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Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
January 24, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
January 24, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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.. '- .



Open After Jobs Sears To Boycotted Negroes *---"OR IDA sis ,t

VOL. 8 NO. 51 And NEWS JANUARY 24.1959 JACKSONVILLE 9. FLORIDA 15 f:ant s

-- --- --

New 'Variety' School Plan

Will Increase Taxation

J _____ _____ u ,_______ _____ ___ _




?' I

TALLAHASSEE. Jan. 21 Presiding 0 f fleers of the Legal represetation has been secured for a young war
House and Senate Wednesday endorsed a variety system of veteran being held on a charge of "assault with intent to
segregated and mixed schools as the measure most likelyto rape" on what has been described as flimsey evidence.
pass the next Legislature to maintain segregated schools The group_ was prompted, -- -- -.
for those who want them.The to action following an ac- ached for her throat., She
-- be ___ ___ u ______ ___ count in last week's issue of ]
plan which would j ask him: "W hat do you
..day financed! by the state would draw them from public the FLORIDA STAR which want?", but got no reply.
.. .......
'>o necessarily cost several mill- schools. The parents would revealed that Willie Roy
ion dollars and therefore result be given the pupils' share of Daniels, 22, of 752 West Ashley -: She said she screamed as."
they "fell to the sidewalk.
in ir-jreased taxation on school funds to atend another Street was being held on j
: taxed a charge of "assault to rape",:The official police report
r" already heavily I I I school, which would be privatelY although there was little I stated that "the Negro then
rantao0 acwad9rx.om.ofw+m l.c:.AY} w Floridians. operated. turned her loose and walkedto
t 1 1I evidence .o ar tantiate the
NURSE GRADS Members of the February graduating class of Practical Nurses 1 It would mean that. citizens I j I "intent to r .pe" charge. j Otto Street where he turn-
Duval County Vocational High School, which will hold exercises on Friday. Feb. ;.would be taxed to keep up I ed north." .
6, are seen here. In the front row fromlef are: Charlie Mae Harris..."Earlene John ''.three types of schoolscolored -POLICE DRIVEN I A Jacksonville group !' .
of Atty.\
son. Marion Macon. Beaulah Kimble. Grad Ellerbe and Gloria Wiggins. Second row: : schools, white schools and secured the '
Elizabeth Milledge Ozell Coles. Marlon Waddell. Jestine Holley and Flossie Parson. mixed schools. Earl Johnson,recently electd -

_.-Rear row: Julia Robinson, -0 nd_Dorothy Fulton.- -_.___ 0 __; One will describe the plan j I I!TO USE FORCE :ville president NAACP of to the represent Jackson- Yl.

as one that provides three I I Willie Daniels who is .

_ SEARS ROEBUCK BRONX-STORES :fRS, JELAFONTE:'and. flavors tuti-fruitti- chocolate schools., vanilla MAKING I I II p\ ARREST being charge held Roy of under"assault$5,000 with on intent a- l.

I .
House Speaker-designate

: "AGREE"TO' HIRE NEGRO-HELP. ., I WOTIE. +r-Thomas Springs'"BeaSl proposed: 'of the Def so-call-j niak;{{,force"Police to-reported subdue and the use arrest of Daniels to':rape.o, was
ed parent.option'bill to the,Thomas Lee Foster, 29, 1230 Jan. 4, the following day af'' : : 4otll';:
AFTER NEGROES STOP TRADING I I State Parent-Teacher Assn-'s i it (W. 14th Street last Monday ter a 61-year-old white woman ,, :'
;TO AID J NAACP t legislative conference here 'as,when they were called to a reported she was attacked -.. :<'. :' 'J'Jf.

: the o_n 1 ysolution to the racial -,I house in the 1300 block of but did not state that her /'.. :>> '
: : problem,short of abolishing -: West 25th Street to investigate attacker attempted to (" "
NEW YORK The Sears Roebuck Fordham Road and NEW YORK-Jackie Robinson -! public schools. I i, a disturbance. her. rape ;rv' .: ,
149th Street department stores in the Bronx, have agreedto 'and Mrs. Margurite Bela-I Senate President-designate j It was reported that Foster I I ',. ., v _" ';;"'J
employ Negro sales personnel following three weeks of fonte I Ii 'r The woman said on Satur- ;":, 11: ...
will head the 1959 Dewey Johnson o f Quincy,attempted to force his girl ?' > !vV
picketingby the Bronx branch of the National Associationfor Freedom Fund drive 'of the who appeared 0 n a panel, friend to re-enter a bar at day morning, January 3, a .t
the Advancement of Colored People, Herbert Hill, National Association for the i'with Beasley and other legislators -,21st and Myrtle Avenue. Say colored male got out of a car
NAACP labor secretary, reported this week. During ,the Advancement of Colored Pea'' endorsed the proposal:broke and ran and the victim on the nearby parking lot I' ;'
picketing period the company lost several hundred thou- pie, Roy Wilkins, executive\:land said he believes it would t threw a brick at her and and caught her by the arm. :. tJ
sand dollars in Negro trade. secretaryarnounced at the: pass the Senate. broke a glass in an automobile He pulled her around and 1(,:: !
The picket line was with-' --- ----'4t!>th annual meeting of the'1 State Financed I belonging to Lee Jack ---- -

drawn after agreement was, MRS. KIRKPATRiCK'SBURIAL ON MONDAY }Association_ Both,- are held experienced recently. in,,, both The segregated state would and integrated finance-f son.Foster chased the girl NEWS BRIEFSI WILLIE..gets ROY legal DANIELS aid

reached at the conclusion of j ja the' position, Mr. -Robinson. schools under the plan friend to her house on West t t .
series of conferences of Funeral services have been having served as chairman'and parents could take 'their:25th Street where he attemp-
NAACP leaders with the' scheduled for Mondav at 1 cf the 1957 drive and Mrs.I choice. Similar plans have ted to enter but was stoppedby r I I II I II
executivesand Bethel Belafonteas co-chairman drawn support from Atty. a brother. He jumped on FIRE DEATHS CHARGED M'I
store's personnel min Baptist ,
with Commissioner El- p.Church for Mrs. Alice Kirk- (with Duke Ellington) of the I Gen. Richard Erviiu i the brother and received ]lac- TO LAKE CITY MAN_ :j,i MAN GIVES MONEYI
rations about I TO FUM FLAMMERS
mer Carter of the State patrLk,a well-known charity drive last year. Both are al I Beasley,told the P-TAdele-1 7:said. the face, police } An EO-tc.: .--()',f man *asflimHammed
$500 life members of the forced LAKE CITY Eddie Rice
and social leader of this city so gates integration I
Commission Against Discri- who :died in Brewster Hos- Association. In addition, Mr., would destroy the free public j "When we attempted to arrest was charged with manslaughter Friday of last
mination. Picketing was begun -,pital following an ,illness. Robinson is a member of. the'schools "just as surely as a|I I} Foster, he objected so vi- in the fire deaths of his" bills week of $1.600 in $10 and $20
by two
following an NAACP j. Mrs. Kirk, as she was Board of Directors. (t legislative .a c t" and if it olently we"were compelled to two young children, Dolly smooth talking
use ,
police said. men to
survey of employment practices -,known to her mane frircid" Climaxing, annual driveis J I came to a Choice, he would t Patrolmen Lewis C. Wil-) and Carolyn who were found ,!b::? rl: out 27 ages and -ypars-oM.appeared
l'csidetat!) 503 'West SMi f- ''the Freedom Fund dinner,have to \' 'Le to close the t dead when Rice's frame
in retail stores in 'and Alvin R. James The pair talked Joseph Is-
major 'The remains r:ill rest :"h'ch this year will beheld I schools. investigated. Set.$ B. W. Ken-I home burned several weeks\ral, 1988 W. Fifth Street ''
The reveled 9)-
the borough. survey state at her home from 1 in New York City on Dec. 6. The parent-option bill:dail l approved the report. a O-Yo.I to drawing his cr.vinp's frcnia
-that many of t estc.'es mvSrfldiy nlil the lam : would make such a choice I State Atty. Slighter said
a. t Foster was arrested and doxvntov/n bank were not employing cf th2 ':service but wiJ; n; t unnecessary he said.PARENTS' duet Rice's common-la t wife had it 'Lee
_ YOUTH FREED t fight n Negroes in"visible" posit-, be viewed at. the church. CHOICEA and destroying private confessed stilkinj the chi.d-, trhorc the '.t);(i\1 meet him.
11. except' Survivors include a son, parent-option law would,I ren over the head with an 1 The men got the money from
However, a
ions. John ,Snyder, -daughter,Mrs. IN allow parents who didn't I ron bar but that he had or-1 ilsral and disappeared.
___ Sears Roebuck, promptly'Thelma Johnson, sister, Mrs. SHOOTING want their children to attend property.SEN11NCED dered the bodies to be dug'
changed their policies after Eugenia Grant foster son, Integrated classes to with-: up for an autopsy because' Investigating! the fraud are
representation had been made'to Isaac (Kitty) Roberts. other OF t her confession did not fit 1 Det.-Sgts. II.,B. Simmons and
them by the NAACP. relatives. STEPFATHER i WOMAN LOSES the facts. II. J. Davis and Sgt. J. C.
At the conclusion of the:! director Dallas is Graham in charge, funeral of arrangements >MONEY BEFRIENDING|TO PRISON FOR DURING TWO INFANTS COLD WAVE DIE j!F?Kits.

talks;Sears Roebuck management -', GREEN '.COVE SPRINGS-| 12-YEAR-OLD BOY'i I I _
to inform the I ;Chares Peterson: 19-year-old I SHOOTING WIFE OCALA The recent cold! WOMAN IS BEATEN .
agreed ;
Bronx NAACP branch when I|BISHOP TO PREACH +:!:Negro youth was cleared ofa 'i I Mrs Nora Williams, 37,rI i wave was_ apparently' the 11]I h I' BY BOY FRIEND .
murder' charge at a preiimiaary 1490 W. 24th Street told cause of death of two infants j I
vacancies :_occur and promised i;(,IN ST. PAUL SUNDAY, hearing Thursday.police she lost$34 out of her i rear Ocala last Saturday. and I JPolIce arrested Ben Jen-
to 'employ qualified Negro J when Judge Thomas Rivers pocketbook when a'youth, Sunday nights.. jkins I 61, 1958 Madison Street
:applicants Services Sunday at ,St..j;:ruled the slaying. of his step about 12-years-old asked to A 40-year-old"matt was sentenced The parents of. 7monthsold -'I and charged him with disorderly
SearS, Roebuck has Branch!I[Paul will begin at 9:30 a. m.!!: .i1her.Levi Johnson, 58,was use her bathroom last Satur- last Tuesday to a six- Barbara' Alice Waters:. conduct and drunken-
the oouthJ!(with W. D- Sweet and tea-f F justifiable homicide. 'day. month to five-year prison took' her into the bed with!Sness: when he beat and threw

stores throughout'* acksonvi11e where, chers in charge of Sunday The shooting occ red at the She said the boy came and term for shooting his com them last Sunday night. Th.e'baby Mrs. Georgia Mickens, 48, .of
mon-law wife
including T 'School] followed with youths I in the chest an discrimination n is morn : home. in the High-I knocked on her; door. and was lead Monday.the s.3me address downstairs,
i.nm il a iricludkig rrfteal,ing worship at 11 a. m.. and land community 1 a'steeJC:asked if she knew where stomach during an argument. morning,. c/pirently: from police said.
practiced;, the Negro'Bishop' S L.Green,: presiding ':::1.&dgJ 'Rivers: said', evidence Martha Let ,lives, and;\ Marion McMillan. of- 2604 natural cau '!:.. the examinig -'.
IMoncrief BxL who wascharjged Mickins
advertise MV-i. raid Jenkins
o, ,. '- prelate of the 11th "Episeop She'-:boy. was acting when she, told him she did t with assault with :intent > physician said. j J i her 7-.friend ;
J horn
press. District and senior bishop 'o! : came 3
.< t ;e'of' his mother and i not he asked to"'use her bath-'i t to murder hufthe shooting of',, Sandra Heflin, :3-months-i, '* '
urui \st and whA
thr'ckM i the AME church will deliver ;r.Rhm' ,he killed 'i'd smothered Sunday
The success' of the his room. 'She showed him ,the 1.:Miss Lilly 'Belle Taylor] 27, was accidfTitly -'she him about it, he: ba-
ing7?,drive in: New V. M.LC- message. :.t -. -T with a shotgun way to the bathroom and re-0:pleaded'' guilty tar the less ?C while sleeping with her I, .
coMing..ro;. local to* 1st I a'1 Music wiil be in charge: o- sses said Petersonnpting turned* to the kitchen. Later rjous; offense of aggravate; parents at Santos, the!car.em. and jumped .on
i he/ beat her '
the Gospel Chorus and the sheriffs s! up. ShtrwaaI
to office
good example of 'c .: halt his rshe I found her pocketbooks'ncney as.::cult C 'iaalCourtjM- repOrted.il-|'taL. .
t'' NoN Ada Bracy Chorum 'On'Sun-, -from beating his!' ton and Et1HcflLi, the .I Medical CenT
can be made .1 Ipca ,'. I 1 .,. gone, she told police- A. LIo>, I .,ton: imposed theindetersnirate pa-i'.ter .oolicecar: ...
& afternoon at m.the :
groes pooling f J-','b 7ir. 1 y D. 1h fi'th stepfather!|oran on the bed and her prison Tin. rents, said they took the baby *
resources*" and r. tt : 7 ''ACternooarof'lkjuadc- t-r. .. L an:Peterson with i', Patrolmen Robert- George The State Parole ( rssiojLwill n-the: .bed-witl-- :them Safur-E'-r" 1re: *:zri T LT Mays aid
with firms-thai : ?ord !.f II;the ,direction. of .,,.[ ,\Vit%-H: :;'a'" '.:refused to halt, Pesot -and Clarence. Barton inves- "ecidehow ....... t:,. : ight toJ l lep it warm. I W3 o 1 o in o n i. vesMgaf:
grow; iairfand,equai*neat iaM1: : W'"II.:be p:' -:.:: :: .- theelderly man,' abated. Sgt S. Weston'ejv time :McMillan will && ..,t i-.. Waters: family lives at 1 t Sgt.Solorro" "lesson appoved -

ment. .+i.*-. -- ..-..---: tf .' 'churcl.. 1 '': oiL .. ,.n *"*""*.n.I"t?' testimOny.. ipra i ;zJ 4ie report.. i I the indetonuinr.teNsnt 1 : .) ;t Lowell. 0 the rqv ..

.... 4 .


