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Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
February 7, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
February 7, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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--- -- !

Protest School :

Near Negro Settlement RiJRIIJA 8TIJts_ 'I fir


_. q

a. II. : I ;

-r ,rv y: I!TV

+ v 6 :t'3 : I

::1 z\ii1:
; 1_ 1 itionOfTheNM't

; 1I
I .
; I Liquid
;! o 'w: xY

S .
: 2 1I .



The medium of television was this week drawn into the, The battle between a grout> of irate members bent on

segregation-V(sus-intcgration vortex by the surprising', removing the Rev. A: B. Col eman from the pastorate of

; proposal of Cut Huntley, NBC-TV commentator, that the! Shiloh Baptist Church move i ecently moved into a crucial

a National Association for the Advancement of Colored Peo- stage when the church was
44 L- r tcp u ple withdrawn from the integration fight here in the members the um of $1800.00

; : A: : ; ; : r south. Judge Burton Barrs ordered -
of ----- the motion for summary -' taken in
The high i point Mr. that : Depositions we
Huntley's five-minute edito-I judgment be granted connection with the suit

wp ro n i.y a a. :. i>., rial was when he said, "The:JAXON TRADESBUILETS in favor of Mrs. Lillie Saunders which charges mishandlingof

NAACP may have outlived who charged that during church funds and failureto
LOCAL NAACP OFFICERS J. Brook. NAACP National Voters Registration Director itself because those white Rev. Coleman's term she accurate records of

is seen with local officers of the NAACP after a meeting held at St. Paul Southerners who must prevail -: WITH'POLICEMAN turned over $2,600 'which the church keep monies. .

AME Church where methods of coordinating' the coordinating the community for consider it an unacceptable Rev. Coleman said would be

voters. registration were considered. solution. Nor is it fair : used to pay church bills.

Officers of the local NAACP shown from left are: Rev. Charles King, Attorney that militant Negro leadership :, She has been repaid only ViHITEDON'TWANT{

. Earl Johnson. Rutledge Pearson and Johnny E. Goodson. The second series of meetings must be abandoned : a portion of"the money anda

scheduled for this purpose will take place on February 11. at 7:30 p. m. in the while militant white leadership balance of $1,800 remains

basement. of St. Paul AME Church.Mr. can continue. Willie Hall, 34-year-old Ne-''u paid. The court ordered''\ SCHOOL
T. R. Rutherford Claims Manager of the Afro-American Life Insurance com- "Just as the Negroes have ,l the defendants to court .
of 319 Claude Street, pay
pany was at the first of these community meetings elected temporary chairman. I the most to ,gain, it is they : grc costs of $11.80.To .
All interested persons are invited to attend. 'shot it out' with patrolman
who must make the unfair add to Rev Coleman's NEAR NEGROES
---- ------- -- -
H. C. Ray in a western-type '
est sacrifice to achieve it. I : troubles, attorney's for Mrs.

POLICE REPORTSWOMAN MAN SHOOTS also suggest that if militant gun duel early Sunday morn-Saunders and the ousted .. .--
j: Negro leadership is removed., ing. : members o( the church are. The Duval County Fcderi -

then the' militant-white lead :; planning to 1 e v y upon the\ tiN1 for Constitutional Government
Hall a rim burglary
WIFE 1ARGUTh1EiT'f crship will a trophy. p 'church property under the local white
1 I suspect, drew the attention
DURING FIGHT y: 'I hope I'm right, Mr. :I ;.judgment rendered by the group, proteted last Thurc-
of the police officer by driv
j t I II Huntley concluded. "rm' not court. diy before a Board of Public
I But the intransigents. ing his car slowly on Burch
Mrs. Louise People, 26,of i sure. The Instruction meeting that a
fight between the
have the field to themselves. Street near Laurie Street at .
I I white
232 Chelsea Street told minister i proposed elementary
police and the ousted
I The furv of a jealous wife Because of negative public
she unknown' 3:30: in the morning. Hall school is being- planned too
cut members
was by an -- who are suing to'
man s she walked along in I I has brought to a punctuated reaction toM r. Huntley'swords I was stopped, searched and! remove him is expected to close to a Negro community.The .
()c AT A. A 30"e '-old i halt late :Monday evening which concluded his feels
? protesting
the 400 block of Chelsea identified by the policeman. move into a still more crucial group
Street last t:i:"an is held in inil pt.'Oealai then sho suffered gunshot documentary program last I ; that uch close proximity of
Saturday. Getting into the stage on March 9, which
wounds in both titled "The Second suspect'scar
legs. Sunday,
She said she stopped to!i i i for firing two bullets into the : is the date set for trial : the races would "invite race
j II : of Atlanta" I I officer ordered him of
I Agony NBC is Ray "
boilv of
his wife to st her rnixing.
watch and Mrs Lucille Newsom 26 the
a fight was cut suit between the pastor,:
from talking too much during scheduling a program on the to proceed to Golfair and The proposed school site is
by a man whom she did not' I of 108 W. First Street, was and his trustee board as defendants -
'' } school issue next at '
know. She was taken to Du nn. aitrnemcnLserel shot by her husband, James Boulevard where the policeman : and Matthew Price located between J a m m e s
val Medical: Center for treat- ? Jacob Davis of Kendriek -.i'I (Dandy) Newsom, when she 6:30: p; m. However, in an inquiry could call in a report. and other members, plain- Road and Hyde Street,
made the FLORIDA
r1mittol to by
l1nting.1is'wife. south of San
Juan Avenue.
ment.It i I charged into the home of her \t Laurie and Gtolfair Streets tiffs.
Mrs. Johnnie Ruth 23, STAR yesterday to the -
production Need for the new elemen-
was later reported that I! rival :Miss "Patsy Ford of:
I at I their homo last Sunday, ;, department of WF Hall suddenly stalled his car, tary school is to releve crowd-
sh and her husband James 405 Street find
?: >i Sherrif F. L. McGehee said. Orange to GA in Jacksonville, this drew a .22 calibre pistol from
pa- BOARD Cedar
: FIRES ing at Hills and Wes-
the : i both her husband and Miss I ;
People doing
were fight '
1! Davis stated he pot tired of, per was told that "no word"cf 1 1I somewhere behind him and '! connett.
ing police said.i Husband..; her "arguing at him," the Ford! undressed.In I I the special program had! struck the ,officer 0 n the; ,
and wife were s arrested and.sheriff said. Mrs. Davis been received.It head with the "Negro homes and an old
'I was the struggle that followed -:, weapon.A
charged with fighting. I SCHOOL HEAD etablished Negro church are
reported in serious lition.
Patrolmen Gaines con ,; 'Dandy' Newsom was point-blank battle,. all within two blocks
Sidney Davis is held for assault to ; is the opinion of NAACP; gun I i of the
knocked the
floor his
and Jesse Jackson investi-:;'murder. I' to by officials that such forum- started at this point, with proposed white elementary

gated. Sgt. C. Sea approved I i enraged wife. It was at this I type progrm would be an, the policeman firing at Hall:SHORTAGEi school," said Guy B. Dodd,

the report. .' I ''[point that Newsom shot. his i:unfair way to test reactionto : with a ;45 calibre pistol The' spokesman for the white
wife The bullet
,! ferson Streets a''former girl:1 ; both her passed I I II I Mr. Huntley's words,since,, suspect managed to wrest, i t ti I group Mr. Dodd contnued
through thighs,
the Commentator's s tat the gun away from officer I I by saying, "(it) seems to me
friend identified
MAN CUTS SISTEROF by Scott as barely missing the victim's i e-j 0 C A '
I in L A The Marion
Ray tussle which to be
+1 t 1 Emma Jean Bradshaw, came ments were directed specifically a turn inviting t r o u ble to
GIRL FRIEND groin. i I ,I bled them ;County School Board has build
lun and started to the Association. from the car. dismissed a white school so near
an argument
with him and finally stabbed! She was rushed to Duvall I I I j the principal of Fes- to a well established Negro
Miss Gladys Robinson of 1' NBC is said to have issued j i senden High School on char-, It
Medical be
Center in community. an
him in the a
1529 Spearing Street told right shoulder. I invitations "t i of misuse '
', : o spokesmen I ges of school funds. invitation to those
police her sister, Mrs. Ida I 1car. for the different points of
Evans was cut in the side by I III Patrolman J. T. Lowe made view on the segregation!I II i FIFTIETH Revell showed a shortage of1 and embarrassment cause us trouble

her boy friend when he got; MAN POURS SYRUPIN II the investigation. He was assisted issue_ !I YEAR 'SI63.72 in the school's general -' try to enter." to

in the way during a fight. CAR'S GAS TANK I by Sgts. Barber, Gru- I, I I fund and $67.68 in the lun-,
Miss Hobinson said she I The National Association chroom The Instruction Beard defended -
I ber and E. Boyer.PRODUCTS i. account in an audit;
and Rufus Mayo, 49, Spear R i t I;BOARD ANNOUNCES i for the Advancement of of the books made last June.I the site by declaring

ing Street got in an argument -:| A man identified as Joe I ,. Colored People will observeS:[ Principal Joe Miller Braddock -! that the area had been thoroughly

which later turned in-'''Reddish of Raiford was arrested -. STOLEN OPENING PLANS ; their 50th anniversary on i was charged with the studied and the site

to a fight and her sister got:; last Sunday by police ,OF NEW SCHOOL' ,Feb. 12, at the Community ,I shortage. i selected was deemed the
in the ,way and was cut. and charged with malicious I iFROM AKTOMOBILEi i! Church of New York. 4 It was also reported by the best available. Board Member -

Miss Evans was treated atDuval damage to an aitorrobile.j 'I r ._ I :;auditor that worthless checks: i iI Charles Johnson: Jr,
Medical Center. She j Patrolman H. L. Plunkett'sa'd .i Mrs. Elizabeth Mitchell I Jt was announced his Organized on Feb. 12, 1909, I 1 I wrt! ':c.i by Braddock amountf --te:ted that 'iLe site is satis-

said she will prosecute. !' he received a '!'{.J report I suffered the loss of beauty School week by the Duvel County the which was the centennial o I t;,ins to $,C8.82 were held for fctory. to Cedar Hills resi
Patrolmen Robert L. Jenkins that someone "cscteal-(products last Monday when'I'I'I I Board that a principal -j birth of Abraham. Lin-',pay.r. ':'+ The entire amount dents. Spokesman: Dodd was
t'ling i has been appointed ID con, the N A A C P has survived I quick to remind Mr. John-
and William H. Harris gcsoline from -n automobile cm.as entered and the '; f was good by Braddock
investigated. I at 237 E. Fir ,t Street. products.taken. j i the new school at 43th St. a critical half-century I I j 1 last week, but his bond had !son that he had made campaign -
.The patrolman said, v/hc-nhe. and Cleveland Road which i a its unrelenting fight a-';: been canceled by the bonding ; promises to resist in-

MAN IS STABBED t arrived at the scene, he She told police she parked is expected to open in about i I gaist bigotry intolerance and>!'company' the auditor said. !: tegration. Mr. Dodd added:

BY EX-GIRL FRIENDA 1 found Reddish hiding in a'' her car in the back yard at a week or ten days. injustice, regardless where i Revell said it was learned "Why should we sit here

tnick. her home'" about 6, pjn. ard Mrs. Eva Guyton, who has these enemies of democracy!j i I Braddock was short in school rod do something that will require -

whoseaddress I The went to church at 8:15 p.m. served ,a s principal 0 f the/! apwaied. Their numerous 1 funds at Jasper before com- a police force to take
'32-year-old man investigating officersaid I'I'I
is listed as Cecil leddishva s charged She said she came back from I Pickett School for several I schi3vements are indeed I ing to Marion County. Braddock our children to schoolandwill
with church at 10:30 p.m. md years has been appointed to heartening holds a master's degree I come to that."
Station-was I
Naval Air pouring
into the
Field syrup I went to bed. She went cut to head the new school. The ,from Florida A&M Univer. In
the shoulder last gas tank of. which I It is that I a motion passed, School
stabbed in a car be,I her car about 8:20 Loped the NAACP
the and
a.m. faculty, students of the sity. Supt. Ish Brant
a woman he identified ll longed to his former wife,: will continue with was instructed
Sunday by next ,morning to check her Pickett school will be trans-! on even Thomas Weirsdale, another to
as a former girl-friend.t Mrs.( Nancy Reddish of 237, stock of beauty products. ferred to the location. greater success In their principal in the reexamine the site
new county and
Scott treat i t E. First Street. Officer Plun-" f was surrounding area with
Everett E. was struggle for a better racial I
ed at Duval Medical Center., kE'tt'sa.. Mrs. Nancy Red: An' avon kit valued at $6 about It was 300 also students reported who now that relationship in this country, reprimanded delay in depositing by the board$300 for in numbers A of the rote t ti'P g

Patrolmen Milton New 237 E. Fl-st Street 1 and 'toilet, articles products and in the world. And that pCFCG. one-week unit
somOfficer attending the MJofrcrief money. The principal has been.
and Freddie ,Mack said Plunkett aid he I valued at $100 '\fere'missiDg School with the ,light of liberty they arecarryin was accused of keeping set for reaching r.n
along a portionof
Mrs acceptable
told them he was walking) found cne- empty and one: told police. the teachers, will ,also be g will remain high the funds during )Decemberfor Most. of.the solution.

with a 1friend.nd. when full,"quart bottle. c of syrup in I Patrolmen.A.R.: :; : antes Ito..the 45th,and ,and -true. to the dignity oman i his personal use, but replaced FCC delegates indignant DC
they reached"Duval and_ 'Jef- the_ truck., : and O. Bowman investigated. Cleveland; Road School. everywhere. them in January. the affeacted area.not live ill

I' .




