VJ I

Where Experienced t aw and color. The _
Pharmacists Prepare 4R."V a a printed cotton .,

a Your Prescription According solid cotton. '
F ." to your doctor' be a navy with ,fm/c f Lacieuse _
wool and the y
instructions Using ; Haircolor
.' tooth check na
% only the beat qualitydrags.
f @ i. may be Would you trade an hour for hair
F N k> lilt sole or \\ 1 like this professional model'? ,,.
: Fashion 7t 0-' ', One hour is all it rakes for
Dr. O. .E. Black PtannmcfaU Dr. W. 9. Qrahaa ,, I 55. Tip: Be sure to xli Godefroy's Laricuse Haircolor
1L IMAGINATION PLUS creates: to bring back youth to ray,dull ;=:=:
.:- -:- -:- ....:...- __..L..i. yo r Owl sheath dress ud short original shape la El/ v III or faded hair! : ::=::=
DOUBLY DELECTABLE '. jacket euad>le. Eye-appeal tax Neck edges, L Mil capwlt caeEverytb.in you need b in the --f, ;;
A COMPLETE LINE OF .:Jgfcilv fitted steatk with kick extra start Jacket btttots oft I 'are carefully jMt> tat Iidfamous red box.Get Godefroy's --
Candles SundriesPRESCRIPTIONS vaiMtlifte com>leMte4 by etf- center for! aided"interest. Vary graded, and your Z.Apply bkJWMtftppUejtor..- long-lasting Larieuse nowtOODEFKOT
Cosmetics ,- Rubber Goodt : : bed COIL. Coat ba catkered wtfit at will by etMobislsg solids fit Lift SMtlOB.,
;owes back sad evla belt at with a* solids witk together .aMS .. .
0.*TJjrn. FOB AND DCLIVBIUD checks I tain its fashion : MKX O) 3510 Otto St. St.ta.i*Moo
.' Coaplre waiMliae. McCall' Pat to All.TMT taste. McCall'sPatten
era M8OS.r S. lft-18. 75*. H835.&ae. 14-18.65*. these edges are
J<' (


Page Four _.__ __ THE: FLORIDA STAR Week Ending Saturday, April 25 1959


-- --- -- --- -- -- ---
---- --- -
.. .. ,
1T. CALVARY :. -- '7':1. ,.:. ........... :. :I STANTO-, !Y1USI.CHO TO APPEAR



i\4r:;' 4 I
ANNUAL J TEAAn '... i V.- will be
", ; > !Keu ;:' iy uy observed: pt the Central
: I _A; ( hurch.n1'i.. 26. throughout the day with Mrs. MvrtisBradley
I I CShooles pert'ing: as chairman and Mrs. Anna Roy-
-- t .. : Lewis cochairman."retrains ; ; .
annualvu.! .f' srscrew :cr as .
!r,' -;):. nr' '. : ; 1, I : have been ar- ----

Calvnry; EnpMsi.i C"rcv.! Ap-""' I >4. 4 >. .-'gcJ to ')e presented{ a? Louvenia Solomon will review -
26 from ..1 1 to C ? n. "' th-: .. : ..C 1 service. Mrs.: Charles D. the lesson. Miss Irma Jack

home of )!r;>. Jr' nio ?!. Brown, I ? I k d oo: '.;ill be ho: : ip.a.ver: for ,O:,. ;raet secretary; Mrs. Ruby -
603 Florence Street. I I :: '.-'S--:J.":.l:;; ....ror/ihij;:: *. She: if L: \\' lson. Mrs. Iota Brad-
I : : : "' :?'fe of Gil-lie i ; Zii'ooks, \..:ell. Miss: Marion Hickson} ,
A program has c;:: a'--I "'i'T.l 1 of Xcv 3 J-.t Sen-
: ; o.J : Jir:. Er: ;tta Watkins, Mrs.
for the occiL-i __ *T" ,,.,t,
ranged '--rp1"". .C'..:..."..v v.,1g. Trannie Hams" Mrs. Lois
luring local artists. .,n ohcen..T\r{' '.'111 "eginI
: $. Cain, Miss Dolores Pearson,
The Golden Jubilee Singers; YrhJ
4r.S. :I u.v; Su'utav S"naH De- Mrs.
will be presented in a recitalon A ..nmentiih Mis E. \". Copeland, Mrs.
; Inez Miles, :Miss Grace Young,
:26 at Z h the t
April p.m. i .' r, suoerimendent in clI3rg'Mrs (\ Mrs.[ Alean Tarver, and Miss
of the church. ,
auditorium I >d l \Vattv Frazier. Eotel'.e!! Williams will be the
The rital::: is being spor-! .' .-;'.pc; !'intendert. Miss I II guest teachers: for the :cele-
of Dis-
sored in the I I
i, Jr<i )1:,
trict No. 1. I II
I Mrs. D. W. Bass will l be the
A guest tea will be sponsored ; !
for the
pastor day. Partici-
Districts No. 16 and
17 April 26 from 4 to 6 : pants for the morning wor-
p.m. : :P
1, < S% i : i ship are: Mrs. Lena George,
in the basement of the !
church. I Annual Dollar Day for Flor- Mrs. a Hielma Green. Mrs.I Al-
1'la Normal will be observedy ma Daniels Mrs. Alberta
The Senior Missionary Society the District Ushers Union, Reid Mrs. Clementine Brown,
will present the United I Auxiliary to the East Florida Mrs. Earnestine Jones, Miss
Gospel Singers of Wesconnettlin Seen above are the Heavenly Echoes, one of several sion popularly lauded as "Sweet Chariot", will mark ',!d Bethany Baptist Associ- .u r:e LoKer, Mrs. CharlesD.
: a recital May 2 at 3:30 p.m. distinguished gospel groups to be seen and heard at the the sixth anniversary of dis jockey Ken Knight's affi- ation, April i I 26 at the St. Brooks, speaker; Mrs. Ge-

Duval County. Armory on the 26th of ApriL The occaliation with ,station WRHC. Thomas Baptist Church, the neva Guyton, Mrs. Sarah D.
---- ----- "lev W. C. Neal, pastor.A Washington, Mrs. Rosa Cur-


.SLATED AT SHILOHAn CLOSE DRIVEA I Ii I[ UNIT SLATES TEAt I MT. ZION AME EY ACZ LEAGUE "an be ed presented by the Usher for the Boardto oc- J.Harris D. \V"attIrs.,and Mrs.. Clementine Myrtis B.

I asion with the Rev. \V. C. Shootes.
annual calendar program I I Neal and other ministers of

will l>e presented in the "Florida Nora: lay''1 j A Suri&wI; will be sw:. Annual Men's Day will be .e r'"c' club of Matthew the church appearing. be The Stanto-Musi-Cho will

