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Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
April 18, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
April 18, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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-- ---- -- -

In The MiddleOf

k A-

Bus Company Fight FLORID" SHill ,

-- --
-- -- -

----- VOL. 9 NO. n And NEWS APRIL 18, 1959: JACKSONVILLE 9. FLORIDA 35


NOT FAVOREDBy r.x .4. Inte.rraciallove AffairCauses

Staff CorrespondentThe

three-day hearing on

the bus survey situation of Jacksonville's ended last .. f :

Thursday after a stormy session ; Klan Shooting
which was noticeable by
the absence of Negroes who

are the most deeply affectedby IdA
bus service. -

Eric Wednesday's O. Simpson, editor meeting of, H GOVERNOR ASKED BY NAACP I CROSS BURNED AT NEGRO,CHURCH

first the FLORIDA to be called STAR by Councilman was the- TO! PROBE E KLAN SHOOTING h h.d 1 EVE OF POliTICAL RALLY

Ralph Walter (chairmanof
Delegation of West African Youth Leaders is pictured
the transportation committee above wth; Senator John F, Kennedy (D-Mass) in his office -

) to question a representative Washington.. These youth leaders are currently visiting '\: LJY\-0.D: An II"i: r,'-j.-' 'pec l let\.,>, '- ., LO-v-.....--..i ;. cross was burned on the grounds of a Negro;: church,
of the company the United States as guests of the young adult council : (>O.1'IT'l.. .. &::. a white man,:both of this city, caused a I I week in what is believed to be an attempt to' inlimi-
which! made the survey relating whose headquarters are in New York City. Thesa youth ""ipliou of racial! t violence! 1 last: :]Monday night wh::'i r colored citizens who are in the midst of a campaign

to bus transportation 1 leaders are affiliated with the African Youth Council '' /' the p>i toI-\-M'pIng; of abe :cbo woman and the } < two Negroes to the Jacksonville,. city council..

situation. which was founded in Bamako. Soudan in 1955. It is gene- 1,., u<;/ .- : : "m-;: : _: a r'I -:-:;:',> man by thrc white' me W 0 youths discovered: a --,

Simpson asked the trans- rally regarded as the representative body of youth organi 'n: to rncfiih-:'s 0f il"e Ki faux Klan. ___ cross on the grounds A
portation expert whether his zations in French( speaking) West Africa. Picturcd above ;:'bcrt Saunders, Field Dij 1 j .iI' Deland Baptist Church

Survey determined what with Senator Kennedy are left to right Bengoro Coulibaly, .e.'nor of the Florida NAACP, i ;Iered her at gun*;oint to 1 j( 1 last Monday 3
centage of the total constitutes per-- Director of Finance! of UGTAN (General Union of African ;i.-u/TKd CiO' FLORIDA into their car. S'ia |i' boys went to a
the "regular bus Workers) in Scudan; Abdoul Maham Ba of the Public STAR in :
public" and was, informed riding Works Union which is affiliated with UGTAN from Sene view, said that a telegram has 'tat.! v I II r The home-owner, :
that it had not. The local gal; Dandouaae Boubacar member of the Directing Com- t-een sent? to.Gove nor LeRoy j Albert Harrnr-*. 4..i, t i the County deputies s
editor then asked whether mittee of UGTAN in Niger; Andre Nanna, member of the C H1'.1 c requegt.in l I'l! to in-i I10 iCe of the :.::*ant ?: 1 I to find the
the had obtained Directing Committee of UGTAN in Upper Volta; Sabin ,'p r.ZP..te the irc'dent.F'M'C houted to Miss Flet(%e'1 of the cross on
figures the of Laloupin, Secretary General of Administrative Workers :nce Bevel 'g'1iterl th !1 to submit because her '! gounds.'

the riding on public percentage the colored affiliated ,to UGTAN, from Dahomey._ ___ ;',.cM""t by c- ElI1V.' H. i -!* were not .;.TI;C i\a.; : church is
population represented and' -- -m-- -- --- --'' R..r::.1'11.I vj o 1s? tie! police! } ra- I Miss, Fetcher broke : 2500 block of

again received a no answer. KNOW YOUR I' "dic::at'Iier Hero, to lodge from '!ue men who} now in the Cedar Hills
: : n (.T !Upint against Miss An. I I their attention to tl so of the city.

Simpson then told the MISLEANNCE'i POLICEMENSIDNEY I na Mae Fletcher for "telline? ; He sass! t j his car and was a' :i i was determined th.t
council he felt that colored *'tories"ahmt, the undercover j ,y fTCi r pistol aid fire it had been
citizens : constituted 75 -1' i i iove affair she was having .jre A't'Tan! struck him II i

cent of,the rider and it' Per-"was ............._ ..... _.....:. .__. r j l acith a-whit.m.\Jl--\ '-he l1P&.., The. bullets di i, and then
: ,
his feeling that since they i .'t,' rough 'ordered James 1! chal1:'y d l from Harrison's _- -1j I- burning about cross 10 was ;
; p.
represented such a majority I Belton to "go get" Miss FletCher j grayed 1 Helton's arm arrc!. :i sentiment 'in
I I II i
they should be given the opportunity As the final week of campaigning Helton picked up two j I tercd Altman's. is that the
to vote whethera h t o other the One of Harrison was eaten l to i''I
on for the first demo men on way. citizens f
are being
franchise should be granted cratic primaries came to a I tliom, George Altman, 29. can j ji Ti'ound by the three men, intimidated because
to a new company. close, Jacksonville's colored i he remembered as a ring-lead-:j which time Helton fired a I of the -
j let into the man's head. Ha primary
I er in the 195G kidnap-flogging
citizens were left in a state i .
The issue surrounds the of Jesse Woods, a Negro :who trison was taken to an I I
of confusion following a se- t rally was scheduled ,
application for a new bus hospital in critical !
wild and allegedly winked at a whIte j i I :
ries of charges pro-
night in the
franchise by Public Transit candidates. woman. The other man picked I| Although Brough, as j' I}
the various i
Lines headed by J. M. Moore mises. by hv Helton was Audrey Barnes dispatcher i gave the order [|. ball park at ]'
former general manager of ?''so said to implicated in'i locate Miss Fletcher. Chief j ji the two Negro I' i :
the coach ; to i Police Gus Nix stated that Ernest Jackson, a ,0
company. Despite the attempts I, the 1956 torture of Woods. I ,
Moore who was managing confuse and mislead the vot- .t Helton and two companions i lice cars with their radios and Samuel
the present bus company ers, a large segment of citi- rsu found Miss Fletcher and -ied i to police headquarters eastside builder I ..
during the years the fare increases ;zens have become aware that M ,i a ceived no word of the di ; to speak, .

were made now is i the White Citizens' Council in i bance from. the radio. 1 i i other white :! .
offering to provide bus ser- Jacksonville is working ac- I patches. 1I
vice at the reduced rate of i tively in behalf of several i \V. 11. Braugh the 1)I BRIEFS : : rr

ton cent. Many are in j 72-year-old former grand r'r:, i
agreementthat ,IN DOWNTOWN j IS
The for Mayor-Com- STARRED
the present bus rates ; gon of the Florida- and i
missioner has taken on BRAWL
somewhat. but they j t gia Ku Klux Klan. 'ii : .
are high
"Somebody has to do the
with Larry Lewis standing arguement ,
turn over 1
doubt seriously whether an- j the segregation platform job. ." VICE SWEEP i i Helton. Barnes and i iI new locality resu1t I
on |
other, company could provide are free in their own t
while according to re- Thus, Sidney Gaines sum I stabbing of a II
better service. Altman is already '
The new company has announced ]ports. Emory Price has told ;med up'his job as a policemanin $8000 i bond' on charges of I by his. wife last h'r{j -
white audiences he does not o \vas
plans to purchase "I this fast growing city. Two Negro bellmen were ing a member of a ; Robert '
the vote. Owens !
want of t
CO used buses to start service.' Negro leaders were advis-:'1 Gaines who has been a po'liceman given'procuring prison terms and prostitutionalong on chargesof ing State ring.Attorney G. ,G. i{ Duval Street told 1

ing-i their followers this week 1 for approximately] 4 with three white women ham has been conducting wife, Mrs. Vera

TREDENNICK !that several candidates have!years, instrumental in the involved in alleged vice investigation, :but to date : him in the .

one thing' and the Negro who had been making- a pract A raid by the :vice squad of st any of the persons from their present
GAINS FAVOR 't Ivoters something else. ; ice of stealing hundreds of the city police actually netted I I1 volved.
Another race in which there newsPapers'at a time from the four, whit; 'women, one 'of I I victim went to 615
t jis evidence of attempts to!FLORIDA STAR plant and whom, )left ,town after being Center for t I

AMONG VOTERSBrad I'mislead] the public is that the I l:selling them. William.H.. 'Harris freed ,on $250,, bond.Ttye : MAYOR i OF MIAMI F. A. Gruber and j ;
contest for the post of City|I was the "other officer who i } success; of the police investigated. [I

Tredinnick; a' young Commission, Group 1, with made the swift investigation raid was ,attributedfact to the WANTS SCOOLS I the
Thomas the incumbent '.and arrests. 'I IS INJURED j re
insurance executive making Dallas 1 that,six rookie policemen} i
4 FAMILY\ FIGHT ( ( her
and John P. King. .various'downtown
were assigned to
his first bid for public officeis i Aside from being a com'petJenf : Mary Elizabeth :
King is reported to have to pose outoftbwjners .
galnnlg 'support in :his race Gaines area as TALLAHASSEEr :
., officer, a, : 224 Spearing Street I i
for city councilman in Ward told Negro voters Jha't he t cal technician'licensed medi-'j Who desired- the'1'Robert High of Miami the big toe on her ex-
would the services of i iTwentyfiveyearold
promote setting prostitutes.
1. up state of Florida to 'perform suggested that a march was badly damaged i the
& branch of the Ugh and Beverly =
; clinical analyses.:,He is also made on Ta>)ahassee to husband who mashed
Because 0 f his forwardlook water meter department to be Chase of'Tampa along with' -
; plan to close rt
first aid any
.instructor. c feet several times J I : i
and his success as ar: staffed by ,colored h lp and; bellman Robert Brown were'; schools.. The Mayor said .
business man the diiiens believe favored the establishment of Besides 1 his regular uniform the first arrests!made by the1" cities as Jacksonville, I
victim said she ahd
Tredinnick ,will to fire station. duties Gaines has done team. By 1:30 '
give a Negro j extensive Tuesday morning Petersburg. Tampa, Orlandand j] \ \
the city //of Jacksonville fair It 'was claimed, however,I plainclothes 'work i in the dragnet, was pulled West Palm Beach rill her Jerry :were. / .

honest, 'and .conscientious ser1rice. I'that .King has been ,telling.white ,narcotics and;vice control.Patrolman .- tight.,.Other arrests included: invited.Io join the march. was taken big toe to'Duval was M j I

.. tl{ groups something entirely 9 Sheila Kline, 40, Peggy Lee High' said Legislators ]I Center } ,I
is by
Gaines nuu'ried police car,
B different h : High zzl!.;31,3,ot_ Fort Smith, getting "more, and more"' was" ? r
r a Tredinnick- believes I and the: father of two Ark. treated'and
t 'Thomas'jwho Barbara Rush 19 of'' '
Incumbent., Dallas ,
: otional" about the.school
that What : ; pn al.}
is, for i'sons Sidney'In. and
good 2U {
,Pensacola l :
i and
second bellman -
aif jigs :made a blenu of :
many appeaZanCes "Instead 1 getting te
sbnvill 1' is. good for the'people : Wayne, 1V& old His ** J. H.
.' j rl.! .in, the ,colored sections j'wife Elsie; Jis'a years registerednurse Three, Robert :X: ,Sermons.., perate. or mode'atet \; in L. H. Green -
of '
He |has.. been.,pojnting} to record the 'four women way it i$ getting worse" -
promises and of Pediatrics
,to work to Supervisor? ; were given jail sentener, of left
i the -.es
in program of improve-I! averred. f1He.s.Ud
redace'the: :crime rate re-1| t'Brewste'tHospital.. IS BEATEN BY
; ; : ; io 30 days ench. The fourth ]
went which ,both the ,white':: ." ti' -. ,, woman 16 dose the BROTHERS!
present t'Z1qir',a. few polltlcal -}land colored Barbara Rush left the to I ;
: ,sections have ex ...' I 11 J I prevent integration Prater, 27, 235
rk !
new businesses' tad- to bring Jperienced 1 '' .. ,I.. :. i.!: ; ':. It. e ..,i ", city Bellman while free on $250' bond. bring "the blackest day in: told police he wa4
toj Robert
.. .. Brown, history.
Jacksonville work : '""" .i : ; Spruce //Streets,
to :
galnstl : V oieJ "or.i drew the heaviest
., .... "" 'I sentence, "From the veryfirst when two br
i I issues unless 't'Oted'for .t' 'REAX"POLITICS: 't J' i> '' vi ; i- drawing 90 days for his roleas ] of the : -
.,by the ,people p 'and Io,'work .,1,1:0 ': sy' BRAD :TREDENICK'.i'' procnrpr.. Robert ,JJ Sermons -. "the Legislature he on.him and beat I i as .
.. on, men in TaIlah 1
: ; ss said -the' *
to: improve ? public,iranspor- : AS.'USUAi.--. : ''?f rr itKtr?Gi i ? the other bellman involved have been; headed in ;two lJri> : *
:boa, at ,red ced f rat s. I. ,!,' t "'ON PAGE .? -:' 1t.i .:ft>a CoWsimfar; 'Ward 1..I .;"'".-' was given SO days. ,rection. >3 and Franklin:: i and
1 ,,.." '.J'I tI .'t ... "f..HIL.',;'! tJ.4 "'f.m-t.!> ;&'&-r. '' oi ." 'I* : investigated
; d# .. air i-ol t. T ,' ..,."
: 'l.j 4' } .
; -
j' .1))) tJ.1'1)t: '' ,(,(I 't.' J J I. 1 : t.10'f.1,) t{. ,.I':))-tn, i ;.',1t, 11; M y I, .' .. '. ....._ ..'.; r.r .. .. ..-,'- ... ..- ........ ... ., f '!J. r '" '" (t. I -.4



