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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200495datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date January 17, 1959dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=004950740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


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Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
January 17, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
January 17, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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t VOL. 8 NO. 50 And NEWS JANUARY 17.1959 JACKSONVILLE 9. FLORIDA 15 Cent *


y Ate Hay Close Golf CoursesIn

: _

4. -I.. E k,7G ds. For Use
e 1
i 7 Fight Equal


CRASH ON U. S. 1 Herbert Leroy Anderson. 47. of 5912 Flint Ave.. Rte. 1 ILL\ URGE CLOSING OF LINKSBy 'IN GUN SLAYING OF COWORKERA

Box 375 X was fatally injured last Wednesday morning when his pickup truck crash-

ed into the rear end of a Great Southern trailer 0 n New Kings Road (U. S. 1 : Staff CorrespondentCity

North). He was dead on arrival at Duval Medical Center. The picture shows the coroner's jury cleared a waitress last Wednesday,who

demolished vehicle and the rear end of the trailer driven by James R. White that I Commissioner Dallas Thomas said this week that if. was charged with the fatal shooting of her co-worker with

had stopped behind six other vehicles waiting for a train. to clear the crossnig. desegregation[ of the city's municipal golf courses is ordered I what was thought to be a toy pistol in a restaurant at 2651
Investigating officers were unable to determine at what rate of speed the truck II' by the court he will recommend to the full commission I',I Kings Avenue December 30.

was traveling when it crashed into the trailer. that the links be immediately closed. Miss Earnie Mae Wood,23,
---- --- ---- .
Thoms who was elected of 604 Court E, was freed bya than Schevitz said both the
r I as Commissioner of Finance The city answered the suit jury sitting before Justice'' real gun and the toy gun
VETERAN HELD ON RAPE COUNT _. THOMAS FRIALL Parks and Zoos is in chargeof by alleging the limited play' of the Peace Sarah Bryan, were shown to the jury and

the golf courses. rule for Negroes was not issued -'in the shooting of Laura Bell both guns "looked identical."

: U. S. District Court Judge on a basis of race or:McCoy, 21. of 312 W.Orange
I[Bryan Simpson yesterday color, but as a move to pre-: Street.
[set a hearing for noon Feb. vent a falling off of revenues After the shooting, Miss
tie! C. Simpson ; I 6 on a motion for a summary from the golf courses. White i Wood told investigating of- SENATOR SAYS
Judgment which would de- players. the answer declared,: ficers she had picked up a
A 22-year-old Jacksonville war veteran is being held under .32 revolver and fired it at
claire the municipal i golf would not use the courses if
$5,000 bond under what is obviously a flimsy charge of courses here open to unrestricted Negroes were permitted to I: the other waitress as a prank.It HELL: PUSH FOR.
"assault to rape", and will probably be railroaded to jail Funeral services for ThomasD. play by Negroes.The play at the same time. i was revealed that the son
unless citizens demand a full investigation of the circum- Friall, Sr. of 814 Franklin litigation was launched City's Motion DenIed of the restaurant operator

stances in the case. -- -- Street who died in a local by four Jacksonville Ne- Initial arguments in the I I had a toy pistol in the place I INTEGRATIONWASHINGTON
-- -
----- -
A n investigation by the hospital this week were gro citizens last July 3 whenan suit were heard by Judge t I yith which Miss Wood was :
FLORIDA STAR has unearthed -"assault to rape" was broughtby scheduled for Saturday mom injunction suit was filedin Simpson on Sept 17. Then,i i I familiar. -
the fact that the the police department,because ;ng in St. Pius Catholic federal court here asking he denied the city's motionto Testimony brought out PaulH.

young veteran is being held as the ,official put it, Church. that the city be restrained dismiss the suit and directed -i i that on the morning of the Douglas (D 111.)said Thursday -
on a charge of which he has the man's intent in assault-, from denying members of that the bill of complaint -I I shooting. the restaurant operator -
the known. Mr. Friall attended local had left his loaded he is going to push fora
not been accused: by the vic ing woman was their rae free access to the be answered. revolver
11m. It is a. charge,dreamed The suspect's intent in assaulting schools of this city and was munidpal.links.. In iis written answer filed:I in the place. The wea federal law to advance school

ujT by arresting officers of .' the.woman could well-known and ;active in Tho complaining quartet on Sept 26. the city opposed I pan ,was picked up by Miss integration this year despite
" the Jacksonville police de have been to rob her, which sports and civic organizations.He was. '.0 In p o s e d of Frank the integration of the links Wood, who thought it was President Eisenhower's "
partment. it more than likely was. was member of the New Hamiloox.: a' former dry on the ground it would cause the toy gun she had been doubts about the advisabilityof
The editors of the Berlin Boat Club, the 4th police: i. who has since reslgnaL white peisonstofeel inferior. accustomed to seeing. such action.
Willie Roy Daniels, who FLORIDA STAR feel that in Ward Community Club. an !:. Norman, D. The motion for a summary f Asst. State Attorney Na-
resides .at 752 West Ashley the absence of a complaintof honorary member of The Axis'! \ Brown.. and CharlesM. judgment to be heard on Douglas said that he anda

Street was arrested on Jan. attempted rape, the charg- Aristocrats Club for Boys,,I Ei vn. Feb. 6 asks Judge Simpson i I bipartisan group of cosponsors -
4, the following day after a. ing of the young man with!'and the Jacksonville Police \ The suit was filed after to grant the plea of the one;:POLICE REPORTS would not be deterredby

61-year-old white woman reported -: "attempt to rape" is unfair, Benevo Association.. I the commission denied a request ginal bill of complaint for a I Eisenhower's statementthat
she attacked but unjust and prejudicial. a guarantee of
was voting
I of which
Survivors wife Mrs. from_ a delegation permanent injunction
are: ,
did not state that her at- It be that Daniels will I I rights is the first
may Lottie S. Friall daughter,,I Negro golfers that the rule would prohibit the city from step toward ,
tacker to her.be innocent intent the racial
attempted rape proven of solving problem.
Satur- Mrs. Thomasina McFarlin; : allowing Negroes only two any regulation of play based; ON UNION STREET ;
The woman said on to but charging
rape. son, Thomas D. Friall, Jr.,, days of play on the courses upon race or color. The President. answering
day morning, January 3, him with such a serious of i
foster Airman 1st Class be reduced:: and Negroes be
son, ,
LOUIS BENEFIELD Jr., questions at a National Press
was walking to work on West fense resulted in his being I
William Sum p t e r, sisters. allowed unrestricted play. arrested last Club lunch, called for Con-
10th Street, near Jefferson, held in a high bond and places I ..29. was
when a colored male got out him tc great inconvenience,Mrs. Gladys Griffin and Mrs. MAN IS SAVED day and charged with vagrancy gress to extend and give more
I i Julia Wallace; brother, Cla- with clear cut to the Fe-
visible power
of a 19o5> Oldsmobile car on and discomfort. } no means
rence Friall, three grandchildren -I POLICE SEEKS MAN ; after he deral Civil Rights Commission -
the nearby parking lot and I' Hof support was reported
caught her by the arm He, Actually, the police have other relatives. WHO SHOT BROTHERA FROM CHAIR BYSTATECOURT :: for attacking a 21- which is scheduled to go
charged the man with a I out of existence fall.
pulled her around and reached I year-old woman at Union i next
for her throat. She ask!crime of which he has not tnd Davis Streets last Friday But he said "We must be
youth is.
him: "What do you want?", been accused. IPAIR ACCUSED 19-year-old in connection night. very careful" about enacting
sought by police
but got no reply. I with the shooting last : Benefield was accused of any laws dealing directly
pulling the II with school integration and
She said she started:MAN SENTENCED) Friday of his brother in an TALLAHASSEE The life :off the corner young into the woman dark said "We are not going to
.. : .it U to hesidewalk" OF S"90TINGOCAI..1 argwnent over a wslaare ion
.crl'ami.1g. as they I ; check. of a 2-yev-oId! man was t: Union Street where ht get too far just b; to rs that
Tile official police ticked and then forced her I operate specifically
spired last Wednesday when: upon a
Clarence Mclntire 53 515 l
stated that "tha Negro
reported FOR SHOOTSNr to him to his state supported: activity."
then turned her loose I WOMAN Johnson Street is reported the Florida Supreme Court ,house accompany police said. Police.,,
critical condition in Duval threw out the death penaltyon Sen. Kenneth B.
and walked to Otto Streetwhere Keating
j Medical Center from a bullet the c013vic i in of i sx -l aid the suspect 13 belifved (R-N. R.> and four !
he turned north. Rpublican
EX-WIFE pest charged with and}, to live at 1173 W. :SJth: S.reetf
The police further states: OCALA --Two men have wound in the 'right' side of ordered him sentenced rape under i I Patrolmen Alvin R. James co-sponsors are planning to
"The man was described to been charged with aggrevat- his abdomen. and Lewis C. Williams in- introduce legislation next
lesser charge. I I
Mclntire told Detective Lt. a week to extend the commiss
be between 29-30 years old, ed assault in the shooting ofa vestigated.
5 ft 7 inches, weighing about I Mose Archie, 53, drew a woman New Year's night. R. B. W ittington he was The court ruled that the I I ion's life until January 1961.
12H year sentence in state shot his: brother Mc- evidence was not sufficient
130 pounds, slender, light Accused ,in the shooting .by Roy I, WOMAN STABBED
I prison for shooting his estranged Jack Intire, in an argument ,over to sustain the"r ape charge j
brown' complexion. He was were Hicks, 27, and bid '( BY HER SISTERA
wearing army j jacket and I wife in the arm and. brother,. William Hicks,.-31 the creek belonging to his under which Albert True-,, MAN HIT ON HEAD
leg with a shotgun last July mother. Ifrs.Annie McIntire. lock was sentenced to'the' WITH POOL BALL
light colored pants, cap or 10. last electric chair at Monticello A 26-year-old woman was
The motl) and,two sons reside -
hat with brim pulled over 'r stabbed in the temple by her
29 1957.
Archie pleaded gulity to as April ,
each posted $1,000 bond. at the same address. Izell Harris, 36, 414 Lee
eyes. sault with intent to commit, The court ruled that the sister last Saturday duringan Street told police he was in

Patrolman L. C. Higgin- second degre murder in the, Police have been investigating evidence was strong enoughto argument over money ob- Joe's Pool Room at 411 Davis

bothom arrested Daniels outside shooting of Mrs. Fina M. Ar-'. the shooting of Miss LAKE C.IT TOTS prove the young suspectwas tained from a friend. Street last Monday whenhe
Du val Medical Center!chie, 37. The sentence was Grace Roberts: who was guilty of assault with intent -i I Miss Eddie Mae Washing was hit in the head witha
,!found DIE IN BLAZE to ,the maximum ton, 26. of 1268 Kings Road
the morning after the alleged imposed by Criminal Court lying in the street the rape, cue ball by a man whomhe
attack and the youth was la 1 Judge I William T. Harvey. night. of Jan. .1 with a .22 'penalty for which is 20 years. told police she got into alight knew only Johnnie.
identified the attacker.I 1 The Archies separated in caliber bullet in her knee. LAKE CITY-Two child. The victim at first said she with her sister Miss as

ter Justice of the as Peace Sarah ':,> ruary, after Mrs. Archie Miss Roberts. told police ren burred to,death in their 'had not been raped by True- Louise Strickland of 1758 Johnnie, Jd ified by police

fixed bond at $5,000 ped harm when he went I two: men had picked her up home here last Monday ,lock but four days later Broad treet: over some mon as Joint:: r'. Toy, 28,
Bryan r her with a shotgun,f at a local bar and when she Mn. Sally Mae Hall, their changed her testimony to ey Miss Strickland was sup. 900 block W. -\e" Street
pending a hearing. i j/ .t. County Solicitor Ed-. resisted advances from oat mother, was away from the :say she had.Truelock posed to have taken from a admitter h 7L.c'.' Cght: with

In view. of the fact that r1. Booth said. tof them he pushed her from one-story wooden building i admitted breaking friend. Harris ans'- ring. him in
the'victim did not report that 'oth said Mrs. Archie the car. and shot her. raid by the time the fire was i into ,the woman's home, Miss Washington was stab head with cue ,!!I.
attacker attemp ed .0; )1of. her children by a I! Police reported Jack Hicks noticed it was too late to get stumbled against some ob- bed in the temple with a .
her ID \I,. ...returnedby said Miss Roberts shot i ject and fled. However '.he pearing knif e.::fihe was Ulcer* He add k a: uwent. at.. "::_ t
FLDB ms the little
" ,... her thefcusched manage. was. in, to girls.. Carolyn, him with ... ,. -.
..n" i a. *& Iud later
j.nvesU8a. :=rte it.hio -eatJ58Q'W.21st.1 ACttdentally'when- A :.brother 4, and Dolly,''? *s I said hereturned to. house_ to Duval Medical Center for -:et: r
: .TAR tov. d out .Oe: reason"Street,frm-o iuchh: ( e night! tried;tar&TOTtfKOTftcafc : :" Like Citytfsn Sa dtheyT I far a pacj ion cigarettes. hehad treatment t. ;of,laceration over chased n-h":':** _.. ; tOn a l .tee. iur-':< .-th, afateiswerearreztr shoveL-Uarris- 'q.tti ere .
the' .tbat,1hean"Jbet..J
s0 nw and
"o t.b'ii; g held;1)1 Jay ted /-snoot, a'.rabbitr tried sevsSrxnes'.t& dropped t .' "
d t : ,, c'ecij. with
1\.fcl.1e irf."th 3m : ; o at the::door .
jIith"ut teach
i .:ieioul end dam i.I by ; iW 0:; the ch.'l--2 .t were1 m
.. Ire -o f "assault warding."''t'hee: r o kl William i. =Hlcka InL ;Ul"ive1t: balk *.'**&,- flames.-', and they r>scuffled.He said he Patrol' .Jefferson disorderly' conduct; ?-'id .fighting -:- '
." _4"Z' 'child was also; _struck iit;: '-'it' the v>ooung" resulted i f:"Fire Ch. !' ,**' .t Dnpriest struck her, and both fell- to _..':\ :
; :
.2e+ .1.q..r... le".nd from a pot eight tnkle.: /-:hle fled_ail -m ...au:4me: : t between i''SI said thefii' ; ',' Aitrstart. the floor.: He said be fled I vEsti;........,. _.- ... & 4"' ." tir ..aS Patrolmen L. r1. Williams

it was in wtI.ll:1n'lcl.ie t..a.. pcltt! ,u y..Ji6 Fb iiI ..s Ilob.vwajid.. his brothel.: ed by, ,en,sic bas overheated the scene without f&rthe1 *r. c'. -/, -..t. B. W. Ktio&lL -' and Alvin R J.L..es' in\" :.**-

Dh Is-on ofiicia1: -..thnt.----the. charge_ .of Aiaama: *. v u >58., r> ",-. ack, pot said. : p. ssib*. ib, stove. harming her. -. gated.