Shiloh Baptist Church, April !drive is being sponsored j/ I sored by Lshe/: 1'A'1.' No observed at the Mt. Zion Gilbert High School, under i Dr. R.V.. Puryear, presi- presented the evening in a concert during -
26 at 3 with Mrs. Fran- worship. The
kie 'M. p.m.Thompson, the Seocnd Baptist Church 'j of Grant Memo ill A L! AME Church, May 17 and me lirecuja o. i'-iss iiuth; dent of Florida Normal College group is under the directionof
program the Rev. Solomon S. Seav of Gregg, will be presented in a St. Augustine, and members -
i Church, :6:! Mrs.Olivia
chairman, presiding. and will terminate, April 26. j, Sunday, April : at Williams Smith.
Ala. will be recital, April 26 at 3 in [ of the student body are
Montgomery, p.m.
Contestants for Miss Shilohare A program has been arranged 3 p.m. in the basement 1" ; the She is a graduate of Boylan-
the for the 11 the New Bethel AME Church. to participate in the affair.
speaker a. m. ,
church. A will' be Haven School
: Mrs. Geneva Simmons, for the occasion with aru i tj 1 program have been Claflin University -
tnp \ ent is being ex-
of presented during the affair worship.The spon- and a member
Mrs. Victoria Callahan, Mrs. city appearing. of Ebe-
sored by the ACE League 0; tended to the general public
Annie L. Black, Mrs. Susie with Mrs. Myrtle Wilson serv- Rev. S. Seav is the nezer Baptist Church.
Alexander! Heard is theWval executive New Bethel AME Church, under and usher boards of local:
mistress of The
as ceremonies. i general
:Smith Mrs. public have
Ruby Kitchen,
chairman Sirs. C. secretary of the Montgomery the l leadership or Leonard churches to a t ten d the ob- been
Mrs. Annie Jones Mrs. Laura I\ 1. !! Asso- extended an invitation
-!> Improvement .
J. H/o-it. Jr.
; servance.
Coleman Mrs. Mary Lewis, Vaught\ co-chairman. near on the ,':-<" --, .,.... "iation, of which the Rev. to attend the services during
Jrs. Johnnie Edwards, Mrs. I D!'. Ji.v.. Purycar, nre<=!- Mrs. Mrs. Alvenice McQueen :J.Iartih Luther King is the ""' :>Ietor.ia! : Cobb! > of Mt. the observance.

Janie Gates. Mrs. M. Perry, dent of the school will ;T-lelivcr Mrs. Isabelle Fountain, Willie president. .Sinai Baptist i Church and JOINTANNIVERSARY
Mrs. Nellie Johnson, Guy Polite !'c -pnr"i for thJ1:: r.n. Walker, Mrs. Edith Jones, John Henry Morris is the 1! Jliss An i Ellis will be the
Mrs. Catherine Rivers, wm-shin! The College Chords Solomon Hall, Mrs. John Bai- general chairman for the:'guest soloists for the occa- :SET AT MT. SINAI MISSIONARY GROUPTO

Mrs.\ Thelma Slmpson11'5.. 'm.>_:\,'I' ,ale; direction of K. II. IPV I Mrs. Janie I111!. II. Sim- ceb'ation! : and Summer G.;,sion. GIVE SPACE TEA
n ,, ,
F. Thompson and Charles 'i"; -;ii furnish musk? for Miss Barbara Wiles and
mon. Brr.dwell Ralph B. Stewart Officers of the sponsoring I
'Genin. I .:> 'vice. The fifty-first anniversary ...
>QI and Miss Leila Fl( 'yd. Jr. is co-chairman.
Leonard J. rluberts.
............ roup are: : of the Mt. Sinai Baptist i
-- .
-,.. ... 'y. '; .. "> .. Mie>ide.t; \Bs; Beuye C h u h chand the twenty- A Space Tea will be sponsored
., > ,nl..lC"l.a, ke president; eighth of the pastor will Le 1)the A. B. .Shehee !
> SPEARS PORCH FURNITURE SPECIAL FOR THIS WEEK ONLY ? :..:'.5S Gwendolyn Green= secre- ,, celebrated May 11-17. Missionary Society of the Un-
"''> : Miss Sandra Newroa, ilrs. Ruoy F. II ern don ion Community AME Church
i.easu.-er: ::: ; ?nd Miss Imuy Al- chairman of {he celebration, Sunday.
;: April 26 from .1 I to G
Passenger vtiy, reporter ; has extended an invitation to p.m. in the home of Rev.: and

\ '.:. :..:-eral public! haveV'i iiie public to attend the observance. Mrs.[ T. E. Shehee. 1640 Kings

'" J J JL J e in Lel to attend thee Road.
ALL STEEL ':ent. I The annual Women's Day Serving;: a. space pilot will
activities at the church, un- be: Carter T. Lewis, program
ffiPORCH SET ;ider'the direction of Mrs. Vir- chairman; Mrs.I F. .L. Wilder.
)i.ia Mack will! terminate Other members of the society

REV. F. A REED i Juiie 26.HOUSE. 'nre: Mr.=. Willie Daniels pres

\ With Table Not Shown MM-L., SPEAKS AT BETHEL I, ident; Mrs. Emma Hicks,
Clara Me Clinton. :Mrs. Ruby
< COMMITTEE Johnson.! Lillie M. Bell, Fran-
x a r ;b is : GIVES SILVER TEA res Ruff. Pauline Miles.
Ut r: -t A L, L A HAcIvEE: :: The Mae Essie
$ Sullivan.
: ; Catherine Fri-
d :. F. Aniiur: Re i. 1w"<:!id!?r FI
U ':"A.C .j' t Committee will son, Louie:: Grimes, Estelle
< Tile House
I t & ... >f the Broklyn Bniust} :\Iinis- I JonpVernal
; Porter.
"s' I I i .! :' "';ice and Evangeli- ;i rnsor a Silver Tea during Irene
.. I observance of Kai McCIendon. Emma Beanion,
the annual
) J'fg : I Lri-/r. will deliver: the seri Ial"kXeah'
-- sA A. t ": ',n rt Bethel Baptist Church I i .ional Week, April :2G from1 ah Shehee, and Mrs.: Abi-
( ) I I'n tie] morning worship. I lo G p.m. in the A. L. Lewis. director.CHURCH .

V I The: P-". F. A. Iecd will be I Branch YWCA, .;,82 \\ 8th

f .aI < I ; '.!'ie guest speaker April CG for Street.
if'- r;'II !-t :--Civic Cvu.:dI of the Mrs. Julia Brooks, chairman ,
II I city and Leon County. of the program commit
$ LOO The Rev. S. R. Bright will tee has arranged a program
,. I ''civ o tho city for Philadel- I for the affair. Mrs. Enoch
'>h 1a. Fa.,'on- a convalescent I Calhoun, chairman of the tea SIMPSON CHURCH UNITe
DOWN i t')'ir. and will attend the in- ( !has contacted groups in th TO CLOSE CONTEST
G rA --- 'aI I stalation service of his son, 1!1mmuraty to attend the af- An annual intra-board contest -
\ DELIVERS t';, c I Alnheus L. Bright recently I| fair. I I will he l sponsored by Usher -
A Called minister of Bethany I Mrs. Pansye K. 11'asking-' Board No. 1 of Simpson
''ton House chair- !!'Methodist! \
Committe Church.
r. ntist Church. The Rev S. April 26
<"t. '"',, t \\ /-1 I T'*. gMrht is a nrmbsr of the i man, wiJi'serve as ire of the i'I at 3:30: p.m., at the church.
"- fa"'.it"! "f the School of Edu I i! hostesses for the tea. i iI Contestants are Mrs. Irene
cation, Florida A and M Uni- I I;Johnson, and Mrs. Nazarene
; I "-ersitv and pastor of the Mt. I MID-WINTER EVENT I Simmons.The .

,.- ;7/ Zion Baptist Church at Apalachicola. ,TO BE PRESENTED various choirs and ushers from
I churches of the city
I i'AT DAY SPRING will appear on .the program

n The combined choirs of St. :,STEWARDESS BOARDS

,.,... I ZION HOPE CHURCH !; John Baptist Church will be';' GIVE MUSICAL TEA
:' :< presented in a repeat programof A musical tea will be spon-
-: '- I UNITS TO GIVE TEA their Mid-Winter.Musical, sored by Stewardess Boards .
April! 26 at 3:30: p.m. in the No. 3 and 4 of St. Paul AME
S a 1 auditorium of Church, April 26 from to 6
| A spring tea will be sPonsored Day Spring I
j:; bv Districts No.8 and I Baptist Church. i' p.m. in the basement the
:r 15 of Zion Hope BaptistChurch i I The program is being sponsored church.