Page Two THE FLORIDA STAR ., Week' Ending Saturday. January 24 195t


THE FLORIDA STAR C L fSS"sgP "Politics- As Usual"

NEWS 150,a Lyk.
Published by The Florida Sirs Publishing Co. w

"Member of Associated Negro Press'

,Eric O. Simpson __,.___EditorC. ? of the most. frequent complaints heard from Jackson
ville citizens and visitors both young as well as matured.
Parham Johnson .--___News Staff is that the city is "dead" and offers very little in the way

Altamae Richardson ___..Circulation Dept. of entertainment and recreation after dark.
? ; -- -
IJc:6 One of the principal rea-:
; sons Jacksonville is gaining selling cocktails and ot-
2323 MoncrU Road d'''_' ..... EL 4-87S2 EL 4.6783
the reputation of a "dead,Itown" i her beverages during the
Downtown Branch Office: 423 Broad St. Phone EL 4-3773 HARDER- -- .5. I.bJ;.: :+ mYOUNG' ; is the fact that everything !i, night at least up to 2 a.m.

Mailing Address! I I. T closes down a t mid-:I to make it worth the while,
FELLOW .d. y night.For it goes without : because patrons can only en.
P. O. Box 561. Jacksonville 1. Florida
saying that after the bars joy] but a very limited a-

SUBSCRIPTION RATES / 1R and lounges are closed every;: mount of beverages say from

One Year, $5.00; Half Year, $3.00: Three Months. 51.80 thing else closes. ]9 p. m. to 12 p. m., unless
they their cocktails
Mailed To You l r / -" --" Presentation
Anywhere The United States. 'y K ;,
i Li quick succession.
Subscription: Payable in Advance. Send Check or Money Order To: Aft/A. lhi of popular

FLORIDA STAR-P. O. BOX JACKSONVILLE 1. FLORIDA ; <. / r : c; .fingers, name' The midnight closing of
6 rouc Jrtj'1 '' bands
or any !i cocktail lounges deprives
r. other type of ;, endless thousands of working
) 1\ #
"" I
OVERCHARGE THE TAXPAYER .rr c 4 t f ,, )\ shows is very people of the opportunity of

"-1" <:, '" t.--..;JS> ,\. : .,.'.) i t\ |;rare for the:: a few hours of entertainment -
:::. '(' fact that night i because the average
: if""t_ 1 '. ... :L ..... ,./ {club and bar and
HOW TO MAKE A LOT OF MONEY \ :, ... I working man woman
: ..-').. .1r i'7I" -<. ; .
''' .", '-' .:'. '_ ,owners would., can not get back out for an
:") .; A: .,;...'r.. .r- / (
"" .; >]suffer a great of entertainment be-
r.. .. ...JP. (, .. '" evening
2' s; ;.r
.1.... 'J.:".: .\..._- "'""-4..".:I.-..', ....... ?:r&-../' -" .' :i to present fore 9 to 10 o'clock. They
:. ..,..r\-; ;f.. ;; 1'IOSS shows must go home, have dinner,
Now comes the news that companies doing business with ". '
-' 4' THEY 5W4TOBE .""' .' .:: : ...;..:- ( topnotch j get a little rest, and in the
the have made almost three of billion .. j
Pentagon .
quarters a : SIMPSON
: ,' HAVING/ DIFFICULTY ., -i.': : entertainers -i case of children, see them to
dollars in excess profits in the last five years. The Government's PEI2HAPS I'D BETTER :.'.-c....: d \,,' and have to close down at| bed before going out 'And
Renegotiation Board reports that since the 1953 ; n NOT USE THE_ 11
midnight. I by that time it is almost 10
fiscal year, it has ruled companies must refund a total of t ( Y t HATETACT to 10:30: which leaves them
$723,055,054 in June 30 1958. *-e>fiJHfca aT < Admission fees to
excess profits through see a 'l'very little time to enjoy
This means that the American taxpayer has been over- STRONG CIVIL RIGHTS LEGISLATION TAKES PROFIT OUT OF HATE. top-notch show hardly cover themselves.
charged an average of more than $144 million a year so the cost of bringing in good
that the pockets of Big Business can be lined with gold. entertainment; therefore the Citizens are beginning to

In the year ending last June 30, the board found! ,defense entrepreneurs must depend i clamor for an extension of the
contractors made excessive profits off of Uncle Sam of ; closing hours to 2 a. m. and

more than $112 million. That's not bad for a bunch of men i- Your Weekly it would be well if our city
who claim to hate "excessive government." ancial and social side of the .. and county officials take
picture. You may be quite steps to rectify this situation
Horoscope Guide successful in your professional !1: which has reached a stage

endeavors or you may be ,: where the morale of active:
NEW able to extract a good deal people i'j becoming low-
CUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL of concrete, practical support.t I The early closing law is
from: your parents or from robbing Jacksonville of a

some persons in authority. :: great deal of business that
the month of J a n ua r y, the annual March of
Dimes Campaign will be conducted again. And the 1959 By PABLO, The ASTROLOGERARIES You might h a v e sold advantageously -:! would come from people

observance will be the most important in its long history- ; promise much, particular if LIBRA business interests -:'passing! through as well asi
: i i
or cashed in i revenue that would
and the most deserving of universal support. 21 thru 20 have succeeded in Born on some !I come
Born March April i ;you beingi Sept. 23 thru Oct. 22 inheritance around ; from additional business.
The March of Dimes was originally directed at polio,and The picture looks as goodas i warm and socially expansive I Your mind, however can 13th January i i 1
I enabling to fulfill J Jacksonville is
out of it came theeat, Salk vaccine. The polio fight is it can .be with regard to | without being at the same be seen operating with full ambition. you growing .
I your There is. however rapidly Thousands
not the Detroit of this demon- ; people
over as epidemic year your business interest and lime boisterous or too much efficiency whenever your ''
strated. It will be continued until final victory is won. I The I an insistent emotional from all parts of the nation -
the financial outcome of your of a good-time addict. emotions and your desires to problem
But the March of Dimes is to do much It is you have to face-j j who are unaccustomed
now more. public endeavors. Y ou.no Sun in sextile to Jupiter fa- take almost any attractive probably '.
sponsored by The National Foundation, hitherto known as doubt, have worked quite: vors your endeavors t 0 increase chance do not interfere or L-50334931253PISCES not a new one. to the dreary life are now

the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis. That I hard for the results, so allis the number of your muddle u p the picture ol f ville living in this area. Jackson-
in is For the March of is a big city so it is time I
change name mightily significant. well-provided you do not associates and companions. your situation. The first daysof I for
Dimes is moving against new targets. The first of these i take unnecessary risks and I'yet there is still a real danged this week are very favor- f us like to wake and stop acting .

are two of the greatest cripplers of all arthritis and you do control your emotional that you will exaggerate able for cashing in on solid i hicks. a bunch of country I

birth defects. At least 11 million Americans suffer the painof I urges. These urges might I the buoyant and optimistic gains and investing your Born .Feb. 19 thru March 20 *

arthritis and rheumatism. and some 250,000 infants are lead you into an expensivelove 1 attitude8 money. Some restless friends The development of your ELECTION
born each year with some sort or defect. The National affair and 90 88 89 86 S86 mind STRAWSThe
possibly even -- may urge you on, for their and of friendship or word is
out that
Foundation will now bring its great resources to bear in I into some kind of physical/ own interest or fun. Keep partnership with intellectual members several
of the
seeking victories over these cripplers -even as it continuesits city com
or psychological hangover! steady and sober. or metaphysical groups is I mission will
face stiff
work in the field of opposition -
polio. still
330222921332TAURUS LEO 110901387117SCORPIO very much in the fore .
The March of Dimes needs help. Give it en- sources
Born July 23 thru Aug. 22 ground. Foreigners and men there
say are at least two
thusiastically and generously. This should be an excellent of vivid religious beliefs are man aspiring for the
Born April 21 thru May 20 week either for home-life en- quite likely to attract you. Commissioner Mayor
Born Oct. 23 thru Nov. 22 post. One of
The week should begin You
joyment or for real estate can learn much from them has
beautifully, with real financial deals. One of parents You will tend respond in a them, or from their books. plenty financial

BISHOPS STRIKE AT SEGREGATIONStrong success and perhaps the might contribute your greatly to jovial, expansive influence way, also butNeptune's 5-70-77-69-76-576 t ing backing"bids"and for is support.Our already. seek ;

settlement in favor of a may
your your happiness, and be a
legal matter involving a con-II source 0 f inspiration. You affect your mind, making it

support for the forces seeking to strike down racial tract or partnership. After should also perhaps do very I wide open to many broad .

injustice has come from two major religious sources- the 18th, Venus starts mak-II good work at home if you i factors and influences that

the Catholic Bishops of the United States and the Councilof ing discordant aspects again..I open yourself to the flow of might confuse or unfocus

Bishops of the. Methodist Church. Your relationship: t 0 your i I inspiration. After the 18th. you. It may be all good and

The Catholic hierarchy, at a meeting Washington, D. parents and your home, or however, emotional tensionsare you may feel wealthy and ,

C., expressed the view that enforced segregations "cannotbe your real estate interests, likely to develop, perhapsin important-y e t there are i
reconciled with the Christian view of our fellow man." may be disturbed or your I relation to your marriage still emotional problems to
The Methodist in Cincinnati reaffirmed restlessnessmay I I face at home and within your
Bishops, meeting c w n personal partner or to some_ contractor self. very liberal
their support of the Supreme Court decision on segrega- flare up. I ( partnership) which may The public-life versus earnings
I are com Each account i
private-life dilemma is *
tion in the public schools and "earnestly urge all our peo- 760665965765GEMINI have contained deceiving very pounded *S.mi. '
active. 7;;; Insured to
;; up
ple to accept the rulings of the courts in good faith.*' I' clauses. 9-36-22-29-21-931 Annually on Sar- ACI $10.000 by the

The Catholic Bishops based their view" of enforced segregation -i 2-70-66-!-.65; -275 lags in ibis AIIO- I '4 J % Federal Saying

on two "fundamental. reasons: Born May 21 thru June 20 SAGITTARIUS lotion which Is CJ ) ind Loan Incur
"Legal segregation, or any form of compulsory segrega- This looks like a fine and Born Nov. 23 thru Dec. 21 i chartered and sue ANIWIr :f. anc Corporation
tion, in itself and by its very nature imposes a stigma of successful week,'at least until -I VIRGO Financial and professional pcrrittd by the ._.2 '=.:.=: 't, authorized by an

inferiority upon the segregated people. Even if the nqw the 18th. You may have Born Aug. 23 thru Sept. 22 I matters are particularly favored U. S. Government act of CongressSUPPORT J
obsolete court doctrine of 'separate but equal' had been much to do but it to excellent
ought It should be an ; also dealings with
carried out to the fullest extent, so that all public and
be and and all
profitable doing, as tune for writers peo- firms 0 r the government.The .
semi-public facilities were in fact equal, there is nonethe-
well a pleasing and inspiringform employed in jobs related Sun
less the judgment that an entire race, by the sole fact of I of ple f I comes to a sextile I
activity. Business tot h e communication 0 with
I Jupiter, and this is a
race and regardless 0 f individual qualities, is not fit to
conditions favorable. sales ,
I are esi news and ideas, and for fine expansive influence.'
associate on equal terms with members of another rrce.
i p'[ icilly If you are working: men. Prop :ganda for whatever Your inner life should Iich: L .
Wa cannot reconcile such a judgment with the Christian I
fcr an influential person. cf .ter ; most, and and
you personally productive, and you
view of man's nature and rights."It .
for a Governmental age:-v. sl. uld gring valuable might become aware of
is a matter of historical fact that segregation in our Travel however leaao I' Educational and l -
may inner
: guidance. After the 18
country has led to oppressive conditions and he denial of ,
I disturbing emotional ccr .- intellectual plans should be emotional tensions ;
basic rights for the Negro. Tills Is evident in the fundamental lions or to greater expenses pushed be re the 18th. Af- you feel disturbed may .arise. :

fields of education, job opportunity and housing.. I than you had expected. ter that, emotional tensions, some may unexpected and hidden by : THE DRIVE

Flowing from these areas of neglect and discrimination are S80997898897CANCER perhaps developing in relation enmity or jealousy, the real

problems of health and the sordid train of evils so often to your job or your employees cause of which may not be

associated with the consequent slum conditions." have to be watched clear. FOR BETTER TREATMENTOF

The Methodist Bishops recalled their past formal support Born June 21 ihru July 22 carefully. 4-20-11-10-13-429
that kind of social climate which will work toward the The first days of the week. 6-40-55-39-54-643

- elimination of friction between any and all racial groups CAPRICOB1TBorn NEGROES BY LOCAL FIRMSI

and ultimately achieve the realization of Chritian brother; GET YOUR HOROSCOPE READING Dec. 22 thru Jan,

hood in all community relation North and South and DM this coupon. Learn more' aboat joarMlf. Bend 1O tIf"fttII" (we It could be a splendid 181 would like to see a new policy of better treatment .

everywhere in the world." dime ta coin) far eeefc botoeoope ordered fey matt Include .*U for philosophical or religious to Negro customers adopted by local firms

"We seek with the guidance of the Holy Spirit to createof *ddrf red,stamped enrHnpn. Write fUtMlj. TUm efter doe not apply. studies. History should give I resent bIng called by my firs name by salesman

the Supreme Court decision outlawing school segrega- ta mldeata the dominion of Chf' iJ you .a vaster perspective: as and saleswomen.
tion: you seek to understand what I believe that Negro patrons should be provided
-, - -
"We heartily commend those lay people, pastors and r J PABLO. FORIDA.STAR ASTROLOGER !s happennig to you and to .ample resi room facilities in local ectahliihments and

bishops who demonstrated Christian courage in critical the whole world. You may, an end put to Jim-crow signs on drmldnf: fonntates
areas. In these days of extreme tensions we commend-our I r P. ''O. BOX -561. I II be influenced by to, reign and rest TOOSJS.

people who, not always sharing the sune.attitudes. on in- I JACKSONVILLE I, FLA. r > thinkerjs or by legal minds'1 To accomplish these. change I set witting to cease:

tegration, are determined to demonstrate in their own I :. and your ideals may greatly r pats' nising firms that are unwilling to meet thN

lives the qualities of undersan ding:>>1, tol&ince and brother expand watch your emoUon-1 'ftqI1 U.KAME .

hood." I = ___ t 1 1I al reactions and
The Bishops said they were "disturbed" by bombings of ances.

churches, synagogues and schools, and reminded their people I 1-10-44-15-43-143
that "to obey the law only when it suits us is to invite Oty 'o'. : --vtater I ADDRESS

others to do likewise and that ultimately leads to anarchy.' -' AQUARIUSBorn I imdentand that my *me will! be held .