_Page Two THE FLORIDA STAR Week_Ending Saturday February 7. 1959

,, '_ r1, Qc ,
f Y "
THE FLORIDA STAR Politics:: As Usual"By !

I. NEWSPublished '
? 4h
'c f
Y t
J I had what I call an ironic experience this week.
by The Florida SJar Publishing Co. A colored citizen with whom I had an appointment for

s "Member of Associated Negro Press1 8 J o'clock one evening showed up at my office two hours

Erie O. Simpson .- .Ediior. earlier than the time we had agreed on. He was bringiag

C. Parham Johnson _._____.-..-- _. ....._News Staffutama. z me some information on a critical situation in which he
was particularly interested. When I inquried why he had
Richardson _Circulation Dept. been threatened, and he

MAIN OFFICE k PLANT: thought it best to come and :finds are best of the bad lot
'I- 'pW ?<_: -- _' pass on the ipformation in'and, vote to oust those whom
M23 Moncrfef Road ._ EL 4-8782 EL 4.6783 .. ;: t 4
the he couldbe
early evening so the unfrocks as undesirable
Downtown Branch Office 423 St. Phon. EL 4-3773 press
: Broad. out of the streets before'dark. we would see much

.. more progress.I .
I chuckled
Mailing Addresft told him that Negroes in
,ij. in. Here Jacksonville
: --- spend nearly A
P. O. Box 561. Jacksonrill 1. Florida JWit
this leI
.h, rj..:;.,- million dollars each week

.... .p ,, ow dropping with merchants throughoutthe
---. .fthis "hot pota- city That if Negroes
One Year $5.00; Half'Year. $3.00: Three Months, $1.80 f,, t, r \. -;to" .in my lap would patronize those firms
Mailed To You Anywhere In The United States. l II' 'f < Jand then scurI"1r' that advertise in the Negro
az tying off to
Bobscripiion Payable in Adranc.'Send Check or Money Order To: _; press more companies will
the safety of .realize the token
FLORIDA STAR-P. O. BOX JACKSONVILLE 1. FLORIDAPEOPLETOPEOPLE ,,,,his home be- that colored citizens same are supporting -

v.tore dark.
the adverti-
"';; > paper's
:il.;;:: It makes you
zers, they (the colored citi-
'fl think of twowalking also the idea
PROGRAMIn iii. ftiz:: zens) support
1 Y kid s of better treatment from salesmen
Simpson in a cemeteryat and collection agents.
,, a night. Neither of them

;September, 1956, President'Eisenhower called a groupof ANTI- feels real scared until one of .
some fifty leaders in American life to the White House CIVIL them says he is scared. It is to be noted that more

and presented a plan. Its aim, he said, was to build a massive RIGHTS My informant's attitude is and more radio and T.V stations
system of communications between Americans and the typical of that which existsin are editorializing and
peoples of other countries. This marked the official launch- our community. Very oftenwe when you come right downto
ing of the People-to-People Program. i t; t 1 J encounter readers who it. taking sides in Issues.
tell us to keep up our hard- Just last Sunday NBC's
The thought behind it was compelling one. Governments TWIN SYMBOLS OF HATE: THE CAUSE OF WORLD UNREST hitting writings, but many of Chet Huntley editorialized on
operate on high levels of political, economic and .diplomatic them are reluctant to speakor a TV show that the NAACP
affairs. But governments are remote and impersonalSo support 'the things they should; be liquidated with the
the President emphasized, Americans outside of govern- --- believe in. result that hundreds of Negro
ment must work out thousands of methods by whioh pea We are quite willing to accept listeners bombarded the sta-
ple can gradually learn a little bit more of each other. Weekly this responsibility, because tion with telephone protests.In .

People-toPeople, in sum, involves a sort of grss-roots approach the FLORIDA STAR Jacksonville I see where
to better knowledge and understanding. Additionally Horoscopea has dedicated itself to a relentless station WMBR is getting into
as Secretary Dulles told the original White House campaign for full the political act sending out

group, "You have got the job, and others like you, of mak- citizenship, equal opportunities editorials plugging for annex-
ing it clear throughout the world that fredeom is the pre- -- -- and better living condi- ation. Here is a sample of
ferable form of society." !BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL tions in our community.On an editorial which concludes:

People-to-People has come a long way since that original the other hand, it was "Most city dwellers and
meeting. Some forty committees were formed to reach into -! -- Sy PABLO, The ASTROLOGERARIES encouraging to have one reader most of those in close-in sub-
virtually every phase of American life and activity.! tell us: "Mr. Simpson, I'm divisions would benefit if the
These commutes have more than 1,100 members, of which volts equlibrium, ince actually -' your Sun Sign evokes the! not a writer, and I am nota city limits were extended.
700 represent organizations, associations, clubs and other I Born March 21 thru April 19 it seems to be all for the possibility of a deep change speaker who can get up Suburban residents would get
groups. Their geographical spread blankets the nation, and I This could be an evenful, best, and you know it. Do, of consciousness and of self-' and talk before the City city services they sorely need
practically all vocations and professions are represented. I month, as many dynamic not allow conventional attitudes reorientation. Such a possi-'j Council, but I want to know persons now inside the city
Prior to this. other groups-such as the Lions International -! cross-configurations come to! or a vague sense of, bility is usually attended by,, how me and my family can limits would get some helpin
and the 4-H clubs-had been conducting comprable I ahead. This wek Venus is the I guilt depress you. some kind of crisis. In most back you up in some of the bearing the responsibilitiesof

activities on a person to-person or group-to-group basis. peacemaker, yet it opposes 78G997998789CANCER cases, the deeper the,renewal, things you keep fighting for, government."
The formal People-to-People Program, however, brought also Pluto, after having of self, the more radical the! for us." Immp!
these groups into closer contact with each other. and squared Mars and Jupiter: crisis. I told him that the Negro This annexation deal is
sharpened the focus on the objective of greater interna- Jupiter during the precedingweek. Born June 21 thru July 22 2--20--33--19--31--222 population has some twentysix strictly politics. It has many
tional understanding through a multitude of contacts be- The whole month There may also be business thousand voters and if sines to it; therefore it would
tween Americans and other peoples.The might not be too fortunate:, and financial difficulties, or; LIBRA Negroes like himself would bo well for Negroes to weigh

success of such a program, in which all Americans I j for your health, or you might, you may need to sell something Born Sept. 24 thru Oct. 23 cast their votes for candidates -.. the pros and cons carefully
.in every walk of life can participate, is largely measured I be confronted by too much: at a loss in order to ful-, This should be very favorable that the Negro press before supporting. There are

by the multiplicity of the projects which are undertaken.I i work- On the 3rd, however,;: fill your desires. A deep and;, for work, particularly, --- -- .--- -- ---- some good points both for
Judged by such a yardstick, People-to-People" com- it is mainly your emotions inspiring relationship maybe I home work and dealing with!I I and against annexation, andI
piled an impressive record. To select a few examples, the ,I that might be upset. You,I b a c k of all this: It should j, your boss or your servants.Do AQUARIUSBorn for one, will have to see _
Public Relations Committee drafted a pamphlet entitled might get some inheritance, bring you a great deal of not go for fanciful plans'! Jan. 20 thru Feb. 18,.which will benefit us most,
"Make a Friend This Trip" for Americans preparing to either financial 0 r psychi-I steady happiness and strength or idealistic,but not practical It may more likely be a busi- as a group before I make a
visit other countries, and a million copies were distributed. 'spiritual. A friendship cuold I after some upsetting prob-' cultural or humanitarian ness partnership, however, decision. At a future date I

_.--..To meet a specific request from the Sudan, another unexpectedly end. Watch; lems in your life are solved.i schemes-especially i f pre.I as money seems involved in shall discuss some. of the pros
committee collected 16,000 books and sent them overseas. your children. Keep steady.I Legal difficulties could be,, sented by ov e r-enthusiastic j the situation. Money looks and cons.
More .htan 70 American communities in this country; are 6-50-55-49-54-654 | met, yet should be overcome J and glamorous friends. good and much might come Since this talk of annexa-
now affiliated with communities of comparable size and Ii i to your lasting advantage. 9-50-22-48-21-951 through in the way of pro- tion, there is a new move
kindred interests abroad, and a like number are in the TAURUS I 9-90-88-89-87-897 | \ fesional advantage, or of increased afoot to form a separate city
planning stage. A sports committee sponsored the Americantour Born April 20 thru May 20 i I i' SCORPIOBorn resources-or else around the 46th and Moncriefarea.
of the Pakistan Cricket team. A 50-member American This week,however, Venus i LEO Oct. 24 thru Nov. 24: you should be able to tap The plan does not In-
rifle tern was sent abroad to compete in Germany, Sweden your ruling .Planet is the, Born July 23 thru Aug. 23;,, This should favor artists 1! solid and substantial reserves: elude Magnolia Gardens and
Switzerland and the.Soviet Union. There are committees of star of the celestial show,!! If a break should occur, and people using in their;, if you were to nee d .such'! 1 Floradale.

the handicapped, of cartoonists, of people concerned with and it is opposing PI u to! you would probably be responsible -I work a combination of pre-. after a partnership split. But. In view of the fact that
hobbies and the arts, and so on and on. The internationally- which dominates your Fifth t for it directly or in-: cise, logical thinking and. you may face the problem of:just about the entire city is
publicized achievement of the Texas pianist Van Cliburnin House. Friends may ply an I directly. The crisis in part-; great imagination. Composers'whether to-cash in on your closed up as tight as a drum
winning the great Tschaikovsky competition in Moscowwas important part in your life I nership may, however, occur, 0i music who can crete at* business- or reinvest more in:: at midnight, it might not be
an end result of one committee's work.In now; and this might be related entirely at the level of social! home yet who find their it. a bad idea for the citizens
Senator Humphrey's words: "People-to-People effortsat to a change of residenceor professional and business t, work performed in theatres j 2-20-418-43-223 I tin, that area to incorporate'a
building friendship are not bound by the rsetrictionsand to difficulties concerning i i! activity. Financial considerations -' auditoriums, dance halls and II I'' city like Jacksonville
handicaps which encumber official govermenttogovernment your .relationship to your, may have a good deal! wherever. may be particularly -I' Beach in the 'area around
dealings, and can often be more effective." And parents Try not to be restless to do with the,. is s u e. You inspired. Be careful with PISCES i!,45th and Moncrief, so .that
the program is ad must be a two-way ,street. As the Chair- but a long journey could .m a y not have received' the whom you associate and particularly BornFeb: 19 thru March 20 Jaxons and others in Magnolia
man of its Foreign Affairs Committee phrases the matter: be very valuable, especially backing that was promised'' of groups of people I YOU: may be facing change, and Floridale would have
"If it is important that the peoples.of foreign lands under- 'if it brings you close to reliable or real estate values may who use somewhat unlawful' whether it be change of employment some place to go for a little
stand the American position, American policies and American serious and older people have 'decreased, affectingyour I means to achieve their ends.[ or:* inner change'!enjoyment after midnight.For .
way of life, it is equally important that we have who could guide you. basic sources of sustain: 8-60-11-57-14-865 lI L{.the latter perhaps sparkedby one thing there is a ball-
imilar understanding with respect to other countries." 8-60-66-59- 5866GEMINI men t. A complex situation i I some health difficulty, room in the center which for
relating to your parents may SAGITTARIUS I forcig you to meet with clearer yers had been the center of
cause some trouble. '!Born Nov. 23 thru Dec. 21 understanding some old Negro entertainment. And
4-70-77-69-76-476 The opposition of the Sun*psychological i s s u e. What, there is no doubt that whole-
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOY -SCOUTS! Born May 21 thru June '
211, to Uranus on February 2nd matters most is how you' some recreational activities .
These might refer to the (
I VIRGO may produce an urge to travel -face it, and here is where such a the Palms has been
relationship with one of your ',Venus come in. will
[ far and away, but caution providing bring some
The Boy Scout movement has reached ripe middle age. parents, or to some condi Born Aug. 24 ihru Sept. 23, would be wise, though 3-40-33-39 32--342 prosperity to the area.