.. I... .:. April 26, at the homeof by District No. 2 of Day i
OPEN // / J :Mrs. Laura Anderson, 5412Moncrief I Spring. BROTHERHOOD CLUB
........ 0 Road, from 3 to 5 District No. 1 will conduct
TIL 9 p.m.Mrs.. Annie i L. Holmes i is 1 fat 3:30 p.m. in the home of i
chairman and Mrs. Laura An Mr. and ;Mrs. Henry, 220 W. j The ninth anniversary of

\ -Select From Beautiful 2 Tone Colors Long Lasting Baked Enamel Finish Rocker or Chairs derson is the co-chairman for State Street. District No. 211>the Brotherhood of Citizens .' ,
the affair. will hold its meeting Sunday, I Club will be celebrated April
Available With Large 3 Passenger Glider. Participants to appear on April 26 at the home of Mrs. I 26 at 3 p.m. at the Mt.\ Ararat

:EASY TERMS OPEN MON. & FRI. NITES TIL 9 ". the program to be presentedare Wilcher, 624 Court C at 4 'Baptist Church.
: the Rev. Eddie Taylor, pjn. District No. 26 will hold |! The Rev. \1. C. Neal, pas'
Mrs. Eula Young Williams, a meeting Sunday at the home ,:tor of St. Thomas Baptist

Brothers Furniture Archie L. Holmes, Miss Dru- of Mrs. F. Washington, 1254 Church will be the speaker for"
Spears Company Inc. nella Mosley, John Simpson, Hart Street.A the celebration.
Mrs. Ethel Miller, Mark Car pretty hat tea will be Invitations have been
STREET ter and Mrs. Daisy Johnson. sponsored by District No. 3 a city to attend the observance ext -
325 BROAD Phone EL5-4641 Invitations have been extended .1 the home of Mrs. Alice Johnson and the club with the .

.. d to the general publicto 1425 West 9th,Street, at ottendance largest ,
: : present
.. ... '" '- t attend the event. 4 p.m. a prize. _.receive .,;-;. : .

'! '



I .
Ending Saturday. April 25 1959 THE FLORIDA STAR Page Five



I' TALLAHASSEE-Federal District Judge Dozier A. De- -

Vane was ordered last Wednesday to award "reasonabledamages" HIGH QUALITY.
to a Negro clergyman and his wife who were i SUNDAYwi1 : .

t I assaulted by a white passenger a bus at Perry. Fla., a HIGH STYLE.

year ago. I .. ..." ": :; be 8 .

-- -- -- --- )::sore i :ly the: Senior Misy
' The U. S. Court of Appeals I i LOW IJ! COST!
e n c e, the appeals court i. '.: :i;::':>. _cy 01" Zion Hope ._._
reversed -
at N e w Orleans
1 : L .: :.: .\Ji.l' :::;?1) from 3

Judge Devane's decision that The court addd that Mrs.U !J t'F (G p.i.: .. ::: ..:.j. ..a.-e r.iont of
Tamiami Trail Tours, Inc., of I
:I ";a\1-3 t''i 1 :
Tampa was not responsible u 111 o c k appeared to be n'tl.:1

for the attack on the Rev. white and "a reasonable man .\ i / : !has been arranged -

Grover C. Bullock and his familiar with local customs" P'r the affair, participants DS.uT.oat.i
i wife during a visit from the could have anticipated the \ include: the Rev S. P.. tTO.IM
West Indies. violence' that might result 4 Donald, Alvin Lowery, Levi
from a Negro man and a SALUTE TO CASHIERS Setzer's Foods Fair this Daniel. Willie B. Mitchell, '
The appeals court ruled seemingly white woman rid- week pays tribute to two of the store's cashiers who I Mrs. Lupine Riley, Mrs. Dorothy -

that a bus line must exercisecare ing together on a bus. are outstanding for their long period of service, and Robinson, Mrs. Annie i I .
to avoid danger to passengers are known tc their customers for their fine personalities Mae Cliett, Mrs. Ida Fowler, firnianf Atrmft Auw.nr tiilotABC's
in segreated areas. and' attentive and cooperative attitudes. Seen
Mrs. Lucile Lowery, Mr;. Es- \
Bullock, who claimed he to the left is Mrs. Jessie McLain Ta y lor who has se1.. Turner. Sirs. Fi+renc- \
and his wife were slappedand :3JVN: r"rGHT; TAKING been a cashier for more than 12 years. Mrs. Taylor, a. i I Nelson, Mrs. Susie M. Mann I NEW FOLDING ;

beaten when they refused GOODS FROM" : STORE native of New Orleans, is affectionately known at the and Mrs. Charlie Lee \Villis.Hoblesses 3-POS1TION CHAISE!
to move to the rear of the A new chat lounge,superbly styled by ABC.to satisfy the most dis-
"Mrs. She is the
Setzer store as Personality" reporterfor
low.low cost'Colorful.Firestone Velon webbing
bus. asked for' the occasion criminating taste at a
$505,000 damages. Ell'ert Leo Gr .r.t 'I :
; was arrested the Ashley Street Store's "Monthly News. 2*."wide forests comfort and durability.Heavy gauge 1*aluminum
The couple claimed they had last Monday after he To the right is seen Mrs. Lola Thomas, a native of will beIrs.. Nellie Carter, i hand pohJi*!to a gleam ng finish Hidden
ridden unmolested from Mi- Mrs. Rosa Lee Mitchell, Mrs. bracket for safe.
was reported to have taken Jacksonville. Mr. Thomas has 15 years of cashier ex- adjustment easy opera-
ami to Perry and were not two baseball gloves which he I Leola Gonezella, Mrs. Viola tan,concerts three ways from lounging
behind 12 of which she has
her ,
perience years spentat back chair An all
hats* to high -purpow
fam i 1 i a r with segregation had not paid for out of Western Gilbert, Mrs. Daisy Walker,
Setzer's Foods Fa i r. Besides her duties as cashier, lounge you can't afford to be without! $9.95
customs in Florida. and Mrs Luvenia Powell.
i Auto Service Department. Mrs. Thomas is also manager of the candy drug, hard- I Members of Chapter No. 90 '
"We think the I and record departments. To her customersshe
district court : ware many Order of Eastern Star, Mrs.
was clearly erroneous in He was reported by Jack is knovm as "Mrs. Patience."
Fannie Matron I
Harper, Worthy -
holding that Tamiami TraIl'' Coker who said he watched I' Other fine' persons on the store staff are: Mrs. M. E. D. Gibson, Court No. /
Tours Grant to see what he was do- Flowers. Mrs. Juanita Pinkney
could not have reasonably 'I produce department; 155 Heroines of Jericho Mrs.
ing and he noticed him putting ; j 1 .,
anticipated or foreseen I meat department, and Nate store manager Lois Cain will be the special I
the danger to the Bulloccks i the merchandise in a' and known to most customers simply. "Mr. Abe." guests for the occasion.

in. time to have ,at least:i 1952 Plymouth automobile. In paying tribute to these fine, and loyal employees.

warned them of its imminTOOTHACHJ Seizer Foods Fair wishes to extend thanks to their Invitations have been ex- I A r

I I i Coker said he went and many customers for consistent patronage and for the tended to the public to at- a a

I I looked in the car and saw several -I high recommendation they have always given the store. tend.
other items that later ------- -
-- -
were 1-----
Cuafutud. Ask I'I proved to be stolen. 1I I KLAN I.EAfP.p GIVEN STORY CALLED FALSE
for new fast act.
Jr.-i"lit to tn. tag jelly' called I I BIRMINGHAM, Ala.-The DAY SPRING CHORUSTO
dentIst, the best thai ORA.JEL!) An investigation by Patrolmen : RALEIGH. N. C. The a a
II FBI has
for IS ORA-JEL raia charged Claude Od- SPONSOR EVENT
.alshll you .0 ncolldl. W. E. Beacham and J. B. : Rev. James W. Cole, former I
CT..o I Gladden found 1 Wizard 18- Ku Klux Klan leader. lost in om, 42, of giving false statements I