,-: ; .;jl ':- -.
: 1< i"i /& : :.j .7: : ':. -; ; 'f ,,4I. / .' ', : _

r, <" "P Two + .\ :!ii H; ..... t 4 rlDA'ST.'i! o ,: WeekEDd1DgS&turday.Apri118.19 #

-- -

: ...
I ...-j S.
As Usual"By
-- ; .::
NEWS : ..;.; -'.

t ::. ..<:: By 0. SIMPSON
': '
r "
Published by The Florida Stu Publishing "WHY WE ARE IN POLITICS"It

"Member of Associated Negro Press1 :

Eric O. Simpson '_ .___...__". 3 !is regretable that there is so much trickery and insincerity

C. Parham Johnson __ ___,..______ ._.-....... t-l rJi I in politics and that politicians often must practice

Altma Richardson '._m'___"._.... : I deception. race-baiting and all forms of political connivance
; t to win cr retain office.

The current campaign leading .
MAIN OFFICE & PLANT: up to next Tuesday's first

1323 Moncriei Road __ _,' EL 4-8782 primary elections is one in I Haydon Burnes, the incumbent -

Downtown Branch Office: 423 Broad St. Phone which those evil practicesare with two contestants,

: ,' very much in evidence. Emory Price and Larry Lewis. -

Mailing Address Unfortunately, this political The Commission
trickery in the form of dou- ,
P. O. 'Box 561. Jacksonville 1. Florida : ble talk and playing on racial] Group 1, which is for the
.c''. prejudices serves only to con-'' post of commissioner of parks,
i t
SUBSCRIPTION RATES i .. 7.1'j.l',1', fuse both white and colored 2 o o s and finance embroils .

One Year $5-00; Half Year, $3.00; Three .: : citizens. 'Dallas Thomas, the incumbent -

Mailed To You, Anywhere In The United .._ ::1( !' .: J. It is my hope with John P. King, a

k '. that our color- : city councilman as the
Payable Adrance. Send Check or .. r'r op-
Subscription ..
.("',: ., ed citizens '
FLORIDA STAR-P. O. BOX JACKSONVILLE y '. .r ," posing candidate.
::; 'don't let them- i
'- ":'' Let's be that these
-. selves be fooled aware
,.... ... t, ,* or misled. candidates are using all sorts

., k .... ',:We are so easily cf stratagems to coral votes:
RACE PREJUDICE IN THE : / fooled, we .
:: .. they are talking out of both
.. ""I.<..'... are so easily
sides of their mouths
.,. :: ., .' ;!I misled by politicians ; some

A SICKNESS TO BE i"i:'[:.;-..:::w '..:=.:. ,;:- and of them are confusing the
:: ::::"::;:J tel hench- issues misleading the public

\. .;1.en. who play and even stirring racial prejudices
It is impossible to estimate the injury human J' 4fr o n our emo- I in a desperate effort
have suffered in the southern United States SIMPSON tions and our,S
cial prejudice. It would probably be safe to fears. to get elected.

because of this unwholesome condition, this I An attempt is being madeto
behind in social Let us study the issues
liant nation is a century prejudice the minds of Negroes -
this premise can be proven correct, then we-as carefully before we cast our I
and a people- are flirting with disaster in an TIME vote. from voting for the incumbents -
and nations are being in the Mayor's and
whole communities, races
The two races which are city commissioner's> race by
tyrannical ideologies.
Racial prejudice, of course, cannot survive. creating a great deal of ex injecting the fact that Hay-

seeing folk claim to already see the end of it. I citement and controversyare don Burns and Dallas votedto

tionable. It is reasonably visible, however, that, the MayorCommissionerand close the golf courses.
I I An analytical look at the
cer, tuberculosis, heart disease and other pro : City Commission, Group
troyers of human life, health and happiness, t 1 races. The MayorCommissioner I politcial scene clearly shows
dice must and will be conquered by human race involves that Mayor Burns and Dallas
enlightenment.The : Mayor Thomas, unfortunately, have

white South's addiction to racial prejudice ; been caught in the cross-fire

indeed as unique as the region itself, where what YOU-write in letters, es-:'''of segregation issue. But letu
some distorted conviction described as "racial ''pccially ::; not fall dupes to the pro-
to associates
have held hands and trod the same path. j ; I 1 including your your marriage partner -.. poganda being put out about
I the candidates. When it
There was, for an example, a boy named VIRGO [ if he is temporarily ab-:
Of course, he is dead. Beaten shot, drowned ,, 24 thru Sept. 23 I sent. Be kind and compassionate comes right down to it just
else. He alleged to have I about all the white candi-
knows what was i l reached your. gntIe with your children -t
at a white woman. A boy .. as opposed to a : comes under. yet not overly glorified dates are segregationists at

disease known as racial prejudice. A historical ': ,;I from Jupiter and by their cute smiles er con-, heart.
which leaves the peculiar and stubborn odor of I : could Don't let these people fool
,I mean some Jmving approaches. Enjoy j
the hearts of men. i I you. Do you believe that any
worry problem and the yourself, but without self-in
Emmett Till's butal dispatch from this life is : I I fairly large dulgence or drinking. of the men running for maY-

being harped on. It is being briefly discussed as t' some business 7-80-77-79-76-767 or or the city commission
symbolism that it is. His murder by madmen- :' it would have done differentlyi

mately unpunished-was the result of a i I' to the course Federal may In-I i they were in the same

the South must conquer or Become a stigma in Adv.'r.' '! deadline. After the. CAPRICORNBorn position? It is obvious that
of mankind. they were making a play for
I' in
your Dec. 22 thru Jan. 19I
Even now, a Florida politician, suffering from : stimu-I Venus reaches Sixth !the segregationists' vote-

vanced stages of racial prejudice, is trying !I and this could House (work, employment.your which is what the opposing
candidates would have done
through legislative hypnosis, to worm a half
: health
: i i long jour the services) on April
and actually
doing right
out of the pockets of the taxpayers of the state with of 14th are
: a group only to be caught in the
I(I .
: now.I
finance diabolical eleven-million-dollar
to help a 1 I for some social field of tensions indicated
ing which he hopes will spread the race I (i, by think if we would exa-
program .
i the square of Jupiter to Plu-
in the Northern states. This strange man : I I 1 I mine the records and look a-
germ : 39-32-132 | to. This is not too favorable
mitted a compound affrontery by selecting, as for long round our community we
dispenser, a New York carpet-bagger whose LIBRA I matters or legal would have to admit that
I j or
any expansive Jacksonville as a whole has
be to buy space and time in all available 24 thru Oct. and t
23 move, health
media in order to widely scatter the venemous I your might made more progress in the
a s reached be '
: your. somewhat affected, especially than it has
past eight
The man must be mentally sick to so brazenly I but years
such an insanity. However, by the exercise of !! in at,. if you are far from I,over the previous twenty
the slow |your home or normal base
have secured
deliberation he can be mercifully ignored by the of II of years.
Jupiter to, operations. Associates and
ture and all more .improvements in the
sane citizens-quite as thoroughly as '
is friends
again not very, should help ou greatly '
of street
Till was unmercifully destroyed by the exercise ( i way paving lighting
matters if trouble '
torture. i or long any does arise. .recreational facilities police
'I i u may feel e-r,Follow their advice. J Job opportunities during the
Destroyers like polio, cerebral palsy and '( I eager to expand,}I 2- -33--13-31-210 Burns administration than

trophy: have no lobby In the Legislature. I I from your en- they in two decades-even
racial prejudice, a disease which obviously I i iI I| but some social 'though there is still room
sanity. Nor should taxpayers be enticed by I(I financial need AQUARIUSBorn j for f more improvement.Let .

pers to surrender money in order to spread financial need Jan. 20 thru Feb. 18 us take the candidates

plague. I 'I: I where you are I The general situation, particularly j for what we have known
the situation; with reference to 1 them to be, for what they
'I what it is. There the matter just mentioned, is J bave done and not for what

Vote For And Support 'I I professional not so good this week. Someone 1 they tell you they'll be or
I I '
i to gain finan- may not be too honest, ,what they say they will do.
Representative Government it.
or some political pressure
-53-963 disturb Another candidate who
FOR ALL THE PEOPLE may a fine prospect.
j rinds himself
Even: the weather might have in a strange
... Elect i some responsibility. You J position is Ralph Walter
I have to may' Councilman of the 8th Wardwho
thru Nor. 22 brnig some issue before -
( ,
is caught in the
E. D. crossfire
JACKSON now reaching, courts, Or take a Jong'j j of the bus franchise
I our Tenth House journey in order to settle
squabble. As .
to .something that is chairman
CITY COUNCIL r your profess- somewhat (5i: the '
prestige and wfiat confusing.. You seem determined -:
5th Ward At LargeIf 0 officially and I. to stand for your rights nittee he is right in the middle -
: of two opposing factions
'-however. ,
your community- so with
exi i both I
You LIT In The CIty You Can Vole For one of your Venus pa-,1 ness.treme caution. Avoid harsh-!b relieve yelling to.be for their what rights.they

BACKGROUND Jupiter and{ : J It is obvious that many

so that ten-II "have attempted to make a
Practicing Attorney for six, years or home! PISCES I big political Issue of the recent

Married and the father of, four chit: dreu. I quite likely.I J J Bora, Ffcb. 18 thru March: 20 I I hearings and there
refer- to"your Some conscious or sernil are many who are attempt-
Holds AB degree la Basin***, to ourparents--1,'conscious factor is till bo-l j uig. to .crucify Walter politi-

C LLB degree In law from,Howard Uairemry. dealing and under-with,'J.Y.'lt thering may you be,it cleared seemS:; .Mental-j],to tally,,conduct because the of hearings his failure more

S Winner of Democratic: Nomination for Justice be highly re-,(|'I emotionally the conflict of I II I!smoothly. But this failure is

of Peace. 2nd District! 1956. otherwise there allegiances or social ideals the understandable,rush in view of
as nt."reper-:may; still be there and it :and. atmosphere: ,of
,hysteria in
could have psychosomatic which' the hear

-- PLEDGES'" [ I 655 I reactionS'' upon, your health fore!ings were I conducted. There

',: -" I particularly y oar digestive! doubt that the crib
*T ,, : I'I'I !cisms
functfo have
I & _The thrown/
To planned .oil
protect,- budget. project. 23 the, Son at Councilman Ralph
*'", .'. I thru Dee. 211 to Jupiter also reemphasizes ? Walter
To'sflaa badges to meet Ward's needs. I 14th planetary, > the problem with should be allowed to dim the

/ hot aid cold al-'your parents; in-laws view of'hJ, ;previous fine re
or au
To protect ev of Ete-iiMiy from oaf cord
tr in
m..etrlc. ,1aWc., '. T -: I ,same. time. Per-,thorities in general Yet you office "'

r e 'driven mores,seem to have, made up your In, conclusion n, let
mind ua all
To develop small well quipped tad co&rea I or want to, regardless of what fs remember to put

jeatly located: rnirmnmittT I'k".l oML us reac said ,to. ..you, particularly at differences and jealousies away petty
.. ,. home and
|I'' ye n real com-, -to go after some ideal vote :for E.. D.:; Jackson -aai
Paid Political work may suf-,goal or opportunity which Samuel Bruce.: They
I and perhaps,stirs ,your imagination. are in
-- jl separate council
your: health. Be careful of 9---60 88 53 es you can vote for both races of them and