They called for respect for law "&s Christian moral ob I slbtIi: : : '. _';'F.--- I ,Jan. 20'In Feb. 18 deatlal tiniest Indicated otherwise below. calf!.

ligation' -' .' L- .-..-.-, :::.' .;: -";- '. ,. :: ...; This week, however, starts
-. -,""" ;"" ,-'\ most auspiciously on the lia- -s.- ) Tom may.dlsdon icy'aaa: >> U ar 1Ih..J' t

... I. > -:, {;;;; ; : : t
.. : -, ", :'' '--' : : .jS ; ,
; .f
;-i ;; :' ::: : : .::. :.0 ,,; '

1! -t

.. ..
... j ..


WeekEadlagSaturday. January 24 1959 THE Page Three


; ;


f The Glendale Social Saving q- rk M y b
Charity Club sponsored its By

r .as annual party recently in the
home of the ReV and Mrs. S .,
Eddie Taylor. Gifts were exchanged
by the members and I

guests. Mrs. Juanita Everett,j f ? J:;}. 1.;.
a member, is recuperating in I II 0. L, a' S.

Homer E. Gaines, Detroit, grand master, Prince Hall !fuoD.l'I I I her home. I a .
ot Michigan; Don L. Crawford, Dayton Ohio Fashion-conscious women can thank designers for a much
Frontiers of America Dr. Rosa Gran, Detroit, president, Na !
Uonal Association of Colored Women, and B. D. Harrison/ UNITED EUREKA CLUB c c yearned for gift later In 1959 the return of the natural

Shreveport, La., president, National Negro County Agricultural l I I CONDUCTS MEETING i waistline. Although the "slightly off" waistline will be
Agents Association, urge generous contributions to the 1959 The' United Progressive
March of Dimes. The expanded program of The National roan*t' I' Eureka Club] held iis: meeting featured in some instances according lo the experts you're

-dation require, formerly$65,000,000 the National in March Foundation of Dimes for Infantile funds this Paralysewill yeaj .1 recently at the home of1 I right if you accentuate the "naturaL" Wide belts to em-

Polio, arthritis and birth defects are the initial targets of Thf Mr. and Mrs. Bosie Mencer,]I phasize the neat waistline daring colors and proper hem-
National Foundation. The winning polio oomm edf 1811 West 23rd Street with I
rod : lines are the paints to watch and even though the changeis
The National Foundation to you\ far (MfroiM Mtnrjf. 'Robert L. 'Williams acting I
Dimes contributions. _'- --isa.- rj j. not too apparent. Now Spring and Summer fashions

president presiding. will follow this trend.IncidentalY .
-- --- --- -- ----- The books are open for

HOMEMAKERS CLUB '' membership. 9f M'l A held on to your "round"-toe shoes as ii is
PEOPLEMrs. ELECTS OFFICERS expected that these too shall make a graduol return to the

CLUB ELECTS NEW scene. As for the return of the large heel we're afraid to,
I Officers of the Eveready
OFFICERS IN MEETING b r y1 Just crossed.
keep toes
say. your
Homemakers Club Soutbside
Rebecca E. Linningof :
I Election of officers were t
1061 Clay Street has returned were elected in a meeting recently held recently in the home of This child stricken by polio and thousands of other-children .
home from Duval held in the home of Mrs. Eliza McQueen for the afflicted by polio, arthritis and birth detects will walk only because
Medical Center after havingan Mrs. Minnie Barnes, They you cared enough to give Jo the 1359 March of Dimes.
will be installed in the next Sweet Dream Social and More disease fighters like Dr. Jfoa,i F. pure*, chief of ortho- Mesdames Louise Walton Charlotte Stewart and Nelly-
operation. She is a mem- trained ,
Saving Club. Officers elected 1 pedic services at the Tuskt- Insh'ci* Lr:':Ua vdll be
ber of the Harmony Baptist meeting. ,; were: Mrs. Eliza McQueen (with March of Dim-! r March of Dimes, vonne Russell were happy prize winners at the recent

Church, superintendent of New officers are. Mrs; Eve president; Mrs. Carrie Lloyd, Jan. 231.BRANCH. meeting of the Smart Set Bridge Club. Held in the lovely
Lewis oresident Mrs. A.
the Sunday School, recording James vice president Mrs. vice-president; Mrs. Essie G. Avenue B, home of Mrs. Leon Bland, activities for the
secretary of Phyllis Wheatley ;
L. Barnes, financial secretary; GUILD evening consisted of a brief session followed by rounds of
Chapter No.52 Order of East Bryant, recording secretary Mrs. M. Stanley, assistant YWCA ELECT WESLEYAN I

, ern Star, Financial secretaryof ; Mrs. B. Alston, financial Mrs. Lottie McCount, trea-; MRS. McGEE AS PRES. GIVES TEA PARTYThe bridge, and a delicious repast. -
Mrs. G. Mc-
the wide deaconess secretary
city ; Mrs. Eula Jones I Mrs. Elizabeth Simmons of the hostess
union. Millan, parliamentarian; Mrs surer; ,chap- special guest ,was
M. Barnes, treasurer. lain; Mrs. Pearl Denifield, Branch YWCA elected :Members of the Inez Evans consequently awarded the prize in that category.
treasurer James Guild of
special ; Wesleyan Service
Mrs. Ethel M. Powell,' the I' Officers and members of The Smart Set Mrs. Hor-
Lloyd, business manager and officers during monthly Ebenezer Church will sponsor are:
Mrs.Lois Cain spent the holi, Home was Demonstration and submitted'Agent, Mrs. Mary Scott, reporter. meeting with Mrs. Thomas their Japanese Tea Party,I' tense Williams Gray, president; Mrs. Lola Schell. vice

guest days in of Miami her brother as the and house-sis' plans present for the year to the club I' '! McGee holding the election. January 28 from 7:30 p. m. : president; Mrs. Vivian Holmes recording secretary; Mrs.

ter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. The next meeting will be: FEAR NOT CHARITY :The officers for 1959 areMrs. to 950: p. m. '!Charlotte Stewart financial secretary: Mrs. Thelma Lewis
Guests to wear Japanese -
ie Jones and nephew Wills I I held. February 3. CLUB GIVES EVENTThe |r, Lillian T. GoosbYBranch costumes.are Prizes will be i treasurers Mrs. Lois Iszard chaplain; Mrs. Elizabeth Down-

wife, Mr. and Mrs. James Chairman; Mrs. Hortense awarded to the three persons ing; Mrs. Thomasena Engram; Mrs. Gloria Brooks; Mrs.

Thomas. She also visited Mr. :SEMI SAVING CLUB Fear:Not Charity Club Brewington, first vicechairman wearig the most beautiful(i Joan Spauldng; Mrs. Louise Walton and Mrs. Nellyvonne
and Mrs. Fe 1 ton Coleman 1
Mrs. Martha Baker, costumes: The charm of the Russell.
ELECTS OFFICERS sponsored its annual party ;
and the Rev. and Mrs. A. L. of I
Orient will be the theme 1
Shipp. I recently in the home of Mrs. second vice-chairman;_ Mrs. I .
'the tea. S .
I Ruth Parker 4938 Buffalo >
Ruby Morrissette secretary,
The Semi Civic
S s s Saving 1'Avenue, with Mrs. Etta Par-: Mrs. F ra n c e s Johnson,I
I Club met in the home of Mrs. .and Mrs. G. B. Gardner, fin--'chairman of the Guild's Social II
; ker, as co-hostess. '! Mr. and Mrs. Jr. of 5832 Iris Boulevard
The Moncrief Needlework P. Alden and elected officers, Members ance chairman. Committee. announcedthat I Roy Sykes, were
Sewing Circle held its annual: for 1959. Officers 3re: Mrs.E.: ; ana g u est ex I l at home to several out-of-town relatives over the week-
changed gifts. Guests present Mrs. Goosby comes to the her committee is mak-I
party recently in the homeof Small, president Mrs. F. McDonald -. end. ._ .
I at the affair were: Mrs.: chairmanship with a back- ing plans render a pro- '.

West Mrs.20th Gertrude Street. Nairn,1456,Mrs. M., first Thompson vice-president, second; .. Laura Small, Mrs. Gussie: ground of community service gram during the affair- Enjoying the hospitality of the lovely couple were: Dr.
Wilson Mrs. Allie M. Tho- and has served
i \'kepresidentfrs.; L. Hair,j jII II ( as president James Wilson of Birmingham Alabama; Dr. and Mrs. J.E.
Martha Baker PTA
Mrs. Mrs several schools
t mas, jof or-
Mrs. E. R. Simpson con-II treasurer; Mrs. M. Bogins, Lavinia Oneal, Mrs. TheresaO. I ganizations. In the YWCA of the YWCA. The other of- Parker Buffalo. New York: Atty. and Mrs. James Robinson -

!, financial secretary' Mrs. Dorothy Butler Mrs. of the ficers have splendid records New York City and our own Mrs. B f Bush,
tinues ill in her home at 829 Gilmore sinking fund I Il Myrtis she is a past president ; o n n e, a
West 17th Street. She is the!,I treasurer Mrs., M. Bognis, Shootes and Raymond Robinson. -''B, & P Club and chairman of of YWCA and other community cousin of Mrs. Sykes.
wife of the Rev. E. R. Simpson l porter. I I( the membership committee organizations. I
of Zion Hope Baptist I S ,
pastor The next meeting for the I I II I
Church. club is scheduled for this I

I week in the home of Mrs. HOME-SEWER RATES HIGH IN FASHION The Hellenesian Bridge Club welcomed Mrs. Vernal J.

Mrs. Mamie Polite return Ruth 1103 Grothe 1 ., _I .
I Burrough, McCone as a new member last Saturday evening at a meet-
ed to the city from New Street.
York City after spendig two! by EVELYN CUNNINGHAM gloves and purses or leavingoff ing held in the home of Mrs. Bernice Hamilton on West

months with her ill daughter ANNUAL PARTY Liy all make-up as some of 12th Street. Mrs. Lois, Iszard was special guest.
Mrs.Hattie Polite Porter. i the current crop of movie'
GIVEN BYSMART stars do.This is for"charac- High scorers for the evening consisted of Mrs. Pearl

Mrs. Rosa Lee Ragins and SET CLUB 1 II ters" and not for the vast Miller. Mrs. Geraldine Jones, and Mrs. Leon Bennett

Mrs. Katie M. Bryant left I ; majority of women who want while Miss Margaret Williams qualified for consolation.

the city recently for Savan- The Smart Set Social Club to dressed be and admired as, inexpen-smartly Other members present included Mrs. Claudia Jenkins,

nah, Georgia to b eat the held its annual party recently sively as possible. Mrs. Carolyn Washington, Mrs. Evelyn Barnes. Mrs.Leola

bedside of their cousin, Mrs. in the home of Mr- and" .. Dudley, Miss Bernice Griffin, and Mrs. Kathyrn Robinson.
Jennie Ford. They are members Mrs. Eddie Muller with w A feat in high-style is

of Second ,Baptist dinner served by Edgar Rob-' ..R' accomplished in these two S t a
Church. dresses, made by McCall's
bins. Gifts were exchanged
i : "Easy Sew" Printed
Alfonso E. Bivins of New between members of the, Patterns. The gently fitted Mrs. Hazel Lillienthal was hostess when the Feminae '

York City spent the holidaysin club and Amos Rose distri- one-piece dress with the Gravitae Ladies met last Wednesday evening at 521 Jessie

the city with his mother, buted the gifts. Empire line (McCall'sPat Street. Mrs. Mary Breaker was guest.
Guests present were: Mr. t '
Mrs. Lucille B. Sheppard, and Mrs. Amos Rose, Wheeler ,\ + a tern 4744)) has simple, feminine The election held during the meeting resulted in the
lines that
other relatives and friends. Salley,1Irs. Harriett Lewis !'L flattering to a are just as as present date of officers being re-elected to their respective
Mr. and Mrs. dam Muller, to a.middleager.Made positions: Mrs. Catherine Burns, president; Mrs. Mary
Mr. and Mrs. Hubert T. Mrs. Carrie Wilson. Mr. and Jones vice president: Mrs. Bonnie Bush. recording secretary

Alexander of 532 Bur__ bank. Mrs. Norman Davenport..Mr.I ,. here in a beige, ; Mrs. Hallie H 0 11 0 w a y. financial secretary; Mrs.
St., Williamsburg, va. an- i and Mrs. Dennis Parrish,Mr. Yr lightweight wool, it is equal.( Gussie Cunningham treasurer: and Mrs. Julia E. Brooks.
nounce the birth of their son, and Mrs. Frank Johnson,t ; ly effective in a silk,print,' business manager. .
Alexander Jr. I faille, cotton or jersey.
Hubert T. Mrs. Kosa :Hampton, Willie r
November 8 1958. h Wonderfully versatile, this .
Johnson Mrs. Marie Wilder S e
; dress to work, to
Mrs. Alexander is the for- ; goes goes
Mrs. Ethel Thomas, Mrs. .
luncheon to a date.
this a or goes
mer Bobby Burns of city.Mr. Julia Latimer, Mr. and Mrs. ak And in each instance it's The visit of Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Alexander (she is the

and The Mrs.grandparents L. R. Burns are and Howard Johnson, Sr., 'Mrs. "right." former Bobbie Burns) to the city for the first time in the

the Isabell Stewart,James Jones, New Year and the first time since the arrival of young
Mrs. Robbie Baker is !Miss Yvonne Williams Mrs. The other dress, just as
Hubert, Jr.. resulted in a most delightful coffee last
great-grand*mother.s A. Collins, Mr. and Mrs. simple ba,bit more sopbis-i II Saturday afternoon in the home of Mrs. Alexander's parents -

William Dow and Mrs. Vivian ticated, features basic lines Mr. and Mrs. Liston Burns, Sr., of Davis Street.Mrs
Miss R. V. Judge. daughterof Wiggins. that permit the- wearer to :Robie[ Baker, grandmother, was present and assisted, as
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel move the wasitlioe up, down hostess.