& I inch lawn womer; 2 baseball i his appeal to the North Carolina -I to a federal officer. j Male Choruses on Parade
gloves; 1 gas can and 6-volt Supreme Court ar'I must i Odom recently staggered into : will be presented by the Male I

far battery in Grant's car. serve the sentence he was a police station here with the : Chordus of Emanuel Baptist I

given several months ago for story that he had been kid- Church, April 27 at 8:15 p.m. j

inciting an Indian riot last napped and robbed of $200 by in the church auditorium. I

year. i two white wen who drove him Various Male Choruses of

Thanks To All Of You Cole conducted a Klan rally to Nashville, Tenn., where :, the city will participate in heI I

near Maxton, N. C., which the they dumped him on a stret. affair.
# Lumhee Indians broke up An investigation of the

Vote For Fair RepresentationElect with srunfire. Cole was sent- story by FBI resulted in Od-
opce'l to serve 18 months to om's arrest. Police suspect 'LAWMENS BOMB BILL

two years for causing the in- Odom lost the money in a dice ON SENATE AGENDATALI

cident. game.
.\ir ssrr _'1 bill

SAMUEL BRUCE B0L JE'Sa SUMMER MUSIC SCHOOL to ake: fatal hate limbing
: punishable\ death:: \;::s put
Six Big Weeks June 15 July 24
Councilman At Large on th? Fee calendar on
SCHOOL SUBJECTS Grades 1 8 Tuesday ,r eta-l". The bill
Third Ward < Piano Band Theory Voice Accordion was proposed 1 J'.p the Florida

Wherever You Live 2922 PEARCE STREET Ph. EL 5.9722 Sheriffs Association in the

: wake of recent terrorists
-- ------
In The Limits
City school 1 :a*.d c'lvrch' orrbings

You Can Vote >: in Jaekor.v'lle r.dHtm:: i'j '
t 5SI T4 !StAisIIS FOR; ;
Bo-j; i i'e'? tio' Jesth penaltyfcr {

Negroes in Jacksonville represent one-ihird of the .' art! ?! b'ribirr:, he bill 1
EEHCOCC. \ ii: i1
total population .. therefore under a fair 'representation .; \l'.1H! r-n.-:o 20 years to life fori I It 1 -

plan Negroes should be represented on the City Expert i injury or property damage. : I ?, a
Council. Photography '.p to 20 years for a threat to : ;
Portraits I ; .
1 Weddings Banquets b cmb. and up to ten years fora .' I "' .. .i
I will work to foster good racial relations.I Passports & Identification Photos I bomb hoa::. :' i <,"?'1'"/, \ P' .1:
Photostats & Commercial Work The JuminaCommittee: j ; ,j'. 1 ." .'

will work to clear up the Bus Company Mess.I Photos For Newspaper Cuts I approve.1} :! die' billilh a 6-1 I "'. ..' ," -': )" .

will While You Wait enrto"t.'me;.;. I I r.r. :
work for a better Jacksonville for both ; :
(' Coloring & Picture Framing l l' ..":, -

Negro and white citizens. p,"' "'.. 'r. .n:'. Let Us Take A Photo Of You .,S. \ii. i"1 It /. .,;..'.......: +/.t,p.
;" ..1zf; And The Kids In Your Easter Outfit t..
Ask your white friends your employers to be .'. '
tW.r i In Natural Color I .,' "tt

fair minded to give me a chance. f i.\ ,
J. AVERY 1S t j ,
Vote For ::: :.','.: ..,..': J.:.:" ....'
: : 'y :
AVERY'S PHOTO STUDIO .::#; I j j.:;i/; ;:'.. .w53 ArE 1

Samuel BIU .. .... .f
e I :
I 611 West Ashley Clara White Mission Bldg.

Phone EL 4-7695 For
--- -- I II Appointments

I 3 ,
r A+%
L :1 r
------- a AanrM
0' %Y
---- aF

Genevieve Young says: ; ro' Sd A 5k .
Vote For And Support ._ j

Representative GovernmentFOR zR Beauty is Your Privilegef!

by GENEVIEVE YOUNG It is important for you to remember
Elect that good grooming a -laErU STEAL ANYr.4ING SMALL s' w r a
Nothing detracts so much from touch of perfume and the proper /
a woman's beauty as her own use of cosmetics surrounds you
E. D. JACKSON apology for her appearance. You with an aura of beauty which STRAND SUNDAY 9N ( / I
run into a friend'on the street dress alone cannot provide. Remember !; James Cagney (above) Is :

CITY COUNCIL5th and stop to chat without always "Beauty Is Your I, the tough rugged labor boss
'z paying too much attention to her Privilege."
I i in his new technicolor thrill -
Ward At LargeIf appearance. However the moment e r. "NEVER STEAL ANY- .. I
she starts making excuses .
Miss YMBC wW Mfwer yow fetter a
for "looking so terrible"-you beaty problem" Be tmn to e>ctoeUmprd. a ,; THING SMALLshowing
You Live In The City You Can Vote For Me notice that she does look a .bit -end t*.Ms Mif-Cenerleve ddmir4 Ywwr.envelope R.dad C. Sunday through Saturday at Hew PHILCO Portable isWorld's
ON MAY 5 bedraggled! Beaity Institute, F. 0. B eX 2841. diem the Strand. Co-feature Is MG
You tell a woman how pretty phi S,Tena. .'
'M's technicolor story of love Most Slender TV
BACKGROUNDPraclldng she looks-your compliment is rr i, in a haystack. 'T H E MAT- .,
p.- -
spoiled if she starts :
Immediately f :
Attorney for six years. ; complaining how tired she is, or r+,," "m"I"I ING G A ME," with Debbie Actually inches slimmer. Designed

father of four children. how her feet hurt etc. Reynolds and Tony Randall Y to travel. .to be carried with you.
the f
Married and j
1 It is disconcerting to talk to a i; I and Paul Douglas. Finest televiewing in portables.

'Holds AB degree In Business Administration. woman who is constantly smoothIng 1 ,%. ...a. I --- I II Smart luggage case with Scaotcnna
her hair primping or tugging f' I handle. All top controls. 17' (overall -
LLB degree in law from Howard Universary.. i at her clothes. Even though Ii' "\ I j jI y.'' diagonal measurement) picture.
her apology for her looks is unspoken -' EHJQTfUTMOSTSHAVIHGGillette L-
Winner of Democratic Nomination for Justiceof I -it is there in those nervous ." S
jerky uneasy gestures. .. : I :: : f $10.00
Peace. 2nd District 1956.PLEDGES. None of us look our best at all _
timed or can always be perfectly "_ I Cbofc of exciting colors DOWN
dressed for every occasion. ..Usu'h..' I
To protect planned budget projects. ally this does not distract too Ii:: I I
greatly from our appearance:1e: ,
To plan budget to meet Ward's needs. unless we start making excuses 7-- v t. 4 t I
attention to a'' WITH tan 1 Davis Furniture
To and calling our- k NAPE .
protect users of Electricity from unfair selves y CWSNSa AND
Electric bills.
srrilaa utt
Kiss Dorothea Tcrwles internationally famous negro model, fashion
To develop small well quipped and conrsa- and beauty expert directs this beauty column tinder the pen 0 COMPANY
lenily located Bam Genevieve Young. '
community playgrounds.
135 BROAD ST. Ph. EL 35791Week

'..<; .,.) ... ..,.. ', oA;' .



./ .