Week Ending Saturday April 18. 1959 THE FLORIDA STAB Page TJ Mb

-- _. <-.-
G -
: .,.
iW uill1 ) I
H. Burns of 1233

SPONSORSTEA V/est Beaver Street returnedto

I the city recently from the

i N Veterans Hospital in Gulf
I The Les Femmes Charmante Port, Miss.
By II Bridge Club sponsored its
I t t t
annual seasonal tea recentlyat
the YWCA Building. Charles H. Bolden of 510
S s Flowers of Fashion was the
Orange Street is ill in the
theme for the event. The following -
Manr of the winter fashions were back on display as Brewster Hospital. He was

spring took a brief respite during the past week. Persons persons participatedon vestryman at St. Philips Epis-
the which was
program Church for more than
caught unprepared on Monday were secure in coats gloves. affair copal
presented during ;
and the like the 50 years and grand treasurer
following day.
: Mrs.D. .
Mrs. Margaret C. Day,
We ponder the effect the sudden change of weather if of Prince Hall Masons, grand
]M. Brinson, Mrs.
officer of the -
it persists will have en the many spring teas planned by ,: Vernell mustering
her Brewington, Jr., Grand Lodge of Odd
various for the week-end. j
groups Clover. Mrs. Olivia W. Smith,
brother of
Fellows. He is the
The Ladies Club quite
Speaking of teas Charming were John Thomas, Mrs. Eunice
Mrs. C. B. Perkins.
successful in their efforts in this direction over the past I .a Williams, Miss Gloria Glover,
week-end. 1 *
Cunningham Jones, Roger
With the A. L. Lewis Branch YWCA as the setting Glover, Claudette Clark, Dorothy 'I' Herbert C. Cruse of 1567
spring was emphasized by individual members of the club Daniels, Mrs. Dorothy Florida Avenue is ill in the

each of whom represented" a season flow_ er. It was truly a Dunlap, and others. I I Brewster Hospital. He is a
"Tea of Flowers. of the Mt.
member Calvary
F. Scott Mrs
The group headed by Mrs. Dorothy Dunlap "served" a Mrs. Doris 'Baptist Church.
Sara "ElizabethI
Logan, Mrs.
very interesting program along with refreshments. : *
Downing, Miss Ellen Will-
SOUTHSIDE EVENT-Some of the ladies who participated in the third annual I I Tams, Mrs. Jessie Fears, Mrs. I Mrs. Maudie Mays of Hemp-

The Gladioia! Ladies Club has selected the Wilder Park Frappe sponsored by the Mothers Club of Douglas Anderson Elementary-Junior-Sen-. [Hortense Brown, Mrs. Jean[i stead, N. Y., and daughter,

Recreation Center, located at Third and Mt. Herman streets, ior High School which was held in the school gymnatorium. April 12 are seen here Hawkins, Mrs. Coreatha Wilson Mrs.Ruth Alves, were recent

as the setting for its annual tea scheduled for April 19, from left: Mrs. Rogenia Adams. Mrs. Evelyn Hicks. Mrs. Victoria Johnson. Mrs. Ver- I Miss Joann Frazier and l'':visitors in the city as the

from 4:00: to 6:00: p. m. nell Taylor. Mrs. W. M. Kennerley. Mrs. Hallie Elloitl. Mrs. Elizabeth Bownman. Mrs. Margaret Mathis servedas i''' guests of Mr. and Mrs. Matthew -

Mrs. L. Kennedy is program chairman for the event. Mrs. Gloria Jean Herod.. Mrs. Corine Waters and Mrs. Bernice James. I hostesses for the occasion. i M a y s, Mrs. Roberta
Photo by Avery's Studio' i Dean, Mrs. Lucille Shephard,
i 'I
ii and Mr. and Mrs. John Sip-
i-- -- -- -- ---- -- ------- I
Miss Ruth M. B roo m e was hostess when Entre Nous \ I HIBISCUS GARDEN I line
Bridge Club met recently at the El Dorado Club. I SATELLITE SOCIAL 1 DAY CHAPTERTO HOUSEWIVES TO i I, *
Mesdames Queen Bruton and Lydia Sweet partcipated in (CLUBHOLDS MEET GIVE PROGRAMThe SPONSOR DRIVEA ,I Mrs. Ossie Bell Clark is ill

the session as guest players. with the latter qualifying for I ''in the Duval Medical Center.
the prize in that category. !: Mrs. G. H. Hamilton enter- She is a member of Pallbearers -
D A V No. 7 '
The for the Satellite Chapter tained Garden
Club Mrs. Elizabeth meeting the Hibiscus
prizes won by Simmons Mrs. Fran- Grand Union 189 anda
Social Club was held re- ;and Auxiliary of William membership drive will 4
ces Johnson and Mrs. Charlotte Stewart.In I Circle during its meeting re-,: member 0 f Mt. Calvary
addition to the hostess and prize winners, the Entre cently at the home of Mr. Washington Disable Ameri- be sponsored by the Jackson-i I I cently at her home. Plans.Baptist Church.

Nous membership roster is comprised of Miss Theora Leg- and Mrs. C. Jackson, with (can Veteran will sponor an ville Housewives League,I I for the spring flower show *

gins, Mrs. Doris G. Bennett, Miss Mozelle Bruton, Mrs. Christine Newsome serving Extravaganza of Gospel songs April 19 at 8 p. m. at the Second were discussed. i Mrs. Frances Tibbs Johnson -

Ruth D. Myers, Mrs. Camilla Thompson, Miss Lauretta:as co-hostess. :by the Female Chorus of Baptist Church. I The previous meeting was of 3126 Moncrief Avenueis

Jenkins, Mrs. Ruby Humphrey, Mrs. Lillie Blacksh'ear, and Mrs. Ellen Williams, chap- Zion Hope Baptist Church, The League held its last'held at the home of Mrs.'' ill in the Brewster Hospital. -

Mrs. Helen Martin. i]lirv conducted the devotion April: 24 in the R. B. Brooks 'I Geneva Grant, at which time*' She is a member of Grant

t t tAll I service and Mrs. Ann Turner, House of Prayer. meeting recently to complete. i a home flower show was I[ Memorial AME Church, Pride
: president! con duccted the plans for the drive. presented featuring five arrangements -'of Maceo Temple 186 and

members were present when Les Elites Bridge Club,, j business session. Local artists will appear I entrance hall- other civic organizations.
----------- ,
met last Tuesday evening in the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Plans for the annual tea on the program. Invitations I mantel, coffee table, music *
Jonathan McCone, 2703 Begonia Road. 'I were completed. The tea will have been extended to the ORCHID LADIES and dining rooms. Mrs. Juanita Richardson is
Mrs. Lois Avery. Mrs. Elizabeth Simmons and Mrs. be held 24 in the A. L. public to attend the occasion. Mrs. I
Bernice Henderson !, May ? CLUB TO OBSERVE Wesley Johnson and ill in Brewster Hospital. She
were high for the
scorers evening. 'Lewis Branch YVCA.PALLBEARERS Mrs. Samuel Lambert presented -'|'is a member of the ML Ara-
Other membs :TWILIGHT
present included Mrs. Marie McClain, HOUR '
[ artistic
arrangements rat Baptist Church and servesen
Mrs. Lula Courtney, Miss Eddie Mae Johnson and Mrs. hand
Bernice Henderson. GLADIOLA LADIES Gibson Williams Usher Board No. 2 and

UNION ; CLUB GIVES TEA I i _served as judge. i i Ditrict No. 3.

a i I GIVES SPRING TEAAn j i I .,Annual "Twiliqht H 0 u_r".I .

The El Dorado Club was also the settiing for the recent win be presented by the Or-,:

meeting of The Hellenesian Bridge Club, with Mrs. Carolyn An annual tea will be spon- chid Ladies Club, Inc., April i, .t's: "Time for A Change"'
Washington in the role of hostess. annual Spring Tea will sored by the Gladiola Ladies 23 in the YWCA Auditoriumwith j I I

Attending the meeting were: Mrs. Pearl Miller Mrs.::he sponsored by the Pallbearers Club, April 19 from 4 to 6 'p, Mrs. Georgia Lewis as ,

Bernice Hamilton Mrs. Claudia Jenkins Miss Margaret Grand Union 189, April m. in the Wilder Park Re- chairman of the program!

Williams. Miss Bernice Griffin Mrs. Vermal J. McCone 19! frpm 3 to 6. p. m. at the cation Center, 3rd and Mt. ,committee, with Mrs. Beatrice -I RFtRe+nnf+nfu'iFwuW+ .

Mrs. Evelyn Barnes Mrs. Geraldine Jones Mrs. Kathyrn'I i I home of Mrs. M. C. Carter Herman Streets. Baucom and Mrs. MoI I rdw 5Ss

Robinson Mrs. Leola Dudley Mrs. Nan Fletcher and Mrs.''ilP34, Louisiana Street. I A program has bee n arranged zelle! Meacham as assistants.
Leona Bennett. A has been arranged Members of the decoration!
I,: program for the occasion, according -i s:.
Prizes were won by Mrs. McCone Mrs. Jones and Mrs.I i: for the affair with the to :Mrs. L. Kennedy, committee are Mrs. Marguerite IMPORTANTANNOUNCEMENT sA d

Jenkins. I i follwoing I persons participat- chairman of the program Dennis, Mrs. Lucille Lat-

*, .i j i lug: Mrs.] Julia ]Macon, biro ':I,committee. Some of the city's son and Mrs. Catherine Belo- >;Il..: .

Mrs. Nan Fletcher. Mrs. Margaret Starkes. and Mrs.:'i Mabel Morse, Mrs. Clemen-;leading artists will appear. I den.. Mrs.; Lessie Colodo will
Helen Toney were visiting players when Les Bijoux Bridge tine Harris, Mrs. Luella Rene- I be in charge of the refresh-
Club met last Friday evening at The New Lincoln Golf and fore, Mrs. O. B. Dyson, Mrs :' An invitation has been ex- ments. I TO THE "

Country Club. Mrs. Alvenia Scriven. displaying her usual Mae Roberts, Mrs. Dorothy tended to other clubs to attend -, Some of the leading artistsof

charm and wit served as hostess. Bacon, Miss Roberta Bacon t the affair.The club with the city will participateon

Mrs. Frances Richardson, Mrs. Lois Avery, Mrs. Marie ,and others. I i the largest number of mem- the program, according to COLOREDVOTERS

McClain, Mis. Sylvester Bossard, Mrs. Evelyn Galvin, Miss I' hers present will be awarded Mrs. Mildred Scruggiins, ore- ? .
Zelma Johnson, Mrs. Nell Cason and Mrs. a prize. :sident. !
mery were members Mattie Montgo ---- -- --- h___ __ _______ __
i among present. GRAND COURT ..
Prizes were won by Mrs. Marie McClain and Mrs. Evelyn i'SLATES MEETA I '" << Y< k
Galvin. ,, .n'rI ;
.IVVVVV\-vt.'VVV\ItNV\l ... : '
I i y nnn+e "., v t-
Each of the guests was. presented with a gift. GRAY HAIRS need worry you no more ..NV'VU.V'JINVIVINt' fL.
t meeting for the United .. ,

---- Grand Court of the Heroinesof Vim..UCVID J.Brandt's EAU DENNA_

Jericho of Florida, Inc., A FIIOMEMORY -
.. working under the Worship Will; hair: ;. ..... .
10 ;
ii cover gray le 30 I. tka
: s t ful Prince Hall Ancient Free yea %.....!d not know it *.tr ,.,.. %..,. H Mliquid. ,
Enroll Now In The and Accepted Masons of Flo- scab dot On*i,application. No pack. N with. ...a...toolK brjth or .. ,+' r PRICE
t.. rida and its ANYONE CAM PUT IT ON AT HOME
Souih's Finest College jurisdiction will YOU SAVE TIME AM3 MONEY* Me an*will M*> k -t i
Florida Barber be held in West Palm Beach, pert your hair hoi been d tod. t.av*. it .*f. t
College and Iwitrom-ae deed rolr a..fiwks-s apse \ I YOUR CANDIDATE FOR
Branch G. I. Approved Florida April 20-21. -|""t a ...fO'm color if properly opp;od. ''' .
Ar WILL r.nr TURN HAfIZ &{a:.'.Sri
All of- -
courts of
Heroines I Mayor CommissioJ1er'For
.. III
It wiil t off. It
et ral
r > ilayi eta > /b.fhaa 'cShewpaw.q.
Jericho. Prince .... ._ -o' .I
Hall '
z.\1 q Y Masonshave s a b."J pen .n'n s
Woodrow Patterson, manager Prof. James Glover been asked to. attend w ela .i.*okairt fcitvbbnn '!'f, '. .x, j 16 years you have "gone down the line" in a
630 Davis Street At Beaver the meeting. Air .....)..or.tar how f'Vt."'n.d &IACK >v r. &.ACX. i.. ..'c'i,- solid block vote for your present Mayor. Mayor Burns.