Two THE FLORIDA STAB Week Ending Saturday. January 17. 1939

THE FLORIDA STAR iZ i i "Politics As Usual ,


A delegation including six Methodist bishops presented
to the U. S. Senate 6th the
I on January signatures of 21,000
by The Florida Star Publishing Co.
persons asking for a curb on filibusters. Such a curb would
"Member of Associated Negro Press'Eric make it easier to pass civil rights legislation, social welfare

O. Simpson ...._ .- ---__..EditorC. measures, and other laws benefiting laboring people.

Parham Johnson _. ____News Staff The signatures were on petitions .
Richardson._... Circulation Depi. from 45 states and the -
JUtamae -- -------
District of Columbia, with the District of Columbia, including -

two thirds from the Southern nine Southern states.

MAIN OFFICE PLANT: states. They were collected Tucker
Louisville Ky.; Bishop -
M23 Moncrief Road -.__ EL 4-8782 EL 4-6783 through the Southern Confer-
Educational Fund. C. A. Gibbs, Birminj-
Branch Office: 423 Broad St. Phone EL 4-3773 ti ence
Downtown \ i 7v'fis. C The Spokesmen ham. Ala.; Bishop \V.V..

for the de- Matthews Washington; the

"%. Rev. Fred L. Shuttlesworth,
: legation were't
Address .
Mailing :
leader of the
"' Birmingham
P. O. Box 561. Jacksonville I, Florida 't, .' .- .' Madison Bishop Reid, bus protest; the Rev. WilliamB.

t a Kittrell N. C., Abbot. Norfolk, Va.; a
r \ President f leader in the movement to
:' : .' the Council of integrate schools in that state
One Year. S540; Half Year. $3.00; Three Months. $1.80 and E. B. Henderson, Falls
.' Bishops of the
Mailed To You, Anywhere In The United States. .- A :! NS J..iA.M.E.. Churcht. Church, Va.; state public re-

Subscription: Parable in Advance. Send Check or Money Order To: ; ITle ;.. ..of .: Sand Aubrey W lations chairman for the NA-
.. ACP.
j-: ; 4qoTHJ "-.. ", Montgomery, 1 The Baptist Ministers Con-

t .r.. Ala., publisher ference of Philadelphia and

SIMPSON and presidentof Vicinity were represented by
GET OFF THE LISTIf -/J the SCEF. its secretary, the Rev. J. E.

The delegates included Adkins He brought along pe

S white and Negro men and titions circulated bv his organization -

,. women from 11 states and. ; and other groups

Uncle Sam keeps a sucker list the U. S. motorist is Among them were: Bishop S. I in Philadelphia.
L. Greene, Atlanta, Ga.; Bi-It
right up near the top. shop Edgar A. Love Baltimore -i The petitions addressed to
the Senate of the U. S. said
In early depression years motorists were stuck with a Md.; Bishop C. E. i :
DESEGREGATION IS THE "We, the undersigned urge
federal gasoline tax and a string of automotive levies im- I that Rule No. 22 on cloture

'. posed as "temporary emergency" measures to help out the ----- AQUARIUSBorn I be modified so as to make it

Treasury. Each time a new "temporary emergency" came Jan. 20 thru Feb. 18 possible to close debate and

along, these taxes were increased. And, of course, a "tempo- Your Weekly You may have reached I bring the question or mea-
rary" tax is seldom repealed. ome important psychologicaland : sure to a vote by a simple
intellectual decisions I majority of the Senators pre-

Then in 1956 Congress enacted a massive new federal Horoscope GuideWHICH and with Venus in your first sent and voting, after a rea-

highway program linked to national defense. And who was House you may try to carry sonable time has been alloted

selected to pick up the tab to defend the country, promote ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR them out warmly and eagerly.I: for involved.full debate of the issues

commerce and the like? The motorist, of course. The federal BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL Yet your emotions might be ;r Such action would
erve; the democratic
gasoline tax was boosted to three cents per gallon and other somewhat confused this process
month either because of !t i bv restoring maioritv rule to
new special taxes were imposed. To make it still tougherfor social -
By PABLO The! ASTROLOGERARIES and parental !, the Senate, and at the same
.motorists, Washington! planners! refused to earmark_allot pressure, time the
protect right full
or because? you are not too I II
; tne
revenue collected from taxes on motor vehicle
ownership to be used for the highway :More than right kind of contact for suc i LIBRA I good a manager of your own j and complete. discussion."
Born March 21 thru April 20 cess. You may be active in Born Sept. 23 thru Oct. 22 and jI
$1.5 billion of this money by-passes the highway fund each money energies. I On .the reverse side of the
year and winds up in the general fund. This emphasizes the possi- many ways, eager to expre I Mercury makes also constructive 936332832932PISCES petition was a description of
bility of financial gains and yourself and perhaps to teach I aspects to broad the filibuster and how it
Then came another "temporary emergency" the of your successful initiative.It others, or even to show off in trine of Saturn to Pluto works. It that
was explained
recession and Congress voted to enlarge and speed up might mean a good deal of lavish entertainment or dra I which would favor bank loan, Born Feb. 19 thru March 20 Senate Rule 22 required a

the federal highway program to spread around more federal work, perhaps in completingsome matic gestures. This could also mortgages, governmental premiums This is a fine week for" two-thrids vote of the entire

money. In fact, the program has now been boosted up so project j started some mean self-indulgence anda :A or the integration of trips and for whatever would Senate, 66 votes, to end de-

high it's beyond the receipts from federal motorist taxes time ago. Work, however, deceptive approach to otherwise holdings for better manage- help you to communicatewith bate on a proposed law. Thus

originally provided for its support. We are told that the seems the safest line of acti- real opportunities for ment. It is strongly suggested people to discuss intelligently the Southerners and their

---. Highway Trust Fund will wind up next year some $900 vityfor you now. Be realistic success. Nevertheless you however, that no gamb- among friends conservative Northern and
million short. and do not let friends give probably will find out at once ling risks should be taken,as new ideas, serious problems Western allies have been

you impractical advice, even that a sober attitude to per- your hunches could be de- affecting able to talk bills to death
While this looks like a pretty staggering figure, it's nota it it sounds quite fascinating. sonal and social relationshipsis should community or
ceiving they mask an the world at large. Intellectual before they could be stopped.The .
bit more staggering than the conclusion being drawn 320221921322.TAURUS indispensible. emotional restlessness and
from the in That conclusion is that a occupations are particu-
discovery Washington. 560555954565LEO desire to escape from basic delegates talked to the
the federal gasoline tax will have to be raised next year to situations which should be j with larly favored also contacts Senate Democratic Leader
intellectuals and
keep the program going.In faced. large Lyndon Johnson and then
Born April 21 thru May 20 organizations, col- visited the office of Vice-
other words, the first suggestion of a shortage of It has stood this while in Born July 23 thru Aug. 22 970666865975SCORPIO leges, study clubs, libraries, President Nixon where they
road funds produce automatic not just for more etc. It
an request is the time
to deepenand left the
solitary grandeur focusing its As Mars stands alone in petitions with C. K.
motorist taxes, but for higher levies on motor fuel whichis mature
your mind to
energy upon people who, like one half of the zodiac-it, hasa McWhorter legislative assis-
already taxed at a rate far beyond luxuries. ask advice from
you are Taurean in their kind of stubborn strength Born Oct. 23 thru Nov. 22 in their tant to Nixon. McWhorter

Does the motorist want to get off Uncle Sam's sucker basic nature. Thus, this week which you should have already After the New Moon of 6-90-77-89-76-697 fields. I promised they would be

list? If so, let him demand that all the money he's now more than ever you should experienced during January 9th a new period be given to the Vice-President.

paying in special federal automotive taxes be earmarkedto try to take the initiative and much of the last six months. gins and it should begin well --

support the road program. If that is done, there won't stir up things all around. It Now this Martian eagernessfor with new opportunities for

be any financing problem. might mean a significantlong action and initiative activity and for s o c ia 1 con-
to set- should be at its best parti-
journey, perhaps contacts or even close part-
tle some business matters cularly around the NewMoon nerships. A good deal of intellectual -

.. along lines which afford you of January 9th. This, how- work, discussion,

some degree of selfexpression. -,,ever, could mean much,work planning; and perhaps ex-
SEE THE LISTENER You might b e disap- for you particularly intellec- change of letters could be necessary -
in at least tual secretarial work. Yet
pointed a partner, or I this week. You may
financially speaking. the result seems to be an excellent become connected i t h un- Our very liberal

1-40-44-39-43-143 financial setup; but usual groups of people, in earnings are compounded Each account is
watch closely associates, 'S e mi. -;;;;;;;" insured up to
your some cases perhaps rather ..
Alexander Graham Bell, it's safe to say, would find it Say the
GEMINI who not be too reliableor Annually on I $10.000 by
impossible to believe what his great invention the tel eBorn May 21 thru June 20 clear may in their. own minds. ruthless or large and firms demanding, governmental people ings in this Association 7@J{;] / Federal Sayings
phone is on the of doing. Here's what President Ca 0
verge which is
and Loan Zcsur
be 4-8-99-79-97-489{
This, however, need not
Donald C. Power of the General Telephone Company has bureaus and the like. I Pf.I'"
chartered and superrised "UIIl1"b ance Corporation
either bad. It
depressing or 8-10-11-13-15-810 '---
tc say: should simply i mean that by the ----- tl.1:.. authorized by an
U. 8. GoYernmonl act of CongreaSUPPORT
"The broad market for telephone products and services your participation in your VIRGO
will make it possible for the telephone subscriber of the community, and perhaps your Born Aug. 23 thru Sept. 22 SAGITTARIUSBorn
personality, is becoming consolidated It could mean that you Nov. 23 thru Dec. 21
future to control the lights and heat within his own home
from distant and affirmed in a have found much in contacts You might get a raise in
any point merely by dialing predetermined,
digits. The telephone instrument of the future will consist! new and more basic way, as with foreigners-or with philosophically -'salary, or somehow get aheadin

of communication outlets located in room in the: indicated by the trine of Mer- and religiously your work through your
house and in instances every bum j facilities : cury anc' Plate on the 13th.Y inindsd 'nen. This: Mars; influence earnestness, dynamism andinitratwe. fM
many provided as ,
e t avcid legal rnt2'lgle- has been active: for ". positive and invective -'
c? contrasted with the presmt-day; ir trutlent.: In ,
men's cad : expansion. the last six months, but it is especially around
t th? doorbell signal! you will be able to establish twova7 -
the Few Moon
Be realistic, prt.ctiCat especially effective and constructive on January
communication with the
\ caller from loCatOA.r : in
any i 9th. Be careful of whateverhtnch -
DC act take promise now--or its 2f j'rctmay '
home. The of kidi city: .
i J possibility seeing' the image of the
for granted. be consolidated trough ;you may have con-I
vidual with
you are speaking, through the develop-
2503334931423CANCER of corning some risky move. THE
some DRIVE
a legal procedure
ment of phone-a-vision, lies in the near future You might delude
,sort. The influence of a large easily yoursel'f.

*1' "When desired, you will obtain eWs_ summaries, weather organization, or a govern- Be also particularly; .

reports and market results for all types of markets Born June 21 thru July 22 II ment, job. may be implied. in careful in traffic and keep FOR BETTCR TREATMENTOF

(industrial_ agricultural, etc.). The future development of Afriend could be influential this situation. your mind steady.
special services will permit the dialing of children's stories -,in bringing to you the 6-90-77-89=: 75-698 7-60- 8-59-86-765

and to. have them carried over a separate speaker located NEGROES BY LOCAL FIRMSI

in .the nursery These are the things that are our. GET YOUR HOROSCOPE READING CAPRICORNBom

objectives,for future telephone service." Vie BIa' coap a. 'Lelana more about J'CIIUMIf, 8eG4 II .... (one Dec. 22 Ihru Jan. 19 would Wee to 909 a new policy of better treat-

4Ime. Ia eoba) for etch boIaecepe erdered IrJ maD. 1notade nettaddrraeed This is indeed an excellent meat to Negro customer adopted. by local firms.

IIfampednlOi" WrIte JIIaka7. 1'JIJa after does act ap pq month for your intellectual I resent being called by my first name by talffffmin
.. and saleswomen.
I'MIdeabf,the doantnfoa of 0&IIItda.r .
....,. harmonious }E' I believe that Negro patrons should be provided .
.. rJ ;:BFORIDA;: STAR ASTROLOGER: a% your emotional life is con-:'i ample zd.J'OOm facilities la local establishments aDd
cerned. There is also a tendency an end put to JImcrow signs OB drinking fouotalas
I. 1'. O. BOX
r 561JACKSONVILLE I II for.you to be careless i ..and rest rooms
: "': 1, .FLA. cf money and to spend it for To am>mpKaa these changes I am willing to cttrapatreaMag .

...:.ii". I. -NaID8. I not too sound and perhaps'I j firms that art_ tmwIHlng to meet these : .'.
..> .. .. .. .. deceitful, social, cultural or requests.NAME fp
I', I humanitarian:\ purposes; See'I -
.' this trend on January 12th;, : ;

r and .try to control .it byj} ADDRESS ;. :. .'
I II f"
:t. .' .y.' : ttlata memo 'cf f.a 1 mi; intellectual ..::-:"'-w' .
I .. attempt t; at elucidation-an-i i I eaderdaad hat my rums will be laidto. ; .
1 1 d tz I sljz-! 'ully all avail' deattal ualees !fadfcated oflwrwiee below. -"::.> :' J
... .... able-ia: I
v : data.
; .
'-- -. -_ -. : -. ,-.o'.r J"f., 0,.:-... .::: -.J 1..3)l: : ; l4: .. Li( ) Tea airyPage tfirlaq aT'aaauli; 'sue.i ;; '

.' -...".. ... -,." ;::'" .. ;..' "" '"" :;''7; ,. ... 4 > .
4. ;y .