Judge, left the city recentlyfor I LUCKY 16 SEWING or wherever she wants it
Europe following a month I) (McCa l's Pattern 4655).) Attending the very informal coffee, which was dispensed
vacation with her family and,i CLUB GIVES PARTYThe r. Here the wide, slightly from! beautifully decorated table and setting were: :Mrs.
'! crashed belt is placed above Williams Mrs. Lucille Mrs. Clara
friends Miss Judge, currently Eva Shropshire, Hampton -
residing in France, is em-I Lucky 16 Sewing and the natural waistline, giving Mrs. Addie Mae Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Mather. Mrs.

ployed as a program analyst,I Saving Club held its annual a definite feeling of thepopular Theodosia Childs and daughter, Mrs.. Julia E. Brooks, Mrs.
t Department of the Army. party recently at the Recreation VE14ATILE..9LtRT .tHiC... SOPHSnCATED..YET BASIC raised waisdineSUhoaeue. Willie Mae Smart, Mrs. Ruth Parrot, Mrs. Claudia Burris,
1 -tor the ho e.acwef...tto co> ...tI1a.art drew featees a The belt nay be: Miss Elizabeth
Mrs. Madeline Jones
Center. cruLed Mrs. Mary Dumas ,
pets 4resa with t wide. alUbtly belt to lowered which
Mrs. Henrietta Williams : Guests present at the affair ptIy raised -waiadae...ao give the. look of tk pojwlar, to any point Jones, Mrs. Hazel Lillienthal, MrsMary Breaker, Mr. and-
of 314 E- Beaver Street, returned -, were: Mrs. Willie M. -, u for ibis Maaoa'a ..LILa.etta...highrtae watatllae.h' please the wearer cost, or Mrs. Nathaniel Blackshear, Mr.. and Mrs. G. F.; Hart, Mr.
faaUoa. Adak. it wilk Ii C.u's s petty la silk,'aLee pool it may be left off completely,
to the city from Roberson Mrs./'Nellie McRoy, Pattcra 4744.... Misses Sizee sad May of the other popvlwfebrfcs. giving the dress a more and Mrs. 'Obie Coleman, Mr. Alexander Anderson, Mrs. r
.Miami where she spent :the Mr. Willie Kings, Mrs. Ola tlo-le. S9|. McCaIIPaueraM6SS.i casual alt. The easytowealcollar Anderson and daughter, and many others.
Holidays with her son and Jackson, Mrs. Anna Jackson, Miaaea Sizes 1018. SO*. and neckline can hold
The baby was presented with many lovely gifts by theguest
Mr. and Mrs. Ann lcG eMrs. "NellieJohnson
d hterin-law, its without adornment -
One, of the nicest cospU:: shine her neighbor, wearingan any
Mrs. Herbert L. Williams. Mr. and Mrs.James "II eats that can be paid elaborate green chaaully or it nay he played cp* .

Williams. Mr. J. Lockwood. .,woman,is, "she never over lace nutaber.The relative with a string of pearls or a While in Florida, The Alexanders spent several days. in
Mrs. W. E. A. Harris is Mrs. Lillie Mosley:, Mr. and dresses." This observation costs of ,the two garments ,necklace matching die_eke...] Orlando with} Mr. Alexander's mother. '

convalescing at her home I Mrs. Horace Johnson, Mr. :'carries with it'die assumption .hadn't entered into it atall.jar I This is made of red crept;? -*
after being confined in Willie Lockett, Mr.,and Mrs. that she wdldressed. the 'lady1 in the-sutler with a satin belt of tbe.ume S .
Rrewster' Hospital for five Earas :"arce Mrs. .Mildred 'V -Beiflg'1" ,,:.ovfefdfessed) ";' not'I IOD .M Ire- had appeared mate color. It would be iaterest-'

'results ,of an acCi-:perscn Ilrs. Minnie Robert ,comfortable and relaxed,"tad log in tweed"with
weeks as /Mr.llnd !7 mess ppttijif conflictiag a contrast The Jacksonville Alumnae Chapter Kappa Alpha Pst
dent. She ,te .a inember of: i i :Mrsa KacVin's I ..iccawioaiiei et toO suny.of therefore conveyed feeling belt,. or oo belt;'"or s tbjtms& Fraternity'black and;jjUto.formal la,"wfci's happening

Gilbert 'High School faculty,'Mrs. AlbenaMrs"E'H.'Butler : theta, bat,it also suggests.. of well-being, coofidesce. or.-a paac.... : -. In Jacksonville this week:ndL.as lh.-savifig goeavlt is our

and director of Y P D,, East .Jrr' *W: e. eese' .fir :cut a dress has unnecessary s sad.. finHateChIC.. 'Veefy Fsshioa' -:"'? opinion that the ball will rat."tops" on she list of ior-nala

'Florida Conference'lAKE TSyivia' -'*>!5s.. Minnie Mrs. Mary Ashley,:p. ,'lows( floeaces*, ,drspes L or I a-- ,Of course-.. Arre'im'; ;Tip: Don't ness:"it! given ihis season and wo Hope to give a full accwat of
Church the wife of the Rev. Ward; a. & I .
9od-Mrs.: ;Everett Speed Mist la carrying the,1fre yardagt tenured '9 She affair in our:s rz; ediites.j. .. ; ..
Mr. .
of Idt. t **' -
A. Di Harris, pastor Time sa s'thle' apI ,-i ill "Vdople"brwines! 100" dreThe'back of y J JUC .
Zion AM E Church. Mrt. iWiBucgsr Mr.,Cfcas. "' : t Right now machines' are hamming depr'a< ai ....
Sfuth- woa mi I in+ a good'ole bathe Set, ' svle. ', .' \ <'lie Jo :''. Mrs.. :Wealthy .)! ;';' ":' '! jewelry. .by-plu ing_hats, 'tleatly. .ulei.'T' ; .1arr't"I'* .Trees flops are having swale nan'* ho*..3? _I u t
P" H Haines .
SS Crap / '- -- bla:l. o. ,:1 t<..uJtFLORIDASTAR -.
S 'and": A.Tlucker.


_, -.
-' f- .Y '-



...'" ,., ....... ':":": :.-. ;' .. : ..-,- >... .;< :- ;--- .-.... .

Page Four : ___ THE FLORIDA s 1 pt ......... _L. Week Ending Saturday. January 24 1959

I Dr. R. E. Lamb Announces. Compositio.n_. Board i

--- --
-- -


..!x Jam'X '

rTs' JAS. Y.: f n .a.y
: ., d, a E. .$
The composition of the.. District" Board of Christian n S a>d NE 5 k. r II !monthly meet i n g of
Education has been announced by Dr. R. E. Lamb, presiding I the Friendly Choirs Union

elder of the North! Jacksonville District .AME. Church. I will be conducted, January
Theboard will functiorunder --' 24 at 2:30 p. m. in the Friend

the supervision of the SWEETFIELD CHURCH ship Baptist Church in the
State Department of Reli ELECTS interest of Bethel Methodist
gious Education, presiding OFFICERS 'haw :5h Church of Dinsmore.A .
I .
elder, Dr. Lamb is the state FOR TRUSTEE. ,BOARD. / L '' : program will be presented -
I v
director. ? ..s J. by Mrs. A Hartsfield.

The purpose of the opera,I Officers of the trustee >.. q.k. Several singLtf groups will

tion is to make a functional board of Sweetfield Baptist r.' S appear on th ; program.

approach to an "On Going Church were elected recently ---
Program," of Christian Edu. with the Rev. D: B: c
cation, which endeavors to Barnes, pastor, presiding. \ ; 1 REV. R. FAIR
meet the needs of the AME Officers elected were: Herbert ; e 1.a

parishioners on every level Grant, president; Wilbur -
of their experiences. > Hosley,. vice president;; > a,. TO S SPEAK{ AT

I Through a process of the R u f u s Spencer, secretary;; k -
religious workers of the var Alfred Jones, assistant secretary e ( j
; Elijah Jones, treasurer FIT.r ZION I AME
i o u s churches, comprisingthis ;; ... g
: .
district, the following William Sumpter, chaplain;; : ,
appointments have been W. O. Sinclair, corresponding : "
made to the North Jacksonville secretary, Willie Sim- ; -q I The Rev. Roger P- Fair
District Board of Christian .mos, assistant; Freddie Por b 3 n will be the principal speaker

Education: ter, and Otha Moss: chair 5 .. .4. '.. nt theMt. Zion AME Church,
Dr. J. McMillan, district men of the program com January 25 at t he morning
director of Religious Education mittee. I II worship.

; Mrs. Juanita Johnson, : ': : t .:; "Ana' :Y Rev. Fair is being presented -

ristrictVMS president; Willie I a's.+rL, a by the I local chapter of
Walker, district Sunday DAY SPRING UNITS I It Bcthune-Cookman AI I u m ni
School superintendent; the t '' "C x according to Nathaniel
Rev. J. W. Young. ACE League I z :A, .. -S. a. Davis, chapter president.
president; Mrs Claudia .. 4 Members and friends of
Daniels, director YPD Mrs. District i No. 11 of Day : S ? have been
; other organizations
.1., ,
Spring Baptist Church will. Ab- : .
Eunice Richardson, director M extended an invitation to attend -
11AYC; and others.PREVALENTINE. I hold its meeting, January 25 i2. the morning service.
r.t 4 p.m. at the church,with Assisting with arrange-
.- I Mrs. Pearl Collins, president ments for the service are
I'in charge.A : Mrs.
TEA I I Ii 'a VTY Ay Peter S. Clayton
i meeting for District No. / 4 $ Samuel Anderson, Mrs. Edmund -
SCHEDULE BY CHOIRA 1 will be held in the home Matthews, E. McKenzie -

I i I of Mrs. Idella Bailey. 629 W. ,Ezekiel Bryant,Mrs Phil-

pre-Valentine Tea will 4th Street, January 25 at 4 : c lip Feacher and the presi-.
be sponsred by the Junior I I p. m., and District No. 3 will dent Nathaniel Davis.

Choir of Emmanuel, Baptist: hold its meeting in the home .
Church on February 1 in the I'i of MrsMamie Anderson' i CAMPBELL SINGERSTO
basement the church and 920 W. 12th Street at 4 p.m. tix RECITALA
leading talent of the city are i'District No. 21 will meet at GIVE
scheduled: to appear on the 14 p.'m. in the home of Mrs. lAND
program. I I Rosa Wallie, 1016 Pearl 6 recital will be presentedn
Street. ; the auditorium of Roberts
O.the r activities for the .
week included The Matron i,t District No. 19 will meetAt Temple First Born Church,
I the home of Mrs. Elsie: of 79 Lewis i Street. Atlantic
Society meeting on Tuesday In the second delegates
THEY DIDN'T MEET TOGETHER-At Cleveland national president. group -
the Campbell
evening at 5 p. m., II 0 m eMission Bailey, 1624 Illinois St., January -j Chicago and New York during the Christmas Phi Beta Sigma! Fraternity take time out in Chicago I I Beach featuring January
7 25 at 4 m. A meetingfor Left to I Gospel Singers
Society met at p. p. t I holidays fraternities and sororities g o 1 together for to enjoy Coca-Cola served at each convention. '
m. Tuesday, Teachers meeting District No. 12 will beheld their nnual conclaves. Immediately above members of right: Dr. Charles E. Trout. Tuskeges Institute; Dr. 25! at Bp/m. Roberts, pastorof
and prayer meeting were! in the home of Mrs. : The National Sorority of;Phi Delia Kappa. New York Robert J. Hill. Baltimore; Atty. H u st 0 n L. Lovell.Sigma.s MrsAda church has extended
held the usual hour with Daisy Brown, 635 Court E. refreshment attendant the
at 'I' I gather around Moss H. Kendrix. Washiglon D. C.,public national presdieni. New York invitation to all citizensto
the in Sammie L. Davis will i be and William E. an
pastor charge. relations man. as he autographs copies of "America's and Jim Brown of Chicago attend.
The Junior Choir met at it presented in an organ recital I Tenih Man". in which ha and. other well-known personalities Dear. Jr. Brooklyn executive secretary. In Cleveland, ------
6 p. m. Wednesday for rehearsal January 26 at 8:15 p. mt by are featured. From left: Mrs. Gertrude A. lop slot members of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity chat I. BRAZEEL
followed with District No. 28 in the audi- Arm d L. Robinson. left. WESLEY
rehearsal t Rcbinson. New York, conclave chairman: Kendrix. with Chapter President 0 n
for choir 2 at 8 p. m. torium of the church. Mrs. Marion B lull Washington. D.C.-.Phi Delta Kappa Others are Omega Grand Marshall Charles P. Lucas: TO SPEAK SUNDAY
All youth committees and president Walter .Beamon.Coca-Cola and Mrs. Joe Williams of Cleveland and William 0. Walker ..'
officials of the fifth Suday SAINT MATTHEWDISTRICT retiring Al Lockhart New; York. Above Mrs. Robinson Is PhiDeltas editor-publisher of the Cleveland Call-Post., and president GREEN COVE SPRINGS-

nass meeting have been asked SPONSORS Mrs. Helen W. Maxwell. Brooklyn, elected: National Newspaper Publishers Association. A youth program will be
to meet withUhe Rev. J: ------- presented in the Church of

Perry at 7:30: p. m: at the SILVER TEA SUNDAY the Rev. Joseph Harper. The Rev H. L. H rod will be God in Christ, January 25 at

church to complete the pro- BETHLEHEM CHURCH CENTRAL UNITI Stewardess Board No. will tie speaker for the occasion. 8 1 p. m.Wesley.
gram. At' theclose of the I A Silver Tea will be sponsored -ANNOUNCES SERVICE f present its annual spiritual The Grant Memorial Trio Brazeel will be the
YWA will District No. 2 of St. I the occasion. Alto -
tesion the by for
tea, February 15 from 3:30 p. ,will be presented in a musicalm speaker
a chick neck rally. Matthew Ba titt Church! ANNOUNCESACTIVITIES to, 6 p. m. in the home of;: recital, February 22 at 7:30: p.I appearing on the program
1 January 25 from .4 to 6 p...m. Services f o r Bethlehem Mr. and Mrs. Cass W. Shootes.' m. by Choir No. 2 of Central will be the Heraldaires Gospel
at 1311 West 27th Street wIthMrs. Baptist"Church, January 25 Sr., 1436 N. Myrtle Avenue:,!CME Church. I Singers of Jacksonville.
EATBERRIERS Arnett Griffin serving : ,.. -, --'
will begin with Sunday
as mistress of ceremonies.Mrs. School at 9:30"a., m: with B.I

R. L. Smith will be Bembery in charge. rT2MBHBh5 *n OWEN CHIROPRACTIC A .:., .
the guest 'speaker with other t Usher Board No. 2 of"Central '. .
t ICE. CREAM I local artists participating on Morning worship at 11 a. m.t CME Church will sponsora # S. CLINIC : ,
j the program. The district mass meeting spiritual tea, February 8 in
wll! be held at 4 p. m. j,the home of Mr.and Mrs.Rue *' S 3215 MAIN STREET IM .;;:

The Junior Usher Board ben Barnett, 924 Reiman St., ..j ARTHRITIS iS S ; .
will meet at' the church at I from 3:30 p. m. to 6 p. m. M W fSL fi& faji a- 44&JV "
5:30: p. m. and BTU'will convene I A program has been arranged 'H 55y. Arthritis is the most common condition affectlug'and J'
TODAY : for the 'occaion with iltp5 iB of 40 and over today. '
at 530; p. m.; Evening A t* : persons -
I worship will begin at 7 p. m.I 13ifidRi Arthritis may affect any moveable Joint In the .

and SATURDAY The Junior. Ushers and Us- VALENTINE TEA SET V A | DR. OWEN body but u usually begins in the hand. feet, DR. GREESON
her Board No. 2 will
serve become tender red. swollen
EVERYTHING, MUST GO! throughout the day.' < Music I BY"ABYSSINIA. UNITAValentineTea W with knees the, shoulders pain worse or back.in the The morning area around and gradually Joints may seeming to leave you after you ..

will b e furnished by the I feel tired and restless when the pain is worse. In the early
,. Male Chorus and the* pastor!I will be P move around.the often may seems to leave completely for a few weeks only to come back
Rev. T.E.Nelson will deliver stages pain
: sponsored by Choir No. 4 and ,
the sermons.FIRST ( Usher Board No.4 of Abyssin.f 0 worse A later.Doctor of Chiropractic Is trained to find and correct the basic cause of your

.. ,: I ia Baptist Church, February 1 t,A condition. Time may allow your condition to become worse. A Chiropractic examina0 .