Phone EL 5-9875 '; Mrs. M. L. Joyce, Grand v/oNERrut FOR TOUCHING UP i' Naturally in the coming election you probably thought
;Most Ancient v Ten_pa*;>a.unt j .rlir* n*.d.4_ Co*fc*...d avar ellwr din or**- that you could still depend on him but
Matron; and p.wdrred..._ho..bn.t.d.>rom..and-*,t aw!..D._t*_._0'*. .I now
-- -- -- ----- ---- |V7. H. Payne, Grand Venera-! DOES NOT INTERFERE WITH rtXMANFNT WAVING
ble Patron. I Fvtl.....di_in...h b..in I.*l..k.f>J. CAUTION..a>cWed.l I MAYOR BURNS HAS STRADDLED THE FENCE
A CONSISTENT I I M loot I." Colon; lack; Dark trwn< M*J'i:-'t":>. light &fon; = AND TURNED HIS BACK ON YOU HIS. SUPPORT-
I hand.; A.bwrw. Fric* p.t bx J25fl {*!*, f Tax)!C.t H-ra ad aotad I
uv. lor ,...rt r*>....... TMT May |a<* If Wat lat ady S..wCd. ERS. On His Golf Course Action

FRIEND 1 ,' You who elected him for years and kept him In office. .

j CLUB i NOTES I DIXIE PHARMACYKings E Many of your leaders have been getting rich by selling -

JOHN P. i Road and Myrtle ; and delivering your colored vote for your present
: Mayor. These leaders live
> I I from election to election on

; ELECTRA CHAPTER ]iI your money you sell your vote for a measly SOc to
I SI.00. Your vote is worth $5 to $10. don't sell
Candidate For i i GIVES SPRING TEA II I You Don't Have to Go to Town to GetPRVES3 i selves short! your-

CITY COMMISSIONPaid If your mayor doesn't get your vote hell get beaU!

The OES 169 Electra Chap-I LOt'! : I Don't forget his "wishy-washy" way of felling you

( Political Adv.) j i t e r s will sponsor a Spring one thing and doing another. Remember the proof

!Tea, April 19 in the home if On YowDRUG {1 has been in his past performance and recent "turn.

Elect Mrs. George E.Rich, 1812 Tyler -! about actions". Especially the 83-day bus strike and
Mir Ij IFrank i Street. ,I the robberies by several police.
j i Mrs. Ruth Williams will be STORE HEEDS i

a ( the speaker for the affair.! f I airy for segregation of our schools. and believe it's
T. Cannon I'She is a member of the Grant Trade With Your Neighborhood Drug Store : best for BOTH races. BOTH races are entitled to a

Memorial AME Church: .I Ii I (fair deal. I am glad to see your children attending
Municipal Judge 0 e WE WILL,MEET ANY PRICES ADVERTISED i new and modern schools.Go .

; to the polls and vote your way.
S b OBSERVES ANNIVERSARYThe p' f Vote for fairness more and more continued
l&S Capable i 1 We Deliver progress
t We Also' Fm AH Doctor* Prescription I
i among your race and living conditions and a man who
20th anniversary of I will be the same after election as he is before election.
Attorney. I'the & G. Baker Club of Mt 1

Olive AME ChurcH was o b-i Dixie Ph arm VOTE FOR AND ELECT
served recently in the audi- cy
And Will Make A I torium of the church j 1
A. program was presentedwith EMORY
i GOOD JUDGE local artists appearing.

x The Rev. R. A. King, pastor -'i' PAY YOUR LIGHT, WATER AND TELE- .
of Payne Commissioner
Chapel AME
(Paid Political Adv.) Church was the guest speaker -{' PHONE BILLS AT OUR STORE ,

for the celebration.! I (Paid Political Adv.)
a. .
< .
k i .
: -

:. 'fi.( H #h ;.. SY ...a.v1""L:" : ; .- .... ..;. f J .
; ': : : .J' J.--__ ;_ ;.. _.! .-... ',. .. -* :: ::'- -: ',.. ..-_: tr a.. ..
.. .,. .. <.- .'. I
'-.-.yra ;'S ';' ,;" : '.' y. :; -"' '- << '; ; } _<
4 ,
'" : _: .. .. p'



___ _____ -- -
-- ---- -
-- --- -- --- -
wjwu. --- ------------
: ----------j -


Page Four THE FLORIDA Sf/ui Week Ending-Saturday. April 18. 1959

IMt. Camel Church To Observed Women's Day i I



GRCU( TO Gl-?lr'r. i I;r observe, .' t>:"I Youth h.t., ist Week Church, April win :TO OBSERVE tiv.:. ...w w -. ,. ye FOR ANNUAL OBSERVANCE

-, -3:; wii: k.c. young people t Y --

MUSICALEVE1T.I .t d ,l'ge i ANNIVERSARY '. :.'ul! 1 V\*(} .:el1' D.\v with!' !'" .nliver: *:....> 3- the ',!*. Car-

.t (.hl! Urd May 17Tayloi t with .
I A. panel! l will be fea'ur ,-iipti.t;; :
13 fi-ca the topic, I The first anniversary of the : .... PI1"1'--n-__".4 andc' ) ". Mary MoMey se". .*T ng as
Grvjp: No. 5 of the Womb's I--a----*-. ",,", -."r.nt in the Gospel Chorus of Day Spring ,":.:-Il1C":..

I>:'y Celebration will p.esciitn 'urclu" Baptist:: Church will be observed Tie captains arc: Irs. Izi i

?**erncm of music April I-, uucUo'-.s for the cclebra- April 20 at 8:15 p.m. d J'a ,_ Tylor, Mrs. Sarah Hill, berta Duncan Mis.: Mary!
13! a: he Mt. Carmel Baptist I "ion ara.: ; Mrs. II. 11. Mor'istc in the: auditorium of the 11 -' _'. Clara r..cidVi1ie! Mob- Daniels, the Rev. C. C. Dan-

Church at 3:30 p.m. Mrs. Allen Traver Mrs._ church. i 1. v. Sirs. Ella Hill Mrs. Lu- iels, Mrs. Ellen Ti rl: 1e. Mrs.

Jacks Mrs Louise ,! The annual address will be .. le Bright, M'-s. Mary\ Mob- Irene Berry. and Ben Lockett.Ri .
A }Kis he
nr-v :m 1 ai- 1.\ .
ranged to be presented with .':.ffi H, Mi";. OrriH Ander- I delivered: by Willie D. Cannon "V. Mrs. Ruther Mr.o G-'esh- oru'!:'r <:or\ J<'f-q. April 19.
I I Irs. L Gvrge1rs.. of New Bethel AME. Church. .em. E. Gissentanner, Mrs. will hem! with Sur.dav'! hool
the foP : :\ c" t
nvi-'j .
persona. a pear- '"crRI::-lv Mrs. Beat- Other pulpit guests to participate ; :h.A kh'Jn.::: "'i' '. Le::- at 9:30 a.m. with! David: W-u>hi -
T1' P.' C. C. Dniel.
c v.
Freddie Itichardsoa, :*..yS.. Ed- !I I' 7 Wilburn.Zrs.. Frankie in the observance; will be r" ;,'.lCi' Pinckney. P. II. 1101-1 n g ton. superintendent in
-. the Rev. W. C. Neal of St.I I Isadore Williams. P: charge. -
Morning 1co will
ith Howard Mrs. Elizabeth ''->dnck T. :M. Vaught; la.l1d. ;
Lucious Thomas Baptist Church Rev 1" ->dpll Mrs. Alma Cook Mrs.T"se at 11
Charles Maxwell, :: I convene :h m. with the
Jenkins Miss Sandra \Vyche !
R. L. Wilson, of West
Chester and Maxwell pastor ; Cleveland Miss Evelyn deacons conducting the devotional -
Mrs. Celestine Waye, Choir I Vj Friendship Baptist Church : Y O4.. ',. ,, Hutson, Frank Washington$ ervice.
No. 2 of Payne Chapel ADZE\ r-i,0otor jjjwi Alexander! '
and the Rev. W. B. Miller, pas- ; 'J.-1 S Pincki.cy, l\lrs. Ruby ship will begin at 7 p.m.
under the
Church Mrs. Ruby Williams, The observance is I
tor of the Laura Street Pres- Williams, Mrs. Edith Edward,
Mrs.\ Bernice Wright, P. J. direction of the BTU and Sunday I Church.
byterian Wilbur Lamb David Williams
\Villiams, Mrs. Alma Cook, School Department.I I Choir No. 3 of St. John Bap- W. G. Patterson, llrs."Hlie
and others. Versiters Gospel tag
.onI tist Church will be the serving Mae Tisby Mrs. Lula :Moore
Regular services Sunday, I Services at the Greater New choir with Mrs. Mildred Fore- i lIcKinleVashington, Freddie SET FOR SUNDAYA
Ken Knight seen here will celebrate his anniversaryMay
April 19, will begin with Sun- Jerusalem Baptist Church, hand in charge. Also appear- !' Jacobs Willie Tisby, Mrs.
26 at the Duval County Armory the scene of I
day School at 9:30 a.rn.Vith I Monday April 20, will be con- ing will be Mt. Ararat Quin-I Priscilla! Smith i Johnathan spiritual tea will be
huge gatherings for the occasion in previous spon-
David Washington in charge. ducted by the Rev.V.. WC. tet, under the direction of'! many I, Smith Mrs. Dessie Hayes, sored by Mrs. Annie Bell Williams t

Morning worship will conveneat Neal pastor of St. Thoma Hazel Reynolds Gross of Mt years. Mrs. Ethel Scott, Mrs. DoraB. organizer of the Heavenly -
The will be laden with the favorite singing I
11 with Rev. C. C. Baptist Church.. II program
aon. Ararat Baptist Church.
: Washington, Mrs. Beatrice Angels Prayer Band Ap-
Daniel the services Sunday, I I groups of the city that will appear to pay tribute to a
delivering sermon. Regular Herndon, David Washington, ril 19 from 4 to 6 In the
will public spirited servant who has won his place In the p.m.
Evening services beginat April 19 will b gin'with"Sunday -
Mrs. Ada Rose. Mrs. Lillie Varick AME Zion Chur h.
hearts of all radio fans in Jacksonville. Duval Countyand
and the will School 9:30 a.m.Morning
7 p.m. pastor at PARISH MISSIONTO
all towns. Mae Williams, Mrs. Sammie Some of the leading artistsof
deliver the sermon.The junior worship will convene at BE OBSERVED surrounding Gissentanner Mrs. Helen I the city will the
Plans for the of appear
ushers and the Young Adult 11' a.m. with deacons m'charge: arc being perfected greatest array
Mrs. Gussie Gordon to be rendered. An
Choir will serve throughoutthe of the devotional service.. The AT ST. PHILIPSThe talent yet to appear on this progam. f Hampton., Mrs. Mary Haywood Mrs.- program invitation has been extendedto
--- -------- -
day. pastor will deliver.the:sermon St. Phillips Episcopal I Verdestine McCant4\ Mrs. AI- the public to attend.
The Union Progressive and choir No. 1 will serve for I I Church will observe annual ,BETHEL DISTRICT :MEN'S DAY PLANNED I,I J

Singers, under the direction of I the morning service and the j i Parish Life Mission. April 19- GIVES SPRING TEA : AT MT. ZION AME r
Arthur Goodman. will be pre- '23. The mission will begin I
sented in an after service musical music I nightly at 7:30: p.m. I I
for the benefit of the j I, The Versiteers will be pre- Canon Thomas will be the I .
Women's Day observance, tinder -,I rated: in a recital, April 19. I supervisor of the mission. He ORMOND BEACH- New j Annual :Men's Day will be 1907 Kings Road at Spires

the sponsorship of GroupNo. I i District No. 5 of the church is the director of the Chris- Bethel AME Church will observe -. observed at the Mt. Zion ,

7. will sponsor the event. I tian Education for the diocese annual Women's Dey, AME Church May 17 and Where Experienced '
--- -- ---- '
I Ifr'om of Florida. : the Rev. Solomon S. Seay of k
19 with Mrs. M. D.
April Prepare
"The parish as a family"will ) Montgomery Ala, will be '
i According *
Your Prescription
Gary chairman and Mrs.
GRAY GLORIOUS be the theme for the as
to I :the speaker for the 11 a. m to doctor's .
meetings. Invitations h a vel' Estella Rose as cochairman.Mrs. : worship.The I Y your .a.aK
instructions Using ;
1 ; been extended to the public to Rosalie Robinson Gordon tk..
onlv the best quality l
attend. : Rev. S. Sea y is the ...,
instructor at :Murray < c4Or
executive s retary of the p

.' ....-.--.., High School, St. Augustinewill Montgomery Improve m e n t
: be the guest speaker for Association. of which the SI
i ii ii Rev. c. E. BlarU P armacldUr V..1. On.tt.-n
w the morning worship for the Martin Luther King 'is the .
I -: -:- -:-
president.. f
day.The \
Rev. A.J.. .
I Dayley pre- John Henry Morris is the
siding elder of St. Augustine general chairman for the celebration -. I Cosmetics :- Rubber Goods -:- Candles -:- Sundries
District AME Church will G.I I
conduct the second quarterly Wiles and Ralph B. Stewart .,I

YO LW conference, April 26. Jr. is co-chairman.
s si ..
-- L' ,
J4.tiw. .