Boy Scout Week, which will be observed during the Feb- tion concerning your homeor The Sun also opposes U-t you may have soon to break;ji --T------- ---- ---
ruary 7-13th period, will mark its 49th anniversary.But any real etate investment. rnus in your Twelfth House,i away from a binding relation-

the passage of time has certainly not dimmed Scout- This week a strong Uranian stressing the possibility ruthlessness of'I'ship. You seem, this week, SUPPORT THE DRIVEFOR'
conflicts of
tend to make inner -
aspect may you ,
It achieve-
ing's vigor. looking ahead ,to ever-greater to be undecided. Perhaps .
ments, to an ever-expanding influence. And in this age, rather restless, and perhaps and of psychosomatic some public situation or professional
with juvenile delinquency rampant, the movement deserves force you to undertake long reaction affecting your I' demands
health. main
the journey, preceeded by many : problemthis
active support of every decent. and responsible action and departure, yet you
citizen.In errands.; Do not let whatever I month seems to be one feel inwardly contented and

its nearly half-century of existence, the organizationhas happens disturb. your ner- concerning yourself. Pluto in financially secure in your, NEGROES BY: LOCAL FIRMSI
touched the lives of more than 28,500,000 Americans. home

Today there are more than 4,780,000 boys and leaders play- GET-YOUR HOROSCOPE READING 5-30-22-28-21-532 j would
ing the "game of Scouting". This works out to one of Ole this coupon. Learn cure boot yoonett. Send 10 cent (one IHra fo MS a new poHcy of better treatment
every four boys in the 8 to 16-year old groups, and the tone la eoia for each horoscope ordered by nafl. Include rettddr CAPRICORN t t to Negro ctivmnert adopted by local firm .
Born Dec. 22 thru Jan. 19 I resent belag! ctlled by my first name. by salesman
hope is that this proportion will be materially increased.Dr. "wd. stamped envelope. Write plainly. This offer does not apply and salecwomea.
Arthur A. Schuck, Chief Scout Executive, puts it to realdAnt1 the dominion of ads While this month displays
astrology features which I believe that Negro patron should be provided
this : "Looking ahead for the next five we must ..
recognize way that never has it been so important years or impera- .1 PABLO; :;: rol;; STAR- ASTROLOGER ,j could prove of strenuous all zodiacal anddisturbing I an ample end red pat room to Jim-crow fwdlliloe signs In local ea tttablkhmenis drinH&g fountains and

tive that the ;youth of our nation be trained to high idealism :
'I P. O. BOX 561 'I I types, have the best of the and rest Poems
acquired through unselfish service, by self-reliance, 1
I JACKSONVILLE To accomplish the:. dujsgai I am wlHlng to CMJMpairenUlng
and co-operative effort.. 1, FLA. situation. The week starts
The ideals. and objectives of ,Scouting have remained unchanged ) '. I with the sextile of Venus in fbcu that are vmrlHlag to meet then
Name requests.
since the movement's b 1 r t h. But changes have your Third House to this, ...
been' made in orgnization methods and operating techniques 1Udn.- I Saturn. You and a group oft NAME .
'in coder to meet tile needs of the time. At the moment friends may have a fine job!

Scouting is to be brought. to more of the boys I 'to do in taking care of a ffnvj ADDRESS .
who want it, there must be mo trained leaders animose 1// at, >_ medal or business situation.
facilities including camps. Meeting this challenge should Wed with Uranian restless-! I tzadentaad that, ay name will be held ama.'I.-'I.
.... .t Kith I matters good -1Sa1 unleea ladlcHftd. o&rwkbelow. .
be regarded as a pleasure and a privilege. / may ,cause a :

Meanwhile- Happy Birthday Boy. Scouts : w.. I_ ,.- -:_ _.. ..... f' .. _--_'_.. deal 1-10-11 of tretzbfe.-13-15-115 : .1 ( ) TOIl may ittegleae 1 ay aame If. .< .
{ ..: .". _: -, .!. : : : --. d 4 _. ,
: '
r > 'N" V"b -li- #
.. .. ,
r : "" -r: '

1 .II



Week Ending Saturday February 7. 1959 THE FLORIDA STAR Page Three

ry F+w-a er wr++ rTr y

.. .ail w.
r + .5..y. JN"' li ;

l a !'h.lnY''.u'

+ .. Mrs. Clara Stevens is con- i ,
d 4: F rY.
fined to Duval Medical Ceni

ter. She is a member of St.1 ... wR g

j John Baptist Church.
t ? t *

Marvin: Kohn Jr., is confined -

in Brewster Hospital, .
following an appendectomy: '
He is a member of the Sun '

day School at St. John Baptist t4I : wb a t
Church: i
tg P 'fi ; v4' .* *

Mrs. Marhta Graham and -

Mrs: Luretha Brooks attended .. ... ..... ... .:-..
<; r the funeral of,their uncle,
the Rev. Daniel Webster

Demps, retired minister in1]

hey.. We s t. They were accompanied

by their. aunt, '
.. Mrs. Libbie White. -! i
.r e: I '

1. r Robert Jacobs is convalescing -,
I ; at Duval Medical Center

I following an operation. Mr. ..LJ r a _..., Jacobs is a member of the
EXCHANGED VOWS RECENTLY. and Mrs Carl Simmons who were unitedin i St. James AME Church. NEW OFFICERS The Vivasic Ladies Club held installation of officers last weekin

matrimony recently are seen with their wedding party. the home of Mrs. Ethel Seldon during their regular meeting.The .
From left are: Herbert Blackshere, Curtis Crews Thomas Tyner. Charles Murray. elected officers from left
Mrs. Mary Nelson con- newly seen are: Miss Clevel D. Cromariie preside!;
Donald Neal Dan Neal; Mr. and Mrs. Sim-nons. Elizabeth Holmes, Annette Simmons, tinues ill in ,her home at 809 Miss Vera Flowers, vice-president; Mrs. Sarah J. Seymore, recording secretary.

Grace Anderson/John Q., Flowers. Deloris Crews. Ringbearer Melvi Holmes, flower Duval Street. Mrs. Nelson is ,II r Mrs. Cora Bradley, corresponding secretarry; Mrs. Inez Davis, financial secretary;

girls Joyce Holmes and Rosemarie Wilson. a member of Grant Memorial! Mrs. Ethel Seldon, savings treasurer; Mrs. Irma Lawrence, club treasurer; Miss

--.- ------ -- ____-------- -- -- AME Church. Susye Pierce, parliamentarian; Miss Janet Prince chaplain: Mrs. Emma L. Monroe,
I business manager and Mrs. Lenora Lee, reporter.
I .

(tUB NOTF.S CLUB PLANS i NIGHTINGALE CLUB Miss Marion Sheffield of: ill in her home 1147 ----
timies ,
I FASHION SHOWFEBRUARY I ELECTS OFFICERSThe i New York City ad Miami, Milnor Street. Mrs. Jackson I,

23 i, was the house guest of. is a member of Stewardess'' mW
l I :
VIKINGS SOCIAL CLUB iI I January meeting of ,I George Smith recently. A Board 2 of Fountain Chapel I I II

SLATES NEXT MEETING ,: I I the Nightingale Social Club I reception honor before wjas her''given in her i AME Church. j;
The Vikings Social Club |I Miss Dorothy Coles. presi- was held recently in the week. I '. I
will observe its 1st anniver-, dent of the Fund Fashion| home of Mrs. Eva Mae ,
sary, February 8 at .3 p. m.| Club. has announced the club iams, with Mrs. Will-I I Mrs. Nellie E. Byrd entertained -,: I By .
Mrs. M.
Daisy Hayes her family with a reunion -;
in the Macedonia Baptist!; will present a fashion show i Brown serving as co-hostess. !I
Church, 24th and Franklin February 23 at the A. L-I'I! The newly elected officers, Philadelphia, Pa. former Jax- recently with twenty-1 ;J LOUISE G. GUINY ARU ;
'II on, is in the city visiting herbrotherInlaw i iI seven relatives and friends':
Streets. i Lewis Branch YWCA. for the current year are:Mrs. I
and sister,Mr, of the J
family present.
The Rev Samuel Washington -! be Geraldine Marie Hodgers president I I I
: Participants will ; .
and Mrs.John Davis on West i Out-of-town u e s-t J:)
I g sin-I
the for I !: Mrs. Mattie R. Brown vice
will be speaker I Moore, Wanda Reeves. 22nd Street. She has been 1 cluded Elder and Mrs.Rich-',
the occasion. Other artists Coles Richard'; president; :Mrs. Bessie Good-
Dorothy ,
entertained Mr. and Mrs.
: by I II ard L- Lang of Gainesville,
will appear., Brown, Alexander Cook,'' son, second vice; 1frs. Mar- I "The calm before the storm" is a phrase that is quite
C. M. Vaught, who took her I Mrs. Margaret E. Bridges
Johnnie \V. Thomas, John garet B. Woods, financial to St. familiar to us; the temporary lull of a storm we have all
I on a trip Augustine, and Mrs. George Stewart;
Thomas, Gale Waldon, Betty secretary; Mrs. Georgia Monger -I ando Mr. and Mrs. Harrison and grandchildren- of Green! experienced. That is precisely what is happening to us

AMARYLLIS GARDENCIRCLE Ann Williams,Rudine Dailey I recording secretary; Nash in their Floradale Cove Springs. socially this-we are between the K a p p a Fraternity's
Floria Herring a nd, Milton!Mrs. L. Z. Powell, treasurer;
I home.
'* "Black and White Ball" and the'Vagab9nd's invitational
HOLDS SPECIAL MEETA I Hcod. i I :Mrs. N. A. Grimes, chaplain *
and J. P. I i I dance scheduled for Friday, February 13.
special meeting was held The program is being sponsored -j, Joyner, reporter. Mr. R. B. Jackson is ill in! Jimmie Lee Bowen, son

by the Amaryllis Garden for the benefit of the her home at 712 Franklin I of Mr. and Mrs. Hampton: Of course we still have our sororities fraternities bridge
Circle recently in the homeof dug- I 21st j
Street. She is a member of Bowens of 1651 West
Mrs. Thomas Brinson, clubs, and social clubs. We have heard (off-the-record)
Fountain Ch-apel AME Street is ill in Brewster
1144 West 9th Street. i r[' ,, that the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity is planning an affair of
Church, serving as. presidentof Ho pital. Jimmie Lee is a j
Plans for the valentine I Bells Patronize Star Advertisers Stewardess Board 2- I member of Zion Hope Baptist note. We know that the local chapter of Delta Sigma

party were enacted and Wedding I Church and Boy Scout I; Theta Sorority is currently making plans for the staging

plants we reissued to the Mrs. Alberta Jackson conJ Troop 53. of its annual "Jabberwock." This affair will be held soon

members for .this month's I' Applications Licenses for Marriage' I I in the auditorium of New Stanton Senior High SchooL As
I 'has always been the custom, other sororities fraternities.

Louis Briggs, 1711 W.29th GAY PRINTS CHARMING FASHIONS i i and social clubs have been invited to participate. .

CLUB I; Gilliam, 1169 W. 31st St., The game of bridge has taken a firm grip on our local

INSTALLS NEW OFFICERS1,, age 16.Bernard. I EVELYN CUNNINGHAM for Time together are happy partners,
by prints are everybody. society, and we have clubs, foursomes and individual
Installation service for the]I i Lotson, 1372 Bri- self-respecting stout both in large, splashy prints
Invincible Ladies Club will! dier St., age- 20 and Willie} in the spring, a young was would no dare into a print. and in small, pin-head de- enthusiasts. whose classifications range all the way from

be conducted. February 8 at!! Bell Thornton, 806 Minnie'.'I woman's fancy turns towardnew The old complaint get that"prints signs. ? the fanatics, who take the game seriously, to those who

the Bethel Baptist Church,'1 1Southside. '1 St., age 19 I If hats, different hair-dos, make you look so much The one-piece dress with play mainly for relaxation. The clubs and foursomes hold

1| Alvin T. Jefferson, 1924' diets, softer make-up with touchesof and larger!" no longer holds the gently-raised waistline regular bridge sessions and we try to keep our readers
The club will sponsor its::: W. 13th St., age 20 and Barbara navy blue water. The right prints and ([McCall's Pattern 4689)) is
i their activities.
annual Valentine dance, February :1 L. Davis, 716 Court F, white. These are the and symptoms there are so many right ones- made of an unusual print of posted on
'"' the Masonic Hall.' Homes 19.LILLY'S of spring fever, the certainly make a too-thin many shades of brown. The
14. at Blodgett age I that produce a can This week we bring you news of the Swelligant Bridge
ingredients woman look fuller, but they touches of champagne blend
re-newed zest for living. can also make a plump lady into the deeper tans and rich; Club which recently accepted several new members.Mrs. .
High on the list of spring slimmer. browns. This is one of those
DRUG STORE "musts" are prints. Printsare appear Imaginative and ingenous comfortable dresses that Salome McKinney and Miss Edith Boyd were

almost as vital to the fabric designers have come moves with 'the body in long, among those officially welcomed at a recent meeting heldin

Kings'Road ai Spires full enjoyment of spring as up with some wonderful fluid lines. It is also one of the home of Mrs. Claudia Burris, 2029 Durkee Drive. .