.. ,15 in the basement of the lion Is urged for you .to find 11 relief can be yours.
$ 99 ;. BAPTIST UNIT A has been arranged EL 6-0186 Jacksonville. Florida ,
F 'j I I program 22ND and Main Street ..
.. ; u I !' GIVES COFFEE SIP. for the occasion with :Melvin 44......."'" ....."" "" '" "" .... ",-. '" .... "" '" ,
Grace to serve as the master -- -
-r" .
',;: -_ : ';' : I
of ceremonies.The ,
.,' I
., ; A coffee sip will be ,
i -.., :: i Victory Gospel Singers
L _. -" ,-t., '< .,. sd by Districts No. 3 and swill be presented in a musical -
'. ;' @ ->' 4 ol Church
First Baptist program, January 25. in
: 1s January 25 from 4 to 6 p.m. the interest of District No. 6.!
: .
... :
in the- home of Mrs. Flora I. Choir No.'1 will sponsor an i
Starling, !007 Pippin' Street. age rally, February 5. A program -! i
District No. 22 will hold will be presented dur-I L S --
1- opportunityto -
_Absolutely your._greatest its meeting Sunday in 'the ing the .affair.MUSICAL I ..
save! Approximately 300 pairs of home 'or Irsr'Ella Bryant..i r .
I .
... ) '1821 Mt Herman Street.. j: PROGRAM '! I
shoes left over from our sale plus some i SHOP AND SAVE
I' ;
All youth members of the .
additional stock from, our other stores.. church will meet, January SET AT ST. PAUL .1 1l N AT YOUR NEAREST ,-
\ at .430 p. m in the home'of, The 19th showing"of the original -!
Miss Miriam 'Johnson, 1202Florida' I production of Dr.C. S. :

"'Avenue, with Mrs: r'Williams,.'"Afternoon'' rut1- DAYLIGHT STORE ,
sic" will be in the l
Lizzie'Anderson, advisor, in' presented -:
UTSEY'S : SHOES charge St Paul AME Church, January : a
25 at 3 p....m* : .
.... 'The..Junior Women's Miss Some pi the .city's leading 1''r EVEBY DAY LOW PHICE3BE ."" : .
-"I, .t 'nar Society will hold a artits. will participate daring t 'STJHE m VISCT OUR HEW 8f08 AT }-
; : meeting Sunday at2 p. ra.: the occasion.llrs. .' ... '. ----
21st & MONCRIEF -
221 HOGAN ST. ONLY .. "" in MV Sln Baptist Church Gladys C. Vaugat'fa _j._.. _. .. _r -. ..' .... ,
r* *:.**:*> '''. to attend the National Junior the general directress of thoaffair __._' ; ,_-,'. ". .. .......J. ..... '. *:J ..'./....'.... .... ..;; .

Women's Day., I .

,VJ.., -_(. .- ,-,_ ',..., .


i ... 1 -, ;-

: .. ';,, ,- :
: r. -.:'. .'

Week Ending: Saturday, January II 24, 1959 THE FLORIDA STAR Page Fire
,. .

SET OBSERVANCEThe AT SHILOH. CHURCH I II iorxy.A7Sey b ..:F. nxaK 4.!.a,+r. A '3. ,u <_ +iCry..y: + pdcrr I COMMITTEE MEETS CONDUCTS MEETINGThe

deacons of Shiloh Me- Prof. E- Clifford Davis,:Z ro AT JWJ BRANCH I. The Teen, Age Program

tropolitan Baptist Church I choir master of the National F? .2.. I II I, Committee of the A. L. regular meeting of
will observe their anniver- Baptist Convention choir has I Lewis Branch YWCA held, the Washington Lodge 386
sary, January 26 at 8 p- m.I been secured by the Shiloh': National YMCA Week is I its regular monthly.. meeting will be held each fourth
in the main auditorium of I Metropolitan Baptist Church being observed at James Weldon this week in the 'Teen Age Sunday, beginning January
the church.A *to train their choirs. I Johnson Branch YMCA Office with Mrs. F. D. 23 at the Masonic Temple,

I A welcome Musical Extra- .and will terminate, January Richardson, Sr.. serving as; at 2:30 p. m. for practice
unique program has I ivaganza will be presented I 25 with the Rev. E.M: Hur hostess. purposeonly..

been arranged for the ob; January 25 at 7 p. m. All i1 ley, YMCA Board member I Members' of the committee, All Masons, regardless of
The Rev.
servance. choirs and units of.. hj .serving AS chairman for
: singing rank
1 title with
reviewed the policies or may meet
Hill of the Mt. Cal- governing
pastor various churches of the YMCA Week. j
Baptist Church will de I I the sale of potato chipsan the group- Ouestions in ma-
have been invited to attend
liver the address for the oc the event.BETHEL. AU YMCA clubs. Gra-yl nnual project where Y- sonary will be answered. _
casion. Invitations have been and Hi-Y members are encouraged Teen clubs throughout the
I j4 to visit in a body: ,community sell chips. This
extended to boards of the --"---- _
various churches by the I I a church in their community., year the sale will be conducted ker, Mrs. Russell Henderson,
chairman of the board to be BAPTIST from February 1 through Mrs James L. Lewis, Mrs.
present as their guest. DISTRICT OBSERVES Board members are Alton t February 14.Attending. F. D. Richardson, Sr., Mrs.'
Adams Jr., chairman; FredD. the Lott Mrs' Oscar Hillman
f meeting Ralph : -
3rd ANNIVERSARY Y Richardson. first vice I
i I iwere. Mrs. Charles D. Mrs. Harry Collins and
i .
chairman; Rev. T. Vincent i Brooks, Sr., Mrs. Wilson Ba-Mrs. Ulysses Baety.
LEARN TO DRIVE The 3rd anniversary of Harris, second vice president; .-- -- _.,- -- --, -
Secure Drivers' License ( District No. 15 of Bethel Rev. W. B. Miller, Andrew i.
SAFEWAY DRIVIMr.: I J Baptist Church will! be ob- k J Clemmons, Rev. E. M.1''
SCHOOL ':'cerrcd, January at -1 p. m. U.n} k, iry, Hurley,YMCA Sundaychair-i, The SEAFOOD Center
in the home ox Airs. M. L man; I. H. I :
ECO Wcsi Beaver: Street Carter, 1934 Louisiana Street.A Harper, \V. D. Sweet, Mrs.I : (
Office ELgin 5-7742 musical_ program has Norris L. Jackson, Mrs. El-'; CORNER MYRTLE AVENUE AND SHAD ROE

Res. ELgin 4.0639 been planned for the occas- nora H. Johnson. Arthur C.I j I BARGAIN BASEMENTLARGE
GEORGE PERPENA. Dlr 'jon with the following par- -- Madry, Major Taft Cummv:: ..
I;ticipants appearing, :Mr. El- FROM THE HORSES MOUTH Ken Knight local nigs, Charlie Walker, Raiford \: ) ROE MULLET m ...___..Lb.
,'sie Wilson, Mrs. Altamese radio disc-Jockey seems to be trying to qet some infor- Brown,. Sr., Edward Holt,I; BULL WHITING .. .. .. ___ ._ Lb. 2 9
.. .. .
-- -" { Weaver and Mrs- Lillian mation about the races early, as they say directly Andrew Robinson and Atty. .:\ SPANISH MACKEREL ._. ___________.Lb. I I1

Kobinson. "from the horse's mouth" .. .But Tanglewood John 1: D. W. Perkins. i::\1 SPECKLED TROUT __________________Lb. 49c

HAVEA I! Dr. J- P. Reeder, minister the horse. seems to be mum because the Raceway -- ._-- j: King Mackerel Steaks ____ _________Lb. 4ge
I|cf Zion Baptist Church, Columbia won't open until Feb. 20 for 44 nights of harness and I i+ < Black Sea Bass Snapper Bank Variety __Lb. 22ci

I'|] S: C- will be the quarter horse racing. The new Raceway near Bayard- I J. FORT TO APPEARIN FLORIDA LOBSTER .__ u_ ______._______m.Lb. 4ge
i guest speaker and Mrs.Court- 16 miles from the city ,-will feature parl uutuel betting I RECITAL TUESDAY' Fresh Water CATFISH __h__. ______.m Lb. 49c

:' ney Carley will serve as the and'has. ample accomodations for_:colored racing fans-. ._ !t I RED SNAPPER ___ .______ _h .'__' _-__- Lb. 49c
mistress of ceremonies. i SNAPPER FILLETS -----Lb. 59c
i Mrs. Maggie Sims will1Ponsor :

I TO SPONSOR TEA I in a recital Tuesday, January White MULLET ROE cello wrap flash frozen.Lb. 29cn

'I MEETING SCHEDULEDFOR :| A Calendar Tea will be I!27 at 8 p. m. in St. Stephen I II BONELESS DEPT. .
HI.Y LEADERSI f AME Church, corner Fifth
ORAPARTMENT Funeral servicesare sponsored by the executive I and Davis Streets. I Select OYSTERS ..__--_._____.__ .____12-or. 98c
I I I being arranged by committee o f the P-T-A o f i i jI I Standard OYSTERS ...-____.._________ Pint 98c
!I All Hi-Y. Junior Hi-Y Advisors Graham Funeral Directorfor West Jacksonville School I,I Miss Fort is affiliated with KING CRAB LEGS U..m _--- -.- "'__' _--'-._.? Lb. $1.00

Ii j principals and presi- Mrs. Ella Scott of 2608 February 15 in the school au the Gospel Echoes and has CLAW MEAT ... u _-.-.- ------_-._-.-.---_____--._..__._ _._... Lb. 89c
4 !dents of each club have been Firestone Road, who died re I ditorium. 1 1I organized a group known as WHITE DELUXE _. m ._..__..._______ Lb. $1.00
j requested to meet with JesseW. cently. Survivors are: her V. Sands, vice president.Mrs. .I the Bivens Specials. She was Large Shrimp for frying ________ _______Lb. 98c {
TO Word, executive secretary husband George Scott; son, Naomi Grifffn: general] first prizewinner in a gospel I LOBSTER TAILS for broiling _.____.Lb. $1.25
I'of the James Weldon Branch Tyree Cooper; daughter, chairman and Mrs.'Thelma, talent show in New York :

YMCA January 28 from 7to.Mrs- Georgia M.: Harris; Lather Greene is the program chairman -' City in 1955.Appearing. FREE PARKING SIDE AND READ

RENT? 18 p. m. at the YWCA office,' John Moore; mother,', \V.B. Langley, principal on the program I .
PI *I*0 J ?*
415 Broad Street. : Mrs. A d a :Moore brothel, Eddie Muller. with Miss Fort will be the : ? ft IiAfi il43tI (LfiinjTEIS; ,

The following agenda will Lindsey Moore; sisters, Mrs. Bivens Specials, Reed Sisters -,:
FOR Driggers, Mrs. Julia FIGhT COMBS Lavenia and Travis Lee:' Myrtle Are. and Adams Phon. EL. 4-1483
Mary ,
be discussed: Club registration ..? ..? .......
I and projects; Hi-Y Johnson, Mrs. Bessie Bur-I, WITH BALLOTS Samuel. 1

: QUICK{ Council; World Organization Service;; State program roughs; other s s relatives.* "" "'-'- .. -. .' .: : : .-: .-: --.: ..
I Hi-Y Conference at Tampa i iI J ,

which is scheduled February,i. WALKER-Funeral services, -
RESULTS 13-15- .. are scheduled Saturday at ; IT IS YOUR
Registration will be held,:3 p. m. for. Miller Walker in ,
from 3 to 5 p. m. at the! Macedonia Baptist Church!
LIST IT I Middleton High School, 4302'. who died at his residence,I J '

24th Street, Tampa, and $5 1630 East 27th Street. Sur- .
per delegate. This is for food:vivors include his wife, Mrs.: I CIVIC DUTY

IN THEFLORIDA I and lodging and does not in- Victoria Walker, sons, Nor-a VI ..
clude transportation. Dele man and Theodore Walker/
: gates will live in various sister, Mrs. Lillian, other re- .
STARHUNDREDS :homes in the city. ,latives. Dallas Graham is in' 4 Q <

The annual banquet,, and charge of ,funeral arrange-, TOVOTE
) :dance will be held February 'ments. i

OF .r 14 at 7 p. m. withT. Aubrey .
Morse, executive secretary ofIHe I I 0
-Florida State YMCAs in HAMMONDFuneral serf -
ROOM charge of -the program. ,Registration -f j vices{ Saturday, at Mt. Ararat k

of delegates will j Baptist Church, 3 p. m. for BUT.
: continue through February I Warren Hammond who died* 9 9 9 9

ANDAPARTMENT 10. this week in .the Veterans' -
Administration H 0 s pit a 1/# lit --7-r' -. .
Lake City, Florida: 'Ham-'

:. Re :: ; 11 mond who resided at 5745'
Iris j Boulevard is survived re

HUNTERS $ LOANS $ by Hammond his wife, children, Mrs. ,Caroline Gale : you .

$1.000 $%.000 S.OOO and Anthony Hammond;," .
sisters Mrs.' Lillie Cook and
$& to $'
READ THE .000 up .ooo
Miss Louise Hammond Brothers
Payable $1.00 per mo. per hun
Maye and Willie Ham .
dred on unpaid balance at 6%.
mond, other relatives. Dallas I
FLORIDA STAR Let us help you to complete .
Graham Funeral Director isis I locked -
your house or refinance SB out
year in the same place. charge of arrangements. 'I.- :

EVERY WEEK CaD -- *'.-* t I :. ,

J. P. YOUNG DAVIS Funeral services:'
will be held Saturday at 11
CALL Mr. Simmons or Mr. Walsh a. m. in the Church of Christ, of the primary elections
Main and Monroe for Mrs. Viola Davis of 1816", .