_Page Six Tiny "..ORJU STAR ___ Week Endimg Saturday. April 25 1959



J "Come to the Woods and, iI
Meadows" will be -
the !
MARIANNA The Long- presented pretty hat tea will be The A. L. Lewis Club of Members ol the Branch SHOPLIFTING
by the primary gradesof ,
branch Home Demonstration Smart Pope Livingston' sponsored by District No. 3 !Mt. Olive AME Church will :. llth YWCA will attend the Neighborhood -:I I Harvey Mattox. owner of a 1

Club held its meeting recently School, April 30 at 8 p. m. in of Day Spring i Baptist give a pretty hat tea April annual convention of the meeting in L a k e 1!variety, store at 1732 Main St. j

at the home of Mrs. Ber- the school auditorium. I Church, April 26 from 4 to !26 at the home of Mrs. Flos- ''Florida State Business League Placid, April 29 through was victim of a bold shop i
will b e conducted at 30."Our i lifting offensive last Saturdaynight.
tha Lewis with Mrs. Sarah Students participating i n 6 p.m. at the home of Mrs. sie Wilson, 2331 M o n c r i e f Florida A & M University, April Christian Faith and Six women entered the

Bell, president presiding. the event include: Gredel Alice Johnson, 1425 West 9th Road, from 4 to 6 p.m. I'April 27-28. i Responsibility i n Decision store, fanned out in the aisles
Butts Dale
Murray, Timothy ,
Street.A with the precision of trained
Members of the club will Williams, Ernest Rose. Lon-' A program will be Present- | The keynote address for Making" will be the theme troups and swiftly
I helped
observe National Home De- gineu Parsons, Regina Faulk, prize will be awarded to featuring the origin of hats i the convention will be delivered -for the meeting. !,themselves to merchandise
monstration Week, May 3-9. Deborah Woodham, Roscoe' and two prizes will be awarded. ,I '' Representing the branch
the lady wearing the prettiest by John H. Wickriffe. I I I which they dropped into shopping -
The club held its Commu-.Thorpe, D o n z el 1 Bossard,, hat. A has been !'field director of the National will be Mrs. G. B. Gardner,I I bags.
program finance chairman Mrs. M. R.
nity Improvement Tour recently -Carolyn Shehee, Geraldine ;
Negro Business League, at 10a. 'I The women left the store
according to Mrs. Do- Reese Janice Aikens, Earl- arranged for the occasionwith m., April 27 in the Charles SImpkins, religious education -',and fled in an automobile be-
rothy Parker. The tour included mit Evarigie Williams, Brenda the following persons ap- Winter Wood Theater. and Mrs. Florence J.Di- fore Mattox fully realized that

a visit to each member's Cue, Janice Bryant, Pau-'pearing: Mrs. Victoria Toms, die Jones. I City Councilman W. S. xon, executive director. I i I he had been taken.
home of the community lette Butler, Alfred Matt-'\V. R. Buckner Mrs. Louise Program committees are: ,Stewart of Memphis Tenn. League Prepares for-Growthin

Mrs. Sarah Bell and Mrs. El-,hews, Annette Johnson, La-'Graham, Mrs. Margie West, Mrs. Arlean Yopp, Mrs. Ma |will be the speaker for the a Growing Society" will l FAURUS SIGNS BLOOD

mira Pittman were presented verne'Wilcox and JacquelineSraw. 'Miss Gloria Henry, Mrs. Viola mie Anderson Mrs. Mattie lucheon at noon, April 28. be the theme for the conven i t I LAW

awards for the improvementsof Harchett, Harold Marin, Mrs. Montgomery and Mrs. Fredie !i "The Florida State Business tion. 1 LITTLE ROCK ARK. _

-their-home.- 1 i Mrs. A, O. Roberts is the Marian Glover and Miss Clau- Robinson. i:The opposition of doctors and

--------- other citizens was not enough
--- - -
< I to stop a bill requiring that

,, ,, BUSINESS DIRECTORY ,. ...."......, I I blood transfusions be labeled

I ., ---__ _-- ___ : with the race of the donor.
I ----- Establishments ..
-- The Recommended As Reputable ,
Firms Listed Below Are .. .
u Gov. Orval Faubus
said that
.... -. -. p.juds .... '-, ...
__ _-. Specializing Service and .j : there had ben a great demand

iETET ;, by the public for the bill. He

A to Z SIGN COMPANY I said that the doctors and

We Deliver Fuel Oil Fill Dirt :: LETTERING :: I did so mainly because of the
Dry Fold. Excellent Service Service Moderate Prices (i
Accurate Meter Delivery 'extra work they would haveto
We Give World Green Stamps Leaf Trucks Glass SLo-Cards
Gold -
Complex & Work B PO *9516 do because of the labelingof
Body Repair Paint 3633 Moncrief Rd. Cor. 27th EL 4-9404, 6330 Avenue 416 Oak Street EL 3-5100
the blood.CONGRESSMAN.
-:- Oven Baked Paint Jobs -:-
Price Start at $4.00 E. G. COLDER COMPANY

1532 East Adams Street EL 5-8135 CLOTHING Kerosene Fuel Oils FELLEDBY
-Over 50 Years Service to Jacksonville One Day Service HEART ATTACK
A and R TRIM SHOP 2329 Boulevard EL 3-3643, Royal Crown Bottling Company NEW YORK-Rep. Adam

1525 Main Street EL 5.8091 FL 9-4488 Clayton Powell is recuperating -
1235 San Marco Blvd.
Custom Made Seat Covers INDEPENDENT from a heart attack he
Jacksonville's Only Distributor of 641 West State Street EL 6-9432 suffered in Puerto Rico while

HOUGABOOK AUTO SERVICE Tailor Supplies and Cleaners Supplies GENERAL UPHOLSTERY SHOP playing badminton.The .

General Auto Repair 519 Broad Street EL 4.1735 SOUTH OIL COMPANY OF FLA. Door Panels Congressman had col-

"Specializing In Motor Tune-up" Phillips 66 Products Convertible Tops Furniture- Slip Covers lapsed in San Jaun. The attack -
Headliners -
Generator, Starter and Carburetor Servlci FlUe Fuel Gasoline : forced him to cancel a
J. H. HOUGABOOK Prop. FOODS Trop-Arlic Motor Oil 3227 N. Myrtle Avenue EL 48114We ':'speaking engagement for

1361 Kings Road EL 4-3659 ____ I I "It's Performance That Counts" which he had ben scheduled

1721 Franklin Street EL 6-7681 Specialize In .' i! in Aliquippa, Pa.
Young's Amoco Service Station AZAR SAUSAGE COMPANY -
-Tune-up and Brake Service- FRESH HOME MADE 'I' digest tag-ofcqgular:
'General -- -- Real Estate Mortgage Loans : A1Td ChEU. ROBBED BY
Motor & Service
Repair Ignition SAUSAGE DAILY
2506 West Beaver St at McDuff EV 9-9449 646 Flordia Avenue EL 6-3308-9 GETER & BAKER FUNERAL HOME Rents Collected 'I i WHITE MEN
i Serving Jacksonville & Duval 410 Broad Street EL 4-6204., NASHVILLE TENN. -

Vitalyte Battery Sales & Service County for over 50 Years ., Claude Odum stumbled into

Free Pick-up I MOM'S KITCHENHome 767 West Beaver Street EL 41812CARTER'S police headquarters on Thurs-
Jones Institute of Physical Culture i day to report that he had been
3711 Main Street EL 5-2004
cooked meals served 24 hours-
FUNERAL HOME School Of Barber. Beauty & Massage j beaten and robbed of $258 by
7 week
BROAD STREET BATTERY SHOP 1285 Kings Road days a EL 4.9321 24 Hour Ambulance Service Colored Owned and Operated two white men after they had
Serving Colored Homes Since 1918 "Earn As You Learn"' : kidnapped him in Birming
Batteries Generators Starters
O. C. Jernigan. owner S.. L. Davis mgr 812 Clay Street EL 4-6005 ham Alabama.
Regulators- Delivery- Service Repairs- STRAND HOT DOG STAND 929 West Beaver Street EL 4-0545-6 8703 Old Kings Road PO 5-16341 ; The men threatened to kill

641 West Ashley Street EL 4-9303 Odum and warned him that
1050 Broad Street EL 4-1715
t tI he was being: used as an example -