birds and buds. patterns, ranging from tiny, the prints that lends itself

( .I ...'...:- Now,more than ever before geometric designs that give beautifully to the larger Mrs. McKinney and Mrs.Flossie Jones were among high

Where ExperiencedPharmacists j F t I the effect of stripes, to wild, fi;".ire. Th: band at the waistline scorers for the evening, thereby qualifying for prizes-
Prepare' mad florals, calculated to ends in pert bow and

Your Prescription Ae- 4: II I stop shows. Color too, has the bodice front has: a 3-button Swelligant officers consist of Mrs. Flossie Jones, pros!*
cording to your doctor's assumed an interesting role opening. ---*
dent: Mrs- Marie B. Calhoun recording secretary;
instructions Using in prints. Colors that formerly The pattern is equally at
only the best quality ; wouldn't get caught dead: home in solid cottons, light Willie Buchanan financial: ecretary: ; and Mrs, Lizzie Mae

drugs. ; weight wools and silks. The Harris treasurer. .
tip. r r "-" -- : neckline can take a wide
::: :' ; ::i: "
c .
: :+
.. : .
to : '" :' '' t variety of ropes or chokers .
1< ,,
Dr. 0. E. Slack FfcarasaeUte Dr. W. ". Graham > '
or a pin might be clipped to

-:- -:- -:- \ ; : : ;;jt, the heart of the bow, as it's Les Bijoux Bridge Club met last Friday evening at the

I ,., 4' '.,'-a'..'.r.. 1 shown here. Lincoln Golf and Club with Mrs. Mattie Mont-
A COMPLETE LINE OF: ''''f'T ''" '- The length of both skirtsis Country

Cosmetics. :. Rubber Gooda- Candies -SnndrlM. F: ;:tI'R ;\; '; J Jr somewhat shorter than last gomery as hostess. Included among guests were Mrs,

art4. "' I season. The start-length Elizabeth Meuse, Mrs. Nan Fletcher, and Mrs. Jean Brown
(, hassle seert& ? nv :

, i ; ;i'41 f + .: 'I,t it ar,!,tars the concensus:: of I 1 Club prizes were awarded to Mrs. Lois Avery Randall,
: .:
f' : "' ti .7f.t. :J t t opinion thr. isi.iJ C cost fashionable ';';' be- Mrs. Grace Sykes, and Mrs. Sylvester Bossard. -
( '. !':: I..J : length *
+ jpy.i just below, the knee.FashionSevin The next meeting of the group will be held in the homeof
i.il ,1 ;;
L. r?, s ,Wc.&iy,
t 1 ; Mrs. Bossard, at which time three new members will
i I. Tip: A successful cutting jcb
.. !t1f :fI J depends a greet deal on lay- be accepted and election of officers will be held. Mrs.
i. ; t. -
.t 1: ";!t. Log and pinning a pattern Frances Richardson. Mrs. Nell Cason and Mrs. Ora McIver
,. ,\ .Ra,. .. t .
II IIh IIo ;. p" c..... ,'., .. :, '.. 'j correctly.The misses and are the prospective members.It's .
j-9 ,1, junior
= t if.t ...;;; I: "., _.. .- .. and deep flounce
.J4. .j
{ :f'r. : .{ (McCall's Pattern 4(567)( ) is a girl for Mr. and Mrs. Joel A. West of 3029 Jupiter
,. t i iM f' ff.:. made: of a printed polished
Avenue. The bundle Joy arrived January 11 at Brewster
: > -""" dark blue background -
P3i S ', cotton. On a
1ro.u Aau w. f" WJ'S I; are large roses of Hospital 'and has been named BobbL
ebonaireGr.ns.tw ; a ; J. ;
: .: : three shades of pink. The .
., ,.,
? qt r ,., ; ':'J..t' ;,. _1 pattern comes with only nine
tatEME PRESS a fr-.' .,.,,<;):Jtfo/:' alb; pieces and offers a choiceof The Venetianettes, an auxiliary to the Venetian Club,

&.-" 'h.! 4>...;..At"'l'",,,.,. .;'. long or no sleeves. The are entertaining their husbands next Wedaesday evening,
belt, which or may not
the! .. ';'t'""'- t'f'L. a' ... be buckled may, is one of the February 11, at. the Lincoln Golf and Country Club.Several .

\'"' ...\ .. ..... ; .,.:_j whims '
ro.. ;.-r.;; popular of this sea-
.. .
:... Ui' ;; ifji friends of the group have been invited: to the
C8K 1af ... ... I h y : ; ; son's frocks where belts
i !.tt .... I banquet as special guests.
eboaa1recuu. ;.u. :: r-:::r:: can be found anywhere

{ PRINTS ARE CHARMINC..e.- TAISTLINE DROPPED AND the This armpit delightful to the little hemline.dress S .
pecUlljr ultra they're fashioaedi DEEPLY FLOUNCED...**!
a gently-raised waistline .belted too. Try a cok>rf l prlml can be as casual or.as dressy
i.v dress. It can be yom U Llaea.Priced of large flower*...it's the look as the home dressmaker Its ft girl for Mr. and Mrs. Samuel L. Smith of 1463EtnGrgxwB
Silk. Cotton or Wool. this seawm wait*, Make U wants it to be And of course
AYCBO hem February L ti &. JteknarUUNrral
Tkicbever cbooae owa U PrtBted Silk.
ran yom're row very it can be made in practically
rare to kv dress ikrt'a CotUm ar -Time Faille, Air Si&ttoa BffljpUtlMm '
fabric that hits the
Perfect for every oee**lc& crepe Pea d. Sole. MeCdl's ear
Sixes Pauert' 4667. Stow 9-'". of the lady with the pattern '
McCall' Patten 4GB9. SmUk te lieu .fr..La1 Wp
10-16. SO*. K-U. 63$. __ sod the needle. _..--:. .* _, .. ..._ .. .. .orm .w .. .. .. .. ;.' I"i, .
IS .. ..,e .. "..... .

.. 1
t '

.... f .


Page Four THE*FLORID il'd Week Ending/ Saturday February 7. 1959
-- --

Bethany Baptist Association Will Convene HereREV.

E. BURROUGHS TO GIVE J $ e I L --iII--- -- -- ; ::1



Rev. H. H. Robinson will serve as host pastor when the I

East Florida and Bethany Baptist Association convenes in I J

its one day session Wednesday, February 11 in Mt. Sinai I A y i r _
Church. :
Bantist Charlie Powell co-chairman i
RevV.. Hill will ------ ---- ;
M. pre-
sb' qrtXCY Trustee and Robert Mainor, secretary;
side during the business Scott, president of the Sun- F :Founders Day will boh' Harry Mungin and O. D.
periods with Rev. H. H. day School Convention; Sam rnr --VJ Sundpv in St. Jnme Phillips public relations.
Wright and Rev. J. D. Hughes -] Davis, president of the State : :4 4 ''AME Church beginning with

first, second and third Laymen Brotherhood; Mrs r c'nr1Scl.nnl 1 at 9:.,0 ajnHth ONE-DAY MEETING
moderators will assist with I'M.- L. Johnson, president of Supt. Thomas "''illiams'i CONDUCTED AT FNIC

the alternating of the. ser- the district senior woman; i 1 in charge. --

vices. Mrs. M. K. Gibson, president .aF 7rX. I A special Founders Da ST. AUGUSTINE The
Rev. R.H. Wilson and Rev. of the district junior women; 1 "v-Tram will be presented at Florida State Convention,

A. J. Hughes will discuss the i Mrs. Mary Heard, president 11 a.m. with! the junior choir the General Baptist Conven-

topics for the orthodoxy hourat of the district ushers union, I "c1 .US'l"r' board serving. At tion, the Missionary and

19.20 a. m. Rev. Wilson Mrs. C. C. Daniels, district VIRGINIA COUNCIL OPENS DOORS. The above are: members of the AME Zion I n."' the Stewardess IJonl l Educational Convention,and

wi'l l discuss ""Christian Education" youth supervisor; W. G. delegation that attended the interracial youth meeting held in Richmond recently. 11 will moot Sunday in the the Progressive tat e Baptist

and Rev. Hughes Patterson and Alexander They took part in all phases of the meeting and joined he art I y in the fellowshiphour I''nr '- of -frs. Essie hood( Convention, sponsoredAn

will discuss "Mission." I Ifcard, presidents of the dis- which was held in the basement' Iho Mosque- The picture was taken as the I berry. Institute of Evangelism

Rev.Eddie. Burroughs will trict Sunday School and delegation retired to Hood Memorial AME Church, for a denominational panel directed I r\u,,._ "rt"ritf': for IhrrVir Thursday the campus of

give the opening sermon, BfPU Convention by Dr. J. W. Eichelberger. shown (center) front 1IE3- j ..._ .... ., Florida Normal and Industrial
'.i"'"" \?" 1 r\* f -
iid will be accompanied by P.ev. H. .. ---- ------ .
T. -- --- -
Overstreet, pas- --- -- --- ---- ...
i ] Memorial
-,1-I. 1 al 7 College.
his choir and ushers of St. tor of Mt. Tabor will preachthe .... .. n r. nnvFtfiHv ..-
I .. ,, !',,,, .
I "" '"' +1 .t () o n'" Ff The theme for the Institute -
John B is t Church of cIo
sing message at 7 BROTHERHOOD I .., .
Park. : l u 1" ; ..\,,1. T"to.,1 was"New Life for You,"
Orange '
Pev. R. p. m.The ,; -. ;, .",",* ; at 7 run. in the which were discussed -by
E. Simpson, pastorof choir and ushers /
Zion\ Church Mt. ofl : J ; J'1 home of Mrs. Lilla Jr.c\:!sop guest speakers during the
> Hope Baptist Tabor will serve for CDQJt'D LCTS!
dill give the inspirational occasion and Rev M.: J.Tro- ?: : general assembly sessions

address at 2:30: p. m. Other well, pator of St: Luke will if'' I : I and in conferences by special -
"'tr"!-nrij: r T. c'rr.
TrnTrn interest
highlights of the day's activities alternate the service. NEW\ OFFICERS 111 .groups.
will be the outline ad- }I J rnM-f T"1' **V of I tI'
... f fI
---- --
'rr, n 2 of HoiSnrtn n_.
dress of their annual programs WEST UNION UNITS .
Iii"'r I .it ('hnr,1. ?,'J! h..,.' n_
by the various state H0LSEY CHAPEL
and district presidents of the SLATES ACTIVITIESDistrict K.'...:............. i hrt\(1. Fodruarv Ifi( at 8 nm. '
I t. ":'' The Bantist Minisiors Bro-! in the main auditorium of the SETS CORONATION
Progressive Baptist State r 'V/ I'
Convention and the asocia-j No. 5 of West Un- f itherhood elected officers re-[I church. SERVICEI

tionThe ] ion Baptist will sponsor a pie i 'pntly at a meeting;: held at ]I According to Mrs.:: : "'. T.. 1 i i

following heads will sale, February 7, in the educational h.L i nolhc1 Institutional Church. Smith, president and Sammi j josi I The coronation of "Miss:
appear in the afternoon: Rev. building. Deaconess ii' T P'll'lc,: ni n' rar' h .( ',. ,(Holsey Chapel of lJ9"! : will
J. C. Sams, president; Mrs Board No. 2 will meet at :3; .. n.rty Officers elected to serve I ar'-nn,.,l f')1' U.. enlnl rnt t; 1n 'r'In? held in the auditorium of

H. B. Miller, president ofthe p.m., February 8, at the 6w for the ensuing year are: the I '"1(1,11 nnh"'l't. DCr' ('fI' 1n ,;HoIsey Chapel} church, February -

senior women; G. W. church.A Rev. H. II. Robinson, president -' 'rht.itnl. of Stanton So'rinrHigh ,; 22 through :March 8.

meeting for District No. Rev. C. C. Daniels, recording School will serve a*l I Contestants are Miss Mildred -
9 at 5 p.m. Sunday in the Rev. E. V. I'master of ceremonies for the Lvon.*, Mvrtis tfriffm,
home of Mr. and lIrs.VilIie secretary; occasion. ',i Mrs. Claudine Harrison Jacquelyn -
Enroll Now in the Gordon, 1260 W. 19th Street. Grant, treasurer; Rev. R. L. L I : Stucky: Dorthy Pol-

South's Finest College The Young Matrons Auxilarywill Jones, first vice president;''I UNITED GOSPEL SINGERS lard, Larnita Easton. Fannie

meet February 8 at 4 .f Rev. E. R. Simpson, second [TO APPEAR ON PROGRAM ,Green: Willie B. Williams,
FLORIDA BARBER p.m. in the home of Mrs. Lou- vice president; Rev. W. S.t ti !'(Minnie Robinson, Ida Clark,