..i r



; t" <': ":

: ; <' : : ;- '

: f < < .

.. "
"':' ''' ., ... I ,,. ', 't. :;' ..

Week Ending Saturday. January 17 1959 THE FLORIDA STAR Page Three

mm .

I ,,
NOTES.I =-- .. =
j t ;raw.r "
I mWlIq 4. ; _
'_ --. -- --
GOOD SAMARITAN CLUB --- -- -,--- -


i ; BT
The Good Samaritan Re-1 sxc

lief Club conducted its meetIng -
recently at the home of> : LOUISE G. GUINYARD

Mrs. Georgia Collins, 1156 .
West 5th Street. I ii 8 at .; ; ,
J. Papino and Mrs.Georgia
Collins were in charge of the

social hour. [ _r A noted, music composer gave us our first glimpse of '

Lauvinia T. Marquez, director ). June in January," but took the Les Regalettes Social Club

of public relations.f' t .. "HMS, rp.Z with its lavish post-Christmas banquet .to revive the not-
COLLEGE PARK CIRCLE S RaI so-far-in-the-past Christmas spirit. The affair was held last

HOLDS FIRST MEET Friday evening at the Lincoln Golf and Country Club amid

Seasonal decorations, (complete with Christmas tree). Heads

The College Park Garden turned as the smartly dressed club members arrived on -the

Circle held its first meeting* :>. .W ,HsRM a t arms of beaming companions, bearing beautifully) wrapped
of the recently in the ..i ':,
year gifts.
!.2..ya-- <
... .
home of Mrs. William Jack- +d4la.L :M. :w ., '", ,if..?"

son, -1661 West 5th Street. BETTYE ASQUE. JAMES DAVIS WED Miss It is a pleasure to list the officers and members of this
George Sash discussed Beitye Jean Asque became the bride of James Carl club, with sincere
apologies for
"Preparing Soil for Spring" : Davis.. Airman Second Class Dec. 27 at 11 ajn. in the our inability to provide
during the meeting. St. Pius Catholic Church. The Rt. Rev. Father Edward i the names of the numerous guests: Mrs. Johnnie L. Byrd,

( T. FerrelL SSJ. officiated at the double-ring ceremony. iI president; Mrs. Frankie McGee, Vice president, Mrs. Lillian -

SEMINOLE GARDEN I The bride Is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Oble I Dennis, recording secretary; Mrs. Annie Laura Pinck-

CIRCLE i I Asque and Mr. Davis is the son of 'Mr. and Mrs.- Glenn ney, financial secretary; Mrs. Gloria Anderson Finch, savings -
HOLDS REGULAR MEET H Davis. Sr. of this city.
I treasurer Mrs.
1 ___ -.-- -- -- ; Helen Morrell, treasurer; Mrs. Evelyn

The Seminole Garden Circle -I, TRUEVINE CLUB Florence, business manager; Mrs. Georgia Henry, chaplain;

held its meeting recently: : Wedding Bells NEWLY WEDS Mr. and Mrs. John D. Stanton Mrs. Mildred Pauline; Mrs. Alberta Dillard, Mrs. Evelyn

in the home of Mrs. L. Ma-I INSTALLS OFFICERSThe I who were married recently at Second Baptist Church Hughes, Mrs. Alice Slater, Mrs. Carrie Johnson, Mrs. Lu-

con, 1354 West 11th St. with the Rev. J. C. Sams performing the marriage ties genia Carlwell, and Mrs. Alma Costello.
Mrs. P Truevine Club of Dis-!|
,Kelly was in chargeof I are seen here. ,
the discussion. Gifts will trict No. 4 of Second Baptist: Applications for Marriage The bride is the former Miss Barbara Joyce Reed. .

be exchanged in the meeting.'I Church elected officers re-. Licenses I daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Emmett N. Reed. Sr., and the

Mrs. H. Scruggs is presi-' cently. i I Logan groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. John Stanton. Sr. of An affair of note held during the Yuletide Season. was
dent of the group. Officers are: George Walker' Clarence Harden, 1053 i Birmingham, Alabama. the party given by the Les Meres Bridge Club in the Moa-
St. 20 and Barbara
deacon Walter Calhoun, as- age
I ;
sistant deacon;Leila Waldon,; Yates, 735 Everson. St., age crief Road home of Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Vaught. Membersof
I' Ida M c C I a in, deaconesses; 18. entertained their husbands with a
WITH MRS. P. CARSON 'I Johnnie L. Barnes, secretary,I William P. Shrewberry,I MRS. POLITE AS PRES. OFFICERS FOR 1959 delightful banquet served buffet style.
II I District No. 4: club officers 1089 Reiman St., age 30 and I
The Better Garden Circle Beatrice Cherry, president; ;i Dolores Dailey, 1219 McCo-I Guests included: Mr. Everett Butler of Miami. Florida;

held its annual party Friday I, Clara Calhoun,vice president';! nihe St., age 27. j Mrs. Doris Forest of Detroit Michigan: Miss Lauretta Jen
The H. H. Social Saving The Exclusive Social and
at the home of Mrs. Pennie' Margie Ferrell, secretary;I Harold H. Nixon, 1064+ I, kins: Mrs. Vivian O. Ingram; Mr. and Mrs. I. H: Burney.Dr. .

. M. Carson, 1204 Spearing St. : Leila Waldon, chaplain and State St., age 28 and Edna L. |'!for Club 1959 held in election the home of officers of Mr. I Saving Club of Arlington and Mrs. W. W. Schell Mr. and Mrs; Leon Bland; Mr:
1021 Placeda St. met the homeof
and gifts were exchanged, education committee chair- Hagan, ,age Wednesday in and Mrs. John
; Mrs. George Goggins in Armstrong; Mrs. Mary Jones Mrs. Florence
I ;
I jond
17. Mr. and Mrs. Eddie An-
among the members, with man; Annie R. Wilson, missionary L
:Mrs. Lenora Davis, presiding. I chairman; Ida Mc-: Eugene Childers, 920 W. 11 I 1 Floradale. drews at 5849 Harrison Ave.to Wilson; Mr. and Mrs. John Henry Mitchell; Mr. J. L. Jen-

Refreshments were served Clain, miscellaneous committee St., age 58 and Henrietta.i Officers elected were: Mrs. elect officers and draw loran; and Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Banks.

buffet style and members donated chairman; Margie Ferrell Williams 1034 Eaverson St., M. L. Polite, president; Mrs. names for Christmas sisters Mr. and Mrs. Wm. T. Harper; Mr. and Mrs: William R:
gifts to the Jones baby. program committee chairman age 50.JOLLY. Bernice Campbell, vicepresident for 1959. Wells Mr.
; and Mrs. Fred A. Mr.
Wesley; and Mrs. Charles -
Clara Calhoun, convention Mrs. Bessie M. Merchant -
The annual Christmas out-
I and association committee recording secretary;! Simmons; Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Bartley: Mr. and Mra:
GROUP SOCIAL ing was held at Tony's Sea-
MARY MCLEOD BETHUNE chairman. 'I Mrs. Johnnie M. Simpson,: food Shack at Atlantic Beach Henry Jenkins; Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Brooks; Mr. and

CIRCLE HOLDS MEETING; CLUB MEETING HELDThe 'financial secretary; Mrs. R. with the following guests Mrs. Richard Roby; Mr. and Mrs. Adrian K. Knight and

Sheffield, assistant recording present: Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse O. Ramsey.

The Mary McLeod Be-,!ABOUT PEOPLERev. Jolly Group Social. ecretary; Richard King, savI Brown, Sr., Mr. and Mrs. A. .
thune Circle held its regular I Saving Club held its meeting -,, ing fund treasurer; Hamilton l IJ. Brown, Jr. of Miami, Mrs. .

monthly meeting recently in1 I recently in the home of Bess, birthday secretary; Mitchell -.Florine F. Newkirk of Long The Charming Ladies Bridge Club held its most recent

the home of Mrs. M. Peters,i W H. Jordan and Mr. and Mrs. P. Goodman,..1 Walthour, sinking fund;j, Island, N. Y., James Dallas, meeting in the home of Mrs. Clevel Cromartie 1562 West,
Hallback ,
1832 Decottes Street. i Mrs. Elsie ; ;'
1825 W. 24th Street. | i Mrs. Raymond Thomas and
The anniversary observance -I sister, Mrs. Nettie Robinsonof The previous meeting was; treasurer; Thomas Mrs. Ruth Bartley. Sixteenth Street, with Miss Theora ,Le<<: gins as guest. ,.
Jacksonville Beach left the held the home of Mr. and,'Campbell, marshalOtis; Stev-:
discussed I High scorers for ,the '
was included
city recently to attend the i| The annual Christmas bas evening Mrs. Sophie White,
Mrs. George Blount. The ens, chaplain; George Gog-
will feature the Bethune-j ,
Cookman; College Choral En-j I funeral of ,their ,sister in Ft. Christmas party was given gins, Jr., business manager; I ket was presented to a chosen Mrs. Margaret C. Day, and Mrs. Vermal Glover.

semble. Pierce.. They'may be contacted ,during the meeting and gifts Lee Gay, rainy day treasurer.'I family by Mrs. Jessie M. Present for; the ,meeting were:Mrs. Josephine Cleveland; .
: at 1608 Avenue "K. were exchanged.Mrs. Ella M.I ., The books are open for Polke, and Mrs. Ellen Wil-. Mrs.
Mrs. Peters,Mrs. B. J. Per- *, : I Delphine Brinson, Mrs. Dorothy Dunlap, Mrs. Lillian
Hams Christmas
Howell acted as Santa Claus. membership. on eve.
kins and Mrs. Theresa Lock
I Stukes, Mrs. Hortense Jones Mrs. Car-
i Mrs. Vivian Copeland Carter '. Brewington, Ruth ,
wood served as hostesses'for. the ter and Mrs. Helen
the spent the holidays in Grimes. ,
meeting. city with her parents. Mr. LATC37 TEEN-AGE RAGE ... DC-Ii-YOURSELF FAS! BC: S ;
and Mrs. E. E., Copeland on

West llth Street. Another bridge club has followed the local trend among'
by EVELYN CUNNINGHAMIt their fashion interests. Sure, bought" dress is not for:.- :
TO Mrs. Ida Brown Smith of is generally believed they seek acceptance and coming. such organizations in selecting its name. Although not an

OBSERVE ANNIVERSARYThe Curo, Texas, Mrs. James J.i that when a teenager ,has approval among their own McCall's Patterns has a entirely new club (it has operated over the past year and
Hyett and daughter of Philadelphia -I "nothing to wear," she. set and often make a fetish shrewd eye for breaking down has been referred to in this column as the Friday Night
anniversary of the:: the usually Jumps into her leo- I out of a fad. But they get a the intricacies of dressmakingto the Les
Pa., are in city : group Bijoux Bridge Club has made a wonderfulstart
Matrons Club of tards blue fuller satisfaction in
Progressive I i or jeans. Maybe realizing the very simplest methods.
J: their brother and ,
visiting : in
Second Baptist Church,January -' she does. There's comfort that they can belong and still Directions are easy and un the new year.
uncle S. A. Austin of 1731 ;
18 in the home of :Mrs. and security the "uniforms"so not forego all of their indi
complicated. Any teenage Mrs. Frances Richardson.
Mrs. Nell Cason,
Calhoun Street, who is ill in and Mrs. Elizabeth -
Eva Mae Bennett, 2040 Mt. necessary to her and her viduality.So girl can get die message.
Herman Street.A the Brewster Hospital Mr. contemporaries. And this is a lot of'them sewtheirown. The 'pictured party dress Simmons were guests at the meeting held Friday

program has been arranged Austin is a mmeber of Bethel their way of belonging. The possibilities in with its sleeveless bolerois evening at the Lincoln Golf and Country club with, the .'
for the occasion. The Baptist Church and'the A. J. This business of belonging making their own clothes an ideal marriage of youthful latter qualifying for the guest prize.
activities will at Collins Lodge of the :Masonic I has rivra the impressionthat are seen more readily by styling and sophisticatedfabric.
330 convene Family. Mrs. Smith is past: tcioa;ers are sheep in yojog girls than by their Designed exclusivelyfor Club prizes were won by Mrs. Lois Avery Randall, Mrs.
p. m.ANNUAL worthy matron of Order of; mothers. To youth, nothing McCall's by famed French Alvenia Scriven, and Mrs. Mattie Montgomery.
Eastern Sfir. is impossible. And making Pauline Tri
designer ere,
PARTY GIVEN E- a dress is more of an adventure the dress has a camisole Mrs. Bonnie L.Bush,Mrs.Sylvester Bossard, Mrs.Evelyn

BY LEISURE LADIES Mrs. Fannie R. Bryant and w when money for a new"store- top and fitted bodice and is Galvin, Mrs. Grace Sykes, Miss Zelma Johnson, and Mrs.