Six Big Weeks Juno 15 July 24

F Piano Band Theory Voice 1\
Accordion 29"c
k .j{ : LARGE MULLET Lb. 'a)
a) __ I I 2922 PEARCE STREET Ph. EL 5-9722 i :v 'I

LARIEUSE Elect .. Local Caught Red Snapper Lb. n '

,with # ttl/J' Haircolor I ); CATFISH. Fully Dressed Lb. 4 7 CJ

Waiter C. Pilcher ELECT I Speckled Trout =___ __ Lb. "
Today...have hair as rich and naninl-looking as k FAMOUS'TWENTYNINERS"Shrimp .
the professional model shown here! One hour and _
Godefro 's Laneuse brings back youth to drib: Your { Boat WHITING u Lb. 0 .
over.proceiscd or graying hair. It's easy to use.. K;1 COUNCILMANThird Bernard firth Spanish MACKEREL Lb. ..,. :
no extra 'unh..cs needed Get long-lasting Ward At Large "
Godefr y's Laneuse now! ._ : __. _. : "Progress Seasoned With & SPECIAL FOR"JEWISH'HOLIDAYWHITEFISH
;: = ::
I. / /---.C"'UI (.:"c.=- ,.. \ .,::.:.....-_-.:.::=: Economy In City __ Lb. 88c L

1.Vlt' capsule contents and/ liquid.; y' ",' 'b. ;;-;:-.:t/ 2. Apply to tar with applicator I I- i LARGE SPECKLED TROUT Lb. 49c

3. let develop,.,then shampoo. L( -/1 .r I i I (Paid Political Adv.) /' STEAK FISH _______--___ _!._h_____. -- Lb. 69c 'fJ!
OODEFROY MFG.CO.. 3510 OUve Street St.T ouit.Missouri 9th Ward At-Large z), BARGAIN DEPARTMENT )

Z TURTLE. MEAT __ ___ _____ _____.___0._________-___.-- -Lb. 49c
Plumbing Shop On Wheels 00 BEACH WHITING _,_ __. ___ Lb. 35c a .

BLACK SEA BASS __.h___ __ __on______ on un Lb.,32c :-a
If You Live Anywhere In The City You Can 4 SHELL OYSTERS-Boneless- ___--m_ -. ------ Bushel 55.00 $

Select OYSTERS-for Frying __ Pint $1.15 JS

I Vote For Firth p. Standard OYSTERS-for Stewing Pint 98c
I .. CLAW CRAB MEAT very boneless Lb. 89c

Lifelong Resident White DeLuxe CRAB MEAT Lb. $1.00
I JUDGE Jumbo Prawn Shrimp for frying Lb. $1.05

Local Businessman _
(Paid Political Adv.)
Your J 0 H N E. SANTORA Ave. and Adams Phone EL
Judge 4-1468
Municipal Myrtle ,
,? / ? / .................... _.?.o p
x must be a man of integrity JR., will give and demand -

and honor. What respect and dignity .
he does affects the welfare in your Municipal

of you and your Court; protect the SIXTEEN YEARS OF PROGRESSOR

family. He should be rights of the innocent;
legally trained and mebe just to the accused. THREE WEEKS OF ABSURD PROMISES ,

rally qualified to render and will not permit any
justice. John E. person or group to inS IL,., My opponents are trying to make the All they're reallr saying Is that they

a not o r a Jr. has, all fluence the judgmentthese r bus Issue the main one In the camwant a new bus company to come to

qualifications. of the Court. < paign to get my seat In City CounciL Jacksonville.THEYRESAYING THIS WITHOUT

JOHN E. SANTORA JR.. 36 JOHN E. SANTORA JR., is ac- MH -. ,y. They're at a loss to attack my pastreEVEN KNOWING THE FACTS.

years of age has resided In JackLive In civic, fraternal and cord In working for Jacksonville's Jacksonville is paying $4.500 for a

sonville for the past 25 years atchurch work.:being a member of ;,; ; growth and progress. survey by experts. THIS SURVEY
tended l..a Ii don High School, the Masons Elks and many other -' "i They don't dare attack my sixteen HAS THE FACTS. The facts are now

Jacksonville Junior College is a constructive organizations. He attends -;' years of conscientious: and fruitful serhere and open to the public.

graduate of t h'e University of the First Presbyterian "i" vice for our city as member of City ISN'T THAT THE BUSINESS-LIKE
Florida Law SchooL and has Church and Is President of his K p CounciL WAY TO DO THINGS-GET FACTS?

practiced law for 9 years. Sunday School Class.ANTORA .1
To Always Get The Facts. To Get The Best Possible Bus Service.Be .

Sure You Get Lemuel Sharp B a c k As Your Second Ward
E C4 Coundlman.




(Paid Political Adv.) .. (Paid Political Adv.)?

\.; .


iP P i

Week Ending Saturday April 18 1959 -THE FLORIDA STAB Page Fin




The fi-'-r anr.iversary of the:: '

Robert R. Roberts who is giving up his city council H; 1 r.nel 1 CVnvof Dav Sr>ihf:: 1 1Tnotlst On April 15 at 3 p. m., H/SH/ QUJMY.!
I I Church :will lie obser1ved "Golden Whistle" will be ,
post to run for the office of city treasurer and has promised -; !
to bring his knowledge of modern methods of accounting April) 20 nt 8:13. p.m. in presented in the cafetoriumof '

into the operation of the treasurer's office is being hail ,: COUNCILCouncilman the church a.uditodum.I John E. Ford School, under EiI

ed as the best man suited for the position. j William Cannon will d.eivv ; the direction of Mrs M. ;!PJ IOW IM !

Observers said that Marge r the annual address and T. Gulls chairman; Mrs L. -' ,
Oholr:' No. S of St. John Baptist M. Roberts. co-chairman, and .
groups of citizens have indicated Church will be the serving Mrs. Dorothy Daniels, music \
their preference fora choir. chairman. tt =:V3 !
younger man and Rob- i ,
erts has stated that he will .P. I IY Guest music':7s for the ocrsion The dances will be under VLt' _
establish more convenient locations : will be Elder S. P. Nes- the direction of Mrs. M. W.
for branches in the i bitt Miss Esther -James Iln-j Simpson, Mrs. B. W. Roberts ..$Y." I"".

coloied section where water : i brt Engram. :Mi?. Mildred | and Mrs. A. B. Nathan.
Forehand, and Mrs. Hazel i
and light bills may be paid. 4 Other committees areCos-:

Roberts holds a degree 9 Reynolds Gross. ;I tumes Mrs. M. A. Dines, Mrs.B. 1

from the Universityof ( Li Same of the participants E. Jenkins. Mrs. C. C. ,!A'umitFtrrstomr V.do.ACC's 1A

Florida which he attended aitei :ry, I- i who will appear on the program Jones; dramatics, Mrs. M. T. *

graduation from Andrew Jackson I are: The Rev. \V. B. j i Gillis, Mrs. C. C. Jones, :Mrs.
High School. Before he acquired Tiller of the Laura Street j L. Roberts; decorations, T.1. NEW FOLDING

his own business Roberts pnumd .f i Presbyterian Church, Rev. W. ,Everett, Mrs. H. E. Frison, 3-POSITIOM CHAISE!

valuable experience as a federal' i C. Neal of St. Thomas Baptist Mrs. M. Humphries, Mrs. L. A new chaise lounge superbly styled by ABC to latisfy the most discriminating -
investigator-auditor t" banking its : Church. Rev. R. L. \ViIson of \V. James; finance, Mrs. S. A. last at a low.low cost!Colorful.Firestone Velon webbing,
comptroler for six corporations in I 2"S*wide for extra comfort and durability.Heavy gauge aluminum,
West Friendship Baptist and Britt, Mrs. A. C. Knight, Mrs. hand policed; to a gleam;ng Er.islv.: Hidden
in his
southeastern states and '
five I the Rev. II. L. Moss, pastor of 10. M. Newton, J. D. Whiite; a Jjustment bracket for safe. easy opera- /VL|
work during the past four yeaaen Shiloh Baptist Church. \Way-I|music, Mrs. D. E.Daniels ':on.convert three ways .from lounging Y
the important City Budget --ti raise to }high back chair An aQ-purpOM
Ralph Walter cross, Ga., Mt. Ararat Quintet:Miss C. C. Clark, Mrs. R. N. lounge( can't afford to be without! $9.9J
Finance Committee. He has sup- ROnEKT 1: non) TtOKEUTS Robert Sanms Miss you :::
the installation of modern who is seeking re-election to! Margie I Myers; property, T.1. Everett -
and ported progressive accounting meth- the council from the Eighth I Overstreet and John H. Gripper -l!;' Rasberry Jr. and R.

ods in many departments of city Ward is being hailed as the 4 guest soloist. Smith. i

government with resultant savingsto man who deserves to be returned The baby contest will terminate Program committee include i y., Tp
to office. at the a a
close of the
the taxpayers.In ser Mrs. M. C. Allen, Mrs. M. '1'.1 Na
Roberts Walter who has served the vice. Various Choruses have
his announcement TO BE INSTALLED AT Gillis Mrs. L. W. James Mrs.
to as Jacksonville for 12 been invited to attend the t
stated: "In offering serve BETHANY CHURCHTALLAHASSEEThe people of an- L. M. Roberts, Mrs. M. E.
your City Treasurer I will use my years -10 Tears as a councilman niversary.Mrs. Young; public relations, Mrs.

training and experience to modernize and 2 years as commissioner : Tiny M. Thomas and N. W. Baile, Mrs O. L. Brad- a

the antiquated procedures of of health has playedan C. Barnes Fisher are the directors ham, Miss M. E. Maultsbyand
that office and at the same time Rev. important role in the Improvements -I .
Mrs. O. M. Newton.
work to improve the conditons under Alpheus L. Bright, formerlyof in paving, drainage I
which its employees have had health and recreational II
Jacksonville will be in-
to serve. There is no place in a I facilities that have been LETS PUT FIRST THINGS FIRST ELECT I
new and modern city hall for out stalled as the minister of made. a at

of date methods and practices. I Bethanv Baptist Church,j x
pledge my honesty and integrityfor Philadelphia. Pa., beginning Both white and Negro
courtesous and personal consideration April 7 and will terminate,I groups have praised the vete- W. C. CARTER

to everyone who has bus- April 19. ran city official as a true i
iness with the Treasurer's office and loyal who has worked in i iI
Among the ministers to I the interest of the l
and I will continue my proven record people and CITY COUNCILMANSeventh
participate are: the Rev. F. : for the betterment of the >
of dedication to good govern 'I Ward
B. Mitchell Pinn Memorial community.In J
!I Baptist Church; Rev. R. P. his announcf"mentValter Vote City Wide
I Deberry, North Penn
II Baptist sad: I
I Church; Rev. James F. Scott,' "The city's tremendous program x
TOOTHACHE New Bethelehem Baptist of nrog.ess began during my term
iqutczf from I Church; Rev. William H. ns president of City Council. It is

when goes tub*.in Pain sec Grey, Rev. \V a I t e Wynn, my intention if re-elected, to see 1. Better streets for Jacksonville. A
dtspcrjtt you with onds. Used by Pev. William McKissick. Rev. this program ccrrisc:! through to
thousands.9to 2. Lower utility rates.
ear pun,on you ORA-JEL can C. C: C i Jar k. Rev. Marshall its successful completion to make j

for tirt fast relief, citesORAJELL Shi-pherd: Rev. I. R. Elzey Jacksonville: the leading eity of Ii 3. More adequate sewerage disposal facilities to serve
and others. lie: entire South." the needs of a growing city.

... 4. No bond issues or annexation bill without approvalof aa
1 {r. the people.

5. Take city council out of bus co. control.


nrl.Sc.T4 II II I I II I (Paid Political Adv.) 55, t j i \ '- ;: .

t C A +F,< i,
- $ I "A'6 = I- hI
-- -- -

,( i P E' r I '

IF ; I RE-ELECT > i 1:, Jhi f
I .

-. r ?i?' i t. 4 a i < J j i tJ F. 1ClDarn 9 WUSOil : } r .. ;i ii ; .,,. a ','..

I ; Y. ,:.
_ : S
< i I } 1
I : .
g ., ; f
tP > Protect Your Homestead ExemptionDON'T V ?
y a" T r ra i I ; ': ,_ ,I <_]

I '>,. \'
t ;
;..... ,:
KEEP TAXES DOWN{ i} ;;;" :::.'t.. ;
r;;:;.: .' : ; i
.... ;.
f! f. .,::.," I
?. ", ,: .: I !
X 1
I i if
.. I

..s"r Irresponsible Tax Assessments Slow Down it ,.


Jacksonville's Progress. ,
w .
?.ra : y,.., ,.
Continue The Experienced Assessing M.
-S D

That Has Meant Progress For 13 Years-

< .ey ..9 t.' ssU

Mrs. Samuel Wheeler and daughter Gayle with daddy's basketbalL "Our little Gayle Is the I ELECT
star of this household,"Mrs.Wheeler declares."The only milk she's ever had is Carnation." I
') I '

Mrs. Samuel Wheeler, Y.: W.: C"THERE'S A. leader says: .. \:
> .
ONLY ONE BRAND OF W. F. 'Charlie' Wilson

New PHILCO Portable is
(Paid Political Adv.) !
Mrs. Wheeler is the wife of a former Mrs. Wheeler is a YWCA Young Adult I World's Most Slender TV

Harlem Globetrotter, Samuel Wheeler, program director in St. Louis. "My

who is now a co-owner of the Harlem cooking milk is Carnation," she says, TRANSMISSIONS & MOTORS f Actually inches slimmer. Designed

Magicians basketball team. Young "it is double-rich-so rich it whips!" to travel. .to be carried with you.
Finest televiewing in portables.
q with Scan
r No Smart luggage case nna
MoneyDown OVERHAULED controls. IT (overall
I handle. All top
I I recipe: LEMON FLUFF PIE Brakes 9-facA) at t 9 ie-emst>pi6)r I I diagonal measurement picture.