212 Masonic Temple BUf. West 22nd Street who died) -'
EL 4-6782 Phone EL M014 in a local hospital January unless you're registeredi
EL s.Ssvl 19- -
I I' _
Survivors include her brothers _
Abe and Charles Yearly
'other 'relatives. Dallas;, This will be the greatest spot In the world, come :

OPENINGS FOR NEWSPAPER RERORTERS. Graham Funeral Director is Election Day.
incharge of arrangements. t\ IF YOU'VE MARRIED, MOVED! OR Most all your friends will drop in. To take a band

PRINTERS, PRESSMEN,. ADMEN COME ,OF AGE SINCE THE LAST in running this country, county, city and state.and TO ..,
I voice, an opinion on big things like presidents
There are openings ion BENNETT Funeral services ELECTION .read this peace plans, on little things like parking meters and .
will be held about
Saturday; garbage collections. To register a complaint
at 3 m. in Tabernacle Bap- BUDESI Even if you had pre- Fast VOTERSI If you have of things they do. ,
Newspaper reporters editors p. } vioustyregistzredunderyoa celebrated your 21st birththings they don't like, or approval
t salesmen circulation tist' Church for Joe Bennettof 9' maiden name, you have to day since the last election "Here, voice is as big as all the others, youropinion
aders. advertising your
cop-r 619 Bfodgett Lane. Survivors register again under your"new" (or if you.will be 21 by Election Court
men and women. .,printers. compositors. linotype include:wife, >Irs. Allie, A name. Be sore your Day),get your name in as important as that'f a Supreme .
1'married name" is in the ,the book. It's a mark of Justice r
operators.tGINNERS M. ,Bennett; .sons, Lonnie, book! maturity to register and votel
{ Ellis and Claxgnce But youwont get in if you're not registered.You're
B WANTED TOO We will trainyoung Bennett AIMED FORCES MBA2OSI See
,I t .. reporters and people for all departments brother,.. Jim..lJaU:. ,..other .re MOYEHS If-you have moved your Voting Officer for"the locked out of the right to vote, cut off from your
from the precinct where you Word" bow vote.OOMO shut out on national and neighborhood -
if you have a real desire to become a member latives. Huff Funeral Home, were previously registered, on YOU can friends and neighbors,
I 3 of the newspaper fraternity.NEED in charge of. arrangements.. : I you have register a gain.Xblake'snra AWAY RECT10N DAY issues.Don't r
E i !"' you nw adore* Vote fiat-by Absentee Bal miss the thrill of pulling the lever(marking. ..

.. > r>- Me and "women. young or xniddlejgecL .-. a,. ; is in the book- r lot-before-you leave.i**** the ballot) that makes your government yours.
In all fields forv dials newspaper and ***** .
***** Register BOW. And start asking-your'friead* and'
:* a_ .. -" '
S .. neighbors.jrj'our .'. ,
ACT NOW Staid eXpIci1flS and ag*. : ..MONDAY THSB SATtTHDAY in the book? .-' : "
WHITE .... ,. ,. : / name : \

x -:' *PATRONIZE: :"V*: i ..948. ...-AJt-.; TO' S46 FJC.. EASDAYITBEET BEGISTEHATMS .'
.'. .---' ;: Star ;TUtartiscis' ........ .. County Cottri Boa**
P. 0. Box 782 --) .. ::"'I" L P&. 4 :; ;...,. -- 1'" : .
.' .... .': .. ;. :
: ; "
.:":'.: .< : ,', "" "" '

;. .


1 111'
'. .-.. .
"" ,,' ",
I ; -


Page Six _THE FLORIDA STAR Week Ending Saturday January 24. 1959 }



iI;i I I ._. MEET Present at the entertainment -

I II I were: Mr. and Mrs.
NEXT MEETING, 2, y ;gt DAYTONA BEACH-Schedules -
II I Candlelight Henry'Matthews Mr- and
National YMCA Week was ,
for the Concert ,Choir:
1 I I I Service will be held, January
observed this week by the, I of Bethune-Cookman Collegefor I 28 by the Y-Jewel Club of.Mrs. J. Day, Mr. and Mrs;
James Weldon Johnson r' 'MADISON-The last meetingof January have been, an- the A. L. Lewis Branch YW( Chris Brewington, Mrs. Do-

I Branch YMCA, with Rev. E.!; the RECS club was held nounced.On CA, according to Mrs. Blondell -jiothy i i Baker Frazier Miss Lucille
M: Hurley serving as chair-: in the home of Mrs.' :Marie S January 25 the choir Matthews. 'Joann, Fred Dixon, Miss
man of YMCA Week. 'I Campbell with Miss Christine will be presented in a' concert I The Frazier, Mrs. Vernell
Y-Jewels entertained, Glover .Mrs.
Hortense Brown
:Vaught serving as co-hostess. at the St. John Baptist their friends recently with a Mr.
The following procedureswere I : and Mrs. C- Wilson and
Church Sanford the Rev.
'1 ,
used by various Mrs. Vera M. Tice conduct- !I holiday party in the home of'Mrs. Elizabeth Hayes.
churches in cooperation with II j ed the devotional service and I Harold W. Whitehurst, pas

the program: Insertions in I,Mrs.I Alma McKinney, president -I tor.New
.' .wa members the choir
i '
the church were made bulletin by a,Christ comments -'I ness session.presided over the busi- .,:;lri.it are: Ernestine Flowers, Dorothy i 1J '? :. .. -.- ..-'.. .- : .. .. I I"a

Present at the meeting "',:4: : D a n z e y, Jacqueline
ian laymen during the morning tft' I Doris White Teresa Now The Time To Order
and"were: Mrs. Sarah Valentine,r Cooper, High Quality
worship Sunday I I I : Gibs.on, Dorothy Brown C Clean Burning ,'
the :Mrs. Maxine Franklin,Miss. Y6ur March of Dimes support provided scholarships
youth participated on won br..
School 1 Doris Hudson, Mrs. Mary- 10seph Bailey Nashville,Tenn., for medical research at&leharr'l William Wynn, Donald Doss,! l For your stove or fireplace
Sunday program. I belle James, Mrs. Marie S, Medical COllege: Faye IL Crawford,.Gonzales, Ta., for \tlm.I I George Wallace, and Wadell' \sOal by the BAG or by the TON

YMCA Clubs, Gra-Y and. Campbell, Miss Christine tific Houston study Tex.at University, for scientific of California study at:University and Lavanlel of enderso Dllnneso I Herring. .:. ALL SEASONS ICE & FUEL CO. ''
H1-Y members visited in a Vaught, Mrs. Vera M. Tice, Funds raised in the March\ of Dime Gave provided more "Our 17th Year" "
body at church in their community -I Mrs. Alma McKinney, Mrs. 7,000 disease fighters. -- -'$ __ Norwood Are. PO 4.4511LILLY'S

and board members I I Demetral Rhue Wester. Mrs.i UNCF CAMPAIGN SUM : r
attended their church on last j Leola Seabrooks. Mrs Janie .. ,
Sunday in keeping with the!i Scott, Mrs. Mary Thomas,'UL COMMITTEE NORTHWESTERNHAS ; !r/,, .., ,
{ "
program scheduled for the and Mrs. Lucille Johnson. CONTEST"Miss :
week. I II f The next meeting will beheld NEW YORK, Jan. 16 The
I I February 9 at .8 p. m. Ii United Negro College Fund'
Jessie W. Word, executive I REPORT'
raised record of
a sum
in the home*of Mrs: Clyme
contest is in
secretary of the Branch Y|
: Wright, with:Miss Doris Hudson Northwestern i $1,843,033 in contributions to DRUG STORE I
stated "We consider it progress at
a privilege
1958 W. J.
fits campaign,
serving as co-hostess. : School and will terminate !
to with the ON FUND DRIVEChairmen High -
Trent. Jr., College Fund executive 1907 Kings Road at Spires
I 29. I
churches of Duval County in" II I January : director, announced
developing C h r i s tian per- SAM JONES SIGNS Eight candidates have here today.
I :
sonalities and in building" a WITH CARDINALSFOR for the Jackson- entered the seventh and j "The 1958 total represents Where ExperiencedPharmacists I
Christian community. ville Urban League Fund eighth grade field for the; Sifts from thousands of individuals Prepare
$20,000ST. iI i Drive for 1959 has announcedthe "Miss Junior Hi-Y crown. .; and contributions Your Prescription Ac
I( official ending date of Eleventh grade candidatesare from large corporations and cording to your doctor's.,

I OFFICERS ELECTED UIS-Sad Sam the drive as January 9, 1959. Annie Pearl Smith. 11-1; small business firms, labor' instructions Using ,
FOR YOUTH TEMPLE Jones,National League strike 1!At the close of the drive, the Catherine Marshall, 11-2; unions, foundations,churches,I only the best quality
out king, had to speak out'!chairmen reported that at :Marilyn Wells 11-3; Annie fraternal groups and campus & drugs.Dr. s

about his contract while talking .I least 60 percent or $9,000 of Lou Johnson, 11-4; and Glo community chests, including
Officers for the Fellow- to Bing Devine, general the $15,000 goal has been those at UNCF '
Youth i I ria Baker, 11-5. colleges. C. E. Black Pharmacist Dr. W. J. Graham
ship Temple were of the St. Louis, raised from
(manager outstanding projects I UNCF funds are distribut-
elected recently in the homeof -:- -:- -:-
Cardinals.The I sponsored by various I cd among the 33 independent
: I
Miss Louise Bates for the I talk with Devine I of the professions Mrs. Ella L-
paid groups community. : ; accredited member colleges A COMPLETE LINE OF:
new tees year.Leon They are: Trus- off. The general manager:I Some of the projects con- Jones, Mrs. John Bradford,; located, with one exception, Cosmetics :. Rubber Goods -:. Candies .:. SundrU
Humphrey, Mrs. said the tall right handed ducted were: The Jacksonville Mrs. Sarah Rice and Mrs. in the South.Their combined
Mable P. King and Mrs. Ida pitcher signed his contract i Urban League's Football 'Lillie Sander, neighborhoods.Dr. : student enrollment numbers PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED YOn A>1) DELIVERED J

STarris; public relations for a "substantial" increasein Classic, "Miss Urban League W. W. Schell, Jr., the: more than 24,000.
Misses Wanda Tyrus,Louise salary. It has been estimated -i I Contest," Victory Dance and Chairman of Jacksonville Urban ----
Bates and Mrs. Amelia Ham- that the strikeout king I. a Benefit Movie. : League Board of Direc-.
m 0 n Christian; education, will receive around $20,000.i The division chairmen tors, expresses his sincere
Mrs. Mable King and Miss L His salary last season was estimated -j l were: Mrs.' I. E. Williams,j thanks to all of the citizens I i iQMRENCEiSCHEDULED 7 I
Bates; secretary, Mrs. Zara ;! Jacksonville
at $17,000. Special Gifts; Theodore Red- of the community -
L. Tyrus; assistant secretary, I Jones with an earned-run-I II ding, labor organization; Dr. I who helped tQ make it i
Miss Mary Alice King; social I average of 2.88,won fourteen!I J. I. E. Scott, schools; Rodell possible for the Urban League 1

Nathaniel fellowship, Mr. and Mrs. and lost thirteen in thirty- Robert, Al Harper and :Mrs. to conduct its community, ; 1L
Harris. five starts. He struck out 225 Aldonia Joyner, businesses; services for another year in
Members of the Deacon and lead the league in walks Rev J. C. Sams, churches; the areas of vocational guidance -j DAYTONA BEACH The
Board will be appointed and with 107. Sad Sam pitched Mr. and Mrs. Attrus Fleming, 'I industrial relations,I! Board of Lay Activities of

announced b y the pastor, no-hitter while pitching with t lodges; Mrs. Earl Johnson,;' housing, recreation, race relations the Florida Conference of the .
Rev. Charles C. King. I the Chicago Cubs. clubs; Dr. Earlinn Thompson i and child welfare. Methodist will hold its first
meeting of the new year on
Saturday at 10 a.m. in the
: of the Harrison I sa
.. west wing
Ja kso11V1Ue'. Favorite Thrift and ;:". ?\- -
=::::;_. Home Financing Institution ....- 0 Rhodes Memorial' Library of ;
-..;; ,:... 'Bethune-Cookman College.Dr. .
/ I Richard V. Moore, Lay
Leader and Chairman of the I

REPORT. Board, stated that a plan of I Y
r I action for the conference
OFFICERS year will be developed in.'
eluding the District and sub-
I to Our Investments Walter D. Shelly District Conferences and the
Annual Statewide Lay Re
Savings Share Accounts C. R. Thebaut Jr.
I treat. ]
I VicePresidentClifton District representatives will

J P. Sweet be: Dr. S. Robinson, Mr.
: Condensed Statement of Condition Assistant, Vice-President James Stewart, Dr. Evan S.

1 of J. Ilarlan SlannSecretary Hurley, Harry Burney, Dr. *
i. S. D. Bankston, Frederick L.
.' G. Sawyer Gurney, Dr. Frank Cam-
Fidelity Federa'Asst. Secretary bridge, T. L. White, BishopJ. KEN KNIGHT

Shelly W. E. Bowen.
Treasurer The officers of the Board Invites You To Listen To -
Savings and Loan Association Edward IL Tntt for"1959 are: Mrs. Hattie I.

of Jacksonville '.ComptrollerDIRECTORS James, vice-Conference Lay "KNIGHT TRAIN"Starting

After Close of Business December 31, 1958, Leader, Jacksonville; Mrs.
From ? Lucille T. Williams, secretary At 7:00 P. M. Nightly -
Loan Bank J. Ilarlan,Mann Ormond Beach; Mrs. Ida M.
Federal Home
Report Made to
Manager of the Association Jones assistant secretary; St. 1400 WRHC\ 1400
RESOURCES W. Davis Shelly Augustine, Mrs. Ruby T. Lo -

First Mortgage. Loans ,$20,755,205.44. Treasurer'of the Association gan, treasurer; St. Peters- .
Loans on Savings Accounts 161,997.37 William E. Arnold Jr. burg. The finance committee .
Federal ,Home Loan Bank Stock _'_ 400,000.00 General Contractor consists of: Mrs. Sylvia Al-
Federal Home Loan Bank Obligations _. 201,422.00 Ray Mclntyre "idge, Fort Lauderdale; Mrs. '
United States Government Bonds 1,449,81854 Insurance Nancy Henderson, Tampa; FOR

Cash on Hand and in Banks .. 1,090,835.28 James II. O'BeiP/ Joe H. James, Jacksonville,] ..
Office Buildings & Equipment (Less Depreciation) 315,194.39 InvestmentsHarold and Mrs. Ada Louden, Fort.
Deferred Charges and Other Assets 16,654.77 F. Sattlbye Myers. DISTINCTIVEPRINTING
Saxelbye & Powell i
$24,391,127.79 Architects '\ OFFICERS ELECTED