daughter, Chandra of Tuske- made here in two tones of Marie McClain complete the membership roster of this
The Ladies of Leisure Social club.
It could be dramaticin
Ala. the green.
gee, spent holidays
and Saving Club sponsored red and pink peau de soie, .
here as the house guests of .
its annual party recently summery in print polishedcotton
I her husbands Mr.
in the home of Mrs. John or daring in blue and
Mrs. Doris G.
and Mrs. O. L. McLendon at Bennett was hostess when the Kevinettes
H. Johnson 1586 West 25th violet linen. There only
631 West Church Street. Bridge Club met last Saturday evening in her home at 1526
Refreshments T f twelve pieces in this
Street. were I. : : pattern W. Fifth Street.
served and gifts were exchanged -I and McCall's new Easy-Rule
: Rev. and Mrs. C. C.Danielsof
feature makes for a minimumof Miss Theora '
among the members Leggins, guest for the evening, received a
and their guests. Mt. Carmel Baptist left planning.The lovely gift from the hostess.
i the city recently for New 9k r P pert little chemise ,
York City to be at the bedside .a A r.t Sx'r jumper and blouse is a happy Prizes were won by Mrs. Sarah Lovett, Mrs. Barbara '
of Rev. Daniels' brother. g. dress. Just brushing the Harper, Mrs. Celestine Nicks, and Mrs. Helen B. Robinson.: .
MRS. S. E. BROOKS hipline, the jumper flows
ATTENDS CONCLAVEMrs. a es easily to a narrowed hem. Other members present included Mrs. Emmalee George
LES CLUB Torn without the blouse, it. :Mrs. Pearl Mackey, Mrs. Geraldine Hilliard, Miss Gwendo-
COQUETTES becomes a party dress. This lyn Johnson, Mrs. Thelma Greene, Mrs. Dorothy Oliver,
Brooks was honoredby INSTALLS OFFICERS ;-- .mac one is made in mauve hounds- and Mrs. Pauline Davis.
her sorority for herfaith--I tooth check wool, accentedby .
fulness and efficienty by elevating -i The Les Coquettes Charity a self-bow on the low back

to the high office of I Club installed officers recently c* neckline. It is ready for Wo stopped la to say hallo to Miss Vivian Sutton whole
Supreme Grammaters (National -I at a meeting held at school or a session with the visiting her family at 1269 West Twentieth Street. She
She is the t coke and hi-fi set. And it is
Secretary counselor) the i the home of Mrs. Horatio D. .t absolutely ready for a bit of seem to hare adopted Brooklyn New York completely: .

guidance culty, is a member ofEbene-on ''Johnson 2067W. 17th Street a braggadocio on_ the part of the and,-.heutIlr.recomm8nc. '* It to anyone desiring a change of

zero Methodist Church, presi-! 'I Officers installed are Mrs. ,- ='; z girl who makes it herself.. scenery' VHAPPY : '.
James Weldon Johnson Fa- Agnes A. Walker, president; vMA There's nothing wrong with y .
Mrs. Marie Griffin, vice president leotard and Use jeans chats
dent of the Wesleyan Service I ; Mrs. Lillie Mae Battles crack at a and needle -
member of the Advisory pattern, BIRTHDAY to Dr. Leonard F. Morse of the Edward
Guild a ., e
,.recording secretary; MISs won't cure And sudden interest -
Board of the Guidanceand Waters College ,family. Scores of friends extended
Maggie Kellon assistant 'sec In neighborhood boy .
congratulations to him last Monday.
Correction Clinic '
Speech retary.Mrs.. I will definitely keep the project .' ..
,and vice president of the Jeanette Scott finan rolling. Sewing one's S .

Florida Council on ,Human cial secretary Mrs. Mildred own clothe: is:wonderful fan ,
Relations. Robinson, treasurer; Mrs. toe teenagers and offers an Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity's black ,and'white formal f is
Ruth ; DRAMz.l' easy!! cbasael .for that Bach the next major social event in .Jac onvi 1e._ Scheduled for
Johnson chaplain; Mrs.; DOUBLE-DUTY, DAY OR DATE TlcEPaalta. by
'. discussed January:23rd.ai the Doval Armory' it,is,'expected to rank.
Martha Polite, sinking fund .1t foes Car the Ukiag wkcmou ram. rte ,
:; ... '
hva .ew+J ... wet -.caw. ftu&ion-SeWing' ,Weekly Up: e wit:: wit&ttfctfebeld'ftroug&dut-the country lafwaarid:enter-
treasurer Mrs. Ruth Johnson .
:- ;: ; md UOBM. Rewrve tte MOM* i ;ht
.... I Is.asww. oc son to noose: IUID taln it.
roar ,
chaplain; Mrs. Martha Polite, std the Jnfc toe perfect ... .. .. bust y<. _.. -?. .-..
Patronize Star Advertisors sinking fund treasurer Mrs. .dreaa for UM ok_ or U4I M Jio.u.eV for iWa of* your: sseasstesettt.' 'look .forward friends of the Jacksonville"Alumnae -
; We
... P*a a. l4i9f. "l:1: &. pkkly masked_on yourpattern : ; seeing
I Sylvia Johnson, corresponding ti m' _N. .:ra eaftlopc.A' Chapter and all good Kappas the area at this
S. _
secretary. ----L "'! affair.

.J. .

1 J -

/ .

'. : .
.,. '-
/ .
., .-
': .
.. -, -
... r .r


Page Four THE FLORIDA sTa Week Ending Saturday. Janu__ 17 19d

I Florida Chain Of Missionary To Convene- Here _: I

-- .



I r o AT 1ST Services at Mt. Zion Bap- Usher Board No. 4 of Mt.

tist Church, January 18 will Olive P rim i ti v e Baptist
begin with Sundav School at Church
Y. officers re-
Florida Chain of Missionary Assemblies will con-
y The annual executive 9:30 with Mrs. M. J.
a. m. cently in a meeting.
vene in January 1720. "God's Power Above
board and of Clark in
mass meeting charge. Officers elected Char-
all. will be the theme for the asemblies.Mrs. are:
.. .
lie B. Gardner ana, w the Progressive Baptist State Morning worship will begin lie Lockett vice president;
Sunday School and BYPU at 11 a. m. with the Rev Mrs. Ethel Mae Holzendorf.
Mrs. M- R. Simpkins will be :
Convention will be held at H. L. Herod in
charge. recording secretary Mrs.
the chairmen for the Sunday MUSICAL SET ;
the First Church Devotional service the
Morning The service Baptist for Carrie Sample, assistant; Mrs
program. Lake Wales, January 22 beginning 7 p. m. worship will be led Growina Wright, financial
will be held at the Mt.
Olive AME Church Fraklin AT mm JOHN ;:: at 10 a. m., with by K. Hump hr e y and A. secretary;Mrs. Florence Dan-

and Pippin Streets, the Rev.B. Mrs. G. W. Scott and Leon T. Clark. The Rev. H. L. Herod iels, treasurer; Mrs. Ruby

Williams, pastor.On r ,. Freeman in charge. will be in charge of the ser- Scott, chaplain; Mrs. Inez
r SpH ywggp"P During the morning session vices all day and will ad- Harris, sinking fund trea-
January 18 at 11 a. m The four choirs of St.John
service, the Rev. Harold plans for the annual session minister the Holy Communion surer; Mrs. Ella McKeever,
Baptist Church will present will be discussed.The in the evening service. supervisor and Mrs. Priscilla
Voelkel will be the speaker.The
its annual mid-winter musical
education and
program MUSICAL EVENT SET Girlie, reporter.
Rev. Voelkel is pres-.: January 26 at 8 p. m in rally will highlight the evening -
byterian USA fraternal worker AT SAINT PAUL AME
the auditorium of the church. i session. Artists from
various -
in Korea and teaches in
"Come on Children, Let'sSing sections of the state I
Pierson Memorial Institute ," will be the titled of I, will participate on the The Dr. C. S. Williams HOUSE OF GOD SETS

and in Soong Sil College. the musical. I I gram. pro- will present his 19th showing 26TH ANNIVERSARYElder

Other ambassadors cf the original production of
Featured soloists for the)I Some of the participants of "
ing on the Jacksonville Chamarc A REAL CROWNING EVENT-The above pictureis the "Afternoon of Music, J. M. Tarver.
occasion will be Mrs. Eliza-' the business session are the pastor
the Rev and Mrs. Ray-, I that really event. This shows January 25 at the St. Paul he House of God
beth L. Carnes, Miss Agnes one crowns an picture Rev. J. C. Sams, W. G. Patterson will cele-
nard Arehart, PresbyterianU. Belle, Mrs. Margaret Prid- Mrs. Mayme Simms placing a crown on the head of Alexander Heard, the AME Church,Myrtle Avenue brate her 26th anniversary
S. missionaries 0 n furlough -' ( Mrs. Helen Anderson after the Conference Workers of and 13th Street. as pastor of the church Jan.
Rev. Hill
W. M.
gen, Miss Thomasenia Wilson -, Rev. R. H
from Brazil, having i Galbraith A. M. E. Zion Church Washington. D. C. Wilson Rev. Some of the participantsto 12-18. The church is located
Mrs. Hurlene A. Thomas H. H. Robinson
served in the North Brazil had reported more than 307433. Dr. C. W. Turns appear are: Choir No. 3 at 27th and Spires Streets.
:Mrs. Wilma La Vant,Sandra and Mrs H. B. Miller of the
as teachers and ad- of Second Baptist, Choir No.
pastor looks on. Bishop A. Smith and congregation -
Forehand Calvin Forehandand northeast district.
ministrators.Dr. !
2 of Mt. Calvary; Gospel was in charge of
I Mrs. Sadie Alexander. Attendants from other citiesare Chorus of St. Paul and theS
Edgar H. S Chandler, The Rev. A. J. EMANUEL CHURCH opening service. Other
j Hughes, CHURCH NOTES : Rev. E. Armster, H. V. tan t -Musi-Cho of New
from Geneva, Switzerland : pastor, will direct the ; ministers will participate in
group UNITS HOLDS MEETS Palmer, L. S. McCree, Mrs. Stanton.
I observance.The .
is director of Refugee service'with Mrs. Mildred Forehand l !, W. M. Warren, the Rev. F.

World Council of Churches. i,i and Mrs. Clarice Hughes as i| G. Hilton, M. L. Hamilton, Soloists for the occasion celebration will termi

The Rev. John Elder, Rev.P. pianist and organist respec;; MT. OLIVE UNIT i I The Male Chorus of Emanjiial -I Mrs Li B. C. Thomas, Mrs. will be Mrs. JosephineBrown nate with a program, January
1 I James Fayson, Miss 13. Dinner will be served at
Gordon Gould. Rev.Vill-! tively. SETS ANNIVERSARY ,! Baptist Church will meet; Estelle Dickerson Mrs. Eliza-
is A. i : Meltonia Cobb, Robert Sams, the church at 3:30: m.
McGill !
Rev. C- Kilmer ( for rehearsal, January 17 at
i : beth Jenkins
: the Rev. O. D.
A contest will be held be-I : Mrs. Mercedes Wesley, and The general public have
Myres will also prticipate in j, tween the The anniversary of ChiorNo. .17| p. m. in the auditorium of 'Williams. Rev. G. W. Mitc-
Alethia Frazier.Instrumentalists been
these residents of Miss B. extended an invitationto
services. I 3 of Mt. Olive Primitive I the church. 'hell, Rev. W. H. Calhoun
Choirs No. 1, 2, 3, and 4 and for the affair attend the observance.
The C h ch will be observed I District No. 2 will hid its 'Rev.. W. M. Pattreson
Rev. Paul E.Nelsonj! Usher Boards 1, 2, and 3. Baptist u r -'I and, will be Miss Roselyn
has !been_ Congregational ,i January 18 in the au-' meeting January 18at3 p.m., others. Harris Hubert Engram and -- I
Christian; education mission-I ditorium of the church. in the home of Mr. and Mrs. : IJ I Mrs. Cornelia Wallace. SAMMIE LEE DAVIS
ary in the Near I Choirs of various churches''S. Samuel. District No. Swill J
East for almost C. Vaught
half century. PAUL CHURCH will participate in the obser-I meet at 4 p. m. in the home HELPING HAND CLUB will serve as general director.
,, .
t SLATES jof Mrs. Nettie Favor 471 I
All other session of the ACTIVITIES vance. j SPONSORS PARTY i!
i j Goodwin Street. District No. Sammie Lee Davis, a pro-
Chain 1
of Missions will be The public have been extended -
held in the Riverside Christ 1 i Activities for the St. Paul an invitation to at-'!7 will met at 3:30: p. m. in; i i REV. C. B.DAILEYCONDUCTS minent business man of this-

ian Church. AME Church have been tend the celebration. I the home of Mrs.Bertha Till- The Helping Hand Charity REVIVALThe city will be presented in a
I nounced the an-: I" is, 317 Dellwood Aveue. ; Club sponsored Its annual musical recital,January 26 in
by the
Rev. R. J. Blaine.pastor, s A meeting will be held in | party recently at the home the auditorium of Day Spring

SECOND BAPTIST I On January 17 at 5:30 MINISTERS WIVES I I the home of Miss Maggie: of Mrs. Daisy Reaves, 2041 ] Rev. C. B. Dailey,fOS- Baptist Church at 8:15 p. m..
p. i Davis Street. pel minister and evangelistof The affair is being sponsored -
m., Mrs. Matilda Brown will, ELECT OFFICERS I Smith, 2504 Edgewood Ave-i f fl
UNIT PLANS EVENT meet with all members I[: nue by District No. 15. l i Business meting was held: Anderson Ind. will con- by District No. 28 of

who, :1 1 I A pretty hat tea will be]I'[ preceding the party with: duct a revival meeting at Day Spring Baptist Church.
are nurses to organize a first Officers were elected II
bye the First Baptist Church, 1027, Invitations have been extended -
Allen Jackson 'sponsored bv District No. I Curtis Williams in charge j
of this ,aid .
city the
group. the Ministers Wives of
I I mlin I Jessie St.. January 18-23. to the public to attend
will be presented in "An II.I January 18 from 3 to 5 p. Mrs. Ethel Gordon and Mrs '
East Florida and Bethany '
Evening of Song" I I The St. Paul Boosters Club i iI ( the dining room of the'Norris L. Jackson served ag', The Rev. Dailey is the pastor the second annual organ -

13 at 7 p. m in the, January auditorium I will meet, January 18 at 5 p. I at Baptist a meeting.Association recently,| church. :co-hostesses for the .; of the S e c o'rrd Baptist recital of Sammie Davis.
)II Church in Anderson and
in the I A has been Gifts ;
of Second m. church for reorganization program arranged were exchanged bytlaemembers. ,
Church. The event is Baptist being I: according to Mrs.I Viola Officers Daniels elected president are: ;Mrs.Mrs;I I Ii for the occasion.STEWARDESS :i I!i has Bethel appeared and in First the Baptist city at,MARICHAL GARDEN

sponsored by Usher Board No Esther Morse. i L. C. Way, vice president;!! !;churches last October. ,CIRCLE HOLDS MEET't
Baptist Church. All stewardesses have been I I Mrs. Deotha Simpson, chap- BOARDTO He attended Butler University :