J: I CRUMB CRUST: Blend crust ingredients together.Line sides

I 2 cups crushed graham crackers and bottom of 9-inch pie plate saving % 1 6 HourService .
1 %cup melted butter or shortening cup crumbs for topping. Combine gelatin, ( S_' I ,

1 2 tablespoonswFaz hot water, sugar, and 2 tablespoons lemon I a I N of exciting: color. 4'; .' ..+:: DOWN
1 FILLING: juice. CooL Chill Carnation in refrigerator I Free -" O ,- ..- DELIVERS
Yi I 1 package((3 ounces) tray until soft ice crystals form around edges I Il I
:, lemon-flavored) gelatin of tray(tabout 15 to 20 minutes).Whip chilledCarnation I II Towing .
% hot water

I I. "%V cup cup lemon granulated j juice sugar 1 minute.' with Add remaininglemonj'ice cooled gelatin I mixture about and I .EVAPORATED. ., X 8 3421HOMC Davis Furniture

I. 1 cup undiluted CARNATION lemon rind; whip until fluffy (about 2 nun-, I \I'll I L OWHIO AND OfttATTD

'I EVAPORATED MILK utes) Pour Into crust Sprinkle with remain ,1 1IIcIusD.: UNITED AUTOMATIC I TRANSMISSION I andMOTOR
> ==
1 1 teaspoon grated lemon rind ing crumbs. Chill about 1 hour,or until firm. .I COMPANY

L--_________________________ /row Contented Cow*". 1 CENTER V
1225 HENDRICKS AVE. EX 8 3421 1- 135.'BROAD ST. Ph. EL 3-5791

"- t -
k .




THE rt R1UA STAR Week Ending! Saturday. April 18. ItS
:. -- -- -



EELBECK RADIO SERVICE "Spring Parade of Fashions I I An annual tea will ge sponsored -I

cId Home Calls on all Makes ," in connection with the DAYTONA BEACH The by the Alumnae of theDuval
amiw I i May Day Festivities will be first Alumni Day will be observed County Vocational,' A&MCAMPUS
I Used Radios from $5.00 Up ;
!presented in tne auditorium' by the Alumni Association -,,School of Practical Nursing,I
QUICK E We Finance of Susie E. Tolbert Elemen- of Bethune-Cookman April 26 from 4 to 6 p. m. in

816 FLORIDA AVENUE tary School, April 28.. ,: the social room of Simpson,; from New
GRITS April 19 at seniors
ELGIN 6-8074 Appearing in the event will College Sunday, Methodist Church. Stanton Senior High School
be students from various 3 p. m. in the White Hall Au- Season Tea will be the I
now in the new :, attended the annual all Sen-
I schools of the city. ditorium.Th theme for the affair. The, ior Day at FloridaA
box with thecooldn program
,. gingham* II chorus of Gibbs High seasons will be represented| & M University recently
pot trademark! School, St. Petersburg, will by the following persons: :undy the auspices of the
I Vote For Mrs.: Gloria Wiggins, spring; :
'be the special guest at the 'Council of Institutions
REFRIGERATORS BRAD TREDENICK celebration. The chorus is un- Mrs. Delores Brown, winter;I|!.Higher Education in Florida.

a ,der the direction of Ernest Mrs. Ruby Plummer, fall and I Principal Charles D. Brooks,
& FREEZERS 1 Councilman. Ward 1. Ponder. The Rev. Harold B. Mrs. Eloise Sampson, sum 1 I Mrs. L. E. Solomon, guidance
mer. Mrs. Joyce Gilbert is ,Counselor R dell F. Roberts
EEtBECK Serviced By VOTE FOR A MAN \Vhitehurst, principal 0 f J. ,
kItr the chairman of the program chairman of the senior tours
Licensed TechnicianM. U. E. Lee High School, Wild-' I
t4. E. DELEMOSCall Who'll Be A Friend wood' and pastor of St. John committee.All 'I committee; Miss M. Stephens,
!j Baptist Church, Sanford will graduates of the school an interne; C. J. Roundtree,
PO 4-0127 : To All The People I,be the speaker for the osca- have been invited to attend W. P. Williiams, C. R Loc-

: 00. sion. : the tea. I kett, E. Devoe and EdwardL.
__n_ __ ___ _____n __,_ ---- Tolliver accompanied the
.. -
---- -- --"--"--"--"----- -
--- ----- -- --- --

"- -. BUSNE55 DIRECTORY students.Seniors attending the program

.. .... i ,. were: Sandra Newson,
--- -
= =-= -The Firms Listed Below Are Recommended As Reputable Establishments =trSpecializing = -__ -=_ -- _-----=-.-.= 'i Carolyn Henderson, J o ann
," "-. .
.. =""" _-' Se virp* =d Products ", .j !Suggs, Gwendolyn Gaddis,
-=-- ": -- ---------- ,
i Marion Hill, Betty A. Williams -
: Juliette Hunter, Clinton -

-- -- Deliver Fuel Oil Fill Dirt :: LETTERING :: Mitchell Senior Arthur L.
Fold. Excellent Service -
Accurate Meter Delivery Prompt Service Moderate r,Singleton, Louise Raymond,
We Give World Green
Complete Body Repair & Paint Work Stamps PO 4-9516 Gold Leaf Trucks Glass S1oCarPrices ds I 'Gwendolyn Clark, Marion
6330 Avenue B ,
3633 Moncrlef Rd., Cor 27th EL 4-9404 _
-:- Oven Baked Paint Jobs -:- 416 Oak Street EL 3-5100 I Powell, Emma Waye. Helen

Price Start at $4.00 E. G. COLDER COMPANY ,_ Brtt, Ruth Floyd, Juanita

1532 East Adams Street EL 5-8135 CLOTHING Kerosene Fuel Oils Bradley, Charlie Henry, Wil-

-Over 50 Years Service to Jacksonville One Day Service helmina] Johnson Betty
--- -- '- 2329 Boulevard EL 3-3S43 Royal Crown Bottling Company Paulk, Penelope Thompson,
1525 Main Street EL 5-8091 :i Laura Lang, Marvme Tolbert,
Custom Made Seat Cover REED TAILORS INDEPENDENT OIL COMPANY 235: San Marco Blvd FL 9-4488. I Eettye Miller. Delores Wood,

Jacksonville's: Only Distributor of 641 V/est State Street EL 6-9432 :: Joyce Hall and Freddie G.
HOUGABO' AUTO SERVICE Tailor Supplies and Cleaners Supplies Prince

t General Auto Repair % 519 Broad Street EL 41735Young's SOUTH OIL COMPANY OF FLA. GENERAL UPHOLSTERY SHOP I ----- ---

I .Specializing In Motor Tune-up" Phillips 66 Products Convertible Tops Door Panels i
Generator. Starter and Carburetor Servlct FlUe Fuel Gasoline Headliners Furniture Slip Covers 11 I STOKES' FUND

J. H. HOUGABOOK, ,Prop. FOODS Trop-Artic Motor Oil 3227 N. Myrtle Avenue EL 4-8114 1

1361 Kings Road EL 4-3659 "Its Performance That Counts" jl!
1721 Franklin Street EL 6-7631 4
I Amoco Service Station AZAR SAUSAGE COMPANY -We Specialize In ,

General Motor Repair & Ignition Service* SAUSAGE DAILY Real Estate Mortgage Loans ji GAME

,2506 West Beaver St. at McDuff EV 9-9449 646 Flordia Avenue EL 6-3308-9 GETER & BAKER FUNERAL HOME Rents Collected' !

Serving Jacksonville & Duvalno Broad Street EL 4-6204'i i!1 PITTSBURG Maurice
Vital to Battery Sales & Service I
y County for over 50 Years .1 Stokes benefit basketball
Batteries $6.95 & up MOM'S KITCHEN 767 West Beaver Street EL 4-1812 f: came netted $ii.189) for the

Guaranteed For The Life of Your Car .,Home cooked meals served 24 hours- Jones Institute of Physical Culture l'' former Cincinnati Royals star
Free Pick- CARTER FUNERAL HOME I hospitalized i n Cincinnati
up.- 7 days a week School Of Barber, Beauty & Massage
3711 Main Street EL 5-2004 1285 Kings Road EL 4-9321 24 Hour Ambulance Service Colored Owned and Operated .1 with a brain injury.
Serving, Colored Homes Since 1SH3 "Earn As You Learn' +: It was announced by the

BROAD STREET BATTERY SHOP STRAND HOT DOG STAND O. C. Jernigan. owner S. L Davis. mgr. g 12 Clay Street EL 4600541t ]+' Pittsburgh Basketball Wnt-
t Batteries GeneratorsStarters 329 West Beaver Street EL 4.5456; 703 Old Kings :Road PO 5-1S34\:<\(" era Association, sponsors of
Regulators Auto Repairs 641 West Ashley Street EL 4-9303 the game that the money
I '
Delivery Service will be left in a Pittsburg
1050 Broad Street EL 4-1715 FLAMINGO RESTAURANT Holmes '& West Funeral Home SKINNER'S FLORIST j I II I,I bank until the end of Juneto

35 Cents Plate -Ambulance Service Flowers For All Occasions I accumulate interest and
-:- Specializing -:- :
I then it will be transferred
Homemade Pies and Cakes (Notary Public) 314 N. Myrtle Are. EL 4-7275 ,I
ATLANTIC BATTERY SERVICE 718 West Ashley Street EL 6.9169 2719 West Edgewood Avenue PO 5-1641 I to Cincinnati.Stokes' bank account in
Reconditioned Batteries. I!'
' ; All Kinds of Battery ServicePrice BUBBA'S COFFEE SHOP Andrew J. Huff Funeral Home SOUTH ATLANTIC SAW SERVICE !,Pittfield The game House was between played the at

'J $5,00 and up Home Cooked Foods 24 Hour Ambulance Service All Kinds of Hard Tooth Band Saws !,short college players against

520 Florida Avenue EL 5.4900 617 West Ashley Street EL 49701THIGPEN'S 1337 Davis. Street EL (-& 9S-7 Blades Sharpened and Sold I ISEABOARD the tall ones. The short team
1526 Gary Street EX 3-9504 :,won.. 7976. A record field

\'.house crowd of 5,535 attended. -
Automotive Repair Auto Painting Home Cooked Meals _,____ TAXI 'I!j Stokes is the tan star who
Body Work 24-hour Wrecker Service GOOD COFFEE_ AIR BASE FURNITURE COMPANY "At Your Service" I was stricken on board a
AAA Service Free Estimates 2937 Myrtle Avenue EL 4-9329 Complete Home Furnishing NEW DEAL CAB EL 4-1611 I:plane back to Cincinnati alI -

All Work Guaranteed LINCOLN CAB EL 4-1611 i I ter a game in which the
Your Credit
We Invite
Street EV 9-3418 CHICKEN SHACK I('
2949 West Beaver 5953 Roosevelt Blvd. EV 7-4619 -- Royals participated.

Southern Fried Chicken Bar-B-Que I
We Cater To Private Parties ROBERTS NEW & USED FURN.umquana Road Trading Post 41 I'i NEW BETHEL

BODY SHOP Chicken in the Box To Carry Ou! Home Furnishings For Every Roca Complete Garden Supplies +; CHURCH PLANSWOMEN'S
"Baked On Enamel 1446 N. Myrtle Avenue EL 6.9876 502 Florida Avenue EL 448.0 Fertilizer Fruit Products j
Wrecks Rebuilt -New and Used Furniture bought and sold 'I i' DAY

680 East 21st Street EL 3-5080 GROCERIES BARBER AND BEAUTY SHOPS 564 Timiquana Road SP 13762Washington's II
I ;
,. I LAKE CITY-Annual 0-
-- ------ -- -
Les Charmette Beauty Salon men's Day will be observed

I Mim's Gulf Service StaticComplete AVENUE B SUPERMARKET Special Attention to Hair & Scalp Treatment Health Service'Abundant 1}f.in the Bethel AME Church,

Car Lubrication Fair Prices Hair Culling and Styling Health Is Rightfully Yours" 1 i!!''April 19 with Mrs. Libby

t Open Daily 7 A.M. to 9 P.M Courteous Service 1427 Davis Street EL 59901Farmer's Try Swedish Massage Mineral Steam Baths ,I:Ford as chairman and Mrs
2055 West Beaver Street EL 4-9459 "We Deliver Orders Move 3.00 Colonlc Thsrapy !' Everlenia Bradley a s co-
.5673,Avenue B PO 5-1103 EBONY BARBER SHOP D. C. Washington Masseur-Same Location,I]chairman.