COLLEGE BRANCHG. ise Williams 531 \VestChUl.ch ANOTHER FIRST AT DUKE UNIVERSITY Bishop Peoples, assistant recording i!i Rev. J. I. Scott pastor of Viola Thomas, Celetha Smith,
Street. First Samuel Baptist Church Leslie Irvin, :Mattie: Grant,
Herbert Bell Shaw. 6th district. AME' Zion Church is Rev. A. F. Cummings -
I. Approved ,will the United Gos-: Pearl Floyd, Hattie Cotton,
An after service recital will shown as he addresses the closing session of the North financial secretary; sponsor in after service -, Annie M. Mumford, Ophelia
630 Davis St. at Beaver be presented by Daniel Cummings Carolina Council of Churches held at D u k e University Rev. Charles J. Crosby, corresponding -'! pel Singers an February 8 Foster. Elizabeth Griffin and

and the Male Chorus, last week. He was pressed into,service due to the secretary; Kev. J.' program benefit the building 'Matie L. Copeland.
which will
Phone: EL 5.9874 February 8 in the auditorium death of J. Ernest Wilkins,who was slated to make the C. Rogers and E. L. Wilcox, drive- .

of the church. address. This is believed to be the first time, that a religious leaders. the I
activities at I
Negro bishop has spoken at Duke University Weekly
Committee chairmen are church include: Tuesday'

REFRIGERATORS I --- Rev.[ R. H. Wilson; advisory night, prayer meeting will WV3HD 33: !
lev. J. J.Jones, membership, I I be held, Wednesday night,:
Real Estate & FREEZERS ilev. S. L. Badger, finance; choir rehearsal and usheri SH31HH38Y3} }

Serviced SETS MUSICAL EVENTThe I SUNDAY NIGHT AT Rev. C. W. Whitten, sick; I i board meeting. .'
$ LOANS $ EBENEZER CHURCH Rev. It. L. Jones, civic; Rev.I, A fish fry was sponsored;
Licensed TechnicianM. Junior Choir of St. 'S. Cooper, relief and charity; I t[last week by Mrs. Edith i
$1,000 $%,000 S.OOO E. DELEMOSCall will I Randall and Oreatha I
Stephen AME Church I Rev. J. C. Sams, imestigat- Phillips
$4,000 up to (25.000 PO 4-OK7 present Miss JacquelS'nViI- I An inspirational service, ing; Rev. R. H. Wilson, racial .in behalf of the building I
Payable 1.00 per'mo. per hundred iams, in a musical recital, :sponsored by the steward af lairs. I,fund drive. j hlMliTl\"! () ; II!VS

on unpaid balance at 6%. February 8, beginning: at 8 board and
i featuring a movie Rev. S. Davis, grievance; ; Short *} Long ,1
II ( ( ()()
Let us help you to complete I"Light in the Southern Sky I V-IM; 1'UU
Rev[ C. A. Weaver, current Form Form
88 .. p.m.This SLATES MEN'S DAY
your house or refinance presentation Is one in is scheduled for Sunday at I
events Rev. J. C. Rogers, !
years in the same place. LEARN TO DRIVE a'series of programs in con- 7:30 'p.m. in the auditoriumof ; C. Neal NED JACKSONTAX
Call Secure Drivers' License nection with "Allen Day." : Ebenezer Methodist\ i auditing; The Payne Chapel AME I EXPERT
Rev. J. C. Rogers,
Unit TAG.---------- Church. program; Church will observe AnnualMen's
J. P. YOUNGMr. SAFEWAY DRIVING Day Usher Board No. 2 of Day !i education; Rev. R. II. Wilson,I Day, March 8. 131 Clay SL Ph.EL 6-3703
SCHOOL Spring Baptist Church will I The movie is based on the resolutions; Rev. C. J. Crosby Officers for the observanceare I a A. M. 'til 9 P. M.

Simmon or Mr. WsJsb 600 West Beaver Street sponsor its annual coffee life of Dr. Mary McLeod\ public relations. I : SamuelB1uce. chairman;

MaID and Monroe Office ELgin 5.7742 I hour in the Recreation Center Bethune, founder of Bethune- I

212 Maonlo 'Temple Bldf. :rd and Mt. Herman Streets, Cookman College who was
Res. 4.0639
Phone EL 6-8014 ELgin one of the outstanding womenin -
Mrs. Ojetta
March 8, with 9 '
EL USU GEORGE PERPENA. Dir presiding. the field of education and mKtt. OWEN CHIROPRACTIC

-- : Oliver A program, president will be presented human relation* 0 (_ CLINIC

I with. local artists, participat- The occasion' will be given t' : r.I .
DON'TPut ,
i mg.I by Mrs. Florence Small and 0
I the address of the .
: evening
will observeits
District No. 30 ARTHRITIS
it longer l. .
off'any will be delivered by Attorney ..
8 ,
anniversary, February j
Edward Rodriq An interesting p Arthritis is the most condition "
Hare Your Home at 3:30 p.m. at the church.A es. common affect & -"

program has been arranged program will be ren- ing and disabling parsons of 40 and over today. \ .. 0

Improvements Done Nowl for the observance.The dered. Arthritis may affect any moveable Joint in the x JIM

REMODELING ROOM ADDITIONS PAINTING Willing Workers Club No admission i will be DR. OWEN body but it usually begins In the hand feet. DR GREESON
will meet, February 8, at 4 charged. r
knees shoulders. or back. The area around joints may become tender red swollen
reasonable prices -:- \ Birdie
Finest work at with Mrs. Lee
:- p.m.
with the in the and
A pain worse morning gradually seeming to lean you after jtmm
Archie 1042 W. 12th Street.
Call Mr. Lyman I. mOve around. You may feel tired and restless when the pain Is worse. In the early rA
held the
A meeting will be for SILVER TEA PLANNED stages the pain often seems to leave completely for a few weeks only to come back f
ELS-3608 or EL 4-3503 Pulpit Aid Board, February a. worse later. 9r

9, at 8 p.m. in the home 5621 of SUNDAY.... BY DISTRICT A Doctor of Chiropractic is trained to find and correct the basic cause of your A
tfrs. Carrie condition. Time may allow your condition to become worse. A Chiropractic examination .0
Miniso Circle. is urged for you to find 11 relief can be yours. T
You Don't Have to Go to Town to Get An annual Valentine Tea A Silver Tea will be spon- 22ND and Main Street EL 6-0188 Jacksonville. Florida A

will be sponsored by the BTU sored Sunday from 4 to 6' '"" "" "" ..... "-. "-. "" -... __ mf
Department, February 15 p.m. by District 2 of St Matthew -

LOW PRICESOn from: 4 to 6 p.m.APPRECIATION. Baptist Church at 1311

West, 27th Street, and Mrs.R. .
L. Smith will be the speaker -
Your DAY 1 for the occasion. \

-- serve as mistress of ceremon-

With Your Neighborhood 'Drug Store Appreciation Day will be ies and other talent will ap d
observed at the St. Matthew\ pear'on the program.

WE WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADVERTISED AME Church, February 8 in Other activities include:
the behalf of Dan Alexander,
IN YOUR LOCAL PAPERS District 9 will observe its AND
superintendent of the Sunday SAVEAT
Sunday from 4
School for the past ten
\. Vo Deliver We Also FBI" AH Doctor Prescription Stewardess Board will:years.hold to 6 p.m. in the home of Mr.: YOUR .NEAHESTDAYLIGHT ,
<< and Mrs. A. Kirkland 1330
its meeting Sunday at the
West 29th
home of Mrs. Josephine! Street.

Dixie; Pharmacy Thorn 2123 Woodside et..' Prayer Meeting will be held STORE

Officers of the board are: Tuesday night at 7:30 p.m.

UOt KINGS BOAD at MTB3BUB AVENUE Mrs. 'Josephine Thomas, president and teachers meeting -Wednesday -

PHONES a. J.liiISI1.8I.I ; Mrs. L. Mackey trea- at 7:30 pm. Choir No. EYERY DAY LOW PBICES .. '
surer; Mrs. Malrine Mbment, 2 will rehearse Thursday at BE SUHE'TO -
PAY'YOUR LIGHT; WATER. AND TELEPHONE secretary; Mrs. Dora Kelsey, 7 PJTL. and the trustee board AT 4
AT OUR STORED' Willie P. Alexander and Lucinda will meet at 7:30. Choir will 21st MONCRIEF -

i '--'" BILLS" .'''-- Williams, business i rehearse Friday at 5. PJD. -Pleary ol Parklag Space _'. ..
namager. I and Choir 1 at 7:30 p nu y --t 1,_ ....,
. :





Week Ending Saturday. February 7. 1959 -

.. .. - -..
... .. ,....."'',......,,,"''IIIL.","-"',"" "" "" "'"" "" "- "' ..
-,,,'-','" .....,,,', ,,:,,, .... -.

ii : ,<.--... 1 1 : 1 I Il

'1 .... -



1 1

r ''= w Y

I RI OE 1 ti VOLiE\ ; Ii t{ y$759 I

% i %
. -

Iieyel@f' ( epia Of Iedieal SeUfE1iIlelinl $1.00 OfJ DfELIVERY

A.ready reference book on questions of health and disease of body and mind, from infancy to old age. With its 1600 00 PER WEEK

,. main topics it is definitely the first "help yourself" and "how-to-do-it" popular medical book ever published. The one. ,

...d aim of this great book is to help you to "Keep Healthy-Stay-Live Long." Every man.and woman, young and old, and ..4r.

every home will find it indispensable.. r




f ''c i -r Symptoms Diagnosis. Preveiion nd detailed Treatment...
..... #-" :r-.... of all generally known diseases of men, women and child-?
/ .. x ,, ren.Anatomy--body structure. Physiology-body functions.A
/ '_ Personal and mental hygiene. Alcoholism Allergy. Cancer."

,.1. ,:,: .. I h Venereal disease. All diseases of the male and female'
\\ :zz_ genitals. First aid in emergencies. Abnormal psychology
A .. ? { mental diseases and psychosomatic medicine. Diseases of fl ;

r. the skin, ear nose, heart, lungs liver blood glands stomach .
-- / intestines kidneys bladder and prostate. High blood".
r /. .
,, ,' pressure. Low blood pressure. Diabetes. Food for health
.,- ;4'b ti: ; f : : ?;: and long life. Diets in health and disease. Description,
: .
r analysis and valuation of every individual article of food

y t, ? / in the American diet. Preparation of food for the well per-
T son and for the ill. Nursing and care of the ill Person.
:..t. '' Chronic heart ailments and other chronic diseases-how to'
live a long and ueful life in spite of them Love and mar-
riage. Pregnancy prenatal care. Childbirth without dread:
c_> drugs or anesthesia. How to deliver a baby. Infant and"-
1 child care and feeding. Change of life-in men and women. j .
Sexual hygiene. sexual information for children and adoA
lescents. Underweight overweight. weight reduction without -
drugs. Longevity-how to extend the life-span to 120,
I 1 year

w .. _>,

,, Y ,.
A book as valuable and instructive as this big worthy -
volume deserves a place in the h e m_e of everyfamily I..
1 / ;< I in America. Once a few pages of the book* have
Ax: ,1 'F been read It will be reached for co tantly. Embraces a
vast store of modern medical knowledge .i.. lessons In .I
.. 1. good health and long life .... written In a conversation .
r. + + ; al and popular style with delicate touches of humor
and somes pathos."
Kay Wilson. The News & Observer, Raleigh.. N. C..
.... .s .... Should be in the hands of lay readers so that they A
r t ... may know how to avoid dlease ::::thousands of sdenti- W
.'. ,,..r.:,' 1 '.,_ a.. fie facts about the body and Its functions etc. Many
t. : '""" original Ideas of proved worth are Inserted here ..the
whole text Is In easy form as readable as, It is Wore -
.. "
0 i 4 '.,' -,... mative. JI!;
\ Addle May Sway The Dally Times. Davenport Iowa
.::\ '

# I.-, -j-- :, _S .
t -- -F

r Home Libraries Research Co. Of FJa.. Inc.: :J
124 E. Bay StreetJacksonville'Florida J'
EL 5-1491 ,
1 Please send me the Encyclopedia of Medical Self-Help .
# is shown. I understand the purchase price of this publication
," i is $7.95 plus handling l postage sales tax, total price viA"
'. v ,' $8.50. Payable at $1.00 upon delviery and $1.00 per week
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./;: S \t, other charges.
I :('I..;' ) ,J .. : .[ *

<<(1j1-{ _I :. -- ;:_ :y Name f:

1 I Address ,
'". ,.
I q ,.,. _-i" .}- ; '" J '
; "r" City & Zone State.
L : .._ .
# / .
Modern medical knowledge is popularized M-phone Number is :;- -:' ,

_. and fully! covered in ,this volume under the "-t .- .;-. .. -

::1::: more than,1600.r topics,..in,alphabetical order. for confirmation. :'#. ,:
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'.-.....,, ............ ,,,'" '"...'''', ''', '''''' ''''.....," ;

--, -.". --"'- '.


.. .. ,
., ':: :. '. .' "-.