Mr. Jackson will be sup-I called to meet Sunday by I![lain; Mrs. M. L. Johnson,' SET AT ABYSSINIA |i Indianapolis, rmf:where;,: JTarichal Neil Gardem

ported by Choir No. 3 of Se.I the Rev. R. J- Blaine at 4 p.1 I Bible teacher; Mrs. W. M. SPONSOR TEA he did undergraduate work Circle held its regular meett-

be accompanied by Mrs.Rosa I joint stewardess board. treasurer. An annual spiritual tea i presented in Abyssinia Sap,; Arts degree. He has done::Mrs. T: O. Butler, 1544 Jef'

L. Glass. Presiding Elder A. P. Pos- i iMBS. will ba sponsored by Stewardess tist Church, January fea1turing -': work toward his Bkcnelorof'ferson- St Gifts were' exchanged -

Mrs. Leola Lemons, Mrs.I tell will be in charge of the. ROSETTA COHEN J Board No. 2 of Cen- the Victory Gospel Divinity degree at Anderson between the members -

Willie M. Reed, Mrs. Nellie.service, January 18 during} TO APPEAR IN RECITALMrs. tral CME Church, February Singers. j College and received his Bachelor and friends.
Williamson, Mrs.Ada Reeves the morning and evening I 15 from 3:30: p. m. to 6 p. m. The event is being given!! of Theology degree The previous meeting was
Mrs. Gertrude Henderson t worship and will deliver the at the home of Mr. and Mrs. in the interest of District NoJ from Central Baptist Theological held! m the home of Mis.

and Mrs. Alberta J. Williams,sermons. Rosetta Cohen will be Cass W. Shootes Sn, 1436 6 and the "Miss AbyssiraaT Seminary;, wftere he Willla. Mae Hart, 1828'Louisiana -

will be the hostesses for the I presented in a recital, January -|Myrtle: Avenue. contest. The affair will trr-1 serves as instructor in the St. Serving as hostesses
18 at 3 p. m. at the Mt. j, Herod local minate and wens;: Mrs. Ethel Hamilton,
affair. The Rev. H. L. March 17. Other kcal Old and New Testaments
Zion Church of God in Unity i will be artists will on'' MCR. Mary Jones and. Mrs.
I I' radio announcer participate as assistant to the presidentand
f SAINT JOHN CHURCH i No. 2, 12th and Danson St. | the speaker for the occasion. the program. 4 dean of the school. ''Tup&ane Jones.

FELLOWSHIP MEET SETS ANNIVERSARY 1 Other participants to appear -,Other artists of the city will
1i 0 nth e program are ,
during the affair.
TO BE OBSERVEDAT i Mrs. Julia Robinson. Mrs. C. appear
GREEN COVE On January 18 Stewardess
SIMPSON CHURCHThe The Rev. R W.. Jackson,pas Frank Saunders Butler, Florence Tur-, Board No. 2 will meet at the .r .4 rt
home of Mrs. Corene Harris, '- i
tor of the St. John Baptist ner and others.Invitations 0 CLINIC ----
of Church will observe anniversary -I 1371 Milnor St. at 4 p. m.
Simpson been
3215 MAIN
t 18 }beginning Usher Board No. 2 will
Methodist Church January r
throughits 'Jt
tended to the general public 0 ; 1 "
division of local church with Sunday School I and others singers to attend sponsor its annual spiritualtea .,;: ; ARTHRITIS '.. : ., ,

activities, Mrs. Vernal Glover -:at 10 a. m. the event. ., February 8 from 3:30: p. ) :f- J, ... .
secretary of local church I,1 At 11 am.. morning worship rn. at the home of Mr. and 0 : Arthritisand U tM meet common cttftdtilon affeci- ,It, ':",. I''; .

activities is promoting a larger -, will be conducted by a WEST UNION UNIT Mrs. R The Burnett Rev., 924 Reiman Har- lug disabling persons of 40. and over today. :...,........- ... I
de g r e e of fellowship among -, visiting minister and his Joseph pp H- Arthritis may affect any moYeable. Joint In the / itJDB.
GIVES SILVER TEA will be the speaker for
the church membersand congregation in charge. ;j[ per the affair.JUNIOR. OWEN body but 11 usually begins la the Hand. feet. DJL GREESON .4
At 3 will ; '
I IOn p.m. program
January 18 Christian I be rendered with R. C. Pen-''. A silver tea will be spon- kneeL shsilders. or back. TM ana around Joints may become tender red swoUen.
I wIh the pain wrnae In the mOJ'BlDg aDd gradually 'aeem1ng to leas you alter you
der serving as master of ceremonies sored District No. 3 of
will be observed by
Fellowship more annmd. You may feel tired and restless when the pain 1a .roxa& In the early
and the Rev. C. H. Church SOCIETIES
throughout the day. '.West Union Baptist stages the pal i often seems to leave completely for a. few weeks only to come hackworse
I Howard will be the speaker 18 at 3:30 in .
Young men and women II January p. m. PLAN WOMEN'S DAY Imtmr*. ,
will serve as hosts and hostess for the occasion. the home of Mrs. Martha A Doctor oi Chiropractic Is trained to find and correct the basic cause of your
for the service and will The Good Samaritan Con- .Cummings, 1731 W.. 5th St. .
J'test National Junior Women'sDay CTBijjiH iy, Time) may allow your condition to become worse A Chiropractic ex--1ftA.
feel at home which is in progress at 1; A will be presented "" I
visitors to
help i( the Mt. Pleasant Baptist program will be observed by the tlon U urged for yon to find If relief can be TOOTS .
is they communicate with !I during the occasion. EL 1.0186 Jacksonville. Florida
local societies,of the District 122ND land Main Street
'I Church will terminate Jan
members d u ri n g the after- I District No. 5 will hold its
19 at 730 with Junior Women's Convention, .
noon., uary p. m. meeting Sunday after the
The Society will conductits the Bishop Johnson: as the I morning worship In the Edu- auxiliary to the East Florida -
i and Bethany Baptist Associa-
monthly service at 4 p. m. guest speaker. cational Building. DistrictNo.
25 at the Mt
and will present a musical i i 11 will meet in the home January Church the
Sinai Baptist ,
of Mrs. Everlene Jones at
H. Robinson .
Rev. H. ,pastor.A
The Gospel Chorus will be variety program featuring -
I various artists and choirsof
presented in after service
SET AT NEW BETHELNew i recital at Friendship an Baptist the city will be presented.A .

LISTON-The Home Church, Pickett Station, Sun prize will be given to the i

Bethel AME Church Mission Societyy of New Hope I I day. .... president whose society re-!

will sponsor a homecomingrally j Baptist ,Church will bold,its ports largest amount of funds

January 18, accordingto ;'meeting, January 18 at 4 p.r .I All proceeds will benefit the SHOP AND SAVE L,

tor.the. Rev. F. J. Jones., 'pas I|Mae\.. lathe Smith.home of Mrs. Ida STAPEL SINGERSTO cram.District's Educational prosMrs. AT'YOUR NEARESTDAYLIGHT .. ._ .

James Hawkins is chair- -fleal Justice Is All That APPEAR HERE M. K. Gibson is the

man for the men and Mrs.I Real Men'Want" will be dis- president of the District Con-

Vera C. Wiles is the chair-'cussed., .The Stapel Singers of Chicago vention. STORE

num-for the women A cOn- Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Mor- Ill., and the origin Golden

cert will be. presented with ris and children ef A.b ury Voices of Birmingham, ,

choristers. 'and soloists' appearing. Park; N. J. _.spent several Ala., will appear at the Elks AT EVEHY DAY LOW PRICES -

Mrs. Serena Tolbert days here as the,feeuseguestiin. Auditorium, January 18. BE SUBS TO VISIT OUR NEW STORE AT ..

is chairman for the musical, .' the. Rev and Mrs..c. J.Morris. The Gospel Echoes have extended ..HIMIM.CSIAM. 2111 & MONCRIEF ,-

They also visited,roUiives _
Mrs. Ruth B. McMillan, supervisor invitation to the "'
in Jacksonville Ocala -- Phmfy *. Pufcfpn Space. _
and ,Mrs. Dcrefty- general public to attend the
Wood, organist od Tampa. program. .





.' ...... .

Week Fading Saturday January 17, 1959 THE FLORIDA STAR Page Fir



Secure Drlyers' License

t,. t SAFEWAY DRIVING n Edwin Coach-

: SCHOOL .,' !man, 30-year-old Put man a .4
600 West Beaver StreetI' I II .; G County man was sentencedto t
I It life imprisonment by Cir-
Office 5-7742
II cuit Judge P. B. Revels for
J, Res. ELgin 4-0639 s fYp t Drive CarefullyOr he fatal shooting of his es-

GEORGE PERPENA DIr I You'll Hear June.stranged wifeB i'r dell last

FIGHT BOMBS: -- '1 From The Ladies The sentence was imposedafter
a motion for a new et a f a '
WITH BALLOTS! k By Martha Johnson. trial was denied. Defense x> '
1I Dodge Safety Consultant
. counsel told the court a damage -i'
WOMEN are waging war on suit will be filed a-
I (
reckless driving in many partsof Lockhart L.. 4.
Arthur ; _
------- T the country where the welfare gainst step
of their families or friendsis father of Mrs. Coachman.'' Aided by scholarships awarded from March of Dimes funds
Dr. John E. Codwell, Houston, Tex, president of the Associa- at stake. Lockhart has been accusedof Johnetta Jones, Roxbury, Mass, who is studying physical ther-
HAVE tion of Colleges and Secondary Schools; Mrs. Florence Madison In Los Angeles, a group of shooting his step-daughter;; apy at Boston University; Edgar E. Smith, Gary, Ind., enrolledin
' Hill, Philadelphia, Pa., president of Iota Phi Lambda Sororityand neighbors have banded togetherto scientific courses at Purdue University; and Mrs. Elizabeth
Charles R. Wilson, Chicago,,111., president of the National battle careless motorists on while shooting at Coachman. Goolsby, Atlanta, Ga., a science student at Radcliffe' College are
Bowling Association, have joined the March of Dimes with dollars their street. Known as the" lin- Lockhart denied firing a gun.I! training: for service. The recently launched health scholarship
p A and they are volunteer campaign workers in their local ute Women of Roscomare Road," ------- program of The National Foundation will cost $12,000,000 in
communities. They urge you to join the March of Dimes-for they record the license numbersof I ten years and will train 5,500 more students for service. Join
arthritis and birth defects as well as polio-as contributors of automobiles driven in a hap- FRATERNAL NOTES I the March of Dimes,Jan. 2-31.
funds and volunteer service. The campaign continues throughout hazardous manner.If .
ROOMOR January. repeated offenses are recorded j
-- --
for the same car. theVO1cn AMERICAN FEDERATION
----- --- ---- send the letter '
-- ---- -- \
I urging him to drive more care- I I

CLUB BARON HAS DEATHS fully.Heavy traffic on a school route The REGULAR American SESSION Federationof

in Hollywood, FLu alarmed dial Lodge No. 579 will
members of the Pilot Club there.
Their community-wide campaisn hold its first regular session' n
APARTMENTTO ANNUAL PARTYThe !I for a new road resulted in traf- of the new year, January 18
i fie officials! creating safe route 2:30 in the auditorium Y
GEDDES-Funeral services ; a at : p. m. -I I
1 1I
for school children.
of West Union
Club Baron held its Baptist
I were held this week for The Hammond, Ind., Junior '
llth annual banquet and installation -I Women's dub recently' com.p'iCteil Church. Members have been
I Robert Melvin Geddes World .,
ceremonies recent- a study of tl.e relationship : asked to attend the meeting. 4 .If
ly at Club El Dorado with J. War II veteran who died in i: : between vision deficiencies* James Smith, president.
? and 1 automobile acc! RENT D. Pauline serving as toast- New York City. in:: only at ni-ht: they analyzedt :
master and extending wordsof Mr. Geddes is survived by :>3 accl: ?..t historic of 2,500 I GREEN BAY LODGE I ,
welcome and I ILiirnionJ: .!ritcrs. Data FOR proposed a his brothers. A Ion Z 0, Fred .il has Ijpcn turned ncr laAn" CONDUCTS MEETING I' &;
toast to the wives and sweet and Wilbert Geddes i I l'. :..' 'I.t..y 1'or ft rd.:,r I The Green Bay Lodge 190 ?
; sisters, y
hearts.Dr. .
r- IF & A. M. will hold its regu- !
J. I. E. Scott the Misses Bernice ad Geraldine m Cu::-r"' It\members of aww. Mzap.
QUICK was Geddes, other relatives. t.. .... d._..._.. ._... h..v. U. lar meeting, January 20 at I
speaker for the occasion and
s"'s mace tciv J 8 m. in the Masonic Temple -
T.- 1 o.co3 p.
i installed the officers. He offered .., '; I
'- "
e';: ('"> ; n:>r :') ';-" Building.
a challenge to the club :(lend '!.-ing raot"fst3: to 1 .
All members h been
a v e ,.,
RESULTS I BENTLEY Funerai 1 4- .:4Jic.V.i *
members he ser- i
as spoke on I .
asked to attend.
vices for Mrs.Rachel Bentleyof E..LN: r : p.r: _..:.. I
"Progressive Leadership. '*" 'i T-'T 1-! in I
: : sa: :::; your
Officers installed were: R. 1745 West 20th Street were honi3 townI II
IISTIT : held this week. Survivors include I
L. Butler, president; P. J. Son- Staying If Slicker STRAND HAS MIDNIGHT RAMBLE TONIGHT I
i : Leroy Bentley,
Jenkins, vice-president; C.B. I I itfadc 1 &ef "MAGGIE THE CAT" STARTS SUNDAY!
Corbert, recording daughter, Miss Nancy Jean II I Changing
secretary; II
IN THEFLORIDA O. C. Fletcher, financial sec- Bentley; brothers, Alphonsoand I Willie Jones brings his fabulous "BROADWAY AFTER
DARK" vaudeville the of the Strand fora
Richard Robinson and GilletteBLUE revue to stage
surer retary;;G.J.S.J.McClellan Burris,, busi-trea- John H. Parker; parents.Mr.I ey I giant midnight ramble tonight (Saturday). It's their

STARHUNDREDS ness Albert Brink-I and Mrs. Willie Robinson, II PATRONIZE BLADES first appearance in Jacksonville with a cast of 30 en
ley, chaplain manager and W. M.: sisters, Mrs. Susie M. Robinon -I IN HANDY DISPENSER tertainers. Adults only will be admitted to the sizzling
Shellman, Sgt-at-arms. 'I Mrs. Annie B. Edell, Mrs. **libgtttblait show with all seats going at $1.
OF Thelma Thomas, Mrs. Doro- In the above scene you see Elizabeth Taylor tryingto
Other members of the club'I I thy Ross, Mrs. Willie M. Star Advertisers eempirrtlaesf- I win back the love of her husband in "CAT ON A
are: N. C.Dudley,J. J. Ham- Robinson. Mrs. Agnes Jones,II 1 HOT TIN ROOFin which she plays "Maggie the

: ROOML mnd, H. L. Wingate, E. E. Mrs. Jean Harris, Misses De- ,. Cat." The opens week engagement at the Strand start-
Copeland, J. D. Pauline, R. lores Jan. 18th.
and Carrie Robinson, ing Sunday. Co-feature Is another first run
L. Singleton, J. R. Wilson Mrs. Mary Robinson, other thriller. "HONG KONG CONFIDENTIAL."
AND A. M. Lewis, C. H. Andersonand

W. C. White. A social ) ..
hour followed the business

APARTMENT meeting with music furnished -
by Billy Moore and his USED FURNITURE SALE .