1 FLAMINGO RESTAURANT Holmes & West Funeral Home SKINNER'S FLORIST ) to a Birmingham integration -

ATLANTIC BATTERY SERVICE -:- Specializing 35 Cents Plate -:- -Ambulance Service- 'I Flowers For All Occasions leader.
Public) 1514 N. Myrtle Ave. EL 4-7275
Reconditioned Batteries Homemade Pies and Cakes (Notary I I

T| All Kinds of Battery Service 718 West Ashley Street EL 6-9169 2719 West Edgewood Avenue PO 5-1641 : RACISTS LEAVE CALLING

rl Price $5,00 and up SAW SERVICE CARD
$20 Florida Avenue EL 5-4900 BUBBA'S COFFEE SHOP Andrew J. Huff Funeral Home I
,"- Service All Kinds of Hard Tooth Band Saws NORMAL, ILL.-A cross
Home Cooked Foods 24 Hour Ambulance Blades Sharpened and Sold was burned last Monday on
EL 4-6896-7
SEABOARD BODY COMPANY 617 West Ashley Street EL 4-9701 1337 Davis Street 1526 Gary Street EX 8-9504 j I the front lawn of the home of

I Eugene Alexander and his
Automotive Repair Auto Painting TIPLIGHT'S RESTAURANT family. The neighborhood
Body Work 24-hour Wrecker Service FURNITUREAIR TAXI"At J was previously all white.
AAA Service Free Estimates Home Cooked Meals I
All Work Guaranteed GOOD COFFEE BASE FURNITURE COMPANY Your Service"NEW J Alexander bought his home

2949 West Beaver Street EV 9.3418THIGPEN'S 2937 Myrtle Avenue EL 4.9329LANE'S Complete Home FurnishingsWe DEAL CAB EL 4-1611 : I about a week ago. Three Negro
LINCOLN CAB EL 4-1611 I families live within a

CHICKEN SHACK Invite Your Credit block and a half of the Alex-

BODY SHOP 5953 Roosevelt Blvd. EV 7-4619 ander home, but none lives on
Southern Fried Chicken Bar-B-Que Timiquana Road Trading Post : the same block.
Batteries $6.95 & up We Cater To Private Parties ROBERTS NEW & USED FURN. Complete Garden Supplies : I

Guaranteed For The Life of Your Car Chicken In the Box To Carry Ou Home Furnishings For Every Room Fertilizer Fruit Products : II I

"Baked On Enamel" 1446 N. Myrtle Avenue EL 6-9876 502 Florida Avenue EL 448.0 -New and Used Furniture bought and sold-; I I QUARREL CLIMAXED BY
Wrecks Rebuilt
564 Tlmlquana Road SP 1-3762: SHOOTING
680 East 21st Street EL 3.5080 GROCERIES BARBER I
... Horace Taylor, 49, of 914
I Les Charmette Beauty Salon:>> Washington's Health Service ] .Caroline Street, is reported in
Mi ms' Gulf Service Station AVENUE B SUPERMARKETFair Special Attention to Hair & Scalp Treatment !critical condition at Duval '
and Styling "Abundant Health Is Rightfully Yours"Try I I Medical Center result of
as a
Complete Car Lubrication Prices i Hair Cutting Mineral Steam Bath
Open Daily 7 A.M. to 9 P.M Courteous Service i 1427 Davis Street EL 6-9907 Swedish Colonlc Massage shotgun wounds in his stom-
2055 West Beaver Street EL 4.9459 "We Deliver Orders Above $3.00" Masseur-Same Location I ach. He was shot last Satur-
BARBER SHOP C. Washington
5673,AvenueB PO S-U03 day evening by Joe Louis Bux-
Hair Cuts Our Specialty I ton of 1013 Lee Street Ln. 20-

AUTOMOBILEFor Ladies Children Gents For 23 Years year-old George Setzler of
Your Next Car CHARLES JOSEPH GROCERY Open 9 a.m. to 8:30 pjn Sat. 8 ill 11 934 N. Myrtle Avenue : EL 4-2478 I 1024 Lee Street Lane is also

-:- New Or Used -:- Groceries Meats Fruits Vegetables 736 West Ashley Street EL 4-9112 i implicated in the shooting

-We Can Finance Anyone Free Delivery WILLIE SMITH DRUGSFree I which climaxed a lengthy dis-
Phone EX 80677Farmer's 1002 Florida Avenue EL 697FRED'S LA CONGO BEAUTY PARLOR puet between Taylor and the
delivery any part of the city
i family.
Free Scalp Treatment with Hair Style -
Fresh During the Month of February 601 West Ashley Street EL 4-1380 ,I Taylor is said to have fired
Service Station Fruits Vegetables Mrs. Rosa Lee Speed operator :several shots into the Setzler

Motor Repair & TuneUpGas Free Delivery 811 Dam Street EL &-9530TOBY'S home during Saturday.
:301 Davis Street EL 4-9240
Buxton and Setzler
i who
358 S. Myrtle Avenue EL 5-8141 BEAUTY PARLOR j surrendered to police, are being
You Want The Finest In Groceries Specializing In Hair Gulling Courteous Treatment held on assualt to murdercharges.

And Meats Come See Us Scalp Treatment Open 8:30 to 7 p. m. 'I, .
Styling -
CLEANING 300 Davis Street EL 6.5412MIKE'S Mrs. Tabllha Taylor. prop. 306 Davis Street EL 4-1219 I

815.Davis Street EL 4-8812

Where Quality Counts Staple Groceries: :sention of Supreme Court
:: Mahoney Terminix Termite Control Justice E. Harris
-Expert Dyeing- Fresh Meats MISCELLANEOUSAAA Drew was
1236 Davis Street EL 5-8115 -Complete Termite Control- ;i not sufficient to spare the life
Open 7 to 7 -:- Building Materials -:- 1 I of John Paul, a Negro,'for the

2015 Broadway EL 6-9182 BONDING AGENCY \ 414 N. Myrtle Avenue EL 4-1768 alleged rape of a 47-year-old

M & M MARKET City County and Federal Bond
S12 W. Street EL 4-1629 The
Ashley Law Exchange Bldg. EL M932 court's 6 to 1 decis'upheld
21st and Myrtle 814 West 8th Si. Fresh Meals the death
914 Da-via, Street 1302 Davis Street Open 7 *fv to 6 p.m NELLIES PIE SERVICE passed upon Paul sentence
504 Davis Street EL 5-1532 ACE RADIO & TV Fresh Pies Dally jetting Paul's plea that re-

30 Years In ElectronicsAll Potato Pie Our Specialty-From fresh introduced a confession -
at the
SPOT RITE CLEANERS Gua.ran.iMCIN3 Potatoes We* Deliver trial
Work: was obtained under
FUEL OILS dureSs.n
ELAVERY'S 4.68804 EL 3-0864
One-Hour Service Forest Street 1429 Steele Street

Pick-up & Delivery -4 dissenting, Justice Drew
was hIS
760 Florida Avenue EL 5-3745 STUDIOCommercial opinion that
w. specialize In serving trailer pub he evidence against Paul

Also 100 Ib. cylinders or bilk tanks WeoVHno Home Poirtli 'SERVICE MATTRESS CO. uflclent and that was
ONE HOUR CLEANERS Ai your home for your coovealesoe Tee'we do It in color also trial was warranted new

911 West Ashley Street EL 6-1830 15845 West Duvml Road.PO. 5-3561 811 We t Ashley Street EL 4-7885 Mattress Renovating Our Specially The crime is said to have

taken place in Clearwater.


I w4ff. '- -

< .
: 4ih.-/f.::: .. J ...,!--A., !". 1

Wort Endfaa Saturday, April 25, 1959 'K '19 OP'DA STAR Page Sera ..