:bc .. .-. ';'..:: r"V"V*\:-t :t.t: ; i" ';*\<.';- >'," r THE FLORIDA STAR -;t:. :t' Week 'Ending Sat tday. February 7, 1959

J" r *
; i
: :
r.'v L DEATHSMrs

PAL ATKA The 15th an- i -
nive sary of deaconess board, I
No.2 Mt. Zion Primitive! Y A yellowjacket Booster; Cora Robinson of TeL

Baptist Church will be observed Club was organized by the I lahasee Fla. died at her

February 11, 12 and citizens and teachers of the I home, January 23- She is the

13. A 11 auxiliaries 0 f the ; north side community and I sister of Frank Wilson, 1499

church are to make their report -j .the Athletic Department ofj;West 14th Street, city; aunt
to the church. i i the Northwestern Junior of Wesley Davis and M. T.

Choir No. 1 will meet at* Senior High School. j Brown of this city,

the home of Mrs. Evelyn; Officers elected to serve
I {r Funeral services and inter-
Grcea on Ninth Street, Feb- are Emory Howell, president; ment will be held, February
rury 10 at 7:30 p. m. : Willie Moran,vice president; '
1 at 1:00: p.min the St Johns
Tho Celestial I Gospel Sing-I[ Warner Baxter, secretary;' Baptist Church, Tallahassee,
ers will be presented in a t
( Milton Threadraft, treasurer; Fla. the pastor in charge.
February 22 beginning ,
pram Otha Wooden,business manager 1
at ,8 p. m.INSERVICE. i! Witfiom E gEfc Waling Mary Wbhi Ovt.gt Hoary Moskowitz ,'- ""."' o.wald, Garrisoa Villard W. E. ft.Dvftoi I ; Andrew Tyler, assis-I s i ..

whose magazine article to do something about end of. who wrote the Lincoln and Si others who tant business manager; Mrs. Funeral services for Bruce
TEACHER, on Springfield riot in racism." She enlisted the Day Call,Feb.It,1909, helped found the 1 Evelyn Hughes, reporter and;Edward Hamm, of 1306 Rush-

TO ENROLL AT U. F. i 1008 inspired... assistance of... .Me signed by.. NAACP.r Lawrence Williams, chaplain.. ing St. will be held at 12

'. && Holmes and West Funeral noon, January 31 in the fune-
SVILLE An in"f -I; d Irec' t ors promis ed +LU 1.1"h e ......w... ral Home. He died at his
-- !
1 : \eacher will be the for the athlete 27.
a trophy selected home, January
s. ;egro to be admitted HOMEROOM 'MRS GARDNER VISITSDEMONSTRATION I'.PTA TO SPONSORCALENDAR FNIC RECEIVES AID for achievement in Survivors include mother,

; graduate school for',MOTHERS : TEA SUN. :FROM GULF OIL CORP.St. leadership, citizenship and:'Mrs. Sophia M. Hamm; father -
nd semester begin- sportsmanship. This trophywill Casey Hamm; grandparents
ning February 9, at the Uni-'PLANS FOR TEAT CLUB I T bear the name, Holmes-J Mr and Mrs Willie Up-
of Florida. The PTA of John E. Ford AUGUSTINE Dr. R;
versity I
I i West Annual Award. son, Sr., Mr and Mrs. Casey
University officials declined LAKE CITY The Sand Elementary School will spon--W. P u r yea r, president of I Hamm; sister, Yvonne Hamm
disclose the of I the annual Calendar Tea,,. Florida Normal and Indus-
to name h e Homeroom :Mothersof Pond Home Demonstration:: sor and ffiendsFLORIDA.
the student's name in advance -'! Sunday, February 15, 1959 in trial Memorial College an-. !l
0 f registration. The S P. Livngston Elementary -Club meeting was held recently the school auditorium Plans'flounces the college has received PATROLS SPONSOR

first student, George StarkeJr. School met recently with Mrs. Essie M. are being made for the most a grant from the Gulf SOCK DANCE FEB. 12 i MORTICIANSTO

., of Orlando enrolled in along with the president to .Rentz serving as hostess and effec t i v e representation of,. Oil Corporation 0 f Pittsburgh -

the College of Law on Sep-' enact plans for the St. Pat-: presiding during the meet- each month of the year by I Pa. The grant is for ST. AUGUSTINE Th eS MEET IN NASSAU
tember 15. I ing. the various Original,I unrestricted use which will. School :
It rick's Day Tea, which will : groups. Murray High Safety
t During the meeting the i; unique ideas are being worked be credited to the endow- Patrol will present its annual Oscar I. Hillman, Presidentof
be held March 8 the
REV. R. L. LAMBERT at (! Home Demonstration Agent, out for both table deco- ment fund of the college for'. Valentine sock hop and floor'' the Florida Morticians
school with the general chairman Mrs. Virginia D. Gardner, rations and,food* to be served.'! the improvement of faculty. February 12 from 8.30 to,, Association Incorporated has

TO RENDER SERVICE presiding. | was introduced by the presi- An invitation is extendedto 0 salaries- 11:30 pm in the school gym. announced that the Executive

dent and she suggested acti- the public to attend the The The event will feature the Board will meet with the
Mothers the grant is a concrete
at i
present '
event. D & B Boys, Johnny Shaw Butler Brother Funeral Di-
GREEN COVE SPRINGS- vities for the Home Demon- evidence of the interest in ,
Service in the Mt. Zion AME 1 meeting were Mrs. Earl Ric-, stration Program for 1959.A I a (! the free enterprise conceptof Rhythm Makers, dance group, rectors and Embalmers ofI

Church will be rendered by, hardson. chairman of the Sunshine Pal Committee was Gallic Rentz, :Mrs. Dorcas L.. dynamic and adequate Vocal Tones, Chantileers,I i I Nassau, Bahamas when it ob-

the Rev. R. L. Lambert nd' homeroom mothers; Mrs. set up and a discussion was!Allen, Mrs. Grethie L.Rentz,, educational opportunities at:'Miss Bettye Walker and Miss 1!I I serves the 35th annual con-

the Florida, Georgia Youth Lewis, Boyd, Mrs. James held on sponsoring the annual Mrs. Essie M. Rentz, Mrs. the college level. ., Loretha Miller are the guest Ivention in the Islands June

Association, February 22. j Smith, Mrs.Nathaniel Davis, Education Tour held each 1 Julia Owens,Mrs. Eliza Free, Florida Normal is one of vocalists. I f'16-18th I i

The rally for the completion Mrs. Otis Cue, Mrs, B. M. year in February. man, Mrs. Leila Johnson and: more t h a n six hundred privately Joseph Sapp, Carl Dailey I: The group will meet with.

of .the parsonage will I Frazier, Mrs. Susie B. Smith Members presented were: Mrs. Alice Cobb was a visitor --. operated colleges and, or R, Hadley be con-I Maxwell Charlow on March
and Mrs. Simmons.. }Mrs Vinella Mrs. ':. may 17 to complete plans forthe"
b.. March. Fleming I at the
tip ,
meeting. universities in the U. S.
,. ..... --- --- n_ _, _______- tacted for table reservations.! meetings. Herman Snider,
.x.: as ---- --- ,
-- --
president of the Egyptian

THIGPEN'S BODY SHOP Chemical Company of Coral
BUSINESS DIRECTORY Where Gables, Florida will be the-
"Baked On Enamel' I Quality Counts -
I educational feature for the-
Wrecks Rebuilt Expert Dyeing-
The Firms Listed, Below Are Recommended As Reputable Establishments 680 East 21st- Street EL 3-5080 1236 Darts Street EL 5-5115 meeting, also R E. Stricklandof
Specializing Services and Products Talladegar; Alabama, Gov-
SOUTH ATLANTIC SAW SERVICEAll ernor of the National FUneral

flMIQUANA ROAD TRADING POST INDEPENDENT OIL COMPANY Jones Institute of Physical Culture Kinds of Hard Tooth Band: Saws Directors and: Embalmers Association -

Complete Garden Supplies 641 West State Street EL 6-9432 School Of Barber. Beauty & Massage Blades Sharpened and Sold Robert H Miller, of

Fertilizer Fruit Products Colored Owned and Operated 1526 Gary Street EX. 8-3504 Chicago, General Secretary
Tarn As You Learn9 and Jenifer W-: Renfro,Chair-
and sold
-New and Used Furniture bought GETER &
SP 1.3762 B12 Clay Street EL 4-6005 ACE RADIO & TV SERVICE man of the National Execu-
564 Tlmiquana,Road Serving Jacksonville & Duval
3ff'Years In Electronics tive Board and their respective
County for over 50 Years SOUTH OIL COMPANY OF FLA.' All Work Guaranteed: i staffs will be special
AUTO PAINTING COMPANY 767 West Beaver Street EL 4-1812 943 Forest Street guests for the occasion,
Phillips 66 Products EL 4r 804
Complete Body Repair & Paint Work : Mrs. M.: S, Allen, President
-:- Oven Baked Paint Jobs -:- CARTER'S FUNERAL HOME FlUe Fuel Gasoline AVERY'S STUDIO of the Florida Ladies Auxiliary
Trop-Artic Motor OQ
Price Start at $4.00 24 Hour Ambulance Service "It's Performance That Counts" Commercial Weddings Home Pbtratts will cooperate with the
.- i..._'?5 1532 East Adams Street Serving Colored Homes Since 1918 1721 Franklin Street EL 6-7631 Yes'we do it in color also State Board: in extending a
-- welcome! to the national officers -
O. S. L. Davis 611 West Ashley Street EL. 7635
A and R TRIM SHOPEL Jernigan. owner mgr and their wives-

5-8091 1525 Main Street 929 West Beaver I Street EL 4-0545-6 Royal Crown Bottling; Company r-- REYNO BAR __

1235 San Marco Blvd. FL 9-4488 Meet REJECTED LOVER
Custom Made Seat CoversA Your Friends Here:
Holmes & West Funeral Home
736 Davis Strati

(Notary Public) Fair Prices .ACE SEPTIC TANK SERVICE
.Complete Overhaul and Repair Service-- Drinking two ounce bot-
2719 West Edgewood Avenue PO 5-1641 Tanks
Courteous Service'We Septic Cleaned & Serviced
and Models
All Makes
For tle of carbolic acid was- Wi1ITeNewman' *
Deliver Orders Above $3.00" 1388 Agnes Street PC (,,18ADAIRS
Terms Can Be ArrangedEL Andrew* J. Huff Funeral Home : way of curing::
5673 Avenue B PO 5-U03
5-2582 710 Ocean Street HOUSE broken heart.Newman'.2S.
24 Hour Ambulance Service
657 Si.LTncoIa
KOONS and KOONS 1337 Davis Street EL 4-6898-7 M & M MARKETFresh Flowers For All Occasions' Court Jacksonville, made his;

And Fender RepairEL Meals Members of the FNB charge plan suicide last
Auto Body attempt Saturdayafternoon'
Vitalyte Battery Sales & Service 328 West Forsyth Street
5-9828 2404'Laura Street Open 7 ay"j to 6 ryv after beingspurnedby

Batteries $6.95 & up 504 Davis Street EL 5-1532 STANDARD FEED STORESWe the woman he loved,. Miss
AAA BONDING AGENCY Guaranteed For The Life of Your Cer Sandra Doyal.
GENERAL. UPHOLSTERY SHOPWe Appreciate Your Patronage
Free Pick-up While riding in a ear with
City County and Federal Bonds ,
Law Bldg. 3711 Main Street EL 5-2094 Specialize Ia Wo Deliver Miss Doyal and friends Newman -
EL 5-1932
8 139 Florida Avenue EL 5-8664
Convertible Tops Door Panels is said to have'requestedthe
QUICK SERVICE MATTRESS CO. SPOT RITE CLEANERS Headliners: Furniture Slip Coven 82 Kings Road EL 4-2922 driver to stop at a drug-

Mattress Renovating Our Specialty One-Hour Service 3227 N. Myrtle Avenue EL 4-8114 MYRTLE AVENUE BARGAIN store.,According; *witnesses,
Pick-up & Delivery when he returned! to the car
PO 5-1634- One Day 8703 Old-Kings Road 760 Florida Avenue EL 5-9745 ANA R. DAVIS DRESSMAKERDrapes -- HOUSE Newman declared to Miss

& Slip Covers Cigars Cigarettes -*, Candy Doyal: "Sandra, if you don't
CAVALIER CLEANERS ONE HOUR CLEANERS Dress Making Milk Bread and loa Cream I want me, I don't want tolive -

612 W.,Ashley.Street EL 4-1629 911 West Ashley Street EL 6-1830 526 Davis Street EL 6-8071 1511 Myrtle Arcane EL 497S9OM'S i /" lIe then drank the bottle -
of he had
21st and Myrtle 814 West 8th St. poison purchased
Mussallem Rug Cleaning Company HEYMAN'S DEPARTMENT'STORE KITCHENHome in the drug: store.
914 Davis Street 1302 Davis Street .
Rug Cleaning SpecialistsOver Ladies Ready To Wear cooked meals served 24 hours- Newman was rushed to Du-
ACE FISH MARKET 44, Years Experience Gents Furnishings 7 days a week val Medical Center where he
Phoenix Avenue EL Line of Shoes was registered by Miss DoyaL
Fresh Seafood In Season 1922 6-7117 -Complete 1285 Kings Road EL- 4-9321
801 Davis Street EL 4.2695 .