I combo. ; d.eij t Giant 23 Oven We hare a large supply of trade-ins and usedfurniture

HUNTERS flWt ., .. items of all kind that must be sold. rl

--:- Gas Range ,
aWhy >>9 Come in now for Great Savings -
,._ \ Y--il 00
FLORIDA STAR .iht $1 .
art thou cast down 0 _
my soul and why art thou DOWN '
'EVERY: WEEK disquieted in me? Hope thou
in God.-(Psalms 42:5.) EASY TERMS T
All of us have our moments LAMP S .
CALL of despondency when it seems IN xBACKGUARO

easier to sink deepethan to ___'__ -_ F'
make the effort to pull our-

selves up But God's good and ..
EL 4.6782 ; His love ye ever present to jES J APPLIANCE
help and strengthen us, if wi OUTLET
will bit seek Him in prayer

ifladamef LIGHTING @ 4 TIMER or ,
S.P.lhomas !

If your Hair Is falling burnt and brittle.
And you desire
To hare your Girlhood hair again. REMOVABLE

Call EL 3-S388 For Appointment. tl REMOVABLE NON-TILT .* t} ,, tj;; '

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'" est foot wear.
type operator -# ,
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DlTDlTAU naa Ph-- F. 3-J7I1

.: m. 0. lox TM Tiiiliinntmi 1.2'le I

..- ... .
.. -;--
I '-



-.;.., .. t'. .
.... ,

Pgo Six THE FLORIDA STAR r Week Ending Saturday January 17, 1959



'''-:, .'-. .

.'.';, .....;... .... ". """' .... FOR JAN. 26 The S. G. Baker Club held AT R. L BROWN
their annual party in the HINTS FOR WINTER i jt!.

home of Mr. and Mrs. JamesH. While winter and the cold the diet, and while milk is still
weather months can create some the primary food for a baby, it
Lewis Ave.
NEWARK, N. J.-Big Don on Edgewood problems in baby care, there is may not contribute sufficientiron.
Christmas sisters and brother no reason why your child should The best sources for iron ,
Newcombe, pitcher for the were revealed and gifts were i The Parent-Teachers Association not thrive as well in winter as are strained meat, (strained
Cincinnati Redlegs failed to exchanged and buffet styled. of Richard L. Brown be does in other seasons. As a beef, lamb, chicken, pork or
appear in court on Jan. 6 to matter of fact, changes in air veal), strained egg yolks,fruit,
1frLfl face trociuos assault and bat- dinner was served by Mrs.I School presented a fashion temperature are beneficial in green leafy vegetables and precooked
/ Ethel Griffin, Mrs. Annie show ednesday night in the helping the body adapt to cold cereals.
tery charges. ( Hooks. Mrs. Janie Griffith. and heat, according to the
f-\\ When Don failed to show school auditorium featuringMiss Beech-Nut baby food staff.Here
fU'71 and Mrs. Irene Brill.
; Walter H.I are some tips on baby care in
up, County Judge i Barbara Manuel, who winter

Conklin granted postponement : Guests present were: Mr. was chosen Miss Gilbert'for .-See that he gets plenty of
until Jan. 26. Conklin and Mrs. H. W. Gohagen,'Mr. '' 1958-59 and the best dressed fresh air. He can be placed out-

said later he was under the I. and Mrs. P. McIntosh,I renior at Gilbert; Marcellus( doors for 2 or 3 hours a day f< ?

impression Newcombe was Mrs. Alice Cowan, Mrs. Wa-j( Evans, best dressed male senior -I vvhen freezing it,isn't and raining when ,the or below wind

barnstorming in V e n e mIa,; ter Loo Anderson, Mrs. Cor-l; Student at Gilbert. isn't bitter cold. The best timeis

1 granted the postponementwith : rine Livingston, Mrs. Beat-i I Mrs. Tiny Thomas, modeled the middle of day, between

{ the admonition: "He'd rice Hawkins, Mrs. Margaret street apparel; Mrs. Elizabeth 10 A.M. and 2 his P.M.cold weather
be here the 26th." ] better on I Carnes, Mrs. Lillian sleeping hours, his window can
Newcombe said he didn't Mrs. Mary Jackson, Miss Ford, Mrs. Wilbert Lavant be open and the heat in his room

know how anybody figuredhe Beatrice Alexander, Mrs.1! were models of hair-dos presented -I turned off. His room temperature

I was in Venezuela when Mary Betsch, Mrs. A. Chris- i by Mrs. Thomasina however, should not fall ., ":' + 't..''
S Iii Ccit rltrrc sKfr r all the time he was at his topher, Charles George, Na-: Wilson. much below CO degrees, so deter-out- i-\t\;
side must
6.-While it is customary to
Columbia, N. J. home. t than McClellan, Henry Jones,
how much the window i
i mine -> give a complete tub or
'lr First Assistant Prosecutor Benton Griffith and James I Other models were: Mrs. raised and whether heat is turn- bath every day, it isn't necessary
; HELP SOMEONE AND HELL NEVER Maurice J. McKeown said he (: Jamison. I Sadie Bryson, Mrs. Elizabeth ed off. Some babies sleep better more than once or twice a

HEM to allow Newcombe Massey, Mrs. Daisy Wood- if after thoroughly airing their week in cold weather. Most important -
IFORGET/NEXTTIME TROUBLE1MRS. agreed i The will bedroom, the window is then is the diaper area. On
obtain January meeting ; bury" Mrs. Royster, Mrs.. .
and his brothers to closed for the night.
days when he doesn't get a full
new counsel. i be held in the home of 1\Ir.1 Louise Stewart, Mrs. Doretha 1 3.-For covering, use an all- bath, be sure he gets a sponge

i Norman Newcombe is also.'and Mrs. Clifton Brown, Calvin, Jacquelyn Calvin,I wool or synthetic fabric blanketone bath in this area so susceptibleto
I 'Palmetto Street.'DISTRICT Miss Claudette which provides warmth irritation.
assault Joyner
MRS. GODFREY LONG STANTOMUSICHOGIVE [ accused of atrocious I I without undue weight.All blank 7.-Colds are, of course, more
and battery. Brother Haroldis tis Kimborough, Her b cur-I ets should be, large enough to prevalent in winter. Be sure to
ENTERTAINS CLUB ANNUAL EVENT charged with threatening I'i Thompson and Daniel tuck under the mattress so they keep baby evenly warm chilling
Patrolman I I COUNCIL I II Mrs. Hazel Argrett will not come loose. often makes a cold worse. It
former East Orange -;I 4.-During the day when he is is especially recommended that
i I Ulysess Ross with a gun. CONVENES MONDAY j I as narrator of the fashion eating or playing, best room in extreme cold weather a child
MAR I ANN A-The male The Parents Teachers Association Ross says he was assaulted; I II show and Mrs. Annie R. temperature is between 68 and stay indoors and away from
and the Stanto-:I I 72. When he is small tc riay drafts until temperatures are
members of the SNS Club ,i in NewcombeV saloon on r Brown was in charge of stage
Musi-Cho's Parents Club of The District Council will need to be wrapped in: aUght more moderate.
entertained the members of Dec. 22, 1957. He named the I. be held in the St. Paul AME properties Other committee blanket or wear a light weight 8.-Winter sun baths, to get
the club with an annual I New Stanton Senior High'I Newcombe brothers in a$150, sweater. Jcdge the reed for the benefit of vitamin D pro.
Christmas School will present the singing -'! 000 damage suit arising from Church, St. Augustine, January -I! members are: Mrs. M. L. Pat- more or less clothing by the feel ducing ultraviolet rays, are difficult -
party recently at I group in its annual recital -' I 19 at 11 a. m. according terson, PTA Program Chair- e f his body, not by feeling hi but possible. Exposure to
the the incident
home of Mr. and Mrs. II feet or hands. the sun's direct near an
23 I to the Rev. A. J. Dayley, : man, lfrs.I.. J. rays
January beginning
Godfrey I 1 5s Pioper diet! and feeding window is safe provided
Long. open
I 18. p. m. in the school audito-1! Don has already signed presiding elder of the St. Augustine -I President of the PT Greene// are always important Strained there u ample warmth in the

Among the guests present rium. his 1059 Cincinnati Redlegs1 District, East Florida Richard H. Cook, food and pre-cooked cereals room and no draft to chill the
4t. the affair were; Mrs.Mil I! contract. I I, Conference: AME Church. I give added nutritionalalue to little sun bather

dred E. Long, Mrs. Mary C. This announcement was! All pastors, stewards,miss- NATIONAL COUNCIL
made by Principal Charles D. workers from each -
:Milton, Mrs. Mary Fagan, t 1 ionary HOLDS CONFERENCE -
Brooks and Mrs.
Willie D. charge have been asked to attend -
Mattie R. Barnes Mrs.S. .
McElvein James Glenn Lucas, president of the PTA for the purpose of outlining .
work for the
and Benjamin Robinson. j ;I year. thune-Cookman College will i

Members of the club are: Presently, the director and: ST. AUGUSTINE I be represented at the 13th annual I
faculty sponsor of the Stanto- I conference 0 f the National -
Mrs. Willie S. Baker, Mrs. v8L
Annie M. Bryant, Mrs. Gertrude -Musi-Cho is Mrs. Olivia R.i The D.C.T. Club of Douglas -1 I HIGHLAND GARDEN Alumni Council of the

Cotton, Mrs. Elrea M. Smith, who has taken over:, ]: Anderson. Barbara Jean!CIRCLE PRESENTS I United Negro College Fund,
and made rapid in'Brown, president is making February 7 which will beheld
Daniels, Mrs. Ruth W. Glenn progress GIFTS TO PATIENTS i ii
Mrs. Queen L. grooming this locally popu-!: plans to attend the sessions; a t Bennett College
Granberry, lar for even greater|!'of District I of the Florida i Greensboro, North Carolina, :____
Mable H. Hill group i M
. Robinson. heights in the world of music.!(' Association of D. C. T. Clubs I The Highland Heights GarI according to Walter Washington -

G'.I. Mrs. S. Elouise Brooks at-! at Murray High School, St. den Circle held its meeting I It r president of the National -

Daniel B. Baker, H. Betts tended\ the Thirty-Fifth Ann- !Augustine. i I recently at the home of Mrs.'Alma Alumni Council.
1 The includes Murray Johnson, 2824 Saturn:i! United Negro College Fund
Barnes, Edward S. Daniels, uar Conclave of the National: group
{ Street. Mrs. Charles James :I ...
Joseph N. Fagan, Godfrey L..Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa'/j.! High, Douglas ,j. ,I graduates throughout the' 3
Mrs. Reatha Robinson and
Long, Howard Milton Jr.and I at: the Hotel Roosevelt: New[New Stanton, Matthew Gilt 1 I,country who serve volun-
Mrs. Estelle Rousseau served
Eddie Washington.Mrs. York, N. y recently, as guestof l'bert of Jacksonville; Washington -' teer workers for the annual
Beta Epsilon Chapter. I High, of Pensacola'as co-hostesses. I II (College Fund will attend the
E. M. Daniels is the Ii .i "Plants that strive indoors
., i and Lincoln High of Talla- two day meeting. Professional -
club president. II hassee. was the roll call for the January and volunteer alumni
t : meeting. workers and representative
Students scheduled to
DR. MAYS TO SPEAK I The circle presented cigarettes students from the 33 United
make the trip are: Ruth Bart-]I
Real Estate FOR DAHS GRADSDr. ley, Barbara Brown, Bennie to patients in the Duval Negro College Fund Member
I I Medical Center Memorial Colleges will participate in
B r o w n, Catherine Brown,.
$ LOANS $ Mary Creighton,Earl Demps,I: Unit. the scheduled workshops.