I Indianapolis- Clowns To Play Georgia} Flyers. -- I IBy


.. ..... ,, SPORTING IT i :; '
;r ;r """'::":


1 :., (' \TMIAM JOH\SO:

JOSEPH LOUIS BARROW more commonly known to I: t
the world as Joe Louis, the j i ighlingest[ fighter who ever iis i is F! The Indianapolis Clowns are looking for the biggest yearn
Joe Louis during i : i'i the 30-yeus of their existance and Jacksonville will
pair of boxing glove was Sgt.
put on a
his stay in the service. Joe Louis rose from the poverty :5 i lay a big part of it when they meet the Georgia FlYers
and obscurity of an Alabama sharecropper's farm cabin to (:> } c it the Myrtle Avenue Baseball Park at 8 p. m. April 29.
fame and fortune as the idol af a nation. <: t. The Georgia Flyers are
LOUIS exhibitedone ( : I ,1 oming heavily rated as a ]Purnell is labeled major lea

SGT.of JOE the most mangificent : ing the pitching. they formed ]| i i : : : 1, .trong, team and fully capa- guetimber._
J })1 le of furnishing some strong

risked gestures sportsmanship.his in most the The prized history champ possession of- only combinations one of'ihe was Morse best in baseball.a first collegiate rate Not ., ;I| : ; : :: ; ; r :competition:v known Clowns.At for the. national- I
his championship and catcher he was also a dangerous I, ;: : no time during a season ,,:and that is their grass skirt-
entire to baiter. That back in ; 1 : ; have the Clowns been j
donated his purse was : ] : I I ed first baseman, Natureboy
;' ; forI
; ible to. fill all
relief old when the < : I ; requests
the Army and Navy the good days : '" Williams. Williams is also a
funds. That particular feat Tigers of Edward Waters ,: ] : : : ; : .heir appearance according power hitter and he cracks
has never been duplicatedand were really clawing them as : ; ; : ; :; t o Ed Hamman The ,Clowns the general have'just as many base hits with
there are those who have they came. i in i| -Tianager. his bare feet on the groundas
i ;: : ],been a favorite attraction in
forgotten. a'l he does in spikes. One of
never EDWARD O. GOURDIN, ] ) : Jacksonville for several
P A U L ROBESON, actor, 1: ;: ; !: : : ; and years the features of the game is
artist athlete, was famous native of Jacksonville. Florida j |, \ \ 'I, they always manage to the way he can circle the
long before he became an artist was Commanding Officer -,w I : : ; ; I J get Jacksonville in on their bases with all that weight
I ; : ; :schedule. '
Robeson had! of the 372nd Infantry in1, i' : : : that he possesses. H e joins
achieved, young fame as an athlete I \VcrldVar II. He was an all' '' C : ; : One of the most talked the other fun makers with
round athlete at Harvard. i'' baseball players in the
e of the greatest his own tactics.
He was o n
broad I country and one of the hardIest
of all time. 'Ned" held the world's
football Robeson players was selected jump record in 1921. He was :: hitting players in the I The Georgia Flyers will
Young end by the late a member of the 1924 'Olympic game is back to help cele-,also have some healthy swat-
All-American brate the 30th ters. From all indications the
and national Pentathlon for. anniversary.
C He w a s an team
Walter student a m p and a Phi Beta champ in 1921 and in The hard-hitting Byron Pur- game on the 29th will be one
honor neB the centerfielder of the most since
1922. p the of the impressive
at Rutgers.
1 Kappa man that Ches. JOHN GREEN, Michigan'stan it Clowns is a natural ball the Clowns have been comingto
DID YOU KNOW All-American was named .:) player. He will be in center- Jacksonville. '!His Royal
ter B. Morse who with for the manY At- the Big Ten Conference'sMost I field next Wednesday nigkt. Highness," King Tut will be
years connected Company Valuable Player for the : ,I there along with Midget Bebop
lanta Life Insurance 1053-59 season. The 24-year- b be- I Bob Nickerson, Ed
the battery
was once LEARN TO DRIVE Hamman
and Natureboy.
mate of James (Dean Blue) old senior, who never played I Secure Drivers' License
With Morse doing i basketball during his high I
Everett. and Everett do- school days in Davton, Ohio, t i SAFEWAY DRIVINGSCHOOL
the catching
will receive the Chicago Tri-: I
bu! e's silver i basketball award ;, I i 500 West Beaver Street
24 -34-67 for the honor. The ; -- Office ELgIn 5-7742
37 413 :young star scored more than : I
836 I Res.
: ELgin I
:twice the number by i I
his closest competitor. I GEORGE PERPENA. Dir I
i 9 I WILLIE TASBY. ihe Bal- II tf f John
& C ; timore Orioles promising I boy f!
6 ..r 8 !i rookie up from Louisville isa I i I f -j TROUBLED? I The skilled hand of the German -
/- ,:.,.J. sparkling addition to the LOVE? gunsmith is responsible
7 ,8 Orioles. Tasby is a powerful his', MONEY? I for this .22 caliber. 6-shot repeater -
Watch This Clown bauer and can roam the out ', PROBLEMS? I automatic with self-
er garden with so much ease HI Help. f ejecting clip. Just 4" long fits
16-44-51 that it is believed he will let i j he: SolutionAvailable tasily into pocket or purs
505 07 188 : the American League know in' I ideal for sporting events stag
{he is around. Tasby was the -'i! If Instructions ise (not available to Calif
11058] M si Valuable '' Followed esidents .
1IJ..f1mPt h"" up( 0 Player 10'I ) Comes for J5S5pd.
%..."...thn_ bfa'.. nwo !in the American Association. ;i Strictly Personal from
n.. II4Id" gnhtrnCtrIfP |He seems to be holding his I ( ) Dr. JOHN WAMSTEKERDept. BEST VALUES
work It all around
i i!own as a major leaguer. police 15 Dept. G-675
: THE JACKSONVILLE : I i Box 10 Otter 403 Market
Coming Attractions [BRAVES apparently can't them.'i'i' -I I Cape. South Africa I'I: Newark. New Jersey

21-39-865-09 I Set started off on the right, h (a _
i I foot. They are being cuffed I I ) -.i I -- -- n. ,-- -- -
around by every team in the

a You Don't Have to Go to Town to Get I iI
I I i I
p RI ES I][ top
LowOn -+lr 'I ; I He

in I I as

YourSTt3RE II 'I i that be-if Servict"UNFTED
DRUG HEEBS ; I his he

; I
Trade With Your Neighborhood Drug Store told

s j I he
) '"
Deliver We Also Fill All Doctors' Prescription had op' //l 1 H

; I; to a
F ,
Dixie Pharmacy I I ; i
i I been .. :"," ,
Dr: [I
; : PALS



; ;

A ;
i i

I : 2 2QEk of by :I ;: '' TIME TONITE

: I

ter ; ; : $ Midnightersand

to J and s

hEro to

pflt A f 5'f' t I en ; 58 i CAl GREEN Orch. %

.. ,
to ww--

...ole te..uc+n wn tI FRI. SAT. & SUN- -x1.00

NAMtVNT11r1M+ ,
Mf1..IUtfVV'- fl.l"Jtr'.Vt! wN';nMr

--... ,. "of 1 .. .