Savings Accounts $22, 12,872.75 Real Estate
Loans'in Process 227,374.42 C. R. Thebaut, Jr.
Other Liabilities 74,690.18 Eureka Chapter 16, Order
Reserves 529.29 ABweather.TireCompany of.Eastern Star, held election .
General Reserves 1469904.41 for new officers recently-
Surplus 105,756.74total They are: Mrs. Mozella Buck- -:- INVITATIONS
ODD E. Watts
ner, worthy matron; W. R-
Reserves and Surplus 1,575,661.15 AttorneyGeneral Counsel Buckner, worthy patron; Mrs. -:- NEWSPAPERS
Margaret Brown, associate
Jennings, Watts, matron Mrs- Louise V. Gra- MAGAZINES
$24,391,127.79 ; -:- -.
: ;
Clarke and Hamilton. ';
ham;, conductress; Mrs. Lu- -.
ella Pries, associate: conductress --= -:- PROGRAMS-

Now in Our 23rd Year. ; Mrs. Flossie Thomas.
:._' '. 't! chaplain; Mrs. Grace Lane I -:- TICKETS ,
as financial secretary; Mrs. Marian t

Blount, recording secretary -:- BOOKS ISPECIAUZINO

; Mrs.. Elouise Johnson, ..
assistant recording secretary; ,
Mrs. Alma Whitley, treasurer IN HIGH CLASS WEDDING. INVIXAXlbNS,
Mrs. Maude Milner, warder; AND SOCIAL'ANNOUNCEMENTS '
Mrs. Elizabeth Banks, sentin--
Adah Mrs. Francis Melvin; : .
'. Ruth, Mrs. Theodosia Bryant;I i _',*: ,
Esther, Mrs. Dorothy: Felder)II BEB JLLU* .,
Aceotxmfcr: ,Opened by Jam.7. Im i.F. *=a for Entire Moa!' 3.Iar. .. Mrs. Louise P. Gra- / '

-. "" .. ham;,Electa, Mrs. Mary;tWIL. B.1" .' : ;; '

5J ne h.f; ':- WD4; STAR
chapter -held its last
..MEMBER, .. ; EQE.RA4-HOME.. : -. LOAN BANK -SYSTEM.. : t meeting ir tv""- *+)m of MTS.I .,- -_ ..... .. '. -.' "-

A Louise P. O-c!,.". J .. .
u -.,......... y





Week Ending Saturday January 24 1959 THE FLCR DA STAR rage Save -.
-- -

I II Basketball Increases_ In Popularity! _With----ax ans 1

tory, the 100 percenters win

: f .1 .t : r r .': ".. a'fi .: :PRESENTATIONS I group take will notice honor 0 f professional golf. The

; : : Howard Wheeler of Phila-
.. ::.:.- delphia and amateur Alfred
.' -'," .... t :<: :-.... t.'v3"":" :.' .' "Tup" Holmes, Atlanta, wh
1'tSPORTS' CORNER'I : were UGA tournament

I .... : ATLANTA CLUB champions for 19j>8.

I i iJ '... .:.. Y"i-. < ATLANTA Ga. Truman L e r o y Hardee, halfback,

J SOUTHERN SCHOOLS were well represented by coaches ,.A" ; .r. ,+ ', : : .(. Gibson Jr., president: Inter- Florida A & M University
and athletic directors- the NCAA In Cin- .,.., : f. ; club's for 1958
attending meeting I 1' '.': -:\ ..: "" national Boxing Club, has is the player
dnnti Ohio. Those attending were Dr. Edward L. Jackson ; '";.' ; ; : ':1..,.....;.. been selected to receive "The and also twelve members of
I Tuskegee Institute; E. J. (Ox) demons Morris Brown: .f're ." 'I' : Pioneer Award," a citation the All-Southern football

: Duke Foster Morehouse; A. L. Priestley Xavier; H. B. f; yl.'' ..'a4't .,...,. given annually to an outstanding learn. Coach Billy Nicks ol
I! Thompson, Fisk; A. S. Gaiiher R. P. Griffin and Dr. A. leader in sports by the the Prairie View "Panthers"

'I' O. Moore Florida A & M; G.H.Hobson. Alabama A & M; ;< 100 Per Cent Wrong Club, ![ will be saluted with "Billy
T. A. Wright; Sr., Savannah State; E. G. Singleton and W. twenty-four year old Atlanta'i Nicks Home Coming Day"

t W. Lawson. Virginia State; E. G. Newton. North Carolina n a, sports group which will give: nod. The Texas coach for-
I College; W. A. Bell and Bert Piggott. North Carolina A & w 3i its Awards Dinner and All- merly guided i the Morris

T; Eddie Hurt and Talmadge Hill. Morgan State; Dwight l Sports Jamboree on January\Drown College Wolverines.
.I Reed. Lincoln (Mot:); Dr. W. S. Davis. _Raymond G. Kemp. :O.
Howard C. Shannon Little Tennessee Street A. W. 1r 1' \
Gentry -
; \ ---------- -- -
Mumford. Southern; Fred T. Long. Wiley; W. J. Nicks "The Two Friends Awards,"i'M| HALFBACK
{ Sr.. Prairie View. B. T. Harvey represented the Southern c a companion citations of the I

Intercollegiate Athletic Conference and Alabama State. pioneer-recognition, will go to i

DID YOU KNOW, Alaba-; ---I r B \ Jim Norris and former heavy-,

i l. rna State, Benedict, Knoxville the Dodgers. Junior has' l .'.;,'.."''' weight champion, Joe Louis. :a .
1> t't't.
I f. .w. Champion Archie Moore is
and Lemoyne have
t scored 842 runs in his eight 1 ;
accepted as members of the : : 100 Per Cent "Boxer of the .
E National Collegiate .Associa-I,, years with the Dodgers organization Year" and Wendell Smith, t., 1F

tion? With the acceptance of including two Q .+ N ; the Chicago American and I t

these members, the total i i with Montreal, for an aver- w .: the Pittsburgh Courier, is to .

number of SIAC members is1!age of 105 runs per season. I be honored as"Boxing writerof ;
now 16. |' Heis regarded as one ,of the Year." Truman Gibson \ ".
baseball's top lead off men.BASEBALL COLTSMAN LYLES HONORED -Swiflfooled Len L y Ie s. left halfback of the an Atlanta native, will ':,
MANAGER BILL RIG-' F A N Shave world-champion-Baltimore Colts picks up outstanding collegiate football award also be honored in a "Native tibI

NEY of the San Francisco 'been wondering what becameof given him early this year for his performance at the University of Louisville. Making Son Day" ceremony.Al I I
Giants said recently that Orlando -\ Joe Black, the former citation for the 100' Per Cent Wrong Club'of the Atlanta Daily World. Atlanta Ga.
Cepeda's selection as*: Brooklyn Dodger fan* who is Orville Swaffrod center. Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Baltimore Md., during Duer, executive secre- : RATTLER the first
i unknown
National Rookie of fame Baltimore's Radio Station tary, National Association of i Virtually
League pitched himself to a ceremony at WEBB. Les Royal e WEBB announcer
'i three of the 1958 grid
the Year was "only the start few years ago. Well Black j I looks on. Two other members of the Colt football team, Jim Parker Ohio State and Intercollegiate Athletics, Childs of

of a very illustrious career I has been teaching school,Ii IiI John Sample. MarylandxState, have received the 100 Per C e n t Wrong Collegiate Kansas"Citizen City of the will Year"receive the Lakeland campaign, has Clarence been one of

for him." "No one was more:I but he i is, now_ a scout for 1 award which is given by the Atlanta sports group annually. The Atlanta Life Insurance The up ant hers" of Prairie award. Jake Gaither's leading half-

deserving of the honor thah the Washington Senators of Company and The,Coca-Cola Company both of Atlanta, cooperate In the View A & M College of Texas backs. Chi Ids and Hardee
Cepeda, He was great at the the American League. Joe is sports promotion.are the
I I who have been named have been seeking prominence
plate and great in the field. not giving up his career- as a national football Intercol- attained by Al Fra-

He is going places," Rigney' teacher however. The Senators accused of assaulting for- legiate football zier and Willie Galimore of
I .said. 'i are going after Negro mer East Orange policeman'Ulysses 'TEAMS ARE GETTING QUALIFIED 1958 will receive The W. the Chicago Bears. Childs is

ORLANDO CEPEDA. the ball players in the big way. Ross on Dec. 22. 1957 i. A. Scott, II, Memorial Tro- second to Hardee in ground
1956 Rookie of the Year said DON JORDAN, world's Newcombe's bar. A &
in Florida
f |I I ,gaining
recently that he Is going to welterweight boxing champion -' NINO VALDES, the huge COACHING FROM EVERY ANGLEBY phy.For the first time in his- I M University Rattlers.
use his newly obtained was picked up by police non-English speaking Cuban j' ----
honors to press for an increase : on a narcotics charge whena I' heavyweight boxing champ, PARHAM JOHNSON
In salary. He was butt found ------- --- -----
marijuana was has laid claims to the world
signed in 1958 for $7,500 per in the car in which he was 1 1i Title held by Floyd Pat I Basketball continues to increase in popularity with the
I now I brand of ball the teams are playing,,the quality of coachingthe i-I
year, but It was quickly siding. The champ denied', terson. He based his claim i
raised to $10,000. The slugging any knowledge of narcotics the inactivity of Patterson.} teams are getting and the individual instructions each NOW OPEN 1a
first baseman of the and was released on $1000 I Valdes classed Patterson as; player i is receiving to make the particular player a stand-

Giants said he Is going to ask bail. Jordan was picked up' out in his position.
the amateur champ
for $20,000 because he be-'I I with four other men. I'I'I because Floyd boxing has met no I' The Stanton B 1 u e Devils I I
lieves he Is worth It. i BIG DON NEWCOMBE. logical cotender for the title have been playing spectacular the No. 1 team in the city
THE LOS ANGELES DODGERS -!, pitcher for the Cincinnati: games from the start of will be a very difficult task
since he has been called
has announced that Redlegs said he will be ready world's champion. Waitingfor I the season by their defensive;: from the way all teams arej I

their "J a c k of all trades", to go on trial to face assault and offensive play. The Blue;: playing. In any game one at1tends '
s !I a crack at
; Junior G f 11 i a m is not for charges whenever the time ;'Devils have many promising he will get an opporjjtunity
Valdes, Ingemar
-sale. Buzzie Bavasie "It I ''1 will be and that will be standouts PALM
[ says jl; comes. ready Johansson, Zora Folley, prospects to see some potential I
will take a fantastic offer to I I willing to testify when the: Brian London, Henry Cooperand on any' collegiate team.I All-American in action.There
change my m i n d." By the time comes. I have no reason One 0 f the finest prospectsto
Willie Pastrano. It-seems has been no slovenly played,
way Gilliam has been hitting I to want to duck the charges." neither perform on any' basket-
that Patterson wants
F the ball and scoring runs, he Big Don said. Big Don his ball court is Marcus Banks, i game so far this season.Every i i

I has been a valuable man to i!brothers Harold and Norman' one. the captain of the Blue De-[game played the players OF JACKSONVILLE \
I ........ vils. Coach Montgomery has I'have given their all to bring
E been able to rely heavily on .victory to their school.

You Don't Have to Go to Town to Get 16-24-97 the stellar performances of r (FORMERLY THE 2-SPOT)
Woodrow Carn, Joseph Love,t

426 06 135 A. Denson and Eugene O'neal
The Matthew Gilbert Pan-RAY MITCHELL ;
7 2 thers are offering some
f '
< The basketball I DANCING NIGHTLY I
8 1 strong competition. -:
I On Your team will not duplicate CHANGES DATE

I 8' 2 the football season, and
DRUG STORE NEEDS .that is going through an un-

Watch This Gown defeated season, .but they:FOR TOURNEYMIAMI ON STAGE ATTRACTION
Trade With Your Neighborhood' Drug Store ,will be able to finish the sea- -

j 45 -:33 61 son with a remarkable re- I thru JANUARY 25th

The of James Wel-
YOUR LOCAL PAPERS I Fla.-The 6th an-
Sometimes be' up don Johnbn, noted for their I'
Sometimes he' down fine brand of entertainmenthas I nual Ray Mitchell North-
We DflIve.'e Also Fill All Doctors Precrlption He adds, subtracts
built up another strong'. South Winter Golf Tournament -
l Be works It all around
contender for special honors. will be played over the
Coming Attractions The Trojans have sent some''Miami club's
Dixie Springs Country
Pharmacy of the most spectacular bas-j, February AL SMITHAND
championship layout on
02-14-13-38 ketball players to higher j 1 19-22, rather than Feb-
classification that could
represent -
I ruary 10-13 as previously an- HIS ORCHESTRA
school. James"
any nounced.
Weldon. The athletic
YOUR LIGHT, WATER AND TELEPHONE ment of James depart-I The change in dates for 75 cent. !
Monday thru Thursday -
BILLS AT Ot1" STOREr Your specialized on producing outstanding -i the well-known tournament) Friday thru Sunday 80 certs !II
became because of, j
players. nect-ssrry "
... I
-.- p T h e business 0 f picking' an advance in the date for I
r Luc M w I the opening of the major j : !

4, I BASEBALL LEAGUE l gue baseball seasc::, Ray '''I! STARTING WEDNESDAY. \NUARY fii:
Mitchell promoter of he
NumbersLucky tournament anrounccL:

The baseball season. which .
usually starts around April ''
0p Days, Lucky Oolora Appearig April 17, is set to begin on WILLIS JACKSON 'I'
BY ASTRoLoGY .the be discussed Iii IiiII
oYi agenda April 10, 1959, and as a consequence
t. In Yonr WeeklyHOROSCOPE at the Negro .Ameri- the training period

GUIDE can League meeting to be .starts a week earlier. In or- AND HIS ORCHESTRA '

Seed $2.oo ,for your Horoscope I Fold iii Memphis, Tenn., der that the baseball players II -PLUS- I
February 10 will be the ap have their
Guide with lucky num. might regular an-
'ntSS yawl Mot ... ben, 'lucky days, lucky asters I plications of five teams seeking nual golf tournament in the il
eboaC iro Enclose a_ stamped envelope._ admission into the lea- week before the training sea- FAYEADMdS. !

one II'CIDI&+a gue.New son begins, Ray Mitchell and :;
tLOML franchises to be acted his committee have releasedthe i .
-0- upon will be the Newark (N. period of February 1013. MISS THIS SIZZLING SHOW n!