Hair Cuts Our Specialty 4,j: Other officers for the observance -

AUTOMOBILE CHARLES JOSEPH GROCERY Ladies Children Gents For 23 Years i,, ; are: Miss Ezell Murphy -
For Your Next Car V Open 9 ajn. to 8:30 p.m. Sat, 8 til 11 934 N. Myrtle Avenue EL 4-2472 I':!J program chairman; Mrs
-:- New Or Used -:-. Groceries Meats Fruits Vegetables 736 West Ashley Street EL 4-9112 r:,Lillian Jones, secretary; Mrs.
_We Can Finance Anyone Free Delivery II i:Thelma Kennon, music chairman -
: Phone EX 8-Do77 1002 Florida Avenue EL 6-976: LA CONGO BEAUTY PARLOR ,i' ; Mrs. Mamie Murphy,
,t Scalp Treatment with Hair Style. Fred delivery any part of the city I!j,finance chairman; Mrs. Laura
the Month of February :- OLD RELIABLEDuring -:- I:,1.1. Bullock, decoration chair-

Service StationMotor Fresh Fruits VegetablesFree Mrs. Rosa Lee Speed operator 601 West Ashley Street EL 4-1380:j man; Miss Yvonee Jones,, U:.
Delivery 4,1, her chairman; Mrs A J
Repair & .Tune-Up 811 Davis Street EL 4953'CAVALIER '
: 301 Davis Street EL 4-9240 / !! Caesar,
Ji chairman
Gas.t& Oil JULIA GEORGE 5 & 10 CENT Mrs.
: Ellawese Jones, youth'chairman
Road Service (
x 353 S. Myrtle Avenue EL 5-8141 GUS INA'S SUPERMARKET TOBY'S BEAUTY PARLOR STORE -- !I; ; and Mrs. Edith
If You Want The Finest In Groceries Courteous Treatment I Johnson, Sunday School a.-
CLEANING in Hair Cutting
Specializing '
!'sistant'i .
And Meats Come See Us Treatmenf Open 8:30 to 7 p. m. i I
Styling Scalp
------ 300_ Davis Street EL-_ 6-5412_ M rs. Tabllha Taylor, prop. 306 Davis Street EL 4-1210 1:I tee The Jones captains are Mrs. Net-
:Ii Mrs. Ida Watkins
THRIFTY DRY CLEANERS MIKE'SGROCERY 615 Davis Street EL 4-981 !!,:Mrs. Corine Honer and Mrs:

Where Quality Counts Staple GroceriesExpert i I! Libby Ford will be the pastor
Dyeing- Fresh Meats Mahoney Termini Termite Control [ the day.
1236 Davis Street EL 5.8115
\ -Complete Termite Control-
Open 7 to 7 _:_ Building Materials -:- I NORTHWESTERN PTA

CLEANERS ,2015 Broadway EL 6-9182 AAA BONDING AGENCY* 414 N. Myrtle Avenue EL. 4-1768 Ii j'. TO SPONSOR TEA

612 W. Ashley Street EL 4-1629 :M & M MARKET City County and Federal Bonds .'I
21st and Myrtle! 814 West 8th St. Fresh Meats Law Exchange Bldg. EL 5-193-. A Calendar, Tea will be
914 Davis Sired 1302 Davis Street \sponsored by the P-T-A of
; ,
-:Open T am to 6.p.m. V NELLIES PIE SERVICE
504 Davis Street EL 5-1532 ACE RADIO & TV SERVICE I Northwestern-i g h School,
Pies Dally
Fresh April 19 from 4 to 6 in
p. m.
,SPOT RITE CLEANERS 30 Years In Electronics Potato Pie Our Specialty=From fresh the auditorium of the school
FUEL OILS All Work Guaranteed Potatoes We Deliver A '
One-Hour Service program being
943 Forest Street EL 46804AVERY'S EL 3-0864 I arrang-
1429 Steele Street ed for
Pick-up & Delivery I the event by Mrs.: Mil-
760 Florida Avenue EL 5-9745 AA BOTTLED, GAS & FUEL CO. ,dred Pearson chairman of the

We specialize in serving trailer- parks STUDIO l committee.

Also 100 Ib. cylinders or bulk tanks Commercial Weddings Home Potralis Twelve tables will be laden
ONE HOUR CLEANERS At your home for your convenience Yes we do 11 In color also QUICK SERVICE MATTRESS CO. with sasonal goodies according -

911 West Ashley Street EL 6-1830 15845 West Duval Road PO 5-3561. 611 West Ashley Street EL7695 Mattress Renovating Our Specialty to M. H. Thread craft,

...--..--._...._ -, president of the association.
I .

"-.:. : .ra .', \. .. .: r.
; .:,." -: ;: u' > -'.< <. ;> ;' -.- ', : ; c. .: -. Ii!>

,', '. :';- ,, '' ;-'. ; -'- : -; :.... -# ,. ', .. -
: : t< '" :

IF ii; J ; t .. I

rr. r $eY">
Week Ending Saturday April 18 1959'F ..

II Heavyweight!/ Champion; Schedules/ Title! _Bouts I


p--'-' ...;r.------ ." SPORTING IT II. UP 7 "" MJ WITH FOUR SCHEDULED MATCHES.By 1 .


BASEBALL FANS are wondering about the revamping :.is a job and that he must be I J Y; 4 Floyd Patterson the heavyweight champion of the world

of the Los Angeles Dodgers and their progress In the pen-:.fair with t he customers and" In the field cf boxing has been the target of criticism
nant drive? Fans are also wondering how a man like honest with his employers, { from all sections of the nation because of his inactivity
Junior Gilliam could be kept on the bench. 'At one time the fans say. Congratulationsto but the champ is coming out of that involuntary retire-

this section of the country was a hot bed of Dodger supporters Jimmy on such a fine re- ment it seems by signing up to fight four bouts wiithin the

but the team will have to Improve greaily on the cord where dollars and cents next 19 mnoths.

showing the mado In Jacksonville to regain their fan rat- are concerned.SAD The champ has been heavily -

The Milwaukee Braves treated the Dodgers like sands SAM JONES, the tall criticised by champions in the match: and the second
loiters. tan righthander of the 1 1S 1i all divisions, challengers and difficulty was when Londonwas
and formerly
The 12,000 FANS who paidto Francisco Giants those well up in the ratings. refused a visa to come
witness tae game betweenthe high praise for the mannerin of the St. Louis Cardinals I Somehow they forgot that Pat to the country. What greater

Milwaukee Braves and which Jimmy Johnson has started on his rampage I tcrson has a manager just as handicaps can a match have

the Los Angeles Dodgers and handled the ticket office In already as a Giant. In 1958 of ;j .they do or did. They forget than these

the hundreds who cleared the sale of tickets. Jimmy he was the strikeout king I the manager says whom,'
the fences at the requests of has handled the ticket win- the Natoinal League as a, when and where and for how Neither Patterson nor Cus
noticed the order dow period of Cardinal. He beat the Cardi-i,: much. They forget that Cus D'Amato can be held respon-
the police over a years out TWO CLOWNING CLOWNS The two clowning
that was kept by that great sorving different owners but rials recently and struck f Clowns In the picture' are the one and only King Tut D'Amato has been the doingsor sible should the London bout
all of the time has there been,seven. Jones is on his waY udoings of the champion.Now fail to materialize. One thing
throng. With argu- not one ,and Midget BeBop. The two fun makers have been one
ments that took place about any complaints registered I to another strikeout record of the largest drawing attractions In the entertainmentworld that Patterson has fight fans do know how-
who would do short custo- 1S59 and he started it againsthis I signed to fight his four title,ever and that is that it was
who is who, over changing and they will be seen at the Myrtle Avenue ,
I what and what steps the mers or a shortage in the I former teammates.JACKSONVILLE Schools Baseball Park at 8 p. m. Wednesday April 29. BeBop fights since the International actually scheduled to take

i managers should take to ad- money when he made his re- and King Tut wiH be joined In their fun show by N a- Boxing Club went out of place in Las Vegas, Nevada,

just certain things, the de- ports. are well supplied with young in': tureboy Williams, the grass skirt first baseman and Ed commission, the critics will May 1.Patterson.

f portment was good. Police JIMMY JOHNSON, has athletes'who participate Such Hamman. The Clowns' fun makers always put on show lay off until he goes into ac-j, revealed the fact
not called to a sin- been called honest, dependable more than one sport. that keeps the crowd the tion.
were stop laughing throughout game. that he was glad he was
outstanding stars as Willie __ __ ___ _
s gle fight. People can be de- : punctual and accurateby u
Alvin Kohn, Kirkland If and when the champ going to fight often which
cent when they want to be. club owners with whom Haywood, '
with the Brian'gives the critics
Van Jenkins roes through an opportu-
THE JACKSONVILLE he has served. Fans have said McKenzie, CLOWNS READYTO :
Jake London match and the Inge- nity to know that he was
Alfred Denson Hagin.
CLUB OWNERS and those he is but business '
mar Johannson bout, scheduled held: back by his manager
J who hold official positions In like. "He realizes that hand-I William Hines. Oliver others Joyce for Yankee Stadium, June during his fight with JamesD.
host of were
the Braves' organization are ling tickets at the ball park.i.standouts and a in other sports as PLAY TEAM .i iI 25, he will be well on his I Norris and Truman Gibson -

------- -..- well I way. Johannson, Sweden's : of the International Box-
"" as playing a jam up
...: I, game in baseball. 'FROM GEORGIA I undefeated European chamu-(ing Club.
r i DICK RICKETTS. pilcher ion is expected to give Pat-, Fight fans can be on the

I for the Si. Louis Cardinals I terson a real hot time of it.(look out for the champ from
: I It is generally agreed however -
All-American basket-
was an now He will be
PALMS on. of
: The famous IndianapolisClowns a man
i that the champ is 'a
ball his collegiate -
;, player during activity thus for
that have attracted! stopping a
much b !
tt than
days. Ricketts could I e e r fighter !
while the criticisms of the
thousands of baseball fans to i iI
1 :Johannson, but chances are'I
.have joined such stars as
Wilt (The Stilts) Chamgerlain various parks throughout the!I. \ \ I that the lucky punch is always -i I public.
; \ BALLROOM I United States with their spec-: possible.
Bill Russell K. C.< Jones. Elgin I 1--- -
tacular baseball performances, i
others Patterson's future depend
Baylor and in professional : bouts -
and their known I
: basketball but lie' ]I on the outcome of the
OF JACKSONVILLESTARTS fun show will be at the Myrtle -' i PATRONIZE
:preferred staying In baseball other bouts if he should win
Avenue Baseball Park
SMOOTH SAILING ''TIL |; he has promised to defend .
WE MEET AGAIN.00REAPPLIES. Wednesday night, April 29,!' his title within 18 months.\
at 8 p. m. StarhlvErtisrrs/
As it now stands Pattersonis
FRIDAY APRIL 17th The Clowns are known to1 a 10-1 favorite over Lon-

f carry some of the best baseball -, don and a 3-1 choice over
; t _. ..__ __ _" .)." players in the nation on Johannson.I .

their roster. They have played -,
FOR LICENSE TO before capacity crowds in I I'I London-Patterson fight
i every park they have played: ran into a deal of difficulties 36-45-17
Midnighters in for several years. WHO'S ON FIRST?- Looks from the jump. The first one 327 60 953
PROMOTE BOUTS: like Aunt Jemima, but In was, when London's own
Back in 1952
a young I reality it's that sizzlia.slickfielding 'country refused to
player playing for a sand first basem'am of I I approveS
lot team in Mobile, Alabama, the fabulous Indianapolis I I 7 8
and San Bernardino, C a 1 i f- was given a chance to play Clowns. Natureboy Williams'I :b-\
8 6
: Light Heavyweight Champion -
shortstop for the Clowns who who will be cavorting at the
Archie Moore has applied I had stopped in Mobile' for a initial sack when the colored l\nnlE 'IX nl TUn'SI 7 ,6 "
for California license to pro- game with Jackie Robinson's

/ CAL GREEN Orch. I I mote"There boxing. be 'All The Stars. world lake on baseball the Georgia champions Flyers: ::: $-).oo Form Long $LOU I Watch This Clown I

I may promoters I young player was: giv- at Myrtle Avenue Park. Jacksonville -I
I with more financial backing,rn a chance to play because on Wednesday nite. NED JACKSON I 57-03-28
W MAVAAAAAAAVWWVVVAMAAMnA.WUUVUVAIIAAAAAAAAMON. .. / than Til have but few with their shortstop had been in-' 131-11-16 ,>-
3 A.- V.v.vv .-..""* ..? ..? )the I( April 29. in a 8:00: p. m. rival I TAX EXPERT
reputation to match minein jured. So well did the
young ball and funshow extra'
THRU TOURS. 75c A boxing," the champ said. I player perform, he was givena game 133 Clay St. Ph.EL 6-3703 I Sometimes he's up I
"Does this mean fight- suit of vaganza. I 9 A. M. 'til 9 P. M. Sometimes he's down
your clothes
; and
FRI. SAT. & SUN. $1.00nAAAAMWUWWWWVWVWVVAVVW V a $250 a Say the critics: "Natureboycan t tI tI Tie add, snbtrarta
days are over? Moore was month salary. .
thai ball and I He work It all nroond
really glove
rAIVVfAI'. .... ... ....._ asked by a newsman. I.
?.AN"? >AAAAIVWVVWVWWWWWWVMW "Well, I'm going to fight The young player was later keep the stands In hilarious I SAY YOU SAW IT