WalMo-Wall Carpets Cleaned In Home HOME :MADE
Complete Home Furnishings 3620ft St. Johns Avenue EV 8-1067 SAUSAGE DAILY FLAMINGO 'RESTAURANT '

We Invite Your Credit 646 Flordia Avenue EL 633089LA -:- Specializing 35 Cents Plate -:- DENIED YOUTH
EV 7-4619 Homemade Pies and Cakes ,
Furniture & Appliances CONGA BEAUTY SALON 718 West Ashley Street EL 6-9169 I
Treatment with Hair Style WASHINGTON
Low Prices Easy Terms Free Scalp Young
Better Used Clothing: 928 Florida Avenue EL 6-0478 During the Month of February ;James A. JohnsonJr.. of Chicago -
For Men. Women and Children Mrs. Ruth Johnson operator AA BOTTLED GAS & FUEL CO. : suffered a painful disapipointment .

-Household Rummage Reasonable ->.- FRED'S FOOD MARKETFresh ,811 Davis Street EL'4-953 We specialize in serving trailer' parks this week after
EL 6-0166 2155 Edison Avenue Fruits Vegetables Also 100 Ib. cylinders or ,bulk tanks I 'making a vain trip to the Tia-

A to Z SIGN COMPANY Free Delivery TOBY'S BEAUTY PARLOR At your home for your convenience I tion's capitol only to be denied
301 Davis Street' EL 4-9240 Specializing in Hair Cutting 15845 West Duval Road PO 5-3561 the coveted page boy's job for
:: LETTERING :: Styling Scalp Treatment which he had been recom-
Prompt Service Moderafe Prices GUS INA'S SUPERMARKET. Mrs- Tabitha Taylor. prop. BUBBA'S COFFEE SHOP mended.He .
Gold Leaf Trucks ,Glass Sho-Cards
If.You Want The Finest In Groceries 615 Davis Street EL 4-981 Home Cooked Foods had been appointed.
416 Oak Street EL 3-5100 And Meals -.Come. See Us 617 Weal Ashley Street EL 4-9701 Johnson would have been the
A and W Vacum Cleaner Service 300 Davis Street EL 6-5412 WORKING MOTHER'SWill first Negro to receive such a

Guaranteed & Parts Keep Children position in the .history of the
Repairs -
w BROAD STREET BATTERY SHOP In My Home While Yon,Are At Work JULIA, GEORGE 5 & 10 CENT House 0 f Representatives,

1143. Mary Street Oa AU Makes FL 9-7979 Batteries Generator Starters 1336 McConihe Street EL 6-8369 STORE- __ here_ he ywould have paged.A .
spokesman for the little-
Regulators Auto Repairs ''
Standard Home Improvement Co. Deliver: Service Mahoney Terminix Termite Control Courteous 8:30 Treatment'Open to 7 p. m. known called the Washington House bureau
1050 Broad' Street EL 4-1715 Complete Termite Control- Patronage
Home Improvements Of All Types Materials 90S Davis Street EL 4-1210 Committee, claimed Johnson's
-.4- Building -
3-5-1 Tear Financing ATLANTIC BATTERY SERVICE Aveasa race had "nothing to do with
414 N Myrtle EL 4-178
EV 7-4671 2987 West Beaver Street
!t "f 4td,Batteries WILLIE SMITH DRUGS it"The

ROBERTS NEW & USED FORM. All Kinds of Battery Service SUSIE. SIMMONS CATERERS Free deHrery may pert of .the dry appointment was

Home FamTitiTnar For' Erery Boom Price -33.08 ad up D .d ecllve Ottering1J71 I -+- OLD RELIABLE- r granted to a white boy. :

.. Florida Avow EL 441J Z*FIcdck Avemte EL 5-4866 WM 71* Sire** EL 4-100 I lit We* Ashley StreetEL 4-1MO Rep. Barratt (yHara, a
,. ChIcago Democra t, PCJnsored
Young ohD.80D.

r ,

r _

Page St:".. _
Ending Saturday'February 7, 19

I Baseball Yells Will;! SoonRBe Heard Everywhere .

-- -- _
-- ----
--- -- ---- -----

1 Y w0 3g'$ aY 42V!
% e1ari
ua. w 4 H.w TO DRAW$8OCUO'VITH

:\ : f .1 j. "x: s.1 y -BY BAYLOR IN


WES COVINGTON has joined "Hamxnerin" Hank Aaron CHARLESTON. Va. -. SAN FRANCISCO Willie

I, in the holdout ranks of the Milwaukee Braves. Just few Elgin Baylor of the Minneapolis Mays the great fly chaser of
I days ago Aaron refused a 1959 contract because of dissatisfaction
the San Francisco Giants i
l with salary_ terms. A few days. later Corington professional
turned down his contract for the samereason:. Corington basketball> 'team pulled a sit will receive a substantial

I told the management "I don't want the whole ball dub d[own, strike in protest of boost in salary ior the 1959

but I do expect a little raise- Wes batted .327 last season b e i n g segregated against' season over his last year's

despite the ailing knee when his team was scheduledfor salary and the increase is
the -- -
SIDNEY WILLIAMS, k F. appearances in the West:
T said to be to' $80,000 over
1 up
University of Wisconsin training is over,' he will head Virginia cityBaylor i his $75,000 last .
quarterback has been draftedby for the eastern section of the !I yearI
of, ho was an All-
the New York Giants the
nation where he will do 1 I Mays accepted new
American in collegiate basketball -
the National Football League., contract over the telephonein
sccuting duty for the Dodgers and of the most-
Williams of the bet- one
was one ,' a talk with club president
ter defensive b a c k s in the Campy says he is very : talked about rookies to ever Horace Stoneham. Great
Ten Conference.William desirous of getting back into I play basketball in the National -
Big star informed the presidentthat
i is said to have been the first baseball. RATTLERS ARE COMING The cry through the Southern Intercollegiate:: Ath Basketball Association business committmentswould

I and only regular tan quarterback OFFICIALS OF THE BOSTON -, leak Conference is "Watch out for those Florida A & M Rattlers the 1957.58 visitation completely refused to acceptthe keep him in New

t in Big Ten history: : RED SOX of the American I champions. The Rattlers, though having an up and down sea o a Is always a tretatment afforded him .York until Spring training

l YOGI BERRA, the man League denied an accusation threat in the visitation race and the tournaments. The tournament will be held at and the other tan players at( begins in Phoenix. Arizona
i Institute Feb. 1921. The Rattler basketball team shown in the picture will Charleston.
who has been given credit brought forward by, Tuskegee !Feb. 22.
of the of be ready for the iourament. From left in first row are: James Forchion. Belle .I
for much success Jackie Robinson that the Red When the hotel at Charleston
Glade Fla. Jesse Pullins Jacksonville Herman Leo In one of the best easonsof
Yankees'will the ; ; Apopka: Morgan.
the begin Sox prejudiced toward that housed the Minnea-
are i
I Columbus. Ohio Floyd Andrews. West Palm Beach Herman Andrews. Pompano his career, Mays finished
deduction ; ;
1959 season with a The { polis team refused to accept
Negro players. only rea
Ashburn in
Ruben second to Richie
Beach Young Columbus Ohio. Second Nathaniel Barnes Panama
the cut ; row I
R in salary Whatever son they have not hired one'Is Baylor, the entire team walk-
Melvin Johnson Mos, Suffolk Va. Tallahassee the batting race with an
is Berra has informed the that they have not been City: Tampa; Reginal ; Leroy : ed away from the hoteLand
J. C. Williams. Ala. Clifford of .347, his highest
that he is ; Tuskegee Bridges West Palm Beach. ; Walter average
: public perfectly able to see. one capable of went to a motel where the since the
Ala. Clarence Davis joining
Kennedy Tuskegee. Kissimmee. average
satisfied with the transaction. playing in a Red Sox uni ; entire team could be together.Two Giants in 1951.

I It is believed his salary will form. They expressed an interest presidents sanctioned i,

i' still be around the. $42,000 in Elston Howard or BASEBALL SEASON IS NEARING I COLLEGES CONTACT Baylor's act whole heartedly i In 1958 Mays slammedout

'I .mark. .He also says. he will Minnie Minoso- ELLIOTT CHATMAN and congratulated him for I 208 hits and rapped out
be ready for spring training.. taking such a stand in help 25 homers and drove in 96
He said he expects to be JIMMIE JOHNSON. the STANTON. CENTER ing to topple old man Jim runs while scoring 121 him-
given a try at first base or town's pal and one of the Crew from his pedestal in self, tops in the National

right field since Elston Ho- most congenial personalities Among the high the sports world. The two I I cague:
ward is expected to da mostof it is the pleasure of 0 net 0 C. PARHAM JOHNSON many presidents were the president -,
-- -- school students who participated the
know has given more hoursof He was runner-up
the catching. of the Lakers
and of
volunteer service in the The month of February means one great thing to the,, in football during the Chicago Cubs Ernie Banksin
INGEMAR JOHANSSON baseball fans throughout the nation and that is, it won'tbe the National Basketball As-i
recreaational program than who have been! the Most Player
!the Swedish heavyweight past season sociation.
before the American
long great will be its
boxer announced recentlythat any other person in the city. game on contacted for collegiate competition I i race, also led the loop in
and the backyards, alleyways. city streets, vacant '
way :
While} friends were making is Elliott Chatman, Baylor. said later that he stolen bases with 32.
he would be sailning for lots, city playgrounds, Elementary, junior and senior high I
fabulous pr omises of what ': star center of the New Stan-just didn't have to take such I II
announced I
home soon. He a fields
school playgrounds, college minor and major league The amazing Willie Mays
they doing to assist him and his team's
were ton School Blue Devils. treatments
few days that he wasn'tleaving will be High !I !I at
ago baseball parks soon buzzing with activity. : started off last saeson a
in securing something he was 'i.owners just didn't have to
the American Spring trammg camps Chatman played much football : terrific clip by hitting .433
seeking he continued, to plug accept such schedules to play
until he signed for a fight away with the youngsters.I will be busy with rookies I A whole hearted welcomehas for the Blue Devils with i basketball. He expressed his'before slumping in July.I .

,i with Heavyweight Patterson. Champion In Because of his friendly -attitude -:i: trying to squeeze some veteran been extended to Dan np idea that he was being'i appreciation to his teammates -I I Never before in the history
Floyd an- i
i' of that he
out a position I watched those
who could
; ncuncing his plans for departure and congenial spirit he I O'Brien, the new business by ;( for showing the spirit',of baeball has a Negro player
has held seasons
many contact him after
where his playig of
I It was generally believed he finally can landed now look a place over the: i and the old regulars showing,] manager of the Braves by days ended in high school.I I being real Americans. received $80,000 a year.

a title bout was in the the hustle that is very vital+i j. the Jacksonville Fans. ,- -- -- 1 _

R bag. Listen for date,time and many promises that turned: to hold their places against]' ', It is gratifying to those I I s ... .
out be void. I
place. II I the promising 'newcomers. I! In reality interest in base- who know the quiet, unas- SAY YOU SAW IT I

i CENTRAL STATE COL- DICK LUNDY says the, The Jacksonville Braves: ball never ceases. Baseball suming and well mannered I II I Florida Star Editorials

I..EGEV I L B E R FORCE,I young ball players of today:, will open training with a discussions are continuous as: young football player who IN THEFLORIDA I

Ohio has at least won a bas- are not willing to take what''new business manager. Both,!the seasons of the year roll played such an impressive,t "SPEAK FOR PROGRESS"t
ketball game after a 26-game theold timers had to take to men will take up where'around brand of football that it: STAR t R +.a'

losing streak. The record so make the grade. He pausedand Spec Richardson, general: : Right now playersare .;' wculd.. arouse the. interest... of i
,, far this season is 1 and 9.t remembered the long I manager and Chuck Buhell-i busy getting their names I tnose., who are in a position I II F

Too m u c h criticism cannot,long rides over rough roads|i' er who carried out the unfinished on the dotted line while I to lure him toward a colle":

b e offered because nobodycan sleepless nights and missing/ season of Joe Just.' some are holding conferences career. fI |rM
ever determine the cause., meals and then be I I I I
ready toplay 1/ in protests over contracts. ,1! The schools that are con- II IIliil
1 It can be said however that;, the next day. "j' 'i r
it will be hard to find a basketball SMOOTHSAILING TIL i Players like Ted Williams tatting young Chatman are 1 OPEN!
i 73-35-19 I' I sending out feelers, but !
team down in these}1 WE MEET AGAIN. j of the Boston Red Sox drawing up
to this point he has not ac
parts with a record to equal I, 256 50 178 $125,000, Mickey Mantleof I'cepted any offers and neither .