Benjamin E. Mays, Robert Dennis, Elijah Gar-
$1,000 92.000 *sooo
President of Morehouse College mon, Evelyn Ferrell, Eartha
I$&,000 up to $25,000 I Atlanta, Ga. will deliverthe Howell, Fred Jackson, Char-

Payable $1.00 per mo. per bun. first commencement ad lie Mc-Neil, Priscilla Polke
died on unpaid balance at 6%. dress at Douglas Anderson and Donald Wright. COOKING HINTS *

Let us help you to complete Senior
High School which

your house or refinance S8 will be held in the school Q Serrice[hredr KEN KNIGHT
years in the same place. auditorium on June 5, 1959. and her staff 'd
Call COLLEGE SETS Invites You To Listen To -

Dr. Mays is nationally HONOR SERVICES '{ Rosalie

J.. P. YOUNG known education in the field and has of religionand gained Jr ScoN "KNIGHT TRAIN"Starting

DAYTONA BEACHPolicemen Quick Caramel Rolls make welcome gifts for
Mr. Simmons or Mr. Walsh national any occa
MaIn and Monroe umnist. He recogition served as as a Deanof col ministers and businessmen sion. Carnation Evaporated Milk gives the candy a real At 7:00 P. M. Nightly -
of the city will be honored fashioned caramel flavor.
212 Masonic Temple Bid .
Theology at Howard University -
Phone EL -80U before his election to by Bethune-Cookman CoLlege 1400 WRHC 1400
EL family, January 18 at 3
0-35V1 the
Presidency of Morehouse
College. p. m. at a special service in

White Hall Auditorium.The .

first semester exami-

nations will begin, January
-- ,... FOR
'- : 24. The Supervisorsof
., -'jI.7' County
.. .. .. schools in Florida will

r hold their annual meeting in
\ Now's The Time To ,Order High Quality .
Harrison Rh o d e s Memorial DISTiNCTIVEPRINTING
: Clean Burning t

100- For your stove or fireplace Library. a t. = .,
Coal General registration for all
Ic '. by the BAG or by the TON ; freshmen and new studentsfor

# ALL SEASONS 'ICE & FUEL CO. the second semester will

"Our 17th Year" I' be held, :January 26-27 and '

5883 Norwood Ave. PO ..&511 classes will begin, January 28

The choir under the direction -

of Thomas D. Demps
and the symphony band tinder -

the direction of L. Allen =
are making plans for the con- '

cert to be presented in Pea-
LILLY'S body auditorium February 2. .
CARAMELS : ::1.::;
.". (Makes 60 pieces) ,'. -: ...,.'.... ," ? -:- PROGRAMS
; -
1907 Kings Bead at Spires 1 '. '
.,. .r
NIGHTINGALES WILL '. 1% cups sugar teaspoon vinegar .' :: -:- TICKETS .
APPEAR IN RECITALA % cup com syrup 1 teaspoon vanilla

Whore Exp.r1.ac.d % cup(small can) VJ cup chopped nut. -:- BOOKS ,

ParmaeU .Prepare; uixClutoa' CARNATION 1 en wHte t
recital (will be presentedin f
: Your'Preacrfpiloa" According the R J. .E. High School, EVAPORATED MILK % cup shredded or ,I : ...... .

to your- doctor's eN Starke, Fla., January 19 fe y4 cup bolter or margarine flaked coconut I :. a n;aet.iiINO IN moo CLASS WEDDING> INVlADON8. > ..,.

tam .Using turing .the Sensational Nightingales Combine inch with AMD. .SOCIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS ,
the bed sugar corn syrup square baking pan ., .
only qualityS ,
6. Madam Edna Gal Carnation butter and vinegar aluminum foIL Pour C&Dd11nto .
,Y mon Cooke, the Singing Sons In saucepan.Cook orer medium pan. 'Sprinkle with chopped PROMPT DELIVERY -t-REASONABLE PUkES

.... and the ;Master'Koys. 'Tfee 'tlieat.utJI mixture boils 4Fffor. j?HHtiraim oattl fine.Lift candytcttdyMnto :
to I"Ik. -' ,ousty over, &tire surf...Sttroccasionally. tIRm"'fUa.'t1tem> t JfoIL CUt
C. L'llltok; Plsnnmdets Or. W. J. cvelit-Will Ibi i gin.:at 8 p. :in.: :Continue eooWag :thzW't-pIIL FoU 3'fB' '"J,; '

.- -:- .1- ML: Calvary Bro&t Church 12 to:JS oyaotes.Stir consts t- ; *h strip IMo aroll.wtthaoyteide ;
the Bey. George tee.11 per ''ly U*UtS mteutM of cooUig. < ..Preat.aMBit.4ge* toWrapjtach -
A COMPLETE LINE OPtCoselfa Is, the sponsor ol the t pro ;Cam will become very thickttmpTe ;Iethtl r.:.lli 'h aaW...sf'rollboMesegywlsit.
.aNt.m fora a:4lm: baR, WhtA .. Rol! FLORIDA
'The of Stwke' and
t-Rmbher Good -.- Candle SfSfcirieQAIXXD I public ..unisIt BkieiaI : IM feepped Into eld ,. .ton to 1 r. STAR

n ..". '&ONt'! : FOR' Arne f> ::11v1Dcer'4 neighboring water.Remove from beat Add waxed paper. Q"i. Cut rolls !
I have been invited to attend< YIN11L Beat minute. Line S- tato 20 pUces eat

,the ,affair.




} Ending Saturday January 17 1959 THE FLORIDA STAR t"ag8S"T..

I Basketball Is On In Jacksonville At All Schools I IA

J -- -




INDIANAPOLIS Oscar Robertson, the most publicized
Basketball is in the air and from all evidences < .T t
athlete to come out of Indiana did not appear bit worriednor
fans will be in for a big year with all teams heavily load- : III o Y'i. rattled when he received a threatening message froma

ed with talent. Georgia Ku Klux Klansman
during his appearance in the
I Edward Waters College under ---- Dixie Classic at Raleigh, N. C.
Coach Thomas Barton, -. y. s.3 The All-American basketball --
is looking forward to a great are well fixed in reserves. w
star of the University of I the name "Pete Nit t n e y"
season with such performersas started the in R
They season
Cincinnati completely ignored signed to the card was a fictitious
Willie Logan, William the win column with victories -
the message w h i c h was name, The name was
f Jones, Cleveland Jones, Al- over Matthew W. Gil-
sent Christmas not listed in the direc-
on an ordinary phone
phonso Franklin, James Ha- bert and the Bulldogs of Pa- Card. The said tory.E. .
rold and Arthur Dillard. Logan -1atka. In Von D. Jenkinsonthe ., N Q message
"Don't ever come to Georgiaor L. Edwards is head of
end the foot-
was an on Dragons boasts of of
one I
Georgia Tech to play. it the U. S. Klans of
ball team. The Tigers are also the best in the business. .
well staffed with reserves was signed "Pete Nittney, the Ku Klux Klan in Atlanta.
: The Isaiah Blocker Tigers Imperial Wizard K. K. K." ,
who are ready to step in at_
a moment's notice. .will join the other teams in Robertson, who played for
The Northwestern Yellow-'the city to give basketball z Indianapolis'Crispus Attucks CAMPY BECOMES
,' School and is said to be
jackets, coached, by William fans the kind of basketball High
Weathersbee will be in the they like to see. Blocker has the most highly publicized
thickest of the fight throughout :always produced good teams. player to come from Indian- COACH
the season. The Yellow-I I With the entire 1958 team apolis, saw his Cincinnatiteam
graduating, the coaches had 9 lose its first two gamescf
jackets will offer some very s t
strong competition and will: to start from scratch to rebuild the season to North Carolina WITH DODGERS
I ..
in the Dixie Classic at
I' but with men like Leon
be battling for city honors.! I
,Northwestern Yellowjack- Campbell Warren Bowles, Raleigh, N. C. I

ets like other schools will be,'Richard Bowman, Freddie Robertson showed he nursedno I NEW YORK-Former Los

I heavily staffed with bas- Callahan, Leroy Cooper, Joseph ; fear by scoring 29 pointsin Angeles Dodger catcher Roy

keteers who also played foot- Dixon, Marvin Grant, .. each of three in the tour- Campanella, who was injuredin
ball. Coach Weathersbee.will Johnnie Gibbs, Willie Hall- .5 ; ., ney. Robertson played withas an auto accident last year
back, Martin Kittles, Spencer -- zQ before the baseball season
rely on players Harry much zeal and determination -
Watson, Bennie Thomas,Jim McKeever, James Nelson, after getting the card as got underway, will rejoin the
r i Time; Li e C o s t a Blakely, Staford Thompson and Tur- he did before. Dodgers as a special coach
Claude Hill, Earl Dickerson,, ner Wimberly to draw from, for the club's rookies during
Bernel Sumpter, William, the coaches will have no excuses Coach George Smith, the 1959 spring traniing practice.B ;
1 Scott, Albert Jones and Lu-: to offer.Basketball .4 C .V 1- Mj v. M17+f, sry,4 Cincinnati basketball coach u z z y Bavasie, Dodger

cious Thompson. AA oppon-i: x. a o said he had not heard about vice president and general
ents will have to recon with is at its heights E.. the card. He said it was just manager, said Campy's official -
the i and either one ojf the teams like Oscar to keep a thing status with the Dodgerswill
Yellowjackets. -4
(in the city will give fans the ,
The Duval Vocational En-' like that to himself. be as an assistant supervisor
gineers under Coach Ernest j best where that in can be found any- ;' C.1k Chick Mileham, athletic of scouting in the East.

Wilson have come a long i coaches and basketball. The director at Cincinnati, said, Campanella, although,still
I,: players are working ,
way in developing one of the too hard ff he heard that the star playergot confined to a wheelchair will
|strongest teams in the city I 1 i their best for to the give the fans 1 y 4 some kind of a note but, still be able to use his vast

\and they are ready to take;' public to that was all he knew about. knowledge of hitting to help
.on all comers.The EngineerswilJ stay away from the games. At Atlanta, it was believed,I youngsters, Bavasi said.i
t the
: Support teams and the
field a team with such' teams. and Mary Cowser are I
.J players as Roland Williams,; GOING-GO ING- of Prairie ViewA -
Johnny McFadden, John! Continued next week with all smiles as they seem to say. "come and get U" to the "Panthers"became three.time- II ,

I Dantzier, one of the most notable other teams. and M College who. as 1958 Intercollegiate football champions I
,I- football players to be winners of The W. A. Scott. II. Memorial Trophy. thus retiring the huge champion-
i Nanedfor NOfJOPEoPALMS!
Atlanta. Georgia.
Coca.cola Company.
by The
[ in the From ship I
developed city. I annual-
all reports, Dantzler is just e s ei ihTlaVe-founderpublisher of the Atlanta Daily World the>trophy is given Club which
The 100 Per Cent Wrong
3 ly by the Atlanta Newspaper's sports project.
*as capable on the basketball in
iPATRONIZE will hold Us 24th annual All-Sports Jamboree on January 30. Put Into competition
Many others the
on .
jrourt. and I. In 1954.
and M and Tennessee
Florida A
the twice by
l team are ready to give the 1953. trophy was won tied for the
and Prairie
teams-Florida. Southern University Tennessee
Jans the type of basketball I
,hey deserve. championship. Grambllng College won in 1955 Tennessee. 195G. and Florida. 1957.

|'jj*.The Fiery Dragons of Dougs FOOTBALL, STATISTICS show Dick Bass the tan foot
Andreson will offer strong Star Advertisers SAT YOU SAW IT ball star of the College of the Pacific with a big lead inoffensive

.* .petition with Von D.Jen- figures. Bass led in total offense with 1.440 yards

Bobby Dunbar, Glen IN THEFLORIDA In 218 plays: in scoring with 18 touchdowns and eight con- Iii
avis, Lockland Scott and STAB version points for 116 points. and in rushing with L361
bert Wanton.The Dragons M 6.63 The National Col !
yards in 205 rushes for a avrage.
legiate Athletic Bureau released the figures. Bass is the OF JACKSONVILLEFORMERLY I

first triple offensive king In 21 years.

You Don't Have to Go to Town to Get 17-39-24 JOHNNY CARSON the!.
star end of the Washington l'26. Brown, former Syracuse ( THE 2-SPOT)

RedSkins has announced his;. University star, was an overwhelming :-
I 675 30 861 retirement from professional,, choice for athlete. ..

LOW PRICES 5 4 football to enter business., of the year honors. He led

t The 28-year-old Carson who I his runner-up by mre than I I DANCING NIGHTLY
| \ On You 9 3 led the nation in pass receiv,;| 100 votes. The tan star has I

5' 3 ing as a college senior at won about every honour that
DRUG STORE HEEDS Georgia in 1953, will enter; can be won by a professionalathlete.

Watch This Clown private business in Savannah, ON STAGE ATTRACTION
Trade With Your Neighborhood Drug Store Georgia as general managerfor THE UNIVERSITY OF

63-11-98 a new bowling establish-, IOWA which closed a season thru JANUARY 18th. II
WE WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADVERTISED ment. Carson spent five seasons I
327 86 467
; and
with an 81.1 record topped -
IN YOUR LOCAL PAPERS : with the Redskins. it off with a Rose Bowl
Sometimes be'. up I victory was named by the, GUITAR SLIMPLUS '
Wfl( Deliver We Also FlU All Doctors Preu*crtpgoa.Pharmacy. Sometimes be's down JOE CRONIN, former big Football Writers Association, :'i
He adds, subtracts league shortstop and the present -f
De w, rk> It al around of the of America as winner of the
general manager jII
Grantland Rice Award. The II'
Boston Red Sox appers to i
Dixie Attractions ''award -
Coming presented by Look
have the inside track on becoming III
Magazine, annually to
02-14-13-38 American League goes
ISO KINGS ROAD at MYRTLE AVENUE president to succeed the retired the school which has the LLOYD LAMBERTAND I
_ PHONES EL sa81.88 -- I i Will Harridge. Croninis country's No. 1 team in the,

the only m_a n to be sum- opinion of the association. J

PHONE BILLS AT OUR STORE committee. The committee
TEAMS will have many of, Monday thru Thursday 75 cents
Tour ill -ake it enda- .
\ n : .i e'Ormll : :
WedL8Icay thn S jdiy & cMd
the families frees to show
II I t.o'. tr, 1.ig' cvrr:rs in a,I ;

.._._..._.._.... ...... _,,,__. LucwNumbers '!&,;ting Jan.? in New York.I lh-3 fanr that were shewn ir --
The 52yearoCronin has I football season. Several, of 1 II|IiI jll

; jen, the f. ,. 1 candidate 1,the players who starred irji I i!;iS'PAfiT1NG MONDAY, JANUARY J9th
s a." "e H sti" :*.' announced,,football also play a Jam-up I 1'1' II''
las retirement- Dec. 3 in game of basket ball. Just to '. i''il

Washington. name a few here goesHerbert BIG DOUBLE ATTRACTION I

TONY ANTHONY. of New I B l a c k ahere, of New
Lucky Days, Lucky Oolon
BY ASTROLOGY York. a high ranking light I Stanton; Birnell Sumpter of I
heavyweight contender has Northwestern; John Dantzier -
In Your We.1dJ'BOROSOOPE ben matched with Ruben Var- of Duval Vocational JIMMMY[ REED

GUIDE!: gas of Richmond. Calif- for School and several others

sd jz.00 for your Horoscope a l0-round.bout .al Madison who are well known athletes.