;* Eight THE FLORIDA STAR Week Ending Saturday. April 25, 1959



HAVE CASH WILL BUY s kV r ;' 1 *

Enroll Now In The
AS SINGER FAILS TO SHOW South's Finest College '. *

YOUR VACANT LOTS Florida Barber College 1 a
DAYTOXA BEACINFailure of singer Ruth Brown to fPI
Branch G. I. Approved *
Call EL 4-6782 Mr. Kay I appear as scheduled at a night club in this city early Tuesday -
; morning caused a mild melee which lasted for an hour I *
.,and took on the proportions of a riot before it was quelled *
Wooarow .
Patterson manager Prof. James Glover
by a force of 20 policemen.
An estimated 500 '- 630 Davis Street At Beaver
j persons I
THE MIRACLE LADY I'I'were in the club when the MANi Phone EL 5-9875 I, -C

.J fist-swinging started. Most of 'S.PURNED .
--- --- --'--
MADAM LAMAR ,them scattered when the police .
I i ;
I arrived, but many remained -

_. FAITH HEALER AND ADVISOR to engage the officers I STABS SISTERS NV'.r.IV..s-J" .-.N"-.v: '

Are You Suffering Sick. Need Advise? See Mme. in a free-swinging brawl. The ? fVev..v iRh1 f MAM 'i.cWMd
Lamar. She Has The God Given Power To Heal By police used nightsticks to !i __ ;

Prayer. She Heals The Sick And Ailing. So Come break up the fighting. !I Two sisters were slashed :I ELECT.- .. ;
Today Tomorrow May Be Too Late. Twenty persons were jailed and stabbed early Sunday
and police promised to make morning by a man angered by 1/7
Remember If There Is God Help On Earth It Can additional arrests since they the refusal of one of the sisters ti BRAD TredinnickCITY /1&-
Be Found Through Madam Lamar. claimed to recognize several to spend the night with i f trUtO'AJI
1925 W. 45th Street 3 Blocks Off Moncrief Road known troublemakers in the ; :

crowd. him.The COUNCILMANWard I A tip of the Pepsi Cap
Most of the 20 officers re- man, said by witnessesto to theeyoanj
slight cuts, scratches or brui- be Hollis Fryer, became en- Am deae oatstaadLtA, wr
ses. Many of the patrons also raged when Grace L. Cooper, Cae *
= : ... : received minor injuries. 22, refused to spend the night if make ear country mA
__ .- _-
ntJ;: .7 gReelect
oar better
4 community *
I ;. l The persons jailed were with him. The two were on ; VOTE CITY WIDE
< v. Dlaoe >In which to ttv*
. :, ; .::$. charged with unlawful assem- the front porch of 535 Lee St.

if. ;:. .,."'it .0', h,. bly and disturbing the peace. where the incident began. "Ha Will Repraaani YOU *' ** *|

Ralph N. Walter( t ?r. ,o Police promised to bring i Police report states that the ... Not a Ghana Few" K,. "*
: Y' charges against the operatorsof victim refused Frayer's proposal .;.:( M'J
: the club. *
:; t: and went a few houses .
o.r .,.,
CITY COUNCIL f-f : VVt.'VV".IW--.V--Vtn-trt.
: : an away to 414 Lee Street where #
... BANDIT RIFLESCASH #VW.t..Jt l.'ttt.1'A-.7A-r J-g.
she found her sister, Juanita, krr. '
8th Ward Aft-Large ,.. REGISTERThe 28. SINCERE HONESTAS 1
r... : Cavalier Cleaners and
-12 Yean Of DadfaatedPobHc ..}, .n/ Laundry Branch at 941 Davis The angered Fryer followedthe YOUR CITY COUNCILMAN rFfit'aa t
** <":I. .., Street, where Miss Clara two women as they started BEAD TBEDINNICK WILL >
Sen*: ."J.>.\. Breaker is in charge was robbed I to leace. An argument be- Work to reduce the crime rate. w.BEATRICE .
last Saturday night by a tween the three developed Bepreaeoi YOU, not political booses.
bold bandit who ignored the I during which the suspect 4 Work to bring new businesses aDd Jobs to Jack h
I I II commenced to stab Grace sonville.
presence of people near the -
E *X ;, entrance to the business. with a penknife. Juanita triedto Work against bond iasves unless voted for by the
Miss Breaker, manager of stoD the assault and was people. DENEFIELD *
the branch office, said she I herself stabbed by the man. Work to improve public transportation at reduced Douglas Anderson Jr. Jf
was sweeping in the back Grace was stabbed in the rates. Senior High School <*
when she heard the cash reg- back, the side, and also in the Beatrice is a. member of u
STARTS BOTH i ister ring. She came to the head. Juanita, thrown down the Oth grade class, where T
SUN. RITZ! front and found a youthful the front porch steps by Fryer the serves as secretary.
looking man taking money received lacerations of the She is a member of the T
from the cash register. right breast and leg. She also STRAND Sun. Sat. April 26 Homemakers o f America''
I She said the young man "received a stab wound in the Thru May 2nd. Y-Teens and a member of

,, pointed a pistol at her with right armpit. I the National Honor Sodaty. .
out uttering a word. He then I
Both women were detained 2 Technicolor Rough Ones!
left theplace and ran north on by Dr. Harris at Duval Medical -
:r. Davis Street. The young banI I Center. .fI

I dit was not identified. k
Patrolman E. Jefferson inestigated. The incident, which too!: ':.

I\* place> at 2:30 a.m., was investigated -[i JAMS CAGNEY SHIRLEY JONES K.
1- by officers Jessie' :
Jackson and Milton Newsom. G
: Sgt. C. Sea approved the reI I f
HAVEA port. I II I
The suspect, Hollis Fryer. : 4'e'
t is still at large.


Also James Stewart and.Kim Novak _
Northwestern J. Senior
.k a. wlxrncaa
J High School
OR ELECTED Pepsi Cola Dealers and
Sun. Tues. 2 Top LOUIS, :Mo.-The Rev. "' Roosevelt J( Pepsi Cola Bottling Com-
I 1
Hits In Color John J. Hicks, a Methodist I .RDCKIHtST STARS OF Ml! 1 jt pang are proud to salute
APARTMENTTO *Charles Walker of the llthw
minister elected the -
was to
"7TH VOYAGE OF SINBAD" St. Louis Board of Educationby Sun Mon April 26 & 27 i I grade clash. He is a mem-
1st RUN WESTERN Jber of the Science Club.
Jeff Chandler polling 46,512 votes in the
Student director of the
Esther Williams recent city-wide elections.He .
is the first Negro ever I "Plunderers" *band and an honor student.

. 8 DAYS! Wed. Thurs. FrL April 2930 to be so elected, and will serveon 1 Of Painted Flats" fr tr* ****c***-*

& May 1st. RENT! the board of a sixyearterm. 1ROSA Corinne Calvet


let Run Adults Sec Kids Free t
I ENED FOR GAMBLING TIP Roy Hamilton See .Both I

TOLEDO, The Rev. A. Della Reese Big Hits! emu. eN
LZj QUICK L. Roach, whose church is a N A b pE't

Rimed few doors away from a num- COMING TO ROOSEVELT Tues.-Wed I I
bers drop, informed police of & Thurs.

hi the RESULTS the gambling activity and a 2 BRAND NEW THRILLERS! h
raid was made on the place
teeming which i is a confectionerystore.
TANGIER ... LIST IT The Reverend was promised VENDA ALEXANDER Jl
I II ., ,__
auction police protection, but last IIS New Stanton Senior X
r week het.received telephone' 4 TN_DIMENSYtlBIIMllltcoNMUMlclnol' ION
a School
High 14
IN! THEFLORIDA ,. .... ,_
[market P I call to the effect that "someone .'1" a '16 .s. Tribute is paid to Venda
will get even with you.!' j I of the llth grade class./
whey STARHUNDREDS i o I q qI She is a member of,the?
SIXTEEN YEAR-OLD r 1 1a a 1 Student Council, Marching
ELECTED SPOKESMAN and Concert Band president
god. OF' HARTSHORNE. Okla.1 of her homeroom and Ian
} Sallye Phillips, a htonor stu- 4 honor student. 4
dent at a formerly all-white''
are high school, recently became; * *

bait t! ROOM the valedictorian of her class. j' : 0ST lONELY Oagrmtolatlocu trop d
She was named head of her .
: I OoU to theM three Itott
class, becoming the first Negro
AND to'win this title. Her average t iD VicIoir Award frlanen.Pa .
Elden to Medt AweN
was 3.419 out of a pos- t'epsl
sible 4.The. slat&Uon e. reld c
THE SjORr OF GiRLS/ 7N TROUBlff! APARTMENTHUNTERS school was integrated Wild! Raw! Brutal! Ti.nwo, ides

three years ago. s7.Qdlaliat.uwAll.-

r=- = :;.---' ..._. .



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