that.ROY CAMPANELLA said, s s 6 ,. 3 the New York Yankees:': has he expressed any desires: liil III IIIIII

dickering for $90,000,. Stan Chatman feels that he will i
recently that his latest automobile r.
accident would not i,t '8 II (The Man) Musical of the St.:"I: have time enough to do that' :
': when he winds his high III j :1
change any of his plans a- I 4 7 Louis Cardinals at $100,000, school up Stanton I
at New PALL.5H
bout reporting to VcroBeachthe + I
PATRONIZE :i Warren Spahn of the Milwaukee -: H gh. .- I
training of the Los I I
camp Watch This Clown I Braves around $65, 1'1 ;
Angeles Dodgers spring I The superb playing of Elliott -,
I 000, Willie Mays, the dark-
Hew :
training. a s recently at the center position '
signed to coach the young I Star Advertisers 24-07-58 I skinned fly chaser of the San' contributed much to the success -I ::1'

Dodger catchers. He said his 371 44 535 Francisco Giants at $80,000,':. of the B 1 u e Devils

most recent automobile| i fs :i Sometimes be'. up Bob Turley of the New York through the past season II 4

Wreck did not upset his plans; I i Sometime !:>e'. down Yankees at $40,000, Hank'I I( through the strenous schedule : I BALLROOM.
f at all Just as soon as spring! t He adds, subtracts '':( of the Blue Devils.! ,
Aaron of, the Milwaukee
--- --re- Be works it all wound : '
.1 defense .
Whether on or of- I,
I ', Braves at $40,000'Ernie I'
f : ; fense he was a standout. I OF JACKSONVILLE
** Coming Attractions Banks, 'the tanned skJened i i
fI V + of the Cubs Whatever school is chose I
I.zi' shortstop Chicago
I I 181 38 957 62 '('by Chatman, it is assured' :j I
and the National
League'sMost 'that he. will be giving his' 'I ,

-t Valuable Player receiving best when he goes out for the II I

a substantial increaseIn I. team. To receive such offers II STARTING FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 6th :

salary and, many other as he.has received it stands I

t Your top salaried players will be''to I reason that there are
other people who believe he BOBBY.
ready to start swinging.''has what it takes. Ii i
LuckyNumbers throwing and exercising at

I the first call of spring prac- Young Chatman is the sonS -Plus
of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Chat-

I j tice. :man. Mr. Cha, tman is a I
S' s :ax I Many will go to spring member of the Board of: I II LITTLE JUNIOR PARKERwith

aZ b training with their hopes!Deacons of the Mt. Ararat ,

Lucky Days, Lucky Colon high toward making the I Baptist Church.are i II I
BY ASTROLOGY g ra Q e. They are highly i t i i '

+ In You WetfclyHOROSCOPE I praised on their hustle,their: III JOE FRITZ & HIS BAND
GUIDE! hitting ability and their determination 1f f I d I..

i Sead $2.00 for Hero but when time products of the back- ill DON'T MISS THIS SIZZLING SHOW i
Guide with your comes to cut the squad and! yards, alleys, city streets, 'I
? scope, lucky ostarc.numbers they get the pink slip they city playgrounds, junior and' I -
lucky days. lucky
f Enclose a stamped envelope. wonder how' they but beenas I senior Ugh schools college, /;' FRIDAY SATURDAY SUNDAY III: ,

good ,as they were told and sandlot, teams. I ," AND HOLIDAYS Sl-CO
they were given the pink I II.I III
1 slip. .. The team is nearly at hand} MONDAY thru THURSDAY 75cSPECIAL II,
-0Ia. I
1 when the most perfect gamesto '
Ii ,!
The Washington be played will be playedin

llZil .a&d'kall tar- president, Calvin ,5entors'l I the grandstands: It is II '. I '

ZODIAC looking around for there where no errors are I .

KEN KNIGHT : attraction. as well as added j made. .where the right pitch I EARLY SthTDAY- ';
,7 P.'(X. Bas;:'nI, speed to the .club and in so I I is made at the right tone t

1 ., =---*Invite You To Listen To -: rr- I Jactsos e: 1, .Alt doing they are* attempting and the managers know ex- I ADULT MATINEE ,
to step out of the lilywhiteclass actly what player to send in.
7:00 P. M.
"KNIGHT TRAIN Name ........................ by adding Leonard Tucker Everything to know is knownin ''I TH.
six-two 205 the stand!
a pound tan grand
!l '
A Ca)IS ,.i..i........
t first baseman. Tucker will

..- Starting At 7:00 P. M. Nightly.- city state .................. report to spring. training A great season is just

EfatMay .................... Camp withthe Senators at. ahead owners,for players, fans, club VISH THE PALMS DMNGRLiWeek "
1400 WRUe 1400 ... moat A dcy their Orlando bas ., managers, umpires ,
andcaretakers .
;. .. ; groundkeepers, mascot.
ef 'the baseball stars
1 1 'Many ". ". ; ,

.. .. '"


_" _. :;:.-:... [:1_-j. :i...;,. '-: --, :" :>"L_ -;. $0 ..< ,,"''* &,::. .-- -.. -_ ;... ..:, ,.. t'\ _\._ '_ -


1 Eight THE FLORIDA STAR Week Ending Saturday. February 7. 1359

ROOM FOR RENT j. Furnished room. Modern
j conveniences Single man pre-

HAVE CASH WILL BUY erred EL 5-8733 EL57824.. ic
Large furnished room.-' 'icic

Modern conveniences. EL Modern furnished room, nera :
YOUR VACANT LOTS 4-6515. :cab bus line and shopping icic
center. EL 4-3189. EP
Call EL 4-6782 Mr. Kay kWU.I 1t Tif __ __ _n_ ..__. __

: -; ic 1

f I, I *
HIGHEST : -Indian Healer Reader and Adviser *

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.g & life? Whatever problems you might have. Madam *

pays more for lots than anyone else in town Roberts .can help you solve them and put your mindat

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SouvenirMade II Roberts is, in the Jacksonville vicinity for the very
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Friends why be messed up for the rest of your
7" X 19'/i" life? See Madam Roberts today and get rid of all A tip of the PeptI Oaf
"ANNA LUCASTA" STRAND PREMIERE! your worries and troubles tomorrow. to these outstanding
Here's one of the many tremendous dramatic scenes young Americans w*.
from. the sensational new all-Negro motion picture With this ad all readings are half price. For appointment make our country aoi
"ANNA LUCASTA." having Us Southern premiere at .and information Phone PO 5.9244at 8603 our community a better
the Strand Theatre now through Saturday. Feb. 14th. Lem Turner Road. place: In which to llr ..

The film stars Eartha Kit Sammy Davis Jr. in his ** fI
first dramatic screen role Rox Ingram and many other
z great stars. Cofeature Is "NOTORIOUS MR.- MONKS" I.
a suspense thriller. Admission is 60 cents for adults
15 cents for children. TWO BIG t,. 71"
---- -------- R ITZ SUN.WED.
26th of JULY .
Three room house. $6.50 It. "PAUL NEWMAN 4 :;. Jc

OFFICIAL COLORS street EL 62191.. 39 bed hospital has open. ,... ,lioyS: f JOAN COWNS k
0 0 IMAGE OF FIDEL CASTRO ing for nursing personel. R JACK CARSON _i 1 K
----- -- -- _
PRE PAID Building program for additional -
$1 I No Stamps or C.O-D. Help.Wanted beds to start soon.Good CNI4ASCOPE COLOR by DELUXE -2cx ROSA MAE BAKER f
i salary and full maintance DUVAL COUNTY ""
Send $1.00 with Every Maid To. live on priemlses. I Contact Administrator Brew VOCATIONAL SCHOOL JC
Pennant Ordered to: Health card and recent re-, er Hospital. Greenwood. D Rosa is a member of the :
ferences required. AT 5-6158: South Carolina. llth grade class. where (
Limited Quantity I
---- E
----- -- -- ----- L II she ,
ASSOCIATESA91 I II .t II I serves as president of
Immediate Delivery | CUSA I her
HELP WANTED I homeroom. Sho is a JC
Cuban Pesos Accepted P. O. Box 146-Naples. Fla. I MAIDS COOKS .' HOUSEWORKERS I soloist for the glee club
-:- -:-
EVERYONE SHOULD | NEW YORK a member of the Business
HAVE ONE Name ---. I We have many excellent positions open for good female I Education Club and tc
| domestic workers Steady Jobs with nice private families I an honor student. fC
Souvenir of Our Times I
Address who will treat you right and provide a nice room meals f'0'""OIr"4 "'
Conversation.Piece I and all privileges Salary to $50 weekly to start. i iI

Collectors Item I City _. State___ Transportation to New York advanced If you are looking STRAND NOW THRU SAT. FEB. 14 j d 1 r ..
Display in Home on I I for a good sleep In job contact Florida Domestic SupplyP. I I
Auto. etc. a O. Box 323 Lakeland Fla. or Phone MUtual 55504. FIRST SHOWING IN THE SOUTH i


"-.,.., .. ..- I I ;!



cI I j Meet Anna- PHILIP -tt Pepsi Cola Dealers and
I YOR014N'Swhose Pepsi Cola Bottling Company -
i father are proud to salute
0 I Don Ameche Johnon. of
threw her out 4
I the 12th grade class. He
because she .I. is a member of the Glee
Club. Annual Staff and
0 was, a trail ...... I f' president of the Latin

f RTHA KJIT 1 Club.
k'.****v**** """
.UT. !ArMV nA\1S.\ JR as u Oanrrj" -- *

o.- Uetdk! : I.--r.----: K

.. *
ADMISSION 60c Adults 15c Children H'+":. <-7p. *
(Sorry No Passes Road Show Run) r ,' X
I I; > *

you.re Roosevelt SUN. & MON. FEB. 8&9 r U '. Y $ *

t'r.,.. .' .. ,..., Yo *
Gary Cooper as "SERGEANT YORK"Plus .,.:,.: :. K
i - ok
1ST TIME AT REGULAR PRICES Wendell Is president off
.' the Sih grade class. He is I*
a member of the MarchIng -fC
1 ? Band President of the.

.. of the primary electionsunless .-' The SEAFOOD Center member Student. of Council the honor and SoCclety. av-tc-r


BONELESS DEPT. OoagratnlaUons frota ftpK
SHELL OYSTERS Bushed $5.00 *, Cola to theM three Msrtt
This will be the greatest spot in the world com Select OYSTERS 12.bz.% 98c Award vrinntn.lictea .

I Election Day. '_ KING CRAB LEGS Lb. 91.00 I to Pepsi writ....
IF YOU'VE MARRIED, MOVED OR Most all your friends will drop in. To take a hand CLAW MEAT Lb. 89c 1 aalHtatton <. Piepal Cbta

COME OF AGE SINCE THE LAST In running this country, county! city and state. To r JUMBO SHRIMP for frying Lb. 93e } TZEX.TZMK- WBHO, tae
r. voice an opinion on big things like presidents ana A Florida LOBSTERS Lb. 49c29c r, OQ jevr del! fletcrdajiPage
ELECTION. .,read this peace plans> on little things like parking meters and A 1.24.5 U UIU abt
To register a complaint about y BARGAIN .BASEMENT i
wow Even if you had pre.. FIRST VOTiRSI If you have ( bagetbeCOllectid nlikCJ. : *
vioual1regiaterednDderyour celebrated your 21st birth-. 't or approval of ,tbey do. ,LARGE ROE MULLET Lh. m V'T
maiden name, you have to day since the last election Here, your voice is as big as all the others, youropinion SPANISH MACKEREL The
register again under your (or ifyou be 21 by Election *
"new" name. Be sure your"married Day)wilget your nsme in as important as that of a Supreme Court Medium Mullet -...... Lb. 2Sc M 1
name" is in the the,.book. It's a made of Justice. SPECKLED TROUT i-b- 49c 01A ,
and rote! EP.
register ey
book maturity to
FCKCES UBIBBLSI See Butyouwontgetw if you'-notregfetered.You'reAUUD RockStriped" Bass Lb." 39c33c *
MOVBSI If yon hare stored your Voting Officer for"the locked out of the right.to vote, cut:.off from your fled Channel Ban Lb.
from the precinct where you word on how yon can rote.OOtM friends and neighbors abut out on nations!and neigh Genuine BED SNAPPER Lb. 49c *
-wen have previously to register registeredyou again., AWAY ELECTION DAn borbood issues.- Genuine FLOUNDER Lb. 45c \ y
Make sure your saw adar.a lot-before Vote first-by Absentee leave. Bal Don't miss the thria pulling the lever (marking WHITE PERCH Lb. 39c
bin the book! you *
1**** the ballot) that makes your government.un*' s k
r ( ***** SPECIAL Rushed from Norfolk Y
% And start asking' ,friend and t f
i ifititifit Register now. your" I CHERRRSTONE CLAMS dvz 7
0 neighbors.. r -
r BOOKS OPEN .o..r ,;. .
/ the book? ,
&00 AJi TO &GO PJC. :
'r- I
County Court Hose i r

MyrH AT* sal JLd_ ,, Tbea ZL "4-1IM

'=" ". e

-- .. --..- ....

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