.'.. ,." Aar v ithlbotiaixB Guide With lucky num.' I Square Garden Jan. 30. DON NEWCOMBE. was -PLUSALSMITH'-
ber!. lucky d j, tacky COIOTLEuchre CUS D' AMATO, manager: the first Cincinnati Redleg

... 1....'\r,. ,a stamped envelope. of heavyweight champion to sign a 1959 contract. Of- \
43 IIEII'' Floyd Patterson announce ficials of the club said the
ed that Ingemar Johansson ,-eteran- National League
-o- of Sweden will have to wait pitcher signed his. contract HIS
...- before he can be matchedwith before leaving for a Venezuela

>FBI. 'la.aDd.KaD";- tot the champion. D'Amato trip. Big Don with a 7-7 '. MISS. THIS SIZZLING".- .. SHOW.
said the champ may have a record after going to' Cincinnati .
... t10' Tet7 ZODIAC couple of fights.this year.te. from Los Angeles last '" .. .-

--= P.. 0. 11ft 79 fore he gets around to Johansson year, lea a!1 N iticnal,League: -- SPECIAL-
2 'but he has in -- -
$ not pitchers hitting.
1. na. ..
named any fighters. DID YOU KNOW the Nev EARLY'SUNDAY ,

Name ..........!!.!........., JIM BROWN, the head York' Boxing Managers' .A:- ADULT,MATINEE .
charging fullback of the sedation had voted to
AI.Tib' .................. Cleveland Browns has been iiua-'Niao reccI!) I.. .. STARTS! 730-P.M.rIL 2 A.M.
..' .- Vies o? Cuba a* a : -
_. ... .... .. .. named the American athlete .
r., :. .. the world heavyweight druapJon :I ;

_.1e % : _______ RfC .................. cf the year by ,the_.Philadel. and to withdraw ?ecegnition : m jpTenwwrT' f FeiL
__ -.6 y phiaSporfswriters' Associa from Floyd'Patterw"?I;' {-
". tion. He will !>-- --?d at SMOOTH SAILING ,.-a. -..'
its 55th annual ;..;. ,; :'-n. :TIL WE MEET AGAIN. _. __s. L: : : ._ ,.. ,' : '
-- !':-'--vWeek ;' # -

... .

Eight THE FLORIDA STAB Week Ending Saturday. January 17. 1959, .

son we doubt the intent of I FOR SALE
HELP WANTED FEMALE I I the checkers Is because of I I Electric Portable

i Enroll Now in ''I i the haphazard way in which I I Singer Sewing Machine .

South's Finest Chips Off The Blocks the checking was being done.I. Complete with carrying
NURSES NURSES : Auxiliary officers were look- Case

39 bed hospital has FLORIDA ing at one in four or five per- For only $15.00
opening t ---- By JAY JAY ___ -'_ mits. Seems as the primary Call ELgin 4.7748 for fp
for nursing personel. COLLEGE BRA
was to cause discomfort Demonstration I
Building program for additional .. "G.. I- II She came she sang and she!? week. The flick features Liz purpose and inconvenience.Won-: i
Good : conquered. We none o I Taylor and Burl Ives. If
beds to start soon. can mean you der if such actions ever take I I
salary and full xnainlance- 630 Davis St. at else but the singsationa]1 I see Liz in this movie you place Lem Turner Roador J
Contact Administrator Brewor Dakota Staton. The lass from, will understand Eddie Fish- Atlantic on Boulevard. 1 l\nn1l Tr\X\ IlETliH\S \
Hospital, Greenwood. Phone: EL Pittsburgh set them back on.' ers troubles.In l
Memo to the Traffic Divi-i \
South Carolina. their heels at the Armory a few weeks another: sion Police Short t 9) Long tt'on| ||
Dept.Have any i 1 ?- ""
Tuesday night. The crowd> landmark must give way toy Form Form
-- ----- ( of tried to .
you ever pass
was pleasantly surprised b progtess. The building housing I
thru 8th and 45th NED-JACKSONTAX .
Davis .
HIGHEST PRICES FOR YOUR LOTS the caliber of the music pre- the. Monterey must makes I Moncrief between the I iand
sented by Roy Rolle and way for the Jacksonville Ex EXPERT :
hours of four and six in the /L..j.
MORRIS ANSBACHER FAMU Collegians. A featureof pressway. Members of the i 133 Clay St. 'Ph.EL 6-3703
afternoon. Someone is need-
the FAMU Band was the 1 club are busy trying to dee -'ed to control the traffic at 9 A. M. 'til 9 P. M.REFRIGERATORS. //&tiv
presentation of cide which to turn.
Roy o way ..
pays more for lots than anyone else in both spots. Since mostly *
French horn. Teddy Washington -'I Heard a sad note jesterI
TELEPHONE: ELGIN 5.5592'or EVERGREEN gave out with modern day. News reached Us of the I I II members of our race travel -
sounds on the French horn I death of Tom Friall. Tom these arteries maybe itdoesn.t atjCUt
matter how much I II
also; but the youngster who was known to many as the"Tom"
really scored is Young Billy I of Nip and Toms I traffic is held up. .
Moore The show at the Palms is & FREEZERS A tip ei the Pepsi oij'
who an excellent which for several
gave years opeirated
HAVE CASH WILL account of himself accom-: in the Monterey build- tops this week. Guitar Slimis Serviced By to these o a
in good shape and is putting young Americans, wlr
panying "queen Dakota" on ing. Our sympathy goes out I Licensed Technician
the drums. ': to his family. His shoes both out a good show. Gui make our country aY
tar is the last of vanish- better I
a our
at U. S. Royal Tire Co. and
6.0558'I Much of the success of the in Eastside political circles I! ing tribe known as "folk PO 4-0127 olaoe In which to Bv+ I
Call EL 46782Mr.. Kay affair can be given to the I'singers." He is a hold over i
will be hard to fill. ;
** 1tr
fine the from the 1
response people gave I wandering guitar .,. '."" ._ .
-7 -
_, : -':'','
the Miracle Production group. The recent Yuletide sea-I strumming singers of the old -- '

The size of the crowd was'son had the usual number of I levee days. Less than half a )i

HELP WANTED surprising. We think every-folk getting hitched and promising dozen members of the class I!
home which include Wolf FIRST DT> SUN.- -k
COOKS one went happy. to hitch. Connie Ca- Howling l\ll,
MAIDS -:- -:- oj
NEW YORK son I and Tony 0 re e, Joe the late Big Bill Broonzy, i a)
The folk of Jacksonvillegave
We have many excellent: petitions open for good a most emphatic yes to Flanders and Beaulah Rosseu Muddy Waters and TampaRed. HITTING THE SCREEN &:1 1h
domestic workers Steady Jobs with nice private the question of whether or William Shrewsberry and .WITH IRRESISTIBLE' >. i
who will treat you right and provide a nice room. not they will support good Miss Daly were among the ROOM FOR RENT FORCEI
and all privilege Salary to $50 weekly to entertainment. The next attraction December victims of cupid.
Modern furnished Hot
Transportation to New York advanced If you ar.1 Russell Gregory, one of the room.
in the series is Dizzy and cold water.. Single man
for a good sleep In Job contact Florida Domestic perennial bachelors succumbed -
Gillispie on Jan. 28th at the preferred. No cooking.EL .
P. O. Box 323 Lakeland Fla. or Phone MUtual and asked Helen Saunders -
1tiQ.JJ.J.et".'-. "' '''_'.Y.''' .-_ .r8--. .-_..'''''._' Armory. to set a date. J u n e is 30448. 1242 West 15th I MARY FELDER iC
Keeping the social pot boil-I the month according to He-I Street. ,NEW STANTON SENIOR ir.
ing is a couple of formals."I HIGH SCHOOL C
The local Kappa Chapter is len. II I I II FOR SALE I Mary, is a member of the iC.
FOR SALE planning their first formalin SOMETHING OUGHT A! New Electric Console '11th grade homeroom
time and will I DEPT. Sewing Machine Complete I <*
some pre- BE DONE ABOUT IT ;I II f where she serves as secre-
sent a "B I a c k and White" Two Sundays ago we were with all equipmentFor COUMBJ niuhs pnb A.munm NOOUCTXN' tary. She is a member of-K
6159 Bagley Road North of Edgewood I
$15.00 I
Ball on the 23rd. Following held for minutes only I the
6 room house, practically new. Double concrete I up forty byj Call ELgin 4-7748 for VICTOR MATURE- LEO GEN N cheerleaders, Creative JC
the dance the
I Kappa Omegamen a supposely check of drivers Dance Group the National V
225 ft. front 140 ft.
garage on by deep 1 DemonstrationHELP
will present a formal at licenses. The State troopers( rJN KF'QEICE Honor Society and the St-C
$10,000.00Other the Armory. Better dust off,I assisted by auxiliary troopers,;; WANTED Paul A-M.E. Church. J

property not listed for sale the after-six wear rite now.I had motorists lined up from,i HOUSEKEEPERCOOKCLEANER tr t******ilr*fir
MRS. LUVINIA M. ROBINSON "Hot Cat On a Tin Roof"or 45th and Moncrief almost to1 Live in. .
Reglslred Real Estate Broker as the picture is titled, Golf air and Moncrief. They': Pleasant reliable, healthy. ANTHONY. IIEWlY**,-coon LUCIANA aI1INIO PALUZZI All(AUWCTMM t)

"Cat On A Hot Tin Roof picked the time of day when' Experienced. Write Mrs. ClnemaScope TECHNICOLOR
531 W. 16th Street -:- EL
scheduled to begin a week's most folk were hurrying I Walker 5408 San Jose Blvd '
run t the New Strand next borne from church. The rea-l Jacksonville, or call EX 8- I' and- Tarson & Outlaw"

... '..: ....:'-: "-" :'-., ,-. 9382. I .t

,I STRANDS. Thru SAT. JAN. 18-24 1 1t



-1 Pepsi Cola Bottling Company -
I w + are proud to salute]
I tf Y .' :4 .. Beverly Taylor of the 11th
V x h grade class. She is a mem
TO VOTE ber of the Organ Class
f Ebenezer Methodist church

0 t and the Esrosawatini Dan-]

frcers group.JONSTELL.

***** *****

BUT. c ti .. ._. "

1 ,. .4'(' ;" .. "
:+ t
; -1 A .- ,

i -- ... f ., ic
1'x) Vi7h4i .#; ,. ,. ,';::: ",I : "M
7. "" "
fb <
.yv i .. ,
<" i .
I Y. ) U I \T"I

V.IocKccL W ...iW..... ,
f4 Yf ( a
ELIZABETH TAYLOR stars as Maggie the Cat

in the sultry presentation of Tennessee Williams'"CAT

Tribute is paid to Jcrv,
tell, of the :Msrching: and
f' ROC gFWMT BOTH BRAND NEWjMEXICO'S Concert Band- She Is a*

member of the CIa:zIca1Listners

Club r. pledge to
tjN.:, !,
., i the National Ho"or Socif
elections RAGING
Gl,12 primary now
ty and a member of the<
RONNH000! s iaajWr ANThONY Ebenezer :Methodistchurcb

unless you're registered I wet Mint a * *

NALDdiiL'L& c3ssf,

I This will be the greatest spot in the world come : OeU to .... three

Election Day. And wLaeii.Lae. .
I IF YOU'VE MARRIED, MOVED OR Most all your friends will drop in.! To take a hand : a t eps iwela
county city'and state. To & 'rla. .....
COME OF AGE SINCE THE LAST running voice an opinion on big things'I like presidents and r T 1t. LWiirlQ,

ELECTION ..read this peace plans on little things like parking meters and .... -
beB a complaint about FVAtfftsr' : 1u. to llrfftPage ..u&:1 > .
UOtSI bustyregiattredtind Even if you had er your prefl celebrated n VOTtaSI your If 21at yon birththings have S etbecollectid 't like,Oorregistsapproval of things they do. t .t

maiden name you have to day lince the lest election_ Here your voice is as big as all the others your t 'weo *
regular again under your (or if you will be 21 by Election Court
new". name. Be aura your Day),get your name in opinion as important as that of a Supreme *
"married' name" ia in the the book. It'a a mark of Justice.
maturity regiat*and vote! *
book! *
rcr'stered.You3: *
But you won't get in you'ro
MOVTOl If you have moved AJUUD Voting paw Officer MfMUtSt for"See th$ locked out of the right to vo':!, .art off from your .a. w t.wMe *

I from the previoualy precinct where refbUred you, your word on bow you can vote. friends and neighbors,abut out ua anti inal, and neHbwere -- I...... 0- ''., t ,

: .you have to register again. OOMtt AWAY aiOIOM DAY borhood ues. BRIAN KEIIH..a
w: ,." Make acre your new_addrea Vote tat_by Aheentee leave. Bailotbefbre ;- Don't mina the thrill of pullimf: 'he lever(marking I CESAR ROMERO 4
bin the book! .' you .-
: **** the,ballot. ) that makes your goSeStjot.V's.:
: ***** .
*****11 Register now.-'And. start aife. your,.friend f .:.aM.__ JAN 1840SUN. 1i
,. ,- I .
'\ ne&bors. .. : 1: ;
." BOOKS OPEN ,r .. JP :- : TU1B .
MONDAY THRU SATUBDAYo_ name'JII the book?, ::, :..*, ,.. [ 2.,TOP TECHNICOLOR
fcOO JLU. TO 50 P.M. IIL -SGISTERAT. ',f. ;':J )
; S fBAY STREET ." 1
I Cart Hou y i r -

A I, Roosevelt ) %. 'J It

c '"' 1: ':
1 : : .. z J II --:- 1+ ; j Y' ,
< s + :..

, :< r ....;..;...,. -.. ; : .. '.