.. .-. -' J.) Eagles; BaltimoreElite,, The baseball tournament fI '
.. Hfl.la and Han'tot' Giants, a Columbus, Ga., player's tournament is also 'I'

-- team and Jersey City, N. held fit Miami Springs and .. I
I ..tt ft. "* .t DlsoTr J. team. the change; of dates will also -SPECIAL-- II II

eboeo''" :P. a Box 7S -: Present members of the give the baseball; men an EARLY- SUNDAY ill,
I. JaclwavWo Negro American League are opportunity to pirt" pate in II!
V F1s
Birmingham Black Barons,1 b golf tournament. ADULT MATINEE

Name -....'.:::............... Memphis Red S'o L. Kansas 'STARTS 7:39 P.M.' 'TIL 2 AJC. ..
City M narChS'and Detroit. ..
ADDRESS .................. Clowns. )'
: -
Qty; stateKrtMay ................... Acceptance of two or four -
of these new franchises I PALMS DINING R8C
...:; ........... .. would'push': the NAL to : ":- : ViSIT i
: .
'- tam & da? either asixcr eT.>.-team .. r
looP,. Kl-OIODA 6TAJS '_ ---:-- =: -


.. ..--.



Page Eight ... THE FLORIDA STAR Weak Ending. Saturday. January 24. 1959
.- ,I -:dth: Anaerseonprincipal
, '
Singer Sewing Machine !of the Beach School. Since
Live In. Complete with carrying & FREEZERS Chips Off The Blocks t the discovery of the Salk it tE
Pleasant reliable, healthy.
Case Serviced By Vaccine much of the emphasis iCtc
Experienced. Write Mrs has been changed from
For only $15.00 Licensed Technician polio
Walker 5408 San Jose Blvd I Call ELgin 4-7748 for By JAY JAY = ::. = to three additional reals.
.0 M. E. DELEMOSCall ----- '
Jacksonville, call EX 8- :
or Demonstration The Foundation plans to do
9382. PO 4-0127 Tonight at the Armory through the Negro section. research in the areas of ((1)
there are big doings. The local Some of you "oldyoungsters"felt Virus Diseases; ((2)) Birth
grad chapter of Kappa Al- a little tug at your heart- Defects and ((3)) Arthritis. r
HELP WANTED FEMALENURSES pha Psi is presenting its first itrin rs as von say the Living- They plan to specialize in 1
Enroll Now in the unlack-and White Ball." The ston and Jefferson homes de seeking to curbdiseaseswhichprey *" r t
gals especially have spent all molished. You can't help but mainly on children. The \
NURSES South's Finest College week getting aIL types of: think of the times you danced Kappas plan to use all of the J
black and white. duds the Charleston and Black-bot-
hat-room tips as a contribu-
39 bed hospital has open. STRANDSUN.WED.4 bled. : tom all night long at the I tion to the March of Dimes.

ing for nursing personel. COLLEGE BRANCH DAYS ONLY Next week is the date set house parties. Even I remem-I Other groups should follow
Building program for additional j for the big jazz concert at the ber when Cab Galloway played suit and give.Here's 1A1atJ
G. Approved
beds to start soon-Good 2 GREAT Technicolor HitsCOLOR Armory. The one and only at Mrs. Jefferson's and that old plea again.If .
Salary and full malntance- 630 Davis. ,St. at Beaver Dizzy Gillespie will take off when the house would be lit you ain't on the books, get
Contact Administrator Brewcr 1 Pnants.: and play bop as it is written.A up like d Christmas tree even!off of it and race downtownand
Hospital Greenwood Phone: EL 59874HIGHEST taMi sneak thief delayed the, out in the garden. Couples register to vote.
South Carolina. departure of Lloyd Lambertand i would be seen flitting among 1, [
Guitar Slim. All of their i the palms and oleanders.
--- clothes and instruments were little fellows would watch ROOM FOR RENT

stolen. Happy to hear that II Otis Speights, Elcee Lucas, Modern furnished bedroomand A Up of the Pepsi Coy
PRICES FOR YOUR LOTS owJlJ o thejr stole Guitar's red suit. Ted Jennings, Capers Brad- kitchen. $13-50 weekly.: to these ou

The boys uptown are all] ham, J. D. Brooks, Jim Joy- Phone EL 51109. young Amtricans, wke
MORRIS ANSBACHERpays wK J A1TA6U( 'CAR1OTHOMPSON talking about Henry Gates,I ned and the other playboys of make our country amt
Gator Jones and SpeightS." the "Roaring Twenties" and our community a bettet
more for lots than anyone else in town The lads just don't believe bid our time to become big FOR RENT I I dace la which to Bi.
TELEPHONE: ELGIN 5-5592 or EVERGREEN 9-5437 DANA that "crime does not pay." boys.Oecoursey's. I I 1613 West 10th Street
fi aulein WYIITER 1 Police picked them up on the I Mrs. Jessie L. WilliamsEL ** $
More on Rei- 6-6181
New and
Jersey Turnpike
FOR SALETwo : .FERRER charged them with the rob- :mau and Moncrief and the
M Lltta bery of the C K Liquor Store Harhin horn at 1874 were ROOM FOR RENT
beautiful mahogany beds. one four poster last week.All three lads were the first buildings north of Modern furnished room.
complete with fittings. Also bureau to match. One well known in polite poolroom 8th Street. Hot and cold water. Singleman i

rosewood table Carara marble top. Owner leaving city. with .circles. Speaking of progress, as preferred. No cooking.I
These can be bought at a rare bargain. Call FL 9-5522. JAMES EDWARDS watch the Downtown busi- EL 30448. 1242 West 15th J
EXTRA! Jerry Thomas of the'Fash ness district nibble at Negro Street. I Il
ionMen's Shop became a papa -
areas such as the Union and
"THE WILDEST"Lou fo'4 the first time almosta Pearl and Ashlev and Clay l KfOlllf TiX\ ROTW
Prima & Keely Smith month ago. Jerry gave us sections, we wonder why it is
our cigars but every week we that the iCty of Jacksonvilledoes F .
Short Long w
THURS.-SAT JAN. 29-31 forgot to spread the news. $2.00 $4.0IJ .nYV
HAVE CASH WILL BUY not take advantage of Form Form MARTHA
comes from Philly that Seth some of these Urban Reloca- MURRAY
I Darby, a former Fashion employee tion Programs that FHA is NED JACKSON Douglas Anderson Junior T*

YOUR VACANT LOTS o is emoting over the yelping- about. We under- TAX EXPERT Senior High School it

ether waves.. Seth's first love stand that Atlanta and Miami 133 Clay St. Ph.EL 6-3703 Tribute is paid Martha fc
Call EL 4.6782 Mr. Kay is radio. are doing so. Our under- of the 10th grade class.<<
I Walter Thornton, one of j standing of the program is 9 A. M. 'til 9 P. M. she is a member of the v

II II I .lpfllaYlOi.. to mcoaloarw the big sounds in jazz one the ( that the persons in a I i Science CluU. president of M
I r..a aEaeEa wan. local front left town to tour I!borhood which is neigh-I RENT her homeroom a memberof

HELP WANTED I Plus Action THRILLER! with Lloyd Lambert and his I business will be relocated and Modern ROOM furnished FOR room.Hot the Marching Band and'"
band. As soon as Teddy the area given over to busi-I the National Honor S6-+C
MAIDS -:- COOKS -:- HOUSEWORKERS and cold water.. Single man
I Washington feels that he is ness. :Maybe THEY just don't ciety. -tc
We hare -excellent NEW YORK sufficiently recovered from (care about us in City.HalL J preferred. No cooking.EL ********....... .
many positions open for good female 30448. 1242 West 15th
the near fatal injuries he suffered On the bill
at the Palms -
demesne workers
Steady Jobs with nice private families M Street. t
in auto accident last
an this week another local sing ;
who will treat i >
you provide nice room meals I t
year, the brass man plans to ing group. The Joy Larks .
and all .
privileges Salary to $50 weekly to start I road. 'I t
hit the
featured with Al
are along
Transportation to New York advanced .
If you are looking Marvin Ganson of Kozyj}Smith and his band. Smith .. .
for a good Job contact Florida Domestic Supply 1IELtt'DESTEWART Korner has returned from.,has a swinging crew. The SkyviewSUN.
P. 0.Box =
Fla. or Phone MUtual 55504. I New York and is filling all boys sound real pood. '[be MON. TUES.
-J ears who'll listen with wordsof leader of the Joy Larks has '

praise concerning "My all of the poise of a real pro. "ADAM AND EVE"in : :
i mem RODUCTKX riu oat tutor Fair On the subjectof Technicolor
Lady. He reminds one of Sam Cook. :1'
King The Tailor shows, Duke Ellington's :The Impellers are scheduled Plus ., td1

ROOSEVELTSUN.MON.. "Jump for Joy" opened in to appear in Palatka this "MARACAIBO"Action ., '
Miami Beach at the Copa City week-end. .' '" ....,o!
I II Technicolor Hit! .
"FIT FOR A KING" AT 10 BROAD ST. 2 DAYS ONLY for a pre-Broadway run. The March of Dimes Drive -tr PAUL RAVNELL

ANNUAL CLEARANCE Many hail this as the top all|i I jis i in full swing. The local Regular Prices A New Stanton Senior High
SALE Both Nev! In Technicolor! Negro musical of all times.]I I drive is headad up by Mrs. .
Paul is member of the
---- a
]Norma Miller is associated'with -It
It's Store-Wide and Features : ..., .o. Duke in the production.We .I'I'I ..t senior class. He Is vice
." ,. 'O--t: I see where several top preSident of his homeroom
These Great Values: Jr'" .... ""'11' 11Jil.l cultural affairs are scheduled | T.. Editor of the Yearbook
; ({, i.'. J.jlO)( I at the Armory. Don't know rand an honor student. This
75 King The Tailor Suits In-yearYound weights of all '* whether not seats will be I I 'T*young man is a member of
wooL regular price $60.00, now only $37.50. "- available for colored as of) -tr the Mt. Ararat Baptist

30 King's Student Suits 34-38 in light grey and tan D_ yet. Jose Greco and_his Span-, ,fc Church.

flannels, $39.50 value, now and while they last. gII iII.UBiilV ish Dancers _are among the J *". ********* r
2450. .
..:. acts booked. <<
We know for that
50 King's Suits. Small Sizes values sure you a
to $29-95 now
$14.95.<< will be more than welcome at \
Action Hit! the 'Ponce de Leon Parkway.The : t t tok
oval near Bayard will 1 q( as .qV w i
150 King's All Wool Flannel Trousers, regular $12.95. open for 44 days of racingon : .
now only $8. S. v E! the 20th of February. It

King has a large supply of iallonnado trousers may be of interest to all of E5VSULUVAHIKAYEemi :
values i to 2450. Now only $14.95.<< These trousers you fans of the deal which
an <<:
Castro put a crimp into, to
100% Virgin WooL In a variety of colors and fabrics.
and featuring French and No. 1 "Hop Harrlgan' know that the bangtails run
Blue and Brown and Also THE BADMEN"Miracle
Serge. "DAY OF
Hickory Stripes TUES.WED.THURSDAY at odds of only 10 to 1 while i'

JENNIFER JONES In you have to guess the right .
Use King's Lay AWay at.no extra cost. Park with OF digit at odds of 100 tol. The HOWARDtt
J. J. Daley Auto Storage. Forsyth and Jefferson. Free. "SONG payoff is not "quite'as high LINDA
and bring the ticket to KING THE TAILOR 10 Broad BERNADETTE"pins but dig the cut i iri odds. Many I Northwestern Senior High tcI
Street. Jaxons have been waiting for, I Pepsi Cola Dealers and Ie
the Volusia Kennel Club to Production?fL If1C.J .Pepsi Cola Bottling Company -,,\(
-Show Passes Given For Purchase. 'Mre- "TIMBER FURY" are proud to eilttlo
| of $5 or : open so,that they can show JC
: 1
,' their sporting IcoJ l but new ,J 'Lnda. Howard of the 10th'
{ they' have an oj rtunity to PRESENTS grad class. She! Is a member ,

I drive the 17 mi' s nightly if of the Student: C)1n-i' J JcU.
I they feel like it: Pep Squad and the National iC :
Chuck Smith of the FAMU: Honor Soc1ety.Ie-

$ PRO wrote us of a must for IN PERSON .
every fan of the famous FA- * *.*

5OO R'EWARDFOR MU Marching 100. The famed *
Ooogntalfttions repel
.: band has recently cut a
r couple of sides. Chuck writes bola to these three Mem

I that if you think "Topsy" by Dizzy 'Gillespie Award winners.

: Cozy Cole is "tuff," dig the Listen to Pepsi Merit. AwvrisaloUttoo
II 18 piece drum section of the ea repel Oela

INFORMATION LEADING TO THE Rattler band in "Drum Ca- "America's Goodwill Ambassador .of Jan" TEEN.TDOWJIIIJ, 14Mtm
I dence." The record is avail- TOW e.I Eaters

ARREST AND CONVICTION OF PERSONS i able at the' AMU Book-store And His )I 1':'"s to. U a ....
'- Speculation, mounting as *

., RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ARMED i to who will land another WORLD FAMOUS SEXTETTE: r.., : .
--- ;';":., choice school plum. The 45th /
.'-_..:-, t:' ROBBERY OF THE ':,f Street Elementary Schoolwill JAZZ CONCERTWEDNESDAY *
.: open next week and the rat *
race is on.. Many seem to JAN. 28'. 8SO P.M.

i'- : .'. ..:DRIVE IN LIQUnRS think that old college ties will *
. .1 .. .. :; have a lot to do with who DUVAL COUNTY ARMORY *
.. '- lands the job. '
,, ', 'z :".- :.-: l\! 3-lions Reserved $1.75-$2.25-$275 \.
remarkable is
721 SO. McDUFF 'i" = ;; :.'. gal our pal
,.. ; .. a*.... .. A- Laura Wynn. Miss Wynn, k.F Tickets on Sale-
# ALL. INFORMATION HELD CONFIDENTIAL __ the Fuller Product head, ladywho ;' n cord Shop AshIer St. Kosr Koraer. 8th & s
-, .t ..: is ,known as "the girl t
I"' 0" Dixie Music
r Fla. Av
: Loo'j Shoe. Hepalr. 1
.. .. '. i with the '59 is :
.. -. : : CALL Kitty, always I
I :,- Abe UTe Ik3cord Shop Town & -1
.2 ,, ', :. studying howto, maqe money. o' .:,aura St. -

:: :':". "" x 'Before she turns out the '. Chopping Center. ArUngX1- t ; t' iJ ..
'. lights at night, she reeds .a ---- .;

: : E : iC : or.; ;:;L few pages on getting from rich anybody'sbook .' :-. .: "O_,""*":Concert Program Starting_-at 8 P.M. -.:'*-; _

/: ; :_::_ : : f:0.: .,.: .:, ... : fallen Many! -:before old landmarks progress.aathaExr fcre! Lttii' .: .... ,_ v .9.' _=. ,;--.:. r-:. .". .. ..". __ ..- .'..: I

.... : '..' ... .. '-.n7.y 'cuts. a .;'swath _' .: IT.y.
: :
._ :- <--' ," ... : : ., t. '; -
.. -- -: ; .--. ..: ..;-- ....

fR' i

i 1

.. ;.. ..a E