Yvonne Durelle ,sold to the Milwaukee Braves laughter while his barefoot I Coming Attractions
: : ,.: I 15,'* Moore said. "There's for: $10,000. and since that ed hitting abat. brings waves I 4261I1380Knows.

nothing in the rules that says;time he has been the Most of cheers as He slashes' out'I STAB 1
can't Valuable plaer in the National drives for extra bases.'
you fight promote"he I .
added. :' League, batting champion, -- ---

GO FIRST CLASS -- r'For home run king, runs batted'

;in champ, that young player'was The Man Who Thinks For Himself ...

z Henry (Hank) Aaron. )
The Clowns have several -
...with America'sFinest GOLDEN NY more big league potentials'i I ONLY

JIGGER who will be seen in action at
Bourbonin | i, VICEROY HASA
the Myrtle Avenue park. The,

fun makers will also be in THINKING MAN'S

handy action. King Tut, Be Bop Ed I r FILTER.
H a and
m m an Natureboy

;, pocket flask. 4 Williams the sensational first i,i s'r; A SMOKING MAN'STASTE
baseman and fun maker will;
bP :
.. all be present to do their!: '.. !
Yet numbers., 4nr ''
; Ji I
,' Join the big crowd at the .*y>' -f jNuclear\ Designer Vernon W.

park and watch one of the w y:& '** g Hawkins is a man who thinks for
:7 most spectacular teams in ? himself. He knows the difference
: action. The team from
between fact and
C gia is fully capable of holding fancy.
YEARS 'F' its own against the He trusts his own judgment.Men .

OLD v 'clowns. y 41 : like Mr. Hawkins usually

: I 'I t 4"w" '' smoke VICEROY. They know for

a fact that only VICEROY has

Continued I a thinking man's filter

i i a smoking man's'taste.I .
Courteous Sarrlc To :
Secure Drivers'; License
CUbeq -
a uo neon SAFEWAY DRIVING r)

4 eom. SCHOOL I S- -I--

VOTEr 600 WM ,B *w Suet
u.awn. : ''
-" Office ,,ELgta :7742BM.ELgin 'S. 1S'y

J ,.,".,.. 4-0633,

_- 2tew ;
., ;Xr
/--1 : 1P D3ts \ H.''$:AI UI'Y -

i ; ,q.- h ; plays a key role in atomic submarine development {iICER01V r. ,'
CITYUBER, baring helped design and bind the nudear power' cJilitr
for the U.&S. Nautilus SeawoU and Skip- 1p
J iAja (liaMaTT.. f..
"Ths.hToS : jack. Mr.Hawkins, shown here working on submarine f
blueprints, is a senior designer for General IING.SIII

,- ... dlhde-. ..... Few a f.\ # Dynanaks{ Corpus tricBoatDivbioaatGrotoi x..
'-- -< *Conn.Mrl: UawkiDS..cfPi'ette.'flCEROyr:

__a lei : Familiar peck or crush-proof eou.UN. .
t ................,. V Mi v w .la u a Rsilww.7.wa .
E ; rte (Paid Political Adv.),

1 1f f .

.- !tr- S .


FLORIDA STAB Week Ending: Saturday. April 11. 19M
p. Eight __

BLOUNT SPRING TEA GIVENBY partment at Edward Waters;
W.F.WILSON will be the fo
College speaker
Real Estate PLANS RECITALAn MOTHERS: CLUB the event.
Ebony Cab Company. is offering -),
The Homeroom Mothers
free transportation to $ LOANS $1 after service recital will SEEN BEST FOR Club of New Stanton Senior I :--.--, .
all voters on April 21.. Please :
be presented in the West Un S High School:: will sponsdr} a VOTE FOR A MAN
call PO 5-5547 or PO 44448. >..OW $. .OOU ss. oo ion Baptist Church, April 19 i spring tea, April 19 from 4 Who'll Be A FriendTo
---- -- -
Help Wanted Female $.OOO up to $: .OOO featuring Mrs. :Mattie Blount. TAX ASSESSOR : to 6 p.m. in the library of the All The People

Maid. Keep two children. .'-."nnie SI,00 pe' mo per Hun.lieJ She will be accompanied by I school. Vote For fpI
Tuesday thru Saturday. 7 a.. < on unpaid balance at 6%. i J!:' >. J')sie B.Y iViers!: .vi, and Mrs. Nellie Dawson Casonir BRAD TREDENICK
.. G Ci *. I! !trurtor of the music de- Councilman. Ward 1.
m. to 3:30 p. m. EL 31013. .1 I ; '- :in,- .v t. to ooiuplett tIP 'pel cr::
1 1 -. refinance 3fcI .;' will hold its ;
1t:I iu-t o' District : ). > nnn ",.-VV-.lV-.f' "it"'U''' ''nsti'nr- vvw.+r t.sr.+v
BARBER WANTED I| years in the snne place '::10 *tnr: Sm.y::: /* ;H.a 1 19 foi- I HELP WANTED

Apply Artistic Barber Shop : Call 1 1)"'. r.; the morning worship MAIDS -:- COOKS -:- HOUSEWORKERS
619 W. Ashley Street. .1 i as::i District N' 11 will con- NEW YORK -
FOR A MAN : ts the home "f Mr and Mrs. I II I domestic workers Steady jobs with nice private families I --
Who'll Be A Friend .; Ui S o.UUlU.tU'1 r. U'-.Jt.. \V. B. Therv?':. 10l8McQuade! who will treat you right end provide a nice room meals r

I :Mill, urn! :\I..llr.- ,Street. and all privileges Salary to 550 weekly to start. c '
To All The People ,I t.1.Ik..nlf.: Tt\wplt' Bldg. I La Transportation to New York advanced If you are looking :

Vote For i ., Vt..n... t1. b IJ&4 : I TROUBLED? for a good sleep in job contact Florida Domestic Supply : 1We&tatJ
IX tt-33 l r
} R 6 P. O.. Box 323 Lakeland Fla. or Phone MUtual 3-3389.
i LOVE? .

,.". .... "- .AN'JV\NV\",,, -: PROBLEMS? i
;'.? ; :.-1... Ill Help. JtN\ft/VVt
;?I ': ""'.1'
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wwmJL : u..,.. SolutionAvailable Nl4VS1f1JYW'V4A,J1i Zi1119AI
Re-elect I'r' > "1 I I5I > i ELECT A tip of the Pupal Cap
Instructions -
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': .> Followed I IT'S TIME outstanding
J yoimg Americans w*.
Ralph N. Walter Strictly Personal I
W. F. "Charlie" Wilson BRAD Tredinnick make our country Md
JOHN WAMSTEKER I Jacksonville's tax assessor for I I i our community better

CITY COUNCIL r Dept. 15 the past 13 years who is seeking I place In which to UT.
8th Ward At-Large !" ;, Cape South Africa ": re-election is getting the I i * ir
I support of citizens who describe
If Ward One r *
Dedicated '" him the better
12 Years Of II as man
I for the job.Jaxons .

Four room apt. Private.: are supporting Wilson TO CHA NGE *
the basis of his fine ''He Will Represent YOU
(Paid Service"p Call after 8 p. m. EL 51220. on *

I i i record of service to taxpayers .. Not a Chosen Few"SINCERE '.
.. I FOR SALE and the fact that he has j
HOLLYWOOD BED ; 4 kl ": -tctc
been instrumental in protect, \NV"oI"Jt.Vtr.N''VV JV".N"_
EL 3-4116 -
u __ .__ ing the Homestead Exemption N-'VV\. .-."_ ", "V\n.\N\J .
----- -
P i tr p[ -,. "' for home-owners. 1 i HONESTAS ,

DO l'i 1 Dr.l tJLrJ.: fa .. i\ -, .t iiCi DAyAS THOMAS The veteran tax-assessor YOUR CITY COUNCILMANBRAD l

has carried out a policy of TREDINNICK WILL' 1{ I'\TRZm IJUANTt
Work to reduce the crime rate.
q q equality in assessments and
;t Pepsi, ('OKI IPIIt'is Mull Iepi -
has applied the provisions of Represent YOU not political bosses. : C la Iloctlino l (\>npan> are
Florida's Homo Work to bring new businesses and jobs to 'Jack- ,
Exemption pi i ail t > >al il* Tat. irrt I 1.i'V-.
laws which are so vital lo sonville. 'an* cf tie 12\(\ gi'glr tl i ij
the and of Work against bond issues unless voted for by the She !,
growth prosperity j is a mem ei trt" the l u.loIailsi
Jacksonville. I people. Cho a:u! .11 hunch -I Ii
I Work to improve public transportation at reduced i .lent.
-- --
I ** ** *
x7.YV. t (Paid Political Adv.)
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I 2 Top Technicolor Hits! I .iLLs I d ;
I Richard Widmark


And He's Terrific Too In Rf5 THuc..ifj
% 37 "Tunnel Of Love"
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RooseveltHELD ; :

't..., To Accommodate Facts About the Office of C AllLTON THOMPSON
: f' Thousands of Jaxons I CITY TAX ASSESSORThe
"Imitation of Life" I High School
office of City Tax Assessor no longer performsthe
I I Lana Turner Carlton i.s a member of the
1 functions for which it was created. For that reasonit
Juanita Moore 10th grade cla s. He is a mem-
ai9 I Mahalia Jackson 'i iI I should be abolished. A few of the Florida cities 1 her of the HirY Club, Student
I Adult 75c Children 25c which have abolished the office are: Miami. St. Peters Council, Vice president of his
I I burg Deland. Key West and Tampa.It homeroom Bpd an honor stu

. __ ____ i iI is generally known that the City Assessor copiesthe dentSsL''ft'w
records of the County Tax Assessor. This is but a *

VY.w I I I duplication of work and has proven to be very costly.
Both Sun.-I Since he was appointed to this office the present As-
First Run it D"i I 12 Wed. : sessor has! Jumped the expenditures from $24.000 per k
; year lo an amount in excess of $85.000 for 1959.
The incumbent Assessor has expended over$800,000

since taking office. These funds have been largely ; d t *
wasted. Many many. much-needed improvements
could have been made with these wasted funds; suchas *
e branch libraries and s, r
swimming pools neighborhoodyouth p > *
recreation centers.I .
E am a firm believer in Constitutional Governmentand
V9t 3 -i- r tn pedbttweea never will I be a party to denying the people the S *
k right to vote. Our State Constitution. Article 8, Sec

I 1at.I tion 22 gives the people of this City the right to vote
and to determine whether the office of City Tax Assessor 1 YVONNE BROWN
I dalcel, I II should be abolished. You have been denied this I New Stanton Senior High
I I right to vote by the present Tax Assesor. School
I wtu II II My pledge to the Citizens of Jacksonville is: That I Tribute is paid to Yvonne
.qC II I will request our State Senator the Honorable WayneE. of the 12th grade class. She is
I Ripley to introduce and pass at the 1961 regular a member of the Drama Guild
$ '$: tee r11t ta I session of the Legislature the legislation necessary to National Honor Society, Student -
I comply with our Constitution whereby the Citizenscan Council and the Second
determine BY THEIR VOTE whether they wishto Baptist Church,

I ttw,,CGLIII ,' abolish the office. My personal views are: that the * *
I aaiusart City Tax Assessor's office should be abolished and the

Ii I RANDOLPH duties turned over to the County Tax Assessor.I Qagratnlatlom trots y'eM'
I need your help if my message Is to reach all the Cols to these three the %
1 I people. Tell your friends. Only with your valued assistance Award wtnaeei.Lsteo
IcoTri can we eliminate this waste of public funds.
to Peprt Merit Aw rtj
Thank YOU. I
t I e. 'eped O.ie
x Elect
j :
: ? w q I 1U/JE I! fe j or dial Batvrten


Also 1 "In Between Age" (Paid Political Adv.) rt'K


HERE IS PROOF-Shown here ue photos of the Mt. Herman Park Club with
its spacious clubhouse well-kept play area and a barbecue pit for the benefit of

.J colored citizens established during my administration.


_i PUKE ttlTEMS'aMH1, pCM! 6N91Ei T61ttMSAU1Tili

Improved. Playgrounds Better Recreational Facilities 11 OWIIE" ,
EISBMI IEHEi1 iltY9 tiesP, iaI
More Jobs. -, A.. Better. Zoo, '..' fUSIESSITE_ISnIf I t Jaoks.ai tD
,./.: *..*', : ., i ; < HI TlElINn'S IffIK !iN IIiE 161 SNINi.j ( + llrvo0si

For :Continued ""Progress'Continued, .x. .- 'f Improvements .Continued\.- ., .Teamwork* ksi9a
1I U''!
la City Government .
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